GG6005. General Description. Features. Applications DIP-8A Primary Side Control SMPS with Integrated MOSFET

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1 General Descripion GG65 is a primary side conrol PSR SMPS wih an inegraed MOSFET. I feaures a programmable cable drop compensaion funcion, PFM echnology, and a CV/CC conrol loop wih high reliabiliy and average efficiency. Wih he GG65, he opo coupler and Y capacior, secondary feedback conrol, and he loop compensaion circui can be eliminaed o reduce cos. In a cerain oupu volage range, he oupu volage can be se hrough feedback resisors, and oupu curren also can be se hrough a peak curren sense resisor. Seing he cable drop compensaion and peak curren compensaion are also available for opimized oupu volage/curren regulaion. DIP-8A Feaures Buil-in high volage MOSFET Primary side conrol Low sar-up curren Leading edge blanking Pulse-Frequency Modulaion(PFM) Overvolage proecion Undervolage lockou Over emperaure proecion Cycle by cycle curren limiing Open loop proecion Cable drop compensaion Peak curren compensaion Applicaions Mobile Charger Low Power Adapor Charger for MP3 and oher porable apparaus Sand-by power supply Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 1 of 9 REV:

2 GG65 Block Diagram VCC UVLO Reference volage Bias curren Over volage proecion Open loop proecion Over emperaure proecion 5mV + - On conrol CC conrol TCC 2.1V + - Err Amp. OSC CV conrol Tcv R Q DRV + - S LEB GND Pin Configuraion 1 8 GND VCC 2 3 SD Pin Descripion Pin No Pin Name I/O Funcion descripion 1 I Peak curren sense pin 2 GND - Ground 3 VCC - Power supply 4 I Feedback volage inpu pin 5 I Cable drop compensaion resisor connec pin 6 I Peak curren compensaion resisor connec pin No pin 8 O pin of high volage MOSFET Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 2 of 9 REV:

3 Absolue Maximum Raing (Unless Oherwise Specified, T amb =25C) Characerisics Symbol Raing Uni Supply volage V CC -.3~28 V Inernal volage reference V REF5V -.3~5.5 V Inpu volage on pin V -3~3 V Inpu volage on oher pins V IN -.3~ 5.3 V Inpu curren I IN -1~1 ma -source breakdown volage BV DSS 65 V Gae-Source Volage V GS ±3 V Curren I D 2.5 A Curren Pulsed I DM 1 A Power Dissipaion P D 1.5 W Single Pulsed Avalanche Energy E AS 135 mj Operaing juncion emperaure T J +16 C Operaing emperaure range T amb -2~ +85 C Sorage emperaure range T STG -4~+125 C ESD(HBM) ESD 25 V Thermal Characerisics Characerisics Symbol Condiions Raing Uni Thermal Resisance, Juncion-o-Case R θjc 16 C/W Thermal Resisance, Juncion-o-Ambien R θja 74 C/W MOSFET Elecrical Characerisics (unless oherwise specified, T amb =25C) Characerisics Symbol Condiions Min. Typ. Max. Uni Saic -source onsae Resisance R DS(ON) V GS =1V, I D =1.25A Forward ransconducance G fs V DS =5V, I D =.5A S Inpu Capaciance C iss Oupu Capaciance C oss V GS =V, V DS =25V, f=1mhz pf Reverse Transfer C rss Capaciance Turn-on Delay Time d(on) Rise Time r V DS =.5B VDSS, I D =25mA ns Turn-off Delay Time d(off) Fall ime f Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 3 of 9 REV:

4 Elecrical Characerisics (unless oherwise specified, V CC =18V, T amb =25C) Characerisics Symbol Tes condiions Min Typ Max Uni Supply volage Sar-up curren I ST V CC =14V µa Quiescen curren I OP µa Sar hreshold volage V ST V Shudown hreshold volage V SP V Reference power supply V REF5V V VCC Overvolage proecion V CCOVP V Feedback Enable urn on volage V EN mv Overvolage proecion V OVP V Loop open volage V BLANK V Consan volage hreshold V CV V Dynamic Characerisics Leading-edge blanking ime T LEB µs CV loop conrol off ime T CVmin µs T CVmax V > V CV +.2V ms Maximum duy of consan-volage loop D Smax % PFM frequency range f S k Hz Over volage recover ime T OVP ms Curren Limi Peak curren deecing hreshold volage V PK I = mv Peak curren compensaion I PK I =-1µA ma Cable Drop Compensaion Cable drop compensaion volage Over Temperaure Proecion V R =1k, mv D S =5% Over emperaure deecion T sd C Over emperaure hyseresis T sdhys C Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 4 of 9 REV:

5 Funcional Descripion GG65 is an off-line SMPS conroller. I feaures a buil-in MOSFET, cable drop compensaion, and peak curren compensaion. CV/CC is obained hrough oupu volage/curren conrolled hrough deecing he feedback volage of he auxiliary winding and peak curren of he primary winding. The whole operaing period consiss of peak curren deecion and feedback volage deecion. When he MOSFET is on, he primary curren is deeced by a sense resisor and he volage a pin is negaive, he load is powered by he oupu capacior and he oupu volage V O decreases. When he primary curren exceeds he limi, he MOSFET is off and he volage a pin is deeced. The oupu capacior and he load are powered by secondary curren and V O increases. The ransisor is on again afer sopping for T CV and holding for T CC, and hen, i comes o peak curren deec again. 1. Sar-up and under volage lockou A he beginning, he capacior conneced o pin V CC is charged via he sar resisor by he high volage DC bus and he circui sars o work if he volage a V CC is 14.5V. The circui is powered by he sar resisor and auxiliary winding for normal operaion. The whole conrol circui eners undervolage lockou if V CC is decreased o 6.5V, he capacior conneced o pin V CC is charged hrough he sar resisor and he IC only resars when V CC =14.5V. VCC V ST V SP ICC Sar-up Consan volage Consan curren Shor-circui proecion Powered by sarup resisor Powered by sar-up resisor and auxiliary winding Powered by sarup resisor 2. Peak curren deecion When V DRIVE =1, he MOSFET is on, he linearly increased primary curren is deeced by he sense resisor. When his curren increases o he hreshold value (peak value), he MOSFET is off and he driving volage V DRIVE =. There is a burr when he MOSFET is on, and MOSFET will be off by error if is volage is up o he hreshold value V PK for he peak curren. So he leading edge blanking ime T LEB =.6s is se o avoid his error. 3. Peak curren compensaion The deeced peak curren value will be increased following he inpu AC volage due o he off delay. The oupu curren is deeply affeced by he peak curren and herefore he volage regulaion is worse wihou peak curren compensaion. Peak curren compensaion is available in he GG65 hrough pin by AC inpu volage deecing. Wih he compensaion, he deeced peak curren is hold wih differen inpu AC volages for beer line regulaion. Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 5 of 9 REV:

6 The hreshold value V PK =.7V is se by he circui, ha is, his value can be adjused by R SEN. The peak curren compensaion abiliy is decided by R, he lower resisance, he higher compensaion. Vin R F1 L S2 I P L P L S1 I S + Vou R R F2 V CE R SEN 4. Feedback Volage Deecion When he MOSFET is off, he volage a pin is posiive and volage is sensed a 2/3 duraion of his posiive volage, his sensed volage is used for T CV conrol afer compared wih V CV, amplified and held. CV is available by T CV conrolling. Wihou consideraion of volage drop on cable and recifier diode, he equaion is shown as: V OUT n n S2 S1 RF2 R R T OFF1, T OFF2, and T ON are couned a he same ime which indicaes duraions of posiive volage, damping oscillaion and negaive volage respecively. Posiive volage indicaes here is curren delivered o he secondary side of ransformer, while negaive and damping oscillaion indicae here is no curren delivered o he secondary side of ransformer. The duy facor is expressed as: D S F1 F2 V CV TOFF1 TOFF1 T T T T ; OFF1 OFF2 ON Oupu curren, also he average curren in secondary winding: I OUT I SP T 2T OFF1 nd 2 S I PK ; I SP peak curren in secondary winding, I PK peak curren in primary winding, n urns raio of primary/secondary windings. Hence, wih consan peak curren, when D S =D Smax =.57 (his value is deermined by inernal circui), he circui eners consan-curren mode and oupu curren is kep consan. Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 6 of 9 REV:

7 I SEN V DRIVE T OFF1 sample V CV T OFF2 T ON T CC T ON T CV 5. Cable Drop Compensaion In he acual design, he cable volage drop V CAB should be aken ino consideraion: V D is almos consan wih differen currens, and cable volage drop V CAB is proporional o oupu curren, which is needed o be compensaed o ge beer volage regulaion. For cable compensaion, R is used for an equivalen cable resisor and a differen R is needed for differen cable. Vin C R R F1 R F2 L S2 I P Lp L S1 I S + Vou V CE R SEN 6. Over Volage Proecion The oupu is shudown if volage a exceeds he hreshold V OVP and his sae is kep for 18ms, hen he circui resars. VDRIVE V OVP V CV T OVP Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 7 of 9 REV:

8 7. Over Temperaure Proecion If he circui is over emperaure, he oupu is shu down o preven he circui from damage. The hyseresis of over emperaure proecion is used o avoid frequen changes beween normal and proecion modes. The over proecion hreshold value is 14 C and hyseresis value is abou 35 C. Hence, he circui is only funcions normally when he emperaure is 15 C below. 8. Open Loop Proecion When MOSFET is on, if V >-1V, he loop is open and open loop proecion is acive o shudown he oupu, which says on for 18ms and hen he circui resars 9. PFM Frequency Seing PFM frequency range is deermined by he consan on ime T ON and consan-volage loop off ime. When he off ime is T CVmax, he circui works wih no load and he operaing frequency value is a minimum; when he off ime is T CVmin, he circui works wih full load and operaing frequency value is a maximum. 1 2 According o he formula: PO VO IO LmIPK fs η 2 Where, Lm primary inducance, I PK peak curren in primary side, fs operaing frequency, η efficiency. Hence, f S 2V L I I O O 2 m PK η Typical Applicaion Circui Vin V OUT R ST R F2 R F1 R VCC Conrol IC MOS GND C R R SEN Noe: The circui and parameers are for reference only; please se he parameers of he real applicaion circui based on acual esing. Ordering Informaion Par No Package Marking Maerial Packing GG65 DIP-8A GG65 Pb free Tube GG65G DIP-8A GG65G Pb free Tube Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 8 of 9 REV:

9 Package Ouline DIP-8A UNIT: mm TYP TYP 4 3.MIN 4.36MAX ± TYP.25~ ~ ±.3.5MIN.4~.55 MOS Devices Operaion Noes: Elecrosaic charges may exis in many hings. Please ake he following prevenive measures o preven effecively he MOS elecric circui as a resul of he damage which is caused by discharge: The operaor mus pu on wris srap which should be earhed o agains elecrosaic. Equipmen cases should be grounded. All ools used during assembly, including soldering ools and solder bahs, mus be grounded. MOS devices should be packed in anisaic/conducive conainers for ransporaion. Disclaimer: The informaion furnished in his daa shee is believed o be accurae and reliable. However, no responsibiliy is assumed by Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis (GGIC) for is use. GGIC reserves he righ o change circuiry and specificaions a any ime wihou noificaion o he cusomer. Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis reserves he righ o make changes o he informaion herein for he improvemen of he design and performance wihou furher noice! Cusomers should obain he laes relevan informaion before placing orders and should verify ha such informaion is complee and curren. All semiconducor producs malfuncion or fail wih some probabiliy under special condiions. When using Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis producs in sysem design or complee machine manufacuring, i is he responsibiliy of he buyer o comply wih he safey sandards sricly and ake essenial measures o avoid siuaions in which a malfuncion or failure of such Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis producs could cause loss of body injury or damage o propery. Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis (GGIC) Producs are no designed or auhorized for use as componens in life suppor appliances, devices or sysems where malfuncion of a produc can reasonably be expeced o resul in personal injury. Life suppor devices or sysems are devices or sysems ha (a) are inended for surgical implan ino he body or (b) suppor or susain life, and whose failure o perform can be reasonably expeced o resul in a significan injury o he user. A Purchaser's use or sale of GGIC Producs for use in life suppor appliances, devices or sysems is a Purchaser's own risk and Purchaser agrees o fully indemnify GGIC for any damages resuling from such use or sale. Golden Gae Inegraed Circuis, Inc. Page 9 of 9 REV: