High-Power Solid-State Device, p/n EDR84102/x. 100VDC at 100 amperes 1-Form A, SPST-N.O. (normally opened) Solid-State Relay/Switch

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1 High-Pwer Slid-State Device, p/n EDR/ DC at amperes -Frm A, SPST-N.O. (nrmally pened) Slid-State Relay/Switch Electrnic Design & Research Inc Under management S Hlding LLC Data Sheet 7 Page - - Made in USA

2 Electrnic Design & Research is a pineer in develping and manufactures high-speed, high-pwer relays/switches. Starting since 99, we have prduced vast varieties f Slid-State Mdules and Devices. Our prducts have being used in thusand Defense related and industrial applicatins. Piez Drivers ide Switches ½ Bridge drivers Q-type high-pass filters Precisin F-t- Cnverters Sft-Landing Slenid Drivers Hz/Hz Cmb Ntch filters Super-high Pwer, fast Switches H-bridge r Full-bridge Drivers High-pwer, high-speed Switches Universal Analg Building Mdule Signal Switching Separating Netwrk Sckets fr relays, switches and drivers Charge-Pump Wide-Band FM detectrs Lw-Nise, High-ltage DC/DC cnverters DC-phase AC resnance mde driver fr E DC-phase AC resnance mde driver fr E Perpetual Pulse-width Discriminatr, US Patent ½ and H Fuzzy Lgic sckets fr varius relays Fuzzy-Lgic SPDT Relays, Switches and ½ Drivers Fully prtected, Slid-State DPST Brake, US Patent Single Ple, Single Trut Relays and Switches, (SPST) Pwer-distributing mdule fr Mtrcycles, US Patent Single Ple, Duble Trut Relays and Switches, (SPDT) Duble Ple, Single Trut Relays and Switches, (DPST) -Frm B, SPST-NC (nrmally clsed) Slid State Relays Charge-and-Add, Up/Dwn DC/DC Cnverters, US patent -Frm B and -Frm A, DPST-NC/NO Slid State Relays m-pwer Cntrller fr Magnetic Latching alves, US Patent High ltage, Nana-Secnds Rise/Fall time, Push-Pull Drivers Super-lw nise preamplifiers fr a lw and high impedance surces m-cntrl, High-Pwer SPST-NC, nrmally clsed relays, US Patent We are wrking hard bringing new devices t the market t meet yu requests. Abve is a list f family f devices we develped and manufacturing. Mst f them cvered by prpriety technlgies and sme f them s unique that we filed and receive patents. An inventry f available prducts eceed f several thusands. We keep a small number f ppular devices in stck and ready t ship them at nce. Our prductin capacities eceed, devices per mnths when tw prductin rbts prgrammed and wrking at a full speed. Fr yur unique applicatin that required a different vltage, current r speed, Ordering Instructin (n the last page) culd be rather useful in creating a new part and summarizing what yu needed. D nt hesitate t send us an fr any additinal infrmatin, delivery schedule, and prices. Thank yu, ladimir A. Shvartsman, Ph.D. Data Sheet 7 Page - - Made in USA

3 DC/A SPST Relay/Switch D7GD/ -Pwerful, Fast Slid State Switch Designed fr delivering kw f pwer in micrsecnds Electrnic Design & Research Technlgy fr peple's ideas Features: Utilizes nly sq. in. f PCB area and nly. tall A cntinuusly r up t a A-pulse in a miniature package High sensitivity, even at high switching frequencies A surge current and nly. Ohms n-state resistance Input Specificatins: p/n EDR//I Input Cntrl Current/ltage Pwer Supply ltage/current Output Specificatins: DC/mA t GND DC, ma Operating DC vltage range DC Maimum cntinuus current A (n heat sink) Maimum Cntinuus Current A % dc, Maimum surge current (IDM) -.ms A Maimum pulsing current, duty / A/mS Maimum n-state resistance. Ohm Rising time. µs Delay-n time. µs Falling time (determined by a lad) Delay-ff time. µs Maimum switching frequency. KHz Maimum burst frequency (> min). KHz Shrtest pulse width. µs General Specificatins : Ambient perating temperature range Ambient strage temperature range Dielectric Strength input-t-utput Mechanical Specificatins: - C t C - C t C,rms(min) Weight (z). lb Encapsulatin Epies Etc. RFR / CFR." ( mm) Please specify input cntrl vltage and pwer supply =ns,=.9µs,=.9µs ch A: Frequency (khz) 9. µs Switching at 9KHz n a. Ohm lad Cntrl Lad - + DC/A.9 ( mm) PIN : - LOAD PIN : + LOAD CS: + Cntrl Signal : + DC PIN : GND EDR//I/C D7GD//IC G + CS Dimensins f the enclsure (b). H.9 L. W Highest with Pwer terminal Blck. Terminals Cntrl (screw type) wires AWG Terminal Pwer (screw type) wire AWG/ rated at 7 Amperes Transient Prtectin: All lads are inductive, even nes that are nt s bvius r labeled. An inductive lad prduces a harmful transient vltage, which is much higher than the applied vltage, when it is turned n and ff. A SSR built with a MOSFET utput acts as an ideal switch and can prduce a seemingly nn-inductive lad, which can cause damage if nt suppressed. A transient vltage suppressr, which is bi-directinal fr AC applied vltage and unidirectinal fr DC applied vltage, shuld be used t clamp ecessive spikes. Electrnic Design & Research Inc. ** 7 Intermdal Dr. ** Luisville ** KY Tel: -9-; Fa: -9-; Sales: --7; Data Sheet 7 Page - - Made in USA

4 Input Electrical Characteristics (Ta = C) fr D7GD//I, p/n EDR//I EDR made devices with I etensin were designed fr interface with a pull-dwn devices, such as an pen cllectr ICs r transistrs, a switch, etc. Minimum Nminal Maimum Pwer Supply DC, Pins -.9. Pwer Supply, Current.. / / ma/khz OFF state, flating r lgic high ON state, Cntrl ltage, LOW. Maimum Input Current ma Switching time test Lad.7 Ohm & A, a single. µs pulse width =ns,=9ns,=ns =7ns,=9ns,=ns Cntrl Lad Cntrl Lad µs Nt enugh data 7May : µs Nt enugh data 7May : Figure Turn-n delay is ns Figure Turn-ff delay is ns =9ns,=77ns,=ns =ns,=7ns,=99ns Cntrl Cntrl - - Lad - - Lad µs Nt enugh data 7May : µs Nt enugh data 7May : Figure Rising time is ns Figure A pulse width is. us UA SN7HC9 7 SW Q +DC C./ +dc() Q D7GD DC/DC Cntrl/ (+) /gnd Cntrl t Oscillscpe (-) J LOAD C./ J Pwer Supply + GND (return) Switching Time Test Circuit Data Sheet 7 Page - - Made in USA

5 Ordering Instructin fr EDR s Slid State Relays/Switches Selectin and Ordering Instructin fr EDR s made Slid State Mdules such as Relays, Switches, Breakers, ½ and Full-bridge Drivers, etc. Ntes: During past ten years rapid develpment f new and additinal [prducts gave us n chice but t epend, mdify and un ify part descriptins. Belw represent the third mdificatin. Our mdules descriptin will be marked accrding t the specificatins belw but p/n EDR will stay the same fr already items in circulatin (already sld). Part descriptin: H L D / / X A B C F H /E /I H-Driver size = Speed L = lw ltage = Current = DC Current = A CS= cc= X mdule type D Slid State Relay, SPST-NO and SPST-NC switches T Driver, such as ½-bridge r a SPDT relay which can wrk as a ½ driver M Driver, such as a switch with built -in PWM cntrller H Full-bridge (H-bridge) Driver C Relay with built-in de-buncing r a turn-n/ff delay B Slid State Breaker and brakes cntrl mdules A package dimensins. H. L.9 W.7 H. L.9 W. H.7 L. W. H. L.9 W. H. L. W DIP,.7 H.9 L. W 7 panel munt,. H.9 L.9 W DIN type enclsure,. H.. W, fr mm DIN Rail 9 panel munt H L W P panel munt,. H.7 L.7 W R panel munt,. H. L. W B Speed - A device s ability t turn ON/OFF utput terminal(s) times per secnd L a lw speed relay/switch, rated DC - Hz, direct driving cntrl A a lw speed relay/switch, AC input relays N a medium speed relay/switch, rated DC - KHz, direct driving cntrl G a medium speed relay/switch, rated DC - KHz, lw current cntrl and pwer F a fast relay/switch, rated up t DC - KHz, lw current cntrl and pwer S a super-fast relay/switch, rated DC -. MHz, lw current cntrl and pwer U a super-fast relay/switch, rated DC. MHz, direct driving cntrl Fast, High ltage Slid-State Switches with Nansecnds rise time C Output ltage - A maimum allwed vltage between utput terminals, up t k It must be replaced with required vltage and we ffer the clsest and highest value available. Nte: In an AC -relay a vltage specified a peak-t-peak maimum vltage and the maimum AC can be calculated by multiplying a maimum allwed vltage by factr f.7 F A relay can be use t cntrl either AC, DC r AC/DC pwer A - a relay/switch designed t switch/chp an AC/DC pwer D - a relay/switch designed t switch/chp a DC pwer nne - relay with a SCR r TRIAC n the utput t cntrl nly AC pwer H A maimum allwed RMS CURRENT (Ampere) withut a heat sink A maimum current limited t a size f the enclsure (b). We can prduce a device fr any required current in a custmer enclsure. I Sme f ur prducts use an internal DC/DC cnverter n prvide a pwer t the internal electrnics. arieties vltages are available: DC+/-%, DC+/-%, DC+/-% and DC+/-%. Fr a wider input pwer vltage swing, please add W after the vltage. Fr an eample, W is fr +/-. E We ffer several standard cntrl vltages DC, DC, DC, DC, DC and -DC. Please specify the input cntrl vltage, as fr eample DLD/. Replace with a,,,,, and - that is fr DC, DC, DC, DC, DC, DC and -DC. Respectful cntrl vltage represented at the end f part number in the fllwing way, fr an eample EDR/ and EDR/. Bth relays are almst the same and difference is nly an applied cntrl vltage, if fr DC and is fr -DC; Cntrl ltage Representatin Cntrl ltage Representatin Cntrl ltage Representatin DC DC DC DC DC DC DC 7 -DC 9-AC 9 7DC pull-dwn I Z A relay/switch built with fllwing standard islatins L r nne type relay is N type relay is, DC ( H ) and ( H ) DC. T Turn-n delays; S fr secnds, M fr millisecnds, U fr micrsecnds, M ms turn-ff delay, M ms turn-n delay Electrnic Design & Research Inc. ** 7 Intermdal Dr. ** Luisville ** KY Tel: -9-; Fa: -9-; Sales: --7; website: Data Sheet 7 Page - - Made in USA