-SPECTATOR. Visit Oakton. * Oakton ",( Community College NILES MEET BEN FRANKLIN. fld sin. j.sra,jer -r ax. o:$-v.j9 ii: s:-ut(

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Download "-SPECTATOR. Visit Oakton. * Oakton ",( Community College NILES MEET BEN FRANKLIN. fld sin. j.sra,jer -r ax. o:$-v.j9 ii: s:-ut("


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ging te) d it thi way tt t t) be u rt" l ail "Nthing i really ging t change in he urdinance Everything i ging t be l)cfl Thi i a learning tce lr all al u Everything i ging t be evlving" t the tìect ing ltttirdry Mayr lbert Cclkt and tltt(e Luelli P(StOfl Kirn Biederman Jnc1 Je Lerde dieied the newly prped ethic rdinance and tk public crn ment Currently the ethic bard i cmped f Caller Pretn and Lerde but Caller aid 116 wuld app)itt niene t ) ttl)litlt tim atter he t a CCS t he fficia at h f flice t u rc >tue mayr Serving beneath the ((hic l)(mt( utl be the Citizen Plan Cmpliance Cmmittee which wuld cnit ()f 13 resi(leflts and S(lUld be advied by nnunzi and attrney Mike Siegel nnunzi aid the citizen cinmittee netihem had altefl(ly heemi chen but WOUld flot bc named publiely until the cnditiance va appp¼cd 113e citizen cnjmnittee vil nt have ubfuena )OW(i and ill be adviry nly lt vilf till th t the bard f trutee t make ethic ruling l)uring the dicuin lhurday Calter aid he hoped the cnjniittee titld create an ethic htline that uld put calic in direct cg>ntact with nnunzi t regiter c)1flplftifl r re P01t unethical behavii r1he nly prblem we have here i that we culd itave peple j imt calling up and making tatement that are ttally fale" Caliera aid "hie crnplainant de nt have t give their name We jut mve t be careful f call that have n meaning" Shuld the htline be created nnunzi aid it wuld be hi repnibility t invetigate cmplaint thugh he aid it wa till pible the village wuld hire an utide firm t handie the call and reprt back t him Pije current makeup f the ethic bard wa a matter f cntentin at the meeting Biederman aid the bard lacked a citizen vice becaue it wa nly talted three elected rndai Caller Pretn and Lerde "One fthe thing feel trngly abut i that we huld have a reident n thi bard" he aid Reident Rbert Kurfirt a frmer plitical cience prfer vh ha applied t be n the citizen pint cmpliance cmmittee aid he t wa cncerned that the bard which veraw a citizen cmmittee wuld nt have a citizen member "My còncern i thi being the ame peple ver and ver" he aid "Why d we Ctnci: Matt Schmitz itant Managing Editr p: e: need the middle man?" nnunzi aid it wa imprtant t have at leat ne trutee n the ethic bard becaue nly a trutee culd bring a matter befre the full bard f trutee fr a vte He al aid he believed it wa imprtant fr elected fficial t be part fthe ethic bard and nt ee it a mething that needed t be puhed baëk againt "My feat i that if we hand it ver cmpletely t the citizen there wuld autmatically be a dicnnect" he aid But aftcr the cncern wete heard Calleraid he wuld cnider rewriting the rdinance t allw nly a maximum ftw trutee n the ethic bard Caller al aid Thurday meeting wa a ign f thing t cme which culd mean the village il1 call tnte public meeting t dicu iue with reident " feel thi i the way meeting will run nw n with cmment frm peple wh care jut a much a we d" he aid Cnnent: pineerlcalcm Budget hearing May5 By TONY BERTUC tbertucacpineeflcal00fl1 NUe fficial have annunced that a draft f the Fical Year 2010 Budget i available fr review by village reident public budget hearing br been et fr May 5 at fi pm at Nue \illage 1laU ll Nife reident are encurage(i t attend and may ubmit written r ral crnment at the hearing Nil fficial ay rei dent wh wih t ee a draft fthe budget can btain ne at the illage Hall Finance Department r n nline at wwvvnilecm n ther village new the bard ftruteewa cheduled t vte n an ethic rdinance pril 28 that wuld create an ethic bard and a citizen plan cmpliance cmmittee (ee related tury) Trutee were al cheduled t hear a reprt frm the village trmwater crnmiin that ha been taked with alleviating f1din and the bard wa expected t vte n an item that wuld bid ut GPS cllectin data fwater and ewer aet Other bid award lated fr dicuin and pible apprval included rad ait fr winter ean the 2009 idewalk and gutter prgram and a fuel tank mnitring ytem dicuiñ t expand the ervice f the Nue Teen Center wa al expected (_ Sight and Sund Fr enhanced cverage f peple and place in yur cmmùnity check ut Pineer Pre vide at

3 GaryLii1ka 4tnew 24/7: Chèck ut pineérlcalcm fr mre LST WEEK TOP FE STORES 1 Male peratr file fr bankruptcy The Chicagbaed crn )rny thftt Znanage Glf Mill Shpping Center in Nue filed fr Ennkruptcy pril 16 but fficial were auring reident and hpper that buine will g n a uual Walgreen ffer free health ervice illage f Nue fficial want reident t knw that Waigreen in cperatin with Take Care Health Syteni ha annuncedit vill Prvide free health care ervice tall patient wh have recently been laid ff Fur ND enir ign letter f intent Fui Ntre Darne enir igned letter f intent lat muth t play cllege ftball Oaktn brief Pdlekirt hula hp and prnpadur will be winging at "Rck Yur Sck Off" the Oaktn Educatinal Fundatin pring fundraier at 7:30 pm May 2 at Onktn CrnmuniLy Cllege 1600 E Glf Rad Trutee face ptential legal entanglement Newly elected Nue trutee Gerge lpgiani will likely face a legal battie in the near future ver whether r nt he can keep hi eat n the village bard but a frmer plitical ppnent Dan Ryan ay he wnt be the ne t rck the bat Tfindtrieg t WWWpineerlcalci Plice earch fr ga tatin rbber nvetigatr ay crime culd be linked t Skkie rbbery By TONY BERTUC tberluc pineerlcal crn Shell ga tatin in NUe Wa rbbed Tueday mrning by a maked gunman accrding t lcal plice Nile plice aid a hded man wh wre a mak and brandihed a handgun entered the Shell tatin lcated n the 5900 blck f Wet Tuhy venue at 7:33 am and tle $100 befre fleeing the cene n ft Sgt Thma Davi f Nile Plice Department aid authritie inctigat ng the crime were lking int the pibility that it culd be related t anthel% ga tatin rbbery in Skkie "They are till invetigat ng thi rbbery" Davi aid "We dnt knw if the crime arc clatcd at thi ti me "\e are aking that anyne that amy lc been iii the area l lot)l)% veliuc and Lchigh \vcnuc at tha tuile t lui n)rning afl( lee! they may hae either itneed the rbl)ey r any thing tipiciu t pleae call the NUe Plice at 847/ i Nib Crime Stpper at 847/ Their infòrniatin vif be kept cnlidential" Cnuie :pincerlcalcni Nue chedule tw green event By TONY BERTUC tbertuca pjneerlcalcm The village fnibe ha rganizecl tw event t help the public get greener in May Fr the firt event Spring Cleaning 2009 the village ha teamed up with GlfMjll Shpping Center t prvide a place where reident can recycle a wide variety felectrnic item Every year merican imprperly dicard millin f electrnic item that can take mre than 50 year t fully break dwn accrding t village fficial Spring Cleaning 2009 will take place between 11 am and 4 pm Saturday at Glf Mill Shpping Center tem that will be accepted include PC laptp cell phne mdem printer mnitr key bard cabie and dik drive Office equipment like telephne cpy machine fax machine ptage machine can al be recycled at the event Clthing lightly ued furniture and variu huehld l)l)lial1ee like T CR clmera blender and tater will be accepted a well illage fficial ay many f the item will be dnated t Habitat fr Humanity «j WNGS (Wmen in Need Grwing Strnger) tem that will nt be accepted include huehld hazardu wate (paint r chemical) air cnditiner refrigeratr freezer waher and dryer full lit feligible and ineligible item can be fund at wwwvnilecm The ecnd green event rganized by the village will be the Cmmunity Rain Garden PlantThn cheduled fr May 23 Studént frm Ntre Dame High Schl Envirnmental dventure Club agreed lat June t care fr the rain garden during it firt year and will ue the event t expand the garden Mayr Rbert Caller praied the prject fr it educatinal and envirnmental value "During thi event the tudent nt nly lìj)c t ee the reinvigratin! the main rain garden n the ite but the intallatin 1 tw maller rain garden and a prairie gra area" Cabler aid rfhi will allw the ela enir in the grup wh have wrked hard n the prject tciee it near y cmpleted befre graduating" The rain garden wa in talled in a vacant lt near the crner f Tuby and Harlem avenue lat June by Nife reident and 150 vlunteer frm CcaCla t pecial deign i meant t capture and filter trmwater frm urrunding building and parking lt befre it enter the lcal ewer Sytem nyne intereted in participating in the event r making a dnatin huld cntact itant illage Manager Steve inezean at (847) Cmneit: pinecrlcalcm NSDE THS WEEK CLENDR 13 CL S S FEDS B20 CROSSWORD 618 DETH NOTCES B19 DERSONS B FLM CLPS SLlDlSHOW THS WEEK ONLNE NOW B2 Pht f the week Take a lk al the pat week thrugh the lene 01 the phtgrapher l Pineer Pre and The Oing G t pineerlcalcm pil S YOURSESON Fr cmplete cverage t yur high chl prt team check ut yureancm fr vide pht ranking and ötg Click nt the ite and elect yur chl n Wwwyureancm WEEKLY HOROSCOPES What d the tar hld fr yu? Want t knw it yur pychic Pice Mn will reveal uneen dimenin tday? Check ut yur weekly fre cat prvided by Salme Star at pineerlcalcm/tircpe FXER ThURSDY PR ll \ub SERNG REDERS SNCE 1951 FORUM LETTERS ML Nue HeraldSpectatr 3101W lake ve Glenview l 60026?$JUCTDM ljwdmtøn Nue HralaSpectatr (USPS ) 60 N19 Pubilhed reekly by Pineer Neipapeu nc 3101 Wt Lake ve Glerview L Sinqe cpy 200 Pe(OdCal e pakl at Glenw lt and additinal thce Oneyear SUbcrptin 53OD n cunty Only Call l ublcrae Plmater: Send adde chnqe Hile ll&ald Speclatr cí Pneer Newpaper nc 3T0 Well Lake ve Snde l cermee cwcc k cuvcrv iuc Hur: Mnirl 6:30 arn6 pm Sal 630 m12 pm Sun 8 am:12 pm Phne: ( fr9300 r ucntre Phne: 1847) citculatinpineerlcalcrn Circulatin Directr Jay Beatn 1847) OLR1 O0 Diplay advertiing Diplay ad 1847) Emaì: crn Diplay ale repreentative Rck Branham (847) Dipiay dvertiing Manager Dave Sherman ( ice Preident f dvertiing Michael Sperling (847) Claified Sete repreentative Claified ad (841) Claified Saie Dectr frank Gacian (84?) ? rin:icur ND Puauucn Jhn Barran O POLCE BLOTTER 9 SCHOOL DDEST SHOWTME SPORTS 27 ltam Mananq Edft Matt Schmitz (B47) 4ß mchmltz pineerlcal crn Fax: (B41) Mirnqhiq EditrSprt Rich Martin l rrnartínrpineellcalcrn Fax: Nanaqing EditrDverin Jennifer Thma ( jthmapinverlcalcrn Fr g calendar liting r quetin parkertpipeerlcalcrr Gt new? New tip: (841) Sprt lip: (847) Editr in Chief JeUWie (847) Ernail: mertsho T(RMS ND CONDTONS aueplancel ali vider by Publiher exprely cn ddined enana lubecl l lheliiawinqlerm and cn thlifl l OCed n lbee paragraph publieher mean his pubhclin t prentll ubidiarn and afliliate derlier aqee etat Publihe habiiily in relatin l any dcl Omiin lailue publih elit in ce lninu/pcjbiihinq nl any ad wiiinnl eceed l amunt paid Tr uch d Under n circumllance will Publihec enel be liable lar any indirecl cnequenital c pecial damane r any ther cl ariing ut nr rebnd any dcl Omiin bib publih erce n the plinllnglpubblcing et an d l hn ie enpnibit dy el the dvertlel check the cclectnet et each nertn Publiehec aume n repeiblllty tn he repelilin tecene n advertíng mdered tee mre than eeinerlien eantimdbewettcephnjnqcq time n the ame day the erçrcculled Publiher teueren tieniqht llimil theamnl ctadverticq t edit r reinnt any cpy and t 000cet any adneilllng al ct cledicretln withut ntice deertlerqree t indemnity 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had reprted 40 cnfirmed cae in the US "t nt epidemic" aid Jackie WalkerOKeefe Mrtn Grave directr f enir and family ervice "m jut aking peple t d the nrmal thing yu wuld d during flu ean" The village hwever ha taken me tep t prvide ínfbrmatin abut the wine flu t Mrtn Grve reident OKeefe aid a link ha been added t the village Web ite t thgdcpèpe can click n that aid it will give them the latet update" he aid n additin OKeefe put tgether a flier that i available at the enir center and charged with ne felny cunt f pein f a tlen mtrvehjcle and a midemeanr cunt f darnage t Public prperty accrding t Chicag Plíce New ffair Park Ridge llice aid ecurity fficer at Lutheran General reprted that an ambulance belnging t a private ambulance crnpany waleft running near the emergency rm entrance abut 5 pm Mnwa given ut during the enir lunch prgram with infrnatin n the wine flu l he aid anyne with quetin can call vil Jage nure Margaret DiSalv at (847) G t the Mrtn Grve Park Ditrict Human Reurce Crdinatr Laurie Larn aid tandard prcedure that are alway in ue t maintain cleanline are in effect n the park ditrict prechl prgram a anitizing pray and wipe are ued t rutinely clean table and equipment a well a kid hand nadçlitin1 he aid parent areakedt keep their children at hme f they are ick n the fitne centet Larn aid heiting a ign reminding member t ue avtíilabbe tmitizing wipe t wipe dwñ equipment after they ue it "Were fllwing the ame gd hygiene prcedure we fllw nrmlly" heaid 1(i 5 i " tiperintendent cf Park kw Ele mentary Ditrict 70 aid he planited t bring up the iu Mndayafternn at an already cheduled meeting f Nue Twnhip uperintendent tq ee what ther ditrict are ding in clay but when the paramedic returned abut 45 minute later the vehicle wa gne t abut 6:50 pm after Park Ridge plice bradcat thevehicle decriptin and licene plate nurnber t a tatewide plice iadi netwrk a ecurity guard at Chicag Millenniurn Park berved a wman later identified a Bulbucan itting in the driver eat fan amburepne t the wine flu threat Fr the time being thugh unle the prblem becme mre urgent he aid he i nt planning any pecial prcedure in ditrict70 "t thi pint illini denet even have any cae reprted" he aid Zabilka aid the ditrict i treatíng the dieae like any ther flu dcumenting cae and ending kid hme if they have a fever Parent are aked t keep them hme until the fever i gne "We alway have cae f the flu" he aid "fyu dnt feel well yu huld tay hme" ischl nure at Nile Twnhip High Schl Ditgict 219 expected t get 9rne general wine flu reprting and repne guideline frm theskkie Health Dàrtment Jvlnday di trictcmmunity relatin directr Jim Sèzèpìniak aith "Once the department deciae n hw t prceed wl1get that infrntipn añd wrk fim there4 he aid The ditrict hant yet gtten any call frth túdént r parent abut the utbreak he added lance at 30 N Michigan ve Chicag plice aid When the ecurity guard apprached (he wman allegedly drve ff thrugh the park tearing u patche f gra Chicag plice tactical fficerwerc lcated nearby and Bulbucan wa taken int cutdy She wa expected t appear in bnd curt Tueday afternn Cmnent:pineerlcczlcm Chicagarea rident are quietly preparing the m elve fr the wine flu t pread here Walgreen ale f antiinfectin mak are brik in Texa Califrnia Kana and New Yrk where the wine flu ha been cnfirmed and the Chicag area where a f early thi weak it hadnt pkeman Rb Elfinger aid Mnday By Mnday the utbreak had been cnfirmed t have pread t the US and Canada t hadnt rien t the level fepidemic but it had been declared Sunday a "public health emergency" by the US Center fr Dieae Cntrl and Preventin Mndaj llini Depalit_ ment f Public Health Spkewótndn Kelly JakubekidLet it iii handful f uièt cae had turnèd upnègitive bit fha ageñeyi irdiiigitelf fr the iiñé flu tò get hthe 9fl "Were ninitrrng the ituatin arund the clck" hethid Muhd$c J kind flike a trpical trm t culd die ut r ecalate int qmethìng bigger We jùt dnt know right ñów" There prbably plenty f Tamiflu available he aid epecially after the CDC releaed a prtin f the trategic natinal tckpile Sunday Swine flu i rare in the United State: Befre the latet utbreak there had nly been a dzen cae in the previu three year r There are fur knwn wine flu virue which are repiratry dieae nrmally nly affecting pig accrding t the Center fr Dieae Cntrl and PreventiQn They can infect human wh are directly exped t pig r their excrement The dieae may have been preent in Mexic tate feracruz in February r even earlier accreing t eratect rin mencán cmpany that track infeciu human and animal dieae rea reident believed acórding t erätect that tht 1ieae traveled frm pia to peple thrugh cntaminatin by area factny hg frm accine rnanaie reiident received lat year wnt tp the wine [lu the CDCay Deerfieldbaed Baxter HealthCare annunced lat Etera Bulbucan weekend that it ha aked the Wrld Health Organizatin fr a ample fthe viru train it can begin preparing a vaccine Switzerland Nvarti made a imilar annuncement Neither predicted when a vaccine mightbe ready Mnday a wrried rnbm brught her 5yearld n int pediatrician Mark Swilw Linclnwd flice "Baically he had a cld and cugh and n fever" Swilw aid "She jut wanted t minke ure it want wine flu He reaured her but nt cmpletely "Theyjut caticeled thei vacatin t L3ÇiCO? heaid "They were in 10 day "Thi i nt rry gd fr Mexicañ tuxuith" Handwahing bèfre etiting and after cntact with ther:peple epecially neezing peple will be enugh prtectin fr mt he aid nd ipc the gàrm lat anhur r urface keep yur hund away frm yur tace bétweenhandwahing he added Cm;nent:pizcerlcca/cn

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mvie that "culd reinvigrate the franchie" in the ame way the "Batman" franchie aw it tar rie in recent year Din lahaki wh Oper ate Park Ridge Pickwick Theatre ay he ha a gut feeling that the ecnmy in general i ging timprve metime thi ummer but regardle mvie theater bigget threat ha never been hard ecnmic time "The glden year f the theater wa during the Deprein" he aid The bigget prblem came everal year ag during "the ppcrn care" when health expert gave ut warning abut theater ue f highinaturatedfat ccnut il fr ppping the familiar mvie treat Frlnger than theater wner liked nbdy bught ppcrn even thugh lahaki aid a patrn wuld have had t eat a "trucklad" fppcrn t d real damage O nd even that crii wa averted "We witched t canlail" he aid Quaìt alue & Service nn Lanuae Prduce Wrld NTERNTONL MRKET DEL BKERY METS SEFOOD Cilantr 4FOR1OO Green Pepper 59B Gred Freh Split Chicken Breat $i29 Family Pack LB Sara Lee Oven Rated Turkey Breat Brden 2% Milk 9 E Gal Open Pit B B Q Sa uce 99Ea180z Old Orchard Juice $ìoo 2 FOR T E 64 Oz Glden Deliciu pple Kretchmer Smked Ham $399 LB Prduce Stem Tmate 88LB MET USD Chice Skirt Steak Deli DRY qua Farm Smked Salmn $L99 J Ea 8 0e GØOCERES R ice land Ricé $99 Ea O LB Culligan Premium Water 89 h Gal Eckrich Hard Salami $i99 Sain Oli Extra irgin Olive Oil $ 99 Ea Lt Rmaine Lettuce 2FOR1OO Glden Ripe Pineapple Lean Prk Butt Rat u 59 Ea USD Chice Banalen Sirlin Steak 3?B Stella Baby Swi Cheee Dean Cttage Cheee $ìi z FOR T Ea 24 0e mìn Wihbne Dreing Sugar (lf Yarieliet) $OO Ea 4 LB 2 FOR# Ea 16 0e Bella talia Peeled Tmateai w/bai $109 Ea 28 0e 88OcTWUKEGN RD MORTON GROE L CORÑEF OF WUKEGN & L5EMPSTEF3 HOURS: MONFR 89 ST 88 SUN SLE DTES PRL 30TH THRU MY 6TH

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Hue Majrity Leader Barbara Flynn Currie D25th She nte that uperrich candidate by federal law cant be tpped frm pending their wn mney With limit wealthy candidate ppnent "wuld nt have a chance t fight back t in a January pll mre llini reident aid they were "extremely cncerned" abut crruptin in tate gvernment and the influence f mney in tate plitic than any ther iue Lat year the lp tate iue wa the price f galine "Extremely Cncemed" Z Crruptin in tate gvernment 49% 5% nfluence f mney in putac 46% 54% Surce: Jyce rundatin Survey uld be like ging int battle with ne arm tied behind yur back" he aid "My argument t the milhinaire argument i ne wrd: Oberwei" afd Change llini upprter Mary E ndern ndern a frmer liiifi deputy inpectr general invetigating tate crruptin relerred t Jim Oberwei the dairy magnat whe milk mney culdnt get him int the gvernr manin r the US Senate r Hue Currie argue that me candidate need lt f cah t tight ff"swjft Bat" at tack by the deep pket flf"527" rganizatin and he al ha a PrWwith the bill $3OO00petcyc1e limit frm legilative eaucue t General embly Candidate "1 have a fund the Majrity Leadei Fund and pe ery mprtant 5p% Smewhat imprtant 39% Nt very mprtant 6% Nt at all mprtant 4% Pineer Per/LR pie cntribute t me and la able t ue that fund t help elect ther Deiiicrat" he aid " gue dnt ee anything wrng with that" Beninger differ "Thi i a urce fpwer and in fluence exceive influence fr the leader" he aid n fluence need t cnic frein the vter in the individual ditrict That what repreentative gvernment i all abóut" Mnèyjut help get the wrd ut Currie maintain and the leaderhip n lnger càn crack the whip like it ued t j dnt ee peple hpping t when the leader peak" he aid The bill limit buinee t $5000 per candidate per cycle which might adden member f the tate enate nurance Cmmittee aid Jeñiffer McDermtt advcacy crdinatr fr the llini branch f the RP "Everybdy want t be Ofl th?t cmmittee becaue thinurancecmpanies give much mney" aid McDékmtt in cntant trüggie t bring nile regulatin t the health jurnce indutry PONEER PRESS PUBlCTON Suburban jble rate ncreae lwing? 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Tell ft t T/ieFcr at WWÚ)pineerlcaLci whereyulljjd a imple frm tfihlut fyu dnt haue a cmpute; yu can mail a briefdecrjptj f yurprblen alng will yur name addre and telephne nunber t: The Fixer 3701 WLakcvc Glenujew L Dnt end òrlginal dcuctj Becaue ft/ic large clnie fubmij The Fixer Cant make pernaireplic Létter are editedfr length an(l c1ríf) Cninaent:pineerlca/c PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON Sbn!ifl fr Cin; n uni (y Calendar are required 14 day preceding tj date f publicatin Send t: Ni/e Maciaging Editr Pineer c 3701 W Lake ve Glewiew L nfrimitiam may befcmxed t (847) r cmailed t Center f Cncern The Center f Cncern 1580 N Nrthwet Highway Suite 310 Park Ridge (847) Calendar f event include: Tueday Wedneday (every week) Emplyment cuneling by appintmeiit Mnday May 11 lzheimer careqiver upprt grup 10 am Tueday May 5 and 19 Medicare cuneling by appintment Tueday May 12 Center f Cncern annual meeting (public invited) 7:30 pm Park Ridge Senir Center 100 S Wetern ve Park Ridge Wedneday May 6 and 20 Grief and l upprt grup (call firt) Saturday May 9 Legal cuneling by appintment Saturday May 30 Bld preure and bld ugar teting 10 amnn (n appintment needed) The Center will be cled May 2325 fr Memrial Day weekend Center cunelr al are available t help eligible reident apply fr llini Circuit Breaker prpertytax relief grant and liceneplate dicunt llini Care Ru (precriptindrug aitance) the enrcitizen realetate tax exemptin and deferral the enircitizen taxaement freeze and the lngtimeccupanthmewner prpertytax exemptin Emplyment cuneling and pleparatin f imple wilt and durable pwer f attrney fr health care and prperty al are available by appintment Supprt irp fr lzheimer caregiver the uffering frm grief and t and enir eeking t imprve their nutritin are available at the Center f Cncern in Park Ridge The center al ffer atfrdable pernal cuneling t adult f all age Call center dal wrker Myrna Fgarty (847) The center i at 1580 N Nrthwet Highway Suite 3)0 ark Ridge The center al ffer hauing cuneling fr enir and ther eeking affrdable huing prqram deigned t prevent hmelene inhme health care referral friendly viitr fr the hmebund and vlunteer pprtunitie in the tfice and n the field Clae TLC: Ttal Learning Cmmunity n Partnerhip with Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege lf(erinq free Family Literacy Clae n Saturday mrning Free child cure i al prvided Participant will learn abut the US chl ytem; hw t reprt a child abence frm chl; undertand reprt card: hw t prepare fr parentteacher cnference: hw t cmplete required frm; hw t help with hmewrk; and hw t participate during the parentchild activity Regiter nw Clae run frm 9 amnn at Gemini Junir High Schl 8955 Greenwd ve Nue Nte: Child care i available fr children wh are ut f diaper Call Pamela Surber TLC directr (847) defla Clet a bead tre at 9227 Waukegan Rad Mrtn Grve ht free beginning jeweirymaking clae at 9 am weekday Call (841) Club The Park Ridye Cathlic Wman Club meet at 12:15 pm May f at the Park Ridge Suth Recreatinal Center 833Talctl Rad Paik Ridge The prgram will be a Manan Travelgue Deert and cffee erved The annual Spring Lun chen will be held at nn May 21 at Café La Cave De Plaine Guet are invited; $35 The lunchen will be preceded by a Ma f Thankgiving at 11 am in the chapel f Our Lady f Hpe Church 9111 W Devn ve Remnt The Heritage Club f Plih merican meetat 1:30 pm May 3 at the Merrimac Park Field Hue 6343 W rving Park Rdd Chicag Marlene Wilczynka Gill will give a preentatin n cntributin f Plih menicàn wmen l thi cuntry Upcming event in Plnia wilt be dicued Public i invited Retrehment erved; $1 nunmember Call (173) Le Bavard a mnthly Francphne dinnergrup will meet at 6:30 pm May 6 fr dinner and canceratin at a retaurant in De Plaine t practice uing the anguage in an infrmal etting Participant have variu level f prficiency in paaking French and indude native peaker f the anguage N memberhip due required T repnd call (847) r by the preceding Mnday evening Chiacchierni talianlanguage dinner grup meet at 6:30 pm n the ecnd Thurday f each mnth at Salern 1716 E Keningtn Rad Munt Prpect Thi i a cauai evening f cnveratin in tal an The next meeting will be May 14 Call Gabriella (847) r LeTP internatinal a buine netwrking rganizatin recently pened a new lcalchapter rea prfeinal eeking new lead netwrking pprtunitie and valuable buine tip are invited t jin the grup which meet every Thurday at 7:01 am at Omega 9100 W Gtt Rad in Nit t each meeting member exchange qualifled buine referral build prfeinal relatinhip create alliance develp public peaking kill and take turn prmting their prduct and ervice l n every LeTip chapter each buine cateqcry i repreerted by ne member t prevent cnflict f interet (nce yu jin yur crnpetitin cannt) T learn mre cntact Janet Hanen (815) r Fr detail n LeTip viit wwwletipcm Jin the Cathlic Wmen Bwling League fr Ladie Night Out at Claic Bwl 530 Waukegan Rad Mitn Grve Fee i SS per week ll kill level welcme Call Deanne Drzdz at (224) r The Knight f Clumbu (Nrth merican Martyr Cuncil Nue) prvide way fr member t help ther in the cmmunity while trying t imprve their family and piritual live Call Bb Galai (847) The merican Jewih rtit Club i accepting new member The grup funded in the early l920 fcue n the brad apect 01 artitic perfrmance and erve t enrich the cultural fiber f the Jewih cmmunity Call trre Slaw (847) r llaw aktnedu udubn Sciety f Park Ridge meet at 1:30 pm the furth Thurday f the mnth in the Maine Park Leiure Center Fretview and Sylviawd Guet f all age are welcme Cati Rager Ginger 1847) The Jereypine Crumer Mtrcyde Turing Climb meet at 1:45 pm the furth Tueday f each mnth in the De Plaine Elk Club lwer level 495 Lee St (tw blck nrth f Rute 14) De Plaine Jereypme Cruier Sunday Breakfat Ride leave at 9 am frm McDnad Retaurant at Oaktn and Lee treet in De Plaine Ride are uually 25 t 85 mile Call Betty (108) r Je (841) r viit wwwjereypinecruierrg Hile Chapter Tatmat8r meet at 7:15 pm the ecnd and furth Wedneday f the mnth at the Mrtn Grve 6140 Lincln ve Member learn hw t feel cmfrtable and have elfcnfidence talking t an audience Call ( Cmmunity Ftne Center Mlle Family Fitne Center 987 Civic Center Dr Nue (847) r wwwnilefitnecm Swim Club Thi cla fr age 7 15 will teach different training technique ued fr cmpetitive wimming Requirement are: 100 yard freetyle 100yard backtrke 50yard breattrke and 25yard fly Fee are $90 fr member: $110 nnmember Glamur Girl age 611 may get ready t be pampered Enjy an evening f hair nail ltin and jewelrymaking frm 69 pin May 8 The tee i $10 fr member; S15 nnmember Fundraier Haine Center a ntfrprfit prvider f mental health and wwwpineerlcalcm CLENDR cuneling ervice in Park Ridge and Maine Twnhip will hld t annual fundraier "Cruiing Lake Michigan" n June 7 Bard at li am fr a twhur Odyey Bat Brunch Cruie Enjy a live Jazz band pectacular view Ql Lake Michigan and the Chicag kyline cmplimentary champagne fd auctin and ralle item Ticket are $95 per pern Call (847) Ext 308 Library Hile Public Library 6960 W Oaktn St (847) r nline at wwwnilelibraryrg Mile Public Library the mri Earn rate that cmare t a CD withut lcking up yur mney That right yu culd be earning rate cmparable t a CD withut ling the ability t acce yur mney whenever yu need it With Cle Taylr Bank Right Pernal Mney Market ccunt yu earn mre a yu ave mre: ccunt Balance $50000 and up $25000 $49999 $10000 $24999 Le than $10000 can Library ciatin and Wman Day magazine want t knw hw wmen have ued reurce and ervice at the library during thi tugh ecnmic time Frm nw until May 18 wmen lder than 18 may ubmit their try in 100 wrd r le t Fur trie will be featured in the March 2010 ue f Wman Day which ha mre than 4 millin reader Official rule are available n the Wman Day Web ite wmandaycm/ala The G Club fr age 6 t 12 uually meet the firt and third Satur day f each mnth n a drpin nnual Percentage Yield (PY)1 bai Maine Twnhip Maine Twnhip FSH (Friend ndeed Serve and Help) in need f vlunteer driver t prvide reident free tranprtatin t mdcal facilite n and near Maine Twnhip lunteer may che hw much time they wih t devte Requirement include a current driver licene and prf f aut inurance The prgram require reident in need be mbile r be able t ue a cane r walker FSH al ak that appintment Calenda; PGE 14 Minimum amunt needed t pen accunt and earn PY1 Ret eay knwing that yure getting a great rate frm a Chicag bank yu knw and trut plu FDC inurance n balance up t the maximum allwable amunt7 Open yur Right Pernal Mney Market ccunt tday Call u at r r viit the banking pecialit at Cla Taylr Old Orchard branchat 4O1 W Glf Rad tday Me"be FOC 225% $10000 L75% $ % $10000 N interet paid $ CleTa ylrbank ChicagS buine banking pciaiim nôi Pccent YeirlS PY0 e etfectiv and bjt tó M any ne iee Thy Je evn accunt F nw mney Only Reir t Cle Tayl Onk Rlt and Re9ultn Regadìng Oept ccunt l addjtnl tern and cndtln Fedel eulan nu tlndpalty peautlaed tanft t per tatement cycle n mre tan ttee (whlct may be by hrk dah deck cad Qn Odbe 3 2Q loc deptt narae tempiy lneaed he icc t lept th00h /09 13

8 w 4new Calendar Cntinued frm P$E 13 be et three mre day n advance T bc a vlunteer driyer call (ii Oken (847) 696O76 T Schedule a rkle r rr in1j call FSH COOfdjflaj Glria Stepek (847) Ezt 283 Mi *d! Sp dal Recreatj eanal frchue fr Summer i "ailabe MNSR ffer peple wflf phyical and men al chafenq behavir and learning dirder hearing and viual mpairment and emtinal diajljtie an Opprtunity l enjy a variely f ecreahn aclivitie The Summer ean ffer prgram and pecial event including prt and Special Olympic prgram art cking and aerbic Lk fr the additin f many uting thi ean uch a: Camping Cnnectin Teen dventure and Tee Time Glf Regitratin begin upn delivery r the brchure MaineHile erve De Plaine GlfMaine Linclflwd Mrtn Grve Hile Park Ridge and Skkie T receive a eanal brchure r t ffer upprt fr peple with pecial need by lunteerínq call (841) Nile Tarn O5iia Glf Cure ha re Opened fr the 2008 ean with lw rafe a midday pecial Junir N OPPrrrupny i RD YOUR HOME OF 1/tZnu WTF ìiruz PRnnUCTSJ t len itupîvj D_n 0km Fi Eflhg4b (EMPrYi FOOii DOb Fflßd runet HO*hO4d ftk Ci_ flstctcfjq *4thcle UL Pi u Ømd PaJn Hmc pl xhnl?hemtt Ud Od Wød Kdkm COU Prgram and private glf lean lam OShnter Glf Cure i lcated at 6700 Hward SL ( e Pt Dtrjct Pineer Park ha repnj fr the 2009 ean Thi latility ha an 18 hle minigl: cure and even batting cage and a cncein tand Partie and (undraieß are al available Pi fleer Park i lcated at 7135 N Harlem ve Spring hur are: 5D pm Mnday thrugh Friday: loe 30 ain1d30 pin Saturday and Sunday Call (847) p_ Sitrief ffer a wide variety f ummer camp prgram fr prechl age thrugh incming eighthgrader Fullday and ballday camp prt camp hckey and ice kating camp are ffered Stp by Hward Leiure Center 6676 W Hward St t regiter Camper will enjy wmming weekly field rip art and craft and prti Mt camp begin June 8 Cal) 847) Nife Park Ditrict i accepting regitratin fr Girl Sftball League fr girl in firt grade thrugh high chl (a f chl year) Opening Day game are May 16 Ma r League replica hat jer5ey and ck are prvided by the Park Ditrict Participant mut upply their pant he and glve Regitratin i accepted at the Hward Leiure Center 6676 W Hward St Call (847) NUe Pari Ditrict Bright Beginfling Prechl regitratin i cnducted fr the 2009O chl year PFinC D wx ORiNO DUSinCi anti Schl Wa(ø Cmpute Eecizic Epi&v Fi:WQk Lakm Palm Udicni Wate Smie DOict Tir Bth J and 4ye?rld prgram are ffered There are a variety f cla time arid lcatin (rm which t che Regitratin will be accepted at Hward leiure Cen ter 6676 W Hward St until all clae are filled Call (847J Nife pk Ditrict i accepting regitratin fr the Spring Learning Gymnatic Prgram Clae are al Glf iew Recreatin Center 7800 Calöwell ve Prgram ffered are (r age 3 t l4 and include beginner t intermediate kill level Sein are Mnday r Friday evening Skill taught include lum bling balance beam vaulting nhinitramp and bar Regitratin i accepted at Hward Leiure Center 6676 W Hward St Call ( new 3 Pregh4 prgram i fr children wh turned 3 after Sept i miing the deadline fr the regular 3year prechl Children will experience their firt clarm experience Clae are frm 12:302 pm Tueday arid Thurday r Wedneday and Friday at Hward Leiure Center The ein run t May 21: Call (847; Glf Haine The Glf Maine Park Ditrict ha taken a new and innvative apprath in raiing muchneeded fund (r the park and preading the wrd n energy efficiency The ditrict ffer a electin f ENER GY STR qualified cmpact f lurecent light bulb fr ale t the public frm a Light (r Learning kik Tarqeed Cmmunitie; :O0 am " r 9 tj81vd Gçve 500Jet E% G ge ELK GROE flail SCHOOL ME1#?OpOjjr WTER RECLMTON OSTRCr OF e04r0 OF CO?MlSSiQwffR GRETER CHCGO T nt j O nn kiihfn T Miy hc flp54jj Oi litl rink l* CÑj(n 5f Fpng9 Cyniaii u imnt un Srbra j tdo rnd Lny 00 l mpneerlcaf cm Prceed frm the ale f every bulb will directly fund the chlarhip prgram pnred by the ditrict The chlarhip prgram a lw children the pprlunity t attend camp when they rrray ni have the reurce t d n their wn The kik will al hue the light fr Learning teacher tlkit deigned br educatr and rganizatin leader t prvide infrmalinel material n the vemll Light fr Learning Pigram EHER GY SR ctivity Bk fr childçen a well a ENERGY STR hme ener gycnervatin and electrnic infrmatin will al be available recycling bin (Or ued Cil will al be available CEL may be purchaed at Feldman Park 8800 Kathy lane fule trm 830 am 4:30 pm Call 1847) The Glf Naine Park Ditrict f (er the cmmunity an pprtunity t recycle paper prduct recgnizable greenandyellw cntainer upplied by bitibi Bwater wa drpped l in the Feldman Park tt 8800 Kathy Lane near the crner f Wetern venue and Kalb1 Lane Prduct that can be recycled in thi cntainer include newpaper magazine ffice paper (lax and cpy) hpping catalg mail and envelpe catalg flder clred paper and hredded paper (bagged); n cardbard r phne bk ll mney raied will fund the chlarhip prgram aliwiiig children t attend ummer camp and ther prgram Call ( r g ETh Grve illage Schaumburg u il llßhfll% l; n 0e Plaine rfingtn and Rlling Meadw egtdrtfd "a1" Maj % _nn n MDJøe ON SELECT WNDOWS & ROOFNG PR000CTS : 1lJF i i i Chicag twww paperretrievercrn/ Glf Naine Park Oitriçt i taking regitratin fr: dult Binq: 10 am2 pm lirt Wedneday al the mnth plitthept bing at the Feldman Recre atin Center (May 6) Yuth Baeball: League ball i available fr yuth age 715 Prac tice begin in pril and game be giri May 16 H Sht Baeball T Ball Skill Clinic fr 37 yearad begin May 2 ht Sht Sprt: Ht Sht Sprt and the Glf Maine Park Ditrict have jined t bring variu prt clae and clinic Offered are Baeball Baketball Tenni and Sccer clae Stp by the Feldman r Dee Park Recreatin Center le detail Summer Camp (r kindergarten thrugh ixthgrader include prt and game art and craft playgrund activitie field trip pray park wimming and mre Fur twweek ein are ffered beginning June 22 Hur are 9:30 a w t 3:30 pm Befre and after camp child care i al available Regiter early Prechl: Early regilratin i imprtant t enure child a pace fr the (at 2009 emeter fiveday mrning prgram and a furday afternn prgram are ffered fr children turning 4 year ld by Sept 2009 Cricket Dee Park nw ha a cricket pitch that will be ready fr ue thi pring Call the park ditrict tr rental lee r availability ReCOflSft11Ct1 yur r1d : SiflCe i9ß4 f1jfdwfl8tj Bulne * mc Àdití i quallje buyer See ale fopreenlallee fr detal ThURSDY PRL 30 21X19 iit ne! lire Park Ditrict t (ice Feldman Recreatin Center 8800 Kathy Lne (ne blck c/h f Glf Rad n Wetern venc1j Ni/e; r Dee Park at the crner f Dee and Emern Rad Oe Plaine; r call (847) Reln Nary Sut el Widm at Cunber land and Granyilfe avenue in Park Ridge ffer a nceamnth Ma fr yung adult at 4:30 pm the third Sunday f each mnth priet wh wrk Specifically with yung adult and a chir that in crprate bth vice and intrument t prvide upbeat muic fr liturgie will be featured Liturgie will be prepared and preented by yung adult lt yung adult age 22 t lder than 40 married ur ingle with r withut children are invited Call Peg Barry (847) r pegbarrywbjbpat nercm EzraHabnlm the Nife Twnhip Jewih Cngregatin 4500 Dernpter St Skkie tfer ntrductin t Judaim and beginning adult Hebrew clae n Sunday and mnthly Yiddih Member and nn member are welcme Call ( r g t wwwehnturg Reunin Navy and Marine Crp hip mate wh erved n the USS Clumbu C741CG12 frm 1944 thrugh 1976 and the USS Clumbu (55(1762) pat and preent will reunite Sept 30Oct 3 at the Hliday NTEREST r PYMENTS FOR ONE YER PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON nn Select Nahville Tenn Cntact llen Hpe preident 3828 Hbn Rad Frt Wayne N 468)5 260) Unin Rde Schl Harwd Height Cla f 1974 hlding a 35 ; year reunin 110 pm Oct 10 at Franceca Tavla 208 S rlingtn Height Rad rlingtn Height Ct $65 per pern (include appetizer beer wine and ft drink) jannekbywjuncm Maine Eat and Maine Wet High Schl clae f 1961 and 1962 will hld a minireunin at 4 pm May 16 at Rman 1396 E Oaktn St De Plaine Call 847) The January and June clae f Marhall High Schl will hld a 60th reunin at S pm May 17 at the Wyndham in Gfenview Call (847) r (841) WMTFM (and WMTHT) the high chl bradcating vice wned and perated by Maine Twnhip High Schl will celebrate 50 year f bradcating in 2009 Bradcating frm a mall tudi at Maine Eat High Schl the firt prgram wa aired Dec Over the pat 50 year the tatin ha grwn t include radi and televiin tudi at each f the high chl Plan are under way fr an alumni gathering fr tudent and faculty taff member t be held Sept 2527 in the Park Ridge/De Plaine area reunin cmmittee ha been frmed t lcate alt frmer WMTHFM alumni Cntact St Rbert Bellannine i planning an allcla lumni Reunin fr pring 2009 lumni are aked t end current cntact infrmatin including name maiden name (if applicable) year graduated addre phne and addre lumni are al aked t hare memrie f time at the chl r thught abut the impact it ha had n life Send infrmatin t Sue Calcagn alumni reunin chair c/a St Rbert Bellarmine Schl 6036 W Eatwd ge Chicag L r calcagnf0bc qlbalnet n alumniinfrmatin frm may be dwnladed frm the alumni page f the chl Web ite wwwrbchicaqrg Chlca9 Bwan High Schl Cla f 1969 will tage it 40threunin celebratin July 25 at Huday nn Chicag Mart Plaza 350 N Orlean St in dwntwn Chicag The reunin will begin at 6 pm Tw additinal event are ctieduled: a ccktail party in the htel hpitality uite July 24 and "day after" party at a ite till t tue determined July 26 Ticket are SlO per pern r $195 per cuple and may be purchaed by ending a check t Phylli lk 250 E Pear n St Unit 906 Chicag L 6061l Make check payable t Phylli lk andlndicate Bwen Reunin in mem ectin he Hliday nn will ffer pecial rm rate t Bwenite; call (312) The Web ite wwwueewebcm/bwenl969reunin prvide mre infrmatin and name f clamate wh have nt yet been lcated Call Brett Wei (630) t jii rkit i lking fr all St Jhn Brebeuf Schl alumni lumni huld cntact Libby Ryder (847) r lrydernjbchlrg and ubmit their name year graduated addre phne number maiden name (if applicable) and addre and may hare a try r tell hw St Jhn Brebeul made an impact n their life mmaculate Cnceptn Schl n Talclt venue in Chicag etablihing an lumni ciatin n preparatin fr it TOOthanniverary celebratin the chl i earching fr it miing alumni l yu attended mmaculate Cncep tian Schl r knw mene wh did lcalumniwicparihnet r call the rectry (773) 77S3833 lumni wh prefer t reach the aciatin by mail are encuraged end their firt maiden r lat name phne number addre the year in which they grad uated alng with their favrite C memry and favrite C teacher t: C lumni ciatin c/a mmaculate Cnceptin Parih 7211 W TalcLt ve Chicag l Submiin may al be drpped ff at the C Parih Rectry during nrmal buine hur r alter Mae ir Sunday Taft High Schl cla f June 1959 will hld a 50th reunin Sept 2421 Cntact Larry Marh at r (103) : Pat Santell Lutz patlutzcmcatne r l347) ): r Kent Meyer carlekentwaccelplunet (765) ) See al wwwtaftreuninl959cm Wlldwd Schl clae f 1959 will be celebrating their 50th reunin in June 2009 January and June graduating clae will be in cluded a well a peple wh were clamate metime between kindergarten and eighth grade but mved away befre graduatin E mail wifdwdo9l0giniailcm r call Kathy ndern Walh (773) Schlarhip The llni Sn f taly Fundatian i ffering $1000 cllege chlarhip t high chl enir wh have full r partial talian ancetry The fundatin will award tudent wh will graduate thi year frm a recgnized public r private llini high chl pplicant will be elected n the bai f financial need; chlatic achievement; activitie in high chl hwing character and leaderhip; an applicant pernal eay; and faculty recmmendatin Fr applicatin cntact the llini Sn f taly Fundatin 9447 W 144th Place Ortand Park L with a elfaddreed tamped en velpe r The deadline i July 1 Winner will be ntified by ug 31 Main Sua 1k Uia Twuhip MaineStreamer prgram ffer a variety f pprtunitie fr rei dent 55 and lder Memberhip ndude a free ubcriptin t the MalneStreamer mnthly newlet ter which detail activite fr the upcming mnth Mt activitie are at Maine Twn Hall 1700 Ballard Rad Park Ridge unle therwie nted Cntact the MaineStreamer (847) r g t wwwmalne twnhipcm Tate f Hm" trip t Greendale Wi will be frm T am6:30 pm June 16 Trip Rate $90 member S95 guet Greendale called the Ckbk Capital f tre Cuntry and nted fr unique "backward" hue in which the ar hitect purpely pitined the hme fr a better view Tur tart at the Reiman iitr Center and wwwplmerlcalcm new 115 Tate f Hme Outlet n dwntwn Greendale There will be time fr hpping with a dicunt afterward Lunch will be at the Berner Btan cal Garden in ne f the dining rm verlking tne garden Lat tp i a hitric trimbrn farm and Jeremiah curtain hue fr a guided tur n utng t ee the Cub v the Brewer at Miller Park n Milwaukee frm 3:45ll pm May 9 (the ut ng require lt f walking) The ct $70 fr member; 575 guet (Lge utfield bx eat) nyne wh knw MaineStreamer age 90 r lder are urged t call (841) the peple can be ent an invitatin t a pecial event in May Lake Geneva and the bbey in Fntana Wi will be highlighted n a trip frm 8:30 am May 286 pm May 29 Ct $235 duble accupancy; 5300 ngle ccupancy Start ut with hpping time in Lake Geneva fllwed by a narrated lunchen bat cruie n Lake Geneva Lunch feature chicken breat tuffed with cranberry and pecan dreing with all the trimming tipn arrival at the bbey rert in delune accmmdatin relax and enjy the amenitie including the pa befre dinner n private dining rm Che between queencut prime rib r grilled almn Flren tine white enjying the und f Tm Slanleld ri the pian and hrn tp at the Geneva Lake Mueum the next day will cmplete thi vernight adventure Hakte Twl aking fr aitance n lcating gd reliable handymen n the area l yu knw f mene and wuld like t ub mit a aame cntact Theree Tully (841) Ext 260 and he will frward a frm t cmplete Naine Twnhip in cperatin with the Ck Cunty Sheriff Of fice i cllecting ued cell phne t be cnverted fr emergency 911 ue fr enir Dnate phne at Maine Twn lall Senir Center The Wile Senir Center ffer free memberhip t Nife reident age 62 and lder and their pue Only center member may regi Calendari PGE 18 The Wmen Bard f Khl Children Mueum f Greater Chicag prudly preent the furth annual FMLY FEST fll SUNDYJY 3 11 }1 (Rain r hine) 2 Ffl Lcatin: Field Chryler Jeep Ddge 670 Frntage Rad Nrthied L Kid can afely explre large vehicle $25 per family (fr up t 6 peple) benefitting Khl Children Mueum f Greater Chicag T regiter r fr mre infrmatin pleae viit wwwkhlchildrenmueumrg/truck 4 (8L CMLvW 2100 Patrit Bulevard Glenview (847) wwwkhlchildrenmueumrg

9 O 9ff NME: LÀk& ce4tña THE BBEY RESORT wwwtheabbeyreilcm t w &pi&va ( kjek 14Ju a crttt3 r wwwcmeffnebppecm wwwpineerlcalcm wwwgmndgenevacm NO PURCUSE NECESSRY TO ENTER OB WN PURCESE WLL NOT NCRESE ThJR CNNCES OF WNNNG Sweeptake tart n 4/23/2009 and end n 5/15/2009 and i npen nly t legal reident f Ck OuPae Lake Kane r Mcflenry cuntie n llini aged 21 yeat 0 kf id WtO prtithded Mailed entne mut be pmared by May aid recerved n ami than May 20 2t9 xate retad value (NW) l each grand prize: $500 NW f each Firt Pean $200 R f each Secnd Pnze: $150 NW! all prize: $13500 Odd f wuniing depend n the nttnbcr f ee cetnerecerved Umdt ne (1) eninypen pennn perday regaidte tmetndtentny NUain prize ubtitutin accti redemptinwitbemade exceatspn& dctehn Spnueervethe ntubtitteanytatei pdzewithantheprize tdtest pule becme unavaitabte Subject t cmpete tticaj rute avaitabte at wvw akegeneyawi cn Spn Pneer Newpaper hic 3701 W 1ke venue Glenview L Lake Geneva it alway EML: %8E wwwcrui&akegenevacm Lake Geneva wa recgnized n 2009 by the Ñafinal Trut fr Hitric Preervatin a What Lake Geneva event take place June 1 3 i 4? THURSDY PR 30 2QQ GRND PRZE Tw winner will each receive a Lake Geneva Getaway package curtey Of The bbey Rert & Spa and Grand Geneva FRST PLCE PRZE Sunday May 24 5:30 pm 7 pm Tweniyftve winner will be chen at randm t each receive fur Dinner Cruie ticket which include free pizza ff drink and a cah bar available SECOND PLCE PRZE Sunday May 24 7:30 pm 9 pm Fifty winner will be chen at randm t each receive tw Deed Cruie ticket which include champagne barding tat deert ff drink and a cah bar available T be eligible t win cntetant mut include perna! addre and anwer The Three quetin belw ll entrie mut be received by May \N :ì$vm YOUR LOCL SUUKLC wwwakegenevjne(efwaßcm wwwpineilcacm nwer and nline entry frm can be fund by viifing wwwlakegenevawicm fter cmpletin mall Thi frm t: Red White & Cruie! c/a Lake Geneva Cnventin & iitr Bureau 20! Wllgey Dr Lake Geneva W quartet f áctivitie ti the cming week Seame Street live: When Elm Grw Up 1 Seame Street Live: "When Elm Giw Up" at 10:30 am and 7 pm May 78; 10:30 am 2 and 5:30 pm May 9; and and 4:30 pm May 10 al the Remnt Theatre 5400 N River Rad Remnt $15 $35 (800) r wwticketmatercom "Tartuffe" pril 30 May 10 at Oaktfl CnimUnity Cllege Studi One GOt) E GifRad De Plaine Perfrmance at 8 pm pril 30May 2 and 8 9; 2 pm May 3 and io; and 7:30 pm May 7 $8$10 (847) ( Evantn Symphny Orchetra perlòrms at 2:30 pm May 3 at PickStaiger Cncert Halt 50 rt Circle )rive Evantn r1jc prgram include the Brahm Symphny N 4 in E Minr and the Tchaikvky Pian Cncert N 1 in Bflat Minr $20$28; il5 fr tudent (847) r wwwevatnymph nyrg "Muc f the Wrld" with Guitar fspain 1:30 pm May 6 the Skkie Theatre 7924 Lincln ve Skkie $10$15 (847) r wwwkkietheatrecfll PGE 01 UFO event tuche dwn at Skkie Theatre UFO Over llin with lieu invetia1r Sam Marant May 13 at the Skkie Theatre 7924 N Lincln ve 8 pm May 1: Hitry f llini Sighting: 8 pin May 2 Mdein llini Siqhting (Tinley Park and Rcklrd); 2 pm May 3 Mdern liiifi Sighting (OHare) $20 fr each event $25 at the dr $50 fr all three prgram Call (841) r viit wwwkkietheatrerg By LuLl KUZM Cntributr lmt everyne ha ctt rnething ri the ky that lked trange: an aircraft that didnt nve like a jet r airplane c uddenly diappeared frm view r maybe a weird flah r rb Mt cha!k it U}) t an ptical illuin the reult f an veractive imaginatin t perhap accept that they might have een ah experimental craft that the gvernment want t keep under wrap 13ut thet atc adamant that they have een mething frm uter pace and in me cae even decribe alien craft creature r experience UFO r unidentified flvimc bject cntinue t By MYRt PETLCK Cntributr bby Cadabby i the new kid n the blck The 3 yearld fairygdtfl0thct intraining get enthuiatic repn frm yung fan in "Seame Street Live: WhenE1tU0 Grw Up" rç turing muical cme t the Remnt Theatre 5400 N River Rad Remnt fr perfrmance May 710: "She very punky even maybe a little bit ay" reprted actr Megan Gdin wh ha played bby ince the tur began in ugut bby ing a l called "Magic in Mc" in which the character thlk abut having truble learning all he need t mater in rder t becme a fairy ur invetigatr Sam Marant preident f the llini Mutual ur Netwrk i leading three dicuin n UFO at the Skkie Theatre (lrv LeavittlStall Writer) ficinate peple and t generate impained dicuin and argument "UFO accunt g back thuand fyear" aid Sani Marant preident f llini Mutual U1O Netwrk He i recgnized internatinally fr hi knwledge and expertie in the lieki f UFO invetigatin "lt a crck t relate UFO lut t9 the recent cifi eta Thi ge back t ancient time flaming charit Ezekiel wheel in the Bible and nt jut gdmther "But he knw ifhe keep practicing and believe in herelf eventally he will have her dream cme true" Cdici alti Fr (letail call (847) Rag t riche Life i tugh fr a beautiful yung wman wh i bed arund by abuive tepiter but thing take tt tutn lr the bettet in Marc Rbin verin f "Cinderella" preented by Big Nie rfheatre li arn and 2 pm Saturday and 11 am SUn(lay May 217 at Prairie Lake Theatre 515 E Thacket Rad De Plaine rlicket are $10 which include a meetandgreet with the actr fllwing the perfrmance lr detail call (847) Wetern culture lt1 all &wet the wrld r1he called mdcin era f UFO tattcd in the 194 O with the Kenneth tnkl ighting that where the tettn flying aucer cnie frm" Matant will ht UFO Over llini May 13 at the Skkie Theatre He vil 1)1e5Ct taultimedia )t gram Hitry! illini Sighting and Mdern lilifois Sighting and lead (licuin with the audience The prglmns vill highlight llini UFO Write apprach Kid age 610 with a parent will explre nature then write abut the experience during Family lnpiiatin Patent & Child 13 pm Sunday May 3 at Emily Oak Nature Center 4650 Brumme1 Skkie larticipaiits vill receive ajoultial ( encut age thetii t keep writing Ct i $10 pet binily fr ieident $12 hr nntosident Fr detail call (847) Ext 2500 Tp f the afternn Kid fl funny fiat will make fahin tatement at Mad Flatter Strytelling l2 pm Saturday May 2 at Mrtn Grve Public Libtar 6140 Lincln ve Junit League f Chicag CONTCT: Jennifer Thma Managing Editr p: e: hitry dating frm the O1lare at abut 4:20 in the 1800 t ighting in rçinley afternón and wti keen by Pjrk Rekfrd and mt quite n few peple the gufl(l crew pilt pepie recently the ma ighting ver OHare irprt in n the ramp talked t 2006 Marant will preent witnee wh aw the the reult f hi wn pernal ihvctigatin Rad" UFO frm La Grange including pecific detail Marant think central and vide recrded interview and eyewitne teti fr UFO ightiúg right llini i the httet area flw mny "We have prf we have "n and abut the area a muntain f prt that Rute 39 and cle t El UFO exit" aid Marant Pa there aie a lt f "But the evidence i intenighting and hr me tinally ignred by acaderean ut here in Chicugland in the Tinley mia and egment fgcvetnnient There i n dubt Park and Ornad Park area abut the genuine phenm nd there i a higher mcienìl With UFO Over lili dence in Frceprt llini fi thi i a chance fr t et night viin infttired bincular and g peple t engage their intellect la? ntaking fr leak" anyne t believe want l Curti ciate them t knws We are nt Directr at Skkie Theatie nted that the UFO event alne" ked abut the mt i fatnilyfriettdy recent OHare ighting "lbi i fr anyne i a public ut there Mararit nted: "1 wa an actual phyical fr thi event and we believe llini MUFON ha bject rtating cunter clckwie lt took ri the the right t tell their tiy clr fthe lc a thugh We are building ur audience ffering a (variety) f it were trying t clak t wa een hvering at CncOUte C Gate 17 at event" Cmment: pinecríocal00f New Elm hw include fairy gdnither t>) Street Live: When Elm Grw Up" cme t The turing prductin f Seme Remnt Theatre May 710 member in funny hat will read t kid and parent The child wearing the funniet hat will receive a gift certificate Fr detail çall (847) )6i4220 The eye have it Yu can celebrate Cinc de May with yur child age 5 and up by helping them cteate an j de di (Gd eye) a part f the Sunday Craft Serie at Skkie Heritage Mueum 8031 Flral ve The ct i $2 fr reideñt $3 nnreident Fr detail call (847) Ext aq Cmment: pinccrloculcotfl

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11 B4 STGE Blx weat pintillim turn Seurat painting int muical Sunday ki the Pr With Gerge thrugh May 7 at 8 pin Friday and Saturday 2 pm Sunday at Prafrle lake Theatre 515 E Thacker SL De Plaine $20 $18 fr enir $12 fr kid 12 and under (847) r wwwbígnietheatre rg By STEPHNE FOSNGHT Cntributr On prii 17 a week befre Big Nie Theatre "Sundayin the Park" pened directi Rick Piendt want t be fund ntage with the actr 1101rn even backtage examining prp ntead he high up in the air n a ladder helping t et up light cue fr the even l)rfeinal highintenjy prjectr that have jut arrived at Prairie Lake Theater in De Plaine "Were dealing with per SpeCtjve iud tday" Frendt ay after he decend a ladder t explain the new hw demanding technical requirement "Many f the prjectin verlap and theyre at very teep angle we ue a ftvare package t prject at the crrect genietr" The 1984 Stephen SndheimJame Lapine muical abut artit Gerge Seurat creatin f the pintillit materpiece "Sunday fternn n the land fla Grande k kd i i Ty Jâ T anne Wlf PRDECOM "Laughutud funny and refrehingly mart The perfect way t tart the ummer!" Mike Swn WB OO "Hilariu! McCnaughey and Garner deliver" flm Fergun BCW "Funny and charming a mutee film!" Stuafl Lee WNYXW Jatte" i revered fr it remarkable pintillit cre and fr it thematic explratin fhw art can bth ilate and embrace The hw pened lat Friday at Prairie Lake the perfrmance hme f Winnetkabaed Big Nie Theatre and run weekend thrugh May 17 When Frendt agreed t direct "Sunday in the Park with Gerge" fr Big Nie he knew it: wa a tnar cmmitment Nt nly have the lat few mnth been pent in cat rehearal but Frendt devted the entire lat yeai t learning the animatin and ftware kill he needed t create a hw integrating ng dance 19th century art and 21t wwwpineerlcalcm century technlgy Seuiit becaue f hi early adptin f l)int illini i ften cnidered the art it je riginat r nl tll pixel aiul i revelc(l by the wh currently vrk in digital nied in" Frendt aid Like the 2008 Thnda revival Ftendt and the tean hnr Seurat by uing digital prjectin f ketche 1it11ti()flS tid l(lpe t h:tt event ci fly cne tgether vith flic fie character t create a three dirueninal ntage verin fseurat lìnmu painting the riginal f cure hang nt far away at the rt ntitute f Chicag "ii thi vay Seurat every l)iflt tiúke and THS YERS SEXEST THRLLER DRS 8EYONC L ELB NOLES [RER pencil ketch can cni t lift beibre the eye f the at(liptlce becming charfl(tes in thenelve" liiict 501(1 iiul jut een clay l)loe the hv pened the diipcti and hi team veie COlitLilled nt nly it h directing the inging and acting but al with tak like etting up the l)ojcctos lithe ccii dnt line up %t? hae t g U) 30 feet in the air with pipe wrenche ticj niake the tiniet little adjutment" Fenclt aid unding clearly fctrated Peple wh d thi 101 a living prbably think nthing f it" Like ther member f Big 4ie!iendt ha a day jh chemical engineer in hi cae and he been n O t li!) ka riling cuie fr nil 01 t h het hei he a taking an aninutii e()ur1 w ket(hi1g the t \f) ( k g t hat Gerge SDY4PR13Q9 ing t at ne pint "ft irnic that ne f the hw main theme i the difficulty f creating art lt ak why in the wrld artit d it The character f Gerge/Gerge tluggje with that all thiugh ct and ànd a cmmn lyric i rt int eay " Frendt aid "By he aid it!" Hwever nthing wrth having huld cme eay he reckón Even in the midt f latminute arrangement fr a hw that i muically technically and thematically diffi cult Frendt keep finding himelfpulled back t the magic f creàtin "There a yearning t d mething that beynd urelve" he aid That the payff lking at rne thing yuve created that didnt exit befre and nevec will exit again in exactly thi way" Ciiincnt:pineerca/cjn PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON wwwplneerlcalcm diverkrn 05 %H What t d ThiS Week and bynd Yu WNT N? ÑERES HOW» Submit ; event ne week prir t the date f publicatin )) Entrie mut be typed Wererry but we cant take it ver the telephne We prefer ubmiin pleae: )) 90 litng are free nclude brief decriptin f the event time date addre price and phne number» By mail: g d Pineer Pre 3101 W Lake ve Glenview li FX: (847) STGE Rmal Zenzele" B pm Mayl2 89; and 2 pm May 3 n tr(wetern Uni verity Ethel H Barber Theater 30 rt Circle Drive Evantn dapted frm J Nzip Maraire nvel Zen zele: Letter fr my Daughter the pernal and hitrical are cmbined n a erie f letter frm a mther t her daughter cncerning cultural inheritance and traditin the truggle fr Zimbabwe independence and the trial and tribulatin el frican wmanhd and identity $10 Call (847) r viit wwwticnrthweternedu "Diappearing ct Stade By Hik4al Ggl7thruqhMay3latPivenThe atre 921 Nye St Evantn Curtain at 7:30 pm ThurdaySaturday 230 pm Sunday Ticket: $25; $23 fr tudent and enir Theatre Thurday: $5 ticket available ubject t avail ability (847) i ued t lve _ Hipflp Chremarriage" at 8 pm Mayl and 2 and 8 pm MayZ lrrnrthwetern Univerity Theatre and nterpretatin Center 1949 Campu Drive Evantn $5 Call (847) r viit wwwticnrthweternedu "The lluln at 8 pmpvll 3014ay 2 and 2 pm May3 n Nrthwetern UnverityS Jephine Lui Theater 20 rt Circle Drive EvantnTicket: $20; $18 fr enir citizen: and $10 fr tudent and chigren Call (847) 491 7Z82 r viit wwwticnrthwetrnedu Jeu Chrit Supertar" tarring Ted Neeley at B pm pri 30 and May 1; and 2 pm and 8 pm May 2 at the Remnt Theatre 5400 N River Rad RemntTicket: $35$69 iit wwwticketmatercm r call (800) "The Ueuterant f nlhmre thrugh June 7 at Nrthlight Theatre 9501 Skkle Blvd SkkleCurtaln time are Tueday at 1:30 pm (except May 19); Wedneday at pm (except May l) and 7:30 pm Thurday at 7:30 pm Friday at 8 pm Saturday at 2:30 pm (except May 2) and B pm4 Sunday at 2:30 pm and i pm (except May and June 7) Ticket: S25S55; $10 fr tudent Preview thrugh May 6 $25$50 Ticket fr the pening night Mayl are $75 and nclude a pthw receptin with the cmpanyca!l (847) r viit wwwnrthlightrg Next Theatre Cmpany will preent three perfrmance f "What Yu Need T Knw: The new play wa created lhrugh Next Cmmunitie methd f pairing cmmunity member with a tcal playwright fr inilepth explratin f the iue at hand The 15 wrkhp participant will perfrm the 40 minute play which will be fllwed by ädicuin Perfrmance include? pm pril 30 at BC Cultural Center and Café 1823 Church St Evantn; T pm May at Evantn Twnhip High Schl 1600 Ddge ve Evantn; and 2 pm May2 at the Nye Cultural rt Center 92? Nye SL Evantn dmiin i free; dnatin will be accepted at the dr Reervatin are uggeted; call (847) ext 2 g PGE D6 Leukemia? Lymphma? MDS? 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15 4 PRL 29MY SUNTMES NEWS GROUP NORTHU Tday New Hme* Final tw Etate Hme are avallabte fr mmediat ccupancy at The Reidence f Okt rving Parke lcated n the Old rving Park neghbrhd n the Nrthwet Side f Chicag mmediate ccupancy hme meet immediate need By Karla ngeli Luc SPECL TO SUNTMES NEWS GROUP Many nceinalifetime real etate bargain are available fr the willing t cle a deal quickly Here are everal crnmunitie fr yu t cnider fr that fati immediate mvein The Reidence f Old rving Park Chicag The final tw etate hme are available fr immediate ccupancy at The Reidence f Old rving Park in the Old rving Park neighbrhd n Chicag nrthwet ide The firt hme i the all brick twtry Greenwd mdel n a crner ltat 4000 N Klmar The hme wa previuly priced at $ and it include mre than $ in intalled upgrade The hme i ealedbid priced at $ The ecnd hme i a twtry Elm deign with fv bedrm and 4126 quar&fêet fliving pace: Built n a 63ftwide lt the hme feature tw fireplace Previuly ffered at $ mw ha a eal2dbid price at $ The decrated mdel hme and ale center i pen at 4000 N Klmar Call ; viit wwwcadevelpment crn Cider Grve Huntley Twn & Cuntry Hme i ffering three beautifully decrated mdelhme atit Cider Grve clubhue cmmunity lcated in nrthwet uburban Huntley Thee prfeinally decrated hme are filled with deluxe ptin and hwcae tunning cutrn fixture and finihe giving buyer the chancé t ave ten f thuand f dllar n a nefakind hme The three mdel fr ale are the Smmerfielci Crtland and Granny Smith When cmpleted Cider Give will feature 290 inglefamily hme frm tw different erie in an intinmte etting cle t retail ffering and tprate chl The ale center i lcated at Hpkin Street near the 90 ntertate and Randall Rad Fr familie lking fr a beautiful inglefamily ranch hme that ffer a tair4ee lifetyle Gertad Bulkier ha a new ranch mdel available fr immediate ccupancy at liberty Trail n McHeny Tówn & Cuntiy Hme ha three wnderfu deciited mdel hme fr &e at cider Gm t ekimiue nelgbbffid lcated n nrth wet uburban Huntley Each f the thee mdah futui deimm ptn and cutm fln4he Shwn here i the Crtland mdel and i pen daily frm 11 am t 6 pm r by appintment Call ; viit wwwtwnandcuntryhmecm Gergetwn n the River Glen Ellyn Kipling Hme i ffering tunning bargain and many cleut incentive fr everal hme available fr quick delivery at Gergetwn n the River a 48unit maintenancefree cinmunity in wet uburban Glen Ehlyn "Kipling Hme behicve timt every buyerä&differentheed rne need help with a dwn payment me need help with an interetrate buydwn and me jut plan appreciate upgraded appliance" aid Kathy Dame vice preident f Kipling Hme "We are ffering many tier f pecial bargain and builder incentive in an a la carte fahin t meet the need f ur buyer" Gergetwn n the River i cnveniently lcated ff ntertate 355 near Nrthvenue and Swift Rad Call the Kathy Dame Team frm REMX Jliet at r rviitwwwkipllnghme crn Liberty Trail McHeny Fr familie lking fr a beautiful inglefamily ranch hme that ffer a tairfree lifetyle Gertad Builder ha a new ranch mdel ready fr immediate ccupancy at Liberty Trail in McHenry The 1888 quareft Lexingtn ranch hme i a new architecturally ignificant mdel within the midpriced cmmunity Bae priced at $ thi paciu threebedrm twbath hme with crner lkut baement and numeru upgrade wuld nrmally be priced at $ but i priced at $ NeecPtPltigerhme ite?" 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18 PRH 2944Y SUNTMES NEWS GROUP NORftU Tday NOW Hme = Grgeu ïn Rger ii l O a k Up t $69000 belw builder Ct!!! 2 0 (304 PR)* 30 year fixed with 25% dwn! nteret fr 12 mnth! 399% 30 year fixed (406% PR)* With 20% dwn! nteret fr 6 mnths! 424% (431% PR)* Blended Rate WithlO% dwn! 441% (448% PR)* Blended Rate with 5% dwn! 499% (509 PR)* with O Dwn! Ye 100% Financing! OPEN HOUSÉTHS WEEKEND WEEKENDS: 10:00M 6:00PM ON DYS :WEDNEDYS 4OOPM 8:00PM CLL TO EPJPYOUR PR1kESHOWN& (86e) Unit 201 Own thi grgeu cnd with granite cunter tp hardwd flr and beautiful fireplace fr $30045 belw the builder ct! With ur pecial financing yur mnthly payment can be a lwa $1 027!* Mnthly payment include etimated prperty taxe and cnd aement! Pratt Blvd Clumbia ve Clumba y w Nrth Shre 1&5 629 Wt rh Thf Chrcjc L 5Q&? Che frm 100 ftuxury Cnd and Single Family Hme thrughut the Chicagland area1 MOST BELOW BULDERS COST! iit: wwwnewlnrgerparkcm Call tday fr yur private hwing (866) *Mnthly payment calculated with a purchae price f $2O55OO 25% dwn 299% 304% PR etimated mnthly prperty tax: $21 5 mnthly cnd aement: $163 *f* KOflß* HaUT RESDENTL LONS RODED THROUGH LNCOLN MORTGGE & FUNDNG Cni (tlnoi kfsjtntt M0R1GGL JCH45EE

19 DP a pineer pre pedal ectin aprii 302W) THE NNLL\L \t(j\i O 1kE YER CONTEST "i lve my mm bcxaue? She i my mm my friend my mentr and my cach She ha taught me me many different thing ince my birth until nw (fifteen year f age) My mmalway lking ut fr my bet interet by upprting and lving me My friendvery fun funny and int life lve hanging ut with my mm My mentr ha taught me almt everything abut what imprtant in life My cachencurage me try my bet in all f my prt activitie academic and everything ele d bysean Brnan 15 f Park Ridge lve my mm becaue he i alway there fr me lve her becaue whenever fall dwn he i the firt ne there t help me up She mther f five by and beide being a full time referee and chauffeur fr my brther and he a regitered nure My mm i alway extremely pitive and caring She the nly pern can really talk t and knw he will undertand me N ther mm culd d uch a great jb lving u a my mm can lve my mm fr jut wh he i by Brendan Brnan f Park Ridge lve my mm becaue there i imply n ne better then her «tu flk OU 1t di!fjt1h She i a ingle mm wh ha raied wnder f the wrld what me n her wn teaching me right frm wrng d gd in chl and everything ele yu have t teach a little girt She recently gt laid ff and time are tight but he till de her bet t give me everything want r need She will d withut t give me mething She tpped getting her hair and nail dne and de them herelf t make thing better fr me But in my eye thing are alway great when am arund her jut want t make her prud am nly 12 year ld but knw a lt f thing making me mre aware f hw much my mm mean t me ve alway knwn he wa pretty darn pecial lk back at my childhd in atnihment My mm rarely lt her temper alway had a mile n her face and lved me with n cnditin n matter what did wrng have mre repect fr her than knw hw t put int wrd nly hpe m half the mther yu are may nt alway hw my lve but believe me will alway lve my mm think he deerve t be the Mm f the Year becaue t me he i already that T me yu are the Eighth Wnder f the Wrld What an amazing wman bysamantha Marh 12 f Chicag O

20 lve my mm becaue he adre me care fr me and treat me the way a mther huld lve her becaue he intrduce me t many pprtunitie that will help me in life She i a rle mdel t me and teache me t be trng and take challenge lve hw my mm trie hard t keep u ut ftruble and fcu n chlwrk and afterchl clae N matter what lve my mm and knw my mm lve me back by kilah Fletcher f Chicag Mther Hg &ndg Mag l Trt Mm t n unfrttbl ml thi Mther g t Mgrn & Phil MiriKe yu1 NOW ølne N c11ry OUT r 3900 W Devn ve Lincinwd L :in u tiiì w" Mther Day and make Mm RELLY Happy!»J Ìr: Tue Thur i 1:30 9 PM Fri & Sat 1:30 O PM Sun 5 9 PM 00 Main Street EvantnL my mm becaue he i a parent lve and nt a buddy r friend She i my bet friend and ultimately my mm My mm liten t me with caring ear and pen heart She guide me with quality advice and help me handle negative circumtance My mm i nt nly a mm t me; he i al a teacher She i mene wh prvide minitry and mentr her tudent She reache ut t them like her wn and they reciprcate t her like he i their real mm She teache Language rt/englih in the inner city chl f Chicag She i firm but care fr them a ifthey were her wn children When a tudent dent have lunch mney (he pay) he prvide aitance She pay fr tudent graduatin fee clthing and pecial uting and prvide them incentive t feel pecial She take and initiate pecial event ticket uch a the Chicag Bear Cub game the Chicag Bull and muic cncert ticket She al teache them and me that nt everyne i trutwrthy nt t be arrgant but cnfident in life in rder t accmplih ur gal She teache hnety and t walk in integrity in ur daily live reaping what yu w and t fear the Lrd the wrd f Gd and t bey Gd She al teache u t repect elder when they get lder My mther deerve thi award becaue he i ntjut my mm he i a mther t ther My mm famu wrd: "We will nt accept yu a yu are ntead we will hw yu a greater viin fwhat yu can becme and help yu achieve it" byjewell Lyd f Lincinwd lve my mm becaue he i a wnderful pern My mther make a hmecked meal everyday fr my father and 94yearld grandmther She al take care f my grandmther in their hmecut and tyle her hair dctr appintment medicatin upkeep and making ure he ue her walker t walk ide frm thi he vlunteer her time inging fr tw different church chir and end pecial card ut all year lng She i the glue that hld ur family tgetherfrm regular paghetti dinner every Sunday t the genuine lve and upprt he give her friend and family Our family wuldnt be the ame withut her by icki LBianc Peake f Nue n her mther ntinette Lßianc lve my mm becaue he ha hwn me what uncnditinal lve i really abut Her uncnditinal lve ha been the fundatin f ur relatinhip t ha created a healthy bnd where dnt want t diappint her by making the wrng chice when it cme t the btacle we a teenager will naturally face thank Gd fr allwing my mther t be uch an extrardinary rle mdel in my life She i the bet factr a girl can have in her life t make her realize which way i rightthank yu Mm lve yu byshawntrae Dugla f Maywd livemy mm becaue th r ug h ut my life he ha acrificed her time finance and cmfrt t prvide me with all that needed a a child and even nw in adulthd by reaching ut t me in any way within her mean My mther ha alway prvided me with fair and uncnditinal lve Our mther lve hwn t my brther and me wa mething that in childhd we didnt ee ften prvided t ur peer and even nw in adulthd till dnt ften ee We recgnize Beverly nn Wright a mther fthe year each and everyday by Deenna Wright f Fret Park On her mther Beverly nn Wright lve my mm becaue he i imply amazing N wrd can decribe by CurtneyDziadz ffranklin Park c we rec±e beverly ann %vri4kt a mther f the year each and everyday lve my mm becaue he ha alway been my rck my lace and my friend Whenever have a prblem can g t her fr advice a kind vvrd r a ckie She alway knw jut what t ay t help me thrugh the rugh time and he i alway there with me in the gd time by Terri McCannMicha!ki n her mther wh live in Nrthiake SUNDY MY btu $auet5 pcc(acular award winning Mtherb8yChnpngne Brunch : fenttir ver JOD decadenl iten rnnin frm ubhly C)mflplJgflC and Mima Oyter 1c1feer ced Juml ShEmDzeif Erch Snind and MeFOrdnr Oipc1et t hand Carved Prime Rib v: Nétndhig Deert Buffet! : ThkeYtir MOTHER t Smene E1e Kitehen MOTHERSDY SPECLS 11:00 am 9:00pm Rtierie Surf & Turf Rated Prk Freh Fih Filet Mignn Ocar Baked Stuffed Shrimp ETEN TKEWY PRTE PRTY RM LBLE 1740 Mflvnukecvtmue (at Lakeve) Glenview :4

21 c he can but a perfect mve lve my mm becaue he ha the mt unique characteritic Fr example he ha incredible dancing kill n any type f muic (frm rap t a waltz) he can but a perfect mve She taught me hw t dance well but till cant match her fabulu technique Nt nly de he have a great dancing tyle but he al ha an intereting mile/frwn cmbinatin that he ue t get a funny pint acr alway tart laughinq when he diplay that hilariu face think my mm i fantatic and cant imagine life withut her! by Delaney Rbert f Darien MOTHERS DY BRUNCH Sunday May 10th loam3:3opm Ham Beef and Turkey Carving Statin Omelet Egg Benedict and ther Breakfat Favrite Shrimp Seafd and Salmn Our Claic Renwned talian Dihe Deert Table and Jut fr Kid Table Champagne fr Mm $2995 dult $1499 Children 712 Children under 6 eat free nclude cffee Tax and gratuity extra CRLUCCT ce#ii#ic Special Dinner Menu 5 t 8pm RESERTONS OR : ONLNE T CRLUCCROSEMONTCOM P:te dining fr 5300 guet Cmplimentary curtey huttle Nrth River Rad Remnt llini MENU ntipat Tray Hue Ted Salad Radiatre w/marinara Sauce Penne w/mara(a Sauce Chicken Breat Seame Rated Prime Rib French String Bean Baked Ptat Baked Sweet Ptat lve my mm becaue he i: kind helpful friendly lving caring pecial hardwrking mart teaching neat expert amazing by Luke Gldthrpe fburr Ridge Sunday May 10th Family S>le Luiiclien Seating Nn and 3 pm $250 per table Call fr Reervatin a Newlywed ice Cream Cake Rll Cah Bar 1lld Detû (708) tt u$ CTOR ictria Beau Jlie 9950 Lawrence ve Schiller Park ach table erve 10 iid the eftver are yur t keep! per pern Captain table letter frcnn the cdi Thank Mrn fr the lve (flc()ndi(iml vc fadnate inc Thrugh the ç)%s f andcty md the height f cg tttc(?1dili()tl OC 11OtS unwtvcriflg ECO with tcfl1)crs flaring ;tfl(l inccurity pcnctrflttflg thc %h() give id reccivc tflco5ditio1t1 lve take CiflOtiOUfl hit with grace OtCO remind myelf1 d nt take advantage yur mther ttncnctitit! OC She ty mther pecifically ha never nce made me feel unlved r a il ltt) randm antic vcre burden SiTte althugh m Ltre they were btit tiv week ag called ny mm in t iratitic rage al)()tlt fielding rabid Sunday mrning phne call city driver blcking my car int the gtrage aci ubequently running late fr practice 01 curse lu) ptrt f the Were her fault lnt he knw hw need lier She knw need her lve my mm becaue " t liten t my breakdwn witluut the fear f cauing me inexplicable and permtent damage That uncnditinal lve; that ty tnt 1rm reading yur Mt f the Yeai uitmi Sinn lve learned that yur mther are lighter Battling caitcer battling iniitirtitne battling ytt Yur mther are teacher f life and academic They arc mart fahinable tid generu They vlunteer they miniter and they pelul a gd amunt l tune playing chauffeur rhey lcd yu They tuck yu in nd they are in yur eye ninazitig ck aplgize hr ty thievery; ltu tealing ttie ul yur (lte fr the end f my "1 hive ty incit becatie" letter Yur entiment happily reminded nie f niy wn tnt; ya)l jut ay it veii yur cmment t cm W welcme yur feedback PONEER PRESS 5511v tact (CF Mchele Wei Manager Niche Publicatin he inpire me t be a better pern" Tammy Matthew Special Sectin Editr t her lve i uncnditina)" Jennifer William Special Sectin Deigner " he gave me the curage t urvive brain urgery") [very effrt ha been made t enure the accuracy f the infrrnatn n (hi ecsn Thu Ptiblher O)flnt (luaraflic the crrectrea f all the rnfrnatrn available t thni arrd aume cr iabrlit nrne frm errr r rreln Crirmenthuld be erri t Odre PutrlícatinS Rne Pre Newpaper 3701 W Lake ve Glenvrew L rricrepublrcatirrspofleerlocal crir cpyrght?008 Pineer Pre ll nielui Çfeervd i 0pen i day [ UOCh Mnday thru Friday PRTE PRTY ROOM Upl 80 J 157 Planning Shwer Birthday Party Rehearal Dinner r Crprate Functin? CT RNG LBLE (847) N MLWUKEE NLES 2 Blck Suth f Oaktn Plenty 01 Parkng n Prmie wwwamlcifdcm Meii vailable Online l wwwamicifdcm Mther Day Open at Nn Cake (kie ifrecid Sft lretzet 3915 luhy ve JOCO1%%()Od Siii & ii 5:lihiiii tid l}iril Fri 5:3iiii Sa (w (piii Make Mtther Day Extra Special with Our Deliciu Cake Ckie Cupcake Freh Fruit ;: c Tart & Chclate Dipped Strawberrie CONGRTULTONS CLSS OF Our Cake are Perfect fr ll Occain Tpped With Whipeream Buttercream r Fudge z & Filled with Freh Fruit Mue Cutard r Preerve Try Our Duble Chclate Mue r Freh Sirawbeny Whipereani Cake ll Cffee Cake $640 Dnut & Sweet Rll $900! Dten nd Mre Great Daily Special Bring in thi d & Get 20% ffll Rund r Sheet Cake Order ( cik (iikje lireai) Si lrcicl% Sbc aiwty iick un ty litittily titaking ante were hippy r it Lhrcc uiything c riced She kiv ruy yir(t(rirt nf t bic rti& Slui iiviyr chcck mv hntewc: k Yu iiiight jut think litt lying But priiikc lin tit t a ver bigjh atid %les very gnu at it Sinctinie J iiiiy lut ignre her but thv think he ha bcii tluugh ail cd tti lieb ire utd iie kitu bect t end up ditug what he íyi uv<uiki like t liiw it i niohilc f(i ich iiici bi cutil juirrt like lier She wiu ct tue be what t want She is alway willing t try liarder She let te itave a day where pick everything /i} take tite time r malte my frindly a nice dinner which if yu get t knw t fwiily it i t hgulea]! She ha iniiiutuitied the 1erpceti thit "everything hippen fur a rean" Sie buy nie ty knw it han\ bec eacy She rued thíe hi1dtcu dnt vi1t t diu1ipniiic lier by nirukitig the iig chice Regardle f lily craay antic NDREWS OPEN PT et /2et Jet 4tni n /4t41( itit! She deerve the bet S why nt treat her t the bet nice dinner at the right place! DNE N r CRRY OUT FOR RESERTONS CLL: Demptcr Park Ridge hl ul1uy will lve mcl upprt whatever it i citi ( )iui littic jiukc vill ieeii her iirighiiig ltr tli" Sh i tlwy there tr tule when iii hiving u 10cl tithe ltitr liti it) umili trict S litti ti t ti keep u 0111 uftrile f had t Wtit it bk abut all tie thhig yu have dune an&l acrificed (vr tite i wuld lever finkh llie rui lui i better bvciie nl 1cr uc ij; titi niaiiiig p wh laugh u ud hive viti irait liuiiitu Slit t cuiter tirivitig u ti nuit ti ictith picking i up r i iyíitg hip tui e get hnte 1v1y ilito ir tu e1i;ttiiptii urvivct iit he i iiì) 0)0111 f the yccr tte iiici 1 ti lte hii uhvn tu ty bruuthcr trit rie wri ruut uetiiiiig tiiit iii cliiiu$iccl cc didnt "cc nitrit i uivitied r utili peer rut id evin 1105 lii rutluithxid tili t(r iii iìcti cue She i the glue that hultbi w liunily tgether She tell lit liciiicly rut3 t i ti integrity iii fur daily lice?uy çhericc;tiiìg& ue t ti lily bet ia :111 ni ty r;1turt u&iivitiei acttleinc and cery thing cl du t dcrc cin ii nit a cveckdi lily iti(itn tu rhilcic rutty tcicirilii She never tci buy fr nie think he the beat pern i hitvc ever kit)w! 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35 z E at t w t) Q j by JLL CMNLLO 5eachCbcag utt Editr idm}nflluntlmecm have t admit Lexu ha dne uch a great jb th it vehicle that thcyve actually becme a bit bring S weh made S kixuriu S cmfrtable S uninpiring S predictable Which i why liding behind the wheel f the 2010 RX 350 va uch a nice urprie Thi benchmark crver may lk familiar with the hape that launched the egment but dnt let that fl yu Thi vehicle i all new fr 201 O and it ha raied the bar again Fm typicallynt a fan f anything larger than a cupe fr my pernal ue but after driving the R( 350 fr a week it ha jined the Nian Maxima n my tppick lit Uually when hp int a new car there a learning curve Smetime it a day metime m in the car a whle week and till dnt quite get it But with the lîx 350 it wa like driving a car d driven a millin time befre N learning autspecs D!!R4fl f twh el dr ye l Wheel drive Fuil4cNM 18 citw24 highway (WO) cityii25 highway (FWD) : : : h5 Pkcf S37625 ; STESTD:$52965 *ìe im wwwlexucm m e O curve N real frutratin with cntrl Jut the familiar and cmfrtable cniun f dnvmg a vehicle that ve driven befre Thi i ne f the crver that ha a very catlike tide fr peple wh are ued t driv ng a cdaii the jump t the J( 350 int that diffcrctt Ride and handling i mth and even and nly the larget f the Chicag pthle will jtle the vehicle uncmfrtably nd while yu arent ging t tacc the RX 350 ut n a race track it i nice t knw that the crver crner ptetty well and accelerate even better Equipped with the 35liter 6 engine the RX 350 i perfectly pwered fr a 4343pund vehicle t deliver 275 hrepwer and 257 pundfeet f trque The ixpeed autmatic tranmiin i well geared and cmbined with the 6 engine yull ntice mth eamle pwer during acceleratin The tet vehicle wa the tiplevel allwheel drive mdel and had a bae price f $39025 lt then prceeded t tack n an eyeppping $14000 in ptin bringing the ateted price t a whpping $52965 While like the tart price f le than $40000 J thught wa a bit exceive The tet vehicle added pricey package like the cmfrt package ($2000) reareat entertainment with navigatin ($49110) andluxurypackagc ($4800) flen it added a bevy f leer ptin uch a the premium audi ytem ($(tlo) park ait ($500 tw prep package ($238 cat mat wheel lck $8l) gla breakage enr $205) remte engine tart ($375) and the can net 59) Way way t much tuff if yu ak me f vere ptinig thi car d really nly nt the navigatin ytem and the breakage enr ( d live in Chicag after all) But the hard thing i n the Lexu Web ite it appear that yu can nly get navigatin "with additinal ptin" fr 6658 which mean m lking at a minimum f $45733 fr the pricing Ugh The bae RX mdel i frntwheel drive and tart at $ t:th One f the rean d be willing pay fr the nay ytem thugh ic the nev nbard cmputer immediately fell m lve with thi ytem which i managed by a unique remte tuth cntrller Unlike the udi MMir the BMW Drive the Lexu nbard cmputer really i intuitive nd it et up that the cntrlkr i familiar lt feel ut lika mue and it ituated right where yud fnil a mue next t yur keybard The enter and back buttn arc a finger tuch away and mving the cntrller i eay and familiar Thrn the ytem itelf wrk the way yud expect it t and all the infrmatin yu need i fund withut paging thrugh multiple creen Brav Lexui Overall the interir f the RX 350 i well dne Fit and finih i ccellent and all the tuch pint vcre lid a yud expect frm Lexu The eat were cmfrtable and infinitely adjut_ able that gt a great driving pitin really liked that J culd ir up high and have great viibility ur all windw The ettenr f the new RX 350 int t different frm the previu generatin The verall hape i a little mre rehned and there arc me harper edge but the taillight will be the big clue t the new mdel When yure lking at luxury crver the new RX ha a lt ging fr it The technlgy i cl and intuitive The tide and handling i great The interir i cmfrtable nd with it eay maneucrnbility it make fr a pretty gdthy car The tiffet cmpetitin that the allnew RX will fce i ging t be in the frm f the 2009 udi Q5 which cme tandard with allwhcel drive 1 havent hac an extended tet in the Q5 but the brief time had behind the wheel wa btti prty and cmfrtable Plu it ha a bae price f $37200 which i a bit f a ing t the RX pricing 6 rnt w E SPEK "OUR LGUGE J_ t SPNSH POLSH RUSSN TGLOG J i SERBN MENN & ENGLSH yid MP1TW ZflMa RETTFR flel!!!êj 2k;t nj JJÍçj 1Ïy GNOS GOT T! ii 1 t BENSENLLE/ELMHURST ; iroò9 NOW ONLY : #9128 (630) $LE$ M F9MtO9PM STDMOOPM SERCE M F73QPM6PM STOMt04PM aearaec: : : :: n: ìçj: e E 1Saik NOW ONLY iì6òöoom /flrj 7/100 t/øq 000 Mi* S Çrnpt*hntt 3rO : :c : prlit Y1mQ ;:": Ore;:c L :ì; r : : 1 i ; :11 : : j#9205 J a: t _: ; L g 0 P 1S* DSOU U* lus CUWS$N Ort tnnep1*n tcw 110 whle trr5ly ait vel i nly ai avv Flly quppd t)rqcs mvtl e 3999 *&* =Jhtt $3999 PSNT U* S Ledgt Unb4fvbty picnt at t = u rwt n rt9gi Jtty4t $4999 W PlU e cvv u Crn n d d* thi grl tefltctt t St 000k to S ca MCUP Wadi Ct P*5y Hun _S$ i=:= NPlS SMLY S flu Hdtttnd n 0* Wilt 51? 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37 GYEJY STURDY B6 dh!3rsn g Cntinued frm PGE 85 NOne tr the 800k" the 78th annual WaaMu Shw 8 pin Mayl219; 2 r;;;;;;ny C5r eai;ble : Wviw$cre/tapeOnSfögecm MercuryTh10r OO T!cktmatèe 31 29O2 500 pm May3andlOatNrthwelen UnF verily Cahn uditrum 600 tnern SL Evantn Theperfrrne feature ng andke(chelvlving the fairy tale f tyòk phncee the adventure f Curiu Gerge the triel l Hlden Caulfield th&trbula tien f Humpty Dumpty and the pet BL/CK ENSEMBLE THETER and tin RUNNNÓ at4wdiy at at : CLOSNG PRL26 "BfRaialng Muically f«t EDY %ii cafl Fr Rerijn / nfrmatin v f ee Cumming and Walt Whitnian Tjcket: $21$28: $17 fr enir citizen; $11 fr fulltime tudent and children Fr ticket call (847) r viit wwwwaamunrthweternedu "The Overwhelmlrg" thrugh May17 at Next Theatre Cmpany lcated at the Nye Cultural rt Center 927 NOW PLYNG * * JOFFREY BLLET CHCGO ( DNCE) PERFORMNG PRL 29MY i Àzue 3955 fr wwwplneerjcajcm THURSDY PRL :" Hy S Evantn Ticket: S2&$38 with dicunt fr tudent Call (841) r viit wwwnexttheatrerg Rugh Cring" preented by Piccl Theatre thrugh May 30 at the Evantn rt Dept 600 Main St Evantn Curtain at 8 pm Friday and Saturday; 3 pm Sunday Ticket: $25; THE OERWHELMNG "HHLY REÒMÑÔEDt nteiy 9rDpn 5iTwn& teï3pénwf Theatre Cmpany Tue Sun at 7:3O Sat & Sun at 3:00 RT healed debate ver mdern art clr titi rich cmic tudy flnalefrietthhip Directed by Rick Snyder February 5 June CaH r Wwwteppenwlfrg T dvertie Pleae Cal! Greg D e D $20 enir; $15 tudent and children Call (847) rviit wwwpiccltheatrecm Smene Whtli Watch Over Me preented by Shapehifter Theatre thrugh May 9 at the rih merican Heritage Center 4626 N Knx Chicag Perlrmance at 8 pm Friday and il a : iii S ElF 48i;t 9y1i4 Jpri1 244f*7 ø Ñij &6&l8 N$# iijj 4Ly jg 7m rdanl rtiti Prni N BLLET OF ST PETERSBURG Bri Eifmn rtitic Directr ONEGN ONLY 4 PERFORMNCES MY 1417 UD1R1UM ThETR1 f p n TN1tfl!jfl RTS(278j TicJcematercm Saturday; 3 pm Sunday Ticker: $15; $12 fr HC member Call (773) r viit wwwiriharnericanrq Sunday n the Parkwith Gerge" preented thrugh May17 by Big Nie Theatre Cmpany a dviin f Winnetka Theatre at The Prairie Lake Theater 515 E [hacker St De Plaine f * PRL JO4MY Z UPCOMNa PERFORMNCE$ 1964The Trbut: Sat June 6 Regeniatlen Tur Fil Jun 26 ROSEMONT THETRE Call: ; wwwiieketmaatercm wwwremntthatmcm EE R PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON Perlrmance at B pm Friday and Saturday; Z pm Sunday Ticket: $20; S18 fr enr citizen; $12 fr chif dren 12 and under iit wwwbig nlethealrerg r call (847) "Tartuffe" will be preented b the Perfrming rt at Oaktn pril30 May 10 at Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege StudiOne 1600 E Glf Rad 0e Paine Perfrmance at 8 pm Mayl2 and 8; 2 pin May 3 and 10; and 7:30 pm Ma 7 brief dicuin fllw each perfrmance Ticket: $10; SB fr tudent and enir; $6 per pern fr grup f 15 r mie $5 preview perfrmance will be taged at 8 pm pril 30 Call ( The Wedding Slnger preented by The Riing Star Thealrb C thrugh May10 at The Stahl Family Theatre 5900 W Belmnt Chicag Perlrmance at 7:30 pm Saturday and 2 pm SundayGeneral admiin $15 with dicunt fr enir children arid grup Call (773) r viit wwwriinqtartcrg CLSSCL lltate rena 6920 N Mannheim Rad Remnt ticket are available at wwwticketmatercm r (3)2) ; the ticket price lited belw d nt include ervice fee The infrma (in line i(847) May 21 7:30 pm: ilinit and cnductr ndré Rieu and hi Jhann Strau Orchetra Ticket: $50$159 The Chicag Philharmnic Orchetra perfrm at 7 pm Sunday al Pick Stalger Cncert Hall n the Nrthwet em Univerity campu5 50 rt Circle ci (u OW fest"(eat Fpigrup7l vwtheátretthecenterm Theatre "a ; 0 P"uciwi Drive Evantn (841) wwwchicagphilharrnnicrg Ticket: 520$70 Student ticket are $10 available in the lbby befre the perfrm ance May31: "Mzart Malerwrk" featuring Mzart Quartet in D fr Flute ilin ila and Cell with flute lit Jean Berkentck Mzart Quintet n EFat (r Hrn ilin tw ila and Cell will fllw willi lit Jnathan Ren French hrn Cncert fr ilin Pian and String Quartet by Ernet Chaun will cnclude the prgram Evantn Symphny Orchetra perfrm at 2:30 pm Sunday at Pick Staiqer Cncert Hall 50 rt Circle Orive Evantn (847) wwwevantnymphnyrg Ticket in advance are $25; S20 fr enir citizen; SS fr tudent Ticket at the dr are $28: $23 fr enir; $5 fr tudent May 3: "The Painate Pian" with guet artit Camern Smith The prgram include the Brahm Symphny N 4 in E Minr and the Tchaikvky Pian Cncert N f in B flat Minr Lutkln Hall at Nrthwetern Univeri ty 700 Univerity Place Evantn 1847f May3 3 pm Newberry Cnrt "rcadia Reviited: Garden f Earthly Delight" $24/S20/S1 May 3 1:30 pm Barque Muic Enemble " Celebratin l Gerg Philipp Telemann" Stephen ltp will cnduct the vcalit and intrumentalit f the Barque Muic Enemble in a per larmance f l cantata quartet fantaie and ther pieci by Telemann S71S51S4 May 4 73O Pm: Faciilty 1iianit Elizabeth Bucclinri eut Sylvia Wang will preent William Bl 9TH 15 STURDY MY CHOCOLME DY f1t41lneep700t(cf e lin? / )LJ : ie?w(5 aeccuc t iuiiflo e&cn ujwncqit 1040 KJpRQQd MtrlÑ :" :: g : Crn "bendmuik" ntnin Dvrak "legend" and Lenard Berntein "Symphnic Dance" frm "Wet Site Stry" $9/$7/$5 May 5 7 pm: Carl ane cal Mater Cla $7/55/54 May 7 7:30 pm: The Charivari Quintet and a grup f Bienen Schl f Muic wdwind tudent will appear in cncert The prgram include Maurice Ravel "Le Tmbeau de Cuperin" fr wdwind quintet and harp Carl Niefen Wdwind Quintet and Emil e Bernard Divertiement fr duble wdwind quintet $9157/55 "Mnday Muic at Millar" a mnthly muic perfrmance erie will be held frm 12:1512:45 pm May 4and June 1 al Nrthwetern Univerity lices Millar Chapel 1810 Sheridan Rad Evantn Free ttendee may bring a ack lunch t eat inide the chapel wweunrthweternedu/chaplain/pur pehtml Mtly Muic Chicag preent chicag Enemble at 4 pm May T at a private reidence in Evantn Elizandr CarciaMxntya clrrinet Mathia Tacke vilin and Gerald Rizzer pian wifi preent wrk by Paul Hindemith Bólà Rartók lban Berg and gr Stravinky $25: SS tr tudent wwwmtlymuicclìlcxgcrn Muic f the Barque perfrm at Firt United Methdit Church f Evantn 1630 lininan ve unle nled therwie (312) wwwburquerg Single ticket are S30$75 $25$30 tudent/enir May 17 7:30 pm: "Muical Firewrk" featuring Muic f the Barque Orchetra Nichla Kraenier cnductr The prgrem include Handel: Cncer ( a due cri N Z in F Majr; Haydn; Symphny Ni) 80 in D Minr; Haydn: Synuphny N 92 in G Majr (Oxfrd); and Hañdel: Muic fr the Ryal Fire wrk Muic ntitute f Chicag Nichl Cncert Half 1490 Chicag ve Eventdn (847) 905lSOO wwwmuicintrq May 3 3 pm: MC perfor u a wwwpióneerlcalcm (JheB5f:fl B? «Mance Serie: "Seven Wnder" il nit Rachel Bartn Pine and narratr Carl Grapentine perfrm Stravinky eptet "Lhitire du Sldat l mime T Daniel and Laurie Willet jin the MC Chamber Player fr Milhaud1 "Le Beuf ur fe Tit" $7520 Nrth Shre Chral Sciety cncert are at 3 pm Sunday at the Parih Church f Saint Luke 939 Hinman ve Evantn Ticket in advance are $22; $20 enir; $12 tudent Ticket at the dr are $25; $22 enir; $15 tudent (847) wwwnrthhrechralrg May 31: "Ethereal Light" with guet cnductr David Edeifelt The prgram include wrk by Gabriel Faure Sergie Rachmaninv and Mrtn lauriden Nrthwet Symphny 0rchetra Paul ermel muic directr preent chcert at 3:30 pm Sunday in the Theatre fr the Perfrming rt at Maine Wet High Schl 1755 S Wlf Rad De Plaine Precncert cmmentarie by Carlyn Paulin a taff member f radi tatin WRT begin ne hur pri r t each cncert Ticket: $20; S15 fr enir; $10 fr tudent Children under age 14 are admitted free when ac cmpanied by a paying adult wwwnrthwetymphnyrg May 31: Family Pp Cncert with llan Steele cel Offenbach: Ballet Pariien; Llyd Webber: "Memry" frm "Cat"; William: "ET" highlight; William: Piece frm "Schindler Lit"; Dvrak: Cell Cncert Organ Plu: Muic fr Organ with ltmment 3 pm May17 at Lyla Uni verity Madnna della Strada Chapel 6525 N Sheridan Rad Chicag Organit are Je Burgi Jay Petern Steve Betancurt Brian DuSel! and Tdd Greick with Dan Legacy n vi lin PickStalger Cncert Hall at Nrth wetern Univerity 50 rt Circle Orive Evantn (847) wwwpicktaigerrg May 1 7:30 pm: Pianit Jeffrey Siegel will preent a "i : i: Keybard Cnveratin perfrmance tilled "Muical Picture: The prgram include Rachmaninff "Etude Tableaux7 Debuy "Prelude" and Murgky "Picture at an Exhibitin $23/521/516 May 2 7:30 pm: The Nrthwetern Univerity Chamber Orchetra with Ellen Huntingtn a flute lit The prgram will include Bernhard Rmberg Flute Cncert and ntn Bruckner Symphny N4 ("Rmantic") 57/55/54 May 8 7:30 pr: Symphnic Band "ce Dream" $7151$4_ May9tO 7:30 pm: The Nrthwetern Univerity Symphnic Chirarid Symphny Orchetra will preent Carl Ortf cantata "Carmina Burana Rbert Harri and Emanuele ndrizzi will cnduct and Samantha Barne will be the pran lit Bth cncert will al include Ottrin Repighi "Pini di Rma" pen h 12:00pm n r Mther Day a rnura% t Gr ii"" ("Pine f Rme") and Carlile Flyd "int lt a Pretty Night?" frm hi merican flk pera "Suannah" $12/59/56 The Red Re Chifdren Chir f Lake Cunty will preent it pring cncett at 730 pm May3 at PickStaiger Cncert Hall 50 rt Circle Drive Evantn Ticket: 515; $12 fr tudent (841) Regentein Recital Hall at Nrthwetem Univerity 60 ct Circle Drive Evantn (84?) May6 7:30 pm: Cellit Luca Fel a member f the rditti Quartet and a funding member f the newmuic grup Enemble Recherche will perfrm The prgram include wrk by Rihm Luigi Daiiapiccia and Han Thmalla g PGE 88 FRESH HNDMDE PST GRET STEKS Cup FRESh SEFOOD DLY Crne ce1brte Mther Day r cater her favrite meal Call t 847) fmr reervxut in! Regular Menu nanqucr Rm and Oiijd Ciicrin Nw Opn vr unch & Dinner 11147) N Mlaukcv e Nic L On ihç utncr f viulc \e nc Dmptcr) OEN 7 )S Mu Tur 51M DlM Fr1 & Sii 5CM lpl Sur 4P5l1Ut Y RiJ)itliuc()11 Centre Eat Preent wfle*e inlp*5t tnmn4$ L r*turn Sind5 H*ckett 000 f cmeöy legsll EuOY KCet MY 9 T 3 & 8 PM Ticket: r wwwcentréeatrg Sf%fi 10% lttu qfuj> ut 15 Of ST5DTE ca tri n la&jih NOETS SfOR clvtlr rn t rnrnuwe Ri r i! lk lel ci:y

38 B8 e irîu 1 ciidtrøiid \prí 24M 4alr3 E:readay J wwwpineerlcalcm rz3 :rt tce iti xeçc a ards2 Cntinued frm PGE 07 Exi ri CC 3 ct S t:; cetrcati; tr C lt r? a: S7JSî$4 :çr iaaçfc Tt S7S25 Jury Seçcvia c1akt Gdt& Sere h(d lt jra Erra n n c; Mrth&en Urit Ertca car arai HC( x c&lrp(1 CaL (847) W4CCOcr irt 369E) S45G E? t 730 pn BfrBfuetGZa SEaataC Bcqu Lte rd çuitar artrt F{crrr (247j 24 cn Strith wurfcm in Lutin Hat h1at(t5tlacaccr Cca he 700 Uní&ityPaceThe prcqram arj S&indaj a L4et ckde r bí T7th ecturj Frrdi Me Mxiay : c m ktecrit cd ccrçr ie Cub Pr Jazz Jam Tueday S 30 r_ a4 a nuic bywe& BadL Bdl 8ua Jam trte l 1FB Gcect Santa Cruz ari Sanz Bri Wedneday 50 p rp 1rt) S1íWS8 Stcr Stecn (DJt Wedneday 1030 Skthaßey Syur chetra pin: Jahr fr Ura Daice Ça p&n at 3 pin Sday a te (Di) piî 30 7 p1t LrWe Grant B:ue cdfl Scce Center fc the Pertcimr Bend May p r} fiitneri?icr 5 ct 9S3 Skkie 8 Skckie flcket Band Jazz May 1 9 pm RC Reaae as2z$3á; $9 fc cen Free pce Shw May2 3 pin: ttn Preent ccncert fedure beç at t30 pm Fc (rck) May p w Lui Zaqra cafle47)6floocyiit Band (blue/rck) May 2 U 30 pm wwc(q May17: Featuting the TRC Eent Preent (er!d muic) Ryan Oçea Center (nenb1e Mzart May 3 7 p ni: Claudia Njqaard )flk) Overttte t t&i(t;n Frm the May 7 7 PiP: Li) Fet Preent flk) Seraqli Syrnphcri U 38 ÇPraque May? to p m: lrthuetern Band and pera cefle emtaçed?iiçht (rck) The Celtic Knt Public Hue 626 POP/FOLK/JZZ Church St Evartn (847) 864!619 wwce)tickntpub cm N cver un 5tate rena 6920 ft Mannheim )e nted therwie Mnday 8 p ni Rad Recnnt rcet5 ce aaable midniqht Bluegra and rt muic at wr&tkketmateccm r (312) 559 with the Mudf)app Tueday 710 the ticket price ited belw d p ra: rih muic ein Thurday 8 rit include ervke lee The infrma l pm: rih muic ein Featuring tici flne i (841) 63566O1 May 45 Jee langen Deirn Shepherd and tu 7:30 pinthe Dead $95 S50 May 9 dent frm The Muica) Offering May 6:30 put ran Out Bcq with Metr Sta 9 io pm: Luke Saver May 23 10pm tien Cbra Starhip and ll Time Lw Biueqra dvcate Centre Eat in the flrth Shre Center lof thy Pefrmin rt 950F Skkie E ad Skie t847) wr«cen vtr May9300d8)fmihe :3a rack i Back Tribute t Frank Samnri Jej and Dean S5 Ethical Humanit Sciety Secnd Sat :103/ Ccffeue 7574 N Linc)n ve at Hard) Skkie (847) a a ethicathuman rg Hay F!kirqer Cail and David Hardety at 8 p w fllwing pen mic (730 pm nun all genre al) acutic) S5 Germanmerican Children Chru and te Germanmerican Singer f Chcac il preent a F1ther Day cicert and dance at 230 p m May17 at the )rihmerrcan Heritage Center 4626 fi Knu Chicag S9 in advance; ; at the dr Free admiin fr chi) dren under 14 aww dakinderchrrq rih merican Heritage Center 4626 N Kn ve Chicag (713) wuw irihamhc crn May 9 8 pm: The Kilkenny Cat)e )nn Reunin Cncert featuring the 000)ey Brther and Brgue S20 May pm; The Dublin City Rambler $20 Eptertainment at 9 p m Friday and Saturday in the Fifth Prvince Lunge n cver May 1: Cei)i Dancing May 2 Mulligan Stew May 8; Dyed in the Wl Mretti Ritrante &Pizzeria 1799 S Bue Rad Munt Prpect (847) wvawrnrettichicaqcm May 1; Dei Grve (claic rck and R&B) May2 &Factr (claic t current pp rck cver) May 8: Tumbleweed Tri (Uaic rch) May9 Hward & the White By (R&B blue and rch) The Oak Street Band vii)) perfrm muic f the )960c al ari event pnred by the Swe)ih Cultural Sciety f Chicag at 3 pm May3 in ictry Hall f living Park Lutheran Church 3938 H Bette Plaine ves Chicag freewill ffering Oaktn Cmmunity Clleçe Pert nu ing rt Center 1600 E Glf Rad Be Ptaine (841) May 6 8pm: Oehtri Jazz Band preent a electin f winqing jan tandard under the directin f Carey Pfacek Ticket: $5; $3 fr tudent and enir Regentein Recital Hall at Nrthwetem Univerity 60 rt Circle Drive Evantn (847) May pm: Jazz Sinati Enembte Cncert Free Remat Theatre 5400 N River Rad Remnt Ticket are available at wwwticketrnatercm r f332) ; the ticket price lited belw d nt include ervice fee Fr mre infrmatin abut the theater cal) 1841) May t92üand Julyl: n Evening with D Div $55 $85 $125 and S150 THURSDY PRL 30?g Skkie Theatre Muic Fundatin reent cncert in the Skkie Theatre 7924 Lincln ve Skkie Call (847) 6T7T761 r viit wwwbkietheatrecm Cncert ticket $20 in advance; $25 at the dr unle nted therwiepril 30 8 prn The ndrea Kapali Tri $15 in advance; $20 at the dr May pm: "Muic f the Wrtd with Guitar f Spain $10 in advance; $15 at the dr Senir and Mile Twnhip reident $10 advance r at the dr May8 8 pm: "Geihwin Greatet Hit" with Elaine Dame 8 pm Be Gd T Yur Mther" Kl McCammnd with Bb Mreen 2 pm ßecaue f Yu" a trib PONEER PRESS PUB1C11ON ute t TOnY Bennett tarring Rbert Whartn Maye i pm: "Steppin Out featuring "Jerey By tar Michael ngerll in cncert S35 n advance; $44 at the dr May20 1:30 pm: "Cme t the Cabaret" tarring Heather Mran $10 n advance; $15 at the dr Senir and Hile Twnhip reident $30 advance r at the dr May 21 8 pm Megitza Quartet $15 n advance; $20 at the dr May 24 7:30 pm " Sunday Kind f Lve: May 27 1:30 pm: "Flk Sng f ltini" with Bucky Halker and Dn Sternbierg Free SPCL 1245 Chicag ve Evantn (847) wwwevantnpacecm May 1 7 pm: Catie Curti (flk) $20 n advance May 10 pm: Charlie Hunter Du featuring Simn Ltt (jazz) $18 n advance May 8 pm: Rbbie Fulk and Friend; cutic Full Band Shw (cuntry/rck) $18 inadvance May 37 pm: Paul Geremia with Jim Craig (flk) $15 in advance May7 8 pm: Eric Bibb with Diamnd Jim Greene (bfue/ffk) $25 in advance; $30 at the dr May 8 B pm: Brightn M and Hallween laka (indie rck) $10 in advance RT GLLERES Cngregatin Orlrab 3800 W Dempter St Skkie May 3 15 pm: 1 raeli Judaica Butique and rt Sale featuring the wrk f artit frm Raanana rael Emily Oak Nature Center 4650 Brummef St Skkie (847) Gallery hur are 8 am5 pm Mn day{riday; 8 am4 pm Saturday: and 10 am:4 pm Sunday Thrugh May 2 Skkie rt Guild 2009 member pring exhibit "Nature Palette" Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege Kehnline Mueum f rt 1600 E Glf Rad De Plaine (847) wwwaktnedulrriueum Gallery hur: 10 am6 pm MndayFriday; 11 am4 pm Saturday May 7June 18: "nk Painting by aigu Jieng: Figure" teature the wrk f Oigu Jiang prfer f art at the Schl f the rt lntilut f Chicag practitiner f Chinee uim (waterink) painting Oigu Jiang early wrk emulated the f China ld mater lfering traditinal theme a bamb and landcape Upn hinriival in merica Oiga Jiang ught ut neviway t explre the human figure thrugh an extenive practice withink bruh and rice paper Opening receptin frm 58 pm May? Skkie rtouild artit hwing thrugh pril 30 ndude Hpe Sa)manff exhibiting her il painting at Bank f Linclnwd 4433 W luhy ve Linclnwd and Claire L Hirch exhibiting her il painting at the Devnhire Cultural Center 4400 Greenwd St Skkie UDTONS & OPPORTUNTES STGE Saint Patrick and The Riing Star theatre cmpanie annunce auditin fr "Jeph and the mazing Techniclr Dreamcat" t be held at 6850 W ddin Chicag Open call fr children age O14 frm 9 amnn May 23 Teen age 15 and up and adult by appintment n May 2128 Prepare 32 bar f an upbeat ng and bring heet muic in prper key ccmpanit prvided Teen and adult huld be prepared t dance ll rle pen; n pay Perfrmance are weekend July 24ug 2 al the Stahl Famiy Theatre 5900 W Belmnt; Chicag Cntact Geffrey rndt (773) 282 wwwplneerlcalcm 8844 eut 276 r mges The Muic ntitute f Chicag Children Chir will hld auditin fr the academic year frm 5? pm May 21 at the Evantn Eat Campu 1490 Chicag vefl Evantn parent/guardian f ntereted inger age 7 t 18 huld call (847) t chedule an auditin RTßTS Cuter lat Stand acceptilig art and craft exhibitr applicatin fr it 2009 fetival f the art t be held June 2021 in the Evantn Main Street Statin Shpping Ditrict pplicatin deadline i May 1 Call (841) r viit wwwcuterfaircm t Cailfr artlh fr the ShaMe rt Gtlld 48th annual rt Fair t be held Julyfl12 n the Skkle illage Gren 5211 W Oaktn Shkie Prize and award r call (847) MScELLNEu The Shining Ught a prfeinal Jewih yuth entertainment grup will hld auditin fr new member n May613 and 18 in Deerfield The grup i eeking talented Jewih teen wh can ing and dance uditin are pen t the currently in grade 5Fl The Shining Light perfrmance ean run frm fall thrugh pring at variu lcatin event and fetival thrughut the Chicag area ncluding the Chicag Jewih rt Fetival and the City f Chicag Hlcaut k 44 t BENEFTS dvrin 09 Remembrance Day Obervance T regiter and receive an auditin packet e mall r call (847) uditn date are ubject t change Spring Benefit EXNbltOS and rt uctian thrugh May16 at the Evantn rt Center 2603 Sheridan Rad The public can view and bid n painting drawing phtgraph ceramic culpture print and ther artwrk dnated by mre than 150 Chlcagg area artit The ilent auctin and enhibitin will be free and pen t the puhlic until 5 pm May 16 The fundraier will culminate at T pm May16 L a g PGE 011 GE YOUR MOM MLLON DOLLR TRET! i npts Çhiçag Suthland Pxemlere Entertilnnent enue U : i : b t : : v rwlj ro(oi:1:: Tc4b centerticketnet b CM kxwd C : m Sa* i b Citie Blunt Murder Mytery and Dinner Reervatin Limited Call MnFri (773) www myteryltdcin b 55 J : l ; S 1 ; : S u k S a b t a L a 1 i 1 :_ ReervatiOnS required Mentin iler when rdering ticket Subject f availabllhay Cal 3O fr dicunt Rr hwnly ticket finirf bu cnbind with any ther ffer r l prviuh purchaed ticket Oiw cupn pet ticket RiictiOilS iaaynpply alid hm 5133/09 rder GdfrUP ( turilalprrliaed 1

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DPPERS STiMULUS PCKGEME LS Great meal at a prke that wònt put yu ver budget! e i i :00 M t 9:00 PM Mnday thru Friddy Chòe frm: Spinach Pie w/cc & Fruit Pulled Prk Salad Chicken Finger Salad Beef Criper:w/FF Rtini w/sauage Liver and Onin Çhicken Tender Breaded Prk Tendedin Sweet & Sur Çhicken Fried Filet f Perch Chpped Steak w/onin Grecian Style Chiçken Spaghetti w/meat Ball Sup r $alad i 50 with ñièàl nclude Glà Wine wwwplneerlcalcm rt ç i 44 $ Mictiae Dua nd Matthew McCnuqhy in By BRUCE fngrm Film Critft Ght f Grfrend Pa Fr turn th J)Se( u the ic1c: th:t caual ex i an m)ty il\()ous OlTh) tinally hinde( past ine thete an ati lt f it bandied abmil in "(ht f Girjfpiezuj lt" ke il a\ay and (helc3d be nthing fr t13()5t t talk abut That all right thugh "Gir!friexl" dent really have u pint t make aide linì a latalintite brmide abut true lve being wrth the rik 1 a brken heart and WS lutily enteitaiiing while it ge tbtit nt making it Baical1) "Girlfriend i the tuiy f the rnuiiltje reeducatin f a vililcla òn1afljzej Matthew MeCnaughey i appzpriately bnxiu a Cnnj Mead a wman lving/hating fahin phtgrapht wh get great reult by StijJphlg grgeu PO) tar dwii t their underweai inulting them and clicking the hutterjut at the mment an Olympic archei ht apple Tthejj head Generally the pht turn ut vell but mre impartmnt fbi Cnnt hi Lit) ject typically JOn)1) directly int hi bed When One ftimm wnder why he behaving that way Cnnr ffei n liftie Playby dvir pyçl)an alytical inight: " Utilly it Ght f Girlfriend Pat ha SO11Lt hing t (O with y(ju thlici" (1r t hik nthiiig 1 breaking UJ) with three \OflÌCfl iir)til( aneuly On a (Ofllie15ce (al! 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Cnnr ak the ght wh trying t prve that he de actaally have feeling fr Jenn "Nw were ging t watch a rmantic nintige lyu and Jenny t Cyndi Laupei" rlljme fteu lime " he ay nd they d Cpumjijt: pineerltalcin PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON J Cntinu?d frm PGE 69 with a gala party featuring wine and refrehment and a live auctin f ap prximately 15 wrk Prceed frm the ale! artwrk wilt benefit the EC thl exhibitn and utreach prgram Ticket are SlOO per pern br the cling night event fr reer vatin cäll (847) Dancng the Dream : Kazuaria" 7 pm pril 30 at the Nrth Shre Center lar the Perfrming rt 9501 Skkle Blvd SkkieThe Hadaah lundráier will leature th raeli dance cmpany Ranana Raz Ticket: $36 iit wwwchicaghadaahrg r call (B41) May Muic Marathn 8 pm Mayl thrugh 7 pm May 2 in Nrthwetern Univerity Regentein Recital Hall 60 rt Circle Drie Evantôn t 1:30 pin May 2 the marathn will cntinue at PickStaiger Cncért Hall 50 rt Cirde Drive with a ticketed cncert by the Nrthwetern Univerity Chamber Orchetra Perlrnìance by Nrth wetern tudent faculty and alumni a well a guet artit trua the Chica g area will feature muic ranging trni Rachmaninff t Radihead rtit wh wih t participate in the benelit mut raie $100 t "purchae" a 15minute time lt in the perfrmance chedule The marathn i pen t the public: admiin i $5 fr the pening night and then by dnatin beginning at midnight; Prceed bene (it The Peple Muic Schl a tuitin \ a free cmmunity muic chl lcated in Chicag Uptwn neighbrhd Fr a chedule f perfrmer and updated hriírmatin viit wwwnìuic marathncncertrg Red Blue n Blue Mnday" a cn; cerf featuringl Jewer & lh Native merican Blue llstar will be píeentad frm 6:301 pm May 4 at SPCL 1245 Chicag ve Eanti Prceed will benefit Evantn Mitchell Mueum f the merican ndian Ticket are $75 per pern and dude adipiin pizza alad and a beverage Cah bar Call (847) n Evenng with Jhn Begen Swng Quintet 7 pm May15 at Lake Street Church 607 Lake St Evantn The grup fjazz muician will play wing tandard aciated with Benny Gdman and rtie Shaw a well a tune frm The Great merican Sng bk $15 fr firt ticket ubequent ticket are $12 each N admiin fee fr children under 12 Prceed benefit the Lake Street Church muic prgram Call (847) BOOKS &POETRY rih merican Heritage Center 4626 N Knx ve Chicag ( wwwirihamhccm Great rih mari can Bk and uthr bk dicu ien grup meet at 2 pm the ecnd Sunday f the pinth unle nted therwie The dicuin i led by irgifla Gibbn a teacher at Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege May 3: The Snapperby Rddy Dyle Little City Fundatin Ued Bk Sale June 514 at Wetfield Old Orchard Shpping Center 4999 Old Orchard a wwwpineerlcalcm Center Skkie dmiin t the event i free except n pening night Friday June 5 when a $10 dnatin i charged Hur fr the event are 510 pm June 5: 10 ami pm June : 10 ams pm June 7 and 14; lo am 8 pm June 811 Prceed benefit the Palatinebaed Little City Fundatin which prvide prgram fr peple with diabilitie Senir Citizen Day i June lo Children Day i June il and Bargain Weekend i June 13l4Fr de tail and chedule update viit wwwlittlecitybksalecm Tmprice 374 Old Orchard Center StRie (847) May3 2 pm: HGT interir deign expert Libby Langdn will ign fier new bk Libby Langdn Smalipace Slutin CHLDS PLY Big Nie Theatre Cmpany preent an Epecially fr Kid prductin f "Cinderella" May 217 at Prairie Lake Theatre 515 E thacker Rad De Plaine Suitable fr children age 3lO Shw time are l am and 2 pm Saturday and 11 am Sunday ll ticket are $10 and may be purchaed by calling (847) r viiting wwwbignierg Cinderella" will be preented by Chicag Kid Cmpany at 10:30 am and nn May 78 and 22: 10:30 am May June 2426 Julyl2 and 7D; and pm May 16 and July11 at the Stahl Family Theatre 5900 W Belmnt ve Chicag Ticket: $10 Call (773) r viit e e g PGE f13 le e 1 C dveriun (811 STRRNG FNTS FÓR TWOWEEKS ONLY! SEPTEMBER 213 OPRHW1NFREY PRESEN tkketnäter FÒúr chéi fr F t i Seeñ TheCörPù"k H SEE T NO f yu have een it : SEE rr ON Ticket al available at Tlcketmatercm all Ticketmater retail lcatin ant the Me Crwn Theater bx ttic Bx ffice hur: MnSat i 2PM6PM W abh ç ;;Y WN t e * S SLE NQWJ! _74513 _4 L E i /

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41 814 wwpiieedcalcm THURSDY PRL PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON wwwpineerlcalcm div&cm:: BiS NOW PLYNG thrugh JUNE f j ;dni rtit Preent i ) Supertar Ted Neetey tarring in Jeu Chnl Supertar pril 30 t May Z t the Rernarir Theatre 5400 N River Rad 1icet pt $35$69 iit wwwtichematecm r call (800) L p R L Buy Ticket Nw! CLL OR ST nrthlightrg * a : 0 1 P D p ; k : p g" Cntinued rm PGE B13 FLM Blck Cnema in the PickLaudati uditrium at the Blck Mueum l rt Nrthwetern Univerity 40 rt Circle Drive Evantn (847) wwwblckmueumnrthweternedu/ blckcinema dmiin $6; $4 (r Blck Mueum member enir citizen and tudent with D r a nted belw ll film hwn at 8 pm urfle nled therwie May 13: npire Film event "The Cae (r rael" "Rape and "Perverin f Jutice" May Zt "Snic Cellulid" a cllabratin f WNUR Nrthwetern nncmmercial radi tatin (893 FM) and Blck Civema The event feature muician perfrming live muical accmpaniment t ilent and experimental film dmiin i $10 May 2 Nrthwetern Student Film Fetival Grdn Park e rie pril 3D: "Half Pat utumn: The Life and Wrd f Grdn Perk" May &"Shaft"May29:"Slarnrì Nrthrup Odyey" Blmimlcry erle May 6: "Ght in the Shell" and "Ght in the Shell 2: nncence: May 15: "RbCp" Talkinç Picture Fetival May 1 6 pm: "1000 Jurnal" May 1 8 pm: "Treele Munt am" May 2 1 pm: nimatin & Shrt Shwcae May 2 3 pm: "Pray the Devil Back t Hell" May 2 6 pm: "Ol 0ff Bradway: May 3 1 pm: "Site Sing the Blue" May3 3 pm: "Hilal 1960$ Gdarderie May?: "Band f Outider" May 14: "la Chinie" May 28: lphaville" Park Ridge Public library 20 S Prpect ve Park Rldge(847) B wwwparhridgelibraryrg Film the Library N regitratin needed Dr pen (r earing nehalf hur befre hw time May 8 7 pm: "Cri Cr" (1949):May 12 2 and i pm: "Slumdg Millinaire" rated R LECTURES rih mercan Hertage Center 4626 N nòx vechlcag (773) wwwirlhamhccm May11 2 pm: "The Tinker in rih Literaturv" pr enled by Jé Lantr tinker i memberf any traditinally iliverant grup f peple living epecially in Sctland and reland lantr will dt cu tinker character in rih litra ture and cntrat them with gypie in Eurpeanand Britih literature in particular $10 include a receptin ORGNZTONS De Pl&ne rt Guild meet at 7 pm n the ecnd Tueday t the mnli at the Prairie Lake Cmmunity Center 515 Thacker St De Plaine: New mem ber are welcme Fbr inlrinatin call Margaret Newman (847l r viit wwwdpagrg May 12 Thelma Spain will preent a waterclr demntralin Park Ridge rt League meet at 7:30 pm the third Friday f the mnth in the Suth Park Fieldhue 833 Talclt Rad Park Ridge Guet fee i $3 Call Drthy DuSld (847) Skkie rt Guild meet at the Skkie Public Library 5215 Oaktn St iitr welcme Fr inlrmatin na May 26 7 pm: Lelie Riley qulltmaking TOURS & OUTNGS Rçer ParlWet Ridge Hitrical Sciety 23rd annual Hue Tur will be held frm 15 pm May3 The tur teatureile in the Germania and Eat lake Terrace Neighbrhd between Hward $treet and Juneway Terrace and Paulina venue and Lake Michigan Regitratin tart at 12:30 pm at 1643 W Hward Street and cnlinue until 4:30 pm Ct i $20: $16 fr member& The tur feature cmmercial building hue garden and cndminium including the lbby f the hitric Hward Theater the Bradmr Hlel the Bihp Mall Building the garden and pier at Nrth Eatlake Terrace an apartment building and fur hue n Juneway Terrace wwwrpwrhrg WORKSHOPS & CLSSES MSCELLNEOUS Oaktn Cmmunity ClleQe Emcrilu Prgram ffer cure at it Skkie campu 1701 N Lincln ve Skkie Fr inlrmalin abut the Emeritu Prgramcall (847) r viit wwwaktnedu/emerilu Thumb Up Thumb Dwn lum E7472) allw film bull t gather t critique the latet mvie Furweek cure meet frm 13 pin Friday tarting May 1 Cure lee i SSO The New Yrker (hum E93 73) lcue n electin frm the magazine that wa etablihed in 1925 ubcriptin required Threeweek cure meet 93011:30 am Mnday tarting May 4 Cure fee i $39 ET CETER "Dream: Circuí n One ct" thrugh May 17 at The ctr Gymnaium lcaled at the Npe Cultural il Center 927 Npe St Evantn The family riendly circu prductin include acrbtic cmedy and live muic Pertrmance at 7:30 pm Friday: 4:30 and 7:30 p m Saturday: and 2:30 pm Sunday Ticket: $20: $10 fr children 12 and under Fr ticket viit www brwnpapertícketcm r call (800) Drum Crp nternatinal "DC 2009: The Cuntdwn will be hwn at 1:30 pm May 13 at lhe Nib Shwplace 301 Glf Mill Center Nib The event hw cae ix f the tp drum crp perlrmance frm recent cmpetitive ean fllwed by an interactive an vte Ticket are available at participaing theater b llice and nline at wwwfathmeventcm Park Ridge Public Library 20 S Prpect ve Park Ridge (847) wwwparkridgelibraryrg May14 7 pm: "licia: Stry f a Plih Nerme" preented by prfeinal actr Betey Mean May19 7 pm: "Wrld War l Radi Hur" Skkie Theatre Muic Fundatin preents cncert and prgram n the Skkie Theatre 7924 Lincln ve Skk le Call (841) r viit wwwkkietheatrecm May17 1:30 pm: "Lln cin Tale Tall 6 True" $20 in advance: $25 at the drmay 1516 B pm and May17 2 pm: Chritpher Carter Mee With Yur Mind $20 in advance: $25 at the dr May 2223 and 2930 pm and May 24 and 31 2 pm: Jim Pt "Mark Twain and the Laughing River" $25 uadvanc: $30 at the dr $32 i $47 i $57 $67 $77 WXOE&K TMES 4 PERFORMNCES ONLY! 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(U FMLY OWNED & OPERTED SNCE E RRNGED & PREPD FUNERLS LBLE Cney Funeral HmeS FUNERL DRECTORS T Be rthy f Yur Cnfidence 3918 W rving Pk Rd CUCGOL Phne (773) Fax (773) Bue Hwy PRK RDGE L Phne (847) Fax (847) wwwpineerlcalcm Sargent Benlamin (BO) Beniamin (B) Sargent paed away pril 19th 2009 at the age f 80 Survivr include Mazie hi wife f 56 year; and three children daughter Suan Kaye (Dan) f Nrthbrk and their children Jeffrey und Kritin; n ndrew Sargent (Judy Eichmann) and their children Matthew Emily Zachary and Tm; and daughter Betty Sargent and her children ll and Sahar MirRaekhian memrial receptin and dinner t celebrate B life will be arranged thrugh Stnewall Orchard Glf Club in Graylake at a later date Memrial may be made t dvcate Hpice 801 S Milwaukee ve Libertyville L r yur lcal fd bank rrangement have been made thrugh the Crematin Sciety lmai Siga (:u9!!?l rit May Dnald W Dnald W May age 89 frmerly f Park Ridge and Marhfleld W recently f Hnlulu H paed away pril in Hnlulu Belved huband f the late Delre (nee ndern); iving father f Kritine (Raymnd) Barry; dear grandfather f Curtney May (Evelyn) Barry; dearet brther f the late Rbert (da) and the late Harld (the late Gwen) May; fnd uncle f Kurt llan Keith and Greg May; gdfather f Nancy (Rich) Hlz Jenkin Service were held Mnday pril at St ndrew Lutheran Church Park Ridge Burial in Twn f Maine Cemetery Park Ridge iitatin wa held n Sunday pril 26 at the RyanParke Funeral Hme Park Ridge L Dnatin t St ndrew Lutheran Church are appreciated Siiii Ciict iiiiik a t gaiii:jiuiceiiacaeiri Schaefer Jr Jame W Jame W Schaefer Jr belved father f Jame ll Tracey Meicher Thma (Mariah) and Jhn (Jennifer); lving grandfather f Keith Man bigail and Samantha; dear frmer huband f Marlene 30 year drummer f "The Riverbat Rambler" a traditinal New Orlean jazz band mem ber fthe Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity advertiing directr f "The Quill" Retired funder f Prfeinal Superviing ciate lng time member f the Park Ridge Lin Club and Frmer Exceutive Directr f the Park Ridge Chamber f Cmmerce Funeral wa held pril 23 frm Ryan Parke Funeral Hme 120 S NW Hwy Park Ridge f St Paul f the Cr Church nterment Twn f Marine Cemetery iitatin were held Wedneday n Lieu f flwer memrial may be mde t the Jazz ntitute f Chicag Michigan ve #943 Chicag L /i 1iiil /ijaj; i itu jiiiuttii aiti 7 f Gerber Fred W Frtr Fred W Gerber 92 f Mrtn Grve paed away Tueday pril at Bethanv Terrace Nuring Center Mr Gerber wa brn in Mrtn Grve n February Hewa the huband f the late Katherine H (nee Randell) and the late nne (neè Hutchin); father f Li Gerber Linda (Jerry) Klinger and Fred (Marina) Gerber Jr; brther f the late Chrit (the late Mildred) Gerber Service and viitatin were held n Mnday pril at Jerualem Evangelical Lutheran Church Mrtn Grve interment at Ridgewd Cemetery De Plaine L Memrial may be made t Jerualem Evangelical Lutheran Church 6218 Capulina ve Mrtn Grve L Sii Gntbk ut 1i:gr::jiiniirirni Ragel Jack W Jack W Ragel f Scttdale Z paed away pril Brn Octber in Marin L he erved in the US rmy during Wrld War l and wa awarded a Purple Heart and the Brnze Star He had a lng career a advertiing executive in Chicag and later Madin W a CEO and chairman f the bard f Stephen and Bradley befre retiring t Scttdale He wa the belved huband f Jan; and lving tep father t Rann Bleyer; and lving grandfather t Rann Bradley "B" Bleyer Memrialcntributin may be mude in hi name t the Leukemia Lymphma Sciety PO Bx 4072 Pittfield M r nline at www leukemialymphmarg!igit (;i:e!ìk at Yu may end a death ntice t deathn r call fr mre infrmatin PONEER PRESS Scull luau ck T[ a Thurdaypril3O2009 U RYN PRKE Funeral Hme i 2Ó S Nrthwet Hwy Park Ridge Suburbn (841) 623Tll Chicag (773) wwwryanparkecm

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Freclure cind Sale entered n t abve caue n February i 1 20e9 an client! 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(847) Our Àtive Sectión ha the Cçryu are lking fr Buying r Selling Pineer Claified i the place fr yu! (847) MORTON GROE N i HE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY1LLNOS COUNTY OEPRTMENTCHN DSON DEUTSCHE BNK NTONL TRUST COMPNY S TRUSTEE UNDER THE POOLNG ND SERCNG GREEMENT RELTNG TO MPC SECURED S SETS CORP MORTGGE PSSTHROUGH CERTF CTES SERES Plantiff LORENN llorn NR/ LOREDN N BORN NK/ LOREDN BORN el al Defendant 07 CH NOTCE OF SLE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GEN that puruant i a ;udjriett et Freclure and Saie entered in le abve laue it March an agent b The Judicial Sale Criiralien will at 10:30 M an May al lit attica 01 lte Judicial Sale Crpratin Ott Suth Wacker Driv 211h Flr CHCGO L l at public aucdti le the itighel bidder a et frth belw the fllwng tit cle al ba auctin; he balance in certifed fund S decribed real elal: Cmmnly knwn a 7736 DS du wilhin twentyfur (24) hur The ublect prperty STREET Mrtn Grve L Prperly ndex N The real etala i mprved with O ingle famly reldetce The ludgmenl amunt Wa $ Sal terni: 25% dwn at tte hghet bld by certified fund al ublci l general real etate taxe pecial emefll r pecial lax levied agant aid real etale and i fbred fr ale withut any repreenhalln 05 lo qualily r iluanhily a! 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amended that ertiticlion wa filed by the ndrignod wilh the Cunty ;lrk t Ck Cunty File M pril is t under the umed meel rhespphregllery OF CHCGO clc the buine lcated at 234 W Clumbia pt 2 Ch 500 L The true iml) end reidence adre ut hn wner() Peter tr W Clumbia pl 2 ChiCag L Publihed n Pineer Pre /7/09 ( ) C SSUMED NME Ntice hereby given puruant te n ct in relatin t the ue f n umed Buinu Name n the cnduct er tranactin at Buine in the Slate a amended that a cerlificatln wa flied by the underigned with the Cunty Clerk at Ck Cunty File N De n pril under the umed Name at TRUELSEN MED SERCES with the buine lcated al i Freemn Rd Hffman Etate L The true name() and reidence ddre f the wner() Stewart R Truelen 1545 Freeman Rad Hffman Etate L publihed in Pineer Pre t/16 4/23 v3w09 ( ) C LENS PUBLC NOTCE On June it 2009 at 10; 00 am at CHFS NC 222 hmer Rd # 2 Chicag leieht L a aie hall prceed l enfrce lien under the law f the Slate f llini tar labr material trage tw ing and ther lee acialçd theret 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( )C NOTCEOF PUBLC SLE OF PERSONL PROPERTY Ntice i hereby given 1h01 puruant t Sectin 4 0! lhg SelfService Strage Facility ct Slate el llini thin undrlgned will ell at a public ale by cmpelllive bidding n: 5/15/2009 at 4:00 pm On the preme where aid prperty ha been tred nd which are lcated t Public Str000 FOSTER RENSW000 SELF STORGE LLC 1000 W FOSTER E CHCGO L The pernal prperly l dcribed belw n tle mller et: Spce $012 Perkin Wyne Furniture Spc #107 Jackn Ridge Trut Full ut bxe Spce #653 Gallard ernica 1 T bxe 1 mcrwave Space #851 Cyle Li Fuil f furniture publihed n Pineer Pre (t6o4slc BD NOTCE NUe Twnhip High Schl Dllricl 219 will receive ealed bid far the purchae al Twel Service fr he 2009 O chl year up l 2:00 pm Mnday May it 2009 at the Buine 011lc f Ditrict Gr Peint Rad Skke L Bid will therealter be pubhicly pened and rad alud Speclticalin el hem l be uplied may be btained tram the Buine 0111cc at the abve addre n Fr lurtlier ntrmatin c tact: Jean Hedtrm Purchaing genl Ditrict 219 Buine Office Publihed in Pineer Pre 4t3009(t6889B5 C SSUMED NME Ntice i hereby given puruant t n ct in relalin t the ue f n umed Bui 5055 Name in the cnduct r tranactin f Bulne5 in the State a amended that a certllicatin w flied by 11:0 underigned with the Cunty Clerk f Ck Cunty Fil N prl undertheumed Namet NTEGRTY JNTORL SERCES CO Willi le buine lcated et Bx Chlc000 L The true nomo(s) and reidence addre ut the wner() i Richard Bubenheiflier 3641 N Newcatle Chicag L Publihed in Pineer pre 4/16 4/ C SSUMED NME Nlic S hereby given purs O n ch in relatin t h ue ut n umed Buile Name in the cnduct r ranclln f Buine n the itt a amended that :rtiticti WOO filed by the uiiderijnod with the Cunty Clcrk et Ck Cunty File N n pril 15 tt under the umed Nan;e et WORKOUT PRTNERZ itli the buine lcated at vi /el Clicae ve Chicft L The true narneli and reidence dlie el the wner() llen J Kecl;inky 19 King rthurcurl Unit 13 Nrihlake L Publihed in Pineer Pre 4/23 4/30 5/7/ ) C SSUMED NME Ntice i hereby 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filed by the undergned with the Cunty Clerk f Ck CuCh File N n pril under the umed Name f zertli with the bune lcated a 2354 S Gebbert p 2063 rlingtn Height L The true name() and reidence addre at the wner() i Macil Zuchwkt GOObberl pt 2063 rlingtn Height L Publhed n Pinerpre 16 4/23 4/3q09 ( ) C NOTCE OF PUBLC SLE TO BE HELD T: THE LOCK UP STORGE 350 W Kinde Chicag L DTE: May BEGNS T: 10:00 gm CONDTONS: li unit will be ld t tle highet bidder Bid taken nly tr each unit in it entirety Payment mut be made by certified chck r mney rder nly N pernal check r cah accepted li gd mut be remved frm he unit within 24 hur Payment due immediately upen acceptance t bid Un availablity ubiecl t prir ettlement f accunt Unt 4408 Kevin Reynld Bue carpet rt lamp er bin Unt 1625 Challty Parker Stl bee Publihed in Pineer Pre 4/23 4/3 ( ) C Buying r Selling Pineer Claified S the place fryu! Buying r Selling Pineer Claified th place fr yul BD NOTCE The Bard f Educatin t Rldgwd High Schl Olitrich 234 receivng bid lar Fitne Equipmen Bid packet may be picked up at Ridgwd High Schl Buine Ottic Bid hall be ubmltled t M CherYl Flint Bune Manager RdiOwd High Schl Ditrict 234 i" Mnlr050 ve Nrridge L 60706by2:00 pmnmayl22009 PubllhedinPifleer pre ( ) C SSUMED NME Ntice i hereby given pur ten ct n relatin t lire ue f an umed Buine Nni in the cnduct r rrnctin f Buine n the Stle amended that crlitictln wa tiled by the Underieed will the Cunty Clerk el Ck Cunty File N Dttt6lt n pril under the umeci Nmel M Expre with hie bune lcated f 1116 E Orchard St rlngtn Niçjlit L The true einll and redence ddr uf le wner() : Gne McCabe 1116 E Orcherd St rli HigN L ngtn Publihed in Pineer Pre 4f2] 4/30 5/7M ( ) C SSUMED NME Ntice here ven purb el uant t n ct n relatin t the ue f On umed Buine Nme n the cnduct r tranactin f Buine in the State 05 amended that O certificatin wa filed by the underigned with the Cunty Clerk at Ck Cunty Fle NO M un pril under the umed Nm f CSTROCONSTRUCTON wilh the buine lcated at 2200 Wet Evergreen Chica QO L Ttie true name() and reidence addr f the wner() ngel O Catr 3300 Wet Evergreen Chicag L Publihed n Pineer Pre 423 4/30 5/7/09 (160685e) C NOTCE Ntice Hereby given that ll the pernal prperty viin f the llini Self 95) The ale will be cnducted cnditin f aid ct ter the erllen tr rent labr and ct The ai will be cnducted day May n r aller Strage lcated at by Jeff Brwn # Purchae mut be paid fr Sl ubiect t cancellatin lwen wnernd bligated OF SLE the undergned intend te decribed belw under the pr Service Facilty ct (770 LCS puruant l the term and purpe f atifying an wnther charge pecllied n the by cmretltive bld n Wedn 10:00 M al Extra Space McCrmck Blvd Slckle L at ce uctineer Lcene al tim f purchae in cah in the evenl f ettlement beparty Bxe cmputer be Furnture rug C uni bird cage fa Be chair Furniture micrwave Furnture freezer 23 4/30 5/1/09( )C35 Buying r Selling Pineer Claified the place 0 0Ui Unit #1014 Bruc Chrlene: Unt Jacke Schur: Sla Unit JePh Brk: Uni #1007 Yuberl yuktana: Unit Patric Brk: Uni #1054 Carline Nute: Unit #1077 Cecehla Edward: Phd in Pneer pree Buying r Selling5 Pineer Cied the plce fr yul Buying r Seil ng Pineer Caied he place fr yuf Bngi Selling Pwetcledhi iileieyvl th place fr yu! pineer Pre Publicatin (Dc) wwwpineerlcalcm Thurday pril B

49 B Thurday pril Len PUBLC UEN SLE Ntice hereby Gven tho n May al 9:00 Gm ø ale w( be held at MR O TOWNG & UTO SLES 300 E 69th ST CHCGO L t ell The fllwing arcl t enfrce lin extng under the law 01 the Stat 01 llini againt uch artcle fr labr ervice kill r materia) expended upn Strage lurnlhed fr uch rlide al the requet at the titwing deignated unle uch article are redeemed within thirty (30) day at the pubticlln f hi ntice Nmf Pern: wndrea Walker Nian Mtr cceptance Crp Decriptin f rtcle: 2005 Nan llima N# 1N4L11085C muntl Lin: $ Publhed in Pineer Pre 4(16 4P3 413W09 ( ) C PUBLC LEN SLE That n 5/26t2009 a aie will be held at 3:00 pm al: Grand ut & Truck Center 2427 W Gland ve Chcag L ll bid t be in wril ng t ell lli fllwing rti cl t entrc u lin exlliag under the law 01 he Stale f llini againt uch article lar gbr ervice kill r material expended upn r trage turnihd fr uch rtide al he requet f the fllwing dignated pern() unle uch arlicle re e deemed within thirty (SO} day f the publicatin f thi nlice NME OF PERSON(S) udrey F Byrd Capital One ul Finance DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 2004 Cadllac CTS 1G6DM S MOUNT: $ NME OF PERSON(S) Lrraine Hawkn Tyta Mtr Credil Crp DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 2006 Tyala Crlla 1 NXBR32E86Z MOUNT: $ Publihed n Pineer Pre t/t6 W3 k30/09 ( )C4 PUBLCLEN SLE That n 5220O9 a al wll be hld al 3:00 pm al: Park One nc 7U S Plymuth Caur Chicag L l bid t be n wrillng ell the fllwing arlicl t entrce lin extng under the lw f the State el llini gainl uch article fer labar ervce kill r malerial expended upen r trage furnihed fr uch article al lh rquel f h fllwing degnated pern() unle uch article are redeemed within thirty (30) day el h publicalin f thi ntice NME OF PERSON(S) Lukaz Twrek Luke 7wrk BMW Bank f Nrth merica DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 2003 BMW 330i WBE53403KMO2920 MOUNT: $ Publhed in Pineer Pre 4/16 4/23 43W09 U684883) C2 Buying r Selling Pineer Claified i the place fr yul (847) 99834OO 1046 Lien PUBLC LEN SLE That n W2009 a ale will be held at 3:00 pm at: Phillip TOwing 1168 N Hited Chcag L l bid t be in writng t ell the fllw ng article t enfrce a ln exillng under the law f the Stat f llni againt uch article fr lber ervce kll r malerial expended upn r trage furnhed fr uch artcle at he requet f he fllwing delgnaled pern pern() unle uch rlicl are redeemed within thirty (30) day f the publicall f thi alice NME OF PERSON(S) Jam J Thma DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 1993 Kl Spha KNFB1214W MOUNT: $ NME OF PERSON(S) Til Fni DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 2000 Lexu E5300 JT8BF2GGYSO9628 MOUNT: $ Publihed in Pineer Pre 431w09 ( ) C2 PUBLC LEN SLE That n 6/1/2009 te wilt be held al 300 pm at: Schumburg Mtr Wrk 43$ W Wie Rad Schaumburg L li bid be in wrillng e)) the fllwing rticl enfrce a lien exiting under the law f the Slate f llini againt uch article fr taber ervice kill r mlerial expended upen r trage furnihed fr uch article al flic requet f (he fllwing deignated pern() unle uch article are redeemed withn thirty (30) day f the publicalin f hi ntice NME OF PERSON(S) Jutin Sctt Prp) Juln Prpt DESCRPTON OF RTCLE 1994 Pntac Grand Prix i G2WJ12X6RF MOUNT: $ Publihed in Pineer Pre 43Mw ( ) C PUBLC LEN SLE Thai n W1r1009 ale will be hld at 3:00 pm al: Phillp Twing 1168 N Halted Chicag L 606fl ll bid l be n wrlling t ell the fllw ng article t enfrce a lin xiling under the law f the Slate f llini againt uch artcle fr labr ervice kill r material expended upn r trage furnihed fr uch article al he requel t he fllwing delgnaled pern() unle uch rticie ar redeemed within hrty (30) day f the publicallan f hi ntice NMEOF PERSON(S) Hnel be ul Sl DESCRPTON OP RTCLE 2000 GMC Jmmy 1Gl(DT13W6t2)97811 MOUNT: $ Publhed in Pineer Pre 3W09 ( ) C Buying r Selling Pineer Claified i the place fr yul (847) Prbate STTE OF LLNOS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS PROBTE DSON n the matterf the tat f JOSEPH L COLUCC K GUSEPPE L COLUCC (Deceaed) Cae N 209P PUBLCTON NOTCE Nllce hereby given r ihe death f JOSEPH L COLUCC K GUSEPPE L COLUCC f Chicag ) i Leter f ffice wre iued n February TO F COLUCC whe al rney i NCENT SNSONETT 5521 Nrth Cumberland venue #1109 Chicag L 6&i Claim againt the etate may be tiled n the ttica t the Clerk f the Circuit Curt n Rm 1202 Richard 1 Daley Cantar Chcag llini 60W2 r wilh th repreentalve r blh n r befre Oc lber which dala i nt le than 6 mnth frm the dale at the firt publicaln f thi nlice and any claim nt filed wthn that pri barrd Cpie f any claim tiled With Die Clerk mu be mailed r delivered t the repreanlafiva and t he attrney Withn 10 day atter it ha been tiled /5/ incent Snnelti (ttrney) Publined in Pineer Pre 416 4)23 4/35019 ( ) C STTE OF LLNOS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS PROBTE DSON n the mattert he etala f ELZBETH PECORELL Deceaed Ce N 09 P 859 PUBLCTON NOTCE Ntice i hrby given f he dlh f ELZBETH PECORELL f DES PLNES LLNOS Ltr f ffice were iued n March t LWRENCE PECORELL 20)9 Glenview Rd Glenview L whe attrney i TRCE? L NHEM 554 Sheridan SQ #1 Evantn L Clam againt the elale may be filed iii hn ttc f the Clerk f h Circuit Curt in Rm 1202 Richard J Daley Center Chicag llini r with the repranllive r bth n r befre Oclber which dale i nt le han 6 mnth frm te data at the firt publicalin f hi nlic and any claim nt tiled withn that priad barrad Cpe f any clnim tiled with the Clark mut be malied r delvered l t repreentativ and l the attrney within to day attr lt i tiled //Trcy L Nihm (ttrney) Publihed in Pinner Pre 4/16 4/23 4r3)W9 ( C 1066 Public Ntice PUBLC NOTCE Ntice i hrby given by the Bard f Educatin Slcakie Schl Dilricl 73_5 Cunty et Ck Stla f llini tha a public (tearng regarding a wiver/mditiclin ha chl cde requiretnenl al tudent/lat alfendance n legal chl hlday will be hld n May :110 pm: at McCracken Middle Schl 8000 Eat Prairie Rd Skkie L Tetimny will be taken frm educatr and the public Dted th pril Bard f Educatin Skkie Schl Dirct 735 ndrea Ren Secretary Publihed in Pineer Pra 41:10 5/7/f9(t688694)C 1066 Publc Ntice wwwpiriêerlcalcm La1 Ntice TCutmert lln mercan Water Cmpany (WC WC hereby give alice t the public 1h01 nfrmatn hn cmpany ha fled with the llini Cmmerce Crnmin prped tnt page fr a Qualfyng ntralructur Plant Surclurg (Q1PS) fr the Champaign Sterling Pekin Lncln Suth Blit and Chicag Mire ervic ditrict The GPS Rider wuld implemanl charge (r watar and watewatar ervice t cver return n and return f he cpilal cni related t replacement r rehabilitatin et nnrevenue prducing plant titratruclure uch replacement main meter meter ntaltalin ervice and bydranl The GPS Rider wuld be expreed a a percenlage nt t exceed 5% and wuld be applied l the amunt billed each cutmer undar the therwe applicab rle Ond charge excluiv f purchaed water and watewater treatment urcharge The QPS Rider indude an annual trueup prviin enure that revenue cllecled under the QPS Ridr are equal t tu actual ct incurred ntereted partie may blin in(rmalln with repect theret either directly tram WC r by addreing hn Chief Clerk f the Cmmiin 527 E Capitl venue Springfield L Publihed in Pineer Pre 430 $17/09 ( ) C L LEGL NOTCE Ntice Hereby Given The Bard Of Educatin Of Schl Dtrict N 74 n The Cunty Of Ck Slate Of llini That n mended Budget Fr Sld Schl Ditrict Fr The Fical Year BeginnlngJuly nd Ending Jun Will Be On Fil nd Cnvanlenlly vailable Fr Public npectn n The Office Of The Bard Of Educatin 6950 Eat Prairie Rad Linclnwd llini Frm 8:00 M T 3:30 PM Mnday Thru Friday On nd fter The 4th Of May 2009 Ntice Furlher Hereby Gven Tha Public Hearing W1Ba Held t 7:30 PM On The 2nd Dy Of Jun 2009 n The Chamber Of The illage Hail Of Linclnwd 6900 Nrlh Linctn venue Llnclnwd llin Dated Thi pril 30th 2009 Bard Of Educatn Schl Diric N 74 David Kader Secrelary Publihed in Pineer Pre 43WD9 (168879tiC Legal Ntice T Culmer at llin mercan Waler Cmpany Puruant t the CC rder iued in Dcket (cn) n pril the cmpany flied revied tarilt ht will prvide n unitied el f rule regulatin and cndilin at ervice fr ali 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Prtectin Dilrici Bard f Fire Cmmiiner ha revied the Rul and Regulalin cpy f ba Revied Rule and Regulatin f the Bard at Fire Cmmiiner will be avuable fr public npeclin frm and after pril trm 8:00M 4:00PM weekday al the Ditrict ttica al 7447 W Lawrence Harwd Height L Publihed by authrity and directin at the Bard at Fire Cmmiiner f hn Nrwd Park Fire Prtctien Dilrict Publihed in Pineer Pre 4/39 ( ) C Tim Lw Ottica f Shari Shelmdin 53 W Jackn Blvd Suite 1209 Chicag llini Stale at llini Cunly f Ck n h Circut Curt f Ck Cunty Department Chancery Diviin Funder nurance Cmpany y Lillian R el al N0O8CH2J8S3 Nllce i hereby given t yu drealn Bibb Detndnl in the abve enlililed ull hal um aid ull lia been cmmenced in le Circuit Cur) t Cl Cunty Chancery Diviin bylh aid ptainlltf againf yu and ther delndant praying hal the Curt datermine and adludicate the right and repnlbilite t he variu partie in and t Funder nurance Campany Plicy #L1L wilh repect t the ccurrence f Nvember to 2007 Ntice al hereby 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51 ieiaew wwwpneercalcm THURSDY PR Calendar Cntinued frm PGE 15 ter fr clae r trip r purchae ticket Drp by the NUe Senir Center 999 Civic Center Drive Nue r call (847) Fr an applicatin Supprt dvcate Lutheran General Hpital ffer Sibenatin a prqram fr brther and iter Ç children with pecial need age 813 that fcue n wrking with healthy ibling f children with develpmental and phyical diabilitie Participant learn hw t handle ituatin and the implicatin f having a brther r iter with perial need thrugh craft and ther activitie including ageapprpriate dicuin Sibenatin i held nce a mnth during the chl year in the Yachtman Children Pavilin 675 Dempter St Park Ridge Rm YZ109 (ecnd flr) The next meeting i 911:30 am May 9 Ct i $10 fr each ein: $5 (r each additinal ternily member T regiter call Kathryn Smart at (847) r Cathlic Charitie f the rchdicee f Chicag invite the wh have experienced the l f a lved ne t uicide t participate in it Lving Outreach t Survivr f Suicide prgram meeting 79 pm May JO at Cathlic Charitie Nrthwet Office 1717 Rand Rad De Plaine Call (847) 3762)10 Grandparent Cireiyr a prgram pnred by Children Hme+id will ffer grandparent an pprtunity t meet ther grandparent hare cncern and talk abut intereting tpic that will help them care fr their grandchildren Meeting are 1011:30 am the firt Wedneday f the mnth at Nue Public Library 6960 Oaktn St Free child care i available with 24hur ntice Meeting are mnthly Call Linda (847) The Strke Club f dvcate Lutheran General Hpital meet frm 34:30 pm the firt Thurday f the mnth at the Outpatient Therapy Center Church and Ptter avenue De Plaine Call Megan Ptterfield (847) Hlding Ont Hpe i a mnthly daytime grup br widwed peple grieving the l f a pue lt meet frm l2:30 pm the furth Wedneday f the mnth at Rainbw Hpice and Palliative Care 444 N Nrthwet Highway Suite 145 Parh Ridge Regitratin i required dmiin i S5 per ein Lfe Tranitin Grup i an nging upprt grup fr anyne wh a a general guideline ha been widwed fr ne t fur year meeting 78:30 pm the furth Tueday f the mnth at Rainbw Hpice and Palliative Care 444 N Nrthwet Highway Suite 145 Park Ridge The fee i $5 per ein Widwed Supprt Grip i an ngìng upprt grup that addree le faced by pern a a general guideline wh have been widwed le than tw year lt will meet at 7 pm n the ecnd and furth Tueday f the mnth at Rainbw Hpice and Palliative Care 444 N Nrthwet Highway Park Ridge Ct i $5 per ein Call (841) Gd Nurninq Prgram will meet 6:458 pm every third Mnday f the mnth at Lutheran General Family Care Center 9375 Church St De Plaine The prgram i a up prt grup fr children teen and familie wh have lt a bved ne thrugh death Preliminary inter view i required befre regitratin T regiter call Rainbw Hpice and Palliative Care Bereavement Supprt (847) Weight N Mre a friendly weightl upprt grup i welcrning new member Dicuin include weightl tip recipe cntet and helpful idea t help yu reach yur gal Meeting are 9:3010:15 am Friday at Hward Leiure Center 6676 Hward St Nue lwer level (elevatr acceible) Weighin are 9:159:30 am meeting frm 9:3010:15 am Ct i $5 per mnth Call (847) TR PD Chicag Treatment and Reearch dvancement ciatin fr Pernality Dirder hld a mnthly upprt grup fr peple with lved ne uffering frm brderline pernality dirder r emtinal diregulatin The meeting i at Ruh Nrth Shre 9600 Gr Pint Rad Skkie frm 6:308:30 pm the third Wedneday f the mnth rh5mailtara yahcm fr the rm number r mre infrmatin The Cunetin; Center f dvcate Medical Grup ffer a Free Healing Our Lt Dream (HOLD) upprt grup twice a mnth fr peple wh have experienced pregnancy and infant l Meeting are 78:30 pm the firt and third Tueday f each mnth at the Cuneling Center 1610 Luther Lane Park Ridge Parent grandparent and ther adult family member are invited t attend the ein hare their feeling with ther wh undertand what they are ging thrugh receive upprt a they mve thrugh the firt ean f grieving erve a reurce fr each ther and gain new perpeclive f life Call (847) Crhn Ft Cliti Fundatin upprt grup meet frm 7:309:30 pm every third Thurday f the mnth at dvcate Lutheran General Hpital 1775 Dempter St Rm 1063 Park Ridge The fcu i t ait patient with Crhn dieae r ulcerative cliti their familie ignificant ther and friend in cping mre effectively with the illne Call (847) Reurrectin Medical Center pnr a variety f free cancerupprt grup fr bth patient and their family member ll upprt grup are free and meet in the Cancer Cnference Rm (grund flr Entrance C) Cntact Carl Flanagan (773) : The Cancer Supprt Grup fr cancer patient familie and friend meet mnthly frm T8:30 pm every lat Wedneday The Leukemia & Lymphma Family Supprt Grup fr peple with leukemia lymphma myeldyplatic yndrme multiple myelma Hdgkin Dieae and their familie meet every firt Wedneday f the mnth The Butterfly Club i a upprt grup fr children age 6 t 13 whe parent r caretaker ha been diagned with cancer The grup meet every firt Wedneday f the mnth Regitratin and parental cnent are required The U T! Prtate Cancer Supprt Grup meet every ecnd Wedneday f the mnth The Teen Cancer Supprt Grup i fr teen age 13 t 18 whe parent r caretaker ha been diagned with cancer The grup meet every third Wedneday f the mnth Regitratin and parental cnent are required Multfple Scleri Supprt Grup meet the lat Saturday f each mnth in the eurrectin Rehabilitalin Center f Chicag firt flr Prfeinal Building Entrance C Call (773) lzhelmer Supprt Grup meet the ecnd Tueday f the mnth in the Health Management Clarm The ein i free Call Health Management (773) fterqlw Supprt Grup fr trke urvivr and their family and friend meet the ecnd Wedneday f the mnth in the Reurrectin Rehabilitatin Center f Chicag firt flr Prfeinal Building Entrance C Parkinn Sipprt Grup meet the third Wedneday f the mnth frm 57 pm at Reurrectin Rehabilitatin Ceter f Chicag firt flr Prfeinal Building Entrance C Call (773) dvcate Lutheran General Hpital i frming a upprt netwrk fr wmen living with breat cancer The Breat Cancer Netwrking Grup will meet frm 23 pm the third Tueday f each mnth The upprt grup prvide breatcancer urvivr the pprtunity t hare infrmatin and experience with ther wmen The grup will be at Lutheran General Center fr dvanced Care 1700 Luther Lane Park Ridge in the grundflr cnlerence rm G104 Call (847) Familie nnymu i a free 12 tep elfhelp upprt prgram fr family member and friend wh are cnceined abut the ubtance abue r behaviral prblem f a lved ne Familie nnymu meet weekly frm nun) pm Thurday at the Park Ridge Crnmunity Church loo Curtland ve Park Ridge: ue the ide entrance r) Butler Place There are n due r fee Firt name nly are ued at the meeting t preerve annymity Thi i a nnprfein al and nnreligiu prgram dvance ntice i nt neceary iitr are alway welcme Call the church ffice (847) r Calendar PGE 20 i i PRK DSTRCT 4 Î ea The NUe Park Ditrict pnred an afternn tea party fr girl and their mm grandmther r aunt at the 1lward Leiure Center pril 25 The ladie and girl in attendance were dreed in tyle a they dined n freh fruit and andwichewhile ipping lemnade r light tea NORTHWESTERN S LLNOS Gurdak 4 f Nue make her Prlecling her bnnet frm gut f wind Kelly afternn tea party tr girl and their wy int the Nue Park Ditrictpnred Leiure Center pril 25 (llen mm grandma r aunt at the Hward Kdleta/Fr SNG) Park Ditrictpnred al 1er Friend Elia dreani 7 (left) and Sibel Trung 8 amue themelve with a game f pattycake befre the tea i erved at the Nue pril 25 (Pllen Kaleta/Fr SNG) aunt at the Hward Leiure Center nn tea party fr girl and their mm grandma r 4 MY i T 3PM MY 2 T i PM MY 3 T i PM LL HME GMES PLYED T RDCKY MLLER PRK NORTHWESTERN S OHO STTE il 1PM MY 2 T i PM MY 3 T LL HOME GMES PLYED T SHRON J DRYSDLE FELD 3RD NNUL PURPLE UCTON ON MY 2ND $5c1/DULTS ND $2/1 ô u íw i u ND UNDER tea party pril 25 Ditrictpnred afternn at the Hile Park abella Chn 4 f Hile chat with friend at her table li girl and their mm grandma r aunt at the Hward Leiure Center Guet were treated t light tea lemnade freh fruit arid andwiche (llen Kaleta/Fr SNG)? daughter Melanie 6 (center) arid her friend Etrella Mritanya 4 t tre Nile Park Hping t beat the rain Cpi Marin (right) f Park Ridge ecrt her Ditrictpnred afternn tea party frgirl arid their nm grandma r aunt at the lward treated t tight tea lemnade freh fruit and andwiche (llen Kaleta/Fr STNG) Leiure Center pril 25 Guet were

52 +*tlarlem 20 wwwpineerlcacm THURSDY PRL PRESS PUBLCTON wwwpineerlcalcm 21 ; _J c: Ti c iv UCT!ON SERCES GROUR NC Etab/ied 1994 Calendar Cnilnued frm PGE 18 Sight and Sund Plaza NE42OO9 RNK DRECTED NEW LUXURY HONES CONDOS &ESTTE HOMESTES hghlnd PRK Nrth Shre Etate 1098 Sheddan Rd Highland Park L Orlglnalty Priced t $ rm SF finihed living pace 5 bedrm 64 bath etate hme Gurmet Kitchen with many upgrade Decrative tne tite & chan) wd thrughut Lavih mater pa 4 Fireplace French Prvinciat with dramatic tw try fyer NPR LLE Hbn Rad Etate 8S061 ndiana ve Napervllle L Orignally Priced t $ rm SF S bedrm 5 full & 54 bath etate n 25 cre firt flr mater ufte lt level acceible by elevatr 5 Fireplace; 4+ car garage Smart Hue Guet ufte tdne rm wlh auna & team Wine Cellar with tating rm Hre allwed ENSTON Luxur Cnd 2935 Central St Evantn L Originally Priced t $ New large 1550 SF 2 bedrm2 bath unit Spaciu flr plan Gurmet kitchen with upgrade Heated ndr parking; Private balcnie; Elevatr Slid manty cntructin with architectural detail Walk t hp chl & tranprtatin WOÓDST eck 3 Sanctua f Bull alle Hmelte The Sanctuary f Bull alley an excluive 2OO acre envirnmentally prgreive develpment near the City f Wdtck Jut 50 mile frm Chicag Hme alue t the Upper $ Originally Priced t the mid $ cre acre hmeite Excellent Wdtck cht City ewer & water Cnveniently lcated near hpping & cmmuter tran CLL OR EML FOR BROCHURE WTH OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE BenJ E Sherman & Sn L Ucene YOUR MONEY dent g t Wall Street 7460 W Mrt Path Rd Nrrdge 4108 N Harlem y Nffldgi 5001 W Belmnt ve Chicag 3555 N Hartem ve Chicag t tay n yur treet Be part f ur family We fcu right here at hme n yur treet Frm ur wner t ur teller we all live wrk and play in thi cmmunity and we have fr 50 year What mre we invet ur aet in lcal hme and buinee When yu bank at Plaza Bank yure mre than a cutmer Yure a member f ur family Bank r Be part f ur family 6500 W living Park Ra Chicag 6000 W Mntr ve Chicag 379 River Rd Dea Plaine 7455 W Grani va Eimwd Park (7Ò8) (773) plazabankiflinicm 4660 N larlm ve Narwd Height 7201 N Harlem ve Hile 5Q1 1 PDC cntact Familie nnymu l r wwwiamllieannymurg Butterfly Grup fr Bereaved Par ent meet the ecnd Tueday f each mnth at 1:30 pm in the St Jhn Brebeut Rectry 8307 N Harlem ve ll bereaved parent (amity and friend are welcni? whether their l i recent r many year ag Call nna LaCrte (847) r the rectry (847) 9668l45 Mdwet Palliative & Hpice CareCenter grief upprt grup meet at variu lcatin acr it ervice area Giie( upprt grup are tree; dnatin are accepted Call (800) t regiter The chedule fr 2008 winter/pring ndude: t 2050 Claire Curt Glenview dult L 6:308 pm Wedneday; Daytime Spue L t:30 pm t 3 pm riday; Evening Spue L 6:308 pm Tueday; Sudden L 6:308 pm Mnday t 6)33 N: Nrthwet Highway Chicag Familie with Children L Grup meet every third Mnday 6:307:30 pm r in Glenview 6:307:45 pm Wedneday new lnn grup i being lrmed at Meiah Lutheran Church 1605 ernn ve Park Ridge Fr infrmatin call the church ffice (847) between 9 am3 pm during the week Tite Natinal lliance n Mental llne Ck Cunty Nrth Suburban invite the public t attend it Car ing and Shaung mnthly upprt grup Thi grup i fr family and friend F peple with a mental inne and ffer the pprtunity t hare prblem and learn hw ther have vercme them Thi prgram free and meet frm 78:30 p10 the firt Mnday f every mnth at the KentnKnx Cnference Center (Ruh Nrth Shre Medical Center) 9701 N Knx ve Skkie Call NM CCNS (847) r viit wwwnamiccnrg Nrthwet Suburban ntertitial Cytiti/Painful Bladder Syndrme Supprt Grup f llini meet at 7 pm the ecnd Wedneday f each mnth in dvcate Lutheran General Hpital 1775 Dempter St Park Ridge Cnference Rm 1064 E mail: be added t the lit fr meeting annuncement The Maryville Crkl Nurery 4015 N Oak Park ve Chicaq ffer a afe harbr fr children 5 and yunger when parent have nwhere t turn during a family r pernal crii t a free centerbaed prgram where chldre may tay fr a lng a three day t gal i t prevent abue and neglect f children and help a family tabilize it ituatin by prviding upprt and reurce Example f a crii include dmetic vilence parental tre medical emergency r repite care The 24hur Help Line i (773) n area lzhelmer upprt grup fr careqiver and family member f peple with lzheimer Dieae meet at 10:30 am every ecnd Saturday at Central Baptit illage the Cmmn Theater Lunge 4747 N Cant ed ve Nrridge New member are alway welcme Call Jei Lenth grup facilitatr(7o8) Queen f ll Saint ht a week v meeting fr female urvivr f exual abue The meeting are frm 78:30 pm Mnday in the Benedict Center Chapel 6275 N nia T participate in the cnfiden (ial 12tep prgram call Oueen f lt Saint Rectry (773) dditinal meeting are frm 78:30 pm Friday at St Juliana Parih Center 7200 Ocela ve Call Linda (773) Teen Center The Nite Yuth Cuncil i a grup f teen frm ixth thrugh 12th grade wh prvide upprt and advice n Teen Center prgramming develp leaderhip kill and wrk t erve the Hile cmmunity They meet the firt and third Thurday f every mnth at 5:30 pm Stp t check them ut Call (847) The Teen Center lcated at 373 Glf Mill Center n Hile The Teen Center wrking with the Hile Senir Center t find teenager willing t help enir citizen with leaf raking nw hveling and general yard wrk while earning mney Cmplete the Hile Teen Jb Cnnectin frm available n the center Web ite and return it t Mark at the center nfrmatien will be hared with the directr f the center and cntact will be made with reident n need f ervice Reqlter yur bike thrugh the Hile Teen Center r Hile Plice Department Every year the Hile Plice Department accumulate a number f lt r tlen bike and i frced t ell them at an auctin becaue their wner cannt be identified By regitering yur bike yu are iued a illage f Hile Plice Department ticker and yur bicycle infrmatin i cnteredinl a natinal databae allwing the Plice Department t recnnect yu Fr enhanced cverage f peple and place in yur cmmunity check ut Pineer Pre vide at wwwplneerlcalcm if it i ever lt r tlen lunteer Junir chievement f Chicag i a nnprfit rganizatin fcued n inpiring and preparing yung pepl t ucceed in the glbal ecnmy ldteer frm buinee are trained and given material t g int a ctarbm and teach tudent frm kindergarten thrugh high chl abut financial literacy and entrepreneurhipwrk readine kill Partnerhip have been frmed withme teacher at Hile Nrth Central and Wet High Schl fr J prgram thi chl year lunteer are needed Each prgram cnit f five viit t the clarm fr abut 45 t 50 minute each f ntereted call Kritin Gdwin peratin manager Junir chievement f Chicag (708) Ext 245 r g t wwwjachicagrg The Men ciatin f dvcate Lutheran General Hpital ha recently expanded it rle and memberhip bae n the cmmunity and adpted a new name t reflect that change; The Men and Wmen ciatin f Lutheran General Hpital The change will allw the nnprfit rganizatin t pnr mre event encurage greater participatin in annual activitie uch a the gqlf uting and fundiaiing ale expand pprtunitie fr men and Wmen t take n leaderhip rle and ncreae cllabrative effrt with the hpltal develpment ffice Service Leagua and the dvcate Chantable Fundatin The rganizatin dnatin have aited Lutheran General n expanding it prgram purchaing tateftheart medical equipment and puruing reearch and educatin effrt Call (847) Wrkhp erlzn Wirele i hting a free handn rd wrkhp at enizn Wirele 9635 N Milwaukee ve The wrkhp deigned t better acquaint PD uer with their rbile device and clear up the cnfu ln arund their many feature Regiter at wwwpdawrkhpwdvzwcm FREE SHPPNG 1866MOBL1TY TTCOM ST STORE NOW OFFERNG FOUR GRET SERCES! 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53 Philip 22 :u) wwwpineerlcalcm THURSDY PRL 30 z DSTRCT 201 Jirty Maine Suth High Schl fah in tudent recently cmpeted at (lie Family Career ad Cmmunity ftader t merica tate cmpetitin ir Sprintied Te Chppe tk Jut place n the prm drer delqn cateqr and Unday Wanchl tk tut place l emifrnal dre Deirdre Smith al tk firt place in lawin deign and Melia Magunn lk firt place in recycled cntructin Smith and Maunn will n l cmpele in the natinal rmpetitian n Nahville lenn Member f Maine Suth martial art club tk hme hitr mark in the 2009 Regin 5 Wrld Tang Sa D e SCHOOLS DiGEST i\cialln Turnament Lule Cr dn tk ecnd place in Frm: Wn tn PuQ$a3 tk third place in trm; Nick Jacbn tk ecnd place in Frm end third in Sparrinq: Jimmy Kulka captured third place n Frm; an Mari Raine tk ecand place n Sparrinq and third in Frm 14ORTFRDGE PREP JENS LST lec Brennan Matthew Brwn ndrew McDnuqh Jame Snitzer William Thrntn Jacb Krupwicz Derek Simn Benjamìn Sturgen Pedr cta Thma Carden Willam Cheely Brian leahy lexander Lpez Thma Luca JhrtRadlinki Michael Stanel incent Rinal Timthy Madìgan Mlrammad bdel Fattah Gerqe dam Dytan Haig Tikku Gerge Matthew Badyna LawrenceBilell Bartz Bak nkang (Richard) Ban Jhn Falc ndy Lui Jae Yung (Tm) Sb Bartlmie) Radzik Thma DieHenthaller David Rahimi Jhn Rahimi Peter Knapp Jhn Sander Michael idvic aac llterman Mark Culjak Matthew Grilfin Michael Pma Jhn BirminQharn FRST HONORS Michael HanrettyJeph Hinderer Michael Kane Peter Kane Jhn Pen SÜMMR D!SCOTC?Y CMPS June 15 ugut week f ummer camp prgramming Mrning and afternn ein Handn learning and fun Supervied indr/6utdr play L Fr children age 35 Mre infrmatin:(847) r viit :*WakhchíJdreflmueumrg/caflip net Marc Ri Mark William Matthew William an Cali Kyle nten Philip Krupwicz Wnjik Chun Preveen Ea Hlctla Flannery Daniel McDermtt Timthy March Michael Owald Dea Rinnan Davìd Zdunek Daniel Diaz Jeph Brchu Peter Demki ram Nadeem Sylveter Srka Mark Gigante Daniel Tarchala Matthew Kaier Philip Kaier Jeph Cnry Jeph Klatt William Fx Nichla Gallway Peter Madiqan Sung Je Hyun Jun Yung (Nick) Sah yub Mhiuddin Jun Yung Park Cannt Sctiickel Brett Balaa Gregry Knapp ndrew Kuçzynki William Sander Charle Schulze an Sheller! Brian Taylr Jhn Thurb Gregry MendezWeek David Griffin Daniel Jl SECOND HONORS Philip Devi Jeph Hanhetty Peter Hirrierer?am Hiirn Tyler Kaputka idan McNally Peter Baca Matthaw Witta Chritian reval 1iiliam Ealtran Jutin Betz Jimmy Calrera Timthy Chlda Julian Cleman Cenar Dyle drian Febu jcln Hedly Ctrarle Janatha Jahn Leatr( ththcny Mntante Martin Navarrete dnan Sauceda Randen Trcha Jhn Wfralan Brian Bland Peter Bland Jhn Cyle Patrick Lechnec Jan Bee Samuel Femandez Matthew Jarlawki Jeffrey Ketler Je Tamay Michael Wjnr Paul Brm Canali Brannn Liarn Brannn Matthew Bennett Tyler Maricich Michael Gigante Patrick O Cnnr Jhn Hauff Yung Hwanq Jun Kyu Jean JeS Kaduthadil Jhn Kaier ndy Shin Matthew Kzil Sng Sanghyun Chritian vn Haldt David Strenk Fret Me Jhn Klatt Peter Tihuk Jeph Kelly Nathan Kelly dam Yuman Rbert Battin William Cleveland Matthew Gallway Edward Bleka Benjamin Kiernan Cnnr labi Miguel Trte Jeph dam Jacb Jaeckel Jame Petr Ye Chan Kim Davia Nuccl Kang Yel Yun Rbert Lechmner Bryant Balaa Luke Dieffenthaller Nichla Rahimi Jame Beck ndrew ngraham ndrew Knapp ndrew Murphy Jan OtjicRey Rbert Nichla Zari Jhn Zurawki Thedre Huntingtn Jna Kupry Daniel Segvian Paul Carter SpyrittinPyrr Rubani Kevin Birmingham Kevin Cnry DSTR2CT 219 Under the guidance l Nue Twnhip High Schl Ditrict 219 faculty and tudent area enir citizen participaled in a Digital Strytelling pcçram t bring their pernal trie t life while uing the latet technlgy Thi year participant creened their riginal prductin in a public debut n pril 21 in the Rbert L Jhnn uditrium at Nue Wet High Schl Skkie n an effrt t hare reurce with the cmmunity the Technlgy depamtment at Ditrict 219 ha been ffeting free technlgy wrkhp lar lcal enir citizen ince 200& Nt nly are enir citizen exped t tatettheart technlgy in a friendly enviwnnien but their trie preerve cherhed memrie which can pen the line al cmmunicatin between generatin Participant learn hw t craft and ditill memrie int a trng and cheive narrative can memrabilia and pht and recrd their narratin t prduce the final prject a a bril vide Fr mre infrmatin n Ditrict 219 Digital Strytelling prgram g t wwwdígitaltrierg( T regiter (r a future prgram cntact Daphne Watn at (847) t a recent igtng day event fur Nib Nrth High Schl tudent cmmitted t play prt at the clleqiate level The igning clay wa rganized by Nile Nrth Head Ftball Cach Sctt Smith Student at the igning included: Running back Terry Thrner llcnference and Central Suburban League Nrth Offanive Player f the Year will play lar Ellwrth Cmmunity Cllege in wa Fall 1 running back and defenive crner Michael Dtn twtime ll Cnference player will uit up fr Lake Fret Cllege; tight end and dafenive end Berçeau Saintil igned a letter f intent fr Ellwrth Crmunity Cllege: and Guard Nicle uif cmmitted t play baketball at Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege De Plaine Fur Nife Wet tudent received (rphie at the llini Drafting Educatr ciatin tate champinhip held at llini State Univerity thi mnth w Hile Wet tudent are tate champin OQrek Wn wn fict place in Machine CD and Bank Kauthld wn firt place in Machine Bard Teammate ndrew Lee placed ecnd in Machine Bard and Thea Ledema placed thìrd in rchitectural Bard fine Wet art teacher Jhn Ztewlcz wa accepted t the Schl at the rt ntitutel Chicag Teacher ntitute in Cntemprary rt He ha al been accepted t the ntitute Studi Extenin immediately fllwing the ein The Studi Extenin allw teacher t cntinue their tudi practice uninterrupted fr an additinal week and will take place thi ummer Only 28 teacher acr the United State are elected fr thi pprtunity During the cure f the prgram Zilewicz will experience cntemprarj art practice with leading artit participate in dicuin with natinally knwn lecturer ir cnlbmpramy art and thery and explre current pacíaqqical iue and the impact f mueum reurce n curriculum OKTON Prpective tudent and their (amilie are invited t viit Oaktn Crnirtunity Cllege 1600 E Gall Rad tarting at 4 pin May 5 The campu viit feature ìnfurmatin abut 0aitn admiin prce caraer prgram tranfer prgram f nancial aid tudent ervce athletic and extracurricular activitie Daktn faculty adminitratr halt and ndent will prvide tur and anwer quetin lege r univerity a well a the preparing (r emplyment in a variety f career Oaktn i acdredited by the ligherlearping Cmmiin and i a member f the Nrth Central cialin lin Cmmunity Cllege Bard and merican catin l Cmmanity Cllege Learn mneyaving and mneymaking technique lii clae ffered by the lliance fr Lifelng Learning at Oaktn thi pring Refkemeaf Planning Tdav(FN COZ 08) hw hw t integrate finance with gal t create an early retirement plan Threeweek cure meet 19 pm Wedneday tarting May 6 at Maine Wet High Schl 1155 S Wll Ryd De Plaine Cure fee i $35 Make Mney frm Survey (BUS S68 03) demntrate hw t make extra mney in yur pare time by participaling in paid urvey Oneein cure meet 810 pr May 7 at Evantn Twnhip High Schl 1600 Ddge ve Evañtn Cure lee i S $19 Cníructin Truble Bubble (1CC [7102) er inight fr the cnidering new hme cntructin r a ma r renvatin prject Oneein cure meet 10 am4 pmmay 9 at Oaktn De Plaine campu 1600E Glf Rad Cure fee $120 Fr a cmplete lliance fr Lifelng Learning cla chedule viit wwwaktnedu/all r call (847) pre 3 Gain a deepei inight int a claic mericanmagazine by enrlling in a cla ffered by the Emeritu Prgram at Caktn thi pring The New Yrker(HUM E9373) fcue n electin frm the phiticated magazine etallihed in )925 ubcriptin i required Threeweak cure meet 9:3011:30 am Mnday tarting May 4 at Oaktn Skkie campu 7101 N Lincln ve Cure fee i $39 Fr mre infrmatin call (847) r (847) pre 3 Fr a cmplete lit f Emeritu clae cure fee eminar and event viit wwwaktnedu/emeritu Explre the vat culture and natural treaure f Ecuadr thrugh a trayel/tudy prgram pnred by Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege Trip in 2009 depart in May July Octber and Nvember Begin n the450yearold capital city f anita and experience Jacchlgua the Ecuadrian flklre ballet iit Owald Guayaamin gallery f cantemprary painting and take a day trip t Caldern hme f native bread dll Enjy a evenday Galapag land cuìe that nclude utdr adventure at the Charle Oarwin Reearch Statin and Pinnacle flack Participant iii bi phyically deuiandluq trip huld be in gd health n ptinal weeklng exten T regiter viit wwwaktnedu/admiípenhue/campuviithtm r in t Peru Machu Picchu i tfered at an additinal ct call (841) "" Fr cmplete itinerarie and infrma Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege ffer a tih thtùtupcmlng 2009 and 2010 atiate degree and certificate pr tur call Rea Crnelien at (847) gram fr tudent preparing t earn c viit a bachelr degree at a furyear cl wwwaktnedufnew/firt/travelhtm PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON prpectve tudent and their familie are invited t viit Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege 1600 E Glf Rad tarting at 4 pm May 5 Stia campu viil leature infrmatin abut Oak n admiin prce career praid tudent ervice athletic and gram tranfer prgram financial evtracerricular activitie Oaktn lacily adminitratr tatt and tudent will prvide tur and anwer quetin T regiter viit wwwaktn edu(admisipenh0u5e/campu55 it hm 01 call (B47) Oakln Cmmunìty Cllege tter aciate degree and certificate prgram fr tudent preparing t earn a bachelr degree at a turyear cnlleqe Or univerity a well a the pteparlflg br emplyment in a variety OPEflT TRMSFERS nfwmril in i prvided by Recrd fflfo!!(itiofl ServicL nc in St f h(t!/cs urwwpublicrecrdcfli ((1W) 365ôWO NuES 8309 W Park ve Rafal Jurwki t itr Gruzka $ Jan W Glf Rad pt 7G Greg Martin t Lrizan Dimane $ Jan W Bruce Drive Chicag Title Land Trut C t Brian C Stauntn and ngela L Stauntn $ Jan 30 a 5801 Dll Rad pt 11E nne Sirnnen t Neena Oza Krihna Oza $95000 Jan 30 u 8064 Prpect Curt Brian Stauntn t Nah Schrer and Hillary Schrer $ Feb 5 at career Oaktn i accredited by the Higher Learning Cmmiin and i a member f the Nrth Central ciatin llini Cmmunity Cllege Bard and merican ciatin at Cmmunity Cllege Learn mneyavng and mneymaking technique in clae ffered by the lliance (r Lifelng Learning at Qaktn thi pring Retirement Planninp Tday (FN EO2 08) hw hw t integrate finance with gal t create an early retirement plan Threeweek cure meet 79 pm Wedneday tarting May 6 at Maine Wet High Schl 1155 S Wlf Rad De Plaine Cure lee i $35 Make Mney frm Survey (BUS S68 03) demntrate hw l make extra Web page Fr a niere detailed decriptin f the iue ee ur at wwwpuneerlcalcm and pick yur hmetwn paper cluck n New and click On Plitic Pineer Pre By TONY BERTUC OKTON NOTES mney in yur pare lime by parhicipaling in paid urvey Oneein cure meet 8O pm May 7 at Evantn Twnhip High Schl 1600 Ddge ve Evantn Cure tee i $19 Cntruch Truble 8ubbìe ttec Cil02) ffer inight fr the cnidering new hme cntructin r a majr renvatin prject Oneein cure meet O am4 p m May 9 at Oaktn De Plaine campu 1600 E Gall Rad Cure lee i $120 Fr a cmplete lliance fr lifelng learning cla chedule viit wwwaktnedu(all r call (841) pre 3 Gain a deeper inght int a claic merican magazine by enrlling in a cla ffered by the Emeritu Pr NflES LU3RJ Library celebrate 50th The Nue Public Library celebrated it 50th anniverary pril 26 with a birthday cake and live muic frm a 1950wtyle quzr Let Parent and children created a time capule with bject they wanted t hare with library viitr in 2059 Patrn pcketbk vere hwn ue leniency when the ìibnary nlled back fine n verdue item t 2 cent in bervance f Natinal Library Week Chritpher Hill a US ambaadr t raq Backer mbaadr t raq: Senatâr vted 7323 t cnfirm aid he wa nt tugh enugh a the Buh praied hi freign ervice career l 32 year while critic adminitratin chief negtiatr with Nrth Krea ye vte wa t cnfirm Hill Sen Richard Durbim Ye; Sen Rland Burn: N vte Whitleblwer Reward: Senatr refued 3161 t cap at $50 millin the reward fr whitleblwel wh ue the Fale Claim ct t help the Treaury recver fund ht t lraud ye vte wa t retain rule that allw ucceful pla)ntitl t receive up t 30 percent f recvered US lud(s 386) Sen Richard Durbin: Ye; Sen Rland Buni: N LS Water Plicy; Member vted t imprve the wrk f the 20plu agencie cncerned with auring the US ha vte wa t adequate water upplie and clean drinking water ye pa a bill (HR )145) that create a White Hue ffice t treamline and fcu US water plicy Cmmunity Plice Fund: Member paed a bill (HR prvide lis 1139) t expand the Clintnera COPS prgram which grant fr the hiring l lcal plice llicer ye vte wa t and helping authrize grant fr purpe uch a hiring precutr chl fight drug and gang ul1j!k4 u 12 Bbby Ruh 0it Y Y Jee Jackn Jr 02ndN N Dan Lipinti 03rd Y Y Lui Gutierrez D4th Y Y Mike Ouigley 05th Y Y Peter Rkam R6th Y Y Danny Davi 07th i Y Melia Bean 08th Y Y Jan Schakwky 09th y Y Mark Kirk RlOth Debby Halvrn 011th Y Y Jerry Ctell D12111 Y Y Jud Biggert Rl3th Y Y Bill Fter 014th timthy Jhnn Rl5th Y Y Dnald Manzull Rl6th Y Y Hare 011th arn Schck ßl8th Y Y Jhn Shimku Rl9th wwwpineerlcalcm Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N gram at Oahtn thi pring The New Yrker (HUM E9313) f a cue n electin frm the phitirated magazine etablihed in 1925 ubcriptin required Threeweek cure meet 9:3011:30 ar Mnday tarling May 4 xl Oakln Skkie campu 770l N Lincln ve Cure fee i $39 Fr mre infrmalln call (841) r (841) pre 3 Fr a cmplete lit f Emeritu clae cure tee eminar anti event viit wwwaktnedu/emeritu Explre the vat culture and natral treaure f Ecuadr thrugh a travel/tudy prgram pnred by Oaktn Cmmunity Cllege Trip in 2009 depart in May July Octber and Nvember Begin in the 450yearld capital city l Quit and experience Jacchlçua the Ccuadrian (lkire ballet iit Owald GuayaaminS gallery f cntemprary painting and take a day trip ta Caldern hme f native bread dll Enjy a evenday Galapag land cruie that indude utdr adventure at the Charle Darwin Reearch Statifl and Pinnacle Rck Participant in thi phyically demanding trip huld be in gd health n ptinal weeklng externin t Peru Machu Picchu i lfared at an additinal ct Fr crnplete itinerarie and infrmatin abut upcming 2009 and 2010 tur call Baa Crnelien at (847) r viit wwwaktnedu/new/f irt/travelhtm Hrnzrzingtn Cateizíng & DeL lf!: N Milwaukee? Chicag L wwwharrirngtndelicom Pvli flur Mnday Saturday 11M 7PM Sun4ay Cled Catering 7 Day a Week! Nw Serving Crned Beef Cabbage Dinner Thedny & Saturday 11 M 7 PM Hmemade Sup & Sandwiche Daily Brwe ur elec(lfl f (ri5h Gift Stiir & Grcerie OO re 1rt0 t Grve GRDUTON COMMUNON (alecjug Sjeeeial p tvl 629 (tttt:phh gittict ltiiinrid littt )T Ptit tlt li ihm l;i ll FT id ci li PÇr k hi t rtnii: Ptii \ f liiiiiinlc \ ti ti : t twt f rk ( hi ti thi:kt:ii l03q Si k ()nhei pikigc t in lihl call 773UXT>5 lr erce the chtl1j:tloflth fr May 1 > il4 " Gd Çarrnè CntruötÒ& 4j 5414 Oaktn St MóÌtti GrQe P; " 84798O97O newy:; 123 PEOPLE & PROMOTONS htte Dame High Schl phmre Matthew BatdelU cllected and dnated mre than 200 blanket fr critically ill children a part al hi prject t attain Eagle Scut tatu Bardela received the Hile Yuth f the Year ward at the Night 01 Rne n pril 25 at White Eagle Banquet in Hile twyear clarinetplaying namber f the Nire Dame/Reurrectin Band and the Jazz Band Bardela i al in the SciFlFantay and Gama Club at Ntre Dame He i a recent recipient at ne 01 the Chicag rchdicee icariate l ward fr cial jutice and cmmunity ervice

54 Wedneday St 24 wwwpineerlcalcm THURSDY PRL P J ON [ER PR ESS PtJ BLCTON wwwpineerlcalcm 25 $r" t y rr n (tl\ dnb F tt/ "4 t <? v *rçt tøç eekly rhip g4""» Weekly Wrhip? CHCGO Edin Prk United Methdit Church 6740 Nrth Oliphant venue Chicag l Phne: (773) Fax: (773) wwwedinparkumccm Wrhip Ony & Hur Sunday 10:30 M Ptluck 11:30 M Sunday Schl fr Prechler & Nurery ge Rible Study Thurday 10:30M & Friday 7:00 PM Yuth (High Schl) Rible Study Sunday i :00 PM Yung dult Bible Study : Sunday 12:00 PM Chir Practice: Sunday 9;30 M Suannah Weley Club (WmenGrup) Meet nce a mnth n 41h Tueday f the mnth Yuth Wrhip Sunday 3rd Sunday f every mnth Pdtr Rev Jerry Miller Organit Dnò Samva Muical/Yuth Directr Nrlyn Barja Senir Exercie Cla Tueday & Thurday 8:30 M Fellwhip Hall Jame Dwning Theatre Perfrmance Edin Park United Methdit Church i a church with Open ; Heart Open Mind Open Dr Chair Lift vailable Parking in Rear The Edgebrk Church ; 6155WTuhyvenue (713) : hp://edgebròkchùrchrg Sunday Wrhip 10:30 M Enembleirctice 6:OPM Praie;Prayer& BibleStudy; ; Wedneday 7:30 PM Bethe! Cmmunity Church 7Q1 W Fter Äe(73) wwethelcwpinunityrg : ;Suday Wrhip 8:30 & 1 :00 M L Encunter Gathering:Sunday 6:00 PM 1 dwbiblestúdy49:45 M Patritqr Patl Jprden Senir date PatarPatr Rab Bukwki; Student MinitriePatr Shwn Clark Muic &WrhipPatrndy Cliftn "Chldcqravój(abljfrnJ!èrvjcè Seni&Wpmen Bible Studie içhiberthrumi ; Calfr in(otin r e the webite CHCGO Nrwd Park Lutheran ChurchELC N Nin venue (at Nickern) (773) Sunday SeMce10:OO M Hly Cmmunincelebrated 1 3rd Sunday Service f the Wrd n 2nd 51h Sunday Sunday Church Schl9:0O M (with Cnfirmatin Minitry) Untuffed Nurery available Sunday frm 9:451 1 :00 M Róv Rbert C Jhnn Patriyce MKiepger Directr f Muic Chifdren Sermn2nd Sunday fthe Mnth Celebriing Gad grace and mercy fr ver 86 year in ld Nrwd Park" "Our Lady Mther f the Church 8701 W Lawrence venue (773) wwwurladymtherchurchcm Ma Schedule: Weekday Mnday thrugh Friday 8:30 M Snturday5:O0 PM Sunday 8:00 9:30 &1 1 M Sunday 1 1:00 M Yung Peple liturgy f the Wrd Hly Day 8:30 M & 7:00 PM Tuedy9:0Q M Perpetual Help Nven Euchafilit dratin Firt Friday 9:00 M3:OO PM Saturday Cnfein 4:004:30 PM Baptim 2nd 4h Sunday f the Mnth Rev Richard J Kljbr?tr OurSavir LutheranChurch NrwdPark LCMS 6099 N tthçu ve (at Nickern& fld vóhbe) (773) & (773) wwwk3 kglbálnet SundayWrhip9:OQ Schl and dult Weday fuv dvent & Lenten Wrhip Service Wednedòat7:00PM M Ste Eune Çathi Church 158 W Fóter v(773)16659 wwwtûgener Daily Mae: Mn jliúfri:6:3b& 9:00 M Sun Sat WeekejjÌ Mae:d\ 8:30 M & 5:30 PM 7:00 9: :30 M & 4:30 PM ««Cnfein: 4:005:00 PM Sal Bájtim: :00 PM1$&3(d Sday f thò mnth Rev Ge6rge Keune Patr; Rev Jerme Twti Rev Philip i Rdent Ptr; CHCGO t Mary f the Wd Cathlic Church 7033 N Melle (773) wwwmwrg Saturday igil Ma 4:30 PM Sunday Mae: 7:30 9:00 10:30 M and nn Weekday Mae MnFri 6:30 and 8:00 M Cnfein Saturday 3:304: 5 PM Hly Day igil 7:30 PM Hly Day 6:30 8:00 9:00 M & 7:30 PM Rev Gregry Sackwicz Patr We have a Prechl (3 yr Old) thrugh 8th Grade Schl nd ffer wnderful prgram f Religiu Educatin fr Children and adult St Mnica Cathlic Church 5136 N Nttingham (773) wwwtmnkachicagcm Dily Ma: Mn Weekend Mae: Saturday Fri 8:00 M 4:00 PM Suday7:30 9:00 10:30M and 12:00 PM Plih Liturgy M: Sunday Cnfein: Saturday 3:00 t 3:45 PM Baptim: 1" Saturday and 3td Sunday f the Mnth Rev Ted Schmitt Patr J :30 PM Rev ndrew zyk ciate Patal Fr Jüme OBrien n Reidence FrWilliam Hlbrk n Reidence cn!ucpar4hfmnkàchiràgç 565 St Pòu Lutherafl Çhurch : Cahfie!d6O631;(7O3) 8675O44 Rèv WàtSchehfuh wmfwfpøqknfleldrg Street teicn$itiòned SundayWrhip 8:15 &1O:45M SundaySthl & duftibible 9:3O M t SardayWrhip6:00PM StPuLukhap Chrltìañ Day Sch4l ; : &rade 8 SU4R GÇ täuçhiuye j;:j YW1E j :: è Wh4nter 3750 W Ne (773) wviwviclrywrhipnllnecm Sund Mrning Wrhip J i :00 M Wednedày Bible Sfudy 7:00 PM Friday Whi 7:30 PM Yuth Service Friday 7 30 PM Chrifpher Lewi PatçrReyRaní böríey MORTON GROE t Luke Chritian Cmmunity Church 9233 Shermer Rd (847) Rbin JneSenir Patr Jeff NelnYuth Patr Judy SmithWrhip Directr Sunday Wrhipi t3:oom Sunday Schl :OOM Wedneday 7:3OPMChir Rehearal Friday 8:00PM YuthGrup and Teen Praie Band Rehearal Praie Service Lat Sunday f each mnth Featuring ur Praie Band Mrtn Grve Cmmunity Church Prebyterian 8944 utin ve (847) Bible Study Sunday 9:00 M Wrhip Service Sunday 10:00 M Fellwhip Sunday 1 1 :00 M dult Chir Practice Sun 9:00 M Handicapped cceible EERYONE S WELCOME NLES Lutheran Church f the Reurrectin 8450 N Shermer Rd Wile L (847) Sundu(SetJu)19:2O M (JunóSèt) 9:30 M 1 údaytiònth 7:PJzzqperServke( (SeptJune) : : RevDr Bruce T ndern PÓthr CarlyiN Sandern Miniter t!muic i émber cngrein f!ee EvaejicaFLutheran burch in t Mihae Orthdx Church : 7313 N Waukgun Rad ;::u (847) : wywtmichaepierg SuhdayWôrhi1000M Dicder the ancient qith and ich traditin f the OhÇx Church firtchritin Church funded Byjhe Lrd Jeu Chrit andy decribed in thepage f ThuNew TetamenJday hr Ätlic dctrii wprhip àndtruciure reraain intact the NORRDGE Zin Evangelical Lutheran Church 8600 W awrence ve Sunday Wrhip 9:30 M Sunday Schól 10:35 M Yuth & dult Bible Cla Sundyl0:45M Midweek Bible Study Wedneday 10:30 M Luther Jhn Baju Patr Cmmunin ervice 3rd Sunday f évery mnth Chir practice Thurday 7:00 PM Fax wwwzinnrridgilrg NORTHBROOK Temple BethEl 3610 Dund Rd (847) Fx (847) teniplebtherg Friday Shubbat Evening Service: Firt and furth FridayTraditinal Shbbat Service al 8 PM Secnd Friday Wine & Cheee receptin at 5:30 PM fllwed wiih Kubbalat Shabbat Service at 6 PM r a traditinal Shabbat Service at 7:30 PM Third Friday Family Service at 7 PM Saturday Shabbat Mrning Service: 9:30 M CaualShabbut SeÑice & TrphStúdy iqmîrditinulabbatsèñíce : :; j ntróductin t:temple frchildren p t age 6 andthejifamjfie:older blineiekòietp òrticiïe Secnd Strdy;fhththbhih at?m nndthfljjh Hdiì f thbñth at : 6 PM Sidñy HelbruncSbàir Rabbi i Jeffrey Weill taht Rabbi ictr Weiberg Rabbi Emeritu O im Huri! Car j ): pléae cá : i Neil Bqtcf9d ut " Change can be faxed *ther EDSON PRK Edin Park Luthéran Church ELC 6626 N Oliphant ve wwwedinparklutheranrg Sunday Mrning Wrhip Schedule Liturgical Wrhip with Hly Cmmunin 8:00 M and 9:45 M Cnteniprary Wrhip with Hly Cmmunin 11:15 M Sunday Schl age PreK thru 6 grade 9:45 M ttended Nurery fr Sunday Service Handicapped cce frm uth parking lt NRwD PRK t lban Epicpal Church 6240 Nrth vndte Nrwd Piç llini (773) wwwaintalhanchurchcm Hly Eucharit: Sunday at 9:30 M The wmmunitie f St lban Epicpal Church and Si Richard Epicpal Church will cmbine their Hly Week ervice a fllw: Maundy Thurday gape Supper at 6:30 PM fllwed by church ervice St Richard Gd Friday ervice at 7:00 PM St lban Hly Saturday Great igil at 7:00 PM Hly Eucharit at 9:30 M S lbn Eater Sunday St lban t Richard Epicpal Church i lcated at 5101 W Devn Chicag L Ph: (773) St llan ffer the Catechei f the Gd Shepherd Sunday chl prgram September thru May t i a Mnteribaed prgram that enriche yur child knwledge f the Hly Spirit thrugh the preentatin f Jeu parable and liturgkal element Yur child i welcme t lin u fr mrning ng at 8:45M andclaat9:oom Nrwd Park Lutheran Church(ELC) 5917 N Nina ve (atnickern) (773) (Stieel level acceibility t niln Church) Sunday Service10:OOM (Hly Cmmunin celebrated 3Çd and 51h Sunday Servie f the Wrd 2" & 4 Sunday) Sunday Church Sthl9:OOM (With Cnfirmatin Miniiry due fr 7th and Sgróde) Nurery rm (with P hked up t Church) vailable during wrhip ervice Rev Rbert C JhnnPatr Lenten+Mldweak Service Wedndáy&1 1 ;QOM with Sup luncién fllwing (March 4 U and pril 1) Theme: "t the CrN NRwD PR Hly weec ervice + Palm Sunday (Sunday f the Pain pril 510:00 M) Bleing and Ditributin f Palm Maundy Thurdaypril :30 PM Hly Cmmunin with the Stripping f the ltar Gd Friday pril :00 PM Gd Friday Liturgy (The Church will he pen fr private dnatin frm 12 Nn t 2:00 PM) The Day f Reurrectin f Jeu Chrit (Eater) Sundaypril Hly Cmmunin at 10:00 M Special muic and Children Sermn will be ffered T Gd bve Be ll the Glry PRK RDGE St ndrew Lutheran Church & Schl 260 H Nhwet Mghwy (847) wwwtandrewparkridgerg Sunday Wrhip: September thrugh May 8:30 & i 1 :00 M June ugut 9:00 M Cntemprary Wrhip: Saturday 5:00 PM eper: Mnday 7:30 PM Sunday Schl & dult 9:45 M (September thru May) Chritian Day Schl PreKindergrten thru 8h Grade t Luke Lutheran Church (EL() Recnciling in Chrit Cngregalin 205 N Prpect ve (847) wwwtlukprrg ffkafukeprrg Sunday Wrhip: 8:30 & 11:00M (Schl Year) 8:30 & 10:00 M (Sunnier) Thurday Wrhip (Summer) 7:00 PM Sunday Chritian Educatin fr all age 9:45 M (Schl Year) Child Car Prvided Rev Dr Stephen M Larn Lead Patr Rev Krihna C Weber ite Patr Rev Dr Malclm Minnkk Jr Ptr Emeritu nne Krenti Organ Directr f Muic Minitrie Melinda Rameth Hailand Directr f Children Chir Nancy Oln Member Cre Crdinatr St Mury5 Epicpal Church 306 S Pipectve (847) wvtmaryspforg Sunday Service: 8:00 & 10:00 M Wedneday Service: 9:00 M Sunday Schl & Nurery during wrhip Yuth Fellwhip The Rev Sarah D Oddertl Rectr WHERE LL RE WELCOME Check webite fr all activitie Handicap cceible C> PRK RDGE Park Ridge Prebyterian Church i 300 W Crecent ve (847) wwwparkridgeprebyrg Sunday Wrhip 10:30 M Nurery care during ervice Children Prgramming fr ge 3 dult Educatin High Schl :15 M Rev Jame P McCracken PROSPECT HEGHTS lphnu Liguri Cathlic Church 41 1 N Wheeling Rd (847) wwwainialphnucm Wrhip Day & Hur: MndaySaturday 8: 15 M Ma f nticipatin: 5:00 PM Saturday Sunday Mae: 8:30 & i i :00 M Patr: Rev Curti Lamben dditinal nfrmatin: Schl: Pre3 thru 8 Grade Befre & fter Sthl Care Onging Faith Frmatin Kindergarten thru 8 Grade High Schl Yuth Minitry Prgram SKOKE CderWetminter United Prebyterian Church 4950 W Pratt (847) wwwcmupcnet Sunday Mrning Wrhip Schedule: 9:00 M Cntemprary Service 10:00 M Sunday Schl (fr all age) 11 :00 M Traditinal Service 12:00 M Fellwhip Hur Mithel Sctt Prter Senir Patr lex Wickell Directr f Yuth Minitrie Office Hur: Mn Tue & Thun 8:30 M ta 4:30 PM Central United Methdit Church 8237 Kentn venue (847) wwwkklcenlralunkorg Sunday Wrhip 10:30 Sunday chl 9:30 M Children & dult dult Chir Practice 8:30 M Sunday Fellwhip 11:3OM12:30 PM Patr Rayerend David L Haley Chir Directr Jeph Pprawki Enzuil: Yuth Chir 9:15 M Sunday cceible Church Building (% Temple Beth rael 3601 W Dernpter St wwwtbikkierg Likrat Shabbt/Kbbalat Shabbat firt Friday f each mnth 5:30 PM Light Nh 6:15 PM SKOKE Kabbalat Shabbat ervice Shabbat Service Friday 8:15 PM Shabbat Service Saturday 10:30 M Shabbat Ktan third Saturday f each mnth10:oom frfamilie with children under the age f five Mrning Minyan Mnday Friday 7:30 M ReRgiu Schl PrK 7h Grade Sunday 9:00 W i :00 M Hebrew Schl Grade 3 7 Sunday U:1OM12:1O PM and Wedneday 4:15 PM 6:00 PM Yuth Grup dult Educatin Kleynu lunteer Chir High Hliday Service Rabbi Mkhael Weinberg Cantr Pavai Rylman Lri B Saganin Directr f Cngregatinal Learning St Paul Lutheran Church 5201 Galitz Street (847) webmaccm/tpaulkkia Sunday Mrning Wrhip 10:00 M Saturday Evening Wrhip 5:00 PM Fellwhip Hur Súnday 8:45 9:45 M Sunday Schl & Bible Study Cla Sunday 9:00 9:45 M Rev Matthew Cnrad Jhn Schuman Miniter f Muic Dale Lukha PK 8 cademy Principal The Church i Handicap cceible ariety f Wrhip Frmat Small Grup Minitry dult Chir & Handbfl Chir St Peter United Church f Chrit Okln Street & thramie venue (847) wgvwtpterucckckierg Sunday Wrhip 10:00 M Sunday Schl 9:00 M (September thru May) Rev Richard Lanfrd Childcare prvided ir Cnditined Sanctuary Cngregatin Bene Shalm 4435Oaktn (847) wwwbenehalamrg Friday 7:30 PM; Kbblat Shabbt 6:30 PM On 3" Friday f the mnth Kabbalitic Prayer/Meditatin Service 10:30 M On 2d Saturday fthe mnth Ether Knapp Religiu Schl Sunduy 9:OOM12:0O PM Hebrew Sthl Sunday 121 PM Children Mdel Sedr Sunday pril 5 10 M SKOKE Temple Family Seder Thurday pril 9 6:00 PM Rabbi Dr Dugla Gidhamer t Rabbi Shari (hen Cantnal Slit Charlene Brk Chir Directr Nna Balk nterfaith Familie Welcme ll ervice ign language and vice Handicap cceible Devar Emet Meianic Synaggue 7800 Nilevenue (847) wwwdevaremfrg Saturdayl0:OOM Shbbat Mrning Service Wedneday 6:45 PM Midweek Religiu Studie fr dult and Yuth Wedneday 6:30 PM Club Maccabee Children Club Fr K5 Grader at Devnhire Schl in Rabbi Kirk Gliebe Devr Emet Meianic Synaggue i cmmunity f Jew wh believe and teach that Yehun (Jeu) i the Prmied Jewih Meiah Temple Judea Mizpah 8610 Nue Center Rd (847) wwwtempkjmrg Friday 8:00 PM Secnd Friday f the Mnth 7:00 PM Family Shabbt Religiu Schl Grade K7 Sunday 9:30 M 12:00 PM Hebrew Schl Grade 3 7 Tueday 4:15 5:15 PM Religiu Schl Grade B 12 Sundayll:45M1:15PM Religiu Schl PreK Tw Sunday a mnth 10:15 M Rabbi my L MemiFter Cantnal ntern Beryl Bellw Sally Gld Terry J Kane Eduaitin Directr Executive Directr dult Educatin Multifaith Familia Welcme Cmmunity Theater High Hliday & Fetival StTîmthy Lutheran Church 9000 N Kildare (847) wwwnimthykkilcm SundayWrhip 10:30M Chair Practice Thurday 7:30 PM Bible Study Mnday 10:00 M Yuth Chritian Educatin 10:3t1 M Rev Erik Weber Birthday Sunday 3td Sunday Sunday at feachmnth t cceible Building C>

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Matt Wiege! Danny Ward and Steven Tm ali are intrumental in the team new tranitin y tern Wiege! wrk a the pint n ffene and ften guard the ppitin bet player a the hle defender Ward and Tm al are taked with hutling back t et up the defene Eat hwed the Wheeling win WaSt)t a fluke The fllwing week the Demn beat ti Steuben 9 7 The ptil 14 victry wa the prgram firt againt the Panther Depite falling t Highland Park 95 n ptil 21 the l)emn fil) ihed the CSL chedule pril 23 with a 173win ver Deerfield Eat entered the week 49 verall and 25 in the cnference "Weve beet) getting better" Guilfil aid "We are hitting n mre cylinder" Eight player cred in the Deerfield win Danny Ward cted fur while Mike Mazur added three Chri Scanln the team leading crer wa ne f fur t cre twice He came int tte yeek with 37 gal The night f the victry the Demn learned their ppnent at the Fenwick Sectinal The N 5 eed drew N 4 St Patrick fr the May 14 quarterlinals Maine Suth the N 8 eed pen with N i Fenwiek lllplcms tp team and furtime defending tette champin "We ate rights where we belng" Cuilfil aid (rl)at the eed puhed fr and we are happy with it Drawing St Patrick thugh CncT: Rich Martin Managing Editr p: e: Michael Mawr (right) fund the net three time lat week durin Maine Eat ll3 victry ver Deerfietd (Jel lerner/staif Phtqrapher) i tugh ihey ate theie with Oak ParkRiver Fret and Yrk in the tiet belw Fenwick" flut Eat firt cmpete in the CSL turnament which tart May B at Evantn Glebrk Suth came int the week undefeated in the league but the eeding and pairing had yet t be determined Mnday The Hawk wrapped up the weekend l5 in the CSL and 213 verall GmLS: Eat and Suth partieipate in the CSL turnament att Glenbrk SQuth beginning May 8 Bth team al are at the Fenwick Sectinal Flue 1)emn arc the N (i eed and play Oak Park River Fret n May 13 while the Hawk are N 7 and take n Yrk the ame day Cmiacez t: pivaeerlealcm

56 DameSt Dame \ 281 By DN SHLP4 TRCK Ntre Dame High Schl Matt Bacm may nqt have the typical hurdler build but the enir ha hardly been held back by a lack f ize t Friday Dn Relay Bacrn wn the 110meter high hurdie (144) etting a chl recrd in theprce 1le wa cming ff a victry the previu week at the cmpetitive Bartlett nvite which included!tate pwerhue like Thrnridge and me quality prgram frm Wienin "He wn that meet and everybdy urrunding him wa like a ft ta)lez and he ge ut and ND head cach Mike aid (L Dn Relay)&did the ame thing TkaL tethmentt hòw hard he wôrked ver ftiyéar He wrked really hard t be gd at r David ftebda and Ntre Dame beat St Patrick 5O Friday (Brian alenin/saft Phtgrapher) what he de m really prud fhim" Bacm wrklad at the ND meet wa hardly an eay ne He went frm the 110 high hurdle t the middle ditance relay (4th 3:543) t the lwhurdle huttle (5th 1:025) with barely a m ment t catch hi breath He later participated in the team 16Q0 relay (6th 3:5510) ining l3acm ii the event were the like f Greg eifel Mike ngelini Jack Mcpdrew Tyler Taugney Mike Ca k and TimCurley Mcndrew a phmre had a fine day in the field F14 came in ixth in the lngjump (18feet 11) and ixth in the highjump (5 (3) Ṡenir lp Englih came in fifth in the hbtjút (449) but cratched in th dicu He kept making thrw that were rightóutidethe ectr line think it wa becaue f the ønje!rb!*v lûrîuzi Utiq wwwyureancm THURDY PRL Ti: Dnbrcak bread ivitli hamrèk after mátch By DN SHLN wind" Jankwki aid While the wind wa a drawback in the thrw it aided cveral f the runner a meet recrd were et in the 400 relay 100 middle ditance relay 800 triplejump and 1600 relay "We had a lt f recrd br ken tday fr the relay think the wind might have helped a lita tie epecially in the 100 (wn by Nile Wet enir ChrìWrlght/ in 105)"Jankwkt aid : The Dn wre cheduled ty2 viit Jliet Cafhjic earlierthi week wherethéy will facdtlt hhietwn HilltÓir an Nazareth ND then ha three traight meet in Lile They wifl facp Benet and St iatr at Benet n May 5 cmpete in the Ciirliii Nalley Jnvitett13eñedictine Unt verity n May 9 and then re turntbeediétir lbrthe:escc Cnference Meet n May 14 Cimncnt: pineer!calcìn TENNS The Ntre Patrick rivalry i a fierce ne thugh it i a bit mre f a laidback affair n the tenni curt than n the ftball field r baketball hardwd The Dn defeated the Shamrck 50 in tenni Friday in Chicag But the afternn didnt feature pping tudent ectin yelling inult at ne anther ntead it wa jutgentlemanly matche f ingle and duble When it wa ver the team had a ckut "We ck ut nce r twice a ean and invite the ret f ur tudent t watch the game (and enjy the fd)" ND head cach Steve Jankwki aid "We uually d it during ur hme match with St Patrick But we played them n the rad thi yea and the St Patrick kid verc lking frward t (ril!ing) S we cked at their place They prvíded the drink and nack and we brught the ht dg" ND mut have enjyed the ptgame tailgate a little mre than the Shamrck did after a cnvincing vietry Leading the way fr the Dn wa David 1lebda wh wn at firt ingle The kid really lk up t ilebda" Jankwki aid "He i the heart and ul f the team They rally behind him and he keep them in line" Teammate Rnnie Wing a trickht artit wh remain undefeated wa a winner at ecnd ingle Gin Recehia and Kyle Smith were tp in firt duble Jhn and Je Kalkwki wn ecnd dubie and Tm Crwley and Jack Smith prevailed at N 3 duble Ntre Dame ha been playing me inpired tenfi recently ND fllwed up a Nue Wet nvite title pril 11 with dualmeet win ver defending ESCC champ St iatr Maine Eat and Nazareth n the tuneup befre facing rival St Patrick the Dn drpped a 43 d ciin tundefeated Carmel pril 23 "Were cranking That wa a gd week" Jankwki aid The Dn were cheduled t viit Benet n Tueday They return hme t face St Jeph at 4 pm tday at Nrtheat Park in Park Ridge ND tudent and teacher are invited t attend Ht dg will be prvided " buy the fd n my wn dime They jut have t cme ut and upprt the team" Jankwki aid " have 160 ht dg and m ready t g" Bacm et Ntre Dame recrd in 110 high hurdle : "e C ç LC r Jack Mcndrew l Ntre take ff in the lng jump final where he plated ixth during the 43rd Dn Re lay (llen : Kleta/Fr STN) " t PONZ(R PRESS PtMJCUUN LJ11JJS prt n Phelp nt wrried after ND l t Lane Tech By DN SHLN LCROSSE Thugh the Ntre Darne lacre team caine up n the hrt end f a li2 game pril 23 againt viiting Lane Tech Dn head (Ol1h Sam Phelp wa nt alaruicd "1 think ur playwa better Uìuii the cte" aid Phelp lu)sc CilU1 entered thi week íth 35 recrd The cach aid hi team flislthj)s were cmmn and turrectable and that he aw eeial trng imprvement hi inexperienced quad lhlll)s aid hi team mitake were in area like midli(l(l pesion midfield detei4e grund ball paing and giveandge in frnt f liii gal \\Then the Dn did get Weekly Maintenance Spring/Fall Cleanup Shrub Trimming Tp Sil& Seeding Shrub Remval! ntall*tjn themelve pen in frnt f the net their ht were t ften fftarget "nther ne fthe thing we have t wrk n i ht ng" Phelp aid "That ne f ur weak pt Weve wrked n it bu it jut a matter fdrill drill and practice That ne fthe thing we knw we need t wrk n" The ndian et the tne early in the game by cring in the firt minute Lane led 2 O after ne quarter and were ahead 40 when NDS Ben Peerar fund the net with jut le than even minute remaining befre halftime The Dn urrendered the next five gal but ND eemed t catch a ecnd wind late in the game t lid furthquarte r play wa rewarded with a Rb Neyln trike with five minute re Perfect Turf Landcaping nc 1692 S River Rad De Pial jic Family wned & perated Cmplete Cutm Landcaping Service ft Redential & Cmmercial bvi lricci Fully nurcd lree EilmaiN (call Stev rgcrel eratin Sd ntallatin Mulching Drainage Sytem NOTCE OF NONDSCRMNTON POLCY S TO STUDENTS The Child Care With Cnfidence nc chl admit tudent f any race clr natinal and ethnic rigin t all the right prgram and privilege accredited r made available tudent f the chl t de nt dicriminate n the bai f race clr natinal r ethnic rigin n adminitratin f it educatin plicie admiin pi1 cie chlarhip and lan prgram and athletic and ther chl adminitered prgram Child Care With Cnfidence Publhed n Pineer Pra 4/00/09 (t688050) 32 maining The gal came after a timeut in which a play wa drawn up pecifically fr Neyln "We ran the ilatin play and it wrked pretty well" Phelp aid "We ilated him n the refraining line and had the remaining middie 80cl attack crah the net and hield the galie (Neyln) beat hi vin the ther guy brke ut and e luid a layup" On Saturday the Dn managed t play ne and half game in the Deerlieid Turmiment befre the ret i the invite wa wahed ut by rain Deerfield defeated the Dn 72 in the pener Neyln and Harry Jhnn cted the gal fr ND Ntre Dame wa leading Tait 51 when the game wa ealledjut befre halftime Cntinent: pinccrlcalcìn Night f Re 2009 Hnree Hepu celebrate ur Hme Grwn Succe Saturday pril Dinner Ticket $45 Preented by: Nue Chamber f \ Cmmerce &ndutry Buine f the Year ccunting Firm fflwniniak Piper and Cmpany Bb Wrdel LivnØ Legend Elaine Heizcn Cach f the Year Patti Rerwr Dynamic Parent lunteer David Beicrualte Fire Fighter "Ht Spt" Martin C Feld Ken Scheel Chamber Member f the Year Bb Ryan Mlle Citizen f the Year Bernadette Knaplk Fih Nib Glden Senir Mar/jane Thipina Nue 600d Neighbr Mary Mahney Plice Officer "Special gent" iric ambrech: Teacher f the Year Jy Pa rii Unung Wrker "Nt Enugh Hur n the Day" Jhn lekt Yuth f the Year Matthew Bardela Call Brenda t RSP(847) Ntre Dame Harry Jhnn (1) trie t evade lane Tech defender during a 92 l t the ndian n prii 23 (C Jan Brwn/Fr SNG) \\ RUSH DERMTOLOGY jr Skkie WelcOme NewDermatgt Stateftheart dermatlgy ffering cmprehenive kin ervice frm infancy thrugh adulthd claencew Brwn r MO Ore(r MOHS Dernarc Surgery Bardectifred Dermrkrgir Skin cancer treatment CSmetic Service TO SCHEDULE N PPONTMENT PLESE CLL (847) Wet Glf Rad Surte 71 1 Sklrie llini Hur by appintment with weekend availability Cnveniently lcated near Old Orchard Shpping Mall Mt inurance plan accepted ddirlnal pplntrnenl Lcatn fr RUSH Dermatlgy SU5H Dernaiig 1725 W HaO\ Sie 264 Chcgr nu 312? RUSH Demii S Suie 02 Wet 6nr 1630) 9645OO www ruh idni rl i n S9clua H Barba MD MPH irani Prfer Bard «irfred Dennrrarfgrt Treatnient f kin hair and nail dieaé RuH t*uaihøq Oak Pak ) f nj f ff1

57 3Oiprt ìwwyuíeañcm THJRSDY PRL Blùè Dèñiiii frugglc withut enir t aller By ROB LENTN Cntributr BSEBLL Miing tw f il ceryday enit aitìe 1at ciiciti rc1 a tugh eek a t (h0p1)e(j j)i ui (()l1)t?flct gatie t (1 (len )look Nrth and a nncnfercnce hwdwn wi th Cnant "Were playing a little light right nw" aid Blue Demn cach Dan Dlney ere withut tw tarter right nw it difficult ihe pitive i the junir are getting a chance t get in there ìind )ia varity baeball Catcher )an \itlui ha been ut with a prained ankle and pitcher/utlïelder Danny Walker i n the bench with a tweaked hiíi dei Withjut three ther enir n the quad it wa an exceptinally difficult week Maine Eat ( CLS Nrth) tumbled pril 23 t Glenbrk Nrth 147 The Blue Demn fell behind early and fught back t By ROB LENTN Cntributr SOFTBLL Maine Eat Reilly haek culdnt have been mre excited lat year a he prepared fr her frehman ean haek wa ging t be a tarting third baeman fr the Blue Demn and he wa planning n making an immediate cntributin Then the unthinkable happened haek had me pain in her knee and went t the dctr where they diagned her with a genetic injury: Part fthe bnein her knee want getting bld and he needed urgery putting an end t her ean afterjut ne game "When fund ut wanted t burt int tear" haek àid "Sftball i my favrite pòrt and wa devatated wa really excited t play be Maine Eat Crey Evan (left) and Derek Hward fight the un a they track up ppup Thurday during the Blue Demn 141 l at Glenbrk Nrth (llin William/Staff Phtgrapher) within 107 befre the Spartan cled the dr "We are hitting the ball pretty well thi ean" Dla mey aid "Were hitting 275 but unfrtunately the tw guy we were miing are tw fur tp hitter! Maine Eat truggled the next tw day a they were hammered Friday by Glenbrk Nrth 112 and Satur (lay by Cnant 183 4We till have t wrk n making adjutment a t vluit were ding \v1ng" l)ulney u id lo flt playing gd íuhinieiital i ):ts1t)l) \nd it t till that w1& \\)king 0)11 weekly \c uivc t d hat ve practice" Dlney aid he think hi tarterjut need t play with a little mre cnfidence bright pt wa juni! l Nagde With \itku n the bench Nagde tepped in behind the plate and did a lid jb Een niie in pessiel3 ii hwed me f))}) n hi bat ging (ifar 12 in the threegame pan "1le wa aked to) d a littie if101e and he did an excellcntjb" Dlney aid "Hpefully he can cntinue that Thinglkgd if we get the guy back We can make a gd puh at the end" Dfney aid he i hping that hi ther three enir can take a cue frm Nagde and tep up fenir lex Czubak (pitcher/firt bae) Derek Hward (pitcher/utfielder) and Chri Ripj)e (pitchcr/utfielder) can l)u1 the teaiu n their htiklei they i:jut 1)1 abk t ld 11101e \1fl fr the pitching tall they had been having a P1Ctty gd ean befre th( etback lat week Ripple ha been very cnitent Dlney aid but he need me help frm hi teammate "Every time he ge ut he battle and give u a ht t win the game" ) ney aid "We jut havent played very gd defene Our defene hant been there every game and we need t be a cmplete team" The Blue Demn have a buy week ahead Maine Eat wa cheduled t trayel t Deerfield n Tueday ht Deerfield tday travel t St iatr n Friday and ht Nue Wet n Saturday Cmi:ent:pineerlcalcwn Team atmòphcre pay ff a Eat find Ucce caue went thrugh all the Tean wrkut" While haek culdnt even take batting practice he remained dedicated t the team ging t ll the practice and game Thatmight have made thing even wre a he had t watch Maine Eat win jut ne game all ean "1 dnt even knw what wrd t ue t decribe lat year" haek aid "t painful tjut it there and watch them le becaue there wa nthing culd d t help them" While lat year may have been unbearable thi pring ha brught a rebirth fr haek and Maine Eat The Blue Demn have already racked up fur win thi ean and 1iityear head cach Mike Bender ha increaed (he number fgirl in the prgram frm 21 t 3G We came in with a brand new philphy" Lender aid "We hadnt had much ucce a a prgram and the firt gal wa t build a team atmphere We had trip tgether and we did a lckin and it really paid lf" Maine Eat regitered early ean win ver n Steuben and Prvi Wet while weeping Prvi Eat in a dubleheader But what may be even mre impreie i hw the Blue Demn are handling thefl)sccs in cnference play The Blue )enin had Nile Nrth againt the rpe befre drpping a 32 deciin in extra inning rhey al drpped a cle 52 cntet t Highland Park "We et a lt fgal but the real gal wa t cmpete n every game" Bender aid "Weve run int rad bump thi year but nw ie have the ability t cmpete Were nt ued t winning ball game Were able L get lead but flw we have t learn hw t finih" fter nt eeing live pitching fr almt a year haek ha truggled a bit at the plate but he been lid in the field Meanwhilejunir Jenny Krawice ha been the team mt cnitent hitter with a batting average arund 400 "Were cming ut and putting up a fight thi year; it ally exciting" Krawiec aid "f wejut try we can amunt t anything we want" Other key cntributr thi ean have been catcher Mary Caruvana pitcher Michele Perche Sam Dek and Cara DeBenedicti firt baeman Jeie Demar and ecnd baeman Kyla Stancy Maine Eat i cheduled t travel t Highland Park Thurday and Wheeling n Saturday Crnrnent:pinecrlcaLcg Maine Eat center fielder Reily haek cre the plate during the Demn win ver n Steuben (Jerry Daliege/fr SNG) PONEER PRESS PUBLCTON Super phne fr uper mm Hurry in tday and get great gift fr Mm MOTOW755 : erizn Wirele 3G Excluive Sleek muc phne with external tuch cntrl NOW l$t99 ONLY $8O992ytptce*$SOfluiWflrelSttdebtOaFd ll phnerequlie new2yr actlyatldn WSleupplleS h rv u i i i " intrducing Friend& Fa y Nw yu can call mre nd ave mre BlackBerry Curve" Keep in tuch n the g with and Web acce $9999 $ yr pace $70 maiiin rebate debitcard t n extra ct yu can get Unlimited calling t yur tp 10 number and ur 80 milln cutmer lt the bet value in wirele! 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58 S S 32 wwwplneerlcalcm THURSDY PRL RELTOR l a t ; r_ux Outtanding gent Outtanding Reult ṡm Thinking f SELLiNG Yur Hme? The Number One Selling R1 Office in Skkie Since 1986" Serving the Entire Nrth Shre Cati fr a Free Market nalyi! Ead Ottic lndepemdeny Owned & Operated Clin dina Gnzalez Cen Barry Bnveni e Clrlr hld twnhue n tabuln cnthtln! 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VILLAGE COORDINATOR AGREEMENT Date Received at AHSGR VILLAGE COORDINATOR AGREEMENT Frm materials written by the riginal funders f AHSGR, we knw that the grup f peple wh gt tgether in the late 1960s t frm what was t later becme AHSGR

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Big Kahuna Assembly Instructions

Big Kahuna Assembly Instructions Big Kahuna Assembly Instructins Thank yu fr purchasing a d-it-yurself pergla kit frm Average Je s Pergla Dept. We appreciate yur business, and we are here t help yu in any way pssible. Read this entire

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Automated Meters Frequently Asked Questions

Automated Meters Frequently Asked Questions Autmated Metering Prject Utilities Divisin Phne: 403.529.8111 Autmated Meters Frequently Asked Questins Intrductin The City f Medicine Hat has cmpleted its prject t install autmated meters fr all electric,

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Elementary. Week 3. November 18/19, 2017

Elementary. Week 3. November 18/19, 2017 Elementary Week 3 Nvember 18/19, 2017 Bttm Line Say Thank Yu! Staging: Waterclr backdrp Film Strip (t be used as a backdrp) Red curtain with lights (t be used as backdrp) Standees (camera, film reel) Large

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Whittle Bits and Pieces May

Whittle Bits and Pieces May Whittle Bits and Pieces May - 2017 Mid-Wiscnsin Chippers Newsletter Website: http://midwiscnsinchippers.weebly.cm/ Editrs: Rdney Manthey and Peter Frnsee Next Club Meeting Sunday, August 27, 2017 (This

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The Urbana Free Library Patron Survey. Final Report

The Urbana Free Library Patron Survey. Final Report The Urbana Free Library Patrn Survey Final Reprt CIRSS Center fr Infrmatics Research in Science and Schlarship Graduate Schl f Library and Infrmatin Science University f Illinis at Urbana-Champaign 501

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Session 8. MAKING DECISIONS Steps 1 & 2 of Do It!

Session 8. MAKING DECISIONS Steps 1 & 2 of Do It! Sessin 8 MAKING DECISIONS Steps 1 & 2 f D It! WHOSE FUTURE GOAL 6: Yu will learn t make decisins using DO IT! Repeat after me: When yu left last time, yu were thinking abut MAKING DECISIONS. Remember?

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Consciousness Shifting

Consciousness Shifting Frmula fr Miracles Presents Cnsciusness Shifting Shift Yur Cnsciusness, Open Yur Mind, and See Int The Matrix With Open Eyes! By Brent Phillips and Daniel Metraux www.frmulafrmiracles.net Shift Yur Cnsciusness

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Cleveland Public Theatre. Catapult. Request for Proposals. Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 12 th, 2017

Cleveland Public Theatre. Catapult. Request for Proposals. Deadline for submissions is Monday, June 12 th, 2017 Cleveland Public Theatre Catapult Request fr Prpsals Cleveland Public Theatre s New Play Develpment CPT s missin is t raise cnsciusness and nurture cmpassin thrugh grundbreaking perfrmances and life-changing

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Copyright 1994 by WellSpring International Educational Foundation. Reprinted with permission

Copyright 1994 by WellSpring International Educational Foundation. Reprinted with permission Cpyright 1994 by WellSpring Internatinal Educatinal Fundatin. Reprinted with permissin Claiming & Develping All Yur Gifts Identity Character Chice Relatinships Meaning Knwledge Grwth Spirituality Is Yur

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HOLIDAZZLE CREATIVE LIGHTING EXPERIENCE 2016 Minneaplis Dwntwn Experience Cmmittee & The Minneaplis Dwntwn Cuncil HOLIDAZZLE CREATIVE LIGHTING EXPERIENCE 2016 Request fr Creativity Issue Date: June 2016 Submissin Deadline: June 24, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

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Registration Information

Registration Information Registratin Infrmatin Welcme! The Hme Builders Assciatin f Virginia (HBAV) is a 3100-member statewide rganizatin f hmebuilders and firms that prvide prducts and services t the hme building industry. HBAV

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Freading for Kindle Fire Using the SlideME app.

Freading for Kindle Fire Using the SlideME app. Harvard Public Library www.harvardpubliclibrary.rg Freading fr Kindle Fire Using the SlideME app. Freading is an e-bk cllectin, available t Harvard Public Library cardhlders, that ffers tens f thusands

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Colourful Stitches. Quick Summer Medallion. 45 x 45 Gyleen X. Fitzgerald Quick Summer Medallion.

Colourful Stitches. Quick Summer Medallion. 45 x 45 Gyleen X. Fitzgerald   Quick Summer Medallion. Quick Summer Medallin 45 x 45 Clurful Stitches 16 (finished) panel r rphan blck fr center ½ yard, center framing triangles ¼ yard, skinny frame brder 1 ⅔ yard, inside setting triangles 1¼ yard, utside

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Table of Contents. ilab Solutions: Core Facilities Core Usage Reporting

Table of Contents. ilab Solutions: Core Facilities Core Usage Reporting Revisin Date: 12/31/2012 Table f Cntents 1. Institutin, Cre Facility and Lab Administratin Reprting Overview...2 2. Hw d I access ilab Reprts?...3 3. What is the General Functinality fr ilab Reprting?...6

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NEWSLETTER. A message from the manager. In This Issue

NEWSLETTER. A message from the manager. In This Issue NEWSLETTER December 2017 A message frm the manager Hi everyne and welcme t ur December newsletter! Yu may ntice a slightly different lk t this editin, it s just part f ur cmmitment t keep things fresh

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Become a PCCW Solutions professional with a technical specialty

Become a PCCW Solutions professional with a technical specialty Audi Visual Aviatin Systems Integratin Bradcasting Engineering Graduate Trainee Prgram Becme a PCCW Slutins prfessinal with a technical specialty We need: Fresh talents t jin the market leader in best-f-breed

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The Midwest Association for Latin American Studies invites you to its 68 th Annual Conference in El Paso, Texas

The Midwest Association for Latin American Studies invites you to its 68 th Annual Conference in El Paso, Texas The Midwest Assciatin fr Latin American Studies invites yu t its 68 th Annual Cnference in El Pas, Texas Bridges and Walls: Perspectives n Unity and Diversity frm the U.S.-Mexic Brder and the Americas

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Prospectus. Solo or Group Exhibition Opportunities at Gallery Underground

Prospectus. Solo or Group Exhibition Opportunities at Gallery Underground 1 Prspectus Sl r Grup Exhibitin Opprtunities at Gallery Undergrund Gallery Undergrund annunces sl r grup exhibitin pprtunities fr artists frm the Greater Washingtn, DC area. Our gallery at the Shps at

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For as long as there have been people trying to find their way, there have been stars to guide them. Stars dance in the heavens weather we see them

For as long as there have been people trying to find their way, there have been stars to guide them. Stars dance in the heavens weather we see them Fr as lng as there have been peple trying t find their way, there have been stars t guide them. Stars dance in the heavens weather we see them there r nt. They warm the darkness f the night and fill us

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Original Recipe. Original Recipe can be found at

Original Recipe. Original Recipe can be found at Original Recipe Have yu ever gtten an idea in yur head and then had a hard time shaking it? It is like a sng that inserts itself int yur day and will nt be abandned. N matter what yu d that silly sng is

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Spinning Mills Registration Guidelines

Spinning Mills Registration Guidelines COTTON MADE IN AFRICA Spinning Mills Registratin Guidelines 07/2018 1 Dear spinning mill partner, We have had very prmising develpment with ur Cttn made in Africa (CmiA) Initiative in the past few years.

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How Can I Make My Sewing Operation More Efficient and Profitable?

How Can I Make My Sewing Operation More Efficient and Profitable? Hw Can I Make My Sewing Operatin Mre Efficient and Prfitable? Presented by Phil Freese Hw addressing the basic s really des wrk! American & Efird It s Nt Rcket Science! What has t be addressed in yur sewing

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These are the steps you should take when someone dies 1. Certification of Death

These are the steps you should take when someone dies 1. Certification of Death What t d when smebdy dies These are the steps yu shuld take when smene dies 1. Certificatin f Death A death must be certified by a prfessinal such as a dctr r nurse befre a bdy can be taken int care r

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SINGER FUTURA TM Holiday Banner SINGER FUTURA TM Hliday Banner Have fun decking the halls with this festive banner! It s s simple t make the HyperFnt sftware and yur SINGER FUTURA machine. Create the base applique right in yur embridery

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6 th and 7 th Grade Advisory Plans (Week 16)

6 th and 7 th Grade Advisory Plans (Week 16) 6 th and 7 th Grade Advisry Plans (Week 16) This week in Advisry: On Mnday students will check in and share ut. On Tuesday- Thursday, students will participate in a fun grup building activity t minimize

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Call For Artists. 4 th Annual En Plein Air Paint the Town Art Auction and Gala!

Call For Artists. 4 th Annual En Plein Air Paint the Town Art Auction and Gala! Call Fr Artists 4 th Annual En Plein Air Paint the Twn Art Auctin and Gala! Artists age 18 & up, f all levels, are invited t participate. Enjy this pprtunity t dcument a part f Dwntwn Cary s histry, culture

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Supervisor of Elections j, **,., a Mark Andersen

Supervisor of Elections j, **,., a Mark Andersen Supervisr f Electins j, **,., a Mark Andersen " Bay Cunty O Phne: 8507846100 830 W. 11s' Street baysuper@bayvtes.rg Fax: 8507844141 Panama City, FL 32401 www.bayvtes.rg Cell: 8508196933 September 5, 2018

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Switch to Save Program. Frequently Asked Questions

Switch to Save Program. Frequently Asked Questions Switch t Save Prgram Frequently Asked Questins Prject Partners Invlved Bendig Bank has partnered with Energy Makevers t create the Switch t Save prgram. Envirnment & Sustainability Trudy Ellery, Head f

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State Bank Virtual Card FAQs

State Bank Virtual Card FAQs State Bank Virtual Card FAQs 1. What is State Bank Virtual Card? State Bank Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility fr ecmmerce (nline) transactins.

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Worfield Endowed CE Primary School. e-safety policy

Worfield Endowed CE Primary School. e-safety policy Wrfield Endwed CE Primary Schl e-safety plicy (reviewed March 2017 review March 2018) Our schls are cmmitted t safeguarding and prmting the welfare f children, yung peple and adults at all times and expects

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PCCW Solutions Engineering Graduate Trainee Program - Audio Visual / Aviation / Broadcasting / Systems Integration

PCCW Solutions Engineering Graduate Trainee Program - Audio Visual / Aviation / Broadcasting / Systems Integration PCCW Slutins Engineering Graduate Trainee Prgram - Audi Visual / Aviatin / Bradcasting / Systems Integratin Becme a PCCW Slutins prfessinal with a technical specialty 101010101010101010101010101 0101010101010101010101010101010101010101010

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No, Cell C has partnered up with various Fibre Network Operators (FNO) in the market providing fibre on an open access network.

No, Cell C has partnered up with various Fibre Network Operators (FNO) in the market providing fibre on an open access network. C-FIBRE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. What is Fibre? Fibre is a next generatin bradband technlgy that intrduces super-fast speeds and a high capacity netwrk with flexibility, reliability and stability

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How to Install a Slate Tile Floor By See Jane Drill TM Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved

How to Install a Slate Tile Floor By See Jane Drill TM Copyright 2014, All Rights Reserved Hw t Install a Slate Tile Flr By See Jane Drill TM Cpyright 2014, All Rights Reserved Resurces Needed t Cmplete the Jb Tls & Supplies Pwer drill with mixing want (a bucket trwel can als be used fr mixing)

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Sacramento CA - Insane Inflatable 5K Logistics EVENT ID:

Sacramento CA - Insane Inflatable 5K Logistics EVENT ID: Sacrament CA - Insane Inflatable 5K Lgistics EVENT ID: 135919 PRINT THIS DOCUMENT AND BRING WITH YOU TO THE EVENT Event Lcatin: Califrnia State Fair 1600 Expsitin Blvd Sacrament, CA 95815 PLEASE READ THIS

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Announcement of the International Law Research Program s 2017 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition. $80,000 per year

Announcement of the International Law Research Program s 2017 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition. $80,000 per year Annuncement f the Internatinal Law Research Prgram s 2017 Pst-Dctral Fellwship Cmpetitin Overview Value Duratin $80,000 per year 24 mnths with pssibility f ne year extensin The Internatinal Law Research

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Year Three Home Learning Grid Autumn Term 1: Ancient Egypt

Year Three Home Learning Grid Autumn Term 1: Ancient Egypt Year Three Hme Learning Grid Autumn Term 1: Ancient Egypt During the half term, cmplete ne task frm a clumn each week. Try t cmplete ne activity a week frm the maths grid t. Each week chse an activity

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Lad with min. 5 kg 405000090 405070090 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CONTENT: 1. Imprtant safety instructins. 2. Specificatins and main dimensins. 3. Parts included. 4. Installatin. 5. Adjusting the strke

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6/22/17 MEMO TO: CALL TO TEEN ARTISTS (AGES 15-18) NEW Creative Crosswalk project in ViBe District

6/22/17 MEMO TO: CALL TO TEEN ARTISTS (AGES 15-18) NEW Creative Crosswalk project in ViBe District 6/22/17 MEMO TO: CALL TO TEEN ARTISTS (AGES 15-18) RE: NEW Creative Crsswalk prject in ViBe District ViBe Creative District will hst a NEW creative crsswalk painting event n the Secnd Saturday f July (7/8/17)

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Anntatins Narrative Grade 5 Abraham Lincln Guide Paper 1 Fcus/Organizatin Scre Pint: 1 The writer f this respnse prvides little t n intrductin f a character; pint f view may be unclear. The writer prvides

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Claim Amalgamation. Getting Started. Amalgamate means to join 2 or more cell claims into one cell claim. Before you start:

Claim Amalgamation. Getting Started. Amalgamate means to join 2 or more cell claims into one cell claim. Before you start: Claim Amalgamatin Amalgamate means t jin 2 r mre cell claims int ne cell claim. Befre yu start: Yu will need t knw the title numbers f the cell titles fr amalgamatin. If yu are acting as an agent, yu must

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888POKER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL WEEKEND STRUCTURE 888POKER LEAGUE GRAND FINAL WEEKEND STRUCTURE Due t the verwhelming demand frm players at past Grand Final events we will be perating SNG s and Ring games thrughut the weekend. Lk ut fr the pit where yu

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Xerox 8160/8142 Wide Format Color

Xerox 8160/8142 Wide Format Color PRODUCT RANGE / POSITIONING The Xerx 8142/8160 Slutin Printer is a thermal inkjet printing system intended fr use in a prductin envirnment prducing graphical cntent, including Psters, POP, signage, etc.

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LAUREL SPRINGS APPLICATION FOR PROPERTY MODIFICATION Date f Request: Prperty Owner Name: (Please Print) Prperty Address: Day Time Phne: ( ) E-Mail: Est. Start Date: Est. Cmpletin Date: The hmewner must ntify the Prperty Management Office, via e-mail, upn

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Election Day Checklists

Election Day Checklists Electin Day Checklists ELECTION MORNING Precinct Inspectr: Remve all the pages frm this bklet. Using the stapler in the statinery kit, staple tgether the checklists fr each pll wrker. Give each pll wrker

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Using the Laser Cutter

Using the Laser Cutter Using the Laser Cutter Prerequisites Befre yu will be allwed t use the laser cutter, yu must cmplete these three steps: 1. Yu must have cmpleted the Laser Cutter training at Cyberia 2. Yu must schedule

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Puget Sound Company Overview. Purpose of the Project. Solution Overview

Puget Sound Company Overview. Purpose of the Project. Solution Overview Puget Sund Cmpany Overview Puget Sund Energy is Washingtn State s largest and ldest energy utility, serving nearly 1 millin electric custmers and mre than 650,000 natural gas custmers, primarily within

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RiverSurveyor S5/M9 & HydroSurveyor Second Generation Power & Communications Module (PCM) Jan 23, 2014

RiverSurveyor S5/M9 & HydroSurveyor Second Generation Power & Communications Module (PCM) Jan 23, 2014 SnTek, a Xylem brand 9940 Summers Ridge Rad, San Dieg, CA 92121-3091 USA Telephne (858) 546-8327 Fax (858) 546-8150 E-mail: inquiry@sntek.cm Internet: http://www.sntek.cm RiverSurveyr S5/M9 & HydrSurveyr

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COMP 110 INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING WWW COMP 110 INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING WWW http://cmp110www.web.unc.edu Fall 2011 Hmewrk 3 Submissin Deadline: 10:59 AM, Oct 24 Overview Validating Multiple Chess Mves n a Chessbard Fr this assignment yu

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May 30 and 31, 2015 Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m.

May 30 and 31, 2015 Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m. Art Arund Every Crner: Cnversatins and Demnstratins with Artists at the Tyler Public Library May 30 and 31, 2015 Saturday, 10 a.m. t 4 p.m. and Sunday, 1 t 4 p.m. Artist Submissin Deadline: Friday, May

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Permission for Use of Images Policy

Permission for Use of Images Policy Permissin fr Use f Images Plicy All images in ur pht cllectins are subject t apprval by the Directr & Permissin f Use f Images frm must be filled ut prir t the image being released t the researcher. Nt

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Dorsey s Search. Name Address Home Telephone Work. Address. Property Owner s Signature

Dorsey s Search. Name Address Home Telephone Work.  Address. Property Owner s Signature Drsey s Search Return t: Linden Hall 4765 Drsey Hall Drive Ellictt City, MD 21042 410 730-4005 Fax 410 730-4008 ihatz@clumbiavillages.rg - Cvenant Advisr nmeredith@clumbiavillages.rg - Asst. Cvenant Advisr

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PhotoVu Digital Picture Frame Service & Repair Guide

PhotoVu Digital Picture Frame Service & Repair Guide PhtVu Digital Picture Frame Service & Repair Guide PhtVu, LLC 2450 Central Ave, #G1 Bulder, CO 80301 USA www.phtvu.cm/supprt Versin: 1.0 Table f Cntents Getting Started... 3 Determine Yur Generatin f PhtVu

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Art I Woodside High School Ms. Julie Marten Course Syllabus

Art I Woodside High School Ms. Julie Marten Course Syllabus Art I Wdside High Schl Ms. Julie Marten Curse Syllabus Rm: C-15 Email: jmarten@seq.rg Website: www.wdsidehs.rg/marten Phne: Classrm (650) 367-9750 x 40315 Curse Overview Fine Art I is a studi class that

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Document Objectives. Main Points. Document Recommendations. The War Against Disease. Make War Contributions Known

Document Objectives. Main Points. Document Recommendations. The War Against Disease. Make War Contributions Known ASTR 4800: Space Science - Practice & Plicy Tday s Tpic: The Endless Frntier. Hmewrk: Beynd Sputnik, Chapter 5. Hmewrk #1 is due n Friday, Jan. 31 st. Space in the News: Kerry Wahl http://www.space.cm/24307-nasa-cmmercialspaceflight-2014-vide.html

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Before each session, facilitator should arrive early to set up the field and arrange all materials.

Before each session, facilitator should arrive early to set up the field and arrange all materials. Mara Berde Sprt has the pwer t change the wrld, said Nelsn Mandela. It can change camp, t. This specialty track will use sprts as a vehicle fr building character and cmmunity, and helping participants

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Training SPC Dean Brian Frank. Standards Review Committee Chief Rob Vincent. Pinellas County Safety & Emergency Services TBA

Training SPC Dean Brian Frank. Standards Review Committee Chief Rob Vincent. Pinellas County Safety & Emergency Services TBA Pinellas Plice Standards Cuncil Agenda: Wednesday, August 10, 2016 8:30 AM 1. Call t Order Chairman Jeff Undestad 2. Apprval f PPSC Minutes Draft Attached 3. Guest Speakers - 4. PASS Update Directr Waters

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Our exhibit, AUDACIOUS FREEDOM, is about ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives dedicated to the struggle for freedom.

Our exhibit, AUDACIOUS FREEDOM, is about ordinary people who lived extraordinary lives dedicated to the struggle for freedom. Our exhibit, AUDACIOUS FREEDOM, is abut rdinary peple wh lived extrardinary lives dedicated t the struggle fr freedm. These peple were African American men and wmen wh lived in Philadelphia rughly between

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ARTS OF THE ALBEMARLE Jurying Prcess and Standards Gallery Exhibitr Rules Bringing in New Wrk Gallery Etiquette Exhibitr Agreement and Release ARTS OF THE ALBEMARLE Jurying Prcess and Standards Arts f the Albemarle is a juried

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Lad: Min. 5 kg Max. 100 kg TS1000A TS700A INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CONTENT: 1. Imprtant safety instructins. 2. Specificatins and main measures. 3. Parts included. 4. Installatin. 5. Adjusting the strke

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Derivative time-domain sensor and fibre optic correction factor calculation

Derivative time-domain sensor and fibre optic correction factor calculation Technical Nte - TN15 Derivative time-dmain enr and fibre ptic crrectin factr calculatin Marc Sallin and Bertrand Daut, mntena technlgy, 1728 Ren, Switzerland Table f cntent 1. Intrductin... 1 2. Meaurement

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SVT Tab and Service Visibility Tool Job Aid

SVT Tab and Service Visibility Tool Job Aid Summary This Jb Aid cvers: SVT Tab Overview Service Visibility Tl (SVT) Area Overview SVT Area: Satellite Mdem Status (Frm Mdem) Clumn SVT Area: Satellite Mdem Status (Frm SMTS) Clumn SVT Area: Prvisining

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CUSTOMER PORTAL. Floorplan Management

CUSTOMER PORTAL. Floorplan Management CUSTOMER PORTAL Flrplan Management FLOORPLAN ANALYTICS The flrplan analytics area displays flrplans yu have uplad t the prtal (if yu haven t yet upladed a flrplan please cntact ur supprt department). Frm

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Finding Your Ancestors with FamilySearch By Shirley-Ann Pyefinch, MIM Ottawa Family History Centre

Finding Your Ancestors with FamilySearch By Shirley-Ann Pyefinch, MIM Ottawa Family History Centre Abstract: Learn abut the free glbal resurces and tls available fr yu thrugh the FamilySearch.rg website. Frm searching histrical recrds t using ur cllabrative tls, this sessin will help yu understand hw

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The Corporation of Delta COUNCIL REPORT Regular Meeting. File No.:

The Corporation of Delta COUNCIL REPORT Regular Meeting. File No.: The Crpratin f Delta COUNCIL REPORT Regular Meeting F. 11 T: Mayr and Cuncil File N.: LU007147 Frm: Cmmunity Planning & Develpment Department Date: June 10, 2014 Develpment Permit Amendment fr the Prperty

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2018 Print and DPI Annual Competition Rules

2018 Print and DPI Annual Competition Rules Brisbane Camera Grup 'Annual Cmpetitin' takes place in Nvember each year. It's the highlight f the club cmpetitin year and submissin standards are cnsistently high. All graded members are eligible and

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Lesson Plans. Geography. Grade 9. Mrs. Newgard

Lesson Plans. Geography. Grade 9. Mrs. Newgard Lessn Plans Gegraphy Grade 9 Mrs. Newgard Mnday, Nvember 16, 9-12.2.20 Explain cntemprary issues and events in an interdependent wrld Objective: Discuss Benghazi attack and Learn hw varius landfrms have

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CAMPBELL COUNTY GILLETTE, WYOMING. Electrical Inspector Senior Electrical Inspector

CAMPBELL COUNTY GILLETTE, WYOMING. Electrical Inspector Senior Electrical Inspector CAMPBELL COUNTY GILLETTE, WYOMING Electrical Inspectr Senir Electrical Inspectr Class specificatins are intended t present a descriptive list f the range f duties perfrmed by emplyees in the class. Specificatins

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Standard Authorization Request Form

Standard Authorization Request Form When cmpleted, email t: gerry.cauley@nerc.net Standard Authrizatin Request Frm Title f Prpsed Standard Frequency Respnse, versin 1 Request Date 4/1/06 SAR Requestr Infrmatin Name Dn McInnis (Terry Bilke

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Notes on using an external GNSS receiver with smart phone mapping app

Notes on using an external GNSS receiver with smart phone mapping app Backgrund Within is a summary f my experience using varius GNSS (Glbal Navigatin Satellite System) receivers 1 ver the last 5 t 8 years. I like t recrd tracks summer and winter fr future use in returning

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GENERAL RULES FOR ALL MALIFAUX TOURNAMENTS MALIFAUX TEAM TOURNAMENT (50 STONES) GENERAL RULES FOR ALL MALIFAUX TOURNAMENTS All Turnaments will be run using the Malifaux Gaining Grund 2011 rules. Exceptins and special rules are listed belw: All Mdels must be fully painted (3 clr standard)

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1.12 Equipment Manager

1.12 Equipment Manager Mdule 1 Categry 1 1.12 Equipment Manager Functin f the windw The windw is the central data file fr the Kntrl Pr and cllects the main data fr fees f an bject that t be used in this prject. The Equipment

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The Motorcycle Industry in Europe. L-category vehicles type approval regulation ACEM comments on draft TRL durability study

The Motorcycle Industry in Europe. L-category vehicles type approval regulation ACEM comments on draft TRL durability study L-categry vehicles type apprval regulatin ACEM cmments n draft TRL durability study 1. ACEM members welcme the pprtunity t cmment n the draft TRL durability study. Since 2004, ACEM members have supprted

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BigMouth http://www.scaryguys.cm/bigmuth.htm BigMuth Yu're walking dwn a dark path, and cme upn an area cvered with cam net. On ne wall it lks like a table with a skull perched n the edge. Just cam net hanging

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WiFi Lab C. Equipment Needs:

WiFi Lab C. Equipment Needs: WiFi Lab C Event Objective: Teams will cnstruct an antenna prir t the turnament that is designed t transmit a signal at 2.4 GHz and cmplete a written test n the principles f electrmagnetic wave prpagatin.

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SBA S ALL SMALL MENTOR PROTÉGÉ PROGRAM SBA S ALL SMALL MENTOR PROTÉGÉ PROGRAM March 29, 2018 Richard B. Oliver Orange Cunty Pst Presenter Richard Oliver, a Ls Angeles-based Pillsbury partner, is a leading authrity n gvernment cntracts and disputes

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Recommended Usage: Arizona Emergency Net Maricopa

Recommended Usage: Arizona Emergency Net Maricopa Recmmended Usage: Arizna Emergency Net Maricpa When cnditins lk threatening, d nt activate right away. Prime the net frequency with relevant infrmatin, such as... Read Natinal Weather Service Watch r Warning

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BY-LAWNUMBER r1 OF doco OF THE CITY OF SARNIA BY-LAWNUMBER r1 OF doco OF THE CITY OF SARNIA "A By-law t designate the Ber War Memrial lcated Sarnia Public Library and knwn municipally as 124 Christina Street Suth, Sarnia, Ontari, as being f Histric

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HOMEWORK! First Grade

HOMEWORK! First Grade HOMEWORK! First Grade Sight Wrds This week we are taking a shrt diversin frm ur regular Language Arts prgram. We will be reading the stry, Pumpkin, Pumpkin. Sight Wrds: Please print and cut ut these wrds

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IAASS IAASS. International Association. the Advancement of Space Safety. International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety 1

IAASS IAASS. International Association. the Advancement of Space Safety. International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety 1 IAASS Internatinal Assciatin fr t the Advancement f Space Safety Internatinal Assciatin fr the Advancement f Space Safety 1 What is SPACE SAFETY? Internatinal Assciatin fr the Advancement f Space Safety

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SISTEMA ELEVATÓRIO ETV 460A Parts included with yur Flat Lift Lift unit ( #1 ) Pwer supply ( #2 ) R.F. Mdule ( #3 ) Rcker switch ( #4 ) Remte Cntrl ( #5 ) Lift unit ( #1 ) Remte Cntrl ( #5 ) Pwer supply ( #2 ) Rcker switch ( #4 )

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Super ABC Plug-in kit for Pacman or Ms Pacman

Super ABC Plug-in kit for Pacman or Ms Pacman Super ABC Plug-in kit fr Pacman r Ms Pacman This page is a technical reference fr thse wh wn the SUPER ABC kit manufactured by Tw Bit Scre during the 1990's. This prduct is n lnger available. Under the

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DCC BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES. Meeting Date: December 18, 2017 Meeting Location: Board Room Approval: FINAL Recorded by: R.

DCC BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES. Meeting Date: December 18, 2017 Meeting Location: Board Room Approval: FINAL Recorded by: R. BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING MINUTES Meeting Date: December 18, 2017 Meeting Lcatin: Bard Rm Apprval: FINAL Recrded by: R. Jhnsn Dawsn Cmmunity Cllege Bard f Trustees Meeting December 18, 2017 Chad Knudsn,

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National Curriculum Programme of Study:

National Curriculum Programme of Study: Natinal Curriculum Prgramme f Study: Cunt in steps f 2, 3, and 5 frm 0, and in tens frm any number, frward and backward. Recall and use multiplicatin and divisin facts fr the 2, 5 and 10 multiplicatin

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ANTIOCH UNIVERSITY VIRTIUAL WRITING CENTER IDENTIFYING AUDIENCE AND PURPOSE As yu mve further int yur research, it can be helpful t step back and name the purpse and audience yu think yur writing will serve. The prcess belw will help yu sift thrugh

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PROMOTION RULES Now Boarding 2018

PROMOTION RULES Now Boarding 2018 PROMOTION RULES Nw Barding 2018 1. ELIGIBILITY Only persns wh are eighteen (18) years f age r lder may participate in the Nw Barding 2018 prmtin (hereafter referred t as the Prmtin ), prvided they have

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Ditton Primary School: Design and Technology Curriculum Planning

Ditton Primary School: Design and Technology Curriculum Planning Year Grup Natinal Curriculum Learning Objective Design KS1 Natinal Curriculum I can design purpseful, functinal, appealing fr myself and ther users based n design criteria I can generate, develp, mdel

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Carl Landon June 2012

Carl Landon June 2012 Carl Landn June 2012 June 30, 2012 Why the name Cyte? Listening t the Cytes cmmunicating t each ther late ne night, ver the hill and thrugh the wds, I thught, hw great it wuld be if we humans culd cmmunicate

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Formative Evaluation of GeeGuides: Educational Technology to Enhance Art Exploration

Formative Evaluation of GeeGuides: Educational Technology to Enhance Art Exploration Frmative Evaluatin f GeeGuides: Educatinal Technlgy t Enhance Art Explratin Prepared by Clleen F. Manning Senir Research Assciate Gdman Research Grup, Inc. Submitted t GeeGuides LLC March 2005 EXECUTIVE

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Introduction to Life Cycle Risk Management Help Page

Introduction to Life Cycle Risk Management Help Page Select a frequently asked questin (FAQ) t skip t its answer. Hw is the curse rganized? Wh shuld take this curse? Hw d I get credit fr this curse? What d all the navigatin buttns d? Hw d I knw what t click?

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TUTORIAL I ECE 555 CADENCE SCHEMATIC SIMULATION USING SPECTRE TUTORIAL I ECE 555 CADENCE SCHEMATIC SIMULATION USING SPECTRE Cadence Virtus Schematic editing prvides a design envirnment cmprising tls t create schematics, symbls and run simulatins. This tutrial will

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! Class Hours (6 Days)! Saturday, September 20

! Class Hours (6 Days)! Saturday, September 20 VENTURE CAPITAL AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (2014) Chester H, Ph.D. President, TaiAn Technlgies and Eminent VC; Funding Partner, Taipei Angels, Inc. Adjunct Prfessr, IMBA+EMBA, Cllege f Cmmerce, NCCU e-mail:

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The UNIVERSITY of NORTH CAROLINA at CHAPEL HILL Yu will learn the fllwing in this lab: The UNIVERSITY f NORTH CAROLINA at CHAPEL HILL Cmp 541 Digital Lgic and Cmputer Design Prf. Mntek Singh Fall 2016 Lab Prject (PART A): Attaching a Display t the Prcessr

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Small Business Innovation Challenge Program. Ministry of Economic Development and Growth Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science

Small Business Innovation Challenge Program. Ministry of Economic Development and Growth Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science Small Business Innvatin Challenge Prgram Ministry f Ecnmic Develpment and Grwth Ministry f Research, Innvatin and Science Small Business Innvatin Challenge (SBIC) Overview On March 1, MEDG launched the

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Bronco Billy s Expansion: Investor Highlights November 2017 FULL HOUSE RESORTS 1

Bronco Billy s Expansion: Investor Highlights November 2017 FULL HOUSE RESORTS 1 Brnc Billy s Expansin: Investr Highlights Nvember 2017 FULL HOUSE RESORTS 1 Frward-lking Statements This presentatin may cntain statements that are "frward-lking statements" within the meaning f the safe

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