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1 Photo by : Aaron Smith THE ATOLL $2.00 per issue Thursday 15th November 2018 Wednesday 28th November 2018 The Cocos (Keeling) Islands comprises of 27 coral islands forming two atolls situated 2768km north-west of Perth and 3685km due west of Darwin and is an isolated speck in the Indian Ocean. CIDHS Senior Leaders presentation for a skatepark to Council You can subscribe to The Atoll electronically by contacting: In this edition Isi Kandungan Cocos (K) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (K) 2 Thanks to all of the amazing volunteers who headed up to the beach clean-up. Public Notices Notis-notis Umum 17 Sports & Rec Olahraga & Hiburan 25 Games Kemainan 26 Cocos Moment Saat Cocos 28 Community Events Acara Masyarakat 29 Wendy s romantic dinner won at the school auction 1

2 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) Rainfall Stats Latest to 15 November 2018: Nov Statistics 14.60mm Latest 2018 Statistics: mm Administration Building (PO Box 1039) Cocos Keeling Islands WA 6799 P E W LATEST WEATHER Emergency Contact List AFP VHF Ch20 IOTHS WI Clinic IOTHS HI Clinic VHF Ch24 The Cocos (K) Islands Community Resource Centre will hold it s AGM on Wednesday 21st November 4.30pm - CRC verandah DFES HI DFES WI VMRS VHF Ch20 Shire HI Shire WI Watercorp Thumbs Up To HISRA for all the organisation of the Inter- Island games Finger food and refreshments provided. We look forward to welcoming you to our AGM with your show of support for your local Community Resource Centre. Proudly supported by Feel free to your thumbs up to the Shire for inclusion. 2

3 Quote of the Day Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. H. Jackson Brown Jr Thought for the Day Change your life today. Don t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. COFFEE WITH A COP Simone de Beauvoir Joke of the Week 1. A man went to a psychiatrist for his phobia. "Doc," he said, "I've got trouble. Every time I get into bed, I think there's somebody under it. I get under the bed, I think there's somebody on top of it. Top, under, top, under. You gotta help me, I'm going crazy!" "Just put yourself in my hands for two years," said the shrink, "Come to me three times a week, and I'll cure your fears." "How much do you charge?" "A hundred dollars per visit." "I'll sleep on it," said the man. Six months later the doctor met the man on the street. "Why didn't you ever come to see me again?" asked the psychiatrist. "For a hundred buck's a visit? A bartender cured me for ten dollars." "Is that so! How?" "He told me to cut the legs off the bed!" 2. A woman has twins, and gives them up for adoption. One of them goes to a family in Egypt and is named 'Amal.' The other goes to a family in Spain, they name him Juan'. Years later; Juan sends a picture of himself to his mum. Upon receiving the picture, she tells her husband that she wished she also had a picture of Amal. Her husband responds, ''But they are twins. If you've seen Juan, you've seen Amal.' Are you super disappointed that you missed our recent Info Session on internet security, hosted by Hugo and Dave? The CRC has the electronic PowerPoint presentation available for those that would like a copy! You can also head to the links below to check your own security. Many thanks to Joan Susinetti from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Consumer Protection), Hugo and Dave and all those that attended this session. Check if your password has been breached: Google Authenticator Ghostery - Privacy Adblocker 1Password - Password manager Chrome Firefox - 3

4 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) INFO SESSION LEGAL AID & IOT COMMUNITY SOCIAL WORKER Wednesday 5th December 3.30pm pm Drugs, alcohol, addiction and criminal offences Join Annie from Legal Aid and Narelle our IOT Community Social Worker to learn more about these topics. They are also happy to answer any questions you may have. Finger Food and Refreshments Provided Please RSVP by no later than Wednesday 28th November 4

5 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) 5

6 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) FROM THE CEO S DESK 14 NOVEMBER 2018 It has been a busy fortnight at the Shire and I hope the following provides an interesting summary of a few of the things we have been working on. Dua minggu kebelakangan ini telah sebok untuk Shire dan saya harap berikutnya akan memberikan ringkasan tentang berberapa perkara yang kami sedang kerjakan. N C M : Council s November meeting was held on West Island and Councillors were very pleased to see so many people in the gallery. Thank you to everyone for attending and for your interest in Council process. At this meeting Council resolved to apply for funding from the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) for two very important and exciting projects - the Home Island Retail Centre and the Cocos CV project. I have provided a brief summary on both projects in previous editions of the Atoll but anyone wanting to know more about them is very welcome to contact me. Council also settled on dates for the 2019 Council meetings and resolved to alternate between Home Island and West Island. These dates are advertised in this Atoll. A reminder that members of the public are very welcome to attend and observe your Council at work. Trannies Beach was the subject of an Elected Member Motion and Council resolved to allocate funds to reinstate sandbags and tidy this much loved community area before the end of this year. After much consideration Council highlighted the areas that they would like their CEO (me) to focus on for the coming year and formally set KPIs to ensure we move in that direction. I am more than happy to discuss these priorities with any member of the community interested in knowing what the organisational focus will be for the coming year. M C D N : Mitingan Council dibulan November diadakan di Pulu Panjang dan Councillors sangat bergirang hati untuk melihat banyak orang yang hadir. Terima kasih kepada semua yang hadir dan untuk keminatan kamu dalam proses Council. Dimitingan ini Council memutuskan untuk memohon duit bantuan daripada Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) untuk dua projek yang sangat penting dan menarik - Home Island Retail Centre dan projek Cocos CV. Saya telah memberikan ringkasan tentang keduadua projek ini di edisi The Atoll sebelomnya tetapi kalau ada yang ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut dipersilahkan untuk menghubungi saya. Council juga menetapkan haribulan untuk mitingan Council untuk 2019 dan bersetujuan untuk berganti-ganti mengadakan mitingan di Home Island dan Pulu Panjang. Haribulan ini diadvertais di Atoll ini. Sebuah peringatan yang penduduk dari umum dipersilahkan untuk hadir dan menyaksikan Council kamu bekerja. Trannies Beach menjadi tajuk daripada Elected Member Motion dan Council memutuskan untuk memberi ongkos untuk memperbaiki sandbags dan mengemaskan tempat masyarakat yang sangat disayang ini sebelom akhir tahun ini. Setelah lama dipertimbangkan, Council telah menerangkan bahgianbahgian yang mereka ingin melihat CEO (saya) untuk fokus dalam tahun datang dan meresmikan KPIs untuk memastikan yang kita begerak ke arah ini. Saya lebih daripada girang untuk menerangkan tugas-tugas ini kepada sesiapa yang berminat untuk mengetahui fokus untuk pihak kami ditahun hadapan. S L P T C : Council was delighted to welcome the Cocos District High School Senior Leaders to the November Council meeting. Lihah Shakirin, Nabiya Mohd Noor, Aleeya Arkrie, Denzel Whichello, Shaqueal Boekelman and Azrul Azah were great ambassadors for their school and young people. They presented a very professional and wellthought through request for Council to consider a skatepark in Council s corporate planning process and made a very convincing case. As a result Council has agreed to consider a skatepark in its corporate plan. Congratulations Senior Leaders. P S L K C : Council bergirang hari untuk menyambut Cocos District High School Senior Leaders kemitingan Council pada November. Lihah Shakirin, Nabiya Mohd Noor, Aleeya Arkrie, Denzel Whichello and Shaqueal Boekelman berwakilkan sekolahan mereka dengan sangat baik. Mereka persembahkan permintaan secara professional dan lengkap untuk Council mempertimbangkan skatepark dalam proses corporate planning Council dan membuat kes yang dipercayai. Hasilnya, Council telah bersetuju untuk pertimbangkan sebuah skatepark dalam corporate plannya. Tahniah Senior Leaders. W N F A T S : The Shire is pleased to welcome Adim Hajat and Suzie Bulka as our Customer Service Relief Officers. Adim and Suzie will be providing support when our permanent staff are in training and other team exercises. We look forward to working with Adim and Suzie. M M D S : Shire bersenang hati untuk menyambut Adim Hajat dan Suzie Bulka sebagai Customer Service Relief Officers. Adim dan Suzie akan 6

7 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) FROM THE CEO S DESK 14 NOVEMBER 2018 ( ) memberi bantuan bila pekerja-pekerja tetap kami berada dalam training dan acara lain. Kami sangat menunggukan untuk bekerja dengan Adim dan Suzie. DIRECTION ISLAND RIP DECK: The Rip Deck on Direction Island has been refurbished and is looking sensational. Well done and thank you to the team, Brian Cree, Kenny Arkrie, Hj Hajat Sloan on doing such a great job. D D A L P T : Dek di Alor Les di Pulu Tikus telah diperbaiki dan kelatan bagus sekali. Kerjaan yang baik dan terima kasih kepada kumpulan pekerja, Brian Cree, Kenny Arkrie, Hj Hajat Sloan atas kerjaan yang sangat bagus. masyarakat. Pemohonan akan ditutup pada 23 November jadi mohon sekarang. Kalau ingin mengetahui peluang yang baik ini lebih lanjut atau untuk mendapatkan form pemohonan, silah hubungi Luluk Sloan, Community Projects Officer kami yang hebat. 35 TH A O T A O S D : With this exciting milestone on the horizon we have commenced brainstorming with community organisations to ensure the celebrations reflect the significance of this date in the history of Cocos. Thank you to everyone who participated in the brainstorming session. Please contact us if you would like to be involved. U T K 35 H T P : Dengan peristiwa ini yang mendekat kami telah bermula mengambil pandangan dengan pihak-pihak masyarakat untuk memastikan perayaan ini mencerminkan kepentingan haribulan ini dalam sejarah Cocos. Terima kasih kepada semua yang mengambil bahgian dalam usaha ini. Silah hubungi kami kalau ingin mengambil bahgian. F S T : Reminder - anyone wishing to know more about food safety and the requirements for preparing food for commercial sale or community events, please register by contacting Luluk at the Shire. FUNDRAISING IDEA: A reminder that Council has funds to pay community groups to help with clean-up of rubbish around main community areas. These funds can help community groups with their initiatives while at the time helping to keep our community clean and tidy. The Shire will assist by providing some personal protective equipment (PPE) and will allocate an area for the clean-up. Please contact the Shire to find out more about how this program can work for your group. I F : Sebuah peringatan yang Council ada duit untuk membayar kepada kumpulan masyarakat untuk membantu dalam pembersihan sampah dikawasan masyarakat. Duit bantuan ini ialah untuk membantu kumpulan masyarakat dengan acara-acara mereka dan dalam masa yang sama membantu masyarakat kita bersih dan ringkas. Shire akan membantu dengan memberikan pekakas jagaan peribadi (PPE) dan akan menetapkan tempat untuk dibersihkan. Silahkan hubungi Shire untuk mendapatkan penjelasan lebih terhadap bagaimana program ini boleh membantu kumpulan kamu. COMMUNITY FUNDING PROGRAM: Community groups seeking to run events or festivals in 2019 are invited to apply for shire funding via the community funding program. Applications close on 23 November so apply now. If you would like to learn more about this great opportunity or to get an application form, please don t hesitate to contact Luluk Sloan, our amazing Community Projects Officer. C F P : Kumpulan masyarakat yang merancangkan acara atau perayaan untuk 2019 dijumput untuk memohon duit bantuan shire melalui program duit bantuan T S M : Peringatan - sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui lebih tentang keselamatan makanan dan keperluan-keperluan dalam persiapan makanan untuk jualan atau acara masyarakat, silah rejista nama dengan menghubungi Lulu di Shire. As always, we would welcome questions or feedback on these or any other Shire matter so please don t hesitate to contact me. Seperti biasa, kami persilahkan pertanyaan-pertanyaan atau pandangan mengenai perkara-perkara Shire tersebut diatas ataupun selainnya, silahkan hubungi saya Andrea Selvey Chief Executive Officer WORKS UPDATE BERITA KERJAAN R D : Work has commenced on the rebuild of the Rip deck. The structure is now mainly constructed using reconstituted plastic and has progressed well. All hands on deck.including the CEO, Andrea! 7

8 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) FROM THE CEO S DESK 14 NOVEMBER 2018 ( ) D D A L : Kerjaan telah dimulakan dalam memperbaiki dek di Alor Les. Bangunan ini sekarang dibuat menggunakan reconstituted plastic dan berjalan dengan lancar. Semua tangan bekerja.temasuk CEO, Andrea! HI BBQ A : The new bbq area on Home Island is now completed. Please feel free to use them and please consider other users by cleaning up once you have finished. K BBQ D H I : Kawasan bbq baru di Home Island sekarang suda selesai. Silahkan gunakannya dan tolong ingat orang-orang yang akan menggunanya selepas kamu jadi tolong bersihkan setelah kamu habis menggunakannya. Rumah Baru to Trannies Beach. There will be trucks exiting Mahoon Road turning North onto Sydney Highway and Left into Heartbreak Drive. There will be traffic signage in these areas so please be aware of entering trucks. There will also be a closure at Trannies Beach while the installation of the bags is being carried out through the day. The project is scheduled for completion on the 10 December B B K : Shire telah mulaikan projek pengurusan erosion untuk mempertahankan pantai Belakang Batu Karang. Dari hari Rebo 21hb December, sandbag akan dipindahkan kesana dari Rumah Baru. Akan ada lori-lori keluar Mahoon Road yang membelok kiri masok ke Heartbreak Drive. Sain-sain untuk trafik akan disediakan jadi solong berhati-hati terhadap lori yang keluar/ masok. Pantai Belakang Batu Karang juga akan perlu ditutup sementara pemasangan sandbag ini sedang dijalankan sepanjang hari. Projek ini dirancangkan untuk selesai pada 10 December HI G : After a long wait to replace the tiled mirrors, the new more user friendly mirrors have been installed into the Gym. Now you can see those muscles grow! HI G : Setelah menunggu berapa lama untuk mengganti cermin/kaca tile, cermin/kaca yang lebih baik dan selamat telah dipasang di Gym. Sekarang kamu boleh lihat muscle kamu membesar! For more information please contact Ian Evans on or Untuk keterangan selanjutnya silahkan hubungi Ian Evans di atau T B : The Shire has commenced an erosion control project to stop the erosion issue at Trannie Beach. From Wednesday 21st December, sandbags will be transported from 8

9 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 9

10 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) SCHEDULING OF MONTHLY COUNCIL MEETING 2019 It is hereby notified for public information that Council has scheduled the following meeting dates for its Monthly Ordinary Meetings in Residents are reminded that Council conducts a 15 minute Public Question Time at the commencement of the monthly meetings and Council would welcome residents attending the meeting to put questions or merely observe the proceedings of the meeting. Should any of the above dates or venues change for reasons beyond Council s control, residents will be notified via advertising in The Atoll. JADWAL MITING BULANAN COUNCIL 2019 Disini dibertahu untuk keterangan umum yang Council telah menjadwalkan haribulan berikut untuk mitingan biasanya pada Penduduk diingatkan yang Council mengadakan 15 minit untuk Masa Pertanyaan Umum dipermulaan setiap miting bulanan dan Council mempersilahkan penduduk-penduduk untuk hadir dimitingan untuk bertanya atau hanya untuk menyaksikan acara mitingan. Kalau haribulan atau tempat tersebut ditukar untuk alasan yang diluar daripada kuasa Council, penduduk akan diberitahu melalui suratkabar The Atoll. Mee ng Dates Haribulan Mi ngan Venue Tempat Commencement Bermula Wednesday 23 January 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 4.00pm Wednesday 27 February 2019 CRC Mee ng Room West Island 4.00pm Wednesday 27 March 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 4.00pm Wednesday 17 April 2019 CRC Mee ng Room West Island 4.00pm Wednesday 22 May 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 1.00pm Wednesday 26 June 2019 CRC Mee ng Room West Island 4.00pm Wednesday 24 July 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 4.00pm Wednesday 28 August 2019 CRC Mee ng Room West Island 4.00pm Wednesday 25 September 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 4.00pm Wednesday 6 November 2019 CRC Mee ng Room West Island 4.00pm Wednesday 4 December 2019 Council Chambers Home Island 4.00pm Andrea Selvey Chief Executive Officer 10

11 Did you know??? Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Wayang kulit and Bangsawan was brought to Cocos by the Bantamese. Cocos Malay Words Door - Pintu Window - Jendela Stair - Tangga Kitchen - Dapor Table - Meja Chair - Korsi Shelf - Para-para Closet - Lemari Mirror - Kaca Meet Our Youth Officer My names is Zulaikha Jadah also known as Mak Ella. I am the Youth Officer for the Shire of Cocos Keeling Islands and have been working in this role for 6 years. As a youth officer; I plan and facilitate programs for the young people on the island which includes school holiday program and after school activity program. In conjunction with that I work closely with the Cocos Islands Youth Council members to coordinate and conduct youth events and projects such as national youth week, annual youth ball, monthly fundraisers, camping trips, excursions etc. I also act as an advocate in raising youth concerns, their needs and issues to the Shire. Creating opportunities for young people is a passion of mine it gives me satisfaction to see young people being listened to, able to express themselves and be accepted within our small community. I am always open to suggestions on ways we can improve in providing youth services, events and projects. Feel free to approach myself if you see me around the island FUNDING CONTRIBUTIONS RESIDENT FURTHER EDUCATION CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Applications are being called for the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands Funding Contributions Resident Further Education program for study undertaken in Semester 2 of A copy of the Shires policy along with the application form can be obtained from the Shire office or alternatively downloaded from the Shire website Applications are to be received by 3:00pm Monday the 3 rd December Submissions can be handed in at the Shire office, posted or ed to: Deputy Chief Executive Officer Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands PO Box 1094 COCOS (KEELING) ISLANDS WA 6799 Further information can be obtained by contacting Sally Badlu (Mak Siti) during office hours on SUMBANGAN DUIT BANTUAN PELAJARAN LANJUT UNTUK PENDUDUK PANGGILAN UNTUK MEMOHON Surat pemohonan dipanggil untuk program Sumbangan Duit Bantuan Shire Pulu Cocos (Keeling) Pelajaran Lanjut untuk Penduduk. Salinan policy Shire bersama form pemohonan boleh didapat dari opis Shire atau boleh di download dari webite Shire Surat pemohonan mesti diterima sebelom jam 3:00pm hari Senin 3hb December Surat mesti dimasukkan keopis Shire, dikirim atau di kepada alamat tersebut diatas. Keterangan selanjutnya boleh didapati dengan menghubungi Sally Badlu (Mak Siti) dimasa kerjaan dinomor

12 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 12

13 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 13

14 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Administrator and Prime Minister discuss Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands in Canberra Every few months I travel to Canberra and Perth to meet with various Ministers and Departmental representatives to provide a formal update on both Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. This latest visit was a good opportunity to introduce to key players our new Regional Investment Officer Madi Signa, a born and bred Cocos Malay. We had a very positive meeting with Prime Minister Morrison and his team to provide an update on the current status of both Territories. The Prime Minister has been to Christmas Island before and said he was very interested in the future of both Christmas and Cocos. He said that he was pleased and very supportive of Minister Ley initiating a community consultation process into the potential issuing of a casino licence for Christmas Island. We further discussed that work on Christmas Island's Strategic Plan has been progressing well and that it will be publically released by the end of the year. In terms of Cocos we advised that the community engagement process for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Strategic Plan will kick off in the next few weeks. Other high-level meetings in Canberra included the Territories Minister Sussan Ley and the Environment Minister Melissa Price where Parks and waste management on Christmas and Cocos were discussed. Minister Price indicated that she would be visiting the Indian Ocean Territories early next year. In my role as Chair of the Emergency Management Committees on Christmas and Cocos, I visited the headquarters of Emergency Management Australia and toured the Australian Government s Crisis Coordination Centre for the first time. I also met with Dr. Steven Kennedy, Head of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, which is the Commonwealth Department directly responsible for Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, to discuss the future of the Indian Ocean Territories. Being aware of the importance of tourism development for Christmas and Cocos, I paid a flying visit to Sydney on my way back home to meet with the senior tourism focal point in Austrade and with John O Sullivan, the Managing Director of Tourism Australia. Interestingly they advised that one of Tourism Australia s Top 10 social media posts of all time was a post about Christmas Island. Let s get Cocos in the top ten as well. Natasha Griggs Administrator of Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands L to R: Assistant Minister for Territories-Sussan Ley, RIO-Madi Signa, Prime Minister-Scott Morrison & IOT Administrator-Natasha Griggs IOT Administrator Natasha Griggs and the staff of the IOT Branch Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development & Cities L to R: GM - TA-Leigh Sorensen, RIO-Madi Signa, IOT Administrator- Natasha Griggs, TA MD-John O'Sullivan & C Change MD- Vanessa Bennett. L to R: Parks Director-Judy West, RIO- Madi Signa, Minister for the Environment- Melissa Price, IOT Administrator-Natasha Griggs & Vanessa Bennett. 14 L to R: IOT Administrator-Natasha Griggs & Minister for Home Affairs-Peter Dutton

15 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Green Living Tips Talipun pusat kesihatan untuk buat appointment. Pulu Panjang: Home Island: Appointment di bulk billed ke Medicare Berbagai pilihan frame fasyen dan sunglasses 10 Tips for Going Plastic-Free For Beginners Choose reusable items wherever possible - This one seems obvious, but it is easy to compromise if we do not take time to plan our movements, read labels, explore alternatives, and make intentional decisions. It not only decreases your impact on the environment but often works out to less money spent on useless junk in the long-run. Ditch plastic straws - Heard it before? Then why are you still using plastic straws or takeout coffee cups for that matter? Buy some beautiful stainless-steel straws and pop them in every bag you own; and your children s backpacks. Repurpose - Where possible, repurpose the plastic containers. Make flower pots of yogurt containers, bird feeders of plastic bottles. Plastic education - Though plastic is still plastic in any form, there are types like Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is biodegradable. These types still require chemical decomposition and emit carbon dioxide during the process. Speak up - Be the person at the supermarket who have brought their own reusable shopping bags and has some extras in the car just in case. Say no to extra fruit plastic covers. Show off your reusable bags when you use them as beach bags, or luggage, or picnic baskets. Get creative - It is far better to get creative about ways to avoid plastic and to seek out ecofriendly materials. These have the added benefit of disposing of themselves in non-harmful ways, saving you time and energy compared to responsible plastic use. Support local reduction and recycling initiatives - Support local recycling initiatives by recycling plastic and encouraging others to do it, too. Support educational initiatives by being a good example of how plastic and other recycling is supposed to look in a regular home on a regular day. 15 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. The environment is counting on it.

16 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 16

17 Public Notices Notis-notis Umum 17

18 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Berikan suara kamu mengenai Cocos Keeling Islands Strategic Plan Sebagaimana kamu mungkin ingat, saya memberitahu masyarakat pada 13 September 2018 yang Indian Ocean Territories Regional Development Organisation (RDO) telah melantik C Change Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd (Vanessa Bennett), bersama dengan Stump Jump Solutions (Leon Mills) dan Phil Gouldson utuk bekerja dengan RDO dan masyarakat untuk menyiapkan Cocos (Keeling) Islands Strategic Plan. Strategic Plan sedang diongkoskan oleh Australian Government, ditubuhkan oleh RDO dan dijalankanya, dengan bantuan Administrator dan RDO, melalui Regional Investment Officer yang baru dilantik, Madi Signa. Strategic Plan akan menjadi rancangan untuk masyarakat dibuat oleh masyarakat, dan untuk ianya menjadi lebih efektif, kami perlukan pandangan kamu. Kumpulan konsultasi akan menjalankan mengomongan dari November dan ini akan mengandungi berbagai mitingan tersendiri, forum masyarakat dan survey masyarakat. Dalam peringkat manapun dalam proses draft ini kamu boleh membuat submission terhadap Strategic Plan dengan David Eizenberg di Office of the Administrator ke dan/atau mengantar surat ini ke opis IOTA di Pulu Panjang. Kami akan menunggukan berjumpa dengan semua di masyarakat untuk memastikan yang Strategic Plan menjadi petah Pulu Cocos (Keeling) untuk masa hadapan yang sejahtera dan berkelanjutan. 18

19 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Upcoming Visit: The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Equal Opportunity Commission and Working with Children Check The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI), Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) and Working with Children Screening Unit (WWCSU) will be visiting Cocos (Keeling) Islands from 27 to 30 November While we are on island we would like to help you with any questions you have about sport, discrimination and harassment, and WWC Checks and child safety. About DLGSCI DLGSC in conjunction with the Commonwealth of Australia has a service delivery agreement for Sport and Recreation on Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The objectives of the arrangement include getting more people active through participation in sport and recreation, providing quality sport and recreation settings and experiences and building capacity in the communities. We aim to meet with local sporting groups, schools and other interested community organisations to assist with planning and facilitating future visits to deliver programs and provide education to lead to sustainable local activities. For further information about the visit please contact Samantha Shields on About the EOC The EOC is an independent Statutory Authority offering a complaint and resolution service for issues related to discrimination and harassment in areas of public life in Western Australia and the Indian Ocean Territories. The service is free and available to all employees and community members. More information about EOC can be found at: For further information about the visit or to arrange a meeting with a EOC staff member, please contact Stephen Goodall, Conciliation/Education and Training Officer on (toll Free) or About WWCSU The WWCSU is responsible for administering the WWC Check in Western Australia and the Christmas and Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The WWC Check is a compulsory screening strategy for certain people who work with children. More information about the WWC Check can be found at For further information about the visit, creating safer environments for children, or to arrange a meeting with a WWCSU staff member, please contact Susan Burton, Manager Community Engagement and Policy on (toll free) or 19

20 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Pelawatan akan datang: Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Equal Opportunity Commission dan Working with Children Check Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI), Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) dan Working with Children Screening Unit (WWCSU) akan melawat Pulu Cocos (Keeling) dari 27 hingga 30 November Dimasa kami berada dipulu kami ingin membantu kamu dengan pertanyaan yang kamu ada tentang olahraga, diskriminasi dan gangguan, dan WWC Checks dan keselamatan anak. Tentang DLGSCI DLGSC dalam kerjasama dengna Commonwealth of Australia mempunyai persetujuan pemberian serbis untuk Sport and Recreation di Pulu Christmas dan Cocos (Keeling). Tujuan pengurusan ini temasuk mendapatkan orang-orang yang lebih melalui mengambil bahgian dalam olahraga dan rekreasi, memberikan persiapan olahraga dan rekreasi yang bermutu dan pengalaman dan perkembangan kemampuan dalam masyarakat. Kami bertujuan untuk berjumpa dengan kumpulan olahraga tempatan, sekolahan dan pihak-pihak masyarakat lain yang berminat untuk membantu dengan perancangan dan memudahkan pelawat dimasa hadapan untuk menyampaikan program-program dan memberikan pengajaran untuk memimpin ke aktiviti tempatan yang berterusan. Untuk keterangan selanjutnya tentang pelawatan ini silah hubungi Samantha Shields di Tentang EOC EOC adalah Statutory Authority tersendiri yang memberikan serbis komplenan dan keputusan mengenai diskriminasi dan gangguan dalam bahgian-bahgian kehidupan umum di Western Australia dan Indian Ocean Territories. Serbis ini free dan tersedia untuk semua pekerja-pekerja dan penduduk masyarakat. Keterangan yang lebih lanjut tentang EOC boleh didapat di: Untuk keterangan tentang pelawatan ini atau untuk mengaturkan miting dengan pekerja EOC, silah hubungi Stephen Goodall, Conciliation/Education dan Training Officer dinomor (toll Free) atau Tentang WWCSU WWCSU bertanggungjawab terhadap pengurusan WWC Check di Western Australia dan Pulu Christmas dan Cocos (Keeling). WWC Check adalah strategi pemeriksaan yang wajib untuk orang-orang yang bekerja dengan anak-anak. Untuk keterangan tentang WWC Check boleh didapati di Untuk keterangan tentang pelawatan ini, membuat suasana yang selamat untuk anak-anak, atau untuk mengatur mitingan dengan pekerja WWCSU, silah hubungi Susan Burton, Manager Community Engagement and Policy dinomor (toll free) atau 20

21 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Where you are injured catastrophically in a motor vehicle incident These are short articles about legal issues that may interest you. They are not legal advice. You should always get individual legal advice for your situation. Sometimes, a person is injured catastrophically in a motor vehicle incident. They may be the driver of a vehicle, a passenger in the vehicle, a pedestrian, or a cyclist. It may be someone else s fault, or it may not be. Prior to 1 July 2016 it was only if it was someone else s fault (that person had been negligent in their driving) that a claim could be made against them through the Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA). If it was the fault of the person who was injured, or no-one s fault, there was no-one to make a claim against and the person injured could not receive damages for their losses. To overcome this lack of cover, the WA State government expanded motor injury insurance under the Motor Vehicle (Catastrophic Injuries) Act 2016 (the Act) to provide for the lifetime treatment, care and support of people who are very badly injured in a motor vehicle incident. No-one has to be at fault for an injured person be covered. It applies to people injured in WA on or after 1 July 2016, where a motor vehicle is involved, but not on private property. The person s injuries have to be very, very serious. It covers spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, multiple amputations, severe burns and/or permanent traumatic blindness. If a person is eligible they are covered for medical and dental treatment, prostheses, rehabilitation, domestic help, respite care, ambulance and access to return to work programmes. It does not cover: If you were involved in organised motor sports events, including practice sessions. Loss of earnings. Non-pecuniary losses (non-monetary losses, also called general damages), which is pain and suffering, loss of amenities of life, loss of enjoyment of life and shortening of your life span. If an unregistered vehicle was involved on a private property. Unregistered vehicles not on private property are covered by the scheme. Accidents involving vehicles that cannot be registered such as quad bikes, motor cross bikes, trikes and off-road vehicles. Accidents from acts of terrorism. A notification of a catastrophic injury can be made online or by contacting the ICWA on +61 (8) The ICWA will make a decision about eligibility and whether anyone is liable (and therefore a claim can be made against them). You are initially accepted into the scheme as an interim participant for a period of at least 2 years. Following this, if your injuries have not stabilised, and a decision cannot be made yet as to whether you need to be a lifetime participant, the period for which you are an interim participant can be extended. Otherwise, a decision is made as to whether you can be a lifetime participant. There is a dispute resolution mechanism to resolve disputes about your eligibility to enter/stay in the scheme and to resolve disputes about treatment, care and support decisions. The dispute resolution begins with a review in ICWA but can then proceed to an independent panel. If you dispute a decision about eligibility, you must do so in writing within 28 days of the decision. You must request a review, stating clearly that you disagree with the decision and why and providing any supporting documents. You must also give your full name and address and contact details. The care that you receive under the scheme includes: Medical treatment Dental treatment Ambulance transport Respite care services Rehabilitation Domestic assistance Aids and appliances Prostheses Educational and vocational training Home and transport modifications Attendant care services. Your treatment, care and support must be assessed as being necessary and reasonable. That is, it should maximise your independence, help you in daily living activities so that you can participate in the community and/or work, be value for money, be effective and have evidence backing up that it is effective, and should be provided by ICWA, rather than by other agencies that normally offer such services. So, it will be considered whether the service is suitable, the provider is suitable, what the benefit to you is, whether it is cost-effective and what your injury needs are. You are not covered for injuries or disabilities not related to the motor vehicle accident, nor for services that are provided by a non-approved provider of services and nor for any services that are not allowed under the Regulations under the Act. There are lists of many services that are not allowed (excluded) in the Regulations. Two examples are, domestic services exclude normal household repairs such as plumbing or painting and transport modifications exclude modifications to more than one vehicle. Annie Gray, Legal Aid WA 21

22 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Where you are injured catastrophically in a motor vehicle incident Majalah pendek ini tentang perkara legal yang mungkin kamu berminat. Ia bukan nasihat perundangan. Kamu harus selalu mendapatkan nasihat legal untuk keadaan kamu. Kadang-kadang, orang cedera teruk dalam kecelakaan kereta. Mereka mungkin pemandunya, penumpang, atau dibeskel. Ia mungkin kesalahan orang lain, atau mungkin tidak. Sebelom 1 July 2016 ia hanya kalau kesalahan orang lain (yang seorang telah ceroboh dalam memandu) yang klaim boleh dibuat terhadap mereka melalui Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA). Kalau kesalahan orang yang cedera, atau tidak ada pihak yang bersalah, tidak ada orang untuk dibuat klaiman dan orang yang cedera tidak boleh menerima kerusakkan terhadap kerugian mereka. Untuk mengatasi ini, WA state government meluaskan motor injury insurance dibawa Motor Vehicle (Catastrophic Injuries) Act 2016 (the Act) untuk memberikan rawatan, jagaan dan bantuan seumur hidup kepada orang yang cedera teruk dalam kecelakaan. Tidak ada orang yang mestinya bersalah untuk mendapatikan klaim ini. Ia tersedia kepada orang-orang yang kecelakaan di WA pada dan selepas 1 July 2016, dimana kereta yang terlibat, tetapi tidak ditempat yang dimiliki secara peribadi. Kecederaan orang itu mesti sangat, sangat teruk. Ia meliputi kecederaan tulang belakang, kecederaan otak hingga trauma, berberapa amputation, tebakaran teruk dan/atau buta trauma yang tetap. Kalau orang itu berhak mereka akan menerima rawatan perobatan dan dental, tangan/kaki palsu, rehabilitasi, bantuan dirumah, perawatan yang tenang, ambulance dan akses untuk program untuk kembali ke kerjaan. Ia tidak melindungi: Kalau kamu terlibat dalam acara olahraga motor, temasuk sesi latihan. Kehilangan pendapat uwang. Kerugian bukan keuwangan (kerugian non-monetary, juga dipanggil kerusakkan biasa), iaitu kesakitan dan penderitaan, kehilangan kemudahan hidup, kehilangan kenikmatan hidup dan kekurangan kehidupan kamu. Kalau kereta yang tidak di rejista terlibat di tempat peribadi. Kereta yang tidak direjista ditempat peribadi dilindungi oleh scheme ini. Kecelakaan yang melibati kereta-kereta yang tidak boleh di rejista seperti roda empat, motorsekel motor cross, motor roda tiga dan kereta-kereta offroad. Kecelakaan daripada tidakkan terrorism. Notifikasi kecederaan teruk boleh dibuat online atau dengan menghubungi ICWA dinomor +61 (8) ICWA akan membuat keputusan tentang kelayakkan kamu dan adakah oleh yang bertanggungjawab (dan olehkeranaitu klaiman boleh dibuat terhadap mereka). Kamu awalnya diterima dalam scheme ini sebagai peserta sementara untuk sekurang-kurangnya 2 tahun. Selepas ini, kalau kecederaan kamu belom stabil, dan keputusan tidak boleh dibuat jika ada kamu perlu dijadikan peserta seumur hidup, masa dimana kamu sebagai peserta sementara boleh ditangguhkan. Kalau tidak, keputusan dibuat jika kamu boleh dijadikan peserta seumur hidup. Ada cara penyelesaian perselisihan untuk menyelesaikan perselisihan tentang kelayakkan kamu untuk memasuki/tinggal dalam scheme dan untuk menyelesaikan perselisihan tentang keputusan rawatan, jagaan dan bantuan. Penyelesaian perselisihan bermula dengan pemeriksaan ICWA tetapi boleh dilanjutkan kepada panel tersendiri. Kalau kamu perselisihan terhadap keputusan yang dibuat tentang kelayakkan kamu, kamu mesti membuatnya dalam 28 hari daripada keputusan itu. Kamu mesti meminta pemeriksaan, menyatakan dengan terang yang kamu tidak setuju dengan keputusan itu dan kenapa dan beri sokongan daripada surat-surat. Kamu mesti memberi nama penuh kamu dan alamat dan keterangan cara hubungan kamu. Jagaan yang kamu terima dibawa scheme ini temasuk: Rawatan perobatan Rawatan dental Tranport oleh ambulance Serbis rawatan yang sopan Rehabilitasi Bantuan rumahtangga Pekakas bantuan dan peralatan Prostheses Trainingan Pendidikan dan vokasional Petukaran dalam rumah dan transport Serbis jagaan dari jururawat. Rawatan, jagaan dan bantuan mesti diperiksa sebagai perlu dan munasabah. Iaitu, ia harus melebihkan kebebasan kamu, membantu kamu dalam aktiviti kehidupan harian jadi kamu boleh mengambil bahgian dalam masyarakat dan/atau kerja, menjadi berharga untuk uwang, efektif dan mempunyai bukti bantuan yang efektif, dan kamu harus diberikan oleh ICWA, daripada ajensi lain yang biasanya memberi serbis ini. Jadi, ia akan dipertimbangkan adakah serbis itu sesuai, pemberinya sesuai, apa untungnya bagi kamu, adakah ia lebih efektif dalam ongkos dan apa keperluan oleh kecederaan kamu itu. Kamu tidak dilindungi untuk kecederaan atau kecacatan yang tidak berkenaan dengan kecelakaan kereta, ataupun kepada serbis yang diberikan oleh pemberi serbis yang tidak diluluskan dan juga untuk serbis yang tidak diizinkan dibawa Perundangan menurut Act. Ada daftaran berbagai serbis yang tidak diizinkan dalam Perundangan. Dua contoh, serbis rumahtangga tidak temasuk repair rumah seperti plumbing atau mengecet dan perubahan transport tidak temasuk perubahan terhadap lebih dari satu kereta. Annie Gray, Legal Aid WA 22

23 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Captain con: romance scam leaves a WA woman in its wake Following on from Hugo and Dave s recent Keeping Safe Online presentation, here s another example of a common scam that is hitting inboxes. A fraudster is currently using stolen social media images to pose as a ship captain in a romance scam that has conned a WA woman out of more than $10,000. Consumer Protection is warning that false identities featuring the same man s photos continue to appear on dating and social media platforms. Claiming to be called Captain Thomas Steve, the scammer connects with woman on Instagram and then Google Hangouts. The WA victim, Fay, believed she was also corresponding separately with Thomas teenage daughter, Sonia Steve, and sent money for Sonia s birthday and school activities, followed by bank transfers totalling more than $9,000 to receive a jewellery package that Thomas claimed to have sent via a company called Westline Delivery. This scam takes a toll both financially and emotionally. I felt very depressed and naïve. I lost my trust in people, Fay said. He was quite convincing and it seemed like the real thing. It was a huge lesson for me and I hope others will be more cautious, especially if anyone asks for money. The scammer s profile featured stolen images of a real Danish ship captain, who said he was frustrated by the ongoing misuse of his photos to create false identities. Apparently mine is one of the most copied profiles on the internet. I receive a lot of messages from people who think I m the person they ve been talking to, he said. The Westline Delivery website ( is also fake, using false contact details and staff images taken from other businesses. Consumer Protection Commissioner David Hillyard urged consumers to be very careful online, particularly when chatting with people overseas. In Western Australian alone, more than $2.6 million has been lost in dating and romance scams already this year, Mr Hillyard said. Alongside the financial losses are the significant emotional impacts for victims of the deception, as well as people who are misrepresented online, such as the real Danish captain in this case. Don t become isolated or secretive about an online relationship. Chat to the person by video, such as on Skype, to make sure they look like their profile picture. Connection or just con? Some romance scam tips: Be open to the idea that there are lots of scammers online. Do an internet search of the person s name including words like romance scam. Do a reverse image search of the person s profile picture using Google Images or Tin Eye to see where else it s been used. Don t send money. Alarm bells should ring if requests for money are made this can happen within days, weeks or months of meeting someone online. Be wary if someone suggests moving the conversation to another forum, such as . Don t accept Facebook friend requests from strangers. Be careful about the personal information or compromising material you share. Talk to trusted family or friends for a second opinion. Avoid becoming isolated. If you agree to meet someone in person, let your family and friends know where you ll be. For further advice or to report a scam, contact Consumer Protection s WA ScamNet team: or visit or for help or advice on any consumer protection matter The Australian Government, working in collabora on with the Department of Mines, Industry Regula on and Safety, provides Consumer Protec on services to the IOTs. 23

24 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Captain con: penipuan percintaan meninggalkan perempuan WA dibelakangnya Menerusi dari Hugo and Dave persembahan kebelakangan ini Keeping Safe Online, disini adalah satu contoh lagi tentang penipuan biasa yang memasuki inbox. Seorang penipu sedang menggunakan gambar-gambar curikkan dari social media untuk berpura-pura sebagai kapten kapal dalam penipuan percintaan yang telah menipu seorang perempuan WA melebihi $10,000. Consumer Protection memberi amaran yang identiti palsu mengandungi gambar orang yang sama sedang terus dilihat ditempat halaman social media. Dia mengakui dipanggil sebagai Captain Thomas Steve, penipu ini berhubung dengan perempuan di Instagram dan lalu Google Hangouts. Mangsa WA, Fay, percaya yang dia juga berhubungan asing dengan anak perempuan Thomas, Sonia Steve, dan mengirim duit untuk ulang tahun dan aktiviti sekolahan Sonia, selanjutnya dengan bank transfer berjumlah lebih dari $9,000 untuk mendapat pakej perhiasan yang Thomas telah akui dikirim melalui kompani bernama Westline Delivery. Penipuan ini sangat membebankan secara keuwangan dan emosi. Saya merasa sangat tertekan dan tertipu. Saya telah hilang kepercayaan kepada orang-orang, Fay menyatakan. Dia sangat meyakinkan dan kelihatannya seperti perkara sebenarnya. Ini pelajaran yang besar untuk saya dan saya harap orang lain akan berhati-hati, lagi-lagi kalau orang meminta duit. Profile penipu menunjukkan gambar-gambar yang dicurik daripada kapten kapal Danish yang sebenarnya, yang menyatakan dia sangat kecewa dengan salahguna gambar-gambarnya itu untuk membuat identiti palsu. Rupa-rupanya profile saya adalah salahsatu yang paling di tiru di internet. Saya menerima banyak pesanan dari orang-orang yang ingat saya adalah orang yang mereka telah hubungi. dia bilang. Website Westline Delivery ( juga palsu, menggunakan keterangan hubungan palsu dan gambar-gambar pekerja yang dicurik daripada bisnis-bisnis lain. Consumer Protection Commissioner David Hillyard menasihati konsumers untuk berhati-hati online, lagi-lagi kalau sedang chatting dengan orang-orang diluar negeri. Di Western Australian sendiri, lebih dari $2.6 juta telah hilang dalam penipuan dating dan percintaan pada tahun ini sahaja, Mr Hillyard bilang. Disamping kerugian duit adalah masalah emosi untuk mangsa terhadap tipuan ini, dan juga orang-orang yang salah digunakan online, seperti kapten kapal Danish yang sebenarnya dalam kes ini. Jangan menjadi asing atau tersembunyi dengan perhubungan online. Bicara dengan orang itu melalui video, seperti Skype, untuk pastikan yang rupa mereka sama dengan gambar profile mereka. Perhubungan atau hanya tipuan? Berberapa nasihat terhadap penipuan percintaan: Fahami dalam diri mengenai idea yang banyak penipu online. Buat periksaan di internet dengan nama orang itu - masukkan perkataan seperti romance scam. Buat reverse search terhadap profile itu menggunakan Google Images atau Tin Eye untuk melihat dimana lagi yang profile itu digunakan. Jangan kirim duit. Lonceng alarm harus berbunyi jika permintaan untuk duit dibuat ini boleh berlaku dalam berapa hari, minggu atau bulanan semenjak berjumpa orang online. Berhati-hati kalau seorang mengajak pindah ke halaman chat lain, seperti . Jangan menerima Facebook friend requests daripada orang yang kamu tidak kenal. Berhati-hati tentang keterangan peribadi kamu atau alat-alat peribadi yang kamu share. Bicara dengan keluarga yang dipercayai atau teman untuk mendapatkan pendapatan mereka. Hindarkan daripada bersendirian. Kalau kamu bersetuju untuk bertemu dengan seorang, beritahu keluarga dan teman kamu dimana kamu akan berada. Untuk nasihat seterusnya atau melaporkan penipuan, hubungi Consumer Protection s WA ScamNet team: atau lawati Atau untuk bantuan atau nasihat tentang perkara-perkara consumer protection The Australian Government, working in collabora on with the Department of Mines, Industry Regula on and Safety, provides Consumer Protec on services to the IOTs. 24

25 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Healthy Living Tip 6 Tips for Healthy Living Eat Clean Eat real, whole foods Eat brain-boosting foods Think the rainbow Choose high quality lean proteins Buy chemical-free foods Drink 6-8 glasses of water/ day Cook more Exercise Choose something fun Create a S.M.A.R.T. plan Track your progress Pick a time that works for you Sports & Rec Olahraga & Hiburan Sleep Get 7-8 hours/night Think Positive Start off on a positive note Listen to inspirational music Focus on your blessings Reframe situations The West Island Sport and Recreation Association would like to thank the Shire for supporting the purchase of new tennis racquets as part of the Community Funding Program. We have received the new racquets and are putting them to good use already. Give More Verbalise thankfulness Help someone in need Love Embrace supportive relationships Wean unhealthy relationships Coach Clay took three sessions in a row (teaching his amazing tennis skills to very eager learners Photo Credit: Cathy Howitt 2018 Inter-Island Rugby League Game CI 20points Cocos 4points PHOTO CREDIT: Kirsty Faulkner & Lew Kim Mun 25

26 Games Page Halaman Kemainan Across 1. Worn on the head 4. Italian wine city 8. "Get outta here!" 12. Half: Prefix 13. Avenue or boulevard 14. Bank caper 16. Spoken 17. Calm 18. City on the Rhone 19. Wt. units 20. Talent for music 21. Calendar pg. 23. Vane dir. 24. Written report 26. Make do 28. Bumped into 30. " -ching!" 32. Table supports 36. Edible seaweed 39. Proficient 41. Flames 42. Seventh Greek letter 43. Saloon fight 45. Actress Dawn Chong 46. Apiece 48. Tolstoy's Karenina 49. Department store sign 50. An entreaty 51. Writing liquid 52. Graphy or logy prefix 54. Doctor (slang) 56. Likeness 60. Long period of time 63. Commandments number 65. Texting abbr. for oversharing 67. Morsel 68. Depleted 70. Niagra river source 72. Spoiled kid 73. Fixed gaze 74. Departed 75. Italian mount 76. Our sun is one 77. Eyelid infection 78. Father Down 1. Rosemary and thyme 2. Accumulate 3. "Shop you drop" 4. Specialty 5. Fly high 6. Profs' aides 7. New thought 8. Ocean predator 9. That lady 10. Lubricates 11. Sugar suffixes 12. Food fish 15. Philosopher Lao- 20. See with it 22. Small round veggie 25. Hi-fi component 27. Santa's helper 29. Computer key, near Caps Lock 30. Sword-on-armor sound 31. Chopped down 33. Emerald isle 34. Mom's mom, for short 35. Notices 36. Hold on to 37. List ending abbr. 38. Frilly fabric 40. Cereal grain 44. Chem room 47. Owned 49. May honoree 51. Frozen water 53. Clock numeral 55. Web-footed mammal 57. Main heart artery 58. Kind of piano 59. Blues singer James 60. Double curved letter 61. Makes a choice 62. Tidy 64. Recent information 65. Very small 66. Dole out 69. Gun lobby grp. 71. Not in workforce anymore (abbr.) 72. Garden spot Sudoku Solutions Crossword Answer 26

27 Games Page (cont d) Halaman Kemainan (seterusnya) 27

28 A Cocos Moment Congratulations Rahim & Nurlelah on their beautiful wedding Birthdays and Anniversaries Happy 12th birthday to big H - Henry Lacy. Hope you get some waves. Love from the crazy Lazys Wish to send loved ones special messages on their birthdays and anniversaries? Drop an to Isa Minkom The next edition of The Atoll will be produced on: Edisi The Atoll selanjutnya akan dikeluarkan pada: Thursday 29th November All items/materials must be received by: Semua majalah mesti diterima sebelom: 3pm,Tuesday 27th November Have Your Say Advertisement Rates Letters to the Editor will either be accepted or rejected by the Editor. Items need to be: Accurate and/or factual Not defamatory or inflammatory Identified by author Please take into consideration our format when preparing your items/materials to make the most of the spaces available. The Atoll publication staffs reserves the right to edit the formatting of articles submitted for publication. To ensure a timely distribution of the newsletter, we request that all items/materials be forwarded before 3pm, 2 days prior to its distribution date. Please contact the Cocos CRC for deadlines.and advertising rates. Disclaimer: The views expressed in articles in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the editors or other volunteers who work to produce The Atoll. The editor has the right to withhold, edit or abbreviate items as considered necessary. No responsibility is accepted for any statement of opinion, any error or omissions. Please contact the Cocos Keeling Islands Community Resource Centre for a full rate schedule. Translation fees apply Materials should preferably be ed to: 28

29 Community Events Acara Masyarakat 2018 COMMUNITY EVENTS 17 NOVEMBER CKI Lagoon Swim CKITA 21 NOVEMBER Annual General Meeting CKI CRC 27 NOVEMBER Coffee With A Cop CKI CRC 5 DECEMBER INFO SESSION - Legal Aid CKI CRC 5 DECEMBER Council Meeting Home Island - Council Chambers 8 DECEMBER West Island Market Day CKI CRC 8 DECEMBER Golf Club Presentation Dinner CKI Golf Club 12 DECEMBER Info Session - Macao Wasp Home Island 14 DECEMBER Info Session - Macao Wasp CKI CRC If you have a community event you would like to advertise, please contact our office with your details. This is a FREE service for our Community. P E W We would love to receive your feedback or suggestions on what you would like to read in The Atoll Please contact the Shire at 29