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1 Photo by : Aaron Smith THE ATOLL Thursday 18th October 2018 Wednesday 31st October 2018 $2.00 per issue Yacht Club BBQ The Cocos (Keeling) Islands comprises of 27 coral islands forming two atolls situated 2768km north-west of Perth and 3685km due west of Darwin and is an isolated speck in the Indian Ocean. You can subscribe to The Atoll electronically by contacting: In this edition Isi Kandungan Cocos (K) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (K) 2 Public Notices Notis-notis Umum 12 Sports & Rec Olahraga & Hiburan 17 Games Kemainan 18 Cocos Moment Saat Cocos 20 Community Events Acara Masyarakat 21 CIDHS P&C Fete & Auction

2 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) Rainfall Stats Latest to 17th October 2018: Oct Statistics 4.60mm Latest 2018 Statistics: mm Administration Building (PO Box 1039) Cocos Keeling Islands WA 6799 P E W With the change of flight schedule, our opening hours on a Saturday will change to 10.00am (as of 20th October 2018) MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 8.00am pm 8.00am pm 8.00am pm 8.00am pm 8.00am pm 10.00am pm LATEST WEATHER Emergency Contact List AFP VHF Ch20 IOTHS WI Clinic IOTHS HI Clinic VHF Ch24 DFES HI DFES WI VMRS VHF Ch20 Shire HI Shire WI Watercorp SUNDAY CLOSED Thumbs Up To P&C, Teachers & Volunteers for a fun school fete & auction! The Cocos Islands CRC Committee have put together a short survey to increase awareness of our CRC services, get valuable feedback, and perhaps even some great ideas for new initiatives! If you have a few minutes to spare, we would love to hear from you. Please head to the link below. Feel free to your thumbs up to the Shire for inclusion. 2

3 Did you know??? During the Clunies-Ross era, all able-bodied males over the age of 14 were required to work in the plantation, or the workshops or on vessels trading with Batavia and Singapore. Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Cocos Malay Words Straight - Kencang Crooked - Bengkok Curve - Bundar Round - Bulat Turn - Putar Rotate - Berputar Twist - Pintal / Simpul Roll - Guling Spin - Berpusing Administration Building (PO Box 1039) Cocos Keeling Islands WA 6799 P E W INFO SESSION CONSUMER PROTECTION Wednesday 31st October pm Find out how to stay safe online. Information protection Privacy Scams Presented by Hugo and Dave and supported by the Australian Government, working in collaboration with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Consumer Protection) who provide services for the IOTs. Please RSVP by no later than Wednesday 24th October Finger Food and Refreshments Provided 3

4 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) The Cocos (K) Islands Community Resource Centre will hold it s AGM on Wednesday 21st November 4.30pm - CRC verandah Finger food and refreshments provided. We look forward to welcoming you to our AGM with your show of support for your local Community Resource Centre. 4 Two Positions Vacant Position Title: Plant Operator Section: Road Construction & Maintenance An exciting opportunity exists to join the Shire of Cocos (Keeling) Islands. We are seeking applications from suitably skilled and experienced people who are highly motivated and interested in joining our West Island Road Construction and Maintenance crew. The positions are full-time permanent positions and are remunerated in accordance with Level 4 of the Local Government Industry Award. Other benefits include 5 weeks annual leave, an above award allowance, an annual airfare to Perth & Superannuation matching scheme up to 5%. With a strong focus on quality customer service, the Shire takes pride in delivering local government services to a high standard with its team of approximately 35 people. The people who join our team will share our passion for the community and take pride in doing the best job they can. Completing your Application In order to be considered for the position you must be able to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Before preparing your application check the essential selection criteria in the position description. A copy of the position description can be obtained by contacting the Home Island Shire office. For further information relating to the position please contact the Manager of Works & Services Mr Ian Evans or Your application should include the following: - 1. A cover letter clearly demonstrating your suitability for the position based on the selection criteria. 2. A resume which comprises of your personal details including contact number, a summary of your work history starting with your most recent employment, education, Training achievements. (A copy of stated qualifications must be included within your application). Lodging Your Application: Applications addressed to the Manager of Works & Services must reach the Home Island Shire Office no later than 12.00pm on the closing date, Monday 29 th October The Shire of Cocos Keeling Islands is an Equal Employment opportunity Employer and is committed to selecting the best applicant for the position. Mr Ian Evans Manager of Works & Services

5 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) FROM THE CEO S DESK 15 OCTOBER 2018 O J : The Shire is aware that there is strong community sentiment regarding the Old Jetty. While we appreciate the social value of the Jetty to the community, we also recognise that the cost to repair it and make it safe, estimated at approximately $15million, is prohibitive, given the many other competing priorities such as coastal protection works, managing paper wasps, maintenance of core infrastructure such as housing, community buildings and roads. If you have strong views or ideas you would like to share, please contact me so we can discuss them. S F H : Balancing our legal responsibilities (under the Food Act) with the community s desire for food at community events has been a challenging issue for me. We have been fortunate to have secured the assistance of a highly qualified and skilled environmental health officer (EHO), Felix Neuweiler, from the Shire of Dandaragan to advise and support us. Felix will be here from 16 to 23 November to run some community information sessions and safe food handling training. He will also inspect commercial kitchens and home kitchens that owners would like to register under the Food Act. Please register with Luluk Sloan at the Shire if you want to know more. T O : Safety of our employees, residents and visitors is of paramount importance and over the coming months we are going to be focussing training in all areas of Occupational Health and Safety. One of the first training sessions is Heavy Vehicle Tyre Fitting as a tragic fact is that approximately 30 people died last year changing tyres on heavy vehicles. Training in this high risk area is therefore a priority. Any other agency with an interest in this training is encouraged to contact Ian Evans at the Shire to get more details. S O S Congratulations to the works crew for their commitment to safety when to demolishing the old Co-op workshop. Great job guys. V G M, I O T B, D I, R D C : We were pleased to meet with Claire Howlett, GM and Laga Van Beek, Director from the Department last week. We reiterated the importance of collaboration and a good working relationship between the Shire and the Department. We discussed the value of early engagement with the Department of Defence in relation to the runway upgrade, the importance of coastal erosion mitigation, managing paper wasps, waste management and more recycling to name just a few of the topics covered. Thank you to Claire and Laga for making time to visit. D I : The Shire is aware that the trails are overgrown and is looking at getting the heavy equipment needed to Direction Island in the near future to clear paths and tidy up. E O K S : As we welcome the Doldrums, we acknowledge the great trade winds season and the effort of our colleagues in Tourism in making it such a success. A key driver has been the increase in interest in kiting. The Shire facilitated an end of season debrief with all stakeholders so we could celebrate what worked well and put in place actions to address areas of improvement to ensure we are proactive and prepared for next year. C T T P C F A S F O S : It was such a fun day but it was also obvious the significant effort that had gone into the planning and execution. Well done to you all. Please don t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. ANDREA SELVEY, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 5

6 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) FROM THE CEO S DESK 15 OCTOBER 2018 J L : Shire memahami yang ada perasaan kesayangan masyarakat yang kuat mengenai Jembatan Lama. Kami memahami penghargaan sosial terhadap Jembatan ini kepada masyarakat, dan dalam masa yang sama kami juga mengetahui ongkos untuk memperbaiki dan membuatnya selamat untuk digunakan, kira-kira $15 juta, sangat membataskan, dengan banyak kerjaan yang lebih penting seperti kerjaan penyelamatan pantai, pengurusan paper wasps, menjalankan infrastur terpenting seperti hal kerumahan, bangunan masyarakat dan jalan. Kalau kamu ada pandangan yang kuat atau idea yang kamu ingin mengemukakan, silahkan hubungi saya supaya kami dapat bincangkan. P M D S : Menimbangkan tanggung jawab legal kita (di bawah Food Act) dengan keinginan masyarakat untuk mengadakan makanan di acaraacara masyarakat telah menjadi cabaran yang berat bagi saya. Kami beruntung telah mendapatkan bantuan dari opisa kesehatan (EHO) yang berkualifikasi tinggi dan berpengalaman, Felix Neuweiler, dari Shire of Dandaragan untuk memberi nasihat dan membantu kami. Felix akan berada disini dari 16 hingga 23 November untuk menjalankan session keterangan untuk masyarakat dan trainingan pengurusan makanan dengan selamat. Dia juga akan memeriksa dapor komersial dan dapor dirumah orang-orang yang ingin rejista dibawa Food Act. Silahkan rejista dengan Mak Zamani di Shire kalau ingin ketahui yang keterangan selanjutnya. P T : Keselamatan pekerja, penduduk dan pelawat kita adalah yang tersangat penting dan dalam bulan-bulan hadapan ini kami akan fokuskan trainingan dalam semua bahgian Occupational Health and Safety. Satu daripada session trainingan ini ialah Heavy Vehicle Tyre Fitting sebab fakta yang menyedihkan ialah kira-kira 30 orang mati ditahun yang lewat bersebabkan menukar tyre dimesin-mesin besar. Oleh kerana itu trainingan dalam kawasan risiko tinggi ini adalah terpenting. Ajensi lain dengan keminatan dalam trainingan ini dimintak untuk hubungi Ian Evans di Shire untuk mendapatkan keterangan. S B K Taniah kepada pekerja-pekerja atas tindakkan selamat mereka dalam merombak Workshop Lama Kongsi. Kerjaan yang baik semua. P D G M, I O T B, D I, R D C : Kami bersenang hati untuk bertemu dengan Claire Howett, GM dan Laga Van Beek, Director dari Department minggu lepas. Kita menegaskan kepentingan untuk bekerjasama dan perhubungan pekerjaan yang baik diantara Shire dan Department. Kita berbincangkan nilai menelibatan awal dengan Department of Defence mengenai kerjaan runway, kepentingan mengurangkan erosion pantai, pengurusan paper wasps, pengurusan sampah dan recycling yang lebih, adalah separuh perkara-perkara yang dapat dibincangkan. Terima kasih kepada Claire dan Laga yang membuat masa untuk melawat. P T : Shire mengetahui yang jalan (trail) sedang semak dan sedang mengurusi untuk membawak mesin-mesin besar yang diperlukan ke Pulu Tikus dimasa hadapan untuk melapangkan jalan dan untuk mengemas. P M K : Dengan kami menyambut musim angin teduh, kita akui musim angin dan keusahaan teman-teman kita di Tourism dalam membuat musim ini berhasil. Kunci pendorangnya ialah keminatan dalam kiting. Shire menolong dalam keterangan end of season dengan stakeholders supaya kita boleh meraihkan apa yang berjalan dengan baik dan menempatkan tindakkan untuk mengatasi bagian-bagian yang perlu diperbaikkan untuk memastikan yang kita proaktif dan bersiap untuk tahun hadapan. T K P C A F B D M : Hari ini sangat menyenangkan tetapi nyata memerlukan keusahaan yang bergitu banyak dalam planning dan perlaksanaannya. Kerjaan yang baik sekali kepada semua. Saya persilahkan untuk menghubungi saya kalau ada segala pertanyaan. ANDREA SELVEY, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 6

7 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 7

8 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) 8

9 Quote of the Day Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Ask yourself: Have you been kind today? Make kindness your daily modus operandi and change your world. Annie Lennox Thought for the Day Don t judge someone just because they sin differently than you Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS) Joke of the Week 1. What am I supposed to do with this? grumbled a motorist as the policeman handed him a speeding ticket. Keep it, the police officer said, When you collect four of them you get a bicycle. 2. A lost dog strays into a jungle. A lion sees this from a distance and says with caution "this guy looks edible, never seen his kind before". So the lion starts rushing towards the dog with menace. The dog notices and starts to panic but as he's about to run he sees some bones next to him and gets an idea and says loudly "mmm...that was some good lion meat!". The lion abruptly stops and says " woah! This guy seems tougher then he looks, I better leave while I can". Over by the tree top, a monkey witnessed everything. Evidently, the monkey realizes the he can benefit from this situation by telling the lion and getting something in return. So the monkey proceeds to tell the lion what really happened and the lion says angrily "get on my back, we'll get him together". So they start rushing back to the dog. The dog sees them and realized what happened and starts to panic even more. He then gets another idea and shouts "where the hell is that monkey! I told him to bring me another lion an hour ago..." 9

10 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Green Living Tips Compliance with Traffic Laws on Cocos (Keeling) Islands. All vehicles on Cocos (Keeling) Islands are required to be registered and drivers must have a valid driver s licence, for the correct class of vehicle. All motorbike riders must wear an approved motorbike helmet when riding. Cocos police are currently conducting a campaign to ensure compliance with this issue. These offences are not a negotiation. They are the law. All roads of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are Australian roads and Australian Road Rules apply. If you are caught you will be issued an infringement notice or end up in Court. If you are involved in an accident and your vehicle is not registered it is also not insured. This may mean that if there is any injury or property damage you may be personally liable. Interstate, (including WA registered vehicles) need to be registered through the Cocos Islands Motor Registry. If you require your vehicle to be registered, please do so immediately. If your vehicle is not registered, do not drive it. If you do not have a licence, do not drive a vehicle. If you do not have a motorbike helmet, leave your motorbike at home. Information on vehicle registration and licensing is available from the Shire Offices on Home & West Islands. Menuruti Undang-undang Trafik di Pulu Cocos (Keeling). Semua kereta/motorsekel di Pulu Cocos (Keeling) diperlukan untuk di rejista dan pemandunya (iaitu orang yang membawa kereta/motorsekel itu) mesti mempunyai lesen yang sah, untuk kelas kereta/motorsekel itu. Semua pemandu motorsekel mesti memakai helmet motosikal yang diluluskan dimasa menunggang. Cocos Police sedang menjalankan kempen untuk memastikan pematuhan dengan perkara ini. Kesalahan ini bukan yang boleh diringankan. Ini adalah undang-undang. Semua jalan di Pulu Cocos (Keeling) adalah jalan Australia dan Peraturan Jalan Australia digunakan. Jika kamu ditangkap kamu akan diberikan notis pelanggaran atau akhirnya perlu menghadiri Mahkamah. Jika kamu terlibat dalam kemalangan dan kereta/motorsekel kamu tidak di rejista, ia juga tidak ada insuran nya. Ini mungkin bermakna yang jika terdapat ada kecederaan atau kerosakan harta benda, kamu mungkin bertanggungjawab secara peribadi. Interstate, (termasuk kereta/motorsekel yang di rejista di WA) perlu untuk di rejista melalui Motor Registry Pulu Cocos. Kalau kamu perlukan untuk rejista kereta/motorsekel, sila lakukan dengan segera. Kalau kereta/motorsekel kamu tidak di rejista, jangan di bawak. Kalau kamu tidak mempunyai lesen, jangan bawak kereta/motorsekel. Kalau kamu tidak mempunyai helmet motosekel, tinggalkan motosekel kamu di rumah. Keterangan mengenai rejistesen kereta/motorsekel dan lesen-lesen boleh didapati dari Opis Shire di Home Island & Pulu Panjang. 10 Top 5 Ways Your Daily Habits at Home Damage the Environment 1. Refusing to Recycle - Recycling is one of the easiest methods people can use to make a difference every day. It is also one of the hardest things to get people to do. It only takes a second to keep a separate bin for recyclables and trash, and it can greatly impact the environment. 2. Using Plastic instead of Reusable Bags - The less trash in the junk yard, the safer the environment. Plastic and paper shopping bags are convenient; however, both types end up wasting away in a junkyard. There are many advantages to using cloth bags including the fact that these bags are far less likely to break open than plastic bags. Cloth bags cost a few pennies and they last for many years without the negative impact plastic bags have on landfills. 3. Household Cleaning Products - The habit of buying cleaning products that have damaging chemicals is much easier to change today than ever before. Choose cleaning products with natural, environmentally safe ingredients. The myth that these products do not work as well is unsubstantiated. Remember, the product choices made today will end up in the water and ground tomorrow. Take a minute to look for eco-friendly cleaning products next time you re at the store. 4. Over Use of Energy Sources - The most common habit that is easy to change is leaving the lights on when no one is in the room. Letting water run while brushing teeth, leaving the television on when no one is watching, and leaving computers on at all times are also big energy wasters. Reverse these actions to make a huge difference in the environment and save money in the process. 5. Insecticides - Using insecticides in the home to kill ants, bees, and rodents causes a great deal of stress on the environment. There are natural, safe products that help eliminate the pests without harming the environment that are just as effective. Changing a few daily habits can change the face of the environment.

11 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) DIETICIAN VISIT There will be a Dietician available for consultation from 31/10/2018-1/11/2018 Patients requiring Dietician services will need to contact the clinic (WI Clinic) or (HI CLINIC) THE EYE TEAM OPHTHALMOLOGIST, OPTIMETRIST, OPTICIAN (SPECIALIST DOCTOR IN EYE DISEASES & VISION CHECKS) Professor Ian McAllister will be attending the Cocos Island Clinic to provide Ophthalmology services from 16/11/18 23/11/18. To see the ophthalmologist patients will require a referral from the doctor. Anyone that wants to book in to see the Optometrist or Optician please contact the clinic to get an appointment time: (WI Clinic) or (HI CLINIC) Cocos (Keeling) Islands PO Box 1092, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Australia, Indian Ocean 6799 West Island T F Home Island T F

12 Cocos (Keeling) Islands News (cont d) Public Notices Berita Pulu Cocos (Keeling) (seterusnya) Simpan Haribulan Ini Minggu Recycling Home Island Acara Masyarakat Notis-notis Umum 11 pagi hingga 3 petang Healthy Living Tip Snacking When sugar cravings hit in the evening usually while watching TV and relaxing I sip on a soothing hot chocolate made from skim milk... delicious! (Angela Walker, APD) If you like to snack on cereal bars, make sure you check the nutrition information panel to ensure you pick a bar with less than 600kJ and 3g saturated fat per serve. (Zoe Wilson, HFG dietitian) For a healthy snack, lightly toast soy & linseed bread. Top with a little extra-light cream cheese and some smoked salmon. It s a tasty morsel complete with omega- 3, calcium and fibre! Plan ahead before going out to dinner or to a party. Have a small healthy meal or substantial snack before you leave home and make smart choices when out: steer clear of fried foods, pile on the salads and watch your alcohol intake (alternate a glass of water with every alcoholic drink you have). (Rachel Hanson, HFG sub editor) Fruit bread is a great low-gi snack for sustained energy, just ask for the butter on the side if ordering at a café so you can choose how much you put on (if any). (Christine King, dietitian) When preparing dinner, prepare your vegetables first and snack on them if you need to. (Cindy Williams, nutritionist) Try these snack and light meal ideas: Beetroot hommous: process beetroot, tahini, chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice until smooth. Pizzas: spread Mountain Bread with canned tomatoes; then top with garlic, olives and mixed vegies like mushrooms, eggplant, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and rocket. (Nadine Ominski, reader) Eating more fruit and vegetables is essential to good health: make yourself a mezze plate with carrot and celery sticks, broccoli, sundried tomato, olives and hommous for a delicious afternoon snack! (Amber Hutchison, APD) 12

13 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Where someone driving a vehicle injures you due to negligent (bad) driving I These are short articles about legal issues that may interest you. They are not legal advice. You should always get individual legal advice for your situation. This and the next article are about where a driver of a vehicle injures you due to their negligent driving (where they have made a mistake in their driving). You may be the driver of another vehicle, a passenger in the vehicle, a pedestrian, a motor cyclist or a bicyclist. You can make a claim for damages if a driver has been negligent If a person is negligent in their driving, and causes you injury and/or a monetary loss (eg wages, because you lose work) as a result, you may be able to make a claim in court for damages in a motor injuries claim, to compensate you for your injuries and monetary loss. This does not cover any property damage you have suffered (eg to your vehicle). We will cover exactly what you can claim for in the next article. You must be able to show that another person has been negligent in their driving (made a mistake, or is at fault) in order to make a claim. If a person is negligent in their driving and fatally injures your relative upon whom you are financially dependent, you may be able to make a claim in court against the negligent driver for the loss of the financial support and the services your relative provided to you. This is a claim under the Fatal Accidents Act (WA)(CKI) A relative is defined in the Fatal Accidents Act and includes spouses, children, siblings, grandchildren, parents and other relatives. You can also claim for your relative s funeral and headstone expenses, up to $10,000, and any medical expenses, if you incurred them. This is usually called a Fatal Accidents Act claim. What is negligence? Negligence is where: someone owes a duty of care to someone else (and all road users owe other road users a duty of care) they breach (break) that duty (eg by driving too fast, driving drunk, or not paying attention, and crashing into someone) and by breaching the duty of care cause injury and/or loss to the person (eg the victim suffers a head injury and a broken arm and cannot work for 6 months). So you might be injured and suffer losses as a result of a driver s negligence. Catastrophic injuries where another person has not been negligent However, if you are catastrophically injured, and there is not another person at fault, you can enter into a special government scheme whereby you can have your future treatment, care and support needs met for the rest of your life, or as long as you need it. You cannot enter the scheme if you have received a payout in damages for your future treatment, care and support needs. We will cover this scheme in the third article. Compulsory motor injury insurance for all drivers Every driver of a motor vehicle must have compulsory motor injuries insurance. It is this insurance that covers you for when you are negligent and cause another road user injury or loss, or where another person is not at fault, but you suffer catastrophic injury. When you register your car, you are paying compulsory motor injury insurance as part of the registration fee. The insurer is the Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA). In the Indian Ocean Territories, the Commonwealth has an agreement with ICWA, so that claims can just be made like they are in mainland WA, and ICWA manages the claims. Making a claim against ICWA directly Where another person is negligent, the person who is injured can make a claim to the ICWA directly, rather than making a claim against the driver or owner of the vehicle. Accident must be reported Note that you MUST report an accident to an officer in charge of a police station as soon as possible if you, or someone else was injured, or there was damage to property, otherwise you commit a criminal offence. This is even if the negligent driver reported the accident. Time limits in which to claim There are limitation periods applying to actions for damages in personal injuries claims, including for motor injury claims. In general, it is a 3 year limitation period for adults. Different limitation periods apply to children, depending on their age. Get legal advice promptly if you or your children are injured. In the next article we will look at what you can claim for in your action for damages, what happens where you might have contributed to the accident, or voluntarily assumed a risk that contributed or caused the accident, and where both parties were negligent and both parties were injured. Annie Gray, Legal Aid WA 13

14 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Bila seorang membawa kereta/motorsekel dan mencelakakan kamu bersebabkan ceroboh (bad) driving I Ini adalah majalah pendek tentang perkara-perkara undang-undang yang mungkin menarik keminatan kamu. Ia bukan nasihat undangundang. Kamu harus selalu mendapatkan nasihat undang-undang tersendiri untuk keadaan anda. Majalah ini dan seterusnya tentang bilamana pemandu kereta mencederakan kamu kerana pemanduan ceroboh (dimana mereka melakukan kesalahan dalam pemanduan mereka). Kamu mungkin pemandu kereta sebelah, penumpang dalam kereta, sedang berada dilalu lintas, membawa motorsekel atau beskel. Kamu boleh membuat klaim untuk kerusakkan kalau seorang pemandu ceroboh Kalau seorang ceroboh memandu, dan menyebabkan kecederaan kepada kamu dan hasilnya kehilangan pendapatan (contohnya gaji, sebab kamu kehilangan kerjaan), kamu mungkin boleh membuat klaim dalam mahkamah untuk kerusakkan dalam klaiman kecederaan kereta, untuk menggantirugi kecederaan dan kerugian kamu. Ini tidak menutupi segala kerusakkan yang kamu telah dapat (contohnya terhadap kereta kamu). Kami akan menerangkan apa yang kamu boleh klaim dalam majalah seterusnya. Kamu mesti menunjukkan yang orang lain telah ceroboh memandu (membuat kesalahan, atau bersalah) untuk membuat klaim. Kalau seorang ceroboh memandu dan mencederakan terok saudara kamu yang kamu mengharapkan pendapatan keuwangan, kamu mungkin boleh membuat klaim di mahkamah terhadap pemandu itu untuk kehilangan bantuan keuwangan dan serbis yang saudara kamu berikan kepada kamu. Ini klaiman dibawa Fatal Accidents Act (WA)(CKI) Saudara diterangkan dalam Fatal Accidents Act sebagai suami atau isteri, anak, adik atau abang, cucuk, ibubapak dan saudara lain. Kamu juga boleh klaim untuk ongkos perkebumian dan mesan, hingga $10,000, dan ongkos perubatan, kalau ada. Ini biasanya dipanggil klaiman Fatal Accidents Act. Apa itu ceroboh? Ceroboh apabila: seorang memberikan tugas perawatan kepada orang lain (dan semua pengguna di jalan tugas perawatan) mereka melanggar tugas perawatan (contohnya dengan memandu terlalu laju, memandu mabok, atau tidak mengambil perhatian, melanggar seorang) dan dengan pelanggaran tugas ini yang menyebabkan kecelakaan dan/atau kerilangan sesuatu oleh orang itu (contohnya mangsa itu kecederaan di kepala dan patah tangan dan tidak boleh bekerja untuk 6 bulan). Jadi kamu mungkin cedera dan berkerugian bersebabkan kecerobohan pemandu. Kecederaan terok dimana orang lain yang tidak ceroboh Tetapi, kalau kamau cedera dengna terok, dan ada seorang yang tidak bersalah, kamu boleh memasuk dalam scheme kerajaan yang spesial dimana kamu boleh mendapatkan keperluan rawatan, jagaan dan bantuan dimasa hadapan untuk seumur hidup kamu, atau selama mungkin yang kamu perlukan. Kamu tidak boleh memasuk dalam scheme itu kalau kamu menerima bayaran terhadap kerugian untuk rawatan, jagaan dan bantuan kamu dimasa hadapan. Kami akan menerangkan scheme ini di majalah ketiga. Insurans kecederaan motor wajib untuk semua pemandu Setiap pemandu motor mesti ada insurans kecederaan motor wajib. Ini insurans yang menutupi kamu untuk bila kamu ceroboh dan menyebabkan kecelakaan dan kerugian pengguna jalanan, atau dimana orang lain tidak bersalah, tetapi kamu mendapat kecederaan terok. Bila kamu rejista kereta, kamu membayar insurans kecederaan motor sebahgian bayaran rejistresen. Insurer ialah Insurance Commission of WA (ICWA). Di Indian Ocean Territories, Commonwealth mempunyai persetujuan dengan ICWA, jadi klaim boleh dibuat sepertimana dibuat ditanah besar, dan ICWA mengurusi klaim-klaim. Membuat klaim langsung ke ICWA Dimana seorang ceroboh, seorang itu cedera boleh membuat klaim langsung ke ICWA, daripada membuat klaim terhadap pemandu atau pemilik kereta. Kecelakaan mesti dilapor Tolong perhatikan yang kamu MESTI melaporkan kecelakaan kepada opisa yang bertanggungjawab di stasiun polis secepat mungkin kalau kamu, atau orang lain cedera, atau ada kerusakkan terhadap hartabenda, kalau tidak kamu melakukan pelanggaran jenayah. Ini walaupun pemandu yang ceroboh itu yang melaporkan kecelakaan itu. Batas masa untuk klaim Ada batasan masa untuk bertindak untuk kerusakkan dalam klaim kecederaan keribadi, temasuk klaim kecelakaan motor. Biasanya, ada batas 3 tahun untuk orang dewasa. Batasan berlainan digunakan untuk anak-anak, tegantung dengan umur mereka. Dapatkan nasihat perundangan secepat mungkin kalau kamu atau anak kamu cedera. Dalam majalah seterusnya kami akan melihat tentang apa yang kamu boleh klaim dalam tindakkan untuk kerusakkan, apa yang berlaku dimana mungkin kamu terlibat dalam kecelakaan, atau sendiri menganggap ada risiko yang membantu menyebabkan kecelakaan, dan dimana kedua-dua pihak ceroboh dan kedua-dua pihak cedera. Annie Gray, Legal Aid WA 14

15 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Unsupervised bath time puts baby at risk Baby bath aids such as plastic recliners, cradles or seats, have become increasingly popular with parents as they provide support for babies and young children in the bath. But it is important to remember that they are not safety devices or a substitute for adult supervision and support. Children have drowned while using a bath aid as they can easily slip off and become submerged under water, tip over when the suction cups come loose or climb out. According to the Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia, parents mistakenly believe they will hear their child drowning. Drowning is swift and silent and is not accompanied by children crying out or splashing. With this in mind a new safety standard, which requires clearly visible and appropriate warning labels on baby bath aids was introduced on 26 October The purpose is to reduce the incidence of babies drowning or being injured while in one of these devices. All baby bath aids sold in Australia must comply with the updated Safety Standard from 27 October following a 12 month transitional period. An adult must supervise the baby or toddler closely at all times when around water. The majority of bathtub drowning deaths occur when there is an interruption to bathing routine; for example, the doorbell rings while a parent is bathing the children. In over 80 per cent of bathtub drowning deaths, children were already bathing when they drowned. If you need to leave the room for any reason take your child with you. Make sure you do not rely on children to supervise each other while in the bath. They may think the baby or toddler is playing, or they might not raise an alarm in time. Children often do not know what to do if something happens, or think they might get into trouble. When selecting a baby bath aid for your child check that the safety warning statement is clearly displayed on the product, that it is easy to read and that it is able to withstand the warm soapy water of bath times for the life of the product. Check that there are no sharp edges or points on the bath aid, that your child fits properly into the device and that any toys attached to the bath are not small enough to fit in a baby or toddler s mouth. As another precaution, always keep at least one hand on the baby when around water to prevent them from slipping face first into or under water. Infants may not have the neck strength to move their head or face away from the water. If your child is being bathed by another family member or carer ensure they are made aware of safe bath procedures. More information contact call , or visit Royal Life Saving Society WA for information about resuscitation training. The Australian government, in collaboration with the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, provides Consumer Protection Services to the IOTs. 15

16 Public Notices (cont d) Notis notis Umum (seterusnya) Masa mandi yang tidak dijaga meletakkan anak dalam risiko Alat bantuan anak-anak untuk mandi seperti tempat duduk recliner, buaian atau tempat duduk plastik, telak menjadi lebih popular dengan ibubapak kerana ia memberikan bantuan untuk bayi dan anak-anak dalam bath. Tetapi pentingnya untuk diingati yang mereka itu bukannya alat keselamatan atau pengganti sebagai penjagaan orang dewasa ataupun bantuan. Anak-anak suda tenggelam dimasa menggunakan bantuan bath sebab mereka boleh merecet dengan muda dan boleh tenggelam, boleh tebalek bila mangkok isapan tempat duduk itu longgar ataupun anak itu boleh naik keluar. Menurut Royal Life Saving Society Western Australia, ibubapak salah percaya yang mereka akan mendengar kalau anak mereka tenggelam. Tenggelam terjadi dengan cepat dan sepi dan tidak diiringi oleh anak menangis atau memercik ayer. Dengan perkara ini dalam ingatan sebuah standard keselamatan baru, yang memerlukan label yang nyata dan menerangkan di alat bantuan bath anak-anak di kenalkan pada 26 October Tujuannya ialah untuk mengurangkan kecelakaan anak-anak tenggelam atau kederah sewaktu berada dalam alat-alat ini. Alat-alat bath anak-anak yang di jual di Australia mesti menurut Safety Standard yang baru dari 27 October menerusi masa petukaran 12 bulan. Seorang dewasa mesti menjaga bayi atau anak itu dengan dekat disetiap masa bila berada di sekitaran laut. Kematian yang bersebabkan tenggelam yang berlaku paling gencar ialah bila ada gangguan dalam masa bathing; cotohnya, lonceng pintu berbunyi bila seorang ibubapak sedang memandikan anaknya. Dalam 80 peratus kematian tenggelam dalam bathtub, anak-anak sedang mandi di bath bila mereka tenggelam. Kalau kamu perlu untuk meninggalkan kamar untuk keperluan apapun - bawak anak itu bersama kamu. Pastikan yang kamu tidak mengharapkan anak-anak saling menjaga bila dalam bath. Mereka mungkin ingat bayi atau anak itu bermain sahaja, atau mereka mungkin tidak memberitahu dalam masa yang tepat. Anak-anak biasanya tidak tau apa perlu di buat kalau sesuatu terjadi, atau ingat mereka mungkin kenak marah. Bila memilih alat bantuan bath untuk anak kamu, pereksa yang semua statement amaran keselamatan di tunjukkan dengan nyata di alat itu, yang senang untuk dibaca dan boleh bertahan dengan ayer sabun hangat sepanjang hidup produk itu. Periksa yang tidak ada pinggiran atau penjuru yang tajam di alat itu, yang anak kamu muat kedalam alat itu dan tidak ada kemainan yang terlalu kecil dalam bath yang boleh muat kedalam mulut bayi atau anak-anak. Sebagai satu lagi penjagaan, selalu menetapkan satu tangan memegang bayi bila berada di sekitaran ayer untuk menghindarkan mereka merecet muka dahulu kedalam ayer atau di bawa ayer. Bayi-bayi mungkin tidak ada kekuatan leher untuk menggerakkan kepala mereka dari ayer. Kalau anak kamu sedang di mandikan oleh memba keluarga lain atau penjaganya, panstikan mereka diberitahu cara-cara bath yang selamat ini. Keterangan selanjutnya hubungi hubungi , atau lawati Royal Life Saving Society WA untuk keterangan tentang trainingan resuscitation. 16

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18 Games Page Halaman Kemainan Across 1. Worn on the head 4. Italian wine city 8. "Get outta here!" 12. Half: Prefix 13. Avenue or boulevard 14. Bank caper 16. Spoken 17. Calm 18. City on the Rhone 19. Wt. units 20. Talent for music 21. Calendar pg. 23. Vane dir. 24. Written report 26. Make do 28. Bumped into 30. " -ching!" 32. Table supports 36. Edible seaweed 39. Proficient 41. Flames 42. Seventh Greek letter 43. Saloon fight 45. Actress Dawn Chong 46. Apiece 48. Tolstoy's Karenina 49. Department store sign 50. An entreaty 51. Writing liquid 52. Graphy or logy prefix 54. Doctor (slang) 56. Likeness 60. Long period of time 63. Commandments number 65. Texting abbr. for oversharing 67. Morsel 68. Depleted 70. Niagra river source 72. Spoiled kid 73. Fixed gaze 74. Departed 75. Italian mount 76. Our sun is one 77. Eyelid infection 78. Father Down 1. Rosemary and thyme 2. Accumulate 3. "Shop you drop" 4. Specialty 5. Fly high 6. Profs' aides 7. New thought 8. Ocean predator 9. That lady 10. Lubricates 11. Sugar suffixes 12. Food fish 15. Philosopher Lao- 20. See with it 22. Small round veggie 25. Hi-fi component 27. Santa's helper 29. Computer key, near Caps Lock 30. Sword-on-armor sound 31. Chopped down 33. Emerald isle 34. Mom's mom, for short 35. Notices 36. Hold on to 37. List ending abbr. 38. Frilly fabric 40. Cereal grain 44. Chem room 47. Owned 49. May honoree 51. Frozen water 53. Clock numeral 55. Web-footed mammal 57. Main heart artery 58. Kind of piano 59. Blues singer James 60. Double curved letter 61. Makes a choice 62. Tidy 64. Recent information 65. Very small 66. Dole out 69. Gun lobby grp. 71. Not in workforce anymore (abbr.) 72. Garden spot Sudoku Solutions Crossword Answer 18

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