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1 600V, 22A, 0.160Ω Features RDS(on) = 0.160Ω VGS = 10V, ID = 11A Ultra low gate charge ( Typ. Qg = 45nC) Low effective output capacitance 100% avalanche tested RoHS compliant Description The WinMOS MOSFET, SG s W3 series of high voltage super-junction MOSFETs, employs a deep trench filling process that differentiates it from preceding multi-epi based technologies. By utilizing this advanced technology and precise process control, WinMOS provides world class Rsp, superior switching performance and ruggedness. This WinMOS fits the industry s AC-DC SMPS requirements for PFC, server/telecom power, FPD TV power, ATX power, and industrial power applications. SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

2 Maximum Ratings Parameter Conditions Value Unit Continuous drain current Id Tc=25 22 Tc= A Pulsed drain current Id,pulse Tc=25 60 Avalanche energy, single pulse Eas Id=10A, VDD=50V 780 mj Avalanche energy, repetitive Ear Id=22A, VDD=50V 1 mj Avalanche current Iar 14 A MOSFET dv /dt ruggedness dv/dt VDS=480V,ID=11A, Tj= V/ns Gate source voltage Vgs static ±20 V AC (f >1 Hz) ±30 V Power dissipation Ptot Tc= W Operating and storage temperature Tj,Tstg -55~150 Thermal Characteristics Parameter SGX160N60W3 Unit Junction to case RthJC 0.52 /W Junction to ambient RthJA 60.5 /W Soldering temperature, wavesoldering only allowed at leads Tsold 280 SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

3 Electrical Characteristics at Tj=25 Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Drain-source Breakdown voltage V(BR)Dss Vgs=0V,ID=250u A V Gate threshold voltage Vgs(th) Id=250uA,Vds=Vgs V Zero gate voltage drain current IDSS VDS=600V, Vgs=0V Tj=25 VDS=600V, Vgs=0V Tj= ua Gate source leakage current Igss Vgs=30V,Vds=0V na Drain source on-state resistance R DS(on) Vgs=10V, ID=11A Tj=25 Vgs=10V, ID=11A Tj= Ω Gate resistance Rg f=1 MHz, open drain Ω Dynamic / Switching Characteristics Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit input capacitance Ciss Output capacitance Coss Vds=100V Vgs=0V f=1mhz Reverse transfer capacitance Crss pf Turn on delay time Td(on) rise time Tr Vdd=400V, Vgs=0/10V Id=22A Turn off delay time Td(off) Rg=2.5 ohm ns Fall time Tf Gate to source charge Qgs Gate to drain charge Qgd Vdd=400V,Id=22A Gate charge total Qg Vgs=0 to 10V nc Gate plateau voltage V plateau V SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

4 Drain-Source Diode Characteristics Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Maximum Continuous Drain to Source Diode Forward current Isd Tc= A Maximum Pulsed Drain to Source Diode Forward current ISDM Tc= A Drain to Source Diode Forward Voltage VSD VGS=0V, ISD=11A, TJ =25 C V Reverse Recovery Time Reverse Recovery Charge Peak reverse recovery current Trr ns Qrr VDD=480V,VGS=0V, ISD=11A dif/dt = 100A/μs TJ =25 C μc I rrm A SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

5 ID (A) RDSON( Ω) SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Typical Performance Characteristics 1 Safe operating area I D=f(V DS); T C=25 C; D =0 parameter: t 2 Typ. output characteristics 3 Typ. drain-source on-state resistance I D=f(V DS); T j=25 C R DS(on)=f(I D); T j=150 C parameter: V GS parameter: V GS V 4.5 5V V 10V 7V V V 30 6V 5.5V 5V V VDS (V) ID(A SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

6 VGS (V) VSD(V RDSON(mΩ) ID ( SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 4 Drain-source on-state resistance 5 Typ. transfer characteristics R DS(on)=f(T j); I D=11 A; V GS=10 V I D=f(V GS); V DS >2 I D R DS(on)max parameter: T j Tj( ) VGS ( 6 Typ. gate charge 7 Forward characteristics of reverse diode V GS=f(Qgate); I D=22 A pulsed I D=f(V SD) parameter: V DD parameter: T j VDS max 0.8VDS max QG (nc) ID (A SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

7 BVDSS (norm) Capacltance SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 8 Drain-source breakdown voltage 9 Typ. capacitances V BR(DSS)=f(T j); I D=0.25 ma C =f(v DS); V GS=0 V; f =100 KHz Crss Coss Ciss TJ ( ) VDS ( SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

8 Mechanical Dimensions TO-220-F-3L Min. Norm. Max. Min. Norm. Max. E ФP A ФP A ФP3 3.45REF A θ A θ2 45 A5 1.00REF DEP c F c F D F Q 9.20REF F H1 6.70REF G e 2.54BSC G ФP 3.183REF G L b L b D1 9.17REF SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

9 Mechanical Dimensions TO-220-FB-3L Min. Norm. Max. Min. Norm. Max. A ФP A e 2.54BSC A e1 5.08BSC b H b L c L D L2 2.50REF D ФP DEP Q E θ E θ E θ SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

10 Mechanical Dimensions TO-247-3L Min. Norm. Max. Min. Norm. Max. A e 5.44BSC A h A L b L b ΦP b ΦP c ΦP D Q D S 6.15BSC D T E U E θ E θ E θ SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11

11 Revision History Version Update date Revised Content Revised by Confirmed by V Original ZhangFeng Alan 1. Qg Spec revised, nc 2. Rthjc spec revised, /W 3. Rdosn at 150 spec new added. 4. Coss spec revised, 1000 V pF, Crss pF ZhangFeng Alan 5. Switch related spec revised, Tdon 9 20ns; tr 5 15ns; Tf ns 6. Qgs spec revised, nC 7. reverse diode Qrr spec changed, μc SGT160N60W3/SGF160N60W3/SGW160N60W3 Rev / 11