Tech in the Suburbs. March 14, Mary Wussow, Branch Manager Dakota County Library Wescott

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1 Tech in the Suburbs March 14, 2018 Mary Wussow, Branch Manager Dakota County Library Wescott

2 Goals of Class To share ideas of science & technology programs for all ages & to inspire library staff to branch out To suggest programs, services & equipment/software for a variety of price ranges To encourage library staff to dream small or big and to think outside the box To suggest reaching out to potential community partners for sources of expertise, funding and teachers or volunteers

3 Areas covered Programs Equipment, Software & Kits Funding & Community Support

4 Not included Technical how-to steps Specific details of presenting the programs (Can put you in touch with librarians who have offered the programs)

5 Programs

6 Big Truck Day (Truck Petting Zoo ) City & County Trucks: Fire Truck Police Car Snowplow & other maintenance vehicles

7 Homeschool Science/STEAM on Saturdays (Youth) Average cost: $250. Some free. Some higher priced. Less expensive alternatives: Look at local community or 4-year colleges to see if they have someone to do the program for free Check with any local high-tech company to see if they have an expert who might do a program Find hands-on STEM activities on the Internet and librarians teach programs and/or show videos

8 Homeschool Science/STEAM on Saturdays (Youth) Homeschool Science programs offered once monthly on a weekday during the school year. STEAM on Saturdays is often a repeat of Homeschool Science but offered Saturday once monthly on a Saturday afternoon. Presenters: Raptor Center Minnesota Zoo Science Museum of Minnesota Rad Zoo Bakken Museum Bell Museum KARE 11 Weather Meteorologist/author Mike Lynch Mad Science 3M Visiting Wizards Leonardo s Basement The Works Rich Valley Radio Controlled Airplane Flying Club Dakota County Parks Warner Nature Center STEAM Bunnies University of Minnesota

9 Homeschool Science/STEAM on Saturdays (Youth) Topics: Raptors Motion Magic Chemistry Show Animals of the North Kitchen Grossology Zoomobile Static Electricity Honeybee Project Engineering Careers Yo-Yos Bugs Minnesota Meteorology Moon Rocks & Meteorites Migration Fish Dissection Forensics Physics Nano Particles Cockroaches & Tarantulas Cryogenics Heart Air Power Currents Creating with Junk Invertebrates Fire & Ice Astronomy/Star Watching Air & Vacuum Acids & Bases Wind Turbines NASA s Pictures Water Conservation Frogs, Volts & Vinegar Amazing & Unusual Animals Minnesota Monarchs Honeybees Circuits Dinosaurs Model Aviation Minnesota Geology Energy Eclipses

10 Movie Making (Youth) Kids, tweens or teens work as a group or in pairs to create their own movies. Upload to cloud service. LEGO Movie App with ipads OgoBild/Animate It software imovie/green Screen (general class & book trailers) for Macs

11 Coding & Pre-Coding (Youth) Scratch/ScratchJr (free) Hour of Code (free) Anna & Elsa Minecraft Star Wars Many more! Mindstorms Ozobots or Sphero Bee-Bots for precoding and Pro-Bots Use library computers or have students bring their own PCs, smartphones or tablets.

12 Electronics (Youth) Makey Makey Snap Circuits

13 Robotics (Youth) Intro to Robotics Programming (High School Robotics Team) Robotics Demos (High School Robotics Team) Free programs!

14 Light Painting (Youth or Adults)

15 Light Painting (Youth or Adults) "Paint with Light" (Maker Camp) "How to Do Light Painting" Light Painting 101 (instructables) < YouTube & Vimeo Movies (search light painting or a light painting artist from Finland: Hannu Huhtamo) Free A.R. light painting app for ipad >

16 Virtual Reality (Youth) Virtual Reality creates a new virtual world. Usually a headset, goggles or glasses are used to view the world. Programs: Explore Virtual Reality Space Travel in VR Build a Virtual Reality World Virtual Reality Games Photos in Virtual Reality DCL purchased Viewmaster Deluxe headsets (early 2017 cost: $32.99 x 10 = $329.90) and one ipod Touch ($199) for those who don t have their own device. VR Kit for Checkout

17 Library VR/Panoramic Tour/Video Take 360 panoramic photo tours Upload tours onto Roundme website View video tour of library in Roundme app or share access

18 Augmented Reality (Youth) Augmented Reality inserts a digital world into the existing, real world. A smartphone, tablet or laptop can be used. For instance, a company might offer an A.R. app that can insert furniture into your home for you to consider how it would look. Instructions for putting together a bookshelf might light up the pieces you need to put together next. You might try on clothing and decide on your order without physically doing so. Or, change hairstyles or makeup. Look for free or low-cost A.R. apps for kids or tweens involving dinosaurs, movies, dogs & cats, fairies, space, sports & more.

19 Project Runway (Youth) TV s Project Runway designer Christopher Straub acted as a mentor to youth designers who took cast-off clothing and designed a new creation with sewing machines brought in. He spoke patiently with each child or teen and emphasized what he liked about their design. Programs: Holiday Sewing with Christopher Straub Bags by Christopher Straub Teen Fashion Sew-It-Up & Review with Project Runway s Christopher Straub Lower-cost Alternatives: Find sewers or designers locally from the community, school system or fabric store to work with kids. Ask for old clothing donations from staff. Example of tween/teen program with library staff and volunteers: Sewing Style Battle

20 T-Shirt Quilt (Youth & Adults) A day-long workshop with the Dakota County Star Quilters and librarians, making a t-shirt quilt out of treasured t-shirts. Work alone or team up with a member of another generation. Sewing machines (2) from the library s ilab and other machines were brought in by class participants. Cost: A supply list was provided to participants and they purchased their own supplies. Other sewing program: Simple DIY Throw Pillow

21 Viking Braiding Meets 3D Printing/Lucet (Adults) 3D print a lucet ahead of time and bring it to class to learn how to do Viking braiding

22 STEAM Fests & Tech Toys (Youth) Purchased robotics, electronics and tech toys in small quantities. STEAM Fests: drop-in sessions over 2 hours for kids and families to stop at tables and try different activities using technology or arts/crafts. Tables are run by librarians, circulation staff and Volunteens. Examples: Ozobots, Sphero, Snap Circuits, ipad art apps, art projects (supplies & instructions provided), button making, LED throwies

23 Family Engineering Nights (Youth & Adult) More structured than STEAM Fests Family teams working on assigned challenges to invent a product or solution Drop-in stations on engineering as a career or tasks to complete Look at STEM curriculum sites for ideas.

24 NASA Moon Rocks (Youth & Adult) NASA Lunar and Meteorite Sample Disk Program Certification program attendance required Special storage requirements No prior publicity without security guard Special shipping requirements Cost: Free except for above requirements

25 Auto Maintenance (Youth & Adult) DCL s program was a teen program offered for free at a local technical college. It s a way for the college to get teens/potential students on campus. Cost: Free Alternative: Check with local or retired mechanic to offer program or community volunteer with knowledge. Alternative: Offer bicycle maintenance.

26 ipad Lab Classes (Youth & Adult) ipad Lab with 10 ipads & Instructor ipad ipad Basics ipad Digital Art Accessibility Options on the ipad Ebooks on the ipad Office Productivity on the ipad Free Apps for ipads ipad Storytime Teen ipad Lab Fun: Little Learners App Discovery Star Wars ipad Art Games Galore Digital Art Garage Band imovie Book Trailers

27 ilab Makerspace Classes (Youth & Adult) Beginning classes on: Photo & Film Digitization Paper Cutting (Silhouette) 3D Printing 3D Scanning 3D Modeling (Tinkercad) Sewing & Fabric Cutting Green Screen & imovie Audio Production

28 Business/Tech Classes (Adult) Twin Cities creative artist Becka Rahn: Etsy: Creating your own Etsy shop Spoonflower: Creating your own digital fabric design Melding technology & art Science Museum of Minnesota Twin Cities Media Alliance Classes on building websites, creating Facebook pages for business, branding a business, marketing a business, search engine optimization and more!

29 Business/Tech Classes (Adult) Lower cost alternatives: Librarians learn topics & teach Community expert or volunteer teaches Find best of the best YouTube or Vimeo videos to share Check with SCORE (Counselors to America's Small Business) for free or low-cost presenter options.

30 Preserving Digital Memories (Adult) Presented by Minitex: Steps you can take to organize, protect and preserve your irreplaceable family photos, home movies and other digital content against technology obsolescence, physical and natural disasters, and accidental deletion

31 Preserving Digital Memories (Adult) Cost: Free Alternatives: Librarians learn & teach file organization, saving & conversion Partner with local historical or genealogical society; ask if they have volunteer to teach

32 Create Classes out of library databases Examples: Ancestry Learn Together: Spanish (Mango Languages)

33 Equipment, Software & Kits

34 VOX Books Picture Books and Juvenile Non- Fiction: $38-43 Audio books within a print book. Push a button to listen while reading. Built-in speaker for parent & child or group, plus headphone jack for quiet listening. Charges last plays.

35 AWE Early Learning Computers All-in-One touchscreen 70+ software titles English, Bilingual Spanish or French

36 Launchpads Tablet preloaded with apps for kids, teens or adults. No WiFi needed (locked down). Learning apps & games.

37 Digital Photo Frames

38 Digital Photo Frames Digital Photo Frames (very useful, inexpensive promotional tool) At Service Desk counters for people to look at while approaching the desk or in line Can be moved around to other display areas Promotes databases, new services, collections, programs & events Useful for outreach events (e.g., chamber of commerce, 55+ fairs) Advertises Friends of the Library, who purchased the frames for us Storytime welcome sign with early literacy info Cost: $200 each (2014). Cost lower today but depends on size & features.

39 Digital Signage (Large, Wall-Mounted) Digital Signage (larger) Used to push out system-wide messages Eye-catching Can be customized for time/temperature as well as library information Cost: $1000s but varies with hardware/software/ installation options Lower cost alternative: Smaller digital photo frames (under $100)

40 Reader Bar Used Back counter of the Service Desk Samples of ipad, Android, Kindle & Nook tablets (or for less expensive, two of the most popular) Used for promotion of ebooks/downloadables as well as demos to the public on how ebooks/downloadables work

41 ilab/makerspace Designated rooms for the ilab: Audio & Video Production Area 3D Printing & Scanning, Sewing & Fabric Cutting, Film & Slide Conversion, Videocassette Conversion, Paper Cutting

42 ilab/makerspace Equipment & Costs: Ultimaker 2+ 3D printers (2) $2500 each NextEngine 3D Scanner (1) $3000 Janome Schoolmate Sewing Machines (2) $650 each Accuquilt GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter (1) $500 Accuquilt Dies $500 Silhouette Cameo 2 paper cutter (1) $300

43 ilab/makerspace Equipment & Costs (continued): Epson Photo, Slide & Negative Converter (1) $200 Wolverine Photo, Slide & Negative Converter (1) $60 Mac Pro Quad- Core (2) $2800 each + monitors (2) $400 each imac 27 (1) $2000 Green screen package $155 GoPro HERO4 camera (1) $400

44 ilab/makerspace Equipment & Costs (continued): Guitar Amp Interface $200 MIDI Controller $170 Mic bundle $220 Intuos Creative Drawing Tablet (1) $350 Software $4400 Tables $2200

45 ilab/makerspace WhisperRoom Sound Booth $14,000 Misc. expenses TOTAL ilab Makerspace: $40,000 Ongoing costs: 3D printer filament ($30/spool); paper & fabric cutting mats

46 ilab/makerspace Less expensive alternatives: Purchase one piece of equipment each year to fit in the main library or an out-ofthe-way nook Seek funding from local craft/hobbyist groups or service organizations Ask a local store selling sewing machines if they d donate the next model that they discontinue selling Check into local Target or Walmart grants Crowd Funding Sites

47 ilab 2Go! Kits Cost: Under $2000 for 28 kits (14 unique titles, 2 copies of each). Cost includes tote bins, books and non-traditional items.

48 ilab 2Go! Kits MaKey MaKey Kit

49 ilab 2Go! Kits Snap Circuits Kit

50 ilab 2Go! Kits Virtual Reality Kit

51 ilab 2Go! Kits Oral History Interview Kit

52 ilab 2Go! Kits Spirograph Kit

53 ilab 2Go! Kits Fractal Patterns Kit

54 ilab 2Go! Kits Rocks & Minerals Kit

55 ilab 2Go! Kits Fashion Design & Drawing Kit

56 ilab 2Go! Kits Comic Design & Drawing Kit

57 ilab 2Go! Kits Design Studio Pro Kit

58 ilab 2Go! Kits Crochet Kit

59 ilab 2Go! Kits Knitting Kit

60 ilab 2Go! Kits Circular Loom Knitting Kit

61 ilab 2Go! Kits Lucet Kit (Lucet was 3D Printed on the Library s 3D Printer)

62 Niche Academy Side Slider or Full Academy Widgets Tutorials for the public and/or staff Videos or printed materials Materials can be locally created or matched with Niche Academy s videos

63 Funding & Community Support

64 Funding possibilities Grants (STEM/STEAM/ science) Local big box or tech company employee & matching grants Demco Grants Search (by STEM or Technology) Chamber of Commerce Friends of the Library Booksale Foundations Regional library cooperatives Service organizations Crowd Funding Sites Give to the Max Day (Minnesota)

65 Schools/School-Related Groups & Colleges Expertise in tech areas (e.g., Robotics, Media Production, Coding) Programs: Attendance, Assistance, Space for Alternative Programs (e.g., auto maintenance) Volunteers

66 Artists & Crafters Programs (e.g., quilters, knitters or other fiber arts experts or high-tech artists) Expertise in developing makerspace or kits Volunteers to help teach, tutor or be a resource at a program table

67 Chamber of Commerce Funding Promotion through company networks Expertise in tech areas Equipment/supplies Volunteers/teachers

68 City or County Departments Funding Community contacts Media resources & support: Equipment, Community TV Low-tech Programs (e.g., Parks/Survival Programs)

69 Community Service Organizations Funding Community contacts Volunteers Programs

70 Local Utility Companies Energy Usage & Information Kiosks Energy Monitor Kits Programs

71 Retired/55+ Groups, Senior Centers or Senior Living Facilities Expertise/skills for programs Volunteers Fundraisers Community contacts Space for Programs

72 High-Tech Companies Funding: Gifts & Grants Programs in their area of expertise Equipment

73 Friends of the Library Funding Grant holder as 501(c)(3) Community contacts Support

74 Library Boards or Library Advisory Groups Support (financial or other) Community contacts

75 Volunteers/Volunteens Assistance with programs Expertise (sewing, building, electronics, etc.) Promotion

76 Go forth and create!

77 Contact Mary Wussow, Branch Manager Dakota County Library Wescott Eagan MN