~. - SPORTS TRACK l.\' A( TITON; liasl il iall, \V INS l'\ly ()()l Tl lrlili OPINION l ARlX). \'. yllt. \\'1 ll 'l l ) rt ll ll,\l l l',\' T() l la\'l

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1 ~. - SPORTS TRACK.\' A( TITON; AS A, \V INS '\y ()() T R OPINION ARX). \'. yt. \\'1 ' ) rt,\ ',\' T() A\'' ANY ( R f M t t )Nr TECH T00 -., ''RAVOLTA AS ( )1. Kt )N M ZAN AS TACK STAN [UN N RMAx. ().()RS.' MON DAY March 23, 1008 Vo. 78, No. 76 Cassfeds 8 Opnon Sports Tech Too 5 Wofpackcoses n ' Counc on NCAA Fna Four ooks at I The Wofpact s thrd consecutve vctory over Od Domnon puts State one vvn away from the Fna Fouc K. ( \-s Sports [tutor Tft"dK-\ 1'IT mow State's LySchae Jones focuses on defense. Dayton. ()t \t ho sad that NC. State basketba was done for the season. ()n the hees of a SS 54 wn. the NCSt? women s basketba season got.t few extra days on Saturday afternoon. as the Wopaek advanced to the NCAA Regona fnas for the frst tme n hstory State's wn was ts thrd n as many meetngs wth the Monarchs or (d Domnon eaves t tone wr from the I tra 'ttf. "(ht team payed hard the entre game." Yow Cdates prepare for eecton I The eectons for Student Government offces are approachng qucky. I. T tt v th't Student government eectrons are one week away. ectton stes w be open for votng on March J. Votng ocatons tcude the Atrum. Fountan Dnng Ha. Unversty Student Center. ' ttne nr. Shutte nr. Syne ( Store Case Athetc Center. The hours for each votng staton w vary as the stes open cose on a reguar schedue. Maor postons contenton ncude student body presdent. Stttet Senate pres dent. sttrdent body treasurer chefjustce. The cdates for student body presdent are Andrew Payne Jenny Chang. The cdates for student senate presdent are Krs Larson. Aexs Me Megan Caahan. The one cdate for stttdent body treasurer s d Amersorr. the ony cdate for student chef ustrce s Jame Brown. sad after the game. We stayed wth t dd great thngs. Words can t expan how t fees what t means." State took contro eary. outscorrg the Monarchs over the frst fve mnutes. Hodng on to that ead for rost of the frst haf. the Wofpack took an advantage nto the ocker room. despte beng sadded wth () frrst~haf fous. State's fott troube not ony sent the Monarchs to the ne 15 tmes the frst 20 mnutes. but aso sent State veterans Chastty Mevn Ly'Schae Jones to the bench eary. Mevn Jones. who came nto the season as the Pack's oty returnng starters. eft the ncvup Wth just met t mnutes to go the haf. the Pack up by one pont. Over the next to mnutes. the Pack team. ed by the back court duo of 'Tyes ha Lews Krsten (cspe. hed the u court pressure of Od Domnon. pushng the ead to as hgh as eght ponts the hghest of the game for ether team. We are fortunate to have faced [havng Mevn Jones out] a coupe of tmes n the past games. so we knew we coud hod on unt we got them back." Yow sad. veryone on the foor pcked tp the sack. we made t through." t those I mnutes. Summer Frb. returnng to the Dayton Arena for the frst tme snce payng n the Oho Hgh Schoo State Champonshps. scored tme of her gamerhgh 7 ponts. whe sophomore Naa Waace added seven. At the start of the second haf. momentum's name was Aubrey bn. The ODU guard sank three consecutve three pont attempts. hepng the Monarchs to te the game at "N ponts wth just under three mnutes tcked off the cock. State answered an eventua ()D.v ead by hodng the Monarchs scoreess over an eght n -mju.st.- GAME. that _ b Freshman Tynesha Lews scored 13 ponts to ead State to the wn. Tt MA'e tf Harm A student votes In a past eecton. The above cdates w partcpate n pttbc debates three tmes before eectons. The frst debate w be hed Tuesday at 8 pm. at P Kappa Apha. The second w be hed Wednesday at noon the Brckyard. the fna debate w be hed Wednesday rgbt n Fountan Dnng Ha. A of the debates w be open to the pubc. ()ther postons up for eecton ncude student center presdent senor cass presdent. There are aso 43 cdates for ~15 Student Senate postons. wth an excess of cdates n severa coeges not enough n others. A compete st of a cdates w soon be onre. The offca Web page for the eecton s http: www2.ncst.edt csu stud govt eecton. Group buds unar robot I NCS enters a robotcs competton to construct a unar habtat..\ st\ tr \t t va" Vc-tt' The probem. presented by \V\S.-\. s to construct a bosphere on the moon usng a remottopct ated unar vehrc c. 'he souton s beng worked otrt by a group of NC. State engneerng desgn students. as we.ts teams front other unverstes. for the Lttar Robotc Constructon Competton. The competton w be hed at the Space 98 Conference n Abuquerque. NM. between Apr 26 I. The dea has sparked excterett for the students respondng to NASA s nqury. Space s art area that cart str tp everyone." Jason Janet. doctorate student n cettr'ca computer engneerng ong tme advsor to the project. sad. NCST "s answer s ' humpcr. a teeropet'ated vehce. named for the nose t rakes on a hard foor. It w off oad tsef from the unar er. w art for habtat modues. troad equpment. drag poston the modues. ft pace a contanment shed met the habtats then excavate f the sheds wth unar so The so w act as nsuaton protecton from soar radaton Ths s a done before the astronauts arrve on the moon. NCSL' students have been workng on ths project snce Wo. when.tt earer verson of Ttrmper was entered n the competton. That year. the team fnshed thrd. To mproy e SCSI s stngs. efforts were stepped up ast ta n preparaton for next month's L'ntttpcttt rs semester. around 40 students have been workng wth the group. caed ~ ( S atat xporator Leaders n (tter \ttat c Students have sacrfced rttcr to get ready for the competton. I'd say I spend about '5 to ts't) percent of my free tte workng on ths." Rob Bedsoe. ajuror n eectrca engneerng. sad Unke other schoos.. IUS' entry w be competey desgned bttrt by students. One group of students has constructed the unarrardcr. caed (yrrpus. that w have an cxtendabe ramp to hep offoad eqttpment soar energy t oecton panes. Another group has desgned nd btrt (asts. the habtat contarrert sy stem. A thrd group s responsbe for patttrg a 15 mnute presentaton exparnrg the group s \stot to tdges hs w ncude a vdeo tstg computer anmaton to ustrate how I'htmper. Oass ()yrpns woud ttctot on the moon n addton to the the competton w.t\t s'sy. a test of 'tnper ard the other prototypes btrt one twefth of s. Roeoncs. rue-r 3 b hot topc I ".0. State group takes a frm stance on affrmatve acton. T)A\~..- S'ysrr Assstant Nt/«2. Erato: A moton was made passed for NC. State's Counc on the Status of Women to formuate statement on affrmatve acton at a meetng Frday. "We need to make a strong statement to rsttre that we have a far dverse campus." Harrette (rffn. a counc member. sad. Another member sad the counc needs to pay speca attenton to the anguage n ts statement how mportant the counc's vew on affrmatve acton s. Statements by the counc other groups woud hep mpact the drecton the chanceor wants to take on the ssue." Lese Dare. assstant equa opportunty offcer. sad. "As ndvduas. we can put our vote where t counts to support affrmatve acton." Caroyn Mador. a counc member. sad. As snowfakes we're not much. but as a whoe we can stop traffc." Snce affrmatve acton has been under attack across the naton. unverstes have been the target. counc members agreed they need to make a strong. mora statement on affrmatve acton. Most peope have no dea what they're takng about [when takng about affrmatve acton] ' Chery Branker. counc char. noted. Ther deas are based on what others have sad. The counc w nvte Assstant Provost for trqua Opportunty Joanne Woodard to cear up confuson on the exact meanng of affrmatve acton before they make a statement. 'They w aso dchss ther poston at ther Apr 7 meetng. Another tem dscussed was the Equty for Women Award. The award s gven recognton of servce toward the goa of women s equty. The recpents ncude facuty. staff students. Ths year s nomnees ncude: Susan Banchard. assocate professor t agrcutura engneerng. Nora Lynn Fnch. assocate drector of athetcs; Joan Ltte. assstant n cooperatve extenson servce. Frances Rchardson. emertus professor n agrcutura engneerng; Laura Severn. drector of women's gender studes. Debra Stewart. vce provost graduate dean. Wam Weston. nterm assocate M't Wm. aut. 4r~v-'-vp~ mwuks-._- - a. even «star-e: Ma Nomnatons sought IN BRIEF for award v t The Jackson Rgney Internatona Servce ' Award was estabshed to recogne facuty or staff who have at east fve years of servce have acheved dstncton promotng ntematona understng through ther teachng, research pubc SCTVICC. The award. whch conssts of a paque a check for $500. s sponsored by the ta Chapter of Sgma Iota Rho. the ntematona studes honor socety. the Offce of ntematona Programs. Nomnatons shoud ncude the nomnee's name. poston. departmenta address. dates of appontment at NC. State a bref descrpton of achevements. Supponng etters from two addtona ndvduas famar wth the nomnee's work shoud be ncttdcd. Nomnatons shoud be sent no ater than March 23 to Dr. Ed rckson at Campus Box 81 t). For more nfomaton. ca Erckson at S or e-ma hm at ed Poetry contest deadne extended North Carona poets now have a few extra days to sttbttt ettrres for the annua.n C State poetry contest. The deadne has been extended unt March 2?. Contest wnners W be announced Apr Id at the NCSU Poetry Festva. To enter. sttbrt two copes. dotrbe spaced. of no more than three prev ottsy unpubshed poems. ntres shoud aso ncude a cover sheet wth the poet's name. address, phone number ttes of the poems. The poet's name shotd not appear on the tted dscrpr NCSU s Engsh department empoys a number of poet facuty members. many of whom have been pubshed. Send entres to Apr Lynn. Poetry Festva. Department of ngsh. Campus Box Xttf. For more nformaton. ca 5 5~4()0. NCSU opens awardwnnng Web ste A new Web ste attrced at NC. State gves quck detaed nformaton ot food safety. he ste ocated at ttp ww w ces.ncsu. edu depts fxdscratgentnfo s the branchd of Messa Tayor. a food safety educaton communcaton specast wth the N.('. Cooperatve xtenson Servce at NCSU. "Our goa was to desgn a ste where you don t need a Ph.). to fnd the nformaton you're ookng for." Tayor sad. A you have to do s cck on the food group you re nterested n. you automatcay be nked to pages wth the most current. comprehensve research fndngs safety advce for that food." a recent rev ew of rrtore than 200 Web stes by the Tufts Unversty Nutrton Navgator. the NCS based ste eaned perfect scores for tmeness. accuracy depth of nformaton provded. pacng t the top sx of a stes rev rewed.

2 v Page ' t. \..t.(. n t,' '. t u LI' '\.. \L' Id \t''\, L' \n.\... c t.v(. '.t. \..... d\ ' t ~... t. \tttt.,., "am...ane \m be ' t. t km. N LH \. '1 Inc st't''s. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOUNDATION. News Backup crcutt boards need to he baanced three-pont shot wth 17.7 but. If one breaks. another one Robotcs can be popped n. we can Game seconds to brng the ead wthn two ponts. t'ftt tv :2 g-e Y contnue wth the competton." Buchanan sad. t _.\. t-om L t 1 Wth seven seconds showng on a stopped cock, Gespe sank one Accordng to the team. they must of two free throws for the Pack. ther actua s/e NH [US has one be prepared for anythng. hour to compete the assgned tasks. "Somethng strange s aways mnute stretch. that tme. State 0n the defensve end, State had ncudng ~35 mnutes to f the comng up." ( othar sad. shfted the sx pont defct to a sx» the sense to fou the Monarchs, contanment she wth tar so. "We are up aganst some tough pont. SI 45 ead wth just fve State s ffth of the haf. To accompsh ths goa. the schoos. Janet sad. Stanford mnutes eft n the game. Roberts put n a mssed threepont attempt from Penchero off group vvokng wth 'hunper has the Unversty of Washngton. Wth a 53 4*) ead. just over a added cxtcndabe arms that are whch wo frst pace n 996. are mnute eft n the game. Monarch of the n»bounds. but the basket eft retracted \vnc dggng are then among the schoos that w be center Nyree Roberts was caed for the Wofpaek up by one pont, extended to dump the so nto the competng aganst NCSt'. "But we art ntentona fou. gvng Mevn advancng State to the Ete Eght top of the contanment shed. are extremey proud of what we ve two shots at the ne. the for the frst tme. () Sundav. hunpet was tested done." Jane t sad. Wofpack the ha back ater the State w pay the Unversty of n the "sbox, but to smuate The contest. sponsored by NASA State center sank one of two shots. Connectcut on Monday wth the competton condtons. the Amercan Socety of ( v ()d Domo s {\erl rc'd wnner advancng to the Fna Four hupcr dd great. Engneers. s desgned to refect ''cha Penchcro naed an off vttn.t t' t't facuty, staff students to speak n Kansas Cty. Mssour. " hs s the frst tme we ve got tasks concerns that engneers everythng together." John ( othan woud reay face competng ths Aso on the agenda was a foow a tumor n eectrca computer knd of project. Sttdents tst up on the ast Speak Out. The engnceng. s.t consder what woud actuay be Speak Out s an open forutn for Wth a tte over four weeks eft possbe on the moon. work wth before the competton. HELIOS representatves from a varety of about women s concerns on s has much work to do. ( othar dscpnes rase money for the campus. Matters such as chd care ' e' Buchanan. a senor n project. The Student Senate s eectrca engneerng. need to hepng to sponsor the protect. dean of undergraduate nformaton studes. ways to make NCSU more famy frendy" were practce "drvng" humper. ' he "The students are reay runnng the award w be presented as brought to the counc s attenton. moto to extend the ramp on the the show. It s a resut of ther part of the NCSU professona Many Speak Out partcpants unarre needs to be nstaed. desgn etforts." Wam Aen. deveopment conference for wanted the counc to make average ''hunper aso needs protecton a facuty adusor to HELIOS. sad. women. ( cebratng the Power of rates of chdcare opportuntes n fro thc s that gets n ts gears. "I'd ove for us to wn." omen." at the uncheon from the area easy accessbe. ( am. to 1 pm. March 30 at "We're aready dong t, t s just the Mcs'mmon Center. that peope don t know," Branker Currenty. the conference s open sad. ony to NCS' facuty. staff Instead. Branker sad they need to students. ''te counc dscussed branstorm ways to get peope whether to accept members from knowedgeabe of the nformaton other coeges. such as Peace or they do provde. Meredth to the conference. We need to state that we re a 'he c s vaue n stayng ke watchdog group. We make )1) u've been. but there s st vaue recommendatons but we have no BECOME A ROAD SOHOLAH m grow g." Braker sad. power otherwse." IN YOUR SPARE TIME. March 23, 1998 Sprng tenns BE A TEACHER. BE A HERO.,,. Ca -8 OO-45-TEACH. Jon-Are Larson, a member of the Wopack gof team. partakes In a cross-tranng actvty by payng tenns Sunday afternoon. m :::t::uo:::ot %MAW Larson Is a freshman n busness management has a (3m nfb hcap of about one. Apr 17M, 1998 Student Center Baroom to pm. Three tmes a week. pubshng news ft for everyone. One newspaper Techncan read around the \Ut on the \\ cb. FO R the 7.J'. n \ o ~ \.\1 A \J\ \t\ I( ND.. 10X 0 A" {MENY A's xg r,\, t\ "\. a rforrutor rtqm > m u "()R """ M :1 \HUN. rr :o t tt t I..uw t t t'7.\t.-.t "3.: t ' v t tt""t' \ tt t \4\ \" L ' m» t r -v ;1.tw«~ " \\ te \tu \ III'I'.n. n \L- \t-u ( tac.r; pan : n. t tr f t '.\ : 't mme wt v E) '(I AT 1 ()N tret -..: t 4' wt \\. ts you Ensurng the future for those who shape t. rnd RESEARCH COMMUNIT COOPERATIVE EDUCATION ENGINEERING POSITIONS Here s your opportunty to get your toot n the door d. one of the word s 100 Best Managed Companes Aerocwo an Aeroqu-Vckers company s ranked by ndustrywook magazne among the wood s best managed companes s a work! oader an the manufacture of cngmoorod components systems for the automotve ndustra nerotpoce defence markets wth tabs sunnng $2 buon The mourn cngmnng co-op program has been OOSIQHOG to prowde Fa-mason experence to undorgmduuta students pursumg degrees n Mechanca Engneerng Workng wthn one of our three North Carouna hose punts, students ore exposed to varous ongmoonng areas 00 Progect product nought-norms process become ncreasngty chaengng as otudents return for each oo-op sesson Representatves from_aeroqup s Forest Cty, Mddoscx North Carmna Norwooo punts w b. on campus Thursday Apr 16 to nterest nterwew students for the summer rat: work sessons nterested t you are n a co op opportunty wrtn Aeroqutp pease contact the Cooperatve NCSU Educaton omen To be confdefeo students shoud 3 0 have a Mnmum G? A. overa In ther major possess good verba wrtten communcaton sks. M M25177!»... t.. 'm~ ' Vst us U the Internet at u \\ Jnn-tr-Lo g (0 9 AC6 m 1 can! commt." We, J Mr, \ e ( 5 _ f//-v /o. A CALBER SYSTEM COMPANY._ RPS an nternatona market eader n the sma package shppng ndustry has YEAR ROUND PART-TIME jod.. H,. opportuntes for. ndvduas to unoad oad...gss. packages onto vans. We offer: $7.00/HR $7.50/HR to start $7.50/HR $8.00/HR after 90 days Tuton ASSstance of.so/hr after 30 days Modern / Indoor Facuty Two shfts to choose from 2:30AM AM M~F 5:30PM 10:30PM M-F Requrements: Must be at east 18 years of age Must be abe to pass a 50 b ttest. Appy n Person 1 RPS South Tr Center Bvd. Durham. NC foow Drectons to Aston From Ave 1 40 urt ht :en.7787 otow INLSv tr; 5;: 'w e" on, «a m. z. N gt w» wt HA,v 'r-'>."»> 4} RPS s an E )m. {rot mu, Ata",v.,. :..

3 State Stat: NC. State s wn on Saturday was the women's frst ever n the regona semfnas n the NCAA tournament. Vo. 78 NO. 76 Sports Monday, March 23, 1998 Techncan Got a probem? Hey now. hey now. Don t dream t s over? 'u// the Sports department at 5/5 34// m In t' mat/u! v/.((_1vtt.vtrttr \IH (111. Page 3 State Where s the wns two beef? I The track stars that make c- women's ong jump wth a 5.45 I Baseba wns two out of three aganst Vrgna. State compettons great were absent meters whe sophororc Donc ttt jumped meters to take Trv I 'N I-R ths weekend at Chape H. second III the rpc jump. Staff Wrter jos \I'II.\\ N Kate Sabo at a strong 500 Staff Wmet meters race before beng beaten n Two out of three an t bad. the ast meters by Carona s The N.(. State baseba team won two games If you were ookng for tre stars. Jue Smth over the Vrgna Cavaers over the weekend. f was not the day. I'm happy wth. It went out so before droppng the second game of Sunday's Wth the Raegh Reays oomng sow, though." Sabto sad. I dotbe eader. just sx days away, the 'V't~ to guess I dd what I was supposed to 'hc Cavs took advantage of an eght-run thrd Team Invtatona was ackng the do, [some tod rrc to go out sow nnng to cruse to a vctory n the second game presence of bg performance kck at the ctd It ddn't reay of Sunday's doube header athetes normay assocated wth 1: work as I d panned. but t was OK. I thnk t s a trbute to them how hard they NC. StaterL NC C track show opcftry at conference I can outkck her " payed." ('oac Iot Avent sad of the down. ( avahcrs They came out payed very hard. The meet was Used as a hard Last week s rany. cod qute They have some great ptchers." workout a chance for both unpredctabe weather showed ts I VA sent 13 batters to the pate whe teams to deveop ther depth aganst ugy effects ths weekend. coectng fve doubes a homerun to take an some weaker competton. ooked at today as another nsurmountabe 80 ead n the thrd. State used "Next week s supposed to be a workout. because t s st pretty three ptchers the nnng to get the fna out. rea bg meet." Corde Smth. eary." sprnts hurdes Coach State wasn't about gve up. however. scorng Raegh Reays s supposed to Terry Rccsc sad. Some of the fve runs n the fourth to cose the gap to 8-5. have ke 2000 entres." weather condtons we had ast IIVA struck back. addng an nsurance run n Despte Carona A week ctt back on some of the the ffth to ncrease the ead to 9-5. The Pack Amercans sx State A thngs I wanted to do wth them. scored two more runs the seventh nnng on a Amercans takng the day off. the Around Thursday -rday the two~run homer from Brad Percy to provde the meet st devered some weather knd of ceared. so I took fna score. outstng performances. advantage of those days State's record mproved to n the Smth. defendng ACC ong jump worked them out pretty hard. Today ACC. wc 'VA dropped to I4-9 ~7. champon. had a busy day as he I'm seeng the effects of those hard The oss was State s frst home oss of the worked hmsef nto shape for the workouts " season. ony the fourth home oss durng TfLHNtCtAN In morn decathon. Smth began the day State's best w be ready next Avett's tenure. The Pack opened up Its ACC home schedue ths weekend wth Its seres aganst wth a jump of 7.45 meters to wn week after a restfu weekend at The frst game of the twn b proved to be the Vrgna. The Pack ran out of steam n the second game of Sunday s doube-dp. the ong jump. then proceeded to Chape H. more exctng of the two. wn hs 0 meters-hurdes heat. n ktd of peased wth some of The tyng run for the Cavaers was thrown out UVA had two men on base the wnnng rtr game. competed n the hgh jump. won a the thngs I ve been seeng." sad at the pate for the thrd fna out of the game. cumnatng a wd fnsh. The throw to at the pate when the Cavs ht a snge to center Rghthcr Bubba Scarce pcked tp hs fourth 400 meters heat returned to the Reese. I'm reay ookng forward the pate by thrd baseman Josh Baard aowed fed. After one runner scored from thrd. junor wn of the year for State. hgh jump. for them ookng good at the State to escape w th the wn Juan (on/ae] was waved home. Fortunatey Senor Jake Weber ht a two-run homerun n The ong jump was pretty good." Raegh Reays. The pans are for "()ur ptchers made some good ptches n good for State. ( tmae/ was beaten by the reay the frst nnng to gve State an eary 20 ead. Smth sad. knd of heped me them to reay start runnng good stuatons." Avcnt sad. We just need to keep throw. The homerun marked the 300th ht 200th out because the wnd was bowng next weekend on because the way I was gong. conference s three haf payng tough defense." [IVA eft a tota of batters on base for the Sec PACK, Pagt ~J Keone Covmgton won the weeks." EAGL bronze State reades for UConn I West Vrgna takes frst at ths year's EAGL I the Wofpack women ook to head to ther frst Fna champonshps. Four, gong head-to-head aganst IConn. soorrs staff Report K. (f-nh Sports ttttor the. voutaneers of West Vrgna paray ed ther Dayton. Oho (cro Auremma has been there four strong pcrforrances on uneven bars baance beam tmes n the 990's. nto a v \ tory at ths year s I::\C. champonshps. Kay Yow has never been there n 23 years of 'crr score of outpaced the next~coscst coachng. schoo. New Hampshre. by neary two ponts. UNH The NC. State Cor matchvup tonght n the East fnshed wth a )1.t50. Regona Fnas Dayton. Oho. w pt two of the Despte takng frst pace honors on the baance beam most successfu coaches n women's coege basketba as a team. the Pack took thrd pace overa wth a score aganst each other. of 9 THIS. 25 undrcdths out of second pace. Two coaches that enter the game frorn very dfferent West Vrgna far outcassed ther opponents on the postons. uneven bars. tradtonay one of the tougher events. Aurrenma. 'Conr s 3Ayear head coach. knows a The Mountaneers posted a score of over fve too we the pressure that comes wth a Regona Fna. tenths hgher than the IcxrhghCS score. They were Ths game means more than any other game. Ths s neary as strong on the baance beam. scorng a the game that gves you a shot at the natona The ony team they ddn't best was the Pack. who s champonshp." sad Auremma yesterday's press one o the strongest team n the country on the conference. I tod the team that other than the Natona apparatus hc Mountatncers' Umme Sam took frst Champonshp. you don't ceebrate rore after any pace honors wth a but State fed the Ytr H Jtt A. ru w '. game." rcrarrg tw spots wth Monca Berry Jennfer Ashey Hutse the Wofpack w have a The ast tte that 7Conn wasn't one of the ast eght Sommcr Both Pack gymnasts ted wth a It was week off before regonas. teams payng n March was durng the season. Hert y 's thrd straght strong performance on the when hs t bowed out of the tounament n the frst A) need! apparatus. foowng tp her scores of Aso takng home an award w as Socr n tre round. «n as ft more n prevous weeks for Sommer. t aso marked a aforertcntoncd a around competton. yng for thrd In the four seasons snce. Auremma has ed the Chasty Mevn got some hep from Summer Erb contnuaton of mprovement on the beam. Snce wth a score of WINK). Huskes to two na hours a natona In the ow post aganst Od Domnon. mov trg nto the a around competton at the New arpsrrc ect. Sommer has seen her scores cmb on Ther tcar score w hep to mprove c Regona champonshp. the event. movng up front a to a over the Quafyng Score. whch rs cruca to ther pacement Yow, who has estabshed hersef as a vng egend second round. ncudng durng the I990 9 season. weekctd. nto the second rotaton of the regonas competton. among the ranks of women s coege basketba. has when Wofpack guards Sharon Mannng. Rhonda 'oor exercse saw a four-way te for frst pace. Wth where the scores tend to be a bt hgher. The never progressed ths far nto the tournament. Mapp Andrea Stnso cd State to the ACC the ack s Ashey utsc pacng n the group. er performance of Kentucky w aso be a bg factor rto Prevous to Saturday s 5554 wn over Od Domnon. Champonshp. score of was matched by the Mountaneers the equaton. Yow's teams have been stopped the Sweet Sxteen eght tmes n the 16 years that the NCAA has hed a That rtn at the natona tte was up ended by a 8277] Shrey Lee Nkk West. ttng wth Amy Roberts As of thc AU chatporshps. TK was a coupe of women's toumament. oss n the Round of to to the Huskes That year. of New Hampshre. tenths behnd the Pack. Twce n the 990 s. State has advanced past the \tt ww. agt 4 * Wofpack Forda State defeats tenns team The men's tenns team dropped ts frst conference match of the year. 5-2, to the I- Iorda State Semnoes n Taahassee on Saturday. Robert Bracone rc Jackson pcked up NC. State s ony wns n the snges competton. Bracoe. a junor from St. Petersburg. Fa. defeated FSU's Aex (ouh, 7 6. (r7. 6 }. at the No. spot. Jackson. a fve-5»nch freshman. beat Yvo Nks at the No. J spot for the Wofpack. roundng out the snges wns. Braconc has been ranked natonay throughout the year. The duo of Bracoe Jackson aso recorded the Wofpack's ony Wn n the doubes. defeatng Croub Ty Braswc the No] doubes match. State dropped to X 5 overa 0 n the ACC. FSU mproved I J 2 2. The Wofpack returns home on Wednesday to face the Georga Tech Yeow Jackets at 2 p m. Women s tenns extends wnnng streak The NC. State women's tenns team won two matches over the weekend. extendng ts wnnng streak to sx n a row. () Sunday. the Wofpack defeated NC Wmngton on the road to tnprovc ts record to the ACC. State swept a sx snges matches won two of three doubes matches. Junor Nena Bonacc defeated UNC W's Wendy Kup. o at the No. spot for the Wofpack. Sophomore Bre ( over won her fourth consecutve match. downng Ezabeth Perry. (r 0. or). at the No.3 spot. The Pack aso defeated Coege of Chareston on Saturday n Raegh. State won a fve snges matches before the match was canceed due to ran. No doubes were payed because of the ran. State w host UNC Chape H on March 25 at the NCS tenns compex. Iowa domnates the NCAAs n wrestng The NC. State wrestng team fnshed 54th n ths weekend s NCAA Champonshp n Ceve. Oho wth 3.5 ponts. State's bestcver fnsh was n 993 when the Wofpack fnshed seventh overa. The Wofpack boasts 5 A»Amercans snce I977. Sx Wofpack wresters competed for State. ncudng By Bunt. Kevn Boross. Lee Carro. Tom Davs. James Kocher Perre Pryor. The Iowa Hawkeyes stoe the show, however, wnnng ther fourth NCAA Champonshp n a row. The Hawkcycs have won sx of the ast seven team champonshps. Four other ACC teams competed the meet. NCrChape H was the hghest ACC representatve n the toumamcnt. fnshng 32nd. UNC-CH was foowed by Vrgna at 37th Mary at 46th. Duke fnshed n a te for ast pace wth no ponts.

4 sports Match 23, 1998 \L ht. not ony n storng aehes see games ago. Saes as ( avaers 4«2 Wof ebotdg. but aso asssts, Conn's Iot'h straght eontende Senor rghther Kurt makng. statement as one o the for Payer of the Yea. et not Baeknon pcked up hs ffth wn.,..".: ' naton's most eonpete paers ony as '( on's. tme eadng: ot' the year, strkng out nne batters \\'e e t t\'v0\ on \L O t r. but aso a huge hoe n the n st \c nnngs. Marnes shoud be S.tu'..a_\ ddn t make many Husk) otense. or so t seemed Sate rc c cned qute at sett'c In the ths tough, Stuntman t'onn advaneed to ther t'rs t -a headnes. the senor quet) We eaned that \tg baet.t surpassed the.000 career rebounds our eryne about II s not pump to do R o the senor arstar. the frst game. despte the n. Junor mas. put esetst I ponts shoud be S tough..\nd Whe there has been a ot ot anythng 'or anybody. 'on pt)e n N( S' hstor) to aehee Adrean Aeevedo was ht n the face.\\.\ to 2,00 n her four year meda attenton pad to that "re Junor Am}. Duran sad about nst: se. teat. by a pteh. had to be eaee. Uny one other Wotpaek Buttoenans? nateh." the eoees. In a then Saes, Sate took a 4 ( ead nto the tt't osptz/ed. Aeevedo stt t'ered basketba payer. t or nonan, years or experenee. have earned. has exer done so. when (ena The Huskes hae regrotped snce e betore [WA mounted a mutpe broken bones on S ace. \er} mportant esson he panc Beasey tsed her eareer wth ther frst game eotebaek. he ( avs epped away aso receved.s'ttehes. Whtt Saes, a 75 \ be deeded n 40 mnutes on NC State h'..7] t)\c'l wn oe Vanoa at State's ead. cosng the gap to 5 he \ersate junor eoege e eou't. nhoex er has the )c'\.e\\ s's sensatona ther ast reguar season game. 4 n the seventh nnng. Sophomore transfer. who had been one of the ('ra: ee drove the fna best htters n State's neup, W aduntaee there I he bookng: a t'esnan season year has ear'ed Post pay ers Stae) asneye dees'xe run for the Wot'ptet. undergo surgery on 'hursda). tgt to Kansas ( t} o er nto the postseason. Awragg Page Sauer are averagng eose to On Saturday. The aek nne State hopes to bounce hack 'om 't om ys ea on ther nsde better than I ponts per game snce the ponts per game better n the crused to an easy \t t') over the Sunday s oss ths ' uesday. ''he payers to step up aganst :\ the start o the AFC reguar season. postseason than n the reguar (Ins. Wot paek w take on the.\nerean edate ( hasty Meb 1 en s added H ponts. nne season. the duo eonhnet to H three payers eoeeted three hts Rchmond Spders at Dunk fed at v. b toot 6 Summer frb. he rebounds..rd seen asssts on ponts 12 rebounds n the apeee as State routed the vstng 3:00. eane up bg {or the \Aot paek Saturday n oser No, 1 seed Ar/oa the..uu-«c t),\ tron the pant on the Huskes me roseredeve Sweet Sxteen. m; Satuda) \tout star senor ykt f Saes. The 5 pm. natehup be, Mewn has ed the team a \so sent donn \ch a ruptured teevsed on ESPN today. Conference Techncan Fun Faet 3-- _... V_ Kanphoet ner Ha s named Forda State PUT YOUR after the frst dean of the 3 Look fortechncan VALUABLES Want Cemson Seoo of Desgn Henry.. North Carona 3 Kanphoet'ner. It was formed ONLIN IN A ron re ee u enu.. $25,000+ gem; h E SAFE PLAGE' : ern;ardadfpec 1....,. 7 arehteeture. #8 for w? 6 uqmqur 4 Wake Forest /..,_s - ( 3 coege? '3 Vrgna III-f h 0 «b Ut h" s V\ e Ez D et 7L tr -\ no h v \t' \. Mary o NWAUI-wag OOQAMNN Ocr ~ooooa f : \o.»\'t a b: t' o t t'tf- \ )' \t'\ How" It \o as. t' Mont beng From a democratc emo \ (. 't- ) I\( \H \A \t' \' Z t SOCEty, you have many choces. t'gr.tr'.rnv't \H e't tranne \M- aso on on many ways to express yourse \, \ \K ''k'1r\ r rnre -- tsah..m- week your bees. many ways tc th a.1 month pts vw. sm-ts'.\r-.. r amze "»\ attrt change. ycu can cn a mta.... w. ' tun Int ';.\ 'd tl'.t \s tranng son't at.:. T.'f et'f.y 'e e t'.3'.. L' t"' «m-r \h 'H tnz a stun at r ~t \«unt t!\t.x ' frat.j t tvttt: toe \«m kt that unt nhbt \s, you can enro n the Graduate \t '\» It! Schoo at Potca Management. "ALLYOUCANII' the premer schoo For potcs. ARMY RESERVE UMMJAV up more www qoarmv com The Pack took two from the Cavaers ths weekend at book Fed. State's next game w be a home match-up wth Rchmond. And make a REAL derence. I [ t1 )AUK- T 1 1 R ' \'shtg to 3: jjuf 3 L\ct\ tc.\..-_ttt Does your project need a tte somethng extra to make the grade? to. esteeeu ~gst2t17 PI. BOY s comng) To Norh Carofa Stae We" '3 t» "OL student body Ever tontowed ODoU oeng pctured.. t'u- "wnner t t' m." J. J we.' the word" Now > your -ho tee to turn ontosy m not ty Dearest-nowe. t: PLAYBOY magazne are eomne to Raegh to ntervc-w sonogram tenoe 9.tdw ts tt t. to 998 pctora, "the Women o the Atantc Coast Oden-nee Thouss x coed. now t ed out for PLIYIOY s rce tot-eon ts coege ertee'lt- o etor os 21 years 0 n \M r have gone on to become PLAYBOY Paymates os ottresses Eyen mt- now nt-euznc doctors. awyers, st: ent sts, protessors. Du. We). government orttt-sswmos w yes moms Who knows what the future hods for '{ttj U. tbt you mod aways dg out your ssue reve your gory days To arrange tor or.tt fv ew ;ord.dotes shoud send recent tu-zew-a moth w a raw.3 ct suv nsut (or ess) pus a cod'ohddhmdcs shot to Payboy's home offce Ch new. fuo.ds snapshot,.33 st dl : ore UK Cam-dates shoud aso suppy the h w w: :tr'ot on I: Year n Schoo 2: Coumofsmdy 3: Spom/Aumcs 42 Date of Brth 5: Heght, Weght A Measurements ( dongs 'm.7 so at east )8 years od regjstered as mu- orparh my. vtro.1! an MC ' w fb ty (hm mp ( 5 o] m... caton-one verfyng enromenrn schoo aphnn.3 em out ) date..i 0 m3 mw Dc ne/uded. A photos become property of Payboy.mm m rt-nxmwd ntervews at NORTH CAROLINA STATE w be hed on MONDAY, APRL 20 AND TUESDAY, APRIL 21 anymy.v mnts edo'es... prowde the ocaton where the Povbuv For Hm.v.1 rt 1 ram t-.y~,. Send submssons to: Payboy Magazne, Women of the ACC 680 North Lake Shore Drve, Chcago, Inos , X 2802 e-mo: photo poyboyeom C 908 'LAVBOV Create a more poshed professona-ookng project by takng advantage of these great offers! 9 Coor Copes Receve 87:" x 11" fu or sef-serve, fu coor copes for just 99 each. Lmt 50. Reszng costs extra. I RALEIGH RALEIGH 2316 Hsborough St. M 2316 Hsborough St. I Rent ONE hour get ONE hour FREE Computer Renta Rent one hour get one hour FREE, up to one hour free per customer at partcpatng ocatons ony. Subject to avaabty. Incudes Macntosh "BM se serve or desgn workstatons. knko's'... t knk0'3 gthe new way to offce! The new way to offce! n n... wt 3 nt V.,...H t he,)? mu.. wt ".u 1» 3. w,» f.mmt. mhe met,t"" ' 'b J'y. t, Mnf watt m..v m3 n,:....- '4 t " P mtt.. f.) 3 ' I ';.-tawa I M 3 '. m EXP 5/15/98 I I LA8813 EXP 5/15/98 Most ocatons open 2.; hours, 7 days a week. Mow than SW oatnms y u"_..'tv.dt. For new? t.".3 w.2: me at mm 'IOS.J or «a 8001 KINKCS. hdu. A I1" r.» ~...-u..-

5 Tech Too Vo. 78 No. 76 Monday, March 23, 1998 Techncan I - 1. Rea fe potcs n Prmary Coors r- I If you go nto Prmary Coors' just for the ' avota perteets ('tton s actons the way he taks. moves eats. At tmes you aughs, you mght come out wth a ump n forget that you re ookng at a move star your throat. not the presdent. However, the ane May scrpt doesn t gve d\tt much M (.AN R I oo to show hs creatve genus. ts mtates [dro sn t a typca ''ravota movie. n dl'. the tme we see hm dance at a campagn.\ sorhcr governor runs for presdent party. he ooks tu t L ttt ht. aongsde hs strong vv ded demng The move centers around the sod \\t. Hs passon for peope fe wn perorrarce of Adran Lester. He pays hm hgh ratngs n the poes Then the Starton's campagn manager. enry scas ht the newspapers. He's accused rtor. who navey beeves In the o a\rg affars wth women deang. \merean dream. He hopes that Stanton n sea/y potcs. w be a unque presdent do what s. od tamar I mary Coors" starts rght for the Amercan peope. out as. shameess evaggeraton o resden ( ro s carpagn. John Kathy Bates devers the best ravota's character. (ov. Jack Stanton. performance of the move. Potcs teray has the same ust for fe that runs ( nton drove her character. Lbby Hoden. era/y. nto troube. the move has everythng to ares s harous as the outspoken woman c\pet't our o a potca move cever who s. roncay. the most ntegent but corny daogue. potca nsder jokes person n the story. W Bate s thecsy prde In Amerca tonets'. performance. as we as the satre of owev er. Imdw av through the comedy. t Southern e. Prmary Coors" works as a takes a rog turn nto a cynca comedy. eomrrerrary on pots n Amerca. As the At other moments. t scents as f the meda reveas more of Stanton's move shoud have been eft as the unscrupuous actons as Stanton s anonymous" nove by Joe Ken. ven as campagn workers nvestgate hs t drags out over two hours ten opponent's Immora fe. the character s mnutes. many mportant detas of the become ncreasngy wary of potcs. ''hey story are brushed over a cassc case of see the presdenta campagn headng n nformaton overoad. the same drecton as many Amercans fear However. the message t devers ' that 1 today a torrtest to see who can Amerca needs to stop gvng nto the sensatona/e eat others atts the most g t tt /Ct stores of sex money How Lnt/Ito x: tt v.t* ~ t ttms whe gnorng the mportant ssues of the concentratng on the man for the JOb -_. Travota stars as Stanton, the progressve governor n Prmary. country. needs n be sent out to a wde audence. Varous organzatons across campus have panned events to be hed n Sq uonk conjuncton wth Human Rghts Week. Mom. March 23 Izt pan. Brckyard Openng Ceremony ncudes Opera to UMAN ( hanccor Monteth s Procv amaton of Human Rghts Year a pubc readng of the tnvcrsa Decaraton of Human Rghts; Sgns of Chrst. Stewart GHTS 3-4 p.m. Campus Cnema. Wtherspoon Week Student Center I Musc, theater humor combne to make 1 >131 'o's'm Morrs Dees w dscuss hs work Squon Opera. the work of the Southem Poverty Law Center. \yssr s (ARI It k 7:30 pan. Campus Cnema. Wtherspoon Student Center rttrt t r."."(.t" A} \ rot a'r un. crr'nc 'I'o/crum'r'" Morrs Dees wr dscuss the Southern Poverty Law ('entcr s educatona project for \\hat's the dterente between Stons Opera teachng mutua respect respect for human rghts n a dverse your math teacher" ey both ye I an ndeepherahe anguage. you mght not ge w L'et rv or saw-ve ~(\' naton word. what ether one or them s tryng to Ie you. nt. Squonk Opera devers a combnaton of ''ues.. March 24 whe you nav be bored out of your mnd durng progressve rock. contemporary theater. 9:50- :05 am. (reen Room. 'nvcrsty Student Center your math cass. you w probaby d yorsct gant puppetry. nnovatve props a ot aru/r.oa Sarot. Wake ' eehnrea ('onmunty.( oegc. aughng reontroaby at Squonk ()pea. of humor. The Center Stage producton w Departrenr of ary Chdhood. w ead a forum on topcs that hs any ensembe combnes musc. dance. come to Stewart Theatre Thurs.. March 26 mpact I hdren fames. Brunch avaabe. sngng..ri theatre n ways you ve ony at 8 pm. [2: IS- z5 pan. AACC. Room 356-.\ III»; "Ht RUtt/ ro [frut/" The story of segregaton the dreamed about tor maybe not yet. but you probaby vv.tevva'ds. I-oned to create opera ste ve the pano s ar ornatcy fashoned brant ega campagn aganst t whch heped aunch the Cv as "unversa artwork. the company has been metaurgca masterpece. Rghts movement. t s aso a movng ongeovcrdue trbute to a redefnng Ie genre snce WU} I c show they n addton to the show. rrrerrbe s o Squok vv darng but tte known back awyer. ('ares Houston "the man are brngng to Stewart hcatre ths tt'md} s e [CtyL a t ass open to a students rrss who ked Jm Crow caed '"ggrf1.\ r t\\tt '\\ crk." \are 3o Horn 3. to 3 t) pm. n Stewart z-t- 2 pan. \\ anut Room. 'nversty Student Center [ as Stpok shows are a "operas" wth a twst. 'heae he ecture deonst'aro w cover the Dru ttvvt "'omu t/ Ie Met/rs" Fm: "Redefnng I or evarrpc. "Nght of the vrg )ead' re desgn budng of the props used n the show bero/on Dscusson ead by ('orre Ws. art student at ()pcra."r "tgsrorgastordwunder\\'erk" s a w I be Iaught by members of the b. Meredth Coege. mts to be dscussed ncude eatng dsorders. satre on operas n genera. compete wth he r begns 'hursday at 5' pm. n Stew art s/e desernato. race. sevua orentaton. sexua voence. eaborate costumes sngng n another I'heare. t s presented as a part of the ( enter 3:30 p.rn.- 4:30 p.rn.. Women s Center. Neson Ha anguage Stage per'ornng arts seres. ard the cost s Sb for Uvr tnvtu'. UHH'IIUII (II Work; Ideoogy I I Ut't't' n t Another thng. Sonk shows have n students. I-r/ nv ( 'r Wendy Smonds. Smonds anayzes the ways n common s huge. wonderfu props. - rom grant or those or you who st are not com Inced. yotr whch aborton workers at a femnst cnc confront anteaborton egasus trcyces to person s/c. rroveabc aces can cheek out Suok's \Vcbpagc trom ( enter forces. to enorrous poseabe hs. the props not ony Stagt 's homepage at \vww.aes.nesu.ed. or you 5-6:30 pan. AACC. Room 375 provde atrosphcrc. btt musc as we. ' he can see a mn show by the company on the I)I.\t \.\'f(.' "Imm Rchy ''tt'tt a In Iraq" Rana Masr. company t aks out rhythms wrt strap on meta brekvard trom a) to put. on ''hursday. arms pavs strange nstruments one man b weather permttng. s ct- RIGHTS, Page 7 "._:_. _._\_\ Pa e5 Q / 4 Technobabbe.... \\ \. I Part Two: Go speed modem, go speed modem, go speed modem,go! t,1\\,{\ s! \. \I s dr u t v ast week. taked a nt about ot'\ how they work. Ths week. 'm gog to ook at how they work qucky. The hgh end roders Iodav are rated at (k cs per second Ibps t'st t I \ are ony ttl M t' out way. though to Icmoyr' the sowt t anaog nes between the modern the phone company, at s cvaety what some t't' servt provders have done. By sendng dgta sgnas to the routers over taster nes. they can use taster. more t tt protocos when sendng data s aows the transmsson o data over norma nes tron: the S to ts Users to. theoretcay. reach Stk bps speeds 'hs speed boost s ony n one drecton though. snce sendng data the other way st has to go through the copper nes frst. ''he 56k modems tan ony send data usng the oder stard. tk protocos. After a merger of SR 3Com. a mayor partner n the Rockwe K50 cx technoogy. the two were on speakng terms for the frst tme. Now we have a new stard caed \f O (for reasons ony the peope that conc up wth modern stards coud ever underst). whch everyone shoud be abe to ve wth. It s so new. however. that the frst modems began shppng wth v.90 capabty ony ths month. f you own a 56k rodem aready. there's no need to worry. snce oder Stk modems can be upgraded wth what s caed fash ROM. to support the new stard. I sad before that 56k modems can theoretca/v reach bps speeds. here are severa factors that can keep your transfer rates down. For one. there s an mposed speed mt set by the FCC. n reaty. the -'( ( mts the power output on such modems. so they can ony reach around 53k bps. ven so. very sedom w such a modem be pued over for speedng It s hard to speed. or even reach the mt. when traffc s backed up. If the network traffc s busy on the S"s end. or the phone nes routers themseves are swamped. t's key that a modem w spend a good dea of tme w arng. Cutter on the roadway. too. can cause sowdowns, Lne nose. poor quaty wrng. any number of other factors can cause errors n transmsson over copper wres. And the more copper the data goes through the more room tor errors. - rrors sow down transmsson. snce the effected characters need to be resent or corrected by software on the recev ng end Some frequent users may notce that ther modern speed decreases over the tme t s connected 'hs can be caused by the actua hardware of the modem heatng up. Especay on faster more compact modems heat s a mayor factor n performance. t may pay to remember that f you have the fastest modem on your bock. every one you da nto w be sower. Transfer speeds are determned by the sower of the two modems nvoved ke the chan ts weakest nk. The speed of transrsso s negotated once the ca gets connected that s the source of the sound t makes when you frst da make a connecton. ()ne modem w send out ts matng ca correspondng to the speed t prefers. the other w I respond. Once they agree on a speed they both ke. the connecton gets rrade. f you have a reay good car can whste. you may be abe to. ke one of my very geeky frends. ca up a modem or av machne convnce t that you are a modem. So. wth a the ways the word can sow you down. how can you speed up your Web surfg. There are a few thngs you can do to avod the roadbocks mentoned above. Frst of a. make your cas at off peak trrnes. Durng busness hours when peope are comng home from work schoo are the best tmes. If you re a nght ow, you're n uck surfng s at ts fastest n the wee hours of mornng. Aso. as have sad before. surf effcenty. Whenever you can. turn off the graphcs n your web brow scr Sec Bum. agt } PACK ATTACK E LARGE 14" PIZZA, WITH1TOPPING. $6.99? OR TWO FOR $11.99? 3 GIANT 20" : PIZZA WITH 1. TOPPING $9.991 : FAST FREE BONgS BQ LS 12" CHEESE PIZZA, DELIVERY ' SMALL POKEv swx HOURS OR FOUR PEPPERONI SUN WED - 11AM TO 2AM ROLLS $299? THRS SAT _ 11AM TO 3AM : WITH ANY ORDER L.- Graduates! 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6 I t Vo. 78 N0. 76 Monday, March Techncan Page 6 Women gan attenton I The women s basketba team's success does we for the mage of our unversty. ti Its one [ t I It. nyc Od nrrrnr. Saturday. the yn-'ic s haskctha teaiii s'\ t\cr In tght another day III the \\ anicri s \t \ \ ''nurnanent, Ic ady \narchs were the No. seed III the.ist yycre hctn ty t'aynred to I ther match tp s Ith thc nth seeded \antpack. But (nach \ nys Innk a page out ot the ate.ii.yann's coachng hook, sury 1\ ng In ad\.nce In Monday s shoyydoyytt \\ th ('onnectct tor the rght In Irase tn the na ow The success of the mucus team at the natona cye dnes outets for the mage o'.\i(. State. hoth athetcay as a yyhnc. ''Icr'c are mons n' peope across the country yy ho 1 get a chance to see N( S' pay tor perhaps the ust tiiiie eyer. as IIIns o.\'(.\ "'s games aren't broadcast natonay ''Is vs I expose these peope In the scrappess heart \\ ar whch N( S' pays perhaps \y In ny er Beware.I ten.ts that ntcmsc \nd t kny.ihntt ts hc \nrert's programs at \t S' t jt'tt d It't \ k' = t' \ tgt's nii turpts In addton to the \\I!t't s haskctha team. \hch ed the cnntcrertc throughout most {\ k' st dsr tt. \C\\'. \ 7 the He nnincii s cattts axc.iciic'scd great stcct ss I t t't t d 'hc \sniici s tenns team tas \ynt Inc straght matches as nt tiis prntng 'Ic \\I\L I s t'tss country team has \nii t cnttt cm In \(t t harpnnshtps the past St yt'ts. \Id the \aniici's gniiiastiis team I nntues n IIIake strdes tn\\.ird hct I ttl niic o the premer pt'ngraiis III tic country Despte the tact that \yncn's.tt tc s st ds t'l tit'l.t L H nt party \\ Ith that nt the men. these teams Iae heped In prnyc that IsnrIcrI's Ik s s Is not rust a \L t'tdtdt dea at.\ (.\.nhke some other schoos t the cntterencc \\ Ith thc hep n' \'pans Marketng tc.iiichic dcpattrttct. \orcn s athetcs \y I contnue to gan popuarty. hoth on campus across the naton of menngts I Menngts cases are poppng up. tdents. tacty st need to he on tc ookout nr. deady dsease IIIenngncoca IIenngIIIs.\ccot dg In a Sunday Vest s.\ ()hseryer story... t ae student at 'N~ ( hape n as treated t r the dsease at a 'N( ( hospta Saturday. 'Ie student Is. ticnher o' t sororty. schoo o'cas want her coyy sororty IIeIIIhcrs t :33! L UL sc prewrttyc anthotc tor the dsease 'hs dsease cascs IIIt'atIIIIatInII ot' the membranes surroundng the bran spna cord. 'hs Is not the ony recent casc. Seyera yyeeks ago. tyyo ccris III nearby countes dl d t. tl dst a'ss Bransnn Wggns. 17. ot Youngsy te Mche.\thny Reed. 14. t I enderson. The Nevys ts; ()hsery er stated the eehncan wecomes ( ampus Forum Letters. They are key In be prnted they: I. Are mted to.ipprnurnatey 350 words. 2. Are sgned \yth the wrter s name. It' the vyrter Isa student. LIs. her major TECICIAN ker torm n menngts contracted hy the student s the most common orrn nt hat tcrra riieitgits \yh t Is more serous than \r a IIIcItIIII'IIIs I.t I.Iusc h.iir daruatjc I I Icath not tcatcd TIIs ItIst st Is.nr a'rns nd can hc sprc III ',.ci ~ ~ -.t". Isk ' us.itr. wt. st, t ' IIII tdr-g I"'tk'w.',tt sharng utenss wt!.t' Wttgtcr pcrsnt. I'L gf.i'ii: km \ IIIIIII ts *IIII. \\ hctdttcs.1s tftt't.t.i rash I't'L't. II. I'I.I\ nr t t \\w7i '.t..s \f tt t di-h pcnt II thc I w sc. \\ I tir cc tn trt I...s tcti' ttc ayeragc c IIhaInII pciind.iy y' \\.\\ t st symptnrts. pcasc seek hep.it \' (' \'t.te \tt t cath \cty I.es nr more IIItnI IIatIan.Ihntt IIIcIIIIIgIIIs ta \ttt t cath \cr\ Iccs at ** :VI _ \ ctt rs atc st tct't n L sl' I hccnrtc the prnpcty nt L' ttt tt h \tt t hr'ntght -. \ L' 34 nt the Wtherspnor \ttdcnt ( ciic, nx.\ (thf \.('..\tatc. Raegh.. s(' NH ni cth ta Icsu.edu. Terry H. Bennett Reach Us Ncoe Bowman nternet Servces: I OL: Techncan OnLne Dawn Wotapka htth/iwww str In: stiittrii-t 'rt IrrKur Php Reese Chrstne Odam - Campus Forumzt-r nr n L trir n r-rr - Megan Rey Press Reeasesztt:rhr)ress Lf YIIL ;U., tt K. Gatney - nformaton: ytr;tirritr)ir rir 5U rft't Patrck Roberson Phone Numbers: I Te'ada' M t R th Edtorahm ' 3 " Advertsng..., Gem Rode ' Fax Farrah Cooey Dae McDevttt - Address ' mm gfé WHY-HUI étutt'rtémtrr mm - Box "CSU (Ittrrruu - Aan Hart Raegh. NC 276% 8608 ODnorIs expressed t the coumns, cor-s. Dh''u Iust'a'IOI s IrIr. H'ws W3: :rt IDPaI w t'iiriiii' s pages are the news of the mnma wrters am,ar'orr rs's W Ir stew-c aw «Is IIt I m-tat! I w eft 906 at tiii» edtora page are W: nomror J the anu art the Wt srnt..i :'I tartar.r mt TMnxran IIJSPS s the ove? stutter" ran newsman III I '>'Ij'r' ' Wsh «t It, Satwater; every Monday Wednesday Frrday thougmut 'he 13 trade! war "or Aa's "raug' May run-: durng hodays examnaton serous. CUDyg.. 199?: 1v 1; sute \e-jiii Annuty A We)", reserved, To receve permssmr for ED'OOCrr. grease Mte We Eat?" 7w? Martn: names :5 Br)! Raegh, at Subscrpton cost rs $50 DH year p't r U rs W U" p'e'ss. Wmno 'tc POSTMASTER: Send any amass changes to echnmr Btu R er tc Near, 8608 vaw-m k W ths?) {retre NICOTINE The condment conspraces t-n II \\'I /E -,r I". I III IIVI.\nnchnyy. Ihc rakcttg \ynr d has trcked k t.ii. you UIIIIIIIIIc hdy I t -\ \niir nnshttcss. aatii-s myths.ihond In the \st-rd. tt Itnsytcrc csc are the} more preyaent than III the ktchen. raye cnsmcrs. I ask you ths do you Ic.I!y ktny \ey yn tayc In hiiy sautahc IIIsaId. Do you reay c.it hnt dogs that.r'tcn ~.\cii that t\\.t\ nt t'c rustatd dt.i\t (rm nrpnn. has It' tc ct ;.IIII hrtttt} n the gass tar tnr Ic quecxahc astnn n thc pastrt tnc \khy ctarsc sntc crappy t.tt wt tt\.t. Ity hunch s rctth s. s. _,f osng money. «ch Idcd In IIIaIkct Its mustard \\ Ihc t.tkii" ctg'c ntc'rrg Its prndi..t I. siiiirita c, pastc ntte \III nt.iursc you a Ihnugtt stiiiiiiii' Instar nntn your hrcad.ii. tact sprtatg t \as sn tt I tastc' II_:. xyc. :Its spreadng cthaps \nt.i kct tht Itddcd Losng \\' «' I Inrt It'd \\tti L.g t IL t'ti t hnt. \yi- thy tcadct's.niid I I-atc In my InIIIIIII nday's II IIIII IncsII I haw that pnhem. nday 's Is.Ihnut IIIy :cpii-i \In yas horn on \In. J. ' \att Inct t \Itg, 3 ). \ \ hen!ii -s»tc. tsharr earned \t I\ s t t L titt. c \tsm'c t't't that ' had. Iarec III prortes. \ t'\i 's.ttt I k' It \ L C Innr My daughter..i niiy chd. non soiiietriii-s had sniiicanc other than me to argue \\t IIIt.\att argued Iyth dttcr'cr rcs than Luna me..ar. 'sktt en on on. yy hen sic tct she had Irretahy cature o gettng those prc squrt drhes o IIstard yater a met your bread; can't hac that 'ron a rat. can you Mayhe you cnrny yncrity shakng the mustard dnyn In the top rst to get II In squrt nt (. rust maybe. you yserc a \ctiii nt a IaIInnysIde IIarkctrIg trctd gone out nt contro. Now a IIustard Is sauce/abe. t that s a they sc. must he hecatsc It s hettct Auaken. consumers' )nr't hc oocd' Yet. the madness dneer't end \yiii IIIstart. hcy e\cii tred stprtahc tey? ' tank gnd snrtc n yni ayc sense enough In rca/e that sauce/mg pasiiiatc hts nt arttca grape through a tny hoe s Ist had 'ood physcs. c stprtae rey taed. hut another hcast qucky took Its pace. Desperate tor an edge III the cut throat hisiiiess nt ake htttc. 'he IIarketIIIg gurus at I ( an't cew t s \ot Butter 1 \\ thcttste ynuoyc.cnrn no yoke) came up t ths ceyer geiii' \['tyrt "huttc." I don't knnyy about you. hut It I see ths \t' heirig pumped out o a tte pastc hottc ke har \\. yn a Ised In hecyc spray onto my ood. I thnk t s.i pretty sate her tia I's.\ (H hiiitcr. -\s stcathry as syrup nn/g onto But don t he surprsed In sct hnrtcs ynr hatnn. the agents nt»\unt ot arkay.\ pray.\cdd's,t'd panted the t'.t ntn Spredd ahe \st tnndng It \IIIcIIa that you shnd ctrecratc shcycs soon. \ \h \Id rust ke that. you tt\t IIIIIIs tartarc ptcc't nc.iiiii You a want to try sntcttttg syrup nii nt paiitakcs knt.iskcd new. t not but In nst siisttiic hgh choestero tnr Iarcngcn~ ot tod syrup. thc t ha. cctcas. ' hc riinst Icynns pnt you'd ' snorc eriiii kcr n thc has been gong on InI st ' tiiiie head s\ a st ky ade. It's Iust IInt ong ago. a ccyc agent tni \ ;' \ny rust hctnc thc unc enna pancake syrup «I.1 \\A- st Irttt In curvy.nd s}?. way In IIsrp that pt'ri-iiiiia \Int t'td, I.Itt\.I.I td shc s, pmyerhotse,\ s. IIttt-rnrth \Is k'.t'.t\k rt'.tttia/iii' " EI- I\.'.' tttcryyo'th has that coo nttc that \I/t' t.\nn yiit. Itftz''tatc ets you ctpty syrup how the heart fwrr syrup hurt III" o Mrs. ttterysnrth hctst. s\t I ( \ \\' 's\.-"1' K' \' you know you. oyc. nn Intd Ihc t t'i \Is tcnnrth.-\urt.t d cnrnpetc \\h\~ Icy ttt IttI.I L ttt svttt s..t. decded to make shnt at hnttes t \\.t\s sxcd z'ct httattsc tat coud tt t the Ittnyaw s~ utdcny thi I.\.II.I I II:-.Iz shnyr: you coud heat that rctrgcatcd II-I tttn tntt sr t.t.'l' \c-.crd syrup up wthout hay }: In.\ t on that I' s.t\\ rght II. th.iprnrt Its sde. Nnyy. nc Itayc c\ct Ityc "<ctt3c.iini tnt tiic-ssary." ynt kcy netoncd snrcthrg.ihnii. t.\c hcc harzxastrtu tn the tact that pancake syrup doesn't.iryay \c a. \eji csc \\ ti need to he retrgcratcd t that s they make I In\\.\c s.'cd ntcs ) a oved one to Leukema made her pont..\att \yod say. USU. aura \ynud repeat hesc cyc conc tp \yrt en better.i giiiicits. then.\att \yotd 'epcat trset "5n.".aur.I teyc' In an argument yyth Matt, Whe.ara I strugged \yth ost or dscarded schoo assgnments. Matt eyet y tpety. Innsstctty produced :\'s. cyery Is the organ/cd sbng ke hs mother. Matt \\ as he orgaiii/ed dependabe. e\ery made t through the snge mom years. remarred had a second son. I m the siht Ig who's ayyays been a tte ot-the-vy'a. Despte Beyery's tears. Mutt JUICt Laura me t'or tte adventures we caed gay ants»- campng trps Dsney Word III h'v. aura erroyed entertanng.\atcys amost as much as yyc cnroycd the trps orseyes. Matt as aways u nt' wonder apprecaton. I tred to teach Matt to apprecate the adcntre n II'e. Matt taught the In apprecate c.,\ ten months ater he returned roii Dsney Word. on hanksgng mornng. I caed In yery Wth my sster that the three nt Is yycre gong campng.itter ' anksgytng dnner. I \s as surprsed In nd there \\ as tn ansyyer. My \ \L, the oigaiii/cd shng, s ary predctahe. so I caed my aunt sy ho as hostng the ''hanksgvrng dnner. She tod me that eyery'onc yyas at Duke nspta. Matt had asthma. Snce Matt \\.t\ somewhat sck on Wednesday. Chdren: Laborers of ccy.iays IIc ptcparcd nrc had stk'i IIrII tn L dnctnr tn.\nd any potenta pnctrs met the Inn: 'harksytta sscckcrrt \\c had h.rtks:'i\iii;' dnner that day t] thc kc nspta catctcta c drctnrs \\cc nptmsttc cy ctrarncd I '\t ot a ong tme.\artta askcd L xyhat kncy.ihnt chkciiia t-n-d hc kttcn \yas sctnis that some [t rttt' make II sttil' [ L' ttt don t ycyonc tct sure that.\att \ynud he nttc n thnsc \yhn Iadc Iccr \nitcd t\ anhts, \att Inttcd the ranks t the dt ttt t s\ \\ It't \ \\\\'t't up tnii thcnotcapy \nnetnes he had In car.i sugta t.\k, He was. \y.ys cg pnkcd \srth a m LARRY. agc ' > necessty M ti \sstr An Ht nvaxyt.\ mpng IIy Wndshed W] a drty deveoped countres) are tort ed n taniicr t hapct'son o S'' Star I IIIIt'mI-d rag. Another knocks on the Wndow work n order to support ther.-\ssot IatnI n dstrcs. Karach. askng Inc to buy the afternoon tanes. Startrng at the age nt nc. gcs a ycry good dc'intinii. It Is the month nt une Scorthng edton nt some newspaper. A thrd they work tt some capacty or "( h d aho h) the empoyment rays rorr the sun make the sts next to hm wth a bunch of other, ''no poor In at'tort cscn n II:drcI. under the age o. atmosphere ke a hot turrace he roses In hs h. the ook on hs enroment n the shsid/cd nutsidi- o the house. yyti mted or temperature s around I ) degrees ace peadng Wh me to buy one. goyernrnent schoos. these kds no at tcss Ina recnngi/ed procedure Fahrenhet. but the dry ar makes It A three are dressed In nd. torn never get a chance to uneash the o educaton. \H scant tcgad tor seem more ro up the yyrnoyys n cothes. [no o thun yytth no shoes potenta nsde Ihet. heath satcty. \\ mnma my car syytc on the ar on ther feet. I shake my head condtoner. sghg ysth rec.s oor the peda as the ght turns Reabe chd abor statstcs are or nnn.i\..hc nppnrtrtes ot coo ar thns through the car, green. t Is Inn n the afternoon as I scant due to the retttance n niariy t t t'tttt 0t tttttr t \L t)pttt'.\yyeet. snu riiisic ron Kenny return to the comfort of my home gm ernnents to acknowedge the.ctytes ( IIId ahn Is the natura ('s atcst coiiipatt \\ streams rniii schoo. the kds \\' stay on probem, The nternatona ahn tyt' nt c\tcn.trg thrnigi c speakers as cruse the road unt mdnght, when they ()rgan/ttnn.()t the IIIted crtrnstaccs. Iht I cynyed hen t(\\t Sharh c II\.. nrc n the take home ther day's earnngy of Natons ( hdren nergency the canipcirg Inrtcs «It.Ihect mayor 'at a'tctcs n Karatt..\s ton to Jon rupees 132 as 4) 'N(' t estmate the tota pnyctty. trgcnrg popuaton. number o chd rrkt rs to he non csstcnt -\ tcs n tcath. the Irattc ght changes to red. 'h- ahoye scene Is Inst the tp o between 2th) J riian. " ed.itoi.itd \yctae. c\pntcd the step tt tt hrttkt s.tttd L' t ttt' the Iceberg as far as chd abor Is percent ot \thci arc III deycnpng dept \ cd t\.t\ antaged sovyy comes to a hat. \\ soon as concerned. Mons of chdren In countres. oyyey e. hat cyat ty s the car snyys. a young boy starts deeopng countres ( men III "chd ahor ~ Maryd.\/I/..I \II ALY. 'ayj ' S: : 5.

7 .. I ' {E s m. w... March 23, 1998 Tochncan Page 7 Larry 11111'11' It c te.t1 \\.ts s1\.i111i se11t1' '1'111' '11'111 1'.1111e11.1 about 1111' \ House. The 1111'11s te her stut. she t1' 1t "spe11.1 y the 'ts, he '1s \s ' I111.1\\Iu1' II the '1s st.1_\ ' }: 1'1111' then you've1'1111s111'1 1 1 to t\1 11'1 t'} 111 \1 I' \I.t\1 t ' ' \1.1tt to I11su1'j s.\.11 \ \\1s1 [tp \\1' 't1t 1'11111'1111' I '1t1u 1'\1 1'I\k'\ 1' ' ' '1111-s '1'1expedtons '\1.1tt I '11p111e the \_1s 1.r \1.11s '1111spt.1, \ H1111: I11 ee.1111'1'11.1t the s.\\1'j.t11t t t111 the 111.1t1' s1'1t11111 those peope sy111p.1t11_\ 111 sense \1'11 11 _\11111 p.111) 1111'I111I1'\ e.1111.' '1' esst '.11s.1tte1t 111t I' ~3.'1\ ' tt 111'11t11.\ 's11t.1t ' person ' t1.111sp.1nt. 1111' 1de.1 popuace."1\111111e,\/1/. Maryd. "(' '.\1u'1.1 responsbtes 111 1'111pI11_1e1s ther 111g.1111/.1t11111s e1e ex e1." 1:111p1111'1 s 1-1'11e111t I.1111st.1n \I g.1111/.1t11111s '1'111111'111s ' '1111' the s111111'nt '11'1. they t.u to see th.1t s1111e ' 1.11 \111rse the chd '1s theu' 's. 1'111'\\e1p11;:e11t S1111' the ( I.1t 'K. ctes the e1.1111pe 111 I.111;:.1desh "1' ' responses 111 the p.1st ' 1.111s1' ' th.111 good. 1111' the or ' ::.11 1-sh's '111 ndustry :11.t\.L I\. 1'.1se 111 [ I pte ' h1e '111te1 \.1tes u p111ts11t goods ' '1'11. nueadeshr t.11t111e1s s ' '11' '1's '1 1'1 111'111'111' '1-111' '111111'. most 111 the '11' '1It11t.t h ess \11'11 p s they honest some ot Matt s ) ' ces 111 o.1 the rest..tttt then return the heathy 1 1 Is. M t11i1 1111' 1.111' Mutt neary mm 111.\Ir111esot.1. I'unggs 111'11' rough [ ' at the tme I '1 t1'1'1 ti1.1t I coud go to \ 's11t \I11t11 t s Day. sent 111'11'111.1 package 111 thrngs I she 1111pht need 111' that nught1'11t1'1t.1111he1. M.1tthe\1 s numbers \11'11' 1111pr 1111' '11 they returned \u111es11t.1, I'e doctors 11 ere 11pt111ust11'. ( t11p \\.Is to nearby (111I1Is1111r M11tt.1s111'1 1111' the tut111 1' I _\ 111s tte brother on 11111'.L s, Ignored the [111' t I11s1 u1'st111t.1n ' s s111111't '1'1' sg11111g. 1111' doetot s ost ther optnustn. eeturnedt11 )1111e11sprtzt the\\ ddn't ' 1111' ' any '1'1'111'11111th1'1'11py. stayed 1111' p e o nghts at the hospta 11s 111' \\.ute1 I111 the end. After he 111st 111s t_1 t11t \i11t1 11u1 st 1'111p 111s ds to.1pp11111 the 1I 's. ()11 Aug I reay 111'111'1e11. I '11'.1s1111.t 111t I\1.1tt \1 1s '111111y I I11sse goodnght 11nd 111'111 home. And that 1111s t, : prosttuton. \ 111 s111pr1s111p y most chdren support then 's most 1 hdren. ths s 111st pprent11'es11p. Whe It mght not 3111' them ntueh '1' I11.11I1.1n1 1' 111 soc1ey. they e11s 1'.1rn 1' '111se11'es ther 1'11t1111' 's. In [1111. one ' : t'.1t 1e1s 111. the Unted States. 111' s undoubtedy 1111' best 1'\.1111p1' to gne apprentceshp. At 1111' age he 1111s apprentced by hs.1t111'r s shop : s11.1p nd es honest.1111i t1s1' stnkng. 111'1' borng. 111' '11 12 to H hour s ). s\ days 11 week ' '11 1t.,-\t'te1 two years. hs 1.1ther p.111' up Ben entered 1111' prntshop 111' hrs brother James. 111' ) 111'1'111111'.111 1'\p1'1t th.1 he 1111u1 ne11'r ure 111'. 1'\1' '11 111' went on ' ' r1' ed. (' s11ng as H s 111unt the workng condtons.111 good. s not these ehtdren.11 1' depr1ed 111' the opportunty or forced to s1t.1t '.the_1 1\111 end up 11s burdens I11 t11' es to socety. 1111') p 11 1th11u.1ny '11111'11t111n (snee they 1.111't.1t1111 1t not '1131'111111' } 11.11Ie. NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR SPRING AND FALL MOVE-IN DATES Don t Mss Out Agan!! Get Your Appcatons In Eary! ant or Ion Apartments Off Avent Ferry Rd. One Me From NCSU K82- PA RK Lar 01111:: 01 _- Karz 2E. _ nudsen TtAFFIC OFFENSES -LAC V-DAE DRUG OFFENSS AVOID WE CAN U! HELP My YOU t EMMZZLE'AENY SSAULI 0 MOMICIDE NIGHER COURISUMICE APPxEI ANCES1 A Former NC State Assmtnnt Graduate D1strtctAtt ATTENTION SENIORS!!! WANTED: Student Speaker Sprng Commencement Exercse Appcatons avaabe at: 1008 Harrs Ha Student Center Int ornuton Desk Appcaton D éttdne: Frday. March 27, 1998 Return appcatons to: Martha M. Wech Unversty Regwtrar Babbe ( '11t '.1g s.11111' puggus 1111t t11111s11rpay sound tes ! 111 [1'\1 11ny mode s the ustest 1111} to go ' dong: reseureh or I111 s111111'thrn1t p111t11' on the Web. Once you 11'111' nterestng 1Ies n. you can te your I1r11\1se1 111 show the ges tor that page. 111' sure that the sp ng I'.1s '111you reusng 1s g '1'111111y ast at your 151. II' you're ookng nto gettny.y 11111'11 modem. Cheek to see protocos 1111' supported whether or not they have the new \',9t modems on ne yet. Aso. 1111'1' see just how many caers R. ht ( Page1 coordnator 111~ the [1111] Acton ( 11; '111 dscuss ths 1'11111pe111ng s1111je1't. 7 p.m. Mutpurpose Room. AACC rr'y'nurm. "111 / : 'r1111/1/1' 1'11 {e " Rupert W. N111'oste. 11sso1'111te professor 111 Psychoogy at NC. State. s 11 ongt11111' researcher of the psychoogy 't'11'11111t11e n author 111' the tortheonungy "The Psychoogy 111 Atrrnatve Acton: Phantom to the Naton." Recepton foows. 7 p.m. Campus Cnema. Wtherspoon Student Center I m..8'1/11'1111/1'r' !" An '111111' story of devastaton. g1'1111e11e the trumph ne 's1'111th. Wed., March 25 12:20-2 p.m.. Mutpurpose Room. AACC I /11:.Iermuenr:. II Overt/ '11.S'Ium'f 'Ihs award w :1 It s so easy! Appy today for the GTE Vsa receve a GIE Prepad Phone Card wth offreeon d tan e an tme when you use your Vsa card tomake a purchase for the Frst tme. o an IQ% rebate towards phone tmeon Vsa purchases. 0 the abty to ca from any touch tone phone n the U.S.A. at 11 tme can 111'1'1'ss these 1115:11 company 1111'.1 he} tee speed modems.,r\n_11111e say charged 11y the s.111e they h111e 'ss. but 11 they Integrated S1' 's 1)1g1t11 N1't11or11 ony ' 11111' sueh '111. t s s not 1111 those ght I1111Iget er _\11t 1'\1 1 see that speed '11' _\ )N su1111y 111' sure [11.11 your 11pt111ns are set support up to three (1111 I1ps optunay t'11111se111th y11111' '111. channes at 11111'1' beng.111 Refer to the s '111111' 111th dgta th1111 1'1't11111s 's.1 your modem 1111 the 1111'111 sett1ngs stard ke ts st.1n1i111_:' '1111tr11. error correcton. s Aso 1111 peope _1\1111 the Aso. t you re n the k1't eutn,1 edge 1111' 1'111111' '111s It 111'\\ IIIIIII\ gettug 1111 the oca 1'111111' y otters tern111 one 111st1'11d externa you 1' '111 th.1t pues one. Whe externa modems ' nto t te1'11s ' the t11ge aI portabe 11nd ' SI)N.1.1I1 1'111111I1'1us11.111' 1111' easy [1) nsta. 1nter11111 ones ' ' , ;'1t.1 t ewer troube spots ''here.111' Ith.1111I1'11s1\ 11111} extra cabes to go snce 11111st '1'11111p111111's st I the modem s shunt! drecty ser\ 111', but the speed on the 11111ther t needs 1111 pronused 11y 1'111111' '111s externa power suppy. 1'11-11 IS )N s111pgsh..-\n11 If you're reay 1n the to go.-s11es. there's p1'.1t1'11 uster. you may ook nto 1111 ISBN nstaaton ' '1's IIIIC. Instaed by the phone runnng the house. 1'1111'11 e 's the ssues 111 housm;1 [fm/ / /I1 ' resdency rrghts 111 Jerusaem 2:15-3:15 p.m. (reen Room. how they.11 1'1'1't the 1 111es n 'nyersty Student Center popuaton 111 the cty :25 [)1'11' /1 "JIM/111 m {/11 /11 /1/1 p.m. AACC. Room \ Urea/ to [ Fm (1111/ [)1' /1. "Ir ! Von/1 Mur/,1! Drected by Mure (Hm/11111" ead 111 Matt J11e11son. tus documentary expores I)11n1e the Nttt 1 111'111 the hstory '11 Workers Mrnstry.1111I domestcs n the tuted States ot the ump p.111. Green Room. 'ny'ersty Orgammg (' '1'. A ('11) Student ( enter 3:30-4:311 p.m. Women s Center..S'enr'nur: An/ Neson a Vn/ : The [trer/ ] * Fm; June Hts tes the on nt/11:1" ( to story 111' June. the ( 1111'.1g s1-11 Bosna, gypt to Mextco to women s heath group 11I111 the women are subjeet to performed neary s.1t1' atroctes few can magne rt11111s between p.m. Mutpurpose Room, W n e1111' AACC 7 p.111. Mutpurpose Room. Presentaton:./rrrrry' I m/111': AACC War Peace" (ordon Cark. Dscuss/1111: a/1 rmrrm nm/ drector 111' 1"111 e Acton. the naton's urree" I resentutron 111 Nun argest grassroots peace justce Free. 1 1)vtI C the ( 11'.1n organzauon. Recepton foows. Water ' North ( p.m. Campus Cnema. Recepton t' s. Wtherspoon Student Center Fm: Fr.. March 27 "Strer'n I..\" 12:10-1:15 p.111..\utpurpose Thurs., March 26 Room. AACC 12:40-2 p.m. Brown Room. I)1.\'1' "The [)1'1II1 1'1111/t1 11! Unversty Student Center the Turn a/11' Century A tak 11) Pt'tt'h Lunch Forum: The AIDS attomey Marsha I)11y1u expore Ht our web page at For more nformaton to appy for the GTE Vsa card today or ca Here's what you save over other ways of cang! TYPE OF CA SAVINGS GTE Pnpfd" Phono Card Coect Ca Pay Phone Usng Cons AT81T Cang Card Brght Horzons s peased to offer hgh quaty chd care near NCSU. Brght Horzons at Raegh Corporate Center offers parents convenent, hgh quaty chd care or chdren sx weeks through fve years. Heparn-4mm a. {1.11 r r atdtt s 1111 tude 11'111111'1 to 11 1t1t.tt11'1s.111d « ! :1. 1 1'11' des111111'1t espermv I I'?"'".(] u1111'.1 " " ' th ( Center Drrve One mnute Hwy tonventent Statethnverstty NeartheState unds Ca for nformaton. To earn about amp/apnea t opportuntes, ta ; 111z111\1s I I1t1 111 t\\11, 0 I I111I1I I P'wttur t-iqi us ' '11;1y s I s1.1111' t111 I I1111'tt s 11nd 11111'1111' '111 \\It'11 I 1111'! I11I tm I IIK. \\.\ '. \1111.1ppr \ s1111.1t.w N ' \ '111 \p1'11 ts p111 11I \h1' \11' : II Itt IICI't" yt 111'\I's \ s111111'1 \.t 111.1tr1111. Is '11I.111'.111 the topper th 11111'1 11p11~ ()Iher 11e\\ t11111s 11\'.' IIL' It '~ s p_: s ~ ' st111ts 1' ' I111' ' ' t '1.1I.1t ' s s '1111ssr'. 11; : '11t 1\ \1'\1..ts 11 tett I't til'iutw '111111'1 the ' t.11111~ '1 It's done the sp1'1' uphe supe1u:}11\\.1\ 111 the short term Is t11\111i1-11 the I.1111's ' II s sii.t1' th1- pgnx '1 1'nt 111 the t the penaty 111 the \ :1.1ss11'1s111.1n11.11'1s1u. Ongong 1'\It1t1111: \ \( C -\rt (. aery Ir \I/ /IH/Hrf1 \ pooptnpu. 1'\ Susan \ \ t 1t_ the 1't s 111 Ittts1 t11'1't1 ts III the I'N( ( ' system to obtan 11'1111's1' /.1t11111 \ \ '1 _ )spay: 1).. H Lbrary 1111' ' ' ttetus the '\ 's.111'1t1o11th11t s 1111 I L''1s.\ \11'11.1s } s I IL III\ sts Dspay: 1111ersty Student Center y" ghghtng 511 \ e111s 111 the ' s111 I)e1.11.1t111n <1;'hts Petton gatherng; Student Center y. Brckyard. ( \1111 your s1en.1tute 11.1 the others ' presented 111 IIIL I'ted Natons 1111 I)k'1. I. Dspay: Department of Psychoogy. I m: a.«\ 1'0II1 1' 'se nd pubshed Works 11} 1111'111111'rs 111 the department reatng t :11ts ssues Do you need a cose, convenent pace to store your thngs for the summer?... COLONIAL STORAGE has just the pace for your stuff. We have a varety of szes avaabe... one just rght for your storage needs BERYL ROAD 7012 GLENWOOD Coona Storage Centers.L O Rce 3111/ an O 61 P Q thne W1 6. avaabe day unt 7100 am. Introducng Bruegger s Cassc Egg Swches Start your day wth a Cassc Egg Swch. Egg cheese your choce of meats. on your choce 01 treshy baked bage! ngegger's Buggy BAKED FRESH What Baget Arc 13:11:11 To Vota-mm RALEIGH: 2302 Htsborough Street - North Hs Matt - Peasant Vaey Promenade - Sutton Square. Fas at the Neuse Rd. - M1sson Vaey Shoppng Center - Stonehenge Shoppng Center. Creedmoor Rd. 1 Harvest Paza. Sx Forks 81 Stncd Rds GARNER: 117 Sma Pne Drve (Hwy, 401'1 at Pne Wmds 01. across rom Super K-Mart) CARY: 122 SW. Maynard Rd. 1 Preston Bus1ness Center, 42t2 Cary Pkwy. DURHAM: 626 Nnth Street - Commons at Unrversty Pace (1831 MLK Parkway at Unversrty Drve) CHAPEL LL' 104 W. Frankn St - Eastgate Shoppng Center OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

8 Cassfeds Monday, March 23, 1998 Page 8 Techncan Vo. 78 N0. 76 Pocy Statement tr 1 up tr» 3; \xms \II S I A [et.\ ItL.t I1\\rI\t 1 3* ca \\ IIII' Iu n \ H In I' IIt'ItI I 'spstc tt LILuL h n Lne Ads anate - Party BUSIRESSGS or In \ In t [t II.tIII III.II\'I'II~ 111'II L t x. \\. HIM (\LH LIII I,' t 1 55HC n.ti\.it1l L 1.] (urn Fax IWCIII II'~L I \It.ttIIj.Iwt ttsnp trnt.ippcut tnu III out Dspay I LI.1\ 5 15 I I.\ 50.5 I ) I,. I I INN" M II 1 I II I t'h rmtt. pusc ct us krx Ads yd 1'\\ \-; R 1 ti.i\.\ SIJIIH N'I\\L'L II..ITI. IIIL : PJII. 1UP Hk n.~ \IL t\\i I It' ' t.i\i( I'\ IItIII.tt. )\\IITI('.3 Issut-s III.Itx nce It It Mtts Sf Mnx I m"\ 3.MJ IW V- U Ht 1 nwnrrnw..i x \ s' Id 1\'\ 8 1 W. 7 _7s_s.. wwfhvms nu Inn. rn. urn I pu \\ ILI r-t-m PIC.N amt. A Lne. Ads tts t IN I WIHM - 1 d u ) L'.3 _ d \\ ' Found Ads!-.III-t.\u It IIt \ I I 1.11' \. H; \\L I jh..ts ~ It \\( 3 \HII \ t\t L'I IIIIIIN ( IIIHS. _. 1 d. (y + ti.\\ 251,71.. _ 1. t t It '\1. I s It.II 1 It III (IIIHPI IIH((. \\I I.. t'tii Irt t \\ «In Irrt I'tII.I IIIII-IIIII L" t \ L Iw sttt'. \Jt III. Hep FEMALE Wanted COMMUNITY TRAINER TO NATIONAL PARK/OUTDOOR Summer Techncans Needed For Roommate Needed to TUTORING SERVICE needs Pan Ar an Festva 98 HAVE FUN RAISING FUNDS tor ASSIST young woman wth IBT SUMMER JOBS Work n the Economy Extermnators In our share two bedroom one bathroom Junor. Senor. diid Master's aw Tuesday. March 81 WIN A BIG SCREEN TV Frday evenng Sunday n Great Outdoors Forestry. Wdte three ocatons. Raegh. Charotte Apt on Wotne $ a month students n the oowng area Brother Kaan Brown your cubs. teams, 5 Raegh Other OR posrttons avaabe Preserves tftrr essonarres Wmngton Exceent pay. pus 12 uttes Ca mth. Chemstry. physcs. Engsh. Unversty Student Ctr Baroom Earn groups! up to $500 or more. Put our MAID SERVICE FOR A n Chape H Durham Fax 'reghters t nore Compettve company car. compete tranngi readng eementary educaton 51pm 25 yrs. 01 urtdrarsrng experence SEMESTER whe rasng money resume Io or ca Annas wages v benerts b.' One week 011 or amy vacaton t 10 your student organzaton Resource OVERTON'S marne water needed An exceent summer ob' Femae Roommate wanted to partvtme, exceent pay" Ca 84/" Back Repertory to work Theater ot presents you. Ca now tor Earn up to So 00 per CRUISE SHIPS AND LAND sports has u tme part tme Ca John Cannng tor more Merose Apartments 6434 Dr Lord Rnrrernher Me" Stewart detas on FREE CD 01 your Vsa MasterCardappcaton The TOUR Is 50 groups to compete the 3. JOBS Workers earn up to openngs or cashers saes nnrmaton at or appy Irom Apr or May unt August heuter 8 pn Free admsson chorce ext month (w ps assocrates Prevous reta n person at Economy Poo. Ftness Center Prvate Bath.A\nnouncements For more IIIIII TIRED OF THE tundraser PASSES receve FREE MOVIE benefts) n seasona year round experence hepu. preeraby wrth Extermnators North Saem Rent ncudes cabe. W D Ca postons Word Trave Hawa. a background to sports (boatng. St.Apex. NC ACCOUNTANT (TEMP; #98 '23 Pan AIIII JII t SIIVHI '98 READING? Lookng HEAVY or - TOWN OF CARY Gen edger Wednesday. Apr 1 somethng more "anstastc"? It's Ca tor detas Aaska. Mexco Carbbean. etc I water sports) Come work In a un C FEMALE ROOMMATES nant Incdng monthy csnts. Rap sesson "uncanny" a the dteren x75. Ask us now' 51/ Ext envronment wrth a stabe TELEMARKETERS NEEDED NEEDED 3 rooms avaabe tor compng annua.r.n~a Ips Unversty Student Center books comc I obby you'can nd at Capto company Rerees senor $1016 hdu due to rapd subease at Merose Apartments. prep IOI annua t prep year I? If) pn Comcs 3027 Hsborough St Your Next by Earn From 5612 HR- Easy ctzens wecome Fexbe work expans on III the Trange area. 52 May to August Prvate Bed/Bath. end ITf'IkI schedues Reds Mahogany ust Roots NCSU bocks west 01 Unversrty Towers) Break Teephone Saes 5 9pm MVF Sat schedues avaabe Pease appy year od natona ood company turnshed. WID Incuded. poor. 1»yr exper n an cctng kgrnd Student Show dsr' o1cre.vty Aso check Out a ot more ater 9am pr wt: tranr at our Raegh Showroom. Hoy needs your hep n settng exercse tacrrty Ca Appy by Tues 4/7/98. Ca (919) Unversty Student Center Capto Comcs II n Oak Park Shoppng Center Co 1st Cass n 1998 Sprng Shoppng Center appomtments dr our saes sta /Code 283/Category Baroom 52 coege d 511 genera ( ESPRESSO BAR needs hep Up Wake Forest Road. bt 9 00 am FTrPT hours. Promnent posmons. Mae roommate needed or 851 or vst pubc 7' 3L); Pack to Sr hour tor experenced pm Phone nqures w bonuses. pad tranng. benet summer arge apartment n Cary EOE/AA $ $ Week Barsta Downtown Ca Davd package. pad Sck day. pad wr poo. weght room more. PRESBYTERIAN Campus $8.50 HR Bonuses"I tau probaby saw our I. 2 pg ad a ew weeks back Papa John's Pzza IS now hrng 30 hodays. empoyee dscount. Mnutes Irom NCSu Rent $200 Ma Order Company needs 1 Mnstry at NCSU s sponsorng a Student Pantng Companes 101 EXITt t t t BLI Summer Resdenta drvers rtsde empoyees management opportunty 95.4, pus 15 uttes Ca Scott at 6777 Part tme graphc.irtst I eace Lunch Forum on Thursday. Startng now. M~F We are now hrng Crew Leaders Counseors to work Wth hgh mmedatey. Earn up to S400'wk 1448 or , 0054 Pease eave message. PageMaker. Photoshop. Iustrator Apr r>n p m 2pm-6pm. or Mac paturrn W hep wrte n the Brown Room -1th oor 01 Crew Lmted Panters or ths summer schoo students $285-$300 per part tme (up to Sam). exhe Trrange's r11 Escort Servrce now NON smokng roommate to share copy. research II W products Student CC IIII I Tupt W be Great for Students! openngs so ca week ncudes campus room hours. cash pad nghty weeky hrng teephone operators r drvers 3br2ba furnshed apt Ior summer or quartery cataog 2 Part or 'Arrnatv' acton rnd the IINC 6061 today tor nto 35 an board Junror n Coege status paychecks. drver ncentve. modes 8 dancers. Too SSS semester. Rent $245 per month Fu tme. shppng recevng System " C.I ot more Assgnments at appcaton, Remember We are mnmum.scepted Ca NCSU program. $01K pan. 50% dscount texbe dayrnght shts avaabe 1 3 uttes Wthn 10 mn 01 person Must have vad drv-rs IIIII) Gaxo We/come. not one 01 those student tranchrse Upward Bound 919) on a meas exceent Leave message Campus. Avaabe now' Ca 677- cense 3 Part III Fu tme reta companes Fnd out 1or potenta Ior advancement Stop Prvacy guaranteed hep or m store Ca Reenact the Mt' Ages. Where Weekends yoursef Ca Today! Hgh Extras needed Schoo to age pay- coege range by our Locaton at 2712 tor Hsborough St. or ca WANT TO WORK IN YOUR Roommate Wanted to share new 0r ax bre etter wrth resume to Hsory tarasy meet' 100 INSTRUCTORS upcomng m No experence BATHING SUIT7 Fas Rver. a Iurnshed apt. wrmae NCSU IhOSI who don t have Actvtes IUt archery. bey Avaabe. NEEDED. Coed needed 18 a ooks needed. PART TIME hep new. upscae communty n North student Prvate bath. securty a sense 01 humor are tant t dunctrg. cagraphy. on ste Contact NBCom seepaway camp. Pocono » 1600 wanted Man wth Raegh s ookng or eguards' system. poo. 8. gym Avaabe heart need not appy makng. armor crmpng. brewrng. Appy n person at S Wg. cookng ensng Guardsmark Mountans. Pennsyvana. Muscuar Dystrophy Pay 8 Benets are outstng' mmedatey, $450 2 uttes 8 Ca cabe. water ncuded. Ca Brent at ( rer more For more.riinrmaton e ma tmnrganutuny ncsu edu 4601 Sx Forks Over 60 /water Ferme Pttrrtme Saes Cerk n e e d s Leave message. ATTENTION Students Do you actvrtres horseback needed u? Wdwood Green Go ad/drver/companon. WEST CARY GENERAL OFFICE rdng. Cub Pease contact Jason COx a: 8376 $7.00/hour. Lght house RETAIL servces are taxng. Roommates needed tor summer have comments. questons. or THE ony way to prevent a dsease Rd. ceramcs. etc Good ceanng nvoved. Must copyng. ma. packagng. tor 6 BR house near Farmer's compimnis (,OIH'PIIIIDIJ the s to know ts symptoms Hter s computer Stress Customer Market. Rent 5250 Low uttes Unversty7 Ema herrt to Your dead. but hs deas are st ave. Sute #130 saary/tps! FLM VIDEO/ JOURNALISM be abe to drve manua seivice. honesty. Sma pets OK Ca Jue at 5127 Voce. Student Govvrrent Come St t Schnder s st ( MAJORS Summer Vrdeographer p rsts drvduas sh car for errs. dependabty Saary 56»? hr neg, 7347 edu subeu ne Tues 8 pm. We r' pn Rac h NC EOE wanted IO A.E Fney YMCA s ookng for shoot Summer camp vdeos Get Ca Trey 870- Hrs M-F 96 some SIUdt n VOILP Wt 't IN to 87" Thurs '.r19 pm 11 _. Saturdays 1072 teguards swm nstructors cr a Job. get experence get pad' CALI Serous Student. no pets. NON represent you' ( npus Cnema w r.rrege ID genera _D_O_YQ_U Smoker preerred to share 280 current summer u DOSII ODS Get an appcaron by cang YMCA summer youth counseors House 5mn Irom campus Rent DO YOU KNOW WHAT AN dtisso WANT $335? Contact Dean at CAMP TV PART tme posuon trave needed IoI u part tme gobs SPJO mon, 1.2 uttes INTERVIEW STYLE" IS? ad Accountant 1: Town o FRED'S Beds IS ookng or part bookstore n Cameron Vage Opportuntes avaabe workng Securty deposrt needed out Cary-Gen monthy csngs: edger compng mant ncudng tme saes persons Fexbe work Need energetc peope wth wth derent age groups upronts24d) Avaabe NOW Irom about a ntervowru tchnuues ITLIIF HI rounsrtr Re hrwr. Am Srr ' annua schedue, saes bonuses. great prevrous reta experence. Must preschooteens EnthuSIastc roe Ca Tuesday Man h 25 r.10 I) 00 EARN S750»81500/week. dupe-hr: A \TA". ru w..t St» pm 8 nterm nancia statements. envrronment wth oca retaer be computer terate. exbe. modes wrth strong Chrstan pm 323 Mann ani go riio an Rase a the money 'Ipt-I ' rr \.'.- tut- ry."1 your assrst w/annua audtprep year Pease appy at 8601 Genwood Idea avaabe cdate some nghts/weekends vaues needed n an actve. Summer Subease o Kapan mtervrew uiipr-pared student group needs by rx- Mas anaytca schedues Regs Ave across s Irom Car-Max experenceo creatve. encouragng S295month traveer Irequent reader. Ca envrronrnent Fexbe hours master bedroom. pus 1.6 uttes. arge prvate bath. FREE BALLROOM DANCE sponsorng a VISA H xt)r'\\'rk 4-yr bus or acctng degree 2- yrs acctng bakgrnd. good PI. sks GOODBERRY S Serve Decous te her avaabe r am-gpm Ca tor a mae or emae Ca Tm at 854 LESSONS. Every Wednesday Fundraser on your 5t hedres around wr knowege o MvLIOSOII Frozen Custard rrr Frendy Cean about your quacatons sta appcaton an mtervrew 9618 n Carmche Gym 2307 campus. No nvestment & t asses Word/Exce. Pror gov't exper Envronment Evenngs egbty Bruce Ham at Cary. 469AYMCA. Two emae March roommates 25' needed Intermedate Huste very tte obgaton. SO un \IIIIUSI)II( T( prerd. Appy by Tues Ca Weekends Sr' 9 rr 1146 kdae Ken McCurdy at Centra (Raegh). for summer optona ongterm (919) Code Farm Rd PART-TIME Carv Hep Begnner why not ca or normaton Rr rnss Wanted 467 at Law 2386 Otrce Ca YMCA. Fney (North Raegh). or George 848»YMCA. Aen at BR townhouse o Buck Jones Rd See our web srte at today. Ca Rent $296 Washerr dryer Low httpr/www2 ncsueduncsu/s 8454 ext /Category 851 or V rs I Hep Wanted Nghty weekends. Parttme Kenneeret Assrstant uttes Ca My or Een 8527 ud orgs/soc dance \\ Aurora..rrt.. r.. '.r r\.., I'.'. cary nc.us. EOEIAA Vdeo store cerk hr Ca ALASKA SUMMER We're ookng tor un-iovmg ( hd ure, 3777 FREE T-SHIRT r a Krs rrd\ 1"; 2986 kdare Farm Rd ndvduas 1or weekends. summer EMPLOYMENT Fshng ndustry Cary Front Raw Vdeo 8. hodays to work n ast-paced FREE pzza Fun. energetc. knd J93; tiqw LQIUNT how to ocate EQRASLLMMEB you eads Credt Card Fundrasers 8 H I.nd In our Exceent earnngs benets verternary cnc n Cary Fu-tme babysrtters needed tor 3 smart potenta empoys ds over Ior raterntes. sorortes & team.ii the NI MR potenta. A maor empoyers HELP WANTED Gymnastcs hours avaabe or summer Ca cute generay we behaved kds 3 rooms Ior rent Mae. prv vauabe resources avaabe n the groups. Any campus RL Ask us how' ext Instructors Needed tor Sprng Come meet Nathan. Macom. 11 months. 11. James. bedbath. washer rdryer. pnd Unversrty Ctmr Center organzaton can rase up $325mo o'd uttes Lake Monday. March I } 3 'f 6 00 pm to $1000 by earnng a A53591 Summer Programs Ca Resrdenta Coordnator needed earnng to wak Hours are Park Condos. Ca 4...] Puen whoppng $5.00/VISA Hrng Dependabe students wth tor summer resrdenta program Iexbe. perks pay are great 6776 Avaabe ta 98. ON-CAMPUS GRIEF SUPPORT appcaton, CAII PLAN TO BE AT ARE YOU A MARKETING good peope sks or wat sta Supervsor experence a must. 24 Lookng ot students who w be MAJOR MAY BE A posnons ammo: MAJOR OR WANT Experence hour responsrbty 5 days a week. around ths summer CALL Sn 4 BA at Unversty Commons GROUP Support group or those ext 65. Quafed U L T M A T E DIGIETEIDIQEVCO'TIMOO Sense 8 $350-$400 per week. room 4700 ask tor Beth for August. Ca t you have tour grevng the oss 01 oved one W caers receve Free T ALLNIGHT BASH VALUABLE EXPERIENCE must' Gorng prveges tree board on campus provrded. Ca meet 00 weeky on 4 Wednesdays Irom 15 pm begnnng Shrt. March WHEEL FRIDAY 2 7TH MARCH TO HELP YOU LAND THE meas exceent Dererts F T 8 NCSU Upward Bound (919) 515- For Sae DREAMJOBI Tochncan has Jr. Ad Rep. PT needed Aso acceptng 3632 DUPLEX or rent near Cameron 18 Conducted n cooperaton wth appcatons et P T bartender postons open are hostess. bus person Sampe Shppng A Rocevng BOSE speakers tor sae. Vage NCSU 2808 Kgore the Chapans Cooperatve 8 oxcoptng appcatons for a Cark need or an envronmenta Roommate II system Hardy Avenue 2BR tba prvate parkng. Mnstry Contact Ason Corkey GREAT SUMMER JOBS!!! receptonst Pease other postons. Learn what appy n ab servce company near RDU used Incudes r ar adapter. no pets 1 year ease $695 per to regster to receve person Tues-Sat ( 13 MacGregor goes Into to makng thngs Arport Customer servrce wa outet adapter. battery month. Avaabe Now (919) 934» more normaon Hrng Crew Panters Leaders. $280/wk - work rom the Insde. 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