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1 SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Monday, January 8, 2018 The School Board of the Sioux Falls School District 49-5 of Minnehaha County, South Dakota, was called into regular session, pursuant to due notice, on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. in the Instructional Planning Center, 201 East 38 th Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with the following members present: Cynthia H. Mickelson, Carly R. Reiter, Todd Thoelke, Vice President Kent Alberty and President Kate Parker. Absent: None. Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent of Schools, and Todd Vik, Business Manager, were also present. Action A motion was made by Todd Thoelke and seconded by Cynthia H. Mickelson, five (5) votes yes on roll call, approving the minutes of a meeting held December 21, 2017, which were furnished to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader for publication, in unapproved form, all in accordance with SDCL Action A motion was made by Kent Alberty and seconded by Carly R. Reiter, five (5) votes yes on roll call, approving the agenda as presented. * * * * * * Dr. Boyd Perkins, Coordinator of Fine Arts, spoke briefly about the thriving choral programs in the high schools. Dr. Perkins reported several dates for special contests in which all high school choirs of the District may compete. The Roosevelt High School E-X-Suite Show Choir performed their rendition of Summer Time for the School Board. * * * * * * President Parker asked for any new conflicts of interest; none were brought forward. Action A motion was made by Todd Thoelke and seconded by Kent Alberty, five (5) votes yes on roll call, approving Items A through E of the consent agenda, as follows: A. Approving the payment of payroll to all employees of the District for the month of December 2017 in the amount of $13,603, (see MRF #17579.) - 1 -

2 B. Approving pages 1 through 24 of list of claims dated January 8, 2018 in the amount of $17,714,344.89; it being understood that in publishing claims the Business Manager shall publish name of each claimant, purpose, and amount of each expenditure as required by SDCL ; it is further understood that any claim for Avera Healthcare System, Sanford Healthcare System and Parker Transfer Moving and Storage shall be removed from this action and approved by a subsequent action (see MRF #17580). CLAIMANT DESCRIPTION AMOUNT First Natl Bank Interest 2009b $5,951, Continental American Insurance Critical Care Wire $1, Fidelity Security Life NV Vision $37, Office of Child Support Enforcement SD Child Support $8, S.D. Retirement System SDRS Wire $1,559, A To Z World Languages, Inc. Interpreter Costs $4, A-Ox Welding Supply Corp. Classroom Supplies $76.85 Advanced Telephone Systems, Inc. Telephone $2, Building Improvements (Remodel Airway Service Inc Repair of Cars and Trucks $ Akossi, Jennifer In District Mileage $70.05 All City Elementary/Ace Jane Addams Other Supplies $41.42 Food Purchases Alvin & Co. Inc. Supplies for Resale $ Ameripride Linen & Uniform Services Other Prof/Technical Services $ Andersen, Luke Other Prof/Technical Services $ Anderson, Charles Other Prof/Technical Services $90.00 Archery Outfitters, LLC Other Prof/Technical Services $ Architecture Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Arnett, Rebecca In District Mileage $88.20 Auto Body Specialties, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Automatic Door Group, Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $2, B & H Photo Video Inc New General Equipment (Local) $1, Balashova, Yelena Other Prof/Technical Services $ Baldwin Supply Co. Bldg Repair Supplies $ Band Shoppe Other Supplies $40.50 Barnes & Noble Bookseller Classroom Supplies $ Beeler, Nathan Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Benchmark Education Co., LLC Textbooks $29, Beranek, Dave Other Prof/Technical Services $ Berg, Darin Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Bio Corporation Classroom Supplies $1, Bizimana, David Other Prof/Technical Services $

3 Black Events & Advertising, Inc. Equipment Rental and Leases $ Boas, Amani Other Prof/Technical Services $25.00 Bob's Piano Service Inc. Equipment Repair $ Classroom Supplies Bogart, Kim K. In District Mileage $ Bohrer, Monty Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Borch's Sporting Goods, Inc. Other Supplies $2, Border States Electric Supply Classroom Supplies $ Boyer Trucks Sioux Falls Repair of Cars and Trucks $ Boys Town Press Teacher Out Dist Travel $1, Brown & Saenger Warehouse Supplies $8, Advertising Production Supplies Classroom Supplies Other Supplies Novelties for Resale Kits for Resale New Furniture Bryant, Toby Other Prof/Technical Services $ Building Sprinkler Inc Building Improvements (Remodel $1, C & S Licensing Other Prof/Technical Services $ Camp, Tara In District Mileage $52.84 Carrell, Sherri K. In District Mileage $58.38 Cengage Learning, Inc. Classroom Supplies $2, Cengage Learning, Inc. Textbooks $34, Centurylink Telephone $ Chalk Spinner LLC Other Supplies $ Cherednik, Irina In District Mileage $91.14 Child Nutrition Service Food Purchases $3, Children's Care Hosp. & School Other Prof/Technical Services $68, Tuition - Other Institutions Christians, Barb In District Mileage $49.27 Christopherson, Michael A. In District Mileage $ Clark, Kimberly In District Mileage $ Climate Systems Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $14, Cole Papers, Inc. Warehouse Supplies $ Equipment Repair Combined Building Specialties Inc. Bldg Repair Supplies $ Other Supplies Communication Service for the Deaf, Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $1,

4 Convergeone Software, Videos, Etc. $2, Cornemann, Dave Other Prof/Technical Services $ Crosscultural Developmental Educ. Serv. Other Supplies $ CTE Academy 1/2 Cable Franchise Fee $25, Culinex Food Svc Supplies (Small Equip $ Culligan Water Conditioning Other Property Services $ Other Supplies Dacotah Paper Co. Supplies for Resale $10, Dakota Stained Glass Other Prof/Technical Services $ Dakotaland Autoglass Classroom Supplies $1, Supplies for Resale Davies Publishing, Inc. Textbooks $1, Davis Equipment Corp. Other Supplies $ Dean Foods North Central Inc Food Purchases $ DeBoer, Matthew In District Mileage $ Deinert, Andy Other Prof/Technical Services $ Dejong, Chad Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Demco, Inc. Other Supplies $51.94 Dick, Kevin Dues & Fees $39.00 Diederick, Barb Other Prof/Technical Services $2, Digital Promise Dues & Fees $2, Discount School Supply Classroom Supplies $ Dodson, Carolyn In District Mileage $ Dokken, Laurie L. In District Mileage $ Dorman, Jim A. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Douglas Stewart Co. Supplies for Resale $ Dvoracek, Todd Other Prof/Technical Services $ Dykstra, Dwayne Other Property Services $ East Dakota Educational Coop Other Prof/Technical Services $ EDC Educational Services Library Books $ Eggers, Tom Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Elsevier, Health Science Div. Textbooks $2, Eneboe, Darla K. In District Mileage $ Eric Armin Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Fan Cloth, LLC Other Supplies $2, Farner Bocken Company Supplies for Resale $1, Farrell, Courtney In District Mileage $ FedEx Postage $ Fods Eining, Julie In District Mileage $88.20 Forsstrom, Ryan J. Other Prof/Technical Services $

5 Fred the Fixer Other Supplies $42.00 Frey, Joshua M. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Friessen Construction Inc Snow Removal $5, Garrow, Jon Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Gebhart, Ev Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Gerry, Brian Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Golden Peach Enterprises, LLC Replacement General Equipment $ Gopher Classroom Supplies $ Gordon, Chad E. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Gran, Kristina Parent Mileage $ Graphic Edge, Inc. Other Supplies $5, Graybar Electric Co. Equip Repair Supplies $ Green Eggs and Ram, Inc. Equipment Repair $1, Building Improvements (Remodel Grocott, Eric Other Prof/Technical Services $24.36 Groen, Nicole Other Supplies $21.29 Guitar Center Stores, Inc. Other Supplies $ New General Equipment (Local) Halma, Ahva Other Prof/Technical Services $98.00 Halverson's Water Conditioning, Inc. Classroom Supplies $38.00 Hanisch, Karen A. In District Mileage $72.07 Hanneman, Pam In District Mileage $39.06 Hanson, Cody Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Harold's Photo Center Other Equipment (Non-Capital) $ Hartman Publishing, Inc. Textbooks $1, Hartman, Jacquelyn C. In District Mileage $39.40 Hauff Mid-America Sports Classroom Supplies $22, Other Supplies Land Improvements Replacement General Equipment Hayes, Kris J. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Head Start Policy Council Other Prof/Technical Services $75.00 Heartland Paper Co. Warehouse Supplies $4, Printing Equipment Repair Other Supplies Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $55, Heinemann Other Supplies $53.00 Herff Jones, Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $5, Supplies for Resale - 5 -

6 Herrboldt, Todd Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Highscope Educational Research Foundation Software, Videos, Etc. $12, Hillyard Warehouse Supplies $4, Other Supplies Hireright, LLC Other Prof/Technical Services $17.24 Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Textbooks $3, Hokeness, Desiree Lynn Brusseau In District Mileage $21.00 Horace Mann Elementary Other Supplies $ Other Equipment (Non-Capital) Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Co. Other Prof/Technical Services $5, Howe Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $16, Hubert, Donald Other Prof/Technical Services $ HVAC Excellence Dues & Fees $ I Car Dues & Fees $3, Ibrahim-Cloutier, Eimi D. In District Mileage $ Institutions Services, Inc. Other Supplies $5, Food Svc Supplies (Small Equip J & P Roofing Systems Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $ Jacobsen, Jim Other Admin Out Dist Travel $ Janisch, Chris S. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Jaros, Pete Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Jastram, Terry L. Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Jenzabar Inc. Software, Videos, Etc. $3, Jim & Ron's Service, Inc. Equipment Repair $85.00 Johnke, Toni Equipment Repair $ Johnson, Don Other Prof/Technical Services $ Johnston, Jim H. Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Jones, James R. Other Supplies $10.48 Josko, Gabe Other Prof/Technical Services $ Junior Library Guild Library Books $2, K Log, Inc. Other Equipment (Non-Capital) $ Keith, Rusty Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Kippley, Wade Other Prof/Technical Services $40.00 Kleinschmit, Michelle In District Mileage $ Kloiber, Melodee In District Mileage $20.41 Knutson, Leeann In District Mileage $ Koepke, Michael B. In District Mileage $30.16 Kone Inc. Equipment Repair $ Kono, Jason Other Prof/Technical Services $ Konrad, Deeann M. Miscellaneous $

7 Koterwski, Mark Other Prof/Technical Services $ Krause, Patrick Other Prof/Technical Services $ Kreisers Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Krier & Blain, Inc. Equipment Repair $13, Building Improvements (Remodel Kuchenbecker, Kristin Other Prof/Technical Services $ Laberge-Sorum, Jennifer In District Mileage $70.56 Lacroix, Bret Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Lamb Motor Co. Inc. New General Equipment (Local) $69, Langner, Luke Other Prof/Technical Services $ Language Line Services Interpreter Costs $3, Learning A-Z Periodicals & Subscriptions $ Legacy Novelties for Resale $ Lewis Drug Other Supplies $ Little, Jeff In District Mileage $ Long, Chris Other Prof/Technical Services $ Lorenzini, Michelle R. In District Mileage $ Lowell Elementary Field Trips $1, Other Supplies Food Purchases Lower, Drake Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Lundquist, Hans Other Prof/Technical Services $70.00 Mac's Inc. Classroom Supplies $68.78 Mackin Library Media Library Books $7, Malloy, Bob Other Prof/Technical Services $62.16 Maloney, Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $1, Marco, Inc. Equipment Rental and Leases $24, Software, Videos, Etc. Other Supplies Mascot Factory, Inc. Novelties for Resale $ Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc. Equipment Rental and Leases $ Classroom Supplies Matthews Medical Books, Inc. Supplies for Resale $3, Textbooks Matthiesen, Keith Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Maximum Promotions Inc. Other Supplies $ Mayo, Christy K. Dues & Fees $8.00 MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc. Textbooks $5, McFarland, Steven L. Other Prof/Technical Services $ McIinroy, Dawn Other Prof/Technical Services $

8 McMillin, Nicole Other Prof/Technical Services $1, Mesteth, Theda In District Mileage $ Mid American Energy Heat for Bldgs. $26, Mid States Audio & Video, Inc. Equipment Repair $85.00 Midwest Alarm Company, Inc. Building Improvements (Remodel $3, Mike Holt Enterprises of Leesburg, Inc. Textbooks $2, Minnehaha Community Water Corp Water and Sewerage $93.75 Mittera Group Printing $ Mobile Electronic Service Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Monarch Sales Other Supplies $ Mongar, Sandhipa $80.00 Moran, Mike Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 MPS Textbooks $30.77 MSC Industrial Supply Co. Other Supplies $ MTT Co. Upkeep of Grounds $1, Multi-Cultural Center of S.Falls Interpreter Costs $ Munce, Caleb Other Prof/Technical Services $ MVAP Medical Supplies, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Nada, Idris S. In District Mileage $ Natl Art & School Supplies Warehouse Supplies $ Nebraska Book Company Inc. Supplies for Resale $14, Used Books for Resale Neises, Bradyn Other Prof/Technical Services $ Nelson, Darren Other Prof/Technical Services $40.00 Netzer, Travis Other Prof/Technical Services $ Nold, James (Jamie) In District Mileage $ Noldner, Terri Classroom Supplies $27.67 Nordon Preferred Kitchen Equip. Food Svc Supplies (Small Equip $ Novak Sanitary Service Other Prof/Technical Services $ Nybergs Ace Hardware Other Supplies $25.85 Orcutt, Paul Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Orion Food Systems, LLC Other Supplies $1, Supplies for Resale Oscar Howe Elementary School Field Trips $1, Other Supplies Food Purchases Panther Graphics Print & Media Solutions, Llc Printing $8, Patrick, Ryan Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Payroll W/H Fund Payroll Withholding Fund $8,435, Pearson Education Classroom Supplies $12,

9 Textbooks Pepsi Cola Company Supplies for Resale $ Person, Christopher Other Prof/Technical Services $65.00 Person, Zachary Other Prof/Technical Services $ Peters, Alice J. In District Mileage $92.82 Peterson, Brenda S. Food Purchases $5.98 Phonak Hearing Systems, LLC Equipment Repair $69.99 Pocket Nurse Enterprises, Inc. New General Equipment (Local) $2, Pollmann, Amber A. In District Mileage $ Pooley, Mike Other Prof/Technical Services $ Poppenga-Smith, Kimberly J. Teacher Out Dist Travel $80.00 Popplers Music Store Inc. Equipment Repair $2, Classroom Supplies Praxair #4nu #1056 New General Equipment (Federal $1, Premium Food & Beverage Supplies for Resale $ Pro Ed, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Prodanovich, Bonnie B. In District Mileage $ Professional Publications, Inc. Textbooks $3, Ptm Document Systems Other Supplies $ Pyramid School Products Warehouse Supplies $4, Qualified Presort Serv., LLC Postage $3, Randall, Kristie In District Mileage $31.50 Reichenbach, Ed Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Reynoso, Erica Parent Mileage $ Rhythm Band, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Ricketts, Jim Jr. Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Risk Administration Services, Inc. Worker's Compensation Insuranc $11, Riverside Technologies, Inc. Equipment Repair $103, New General Equipment (Local) Replacement Computer Equipment Roach, Gregg Other Prof/Technical Services $ Robert Brooke & Assoc. Bldg Repair Supplies $ Robert Frost Elementary Other Supplies $ Food Purchases Dues & Fees Roberts, Travis J. Other Prof/Technical Services $99.00 Robertson, Ann Teacher Out Dist Travel $ Rochester Armored Car Co., Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $3, Other Transportation Rodig, Anika Teacher Out Dist Travel $

10 Rohan, Sonja In District Mileage $ Roosevelt High School Team Travel $10, Other Supplies Food Purchases Dues & Fees Ruesink, Fran Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 S.D. Health Care Association Dues & Fees $3, S.D. Magazine LLC Advertising $1, S.F. Area Chamber of Commerce Dues & Fees $ S.F. Argus Leader Publishing $1, S.F. Music Co. Classroom Supplies $2, S.F. Sch. Dist. No 49-5 Bus Transportation $412, Bus Aides In District Mileage Team Travel Equity Committee Travel Field Trips Other Transportation Samuel, Divisha In District Mileage $60.73 Sawle, Courtney P. In District Mileage $87.74 Schenefeld, Christie A. In District Mileage $ Schmitt Music Classroom Supplies $25.00 School Bus, Inc. Bus Transportation $241, Unallocated Bus Expense School Specialty, Inc. Warehouse Supplies $ Classroom Supplies Schoolmart Classroom Supplies $ Schrag, Heidi Other Prof/Technical Services $ Schroder, Jeff Other Prof/Technical Services $92.76 Schumacher, Ben In District Mileage $ Schumacher, Tanner Other Prof/Technical Services $ Schwartz, Marissa Other Prof/Technical Services $60.00 Scientific Specialties Equipment Repair $1, SDC Publications Textbooks $1, SDN Communications Other Communication $1, Shaeffer, Mitch Replacement Computer Equipment $ Sheets, Katie In District Mileage $ Siegfried, Joshua In District Mileage $ Sioux Equipment Company Other Equipment (Non-Capital) $ Sioux Falls Two-Way Radio Service, Inc. Classroom Supplies $1,

11 Other Equipment (Non-Capital) Sioux Merchant Patrol Inc. Miscellaneous $ Sisk, Matt Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Sisson Printing, Inc. Printing $7, Sitspots Library Books $45.75 Skiff, Jason Classified Out Dist Travel $ Skogstad, Kurt A. Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 SMG Land & Building Rentals $1, Southwest Strings Classroom Supplies $98.04 Spellmeyer, Patrick D. Other Prof/Technical Services $80.00 Spencer, Jennifer L. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Stage Accents Other Supplies $ Stanbury Uniforms New General Equipment (Local) $90, Starfall Education Foundation Classroom Supplies $ State Industrial Products Other Supplies $ Struck, Mark Other Prof/Technical Services $ Studer, Jake Other Prof/Technical Services $ Stukent Textbooks $6, Sturdevant's Auto Parts Corp Classroom Supplies $1, Sturdevant's Refinish Supply Center, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Supplies for Resale Sundvold, Terry Other Prof/Technical Services $40.00 Swan, Phillip A. Other Prof/Technical Services $ Tableau Software, Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $2, Software Support & Maintenance Taylor Music, Inc. Classroom Supplies $ Teaching Treasures, LLC Classroom Supplies $73.19 Telahun Birhe, Sara Other Prof/Technical Services $ Telephone Systems & Service, Inc. Telephone $ Tobii Dynavox LLC Other Supplies $ Todd, John Wesley Textbooks $1, Transform Your Classroom Other Prof/Technical Services $ Tri State Warehouse Inc. Other Supplies $16.46 Ultraliq Healthcare Solutions Inc. Software, Videos, Etc. $3, Ups Postage $ Vandeberg, Darin Other Prof/Technical Services $85.00 Variety Foods, L.L.C. Other Supplies $ Supplies for Resale Vink, Troy Other Prof/Technical Services $3, Voss, Bradley Other Prof/Technical Services $

12 Walker, Laurie A. In District Mileage $ Weber, Heath Other Prof/Technical Services $ Weber, Joseph Other Prof/Technical Services $ Classified Out Dist Travel Weissman Designs for Dance Other Supplies $3, Wells Fargo Other Supplies $ Wiese, Alexander R. Teacher Out Dist Travel $ Williamson, Kory M. Team Travel $1, Wilson, Tyler Other Prof/Technical Services $75.00 Workplace Av Systems Equipment Repair $4, New Computer Equipment Xcel Energy Heat for Bldgs. $109, Electricity Xerox Corporation Equipment Rental and Leases $12, Production Supplies Yellow Cab, Inc. Other Prof/Technical Services $7, Taxicab for Pupils C. Approving the Authorizations and Ratifications, as follows: C1. Disposal of School District Property Authorizing the disposal of surplus property by distributing to children or giving to a nonprofit benevolent organization for their use and/or disposal, to sell at private sale, public auction, or sealed bids or to dispose of, in accordance with SDCL , as follows: Item Appraised Property No. Description Location Appraisers Value File No. a. 18 AKI Keyboard Lowell Robert Waagmeester $ Instructors and 3 Elementary Kim Bullis Weather Radios School Lori Rolfe b Aqua Clean Washington Douglas L. Timm $ Extractor High Steven D. Gaspar School Cassie J. Ueke c. 7 Photo Film En- Roosevelt Dawn Hemmelman $ largers, 24 Camera High Bill Hansen Bags, School Kim Nelson Photography Texts, Digital Photography Texts, Taking Better Photos Texts, and 21 Short Course In Photography Texts

13 C1. Disposal of School District Property (continued) Item Appraised Property No. Description Location Appraisers Value File No. d. 1 Panasonic VCR, Lowell Robert Waagmeester $ Zenith VCR-DVD, Elementary Lori Rolf 1 Sony Cassette School Kim Bullis Recorder, 1 Magnavox VCR, 1 LG VCR-DVD, 2 Panasonic VCR-DVD, 2 Blonder Tonghe Filter Modulator, 1 Cart for Blonder Tonghe Modulator, 1 Panasonic Movie Camera, 18 Texas Instruments Calculators, 1 Mackie 12 Channel Mixer, 1 Zenith DVD-VHS Player, 4 Zenith DVD-CD Players, 4 HP Projectors, 1 Fantom Drive Writemaster, 1 Micro-Solutions CD Rewriter, 1 Gateway Laptop, 1 JVC Video Camera, 2 Sony Digital Cameras, 1 HP Digital Camera, 1 HP Digital Camera, 1 Sony Cyber- Shot Camera, 1 Palm Pilot, 1 Samsung VHS Player, 1 Smart Airliner Wireless Slate, 1 Hitachi TV, 1 Vtel Elmos, and 2 Smartboards C2. Approval of Contracts Authorizing the President and Business Manager to enter into and execute contracts, for and on behalf of the District, as follows: CONTRACT _ NUMBER CONTRACTOR PROJECT COST a ;TB SD Dept of Education- Mentors for first and $101, Division of Learning & second year teachers Instruction b ;JH Tri-Valley School 20 Slots at the CTE $2,513/student District Academy (to be adjusted annually) c ;TV Grand Rounds 3-Year Contract for $6.60/Per Enrolled Grand Rounds Pro- Employee/Per Month. gram to match mem- Approx.$213,000/yr.) bers with high-quality medical providers

14 C3. Authorizing Purchase Orders Authorizing the Business Manager to issue Purchase Orders requiring additional approval of the School Board in accordance with Action A18, adopted 7/10/2017, as follows: P O No. Vendor Description Total Cost a. S Combined Building Gymnasium Curtain Replace- $19, Specialties ment Project at WHS (see MRF #17581) b. S High Plains Technology Evault Software & Support for $18, Information Technology Svcs c. S Houghton Mifflen Read 180 Universal for $95, Harcourt Special Services d. S Pearson Education New Textbooks for Resale for $25, Southeast Tech e. S Riverside Technologies 70 HP 645 and 20 HP 655 $60, Computers for Information Technology Svcs C4. Acceptance of Contracts Accepting construction projects, by the Sioux Falls, School District 49-5, 201 E. 38 th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105, as complete, as follows: CONTRACT NUMBER CONTRACTOR PROJECT a Heinemann Restoration, Inc. Masonry Repairs at Various Buildings th St. Dell Rapids, SD C5. Petitions for Residency Determination Denying the assignment of one student to Terry Redlin Elementary School for the remainder of the 2017/18 school year, all in accordance with SDCL C6. Department of Legislative Audit Acceptance of 2017 Audit Acknowledging for the record the acceptance of the 2017 Audit Report by the South Dakota Department of Legislative Audit (see MRF #17582 and Action 37672, adopted )

15 D. Approving financial transactions (see MRF #17583 on file in the Finance Office for reference purposes). E. Accepting the K-12 Personnel Report, as follows: E1. RESIGNATIONS. Accepting the resignation of School District Personnel as of the effective date indicated, the personnel having been previously employed by Board Action, as follows: Effective Name Location/Position Date Specialist Hanson, Alyssia Axtell/Behavior Facilitator 01/05/18 Custodian Lund, Tyler LHS/Custodian 12/14/17 Woldegiorgis, Getachew LHS/Custodian 12/29/17 Clerical Feuerhelm, Joseph LHS/Clerical 12/14/17 Education Assistant Roben, Jessica RHS/SpEd-Resource 01/05/18 Thomas, Melody R.F. Pettigrew/ECH 01/04/18 Child Nutrition Kogel, Mary WMS/General Worker 02/09/18 Extra Duty/Extra Pay Sawtelle, Katlyn MMS/BB 7 th Gr Coach, Boys 03/31/17 Substitute Teacher Keill, John D Wide 12/20/17 Little, Judy D Wide 09/29/17 Substitute Education Assistant Muilenburg, Amanda D Wide 12/01/17 E2. CHANGE OF STATUS Name Delete Add Clerical Smith, Tamara RHS/10 Month Clerical ITS/12 Month Clerical Level I Level L FTE 1.0 FTE 1.0 $15.52/hr $19.70/hr Eff. 12/18/

16 E3. EMPLOYMENT RECOMMENDATIONS Effective Actual Name Location/Position Date Pay Teacher Eggert, Rita Hawthorne/Head Start Coord. 01/03/18 $24, Specialist, per hour Purdie, Devon Axtell/Behavior Facilitator 01/03/18 $17.25 Sawtelle, Katlyn MMS/Interventionist 01/03/ Clerical, per hour Kerr, Rebecca RHS/10 Month 01/03/18 $15.19 Custodian, per hour Hooker, Clayton LHS/Custodian 12/18/17 $13.52 Education Assistant, per hour Damjanovic, Tatjana LHS/ELL 01/03/18 $11.87 Fisher, Andrea J Harris/SpEd-Personal 12/20/ Hossle, Kamber Hayward/SpEd-Personal 01/03/ Mavity, Laura LBA/SpEd-Personal 01/03/ Schaefer, Molly RHS/ELL 12/14/ Sterk, Jamie Lowell/Overenrollment 12/21/ Child Nutrition, per hour Engelhardt-Nelsen, Kristine WMS/General Worker 01/03/18 $11.87 Extra Duty/Extra Pay Anderson, Gregory MMS/BB 7 th Gr Coach, Boys 02/01/18 $1, Kid s Inc, per hour Hossle, Kamber H Dunn/Ass s Site Coord 12/14/17 $15.21 Reeser, Madison D Wide/Substitute 12/13/ CTE Student Worker, per hour Larson, Maxwell CTE/KLRN Student Worker 12/01/17 $8.85 Substitute Speech Teacher, $ per day Carpenter, Barbara D Wide 12/05/17 Teller, Mali D Wide 12/04/

17 E3. EMPLOYMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (continued) Effective Actual Name Location/Position Date Pay Substitute Teacher, $ per day Abels, Amy D Wide 12/12/17 Arnold, David D Wide 12/12/17 Bouton, Katarina D Wide 12/12/17 Daily, Kelsey D Wide 12/12/17 Doerr, Heather D Wide 12/12/17 Goodhope, Chloe D Wide 12/13/17 Hannasch, Dalton D Wide 12/12/17 Jacobs, Jaclyn D Wide 12/12/17 Jones, Mason D Wide 12/12/17 Krager, Katey D Wide 12/12/17 Munkvold, Abby D Wide 12/12/17 Nicholson, David D Wide 12/15/17 Ohrlund, Kristopher D Wide 12/12/17 Petrowiak, Jennifer D Wide 12/19/17 Ray, Christine D Wide 12/18/17 Robison, Alia D Wide 12/11/17 Rogers, Teri D Wide 12/12/17 Tuttle, Joshua D Wide 12/15/17 Long-Term Substitute Teacher, $ per day Ohrlund, Kristopher O Howe 01/10/18 Substitute Education Assistant, per hour Elg, Jamie D Wide 11/09/17 $11.87 McIntyre, Shannon D Wide 11/06/ Neu, Richard D Wide 12/12/ Tellinghuisen, Justin D Wide 12/20/ RHS Football Coach, lump sum Greco, Michael RHS/Coach 11/01/17 $1, Peterson, Ross RHS/Coach 11/01/17 1, Ross, Randy RHS/Coach 11/01/17 1, WHS Football Coach, lump Sum Clarke, Jameson WHS/Coach 12/13/17 $1, Hofer, Tommy WHS/Coach 12/13/ Johnson, Russell WHS/Coach 12/13/ Siebenahler, Lance WHS/Coach 12/13/ Thomas, Richard WHS/Coach 12/13/ WHS Ass t Volleyball Coach, lump sum Hess, Alicia WHS/Coach 12/14/17 $1,

18 E3. EMPLOYMENT RECOMMENDATIONS (continued) Effective Actual Name Location/Position Date Pay WHS Work for Credit, lump sum Sieber, Travis WHS/Teacher 11/01/17 $ Red Apple Workshop #50150: Methods of ELL/ENL, lump sum Kvistero, Shari D Wide/Instructor 09/18/17 $1, Vettrus, Jill D Wide/Instructor 09/18/17 1, Substitute Effective Classroom Management Training, $15.00 lump sum Chambers, Lorri D Wide 12/13/17 Frankhouser, Trena D Wide 12/13/17 Gilbertson, Darwin D Wide 12/13/17 Hanscom, Kelly D Wide 12/13/17 Hofer, Daralyn D Wide 12/13/17 Kramer, Shane D Wide 12/13/17 Kusijanovic, Ivanna D Wide 12/13/17 Lanning, Kasey D Wide 12/13/17 Munce, Sydney D Wide 12/13/17 Otamendi, Jodie D Wide 12/13/17 Williams, Carrie D Wide 12/13/17 Substitute Differentiation in Daily Lessons Training, $22.50 lump sum Ahlbrecht, Shannon D Wide 12/14/17 Brown, Theresa D Wide 12/14/17 Burckhalter, Steven D Wide 12/14/17 Derner, Sally D Wide 12/14/17 Flanery, Wendy D Wide 12/14/17 Hupke, Christine D Wide 12/14/17 Johnson, Deborah D Wide 12/14/17 Meyer, Daryl D Wide 12/14/17 Rahn, Diane D Wide 12/14/17 Ritter, Gretchen D Wide 12/14/17 Schmidt, Donna D Wide 12/14/17 Shelton, Samuel D Wide 12/14/17 Tschetter, Douglas D Wide 12/14/17 Weldon, Vicki D Wide 12/14/

19 continued Monday, January 8, 2018 Action James Nold, Assistant Superintendent, presented an update on the Teacher Internship Program (see MRF #17584 and Action 37832, adopted ), as follows: A new internship program designed to recruit teachers for the Sioux Falls School District (SFSD) is seeing some early success. The SFSD Teacher Internship pilot program began this school year. The program allows an individual with an undergraduate degree, but who does not yet possess a teaching certificate, the opportunity to experience the classroom for nine weeks alongside a highly effective teacher. Ideally, the individual would then enroll into a master s program to become a certified teacher in the District. Last spring, 30 applications were received. Preference was given to those who have interest in hard to fill positions or those who would help the District achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan. The first two of six interns have already completed their nine-week internship and are exploring ways to obtain certification to teach for the SFSD. The program will continue to be monitored before any adaptations to the program will be added in spring Following general discussion, a motion was made by Cynthia H. Mickelson and seconded by Carly R. Reiter, five (5) votes yes on roll call, acknowledging the progress of the Sioux Falls School District Teacher Internship Program, as presented Action Becky Dorman, Senior Director of Human Resources, presented an update on the District s Wellness Program (see MRF #17585 and Action 36553, adopted ), as follows: A multi-faceted wellness program is improving the healthy habits of Sioux Falls School District employees while simultaneously lowering medical and insurance costs for both employees and the District. The School Board approved the wellness program in March, 2011, and since that time, it has grown and continued to add incentives for employees. Quality Health Solutions (QHS) offers health programming, coaching, weight loss programs and fitness challenges that, if completed, can lower monthly insurance premiums for staff and families. Additional programs focused on diabetes prevention, themed wellness initiatives and FitClub a reimbursement for attending the gym of choice are available for employees. Since the implementation, District employees continue to enroll in the programs at rates 11 percent higher than the industry average. Poor habits, such as unhealthy eating, low fruit and vegetable intake and lack of exercise, are decreasing by an average of 25 percent. Participants also self-reported decreases in tobacco use, unmanaged stress, and risky alcohol consumption. The District will continue to seek new ways to promote health among employees and families. Following general discussion, a motion was made by Todd Thoelke and seconded by Cynthia H. Mickelson, five (5) votes yes on roll call, acknowledging the wellness program update report, as presented

20 continued Monday, January 8, 2018 Action Dr. Brian Maher, Superintendent of Schools, presented the Results of the Requests for Proposal Community Engagement Facilitator (see MRF #17586 and the minutes of ), as follows: As discussed at the December 2017 School Board Work Session, the administration released a Request for Proposal (RFP) on December 7th for a Community Engagement Facilitator in conjunction with the District s Strategic Plan, Strategic Initiative 4.2: Engage community in dialog about enrollment trends and facility needs. Proposals were ed to thirteen firms. The RFP was also placed on the District s website and was advertised in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. Vice President Alberty reported that, after careful consideration of all six responses to the RFP, Donovan Group was selected to help the District engage the community in dialog about enrollment trends and facility needs. Following general discussion, a motion was made by Carly R. Reiter and seconded by Kent Alberty, five (5) votes yes on roll call, acknowledging the RFP process, authorizing the Business Manager to issue a contract to Donovan Group in the amount of $36,500 to provide Community Engagement Facilitator services and further authorizing the School Board President and the Business Manager to execute, for and on behalf of the District, a contract with Donovan Group (see Contract ;TV). Action A motion was made by Kent Alberty and seconded by Todd Thoelke, five (5) votes yes on roll call, authorizing an executive session of the School Board to prepare for contract negotiations and to consult with legal counsel, in accordance with SDCL (3) (4). The School Board, thereupon, went into executive session at 6:12 p.m. The School Board resumed in regular session at 7:13 p.m. Action On motion by Kent Alberty and seconded by Todd Thoelke, five (5) votes yes on roll call, the School Board adjourned at 7:14 p.m. KATE PARKER Presiding Officer TODD VIK Business Manager These minutes published once in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader in the amount of $1,