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1 January 2019 VOLUME 10 ISSUE NO. 1 FAMILY MATTERS: State of the Club 2019 AN INTERVIEW with BRETT SEYMOUR

2 TOLEDO CLUB OFFICERS PRESIDENT Brett Seymour VICE PRESIDENT Greg Wagoner TREASURER Doug Kearns SECRETARY Kathy Mikolajczak TOLEDO CLUB STAFF ADMINISTRATION Ed Mackiewicz, Interim General Manager Dawn Miller, Executive Assistant FOOD & BEVERAGE SERVICE Ed Mackiewicz, Food and Beverage Director Devon Layman, Banquet & Catering Manager Kaitlin Owens, Banquet & Catering Assistant Manager Sean Moran, Executive Chef ext Charlotte Hall Concierge and Member Relations Manager FACILITY Mark Hoffman, Facilities Manager ACCOUNTING Andrew Dunstan, Finance Director Dawn Miller, Accounting Analyst ATHLETIC John Seidel, Director/Squash Pro Charissa Marconi, Fitness and Aquatics Director SECURITY David Rainey, Operations Manager TOPICS EDITORIAL STAFF Chairman: David Cameron Editor in Chief: Shirley Levy Layout/Art Direction: Tandem Creative Contributing Writers: Karen Klein, Cindy Niggemyer, John Fedderke, Jim Jeffery, and Stephanie Wang Jaros Contributing Photographers: Andy Grier John Kuser Printing/Mailing: Millstream-Kennedy Inc. Findlay, Ohio Topics Advertising: David Cameron Dawn Miller JANUARY CLUB events JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY JANUARY 1 CLUB CLOSED 2 CLUB CLOSED 4 Prime Rib Dinner - Jim Gottron at the Piano 5 Babysitting available 9 AM 2 PM 7 Turkey Buffet 8 First Tuesday (on the second Tuesday!) 4 Prime Rib Dinner - Jim Gottron at the Piano 11 Ben DeLong at the Piano 12 Babysitting available 9 AM 2 PM Kids Pool Party 14 ZIPZ Dinner 16 Toledo Club Explorers - Toledo Firefighters Museum (see page 12) JANUARY 17 Great Books Group (see page 13) Third Thursday JANUARY 18 Members Jam in the Red Room (see page 5) JANUARY JANUARY 19 Babysitting available 9 AM 2 PM 21 CLUB CLOSED - Martin Luther King Day JANUARY 25 Jazz in the Red Room (see pages 5 and 21) JANUARY JANUARY 26 Babysitting available 9 AM 2 PM 28 Turkey Buffet UPCOMING... FEBRUARY 7 Wild Game Dinner (see page 11) FEBRUARY FEBRUARY FEBRUARY MARK YOUR Calendar 14 Valentine s Day Dinner 15 Boxing Night (see back cover) 28 World O Whiskey THE TOLEDO CLUB TOPICS Copyright 2019 The Toledo Club, all rights reserved. Permission to reproduce by any means, in whole or in part, must be obtained in writing from the Editor or Publisher. The Toledo Club Topics is published 11 times per year by The Toledo Club th Street Toledo, OH, Fax ON THE COVER: Club President Brett Seymour gathers his family in the Centennial Room for a photo by John Kuser. 2 January 2019 FOOD and BEVERAGE reminder Food and beverage minimums can be reached with food and beverages purchased anywhere in the Club, including takeout orders and wine orders. The amount is calculated by $ spent before tax (or service charge on banquets). For a tally of purchases that count toward your minimum, log into your online account at, and click on Member Statements.

3 President s Brett Seymour, President MESSAGE Fellow Members, Happy New Year!! A quote from fellow Toledoan P.J. O Rourke seemed fitting, The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk. This drunkenness culminates on New Year s Eve, when you get so drunk you kiss the person you re married to. I hope all of you brought The New Year in with the love of your lives. I certainly did. PROUD SUPPORTERS OF THE TOLEDO CLUB I want to thank the Topics committee for all the hard work they do putting this publication together. It is a labor of love for all of them, but it is indeed labor. David Cameron and his dedicated team spend tireless hours to make sure we have this great publication every month. Thank you! December is likely the busiest month of the year here at the Club not only in member events but in all events, public and private. Our dedicated staff does an incredible job during this time. They work hour after hour with smiles on their faces. I want to remind you all to contribute to the employee holiday fund if you haven t already. It s never too late!! January will still be action-packed in all areas of the Club. All of us have New Year s resolutions of some type. Many of those are regarding upgrading our fitness level and lowering the number on the scale! If that s you, as it is me, join us in the Athletic Department for the Big Ugly! See John Seidel in the lower level to get signed up. Also, the Club is looking for individuals or teams to participate in the Indoor Triathlon on the 19th at 11 AM please see Charissa in the Fitness Center. These are only a couple of the great events happening in the AD. Check them out! 8 GREAT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU OVER 2,500 NEW AND PRE-OWNED VEHICLES TO CHOOSE FROM. GET MORE FOR YOUR TRADE! We also have good things happening on the dining and social side. The Family and Tavern committees always have something special up their sleeves, like last month s Ugly Sweater Party on Third Thursday. Look for them on January 17. Check the calendar for your other favorite events here at the Club. I want to extend a welcome to our newest addition to the fifth floor staff. Andrew Dunstan joined us in the Finance Office during the month of December. Joining us during our busiest month was a little bit of a challenge, but Andrew was up for the task. Andrew lives in Sylvania with his wife and two children. Please extend a warm Toledo Club welcome when you see him. God Bless, Brett J. Seymour, President THE TOLEDO CLUB MISSION The mission of The Toledo Club, since 1889, is to enrich the lives of its members by providing a luxurious private club experience in a financially responsible manner with extraordinary social and recreational activities that foster friendship, fellowship and pride among members. January

4 WHAT S INSIDE anniversaries JANUARY Susan Cavalear Jan 1 62 / 57 yrs. Donald F Melhorn Jan 1 65 / 54 yrs. Marguerite P. O Brien Jan 1 67 / 52 yrs. Justice G. Johnson Jan 1 70 / 49 yrs. Geneva D. Rodgers Jan 1 74 / 45 yrs. Scott Wm. Libbe Jan 1 82 / 37 yrs. Thomas R. Tousley Jan 1 84 / 35 yrs. Ronald M. Cooperman Jan 1 87 / 32 yrs. Sandra M. Hylant Jan 1 87 / 32 yrs. Mark E. Ridenour Jan 1 87 / 32 yrs. Betty L. Sherman Jan 1 87 / 32 yrs. Donna Pollex-Najarian Jan 1 89 / 30 yrs. Donald M. Mewhort, III Jan 1 89 / 30 yrs. Martin J. Holmes Jan 1 93 / 26 yrs. 2 Upcoming Events Listings 16 January Dining Calendar 17 January Athletics Calendar FEATURES 6 State of the Club: An Interview with Brett Seymour 18 Founder of the Month: Morris R. Waite 21 Welcome Back Morgan Stiegler: Blue Moon Still Shines 22 Making Waves: Swimmers at the Club COLUMNS 12 Toledo Club Explorers 20 Dining Room Buzz 24 Squash News 25 Aquatics and Fitness News 26 Family Focus 27 Banquets and Catering 28 Member News 30 Committees and Board Members MEMBERS comments 58 MEMBER COMMENT CARDS RECEIVED / NOVEMBER 1 30 Hi Devon, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the funeral lunch was. My father would have been very happy. The staff who served my father over the years also came to pay respects, which meant so much to my mom. The food was absolutely phenomenal. As my father would say compliments to the chef. The Toledo Club has been a part of my family s journey since the 1960s. We grew up there. When my father first lost his sight it was one of the few places he could continue to go to because he knew it so well. Thank you for helping us celebrate my father s life. Jen Marra Everyone was very professional, making sure that our evening was exceptional. Andrea 89% EXCELLENT COMMENTS RECEIVED A lovely evening. Everyone was so helpful & caring. Carolyn Ed, Devon, Karen, Alex and Staff, The event for the Toledo Symphony League was Friday, Nov. 30, and all I ve heard is praise for the food, staff, and the Club. Devon and her staff were so helpful, supportive and always around to ensure everything ran smoothly. I can t thank you enough. The service staff was outstanding and bar staff always ready, what a great evening. Please congratulate everyone (don t forgot Chef Sean) and pat yourself on the back. Marlene Uhler and Toledo Symphony League committee 4 January 2019

5 THE TOLEDO CLUB Jazz is BACK Jazz Red Room! in the 4th Friday 6 8:30 PM JANUARY 25: Morgan Stiegler COMING UP: FEBRUARY 22 - Ron Kischuk MARCH 22 - Morgan Stiegler APRIL 26 - Ron Kischuk TOGETHER, WE Rotary unites problem solvers around the globe to do more good. Like providing job training and supporting local entrepreneurs to help revitalize the places we call home. Connecting to make communities stronger that s what people of action do. Learn more at YOUR COMMUNITY ENTERTAINMENT CONNECTION DOWNLOAD FREE January

6 It s January, traditionally the time we ask the Club s general manager and the president of its board of directors to review the past year and share their thoughts about the future. State of the Club 2019 An interview with Brett Seymour As I sit down with Brett Seymour at the long table in the GM s office, Yogi Berra s famous quote comes to mind: It s déjà vu all over again. But then I look across the room at the GM s desk and see that the chair is empty, a reminder that the board is still in the process of interviewing candidates for that position. More about that important selection in Topics March or April issue. PRESIDENT OF THE TOLEDO CLUB S BOARD OF DIRECTORS By Shirley Levy I Photos by John Kuser This month, this year, our focus is Brett Seymour, now in his second year as board president. Born and raised in Toledo, Brett graduated from Toledo s Central Catholic High School and went on to Bowling Green State University where he majored in aero technology. Injuries to his legs prevented him from pursuing flying as a career. Because of this, he said in last year s State of the Club interview, I made an alternate career choice, joining my dad as a financial advisor at Seymour Associates. Brett is also an athlete, a coach and a family man. 6 January 2019

7 Brett, what makes The Toledo Club unique? I think it s the rich history of the Club; not just the building but more importantly the people. The founding members of The Toledo Club were some of the most successful businessmen of Toledo, and one of the reasons we changed the name of the Main Dining Room to the Founders Dining Room. Today our members are some of the finest business people and philanthropists in the Midwest. They are, more importantly, some of the finest quality people in America. What would you say to a person trying to decide whether to join the Club? If I could tell them only one thing, it would be that they should belong to The Toledo Club because of its members. They are truly as good a group of human beings that you can find and they are what really makes this club so special. What are your favorite things to do at the Club? Spending time with the family swimming in the pool, playing games and pool in the Tavern with my kids, and playing squash. Sunday brunch, when available, is a family favorite. You and others, prior to my becoming president and again at the annual meeting, have challenged me to venture out into other areas of the Club; and I have. We ve come to more events on the social side of the Club and I ve made some new friends in those areas. For example, I didn t know Dave Cameron that well, but I met him because of the ZIPZ dinners. There s not a person I know who loves the Club more than Dave. He s truly invested in it. Being active in the Club was the vision that Mr. Locke, Mr. Libbey, Mr. Willys, Mr. Owens and Mr. Waite envisioned back in the 1870s. While sitting around over cocktails they would form The Draconian Club that would in 1889 become our beloved Toledo Club. How will the Club s focus shift to meet changing times? For example, there presently is only one woman on the board, and only two committees are chaired by women. How can we get more women involved? This is a difficult question to answer, one I m a little reluctant to tackle, but here goes. Since my election to the board, I have served with four amazing women on the board. All of them are engaged, active members of the Club and the board. Today, Kathy Mikolajczak is the only woman currently on the board and is serving as the board secretary. She is one of Toledo s finest CFOs and we are lucky to have her on our board. That said, we can always benefit from more inclusion of women in all areas of the Club. As it relates to the board, we have a limited pool of ladies who are eligible to serve. The bylaws allow board members from four classifications, Resident, Senior, Intermediate and Junior. These are also the only classes that have voting rights according to our bylaws. As our membership has grown and continues to grow with more female members, we will see more women involved in the leadership of the Club. Committee membership is not limited to particular classifications of members and our committees are currently filled with members from all classifications, men and women. FAVORITE THINGS AT THE CLUB Spending time with the family swimming in the pool, playing games and pool in the Tavern with my kids, and playing squash. The next president will be our current vice president Greg Wagoner, and then likely to follow will be our current treasurer, Doug Kearns. Officers serve at the request of the president and election by the board of directors. Understanding the above and not putting anyone on the spot, it s certainly possible that in five years Kathy Mikolajczak could be the first woman president of the Club. Could the bylaws be changed to allow additional classifications to serve on the board? Changing the bylaws is very difficult. It requires an affirmative vote by 2/3 of all voting members. Not a quorum, but 2/3 of all voting members. January

8 What challenges came up last year and how did you and the board deal with them? When you have management staff turnover, clubs are always presented with a challenge. In the past during manager vacancies, the board president has sometimes filled the role. Today we are fortunate to be in the hands of a very capable interim GM in Ed Mackiewicz. Greg Wagoner is chairing the search committee to fill the GM position. In addition to the GM change, our membership director, catering manager and finance director either retired or moved on. Sometimes that can be an opportunity, but it s still a challenge because in the meantime the burden falls on board members or committees and staff to pick up the slack. The board, committees and Club staff have all picked up and run with things that needed to get done. Finding the right leaders is an ongoing process. As of today, December 1, we ve hired a new Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Dunstan. What successful projects and/or decisions did you deal with in 2018? As far as accomplishments, I don t want to be prideful, or I try not to be. I don t like to take credit personally. The successes here at the Club all happen because of the board, staff and members. No single person or group can make it all happen alone. What I will say is that I believe we are having more success in the current time frame because of leadership the leadership of the board, committees and our staff. People in all walks of life respond better to leadership than management, and that s a philosophy I see changing with the staff here now. One successful project was renting office space on the fifth floor. Another was the renovation and changes to the athletic and fitness areas. Sometimes the squash players and athletic side users get a bad rap because they don t come to the Club s social events, but they deserve credit for the athletic and fitness area improvements, which were entirely financed by members contributions. This is a model I believe can be used for other areas of our Club going forward. I am thankful of the way members have put their trust in me and the board. What goals and priorities do you see for 2019? Our first priority is growing membership. We are targeting the voting member classifications for new growth. Additionally, we are focused on the growth of residents downtown and the influx of new businesses. The downtown workforce and residents should be a great market for us. Look for new exciting events targeting those groups. We re finally breaking down the silos, but we ve got to venture out more. If you are a predominately social user or a predominately athletic user, venture over to the other parts of the Club and explore. Remember that membership evolves, and as your needs change the Club can likely meet them. Our second goal is to establish very strong leadership in the Club. And we want to get away from calling it management. People don t want to be managed; they want to be led. We also want to have more fun activities for kids, and more family friendly events. There are good role models and mentors at the Club, not only for children, but also for young adults and people in business. That richness and diversity of membership makes a difference and it teaches respect. We re seeing an increase in housing, offices, restaurants, and other venues nearby. And some companies are moving their headquarters and/or offices downtown or to the Warehouse District. Is the Club seeing any benefits in usage and membership relating to that? TURNING CHALLENGES INTO OPPORTUNITIES Sometimes (turnover) can be an opportunity, but it's still a challenge... the board, committees and Club staff have all picked up and run with things that needed to get done. 8 January 2019

9 A FAMILY MAN My wife Niki and I have a new baby, Francis David Seymour... That brings us to seven kids: four boys and three girls. Four of them participate in the Junior Squash program here at the Club and two play in the Club s squash league. My answer is not a lot, but we have to tap into that more. In December we held an event in the Tavern for three residential buildings downtown. Events like this will help us make new friends in the downtown community and strengthen our membership is this space. You ve served on the board since What have you learned? I could talk all day about that; I ve learned so many things. One of the biggest things I ve learned is that this Club runs well because of its committees and members. That s good and that s bad. I sometimes have to refer things back to a committee that I could make a good decision on immediately. But I would do that at the risk of alienating people who have worked so hard and love this Club so much, so even though that s not my way, I have to give them the opportunity to decide. I learned this and many other things from the presidents who came before me: Richard Hylant, Dave Quinn, Joe Zerbey, John Fedderke and Aaron Swiggum. These men and the board members that I ve served with have taught me a great deal over the years. Can you tell us a liittle about your family? My wife Niki and I have a new baby, Francis David Seymour, born November 18, A friend said that none of our kids had a good Catholic name, so we named him Francis but we call him Frankie. That brings us to seven kids: four boys and three girls. Taylor, the oldest, is 26. Carter is 16 and he s driving now, Mya is 14, Kale is 11, Scott is 10 and Valerie is 8. What is your typical day? A typical day would be getting up at 6 and getting the kids off to school. Once they are off to school around 7, I ll head either to my office in Maumee or Norwalk. Most days I spend in the office till between 4 and 5 PM. That s when the real day begins with my kids. Between my kids still at home we are on four travel soccer teams, one golf team, four cross country running teams, three basketball teams, and we have one track runner. Four of them participate in the junior squash program here at the Club and two play in the Club s squash league. One of them takes piano lessons and two of my boys are really into Boy Scouts. That said, most evenings and weekends you will find me at two to three athletic events each day. I ll get done with my day and return home most evenings around 8:30 or 9 PM. We spend a tremendous amount of time together as a family with these events. We are very blessed. How did your favorite sports teams do in the finals? We follow The OSU Buckeyes football, Indiana basketball, Central Catholic High School and the LA Lakers. We keep track of Notre Dame Academy soccer and basketball also. My oldest son Carter keeps me upto-date on most scores and happenings, as I find little time for TV. When you do watch, what s your favorite TV show? There s a show I currently like called Expedition Unknown. It s an hourlong show on the Discovery Channel that has a wide range of stories featuring John Gates, an explorer who goes on expeditions around the world. He searches for things you d never think of, like cloning a woolly mammoth. The show is on the Travel Channel too, but I ve been watching it on Discovery. One story was about D.B.Cooper, the only plane hijacker to get away with it. He hijacked a plane, was paid the ransom money and while flying south to Mexico, jumped from the plane, never to be found. It s the only unsolved plane hijacking in history. January

10 A TOLEDO CLUB EVENT Thanksgiving Buffet NOVEMBER 22, 2018 PHOTOS BY John Kuser 10 January 2019

11 20TH ANNUAL WILD GAME DINNER THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7. 6 PM Cocktails. Hors d oeuvres. Vendor displays in the Centennial Room 7:30 PM Dinner in the Founders Dining Room. $90 per person - tables of 10 pay for 8 RESERVATIONS REQUIRED January

12 J A N U A R Y E X P L O R E R S E V E N T Founded in 1976, the Toledo Firefighters Museum is located just a few minutes from downtown Toledo in the Old Number 18 Fire House at 918 Sylvania Avenue, next to Mancy s. The extensive displays at the Museum include many large pieces of early firefighting equipment, including Toledo s first fire pumper, the 1837 Neptune, which has been meticulously restored by firefighters from the area. TOLEDO CLUB E PLORERS by John Fedderke Tour the Toledo Firefighters Museum January 16 at 6 PM 918 Sylvania Ave. We ll explore the history and heroes of Toledo Fire and Rescue, get up close to their vintage equipment and experience first-hand what it takes to survive a fire. Veteran firefighters will be on hand to bring the exhibits to life and to take us through the experience of how we need to react to escape a house fire. Included in the exhibits are a watchman s desk and tape register and firefighters sleeping quarters. There are also hundreds of vintage photos, uniforms, antique fire toys, scrapbooks, journals, and references on display. The museum has added a 9/11 display since the New York disaster in Included in the display are many pieces from 9/11 as well as a painting by well-known firefighter artist Paul Zurawski. Because education is always foremost for firefighters, the Museum houses a safety and learning center on the second floor of the old fire house. Areas known as Jed s Bedroom and Fireman Freddy s Fire Station were constructed to allow children to role-play situations they might come in contact with in their own homes, including how to plan escape routes from their homes, test smoke detectors, feel doors for heat, and keep low in case of smoke. We will experience this as well since you can never be too well-prepared should disaster strike. For more information on the Museum, visit Please call Devon at to make your reservation. Photos from The Toledo Firefighters Museum website Then, we ll return to The Toledo Club around 7 PM for an Explorers dinner with our own Luis Santiago to continue our exploration of Toledo Fire and Rescue s rich and dramatic history. 12 January 2019

13 Happy Holidays from Yark Automotive Group Just What You re Looking For! 6019 West Central Avenue 1/4 Mile East of I-475 On The Central Avenue Strip YARK CHEVROLET WHITEHOUSE YARK TOYOTA MAUMEE BMW OF TOLEDO THE PREMIER LUXURY DEALERSHIP OF NW OHIO AND SE MICHIGAN YARK Torch Award Winner for Marketplace Ethics From the Better Business Bureau Serving NW Ohio & SE Michigan OVER 2000 NEW VEHICLES TO CHOOSE FROM - ALL MAKES ALL MODELS! NW Ohio/SE Michigan s Largest Volume Dealer For 23 Years Running! GREAT BOOKS DISCUSSION GROUP The Great Books Discussion Group is an opportunity to discuss stimulating books with old friends and new. Books are chosen by consensus of the members, and each month a member leads the discussion. We publish the selections several months in advance to allow time to do the reading. New members are always welcome. You can simply drop in one of our meetings (the room is always posted in the elevator) or contact me for more information. Beverly McBride Thursday, January 17 Noon Book: The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg by Nicholas Dawidoff Moderator: Jim Hartung January

14 World O, Whiskey PRESENTS The 2019 Gaelic Games February 28 6 PM By John Fedderke By John Fedderke Shamrock vs. Thistle It s a global throwdown as we pit the fastestgrowing spirits in the world Irish against the old guard s favorite single malts from Scotland. Sample a variety of styles under the tutelage of Professor Elliot MacFarland, kilt and all. Each whiskey will be paired with delicious dishes created by Chef Sean. What will he come up with to match these beauties? We start off in the Red Room at 6 PM with a cocktail created by Toledo Spirits featuring the whiskey we laid down in a special keg last year. The secret brew will be revealed, along with the menu, in next month s Topics. We ll be piped upstairs for dinner to begin the tough choices that lay before us. You make the call for your favorite from among: IRISH Tullamore Dew 18 Knappogue Castle 16 SCOTCH Highland Park The Dark 17 Macallan Edition No. 4 Talisker 18 As always, your committee has worked long and hard to find rare and excellent selections that you may not find every day. We re also planning for after-dinner festivities in the Oak Room with our friends from Third Street Cigars. Complete information will be available next month here in Topics, but you might want to reserve your Uber now. Also, gather your clan because we ll be offering discounts on tables of eight. See you there! The Professor 14 January 2019 The Toledo Club

15 A TOLEDO CLUB EVENT Parade of Trees Sunday Brunch DECEMBER 16, 2018 PHOTOS BY John Kuser January

16 Dining& Events January 2019 Hours Dining Reservations Dining Service Founders Dining Room Third Floor BREAKFAST Monday Friday* 6:30 AM 8:30 AM LUNCH Monday Friday* 11:30 AM 2 PM DINNER Monday Friday* 5:30 8:30 PM *check schedule for alternate dining room location if is closed Sports Grill & Tavern (Casual attire) DINNER Thursday and Friday 5 10 PM (Beverage service until 12:30 AM) LUNCH AND DINNER Saturday 11 AM 10 PM (Beverage service until 12:30 AM) Beverage Service Oak Room Pub First Floor Monday Friday 4 9 PM Dress Code Proper business casual attire is required during dining and beverage hours in the Founders Dining Room. Business Casual Attire: Collared shirt, pressed pants. No shorts, t-shirts, athletic apparel, ball caps, denim, etc. SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED First Tuesday CLOSED ZIPZ Dinner CLOSED CLOSED MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY: CLUB CLOSED CLOSED FRIDAYS on the piano: JIM GOTTRON January 4 BEN DELONG January 11 NEW YEAR S DAY: CLUB CLOSED CALL THE RESERVATION HOTLINE CLUB CLOSED Explorers: Toledo Firefighters Museum TAVERN Babysitting 9 AM 2 PM CLOSED TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN Great Books Group Third Thursday: Babysitting available Members Jam in the Red Room TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN TAVERN Prime Rib Night - Jim Gottron at the Piano TAVERN MANICURIST AVAILABLE IN THE BARBER SHOP January 2, 16 and 30 CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT Ben DeLong at the Piano JAZZ IN THE RED ROOM RETURNS! Morgan Stiegler TAVERN CLOSED Babysitting 9 AM 2 PM Kids Pool Party CLOSED Babysitting 9 AM 2 PM CLOSED Babysitting 9 AM 2 PM 16 January 2019

17 January 2019 Athletics& Events SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY :30 AM Runners Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM :30 AM Runners Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM INDOOR MARATHON BEGINS :30 AM Runners Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM :30 AM Runners Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM NEW YEAR S DAY: ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT CLOSED Body Sculpt 9 AM Body Sculpt 9 AM Body Sculpt 9 AM Body Sculpt 9 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM Join the Fitness Team on Twitter Body Sculpt 9 AM Masters Swim 5:15 PM BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS 7 8 AM Body Sculpt 9 AM Masters Swim 5:15 PM Body Sculpt 9 AM Masters Swim 5:15 PM Body Sculpt 9 AM Masters Swim 5:15 PM Body Sculpt 9 AM Masters Swim 5:15 PM BLOOD PRESSURE SCREENINGS JANUARY AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM FIRST FRIDAY BREAKFAST 7:15 Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM 5:30 AM Runners Spin Class 6 AM Aqua Aerobics 8:30 AM Yoga with David 9:15 AM Yoga with David 9:15 AM Yoga with David 9:15 AM INDOOR TRIATHALON Yoga with David 9:15 AM Winter Hours (October March) Fitness & Wellness Center Monday Thursday 5 AM 9 PM Friday 5 AM 8 PM Saturday Sunday 8 AM 7 PM Adult Swim Hours Monday Friday 5 9 AM 11:30 AM 2:30 PM 4:30 6:30 PM Saturday and Sunday Noon 2 PM Family Swim Hours Monday Friday 9 11:30 AM 2:30 4:30 PM 6:30 PM close Saturday and Sunday 8 11:55 AM 2 PM close Squash Courts Barber Shop: 1st Floor Bert Mills Jim Schimming Monday Friday 7 AM 5 PM Tailor Shop: 5th Floor Lawson Murrell , ext Monday Friday 7:30 AM Noon or by appointment Other Club Services Robert Bremer Licensed Massage Therapist Manicurist Thomas Derring Leather Specialist January

18 Waite returned to Toledo to practice law but was appointed to the United States Supreme Court in 1873 and was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in He served in the Supreme Court until his death at 71 in Waite s body was returned to Toledo on a special train accompanied by fellow Justices where it was met by a crowd that formed a memorial procession to Woodlawn Cemetery where Waite is interred. W E L C O M E T O T H E Founders DINING ROOM FOUNDER OF THE MONTH by John Fedderke Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Morrison R. Waite Once upon a time, it was possible for a young man to attend Yale, join a secret society, become an attorney and still be unanimously confirmed by the Senate as a member of the Supreme Court. But those were different times. As Chief Justice, Waite swore in Presidents Hayes, Garfield, Arthur and Cleveland. Waite High School, named in his honor, was opened in I grew up on Waite Road in Maumee. At a memorial service at the Toledo Bar, one of the tributes to Waite was made by Emory D. Potter, the oldest member of the bar. In his early career it was my fortune to have him as a companion in traveling the circuit, embracing a dozen counties, without roads, without bridges, and with log cabins at long intervals He was always cheerful, and our rides in the midst of the forests were always enlivened by his ready anecdotes He was always the genial gentleman whether in log cabin or in palace. Different times, indeed. As Chief Justice, Waite overcame the resentment of several Justices who had aspired to the Chief Justiceship. It is said that he performed administrative and other tasks of his position with great skill. In a larger political sense, he was also a successful judicial statesman. During his tenure, as at few times in American constitutional history, the Supreme Court was remarkably free of Congressional criticism. Waite achieved this success by confining judicial The time was 145 years ago, and we re talking about Chief Justice Morrison R. Waite. As a young man, Waite left his native Connecticut to seek his fortune as a lawyer in our area. He began his political career representing Lucas County in the lower house of the State Legislature in Following several political setbacks, he opened the law office of Young and Waite in Toledo in Two years later, he was elected to Toledo City Council. In 1862, Waite was nominated for Congress. Unfortunately, his opponent was named James Ashley, a family name still resonating in area politics. Waite lost. His career took an upturn when, in 1871, he caught the attention of President Grant as a member of the Tribunal of Arbitration at Geneva, Switzerland where he worked to resolve claims of direct and collateral damage against Britain during the Civil War. The Tribunal ruled against Britain, directing a payment of $15.5 million to the United States. (Right) Morris R. Waite s portrait that hangs in the Founders Dining Room, and a vintage postcard of Waite High School, named after the Supreme Court Justice. 18 January 2019

19 policymaking within limits approved by the nation s representative political institutions and public opinion. Different times, indeed. Although Waite s portrait hangs in the Founders Dining Room, he was not a member of The Toledo Club since he died a year before the Club s incorporation. However, he was a founding member of our forerunner, the Draconian Club, along with David Ross Locke, Edward Drummond Libbey, John North Willys and Michael J. Owens, who join him yet today, overlooking and sharing our feasts and celebrations in the Founders Dining Room. Let s raise a glass to Justice Waite and toast a time of civility and cooperation. Different times. SALE Select Collections Through January Listen to live jazz in the shop as you browse, nosh and mingle with other Villagers (Below) Chief Justice Waite administers the oath of office at the inauguration of President Garfield W. Central Ave. January

20 Dining Room BUZZ by Karen Klein Karen Klein W hoosh! The whoosh swept away a dedicated calendar date for First Tuesday, which just happens to fall on New Year s Day. So surprise! First Tuesday in January will be celebrated on the Second Tuesday, January 8; plan to be there. The cheerful hubbub and frantic running around is now over! Just like that; a whoosh happens. The holiday décor is stored back in the attic and the glitter and glam has migrated to the back of the closet. At the stroke of midnight on December 31, the year 2019 sashayed right in and trampled old 2018! (Can you believe that the boys and girls born in the 21st century are now in college?) Indeed, time does march on and is that not absolutely FABULOUS? and we are still here. Just might be something great around the corner. Toledo Club members are very special folks and do deserve special treats. Case in point is the First Friday Prime Rib Night and it will be on schedule on January 4. Bring a tableful and set up a quiet discussion on world affairs, weird movies or robo calls. Jim Gottron will play quiet piano music featuring show tunes from Broadway. Lunch out in January! Try the soups made up early in the morning each day by John, our Soup Man and he s the best. Among the tummy warmers are potato leek, ham and bean, chicken velvet, Italian wedding, onion with oodles of cheese, and it would not be Friday without clam chowder? MMMMM, good! And yes, the Club s signature tomato soup is always available too. Climb a mountain! That s the message the brain receives from the mouth when attacking the sandwiches. Piled high with meat, sauces 20 January 2019 Bringing Back Old Favorites...and Introducing New Ones! WHEN IS FIRST TUESDAY NOT FIRST TUESDAY? WHEN IT'S ON SECOND TUESDAY, JANUARY 8! START THE YEAR WITH A PRIME PRIME RIB, JANUARY 4 RE-INTRODUCING MEMBERS JAM JANUARY 18 (AND INTRODUCING A SPECIAL SWORDFISH) START THE NEW YEAR WITH ONE OF THE CLUB'S NEW COCKTAILS and condiments, they are delish. The Reuben especially stands out. Or dictate your own combo; perfectly possible at The Toledo Club. And don t forget about the house-made potato chips with that extra crunch. No marching band will come through the doors, but the MEMBERS JAM is back and cheers and hurrahs will resound. They will return on Friday, January 18 in the Red Room for cocktail time. Only for that evening a special entrée of swordfish will be available in the Founders Dining Room. Chef Sean promises a tasty sauce. Circle the date on your calendar and make reservation now. Speaking of cocktails, have you tried the new Sour Growl? Or the Florence Hotel? Both are quite tasty and pack a bit of Yes, I ve graduated from Diet Coke ambiance. The FH reminds one of sunny skies and massive Michelangelo sculptures as it oozes strength. Sour Growl is misnamed. It definitely lends a twinkle to the eye and a smile that comes on more readily to the lips. The Toledo Club offers unique opportunities for membership (as in no charge ). Jazz in the Red Room on January 25, featuring Morgan Stiegler, is entertainment PLUS. She really can belt out a song! Of course, in due course, attendees will course their way to the for a meal and discourse. Why sit home staring at YouTube? Rumor has it that the duck may swoop in for a landing on the dinner menu once again, and that Chef s famous bread pudding with the RUM sauce will be available in January, The ZIPZ dinner will be January 14. Hope to see you there!

21 JazzBy Shirley Levy All thatjazz WELCOME BACK MORGEN STIEGLER: Blue Moon Still Shines I haven t heard Morgen Stiegler perform live-on-stage at the Club since her gig in the Main Dining Room (aka ) in February But I ll never forget what impressed me the most: She s a real musician, with the emphasis on REAL. She is passionate about the songs she performs and has the rare ability to share that feeling with the audience. Whether it s jazz, pop or rock, she sings from her heart. For over a decade, Morgen has made a name for herself as a premier female jazz vocalist in northwest Ohio, southern Michigan and beyond. She has performed at The Toledo Club, Ye Olde Durty Bird, Cock and Bull, Stella, Degage, Bar 145, Rusty s Jazz Café, Bell Lounge at Levis Commons in Perrysburg, and the Sunset Jazz Festival in Grand Rapids. Favorite venues also include New Orleans Snug Harbor, das Schlot in Berlin, and Birdland in Hamburg. Jazz is back in the Red Room! Morgan Stiegler performs on January 25 at 6 PM Members Jam returns on January 18 In 2011, she released her debut album, Reaching For the Moon, a duo with Chris Buzzelli playing guitar. Like Norah Jones, Morgen sees herself as a storyteller and the story she tells is her own. It s a voyage that highlights her musical progression through snapshots ; a mix of jazz standards, pop tunes, and intriguing singer-songwriter originals. There s no attempt to sell a performance here. Rather, it s an honest attempt to connect with her listeners, as well as the musicians with whom she performs. Morgen performs regularly in duo settings, as well as with her trio and quartet. You can listen to her songs on YouTube, but I have to warn you it s addictive. My favorites include these duos with Chris Buzzelli: Last Train to Clarksville, a rocking rendition reminiscent of Roseanne Cash (I dare you to try to sit still when you hear it); In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, a nostalgic Ella Fitzgerald cover about lying awake at night thinking about the boy ; and It s Like Morgen Stiegler photo by Rick Luettke Reaching For the Moon. Other faves are Morgen s Tell Me and her soulful versions of Rodger and Hart s classics Blue Moon and Dancing in the Dark. If her performances bring out a nostalgia you didn t even know you had, it s not only the music. When Brent Back of called her the jazz version of the little black dress, it was a metaphor that paired Morgan s appearance with her songs. Morgan has a natural beauty enhanced by thickly applied black eyeliner and mascara. Her beautiful blue eyes and raised eyebrows look out at the audience, but yet somehow seem to share a secret with her fans. Inspired by the pinup girl during WW II, Morgen also loves vintage clothes and vintage shopping. She often wears a red headband that looks straight out of I Love Lucy. Morgen received her bachelor s degree at Tiffin University, then went to Bowling Green State University where she earned a master s degree with a major in music. She is professor of ethnomusicology at BGSU, where she has taught classes in jazz history. She has focused on the Native American connection to jazz, an interest rooted in a heritage she shares. Morgen has also taught classes in jazz pedagogy, which equips music education majors with the tools necessary to teach jazz. And that s not all. She also teaches jazz, rock and pop in her private studio; is a founding member of the BSGU NYV (New York Voices) vocal jazz camp; and has worked in lessons, master classes and workshops with Pete Eldridge, Jennifer Barnes, and SJ Hasman-Selby, among others. January

22 Photo by Grand Lubell Photography MAKING WAVES by Stephanie Wang Jaros Swimming is not only an escape from distractions...but is also a time for meditation and therapy for a healthy lifestyle. The Toledo Club s indoor swimming pool has been a unique feature and a bonus which differentiates our Club from others. The temperature of the pool is regulated between 82 and 83 degrees, which is comfortably warm for all ages. Club members enjoy a piece of tranquilness when it comes to swimming. There's generally at least one open lane, no clutter, no shouting and, most of the time, swimmers get their own lanes! Regular swimmers also have developed their own routine hours. Speaking of swimmers, you may or may not know there is a group of dedicated and highly disciplined swimmers at the Club. They sneak in quietly in the mornings, at lunchtime, or in the evenings, on both weekdays and weekends. They nod to each other and have a few short conversational exchanges. Their focus is obvious the pool. For the next 30 minutes to several hours, the swimmers fully embrace their swimming exercises without interruption. 22 January 2019

23 Even during the Club shutdown, the swimmers seek out other swimming pools to continue their routines. Steve Weidner travels at least onethird of the year, but he never forgets swimming. Finding a hotel with a decent pool is a priority for him. Jim Jaros (who happens to be my husband) has enjoyed swimming for the past decade. The only time he misses swimming is on Christmas Day. He and others, such as Jim Anderson, Stu Cubbon, Steve Bogart and Steve Weidner, appear at the top of the list of swimmers in terms of mileage and consistency, from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Swimming is not only an escape from distractions such as cell phones and , but is also a time for meditation and therapy for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally it provides bonding opportunities for friends and families. I personally know a couple of group weekend swimmers. Melissa Shaner and her sister Kristi Shaner do swim workouts together. Swimming has helped them through many health issues and emotionally tough times. Teri Deindoerfer and her daughter Erica swim together, pushing each other. Most people are aware the pool is closed on Thursdays from 5:15 6 PM for the Master Swimmers group to get in a challenging workout, led by coach Melissa Shaner. The regular participants are John Longthorne, Stu Cubbon, Sara Haynes, and Kevin and Kathleen Carmony. Sometimes Pete Winowich and John Skeldon make an appearance to get some help with their triathlon training. Newcomers are always welcome and will be met with enthusiastic support from the other members of the group. The swimming pool is not only for professional workouts, but is also a family fun center. Toddlers, accompanied by their parents, love to splash in the water and play with water toys. Older kids enjoy having lap-swimming competitions with their parents. Birthday parties are also quite popular as a private use of our pool and Club. Snacks, beverages and food can be brought to pool parties. Kids direct their energy toward the water and not each other. As you can see, there's almost no limit to how the swimming pool at The Toledo Club can be enjoyed! A big salute to aquatic and fitness director Charissa Marconi, who does a great job making sure that the Club's pool is all that it can be. MAKING IT A HABIT We would like to recognize some of the Club s regular swimmers. Hats off to them for demonstrating that the swimming pool is an important asset at our Club. Morning swimming regulars: Bruce Seeger, Kevin Brennan, Karen Weidner, Christina Salgua with her stepdaughter Selena, Mark Keesey, Gary Diesing, Judge Jack Zouhary, Dr. Bill Davis, and Lou Tosi. Lunchtime swimming regulars: John O'Neil, Jim Jaros, Jim Anderson, Steve Weidner, Paul Hollenbeck, Steve Bogart, Ximena Paseta, Stu Cubbon, Anne Pilkington, Andy Dale, and George Ward. Evening swimming regulars: Teri and Todd Deindoerfer, Brian Deiger. Aqua Aerobics: Betty Sherman, Priscilla Schwier, Mary Helen Williams, Sara Haynes Linda Varga, and Jodi Schmidt. Other regular swimmers include Keith Burris and Willis Day, but you never know who you'll find enjoying the pool! Resources are always available (you just need to ask!) if you or your children are eager to take swimming lessons. You may contact Melissa Shaner for adult swim lessons or Charissa Marconi for Infant Safety Resource (ISR), which is swim instruction for children six months to six years old. Teri and Todd Deindoerfer Andy Dale, Jim Jaros, Linda Varga, Steve Weidner, Gary Deising, and Erica Deindoerfer Stu Cubbon and Jim Anderson The pool is indeed a Toledo Club gem to be treasured. January

24 Squash NEWS John A. Seidel Athletic Director and Squash Professional John Seidel 2018 Charity Open Raises Funds for Backpack and Squash Kids Our Charity Open 2018, with players from tiers (or levels) 2 11, raised funds for the Racquet Up academic and squash program, as well as local charity Northwest Ohio Food Bank Backpack Kids Program. Yet again this year Tim Bubba Schmidt led the way by matching the funds from all of the donors from his tier level! Drew Snell and Bill Wolff also helped by challenging the Tier 1 players to donate, even through they don t play in the event. THANKS! Thanks as well, to all of our tier captains for getting their players involved by playing or making a donation. Our winners are listed below (some handicaps applied!) but the real winners are our charities. We believe we are over $50,000 in contributions through the years! Thanks to all! TIER 2 In a round robin Tyler McKean, John Skeldon, and Adilson Jardim had 2 wins each TIER 3 Eric Croak 3-1 over Nick Huckaby TIER 4/5 Kyle Wilson 3-1 over Zac Husain TIER 6 Andrew Schaetzke 3-0 over Mike Goetz TIERS 7/8 Ed Mackiewicz, Jim Edgeworth and Dave Stark each had 3 wins in a round robin TIER 9 Dave White 3-1(+5) over Ian Appold TIERS 10/11 Laura Baird 3-1 over Kim Seidel Tier Captains: Drew Snell, Bill Wolff, John Skeldon, Craig Witherell, Kevin Carmony, Jeff Levesque, Tim Schmidt, Brian Deiger, Kyle Wilson, Paul Lewandowski, Jim Edgeworth, Kate Amato, Mike Goetz, Kim Seidel and Laura Berling. Great work!! Rich Effler Wins Effler Memorial Title! Rich Effler won the 2018 Memorial Top 32 in NW Ohio by staging a perfect storm comeback after being down big over host professional John Seidel to win 11-9 in the 5th game. The win made Rich the only other Effler beside dad Dave to win the Effler Memorial since its inception in 1980! Congratulations Rich! Audrey Berling took 3rd place in lieu of a 3-2 win over Fateh Ahmed, who took 4th. Nick DeMarco got 5th with a 3-1 win over Cam Hahn in 6th place. Greg Wagoner and Michael Mack tied for 7th. In the Mitch Marciniak Division, for positions 16 32, Eric Croak stormed through a legion of Tier 2 players all the way to the final, which was also a very tight 11 9 win over John Skeldon in the 5th game. Tyler McKean got 3rd and Jim Burnor 4th, Dan Effler took 5th over Rookie Jesse MacDonald in 6th and Craig Witherell finished 7th over Maya Kouba in 8th place. The second year new format with two separate divisions was very well received as was the tighter one week timeline. Dinner was great and the Chef did a super job for a packed West Point Room! Squash the Big Ugly Is Coming! January 9 11, 2019 is our weigh-in for the Squash the Big Ugly. The Big Ugly will begin our nine week odyssey to lose five percent of your body weight for the spring/summer! Final weigh-ins will be held March and the winners will meet to enjoy beverages and food from those who don t meet their five percent weight loss quota. We ll also, once again, hold the Big Ugly Echo with another seven weeks to maintain the goal weight. This is one of our most popular programs and a NACAD award winner! A large number of participants assist and inspire one another in meeting their goals. It s not easy, but it s definitely easier with a little motivation following the holidays. JOIN US!! See John for further details. Skeldon Wins Wild Turkey Shootout Finalist Kevin Carmony (front row, center left) and winner John Skeldon (front row, center right), with the Wild Turkey Handicap Challenge crew. John Skeldon played his way through the handicapped round by a margin over Kevin Carmony! The handicaps tended to float around a bit this year, which had a definite effect on the matches. Newcomer Mike Jesionowski was docked a few points after blitzing his first few matches, and Ed Mackiewicz was a semi-finalist as well. The final was all Skeldon, however, who won the final and had his name etched onto the bottle, followed by the traditional shot of Wild Turkey, which all of the 5:45 AM crew enjoyed. Yum!! Calendar of Events JANUARY 14 JANUARY FEBRUARY 13 FEBRUARY 28 MARCH 8-10 Master Round Robin and Dinner Toledo City Open Squash Championships Final Day to play League Matches Team Finals Night Toledo Squash Classic 24 January 2019

25 Fitness & Aquatics NEWS Charissa Marconi, BS, WITS, Fitness & Aquatics Director Charissa Marconi 2019 Indoor Marathon - January 14 February 24 Sign up in the Fitness Center and log your miles each day from your treadmill workout, from the track upstairs, or a run from the Club. Set a goal and achieve it! Happy New Year to all our members! A year to start fresh, a year to add on to what we are already doing, a year to challenge ourselves physically, a year to get in the best shape we can. Please feel free to call me if you would like to start working out at the Club, if you are interested in a new program and/or if you would like to tackle a running race or triathlon. We are here to help you out and keep you motivated. Juniors at the Club! -Charissa Battle of the Borders goes to Ohio State! The members worked out hard to gather workout minutes for the month of November before the Big Game. Ohio State workouters had more minutes than the Michigan workouters. A friendly fitness competition; see you next year! Indoor Triathlon January 19 at 11 AM Don t miss the chance to join other members and guests for a fitness challenge. 15 minutes running, 15 minutes biking and 15 minutes swimming; the most mileage wins the race. You can join a group or sign up individually, and then we all gather in the Tavern for awards, food, beverages, and fun. This event is for fun; everyone can do this. There are forms available in the Fitness Center, or you can contact Charissa We also have sponsor forms available if you d like to be part of our event in a different way. The juniors are really enjoying their Saturdays at the club. From relay race, to games on the track and in the pool, to Christmas musical chairs; these juniors are having a blast. I love that they are so at home at the Club. Thank you for joining us; we still have a few more Saturdays of fun! SWIM! BIKE! RUN! January

26 FAMIL Y by Emilie Vassar BABYSITTING Babysitting is available on Saturdays from 9 AM 2 PM and on Third Thursday from 5:30 PM 8:30 PM. Kids are welcome to join in the Kid s Club fun once they are mobile and are welcome through age 11. At least one parent must remain in the building and be available by walkie-talkie to address dirty diapers and inconsolable children. If possible, please RSVP to ensure appropriate staffing. SEND US YOUR THOUGHTS! Have suggestions for fun family events? We are always interested in your feedback and thoughts about what The Toledo Club can do to become more family friendly. Send to Emilie at HOW ABOUT A WINTER POOL PARTY? Beat the winter blues and hit the pool with the kiddos at our Winter Pool Party! Fun for kids of all ages! Parents or grandparents of toddlers and babies should be prepared to suit up our shallow end is still deep! January 12, 1:30 3:30 PM, Toledo Club pool. 26 January 2019

27 BANQUET & Catering Devon Layman, Banquet and Catering Manager Looking forward to a Wonderful New Year Phew! Is anyone else exhausted from the holidays? The catering office surely is! Thank goodness for our new banquet manager, Alex Mechler. Alex comes to us from BGSU after finishing his degree in tourism, leisure, and event planning. You may have seen him running around the Founders Dining Room, or helping set up a party throughout the Club. Alex has proven himself a great asset to The Toledo Club and the catering office. We would like to thank all the members for the wonderful support and feedback on how we all are doing. We could not have had a better year. With all the changes that have come our way and new staff that has come in, The Toledo Club as a whole has really overcome a lot of challenges. A round of applause to all of our members that contributed during the holiday season. You may have brought New banquet manager Alex Mechler friends and family for dinner, or put up a tree, hosted your holiday party here, or enjoyed a cocktail in the Tavern. To all of our members: the Catering Office hopes you had a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year. Yours truly, The Catering Team Thank you for an amazing birthday party! The Belvedere Room on the 4th floor of the Club was decorated beautifully on December 8th, with the serving tables set up elegantly for my daughter Angelina s fifth birthday party. A variety of iced juices at the drink station were replaced and refilled in a timely fashion. The kids had so much fun running around the entire Belvedere Room looking for Flounder the fish! Laurel s Princess Parties entertained the kids by making glitter tattoos, doing drawings, singing and dancing. After Angelina and her friends blew out the candles and sang Happy Birthday, Toledo Club waitresses Sharla and Danyelle helped cut and serve the cake to the little ones. Hats off to Devon Layman and Kate Owens for making this event a wonderful experience for our toddlers, families and friends! The Toledo Club had a huge WOW factor for those attendees who had not been to the Club before, especially during the holiday season. I received so many compliments from the partygoers about the beautiful Christmas trees and holiday decorations. People were also impressed with the personable and professional waitstaff at our Toledo Club! To plan a party at the Club, contact the catering team at They ll be flexible in meeting your needs. Please never hesitate to ask they will deliver! Stephanie Wang Jaros January

28 JANUARY Member News Have something you d like to see in Member News? Contact: Shirley Levy Toledo Club member Richard S. Walinski was inducted into Northwest Ohio s first Polish Hall of Fame on November 17. The awards ceremony and dinner were held at Belmont Country Club in Perrysburg. Recipients were recognized for excellence in the fields of faith, family, labor and culture. Richard, an attorney with Thacker Martensek, LPA, practices in the areas of contract, corporate and commercial legislation. He also has done significant litigation in criminal defense, civil rights and insurance coverage. Over the years, he has been the lead counsel in numerous cases involving well-known companies and individuals. He has carried the AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating by Martindale- Hubbbell for nearly 40 years and has been listed annually in The Best Lawyers in America. He is listed in Ohio Super Lawyers which, in 2004, also listed him as one of the Top 100 lawyers in the state. An accomplished author and speaker, he has produced over 30 articles and presentations. Richard received his BA in philosophy from The University of Toledo in 1965, then studied philosophy in the graduate school of Duquesne University. He earned his law degree, summa cum laude, from The University of Toledo in 1969, where he was editor-in-chief of the school s Law Review. He is a member of the Order of the Coif and the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects, as well as the Ohio State Bar Association s Select Committee on Evidence Reform, the Litigation Council of America and numerous other professional organizations. Richard and his wife Shelley have been members of The Toledo Club since May, Toledo Club member Erica Jennewine completed the Certified Advisor of Personal Insurance (CAPI) program on December 12, 2018 at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The one-year intensive education program helps insurance agents and brokers serve as trusted advisers to successful families. This prestigious designation is only held by 200 members of the insurance industry in Erica Jennewine North America. The graduation dinner was held at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia following a final capstone project at Wharton, demonstrating Erica s mastery of the curriculum. Erica is also a Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) and currently works for Chubb Insurance as the AVP, Michigan Personal Insurance Manager. Erica and her husband John and their two children, Luke and Jacqueline, have been members since William M. Lewis has been named president and chief executive officer of the Tolco Corporation of Toledo. The grandson of Tolco s founder, William Spengler, Will has been with Tolco since 2009, the same year he became a member of The Toledo Club. A Toledo native, he graduated from the University of Colorado with a major in finance, then went on to earn his MBA from the University of Michigan. Will Lewis Since 1961, Tolco has grown from selling a single pump to being the janitorial industry s leading provider of industrial trigger sprays and janitorial necessities. It presently offers over 600 items to service the janitorial, industrial, manufacturing repair, packaging, automotive, beauty and barber, and animal health markets. Other Tolco services include custom imprinting, packaging, labeling, and assembly. Will has worked in all aspects of the business, including sales, operations and product development. He spearheaded Tolco s warehousing expansion, and since becoming vice president in 2017, has been responsible for many other operational and procedural efficiencies. I N M E M O R I A M Toledo Club members offer heartfelt condolences to those who have suffered the loss of family and friends. Edwin L. Nazar passed away in November at the age of 95. Ed was chief executive of the former Nazar Rubber Company, founded by his father. Among his accomplishments was the invention of Nazarthane, a synthetic elastomeric material trademarked in He was also a former president of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association. Ed was born in Chicago, the son of Gertrude and Alexander Nazar. After the family moved to Toledo, he attended Harvard Elementary School and Libbey High School. He completed his high school career at Culver Military Academy in Indiana. During World War II, Ed served in the Army s 10th Mountain Division. He studied mechanical engineering at The University of Toledo after returning from the service. He was a 65-year member of The Toledo Club, where he played in a squash league. He is survived by his wife, the former Ann Moneghan, whom he married in 1950, daughters Debra Nazar Villa, Alexia Nazar Waring, Christine Nazar and Jennifer Nazar Marra, seven grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. 28 January 2019

29 We invite you to visit and take a test drive today W. Central at King Toledo, OH GIVE GRACIOUSLY. Work Hard. We are honored to be recognized on National Philanthropy Day as an Outstanding Corporate Philanthropist by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northwest Ohio Chapter. Professionals Northwest Ohio Chapter Arrowhead Drive Maumee, OH January

30 TOLEDO CLUB Committees January MEETING SCHEDULE Topics Chairman David Cameron Marketing Chairman Fred Harrington Athletic Chairman Todd Berman Food/Beverage Committee (First Thursday) January 3 Noon Chelsea Room Social/Entertainment Committee SPECIAL DAY FOR JANUARY Monday, January 7 5:30 PM Chelsea Room House Committee (Second Tuesday) January 8 Noon Chelsea Room Squash Committee (Second Tuesday) January 8 7:30 AM Georgian Room Business Cell John Fedderke Fred Harrington Stephanie Wang Jaros Jim Jeffery Mark Keesey Karen Klein Shirley Levy Dawn Miller Cindy Niggemyer Kristi Polus Bruce Yunker John Fedderke Tom Klein Shirley Levy Cindy Niggemyer Rick Rudnicki House Chairman Paul Sullivan Business Jim Burnor, Jr. Rich Effler Robert Finkel Mike Goetz Will Lewis Kathy Mikolajczak Melissa Shaner Squash Chairman Rich Effler Athletic Committee (Second Wednesday) January 9 11:30 AM Conservatory Room Membership Committee (Third Tuesday) January 15 Noon Board Room Sports Grill & Tavern Committee (Third Thursday) January 17 5:30 PM Sports Grill & Tavern Family Committee (Third Thursday) January 17 6 PM Sports Grill & Tavern Board Meeting (Fourth Tuesday) January 22 4 PM Board Room Finance Committee (Fourth Monday) January 28 4 PM Board Room Marketing Committee (Last Tuesday)TJanuary 29 11:30 AM Georgian Room Topics Committee (Last Tuesday) January 29 12:30 PM Chelsea Room Social/ Entertainment Chairman Cindy Niggemyer Cell Laura Baird Eileen Eddy Joy Hyman Kathy Jones Devon Layman Ed Mackiewicz Mike Mori Bonnie Milano Christian Piazza Dave Quinn Nona Snell Marlene Uhler elley Patrick Andrews John Fedderke Rich Hebein Jay Secor Kim Seidel Brett Seymour Shelley Walinski Ellen Wise Patrick Wise Finance Chairman Doug Kearns Business Larry Boyer Neil Garrison John MacKay Mark Ralston Mark Ridenour Dirk Van Heyst Greg Wagoner Business Cell Laura Berling Steve Bogart Jim Burnor Kevin Carmony Mike Goetz Jeffrey Levesque John Skeldon Drew Snell Craig Witherell Sports Grill & Tavern Chairman Jim Knapp Cell 30 January 2019

31 TOLEDO CLUB Board of Directors Membership Chairman Scott Wm. Libbe Food/Beverage Chairman Ben Brown Doug Adams-Arman Laura Baird Jackie Barnes Riaz Chaudhary Josh Didion George Eistetter Mark Jacobs Erica Jennewine Bob Kneisley Christian Piazza Tom Tousley William Wolff Business Cell Tom Baird John Fedderke Greg Fess Robert Finkel Becky Fuhrman Rich Hebein Karen Klein Pam Kreft Jeff Lonsbrough John MacKay Bruce Schoenberger Betty Sherman Linda Varga President Brett Seymour Cell Vice-President Gregory H. Wagoner Business Direct Treasurer Doug Kearns Business Family Chairman Emilie Vassar Legal Counsel Matthew D. Harper Business Cell Secretary Kathy Mikolajczak Cell Cell Laura Berling Katherine Bolles Jared Lefevre Renee Stack Director Neil Garrison Business Cell Director Todd Berman Business Director Aaron D. Swiggum Business Cell Be an Active Toledo Club Member! If you are interested in serving on a Club committee, please contact Dawn Miller at Director William M. Wolff Business Director David Cameron Business Director John Fedderke Cell January

32 235 14th Street Toledo, Ohio Fax Reservation Hotline: Attention Postal Carrier: Dated Materials Please deliver between December 28 29, 2018 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FINDLAY, OHIO PERMIT NO. 163 The views expressed in The Toledo Club Topics are not necessarily those of The Toledo Club board or its members unless stated. All images and articles appearing in Topics magazine are the property of The Toledo Club and may not be reproduced or altered in any way without permission. Copyright 2019 by The Toledo Club. All rights reserved. FOLLOW US! C O M I N G U P... BOXING NIGHT at THE TOLEDO CLUB Friday FEBRUARY 15 Cocktails in the Red Room at 5:30 Plated Dinner in the MDR at 6:30 Boxing to begin at 8:00 in the Centennial Room $85 per ticket $800 per table (includes 10 tickets) Black tie optional IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE INTERNATIONAL BOXING CLUB OF TOLEDO