Year 5. Homework. Booklet. Autumn

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1 Year 5 Homework Booklet Autumn Have a look inside for some ideas of things to keep you busy at home.

2 Reading Every day you need to: Read your reading book for at least 20minutes and get an adult or older sibling to sign it for you. Write a sentence or two summarising what happened in the part of the book you read. (Seven signatures from everyone in the class results in a class treat!) Extra activities to keep your brain busy: Design a new cover for your reading book. Write a book review for a book you have read. Create a comic strip based on your reading book. Write a letter to a character from your reading book. Write 5 questions you would like to ask the author. Make a connection between something you read and something from your life, another text or the world around you. Find three new words from your reading book and put each of them into a sentence of your own. Compare yourself with one of the characters, eg, Yourself Both Character

3 Writing Skills we have learned this year for writing: Simile: The paper fluttered like a butterfly s wings. Metaphor: The howling wind is a sinister demon. Who/Which/That clause: Ragged. reaching, towering, hanging. Adverb: Enthusiastically jumping. Verb: Running, jumping, hiding. Comparative language: Which once was a bright yellow, has now faded to a sickly colour. Dash: Hanging from their sills desperate not to fall. Verb opener: Running through the woods, she hid Commas for a list: I need help with finding my books, pens, pencils and bag. Preposition: Hanging from the ceiling... Adjectives: Revolting, rotten, ancient Questions: What happened here? Noun phrases: Strewn amongst the debris on the floor... Fronted adverbials: At the back of the class... Activities to try to help you perfect these skills: Write a setting description of our playground. Write a persuasive letter to your teacher about something in school you want to change. Write a story set in an imaginary place. Write a poem based on something exciting that has happened to you. Create a non-fiction book for a Year 3 child. Write a diary entry about a fun weekend you have had.

4 Spelling Every week you need to: Learn your spellings (Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check) We have a weekly test on Fridays. Old Spellings: Use the look, say, cover, write, check method to practise your spellings. Look them up in a dictionary to check you understand the meaning. Write each one in a sentence.

5 Maths Every week you need to: Keep practising your times tables Try to increase your speed with the 4 operations and their methods Practise counting forwards and backwards by 10 and 100 and Rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and Our rule is 5 or more let it soar, 4 of less let it rest. Ordering numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest. Explaining the steps of written methods. Practise explaining the reasoning behind why you did what you did. Reading Roman Numerals to 1000.

6 Websites Useful websites to keep you busy: - practice maths skills you may be unsure of and play maths games. Username: chisenhale Password: mymaths practise your timestables. All children have their own login details. Practice your Maths and English skills here find extracts of books you might want to read - learn useful lessons about the world around you stay active!