MN 345: AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING Spring 2008 (4 credits)

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1 Boston University, College of Engineering, Dept. of Manufacturing Engineering MN 345: AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING Spring 2008 (4 credits) Professor Christos G. Cassandras Room 128, 15 St. Mary's St. TEL: , WWW: Organization: - Lectures: M 4:00 6:00, GCB Pre-Lab: F 10:00 12:00, EMA 215 (ADMS Lab.) - Lab sessions: Tu 1-4, 1-4, W 12-3, 3-6, Th 9-12, 1-4, EMA 215 Prerequisites: Elementary Mechanical Design, Design and Manufacture (EK156), Elementary Linear Algebra and Differential Equations Requirements: 1. Performance in Pre-Lab and Lab sessions; Lab Reports 35% 2. Final Project 30% 3. Homework assignments and One Exam 35% NOTE: Students must earn a passing grade in each of the three components above in order to pass the course. Objectives: 1 of 5 3/21/08 2:39 PM

2 1. Introduce principles, methods, and hardware/software tools used in modern computerized design and manufacturing of discrete parts. 2. Acquire practical experience in computer-aided design and manufacturing through a series of laboratory exercises. 3. Understand the main components involved in automated manufacturing, so as to be able to select an area of academic and professional specialization. Office Hours: M: 1:00-2:00 pm. Required Books: 1. Systems Approach to Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing, N. Singh; Wiley 2. The Goal, E.M. Goldratt; North River Press. 2. MN345 Lab. Manual 3. Lecture notes (most will be provided) Optional Books: Computer-Aided Manufacturing, T-C. Chang, R.A. Wysk, and H-P. Wang; Prentice-Hall. COURSE OUTLINE LECTURE TOPICS: Introduction to geometric modeling and related techniques for computer-aided design, process planning, and manufacturing: approximating curves and surfaces, motion planning. Discrete-event control of manufacturing systems: Programmable Logic Control (PLC) Production control and performance analysis of manufacturing systems: discrete-event models, computer simulation, inventory control, supply chain management. Introduction to systems and control theory: modeling and control of dynamic processes, applications to manufacturing 2 of 5 3/21/08 2:39 PM

3 process control and robotics. Introduction to basic concepts of probability theory for Statistical Process Control (SPC): quality control, control charts, Taguchi methods. LABORATORY SESSIONS: 1. Designing a part to be manufactured. 2. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing(CAD/CAM) - Mill 3. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing(CAD/CAM) - Lathe 4. Manufacturing milled/turned parts 5. Introduction to Robotics and ACL programming 6. Programmable Logic Control (PLC) 7. Vision 8. Statistical Process Control 9. Assembly Station 10. Simulation 11. Open CIM TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: Pre-Lab Date Lab Week Lab 18-Jan Jan to 25-Jan Design 25-Jan Jan to 1-Feb SolidWorks&Gibbs Mill/Lathe 1-Feb-08 4-Feb to 8-Feb SolidWorks&Gibbs Mill/Lathe 8-Feb Feb to 15-Feb Manufacturing of Designed Parts 3 of 5 3/21/08 2:39 PM

4 15-Feb Feb to 22-Feb Robotics & ACL 22-Feb Feb to 29-Feb Vision / PLC 29-Feb-08 3-Mar to 7-Mar Vision / PLC 7-Mar Mar to 21-Mar Assembly / SPC 21-Mar Mar to 28-Mar Assembly / SPC 28-Mar Mar to 4-Apr Simulation / OpenCIM 4-Apr-08 7-Apr to 11-Apr Simulation / OpenCIM 14-Apr to 25-Apr Team Project ADDITIONAL REFERENCES 1. Computer Control of Machines and Processes, J.G. Bollinger and N.A. Duffie; Addison-Wesley. 2. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, F.M.L. Amirouche; Prentice-Hall. 3. Design for Manufacture, Corbett, Dooner, Meleka, and Pym; Addison-Wesley. 4. Manufacturing Engineering and Technology, Kalpakjian; Addison-Wesley. 5. Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, Groover; Prentice-Hall. 6. Probability and Random Processes, A.B. Clarke and R.L. Disney; Wiley. 7. Introduction to Discrete Event Systems, C.G. Cassandras and S. Lafortune; Springer. 8. Linear Control System Analysis and Design, D'Azzo and Houpis; Prentice-Hall. 9. Discrete-Event System Simulation, J. Banks, and J.S. Carson; Prentice-Hall. 4 of 5 3/21/08 2:39 PM

5 THE ADMS LAB. INSTRUCTIONAL TEAM: Jiefu Zheng - Gerry Sheppard [Lab Technician] - HOMEWORK SOLUTIONS 5 of 5 3/21/08 2:39 PM