East Anglian Cigarette Card Club

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1 East Anglian Cigarette Card Club Saturday 17th July 2010 LOT DESCRIPTION Grade Bid set 50 Wills Signalling Series Ex 10 2 Nine Wills 1895 Ships (7 with Wills on front, 2 Brownish card) Ex Wills Seaside Resorts - all backs present - VG/Ex set 50 Wills School Arms + 3 varieties VG set 50 Wills Safety First + 2 Extra items related Ex set 50 Wills Rugby Internationals Ex 12 7 Four Wills Roses sets includes large VG/Ex Wills Boer War Medallion (Redvers Buller Capstan back) VG 30 9 Complete set 6 Wills Overseas Flags of the Allies (Shaped) Ex Part set Wills Overseas Flags and Ensigns 84 / 126 Ex Part set 31 / 100 Wills Overseas Royalty, Notabilities & Events VG/Ex Part set 12 / 32 Wills Overseas Drum Horses Ex Two Wills Overseas Races of Mankind Nos. 3 & 11 VG/Ex 9 14 Part set 10 / 24 Wills Overseas Merveilles Du Monde VG/Ex set Wills Overseas Houses of Parliament VG/Ex set 25 Wills Overseas Flag Girls of all ations Ex Part set 25 / 27 Wills Overseas Rulers of the World VG set 12 Postcard size Wills The British Empire Ex Modern Blue Album with 10 Wills sets incl. Shannon, Ships Badges etc VG/Ex Kensitas Wiix Flowers Small size - various sets VG Part set 48 / 60 Kensitas Wix Flowers Large size (Silk, Printed back) VG/Ex Wix Kensitas Postcard Type Pyrethrum - Ladys Slipper - some foxing o/w VG Full set 264 in Red Modern Album German Colonies possibly Kurmark German cards ' Famous Germans ' Hans Bergmann Ex Complete set 240 ' German Uniforms' Mufterdhuh VG/Ex Box of Large cards - Phillips, Sarony etc (no Players/Wills) VG Box of Odds - various manu. very few Players / Wills VG Part set 8 / 50 Allen & Ginter 1888 Parasol Drill VG/Ex Part set 7/50 Allen & Ginter Game Birds -1 back marks 1 printed offline o/w VG Two Allen & Ginter Large Types Game Bird & Bird of the Tropics VG Allen & Ginter Flags of all Nations -- both series + varieties? Ex Allen & Ginter Birds of the Tropics VG Part set 1888 Allen & Ginter Birds of America 23 / 50 Gd/VG Eight American Advertising Playing Cards Ex Kinney 1889 National Dances ( 9 white border,2 no border) VG/Ex / 25 Kinney 1889 Leaders includes Lord Nelson mostly VG Part set 14 / 50 Kinney 1888 Butterflies of the World (Gold) VG 70

2 38 Part set 4 / 10 Kinney 1888 Butterflies of the World (White) 2 Gd 2 VG/Ex Three set John Players Film Stars VG set 50 Players Famous Irish Bred Horses Ex Two Player Large sets Fables of Aesop / Famous Beauties Ex Part set 7 / 20 John Players Famous Authors & Poets (Wide) Gd/VG set 20 John Players Famous Authors & Poets (Narrow) VG Part set 10 / 25 John Players Everyday Phrases (by Tom Browne) VG Players England Military Heroes(Narrow) - Lord Roberts/Prince Rupert VG/Ex Players England Naval Heroes Descriptive (22 Narrow,1 Wide) VG Players sets '25' Napoleon, Egyptian etc, Smoker, British Scenery VG 9 48 Two Players sets Motor Cars A & 2nd series Ex Two sets Players Modern Naval Craft includes Eire set Ex more sets Players incl. Jubilee, Miniatures Hidden Beauties etc etc Gd/VG Large set 25 Players Picturesque London VG/Ex set 50 John Players Screen Celebrities (Eire) Ex sets Plyaers Beaks, Dandies (incl. Large) + Decorations VG/Ex sets John Players Cycling includes Eire Adhesive & Non Ex Brown Modern Album with 6 Grandee sets in + Part set African Ex 4 56 Tub of Gum cards 93 mostly A&BC and Somportex -- good fillers -- Good set 50 Frys Phil May Sketches VG/Ex set 50 Ardath Famous Film Stars set 50 Ardath Film Stage and Radio Stars -- No.1 VG rest Ex set 8 Kelloggs Prehistoric Monsters and the Present Ex 3 61 Two trade sets Kelloggs Gardens + Int. Heritage Squadrons of the RAF set 25 Jacobs Biscuits Vehicles of all Ages VG set 25 Jacobs Biscuits Zoo Series (Brown ) VG set 12 Kelloggs The Story of the Bicycle Ex set 25 Jibco Screen Stars 2nd edition VG/Ex set Imperial Publishing American Golfers Ex set 27 Richard Lloyd Cinema Stars (28-54) Ex set 50 Richard Lloyd Old Inns Ex set 50 Lambert & Butler London Zoo -Overseas -stamped on back o/w VG/Ex set 25 Lambert & Butler Common Fallacies VG Redman Tob. American Indian Chiefs set 40 - very rare set - Ex set 25 B. Morris Racing Greyhounds Forecasta Ex set 25 B. Morris How Films were made. -- No.1 good rest VG/Ex set 25 B. Morris Whipsnade Zoo VG/Ex set 20 Murray & Sons Inventors series Ex Large Blue Album with 4 modern sets James Bond Alien Batman Dracula Ex 6 77 Four Brooke Bond items Chimps (2) Tea cosy & Apron VG 4 78 Complete set 110 Cornerstone Dr Who 1st Series Ex set 50 Barratt Tom & Jerry Ex 6

3 set 50 Bassett Survival on Star Colony 9 Ex 8 81 Part set 29 / 50 Ogden Picturesque Villages Ex Cigarette card Types from various series - nice selection Gd/VG Shoebox of various Cereal cards -- need a sort through -- VG 4 84 Shoebox of trade cards -- A&BC noted plus Primrose, Topps VG Extremely Large Box modern Trade sets 100s & 100s - Buyer collect Ex Chromo Liebig Album & 47 sets I 352 to I 399 (- 4 sets) F Ex Chromo Liebig Album & 42 sets F 555 mostly F Ex set 48 Thomson Speed VG/Ex Sanitarium series of 8 Its Showtime Mickey Mouse etc etc Ex 7 90 Six different Trade sets from Tea Manu. - Willow, A! Daires, Priory Ex 1 91 Northern COOP set Weapons of World War 2 Ex set 25 Charter tea Transport through the Ages 2nd series VG/Ex 4 93 Two sets Famous Footballers Adoloph (Subbuteo) 1st & 2nd series Ex set 25 Geo. Bassett Nursery Rhymes Ex set 25 CBT Kane Modern Motor Cars Ex set 25 Sweetule Football Club Nicknames Ex 3 97 Sweetule set Birds, Fish, Flowers (P/C Inset) Ex 4 98 Three 1950s Comics Radio Fun, + Knockout (2) about VG 4 99 Four 1960s Comics Lion, Knockout, Beezer and Eagle Gd/VG Two Liebig sets F1783, F1790 History of Rifles 1 & 2 VG/Ex set 25 Churchman Interesting Door Knockers VG/Ex Complete set 25 Stephen Mitchell Village Models VG Five different Tea sets Priory Hitchmans Badshah etc etc Ex Golden Ring Ceylon tea Type No.1 The Island of Ceylon -- not listed -- Ex set 50 Primrose Z Cars Ex set 25 HE Empson Birds Ex Three sets Victoria Gallery American War of Indepence - uniforms etc etc Ex Part set De Beukelaer Film Stars 10th series 55/100 - both ends - Ex Two Barratt sets Warriors through the Ages / Fish & Bait VG set 24 John Player Cats -- scary feline set -- VG/Ex Four Types Taddy Coronation / Klondyke, S&G Music Hall, S&C Kings Gd/VG Box of Matchboxes - some duplication but must be over 80 Gd/VG Type Dukes 1886 Beautiies Folders VG/Ex Ten American types A&G (1) Dukes (4) Kinney (3) ATC (2) Ex Ten Allen & Ginter Birds of the Tropics - few marks on back o/w 116 Ten Allen & Ginter Game Birds - also with a few marks on the back o/w 117 Ten more Allen & Ginter Birds of America few marks but mostly set 50 Wills Musical Celebrities 1st series VG/Ex NS Postcards mixed a lot views some old - need sorting VG more Postcards mostly views Gd/VG Yet another 200 Postcards mixed but mostly views Gd/VG 7

4 122 Unusual Lot - 40 Sew on Badges from all over the world VG sets Wills / Cavanders / Carreras in tatty modern Album, cards mostly VG Nice set A&BC 1971 Footballers Did you know Ex set 66 Topps Planet of the Apes Ex Complete set Esso Squelchers in Blue Folder VG/Ex Lovely set Primrose 1961 set 50 Popeye 2nd series Ex set Barratt Survival on Star Colony 9 Ex set De Beukelaer Gullivers Travels + 4 Special Large cards Ex NS set 50 Primrose Quick Draw Mcgraw Ex NS 131 Three Bird related sets Gallaher, Ogdens, Abdulla Ex NS 132 Bag of Cigarette packets all with slides plus few more slides VG Run of Card Times ( - Dec. 2004) VG/Ex NS Military Silks Lea Phillips etc etc Ex Godfrey Phillips Old Masters Silks - different series -- Ex Advertising postcards -- Colmans, Pears Skegness Frys etc etc Ex Book 'Cigarette Cards and how to collect them' by I.O.Evans 138 Two part sets Trains Lyons Maid 14/40 BT Ltd 12/ Two part sets Barratt Thunderbirds 1st series 18/50 2nd 20/ part sets Birds, Brooke Bond Tropical 26, Lamberts 23 A1 Daires Part set 16 / 25 Farm to Door Castles of Great Britain Ex NS 142 Part set Chivers Wild Wisdom River & Marsh 20 / Part set Calvert Dan Dare Series 14/25 Ex Very nicely framed Cigar Box Label - gold surround - Ex NS 145 Wills Issues reference book CSGB 1950 Ex Four Players sets Cries of London incl. 2 Xlarge sets / 3Black types VG Four Players Cricketers sets incl. '1930' '34' '38' Rip VG Two John Player Poultry sets includes Transfers 149 Nine sets & part sets Doncella in Brown Modern Album Ex Seven Players sets 'Regimental' in Brown modern album VG Large set John Player Portals of the Past -- few marks o/w VG Two Players sets Life on Board Man of War / Military Headdress VG Part set Players Military Series 46 / 50 ( ) VG Two sets Players Kings & Queens of England includes Large set VG/Ex Two sets Players Irish Place Names A series / 2nd series Gd/VG Set Players International Air Liners + 24/50 Irish set VG Two Player sets History of Naval Dress includes Large set VG set 25 John Players Highland Clans Gd/VG Large set 25 John Players Golf VG Part set James Taddy British Medals & Ribbons 31 / 50 mostly VG set 25 James Taddy Territorial Regiments VG/Ex Part set James Taddy Dogs 37 / 50 mostly VG/Ex Part set James Taddy Coronation Series 21 / 30 VG/Ex 134

5 164 Part set James Taddy British Medals & Decorations 2 (mixed backs) VG Large set Wills Rigs of Ships VG Part set Wills Australian Aviation (Black back Havelock) 47 / 75 VG Part set Wills Australian Aviation (Black back Capstan) 58 / 75 VG Part set Wills Australian Wild Flowers (Specialities) 49 / 50 ( - 40) Gd/VG Full set 100 Wills Australian Scenic Series -- just about VG Lovely set Wills Australian Silk Butterflies VG Wills Austrailian & Sth African Cricketers Light background, blue border Good set 25 Wills Australian & English Cricketers (Numbered) VG Wills Arms & Armour 2 part sets Capstan 36/50 38/50 Set Vice Regal +2 Gd/VG set 60 Wills Australian Animals (Cut outs Specialities) Ex set 25 BAT Beauties Water Girls VG/Ex Part set American tobacco Bird Series (Gold Border) 20 / 50 Gd/VG large set 25 American Tob. Co Artic Scenes VG type American Tob. Co. State Girl Series Maryland Old Line Girl Gd/VG Bloch Bros USA Type Postcard size World Index 3 B79-1A - not listed- VG/Ex Part set 9 / 25 Consolidated Cig. Ladies of the White House Ex Two Medium size Consolidated Cig. Ladies of the White House Ex Pt set DukesFloral Beauties & Language of Flowers 13 / 50 backs Pr Frt VG Part Large set 17 / 25 Dukes Habitations of Man VG/Ex Part set 41 / 50 Dukes 1890 set Holidays -- mostly VG Part set 27 / 50 Dukes 1889 Postage Stamps (3 types) -- about VG Six 1888 Dukes Rulers, Coats of Arms and Flag (Folders) VG/Ex Eight 1889 Dukes X Large Rulers, Flags and Coats of arms VG/Ex Dukes 1889 Vehicles of the World just about Good Part set 34 / 50 Kimball Dancing Women VG set 50 Edwards Ringer & Biggs Cinema Stars + 2 large types VG Part set 22/25 ERB Dogs (Klondyke back) + 1 Exmoor Hunt back VG set 12 Faulkner Nautical Terms 1st series Good Two Franklyn Davey sets Children of all Nations / Hunting + Advert card VG/Ex Franklyn Davey Type -- Type of Smoker No. 8 The Jovial VG set 25 Hignett Bros Greetings of the World -- 1 or 2 to improve o/w VG Five Hignett Types Buildings, Ships Flags, etc etc VG/Ex Pt set 12 / 24 RJ Hills Flags, Arms & Types of Nations - Nos.1/2 Gd rest VG set 30 RJ Hill Music Hall Celebrities - Past and Present Ex RJ Hill types + 2 pt sets The Railway Centenery Large 18/50 12/50 VG set 30 RJ Hill Our Empire VG/Ex x Nostalgia Albums Box of 2000 Brooke Bond Cards 's Matchbox labels 's Matchbox labels Chin cagarette labels 6

6 206 8 Type Cards Allen & Ginter Album Birds of the Tropics NS 's Matchbox labels part sets Set Players Picturesque Cottages