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2 "lr ew Era" Precision Pan l PLAilER and Thicknesser) Type P'R' The two basic operations in every w-oodwo king shop are s*i"cittg and thicknessing -and,. as dimensional accuracy' manufac-turing cost and quality depend to a large- extent on i-tr. Ãì"".t ií which theie operations are carried out' care must be taken in selecting THE RIGHT MACHINE FoR THE JoB' There are many different makes of thicknessing machines irãm which to "hoose and from outward-appea1ances one ãav loot very much the same as another' The model Ë.ä., -low.u.í, it ttot iust another thicknesser;' it is pnscisron PANEL PLANEn which will:- 1. Produce a superfine finish' 2. Machine panels to an overall thickness tolerance ofless than.005" 3. Plane work down to 1/16" thick' These results can only be achieved on- a machine which has been DESIGNED ron rnr on and this, indeed, is the t."ro" for the amazing success of the model P'R' PRIIICIPAL FEATURES Main frame cast in one piece ensures absolute rigidity and freedom from vibration. Accurately machined table supported on long slir and held in position by four point lock. Single motor drive, the motor being flange mounted on machine frame. 4 knife dynamically balanced cutterblock rotates at S,ZOO..p.å. on 50 cycle supply, providing.the required of cuts pér inch io ensure a high quality ""*U.i finish even at top feed speed. Three feed speeds ranging ftom 25 to 60 feet per minute. Table is adjusted up or down by conveniently placed [Ãã*tt..t tarrying a graduated scale and adjustlble pòi"t.r. This enäblés thé operator to pre-set the table to ãn accuracy of.004" ' Table rollers can be raised or lowered to suit condition of timber being machined. All controls are conveniently grouped at the operator's working position. Modern streamlined appearance makes a. pleasing ãesign of machine in whjêh operators take a iustifiable pride.

3 Fig. z. Manual control by the handwheel raises or lowers the table by,\," Pt, turn. The scale and pointer is used to pre-set the desired thickness zttithout the need to run tbough trial Pieces.

4 Fie.. A special grínding attachment (optional) prooides light grinding of the knives without remozting thern fron the møchíne. Fig. +. Part of the støndard equipment is the knife joínting attachment, used to ensure that the edges of allhniztes are on the same cutting periphery.

5 FRAME The main frame l a,single casr iron casring, heavily ribbed and of grear srre_ng,r,.ã ã, ìä ö;iá. a rigid foundation ror al movins "1ú, ^,,h;;ffäi..s^and stides are all machined at õnè setting this ensures pertect alignments. The rear pressure is concentric with the cutterblock, the toe of the pressure being close.,o-ä.'i".rärrg peripherv. thus ensuring maximumiontrol "f ifrã ã"ìrfred timber áé lt leaves the cutters. TABTE,ïf."lllji;,iltf;^l-'otror, consrruced with deep webs on,'lii:ì;_s;"#,":*iï,:ïí:î.'"::0"äf 'rr:li',,",*rrs rowenng morion _and.ball,r,."rì-uiä.i"gs ensure smoorh operation. A ""1:_.1i:ryly -pl"..j"iå.r *heet raises or l?äåü ri.,r'åï'""tj rlrc"'.pã'7ì"i åü the tabre is herå lîîë#ki:;l*',mïå{t'j}"',íffi,rfr:*'g;i incon junctiì;ïiïë"biål{iï'#*ï;*,if,n";.:f,x the tabte ro the correc,,iir;;;1il;î;i;j.*.ur, This is most imporranr as -ro. i"rr.q".iìt1,"år, op.r"ror wasres trme purrine oieces rhrougi,,hë-ãläti# ana adjustine the tabre height- ünt' he o tu'i"r-ir,. ^ä,;ïëã thickness. pówer :'.ì?":'o falr for trre taule-cá;'ëïä:äed as an optionar FEED ROILERS In the table there m o un re d -rr.;;:- # ïåi: {f :..,iîåî:iåi iå1.3.i:îå lilio"i"n;"r,l.rfl ln.r.,"fi.ì,-äîåiî the tãbre.",, uã ptaned. ---e rype and condition of *ãã "îåirià f,l;.iîîo'ît.ff$-::lf's are power dr n rs, re e a'ää ; ;;' : i:,;jtïåiï :Ë:iTåi.' *i merer and, beine free.o ño"i."jîli'å"a, it is able to ". ïiff üff.,ï,"ïi,i 1" ul.i.uri o,,,' î,, ^ -,h îåi Jr,,., :. ã ".,o,, across irs fu' lenõth;;;;.',;'^"::^11:t. rs^a scraper bar ",*u*.,rì.d;:t.l_i:i,ü:iqi",îi!,1;$?iî.-j.ïliij j l3',flïfil.and accurarely r." i,äïi,å È;å:l rotrers parallet - rrrer rras a-nnäì;i'lå f*f :iåtf:lj'.. rh;ië;ä ;i; PRESSURES The front pressure. ffiåiråüü'lf'ii,,',',";$1,""",':'g' 1ff lrîîïï{'i'*;;,{ $JïtrHli/,iä;i*}:,ltiü_ri, "rjïl.'*,:,,,iå:,,:; i"tr ñ;-;i;;äaw'uve th maximum cut being "i;;ä ;; CUTTEßBLOGI( The cutrerblock is madefrom high tensile steel and carries f-our thin currer knives. l_ighi;p"r*äîïälìrr.rt.d inro the curter knife slots and {re eîo1";tti;td;ë knives against.a special setting device "t så- a,ss si^inëì.*ou.l of the knlves when thev rlguire. to Ue..g.;una. A special grinding attachment (säe.rig.-:i."ï"uj"l,rpplied as an optional exrra for tiøh't grinãtn;;ii'h.iîiì,., in position and a knife ioinrins"attaîrr_."ì'çr..'iìgì'äj i, part of the lllld?td equipmen"t s"ppti.ã-*iìn ìni'i","jrrine ro ensure ;ixïlt edges of all knives are on tt e sã-e cutting peri- The cutterblock. which is dynamically balanced) rorares ar 5,200 r.p.m. on a 50.y.t. áè.tîìä í"íoii'"ro the drive to the currerblock is bi ;.;;;;îi,ii,ul/1"" plastic bett trom a moror, flange móunt.a å"t" tir. ä"*åirrrr. *achine. FEED SPEEDS Three feed speeds are provided by means of a three speed gear box. A singte *oroïàriuër;h&;ìi.ü.;ck and the ieed. GOI{TROLS AI{D ÄDJUSTMET{TS All mechanical controls.are conveniently placed near the iüi'.r, "* ;::tlårï'"ï1:.xf T ::'",*Jåi- ffif al. ;ï side of the macñine'pi tio"...r'ì,,ã;äil:ä.iå'i"-ï";,lg'iå:oi::'ååll,i'::: Ievelling the tabre and foi,årii'' ä. to the cufterblock. î;j;;ï, f.he motor l, -r,rïi.å"ã"d ;T.ri:; means of push stopped buttons by at tn.rroniìi-irrj'*u.hine. start button actuates an Thê a.utomati. separate.,tu.--ã.1t" push starter. button on A the t"*. p*.r ìì.rr. for the åtliiliå:r when rhis is or..ed..ãì-isorating switch STAI{DARD E0U PMENT 9Y,l: setting device, cutter jointins device set. of s pann.;' * J ;in - oi i; d.d"r," #;;:? "i' "Ë"i,i? and servicing instructrons. OPTIOI{AI EXTßAS är1t.:ffing attachmenr, exhausr hood, power rise and

6 TYPE P. R. Width capac ty Depth capacity Length of Table Diameter of Feed Rolls Distance between feed rolls Speed of cutterblock (r'p'm') Horse Power of motor Centre of cutterblock from floor Feed speeds (feet Per minute) Feed speeds (metres Per minute) Floor space occupied Floor space occupied (metres) Gross Weight "' Net weight Measurements "' English sizes 24', 9', 3',g', 3', 52q e*'.z 33+', 25, 40, óo Code: DOEYA o' 9" y4', 6" lbs lbs. 313ó cub.ft. 98 Metric sizes ó10 mm. 22 mm. ll43 mm. 7ó mm. 235 mm ', 850 mm. 7, 12, 18 l.2x 1.37 kilos ló30 kilos 1420 cub.metres 2.8 THOMAS W TAIGHPARK TelePhone.' PaisleY 3137 LONDON OFFICE Clifton House 'l'elephone.' EUSton 4196 HITE & SOilS TIMITED. PAISTEY ' SGOTTAND Telegrams.''\White, PaisleY' Euston Road London N \V 1 Telegrams.' 'Faskut Phone London' Leallet No. PR' 57 Prinled in Greal Brilain