IXIO-DP3 Opening & safety sensor for automatic sliding doors

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1 Download the DOD app for a quick overview of settings IXIO-DP Opening & safety sensor for automatic sliding doors (according to 6005 and DI 8650, including emergency exits) User s Guide for product version 0400 and higher See product label for serial number GLISH DSIPTIO LD. radar antenna (narrow field). radar antenna (wide field) 4. I-curtain width adjustment 5. I-lenses 6. cover 7. main connector 8. main adjustment knob 9. I-curtain angle adjustment knob SSOIS : racket accessory : eiling accessory : ain accessory D: urved door accessory etrofit interface Door bell interface 9 V battery

2 HOW TO US TH LD? DISPLY DUIG OML FUTIOIG Opening impulse Safety egative display = active output To adjust contrast, push and turn the grey button simultaneously. During normal function only. FTOY VLU VS. SVD VLU displayed value = factory value displayed value = saved value VIGTIG I MUS Push to enter the LD-menu Password X X X X nter password if necessary ot during the first minute after power-on of the sensor. Select your language before entering the first LD-menu. During the first 0 seconds after power-on of the sensor or later in the diagnostics menu. Scroll menu items Select ack to return to previous menu or display. Select More to go to next level: - basic settings - advanced settings - diagnostics HGIG VLU 6 6 Scroll menu up-down Push to select parameter current value is displayed Scroll values up-down more values are displayed Push to save new value new value is displayed HGIG ZIP OD See application note on ZIP OD ZIP code ID # ZIP code ZIP code ZIP code ZIP code ZIP code 4 56 KG KG KG4 H4 56-KG4 H4 56-KG F /0F /0F /0F /0F... ZIP code H4 56-KG /0D ZIP code V Validate the last digit in order to activate the new ZIP code: - v = valid ZIP code, values will be changed accordingly - x = invalid ZIP code, no values will be changed - v/x = valid ZIP code, but from a different product. Only available values will be changed. VLU HK WITH MOT OTOL Pressing a parameter symbol on your remote control, displays the saved value directly on the LD-screen. Do not unlock first.

3 IXIO-DP: ISTLLTIO GUID MOUTIG & WIIG -4 V D * G OW YLLOW WHIT - POW SUPPLY POW SUPPLY - OPIG IPUT GLISH max. 5 cm ** SSO PIK GY Y/K WH/K - * Output status when sensor is operational ** urrent source output for emergency exits SFTY OUTPUT SFTY IPUT OPIG IPUT FO MGY XITS Fixation is compatible with the TIV8. Do not invert polarity! D OUTPUT OFIGUTIO O LY OUTPUT O: normally open : normally closed FQUY OUTPUT for emergency exits UT SOU OUTPUT for emergency exits Y/K WH/K - GL D OPIG IMPULS FILD field size: 9 immunity:. m. m field size: 9 immunity: from 5 to 45, default 0 from -5 to 5, default 0 WIDTH field size: 9 immunity:. m. m field size: 9 immunity: 4 m x m (wide) m x.5 m (narrow) The size of the detection field varies according to the mounting height of the sensor. In emergency exits the full door width must be covered.

4 4 IFD SFTY FILD GL LOS DOO O WY max. 9 cm** ctivate the visible* spots to verify the position of the I-curtain. If necessary, adjust the I-curtain angle (from -7 to 4, default 0 ). * Visibility depends on external conditions. When spots are not visible, use the Spotfinder to locate the curtains. ** The distance between the inner curtain of the inside door sensor and the inner curtain of the outside door sensor should always be smaller than 0 cm. The distance to the door leaf depends therefore on the thickness of the door leaf. WIDTH dditional adjustments are possible by LD or remote control (see p. 5) Mounting height.00 m.0 m.50 m.00 m.50 m 5 Part of the detection field can be masked to reduce it. The arrow position determines the width of the detection field. Detection width.00 m.0 m.50 m d max d max STTIGS DI 8650 S 706 d max =.5,5 m.50,50 m m.50,50 m m 6005 d max = m,50.50 m m,50.50 m m lways verify the actual detection field width with a piece of paper and not the Spotfinder, which detects the whole emitted field. The size of the detection field varies according to the mounting height and the settings of the sensor. The full door width must be covered. O hoose one of the following presettings or adjust the sensor manually (see p.5): STDD: standard in- and outdoor installations ITIL VIOMT: critical installations due to surroundings or weather SHOPPIG STT: installations in narrow streets with pedestrian traffic 6 STUP STP OUT OF TH IFD FILD! O STUP (QUIK) reference picture s STUP (SSISTD) test of full door cycle reference picture 4 s TST TH GOOD FUTIOIG OF TH ISTLLTIO FO LVIG TH PMISS! 4

5 OVVIW OF STTIGS ack More PSTTIGS standard critical env. shopping street factory values for radar immunity, I immunity, I number and redirection increased immunities, curtain increased immunities, redirection = motion and presence D: FILDSIZ small > > > > > > > large SI D: OUTPUT O O current freq O: normally open : normally closed freq: frequency output current: current output I: IMMUITY <.8 m >.8 m low normal high higher highest normal high For conformity to 6005 or DI 8650 at a mounting height of.8 or more, use values 6 and 7. I: FQUY Sensors mounted close to each other should have a different frequency. For conformity to S 706 at a mounting height of. m or more, use values 6 and 7. More ack excludes conformity of the door system according to 6005 / DI 8650 / S 706 not allowed when the sensor is used in emergency exits ack More D: IMMUITY low > > > > > > high D: DITIO radar off bi uni uni PM uni WY bi auto uni auto PM auto PM: for persons with reduced mobility WY: unidirectional motion away from sensor auto: automatic adaptation of field size (small shops) D: HOLDTIM 0.5 s s s s 4 s 5 s 6 s 7 s 8 s 9 s DVD I: WIDTH I: UM service mode service mode = no I detection during 5 minutes (maintenance). This value excludes conformity of the door system to 6005 and DI lways additionally adjust the arrow position on the sensor with a screwdriver. I: PS TIM I: OUTPUT motion 5 s 0 s min min 5 min 0 min pulse 0 min 60 min infinite min. value for DI8650: min min. value for 6005: 0 s PULS IPUT negative positive DITIO FTOY ST DOO LL* More ack motion motion or presence motion opening output is active in case of: 0 motion detection and motion or presence detection presence motion and presence detection full reset partial reset off 0.05 s 0.0 s 0.5 s 0.50 s 0.75 s s.5 s s 5 s factory value partial: outputs are not reset * Setting in combination with an accessory (see p. ). For more information see user s guide of accessory. DIGOSTIS ZIP OD ID # O LOG I: SPOTVIW all parameter settings in zipped format (see application note on ZIP OD) unique ID-number last 0 errors day indication view of spot(s) that trigger detection POWSUPPLY OPTIGTIM ST LOG PSSWOD supply voltage at power connector power duration since first startup delete all saved errors LD and remotre control password (0000= no password) I: G signal amplitude received on curtain I: G signal amplitude received on curtain LGUG DMI language of LD-menu enter code to access admin mode 5

6 TOULSHOOTIG OG LD flashes x. The sensor signals an internal fault. eplace sensor. OG LD flashes x. The power supply is too low or too high. heck power supply (in the diagnostics menu of the LD). heck wiring. 4 4 OG LD flashes 4 x. The sensor receives not enough I-energy. Decrease the angle of the I-curtains. Increase the I-immunity filter (values >.8 m). Deactivate curtain. 5 5 OG LD flashes 5 x. The sensor receives too much I-energy. The sensor is disturbed by external elements. Slightly increase the angle of the I-curtains. Decrease the I-immunity filter (values - <.8 m). liminate the cause of disturbance (lamps, rain cover, door controller housing properly grounded) OG LD flashes 6 x. OG LD flashes 7 x. Faulty radar sensor output The internal test of the radar is disturbed. eplace sensor. hange radar field angle or antenna. Launch a quick setup. If orange LD flashes again, replace sensor OG LD flashes 8 x. I power emitter is faulty. eplace sensor. OG LD flashes 9 x. OG LD is on. D LD flashes quickly after an assisted setup. D LD lights up sporadically. Internal reference of the radar is faulty. The sensor encounters a memory problem. The sensor sees the door during the assisted setup. The sensor vibrates. The sensor sees the door. eplace sensor. ut and restore power supply. If orange LD lights up again, replace sensor. Move the I-curtains away from the door. Install the sensor as close to the door as possible. If needed, use a bracket accessory. Launch a new assisted setup. heck if the sensor is fastened firmly. heck position of cable and cover. Launch an assisted setup and adjust the I angle. G LD lights up sporadically. The sensor is disturbed by external conditions. The sensor is disturbed by rain and/or leaves. Ghosting created by door movement. The sensor vibrates. The sensor sees the door or other moving objects. Increase the I-immunity filter to value. Select presetting or. Select presetting or. Increase radar-immunity filter. hange radar field angle. heck if the sensor and door cover is fastened firmly. heck position of cable and cover. emove the objects if possible. hange radar field size or angle. The LD and the LDdisplay are off. heck wiring. The reaction of the door does not correspond to the LD-signal. heck output configuration setting. heck wiring. The LD or remote control does not react. The sensor is protected by a password. nter the right password. If you forgot the code, cut and restore the power supply to access the sensor without entering a password during minute. 6

7 LD-SIGL Motion detection Presence detection LD flashes x LD flashes x times LD flashes red-green LD flashes quickly LD is off ISTLLTIO The sensor should be fixed firmly to avoid extreme vibrations. Do not cover the sensor. void moving objects and light sources in the detection field. void highly reflective objects in the infrared field. MIT It is recommended to clean the optical parts at least once a year or more if required due to environmental conditions. Do not use aggressive products to clean the optical parts. SFTY The door control unit and the door cover profile must be correctly earthed. Only trained and qualified personnel may install and setup the sensor. lways test the good functioning of the installation before leaving the premises. The warranty is invalid if unauthorized repairs are made or attempted by unauthorized personnel. The device cannot be used for purposes other than its intended use. ll other uses cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer of the sensor. The manufacturer of the door system is responsible for carrying out a risk assessment and installing the sensor and the door system in compliance with applicable national and international regulations and standards on door safety. The manufacturer of the sensor cannot be held responsible for incorrect installations or inappropriate adjustments of the sensor. 7

8 U L T H U L T Z H THIL SPIFITIOS Supply voltage: Power consumption: Mounting height: Temperature range: Degree of protection: oise: xpected lifetime: pplicable directives: V - 0 V D /-0% (to be operated from SLV compatible power supplies only) <.5 W m to.5 m (according to the applicable laws and regulations) -5 to 55 ; 0-95% relative humidity, non condensing IP54 < 70 d 0 years D 04/5/U; MD 006/4/; OHS 0/65/U Detection mode: Motion Min. detection speed: 5 cm/s Presence Typical response time: < 00 ms (max. 500 ms) PLS KP FO FUTH US - DSIGD FO OLOU PITIG Technology: Output: Microwave doppler radar Transmitter frequency: 4.50 GHz Transmitter radiated power: < 0 dm IP Transmitter power density: < 5 mw/cm Solid-state-relay (potential and polarity free) Max. contact current: 00 m Max. contact voltage: 4 V /D - in switching mode: O/ - in frequency mode: pulsed signal (f= 00 Hz /- 0%) Galvanically isolated current source o detection: current source O Open circuit voltage: 6.5 V Output voltage available at 0 m: V min. Typical load: up to optocouplers in series Detection: current source OFF Open-circuit remained voltage: < 500 mv ctive infrared with background analysis Spot: 5 cm x 5 cm (typ) umber of spots: max. 4 per curtain umber of curtains: Input: Pulse polarity: positive or negative (adjustable) Impedance: - Positive pulse: K to ground - egative pulse: 470 to sensor power supply Pulse voltage: 6 V to 0 V Pulse duration: 4 µs to 500 µs Duty cycle: max. 50% Output: Pulse polarity: negative Level: - Standby: Pulse from V to ground - Detection: V Supply Topology: op-collector with 4.7 K to. V Max. sink current: 5 m with external K to 4 V Original instructions 4.86 / V -.7 orm conformity: Z T I F I Z I 6005 L S U G O D H I T W T I F I Z I DI 8650 L S U G O D 978 ISO 849- PL «d» T hapter 4.6.8; DI hapter 5.7.4; utsch S 706-:996 hapter 7.. (only applicable for relay output in frequency mode and current source output) H I T W 978 ISO 849- PL «c» T. (under the condition that the door control system monitors the sensor at least once per door cycle) I SP Type 6005 hapter 4.6.8; DI hapter S 706- hapter 8. Specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. ll values measured in specific conditions and with a temperature of 5. S LIG Science Park LLÉ DS OISTIS 5-40 GLU [LGIUM] T F hereby declares that the IXIO-DP is in conformity with the basic requirements and the other relevant provisions of the directives 04/5/U, 006/95/ and 006/4/. otified ody for -type inspection: TÜV OD T GmbH, Langemarckstr. 0, D-454 ssen -type examination certificate number: ngleur, September 07 Pierre Gardier, authorized representative and responsible for technical documentation The complete declaration of conformity is available on our website Only for countries: ccording to the uropean Guideline 0/9/U for Waste lectrical and lectronic quipment (W)