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1 Features Regulated Converter Description Wide input range 8-64VAC Standby mode optimized PSU (ENER Lot 6) Ultra-high efficiency over entire load range Operating temperature range: -4 C to +8 C Class II installations (without FG) EMC compliant without external components No load power consumption < 7mW The series are highly efficient PCB-mount power conversion modules with ultra-low energy losses especially in light load conditions, making them a benchmark for always-on and standby mode operations, which are typically coming along with IoT and smart applications. The power supply units cover worldwide mains input range of 8VAC up to 64VAC and come with international safety certifications for industrial, AV and ITE as well as household standards. These AC/DC modules operate in a temperature range of -4 C to +8 C and offer fully protected single or dual outputs as well as EMC class B compliance without the need of any external components. AC/DC Converter Watt Single Output Selection Guide Part Input Output Output Efficiency Max. Capacitive Number Voltage Range Voltage Current typ () Load () [VAC] [VDC] [ma] [%] [µf] RAC-SK (3) Note: Efficiency is tested at input and constant resistive load at + C ambient Note: Max Cap Load is tested at nominal input and full resisitive load Model Numbering ERP compliant LOT6 nom. Output Power Output Voltage RAC- SK/W Wired Single E4736 Note3: Add suffix W for wired version (available from Sept/8) without suffix, standard THT version Ordering Examples: RAC-SK Vout Single Output standard THT version RAC-SK/W Vout Single Output wired version (available from Sept/8) IEC6368- pending EN6368- certified UL6368- certified CAN/CSA-C. No certified EN/IEC633 pending CB Report pending REV.: /8 PA-

2 BASIC CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Condition Min. Typ. Max. Internal Input Filter (4, ) Input Voltage Range nom. Input Current Inrush Current cold start at + C Vin= 8VAC VDC No load Power Consumption 4mW ErP Lot 6 Standby Mode Conformity (Output Load Capability) Input Power Input Frequency Range AC Input 47Hz 63Hz.W.W.W Minimum Load % Power Factor Start-up Time Rise Time Hold-up Time Internal Operating Frequency.6. ms 4ms ms 9ms Output Ripple and Noise (6) MHz BW mvp-p 64VAC 37VDC.4A.4A A 4A.3W.7W.6W khz Pi type Note4: The products were submitted for safety files at AC-Input operation Note: Refer to line derating graph on page 4 Note6: Measurements are made with a.µf MLCC across output (low ESR) Efficiency vs. Load RAC-SK 9 8 Efficiency [%] REV.: /8 PA-

3 REGULATIONS Parameter Condition Value Output Accuracy Line Regulation ±.% typ. ±.% typ. Load Regulation % to % load.% typ. Transient Response Deviation vs. Load % load step change recovery time RAC-SK 4.% max. µs typ. Deviation [%].. -. PROTECTIONS Parameter Type Value Input Fuse (7) internal T3.A, slow blow type Short Circuit Protection (SCP) below mw hiccup, auto recovery Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Over Current Protection (OCP) Over Voltage Category Class of Equipment % - 9%, latch off mode % - 3%, latch off mode Isolation Voltage (8) tested for minute 4kVAC I/P to O/P Isolation Resistance Isolation Voltage VDC GΩ min. Isolation Capacitance khz/.v pf max. Insulation Grade Leakage Current Note7: Refer to local wiring regulations if input over-current protection is also required Note8: For repeat Hi-Pot testing, reduce the time and/or the test voltage OVCII Class II reinforced.ma max. ENVIRONMENTAL Parameter Condition Value Operating Temperature natural convection.m/s full load -4 to + C refer to derating graph -4 to +8 C Maximum Case Temperature +9 C Temperature Coefficient.%/K Operating Altitude 3m Operating Humidity non-condensing % - 9% RH max. Pollution Degree PD continued on next page REV.: /8 PA-3

4 Parameter Condition Value Vibration according to MIL-STD-G -Hz, G min./cycle, period 6min. along x,y,z axes Design Lifetime + C + C 3 x ³ hours 6 x ³ hours MTBF according to MIL-HDBK-7F, G.B. >4 x 3 hours Derating Graph Chamber and natural convection.m/s) Line Derating Ambient Temperature [ C] Input Voltage [VAC] SAFETY AND CERTIFICATIONS Certificate Type (Safety) Report / File Number Standard Audio/Video, information and communication technology equipment - Safety requirements E4736 UL6368-, nd Edition, 4 CAN/CSA C. Nr , nd Ed. 4 Audio/Video, information and communication technology equipment - Safety requirements (CB) pending IEC/EN6368-, nd Edition, 4 Audio/Video, information and communicationy technology equipment - Safety requirements (LVD) E4948-A6-CB- EN6368-, nd Edition, 4 + A:7 Household and similar electrical appliances Safety Part : General requirements pending EN/IEC633-:+A:4 RoHs RoHS-/6/EU EMC Compliance Condition Standard / Criterion Low voltage power supplies, d.c. output Part 3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Emission requirements Electromagnetic compatibility of household appliances, electric tools and similar apparatus - Emission Requirements Information technology equipment - Immunity characters - Limits and methods of measurement EN64-3:, Class B EN3:, Class B EN4-: + :7 EN4: + A: ESD Electrostatic discharge immunity test Contact: ±4.kV EN6-4-:9, Criteria B Radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic field immunity test EN6-4-3:6 + A:, Criteria B Fast Transient and Burst Immunity AC In Port: ±.kv EN6-4-4, Criteria B Surge Immunity AC In Port: L-N ±.kv EN6-4-:4, Criteria B Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields AC Power Port: 3V EN6-4-6:4, Criteria A Power Magnetic Field Immunity Voltage Dips and Interruptions Voltage Dips 3% Voltage Dips 6% Voltage Interruptions > 9% Limits of Voltage Fluctuations & Flicker EN6-4-8:, Criteria A EN6-4-:4, Criteria C EN6-4-:4, Criteria C EN6-4-:4, Criteria C EN6-3-3:3 REV.: /8 PA-4

5 DIMENSION AND PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Parameter Type Value Material case potting PCB baseplate black plastic, (UL94V-) silicone, (UL94V-) FR4, (UL94V-) plastic, (UL94V-) Dimension (LxWxH) THT/wired. x 7.4 x 3.mm Weight THT wired 6g typ. 6g typ. Dimension Drawing (mm). embossed logo Pinning information Pin # Single VAC in (N) VAC in (L) 4 -Vout +Vout Ø. ±. 7.8 ±..3 Recommended Footprint Details NC= no connection FX= fixing centers Tolerance: xx.x= ±.mm xx.xx= ±.mm 3..3 Bottom View x.4= Top View 4 continued on next page REV.: /8 PA-

6 Dimension Drawing Single Wired (mm) (available from Sept/8). embossed logo 7.4 Wired information # Function Wire color Type AWG VAC in (N) blue UL- 8 VAC in (L) brown UL Vout red UL- 8 +Vout black UL- 8 Tolerance: xx.x= ±.mm xx.xx= ±.mm ± Ø.9 ± Recommended Footprint Details Bottom View 4 Top View PACKAGING INFORMATION Parameter Type Value Packaging Dimension (LxWxH) Packaging Quantity Storage Temperature Range THT wired THT wired tube tray 49. x 6. x 4.mm 488. x. x 47.mm pcs pcs -4 C to +8 C Storage Humidity non-condensing % to 9% RH max. The product information and specifications may be subject to changes even without prior written notice.the product has been designed for various applications; its suitability lies in the responsibility of each customer. The products are not authorized for use in safety-critical applications without RECOM s explicit written consent. A safety-critical application is an application where a failure may reasonably be expected to endanger or cause loss of life, inflict bodily harm or damage property. The applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless RECOM, its affiliated companies and its representatives against any damage claims in connection with the unauthorized use of RECOM products in such safety-critical applications. REV.: /8 PA-6