Serge COLLE. Innovazione nel settore: utilities e tecnologie abilitanti. Global Power & Utilities Advisory Leader, EY. Innovation in Power & Utilities

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1 Innovazione nel settore: utilities e tecnologie abilitanti Innovation in Power & Utilities Serge COLLE Global Power & Utilities Advisory Leader, EY #EYenergyforum

2 $/MWh European utilities are facing a consumer-led, technology enabled energy transition Source: EY power and utility countdown clock research European version Grid cost parity of non-utility solar plus storage systems Innovation & Technology Enablement A new level of efficiency Technology as crucial element to improve operational excellence of the current business releasing cash for required investments in a new energy system EV & ICE parity (cost + performance) 3 A building block of the new energy system Technology building blocks for the platform required to integrate, control and steer all DER in a new (to be build) energy system 100 T&D parity with non utility solar+ battery LCOE An enabler of new business models Technology fueling the development of new services and business models, generating new revenue streams in defense or in offense Non utility solar + battery LCOE Fully delivered cost of electricity Cost of transmission and distribution Page 2


4 EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOP IN VAST AMOUNTS, AT HIGH SPEED, NOT STAND ALONE AND WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS OF MATURITY MASTERY OF THESE TECHNOLOGIES HAVE PROVED TO BE CRUCIAL Distributed computing & storage Distributed ledger technology Energy Blockchains Preconfigured nodes Agile methods Fog computing Smart contract Smart wallet Multi cloud Microservices Conversational robots Seamless interfaces API (Application programming interface) gateways Power & Utilities Decarbonization, digitalization & decentralization Machine learning Advanced analytics Deep learning Biomimetics Cryptocurrency Prescriptive analytics Cognitive bots Natural language processing Robotic process automation Personal analytics Speech recognition Natural language generation Autonomous operatives Personal assistants Autonomous transport Nanorobots Wearables Smart meters Connected home Augmented/ new reality Virtual reality Volumetric displays Sensory robotics Page 4 Autonomous grid Intelligent things Low power sensor IoT networks Reactive sensor Digital twinning 3D/4D printing Holographic interfaces Gesture control services

5 THERE ARE NUMEROUS EXAMPLES DEMONSTRATING FAST PACED ADOPTION OF EMTECH IN P&U OFTEN BY NEW MARKET ENTRANTS 5 CASE STUDIES BeeBryte Digital Genius LaserPas Blockcharge Hololens Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Chatbots Intelligent Drones Blockchain Mixed Reality BeeBryte leverages AI to do the arbitrage for the trilemma: sell, store or consume your energy DigitalGenius brings practical applications of deep learning and AI to customer service operations as a sixth sense with their chatbot. Helicopter and drone operator, working only with power grids and compete with typical on-ground inspection, allowing acquisition of larger than before amounts of data at an unprecedented frequency. Share and charge «Blockcharge». Innogy s scaled pilot for EV roaming based on blockchain technology Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holo-graphic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you. Page 5

6 NEW MARKET ENTRANTS, LARGE TECH COMPANIES & OTHER INDUSTRIES ARE ENTERING THE SECTOR WITH A STRONG FOCUS ON TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION THE P&U SECTOR IS FACED WITH A NON LEVEL PLAYING FIELD IN TERMS OF INVESTMENT CAPACITY FIELD OF PLAY COMPETITIVE STRENGTH Start-ups, Industry & Tech Players EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES CASH ABUNDANCE FOCUS AAA Average rating of new entrants compared to Utilities average credit rating slipped to BBB+ 465bn Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Cisco combined are sitting on half a trillion USD in cash, ready to invest in further innovation 2B$ By 2027, VW s Electrify America will invest $2 billion in Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs in the United States. 3,761 Amount of energy companies referenced in Techcrunch s Crunchbase database of disruptive innovation companies Page 6

7 UTILITIES HAVE STARTED INNOVATION PROGRAMS WITH MIXED SUCCES AND DIFFERENT LEVELS OF MASTERY WHERE MOST P&U GOT STUCK WHERE MOST P&U SHOULD FOCUS INNOVATION AS A THEATRE INCREMENTAL INNOVATION ABILITY TO EXECUTE RETURN ON INNOVATION PR and marketing attractive, technology led innovation with no market or purpose Page 7 Products and services emerging from internal or external teams based on current thinking and bias Look for the ability to scale from MVP and ability to land this in current line organization. Shift from own incubation towards venturing Measure and automate the innovation process and look for return on innovation