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1 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 1 Baltimore County Marriage References compiled by Robert Barnes The following marriage references were gleaned from Baltimore County deed books at the Hall of Records in Annapolis, and were found "by accident" as the compiler was researching other families. They are offered here in the hopes that someone will find a helpful clue to marriage of an ancestor. The entries consist of the name of husband, the date by which the marriage had taken place, and the name of the wife. The land record book and folio (page) number are given in parentheses. Aitkenhead, George, married by 11 December 1778, Catherine, widow and administratrix of Nicholas Hasselbach. (WG # C, fol, 210) Askew, Richard, married by 4 March 1690, Mary, executrix of Edward Reeves (ir # AM, fol. 68) Aspray, John, of Suffolk Co., Va., married by 9 July 1777» Bersheba, granddaughter of Moses Rawlings. (WG # A, fol. 20*0 Baker, ( ), m. by 26 September 1787, Elizabeth, daughter of John Lane. (WG # AA, fol. 5^9) Barnes, James, m. by 6 June 1765i Elizabeth, daughter of Benjamin Culver. (B # 0, fol. 241) Baker, Charles, Jr., m. by 19 January 1770, Elizabeth, daughter of Leonard Wheeler. (AL# A, fol. 669) Bay, Thomas, m. by 7 October 1772, Frances Ann, daughter of (Eric?) Errickson. (AL # D, fol. 38) Beavan, John, m. by 1 August l693i Sarah, widow of Benjamin Bennett. (IR # AM fol. 92) Bell, Thomas, m. by 21 November 1739i Susannah, daughter of John Tye. (TB # #, fol. 119) Billingsley, Walter, m. by 4 September 174-2, Sarah, widow of Robert Love. (TB # c, fol. 4) Bishop, Robert, m. by 22 May 17^6, Elizabeth, widow of Nicholas Day, and daughter of Christopher and Mary Cox. (TB # E, fol. 63) Bond, Buckler, m. by 3 November 1779» Mary, daughter of Tobias Stansbury. (WG # E, fol. 16) Bond, John, mn \ 26 July laacle an ante-nuptial agreement with Elizabeth Hunt, mother of Samuel and Thomas Hunt. (AL # G, fol. 505) Bond, Thomas, son of John, m. by 3 November 1779i Rebecca, daughter of Tobias Stansbury. (WG # E, fol. 16) Boring, ( ), married by 17 October 1774, Avarilla, daughter of Charles Robinson. (AL# L, fol. 208) Boring, James, m. by 4 March 1719, Jane, daughter and coheir of Daniel Welsh. (TR # DS, fol. 196) Boring, James, m. by 19 March 1774, Sarah, widow of Luke Tipton. (AL # K, fol 167) Bosley, Charles, m. by 3 August 1736, Elizabeth, daughter of William Cox. (HWS # M, fol. 418) Bowen, Benjamin, m. by 11 November 1772, Mary, daughter of Thomas Carr. (AL # G, fol. 208) Bowen, John, Jr., m. by 22 Jan. 1742, Rosanna, widow of Jonas Robertson. (TB # C, fol. 96)

2 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 1 (Baltimore County Marriage References, continued) Bradford, William, died by 2 May l?6l, having married previous to that date, Katherine, who was a daughter of Henry Rhodes. Katherine had a son named Benjamin Osborne. (B # I, fol. 10?) Britton, Nicholas, m. Toy 17 October 1774, Alethea, widow of Thomas Finley. (AL # L, fol. 199) Broad, John, m. by 13 October 1?39» Jemima, granddaughter of Joseph Peake. (HWS # 1-A, fol. 336) Buchanan, Archibald, m. after 1700, Mary, widow of Thomas Preble. (Maryland Rent Rolls, pub. by Gen. Pub. Co., p. 21) Burk, James, m. by 26 October 1741, Ann, executrix of Christopher Randall. (TB # A, fol. 30) Caggill, John, m. by 13 October 1739 Mary, granddaughter of Joseph Peake. (HWS # 1-A, fol. 336) Carvill, John, m. by 20 July 1?01, Mary, daughter of Susanna Arnold. (HW # 2, fol. 57) Chambers, John, m. by 13 November 1775, Mary, daughter of John Tipton. (AL # N, fol. 513) Chancey, George, m. after 1700, a daughter of William Hollis. (Maryland Rent Rolls, p. 23) Chilcoat, Robert, m. by 18 June 1782, Jane Webb. (WG # K, fol. 437) Choate, Edward, Jr., m. by 24 October 1?53, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Underwood. (BB# I, fol. 145) Cockey, William, m, by 12 June 1772, Hannah, daughter of Samuel Owings. (AL # E, fol. 357) Cole, Richard Miller, died by 27 October 1770, having married Sabina, daughter of Nicholas Hale. She married secondly Philip Deaver. (AL # C, fol. 105) Condron, John, m. by 20 February 1770, Anne, widow of ( ) Brown. (AL# B, fol. 202) Copus, John, m. by 30 March 1699, Sarah Teale, mother of Ales Teale. (TR # RA, fol. 338) Cox, Edward, m. by 7 June Jane, daughter of John Broad. (IS # G, fol. 194) Cradock, Rev. Thomas, m. Catherine, daughter of John Risteau. (TB # E, fol. 276). -, Day, Nicholas, died by 22 May 1746, having married Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher Cox. She married second Robert Bishop. (TB # E, fol. 63) Deaver, Philip, married by 27 October 1770, Sabina, daughter of Nicholas Haile. She was the widow of Richard Miller Cole. (AL # C, fol. 105) Debruler, Benjamin, married by 7 February 1772, Semelia, daughter of Jacob Jackson. (AL# D, fol. 492) Dukes, Charles, married by 17 May 1770, Violetta, daughter of Jonas Bowen. (AL # B, fol. 188) Durham, James, married by 5 June 1693/4, Mary, daughter of John Lee. (RM # HS, fol. 390) Elledge, Thomas, of Bedford Co., Va., m. by 9 October 1764, Elizabeth, daughter of John Thornbury of Balto. Co. (B # 0, fol. 97) Erickson. Eric, ra. by 8 April 1730, Mary, widow of Robert Smith. (K # K, fol. 210) Felkes, Edward, on 19 February 1701/2 made an ante-nuptial agreement with Anne Johnson. (HW # 2, fol. 119) Ford, Benjamin, m. by 13 November 1775, Rachel, daughter of John Tipton. (AL # N, fol. 513) Ford, John, m. by 14 January 1779» Elizabeth, formerly the wife of John Beaver or Beavan. (WG # E, fol. 90) - 2 -

3 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 1 f (Baltimore County Marriage References, continued) Ford, Lloyd, married by 31 May 1777, Mary, daughter of Alexander Grant. (WG # A, fol. 362) Foreacres, Lawrence, married by 10 March 1730, Rachel, daughter of William Hill of Cecil Go. (IS # L, fol. 211) Gay, John, married by 3 Septemver 1701, Frances, apparently an heir of Nathaniel Ruxton. (HW # 2, fol. 90) Geff, William, died by 10 April 1710, by which time his widow Elizabeth had married John 01well of Anne Arundel Go. (TR # A, fol. 162) Giles, John, married by 17 March 1708, Sarah, daughter of John Welch. (TR # A, fol. 5) Gist, Richard, married by 13 January 1717» Zipporah Murray, sister of Josephus Murray (TR# RA, fol. 444} and TR # A, fol. l4o) Gosnell, Peter, Jr., married by 31 March 1759 Dinah Lane, daughter of Button Lane. (B # G, fol. 401} B # I, fol. 298) Green, ( ), married by 4 March 1745/6, Susannah, daughter of Nicholas Haile. (TB # E, fol. 10) Green, ( ), married by 5 March 1700, Elizabeth, daughter of Anthony Demondidier who was deceased. (HE # 2, fol. 51) Haile, Neal, married by 17 October 1774, Sarah, daughter of Charles Robinson. (AL # L, fol. 208) Hale, George, Jr., married by 31 May 1777» Ann, daughter of Alexander Grant. (WG # A, fol. 362) Hale, Matthew, married by 17 October 1774, Rebecca, daughter of Charles Robinson. (AL # L, fol. 208) Hall, John, married by 1 April 1693 Sarah ( ), mother of Isabella Hooper and of Ann Collier. (HW # 2, fol. 38) Hammond, ( ), married by 5 October 1746, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Sheredlne. (TB # E, fol. 185) Harryman, George, married by 20 May 1769» Ann, daughter of William Wilkinson. (AL # A, fol. 356) Hayes, ( ), married by 4 June 1728, Grace, daughter of William Crabtree. (IS # K, fol. 20) Hays, John, married by 31 October 1727» Mary, daughter of William Crabtree. (IS # K, fol. 20) Head, Bigger, married by 22 January 1735, Martha, daughter of Edward Butler. (TB # E, fol. 1) Heighe, John, married by 27 July 1727, Sarah, widow of John Israel. (IS # I, fol. 29) Hemstead, Nicholas, married by 2 September 1679f Elizabeth ( ), grandmother of Enoch Spinke. (HW # 2, fol. 159) Herrington, Cornelius, married by 25 April 1701, Rathavel (?), daughter of Thomas Jones. (HW # 2, fol. 105) Hicks, Nehemiah, married by 17 October 1774, Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Robinson. (AL # L, fol. 208) Holliday, John Robert, married by 6 April 1775» Eleanor Addison Smith, daughter of Walter Smith. (AL # M, fol. 399) Hollis, William, married by 11 June 1694, Mary, daughter of Abraham and Sarah Clarke. (RM# HS, fol. ^01) Houchings, William, married by 9 December 1724, Judith, executrix of George Hope. (IS # H, fol. 89) Jackson, Thomas, "son" of Robert Drisdale (sic), died by 24 January 1705; his widow Mary had married John Roberts. (IR # AM, fol. 23) James, Thomas, of Concord, Chester Co., Penna., married by 26 June 1696, Mary, mother of Giles Stevens. (RM# HS, fol. 524, 529, 530 ) - 3 -

4 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 1 f (Baltimore County Marriage References, continued) Jones, John, married by 21 July 1724, Margaret, daughter of John Chadwell the Younger. (IS # G, fol. 352) Keene, John, married by 2? October 1?50, Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Young. (TR # D, fol. 42) Kesne, Pollard, married by 2? October 1750, Mary, daughter of Samuel Young. (TR # D, fol. 42) Knowles, Henry, married by 1?00, Catherine, widow of John Scutt. (Maryland Rent Rolls, p. 81) Lane, Button, married by 12 October 1722, Pretiosa, daughter of Richard Tydings. (IS #G, fol. 69) Lennox, Richard, married by 6 March 1706, Mary Richardson. (IR # AM, fol. 4o) Lewis, Richard, married by 22 December 1778, Catherine, widow of William Harris. (WG # C, fol. 236) Loney, William, married by 22 April 1700, Jane, daughter and sole heir of Thomas Overton. (HW # 2, fol. 54, 81) Long, John, married by 20 April 1780, Eleanor Moore. (WG # E, fol. 264) Marsh, ( ), married by 14 October 1727, Ann, daughter of Richard King. (IS# H, fol. 20) Meads, ( ), married by 3 September l?67t Eusan (?), daughter of Mary Shepherd. (B # Q, fol. 6) Merryman, Elijah, married by 3 April 1782, Prances, daughter of John Ensor. (WG # H, fol. 198) Moale, John, married by 18 June 1766, Ellen, sister and co-heir of Thomas North, late of Baltimore Co., dee. (B # P, fol. 108) Moorcock, ( ), married by 23 July 1734, Susanna ( ), mother of Thomas and Richard Demmett. (HWS # M, fol. 85) Murray, ( ), married by 27 June 1759, Mary, daughter of Button Lane, Sr. (B # G, fol. 484) Murray, John, married by 3 February 1762, Elizabeth ( ), mother of William Dew. (B # K, fol. 126) Norwood, ( ), married by 3 November 1729t Ruth, sister of Richard Owings. (IS # K, fol. 113) Paca, ( ), married by 5 October 1746, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Sheredine. (YB # E, fol. 185) Parlett, ( ), married by 3 February 1734, Mary, daughter of Henry Fitch. (HWS # M, fol. 166) Peters, John, married by October 1701, Hester, mother of John Fuller. (HH # 2, fol. 93) Pickett, William, married after 1700, ( ), heirss of Joseph Heathcote. (Maryland Rent Rolls, p. 41) Powell, James, married by 21 January 1924, Rebecca, executrix of Richard Colegate. (IS # H, fol. 9) Presbury, George, married by 5 March 1745» Isabella, daughter of William Robinson. (TB # E, fol. 34) Puntenay, William, died by 8 January 1730» having married Ann Parrish, daughter of Edward Parrish. (IS # L, fol. 90) Raven, Luke, married by 13 March 1724/5, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Mary Hughes. (IS# H, fol. 30) Richardson, Daniel, married by 17 March 1708, Elizabeth, daughter of John Giles. (TR # A, fol. 5) f Risteau, John, married by March 1736, Catherine, widow of William Talbot and a daughter of George Ogg. (IS # IK, fol. 377; IS # G, fol. 56) Roberson, ( ), married by 14 May 1759» Sophia, widow of Thomas Demmitt. (B # G, fol. 414)

5 ^Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 1 (Baltimore County Marriage References, continued) Roberts, John, married by 13 February 1705» Mary, widow of Thomas Jackson. (IR # AM, fol. 20) Rowles, Jacob, married by 14 January 1?22, Patience, widow of Nathaniel Stinchcomb. (AL # D, fol. 257) Ruff, Richard, married after 1700, ( ), heiress of Daniel Peverell. (Maryland Rent Rolls, p. 20) Ryan, John, married by 26 September 1753» Ann Wilburne, daughter of Edward. (BB # I, fol. 70) Staley, ( ), married by 25 April 1701, Mary, widow of Thomas Jones. (HW # 2, fol. 105) Stinchcomb, Aquila, married by 3 November 1779» Catherine, daughter of Tobias Stansbury. (WG # E, fol. 16) Stockett, Thomas, married by 1? March 1708, Damaris, daughter of John Welch. (TR # A, fol. 5) Stokes, George, married by 14- September 1741, Susannah, daughter of Col, James Phillips. (TB#A, fol. 4-2) Stokes, John, married by 10 June 1733» Susanna, daughter of George Wells. (IS # L, fol. 418) Stone, Thomas, married by 26 May 1735* Elizabeth, widow of James Bagford. (HWS # M, fol. 237) Talbot, William, died by 18 March 1736, having married Gatherine,> daughter of George Ogg. She married second 3ehn Ristfeauj.ei.Jy. and his daughter married Benjamin Hammond. (IS # IK, fol. 377J and IS # G, fol. 56) Toogood, Josias, married by 17 March 1708, Mary, daughter of John Welch. (TR # A, fol. 5) Watkins, Francis, married by 7 June 1681, Christiana Wright, daughter of Thomas Long's wife. (IR # AM, fol. 123) Whayland, ( ), married by 9 March 1770, Catherine, daughter of Henry Matthews. (IS # L, fol. 208) Wilmott, John, married by 11 November 1772, Avarilla, daughter of Thomas Carr. (AL # G, fol. 208) Wood, John, married by 5 September 1688, Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Swanson. (IR # AM, fol. 67) Worthington, John, married by 24 July 1?66, Mary, daughter of Captain Thomas Todd. (B # P, fol. 208) Worthington, William, married by 5 May 1770, Sarah, granddaughter of Abraham Raven. (AL # B, fol. 171) Yates, William, of Bedford Co., Va., married by 1 August 1764, Ann, daughter of John Thornbury, and granddaughter of Roland Thornbury. (B # 0, fol. 121) *4^*+*+***+tmtf^t<**»^^+»^^ Each member of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society is urged to submit one or two queries for publication in the next Notebook. Each query should be submitted on a 3 x 5 slip, with the member's name and address on each slip. Queries need not be limited to Baltimore County families. Turn in queries to Robert Barnes

6 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 2 QUERIES SUBMITTED BY MEMBERS., 9219 Snyder L^ie, Perry Hall,, Maryland, ge information on following families, which are being compiled all families lived in the geographic graphic region of Baltimore County. auls,, and St.. Thomas Parishes.. Bailey, Bankson, Barney, Barton, Baxter, Beasman, Bell, Biddison, Bond, Boring, Bowen, Bowly, Broad, Buchanan, Buckingham, Butler, Chapman, Chenowith, Chilcoat, Cole, C bin, Cox, Cross, Donnell, Eaglestone, Ensor, Ford, G wick,, Haile,, Hamilton,, Harryman,, Harvey, Hillen, Hol Jones, Lane, Lewis, Long, Lux, Lynch, Merryman, Norw,, Peregoy, Philpot, Puntany, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers Rutter, Sellers, Stansbury, Stinchcomb, Taylor, Teal, Thornborough, d, Towson, Watts Wheeler, Wilkinson, Wilmot, Wooden Mrs. Charles (Lola Hoshall) Boring, 230 Ridge Avenue, Towson, Maryland, Want par. of John Turnbaugh ). who married Cassandra Low on 18 Feb. 184?. Want par. of Jesse Hoshal (Oshal), born c.l?42} married 22 Dec in Harf. Co., to Mary- Ellen Hurst, dau. of Bennett Hurst ( ). Want wife of Bennett Hurst, Betty Bunce, address not submitted. Working on following lines i Anne Powers of Nova Scotia, and John Clarkson of Pa., both lived 1840 *sj Joseph Smithdeal and Christina Hartman, lived Rowan Co., N.C. in the 1790 'sj Joseph Albert Clarkson and Mary Katherine Brown > lived Washington, D. C., in E. Donald Bunce, address not submitted. Tracing Bunce fam., especially Jacob Bunce who was born 1806, perhaps in Kent County, lived in Harford Co., Md. Need info on Buncos of Kent Co. Mrs. Evelyn Dorfler, 6410 Sherwood Road, Baltimore, Md. ( Want par. of George Warren Wood whose dau. Priscilla Jane married Daniel Bowen of Gal vert Co. (Correction! Benjamin Daniel Bowen). Want par. of Anna Maria Six who married Daniel Frazier Bowen of Calvert Co. William R. Lynch, 5116 Ardmore Way, Baltimore, Maryland, Want info, on Mary Ann Hewlett, , who married Patrick Lynch of William, Want par. of Uriah John Bottomore, * were they Charles and Margaret (Kennedy) Bottomore? George A. Price, Cooper Road, Phoenix, Md., Working on early Baltimore County families. Need par. of Mary Richardson who married Beale Price, 22 May 1805, she died Leslie M. Uppercp, 1532 Becklow Avenue, Baltimore, Md., Working on Upperco(cu)(cue;, Van Bibber, Byerly, Stocksdale, and Helms, all Baltimore County \ Billingsley of St. Marys, Balto., and Harford Counties j and Shertzer of Lancaster Co., Penna., and Balto. and Harford Counties, Md. Carmella Jerome Watts, 103 Greenridge Court, Luther ville, Md., Working on these families! Black (James, from Co. Derry, Ireland), McEachern (John), McKlnley, Neely, Russell, Shive, all N. C. Krlder, Karcher, Karricker, Carricker, and Meisenheimer (George), all Penna. Cramer, Edgecombe, Forsythe (Abigail, 1653 )t Fosdick (Samuel, 1655 ). Plckett (John, 1651), Perkins (Thomas, 1600), Hiland, Howell (Mary, 1624), Goodricke (Ann and Lionel, 1600), and Latham (Thomas), all Conn, and Mass.

7 notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society _ Number 2 /.'X ' (Queries, continued) <w Shirley Wenz, 977 Fairmount Ave., Towson, Md., Searching for Southworth and Brigner, ia Scioto and Pike Counties, Ohio, c.1850} for Windsor and Balcora, in Athens Co., Ohio, c Lydia Menzel Zahrobsky, 974 Fairmount Avenue, Towson, Md., Interested in» John Kirwan (1650), Peter Kirwan, and Letitia Keen Travers, and Elizabeth Xeene, all Dorchester Co., Md. f Emma Laura Hartow, Avoca, Iowa, c.1874, m. Charles McDowell, 1888} Doris Rasmussen, dau. Marie Bridgett, and dau* Atwilda, all of Holland. +^^+++-HH++<HH-++f++^44*+*+^i+4+^^ Issue Number 3 of the "Notebook" will be devoted to Bible Records collected by members of the Society. Records should be copied faithfully (include errors in spelling), or better yet, xeroxed. A copy of the title page should be included with the date of publication. The name and address of the present owner of the Bible should be included. Bibles n6ed not be those of Maryland families* Send copies of the Bible Records to Robert Barnes. Mrs. Charles (Lola Hoshall) B0ring f address given on page 1 Need par. of Joseph Starr Hoshall, born 1834} married Mary Washington Bull. Am interested in following families i Hoshall, Talbot, Boring* Hurst, Turnbaugh, Low, and Gore. I J Mrs. Evelyn Dorfler, address given on page 1 ^~"^ Want par. of George Warren Wood, b. c.1820, Cal. Co., Md. j par. of Grace Thomas, born mid 1800 *s, possibly at Broome's Island, Cal. Co*, Md. ) m. Thomas Morgan j par* of Anna Maria Sly, born c.1869, Cal. Co., Md.f m. Daniel Frazier Bowman} par. of Thomas Morgan, born mid 1800's, Cal. Co,} m. Grace Thomas} par. of Daniel Frazier Bowen, born c.1869} m. Anna Maria Sly. Am working on families from area of Newbury, Mass. t Noyes, Rich, Knight, Emerson, Woodwell, Taylor, Bragg, Poster, Proctor, Lunt, Landford, Hodgdon, Fellows, Wyatt, Poore, Cutting, Chase, Goodwin, Noice, Jaques, Cook, Worcester, *~ Ingersoll, (of Salem, Mass.)} M Brown of Hampton, N.H.} Bushey, Gott, and Lally of Maine. M. Angela lardella Heathfield Road. Baltimore. Md Want ch. of John and Jane (Dawe) Williams of Dumfries, Va. } he died by 1822 and was clerk of court, Want par. of Mary Ann Wain, b. 29 Aug. 1807, Md.^ d. 24 June 1876} m. Joshua Cromwell. Want par. of William W. Lynch, b. c.1835 in Shippensburg, Pa., d in Maysville, Ky. } m. Emily Sugars Farlow. Want par. of Thomas Lewism, b in Va., d, 1901 in Balto.f m. Maria Ellen Clarke. Need wife and ch. of Thomas Gaitley League, b in Balto., son of Hamil-» ton A. and Mary Pamelia (Clarke) League. Want par. of Jane Fenwick, b. 1792, d, 1852} m. first George Henry Taylor, and second Nelson Clarke. Want par, of Emily Sugars Farlo, b. cl , Maysville, Ky.} m. William W. Lynch. Want par, of William Dawe, b. by 1795» Dumfries, Va.j a silversmith} m, a Deveraux..' ', Want par. of Benjamin Brown Davis, b in Montross, Va.j m to Jane Cole. Mary Isennock, 2520 Rocks Road, Forest Hill, Hd., Working on following families of Baltimore and/or^harford Counties i Coe} Durham} Francies} Osennock} Pearce}. Whiteford 2

8 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society _ Number 2 $»' Charlotte La Mason Wentworth Road. Baltimore, Md., 2123*1 \ Want maiden name and husband's name of Rebecca ( --) Dosh, b. 1775» d. 16 April 1846, age 71 1 mother of William F. Dosh and grandmother of George G. v_/ Dosh. Rebecca's husband may have been John Michael Dosh. Their daughter Elizabeth married John S. Brashears and died Need dates and par. of Barbara McHenry who m. George G. Dosh of Baltimore. He was born 1810, and died Also any data on her children. Margaret Neidhardt,?4l3 Park Drive. Baltimore, Md., Need data on John Louis Ross who d. 18 Sept. 1951» and lived at Owella, Md. Need data on Mary Wai ton > bur. at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Balto., near Edward Maddox ( Feb. 1835), and Sarah Ann Maddox ( Nov. 1863) Mrs. Evelyn R. Fearce, Apt. 202, Towson, Md., Need data on Nicholas Sterner, b. 1776, d. 26 June 1851» m. Susan Myers, b. 5 Oct. 1776, d. 24 March 1866} need par. of Mary Ann Herbst, b. 1817, d. 22 May 1899) m. Henry Sterner, b. 10 July 1810, d. 20 Dec j need data on Lydia Ann Bailey, b. 9 Aug in Alesia, Carroll Co., Md. j d. 14 Sept. 1906} m. Levi H. Sterner of Manheim, York Co., Pa., on 25 Oct in Hanover, Pa. Harri ette Stresewski, 1633 Rockenbacker Road, Baltimore, Md., Need data on John Christian Graham, b. 10 July 1841* d* 20 Feb. 1871* res. in Baltimore City. Shirley Wenz, 977 Fairroount Avenue, Towson, Md., Want data on Cleora Balcom, Athens Co., Ohio, late 1800 's, m. Francis Mansfield? on Robert and Margaret Bean, early 1700's, possibly St. Marys Co., (J par. of Bennett Bean, born c. 1760/70 j on Sarah Blakeman, Portsmouth, Ohio, late 1800 's, m. George Brigner and had dau. Abigail} on George Brigner,, Portsmouth, Ohio, late 1800'sj m. Sarah Blakemanj on Francis Mansfield, Athens Co., Ohio, late 1800's, m. Cleora Balcomj on Elizabeth Rickey, Portsmouth, Ohio, late 1800 's, and on her husb. Bryson Southworth. ^ Les Upper co, address given on p. 1 Need par. of following Upperco girls t Margaret Anna, m. George P. Helms on 22 Dec. 1872, Balto. Cityj Margaret L., m. Franklin Wisner on 30 Jan, 1884 in Balto. Co., Md.f Mary C. t m. John E. Burgess, 24 March 1884, Balto. Co. f Rachel, m. William H. Morrison, 3 Sept. 1846, Balto. Cityj Sarah, m. John Feast on 18 Aug in Balto. Cityj Sarah Ann, m. Thomas Kirkland, or Kirkley on 20 August 1846 in Balto. Cityj Sarah A., ra. John F. Price on 10 May I860 in Balto. Co*, Md.j and Alice M., m. Howard B. Weishapel on 5 Feb in Balto. City. Want data on Andrew J. Upperco, m. Lilly M. Lawrence on 16 March Want data on fam. of Jacob Shertzer who moved from Lancaster Co., Penna., to Balto. Co., c.1850, finally settled at Churchville, Harf. Co. Copy for Notebook Number 3» due in Robert Barnes* hands no later than 30 June. u - 3 -

9 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 3 BIBLE RECORDS BORING FAMILY BIBLE, made available by Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Boring, 230 Ridge Avenue, Towson, Maryland, Note i Only the pages of family records were extant. Births Ephraira Boring, born 21 July 1836 Mary V. Boring, wife of Ephraim, born 20 May 1841 Edward E. Boring, born 14 September I860 Emma V. Boring was born 8 May 1862 Mary Boring, was born 23 February 1866 Minnie Boring, was born 1 April 1869 Corra B. Boring was born 31 July 1872 Ephraim A. Boring was born 1 September 1873 Clarra Boring was born 30 June 1877 Howard Boring was born 3 April 1882 Deaths Emma V. Boring, died 27 June 1864, age 2 years, 1 month, 21 days Corra P. Boring, died 4 November 1872, age 3 months and 4 days Mary Boring, died 18 November 1901, age 35 years, 8 months, and 25 days Minia Boring, died 13 October 1903, age 34 years, 6 months, and 13 days Mary V. Boring, wife of E. Boring, died 20 March 1913, age 72 years Ephraim Boring, died 31 January 1914, age 77 years, 6 months, and 10 days Howard Boring, died at Baltimore, Md., 13 October 1918, age 36 years, 7 months, 10 da. Edward E. Boring, died 31 August 1921 at Lousville, Ky., age 60 years, 11 months, and 17 days Notes i Ephraim Boring, born 21 July 1836, is placed as a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Cole) Boring, in Hecklinger and Boring, Descendants of John Boreing, Maryland Planter, 1950 j p. 14. DILL FAMILY BIBLE, made available by Mr* Malcolm Dill, 1701 Ridgely Garth, Lutherville, Maryland, Notei Only the pages of family records were extant. Births Jesse M. Button, born 30 January 1809 at New Market, Md. Rebecca Lathrop Shaw, born 27 Sept. 1821, at Waynesville, Ohio Alexander Ci Dill, born 3 Jany. 1812, in Green Co., Pa. Jane Rowan, born 18 Sept. 1819, in Hamilton Co., Ohio Matthew H. Dill, born 5 Jany at Centreville, Indiana Emily Lathrop Hutton, born 29 Sept. 1842, at Richmond, Indiana Marriages Jesse M. Hutton, and Rebecca E. Shaw were married 4 Jan. 1842, at Xenia, Ohio Alexander C. Dill, and Jane Rowan, were married 30 Oct* 1838, at Centreville, Indiana. Matthew H. Dill and Emily L. Hutton were married 23 Sept. 1862, at Richmond, Indiana

10 Motebook of the Baltimore County ueneaiogicai society _ number 3 (Dill Family Bible, continued)4$'' Memoranda - Deaths Alexander C. Dill died 12 Nov. 1862, aged 51 years, 10 nos., and 9 days, at Richmond, Ind. Rebecca L. Button, died 23 Feb. 1885, at Richmond t Ind*, aged 63 years. Jesse M. Mutton, died 25 March 1886, at Richmond, Indiana. Frank Eugene Dill, died 1 Oct. 1892, aged 2 (or 21?) years, and 5 months, at Richmond, Indiana, Jane Dill, died 10 Oct. 1894, aged 75 years* and 22 days, at Richmond, Ind. Matthew H. Dill, died 20 Jan. 1906, aged 66 years, at Pasadena, Calif M buried at Richmond, Indiana. Emily H. Dill, died 21 Nov. 1919, at Richmond, Indiana, aged 77 years. Camilla W. (?) Dill, died 1 April 1910, at Richmond, Indiana, aged 38 years. Laura H. Dill, died 1? Jan. 1904, at Mudlanla, Ind., buried at Richmond, Indiana, aged 36 years. William R. Dill, died 18 Nov. 192?. Notes i Alexander Cunningham Dill and wife Jane Rowan Dillj and James Millhouse Button and wife Rebecca Shaw Button were the great-grandparents of Malcolm Boward Dill. Matthew Benry Dill and wife Emily Button Dill were the grandparents of Malcolm Boward Dill. Frank Eugene Dill Was Malcolm H. Dill*s uncle, as was William R. Dill, who married Laura Benley u DOSH FAMILY BIBLE, made available by Mrs. Clifford LaMason, 2612 Wentworth Roa, 'Baltimore, Md., Note i These records were copied from The Boly Bible, published 1827* with the name and date "William Dosh, Baltimore, August 14, 1839 j" on the flyleaf. The records were sent to Mrs. La Mason by Betty Yeager Pastre, who stated that the Bible had been waterlogged and some of the death dates given in parentheses were Mrs. Pastre *s own calculations. Fatheri George Goodlow Dosh, born 7 Dec. 1837, Baltimore, died 12 March 1917, Carlisle. Mother! Anna Elisabeth Rofman Dosh, born 27 August 1843, Carlisle, died 28 May 1913, Carlisle. Children i George Philip Dosh, bom 30 Jan. 1865, Carlisle, died 1 Jan. 1931, at Carlisle. Charles Fredrick Dosh, born 10 Aug. 1868, died 8 Feb William Dosh, born 18 Sept. 1870, Carlisle; died 16 Oct. 1959, Carlisle. Edgar Dosh, born 8 April 1873, Carlisle. Anna Elizabeth Dosh (Lamason), born 12 Nov. 18?5, Lancaster, Pa., died 7 Nov at Carlisle. Grant Dosh, born 19 Nov. 1879, Carlisle, died 27 Oct. 1947, Barrisburg. Infant Boy, died Friday, 21 April Barry Kronenberg Dosh, born 3 Oct. 1885, Carlisle, died 23 July 1962 at Carlisle, age 76 years t 9 BOS., 20 days Mary Sheaffer Dosh (Yeager), born 9 Oct. 1888, Carlisle, died 29 August 1962, Caraden, N. J. Charles Albert Lamason, born 30 Oct Burial of Cora Dosh, wife of Barry K., from Boffman Funeral Borne j clergyman, Rev. William C. Jacobs j Interment In Old Graveyard

11 Notebook of the Baltimore County GenealogicalJSociety Number 3 (Dosh Family Bible, continued) Cora E. Dosh, born 24 June 1888, died 7 September 1978, age 90 years, 2 months, and 14 days. Deaths Rebecca Dosh, died 16 April 1846, age 71 (born 1775) Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John Brashears, and daughter of the late John M. Dosh, of Balto., died 20 March 1852, in 47th year (norn 1805) Margarett H. Dosh, died 7 March 1858, aged 51 years, 2 mos., and 15 days (Born 23 Dec* 1806) William F. Dosh, died 4 April 1844, age 35 years, 1 mo., 4 days. (Born 28 Feb. 1809) George G. Dosh, died 15 April 1859, about 49 years (Born 1810) Rosetta Dosh, died3 July 1851, in her 35th year (Born 1816) George P. Hofman, died 4 June 1881 (Born 1806) Notest John Michael Dosh, native of Germany, died Thurs. eve*, 25th inst., in his 49th yearf funeral from his late residence, 41 South Charles St. (Balto. American, 27 Jan. 1816). Rebecca Dosh of Berwick, Adams Co., Penna., made her will 14 Oct. I844j it was filed 26 Oct in Baltimore County, Md. She named her daughter Margaret, daughter Elizabeth wife of John S. Brashears, dau. Louise, wife of Heniy Stimplej son George G. Dosh. Executor, Joseph E. Henry. Joseph Graff and George Ickes were witnesses. (Balto. Co. Wills, 21i292). Evidently Rebecca was the widow of John M. Dosh, Sr., according to her obituary in the Baltimore Sun, 20 April TURNBAUGH BIBLE, made available by Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Boring, 230 Ridge Avenue, Towson, Maryland, Notet Only the pages of family records were extant. Births George Thomas Henry Turnbaugh, born Sunday morning, 9 Nov Isabella Grant Turnbaugh was born Sunday morning, 18 Feb Willie Y. Turnbaugh, born 27 August 1868 Florence May Turnbaugh, born 29 May 1871 Lewis Hinkle Ensor, born 1? March 1873 Deaths Martha Ellen, died 3 March 1858, aged 3 months and 11 days. George Albert, died 8 March i860, aged 11 months and 12 days John Thomas, died 18 August I860, aged 4 years, 11 months, and 19 days Philip Henry, died Sunday evening, 23 June 1861, aged 10 years, and 8 months. Sarah E. Ensor, died 19 March 1873, aged 21 years, 11 months, and 8 days. Lewis H. Ensor, died 17 April 1873, aged 1 month John Turnbaugh, beloved husband of Casandra Turnbaugh, died 15 January 1885, in the 58th year of his age. William H. Turnbaugh and Louisa M. Slipper (?) were married 30 Jan. 1902, by Rev. C. (illegible) Obituaries Hoshall, Charles E., died 19 Sept. 1957, of 3703 Roland Avenue, husband of the late Florence M. Hoshall, and father of C. Earl and Leslie Hoshall, Mrs. Lola Boring, Mrs. Lillian Trost, and late John C. and Melvin Hoshall. Hoshall, Florence M. (nee Turnbaugh), died 19 March 1952, of 3703 Roland Avenue, wife of Charles E. Hoshall, and mother of Mrs. Lola Boring, Mrs. Lillian Trost, Melvin,Earl, Leslie, and the late John C* Hoshall. Notesi Both of the above obituaries stated that interment would be in Druid Ridge Cemetery. -3 -

12 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 3 '.< */, (Turnbaugh Family Bible, eontlmied) Notesi John Turnbaugh married Cassandra Lowe, daughter of Henry, on 21 February 184?. (Baltimore Sun, 25 Feb. 1847). * * * OTHER BIBLE RECORDS AVAILABLE Members of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society have contributed a number of other Bible Records which space did not allow to be published in this issue. Anyone wishing to consult these records should contact the editor of the "Notebook,' Robert W. Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md», Send a SASE for a prompt reply. ie of Family Date Published (if shown) Earliest Birth Earliest Harriage Blllinglsey Boring 1870 not given ^ Herrera Hutchins not given Michael not given Shertzer Ziegler not given 1837 * # * TYPISTS WANTED We need volunteers who can type records gathered by the BCGS so they can be "**~ bound and copies made available for research.

13 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 4 * NEWS AND NOTES Sympathy is expressed to Raymond B. Clark, Jr., publisher of the Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, on the recent death of his mother, Sara Seth Clark. Plans for the Registration in Provincial Families of Maryland, sponsored by the Genealogical Council of Maryland, are moving forward. A special committee of the Council has completed work on the registration form. The Genealogical Publishing Company is announcing publication of Maryland Genealogies, in Two Volumes: A Consolidation of Articles in the Maryland Historical Magazine. This volume, or rather these two volumes, of reprints contain articles on the Belt, Cromwell, Gist, Cough-Carroll, Merryman, Owens-Owings, and Stansbury families, not to mention many other articles. DIRECTORY OP ANCESTORS Members of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society are invited to submit biographical sketches of their earliest ancestors. Although the published entry may not contain all documentation submitted, the articles will be filed so that any reader could obtain a copy. The ancestors need not have lived in Baltimore County, but first preference will be given to those who lived in -the city, Baltimore County, and surrounding counties. WILLIAM BISHOP was born c.1775/78, and died 25 August His newspaper obituary states he was in his 50th year, while his tombstone at Camp Chapel Methodist Church states he was in his 48th year. He married Catherine ( ) who was born c.l?78, and died 14 October 1841 in her 64th year. It is possible that this couple was the William Bishop and Caty Speer married on 1 June 1797 "by Reverend Lewis Richards, the noted Baptist preacher. The will of William Bishop was made 19 August 1825 and filed 17 September In his will he named his wife Catherine and the following children! George, Elizabeth Smith, Kezia Canan (Carnan), Charlotte, Sarah, Washington, Elias, William Edward, and Henry. Richard Fowler was to be an executor, and the will was witnessed by Zachariah S^ddon, Sarah Seddon, and Robert Shanklin, (Balto. American, 30 August 1825? Balto. Co. Wills, 12il69$ Barnes, Maryland Marriages, , p. 19; Balto. Co. Wills, 12il69). William and Catherine had issue: a. George? named first in his father's will. b. Elizabeth; married Hugh Smith on 3 October c. Keziah, born c.1802, died 11 April 1881 in her 80th year? married first on 3 August 1824, Charles Carnan, and second, on 12 May 1842, Joseph Brooks. d. Charlotte, born c.1804, died 25 April 1885 in her 82nd year. She may be the Charlotte Bishop who married William Bishop on 20 November e. Sarah, born 18 May 1805, died 8 August 1888; married John H. Smith on 9 August He was born c.!807i died 23 October 1841, f. Washington, / g. William Edward, born 6 May 1809, died 31 March h. Slias, born 1 May 1811, died 15 December He may be the Elias Bishop who married T. F. Royston on 28 May i. Henry, born c.1814, died 28 September 1879 in his 66th year. He married Eliza A. Bowdel on 10 October Eliza A. Bishop died 27 January 1881 in her 78th year. (Tombstones at Camp Chapel} items in the Dielman File, Md. His. Soc.) Submitted by Robert W. Barnes

14 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society _ Number 4 DIRECTORY OF ANCESTORS (continued) JOSEPH GOSTWICK died in Baltimore County on 30 March 1728, having married first, by 30 March 1695, Mary, daughter of Nicholas Cor bin, and second, some time prior to 3 March 1722, Elizabeth (---), He may be the Joseph Gostwick, aged 24- of "Sh," who sailed for "Merriland" in October 16??. On 30 March 1695, Nicholas Corbin made a will naming several children including a daughter Mary Gostwick. The will of Joseph Gostwick was made 3 March 1?22, and filed 14- June In. it he leaves his plantation to his wife Elizabeth, and he also named. his sons Thomas and Nicholas. Joseph was the father of; a. Thomas, died prior to 4 August 1732, having married on September 1717, Elizabeth Yanstone. She married as her second husband, John Sergant. b. Nicholas, died prior to 28 July 17^, having married Abarilla Yanstone. She married as her second husband Benjamin Curtis. Submitted by Robert Barnes. WILLIAM JSSSOP came to Maryland some time before 1748, and died in Baltimore County in He married Margaret Walker on 25 June 1748 in St. Pauls Parish. He became manager of the Baltimore Company, and in 1753 and 1756 he acquired two parcels of land on which he built a dwelling. He was the,. father of: a. Elizabeth, born 17 September 1750, died 12 September 1814 in Tennessee, having married George Teal in b. William, born 28 July 1755, died 23 September 1829; married Anne Brown/ c. Nicholas, i born 15 July 1757, died 12 September He married first, Hannah Teal. He married second Lydla Bosley, on 16 January He married third Ruth Gorsuch, widow of William Welsh. d. Charles, born 6 November 1759, and died 2 April He married Mary Gorsuch on 13 April e. Esther, born 21 May 1762, died 11 May 1803; married John Howard Ford. f. Abraham, born 18 March 1766, died 1839; married first Axia Wells, and then 1 Emily Hook, (Submitted by Robert Barnes) CHARLES JOSEPH SNOOPS, born 25 September 1838 in Baltimore County, and 16 November 1859 in Baltimore City he married Catherine A. Kline, born May 1840, died 3 June 1902 in Baltimore City. He died 18 July 1922 in Baltimore City. A stall keeper in Hollins market, he and his wife are buried at Loudon Park Cemetery. Charles and Catherine were the parents of: -a. John V., born 24 February I860, died 6 October 1906j married Sarah E. Hose.oa b. William, born 29 December I86l, died 18 September 1940? twice married. c. Anna Katherine, born 26 January 1863, died 29 October d. Mary Katherine, born 27 January 1865, died 15 March 1901: married John H. Webbert. e. Charles J., Jr., born 26 March 1866, died 24 September 1924, Barbara H. Kausch. f. George, born 17 April 1868, died 19 December 1920; twice married. (Submitted by Thomas Hollowak) ' Don't forget to submit short, documented sketches of your earliest ancestors. It doesn't matter whether they were born in 1650 or 1850.

15 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 5 Robert Barnes, Editor May* 1980 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ARTICLES ON BALTIMORE COUNTY RECORDS AND FAMILIES APPEARING IN THE MARYLAND AND DELAWARE GENEALOGIST compiled by Robert Barnes Baltimore County Cemeteries Mettam Memorial Church, copied by Willis C. Tull, vol. 1?, p. 7 St. Pauls Methodist Cemetery, near Old Court Road, copied by Willis C. Tull, 14:44 > 66, 85. Talbot-Ridgely Cemetery, copied by Willis C. Tull, 16:77 Taylor's Chapel, 'Baltimore County Deeds ~~" abstracts by Robert Barnes, , "Baltimore County Land Grants," by Thomas D. Penniman and Malcolm W. Waring, 12:37, 84; 13:3, 27, 51, 75? 14:3, 35, 57, 79i 15»9, 36 Baltimore County Tax Lists for 1699, l«27-32} for 1700, 1«59-62, 82} for 170l, 2ill» 40, 63, 82j 3*8, 3^, 58, 79) for 1702, 4:5, 34, 45, 71 Baltimore County Vital Records "Abstracts from St. Georges Parish (now Harford County)} Bailey, Bayley, Bowdey, Newsom, Etc.," by Mrs. Norris Harris, 17:8-9, 37 "Births Recorded in St. Pauls Parish Through 1777," by Robert Barnes, 15:58-59, 83; 16:8-9, 30-31, 54-55, 76; 17:6, 30-31, 52-53, 78; 19:42-43, 74-75, ; 20:6-7, 38-39, Baltimore County Wills Index to Will Book 4, by Robert Barnes, 11:14-15, 36-37; to Will Book 5, by same, , 6o-6l) to Will Book 6, by same, 11»84} 12:10-11, 61. Beasman Family, lineage article by Robert Barnes, 9j16-17 Bosley family, lineage article by «Robert Barnes, 7«l6-18 Durbin family, lineage article by Edwin C. Welch, 3:67-68} lineage article by K. W. Bate, l5«56-57, Gilbert family, lineage article by N* Li Major, Gott family, lineage article by J. K. Gott, 7:38-40, lineage article by Dr. Richard S. Uhrbrock, , Harryman family, lineage article by Robert Barnes, 7:36-37 Hay family, Bible record, 9:79 "Heirs to Baltimore County Estates," by Robert Barnes, 7*9-10 (from Balto. Co. Admin. Accts. Book 4), 28-29, 52-53, (from Admin. Acotsi Book 5)} 8:6-7 (from A dmin* Accts., Book 1), 32-33, (from Admin* Accts. Book 2), (from Admin. Accts. Book l) "Maryland Pioneers to the Frontiers," by Robert Barnes, 18:6-7, 32-33, (mainly abstracts from Balto. Co. Deeds). Mumford family, lineage article by Harry H< Lee, 3:65-67 Peregoy-Perrigo Family Marriage "ecords, by Harry H. Lee, 5:35, 55, 75 Taylor family, lineage article, by Edith R. Saul, 13: "Taylor's Chapel," by Mrs. Donald B. Loeschke, 12:27 The above index was compiled from articles appearing in volumes 1 through 20, and is offered to our members in hopes that it will help them track down some helpful article. The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist is published quarterly by Raymond B» Clark, Jr., Box 352, St. Michaels, Ml., Subscription rate* $7.00 a year. Single copies $2.00. In future Notebooks we hope to include bibliographies of articles from the Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogical Society, the Maryland Historical Society Magazine, and the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. QUERY: Mary P. Brunell, 1488 Cantwell Road, Baltimorej Md., 21207j seeks information on: 1. Jacob Bankard (Banker) m. Mary Rupert 17 March 1813$ Balto. 2i John Slater m. Louisa Bankard 6 Oct. 1832, Baltimore. 3. Thomas Bowdle (Bowdell) m. Mary Louisa Slater 20 Feb. 1855, Baltimore. 4. Henry Thomas Betts m. Juliana Mettya 19 August 1820, St. Patrick's Baltimore

16 fotebook of the Baltimore County GbhealogicaJ. Society Number 5 obert Barnes, Editor >W Page 2 QUERY, continued 5. Caroline T. Betts m. James McFee of Philadelphia, 5 September 18*1-2 Ms. Brunell will exchange info on SLATER, BANKARD, BETTS Robert W. Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., 21128, seeks data on I 1. William Bishop, died 1825} married Catherine (Spear?)$ res. Baltimore. 2* Rev. John Valiant of Baltimore and Eastern Shorej married Catherine Riley 3. Capt. John Semmes Oliver, , m. Eliza Ann Griffin, ? 4. Descendants of Richards family of Baltimore and Carroll Counties, Md. DIRECTORY OF ANCESTORS Members of the Society are invited to submit biographical sketches of their earliest ancestors or of any early settlers in the Baltimore County area. The ancestors need not have lived in the County, but first preference will be given to those who lived in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and the surrounding counties* LEWIS ICON died c.1760 in Baltimore County. He married Mary who was named in his will, and who may have survived him. In 1750 he owned 100 acres of Friends Discovery (Balto. Debt Book for 1750, page 44). The will of Lewis Igon or Igou was made 2 March 1760 and filed 14 April In it he named his wife, Mary, and the children named below, the first four of whom had theii* births recorded in St. Pauls Parisht (For will, see Maryland Will Book 30, page 817). a. Margaret, born 25 July b. Elizabeth, born 20 February 1724 c. William, born 22 August 1729 d. Mary, born 30 September e. Daniel f. Peter g. Esther Researched by Robert Barnes ROBUCK LYNCH, died in Baltimore County, between 16 June 1714 and 12 November He was twice married. His first wife's name has not been determined, but his second wife's name was Mary (possibly Lenox), His will names wife Mary and four children, Patrick, Anne, William, and Mary, and states that Patrick is the sonin-law of the testator's wife, Mary. Mary Hampton, John Norton$ and Si Hinton were witnesses. Robuck Lynch was the father of i a. Patrick, died 1766 in Baltimore County, having married first in 1722 Martha Bowen, daughter of Jonas Bowen, and second Avafilla Taylor, widow of Edward Day. b. Annej may be the Anne Lynch who married Jacob Rowles on 27 January 1723 in St. Pauls Parish t c. William, born c.1707, age 26 in 1733, age 43 in d. Mary; may be the Mary Lynch who married Joseph Grouch on 3 January 1719 in St. Pauls Parish Researched by William R. Lynch and R. Barnes. i JOSEPH PEREGOY, was born c.1665, and died in Baltimore County before 10 May He married Sarah Mumford, daughter of Edward Mumford. Sarah Was born c.l672 since she gave her age as 42 in Joseph gscve his age as 49 in The children of Joseph and Sarah have been tentatively identified by Harry H. Lee asj a. Edward, died before 14 January 1746/7 in Baltimore County. b. Joseph, Jr., died 1745 in Baltimore County. c. Henry, died possibly 1765 in Frederick County, Virginia d. Frances married John Gollohan on 16 February 1723 in St, Pauls Church, Baltimore, Researched by Harry H. Lee and Robert Barnes

17 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 6 Robert Barnes, Editor October, 1980 BIBLE RECORDS RECEIVED The following Bible Records have been received from members and friends of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. We could use more for possible inclusion in an Annual Publication. We thank those members who remembered the Society with these records. Dunlap Bible, published New Yorki The American Bible Society Earliest Birth 181? Donort unknown. Dunlap Family Record (included on extra page in Bible above) Earliest Birth«1802. Earliest Marriage Residence I East Nottingham. Donort unknown. Whittaker-Creagh Bible Record (Title pages of Bible are missing) Earliest Birth* Earliest Marriage: 1771 Donor«Virginia McComas, 1112 Panorama Drive, Tacoma, Washington, (Notej Mrs. McGomas sent us the records she had copied from a Bible owned by an unnamed person in Ohio). Lytle Family Bible (Title pages not available) Earliest Birth» Donori Mrs. Milton Valois, 520 East Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre,California, Pearce Family Bible (Title pages of Bible not copied) Earliest birthi Earliest marriagei Donor t Mrs. Milton Valois, address as above. QUERIES RECEIVED Fromj Mrs. Milton Valois, 520 East Laurel Avenue, Sierra Madre, California, Need* 1. par. of Mary Amanda KONE, , m. Edward Hayes, Elizabeth Putnam, , wife of William Pearce, par. of Thomas Pearce, , m 0 Elizabeth Bacon. 4. Maiden name of Mary wife of Martin Bacon, = 5«. Par. of John Bacon who m. Temperance Hunt. 6. Par. of William Hunt s b. 1709, and his wf. Elizabeth. 7. Par. of Jane Rawlins, wife of. ; John Hall, whose = son Joshua was b Par. of John Spicer, d. 1739» who m s Juliatha Hawkins. 9. Par. of Christopher Mutchner, , and of his wife Alice (she may have been a widow when she m. Mutchner). 10. Par. of Adam McGlung, and his wife Letitia Richardson. 11. Par. of Thomas Lytle, d. 1764, and of his wife Eleanor. 12. Par. of Charity McComas, , who m. Thomas Lytle, Par s of Henry Schultze, and wife Ann, Any info, on Thomas Parsons, d. 1684, transported in 1649 with wife Isabella, d Info, on Dennis Garrett, d. 1691, who m. Barbara Stone. From i Viola C. Whittle, 106 La Paix Line, Towson, Md., Working oni Whittle of Md. and West of Va. Fromj Evelyn Sterner Pearce, 43 Acorn Circle, Towson, Md., Working oni Henry Sterner and wife Lydia Ann Bailey. He was from ^anover, Pa., and she was from Alesia in northern Balto. Co.

18 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 6 Robert Barnes, E d i t o r P a g e 2 QUERIES (CONTINUED) Fromj Evelyn Sterner Peaces, cont.'d. Working on these familiesisterner, Bailey, Broyles, Pearce, Taylor. From: Elva M. Kees, 2013 Shepperd Road, Monkton, Md., Needs Par. of James Curtis, b, c.1809 in Clay Co., enn. area. From: Charlotte La Masoa, Need: 1. data on John dannoles and Rebecca Dosh. 2. data on John Krichter and his wife Margaret Bosh. Both were living in 1859 according to obituary of George Dosh. From: Elizabeth Bystry, address not given. Need; help in Va. and S. C. counties that lost records prior to 1790 census. From: Shirley Wenz, 977 Fairmount Avenue, Towson, Md., 2120^ Need: help in locating great-grandfather who in the 1880 Census was listed as having been born in Ohio. In 1850, when he would have been 4 or 5» he is not listed in Ohio. Where do I look next. From: Robert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., Need: 1. Par. of Benj. Haines, born c.1795 and sister Catherine ^aines, who m. Noah Stocksdale; all of Balto -Carroll County area. 2. Par. of Ellen Norris, b. c,18f09-10j married Richard Taylor in Balto. Co. 3«Par. of Elizabeth Sampson, m. 26 July 1833 i* 1 Balto., Samuel Barnes. She was born c.1810 and died 29 August Par. of William Swam, d in Balto. Co. 5. Par. of Caleb Harris, m. by 1818 Maria Baker. THIS EMPTY SPACE COULD HAVE CONTAINED YOUR QUERY. 1 (ATTACHED TO THE NOTEBOOK IS A FORM WE ARE ASKING ALL MEMBERS TO COMPLETE AND RETURN BY THE NEXT MEETING SO WE CAN INCLUDE THE INFORMATION IN OUR ANNUAL PUBLICATION).

19 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number 7 Robert Barnes, Editor November, 1980 SUGGESTIONS FOR SOLVING COMMON GENEALOGICAL PROBLEMS One of the most basic genealogical problems is finding the parents of an individual. The following suggestions may be obvious to some researchers, but are offered here in the hopes they will present some new sources to others. 1. Contact living relatives who might know. 2. Look for family Bibles in relatives' homes, in local libraries, in nationwide repositories, and in published collections of Bible records. 3. See if birth certificates were issued for that period in the state where the individual was born. 4. Obtain a death certificate of the individual. 5. Check local newspapers for obituaries. In addition to the brief notice of death and time and place of burial many newspapers contain longer write-ups on some of the deceased,/ which contain more biographical information. 6. Visit the cemetery where the deceased is buried and see if the names of the parents are on the tombstone. 7. Check probate records for individuals of same name to see if your person is listed as:an heir. Don't stop with willsj check administration accounts and inventories. 8. Investigate possible churches for Ipcation of baptismal records. 9. Remember to research the land records deeds may show your person selling land which the deed states he or she had inherited from a parent or grandparent. 10. Dig up old chancery, and/or eguity cases to see if your quarry was one of several heirs named in a suit to settle an estate. 11. Investigate guardian accounts, orphans court.indentures, orphans court proceedings and county court proceedings to see if your ancestor was ever made a ward of the court, or bound out as an apprentice. 12. Obtain a complete list of the person's own children and/or siblings, to see if a recurring given or middle name may suggest a parent. Among certain ethnic groups the naming of chuldren followed a pattern. 13. Check county histories and published genealogies. 14. If all else fails, go through steps 1-13 for each of the siblings of your ancestor. 15. Keep on trying. Parents' names will be found in unusual places. This writer once found the name of his great-greatrgrandfather's father in a list of patients visited by a particular doctor. BIBLE RECORD RECEIVED Benn-Kees Family Bible, pub.philadelphia, C. Alexander and Co., Earliest Birth* Earliest Marriage! 1828 Donor: Mrs. G. H. Kees, 2013 Sheppard Rd. B; Monkton, Md., VIRGINIA BOOKS OWNED BY SOCIETY MEMBERS The following members of the Society have indicated they wouldfie willing to check their Virginia books for other members of the Society, in exchange for a self addressed stamped envelope or a telephone call. Owners' initials are given following the name of the book. RB - Robert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., EG - Edward Goodman, Fontaine Drive, Baltimore, Md., TH - Thomas Hollowak, 2804 Florida Avenue, Balto., Md., NL - Mrs. Nell Langford, 307 Dumbarton Road, Balto., Md.,

20 Notebook of _the_ Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number,,? Robert Barnes, Editor Page 2 Virginia Books Owned by Society Members (continued). The editor has included some articles from genealogical periodicals. Alderson, Rev. John, Marriage Register, , in Wm. and Mary Qu.. Vol. VIII, 2nd ser., July 1928, pp (RB) Chamberlaynj Bristol Parish, Virginia (NL) Currer-Briggs, Noel; Virginia Settlers_and English Adventurers, 3 vols in 1. (RB) Eckenrode; List of the Colonial^Soldiers' of Virginia (EG) Felldln} Index to the 1820 Census of Virginia (EG) Hatch} The Byrdsl of Virginia. (R"B! Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States, Taken in the Year 1790; Records of the..state.enumerations, 1?82 to r?85» Virginia (EG) MooreTHenrico Parish. Virginia; Annals and History (TH) "Surgeons or Surgeons' Mates in the Revolutionary Wai?," PAR Mag., May 1966, pp, ^Jj_i(65 (RB) ' Topping; Approved Place Names in Virginia (EG) Withington, Virginia Gleanings _in England, (TH and RB) County Sources Albemarle Co. Lea,"Cocke Cemetery," NGSQ, Sept. 1965, 53«3»2l6 (RB) Alsxsjndi'is. Vs. * Walker, "Guide to Town Secords of...," NGSQ, Sept. 1964, 52i3il43 ff. (RB) Amelia Co. Bockstrock, "Some...Colonists, " NGSQ. Sept. 1977, 65s3*234 ff. (RB) "Marriage Bonds of...," PAR Mag. (RB has pages covering A-R). Augusta Co. Smith, "Providence and Timber Ridge Presbyterian Congregations, 1753," NGSQ, March 1971, 59»1»24 ff, (RB) Campbell Co. Baber, Blunt, and Collins, Marriages and Deaths from Lynchburg Newspapers, (EG) Baber and Moore, Behind the,,old Brick Wall; A, Cemetery Story (Old Lynchburg Cemetery (EG) Baber and Williamson, Marriages of Campbell Co., Va., 1?82- to 1810 (EG) Early, Campbell Chronicles^ andfamily Sketches ( E G ) ~ ~ Fauquier Co. "Grove Baptist Church Death Records," WGSQ. Sept. 1977, 65:3:235 ff. (RB) Floyd Co. Zion Lutheran Church Records, , PAR Mag.. Jan. 1970, pp (RB) King and Queen Co. Tombstone Inscriptions, PAR Mag.. March (RB) Lancaster Co. Lee, Lancaster Go. Marriage Bonds, Q (RB) Norfolk Co. Barrett, "Marr. Bonds of Norfolk Co., ," in Wm. and Mary Qu., Vol. VIII, 2nd ser., July 1928, pp (RB) Pittsylvania Co. "Patriots," in PAR Mag. (RB) Prince Edward Co. Knorr, Marriages of Prince JSdward Go., Va. (NL) Rocfcbridge Co. / "Marriages from Minister's Lists, ," PAR Mag.. April 1962 (1795-7), and April 1963 ( ) (RB) Shenandoah Co. Herbert, "Gravestone Inscriptions," NGSQ, 59«2tl29 ff; 59*3*222 ff.j 59*3*296 ff.

21 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Number,? Robert Barnes, Editor Page 3 Virginia County Sources (continued) Surry Go. Boddie, Colonial Surry (NL) Davis, Surrjr County Records (RB) Davis, Wills and Administrations of Surry..County, (RB and TH) Knorr, Marriages of Surry County'(NL) There will be no notebook in December, but we will aim for a January 1981 number. The editor welcomes short articles or tips for improving research. We would like to publish a bibliography of Pennsylvania sources owned by our members, who would be willing to consult them (not/loan them) for other members. QUERIES RECEIVED Fromi Mrs. Evelyn Sterner Pearce, 43 Acorn Circle, Towson, Mi., Seeking information ont Broylis of Page and Madison Counties, Virginia, and on Taylor of Page County, Virginia. Fromj Mr. Walter B. Burrell, Sr., 4208 Garland Avenue, Baltimore, Mi., Seeking information onj 1. Burrell, Little, Robinson, Ross, Ranson, Young, and Conner families. 2. John Burrell (Burwell), b. 1828, lived Patrick Co., Va.; married Maria ( ), b. 18 April 1824, d. 1919} had dau. named Sallie. 3. Booker Little, b. 1830, Wadesboro, Anson Co., N.C., had a son named Monroe, b James W. Robinson', b. 1849, and wife Ann Eliza, b j both lived near Lilesville, Anson Co., N.C. 5. Britton Ross, b, 1820; m. Matilda ( ), b. 1828; had son named Preston. All lived in area of Stuart U <,, (Patrick Co.), Va. 6. Turner Ranson, b. July 1870; married Emma ( ), b. 1869; both lived in Rappahannock, Essex Go., area of Va. 7. Skidmore Young, b. March 1872; m. Annie Rousie, b. Feb. 1877? Essex Co., Virginia. 8. Ben Conner and wife America j both lived in Stuart, Va., Patrick Co., in I860. Don't forget to return the forms attached to the last issue of the Notebook.

22 ' ""l '(,< Notebook of the, Baltimore Coimt&lGenealogical Society _ Number 8 Robert Barnes, Editor W ' January* v Baltimore County Marriage References ' 2nd Series Compiled by Robert Barnes In the first issue of the notebook we included some marriage references taken from Baltimore County land records. Now we offer some found by a. systematic combing of Baltimore County Court -Proceedings at the Hall of Records* The reader should remember that the date is that by which the marriage had occurred. Given in parentheses is the liber 1 and page number* Liber D covers * Liber F#l covers Liber G#l covers , Liber IS#B is for the years , while Liber IS#IA covers Liber IS#C covers Adams, Richard, married by Dec. 1691, Mary, admnx* of John Stansby. Askew, Richard, married by Dec. 1691, Mary, relict and extx. of Edward Reeves. H28 1 G#U84) Bently, Stephen, married by Nov. 1693, Ann, relict of Philip (Piffiohs?), formerly the wife of William Pearle. (F#Li300, 307) Bird, John, m, by Nov, 1684, the widow of James Armstrong, (D»212) Bolton, John, m. by Nov. 1685, Dorothy Crandon. (Ds358) Bowen, Benjamin, m. by Nov. 1710, Mary, widow and admnx. of Nathaniel Ruxton, (IS#BJ187) Brangwell, Peter, m, by 30 April (1683?), Elizabeth Kemb, (0*9*0 Broad, John, m. by Nov. 1692, Barbara, relict of Dennis Garrett, (F#l»276) Burroughs, Richard, m. by March 1716/7, Eliz., relict of John Brown, (ls#iat93) Cannon, Tho., died by Sept His admnx. Henrietta m. Edward Reeves. (Ds.,0.87) ColliBr, John, m. by March 1684/5 i Sarah, admnx. of George Hooper. (Ds252) Copas, John, m, by Nov, 1685, Ann, widow of Matthew Wood, (D$356) Corne, Thomas, m, by Aug. 1714, Elisabeth, extx. of John Mortimore, (IS#B*566) Cornelius, John, m, by March 1719, Sarah, admnx. of Stephen White. (IS#C*342) Crashow, William, married Elizabeth Russell, He died by Aug* and she married 2) William Harris, (Di385) Cutchin, Thomas, m. by Aug, 1715, Jane Hicks. (ls#bi633) i Death, Randall, m. Rebecca (---)* He died by Nov, 1692 and she married 2) Anthony Demasters. (F// ) Demasters, Anthony, m, by Nov, 1692, Rebecca, widow of Randall Death, (F#l«325) Denton, James, m. by Aug, 1684, Rebecca, widow of Thomas 0 'Daniel. (Dtl64) Devega, John, m. by Sept, 1693, Elizabeth, admnx. of William Dison* (G. L«103) Downs, John, m. by March 1711/2, Mary, admnx. of Christopher Durbin. (IS#BO08) DoWse?, Edward, d. by Dec His extx. in, 2) Thomas James, (F#ltlll) Durham, James, m. by March 1709, Margaret, extx. of William Galloway. (ls#bt!25) Durham, John, m. by Nov. 1683, Jane, admnx, of William Chpj.ce, (Dsl3,l4) Ebden, William, m. by 3 April 1676, Jane (----), who later m. Michael Judd. Ensor, John, m. by March 1709» Elisabeth, admnx, of Abraham Enloes* (ls#esl33) Farfarr, William, m. by Nov. 1714, Eleanor, admnx. of John Harryman. (ls#bj598) Fitzsimmons, Nicholas, m. by Sept. 1693, Martha, admnx* of Joseph Heathcote. (G#1«116, 152) By March 1717 he ra. Elizabeth (---}, (IS#IA:235) Friend, James, m, by -March 1683/4, Jane, relict of Ambrose Gillett. (Dll4l) Fr,izsell, James, m. by Nov. 1692, Mary, ' mother of William York. (F#l«3l6)

23 Notebook of the Baltimofe County Genealogical Society t Number 8 Robert Barnes, Editor $? Page 2 (Baltimore County Marriage References i Series 2, continued) ""-"' Gillett, Ambrose, d* by March 1683/4. His relict Jane m* 2) James Howard* (Dtl4l) Gillibourn, Thomas, m. by March 1691/2, Mary Finder, relict and admnx. of Timothy Finder. (F#l»l64) Hall, John, m* by March 1693/4, Martha, extx. of George Goldsmith. (G#li205) Harris, William, m. by March 1684/5, relict and admnx. of William Hollis. (D»24o) Harris, William, m. by Aug. 1685, Elizabeth (Russell), widow of William Crashow. (D.385) Hayes, Edmund, m* by Nov. 1?10, Mary Mencham, who when a minor had been bound to Nathaniel Ruxton on 6 June 1699* (ls#b»187) Hewett, ( ), m* by Nov. 1721, Mary, dau. of Thomas Williamson* (IS#C<626) Hillen, John, m. by Nov. 1?08, Margaret, admnx, of Thomas James. (ls#bi!8) Hitchcock, George, m. by Aug. 1714, Mary, admnx. of Tego 0*Tracey. (IS#B«547) Hollis, William, m. by Nov* 1692, a dau. of Abraham and Sarah Clark* (F#li310) Humphries, Richard, m, by March 1719i Elizabeth, admnx. of Henry Jones* (ls#co42) Hutchins, Thomas, m. by March 1709, Susanna, extx. of Thomas Richardson. (IS#B*120) Ishara, James, m. by June 1719» Eliz'th, admnx. of Williafll Robinson* (ls#ci!62) James, Thomas, m* by Dec. 1691, the extx. of Edward Dowse? (F#ltlll), Judd, Michael, m. by 2 Aug. 1681, Jane, former wife of William Ebden* (F#lil65) Love, Robert,, m. by June 1693, Sarah, dau. of Thomas Thurston. (F#l»4l5*489) > (^J McComas, John, m. by June 1713i Ann, extx. of John Edwards* (ls#bt383) McComas, John, m. by March 1719/20, Ann, mother of Julian Love. (IS#C:280) Macklday, John, m. by March.1719/20, Ann, extx. of Robert Gardner* (ls#ci342) Massey, Edward, m. by March 1718 (1717/8), Ann, admnx. of Samuel Greening. (ls#ia*253) Matthews, Thomas, m. by Nov. 1718, Sarah, extx. of John Thomas. (ls#lai55) Morris, Thomas, m, by June 1711, widow of Simeon Jackson. (!S#Bt2lO) Ogg, Francis, m. by June 1710, Katherine, admnx. of Henry Rhodes. (IS#B*156) Oleff, Robert, m. by March 1693/4, Margaret* mother of Em Westbury* (G#l»215) Oldton, John, m, by Sept. 1693, Ann, extx. of David Jones* (G#ltl26) Osborne, William, m. by March 1693/4, Margaret, extx. of John Walstone* (G#lt205) Pearle, William, d. by Nov Widow Ann m. 2) Philip Fissions» and 3) by Nov 1693, Stephen Bentley* (F#li300,307) Fissions, (Pitstow), William, or Philip?, m. by Nov. 1692, Ann, relict of William Pearce. Ann m, 3) Stephen Bentley. (F#l»307) Ramsey, Charles, m. by March 1691/2, Elizabeth, widow of John Walley, and dau. of Thomas Thurston. (F#lil52) Reeves, Edward, m. by Sept. 1684, Henrietta, admnx. of Thos. Cannon. (Dtl87) Richardson, Mark, m. by June 1683, the widow of George Utie. (Di45) Rogers, James, m. by Nov. 1692, Mary ( ), who bore his child and was then deserted by him. (F#l»320) Sater, Henry, m. by June 1?18, Mary, admnx. of Edward Stevenson. (IS#IA*316) >,' Savage, Hill, m* by March 1718/9, Eleanor, extx. of Peter Bond* (IS#IA<74) Shavers, Abraham, m. by Aug. 1718, Mary, extx. of Henry Dukes. (IS#IA»19) Srni-th, John, m. by Nov. 1721, widow of Thomas Williamson* (ls#gj626)

24 Notebook ofthe Baltimore County Genealogical Society,,.. Number 8 Robert Barnes, Editor i< ' ' Page 3 Baltimore County Marriage References, Series 2, continued Stansby, John, d. by Dec His admnx., Mary m. by this date to Richard Adams* (F#lll46) Stone, Thomas, m. by Aug. 1720, Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Hintbn* Whose children are to live with sd. Elizabeth* (ls#c>359) Taylor, John, m* by June 1711, Elizabeth, extx. of William Pecket, dec. (ls#bl 213, 216) Taylor, Thomas, m. by June 1714, Elizabeth, extx. of Edward Welch. (IS#Bj513.) Teal, Edward, m. by Nov. 1711» Hannah, admnx. of Nathaniel Stinchcomb* dec* (IS#B»274, 297) Thomas, David, m. by June 17l4, Hannah, mother of William Smith* (IS#B*507) Thurcall, Thomas, m. by Aug. 1684, Jane 0'Daniel, dau. of Thomas 0'Daniel, and step-dau. of James Denton. (D»l64) Tippar, Edgar, m. by March 1714/5, Elizabeth* admnx. of William Pritchard* (IS#Bi6l2) Treadway, Richard, m. by June 1713, Jane, mother of John Smith* (IS#B*379) Walley, John, d. by March 1691/2. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Thurston, and by that date she had m. 2) Charles Ramsey. (F#l»152) Wallford?, John, m. by Nov. 1693, Mary, extx. of John Nicholson, (G#lil65) Wilkinson, William, m, by Sept. 1684, Elizabeth, heir of Abraham and Sarah Clark* (Dil99) Windley, Richard, d. by March 1693/4, Mary, sister of Arthur Taylor* (G#li220) York, William, m. by June 1692, the relict of John Wood. (F#lil86, 187) York, William, m. by Sept. 1695, the extx k of Jasrob Lotton* (G#ll490) ##################################.####### Will any living relatives with information on or photos of any Merryman houses or mills near Loch Raven Reservoir, please contact Shirley B. Clemens, , or Andarew Clemens, (Especially needed are photos of houses or mills that belonged to Hoses, Micajah, Dr. Moses* George Harryman, or Henry C* Merryman. William Wilson moved from Gal vert Co. to Long Green, Baltimore Co.» where he died in 1753* He m. Rachel Childs in 1715* Is he descended from James Wilson who died prior to 1736, and who was a grandson of James Wilsonj the immigrant* who was granted Forked Neck in 1652? James the immigrant died ih l6?2. Query submitted by Mr* Elmer R. Haile, Jr*, 4610 Hydes Rd.» Hydes, Md*, Need par. of James Baxter Smith, b. 1740, d* 1794, m. Sarah Heath Franklin, b* 1750, d. 1819, dau* of Maj. Thomas Franklin Who lived on Blenheint near Sweet Air. Query submitted by Elmer Ri Haile» Jr.} address above* Mrs. Harold F. Hannah, Jr., 407 E. Cherry, Normal, 111., 61761, needs data ont William Osborne, fl. by 1695, m. Margaret. James Ewing, m* Caroline Gilbert in Harf* Co., before Martin Taylor, d in Balto. Co., and wife Sarah who m, 2) a Robinson. Robert Hawkins, m. Ann Buchanan, Balto. Co*, Rachael Childs, m. William Wilson, in 1715* Thomas Gittings,owner of Long Green, before (to be continued in our next issue)

25 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society^; t.number 8 Robert Barnes, Editor ' «* * P a g e 4 A SALUTE TO THE BALTIMORE COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY IN ITS FOURTH YEAR It has "been marvelous to note the growth of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society after just threfe years. Much of the credit needs to be given to the very faithful and hardworking officers and committee chairpersons. President Angela lardella - with a strong guiding hand, outstanding leadership, keen interest and devoted love - has served thre«years* Also, Secretary Aledr, Bunch has Served for three years, Working hard and contributing envelopes and postage to cover the cost of the mailings* Although am we cannot name all the Workers and members who have helped to make the Society grow, to all we say a heartfelt Thank you?.*thank YoUJ ######################################## MEET THE NOMINEES FOR THE JANUARY 1981 ELECTION The Nominating Committee has presented the following slate of officers for your consideration. Herewith is a short resume of each. For PRESIDENT* Mrs. Carroll (Evelyn) Pearce* charter member of B.C.G*S*t and served in 1980 as vice-president. She is a native Marylander who Was employed as a multiline underwriter for Maryland Casualty Co.J president of the Sterner Clan of Hanoe ver, Penna.; a genealogist with many years' experience. For VICE-PRESIDENTt Thomas L. H allowafc, a native of Md., and employed since 1973 at the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and since 19?8 working at the Peabody Branch, where he is Departmental Assistant. He has indexed 13 publications, and published two books! INDEX OF MARRIAGES AND DEATHS IN THE (BALTIMORE) SUN* » and INDEX OF MARRIAGES IN THE (BALTIMORE) SUN, He has served as editor of the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, and is working on several other publications for the Polish Genealogical Society* For RECORDING SECRETARY! Mrs. Denton C. (Marion) Anderson, born in Shang-hai, Chinas, where she lived to the age of 6} grew up in New Jersey, and has lived in Baltimore County since She began working on genealogy in that year, and is a member of the Baltimore County Committee for the Maryland Historical Trust* She was co-author, co-editor, and co-researcher for the Bicentennial Book, Limestone Valley, and is now working on a book on Texas, Md. She is taking a course in Historic Preservation at Goucher College. For CORRESPONDING SECRETARYt Mrs. George (Doris) Gallup, a native Marylander, with four grown children, was employed at the Martin Company, as well as at the Baltimore County School, Board. She is presently a housewife and Administrative Assistant in her husband's business. For TREASURER i Elmer R. Haile, a native Marylander, has traced his ancestors back to the 1600's in Maryland* He has been a civil engineer for ^3 year's* a retired captain from World Mar II, active alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University, secretary and editor of the Long Green Valley Lions Club, assistant librarian at the Baltimore County Historical Society» and a researcher and writer. ######.##############################»#### - The editor of the Notebook thanks Mr. and Mrs. Haile and the Nominating Committee for the material on this page, and also for a book review t which will be published in our next issue. Members are reminded to send in the surname interest sheet attached to sifi a former Notebook.

26 Notebook lumber 9- DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE Page 2 DIVISION OF VITAL RECCRDS P.O. BOX 13Iii6 BALTIMORE, MARYLAND U. We are unable to comply with your request for the reason indicated below: ^ 1, We do not have on file any County records of births or deaths prior to We do not have on file any Baltimore City records of births or deaths prior to 3* The event occurred outside the State of Maryland. You should write to: ll* A refund check for $ should reach you within the next four weeks from the State Treasurer at Annapolis, Maryland. Please cash it promptly.. THE FEE KR AN OFFICIAL IRAN SCRIPT OF A BETH, DEATH ffi MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE IS TWO DOLLARS ($2.00) FCR EACH COPY. IF THE RECCED IS NOT FOUND TO BE ON FILE, A FEE OF TWO DOLLARS ($2.00) IS CHARGED KB THE SEARCH AND FCR AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT INDICATING SUCH FACT. DO NOT SEND CASH THiOUGH THE MAIL. SEND CHECKS OR MCHET ORDERS MADE PAXABLE TO THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MENTAL HYGIENE. 6. We do not have sufficient information for a search. Please complete and return the enclosed application form together with the appropriate fee.?. Sou did not remit the required fee with your application. Please return the application with the proper fee. 8* Tou failed to sign the enclosed check. Please sign it and return it together with the enclosed application form which you should complete. 9» The issuance of an official -transcript of a birth certificate or,any information therefrom is restricted to the individual if of legal age, a parent or parents named on the birth certificate, the individual's legal guardian, or the lawful representative of the individual named on the certificate. 10. The issuance of an official transcript of a death certificate or any information therefrom is restricted to requests from surviving relatives of the deceased or their authorized representative. 11. The issuance of an official transcript of a marriage record or any information therefrom is restricted to the individuals named on the marriage certificate, to en attorney representing one of the parties to the marriage, or to any other person who demonstrates that the information contained in the marriage certificate /is necessary for the determination or protection of personal or property rights, 12. DHMH 29L 1RB1 -Rev.. _., _, 3/81-10M State Registrar of Yital Records

27 ..lie Notebook Number 9 March 1981 The Baltimore County Genealogical Society, P. 0. Box Towson, Maryland Robert Barnes, Editor BALTIMORE COUNTY ANCESTORS THOMAS TREADWAY. Neither his place or date of birth is known. Family tradition states that John Treadway and his son Crispin left County Rutland, England, for Maryland; that John died on the voyage and was buried at sea. Crispin landed in what is now Harford County and settled at the head of Bush River. He was the father of Thomas. Thomas was a much jnarried man. He married first Ann ( ). His second wife was Mary Bull, married 2? December His third wife was Elizabeth McComas, daughter of William McComas. Thomas took as his fourth wife Mrs. foary Gittings. The children of Thomas were* l) Daniel, born 22 November ) Mary, born 8 November 1?26 married ( ) Cunningham. 3) Thomas, born 20 May 1730, probably died young. 4) John, born 25 January 1735> died 12 January 1766, married first in 1761 Mrs. Elizabeth Osborn, and second Sarah Griffith. 5)Crispin, born 19 June 1736, probably died young. 6) William, born 23 October 1739; migrated to Virginia. 7) Martin, born 7 October 174-1, probably died young. 8) Aaron, born 2 November 1744; was in Burke Co., Morgan Dist., N.C., 1790 with three sons and four daughters. 9) Moses, born 22 February 1748, died 14- November 1805 in Prince Edward Co., Virginia, having married Sarah Hopkins. /s/ Esther Gilbert Harmon. THOMAS MITCHELL appeared in Baltimore County in 1710, when he patented land. His first wife is not known, but may have been Susanna. He married second Ann ( ), He had two children by his first wife and five.- by his second wife. -His children were* l) Susanna. 2) Richard, born 26 August 1710; married Elizabeth Williams on 1 January ) Hannah, born 1716; married John Johnson. 4) Thomas, born 7 February 1719; married Hannah Osborne on 24 December ) Kent, born 2 January 1724; married Hannah Barnes. 6) Edward, born 21 April 1727; married Rachel ( ). 7) William, born 10 August 1730; married Sarah Osborne on 11 June /s/ Esther Gilbert Hannon. ######################################### Mrs. Harold F. Hannon, Jr., 407 E. Cherry, Normal, Illinois, 61761, wants more.information on the followingt Thomas Mitchell who patented land in Baltimore County, Ford Barnes, married Margaret Farmer on 21 September Archibald Buchanan, died 1723, married Mary ( ); res. Baltimore Co. Daniel Scott, Jr., b. 1655, Bengies* Point, Md., d. 1723/4, Balto. Co. James Lee, died by 1674, Chas. Co., Md. John Webster, b. 1670, Kent Island; married Hannah Butterworth. John Waters, in A, A. Co., Md,, by Gregory Farmer, married Sarah Hughes on 27 August John Johnson at Bengies Point, in l600*s. John Williams, married Mary Wheeler by Mrs. Hannon needs parents of all of the above. ######################################### The following two pages are reprints of form letters put out by the Division of Vital Records in Maryland. They are made available to the BCGS by member Ed Goodman.

28 ine Notebook Number 9 STATE OF MARYLAND DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & MENTAL HYGIENE Division of Vital Records 201 W. Preston Street Baltimore, Maryland March 1981 Page 3 "V MARRIAGE RECORDS For marriages performed after June 1, 19 l, certified copies of certificates may be obtained from the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene or from the Clerk of the Circuit Court listed below. If certified copies are requested from this office, please remit a fee of $2.00 for each copy. Make check cr money order payable to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. For marriages performed before June 1, 19 l, certified copies of the certificates are available only jqrom the Circuit Court. See below the proper fees and addresses of the Clerks of the Circuit Courts. COEHTT Allegany Anne Arundel Baltimore Calvert Caroline Carroll Cecil Charles Dorchester Ifederick Garrett Bar ford Balto. City COMTY SEAT FEE Cumber land $2.00 Annapolis Towson Prince Brederick Denton Westminster 3.00 Elk-ton 2.00 La Plata 2.00 Cambridge 3.00 Srederick 2.00 Oakland 2.00 Bel Air 2.00 Baltimore City 2.00 DIVORCE RECORDS COTOTT Howard Kent Montgomery Prince George's Queen Anne's Saint Mary's Somerset Talbot Washington Wicomico Worcester COENTY SEAT Ellicott City Chester town Rockville Upper Marlboro Centreville Leonardtown Princess Anne Easton Eagerstown Salisbury Snow Hill FEE $3.30 2,00 2,5b 2,00 2,00 2, U.OO Clerk, Court of Common Pleas Court House, Baltimore, Maryland Certified copies of divorce or annulment of marriage decrees may be obtained only irora the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county or Baltimore City in which the divorce or annulment was granted. The fee for certified copies varies from one county to the other. In order to determine the proper fee, it will be necessary to write to the Clerk of the Circuit Court where the divorce was granted. The Department of Health & Mental Hygiene may only verify a divorce or an annulment which took place after January 1, It may not issue any certified copies of decrees. *Address for Baltimore City Divorces: Clerk, Circuit Court of Baltimore City, or_ Clerk, Circuit Court ^ of Baltimore City Court House, Baltimore, Maryland m 083 DHMH /80-1M DIVISION OF VITAL RECORDS

29 The Notebook Number 10 June 1981 The Baltimore County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 10085, Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnes, Editor '- \ f 1 i ' RESBAHCH IN YORK COUNTY i 1 ' People interested in York County, Pennsylvania, families, or families from northern Baltimore County, will want to visit the several repositories in York. The following information is offered as a service to those persons, i ' :j The Historical Society of York Cpunty 1, 250 Bast Market Street, York, PA, Hours for, Libraryl Tues. and Thirs. if5; Mon., Wed., Eri., and Sat., 9-5. $2.00 a day for non-members. The Society*sj library contains 12,000 books, 40 periodicals, 1500 bound periodicals, and 1300 rolls of microfilm* The following special collections are of particular interestt i 1. Family file- folders containing charts, newspaper clippings, correspondence. 2. Vital statistics card file - data taken from church records, newspapers, and other sources pertaining to birth, death, marriage. 3. Cemetery card file - includes! inscriptions from gravestones of family plots for most graveyards in York and Adams Counties. 4. Tax records cards - for tax listings pre * Naturalization card file - entries list the head of the family, his former country, and the date of naturalization. 6. Wills card file - taken..from-wills at the York-County CouutyHouse Census card.file 8. Land record card file - lists' name of owner of property *wd where land is located. Cards refer to files of actual deeds which may be seen by the public unless condition is too fragile. 9. Cross reference - valuable information that may not be found elsrhkere. 10* Church records from 1?33 to Many existing church records Tr^m before 1850 are here. i 11. Church register index -, listing which contains individual family names found in the church registers. j 12. Genealogical Reports on various families found in sources prior to Reports do not exist for all jfamilies, but are extremely valuable. 13. Cemetery Record Books - data Is arranged by cemetery rather than by family name. <j 14. York County in the Revolutionary War (two sets, each with separate index) i this series contains compiled service records of York Countians in the Revolutionary War. j i 15«Index to wills and administration books, which are located at the Court House. 16. Biography and Portrait Encyclopedia of the 19th Congressional District,. 17. Index to Hanover Newspapers. ;' 18. Mortality schedules for York jand Adams Counties. 19. Indices to the Pennsylvania Archives. 20. Microfilm recordsi births, ; willa, ; orphans court documents, ; marriage certificates, ; and deaths, ? land records; census returnsjfor York and Adams Counties, 'i South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Box 1824, York, FA., This organization publishes a monthly newsletter ten times a year, and several special publications throughout the year. York Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This library offers access to the microfilm holdings of the LDS; Hours have been Wed., 9-9, and Sat., 9-1. Call for current information on hours, and address,

30 Notebook Number 10 June 1981 ;ob*rtbarnes, Sditor > «; Page 2 The York County Court House Is located on Market Street a few blocks west of the Historical Society* John W. Heisey, writing in "Our Name's the Game," January 19?6, listed the following as being in the court houset A. Basement - Recorder of Wills offleet wills, orphans court dockets, administration bonds, inventories, guardian accounts, original wills. - Register of Marriages f1885 to present). - jland Office (Current Records only) B. Main floor ' '.. -,/, j ;,. -Recorder of Deeds offices deeds, mortgages, veterans discharges, and indices to the above.-,. ; ) - Veterans" Offieet tombstones for veterans buried in the countyi Revolutionary War to the presents ; <j -Prothonotary's office* civil cases; naturalization data; passport data. C. Second floor! «-sheriff's officet data on ^uarter sessions, 17^ on D. Attic (difficult to get to) j -Tax records! get key from assessor's office on main floor; someone will have to accompany you. I ; i -Original bound books of;various records which have been ree^ied..' - Birth and Death records i bound volumes, H-+f*4"K++f*+*H"**»+++4'»+»l-++^ QUERIES ;, 1 Mrs. Peggy Kelgleri 130 Warwick Drive, Lutherville, Md., 21093; wants data oai 1. Providence Tolley who married Francis -Dallahyde in A. A. Co.; moved to Baltimore County. i 2. Sarah Tolley who married, Thomas Heath probably in A. A. Co., and later moved ' to A. A. Co.. They may have been daughters of Thomas Tolley I. 3. Death date of Catherine Warner Howard, widow of Samuel Howard, who married a Thomas Tolley on 6 Nov in St. Annes, A. A. Co. Edna Kanely, 8210 Chesterfield Avenue, Baltimore, Md., 21213, needs» * 1. Parents of Thomas Galloway who died 18 May 1798 leaving five children j.aqulla, Thomas, William, Ruth wife of Thomas Farrell and Mary wife of! John Demora.... i 2. Parents of Ann Nancy Barton who married Aquila Galloway on 4 April 1792; also names of any of their children besides Kezla, born 1795; married John Cornelia on 22 'June i 3. i Proof that John Cornelia, mentioned above, is the John Kanely listed as black- 1 smith in 1827 Balto. Directory. Also data on Kanely 's parents and siblings.»*** I 1 1 -H-H-f-H- f -H"H. ^+»+ < 4^-H4-++-f4^^-HHS-+4^4''HHH--H--H-f t^-h-h-m^-h-f HHH"H"f"H'+»4 II < HH OFFERS TO HELP j.,, i..".1. Edna Kanely, address given above, has the following books she will check for members of the Society* j ' F. Edward Wright, Maryland Militia War of 1812, vol. 2. (Baltimore). Fraik Smith, A Genealogical Gazeteer of Scotland, (includes names of parishes having registers prior to with lists of non-conformist chapel registers. Papenfuse, Collins, and Allan* ; Guide to the Maryland Hall of Records; Local, Judicial, and Administrative Records on Microform - vol. I. Colket and Brldgers, Guide to the Genealogical Records in the National Archives., Place Names in Delaware, Nbw and Formerly.

31 The Notebook Number 10 June 1981 Robert Barnes,l!aitor Page 3 BOOK REVIEW Index of Baltimore Comity Wills, l659-18f>0, compiled Toy Bettie 3. Carothers and Robert W, Barnes, Cranwell, Road ; Lutherville, Maryland, 210?? This index is easier to use than the index to Kills in the pr&timova City Court House because it is strictly alphabetical, wheras the.: index in t s s Baltimore City Court House uses the Burr system. Where more than one spelling of a name occurs, both spellings are given* Errors in I the Court House index have teen corrected, and some wills that are not listed,in the c. h. index have been included in this one* It is unfortunate that this index was not extended another year or two to the beginning of the.index of wills on file at:;the,towson Court House. " i..,' : K{ ;' j ; '! '' / s / Elmer R*.i Halle, Jr. I SAW IN THE PAPERS... > ft! ' ' f- ' Prom the Towson Joffersonian, k March 19^9» Mrs. EPPIE RENA WOODING, 80, ofjphillipsburg, Kansas, a former resident of Baltimore County, is endeavoring to establish the date of her birth in order to straighten out a legal matter..; She was born at Parkton on October 5, 13$9» and is connected in some way with the TALBOT and STIPLER families. Her father was the late DANIEL SWSBURY, and her mother was the late ELIZABETH CHILCOAT S?MSBURY. Mrs. Wooding, whose husband, a pensioned railroad switchman, died on January 26th last, believes there may be some old residents in the upper part of the county who remembers her family and can furnish the date of her birth. Anyone who can furnish the desired information will please con**"**. Vte Jeffersonian, or call Mrs. Wooding direct. This item was submitted by Pat Czerniewski, member of the BCGS.»H»»M I I I i > t H4 H-+H- ^» H f H- GENEALOGICAL WORK IN PROGRESS Your editor is compiling material to be -published by the Genealogical Publishing Company on all the families that lived in Baltimore County, I have already abstracted all administration accounts, and am currently working on the court records and births found in the extant, church and Quaker records. If space allows it, some families may be continued beyond the 1?59 cutoff date. Queries pertaining to specific families will be answered as time allows, and if a SASE is enclosed with the query. HN+-H-H H As the season draws to a close, I would like to thank all those members of the Society who contributed to the Notebook by mailing it to others, % submitting queries and articles, by having pages duplicated at no cost to the Society, and by letting me know what they like about the Notebook. If I named names, I might inadvertently leave someone out, so will say "thank you," to all* i.. I i.. ' :- 1 Robert Barnes.

32 \ v Baltimore County Genealogical Society P.O. Box Towson, Maryland The Notebook Number 11, September 1981 Robert Barnes, Editor BUDGET GUIS THREATEN NATIONAL ARCHIVES Dr. Malcolm H. Stern, Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists, writes that the Reagan budget as approved by Congress is posing serious threats to the services which the National Archives will be able to render all of us interested in genealogy. The cuts in staff, programs, and publications will affect our research. We can do something to counteract these problems. We can help to make the National Archives and Records Service (NARS) an independent institution by urging our senators to support the pending Archives Independence Bill S-1421, and by requesting the Senate to hold hearings on the bill this year. At present NARS is a subsidiary cf the General Services Administration, which is not particularly sympathetic to researchers' needs. An independent NARS would have the right to appeal directly to Congress for its specific needs to preserve, catalogue, and make available the records of our nation. The entire bill with supporting arguments can be found in the Congressional Record of 2*f June Please write to your senators today. While the Baltimore County Genealogical Society takes no stand on political issues, we fool a responsibility to bring matters affecting genealogists to the attention of our members. The Editor»:*^$^^^^ BASIC RECORDS OP THE ORPHANS' COURT The following terms and definitions were found in Morris L. Radoff, Gust Skordas, and Phebe R. Jacobs en, The County Courthouses and^ Records of Maryland t Part.Tffpj. The Records (Publication No. 13, the Hall of Records Commission, State of Maryland, Annapolis, 1963). ORPHANS COURT MINUTSS OS PROCEEDINGS. These are records of the orders, decisions, and other proceedings of the Orphans' Ccuit. Sometimes guardian bonds, indentures of orphans and apprentices, and certificates of freedom were recorded here. Later separate series of records carried some of these transactions. ADMINISTRATION DOCKETS, or ESTATE DOCKETS,. These vary from county to county, but usually list the name of the deceased, and his executor or administrator, and the dates and references to the filing of certain key documents. Important because administration was sometimes granted on an estate, and then nothing more was done. PETITIONS AND ORDERS. These contain items pertaining to the settlement of estates. WILLS. The written testamentary wishes of a person indicating how his or her property is to be divided. ADMINISTRATION BONDS. These were bonds filed by adminsitrators or executors ' requiring that they faithfully carry out their responsibilities. Usually two bondsmen or securities would also si^nt They may havo been relatives of the administrator or 'executor. Examples exist of such bonds being filed, indicating that someone had died, but nor further action was taken on tho estate.

33 The Notebook«Number 11 " September 1981} page 2. / INVENTORIES. These were lists of the personal property of the deceased compiled / by two appraisers! signed by two "of the nearest kinsmen," and two of the greatest creditors. They contain information on the furnishings of the decedent's house, his tools, his cultural interests, and his relative economic status in the neighborhood. After 18^8 real property had to be included. ACCOUNT (OP) SALES. These recorded the sales of the personal property listed in the inventories. They often showed the names of purchasers, thus giving clues to kinsmen and neighbors. ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTS. These show payments and disbursements made by the administrators/executors, as well as sums paid into the estate. They start with a statement of the decedent's worth as shown in the inventory, or carried over from the previous administration account. Payments to heirs were often included. If the account ends with a sum indicated "estate overpaid," there was probably no later account, but ff there was a sum indicated "balance due the estate," look for an additional account. Read every- account to see if any genealogical relationships or references to other peoples' estates are given. DISTRIBUTIONS. A series of records kept in some counties (e.g., Anne Arundel and Harford), but not all, showing how the remaining balances on estates were distributed among the heirs. RECEIPTS AND RELEASES. Receipts of heirs, wards, minors, and others acknowledging they have received their share of money and property coming to them, and releasing the administrator from further responsibility. INDENTURES. fi ecords of orphans and dther children bound out as apprentices. These were found in the proceedings of the county court, then in the proceedings of the orphans' court, and finally as a separate series of records. If a decedent left minor children, the following should be checked* GUARDIAN DOCKETS GUARDIAN BONDS GUARDIAN ACCOUNTS. j QUERIES FROM MEMBERS Jeanne McCormick Helpingstine, 1215 Buntin St., Vincennes, Indiana, * is working on two families in the Baltimore City areai ' FETTS* James; Elias (has a daughter, Sadie, still living in Baltimore; and Rev. James H. SCROLL: Johann Ludwig; Charles; and Cora Sina, born Sept. 1871, Mrs. Helpingstine's grandmother. Shirley Reightler, 108 West Heather Road, Bel Air, Md., CHENOWETH, Susanna, born c.1815, married Francis Stover in Harford Co. HOLLAND, Archibald, b. 1786; m. 1813, Ann CURRY, Harford Co., died 1866 in P. G. Co. Had brothers, ieujamin, b. 1773; James, b. 1781; Jesse, b. 1790f and Abraham, b HENDERSON, Benjamin, b. 1779; m. 1812, Sarah Criswell, d, 1839 in Balto.j had George.,- Mary Jane, Ann Rebecca, Sarah Ellen, and two other sons.

34 Baltimore County Genealogical Society The Notebook P. 0. Box Robert Barnes, Editor Towson, Maryland, Number 12, December HOLDINGS OF THE BALTIMOBE COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY Members wishing to borrow any of these books should contact the librarian in advance so she can bring the books to the next meeting. Librarian: Mrs. Bernice E. Bennett, 214 Murdock Road, 21212; phone BOOKS 4 Ames, Mary Ann Boczon: How to Research Your Polish Family History. Babbel, June Andrewt Lest We Forget Barnes, Robert: Maryland Marriages, Brown, Mary J.t Handy Index to the Holdings of the Genealogical Society of Utah Croitreell, J. H.I The Maryland Men Who Signed the Declaration of Independence. DAR, National Society of: Index of the DAR Seimes Microfilm Center, Washington, D. C, Sverton, George B.: Handy Book for Genealogists. Evetton Publishers: Ihe United States Census Compendium Greenwood, Val D,: Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy Keigler, Margaret Patterson Smith: James Patterson and Mary Montgomery and Their Story. Maryland Genealogical Society: 1800 Census St, Marys County Meyer, Mary K.: Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada. Meyer, Mary K.: Genealogical Research in Maryland A Guide. Miller, Olga K.: Migration, Emigration,' and Immigration. New England Library Association: A Genealogist's Hand'book for New England Research. State of Maryland: Guide to the Index Holdings of the Kail of Records: Bulletin No. 17. Watcher, Andy C.: Census of Deceased Buried at Fort Meade. ESSAYS "Census Records." Cox, Lynn, "Identifying Nineteenth Century Family Photographs." Jones, Olive K., "Reseasching in Maryland." Iowa Genealogical Society: "Topical Index of Volumes I Through X of Hawkeye Heritage. FAMILY HISTORIES Gilbert Family. The Menzels- Five Generations in America: ^. Wilson, George B.: The Descendants of Rev.Christopher Wilkinson of Queen Annes County, Maryland. FAMILY NEWSLETTERS Stanbsury Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 4 (Jan.-Feb. 1930) Stansbury Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 3 (Sept.-Oct. 1979) SOCIETY NEWSLETTERS National Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol. 6, No. 4 The Family Tree Newsletter, Wauseon, OH, Vol. II, No. 10 ' Anne Arundel Speaks: Anne Arundel Genealogical Society* Vol. VII, No. 1 The Family Tree: Howard County Genealogical Society: wos. 32, , 39,,41, 42 Prince Georges County Genealogical Society Bulletin, J'an, 1979 Notebook of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society

35 The Notebook, Number 12 December 1981: Page 2 The following sources are NOT held by the Baltimore County Genealogical Society, but researchers may find them helpful as finding aids. PRELIMINARY BIBLIOGRAPHIES by Robert Barnes CEMETERY AND BURIAL RECORDS Greenwood, Val D,, "Cemetery and Burial Records',' in his Researchers _Guide to American Genealogy, Chapter 23, pp. 467 ff. CENSUS RECORDS "Availability of Name Indexes to Federal Population Census Schedules," ," NGSQ, 51 *165.ff. "Census and Nonsense," NGSQ. 51«249 ff. Franklin, W. Neil, "Availability of Federal Mortality Census Schedules, ," NGSQ. 52 (Dec. 1964), 205 ff. GreenKood, Val D., "Census Returns," in his Guide, Chapter 10, pp. 138 ff. Greenwood, Val. D., "Using Census Returns," Ibid., Chapter 11, pp. 188 ff. Schlesinger, Keith, and Peggy Tuck Sinko, "Urban Finding Aid for Manuscript Census Searches," NGSQ. 69 (Sept. 1981), 171 ff. Wood, Ralph V., Jr., "The Census Index Problem," NGSQ. 56 (Sept. 1968), 188 ff. CHURCH RECORDS Greenwood, "Church Records," in his Guide. Chapter 19, pp. 358 ff. Jacobsen, Phebe R., guaker Records in Maryland; Publioat.io_n_No. 14 (Annapolis» Hall of Records Commission, 1966) Kieffer, Elizabeth, "Genealogical Resources of the Historical Society of the Evangelical and Reformed Churches," NGSQ, 43 (Sept. I960), 113 ff. Mode, Peter G., Source Book and Bibliographical' Guide^for American Church History^ 1921 (Repr.i Boston. J. S. Canner and Co.T 1964^ Pennsylvania Historical Survey; Works Progress Administration, Inventory of Church Archives, Society of Friends_in_Pennsylyania (1941) Spence, Thomas H., Jr., "The Genealogist and Ecclesiastical Records," NGSQ. 47 (Dec. 1959), 167 ff. DIRECTORIES Meyer, Mary K., ed., Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada (Baltimore» 1980). (The Third Edition contains a list of independent genealogical periodicals). ' NEWSPAPERS Hofstetter, Eleanore 0., and Marcella S. Eustis, Newspapers,in Maryland Libraries L A Union Checklist (Baltimore: Division of Library Development Services, Maryland State Department of Education, 1977). Sniffen, Irene G., "Newspapers as a Genealogical Resource," NGSQ, 68 (Sept. 1980), 179 ff. VITAL RECORDS Age Search Informantion (U.S. Dept. of Commerce: Rev. Jan. 1981). Greenwood, "Vital Records," in his Guide. Chapter 9, pp. 113 ff. U. S. Dept. of Health Education and "elfarej Public Health Service* Where to Write for Birth and Death Records in the U.S. and Outlying Areas; feere to Write" for Marriage" where to write fortjivorce hecords... ***NGSQi National Genealogical Society Quarterly

36 The Notebook, Number 12 December 1981, Page 3 The Preliminary Bibliographies on the preceding page were compiled by the editor for use with a class in Beginning Genealogy. Most if not all of the books can be found at the Maryland Historical Society. QUERIES PROM MEMBERS ^+^4^ Need forbears of Dickinson Gorsuch who married Mary ^albott, daughter of Thomas and Belinda (Slade) Talbott, on 27 March 1?9^. His daughter, Belinda Gorsuch, born 1799, died 1839, married John Putnam Pearce in Would like information on the origin of the name Dickinson, /s/ Peggy Keigler, 130 Warwick Drive, Lutherville, Maryland, TOMBSTONE FOUNDI Peggy Keigler found the following tombstone in the Moravian Church graveyard, Belhlehem, Penna., recently. The grave was separate from the others, midway down the Market Street fenceline of graveyard. AQUILA WILMOTs A surgeon in the Revolutionary Army. Born near Baltimore, Maryland, in 1752; died of fever while on duty at the General Hospital at Bethlehem, Penna., 10 November GENEALOGICAL COUNCIL OF MARYLAND ANNOUNCES TWO PROJECTS The Council would like to compile a finding list of available Church and Bible records that can be found in the various counties. They are asking each Genealogical Society or Club to survey their county, and the Council is willing to supply guidelines if needed. If anyone would like to undertake compiling a list of Bible records or Church records to be found in the county (and hopefully copying the BLble records for our own files), please contact the editor. Neither project will be completed quickly, but both projects will be of great help to researchers. WILL YOU BE MISSING A MEETING? If yoix would like to be assured of receiving your Notebooks as they are published, and you cannot make the next meeting, send an SASE to the editor and he will mail you yours promptly. One of our members, Mrs. Peter Kelly, has already volunteered to mail Notebooks to our. Out of State members.

37 Baltimore County Genealogical Society P. 0. Box Towson, Maryland, SURNAME The Notebook Sobert Barnes, Editor Number 13, January 1982 ISSUE Some time ago members of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society were asked to fill out a form listing the surnames they were interested in with the state and/or county of residence, and the date the;~family appeared in the area. Those names were put on 3 x 5 cards and each member of the Society given a code number. In this issue we shall list surnames of Baltimore City, Baltimore Gounty, and Harford County submitted by our members. In future issues of The Notebook we shall list surnames from the United States, and from other parts of Maryland, One request we makes if this issue helps put members in touch with each other, and information is exchanged, how about making a copy of the data for the Society's files. The Editor. ABLE5 H-4 ADAMSj (by 1748) -9 ALLENBER i (by 1773) W-8 ARMACOSTs G-5 AYERSi (c.1920 in Hart. Co.) -7 BAILEY: P-l BAKBRs K-6; (by 179*0 B-l BARNES* (1780's) B-lj (Balto. and Hart. Go., by 1721) H-3 BARTON s K-6 BECKETT8 (18th cent.) L-5 BELL (by 1835) L-4 BENSON» G-5} P-2 BOHNENBERl (1855) B-10 BOND: B-12j L-4} V-lj W-8 BOSLEYJ K-6} P-2} V-l} -7 BOTTOMOBEj (by 1829)} L-4 BO ENs V-l BRABBERRY (c.1804)} H-7 BROOKE* (c.l?84) H-3 BROTHERS I (by 1820) -7 BSO Ns (by 1781)} B-l BUCHANAN (by 1732) H-3 BUCKINGHAMt H-4 BULLS (c 0 l686) B-4} L-5 BUNCEJ (late 1700's) B-8 BURGESSs (c.1770) -7 BURNSt (c.l740) B-4 BUSSEs (c.i860) B-10 BUTTS l850) C-8) BYSTRYs (1895) B-10 CAHOON (early 19th cent.) L-5 CARROLLs K-6 CHSNO ETHs H-l CHILDSs (by 1715) H-3 CHRISMAN (by 1802) B-l CLAYTONS P-2 COEs (early 1800 f s) 1-2 COLEj B-l} V-l} (by 1810) -7 COLEGATEs (c ) -7 CONA AYs H-4 CONDONS H-4 GOOKj H-4 CORNELIAS K-5 COVER* H-4 CO ARTs (c,176o) Z-l CO LBYs L-5 COXj (by 1723) B-l; (by l6?5) B-4 CQZINEJ -10 CRA FORBs V-l CRSIGHTON (in 1700's) V-l GULLUMs (by 1880) P-l GUBRYs K-6 CURTISs (by 1820) -7 DAVISs P-2 DAYs B-4} V-l DEAVERs -9 DEBTS $ H-l " DITTOS K-6 DIXONs (c.1664) B-l DOSSEYs K-6 DO NEYs P-2 DBAPZAKs ( ) B-10 DUBOISs K-2 DURHAMs 1-2 EIFERTs (I860) C-8 ELLENDERs See ALLENDER EMORYs H-l ENNISs (by 1820) H-7 ENSOR* (mid l600's) V-l EVANSt (1850) B-12 E INGs H-3 FESTAGs (by 1887) S-14 FISHERs P-l FOARDs H-l} P-2 FO BLEs G-5 FRANK! (by 1812) -7 FRANTZs (by 1850) F-l FREDERICKSs (by 1850) B-l FREEMAN $ (by 1730) -9 GAINS (by 1693) B-l / GALLO AYs K-5 GARRETTs (late l600's) V-lf H-l GARfiETTSONs K-6 GARRISONt K-6 GENTs R-5 GITTINGSs (by 1723) H-l\ H-3 GLADMANi H-4 GORSUCHs B-l

38 The Notebook, Number 13 January 1982, p. 2 GILBERT» (1738) B-12j (by 1699) H-3 GILLl F-2 GILLIES (c.1750) B-4 GOLDSMITH«A-3j 0-5 GORE* B-5 GGRSUCHs B-l; V-l; P-2; K-6 SOSNELLt B-l GRACE«(18th cent.) L-4 GRAHAM$ (by 1778) -8 GRIERs K-6 GRIMESs (by 1778) W-8 GROVERj (1760) -7 HAILEs (by l 50) H-l; P-2 HAINESJ B-12} (by 1794) B-l HALLs. K-6; V-l "HARRIS f (by B-I "" HAWKINS; (by 1727) B-l; (by 1744) H-3 HAYESs (early 1800's) Y-1 TIEGKMANs (by 1766) B-l HEMMRICH (by 1850; i L-4 HENCHMANs (late l600's) V-l HENDON: (by 1778) W-8 HIGKSt L-5 HINESt (mid 1700's) V-l HITCHCOCK j K-6 HOFFMAN{ (by 1800) B-l HOLLANDS K-6 HOLQCHWOSTs H-7 HOOKERs (by 1660) B-l HOSHALLi B-5 HOWARDS (by 1649) K-6 HOWLETTs (18th cent.) L-4 HUGHESs (by 1667) H-3 HUMPHRYS/-EYS lh-4j V-l HUNTi (-early 1700's) V-l HYATTs (18th cent.) L-5 ISENNOCKl (1837) 1-2 JACKSONs G-5 JAMES $ (1802) B-4 JOHNSONS (mid l?00's) V-l; H-3 KANELYs K-5 KAUPPi (1845) 0-8 KELLEYs P-2 KEMPERs (by 1850) L-4 KENNEDYS (by 1829) L-4 KIELECKs (1895) B-10 KITELYs -10 KOCHJ (I860) C-8 KOLKs H-l KONEs (mid 1800's) V-l LANCASTERi H-l LEEs (Harf. Co.) H-3 LEIGHt (1843) B-12 LEIGHTj (by I860) B-6 LEMMONs P-2 LILLYS (by 1880) S-12 LONGs (by 1750) 3-12$ B-l LOVEs (1738) B-12 LOVELACE* (early l600 8 s) V-l LUKENSs H-l LYNCHs (by 1696) L-4 LYTLEs (mid 1700's) V-l MALONEs (by 1870) H-7 MARSHALLs (by 1809) B-l MATTHEWSS P-2j (c.l?68) B-12 McCLUNGs (mid 1700's) V-l McCQMASt (mid l600's) V-l McCOMBs ( ) S-14 McGOMMONSs B-8 MERRYMANl (by 1700) B-l;P-2; V-lfK-6 MILESS K-6 MINNICKs (by 1800) W-8 MITCHELLS (by 1?10) H-3 MONTGOMERY» K-6 MOORE» B-^-j P-2 MURPHYs (by 1863) H-7 MURRAYs (by 1700) B-l MUTC^NERs (early 1700*s) V-l NORRISs (by 1834) B-lj (1636) H-3;K-6 ONIONS (late 1700's) V-l OSBORNs (by 1695) H-3 OZAROSKIt (1895) B-10 PAPIONs (1804) H-7 PARRISHs P-2 PATRICK! (by 1776) D-3 PATTERSONS (by 1823) K-6 PEARCEs (late l600's) V-l; 1-2; P-l; K-6 POCOCKs K-6 POOLEs (by 1807) B-l PRiSTONs (mid 1700 f s) V-l PRICES B-l P-2} V-l PRIEBERj (Balto.) (1855) B-10 PUTNAMJ (mid 1700 f s) V-l RAWLINSt (late 1700*s) V-l RECKORBs H-l BEIERs (by 1840) L-l RICHARDSs B-l RICHARDSONs P-2 RIGNEY (by 1850) B-l ROBERTS* (1802) B-4 ROBINSONS H-l ROCKELs (by 1852) B-l ROGERSs (mid l600»s) V-lj L-4; P-2 SAMPSONS (c.3.834) B-l, SANDERS s (early 1800 V^ B-6 SCHMIDTI K-6 SCHLOSSTEINs (1862) C-8 SCHUMANNs (c.1875) L-4 SCOTTs H-3; 1-2 SEVEREs (c.1800) S-12 SHARPS (c.1750) B-4 SHIPLEYs H-4; B-l; -9 SIPESs (by 1850) B-l

39 The Notebook, Number 13 January 1982, p. 3 SKIPPER! (by 1850) F-l SLADEJ B-4j K-6; 7-11 T-6 SMITHi K-6 SMITHSONs 1-2 SNOOPSs (1838) H-7 STANSBURYl B-l,* L-4} P-2 STEPHANJ (I860) B-l STENGEL* (aes? early 1800»s) B-6 STIFFLERt (by 1790) B-l STOCKETTs H-3 STONEJ V-l STREETj (mid 1700*s) STRITEHOFF (by 1875)» W-9 STULLERJ (by 1850) F-l SUDBSOOK (by 1854) K-5 SULEWSKI (by 1900*s) H-l SUTTONi (by 1720) -9 SWAM (by 1850) B-l : SYMONS, Joseph, d. c.l691» B-4 TALBOTTJ H-3? -7? K-6 TANTZ (by I860) B-l Members Represented in above list TAYLORS (by 1?26) B-l THOMAS«(by 1675) H-3 TIVISs B-l TOLLS! (by 1654) K-6 TBAGBY (by 1712) B-lj P-2 TBAPPs H-l TREADWAYs (by 1782) H-3 TREMPERj (1850) G-8 TROGLERs (by 1833) TROXELLl (1850) B-12 VON MUELLERt fl855) B-10 WATSONi (mid 1700 f s) 7-1 WEBSTERs (by 1700) H-3 WELLSi (by 1830) -8 WHEELER (by 1730) B-l WHIPPSi (by 1716) B-l WHITAKERi (earlt 1700»s) V-l WHITES P-2 WHITEFORDj 1-2 WILSONs (by 1656) H-3; H--lf P-2 WINKLERj (1850) G-8 WINTEti H-l B-l«Robert. Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., B*»4j Mcs. Loring Best, 2126 White Hall-Ed., P. 0. Box 98, Md., B-6i Hilda Brittont 1440 Providence Road, Balto., Md., B-8t Betty Bunce, 9^3 Cromwell Bridge Road, Towson, Md., B-10«Mrs. Matthew D. Bystry, 5403 Sweet Air Road, Baldwin, Md., B-12«Mr. George A. Billingslea, 1229 Wine Spring Lane, Huxton, Md,, C-5* Miss Anna M. Gartlidge, 362 E. Belevedere Avenue, Balto., Md G-8s Mrs. Patricia Gzerniewski, 8903 Jasper Lane, Balto., Md., D-3i Mr. Malcolm H. Dill, York Road, Gockeysville, Md., F-ls Mr. Douglas E, Frantz, Lafcespring Way, Gockeysville, Md., G-5«Mr 0 and Mrs. Willard Greene, Sunnybrook Road, Phoenix, Md., H-li Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Haile, Jr.j 4610 Hydes Road, Hydes, Md c H-3s Mrs. Esther G. Hannon, 1211 N.»6«Western Avenue, Bloomington, 111., H-7» Mr. Thomas L. Hollowak, 2804 Florida Avenue* Balto., Md., K-2«Mrs. Mary Kendall, 329 E. Belvedere Avenue, Balto., Md., K-5s Miss Edna A. Kanely, 3210 Chesterfield Avenue, Balto., Md., K-6i Mrs. George A. Keigler, 130 Warwick Drive, Lutherville, Md., L-l! Mrs. Charlotte LaMason, 2612 Wentworth Rd., Balto., Md., 2123^- L-4» Mr. William R. Lynch, 5116 Ardmore Way, Baltimore, Md., L-5i Miss Muriel E. Lewis, 1862 Mintwood Place, N.W., Washington, D. G., P-lj Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Pearce, 43 Acorn Circle, Towson, Md,, P-2J Mr. George A. Price, Cooper Road, Phoenix, Md., S-l4i Mr. William H. Shearin, 538 Brook Road, Towson, Md., S-12» Mrs, Audrey C. Smith, 2713 Superior Avenue, Balto., Md., V-li Mrs. Milton W. Valois, 520 E. Laurel, Sierra Madre, GA., / <91024 W-7«Mr. Chester J. Whitten, Jr., Ill Oakmere Road, Owings Mills, Md., W-9: Mrs. James S. Whitcraft, 1621 Somerville Road, Bel Air, Md., W-8j Ms, Estelle E. Wright, Grier Nursery Road, P. 0. Box 13^, Forest Hill, Md., Z-li Mrs, Lydia M. Zahrobsky, 974 Fairmount Avenue, Towson, Md,, 21204

40 The Notebook, Number 13 January 1982, p. 4- QUERIES Want data on Fred Glaussen (Glauden), born in Denmark} lived in Wisconsin. From; Lorraine Gordon, Want data on William Cole Gent., age 6l in 1850 Census, died 28 December 1870 and lived in Baltimore County, Md. Fronu Shirley Rhodes; new member, address not sent with query. NOTES AND JOTTINGS The Newsletter of the National Genealogical Society, May 1981, states that the General Register Office, London, holds civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths for England and Wales starting 1 July A full certificate now costs 3«50 in person, and 8,00 by post. Forms for placing orders may be obtained by writing toi General Register Office, St. Catherine's House, 10 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6JP, England. BIBLE RECORDS The Society has acquired several copies of Bible Records, Some are handwritten some are typewritten, and some are photocopies of the originals. For more information on a particular Bible send a SASS to the Editor of the Notebook. Name Seal Bell; Bellj Horsey Billingsley Boring Cockey Dill Dosh Cromwell Dunlap Durham Egerrfcon Herrera Hood Hutchins and Hawkins Kees Lytle Merriken Merriken (ll) Michael Pearce KLack Shertzer Stevenson Upperco Upperco (II) Whi taker Wood Ziegler Earliest Birth Earliest Marriage Date of Publication n.g n.g. n.g. n.g n.g Name of Donor LaMason Barnes Barnes Upperco Barnes? Dill LaMason Durham? Rowe Atkinson Hollifield Barnes Hollifield Kees Valois Barnes Barnes lardella Valois LaMason Upperco Barnes Upperco Upperco McComas LaMason Barnes

41 Baltimore County Genealogical Society P. 0. Box Towson, Maryland, The Notebook Robert Barnes, Editor Number 14 9 April CENSUS AVAILABLE On 15 April 1982 the 1910 Census will be available.to researchers at the National Archives, It is expected that the 11 regional archives branches will have copies for use by this fall. Some of the questions asked in the 1910 Census included whether an individual was a survivor of the Union or Confederate Army, whether the home was a farm or a house, and what was the individual's native language* A freee catalogue listing the information contained on each roll as well as a roll by roll listing of the index microfilm may be obtained by writing NEPS, National Archives, Washington, S. C., 204o8. Unfortunately only 21 states have had indices prepared to date. The states with indices arei Alabama Illinois Missouri South G arolina Arkansas Kansas North Carolina Tennessee California Kentucky Ohio Texas Florida. Louisiana Oklahoma Virginia Georgia Michigan Pennsylvania West Virginia Mississippi BALTIMORE CITY CEMETERY RECORDS AT THE MARYLAND HISTORICAL SOCIETY by the Editor These notes are from a forthcoming research paper to be published by the Editor later this year, on the cemeteries of Baltimore City, their founding, their location, and their records. Abbreviations in this article includet BMGS - Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogical Society? FCA - Piling Case Af MDG - Maryland and Delaware Genealogist: MHS - Maryland Historical Society. Biddison Family Gem.; FCA, MHS Etting Family Cem.j FCA, MHS Faith Presbyterian Ch.j FCA, MHS Govanstown Presbyterian Ch. FCA,.MHS Light Street Methodist Episcopal Ch., Interment Records, , typescript, MHS. Martini Evangeliaal Lutheran Ch.} records microfilmed at MHS. Methodist Episcopal Burial Ground on Philadelphia Rd.j FCA, MHS Mount Carmel Cemetery; list of graves to be removed; FCA, MHS; also in BMGS, 12I7-9, ? 13* Mount Olivet; records microfilmed at MHS New Cathedral Cem) records microfilmed at MHS St. Alphonsus R. C 0 Cem«; BMGS, 13«26-27, 278 St.-Patrick's R«Co Gesu; FCA, MHS St. Paul's P. E» Cera,? copied by DAR, in volume at MHS; also a partial list by Helen W 0 Ridgsly in The Grafton Magazineo I j II, St. Peter the Apostlej records microfilmed at MHS St. Stephen's; Hamburg St.? records microfilmed at MHS St. Vincent de Paulas records may be microfilmed at MHS Taylor's Chapel Methodist FCA, MHSi also in MDG, I2«27v 66-67, Trinity Cem, list of graves to be removed in FCA, MHS 0 Western Cem.j list of graves to be removed in FCA, MHS, Westminster Presbyterian Ch. list of lot holders, BffiS, llill-22.

42 The Notebook, Number 14 April 1982 p. 2 /. QUERIES from Jean H. Hershberger, 6406 Taper Court, Sykesville, Md.j 21?84 The History and Archives Committee of Wesley -Freedom United Methodist Church is gathering information on the history of our church in preparation for a publication. Information is desired on a record of a log school or building located 1/4 mile north of Liberty Road on the present Johnsville Road. An 1834 deed referred to the property as Antioch. Information is also desired on early church members includingi Elisha Bennett, Daniel Elliott, Matthew Chambers, Lewis Shipley, Samuel Gore, Nicholas Harden, and John Elder. from Peggy Keigler, 130 Warwick Drive, Lutherville, MD., Want more information on the Ross family. Ross appears as middle name in Patterson, Ross, Carroll, Curry, and McComas families. NEW BIBLE RECORDS At the present time these Bible Records are on file with the EditoTc We welcome additional ones. They need not be of Baltimore County Families. Anyone desiring information on a particular Bible Record can send a SASE to the Editor. Name Earliest... Date of Donor Birth Marriage Publication Carricfc 1841 n.g. Reightler Gore Emmart Richards 1811 n.g. Niewoehner Ellender 1? Wright JOTTINGS The Towson Public Library has a microfilm of the Maryland Journal 0 a 19th century Baltimore County newspaper, from 1865 to about ~~ Les Upperco, BCGS member, has compiled a typescript on the Uppsrco Family. Mrs. Charles Abraham Albers of Union Bridge, Carroll County, has published The Fowble Family Tree, There is a newly formed Carroll County Genealogy Club Mondays in Westminster. which meets on Bill Lynch, BCGS member, sends on article from Modern Maturity, February- March 1982, on some of the ways the Veterans Administration win provide grave marker benefits to families of deceased veterans who may be buried in private. cemeteries.

43 Baltimore County Genealogical Society P. 0. Box Towson, Maryland, The Notebook Robert Barnes, Editor Number 15., May, TAKING STOCK In May 1982 Evelyn Pearce completed her term of office as the second President of the Baltimore County -Genealogical Society. Her presidency saw the Society become incorporated, obtain a post office mailing address, receive a tax-exempt number, and adopt a logo (which she designed). The logo has been incorporated on the stationery of the society. Evelyn's eighteen months as President saw the continuation and completion of projects begun under former President Angela lardella. The by-laws were revised, The Notebook continued its sporadic appearance under the editorf this is number 15. The Cemetery Project reached one phase of completion with -the photocopying, alphabetizing, and typing of the interment cards, Again many volunteers have helped the activities of the society go forward so that the meetings became enjoyable gatherings of like-minded people (as far as genealogy is concerned) who could share information, experience, and skills, talk shop, and enjoyable a' pleasant afternoon. To name all the volunteers is to risk omitting some, but the' editor is grateful for the assistance of Mr c Edward Goodman in securing copies of the Bulletin, and of Mrs, Peter Kelly in mailing the Notebook to out of town members. To all those volunteers and to the outgoing officers the Society extends sincere thanks. from our letters ##### A Maryland Chapter of-the Palatines to America is forminge Anyone with German ancestry who is interested should contact Mrs, Doris N, Suresch, 31? Johnson Farm Lane, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 2106*1. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Jacox, 1302 Pleasant Valley Drive, Baltimore s Maryland, 21228j , are interested in the following family lines«jacox/jaycoxf Shaffer, Donkin, Vilee, Vigers, Snider, Gilbert, Morris, Kittle, Cronk/Kronk, Henry, Swires, Brown, Askey, Hunter, Fletcher, Mrs. Peter K. Kelly, 305 Old Trail, Baltimore, Md«, 21212? phone , is interested in the following familiesi Baker, Michael, Courtney (all of Harford County, Md,), Jervis, ft Dorsey, and Wayman (Anne Arundel County), and Ridgely (Howard County). Richard W. Hook, 303pf Arizona Avenue,.Baltimore, Maryland, 21234f phone ?, is interested in these families* Thomas, Ridgely, Dorsey, Griffith, and Hammond (no county indicated); Hook (Ba4.to. and Fred. Co.), Watts (Balto 0 Co.), Green (Balto, Co.), Gambrill (Balto. Co.), and Warfield (Howard Co 0 ) ####### - / VIRGINIA REPOSITORIES. / The Virginia State Library and Archives, Eleventh and Capitol Streets^Richmond, Alderman Library, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., E, G. Swem Library, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va.j Union Theological Seminary, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, Va,, Virginia Baptist Historical Society, University of Richmond, Richmond, Va,, Virginia Historical Society, 428 North 3oulevard, Richmond, Va., 23220

44 The Notebook, Number 15 May 1982 p. 2 CONTENTS OF THE NOTEBOOK, Nos New members are entitled to all the Notebooks for the calendar year in which they joined. Sometimes they express interest in back issues. The contents of the first 15 numbers of The Notebook are listed here as a service to our aembgrs. Baltimore City Cemetery Records at the Maryland Historical Society no. 14 Baltimore County Marriage References, 1st series 1 Baltimore County Marriage Deferences, 2nd series 8 Bible Records Held by the Balto. Co. Gen. Society. 13» 3& Bibliography of Articles on Baltimore County Records and Families in the Maryland and Delaware Genealogist 5 Bishop, William. 4 Book Reviews 10 Boring Bible 3 Budget Cuts Threaten National Archives. 11 Contents of The Notebook, nos. 1-15, 1 5 Dunlap Bible Din Bible 3 Dosh Bible 3 Form Letters from the Maryland Division of Vital Records 9 Genealogical Council of Maryland Announces Two Projects 12 Gostwick, Joseph, 4 foldings of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society 12 Igon, Lewis. 5 Jessop, William 4 Lynch, Robuck 5 Meet the Nominees for the January 1981 Election 8 Mitchell, Thomas Census Available 14 Offers to Help - 10 Orphans Court, Basic Records of 11 Peregoy, Joseph 5 Preliminary Bibliographies 12 ' Queries ' 2, 5» 6,? 8 9 9» 10 e Research in York County 10 Salute to the Baltimore County Genealogical Society in Its Fourth Year 8 Snoops, Charles Joseph ' 4 Suggestions for Solving Common Genealogical Problems 7 Surname Issue. 13 Taking Stock 15 Treadway, Thomas 9 Turnbaugh Bible '" 3 Virginia Books Owned by Society Members 7 Virginia Repositories,. 15 Addenda' Genealogical Research in Maryland 15

45 The Notebook, 1 Number 15.,. '. '. ' ilay 1982, p ' -; " -, -. "... '. ' GENEALOGICAL R333ARCH HI MARYLAND C. by Robert tf. Barnes Vital Records For birth and death records from Baltimore City from 18?5, and for the rest of the state after 1898, send $2.00 for each official transcript desired tos Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Division of Vital Records, P, 0. Box 13146, Baltimore, Maryland, For marriage records after 1951 write to the same place. Some vital records, especially copies of raarriage certificates prior to those dates nay be secured from the county court houses. Some counties have sent their marriage"license books to the Hall of Records in Annapolis, Maryland. Births and deaths prior to 1898 (1875 in Baltimore City) will have to be found in individual church registers.... Census Records ' The census records for Maryland may be seen at the National Archives in Washington, D. G., or at various local libraries in Maryland. The Maryland Historical Society has all of the extant censuses for Maryland from 1790 through 1900, with all of the extant indices (l? ; partial index for 1830; and complete index for 1900). Some census records for i-iaryland (if not all) may also be searched at the Snoch Eratt Free Library, Baltimore, the Hall of Records in Annapolis and the State Library in Annapolis. Cemetery Records / There is no one central repository for all cemetery records in 1-iaryland. One must contact the individual cemeteries, many of which have a set rate of fees for searcbing their records, Many county historical societies, patriotic groups, or individuals have copied cemetery inscriptions for a particular county. Cemetery inscriptions have been published for Frederick Comity, Dorchester County, Howard County, V/icomico County, southern Anne Arundel County, while typescript compilations. of many, cemeteries exist for Baltimore County, Irince Georges County, and Washington County, 'as well as Harford and Cecil Counties. Cemetery projects are currently being.undertaken in Carroll, Howard, and Baltimore Counties.... &*'\, ^ Church Records Again there is no one central repository for church records in Maryland. One must contact the individual church. However many church records have either deposited tlie originals or had the. originals microfilmed by the Hall of Records, and there are some 200 or more volumes of church registers, or transcripts of church registers, at the Iiaryland Historical Society in Baltimore. Kewspapers / Two major repositories of newspapers are the Maryland Historical Society and the Maryland Department of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, both in Baltimore. The State Library.in Annapolis has some, and individual county historical and genealogical societies may contain collections. / Marriage, death, and other notices of genealogical interest have been abstracted and published for many Haryland ndwspapers by Robert Barnes, F 0 Edward Uright 9 and Thomas L. Hallowak. The Maryland State Department of Education in 1977 published a Guide to Newspapers in Maryland Libraries which detailed the holdings of many public and college libraries.

46 The Notebook, Number 15 May 1982,' p Military Records ' Iluster and pay rolls are indexed on cards at the Hall of Becords, for Colonial Wars. Secords for the Revolutionary period are found at both the State and National level. For a succinct discussion of the locations of manuscript and published records in the State of Karyland, see i'lary K. heyer,, Genealogical Research in Karyland; A Guide (Baltimore: liaryland Historical Society, 19?6)» pp. 23-3^. Genealogical Societies and Libraries.?or the names and addresses of county historical societies in 19?6 see ;:eyer, Guide, pp *?or the names and addresses of genealogical societies in Maryland as of 1930, see Mary K. Keyer, Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A. and Canada; Third edition, 1980.(A new edition is in progress). 2oth the Guide and the Directory are invaluable aids for anyone wishing to do research in Laryland, and would be worth the purchase price. Both can be * obtained from iiary K. Heyer, Genealogical Reference Librarian at the!-;aryland Historical Society. Getting the Material. '. ' - The best way to get the material desired is to visit the library and/or repository personally and do the research first hand. Since this is not always possible, the next method is to write to the library and ask their fee for looking for a. certain kind of record. Host libraries and the Historical Society are understaffed, and it nay take some t'ime for an answer to come. There will probably be a fee charged for the work. Another method is to write to a local genealogical society and ask if anyone is working on a particular -family, and ask for the information. Sometimes members of the county societies will do limited work for a modest fee, part of which goes to the society and part of t&dch goes to the researcher. A final way is to engage a professional genealogist who may charge a higher fee than the volunteer at the county historical or genealogical society, but who may be able to obtain the records more quickly because of a wider knowledge of sources. Always send a self addressed stamped envelope when writing to anyone as it ensures a quicker response.

47 Baltimore County Genealogical Society The Notebook P. 0. Box Bobert Barnes, Editor Towson, Maryland, Number 16, Sept CITY DIRECTORIES Many people know that the city directory is helpful in locating the names, addresses, and occupations of ancestors, but they are often unaware of the wealth of additional information afforded by the city directories. Front matter and supplemental material may include information on the history of the community, data on numbering of street blocks, names and addresses of churches, with ministers, as well as information on commercial establishments with names of their officers. Your editor was able to determine which Catholic Church was most likely to contain records of a German immigrant family by using the city directories and an atlas of the city. (He found the family in the first church he checked.) It is helpful to know the years that city directories for a given city were published. Dorothea N. Spear compiled Bibliography of American DirectoriesThrough I860. published by the American Antiquarian Society in 19SI7Directories (or Directors as they were some times called) exist for Baltimore City for the years 1752 (broadside); 1796 (Thompson and Walker); 1799 (Mullin); (Warner and Hanna); 1802 (Stafford); 1803 (Stafford); 1804 (Robinson); 1807 (McHenry); 1808 (McHenry?); 1810 (Fry); 1812 (Fry); (Lakin); 1816 (Matchett); (Kennedy); 1819 (Jackson); )Keenan); 1824 (Matchett); 1827; 1829; 1831; 1833; (all by Matchett); 1836 (Lyford); , (Katchett); 1842 (Craig); 1842 (Katchett); 1843 (Craig); 1845 (Murphy); , , , (all by Matchett); (Woods); 1858 (Boyd); (Woods); (Ferslew); i860 (Woods). It is important to read the title page to determine the month through which the directory was corrected. It should also be noted that many directories for large cities contained smaller supplements for neighboring suburban communities. A random sampling of Baltimore City Directories reveleaed that each of the samples contained much additional information. Matchettls Baltimore Director for contained an historical sketch of Baltimore, lists of city officials and their salaries, names and addresses of public buildings, churches, railroad companies, banks (with names of officers), steamboat lines, foreign consuls in Baltimore, insurance offices, and managers of the poor. Matchett*s Baltimore Director for contained topography of Baltimore; a briefer history than appeared in the previous edition; statistics on interments; municipal offices, incumbents and salaries; public buildings with descriptions of the architecture; churches with addresses, descriptions, and names of clergy; sections on theatres, manufacturers, and commerce, and illustrated with engravibgs of Baltimore buildings. Murphyls Baltimore Directory for 1845 included a 12 page sketch of Baltimore; location of the streets, lanes, alleys, courts, and wharves; boundaries of the election wards (most helpful for the census in 1850); names, addresses, and officials of various institutions; newspapers; churches; and courts of Maryland, For additional information on getting the most out of city directories, see Robert Elmer Ward, "The City Directory; A Key to Family History," in Family Heritage, vol. 2, no. 2, April 1979» PP ' QUERIES Need data on dates and places of marriage, places of burial, and parents of the five wives of Thomas Rutledge ( ) who m. 1st (?) Hendricks by 1787; 2nd (?) Wattland; 3rd (?) Collett; 4th by 1805 Sarah Gorsuch; and 5th by 1822 Elizabeth Howard; had issue known by 1st, 4th, and 5th wives. Mrs. Elizabeth R. Bacon, 745 W. Front St., Red Bank, N. J.,

48 Hie Notebook, September 1982 Number 16, p. 2 QUERIES Need data on iron business and shipping, esp. as it relates to Isaac Wilson (Son of William Wilson the Silversmith) who in 181? lived in Harford County and made trips to Baltimore. Was the Furnace owned in part by Isaac Webster still in operation, could the cargo have been pig iron? Mrs. Esther Harmon, 1211 N. Western Avenue, Bloomington, Illinois, Need data on Kary Brooks who m. Isaac Wilson of previous query. Was she of the family of James Brooke who m. into the Snowden family? Mrs, Esther Harmon, address as above. PUBLICATIONS FORTHCOMING and FOR SALE Anne Arundel Genealogical Society; Cemetery Inscriptions of Anne Arundel County. Maryland; pub. by the Society, Hardback, 225 pp.; maps; surname index? $1?,50 plus $1.50 postage and handling. Order from Anne Arundel Genealogical Society, Box 221, Pasadena, Md., (Md. Residents please add 5 % sales tax). Robert W, Barnesj A Guide to Baltimore City Cemeteries} A Preliminary Checklist April 1982; pub. by the compiler. 7 pp.; contains names and addresses of Baltimore City Cemeteries (past and present), and location of any copies of inscriptions, where known. Order from Robert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., $2.00, plus $.50 for postage and handling. Maryland' residents please add 3$ sales tax. Margaret K. Fresco, Marriages and Deaths, St. Marys County, Maryland, l63*kl900, pub. by the author. 500 pp.; hardcover; $25.00 plus $1.32 postage. Maryland residents please add 5 % for sales tax. Order from Margaret K. Fresco, General Delivery, Ridge, Md., Gary T. Hawbaker, A New Index. Vol. 3. contains index of over 5000 names of the taxables in Lancaster Co., Penna., in the 1750's and 1760*s. 90+ pp., soft cover; $15.00 plus 1.00 handling (Penna. residents add 6 % sales tax). Order from the author, Route 2, Box 409 C, Elizabethtown, Pa., Edna Kanely announces forthcoming pub. of an alphabetical list of employees of the Baltimore and Ohio R.R. compiled from records of April I8te, Sept. 1852, Feb. 1855, and Nov. 1857; over 9600 names giving job titles, salaries, and locations or departments of employment; 351 pp.; map; paperback; prepaid $ Maryland residents please add 5# sales tax. Order from the compiler, 3210 Chesterfield Avenue, Balto., Md., 21213, University of Baltimore; Baltimore Region Institutional Studies Center (BRISC); A Guide to the Research Facilities. 7 PP» soft cover. Describes the records of various institutions now held by BRISC since it opened in 1973, including records of John F, Denny Undertakers; St James and St. John Church, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Price not shown; contact BRISC, 13C& St. Paul St., Balto., Md.,

49 Baltimore County Genealogical Society The Notebook P/0 Box Robert Barnes, Editor Towson, Maryland, Number 17, Nov HELPFUL PUBLICATIONS FROM THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Many of these free and/or inexpensive publications will help you locate records you may not have considered using when you visit the National Archives. They are available from racks in the hall outside the Publications Room on the Ground Floor, or from bins inside the room. Certain publications are designated "Preliminary Inventories," or "Special Lists," and are filed-by number. MISCELLANEOUS PAMPHLETS (including guides and lists of publications) Genealogical Records in the National Archives (Gen. Information Leaflet #5), 19 PP. Getting Started: Beginning Your Genealogical Research in the National Archives, 20 pp. Military Service Records in the National Archives of the United States (Gen. Information Leaflet #7), 15 PP. National Archives Microfilm Publications (includes New Titles, ), 137, 21 pp. A Researcher's Guide to the National Archives (Gen. Information Leaflet #25), 16 pp. Select List of Publications of the National Archives and Records Service (Gen. Information Leaflet #3), 67 PP. CENSUS GUIDES (give current prices for rolls of microfilm, as well as indicate what counties are found on which rolls). Federal Population Censuses, , 90 pp Federal Population Census, 84 pp.; an appendix lists the abbreviations used in the column designated "relationship to the head of household." The 1910 Federal Population Census, 44 pp.; an appendix lists the abbreviations as above, and also contains a translation of relationship terms given in Spanish. Age Search Information, pub. by the U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census (for sale by the U. S. Government Printing Office), 44 pp. PRELIMINARY INVENTORIES...of the Records of the Adjutant General's Office (1949), # 17; 149 pp....war Department Collection of Confederate Records (1957)» # 101; 310 pp....cartographic Records of the Bureau of the Census (1958), # 103; 108 pp....treasury Department Collection of Confederate Records (1967), # 169; 65 pp. SPECIAL LISTS Federal Population and Mortality Census Schedules,, , in the National Archives and the States; Outline of a Lecture on Their Availability, Content, and Use (1971), # 24; 89 pp. List of Selected Maps of States and Territories (1971), # 29; 113 PP. List of Free Black-Heads of Families in the First Census of the United States, 1790 (1973), # 34; 44 pp. The Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore is a repository for all federal publications, and may have all of the above publications (as well as others) for you to consult if you wish to see them before your next trip to Washington. MEETINGS OF OTHER SOCIETIES The list on the following page is compiled by the Genealogical Council of Maryland to assist societies know what others are doing.

50 The Notebook, Number 17 November,.1982; p The following Information was Inadvertently omitted from the initial mailing of the October 1982 Coordinator* Please place it at the end of the other pages* Th«error was the Chairman's* not the Secretary's* Planned Programs of Member societles» November 1982-June 1983* as far as known* HOT. 4 Anne Arundel Vera Filbyj Friendship andbwi Airport. HOT, 28 Baltimore County Research Day at UMBC Library (2-9 PM). Mar, 6 Cecil County Dr. William Hoguet Jacob Tome and the Tom* Institute. HOT. 9 Family Historians P. Wm. Filbyj Inaigration and Passenger Ship Records.* - MOT. 21 Harford County Workshop on member problems. MOT. 10 Howard County Lynn Cox: Use of Photographs In Genealogy. NOT* 3 Prinee George's Lynn McMilliom Our American Indian Heritage. HOT. 24 Montgomery County Ann Brownj Merits of a Health Family Tree. Dec. 2 Anne Arundel Christmas Party. Dec* 4 Cecil County James T. Wollon, Jr.i Historic Architecture and Genealogy. B«c* 7 Family Historians Patricia Carter Ivest Black Genealogy.* D«c* 8 Howard County Workshop (Possibly including cable TV project), Dec* 1 Prince George's Pat Paulkovlch and Elise Jenningsj Holiday Memeries. Dec. 7 St. Mary's County Christmas social and meeting. Dec. 7 Maryland Society Dinner and Award Cereraonyj Conley L. Edwards* Revolutionary War Records in the Virginia State Library. Dec* 15 Montgomery County Christmas Party at Beall Dawsen Mansion, 103 W. Montgomery* Rockville. Jan. 6 Anne Arundel Karen Stewarti 18th Century Handwriting. Jan. 23 Baltimore County Robert W. Barnest Challenge for Genealogists in 80's» Jan* 4 Family Historians Show and Tell** Jan* 16 Howard County Carroll Brlcet Roots of Colonial Families in County. Jan* 5 Prince George's Milton Rubincami our Military Heritage. Jan* 26 Montgomery County Adoptees in Search. Feb. 3 Anne Arundel Eva Sle&ak and Toa Hollowaki Genealogical Holdings at Pratt and Peabody Libraries. Feb. 27 Baltimore County Richard G. Schmidti One Man's Family. Feb. 2 Prince George's Thelma Doswell: our Black/African Heritage. Mar. 3 Anne Arundel Arundel Free School. Mar. 27 Baltimore County Research Day at Maryland Historical Society Library. Mar. 9 Howard County Thomas L. Hollowak: To be announced* Mar.2 Prince George's P. Wm, Filby: Immigration and Naturalization. Apr. 2 Maryland Society Family History Seminar (Tentative)(With local societies). (Shows, as Mar. 26 on Calendar, page 2; this is corrected date)* April _ Anne Aruddel Lyon Miles: Hessian Soldiers. Annual dinner mcetinf. April 24Baltimore County Show and Tell. Anna Cartlidge* Honorary Hostess. April 13 Beward County Kathy McConloguet Pennsylvania German Fraktur and gcherenschn^tlte. April 6 Prince George's Ann Paxton Browai our Religious/Church Heritage. - April 30 GCM Our next meeting. Program to be announced. Annapolis. May 12 Anne Arundel Business meeting. May 22 Baltimore County Thorns L. Hollowak! The Distler Collection. May 11 Howard County Tinothy J. Connorj Computers and Genealogy. May 4 Prince George's Dr. Ann Butler* Research in the West. ~ June 4 Anne Arundel Annual Cemetery Inscriptions and Picnic* June 12 Baltimore County Picnic and Gravestone Copying. June 1 Prince George's Vera Rolloi Publishing our Heritage. Spring Maryland Historical Basic Course In Genealogy* Fee. op«n to Public* SEE CALENDAR FOR DATES OF OTHER MEETINGS, CALL PRESIDENT OF SOCIETY TO VERIFY - " TOPIC, TIME, AND PLAGE. MEETINGS OPEN TO PUBLIC EXCEPT THOSE MARKED *.

51 The Notebook, Number 1? November, l?82j p. 3 NEW MATERIALS- DONATED TO THE SOCIETY Bowen Family Material, unpaged; donated by Robert David Bowen, 2370 Oakham Drive, York, PA., Curtis-Slicer, Ancestors and Descendants, donated by Betty Slicer Kania, 721 Woodtop Road, Wilmington, DEL., MEMBERS AND THEIR FAMILIES Mrs. William Helpingstine, 1215 Buntin St., Vincennes, Indiana, t interested in these families (in Baltimore)t Schollj Gill? Petts; Wall; Twymanj Brown(e); Rhoades; Fischer. Sara Wagner, Goraline Circle, Ghatsworth, CA., 913H* Galloway; Kelley; Clark; Parks; Barton; Worricfc; Gorsuch; Logsdon; Ensor; Cole; Neale; Middleton; Edelen; Jameson; Howard; Dyer. Hilda Britton, 1440 Providence Road, Towson, Md., 21204i Sanders; Stengel; Leight; (all Md., Balto. or Harf. Co.). Walter B. Burrell, 4208 Garland Avenue, Balto., Md., 21236» Call Va.) Burrell; Burwell; Ross; Conner; Staples; Rawson or Ranson; Young; Rousie; (all N. C.) Little; Robisnon. MEETINGS AND NEW SOCIETIES Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society in process of being formed; if interested contact Mrs. Beverly Hoch, Meadow View, Darnstown, Md., Looking for par. of grandmother, Margaretta CROSS, m. Alphonso Brenneman of Brady's Bend, Armstrong Co., Penna., in the late I86o's. Also looking for the family of Robert Cross who married Harriet Tidey on 22 April 1839 in Balto. Mrs. Robert J. Earth, 628 Saxonburg Road, Pittsburgh, Pa., (She will look for families in Western Penna. for any members of the BCGS). Need surname of Elizabeth, wife of tfilliam Wheeler ( ) of Balto. Co.; Wm. and Eliz. hadj Sarah Gorsuch, Mary Gorsuch, Elizabeth Simpson, Jane, Kezia Bates, William, Benjamin and Richard. Mrs. 'Jere Yohn, Rt, 1, Box 249 I, Queenstown, Md., Need surname of Keturah, wife of John Bond (d. 1792) of Baltimore Co.; had iss.» Joshua, Ruth Gist, John, Eleanor Gorsuch, Mary Tipton, and Rachel Harryman. Mrs. Jere Yohn; address as above. MORE NEW MATERIALS DONATED TO THE SOCIETY From Mrs. Esther Hannon, 407 E. Cherry, Normal, Illinois, a number of five generation ancestor charts on her lines. From Betty Bystry, 5403 Sweet Air Road, Baldwin, Md., 21013, the following Bible Records, showing names of families} date Bible was published, if shownj earliest birthf earliest-marriage. (Missing data indicated by» xxx). Bystry-Whaley; xxxj 1801; Wilson-Whaleyj xxxj 1801 xxx. Bohnenterg-Prie'berf xxxi 1839i xxx. Ruddj xxxj 1840j xxx. '

52 Baltimore County Genealogical Society The Notebook P. 0. Box Number 18, Peb, 1983 Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnes, Editor Compiling, Organising, and Number Genealogical Material J A Bibliography *>y Edna A. Kanely Enjoy the searching and gathering of genealogical material. Visit libraries, courthouses and archives far and near. Make notes, xerox documents,, record dates, places, and miscellaneous facts. This material will accumulate and suddenly you realize that it must tie arranged and organised if it is to "be of use to you, to your family, and to others. How do you start th gigantic task of Ringing order out of chaos? when do you "begin* where do you find information on.a num^ring system for the generations and a guide. to compiling, organising" arid presenting your family history? Here are 'some publications to help you. American Society of Genealogists. ^Interpreting Genealogical Mecords s " "Genealogy and Chronology," "The "Rules of Evidence* A Standard for Proving Pedigrees," Genealogical Research Methods and Sources. Milton Rubincam, ed. Chapters 3-5, PP Washington, D. C. t American Society of Genealogists, I h,-"'-. *. ' " '» --' '.'** "- J t.',- Beard, Timothy Field, and Eenise Bemong. "Presenting Your Genealogy," How to find Your family Roots ;. Chapter 1?, pp New Yorkj MeGraw Hill Book Co., ' : * ' "- " ; - ' - Colfcet, Meredith B,, Jr, "Creating A Worthwhile Family Genealogy," reprinted from National. Qeneal r qgioal ; Society Quarterly, December pp 0 Doane, Gilbert H. "How to Arrange A Genealogy," Searching for Your Ancestors The How and Why of Genealogy. Chapter 3,2, pp. '" New Yorks Bantam Books, Inc., 1978, Greenwood, Val D. "Organizing and Evaluating Research Findings," The Researcher's Guide to American, Genealogy. Chapter 6, pp Baltimore* Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Lackey, Richard S. Cite Your Sources - A. Manual for Documenting Family Histories and Genealogical Be'Easpts" New Orleans t Polyanthos, 1980, 9^ pp. Leary, Helen F. M., and Maurice R. Stirewalt, editors. "Genealogical Organization and Compilation,". Korth Carolinfl Researqhi Genealogy.and Local Histor.Yj_ Appendix B, pp. 5*95-^^9 (Hor^i Carolina Genealogical Society).' Saline, Mich. t McNaughton & Gunn, Stevenson, Noel C. Genealogical Evidence - A Guide to the Standard of Proof Relatinic to l^tifyees, : Aiieejst3?y.» Heirghip and Family History. Laguna Hills, Calif. i Aegean Park fress, PP* / / Wheeler, Martha Thorne. Indexing Principles, Rules and Bxampleso Repr 8 from University of the State, of Hew York Bulletin^ Number 14^57~3anuary Albany* New York State ittbrary, pp.

53 The Notebook, Number 18 February 1983, p. 2 QUERIES Peggy Kelgler, 130 Warwick Drive, Lutherville, Md., 21093> is seeking information on} 1. William HOLLY or HOLLEY, in Harf. Go. by 1800} est. admin,, by wife Sarah (?) Holly, March 1815 in 1815} heirs were son Thomas, and dau. Elisabeth, who m. Nathan Howard. Sarah d. April 1840 in Harf. Co., Md. 2. Nathan HQWARIVm. by Harf. Co. lie. of 21 Jan. 181? Elisabeth Holly who was not»ent, is his will, 24- April 1856 ~ 14 April 185?f had iss. t John P», William W. t Nathaniel, Rebecca (Bemoss), Mary, Hachel, Isabella, and Jane, all: named Howard. His data, Sarah Ann Hwward Touchstone, w. of Sampson, was disinherited, 3. Sampson TOUCHSTONE or TUCHTQN, b.^ 9 t Sep,t. 1813, d. 8 April 1883 in Harf. CJo.j m. e~»1843v SaralTAnn HMf d,'b, 7 Feb in Harf. Co.} dau. Martha Tuehtoii b, 22 ^I^/IS^, d. e.186?, m. as first wife, by lie. of 17 Aug. 1862, Andrew Jackson Curry." 4. Arthur GpflSY»;. 2f Mareh 18,05, in St. Georges Parish Sarah Gain. 5. Arthur SSBRY m. by lie. of 23 April 1829 in Harf. Go., Elisabeth Connolly, Ipd at least two eh. t Andrew Jackson Charry, b, 11 Sec. 1832, and Benjamin Jreanfclin Gurry} prob* also had several dau^iters. NEW MEMBBBS AND 2HEIR FAMILIES Richard Lee Buckingham, 6704 Windsor Mill Road, Balto., Md,, 2120$, working ont Buckingham, Headington, Gosnell, Parrish, Gardner, Gill, Cranser, James, Garrettson, Osborn, Nelson, Stewart, 'C&rbin, Lewis, Hollis, Hubbard, HeKaig, Holt, Simpers, McClure, Bain, Nash, Freeborn, Utie, Johnson, Stockett, Zimmerman, Hackney, Hughes, Rhodes, Franklin, Gott. Barbara and John Chilcoat, 7^- Cedar Avenue", Tbws6n, Md of 21204, working ont Chilcoat, Miles, Brooks, Axer Henry A. Naylor, Jr., 1320 Bolton St., Baltimore, Md., 21217, working on Brady, Cole, Wilson, Taylor, Ensor, Richardson, Eastwood, Wright, Proctor, Cooper* Stone, Requardt, Stansbury, Perrie, Boyne, Schmidt. Warren and Charlotte Oler, 4204 Green Glade Road, Phoenix, Md., working on» Laird, Doerr, Fe,ndlay, Heberle, Cooper, Oler, Thompson, Warden, Middlekaurfi'ftieat. " ' Lula Forwood SetoSl?,12304 Kemmerton Lane, Bowie, Md., working on» Forwood, Berkias or Burkins, Popp, Ghenowith 9 Schmelz, Sherwood, Tevis, France. Mrs. E. Lorlng D. R. Best, Gillies' Garden, S. 1., 2126 White Hall Road, P. 0. Box 98,, , working on these South Carolina Families» Grant (from Va.), Lee, Presley prom N. C.), and Smith} also Moore of Penna. EDITORIAL COMMENT This issue's feature article is by one of our members. The editor is grateful to those who take the time to share their experiences ^and ideas with outherslto these pages.

54 Baltimore County Genealogical Society Po 0. Box Towson, Maryland, THE NOTEBOOK Number 19, April 1983 Robert Barnes, Editor A CALL TO ARMS (01 TYPEWRITERS) An Editorial The Hall of Records has announced it will have to close on Saturdays until they are afforded an adequate staff. If you enjoy going to the Hall of Records, which this Editor feels is one of the finest research facilities, write to Dr. Edward G. Papenfuse, Director of the Hall of Records, expressing your concern. Your letters will help him to show state officials that many citizens want the Hall of Records open on Saturday. Mary K. Meyer is retiring as Genealogical Reference Librarian at the Maryland Historical Society effective 30 June 1983, A charter member of the Maryland Genealogical Society, she has served as editor of that Society's Bulletin in its early days, has established the'genealogical Council of Maryland, has compiled three directories of genealogical societies in the United States and Canada, is working on the 3rd revision of Genealogical Research in Maryland, and has worked long and diligently to improve the state of the art of genealogical research in Maryland, ELan to stop in at the Maryland Historical Society on 30 June to wish Mary a happy retirement, The Baltimore County Genealogical Society is planning a picnic and "tombstone copying day" at St. James My Lady's Manor Church on Sunday, June 12, This historic cemetip?y has never been copied completely. ELan to come Sunday afternoon, bring some food, some pads, and pens, and enjoy a day of genealogical activity, fun and food. The church officials are delighted we are coming. Your notebook needs material. Perhaps you have done some work with an unusual type of source record. Perhaps you have an old Bible you would copy. Perhaps you have found some material that corrects an error in print. Submit it to the Editor for the notebook. He will appreciate it very much. Gorrespond'ence Mrs. Milton Valpls has written to Mr, Halle to let all of us know that she appreciates the help afforded her by so many members, Rick Schatidt writes that he purchased his copy of Die Ppstleitzahl, the German Zip Code Directory, from Genealogists' Bookshelf, P, 0,~Box 4o"8, Hew York City, New York, Stephen Shipley, State President(?) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 4100 St. John's Lane, Ellicott City, Md,, , may be able to tell you exactly when the genealogical library will open. / If you are working on the Porter family, write Homer W. Porter, Elder Grove Dr., Dallas, Texas, 75232, with a legal size SASE for news of Porter research. The form letters reproduced on page 2 are sent to us by Rick Schmidt.

55 The Notebook, Number 19 April 1983, p. 2 SAMPLE LETTERS (German) The following letters may be used to send for Information from the parish ministers or civil registration offices in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Generally, civil registration began in 1876 in Germany and Switzerland and in 1938 in Austria. In some areas in Germany civil registration began much earlier. Specific time periods are listed in the following book available In many libraries: A GENEALOGICAL HANDBOOK OF GERMAN RESEARCH, by Larry 0. Jensen, P.O. Box Ml, Pleasant Grove, Utah 8^062. i GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS; 1. Recopy and send only the German portion of the letter, filling in the blank lines of the letter with the appropriate information. 2. Enclose $5.00 in bank draft or money order. Also enclose two International Reply Coupons which are available at the Post Office. ' Address the envelope as follows: LETTER TO PARISH MINISTER An das Pfarramt (Zip Code)(Name of Town) (Country) Sehr geehrtev Eerv PfarrerJ Zur Vewolletaendigung der Familiengesohiahte meine? Vorfahren benoetige iah naeheice Angaben ueber (Name of ancestor) geboren (date) ' in (name of town). Ich bitte Sie daher hoefliohst Km die Uebevaendung eines vollstaendigen Aussnges aus Ihrem Geburtf;-/Heix>ats -/ Sterberegistev fuer den Vorgenannten. Sollte es Ihnen moegliah eein miv gleiehzeitig Aussuege fuer Gebuvt* Eeirat oder Tod de? Eltern zu beschaffen, die am selben Ort gewohnt haben ao11en t so waere iah Ihnen fuer diese Hilfe eehr darikbay*. Zur Deckung Threv Gebuehven lege ioh $5.00, sowie zwei Coupons bei 3 die Sie auf Thr-em Postamt gegen Luftpostmar'ken eintauaohen "koennen. Ioh danke Ihnen im Vovaus fuev Ihre Hilfe, " " Mit votzuegliohev Hoohaahtung Dear Pastor: TRANSLATION To complete my family history I would like, to have Information about my ancestor _, born ' i n May I please ask that you send me a complete extract from the birth, marriage and death record for the above-named.. / / Should it be possible to send me extracts of the birth, marriage or death records for his parents, who lived in the same town, I would be very thankful for this aid. To cover your fees I am enclosing five dollars as well as two coupons that you can exchar for airmail postage. Thank you in advance for your aid. Iv.

56 Baltimore County Genealogical Society THE NOTEBOOK P. 0. Box Number 20, September 1983 Towson, Maryland, 23L204 Robert Barnes, Editor Do You Have Scottish Ancestry? The following books and articles may be helpful in establishing the origins of your Scottish ancestors* Dean L. HcLetdf "Success in Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors," The Genealogical Helper «January - February 1980, pp. 8-13» has provided an excellent starting point. He begins by listing several helpful books on Scottish genealogy and then gives a list of periodicals. He warns the beginnings researcher of the importance of knowing the jurisdiction under which a given record may be found. He discusses the holdings of major Scottish repositories and gives suggestions as to where various kinds of records might be found. He concludes his article with a flow chart that may help in finding the place of origin of a Scottish emigrant to the New World. Margaret Stuart's Scottish Family History (Bepr. i Baltimore i Genealogiccal Publishing Company, 1983)» contains an excellent bibliography of published and unpublished sources on Scottish families. Under the heading, Lyon family, several references are given to the Lyons of Ohil or Wester Ogle, believed to be the parent stock of the Lyon family of Baltimore County, Maryland. The first part of the book contains an essay by former Lord Lyon King of Arms, James Balfour Paul, on writing a family history. The article also contains explanations of some legal terms and procedures found in Scotland. Gerald Hamilton Edwards, In Search of Scottish Ancestry (Baltimore! Genealogical Oublishing Company, 1980} contains basic record sources, chapters on Scottish surnames, census records, tax lists, and migration. Two books have been published recently that attempt to identify Scottish immigrants and their places of origin, Donald Whyte, A_ Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the U. S. A. (Baltimore* Magna Charta Book Company j 1972), is an alpiiabetical listing of Scottish settlers giving their names, ages, place of origin and place of settlement. The source of the information is given in an abbreviated form and a fuller citation is given in the bibliography* Sources consulted include American and Scottish publications, family histories, and correspondence from the files of the Scottish genealogical Society. David Dobson's new Directory of Scots Banished to the Ameyican Plantations* (Baltimore «Genealogical Publishing Company, "1983)" does for Scottish prisoners taken after the uprisings of 1?15 and 1?^5 what Peter W. Coldham's books have done for English convict settlers. Dobson has brought to light the transportation of over 3000 Scottish immigrants by going through Scottish legal and prison records. Many of the entries give the names of the parents or specific place of origin of the transportee. These are by no means all of the available sources, but they will be helpful both for the information they present and the clues they give to other sources for the researcher. Passenger List of Convicts The editor came across this list of transported felons in a volume of Baltimore County land records* Idber IS # G, p. 3^» It is a list of servants convicted of crimes in the City of Exon, sentenced to seven years, and transported on.. the Ship Reformation, Philip Wears Commander, and sworn to by Capt. Philip Weare before Lance Todd on ^ August 1?22. Lux, Johns robbery James, Johnj robbing his landlady Camp, William) house robbing Gater, Wm.j horse stealing

57 The Notebook, Number 20 September 1983t P* 2 ^' =jfcjnuiiiu"i-i-. j iiiui S3ttig??t?Eg fiffibsgsyg: g.'stg (Passenger List of Convicts, continued) Camp, Thomas; house robbing Brisk, John; stealing a coat Hill, Thomasf stealing a bag of Gommins, Kich.j stealing wine small things tfhyett, Martha; shocking a maid(?) Berriman, William; forcing a maid Quick, Elizabeth; stealing bed clothes Griffith, Sarah; stealing two handkerchiefs President's Report At a meeting of the Executive Board, the President and Officers of the Society on behalf of the members gave to former President Thomas Hollowak a copy of Thjsi Hammond-HarwoQA House Atlas of Historical Maps of Maryland^ l by Sdward C. Papenfuse and Joseph M. Coale, III* The Board deciced to recognize Mary K. Meyer's many years of service to the Maryland Historical Society and to genealogists by presenting her with a copy of resolutions thanking her for all her endeavors in genealogy and by giving her a two year membership in the Society* This issue of the Notebook marks the first time a run of 200 copies has been printed. With a membership of over 100 members we will have to ruir at least 200 copies for the forseeable future. It is hoped that part of one page will be devoted.to paid advertisements from professional genealogists, people with books to sell, and perhaps queries from non-members of the Society* The paid advertisements will help to defray the cost of printing* ;The picnic was a huge success, thanks largely to the efforts of Peggy Keigler who'organized the event, and the perseverance of the 25 people who came (some from the Harford County Genealogical Society) on one of the hottest days of the summer. By 6$00 the whole cemetery was copied. Book Reviews Directory for the City ofchicago. Repainted with a New Introduction by Thomas L. Hollowak, published by the Polish Genealogdcal Society. 98k North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, pp. Pricei $3.00. This volume could well serve as a model for anyone planning to publish a similar work for any other city. The directory was originally published in the Daily News of Chicago on 18 December To the original listing has been added the addresses of Roman Catholic parishes. The names of the Polish inhabitants of Chicago are listed under their occupational heading, with their address. Thomas L. Hollowalc, Index to the Obituaries and Death Notices Appearing in The Jednoac Polonia Chicago t The Polish Genealogical Society ( address as above), 1983.ix, 162 pp. Indexed. Pricei $7.95..This listing of obituaries from the earliest extant Polish newspaper in Baltimore will be of great help to anyone doing Polish research. The Introduction explains the arrangement of the book, a history of the newspaper, locations of the originals, and acknowledgements* Entries in the text contain the name of the deceased, date of death, age, and names of other relatives, as well as the date of the issue in which the notice appeared. The book contains a section on genealogical research in Baltimore's Polish community. Names of Polish churches, cemeteries, and funeral homes are given. The book is a must for genealogical collections dealing with Baltimore, and/or Polish genealogical sources. Copies can be ordered from the Polish Genealogical Society, whose address is in the previous review.

58 The Notebook, lumber 20 ; September 1983, p. 3 (Book Reviews, continued) Mary K, Meyer, genealogical Research in Maryland* JL Guidef Revised and larged (Baltimore* The Maryland Historical Society, 1983)» 45 PP» Prices 5.00 plus $1.50 for postage and handling, Maryland residents should add 40/ sales tax. The third edition of Mary K. Meyer's Guide contains several new features. The book is set in double columns so that more information can be included. Updated information on state and local historical and genealogical societies has been included, and there are sections on the various record repositories. Chapters includei The Counties of Maryland, the Maryland Historical Society, Vital Records, Ships* Passenger Lists, Tax Lists, and Special Finding Aids. There is a bibliography and a list of book distributors. The reviewer was pleased to see that many public libraries are now "building collections of genealogy and/or Marylandiana. When the 2nd edition was published in 1976 Baltimore City and County had 16 items listed in the bibliography! the present bibliography has 24. Harford County had 3 Items and now has 10. Queries Need the parents of Elizabeth R. Camber, named as a granddaughter in the will, ?, of John Camber of Baltimore County. John Gamber had married as his 2nd wife Susan Russell Sanderson c»l84o» Need her parents also, /s/ Miriam E. Dumville, Star Route, Box 631 S, Destin, FLA,, Need proof that William Henry Lichtenberg, born 1862 in Baltimore, son of William Henry and Catherine Elizabeth (Taylor), was the grandson of August and Henrietta Lichtenberg who came over from Germany, /s/ Linda Roy, 75L3 Virginia Avenue, St. Louis, Mo., Maryland Newspapers on Microfilm In recent months a number of newspapers have been microfilmed and placed at the Maryland Historical Society, A list of these newspapers has been compiled by MHS staff member Francis P. 0*Neale, and includes the following newspapers from Baltimore City and County. Baltimore American Baltimore Evening Post, Baltimore Commercial Journal and Baltimore Price Current Lyford's Price Current Baltimore Republican Baltimore Dally Gazette Baltimore Saturday Visitor. Baltimore Gazette Baltimore Gazette and Daily Adver- Catonsville Argus tiser Catonsville Herald Argus and Balti- Baltlmore Maryland. Journal«more Cotmtiajn« Towson Ijempcrat and Journal, Baltimore Daily New» Towson News Towson Union News Notice of Meeting The MID-ATLANTIC GERMANIC SOCIETY will hold its annual fall meeting at the Quality Inn, Towsoa, Maryland, 1015 Xork Road, 8*30 to 3s30. Speakers and exhibits are featured. There is a registration fee of $15.00 for members and $18.00 for non-members.

59 The Notebook, Number 20 September 1983, P» ^ Pocock Heirs by '.. Peggy Kelgler *, -, - _.., -,,, The following data was taken from Equity Court Records of Harford county, Book HD # 3, p On 2 June 1833 James Morion of Hasrford County filed suit against Elijah Pocock and others, heirs at law of Daniel Pocock, deceased. The suit stated that on or about 1 January 1831 Daniel Pocock of Ohio sold,79i acres designated as lot 28 of My Lady's Manor bearing date November 1792 to James Morton, who has paid the purchase money but has not yet received a proper deed* Morton named the following heirs at law of Daniel Pocock of Ohio, deceased t (n-r, non-resident} EG, Balto* Go.j HC, Harford Co.} tain,, minor). Elijah Pocock, n-r Jesse Pocock, BC Daniel Pocock, HC (elsewhere called David Pocock) Sarah Hendric and her husband, BC Jemima Hutchins and husb. Jesse HutchlnsV n-r Elizabeth Price and husb* Thomas n-r. Elijah Galloway, n-r Elisha Galloway, BC Elihu Galloway, n-r Charity McClmng and husb. McClung, n-r Joseph Susanna McClung and husb. Samuel McClung, BC James Pocock, n-r Daniel Pocock, n-r Rubin/Reubin Pocock, n-r John Garrison, HC Susanna (Miles) Riley* and husb. William Riley. HC Elizabeth (Miles) Curtis* and husb. Ira Curtis, HC Martha Miles, HC, rain. Tabitha Miles, HC, min. County Miles, HC, min. Catherine Miles, HC, min. Elisha Miles, BC, min. James Brown and wife Charity, n-r. Howard Sharp and wife Charlotte, n-r Charles Rockhold and wife Elenor, HC *ch. of Thomas and Ann (Garrison) Miles Background of Maryland Settlers The editor is compiling data on the proven British ancestry of Maryland settlers and welcomes contributions and queries. He has found data on the British ancestry of the following Baltimore and Harford County inhabitants. Blackiston, Capt. Ebeneaer Buchanan, Dr. George Chase, Rev. Thomas (have parents) Christie, Charles, b Collett, Richard, and bro. John Cornwallis, Thomas Dallas, Walter ^Gilbert, Jarvis Gorsuch, Charles Lyon, Dr. William North, Capt. Robert White, Capt, Thomas

60 Baltimore County Genealogical Society Post Office Box Towson, Maryland, THE NOTEBOOK Number 21, November 1983 Robert Baxnes, Editor Sympathy is expressed to the family of Joseph Cromwell, one of the charter members of the Baltimore County Society, on his death. This issue of the Bulletin is rather brief, but enclosed with this mailing is the latest listing of library holdings of the Society, compiled by our Librarian, Pat Czerniewski. Mark these dates on your calendar \ July 12, 13, 14, A Mid-Atlantic Genealogical Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Reisterstown Road and the Beltway, to commeramorate the- 350th anniversary of the founding of our state. Because the fourth Simday of December is the 25th, the Society will not meet that month. The officers of the society wish all the members a blessed Yuletide Season and a happy and prosperous New Year. Muriel E. Lewis, 331^ Chiswick Court, Apt. 3-E, Silver Spring, Md., 20906, writes that a family Bible has her grandmother's name, Sadie Cahoon, b. 1871» written in pencil on the flyleaf. The date of publication is 1863, and a paper sticker states the Bible was published by the Maryland State Bible Society..., Baltimore. Items on the Family Record pages are* Laura J. HOOD, born June Harriet A. P. HOOD was born 23 of Feb Who were the Hoods. Richard Lee Buckingham, 6?04 Windsor Mill Road, Baltimore, Maryland, 2120?, writes that in commemmoration of the 200th anniversary of the Christmas Conference of 1784, the Owings Mills History Council plans to publish a history of the people who founded and built the United Methodist Churches and institutions located within the bounds of Soldiers Delight Hundred. The research committee would like to include notes on some of the original families who had Methodist, Evangelical, or United Brethren connections. Researchers and descendants of these families are requested to submit standard sized family group sheets, with documents and and notes and anecdotes pertaining to church history. Send a SASE for notification of publication date. NEW MEMBERS Ms. Dot E. Green, 714 Wolfe St., Old Town, Alexandria, Va., 22fl4, working onj Cockey, Calvert, Lloyd, Hanson, Green, Crist/Grist, Brice, Martin, Thomas, Key, Tandy, Preston and Smith families. Ms. Jean Kolb Brandau, 3503 Crossland Ave., Baltimore, Md., 21213, working oni Kolb, Feigley, Hogan, Eckert, Wigley, Schweckenberger, Eaglestone, Johnes, Johns, Ulrich, Corbin, Grimes. Mrs. Frances Ensor Benedict, 1007 Devonshire Drive, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, 38555t working on Snsor (Thomas), Costley, Talbott, Ellis families. John J. Tudor, Jr., Rd. 2, daremont Drive, Seven Valleys, Pa., 17360, working oni Tudor, Dembo, Jonas, Hartman, Groscup, Cook, Dickel, Miller, Smith, Merson, Buff, Costner, Heath, and Osborn families. Mrs. Richard Patterson, "Merry Meadows," Cooper Road, Phoenix, Md., 21131, working oni Howard, Dorsey, Hammond, Elder, Todd, Wyatt, Bradford, Burnham, Jones, Hamill, Patterson, Cooper, Milner, Stuart, Morrison, Tolley families.

61 THS NOTEBOOK, p. 2 November 1983 BIBLE PROJECT The Genealogical Council of Maryland is attempting to compile a check list of the location of Family Bibles. If you have a family Bible would you please complete this form and return it to the Editor. A copy of the form will be sent to the Genealogical Council. If you need extra forms, let the Editor know. Surname Date and Place of publication of the Bible Name and address of Present Owner Residence (if known) Date transcribed*^ Transcribed by**_ Language records are written in, if other than English Records translated by Observations; condition of handwriting Itemized List of extraneous matter, such as newspaper clippings, if anyi ** If a transcription is made and given to the BCGS, please complete these items. *** The Society would be very grateful if a transcription or photocopy of all Bible Records could be submitted with the Registration form. If such transcription or photocopy is submitted, please complete the next itemsi ( ) I/we give permission to the Baltimore County Genealogical Society to publish the enclosed material in whole or in part. ( ) These records may not be published, but may be placed in the files of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society for researchers to use. Signature of present owner of Bible Date Signature of person submitting data.

62 Baltimore County Genealogical Society Post Office Box Towson, Maryland,, 2120^ THE NOTEBOOK Number 22, February 'J984- Robert Barnes, Sditor A PASSENGER LIST 0^ The following passenger list was founa in Provincial Court Deeds, Liber SI # 8, pp. 40*MK)5, at the Hall of Records, Annapolis* It is entitled "Invoice of convicted persons and felons imported on the ship St. George, Capt. James Dobbin, arrived 22 March 17^8." LONDON AND MIDDLESEX John Bennett William Bilby sfta, Clark Samuel Courtney Denis Delany(?) (5) Charles Franklin Jasper Goodby Thomas Hargrove William Haughton William Jones (10) Benja, Juices John Lamb Nathaniel Lawrence Edmund Lowe Hugh Roberts (15) Edward Vaughn Kary Bagwell Ellaa Ball Sliza Bennett Bridget Craith (20) Jane Ellis Sarah Lowther or Rochead Eliza. Murray Susanna Thompson Ann Wright (25) John Brace Thomas Gooke John Davis Sara"! Evans James Pitzsimmons (30) John Fling John Henry Charles Heath Jas, Hodges, als. Pison Thomas Holden (35) Cornelius Jacobs John Kent Joseph Longdora Lackland McGuire James Magham (*K>) to, Newman Robert Randwill John Read als. Swiep(?) Charles Roberts m. Sean John Studder Peter Tickner John ifelsh Jos. '^ethershir John Williams (50) Winiam Williams John bright Ann Ajus Hary Baker Mary Barber (55) Ann Flowers Ann Boswell Sarah Bottles i'iary Canes or Gaines or Carnes Ann Connac!-: (60) Susannah Crawford Sarah Crispe als. Ridge Sophia Cuddy Ann Gregory Ann Groves (65) Judith Judge I'iary Kendall Hannah Killigrew Margaret Matthews Sli2. Mitchell (?0) Ann Page als, Wills Matthew Paigne Mary Pebworth als. Smith Ann Strong (75) Sliza White SSSSX Thomas Lemon (?7) John I'iason 8d*rard Moule William Mellings John Sherieve Kary Clarke K31W William Bennett (83) Nath'l. Cooke John Pairall Sam. Pryor J33AL I'iary Heays (87) SUSSEX Sich'd Waters SUHRSY John Cameron(89) Sam'l Gazey James Mitchell Mary Hall (fin. Paddison Wm. Harrison SARIM Jane Clerke (95) Matthew Robins James Sawyer Win. Sawyer, d. 28 March John Collins John Harvie (100) Sarauel Jones Thomas Jones Richard Lawrence George Massey Edward Rose (105) William Whitely Prances Mungunuaery Jane Thaker Ann 'rfhite WARWICK Robert Clover, als. Temple (110) John Jones Wllliao Webb BUCKS John Taylor YARMOUTH I'iary Shaw Goldham's Bonded Passengers to America(9 vols. in 3j may provide more data on the origins of these people.

63 The Notebook, Number 22 February 1984, p. 2 BIBLE! H8CORBS RBPOH'jCBD In the last issue of the Notebook we enclosed u form for registering Bible records in the possession of members. i4any people were kind enough to enclose a copy of the Bible records along with the registration form. Here are the Bibles registered, with some pertinent facts. A copy of the registration form will be sent to the Genealogical Council of Maryland, but the transcriptions of records will remain with the BOGS (except in a few cases where members graciously sent two copies of the transcriptions). Thanks to those members vho contributed to this project. Name. Earliest Earliest Date of Donor Birth Marriage Publication Naylor 1870 none 1868 H. A. Naylor, Jr. Place G Gzarnecki Smith and Young Martin Boyce 1875 Gallup Garcaud 1827 ' ^ Gallup Hiltz/Herzog c.1880 SchmMt Book Notes Family Line Publication» 13*K)5 Collingwood Terrace, Silver Spring, Md., 20904, has been publishing several series of Maryland source records. The Maryland Militia* War of 1812 series now comprises five volumes coverings Eastern Shore, Baltimore County, Cecil and Harford Counties, Anne Arundel and Galvert Counties, and St. Marys and Charles Counties. Three of the five volumes not only contain 1 mue-'ter rolls of troops, but abstracts of bounty land and pension applications. Eastern Shore Kewsffaffer Absteacts now runs to four volumes covering the years 1790-l824» and future volumes'are planned. The publisher has been reissuing the immensely valuable abstracts of Dorchester 'County, Maryland, originally published by James A. ' McAllister, Jr. Volumes A, B, and G contain fully indexed abstracts of Dorchester County land records for the years 1668 through Maryland Bastern Shore Vital...Records, in two volumes, for the years , and , contains records of" births, deaths, and marriages from court and church records on the Eastern Shore Two new publications may of particular interest to searchers for people in the Baltimore area. The first, by Walter 3. Arps, Jr., is Maryland Mortalitiss t jjffis-l 915 from ^the.baltimore Sun, Almanac, 256 pages, entries arranged alphabetically. $ postpaid^ Each year~"the Baltimore Sun Almanac, published a list of the noteworthy people whoae deaths were reported in the Sunpapers the previous year. Of course not every death notice in the Sun was indexed in the Almanac. Mr, Arps has performed a valuable service by bringing together all the names of obituaries, and arranging them in one listing. In addition to the name a typical entry may give the age, residence, occupation, and date the obituary was originally published. One page lists the following occupations i teacher, explorer, dancing master, civil engineer, merchant, photographer, art collector, and contractor. The book is well viorth the price.

64 The Notebook, Number 22 February 198*f, p. 3, ', * Book Notes (continued) The secon#volume is a new edition of the Baltimore Town and Fell's Point Directory, of rffi6«from the origikil and Thompson and tfalker. ' The entries show the name of the resident, occupation, and address. As a source book for students of early Baltimore history, families, or sociology, it is a very helpful addition. The editor of this NotebooK. contributed a supplement to the volume* l.e M the names of all those persons -.naturalized in Baltimore County Court from 1796 to 1803, taken from the Baltimore County Naturalization Docket at the Hall of Records. The names are arranged chronolgically, and show the name of the new citizen, the country from which he came, and the date of the naturalization. There is an index to the names of those naturalized«the 69 pages are $8.00 postpaid. Maryland residents must add 5/«sales tax. ^ QUERIES Need parentage and birthplace of Nathan Koble Young, born 25 September 1806 j married Nancy Bakin in 182? in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Mas his mother a McKenzie? /s/ Mrs. A. J. Martin,?Q6 Joyful Street, Columbus, Ohio, , ant data on the family of Sdward Itexris whose estate was administered in Baltimore County on 20 June 1828 by Thomas Harris. The heirs all of whom were paid an eg.ua!, share of $19^.32* were* Slizabeth Langlar, the wife of Sdward Wallan, Jane Harris, Ann Harris, and Thomas Harris the accountant. The account mentioned money received from Thomas Karris of England, /s/ Bobert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Kd., UBNAH3 INTERESTS ^^^^ CF OUS M2HBBRS In January 1982 we published a surname listing of families in the Baltimore and Karford County area in which our members were interested. Other nembers had their surnames of interest listed in issues no. 15, 17, 18, and 21. The edittor plans to make this a regular feature of the Notebook, Cofiell, Honald A., 2339 Bush Street, San Francisco,.Oft,, Cofiell, 3nsor, Tracey, Kerryman, Simpers, Chilcoat, Benson, Kerlinger, Bi'ooks, Price, Stansbury, Lenunon. Heara, iirs. I-Iarian, 4615 Keswick Road, Baltimore, lid., Broome, Slack, Koll, Huark, Tyler, iceara, isepp. " Joodman, i'lrs. V?m. 13., 2030 Crest nar Curcle, Sldorado Hills, CA., Hunter, Creighton, Hillen, Scott, Key, Goodwin, Sothoron, Hasselbach, Wheeler. Ham, Marvin and Esther, 215 Longwood Road, Baltimore, Kd,, Bess, Cook, Golding, Grahara, Hartin, Keathai-Jk, Hoese, Sollenburg(er), Dooley, Drawbond, Ham, Hoge, Low, Ghawj Watson, Win^field Martin, l-irs, A. J.,?06 Joyful Street, Colunbus, Ohio, Keefer, Tipton, Skincy, Jackson, Clifton, Jlakin, Forney, Hedges, Howard, Lacey, Mattcm, Ileek, Hurray, Pittis, Snith, Schupp, Schreicier, Timraon^, Van lleter, Young, fiills.

65 The Notebook, Number 22 February 198'*, p. 4. Weiiner, Robert A., 622. Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, Md., Weimer, Shaffer, Christner, Hart, Hill, Wertenberger, Harter, Jackson, Draper, Bard, Frazer, Brown, Beeson, Elliott, Dorothy Powers, Rt # 1, Box IA-19» Ifeisoatlns 1., IA., 52?6l TBealmear, Shipley, Anderson, Pratt, Brewer, Sellraan, Garlin, Wilson, Meek, Wheeler, Duckett, Jacob, Jacob, Stevens, Powell, West, Brashears, Twiford. Neff, Miss Marcia E., 4209 Old Milford Mill Road, Pikesville, Md., Neff, Rpwe,.McKee, Bosley, Stansbury, Warfield, Burruss, Barney, Ward,, Murray, Alexander Gallup<y Mrs. Doris Carcaud, 1227 Providence Road, Towson, Md., Carcaud, Myers Duraville, Miriam E., Star Route, Box 631-E, Beston, Fla., i-camber, Grey, Morsell, Russell, Sanderson, Mitchell, Glarvoe, LeCompte (New York and Va.s Bunting, Cowper, Darden, Dumville, Horfleet, Smith, Cummings. DeGroote, Susan M., 373 Tilefish Court, Jacksonville, Fla., Miles, Slade, Besson, Cox, Smith Weidel, Mrs* Herbert, 4604 H>ng Green Road, Glen Arm, Md,, Omacht, Single, Nolan, Hubert, Siuta, Burba, Drag, Olejnik McCurley, James B., Jr., 425 West Ormsby Avenue, Louisville, Ky., McCurley, Curley, Pierpoint, Chew, Rudenstein, McLaughlin, Emrich, Von der.heide, De Hoff, Wheeler, Murray, Morgan, Hale, Robinson, Parsonham, Brown, Sparks, Hoover, Randall. Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. Edward J.. Jr., Fontaine Drive, Baltimore, Md., Stanley, Jones, Via, Clement, Alexander, Jennings, Winslow, Bulla. Lindenmeyer, Robert L., 7710 Greenview Terrace, # 143, Balto., Md., Lindenmeyer, Stangler, Robertson, Pilkerton.. Zahrobsky, Mrs. John, 9?4 Pairmount Avenue, Towson, Md., Menzel, Kirwan, Rasmussen, Edmunds, Wuiliraier, Travers, Cowart, Page, i Bancroft, Keene. Yohn, Mr. and Mrs. Jere L., Rt. 1, Box 249-1, Queenstown, Md.» Gorsuch, Bosley, Bond, Wheeler, Price, Stansbury Wright, Ms. Sstelle B 0» Grier Nursery Road, P. 0. Box 134, Forest Hill, Md., 21050s Bond, Wells, Ellender, Allender, Graham, Grimes, Hendon, Minnicfc, Porter Vanko, Mrs. Audrey, 120 Springside Drive, Timonium, Md., Buechier, Buchler, Finger, Shanta, Vanko Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. M. Bernard, 1904 Tadcaster Road, Balto., Md., Rogers, Jefferson, DuVall, Dixon, Harding, Bates, Sand, Sandier Roy, Ms. Linda, 7513 Virginia Avenue, St. Louis, Mo,, Lichtenberg, Gehring, Taylor Kanely, Edna Agatha, 3210 Chesterfield Ave., Balto., Md., Kenly, Kenley, Galloway, Geiger, Sudbrook, Baker, Newhaus, Kelly Haile, Mr. and Mrs, Elmer R,, Jr., 4610 Hydes Road, Hydes, Md., Haile, Hale, Gittings, Wilson, Foard, Deets,' Lancaster, Robinson, Garrett, Reckord, Lukens, Chenoweth, Emory, Kolk, Winter, Trapp, Hoffmaster, Rohrer, Zimmerman, Wyand.

66 Baltimore County Genealogical Society- Post Office Box Towson, Maryland, THE NOTEBOOK Number 23, March 198^ Hobert Barnes, Bditor The Adventur<&»rs of 1633 Most of the data summarized "below was taken from Harry Bright Neman's Flowering of the Maryland Palatinate t 196l (Repr. t Baltimorei Genealogical Publishing Company, 198k). ^n* letters following the names of the known adventurers are explained following the list^ed. Allen, Thomasi G K Althorae, John, Gent., d. 1640s D G I Andrews, Williams G K Ashmore, Johnt G K Ashaore, William, d. 1635* 01 Baldridge, James, Gent., d. by 1658/9 G K K J L M B,. Baldridge, Maj. Thomas, d. c.l65fc* C H J L M N Barefoot, James, Gent*, d* en route. Baxter, John, Gent., d* c.1637/81 G I Beans, Ralph, Gent., d. c.l658» G G L N Beckwith, Thomast G K Benham, Anams G K Bishop, Henry, d D G H I Bolles, Johnt H K Bradley, Richard, d. 1638/9* I BRIANT, John, d. 1637* G G I Brown, William, l62>l666s G D I L M Burrowes, Matthews,, -.,,,,. ft G K.. Galvert, Georges A B F I N Galvert, Leonard} A B F H I L M Garaell, Christopher, d. l66ls G B G I L Charinton, Thomas, d. l6*t2s G H I Cole, Richards G K Cook, Johns G K Cooper, Thomas, d.l640i G I Cornwallis, Gapt. Thomass A B G D F H K LM N Gox, Mrs. Ann, Gentlewoman, d s C D F L M Cranfield, Edwards F I Dorrell, Thomas, d. by 1637/81 FIN Draper, Peter, Gent., d. by l6w*t D FH I Duke, Richard, c.l6l> s S G K L M Edlowe, Joseph, d. c.l660s C G L M N Bdwards, Richards F K Mwin, William, c.l6l2-c.l663s G S G I L M N Slbin, Johns G J Fairfax, Nicholas, d. en routes D F Fenwick, Cuthbert, d. c.l65^«a G D G H L M Fitter, Willlara, Gent., c.i5?l- * G K Fleete, Gapt. Henry, Gent., d. l660t ABGEFHJLN Francisco, mulattos G K Fremond, Lewis, c (l>?) G K Gerard, Richards. A B G B F K N Gervase, Thomas, d. l63?s D G I Gilbert, Richard, d. c.l638s G G J, M Gore, Stephens G K Greene, Thomas, Esq., d. by l652«abcdfhilmn Grigston, Thomass G K Halfhead, John, c.l608-l6?5/6s G B G I I HaUowes, MaJ, John, c.l6l> s C G H J L M N Harvey, Nicholas, Gent., d. l64?s C D G L M Hawley, Jerome, C.1590-l638s A C D F H I K Heath, Thomass G K Hill, Gapt. Johns F K Hill, Johns G J Billiard, Johns G K Hills, Richards G K Hockley, Jamess G K Hodges, Benjamins G K Holdarn, Johns G K James, Henry, d. 1646s G I Jennings, Marys G K Josias, servants G 1 Knowles, John, d. 163?s D G I Lewis, Lieut. Williams G D G Loe, Richard, d, by l639s G I Lustead, Richard, d. 1642s G D G I Marlburgh, Johns G K Martin, Christopher, d. l64ls C I Medcalfe, John, Gent.s G H N Middleton, Charless G K Minnus, Thomas s G K Morgan, Rogers G K Nevill, John, d. 1664/5* C B G I L M

67 The Notebook, Number 23 March 1?84, p. 2 Nevltt, Richard* C (D?) G K L M Norton, John, the Slder* 6 Norton, John, the Younger? G Pike,, Robert! G K Price, "Elack" Johni Price, "White" Johni G Price, Lodovicki G K Priceo Thomas (not in Newman)t L M Rabnett, Francisi D G K Robinson, Johni G K Rogers, Mr. Franciss G K Sair, Williami F K Smithson-Norman, Annei G G L Souaa, Matthias I G K Syjspson, Robert» G H K Thompson, R&eta di -. Thottpion, William, Gent., d.l650i G D H I L M Thornton, James t G K Thorowgood, Cyprian, Gent, i F H K N Tomson, John, d.l649* G I Vaughan, Gapt. Robert, Gent., d.l668* C S F H I L M Walter, Roger) G K Ward, Johni G K Wella, Johni K Sammon, Steven, d. by l651t CGII L Saunders, John, Esq., d. l63*m F I Sherley, Robert! G K White, Andrew, S. J., i D F N Slathaa, Thomass G K Wilklns, Svani G K Sai-tii, Robert, d G G I L M Wintour, Edward* A B F K Wiatour, Frederick* A D F K Smith, Thomas* G K Wlntotir, Gapt. Robert, d. c.l638i D F Smith, William, Gent., d. l635» C D F I H I Wiseman, Robert, d A B C D G I L K N This list contains 110 names of individuals listed (with one exception) in Neman's book. The letters following the name represent the following known facts* A - Parents are known. B - Grandparents are known. G - The person is known to have married. D.- The adventurer was a Roman Catholic. E - The adventurer was a Protestant. F - The person immigrated. G - The individual was transported. H - He held office. I - He or she died in Maryland. J - The person is known to have moved to Virginia. K - He or she disappeared or is known to have returned to England. L - He or she is known to have had children. M - The person is known to have had grandchildren. N - The person was related to other colonists who came to Maryland at a later date, or who came to other colonies. ANCESTOR TABLB OF WIILIAM WYTO, ANCESTOR OF THS WYVUS OP MARYLAND Source* "Wyvil of Constable Burton," in Burke*s Sxtlnct and Dormant Baronetcies., 1. William Wyvil "settled in America," may be the William who d in Cecil C 2. D*Arcy Wyvil, died 5 January 1?3& in County Derby, England. 3. Unknown. 4. Sir William Wyvil, b. l645t d. I68fc. 5* Anne Brooke* 6«-7» unknown* 8. Sir Christopher Wyvil, d Ursula D'Arcy. 10* James Brooke, of Sllingthorpe, Yorkshire * unknown. 16. Sir Marmadufce Wyvil, d ?. Isabel Gascoigne. 18. Gonyers D'Arcy, Earl of Holderaess * Unknown.

68 The No-betook, Number 23 March 198^, p. 3 New Libraries Craned Two new genealogical libraries have, opened/at local stakes of the Mormon Church. One is at the Columbia, Maryland, Stake. 4100St. Johns Lane, P» 0. Box 397f"'aiicott cj^ Md., 210^3 (301-^5-1642). The hours are* 9»<M> ' &.». to 2iOO p.m., Hon., Tues., Wed.,""and Saturday, and?too p.m. to 9«30 p.m., Tues., Wed., and Thurs. (except for the 2nd Wed. evening e^ch month). The other library is at the Towson stake, Dulaney Valley Road and Seminary Avenue. This library is open 7»00 to loioo p.m.» Tuesday, 10$00 to 4tOO and?»00 to 10tOO on Wednesday, and loioo to 4*00 on the 1st and 3rd Saturday. Host Mormon brancli genealogical libraries are closed on Rational Holidays and on days when local schools are closed due to inclement weather. The libraries are open to all genealogists, and there is no charge for use of the facilities, although there is a minimal fee for rental of microfilm. The libraries may not solicit contributions but they are welcome..,_ The two most obvious resources at all Mormon libraries are the International Genealogical Index and the ability to order microfilms from Salt Lake City. The current edition of the International Genealogical Index is a set of micprfiche having data on over?0 raillinion names. A new edition is due out at the;end of the year with over 80 million names on it. The libraries have catalogs of the holdings of Salt Lake City to assist in ordering microfilms. Announcement from the National Archives and Records Service Effective May 1, 1984, all requests for copies of military service records or passenger arrival records must be submitted on NATF Forms 80 and 81 respectively. Requests submitted on any other forms will not be accepted for processing* A new payment policy will be in effect. It will no longer be necessary to pay for the copies of records in advance. Send in the request on form 80 and/or 81. NARS will research the request, prepare copies of any records located, and and send a bill to the researcher. Copies will be held for 30 days or until payment is received, whichever is sooner. You must complete a separate HATF Form 80 for,.each file (pension or, bounty land S compiled military service) required. Copies of the new forms may be obtained after April 1 by writing toi Reference Services Branch (NNIH), National Archives and Records Service, 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, B. C. f Surnames of members of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society Krause, William M., and Debra J., 21 Independence Drive, New Freedom, Pa., (new members)i Standiford, Hampsher, Bellinger, Miller, Wirtz, Canapp, Walker, Tracey, Krause, Quatraann, Weber, Young, Joyner, Smith, Foxsrell, Cooper, Burnham, Pierce, Bradford, arlile, Maccomas, Hudson, Chambers, Sverett. Trotter, Donna, 1665 Argonne Drive, Balto*, Md., (new member)i Newcomer, Elder, Ruby, all Carroll Co., Md., and/or Penna. ' Beishlag, George, 1530 Taylor Avenue, Baltimore, Md., *-. Sturgeon, Money, Williams, Van Heckle. Gordon, Mrs. "Walter K., 2300 Dulaney Valley Road, Apt. W-09, Towson, Md,, 2120^$ Smiley, Berry, Tall, Greenwood, Johnson, Grover, Shillito, Winks,,. Clifton, Rae, Robinson. * " _' _ Howard, Louise Ogier, 909 Wellington Road, Baltimore,Md., Ogier, Bond, Carruthers, Smith, Slaysmah, Taylor, Ballard,Borraan, Miles, Maddox, Fontaine, Bozman.

69 The Notebook, Number 23 March 1984, p. 4 mender Bible, The following Bible records are transcribed by the editor from a photocopy of a Bible"given to the Society by Mrs. Bstelle E. Wright, Grier Nursery Road, P. 0. Box 134, Forest Hill, Kd., The Bible was printed in New York by and for William Durell, Bookseller, in Charity was born June the ? Frederick Ellender was Born February a Native of Germany, and died on 13 December Casander, Daughter of John and Delia Graham, was born July 4th Elizabeth was born August 9th 1783* Harriet was born September 25th pchard was born October 27th Charity was born June_15th Sarah Ellender was born February Elieer Ellender was born April 9, Delily Ellender was born February 6, Mary Ann Ellender was born October Julyann Ellender was born October ^4.,., Frederick Ellender was born Sept Charity Ellender was born January * George Sllender was born October Georgeann Ellender was born October , died on the 3rd of July the same year, Handy E. Ellender was born March 5th George J? Ellender was born Spt Frederick Ellender ix Sr. was born March 12, 1778* and died July 13th Charity Ellender was born June , died Dec. 30th Sarah Ellender was born February 20th 1804, and died Oct. 6th Elisa Ellender was bom April 9th 1805, died Jan. 18th Delily Ellender was born February 6th 1807, and died Jan. 22nd J.86JL. Mary Ann Ellender, October 26th 1809, died Sept, 26th July Ann Ellender was born August 9th 1810, and died August 9th 1811* July Ann Ellender was October 14th 1811, died Oct. 8, Frederick Ellender, Jr., was born Sept. 4th 1812, died Feb. 6th 1874, Charity Ellender was born January 29th 1815, and died June George Ellender was born October 22tt George-anna Ellender was born October 4th 1820, and died on 2? July Amanda E. Ellender was born March 5th 1822, died March l6th George W. Sllender was born Sept,15th Catherine Anne Bowen was born January 8th(or 9th? Frederick E. Bowen, Sr., was born December and died September ?. Eliza Ann Bowen was born September 19th Sarah Ann I*aughlin, Born February 8, 1844 Some portions are underlined denoting partial illegibility. Notes 1. The will of Frederick Sllender, made 10 ^oly 1841, proved 19 July 1841, named wife Charity, and children! Sarah, Elizabeth, Delila Bowen, Mary Ann Ellender, Julia Wilcocks, Frederick, Charity Lofflin, Amanda, and George. Wife Charity was to be executrix. Wm. W. tfaite, Wnu Bendel, and Daniel Bell were witnesses. (Balto. Co, Wills, I8i300). 2. George Ellender m. Sarah Grimes, Balto. Co. Marr. Lie., 10 Feb. 1792

70 Baltimore County Genealogical Society THE NOTEBOOK Post Office Box Number 24, June 1984 Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnes, Editor Evelyn Pearce The Baltimore County Genealogical Society expresses sincere sympathy to the family of Evelyn Pearce, on the loss of their wife, mother, and grandmother. Evelyn was President of the Society from During her tenure the Society became ineorporated, obtained a post office mailing address and a tax-exempt number, and adopted the logo which appears on our stationery. This writer remembers her as a warm and outgoing human being, and wants her family to know we shall miss her. The Society is Moving to a New Meeting Place Since its inception the Society has met in the Baltimore County Public Library in Towson. During that time, we have accumulated mom and more books and papers, and we have not had a permament place in which to keep these records. Beginning with the September 1984 meeting the Society will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the Perry Hall United Presbyterian Church, Joppa and Bel Air Roads. He will have the use of a locked bookcase for our valuables, and if the time comes when we can acquire a filing cabinet, we will be able to keep that at the Church also. Although the church is not in the central part of the County, the longer driving distance for some people will be offset by the fact that we do have a place to keep our papers, and there is adequate off street parking on the church parking lot. NOTE - The Seminar, scheduled for October, will still be held at the Towson Library. Coming Events Saturday, June 23 - Second Annual Picnic and Cemetery Copying Day at the Mount Olive Methodist Church, Liberty and Old Court Roads. Details are given in the enclosed meeting notice. July C^, 1, and - Genealogical Seminar at the Hilton Hotel, Reisterstown Road and the Beltway. Contact Mary K. Meyer, 8?68 C. Town and Country Boulevard, Elllcott City, Md., 21043, or Edna Kanely, 3210 Chesterfield Avenue, Baltimore, Md., 21213, for details. September i 4th Sunday - 1st Fall Meeting at our new meeting place, topic of meeting to be announced. October, 4th Saturday t Seminar, at the Towson Public Library, Tentative Themes What to do with all these notes you've gathered.

71 The Notebook, Number 24 June 1984, p. 2 New Books Clark, Raymond B., Jr., and Donald Odell Virdin, Maryland Genealogies, c.r pp. $9.00. Virdin, Donald Odell, Delaware Genealogies, c.r pp. $5.00. Both books contain lists of published books dealing with genealogies of Maryland or Delaware Families. Books are arranged under the name of the major family discussed, with the author, title, place and date of publication, and number of pages. For books dealing with more than one family there is an index of family names. The volume of Maryland families includes a list of Family Newsletters and a list of collected genealogies. Mr. Clark is well known for his publication of The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist, and is well known to memliers of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society. The two books do not claim to be complete listings but should be of interest. William G. Lefurgy, The Records of a City.i A Guide to the Baltimore City Archives (City of Baltimore, Dept. of Legislative Reference} City Archives and Records Management Office, Baltimore, 1984). 109 PP. $ As the title suggests, this book catalogs the holdings of the Baltimore City Archives. 6l record groups and 9 manuscript collections are discussed. The entry RG 4 Property Tax Records, 1798 to Present, gives a history of the type of record, a summary of the records, with references to related record groups, data on any published materials, and the series of various types of records. Under health department records, RG-19» is a note about two new name indexes* coroner inquest reports, ?, and interment records, The latter records were partially copied and typed by the late William N. Wilkins, but now a complete name index has been prepared. This book, is a must for anyone interested in Baltimore City Records. Mary ELlen Hayward and R. Kent Lancaster, A Guide to the Markers and Burials (of Westminster Presbyterian Cemetery) (Baltimoret Westminster Preservation Trusti 1984). 63 pp. Indexed. This book, made possible by a grant from the Maryland Humanities Council contains a detailed history of the Westminster Church and Burial Ground, and a catalog of all known information about the surviving tombstones and those who are known to be buried there. This reviewer had the plasure of working with Drs. Hayward and Lancaster in preparing for a series of lectures given this spring, and feels that the book (whose price seems to be a well kept secret, even from the authors) is a worthy addition to the literature of cemeteries. Copies may be ordered from the Westminster Preservation Trust, 500 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, Md. If you are interested in Baltimore families, Presbyterians, or graveyards as cultural phenomena you will want to have this book.

72 The Notebook, Number June 1984, p. 3 A Galvert Descent The following material was submitted by EGGS member Donald P. Foxworthy, 510 Overbrook Road, Baltimore, Maryland, Interested persons can contact Mr. Foxworthy for additional information. 1. Leonard Galvert, b. c.l660, m. c.1575 Grace or Alicia Grosland 2. George Calvert, 1st Baron of Baltimore, b. c.1579/80, d. April st wife Anne Mynne, b. 20 Nov. 1579, d. 22 Nov. 1604, m. 22 Nov Leonard Oalvert, b. c.l6lo, d. 9 June 1647; wife not identified. b. William Calvert, b. c.1643/4, d. May 1682 in Md.; m. c Elizabeth Stone, dau. of Capt. William Stone. 5. George Calvert, b. c.l668, d. c.1700, Stafford Co., Va.; wife not identified. 6. George Calvert, b. c.l694, d. c.1772 Prince William Co., Va. 1st wife Constance ( ); m. c William Calvert, b , d. 15 Aug. 1811, Mason Co., Ky. Hannah Harrison* m. c.1750, d. c. Aug Clarissa Calvert, 19 May c.1846, Lewis Co., Ky William Foxworthy, 1 April June ###### 9. Alex Foxworthy, b. 3 March 1797t Mason Co., Ky., d. 8 Aug. 185&. Nancy Glascock, b. 3 March 1802, d. 28 July 1870; m. 4 Feb Leroy Foxwfcrthy, b. 1 Sept d. 26 Aug. i860; m. 10 April Mehali Jane Yrazle, b. 1 Feb. 1832, d. 4 Sept Freeman Leroy Foxworthy, b. 1 April 1857, d. 18 Oct. 19#3 Serena Ellen Furr, 30 Sept. I86l - 14 Nov William E. Foxworthy, b. 18 March 1889; m. 15 Sept Gertrude Fallow, b. 5 Nov. I893f d. 16 Nov. I Donald P. Foxworthy, BCGS member Queries Looking for information on Edward Jonathan Cofiell, b. 24 April 1855 >& c» 1884 Charlotte V. Cole; also data on the Cofiell family of Boring, Md. /B/ Daniel G. Higgins, 290 Clifton Street, Maiden, MA., Surname Interests of Members Stadfeld, Carolyn Cordle, 12 Stillway Court, Cockeysville, Md., Cordle, Cremen, O'Neill, Wall, Hennegan, Cremin(s) Cameron, Margaret Almony, 2500 White Hall Road, White Hall, Md«, 21l6l, is working on all these Baltimore County familiest Almony, Watson, Anderson Pearce, Pratt, Slade, Mutchner, Whitaker, Crawford, Shean, Shane, Wyle, Putman, Sparks, Collett, Sutton, Ayres, Bond, McCoard, Pocock, McDonald, Markey, Walker, Royston, Lowe, Hoffman, Deaver Czerniewski, Mrs. Patricia, 8903 Jasper Lane, Balto., Md., Butt, Cook/Koch, Eiffert, Kaupp, Kilmeyer, Tremper, Winkler, Schustek, (following from Southern Maryland)i Copsey, Hill, Lee, Morgan, Quade, Russell, Sipes

73 The Notebook, Number 24 June 1984, p. 4 Newspapers Indexed In December 1983 the Hall of Records sponsored a seminar on the use of newspapers by historians and genealogists, and the program now under way to locate and preserve (on microfilm) many old newspapers. The Baltimore County Public Library in Towson has acquired microfilm copies of extant copies of the Baltimore County Advocate from 1850 to 1864 (with gaps). The editor of the Notebook has indexed the marriages and deaths from the Advocate, with a view to eventual publishing. In the meantime, persons interested in specific families may obtain a list of the names of persons of that name who were married or who died, and the date of the paper containing the account. Armed with this information, the person may visit the Baltimore County Public Library to obtain a full copy of the item from the paper. Please send a SASE for each surname of interest to the editor of the Notebook. Out of town members can obtain the full item for a slight fee. Send SASE and name of family searching to Robert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Maryland, New Library Acquisitions from Pat Czemlewskl, Librarian Coldham, Peter} English Estates of American Colonists. Robinson, Barbara* Short and Simple Stories of the Poor. The Green Spring Valley, 2 volumes, published by the Maryland Historical Society. Margaret Patterson Smith Keigler; Patterson Family Newsletter. The Virginia Genealogist, vols, 1, 4-24, 26 (1957, , 1982) Bulletin of the Maryland Genealogical Society, vols ( ). The American Genealogist, vol. 58 (1982). Connecticut Society of Genealogistsi Papers published for the Hartford '83 Conference. Genealogy Today, newspaper, March 1, 1983, issue. Maryland Magazine of Genealogy, vols. 1-5 ( ) New England Historic and Genealogical Register, misc. issues, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, misc. Issues, , 1971 Maryland Historical Magazine, , misc. Issues. Archives of Maryland, vols. 19, 20, 22, 24, and 31. Summer at the Librariesj The Hall of Records has to close for one hour on Saturdays from 12iOO to ItOO so the staff can go to lunch. If you are going to Annapolis on a Saturday plan to eat your lunch at that time, and stroll around the town. The Hall of Records offers Orientation Tours at 10»30. The staff although overworked is always pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. The Peabody Library In Baltimore is new closed on Saturdays until September. To serve you better, there is now a book where researchers may register their surnames of Interest so that others may contact them. The Peabody Library will lose two staff members due to retirement, and will lose Tom Hollowak for the summer. Tom is going to Poland for a few weeks. Bon voyage, Tom!

74 Baltimore County Genealogical Society THE NOTEBOOK Post Office Box No. 25, September 198 Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnas, Editor CHANGES This issue of The Notebook marks several changes in the life of the Society. First of all/ starting with the September meeting we will be meeting at the Perry Hall United Presbyterian Church, located at the angle of Joppa and Belair Roads. Here we will have a place to keep our books and papers, and while we are not as central ly located as in Towson, we hope that members will find the new meeting place desirable. A second change occurs in this notebook itself. For the first time we are accepting paid advertisements. BCGS Member Prank Cornell son wrote to a number of proffesional genealogists and publishers and solicited advertsiements. While the initial response. was small we hope that more professionals will avail themselves of our services. The funds raised can be used to offset the expense of printing The Notebook. Finally, the feature article begun in this issue will be continued in the next issue. (As always your editor welcomes contributions for publication of any length). BIBLIOGRAPHIES, HANDOUTS, AND LISTS All the^textbooks agree that one of the first things a researcher has to when starting a new problem is to survey the literature to see what has already been done on a particular family 'or perhaps to see what records 'for an area have been published. One of the best ways to do this is to consult oublishers' catalogs, and published bibliographies and archival guides. Publishers like Genealogical Publishing Company, Family Line Publications, Southern Eistc-rical Press and others publish catalogs that let you know what you can obtain from their sales desks. Archival and library guides detail what will be found in a particular repository, and will be the subject of the next article in The Notebook. Bibliographies lists of books, primary sources, and articles found in a variety of libraries can be divided into two types: major published bibliographies, and smaller handouts and lists prepared by speakers for the use of their audiences. The major bibliographies are well known' to most genealogists, so will be mentioned only briefly in this article. Th'ey includes Filby, P. W., American and British Geng'aTogyl and' 7 Heraldry, 3rd edl. pub. by the New Eng. Hist, an^ Gen. Socletyt Filby, P. W., Bibliography of Passenger Lists (Gale). Genealogical- Periodical Annual Index (published by a variety of compilers). Jacobus, Index to Genealogical Periodicals, 3 vols. (Gen. Pub. 'CoTH '

75 The Notebook, No. 25 Sept. 1984, p. 2 BIBLIOGRAPHIES, etc. Meyer, Genealogical Research.In Mary land; A Guide {3rd ed., pub. by the Irand s tor cai it S Socety/ Passano, Index of the Source ;R<scords_ of Mar land (repr. by' Schreiner-Yantis, GenealogicalL Books in Print (now in 3rd ed.) The idea for compiling a bibliography of bibliographies developed after attending the Mid-Atlantic Genealogical Conference held this July at the Pikeaville Hilton, A number of speakers, especially Peter Craig, Eva Slezak, and Helen Harriss, prepared such fine bibliogra-. phies to go with their talks that it was felt that a listing of such research aids would be. helpful. This listing includes a number of bibliographies prepared from time to time by this editor, the speakers mentioned above, and also some very helpful bibliographies that have been published from time to.time iri The" No'feb'ook/- '. the Maryland cal Magazine, and the' Bttlle'tin' 'o'f 'the' Ma'rVlan'd " In some cases, the compiler" s address is^ given so that persons can write for a copy of the bibliography if they wish. ' Barnes, Robert, "Bibliography of Baltimore County Records and Families Appearing in the' Maryland The Notebook, no. 5, May 1980 ; ~ ---,,., "Diaries: A Preliminary List," Oct. 1983, 2 pp , "Do You Have Scottish Ancestry?" The;Notebook-, no. ; 20, Sept " , "Early Presbyterians of Baltimore, A Partial Bibliography, " April 1984, 1 p "Maryland Newspaper Abstracts," D*ec. 1983, 1 p« , "Preliminary Bibliographies, " no d., 4 pp. (articles on research aids, archival guides) , "Researching English Families," July 1984, 1 p , "The Specifics of Res.earch in Maryland and the District of Columbia,'' July 1984, 1 p , "Virginia Books Owned by Society Members," The Notebook, no. 7, Nov '. Brown, Dorothy M,, and Richard R. Duncan, "Masters' Theses and Doctoral Dissertations.in Maryland History, " Mj ^ J3isj^» Mag. 63:no. 4: 412 ff., 64: no. 1, 65 ff., and 6 4 : ~~S3~.~f7 r^ i f f y and -----, "A -Selected Bibliography.of. Articles on- Maryland History in Other Journals," Md.' Hist. Mag./ 69: no. 3, 300 ff. Clark, Raymond B., Jr., and Donald Odell Virdin, Marvj.and Genealogies (St. Michaels, Md., 1984) Cox, Richard J., "A Bibliogtaphy of Articles and Books (and Dissertations) on Maryland History 1 / pub. annually in the Md., Hist. Mag. since 1974: "1974," in 70: no. 2, X 211 ff.? "1975," in 71: no. 3, 449 ff.; "1976," in 72: no. 2, '288 ff.; "1977," in 73: 280 ff.? "1978," in 74: no. 4, 358 ff.; "1979," in 75: no. 3, 238 ff.; "1980," 76: no. 3, 286 ff.; "1981," in 77: no. 3, 279 ff.; 1982," in 78, no. 3, 205 ff f "Historical Demographers,. Local Historians., and Genealogists: A Bibliographical Essay of Maryland Studies," Bull. Md. Gen. Soc., 21: no. 1, 5 ff. ---, '^Selected List of Recent Dissertations on Maryland History," Md. Hist. Mag., 73: no. 2, 180 ff , "Understanding the Monumental City: A Bibliographical

76 The Notebook, No. 25 Sept. 1984, p. 3. #####f#####ff##################f#####f###f ## ##########*#**######!### Essay', 1 in Md. Hist. Mag., 77:no. 1, 70 ff. Craig, Peter.';,"Seventeenth Century 'South River" Sources on Original Settlers on the South (Delaware) River," July 1984, 10 pp../ available; contact the compiler at 3406 Macomb St., NW> : Washington, D.C ; -. "Delaware Genealogy," Morris Library, University of Delaware,. Fall, 1974, 4, 7 pp. '"The Founding of the Colony: A View from the.nineteenth Century," no d., 30 pp.; from Archives of the Peabody Institute, 17.. East Mount Vernon Place, Balto.,. Md., Harriss, Helen L., "Research in Western Pennsylvania," 6 pp. from the compiler, 68 W/ Prospect Avenue, Pittsburgh, Penna/ ; -? : ' " ' ' " ; ".-"' Kanely,' Edna L., "Compiling; Organizing, and Numbering Genealogical Material," The Notebook, no. 18, Feb " "Maryland Bibliography," pub. each year in the March issue of the Md. Hist. Mag.; "1951," in 47, no. 1; " 19.52>" in 48: no.. 1, 53 ff.; K 1953," in 54,-no. 1; "1954,." in SO: no.. 1, 47 ff. Slezak, Eva., "Urban Records and Peoples Ethnics," : July 1984, 11 pp. ' ' " - ' l -. ' ' Virdin, Donald Odell, Delaware GeneaXogies (St. Michaels, Md.: -1984). - - : -. -.'. ~~ r ~~- ~~- : ".. '/ '..."..._.'. #!##.#_### -,., CORRECTIONS.... Wm. A. Jenkins writes to point out two discrepancies in the Article on the "Calvert Descent,", in The NotebooK, no. 24* p. 3. 1) In Gen. 1,. Leonard Calvert was born c. 1550, and not ) In Gen. 2, Lady Ann Mynne was married 22 Nov., 1604, and died 12 August , «/The editor regrets the errors, but appreciates Mr; Jenkins' correcting the error. -. / - :. QUERIES. Would like information on a Hope Family Bible, in Harford Co,, before 1959 at one time owned by Charlotte Amos (Hope) Wheeler, wife of Francis I. Wheeler of Pylesville. Would like to have a copy of any family information contained therein. Am trying to locate Mrs. A. A. Perkins or her-relatives. Prior to 1947 she had information on David Armour of Baltimore, Am working on the following families: (.Baltimore), y Lucas, Moore, Armour (also in Memphis, Tn.), Winchester;(in Harford Co.) Amos(s), Hope, Moore, Boarman. /s/ W. Armour Jenkins, 1508 Cranwell Road, Lutherville, Md.,

77 The Notebook, No. 25 Sept. 1984, p. 4 #############f##########f #####.###############.#################### COMING EVENTS, > " - -,, Sept. 13, 14, 15: -The Colonial Experience; The Eighteenth.Century Chesapeake held at The George Peabody Library. The public is invited to all lectures. The session on Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30 will be devoted to several papers on family history. Sept. 20. MGS Bus Trip to Washington.. $8.00 fee for the bus. Call Mrs. Robert H. Smith, for details. Sept. 23. BCGS Meeting, 2:00-4:00. Topic to be announced in meeting notice. Oct. 11. Mary Rose Isennock will talk on "Researching in North Carolina" at the Anne Arundel Co» Gen. Society t 7s 30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church, Benfield Road, Severna Park. Members of other societies are cordially invited to attend. Oct. 6th.. 'Maryland Genealogical Society Seminar. Details will oe announced. At Gaithersburg, on Western Maryland. Oct. 27. BCGS ANNUAL SEMINAR, at the Towspn Public Library. The topic will be What to do with your notes, and we will have speakers, on publishing articles, family newsletters, preparing lineage papers, and planning family reunions. v WE GET LETTERS Shirley Clemens has sent a 5 page list of New York Methodist Church Records kept at the United Methodist City Society, Riverside Drive, N. Y. C. The list will b@ given to our Librarian. W. Armour Jenkins has sent two pages of Jenkins family records currently to be kept with the Society's growing collection of Bible Records. ADVERTISEMENTS f GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH J ' in" ' *. i MD., WASH.,'D.C., SOUTHERN J PENNA. AND NORTHERN VA. J # CAROL PERRY 1333 Apple Tree Court # Frederick, Md., # # #

78 Baltimore County Genealogical Society, Post Office Box / Towson, Maryland, ,...-,n.-.;, THE NOTEBOOK- "No. 26'i November "198^ Robert Barnes, Editor Sympathy is expressed to the family of Carroll Pearce, who died this sunnier. Carroll's friendly greetings to newcomers and visitors to the Society will long be remembered* EXPANSION Beginning in this bulletin we are reprinting abstracts of early Baltimore County Land Records. This information, originally published in the Maryland Historical "a^aaine, is offered here to help our members locate their earliest ancestors* ' This issue also contains a form for members to use in subaittirig their surnames. We are planning- to produce a computerized surname index, and out of town members can request news of anyone working on a surname merely by sending a SAS2 after the list is completed. We hope all members Kill submit the nanos they are working on, nrdpsininniain!;!^^^ CATHOLIC CHURCHES IN THE BALTIHORE AREA, 1850 by Sdna Agatha Xanely In 1350 the following Catholic Churches were located in Baltimore City: The Cathedral, St. Patrick's, St» Alphonsus, St. James, St. Joseph's, St. Vincent's, and St, Peter's. St. Mary's at Govanstown was dedicated on September 23«Surrounding county churches were at Bohemia, Conowingo, Deer Creek, Havre de Grace, Long Green, St. Charles In Pikes-villa, and St. Joseph's at Pullerton. People came to St. Mary's in Govsnstown fron the area surrounding Kt. Washington, where the old copper mines at Bare Hills were operating? from Texas, where rgs marble quarries were being worked and line burning was a" major industry? from Towson; from what is now the Hamilton area? from what is now Wav^rly? and from Woodberry and Hampden were the cotton mills and the old city water works were located. Hurpfay's Baltimore airectory for 18^-5 listed the following Catholic churches and their locations* THE CATHEDRAL, corner of Mulberry and Cathedral j ST. PATRICK'S, corner Broadway and Bank* SS. ALPHONSUS (German), corner Park and Saratoga? ST. JAMBS (German), Aisquith, north of Hadlsonj ST. JOSEPH'S Corner Barre and Howard? ST. VT13SEKT DS PAUL, Front, north of Pittj ST. PETER'S, corner Poppleton and Hollinsj ST. MARY'S CHAPBL, attached to the Seminary; CARMELITE CHAPEL, Aisqulth, near Orleans? CHAPEL OF THE CONVSHT OF THE VISI- TATION, corner Park and Centre; ST. FRANCES' CHAPSL, Pdchnond near Howard. See also* Rev. Paul 3. Ileyer, History of St. Mary's Ghurch«Govana , pp n^n:r^n5hhn::::n:!:h:n::n;hhh;ni! Hn:nnH:nni:::n T';"h:;:;:::^:.^'it;":t;i:?;iti*:if::n:;";.;!.:";i?T";ntTi??t;.;i";:::n":in;i;.;::i:ii"iU!??ti'":i*^" THE SOCIETY OF GENEALOGISTS One of our members handed the editor a note explaining that the Society of Genealogists in London, 14- Charterhouse Buildings, is really at the intersection of Clarkewell Road and Goswell Road, or on a very small street near this intersection.


80 The Notebook, No, 26 Nov. 1984, p. 3 ioillliiiniiiilli!^ REVIEWS THE SOURCE, ed, by Arlene Eakle and John! Corny. Ancestry Bublishing Co., Salt Lake City, Utah, pp. $ indaxed. Order from Ancestry, Inc., P. 0. Box 4?6, Salt Lake City, Utah, This "book is one of the completest, most helpful manuals for genealogical research this reviewer has seen. The work of numerous editors, The Source contains 22 chapters and 10 sections in the appendix, covering such topics not found in other manuals such as institutional records, "business and employment records, city directories, compiled "biographies, sources for Urban Ancestors, and chapters dealing with ethnic -'genealogy (Native American, Spanish and Mexican, Blacks, Asian Americans, Jewish), as well as appendices listing regional federal archives and records centers, selected research libraries, and genealogical book publishers. One of the most helpful features of this book is the attention devoted to bibliographies, which contain not only published books, but periodical literatura as well. So up to data are these bibliographies, that P. William Filby, who wrote the Foreword, noted several entries from December Another helpful feature is the information guide and "Could You Use This Chapter?" found at the beginning of this chapter. These two sections tell you whether this particular chapter will help you find information on a number of subjects* This bock is a must for any genealogical society and library to own, and for any genealogist who takes his research seriously. The publishers of 'rhe_source also offer membership in the Ancestry Research dub. Annual dues are $24,95 for a short tiiae, and then will rise, but a. member of attractive offers make the price cost efficient. BALmCRE DIRECTORY OP l$$, CONTAINING THENNAfffiS, OCCUPATIONS AMD PLACES OP ABODE OF TBS OtXrSENS, compiled by Holly «. HrirJrfc. Silvxe Spite; Jtesil:.' I&ne Publications* o.r* pp. $7«00 WH&INGTON DELAWARE DIRECTORY (F Silver Springs Family Line PuKLIoations, n.d. 27 pp. $5.-0, Both of these books will be invaluable to rssoarchors in ths Baltimore or Wilmington areas as city directories are full of information about the inhabitants of urban aroas. This reviewer Is pleased to nets that the wilmington directory contains the Appendices found in the original lists of el orgy, physicians, magistrates, conveyancers and surveyors, etc. If the publisher continues his series of.baltimore Directories, they will be enhanced by tho supplementary material found in later issues also. Highly recommended for genealogists^ local history bftffs, and genealogical societies and libraries. Copied may be orderod from Family Line Publications, CollingwoQd Terrace, Silver Spring, We.., WORTHHTGTON "DESCENDANTS. Edited by Befcte Brangle-Poole and Frances Spier BrsnglQ 6619 Pheasant Road, Rte # 16 1 Baltimore, M., Published q.uartsrly. (Priae not stated on this issue). Family newsletters can be an excellent source of material and this one, now in its 3rd volume, contains source materials, notes from bock?, qiieri«t3» and reprints of pertinent newspaper articles* Thia reviewer has one suggestions when material is taken from published sources, the complete bibliographic citation should be given,



83 The Notebook, No. 26 Land Records, P. '2 Acknowledgement of assignment, June 22, 1661, by which Mr. Godfrey, 2. Bayley has conveyed to Mr. Nathaniel Stiles, merchant, the tract " Bayley " of 300 acres, location not stated. Witnesses, John Hatton, Godfrey Barman. (3) - Acknowledgment of assignment, November 10, 1660, by which Marcus 3. Severson conveyed to Abraham Coston* the tract "Markefield" of 100 acres, at Sassafras River. Witnesses, Thomas Ho[well], Godfrey Bayley. (3) Acknowledgement of assignment, November 10, 1660, by which Peter 4. Jacobson has conveyed to Marcus Severson 50 acres of the 200-acre tract " [Peter] field," which 50 acres [Severson] has conveyed to Abraham [Coston]. Witnesses, Capt. Thomas Howell, [Godfrey Bayley]. Notation gays original entry was defective in 1729 when copied. (3) Acknowledgement of assignment, [November 10, 1660], by which Peter,5«Jacobson has conveyed to [Marcus] Severson 75 acres of the 200-acre tract "." Witnesses, Thomas Howell, Godfrey Bayley. Original entry was defective in 1729 when copied. (3) [The following were entered probably at session in October, Minute of acknowledgement at court that Thomas Goldsmith, by assign- 6. ment on the back of a patent, has conveyed to Col. Edward Carter of Nancemum, Va., the remainder of the tract " Planter's Delight," location not stated, before witnesses George Goldsmith, Francis Stockett, James Frisby. (13) Minute of acknowledgement at court, October 20, 1662, that Capt. 7«Thomas Howell and wife Elizabeth have conveyed to Mr. Nathaniel Stiles, merchant, all except 50 acres of the tract " Sutton Underbill," location not stated. (13) Warranty deed, October 9, 1662, by which John Collett conveys to 8. Edward Carter of Nancemum, Va., for 1,000 pounds of tobacco, a tract laid out for ^00 acres, on the south side of Steelpone Bay, Eastern Shore, being bounded west by a marked sycamore and east by Charne Creek. Witnesses, Thomas Howell, George Goldsmith, Henry Moore. Clerk John Collett certifies. (14) \Jfhe following were entered probably at session in March, ] Minute of acknowledgement at court that Mr. Godfrey Bayley, with 9. his wife's consent, has assigned to Mr. William Fisher the tract " Cornchaston," of 100 acres on Sassafras Eiver, before witnesses Robert Neane, John Milette. (16) Warranty deed, October 20, 16, by which Walter Dickenson conveys 10. to Abraham Clarke, shipwright, 450 acres on Spring Neck on the north aide of Patapsco River. Witnesses, Howell Powell, Thomas Powell. Clerk JoEn Collett certifies. (20) Warranty deed, March 2, , by which John Collett conveys to * Some five years later it is recorded that Abraham Coffen and wife conveyed Markefleld and Peterfield to John Gilbert. ]j_. Abraham Clarke the tract "Nashea Rest," laid out for 200 acres, at Be»re Creek, on the north side of Patapsco River. Witnesses, Samuel Collett, Thomas Muntross. Clerk John Collett certifies. (21) [The following were entered probably at session in November, 166S.1 Assignment, March 18, , by which Mr. Oliver Sprye conveys to 12. Mr. John Collier the tract " Uppe Ollies," location not stated. Witnesses, William Hollis, Mary Harman. (29) Assignment, August 17, 1663, by which Walter Dickeson conveys to 2/3 1 Richard Bale the tract " Gunworth," location not stated. Witnesses, Howell Powell, William Bale. (30) Assignment, June 20, 1663, by which Mr. Oliver Sprye, in presence of 2J± f the whole court, conveys to his daughter Mary, wife of Godfrey Hanner, and heirs of her body, the tract "Sampson," location not stated. Clerk John Collett certifies. (30)

84 <* The Notebook, No. 26 Land Records, P. 3 Warranty deed, June 28, 1659, by which Walter Dickeson conveys to 15. Thomas Powell of Corotomon, Lancaster Countr' Va., the tract "Roade Kiver" in Patapsco, of 287% acres, it being half of 675 acres bought from William Batten, merchant Witnesses, Howell Powell, Richard Gorsuch. Clerk John Collett certifies. (31) Deed, March 14, , by which Richard Gorsuch conveys to Thomas 16. Powell a tract on the north side of Patapsco River, beginning at an easternmost marked tree and extending westerly along the river to the western side of the next valley, this tract being part of 300 acrea surveyed in 1659 for Gorsuch by Robert Clarke. Witnesses, Howell Powell, IHchard Cardings. Clerk John Collett certifies. (32) Assignment, June 11, 1663, by which Mr. John Collier and wife Ann 17. convey to Mr. John Bruer the tract "Collier," location not stated. Witnesses, Nathaniel Stiles, William Hollis. Clerk John Collett certifies. (33) [The following was entered probably at session in Itaroh, ] Acknowledgement of assignment, March 10, , by which William 13» Orchard has conveyed to Mr. James Browne the tract "Orchard's Neck," of 150 acres, location not stated. Witness, Thomas Stockett. (39) [The following were entered probably at session in September, 1664.] Warranty deed, June 28, 1659, by which Walter Dickeson conveys to 19. Thomas Powell 287% acres is recorded a second time. (44) By appendant assignment, December 10, 1663, Thomas Powell conveys his interest to Lawrence Porter and Philip Jones. Witnesses, John Collett, John Dickeson. Clerk John Collett certifies. (44) Assignment, October 30, 1663, by which Walter Dickenson of Patapsco 20. conveys to Daniel Jones the tract " Dickenston," of 420 acres, location not stated. Witnesses, Richard Thurrell, John Preston. (45) Assignment, November 8, 1663, by which Howell Powell conveys to 21. Philip Stevenson the tract "Powell's Neck," of 100 acres, location not stated. Witnesses, Thomas Powell, Daniel Jones. Clerk John Collett certifies. (45) Deed of gift, March 1, , by which Mary M. Humphreys, widow, 22 conveys to her daughter Mary Humphreys a 300-aere plantation and a man servant, to be delivered to donee when she ia 16 years old or when married, with reversion to donor if the girl dies without heirs. Witnesses, Walter Dickenson, Paul Kensey. Notation says the property is now occupied by Mr. Richard Bale, husband of Mary Humphreys. (46) Warranty deed, March 2, , by which John Collett conveys to 23. Abraham Clarke 200 acres is recorded a second time. (47) By appendant assignment, March 7, , Abraham Clarke, shipwright, conveys interest to Thomas Muntross. Witnesses, Edward Forster, Joseph ITorster. (48) By appendant assignment, April 13, 1664, Thomas Muntross conveys interest to John Robinson of Mockjack Bay, Va., Witnesses, Abraham Clarke, Joseph Chissell. (48) By appendant assignment, April 23, 1664, John Bobinson conveys interest to Nicholas Rackston of Mockjack Bay, Va. Witnesses, Philip Stevens [on], James Kensey, Robert Saddle. (48) Bond, August 10, 1662, by which Gerrit Wayts of Gloucester County, 2l± t 7*., mortgages to Thomas Powell his land on North Point of Patapsco River to secure payment of 12,400 pounds of tobacco and one anker of sack or drames. Witnesses, Howell Powell, William Lewis. Clerk John Collett certifies. (49) BUI of debt, November 8, 1662, by which Gerrit Wayts agrees to pay 25. Thomas Powell at North Point of Patapsco River, 5,000 pounds of tobacco. Witnesses, Howell Powell, Lawrence Porter, Philip Jones. (50) Bill of debt, November 8, 1662, by which Gerrit Wayts agrees to pay 2, Thomas Powell, at North Point of Patapsco River, three cows with calves, * one heifer, and 1,000 single ten nails. Witnesses, Howell Powell, Lawrence Porter, Philip Jones. (50) Bill of debt, August 10, 1662, by which Gerrit Wayte of Gloucester 27. County, Va., agrees to deliver to Thomas Powell at Patapsco River one servant aged 14 to 20 years. Witnesses, Howell Powell, William Lewis. (50)

85 The' Notebook, No. 26 Land Records, P. i. Assignment, August 10, 1662, by which Howell Powell conveys to 28. William Lewis an undescribed patent tract, except 40 or 50 acres on its lower side which perhaps are covered by a prior patent. Witnesses, Oerrifc Weyts, Richard Gorsuch. (51) By appendant assignment, November 24, 1663, William Lewis conveys interest to Richard Carter. Witnesses, George Seatoune, Anthony Webb. (61) Letter- of attorney, March 24, , by which William Lewis and 29. wife Constant authorize John Guyn to obtain from Howell Powell acknowledgement of conveyance of 300 acres at Patapsco River which Lewis ha» gold to Mr. Richard Carter. Witnesses, George Seatoune, Samuel Luke. (61) [The following were entered probably at session t» July, 1864.] Assignment, July 20, 1664, by which Philip Stevenson conveys to Richard 30. Hensworth his interest in a patent tract not described. Witnesses, Thomas Powell, Charles Gorsuch. (52) Assignment, February 5, , by which Paul Kinsey conveys to. 31. William Guyn his interest in a patent tract not described. Katherine Kinsey is co-assignor by signature. Witnesses, William Towers, Richard. Thurell. (52) [The following was entered probably at session in November, 1664-] Contract, November 7, 1684, by\hich John Collett agrees with Hendrick 32. Enlos and John Alkemore for sale of tract " Elk Neck," of 300 acres, at Gunpowder River, for 3,500 pounds of tobacco, said tract being covered, by patent of 19, Witnesses, N<ianiel Stiles, John Taylor. ; Clerk John Collett certifies. (56-57) j [The following were entered apparently at session of August, \ Clerk's minute that court session is held on August 8, 1665, commis- J 33. aioners present being Capt. Thomas Stockett, Mr. Henry Stockett, Mr. j George Goldsmith, Mr. George Utie, Mr. Nathaniel Stiles, Mr. John Taylor, j and Mr. John Dickson. (60) i Minute of acknowledgement that Daniel Jones has sold to Mr. John j 34- Dickson a tract, location not stated. (60) j Minute of acknowledgement that John Collett has sold to Thomas j 35«Skellton a tract, location not stated. (60) Minute of acknowledgement that Richard Collett has sold to his brother : 36. John Collett his interest in their jointly owned land, location not stated. (60) Minute of acknowledgement that John Collett has sold to Mr. John 37. Hawkins a tract owned by Richard and John Collett. (60) [The following were entered apparently at session of September, 1665.] Clerk's minute that court session is held on September 13, 1635, com- 3t?. missioners present being Capt. Thomas' Stockett, Mr. George Utie, Mr. George Goldsmith, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Godfrey Bayley, Mr. Augustine Hannan, Capt. John Collier, and Mr. Richard Bale. (61) Minute of acknowledgement that Mathiaa BeCost has sold to Thomas 39* Ireton 700 acres, location not stated. (61)

86 V Baltimore County Genealogical Society THB NOTEBOOK Post Office Box No. 27, February 1985 Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnes* Editor ARCHIVES OF THB AMERICAN LUTHERAN CHURCH submitted by Edna Agatha Kanely Genealogists seeking data on ancestors of German, Danish, or Norwegian 'ancestry may find helpful information in the records of "baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and funerals kept "by Lutheran congregations. The Archives of the American Lutheran Church contain sdcaicflim records of abour 3000 American Lutheran Congregations. Tt -.se represent al-.'^t one half of the Congregations which comprise the African Lutheran Chtxcch. If you wish to use these records follow these four stepsi 1) Make sure the records you want are on microfilm at the Archives of the ALC. 2) Secure permission in writing from the congregation in question*. If the congregation has merged with another the Archives can tell you what congregation has custody of the records. If the Congregation has dissolved the Archives can give you permission to use the film. 3) Send a check, made out to "Archives, the ALC," for $5.00 for each roll you wish to use. 4) The microfilm will be sent to you for two months} if no one else has requested that roll you may keep it another two months for payment of another $5.00, Return the microfilm to the address given below. For additional information contact! Robert C, Wiederaenders, Archivist, The ALC, Wartburg Theological Seminary, Dubuque, Iowa, GREEN LAND COMMISSION, 1803 by Lillian Bayly Marks Land Commissions were created by county courts to redefine property boundaries, lost due to the disappearance of the original survey markers. Composed of several prominent citizens, the commission was directed to obtain testimony from local inhabitants familiar with the land concerned. The testimony frequently gave ages, relationships, and other relevant facts about area residents. On 13 December 1802 Isaac Green, mill owner, petitioned the Baltimore County Court for a commission to reestablish the boundaries of his land Come By Chance. The commission was made up of Daniel Bowley, James Ogleby, James Baker, John Partridge, and Robert Porter. The following persons deposed! (April 1803) JOB GARRETTSON, age 6?, stated he "ran the tract" for Joseph Insor, some 40 years ago, mentioned Nicholas Merryman and Thomas Boon. SAMUEL MSRRYMAN, age 81 GEORGE GHILDS, age 70, stated he carried the chain for Moses Barney, the Surveyor MARTICO MERRYMAN, age 50, stated that 22 years ago Samuel Merryman son of Nicholas told him about a pile of rocks. CALEB MERRYMAN, age 45, mentioned Henry Hart, surveyor, some 20 years ago. DAVID SMITHSON, age 40, mentioned Elisha Tyson ISAAC SCOTT, age 28.

87 The Notebook, No. 27 February 1985, 2 Green Land Commission, 1803, cont'd. On 2 May 1803 the commission appointed John Bouldin, surveyor, to make a resurvey and establish the courses of the tract. Arthur Smith and Osburn Griffith were chain carriers and Benjamin Ghilds was poleman. The commission met again on 7 October 1803, and CORNELIUS HOWARD, aged 48, testified as to the location of the lines of the tract. New, metes and bounds were certified, and on 10 November the report was filed in deed form. The deed was entered in the land records on 31 December Ref. i Baltimore County Deeds, Liber WG # 83, , pp (A copy of Ms. Marks' article has been placed in the vertical file of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society). A PAY ROLL OP THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR William T. Skipper, a new member of the EGGS, has sent us a photocopy and transcription of a pay roll of Capt. John Williams' Company of Infantry stationed at Kaskaskias under command of Col. George Rogers Clark. The pay roll covers.the period from 12 July 1778 to 31 May The original roll was obtained from the Pilson Club Library, 118 West Breckenrldge St., Louisville, Ky., The names are listed here because so many of them seem to evoke a possible Maryland connection. 1. John Williams, capt. 2. Richard Brashears, 1st It. 3. John Bally, 2nd It. 4. Jos. Montgomery, ens. 5. John Brann, sgt. 6. John Green, sgt. 7* John Stephenson, sgt. 8. John Garrett, sgt. 9. Archer Poor, fifer 10. Rlch'd Lovel, drummer 11. David Glenn, pvt. 12. (illegible) 13. Samuel Gibbons. 14. Andrew Hendrix 15. James lickin or HcKim 16. Daniel Foley 17. John Boyle 18. John (?) 19. Stephen (?) 20. William Gutry 21. (?) Bowing +deserted on 10 Jan John Duff 23. Asher Brown 24. Adam Bingamon(?) 25. Solomon Martin 26. Sam'l Stephenson 27* James Greyham 28. Abraham Harris 29. Abraham Cox 30. David (?) 31. James Head * 32. William Skipper 33* Sbenezer Osburn 34. James (?) 35. James Heldebrand 36. Samuel Blai?ford 37. Patrick Riley 38. (?) Savage 39. James Hobbs 40. Abraham Taylor 41. John Clark 42. William Bush 43. Jos'h Malbeff 44. Simon Burney 45. William (?) 46. Wm. Bushy or Bundy 47. (?) 48. John Tolley 50 (?) Sawrose 51. John Peaters 521 William Tylor 53* Abraham Gonier French 54. Joseph Mumilley French 55. John St. (?) 56. Peter Veal 57. Francis Bushey 58. Francis Rushari 59. Laubr-(?) French 60. Joseph Minam 61. (?) 62. Samuel Allin From the Mail... Donald F. Foxworthy, 510 Overbrook Road, Balto., Md., 21212, has sent a corrected version of his Galvert descent (See no. 24, p. 3, and no. 25, p. 3), and also a Foxworthy line of descent. Both will be put in the vertical file of the library under "Calvert" and "Foxworthy" respectively.

88 The Notebook, No, 27 February 1985* P«3 SHIPLEY FAMILY BIBLE Phyllis M. Shannon, Topsfleld Drive, Cockeysville, Md,, 21030, has sent a transcription of records found in a German language Bible, printed 1873, containing records in English of the children of Thomas Porter, starting with Enoch, born 22 Nov. 1784, and also containing the obituary of William G. Shipley, "born 25 March 1827, died 26 May Mrs. Shannon would be willing to give toe Bible to anyone who can prove they are related to Thomas Porter or William C. Shipley. Copies of -toe Bible records will be placed in the Society's vertical file, and a copy forwarded to the Bible Records chairman of the Genealogical Council of Maryland. RESEARCH IN SOME PENNSYLVANIA LIBRARIES Araorel T. Henry LIBRARY OF THE YORK COUKTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY will be open 9*00 to 5*00, Tuesday through Saturday} closed Sunday,'Monday, and major holidays. It is hoped that these expanded} (hours will make access to the library more convenient* New acquisitions will now be displayed on a shelf across from the reception desk. (From the Newsletter of the York County Historical Society, Nov CHESTER COUNTY ARCHIVES, Chester County Court House, High and Market Sts., West Chester, PA., The Archives is administered and operated by the Chester County Historical Society, and checks written to the Archives should be aade outi "Chester County Historical Society/Archives," The Archives has wills, land records, and "some birth, deatj, and marriage records." Mail requests for copies of specific records which can easily be located will be honored. For a fee of $5.00 the Archives will provide up to 10 pages of a particular file. sgagggggs INFORMATION FROM THB SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION by Edward J. Goodman An article in Genealogy Today. 1 March 1983, states that it is possible to obtain copies of applications of Social Security recipients. An applicant listed where he was living when he applied, his father's name and mother's maiden name. In -tee Baltimore area, write to» Social Security Administration, Office of Public Inquiry, 6401 Security Blvd., Baltimore, Md., 21235* and statei l) What information you are seeking! 2) exact spelling of the applicant's name} 3) date of birth! 4) place of birth! 5) father*s namej and 6) mother's maidenuname. gagaagbgaaggmmagaeggaragggaaimjgaagk^ BOOK REVIEW by W. R. Lynch GENERATIONSi AN AMERICAN FAMILY, by John Igerton "(University of Kentucky Press, 1983). Many genealogical how-to books advise beginners to interview first some of their older relatives in order to establish a framework for further research. Few who have tried this have had such good fortune as the author of this.book, who, although not researching his own family, found a patriarch who had known seven generations of his family. Not

89 The Notebook, No. 2? Febrsratry 1985* P«* is-ssgsstssii^u only had he and his wife always teen Interested In the relationships and -history of both their families, but their memories accommodated an astonishing amount of such information, most of which could be verified by the author's research* This is the story of Burnam Ledford of Lancaster, Ky., and his wife Addle King Ledford, aged 101 and 93 respectively and married?4 years when tiie author met them. Their forebears had come to Kentucky in The book is much more than a mere genealogy, but it contains much of interest for genealogists. Some researchers have worried that they might be on a wrong trade when they picked up the same surname on both sides of the family. This is not necessarily an error, nor Is it unique* Burnam Ledford *s great-grandfather Aley Ledford, had a son John, who was also Burnam *s great-grandfather on his mother's side... Those who have had soae trouble locating records of Kentucky ancestors should remember that although Kentucky has been a state since 1792 the area was so little developed that sometimes the closest court house for obtaining marriage licenses, or registering wills, was in Virginia. Egerton has attempted to construct a, representative American social history from the patterns of.change and continuity that emerged In the generations of a single middle-class family," and with the help of the Ledfords and their family, has produced a fascinating book. It should give every reader a heightened awareness of the treasures that waste away in the 'minds and memories of the elderly. It is well for us to be reminded that the greatest gift the elderly have to offer their vision of the past is too often unappreciated, neglected, and Ignored. EDITOR'S CORNER At long last the editor is able to say a few words on his own behalf* For the first time in the history of the Notebook 3 pages of the contents were submitted by members of the Society, and the editor appreciates every Item that was submitted. Dates to remember* February 9, March 9, and May 18, a series of workshops on using the Feabody Collection of the Eisenhower Library (also formerly known as the Peabody Library). These are free and open to the public, but advance registration is requested in order to allow seating. See the notice in the meeting notces. Congratulations and Best Wishes toi Marjorie Wlnslow, new reference assistant at the Peabodyi to Francis O'Neal, reference librarian at the Maryland Historical Society, and to Thomas Hollowak, who Is now an archivist at the Baltimore Records Center* GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH IN HD., WASH., 8 D.C., SOUTHSRN^A., AND NORTHERN j CAROL PERRY 1333 Apple Tree Court, Frederick, M. a?01j phone (301)-662-3l6l. A New Year's Resolution x hereby resolve to, copy one set for on one -committee, and send the at least, one short a :H j:j ill

90 The Notebook, No, 27 Land Records, p. 5 BALTIMORE COUNTY LAND RECORDS OF ? abst. by Louis Dow Scisco The next installment of land records abstracted by Mr. Scisco was published in the Maryland Historical Magazine, vol. 24 (Dec. 1929), PP Scisco describes Baltimore County at this time as a portion of the great colonial frontier. Such a settlement as there was lay along the tidal rivers and creeks of the upper Bay. To the east and west were the'half friendly Indians of the Eastern Shore and the Fascataway. To the north were the Susq.uehannas» and beyond them the Iroquois, who sometimes raided the county. Immigration into the region was still small, but the stream was increasing. The most obvious means of livelihood was tobacco growing, but a smaller number lived by logging, carpentry, and cooperage, and there was a storekeeper or two, and at least one physician. The location of the original records is not known. In their place are two groups of transcripts in which are preserved such portions of the original records as relate to land. The clerks who made the transcripts disregarded the court proceedings and other papers. The summaries given below include all those entries placed on record from September 1665 to the end of 166?. The first group of items come from pp of Liber IS#HC, made about 1?17 by John Stokes. Stokes copied material from several older record books, but appended to each item the folio numbers of the original liber. One of the books copied was Liber 1C # A, which seems to have held the original.court proceedings. 40. Clerk's minute that the court held session on 8 Aug. 1665, commission present being Capt. Thomas Stockett, Mr. Henry Stockett, Mr. George Goldsmith, Mr. George Utie, Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Nathaniel Stiles, and Mr. John Dixon. 41. Minute of acknowledgement of sale of parcel of land by Daniel Jones to Mr, John Dixon. 42* Deed, 19 Aug. 1664; Daniel Jones conv. to John Dixon 420 a. Dickenston, on north side of Dixanton's Branch on the north side of Northwest R., as described in patent to Walter Dickenson. Tests George Cowley, Lewis Boyen (Bryan?) 43. Minute of acknowledgement of assignment from John Collett to Thomas Skelton of tract described in patent. 44. Assignment, 9 Nov. 1664? John Collett conv. land to Thomas Skeltonj land not described. Test* Godfrey Bayley and George Gouldsmith. 45. Minute of ackn. of sale of land by Richard Collett to John Collett. 46. Assignment, 10 Jan. 1664/5» Richard Collett and wife Elizabeth conv. to "our brother" John Collett their interest in 600 a. at Two Necks in Lk River. Testt Nathaniel Stiles and Raymond Stapleford. 4?. Minute of ackn. of sale of land by John Collett to John Hawkins. 48. Assignment, 8 Aug. 1665; John Collett, Gent., conv. to Mr. John Hawkins, mariner, the tract patented to his bro. Richard Collett and himself. Testi Henry Stockett and George Utie. 49. Minute of ackn. of sale of land by Matthias Decosta to Thomas Ireton. 50. Deed, 8 Sept Mathias Decoasta, planter, and wife Elizabeth, for 7000 Ibs. tob, conv, to Thomas Ireton TOO a. Manor of Wiske, on w. side of the Bay and n.e. side of the south branch of Northeast River. Test i Thomas Howell and Godfrey Bayley. 51. Will, 8 Nov. 1665* Augustine Herman bequeaths his est. to his children, Ephraim Georglus, Casparus, Anna Margaritta, Judith, and Francinaj dec. wife Johanna Yarlettj John Browning co-exec, with s* Ephraim Georgius

91 The Notebook, No. 27 Land Records, p. 6 bro.-in-law Nicholas Varlett and sis.-in-law Judith Varlett, and Varlett's son-in-law Nicholas Bayard to administer the New York propertiesj Bohemia Manor, patented 19 June 1662, to go to Sphraim Georgiusj land at Herman's or Middle Neck, patented 18 June 1662 to go to Casparusj will disposes of tract on in. side of Bohemia Back Creek, and of 100 a. water-mill grant at head of Bohemia R., next souifc of Herman's Neck. Test* Godfrey Bayley and Thomas Howell. 52. Deniaation Patent, 14 Jan. 1660/1, by which Gov. Philip Calvert grants to Augustine Herman, merchant, late of Manhattan, rights of residence and trade, he having made a map. John Gittings certifies true copy. (See Md. Hist. Mag., Ill, 170) 53. Deed, 12 March l665/6s John Brown, merchant of Salem, New Sng., conv. to Thomas Overton the tract Harasted March, 100 a., on w. side of the Bay. Testi John Dixson, Lawrence Petty. 54. Deed, 13 April 1665s Walter Machanellin conv. to William Orchard 100 a. at Plumbs Point in Bush River. Testi Thomas Howell and George Gouldsmith. 55. Deeds 12 Jan. l663a«william Stanley, soap-boiler, reconveys to Oxelle Stille, planter, 300 a. called Oxelle Neck in Elk River, which Stanley formerly bought for 3000 Ibs. tob., but Stanley failed to give payment other than bills of debt. Tests William Byer, William Fisher, Thomas Willson. Appendant $ assignment, 12 Feb. l663/^» Axell Stills conv. said land to William Fisher. Testi Henry Jones, James White, John Royland. 56. Assignments 5 Nov. l660j Mathias Cornelius conv. 50 a. land to Peter Mounson. Tests Peter Teal, Sander Forson, and Hendrick Mason. "57. Deed! Feb. t John (Lee) and William Boughton of Bush R,, for 2000 Ibe. tob. conv. to John Watterton, Gent., 150 a. on Lee Island in Gunpowder R. Testi, Denton. John Stokes, transcriber, noted that the original record was defective when copied. 3 March 1665/6, John Lee certified that Lee and Boulton gave seisin of Lee Island to Watterton in presence of Robert Cole, who countersigned the certificate. 58. Contracti 13 Feb. 1664/51 Richard Ball of Patapsco agrees with Rowland Haddoway of Patapsco, to sell the latter 300 a. on.humphreys Creek, and to furnish warranty from the heirs of Thomas Humphrey, dee. Testi John Gwyn and Paul Kinsey. 59* Fragments undatedi Frederick Enlowes, sawyer, sells..i. 60. Deed of gifts 29 Dec. 1658s John Bayspole, merchant, late of London, conv. hisftrflendgodfrey Bayley, Gent., late of London, all his goods, chattels, debts, ready money, plate, rings, apparel, etc,..tests John Horne, Thomas Pawlett. 61. Deed of gifts 7 Oct Maj. Samuel Gouldsmith, Gent., conv. to George Wells, third son of Richard Wells, dec., late of Herring Creek, A. A. Co., one half of the donor's est. after his death, said Wells about to marry donor's youngest dau. Blanche, and having agreed to settle on her 200 sterling. Tests Godfrey Bayley, John Masters, Thomas Midlefield. 62. Bonds 7 Oct. 1667s George w ells, late of A. A. Co., olbligates himself to Maj. Samuel Goldsmith, Gent., for 1? 400 sterling, payable at Wells* death, as security that Wells will settled on Blanch Gouldsmith when married. Tests Godfrey Bayley, John Masters, Thomas Middlefleld. The next group of records were first transcribed about 1705 by clerk Henry Wriothesley from older records into a book called HW # AB. Later this was reoopied into a new volume called IR # PP, which-was recopied into a later book in These records are from pp of the latter record. 63. Minute of ackn.s 14 Aug. 1666s Abraham Clark, atty., that Lancelett Sockwell of Rappahannock, Va., has conv, land to Richard Ball of Pa'tapsco.

92 V The Notebook, No. 27 Land Records, p Deeds 27 Jan. 1665/6s Lancelott Sockwell conv. 300 a. Bast Humphries at Humphries Greek in Bear Creek, Patapsco R., to Richard Ball, stating that Thomas Humphries late of Rappahannock R., Va.» by his will recorded in Lancaster Co., Va., left the.tract to Sockwell and John Duke, who has since died, making Sockwell the sole owner. 65. Deeds 14 Aug. 1666s Richard Ball, planter, conv, Rowland Hathaway 300 a. called West Humpheries. Tests John Collett, Simon Wood. 66. Deeds 14 Aug. 1666i Rowland Hathaway, planter, conv. tract West Humpheries to Henry Goodericfce of A. A. Co.j tract on n. side of Humphreys Greek on s. side of Patapsco R. Tests ( ) Salmon, James Phillips. 67* Deeds 14 Aug. 1666s Rowland Hathaway conv. 100 a. on w. side of the mouth Welshman's Creek, on s. side of Patapsco, to Henry Goodrick. Tests ( ) Salmon, James Phillips. 68. Deeds 13 Aug. 1666s John Lee, planter, of Bush R,, for 1400 Ibs. tob., conv. 20, a. at Abraham Hollman's Greek in Gunpowder R., to Richard Adams and William Tompson, the land being part of 50 a. orig. surveyed for Thomas 0'Daniel. Tests John Watterton, Edward Cantwell, James Denton. 69. Deeds 14 Aug. 1666s Nathaniel Stiles, Gent., conv. to Joseph Gundry, merchant, 500 a., called Yapp at a creek in Sassafras R. Tests Richard Ball, John Dixon. 70. Deeds 9 May 1666s Hathew Gouldsmith of Swan Creek, for 1600 Ibs. tob«conv to Richard Windley and James Phillips 200 a. at Foster's Neck in Gunpowder R.s Tests James Denton and John Barry. 71. Deeds 8 May 1666s Richard Leake, tailor, conv. to William Orchard, cooper, the tract St. Clements Daines, 100 a., formerly taken up by William Osbourne planter. Tract between Bush R. and Rumley Greek. Tests ( ) Collett, and "atthew Gouldsmith. 72. Deeds 9 Nay John Waterton of Bush R., for 2000 Ibs. tob. and a cow and a calf conv, to James Phillips, cooper* 150 a. on Lee Island, bought from John Lee and William Boulton. Tests John Collier and Will Orchard. 73* Deeds 19 June 1666j Bryant O'Melly conv. to James Magrlges, planter, the tract Mulberry Mould, 200 a., on s. side of Bohemia R. Tests Thos. Hinson, Sr., and Alexr. Maxwell. 7^. Deeds 29 Nov. 1666t Nathaniel Stiles, Gent., for 3000 Ibs. tob. conv. to William Stanley, planter, 175 a. Bluntville, on e. side of the Bay and opposite Pool's Island. Tests Henry Ward and John Collett. 75. Deeds 29 Nov. 1666s William Stanley, planter, of Tal. Co., for 4000 Ibs. tob. \ conv. to Richard Foxum, planter, the tract Bluntvile, 175 a. Tests John Collett and Henry Ward. 76. Minute of ackn. s Will Fisher has sold 225 a. Salveton on the Eastern Shore adj. Kr. Godfrey Bailey's tract Ye Fair Promise, to John Brumfield. 77. Assignments 1 Sept. 1666s William Fisher, chirurgeon, conv. 225» of patented land, location not given, to John Bromfleld and Nicholas Allome. Tests Francis Fisher and Richard Chapman. 78. Deeds 4 March 1666/7* William Orchard, planter, and wife Susanna, for 600 Ibs. tob., cow and calf and goods, conv. to Edward Ayres of Bush R., planter* 200 a. Wansworth, at a cove in Bush R., and adj. to Abraham Hollman's tract Bush Wood. Tests John Waterton, Joseph Gallen, and Fan Devie. 79. Deeds 31 Dec. 1666s William Orchard, cooper, for 800 Ibs. tob. conv. to John Bradford, cooper, tract Clement, 50 a., on w. side of Rumley Creek, adj. lands of Will Hollis and Will Osbourne. -Tests Sam Collett, John Neuton. 80. Deeds 5 Sept. 1666s William Osbourne, planter, of Bush. R., for 3000 Ibs. tob. conv. to John Lee, planter, one-half of Sprie's Marsh of 350 a*

93 The Notebook, No. 27 Land Records, p. 8 about three Biles up Bush R. on its e. side. Testt Oliver Spry, Roger Shacok, J. Watterton. 8l» Deeds 12 June 1665I Thomas Edmonds conv. to William Price tract The Divideing, 300 a. at Gering's Creek in Elk R., to be taken from the s. side of 600 a. patented to Thomas Edmonds and Jasper Gexin. Testi John Bradford and John Collett* 82. Deedt 3 Nov Abraham Morgan, planter, and wife Ann, conv. to Thomas Browning 300 a. on s. side of Bohemia R., adj. the land of George Hark (or Hack?-BD). Testt Thomas Bostock, Briant O'Mely, John Gregory. Appendant ackn.t 5 Kay l665«ann Morgan, widow, states that Morgan, while living, received froa Browning one servant and that she has received a cow and a calf in full payment for the 300 a. Testt John Reynold and Bdaond Rowe. 83. Deedt 20 Oct. 1665* James Soushard conv. 300 a. on w. side and at head of Fishing Creek to George Strong} the tract, add* Mr. Gundry's land, was lately taken up by Soushard and surveyed by Mr. George Gouldsmith. Weithen Soushard signs with grantor. Tests William Wisher, Richard Chapman. 8**. Deedt 10 April l66?j William Saven, planter, conv. to Rowland Williams 200 a. on s. side of St. Austin's Branch in Bohemia R., facing St. Harman's Point. Elizabeth Saven signs with grantor. Testt John Collett and James Ives. 85. Deedt 15 Feb. 1666/71 William Osborne, planter, for 1500 Ibs. tob. conv. to John Bradford the tract dement Dennis, 100 a., on s.w. side of Rumley Creek, adj. to Spry's Mashas (Marsh?-ED), taken up by Oliver Spry. Testt Sdw. Richards, Will Orchard. 86. Deedt 4 March 1666/7t William Fisher, chirurgeon, of Va., and wife Frances for 21,700 Ibs. tob., conv. to Henry Ward, mariner, 1400 a. at Poplar Neck on St. Alban's Creek on the s. side of Elk R., abutting on Gabriel Brown's land, sd. tract including 1000 a. taken up by Fisher, also 300 a. Stillin at Capt. John's Creek, formerly taken up by Qxell Still, and also 100 a. formerly taken up by Thomas Cauker. Testt John Collett, W. Palmer. 87. Deadt 8 Nov. l666t Richard Windley and James Phillips conv. to Francis Trippas 200 a. at Foster's Neck in Gunpowder R., not far from John Taylor's plantation. Testt J. Waterton, and John Collett.

94 , ' THE NOTEBOOK Baltimore County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 10085, Towson, Maryland, ;_, Number 28, May 1985 Robert Barnes, Editor VITAL STATISTICS FOR SOME BALTIMORE COUNTY FAMILIES, abst. by William R. Lynch These extracts are taken from a ledger kept by Charles Jessop, , of Vauxhall, near Ashland, Baltimore County. Jessop was a miller; in addition to recording events in his own life he kept accounts of "Maridg and Burth" and "Deth or Mortality" concerning many of his neighbors. These items are here arranged into one alphabetical listing. The original spelling has been retained and in many cases birth dates have been inferred from Jessop's estimate of age at death. The statistics, with some of Jessop's pungent personal comments, were originally published in History Trails, Vol.- 11, No. 1, Autumn 1976, pub. by the Baltimore County Historical Society, which has graciously given permission to Mr. Lynch to republish them here. BARRY, Lavan, b.c.1769, d. 17 June BINNEX or BINNIX, Samuel, m. 23 Sept Amelay or Amilar Peregaugh; their son Edward was b. 30 April BISHIP, Miss, m. 3 Aug Charles Carnan. BOSLEY, Caleb, m. c.1722 Elizabeth ( ) BOSLEY, Elijah, b. c.1740, husband of Hanna Bosley BOSLEY, Elizabeth, wife of Caleb Bosley, b. c.1753, d. 29 March 1822, left two "darters." BOSLEY, Mrs. Hanna, b. c.1749, d. 12 Jan. 1825, wife of Elijah Bosley. BOSLEY, Rebcker, m. 1 Aug Maj. William Stansbury and d. 11 June 1821 BRALAN, Miss Maryann, m. 17 June 1824 Charles D. Gorsuch. BRAWON, Elias, m. 20 May 1824 John C. Morgon BRITON, Ann. See Pearch. BRITTON, Edward Y., b. c.1799, d. 4 March 1823, "by being stabd left a wife and 2 childon." BRITTON, Nicholas, m. 7 Sept Cabbile Westaman BUCK, Benjamin, m. 17 Aug Jane Hubbard BUCK, Darkes, b. c.1748, d. 6 April 1824, wife of Benjamin Buck, Sr. BUCK, Elizabeth G., m. 17 Dec Joseph Hiss CALDWELL, CHARLES, m. 15 Jan. 1833(?) Ruth Cole, widow of Diley Cole (N.B. that recorded Jessop died 1828; this date might be 1823). CARNAN, Charles, m. 3 Aug Miss Biship, "darter of William Bish." COCKEY, Miss Ann, of Thomas, m. 28 Sept Elijah Giddins. COCKEY, Cornel Jushua F., b. 6 Jul. 1765, d. 9 Oct. 1821, "left 9 childrn and a weder." COKEY, John of Thomas, b. c.1760, d. 22 Oct. 1824, "comely called "Big John Cokey" COLE, Abraham, b. c.1729, d. 13 March 1822, was "pall bare" for Dr. Thos. Love, COLE, Diley, d. by 15 Jan (or 1823) COLE, JOseph, b. c.1762, d. 1 Oct. 1821, husband of Sefiah Cole. COLE, Ruth, m. 15 Jan (1823?) Charles Caldwell.

95 THE NOTEBOOK, No. 28 May 1985, p. 2 Vital Statistics, (cont'd.) COLE, Mrs. Sefiah, b. c.1768, d. 29 Sept. 1821, m. Joseph Cole. COLE, Slathiel, d. 2 Feb COLLE, Janty or Jnanty, m. 5 Sept John Jessop COOK, Miss, m. 12 Oct John Roiston CROMWELL, Miss Elen, b. c.1780, m. 16 Jan Hickman Johnson CUDY, John, b. c.1752, d. 4 April 1822 DAUGHEDITY, Mrs. Elizabeth, b. c.1741, d. 8 Sept. 1821, wife of Richard DAUGHEDITY or DAUGHETRY, Richard, b. c.1742, d. 8 April 1822, husb. of Elizabeth DOLSON, Miss Ann, m. 15 June 1824 Joshua Tibbett DUNCAN, William, m. 24 July 1824 Miss Elenor Letzenger DUNMEED, Sarah, m. 4 July 1824 John Marton EINSOR, Nathen, d. 14 Oct EMANEL, August, d. 17 Oct ENSOR, Darby, b, c.1749, d. 28 Jan FOOLER, Elizabeth, m. 2 Aug William Roiston GASAWAY, FRANK (Negro), m. 4 Nov Julyann Sm. GIDDINS, Elijah, m. 28 Sept Miss Ann Cockey of Thomas GITTINGS, James, b c.1735, d. 15 Feb GORSUCH Ariel, d. 11 Oct. 1824, consort of John GORSUCH Charles D., m. 17 June 1824 Miss Maryann Bralan GORSUCH Evenline, m. 25 Feb William Linch GORSUCH, Rebeca, m. 26 Aug William Willeman or Willin GORSUCH, Rebecky, del'd. 27 Sept. (1815?) of Chartey Constince (by John Hicks?) GORSUCH, (unnamed child), b. 14 April 1825, ch. of Charles D. and Maryann (Bralan) GRAFTON, Nathon, m. 3 Jan Keziah Hal; their child b. 2 June 1821 GREEN, Benjamin, m. 30 Sept Nancy Tibbit; dau. (unnamed) b. 11 Aug GREEN, Eliel or Elen, m. 12 Oct Jeremiah Mayes GREEN, Elisha, m. 29 May 1823 Miss Routh Roiston; dau. (unnamed) b. 5 May 1824 GREEN, Melchezedek, d. 21 Dec GREEN, Shadrick, b. c.1746, d. 29 Oct GWYNNE, John, of Munkes Mill, b. c.1748, d. 28 March 1823 HAL, Keziah, m. 3 Jan Nathon Grafton HALL, Henry W., d. 4 Feb. 1824, "left a wife and 5 children" HICKS, Abraham, b. c.1752, d. 1 Feb HISS, Joseph, m. 17 Dec Elizabeth G. Buck HOWARD, Ann, "belongs to the Methes Church," m. 18 Apr. (1824?) William Tyso HUBBARD, Jane, m. 17 Aug Benjamin Buck JENT, Thomas, d. 15 Jan (b. c.1725) JESSOP, Charles, b. 6 Nov. 1759, m. 13 April 1786 (wife unnamed) in March 1821 was "pall bare" for Dr. Thomas Loved JESSOP, Janty, wife of John Jessop(?), d. 8 April 1825 JESSOP, James, m. 15 April 1824 Ann Pearch (formerly Ann Briton). JESSOP, John, m. 5 Sept Janty Cole; dau. Mary Elizabeth b. 7 March JESSOP, John, d. 22 Nov. 1825, "at Portlan." JESSOP, Mary, m. 31 Dec Levi Marryman JOHNSON, Hickman, b. c.1770, m. 16 Jan Miss Elen Cromwell.

96 THE NOTEBOOK, No. 28 May 1985, p. 3 JONSON, Sarah, b. c.1762, d. 16 Feb KEMP, Joshua, and wife Elizabeth had a dau. (unnamed) b. 10 Dec. 1822; Mrs. Kemp was in her 51st year. KILLY, Thomas D., b. c.1760, d. 23 Jan LINCH, William, m. 25 Feb Evenline Gorsuch, "darter" of Capt. Joshua Gorsuch; their son (unnamed) b. 17 Oct LETZENGER, Miss Elenor, m. 24 July 1824 William Duncan LIDICK, George; his dau. Elizabeth Littig (sic) m. 18 Dec John Scott of Thomas LOVE, Dr. Thomas, b. c.1755, d. 1 March 1821 MARRYMAN, Caleb, b. c.1754, d. 21 Nov MARRYMAN, Levi, m. 31 Dec. 1822'Mary Jessop; dau. Albert (sic) Cecila b. 29 March 1824 MARRYMAN, Nicholas, of Elijah, was "pall bare" for Dr. Thomas Love in 1821, d. 30 May MARSH, Dr. Grafton, b. c.1792, d. 8 Nov MARSH, Joshua, b. c.1759, d. 5 Nov MARTON, John, m. 4 July 1824 Sarah Dunmeed; dau. (unnamed) b. 3 Sept MATHES, Oliver, b. c.1722, d. 17 Jan MAYES, Jeremiah, m. 12 Oct Elien or Elin Green; their child (unnamed) b. 20 June 1816 McCASLING, Thomas, m. 9 Nov Miss Meriah Willssan MORGON, John C., m. 20 May 1824 Elias Brawon NORWOOD, William, d. 19 Nov PEARCH, Ann (Briton), m. 15 April 1824 James Jessop PEATORS, Miss, m. 13 Jan Connol. William Stansbury PEREGAUGH, Amelay or Amilar, m. 23 Sept Samuel Binnex or Binnix PEREGAUGH, Joseph, m. 24 Dec Elizabeth Wilson or Willises PEREGOY, Banner, wife of William, d. 1 Sept PEREGOY, William, m. c.1776 Hanner ( ) PEREGOY, William Druman, b. 9 Aug. 1820, s. of Joseph and Elizabeth (Wilson) Peregaugh PARRISH, Harriet, m. 24 Dec Dosey Sciper PRICE, William, b. c.1822, son of Abraham Price, d. 17 March 1825, "drounded" at Chas. Jessop's Mill. ROISTON, JOHN, b. c.1762, d. 11 Sept ROISTON, John, m. 12 Oct Miss Cook ROISTON, Routh, m. 29 May 1823 Elisha Green ROISTON, William, m. 2 Aug Elizabeth Fooler SCIPER, Dosey, m. 24 Dec Harriet Parrish SCOTT, John, son of Thomas, m. 18 Dec Elizabeth Littig SM-(?), Julyan, m. 4 Nov Frank Gasaway (negro) STANSBERY, Gineral Tobey E., m. 4 May 1824 Mrs. Stonebeck STANSBERY, Mager William, m. 1 Aug Rebecker Bosley STANSBERY, Connol. William, m. 13 Jan Miss Peators STINEBACK, Mrs., m. 4 May 1824 Gineral Tobey E. Stansbery. TO BE CONTINUED

97 THE NOTEBOOK, No. 28 May 1985, p. 4 EDITORIAL My two years as President of the Baltimore County Genealogical Society are almost up. I have enjoyed them, and I greet their end with a sigh (and a sigh of relief). The job has been made enjoyable by the great assistance of the other members of the Executive Board, the committee members who have planned field trips, seminars, and picnics, and of course by all the members of the Society, who have been so supportive. We have acquired a permamemnt headquarters (which we may soon outgrow), increased the size of The Notebook, and our membership, and added to our Library Collection, both with books, and a rapidly growing vertical file. We have produced our first computerized surname index, which is already proving invaluable in putting researchers in touch with each other. We have lost some members. Carroll and Evelyn Pearce, and Joe Cromwell were members of the Society from its inception, and we will miss them. Unlike Edward VIII, whose abdication speech signalled the beginning of a lifelong exile, I bid farewell as President but looking forward to continuing as Editor, and as "vertical file curator." I thank you all for your help and support. I know Jean Brandau, the new President, and the nex executive board will receive the same support from you. Thank you and God bless. THE COMPUTERIZED SURNAME INDEX can help you find others working on the same lines or researching in similar areas. Local members can see the Society's copy on our meeting dates. Out of town members can send a SASE to the Editor (9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., 21128) and he will check his copy for the names of others working on the same families, and he will gladly check some of his other surname lists at the same time. Members who have many Baltimore County lines might want to purchase a copy of the members' names and addresses who submitted entries, the surname list, and the listing by locality from Susan Johnston, 104 Park Drive, Catonsville, Md., 21228, for $10.00 which includes postage). + QUERIES GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH IN MD., WASH., + D.C., SOUTHERN PENNA., AND NORTHERN + Seeking data on the Kitely fam. of VIRGINIA + Balto. and nearby counties: Anne + Willis, 6276 Linkythorn Lane, CAROL PERRY + Clarksville, Md., Apple Tree Court, Frederick, + Seeking to corresp. with people work- Maryland, 21701; phone (301) ing on; BEALMEAR, BELLMEER, BELMAR, BALMIER, BALMAR, etc. Mrs. Dorothy + Powers Elliott, Rt. #1, Box 1A-19, + Muscatine, Iowa, 52761

98 The Notebook, No. 28 Land Records, p. 9 BALTIMORE COUNTY LAND RECORDS OF 1668 AND abst. by Louis Dow Scisco This section of land records was originally published in the. Maryland Historical Magazine, vol. 25 (1930), pp Scisco points out that the' growing number of transfers might imply a growth in immigration. It is clear that purchasers of land were still seeking sites along the water fronts of the upper Chesapeake, indicating that travel was still mostly by boat rather than by such forest trails as existed. The next group of deeds''were in pp of Liber I.R. no. P.P., a copy made in 1892 from an earlier book of the same name whose contents were taken in part from a still earlier book called H.W. no. A.B. The repeated copying have resulted in distortions of names which are given here as they stand March 1667/8: Michael Bellicon conv. 100 a. called Wyfall to the estate of Richard Bennett, adjoining land formerly held by Richard Turner. Test: John Cork (Cock?) and William Palmer March 1667/8: John Collett, Gent., conv. 100 a. being the northern half of 200 a. Beaver Neck, to John Taylard. Test: John Watterton and Henry Howard March : William Pearce, planter, conv. 150 a. (part of 550 a. called Buck Neck) to Daniel Silvaine; land had formerly been taken up by Joseph Hopkins. Test:, and Jerome White Jan. 1667/8: Richard Ball of Patapsco E., and wife Mary conv. 80 a. on north side of Patapsco formerly granted to Ball, and adj. to William Clapham's land, to Francis Peteet. Test: James Frysby and Warner Sudall Jan. 1667/8: James Brown, merchant of (Salem?) New Eng., conv. to G tract called Orchard's Neck formerly patented to William Galloway. Test: John Scott and John Powell : Howell Powell conv. 70 a. to Warner Shudall; land on the north side of Patapsco., adj. Robert Gorsuch's land. Test: Richard Moss and Jeremy Clarke. Elizabeth Powell signs with grantor April 1663: Nathaniel and Mary Utie of Spesutia conv. tract Green Oake at Sassafras R. to Richard Bennett, Jr. Test: George Utie and Jon. Browne Aug. 1668: Robert Neife, planter, conv. 250 a. Neife's Choice to William Pearce. Elizabeth Neife signs with grantor. Test: Thomas Howell and John Collett Aug. 1668: Philip Holleger and wife Mary conv. 400 a. at erson's Creek, where Holleger now dwells, to Timothy Lendall and William Pearce. Test: Thomas Howell and John Collett March 1667/8: William- Orchard conv. 250 a. Ibery to Walter Tucker and Co., merchants. Test: William Palmer, and Dunkerton Aug. 1668: John Lee and William Osbourne conv. 240 a. in two adjacent parcels to Miles Gibson. Test: Barnard Utie and Oliver Spruce (Spry?) March 1666/7: Abraham Coffin, planter, conv. 100 a. Tombeye to William Toulson. Test: John Collett and Samuel Collett.

99 The_Jotebook, No. 28 Land Records, p Aug. 1667: Peter Mounsen, planter, conv. 100 a. at Sassafras R. adj. to land of Hendrick Freeman, to Oellef Matthias. Test: John Collett and Samuel Collett March 1667/8: James Phillips conv. 100 a. called Porke Point, orig. patented to Phillips, to Thomas Thurston. Test: H. Walmor and Robert Sanders Aug. 1664: Thomas Todd of Gloucester Co., Va., conv. three tracts on Patapsco River bought from Thomas Powell to Todd's sons Robert and John Todd. Test: John Dixson and Philip Stevenson July 1668: Thomas Todd of Gloucester Co., Va., appoints Richard Ball I of Balto. Co. his attorney. Test: Thomas Deacon and Charles Gorsuch Feb. 1664/5: Richard Gorsuch, planter, with consent of his wife Elizabeth, conv. 300 a. Wallnut Neck on the east side of Welshman's Creek, to Thomas Powell. Test: Howell Powell and Richard Blanks Aug. 1664: Thomas Powell conv. 100 a. with houses thereon, at or near and east of Wallnut Neck to Thomas Todd. Test: John Dixon and Philip Stevenson Same date. Powell to Todd, conv. 287% a. called Road River, which Powell bought from William Batten, merchant. Test: same as // Same date: Powell to Todd, 300 a. called Richardson, formerly bought from Richard Gorsuch. Test: as above Feb : Thomas Powell of Talbot Co. appoints Samuel Collett his attorney to acknowledge sale of land to Thomas Todd of Va., according to writings in possession of John Collett. Test: Howell Powell and Charles Gorsuch March 1667/8: Oliver Spry conv. Sprye's Marsh, with 175 perches of waterfront, to William Osbourne and John Lee. Test: John Waterton and Lancelot Hallett Same date: John Lee and William Osbourne, planters, conv. to Oliver Spry 100 a. called Crab Hill, adj. land of Will. Orchard, and orig. patented to Lee and Osbourne. Test: John Watterton and Launcelott Hallett Same date: Francis Child, planter, conv. 500 a. The World's End, onn. side of Sassafras R., to Richard Leake, tailor. Test: Henry Ildesley and John Cock March 1667/8: Warner Shudall and wife Ann conv. 70 a. on n. side of Patapsco R., to Nicholas Ruxton. Test: Even Gwine and Nicholas Rihcason March 1667/8: Godfrey Harman conv. 350 a. at Terson's Creek to Philip Holleger; land orig. patented to Harman. Test: Sam. Collett and Axa Stills April 1668: Nathaniel Utie and wife Elizabeth conv. to Edward Bedwell 500 a. at Swann Creek, being part of 800 a. Oakenton. Test: W. Palmer and Hans de Ringh Aug. 1668: John James, Gent., conv. Charles James, 200 a. The Last, at- Charm Creek, patented in Test: Richard Leake and Thomas Midlefield.

100 The Notebook, No. 28 Land Records, p, Aug. 1668: Charles James, merchant, conv. 200 a. Beniton, at Steelpone Creek, to John James, Gent. Land was patented in Test: Richard Leake and Thomas Middlefield Aug. 1668: Richard Farendall conv. to Robert Chapman land at Black Wolf Neck, near mouth of Swan Creek, west of land formerly taken up by Capt. Thomas Harwood, mariner. Test: Will Pearce, Robert Keane Aug. 1668: Hendrick Hendrickson, planter, and wife Juniber conv. to William Howard, planter, the tracts Hendrick and Hendrickson, each 50 a., on the south side and at the mouth of Elk River, one tract adj. to land formerly taken up by Andrew Clements. Test: W. Walmon and f Barnard Utie Sept. 1668: John Cocke, planter, conv. to Bartlett Hendrickson the tract Cock Crow Thrice of 200 a. on the n. side of Cock's Branch of Back Creek at Sassafras River. Test: William Strudmant and Daniel Sillvaine March 1668/9: John Cock, planter, conv. to Edmund Webb the tract None So Good in Finland, 200 a. on s.e. side of Back Creek at Sassafras River. Test: W. Palmer and Barnard Utie March 1667/8: Mary Gouldsmyth, wid. of George Gouldsmyth, Gent., for herself and dec. husb., conv. to Ann O'Mely, formerly wife of Abraham Morgan, and to the Morgan heirs, 500 a. at Morgan's Creek on the west s. of Bohemia River. Test: Samuel Collett and William Gouldsmyth Oct. 1668: Oliver Sprye, Gent., conv. to John Towrs, planter, 200 a. called Swan Harbour on s. side of Bush R., adj. John Collier's tract Phillis Choice. Test: Henry Howard, Sam Collett Oct. 1668: John Collett and Mary Gouldsmyth conv. to Robert Morgan, planter 150 a. called Horner at Gouldsmyth Branch on s. side of Captain John's Creek at Elk River. Test: Sam Gouldsmyth and James Ives Nov. 1668: Thomas Bastock and wife Jane conv. to James Magreger, planter, tract Banks, on w. side of Bohemia R., adj. land taken up by Briant O'Mely. Test: Joseph Hopkins and F. Salmon Nov. 1668: Richard Windley and wife Mary conv. Oliver Sprye, Gent., 100 a. Windley's Forest on s. dide of Gunpowder R., adj. land of Edward Swanson. Test: Augustine Harman and John James March 1668/9: William Peerce, planter, conv. John Willis, planter, 200 a. on s.- side of Charm Creek. Test: William Osborne and Ralph Massey April 1669: Ralph Williams, merchant of Bristol, conv. to Thomas Todd, merchant of Patapsco R., 330 a. Notch Point, at Wignall's Creek at mouth of Patapsco R., said land having been taken up by William Batten, sold to Walter Dickson, and by him to said Williams. Test: Charles Tye and John Bucknel June 1669: Mary Gouldsmith conv. to Capt. Thomas Todd 75 a. on Hooper's Island, on s. side of Gunpowder R. Test: Sam. Gouldsmith and William Gouldsmith March 1666/7: Philip Holleger conv. to Hendrick Freeman, planter, 50 a. Sassafras R., being part of 100 a. sold by William Fisher to said Holleger. Test: Godfrey Bayley and John Collett.

101 The Notebook, No. 28 Land Records, p March 1668/9: Bartlett Hendrickson, planter, conv. to John Cocks 200 a. None So Good in Finland, on s.e. side of Back Creek at Sassafras. River.' Test: William Sturdmant and Daniell Silvaine June 1669: Peter Jones, shopman, conv. to John Glover, planter, 250 a. called Crock and Pill, n. side of Sassafras R. Test: William Dunkerton and Hendrick Mason June 1669: John Collett, Gent., conv. to Richard Collens, smith, 100 a. on Black Island near Spesutia Island. Test: Sam. Collett and James Ives July 1669: William Yorke, planter, and Elizabeth York, both of Gunpowder R., conv. to Walter Mackenell and wife Jane 200 a. called York's Hope on n. side of Gunpowder R. Test: John Watterton and William Chapman Aug. 1669: Abraham Strand, planter, conv.' to Oulle Mathiason, planter land with 100 perches river front on n. side of Sassafras River, opp. land formerly taken up by Capt. Cornwallis. Test: John Browning and Robert Sanders Sept. 1669: Henry Jones, carpenter, and wife Anna, conv. to Thomas Howell, Gent., 275 a. on s. side of Sassafras R., adj. land taken up by William Fisher. Test: John Collett and Gideon Gundry Sept. 1669: George Willson, planter, conv. to Thomas Bostock, planter, land where Bostock now lives on s. side of Sassafras R., adj. Willson's land provided Bostock pays 100 pounds of tobacco yearly as rent. Test: almon and John Cock Nov. 1669: Personal note by which Thomas Todd requests Mr. Bayley to acknowledge for him the sale of 50 a. to Richard Thurrell June 1669: Thomas Todd, Gent., conv. to Richard Thurrell, planter, 50 a. on s. side of Back River, adj. land formerly laid out for Thomas Thomas and William Batten. Test: Robert Colles, George Yatts, and Thomas Knighton Nov. 1669: Letter of attorney from John Dixon appointing Richard Thurrell his atty. to acknowledge sale of 300 a. to Richard Ellinsworth. No witneses March 1668/9: John Dixon conv. to Richard Ellinsworth 300 a. Dixon's Chance at Duck Creek on s. side of Gunpowder River, adj. land formerly taken up by John Taylor. Test: John Roads, James Cogell July 1669: Letter of attorney from Francis, Henry, and Katherine Stockett of the Ridge, A. A. Co., appointing Mr. Nathanill Stilles their attorney to acknowledge sale of tract Dolph and adjoining island to Thomas Thurston. Test: Richard Leake and Furgin Davison Oct. 1669: Francis and Henry Stockett, Gent., and Henry's wife Katherine, conv. to Thomas Thurston, merchant, 115 a. on Dolph Island on the north side of the mouth of Rumley Creek. Test: Henry White, Francis Chrismas, Delmarus Sternberge, and John West Oct. 1669: Same grantors as above conv. to same grantee as above the tract Dolph of 600 acres on the west side of Dolph Creek, opp. land formerly taken up by John Hatton. Test: same as witnesses in 142. This installment of Mr. Scisco's abstracts will be continued in the next issue of The Notebook.

102 THE NOTEBOOK Baltimore County Genealogical Society, P. 0. Box 10085, Towson, Maryland, Number 29, September 1985 Robert Barnes, Editor OFFERED BY THE SOCIETY At a recent meeting of the Executive Board a discussion was held of ways we can better serve our members, especially out of town members. The following ideas may help our members* LIMITED RESEARCH QUESTIONSt Our library of books and vertical file holdings is growing. If you want to know what we have on a particular family send your request, with a SASE, to our librarian, Patricia Czernlewsky, 8903 Jasper Lane, Baltimore, Maryland, SURNAMES IN OUB COMPUTERIZED SURNAME FILE* Send a SASE to the Editor, Robert Barnes, 9219 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md., CHURCHES OF BALTIMORE COUNTYt The Genealogical Council of Maryland is establishing an inventory of church records in Maryland. The state chairman is Edna A. Kanely, 3210 Chesterfield Avenue, Baltimore, Md., The county chairman working on churches is George A. Billiagslea, 1229 Vine Spring Lane, Towson, Md., MARYLAND BIBLES? A second project of the Genealogical Council is to establish an inventory of the Bible Records of Maryland Families. To donate Bibles to the Society, or to find out if any Bibles on a particular family have been located contact Robert Barnes, who is state chairman of the project} address.given above. BALTIMORE COUNTY CEMSTSRIESi The county chairman for the Genealogical Council's cemetery project is Hmer R. Hai*,e, Jr., Gunpowder Manor, 46*10 Hydes Road, Hydes, Maryland, QUERIES AND ARTICLES FOR THE NOTEBOOKt may be sent to the editor, Robert Barnes, address above* QUESTIONS ABOUT MEMBERSHIP STATUSt contact the Membership Chairman, Walter B. Burrell, 4208 Garland Avenue, Baltimore, Md., QUESTIONS ABOUT, AND SUGGESTIONS FDR, UPCOMING PROGRAMS, contact! Donald F. Foxworthy, BCGS, Vice-President, 53-0 Overbrook Road, Baltimore, Md., OTHER QUESTIONSt Corresponding Secretary, Margaret Smith Keigler, 1000 Maplehurst Lane, Monkton, Md., MEMBERS WHO HAVE A SERVICE TO OFFER FOR OTHER MEMBERSI please contact the editor for inclusion in future issues of the Notebook. VITAL STATISTICS FOR SOME BALTIMORE COUNTY FAMILIES, continued from our last issue STONE, Capt. William, b. c.l?4l, d. 11 Sept TALBSRT, Jeremiar, b, c.l?59, d. 20 May 1821, "left a distres family of chlldring." TIBBBTT, Joshua, m. 15 June 182** Miss Ann Bolson. TIBBIT, Nancy, m, 30 Sept Benjamin Green, TIBBETT, Nathan, b. July 1760, d. 26 Nov TYSO(N?), William, w. 18 April (1824?) WESTAMAN, Cabbile, m.? Sept Nicholas Britton. WILLEMAN or WILLIN, William, m. 26 Aug. 1819, Rebeca P. Gorsuch WILSON, of WILLISES, Elisabeth, m. 24 Dec Joseph Feregaugh. IILLSSAH, Miss Meriah, m. 9 Nov Thomas McCasling. The above were abstracted and arranged by William R. Lynch.

103 THE NOTEBOOK,, Number 29 September _ NORWOOD CEMETERY In Baltimore. County at Relay, on the Calvert Distilling Company grounds, is a small cemetery surrounded by a stone wall and carefully maintained. The graves are very old, going back to beginning of the l th century. Dates and names on some of the tombstones are difficult to read. We tried to verify each by looking up obituaries in Baltimore newspapers and at the Maryland Historical Society Library. Any information we found is shown, with the tombstone inscriptions chronologically arranged: December 21 - Sally Norwood - i 2 years *NORW)OD, Mrs. Sally, wife of Col. Edward Norwood of Elk Ridge died yesterday, aged 1*2, leaving a husband and many children." Baltimore Federal Gazette - December 22, isllj. - March 8 - Joshua Trimble - 16 years (this may be 10 years) January 9 - Sally O'dell Norwood, youngst dau of E.N years "NORWOOD, Miss Sally 0' dell, youngest daughter of Col. Edward Norwood, of Baltimore County, died 9.January." Baltimore American - January 16, 181?.,, October 25 - Edward Norwood «Patriot "NORWOOD, Col. Sdward, died 25 October 1815 at Elk Ridge, at an advanced age - Revolutionary Patriot.** Patriot October 27, 1815} Baltimore American - October 28, "Capt. Md. Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December l??6j Capt. Uth Md., 10 Deo. 1776, dismissed 30 Sept * Heitman June 16 - Mary Emily Wright - baby September - Marion Wr.. ght - 8 years September - Priscilla Odell Wright - baby 182? - April - Thomas Wright - baby April - Charles Fitzsimmons Wright - baby July - Wm. Hartshorn - baby 181*1 - August 20 - Mary Ann Norwood - 78 years 18U2 - February - Edw. Norwood 18U8 - Elizabeth Hall Norwood September - Thos. H. Wright - 6? years "On the 26th inst. at 123g am after a protracted illness sustained in exerapliary patience and Christian fortitude, Dr. Thomas H. Wright, in the 68th year of his age. The members of the medical profession and his friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residence on Friday morning, 28th inst*, at 9 o'clock, without further notice." Baltimore American September 27, We also found the following: H Dr. Thomas H. Wright of Baltimore and Mary F. Norwood of Baltimore County were married at the seat of the late Col. Edward Norwood June 19, 1817, by Davis." Baltimore American June 21, copied! 15 June 1985 i (Donna Trotter Ale da Bunch H-H-'HI il H'H"fr»«H«H^"H-H-M"MH 'I M» 1 1 1'-M-H'»HH-»T'»'''l If I H-H I "I H-H H-> H m+m-h-+»h-t"m H N-1 H H'H"H"H+H-H-+**fl t H'H M I H UIH-frH-il if Ml II 11 I in II I Hi FOR dnealogical RESEARCH IN MD., WASH,, B.C., SOUTHERN HSNNA., AND NORTHERN VIRGINIA! CONTACT i CAROL HERRI, 1333 Apple Tree Court, ffredealdc, Md., phone i

104 THE NOTEBOOK, Number 29 September 1985» P* 3 Glen R. Gowens, c/o Ashby Place, Ladoga, IN, seeking par. of William Galvert, b. 26 Feb. 1?57» ftwd*: Go., Md., d. 31 May 183^ Washington Co., TNj n. Elizabeth Nodding, 18 July l?8d. Mrs. B. Loring D. R, Best, "Gillies' Garden, 3. S.," P. 0. Box 69, 2126 White Hall Road, White Hall, Md.» 21l6ls seeking! l) par. of Jacob Bull and wife Rachel Warden* 2) par, of Mary V. Bull, b. 1855, d. 19*K>» m. Randolph R. Jones of "Userode Forest." 3) par, of Harriet ELsrode (Blsrood, Elsroad) was she a desc. of Bull, Slade, or Bums. par. of Laura Bell Bull who m. John E. Lloyd; bur. at. Wiseburg. par. of Howard Bull, and of Lillie Bull who m. John T. AMOS. first name and par. of («} Sampson who ra, Belinda, dau. of Isaac Bull. par. of Pleasant Lytle who m. Kate Rosier and was f.-in~law of William Thorns "Tom" Bull of Parkton, HI* 8) proof that par, of Joshua I*. Bull, b. 18^0, and Saanuel Bull-of Parkton, were William Bull who re. Boreas or Sarah Lowe. 9) par. of Cassie Dorsey (teacher, 18?5)» and of Ghloe Dorsey and Het Dorsey. 10) rel. of above to ELisha Borsey who m. Mary Slade, and was son of John Borsey and Cassandra Gwnan. 11) rej. of Webster Hendrix (who». Georgia Donaldson) and Howard Dryden (who m. Maude Bstelle SI"Lett) to the Slades, Burns, or Bulls. FasAly History Committee of the Montgomery County His torical Society, 103 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, Md., 20850, is seeking! information, history, traditions on all Maryland Bealls (any spelling), esepclally Alexander Beall, the Immigrant ' ". THE SOCIETY'S LIBRARY IS GROWING Since moving to our present location at the Perry Hall Presbyterian Church our library has grown rapidly. We have over 250 books, many periodicals, and a vertical file having more than 200 folders (the last have appeared just in the past year. Some of the ways our library has grown may suggest ways you can help. CHARTSi Several of our members, including Henry A. Naylor, Jr., and Allen Virta, have made up charts of soaie of their fabdly relationships, and given copies to the library. These charts need not be large. You can get a lot of information on an 8f by 11 sheet. DONATIONS OF BOOKS AND PERIODICALSf Several members have given books, and Mr. and Mrs. James Whitcraft have been especially generous in donating back issued of periodicals. SEVSH GENERATION CHARTSt These were filled out by members several years ago. A forsser member kept them, indexed theft, and has returned them to the Editor. They will be in place for isembers to consult at our October meeting. DONATION OF 1 PAPSRSi Dr. Richard B. Miller of Pasadena has donated wany folders on Baltimore County families, and Maryland families, as well as other materials to the editor, who is turning much of the material over to the Society, Dr. Miller has had to give up genealogical research for health reasons and we appreciate his generosity. For questions about what is in the vertical file, send a SASS to the Editor.

105 THE NOTEBOOK, Number 29 September, 1985» P«** BOCK REVIEWS BALTIMORE CEMETERIES, VOLUME I I Collected "by th Baltimore County Historical Society, c.r by the Maryland Genealogical Society. 172 pp. Indexed This is the first in a proposed series of volumes of Baltimore County Cemetery Inscriptions to be published by the Maryland Genealogical Society. It contains inscriptions from 6l faadly and church cemeteries in central and northern Baltimore County, copied by the Cemetery Committee of the Baltimore County Historical Society. A surname index adds to the usefulness of the work, T>e entries for each set of inscription include the name of the cemetery, its location, the inscriptions themselves, and the naaie(s) of those who copied the inscription, as well as the date copied. Although the book is recommended two words of caution t first, many of the inscriptions were copied more than ten years ago, and it may be that there have been some recent interments. Second, reading old tombstones is difficult* Numbers can be easily misinterpreted. The researcher should always make an effort to confirm dates of death from other sources. Nevertheless given the fact that tombstones can disappear, whether due to vandalism, developers, or erosion, the Maryland Genealogical. Society has brought out a useful volume, and one that will soon be followed 1?" others. Copies may be ordered from Family Line Publications, ^ Terrace, Oliver Spring, Md., A GUIDE TO GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH IN CARROLL COUNTY. By the Carroll County Genealogical Society, Westminster* Cranberry Graphics, pp. nisutratedf indexed/ Any genealogical society planning to publish a guide to research in a given county would do well to study this guide. A number of authors, including this reviewer were asked to t?rlte chapters on specific topics, and the book contains chafers on research facilities inside of Carroll County, outside the county, and the cartography, origins, towns, churches, cemeteries, and newspapers of the county. The chapter on towns tells what election district they were in in 1877» a«d what is the date of origin. The chapter on churches lists churches by denomination, gives the name of each church, location, date of establishment, and present address, as well as location of the records. There are a series of maps showing the location of Individual cemeteries. The book is highly recommended for anyone doing research in that area. Copies may be ordered from the Carroll County Genealogical Society, c/o The Carroll 'County Public Library, 50 last Main Street, Westminster, Md., REVOLUTIONARY PATRIOTS OP HARFORD COUNTY, MARYLAND, By Henry C. Peden, Jr., M,A. Bel Air* Bel Air Copy Center, pp. Indexed. The compiler, who was Secretary of the Maryland Society, SAR, , has combed lists of signers of the Oath of Allegiance, militia lists, muster rolls, county histories, genealogical source materials, and records of the Hall of Records, MR, and SAR, to produce what should be a very helpful reference volume on the revolutionary patriots of Harford County. Entries give the patriot's name, details of patriotic and/or military service, and references where the information was obtained. In some instances vital records and names of spouses are given. Over 3600 entries are contained in the book and there is a surname index. As might be expected, there are difficulties in separating individuals of the same name, There were many persons named William Smith and researchers will have to separate them. The book is highly recommended. Copes may be ordered from the author, 707 Bedford Road, Bel Air, Md., 21014, at $25.00 each.

106 THE NOTEBOOK Baltimore County Genealogical Society, P. 0. Box Number 30,' November , Towson, Maryland, Robert Barnes, Editor' TOPICAL INDEX, Numbers A,topical index for the first 15 numbers of The Notebook was published in May The following articles and sections appeared in numbers 16 through 30. The number refers to the issue number and not the page number. Adventurers of Archives of the American Lutheran Ghurchf 27 Background of Maryland Settlers 20 Baltimore Gounty Land Records* 26, 2?f 28 (pages are numbered separately from the rest of The Notebook)i Bible Project* 21 Bibliographies, Handouts, and Lists} 25 Book Review and Book Notes! 16, 20, 22, 2?, 29, 30 Catholic Churches in the Baltimore Area, 1850» 26 City Directories! 16 Compiling, Organizing, and Numbering Genealogical Material, A Bibliography! 18 Computerized Surname Index! 28 Do You Have Scottish Ancestry! 20 Sllender Bible! 23 Green Land Commission, I803f 2? Lathering of the Late Lamentedj 26 Library Holdings! 21 Maryland Newspapers on Microfilm? 20 National Archives and Records Service, Announcement from! 23 National Archivest Helpful Publications! 1? New Libraries Opened! 23 Norwood Cemetery! 29.. Passenger List of Convicts! 20,. Passenger List of 1748! 22. Pocock Heirs! 20 Queries! 16, 20, 21, 23, 25, 29, 30 Research in Some Pennsylvania Libraries! 27 Revolutionary War Pay Soil! 27 Sample Letters to Germany! 19 Services Offered by the Society! 29 Shipley Bible? 2? Social Security Administration, Information Prom! 2? Society of Genealogists! 26 Society's Library is Growing! 29 Vital Statistics for Some Baltte^re County Families, ! 28, 29 Wyvil, William* Ancestry Table! 23 ** Depositions Pound in Baltimore County Land Records* 30 Need data on par, and spouses of$ ROBERT CRAWPORU, d. Jan in Darlington! m. 1st (?}t m. 2nd Alessanna BOSLBY on 14 Sept. 1802, sis. of Daniel BOSLEY, d. 1827* and James BOSLBY! also need par. of Seaborn CRAWFORD blacksmith, who sold land In 1805 to Robert Crawford. Bosleys were in Baltiwore City, /s/ Marcla C. O'Neal, 1044 S. 23rd, #47, Richmond, IN, 47374

107 The Notebook, Number 30 November 1985* P. 2 QUERIES Seek info on Nary GORSUGH, who in 1799 apprenticed her son, Mathias RIDER, to Jacob TENER, boot and shoemaker, in Baltimore City. Also seek info v on John RIDER, res. of Baltimore East Hund. in 1783, and Baltimore City In 1799* poss. father of Adata RIBSR, , who moved to Ohioi also seek info on Solomon BROWN and Catherine RIDER, m in Balto., Co. by Rev. Reed, /s/ Alan Virta, 8244 Canning Terrace, Greenbelt, MdL., ' Seek data on Mary SAVORY, dau. of William SAVORY and Rosanna ROBINSON of Balto. Co. i Mary m. Gouldsraith DAY of Harf. Co. in 1809» in Balto. Co. /s/ Mrs. George W. Small, 21 Dartmouth Lane, Haverford, PA, Seek data on burial place of.suraner PRENTICE, living in 3rd Dist. of Baltimore County in 1840; d. 19th inst., 1843 at his res. in Balto. Co., age 45, formerly of Boston, MA. /s/ Patricia L. Slacum, 2791 Jasper St., Aurora, CO., Seek par. of Sarah Ann CARLIN, b. 1824, Md., m. Alonzo DEWEES(s), 24 Oct in Newark, OH also par. of William GARLIC b. 14- Sept in Md.f m. Lucinda Qrilla DEWEES(E), on 25 Sept, 1838 in Newark, OH, and dv 16 Nov at Newark of horse racing injuries; any relt. to Philip and Edward (CARLIN?), b. in Md., living in Licking Co., OH} also seek desc. of Francis BEALMBAR and wife Elizabeth BREWER; Francis b. 1?35» d in Anne Arundel County; Elizabeth d. c.1803/4* and had iss.j John, Anne, /Lewis, Sarah, Catherine, Francis, Samuel* Will return postage, /s/ Dorothy Powers Elliott, R.R. # 1, Boxl A - 19, Muscatine, IA, Seek par. of Cora Sina (SCROLL) JSTTS, b in Lancaster Co., PA, c.1872 went to live with her grandfather Johann Ludwig SCHOLL in Balto.; Cora had an uncle Rob SCHOLL, living in Balto. in /s/ Jeanne Helpingstine, 1215 Buntin St., Vincennes, Indiana, (Mrs. Helpingstine offers to help anyone with interests in Knox County, Vincennes, Indiana, and describes the activities of the local genealogical society. ACROSS OUR DESK Military History* contact Department of the Array, The Chief of Military History and the Center of Military History, Washington, DC, Old Naming Patternst Sons the first was named for the father's father, the second for the mother's father, the third for the father, and the fourth for the father's elder brother; Daughters the first for the mother's mother, the second for the father's mother, the third for the mother, and the fourth for the motaer's eldest sister, (from the July-Aug.- Sept. 1985, # 20, issue of Black Family Research, P. 0. Box 665, Harrah, Oklahoma, Charts of the old fashioned kind found in history books, showing members of royal families, can be used to summarize what you know about your own family kinship groups. If you make up such.charts remember to send the BCGS a copy. Members Alan Virta and Henry A. Naylor have sent such charts, and they are placed in our vertical f i. Many members have sent "filler items" for the Notebook. We appreciate them even if we can't use them all.

108 The Notebook, Number 30 November 1985» P«3 BOCK REVIEWS This year has seen the publication of a number,of significant books for the genealogist. JJany of them have come from the Genealogical Publishing Company, 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, M., Haryland Residents should add 5 % sales tax, and postage and handling is $1.25 fo* the first book, and each additional book is $,50. Other new titles are from Family Line Publicatioris, 13*K>5 Gollingwood Terrace, Silver Spring, Mi., All prices Include postage, but Maryland residents should add 5 % sales tax. Because of the number of titles to be reviewed the books are grouped by category. B"1ff^"*T * *<3W TMiH3T3* A TJ/*^JJT ' > A3*? VJtJw4*W** fiiiift? laftfr-vl* Cecil R. Humphery-Smith. k Genealogist's Bibliography, /Baltimore$ Genealogical Publishing Company, pp.the author Is a widely experienced teacher of family history in Great Britain, and is Director of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies in Canterbury, England. The bulk of the book is sevoted to & county by county listing of record repositories and libraries, apprenticeship records, censuses, directories, episcopal registers, and records of clergy, family histories, feet of fines,.heraldry, inqulsitlones post mortem, manorial records, marriage licenses, members of Parliament, muster rolls, parochial and non-parochial registers, pedigrees, quarter sessions, subsidies, visitations, place names, and wills and. administrations. In other words, If you want to know where records are, or what records have been published for a particular county, you must consult this book. There Is also a glossary of English genealogical, legal, and feudal terminology. The book concludes with a bibliography, or several bibliographies of useful books and articles, journals, and guides to collections of manuscripts and printed manuscripts. It is well worth the price of $17.50* Cecil Humphery-Smlth, The Phlllimore Atlas and Index of Parish Registers. Baltimore* Genealogical Publishing^Cc«rpany, pp. $ The Atlas contains two maps for each of the English counties and some portions of Wales* The first map for each county is a very clear reproduction of topographical maps first published in James Bell's 4 New and Comprehensive Gazetteerof gfcig3.and and Wales published in The second map is a map showing the pre-1832 parishes in each county. The Bell maps are helpful because they show roads and rivers, giving clues to migration routes in the days before railroads. The second map shows the parish boundaries as they existed In 1832, with a color coded boundary indicating the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in which each parish lay. This latter is Important because It was the ecclesiastical jurisdiction which determined the location of wills. Following the atlas section Is a county by county listing of all parishes, with the location of records in various repositories, whether any entries have been put into the I.G.I., whether any copies of the registers are the Society of Genealogists, whether any of the marriages have been indexed, and finally the grid location of the parish on the maps. The introduction to the book contains a list of useful addresses. This book Is a must for genealogical libraries, and for genealogists doing extensive English research. FAMILY GENEALOGY Deborah K. Small, Henry Fitch of Maryland. '. c.r pp. i Indexed. $22.00, The author has crammed a great deal of information Into a small book, but Fitch descendants will find much helpful data here. Deeds, wills, census records, land records, newspaper items, and county histories are among the sources used. Copies may be ordered from the author, Mrs. R, B. Small, Jr., in Winter Park, Florida.

109 The Notebook, Number 30 November 1985* p. ^ BOCK GENERAL RESEARCH P. W. Filby, A Bibliography of American County Histories. Baltimoret Genealogical Publishing Company, 19 5T ## PP. $2*J-.95«Researchers working in areas any distance from their own home will find this book an invaluable source of what is available for a given county or region. Containing nearly 500Qfentries, the Bibliography gives pertinent information on all county histories of any significance! including author, title, place and date of publication, and any details as to reprints and indexes. Genealogical libraries and genealogists will find this book extremely helpful, Nettie Schrelner-Yantis. Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, Fourth edition, Baltimorei Genealogical Publishing Company, 1985*2 vols pp. $ This bibliography contains over books, microfilms, and microfiche, currently available to assist researchers, with full details on ordering copies. { The two volumes contain* names and addresses of vendors (each with a code number), general references, research sources available by locality, lusted state by state, family histories, and an index to the family histories. There are 25 pages of sources for Maryland alone, listed under statewide sources, census and census Indexes, maps, atlases and Gaaeteers, military records, newspapers, periodicals, research aids, source records, and then a listing of what is available.for each county. This is another source genealogical libraries must have'and individual researchers will find it so helpful they may wish to Invest in a set for their own use. MARYLAND RESEARCH Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh. Maryland Recordsi Colonial t Revolutionary, County and (fourcht from Original Sources, 2 vols. Baltimorei Genealogical Publishing Company, 1985,Indexed.$ In reprinting this standard Maryland reference, the Genealogical Publishing Company has once again made available one of the first statewide volumes of genealogical source material, which contains abstracts of parish records, oaths of fidelity, the extant 17?6 census, marriage licenses, and numerous other sources. The work is so familiar to Maryland genealogists that all this reviewer need say 1st here It is again. If you need a copy now is your chance. Recommended. Baltimore Cemeteries, Volume 2i iaj3tern_jalttmore County and_a few Cemejerjles in the NorthernArea. Collected by the Baltimore County Genealogical Society, c.r by the~"maryland Genealogical Society. 18k pp. Indexed. $ (Copies may be ordered from Family Line Publications, whose address is at the top of p. 3)«There is no doubt that the Information in this volume will be extremely helpful to Baltimore County researchers, and that the Maryland Genealogical ' Society and Baltimore County Historical Society are to be commended for cooperating in such a venture. The price is reasonable, and the book is highly recommended for libraries, societies, and individuals, but this reviewer is former chairman of the Cemetery Committee of the Baltimore County.Historical Society, and a former President of the Maryland Genealogical Society and he is deeply disappointed that the M3S could not take a few extra minutes to compose a Table of Contents, or have the book retyped with a modem electric typewriter. The reviewer hopes that the 3rd volume will present a more professional appearance.

110 The Notebook, Number 30 November 1985, P* 5... MORE BOOK Walter E. Arps, Jr. Departed T^js Life_» Death Fotices^from the Baltimore Sun, Silver Spring* Family Line Publications, PP.H^.OO. Me. Arps deserves great praise for his patience in abstracting death notices from the Baltimore Sun for the years indicated and this reviewer hopes he will continue. The introduction contains numerous thoughtful comments on the meanings of certain terms in newspaper obituaries, and a list of the abbreviations for common terms used in abstracting the obituaries. Unlike the earlier indices to marriages and death notices in the Sun, this volume contains all the pertinent Information in the death notice. One page revealed references to Alexandria, Va,j Penna.{and Ohloj London} Harford County} Wilmington, Delaware} Wales? and Prince Georges County. Use of this book will not b6 confined to researchers of Baltimore area families, but for the whole state as well. To enhance the usefulness of the book the author has compiled an index of nonsubject names, and a list of Old Defenders mentioned. Libraries and individuals must have this book. F. Edward Wright, Baltimore Directory of Silver Spring i Family Line Publications, pp. $ This is the third in a series of reprints of early Baltimore City Directories, Like its predecessors it contains a list of Baltimore inhabitants with occupations and addresses. There are abbreviations given for the sections of Baltimoret O.T v for Old Town, F. P. for F^Hs Point, and so forth. There is a supplement containing the names, removals,?"xl dissolution of firms which occurred during the time the directory was in progress. The reviewer has a few suggestions for future directories in the series of reprints. The publisher will want to include lists of any abbreviations, and whereever any supplemental matter on locations of streets, public buildings, lists of city officials was included in the originals, this material should be included in the reprint. Finally, it might be interesting to Include a reproduction of the.original title page, if at all possible. Despite these suggestions, the reviewer warmly recommends Baltimore researchers, school librarians, and historians to order a copy of this book, while societies and libraries are also urged to add this to their collection*. F. Edward Wright, Newspaper Abstracts of Cecil and Harford Counties, Silver Spring* Family Line Publications,198^. 81 pp.indexed.$8.50, The author has developed a style of abstracting information from newspapers that compacts a great deal of Information into a small space. Marriages, deaths, notices of administrations of estates, business notices, property for sale or rent, and lists of letters In the post office are all included. Each issue of a newspaper is given a serial number, and names are indexed by their entry number and NOT by page number. The full name index contains names of individuals, tract names, and mills* An invaluable addition to the library of Marylandiana. NEW PUBLICATION Robert W. Barnes, Index to Marriages and Deaths in the Baltimore County Advocate, *1. Silver Spring! Family Line Publications; pp. $8.50. The book contains the names of brides and grooms and deceased persons found in the pages of the Baltimore County Advocate for the years indicated. Also given is the date of the newspaper issue so Interested persons can find the entry on microfilm copies of the paper at the Towson Public Library or the Hall of Records in Annapolis.

Descendants of Walter and Martha Cox Griffith

Descendants of Walter and Martha Cox Griffith 1. Walter Griffith. Born abt 1700. First Generation On 6 Aug 1720 when Walter was 20, he married Martha Cox in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA. Born abt 1700. i. Mary. Born on 18 Nov 1721 in Philadelphia,

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Chapter 10 of Some Jasper County Pioneers Jacob and Mary Herring L. Kenyon

Chapter 10 of Some Jasper County Pioneers Jacob and Mary Herring L. Kenyon Chapter 10 of Some Jasper County Pioneers Jacob and Mary Herring L. Kenyon This chapter is one of a series if 18 chapters which cover the ancestors and descendants of jasper county pioneer settlers, all

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Ancestors of William Edgar McCulloh

Ancestors of William Edgar McCulloh Ancestors of William Edgar McCulloh Generation No. 1 1. William Edgar McCulloh, born Oct 18, 1866 in Fort Louden, Franklin Co., PA; died May 26, 1938 in Harrisurg, Pa.. He was the son of 2. Amos Crosby

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First Generation. Second Generation

First Generation. Second Generation First Generation 1. Property: Purchased land on the Cowpasture at a run which bears his name, Highland County, VA. in 1776. 1 2 Location: in 1776 in Lower Cowpasture, Benson's Run area. 3 George BENSON

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Descendants of Thomas Whitted & Peggy Lashley. First Generation

Descendants of Thomas Whitted & Peggy Lashley. First Generation Descendants of Thomas Whitted & Peggy Lashley First Generation 1. Thomas Whitted Jr., 1,2 son of Thomas Whitted Sr. Esq., was born 3 Mar 1784 in Orange County, North Carolina, 1,3 died 15 Jul 1851 in Mount

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Baugh Family Genealogy

Baugh Family Genealogy Baugh Family Genealogy Descendants of Peter Baugh [#62] & Elizabeth Walthall Generations 2-8 Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 marslan@nc.rr.com Baugh Web Site: http://arslanmb.org/baugh/baugh.html

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT by Susan J. Dorey William Randall Lacey's Parental Family. m.? Lacey, William

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT by Susan J. Dorey William Randall Lacey's Parental Family. m.? Lacey, William Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT by Susan J. Dorey Randall Lacey's Parental Family Crane or Crowe, 1758 Lacey, 1750 Randall, Matthew 1762 1835 Ives, 1768 1850 Matthew Randall (brother of ) m. 1810

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Nathaniel Morris: Mulatto of Sussex County, Delaware

Nathaniel Morris: Mulatto of Sussex County, Delaware Nathaniel Morris: Mulatto of Sussex County, Delaware By Michele Pierce 7 Aug 2009 Nathaniel Morris, Mulatto, was a taxable in the home of James Longo, another mixed blood family, (Heinegg, Paul, Free African

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Cox Family Collection. Adams County Historical Society

Cox Family Collection. Adams County Historical Society Cox Family Collection Adams County Historical Society Accession No(s): 2002.134 Home Location: Rm 203, Rack 2, Shelf F-G Rack 3, Shelf A PREFACE The Adams County Historical Society was established to foster

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Submitted by Robert L. McConn.

Submitted by Robert L. McConn. Submitted by Robert L. McConn RMcConn@comcast.net Assumptions and Conclusions re Ancestors Of his Great Grandfather, Thomas J. McConn Born January, 1828 Born: Virginia (WV) January 1828 Married: Elizabeth

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First Generation. Second Generation

First Generation. Second Generation 2 January 2015 First Generation 1. Property: headwaters in Strait Creek area, Pendleton County, VA in 1780. 1 Property: 3 3/4 acres to John Mefford for 5 pounds in Strait Creek area, Highland County, VA

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Family Group Sheet. in: Lusbys Mill, Owen County, Kentucky. in: Stafford County, Virginia CHILDREN. in: Owen County, Kentucky

Family Group Sheet. in: Lusbys Mill, Owen County, Kentucky. in: Stafford County, Virginia CHILDREN. in: Owen County, Kentucky Husband: Bartlett Mason Born: Abt. 1780 Married: Bef. 1800 Died: 1861 Father: Lewis Mason Mother: Mary Bethel Wife: Elizabeth Sinclair Born: 1782 Died: September 1852 CHILDREN 1 Name: John Mason M Married:

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Maiden Names: Unlocking the mystery of the Mrs. Jim Lawson Professional Genealogist

Maiden Names: Unlocking the mystery of the Mrs. Jim Lawson Professional Genealogist Maiden Names: Unlocking the mystery of the Mrs. Jim Lawson Professional Genealogist www.kindredquest.com 1 Women make up half the population, but seem to be the hardest to find on a family tree. Hard,

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 1 The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: uelac@becon.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: VANCOUVER Applicant

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Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery

Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery By Ron Povinelli According to a daughter of the Stine family, who grew up in our home in the 1950s, the big red brick home on the hill across

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The Township of Watchfield, Census. Carried out June Watchfield House. Watchfield. John Tucker 25 Civil Engineer

The Township of Watchfield, Census. Carried out June Watchfield House. Watchfield. John Tucker 25 Civil Engineer The following census comes from the Berkshire County Archives. The entries are in blocks and represent households. Next to the individuals names are age and profession. Watchfield House The Township of

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Chapter Two. Genealogy of Giles Webb of Chuckatuck. Nansemond County, Virginia

Chapter Two. Genealogy of Giles Webb of Chuckatuck. Nansemond County, Virginia Chapter Two Genealogy of Giles Webb of Chuckatuck Nansemond County, Virginia Among those who obtained early grants of land in Virginia was Giles Webb who resided at Chuckatuck, on the boundary of Isle

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Robert L. Graham ( )

Robert L. Graham ( ) Robert L. Graham (1805 1887) Robert L. 1 Graham was born December 21 st 1805. 2 It was recorded that Robert was born in Ireland. 3 Robert died September 17 th 1887 at 81years, 8 months, and 27 days. 4

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Robbins Genealogy Website, May

Robbins Genealogy Website, May Husband: Isaac Robbins Born: Abt. August 1780 Married: 22 November 1802 Died: December 1822 Father: Abraham Robbins Mother: Sarah Randle Wife: Mary Jeffery Died: Aft. 1838 Father: John Jeffery Mother:

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Varners in Georgia Census Records (Table of contents at end of document)

Varners in Georgia Census Records (Table of contents at end of document) To view the ADAHCat catalog record for the Varner Family History Research Papers, click here: Varners in Georgia Census Records 1800-1860 (Table

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Thomas Turner Presley Descendant Information. First Generation

Thomas Turner Presley Descendant Information. First Generation Thomas Turner Presley Descendant Information First Generation 1. Thomas Turner 1 Presley was a son of Barney Harrison Presley and Malinda Morgan. He was born about 1833 in Chester County, South Carolina.

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CHOLERA FIELD CHURCHYARD RECORD OF DETAILS ON HEADSTONES Cholera Field CHOLERA FIELD CHURCHYARD RECORD OF DETAILS ON HEADSTONES All these headstones were moved from the church hall churchyard to the cholera field during a major clearing in the 1950s. They are

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Family Group Sheet. Married: February 26, 1852 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky. Wife: Margaret Ann Cummins/Comens CHILDREN

Family Group Sheet. Married: February 26, 1852 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky. Wife: Margaret Ann Cummins/Comens CHILDREN Husband: Thomas Biddle Born: 1829 Married: February 26, 1852 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky Father: Calep Biddle Mother: Sarah Wife: Margaret Ann Cummins/Comens Born: February 29, 1832 Father: Thomas Rev.

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Four Generation Ancestor Report. Richard Henry Walker ( )

Four Generation Ancestor Report. Richard Henry Walker ( ) Four Generation Ancestor Report for Richard Henry Walker (1934-2012) This is a sample of our work, and all of the individuals are fictitious Devon Family History Research www.devonfamilyhistoryresearch.co.uk

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James Luxon Ellis ( )

James Luxon Ellis ( ) James Luxon Ellis (1842 1899) James Luxon Ellis was born August 24 th 1842 to James Ellis 1 and Mary Ann Luxon 2 in Stenalees St. Austell parish, Cornwall England. James was baptized March 5 th 1843, while

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Caspar Elias Diller III ( )

Caspar Elias Diller III ( ) Caspar Elias Diller III (1766-1825) Caspar Diller III was born February 28 th 1766 1 to Caspar Elias Diller II in Millerstown Lancaster County Pennsylvania. When Caspar was seven years old in 1773 his

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uelac@uelac.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Haslingden St James Monumental Inscriptions

Haslingden St James Monumental Inscriptions A20 Alice 8 Apr 1872 35th year wife of Peter of Edensfield nee Barnes; marriage 1q 1861 Jane 8 Apr 1894 59th year wife of Benjamin of Haslingden nee Barns; marriage 2q 1857; Peter son of Thomas and Elizabeth

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada Applicant Title 1 The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: uelac@uelac.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Place of Birth PRIVATE Date PRIVATE. Married at PRIVATE Date PRIVATE. (Shurtleff) Hart Place of Birth Torrington, Connecticut Date PRIVATE

Place of Birth PRIVATE Date PRIVATE. Married at PRIVATE Date PRIVATE. (Shurtleff) Hart Place of Birth Torrington, Connecticut Date PRIVATE 1 BRANCH: Halifax-Dartmouth BRANCH ADDRESS: Nova Scotia Applicant Title Mrs. Name in full Linda Eileen Hart Date 12 Oct 2007 Maiden Name Munroe Phone Address P. O. Box 1631, Cotuit, MA 02635 USA E-Mail

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743. SALSBURY. Rooted Ancestry: Austin W. Spencer 743. SALSBURY, page 1

743. SALSBURY. Rooted Ancestry: Austin W. Spencer 743. SALSBURY, page 1 743. SALSBURY, page 1 743. SALSBURY 1. William 1 Salsbury resided first in Dorchester, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, then in Milton, Suffolk (now Norfolk) County. He removed probably in 1675 to Swansea,

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(Margaret [Gibson] McConnell, St. James Parish, 1851 Census) McConnell John Husband 56 Irish 1817 McConnell Margaret Wife 56 Irish 1817

(Margaret [Gibson] McConnell, St. James Parish, 1851 Census) McConnell John Husband 56 Irish 1817 McConnell Margaret Wife 56 Irish 1817 Gibson Genealogical Material (Margaret [Gibson] McConnell, St. James Parish, 1851 Census) McConnell John Husband 56 Irish 1817 McConnell Margaret Wife 56 Irish 1817 McConnell James Son 24 Birth McConnell

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TWO GENERATIONS OFF JONATHAN 5 ROWLEY: TWO GENERATIONS OFF JONATHAN 5 ROWLEY: AN EDWARD FULLER LINE The following research has confirmed generations that are primarily given accurately in printed genealogies but with some events not contemporarily

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First Generation. Second Generation. 1. Location: in 1778 in Crab Run area, Highland County, VA. 1 Joseph BEATHE 2 died in 1801;.

First Generation. Second Generation. 1. Location: in 1778 in Crab Run area, Highland County, VA. 1 Joseph BEATHE 2 died in 1801;. 2 January 2015 First Generation 1. Location: in 1778 in Crab Run area, Highland County, VA. 1 Joseph BEATHE 2 died in 1801;. 2 Joseph BEATHE had the following children: +2 i. Joseph BEATHE, married Mary

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: HAMILTON The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uela@becon.org 1 CERTIFICATE

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First Generation. Second Generation. Third Generation

First Generation. Second Generation. Third Generation First Generation 1. Property: Received a land grant for 82 acres just north of present day Highland/Pendleton County border in 1785. 1 Henry BUSSARD 1 died in 1791;. 1 Henry BUSSARD had the following children:

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Local Government Records. Local Government Records

Local Government Records. Local Government Records Genealogy Is a Game You must outwit, outplay and outlast centuries of misfortune, incompetence and deceit You don t always win but it s fun and challenging Local Government Records What do they know about

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IN THIS ISSUE: QUESTIONS / NEWS Q: From Dee Bremer...going to purchase a ydna kit for a cousin..would you go with Y37 or 67 with a difference of $80?

IN THIS ISSUE: QUESTIONS / NEWS Q: From Dee Bremer...going to purchase a ydna kit for a cousin..would you go with Y37 or 67 with a difference of $80? IN THIS ISSUE: From the Administrator... 1 Questions/News......1 George Varner of Missouri Direct Line 2 Riggs/Varner Connection. 2 Nancy Ann Varner....2 May 2017 FROM THE ADMINISTRATOR Previous newsletters

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Early Meek Settlers Of S. W. Pennsylvania By Christopher A. Meek

Early Meek Settlers Of S. W. Pennsylvania By Christopher A. Meek Early Meek Settlers Of S. W. Pennsylvania By Christopher A. Meek In 1769 the Proprietor of Pennsylvania opened the area of S. W. Pennsylvania to settlers 1. Ownership of the area was also claimed by Virginia

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David Theodore Graham ( )

David Theodore Graham ( ) David Theodore Graham (1861 1916) David Theodore Graham was born April 1861 to James Graham and Angelina Gross in Southampton Township Cumberland County Pennsylvania. On June 10 th 1880 David worked as

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada Applicant Title 1 The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: uelac@uelac.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Descendants of John Hipgrave

Descendants of John Hipgrave Descendants of John Hipgrave Generation No. 1 1. JOHN 1 HIPGRAVE was born Abt. 1757, and died Abt. 1849 in Pirton, Hertford, He married SUSANNAH UNKNOWN. More About JOHN HIPGRAVE: Occupation : Farmer Buried:

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Head Family Genealogy

Head Family Genealogy Head Family Genealogy Children of Benjamin Head [#152] & Martha Sharman Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27518-9167 marslan@nc.rr.com Head Genealogy Web Site: http://arslanmb.org/head/head.html

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Memorial Inscriptions St Anne s Church Baslow Page 1 of 10

Memorial Inscriptions St Anne s Church Baslow Page 1 of 10 Memorial Inscriptions St Anne s Church Baslow Page 1 of 10 S01 S02 S03 S04 Bembridge J K Bembridge James K 14 11 1892 59 Bembridge Sarah Jane 11 3 1902 53 In loving memory of ~ James K Bembridge ~ Of Sheffield

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JEHU WILKINSON LETTER, 12 APRIL 1910 Collection # SC 3430 JEHU WILKINSON LETTER, 12 APRIL 1910 Collection Information 1 Biographical Sketch 2 Scope and Content Note 3 Contents 4 Processed by Aly Caviness May 2018 Manuscript and Visual Collections

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Reuben Hines also perhaps Nixon b d. Mattie Hines b d. Edward Hines b d. Jester Hines b d.

Reuben Hines also perhaps Nixon b d. Mattie Hines b d. Edward Hines b d. Jester Hines b d. Mary Maudie Douglas b. 1847 Reuben Hines also perhaps Nixon b. 1820 1 Nelson Hines b. May 1854/7 5/27/1931 Elias Hines b. 1860 Jester Hines b. 1862 Edward Hines b. 1866 Mattie Hines b. 1867 Liller/Siler

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Finding Female Ancestors JCGS Brick Walls

Finding Female Ancestors JCGS Brick Walls Finding Female Ancestors 2017 JCGS Brick Walls What We ll Cover When you have a last (full) name When you have a first name only When you have no name Building a circumstantial case When You Have a Last

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Individual Narrative of Sarah 7 Leverich [145] Daughter of Edward 6 Leverich [60] and Patience Moore Wife of Peter Gorsline Jr.

Individual Narrative of Sarah 7 Leverich [145] Daughter of Edward 6 Leverich [60] and Patience Moore Wife of Peter Gorsline Jr. Individual Narrative of Sarah 7 Leverich [145] Daughter of Edward 6 Leverich [60] and Patience Moore Wife of Peter Gorsline Jr. Sarah Leverich was born circa 1833 at Newtown, Queens Co, New York, the daughter

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Sources: MC85 Quayle Family fonds: see also MC80/359 W.D. Hamilton s Old North Esk: Revised, pages : see also MC3/507 Miramichi Irish.

Sources: MC85 Quayle Family fonds: see also MC80/359 W.D. Hamilton s Old North Esk: Revised, pages : see also MC3/507 Miramichi Irish. NOTE: First Families is a collection of genealogical information taken from various sources that were periodically submitted to the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. The information has not been verified

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uelac@uelac.org 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uela@becon.org 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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A Genealogy Report for

A Genealogy Report for A Genealogy Report for Susan Helena May Every 1896-1999 Created By: Linda Taylor 23 Heath Park Road Romford, Essex RM2 5UB Tel: 01708 471271 lin.taylor@everyancestor.co.uk First Generation Susan Helena

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NANCY ANN VARNER ( ) OF PETTIS, MILLER, AND CAMDEN COUNTIES, MISSOURI Nancy Ann Varner of Missouri: NANCY ANN VARNER (1841-1934) OF PETTIS, MILLER, AND CAMDEN COUNTIES, MISSOURI This is a portion only of the complete text of- George Varner of Missouri GEORGE VARNER (c1789-c1861)

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2. Please use maiden names where applicable, and all given names of ancestors.

2. Please use maiden names where applicable, and all given names of ancestors. WHATCOM COUNTY WASHINGTON PIONEER / EARLY SETTLER CERTIFICATES sponsored by Whatcom Genealogical Society PO Box 1493, Bellingham, WA 98227-1493 Web site: http://wagenweb.org/whatcom/wgs/wgs.htm Eligibility:

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Rufus King Genealogical Research Papers MssCol NYGB 18162

Rufus King Genealogical Research Papers MssCol NYGB 18162 The New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library Manuscripts and Archives Division Rufus King Genealogical Research Papers 1720-1920 MssCol NYGB 18162 Lea Jordan February 2010 This version

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----- INDEX TO ---- Chatham Marriages in United Methodist, Madison, NJ and Records of Chatham Society

----- INDEX TO ---- Chatham Marriages in United Methodist, Madison, NJ and Records of Chatham Society ----- INDEX TO ---- Chatham Marriages in United Methodist, Madison, NJ and Records of Chatham Society 1841-1873 A Project of the Morris Area Genealogy Society Indexing Group April 1999 Source material

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First Generation. Second Generation. 1. Location: in 1775 in Strait Creek area, Highland County, VA. 1 2 Henry SEYBERT 3 5 died in 1795;.

First Generation. Second Generation. 1. Location: in 1775 in Strait Creek area, Highland County, VA. 1 2 Henry SEYBERT 3 5 died in 1795;. First Generation 1. Location: in 1775 in Strait Creek area, Highland County, VA. 1 2 Henry SEYBERT 3 5 died in 1795;. 3 4 Rachel 3 5 was born (date unknown). Henry SEYBERT and Rachel had the following

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Augustana Seniors Fall 1884: William Mering Reck

Augustana Seniors Fall 1884: William Mering Reck Augustana College Augustana Digital Commons Augustana Seniors Fall 1884 (Class of 1885) Historical Augustana Student Biographies 2017 Augustana Seniors Fall 1884: William Mering Tom Simon Augustana College,

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Family Group Record. If this was a son, he died before Resided, Brownville, Lee Co., Alabama,USA

Family Group Record. If this was a son, he died before Resided, Brownville, Lee Co., Alabama,USA Born 14 Mar 1759, Hanover Co., Virginia Page 1 of 6 23 Aug 1836, Hall Co., Georgia, USA 's father 's mother Born Abt 1781 Thomas Kendrick Rebecca Palmer Abt 1760/1770 perhaps,, Sc Perhaps,, South Carolina

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Working Notes on Lewis Ball 1 Taylor

Working Notes on Lewis Ball 1 Taylor Working Notes on Lewis Ball 1 Taylor Believed to be born prior to 1772 2, presumably in Virginia. Married Elizabeth Betsy Braswell: January 20, 1793 in Brunswick County, Virginia. 3 performed by Rev. John

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Gov. Simcoe Branch; CROMBIE David Gerard. Cornelius Van Nostrand. Cornelius Van Nostrand

Gov. Simcoe Branch; CROMBIE David Gerard. Cornelius Van Nostrand. Cornelius Van Nostrand Gov. Simcoe Branch; CROMBIE David Gerard Cornelius Van Nostrand Cornelius Van Nostrand - - - Birth Death 07 August 1891 20 September 1893 Pembina County, North Dakota Peoria, Tasewell Co, Illinois 17 November

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Descendants of William Littlepage

Descendants of William Littlepage Descendants of William Littlepage Table of Contents Descendants........... of.. William........ Littlepage................................................................... 1.. Name..... Index...................................................................................

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SMITH, ESMERELDA (ROBINSON) (1895- ) GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION State of Tennessee Department of State Tennessee State Library and Archives 403 Seventh Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0312 SMITH, ESMERELDA (ROBINSON) (1895- ) GENEALOGICAL COLLECTION 1738-1939

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William Albert Graham ( )

William Albert Graham ( ) William Albert Graham (1833 1908) William Albert Graham 1 was born April 30 th 1833 2 to John Graham (1810-1883) 3 and Lydia Devor 4 in the area of Blain, in present day Jackson Township, Perry County

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James Perdue Family. (including sources) Research Report by. Joan Horsley Joan Horsley

James Perdue Family. (including sources) Research Report by. Joan Horsley Joan Horsley James Perdue Family (including sources) Research Report by Joan Horsley 2011 Joan Horsley Contact Joan's husband at: jhorsley46@yahoo.com This document may not be used in part or whole for commercial purposes

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CHAPTER 5 DRAIN-DUON. Exhibit 31 CHAPTER 5 DRAIN-DUON This chapter builds on prior chapters to prove by a preponderance of evidence that Elizabeth Evans, wife of Roderick Williams, was born in about 1738, and that she was buried 28 Aug

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163. Documentation for Anna Folger (25 May 1703 to 06 September 1748) mother of Judith Starbuck (10 October 1734 to 25 October 1830)

163. Documentation for Anna Folger (25 May 1703 to 06 September 1748) mother of Judith Starbuck (10 October 1734 to 25 October 1830) 163. Documentation for Anna Folger (25 May 1703 to 06 September 1748) mother of Judith Starbuck (10 October 1734 to 25 October 1830) Anna Folger was born 25 May 1703, at Nantucket, Massachusetts.(1) She

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Hickmotts of Cranbrook KENT (last updated 10 March 2012)

Hickmotts of Cranbrook KENT (last updated 10 March 2012) Hickmotts of Cranbrook KENT 1550-1840 (last updated 10 March 2012) Sources: LDS IGI; Cranbrook Parish Registers (KFHS): C (1559-1812), M(1559-1837), B (1559-1812); Mid-Kent Marriage Index; Ancestry.com

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The Asa Dunham Family of Norway and Paris, Maine

The Asa Dunham Family of Norway and Paris, Maine The Asa Dunham Family of Norway and Paris, Maine By Eric Stoltz, September 2016 There were 13 Dunham households in Maine recorded in the first United States Federal Census in 1790. One of these households

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Barons, Baronets, Knights and other titled Booth family members. Sir George Booth, 1st Bt.

Barons, Baronets, Knights and other titled Booth family members. Sir George Booth, 1st Bt. Barons, Baronets, Knights and other titled Booth family members. Sir George Booth, 1st Bt. Sir George Booth, 1st Bt. was born on 20 October 1566.1 He was the son of Sir William Booth and Elizabeth Warburton.1

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Of note: The original marriage bond at Boone Co KY courthouse has original signatures of William Wamsley and Moses S Bussell, Nancy s father.

Of note: The original marriage bond at Boone Co KY courthouse has original signatures of William Wamsley and Moses S Bussell, Nancy s father. The typescript shown below was written by Thomas Maddux Wamsley (http://www.bassett.net/gendata-o/p3109.htm) on 4 Mar 1929. It has a number of errors, probably due to his age (64) when he wrote it. He

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Roderick Williams alias Powell, Elinor Jeffreys and Elizabeth Evans

Roderick Williams alias Powell, Elinor Jeffreys and Elizabeth Evans Roderick Williams alias Powell, Elinor Jeffreys and Elizabeth Evans Roderick Williams alias Powell was my fourth great grandfather. He married Elinor Jeffreys in 1753 and Elizabeth Evans in 1778. Because

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Who Are the Lewises of Warner Hall

Who Are the Lewises of Warner Hall Who Are the Lewises of Warner Hall John Lewis the Immigrant John Lewis [1] the elder was born about 1594 (based on his tombstone in the Lewis cemetery), and emigrated to the Virginia Colony, bringing with

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The Lu Etta Clan. Descendants of Sadie Lu Etta French. By Marvin L. French United French Organization Sadie Lu Etta French Barnes

The Lu Etta Clan. Descendants of Sadie Lu Etta French. By Marvin L. French United French Organization Sadie Lu Etta French Barnes The Lu Etta Clan Descendants of Sadie Lu Etta French By Marvin L. French United French Organization 2010 Sadie Lu Etta French Barnes Contents Introduction...2 Descendant Tree - Lu Etta & Jerry Barnes...3

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Breaking Down Genealogical Brick Walls: Strategies for Success Class 1: Family January 2017

Breaking Down Genealogical Brick Walls: Strategies for Success Class 1: Family January 2017 Breaking Down Genealogical Brick Walls: Strategies for Success Class 1: Family January 2017 Meet today s presenter Katrina Fahy Senior Researcher OVERVIEW Presentation (60 mins.) What is cluster research?

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Clement Leeds Report Report Summary

Clement Leeds Report Report Summary Clement Leeds Report Report Summary Objective Extend the paternal line of Clement Leeds Jr. who was christened on 9 April 1733 at Whitwell parish in Norfolk. Results Extended the paternal line of Clement

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Introduction to Michael Woods (Sr. and Jr.) Age Books and One Correction. by Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker, 2 August, 2014

Introduction to Michael Woods (Sr. and Jr.) Age Books and One Correction. by Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker, 2 August, 2014 Introduction to Michael Woods (Sr. and Jr.) Age Books and One Correction. by Cecilia L. Fabos-Becker, 2 August, 2014 The following are a large portion of not just the Age Books of Michael Woods Sr. and

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William , miller of Sarre William took over the mill at his father s death 5. He was unmarried and childless.

William , miller of Sarre William took over the mill at his father s death 5. He was unmarried and childless. John Holman 1763-1826, miller of Sarre This paper aims to expand the genealogy given on HOLMAN BROS., MILLWRIGHTS OF CANTERBURY: A HISTORY; EIGHT MILE MILL, SARRE 1. Part 1 gives additional information

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KIMBRO FAMILY PAPERS, State of Tennessee Department of State Tennessee State Library and Archives 403 Seventh Avenue North Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0312 KIMBRO FAMILY PAPERS, 1819-1984 Processed by: Lori D. Lockhart Archival

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Callum, Agnes Kane. Inscriptions from the tomb stones at Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mullac Co., 1985.

Callum, Agnes Kane. Inscriptions from the tomb stones at Mount Calvary Cemetery, Mullac Co., 1985. Published Genealogical Resources Ethnic African American Clayton, Ralph. Black Baltimore, 1820-1870. Heritage Books, 1987. Callum, Agnes Kane. Inscriptions from the tomb stones at Mount Calvary Cemetery,

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Descendants of James Braford and Nancy Wilson 25 September 2016

Descendants of James Braford and Nancy Wilson 25 September 2016 First Generation 1. James Braford 1 4 was born in 1784 in Virginia, United States. 4 6 He lived in Rockbridge, Virginia, United States in 1830. 7 Alternate spellings observed: Brawford, Brafford James

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[CLIENT] Dean1412 R March Research Highlights

[CLIENT] Dean1412 R March Research Highlights [CLIENT] Dean1412 R14121 12 March 2015 Research Highlights GOALS Review DNA test results to determine if they provide any evidence for the parents of Charles Noble Dean or provide direction for future

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UNASSIGNED CREELS: THIRD GENERATION UNASSIGNED CREELS: THIRD GENERATION UNASSIGNED: David Creel / Hannah Ball 1. David CREEL, b. Abt 1800 in VA, d. in Prince William Co. (?) VA, occupation 1850 Agent (Farm). The parentage of David is inconclusive.

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Ancestry of Garner Ted Armstrong

Ancestry of Garner Ted Armstrong Ancestry of Garner Ted Armstrong compiled by William Addams Reitwiesner http://www.wargs.com/other/armstrongg.html The following material on the immediate ancestry of Garner Ted Armstrongshould not be

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BROWN FAMILY COLLECTION, Collection # M 1253 BROWN FAMILY COLLECTION, 1854-1977 Collection Information Biographical Sketch Scope and Content Note Series Contents Processed by Morgan Lee Wilson August 28, 2016 Manuscript and Visual

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Chester County Negro Servant Returns - Slave Index

Chester County Negro Servant Returns - Slave Index Chester County Negro Servant Returns - Slave Index Servant's Last Name Servant's First Name Race Age Servant'sBirthDate Township First Name Last Name Andrew Negro December 23/24, 1820 East Nantmeal Levi

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Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia

Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia Yancey Family Bible of Albemarle County, Virginia 1 2 Marriages Marriages James H. Grinstead and Sarah Yancey Dec. 1 st 1830 Jechonias Yancey and Julia L. Winn July 3, 1833 Alexander K. Yancey and Sarah

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uelac@uelac.org 1 CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH:

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Richard Hardaker Revisited

Richard Hardaker Revisited Richard Hardaker Revisited J Brian Hardaker Last updated June 2016 Numbers proceeded by a # are the reference numbers of the individuals in Our Family Tree. Individuals with blue highlighting are believed

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Samuel Whitlock b abt 1793, d abt Married Elizabeth Loyal Nov 15, 1817 in Louisa County, Va.

Samuel Whitlock b abt 1793, d abt Married Elizabeth Loyal Nov 15, 1817 in Louisa County, Va. X4928/10 5/29/2003 Received information indicating that Samuel Whitlock is indeed father of John J. Whitlock and William N. Whitlock and Martha Jane Whitlock. I have not verified information or source.

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GERMAN UNION CEMETERY THREE-GENERATION GENEALOGY Created By: Ronald R. Prinzing Surname: REMICK Married Name: DEMANN (CHARLES W.) Given Name: MARY Interred Name: DEMANN Middle Name If Any: Gender: FEMALE Date of Birth: APRIL 26, 1865 Place of Birth: KENT, OHIO Date of Death: MARCH

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INDEX NANFAN - OWEN. Genealogy Notebook #37. Surname(s), First Name Description Page

INDEX NANFAN - OWEN. Genealogy Notebook #37. Surname(s), First Name Description Page INDEX NANFAN - OWEN Genealogy Notebook #37 Nanfan, Letter from Wait Winthrop to Fitz J. Winthrop 1 Nanny, Robert Boston Fires 2 Nardone, Mary Obituary 2A Nash, Sewall Diary 3 Nash, John, Capt. Crimes and

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BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS. Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource. Thomas Jay Kemp

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS. Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource. Thomas Jay Kemp BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource Thomas Jay Kemp BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource Thomas Jay Kemp Copyright 2018, GenealogyBank

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Christian S. Mankamyer ( )

Christian S. Mankamyer ( ) Christian S. Mankamyer (1833-1914) Christian S. Mankamyer was born September 15 th 1833 1 in Hanover, Lower Saxony County, Germany. Christian was known as Reverend Christian S. Mankamyer. Christian immigrated

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The family history of James EAST and Mary Wilmot ROBJOHNS

The family history of James EAST and Mary Wilmot ROBJOHNS James EAST and Mary Wilmot ROBJOHNS Chart 24-25 (Weblink BE East Robjohns about 1873 England) (Weblink to James s parents to be created chart 48-49) (Weblink to Mary s parents BE Robjohns Drake about 1834

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Family Group Record. John Alleman "Jack" Dubbs. Medora "Dovie" Suran. Ethel Dubbs. 1 of 5. Husband's Name. 4 Oct 1854 Place Franklin, Venango, Pa

Family Group Record. John Alleman Jack Dubbs. Medora Dovie Suran. Ethel Dubbs. 1 of 5. Husband's Name. 4 Oct 1854 Place Franklin, Venango, Pa Family Group Record John Alleman "Jack" Dubbs / Medora "Dovie" Suran 21 Aug 2004 1 of 5 Husband's Name John Alleman "Jack" Dubbs 4 Oct 1854 Franklin, Venango, Pa 29 Aug 1881 Topeka, Ks 21 Dec 1929 23 Dec

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in: Bracken County, Kentucky Died: November 06, 1890 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky Other Spouses: Virginia E. Harcum Cookendorfer,

in: Bracken County, Kentucky Died: November 06, 1890 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky Other Spouses: Virginia E. Harcum Cookendorfer, Husband: William Squire Cummins Born: 1825 in: Washington, Bracken County, Kentucky Married: March 22, 1845 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky Died: November 06, 1890 in: Pendleton County, Kentucky Father:

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Advanced Concepts. Genealogy and History. Genealogy and History

Advanced Concepts. Genealogy and History. Genealogy and History Genealogy and History Advanced Concepts What we call history, our ancestors called current events! Laws defined type and content of records! Laws indicated when and how events occurred in our ancestors

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