The Phi Beta Kappa Society. Registration Procedures: Instructions for Students

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1 The Phi Beta Kappa Society Member Registration Procedures for Students March 1, 2019 Congratulations on your invitation to join The Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation s most prestigious academic honor society. Election to Phi Beta Kappa is a mark of distinction, an honor of which you and your family should be extraordinarily proud. By accepting this invitation, you join U.S. presidents, Supreme Court justices, Nobel Laureates, noted business leaders, respected scientists, scholar athletes, critical thinkers and life-long learners, all honored for the past 240+ years, just as you are today, for their rigorous pursuit of academic excellence in the arts and sciences. Phi Beta Kappa is grounded in a proud, storied past, and your success as you move forward from your undergraduate studies adds to this rich tapestry of accomplishment. We have prepared the following document to assist with online registration. Should you require any assistance, please contact Again, our congratulations! Registration Procedures: Instructions for Students If you have been invited to join your Phi Beta Kappa chapter, begin the member registration process by visiting Phi Beta Kappa s website ( >> Membership >> Accept Your Invitation. Select Your Chapter and Enter Passcode Choose your institution from the dropdown menu and enter the passcode given to you by your chapter. (Claremont McKenna College; passcode = CMCPBK) New Member Registration On the New Member Registration page, you must provide basic information, such as name, , and address, to begin the member registration process. Please note that we request your non-campus or permanent address. You will also be asked to create a username and password that is unique to you that you will use anytime you visit the Phi Beta Kappa website and log in as a member. Click Next to save your information and advance to the next screen. Invitation Details On the Invitation Details page, you must complete the information requested, including your graduation year; whether you will be inducted as a junior, senior, or graduate student; degree (BA, BS, or PhD); and major field of study. (BA) After you have completed these fields, click Next to advance to the Payment Method page displaying the payment options chosen by your institution s Phi Beta Kappa chapter.

2 There is a onetime, national membership fee of $85 to join The Phi Beta Kappa Society for life. Many chapters also charge a small chapter fee, to cover costs associated with running the chapter. If your chapter has told you that it will pay all of your fees, please follow the instructions below. Payment Method On the Payment Method page, depending on the types of payment allowed by your chapter, choose Pay Officer Directly and click Finish. At this point, you have completed the registration process. You will be considered a pending member until your chapter validates your membership. Please be sure to check with your chapter for the details connected with participating in your chapter s induction ceremony. This event is an important part of the ritual of joining Phi Beta Kappa. Frequently Asked Questions What if I encounter a registration is closed message? If you encounter a Registration is now closed message, please contact your chapter officer or for technical assistance. What do I do if my chapter pays student fees? If your chapter pays your membership fees, you must choose the option labeled Pay Officer Directly to move forward with registration, even though no payment is required. After you complete online registration, you will be considered a Pending Member until your membership is validated by your chapter. What should I do if I need to leave the registration process before I complete it? You can return to registration by signing in to Phi Beta Kappa s website ( with your username and password. Any data that you previously entered will be automatically populated and you may continue with the registration process. What should I do if I run into an issue with online registration that I can t solve? Don t panic! Please contact and you will be assisted within 24 hours of your inquiry. 2


4 Biographical Sketch and Ceremony Information During the ceremony, an officer of the Phi Beta Kappa chapter will introduce you with a brief eulogy, a short summary of your accomplishments. To assist the eulogist, please provide the information below to Professor Pitney. the information to 1. Full name (as you would like it to appear on certificate) and major 2. Phonetic pronunciation of your name (to guide the eulogist during the ceremony). 3. Home town 4. Did you study abroad or undertake an internship? Impressions and insights? 5 If you are a senior, please provide the title of your senior thesis and a very brief description of its contents (one or two lines if possible) in terms that a non-major could understand. 6. What is your next step in life? If you will be attending graduate or professional school in the fall, please give the name of the school and the degree program. If you will be taking a job, tell something about your work. 7. What is your long-term career goal? Anything else that you would like the eulogist to mention?

5 Inductee's Name: Please provide the names and s of the people who should receive invitations to the Induction Ceremony and Dinner. Please use legible print. First and Last Names 1. Addresses

6 Below is a list of faculty and staff who belong to PBK. If there is anyone on this list whom you would especially like to see at the ceremony or sit with at dinner, please circle his or her name and return the list with this form. Aksoy, Asuman Altamirano, Nicole Antecol, Heather Giorgi Areshidze Blitz, Mark Busch, Andrew Chung-Kim, Esther Davis, Stephen T. Elliott, Ward E. Y. Fabbe, Kristin Ferree, Patrick Finseth, Findley Fucaloro, Anthony F. Gann, Pamela B. Geismer, Lily Haley, Edward Hurley, Paul E. Kind, Amy Krauss, Daniel Levin, Shana Livesay, Daniel Lobis, Seth Lofgren, Charles A. Martin, Jay Miller, Ken Morgan, Elizabeth Nadon, Christopher Nichols, James H. Petropoulos, Jonathan Pinter-Lucke, James Pitney, Jr., John J. Rajczi, Alex Rosett, Joshua Rossum, Ralph A. Schroeder, Andrew Selig, Diana Shelton, Cameron Shelton, Marie-Denise Skinner, Lee Smith, Janet Taw, Jennifer Thomas, George Umanath, Sharda Venit-Shelton, Tamara