AP3211. Pin Assignments. Description. Features. Applications. Typical Applications Circuit V IN =12V. C B 10nF 25V. L1 4.7mH V OUT =3.3V (1.

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1 1.4MHZ,1.5A ASYNCHRONOUS DC-DC BUCK CONVERTER Description The is a 1.4MHz fixed frequency, current mode, PWM buck (step-down) DC-DC converter, capable of driving a 1.5A load with high efficiency, excellent line and load regulation. The device integrates N-channel power MOSFET switch with low on-resistance. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-bycycle current limit. Pin Assignments (Top View) Pin 1 Mark A standard series of inductors are available from several different manufacturers optimized for use with the. This feature greatly simplifies the design of switch-mode power supplies. BS 1 6 SW The is available in SOT-23-6 package. GND 2 5 IN Features Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 18V Output Voltage Adjustable from 0.81V to 15V Fixed 1.4MHz Frequency High Efficiency: up to 92% Output Current: 1.5A Current Mode Control Built-In Over Current Protection Built-In Thermal Shutdown Function Built-In UVLO Function Built-In Over Voltage Protection Built-In Soft-Start FB Applications LCD TV DPF Portable DVD 3 4 SOT-23-6 EN Typical Applications Circuit V IN =12V 10mF 25V C1 IN BS SW D1 C B 10nF L1 4.7mH R1 49.9k C2 22mF 6.3V =3.3V (1.5A) ON OFF EN GND FB R2 16.3k 1 of 11

2 Pin Descriptions Pin Number Pin Name Function 1 BS 2 GND Ground pin 3 FB 4 EN 5 IN Bootstrap pin. A bootstrap capacitor is connected between the BS pin and SW pin. The voltage across the bootstrap capacitor drives the internal high-side NMOS switch. Feedback pin. This pin is connected to an external resistor divider to program the system output voltage. When V FB exceeds 20% of the nominal regulation value of 0.81V, the OVP is triggered. When V FB < 0.25V, the oscillator frequency is lowered to realize short circuit protection. Control input pin. Forcing this pin above 1.5V enables the IC. Forcing this pin below 0.4V shuts down the IC. When the IC is in shutdown mode, all functions are disabled to decrease the supply current below 1µA. Supply input pin. A capacitor should be connected between the IN pin and GND to keep the DC input voltage constant. 6 SW Power switch output pin. This pin is connected to the inductor and bootstrap capacitor. Functional Block Diagram IN 5 FB CL HICCUP SS VREF BOOSTRAP REGULATOR SCHOTTKEY 1 BS GND 2 VDD/VDD1 REGULATOR OSC 1.4MHz/ 400KHz RAMP GENERATOR 2A/V CS 1pF OSC S Q EN 4 3.3V REFERENCE VOLTAGE VLIMIT CL R SWITCH/LDO 1M 27pF 220k 6 SW FB 3 SS ERR AMP PWM COMPARATOR R 2 of 11

3 Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Symbol Parameter Rating Unit V IN Input Pin Voltage -0.3 to 20 V V EN EN Pin Voltage -0.3 to V IN+0.3 V SW Pin Voltage 21 V V BS Bootstrap Pin Voltage -0.3 to +6 V V FB Feedback Pin Voltage -0.3 to 6V V θ JA Thermal Resistance 220 ºC/W T J Operating Junction Temperature +150 ºC T STG Storage Temperature -65 to +150 ºC T LEAD Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10sec) +260 ºC ESD (Human Body Model) 2000 V ESD (Machine Model) 200 V Note 1: Stresses greater than those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under Recommended Operating Conditions is not implied. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Ratings for extended periods may affect device reliability. Recommended Operating Conditions Symbol Parameter Min Max Unit V IN Input Voltage V I OUT (MAX) Maximum Output Current 1.5 A T A Operating Ambient Temperature ºC 3 of 11

4 Electrical Characteristics (V IN = V EN = 12V, = 3.3V, T A = +25 C, unless otherwise specified.) Symbol Parameter Conditions Min Typ Max Unit V IN Input Voltage V I Q Quiescent Current V FB = 0.9V ma I SHDN Shutdown Supply Current V EN = 0V µa V FB Feedback Voltage V V FBOV Feedback Over Voltage Threshold V I FB Feedback Bias Current V FB = 0.85V µa R DSON Switch On-resistance I SW = 1A 0.35 EAK Switch Leakage Current V IN = 18V, V EN = 0V µa IM Switch Current Limit A V ENH 1.5 EN Pin Threshold V ENL 0.4 V V UVLO Input UVLO Threshold V IN Rising V V HYS Input UVLO Hysteresis 0.2 V f OSC MHz Oscillator Frequency f OSC2 Short Circuit 460 khz D MAX Max. Duty Cycle V FB = 0.6V 90 % D MIN Min. Duty Cycle V FB = 0.9V 0 % t ON Minimum On Time 100 ns T OTSD Thermal Shutdown +160 ºC T HYS Thermal Shutdown Hysteresis +20 ºC t SS Soft-start Time 200 µs Note 2: R DSON, t ON, T OTSD, T HYS and t SS are guaranteed by design. 4 of 11

5 Output Voltage (V) Maximum Output Current (A) Feedback Voltage (V) Output Voltage (V) Efficiency (%) Quiescent Current (ma) Performance Characteristics (T A = +25ºC, V IN = 12V, V EN = 5V, = 3.3V, unless otherwise noted.) 100 Efficiency vs. Output Current 1.10 Quiescent Current vs. Temperature V IN =12V, =3.3V V IN =12V, =5V V IN =12V V FB =0.9V V EN =5V Output Current (A) Temperature ( o C) 0.96 Feedback Voltage vs. Temperature 3.8 Output Voltage vs. Output Current V IN =12V, =3.3V Temperature ( o C) Output Current (A) Output Voltage vs. Input Voltage I OUT =1.2A I OUT =1.5A Input Voltage (V) Maximum Output Current vs. Input Voltage =3.3V Input Voltage (V) 5 of 11

6 Performance Characteristics (Cont. T A = +25ºC, V IN = 12V, V EN = 5V, = 3.3V, unless otherwise noted.) Output Ripple (I OUT=1.5A) Load Transient (I OUT=1 to 1.5A) (AC) 20mV/div 5V/div (AC) 100mV/div V IN 10V/div Time (400ns/div) Time (100ms/div) Enable Turn-on Characteristic (Resistance Load, R LOAD=2.6 ) Enable Turn-off Characteristic (Resistance Load, R LOAD=2.6 ) V EN 3.8V/div 1V/div 5V/div V EN 3.4V/div 1V/div 5V/div Time (100ms/div) Time (10ms/div) Short Circuit Protection (I OUT=1.5A) Short Circuit Recovery (R LOAD=2.6 ) 2V/div V FB 1V/div 10V/div 2V/div V FB 1V/div 10V/div Time (400ms/div) Time (400ms/div) 6 of 11

7 Performance Characteristics (Cont. T A = +25ºC, V IN = 12V, V EN = 5V, = 3.3V, unless otherwise noted.) Over Voltage Protection (I OUT=1.5A) Over Voltage Recovery (I OUT=1.5A) V FB 500mV/div 2V/div 10V/div V FB 500mV/div 2V/div 10V/div Time (20ms/div) Time (200ms/div) 7 of 11

8 Ordering Information X X X Product Name Package Packing RoHS/Green K : SOT-23-6 TR : Tape & Reel G1:RoHS Compliant and Green Package Temperature Range Part Number Marking ID Packing SOT to +85 C KTR-G1 GCI Tape & Reel 8 of 11

9 Package Outline Dimensions (All dimensions in mm(inch).) (1) Package Type: SOT (0.012) 0.500(0.020) 2.820(0.111) 3.100(0.122) (0.008) (0.012) 0.600(0.024) 2.650(0.104) 3.000(0.118) Pin 1 Mark 1.500(0.059) 1.700(0.067) (0.028)REF 0.950(0.037)TYP 1.800(0.071) 2.000(0.079) 0.000(0.000) 0.150(0.006) 0.100(0.004) 0.200(0.008) 0.900(0.035) 1.300(0.051) 1.450(0.057) MAX 9 of 11

10 Suggested Pad Layout (1) Package Type: SOT-23-6 E E Y G Z X Dimensions Z (mm)/(inch) G (mm)/(inch) X (mm)/(inch) Y (mm)/(inch) E (mm)/(inch) Value 3.600/ / / / / of 11

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