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1 IHSSA Individual Events District Contest at Ames MIDDLE School 3915 Mortensen Road; Ames, Iowa Saturday, February 24, 2018 CENTER 1: SOLO MUSICAL THEATRE Room B109 - Chorus Room Updated 2-18; 3:00 p.m. Order School ID Student SMT Roberts, Parker Ya Got Trouble SMT Houchins-McCallum, Oliva "Right Hand Man" SMT Booth, Jenna "Home" from Beauty and the Beast SMT Andrews, Elena Watch What Happens SMT Bennett, Liz Journey to the Past SMT Siegel, Ben Snoopy SMT Reeves, Chance Never Getting Rid of Me Session 2: 9:10 SMT Johnstad, Jordyn My New Philosophy SMT Daza, Isabel "I'm Here" from The Color Purple SMT Wickert, Rebecca Darryl is a Boy (and He Lives in My Closet) SMT Noll, Peter SMT Baker, Annika "Me and the Sky" SMT Hannasch, Teresa I Like to Fuss SMT Mentzer, Jake Session 3: 10:20 SMT Saad, Bella SMT Smith, Macayla Caberet SMT Booker, Heaven SMT Bretey, Natalie The Alto's Lament SMT Cook, Meg Where Did the Rock Go? SMT Bundy, Marquis Build a Wall SMT Williams, Aly Taylor the Latte Boy Session 4: 12:35 SMT Hinderaker, Ryan SMT Hintz, Sarah Somewhere That's Green SMT Bundy II, Michael Til I Hear You Sing SMT McHarg, Erin SMT McMullen, Meri SMT Klein, Geneva SMT Kruse, Kaylee "Home" from Beauty and the Beast Session 5: 1:45 SMT Larsen, Jonah "Evermore" from Beauty and the Beast SMT Ly, Triet SMT Yoder, Owen Giants in the Sky SMT Velamuri, Radha I Can Do Better Than That SMT Meyer, Alexa Nobody Does It Like Me SMT McKinley, Dylan SMT Nelson, Damaris Bill Session 6: 2:55 SMT McCloud, TJ Can't Be Bothered Now SMT Kellen, Joel "What's This" from Nightmare Before Christmas SMT White, Oriah SMT Terzic, Hasijia SMT Watkins, Gabry Pulled SMT Reid, Rachel One Perfect Moment SMT Morgan, Jacob

2 CENTER 2: SOLO MUSICAL THEATRE, ACTING Room B112 - Band Room Order School ID Student Solo Musical Theatre SMT Strelecki, Cole SMT McReynolds, Kiernan Over the Moon SMT Wigdahl, Hannah I Have Confidence SMT Humpal-Pash, Izzy SMT Veber, Jack Mama Says SMT Srithan, Durga I Just Want to Be a Star SMT Tiffin, Kaylee The Alto's Lament Session 2: 9:10 Acting ACT Runles, Gavin A Time to Kill ACT Gomez, Yair ACT Ensley, Delanee One Sunny Day in April ACT Benitez, Nixson ACT Hintz, Sarah Jiminy Cricket and the Cows Got Out Session 3: 10:15 Solo Musical Theatre SMT Blades, Jadi She Used to Be Mine SMT Blobaum, Steph Hold Me in Your Arms SMT Weber, Ryan Moving Too Fast SMT Barr, Jacob The Streets of Dublin SMT Clinton, Emma Accident Prone SMT Custovic, Arif "Santa Fe" SMT Jefferson, AJ Burn SMT Phelan, Sarah Session 4: 12:30 Acting ACT Subra, Seth ACT Wing, Abby The Queen ACT Schallehn, Jack ACT Lilly, Anicah ACT Stegman, Jake Dead Man Walking ACT Ungs, Julianne Misery/Space is Nicer than Here Session 5: 1:40 Acting ACT Rai, Nawal ACT Vespestad, Sidra Stage Sweeper's Nightmare ACT Mokhtar, Sabira ACT Lopez, Cinthia ACT Vannoy, Ashley Romeo and Juliet ACT Ofenbkah, Sam Cowboy Salvation

3 CENTER 3: RADIO NEWS ANNOUNING, AFTER DINNER SPEAKING Media Center -- Radio Draw Room and Prep Room F101 - Art Room Listening; Perform in adjoining Room E113 Draw Time Perform Time Session 1: 7:35 Draw -- 8:05 Perform RN Royer, Sam 7:35 AM 8:05 AM RN Lawrance-Christopher, Ebish 7:43 AM 8:13 AM RN Cottington, Keegan 7:51 AM 8:21 AM RN SchraderBacher, JJ 7:59 AM 8:29 AM RN Blackwood, Brooks 8:07 AM 8:37 AM RN Burgett, Justin 8:15 AM 8:45 AM RN Pruisener, Macee 8:23 AM 8:53 AM Session 2: 8:45 Draw -- 9:15 Perform RN Farwell, Sarah 8:45 AM 9:15 AM RN Prasateuk, Jonathan 8:53 AM 9:23 AM RN Su, Jordan 9:01 AM 9:31 AM RN Sloan, Elizabeth 9:09 AM 9:39 AM RN Flory, Kenny 9:17 AM 9:47 AM RN Cutler, Sean 9:25 AM 9:55 AM RN Metheny, Jeff 9:33 AM 10:03 AM Session 3: 9:55 Draw -- 10:25 Perform RN Chavez, Joaquin 9:55 AM 10:25 AM RN Townsend, Kate 10:03 AM 10:33 AM RN Williams, Ka'Najia 10:11 AM 10:41 AM RN Wengert, Ethan 10:19 AM 10:49 AM RN Sirna, Sam 10:27 AM 10:57 AM RN Tharp, Mason 10:35 AM 11:05 AM RN Ensley, Devin 10:43 AM 11:13 AM Session 4: 11:55 Draw -- 12:25 Perform RN Cummings, Carson 11:55 AM 12:25 PM RN McGovern, Joe 12:03 PM 12:33 PM RN Carlin, Ryan 12:11 PM 12:41 PM RN Short, Spencer 12:19 PM 12:49 PM RN Werner, Rachel 12:27 PM 12:57 PM RN Thomas, Izzy 12:35 PM 1:05 PM RN Sobotka, Jon 12:43 PM 1:13 PM Order School ID Student Session 5: 1:35 After Dinner Speaking AD Hill, Emma AD Duran, Kasandra AD Primrose, Megan SWAT AD Williams, Kaya Art AD Williams, Ka'Najia AD Reece, CJ 10 Things Before Band Camp AD Rothmayer, Elaina Forgotten Books AD Kraling, Mackenzie Session 6: 2:45 After Dinner Speaking AD Glaser, Shawn AD Chappell, Lindsay Alienated AD Sammon, Jacob AD Richards, Kaitlyn Socially Ackward People AD VanWyk, Cam The Struggle Bus AD Wohlford, Katy AD Perdue, Morgan AD Kallio, Bethany AD Pham, Patrick Iowa

4 CENTER 4: Room F109 PUBLIC ADDRESS, AFTER DINNER SPEAKING Public Address PA Xu, Tianxin Hillary Clinton: 2017 Wellesley Commencement PA McGovern, Jackson Will Ferrell: USC Commencement Address PA Deters, Mikayla PA Gorham, Kara Prince EA: I'm NOT Black PA Rethman, Marisa C.N. Adichie: We Should All be Feminists PA Paul, Emily PA Guan, Amy Michelle Obama: Last Address as First Lady Session 2: 9:15 After Dinner Speaking AD Beck, Lacey Cliché Club AD Leonard, Luke Trying Times AD Bristow, Cameron AD Cook, Kayla AD Palmersheim, Eli AD Xu, Tianxin Disasters Endured and Lessons Learned in the Pool AD Krukow, Audrey Mock Trial AD Hayworth, Jenna DITS Session 3: 10:25 After Dinner Speaking AD Lindsay, Andrew Buffet Addiction AD Meyer, Alexa Lincoln High Class Reunion AD Meier, Katelin PFAC AD Troung, Kevin AD Wigdahl, April Murphy's Law Prep Club AD Hardwick, Eli AD Vespestad, Sidra Conspiracy Theories AD McCormick, Will Session 4: 12:35 Public Address PA Maher, Caitlyn PA Coady, Michael Regan: A Time for Choosing PA Paine, Madison Nick Vujicic: Changing Walls into Doors PA Vedder, Aiden Theodore Roosevelt: Strength and Decency PA McKern, Rachel Samberg: Harvard Graduation Speech Session 5: 1:40 Public Address PA Johnson, Alanah Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot PA Powers, Olivia Barak Obama: Chicago Violence Speech PA Jackson, Natalie PA Wilson, Grace Emma Watson: He for She PA Kaul, Chinar C.N. Adichie: Nobody is Ever Just a Refugee PA Schafbuch, Aubrey Antje Green: An Untimely Death Session 6: 2:55 PA Metheny, Jeff PA Slater, Caleb PA Lewandowski, Monica Abraham Lincoln: Second Inaugural Address PA Sardou, Faith Harper Lee: To Kill a Mockingbird PA Janvrin, Bram PA Lawrance-Christopher, Ebish Sir Alexander Fleming: Nobel Prize in Medicine Speech

5 CENTER 5: Room G101 ACTING ACT Humpal-Pash, Izzy Boys Will Be Boys ACT Lawrence, Natalie Phone It In ACT Noll, Peter ACT Beaumont, Sam ACT Brinkman, Emily Forget About Me ACT Eastman, Jenna The Sub from Down Under Session 2: 9:15 ACT Wigdahl, April Falling ACT Cox, Mikayla Shameless ACT Young, Courtney Same Kind of Different as Me ACT Boehm, Emily ACT Reed, Katlynn ACT Powers, Olivia I Think You Think I Love You Session 3: 10:30 ACT Bucklin, Cassie ACT Riker, Clae Barbie ACT Kraling, Avery The Dropout ACT Burns, Allison ACT Burrage, Darrick ACT Scholz, Mary Drugs are Bad Session 4: 12:45 ACT Blades, Jadi ACT Vernon, Flint Dwarf in Tights ACT Peacock-Fleming, Dagan The Hate U Give ACT Dempsey, Makenna ACT Gray, Jodi Winners, Losers ACT Halter, Ezra The Flick Session 5: 2:00 ACT Camacho, Isabel ACT Cottington, Keegan Dark Place/Miss Julie ACT Haygood, Teondre Dangerous Pie ACT Jacobsen, Price One Good Thing ACT Turczynski, Luke Accumulating Cats ACT Matthews, Alex A Berry Lonely Wizard Session 6: 3:15 ACT Currant, Nick The Laramie Project ACT Davis, Spencer ACT DeMello, Solomon ACT Oakland, Lori ACT Wiech, Rebekah Borys ACT Stephenson, Cole Alzheimers

6 CENTER 6: STORYTELLING Room G109 ST Vernon, Sophie The Hood ST Lindsay, Andrew Tikki Tikki Tembo ST Clayton, Eli Corduroy ST Empey, Haley ST Grossnickle, Kyle ST Rong, Tiffany The True Story of the Three Little Pigs ST Sullivan, Isabel Deep Enough to Drown ST Hardwick, Eli The Duc de L'Omelette Session 2: 9:10 ST Bauman, Clay ST Carlson, Megan ST Fisher, Abi ST Scherer, Alana Hermelin ST Laughlin, Damian World on the Turtle's Back ST Tifft, Megan Leprechauns Never Die ST Rubis, Cole The Salt & Pepper Dinner ST Cummings, Carson Session 3: 10:20 ST Rai, Nawal ST Larson, Abbie The Fisherman's Wife ST O'Brien, Gabe The Hallo Wiener ST Kamp, Sarah Litter ST Hornbuckle, Eliana ST Stephens, Katie ST White, Oriah ST Lopez, Cinthia ST Goeders, Megan Session 4: 12:40 ST Folkmann, Camry We're Going on a Bear Hunt ST Thornton, Mackenzie ST Reid, Rachel ST Reha, Val ST Krull, Noah ST Chism, Jack Myraid of Monsters ST Peterson, Kyel Alexander and the Terrible. Day ST Hogan, Matilda Frog and Toad are Friends Session 5: 1:50 ST Beck, Lacey Mean Jean Recess Queen ST Noack, Danielle Miraculous Journey of Edward Toulane ST Burrage, Darrick ST Sobek, Olivia The Three Brothers ST Jepsen, Natalie The Little Rooster & the Saltan ST Tu, Rylie The Legends of Rock Paper Scissors ST Tran, Sheena Everything's Under Control ST Robey, Katie Oscars and Alphonse Session 6: 3:00 ST Twedt, Ellie When Dinosaurs Came with Everything ST Siegel, Ben Makeup Mess ST Van Steenis, Allissa ST Anderson, Zoe Ella The Happy Hedgehog ST Vinson, Dana Dan's Colonoscopy ST Wille, Noah The Murder Castle ST Richardson, Tera ST Stephany, Rachel

7 CENTER 7: Room G103 REVIEWING REV Huegerich, Noelle REV Lauters, Emily REV Williams, Dylan REV Ma, Philip David and Goliath REV Claiser, Mahayla The Inventors of Hugo Cabret: Book vs. Movie REV Freel, Emma Session 2: 9:15 REV Hinderaker, Ryan Cinder REV Perdue, Morgan REV Rothmayer, Elaina Rick Riodan REV Schafbuch, Aubrey An Unattainable World REV Mead, Maddie Dark REV Hill, Emma Session 3: 10:30 REV Bennett, Kaitlyn REV Sleister, Ryan REV Haugen, Jessica Good Omens REV Hormann, Molly Diary of Anne Frank REV Kohn, Gannon REV Post, Jenna REV Robey, Katie Back to the Future Session 4: 12:55 REV Bennett, Liz Rocky Horror Picture Show REV Fetters, Emily REV McCleary, Lydia 19 Minutes REV Pearl, AJ REV TeKolste, Logan REV Perdue, Anna Stranger the Dreamer Session 5: 2:10 REV Carter, Lindsey The Last Lecture REV Rastetter, Zach The Empire Strikes Back REV Harris, Lauren The Beatles REV Sampson, Sam The Dark Elf Trilogy REV Ensley, Devin Moana REV DeWald, Anika

8 CENTER 8: Room G107 ORIGINAL ORATORY OO Kapur, JJ OO Arendt, Hannah OO Breeling, Kayli OO Tanner, Miranda OO Chitty, Reagan OO Garcia, Perla Session 2: 9:15 OO Fink, Olivia OO Kim, Kijune End Game OO Barnes, Grace OO Jacob-Olver, Maxwell OO Kabenda, Stacy Africa OO McGovern, Joe Session 3: 10:30 OO Chism, Jack For the Love of the Game OO Senneff, Anna OO Lackland, Steph OO Lester, Kinsey OO Madan, Irina OO Thornton, Mackenzie Session 4: 12:45 OO Faidley, Alex OO Shaw, Jackson War on Bullying OO Ramirez-Garcia, Carmen It is Time for Change OO Reed, Amber Learning to See OO Hannasch, Teresa Machismo OO Bennett, Kaitlyn Session 5: 2:00 OO Bier, Aubrey Intersectionality OO Sluis, Morgan Finding Strength OO Hamborg, Brenna OO Ragan, Jeff My Reality OO Popillion, Tristan Life with a Chronic Illness OO Dodds, Logan School Start Times

9 CENTER 9: Room G105 IMPROVISATIONAL ACTING IMP McCloud, TJ IMP Adkins, Jasmine IMP Sobotka, Jon IMP Burton, Tahzhae IMP Popillion, Tristan IMP Williams, Kaya IMP Barr, Brandon Session 2: 9:20 IMP Lawrence, Natalie IMP Gochett, DJ IMP Bier, Aubrey IMP Ly, Triet IMP Oakley, Brodi IMP Palmer, Nick IMP DeMello, Solomon Session 3: 10:40 IMP Davis, Spencer IMP Glaser, Shawn IMP Poitry, Michael IMP Freeman, Zion IMP Krull, Noah IMP Konate, Ibrahim IMP Larsen, Jonah Session 4: 1:00 IMP Mentzer, Jake IMP Leonard, Luke IMP Currant, Nick IMP McGraw, Holden IMP McLoud, Caitlin IMP Rubis, Cole IMP Daza, Isabel Session 5: 2:20 IMP Harvey, Zach IMP Nelson, Liza IMP Hutchinson, Averie IMP Pulica, Madison IMP Winn, Brandon IMP Su, Allison IMP Watkins, Gabry

10 CENTER 10: Room G210 LITERARY PROGRAM LP White, Naomi Death's Diary LP Primrose, Megan The Spectrum LP Bucklin, Cassie The Innocences of a Child LP Engel, Shelley LP Cory, Keura LP Gbarjolo, Faith Session 2: 9:15 LP Chappell, Lindsay LP Delaney, Elizabeth Marching Men LP Hawley, Beverly LP Le, Kathy LP Kraling, Mackenzie LP Hutchinson, Averie Silences Session 3: 10:30 LP Long, Grace Quilt of a Country; Let America Be America Again LP Villarreal, Valentina LP Perdue, Sara LP Richardson, Tera A Mirror to Her Mouth LP Kim, Kijune Freedom Session 4: 12:35 LP Mead, Maddie Instructions LP Rethman, Marisa Love Myself LP Saunders, Kate LP Roberts, David Captain of My Soul LP Post, Jenna LP Hayworth, Jenna What Have You Lost Session 5: 1:50 LP Kellogg, Emma Youth in War LP Omundson, Natalie LP Pandzic, Asima Super Heroes LP Schlatter, Kaleb Continuing On LP Tensen, Zoe How Depression Feels LP Tran, Cherry

11 CENTER 11: Room G202 EXPOSITORY ADDRESS, SPONTANEOUS SPEAKING Expository Address EXP Sims, Evelyn A Place Called Home EXP Errthum, Trevor Psychology of Twins EXP Kellogg, Emma The Origins of English Manuscript EXP Huegerich, Noelle EXP Eshelman, Alexis EXP Bailey, Wyatt EXP Tran, Cherry Session 2: 9:20 Expository Address EXP McDaniels, Natalie EXP Vepa, Varun Counterfeit Street Clothes EXP LeMar, Elizabeth How to Do a Cartwheel by Someone Who Can't EXP Rivas, Sayler EXP Ludwig, Jacob EXP Schulz, Maxine Session 3: 10:40 Expository Address EXP Williams, Dylan EXP Bailey, Erin Girl's Guide to Fishing EXP Ingraham, Leah Adoption EXP Taratorkin, Oleksandr The Disappearance of Elisa Lam EXP Maddox, Grace 1919 Great Molasses Flood EXP Gomez, Yair Session 4: 1:00 Spontaneous Speaking SP McDaniels, Natalie SP Nakyeyune, Melissa SP Parsons, Laura SP Andrews, Jacob SP Frank, Justin SP Slater, Caleb SP Morgan, Jacob Session 5: 2:15 Spontaneous Speaking SP Blobaum, Steph SP Sullivan, Isabel SP Vepa, Varun SP Rogers, Lucas SP Scheulka, Josiah SP Prasateuk, Jonathan SP Halter, Ezra Session 6: 3:25 Spontaneous Speaking SP O'Brien, Gabe SP Chavez, Joaquin SP Senneff, Anna SP Reeves, Collin SP Faidley, Alex SP Palmersheim, Eli SP McKern, Rachel

12 CENTER 12: Room G207 PROSE PRO Hennager, Maddie PRO Maher, Caitlyn PRO Wickert, Rebecca Advice for Teenage Girls PRO Allen, Olivia PRO DeAnda, Melanie Red Queen PRO Burg, Lydia Roses and Rot PRO Camacho, Isabel Session 2: 9:10 PRO Fetters, Emily PRO Kallio, Bethany PRO Brooks, Aarionna PRO Cronk, Addison Almost Home PRO Basanez-Arroyo, Naomi PRO Garcia, Kim PRO Griesheim, Grace Obvious Session 3: 10:20 PRO Johnson, Alanah The Little Prince PRO Nakyeyune, Melissa PRO Guan, Amy Pride and Prejudice PRO Hildreth, Sawyer Skinny Bones PRO Scheller, Jaeden Bruce, A Shark's Journal PRO McVicker, Summer PRO Meier, Katelin The Lonely One Session 4: 12:30 PRO Tanner, Miranda PRO Morano, Ena PRO Lofgren, Ryan PRO Moreno, Katelyn PRO Ensley, Delanee We Should All be Feminists PRO Brinkman, Emily The Wishing Star PRO Currant, Rachel The Boy Who Sat By the Window Session 5: 1:40 PRO Cox, Mikayla The Book Thief PRO Kraling, Avery PRO Maddox, Grace PRO Ryan, Cennedi PRO Topolinski, Kaecee Goddess Among Women PRO Still, Caitlyn Answering 911 PRO Baker, Annika Baker's Helper

13 CENTER 13: Room G204 POETRY, PROSE Poetry POE Connell, Emily Body Love POE Conrad, Tess POE Curtis, Hailey POE Campbell, Katie Addicted to Technology POE Fagen, Jenna Wake Up! POE Harter, Amanda POE Greathouse, Connor POE Ha, Lucy Session 2: 9:15 Poetry POE Myers, Matthew To This Day POE Ong, Lexi What Every Girl Should Hear POE Perry, June The Pied Piper of Hamlin POE Smith, Lamonya POE Reinert, Katelin POE Zvokel, Kinsey POE Rodberg, Sydney Explaining My Depression to My Mother Session 3: 10:25 Poetry POE Johnson, Shaddi POE Thomas, Izzy Tulips POE Velamuri, Radha POE Wiech, Rebekah POE Williams, Mayson OCD POE Webster, Michael POE Warrick, Mikayla I Just Sued the School System Session 4: 12:35 Prose PRO Nelson, Lindsey PRO Long, Grace The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas PRO Nesbitt, Payton PRO Pickering, Sam If I Stay PRO Poitry, Michael It's More About the Music PRO Deters, Mikayla PRO Johnson, Jamal PRO Duan, Darcy Little Red Riding Hood Session 5: 1:50 Prose PRO Breeling, Kayli PRO Riney, Bri PRO Stephany, Rachel PRO Urbanek, Maddie PRO Ruggle, Celeste The Probabilities PRO Wittrock, Kathryn Endings PRO Pruisener, Macee Pause PRO Aldrich, Abby

14 CENTER 14 : Room G205 POETRY POE Boyles, Logan The Messenger POE Fink, Olivia POE Baker, Jace My Body POE Clark, Daniel I Dare POE Duran, Emmalee Synthetic Smile POE Carrell, Oliver POE Carter, Shana Session 2: 9:10 POE Halbrook, Cassidy Pulse and Weather Reports POE Ruggle, Celeste My Dear Moon POE Sponseller, Bianca Horses POE White, Naomi Persephone Speaks POE Sturtz, Miranda The Nature of Childhood POE Thompson, Kenneth POE Trumper, Laine Session 3: 10:20 POE DeWald, Anika POE Dodds, Logan War POE Su, Allison Money POE Sinclair, Jessica The Perfect Image POE Worley, Anna Perfect Girl POE Wiskus, Abbi To This Day POE Andrews, Elena Variations on Snow Session 4: 12:30 POE Barnes, Grace POE Gochett, DJ Original Poem POE McGovern, Jackson Poems of War POE Su, Jordan Will You POE Marino, Aline POE Mora Huber, Elizabeth POE Mujic, Alma Leaving Home Session 5: 1:40 POE Freeman, Zion POE Oakley, Brodi Starving POE Williams, Aly Love Sonnets POE Hildreth, Chloe POE Houseman, Allie People Aren't Poetry POE Howser, Danielle Reality POE Taratorkin, Oleksandr Inside Dachau Session 6: 2:50 POE Peacock-Fleming, Dagan POE Young, Courtney Stress POE Saad, Bella POE Goeders, Megan POE Faux, Mandy Carpe Diem POE Harter, Meredith POE Hasek, Nicole