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1 NEWSSTAND PRCE $6.5 Backstreet's Back The Backstreet Boys, originators of the boy -band genre. nail 7 first -week adds at CHR/Pop with "Shape of My Heart" (Jive). The band are also in a major TV blitz as spokesmen for Burger King. i s OCTOBER 6, 2 The Purtan Profile! Detroit radio legend Dick Purtan was thoroughly delightful at last week's Marconi Awards ceremony in San Francisco. This week he becomes the focus of Erica Farber's Publisher's fir Profile. lt appears on Page 36. BG DOGS COME T. PACKAGES R&R CHR/ RHYTHMC #3* Crossover Monitor #6 R &R Urban #5* R&B Monitor #7* Top 4 Rhythm Monitor rossing over to Top 4 Mainstream now! "BOUNCE WTH ME" MS DEBUT SNGLE AND VDEO FROM BEWARE OF DOG "WTH HS FRST SNGLE ALREADY SNFFNG AROUND THE POP CHARTS, THS 3 YEAR OLD SNOOP PROTÉGÉ PROMSES TO MAKE SEROUS BONES WTH HS JERMANE DUPR- PRODUCED DEBUT." --enu comers en N STORES NO w T: íitro ceeríet m e W.llWWW.C O 7 A AarM Vtiw OMrMn Sorti Mum EMooormony nc and So So DM %mnyip nc.


3 N S D E management marketing sales One of the most contentious issues in the employer -employee relationship is compensation. But, contrary to popular opinion, most employees aren't simply looking for the most pay: they're also looking for job flexibility, training opportunities and recognition, among other things. Pam Baker attended a compensation seminar conducted at the NAB Radio Show and reports back with some great findings. This week's Management, Marketing & Sales section also features WKTU/New York's Scott Elberg, who sits in our GM Spotlight. Pages -7 TAKNG CONTROL ON THE WEB Speaking at the NAB Radio Show, successful venture capitalist and Fortune magazine columnist Stewart Alsop urged broadcasters to look beyond merely streaming their broadcast signals when trying to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the nternet. Some of his other thoughts are included in this week's nternet News & Views. Other elements in the section include the Site of the Week, DigitalBits news and our E -Charts with columnist David Lawrence. Pages 8-25 N THE NEWS XM reveals a second wave of programmers Jimmy Steele adds PD duties at WNC /Columbus Darryl Huckaby appointed PD of WKYS/Washington El EOM CHR/POP Page 3 WEEK 3 DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (Ropubliollakend) CHR/RHYTHMC MYA Case The Ex (What he...) (Mtews efinmrs ore) URBAN MYSTkAt Shake Ya Afe iine) URBAN AC YOLANDA ADAMS Open My Heart (Eieklra'EG) COUNTRY AARON TPPN Kiss This (Lyric Street) AC DON HENLEY Taking You Home (Warner Bros.) HOT AC MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (Lava/Atlantic) NAC/SMOOTH JlZ DAVE KOZ Can't Let You Go (Capitol) ROCK 3 DOORS DOWN Loser (Repubhc/Universal) ACTVE ROCK 3 DOORS DOWN Loser (Republic/Universal) ALTERNATVE GREEN DAY Minority (Reprise) ADULT ALTERNATVE U2 Beautiful Day (nterscopel -3 NEWSSTAND PRCE $6.5 Emmis: Business Looks Good Dot -corns represented only 3% of Q2 ad base BY JF»RET YORKF R&R WASHNGTON BUREAU CHEF f yorke@@rmnline.c nn Jeff Smulyan was on a roll last week, upbeat about his Emmis Communications. Despite having a front seat on a mllercoaster that nearly everyone in radioland is riding downhill. the Emmis President/CEO assured Wall Street analysts during a Sept. 27 Smulyan Roo* teleconference that Emmis is on the right track. As R &R reported last week. Emmis' fiscal Q2 after -tax cash flow was up 77% to $27.6 million. Per share, that translated to an increase of 47 cents to 57 cents. And Smulyan told analysts that was just the beginning of the company's growth. "We have a lot of properties that are new to the company. and we buy properties where we believe we can significantly improve the operaeussions to buy Granite Broadcasting, Smulyan replied sharply, '"that is an absolute, total and complete falsehood." n any event. Emmis is not relying on growth from dotcorns. Smulyan said the new - business category represents only "about 3% to 3 /2% of our revenue base in the quarter." He added that when dotcorns jumped into radio. they sent revenues rocketing upward. That business has since tions." he said. But where the slowed down. and we are company will expand is still not known. n response to a rumor that Emmis is in disnow back to the normal business trend of this business EMM$/Bee Page 37 WB Names Guidry SVP/Urban Music By STEVE WovswEwRz R&R MUSC EDTOR Warner Bros. Records has tapped Demmette Guidry as Sr. VP/Urban Music. Based in New York. he reports to label President Phil Quartararo and will direct the company's urban marketing and promotion activities. Guidry You only have to look at the weekly charts to understand how important the world of urban music is to the success of any record company." Quartararo said. "Demmette brings with him a wealth of experience. close relationships and a long GNNY/see Pap 2$ OCTOBER 6, 2 AFTRA, WW Come To Tenns Union must ratify contract for Valencia staff By WAT STARuM R&R WASHNGTON BUREAU rnmline.ermr AFTRA- affiliated staffers at Westwood Ones Valencia. CA operation averted a possible strike this week: The two sides reached a tentative four -year agreement that calls for engineers to receive comparable pay and benefits relative to announcers. Both engineers and announcers will receive the industry standard AFTRA health and retire- ment benefits, as well as an average 3.% salary increase each of the four years. The proposal now goes to the membership for ratification. Meanwhile, negotiations are still underway in Los Angeles and seven other markets between AFTRA and Westwood One for news and traffic reporters at Westwood One's Metro Networks subsidiary. Westwood One declined to comment on the tentative contract or ongoing talks. Cumulus Closes On Connoisseur Also sells more stations to Clear Channel Cumulus continued the monumental task of rebuilding itself as a viable dealntaker in the eyes of the radio and investment communities by announcing Monday that it had completed its O /2- month quest to buy 35 stations in nine markets from Jeff Warshaw's Connoisseur for S257.8 million in cash. The company was forced to jump through a series of financial hasps to make that happen. including reworking its deal with Clear Channel several times in order to stockpile enough capital to go to the closing table. To facilitate the Connoisseur closing. Cumulus received $68.9 million from Clear Channel as part of a previously announced 3- station transfer. Some of those stations are in Columbus, GA, where the deal has not yet received FCC approval. so Clear Channel will provide programming and marketing services to the Columbus cluster until that part of the deal closes. At the same time. however. NPR Rejects FCC's LPFM Arguments Sen. Grams' anti -LPFM bill picks up steam National Public Radio's concerns prompted the FCC to adopt a new rule last week that protects radio reading services from LPFM interference (R &R 9/29). But on Monday NPR, along with the nternational Assn. of Audio nformation Services. gave the FCC's latest order the thumbs -down, saying it did not offer enough protection against LPFM interference. The two groups feel the or der "does not guarantee that radio reading services will remain protected from interference. nor does it adequately safeguard translator stations." The groups also wrote that blind and print -impaired people who depend on reading services "must not be relegated to second -class lis- tener status. Those Americans have no less right to public service radio." NPR said that more than a third of its members provide radio reading services on their subcarrier channels, and that those services provide more than a million listeners who are blind or print -impaired "indispensable, up-todate items from local newspapers and other sources, such as bus schedules, grocery store sale items and election district addresses" n their letter the two groups called for passage of Sen. Rod Grams' anti -LPFM legislation, which requires third - adjacent- channel protections from LPFM broadcasters. "This bipartisan legislation LPFM/See Pap 37 Dickey Warshaw Cumulus is selling another 45 stations in eight markets to Clear Channel in exchange for four AMFM spinoffs in Harrisburg (WTCY AM, WNCE -FM. WNNK -FM & WTPA -FM) and even more cash in a deal estimated to be worth $52 million. On Monday Clear Channel advanced $5 million of the cash payment. Market No. 77. Harrisburg becomes Cumulus' largest market. The 45 stations going to Clear CUMULUS/See Page 37 Arbitron Realigns, Appoints Three New Presidents n an effort to distill its business fo- cus, Arbitren announced this week it is morphing into three distinct operating groups. each with a newly appointed President. The Bouvard three divisions focus on U.S. Media Services, Arbitron's Portable People Meter and its Webeast ratings. Owen Charlebois, who is President of the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement BBM), the principal radio and TV measurement company in Canada. will serve as President of U.S. ARTRN/See Page 37 The world's biggest industry classifieds: Pages 3-33 and at


5 Rt&R SSUE NUMBER 37 PAGE THREE Huckaby Upped To PD At WKYS/DC Darryl Huckaby, most recently Asst. PD of Radio One's Urban WKYS/Washington, has been promoted to PD. He assumes duties previously held by corporate VP/ Programming Steve Hegwood. Hegwood told R&R. "'ve worked with Darryl Huckaby for two years. and he is an absolutely incredible person to work with. was really impressed with his ability to come in and learn our system and deal with the day -to-day operation of ' KYS. Obviously. 've been on the road a lot, and he's been able to keep everything intact during my travels. think he deserves to be rewarded for his hard work. He's handled working with the announcers. and he's worked with the Russ Parr Morning Show. 'm really pleased to promote from within." George To Join Barnstable Trio On Long sland KUCD /Honolulu Director /Prograinming Bill George departs the Pop /Alternative station after a two-year stint to become Director/ Gease Operations & Programming for Barnstable Broadcasting's Oldies WBZO- FM, AC WKJY FM and Country WMJC -FM on Long sland. His first day in this newly created position will be Oct. 23. "Bill will help me manage and execute strategic and operational issues regarding these three stations," cluster VP /GM Dave Widmer told R &R. His multiformat and strategic research experience will help him as he puts his arms around these three very different formats. Each station has its own strategic initiatives going on right now. We spent the past five months looking at dozens of resumes. and Bill was the guy we continually wanted to talk to. He's an East Coast guy who wanted to get back here. We felt we could use his depth of knowledge in multistation and cluster operations. When Bill gets here, we'll take a look at everything we do, from top to bottom." Prior to joining KUCD. George programmed in Boston for WSJZ and WSSH and was Director/Operations at WLKW -AM, WPRO -AM & FM & WWL- FM/Providence. Steele Now 'NC /Columbus PD He'll oversee WRVW/Nashville as Brand Mgr. Having taken CHR/Pop WRVW /Nashville to No. in the market, Jimmy Steele has been promoted to PD for Clear Channel's WNC /Columbus. Steele will continue to oversee WRVW's programming as Brand Manager and will add Brand Manager responsibilities for additional Clear Channel stations in the Northeast around the first of the year. Steele replaces Clear Channel Regional Sr. VP /Programming Todd Shannon, who relocated to Dallas. "While Todd Shannon's size -7 shoes have been difficult to fill, Jimmy Steele's size -22s will only take WNC to even greater heights" Clear Channel/Columbus Regional Market Manager Tom Thon told R &R. "To say 'm thrilled that Jimmy Steele will be joining the management team for Clear Chan - neucolumbus is an understatement. He is a first - class programmer and a first -class guy. WNC awaits Jimmy with open arms and a trade at the Designer Shoe Warehouse!" Steele commented. " am excited about being given the opportunity to expand and grow within the Clear Channel family, and an outstanding Clear Channel programming team means a lot to me. am thankful to be working with the best in the business, people truly respect, like Randy Michaels, Tom Owens, B.J. Harris, Gene Romano, Marc Chase, Buddy Scott and, of STEELE/See Page 26 XM Hires Second Wave Of Programmers Aller announcing its first programming appointments hack in July (R &R 8/4), XM Satellite Radio has hired another programmers for its satellite service: Former KFOG/San Francisco Asst. PD Bill Evans becomes PD for the Adult Alternative and Progressive channels. Sbuber WFLZ /Tampa night - timer Kane joins XM to program the '9s channel. The Alternative channel will be programmed by former WRCX/ Chicago Asst. Creative Director/ nighttimer Scott Struber. Former KASH/Anchorage. AK and KRAK/Sacramento PD Ray Knight will program the Classic Country channel. Three -year WNUA /Chicago Asst. PD/MD Steve Stiles is named PD for the Contemporary Jazz channel. Martin Goldsmith, who spent O years programming NPR's Perfarnumee Trnlay. is named PEW host for XM's Classical channel. KROQ /Los Angeles' Reggae Revolution host Wayne Jobson is tapped as PD for the Reggae channel. Ten -year WRBOffampa morning host Cleveland Wheeler comes on board to program the '6s channel. with Phlash Phelps as MD. Radio +Music Productions founder 'Bubbe"Jackson will program XM's Blues channel. with Bill Wax as MD. XM Chief Programming Officer Lee Abrams said. "XM continues to O'Brian Named PD At WBTS /Atlanta To celebrate its first birthday. Cox's CHR/Pop WBTS (95-5 The Beat) /Atlanta has named Dale O'Brian PD. effective Oct. 9. O'Brian. tìrmcrly PD at WWVZ & WWZZ/Washington. replaces Mike Abrams. who exited the station back in July 999 and was hired by Radio One this week (see story. Page 26). " am very excited to make this announcement after an extensive search;" said WBTS VP /GM Lori Rcchin- Sheridan. "Dale's experience and successful track record in XMSee Page 37 this format are what we need to take 95-5 The Beat to the next level." Prior to his stint at WWVZ & WWZZ O'Brian did mornings at WMXL-FM/Lexington. KY. When Dale arrives. his first job is getting his arms around the radio station and the market." Rechin-Sheridan told R &R. "We also need to focus on a potential morning show. We will remain CHR/Pop with a rhythmic lean, and thankfully, there is a lot of great rhythmic product out right now that is crossing over." OCTOBER 6, 2 NEWS & FEATURES Radio Business 4 Street Talk 38 Business Briefs 4 Sound Decisions 46 Transactions 6 Nashville 82 MUS Publisher's Profile nternet News A Views 8 36 Opportunities 3 'Zine Scene 3 Marketplace 32 E- Charts Show Prep 25 3 National Video Charts 32 FORMATS & CHARTS News/Talk 35 Adult Contemporary 9 CHR 48 AC Chart 92 CHR /Callout America 5 AC Tuned -n 95 CHR /Pop Chart 5 Hot AC Chart 98 CHR /Pop Tuned -n 53 Hot AC Tuned -n 99 CHR /Rhythmic Chart 59 Pop /Alternative CHR /Rhythmic Tuned-n 62 NAC/Smooth Jazz 2 Urban.. 64 NAC /Smooth Jazz Chart 3 Urban Chart 66 NAC /Smooth Jazz Action 4 Urban Action 68 Rock 7 Urban Tuned -n 7 Rock Chart 8 Urban AC Chart 76 Rock Tuned -n 9 Urban AC Tuned -n 78 Active Rock Chart 2 Country 8 Active Rock Tuned -n 4 Country Chart 83 Rock Specialty Show 6 Country ndicator 84 Alternative 8 Country Action 85 Alternative Chart 2 Country Tuned -n 87 Alternative Action 22 Alternative Tuned -n 24 Alternative Specialty Show 27 Adult Alternative 28 Adult Alternative Chart 28 M Beek Pages 3 Clear Channel Adds `Kiss' n Pittsburgh Clear Channel continues to flex its CHR muscle by adding another station to its nationwide "Kiss" rollout. Under the guidance of Clear Channel Regional Sr. VPs/ Programming Gene Romano and Todd Shannon. WPHH/Pittsburgh dropped Hot AC last Friday (9/29) for CHR as "96- Kiss -FM. All of Today's Best Music. Not Just Some of t." The station has applied for the call letters WKST. WPHH PD Michael Hayes retains his program- ming duties. Former WPHH afternoon driver Trout and morning show producer T also remain with the station. though their new positions have yet to be determined. The rest of the airstaff has exited. Hayes told R &R. "When we looked at our research study. the question was. 'Do we continue to be the fourth AC in Pittsburgh and continue to feed the monster. or do we want to be the second CHR''' WPHH/See Page 37 Waggoner Assumes GM Duties For KDZ KQRS. KXXR. KZNR. KZNT & KZNZ/Minncapolis-St. Paul President/ GM Amy Waggoner has added oversight duties for Radio Disney affiliate KDZ -AM. Waggoner will work closely with KDZ Station Manager Brian Acker. while Acker maintains day -to-day operation responsibilities for the ABC WaDDw6, Radio station. Acker had been in charge of the station since its launch. " enjoyed having Brian Acker reporting directly to me during his startup phase;' ABC Radio Group President Mark Steinmetz said. "Our interaction helped me monitor the entire Radio Disney station rollout. hut now that [KDZj will be housed with our Rock cluster. it makes sense to have Amy's station group synergize with Brian's team" WAGGONER/Set Page 37 HOW TO REACH US RADO L RECORDS NC. / SANTA MONCA BLVD., STH FLOOR, LOS ANGELES, CA 967 WEBSTE: www, dt M4. Fax.2ffriB CRCULATON: moreinfo OPPORTUNTES/MARKETPLACE: NEWS DESK: newsroom O EDTORAL, OTHER DEPT!: mailroom O RAR ONLNE SERVCES: pll WASHNGTON, DC BUREAU: rrdc rronline. corn ADVERTSNG/SALES: hmowry NASHVLLE BUREAU: hetton O

6 4 Rill October 6, 2 Radio Business Radio's `Fundamentals Are Great,' Says Analyst Clear Channel stock down to `ridiculous levels' B./N(KF R &R W ASHN(iTON BUREAU ('Há Lehman Brothers analyst William Meyers liked what he heard during the Emmis phone call. He described it as "a good call about a good quarter :. and he felt that Emmis Radio President Doyle Rose had offered a very realistic view of the company's third and fourth quarters. But a good analyst also has to be realistic. So Meyers, after making "a sum -of -parts valuation" and taking a hard look at the radio industry, cut Emmis' price target from $43 to $36 per share. But the good news for Emmis was that Meyers maintained an "outperform" rating on the issue. The typical radio stock is down 55ç - that's a lot since the beginning of the year." Meyers told R &R. With EMMS trading in the S2 to $25 range last week - it closed at $22.69 on Tuesday - he says the $36 target is still "a pretty nice return" Meyer. taking a big- picture look at the radio industry'. doesn't believe that this year's quarterly comparisons Ness Urges NBC, FOX To Reconsider Airing Debates Kennard commends CBS' political coverage Bl' M. fn \KU Rik t ASHNOTON HL'Ri:i,mail rnm / ine. c n,n FCC Commissioner Susan Ness had strong words last week for television networks NBC and FOX, both of which considered taking a pass on the presidential debates. "As a member of our national community, urge all broadcast licensees to consider their civic duty to inform the public," Ness said Sept. 29. She reminded the networks of the'free spectrum" they enjoy and urged NBC and FOX to reconsider their decisions not to broadcast this week's debate. NBC. which had planned to air only one of three debates. relented somewhat and offered its affiliates a choice of either the Oct. 3 debate or the baseball playoffs. FOX. however. did not budge. and at press time had no plans to carry any of the debates. (NBC and FOX both dropped out of the NAB in the past year. after the association disagreed with the two networks that it should push Congress to lift the national network concentration limit of 35rá.) Kennard Commends CBS But not all the TV networks were under tire from the FCC. FCC Chairman Bill Kennard released a statement commending CBS -TV on its political coverage. He was respond- will give investors an accurate picture. He said that radio firms' next two quarterly reports will be drastically different from this year's prosperous first two quarters. and that will make for difficult comparisons "First you had 2% growth. then 5% growth and now 9%;' he said. "t's just the wrong direction. We are looking at significantly slower growth. not double -digit. so there are some tough quarters ahead of us. Well have more rational comparisons after that" ANALYST /See Page 8 ing to the network's commitment to devote at least five minutes to political news coverage each night on its. O &Os' news broadcasts. (CBS agreed to provide five minutes each night through the Nov. 7 election in response to pressure from political reform groups lobbying for free airtime.) Kennard also expressed his approval of Bloomberg Radio & TV, Hearst - Argyle. Scripps Howard and Capitol Broadcasting for their commitment to providing expanded voter information during the election season. Alliance For Better Campaigns Exec. Director Paul Taylor also congratulated CBS last week for "taking an important step toward creating a new kind of political campaign on television" Bloomberg B, Fs. NAB, RTNDA Ask Court To Drop Personal Attack Rules The NAB and RNDA have asked the DC Court of Appeals to vacate the FCC's personal attack and editorial rules by Oct. 9. The court had given the FCC until Sept. 29 to justify the rules. saying that if t did not do so. the NAB and RNDA could seek "whatever action they deem appropriate from the court." The groups filed their petition to vacate when the FCC missed the deadline Aurora Pulls Plug on Nassau Deal Aurora Communications has withdrawn its offer to set eight stations in Connecticut and New York to Nassau Broadcasting. The stations affected are WCC -AM & WEBE- FM/Bridgeport. CT; WCC -AM & WEBS- FM/Danbury. CT; and WPUT-AM. WFAS -AM & FM. WAXB -FM & WFAF- FM/Westchester County, NY. Aurora gave no reason for the deal's cancellation, but Aurora CEO Frank Osborn said. "We wish the best of luck to [Nassau President/CEO] Lou Mercatanti and his management team at Nassau but feel that we must move on." Osborn added that Auroras properties in the New York City suburbs "continue to exceed expectations both in ratings and revenues" FCC ncreases Fines For Broadcasters The FCC has raised its fines also known as forfeitures, on broadcasters that violate FCC rules. The action was in compliance with the Debt mprovement Act of 996. which requires all agencies to review their penalty amounts every four years Tne FCC can now fine broadcasters $27.5 for each day of a violation with a maximum penalty of 53. for any single violation Citadel Amends Credit Facility To Close Dick Broadcasting Deal Citadel reported Monday that it has amended its credit facility with Credit Suisse First Boston and borrowed funds in order to close on its S3 million acquisition of stations in Nashville. Birmingham and Knoxville from Dick Broadcasting. The amended credit facility provides for a 52 million term loan facility (which is fully drawn), a 5325 million multidraw term loan facility under which draws may be made to finance permitted acquisitions before Dec.5 and a 5225 million revolving -credit facility. Some $76 million remains available for borrowing under the multidraw term loan. and 55 million remains available under the revolving- credit facility. R &R Stock ndex Continued on Page 8 This weighted index consists of all publicly traded companies that derive more than 5 o of gross revenues from radio advertising. Change Si,,?'?' 9 /v/44 9 / /? W4/M) 9/4/44 9 /2 /.9 /9MM Radio ndex % -7.5% )(ik ndustrials 22.48, % -.8`'i S&P 5,268.47, r -.8dci --- show Already Cleared on Over 2 Markets including: WKRK -FM Detroit KYNG -FM Dallas KQBZ -FM Seattle KSTE Sacramento KOTK Portland WNZ Miami KNUU Las Vegas KALL Salt Lake City KSDO San Diego Monday - Friday Noon - 3p EST onalr Sc,//G. t,t ti FSHER ENTERTANMENT Listen 24/ 7 on

7 What do you call a General Manager who schedules perceptual research at least once a year? Smart. Doing at least an annual check -up allows themto see clearly what has taken place in their market and to fine -tune their product to avoid problems before they start affecting the ratings. Often. they can do one perceptual for their entire cluster, and that makes an annual study pretty affordable. Now is the time to schedule your annual check up. Call us at (79) from 8: am to 5: pm mountain time, Monday through Friday. t's the smart thing to do. Moyes Research Associates America's Leading ndependent Research Firm

8 6 R&R October 6, 2 Radio Business DEAL OF THE WEEK KPAY-AM & KMX-FA/Chico and KHSL-FM/Paradise (Chico), CA; KCS/ AM, KGHF-AM & KCCY-FA/Pueblo, CO; and KPNW-AM, KDUf-FM & KODZ- FMÆugene (Springfield), OR $35.5 million 2 DEALS TO DATE Dollars To Date: $7,922,58,726 (Last Year: $26,877,27,582.85) Dollars This Week: $9,437,5 (Last Year $ ) Stations Traded This Year. 95 (Last Year:.466) Stations traded This Week 3 (Last Year: ) TRANSACTONS AT A GLANCE KSUV FM/McFarland (Bakersfield), CA S2 million KRME-FM/Shafter (Bakersfield), CA $2 million WDJY-FM/Trenton, FL $762,5 WJSH-AM/Terre Haute, N $975, KMOU-FM & KSFX-FM/Roswell, NM $.2 million WNCO-AM & FM/Ashland, WWBK-FM/Frederick, WGLN-FM/Galion, WBZW-FM/Loudonville and WMVO- AM/Mount Vernon (Ashland), OH $32 million Clear Channel Goes On A Shopping Spree Pays $79.5 million for small - market properties in the stag Caballero calls t quits in radio Deal Of The Week KPAY -AM & KMX -FM/ Chico and KHSL -FM/ Paradise (Chico), CA; KCSJ -AM, KGHF -AM & KCCY- FM/Pueblo, CO; and KPNW -AM, KDUK- FM & KODZ-FW Eugene (Springfield), OR PRCE: $35.5 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Clear Channel Communications, headed by Chairman Randy Michaels. Phone: SELLER: McCoy Broadcasting Co., headed by President Craig McCoy. Phone: FREQUENCY: 29 khz; 95. MHz; 3.5 MHz; 59 khz; 35 khz; 96.9 MHz; 2 khz; 4.7 MHz; 99. MHz POWER: 5kw; 8.7kw at,7 feet;.6 kw at,25 feet; kw; 5kw day /28 watts night; 72kw at 2,28 feet; 5kw; 62.5kw at 2,326 feet; kw at,645 feet FORMAT: News /Talk; AC; Country; News/Talk; Adult Standards; Country; Talk; CHR /Pop; Oldies BROKER: Randy Palmer Multistate Deals KMNS -AM, KWSL -AM, KGL -FM & KSEZ -FM/ Sioux City, A and KSFT FM/South Sioux City, NE PRCE: $2 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Clear Channel Communications, headed by Chairman Randy Michaels. Phone: SELLER: Radioworks nc., headed by Ted Mann. Phone: FREQUENCY: 62 khz; 47 khz; 95.5 MHz; 97.9 MHz; 7. MHz POWER: kw; 5kw; kw at 984 feet; kw at 643 feet;.5kw at 328 feet FORMAT: Country/Sports; Oldies; CHR; Rock; Soft AC WBGN -AM/Bowling Green, WCBF -FM/ Clinton, WDXR-AW Paducah and WBLG- FM/Smiths Grove, KY and WDXR-FW Golconda, L PRCE: $4 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: WRUS nc. No phone listed. SELLER: Hillopper Broadcasting nc., headed by Wes Strader. Phone: FREQUENCY: 34 khz; 2. MHz; 45 khz; 7. MHz; 94.3 MHz POWER: kw; 2.5kw at 476 feet; kw; 5kw at 492 feet; at 35 feet FORMAT: Talk/Sports; Oldies; Sports; AC; Oldies California KSUV FM/McFarland (Bakersfield) PRCE: $2 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Lotus Communications Corp., headed by CEO Howard Kalmenson. Phone: SELLER: Caballero Spanish Media, headed by CEO Eduardo Caballero. Phone: FREQUENCY: 2.9 MHz POWER: 2.5kw at 364 feet FORMAT: Regional Mexican BROKER: Gary Stevens KRME-FWShafter (Bakersfield) PRCE: $2 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Buckley Broadcasting Corp., headed by President Richard Buckley. Phone: SELLER: Caballero Spanish Media, headed by CEO Eduardo Caballero. Phone: FREQUENCY: 97.7 MHz POWER: 3kw at 328 feet FORMAT: Spanish AC BROKER: Gary Stevens Florida WDJY- FM/Trenton PRCE: $762,5 TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Pamal Broadcasting, headed by Chairman /CEO James Morrell. Phone: SELLER: Pinnacle FM Broadcasting, headed by Joseph Newman. Phone: FREQUENCY:.7 MHz POWER: 25kw at 469 feet FORMAT: Country ndiana WJSH- AM/Terre Haute PRCE: $975, TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Southwest Broadcasting, CeutlwN se Pass 8...just add salespeople! Online Advertising for Your Customers Equals Revenue for Your Station! Thousands of New Online Avails Each Month. i Bill Hogan President, Skip Tash Executive VP Rodio Division, Local, Commerce -based Content... Over 3 Million Classified Ads Updated Daily. No Upfront Costs or Fees. Turnkey Programs for Your Sales Team. buysellbid.c«.- Helping Broadcasters Monetize Their Website....SAL

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10 8 R&R October 6, 2 Radio Business Analyst Continued from Page 4 Growth `Not Sustainable' Meyers looks with equilibrium at the staggering marketplace: 'The early growth was not sustainable. You cannot sustain 2% top -line growth. This is an 8- year -old industry. The larger fundamentals are great. Radio groups need to cycle through the tough comparisons" But not everyone is ratcheting down price targets. Credit Lyonnais analyst Richard Read reiterated Emmis as "buy" with a 2- to 5- month target price of $53. Veteran analyst Niraj Gupta of Salomon Smith Barney said last week that Clear Channel shares had fallen to "ridiculous levels." On Tuesday the issue closed at $53, up $.25 from the previous day and up even more from its 52 -week low of $5.25. But Gupta is maintaining. at least for now, a target price on Clear Channel of S5. "Obviously, the stock has experienced a technical breakdown, and there are few fundamental buyers :' Gupta said. "CCU now trades in line with newspaper valuations. CCU is not a newspaper company and should not trade like one" Bear, Stearns analyst Roben Peck last week initiated coverage of satellite radio companies Sirius and XM. He gave each company a "buy" rating and set year-end 2 price targets of $67 for Sirius and $62 for XM. See the chan below for more calls from Wall Street. Calls From Wall Street s Ain** Raft ttrawwc* Beesley Andrew Marais, DB Alex. Brown Market perform N/A Clear Channel James Boyle. First Union Andrew Marcus, DB Alex. Brown Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley LelandWesterfield, PaineWebber Vinton Vickers, Chase H&Q Niraj Gupta, Salomon Smith Barney William Meyers, Lehman Brothers Richard Read, Credit Lyonnais F. Christian Stein, A.G. Edwards Strong buy Strong buy Strong buy Buy Strong buy Buy Buy Buy Maintain $87 N/A N/A N/A N/A $5 N/A N/A N/A Citadel James Marsh, Prudential Securities Strong buy $59 Cumulus Cox Radio Disney Emmis Entercom nfinity Radio One James Boyle, First Union Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley Andrew Marcus William Meyers, Lehman Brothers James Boyle, First Union Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley F. Christian Stein, A.G. Edwards Sobani Warner, Williams Capital Katherine Styponias, Prudential Securities Scott Davis, First Union David Londoner, ABN Amro Sharon Williams, CBC World Markets Spencer Wang, NG Barings Michael Florin, Gerard Klauer Mattison David Miller. Sutro & Co. DavidToung, Argus Research Corp. Jeffrey Logsdon, W.R. Habrecht & Co. James Boyle, First Union Geoffrey Jones, Donaldson Lufkin Richard Read, Credit Lyonnais William Meyers, Lehman Brothers Andrew Marcus, DB Banc Alex. Brown Timothy Wallace. Banc Of America Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley Vinton Vickers, Chase H&Q F. Christian Stein, Credit Suisse Leland Westerfield. PaineWebber Andrew Marcus Frank Bodencltak, Morgan Stanley Paul Sweeney, Credit Suisse William Meyers, Lehman Brothers Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley Andrew Marcus. DB Alex. Brown James Boyle, First Union Frank Bodenchak, Morgan Stanley James Marsh, Prudential Securities Niraj Gupta. Salomon Smith Barney Market perform Strong buy Market perform Outperform Strong buy Strong buy Maintain Buy Accumulate Buy Buy Hold Hold Neutral Buy Buy Strong buy Strong buy Buy Buy Outperform Market perform Strong buy Outperform Strong buy Buy Buy Buy Strong buy Strong buy Outperform Strong buy Strong buy Buy Strong buy Strong buy Outperform $8 N/A WA N/A $23 N/A N/A N/A N/A WA $55 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $5 N/A $53 $36 N/A N/A N/A $65 N/A N/A WA N/A N/A N/A N/A $8 N/A Regent N/A N/A Sirius Robert Peck, Bear, Stearns & Co. Buy $67 XM William Kidd, CE Unterberg Marc Nabi, Merrill Lynch Robert Peck, Bear, Steams & Co. Strong buy Near -term accumulate Buy N/A N/A $62 CtrlrNtrasi from Page 4 6óE To List Options Oh Citadel, XM The Chicago Board Options Exchange will offer Citadel and XM Satel- lts Radio options. Citadel win trade under the ticker symbol "JTO" and XM under QSr Both will trade on the January expiration cycle with introductory expirations in October, November, January and April. nitial strike prices were set at 5, 7 /2 and 2 for Citadel and 35, 4 and 45 for XM. Clear Citannol Redeem 9% Notes Cfear ChennN said last week that it had fully retired $75 million in AMFM notes that were due Oct., 28. The group called bade the 9% notes on Aug. 29. Sfx Settknront Of Mown oe bleu' Approved ADelaware Chancery Court judge has approved SFX's offer of $2.9 million to settle lawsuits filed by Marquee Group shareholders who claimed they were being shortchanged in SFX's $ million buyout of Marquee. SEX, now owned by Clear Charnel, agreed to an exchange valuing an Marquee stock at $4.89 per share - an increase of 2 cents a sham for common shareholders - and cut the transaction's so-called-breakup fee" by $.6 million to $9,. Hispanic Broadcasting Board M's Stock Rowa Hsogonic Broadcasting's board of directors last week approved a program under which the company may reacquire up to 5 million shares of its outstanding common stock in open market transactions, block trades and private repurchases. Hispanic Broadcasting Chairman/CEO Mac Tichenor Jr. explained that the decision-underscores the board's optimism over the company's prospects" Confuse M Page $7 Transactions Continued from Page 6 headed by President/Treasurer Wayne Dowdy. Phone: SELLER: Styles Broadcasting, headed by President/co-CEO Kim Styles. Phone: FREQUENCY: 3 khz POWER: 5 watts day/75 watts night FORMAT: Oldies New Mexico KMOU -FM & KSFX-FW Roswell PRCE: $.2 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Roswell Radio nc., headed by John and Trisha Dunn. No phone listed. SELLER: Blaze Broadcasting Radio nc., headed by Warren Stott. No phone listed. FREQUENCY: 4.7 MHz;.5 MHz POWER: 5kw at 49 feet; kw at 2 feet FORMAT: Country; Classic Rock Ohio WNCO -AM & FM/ Ashland, WWBK -FM/ Frederick, WGLN -FM/ Galion, WBZW FM/ Loudonville and WMVO- AM/Mount Vernon (Ashland), OH PRCE: $32 million TERMS: Asset sale for cash BUYER: Clear Channel Communications, headed by Chairman Randy Michaels. Phone: SELLER: KNOX Broadcasting Corp., headed by Walter Stampfli. Phone: FREQUENCY: 34 khz;.3 MHz; 98.3 MHz; 2.3 MHz; 7.7 MHz; 3 khz POWER: kw; 5kw at 5 feet;.8kw at 423 feet; 3.5kw at 43 feet; 6kw at 328 feet; 5 watts day /5 watts night FORMAT: Adult Standards; Country; Country; Adult Standards; Country; Adult Standards MU BATTLE OF AY Winning For NEWS -T -S' -T Formats gmetalkoffthetrade Now Clearing Coast to Coast! A dollars and sense program by and for broadcasters to solve the problem of THE MDDAY RATNGS SLUMP! Visit or call Ron Bain toll free at (866)


12 R&R October 6, 2 Clear Channel's Scott EWerg in the GM Spotlight, Page 2 Radio Gets Results by using co-op funds, Page 4 Morning show advice from Dan Spice, Page 6 "Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." - Jim Ryun S A L E S & M A N A G E M E N T COMPENSATON PLANS THAT REALLY MOTVATE Radio executives discuss how to hire and keep high- performance personnel By Pan Baker Sales & Marketing Edita pambaker nonö "Money isn't everything," said David Small, President/CEO of Media Executive Search & Placement, at the recent NAB 2 Radio Show in San Francisco. n addition to a fair salary, staffers want job flexibility and training opportunities. Recognition is also a major factor, especially when what were once standalone stations now belong to six -, seven- or eight- station clusters. Small was among the many experts who offered their observations and advice at the information- packed Radio Show. "You must take the time and carefully create a job description that is very detailed, with a laid -out plan," Small noted, pointing out that the lack of such planning is a mistake often made by sales managers. He also advised, "You must interview more people. magine how many better candidatesyou'l meet if you interview 25 instead of just five or six." "At our station group we give AEs three budgets: broadcast, web and noninventory [nonspotj," said Clear Channel /San Jose -San Francisco Director /Sales Eric Stenberg. "We also provide a quarterly bonus for the highest average rate, 5:3am -8pm Monday- Friday; a quarterly bonus for the most new broadcast business; and an annual bonus if AEs hit each of their three budgets." A MOTVATONAL PLAN FOR PRODUCTVTY So how can stations raise the level of productivity in their sales departments? Madison Radio Group GM Jeff Tyler presented the plan his six -station cluster designed for its sales staff. Madison Radio Group Compensation Plan n designing our compensation plan, our goals were to: Have % retention of wanted AEs Create a manageable plan that provides focus and job clarity for each AE Demand a high level of product knowledge by the AEs so they can better serve the customers' needs Make goal- setting a negotiated process Have a system that requires constant cooperation among station sales teams ncrease direct business on the stations mprove client service Make it easier to buy our stations Maximize new -AE productivity within 9 days Create new profit centers in the sales area Have no "poor little sister stations" Maximize revenue for all stations in our cluster How The Compensation Plan Works The Madison Radio Group's six -station cluster was divided into three selling groups, each containing two stations:. CHR and Soft AC 2. Classic Rock and Alternative 3. News /Talk and Sports /Talk (ESPN) The AEs negotiate monthly billing goals with their group sales manager for each of the two stations they will sell. By negotiating, the AEs take ownership of their goals. Floating Commission Structure The starting commission rate is (for example): Net agency business: 9% Local direct business: 4% AEs who achieve their personal monthly budget goals on each station are paid at % and 5 %. f a two- station sales group a- chieves its total local budget for the SALES month, AEs who make their personal ASSSTANT goals are paid at.5% and 5.5 %. f all six stations achieve the total combined local budget for the month, AEs who make their personal goals are paid at % and 6 %. Example: On $4, in billing, 5-5 agency and direct An AE who didn't make his or her personal goal would make $4,333 in commission ($2, direct paid at 4% and $2, [net 5 % to $7, paid at 9%). An AE who did make his or her personal goal (while the station groups achieved their goals) would make $5,7 in commission ($2, direct paid at 6% and $2, [net 5 % to $7, paid at %). That's a difference of $74 in gross income. Madison Radio Group has a board in its sales area showing daily updated percentages to budget for each station, two months out. When was the last time you heard any of your AEs say, "Hey, we only need 2% more to get to budget. Who needs help?" What About The Sales Managers? Same idea. t's important that the managers work not only for the benefit of their stations, but for the benefit of the cluster as a whole. They should be sharing avails, discussing strategy designed to increase market share and creating a group effort when deciding rates for individual stations and combo buys. Managers ncentive Plan A monthly bonus for stations making their monthly revenue goals. A monthly bonus for stations making their combined two-station goal. This allows for the times one station doesn't make its goal in a month but the other does enough business to compensate. A monthly bonus if all six stations make their combined local revenue goals for the month. This ensures that "ups" are shared and that the sales managers communicate for the good of the duster. A "second-chance" quarterly bonus. f a sales manager misses one station's budget in July but makes it up by overachieving in August and September, they get back what they lost. Good for companies that think "quarterly revenue." t keeps the managers working for those last few dollars each month. NAB 2: "Compensation Plans That Really Motivate' with (l -r) Madison Radio Group GM Jeff Tyler, Adventure Radio Group DOS Frank Kulbertis, Clear Channel San Jose /San Francisco DOS Eric Stenberg and the RAB's Lindsay Wood Davis. CLUSTER SALES TEAM ERECTOR OF SALES/NATONAL SALES MANAGER GROUP SALES MANAGER SALES ASSSTANT GROUP SALES MANAGER e AEs AEs SALES ASSSTANT GROUP SALES MANAGER AEs And The Director/Sales? He or she should have the same bonus structure (with a different dollar level), but for local and national combined budgets by station, group and cluster. The New AE Plan: This plan was designed to accomplish three things:. ncrease the compensation package in the first year to attract top candidates 2. Provide bonuses that reinforce the activities you want your new AE spending time on 3. Provide instant gratification for each sale Compensation in the Madison New -AE Plan consists of: Base weekly draw. Set the amount based on the talent level of the AE you are recruiting and his or her potential for return on your investment. The AE Personal Advertising Plan. Develop a basic advertising plan (with plenty of spots, because we want this to work). The AE receives a designated cash bonus for each plan he or she sells. But this incentive is good only during their first 9 days of employment. Have a one -time bonus amount set up if they sell 2 plans in the first 9 days. Monthly billing -level bonuses. During the first year of employment the AE can earn bonus money for achieving monthly billing levels. The first time they hit $2,, they get a $, bonus. When they hit $3,, it's $2,, and so on. Cash bonuses for specific activites. Tie cash bonuses into activities like the number of face -to-face presentations, the AE's call counts and specs presented. Focused activity leads to rewards and recognition. What Do We Want? New direct business. Each year attrition will take 2% -4% of revenue away. To replace that money we need to prospect, prospect, prospect. At Madison Radio Group we've created the "New Business Prize Tree." Each Friday afternoon we celebrate the week's successes. Anyone who has sold a new business client that week (a client that hasn't been on the air with any of our stations in 3 months) picks from the money tree. Prizes include cash, dinners, half -days off, weekend getaways, oil changes - anything you can trade. The prize money averages $25 per week. t's a great way to reward the idea of prospecting new business in an exciting way. Since this began we have averaged $5, in new business per week.

13 AiS.amn Rode BMMOM.N.Omn mb Omlelpell4q logo r trodeme of MP9.e4 m. O 2P5COn, Yrc. N ilym nurnd. Some things aren't meant to be. Some things are. f ever a couple was meant to be together, it's terrestrial radio and the nternet. t's the perfect marriage of what is and what is to come. Radio Services can help you make that marriage work. You get the hottest new digital music with our format -specific Syndicated Radio Programs, and you get a package of web enhancements that will help your station tear it up online. t's not net radio - it's a mighty mix of terrestrial radio and the nternet that will expand your audience and strengthen your brand. Find out why over 2 radio stations have already signed on. Gain market share. Drive traffic. Earn revenue. Build community. Maximize your broadcast presence. Over 2 affiliate stations and growing. Make sure you're the first Radio Services affiliate in your market. Contact us today at or wwm.mp3.cortr8diooervioes

14 2 RaR October 6, 2 C gement marketing -----_,,..n SCOTT EWERO vriym of wru-fmgkw rod( (Clow ChorrMJ Boy from New York City fulfills a dream This week's GM Spotlight pays tribute to Clear Channel's Scott Elberg. One R &R reader comments, "Scott's a really honest and straightforward guy who's been getting the job done in N.Y.C. for over a decade at WNEW, WFAN and now at WKTU. Big gigs, big results!" Congratulations! decided to enter the world of broadcasting because: "As a kid growing up in New York, listened to WABC, WNEW and WKTU. thought being a disc jockey was the greatest job in the world. knew when was 2 that was what wanted to do." First job in broadcasting: " was an AE at WPLR in New Haven, CT. was making $5 a week and loving every minute of it." Career highlights: "Working at some of the greatest radio stations in America - WNBC in the early '8s, WNEW in its heyday and now running WKTU." The most challenging aspect of being a GM: "Creating a winning environment and allowing people to work at what they do best and to soar with their strengths. So much has changed in our business in the last two years. Leaders give people hope." Have you had a mentor? f so, how have they helped you and what have you learned? "Over the last 2 years 've had a few mentors who have played a significant role in shaping my career. n the last five years my mentor has been SVP Clear Channel's John Fullam. He's played a significant role in my life both personally and professionally. He's taught me things not just about business, but about life." What is your favorite song, album and artist and why? "My favorite song is 'Summer Wind' by Frank Sinatra - it's got great lyrics! My favorite album is Steely Dan's Katy Lied, and my favorite artist is definitely Frank Sinatra - hands down the greatest entertainer ever!" My most unforgettable moment at a radio station: "t happened in 979, when was a college intern at WPLR. was responsible for taking care of the station van. Well, the van had a fiberglass spoiler. hit a speed bump and ripped off the spoiler and drove over it. walked into GM's office, spoiler in hand, and all he did was laugh." 'm most proud of "First, my family - my wife, Annette, and boys, Ben and Evan. Second is what we've accomplished at WKT.U. n a four -year period we've built a brand that is very special. just love the people at 'KTU. We've exceeded all expectations and continue to do great radio." The best words of advice 've ever received were: "n the course of each day you'll have to make many decisions. The worst decision you'll make is no decision. Don't ever be afraid to make a decision." You'd be surprised to know that... " think 'm the luckiest guy in America!" The GM Spotlight is selected by your nominations. Acknowledge the GM who made a difference in your career! E -mail nominations to WKYS KOMC WXTU WBT WOLZ KEES WEDR Radio Alegria WNVZ WKX WKXP KSMB Scot-FM WNEL WPRM Radio Venus WOOK WENN KOKU* z w o O C G) > o its 2 ce J W z u- PO BOX 25 ELKHART, N 4655 USA (29) o U N m 2 fx) NN3M )OOM SnuaA ope ly2ldm 3NM When you're ready to take it to the streets, the Thunder TruckTM is a great, customized remote vehicle. Built -in remote studio, custom graphics, LED message signs... create an impact when your station vehicle pulls up to a remote! Call for more nformation, because the vehicle can be completely customized for you. / BROADCAST PROUCTS BWSg dxgm XXM ZANM eli6ab olpeb ä3m S33) ZOM 8M fxm OOX SAM* V) V o m N m O 7v ) a ó (D to

15 DAT-e -BASE broadcast program The web-based solution for registering and ing Y o ur lo Y of listeners... easy to use, yet very powerful. DAT -e -BASE does everything from auto reply e -mails and birthday greetings, to filtered broadcasts and exports of your database information. DAT -e -BASE is the highly customizable and complete e- solution for all your database collection and ammunication nee...because it's not your database, it's your DA u -e-base. P R E S S L A F F NtERACTVE REVENUE The Point is Revenue PRESSLAFF NTERACTVE REVENUE: RadioPHONE- nteractive Voice Response Solution nteractive Recruitment Service". Click2H Contact Ruth Presslaff: or call NOW Hawthorne Boulevard, Suite 545, Torrance, CA 953

16 4 RaR October 6, 2 M A N A G E M E N T MANNERS MAKE THE DFFERENCE N BUSNESS n the business world many B7 Dick kaz capable people are working very hard to gef ahead. What separates those who achieve the highest levels of success from those who accomplish less? Etiquette often makes a crucial difference. Here are some basics to think about. Express your gratitude. Has a customer done more business with you? Did someone at the office do you a favor? How about that nice reference you received? Remember, everyone wants to feel appreciated. Just say two of the strongest words in the English language - "thank you" - and people will remember your thoughtfulness and help you again. it's as easy as writing a brief note, leaving a voice -mail message or offering a little gift. Remember special dates. We all observe such special occasions as birthdays and anniversaries, and we're grateful to those who care enough to remember them and convey kind wishes. But how do you know when those dates occur?as you get to know people, listen and you'll learn. Then note the dates in your computer or, as do, in a calendar. n my desk drawer are monthly calendars for the rest of this year and all of next, along with greeting cards. My calendar tells me as special days are nearing, and at day's end, when it's quiet, tolled my thoughts and write personal notes. Help others save face. When people make mistakes that anger us, it's easy to criticize - even in the presence of others. That may relieve our feelings at the time, but the repercussions can be very harmful. Why? Because we've hurt their feelings, and that may cause them to deeply resent us. Long after whatever we think they did wrong has been forgotten, they may be carrying an ever -growing grudge. Many lost jobs, divorces and even work- place violence begin with some seemingly minor offense. When someone makes a mistake, its far better to remain calm. Take the person aside so you don't embarrass him or her in front of others. Begin with some praise or an acknowledgment of how hard they work, then diplomatically say what bothered you and why. Remember that each of us, under similar circumstances or earlier in our careers, could have made a comparable mistake. Make your point, and conclude with a pat on the back. Done with thoughtfulness, criticism can be a valuable lesson rather than a cause for resentment. Treat support staff with respect. Many businesspeople treat secretaries and receptionists with indifference because they see no benefit in being nice to them. What a colossal mistake! t's the support staff who have access to the decisionmakers and who can introduce you in a favorable way. Treat them with respect, and they'll help you attain your goals. Be accurate in correspondence. When you correspond with people for business, spell their names correctly and get their titles right. People take their names personally, and that's usually the first thing they look at when reading their mail. Next they'll notice if their title, which they've often worked years to attain, is correct. Outstanding performers take a moment to make a call so they can get their information right. Doing these little things that mean so much to others will play a decisive role in how successful you become. Dick Kazan is a successful entrepreneur who founded one of the largest computer leasing corporations in the United States and is a successful real estate entrepreneur. E -mail your comments or questions to him at rkazan O ix. ne tcom. coal. RADO GETS RESULTS SUCCESS STORES FROM THE RAB THAT'S A BUNCH OF FERTLZER When stations combine traditional spot advertising with nontraditional strategy, the results can be phenomenal for clients that require a targeted approach. The success story below may inspire your station to create a dynamic cross -promotional strategy that can not only generate big bucks for your station, but deliver tangible results for your clients. Category: Lawn and Garden Market: Erie, PA Submitted by: WFGO/Erie, PA Client: Pet Plus Lawn & Garden Center and ronite Situation: For more than years Pet Plus Lawn 8 Garden Center has been serving the people in and around Erie, PA. With three locations, the business stocks a full line of products for lawn and garden care, landscaping and pet care. Due to a reliably high coupon -redemption rate in the area, most of Pet Plus' ad budget has typically gone into print ads, with a limited investment in radio. Pet Plus' competition for its target of homeowners age 3 and up has grown from smaller Agway stores to the special departments of such "supercenters" as Lowe's, Wal -Mart and PetSmart and, with the increase in competition, the company was ripe for a more aggressive approach to marketing. Oblective: With retail advertising budgets tightening everywhere. the use of co- op funds by radio marketers is becoming commonplace. Pet Plus arranged for co -op funds from ronite lawn fertilizer to begin a campaign to increase store traffic: ronite, in turn, hoped to further develop its relationship with Pet Plus and grow market share for its product. Campaign: WFGO Marketing Consultant Kim Schauer put together a dynamite campaign for ronite and Pet Plus. She proposed: 2 live and prerecorded spots, including 2 3- second commercials aired 5 per week. Monday -Sunday between 6am- midnight over 2/2 months, and 8 promotional announcements on WJET -TV/Erie A six -week radio promotion called Green Thumb Thursdays, including 9 promos, 36 garden tips and 9 3- second commercials Co-sponsorship of The 999 Home & Garden Handbook, an industry- specific resource guide. ronite received cover logo placement, a full -page ad and a full page of editorial. Half -page ads in 3, "supersaver" newspapers Resells: Schauer presented a strong case to ronite, and the company agreed to double its ad budget in the market. Bill Mattocks of Pet Plus says, "The power of radio advertising increased the sales of ronite at the Erie location from zero to 2 bags sold. The support of media advertisement by ronite and the efforts of WFGO made the difference. anticipate increased growth in the sales of ronite." Campaigns like this one prove radio's strength in both traditional and nontraditional marketing. RAB TOOLBOX Mom marketing information and resources from tko RAB San Francisco's top media buyers speak their minds about how ad effectiveness is more important than cost - per- points. On the panel are (l -r) Newmark Communications' David Newmark, ABC Radio /San Francisco's John Davison, E -Media Works' Jane Ellerbeck and Martyn Larsen Media's Kurt Wendelborg. Here you'll find more marketing information and resources from the RAB. For more information, call the RAB's Member Service HelpLine at , or log on to RadioLink at NSTANT BACKGROUND -LAWN AND GARDEN Top reasons people garden: to be outdoors, 44 %; to be around beautiful things, 42 %; to relax and escape the pressures of everyday life, 39 %; to stay active and get exercise, 35 %.(American Nursery & Landscape Assn., 2) Sources of revenue for lawn and garden landscaping businesses: single- family residential, 58 %; commercial or industrial, 27 %; multifamily residential, 7 %; government contracts, 5 %; other, 3.o. (Lawn and Landscape, 2) Share of lawn and garden sales in 999 by retail channel (projected 2 market share in parentheses): hardware stores, home centers and hardware warehouses, 37.% (38.3 %); warehouse clubs, chain stores and mass merchandisers, 3.5% (29.9 ; garden centers, nurseries and farm stores, 3.4% (3.8%). Overall sales in the lawn and garden industry grew to $8.7 billion in 999. a 3.7% increase over $79. billion in 998. For 2 the lawn and garden business is projected to generate revenues of $85.8 billion, 5 higher than 999. (Nursery Retailer, 2)

17 T- y. MC 4 HOURSAvek e áligwthmaonn rieekteperery Tenet `.yf. t 'lemma iy` Yi iaiarblkw till WttX Lk_ 4 HOURS/week ncluding the ticket f meek hoar "Hip Hop", "Rar, á agli School". L J STAM HOUR/week. The greatest Top444li beam kkb/party, from the late 7ír through the WO, and early 9í. Unhosted - use your DJ's for a localized sound. :tui'(k Non-Stop hit music mixed beat -to -heat. Delivered weekly on CD. Over 25 satisfied affiliates. The biggest Omsk AlNeleslirr/New Were Ohm the Ws old early Mlr V Researched, programmed and produced by professionals. V Perfect at noon, Rush hour, nights and weekends. Contact your Hot Mix representative at B5 mis / F 2AC)CD NE_: W( F=-E<<_.;

18 t., f;'/f,- 4.4,7 Q 'labs f AM 4,; LA/(M H --- 4M 9E W 4 H96 ' All.H N..44 i / MO N BUMPER STCKERS AND WNDOW DECAL...:- 292 WESTPORT CENTER DRVE ST LOUS. MO PHONE FAX WWW USTL COM

19 October 6, 2 RaR 7 MRROR LOUR LSTENERS Observation and preparation are keys to morning show success As a consultant, questions By Dan Spice about prepping a morning show are among those hear most frequently: "Where do find material?" or "What comedy service is best?" But think there are more important questions for a morning show to ask: Who is my typical listener? What kind of information do my listeners want? What's the hot -button topic today? What will set my show apart from the rest? f your typical listener is a 3- year -old woman, you may well be talking to a mother whose big concern is getting the kids to school while juggling a career of her own. But for a Classic Rock -cuming 4- year -old male, the priorities will be different. f you really know your listeners, choosing material will become much easier. What does morning show content provide for the listener? t prepares him or her to take on the day and, maybe, to sound brighter, funnier or more interesting to co-workers. What you say may become ammunition for a listener to use in a copy - machine discussion of CBS' Survivor. Make your listener better -prepared for the day by listening to you, and you've got a habitual cumer. TRENDS AND TOPCALTY dentity each day's hot -button topic. if you didn't see at least one episode of Survivor, your show may be marooned. You need to spot trends and reflect them to your listeners. Topicality is more important than canned comedy. n fact, no longer recommend comedy services because they don't fit into the "reality" mode of media today. A lot of shows limit their prep to canned bits and what comes over the wire. recently heard three morning shows in the same market do the same bit in the same words. That's not prep, that's plagiarism! The nternet is a prime starting place for show prep. Newspaper websites are great, and the best ones may not be in your area. f you want the dirt on country stars, check out "Brad About You" at The Tennessean newspaper's For really strange stories, we like the San Francisco Examinees "Bondage File" at bondage (only in San Francisco!), AM News Abuse ( and News of the Weird (www. The CNN ( and USA Today ( websites have excellent con- tent, and always find something good in The Wall Street Journal, though its website at is subscription -only, and the hard copy is better for finding gems. f you're a CHR morning show, you'd better know what's happening with 'N Sync and Britney Spears. Check out Rick Dees Online at www. f you spin the hits of the '6s, the Oldies Music site at may be a source of inspiration. NOW WHAT? So how do you use all this information? Share it with a co-host, or talk about it directly with your listeners (that's what the big -money talent do). Use it as a phone topic for reaction, ot just give the listener a good story to tell at work. A choice topic or bit may give you an idea to send your stunt guy off on another wild adventure. f you really want to make an impression, work on your audio. call this "ear candy," and good use of sound makes a far stronger impression than words alone. Talking about Regis Philbin? Use the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire theme as a talk -over bed. Sound bites from famous people can also help tell a story. Networks provide many of these bites; your VCR can provide even more. Doing the advance prep to mix great sound with your content is a terrific way to make your show stand out. PREPARE WELL AHEAD Start your show preparation a week in advance, and look ahead for content that needs development time,.check your local activities calendars and national sources like Chase's Calendar of Events. deally, one morning show member should look even further ahead to identify upcoming opportunities. Great morning shows are well -prepared; make sure your listeners are too. Listeners in focus groups often say they heard something on a morning show and repeated it later in the day: "Station X's morning duo makes me smart enough to have a conversation at work." You know that listener will be back day after day! Make it your goal to communicate to listeners, "Station X's morning show makes everything a little more interesting - especially you!" Dan Spice is VP of The Lund Consultants to Broadcast Management and Lund Media Research, a full- service radio consulting and research firm with offices in San Francisco and St. Petersburg. FL. He can be reached at or by at lundradio' ALES TP. lriítaweek Frank da /beim Coiporale Director /Sa les Adrenlaie Radio Sroanellon Head /s /and, SC To prevent your salespeople from sell ing only the stronger stations in your cluster while ignoring or throwing away the stations that are tougher to sell, you must pay your AEs based on their ability to reach individual station goats. At Adventure Radio Group we've developed a "Graduating Commission Plan." Each month we assign the sellers on our team sales goals for each station they represent, and at the end of the month we determine their commission based on how many goals they've reached. Under this system people who are able to consistently sell most or all of the stations in a duster will earn high compensation, but people who choose to sell only their favorite stations will struggle. Here's how to set it up: First, determine what your average commission rate will be. f you've been paying a flat commission of 5 %, make that your rate for average performance. Next, decide what will constitute average performance. f your sellers are handling seven stations, then reaching goals on four of them might be considered average. With those two things determined, gradually increase your commission rate for performance that exceeds the average, and decrease it for performance that falls short. n other words, you might pay 6% commission to AEs who reach five goals and 7% to those who reach six - but you might pay only 2% to those who reach three goals. Paying significantly less money for below -average performance is just as critical an element of this goal -based compensation plan as paying more money for above -average performance. While making more money may not be the strongest motivator, making less money certainly is! This compensation system forces your salespeople to think about, plan for and push every station in your cluster. They will work hard every month to make as many goals as they possibly can, and that will mean strong sales performance for every station in your group. Reach Frank Kulbertis at TWELVE 'KLLER QUESTONS' Questions you should ask every candidate you interview The job interview process is always a difficult one. especially when you're searching for hungry. motivated AEs. Below is a list of "2 Killer Questions` developers by noted British occupational psychologist Peter Gerstmann. Try them out next time you're face -to -face with a sales candidate.. What is your greatest weakness? 2. What are your greatest strengths? 3. What would you like to avoid in your next job? 4. What can you tell me in five minutes to persuade me you should have this job? 5. How competitive are you? 6. What has been your biggest work- related failure? 7. What frustrated you in your last job? 8. Have you ever been fired? 9. What recent advancements are you most proud of?. What mistakes have you made in handling difficult staff situations?. f called your last boss, what would he or she say about you? 2. What motivates you? Vq*--e*, MUSCMEETNG S NOW CALLED TO ORDER.. i Check out R &R's latest project: MusicMeeting, the one -stop online destination to preview and evaluate new music. R &R's Jeff Gelb demonstrates MusicMeeting at the R &R booth at the NAB Radio Show.

20 8 Raft October 6, 2 to Association With Radio And letereet Newsletter Alsop At NAB Radio Show: Look For New 'Net Opportunities RVenture capitalist says radio can control the future of nternet audio By Kurt Hanson RA 'N Aad o A ^c nternet Newsletter Successful venture capitalist and Fortune magazine columnist Stewart Alsop, speaking on a panel at the recent NAB Radio Show in San Francisco, advised radio executives and programmers to look beyond merely streaming their broadcast signals when seeking ways to take advan- tage of the opportunities presented by the nternet. Alsop appeared on the panel The Experts Weigh n on Broadband." Also on the panel were Arbitron's Pierre Bouvard, Coleman Research's Warren Kurtzmann. Yahoo! Broadcast's Andy Collins and Emmis Communications' Rick Cummings. Radio Can Take Control Alsop told radio executives that, because many radio stations are already streaming their audio. "You guys have the opportunity to really control and define how streaming is done on the broadband nternet." Asked by an audience member what radio executives who have to deal with the nternet and broadband should do next, Alsop replied, "f understand it correctly. most of what you've done on the nternet involves a radio station putting up a website and putting its broadcast out on that website. and think that's the wrong thing to do, strategically. Because. in order to deal with and understand what the WTOP 2 Federal Line. Online. nternet represents to you strategically, going forward, think you have to create new products. "You have to understand well enough what your audience - your customers - are doing on the nternet to be able to deliver to them something different than you're doing now." Alsop cited Bonneville's nternet -only all -News WTOP, which is targeted to government employees, as an example of a new product designed specifically for the nternet. "'d take whatever it is that distinguishes your station from every other station in your area and try to find a significant value and use that to build a new broadcast that's strictly on the nternet. Essentially, try to introduce a new product, and find a way to associate im mapster a revenue stream with that and build a new business for yourself." Strengths Of A New Medium 've heard it observed more than once that the first content for a new medium generally simply copies the form of an earlier medium. For example. the first movies looked like stage plays. and the first TV programs were simply radio programs with cameras pointed at them. Eventually, new forms evolve that take advantage of the strengths of the new medium. "Most of what radio has on the nternet involves a radio station putting up a website and putting its broadcast out on that website, and think that's the wrong thing to do." asked the "Broadband" panel if they foresaw new forms of nternet radio emerging that would be better - suited to the characteristics of the new medium. n reply. Alsop observed that "background usage [like terrestrial radio] is not good for [allowing] a new form to develop." He suggested we look at the stations launched by Enigma Digital - a firm his company had declined to invest in ("Venture capitalists don't like weird media companies." he explained). Enigma's ( has interesting, interactive components on its site, such as having its personalities interact with listeners in a chat room while songs are playing. Disagreeing with panelists who observed that radio's primary strength is its local orientation, Alsop noted. "There are countries where radio is not local, and the Continued on Page 2,ffolig 424 Ì -`---4BME7 Sounds Like A Possible Winner Sliding down in my chair on a rainy afternoon in the RAN test lab, needed some music to fit my mood. Recent Microsoft acquisition is a music destination that offers a unique kind of customization, and thought it might be just what needed. MongoMusic calls its customization feature the "sounds like" function. t's billed as an intuitive way to introduce listeners to new music based on the music they already enjoy. Pick a genre, mood, artist, song or album you like as a starting point, and "sounds like" is supposed to steer you in the direction of music that's along the same lines as your original pick. To give the site and its music -seeking functions a test spin, decided to create a station and call it "Rainy Day Music." The first step in creating a RadioMongo station is to read a tutorial. The tutorial shows each step of the creation process: naming the station, selecting the music and listening to it. read through it, then started working on creating my station. After filling in the station's name, went to the "Help Me Find Music" page. That's where you can hunt down a musical starting point using any of a variety of musical criteria. Since was going for a "rainy" mood, selected the custom search features for'music with a slow tempo and a somber feel, regardless of artist or genre. The site generated a list of the most popular songs fitting my "rainy" profile. selected the one or two that sounded most interesting and clicked the "Add to Station" button to include them in my playlist. Then clicked the "Similar Songs" link under each song. That took me to another list of songs to choose from, all similar to the song had originally selected, but less similar to the original "sad, slow" selection. my increasingly eclectic playlist. continued to add songs to Now it was time to listen. A very nice customized version of (surprise!) RealPlayer popped open. ('d expect the Windows Media player to appear shortly now that Microsoft has purchased the site.) The player displays the artist coming up next, has a "skip" function in case you just can't wait to get to the next track, and features a "Ptaylist" button that leads you to a list of the last songs played. There's also a button labeled "Custom," with which you can choose the tempo and "weight" - how "heavy" or "light" the intensity of the music is - for your stream. Continued on Page 2

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22 The World's # Mix Show Network Slam Jam Today's hottest Hip -Hop and R &B Kool Jam R &B favorites from the "old school.' era of the 7's & 8's Classic Jam 8's and 9's R &B and Hip Hop hits NEW! Classic Jam Mini -Mixx 7 minutes of 8s and 9s R &B and Hip -Hop hooks Smooth Jam Mainstream mid -day or Urban -AC weekend R &B mix Oldies Jamm Perfect for Jammin oldies" stations Supermix Dance Hit -driven Top-4 /CHR dance tracks Supermix Street The biggest rhythm -crossover hits Old Skool MiniMixx 7 minutes of old school era R &B hooks New Skool. MiniMixx 7 minutes of Hip -Hop and R &B hooks nspiration Jam Gospel music mixed beat -to -beat "Listeners were so impressed... with the mixes they called to ask what clubs the D.J.'s worked at! Labor Day Weekend we rotated 7 mixes ranging from Old Skool to Gospel. Listeners loved it and the phones were blazin' all weekend. f you want positive programming to elicit an instant. positive reaction. this stuff is it. 'm so happy with the results am thinking about doing the same thing on New Years Eve! am excited about the consistent weekly results with Smooth Jam. Kool Jam. nspiration Jam. and the Old Skool Mini Mixx. My listeners can't get enough of this quality. hit- intensive. creative. and reliable ratings and reaction driven programming.- Derrick Brown. Program Director WHAT - Miami And the best part these shows are hit intensive and mixed for radio, not for a nightclub. They generate the biggest ratings on the biggest stations in the biggest markets. The consistent quality will blow you away! Call Superadlo to check availability in your market. Get demo CDs and a free trial: Limo., to those program, HGH NOW :t www

23 October 6, 2 MR 2 le Asesclutlu 2 Radio And nternet Newsletter Alsop At NAB Radio ShOw: Look For New 'Net Opportunities Continued from Pogo e nternet is the least local medium of all." He advised radio to look for new opportunities for nonlocal approaches. The Real Napster Numbers? Finally, Alsop said that the oft- quoted statistic of 2 million Napster users is, in his opinion, wildly exagger- ated. "Nothing's ever happened to 2 million people in a year, ever in the history of mankind. So this is kind of a huge thing, and keep scratching my head and trying to figure it out. But if you break the number down. first of all you have to toss out about 5 million people who down- loaded the software just to kind of play with it once, then figured out that if you have a dial -up connection, it takes too long, and it's too painful, and Napster's just terrible software anyway, and it really doesn't work. So you get "Radio has the opportunity to really control and define how streaming is done on the broadband nternet." down to about 5 million - and about 4 million of those are students in their dorm rooms on university networks, not even on Ti connections, but on T3s. That makes Napster a relatively small phenomenon right now." That, of course, would leave a Napster user base of typical consumers of around million people. And agree with Alsop - that makes a lot more sense than 2 million. Another Dot-Corn Failure: Xenote Folds As reported recently in R&R (9/22), San Mateo, CA- based startup Xenote announced that it had failed to find financing, and the company discontinued its operations three weeks ago. Xenote offered a cool - looking, keychain -sized device that allowed consum- ers to "bookmark" songs and commercials as they heard them on their favorite radio stations. Xenote's idea was that its customers would carry the device around with them and press the button on it when they heard a song or spot they wanted to remember and learn more about. (The device would emit a cool little high -pitched chirp when the button was pressed. You could also point it at people and pretend you were shooting a phaser.) When Xenote users got back to their computers, they were supposed to hook up the device and be taken to the Xenote website, where song and title or advertiser information would be available for them. The site at now reads. "Xenote aimed to create products to 'point and click' people. places and things in your everyday'offline' life and get to the related information you want on the nternet. The concept of 'bookmarking the real world' was born... Despite our demise. the service was a success." Dropping Like Flies Xenote's shutdown closely followed that of GetMedia, which relied, as Xenote did, on CD sales as a key part of its business model. Word has also gone out that former parent icast has let go more than % of its work force. Video -based nternet entertainment sites are also dropping like flies right now. Santa Monica, CA -based Digital Entertainment Network shut down in May, DreamWorks' decided last month not to launch, and New York -based folded a few weeks ago. Despite Xenote's problems, Sony announced plans to launch an almost identical device called an emarker at the NAB Radio Show last month. Engineer-Driven? Although the Xenote people seemed like a great bunch, their product always appeared to me to be an engineer -driven idea rather than one driven by consumer need. For a consumer who might already be wearing a watch and carrying around a mobile phone, a PDA and a pager, adding a Xenote might very well seem like adding one device too many (pocket space is at a premium these days). Furthermore, in its first incarnation the Xenote was actually doing nothing more than storing a time stamp. When you connected it to the computer, the software would simply check to see what your station was playing at the time you pressed the button. When RA/Nfirst wrote about the Xenote in February, we observed. "t's a cool -looking little device, but it seems technology- driven rather than need - driven, doesn't it? Also, what's the business model? Who pays for the device? What's the revenue to anybody?" Affilm 6t/lj '\ZAWMArrj Continued from Pogo Probably because of its complex customization features, RadioMongo had a few problems when tried it. When listened to my "Rainy Day" station, songs were repeated too often. And the "sounds like" feature, in my limited experience with it, seems to stay within a musical genre even if none is specified. Remember the "Rainy Day" criteria, looking only for downtempo songs? Because my "starting point" selections were R&B, RadioMongo offered me only R&B selections from then on. Adding alterna- tive "starting point" songs added alterna- tive selections but no other genres. There was also another, larger prob- lem: More than once heard a fragment of a song, then the player abruptly advanced to the next song. Could something be invoking the "skip" feature? Another suggestion 'd make would be to improve the quality of the stream; right now it has an AM radio sound. The MongoMusic site serves multiple functions - it's a music sampler, a CD retailer and a home for your own RadioMongo station. MongoMusic has a great idea that, with some tweaking, might really be useful as a tool for discovering new music. - Paul Maloney FCC's Site Among The Best, Study Says The FCC's has been recognized by a uni- versity study as one of the best government websites. A team of researchers led by Brown University professor Darrell West examined,83 state and federal government websites and awarded them points for 27 different features, including clear contact information, searchable records and privacy policies. With 84 points, the FCC's site tied with those of the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture. " am thrilled to be in the same league as much larger government agencies," said FCC Chairman Bill Kennard. " am proud of the FCC staff, who have carried out our goal of making our website informative and con- sumer- friendly." Citadel Forms Alliance With Koz, Real Media Web commerce and community network KOZ has built and will now host websites for 8 Citadel FMs. KOZ will also add community features to Citadel's 3 AM sites and eventually roll out those features to all Citadel sites. The two -year alliance also calls for Real Media to sell customized banner ads and on -air radio promos across all Citadel markets: all three companies will share in the revenues.

24 22 RaR October 6. 2 NTERNET Assucletba Mitt Radio And nternet Newsletter NetRadio President/CEO Resigns NetRadio President/CEO Edward Tomechko has resigned. He will be replaced on an interim basis by Eric Paulson, who is Chairman of NetRadio and Chairman/CEO of the company's largest stockholder, Navarre Corp. Katz nteractive To Rep AudienceBank Katz nteractive's Katz Streaming Media Sales Network has agreed to provide national advertising to AudienceBank users who have volunteered their demographic data. AudienceBank is an application service provider that also offers an nternet -only radio station. nterep To Rep nterep nteractive has agreed to sell RadioWave's ispots advertising inventory across RadioWave's network of streaming audio sites, including MSN Chat Radio and Susquehanna's group of station sites. AP, Enter Streaming Deal The Associated Press and have entered into an alliance that will provide AP newscasts to more than 35 WarpRadio affiliates. SpotTaxi, Lightningcast Form Alliance nternet radio spot- trafficking system SpotTaxi has partnered with Lightningcast, which inserts ads into streaming media. Together the companies said they will offer ad agencies a way to seamlessly traffic and place ads in the Lightningcast affiliate network. SurferNETWORK Forms Alliance SurferNETWORK announced that Nassau, Journal, Telemedia, Roberts Radio, New Northwest, Aurora, Shamrock and Buckley have participated in pilot - testing of its webcasting system, which it said can seamlessly replace on -air ads with targeted ads and eliminate interruptions from nternet congestion. SurferNETWORK said it incurred all costs associated with webcasting and advertising sales and shared its advertising revenue with the radio stations. Online Tonight Teams With nformano High -tech radio show Online Tonight, hosted by David Lawrence, has announced it will incorporate nformano's CastOne wireless technology into its programming. The technology will allow listeners to interact with the show through their mobile phones and other wireless devices. nformano said that CastOne can be used by broadcasters for listener alerts, "hear it, buy it" transactions in real time and to deliver wireless coupons. Hot new music- related World Wide Web sites, cool cyberchats and other points of interest along the information superhighway. 'Net Chats Shaggy has proved that he is a reggae pop Hot Shot, and you can party with him on Monday (/9) at 8pm ET, 5pm PT ( They were called hardcore in '82, but the world has caught up withcorrosion Of Conformity. Catch up with the rockers in conversation on Wednesday (/) at 9pm ET, 6pm PT ( The New York duo Changing Faces make oh -so- smooth R&B, and you can chat with the ladies on Thursday (/2) at 8pm ET, 5pm PT ( On The Web t's time to rise and testify! Join L.A. -based gospel group The Gaston Five in performance on Sunday (/e) at 3pm ET, noon PT ( -Michael Anderson SPOOKY GATHERNG AT CLCKRADO Artemis recording artists Spooks, on the road to support their single "Things 've Seen," recently visited with the staff of nternet radio site ClickRadio. Pictured (l -r) are ClickRadio VP /Music & Talent John Cannelli; Artemis Records President Daniel Glass and Director /nternet Marketing Adam Spielberger; bandmembers Booka T and Ming -Xia; ClickRadio VP /Music & Talent Traci Jordan; bandmembers Water Water and Hypno; ClickRadio VP /Music Programming Patti Galuzzi, Audio Producer Jonathan Armstrong and Sr. VP /Marketing Jim L'Heureux; bandmember J.D.; and ClickRadio CEO Hank Williams. s The 'Nei Competition Or Opportunity? Fortune columnist and venture capitalist Stewart Alsop told the NAB Radio Show that radio has to create new products and go beyond streaming to be successful on the nternet. s your station taking advantage of the new opportunities presented by the 'Net, or do you just consider it competition? Keep up with all the issues in RAN.' Radio And nternet Newsletter every day at www. kurthanson. corn. "Show DirectAb- is BroadeaarittK's litreabfg Ravens Provider. DireetAk's patent wig hbttijp.t oeaaserest Mortise system delvers tar/stfirg malty egtitraies# te *act NA DtectAb- wid sal, tatnep, *allie, wit, broke aad Meet payaaeat anr.siae.ówbg hoaierx Al yen de s ow* So AWL m e the *KM creates a completely sepals, hdspsadaat, sew revenue searse- sae led Wiest affect broadcast Olen w N air product. pmw, BlrectAk poodles t;-;; esswil leaan ea year mine Miens - nstal arvys, Nag teollgi jolt so isibtlediambe kgadmnellogl o dint m ones; ra rleetdmñ ntend Pot fasted a tics tiller of dollars hie year rails slaileaa, anlast DireetAlr *by at 2 $$*SSSSS$Stassstt $$SSS$SSSSSSS,:<, iw Sss SSSSSSSsä:ú;4 $ S $css irectaif titrcaming Rcvcnuc for Radio. Dir.ctAir A servir.. of Dir.ctAlr, talc.

25 TALK AMERCA RADO NETWORKS FULL BARTER z NETWORKS Original Programming 4NORLD WEB NEWS NETWORK 24 Contact: Cindy Johnson Andrea Gale Affiliate Relations 455 East Tropicana, Suite #7 Las Vegas, Nevada 899 Phone: Fax:

26 The Electronic Media THE nittibmtilt,,lo n The 2st Century October 24, 2, The Freedom Forum World Center Headquarters, Arlington, VA Topics will Competition, Convergence and the Constitution: Will Marketplace Changes Affect First Amendment Standards for the Electronic Media? Presented by 4 lynlic»url.4ccc,cintion uf Broadcasters tdnratinn / urnldntiun Regulation of the Electronic Media: s Content King or Does Government Reign? Bytes in Your Rights: s Technology Eroding Privacy and Consumer Protections? Luncheon Speaker: Jack Valenti, President & CEO, Motion Picture Association of America For more information: Please visit or nabefv d lor FR= =DOM w FORUM FRST AMENDMENT CENTER This program is presented N itlt tltc financial support of the ir,t amendment Center, The Freedom Forum. and the National Association of Broadcasters.

27 Capitol's AlMster Play A lot of waves are flowing from the announcement last week that Capitol Records mounted a promotion with Radiohead that put the group's new album at the fcet of AlMster users. The street talk is that Capitol has broken ranks with its RAA -member brit Lamm brethren. AlMstcr piggybacks onto America Online's AOL nstant Mes- senger (AM) and CQ buddy lists to allow users to rummage around in each others' computers. looking for aa MP3s. Don't think that because the great label at Hollywood and Vine has chosen to promote things via AlMster it has gone daft. Quite the opposite, and to its credit. with a band that has a higher - than- average profile on the 'Net. Capitol and Ra- diohead are doing exactly what they should be allowed to do: choose to do online promotions on their terms and at their pleasure. free of interference from websitcs and services that cry. -The music must be free!" The music wasn't even involved. You could download a skin. or interface, for AlMster that was designed around the Radiohead graphics. and you were able to search out a couple of short video blips from the group. hut you couldn't steal an MP3. The promotion was nothing that indicated any thaw in the current acrimony between the majors and the song-theft-enabling Napstcrs of the world. This incident illustrates several things, not the least of which is that the mainstream and tech media rarely get the story straight in their zeal to publicize and legitimize the theft of intellectual property. f there were ever cheerleaders for this sort of thing. its the tech portals. The mainstream press is also starry-eyed over the current legal wrangling and often glosses over the mal moves made by the labels in this space. One of the problems with Napster and its ilk is the loss of the careful control that labels and artists have over their release programs. Even though the Radiohead album was released this past Tuesday, the entire album has been available on Napster for weeks. That loss of control can easily impact record sales. and we'll never know whether the impact is positive or negative. had Hank Barry. Napster's CEO, on Online Tcnright recently. and he reiterated the company line that Nap- ster actually accentuates CD sales. since they are up since Napster hit the scene. He did concede. however. that sales might he even higher were it not for the cuts available free on Napster and that everyone will be bringing their own surveys into court this week. t's choice that's most important. Removing the choice an artist has to create (or not create) and fully exploit a promotion such as Capitol and Radiohead created might be the worst damage that the P -theft sites have done. Questions? Comments? drnrn.rnm. or post to the nternet folder on the onnv:rronline.cnm message hoard. David Lawrence is heard on WGN/Chicago; is the host of Online Today and Online Tonight, syn- dicated high -tech /pop culture radio talk shows from Dame -Gallagher; and is the host of the Net Music Countdown radio shows from United Stations, A 25 -year radio veteran. Lawrence was a founder of the American Comedy Network, is the voice of America Online. and is a leading expert on nternet entertainment. NTERNET NEWS & VEWS For the December 22 issue of R&R 'll have to file these columns from the sun -drenched shores of Playa Del Carmen, as will be plying the waves on the Carnival Cruise ship Ecstasy with Howie D of The Backstreet Boys. Well travel from Miami to Key West and on to PDC and Cozumel. Cabins are really inexpensive at that time of year, and all the money goes to the Caroline Dorough Lupus Foundation. Listeners who sail with us will be treated not only to a great cruise and the inner joy that comes with helping a good cause, but also a private cocktail party and concert with Howie D and his little sister Pollyanna. ts hard work, but someone has to do it. LW TW CHR/Pop CRUSNG WTH HOWE D October 6, 2 R&R 25 All CHR and Hot AC Net Music Countdown affiliates and all Online Tonight affiliates will be able to register listeners not only while the show airs, but throughout the week, to win one of two trips aboard the ship. Since Howie's sister Caroline was diagnosed with lupus. Howie has dedicated major resources to finding a treatment and cure for the disease, and we're glad to help. The Ecstasy suffered a fire a few years ago and has been retrofitted with the latest cool amenities. t will sail the week of the 8th of December. f you want to go with us, or if you want to participate in the promotion, send me an for details. - David Lawrence Urban ARTST CD/Title LW TW ARTST CD/Title BRTNEY SPEARS Oopsl...l Did tagain/ "Lucky" 2 ' NELLY Country Grammar/ "Grammar" MADONNA Music./"Music- 2 TON BRAXTON The Heat/ "Man" 3 DOORS DOWN The Better Life/ "Kryptonite" 3 RUFF ENDZ Low Crimes/ "More' CREED Human Clay/ "Arms" 3 4 SSOO Unleash The Dragon/"ncomplete" MATCHBOX TWENTY Mad Season/"Bent" 5 5 JLL SCOTT Who is Jill Scott? /"Genin " 'N SYNC No StringsAttached/ "Gonna" - 6 WYCLEF JEAN The Ecleftic::2 Sides ABook/ "9" STNG Brand New Day/"Desert" 7 7 JOE My Name is Joe/"Lady" DESTNY'S CHLD Writing's On The Wall "Jumpin'" 8 YOLANDA ADAMS Mountain High Valley Low /"Heart" EVERCLEAR Songs From An American Movie Pt. /'Wondertur 2 9 CARL THOMAS Emotional/"Summer" DDO No Angel"Here" 4 EMNEM Marshall Mathers LP/ "Way' BON JOV Crush/"Life" 6 DONELL JONES Where l Wanna Be/"Wanna- CHRSTNAAGULERAChristinaAguilera/ "Over" - 2 LL' BOW WOW Big Momma's House Soundtrack/ "Bounce' NNE DAYS The Madding CrowdrAbsolutey" 5 3 BOYZ MEN Nathan Michael Shawn Wayna/ "Pass" NELLY Country Grammar /"Grammar" 4 4 LUCY PEARL Lucy Pearl "Mess." "Dance" JANET Nutty Professor Soundtrack/ "Mauer" 5 NEXT Welcome To Nextacy / "Wifey" VERTCAL HORZON Everything You Want/"God" DESTNY'S CHLD Writing's On The Wall "Jumpin " 7 BARENAKED LADES Maroon/Pinch" 9 7 COMMON Like Water For Chocolate /-Lighr 8 8 JESSCA SMPSON Sweet Kisses/"Love" 3 8 ERYKAR BADU Mama's Gun/"Latty" 9 FATH HLL Breathe/"Way" 8 9 JANET Nutty Professor ll Soundtrack/"Matter- - 2 SOULDECSON No One Does t Better/ Faded" 6 2 JAGGED EDGE JE Heartbreak/ "Married" LW Country TW ARTST CD/Title FATH HLL Breathe/"Love" JO DEE MESSNA Burn/"Way" LONESTAR Lonely GrilL "Now" BROOKS & DUNN Tight Rope /"Loved" SHEDASY The Whole Shebang/ "Wir KETH URBAN Keith Urban / "Everything" DXE CHCKS Fly/ "Without" ALAN JACKSON Under The nfluence/"love" TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions/ "nventions" 8 RASCALFLATTSRasca/Flatts/ "Daylight" 8 GEORGE STRAT Go On/"Go" 3 2 LEANN RMESJesus TVSoundtrack/ "Need" - 3 JOHN M. MONTGOMERY Brand New Me/ "Litre" PATTY LOVELESS Strong Heart/"Mood" MARTNA MCBRDE Emotion/"There" PHL VASSAR Phil Vassar/ "Paradise" JOE DFFE Night To Remember / "Somethin " 2 8 COLLN RAYE Tracks/ "Loving" 2 9 STEVE HOLY Blue Moon/"Moon" - 2 AARON TPPN People Like Us/ "Kiss" LW TW Hot AC LW NAC/Smooth Jazz TW ARTST CD/Title ARTST CD/Title LW TW ARTST CD/Title B.B. KNG/ERC CLAPTON Riding With The King/ "Rain" NORMAN BROWN Celebration/"Paradise" BONEY JAMES 8 RCK BRAUN Shake t Up / "Grazin- FOURPLAY Yes Please "Robo" BONEY JAMES Body Language / "Nigh" DAVD BENOT Professional Dreamer / "Miles" WALTER BEASLEY Won't You Let Me Love YourComin "' KM WATERS One Special Moment/"Secrets" 9 KRK WNALUMFor You/"Goes" 8 GEORGE BENSON Absolute Benson/"Deeper" - EUGE GROOVE EugeGroove/Ninyl" 9 2 WARREN HLL Lile Thru Rose Colored Glasses/lake" 3 CHEL MNUCCSweetOn You/"Sunday" WALTER BEASLEY For Your Pleasure/ "Nice" PETER WHTE PerfectMomentrSan Diego" BRAN TAROUN Solt Touch/"Web," Darn" TOM SCOTT Smokin'Sechon "Smokin" RCHARD ELLOTT Chill Factor /"Moomba' GERALD VEASLEY Low Letters/"Valdez" JEFF GOLUB Dangerous Curves/ "Two" Alternative STNG Brand New Day/ "Desert" 3 DOORS DOWN Better Lde "Loser" CREED Human Clay/ "Arms." "Higher" 3 2 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Caldomication / "Californication" MATCHBOX TWENTY Mad Season/"Bent" 2 3 PAPA ROACH nfest/ Last' 3 DOORS DOWN Better Life/ "Kryptonite" 4 4 CREED Human Clay /"Arms" EVERCLEAR Songs From An American Movie Pt. l/* Wonderful" 6 5 DEFTONES White Pony / "Change' VERTCAL HORZON Everything You Want/"God." "Everything" 9 6 EVE 6 Horrorscope/ "Promise" BARENAKED LADES Maroon/"Pinch" 5 7 NCUBUS Make Yourself/ "Stellar" MACY GRAY On How Lite s/ "Try" 2 8 VERTCAL HORZON Everything You WanV"God" DDO No Angel/"Here" 7 9 SR -7 Now You See nside/ "Right" SANTANA SupematuraL "Smooth" 8 EVEitCLEMSorgsFromMMrerca,AbviePL / "Wonderltl.""AM" 'N SYNC No Strings Attached/"Gonna" 4 BARENAKED LADES Maroon / "Pinch" BON JOV Crush/"Lite" 2 WHEATUS Wheatusï "Teenage' MOBYPay / "Porcelain" 5 3 BT Movenemeln Still Life /Never" MADONNAMusic/ "Music" 3 4 DSTURBEDSickness/ "Stupify" NNA GORDON Tonight And The Rest Of My Eifel-Tonight" 5 A PERFECT CRCLE Mer De Noms/ "Libras," "Judith" NNE DAYS The Madding Crowd/ "Absolutely" - 6 FUEL Something Like Human/"Hemorrhage" FATH HLL Breathe/ "Way" 7 7 OPM Menace To Sobriety/ "Halfpipe" SSTER HAZEL Fortress/"Change" 8 8 ORGY Vapor Transmission/"Fiction" DON HENLEY nsidejob/ "Home" 2 9 DANDY WARHOLS Th6tttTaésHixnLlteliti rs/" Bohemtar' THRD EYE BLND Blue/ "Deep," "Never" 9 2 RAGE AGANSTTHE MACHNE Baffle OfLosAngeles /"Testiy" E -charts are based on weekly rankings of CD sales downloads and streams of artists online compiled and tabulated directly from the lopes reportngwemrtes. Reporters include Amazon cor BamesandNode corn CheckOut corn. ChoìceRadio com. City nternet Radio. The Everstream Network., KSmicor Launch. corn. Lycos Radio NetRad.o corn. Phoenix Radio Net com. Radio Free Yupin. and Data *weighted based on traffic reports y web traffic monta MeáaMetnx Charts are ranked yeti a 5ß methodology of sales data and sreamnya play data tir the sa reporting formats. C 2 RR nc 2 Online Today. Net Musc Cantdown.

28 ! KRSK/Portland.! ceeds 26 R&R October 6, 2 Ne wsbreakers `Fish' Swims nto Atlanta At WFSH Atlanta has received its first (X)kw, full- market signal designed to offer Contemporary Christian programming to the entire market. On Sept. 28 Salem Communications flipped the switch on WFSH. which will be known on -air as "4.7 The Fish." Allen Power will serve as GM for the station, while industry veteran Kevin Avery assumes programming duties. Avery previously served as PD of noncommercial Contemporary Christian WAYF- FM/West Palm Beach. Commenting on the potential WFSH presents for the Religious format. Power said, "The 4.7 signal has historically been one of the strongest in the Atlanta market. and we intend to honor that position by providing the finest and most entertaining music station in the area. "WFSH is going to be as well - researched. -programmed and -produced as any of our general - market competitors. Atlanta is the eighth -largest market in the U.S. for sales of contemporary Christian music. so we know there is an enormous audience that is excited about our arrival in this market" WFSH is patterned after KFSH/ Anaheim. CA. which Salem signed on just over four weeks ago (R &R 9/). Salem President /CEO Ed Atsinter commented on both stations' launches: "Salem's corporate strategy is to superserve the religious market. With contemporary Christian music growing faster than almost any other style. we recognize that Christian music listeners are an important addition to our audience and. we will continue to find opportunities to operate Christian music formats in major markets. We are happy with the success that KFSH is experiencing in Los Angeles after only a month on the WFSH/See Page 37 Weston Named PD At WKLR/Richmond Former WWRX/Providence PD Bill Weston has been named PD for Classic Hits WKLR/Richmond. which Cox Radio acquired in the Clear Channel - AMFM spinoffs. "Fm extremely juiced to join Cox in Richmond." Weston told R &R. "Evteston eryone have spoken with says the same thing: 'Great company!' look forward to working with cluster VP/GM Steve McCall, an admirable leader with an infectious dynamism (which the doctors are trying to clear up). WKLR is already poised to take the primary Rock position in the Richmond market. can't wait to begin accelerating that timeline" Weston is set to begin his new duties later this month. KBUC/San Antonio Goes CHR/Rhythmic Hispanic Broadcasting has added another English -language music station to its roster: tts new acquisition from Reding Enterprises, KBUC/Pleasanton, TX in suburban San Antonio, has been upgraded to, watts, moved from 98.3 MHz to 98.5 and flipped from Country to CHR/Rhythmic. Commercial-free since last Fridays (9/29) launch, the station has adopted the new call letters KBBT (98.5 The Beat). Hispanic Broadcasting/San Antonio OM J.D. Gonzalez, who adds PD duties for KBBT, told R &R, This is an English-language, Hispanic -targeted radio station, but we'll be bilingual where it feels right. All of our stations are very well -researched, and we have the Hispanic edge; we know them well. 'With this market being so assimilated ifs not going to be any different from Phoenix, Los Angeles or Chicago. also come from a'churban' background and was most recently programming Tejano, so 've seen it from all ends. We are going to be very focused and very, very street" NBC has a similarly Hispanic -targeted CHR /Rhythmic station in Houston: KRTX -FM (The House Party). n San Antonio KBBT is competing against lop -ranked CHR/ Rhythmic KTFM, which Waterman is in the process of selling to nfinity. "KTFM's music selection is wider' noted Gonzalez. whey are doing things Were playing 'old school' music during middays, and they are also playing Britrxiy Spews and The Badtatreet Boys. 'Our torahs is Churban. Our position is San Antonio's Home For Hip-Hop And R&& KTFM is a great heritage radio station, so it's not going to be easy. We know the baffle we have ahead of us, and we have some very energetic people who are excited about the challenge" Gonzalez has already hired KOBT /Austin nighttimer Romano as MDnightlimer and former KZFMCorpus Christi, TX MD Danny B. Jarmhii' as Asst. PO/morning driver. Murray Gets `Wild' Programming Gig Clear Channel's WKFS /Cincinnati MD Jeff "Smash" Murray has been promoted to PD /afternooner at new CHR/Rhythmic sister WLDA (Wild 96-7)/Peachtree City, GA in suburban Atlanta. Prior to joining WKFS. Murray was MD /nighttimer at WFC/Wausau. W. "We talked to a lot of people within Clear Channel and outside the company as well;" remarked WKLS. WLDA & WMXV OM Tim Dukes. "Smash emerged as the one person who was completely willing to put his life on hold for as long as it takes to put us on the map. ts a good thing he's salaried and in management or else doubt we'd be able to afford the overtime!" "CH has always been my favorite format. and Rhythmic has always been my passion." said Murray. "'m pumped about being able to put it all together and get 'Wild' in Atlanta. Like most of the industry. have watched this market for a long time and thought the Rhythmic hole was big enough to park a Lincoln Navigator limo. Fm glad 'm getting the chance to chauffeur." Persigehl Now PD At KRSK/Portland Alter doing mornings for a year on hometown Hot AC. KSRZ /Omaha. Dan Persigehl has returned to programming by claiming the vacant PD chair at He suc- Joel Grey, who recently left the Entercom Hot AC to program KKLT/ Phoenix (R&R 9/8). This is probably the Pews/ yeln most exciting opportunity 've ever had." Persigehl told R &R. " can't think of a better major- market company to work for. The people in this building are just incredible. They're not only talented. but they're genuinely good people. There's a tremendous Steele Continued from Pape 3 course, Tom Thon. am surrounded by knowledge and passion. At WNC it's going to be tough to bilow n Todd Shannon's footsteps, because he's done great things with that radio station, but this is what do, this is what love, and couldn't vibe in the building and a positive attitude in every hallway. Many people are excited about this radio station" Regarding possible changes, Persigehl told R &R, "While some upgrading needs to be done, there's already a tremendous foundation in place. We have the cake - now we just need the frosting." Before joining KSRZ. Persigehl was OM/PD at KMXP & KZZP/ Phoenix. He previously programmed WKEE- FM/Huntington, WV: KXRA /Alexandria, MN: KSYZ /Grand sland. NE; and KWSO /Sioux City. A. have asked for a better opportunity or company" Prior to serving as WRWfs PD, Steele was PD at WZEE/Madison, W; Asst. PD/afternooner at WKBO/ St. Louis; OM at WHHY/Montgomery, AL; OM at KXY/San Angelo, TX: and aftemooner at WREN -FM/ Buffalo. liad EXECUTVE ACTON Abrams Leads Radio One/XM Programming Venture Radio One has hired Mike Abrams as Programming Coordinator for its venture with XM Satellite Radio, under which Radio One will produce programming for the satellite radio service's African -American listeners. Abrams latest position was PD at Cox's WBTS/Atianta. " am ecstatic to be apart of the great, growing Radio One family and am very much looking forward to leading Radio One into new ventures with XM Satellite Radio' Abrams commented. `this is a great opportunity. and am happy to be joining Alfred Liggins and the Radio One team " Abrams' resume includes stints as Asst. PD /air talent for KKFR/Phoenix, Programming Coordinator /air talent for WOHT/New York and OM/PD for WBHK/Birmingham. He was also a weekly columnist for Hrtmakers magazine. Metro Ups Delone To VP/Sales, Eastern Region Meg DMone has been named VP /Sales, Eastern Region for Metro Networks. n her new role she'll be responsible for sales performance in 33 markets. "Meg will be a tremendous resource to the sales management throughout the Eastern region as we continue to create more shareholder value," said Metro Sr. VP /Eastern Region Steve Candullo. to whom Delone reports. Delone joined Metro last year as VP /Sales. Northeast & Mid -Atlantic Region. She previously was President of the business consulting firm Peak Performance and spent seven years as VP/GM of Jerry Lee's WBEB'Philadelphia. Pahick Takes VP Post At Edison Media Research Lou Patrick has loured Edison Media Research as VD Sales & Chen! Services He most recently was VP /Research & Strategy for Strategic Media Hesearch.The former radio PD also served as President of LP Media Strategies 'Lou nas been doing great research work for radio tor many years.' said Edison President Larry Rosin - am thrilled that he is going to contribute his talents to our growing team at Edison Media Researci - Patrick added. "'ve long respected Edison Media Research as among the best and most innovative researchers out there. see this move as the creation of a true market research 'dream team' for the industry` Daniels Adds KASE/Austin Prog. Duties Country KVET -FM/ Austin PD Mac Daniels has been elevated to Director/Programming for KVET and Clear Channel Country sister KASE. He takes the programming reins at KASE from Michael Cruise, who recently left to become PD at KKBQ/ Houston (R&R 9/8). Daniels told R &R, "t's DanlMs gratifying and fulfilling that people like [Clear Channel Re- gional VP Dusty Black and KASE & KVET Station Manager /OD Bill LeGrand have the confidence to allow me to carry the Country torch in a great Country market like Austin." Daniels joined KVET- FM as PD just over three months ago. He previously programmed WMZQ/ Washington and before that spent 4 years at KPLX/Dallas. KWKD/SLC Fires Up As `The Blaze' Mill Creek Broadcasting has signed on a new signal in Salt Lake City: Active Rock KWKD (The Blaze) at 2.3 FM. The company also owns CHR/Rhythmic KUUU (U92) and Urban Oldies KSNU (The Fever) in Salt Lake City. VP /Programming John Edwards noted that the station was named after the former Blaze in Chicago. which he also programmed. The station started stunting last Friday (9/29) at 2pm by repeatedly playing Buck - cherry's "Lit Up" Then on Monday (/2) at noon the outlet's Active Rock format debuted with Tool's "Sober." The Blaze k playing a.(( -song marathon with no commercials. Former crosstown KBER pro - grammer Cory Draper has been named PD. and he will also do morning drive. The remaining air - staff positions have not yet been tilled.

29 Noah Samara Chairman /Chief Executive Officer, WorldSpace 24 N Street Washington, DC 237 USA Dear Mr. Samara: music E foe SCHEPUUNCaCf) note with great interest your recent full page ads in Radio and Records. Your new satellite service looks intriguing and exciting, and wish you the best. Your ad concerns me, however. n your search for talented programmers; your Human Resources people have listed a number of requirements that seem valid. Then the ad states "Knowledge of Selector a must." n one incomplete sentence, you have severely limited your ability to attract quality employees. 'm not standing up for my product, 'm standing up for my users. Over 6 radio stations worldwide are currently programmed with MusicMaster. Many of these programmers are the "out of the box thinkers" you are recruiting. And 'm sure that Powergold, Music One and the other music schedulers have many qualified users as well. t's tough enough to find good people - why would you eliminate so many in advance so arbitrarily? Besides, if knowledge of Selector is important, that must mean it's hard to learn. would never suggest that any of my clients insist on "MusicMaster experience." would counsel them to find the best person available. Programmers need a great set of ears...we can easily teach their fingers how to handle MusicMaster, usually in one afternoon. Thanks for your attention. My goal is not to rant and complain. just want to help your company find great people and to support the many program directors and others who've supported MusicMaster. Again, good luck in the future, and if you have any questions please feel free to call me. Joe Knapp President MusicMaster http: / /

30 28 R&R Oktober 6.2 Newsbreakers National Radio WESTWOOD ONE and VH launch the VH Radio Network, which airs programs for the Rock and Hot AC formats. Radio versions of Behind the Music and Storytellers will air beginning Nov.8. For more information, contact Todd Goodman at BROADCASTAMERCA's adds the 6 -second urban feature The Hollywood Scoop," along with Videos in the Dark: A Tribute to the '9s With Wendy Wheaton, both hosted by Wheaton. For more information. contact Kim West at PREMERE RADO broadcasts the Breeders' Cup Championship headline events, the Turf Race and the Classic on Nov. 4 at 4:25pm ET, along with twice- hourly coverage of races throughout the day. For more information, contact Amir Forester at Radio PAUL CUTHERO is now GSM of KFAM-AANTroutdele, OR. He was most PROS ON THE LOOSE Bob Lawrence, PD, KO /San Francisco, or recently Mgr /Sales for KATU- TV/Portland. Additionally, SARAH WETJEN is made LSM of KPAM. She was previously an AE for KPTV -TV /Portland. CHRSTNE ANUZZ is appointed VP/Broadcasting Technology for ABC Radio Networks. She was previously Dir. /Engineering Broadcast Systems & Systems Maintenance Assembly Group for ABC Television. ARBTRON announces its survey dates for calendar years 22-23: winter 22, Jan. 3 -March 27; spring 22, March 28-June 9; summer 22, June 27 -Sept. 8; fall 22, Sept. 9- Dec. ; winter 23, Jan. 2 -March 26; spring 23, March 27 -June 8; summer 23, June 26 -Sept. 7; and tall 23, Sept. 8 -Dec.. CHRONCLE Minis WTFX /Louisville MD Keith O'Loane. wife Kelly, daughter Riley Blythe, Sept. 22. CONDOLMOES San Diego air personality Rod "Old Friend" Page, 7, Oct.. Records LAURA SWANSON is upped to SVP/ Publicity for Arista Records. She rises from VP/Publicity. STEPHEN FERRERA is now VP/ A &R and producer for RCA Records. He was previously Head/A&R and Producer for The Echo Label. MONCA ALEXANDER is appointed Sr. DirJR&B Publicity for MCA Records. She was most recently Sr. Publicist at Rogers & Cowan. NATONAL RADO FORMATS ALTMATVE PROGRAMMNG Stew Kull (d) Gary Kull Rack SAMMY HAGAR Serious Juiu LENNY KRAVTZ Again Alternative LENNY KRAVTZ Again RADOHEAD Optimistic Ctrl MACLA GRAY Still RCKY MARTW She Bangs REO HOT CHOU PEPPERS Caldornicabon Mainstream AC MACY GRAY Stil SAWN MULLNS Everywhere Go SANTANA /DAVE MATTHEWS Love My LS Lib AC NAME LEE Love Never Fails ROOM MARX Days n Avalon MC TOM SRAM Small Guitar MtytMic CHR Josh Nosier Ul' KM OSSOO H. Mar, Leti. s SHAGGY t Wash t t.4' sett AC Mike lette!!! No Adds Maiatrsate AC Mike lotto!!! LEANN RMES Cant Fight The Moonlight RNlbb Mike lettili! NO Adds Ow, JOES RADO NETWORK Joe Holiday (33) Awn Rit Radio JJ McKay FATH HLL The Way You Love Me SOULDECSON Faded Reck Classics Rick Bryn No Adds Soft Nits Rick Brady few( inam n EM NUM Weer Canges CHR: KHTS /San Diego morning co -host Lisa Wilcox exits... WSSX /Charleston, SC morning co-host Maggi McGarr exits... WJFX /Ft. Wayne, N morning driver Weasel drops PD duties... WWHT /Syracuse midday host Kevin Cregg exits... WKXJ/ Chattanooga, TN takes on the moniker "98. Kiss FM"... KLZK/Lubbock. TX afternoon driver Jay Olivarez exits... Todd Chance joins WZOK/ Rockford. L for afternoons... WWZZ/Washington adds Jenni Chase for middays. Country: WYYD /Roanoke PM host Slam Duncan moves to mom - ings. His show will be simulcast on sister WJLM /Salem, VA... Chet Price is now evening host at WXTA/Erie, PA. and Adam Reese takes on middays. Records: Pete Scifres is upped to President of Universal Manufacturing & Logistics. a division of Universal Music Group... Adam Mtrabdla is named VP/Sales & Online Retail De- &Wry Continued from Page history of making things happen in this realm. We're delighted to welcome him to the Warner Bros. family." Guidry noted, This is an exciting time in our industry. As we stand at the dawn of a new entertainment economy, believe there is tremendous growth opportunity in the area of urban music even as we transition into this new culture. n my new capacity, look forward to working with Mabel Chairman/CEO Russ Thyret, Phil and the senior staff of Warner Bros. Records to establish an velopment for Atlantic Records. He was previously Sr. Nat'l DiriSales. ndustry: Alba Joseph is named VP/ Advertiser Services for Arbitme... Stase Vining joins Earphonix as CFA icast names MOMS Valentino to its Music Board of Directors. even stronger presence for our artists on a worldwide basis" Guidry, who most recently was Sr. VP/Urban Music for Columbia Records. began his music industry canter as an intern in video promotion for Motown Records. n 989 he joined Arista Records as West Coast Club /Street Representative and in 99 segued to Columbia as West Coast Promotion Manager. Three years later. after a brief stint as Director /Album Promotion. he was elevated to National Director/ R &B -Jazz Promotion. He was promoted to VP /Marketing in 995 and was named Sr. VP/Urban Music in January 998. CHUCK LO Blue Kiss JOE MONK Tom Rhythm pub GROVER WASFMLSTOM JR. Chameleon MA OMM Who LM The Dogs Ou RCKY HOUSTON Fns RANCES JEAN tl<ary J. OUGE 9 awns MOOE Straight Up SM Jut Rimas JONES MARCAST PRORlAMRE in AlSelliEe (NM 2l-882 Albumen iress Cook MMES Bad To School Net AC Jai Elssler mcxy MARna She Bangs CU Jai Moiler SAcWREET BOYS Shape My Heart MLTCMeX TWENTY You're Gone MYA Case The Ex CW iatcha t RED HOT CHU PEPPERS Caliolmahon RADO OE NETWORKS Hwy Meere 87) l Gebe AC Trews fey No Anas Now Reek fore Latti Mo Adds WE>tiTM OE RENO ETMf CiarAe Cat (Ml) tltt-! Dab RioetMwt Adult tek Nell Jett ems/ _Y PREALACt cnowes Hey. Hey, Went SCORPONS Wind Of Change Soft AC Aeltly Feller Hilly twtlgwymth PA.TROW Cruise Brigid AC Jim Hays No Adds THE MOST MPORTAR DATES N TALK ÁA ARNA BEACH MARROTT, LOS ANGELES, CA EARLY BRD REGSTRATON $385!ß,/DfM/NAA MANCH 8., 2

31 repeat after work, just checks. That's the mantra of the BlueDot WebSite NetWorkv' magine getting a locally branded website -that targets your precise audience and format -with no maintenance hassles, no monthly update fees, and no charge for streaming. Now imagine being 5/5 partners in a sophisticated e- commerce system, too. Right on your site. t's the perfect e- revenue opportunity. You share your audience; we share the profits. And we do all the work to keep your site fresh so your listeners keep coming back. (Heck, we'll even let you preempt website promo spots for cash.) No work, just checks. t's about as turnkey as it gets. For details, visit or call us at site el *corn Home, of the BlueDot WebSite NetWork

32 3 UR Oktober 6, 2 Show :.:..::.:...:...,T i i.rii..,a r'..'.'.:''. MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 Dictionary Day 955 /Eppis Lederer takes over from Ruth Crowley as the new Ann Landers. Her advice column now runs in more than,2 newspapers worldwide. 969 /The New York Mets win their first World Series. The "Miracle Mets" had finished last in ' /Comedian Steve Martin entertains U.S. troops stationed in Saudi Arabia. Born: Tim Robbins 958 M NSW Watery 962 /Songwriter Cole Poder dies at 73 in Santa Monica. CA. 967 /Folk singer Joan Baez is among more than 2 protesters arrested for blocking the entrance to the Oakland. CA army induction center. She is jailed for days. 99 /The 2 Live Crew obscenity trial begins in Florida. The band is convicted, but the ruling is eventually reversed. Born: Bob Weir (ex- Grateful Dead) 947. Flea (Red Hot Chili Pep- pers) 962 TUESDAY OCTOBER 7 National Pasta Day 966 /The game show based on tictac -toe. Hollywood Squares. de- buts. take Paul Lynde to block Anthony Quinn reprises his role from the film Zorba the Greek. this time in a Broadway show. 989/The World Series match between the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A's is postponed. along with many other things, by an earthquake that measures 6.9 on the Richter scale. Born: Jimmy Breslin 93, George Wendt 948 n Music History 96/ Dion & The Belmonts announce their breakup. Dion DiMucci goes on to some solo success. particularly with the 968 hit "Abraham. Martin and John." 986'Michael Stipe of R.E.M. tears down two banners advertising Miller Beer that were to have been displayed at a Milwaukee show He later tells the crowd. " wouldn't drink Miller if they paid me" Released The Zombies' "She's Not There" 964. Eric Clapton's "Af- ter Midnight" 97 Born: Gary Puckett 942. Ziggy Marley 968 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 National Chocolate Cupcake Day 956 /Football commissioner Bert Bell rejects the use of radio - equipped helmets by NFL quarterbacks. 97/The 34- year -old magazine Look ceases publication. 979 /The renovated Radio City Music Hall reopens with a live staging of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Bom :Mks DM 939, Jean -Claude Vars Demme /Jlmi Hendrix makes his performance debut, in Paris. 975 /Simou i9 Garfunkel reunite, briefly. for an appearance on Saturday Night Live. 989/At an L.A. Coliseum show, Guns N' Roses frontman Ax Rose announces that he'll be quitting the band because his bandmates do too many drugs. He changes his mind and performs the next night. GN'R: Too much time with 'Mr. Brownstone'? 99 /Naomi Judd announces that she has hepatitis C and will retire from performing while daughter Wynonna goes solo. Born: Chuck Berry 926, Laura Nyro , Gary Richrath (REO Speedwagon) 949 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 Change Your Life Day 974 /The late -night news program Weekend premieres, co- hosted by Lloyd Dobins. Garrick Utley and Linda Ellerbee 98: Apollo astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr. sues the publishers and authors of The Roswell ncident for libel The book claimed Aldrtn had spotted UFOs before his 969 moon landing 987/ The stock market falls 58 points. a percentage decline greater than the crash of 929. Born: John Lithgow 945. Evander Holyfield 962 n Music History 966/ Jeff Beck leaves The Yardbirds as they begin their first American tour 987 /Michael Jackson's mom tells US magazine that Michael had his nose fixed and his chin reshaped and that he tried to talk her into having surgery as well. Jackson denies having had cosmetic surgery Born: Keith Reid Procol Hawn)) 945. Jennifer Holliday 96 FRDAY, OCTOBER 2 National Brandied Fruit Day 957 /Walter Cronkite hosts a weekly documentary called The 2th Century. n 967 the show is renamed The 2st Century. 973/During the Watergate affair Richard Nixon asks U.S. Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. When Richardson refuses, Nixon fires Cox himself. Richardson resigns. 995/The U.S., France and England announce a treaty to ban atomic bomb testing in the South Pacific. Born: Keith Hernandez 953, Viggo Mortensen 958 Prep ::'::' :.:':::::::: 973/The Rolling Sloan hit No. with a ballad for the first time with "Angie," a song widely, rumored to be about David Bowie's then -wife. 977 /Three days atter the release of Street Survivor, Lynyrd Skynyrd's tour plane crashes in a Mississippi swamp. Four people, including singer Ronnie Van Zant, 29, and guitarist Steve Gaines, 3, are killed. Born. Tom Petty 953 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2 National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day 948/The first high -speed radio fax is sent when RCA transmits the entire novel Gone With the Wind to the Library of Congress. 963 /Honda introduces its first car, the two -seat S6, in Japan. 98 /The Philadelphia Phillies win their first World Series title, defeating the Kansas City Royals. Born: Carrie Fisher 956, Damon Whitaker 97 M 958/Buddy Holly makes his last studio recordings, six tracks including "True Love Ways." Holly: Not lade away. 995 /Blind Melon frontman Shannon Hoon. 28. is found dead of a cocaine overdose in the band's tour bus. Born: Manfred Mann 94. Elvin Bishop 942 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22 National Nut Day 964/The movie My Fair Lady premieres. starring Audrey Hep- burn. 968 /Apollo 7splashes down in the Atlantic after orbiting the Earth 63 times. 986 /President Ronald Reagan signs the Tax Reform Act into law, but accidentally writes his last name first. Born: Annette Funicello 942. Jeff Goldblum 952 n Music History 964.'The Who (then The High Num- bers) are rejected by EM. 988 /Community noise and curfew rules force Stevie Wonder to end an rvine. CA show mid - song. Wonder: Signed. sealed... Released The Beach Boys' -Good Vibrations" 966. Billy dol's -White Wedding" 982 Born: Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys) Shelby Lynne Mldia.l Anderson a Bride Connolly 'zinc sciana Bats Says Bah-Bye! Fans of the singer with the "voice like buttah" will soon be the ones singing "The Way We Were" while they reminisce about her legendary concert appearances, because US Weekly cover girl Barbra Streisand tells the 'zine her latest concert tour will be her last. She also talks about what led to her decision to stop touring and her life with hubby James Brolin. Even though Streisand won't tour anymore, that doesn't necessarily mean she will stop performing altogether. Star reports she's secretly negotiating to be the regular headliner at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. That could certainly be a big - money gig for Streisand. According to the National Enquirer, she pocketed a cool $ million for her New Year's Eve concert at the MGM Grand, and her net worth is nearly $55 million. Other net worths, according to the 'zine: Madonna, $63 million; Gloria Estefan, S2 million; Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, $ million each: and Shanla Twain, $48 million last year alone. Speaking of goodbyes, Melissa Etheridge and her partner, Julie Cypher. are separating. and Oasis' Liam Gallagher and his wife, Patsy Kensit, are divorcing. (US Weekly) Vince Gill and his wife, Amy Grant, will soon say hello to their first child together. expected to arrive next March. (US Weekly, People) The Wait s Over Speaking of new arrivals, GO and Spin report that Radiohead is set to release Kid A, the long - awaited followup to their last album, OK Computer. Radiohead tell Spin they do not plan to release any of the new album's songs as singles or to make any videos. nstead, they've made several 3- second "blips," using such elements as live footage and animation, which may make the rounds on MTV. The Wallflowers' newest album, Breach, is set to be released too. Frontman Jakob Dylan tells Details about the diehard Bob Dylan fans who used to frequent The Wallflowers' early gigs: "lt was just uncomfortable to be 22 and have these 55- year -old guys screaming for songs that aren't yours." R. Kelly. whose new album is called TP-, tells Vibe he's crafting some songs for a new release by Michael Jackson. Kelly tells the 'zine that while writing the lyrics, he would seem to morph into The Gloved One. " think am him. become him. That's why record the vocals sounding just like him. When gave him 'You Are FLEENG N TTANC DROVES - Actor Jason Priestley tells US Week y, "There aren't that many Canadians left. There's only 25 million.... We were once 3 million, but people fled the country because they were fired of listening to Celine Dion." Not Alone,' and he heard me doing his runs, he laughed." Mal i% SalOM. Mark David Chapman, who murdered John Lennon in 98, was denied parole on Oct. 3. Before his parole hearing Chapman told Starthat he has apologized to Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, and their son, Sean, and that he's rehabilitated enough to walk out of prison and start life anew. Julie Andrews has settled a medical malpractice suit against two doctors and New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, US Weekly reports. She claims an operation to remove nodules from her throat lett her unable to sing professionally. Andrews' voice has still not returned, but Star reports that she's visiting throat specialists to receive treatment and doing vocal exercises to help strengthen her voice. Rick Springfield spent the night in a Lost Hills. CA jail after his arrest for abusing his wife during a heated argument, US Weekly reports. What triggered the attack? The National Enquirer reports that Springfield's wife became enraged with jealousy when she found her husband e- mailing another woman. Prosecutors in Hawaii are officially charging Whitney Houston with a misdemeanor. stemming from the January incident in which officials at a Hawaii airport reportedly found marijuana in Houston's handbag. (People) Rapper Stanley Howse. a.k.a. Flesh -N -Bone. will serve years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. He was convicted on charges filed after a December incident in which he allegedly pointed an unloaded AK -47 at someone. (Entertainment Weekly) Songwriters Seth Swirsky and Warryn Campbell are suing Mariah Carey for copyright infringement. They say she plagiarized her 999 hit "Thank God Found You" from their 998 tune One of These Love Songs," which they wrote for the group Xscape. (US Weekly) - Deborah Overman Each week R&R sneaks a peek through the nation's consumer magazines in search of everything from the sublime to the ridiculous in music news. R&R has not verified any of these reports.

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KELLY Wish MrYCLEFJENN VAJ.UGE9 HUEY LBW A GARSH PALMA Crusin LUCY PENN. Don't Mess With My Man SHELLY LYMNE Gon Get Bari OEEEN MORGAN Daly Wee Me SNEADO'CMNORJeabus J. SCOTT Gem' n The Way CARL THOMAS Summer Ran TONNE "Mr 38 Gene/ L'idAo amply Apr [, 9.5 VDEO PLAYLST MM esse TM Ei (MFweNla..) N. NELLY Ma OTTM 44 lay LYACWwers Yea FanWr MM rcdtkmnn ral Stele nass YL3 JEM eawe J. MM S MEN n Sloss JA ME R. NRLMMwsa You Me w CSWS/NMLrj RAP CTY El' NNS WSW Borrtoe Wit Me sn NNANNSTONLEVYBadBoy/ MEMO S/ Shama SUMAC( Mil (Part ) C- MNOER VOW, Dam For My Ns JA MLE R. NNJM Between You Me Me MYSTNAL Shake Ya Ass COMM The Light OM ÚS What You Want JAV-Z Give t To Me Video playlist for the week ending October 8 Show Prep F_: i r:...._.. TOP TEN SHOWS SEPT. 25.T. To a Audience (5.9 minion households) Summer Olympics (Monday) 2 Summer Olympics (Thursday) 3 Sumner Olympics 4 Summer Olympics o * 5 Who Wanton, BeA Ailionaire (Sunday) 6 Suriner Olympia; Closing wry 7 Sumner Orympics 8 Summer Olympics (Frey) 9 Who Monts To Be A AllionalW (lbeedey) NFL Mundy Night Football (JsdreoeFr#s at 'd nspolis) COMNG NEXT WEEK Friday, /8 Ruban Blades and Editus, Sessions at Hast 54h (PBS, deck local risings for time). Barsnied Ladles, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC, deck local listings for time). Jewel, The Late Show With David Letterman (CBS, check local listings br time). Elastica. Late Night With Conan OBrien (NBC, check tical listings tir time). SR-7, The Late Late Show Warn Crag Kiöom (CBS, check local listings tir time). Saturday, /7 Klee' fafemael concert debuts on pay- per -view as The Last Kiss (check local listings for time and dermal). Sumner Olympics (Monday) 2 Summer Olympics (Thursday) 3 Surname Olympkos (Nbdmasd y) 4 Summer Olympics 5 NR. MonKay) Might Football (Jacksonville at ) 6 Summer Olympics (Saturday) 7 Summer Olympics Cioskog Ceremony 8 Sunnier Olympics (Frldsy) 9 The Simpson KkgOf The HM Source: Nielsen Media ReMaarCh Disney Channel presents 96 Degrees and Hoku in Concert (8Pa). Emiam pert/3m$ on one season premiere of Saturday Night Lite (NBC, :3pm). $i day, 8 Barenaked Ladies are prdied on the latest irnstabrent of VH's Behnd the Music (9pm). Monday, /9 Christina Aguilera,,lay Lern. Tuesday, / Lyle Lovett, Jay Lend. Eve 6. Crag Kiibom. Wednesday, / Foo Fighters, David Letterman. Thursday, /2 Ramie MKpp is the ailed d AiE's Bbynply(8pm). -eajm ddowe A8 show linee soe ETPT umms J4.. note Mueran era Ados Amr GT. ChedraftebrahsalseheeMmulrhav suma AMhidpseMwdbd ors* aidernesweammlamof... SP New s/ MMy(ps mlmeeeuwandla lmleemwaey oaleellielara MEARMTDEMCNE44 fit OWN! Der VFSRN U3aMawaRRAOSn OMN TMM4y Am MrMNsc REL liesoutlees (M My Wes) alonsieste ar SFTRgM» PMN MD Orden How MOMS AUNgOFT Maley To Bum FMFYRB Nod Yea M tamise NTOPS7 Dunstan Everything EE CMMLOTTE LAN Rings 3 DOORS DOWN Low ORCNEEA Rome Wasn't Beds n A Day T Never Gonna Cane Back Down le Nee Weave OpYFtBm Misers M POW) STERENNMNCra Delta NNA PoserSirtals VSTWAL Shale HAss COMM The LPN MELNMTD LADES Pnch Me LUCY KA Don't Mess With My Non KW Country Grammar X MW WOM Boace WO Me DUNN ANOS%brnarl Lae You MATC.OK Nunn You're Gone Video playlret for the week September 25-October FRMS BOX OFFCE TOTALS Sept. 29 -Oct. Title Distributor S Weekend (S To Date) RememberTheTitans $2.9 Buena Vista' ($2.9) 2 The Exorcist (Rerelease) $7.2 WB ($7.67) 3 Almost Famous $5.57 DreamWorks ($7.83) 4 Urban Legends: FLW Cut $4.4 Sony ($4.67) 5 Bring t On $3. Universal ($59.69) 6 The Watcher $2.28 Universal ($26.) 7 Nurse Betty $2.7 USA ($2.) 8 Bait $.73 WB ($3.24) 9 What Les Beneath $.64 DreamWorks ($5.59) Beautiful $.4 Destination' ($.4) Al figures n naiam ' Fist neat in release Source: ACNiesen Ed COMNG ATTRACTONS: This week's openers include Spike Lee's Bamboozled, starring Damon Wayans. The film's Motown sotai thadc features collaborations by Chuck D, The Roots and Rage Against The Machine's Zack De La Rocha ( "Burn Hollywood Burn "); Mau Maus, Mos Def, Canibus, Charlie Baltimore, MC See'ch, DJ Scratch, Mums and Gano Grills ( "Blak z Blak "); and Common and Erykah Badu (a remix d "The Light "). The ST contains other tunes by Badu. Baltimore and Mums, along with Stevie Wonder's "Misrepresented Peoples' and 'Some Years Ago," Goodie Mob's "Just a Song. Bruce Homsby's "Shadowlands. Prince's "245 Radical Man." Angie Stone's "Slippery Shoes;' Gerald Levert's "Dream With No Love' and tunes by Profyle and ndia Arie. Also opening this week is Digimon: The Movie. whose Wamer Bros. sotndtrad< showcases Smash Mouth's "All Star Fatboy Slim's "The Rodkaleller Skank" Len's "Kids in America," Barerlalted Ladies' Orne Week, The Mighty Mighty Sesames' "The mpression That Get- Lass Thai Jake's "A My Best Friends Are Metallesds" and alts by M.C. Pea Pod, Paul Gordon, Jesan Mallard, Stmnsresnp, Showoff and Jason Godin. %has* Saur stars in Qat Color, wooer Jelybeen Recordkip soundtrack was weaker pro tuced by Jsllitean Benitez and Stephen Kay. t contains Jt swi's.w s 55W as well as two other Christine -tamed tunes by The Accidentais. Molly's 'Memory Gospel' Rad Snappers "Ouicidemper' Paul OaMndold Andy Grey's 'Ossormb'DLdu, ant<'erddrrisd,a Fatboy Slim rembk of Psyche Rode by Rene Henry i Mt/wl Colartblr and songs by Mint Royale, Made For Masses, Soma Sonie and hedge Tarte compels the ST. Rork stars in Dancer in the Lark and her SeErlasaogs CD on Elektra serves as the film's soundtrack... Randy Newman contributes original music, including "A Fool n Loire" to Meet Mme Parents. -.llle Wow

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36 .:...,t.i i T',. 'iéíéi=v't'í..:- ry.i'ti.í..s 4?-?- t+. U U > cb z 4,T m Clé ;:; U T

37 AL PETERSON corn News/Talk October 6, 2 RaR 35 What A PD Wanly PDs report restlessness in the ranks of the new radio world - Several weeks ago GMs and other Talk radio executives offered their thoughts on how they believe the PD's job has changed in the past few years and what they consider to be "must have" qualifies for success as a PD in today's radio business (8/25). t seemed logical to also ask a few PDs to tell us how they believe the GM's job has changed in today's cluster- management environment and to note the qualities that they believe are needed to succeed as a GM. But while the GMs who participated in the aforementioned column were quite candid and divulged their thoughts openly. the PDs who participated in this week's discussion were reluctant to do so on the record. Therefore turned to other members of the Talk radio community - those advisors and mentors who regularly speak to programmers - TALK BACK TO R &R! Do you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this column or other issues? Phone: E -mail: Fax: Or post your comments now. Go to and click on Message Boards. Valerie Geller Michael Packer and asked them to contribute their observations. Geller Media nternational's Valerie Geller and McVay Media's Holland Cooke offered insights from their perspectives as longtime witnesses to the important GM/ PD relationship at several Talk radio stations. and PackerTalkRadio Consulting's Michael Packer provided some "no names. please" commentaries from PDs who had a few things to get off their chests but wished to remain anonymous. While that fact, in itself. may speak volumes about our business. it's a discussion well leave to a future column. Meanwhile. our panelists' observations. along with our anonymous PDs' insider insights. are definitely worth reading. While not all the comments you'll read are corn- plimentary. when it comes to today's GMs. most programmers seem to understand that its a whole new ballgame out there. Changes in the radio business have greatly af- Holland Cooke fected how GMs and PDs must function together in today's consolidated world. ndividuals, Not A Group Asked if she sensed that most GMs have what it takes to succeed in the changed radio management environment. Geller replied that it's unfair to lump all GMs together. "GMs are individuals,' she says. ts hard to generalize them as a group other than that you should always look for someone who is fair and honest." But one of the things she tells a PD to determine about a GM when considering him or her as a potential new employer is the GM's real motivation for seeking their position. "s this someone who wanted the power of being the GM to really create exciting radio and run a successful busi- KABC /Los Angeles morning yakkers John and Ken (l) cringe through the musical stylings of yet another off -key contestant crooning their favorite song from The Lion King for a chance at free tickets to the recent L.A. stage debut of Disney's hit Broadway show. ness?' Geller asks. "Or is this a man or woman who loves power but is. at the core. insecure. with abusive tendencies?' Geller also says PDs should check out their prospective GM similarly to how one might check out a prospective mate. One of the good things about a healthy economy is that jobs are ieadily available.' she says. You shouldn't have to 'say anything' just to get the job. That's where people run into trouble. You may think you want the job. but just as a prospective mate may look sexy and attractive at first. keep your eyes open and your head clear. Because when you get to know the person. sadly. it may become apparent that it's not going to be possible to make a life work out with him or her. The same holds true for the gig." One friction point Geller says she observes frequently in today's management environment is a GM who is not particularly adept at delegating. "f you work for someone who has trouble delegating. you should know that going in." she suggests. "Ask how comfortable he or she would he if you made a decision without checking with them first. "t's also important to know who the boss answers to and just how much decisionmaking power that individual really has within the actual structure of the corporate ownership cuflure." Geller recommends a lot of candor when discussing a new job with a potential employer. "Remember. The boss plays many roles." she says. "Cheerleader. parent. dictator. director. holder of the purse. etc. So be sure to ask a prospective GM what traits he or she has seen in a PD that makes them crazy. That answer will help to clue you in as to whether or not this is someone who has a shoe to fit your footprint." Finally. Geller urges you to do your homework and investigate a prospective GM for yourself. "Find those who have worked for this individual before." she says. "Ask what he or she is really like. Are they easy to work for? What's the worst thing Continued on Page 36 YOU'LL WN THER HEARTS AND WALLETS "Up-to- the -minute news from the most respected name in business today." - Frank Raphael. WCBS Newsradio 88, New York "You have to hit the listener in the heart AND the wallet. The Wall Street Journal Report gives 7 WLW the edge in getting the needed money news to our listeners." - Darryl Parks, WLW Cincinnati "There is no better known or credible name to the consumer than The Wall Street Journal. Their information, along with their reports, have become an integral part of our morning show. t's an unbeatable combination." - Mike Elder, WLS -AM, Chicago "When we're talking about OUR listener's money, there's no room for error. The Wall Street Journal gets it right every time." - Paul Duckworth, KW -AM, Seattle 2Mí rights reserved. The Wall Street Journaró is a registered trademark of Dow Jones LP THE WALL STREET JOURNAL R A D O N E T W O R K Win new cume, longer TSL with business news from the Wall Street Journal. Call Nancy Abramson immediately (94) DOWNES

38 36 R&R October 6, 2 News/Talk What A PD Wants Continued from Page 35 previous employees can say about him or her? How about the best thing? f they were taking a job with this person. what would they love most about the gig? What would they suggest you watch out for? n short. check out that person thoroughly. just as they will be checking you out." View From The Trenches As already noted. Packer was kind enough to forward several replies he received from PDs who preferred not to be named. What follows are some of their very candid comments. many of which are likely to inspire a vari- ety of responses from readers. PD No. : "The job of PD has changed with consolidation. An example is the time spent interfacing with other PD% regarding things like clusterwide promotions. Dealing with additional paperwork related to cooperate policies. especially hiring and firing protocol. is another. And, of course, the biggest change is the downsizing that has taken place on the programming side, which requires PDs to often do more with less. "And since GMs have also been impacted by the changes consolidation has brought about. most are less able than ever before to really know what is going on at a given station in their cluster. That's a very real problem when it comes to a GM honestly understanding how difficult it can be to do more with less. "GMs also need to try to let PDs do their jobs with less hands -on input. GMs don't have time to micromanage every station in a cluster when it comes to programming, and the extent to which many still do so makes them even less effective at it. Questions you should ask of a GM who may be your next employer include inquiring about how much programming experience he or she has. "Have they 'been there and done that' enough to really understand what they expect from you and what the appropriate staffing will be to accomplish the goals? Most importantly, even though they are necessarily profit- driven. does he or she truly respect the integrity of the programming process enough to know that there is a line that should not be crossed when it comes to sales driv- Dr. Joy Browne Relationship Doc The Dolans Consumer Survival Bob Grant Lets Be Heard Joan Rivers Can We Talk? Dr. Ronald Hoffman ntelligent Living Joey Reynolds Comedy with Conscience World Class Talk ing programming decisions, staffing. etc.?" PD No. 2: "First. consolidation has changed our industry. but not for the better. The role of a PD has been dramatically changed from a person who can be creative and make deeisions on his or her own to a person who responds to the wants and desires of a corporate PD located in another city totally removed from the local radio station. "Today's local PD basically has no more input than the secretary at the front desk. The 'local' has gone out of most radio stations as they have become 'McStations' - you get the same sound and product in any market across the country. The skills now needed for a PD are that of an office manager. Basically. the same can be said for GMs..most of whom no longer control the programming or direction of their stations due to the clusters they are running. "How effective can one person be when trying to manage five or six stations at the same time? Still. the worst trait in a GM today is someone who does not make a friend of change in this industry. No matter if "Be sure to ask a prospective GM what traits he or she has seen in a PD that makes them crazy. That answer will help to clue you in as to whether or not this is someone who has a shoe to fit your footprint." you like what you see in the business today or not. you have to be flexible, bend with the changes and grow. That goes for the massive technological changes our industry is seeing each year too." PD No. 3: " don't know that the job of PD has changed as much as the pressure has intensified to produce results now. really think the skills are still the same: teacher, manager and diplomat. The question remains, as always. how to mix those roles to get the best shows out of your station's talent. With consolidation and downsizing, it makes the human element that much more important. The more high -tech we get, the more important it is to maintain that personal contact with staffers. "One -size- fits -all management and programming styles are a thing of the past. The GM's role has changed more than the PD's, especially in cases where the GM runs a cluster of stations. More stations to run. less time to do it. and maybe no real passion for some of the formats he or she oversees. GMs who can keep all the balls in the air are few and far between, but perhaps that is because the industry itself is still figuring out how to deal with these megamergers. "What qualities should a PD look for in a GM? The quality that should always be first and foremost is passion. Does the GM exude a passion that infuses the staff with a sense of purpose and the desire to succeed? Compatibility is important too. A GM and a PD must develop a good working relationship in order to lead. "As for those traits to watch out for that could be signs that the job you are seeking may not be the gig of your dreams, beware of those who are thin -skinned. dictatorial. impatient or bean counters with no sense of humor. And always beware of a GM who says, ' want you to take the station to the next level,' but is then unable to explain what is meant by that statement. Such vagueness can only mean trouble for you down the road." Study n Controlled Chaos When describing how the GM's job has changed in today's broadcasting business, McVay Media News /Talk Specialist Holland Cooke makes an anology to an old TV show. "Remember watching that juggler on The Ed Sullivan Show who was spinning plates while the 'Russian Valerie Geller Sabre Dance' blared?" he asks. 'That's today's GM or PD. Today's typical multistation cluster is a study in controlled chaos. t's all the receptionist can do to answer the phones and say all those different call letters in one breath. "All of the recent consolidation we've experienced is historic, and our industry is still very much in the coping stage. We're still trying to figure out how to effectively manage so many stations under one root. Generally. the AM News/Talk stations in those clusters tend to get short shrift. "Too often consolidation has resulted in an older and more experienced GM at an AM station being replaced by an ex -GM from an FM music station. He or she is often someone too young to have grown up with an AM listening habit and thus tends to have a music FM bias. "With jukebox FM stations defending themselves today against things like MP3, Napster. DSS music channels. streaming audio and other new high -tech competition. more management think time and resources go toward propping up FMs that will lose share. rather than on AM stations whose share could grow if they were treated as more than just stations -in -a- box." Cooke has some specific suggestions about what a PD should seek in a GM. "He or she should be someone who listens to AM radio a lot." he says. "And watch out for someone who says. ' don't really know much about programming. but...' and then proceeds to dictate a list of specific tweaks he or she would like you to make to the station. "Seek out someone who lets the ringing phone bounce into voice - mail when meeting with the PD. Look for a person who understands that the reason the station has news reporters is not just to have people who can place mike flags on the podium at luncheon meetings the GM attends. And finally. always look for someone who understands that a Talk radio station is in real trouble whenever listeners aren't calling to complain." Got Photos? Wheneeer you hase photos from your News /Talk station's events and promotions, be sure you send them to RBR, Santa Monica Blvd., 5th Floor, L.A., CA

39 Waggoner Continued from Page 3 Waggoner commented. "We've just moved our entire radio operation into a brand -new building. so we've got all four radio stations under one roof. Fm looking forward to helping Brian grow KDZ with all of the personnel and resources that he'll have available to him now. And there will also be opportunities for our other stations to tie in to more family -related events organized by KDZ." Waggoner has held several management positions with ABC in the Twin Cities. She was given her most recent duties in 998. Concurrent with Waggoner's appointment, ABC's Rock cluster has relocated to 2 SE Elm St. Minneapolis. MN The new phone number is P aosorl/ceo Erica Farber Dorm Moot. Sky Daniels Papa Beaver OPERATONS MANAGER EDTORAL EorroRl. -Cw(r Ron Rodrigues DRLCTONC,ARTs 6 FON ATS Kevin McCabe MANA6no Eon. Richard Large FORMAT Eloons AC Mike Morello knowrm. Jim Ken CR Tony Novla COUNT.'. Lon Helton NAC Carol Archer Ntws/TALN A Peterson Roch CynWS Maxwell URNS Watt Love SALES 8 MARKETNG EotoR Pam Baker CNWrs 6 Musrc MANAGER. Anthony Acanoora Music EorTOR S. Wonslewlcz Nays Eon. Juke GWlow D.ECrOR OF RMMED, SERE, Hurricane Heenan Roo EBTOR. Adam Jacobson Awo.E Eno A Bride Connolly, Overman EcnORUL 8 CRARrs COOaO ArOR Rob Agnoettl ASSSTANT EDTORS Renee Beim. Mike Davis. Tracey Hoskin. Tanya O'Oulnn. Peter Petro. Dayna Talley, Heidi Van Alstyns NFORMATON SERVCES SAUS 8 MARKETNG D:REc. Jed Gelb MANAGES Jill Baths TED. SuRroRT'. Mary Kubota DrSTRieuroN MANAGER John Errenputsch DATA PROCESSNG MS DEVELOPMENT DRECTOR: Sra rvanl COwurzn SERVCES: RenNd cruz, Mary Lou Downing, Dire Manuken. Cull Phillips, Kevin Williams CRCULATON SUSSCR+TOR FULLLN[NT MANAGER Kelley SehMllalin GRCUUToN COORONAtOes: Jim Hanson. Jill HNnl4 ELECTRONC PUBLCATONS HOrTAx PROOUCTo+ Jeff SMknan DESGNER Cad Hanlon PRODUCTON PnoDLCTroN DRECTOR Kent Thomas PnooucnO. MANAGER Roger zumwell DESGN DwtcTOR Goy on der Stela DESGNERS Tim Kummerow, Eutetea C. Narido. Mike. Garcia GRAPRCS: Frank Lopez. Mlchae4 Bernardo ADMNSTRATON CONTROLLER' Michael SChroepter LEGAL COUNSEL: LW Diary DRECTOR Of HuWM REsouocts 8 A:uwrsThAnpc Cann enter. D+Nciw o COMMONS 8 Sau,w Jacqueline Lennon ACCOUNTNG MANAGER Maria Abotys ACCOuNNG: Magda Lizard. Whitney Monahan, Ernestina Rubio. Glenda Vittores RECrR ^r. Juanita Newton Mu. &rots. Rob Sparego. Tkm Walten BUREAUS A<, N,roN. DC FAX: BuREAU Cu R. Jeffrey Yorke Asscc:ur Erin; Joe Howard LEON COUVSL Jason Shrinsky NAS.v,LLE FAX: BURAL. Cr +, Lon Helton Assaurr E:, -.- Calvin Gilben ADVERTSNG LOS ANGELES FAX: Suis MANA& Henry Mowry ADvERnSlNG Coononucn Nancy Holt SAES REwu5ENUnvES: Paul Colbert. Dawn Garrett Missy HsRtey. Londe Klmmons, Krrary Reeves, Saloons White NONTRADTONAL SALES. Gary Noll AowNSTRATM ASSKTW,: Ted Kozlowski Ex[CUTN AS.sStw: Lita Linares Sett ASSSTANT: Deberah Gardner OPPORTUNTES SNES: Karen Mumaw NT DO /Musc MWNtt% St WAGES Jay Levy WASRNGTON '.2.463x5. FAX : SNES RrontMxT.TM Shannon Weiner VP SNES: Barry O'Brten Sets Mir Beverly Swan NASNV LLE FAX: A Perry Coolest Cap. Arbitron Continued from Page Media Services. Pierre Bouvard, who in the recent past has worked in several areas ofarbitron's operation. will become President of Arbitron's nternet nformation Services. And Marshall Snyder has been named President of Arbitron's Worldwide Portable People Meter Development. Arbitron President Stephen Morris observed. By dividing the organization into three distinct groups. each headed by an executive with extensive industry experience, we will be able to provide our clients with an even higher level of service and support as they seek to profit from the converging media land- Regarding Charlebois. Morris stated, 'Owen brings to Arbitron a unique combination of talents. He's a respected media research expert as well as a savvy marketer. He has worked with hundreds of broadcasters, advertising agencies and advertisers over the years to make the wann Continued from Page 3 B94 WBZZ has been sitting here for many years with no head- to-head competitor, so here we go. "This station will lean rhythmic. We will be playing a handful of rock music at any given time, just the biggest of the big, like Matchbox 7lventy's 'Bent. Creed's `Higher' and With Arms Wide Open' and Everclear's `Wonderful: Thebottom line is, we will be early on the rhyth- LPFM Continued from Page takes a balanced approach by providing for immediate LPFM licensing while safeguarding existing stations and radio reading services from interference. We urge prompt Senate action on this bill:' The five -member FCC has been split on LPFM since long before the plan was hatched publicly. But Commissioner Harold Furchtgott -Roth. who opposes the LPFM plan entirely, last week dissented from the FCC's order and issued a statement complaining that the FCC "continues to forge relentlessly ahead on this issue (despite] substantial congressional disapproval... and serious interference questions.' Although Commissioner Michael Powell believes the interference improvements "are a step in the right direction." he dissented. in part "because the corn - mission once again failed to consider the economic consequences to small broadcast stations.' Meanwhile. Grams' bill picked up more bipartisan support in the Senate last week. Alabama's Richard Shelby signed on as a co-sponsor on Tuesday while Maine's Olympia Snow, Utah's Robert Bennett. owa's Charles Grassley, Oklahoma's Don Nickles, Vermont's Patrick Leahy and Washington's Slade Gorton News October 6, 2 RUR 37 BBM the success that it is today. We look forward to applying his talents to enhance Arbitron's offerings to the U.S. media marketplace.' Charlebois will be responsible for Arbitron's radio, cable and advertiser- agency businesses. He will join Arbitron in January 2 and work from the company's Columbia. MD offices. Bouvard is currently Exec. VP/ GM forarbitron Radio and nternet. His radio responsibilities will be assumed by Charlebois while he focuses on Arbitron's Webeast Ratings and nternet studies. Snyder is Arbitron's current Exec. VP /GM for Portable People Meter Development & Cable. As he focuses on development of the Portable People Meter, his cable responsibilities will he assumed by Charlebois. All these changes occur at the same time that Arbitron is splitting off from its parent company. Ceridian Corp., into a separate. publicly traded corporation. That transaction is expected to occur this year assuming that the federal government makes it a tax -free deal. mic product and late on the rock product. WKST will be extremely active with its promotions and have a huge street presence. Our on -air personalities will be a mixture of inhouse and cyberjocks. Hayes' resume includes PD posts at WKS /Greensboro and WXGT/ Columbus, OH: Asst. PD at KKBQ/ Houston; afternoon driver at WOQ/ Philadelphia; Asst. PD /afternoon driver at KJMN/Denver; Asst. PD/ afternoons at KQKS/Denver; and Asst. PD/MD at WXLY /Orlando. signed on last week. Grams' bill now has 25 co-sponsors. More than half the Senate now supports either Grams' or Sen. Judd Gregg's anti - LPFM legislation. Gregg's bill. which garnered 36 co-sponsors. aims at preventing any type of LPFM service. With a majority of the Senate against LPFM, the Grams bill has a strong chance of being tacked on to a larger omnibus spending bill when the current session of Congress ends this week and of being passed later this month when Congress returns to tidy up its business. - Jeffrey Yorke WNW Continued from Page 26 air. Atlanta is another huge market for us. and we see a great future for WFSH:' WFSH's play list includes such core artists as dctalk. Jars Of Clay. Steven Curtis Chapman. Michael W. Smith and Jaci Velasquez. The Fish is presently jockless and offering continuous music to give the market a nonstop sampling of the station's new format." Power said. Salem recently obtained WFSH through an asset- exchange agreement with Cox Radio that relocated WALR's programming to 4. MHz. replacing WJZF. Croules Continued from Page Channel are: WGUS -AM, WBBQ- AM & FM, WEKL -FM. WKSP- FM. WPRW -FM & WZNY- FM/Augusta. GA: WFAU -AM, WABK- FM. WCME -FM, WGY -FM. WKCG -FM & WTOS- FM /Augusta- Waterville. ME; WLAY -AM & FM. W V NA -AM & FM & WKGL -FM /Florence-Muscle Shoals. AL: KBTM -AM. KFN -FM & KYS -FM /Jonesboro, AR; WEEZ -AM. WFOR -AM, WHER- FM, WJKX -FM. WMFM -FM. WNSL -FM & WUSW- FM/Laurel- Hattiesburg, MS: WFRX -AM. WHTE -AM, WDDD -AM & FM. WQUL -AM, WTAO -FM & W VZA- FM /Marion -Carbondale. L: WMHG -AM. WMUS -AM & FM. WMRR -FM & WSHZ- FM/Muskegon. M; and WKMQ -AM. WTUP- AM. WESE -FM. WWKZ -FM & WWZD- FM/l'upelo, MS. The deal is expected to close in Q4. Until then. Clear Channel will provide programming and marketing services to the 45 Cumulus stations, and Cumulus will provide similar services to the Harrisburg stations. 'Today was an important step in continuing the turnaround the company commenced earlier this year;' said Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey.' As a result of these transactions. we have Emils Continued from Page over the past 25 years." he said. 'The reality is that business looks pretty darn good. We are not seeing this massive shutdown of advertising in the radio sector." Online Finns Raised Ad Rates Emmis Radio President Doyle Rose. who was in ndianapolis with Smulyan for the call to analysts. reported that dot -corn advertising gave radio a gift that keeps on giving. When dot -toms jammed the airwaves. he said, they pushed out some traditional advertisers (who have now returned). Rose added, "The positive effect is that it has raised the bar in terms of cost -per -point." Rose pointed to's willingness to spend in the area of $8 or $9 a point. "That's just not realistic. X Continued from Page 3 to recruit the world's best programming talent with a diverse mix of established pros. hot future stars and Ceatlausd from Page ff acquired an excellent position in what is now our largest market and exited several smaller and less strategic markets that were consuming a great deal of our resources without generating significant cash flow. The net cash raised from these transactions will enable us to complete our pending acquisition pipeline without selling key markets and without having to raise highly dilutive equity." Marty Gausvik. who joined Cumulus as CFO in May. told R &R on Tuesday that the struggling group has now generated "enough cash to close the remainder of its] deals." Gausvik acknowledged that "the company has not had a great year," hut he is optimistic and expects Cumulus to "see improvement in Q4 and by early 2." Gausvik said Cumulus is not currently in discussions with Clear Channel about any other markets. "Right now we are done. and we do not have to sell any more assets. This company carne together very quickly. and we've had a lot of growing pains. Now we are going to hunker down and operate our properties.we will probably acquire strategic fill -ins." But once the group smooths out the wrinkles. Gausvik suspects that it will again enter into some level of expansion. - Jeffrey Yorke However, they are back this year. and they are paying cost- per -point in the $5 range - well above what we used to get for the same demographic." Emmis Closes On Lee, Others Soon n other news, Emmis settled on its purchase of 5 TV stations from Lee Enterprises last week. The final adjusted purchase price was $559.5 million, plus working capital. Emmis is slated to close its deals with Sinclair and Bonneville within the next week. Emmis is paying $22 million for Sinclair's WRTH. KHT, KPNT, KXOK -FM, WL -FM & WVRV /St. Louis, then swapping WRTH, WL &WVRV, as well as its own WKKX, to Bonneville in exchange for KZLA /Los Angeles. Emmis currently runs KZLA under an LMA. niche music experts. all focused on building the fresh and original'amazing Radio' sound of XM" XM expects to launch its satellite service in the second quarter of 2. BusNESs BR/ERs Saga ncreases Stock Buyback Capital that it believes its stock is undervalued, Saga Communications SaiYing as authorized an increase in the amount committed to its stock buyback program from $4 million to $6 million. Saga repurchased 5, shares last week, in addition to its previously announced repurchase of 44, shares (RM 9/29). J

40 38 RaR October 6, 2 JOE COCKER "She Believes in Me" (Brynrr AdnmS Street Ta /k The bith Behind Clear Channel's `Salary Caps' ON TOUR WTH TNA TURNER /6 CLEVELAND /7 WASHNGTON DC /8 RALEGH / GREENVLLE '3 CHARLOTTE /4 ATLANTA /5 ORLANDO /2 NASHVLLE /2 BRMNGHAM /22 KNOXVLLE /25 NEW ORLEANS /27 AUSTN /28 DALLAS /29 HOUSTON MORE DATES TO FOLLOW AC NEW& ACTVE WMJX- Boston WSRS- Worcester WWL- Providence WHUD- Newburgh WTCB- Columbia S. WLRQ- Melbourne WLTQ- Milwaukee WFMK- Lansing WA)- Ft. Wayne WOOF- Dothan WMJY- Biloxi -Gulfp KOSY- Salt Lake City KWAV- Monterey DAVE MORRELL DAVt a tñorrtcisumymu5 ll//azz, nc. :m 3,, 395 F95 EAGLE RECORDS A [.iii`., ('. r.,jf A, (OM,). 4.. :.,Air.,. The folks over at Clear Channel Commu nications have been quite busy since the NAB Radio Show, and much of what has occurred has been criticized in some circles. Among the top gripes has been the reported institution of salary caps by the company. A report in Monday's nside Radio stated that Clear Channel was `vowing to make good on its goal not to let salespeople make over $, a year." But the truth is that there are no salary caps, Sr. VP Dave Crowl tells ST. "The story has no merit whatsoever. Either someone is trying to sensationalize something journalistically or there are disgruntled people who are trying to distract our operations." Crowl also denied a rumor that Clear Channel's San Francisco stations were planning to restructure their sales teams and designate a single account executive to handle an agency representing the entire station cluster. "We would never cap salespeople. That's bad business," Crowl remarked. At the NAB confab Clear Channel head Lowry Mays said his company puts no limits on employee earning power. Another big Clear Channel news story involves the departure of VP /Programming John Roberts. Roberts, whose final day with the company was last Saturday (9/3), calls his tenure with the Mays family "the best time of my career. When you've been an active part of the organization from its days of operating 5 stations to now moire than 9, it's tough to suddenly find yourself not involved." Roberts adds that he's been "pleasantly surprised" at the number of strong prospects already starting to turn up, and he's confident that he'll soon have a new position with another company. n the Golden State KXTA & KS /Los Angeles GM Roy Laughlin adds similar duties at "Jammin' Oldies" KCMG (Mega 92.3). He succeeds Marko Radlovic, who has departed the company. Up in the City by the Bay, KO (K)/San Francisco PD Bob Lawrence has parted ways with Clear Channel. KMEL & KYLD VP /Programming Michael Martin will oversee K's programming, and KKSF PD Paul Goldstein will focus on the Hot AC's promotion and marketing until Lawrence's successor is found. Meanwhile, Clear Channel has tightened its belt in Phoenix, and KYOT founding PD Nick Francis has exited, along with Sales Manager Steve Verissimo and three other station employees. Asked by ST about the departures in Phoenix, Clear Channel /Phoenix Market Manager J.D. Freeman explained that many positions in many markets are being consolidated due to the group's recent merger with AMFM. Shaun Holy, PD of AC KESZ, will reportedly add duties at the NAC /Smooth Jazz station. St. Louis radio listeners have seen a sub- stantial amount of change in the last few days. On Wednesday (/4) at midnight Bonneville flipped Country WKKX (Kix 6)/St. Louis to NAC /Smooth Jazz as WSSM. Consultant Jim Teeson has been retained to guide the station's launch, and Bonneville /St. Louis Market Manager Dave Ervin will directly oversee WSSM's progress. WKKX PD Jeff Allen will remain with Emmis as PD of Classic Hits KHT (KHits) and a soon -to -debut FM Talker, which is rumored to be Classic Rock KXOK. Could Howard Stern be the choice for morning drive? t won't be Steve & D.C.: The duo shift from their short -lived home at '8s- formatted WXTM (The Mall) to KHits this morning. And, if all that isn't enough, there's talk about town that Clear Channel's KSD -FM is considering Country now that Kix 6 is history. Down in the Lone Star State, Cox Radio has decided to give Houston radio listeners `the best of the '8s and more." The former KKHT. which Cox just acquired from Salem and had been stunting as "Radio Free Houston," signed on Wednesday at 5pm as "6.9 The Point" The station will adopt the calls KHPT and is consulted by Randy Kabrich. "f you think of MTV in the early '8s, that's the station," he tells ST. He adds that the KZJZ calls were indeed applied for by Cox, but station management opted for the sounds of the Reagan decade. However, at press time KKTL was still simulcasting Oldies KLDE, and GM Dennis Winslow tells ST that his company could have two new stations in the market. f that's the case, will KKTL become KZJZ and adopt an NAC /Smooth Jazz format? Precious nanoseconds before press time, ST learned that Radio One and VP /Programming and WBOT /Boston PD Tom Calococci have parted ways. Expect him to explore options in all areas of the entertainment industry. `Wild' Stunt Backfires n Bay Area Joseph Lopez and Graham Herbert, part of KYLD (Wild 94.9) /San Francisco's morning Doghouse, have been charged with causing a false emergency by a San Mateo County DA. The charges stem from an Aug. 3 exploit in which the duo allegedly dressed as escaped prisoners and roamed a neighborhood in near- by Millbrae, CA. The point of the stunt: to see how long it would take to get a hacksaw to remove their handcuffs. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Lopez and Herbert wore orange jumpsuits with "County Jail" stenciled on their backs and were knocking on doors, asking residents to help them remove their cuffs. Scared locals called the police, who sent out Continued on Page 4

41 "Sorry... can't do your auditorium music test on the 2M because 'm already booked for the laundry soap test that night." Auditorium tests, of course, need people to test the songs. Problem is, it is virtually impossible to get real people - people recruited at random who are just normal listeners - to come out to these tests held in the dark of night in some hotel. Normal folks just don't want to do it... not even for 3 or 4 or 5 dollars. After all, would you do it? But there h a group of people in every town who will take auditorium tests. They are people who have indicated to a local research company that they are willing to participate in all kinds of research in exchange for getting paid. t's a way they make their income. Local research companies really couldn't function if they didn't have a database of regulars like this that they could count on. But that's a long way from recruiting normal listeners totally at random from all over your metro. Music -Tee tests use NO local research companies or lists. People are recruited % at random and we make it easy and convenient for normal listeners from all over your wide- ranging metro to rate the songs. That's why AC stations like B -, # Rated in Philadelphia, Country stations like WVK, # Ranked in Knoxville -and hundreds of other stations -have used Music -Tec tests exclusively for over four years to get more than their fair share of ratings. Music -Tee America's Number One Music Testing Company (79)

42 TV Appearances: Oct 9 The View -Cohosting Oct 24 Larry King Live Oct 27 The Today Show - Outdoor Performance Oct 3 The View Nov 2 The David Letterman Show KATHE LEE' J e WLTW/New Ye fs WAS H/Wa z hingiun K ZP/Sea pb H HP it' iiijuf Jh W LTQ/M KHF/Qusj Produced by Jo The st single from her :d heart of cì /rlí 44-ii-J5J}Juu: J7 Lr W ria'i!/f W'i'l! UP ' wir.;- and many ) WDRQ /Dettit KLSY /Seattle WLF /Baltimore KUDL/Kansas City WMGF /Orlando WOOF /Dothan -lee net UNVERSAL

43 Street Talk October 6, 2 R &R 4 i Continued from Page 38 officers who held the Wild boys at gunpoint. A complaint has also been filed with the FCC by Millbrae Police Capt. Mike Grogan because Lopez and Herbert performed the stunt within yards of an elementary school. KYLD GM Joe Cunningham told ST, " certainly didn't think the stunt would cause a major disturbance," and added that his station will cooperate with authorities as best it can. s Oldies WWKL/Harrisburg still planning a flip to CHR /Pop as "Kiss FM." (a move that Clear Channel aborted last month)? A website titled which some claim is designed for 'WKL. has been posting the message "Too much talk with your music causes brain damage:' Could this be directed at Cumulus just- acquired crosstown WNNK (Wink 4) and longtime afternoon host Bruce Bond. or is the website just a tease? Although no official announcement has been made. former Hispanic VP /Programming Bill Tanner is now Head of Programming for Spanish Broadcasting System. Tanner will be based in Miami but will focus his efforts on SBS' Los Angeles properties. W4 Country Returns! However, its not in the Motor City, but in nearby Ann Arbor, M, where longtime rocker WQB has adopted the format and calls of Detroit's old WWWW (now WLLC).The new "W4" is owned by Clear Channel, which recently purchased the 49kw station from Cumulus. WUSY /Chattanooga OM and Clear Channel Country Brand Manager Clay Hunnicutt tells ST that the new WWWW is even using the logos and jingle package from the old W4. since they were never service -marked! A PD is expected to be named shortly. Rumbles KMBX/Seattle PD Gary Bryan relinquishes his duties to focus on the morning show. WHBX & WWLD/Tallahassee, FL tap former WDAS -FM/Phiiadelphia morning host Kevin Gardner. He replaces "Hurricane" Dave Smith. now at WZF /Cincinnati. Gardner will also host afternoons on WHBX. WMT-AM & FM /Cedar Rapids, A PD Randy Lee relinquishes his FM programming duties to Erin De Werth, who comes from WVMX/Cincinnati's MD post. Dan Fritz succeeds Tony Matteo as PD of Pop/ Alternative KLCA/Reno. NV. WWWX & WXWX/Appleton- Oshkosh. W PD Todd Kangas joins WOKZ/Saginaw. M as APD'afternoon host. WWWX & WXWX MD A.J. assumes interim PD responsibilities. Sean Sellers is tapped as APD at WWVZ & WWZZ (Z4)/Washington. Los Angeles Spanish Contemporary trimulcast -Viva 7. - replaces veteran morning talent Humberto Luna with a more music -oriented program hosted by Hector Rossetti. KTXQ /Dallas morning host Banana Joe Monbone exits. KMXR/Corpus Christi, TX flips from AC to Old- ies. WXQR/Greenville, NC is now simulcasting on WANJ. WANJ & WXQR PD Darren Arriens picks up similar duties at crosstown CHR /Rhythmic sister WOSL. WCUZ /Grand Rapids flips from Country to Classic Rock as The Fox" under OM Doug Mont- gomery. Records Have Sir Richard Branson and Jive Records emerged as the front- runners to purchase Virgin Records. which EM has offered to sell in order to complete its merger with Time Warner? A report in The Times of London cites the Virgin founder and America's largest independent as the two leading candidates. Analysts believe that Virgin, whose acts include The Spice Girls and The Rolling Stones, could fetch $.46 billion. Look for Universal VP /Urban Promo Lewis Tucker to loin Bad Boy Records as GM, replacing John Stockton. Will we also see Motown Sr. VP /A &R Bruce Carbone getting a bump up to Exec. VP for Universal? Arista names ex- Columbia Nat'l Director/Top 4 Promo Lori Rischer as Nat'l Director/Promo. Phillip Nieves. assistant to Virgin VP /Promo Cary Vance. is elevated to a Miami -based promo post. effective Oct. 5. Virgin also taps concert promo honcho James MacDonald as its new $oston/ New England rep. Reprise nabs Beyond's Big Apple -based Nat'l East Coast Director /Radio Promo, Karen McLellan, as its N.Y. local, while Universal hires Beyond N.Y. regional Suzanne Perl as its new Big Apple rep. Due to cutbacks. Time Bomb lets go promo head Lynn McDonnell. N.Y. rep Kurt Steffek. Atlanta rep Shawn Moseley. Chicago rep Andj Georgin and N.Y -based marketing rep Josh Katz. Another pair of legendary call letters will soon be retired. WOW -FM /Omaha updated its playlist last Friday (9/29) to become "The All New 94. KSS Country." The 5-5 current/gold ratio is now leaning 65% current, and PD Tom Oakes tells ST that the station's main goal "is to be the station that plays fewer commercials and more new country every hour." The WOW calls have been in Omaha since 924, when Woodman nsurance placed WOW -AM on the air. Arbitron reissued the summer 2 Phase Arbitrends for Albuquerque Tuesday because the company had neglected to note a signal swap Clear Channel made on July 9. Alternative KTEG moved from 7.9 MHz to 4.7 MHz, as Country KEXT took the 7.9 signal to become KBQ. The original ratings improperly credited KTEG with listening on both frequencies. KTEG trends while KBQ rises n a day and age when virtual air talent abounds, it's noteworthy when a station drops voicetracking in favor of local programming. That's what happened Monday at Kelly Communications' Country WXCL/Peoria. L. where PD/ MD Dan Dermody takes wakeup duties, along with Dale Van Horn and Amanda Care. Sue Parker has the am -noon shift. Bob Grayson lands the 3-7pm slot. and Lee Malcom is welcomed for 3-7pm duties. The syndicated Lia Knight and AfterMidnite With Blair Garner round out the day. 'Fatleates' Compete in Big Boy's Games While the feats of Marion Jones and Cathy Freeman at this year's summer Olympic games in Sydney, Australia were certainly worth their weight in gold, ST congratulates the winners of such events as the frozen pizza discus throw, frozen turkey shot put and big belly bounce. No, those weren't Olympic events, but were part of 25 years old. Drinks bottled water. Listens to R &B and Rap. Downloads MP3 files from the net. Owns 94 pairs of shoes. Want to know what all. this really means? Unless you know how to use it, research is useless. That's where Strategic Media Research can help. Because you get a lot more than just reams of data from us. You get actionable, customized solutions that will help you succeed. To find true meaning, call or visit us online at STRATEGC meia researc What's New. What's Now What's Ncxt' Continued on Page 42

44 42 RaR October 6, 2 Street Talk 4 LT l/ oao eecustom Production - Callouts & Montages c Digital, Clear, Consistent cr 5,+ Song Library oceall Formats & nternational Titles On -Time Delivery HCFKS U N L M T E D The World's Premier Music Hook Service _- GalDisa and HitDiscs h ooksunlimited C' com puserve. corn FAX: (573) Old 63 South, #3 Columbia, MO For The Best Auditorium Test Hook Tapes Bernie Grice (573) Continued from Page 4 the fun at last Friday's (9/29) Big Boy's -Blimp- cs, held at a Pasadena, CA fitness center by the KPWR (Power 6) /Los Angeles morning host. Participants had to meet a minimum weight requirement of 25 lbs. Among the other events that took place: the fat man's 5- second pushup, freestyle tumbling and the 5 -yard fat man dash. The first -prize winner received a weekend in San Diego plus tickets to see Shamu at Sea World, a La -Z -Boy recliner and tickets to a local amusement park's Halloween party. The syndicated Mancow's Morning Madhouse debuted on WCDW /Binghamton, NY Sept. 2. However, the program was pulled for good just one day later after a barrage of callers expressed outrage over what they had heard, the Press and Sun -Bulletin reports. " probably owe the market an apology for putting it on. t was very crude," station owner George Harris told the newspaper. Meanwhile, Mancow TV has aired its final broadcast on WCU -TV /Chicago after /2 years, the Chicago Sun -Times reports. While Mancow said he'd pulled the plug on the program and severed his ties with its producer in order to launch a new national TV show next year, WCU's parent company cited advertiser resistance because of the show's racy content. Classical radio listeners in Denver will still have a place to turn once Latino Communications completes its purchase of KVOD from Clear Channel. Crawford's KLV -AM will flip from Religious to the sounds of Bach and Beethoven upon KVOD's flip to a Spanish -language format. Bonneville's all -News WTOP -AM & FM/ Washington adds WXTR -AM /Frederick, MD as a simulcast partner. The trio also ends its affiliation with the Baltimore Orioles. Top -rated KFMB -FM (Star.7) /San Diego morning duo Jeff & Jer (Jeff Elliott and Jerry St. James) sign a five -year contract extension with the Hot AC. Over in the Sunshine State, Bubba The Love Sponge has extended his relationship with Clear Channel's WXTB (98 Rock)/ Tampa for another three years. His new contract includes future syndication of his show and a possible book deal. Happy birthday to legendary Country WSM- AM/Nashville, which celebrated its 75th anniversary yesterday (/5) with two special live broad - casts from the Ryman Auditorium beginning at Sam. Among those scheduled to attend the festivities were former WSM air talent Ralph Emery and VP Bud Wendell. Kudos to WROX/Washington morning cohost Bert Weiss, who completed an 86 -mile inline- skating marathon Sunday for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Weiss finished the race in nine hours, 3 minutes and 6 seconds. The team of 5 skaters Weiss recruited raised a total of $3, in pledges. OOPS: On Page 3 of R &R's Sept. 29 issue we mistook WEBN /Cincinnati PD Michael "Dolphin" Walter for Station Manager Jim Richards in a photo from this year's Marconi Awards. We apologize for the error. Congrats to KRXQ (98 Rock) /Sacramento, which sold 22 copies of its Sacramento Rocks v Clear Channel and AMFM to merge in $23 billion deal, with more than spinoffs expected. Bill Pugh promoted to Dir. /AM Operations at Clear Channel/San Diego. Francis Murphy appointed GM of WWJZ -AM/ Philadelphia. Gehrig Peterson picked as WCKG /Chicago OM. Andy Holt hired as PD of WFLC/Miami. Andre Harrell appointed Motown Records President/CEO. Alan Chlowitz chosen as GM of KNEW & KSAN /San Francisco. David Dickey assumes GM duties at WALR -AM & FM /Atlanta. KFAN /Minneapolis Station Manager Dan Seeman adds duties for KEEY -FM. Robin Bertolucci becomes KOA/Denver OM. Drew Hayes promoted to Ops. Director of WLS/ Chicago. Jim Pemberton picked to program WRF /Detroit. Tom Rivers rises to PD at WOYK -AM & FM/Tam- pa Mike Carta catches PD cap of WGH -FM /Norfolk. Hurricane Dave blows into WBLK/Buffalo as PD. Al Teller tapped to serve as President of CBS Records Division. Mike Bone boosted to Sr. VP /Marketing & Promotion at Elektra -Asylum Records. Pam Robinson elevated to PD of KACE/Los An- geles. Denny Nugent named WKRC /Cincinnati PD. Ron Valera joins WRK /Danbury, CT as Promotion Director. Lee Michaels and Brenda Ross join for mornings at WBMX/Chicago. Norm Nathan leaves WHDH /Boston for wakeup duties at crosstown WRKO. Bill Lee joins KFRC /San Francisco for the early- evening shift. Joel Denver joins R &R as Washington Editor. Art Astor is appointed VP /GM of the Drake - Chenault Co. Jerry Sharell selected as VP/nt'l Division of Elektra/Asylum Records. Jeff Salgo named OM of Seattle's KU6 & OK2 /2. Bob Kaghan joins WAVZ/New Haven for middays as "Bob McKay" For the record: The Sept. 22 Timeline for "25 Years Ago Today" should have credited Clark Smidt with earning PD stripes at WCOZ/Boston. Vol. 7, Napster of Puppets - in its first day of release, good for No.! f you have Street Talk, call the R &R News Desk at or e -mail streettalkg, rronline.corn

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46 a /`, c l ar s cro -,., `'ÌÍi i, C mon Peoe,, N - ' (We re Ma n t o; t*i.,,,, a r : D.; *, \,// /' r t- w L_!... the new song from his solo debut album Alone With Everybody MPACTNG NOW... ARPLAY NCLUDNG: Ake WXPN KTHX KCDA KRSH KSPN WDST KBAC WVOD UPCOMNG TOUR HTTNG... CHCAGO /4 WASHNGTON DC /3 DETROT /5 LOS ANGELES /5 TORONTO /7 SAN FRANCSCO /7 BOSTON /9 VANCOUVER /8 NEW YORK CTY / PHLADELPHA /2 Potter. Richard Ac.hc

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48 46 R&R October 6, 2 Sound STEVE WONSEWCZ Decisions. PART TWO OF A TWO-PART SERES Wolf Tally Music Booz -Allen & Hamilton partner bullish on music's future in the multimedia world n last week's Sound Decisions Michael Wolf, founder and Sr. Partner of the Media & Entertainment Group at consultancy powerhouse Booz -Allen Hamilton, shared his views on - how the music business fits in with the recent headline -making media mergers and acquisitions. Wolf and his team of over 2 consultants throughout the world have advised or continue to advise compa- nies such as Viacom. Hearst, NBC. Berielsmann, News Corp., the NBA and Seagram. to name a few. Wolf also authored the highly acclaimed book Entertainment Economy: How Mega -Media Forces Are Transform- ing Our Lives. which is chock -full of inside stories of his dealings with media titans and how their decisions are transforming the entertainment business. n last week's column Wolf touched upon why record companies - majors and independents - aren't about to go away any time soon. contrary to what many new -technology pundits might say. He also discussed the future of music subscription services, a revenue stream about which he is extremely bullish. Here's part two of our conversation. R &R: There will undoubtedly be some pretty heated turf wars among the record companies. retailers and online companies if Best Buys and lower Records begin selling music subscriptions. MW: Definitely. t will come down to who has the best relationship with customers and who provides the hest service and recommendations. Right now a lot of people go to MTV and VH for music. They're very important brands for consumers who buy into the notion that what MTV or VH thinks is cool really is cool. Look at the number of times MTV has been able to break a group or al- Michae Wolf hum. MTV Online will be able to do the same thing. Most consumers will lean toward buying a music service from them rather than one of the music companies. R &R: The record business and the online world are becoming incredibly intertwined. Will it get to the point where it's almost impossible to identify where one business ends and the other begins' MW: Absolutely. The music companies have to rely on the online world. Music is the first of many media formats that are going to be easily experienced online. A crouple of years down the road we'll see games and video reach the level music is at today. Broadband is going to provide us the opportunity to hear. watch and play whatever we want whenever we want. Right now the only company totally linked is Time- Warner, via America Online. The links for the other companies arc kind of tenuous. But Time- Warner will continue to make deals with other players. They're going to have to, because they can't rely exclusively on AOL. R &R: You criticized Time Warner in your hookfnr not exploiting synergies within the company: Now along comes AOL. Does that eliminate the criticism? MW: AOL is a good fit for Time Warner and will be an enormous catalyst to exploit the jewels that make up Time Warner. AOL's management and assets are going to be very helpful in pushing the music industry at large into building online as a viable and profitable way to distribute music. "There is only a very small group of artists who could survive outside the environment of a music company - bet you and could identify only 2 or 3 - and there would be entire genres of music where it would be difficult to find many artists who could go it alone. One of them is country." but not the only way to distribute it. R &R: Where does the artist fit in? There has been a lot of conjecture about artists not needing record companies anymore. What are your feelings about that scenario? MW: Established artists who have shown that they can sell albums will have the option to break away. doubt they will do it in droves because there is still value in the marketing, promotion and distribution - and the risk- taking - of the music companies. Most artists receive big guarantees, and there are la of big - name artists who are not profitable. Are there going to be artists who go off and do their own thing? Absolutely. But there is only a very small group of artists who could survive outside the environment of a music company - bet you and could identify only 2 or 3 - and there would be entire genres of music where it would be difficult to find many artists who could go it alone. One of them is country. R &R: Clear Channel recently closed on its purchase of AMFM. There are already rumors a f.significant changes, including more syndicated prognnnming and prerecorded da parts. How will those changes affect the music industry? MW: The radio business is about being the leading station in the local market. f a programmer in Des Moines is programming a station for somebody in, say. New York, its going to be difficult to be the leading station in Des Moines. What makes stations strong are the music mix and personalities. And a lot of the music isn't about what's on the charts; it's about what people want to hear in their area. 'm a big fan of efficiency. but also believe that it comes down to what you hear over the airwaves or what you sec on the semen. don't like to tell my clients to skimp on that. f they go that way, it's fraught with a lot of danger. R &R: Yet aren i there some very successful networks throughout the world, like NR) in France and Rete /OS in taly that do vent' well? Could the U.S. more closer to that model? MW: Radio is a local business - local advertisers and local listeners. The top stations are focused on local "AOL's management and assets are going to be very helpful in pushing the music industry at large into building online as a viable and profitable way to distribute music, but not the only way to distribute it." programming. Are there going to be fifth - and sixth -rated stations that are almost entirely automated? Of course, but they won't be the winners. 'm convinced that the most valuable resources within a media business arc the creative people, the ones who figure out what the consumer wants and the environment they want to hear it in. R &R: Jn your book you talk about the migration of entertainment and media executives to companies.styli as Delta Airlines and real estate mm- ponies. The music industry has been criticized for being run by "bean counters." Now the technology guys have a big say in the future of the business. s creative talent getting pushed further into die b ackgnmml.' MW: t's all about striking a bal- ance. R &R: But is the balance out of whack? MW: No. t's just that there are few people who excel at A &R. The best music companies tend to be very focused on the best executive talent because nobody cares how good your accountants are. Consumers are not going to buy Jamiroquai because Sony has a great finance department. They buy albums that are well -produced. They buy great artists who write great hooks and lyrics that mean something. That happens from great creative direction. not from how good your financial systems are. R &R: The major record companies have.significantly trimmed the number of albums they release. Will that continue? MW: One of the problems for the labels is that they haven't been able to pay attention to all of their releases. What's happened recently is that they have sort of averaged down their bets. Focusis a great thing for labels right crow, because it allows them to put the right amount of energy behind the artists who have the highest probability of success. That doesn't necessarily mean there will be fewer opportunities for artists to get their music out there. because there will always be independent labels. R &R: You're a big fan of the international marketplace. What are your views on the U.S. being the proving ground for artists' Very few international acts sell well in the U.S., but many American acts sell platinum overseas. MW: A la of music sold around the world is still local repertoire. f you live in taly. you want to listen to talian artists. The same goes if you live in France. Japan or mainland China. Because music is more than just something pleasant to listen to: it has meaning. and the meaning is different for each person. R &R: Will the labels have the capital to invest in local mlem and reconl companies at a time when they are facing financial pressure to build our their nternet infrastructure? Are they facing a cash march in that regard' MW: No, because that's absoluteh where the opportunity is. For the enter- tainment business in general. China is going to offer incredible opportunities. The raw numbers are amazing. Just to give you some perspective: There are about 9 million TV homes in the U.S.. and there are 3 million TV homes in China. There are already strong music companies operating there and in Loin America. another big arca for growth. Those companies aren't all owned by the majors. R &R: Will the nternet assist in building that international infra-.structure and breaking more international artists in the U.S. and other markets? MW: The nternet makes it much easier for music to travel. The old pattern was that music broke from the U.S. and then went to the rest of world, but wouldn't he surprised if we find more music traveling to the U.S.. if we hear more international sounds emerge in the U.S. within the next few years. Look at how Latin music moved into the mainstream. Nobody could have predicted how big that became. R &R: Any parting thoughts' Anything we overlooked? MW: People shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the tradition- al channels will go away quickly. For- mats persist for long time. The industry still sells a lot of cassettes. Music that's sold in a playable format. like a physical CD, will be around for a long time. Yes, there are issues about portability and convenience of storage, but it will be a while before the new technologies are fully embraced by and practical for people who want to own music in a physical. playable form. i also think we'll see new technologies happen in fits and starts when it comes to music in the new economy. We'll see companies launch services and do a la of testing around pricing. And any new technology that is created to protect copyrights will inevitably be broken. so the music companies are going to have to get over that hurdle and come up with pricing that entices consumers to pay for music over the nternet.

49 Sound Decisions. October 6. 2 R &R 47 \ duced \ a LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG PAD LAUNCHNG Lifehouse's 'Moment Arrives At Auernative, Active Rock Count DreamWorks act Lifehouse among the talented group of mainstream rock -based acts breaking through at radio. The group's debut single. "Hanging by a Moment." lit up the Most Added column last week at Alternative by picking up 25 stations. making it the third Most Added track at the format. Lifehouse Among the stations supporting the group and the single are WRAX/Birrningham - the airplay leader last week at 39 plays - WPLA/Jacksonville. WXDX/Pittsburgh. %VEND/Charlotte. KAEP/Spokane. KXRK/Salt Lake City. WMRQ/Hartford. WKRUSyracuse. WHFS/Washington, WF_DG/Buffalo, WKQX/Chicago. CMX/Detroit. KFD/ Phoenix. KTCUDenver and KWOD/Sacramento. The track is also receiving healthy and growing support at Active Rock and Rock. Key Active Rockers playing the song are WQXA/Harrisburg; WMFS/Memphis; WCPR/ Biloxi. MS; KQRC/Kansas City; KRQC /Omaha: and KHTQ /Spokane. Rock outlejs that have added the track include WLUM/Milwaukee; WKLT/NW Michigan; KFRQ/McAen: KFZX/Odessa- Midland. TX: and KATS/ Yakima. WA. Los Angeles -based Lifehouse is the creation of singer - songwriter- guitarist Jason Wade. who started the band in 996 with bassist Sergio Andrade (the group has since added drummer Rick Woolstenheulen and guitarist Stuart Mathis). Wade hooked up with DreamWorks about 2 /2 years ago courtesy of Jude Cole. who now manages the group. DreamWorks Records principal executive Michael Ostin. who signed Jason. remembers. "Jude brought him to my attention. Jude had recorded three albums for Warner Bros. Records while was there. and we stayed in touch after left the record company. He called me one day and said he had something incredibly special that should hear. "Jude came over that afternoon and played me a three - song demo from Jason. and was blown away. The quality of the songs and his voice was so incredibly compelling and had an amazing warmth and maturity. met Ja- son soon after. and he played some songs for me on his acoustic guitar. immediately offered him a development Development deal in hand. Wade returned to the studio to work on new material with Ron Aniello. who had prothe demos (Aniello was also responsible for turning Cole on to Wade's promise). Ostin continues. "Jason and Ron recorded several more songs that loved just as much as the ones on the first demo. The new material showed how fast Jason was growing as an artist. So, rather than continue with the development deal. we decided to go ahead and begin recording an album. We also wanted him to continue working with Ron and Jude. We didn't need big -name producer for the album because it was more important that Jason work with someone who understood him as an artist. t was a real team effort between Jason. Ron and Jude." On the radio front. DreamWorks Head/Promotion Mark Gorlick and his team got their first taste of Lifehouse early this year when they heard some of the music being recorded. t was a solo acoustic performance at the record company's conference room. however. that really kicked their plans into high gear. Gorlick recalls. "Ja- son showed us so much power. emotion and maturity that we wanted to get him in front of everybody so they could experience the same thing. We started setting up as many meetings with radio as we could." That plan had to be modified when Lifehouse scored a coveted opening slot on Pearl Jam's U.S. tour. Gorlick admits. "We had some pretty hectic days for a while. because we were juggling the acoustic performances for radio and the Pearl Jam tour. At one time Jason was inwashington. DC. visiting two or three stations in the day and then going to Pittsburgh for the Pearl Jam show." Some key radio stations picked up on "Hanging by a Moment" via a DreamWorks sampler that the record company mailed in June. Gorlick comments. "Every major label does them for marketing and promotion purposes; there's nothing really unique about that: But in July we started getting some great feedback - from hard -edged stations to softer ones. We had early believers at WPLA and WRAX. and that showed us that radio was hearing it too. Combine that with all the work Jason and the band were doing. and it all added up to the success we had last week. t's a testament to everybody's collective ability that we were able to set this up and execute it." WRAX PD Dave Rossi has already moved the single into high rotation. He's also spiking two other tracks from the album. Rossi comments. "From the very first time we played it. we had people calling the station wanting to know where they could buy the record." As to why the song is connecting with his listeners. 'Rossi notes. "t's hard to put a finger on. but the song has a certain familiarity to it that people really love and that makes it a mass-appeal record. There's an element of cool- ness to it. plus the lyrics are such that everyone can relate. They're the perfect band for Alternative right now:' While delighted with the progress at Alternative. DreamWorks will continue working Active Rock and Rock. Gorlick notes. "We now have a great start at Alternative. but we also have some great stations at Active Rock and Rock to build a base on." Lifchouse's debut album. No Noun liter. hits retail Oct. 24. Ready For Takeoff Active Rock WRF/Detroit is revving up big -time inter- est in hometown rock band Rev. The station added the band's song "Drag Me Down" two weeks ago. after it won a week's worth of 'RF "rumbles" against songs from well -known rock bands. Last week the station played the track seven times. all in the late evening. Rev is made up of firmer Sponge member Charlie Grover (drums. vocals) and ex -Plain members Todd Price (vocals, guitar) and Mike Dolunt (bass. vocals). Since picking up the add. Wild Justice President Rick Smith. whose management firm reps the band and Days Of The New. has been fielding calls from "nearly every major record label. We've had amazing response. and we've had a lot of people fly in to see the band." Smith also says that pnxluccr Josh Abraham (Orgy. Staind) has agreed to work on the band's full -length album. While 'RF continues spinning "Drag Me Down." Smith says he'll continue talking with label reps and keep the band on the road. He comments. 'These guys know what its all about. They all live together and spend their days writing. recording and performing. We have a van. and we're always ready to go. Nothing's going to stop them." For more information. contact Smith at Steve Wonsiewicz No Decision Yet n Napster Case Napster remained in business following a jampacked hearing before a three -judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Oct. 2. After oral arguments. the judges let stand a July Circuit Court decision that overturned Judge mapstter Marilyn Patel's original ruling that the plug be pulled on the wildly popular song-copying software. The three judges are expected to make a ruling on Napster's future within the next few weeks. Following the ruling RAA President/CEO Hilary Rosen said in prepared remarks, "Nobody expected a ruling from the bench today, but we were pleased with the court's understanding of the issues. We hope the court will render a decision as promptly as possible. This case has never been about technology. Rather, it is about Napster's abuse of peer -to -peer technology for its own commercialbenefit" Meantime, Napster CEO Hank Barry said in a written statement that he was "surprised that we have been unable to resolve this case outside of the judicial process... Over a period of many months Napster has made serious proposals to each of the major record companies and their publishing affiliates that involve payments of substantial percentages of expected company revenues to compensate artists and rights holders - proposals whose most conservative estimates would result in payments of over $5 million to the industry in just the first year alone. Every one J of these proposals has been rejected, and the record companies have made no counterproposals" BMG Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer & President/New Technology Kevin Conroy called Barry's comments inaccurate. n a written statement he noted, "BMG has in fact discussed various business proposals with Napster. But Napster has never addressed the important issue of licensing nor proposed anything approaching a sound, legitimate business model." Pearl Jam To Sell U.S. Tour CDs Pearl Jam will be one busy band for the foreseeable future. The group, who recently began selling live albums of their European shows, plan to do the same thing with their U.S. performances. The group will r alto: `r i l :. Pearl Jam sell live albums from all 46 concerts sometime in early 2. The group also say via their website. The Rumor Pit, that they will begin working on a new studio album.the website reports, "Many have wondered if there will be another single released from Binaural... the answer is no, negative, non. With the bootleg releases and all, [the band will) be working instead on a new album for 2." Tour update: TLC's Tionne "T-Boz"Watkins has refuted published reports that she won't perform live with the multiplatinum group due to health reasons. n a written statement Watkins says that she's not touring because she's about to give birth and that she remains an "active member of TLC" and "looks forward to performing again with the group soon." n other touring news, veteran rocker Sammy Hagar begins a national tour Oct. 3 in Hartford. This 'n' that: Luther Vandross has inked a deal with Clive Davis' J Records and will begin working on his first album for the label later this year... Ricky Martin has titled his second English - language album Sound Loaded. t will be released Nov Paul Simon is making available four songs from his new album, You're the One. on n addition to the title cut, the other tracks are "That's Where Belong :' "Old" and "Hurricane Eye"... Rock trio Better Than Ezra and Elektra part ways. Pos Artist DAVE MATTHEWS BAND 2 METALLCA 3 'N SYNC 4 RCKY MARTN 5 PHSH 6 TM MCGRAW /FATH HLL 7 OZZFEST 2 8 SANTANA 9 BRTNEY SPEARS DXE CHCKS ROGER WATERS 2 STNG 3 UP N SMOKE TOUR 4 CREED 5 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Avg. Gro ss On s) $ $564.6 $558.2 $55. $544.8 $543.5 CONCERT PULSE Among this weeks new tours BEENE MAN KEB MO' MARLYN MANSON RANCD SAMMY HAGAR The CONCERT PULSE,s courtesy of Pollster. a pudcatf n of Prompters' On -Line Lostngs. 8) Cabbma (29) 27.79

50 ( 48 MR October 6, 2 CHR TONY NOVA (. Get Real To Suivive And Thrive Talent can make or break a station, so programmers need to get creative to cultivate personalities By Bob Davis & Randy Lane With a successful programming and personality consulting business, Bob Davis and Randy Lane deal with real-life personality issues just about every day. As PDs have so little time to train and nurture personalities, many in markets of every size are including Lane's respected coaching services into their new deals. For a dose of reality, asked Davis and Lane to pen some of their thoughts on how to survive and thrive as a personality in this fast -moving, we- want - ratings- now -or -else consolidated marketplace. ts time to get honest about our craft. t isn't something you can mas- ter from a cheat sheet or a list of what - works concepts any more than you can learn to ski from reading a hook. Sure, it helps to have the main parameters marked. but in the end. when you have the tips of your skis pointed down the mountain. its up to you. f you drive from point A to point B anywhere in this country, the radio is one seamless station for the most part. Everyone has the same sweepers. the same music. the same promotions and even the same billboards and television campaigns. What makes one station different from another today is format (and sometimes we wonder about that as well) and the people on the air. Radio listening in the primary demos served by CHR is down, according to Arbitron gurus like Rhody Bosley. This could be a small cycle, similar to ones that have occurred in the past. or it could he a trend that bears close scrutiny. Well have to watch it and see if the nternet and other entertainment choices such as satellite radio are going to have an impact on radio listening. With consolidation. there's going to be more opportunity for people who an able to connect with the audience and stand out. assuming that they have the intellect and the humility to be really good. successful personalities. have a point of view. know who they are and have the fortitude to stick to it. no matter what. What Doesn't Work? With all due respect, the biggest problem in radio today isn't air talent. t isn't consolidation. t isn't any of the stuff that comes to the tip of your tongue. We hate to say it. hut, hell, someone has to: The biggest impediment to the success of air talent in this business today is the program director. Yeah. it's a blanket statement. and there are exceptions to the rule. but the rule is: PDs can he toxic to talent. Some of the fault lies with upper management. and some of the fault lies in what we have come to know as the job description for the modem PD. Bob Davis Randy Lane They are responsible for everything and have no power. Therefore, they are some of the most frustrated people on the planet. n their position as the most frustrated person in the radio station, the only target they can safely blaze away at is the airstaff. We have come to believe that most criticism is toxic. Well say that again: Most criticism is toxic. All those management manuals that tell you to evaluate. collate, criticize, review and discuss employee performance are fine for a factory. but that stuff kills creativity. This ain't a factory. So if you're a PD. throw away the management manual. Become a revolutionary. Go back on the air. Radically break from programmer tradition and give up "constructive criticism "of talent. t doesn't work. t kills them. The best thing you can do is find something positive and build on that base. 've experienced this firsthand. As a new PD. hired a talent with great potential and signed him to a no -cut deal. He needed work. but the more criticized. the more he went into his shell, and his performance continued to deteriorate. Out of desperation and a sense that needed to build his confidence. looked for the smallest of things (and had to look hard) that liked about what he was doing. kept at it. bit by bit. Six weeks later the guy was sounding pretty good. and he ended up pulling the biggest numbers in the station's history. learned that by building on posi- tives and the strengths of the talent and the show. the negative stuff just organically faded away. Evidence abounds that this approach works. Recently some researchers somewhere did a study where they talked nasty to one set of plants every day. The other set, they spoke kindly to. Guess what hap- pened? You think the plants that got abuse lived? No. The plants that were spoken to kindly flourished. Another study shows that prayer works for people who are being prayed for. even if they don't know it. What Works Here's one idea: Hire talented people and leave them alone. Set your airstaff free. But there are two sides to this strategy. The upside to simply letting talented people go without coaching is that we would all benefit from more entertaining shows. The down- side is that most shows would be a little like the nternet, in that we'd have to wade through a lot of junk to get to the good stuff. There is a wealth of undiscovered and undeveloped creative talent. Talents go undeveloped and undiscovered for several reasons. One is the inability of management to recognize talent. Also. the majority of radio stations are not set up environmentally to foster and nurture creativity. There has been more value placed on revenue, research and marketing than on talent development. You need to create a place where talent can thrive. An environment that encourages creativity begins with believing that talent is one of the key components in your winning formula. You can spend a million dollars in big markets on a marketing campaign that may increase ratings. whereas memorable talents who can break through the clutter am virtually points on the board and money in the bank. Give up the idea of controlling talent. PDs labor under the illusion that they have control. You cannot control talent or anyone else (except yourself). Focus on influencing, being uplifting and feeding ideas. A controlling mentality automatically sets up an usvs. -them scenario within your radio station. You don't want to be a boss: you want to be a coach or director. A talent coach inspires and influences How s Your Station's Environment? Here are some tips for establishing a nurturing and creative environment that allows talent to grow. Talent is the primary way to create brand depth beyond the music position for stations. PDs and GMs who make the morning show one of their top -three priorities, along with music and marketing. take the first step toward creating a talent -friendly environment. Treat the morning show with as much respect as the GSM and the PD get. Give talent their own work space or office that is conducive to the creative process. Having their own voice mail. and business cards are givens. Educate the sales, engineering, office staff and others on the important role the show plays in creating listener loyalty and brand depth for the station. nvest in talent through talent coaches, seminars, workshops, conventions and so on to foster growth. nvest marketing dollars in shows that are adding numbers to the station and in newer ones that are adding TSL, but that need cume awareness. Avoid marketing the show and the music position simultaneously. Alternate marketing campaigns to drill in one message. t's hard enough to get one message across in advertising, much less two. Morning shows and other high -profile shows need producers or phone screeners to compete in most markets today. Smaller markets and startups may want to use overnight talents and part -time people to fill these roles. Quickly address technical problems that have a negative impact on the show. nvolve talent in decisions that affect the show. Agree to an open and honest relationship with air personalities based on mutual respect. Encourage personalities to ask questions and even challenge you. Be supportive. Share success and failure. Praise talent often, in pudic and privately. Reprimand when needed (always n private).then forget it and move on. Call personalities during the show only when they do something good (unless it absolutely cannot wait). Keep reinforcing their strengths. Listen to the show regularly, and make specific comments. Personalities wim immediately discern the generic `Hey, sounding good comments. performance. A talent coach enrolls talent in their ideas. Find something your morning show or talent does well. Praise them. Become their friends. Love them. n a short period of time the show will get better, and you will be a happier individual for it. f you are one of the unfortunates who labors under a PD and management staff that are under the illusion that they have control, smile. Be nice. Try to do what they ask. but also uy to insulate yourself from negative feed- back. Another thing that works is preparation. Many shows do not prep enough. and they do not prep properly. You have to read everything and scan everything. You have to know as much as you can about the stuff that you care about. Plan in detail. As you're reading. be conscious of what you're feel- ing. Make notes of how you are feel- ing, even on napkins and old receipts, as part of your prep. t will he too difficult to re-create later if you don't jot it down. Your feelings will have more impact than your opinions. n addition to this type of prep. you have to know each other. Even kids' hockey teams know that when they hang together, they win. Hang with your team. Become brothers and sis- ters. That's part of prepping too. You can't walk in 5 minutes before your show and say. "What am gonna talk about'.?' Focus on coming up with content that will cause listeners to talk about the show. Approach planning by looking for ways to push buttons and strike nerves. Management must expect and even he happy if the show attracts some complaint calls. faxes or e- mails. t simply means people are listening and responding and reacting to the show. Any or all show members should be ready to deal directly with complaints from listeners. Just listen to them (don't argue), and most of the time people will be quickly diffused. nclude as many real -life experiences as possible when planning a show to increase the genuine emotion and build character. ronically. planning the shuw will allow talent to he confident enough to he spontaneous. What Gets Ratings, What Doesn't People - especially teenagers are turning off their radios. They are not being mentally engaged by what is on the radio. But there are stations that are electrifying. KROQ in Los Angeles and WQHT (Hot 97) in New York are two that come to mind and there are others. Consequently. those sta- tions have ratings. To get ratings. you have to be natural and real, and you have to he yourself. f you cannot do that, you will not get ratings. You will not be special or compelling. No book. cheat sheet. list of stuff that works somewhere else, prerecorded bit or prep sheet will save you. Stories are a great vehicle for creating emotion and entertainment. Sharing daily life experiences with listeners, whether it's for 3 seconds Continued on Page 52 fe

51 THE MUSEUM OF TELEVSON & RADO RADO FESHYAL 2 New York: October 9 to November 2, 2 M.. Los Angeles: October 27 to November 3, 2 FUNDNG FOR THS FESTVAL S GENEROUSLY PROVDED BY THE EDWARD AND PATRCA MCLAUGHLN FOUNDATON Opening reception in L.A. is sponsored by Norman ]. Pattiz, Chairman, Westwood One. n -kind support donated by Broadcasting& Cable. Radio World. and Rd R: The ndustry's Newspaper. 25 West 52 Street, New York, NY North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 92 Festival Hotlines: 22/ /786-5

52 C 5 ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) Ca//old America EXCLUSVE NATONAL MUSC RESEARCH ESTMATES October 6, 2 CALLOUT AMERCA song selection is based on the top 25 titles from the R &R CHR/Pop chart for the airplay week of September -6. CHR/POP TOTAL AVERAGE AVORABY SMA TW LW 2W 3W á : r DEMOGRAPHCS WOMEN 2-7 WOMEN 8-24 WOMEN REGONS MD- EAST SOUTH WEST 3 DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (Republic Universal) CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind -up) MO PAM ROACH Last Resort (DreamWorks) NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel /Universal) H» 8$ ncomplete (DnpowDef SoutiDJMG) MYA Case The Ex (Whatcha Gonna Do) (University/nterscope) PNK Most GMs (Laface/Arista) BON JOY t's My Life (sland/djmg) VERTCAL HORZON You're A God (RCA) CHRSTNA AGULERA Come On Over Baby... (RCA) OE3TY'8 CHLD Jumpin' Jumpin' (Columbia) MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (Lava/Aflanfic) THRD EYE BLND Deep nside Of You (ElbkbaEG) SAMANTHA MUMBA Gotta Tell You (Wildcard,Polydor/nterscope) JOE Wanna Know (Jive) EVERCLEAR Wonderful (Capitol) BBMAX Back Here (Hollywood) JESSCA SMPSON Think l'm n Love With You (Columbia) TON BRAXTON He Wasn't Man Enough (LaFace/A ista) BAHA MEN Who Let The Dogs Out (Artemis) NNE DAYS Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (55 Music) SOULDECSON Faded (MCA) BRTNEY SPEARS Lucky (Jive) W 98 DEGREES Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) (Universal) JANET Doesn't Really Matter (Del Soul/DJMG) MADONNA Music (MavericktWB) WEST CALLOUT AMERCA Hot Scores BY KEVN MCCAB(.' The strong appeal of 3 Doors Down. Creed and Papa Roach continues as "Kryptonite- Repuhlk/Univerol). "With Arms Wide Open' (Wind-up) and "Last Resort' (DreamWacks) stack up in positions, 2 and 3 this week. "Kryptonite" ranks No. among women and "Arms" leads the cell with a "Resort" earns the Hit Potential tag since it has yet to char in the top 25 on R &R's Pop chart and is just shy of 6% total familiari- ty. - "ncomplete" by Sisqo (Dragon/Def SouWDJMG)juntps overall and tics "Case Of The Ex" by Mya (University/nterscope) for No. among teens. Sisqo and Mya both demonstrate strong ap- peal among all three demo breakouts and four regions. "t's My Life" by Bon Jovi (sland/ DJMG) moves overall with strong regional scores in the East (3.7) and Midwest (3.7 ). According to Mediabase. "Life" picked up 66 plays at WBZZ/Pttsburgh. 6 plays at WPS"f/}enton. NJ and 55 plays at WHZ/New York. "Music" by Madonna (Maverick/ WB) ranks No. 8 among women 8-24 with a 3.59 and also shows appeal among 25-34s with a Clearly. its overall score is being pulled down by the teens in this week's sample. R &R reminds all users of Callout America to keep in mind that teens are included and can represent up to one-third of the sample. n the case of Madonna. quite a few stations are seeing top- or higher results because their composition is strictly women 8+. "Music" is currently in top n+ tatinn at a large number of stations - including in markets that R &R calls to gath- er Cabot America data. t's not necessarily a surprise that the teens in the survey rank Madonna lower than women 8-24 or The upper -demo scores reflect the fact that "Music" is solid with Madonna's upper-demo tans. Total sample size is 4 respondents with a +/ -5 margin of error. Total average favoability estimates are based on a scale of -5 ( = dislike very much, 5 = like very much). Total familiarity represents the percentage of respondents who recognized the song. Total burn represents the number of respondents who said they are tired of hearing the song. Songs must reach 4% familiarity before they appear in print. Hit Potential (HP) represents songs that have yet to chart in the top 25 on ROR's CHR/Pop chart. Sample composition is based on females aged 2-34, who responded favorably to a CHR/Pop musical montage in the following regions and markets: EAST: Baltimore. Boston, Long sland, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Washington, DC. SOUTH: Atlanta. Dallas, Houston, Miami, San Antonio, Tampa. MDWEST: Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland. Columbus, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis. WEST: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle. 2, R&R nc. Maximize Visibility X Cost effective plastic banners for your station. X We print any logos or designs in up to four spot colors. X Perfect for concerts, public appearances, expos & giveaways. X Packaged on a roll and easy to use. / P.O. Box 7525 Houston, Texas / / FAX ri'

53 J /Frig CHR/Pop Top 5 CAlgil October 6, 2 LAST WEEK s Breaker r 6 Breaker 2 Breaker Breaker (Debut> (Debut> 4o [Debut> TH WEEK Q Q Q 4 s Q 8 Q io e 3 5 e (D e '9 e N 26 e m e e a 45 m e e 49 ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) 3 DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (Republic /Universal) 9823 MADONNA Music (Maverick/WB) 9352 CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind -up) 894 CHRSTNA AGULERA Come On Over (All Want...) (RCA) 8223 DESTNY'S CHLD Jumpin' Jumpin' (Columbia) 89 PNK Most Girls (LaFace /Arista) 7972 JANET Doesn't Really Matter (Del Soul /DJMG) DEGREES Give Me Just One Night... (Universal) 6947 SOULDECSON Faded (MCA) 6778 MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (Lava/Atlantic) 5994 NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel /Universal) 5854 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) 5469 EVERCLEAR Wonderful (Capitol) 5338 VERTCAL HORZON You're A God (RCA) 524 TON BRAXTON He Wasn't Man Enough (LaFace /Arista) 52 BON JOV t's My Life (sland /DJMG) 544 SAMANTHA MUMBA Gotta Tell You (Wildcard /Polydor /lnterscope) 462 BAHA MEN Who Let The Dogs Out (Artemis) 4489 NNE DAYS Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (55 Music) 476 DEBELAH MORGAN Dance With Me (DAS /Atlantic) 3674 BARENAKED LADES Pinch Me (Reprise) 348 KAND Don't Think 'm Not (So So Del /Columbia) 349 RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) 345 THRD EYE BLND Deep nside Of You (Elektra/EEG) 2893 BRTNEY SPEARS Lucky (Jive) 286 RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) 2733 JESSCA SMPSON Think 'm n Love With You (Columbia) 264 EVAN AND JARON Crazy For This Girl (Columbia) 258 MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) 259 FASTBALL You're An Ocean (Hollywood) 244 MYA Case Of The Ex (Whatcha...) (University/lnterscope) 2 FATH HLL The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.) 29 ENRQUE GLESAS Sad Eyes (nterscope) 28 BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) 743 DREAM He Loves U Not (Bad Boy /Arista) 685 WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker (lnterscope) 676 NO AUTHORTY Can Get Your Number (Maverick) 324 SAVAGE GARDEN Affirmation (Columbia) 27 SR -7 Right Now (RCA) 22 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Californication (Warner Bros.) 59 DESTNY'S CHLD ndependent Women Pt. (Columbia) 54 EVE 6 Promise (RCA) JAY -Z Big Pimpin' (Roc -A- Fella/DJMG) 84 DDO Here With Me (Arista) 23 CORRS Breathless (43/Lava/Atlantic) 4 SSQO ncomplete (Dragon/Del Sout/DJMG) 3 PAPA ROACH Last Resort (Dream Works) 998 NNE DAYS f Am (55 Music) 995 MARC ANTHONY My Baby You (Columbia) 947 BOYZ MEN Pass You By (Universal) 93 TOTAL PLAYS - PLAYS GROSS RPRESSONS lal WEEKS ON CHART TOTAL STATONS ADDS 66/ 69/ 62/ 68/ 56/ 57/2 66/ 66/ 64/ 55/ 5/ 68/2 53/ 54/ 36/ 5/ 62/3-5/ 54/ 39/2 3/6 /7 6 / 26/ 39/ 23/9 42/ 25/ 43/6 27/ 8/25 4/4 9/ 7/ 7 96/9 8/8 92/ 74/ /5 85/ 7/ 75/ 55/ 8/ 75/ 62/4 6/ 93/6 68/ oon 2 ARTST TTLE LABELS, Most Added 5 ADDS BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) 7 MANDY MOORE Walk Me Home (55 Music) 7 MYA Case The Ex (Whatcha...) (University /lnterscope) 25 MKALA So n Love With Two (lsland/djmg) 24 LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engine /Arista) 7 NNE DAYS f Am (55 Music) 6 SR -7 Right Now (RCA) 5 BOYZ MEN Pass You By (Universal) 2 MACY GRAY Still (Epic) 2 JOY ENRDUEZ Tell Me How You Feel (LaFace /Arista) 2 LOUCHE LOU & MCHE ONE Out Of (nterscope) 2 Most ncreased Plays TOTAL PLAY ARTST TTLE LABELS) NCREASE RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) +237 BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) +742 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) +423 MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) +36 CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind -up) +86 PNK Most Girls (LaFace/Arista) +944 MYA Case Of The Ex (Whatcha...) (University /lnterscope) +75 RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) +635 KAND Don't Think 'm Not (So So Del /Columbia) +52 S. MUMBA Gotta Tell... (Wildcard/Poydor/lnterscope) +486 Breakers RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) TOTAL PLAYS/NCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADCS CHART 345/237 6/ RUFF END? No More (Epic) TOTAL PLAYSNCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 2733/635 23/9 EVAN AND JAM Crazy For This Girl (Columbia) TOTAL PLAYSerCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 258/83 25/ MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) TOTAL PLAYSNCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 259 /36 43/6 7 CHR/Pop reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24- Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining pays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays. the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 25 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Company). 2, R&R nc. ProSet. PORTABLE DSPLAYS HGH -MPACT GRAPHCS MAXMUM PORTABLTY DURABLE CONSTRUCTON - MNUTE SET -UP Moss Added s Me bed number Of new adds officially repotted to RAR by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overall tan Malone payklg a gong. Most ncreased Prays lists Me gape are rte greeted sany4ls=: increases in tots plays. Weighted Writ appears en MR OMJUE MUSC TRACKR G. BROADCAST PRODUCTS N C O R P O R A T E D P.O. BOX 25 ELKHART, N ',("n USA

54 52 R&R October 6, 2 C/'i/R/Pop ROBBE WLLAMS Rock DJ (Capitol) Total Plays 77. Total Stations: 6. Adds: 2 DEXTER FREEBSH Leaving Town (Capitol) Total Plays. 67. Total Stations: 5. Adds: 4 LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) Total Plays 599. Total Stations 53. Adds 9 MESTWhats The Dillio (Maverick) Total Plays Total Stations: 52. Adds: 3 DR. DRE The Next Episode (Aftermath//nterscope) Total Plays: 58. Total Stations: 24. Adds: LEANN RMES Can't Fight The Moonlight (Curb) Total Plays: 459. Total Stations: 5. Adds: 4 MYSTKAL Shake Ya Ass (Jive) Total Plays 433. Total Stations: 34. Adds: 8 JESSCA RDDLE Symphony (Hollywood) Total Plays: 346. Total Stations: 42. Adds: MKALA So n Love With Two (lsland/djmg) Total Plays 344. Total Stations: 6, Adds: 24 JOY ENROUEZ Tell Me How You Feel (LaFace/Arista) Total Plays: 342. Total Stations: 48. Adds: 2 MACY GRAY Still (Epic) Total Plays: 38, Total Stations: 56. Adds: 2 PLUS Cherry Bomb (Elektra/EEG) Total Plays: 25, Total Stations: 32, Adds: 8 ANGELA VA Don't Care (Atlantic) Total Plays: 28. Total Stations: 9, Adds: NELLY FURTADO 'm Like A Bird (Dream Works) Total Plays: 98, Total Stations: 26. Adds: MANDY MOORE Walk Me Home (55 Music) Total Plays: 4. Total Stations: 7, Adds: 7 Songs ranked by total plays During her new- release celebration dinner, Motown /Universal recording artist Sparkle had a good laugh as Lawman Promotion's Greg Lawley entertained the guests. Here they are checking out Sparkles sexy advertisement in R &R. Get Real To Survive And Thrive Continued from Page 48 or three minutes, is a form of storytelling. Don't he a presenter of information and data. Make it mean something to people by sharing your human experiences and your feelings in story form. Listeners want to know the details of your life. All the "greats" have had many things going for them, including good luck, but the two things we can discern is that they were unique (they were themselves) and that they were given the room to flourish. We hate to he negative, but if you work for a radio station that demands results after the first three trends. pack your bags and get the hell out of there: it will never be successful. Morning shows can take years to develop. t isn't wrong to expect some result,, but think of all the TV shows and successful entertainers who were laughed at and began with poor ratings. n fact, that would be most of them. Just look at the TV sitcom Cheers. There are stations in this country that have been successful because the ownership left them alone and allowed them to grow into their po- sitions. The good companies know how to judge a winner, and they'll bet on something a little longer than those that want to pull the trigger on it because it isn't immediately successful. There are very few overnight successes. What can all talent do to excel at what they do? There's too much "McRadio." Do something radical. Try to connect with your audience. Be real. Everything in this country is so packaged and buttoned -up with research and preplanning that if you just take a shot. half the time people respond to it. Attention PDs: Realize that if you're in management, you're looking at every area of programming in terms of quantifying. categorizing and tying up loose ends. Creative talents thrive on the loose ends. The essence of creativity is being outside of the envelope. Blow off that meaningless meeting and run two miles. Do it today. Do it tomorrow. Go to the gym every day. Do yoga. Stop eating Cheetos. Drink green tea. Hey! Put that friggin' Mountain Dew down. We're talking to you! f you do nothing else today, do something to get healthy. f you arc fit and healthy, you'll feel a lot better. You'll start to gain inner strength. You'll do better in your job. Fourth-Quarter Releases CMPO' BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) B.O.N. Boys (X- CelUEpic) BOTTLE FLY Got 2 B Luv (Universal) BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) BOYZ N GRLZ UNTED That's What You Get (Edel America) ROBERT BRADLEY'S BLACKWATER SURPRSE Baby (RCA) TON BRAXTON Spanish Guitar (LaFace/Arista) AARON CARTER Aaron's Party (Come Get t) (Jive) CHERRY POPPN' DADDES Diamond Light Boogie (Mojo/Universal) COLE f /QUEEN LATFAH Can Do Too (Capitol) COLLAPSS October (Cherry/Universal) D-CRU Show Me ( Elektra/EEG) OSCAR DE LA HOYA Run To Me (EM Latin/Capitol) DESTNY'S CHLD ndependent Women Part (Columbia) DEXTER FREEBSH Leaving Town (Capitol) EVERCLEAR AM Radio (Capitol) FOO FGHTERS Next Year (Roswell/RCA) NELLY FURTADO 'm Like A Bird (Dream Works) AMANDA GHOST dol (Warner Bros.) BLLY GLMAN One Voice (55 Music) DAVD GRAY Babylon (ATO/RCA) WHTNEY HOUSTON f /GEORGE MCHAEL f Told You That (Arista) ENRQUE GLESAS Sad Eyes (lnterscope) ELTON JOHN Friends Never Say Goodbye (Dream Works) K-C & JOJO Crazy (MCA) R. KELLY Wish (Jive) KNA Me (Dream Works) LUGO Boom ( Elektra/EEG) MANDY MOORE Walk Me Home (55 Music) SHAWN MULLNS Everywhere Go (Columbia) BLLE MYERS Should Call You Jesus? (Universal) LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engine/Arista) P.Y.T. P.Y.T. (Down With Me) (Epic) JESSCA RDDLE Symphony (Hollywood) ROCKELL The Dance (Robbins) SADE By Your Side (Epic) SANTANA (/DAVE MATTHEWS Love Of My Life (Arista) SHAGGY t Wasn't Me (MCA) STEPHEN SMMONDS Can't Do That (Priority) TONY SMMS Alone (Cherry/Universal) TAKE 5 Can Come Over ( Elektra/EEG) THEY MGHT BE GANTS Boss Of Me (Restless) 3LW No More (Baby l'ma Do Right) (Epic) USHER Pop That Collar (LaFace/Arista) ANGELA VA Don't Care (Lava/Atlantic) VTAMN C The tch ( Elektra/EEG) KRSTNE W Stronger (RCA) TONNE "T-BOZ"WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) WESTLFE Flying Without Wings (Arista) Plus TBD singles from Amanda. Babyface. Baha Men. Cleopatra. Jennifer Lopez. Madonna. No Authority and Sister 2 Sister. CHR/RHYTH AML f/beyonce Got That (Roc-A- Fella/Columbia) ASU -RA f /KY -MAN MARLEY Equality (Koch) AVANT My First Love (Magic Johnson/MCA) BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) B -LGHT Destiny (Koch) BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) TON BRAXTON Spanish Guitar (LaFace/Arista) AARON CARTER Aaron's Party (Come Get t) (Jive) CASH MONEY MLLONARES Baller Blockin' (Cash Money/Universal) CASPER Casper Cha Cha Slide (Universal) CO -ED Roll Wit Me (Universal) SLMM CUTTA -CALHOUN ts OK (Elektra/EEG) CYPRESS HLL f /KURUPT Highlife (Ruffhouse/Columbia) D-CRU Show Me ( Elektra/EEG) OSCAR DE LA HOYA Run To Me (EM Latin/Capitol) DLATED PEOPLES No Retreat (Capitol) TON ESTES Hot (Priority) 54 BOYZ Whodi (Priority) FLESH & BONE Way Back (Koch) HAYSTAK Reckin (Koch) WHTNEY HOUSTON f /GEORGE MCHAEL f Told You That (Arista) JAGGED EDGE Promise (So So Del /Columbia) K -C & JOJO Crazy (MCA) KURUPT Represent Dat G.C. (Antra/Artemis) LU BOW WOW My Name s (So So Del /Columbia) LL COOL J Take t Ott (Del Jam/DJMG) LUGO Boom ( Elektra/EEG) MAGC JUAN Te Jodiste (Koch) CHANTE MOORE Straight Up (MCA) MUSO Just Friends (Del Soul /DJMG) PRU Candles (Capitol) STEPHEN SMMONDS Can't Do That (Priority) SSQO Unleash The Dragon (Dragon/Del Sout/DJMG) SPOOKS Swindley's Maracas (Antra/Artemis) SPOOKS Flesh Not Bone (Antra/Artemis) STCKY FNGAZ Get t Up (Universal) SUNDAY Know (Better Place /Capitol) TAKE 5 Can Come Over ( Elektra/EEG) USHER Pop That Collar (LaFace/Arista) VTAMN C The tch ( Elektra/EEG) KRSTNE W Stronger (RCA) TONNE "T BOZ "WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) Plus additional TBD tracks from Amanda, Baha Men, Cleopatra, Ginuwine, Jennifer Lopez and No Authority. C

55 Want Don't Want Melt WC/RO:Pop October 6, 2 Most Played Recurrent* TOP CHR/POP POWER 53 STNG Desert Rose (A&M/nterscope) BBMk Back Here (Hollywood) JOE Wanna Know (Jive) 'N SYNC ts Gonna Be Me (Jive) CREED Higher (Wind-up) AALYAH Try Again (BlackGround/Virgin) PNK There You Go (LaFace/Arista) VERTCAL HORZON Everything You Want (RCA) SONQUE t Feels So Good (Farmclub/Republic/Universal) SANTANA ROB THOMAS Smooth (Arista) 'N SYNC Bye Bye Bye (Jive) MACY GRAY Try (Epic) DESTNY'S CHLD Say My Name (Columbia) SSAD Thong Song (Dragon/Del SouDJMG) BLANE Bring t All To Me (Track Masters/Columbia) ALCE DEEJAY Better Off Alone (Republic/Universal) MARC ANTHONY Need To Know (Columbia) THRD EYE BLND Never Let You Go (Elektra/EEG) CHRSTNA AGULERA What A Girl Wants (RCA) SMASH MOUTH All Star (lnterscope) NEXT Too Close 5 ALANS MORSSETTE Head Over Feet 2 SUGAR RAY Fly 52 PRNCE Kiss 3 WLL SMTH Gotta' Jiggy Wit t 53 THRD EYE BLND How's t Going To Be 4 WLL SMTH Miami 54 OMC How Bizarre 5 THRD EYE BUND Semi- Charmed Life 55 SPN DOCTORS Two Princes 6 NOTOROUS B..G. Mo' Money. Mó Problems 56 BACKSTREET BOYS Quit Playing Games 7 MATDSOX 2 3 AM 57 BACKSTREET BOYS Everybody e MATCHBOX 2 Real World 58 BLUES TRAVELER Run -Around 9 USHER You Make Me Wanna 59 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Under The Bridge THRD EYE BUND Jumper 6e EN VOGUE My Lovin' (Never Gonna Get t) K-C il JOJO M My Life 6 GNUWNE Pony 2 GREEN DAY Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance) 62 SALT- N-PEPA Shoop 3 TONC t You Could Only See 63 ROBYN Do You Know What t Takes 4 PUFF DADDY/F. EVANSl2 Be Missing You 64 TONE -LOC Wild Thing 5 ROBYN Show Me Love 65 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND What Would You Say 6 SMASH MOUTH Walkin' On The Sun Red Red Wine 7 CHUMBAWUMBA Tubthumping 67 WLL SMTH Men n Black to TLC Waterfalls 68 LA BOUCHE Be My Lover 9 MEREDTH BROOKS Bitch 69 TLC Creep 2 MARK MORRSON Return Ot The Mack 7 SNAP Rhythm s A Dancer 2 EDWN MCCAN 'll Be 7 MARAH CAREY Fantasy 22 MONTELL JORDAN This s How We Do t 72 PAULA COLE Want To Wait 23 2 UNLMTED Get Ready For This 73 EN VOGUE (Don't Let Go) Love 24 OUAD CTY DJ'S C'mon N' Ride t 74 PRNCE When Doves Cry CNR /POP Going For Adds sa'saao 25 REAL MCCOY Another Night 75 WLL SMTH Just The Two Ot Us 26 SAVAGE GARDEN Truly Madly Deeply 76 SALT -N -PEPA Whatta Man 27 FASTBALL The Way 77 SHERYL CROW All Wanna Do ADMRAL TWN Better Than Nothing At All (Universal) CAVAR Tangerine Speedo (sland./djmg) LL BOW WOW Bounce With Me (So So Del /Columbia) PLUS ONE LEST Flight Out 43 /Atlantic) CRYSTAL SERRA Playa No More (Virgin) UNAMERCAN Tonight's The First Night (Estupendo/Universal) VTAMN C The LEE ANN WOMACK tch reiektraìeeg) Hope You Dance (MCA/Universal) 28 MARCY PLAYGROUND Sex 8. Candy 78 JEWEL You Were Meant For Me 29 NO DOUBT Don't Speak 79 SHANA TWAN You're Still The One 3 CRANBERRES Dreams 8 AMBER This s Your Night 3 BLACKSTREET No Diggity 8 ALANS MORSSETTE Hand n My Pocket 32 FUGEES Killing Me Softly 82 COLLECTVE SOUL The World Know 33 MATCHBOX 2 Push 83 COLLECTVE SOUL December 34 SSTER HAZEL All For You 84 2 PACTDR. DRE California Love 35 SARAH MCLACHLAN Angel 85 DEEP BLUE SOMETHNG Breakfast At Tiffany's 36 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Crash nto Me 86 MARAN CAREY AF..ays Be My Baby 37 BACKSTREET BOYS As Long As You Love Me 87 SAVAGE GARDEN You 38 WALLFLOWERS One Headlight 88 VERVE PPE The Freshman 39 ALANS MORSSETTE ronic 89 MODERN ENGLSH With You 4 JANET Together Again 9 HADDAWAY What s Love 4 DUNCAN SHEK Barely Breathing 9 LA BOUCHE Sweet Dreams 42 ALANS MORSSETTE You Oughta Know 92 ROB BASE /DJ EZ ROCK t Takes Two 43 NOJ Love You Down 93 MAX -A- MLLON Sexual Healing 44 'N SYNC You Back 94 NNER CRCLE S. eat 45 GREEN DAY When Come Around 95 LVE Lightning Crashes 46 EVERYTHNG BUT THE GRL Missing 96 SOFT CELL Tainted Love 47 BRAN MCKNGHT Anytime r 97 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Ants Marching Motown /Universal and a host of industry folks celebrated the return of Sparkle with an elegant dinner by candlelight and plenty of booze. Pictured are (l -r) Motown /Univer- sal's Val belong; R &R's Tony Novia; Lawman Promotion's Greg Lawley (sporting the swell shades); Sparkle; Motown /Universal's John Trienis; Hits' Mark Feather; Sparkle's manag- er, Eric Payton; R &R's Renee Bell; Network 4's Michelle Jacobs; Urban Network's David Mitchell; and, in front, Motown's Philip Embuido, wearing a big smile. 48 CARDGANS Lovetool 98 DONNA LEWS Love You Always And Forever 49 GOO GOO DOLLS Name 99 OMB t You Learn 5 ALANS MORSSETTE You Learn BRANDY Satin' Up in My Room Monitored airplay data supplied by Medmbase Research, a division of Premiere Radio ; Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. íc2. R &R nc.

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60 MOST ADDED at Urban! MOST ADDED at CHR/Rhythmic! of TLC] From the album Music from the Motion Picture RUG RATS N PARS - THE MOVE A* e. Add! Add! Add! L 2 lasverla Rseadne Convoy r s np s iing FOR ADDS AT POP NEXT WEEK! N eweee. WOW W Ponwere PEW= we Vows leweewe M We ewseed

61 LAST WEEK THS WEEK Q 2 3 Q Q O E Q c e le 22 Q 25 m e 26 e Bleaker Breaker e e zs e 36 4 e 3 46 Debut> 39 (Debut> (Debut> (Debu t> Debut> Debut> 38 m m e m e 46 CE) CNN/Rhythmic Top 5 October 6, 2 ARTST TTLE LABELS TOTAL / - GROSS WEEKS ON TOTAL STATONS( RAYS PLATS MPRESSONS CHART ADOS 59 Ammommummemew Most Added MYA Case Of The Ex (Whatcha...) (University/lnterscope) / ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) ADDS NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel /Universal) / BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) 27 PNK Most Girls (LaFace /Arista) / BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) 23 MYSTKAL Shake Ya Ass (Jive) / RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) / TONNE "T -BOZ" WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) 23 CRYSTAL SERRA Playa No More (Virgin) 2 2PAC Thug Nature (Death Row) 9 KAND Don't Think 'm Not (So So Def /Columbia) / R. KELLY Wish (Jive) 7 JA RULE F/C. MLAN Between Me... (Murder nc./def Jam/DJMG) / LOUCHE LOU & MCHE ONE Out Of (lnterscope) 7 EMNEM The Way Am (Aftermath/lnterscope) MADONNA Music (Maverick/WB) / 4/ NELLY E.. (Fo' Reel/Universal) 6 SHAGGY t Wasn't Me (MCA) 6 UL' KM F/5SOO How Many... (Queen Bee'Undeas/Atlanbc) 5 NELLY E.. (Fo' Reel/Universal) /6 JOY ENRQUEZ Tell Me How You Feel (LaFace/Arista) 5 DR. DRE The Next Episode (Aftermath/nterscope) / PROFYLE Liar (Motown/Universal) 5 DESTNY'S CHLD ndependent Women Pt. (Columbia) / CHANTE' MOORE Straight Up (Silas/MCA) 5 MKALA So n Love With Two (sland/djmg) 5 CHRSTNA AGULERA Come On Over (All Want...) (RCA) / LMP BZKT Rollin' (Flip/lnterscope) 5 SSQO ncomplete (DragorVDef Soul/DJMG) / LL BOW WOW Bounce With Me (So So Det /Columbia) /3 JANET Doesn't Really Matter (Def Soul/DJMG) / DESTNY'S CHLD Jumpin' Jumpin' (Columbia) / JAY -Z Big Pimpin' (Roc- A- Fella/DJMG) / LUDACRS What's Your Fantasy (Del Jam South/DJMG) /2 LL' KM F/SSQO How Many Licks (Queen Bee/Undeas/Atlantic) /5 COMMON The Light (MCA) / Most ncreased CHANGNG FACES That Other Woman (Atlantic) /2 Plays BAHA MEN Who Let The Dogs Out (Artemis) / TOTAL PLAY SHAGGY t Wasn't Me (MCA) /6 ARTST TTLE LABELS) NCREASE 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) / JA RULE FiC. MAN Between Me... (M/DefJa ildjmg) DEGREES Give Me Just One Night... (Universal) / SHAGGY t Wasn't Me (MCA) +47 ERYKAH BADU Bag Lady (Motown/Universal) 3W No More (Baby l'ma Do Right) (Epic) B 5 43)2 4/ NELLY E.. (Fo' Reel/Universal) +4 R. KELLY Wish (Jive) +3 RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) +294 DMX F/SSQO What You Want (Ruff Ryders/DJMG) / BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) +262 R. KELLY Wish (Jive) /7 SHADE SHEST Where Wanna... (Baby RB'tondorvS/re) +95 DREAM He Loves U Not (Bad Boy /Arista) / SHADE SHEST Where Wanna Be (Baby Ree /London/Sire) /3 NEXT Beauty Queen (Arista) +94 MKALA So n Love With Two (sland/djmg) +83 LL' KM F/SlS Haw Mary... (Queen BaerUnd 'ACanbc) +82 LL' ZANE F/2 Callin' Me (Worldwide /Priority) / KETH SWEAT F/LL' MO l' Trade... (Elektra/EEG) +82 TRNA Pull Over (Slip 'N Slide /Atlantic) / JAY -Z F/MEMPHS BLEEK 8 AML Hey Papi (Del Soul/DJMG) / BEENE MAN Girls Dem Sugar (Virgin) / BG TYMERS # Stunna (Cash Money /Universal) / DEBELAH MORGAN Dance With Me (DAS /Atlantic) / SAMANTHA MUMBA Gotta Tell You (Wildcard/Polydor /lnterscope) / NEXT Beauty Queen (Arista) / AVANT Separated (Magic Johnson /MCA) / Brleakers RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) SHYNE F/BARRNGTON LEVY Bad Boyz (Bad Boy /Arista) TON BRAXTON Just Be A Man About t (LaFace /Arista) / 26/4 5/2 SHAGGY t Wasn't Me (MCA) TOTAL PLAYS/NCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART MACK F/T -BOZ Tight Totef (Hoo Bangin7Priority) / 92/47 38/6 SON BY FOUR Purest Of Pain (A Puro Dolor) (Sony Discos/Columbia) / 'N SYNC PROFYLE Liar (Motown /Universal) /5 JOY ENRQUEZ Tell Me How You Feel (LaFace /Arista) /5 DEAL Whatever (NoontimeNirgin) / BRTNEY SPEARS Lucky (Jive) / This Promise You (Jive) TOTAL PLAYSMCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 9/48 3/ 65 CHR/Rhythmic reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs Most Added is the total number of new adds officially reponed to RAR ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24 -Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played 2 on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned toward overall total stations playing a song. Most ncreased Plays lists to songs reaching plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions the songs with the greatest week4o-week increases in total plays. equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission Weighted chart appears on RAR ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG. from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Company). 2, R&R nc. Ri? rranhin2c7m THE /ND s TRY ' TRY'S NEWSPAPER

62 Am r WO ' J. fi.iv, E 6 R&R October 6, 2 CHR/Rhythmic riga LAAT Hip Hop Top 2 October 6, 2 LW TY, ARTST TTLE LABELS Q MYSTKAL Shake Ya Ass (Jive) 5 J. RULE K. MUAN Between... (Murder nudef im HMG) r- TOTAL PLAYS l W LW TOTAL STATONS/ ADOS 39/ 26/2 3 3 UL BOW WOW Bounce With Me (So So Def /Columbia) /3 NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel/Universal) / Q LUDACRS What's Your Fantasy (Def Jam SoutMDJMG) /3 E-4 FAATE DOGG Nah, Nah... (Sick Wirt' t/jive) Total Plays: 46. Total Stations: M. Adds. WYCLEF JEAN 9 (Ruflhouse /Columbia) Toral Plays. 4. Total Stations. 9. Adds 2 YOLANDA ADAMS Open My Heart (Elektra/EEG) Total Plays 393. Total Stations 25. Adds 2 New & Active SUMM CUTTA CALHOUN Total Plays Total Stations 26. Adds 2 it's OK (AqueminiEastWesVEEG BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) Total Plays Total Stations 23. Adds 23 MUSC Just Friends (Del Soul /DJMG) Total Plays: 226. Total Stations. 6. Adds 4 COMMON The Light (MCA) / Q NELLY E.. (Fo' ReeWniversal) /6 EMNEM The Way (Aftermath/lnterscope) / 7 Q WYCLEF JEAN 9 (Ruffhouse/Columbia) /5 e DMX F/SSOO What You Want (Ruff Ryders/DJMG) / 5 Q BEENE MAN Girls Dem Sugar (Virgin) /2 2 DR. DRE The Next Episode (Altermath/nterscope) / JAY -Z F/M. BLEEK & AML Hey Papi (Def Soul/DJMG) / Q SHYNE F/BARRNGTON LEVY Bad Boyz (Bad Boy /Arista) /4 BG TYMERS # Stunna (Cash Money/Universal) / TRNA Pull Over (Slip 'Al Slide/Atlantic) / Q Lk' KM F/SSOO How Many... (Queen Bee/Undeas/Atlantc) /7 6 8 DA BRAT F/YRESE Whatchu Like (So So Def /Columbia) / 2PAC Thug Nature (Death Row) Total Plays: 387. Total Stations: 6. Adds: 9 CAM'RON What Means The World To You (Epic) Total Plays: 385. Total Stations: 23. Adds: 2 FRAGMA Toca's Miracle (Groovilicious/Atlantic) Total Plays Total Stations: 4. Adds: ENRQUE GLESAS Sad Eyes (nterscope) Total Plays: 346. Total Stations: 25. Adds: C- MURDER Down For My N's (Tru/No Limit/Priority) Total Plays: 32. Total Stations:, Adds: MKALA So n Love With Two (sland /DJMG) Total Plays: 38. Total Stations: 2. Adds 5 COLE F/OUEEN LATFAH Can Do Too (Capitol) Total Plays 89. Total Stations 2. Adds CHANTE' MOORE Straight Up (Silas/MCA) Total Plays: 82. Total Stations: 2. Adds: 5 MARY MARY Shackles (Praise You) (C2/Columbia) Total Plays. 39. Total Stations: 7. Adds. BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) Total Plays: 3. Total Stations: 29. Adds: 27 TONNE "T -BOZ" WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) Total Plays: 2. Total Stations: 23. Adds: 23 SCARFACE t Ain't (Part ) (Rap -A -Lot) Total Plays: 95. Total Stations: 8. Adds: 8 9 JAY -Z Big Pimpin' (Roc- A- Fella/DJMG) / 7 2 UL' ZANE F /2 Callin' Me (Worldwide/Priority) KETH SWEPT FAA' MO Trade. (A Million...) ([ Total Plays 284. Total Stations 37. Adds 3 mafeg) CRYSTAL SERRA Playa No More (Virgin) Total Plays 44. Total Stations: 2. Adds: 2 65 CHR/Rhythmic and 8 Urban reporters combine into a custom chart. Hip Hop titles are ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9 /24- Saturday 9/3. For complete reporter lists refer to CHR/Rhythmic and Urban sections. 2, R &R nc. Songs ranked by total plays CHR/Rhythi»ic Reporters Stations and their adds listed alphabetically bymarket KKSS/AWtqlrerpN, NM PD: Teo RBEM B iiom '' 89e-GU,.r, PMYLE'LY q JOY FMLM.Z "Tar' BOY] MTN'Aewwce' Ar KYLZAlbuquerque. NM ' PO Robb Rople KPRF/Arrprillo, TX PO/ND: Ef.SEawMS 9ACKStPEEr BOYS 'SNP KFAT/Andlorage. AX OM Mart Carlson PD StM AlullgMer APDrD Munn Nugent BO.t YfN -Aarr YOLANDA ADAMS 'COW KOBT /Austln. TX PO Scooter B Stevens APO Mars MCCray KSV/Bakerstield, CA PO: Bob Lens APD/Ms. Picasso MsT.NrS Wo-w. WEROAaNkoore, MD PD Dion Summers APO Mae Al MM MD Darren nn WBFLBirlrtNphmr, Al JS. PD APoMD Mary l.y WSSPGrxNpon, SC PD: el RaleaMa PlJ. ç Pf l' Br,S çrua WBBM-FM/Chiago. L PO MD Toed CaYanah ErM BodleB KBTECorpus Christi, TX Po'. Man Hillery D. Derer La KZFM/Corpus Christi, TX PO Ed Duna% AND Mene Nadal, AMC, Oen.y Oakes KRBV/Dallas -Ft. Worth, TX PO: Cady Wan Mufle NO: M MME BACKST JOY TTì. CRYSTAL SPPA,r KOKSDenler-BOaMar, CO PD Cal Cams MO: Jw E. late ] SBAOf ymst-w.w KPRR/E Ppa, TX MAD : V.le Stan WCKZ/R. Wayne, N VP/Pros.: rma illicbel APOMO: Mee Tama KBOS/Fresno, CA PO f Curta Johrlton APO Greg Holtman MO Travis Loughran KSEOFregno, CA ' PO'. Tommy Del Rio NO Jo Je Lope] WJMH/Greens6oro. NC O MP Brian Oalss APO KeMBR a Mo eoopjo,j SB9 'MOW VT,,. eae`w RAME STOW lare: OKYNmMr. ta: F RM : PAN tale J4N T Pl' KXMEAalolulu, H Po: Jame Nasrl N O: Rase emeelle a: BCLSTNEt BOYS'. ALK BOW MFM'Manr CRYSTAL RA leow "MAL' EXXMONNWNNR, TX Po Ra Sedle YD. laa5.e P.hE WHHHAndianapolis, N Po Son Whaler MO Carl fry. WDBT /Jacison, MS PO Scam Steele NO Bree TM Mas KLUCAas Vegas, NV PO : Cot Tams APO: MDB Sam, MD'. J.. RY. OTTE/Little Rock, AR DMAeE.: Larry Loam MD: Pe* NM 7 BOW TMEM'AeW4.' BADLSMEE BOYS 'Srupr' CRAW( MOOR! 'SY,r'T TOMt! 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R PD: ha 5.75.* MO: N le Lam AORTAL, ' Si_' as NELLY'E SMOG. las, r CMYSk LERM'Nrya MMt 47.e' KCAORnlatd -Ve PO Dan Garde APO EnE. N. Jay ley. a. CA KKFR/Phoenix. AZ PD rrute S Jame, APOMD Charlie Nero ODUM/Portland. OR PO Mara Adams MD Prell Boy Oontay WWKX/Providence, R Po Jerry McKenna MO: kasha Ryan B -OO. 4 CE 'YO: R.NADUlMip COLE ROHM EAlNt Tan- KWNZ/Reno. NV Po Bill ScM] KGGbRherstde, CA Po Jam aran MO Gina KB/AD/Sacramento. CA Owens brahim "Ebro - Jam MOrO: aq Al Beet n ]?Ok M THREE 6MÁ.A-P.rp' SADE 'Ldé BOW 'MSNq, KSFM/Sacramenb. CA PO b Nui MO: MNNMl Russ e KTFAVSan Antonio, TX PD'. me TMWp MO: am Clam PJr; Y, N A.., XHTZ/San Diego. CA' OMT PHA Va]guea MO Dale Sotian KMEJSan Francisco, CA' VP,Pre. Michael Martm APDMO: Gleam Here LMPBZPi'Pa.r KYLD/San Francisco, CA YPRee.: Mellal Martin APGMD: May Jim Archer LOVE ME ',Me 9 2PAC 'v LMP Bann 'Pa r BOYZ i MEND 'Paw, KWWYSa Leb Obispo, CA Po Cnq Marshall : Saw Jan BA;«SOiiT Boos'SYp 8, YEN 2 CRYSTAL SERRA rya OONF - B. Ge e.,. 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UT aim PO Rob tsa N O: lot Oasts CPM:i.A:LS OSO 65 Trial Reporters 65 Current Reporters 65 Current Pteylists

63 ks CHR/Rhythmic October 6, 2 Rat 6 Mix Show Top 3 October 6, 2 MYSTKAL Shake Ya Ass (Jive) 2 JA RULE f/c. MLAN Between Me And You (M/Def Jam /DJMG) 3 MYA Case Of The Ex... (University/nterscope) 4 DR. DRE The Next Episode (Aftermath/nterscope) 5 RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) 6 NELLY E.. (Fo' Reel/Universal) 7 NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel/Universal) 8 LL BOW WOW Bounce With Me (So So Def /Columbia) 9 PNK Most Girls (LaFace/Arista) EMNEM The Way Am (Aftermath/lnterscope) COMMON The Light (MCA) 2 DA BRAT What'chu Like (So So Def /Columbia) 3 DMX Party Up (Up n Here) (Ruff RydersDJMG) 4 LL' KM How Many Licks (Queen Bee/Undeas/Atlantic) 5 JAY -Z Big Pimpin' (Roc- A- Fella/OJMG) 6 MACK f/t -BOZ Tight To Def (HB/Priority) 7 AALYAH Try Again (BlackGroundNirgin) 8 NEXT Wifey (Arista) 9 LUDACRS What's Your Fantasy (Def Jam/DJMG) 2 SHADE SHEST Where Wanna Be (BR/London-Sire) 2 DESTNY'S CHLD Jumpin' Jumpin' (Columbia) 22 BG TYMERS # Stunna (Cash Money/Universal) 23 JAGGED EDGE Let's Get Married (So So Def /Columbia) 24 JUVENLE Back That Thang Up (Cash Money /Universal) 25 JAY -Z MEMPHS BLEEK Hey Papi (Def Soul/DJMG) 26 KAND Don't Think 'm Not (So So Def /Columbia) 27 DE LA SOUL Oooh (Tommy Boy) 28 JANET Doesn't Really Matter (Def Soul/DJMG) 29 BEENE MAN Girls Dem Sugar (Virgin) 3 BLACK EYED PEAS Weekends ( lnterscope) KKSS/Albuquerque. NM KOBT/Austin, TX KSV/Bakerslield, CA WBHJ/Birmingham, AL WJMN/Boslon. MA WBBM/Chicago. L KZFM/Corpus Christi. TX KRBV/Dallas-Ft Worth, TX 37 CHR/Rhythmic Mix Show Reporters Contributing Stations WJFX/Ft. Wayne. N KBOS/Fresno. CA KSEO/Fresno, CA KK/Honolulu, H KBXXMouston-Gatvesion. TX KLUC/Las Vegas. NV KPWR/Los Angeles, CA KXHT/Memphis. TN KOON/Monlerey-Salinas, CA WOHT/New York. NY WNVZ/Norlolk. VA KOCH/Omaha, NE WPYO/Orlando, FL KCAO/Osnard-Ventura, CA KKFR/Phoenis. AZ KXJM/Portland. OR KBMBiSacramento, CA KBFM/Sacramento. CA KTFM/San Antonio. TX XHTZ/San Diego. CA KMEL/San Francisco. CA KYLD/San Francisco. CA KUBE/Seattle-Tacoma. WA WLLD/Tampa. FL KOHT/Tucson. AZ i M/KAL-A r.,*: So n Love With Two" ram /s/ond//d/mg ar!-}:..,,.; >..wn...gnow.., ;, 'L..lL Y, too, sland Def Jam Music Group is sittin' on a gold mine with Mikaila. a beautiful and charming 3- year -old lady blessed with a voice that many of us wish we had. Last week she dropped by to perform for R&R staffers in the ever -popular Club R&R. As walked down the hall toward the club, heard this beau- tiful, soulful voice seeping out into the halls. "Who is that?" asked. t was Mikaila. Mikaila was so sweet and polite, immediately felt protective of her. ts the mother in me. But wait, what is she singing about? Being in love with two guys! Well, she did say that this particular song wasn't about her. so felt a little better. mmediately after her performance wrote a note to myself with her age. record label and the title of her single - knew was going to write about her. Then hurried into Tony Novia's office before he returned so could steal the single for review. (Shh... he still doesn't know.) Mikaila opens the track by singing, " don't know whatlo do." Apparently the young lady in the song (because it's not about her) is torn between two lovers. This situation she's in has got her so messed up that she just can't make up her mind. Should she dump No. or No. 2? Hmm, that's got to be a hard decision to make, but wouldn't know. "Number one, there could never be no one like you/how come feel this way /But number two never tried to tell me what to say or do /'m so in love with two." No. gives her something that she's never experienced with No. 2, but still there's something missing. No. 2 lets her be herself. letting her express her own thoughts, but he's nothing like No.. Tired of thinking about the problem and not being able to sleep at night because it's constantly on her mind, this confused young lady breaks all of her rules, ignores her conscience and keeps them both. Why break up a set? What you can't get from one. you can always get from the other. Makes sense to me. was really touched by watching Mikaila perform. She's so young. and there was so much talent flowing out of this tiny person. Mikaila has a personality that could light up a room. And even though she's barely old enough to date. this - Renee Bell CHR Asst Editor?t!ee fv.guis-tryprilv;74,-t, young lady has a voice well beyond her age. Steve "KeKe Luv Kicklighter PO, KFAT /Anchorage :. AS the say in Alaska von don t lose,our girt,,ou lose our turn Halloween s the -k t shack rip,... before r months of minter hits So if Cutoff date f _. ' ;au re demo and JoJo rerletlr.',,:tionsrup no.'. s the time s it s Tike to go crazy v/hen,tart kissing ass MCAs K -C 'k,rt someone voli love and is S'!' ;.ho hears lì r nack in the song Cra:. k' te rlle t lisle" Ti.,. ul this song h^ n; r,, Love :'.ì:l, all,one can t ':e l', ttt f$ oving her once more and airead, getting now Can Onr dream KPRR/E Paso, TX WPOW/Miami, FL WAX/Providence. R WPGC/Washington. DC C,, mo Q*WULNGCD 7secen*YDu/+r+ie4 Weir Meg 9Cs powerful,ntuitive, solid 84 above all flexible." - MN Cmilne, Rerun Directs' Take a free MusicMaster TesiDrire. Send us a backup of your current music *. We'll convert it to MusicMaster and send you a week's worth of kegs, unedited, so you can see for yourself. No sales hype or pressure. You do the comparison and tell us how we did. Call us at or sign up on line at http / /swiich.ia/musianaster. We'll give you all the details and arrange for your MusicMaster TeslDrive. siawrcrwtalikrsfrlostrtmneritrpreverrrmti MusicMaster TestDrrve testtinveu

64 Got ra 62 CR/Rhythr»ic October 6, 2 Most Played Rectinnents TOP CHR /RHYTHMC POWER GOLD JOE Wanna Know (Jive) AALYAH Try Again (BlackGroundNirgin) SS Thong Song (Dragon /Del Soul /DJMG) DMX Party Up (Up n Here) (Ruff Ryders /DJMG) PNK There You Go (LaFace/Arista) JUVENLE Back That Thang Up (Cash Money DESTNY'S CHLD Say My Name (Columbia) DR. DRE F/EMNEM Forgot About Dre (Aftermath /nterscope) CNR /RHYTHMC BLAQUE 88 (Track Masters /Columbia) BLAME Bring t All To Me (Track Masters /Columbia) EMNEM The Real Slim Shady (Aftermath / nterscope) 72 Where My Girls At? (Motown /Universal) JAY -Z F /AML AND JA Can Get A... (Del Jam /DJMG) 2 Anywhere (Bad Boy /Arista) ALCE DELAY Better Off Alone (Republic/Universal) OL' DRTY BASTARD Got Your Money (Elektra/EEG) TLC No Scrubs (LaFace/Arista) SONQUE t Feels So Good (Republic/Universal) MSSY ELLOTT Hot Boyz (EastWest/EEG) SANTANA F/PRODUCT CU Maria Maria (Arista) B.G. Know (Cash Money/Universal) B.O.N. Boys (X- Cell /Epic) K -C & JOJO Crazy (MCA) LL COOL J /KELLY PRCE You And Me (Del Jam /DJMG) LUDACRS What's Your Fantasy (Def Jam South /DJMG) CRYSTAL SERRA Playa No More (Virgin) VTAMN C The tch (Elektra/EEG) NEXT Too Close 5 R. KELLY Bump And Grind 2 USHER You Make Me Wanna 52 WLL SMTH Just The Two Of Us 3 NOTOROUS 8..G. Mo Money. Mo' Problems 53 DGTAL UNDERGROUND Humpty Dance 4 K -C & JOJO All My Life 54 SWV Weak 5 NOTOROUS 8..G. Hypnotize 55 HTOWN Knockin' Da Boots 6 GNUWNE Pony 56 SOMETHN' FOR THE PEOPLE My Love s The 7 2 Only You 57 NAS t Ruled The World 8 2 PAC/DR. DRE California Love 58 RC Baby- Baby -Baby 9 BRAN MCKNGHTAnytime 59 LL' KM & FRENDS Not Tonight FUGEES Killing Me Softly 6 DESTNY'S CHLD No No No USHER Nice And Slow 6 SALT- NPEPA Push t 2 LUNZ 5 On t 62 CE CUBE We Be Clubbin 3 PUFF DADDY/F. EVANS/2 'll Be Missing You 63 SNOOP DOGGY DOG Gin And Juice 4 NOTOROUS B..G. One More Chance 64 BRANDY Wanna Be Down 5 NOTOROUS B..G. Big Poppa 65 JON B. They Don't Know 6 DRU HLL n My Bed 66 NAUGHTY BY NATURE O.P.P. 7 WLL SMTH Miami 67 SALT -N -PEPA Shoop 8 2 Cupid 68 WARREN G/NATE 6G Regulate 9 MONTELL JORDAN This s Hove We Do t 69 METHOD MAN/MARY J. BLGE 'll Be There 2 MARK MORRSON Return Of The Mack 7 NAUGHTY BY NATURE Hip Hop Hooray 2 TMBALAND d MAGOO Luv 2 Luv U 7 NOTOROUS B..G. Going Back To Cali 22 WLL SMTH Gettin' Jiggy Wit t 72 WRECKX- N- EFFECT Rump Shaker 23 BLACKSTREET No Diggity 73 GROOVE THEORY Tell Me 24 KETH SWEAT Twisted 74 DEBBE DEB When Hear Music 25 TLC Creep 75 LSG My Body 26 SR MX -A -LOT Baby Got Back 76 NOJ Love You Down 27 MARY J. BLGE Real Love 77 PUFF DADDY á THE FAMLY All About The.. 28 MARAH CAREY Fantasy 78 EN VOGUE (Don't Let Go) Love 29 LL COOL J Doin' t 79 NOTOROUS B..C. Juicy 3 FREAK NASTY Da' Dip 8 BACKSTREET BOYS Everybody 3 KETH SWEAT Nobody 8 MARAH CAREY Always Be My Baby 32 BUSTA RHYMES Put Your Hands FUGEES Ready Or Not 33 ROB BASE/DJ EZ ROCK t Takes Two 83 AALYAH Back & Forth 34 DR. ORE Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang 84 SHAGGY Boombastic 35 PAPERBOY Ditty 85 DGTAL UNDERGROUNDFreaks Of The ndustry 36 DJJAllYJEFF &THEFRESHPRNCESummertirne 86 SNOOP DOGGY DOG Who Am l QUAD CTY DJ'S C'mon Ride t 87 'N SYNC Want You Back 38 2 PAC f/(-c & JOJO How Do U Want t 88 2 PAC Dear Mama 39 MASE What You Want 89 TONE -LOC Wild Thing 4 TLC Waterfalls 9 ROME Belong To You 4 BLACKSTREET Don't Leave Me 9 FOXY BROWN 'll Be 42 BONE THUGS N HARMONY Tha Crossroads 92 2 PAC Keep Ya Head Up 43 PUFF DADDY/MASECan't Nobody Hold Me Dow r 93 LL' KM Crush On You 44 GHOST TOWN DJ'S My Boo 94 MASE Feels So Good 45 TOTAL What About Us 95 BEASTE BOYS Brass Monkey 46 K.P. & ENVY Swing My Way 96 CANDYMAN Knockin' Boots 47 SLK Freak Me 97 MONCA Don't Take t Personal LL COOL J Lougin 98 WYCLEF JEAN We Trying To Stay Alive 49 D.J. KOOL Let Me Clear My Throat 99 BOYZ MEN End Of The Road 5 2 PAC Get Around MONCA For You Will Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio " Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2. R&R nc. z} t L" , NoaP B Ü b i Currently Airing on some of America's Top Stations including: KKBT-Fri, KXr\ -Fr, KBr.B -Fri, KBOS -Fri & V'VLLD -Fri Weekly 4 Hour Show Delivered Via CD Call for Demo & fiore nformation x772 TPvJLZ-!.!

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Cool. 344N Pt-' tutu *i**i*nti tO M9646M44469 ll/h *LU / LA926L9944 /49/ LLY6? 44 O44OAGlaRAG/*h466&,46 /938 O k3935*94656 / tln(6/hl7,9,v R*99L$64* 647G 34 i 95F/JAW6995/ M8lM'56*87fl M hl44 Stil 9 *.QY*WZ/hd44llw*lÇd 566 3? 3 M h?46, SP(YSD* M.h6/8as,46 55e? 4 &W4*Wh**E99.6M J639.(,Ø T tkwf/4.l T4N4&M l * E'aS TA49%S fl , &l Wa ht 46 9i49*T/M*..k 395 2h 4$ 99YSM99WA95 39, 2 4 5W t 4Ç8LNLMNCM54*OO 3677 n n *ìa J'9M44 *3 n ptly4l l TNW 32* tM_,. 254 *3 ii PYTiVYØ.l ) 2754 l 9Sh*M,9946S is XTNWy : 8.,rlse4u ')/: j /) 2,946 - S 38969M*aO -?, N. " L plan LU 46 4T46 il lap *2 6 M6&M.555O)Ñ, *3, St 7$ 5484*M46th94.P37? * n DAN6A*l/lY/t99564dLi *224 9) OS/YSUJ )./,tn)t.kn5', 66 S Dl 549,llr*6/t)6 54/ S 66 66LY3544vG,MÌur/E Gl *6* *994 6 S RllM)/io*h,, WAA38(3,.A /65 *2 4 (4? t8*jx4* 69/O 4 44.AGUDL6*/65*44 l JAY-/96946.A46P96 6*2 23 PXv i 6WM* 527 3* 3 V#C*ll.f, / *4469%.4654*Ñ*9r * 62 Cat J,99UÑ VSh9M96e99P S464SUS46U W4* J5E, ii.*-zp5,4/ 35/O 25 *446pi S 92W*ASS*4N 336' *4 6 NWW9.* 258 *6 4 2/lM h 94 F?T6h/JT96lod 7 S46M6A8CT 99 O P9U4/G l il 9289*ll* WTy h536 o JML *533 O R 6UY YA44* la*rç96743c* * SlNY3QMD54964v46 *36 37W*8' 9 6%9F4*5996*W/d46 39 O *939393/P *39) w5r'46. Ñjd,o 74*) _ N *?G8* *2, COl)l 444 PilOt t. 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66 64 RaR October 6, 2 Urban WALT LOVE babylove@rron l ine. com Radio Delivers Kids, Tweens And Teens Cume Rating, Winter 2 How Kids Use Radio A new Arbitron study examines the radio -listening habits of the younger set received a unique research study from the folks at Arbitron that examines the listening habits of kids and "tweens," as they call them. The study focuses on children 6-8, 9 - and 2-7 years old. - A number of things about the study and its methodology were interesting to me. hope you find some things here that will be of use to you in your programming strategies when thinking of younger listeners. There are advertising dollars in the hands of those kids and tweens! Los Angeles Minn. -St. Paul New York Age B+ Let's take a quick look at some of the study's methodology. Survey Dates: 23/ to 3/29/. n -Tab: Los Angeles, 537: Minneapolis -St. Paul, 328; New York, 476. Diary Placement: The standard syndicated diary placement procedure was followed with the following exception: No pre - placement postcard was mailed. During the placement call there was an initial screening question as to whether any children 6- lived in the household. f yes, the interviewers would proceed with a standard placement interview; if no, thank you and goodbye. Diary Materials: The diary letters and brochure were modified to mention the survey of those "6 years or older" rather than the usual 2 +. The diary letters included an extra paragraph: "Also, please read the special instructions we enclosed about helping children with their diaries. Every diary, whether it's for a child, teen or adult. is very important to the radio survey." n addition, there WNW BRAN K. KNOX, ViManaging Director Katz Urban Diwensions (22)4244Aí6 MART WARE, VP/Director Katz Urban Dhnensiens (32) Not only are some of these children part of your current listening audience, they're also going to be there for quite some time if you do the right things to hold on to them. was a special enclosure with a special note about children, emphasizing the importance of the kids' diaries and suggestingthat younger children be helped in completing their diaries. Follow -Up Procedures: Same as syndicated. n addition, in all contacts, bilingual interviewers were available if needed. Notice the care that was taken. feel that some of the data from this study can help programmers, because not only are some of Where African -Americans with income of $5,+ have their assets: Bank 44% Life nsurance 7% Mutual Fund 6% Full -Service Broker 9% Discount Broker 5% Source: Yankelovich Partners/ Arien Mutual Funds/Charles Schwab Establish poor brand ia the Atrican#MMk, albs, local Urban òm. these children part of your current listening audience, they're also going to be there for quite some time if you do the right things to hold on to them. Before we get into some of the graphs and charts that go with this information, let's look at some of the top -line findings. For purposes of this study, "kids" are children aged 6-8, and " tweens" are 9 -. The diary works for capturing kids' and tweens' listening. Children found it fun to participate, and parents gave a helping hand when needed. Radio is a powerful vehicle for reaching kids and tweens. Radio reaches 9% of children each week, and they spend eight to nine hours per week with radio. Radio listening fits in with children's lifestyles. They get ready for school with the radio and go right back to the radio when the school day is over. Nights and weekends also deliver strong numbers for children. Listening among children is concentrated among a small number of stations. Children choose their favorite stations and stick with them. They are loyal consumers, with nearly 8% of all listening going to the station they listen to most. Boys and girls show different listening preferences. These preferences are further segmented by age, making radio an excellent vehicle for delivering a targeted message. TALK BACK TO R &R! Do you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this column or other issues? Phone: E -mail: babylove rronline com Or post your comments now. Go to and click on Message Boards. As Children Grow Their Time Spent 6: r With TSL, Winter 2 2:45 :55% So Does Radio 23:5 íiìhiíí Las Angeles Minn.-St. Paul New York Kids 64 tram Hour -By -Hour Listening For Kids And Tweens AQH Rating, Winter 2 6% 4! Getting ready for school n ing Los Angeles e-in rears; C. Radiris prime time tr for kids an^ tweerr to^ 6% _.._..._.... 4% 2% % During the school day i < < < < <. 7 i o. - V) co co <<<' < < < < < < << z a a a a a a a a a a a M wl '4 n m Or O N- N t7 O N '4 r m O` N - N e) er o n m á á á Ñ o. a a 7- Teenage Girls Listen Longer Than Teenage Boys 8 TSL, Winter 2 T G d 5:45 5:45 3:3 &5 3:5 4+5 áb La Angela Mina. -St. Past New Yost 3- MBrket Average Boys 2.7 Girls 2.7

67 yti..' ',. l +. ``' pr+, Ti)e beyíber the ícanb of tyjeínnótent: anb it í beríbereb bp the purent of tjírte hatib5. s',; ` i A. anerj Early Beffevërs'" WNE a r - WYBC/New Haven WFXE/Columbus, OH WTMG/Gainesville, FL WJKS/Wilmirgton WJJN/Dothan WWWZ/Charleston, SC HTA/Atlanta WKGN/Knozville KBCE/Alezandría WZHT/Montgomery WJZD/BiloziGulfpor be ho PR/l ' le Rock WJM/Jackson, MS KDKS/Shreveport WQHH/Lansing,a-: r;; _ \ Audience Over 2, & Climbing! ALBUM N STORES NOW! ANOTHER SMASH FROM THE EPC RECORDS GROUP ill c L.

68 Wish kv 66 Urban Top 5 LAST WEEK 5 2,o le , ; 29 Breaker 2A Breaker Debut> Debut> Debut> (Debut> Debut> 43 4' THS WEEK Q Q l 9 Q 3 Q 5 Q 7 Q Q 27 e 22 e Q Q Q Q 36 m m 4 m 42 Q e Q a) October 6, 2 ARTST TTLE LABELS) MYSTKAL Shake Ya Ass (Jive) 342 ERYKAH BADU Bag Lady (Motown) 329 CHANGNG FACES That Other Woman (Atlantic) 2494 R. KELLY PLAYS (Jive) 23 PROFYLE Liar (Motown) 2262 LL BOW WOW Bounce With Me (So So Del /Columbia) 283 TON BRAXTON Just Be A Man About t (LaFace/Arista) 972 YOLANDA ADAMS Open My Heart (Elektra/EEG) 938 SSOO ncomplete (Dragon/Det Soul /DJMG) 92 WYCLEF JEAN 9 (Ruffhouse/Columbia) 898 JA RULE F/C. MLAN Between Me And You (Murder nc/def Jam/DJMG) 834 DESTNY'S CHLD ndependent Women Pt. (Columbia) 829 COMMON The Light (MCA) 755 LUDACRS What's Your Fantasy (Del Jam South/DJMG) 742 CARL THOMAS Summer Rain (Bad Boy /Arista) 742 SHYNE FBARRNGTON LEVY Bad Boyz (Bad Boy /Arista) 76 MYA Case Of The Ex (Whatcha...) (University/nterscope) 673 BEENE MAN Girls Dem Sugar (Virgin) 642 JAY -Z FMEMPHS BLEEK & AML Hey Papi (Del Soul /DJMG) 565 BG TYMERS # Stunna (Cash Money /Universal) 552 KELLY PRCE You Should've Told Me (T- Neck/Def Soul /DJMG) 542 DMX F/SSQO What You Want (Ruff Ryders/DJMG) 494 AVANT My First Love (Magic Johnson/MCA) 467 MUSH) Just Friends (Def Soul /DJMG) 377 TRNA Pull Over (Slip 'N Slide /Atlantic) 347 RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) 277 C- MURDER Down For My N's (Tru /No Limit/Priority) 269 JLL SCOTT Gettin' n The Way (Hidden Beach/Epic) 234 JOE Treat Her Like A Lady (Jive) 94 LUCY PEARL Don't Mess With My Man (Overbrook/Pookie/Beyond) 74 CHANTE' MOORE Straight Up (Silas/MCA) 9 ABSOULTE s t Really Like That (Noontime /Atlantic) 7 DESTNY'S CHLD Jumpin' Jumpin' (Columbia) 93 NO QUESTON Don't Care (Ruffnation/WB) 85 3LW No More (Baby l'ma Do Right) (Epic) 2 LL' ZANE F/2 Callin' Me (Worldwide /Priority) CAM'RON What Means The World To You (Epic) 972 LBERTY CTY FLA. Who's She Lovin' Now? (Harrell /Jive) 97 WHTNEY HOUSTON Fine (Arista) 797 KAND Don't Think 'm Not (So So Def /Columbia) 766 NELLY E.. (Fo' Reel/Universal) 756 BOYZ MEN Pass You By (Universal) 67 KETH SWEAT F/.L' MO 'll Trade (A Million Bucks) (Elektra/EEG) 657 NEXT Beauty Queen (Arista) 655 SPARKLE t's A Fact (Motown) 626 SCARFACE t Ain't (Part ) (Rap -A -Lot) 69 LL' KM F/SSQO How Many Licks (Queen Bee /Undeas/Atlantic) 65 CO -ED Roll Wit Me (Universal) 69 DEAL Whatever (NoontimeNirgin) 579 SOMETHN' FOR THE PEOPLE... Ooh Wee (Warner Bros.) GROSS WEEKS ON TOTAL STATONS PUYS MPRESSONS CHART ADOS Koh / 78/ 8 76/ 3 77/ 7 7/2 4 72/ 5 7/ 8 7/ 9 7/ /2 4 72/ 5 68/ 8 65/ 6/ 7 64/2 2 64/ 7 63/ 8 66/ 59/ 6 73/ 5 64/ 3 7/ 3 72/5 55/ 8 67/ 6 5/2 9 6/ 2 6/ 7 6/ 3 6/3 6 55/ 8 5/ 3 58/ 4 55/2 2 6/ 6 53/ 5 57/ 2 53/ 2 5/ 2 / 2 5/ /7 48/ 5/2 55/6 53/2 36/ 48/ 37/ ARTST - "LE L43E. â Most Added ADDS SADE By Your Side (Epic) 58 JAHEM Could t Be (Divine Mll /WB) 5 BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) 43 GERALD LEVERT Dream With No Love (Motown) 32 2PAC Thug Nature (Death Row) 28 SHADE SHEST Where Wanna Be (Baby ReerLondorvSire)28 THREE 6 MAFA Tongue Ring (Hypnotize Minds/Loud) 25 TALENT Celebrity (RocklandAnterscope) 2 BONE THUGS -N- HARMONY Change The... Ruthless Epic)8 JOY ENROUEZ Tell Me How You Feel (LaFace/Arista) 6 Most ncreased Plays TOTAL ARTST TTLE LABELS) PLAY NCREASE R. KELLY Wish (Jive) +49 JA RüE K. NM Blom Me.. (Mader kr.7l$ljamdm3) +346 WYCLEF JEAN 9 (Ruffhouse/Columbia) +33 DESTNY'S CHLD ndependent Women PL (Columbia)+35 KETH SWEAT F/LL' MO 'll Trade... (Elektra/EEG) +39 TONNE "T -BOZ" WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) +289 PROFYLE Liar (Motown) +239 BEENE MAN Girls Dem Sugar (Virgin) +238 MUSC' Just Friends (Del SoUUDJMG) +225 WHTNEY HOUSTON Fine (Arista) +22 Bt+eakers CHANTE' MOORE Straight Up ( Silas/MCA) TOTAL PLAYS/MME TOTAL STATONS//ADOS CHART 9/9 6/3 3'LW No More (Baby 'ma Do Right) (Epic) TOTAL PLAYSM CREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 2/6 55/2 8 Urban reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24-Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2, The Arbitron Company). 2, R&R nc. Most Added is the total number of new adds officially reported to RER by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overall total stations playing a song. Most ncreased Plays lists the songs with the greatest week4o-week increases in total plays. Weighted Chart appears on RAR ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG. Shade Sheist "Where Wanna Be" One of the Most Added at Urban Radio! First Week Commitments From: WDTJ WEDR WTMP KPRS WKKV WCKX WOW( WPEG WNEZ WHRK WGZB WBLO WAJZ WKGN WJKS WTMG WHNR WYBC WJTT WBTF WQHH WJM KDKS WJZD KTZ WFXE WJJN KBCE Check out -M the video on..m LONDON -SRE RECORDS e SHE

69 V.2i tlevintlfti343snri AKS VOW VCP4Sf53% VUf O i t lyd S ON, vistn-tra. waasp_ia,a_loqiun-la_mmm wa_uriuregianaciitimmm Pll tuollealunww3 sva pawafieuew.suollonpoid uawyatiah tot uawymah AWWif itiatutnepaw3 EZ3 JO UOSNt 3A.8 SJ83pJd 8f33X3 luawutepaiu] e73 Jo; uosllm 3u9 At! pompom U6 nqopo Upson! v Repuovi hupealul LOOZ '9- henuer lepsoni swop Ln 6:Jamsuv 8 wnqie mau aintis ti qsews.naui dn smonoi MOU 9.J Hai *up cno9 aul noit NONA jeqj onp aqi - - -

70 68 R&R October 6, 2 Urban Action BREAKDOWN ARTS- JERSEY AVE. SONG " WONDER WHY" MCA Well, slap me with a wet tortilla shell and call me Lolita! This is a pretty song -a la Guy's "Why You Wanna Keep Mc From My Baby?" 've only been hounded a mere 77 times about listening to it, so guess 78 is the charm, because Jersey Ave.'s " Wonder Why" is one of the best songs 've heard since woke up this morning. was first introduced to the guys when former Asst. CHR Editor Robert Pau asked them to visit R &R. met them again at a party for Avant. Since believed this quartet was just another male group to add to the collection. didn't rush to listen to their single. Then one sunny day a huge, dark cloud appeared over R &R. My phone rang: t was MCA National Ken James. n his usual. nails- scratching -on- the -chalkboard voice he asked, "Tanya. why you haven't written about any MCA artists?" After quickly popped two Valiums, told him would listen to some MCA artists" while reviewing music. You know what? Even the calming effect of the Valium couldn't mitigate the passion felt for this song. Jersey Ave. has something special; there's a great chance this group will be around for a while. " wonder why you're keeping me from my responsibility'?" questions brothaman in this tale of regret. remorse and responsibility. t seems dude and dudette had a thing. t was all cool until dude tripped; then dudette tripped; and now they're each riding solo. However, on one occasion they practiced their homework from Sex Ed class ( guess they didn't read the chapter on contraception). and she became pregnant. Dude. though apologetic and remorseful now, was absent throughout the pregnancy but has returned to take responsibility for his actions. He's a dad, and he wants to play the role of "pappy." "Baby, won't you try to forgive me/ Let me show my love to my baby," pleads this sad and confused young man. " Babygirl, know that let you down/but ' m back around 'cause got to be here for my Shorty/ Baby, can we be a family?" t's psychological torture for him as he tries to figure out why his baby's mama won't let him be a part of his son's life. t's the typical "f you're not with me. then you can't see Junior" situation. 'm not saying that she doesn't have reason to be mad at her ex. but she didn't make the baby alone. " Wonder Why" has a strong, passionate lead and tender. harmonies that surround a midtcmpo melody. Even though at some points in this song the lyrics aren't strong enough to support its potent message, it's a refreshing topic for urban music and a serious "heads up" to those who are heading toward the same outcome. Where the lyrics are sparse. the passion is there in abundance. People really need to pay attention to the message in this song. Though it can happen to those who are married, believe it happens more often to those who arc dating. 'm not saying that disagree or agree with liomegirl's actions. However, if dude would've kept account of his sperm count, this would never have happened to hint. Peace. - Tanya O'Quinn Asst. Urban Editor Methrone "Your Body/' (Clatown/Capitol) with Stan Allen Afternoon Drive - WESE/Tupelo, MS This is a nice, sensual ballad that women will love. Methrone sings obout a romantic evening with the woman he wants to get involved with. He comes on smooth and sincere with this tender message. Though he sounds a lot like R. Kelly, he seems to tone down the sexual overtures to a level of sensual suggestion. With his second single, Methrone continues in his "tradition" of romance and passion for the female species. t's nice to see a new artist have the audacity to come out and show his sensitive side. n o day and age when artists are all biting off of each other's tip - and although he's "borrowed" R. Kelly's style of smooth, sensual delivery - Methrone is making ripples in this sea of urban music. And if he's not careful, those ripples will soon become tidal waves. AcD./ANc NM= Giving you loir.orning. These are the t!u,r a.: ; Tuesday. B.C. Know (Cash Money /Universal) GROOVE THEORY 4shure (Columbia; u L.- odds on DAVE HOLLSTER One Woman Man ('Def Squad Dream Works) K -C & JOJO Crazy (MCA) LL COOL J f /KELLY PRCE You And Me (Def Jam'DJMG; MACK fít -BOZ Tight To Def (loo- Bongin Priority, PHLLY'S MOST WANTED Cross The Border Atlantic; CARL THOMAS Emotional (Bad Boy'Aristo; p rosetm MAXMUM PORTABLE DSPLAYS HGH -MPACT GRAPHCS DURABLE CONSTRUCTON PORTABLTY - MNUTE SET -UP BROAD CAST PRODUCTS P.O. BOX 25 ELKHART, N 4655 (29)

71 DON'T GVE A DAMN The New rresistahle from her debut album "You Can't Resist".4v s like a - lt!!!...great Song for 8-34 Females!" Steve l- lcgwood -VP of Programming, Radio One "Jessica's New single is going to he Off the Chain!!" Blair Braxton -PD, WKGN "This is the Next Big Female Anthem!" - Raphael George -MD, WPH ADD DATE: OCTOBER 23. 2!! "Needed R &B that will enhance any format station. Nice follow up to 'Get Up'." - Terry Monday, KJMM "Great Sounding Single. This song shows her true talent! Beginning of the Next Generation of Diva's!" -Myronda Reuben -PD. WBLX Rastens, Matßi


73 7 New & Active FELD MOB Project Dreamz (MCA) Toni Pays 548 Total Station 4. Adds 2 GURU W /ANGE STONE Keep Your Worries (Virgin) ton, Pays. 53. Total Stations 47, Adds. *THRONE Your Body (Clatown/Capitol) TO Pays 5. Total Stations 466. Adds 3 DONNE "T-BOZ" WATKNS My Getaway (Maverick) tata Pays Total Station 56. Adds 8 NONFAH Can Tell (Universal) Tom Pays Total Station. 36. Adds OARLE WLSON Without You (Major Hits) Tay Pays 43 Total Station. 27 Adds: 2 CASH MONEY... Bailer Blockin' (Cash Money/Universal) Total Pays 367 Total Station' 2. Adds 5 THE SHOCKER He Did That (No Limit/Priority) TO Pays. 33. Total Station 4. Adds. 2 BEAD PREZ Mind Sex (Loud Tom Plays 276. Total Stations 22. VAC Thug Nature (Death Row) Tay Plays 273, Total Station 29, Adds 28 SADE By Your Side (Epic) Total Plays. 267, Total Stations 58 Adds 58 PRU Candles (Capitol) Total Plays 243. Total Stations 34. Adds 6 MR. C THE SLDE MAN Cha -Cha Slide (Universal) Total Plays Total Stations 6 Adds. KANE & ABEL Shake t Like A Dog (Most Wanted) Total Plays 6. Total Station.. Adds O BOYZ l MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) Total Pays: 54, Total Station: 43. Adds. 43 BMA MEN Who Let The Dogs Out (Artemis) Taal Pays: 9. Total Station 2, Ados 2 GERALD LEVERT Dream With No Love (Motown) Taal Plays. 2. Total Stations- 36, Adds 32 STEPHEN SMMONDS Can't Do That (Priority) THREE 6 MAFA Tongue Ring (Hypnotize Minds/Loud) Tom Plays 363. Total Station. 27. Adds. o Taal Plays 2. Total Stations- 26. Adds 2 RM CUTACALHOM Cs OK (AquerninifastWestfEG) SYGNATURE The Rain (Columbia) Tom Pays: 338 Total Stations 22, Adds 3 Total Pays: 6. Total Station 24. Adds DO OR DE V..P. (Rap-A -Lot) To Pays: 94. Total Stations. 8. Adds. 2 SHADE DEST Where Warta Be (Baby Reel ndorysae) Total Pays: 85. Total Stations- 28, Adds 28 Seals ranked by total play Most Played 8U pr its... ':: JAGGED EDGE Let's Get Married (So So Del/Columbia) NEXT Wifey (Arista) NELLY Country Grammar (Fo' Reel/Universal) AVANT Separated (Magic Johnson/MCA) DONELL JONES Where Wanna Be (Untouchables/LaFace/Arista) DEAL Whatever (Noontime irgin) DA MAT F/TYRESE What'chu Like (So So DelColumbia) JOE Wanna Know (Jive) LUCY PEARL Dance Tonight (Overbrook/Pookie/Beyond) AALYAH Try Again (BlackGroundNirgin) CARL THOMAS Wish (Bad Boy /Arista) DMX Party Up (Up n Here) (Ruff Ryders/DJMG) SSOO Thong Sopg (Dragon/Del SouVDJMG) MARY J. BUBE Your Child (MCA) DONELL JONES U Know What's Up (Untouchables /LaFace /Arista) TON BRAXTON He Wasn't Man Enough (LaFace /Arista) AALYAH Don't Wanna (BlackGround/Priority) DESTNY'S CHLD Say My Name (Columbia) JUVENLE Back That Thang Up (Cash Money/Universal) MSSY "MSDEMEANOR" ELLOTT Hot Boyz (EastWest/EEG) NEXT Too Close 2 NOTOROUS B..G. One More Chance 3 DRUHLLnMyBed 4 NOTOROUS B..G. Hypnotize 5 BUSTA RYHMES Put Your Hands Only You 7 USHER You Make Me Wanna 8 JON B. They Don't Know 9 K -C & JOJO All My Lae MARY J. BLGE Real Love PUFF DADDY & THE FAMLY All About The... 2 NOTOROUS B..G. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems 3 BRAN MCKNGHT Anytime 4 TOTAL What About Us 5 DESTNY'S CHLD No No No 6 USHER Nice And Slow 7 _JUNOR MAFA Get Money 8 NOTOROUS B..G. Big Poppa 9 R. KELLY Your Body's Callin 2 R. KELLY Bump And Grind 2 TOTAL MOTOROUS B..G. Can't You See 22 FUGEES Killing Me Softly 23 MARY J. BLGE ML' KM Can Love You 24 LSG My Body 25 MAXWELL Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) 26 LL' KM Crush On You 27 TLC Creep 28 ERYKAH BADU On 8 On 29 GNUWNE Pony 3 2 Cupid 3 MARY J. BLGE Everything 32 GEORGE CUNTON Atomic Dog 33 DRU HLL Were Not Making Love No More 34 NEXT Butta Love 35 METHODMAN /MARY J. BLGE 'BeThere CHERYL LYNN Got To Be Real 37 COMMODORES Brick House 38 JANET Get Lonely 39 2 PAC A( -C & JOJO How Do U Want t 4 CASE f/m. BLGE & F. BROWN Touch Me... 4 ZAP? Computer Love 42 REFUGEE CAMP ALL STARSThe SweetestThing 43 R. KELLY Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) M JODEC Come & Talk To Me 45 MONCA Why Love You So Much 48 SLEY BROTHERS Between The Sheets 47 KETH SWEAT Make t Last Forever 48 MARY J. BUGE Love No Limit 49 MAZE Before Let Go 5 JODEC Forever My Lady = maximize ide tïty 5 52 SWV Right Here 53 2 PAC Keep Ya Head Up 54 KETH SWEAT Nobody 55 D'ANGELO Lady 56 BRANDY Wanna Be Down SLCK RCK Children's Story 6 MARVN GAYE Sexual Healing 6 KENNY LATTMORE For You DR. DRE /SNOOP DOGGNuthin But A'G' Tharp 66 GAP BAND Outstanding 67 GOD'S PROPERTY Stomp 68 MARVN GAYE Let's Get t On 69 CE CUBE We Be Clubbin' JOHNNY GLL My. My. My 73 MNT CONDTON Breaking My Head (Pretty ) 74 GUY Piece My Love PUFF DADDY & THE FAMLY Been Around NAS f Ruled The World 79 FOXY BROWN Get Me Home 8 D'ANGELO Brown Sugar JANET That's The Way Love Goes 84 DRU HLL Never Make A Promise 85 MARY J. BLGE Be Happy 86 SOUL SOUL Keep On Movin" 87 MONCA Before You Walk Out ROB BASE & DJ EZ ROCK t Takes Two 89 AL B. SURE! Nite & Day 9 JOE All The Things... 9 BLACKSTREET Before Let Go DEELE Two Occasions 95 2PAC Dear Mama 96 BABYFACE Whip Appeal 97 CRAG MACK Flava n Ya Ear 98 PATRCE RUSHEN Forget Me Nots 99 SLK Freak Me ERYKAH BADU Next Lifetime BLACKSTREET Don't Leave BLACKSTREET No Diggity MASE What You Want ZAP? More Bounce To The Ounce AALYAH One n A Million 2 PAC & DR. ORE California Love JUNOR MAFA Player's Anthem MONTELL JORDAN This s How We Do t LL' KM & FRENDS Not Tonight RCK JAMES /TEENA MARE Fire & Desire PUFF DADDY f/mase Cant Nobody Hold Me.. ERYKAH BADU Tyrone OJJAllY JEFF & THE FRESH PRNCE Summertime LL COOL J Doin' t Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2, R&R nc. Jumbo EventTape`' BunchaBANNERS`M BumperStickers FlashBags' 6528 constitution drive fort wayne, in 4684 fax: (29) L N E

74 '..,: 72 WAR October 6, 2 Reporters Stations and their adds listed alphabetically by market v.ialli lin WAZ/ANbrry, NY' POLeT:Nr'9Mgereaa'WM MCE/Alexandria. LA M.P..AyMláam AQflJ.PAe eortlmen-daa' Ti3MllEAERrYAaem' awembüf2trr MME6MMMynp' SNAGESMSTWa( BUETErSTffYMONYYJMa" ACM -CART!ALDO 'CARA- WHTA/Allanla. GA' AD: Darrell Ahem APO.RYahleelall MO:BatlasltlNMM 'PA;-TAg' i THREE 6MNM-Req AMU-WO WFXA/Augusla. GA PO: BOMrUyb MOYmnSgMrr.'. PD: AMMO: Palm Lap : fkbewnan>...,ne MAGMLS-Ba' LlWE8Y5V' SADESa- AEaTaaf.YGEDEDCf'ROrw" BCYDEMN-drlr' GEPADflERTYAan' WJZDBAOo-Gulyal,M$ P4MNei NO: TAM DmiM GAR Wig Wage 8Yn MEN 'ARma SYlaailAF-Wn SALCSOt- 2PAGTNq WVEE/Atlanta. GA PD Tary Brown MOTAU AA SADESA' - y KEMSMEATAA'YDTrea' *RMDLEVEm9Mm maim 9aNr SAM de" WEMXBabe Ro, LA MpVwp CX a,tx '. am BUEElG57HY_NgtYY2alge LNENTYaaN SAaSA" CfnLDLfVERTUer- eovzmn_-aoate" 7 2PACT4 7 SWC(SMS AAA 6 itmef6mna-ra MEMETaAr 5 JOYENROFZ-K WBOTBoston, MA' PD: TOmbdaeltM MO:GrrryMalWa, ;,T., MLK/Buffalo. NY POAMO:StqDAre ',:,,;.,,,u fraldll'/frt-pan' SLtaMAAE"Ran' MU Tao NMWZ/LAarleston, SC dmrd:taryre MO.NatMOMmlt JirEMYOEZlet &,L* S BUEnCSfHMnMUWYirp- WZ AMR 'Adan' smmaú WPEGA:harloKe.NC' PO:AntMCaem ND:KeNeN 7 2PAGTNg- 4 9YD(9ESTM.a+. WJTT/Chattano WM/Chattanooga. a. TN POMLaMeüp 8 swe-sai 6 7ALfMYeAaee" BOYZMN'Adeaa" GOAD fvertarn' J3YF/Rq.FTef RAC-W NM 65/.4q AEaTaAf 9AGE SWAT YAW eommfshnn4m/-eha9r' WBCAiKpBO.L DM9eFSeLm APTARJngAtm 8 F,8UCNapMC4MNTY,bay- 5 3!W 588- A ARA RCMWN9Meea e MR "SW 2 Beg MN'Adau WZFCinCinnati. OH ymreb.:tory,!gelds MQ Tomi TAaa OaWfENTOOFE StsOe' 3 PAUYSee' 2 SCNeME'Mr yf- WENZ/Clereland, OH PD: Lame Paw* MOSanSyt 44 MYCRSYaQSY >S.NPMEFCSW9reaa' 32 2nEC'iraq- 4 imee6mnn-eq' W98JFN9r easgyrra' WNXiReeMM SC r Arm t.rtre NM NNO N('M Gaa' 5 StJ+fNt-Ml MMiDBCoAilb, SC 5OANiFWOK Strap( 4 WHMVRpATONíe- 2 WYOEFAAN97 ERRSNENtRMD-trede 7 9MEFeLEVYSaR" e ROMA '-87- G6aerW' WFErmMM,áA POaAaay NUNAWN 3 ARAD UAW -pean 3 B2MN'AOare'. 2 BUEMfSTHAPM'YAaa' 2 WOE RUST Awe 2 SA(SA- 2 MA /AV 2 AEStoff TAUNTT.eapry- WCN7UCBNmes, DH POPed:TmlReW Ww PAU -Carder SNFSá" SAO WMaYadr KKDVDYeF. Worth. TX' P.e:wemMMn :r,2eyen-m.;. F6 'PCTNg,i ME7MrE9adr SCARF/L4-Mr 7OMET9Z- 'CAA( MMSSOn tm WROUA)ayton.OH' POMD:MarmSmnMm 9MEf9LEW'BW7 JAN-CAA Nban" WOTJBelroil. M OM: James Maunder PO: Bell MP.PhilpMahone 29 Mgr,,.- 2 SADE Sa 2 (ETR AVM MO-T4oe SND( RES Aare: RO2 MEN 'Man' ;AN Tom" 2RCTrg WJLBDeroiL M' vpps8ptm.: MOW SMew APOEAO: kris RNA ;PAC ing SOMTMN'.TANA -xr.eem-car SANLmEWOOER.OYEFNUFZTer WJJN/Dothan. AL POEAD:NA BMà, :ve,m caad SADE 9ELST"Mee BO2EMN-Mao' 2PAC-73 7 GM/LOUVER teem' 5 AYEMOOFZTer 3 SC( -SA" iree6mamyhq eore7eecs+hlywaonv ava SOMA spoanrear- OWENOeOYSVn- TLENTYAAMg- W2FX/FaYetteWHle. NC' PR APOOanmDr* TtgMMaga No Pats WDZZ/FN, M POAO:tieYRlgMMt M 9 rsv,u7ulmdtrada- AN 'wulancnanmpoa" SOVZEMNMno' SAOE Sae WYNN/Fiwellte, SC DM:MSSary PD: Gm* M3raa APOre QNAWM ytggr,- TMH6MMYng MOMFMTrr M-O, R' gmp4to:acody - $ 9 AUNT T-CaEUb- B JOYENROEZTer 5 2wCThg" 2 Bo2nMN7aag( T4 2 RAE 6/8 GERALD LEVERTtaw' RNA SWAT AAgp- WKSAirealMe, NC MM LMM 2 OYNTFMOUESaaer.EYlar EmSWFRAA'MOTeeM' WJBiyBfeKENe, SC PO:MmbNMEYn MOOmgOmN eavznmen-aan- $YURLAEYMAn' MEZMFtloFd,CT tebattlgllelo APOJJ.FO 7 OJMAGCME Teeaa»'? suslels9oi^tnw. 564/58 AV ARA UM( BUEMFSSeHNwAN5'Y)aa' 2PAGThq' JOY RODE lar BOVnAEN-Mrn" SAGE 'SW GERALD LEVENiUan' TAO GpN WEUPMMMdNe,AL POQMMeMMag 7 ALSCmYia 6 HiORREYa" SNE56" AEAMTaer Wnumialanks.N PRBynwóm MOtaMYmgla 5 MC TA" 3 TMEE6MFATAg 2 CM 'Dr OLaEWe.SaltAwar e2moanna' SM SO' WJMUJsctsorl, MS POeRSYdmNe 2 BUEREASNNVnEHNVVary' 9 RAC 'Ng' SADE -Sae B2MN'drnûEANOFVERTYAam- JMEnMYL/r 78/7 YAW SYDFSMSiWnee' NPRSAtaesas City, MO APqoMqrmFrt 3 eyzmen"adan' JOY(MO2r filwolevón9aa- SrOESá' SHAGE5NSTMaa' Akem SMARM Air RMF2FgR/GaY 4 KZ/KRea-TirMple,TX P.eOMydrMlNtgma 9YDESMSwhn eoaa AEMYà 2PCTAq- MEE6M/Mtileg WKGNALeoXMb,TN P4ADoYfirBame 2 SN7f56- B2nrmAa,Arca MU -Our JOY TAM-CAW 2PC-iAg SWOE9ESTWha- BDMnMGSNfWMCNY GRAD LflERTUan- 77MREEBMNR-Rrq' KRROA.aMYette. 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AEmYaC WHRKAMgAb, TN AP6M:BmNreMEM 6 SnJaTHESWERUC 8 FELDMOBY4PrS 6 TAE43T _TAM( e THREE BMMAAA' O:mE6V6YAE'MOTetl' AEYWr SCESe' SAOESESTMn- qniw7andestuewane' PJY' ab" WEDRMbmi, R. Oht,rneeTtmM POtD:Ce/Mkllr/yMMee e SAOESA' 2 9fAGESE57Wero' AC WOW' SLUM CMAfNlOr/YFL- WKKV/Milwaukee, W' PD:GarylpnB MO: Doe low 2 Sea ' :e t DO :.r '2 P- SNADESMSTWM( GRAD LEVERTYAam' BOYnMN Adan' WBLXAbtlb, AL POQYeeeYRMrMA AEU TAM' MCC -5:' STOMA Yaf WJWLTtonlgomery, AL AAO:ORaá - WZHT/Montgomery, At. FD:ltnrytfiM Ne:MNYMLag JZ SADESA" 3 BOYDMEN-era' SrrYNMErr' GELDUUEM9erm' AEMYaf BUEMßNMaAmrrAwge WDU7MtnW Sack SC PeeeFCNNCNP s S WOOKMpMNN,TN' MJ4aAmelg PO Ts* Fax 2 MUM *rra" $DESA" GERALD WYBCANr Haven. CT gmeamrimiee PD:JmMCola APRMe(mMdmlYae MD 9ACf9ES7Nw( RTYrs- MAUMAl5958- RAMZFtAG(W-ter CRYSTNSERM-Pyp MC( lar TíPfE6wElA-Rry' JMEnMTAM BdLTMXSNaYJUAONYLtiOe eortnmen'mw 'NEMUkbn' o-des`eans. LA' MD:AngWWeNm NstT'kW RCM ide TMff6MMM9aq MBLS/Tlew York, NY POemgMm MD:tleeamWamlt 4 RHLAr/GABBAYAarrL" 6MLDLF48nYAam' t SFDESa- 82MB'AOaln' WOWdlerb9,YA PQUMbg MB:MdrMFEwr 2 BFSA' 7 SCARCE.7-2 APLEwLSONWOgM' 2lEN'AUam- SYOE9ESYW,ee' MLD LEVERfTun" KVSP/Oklahom a City, DK PD: Terry NAM :EOBie&ato 2 6Y2nMNAMan $ACESá' THREE 6AALAYqBOTETGSTfqeaU/Ya- ffrndler7aem- AMU-CA( WJHMlDrlando. FL PD:HANe MLMD:JayLove N WY.EF.FAO,' B2MV:aa a WPH/Philadelphia. PA' PD: Mann Demo APD:ameYWino rqf4bm'rmromdp 6 BN2MEN-Adao" WUSLJPadelphÍa,PA ObNeMW APDAOLMaCaqu e 9n,. MEN Ac.:: ce Ate 44 î SY,ESae. -AEN' 2e'; WAMO PDRmAetm MpOlgggMg M 5 GOULD LEAR! U_ am' 5 DA DNee ' SAUTARAEhn- AEwYaN- 2PADTlup- PA QeYaLNC POHssMM MD: Aliemy 9 FELDMOB-Ray 9'-LL AAA Vks: WCDXATiehmond. VA ND: NaAlamelt gp,y 3, JOYENF :. TnFM7s9p,eAaéry AEU Taff SYGNMT4n' WOKX/Aochester, NY Po?e MO.KaMGame 28 RR 'Sae 4 BOYZMN-aan' J FaBYLDLFVEeTYAam- A9riAr VOW TAW( WTLZ/Saginaw,M' PO'GrsNeFlMMa 22 KERRSWEATMEWTraR' SNFSA" MAMAS SUNLREYan' fi2e MEN -Mace WEAS/Savannah. GA..-Z W 444 Tait PO Sam Nelson MO: Jewel GMl ef%7'emury' WE A KDKS/Shreveport. LA P,AD:OwnnEtllok AGE `-ae 9MOESESiWAn' BoMne6sN+AlnaOTlr'CJwa" 2PADTAg GF7MlflEm^" AEMrMr 82 '. NMJJBhreve port. LA PD Me}Melree KATLSt. Louis. MO PD: CAM Mks MD:tPVu 23 PAG-T4p" 6 UMW SCAPfACl-Mr.. a. ' WHBX/Tallalussee, FL king AFN D ET F'!resr. WTMP/Gmpa, FL' FO.aryYM 6meT 6 2PACTrq" 3 SAE q. TALENi-Gtry- JNEMTaü 82EN-aan' 9YDE9ESTWr( / ' WJUCToledo. OH PO: DA* Maü MD:NMdG. 5 Gí Es:..; SA:E...<Y?FÓ ',.. 9AEWA-Co;u JO/ENRnlh:"e. BEENEMMYrN- -ENYCn MADRE 9MCUrMUMM-LK KJMM/Tulsa, OK PO: TerryMllltay Ay AaBMMM 9 82K MEN AAA 3 GERALDLfVFAtUan 2 ihree6 AMA 'Ma + SAGE SA' JNfMYaa7 'NFMteYdN- WESE/Tupelo. MS PDAW:PaMMMlese.aEaF-a..: PMUYanás SDE Sae GFWLOLEVFRYAem' WKYSWasAin g Dn, OC' wp og. Slew *wood WJKShYilmington. DE POTay LlMaeaaM MD:MmmiMN 2 WSW nmtnansnmyi4gn+ysra Watt OfrtaolTgrr ART UMW.iNEa7aYr JOYENAOEZYer 7nEE6MMA-Rrc, YDE9ESrwe WMNUWilmipbe,NC MO:NiCAa NcAm = /C{raAr 24/7 modeled 8 Total Reporters 8 Current Reporters 8 Current Playlists Urban AC WALR/Atlanta. GA' Po:J(eMdF 8 'RA YAar.e' RATT LAN LLk äl 2 SAUSM 4Uron WWNBaltlmore, MO PD:N>tyBrdlln MOAmHitt te KELLrPRKE 'WA.e 8 SDE lea 24M'GdL Tbse WOWS isoer Nyme" WBiMAirmieglum, AL FOAgONe MO DwKArM 4 OY/rJGFAOS- OA: WLD/Boslon, MA PD: SNwGBlsby /PD: L Caton MO T. cuit 8 NORMAN BARYN7ASTAYMe' 5,AMES B BRAUN "Graf 2 Self See' RAM% BUTLER - new' R KELLY Wan' NUR BEAStreNteer WMGCharleston. SC PO Allan' /Mk RMA PMa LLCYPEARTNSs SAC( 'SW rfraloeveplusan' ETHSWFATM Mq-Wir KEW PAWS/WM WBAVANyarblle, NC PD'AlaaCaEm MQOC A OMSG FACES Uw- 4 ELLY MU SMMdve 5 SAOS Sae WWL7JCMwp. 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GA POeO:LimtAMNe.-.E4MrWLLLY5S6a" SCE 44 KELLY FACE $WHse" LST ALL S6aff JMSMeepMb, TM MO3ee.Kea.M AVANT -First- 9onn MR leave GERALD LEVERTTram' 4LLY MDE SOW'ú WHOTAMami, FL Salsa tf:tayom PO: Duna nto NV. Hui LaMaea No Adds MCEMBuMMWe, W POeDTgMMeJeeea 5 SAGE56 5 JUWNWBUERrenr- AEU TAW WNüMMNe, AL POflmeaeq MD UMW* a CARL nkaussume' SAG4 Sae- WYLDMew Orleans. LA SAM tale' 34 MMCOa7Wn" 3 aamygalyaey WCFBOredl, FL POtwNam* MD:JMOtis ERYKAH emu Yin - AMC fry" WOAS/Philadelphl,PA QJaeeerA APpAD:DMegMM 7 SR -SA ELLYMQSnatlw MAOW FRSOER-Po6m- KMJfl4waia, AZ PO MJa e.r MO:Mmlhreg NPAAds WFXCATakqh-Dlrham. NC MOOarrylMomKa WKJSAtkA moat, VA POtO.KaAMaW 6 YDESá- ELLYAPoFESMATse PAU-Cads' ERH5NWAA:MO-7eade L ST SOL AA KMJMB. Louis. MO' OWPO Dui At= AP4eOElkMidwN ; re,inswl5l,' o>:% Shf t+k- WHURflYashilrqton. DC' PQHaNrHAMeM MO: Da* A. DMtbmal AVt"a.:nE67, _... 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75 n Recognition of Black Radio Month The 9th Annual Salute to Excellence Awards Dinner Honoring Vinny Brown Program Director WBLS Radio benefiting The Youth Development Foundation and Associated Black Charities Thursday, October 26, 2 Sheraton new York Hotel & Towers Richard Hash Senior Vice President ELEKTRA ENTERTANMENT Dinner Co -Chair Black Tie Optional Reception 6:3 PM Dinner 7:3 PM For nformation Contact: Cynthia Badie Associates Helen Little Program Director POWER 99 Dinner Co -Chair

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78 Wanna 76 Urban AC Top 3 LAST THS WEEK WEEK 2 p 3 o o t 4 m t 2 s e 2 e 6 n 27 e Debut> m Debut> e (Debut> e October 6, 2 ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) Tü PLAYS YOLANDA ADAMS Open My Heart (Elektra/EEG) 89 TON BRAXTON Just Be A Man About t (LaFace /Arista) 826 BOYZ MEN Pass You By (Universal) 67 BEBE WNANS F/MCKNGHT & JOE Coming Back Home (Motown) 594 JOE Treat Her Like A Lady (Jive) KEVON EDMONDS Love Will Be Waiting (RCA) ERYKAH BADU Bag Lady (Motown) SSOO ncomplete (Dragorv"Def Soul /DJMG) CARL THOMAS Summer Rain (Bad Boy /Arista) CHARLE WLSON Without You (Major Hits) NORMAN BROWN FNESTA Rain (Warner Bros.) RACHELLE FERRELL Satisfied (Capitol) JLL SCOTT Gettin' n The Way (Hidden Beach /Epic) DONELL JONES Where Be (Untouchables/LaFace /Arista) 385 PATT LABELLE Call Me Gone (MCA) 348 GERALD LEVERT Baby U Are (EastWest/EEG) 345 TEMPTATONS Selfish Reasons (Motown) 38 AL JARREAU Just To Be Loved (GRPNMG) 34 LV Woman's Gotta Have t (Loud) 299 PHL PERRY Keep Me n The Dark Tonight (Peak/Private/Windham Hill) 286 AVANT My First Love (Magic Johnson/MCA) 284 RUFF ENDZ No More (Epic) 283 KELLY PRCE You Should've Told Me (T- Neck/Del Soul /DJMG) 248 BONEY JAMES & RCK BRAUN Grazin' n The Grass (Warner Bros.) 248 WHTNEY HOUSTON Fine (Arista) SADE By Your Side (Epic) CHANGNG FACES That Other Woman (Atlantic) KELLY PRCE As We Lay (Del Soul/DJMG) R. KELLY Wish (Jive) STEPHEN SMMONDS Can't Do That (Priority) GROSS WEEKS ON TOTAL STATONS PLAYS OPPRESSONS CHART ADOS W / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) Most Added ADDS SADE By Your Side (Epic) 28 KELLY PRCE You Should've... (T- Neck/DefSoul/DJMG)4 GERALD LEVERT Dream With No Love (Motown) 5 PRU Candles (Capitol) 5 KETH SWEAT F/LL' MO 'll Trade... (Elektra/EEG) 5 HL ST. SOUL Strictly A Vibe Thing (Dome/Select -O -Hits) 5 AVANT My First Love (Magic Johnson/MCA) 4 BOYZ MEN Thank You n Advance (Universal) 4 CHANGNG FACES That Other Woman (Atlantic) 3 R. KELLY t Wish (Jive) 3 LUCY PEARL Don't Mess... (Overbrook/Pookie /Beyond) 3 Most ncreased Plays ARTST TTLE LABELS GERALD LEVERT Dream With No Love (Motown) PATT LABELLE Call Me Gone (MCA) SADE By Your Side (Epic) PRU Candles (Capitol) WHTNEY HOUSTON Fine (Arista) SS ncomplete (Dragon/Del Soul/DJMG) CHANGNG FACES That Other Woman (Atlantic) R. KELLY Wish (Jive) PROFYLE Liar (Motown) KETH SWEAT F/LL' MO 'll Trade... (Elektra/EEG) TOTAL PLAY NCREASE Urban AC reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24- Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. if two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 35 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Company). 2. R&R nc. New & Active MARY MARY FB.B. JAY Sings (C2/Columbia) Total Plays: 69. Total Stations 6. Adds: LBERTY CTY FLA. Who's She Lovin' Now? (Harrell/Jive) Total Plays: 57. Total Stations:. Adds: J.T. TAYLOR How (Taylor Made) Total Plays: 55. Total Stations: 6. Adds: LUCY PEARL Don't Mess With My Man (overbrook/pookie/beyond) Total Plays: 42. Total Stations. 5. Adds: 3 PROFYLE Liar (Motown) Total Plays: 35. Total Stations: 9. Adds: GERALD LEVERT Dream With No Love (Motown) Total Plays: 3. Total Stations: 22. Adds: 5 WALTER BEASLEY Won't You Let Me Love You (Shanachie) Total Plays: 25. Total Stations: 6, Adds: RONNE LAWS Old Days/Old Ways (HON) Total Plays: 5. Total Stations: 4. Adds: JONATHAN BUTLER Another Way (N -Coded Music) Total Plays: 97..Total Stations: 7. Adds: 2 PRU Candles (Capitol) Total Plays: 98. Total Stations: 9. Adds: 5 CHANTE' MOORE Straight Up (Silas/MCA) Total Plays: 85. Total Stations: 7. Adds: SPARKLE ts A Fact (Motown) Total Plays: 76. Total Stations: 3. Adds: LATANYA Why You Acting Shady (7VT) Total Plays: 74. Total Stations: 7. Adds: Songs ranked by total pays Breakers No Songs Qualified For Breaker Status This Week Most Added is the total number of new adds officially reported to RAR by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overall total stations playing a song. Most ncreased Plays lists the songs with the greatest week- to-week increases in total plays. Weighted chart appears on RAR ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG. THE NDUSTRY'S NEWSPAPER For Faster Service FAX Credit Card Payments fo Or Call RER at U Or e mail RER at moreinfo9frronline com THE R&R ANNUAL SUBSCRPTON PACKAGE DELVERS THE MOST FOR YOUR MONEY! SUBSCRBE AND SAVE OVER $9.! 5 weeks of R &R ($33. value) 2 semi -annual R &R Directories ($5. value)

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80 Let 78 regurban AC October 6, 2 ViiiirMayed Reçurrents OP URBAN AC - POWER GOLD WHTNEY HOUSTON & DEBORAH COX Same Script... (Arista) CARL THOMAS Wish (Bad Boy/Arista) MARY MARY Shackles (Praise You) (C2/Columbia) JOE Wanna Know (Jive) DONELL JONES U Know What's Up (Untouchables/LaFace/Arista) ANGE STONE No More Rain (n This Cloud) (Arista) KEVON EDMONDS No Love ('m Not Used To) (RCA) ERC BENET Spend My Life With You (Warner Bros.) KEVON EDMONDS 24/7 (RCA) MAXWELL Fortunate (Rock Land/nterscope./Columbia) TEMPTATONS 'm Here (Motown) TOS BRAXTON He Wasn't Man Enough (LaFace/Arista) TEMPTATONS Stay (Motown) BRAN MCKNGHT Back At One (Motovm) D'ANGELO Untitled (How Does lt Feel?) (Cheeba SouncWirgin) CASE Happily Ever Mer (Del Jam/DJMG) JESSE POWELL You (Sitas/MCA) TEMPTATONS This s My Promise (Motown) GERALD LEVERT Mr. Too Damn Good (EastWest/EED) ERC BENET When You Think Of Me (Warner Bros.) BRAN MCKNGHT Win (Motown) TAMA Stranger n My House (Elektra/EEG) CARL THOMAS Emotional (Bad Boy/Arista) MAZE Before Go 2 GAP BAND Outstanding 3 MARVN GAYE Let's Get t On 4 MARVN GAYE Sexual Healing 5 CHERYL LYNN Got To Be Real 6 EMOTONS Best Of My Love 7 AL GREEN Let's Stay Together 8 LUTHER VANDROSS Never Let Go 9 MAXWELL Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) MARVN GAYE Got To Give t Up COMMODORES Brick House 2 PATRCE RUSHEN Forget Me Nots 3 LTD (Every Time Turn Around) Back... 4 NEXT Too Close 5 SLEY BROTHERS For The Love Of You 6 MARVN GAYE Mercy Mercy... 7 MAZE f/franke BEVERLY Joy & Pain 8 SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS Hold On 9 EARTH, WND & FRE Reasons 2 LTD Love Ballad 2 Al. GREEN 'm Still n Love 22 MARVN GAYE What's Going On 23 Al. GREEN 'm Still n Love BRbU MCKNGHT Anytime 25 RCK JAMES Fire And Desire 26 RUFUS Sweet Thing 27 MCFADDEN & WHfTEHEAD Ain't No Stoppin' WHSPERS And The Beat Goes On 29 BABYFACE Whip Appeal 3 BARRY WHTE ts Ecstasy When You. 3 RUFUS Do You Love What DAR BAND Let t Whip 33 O'JAYS Used Ta Be My Girl 34 FREDDE JACKSON Jam Tonight 35 SLEY BROTHERS Between The Sheets 36 SOUL SOUL Keep On Movin' 37 KENNY LATTMORE For You 38 TEDDY PENDERGRASS Close The Door 39 GAP BAND Yearning For Your Love 4 HEATWAVE Always And Forever 4 CHC Good Times 5 BARRY WHTE Practice What You Preach 52 TEDDY PENDERGRASS Turn OH The Lights 53 JOHNNY GLL My, My. My 54 KETH SWEAT Make t Last Forever 55 CARL CARLTON She's A Bad Mama Jama CON FUNK SHUN Loves Train 57 SLEY BROTHERS Voyage To Atlantis 58 CHERRELLE f/a. O'NEAL Saturday Love 59 ZAP? More Bounce To The Ounce 6 SLEY BROTHERS Footsteps n The Dark 6 ANTA BAKER Sweet Love 62 RUFUS /CHAXA KHAN Ain't Nobody EMOTONS Don't Ask My Neighbors 64 RCK JAMES Give t To Me Baby 65 TEDDY PENDERGRASS Love T.K.O. 66 EARTH, WND & FRE Let's Groove Tonight 67 AUTA BAXER Giving You The Best DEELE Two Occasions 69 FREDDE JACKSON You Are My Lady 7 LUTHER VANDROSS Bad Boy... 7 WHSPERS Lady 72 ATLANTC STARR Send For Me 73 SOUL SOUL Back To Lite 74 MAZE f/f. BEVERLY Happy Feelings 75 EARTH, WND & FRE Devotion 76 TEDDY PENDERGRASS Come On Go With Me 77 GEORGE CLNTON Atomic Dog 78 QUNCY JONES fill. DEBARGE...TheSecretGarden 79 MDNGHT STAR Slow Jam 8 TOM BROWNE Funkin For Jamaica 8 LUTHER VANDROSS Don't You Know That 82 STEVE WONDER Ribbon n The Sky 83 LEVERT Casanova 84 LUTHER VANDROSS A House s Not 85 STAPLE SNGERS ll Take You There 86 TEDDY PENDERGRASS When Somebody Loves. 87 PATT LABELLE f Only You Knew 88 SHALAMAR Second Time Around 89 EARTH, WND & FRE Love's Holiday 9 MTUME Juicy Fruit 9 GO Do Love You /vy nman vnwer vnvn WHEN you got them eating out of your hands! Asst. Urban Editor Tanya O'Quinn spent time with Atlantic VP/Urban Promotion Erik Ford and had the label- executive eating out of the palm of her hands. t seems O'Quinn's 2-week course in "How To Get A Man" was a 42 EVELYN KNG Shame 43 LAKESDE Fantastic Voyage 44 S.O.S. BAND Take Your Time BOBBY CALDWELL What You Won't Do. 46 MARVN GAYE Distant Lover 47 EARTH. WND & FRE That's The Way 48 AL B. SURE! Nite And Day 49 GOD'S PROPERTY Stomp 5 TEMPTATONS Treat Her Like A Lady 92 BRCK Dazz 93 STEVE WONDER That Girl 94 LOOSE ENDS Hangin' On A String 95 O'JAYS Forever Mine 96 BARRY WHTE Can't Get Enough GO Disco Nights 98 MNT CONDTON What Kind Of Man A TASTE OF HONEY Boogie Oogie Oogie GLADYS KNGHT & THE PPS Neither One Of Us good investment. However, lately O'Quinn has been seen reading The Easiest (Add Cheap- est) Way To File A Restraining Order. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research. a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2. R&R nc.

81 - -. AAaNP S -..,. s '..A'.H'. A, -. ' \. ' ' O ' T ' r MTMS'DM5.Yer r 9MY,'ROQRSw, a. C Country Reporters October 6, 2 R&R 79 wwklrrrnn.b MMWW MUM= MA,POGSRAW `YWPR'OW weanym. R' PO WSW ), NSW : ißscmweor' :AçA KAY'S A,\ wya, 4v+, NKT/AN.mwM. NM A aw rw CJTJWae :,A WOW.- ' JJna ame MNYMa - :.,6P., T,' NCfOWad.W.. M DCWwOrt. AOR Ed wrww -. \ NNGMYM.Ti ww DWMWOW. MDrPOSWW' SRraAO'Mw' WKYAopaM..W Oa WNW., DMD Wad Wow wo JWMJW W,)p6 cow 9Y 'ia.rwovy-i/a.- wnflanaew.kc awdjrowm MD AVOW* -ym' NMWAWM. GA RD NwNOW.. wpa/an. W OW Dw..Wwn bewwer Daw,a,W l S.. MRRANNNNCM.MJ O JaMw '=A'.A..4SGrru MA UG7W NRClA.W. GA moo =moo..., AMMO ra+.pyla A,... MBAs. TX ArWO.r DWWWoo... r....,...r. J-,, KONMRf.M. G DEamoor DHwOWYY MPOfi7MNld/. A!<aL..mwAmr..,..:.. - TFLCTAdM WNW. LA OLP. YO.rÚW ~op Rom, LA C Pad OY AOW A.W6 Jaws - -.,.,.A... uromomm. n MUD FwowWW Pro AN Waal.iM"H?u MOW YNre.MKWi -RJW xm]mnew Taw NNNSiati-GNNPoA. MS wmwarkywr D Wm W. 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G OMD:OWoWMle,9 NM,MO'wM.Aay 9 rnlyryw-omwwm' i RC,EANRlYLaur.MrMi YO.GO[MPNTM-NMr' AM ADOSO'Ar owrn:rommjlar wagniwk/. TX RJOetteWOen rdmnawwr.rll O JMMOREA'Aaw" 'a WM G5WA' D Y5TMY DGWrNOW -Ryr ru MAMGCmNn' wmzpm.ymn. a AMMO MeMwPD., NMYOSOM'.wAlmMrr' WOEZNaw.W OW w>wainhem A r. rr M SRN MMF Y6'.. cow 'MMawfAOEO,' gmgrla,5'wm' WRKANN Palm Beacl, FL ' POYMwYWW AAYp JR Jtlwn NFOLEwHN.KN PO, KZSNAYKNia,K$ OM lat. DM. H PD own PP.. WGLYWMefBMW_M, o MrMWm NROO/ralwu. WA own R,a,... wgty/ym. PA YA Jrm MTOnJWeM....,,. \.,.... womym. WaP.M A.Y.. M Mb.La A. JeJ /% JewWJ W=Mediabase24// monfll/ilf,8ep5tolúrqypjort8r8 t48 Monitored Reporters _J 37 ndicator et ( No Longer A Reporter : WKKX/St. Louis, MO

82 8 R&R Oktober 6, 2 Country LON HELTON lheltonqn-online. com "We have to create an environment that a P2 listener or a listener who has drifted away - perhaps to an AC station - is comfortable with." Joel Raab NAB Country Session: `Between The Songs Panel offers tips on sprucing up content thought we might be in for a long session when panelist Brian Thomas said he'd gotten a call from Viacom President Mel Karmazin, who reminded him that the stuff between the records was commercials. Fortunately. the NAB Country session panel was made up of programmers, so we did get to talk about things like jocks, jingles. promos, contests. inand-out-of- format programming, short- and long - form syndication and. of course. commercials - but probably not in the same context that Mr. Karmazin would speak of them. Joining Thomas, who is the OM for KYCY -AM & FM and KFRC -AM & FM/San Francisco. were KRTY/San Jose PD Julie Stevens and consultant Joel Raab. was on hand as mod- erator. Brian Thomas The entire session. which focused on content - the stuff between the songs - began with an overview of when we are and where we're going. This weck well focus on the big picture: art- ist involvement and air talent. n future columns we'll focus on the other imponant elements between the songs. began the session by asking the panel what programmers are doing to shore up content. Stevens lamented, "Daily prayer." The laughs got us off and running, and Joel Raab kicked off the conversation. JR: n the early '9s you could play the back page of R &R, and it would be hard to screw up a Country station. That's not the case now. n the early '9s there were a lot of Country stations that sounded like good. mainstream. AC- presentation stations. n the late '9s, when perhaps the music wasn't as strong. Country didn't seem to evolve formatically at well as it could have. The more successful Country stations today are thinking out of the box and are doing different things in terms of using dif- Julie Stevens Joel Raab ferent voice people. different jingle singers - like Travis Tritt doing the WYAY /Atlanta jingles. We have to create an environment that a P2 listener or a listener who has drifted away - perhaps to an AC station - is comfortable with. t's just not going to work if a listener who has gone to AC or who shares with AC comes back to the Country station, only to find it still sounds like the Country station of nine years ago. The next evolution of Country station content is making sure that today's Country stations sound competitive and. hopefully, better than their contemporary counterparts. BT: agree. People may think that my competition is KRTY, but my competition are the Hot ACs in this mar- ket. share more with KOT and K [KO], and do things to compete with them. Every day ask myself. "How can get more listeners at work if 'm competing with KOT and K O 'T' The ACs are the éürrent enemy. JR: Let me give some specifics: was in a top- market last week. listening to Country and AC. On the Country station the sweepers were longer and more wordy. and the jocks were attempting to be down -home and folksy. The Hot AC station had a much better presentation. That's not to say that Country should be just like AC. Hot AC or C-R. 'm not suggesting that. There are some things about Country radio that are key to its success. But we "What we've been missing in the last five years is the relationship between the radio station and the audience. That's what Country has always been so good at." Julie Stevens have to make sure that we're succinct and are using strong formatics to get our points across. Here's another big difference: t's important to pound the message. was listening to Brian's Oldies station [KFRC -AM & FM]. and one of the really good things about it was the lin- er. "The greatest hits from the '6s and '7s." There wasn't a sweeper or a jock talking without pounding that position. Country stations all seem to have these 2- second sweepers that say 25 different things, which causes us to lose whatever message we're trying to send. We need to be more focused. LH: Julie, do you want your station's "between the records" sound to be like the AC station in town so that. especially if you're sharing a lot with the AC stations, folks who come over are comfortable with your overall feel and sound? JS: Absolutely not. What we've been missing in the last five years is the relationship between the radio station and the audience. That's what Country has always been so good at. That's why people brand to us like they do: We speak to them. Normally the music speaks to them, although it hasn't much lately. f your jocks are just. "Hey. wow! We're playing 2 in a row!" you've missed it. People in this business always talk about how important relationships are. The same is true with listeners. f you're not in some way relating to them as the music relates to them. you either won't brand to them or they won't have a reason to come back. The wide gap in Country is that there is no relationship anymore between the radio station and the listener. That is what 'm trying to rebuild with my audience. JR: agree. What said would not preclude that at all. was just talking about getting away from sloppy radio. Country has lost the one-on -one communication. Part of the reason it has lost it is that there seems to be a lot less cooperation from the artists of late. in particular the superstar artists. t's a struggle to get a meet- and -greet, a struggle to get your talent onstage at concerts. t's ridiculous. JS: We are the spackle between the artist and the listener. We're the ones who build the relationships between artists and listeners. and that's what brings the listeners back to us. JR: But we need some help from the artists. 9 BT: Hey. 'm just happy to have artists who are still alive. LH: [After lots of laughter] What are some ways to use artists on the air in addition to the music, especially new artists doing radio tours? How can you introduce them to the audience and create a good experience for them? BT: We have a new idea for all the acts coming by and performing in our conference room. They're great presentations. and 'm sure the audience would love them, but you don't want to take a half -hour out of middays to do that. We are going to record them on a digital camera and make them available on our website. JR: Another idea is to have a Star of the Future Luncheon to which listeners can win an invitation. That's a cool thing for the fans that you can talk about on the air, even if you're not playing the record. And it's something the act will remember. Overall, radio probably doesn't spend enough time giving back to the artists. When an artist wins an award. do we send a congratulatory telegram? We don't do that, but we should. BT: t also helps to use artists to introduce features on the station. t helps brand those items. JR: You just have to be careful not to overdo those things. You don't want the artists to become wallpaper - you have to pick your places. Another idea 've heard is using an artist actuality - kind of a Behind the Music thing -as a sweeper. where you have seconds of an artist talking over the music right into their hit. Air personalities deliver, execute or set up all of the between- the -songs elements so important to a radio station's success. turned the conversation to talent, and roe began with mornings. BT: When talk to our morning shows. we talk about identifying our competition. The fact is. competition is two different formats and different au- diences at different times. Our mom - ing drive starts at 43äm. Between 4:4 and 8am we're trying to plug people into the world. After 8am it's a Hot AC battle, so shouldn't have all this news, traffic and a lot of noise after 8am. JS: Mornings are about creating relationships. want people to know what they can count on when they tune in to our morning show, and that it doesn't deviate too far from that. We should he appealing to the family and not offend the kids in the car. JR: That's a key difference - and a positive - for Country radio. JS: also hope they know the morning talent personally. hope he shares enough of himself that listenen feel they know who he is and that he's a friend of theirs. JR: t really helps to make the talents' real lives a part of the show. Not ad nauseam, but getting listeners involved with what they're doing helps form the bond. BT: The biggest thing don't hear on stations is the talent having an emotional connection with the audi- ence. f you get the audience to participate with you. they will remember they listen to your radio station. LH: As you look to hire people. do you find those who have been in Country a long time still fill the bill. or do you find yourself looking outside the format? Do the Country jocks today have the skills you're looking for? JR: More often than not, no. When place ads saying that Country experience is not necessary. find get better tapes. Perhaps it's because the training in other formats has been for air talent to be tighter. BT: don't want to have someone who only knows Country - that's the only thing they ever talk about. want them plugged into the world, talking about the latest trends. Your station should be contemporary in all aspects. On KFRC, for instance, we don't sit and talk about the artists. We talk more about the things that are affecting people's everyday lives. Sometimes. if you get a personality who's not from the Country format, you're more likely to get that kind of background. JR: One critical part of hiring people without a Country background, however, is that even if they've never worked in Country radio. they should know something about it, have an interest in it and at least want to learn about it. JS: One of the mistakes we make as PDs is that we're so focused on jocks relating to the audience that we fail to see if they even have the ability to relate. Are they a person? Do you like them personally? Do they have the type of personality someone could relate to in life? We forget to ask. "Do you have a personality?" When it comes down to it. it's about that person on the air. f they don't have a personality off the air, how can they have one on the air? So you find someone with a personality, and the question then becomes, "Can they take direction?" How easy are they to mold and work with? JR: The lack of talent is a large part of this format's problem. ts become an even bigger problem be- cause the music hasn't been as good as it was in the early '9s. We haven't improved enough between the records to make up for it. Great jocks make a major difference on a radio station..

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84 82 RUR October 6, 2 Nashville CALVN GLBERT CHRS CAGLE Fourth- Quarter Country Jackson, Cyrus, Yoakam and holiday projects on release schedule New albums by Alan Jackson. Billy Ray Cyrus and Dwight Yoakam top the list of country _ album releases for the fourth quarter. Additionally, two holiday packages are being prepared for release this month. Arista has already released Jackson's " from his new album. When Somebody Loves You, which ar- rives Nov. 7. Jackson wrote five of the album's songs. including the single. Among Jackson's new originals is the closing track, "Three Minute Not Too Country Uptempo Love Song." Among the lyrics: "t's a lime bit edgy. but softer than spaghetti/weak yet redundantly stmng/t's a three minute positive not too country uptempo love song." Cyrus' Monument debut, Southern Rain. is set for Oct. 7 release. with Reprise assigning an Oct. 3 release date to Yoakam's Tomormw :s Sounds Today. As for the holiday fare, Billy Gilman's Epic sophomore project, Classic Christmas. is set for (kt. 7 release, and Ricky Van Shelton's Blue Christmas. his second album for Audium Entertainment, arrives Oct.. Giant has set an Oct. 7 release date for Believe: A Christmas Collection, a compilation that features four previously unreleased recordings by Clay Walker. Neal McCoy, Georgia Middleman and The Johnny Staats Project. While Garth Bnxiks reportedly previewed some of his new material during a recent live performance for the Capitol/Nashville staff, the superstar is not planning to release any new music before the end of the year. However. Brooks produced Tyler England's new Capitol album. Highways and Dancehalls, which is set for Nov. 2 release. Likewise. Vince Gill has no new albums on the schedule. but he pnxhaced Sonya saacs' self -titled Lyric Street debut album, which will be released (kt.. Following some corporate restructuring, Asylum has a particularly heavy October release schedule now that it's being designated as Asylum/Warner Bros. This month's releases include Texas singer /sengwriterchad Austin's self -titled debut album and Chalee Tennison's sophomore project. This Woman's Heart. Asylum veteran Bryan White has recorded two new songs for his Greatest Hits CD. With the understanding that release schedules can often change. here's a look at the albums set for release between now and Jan.. October : Casey Chambers. The Captain (Warner Bros.); Sonya saacs, Sonya saacs (Lyric Street): Waylon Jennings. Never Sos Die. Lire! (Lucky Dog); Ricky Van Shelton. Blue Christmas ( Audium): Chalee Tennison. This tibinan :c Heart (AsylunJWB); Various Artists, Grand Ole Opry 75th Anniaer- stay, VoL and Vol. (MCA). October 7: Mark Chesnutt, Lost in the Feeling (MCA): Billy Ray Cyrus. Southern Rain (Monument); Billy Gilman. Classic Christmas (Epic); Various Artists. Believe: A Christmas Collection (Giant). October 24: Chris Cagle, Play t Laud (Virgin). October 3: Lisa Angelic, Lisa Angelle (DrcamWorks); The Great Divide. Afterglow: The Will Rogers Sessions (Broken Bow); Randy Travis. nspirational Journey (Warner Bros.); Bryan While. Greatest Hits (Asylum/ WB); Dwight Yoakam. Tomorrow's Sounds Today (Reprise). November 7: Alan Jackson. When Somebody Loves You (Arista); Tom Mahe, Revenge on the Telernarketers, Round Two ( Virgin). November 4: Cledus T. Judd. Just Another Day in Parodies (Monument). November 2: TylerEngland. Highways and Dancelralls (Capitol). November 2S: No releases sched- uled. December 5: Soundtrack, O Bro- ther, Where Art Thou? (Mercury ). No albums are set to he released for the remainder of 2(MM). More Time To `Fly' The Dixie Chicks' Fly Tour was originally set to end Oct. 29 in New Orleans. but they're adding another 5 dates to the load trip. The additional shows. which continue through early December. will give the Chicks a chance to revisit several markets - including Denver. Phoenix. Los Angeles and San Diego - and hit some new ones. Over the course of 49 shows the tour has grossed more than 525 million. with an average attendance of more than 3,(MX) per show. The Chicks were in Los Angeles last week to film the remaining elements of their first one -hour prime -time concert special; which airs Nov. 2 on NBC -TV. They'll also be interviewed by Dan Rather on CBS - TV's 6 Minutes on Oct.. With additional dates still to be announced. the Fly Tour is confirmed for Denver (Nov. 7), Phoenix (Nov. 9), San Diego (Nov. 2), Los Angeles (Nov. 2) and Oakland (Nov. 26). An announcement has not been made on all of the extra tour dates. MAX Country Several of country's top acts are featured in a new MAX film that traces the roots of country music. Pnxluced by Gaylord Entertainment, the film premieres in Nashville next June and will then he screened at MAX theaters worldwide. Director Steven Goldmann and music pnxlucer Randy Scruggs are over- seeing the project, which centers around the fictional story of a young rish boy traveling through time to witness the development of country music. Among those featured in the film are Dolly Parton. Vince Gill. Alan Jackson, Loretta Lynn. Martina McBride, The Dixie Chicks, Lyle Lovett. LeAnn Rimes. Dwight Yoakam. Lonestar, Marty Stuart, Earl Scruggs. Alison Krauss. Asleep At The Wheel. Riders n The Sky, Kathy Mattes Guy Clark and two noncountry acts: Sixpence None The Richer's Leigh Nash and Byrds' founder Roger McGuinn. Film locations include Gruene Hall in Texas: a mountain church in North Carolina: a New York City street corner; Moab, Utah; and Gene Autry's Melody Ranch in California along with two Nashville institutions - Tootsic's Orchid Lounge and the Ryman Auditorium. LeDoux Awaits Donor Chris LeDoux has been added to organ donation lists after doctors diagnosed him with a liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis. There is no known cause for the disease. which develops slowly and causes the liver to be attacked. Public awareness of PSC was raised after the late NFL great Walter Peyton was diagnosed with the disease. LeDoux's doctors emphasize that his disease was detected in its early stages. They're confident of a full recovery once he undergoes the liver transplant. Guitar Heroes Everybody has their guitar heroes, but sometimes you have to go outside your family for influences, especially if you're a teenager. Brad Paisley tells R &R,'Stevc Warincr's son, Ryan, has become a great guitar player, and Ryan and have hit it off in that way. t's funny though: Ryan's dad is one of the best guitar players to ever live, but in Ryan's eyes. he's his dad. Steve says, ' can't show him anything.' So here's Steve. who's one of the most incredible guitarists in the world. and Ryan would ratherialk to me or Keith Urban or one of us new pickers because he's like. 'Dad. you're not cool. - L NEW ARTST FACT FLE Current Single: "My Love Goes On and On" Current Album, Label: Play t Loud, Virgin (Oct. 24 release) nfluences: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Conway Twitty, Charlie Daniels Background Chris Cagle's upcoming Virgin debut album, Play t Loud, shows the influences of country and rock. the two styles of music he grew up hearing. Born in DeRidder. LA, Cagle grew up in the Houston area. He tells R& R,'Nhen was a little boy. had one of those flip -top record players. can remember vividly being about 6 years old when my mother would play Jerry Reed's 'Amos Moses' and Grand Funk Railroad's' We're an Ameri- can Band. "' Although Cagle began taking guitar lessons at age 6. his musical interests took a detour. He explains, " had a bunch of buddies who made fun of me. n Texas football is so big, put the guitar down and played football." He later began playing piano in high school and soon returned to the guitar. After graduating from high school, Cagle headed to the Dallas area to attend the University of Texas at Arlington, but he spent his evenings playing in clubs as a member of the band Texas Heat. He says, We played what 'd call the 'B' and 'C' clubs. was using the situation to basically cut my teeth on performing and to get to know what can - and will - go wrong onstage, so 'd know how to react to that." Nashville Or Bust While living in Dallas, Cagle made a trip to Nashville. " just came to visit," he says. got off the plane and went to the Bluebird Cafe to hear Gary Burr, Jim Photoglo, Russell Smith and Bob DiPiero. When they took a break, pulled Gary Burr aside and said, 'Hey, man, when are you gonna play something you wrote?' He was playing hit songs off the radio, and really had no idea he wrote them. mean, he had just finished playing 'n a Week or Two' and `That's My Job.'" Later in the evening Cagle apologized for the faux pas and asked Burr for career advice. Cagle recalls, "He said, if you want to catch the fish, you've got to go where the water is.' flew home on a Sunday, sold everything owned on Monday, left on Tuesday, slept at a rest area near Little Rock and got here Wednesday morning, Aug. 3, 994." After moving to Nashville, Cagle worked as a waiter, carpenter, golf caddy and - believe it or not - nanny before landing a publishing deal. "There were times when really questioned myself and thought, 'How much do you want this?' When times like that occurred, found out." While working at a restaurant near Nashville, Cagle met Donna Duarte. She happened to be the assistant to Virgin /Nashville President Scott Hendricks, but she didn't tell Cagle that until after she went to a studio to hear him record some song demos. Loud And Clear Cagle got his recording contract after Duarte forwarded those demos to Hendricks, who says, "Besides being an ultratalented writer and artist. there's a lot of passion in Chris' voice and his writing. He brings an energy to country music that the format desperately needs." Cagle co- produced Play t Loudand co-wrote eight of the songs on the album. He says, "Fifteen years from now you will never hear me say, ' wish we hadn't had this song on there,' or, ' wish we had produced this differently.' 'm very pleased with the album." Cagle insisted on titling the album Play t Loud. "To me, it says something to a consumer," he explains. "Put this in your car, play it loud, and try not to speed. hope 'll have an opportunity one day to record a real slow, tender ballad, but that is not what wanted for this first record." Regarding the success of the first single, "My Love Goes On and On," Cagle says, " could not have written a better script if were writing a movie. feel like God has been very gracious to me for giving me favor with people. A bunch of my friends have come up in this business and never had a chance to have song one played on the radio. t amazed me for people to respond without us putting on this big dog- and -pony show. We just had a song." Cagle realizes, however, that a career is built on more than just a song. When asked about his plans for the remainder of the year, he says, "'m not in a hurry to get involved in a big tour situation. think it's better for me to get involved more with radio, to get to know everybody. t's one thing to have radio behind a song; it's another thing to have radio behind you as an artist. want them to know me enough to say, 'Here's a guy who's promoting our format and doing everything he can to try to help that become stronger and deeper.'" J

85 LST Want Need THS WEER WEEK ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) s Country Top 5 October 4 2 TOTAL PONTS TOTAL PLAYS GROSS MAS ON TOTAL STATONS Q AARON TPPN Kiss This (Lyric Street) Q JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY The Little Girl (Atlantic) Q GEORGE STRAT Go On (MCA) O O O m m 3,; o 2 P o m N 73 a a 2 4 R n m 9 Breaker Breaker m Breaker Breaker m Debut> Debut> Debut> Debut> Debut> Debut> [Debut> m m m o e o m o JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way (Curb) TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town (DreamWorks) F. HLL W/T. MCGRAW Let's Make Love (Warner Bros./Curb) TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions (Columbia) LEANN RMES You (Sparrow /Curb /Capitol) VNCE GLL Feels Like Love (MCA) PHL VASSAR Just Another Day n Paradise ( Arista/RLG) MARTNA MCBRDE There You Are ( RCA/RLG) BRAD PASLEY We Danced (Arista /RLG) DXE CHCKS Without You (Monument) KENNY CHESNEY Lost t (BNA/RLG) TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) SARA EVANS Born To Fly ( RCA/RLG) TRACY LAWRENCE Lonely (Atlantic) PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood 'm n (Epic) STEVE WARNER W /GARTH BROOKS Katie Wants... (Capitol) SHANA TWAN l'ni Holdin' On To Love... (Mercury) TERR CLARK A Little Gasoline (Mercury) BLLY RAY CYRUS You Won't Be Lonely Now (Monument) CLNT BLACK Love She Can't Live Without ( RCA/RLG) CHAD BROCK The Visit (Warner Bros.) CHRS CAGLE My Love Goes On And On (Virgin) CLAY DAVDSON Can't Lie To Me (Virgin) CLARK FAMLY EXPERENCE (Meanwhile) Back At... (Curb) KENNY ROGERS He Wilt, She Knows (Dreamcatcher) LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) REBA MCENTRE Were So Good Together (MCA) 57 2 ALAN JACKSON (Arista /RLG) JAME O'NEAL There s No Arizona (Mercury) RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) TRACE ADKNS 'm Gonna Love You Anyway (Capitol) SONS OF THE DESERT Everybody's Gotta Grow Up... (MCA) MARK WLLS To Know (Everything...) (Mercury) NEAL MCCOY Every Man For Himself (Giant) CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON Georgia ( Arista/RLG) ERC HEATHERLY Swimming n Champagne (Mercury) DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run (DreamWorks) 64 3 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way ( RCA/RLG) RCOCHET She's Gone (Columbia) TAMMY COCHRAN So What (Epic) GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be (MCA) MONTGOMERY GENTRY All Night Long (Columbia) JOLE & THE EDWARDS Would (DreamWorks) CHALEE TENNSON Makin' Up With You (Asylum/WB) JOHN ANDERSON Nobody's Got t All (Epic) DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know About Love (Reprise) MARSHALL DYLLON Live t Up (Dreamcatcher) TW TW MPRESSONS CHART ADOS / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /5 48 Country reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total points for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24 -Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining points /plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total points /plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs achieving airplay at 6% of reporter base for the first time. Songs that are down in pomisiplays for three consecutive weeks and below No. are moved to recurrent. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbltron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbltron Company). 2, RSR nc. ARTST' 'LE -ABEL(S) Most Added 83 ADDS ALAN JACKSON íarisaa/rlg) 44 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) 2 DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run (DreamWorks) 2 RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) 8 LEE ANN WOMACK Ashes By Now (MCA) 7 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way ( RCA/RLG) 5 DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know... (Reprise) 3 REBA MCENTRE Were So Good Together (MCA) MONTGOMERY GENTRY All Night Long (Columbia) BLLY RAY CYRUS You Won't Be Lonely... (Monument) 9 MARK WLLS Want To Knov. (Everything_ (Mercury) 9 Most ncreased Points TOTAL PONT ARTST T 7,L. _ NCREASE ALAN JACKSON wvw.memory ( Arista/RLG) TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) +282 GEORGE STRAT Go On (MCA) +298 AARON TPPN Kiss This (Lyric Street) +83 KENNY CHESNEY Lost t (BNA/RLG) +87 JOHN- MCHAEL MONTGOMERY The Little..(Atlantic) +667 TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions (Columbia) +574 BRAD PASLEY We Danced ( Arista/RLG) +476 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) +267 PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood... (Epic) +237 DXE CHCKS Without You (Monument) +22 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way (RCA/RLG) +36 SARA EVANS Born To Fly ( RCA/RLG) +78 SHANA TWAN 'm Holdin' On... (Mercury) +49 DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day... (DreamWorks) +952 Most ncreased Plays ARTST 'LE.4BELiSr TOTAL PLAY NCREASE ALAN JACKSON vnw.memory ( Arista/RLG) +76 GEORGE STRAT Go On (MCA) +45 TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) +447 AARON TPPN Kiss This (Lyric Street) +366 TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions (Columbia) +335 KENNY CHESNEY Lost t (BNA/RLG) +335 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY The Little... (Atlantic) +38 BRAD PASLEY We Danced (Arista/RLG) +297 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) +284 PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood... (Epic) +25 Breakers LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/ALG) 68% of our reporters on it (2 stations) 2 Adds Moves 3-29 MAN JACKSON (Arista/4G) 62% of our reporters on t (92 stations) 44 Adds Moves 4-3 RBA MCENTRE We're So Good Together (MCA) 6% of our reporters on it (9 stations) Adds Moves 32-3 RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) 6% of our reporters on it (9 stations) 8 Adds Moves Most Added is the total number of new adds ofieiatly reported lo RAR by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overall total stations playing a song. Most ncreased Points/Plays lists the songs with the greatest increases in total Points/Plays. AS CAP 'l Col \ R \ tl q(' \\\ARD \\l\\ R\ l'uß R OF THE YEAR SONGS - E YEAR SONGWRTER OF f l AR SONY/ATV MUSC PUBLSHNG -HOW FOREVER FEELS -\VRTE tils DOM.!' DANE WARREN VRU UER PUBLUHtR WARNER/ '[Lt M \R NE!'. SKY MUSC )\\.>, H

86 Knee, Loved Lost 84 kw e Co untry /ndicator" actolódr s, 2 R4MrR'S EXCLUSVE REPORTED OVERVEW OF NATONAL ARPLAY ARTST Thu (LABEL) TOTAL STAMM ADDS TRACE ADKNS 'm Gonna Love... (Capitol) 6/2 GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be (MCA) 3/3 JOHN ANDERSON Nobody's Got t M (Epic) CLNT BLACK Love She Can't... (RCA/RLG) 3/ CHAD BROCK The Visit (Warner Bros.) 34/ CHRS CAGLE My Love Goes On... (Virgin) 32/3 KENNY CHESNEY Lost t (BNA/RLG) 37/ CLARK FAMLY... (Meanwhile) Back... (Curb) 295 TERR CLARK A Little Gasoline (Mercury) 33/ BLLY RAY CYRUS You Won't Be... (Monument) 33 CLAY DAVDSON Can Lie To Me (Virgin) 3 DXE CHCKS Without You (Monument) 37) MARSHALL DYLLON Live t Up (DreamCatcher) 2 SARA EVANS Born To Ry (RCA/RLG) 37/ VNCE GLL Feels Like Love (MCA) 37/ ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way (RCA/RLG) 3/5 ERC HEATHERLY Swimming n... (Mercury) 7/ FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's... (Warner Bros.) 35 STEVE HOLY Blue Moon (Curb) / CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON Georgia ( Arista/RLG) /2 JOLE & THE WANTED Would (DreamWorks) 5/ TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town (DreamWorks) 37/ TRACY LAWRENCE Lonely (Atlantic) 35/ LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) 34/8 PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind... (Epic) 37/ MARTNA MCBRDE There You Are (RCA) 37/ NEAL MCCOY Every Man For... (Giant) 8/3 REBA MCENTRE Were So Good... (MCA) 3/2 TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) 36/ JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way (Curb) 3/ GEORGA MDDLEMAN No Place Like Home (Giant) / MONTGOMERY GENTRY All Night Long (Columbia) 7/ JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl (Atlantic) 37/ JAME O'NEAL There s No Arizona (Mercury) 2/3 5 BRAD PASLEY We Danced ( Arista/RLG) 37/ RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) 28/5 RAYE w/eakes Tired Of Loving This Way (Epic) 2/ JOHN RCH Pray For You (BNA/RLG).. / RCOCHET She's Gone (Columbia) 6/ LEANN RMES Need You (Sparrow /Curb'Capitol) 33/ KENNY ROGERS He Will. She Knows (DreamWorks, 23/ DARYLE SNGLETARY You (Aubium,l 3/ SONS OF THE DESERT Everybodys... (MCA) 4/ GEORGE STRAT Go On (MCA) 37/ CHALEE TENNSON Makin' Up With You (Warner Bros 7/ AARON TPPN Kiss This (Lyric Street) 37/ TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions (Columbia) 37/ SHAMA TWAN 'm Holdin' On To Love... (Mercury) 35/ KETH URBAN But For The Grace... (Capitol) 5/3 PHL VASSAR Just Another Day ( Arista/RLG) 37/ CLAY WALKER Once n A... (Giant) 9/ WARNER w/brooks Katie Wants A... (Capitol) 34/3 MARK WLLS Want To Know (Every...) (Mercury) 7/ DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To...(DreamWorks) 4/7 DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know...(Reprise) /4 37 Country ndicator reporters n markets Songs ranked alphabetically for the airplay week of Sunday Saturday 9/3. 2. R&R nc. TOTAL POUTS TOTAL PLAYS » Most Added ARTST TTLE LABELS) ADOS ALAN JACKSON ( Arista/RLG) 6 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) 8 DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run (DreamWorks) 7 CLARK FAMLY EXPERENCE (Meanwhile)... (Curb) 5 RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) 5 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way (RCA/RLG) 5 DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know About Lore (Reprise) 4 LEE ANN WOMACK Ashes By Now (MCA) 4 S. WARNER WG. BROOKS Katie Wants... (Capitol) 3 CHRS CAGLE My Love Goes On And On (Virgin) 3 JAME O'NEAL There s No Arizona (Mercury) 3 NEAL MCCOY Every Man For Himself (Giant) 3 GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be (MCA) 3 KETH URBAN But For The Grace Of God (Capitol) 3 REM MCENTRE We're So Good Together (MCA) 2 TRACE ADKNS 'm Gonna Love You Anyway (Capitol) 2 CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON Georgia ( Arista/RLG) 2 TAMMY COCHRAN So What (Epic) 2 JO DEE MESSNA Bum (Curb) 2 Most ncreased Points TOTAL PONT ARTST TTLE LABELS) NCREASE ALAN JACKSON (Arista/RLG) +85 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA/RLG) +533 TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions (Columbia) +42 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY The Little Girl (Atlantic) +373 TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) +369 PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood i m n (Epic) +33 DXE CHCKS Without You (Monument) +29 KENNY CHESNEY t (BNA/RLG) +268 RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) +235 GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be (MCA) +23 S. WARNER W /G. BROOKS Katie Wants... (Capitol) +227 SHANA TWAN 'm Holdin On To Love.. (Mercury) +22 SARA EVANS Born To Fly (RCA-RLG) +28 BLLY RAY CYRUS You Wont Be Lonely Now (Monument) +9 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way (RCA/RLG) +74 Most ncreased Plays ARTST..... ',Cc r:ç ALAN JACKSON ;ni.memory Ansta/RLG) -258 LONESTAR Tell Her (BNA RLGi +76 TRAVS TRTT Best Cf ntentions (Columbia; +39 TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years (Curb) +27 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY The Little Girl (Atlantic)+ DXE CHCKS Without You (Monument) +98 PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood 'm n (Epic) +9 KENNY CHESNEY Lost t (BNA/RLG) +85 SHANA TWAN 'm Holdin' On To Love... (Mercury) +79 GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be (MCA) +7 RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love (Lyric Street) +69 S. WARNER W/G. BROOKS Katie Wants... (Capitol) +68 SARA EVANS Born To Fly (RCA/RLG) +63 DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run (DreamWorks)+55 CHRS CAGLE My Love Goes On And On (Virgin) +54 DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know... (Reprise) +54 BLLY RAY CYRUS You Won't Be Lonely Now (Monument) +53 ANDY GRGGS You Made Me That Way (RCA/RLG) +53

87 Country Action October 6, 2 RaR 85 The New Album úallery n Stores: October 3, 2 Chad Austin All My Dreams (Asylum/Warner Bros.) Like Trisha Ycarwood and Joe Diffic, Texas -born singer- songwriter Chad Austin got his break in Nashville while singing demos. One of the songs he co -wrote. "Hun Me All the Time.' wound up on Joe Diffie's 998 Greatest Hits album. Austin is unapologetic about his hard -core country sound. and that's exactly what attracted him to Dale Dodson and Jerry Taylor. who co- produced his debut album. "Those years sang demos in Nashville helped mc feel relaxed in the studio." Austin says. "Yet there was something different about recording my own album. had butterflies. and the excitement made me sing even better. There's lots of twin harmonics with the fiddle and steel. Sonny Garrish, the steel player on the Grand Ole Opry, just seems to match my voice better than anybody else. Every player on the sessions, think. welcomed the chance to play good country music. couldn't be happier." Chatee Tennison This Wornanx.. (Asylum/Warner Bros.) Chalec Tennison put her emotions on the line with her 999 self -titled debut album. Tennison says, " think it let people know that could sing ballads and be hurt and cry. but maybe it didn't let them know that in spite of that. can he lots of fun too. This time want people to hear and understand that other side of me. want them to know that am an extremely happy person, and that 'm a jokester. and a clown at times." Still. she adds, " think the message really wanted to get across with this album more than anything else is that really am your typical woman. tell people. 'Look, if you don't want to go out and read all those books about Men Are From Mars and that kind of thing. then just go get this album instead. You'll learn why we women pick up stray dogs on the side of the road and bring them home and nurture them. why we cry at movies nonstop and why we deliberately go out and get the video that makes us cry. You'll learn why we're stubborn. Why we fight." Tennison co -wrote seven of the 2 songs on her sophomore album. This Woman's Heart. including the autobiographical "'m Healing." which she wrote with Nash - silk veteran Dean Dillon. The album contains her new single. "Makin' Up With You." Merle Haggard f Could Only Fly (Anti) Much has been written and said about Merle Haggard. but singer/ songwriter Tom Waits points out, " can always hear a train in his voice. His songs arc made of wood and steel - tender, rough and wise. Want to learn how to write songs? Listen to Merle Haggard." Recorded this year at Haggard's own studio.!f! Could Only Fly finds him mixing country with bits of jazz. western swing and even a Brazilian samba. Haggard went for a sparse instrumental approach to emphasize the acoustic instruments. The result is a relaxed setting, which leads you to contend that the 63- year -old singer never sounded better. Commenting on the album, Elvis Costello says, "t's great to hear Merle Haggard in a very intimate recording and in such fantastic voice." Or, as Johnny Cash offers. " wonder from where comes this newfound creativity. The answer is: t isn't newfound. He's mellowed, and yet he's harder. if you can understand that. He's the old Hag - gard. and yet he's grown. On these songs he flourishes." Sara Evans Born to Fly (RCA) After receiving critical acclaim for her 997 debut album, Three Chords and the Truth. along with critical and commercial success for the 998 release No Place That Far. Sara Evans arrives with her third project. Born to Fly. "Things are different." Evans says. "You can just feel it. There's something hcrc that just hasn't been here in the past. A lot of it has to do with this music. And a whole lot of it has to do with my confidence level. am really pumped. feel like this is the one that is really going to take my career to where it needs to go." Evans co- produced Born to Fly with Paul Worley. best known for his work with The Dixie Chicks and Martina McBride. Evans co -wrote six of the album's songs, including the title track. which serves as the current single. As far as outside material, Evans' choices include Diane Warren's " Could Not Ask for More" (a pop hit for Edwin McCain) and Bruce Homsby's "Every Little Kiss." Hornsby also provides keyboards to the track. Evans says, "This is the most important record 'll ever make. This wasn't some two - day album. We worked on it for more than six months. felt that it was important to take as long as it needed for it to be a creative statement." She adds, "t's not necessarily a traditional country album, but it's not pop either. t's just mc." GaceyJones Every Man Love is Either... (GO) You have to appreciate anyone who would enlist Delbert McClinton to join them on a reprise of an old Conway Twitty/ Loretta Lynn duct titled "You're the Reason Our Kids Are Ugly." A former member of the late '8s MCA act Ethel & The Shameless Hussies. Jones is an excellent singer. However. her penchant for comic songs tends to make some people overlook this fact. Referring to new album, Jones says, "'ve always known my strong suit is my live show, and that was my approach to this particular collection of songs. paced this album like an onstage performance. taking the audience from the ridiculous to the sublime. t's a little schizo. but it's never dull." Joncs wrote or co -wrote live of the songs, including -Till Dale Earnhardt Wins Cup No. 8." As far as cover material. she includes a Tom Waits tune and another written by her pal Kinky Friedman. YEAR AGO C O 77 N T R Y FLASHBACK No. : "Something Like That"- Tim McGraw (third week) YEARS AGO No. : "She's Every Woman"- Garth Brooks YEARS AGO No. : "Friends n Low Places" - Garth Brooks (third week) YEARS AGO No. : "Some Fools Newer Learn"- Steve Wariner YEARS AGO No. : " Believe n You"- Don Williams YEARS AGO No. : "Blue Era Crying ti..."- WWe Nelson (fourth week) ARNM * Live 4vìte with Dallas Turner ng4ts from Starstruck * Studios On Music Row. Powerful Cross -promotion of your station on Television every afternoon on * GAC's Country Request Live with Dallas Turner. Dallas brings your listeners backstage access to Nashville's biggest stars and hottest events. J JONES RADO NETWORK" Take a closer look at Nashville Nights today by calling Jones Radio Network Monday through Friday seven to midnight, Country Radió s # evening show.

88 Will 86 RUR October 6, 2 Country New & Active LEEANN WOMACK Ashes By Now (MCA) Total Stations: 2. Adds: 7. Points: 99. Plays: 55 ( +) KETH URBAN But For The Grace Of God (Capitol) Total Stations: 7, Adds: B. Points: 796. Plays: 65 ( +3) Songs ranked by total points. The 7.5 KCL /Houma, LA crew had a great time as MCA recording artist Mark Chesnutt stopped down South to put on another of his great concerts. Pictured (back row, l -r) are Brad Thibodaux, PD Ray Robicheaux, Chesnutt, Tanya West and Eric Gill. n front are Morning Air Personality Dr. Don and Corey Michaels. rk.tï SKY DVN' Friday, September 22nd, WPKX Springfield morning stunt guy "Shaggy" performed a death defying feat. During a full live morning show broadcast with "KX n The Morni ing" (R.J., Jack O'Neill & Shaggy), "Shaggy" went skydiving live. For the very first time in his life he jumped out of an airplane and he did it "live" on- the -air. AN EVENNG WTH THE STARS Jones Broadcast Programming held a party called "An Evening With The Stars" at the NAB in San Francisco last week. RLG /BNA recording artists Lonestar performed especially for Lia, host of JBP's national Country show. Pictured (l -r) are Lonestars Keech Rainwater and Richie McDonald, JBP Artist Relations' Jean Lange, Lonestars Dean Sams, JBP Host Lia, Lonestars Michael Britt and JBP Marketing Manager Shawn Smith. PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTOS R &R wants your best snapshots (color or black & white). Please include the names and titles of all pictured and send them to: R &R coo Heidi Van Alstyne: Santa Monica Blvd., 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 967 prt:ara/ Radio Formats ABC RADO ETWORKS Coast -To -Coast Mark Edwards (972) Adds: SHANA TWAN 'm Holdin' On To Love... Hottest: JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl DXE CHCKS Without You KENNY CHESNEY Lost t TM MCGRAW My Next Thirty Years ALTERNATVE PROGRAMMNG Steve Knoll (8) Gary Knoll Adds: ALAN JACKSON RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run Hottest: TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl JOES BROADCAST PROGRAWANG Ken Moultrie (8) Mainstream Country L.J. Smith Adds: ALAN JACKSON PATTY LOVELESS That's The Kind Of Mood 'm n MARK WLLS Want To Know (Everything...) Hottest: TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town AARON TPPN Kiss This JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love GEORGE STRAT Go On New Country L.J. Smith Adds: ALAN JACKSON MARK WLLS Want To Know (Everything...) Hottest: AARON TPPN Kiss This JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love GEORGE STRAT Go On Us Ken Moultrie - Adds: ALAN JACKSON Hottest AARON TPPN Kiss This TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love GEORGE STRAT Go On JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl,!ONES RADO NETWORK Jim Murphy (33) CD COUNTRY John Hendricks Adds: No Adds Hottest: AARON TPPN Kiss This MARTNA MCBRDE There You Are TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions DXE CHCKS Without You US COUNTRY Penny Mitchell Adds: ALAN JACKSON LONESTAR Tell Her JO DEE MESSNA Burn LEE ANN WOMACK Ashes By Now Hottest: AARON TPPN Kiss This GEORGE STRAT Go On FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love LEANN RMES Need You JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl GREAT AMERCAN COUNTRY John Hendricks Adds: ROONEY CARRNGTON She's More Of A Man NEAL COTY Legacy DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run Elite: FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way VNCE GLL Feels Like Love LEANN RMES Need You TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town AARON TPPN Kiss This PHL VASSAR Just Another Day n Paradise SHEDASY Will...But TRAVS TRTT Best Of ntentions SARA EVANS Born To Fly PREMERE RANOETNOd(S After Midnite KELLY ERCKSON (88) Adds: TERR CLARK A Little Gasoline ALAN JACKSON Hots: SHEDASY Will...But JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love LEANN RMES Need You TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town AARON TPPN Kiss This GEORGE STRAT Go On RADO ONE COUNTRY PLAYUST JM WEST (97) Adds: ALAN JACKSON GEORGE STRAT Don't Make Me Come n There PHL VASSAR Just Another Day n Paradise Hottest: AARON TPPN Kiss This JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Lets Make Love % ESTWOOD OE RADO NETWORKS Charlie Cook (85) Mainstream Country David Felker Adds: TERR CLARK A Little Gasoline Hottest: JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way SHEDASY But AARON TPPN Kiss This JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl GEORGE STRAT Go On Hot Country David Felker Adds: CHAD BROCK The Visit RASCAL FLATTS This Everyday Love Hottest: LEANN RMES Need You AARON TPPN Kiss This JOHN M. MONTGOMERY The Little Girl TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Let's Make Love GREAT. AMERCAN.s.,, COUNTRY. ADDS ROONEY CARRNGTON She's More D A Man NEAL COTY L egacy DARRYL WORLEY A Good Day To Run TOP FATH HLL/TM MCGRAW Lets Make Lae WARREN BROTHERS *SARA EVANS That's The Beat CO AARON TPPN Kiss This SARA EVANS Born To Fly GARTH BROOKS When You Come Back To Me Again shem$y Wit But PHL VASSAR Just Another Day n Paradae JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way TRAVS TRTT Best ntentions RASCALL RAM Prayni For Daylight BRAD PAMLEVWe Danced TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town nlomiaton current as of September 29 C J..KC TealV ADDS 42 million households Chris Parr. Director Proprammnp JACK NGRAM Barbee Doll Paul Hastaba. VP/GM CAROLYN DAWN JOHNSON Georgia THE KNLEYS 'm n JO DEE MESSNA That's The Way AARON TPPN Kiss This TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town FATH HLL/TM MCGA BLLY GLLMNOne Voce VNCE GLL Feels Like Love TRAVS TRTT Best ntemans Let's Make Lave PHL VASSAR Another Day n Paradise SARA EVANS Bom To Fly LSA ANCELLEAWoman Gets Lonely LEANN RMES Need You BLLY RAY CYRUS You Wore t Be Loney Now HEAVY AARON TPPN Kos This BLLY RAY CYRUS You Won't Be Lonely Now FATH 44/TM WSW Lets Make Lae KENNY CHESNEY Lost t LEANN RMES Need You LSA MCELLE A Woman Gets Lonely PHL VASSAR Just Another Day n Paradise SARA EVANS Born To Fly TOBY KETH Country Comes To Town TRAVS TRTT Best ntentions VNCE GLL Feels Like Love HOT SHOTS BLL ENGVALL Nov TOWS Awesome CLEOUS T. JUDO My Cellmate Thinks 'm Sery DARRYL WORLEYA Good Dry To Run DWGHT YOAKAM What Do You Know About Love GARY ALLAN Right Where Need To Be KETH URBAN But For The Grace God KENTUCKY HEADHUNTERS Too Much To Lose LEE ANN WOMACK Ashes By Nov MARK CHESNUTT Lost n The Feeling MARK WLLS Want To Know MONTGOMERY GENTRY All Night Long TA/ANY COCHRANSoWhat THE UNLEYS rm n Heavy rotation songs receve 28 plays per week Hot Soots receive 2 plays per week nformation content as of October J. 2

89 Cam Country October 6, 2 Most Played Recurrents SHEDASY Will...But (Lyric Street) LONESTAR What About Now (BNA/RLG) ALAN JACKSON t Must Be Love (Arista/RLG) JOE DFFE t's Always Somethin' (Epic) CHAD BROCK Yes! (Warner Bros.) LEE ANN WOMACK Hope You Dance (MCA) KETH URBAN Your Everything (Capitol) TOP POCOUNTRY WER GOLD BROOKS & DUNN My Maria 5 NEAL MCCOY The Shake 2 JO DEE MESSNA Bye Bye 52 VNCE GLL Don't Let Our Love Start... 3 FATH HLL This Kiss 53 ALAN JACKSON Don't Rock The Jukebox 4 TM MCGRAW Where The Green Grass Grows 54 SHANA TWAN No One Needs To Know 5 JOHN M. MONTGOMERY Sold (The Grundy... ) 55 TOBY KETH A Little Less Talk And A Lot... 6 SA/AMY KERSHAW She Don't Know She's GARTH BROOKS That Summer 7 BROOKS & DUNN Boot Scootin' Boogie 57 ALAN JACKSON Summertime Blues 8 TRSHA YEARW She's n Love With The Boy 58 ALAN JACKSON Who's Cheatin' Who 87 FATH HLL The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.) RASCAL FLATTS Prayin' For Daylight (Lyric Street) BROOKS & DUNN You'll Always Be Loved By Me (Arista/RLG) TOBY KETH How Do You Like Me Now? (DreamWorks) DXE CHCKS Cowboy Take Me Away (Monument) CLAY WALO:R The Chain Of Love (Giant) REBA MCENTRE Be (MCA) GEORGE STRAT The Best Day (MCA) ANDY GRGGS She's More (RCA/RLG) TM MCGRAW Something Like That (Curb) CLAY DAVDSON Unconditional (Virgin) LONESTAR Amazed (BNA/RLG) WARREN BROTHERS F/SARA EVANS That's The Beat Of A Heart (BNA/RLG) 9 GEORGE STRAT Check Yes Or No 59 SHANA TWAN Don't Be Stupid (You Know...) DAVD LEE MURPHY Oust On The Bottle 6 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY Lee's A Dance TOBY KETH Should've Been A Cowboy 6 GEORGE STRAT Love Without End. Amen 2 TM MCGRAW Like t, Love t 62 REBA MCENTRE Fancy 3 GARTH BROOKS Friends n Low Places 63 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY Swear 4 ALAN JACKSON Chattahoochee 64 TRSHA YEARWOOD How Do Live 5 JOHN M. MONTGOMERY Be My Baby Tonight 65 DAMOND RO Meet n The Middle 6 SHANA TWAN Any Man Of Mine 66 GARTH BROOKS Papa Loved Mama 7 SHANA TWAN Love Gets Me Every Time 67 PATTY LOVELESS Try To Think About Elvis 8 SHANA TWAN (f You're Not... ) 'm Outta _. 68 ALABAMA Song Of The South 9 RANDY TRAVS Forever And Ever, Amen 69 VNCE GLL One More Last Chance 2 GARTH BROOKS Ain't Going Down (Tit The...) 7 MARTNA MCBRDE My Baby Loves Me 2 WYNONNA No One Else On Earth 7 TOBY KETH Wish Didn't Know Now 22 TRSHA YEARWOOD XXX's And 's (An...) 72 LLA MCCANN Wanna Fall n Love 23 ALAN JACKSON Livin' On love 73 TM MCGRAW Down On The Farm 24 ALAN JACKSON Little Bitty 74 PAM TLL'S Maybe t Was Memphis COUNTRY Going For Adds- soyaao 25 MARTNA MCBRDE Whatever You Say 75 JO DEE MESSNA Heads Carolina, Tails. 26 TM MCGRAW Just To See You Smile 76 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY Can Love You 27 ALAN JACKSON Gone Country 77 RANDY TRAVS Deeper Than The Holler 28 GARTH BROOKS Two Of A Kind. Working On 78 MARTNA MCBRDE ndependence Day BLLY GLMAN Oklahoma (Epic) DON HENLEY For My Wedding (Warner Bros.) JO DEE MESSNA Burn (Curb) KETH URBAN But For The Grace Of God (Capitol) WARREN BROTHERS Move On (BNA/RLG) LEE ANN WOMACK Ashes By Now (MCA) 29 RCOCHET Daddy's Money 79 GEORGE STRAT Cross My Heart 3 SHANA TWAN Whose Bed Have Your Boots 8 ALAN JACKSON Tall, Tall Trees 3 GARTH BROOKS Two Pina Coladas 8 TRAVS TRTT T- r- o- u -b-e 32 DXE CHCKS Can Love You Better 82 MARK WLLS Do (Cherish You) 33 KENNY CHESNEY She's Got t All 83 BROOKS & DUNN That Ain't No Way To Go 34 SHANA TWAN You're Still The One 84 TRACY BYRD Watermelon Crawl 35 MARK CHESNUTT t's A Little Too Late 85 JOE DFFE Pickup Man 36 PATTY LOVELESS Blame t On Your Heart 86 DOUG STONE Why Didn't Think Of That 37 BROOKS & DUNN Neon Moon 87 JOHN ANDERSON Straight Tequila Night 38 GEORGE STRAT Carrying Your Love With Me 88 FATH HLUTM MCGRAW ts Your Love 39 CLAY WALKER Then What 89 JOHN MCHAEL MONTGOMERY Love The 4 LTTLE TEXAS God Blessed Texas 9 REBA MCENTRE s There Life Out There 4 FATH HLL Wild One 9 NTTY GRTTY DRT BAND Fishin n The Dark 42 CLNT BLACK Nothin But The Taillights 92 CLNT BLACK Better Man 43 GARTH BROOKS Rodeo 93 TM MCGRAW Dont Take The Girl 44 LEANN RMES One Way Ticket (Because 94 SAWYER BROWN Some Girls Do 45 GARTH BROOKS The Thunder Rolls 95 GARTH BROOKS Unanswered Prayers 46 GARTH BROOKS Shameless 96 COLLN RAYE That's My Story 47 MARY CHAPN CARPENTER Down At The 97 COLLN RAYE Love. Me 48 GARTH BROOKS The Dance 98 GARTH BROOKS The River Curb recording artist Steve Holy dropped by WKLB /Boston recently to meet the staff. Pictured (back row, l -r) are Promotions Assistant Josh Easter, Promotions Director Jen Joy, PD Mike Brophey, Afternoon Show Host Steve Kelly, Holy and WKLB Personality Marianne Mooney. n front are WKLB Board Operator Norman Simpson and APD /MD Ginny Rogers. 49 NEAL MCCOY Wink 99 KEVN SHARP Nobody Knows 5 ALABAMA 'm n A Hurry (And Don't... ) GARTH BROOKS f Tomorrow Never Comes Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top 2 Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2, R&R nc.

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92 9 R &R October 6, MKE KNOSAN mkinosox@rronline. com Adult Contemporary t's Haider And Harder To Program Contesting helps stations in Huntsville and Spokane The mission for this year's spring book analysis was to find ACs that registered significant year -to-year improvement and were No. among women Many stations satisfied that _ goal, but the duo highlighted this week have another common, if not rather unusual, thread: Each has a PD named Rob Harder. Contesting Makes A Difference WAHR (Star 99)/Huntsville. AL's Rob Harder says that his market is very responsive to contesting. This spring's big promotional vehicle was the Star Songs contest. which ran several times a day throughout the key ratings period and carried a $ incentive each time the song aired. We call ourselves 'Star 99,' but didn't want to be cute and give away $99." notes Harder. who arrived at WAHR 8 months ago from the MD post at Pop /Alternative WSSR/rampa. "t's an at -work contest where people listen for specific songs. like it because it involves our music. t's easy for a format like this to fall into a 'background music' category. but this contest forces people to pay a little more attention and helps listeners better understand our station." n contrast to big -money payoffs offered by other stations. Harder contends. "You don't have to spend all day listening. Some people feel that if they miss an essence point of a contest. they won't be able to win the cash. People who miss Star Songs at noon can still win at 2pm. Fm a very big fan of making contests as mass -appeal and clutter -free as possible." With a spring contesting budget of close to $2., Star 99 also ran a promotion called Double Your Money Trivia on its wakeup show. hosted by Harder and Bonny O'Brien. Questions increased in difficulty as contestants tried to reach the $25 ceiling. "t's just a fun and easy game for adults." says Harder. "There's nothing silly. wacky or edgy on our station. We like staying in touch and being involved with our community. People here enjoy radio. which is what love about this market. They play our contests. come to our remotes. know our air personalities and respond to what we do." Family Values WAHR. Harder says. places a strong emphasis on family values. We don't get preachy, but we never violate listener expectations. We've been hammering away at this for the WAHR's Rob Harder KSC's Rob Harder last year. and 'm fortunate to be involved with a station that this town loves. There's no one happier than am that the'ratings went from Point A to Point B. but its hard to pinpoint exactly why it happened. t looks like things just popped. and- were hoping we can do it again this fall." Among 27 rated signals this spring. WAHR ranked first in its market among women with a jump. t also placed tops in women with a gain. Harder credits the twice - yearly music testing of Momentum Research/Chicago with some of that success. He remarks. We like to stay on top of what our audience likes: that's a big part of what we do here --We've focused the music so there's enough tempo for people to listen at work.' The link between Harder and Momentum can be traced to WSSR. Chuck Morgan was the Pop /Alternative's programmer. but the respected PD departed to join Momentum. He revived my radio career when he brought me to Tampa." says Harder. "r can't overstate how much think of him as a friend and a programmer." A big believer in "ptiiity." Harder says. "We keep it very simple, because you don't have very long to make an impact these days. You can't clutter up the product. [Parent] STG has certainly spent a lot of money on television and outdoor to make sure everybody in this market knows about the station." Consolidation Creates Big Cash Payout "Collective contesting" has become part of our. jargon. The ability to dangle a big -money cash payout, such as a $5. Song of the Day contest, may have been a significant factor in KSC /Spokane's spring - spring gains and first -place finish among women As pan of a mass promotion, 37 AMFM properties played a designated song at the same time of day. Listeners were given a toll -free number to call when they heard it. and the OOth caller won the money. "There's obviously no way a station in a market this size could offer a prize like that." notes KSC's Rob Harder. who works in market No. 9. The fact that Spokane listeners competed with those from other parts of the U.S. wasn't hidden. "Disclaimers run throughout the day. stating that it is a collective contest." Harder says. "Official rules are available at our front desk. and we also posted them on our website. t wasn't like we kept it a 'total secret. and several winners came from our market." There wasn't much concern among listeners. KSC's Harder claims. that the contest was national in scope. "The only thing they cared about was having a chance to win a lot of money. Everyone who buys a Monopoly piece at McDonald's is competing against every other McDonald's Monopoly player in the country. t's the same kind of deal." The Stakes Get Higher Now under the Clear Channel banner, KSC is again involved in the collective contesting concept. The stakes have increased, however. to $, for this fall's promotion. "Stations doing it for the first time are probably a little suspicious about how it will work and what type of reaction they'll get." Harder says. "But our airstaff really seemed to buy into the concept. and they sold it very well on the air." Not everyone. of course. was pleased with it. "The competition turned the newspaper on us, and (the Spokesman -Reviewl did an article, but it didn't seem to make much difference." recalls Harder. "t actually brought more attention to the fact that we were giving away a large amount of money. Clear Channel owns so many stations. and it appears that others will have to do Spring No. Club The following top -2- market stations attained No. status this spring among women Stations are ranked in descending order of share in that demo. Top -- market outlets are broken out first, followed by facilities in markets -2. The station's demo share is followed by that statistics' spring 999 to spring 2 fluctuation Markets - Mkt Calls/City Share Fluctuation 76 WJBRNVilmington, DE % 44 WRCHMartlord 9.5-6% 99 WLTW/Morristown % 25 KKCW/Portland 6. +% 6 KSSK- FM/Honolulu % 57 WTVR- FM/Richmond % 8 WHYN- FM/Springfield. MA' e/ 45 WJYFJBuffalo 5.4 +% 9 KEZK/St. Louis % 7 WNC/Detroit 5. +8% 43 WJXA/Nashville % 59 WYJB/Albany 4.9 -% 6 KMXZ/Tucson % 93 WMGF/Daytona Beach % 84 KRBBiWichita % 94 KKL /Colorado Springs 4.7 +% 5 WEAT -FM/West Palm Beach 4.4-3% 64 WMGS/Wilkes Barre 4.4 -% 33 WWL /Providence 4. -3% 56 WMMX/Dayton' % 4 KSNELas Vegas % 34 WSNY /Columbus 3.5-8% 75 WYYY /Syracuse % 9 KSC /Spokane % 26 WRRM/Cincinnati 2.5 Flat 58 WSPA- FM/Greenville, SC % 52 WRMM /Rochester. NY 2. +7% 42 WMAG/Greensboro 2. +8% 5 WBEB/Philadelphia.9-2% 36 WWDFJNorfolk.9 +63% 7 WLTE/Minneapolis.8 +% 82 KRVE/Baton Rouge.7 +46% 23 KOS/Denver.5 +28% 4 WLMG/New Orleans.3 +55% 24 WDOK/Cleveland. -8% 9 WKTK/Gainesville. +2% 22 WSHH/Pittsburgh.9 +33% 35 KSF /Salt Lake City.9-9% 6 KESZ/Phoenix.8 +24% 66 WOOD -FM/Grand Rapids.6 +22% 8 WMJX/Boston. +3%. WLTW/NewYork % 8 WALK/Long sland 9.6-6% 95 WLRO/Melboume 9.6-2% 46 WRVR/Memphis 9.4 +% KODA/Houston 9.2-2% 2 WDUV/Tampa % 47 WOBM- FM/Monmouth % 3 KUDUKansas City 8. -3% 74 KWAV/Monterey % 2 WLYF /Miami 7.3-5% Hot AC + Below- the -line signal Continued on Page xx the same thing. f you're giving away $ a day. and your competitor is giving away $, a day. you'll probably want to investigate how to do this son of thing." Twenty -three stations appeared in Arbitron's Spokane spring book. KSC emerged as the winner among women ( ) and women ( ). Crosstown AC rival KXLY -FM was runner-up to KSC in the latter demo ( ) and placed fourth among females ( ). The departure of KXLY morning duo Scon & Sam may have also benefited KSC. '"They left for a Religious station in Seattle in the middle of the book. and our morning numbers went up." says Harder. "Musi- cally and promotionally, KXLY is do ing pretty much what they've don, in the past. t did an off -air contest this spring, calling several people t day and offering $3 as the prize We're 'Lite Rock.' and were also more uptempo." TALK BACK TO R &R! Do you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this column or other issues? Call me at or

93 xwd> Dwnn edndi XWaN dzdi»n [ o.> ddd OSON OZZN BWON ]TBN NSN ägä qnlj } ino} owoad jali woai 4y6ioa{ S peogll!8 -"SJpOS A O4puOSSpd 'yia P Spu (!N),,

94 Q jjçjac Top 3 REEK WER ARTST TTLE L4BEL(S) MiwAR October s, 2D DON HENLEY Taking You Home (Warner Bros.) 2 Q MARC ANTHONY You Sang To Me (Columbia) 6 BBMAK Back Here (Hollywood) 3 4 FATH HLL Breathe (Warner Bros.) 4 5 LEANN RMES Need You (Sparrow/Curb/Capitol) 5 6 CHRSTNA AGULERA Tum To You (RCA) LONESTAR Amazed (BNA) a a SAVAGE GARDEN Knew Loved You (Columbia) 9 9 CEUNE DON That's The Way t s (55 Music) to BACKSTREET BOYS Show Me The Meaning Of... (Jive) TO LARA FABAN Will Love Again (Columbia) 7 MARTNA MCBRDE There You Are (RCA) 8 m FATH HLL The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.) 5 m JM BRCKMAN The Love Found n You (Windham Hill) 6 MARC ANTHONY My Baby You (Columbia) ß wakr«q HUEY LEWS & GWYNETH PALTROW Cruisin' (Hollywood) 3 7 BRAN MKNGHT Back At One (Motown/Universal) 4 8 PHL GOWNS You'll Be n My Heart (Hollywood) 2 9 W. HOUSTON & E. GLESAS Could Have This Kiss Forever (Arista) 9 2 BACKSTREET BOYS The One (Jive) 2 Q ELTON JOHN Friends Never Say Goodbye (Dream Works) 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) JOE Wanna Know (Jive) 24 STNG Desert Rose (A &M/nterscope) 25 SHELBY LYNNE Gotta Get Back (lsland/djmg) 26 ROXETTE Wish Could Fly (Edel America) 27 CORRS Breathless (43/Lava/Atlantic) LEANN RMES Can't Fight The Moonlight (Curb) BLLY GLMAN One Voice (55 Music) m EVAN AND JARON Crary For This Girl (Columbia) TOrK - MSS ao ar[aaloan WESSON TOTAL STAMM owr RATS R ATS ADCe RR / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / 4 AC reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24 -Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays. the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 875 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2, The Arbitron Company). 2, R&R nc. New & Activ+s OSCAR De La HOYA Run To Me (EM Latin/Capitol) Total Mays 62 Total Stators 4. Adds. 9 LEE ANN WOMACK Hope You Dance (MCA) Total Mays 52 Total StAcns. 4. Adds. NNA GORDON Tonight And The Rest Of My Life (Warner Bros.) Total Mays. 5. Total Stations 23. Adds: 2 MCHAEL MCDONALD The Meaning Of Love (Ramp) Total Plays 6 Total Stations 25. Adds. 3 SAVAGE GARDEN Affirmation (Columbia) To Mats 95. Tod Stations 6. Adds. RCHARD MARX Days n Avalon (Signal2) To Ploys 9. Tod Stews: T Adds: BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) Tote Ptays: 78 Total Stations 43, Adds - JOE COCKER She Believes n Me (Eagle) Total Plays. 64. Tod Simons. 2. Adds KATHE LEE Love Never Fails (Universal) Total Plays 23. Total Stations 6. Adds LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engine/Arista) Taft PNys. 5. To StAOns 26. Adds: 25 LAM FABAN Love By Grace (Columbia) Tod Styr 2. To Stations 3. Adds. 3 tgglraalmstentytels MNT TTLE Most Added. LABEL(S) BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engine/Arista) 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) LARA FABAN Love By Grace (Columbia) LENN RMES Can't Fight The Moonlight (Curb) KATHE LEE Love Never Fails (Universal) OSCAR DE LA HOYA Run To Me (EM Latin/Capitol) H. LEWS & G.PALTROW Cruisin' ( Holywood) RCHARD MARX Days n Avalon (Signal2) MARC ANTHONY My Baby You (Columbia) Most ncreased Plays AM TTLE LABEL(S) AOe 2 ; ' ' TOTAL PLAT sic?sas H. LEWS & G. PALTROW Cruisin' (Hollywood) +36 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) +28 BBMAK Back Here (Hollywood) +4 MARTNA MCBRDE There You Are (RCA) +8' FATH HLL The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.) +6 OSCAR DE LA HOYA Run To Me (EM Latin/Capitol) 4 DON HENLEY Taking You Home (Warner Bros.) +4 SHAMA TWAM From This Moment On (MercuryAQMG) +6! LEANN. RMES Can't Fight The Moonlight (Curb) +& SHANA TWAN You've Got A Way (Mercury/DJMG) + Br+eakers HUEY LEWS & GWYNETH PALTROW Cruisin' (Hollywood) TOTAL PLAYS/SCREAM TOTAL STATONSMOOS 64/368 83/8 CHAR' () MoM Added is the font number at row adds olitlally reported to RSA by MCA rowing Mallon Songs uraspated as adds do not count loved orary font saaroar playing a sore. Most trumaad Plays i is to saps WM re vemam vossiplonsesk risases n font plays VM_ dirt appmre on RSA ON. S SM DUCKNG. ere s a new crooner in own The new album featuring songs, 4 originals. ncludes the songs "You," oen," and more! Has opened for Shonen Knife to Dionne Warwick! Prodigal by Bd. Enos Vocals Produced Ply Daub Bola anbgol Ed Mek PUD.C RELATONS: PAUL BATER, BAKER WBPOKUR RYDER (3) 66O48 Abu by BRAN EVANS: "Live at the Desert nn" The only "Liar at The Desert nn" album eoer recorded in the venue's history!

95 SARAH BRGHTMAN A Whiter Shade of Pale MPACT DATE: October 6 from her Top 2 album La Luna > La Luna shipped GOLD > #7 debut on the Billboard Top 2 > Over 5, units scanned in the first week! LA LUNA NORTH AMERCAN TOUR: (all dates subject to change - please check for updates) 9/5 Ottawa, ON Corel Centre 9/6 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre 9/8 Montreal, PO Molson Centre 9/9 Rochester, NY Auditorium Center 9/22 New York. NY Theater at Madison Square Garden 9/23 Atlantic City, NJ Mark G. Etess Arena 9/24 Wallingford, CT Oakdale Theater 9/26 Lowell, MA Tsongas Arena 9/27 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center 9/28 Washington, DC Patnot Center 9/3 Greenville, SC Bi -Lo Center / Norfolk, VA Norfolk Scope Arena /4 Ft Lauderdale, FL National Car Rental Arena /5 Tampa. FL ce Palace /6 Atlanta, GA Atlanta Civic Theater /8 New Orleans. LA Saenger Theater /9 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center / Houston. TX Aerial Theater /3 Columbus, OH /4 Detroit. M Nationwide Arena Palace of Auburn Hills /5 Cleveland. OH Gund Arena /7 St Paul, MN Excel Energy Centre /2 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grana /2 Santa Barbara, CA Santa Barbara Bow /22 San Diego. CA /24 Anaheim, CA SDSU Open Air Theatre Arrowhead Pond RADO CONTA Jack Ashton Ashton Consulting ashtoncor sultsea label contact: Andria Tay Sr. Director of Mark /25 Los Angeles. CA /26 Sacramento. CA Wiltern Theater Arco Arena /27 San Jose, CA San Jose Arena /29 Seattle, WA Key Arena /3 Portland, OR Theatre of the Clouds / Spokane, WA Star Theatre at the Spokane Arena /2 Vancouver, BC GM Place /4 Edmonton, AB Skyreach Center /6 Calgary, AB Saddledome /8 Denver, CO Magness Arena / Chicago, tl Arie Crown Theater /2 St Louis. MO Fox Theatre /3 Grand Rapids, M Van Andel Arean r o 2 Angel Records Anger /5 Milwaukee, W Riverside Theatre /6 ndianapolis, N Conseco Fieldhouse


97 Swear Do) Do Could 95 Most Played Recurs. 'i.. TOP POWER GOLD SANTANA f/rob THOMAS Smooth (Arista) 98 DEGREES Do (Cherish You) (Universal) BACKSTREET BOYS Want t That Way (Jive) EDWN McCAN Could Not Ask For More (Lava'Atlantic) SAVAGE GARDEN Crash And Burn (Columbia) SHANA TWAN From This Moment On (MercuryilDJMG) SARAH MCLACHLAN Will Remember You (Arista) 'N SYNC (God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You (RCA) CHER Believe (Warner Bros.) 98 DEGREES The Hardest Thing (Universal) FATH HLL This Kiss (Warner Bros.) PHL COLLNS True Colors (Atlantic) NATALE MBRUGLA Tom (RCA) SXPENCE NONE THE RCHER KSS Me (SquinVColumbia) ELTON JOHN Someday Out Of The Blue (Dream Works) MARC ANTHONY Need To Know (Columbia) AEROSMTH Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Columbia) MACY GRAY Try (Epic) ENRQUE GLESAS Bailamos (Overbrook/lnterscope) 'N SYNC w/glora ESTEFAN Music Of My Heart (Epic) SAVAGE GARDEN Truly Madly Deeply 5 ERC CLAPTON Layla (Unplugged) 2 SHANA TWAN You're Still The One 52 ERC CLAPTON Wonderful Tonight 3 SARAH MCLACHLAN Angel 53 JEWEL You Were Meant For Me 4 LEANN RMES How Do Live 54 REO SPEEDWAGON Can't Fight This... 5 B. MEDLEY á J. WARNES 've Had) The Time 55 JOHN WATE Missing You 6 BRYAN ADAMS (Everything t DES'REE You Gotta Be 7 EDWN MCCAN ll Be 57 BRYAN ADAMS Please Forgive Me 8 CELNE DON Because You Loved Me 58 CYND LAUPER Time After Time 9 BACKSTREET BOYS As Long As You WHAM! Careless Whisper R. KELLY Believe Can Fly 6 BOYZ MEN 'll Make Love To You PAULA COLE Don't Want To Wait 6 BONNE RATT Can't Make You Love Me 2 POLCE Every Breath You Take 62 BETTE MDLER From A Distance 3 ROD STEWART Forever Young 63 GENESS n Too Deep 4 RCHARD MARX Right Here Waiting 64 B. VERA & THE BEATERS At This Moment 5 ROD STEWART Have Told You Lately 65 ERC CLAPTON My Father's Eyes 6 BACKSTREET BOYS ll Never Break CHER The Shoop Shoop Song (t's...) 7 BONNE RATT Something To Talk About 67 CHER t Could Turn Back Time 8 CELNE DON My Heart Will Go On 68 REO SPEEDWAGON Keep On Loving You LEE ANN WOMACK Hope You Dance (MCA/Universal) 9 MCHAEL BOLTON When A Man Loves BLLY JOEL The River Of Dreams 2 ERC CLAPTON Tears n Heaven 7 BENNY MARDONES nto The Night 2 BEACH BOYS Kokomo 7 PATRCK SWAYZE She's Like The Wind 22 AMY GRANT Baby Baby 72 CELNE DON The Power Of Love Continued from Page 9 Mid CaNSrCHy 52 WKY/Evansville. N WSRS/Worcester, MA 85 WZD/Manchester, NH 8 KMAJ-FM/Topeka, KS 88 MAO/Danbury. CT' 7 WKYEJJohnstown, R4 ' 5 WLZW/Utica, NY 47 WPFM4acron, GA 2 WMGN/Madison, W 9 WAHR/HuntsviNe, AL 63 WNSN/South Bend, N 96 WNNS/Springfield, L 22 KJSN/Modesto, CA 8 WORC/Cape Cod. MA 2 WEZN/Bridgeport, CT 2 KDAT/Cedar Rapids, A 67 WBMW/New London. CT 3 WARM-FM/York, PA 39 WEBE/Stamford, CT 9 WCRZJFint, M 23 WHBC-FM/Canton, OH 3 KZST/Santa Rosa, CA 28 KRNO/Reno, NV 83 WOOF-FM/Dothan, AL 37 WFPG-FM/Atlantic City 3 KVK/Shreveport, LA 5 WOHO/Salisbury. MD 4 WHUD/Newburgh, NY + 4 WBBO-FM/Augusta, GA 46 KGBX/Springfield, MO 98 WNK/Elmira, NY' 43 KMGFJEugene, OR 75 WGNNVilmington. NC 76 WOLRKalamazoo, M 59 WBZE/Tallahassee. FL 68 KYMG/Anchorage, AK 74 KODM/Odessa, TX 84 KSBUSanta Barbara 6 KSOFNisalia. CA + 69 WGSY/Columbus, GA 32 KTRFUFort Collins. CO 54 WYKZ/Savannah. GA Hot AC.Below- the -line signal Yrllrts - Ohre Fluctuation +2% +4 %- -25% +3% +3% Flat % 2. -3% % % % % % % 7.7-4% 7.7-5% % % ió % 7..7% 8. -2% 6. -2% % % % 4. +9% i %b % % 3.5-3% % % % % %.5-4,.9 +2% % 23 BETTE MDLER Wind Beneath My Wings 73 DONNA LEWS Love You Always Forever 24 SEAL Kiss From A Rose 74 ROD STEWART Reason To Believe TNA TURNER What's Love Got To Do With t 75 TONY RCH PROJECT Nobody Knows 26 JOURNEY Open Arms 76 PHL COLLNS Against All Odds ELTON JOHN Something About The Way HEART These Dreams 28 JOURNEY Faithfully 78 ROD STEWART So Far Away 29 BACKSTREETBOYSOunRayirgGames CHCAGO Hard To Say 'm Sorry 3 MARAN CAREY Hero 8 RENE CARA What A Feeling 3 JMMY CLFF Can See Clearly Now 8 M. MCBRDE & J. BRCKMAN Valentine 32 FOREGNER Want To Know What Love s 82 ROD STEWART Rhythm Of My Heart 33 SOPHE B. HAWKNS As Lay Me Down 83 WLSON PHLLPS Hold On 34 CHCAGO You're The nspiration 84 ELTON JOHN Guess That's Why They HALL & OATES You've Lost That Lavin Feelin 85 EURYTHMCSSweet Dreams ROXETTE t Must Have Been Love 86 STNG Fields Of Gold 37 ERC CLAPTON Chang The World 87 MADONNA Take A Bow 38 VANESSA WLLAMS Save The Best For Last 88 RGHTEOUS BROTHERSUnchained Melody 39 ALL -4 -ONE 89 PHL COLLNS You Can't Hurry Love 4 ELTON JOHN Can You Feel The Love Tonight 9 LUTHER VANDROSS Here And Now 4 BERLN Take My Breath Away 9 SELENA Fall n Love 42 ALL -4 -ONE Can Love You Like That 92 CHCAGO Will You Still Love Me? 43 WHTNEY HOUSTON Will Always Love You 93 ATLANTC STARR Always 44 BRYAN ADAMS Have You Ever Really ELTON JOHN Circle Of Life 45 MKE & THE MECHANCS The Living Years 95 MARAN CAREY ll Be There 46 TON BRAXTON Un -break My Heart 96 ELTON JOHN Candle n The Wind (Live) 47 ERC CARMEN Hungry Eyes 97 TRACY CHAPMAN Give Me One Reason 48 CHRS DEBURGH The Lady n Red 98 MR. MSTER Broken Wings 49 PAUL YOUNG Oh Girl 99 L. RONSTADT /A. NEVLLE Don't Knorr 5 SMPLY RED f You Don't Know Me By Now BLLY JOEL The Longest Time ójt Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Golds based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2. R&R nc.

98 l Sy 7 Voj. 798 SM884.9O4LMtlW8RNnnt W,, P9LCOtllTnOC AAl S l 9 2! 7,. 7..! 2. /; - Q*RS,t98l48( T t! 98[*6RFSt(cl8Voo., t T il ' ' l/n tnon/n 3 (89W, ' 96 R&R October C Playlists WlTW$k Yo -7 ko*tìto dea, Cha,rnel Cev Chaooel (2l (23) 427O3, FND COMPLETE PLAYLSTS FOR ALL AC REPORTERS ON R&R ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG!ll i<os-r Ryan fm Chan 3.5FM?,?.42.O 2. Came.443. ran nns Lw r. A*u3T/L( S a Le W s.ns,,n,u si 24?S MHH 85 9 AJH LB MCmH«.S.lo ?4 24 ARA8lNW4LOw S SAVGX?OK,.WLW,O 2/ (J44 36e 7 S MNUt/SOM 24 /4 n t i 3/e 9 S LN RtA Si PdYO 2/4?3 22 M4HCmltU«ltBt,t 359 / WSLSA, fl 44.BtW 3,.9O 3 W&ltO'U 9444 l 29 NSlP,.rYoo 32/4 O 9484 l 7 ltw&fl9, 2/% 3 P8.LWooOUM ? 3 4G*(&FJO(Ql Lt*SN*l NSYCW tstn4o*tl lNHlM l63 '/ 92 t(*sr/m 447 o l SAVMGt4W4JY *4/S l W98D8Th96 8 B44ll T BOVSMt OG 4/5 Mt8W4WtOA /66 9 P 3L84S8ht l4, M66CNUY,tTOk,* /6 9, SffiTN4At.ltl.* Tl$AASS, l t S UAC(ST8!TYS6 t 6 RADST4 ltosow 475 S /TL C($/8CT /6 9 Wt/GRA/ T, Tills ' 6 MtW GtSBWCVo, T45 (NHtKk.ES4A&96\ /6 9!6LV.TQVO4O /S S ts*t )A /6 AFtQSMTTMOOnTW GRtS/t8tÇ 6354 o S T38 MAJ4CN*Y,St( 'o 38 8 TlTS *6(4LWTOn 96TO / StNlATWAlftt,lh6,4On F/DtSTR T&)YSM W 5648 Ç 4 4Rj9e gib AJTHtjfls6s 5648 /! O4R4[r4.q 94 :MBFtlC4PW6TRowtFo,9T 4236 M44dT646Vrdlo6w,w 96 'F (;M»4tv ll? c*i, C?TJflfl// 32) Uernck9i.9 DRoss T2, Come 64.9«pt- t.. 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VWWMPP6r,wrd.JOP.PO:... Kos., MA C. Po. 3 WMP M9Nnln' wl/mweg Pian BAN, FL OWO. John Cans NA. w CO. CURSNe.ez ND)34U (y.v WHfANbX Pie iea, R Po PNa Marta We D. 9.µA96 La,Me plnl9ltrarue wxqmbwmr NA E7µ P.m FWD. PO Cm WPp ANON. A.P M.wla ( S.O6tPC,rM9.r' 3 NmcAY. S6TF9NNM' MN.o'S MC *= Medrabase 24/7 monitored 93 Total Reporters 93 Current ReporMre 93 Current PeyNMe No Longer A Hot AC Reporter (): WPM/Pittsburgh, PA

100 98 ßçJHotAC Top 3 MNYR 9 WÉ K WEÉ ARTST TTLE LABEL(S) October ey 2 MM. - OM PPOCfDM TOfALAAO PUNS Ptme rmumt MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (La/Atlantic) CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind-up) NNE DAYS Absólutey (Story Of A Girl) (55 Music) EVERCLEAR Wonderful (Capitol) STNG Desert Rose (A &M/nterscope) DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (RepublicUniversal) VERTCAL HORZON You're A God (RCA) SSTER HAZEL Change Your Mind (Universal) Q BARENAKED LADES Pinch Me (Reprise) VERTCAL HORZON Everything You Want (RCA) a 2 BON JOV t's My L fe (lsland/djmg) NNA GORDON Tonight And The Rest Of My... (Warner Bros.) EVAN AND JARON Crary For This Girl (Columbia) BBMAK Back Here (Hollywood) CREED Higher (Wind-up) FASTBALL You're An Ocean (Hollywood) SANTANA F/ROB THOMAS Smooth (Arista) m THRD EYE BLND Deep nside Of You (Elektra/EEG) THRD EYE BLND Never Let You Go (Elektra/EEG) MACY GRAY Try (Epic) MADONNA Music (Maverick/WB) DDO Here With Me (Arista) FATH HLL The Way You Love Me (Warner Bros.) MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) DON HENLEY Taking You Home (Warner Bros.) D WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker (lnterscope) CORRS Breathless (43/Lava/Atlantic) D 'N SYNC t's Gonna Be Me (Jive) Debut> SHAWN MULUNS Everywhere Go (Columbia) Debut> e RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Californication (Warner Bros.) ]ART A>De / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /7 93 Hot AC reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24- Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. if two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 3 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2, The Arbitron Company). m 2, R &R nc. Most Added. AMST TTLE LABELS/ ADOS LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engine/Arista) 2 BACKSTREET BOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) SHAWN MULLNS Everywhere Go (Columbia) RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) 8 MACY GRAY Still (Epic) 8 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Califomication (Warner Bros.) 7 MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) 6 NNE DAYS if Am (55 Music) 6 NELLY FURTADO 'm Like A Bird (DreamWorks) 6 VBROLUSH Touch And Go (guanan2) 6 Most ncreased Plays TOTAL PLAY ARST TTLE LABEL(S) NCREASE MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone (Lava/Atlantic) +46 CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind -up) +275 RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) +235 LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) +8 SHAWN MULLNS Everywhere Go (Columbia) +56 MADONNA Music (Maverick/WB) +37 MACY GRAY Still (Epic) +34 BARENAKED LADES Pinch Me (Reprise) +33 NNE DAYS f Am (55 Music) +2 DAVD GRAY Babylon (ATO/RCA) + BJneakers CHRSTNA AGULERA Come On Over (AL Want s You) (RCA) Total Plays 528 Total Stations 2. Adds 2 DEXTER FREESSH Leaving Town (Capitol) To Plays 57. Total Stations 32 Adds 4 2 Beautiful Day (nterscope) Total Pays 452 Total Snows 8. Adds 3 DAVD GRAY Babylon (Ar /RCA) Total Plays 439. Total Stations. 36 Adds S M DEGREES Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) (Urli ersaf) Tots Plays 436 Total Stalwns 8. Adds LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) Total Plays 394. Total Stations. 27, Adds 8 RCKY MARTN She Bangs (Columbia) Total Plays 353, To Stations. 24. Adds SANTANA WME MATTHEWS Love D My Life (Arista) Total Prays 38. Total Starrom 23, Adds JANET Doesn't Really Matter (De! Sou/DJMG) Total Plays 35 Total Simons. Adds NNE DAYS Am (55 Music) Total Plays Total Stations 26. ends 6 ROXETTE Wish Could Fly (Ede/ Amenca) Take Plays 286, Total Stabom 26. ends SR -7 Right Now (RCA) Told Plays. 285 Total Simons 5. ends MARC ANTHONY My Baby You (Columbia) Total Plays 253. Total Simons 3. Adds: NARSSA NOEL Corrupt (55 Music) Tod Plays Total Stations to. Adds SOULDECSOM Faded (MCA) Take Plays. 26. Tod Shtron. Adds 3 SAVAGE GARDEN Affirmation (Columbia) TOM Ptys 25. Tod Stmons 3, Adds STOPS7 Question Everything (Reprise) Tod Plays 9. Tod Stamm 5. Adds 'N SYNC This Promise You (Jive) Tod Plays 49 Take Simons 4, Adds 5 MACY GRAY Still (Epic) TOG Plays 4. Total Statons- 2, Adds. 8 ACHSTREET TOYS Shape Of My Heart (Jive) Tod Plays 6. Tod Stations.. Adds. JAMES MCHAEL nhale (Beyond) Tod Plays:. Tod StaborK, Adds SSTER SEVEN TM Only Thing That's Real (Arista) To Plays 2. To Stations: to Adds 2 SHELBY LYNNE Gotta Get Back (lsian(7djmg) Tod Rays: 93. Tod Station. 9. Adds O. NELLY FURTADO 'm Like A Bird (Dream Works) Tod Plays: 87. Total Stations: 3, Adds 6 TRAVS Turn (Epic) TOW Plays 74. Total Stations:. Adds JESSCA RDDLE Symphony (Hollywood) Tod Plays. 68. Total Stations, ends 3 LEGH NASH Need To Be Next To You (Engme/Amta) To Plays: 24. Tod Station: 2. Adds. 2 top nredlytemplefe No Solgs Qualified For Breaker Status Tills Week Most Added is M totel member of new Adite drcwy npordd b RSA by seen sepal, Mellon. Songs unreported es odds do not count lows' wool loll Melons WW a song. Most kraneed Pdye 4d to songs wen Ms gnaw! wsskowsk natome N ow Wis. %.low Wirt eppsas on RM MME MUSC TRACKNG. more Weir n ugh ci e Tonnes clops to MR, WPRWNÒbugh's deb sn't ncluded n artis Msek's dot Play lot le tiri songs Men mimed and - ONLY WW APwrowwTE - WNW ewe worded to some stinge wen tough My Men dorm n detain Port pin Won& however, Men del Winged `Faded r The Smash Single from the Debut Album No One Does t Better On Tour with Christina A,uilera '"P a.. r;c -! aí ;,, s Onboard... VVSSR, WKDD, WCGO, VVCPT, WXLO, WDAO, WAEV, WOSM, KSTZ, KS T. 4,7.. T r à P&P -4-! AC >ac'.a. Callout America: 6th beat testing record Females by Orbs WNW itet. 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101 Know Like ro Hot AC October 6, 2 99 TOP AC POWHOT ER GOLD SMASH MOUTH Then The Morning Comes (nterscope) G G DOLLS Broadway (Warner Bros.) FATH HLL Breathe (Warner Bros.) TRAN Meet Virginia (Aware /Columbia) SAVAGE GARDEN Crash And Burn (Columbia) GOO GOO DOLLS Black Balloon (Warner Bros.) SUGAR RAY Someday (Lava/Atlantic) COO GOO DOLLS Slide (Warner Bros.) SMASH MOUTH All Star ( lnterscope) MARC ANTHONY Need To Know (Columbia) TAL BACHMAN She's So High (Columbia) FASTBALL Out Of My Head (Hollywood) MARC ANTHONY You Sang To Me (Columbia) SUGAR RAY Every Morning ( Lava/Atlantic) SXPENCE NONE THE RCHER Kiss Me (Squint/Columbia) LONESTAR Amazed (BNA) G GOO DOLLS ris (Warner Sunset/Reprise) NATALE MBRUGLA Tom (RCA) SAVAGE GARDEN Knew Loved You (Columbia) EAGLE -EYE CHERRY Save Tonight (WorWEpis) CAVAR Tangerine Speedo (sland /DJMG) DON HENLEY My Thanksgiving (Warner Bros.) UNAMERCAN Tonight's The First Night (Estupendo /Universal) LEE ANN WOMACK Hope You Dance (MCA/Universal) PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTOS R &R wants your best snapshots (color or black & white). GREEN DAY Time Of Your Lite... 2 SARAH MCLACHLAN Angel 3 SUGAR RAY Fly 4 EDWN MCCAN 'll Be 5 MATCHBOX 2 3am 6 FASTBALL The Way 7 THRD EYE BLND Semi -Charmed Life 8 SSTER HAZEL All For You 9 MATCHBOX 2 Real World DUNCAN SHEK Barely Breathing BLUES TRAVELER Run -Around 2 NO DOUBT Don't Speak 3 CHUMBAWUMBA Tubthumping 4 PAULA COLE Don't Want To Wait 5 SMASH MOUTH Walkin' On The Sun 6 WALLFLOWERS One Headlight 7 ALANS MORSSETTE ronic 8 THRD EYE BLND Jumper 9 SPN DOCTORS Two Princes 2 TONC f You Could Only See 2 ALANS MORSSETTE You Learn 22 SHERYL CROW All Wanna Do 23 SAVAGE GARDEN Truly Madly Deeply 24 MODERN ENGLSH Melt With You 25 DEL AMTR Roll To me 26 HOOTE & THE BLOWFSH Only Wanna Be_ 27 SMPLE MNDS Don't You (Forget About Me) 28 OMD f You Leave 29 R.E.M. Losing My Religion 3 NATALE MERCHANT Wonder 3 MELSSA ETHERDGE 'm The Only One 32 CRANBERRES Dreams 33 ALANS MORSSETTE Head Over Feet 34 OMC How Bizarre 35 HOOTE & THE BLOWFSH Go Blind 36 NAKED EYES Always Something There To 'S Love Shack 38 TRACY CHAPMAN Give Me One Reason 39 GOO GOO DOLLS Name 4 JEWEL You Were Meant For Me 4 DEEP BLUE SOMETHNG Breakfast At Tiffany's 42 EURYTHMCS Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 43 SHANA TWAN You're Still The One 44 UB4 Red Red Wine 5 MARCY PLAYGROUND Sex 8 Candy 52 MEREDTH BROOKS Bitch 53 COLLECTVE SOUL December 54 JOHN COUGAR Jack 8 Diane 55 BRYAN ADAMS Summer Of '69 56 DES'REE You Gotta Be 57 U2 Still Haven't Found What MATCHBOX 2 Push 59 TOM PETTY Free Fallin' 6 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Crash nto Me 6 POLCE Every Breath You Take 62 DONNA LEWS Love You Always Forever 63 SARAH MCLACHLAN Building A Mystery 64 ALANS MORSSETTE You Oughta Know 65 COLLECTVE SOUL The World Know 66 HUMAN LEAGUE Don't You Want Me 67 BACKSTREET BOYS As Long As You Love Me 68 SOPHE B. HAWKNS As Lay Me Down 69 DONNE FARRS 7 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Under The Bridge 7 FNE YOUNG CANNBALS She Drives Me Crary 72 SHAWN COLVN Sunny Came Home 73 TOAD THE WET SPROCKET All Want 74 GN BLOSSOMS Follow You Down 75 CARDGANS Lovefool 76 ROMANTCS What 77 U2 With Or Without You 78 JEWEL Foolish Games 79 BLLY DOL Mony Mony About You 8 HOOTE d THE BLOWFSH Let Her Cry 8 E. BRCKELL & THE NEW BOHEMANSWhatArn 82 SARAH MCLACHLAN Adia 83 T'PAU Heart And Soul 84 HOOTE & THE BLOWFSH Time 85 SHERYL CROW Strong Enough 86 DSHWALLA Counting Blue Cars 87 PRETENDERS Brass n Pocket 88 'TL TUESDAY Voices Carry 89 JESUS JONES Right Here, Right Nov, 9 BONNE RATT Something To Talk About 9 NXS Need You Tonight 92 BODEANS Closer To Free 93 JOHN COUGAR Hurts So Good 94 JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP Small Town Please include the names and titles of all pictured and send them to: R &R c/o Mike Kinosian: Santa Monica Blvd., 5th Floor, Los Angeles, CA PETER GABREL n Your Eyes 46 SHERYL CROW f t Makes You Happy 47 MELSSA ETHERDGE Come To My Window 48 THRD EYE BLND How's t Going to Be 49 ALANS MORSSETTE Hand n My Pocket 5 NATALE MERCHANT Carnival, ' 95 PAULA COLE Where Have All The Cowboys.. 96 PAT BENATAR We Belong 97 SOFT CELL Tainted Love/Where Did Our. 98 HOOTE & THE BLOWFSH Hold My Hand 99 R.E.M. The One Love ACE OF BASE The Sign Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Gold is based on VTD monitored airplay data. 2, R&R nc.

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103 Got Go Pop /alternative 3 o 6 ARTST TTLE LABEN POP /ALTERNATVE 3 DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (Republic/Universal) 552 MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (Lava/Atlantic) CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind-up) EVERCLEAR Wonderful (Capitol) VERTCAL HORZON You're A God (RCA) BARENAKED LADES Pinch Me (Reprise) rr OTALPLAYS Tw Lw NNE DAYS Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) (55 Music) STNG Desert Rose (A &M/lnterscope) SSTER HAZEL Change Your Mind (Universal) THRD EYE BLND Deep nside Of You (Elektra/EEG) 928 NNA GORDON Tonight And... (Warner Bros.) BON JOV t's My Life (sland /DJMG) EVAN AND JARON Crazy For This Girl (Columbia) FASTBALL You're An Ocean (Hollywood) CREED Higher (Wind -up) VERTCAL HORZON Everything You Want (RCA) 76 7 DDO Here With Me (Arista) 6 WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker (lnterscope) 586 MATCHBOX TWENTY f You're Gone ( Lava/Atlantic) 554 G GOO DOLLS Broadway (Warner Bros.) TOTAL STATONS ADOS 3/ 32/ 32/ 32/ 32/ 32/ 3/ 3/ 26/ 3/ 3/ 29/ 3/2 29/ 3/O 3/ 28/ 27/3 3/3 26/ 32 Pop /Alternative reporters. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9 /24- Saturday 9/3. 2, R &R nc. RED HOT CHU PEPPERS Califomication Totai Plays 447. Total Stations 23. Adds 3 MADONNA Music (Maverick/WB) Total Plays 44. Total Stations. 3. Adds 2 Beautiful Day (lnterscope) Total Plays Total Stations 2. Adds' 2 CORKS Breathless (43/Lava/Atlantic) Total Plays. 35. Total Stations 9. Adds. New L Active (Warner Bros.) LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) Total Plays 294 Total Stations 23. Adds 5 DEXTER FREEBSH Leaving Town (Capitol) Total Plays 294. Total Stations 2 Adds. 2 SHAWN MUWNS Everywhere Total Plays Total Stations 23. Adds 6 SR -7 Right Now (RCA) Total Plays Total Stations. 3. Adds Go (Columbia) A TOP vrwai POP /ALTERNATVE POWER GOLD CRANBERRES Dreams 5 'TL TUESDAY Voices Carry 2 GREEN DAY Time Of Your Life (Good...) 52 GN BLOSSOMS Follow You Down 3 SMASH MOUTH Walkin' On The Sun 53 JESUS JONES Right Here. Right Nov, 4 SUGAR RAY Fly 54 PEARL JAM Better Man 5 THRD EYE BLND Semi -Charmed Life 55 SHERYL CROW Everyday s A Winding Road 6 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Crash nto Me 56 JEWEL You Were Meant For Me 7 TONC tf You Could Only See 57 SMPLE MNOS Don't You (Forget About Me) 8 SARAH MCLACHLAN Angel 58 SUBLME What 9 THRD EYE BLND Jumper 59 COUNTNG CROWS Mr Jones DUNCAN SHEK Barely Breathing 6 SHERYL CROW All Wanna Do CHUMBAWUMBA Tubthumping 6 MATCHBOX 2 3AM 2 EDWN MCCAN 'll Be 62 NO DOUBT Just A Girl 3 GOO GOO DOLLS Name 63 TRACY CHAPMAN Fast Car 4 NATALE MERCHANT Wonder 64 JEWEL Foolish Games 5 ALANS MORSSETTE You Learn 65 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND What Would You Say 6 MARCY PLAYGROUND Sex 8 Candy 66 MODERN ENGLSH Melt With You 7 SSTER HAZEL All For You 67 MELSSA ETHERDGE 'm The Only One 8 MATCHBOX 2 Real World SARAH MCLACHLAN Building A Mystery 9 TRACY CHAPMAN Give Me One Reason 69 NATALE MERCHANT Jealousy 2 NO DOUBT Don't Speak 7 DES'REE You Gotta Be 2 FASTBALL The Way 7 HOOTE & THE BLOWFSHOny Wanna Be With You 22 ALANS MORSSETTE You Oughta Know 72 DEEP BLUE SOMETHNG Breakfast At Tiffany's 23 SHERYL CROW f t Makes You Happy 73 EMF Unbelievable 24 ALANS MORSSETTE Head Over Feet 74 DEAD OR ALVE You Spin Me Round (Like A...) 25 BLUES TRAVELER Run -Around 75 PAULA COLE Where Have All The Cowboys MEREDTH BROOKS Bitch 76 GN BLOSSOMS Hey Jealousy 27 GREEN DAY When Come Around 77 LM Lightning Crashes 28 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Under The Bridge 78 BLUES TRAVELER Hook 29 R.E.M. Losing My Religion 79 CRANBERRES Linger 3 COLLECTVE SOUL The World Know 8 SUBLME Santeria 3 ALANS MORSSETTE ronic 8 NXS Need You Tonight 32 BLND MELON No Rain 82 SMASHNG PUMPKNS OMC How Bizarre 83, MANACS These Are Days 34 OMD f You Leave 84 CLASH Should Stay Or Should 35 4 NON BLONDES What's Up 85 MELSSA ETHERDGE Come To My Window 36 LSA LOEB B NNE STORES Stay ( Missed You) 86 SARAH MCLACHLAN Sweet Surrender 37 ALANS MORSSETTE Hand n My Pocket 87 NO DOUBT Spiderwebs 38 SPN DOCTORS Two Princes 88 SAVAGE GARDEN Truly Madly Deeply 39 PAULA COLE Don't Want To Wait 89 U2 With Or Without You 4 SHERYL CROW All Wanna Do 9 CURE Friday 'm n Love 4 DEL AMTR Roll To Me 9 SUZANNE VEGA Tom's Diner 42 PETER GABREL n Your Eyes 92 SOPHEB.HAWKNS Damn, lash WasYourLover 4,3 CARDGANS Lovefool 93 PRETENDERS 'll Stand By You 4 COLLECTVE SOUL December 94 EURYTHMCS Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 45 WALLFLOWERS One Headlight 95 JEWEL Who Will Save Your Soul 6 EDEBRCKELL 8 THE NEW BOHEMANSW Am 96 R.E.M. Man On The Moon 47 MATCHBOX 2 Push 97 DURAN DURAN Ordinary World 8 NATALE MERCHANT Carnival 98 EVERCLEAR Will Buy You A New Life 49 THRD EYE BLND How's t Going To Be? 99 DONNE FARRS Know 5 VERVE PPE The Freshmen HOOTE & THE BLOWFSH Go Blind DAVD GRAY Babylon (ATO/RCA) Total Plays Total Stations. 23. Adds. SANTANA FDAVE MATTHEWS Love Of My Life (Arista) Total Plays. 28. Total Stations. 5. Adds ipl, Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay $/ /, data. 2, R&R nc. Soap tasked W total plays Maximize Visibility X Cost effective plastic banners for your station. X We print any logos or designs in up to four spot colors. X Perfect for concerts, public appearances, expos & giveaways. X Packaged on a roll and easy to use. / P.O. Box 7525 Houston, Texas / / FAX

104 2 RUR October 6, 2 NAC /Smooth Jazz CAROL ARCHER corn A Longtime `Lore' For Smooth Jazz Li From the vy League to Miami's melting pot, it's always been about the music.for Shirlitta Colon while a student at Brown University, WLVE (Love 94)/Miami MD and air personality Shirlitta Colon took a left turn from her double major - organizational behavior /management and African- American studies - and went into radio. What was she thinking? When was in college. went to work at Brown's radio station, WBRU, which is mainly Alternative but on weekends plays R &B, gospel and a lot of other things." Colon remembers fondly. " began to play Jonathan Butler and Najee, and that was my start with the format. also hosted a talk show and created a gospel show." Upon graduation from Brown, Colon found her way to Washington. DC. After a stint at the Library of Congress and some freelancing for BET, Colon began an eight -year tenure at WJFK -FM/ Washington. She was hired as a Classic Rock jock (the station had yet to adopt its present "Hot Talk" format), although the station carried Howard Stern and Don and Mike. t was still Talk, just not as much talk," Colon recalls. " guess they liked my tape, but was amazed. said to the guy, 'You want to hire me?' What was doing there was all music grew up with." Cool Jazz Weekend When a decision was made in the early '9s to discontinue WJFK's Classic Rock format. Colon's passion for jazz proved to be an asset for her continued involvement with the station. While the station offered talk program- SMn+ina Colon ming from 6am to 7pm, evenings would feature an Adult Alternative program dubbed Night Tracks. Soon afterward the Cool Jazz Weekend debuted. "When we adopted the smooth jazz sound, we lost our program director." Colon says. "No one knew anything about the format, so stepped up and said, 'Hey, let me do this.' They were nice enough to give it all to me - was PD! - and learned while working from the bottom up. was very independent and could do pretty much what wanted. t was a good fit for me and a great environment. " started off not knowing much and ended up learning a whole lot. t was hard to walk away from after eight years. but moving to Love 94 came at a good time. After left. WJFK went all -Talk, partly because there was no one else who knew abaut jazz. One of the rea- sons stayed so long is because knew that would happen if left. and didn't want to abandon the listeners who loved the Smooth Jazz format." Colon had wanted to depart 'JFK much earlier. however. She comments, "After the first three or four years at WJFK began to feel that should try to explore new opportunities. What was happening "Working in radio has given me compassion for other people's situations, because even though could complain, 've got a very good job, and there are many people who'd love to be in the position am." was that my talents as a programmer and MD were being recognized, but wasn't working for a full -time Jazz station. "'d get lots of calls from people who were interested in me, and accepted lots of interviews. but the last thing to come up in the process was the fact that was unproven at a 24 -hour station. That was a hurdle had to jump over. But wasn't really searching aggressively for something; it had to be the right fit for me. And. of course, wanted to stay in a good market." A Unique Format For A Unique Market "About three years ago. while Shirley Maldonado was still programming Love 94, had long conversations with her and even' came down to Miami to interview for the very job have today." Co- on continues. "t looked like it was going to happen. " did my overnight shift on 'JFK, went home for a shower, hopped a plane to Miami, met all the Paxson people for a day and then flew home. packed for my week's vacation in Jamaica, and before came back, Paxson had sold its radio stations to Clear Channel. When got back, the news was not good, and felt disappointed. although it worked out right for me in the end." Colon's move from Washington to Miami as WLVE's MD in May of this year was a transition in several senses of the word. "At WJFK had autonomy and control over what got played and who got interviewed," she says. "t's been an adjustment, and 'm learning from it." Colon is also learning the many challenges that come with programming a successful radio statidn in South Florida. "The Miami market is really interesting." she says. "t has its groups and subgroups - more than 'm used to ' "Vie aim to be mass -appeal as much as possible. Because the Latin population is so large and Latin- oriented music has emerged as such a boom, it makes sense to working with. There's a large Latin population, in addition to people who come down here from the north for the winter, snowbirds. "Then there's the distinction between Miami -Dade County and Broward County, which have very different tastes. We aim to be mass -appeal as much as possible. Because the Latin population is so large and Latin- oriented music has emerged as such a boom, it makes sense to play it here, even though it may not be the safe choice in other markets. "Right now, for example, one of the songs really enjoy is Warren Hill's 'Mambo 2.' t's similarity to Santana's 'Smooth' is a plus. Another is Acoustic Alchemy's 'Beautiful Game.' Once we heard it on the air. we were sold on its tropical vibe. There are lots of songs that are branching out and trying to move away from that one standard smooth jazz sort of sound by incorporating an international feel." Programming From The Gut When ask Colon about the nonwork aspects of her life. she laughs and says. "s there a minute when 'm not working? guess that's why 'm in this business, because listen to a lot of music. When leave the station, go home and relax to music. 'm also a movie buff and a big sports fan, especially football. For about four years after the original Browns left Cleveland to become the Baltimore Ravens, was part of the broadcast crew, and traveled with the team. t was great. because saw the games from the field." When it comes to the difference between being a good music director and a great one. Colon is clear: "To be recognized today you really must have a gut for the music. but you also have to earn people's respect and trust. Only then will they listen to your gut. "Right now playlists are so tight. and it's so hard to get music on unless it's tested and tested. The music director must have a strong enough feel for the music to be able to say. 'We don't have a music test coming up. but this is a great song. and we have to try it.' play it here." A great MD also needs interper sonal skills. You've got to be abli to effectively communicate hoy great a song is, what it'll do forth market and how to get the PD to agree to give it a shot." ask Colon to describe a uniqu source of music research - th "Listeners' Choice Countdown - which appears on Love 94' website, "Most o our currents appear on th website," she says. "t's possibl to listen to a sample of a song any then rate whether you love it. lik it, if it's just OK or say that yo don't like it at all, On Sunda night we count down the songs a chosen by our listeners off th nternet, and we get a very goo response to it. "The longer a song is on the lisi the more people hear it. When w change the list and add a new titk it takes a while before people tak the time to listen to it. The purpos of the countdown is to give peopl a sense of being included, but if track gets a huge response, it ca also definitely affect rotations. W may assume people arc burned o a song, but listeners will let yo know." Although Colon has been in Mi ami for just a few months. she' thankful for the opportunit! "You've got to pay your dues. an feel like 've paid them," sh says. " have been in this busines for quite a while. although l'r new to some people. 've forme some great relationships wit folks on the record side, and it' wonderful to be recognized and t have my work seen and under stood. Getting a pat on the hack fc it is nice. Working in radio ha given me compassion for othe people's situations. because eve though could complain. 've gc a very good job, and there at many people who'd love to be i he position am." TALK BACK TO R &R! Do you have questions, comments or feedback regarding this column or other issues? Call me at or

105 LAST WEEK ? THS WEEK NAC /Smooth Jazz Top 3 October 4 2 ARTST TTLE LABELíS DAVE KOZ Can't Let You Go (The Sha...) (Capitol) 2 JEFF GOLUB F/PETER WHTE No Two Ways...(GRPNMG) 3 RCHARD ELLOT Moomba (Blue Note) Q Q Q MCHAEL LNGTON Twice n A Lifetime (Samson) m VAROUS ARTSTS Manenberg (Heads Up) WALTER BEASLEY Comin' At Cha (Shanachie) Al. JARREAU Last Night (GRPNMG) 3 3 ACOUSTC ALCHEMY Beautiful Game (Higher Octave) w m MCHAEL MCDONALD The Meaning Of Love (Ramp) 5 DOWN TO THE BONE The Zodiac (nternal Bass) 7 6 GEORGE BENSON Deeper Than You Think (GRPNMG) 9 m BONEY JAMES All Night Long (Warner Bros.) 23 Q CHEL MNUCC My Girl Sunday (Shanachie) 2 9 JAllMASTERS London Chimes (Hardcastle/Trippin 'N' Rhythm) 5 2 BRAN CULBERTSON Do You Really Love Me (Atlantic) 8 2 BRENDA RUSSELL Catch On (Hidden Beach /Epic) 2 22 TON BRAXTON Spanish Guitar (LaFace /Arista) 23 B.B. KNG/E.CLAPTON Come Rain Or Come Shine (Duck/Reprise) m SADE By Your Side (Epic) STNG She Walks This Earth (Telarc) 3 m GROVER WASHNGTON JR. Chameleon ( Telarc) 25 FOURPLAY Robo Bop (Warner Bros.) 26 m JOE MCBRDE Texas Rhythm Club (Heads Up) (Debuts m RONNE LAWS Old Days /Old Ways (HDH) 2; m BRAN BROMBERG Relentless (Native Language) TOrM..- rntonn WESSON TOM.SWOPE/ PLAYS PLATS NPiMMS OAST A6 M / CRAG CHAQUCO Cafe Carnival (Higher Octave) STEVE COLE Got t Goin' On (Atlantic) EUGE GROOVE Vinyl (Warner Bros.) Q JEFF KASHWA Hyde Park ( "Ah, Oooh" Song) (Native Language) DAVD BENOT Red Baron (GRPNMG) / 3/ 3/ 36/ 29/ 35/ 33/ 33/ 29/ 3/ 28/ 3/ 25/ 24/ 26/ 23/ 27/2 23/ 2/ 2/ 9/ 4/ 25/25 6/3 23/7 7/ 6/ 6/3 9/4 ARTET TTLE LABEL(S) Most Added 3 ADDS SADE By Your Side (Epic) 25 GROVER WASHNGTON JR. Chameleon (Telarc) 7 CHUCK LOEB Blue Kiss (Shanachie) 7 BRAN BROMBERG Relentless (Native Language) 4 WARREN HLL Mambo 2 (Narada) 3 RONNE LAWS Old Days/Old Ways (HUH) 3 STNG She Walks This Earth (Telarc) 3 TM BOWMAN Smile (nsync) 3 ARTST tt í... Most ncreased Pays SADE By Your Side (Epic) STNG She Walks This Earth ( Telarc) CHEL MNUCC My Girl Sunday (Shanachie) CHUCK LOEB Blue Kiss (Shanachie) JEFF KASHWA Hyde Park(Native Language) ERC ESSX Rainy Night n Georgia (Zebra) STEVE COLE Got t Goin' On (Atlantic) GROVER WASHNGTON JR. Chameleon (Telarc) RONNE LAWS Old Days /Old Ways (HDH) RPPNGTONS Cruisin' Down... (Peak/Concord) TOTAL PLAY NCREASE NAC /Smooth Jazz reporters. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24-Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 4 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Company). m 2, R &R nc. New & Active RONNY JORDAN F/ROY AYERS Mystic Voyage (Blue Note) Total Plays. 52 Total Stations: 3. Adds URBAN KNGHTS The Gypsy (Narada) Total Plays. 94. Total Stations 9. Adds Breakers WARREN HLL Mambo 2 (Narada) Purs 32 Total Stations 6. Adds. 3 RPPNGTONS Cruisin'Down Ocean Drive (Peak/Concord) Total Plays. 26. Total Stations: 4 Adds t CHUCK LOEB Blue Kiss (Shanachie) Total Plays: 9. Total Stations 5. Adds 7 SAMMY PERALTA Trust Me ( Gotta Go) (N- Coded) Total Plays: 84. Total Stations. 7. Adds No Songs Qualified For Breaker Status This Week ERC ESSX Rainy Night n Georgia (Zebra) Total Plays. 23. Total Stations- 4. Adds 2 MARC ANTONE Children At Play (GRPNMG) Total Plays. 98. Total Stations 9. Adds: JMMY HASLP Novelas (Undone) Total Plays. 82. Total Stations 8. Adds. Songs ranked by total plays Most Added is Me total number of new adds Officially reported to h R by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overate total stations playing a song. Most ncreased Ways hats the $ongs with the greatest week-to -week increases in total plays. Weighted chart appears on R&R ONLNE MUSC TAACKN4G. WHO S ACOUSTC ALCHEMY'S ANGEL OF THE SOUTH? Chris Brodie Anne Gress Deborah Lewow Patricia James Sandy Kovach Carol Archer Rebecca Risman Renee De Puy Laurie Cobb Maxine Todd Carol Handley THE NEW SNGLE "ANGEL OF THE SOUTH" On Your Desk Now Going for Adds October 6th Promotion: Peer Pressure Promotion/Roger Lifeset 877 -JAZZCAT Marla Roseman piaam Xau JaMSue)

106 4 RaR October 6, 2 NAC NAC notes ast week wrote that WJJZ/Philadelphia was "holding out" on Dave Koz's "Can't Let You Ge (Capitol). n fact. 'LZ was the first station to add the track many months ago. and it gave Koz's smash more than 6 plays before retiring it to recurrent status. "Can't Let You Go' holds No. again this week, but its under a serious challenge from a couple of other tracks. including those by Craig Chaquico and Steve Cole. What a great week for Sade! Her By Your Side" (Epic) is one of the fastest -breaking tracks of 2. Greatly anticipated by programmers and listeners alike, the track scores 25 out -of- the -box adds, plus enough spins to earn the sultry artist a chan debut at 24* in her first week out. Adds include KTWV/Los Angeles (9 plays), WNUA/Chi- Voodoo Dogs Voodoo Dogs Palmetto /Smooth Jazz Action cago. KKSF /San Francisco. WLVE/Miami (2 plays). WNWV /Cleveland (8). KYOT/Phoenix (8). KFM /San Diego. JRN. KSSJ /Sacramento and WJCD /Norfolk. Please sec Under The Radar for Epic's marketing strategy on the project. Grover Washington Jr.'s "Chameleon" ( Telarc) and Chuck Loeb's "Blue Kiss" (Shanachie) tie for second Most Added with seven adds apiece. Sting's She Walks This Earth" (Telarc) earns three adds. including KSSJ. Tim Bowman picks up three as well on "Smile (nsync). Please take a look at R &R's E -Charts in this issue. You'll see that Warner Bros. dominates the top four slots on the NAC /SJ charts. B.B. King & Eric Clapton's "Come Rain or Come Shine" holds No.. though few NAC /SJ stations are giving it much rotation. Fourplay's "Robo Bop" from Yes, Please jumps an astonishing 8-3. A word about our criteria for New & Active: All songs with % of the reporting panel and gaining in plays and/or adds qualify for New & Active. t's a lovely thing when get as big a surprise as did when gave Voodoo Dogs its first listen (the first of many). sat bopping my head to the record's intoxicating beats and then, because love to spread the word about any exciting project to music lovers, sent a couple of s to the programmers thought would "get" such a funky, yet sophisticated, project. This is a wonderfully nuanced record, rich in virtuoso playing and scintillating textures. A collaboration between pianist Larry Goldings and guitarist Bob Ward, Voodoo Dogs cuts a mile -deep groove that's jazzy enough for Jazz radio (KJAZ/Los Angeles' Lawrence Tanter is all over it) but smooth and melodic enough for this format. That's true of very few recordings. "The Crazy Man," with its bayou back - beats and swirling Hammond B3 sounds, is my favorite. t could definitely enliven NAC /Smooth Jazz ' airwaves, as could the cool "Vicoden" and "Uganda." Sony VP/Worldwide Marketing Marty Maldenberg offers the label's perspective on Sade, whose new single, "By Your Side" (Epic), captures Most Added with 25 adds and enough ADAR BAR'S EXCLUSVE BAROMETER FOR NEW MUSC out-of-the-box plays to launch the sultry star's 24' chart debut. Sade hasn't had a flew studio album in over eight years. We did some research, and what we found was that her appeal was the most diverse we've seen on any artist. t didn't mat- ter their age, gender or race; across the board Sade's still as hip as she ever was with the younger crowd. Her name recognition far surpasses many other artists because people know her sound and what they're getting when they buy one of her records. She's also assoc ated with quality. People love her music and expect something more from it. Each release she's put out has sold over 8 million records worldwide. What's even more extraordinary is that her Best Of album, which came out in 994, sells close to 5, pieces a week six years after its release. That's huge! The woman has sold.2 million units in the past year on catalog alone. To have that kind of staying power and that type of vitality after all of this time is quite a testament to her artistry. t's amazing that when you mention Sade to MTV, VH or BET, they're all excited because she's a core artist for each. She's right for a major chain for sales; she's right for an independent account. People are so enamored of her work. The album is complete. t's called Lovers Rock and has a reggae influence. "Lovers rock" is actually a style of feggae music, a particular rhythm. Sade's national tour begins next March, and she's rehearsing the band right now. The tour will begin with a few European dates, then her first dates in the U.S. in more than eight years. The big thing, and not only on the retail front - and the big difference between this album and the last - is that there was no nternet when she was around the last time. We've got a whole web campaign tied into retail, offering special downloads to certain accounts and special value-added programs. Re- tail has really come to us in a way we didn't quite expect, and we'll be shipping more than we originally planned. Sade is probably the biggest catalog artist we've got, so we shouldn't be surprised by any of this. Retail is the tip of the iceberg. Presswise, she'll be hitting Tine. The Chris Rock Show, Vibe. MN, VH, BET, The Tonight Show. The a +e Show With David Letterman, The Today Show and Rosie O'Donnell Sade's been requested by everyone. and she's the only one who can effectively appear in all these outlets and have each feel she's a core artist for their audience. t's incredible! "SOUL CASSEROLE" the next single from "CLOSER TO HOME" Going for airplay now! For more information contact Mike Klein at ext. 4 or

107 - NA C /Smooth Jazz Reporters October 6, 2 RaR 5 Stations and their adds listed alphabetically by market WZMR /Albany, NY PO: Patrick Ryan -. soo KNK/Anchorage, AK OM/PD: Aaron Wallender MD: Jennifer Summers BONA FDE 'X Ray- WNUA/Chi a e o, L PD: Bob Kaake APD/MD: Carl Anderson SA-Soo WW/Clewland,ON PO/MD: Bernie Kimble B SADE Sa- BRAN CULBERTSON 'R WARREN HLL Aunt.- TM BOWMAN -Swim- WJtAlCahtrhbttt, OH P/: Bill Harman NO Amt KOAUDa-R. ll» WOO, TX PDMD: Maxine Todd NO Adds WVMV/D*o t, M PO: Tom Sleeted MD: Kovach 8 SAGE Sole. 5 OW LOEB -VAC HLL Unto' KEZL/Fresno, CA PD: J. Weidenheimer 5 GROVER WASHNGTON -Cl fl n- 4 SALE SET' CRUD( loeb -Kee yyyjvindianapolis, N PD/MD: Carl Frye 9 SRO Sole - crwerwashncron KCY/Kansas City, MO PD: Steve Wiersman MD: Michelle Chase SADE SOe CHUCK LOfeKas cn..leom WSW/Knoxville, TN PDMD: Tom Miller A "OVER WASHNGTON -a.h+on- KTWVA Ot Angeles, CA PO: Chris Brodie APO/MD: Ralph Stewart 9 SADE 'We' N' MLYEMfsmi PO: Brat Michael MO: Shlriitta Colon 2 SADE Sde" WJZMwaukee, W OM/PDMD: Chris Moreau 9 SALE -sue WARREN RLL tannoo' KSBRMi Viejo, CA OM/PD: Terry Wedel MD: Logan Parris 5 STNG a' vdoooooacs COGS-Mop' KRVR/Modesto, CA p: Jim Bryan MD: Doug Wulff DA BOWMAN +e WDCONetrYork. NY OM: John Mullen P/: Charlie Connolly ERC MX -RM- MAY MAN BROW% Talmies- WBJZNsw Odom, LA PO/MD: Mart Edwards JoE.CMoE loos' WJCO/NMelt, VA MD: Larry Hollowell B.. SMX E7VER WASHNGTON. thrno on- TY BOW Sonde CA4q oath$ W WMnMm- WLOO/Orlando, FL PD: Dave Kosh MO: Patricia James ì SADE "Sole GROPER WASHNGTON 'py,menn' GREGG KARUAS- COmAN" JOE 'AMMO( 'leas' ACOUSTC 'Anger WJ a, L PO/MD: Rick Hirschmann SADE S,ae WJJZPAiladtlphla, PA OM: Ante Gress MD: Michael Rini 9 GARDENPPRTV -RW BRAN =NGHT -lane' KYOT/Phoenis, AZ PO: Shaun Holly Greg Morgan MARON 4AOOW5-C.aor 8 SADE Sole KKJ/Portfand, OR P: Chris Miller MO: David Shun 26 YOE SA B GROVER WAS NGTON VrnNKw- YVWNDtablgh Durham n SNG' W M' CHUCK WEB NS'Cr' o RPPNGTp 'Cron ROSE LAN59yA- ' ROBERTS BROS Sum KSSJ/SacrameMO, CA PO: Steve Williams APD/MD: Ken Jones SAC' Sb BRAN BROMBERG- RekrrtKS suove R WASHNGTON Cnnmek S. N S w,ns KBZN/Ssn Lake City, UT PD/MD: Rob Riesen see SADE CHUCKLOEB -Kos' KFM/Sik Diego, CA PD: Mike Vasquez APO/MD:Kelly Cole V DOCS-Hbe- KKSF/San Francisco, CA P: Paul Goldstein MD: Laurie Cobb 6 SALE -sole' KMGO/Sauta Barbara, CA PD: Mart De Aale APO/MD: Stow Bauer Jp4WUlT, 444iLP, wzy/gaata Rosa CA PD: Gorbn tla MD: Rob Singleton CHUCK LQBSfat' 2 POKY YAKS M BOB JAWS 'Mt RANE AA'S 'Ws' KWJZ/Seattle- Tacoma, WA PD: Carol Handley MD: Dianna Rose BONA EDE -K Rae- WW. MCCONALD Aesn9" SAO( S& WSJT/Tampa, FL PD: Ross 8oä MD: Kathy Curtis ERC ES.SK -Rarry SADE LAWS L,r,, t POMD: Erik Fos: Al ANREAL'MO not 'SN-. - u - xi 37Tofal Reporters 37 Current Reporters 37 Current Playilsts WJZW/Washington, DC PD: Kenny King CHUCK LOEB «s, SALE -Sole" BRAR BROMBERG G- ReklKNSt KWSJ/Wichila, KS PD: Ron Allen MO: Patrick Murphy *AOi JRNpJOnefNAC)Matio al PD: Steve Hibbard MD: Cheri Marquart, SADE 'Side ROMAN HNDA4W-NZe BOMBAY BORG" BRAN BROMBERG RMSes Most Played Recurrents BONEY JAMES & RCK BRAUN Grazin' n The Grass (Warner Bros.) CHRS STANDRNG Hip Sway (nstinct) JOYCE COOLNG Before Dawn (Heads Up) URBAN KNGHTS Sweet Home Chicago (Narada) PAUL TAYLOR Avenue (Peak/Unity/N- Coded) JAY BECKENSTEN Sunrise (Windham Hill) MARC ANTONE Palm Strings (GRPNMG) CLUB Stay (N- Coded) RONNY JORDAN London Lowdown (Blue Note) CHRS BOTT Why Not (GRPNMG) NAC /SMOOTH JAZZ Going For Adds BONA FDE X -Ray Hip (N- Coded) CASNO LGHTS '99 Watermelon Man (Warner Bros.) GEORGE DUKE f You Will (Warner Bros.) GEORGE DUKE Whatever t Takes (Warner Bros.) JANGO Soul Casserole (Samson) DANE SCHUUR W /STEVE WONDER Finally (Concord) /9/ National Specialty Programming And Goss No Adds Ja>>YTrex BOB JAMES Raise The Roof (Warner Bros.) ROGER SMTH Off The Hook (Miramar) LARRY CARLTON Fingerprints (Warner Bros.) NORMAN BROWN Paradise (Warner eros.) BONEY JAMES Boneyizm (Warner Bros.) KM WATERS Secrets Told (Shanatahie) JANGO With Your Love (Samson) KENNY G Stranger On The Shore (Arista) JOYCE COOLNG CaNNe (Heads Up) DAVD BENOT Mlles After Dark (GRPNMG) RN Mom B Rotorte Brothers Jesse Cook Renee Beh* N. 2. Dave Kot Sugar & SPice Air Dan Ma Radio Skew A Kiss n The Dark

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109 CYNDEE MAXWELL corn Rock., October 6, 2 ROR 7 The biggest problem with is people who feel it necessary to add you to their joke lists. Most of the jokes are like watching paint dry." Some Thougbts On Wireless communication can be both used and abused Now that electronic communication has become a standard method of operation, what have we learned about the use of e- mail? Of course, everyone dislikes spammers, especially spammers with get -rich -quick offers. Junk mail is still junk mail, whether it's delivered via the U.S. Postal Service or your nternet account. But what do individuals in radio and records think about the evolution of within the industry? Here are some thoughts from a cross - section of people on both sides of the industry. No Substitute TVT's Joanne Grand is emphatic when she says. "E -mail is not a substitute for thorough communication. Sending stupid jokes or stories to 2 people does not make you a sincere person. nor should it be an excuse for not speaking to some- Brian Beddow. PD of WWBN/ Flint. M. notes. 'Overall. Joanne Grand is an effective tool for our relationships with record labels. especially for low- priority messages. However. something that is time -sensitive can be lost if we don't happen to check our in time. And some people overuse it. such as those who send out e -mails with jokes every day. have taken to deleting those messages without even reading them, so if those people ever send a message regarding actual work or business, it gets lost. "Here at WWBN we also find e- mail to be an effective tool for market- ing. We subscribe to the Rockdaily ser- NEW Too! vice from Mil nteractive. which sends out a weekly to listeners who have subscribed from our website. We use it to send out information regarding progranmring, prop otions and contests. and we occasionally use it to do 'stealth contesting.' "You have to remain cautious when measuring its overall effectiveness. however. keeping in mind that e -mail still does not reach your entire audience. There are still many people who are behind the cyber -curve. " also find effective as a direct communication tool for oneon -one discussions with listeners. Like most stations. we have a listener comment form on our webpage, and buried among` the usual You guys rock." 'So- and -so sucks' and 'Play more Ozzy' are some sincere questions and concerns from real listeners. By answering them personally can open a dialogue with someone who listens to my station and feels passionate enough about it to actually sit down and write an c -mail. Furthermore, think listeners really appreciate it when they get an composed as a response to their comments. rather than just an automated response." WCCC /Hartford APD /MD Mike Karolyi proves his commitment to Motley Crué s New Tattoo by getting the band's name permanently tattooed on his arm. Beyond's Suzanne Perl watches with enthusiasm as a lo- cal tattoo artist does the deed. Business Of Communication Warner Bros.' Dave Lombardi says that he loves and adds that. in terms of industry relationships. he doesn't feel it is "overused or used inappropriately with me. get so much a -mail crap that 'd welcome more from the people 'm trying to work with. 'This is a business of communication. which means any method of communication is of interest to us. n particular. when someone s a request. it gives me a dated record of the request in the words of the person making it. Dave Lombardi and that makes it even easier to stay organized and on top of things. love AOL's nstant Messenger. too. even though its been causing problems with my computer lately. t's a great way to quickly and easily get in touch with a number of programmers to pass along info about a big add or request story or to find out a good time to call. how a test spin fared the night before or how a show went or just to chat about a movie. "Plus. you can be on the phone with someone and still be in contact with several others simultaneously. That's kind of like adding extra time to the day. h can be a little intrusive at times. but have no problem with people using it as a means to contact me. even have my M address on my business cards. along with my address." A Great Timesaver WJJO /Madison. W PD Glen Gardner agrees with Lombardi. " love . t's a great timesaver for mundane things. 'd much rather have someone send me an for a number of reasons: t's a written record of the communication. and people tend to be more concise in e- mail. "Voice mail is the worst. People leave rambling messages talking about the freaking weather in Bill Burrs AMNn Timbuktu and then never leave their phone numbers. Along with the conciseness of . it's easy to just hit the reply button and answer. "People seem to be pretty respectful. l'nt not bothered by Spam. and if do get on an list. its easy to just hit the delete bunon and get rid of it. However. do get torqued by people who think they are a joke service. don't know what they do in their offices all day. but if were signing their paychecks. 'd he scratching my head. Thirty s a day of all this goofy stuff that isn't even funny - stupid pictures of elves bowling and such. if it were at least funny. 'd fed more generous about it. But 've never asked to be put on these lists - they just assume that want this crap. ts gotten to the point that when see from these people. immediately hit the delete button without even reading it. "What like. though. is that e- mail is a great way to communicate with my listeners. can sort by ZP code. age. demographic or whatever if need to tell them something. We have a database of hard - core fans of the station. tell them to go buy a concert ticket. and they go buy a concert ticket. We try not to abuse that privilege. We talk to them about once a week. The is personalized to them. which results in their shooting me an in return." Love -Hate Relationship RCA's Bill Burrs says that he has a love -hate relationship with . " really think is perfect for low- priority issues. like hand itineraries and confirmation numbers. but all serious matters must be handled WHCH ONE'S PETE? in person or over the telephone. nternet chat and will sometimes unintentionally send someone the wrong message. That is a risk when giving news that may not he the best. " find the biggest problem with e- ntail is people who feel it necessary to add you to their joke lists. Most of the jokes are like watching paint dry. hate paint." KFMX /Lubbock. TX PD Wes Nessman observes. 'The thing that's bad about is that its easy to mistake the tone or intent because its so without emotion. We often expect others to know who we are and what kind of mood we are in when we're writing, when in reality what they sec is flat. emotionless text. "f your boss writes. 'You should come to my office,' you immediately think. 'Oh. God. what did do?' and you're on the defensive for the rest of the day. But the boss is thinking. You should come to my office - and see this totally hilarious Billy Bass singing fish.' sn't it ironic that in a day and age when we are communicating more. the potential to be misunderstood has increased so much?" n conclusion. it may be easy to say that common sense dictates how e- mail is properly used. However. one person's idea of common sense may not necessarily jibe with another's. Prudence would dictate that it's wise to either personally confirm that one's Glen Gardner communiques are wanted or to provide a simple way for list nxipients to opt out. Rock's own resident Pete Townshend clone, SWAN'S Ronnie Raphael, recently got to meet The Who's axeman for the first time. Do you know which one is which?

110 ' 8 LAST NEE K THtS ARTST TRE LABELS/ OTAL - GROSS WEEKS ON ÁL STATONS/ PLAYS PUYS MPRESSONS CHART ADOS ) Added 3 DOORS DOWN Loser (Republic/Universal) / ARTST " ADDS Q PRMUS W/OZZY 'J.B. (Divine/Priority) /2 GODSMACK Awake (Republic Universal) 52 Q COLLECTVE SOUL Why Pt. 2 (Atlantic) / OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) Q FUEL Hemorrhage (n My Hands) (55 Music) / STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) Q RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Californication (Warner Bros.) / COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SRG) 6 B.B. KNG/ERC CLAPTON Wanna Be (Duck/Reprise) 6 3 DOORS DOWN Kryptonite ( Republic/Universal) / PALOALTO Sonny (American/Columbia) 6 CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind -up) / LFEHOUSE Hanging By A Moment (Dream Works) 5 CREED Are You Ready (Wind -up) KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD BAND Last Goodbye (Giant/Reprise) /2 48/ OMM Goodbye Lament (Divine/Priority) 3 WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker (nterscope) 3 LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) 3 9 METALLCA Disappear (Hollywood) / J. PAGE & BLACK CROWES Hey Hey... (MtsntakercorNrVD 3 2 id AC/DC Meltdown (EastWest/EEG) / DUST FOR LFE Step nto The Light (Wind -up) 3 NCKELBACK Breathe (Roadrunner) /2 3 SAMMY HAGAR Serious Juju (Cabo Wabo /Beyond) / BENDER solate (PVT) 3 MARK KNOPFLER What t s (Warner Bros.) 3 STRAT UP Angers Son (mmortal.nirgin) 3 5 Q U2 Beautiful Day (nterscope) / TUBES Lovel,ne (CMCASRG) PAPA ROACH Last Resort (Dream Works) / 7 m WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker (nterscope) /3 9 m VAST Free (Elektra/EEG) / 6 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Sour Girl (Atlantic) / 22 GREEN DAY Minority (Reprise) / 8 GODSMACK Bad Religion (Republic /Universal) / Breaker OMM Goodbye Lament (Divine /Priority) /3 23 FULL DEVL JACKET Where Did You Go? (sland /DJMG) /2 25 UNON UNDERGROUND Turn Me On... (Portrait/Columbia) / 26 A PERFECT CRCLE 3 Libras (Virgin) / Most ncreased 29 MEGADETH Kill The King (Capitol) /2 Plays TOTAL 32 EVERLAST Black Jesus (Tommy Boy) / PLAY ARTST TTLELABELS NCREASE 28 2; SLASH'S SNAKEPT Been There Lately (Koch) / GODSMACK Awake ( Republic/Universal) +23 m LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) /3 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) FOO FGHTERS Next Year (RoswelURCA) / COLLECTVE SOUL Why Pt. 2 (Atlantic) BSTOPS7 Question Everything (Reprise) / OMM Goodbye Lament (Divine/Priority) JMMY PAGE & BLACK CROWES Hey Hey What... (Musicmakercom/ ) /3 U2 Beautiful Day (nterscope) +96 LENNY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) COLD Just Got Wicked (Flip/Geffen/nterscope) /2 MATCHBOX TWENTY Crutch ( Lava/Atlantic) +78 LNKN PARK One Step Closer (Warner Bros.) / SAMMY HAGAR Serious Juju (Cabo Wabo /Beyond) MATCHBOX TWENTY Crutch (Lava/Atlantic) / J. PAGE & BLACK CROWES Hey Hey... (MusicmakercaMVT)+69 Debut> STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) / Debut> e GODSMACK Awake (Republic/Universal) / DEFTONES Change (n The House Of Flies) (Maverick) / MARVELOUS 3 Sugarbuzz (HiFi /Elektra/EEG) / AMERCAN PEARL Free Your Mind (Wind -up) / Debut> Q DUST FOR LFE Step nto The Light (Wind-up) /3 LVE They Stood Up For Love (Radioactive/MCA) / [Debut> LQUD GANG Closer (Lava/Atlantic) / DSTURBED Stupify ( Giant/Reprise) / COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SRG) NCUBUS Stellar (mmortal/epic) / Q VALLEJO nto The New (Crescent Moon/55 Music) / Debut> m PAPA ROACH Broken Home (Dream Works) /2 Breakers 5 47 ORGY Fiction (Dreams n Digital) (Elementree/Reprise) / OMM ALCE COOPER Gimme (Spitfire) / Goodbye Lament (Divine/Priority) Debut> RON MADEN Out Of The Silent Planet (PortraitColumbia) / Debut> (HED) PLANET EARTH Bartender (Volcano/Jive) / TOTAL PLAYSMCREA3E TOTAL STATONS/S CHART 44/5 42/3 7 Roar reporters. Monitored airplay data suppled by Mediabese Research. a division of Premiere Radio Nelwoiks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24-Saturday 93. Bullets appear on corps gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total pays. the song being played on more stations is placed Ñ. Breaker status is assigned b songs reacting 4 plays or more for the fist time. Sorge bekry No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persona used herein with pe=nesion from The Arbiter' Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Co=pary). O 2. RBA nc. Mont Added s Mendel n rbor el nel adds oaidy reported Se Ran byeeck rewind stoke. lshp wporled e odds de rat cane lewd ward tall) Melons *Ong a end. YoMYn:wsed PYp lute lis soap Mah the greeuu wm4ws4 mam n told *ye MY jilted dot sown on MR ORDE MUM TRACD O ` wel SCHEVÍNCa Ú Take a free Musidiatisr lbellkke. Send us a backup of your current music'. W convert it to Musicals* and send you a week's worth of logs, unedited, so you can see for yourself. No sales hype or pressure. You do the comparison and tell us how we did. Call us at or sign upon line at httpj /switch.. We'll give you all the details. laltmaast We WM KiMeMatawl rte swab prows 8tym ysearity guaranteed. call forobyp MusicMaster TestOrñte e.mail: tesmilye@musiemastero

111 Rock October 6, 2 New & Act O 9 CRUSHDOWN This (MCA) Total Plays. 26, Total Stations- 4. Adds: MARK KNOPFLER What t s (Warner Bros.) Total Plays 73. Total Stations.. Adds: 3 AEROSMTH Sweet Emotion 5 DEF LEPPARD Photograph TAPROOT Again... (Velvet Hammer /Atlantic) Total Plays. 22. Total Stations. 5. Adds. ULTRASPANK Where (Epic) Total Plays 72, Total Stations:. Adds: 2 2 RUSH Tom Sawyer 3 KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD Blue On Black 52 PNK FLOYD Time 53 LED ZEPPELN Ramble On 4 JM HENDRX All Along The Watchtower 54 LED ZEPPELN mmigrant Song COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SRG) Total Plays. 4. Total Stations. 9. Mos. 6 UMP BZKT Rollin' (Rip/nterscope) Total Plays 72. Total Stations: 8. Adds: Q 5 OZZY OSBOURNE Crazy Train 55 DAYS OF THE NEW Touch, Peel & Stand 6 AEROSMTH Dream On 56 BLLY DOL White Wedding TDEWATER GRAN Here On The Outside (Wainer Bros.) Total Plays. 93. Total Stations: 5. Adds LMP BZKT My Generation (Rip/nterscope) Total Plays 7. Total Stations. 8. Adds. 7 ZZ TOP La Grange 57 JM HENDRX Foxey Lady 8 AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long 58 QUEEN Fat Bottomed Girls BENDER solate (TVf) Total Plays: 85. Total Stations: 5. Adds. 3 OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) Total Plays: 35. Total Stations.. Adds. 9 AEROSMTH Walk This Way GUNS N' ROSES Sweet Child O' Mine 59 LEO ZEPPELN Whole Lotta Love 6 PNK FLOYD Have A Cigar Songs ranked by total plays CREED Higher (Wind-up) U.P.O. Godless (Epic) A PERFECT CRCLE Judith (Virgin) AC AK Satellite Blues (EastWest/EEG) MET ALUCA No Leaf Clover (EkktrafEG) RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Otherside (Warner Bros.) GOOSMACK Voodoo (Republk/Univlersal) MATCHBOX TWENTY Bent (Lava/Atlantic) F FGHTERS Learn To Fly (Roswell/RCA) COLLECTVE SOUL Heavy (Atlantic) RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Scar Tissue (Warner Bros.) NCUBUS Pardon Me (mmortal/epic) KD ROCK Only God Knows Why (Top Dog /Lava/Atlantic) CREED What f (Wind-up) AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip (EastWesUEEG) GODSMACK Keep Away (Republic/Universal) LENNY KRAVTZ Fly Away (Virgin) BUCKCHERRY Lit Up (Dream Works) SANTANA F/ROB THOMAS Smooth (Arista) METALLCA Turn The Page (Elektra/EEG) AC/DC Back n Black 2 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS nterstate Love Song 3 VAN HALEN Panama 4 BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 5 VAN HALEN You Really Got Me 6 RUSH Limelight 7 BLACK CROWES Hard To Handle 6 SCORPONS No One Like You 9 GEORGE THOR Bad To The Bone 2 JNA HENDRX Purple Haze 2 RUSH Spirit Of Radio 22 ZZ TOP Tush 23 VAN HALEN Runnin' With The Devil 24 GUNS N' ROSES Welcome To The Jungle 25 GUNS N' ROSES Paradise City 29 VAN HALEN Jamie's Cryin 27 KANSAS Carry On Wayward Son 28 AC/DC Highway To Hell 29 PNK FLOYD Comfortably Numb 3 STEVE RAY VAUGHAN Pride And Joy 3 ZZ TOP Sharp Dressed Man 32 PNK FLOYD Run Like Hell 33 LYNYRO SKYNYRD Sweet Home Alabama 34 LED ZEPPELN Black Dog 35 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Plush 36 SCORPONS Rock You Like A Hurricane 37 LED ZEPPELN Rock 8 Roll 38 LED ZEPPELN Ocean 39 OZZY OSBOURNE Flying High Again 4 BOSTON Peace Of Mind 4 BLLY SOUER Lonely s The Night 42 AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap 43 PNK FLOYD Hey You 44 BLUE OYSTER CULT (Don't Fear) The Reaper 45 TOM PETTY Runnin' Down A Dream 6 BLUE OYSTER CULT Burnin' For You 62 PNK FLOYD Learning To Fly 63 OZZY OSBOURNE Mama, 'm Coming Home 64 NRVANA Come As You Are 65 HEART Barracuda 66 LED ZEPPELN Over The Hills And Far Away 67 VAN HALEN Hot For Teacher NAZARETH Hair Of The Dog 69 JUDAS PREST You ve Got Another Thing Coming 79 VAN HALEN l'h Wait 7 PNK FLOYD Wish You Were Here 72 AEROSMTH Rag Doll 73 ZZ TOP Legs 74 PNK FLOYD Happiest Days/Another Brick Pt.2 75 DEF LEPPARD Foolin' 76 TED NUGENT Cat Scratch Fever 77 PEARL JAM Alive 78 PNK FLOYD Money 79 TEO NUGENT Stranglehold 8 BAD COMPANY Bad Company 8 BOSTON More Than A Feeling 82 BAD COMPANY Rock & Roll Fantasy 83 GOLDEN EARRNG Radar Love 84 JM HENDRX Fire 85 CREED One 86 ROLLNG STONES Sympathy For The Devil 87 QUEEN We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions 88 ZZ TOP Cheap Sunglasses 89 PNK FLOYD Brain Damage/Eclipse 9 VAN HALEN Dance The Night Away 9 METALLCA Enter Sandman 92 TOM PETTY Free Fallin' 93 STEVE RAY VAUGHAN Crossfire 94 JM HENDRX Hey Joe 95 LED ZEPPELN Kashmir Going Foir e s EVE 6 On The Roof Again (RCA) GEDDY LEE My Favorite Headache (Anthem/Atlantic) OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) SAMANTHA 7 Framed (Portrait/Columbia) 46 ALCE N CHANS Man n The Box 47 VAN HALEN Ain't Talking 'Bout Love 48 PNK FLOYD Young Lust 49 VAN HALEN And The Cradle Will Rock 5 RED RDER Lunatic Fringe 96 JQE WALSH Rocky Mountain Way 97 SAMMY HAGAR Can't Drive PEARL JAM Event low 99 AEROSMTH Dude (Looks Like A Lady) AEROSMTH Back n The Saddle Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2, R&R nc.

112 ' z., n,, - li. (537) lñ8u8u,. i, r WXMÇm*9Mvi L 7 7 ll689alu l - USUhaU 4 39 R&R October ROCk PY!StS FND COMPLETE PLAVUSTS FOR ALL ROCK REPORTERS ON R&R ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG KSJO/S,n Fr.ncsco ea d'a. 2. C 6O.BOO Ml Lu Tu *T$RTL US) 26?8 Z$ APSUECC)RCLU.m 3i, a. oii rtcuusuuq 4 i. 3t!%toLu S84 )S t JPO 584, V*Sl$u '? GUS 549)? 8uK.ÑUS 549) l S RPG8AGMil 5)95 u 98e)P LWUSC)F. 572? 95 l 9$ L8u 4)99 S4MiMkuuS9 4)99? l ll8 386., 3553 t 795 P38W.OUY9B Q4D)pN*r(Mm 225) R&M 225) s 225 UCTMSO)JfiA5'yPl2 7 D6flJ P4NAS.38u l5 s SYGMuu..kS l s A88UV8CTV3LbUS SS WMNRJ?tiiiadlphi3 'i r L r' Mk,ntn'Z C6 5)57)5 ROCKS? 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113 57.9.6OA Reporters October 6, 2 R&R Stations and their adds listed alphabetically by market i Rock i WPYX/AOUry, NY' PM Aft CAA AM/PACÆAUa -M PMASORYB' KiRR/Nbrperpe. NM OrPrty rmey PO Pw Weeny AD: Ms ewllwe 6 GD9a(" 5DETBFLEPLOTSe" WRO/NMRMaR. PA PD kw L. D WM MOW 2 ï 7ÆTEWLEPLOTSC- CAEED7aa! RaLOEYLNOSTAerC KWFK,MuAarga, AK po Fa MAY AMD AA AAA STONE MAU PlSbâXeàAN'' WNRApaMn, W PO Jot Capes Mo: Rew AAA! CAA S'OÆ MOR RL5t WDO/AMMk CM. NJ PD Sew RayeWr L4 KARN' Cao LNGQMPEN Wayv comma Aaae *LOCO Spr, COC-Sm, KOCAieaumord. TX Po Trey Raton D r. Wm MAO Moe' STOA TEURE PLOTS 6' 3C-bpC WKGMNghmMOrE. NY PD an Free td Ten WW GDCAAAJ-Me- WROOCan n. OH or Darn Slew POW: Tods Deprod OJOSMOr',Aeee' WPXCCga pd. MA M : NA WW PD Warm TO.NK. 4 MM Wan 5 orsprgopa- KRNA/Ceder Rapids, A PO Jo. Nugent MD Tawny Lang - Dtiótì,nr KNCNiCaFpus Christi. TX po PAY WW APOD. 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114 2 çjactive Rock Top 5 WEEK WEEK ARTST TTLE LABELS) October 6, 2 TOTAL PLAYS - PLAYS GROSS KPRESSOHS OC WEEKS ON CHART TOTAL STATONS ADDS 3 DOORS DOWN Loser (Republic/Universal) / 2 2 PAPA ROACH Lash Resort (Dream Works) / 3 PRMUS W/OZZY N..B. (Divine/Priority) / 4 FUEL Hemorrhage (n My Hands) (55 Music) / 5 DSTURBED Stupify (Giant/Reprise) / 7 CREED Are You Ready (Wind -up) / a 7 UNON UNDERGROUND Turn Me On... (Portrait/Columbia) / 6 3 GODSMACK Bad Religion ( Republic/Universal) / 9 9 NCKELBACK Breathe (Roadrunner) / a 2 GREEN DAY Minority (Reprise) / to A PERFECT CRCLE Judith (Virgin) / / e COLLECTVE SOUL Why Pt. 2 (Atlantic) /3 3 RED HOT CHL PEPPERS Californication (Warner Bros.) / 8 m FULL DEVL JACKET Where Did You Go? (lsland/djmg) / DOORS DOWN Kryptonite ( Republic/Universal) / 4 6 METALLCA Disappear (Hollywood) / 5 7 DEFTONES Change (n The House Of Flies) (Maverick) / 3 6 NCUBUS Stellar (mmortal/epic) / 9 m (HED) PLANET EARTH Bartender (Volcano /Jive) /2 a 2 COLD Just Got Wicked (Flip/Geffen/nterscope) / z VAST Free (Elektra/EEG) / e 22 A PERFECT CRCLE 3 Libras (Virgin) /3 a 25 LNKN PARK One Step Closer (Warner Bros.) / ei.aka. GODSMACK Awake (Republic/Universal) /7..ak.r a PAPA ROACH Broken Home (Dream Works) / )..aka. a MEGADETH Kill The King (Capitol) /2 ORGY Fiction (Dreams n Digital) (Elementree/Reprise) / make. a EVERLAST Black Jesus (Tommy Boy) / 27 e LMP BZKT Rollin' (Flip / lnterscope) / 24 3 LMP BZKT My Generation (Flip/nterscope) / 23 3 RAGE AGANST THE MACHNE Testify (Epic) / 33 OMM Goodbye Lament ( Divine/Priority) /5 a 35 U2 Beautiful Day (nterscope) /2 z a MARVELOUS 3 Sugarbuzz (HifdElektra/EEG) / Debut> STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) /3 36 SAMMY HAGAR Serious Juju (Cabo Wabo/Beyond) /5 a 37 TAPROOT Again And Again (Velvet Hammer /Atlantic) / 3 38 AC/DC Meltdown (EastWest/EEG) /.le DUST FOR LFE Step nto The Light (Wind -up) /5.2 m LQUD GANG Closer (Lava/Atlantic) / 8 F FGHTERS Next Year (Roswell/RCA) / e 45 VALLEJO nto The New (Crescent Moon /55 Music) / Debut> COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SRG) /5 m WALLFLOWERS Sleepwalker -(nterscope) / [Debut> e DEFTONES Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Maverick) /3 e CRUSHDOWN This (MCA) / 46 SR -7 Right Now (RCA) / STOPS7 Question Everything (Reprise) / SUNNA Power Struggle (Astralwerks/Caroline) / 3 5 AMERCAN PEARL Free Your Mind (Wind -up) / 7 Active Rock reporters. Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week of Sunday 9/24-Saturday 9/3. Bullets appear on songs gaining plays or remaining flat from previous week. f two songs are tied in total plays, the song being played on more stations is placed first. Breaker status is assigned to songs reaching 6 plays or more for the first time. Songs below No. 2 are moved to recurrent after 2 weeks. Gross mpressions equals Average Quarter Hour Persons times number of plays (times ). Average Quarter Hour Persons used herein with permission from The Arbitron Company (Copyright 2. The Arbitron Company). i 2, R&R nc. ARTST TTLE LABELS) Most Added. ADDS GODSMACK Awake (Republic/Universal) 7 OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) 4 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) 3 DEFTONES Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Maverick) 3 SPNESHANK Synthetic (Roadrunner) 7 OMM Goodbye Lament ( Divine/Priority) 6 SEVENDUST Going Back To Cali (Republic/Universal) 6 KTTE Paperdoll (NG/Artemis) 6 DUST FOR LFE Step nto The Light (Wind -up) 5 COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SRG) 5 SAMMY HAGAR Serious Juju (Cabo Wabo/Beyond) 5 STRAT UP Angel's Son (lmmortawirgin) 5 MEGADETH "KLL THE KNG" R &R ROCK vs; - rh R &R ACTVE ROCK vt - r7 BREAKER' New This Week: KOZ WAZU Most ncreased Plays ARTST TTLE LABELS: TOTAL PLAY NCREASE GODSMACK Awake ( Republic/Universal) +68 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS No Way Out (Atlantic) +347 COLLECTVE SOUL Why Pt. 2 (Atlantic) +247 CREED Are You Ready (Wind -up) +53 DEFTONES Back To School (Mini Maggit) (Maverick) +43 OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) +32 FUEL Hemorrhage (n My Hands) (55 Music) +7 COC Congratulations Song (Sanctuary/SAG) +6 OMM Goodbye Lament ( Divine/Priority) +97 PAPA ROACH Broken Home (Dream Works) +93 Breakers. TOTAL PLAYS /NCREASE GODSMACK Awake ( RepublicNniversal) TOTAL STATONS/ADDS 683/68 7/7 PAPA ROACH Broken Home (DreamWorks) CHANT e TOTAL PLAYS/NCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART 682/93 57/ MEGADETH Kill The King (Capitol) 652/53 53/2 e EVERLAST Black Jesus (Tommy Boy) / e TOTAL PLAYS /NCREASE TOTAL STATONS /ADDS CHART TOTAL PLAYS /NCREASE TOTAL STATONS/ADDS CHART Yost Added is the total number oh new adds officially reported to RO by each reporting station. Songs unreported as adds do not count toward overall total rations pitying a song. Most ktoreeled Plays lists the songs with to greatest wank- Oweek ncreases in total plays. weighted chart appears on RUR ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG. Editor's Note: n light et a toner chomp. WETMSt. Louis' data isn't ncluded n this west's dart. Pisy WON tarn all songs were misled and - only when appaplat- bunks were awarded to some sags eel though My were down in plays. Chart positions howevey were net termed. MA- COC THE DEBUT SNGLE FROM "AMERCA'S VOLUME DEALER" ALBUM N STORES --! D - O R &R ACTVE 83' - 56 ALBUM NETWORK POWER CUTS FMOB HOT TRAR #4 MOST ADDED! NEW DEALERS THS WEEK NCLUDE: KUFO KBER WNOR WKSY WKLQ WJJO KOC WWCT KCLB WGR KATS WZXL ALREADY ON OVER 5 R &R STATONS

115 9-3* % Burn and 8% Familiar -Kelly Music Research /National Call -out Chart "Tested #9 out of 3, 8% familiarity + no burn." - Glen Gardner/WJJO "The record works great across the board. You look for records that work like this, t's refreshing! We love `Breathe ' - Ryan Castle /93X "Great Phones. t's on fire!" - Mark Feurie/WKLQ 3 Week Sales Pattern 3W 2W LW! i October Tour with 3 Doors Down November Tour with Fuel Top Airplay At: WEBN WHJY KQRC WKSY KOMP KEZO more! KSS WQX WMFS WTUE KLPX KZRQ KXXR WKLQ WRAT WOTT WXRC KCT NEW ADDS NCLUDE: KEGL, WBAB WAPL The 2nd Top Track At Active Rock! MPACTNG ALTERNATVE /24 Produced by Dole Penner 8 Nickelback ROADRUNNER A WDRUNNER RCnOE USC! _ Croodn,nnr kucada,. roadrunnerrecads cay Mixed by GGGarth Richardson Monosement: Bryon Coleman for Union Entertainment Group w ora nirkelback.ccm

116 4, active Rock LW TW WTlft TTLE RAN Sl olctd>bor 6, 2 Breakers. Top 3 t r Y Pun TM tuned N 2 GREEN DAY Minority (Reprise) / 5 DSTURBED Stupify (Giant/Reprise) Q KEL Hemorrhage (n My Hands) (55 Music) PAPA ROACH Last Resort (DreamWorks) DOORS DOWN Loser (Republic/Universal) / 4 6 NCUBUS Stellar (mmortal/epic) / 8 7 A PERFECT CRCLE Judith (Virgin) / 7 8 RAGE AGANST THE NADNE Testify (Epic) DOORS DOWN Kryptonite (Republic./Universal) ORGY Fiction (Dreams n Digital) (ElementreelReprise) UMP BZKT My Generation (Riplinterscope) / 2 DEFTONES Change (n The House Of Ries) (Maverick) /9 5 UMP BZKT Rollin' (Rip/nterscope) A PERFECT CRCLE 3 Libras (Virgin) /2 7 PAPA ROACH Broken Home (Dream Works) en 67 43/ 22 CREED Are You Ready (Wind-up) VAST Free (Elektra/EEG) RED HOT CHU PEPPERS Califomicahon (Warner Bros.) BUNK -82 Man Overboard (MCA) / 25 UNON PARK One Step Closer (Warner Bros.) /3 2 e UNON UNDERGROUND Turn Me On... (Portrait/Columbia) (MED) PLANET EARTH Bartender (Volcano/Jive) / 8 23 METALUCA Disappear (Hoivood) EVERAST Black Jesus (Tommy Boy) COLLECTVE SOUL Why Pt. 2 (Atlantic) / 26 m PRMUS W/OZZY N..B. (Divine/Priority) _ GODSMACK Awake (Republic/Universal) 49 44/ U2 Beautiful Day (nterscope) SR -7 Right Now (RCA) / 2 3 GODSMACK Bad Religion (Republic/Universal) WO6KMqey, NY KTE6/Aeioorrfoo WNNX/Atlalrq KROX/Aettle WRAX/Birerinehtle WMF/Sosten WBCN/Betton WKOX/Cllcaeo Monitored airplay data suppied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Radio Networks. 5 Breakers reporters. Songs ranked by total plays for the airplay week Sunday 9/24 -Saturday 9/3.2, R&R nc. KLO/Colorado Springs W6ZXColanlbet, OH KOBE/Dallas KP/Doalnr UP/Denver WKLO/óraM Rapids WTPT/GnoeNllo, SC WOXA/Harrislere WCCC/Hartford KT92/Heeotee-óelwttee WZXAedlaeapells WNFZ/Keemllle MTE/Las Vegas KROO/los Angeles WMFS/Moeps WZTA/Mlaret LOA/Minneapolis /New Orleans WXRK/Nw York WNOR/Nortelk WJRR/Orlado WYSP/PltdolNhia KEDJ/Plooeix KUPD/Pleoois WXDX/Pitttlerk KUFO/Portland, OR WRU/Prevldoece KRXO/Secromoeto KXRK/Salt Lab City KSS/Soe Aeteels KTS/San Francisco KNDD/Sesttle KAM/Seattle KPT/St. Lolls WXTM/St. Levis WXTB/Tanepa KFMA/Tectoe KMTM'ese WHFS/Wasal pol, DC WWDC/ttfakingteo, DC KCT/Wicllta WXBE/Wilkes Barre. ALCE N CHANS Man n The Box 2 NRVANA Smells Like Teen Spirit 3 STONE MAPLE PLOTS Plush 4 NRVANA Come As You Are 5 PEARL JAM Evenflow 5 PEARL JAM Alive 7 CREED One S ALCE M CHANS Would? 9 DAYS OF THE NEW Touch, Peel A Stand 9 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS nterstate Love Song OFFSPRNG Self Esteem 2 SOUMD6ARDEN Black Hole Sun 3 SOUND6ARDEN Fell On Black Days 4 OM OSSOURE Crary Train 5 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Vasoline 6 GUNS N' ROSES Sweet Child ' Mine 7 GUNS N' ROSES Welcome To The Jungle SON OSARDEN Spoonman 9 GUNS N' ROSES Paradise City 29 NRVANA n Bloom 2 CANDLEBOX Far Behind 22 SEVEN MARY TREE Cumbersome 23 BUSH Comedown 24 PEARL JAM Jeremy 25 ALCE M CHANS Rooster 26 NRVANA lithium 27 METALUCA Enter Sandman 28 CREED My Own Prison 29 LENY KRAVTZ Are You Gonna Go My Way 36 GREEN DAY Brain Stew 3 AC/DC You Shook Me All Night Long 32 OFFSPRNG Come Out 8 Play 33 AEROSMTH Sweet Emotion 34 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Sex Type Thing 35 BUSH Machinehead 36 TOOL Sober 37 WHTE ZOMBE More Human Than Human 36 AC/DC Highway To Hell 39 BLACK SABBATH Paranoid 46 RUSH Tom Sawyer 4 FATH NO MORE Epic 42 NRVANA All Apologies 43 PEARL JAM Black 44 FLTER Hey Man, Nice Shot 45 STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Big Empty 46 GREEN DAY When Come Around 47 AC/DC Highway To Hell 4$ BUSH Everything Zen M VAN HALEN You Really Got Me 5 VAN HALEN Runnin' With The Devil VAN HALEN Panama NRVANA Heart- Shaped Box CREED What's This Life For JANE'S ADDCTON Been Caught Stealing CREED Tom FOC FGHTERS Everting RED HOT CHN PEPPERS Under The Bridge OZZY OSS6NNE Flying High Again KENNY WAYE SHEPERD Blue On Black STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Wicked Garden UVM6 COLOUR Cult Of Personality SLACK CROWES Hard To Handle CRACKER Low OfM BA'S Gone Away METALLCA The Unforgiven SCORPONS No One Like You LED ZEPPELNN Black Dog OZZY OSONE No More Tears MASMA MNS Bulet Weh Buttereq Wogs ALCE N CHANS Them Bones BLACK SABBATH ron Man VAN HALM Hot For Teacher SCORPONS Rock You Like A Hurricane ALCE N CHANS No Excuses TEMPLE OF THE DOG Hunger Strike OFFSPRNG Gotta Get Away WHTE ZOMBE Thunder Kiss '65 AC/DC Hell's Bells AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap BUSH Little Things OM OSBOURLE Mama, 'm Coming Home TOADES Possum Kingdom DAMG Mother COLLECTVE SOUL Shine JON HENDRX Purple Haze *BOSNA' Walk This Way SOWDGARDEN Outshined UVE Alone METALUCA Until t Sleeps PEARL JAM Daughter STASSNG WESTWARD Save Yourself AEROSMTH Dream On JUDAS PREST You've Got Another Thing Coning STONE TEMPLE PLOTS Creep PEARL JAM Better Man CANDLEOX You METALLCA Nothing Else Matters METALLCA Wherever May Roam GREEN DAY Basket Case LED ZEPPELN Rock & Roll Monitored airplay data supplied by Mediabase Research, a division of Premiere Ra Networks. Top Power Gold is based on YTD monitored airplay data. 2, RAR ULTRASPANK Where (Epic) Tod Flays: 76, Tod Stations: 7, Adds:O SEYEOUST Going Back.. (Republic/Universal) Tod Plays: 34, Tod Sttions. 25. Adds. 6 OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) Tod Plays: 32, Tod Stations: 4, Adds: 4 LENY KRAVTZ Again (Virgin) To Rays:5, Total Stations. 9. Adds: KTTE Paperdoll (NG/Artemis) Tod Plays: 2. Total Stations: 8. Adds: 6 SPNES/ ANA Synthetic (Roadrunner) Tod Plays: 78. Total Sdans 6. Adds. 7 NCUBUS Pardon Me (immortal Epic) KORN Make Me Bad (mmorta{æpic) CREED With Arms Wide Open (Wind-up) U.P.O. Godless (Epic) SLASH'S SNAEPLT Been There Lately (Koch) Total Plays: 2. Tod Stations: 6. Adds: BENDER solate (TVT) Tod Plays.2. Total Stations:4. Adds: ONE MNUTE SLENCE Fish Out Of Water (W) Total Plays: 8, Total Stations: 6, Adds. 4 STRAT W Angel's Son (mmortawirgin) Total Pays: 58. Total Stations. 2. Adds 5 PRAEA 55 Loose (lsland/djmg) Tod Plays: 54. Total Stations 8. Adds Sangt ranked by total plays STAMM Mudshovel (#pfla Ua/EEG) GOOSMACK Keep Away (Republic/Universal) SUMO Home (Ap/BeMr&ÆEG). 5BMACKVoodoo (Republic/Universal) METALLCA No Led Clover (Ebfma/EEG) sie MKE PLOTS Sour GU (Atlantic) EVE 6 On The Roof Again (RCA) GEDDY LEE My Favorite Headache (Anthem/Atlantk) OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) SAMANTHA 7 Framed (Portrait/Columbia)

117 Active Rock Playlists October 6, 2 RaR 5 FND COMPLETE PLAYLSTS FOR ALL ACTVE ROCK REPORTERS ON RAR ONLNE MUSC TRACKNG WYsPr- /ym rrhnrty ,4 9Urnb3 2. Nm un 33 >t 7 79 el )) ut 3 t4 N n MuTmLE PRMSWO7VN.B E4TPl Albn Abn 3RSR7MLla.. PNMRW3NatRSOA ENLGMDN94 DONE MPtE P9 355% Gel SLASH'S 946 ORT Aleen Mere AM PEMaunWe DD9aOC SLE OF Dtrle Scene EVERASTONars AMMO C7M2E/aAm COLLECTMSWLM6R 2 Of TN EALGOOmA Ln% CREED'Net6uRSee PESPRMCJBeWerenl 2i9e94% y. D9AACVMN6 3Bü5MM RON MAOFWTNWÖeAn BLK7WERR4.e6 FOOFGHTERS7 earn lofn 3O6VM4Rp4"r CREEPWMSM FOO FMiERS5OtleM Aus De44696 KP9NNMwB LMR9DOMyGNrsen STONE TEMPLE P9Sw9 94WYSP TN, Mot *TATN awn % % /6 44% % 44% 4496 REiUOmewR. Worn Clear Channel 972)99-29 SNaeaAAywsae 2. Come 47. P UNS u TW M/TRE 34 M A PERFECT PRCliJUm 33 9APl98348on 26 PRMAFSWA7Vr8 3$ PNWfMYQUAARwat DOORS W94nr 99M4644e 5 FUTAMnaeM. COLLECTMSOPMNR2 5 CREED/Am You R.F 26 OSEHS6E 6E OFGtSne U P.6e37 DEF7OEESfNpe 78A446e PMn 96K7Ne Gn.ok 97..EAGLE ROCKS. FULL OWL JACKFT eelhee66uu'7 ECBS4aonAN STAMMAae O6AN9rypdWe faeedmm Mrs Wok.7 8f pvmmopop/hnhay M TALL CMWawa, ONE WAY R.34 PANT t STADeme R829raW EVERLASAWW66e, coosmaacwuono P9S5tbr 6GAOElkA trle furk ala % % 32% % % 2% WRFD8, Greater Media 246) Fanson 2. Cum. 66 nat9 u N / ,73 CREEDM Wu ReMr RWASWATlVNB 335W4t46 %idciaa7w. 3894(rypbla COLLECTVE SOAAMNR 7 WNW MGN4SsasJ4 KDROONWeeTme LHMVeWWTLAp.n EVERASTANOJem ONOEaom..lame" FELAnluma EfiMET449e2 SLAWS SNME R7 9ee Tlae ,648,,6 6 GO 9AOAwAe CAE674 DAVAYUy PAPA RW349rsnHOnr TNPN4eSaPo>a 9MERtsON BAR 7n CMee G9R4&ORApon RAU3o..TOMys6 SaAAbws Sneye VASTAra CREEDYYMNme Wde Opin ORGY/3m RER55low REV,DnpAkDown N WAREMw EnterCom ( CesniavOssenns 2. Cum.. FLAYS UV A 6TRE 43 6T96Ny 39 CAEN DMMAr"OMy 38 6 L/R9ñUTYyGellfann DOORS OOA%lo6 39 6P92TAO' LEWS AND OU6AS4 7 VAST./r, 2 * BEGOFnge6e 3 OFéMME 6EA64 pap Watet 9 APERFEC CRCLE/3M% 2 % OO6MWAe EVERASTANüJrs / e 24 H COLd.WGalWtieO 23 u7mspfv64wla. 7 7 PMAFE7KMßYnHome 22 6 PAPA 6Y4MLgFNen 8 6 APE86ECTCM%JJule, 23 PB65ear 3 5 ORGY,9ppn /9SpmMe 5 STATG4.9.Dn 4 STEDWnRf..sOO9 3 DOORS 94443yb,re 9 LMN PMMAn. Nap COr 32 5/T884Ae9ed 3 TAPROOT/66. Md A6n 5 2 ED)PFAFET Fwtt49AlnOu 3 2 RED HOT CM Rawslra%n RO allea % % wrocwwmma, Our Channel (3) Nownarm AOw 2. Cum, Pun / n S 38 le 2 S 25 e 4 O 3 / 24 4 S ", 2 66m FLLNlwvnlge O[6CAVAray DVNM WP9u7n ee r KW 646r PAP83AONaMFLeFa SA7)4468w W4EA66EfF5Ym. 8-e298,nO.sOard GOODPWLOTTFAlTry P9MDy COLLECT%SOULWryR 7 WENNUDESAlMe /4F LARtLrbie L76dSr ORGY/Wm S49M474'. Women, LP92ACAn' LOM/om Worst nee, FMOALLOSnrN WFEATHLNAOe 9,5. CwOAaEle Go MNOBOKTWENTY9e, 94* GNC 7e 9a A Meg ClCEJUe, 8794T9/Plnrak FOOfOTE69rsAloM CA%SE,ö9bn NM DAYS'N9oM Hon %ANST /esly NM a26e 2e 2 T ne WZTAM4 Goer Crune SaeSto ber i(m W 2. Lume 326.2* run MARKE 2 MARKE., N MXmLE n M CM( DNeVOUReal 35 FEAnmlls PNRRO6P3% RsM 32 36DO664tOn l G6Mw?4496a4 t DEDPLKETEARTR9wNn 9 2 NONUDEROgENUnMeD n N MwVElU53SpWa n n FEDgF CHLL.A]NOrOn ls N Ml3EAb4Nw 4 n 54 D6AE6E739494y GRFNDAVArrey 2 APE MKT MC F:.Alde 4 S % CRASE9Meh SAns 5 7 gilt Mt SOULWNhyR 7 EVER AST 9AJesus 32 l W6MAOC9MRA9e 6 A PERFECT P86LEl3b 4 VAST/fra 3 S 678EreyNq 5 S ON'asmNLame, lb 5 NDlBw3494e W O6 T FOR LRrSg tlo lb lsa, 3 3 FUEDEVLJAPOTwAreDllWfo7 2 6 G e 6 2 L48DA8,n'? 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118 Clot 6 R&R October 6, 2 Rock Top 2 Specialty Artists n you spend 5 years in Sepulture before breaking off on your own, you're bound to bring some son of following with you, right? Right. Dubbed' 'The Bob Marley of Metal" for his ability to bring people together through his music, Max Cavalera has assembled quite a cast for his latest project. Soul fly. The lineup on their latest Roadrunner release. Primitive, includes Will Haven's Grady Avenell, Slayer's Tom Araya and Slipknot's Corey Taylor. Soulfly's music makes me want to beat the crap out of somebody one minute and burn incense the next - or do both at once. On a scale of one to five grimaces. 'd say this hand deserves the full five. 'm running the risk of sounding old by saying this. hut the angry kids will love it. With intense, evil, screaming vocals and very cool tribal drumbeats. Primitive is great. and the title describes the music to a T. Highlights include "Son Song.' featuring Sean Lennon. "Soulny " and the song that all the kids are grooving and shoving one another to. " Jumpdafuckup." The hands -down favorite track at specialty. "Jump" is. in a word. intense. Featuring Slip- knot's Corey, the track pleases moshers and political activists alike. Soulfly have been kicking ass and taking names at No. on the specialty chan for five weeks now. KRXQ /Sacramento's Che Brooks Swift By lfacey Hoskin Asst. Rock Etter says, "Primitive has what it takes to get me moving and my listeners calling. The tribal elements that have long been a mainstay in Cavalera -led bands are still evident, but it's the return to ferocity that is the real selling point. t doesn't hurt when you have an all -star lineup to hack you up in the form of Grady. Tom and Corey. either. But. ac has always been true. Max knows how to bring the shit!" f yp October 6, ZloioD SOULFLY (Roadrunner) "Jumpdafuckup," "Back To The Primitive" 2 OMM (Divine/Priority) "Goodbye Lament," "Time s Mine" 3 SLAVES ON DOPE (Divine/Priority) " Can't Die," "nches From The Main..." 4 NOTHNGFACE (VT) "Bleeder," "Make Your Own Bones" 5 MUDVAYNE (No Name/Epic) "Dig," internal Primates...," "Nothing To Gein" 6 DOWNSET (Epitaph) "Together," "Fallen Off" 7 COC (SRG/Sanctuary) "Congratulations Song," "Diablo Blvd." e HYPOCRSY (Nuclear Blast) "Blinded," "Digital Prophecy" 9 STRAT UP (mmortawirgin) "Angel's Son," "Absent" DEFTONES (Maverick) "Back To School (Mini Maggit)" PSSNG RAZORS (Noise) "Fork Tongue," "Fields Of Disbelief' 2 4 GRiT (Metal Blade) "Ground Zero," "Heads" 3 COLD (Rip/Geffen/nterscope) "Just Got Wicked," "Send n The Clowns," "She Said" 4 L.E.S. STTCHES (Artemis) "Miss You" 5 SPNESHANK (Roadrunner) "Synthetic," "Malnutrition" 6 AMEN (Virgin) "The Price Of Reality," "Justified" 7 LQUD GANG (Lava/Atlantic) "Blunt Force Trauma," "Closer" 8 AT THE DRNE-R (Grand RoyaWirgin) "Mannequin Republic," "One Armed Scissor' 9 EVERLAST (Tommy Boy) "Black Jesus" 2 HALFORD (Metal- ls/srg) "Nightfall," "The One You Love To Hate" Ranked by total number of shows reporting the artist, with tit /es listed in order of most airp /ay. Specialty Show Reporters Shows and their Top 5 songs listed alphabetically by manf'e Jones Radio Networt (JAN) Manikin Vielset Rag MMMS Mb Ameaan Pari 'Tre VOW M"o Laa Brit -M,, GoerAOn' ledi Park 'Ono Step alose' mmune, Aston 'Firm On Al Th Dr.. in 'Oro word Sooner' KWHL/AnE:korage. AK tu yml swam e-se. MMdM Jass MuNe.e -Og' Slaws OnDOa 'Pushed OnKeqDown'NeeEyes- Sadly -Pal' Dorte'Tpper' WOXA/Hanislerr, PA TM taday NW semm -M. Bal HUM Mal 'awry Bane awry Pope' DsR s DaPY LO kw' Job Mimi la Traae p4nir Got AVOW WW ltpna' KUPD/Ploenls, AZ nor RMM UmMe rme Malay 'M Lang Nan Jug Rada'PatOkro' M llr Dn.ln- Wino.%«c- Prop Kw low MWK" Oh Pun -ferm- S"Ntlbndean- PpSeq. KBER/Salt Lake City, UT RaMa KMa Softy 9-. hay Amon -RMUMwn- Stra UD -Apeasoety'up To Tne Pd nw- AOGrt-Nees- NaNnpdo -Hyde My,ai WXTM/$t. Louis, MO HAM Friday p. -MMpM JOmy Orr.antra EECS'Festyer Eiwrone -M RKamm' e5 D.; 'Gran Tartan' bert SMK-s -Loco Dump MJ Broadcasting (MJ) MOO NM VaeoM NM Rizany UMW bay -Fwon loud Gana 'Close" LAt Park -Oft Stop Close' Vet lrei Lap Btu-. Garton' KXXA/Nlaaapalls, MN K -low Ni ll add M Kla kuis Pari ate Toga" Nat. --W RroDwnlow' Sloarkiranwrof Re.eM'brwe' KUPD/Pberis, AZ ama TdMyM'rrlM L.g Y6 a TM fanese. MOW 'PauseDOn' Soil,/ lock To no Naas' Saki Taawtna 'Su Calls rncasa' Carlprea Carly law NUN' la. 'tea s U' KSW/$aanla, WA tmem MM-2a. Aa. aew bolesaborn- Venom -Pan' lqnansy-l wpm Desert' mm. 'Tao bmar MYOa-PnAeoon' KLPX/Tresen, AZ Ana el May itrm-hemiht BO ekrn' COC torq'auwoas song. coc -See Too Lore' COC NA POW - Soddy lack to re Prot.' ban wda. Gwn'Goomp Lament WAhtsog!Mud. NY Plum Nab am federn ty.-te..eo'il,r On AN Low - elemwelto íw h dhow MeW lehn' Cale Stó pa w Room'Do pan' BATT/Olhlan City, OK Klart w NAM Mrs.EeM/Et-2a. ritt Why Crus 'POrmSur ACM -Mbwn- 4 Gro Toni Ha Cow ew Mows' mo Mram'Ortd Tie Sant ' WRXLJRklalead, VA KfWleeallh, WA Nei ab Kuy imam e -p. "u assi CAC -Conradolawn sani Sans Smaprea.Ttrw Lawy' Wa -NO Far Evesa 334 Jeton' Sww'RA., Se ow KZRR/Allrrraryra, NM WKLD/Grand Rapids, M Matt Wb Al 6. MMm -.6. Ta.Mm M... Ta. Mim Ti. -MRY tbweo Slaws On Dope litres For Nerq- Laa77"Leo ' PsssapRltors'Run' :ammnprnswr-smbblove NreqOOl-AmrvlLPw. Amon 'NNW/PAW COC'O,rr W Stn. On Door be- Mawr -DW Bbam" SraUaSwMEye' KRXO/$aen.ata, CA Ear Modes Seam St Mom. CM bau. Pos WM. Sway -Brnpir.son -ins Pnsp Nr AF - Gnoncrs And. (*.bpi '[errance JAMU Mom 'To The Tua ' WXTMßt. Lais, MO.may Wiwi MN MS-, tpimm P Kam SOMA Mop Se Th. Tane- Soq tan' lam Oall 'Pour telmweellaemp to De' Osbraed -bgore îd bm'pams from rte AeM Rock and Roe, pan Toll Free: Fax: Banners on a Roll... durable waatlihfprool plastic bannen that feature your brand, logo, or vitae dentity as an image that Welts Dy eq/ orb urea ywwwnkbannersonaroi.m

119 Alternative October Stations and their adds listed alphabetically by market New & Active 6, 2 R&R 7 MATCHBOX TWENTY Crutch (Lava/Atlantic) Total Plays: 286. Total Stations 8. Adds: DUMDUMS Everything (MCA) Total Plays: 284. Total Stations: 26. Adds: LFEHOUSE Hanging By A Moment (Dream Works) Total Plays: 279, Total Stations 34. Adds: 9 OFFSPRNG Original Prankster (Columbia) Total Plays: 265, Total Stations: 6, Adds: 6 FULL DEVL JACKET Where Did You Go? (sland/djmg) Total Plays: 24. Total Stations: 22. Adds: 2 'A' Monkey Kong (Mammoth) Total Plays: 27, Total Stations: 23, Adds: 2 6GG Hit The Ground (Ultimatum) Total Plays: 22. Total Stations: 5, Adds: ULTRASPANK Where (Epic) Total Plays: 22, Total Stations: 6, Adds: NNE DAYS f Am (55 Music) Total Plays: 73, Total Stations:, Adds: EMNEM Stan (Aftermath/nterscope) Total Plays: 59, Total Stations: 8, Adds: SEVENDUST Going Back To Cali (Republic/Universal) Total Plays: 45. Total Stations: 5. Adds: 3 FATBOY SLM Ya Mama (Skint/AstralwerksVirpin) Total Plays: 38. Total Stations:. Adds: 2 NCUBUS FEG PUNSHER Still Not A Player (Loud/Columbia) Total Plays 3. Total Stations Adds COLD Just Got Wicked (Flip/Geffen/nterscope) Total Plays: 23, Total Stations: 2. Adds: PRMER 55 Loose (sland/djmg) Total Plays: 7. Total Stations: 8. Adds: DAVD GRAY Babylon (ATO /RCA) Total Plays: 96, Total Stations. Adds: 5 TRAVS Turn (Epic) Total Plays: 77. Total Stations: 8, Adds: 2 Songs ranked by total plays WEOX/Albey, NY ro lylerreaml ss hg WHRL/Abq, NY OM?D: Setae Grows Chris Memo KTEG /Albuquerque. NM F: Ellen Flaherty WWCO/Columbus. OH ' PD: Maly oars MD: Jara Mess EAreT S..Y -Mr, : MTTrew srleei'ai arseaw -aow KRAD/Corpus Christi, TX PO.ND'. Cory Smith KTBZ/Houston- GaMdee, TX PO: Jim Trapp APO Slew Robeson WEDJnndianapolis, N PD Tom Pau MD Scent Sanford WRRVMewburgh. NY PD. 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OH PO: MM Maus APmso:AabliaM r,lsppivg 'a^r,a4s3e..m, KTCL/DeaverBeeldar, CO Mo LMk.Sa.ree ww ret'o.wan,r CMXN6t, M PO: Wrier gaamaaaw APO: Vince Careta MR WBkMlea s GDOSMJKA'wM,, aiswng'aq.rr WM LOA LC LAr (MVSE'Wp, KNRO/EugaaeSprlanlBld, OR PO: Si Alive p:anitlewrya uc: amen: GooSYaCA'A.Y," örsmihg "aw" KBRS/Faysnevllte, AR PD. Kyle Gibson MO'. Ashley Ross WJBX/F. Myers. FL PMLD. Lee Daniels,Als: OM, G MKA'Aw,. MFJE/Ft. Wayne, N Páeo:JlFW MaafAC' Cot.fCM SOUL VW VALU.* -M." S TALL avr. JCkE' Ywr' KFRR/Fresae. CA PO: heu Wayne Bq: Raewwl racsma :.. WGRD/Grand Rapids, M PD Dan Clark Bronson WXNR/Greenville, NC ON 546m WRZX/lndianapolis. N PD Scott Jamesor, Michael young WP[ A' Jacksonville NJ HM, SOMA.. ss. WNFZ/Knosville. TN PD: Dee Be yt Bg):elar ik GonM,CA'A.eM. öasawrn 'aaam pronoun ''Seear< KFTELatayene. LA PD: Rob Summer. MD: Scor Perrir WWOX/Lansing, M! P Me awbwa.eaaw,e. 4L-LA uace-..,., KXTErLas Vegas. NV PD. Dave Wellington APO M. Chris Ripley F:. 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120 8 R&R October 6, 2 Alternative JM KERR jimkerrq. rronline.corrr PART TWO OF A TWO -PART SERES `Webe Got Passion Music' 7 Dave Richards details the evolution of Q's sound ast week WKQX (Q)/Chicago PD Dave Richards talked about joining the station from Active Rock WRCX. This week we continue our conversation by discussing how the sound of QO has evolved under Richards and how the format itself is blessed with music that sparks passion in the audience. R &R: lust kreek voa were talking about how the e tonnat changes. That is one of m) favorite things about the format: From swing to.ska, Alternative embraced it if it was big. Was WRCX.still wound when swing hit' DR: t was. and we were always happy to hear it on Q. t was so dramatically time involved with music. R &R: Luckily: the current music also seems to be extremely.strong. DR: For the first time in a number of years we've got passion music. Passion music is what made this format core to life in the early to mid -'9s. The bands that came out of Seattle. The Beastie Boys. Rage Against The Machine - those were not bands that people liked: they were hands that people loved. The songs that were put on the radio would explode sales. and Alternative would be pounding it immediately. different from what we were Dave Rkharda playing. We had more of the consistency of a hard. guitar- driven station. You arc a fool if you think your audience stays only with your station. They will definitely tune in to your competition. When they do. and the other station is playing some- t has been a while since there has thing so dramatically different (like a been music that people loved. and that swing record). hopefully that listener is what can drive this format for years. will come back to your station. But Right now that's what is happening when formats become really close... with Papa Roach and Disturbed - cannot imagine what it would be like it's music that people love again. Not right now for a Rock station going up only that. this music has become the against an Alternative station that is mainstream. The mainstream has slid playing mostly rock music. over again. Once you see these things R &R: t seems like there wa.c a popping up on a Modern AC or CHR. gradual realization that program- that is a sign that good things are in ming at Q would not be about store for this format. playing rock music all the time, but R &R: The only difference is slut: that the style of music would change in this environtnent the.sales manager over time. isn't taking clients ut a Slipknot show: DR: see more that we need to DR: No, but 25 years ago you embrace trends and be the leader in wouldn't want to take your clients to trends. if want to look to the past. a Kiss show. There is no difference. can look at Pop/Altemative) WTMX. Time changes everything. Somebody which is playing the old Q O library. just sent me the America boxed set, You look at a monitor of that radio and realized that when grew up in station, and you see a huge collection New York. Rock radio was playing of songs that Q broke over a pe- America. We would laugh at that now. riod of time. That is probably true AC doesn't even play that now. Times about any market where the Alterna- change, and right now mainstream tive station is no longer playing a song has a hell of an edge to it. The kids - the "Modern AC" station has love this stuff. They sell out shows picked it up. Certainly. a lot of bands immediately. like bands did in the who don't have a home at Alternative early days of Pearl Jam. Stone Temple do have a home at Modern AC. Pilots and Nirvana. Maybe this is part R &R: What is the biggest differ- of the evolution that this format realence musically between Q and ly needed. don't think its a had thing WRCX' that some people consider it "rock" DR: This gold library doesn't real- music. it's what is working for the forly matter at this station. think last mat. Purism doesn't necessarily get time looked. it was 25Ç gold. t was you ratings. like having a bunch of grange songs R &R: Let's talk abut your arrival in your library. t is much more excit- at Ql again. Besides the obvious ing seeing how music changes and change of adding Mancow how has embracing it. You spend a lot more Ql clanged.since you got there? DR: One thing we added and really raised the bar on was what is between the records. The production of Q was OK but we wanted more. We wanted this thing to be alive. The production director was a guy who had been here for 2 years. and his style no longer fit. so we made the creative director of Q the production director. because that is what he really wanted to do. Then we brought over my old creative director. Ned Spindle. and had him reinvent the sound of the radio station. We made it more alive. more fun. and gave it a much more compelling sound between the records. The only real personality change was in afternoons. Tim Virgin. who is a great friend. wasn't sure what he wanted to do, and since then he has been off doing record work. Sludge. who had done nights at WRCX, carne over here to do afternoons. R &R: At least you didn't have much work to do. DR: t wasn't that easy. The talent that was here - Robert Chase. James VanOsdol. Jed and some of the week- end people - weren't doing their best work. They weren't being as fun and animated as they could be. When you have an anchor like Mancow, it en- ables these guys to open up and have more fun and hit the highest levels that they could. f they go back and listen to their own stuff from two years ago, they would probably say. That is a different me." This is a very alive. fun. compelling radio station now. n this format. if a station is not the most interesting radio station in any given market. it is not doing its job. The fun of the music and the fact that it is the mosttalked-about music - and the youth aspect - mean it has to be the most "oh wow" station in any market. R &R: What kind of impact do think Mancow has had on the rest of the staff' DR: t's has been a great addition. t has livened things in the hallways and made this sound like an all - around alive station. Mancow inspires people with the realization that they can do fun radio. ts had a huge impact. Plus. it is cross - promoted in Breaking Molly's Yep Week 7 A radio and record diary Chris Williams APD /MD. WNNX (99X) /Atlanta The 99X Big Day Out was last night. We are in a magical place right now. Everything is working tor 99X in 2. Green Day set the stage on fire. Scott Weiland sat in the house for Travis' set as a fan and got naked during his own set. Papa Roach and The Deftones made a loud noise. and 99X listeners were the big winners. There is nothing better than working in radio. think Leslie's quote was, "My faith in rock 'n' roll has been restored" Can get an amen? Well. no news is... no news. have reached a plateau with the Molly's Yes project this week. The retail program is underway, calls are great (top five), and the band is in Atlanta three times in three weeks. Now sit back and wait for the payoff. f we succeed in creating a profile for the artist, think we have a home run. f it doesn't connect. think things will fizzle in the next three to bur weeks. On an optimistic note, our Bif Naked experiment worked. We had a similar partnership with Atlantic to develop Bit Naked starting two to three months ago. This week Bit is No. 2 overall. No. 2 with P s, No. 6 with men and No. 2 with women in callout. paired Bif and Molly's Yes frontman Ed Goggin at the 99X Big Day Out. Both were guest emcees. They introduced bands onstage with 99X jocks, ran through the crowd with mikes doing bits on the air and hung out in the Digital Den for our post- concert wrap -up, adding commentary. We have two concerts in the next two weeks for Molly's Yes in Atlanta, plus a Morning X performance. 'll give you a three -week sales trend next week. Howard Leon VP /Promotion. Universal Records September 25: After only a week of airplay -Fall Down' is top five phones at KKMR/Dallas. Actually, its top five phones among women, but that's really the only gender 'm personally interested in. n my opinion, anything without a uterus is a speed bump. Both Ed Goggin, the lead singer, and Seth Friedman, their manager. called me today. Someone should tell them don't talk to bands or managers on Mondays and Tuesdays. would tell them myself, but it's Monday. September 26, 4:23am: Soundscan. Before get into the actual numbers: Did you ever notice that if you stare at a clock long enough, you can actually see the minuto hands move soon slowly... but you gotta be really, really patient. WM that in mind, sales had a 22% increase, pieces in Atlanta. n Dallas, they doubled from two to four pieces. The lesson is, d you stare at this column long enough... September 28: This weekend is 99X's Big Day Out, and were flying Ed Goggin, the lead singer of Molly's Yes, to make stage and on -air announcements. They also have other guests coming, like Bif Naked and Jakob Dylan. This afternoon we got a cryptic message from Ed about his wife's travel plans. s he thinking we're gonna fly her out to Atlanta with him? Nely's got the No. record in the country, and we're not Hying his bitches anywhere. What the hell is Ed thinking? He shouldn't even be married. Rock musicians shouldn't be married unless they know how to use a video camera like Tommy Lee and Pamela. Actually. Ozzy is really the only rock star who should be allowed to travel with his wife. Yeah, she's dangerous, manipulative and controlling... but those are perfect qualities br a manager. September 3, 7:3pm: The 99X preshow dinner. never like to show up empty- handed, so since Molly's Yes was on sale at HMV for $8.99, got Leslie and Chris each their own copy. Phil Conn from WWW /Savannah, GA was there with his daughter. Oh. 'm sorry... it's his girlfriend. Well, at least it's not a school night. finally meet Ed. A really down-toearth, nice guy. He apologized for the confusion. He just wanted his flight information so he could bring his wife himself. Her name is Amber. Wow. f knew what she looked like, would've flown her out myself. 'm just lucky this isn't a real diary. ways that are much different from other radio stations. R &R: s your main cross-promotional focus taking Mammy's huge came and moving it to outer day - parts' DR: We have just under a million cume. so our issue is not cume. That's one of the reasons that what we do at this station to cross -promote Mancow is uniquely different. R &R: Give me same examples. DR: The guy who does music news for the station in afternoons. Brian. is also on the morning show. Al Roker Jr. does the same: He does sports news for the morning show, and every day he goes to a game and calls in a report. Freak does traffic on the morning show. and he is also at every single concert. He is the most well - known concert person in the city, and he calls in from every show. Turd is the king of bar nights and calls in to other shows. All these guys are major characters on the morning show. don't hear that type of camaraderie on other stations.these guys are always dropping in on other shows. compare it to television. was watching something last night. and every quarter -hour there was a promo for the new Michael Richards show. People think that promoting something once every four or five hours will get the job done. When Mancow cuts a promo. it runs every hour of every day. During the morning show Continued on Page 24 E

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