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2 RED SKELTON «y n. A AND REDHEADED ~_ LUCLLE BALL f>v UUtlLUC DAU. THE 8/6 B/fJ SHOW /SB/6GER /SB/r;(jE~ 7HANEVE~1 THAN EVER/ y^r ^ All 1HS i'-.. j/jp ^Tccm/coio/T JFCHNlalOf100! - Cff < n f'l Broadway's Sensational Musical Com- Com edy is M-G-M's M G M's biggest musical screen entertainment now with now-with more pretty girls more peppy dancing more pulsing rhythms more FUN and funsters ruosters than you've ever seen before! f r m- f?/ ^ si S <rt. t S( LTun J» uc 'u e f t's Onns K«lly You brourht him and his top-happy f«et to stardom n For Mo and My OaC l*i! - i*. Rurii*' by& p / ati o*b Lo ' rflissi *» njift it' >: f f/ J A li k ; 4s \ y v i ; 1/ Meat Zero Mostol and laueh Scraon debut for the comic aonsation of N. V.'S «'«* spots 1 Chuckles and live from dead-pan VirEinla O'Brien. Hear her sing Colo Porter's Friendship 1. es J -J P?. Cv r. 'V z / U Stop look and listen 1 Tommy Oorsey his trombone and his band What music Hold tight t R/fihl- RiiJt' Y.~J Varga. Esouir^'s t... uire'. fam«d f... artist art1tl... paints inh his hi. concsptlon... tion Ol of the D.. BarT}! lili. ths Ou Barry uih. A / / r v v i ~i1 S/iny Do oyc Vonf Salturw *Frien<Jd>rp** Madame UM Gt l_v.!. s..- f... ~....llu Vour our CrPtMja en_ Su^ftfcs $lrllln *'Dn Du ft«ny hrn' Wai W... a lady lhy 1 Love fin... Cwfirlrs E... Clrl Cir /1 P

3 V JuL FRST MONTHLY SSUE MORE PAGES! You uked for it and here it is the s-the new col- eol orful monthly m 0 y Movie-Radio Guide. Sixty Sxty pages pagel Jam-packed jam-packed with movie move and... d radio stories storln ex- exollnlv!!: star.tar photos and short hort clusive designed to double your movie and radio enjoyment. MORE FEATURES! Move-Rado Guide now features featuru stories torlet dio by the stars tar. themselves themliclve. as a. well as homey interviews interview with Hol- lywood'. lywood's glamour queens.. Don't miss ml.. Bob Burns' Burn' realistic reali.tlc discus- dr'cu' sion aion of Who's Who'. Winning the War? on page 16 or the chatty interview nterview with Joan Bennett on page 17. MORE SPECAL SERVCE You'll Vou' find added movie and ra- r. dio dlo enjoyment n the special apeel_ ser- set vice vlee features feature. on Music. Mutre. Fre- Frc quency quec) Modulation Modulation. Education Short Waves Wavu - Coming Radio Events plus plu. complete movie re- reo views view of the screen's crn' best belt en- en tertl'nment. GOOD NEWS Movle Rldlo Guide now features fe1lturu twenty pages P1l1l of radio ndio program prollram listings l'tl' designed dellgned to give lve every radio rlldlo lis-. tener tefl't a 11 complete guide lulde to the world' world's best but listening. 1n'. Published PubUhed in n thirteen separate aep1lrate editions edltlonl n order to give lve you the most molt ser. vleeable vleuble listings ltlnlll for your ndi- ndl. vidual listening ltenlnll territory these radio r1ldlo programs prollraml are re listed l.ted for a 11 full month n month-n advance. dvllnce. Let Movle-Radlo Movle Radlo Guide Gude tell you when and nd where to listen ltn to your fvorlt atar. end prollrllm. D SUPERVSNG :;UPERVS!\G EDTOR: Curl Carl A. Schracder SchrOt'der.MANAGNG.tANAGrNG EDTOR: Rutli Rulh. Olrrcll Bi~f'U ART DRECTOR: Del Poorc Poore n r-r r \ r - ] pi n r - DD mmj U ^ J _l DOUBLES YOUR MOVE AND RADO ENJOYMENT MORE PAGES! You asked for MORE FEATURES! Movle-Ra- page 17. MORE SPECAU SERVCE tertainment. GOOD NEWS! M ovle-radio favorite stars and programs. 0^ \C^ rft. VP so WS Ginger Joins the Marines!. 6 Pin-Up Girl: Lann Lana Turner.. 77 Deanna Durbin Stands Accused Accused-. 8 New Faces and Figures Rin Tin Tin's Grandson Goes to War! \Varl. 12 Now They're Army Wags!... H 14 Dead Man's Shoes (a First Nighter Story). 15 Who's Winning the War? by Bob Burns Our Personal Friends: No Margin for Error Bennett by Carl A. Schroeder.. 17 Radio Album; Album: The Breakfast Club. 47 Hollywood Got What \Vhat t Deserved by Don Raymond.. 48 Stooge to Stardom Let's Look at the Rushes of No of-no Time for Love. 51 Attention! See How Hollywood Solves the Meatless Problem! For the First Time Dcr Time-Der Fuehrer's Face in Picturesl The Movie Front by Frances Long The Tlie Radio Front by E. Kay Avery Thompson and Jay Allison. 4 This Month on the Screen Coming Events Programs for the Month of March Music Music. by Robert Bagnr Bagar Short Waves \Vaves by Charles A. Morrison. 42 Education by James G. Hanlon Frequency Modulation by Dick Dorrance. 45 Feminine Forum by Edith Hampton. 54 Brief Picture Guide WotKTOl-Colur Natural-Color Covnr CoveT by bll Rog Rail Johc# Jane. VOLUME 13 NUMBER 1 MARCH 1943 GENERAL MANAGER: Hnrry HaM'il Uaydrn Houd('n CRCULATON CRCULATO~ MANAGER; '1ANAGER' Robert Robt'Tf E. Half; Hoig PRODUCTON MANAGER: Jawies Ja'it's G. C. Kanlon HOlllol MorjATt: OTt»:Bru»nji '... Aim Mmnggmeiy Mnl~Ol Mcmcn; N fhrnri* rr.n.. Uifif 1..0'1 llouywoad; <>U...: EmH!:hol 5vlfiner Klr. unri.nd Hldiftrd Rch... KunalmaTi. Kl1lman. Ndw N... Yorkj y.: ClftrnnM*... n... Kmitnf Reler rtoflrwn*; P...; Churlm ChaTl.. A t... Short SMr! Wnvcs; W. Dick 1)<'k Uorrnnrc Jotf~n. Priiriimnry H<'<l''''' Modulations looola\lqn: Rolurt El<>>1'rl ~.r Mtmtc. Nlc tirrrmi*l...'...1 ah-hiiuniii!..... ~.. Muiiir 11.lon. Jucoby. J... llobcll lobort Onirnbv. 0'1.. UW llar Kaaloth Hugh.. HMtwr. n.. Churls* Cb.rl.. Loclrno. l4rllno WlUMm \\'01U... HJce R1... Kf'bcrt Hb... fldviige... Klmnr t:1ln.. BclmupT. _.r. CUMton Clteo' Blpftunl Slol'lord M*>TJK'Ramo l1li... 11''''''''' 01-.brtt Re' \1.. 1'.1 Okel Voh. lj. bor 1 Mon.h.t!o.. oh. l!lou. PUbilallod montll.ll' b<. Trl.n.r. '._''''no ).... kw North Nonh licootl Ocint Broad Btrerl itrartf 1.- 'iitlicli'lphid. M*rk P-ciLitcrod Mll1&d<o11!i>. Prfir-ji) >U'!''''] 1 U. i'biiu. «'nl. krtitorinl Office).!tonal uriil Vulumt* OD< Clraul*t»«>n elr' 10.._ ij- Namber Gfilres. i O!r.-. '31 Mrmth ~ll riyraoihh of XTurxh '~. Court.... Chlcayo VubUelind CU<~.... r _04_<1». _u; U _ om.. Ch'... l~ rbn.&ty JJ. ' A<'t 01 M... l. ll...'><>rl _ OGer Dopa_ lllnoli. RuU'/ril by * Triarmlf fitcuudflaty maltcr nt iie Po»l Offnt. Chlm>«D. lufiou rt-rairy 31 1W0. ufwlri' Lte Art ai MarrU J lat? AulhorlMil bf ivjtt O.T*o C»fp*nrtient Cdnada. CaAad M h<l_m. rasttrr... OoUyrlcht Co!oJrlol' iih3 N bj lor Tfsant> r.-.uo 1'~.]< t.. A.'h&o t.-..t. t ktwd n...''''' obtnok N _panmd by ~ _... _.on til' am. _... u.. Wb'ucauor nc. All ri«tu4 rtwnrtl Uiwlk-ltcd rainutrtipu tioulrj bp rconlpanjed by «idxar«l rrnehrpr for rvlum. Mftem tenu e-3rx n ifce Cnitrt Ult' Sl»lrr.... irmi'atptvw KAir.t n he V. a. and (Hid cmmiria of ibr frkn Anwfl«*n fottnl VnlAK' cm* >e«r. iwn r**n. 13 W. BuWcnirtton r«t*» lu lordrn «Kini»iPB :-..::-'_;::Lnu::. bnr yt*:. U WL tlb.!l1~ fteiilt :-.. ~'::-:~'=''''::*~rt.:'..:~:..'':'~'~'''-::'''~~j!...~~' '* '~~ '- _..... lar tb_ by pg»ul _.- moufy... older. «f»rc» _'''' nwner ordei or ciipct Ctwn lo ibe order c< MotTx-lt»#irv avuu:. CUT feu tr Mwt AC culiberlbrf'b rlik. ~h &all _ oj' ~ ' 't'f... ' '-.. t tfuwilptlon Ho* ~_ ij^partftirnt. ftmr Mfiix ira ~ 73i fhan^r 'D11'b'_ rljra'(4th nf oiwrr^t 1 Coufl. ~ CfiKuiib. r:- fie tuuf -. HUiwu* lo elvr boil old and t'tva&a rtdrrto an cwmputirimrv n rffwcwn to uuicrlr'noftt rfirrrtif... to Ux ~_. ik v.... a. a ' u/i lj * * hllllibldia bll this ipaca SUe Y montlt * * They all come rome back with raves about the merriment of the occasion and cheers cheen for the roster of talent that has produced thise'ltc'ep excep- tional Technieolor- Tcchnioolor fu) ful song-comedy. * * * + Red SkeltonLucille * Bail Ball andgcnckeily Gene Kelly are stars in the pro- pro cession which. in- in cludes Virginia O'Brien O Brien Hags ' Rags Ragland ZeroAios- ZeroMO& lel. tel Tommy Dorsey Doney and his Orchestra. lbl.. tnt its; ta''lh. of the.cieenl K! Du Bnrry Barry Was A Lady bns has started something. sometliiag. k * * * Or * rather rather. it has re- started somctliink somethin:: which is the quest for f(lr the composite Ameri- Ameri can Beatity Beauty. + *** Artists * have h.1ve * been * * tnk- t.1k ing j)ilgrimages nilfiriinnges tn to die the M-G-M M--G-M set to see the parade p.1rnde of pulchritude that is passing before the camera. * * * * * * But back to the composite romporute American Amtrican Beauty. U t turned tuj1ll'd out they selected Sl'krted the following f()llow~ features reatum: of the Du Barry {[iris: airls: k * k * Kfty KY Aldrkl^c'K Aldrid.l[f' * prnllte profle. *.... pert pcrtlnd ntirt perfect pl'tft'r\ * Huel Hoxcl lnx'... M:. roud<'d and 'Y'~K:t 1 Kay Hii-rks* ke. - rciiuu'h mi!.yinnn-lrksil Kny WillldDtt* ninia. at (into dlllo nez 111ft 0>jprr'» Ct.ooot<t' hdnrt --.. driicalc d~bca'~ nm!... ontpilaf... fkwriacarroll.i-)«(it'or~cam>lru:)'ft. Drink llnnt tomr ' only.... ff NMalie Nil... Draper'» 1>ra'1ip b». tip«y»»ti. b~ 7'''' tovr. kwr totmicli nu<'h M..-y Maiy Jane J_ tn-ncb Ftftdll liair htir. Rtnfy ~ MBCtiivn lit a OUOrn Ailrm A'... ilalcs'* laky' th*tl. hwl.. _. v«niia \en... with h arm.... KuUi H~lh Ownlwy*. ~nhoy: hip. hlp'>.kip! hlpl hlpl blp! hiirrayf hurnl! TlimCoTimie'. TheoCdl... frr! 'C'f'. _..... iinfrct '<dl ik.lnh....~ l>ct<ii!iy Dorothy Hast....' miklct. anlf.e.riiaprly.<'11 t» ah<' tire Wrtrtl -... * Eve 1:: Whitney's \\ h&tnot-y '...--l wjiu.. -rnjlrencroblc..-mbr be. Eve * * k * * * f f therefore you wish to spend nn an * evening with a perfect composite to go see ~ Du '-Ou Barry &tny Has Wall A Lady Lad)''' best. musical of the year. * * * * * Your.. composite legs Cg!! wilt will move to the rhytlim rhythm of the Cole CAle Porter songs. nnw! * *.. v-ool- * * *.. AfJJkr f-? Mum fdbllth) n l»*t» month TV '-t- the arc'.oil toy Pet Ruth illrrcierf Arthur frwu prr*1ucrtl rvlnff HrmhiT wrule ilir fcrwnphjr N.VK-y Uiimillon nrlnpicil nuil WilMi* ifm- rlhuteil adrlklorijil diahiketc. Recommendt'd Recommended * + * by 1% the lllc coraposileamcr- composite Aml'fiQl lk>a. boil. i O- ican

4 The MOVE FRONT By FRANCES C LONG Convinctno Convincing evtdence. ~v!denee. Quentin Reyn Heynel<i». world-ffiiiuni.i W(lrld-rall1~lUs war wnr correspon. eorrespcndcftil \vh<. who tniiri Ul''led ird George GoorRO RaH's Raffs long_ oiirtlmorli'l irionct Vli'Rinlii peine UiouRhl ~:~:::::~:(' iiinim'u cumplctoly friend Virginlu Peine thought complet!;'1y out «ui of touch with Western civiliz.ition esuccinlly clvilizatloll -t'spcciuuy Holly Holly- wood when he \'1!!lled visited the pyramids pyramids. That is until he cl!snlounted dfonidunted Crom from the camel that carried hirn in there. What do you call your yur cumep'* c<lm('~ Rpynolds Reynolds asked tisketl Uu' Ruide. Guide Greta 'Greta Gmbo Oarbo. ST sir replied the man mnll. snlcmniy nlemnly..... A natural natua'. ngrid tirrid Bergman is the only Riown-up grown_up actress (iclrcss in Hollywood who wear? weilr. no innke-up make-up for fur movie Toles. role* Her beauty x-auty is niiuiml nulurnl. nl.'cds needs no prop. props to hide- blemishes blemish!''' ur U!'nhtmte cnhtinee her love loveliness. '. in'ur Nor is m liijjritl ill~'irl l'oncerned roncerued abou1 a bout which whieh side ~ide nf of her lnee face is 1» toward the earn c.lmer:.! era NeeriU-ns NCl'dll'~~ 10 to ~ay say. the beautiful Swedish star -t;.\l is a Joy jo)' to h(ltossed harassed com- cameramen... Priietf Prized pobscualon pol.ulllon. Young Roddy Mc Mc- lo llnwall..l star ~ar of f)f h' My Friend F'1'iend Flick Fllcka... bas has a book he iiri/e* 1l111i.' above all olhers others n in his library an -;n autovrnphed uulognlphed OOPY cijpy of :l_ 1-asstc Come Uoino Hom(' gi\'cn gtvon him by the authiir. MlLjor Major Kric Eric Knighl Knight. just Just before his untimely death d~'llth in a l plnne plane crash. Roddy also illso plttyn pluy a rnle role in the SCreen screen version ~~~i; o of he story lilol.1-'.. Tested Te.ted and approved. Stirring times rtcmnnd stirring stirrin/i langunge nmninfic so the Motion i'kturo Picture 'rcdiici.'rk P'ndla:el~ and Distributors of Amertcn Amenca. nc. 1m'. (lioy~ (Hays office ofllce [or for shorl short n liollj-wood) Hollywood) lire nrc allowing nlitnving the intrep intrepid Marine Milrmes in to «ay ~;Jy damn and hell' hell Vihcrj they appear appe'f on the screen. Celli Can you iiniigiiie nllginc a 11 hurd-boiled hurd-boilcil Leathershoutmg gixki goo-xi graciou~! gracious! in 11 a Lenlhcrneck simuting tirht corner in his this man's mmi's war?... Another Reaoan. Rugan. Ronald Reagan Rengan is in the Army Army. but bllt his brother Neal N'enl who can't get in htiiusc be~'aune of a defective ear esr- druin has decided decldt'(l to rollow follow in Ronnie's path and lind is i~ now in Hollywood. Hollywood Neal Ncal was originally n in radio but has been recently ;;';'~U; signed by Columbia Studios for o role ~~::~;~'~'D~e:stroyer. in Ucslroyer. Uh-huh ~tarring starring Edward Neal Edward G- Robinson. Uh-luih girls Ncal is s just jus! as ~ handsome sis as Ronnie and has the same thnrmlng chnrming personality. Xr~ona1ity. So hnng hang onto your hearts!... Ueft-handcd Left handed compliment. ment. A young cfllcer n Anieriea's Americu's armed forces wm; was being shown around nround Hollywood by 8n an old-timer. old-'-' He met a flock Hock of famous E'nrs '~.: and..oflcr after it WAS was all over turned to his host and und said ~(l i Gosh 1 haven't bad such n a thrill since was seven and my mother look took me to the zoo! » awer v -J P^TvtoOt^ r -i.7. Bogart fan ctub club protests. A boy ot of twelve president of the Humphrey Bogart s Our Hero club in the East. East wrote an indignant letter to Bogie re- L~.J_~d 3 cently which read; read: We Wc didn't mind it PMim ** *ii~» too :;.;':;;;;:when much you kissed Mary Astor TALKEO-ABOUT TALKED - ABOUT TWOSOMES in ; 'Across the Pacific' because we fig figured that was what the story said you MARY MARTN made ihe the song sorq My Heart Belongs to Hollywood's buning burring about the the final crad-up craclup of of MickO:'y Mickey had to do. But wc we went to see 'Casa- Daddy famous but in private life Mary's heart belongs Rooney liand Miuus Missus Ava Gardner (left (left). ' But But village villaqe is is blanca' hi~-;; yesterday Dnd and we gave up. We to husband Dick Halfiday. Halliday who's also her business agent. agent proud of of Robert Taylor-Barbara Stanwyck marriaqe. marriage. Bob (Co(baicd (Cotltilmcd on all Pitijc Page 46; 4(1) Center: C They forget work. work play at West Side e Tennis Club. Club starring in in Baiaan Bataan Patro! Patrol Collis calls beard Bataan an fu furz v: h -1 CVA^oVie pop u : Y 1 - >. t QvnhC f rlstv. ** '.yv ^tk/ : -U P tep9 io^ W- \i u i \ ' \ oao o* expert ^ d {oic*' >. cva*^ r^ttfi S3 / C' \ 1 a t ^ jkf 1 y im /. k. y. L? \f S 4 \ jivw \ %' 1 v ' pi w< h MM»*» a erfl &

5 c >- -» % 'r&i \ - r The RADO FRONT 4 T Oinw tir«tcf... TABLES TURNED. Dinah Shore takei faltcs flmc time out from cotortainlng enterlaining seryice servicemen fo to be guest gued of Hey Rookie cast an all-sotdlor al1 -looldier hit show on West Coast. Dinah's es- es_ corls corts are principals in the cast Cllist ns r- *.Z *r /- /Z' - -r V 4 N ANSWER to requests requesh from swing fans on fighting fronts Harry James brought his band to a Command Performance mike. Aboye: Above: During time out trumpet- trumpet er Harry James looks over oyer music NEW YORK By E. KAY To Cju'Jooii Cari( ton Atsop AlSp Abie's Able's rish ROtie Rose means m(loll. infinilcly infinitely more ihan lhan his Jub ns as director. dlr\'/lwr. To him it (s ~ the fnt- lulfillment BUmcnt ot 01 nn rm ambition onltiiidleti enkindled sev- f;e\ eral years ago a;:o when he witnessed one of uf Hitler's HUer'. infamous mfamous pogroms. He was \... ~ on the tilnnd hland of or Khodes Rhodes at lot the time when wholesale whulesale pcrsecutfon persecution of the Jews was 'as taking takmg place. From that mo- mo ment on he felt fett that he had a job cut out for lor him. t was to tell all who wh() would listen lislen of the evils of 01 persecu- per~ecu tion. His opportunity came when Anne Nichols brought Abie's rish rlsh Rose to radio. When he learned this ho he con- conccntratm centrated nil 'his e(torts efforts on being as- as sociated with the show reaching his goal when he was named naml.'d director diredor.... Barbara Fuller heard on Light of oc the World hails hail~ from Chicago has hai been a New Yorker only two months. To Bardy the big town's exciting but still suli only a part of a mighty small sll1all world. To prove this she cites citell her ex- ex perience one onc recent rccent evening when she ~he became so fascinated fascmatcd with Qucntm Quentin Keynolels' Reynolds' latest lntc~t book. Only the Stars Star Arc ATe Neutral she decided to finish it before becore retiring. After a couple of oc hours however feeling Ceeling need of nour- nour ishment she skipped down to the cor- cor ner drug store for some ice-cream. ice~cream. When Whcn she discovered that the couple silting sittmi next to her at the counter was author Reynolds and his lovely wife she got so 80 excited she r;he nearly fell oil 01T the stool. She tried to get up enough courage couragc to speak to him but couldn't couldn t quite finite make the grade.... Eight years ago in Chicago Basil Loughrane was made director of or The Story of Mary tary Martin Marlin;' starring Joan Blaine. Blnine. Then Joan went to New York to become the star Mar of Vaiianl Valiant Lady. Sometime ~om('time later Basil moved m(>ved to New» :r: > H r Proud Papa LOUS FRANCS JR. gets gots an early start n in pictures. Home-movie Home-moyie enthusiast Lou Costello C takes take5 a close-up dose-up of bis his pretty wife wife. Ann and the newest addition to their family. ify. Bud Abbott Lou's l partner parlner re- re cently adopted a three-year-old boy named him Bud Jr. To celebrate the joint occasion the comics held a mock ceremony and bequeathed their radio gags to their heirs for the next ned generation. The Costellos Costeflos also have haye two other kiddies.. Patricia age ago five and Carole Lou lou. throe three York too and eventually was made director of Valiant Lady. Latest twist to this crazy cycle finds flndll Lough- Lough rane again taking over the direction of The Story of Mary Martin Marlin which like Joan and Basil was W85 also moved to New York... Bridle-path Bridle path tenderfeol tenderleet arc are being heing treated to the sight of or a real Texas cowboy riding the thc swanky Centre! Central Park course bareback. The gentleman in question is Cotton Seed Clark new addition to the Blue Network's pro- pro duction staff stafl' an ex-rodoo ex-rodco star.. Sightseeing with n a friend frend he was visiting in Washington Jackie Kelk {Homer (Homer oh on The The Aldrich Family') Family) ilked asked why Washington Washingt<>n streets litrecu are Jtl named alphabetically. The reason for that his hi!l friend replied is so the politicians can learn their A-B-C's. HOLLYWOOD By AVERY THOMPSON Harry W Flannery CBS commen- commen tator is still chuckling over an inci- inci dent which a Yank in Australia wrote --rote him about. The American lucky own- own_ er of a portable portablc phonograph and a set of boogie-woogie boogie wongle records rceord~. played some of them for an Aussie pal pal. say what do you call cau that sorta music? music! asked a:;ked the Aussie Aus~ic at the end of oc the concert. Swing music replied the Yank. Very appropriate mused the. Aussie. Au!sie. You play it at executions no doubt'..... Spiko Spike (Der Fuehrer's Fuehrer' Face) Fac(» Jones. and his boys wore were asked a~k('d to piny play at a school dance recently. The ''hp Tec fee that he hc ukt'd asked was way over the kids' kid' music musir budget so 110 Spike told ihcin lhem he'd make muke a deal with them. He'd play at the dance danre for free provided the school members bought $500 worth of war bonds. The kids doubled the amoimt amount end and sold well over 1000 $1000 worth. Each girt &irl was given a war-stamp w!lj'-~tamp corsage e0t!;8ge and the affair was called callcd the Victory Stomp. Then Just iust to surprise ~urpri:<c Spike and show their appreciation the kids obtained a huge picture of ot f Herr Schlcklcgruber SchicklegJ'uber which they presented pre~ented to Der Fuehrer's Face Jones. Jon<.'$. And the portrait was plastered plasterl>rl up with war stamps stuck on any old way.... t isn't often that the boss pays humble tribute to his secretary. But Diana Corlsea Carlsen sec to producer prooucer Mack on the Rudy Vallee program is on an ex- ex ception. Mack felt lelt pretty bad when he lost Diana to the Wanes a short <hort time ago and so he wrote a song about it titled When W the Wanes Waaes Co Go March- Marciling.Hour? Along with w both music ami and words by himself. And mebbo mebbc you think Di wasn't pleased when she hoard hcard the song aired on the Vallee pmgrain program and knew it was wns for Cor her!.. ittfj The scholastic records of 01 old-time movie mo\'ie stars were practically practkally non-ex- non-ex istent but such s is not the case ca.'>c with movie-radio movie radio stars today. One good ex- ex ample is Agnes Moorehoad Moorehead who won the New York Critics Circle award for best be~t actress on her Magnificent Magnificcnt Ambcrsons Amborsons role. Agnes Agne!:! holds hold four (our college degrees and was once a n teacher teaehcr of English literature. And to top that she's ~he's n a cousin of Eugene O'Neill O Neill the famous playwright. Good looking lookmo: too! Gosh Go~h some wimmen seem to have {Continued (Continued on Pane Page }!) 44)

6 4 ' & V % / i /i s BlOOd B. food and tears and the lash... the bitter destiny of the defeated! But defeat doesn't last!! A lash doesn't reach deep inside to the spirit of a people! Beware you sons of the swastika beware of the reckoning! t C Today*! Todoy's grcolcst grl!otl!st drama!... reaching those emo- elt\o& tion! tions thof thot mojt most pictures barely touch) Never has your heart been stirred so deeply! deeplyl with wilh SR CEDRC HAROWCKE HARDWCKE HENRY TRAVERS LEE J. C0B8 COBB DORRS BOWDON MARGARET WYCHERLY Directed by rving lving Pichel Produced and Written for the Screen by Nunnally Johnson 26* ccnturv-rox; CEHTU(-FO~ erctuttc CTUfil s

7 Ginger Joins the Marines M armes ' Here's Piciure Picture Evidence d e That La Rogers Has the Situation Well W in on Hand! V AT GRO'S fajtiionable fash ionable Hollywood oitory nitery Sin- Gin. ger dancer dances happily wiih with Marine Corporal Jack Briggs erifwsile erstwhile boy friend of Bontta Bonita Gran- Gran. villo. ville. Nofo Note careful bair-do and smari!.mart dra»! drl1ln! V L TTLE VirRinia Virginia Kntherinc Katherine McMath who grew up to become movie star Ginger Roger* Rogers lias has never lacked for tor romance. Ru- Ru mor has had her on the verge of or marrying nt at least a dozen diifercnt diff!!rcnt men since she separated from Lew Ayrca. Ayres. Bui But actually BctUaTy none of these romances over ever approached the altar stage. Then along comes corporal of the Marines Jack J Brtggs. Br'iggs. And presto! He takes lakes over Ginger's G nger's heart hearl ihc the way Grant look took Richmond. f you wonder why here arc are some answers: Jack like Ginger. Ginger s is one hundred percent American a lad who turned down a contract with RKO studios to enlist in the Marine Corps. He's handsome stands six feet l plus and loves Ginger as much as Ginger loves him. sn't that enough??... '. GNGER turns turn!. on her charms and one doesn't need a magnifying magnifring glass to see how she feels about Corporal Briggs. Hollywood was stepfl- skepti. cal gasped with surprise at her marriage! thrtt 1 HOllW 8»m\ 1 s Oltl SOH starring r» ^ORSON erring P oc/udion. S. a Monogram r od p...frc..... K HH'f '... K 1l C in 5l'l 'R. SK...f. n skm ' donset * \ 1 over HoUvvrood. }louywo~ g' oo a part. set. lots a Col pla)'ln On the rnovl~\l find pepsi ~uen ches bigge~t after set yo~ bottle of flavor 'En' oy a Pepsi'Co a 'lbat big bi.s \des every taste. ) five cents. thirsts and uc 11 {ull ounces... yo_. ~sel{ today '::~d! ~;-;:ill:~;yk;;;}oi'd Bottlers (rom coast to coast. * k Pepsi-Cola is made only by Pepsi-Cola Company Long sland City N. y. ij 0{t ] ec j locally by Authorized Bottlers from coast to coast P

8 LANA TURNER M-G-M star was recently voted top pin-up gir 1 of servicemen On liana's bond-selling tour of the Northwest she sold worth of war securities. Eh route north the little star stopped at the TJ. S. Navel Hospital on Mare sland. She intended to pay. a call on a Pearl Harbor bombardier who had visited her in Hollywood but ended up entertaining every wounded man there promising a return visit when she came back tana kept that promise. At the Hollywood Canteen Lana is a great favorite. Not because she s beautiful but because of her heartwarming kindness in making countless shy and lonely lads feel at home. /f i *- / > J rr A mi. i a k &

9 «V ' i 'i \^lk r J. V r / * >'-<- / ^ - rv r >// // f n h DEANNA DURBN DEANNA s DURBN Stands Accused- t True That Deanna's s t True That Deanna's Hard to Get Gel Along With? Here's a Straight Answer! Here's a Straight Answer._ i rl^'l D«11lfta«r n.<k«unversal's petite prima prime donna at the ago ge of fifteen fifteen. above. above Moring tutoring Peggy Ryan he! her studio pal pal. in the art of hitting / a high C COl?n in return for off.the-set off-the-set dencing..lessons dancing-lessons THE lilue mue girl with the big voice who saved her studio from [rom bankruptcy with her $ earnings is now accused at of being hard to get along with. True or false? Read the tollow following ng facts and Judge judge for yourself. Six years ago at fifteen Deanna Doanna wu was cast in a routine picture ''Three Three Smart Girls. Not even the shrewd producer realized that he bad a gold gold- mine in Deanna. Yet wben when the film was released the almost unknown little girl whom Eddie Can Cantor ntroduced introduced to radio literally sang it into the highest gross any Universal picture ever made. Later she sang her ber bosses from the red side of the ledger to the black. Ever since Deanna bas has had to fight for everything she's got. Level-headed folk in HoUywood Hollywood where pro professional jealousy flourishes like the green bay tree brand the whole dimcult difncult story as a per persistent campaign to harm both Miss Durbin and her studio. Now let us consider Deanna herself. At ftfteen fifteen he was as smart as m05t &iris of twenty-one. she was as smart as most girls of twenty-one. DEANNA wifh with her molher mother.bove. above. Mrs. Dur Durbin could never be c.jued called a typical stage parent. She has ha' guided her talented daugk daughter wisely but nayer never tried to bon boss her Today at twenty-one she il s playing her first really adult role in ''The The Amazing Mrs. Holli Holli- v day and doing it with au all the finesse and assur assurance that marked her first roles. She bas has success successfully mode made the transition from child chiid and adolescent roles to a mature one without a break. Deanna is grown up and haa has a mind of her own. Therein seems to lie the cause for malicious stories of her being di1!1cult difllcult to man manage. For studio and MovietowD Movietown in general still slql consider her a child. Bruce Manning is ODe one e.ception. exception. He has writ written every one of her scripts also produced and directed Mrs. Holliday. And Mr. Manning is s completely bewildered by the stories of her being difllcult. difficult. Which points rather pertinently to the fact that when Hollywood borrows a leaf from [rom Mr. Manning's book those hard-to-getalong-with tales will be gone with the wind. hord-to-getaiong-with Furthermore there is a place for Deanna's talent in radio and on the concert stage. Both would welcome the little girl with the big voice.»v r- * v tr a \ V cou 'fk. h. ' THE AMAZNG MRS. HOLLDAY is Deanna's latest film. She plays role of teacher Jn war-torn China RUTH (Deanna) a refugee accepts offering of fruit for the children from Timothy who flees China with her REACHNG San Francisco Ruth and Timothy meet for first time after store-clothes transformation EDMOND O'BREN complicates matters by accusing Ruth of a fake marriage to gain her own ends

10 * % & - & f- -1*<K AlUln AFTER Deanna's Deann's marriage to Vaughn VaugKn Paul (above] (above). now in the U. S. Navy the Holly Holly- wood grapevine insisted he ho was the heavy who was advising his wife to be difficuk. difftcuit. making her refuse roles. roles which led to her suspension at Universal. That wes was rumor too y \ V n 4 p- J? a ARTHUR TREACH6R (c.) with T.mothy (Barry Fitigeratd) and Daanna between scenes on set. (R.J Portrait of Miss Durbin

11 NEW FACES n > 3 t J and FGURES > ST- /i Vi S i NORMAN TOKAR Radio's New Henry Aldrich - c / i J MORMAN NoRMAN TOKAR the new Henry HenJ7 Aldrich is ill a native Utie of Newark N. 3J~ n and still.un lives there there. Nonn's Nono's a sand-lot And-lot baseball ba.ebalj addict and finds time to play plat the game pme between betwel!n acting -dine chores chore. and writing writinc radio radlo ploys playw which wbkb he be sells..t.. He otul still gets leu: pale under his m. flock tlock of ot freckles treckla when wben he thinks how near he oune came to missing mialna: his h. big b~ op- 0p portunity in show allow business. blllln... On leave from his tu. after-school after...:bool Job at a Newark Bdvcrllsing advert.1a1n.a agency aaency Norman wanted to audition audiuoo for tor George Geori'e Abbott's 'What a Life. We. When Mr. _ Abbott emerged emeraed from 1rcan the stage staae door and announced annou.nced No ''No more auditions audltkloa today he be managed manaced to gulp Ulp and say -.y But 'But 1 J can't come CCme back tomorrow. All right rq:ht... agreed qreed the producer one more. That led to young.ouna: Tokar's being belnc cast cut as.. under- understudy.tudy to Ezra Eua Stone as.. Henry HeJU'7 Aldrich n the stage dace play. Now -- he's be'. taken over the role of Henry on 00 the alrlanes. aidanes.. 0t * #»* id _ *r- am- ft 1 * _ \ J v 10 K RADO'S new Henry Al- A. drich it ~ red-headed red..heeded Nor- Nor man Tokar Tour (above).... He tuc- JUGceeded Ezra Eu. Stone ~ e. now a cceded senjoant sergoant 5n in the U. S. Army. Ann'J. L) LJ Sergeant Serqo.urt Stone sguab- squab. be. jlet with Corporal Co.poo-ol Pinky P;nky Mifche ditch H while 10 good frtend friend Stan Lee Broxa Btoz. umpires. wnpires. Right:... Mary..y Roffe. Rollo. another redhead.-.dloood. plays p&oy. role... of 01 Sis- so. tee- ter Mary M... on Aldrich show V \ 1 K- 7 x t V K' DORS MERRCK Adds Fresh Beauty to Movies J JUST when wben the regular recwar run ron of 01 Hollywood Boll)wood Now 1aznour lirll:... becinn1n. her agent acent has bu switched.witc.hed her to 20th Century- Century glamour girls was beginning to look a bit Fox where she is 1.1 creating cratinc more mare excitement esdt.emeot than threadbare threadbare. along alona comes c:ot1'lfs tawny tawdj' blonde blodde Doris Mer- any newcomer oewtomer' on Ol the tot lot for the last five 6ve years. )'eln. rick with a string strine of ot beauty beaut; titles uo. to her credit Some even ~ go CO so 80 far as to say... that Doris Dori: s t. a and the special specbl one Me of Queen ''Queen of Chicago Chicaeo combination c:ombm.tion of Jean Harlow Rita Hit.. Hayworth lhyworth and Models. Model&. Chicago-bom ChlcalO-born. Doris Doria; did apprenticeship apprentioesbip Hedy Heel. Lamarr lamarr. Pictures PirlUrell above will give live readers.ders chores via vi-. the dgarclte dp.rette bathlng-euit bathlnc-luil tooth-paste tootb-put.e an dea dell why wh7 we chose chon her for stardom at.ardom to in and hosiery ho.tu:r ad.d route. RKO tested t.tecl her boer but didn't Scene left lett shows hows Doris Dorta in her ber first tint leading leadinc role offer enough enoueh do-re-mi do-re-ml so.0 n la Mcrrick Merrlclt went back with that nrch-vluain arch-villain of the movies Uoyd lloyd Nolan to modeling. modellnc. Warners signed lcnecl then forgot her. in 'Time Time to Kill KW a Michael Shayne thriller. n 11

12 R in T m T m Grandson RN R1N TN n N TN H being beintj trained +reined for a movio mcwi. career ~ r when wheft his mastf elm LM Lee Duncan DuM_... enlisted hd him hiln n in the... DFD 1009< {Dogs for.. DofoMo) feme) unit... of.1 Amer- AM ica's ja' fighting fightin forces. Right; Riht: He H. learns urm to carry CMrf a first-aid fint.. id outfit O4otfit «rv<» UA.* -- 4:. ty. r % - V Goes to War! THE ~ pedigree ~ of Rln run Tin Tin T m is w an llustrious illustrious chance on this great creat actor and for twenty-two years ' one. ooe. n September of 1918 un& during dutin the drive driv1! on after the name of Rin Tin Tin was one to respect St SL Mihic Mihie1 of World War a young 7OU1lC aero-gunner a~l\lldu at the movie box-ofllces box-oftlcea of the nation. Lee Duncan and his hill buddies came across aerosa a Jitter litter The son OD of the great ereat Rin RiD Tin Tin lived but a of shepherd puppies. They were divided among amana short abort time lime and appeared in only two movies the men and Duncan got ot a male and a female.. 'Tough T0U&h Guy GuT' and Hollywood HolJ.7wood Cavalcade. CaValcade. But Rin He named them Nanette and FUn Rio Tin Tin {which (which Tin Tin D3 m proved to be husky. b\ He was Wall being means good luck in French). n November Duncan trained for n a movie career when war was declared declared. was shot ahot down n in aerial combat and during his hl and Mr. Duncan offered his hill services 1eTVices along alon with convalescence he spent his time training trainin this brother Rinty's Rlnty'a. to the armed forces. in whatever capacity and sister. When he returned to America Duncan they might mjbt use uae both. brought brouht his pete pets with him. Nanette died when she ahe reached the New World WO'Tld but Rln Rin Tin Tin lived Uved TODAY ~DAY Mr. Duncan under Captain Sgulre Squire at to become along alon with Strongheart a famous dog dol ' Camp camp Haan Baan is in charge of all au dogs dop being be:ing trained movie star and the only one ever trained to carry ca.rt7 there. He passes paues on all au recruits TeCrU.its sent to Haan Baan. fire lire perhaps the most moat difficult dilftcult trick to teach an sends senda many to other schools acbool. throughout the nation. n animal. When Wben you 7 U see lee the dogs doea that Duncan has trained Duncan became so nterested interested n in his pet that he in action :you know he's he'. doing doin& a great creat job n in the was wu chided by his hill family famu::r for neglecting his hit work wort. four-month fout-month trnioing-pcriod. traininl-period. And there's there'a a pressing to train a dog. do. But soon.ood Warner Bros BrcL took: s demand. for those thoee dogs dop of war. Sixty-five Slxt7-Ave thousand thouand An American Soldier. An American Soldier in n World War Rescued His Famous Sire. Tin Now Rin Tin Famous Sire. Now Rin Tin Fights lor America Tin Fights for America are needed on 00 the West west Coast alone from alone-from Alaska AlasU to San Diego. Dlelo. But dog-owners dog-ownen throughout throu&hout America are turning tuminj: them in fast f.. t. and the Army Arm7 can use as many as it can get. let. For not all dogs docs offered to the DFD can pass the tests testa that qualify quali1) them for 10r war work. w By B7 the time this thla reaches reachn print three-year-old three-7ear-old Rin R Tin Tin n l will be: in active adive service doing doin his hill job alongside alonpide the smart amart little liwe mongrels mongrela now fighting on the far-flung far-bun battlefronts batuefronts of 01 the world in behalf of lasting lastinc PEACE! + See Hollywood Holywood DFD OFO Recruits Rec:rum on Next Nert Pago Page --~:;. / t: 1 / i. 7% V' is' % t X A. r- V ' \ y\ V- 4 r # a 9S WrJ*. ' A t m R & 1 t V + /r me * X \ i i- > T ifxv- ^ -1* v- DFD DFO teaches dogs to inspect wounded men man to see if they're tmy'.. sfill diu alive. ari... f they thay are dog returns reh.lns for help. Above: Dun- Dun.. can ~n supervises wpervises this phase of Rinty's Rimy' work mm _-- pfftelfll V. «. ifmi Meot* -~- PRACTSE WORKOUT. Rln Rin Tin Tin 111 receives a message menage which wttich he must carry through places p.u where wttere it is impossible impouibn for a man to penetrate during active combat - 'i-- rue Oailuv VETERAN of World Work! War 1 is U Lee Dun- Dun. can owner-trainer owner.trainer shown with Rinty above. Dog right is a female shep- shep herd a e DFD OFO recruit from Boston u t. * _ ~w ONE CHORE of Rinty'* Rinty' win wiu be sentry MtMry duty with military police above. abov.. For dogs can scent scant enemy anemy approach approech long before man can hear rt it ft # x- 1 y- si' * V S m * / X 1» -wfefwde Mir)' AT CAMP HAAN Calif. Rinty's taught to disarm under gunfire [n'ghf] by Duncan and Fritz Bachg. Army trainer. A daily workout with a medicine ball helps to build strong muscles m»y & LCi «l U S WM ARMY DOGS of DFD unit must be fast runneri not over five years of age. Right: Rin Tin Tin is shown leaving front-line trench with wire needed for tome advance post ' *

13 \ r^ ^9 i - m-a-m... CTMrto _... 11'- MR. MNVER (Walter Pidcjoon) Pidgeon) has hu sent Ulnt his Pfiu prize poodle to join the Army Wags Wagt. Above: Ahove: With Mrs.. Pidgeon Ptdgeon in happier prewar days day ftn*. yy... SOLDERNG too. too for Uncle Unde Sam Slim are.. Sreer Greer Gsrson's Garson' pets pets. Cliquot Oiquot and Gogo. two Ameri- Amtw... can-bom French -nch poodles pood'-s at et right with wah Miss Miu Garson 6.anon NOW THEY'RE ARMY WAGS! 3? >. A s \ k 4 r Pedigreed Dogs of Hollywood Stars Go into Army Anny Training for DFD Unit HOLLYWOOD LOLLYWOOD stars.tan: shown on OD this page paee with the pets that they the. ' ' have enlisted with the Dogs Dop for Defense unit of the American fighting ~btinl: forces represent only a few out of the scores of movie cejebrilies celebrities who have offered oaered the services of their pets until unw victory. victor'. Among AmoD.' others arc are Hedy Seely Lamarr Joan Bennett Bennett. Rudy Vallec Vallee Bar- Bar bara Stanwyck Slanwyc:k. rene Rich Rim Jcanette Jeanette MacDonald Bing Crosby and rene Dunne to name just a few. Dogs Docs thai that prove their mettle by obeying obeyinc instant commands under UDder fire lire and can resist chasing chasin&: rabbits nbbita will be trained to act as.. messengers messen&en: where men can't get let through. throu&h. They'll learn to guard defense plants and in general leneral make the lot which falls to America's fighting fightlnc men an easier and safer one. Man's Man'. best friend their valiant efforts will be proved in war as in PEACE! m Mr v-~ i i w a* V ^ V A <0 s- S*5. V'V- />' sc i ' 77 '/ DONER Carole Carol. Landis' great - Dane (left) is i with the U. S. Signal Corps- Corps. Doner was wos gift from Gene Markey MarkiJ.' now a leut. lieuf'. com. in the U. S. Navy Nary on active duty in the Pacific MONA MARS* MARS' St. Bernard also is with America's $ armed forces.. Breed takes takas it's name from the hospice of St. Ber- Ber nard in Switaerfand Switzerland where it has been bred bnkj for centuries LARANE LARAlNE DAY (above) labove) turns her English mastiff over to Major Moior William Newton of U. S. Army for service in DFO DFD unit as.s many other oth.. stars stan; have done including indudin9 dog-lover dog-lov.r Bette Davis

14 E ROMANTC LEADS in llie the First NigMer Nighter dramas drm~ {Sunday! (Sundy. MBS) are lire taken toll~en by co-stars Les Trcmayne Tremayne and Barbara Brbroll Luddy (above) T1K T il J:: dust was Vali posvduiy powdery and brown beneath their feet. t rose in liny lmy clouds under their padded fool- [oot steps and settled beltled back cokins caking thickly on the leather il;'olthn' of ()f their theit- cheap prison sliocf. shoes. The air was hot and dry. dr'y. The two men had lllid shed the he jackets of the suits (liven given them thehl by the he stale :;ate So to start stnrt life!icc anew n in a t strange stj'ange antitgonlsllc antagonibtic world. One Onl: of ('}[ the in nen on was wa~ short and plump with cherubic chcrubic chocks cheek~ and pale [laic gmy-* grilygrcc1\ eyes cye$ and stnrw-colored ~traw-colored hair. hnl! His name namc was \\'u~ Stubby StulJb.y Bronson. The other man was yoiinpcr a youn~er-ll tall hfindaome hluldsomc green chap with curly ctllly black Jlack hair hall'. regular reguluretlturc~ and Dod n D wry Wl'y way \\;ly of o[ smiling that seemed sc.emed to kindle kmdle lambent lambcnt tires fireb in his hi>; sparkling blue eyes- eye~. His name was wa:; features Ray Ra)' Strickland. They were wcre walking along n l gravel road!(lad thai that eventually e\ cnlually would connect with a main concrete c(mcrete highway. highwuy. They were on llieir way hack to pick up wcre on their \\0)' back 10 pick up the threads hrcac\s of an existence both had almost almo~t forgotten. Ceez. ' Ceez Ray. Ray said Sutbby Stubby wish there was wa more traltk tromc on this road. rill 'm getllnr getting thirsty. thirsty. luy Ray swung swunj:: his coat ult ort n a shoulder with \\ u a sweeping ~wccping gesture gcsture and ilnd shifted.. ned it un\ier under an ;111 arm. don't cure Cllre whether i* u An Embillered Embittered Ex-Convici Ex-ConVct Meets Meet' His Double and Decides to Make the World Pay for the Two Years That He Spent Behind lchind Prison Bars Boc; wc we gel get a ride or not. not Stubby Stubby. it's t s nice oiet: just walking Walking along breathing this thi:; after two year? ye;).rs of that other. Two years. Two years ycar.; when though! thought t'h 'd go nuts. What's \'lhat's two wo years? yeal's? Stubby asked a~ked disdainfully. Me. Me T had ten. Believe me. me they ain't getting getllng me back there no more. more:' JJor 'Nor me. me said tay. Ray What's more they're going lo to pay for those two years they took out oul of my life. They f [rarned ramed inc. lle Stubby by. and Uinl's thal's the truth. That does doe' something ~nmething to a iiinn mall t worpf. warps him. Korgei F'orget it. t. Kid. You're Yotlte ymms young- Stubby StuLLy looked uver o\'er his hi~ shimldcr shoulder at the long brown road behind 1Jchmd them. A thick thck cloud of dust dujt rising rbing above the hill for far behind them hem cnlight caug:ht his eye. He nmtionod motion.-d to Ray R'~' and the two ssnud stood there thel'e a n inoniem moment specun bpeeulutlng line on the posidbillty possibility ot of n a ride. Then the car em cunic came into sight. ~ight. ; t was W'5 a sport tcnumg-car toul'ing-car with n a special body job. jou Long LOllg and tow. low even the m film of dust on ils t paint and chromiuin chromiull ritn trim couldn't COUldn't hide its sleek sleek. expensive c);pensive lines. lines_ Pal }o'nl chance we have of or getting a role ride in a bus bu~ like that tha Ray said. But Stubby hopefully raised his liuimb thumb and the mpossible ill1!>ossible happened. happencd. The young YOLtng follow fellow driving the car cal applied the brakes brljkc~ and und brought the machine to a skidding stop up the road \'Oud n a piece from where Stubby end and Ray Ruy were wore standing. 5landing. You fellows want n a ridv? ['ide? the man in the car L'al' tailed culled back. Ray Rtly and ami Stubby ran forward forwnrd. thcii thell foul leel kicking kick!n)! up dust as os they went Their voices voke«were eager euger but polite. Ruy Ray crawled cn.lwlcd into inlo the front 'ront seal ~cat with the driver cll'lvel' while Stubby StLlbby took tooll lire the back bncl seal. ~e(lt. The lop LOP of 01' the he car was down d01l'11 and und Stubby pulled his hi; cap more tightly lightly on ins hi«head. He looked intit into the rear- icurviiou mirror min'or above abwe the \:1(> windshield What lie he saw brought br(u~h u a cry of nslon- lstol vision isliiueiit i~hlhcnt lo 1'1 his hl~ ilpc. llp~ Hey! Hey' His fll«voice was wacs awed What's Whal's the matter? mauer? the driver dr;\()f of 01 the car tur asked. a~kt:l!. Well Well: said ~nid Stubby unless unlc~~ 'rr. 'll seeing hings thinl:~ yon you two guys gu~ :; tire are deno eteno ringer* ringers tor fur each ench other. olher. The driver (livt'l ol hi the he lar car looked nt [ Ko> Rp~ more mon.' carel'ully. t'arefully At the same time lime. ln> il;l) inspected in:o;pected the man opposite oppol;ite him in tin th~ scat. seal. Both were silent ~lcnl for a nuuneiu nomenl a silence Hint that was finally broken brolwn b> b~ fcoaiitied (Conrbmrd on Oll Page 40} >16) 15 1>

15 > f > f V > \ sv V; v r % * i * BOS BOB BURNS got gol his Marine train- rain_ ing in9 in World War at Parris s- s land S. C. A champion rifle-shot rifl.-~hot. ho he was made the camp rifle riflt' coach MARNES Bob coached distin- distin guished 9uish.d themselves thems...s of.t the battle of the Marne and St. St Mihiel Mih;.1. Above Abo..e and.nd loft: left: Bob at home f t- > r ^ V N >r i ^y. /» 0 Who's Winning the War? By Bob Burns Radio's Well-Known Bazooka Burns Was Not the Only Man From His Home Town in World War but He Was the Only Marine!..SoriM' s. <t>ic).7>i<* (jr<* alilf jiru raul Fllitijj. ('ct ha.1.11 :OU:'.'.1 tt> 'ther lulk* hadn't n t hc.ntl \ f/ie 'ffcr! ilint. small mpn.t osirl nrroi S'> Su 1 walked.. lkl! up the ltu street til' t uiut _ Min.i rll ted Cixi'mKtiitii'.r U. (lirouj;mn! rlifouvhour h' a 'ok tum nn* arc talking.alkllli to 10 (oiks. r.. lb buuiped bill pc..! mt 11/0 Mr. «ot 01 ;i' (Ciir-rnfuri'ius. 01'... 0 # Bfenuxv H.'a t'mmu. Movii:- Biifhmlair. 1l1l.JtllHur who Yo h) is ls Hie he dad dlld «.if of Rrinkley. Drmklt y. tafiio h1>u Ournr. (;1;111. wt.m<i li'ialicrl to 10 do iu J ftnrl JOCfl in ta<l. 1lly lud Bllk Coo.. ur hr broudnijj )rplidl ihis lu /nls' lab~ - Fred. Harry and Uinks four of the. ire Uf' aaksul oak d Hob Hoi liest belt young YUlln nthietes lhl('1 that..ever thai eh'r fame ('UtJ t' luirnn. /f.nul kmnen Ott. (u 10 milliona f\'./lm.. o/ oj rnifin rajlo tx- lut'f... mi its /<»r lor t nt is dran - O' on all lite fill' an fllbj'1 h a are its m the tht service. ler''~. Then Tt... n there's there'. Lee Lt-e We' i'/ioss* ChOH /lob Rolo oi tu sjhtkvsnui pol.'. W' ii brcn b ''lde Mac Zuber Zulier a rurpenter. (nrpenkr. whose \\ t' Min.n. Mick- Mltk uul tit of! Van Bttren. B\Lrell. All of 01 these thetic bids ud f bis ~ rnnls ro)l. (irr or.' rtill.1111 deep d' 'P fn in thr 1(' s«ij.011 o] of t y ey Zitber ZulJCr Miietled 1~l1t-d gunpoti K'J)U\\ ler ter in the he r1 \'T14'l. mi' ricrj. A \ rod radio in success UTt''''' f/cs.'1'-.' bti! /0111 lie / raid nwl at Dutch ljuldl Harbor. larb<>.. Then (hl'l there's there. fill ~j// thinks thill/; up 11/1 Sl 111(;.1 of till! 1/1(' joli'l'.v jukl'l lilt h' a Due!ne Arltnnids Arkllll'lti lady ndy mime UC of lf Clara Clura ru('/8 rr«eks on 011 lln' til!' alrlanrs airjil'l1'l ichile t'hitl' jikktiko phllllliull Storey!-)llll'y uf.. Ahnn Allnu. wlvise \\ h.. t' sou 11 Jamoa James is ill 11 lie craps (T118 an 01' * /t/ion ')all fvrnonr/o 1'\rll1l'du Vnllej/ \' a JajKiiieie JHpantM prisoner. P 'l}cr He c in a phanuil- Jhanna fana 0' ciillii'ikiup rill ralillp Jits U COT corn jkiic'i fjqldl or.f clnl's mate lte flrsl-elass dl t~ who fniikht ('ou&ht in n in ' si it'll flint ill s au n i. A.l marine arin:' in ~ World W( r defense t: ~ of or Wake \\ sland. lid tt'ar War /. Hub Bill. s til still 1/ prmid lrllld of the h(' nfp he h eonclied.. nurh 1f as a.r ri/lr'-sliois rijlt'-~'l. mid Uld bc.. «rcrtl un l! TEHE T ~:ne nro arc men Ult'li like lkt' Ab All Sinilh who t'rk icork (licp tl.t1/ did d orersi'os. OVtrl.a3_ And Arlll~'1 be'* ;i(sl used 'd lo to bo 00 our mit family milkman. ullklllan. His H. as ciifbiisinilie ellll.uia11c abnlil almlfl the llt' bops bd Jrarn jt(j son m wits a:; nn [111 enrincer clgill('('r on un the hc Alaskan the llae /or in iip 11 emniiiunilfes ('Oil l1 ili'l and lu.d smail au highway hl~hwa)' and hb hi.'1 grandsiin :raml$rm Hubert Hobert T. liiinili'ss a/.-s who are rt fipliiiiip luhlllll1 /or for America \m Butter Butler s a gunner gunncr and radio nldio ojter- operatr. ator last heard from!rlll in n hc the wherc- where fndajl 10. tc'ttic DhUe Hie 1111 liome lit' folks lolk do ilieir ir parr (wri fo 10 proride prorid.. food for jqr thru). rrn-m. abouts about. of Palestine. Pale. inc. Or (r Wallace Wallu<'e Oliver /of' Mr. Burns' Rur' arllcle ark'k alticfi u hieh /ollore.e folltllu is whose ~holl(! boy tichard. Hichard is the ho commander a our lr utny t ay of ihliiklnp. 11<iO a tnir nl(' picture /klure of or a destroyer. dttroyl:'r n) f the fllf' ipiirt (luil'l pnlrlvlisin HiTioli'l typical /pica of the /.e [ could (Quid go on (m like ilk' this hi~ for nr hours hour5 true rrl4' AiMcrican..\ rican. The Tlt' American u'fro 11'100 tellinr telling about the things thina:! that h.. 1 Van Buren Burt'll trill.1 er;ettiiiullp ''lll1an spell )on defeat d~feat not 1101 only m.1jl folks rolks are doing unhg besides x.':!j<it'3 buying war for ff/t the hl' Aris.\.n~ but oul for all ali f/icise tlioso' telio U'/o bonds bond!! and working.. kill!! in m defense rld(1lse fac- roctories. But 1 went \\(111 back bark to Van Buren BUren lodall' rodny. are art dlicinpiinp alll'llping to 10 niidcrmlnc lid. T'111 tories [be mnrdy ~ rdu principles lrin(' Jkl on all trhic/i 'hieh bis hl.l lo to Drill nlld out somebody t;ome!>.. who \\hv didn't know tin olio lion iras 'a bwill. bllill The -The Kdilors. &lil.. there was a war ruiir inl{ nn on so io rented a horse A WHLE hon;c and buggy bu~gy and lind set <d oft for the AWH!.K hnek hm k a bifl-city bl~-l ily fella mountains. mountains After Alt'r «. cntplo t upll' <>f lit hours said... n 10 imr lilt'. Bub 'Bnb. do they ht'y know knuw 1 had tn tin unhh:h t licit the he buggy '''~y because bccau.-c in Van Juren 1U( 11 that ilal there's h('-e. 1 u 11 the road!l'ad disappeared. dl><uppcare<i. Well \\.'11. kept war ar soinji!':ing nn? n going Until ulltil the hl' horse h(lr~c couldn't o>lldl1 t gel W'! Well si ;t>llcll it net lines Van Bit Bur~n ret) i i fill\. lexn'l n t through throuuh the underbrush nder!>1 \:;h any more mllre ftny pay mueh 111\wh at allt:nllnn lent an to n siamc t;omc t hinl:~ hi nits (he thc and then h('11 J legged lell.t:ro it il on (n foot. root. After Arter lest ( o/ of the he enuntry ('(unlry is i interested inter('~lld n; ll. a couple L'Oupil' of or hours cm { 1'C lie lo to a sort such ~ldl us l~ ziml 1.0(11 suits ulu and whether wh('tht'r ur 0' not!lut or of a den dt'arln ring where whel<' nn 1m old d hermit i< rich it-h playboy llaybfly by the name nall)c of nf Mnn- Mlll lived...'<. The Th(' wu.ifls wkj(ii was \\a so dense d('nse 1 villc 'lilt' is KinB gflinj{ lo f mari-y Hl1lry his hi~ seventh f;e\ ('llth had to tll swing.will in ini Oil a grajievino. grapevine. blond hllomt <«r not. nllt. So Sn 1 just ju took.kjk This old hermit was \t.~ sitting lllin\t on lin a log me ll(' a rip bark hm'k lo Van Buret) Buren n n find just ju~t wbuuing whittling and lld being hejg careful.. neiul not on oul. lo to cut cui elf (.tl' his hi~ beard..card. lie 11( didn't even You Yu don't dnn have h3\(' U> 10 believe it. H. but uut look i(klk up ) when \\ hl'll t i came ('allfl' over \ l'l to where whert einilrln't :ulrtl\ \ find 1ml anybody in Van VOi Bttren BlH n he was so. sat ~at down (town on lin the he other \\ h didn't know knnw about the war and (lld end (:11<1 of (f the log. J(~. didn't (illn't want \\ant htm him wasn't \\11 n 1 rioins d<lina something f;nlllelhing about a\)<)ul it. il For t O)' to think was a!! being heing intrusive. llrushe. After Arter iro-tauce in tllllo t the ht llrst Un.t man noan bump bun'i> into mlo a while f 1 heard h( :u (i a hum hui 1 in ' the dis- dl - (s C. B. Jactwin Ja~k~n. Sr. He s ls a conductor tfldut1.o tance. wnee and here hl're conies rue.. on.111 airplane. airpiam. (ll nu the tht' Missouri \t1sli(jurl Pocitic. and ho he is the lli(' t was 8.<1 flying llyinjt pretty PH'tty Low lw and an<l in a faiher blher of.. C. l' U. Jackson. Jack:<on. Jr.. Jr. com- ('nm_ minute there Uwrc was wall a rnnr. roar Dad. Dad. 1 niunder '''lldt'r uf a U. U S. submarine f;ublllarinc which \\hich said aid. sec Jl'(.' big bir bird. bini. Fly high high. drop s picking lit-kin oir nff Jap Jllp warships walshipb and rinis- trun_ eggs go ito boom bnorn boom! )(Kl! puris xu ls in the lhe South Suth Pacific or anywhere any\\ h('re The old man ilion never n( (' looked ltklkt.t up. He ll' they h('y are ar(' orrtimd arfund to be picked ol!. f He just Jwt listened t('ner and ami then thell srml. lolud. Yep YqJ. Son- Sl_ didn't fllln t talk tolk murh n(h. so 1'(' figured he was \\ ny ly that hal that's hu. nu all A-27. A-:!7. Hit'll Hlll do 11 an e\ceplit»n 1 ('1'1. and ann maybe n uyu.e some... Ul(' of f the he (Co'ilinucd on /'age J?J leoll 1. d 01 /' i) 16 a D i r

16 Our Personal Friends: No Margin for Error Bennett X** By Carl A» A. Schroeder Remarkable s the Word for Joan of the Famous Bennett Clan Who.n Private Life Famous Bennett Clan Who m Private Life r- \ s the Wife of Movie Producer Walter Wander WanRer wind up as a congr T T S my private opinion that Joan Bennett more precisely known as a~ Mrs. Walter Warifjcr \Vanier is the lhe mistress mistr~s oi of the best-manngod best-managed home in Hoily- Holly wood. think that at the age of or 33 she has more than a mile mite of courage in n deciding to become the mother he!' of or a third child. t would not surprise surprisc me a bit to see scc her become a poli- poli tician in n a lew few years and perhaps pcrhap~. wind up as o congresswoman. Joan Bennett would thoroughly dis- ds agree with nil all these opinions which would make them the more likely to come true. Site She never makes a statement about what site he s is doing or 01 plans plant to do unlit until it t )e n in the bag. n thai that way she never leaves in her hel wake scores COres o of unfulfilled un!ulftlled ideas and ambitions ambitons nor docs doeil' she have to allow a margin marin for error in the business of 'f living. livi~ magine macine for Cor the moment Uml that we arc are Rated seated opposite oppoaite Joan Bennett on a love-seat before Uio Ule fireplace firt'plaee in her hel Hohnby Holmby Hills Hil home. home You are aware a;are of (f course cqurse. that Joan without those th<:.. ~ glasses would be blind as a bat. They detract a lillie litue from Crom her beauty be- be cause looking at the l>cspeclacled bespectacled Joan J')8jJ tier ~ eyes appear smaller than they th~'y are. arc T ' *' Alh<n MOTHER Joan with daughters dughten Diana (now fifleen) fifteen) and Mdinda Melinda nine whose father is i Gene Marhcy Mrkey r u i J f H we want to get along with Joan we talk in trivialities. Details about anything keep life amusing and ex- citing. ' You start oft off by remarking: Yes- Y~ terday 1 stopped at a little store in the suburbs and walked oil off with four dozen eggs imagine! eggs-imagine!' JOAN never balked bo!llked at t silly slunh stunts Hollywood aslccd sked her to do. do Proof? Picture above in a bubble bath bth \ * v y MOST recent picture is Mar- Mar gin for Error. Error Above: With Otto Preminger in a scone scene from the same production She says: illy f you y.)u had lad to have hs\ e (heni the suppose Uppose t's it' all right. risht. know» a lot of <)t people pec'ple who stocked ;tocked up on every- e\'erythlna: hing. didn't not dldn't---not because 'm try- try_ ing na to be unselfish. un.~lfi!h. t's t'1 just that it f we don't don' have ha\'c confidence in the Gov- ernment's ernme11' handling handhng of the food prob- prollll'm everything c\erything will ill be just so much more dlrlcull. dlnlcult t's t' like a few of 01 the people peuple who sunk liunk gasoline tanks in lem. thl'lr their back oock yards Tito Thp whole thing thini is liable to blow up and they'll they1 find nnd themselves hem~l\es riding on Q a cloud. cloud:' You YO ask: a<k What ore are ynu you going oinl;: to ->(* -'_ Aib'U A'.. COMPLETELY modern wife and nd mothor mother Joan has hs two children and nd s is expecting p third. third Devotes all possible time to war work worle name lame the baby when ~ t arrive!.? aft \ t! She replies: At Use hl;! moment! haven't havent the slightest sli&ht.\ iden. ld know it will be o a boy. J wouldn't \\ouldn t name namp him hull Walter Wal!er. because bet'hu!lle can't cun't stand ~t.lnd Juniors juniors and most mo!;t juniors can't. can't When \\-'hen he goes to school school. from Crom kindergarten kinderarten on up up. his friends friend yell 'itey. 'lley. JunUir!' Junior!' and it drives him a little liltje nsane lnj;nne' 'm sure. Of or course f if llml's thllt'li published puljlishld as 01>1 my idea everyone who names son un after 'fter dad will call me names nan as hut but still tll think t. it. Now you venture on dehcalt* dchcllt~ ground: You look so slim Film otic onc would wouhl hardly think you'll bo be n Q mother nlother n another couple of or months months. Juan Joan doesn't d()('snt fall tall for 11 the te flattery: Uatll'ry Oh Oh. you won't bo be able to say Fay that hat long. lonl: think it's going goin to be an un enormous cnonnotl>l spring. pring expect expcct him hll to be a big bli baby eight baby-eight pounds or more. nofl' The third baby is s always big bl' isn't he? he Since neither yon you nor are art' ex- expenenced in n the matter ol of the pro perienced grcssivo ve size c of babies babjcs we (' don't dl)fl't an- adswer... e< At this thls point point. if f you are arc male and au a iol member of the drinking in press prc Joan Juan offers offen you yuu the pleasantry plea..«antry n alfnrcil-d Horded by b)' a bar just off oft the living-room. She Slt' is not a drinking in lady herself her~tr. but she hc finds nnds herself made uncomforuible unl'omrortable by people peuple who are at a loss 1051 to know kllm.. what to soy say to a movie mou: star. tar Portllied F(lrtlned. fcontbtucrf (ContillH'd on ffljle Page 55^ 56) 17

17 V * Tl i # S#' r < V '^%z'm. c rj r * '^1^ ^ 4- * V V :\ 'A ' ** f 4^ %.J ;'< < «n^t '* ' f ' ^-l f i i'. *4 1 \ m 1 ;W;nVV%' J ( X / ^.1 } ' T't. 4- Lai! A y * \ -.G. T g... _. -(' ~ o GG YOUNG. YOUNG Harry Carey Carey. John Ridgely (.!. to r.) 1') in scene from Warner Bros' Bros.' Air Force. Story was written wrrtten from the fog- log books of men in the U. U S. Air Forces and from history as 5t it was made in World War KEEPER OF THE FLAME Ji i an ~n STENBECK'S newel novel The Moon U s M G-M M-S-M pro<fuc+!on production starring strring Spencer Down... has been filmed by 20th Tracy T~cy and nd Katharine ~athrine Hepburn (loftl. (left}. Century with Sir Cedrlc Cedric Hardwicke t's s a thrilling thrrlllng mystery yarn witn... ith (bove iabove right) as Colonel Lanser lanser Tracy in foreign.correspondent foreign-correspondent role E J. Sailantine Ballantine as George Corell THS MONTH 01. War Dramas of History in n the Making; Making BROADWAY hit Du Barry Was a FLGHT FOR FREEDOM stars Lady lady s is done in Technicolor and Rosalind Russell in the last picture stars Lucille lucille Ball Ban and Red Sitclton. Skelton (nd and also one of her best) she he made mde above. t also features laugh-getters before tefore retiring to have a e baby. Zero Mostel Mastel and Rags Ragland R.: R: With co-star co-sfar Fred MacMurray on On the SCREEN Plus a Dash of 01 Comedy Highlight Film Fare SCENE from Cor- Corregidor righf right showi... regicior how Amorieans Americans fought and picture it is fulf fun of heroism of How how they bled and died. Otto Kmger Kruger Elissa Landi landi Donald Woods * play pray principal roles n in history.making mtory-making film i V ^ '' til / Air Force Keeper of the lhe Flame The Moon s Down Du Barry Was a Lady lady HFlight 'Flight for Freedom' Freedom Corrcgidof' Corregidor CiUi Membnv o' tdr tf«w at llu Mary Ann. Tyat B-17. CU: MomM' oll~o u~w 01 n. M. nno' T~fle B 1. Alrpllne AirpUnr No. OSSM; 0556'1; Pilot. Pllol Joint John Rldgtly: Co-Pllel C. PO Glp Gig Vounj: Voung: Bontborditr. Bomhrd~r Arthut Arthur Kmordy; Konntdy: Htvlpotor. HAylguo Cluittt Ch~. Dtikr; Or'_e: Criw Crew ChlH. Chid Hirrjr Hu!} C«f*y Cir'~ AssL Au\. Cl«w CftW Cb'«( Ch ef. Ctsrfc Goor~e Tobin; Ridio Rldlo Oprrotor. Opo.Dr. Wird Wd Wood; Wood: Ant. AU. Radio R.~i. Oprrjtof. Opoo. Bjy RlY Montsomtty; Monttomty: Atrul Ao...' Ctinnor. Gunntr John Cirlittd; GUhold: Punuit.. uil Pilot Pilol. Jim Jimtlt Brown Bown it.1 il*. A V/Jrno W.. n~' firos.-firil Bos'rsl Njuonii HUM.. pktu'c pl(tun piddumd p.oduced py br Hi) H B Wjlln W.! jnd nd di«ct(4 d~ud by Mowjrd Howud H'.. ~ Oflpnul O'l9ln wrytnpuy su«npliy >»»» WS wnttrn wrm.n by Dodlry Oudloy Kitholi. Hlchol\. A Tt FONCK is not n nelly nntvie. lytil t's a A R ~'O~C~: \' ll 0 l'l'tty mol'le hul irs u ilecitlcclly del'idedly vital \'Hnl mil* 11111;' for ror these hese our limes. tililes At Al the lhe pvixmaj pl'rl<llla] MiyKentimi bul}gcslion nl of Gcuuinl Gellt'l'11 t. H 11. H. <fisi >> (lap) Arnold lv 101 a n Dim mil' norlruylm? Ku travil1j.( the hc Army Air Forces f''cll'ces llow- low. ;ird ~l'd Jluwks lawks look took to h) he idcu i(h:( like a u duck cluck tt> to wtitcr. water. Hawk!>. Mnwks an rxjxjriitnrxtl cxperil'nccd u lh'iatrn- via lor himself pn projected ijea-tet) hi ns bihinnco brillian('c into the thc innkiou lnkinjt of ur this his mmie. 1110vie. The Thl' real heroine of!lr the he piece P'(.X' is Sfnry /f(rtu A Ali! mm a t!-) rmnbit.!}lmbe.. tiffccinmiilely affeeuunately named nnmed by her crew «f of nine yimrir young oflicers nnlcers mid alld im Jlel! 1!! who lake part pal1. n in the Pearl Harbor Harb{11' trajjerly tragc-c1y the Hat Battle lie of Wake sland hllrmd tmrl Hlld imiy.ifie C'ngflge n in other othel' PaeltJe ])acil1c oiitposl nllll)ost oncnimlers. encollntel'!!. s t ix i the story btory of the lio >e hope. courage (''OUJ'agc mid and fighting spirit -pint thai hal nil* nib every every hour of the day for the n- 1n l'l'pld trepid Ameriwinf. Americans who wear wings. wing!> And it t was taken lakcon from the iu-ttinl 3ctual log-books of the men in America's.'\1l('ril'a ; Air Ar Forces FO'n'. who actually engaged in tinhc thf...e battles. bau]es. One hccb ce Captain Eddie Kickenback- Rickenback- 1:1' mb!>age 10 AmenCa li\ed on the ~creelll )' «message to America lived on the screen! WHAT MOVE-GOERS CAM EXPECT: A tcimly dnmjlic ind WH AT MOVE GOERS C.. H EXPECT: A tentel dramj( Jnd iuliirnlk lthtnuc prtlo^mtnre p.rlormjnu >nd nd a mifnllittnt mlnlllc(nt nibutr 1.Ult to 10 our lljhtlnp!n9 11.lo(s Truly ~u~'t't ~hluomonl.nd rul dnu(nl xlilotl. Truly iup'im athicvrnicnl md orr» dotumifnt. Ca»l: [H Spfnctr Sponett Tr«y. Kathoonf Htpbum. Htllbuln. Rkpa'd Rthr6 VJhorf. Wkorl. Audtcy ud(y Chrittir. Chrilllf. Hsticc Hor.. e MrNjly. M(Nolly Ooptld Oonal~ Uecit Meek >nd ond Frank Fronk Cr»»rn. [ronn. An n M. C-M G Mill. lilm. p(«du«d p.oiu'.d by 'Y Vidor Vlcto. SiviHt SUllie ind nd Leon l.e!n Cordon Gordon ind )nd directed dlruud by 'y Ceorp* Geort Cvkot. [hr. The Th~ itfeenpuy ~(f.. n.y mt wu Uten uhn rpro ro the h~ novel n.1 of 01. A. R R. V.'yJe Wyll by.y hf l>t time ~m~ name. ''t. l_j EH 1S n murder mystery oewsimitcr eloiy with H ER~'S u llllr(tl'' l1\y~lcry nell Jl1'lC.-.ury with a plot plllt chock l'h(l(:k full rull of intrigue illtrigl.rc it t reveals vividly -dly the dcviims de\iou~ ami and nlricute intricate workings wol'kil1/o:~ of the Fascist Fascisl tllldel'gl'lilltld underground movement llfl\clllent in ihc hc Allied cmmlites. countries iiomatu'c HOmatH'e cnlei> ~'ller>l lite he picture pidurc when wilt'.spencer Spcncer Tnicy T'a('y (Steven (TMiiUcy) O'Malley) in the role 'ole of ' o l foreign fl>rcign corrc- C(ltTCspondcnt mculs owets Katharine Knlharine iu'iibtli llepljll1 n (Ciiristine (Chl'btinc For- For spundcut rest) rest). lit'pbiirn 11~'l'Jll'n plays pluys tlie lhe part!lm t of.1' u widow willow wife of Of Hubert Roben Forrest F(JlTe!!l a n prominent 1)'Qminenl American Alllcrkun whose whosc death is shrouded in mystery. my~tery. Spencer Spenl('r is n»sig»cd :~jgncd to coyer cover tin; the ftincml. (uncl'lll Just JUst ousted outed from rrum Germany for uncovering 111cOvel'll; some unsavory un~avol'y fads foct. he h.' decides dc'ldes to in- in vestigate Forrenfs Fone.!' out untimely finely death dellth Frutn From then on startling and sinister llbter conditions condltltln; are illl' ums.vcred. unculercd. Choi('C Choice of casting {'asting in tit hlli n (Uid tllm was \1'flS u il hnpp.v happy one. Tracy Trucy per pc' usual lsual gives an un excel Cxct'il{'nt en perl pcl'l'ol'lna!lce. ormst nee. And Hepburn Hel)burn keeps kc(p~ up with biro him in her l'' own m- in iinitahle imitable faihiun. fa~hi(ln. Of the three lree who wh head i'ead tins hl:; excel- exce] lent cast ca.~t honors honorll are realty really captured c:tptured by Richard Whorf Whorf. who has hos been bc-en ossociated a;;~ociatcd for fljr niauy many years with Broadway'* Broadway s most mo..l fainutif ramol!' pair Hunt palr~ Lun! and Fon- FOil tanne. lanne. We predict predld that (his lhi talented young ynljllg man mall will climb the movie-fame 1llf)\'le rame fodder ladder' f.i«t fa~t now that he has :;ettled in lnllywood. has sol lied in HoUywood WH V/MAT.. T MOVE-COERS MOYE GOERS CAM CAN EXPECT: EXPECT Top nucrummtnt! ~nlfft'llnm~nl~ Surt S~rs H~pbu Kfpbum *nd nd TrtCf Trny iurpin 'UPUS thtir htlr Womin 'Wom~ of 01 the lh~ Vrnf' VOr.ol~s Cut; Sir Ctdric HintwuXr. Hotly Ttjven. Lr< J. Cobb. CU: Sir [ed.ic Hu6Wlth Hrnr~ TriY- l.ot J. CObb. Oorrii Oorr!~ fiowdon Bowdon Mirprrtl MU9irtt Wychcily. Wy~hllly Peiyr Puer Vib Vi Eytk Eyclo; Wllliom Wllhom POM. Pnl Jr. Htnry Honl)l RovrlJfiiJ. Rowllnd C. [ J. J Bjliintme. BalnUno. Vlohtlt Viollt WllMn Wilion. Horn HJ Schumm Schumm. CtD«l Ern!'it Ooritn. Donln. John Jo'n Sooner. alnnu. Mtltne Htlene Thimlo ThmQ. lin on Welle Woll Kuit Kurl Krevyrr. Kr(~r Jeff Jolt foiey COlty Louit Lo1s Afto Emit E.nlt Hainmon. Hnsm>n Charki [/lules M<Crow M<Gnw Tteyor T.uor Bo'irttr. 8udtlle John Jolin Myloh. Mrlont. Otto 0110 Rekhow Rriellow Seen Snn Hujo HUO Ootj 80r jnil.nd Oo'othy Oorothy Petciun. Pet'n. A 20lh Crntury-Foo [ntllr Fo~ pldure pl(lurt. ilme4 fi!lmd John Jolin Stcinbetk't SunlH:k's lmolil novel noyel by the ume um( name. nlmt. Produced Prodllud ond n6 adopted djpltd far tor the 11>0 yocen nlhn by Nunnally H~nn~ly Johnton JohMon. under un~er the ~t direction declion ot 01 frvlnj lfylng Pichel. P(hrl. THS T] lis picture piclul e retanih retnilb nil all the till' onginut t igin..l punch und nnd tire r'c thtit Lhat renders 'cadern ivmnd filum! in lite the Steinbeck novel. m11'l EX'clhmt Kxcellcul pnrtraynlk porln.lyab of (f his 11fs elmrnclcrs l'1u1 nl'tel'~ by the weil- wcl1- chiiren chn~('n cast Cru>1 arid add lu the dnmia. dl'nl11a. Ciiluncl ('olon('\ Lanser. Lanl'cr p]:jyed played by Sir Cedrlc Cru:h'ic HnnKvlckc. Hnr{h\ H:kt'_ is not n(lt lite lhe type tyllc e( ilf Xnxl ;.1li leader l(oader that wc might ll!s:hl tmngine llllgille any of or Mcrr ~'rr Hitler's litlcol\i pack to be; be: yet his hl~ type Y)C deliiilteiy dcnnil~ly exists CX~L~ among amujlg them. Author Steinbeck kept k('pt a!l daily (hilly check mi lin the he pro- P' dlicliun ductinn of his llis Atory. ~to'y L'pun Upon swing ccing: il it afi<?r aflel' crnnple- comple lion liml. he wriite wrote lo 1.0 prudurer 1)lcitwcl'.tolmson: Jllhnson; t (t seems sccl11~ to me you have achieved achio!'\'ed a curious curillus thin) third diim-nslon din\('h~ilm in this thi!> piclure. picture looked 1000kt'ri deeply into a some!<cene rather ntlhc' than just at t.' Stated St:ltcd in our lur words: Tlie Tl(' (Urn fillll looks' det'tdy deeply into the hearts h('nl't.~ of or plain pcnplo people wlm willi are righting lghting aaninst aaainst tcrrrflc tctitic 'Kl'h xld on the side!>jde of llf the.. allied nations. Plant Plain jnxrple pt'uple who will if»c uoe day rite rl.~e agam 10 avenge fl-('(nmn v. th hollo' again to avenge freedom with honor. WHAT MOVE GOERS CAN EXPECT: Rtjlitm >i only St»ln- WHAT MOYE GOERS CAN EXPECT Ruhsm only Sltln. k«k ~ec_ (ill c.n (tjibt p)int t. ie»«<lin* rtu.ln ts«ht htjtlbftik kun'fut of 01 the ht MorAefUn N OW~n people who hut betn h~bl~d b~1 uconque'td by No ~ordtl. people who h»«been Pumbled but untonquend by Nan tiordo. 188 L> Cjst; Cln: Rcrf Rtd Skelton Skellon Luttllf Luille Ball. B~ll Grnr Gen. Kitty Kelly Virsinia Virgini~ O O'Sril:n erkn. Raji R~gs RaglaniJ Raglind Zero Mostel. Mosler. Oottald Donald Meek. Meek Doua* Dou~la. i. DunibrlKe. Dumbrille Cnrfi Goorgf Givot Glyot and n~ Louise l.ouise Beavrrs B.vtr~ with Tairtmy Tommy Donej Oor~y and fib ~i5 orlheilra. orchutra. The M-G-M M (; M screen ~[feen verjlen vfr~lon of 01 the h Broadway B.o.dwiY itage stilg( hit hil filmed mmtd n Technicolor Ttchnl<.olar. with music and nd lyrics lyrics by Cole Colt Porter. Screenplay SCf«nli1 was w. written wriuen by b1 rvlnd lrwing Brecher. Breeller. An Arthur Freed production directed ~ir~ltd by Hoy Roy Del Ruth. RU~ ptu JDU BARRY WAS A LADY LADY ' is founded on the premise of rcilhcuil redhead meeting lleeting redhead namely redhead-namely Red Skcllnn Skelton and Lucille Ball. They are the generals who lead the cast in a rainbow t'ainbow parade that ncludes a l lievy bevy of pretty p'euy chorines. chol'ines Red Hod Skellon Skelton drinks too much firewater rewater and think? thinks he's he's Louis Li XV. lie He wonts wants to put Du Ou Barry back in circulalltin. circulation. Lucille Bali Ball as the reincarna- reincarna tion of the famous Frenchwoman gives a grand performance. And Skelton's dood it is as ctce- effective in the eighteenth century as it is in Use the tsven- twen llvc Uellt. tieth_ The plot is a n completely wacky one which furnishes an excuse to turn back the clock dock to a century centmy when high svhilo while wigs and the swish of silk were the order of the lhe day. Besides being Skelton's Urn's best movie to dale date the picture serves as a debut piece for the comic radio personality. personality Zero Mostel. Also features Gene Kelly New York dancer of Pal Joey fame who almost steals the show. Certainly the Buddy de Sylva play loses nothing and gains' much lluch via the movies. WHAT MOVE-GOEBS CAN EXPECT: A b«fd of fun plut tht bifdrd btauty uf flordtout Ttchnkolor (or doubfe tnioymeni. WHAT MOV E (;OERS CAN EXPECT: A barrtl of lun plu. the.~ded buuly of 90'ttOU Ttlhnicolor.r double uj<lyment. ' Cast: Roiallnd Rimell Fni MltMurray. Herbort Marshall. Cui: Ronl1n~ Ru'~ Frtd MacMurray. Herbert Mal5hill Eduardo CUnntlti Cllnnelli J«k Jitk Carf Cur Matt Milt MtHujh. McHugh Walter Kings- King lord. ford. Paul pawl Stantcn Shnton and Jnd Tom Ougan Ougln An RKO picture piotu.-e. pro- pro duced by David Olyl~ Hempstead H(mpSleid and n6 directed dlrecltd by Lothar Lothir Mendes. Frtim From an n original originll story ~tgry by Horace Horlce McCoy MtCoy. wish Willi screenplay by Oliy H. P. Gifrtlt )nd S. K. l.lurtn Oliver H. P. Cancit and S. K. Lauren. CLKiJT 'FLGHT FOR FREEDOM'* f REEDOM wns was written for film- film ' ing in early 1941 but making il it at that time would have caused catlsed international complications. Today with America at war against Japan 11 it can be told. l t reveals t'eveals the valiant eiforts cfforts made by Americans to combat Japanese war plans in the Pacific Pacific. To be prepared n in some somt' measure the U. S Government starts Tonic Tonie Carter Carle' (Rosalind Russell) Russell). a woman (Her mer on a trip lrip around the world. world She fakes a crash landing in order lo to make it it possible for the American Amelican Navy to study conditions in the Pa- Pa cific zone. ZOlle Stranded on an island sland with navigator Randy Britton (Fred MacMurray). MacMurray) Tonic Tonie learns that the Japanese naval intelligence s is wise to her trick. Tonic and Randy's gallant action in this crisis typi- typi fies that of all Americans engaged n in Pacific war- wa\' fare today. The picture picture is reminiscent of the tragic death of Amelia Enrhart Earhart famous woman flier mer in that il it portrays the heroic sacrifice of an American nvia- aviattl trix and her passionate love uf of country. ncidental- ncidental_ ly ]Y. it is Roenlind Rosalind Russell's last picture before letn- tem_ porory porary retirement and one of her best. WHAT MOVE-GOERS CAM EXPECT: P(n( p»rt»nnmcnd j vtory ttut gripi the Pfjmtringi jnd (it«the imagination. WH.. T MOVE GOERS CAN EXPECT: rlno perlorm~cu and $lory tn.1 9rip~ the helrtnnnts nd llres h. (aginalion. Cast: Otto Krugvr. Elma Lfdl Donald Woods riank [al: Otto Krugtr Eh~~1 Lindl Oonold Woo~s Frink Jenkj. Jenks. Ritk Rik Vallin Vlllln Wanda Windi McKay MKJY an tan Keith Kellh Ruby Dan* Oan driiige dridge Eddie Eddit Halt. Hil. ChaHo [hui( Jordan Jordln. Ted Hecfil Hecht Frank h)nk Hagney Hognty Frank 'rink Jacguel. Jacqutl. Jack Juk Rutfterford. Rulh~rlor~. John Jo~n Grant. Grant Sun Sln Jettey Jollt1 Jimmy Vitan. Vilan Cordon Gordon Hayes. Hlyts. A Producers Produu~ Releasing Relenint Corpo- [orpo. 'ion ration picture piclll.e. produced prodyttd by b~ Dleon Dillon R. Harwin and.nd Edward Finney. 'inney. Director Dirulor William Wlllm Nigh. Hlth. Original O'iginll story.o.y and nd icteenpta/ ~Hn~by \VUe written by Oori. M.Uoy ind Ellgir Ulmtr. were written by Doris Malloy and Edgar Utmer. CF' ORREGDOR REG s is a 8 name written in crhnsun c;rilnson on the hearts of nit all AinCricnns. Amet'icans. And this picture shows the struggle of gallant Mnrlncs Marines nurses llll'ses and doctors on the beleaguered beleuguel'c<! sland island. Woven Jntn nto this story is a war-time romrmce. romance. Dr. Dr Royce Lee (Elissa Landi) picks up the threads of an old love-affair love affail' when she journeys from [rom the United States St;ltes to lv join Dr. Jan Stockman (Otto Kroger) Kruger) in his jurigtc jungle lab- lab oratory on the island of Luzon. Luzon Roycc Royce puts her love for Michael (Donald Woods) n in the background backgtound and marries Dr. Jan. Hardly is the ceremony over than the Japs bomb n a nenr-by near-by village. Roycc Royce and Jan flee through the jungle toward Manila. The Japs trail and attack auack them hut but they arc rescued by Filipino Scouts and begin a grueling trek to- to ward Bataan finally reaching Manila Bay. There n a Marine guard conducts them to the famous Malinta Matlnta Tunnel entrance to Corregldor. Corregidor. After that action climaxes to lost last desperate desp(>rate day on The Rock. Rock WHAT MOVE-GOERS CAM EXPECT: T«is«dr»m» (ranraylrg how Americans (oughi and died an in blind autpott WHAT MOVE-GOERS CAN EXPECT: Tenst draml portriylng how Amer;. fouthl nd 61' On ' islilnd OUlpOS!. For Brief Picture Guide See Page 56 Q

18 COMNG NC EVENTS V- ^ L Alec Templelon Templeton Returns to the Air on March ' to the Air on March 1; Guy Lombardo's Orches- tra Starts New CBS Series f s.«- w. * s r TO HOLLYWOOD. Songbird Son9bird Kafc Kate Smllh Smith sfiown shown with hor her tnotk- moth er and her dog. d09 Free Fredles tics will broadcast from the film capital while filling fillin9 a movie assignment assi9nment Wcslinghouse Westinghouse Goes West Unle.*».. there is i~ n a last-ntnuu lat-minllie es- extension ol oj tie the current cu tent Metrcipolitan Me\l'opolitan Opera season senson. John Charles Thomas Thoma~ tenslon and his WesUnglioose W(.'~Unghouse prosruni lrtjgram will tnovc move to Los AiiKelea. Angeles. from fl'olll where the imilanee bajance of the scries series will lie be aired. John Nesbllt Nesbitt moves moveli numit all1l1s with the show ~how. hill but the Lyn LYl Mtirrny Mlm'1Y Ciwnw Chorus and und Mark Warnow's Wornow's orchestra orctwlitra will be replaced by )y two other mjgrcsalitins nggj'egulions nf or the snme sume lilrh high caliber. ~uliber.... ~ C~... ~_. ffny '.~!»... _ _.. ~..._ ~..... c '.'10 h'j*#... tt-- &W' 3D. cwr <... J ':to lo» -< MC at J.iO P -w % MT. 1 SO * D *.* ' 'WT...» Switch Lands of the Free Ellcctive Effective 1'clirunry February l.nnds l~und;; of the Kite.' ~'ree. u series ~crie~ of historical hi.>;hwit al dramas depleting dcpiclins the thc light fight lor [ur freedom fn'crlolo in the early curly days day. ol lr the Americas America~. became available to tu Sunday altcrnoon afternoon listen- i~ten_ ers. crs. A iirescntnlion prcscntation of the NBC nter- nter Americnn American University of or the Air Air. it was wali formerly {ormet ly aired on Monday nights. nigh\:; r«4«*... MS - tm... ''..-. aiiai W of tn»... ~ in* t* lurv^ar... ~ '''.''_'... 4.' ~W' 3.)0 p 'T...JO... wwr.. -itic low-.- -t 3.. H.m «wt 3» V ^ LWY. a ^ p... y 1 Stolcowshi Stokowski Directs NBC Symphony The NRC NBC Symphony Symphuny Orchestra Orche.~tra con- cun tinues to present pre. ent its brilliant Sunday afternoon cnncuris concerts during the month of March March. with the renowned tcnowned maestro. muestto. xmpold Leopold Stokowski occupying the po- po dium for fo this period. Arluro Arturo Tosca- Toscanini relurna tewrns to conduct the tlle eon conc ll!ding eluding nlnl group of concerts com:erts in this series el'ie~ on April 4. ho... c ~'H'.' '.. ~ H.C. n'.wt. 4.m. CWO. 3. m... W' 2.m. f'wt' Nesv New Type News Program.Tuhn John Gunther and John W. Van- Vandercook (iercqok two f of radio's rudio s outstanding oublanding news analysts analysts. join forces force; in a new type of news program in which the listeners li~tellers will have an important part. l\larking Marking 0 a departure from the usual type of news progrnin program Gunther and Vtmdercook Vandercook will be heard each week n in a half-hour hair-hour broadcast titled Where Do We Stand? The first ilftccn fifteen min- min utes will wi11 be devoted to nn an analysis of world developments. The second half will be in the tne nature of a news question 'question box with the two experts answering queries about the news sub- liub- 20 ll1iu~ mitted by listeners. li~tt.'l1ers. The Thc piograin's pl<'l(ram's premiere under undt:r the spon.iorship ponstll-::hlp of fr the Clark Ctark Candy Canny Company Cumpany is scheduled cheduled for February Februul'Y 2fi _. Do... ~. ~... h... '.0.. Jeii W Cm w ~...«>*. ns ' v... ix-. prr d.~.'d vwr (J n... <x* r ' Hh# *9... H _ p.' &W ~... W Hoi _... Wxst.j Miit>»D*ii _c»t 5 p m twt 4 p xi CW#T Mot 4tMnM* What's /lwhiilt's My Name? Returns Arlene Kmnci-. Francl! one nne of r the thc most O1o:-t capable fcmcees feml ec~ in ;n ratlin J adlu. returned l'etul'1ed to the air with U new edition of or What's Whats -1 t GUY GUY. of the talented Lombardo dan dan. brings his Royal Canadians and their sweet tnosic music bad to a regular spot on the air in a new CBS series starting March 8 My Tlily Name? Budtl Budd Hulick. lutick of the old Stoopnagle and Budd team team. will assist a.%ist Arlenc Arlene in conducting the quiz. n the beginning the lhe program progml11 will be ovail- lvai! able only to listeners listeneni as far west wesl as Chicago. However Howevel present plans call for fo an expiuisitm expansion later. t<lter. The program progrhm premiered February FebnLafY r. _' Vn. q Jx-arM lmin4t'i... ftuitdny* m*... Ovoi Numrf'S e HBC»i<H'ui>r >1. looo bith'^iitiica).o.~o K-t. Hhii#.»i4y b* ~. «WT. wt. V.30 H.) p.' CVVT. o! (.Ol Hw-iltHjiv tw th* Wd*! CWY. '. '. '0 Wo) New MBS Commentator John Stanley Strmley. well-known well~known New England news new!> commentator commentator. begins begin!> a new Sunday series on March 7 over a Consl-lo-Coasl COlUit-to-Coast MBS hook-up. hook-u) fxtwr law H»xrO «p to.30 1 FWT.t H-Xi. CWT. f lo CWT. JO *l»vt Kaltenborn Returns H. V. Kaltenborn Kaltenbom having left his program on February 19 to visit our Central American neighbors will wij re- re turn to his regular schedule of or NBC broadcasts on March 15. Tis raid said that hal 1 during the llrst two weeks in March during the flr.<l tu \H.-eks in 1'o111lo:h hi> hl~ regular reoular sjwk!'pot will bo be occupied by an UltiiMlal U'l!111 series eries of 01 news biriadcusts. broadeasl-.. but th~ pum.or j;j'l talking. he sponsor sn't talking. mieu'th tf* V rr.'do** KrfttprifcH'M lit 74* p Mr * Hi'iwrf Cwr 4% MSC 9 *1 p is *tvt «49 v.pi. CWT w m PMTT Telephone Hour Guests The Telephone 'Telephlle Hour oitcis roffers ts il!. u.stud u~ulll high-powered linc-up hfle-up of or stars tar:; (or fo )hc the month of March. Josef JU!<ef llot- Hofml1l1l1. famous concert enncert pianist. pianist s slated to appear on March and March 8 lliicls nnct -i Lawrence w litre Tibbctl Tibbett. Metropolitan Opera O)Cra baritone on un the lhe guest list. lisl. Lily inann Foiix Pom appears ::lppem s cm on March Marcb Jascha Jat;Cha Heifclz Heltet~ violinisl \ iolini~\. on March and und Jose Ju~e turbl turbi famed pianist lianist and lind von- CO1- ductor rlnctor tloishcs nnbhes U i up the month when... lie he mukck muttcs ds his nppcnnince [lppcfl1'unce tm all March Vf[u ch 2il. 29. tl»* ~. 'T rxli-vkixi#... Mu _... N.~.'... ~W' ~~ h'.»wt H*C ~ xi 41 m ft*? x map CWT P* JO r -r pi**. New Alec Templelon Templeton Time Aloe Alec Tempk'ton Templeton returns to the air ail' on Ull March 1\1:u ch t in a five-ininutc five-minute thrice weekly wl'ckly series ;eries featuring the piono piano iin- impre ~ion.~ songs ~ongs and lhld imitations which have huvl made him justly famous. C«ix«t prwirms r-«i»)»lhii ( in-* m T.wix «laa4syv map ** imxrd o.-t *** a OB<>»> xi t(vt t»» 7 3o x.f-1 ri*t.i r Jt> p^-i CWT. B 2Q H.m. wwr. The Lombardo Boys Guy Ltimbardo Lombardo and ids Royal Ca- Ca nadians will be heard regularly in o a new half-hour hajf-hour program commencing on M MondilY ondiiy March 8. *Ur Q-i LwrrihXT*'- 4»»- Wrf «>- CW.T thjich hoi xv-t to cat f-c > (*!) o.m EWT»i30 p.m. tv Jr WBC.--N.C FTxrta... BRAN TEASERS. Arlene Francis and Budd Hulick are fcamed teamed again in a new edition of What's My Name? The popular biographical quh quiz returned via NBC Feb. 21 AUC ALEC RETURNS. March Much marks the return to the air of famed blind pianist Alec Tcmplefon Templeton in new Blue Network series. Above: Alee Alec and wife enjoy a night out O'Keefe's O Quiz Combatants Wntter Wotlel' O'Kcelc QXct:fe hns has an interesting array of qu'z quiz combidants combatants to present during March Murch cm (111 Battle 'BoUie of Uic tbe Sexes prngnini prujl am over u\'er NBC. They are. are n in order of appearance: lppearlll1ce; March 2 song-writers vs. v.s. Hingent; :;ingel'~; March.:\-tarch 8. 9 head bead waiters vs. V!:i. wnilers wailers and waitresses; waltl'; March Murch 1(1 16 rtnllo radiu directors cti!'cctors vs. VS. utius; tars; March 23 Florida ~'(Jrida people v». VS. Califontians Cullol'l1ians nnd und Mu!'ch March SO ao [anuuis fal11ull~ bosses vs. v:;. their tlleir scc- secretaries. retiirles H. (-' Kle ft ~ '!~:!!. p -x. (* *4 tua 1 r-:'--~.~~';'~ +. m H.r. cwt. c;;v. maw tm 'r r M«. H**»a TwrWily* NBC ~~:::.r «*WT. A *.m. HWT...!.1'~::.:.~~~ Kale Kate Smith Hollywood-Bound After her he!' February ~~ebnlury broadcast Kute Kate Smith pulls putts up stakes in New York and heads for Hollywood. Hottywood. War- War ner Bros have stated ~lated her Cor for a part in the lhemovie -movie version of rving Ber- Berlin' lin's This ' This s the Army. t»t4(x 1M... $;~ m.~... CS ~-;... m. ~WT. 7 T p.m Smllfi ~.. C*Vf fitpy CWT io ton iir«rtl 0 p.m. p.'. MWT. CHS WY -«(. ryiftainl p.. -Wt-i *1 f'wt.) Spring fs s Here! Betty Belly Moore whose whose return to the air each spring is a reliable sign that house-clenning house-cleaning time lime is just around the comer corner begins her annual series of home economy talks cm on March 8 un- undc the sponsorship sponsor:;hlp of the Benjamin Moore Paint Company.... _.~.. ~ _ der owcr- HU'tlmt iatuntxy. Mnftli M..Hy Moor* Hit* b* htxro......_ '0m. ~ 'u... CWT. in- CWT N«i l<r*-... xya.lmiir...'. t.. tof f. M Wval.l Ht. CWT 9:41 «in. WoOl.) Gilbert and Sullivan The 'l'he Boston Bo~ton Symphony Orchestra Orchestro will be on 011 tour touf March 13 and in its ts place on this date dille the Blue Network will present pl esent one of the well-known Gilbert Gilbel t and Sullivan operettas. Wilbur Evnns Evans baritone will be starred stalted with other popular singers. The orchestra will witl be under the direction of Josef Slopak. Stopak.. '''''now~ <.. and '1'... _ ws'tl-known.. Ciibcri.._.k muj... Striflvah ' ojwr^tm ~... <h *ih H- n. hamwa ««in. lira XvtwWh trflunj** Mnich 13. ( US..w~.15.m. 15 p WT. So'S w.l*. i-l p.m. lls»-ra. CWT. :J5 D-* - *WT. *.i* ~.' PWT-1 o-wr.l Alfred Wallemtem Wallenstein Resumes Rcturmng Relurning to New York from a trip to the West Const Coast where he directed several concerts o.:l)nt'erl'. Alfred Wnllonslem WaUenstein resumes ns as conductor of Slnfonietla SioronieUa on March 2. '...'n''''''... ~... U^ih 'd ~_... wwrr RUS.. $ P(.... X 90 c.m. ~... twt &WT J<l.o~»<»...».m. 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19 PROGRAMS FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH PROGRAMS FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH 8:00 1 A.M.....:15... CENTRAL CEHT... L WAR W... TM TME Fantasy hnlisy n n Melody: Mtlody: woe WOC WAAF-Snvi * \ ~t... irworld.. Nrvdj Htwl Roundup: fundup: WCBl> WCBis WCtS {S'JuJ Judee DsriiuElun 11]i.loo W Wood... tl( WOC KS1» i.:.d VVBA 'lth WlvlSB KBB \\ \VCt'-'-0<.. ; l-don At A.. 113c i~ pianist pianitl WMAQ 11AQ KXEL K\EL WRE WPZ-Cfiarlct W)Z Chol :lb Magnonte. antt itftot xetor- Newt.. H... s of tl>t lb* World: \'~B\\ WKUM ifionijl 4000;11 WTAD Wl\1l \VMUl> Wtlijl) WTAQ KMOX Will) l-rophecy r loh~<y in ill the he Newi Nt.. WCCO CCO WORM \ D M WND 'S.> Muck ;~ Americaiu Amer'calll \Hr: 1nUn' \h;c KUTt hlt llj-inii i Timt WlflE-Wnrdli'S! Music 'TjJ'lt hll lrlrlj.. h FOllr KV. ; Jv-bj-iiiiiiirtmc ~.\ 1'101~ (onur! Cnnrcrr WTbil flallrluiali 'mir.~ ('hu.d. *\VAAF-SV\v»; \1'\1 \~; March Matth of nl ballll; lmllh; W t> lirossu C'lturch W\lllJ) Po \'011 Jte~btrl 'hmclrii) ll~'l<' Tlirnusli lh'''ch tie lot Yeorl Years WMUDDo Vou tememberl (ioli. ~ci.u 1\UlGootl UATAoed.Morninp WOWO Chfiillail Science Reader!Orll;uK U 'i 1\ ' F.illli.ilh A: A; i'vuinvshiji ell hip luu. Hour * AWC.V-Callicilral 1' G:' CatliNr.1.. of f Music: ~usic; /l;e Newt. 9:30 A.M. WJ1 1lF_Thil lii -'l'his Jthyllimir Hhylh Age ' Southland <o~lhl'~d Fchocs: ftno(s: W!(tK 1'1:(1( WllF WHDF U'ltO tiihlo Jj.o JtuuUejoler llajlor Wo.ds Words & Music: Music. WKilH lhllh WBA W1BA WlliC-Clittrch lco.rch of God Gd WM.VJ \\ 111(1 WKA1' Ht'.L ~.L-Musn: o) ila-.. Niitiona ~.t'oo Wing! Over Jobt.: \TAO 'S.\ 1t WW.V 1l1\):-;. Nrns: 'chrh 1'.. h l 'rlm ( ii m V'm O/er Jordar.; WTAU WJS.x h\lox -;U1 1\1111\1 W]>).Mrreaii W'- 1J~ru Huitr KMOX WSB' WBBM WCCO lu. T'\1J\n WSN-H)c«'-~' t... & f. Sllhw H At} WMHtl hili. ajlll J»'.r \lu... foi fo. Siiihjv Sudy The n. Southeinatres: SOulhru' WOC \\'oe nb WKDB trjjl-wt V.f JD AVrirly.. Hadlu l;odio Lauyiie l U' VO'.Vtl \\'(\\\'0 Vi tts 'h \Tl tvn KXEL L:- Lb-Ohl Old t' 11~ul Unrval. He KDTJ Kllnu Atnsir; fhpnks Uml..s Si &. Authors; _Ulh.. KMMJi-aiiii.e '0.11 r J:ul i nt of the th. Funmg t'liimiios Music ~ 101l00id 1. f(9hioa i. ~) 11_ (.~ WUWUOd Time flrtiqion Uhl t-mu-iiul Oeins tv>itt ~nr Suiilloi.... m-um to. KWs to. luutcu roi h.irtlies l h t'... HO''''''''' Rrpone- WTM. 1\ TJ lhlirch Chll'ch Herrteei r..rn VVAA 1\ A Aotium# '._ Mlp.prate \ul. AVDZ-Sol'S 11/ i)f of PiiMu-ofu _~.. 1:15 B;15 A.M.... t.4. tvm* St -.iv. \ si*.*. l''nld~ tuilrien E. E_ Power B_gs. orsanlst: orgiolst: KMOX * WCSNrstsj \\;\ \~ Meliuiy M'ib Time Tn. WCCQ UO V1AQ TAQ 1 - at Mw lnt 'a 1111 o. 111 Deep Do' ftivct Ryt. Boyt: Boys; KSO ~D W\lAQ WMAQ With \\U t'ulcr \ ( of Tiiniorrs.w T t... WlBA WTBA WUE \\ me Wil l. Sa1111 ~ Music \lu_ Cojct Cn a. toatt on ) flut: wor WOf V. \'1 S 11 N1 hir '. Suilh _h A'oenra AMrio~ WKllU 1\ lui WCKL n. W'KiK llalln 1 'm... vn '.jty Jtuuitihatile.*K01-Netv«... Ulll-\_. Wl>li \\1~11) l.yricnu) \u Yours KM-.. 1\'11 hut U he ran 10 Hour loll. HJtlCNuvi. JUl \... WUiiM ' l-'terrlom ~ '... 1' nn the h '-od Land VdD ii Vuhc ' of toninituw WtlZ-Mlllou / 1\1 n lirjiry l«hy WMT 1\\11..w» ioeohi ' ts 111M UM!»i> l»t Uh.1 Miationariet \\'... nln... 1\ line rv.i. tp Conu-n '~n ' 9:115 :45 A.M. A... WlftOHovd fill' llo)d Jullri J tlmir... \\1\11... WMi.-- J.~ $outlot Kmlvntk lluliiirrson. ir^ Southernahes: H'lhH 'h.t Walter. W.lte' Corns CO~O. tors news:.. VstlftF R~ WdJi-^utidir UlS forty \\t.\ w<;\ tvnuk \11 WMHr \\\11111\1 Mm piinq Sunsliine ~in. Words WDh ft ' Music: MUll( U V Dots' VMl'Cl.ak \ t hats *'. *Vri.; 1\'111 SVMT Hllo \llu KWK K~K Wli/ \\1./( Olfh at ihr h. linhton.\.ok SYcrt 1:]0 0:30 A.M. A VJitt'Civilian ( L. Dctriue ~... P. r Powrr 'u.. ~ Amooc oroanitl: 0. ' wnn\l WRRM... *SS '\111 \piss... pp Jtcsico ~... Comminda CDmmln~a Mary: MirY: i\tmj \J WnllO WOVVO S\ Mt 1:'>1' Muair ~ in t. ftriiirrnlppj p\>e WlltA \\ WM-tg 'lj SVJDs \' aimlv Altnlin ~... \UL _ Ui'TJ-AUnltdl l\!ll! \1 of l!h)lhm WJJDNrsi Ctinrrli ( KSll.M'.n.ioS f n \ '\ Wrhidir. ~'-i.. W.V ~\\ Lf llrrotfast tuhut yoiijj ~ 10:00 A.M. AM. W.' All ~n l.utluian lll f... i'lern '.... ~'CCO L. ~h... 1 fit. J E.loller h[ '.VCCO HiWr School Rfv.Joriis t. Zollft: K'H h\va WJ)/ Will rmmlry r try t'hurrh nu. WHUF W (SliOK 11\101. 'AAT-UJ \UO Sunday Sud School hopad Rhapsody ol of h. the Rockies: Rock: WliOV \\bl)w Wll\f ~ TUlpl \111 WUlir-Cnvwl Tcintile WtlSVi Wilts WJslH H 1l.\ StAll witli; 1\ 1111 < l.ilvary 1. 1 larturle win l\l WVD. U Vein \... \V.F. lutir ' -Soldiers 5... tffto! of Ptoduction: '.uet.on 1B8 WKDU W: A thk.. ivlnqlen r f'liorrh KXrt. KU WfH< \1(11 \\~! SML 110. WQi W H JlH At.ih'rtiio ' Uocpfl Tob Tlhtr- SVJSSt.. onle *H Ncns:... : Miry 'll ' R... VlJtt l onl String Sng Qu'kt Quartet: \ H tmii.s Krc Kuhntr l\sin H'llli Chuirh of the An *S«>s.; SVCCO '+l..lo 1'+1.\11 WND 'me WRE WJJhC Coetiell n Ave f n hurfs til SS- \\ lv.mrr..i wl T' Hour HSOX Ncssa; fioi'o RedPil 'llnl( 1 i.ii'nttl VpLpi WLS-Joe W.s.J.. Panont Pn bu ba.. (E-3l1J Page 21 MORNNG WOWO-UiSir WO\\().Dai.ry D.-itaat D... LOG OF STATONS 9:15 A.M. SUNDAYS Listed listed n in Edition E-Midwestern E Mdweste C Cat! Kilo- Kocrdts WatU wuu Location Locloo work Power POW Net- WHO WlO-CoL J. 1. El. n P1nw Palmer... tetters Ltien cycles 11:45 A.M. WTBA-Music WTBAMuoic of.r the ht Day W.. Stud~lt Chure. Start Blut: llsfl KDTH Oubuguc D~buqu 10 owa... 1 MBS WLL-Student Churches Stan from the Blue: WSH OS WXO-Mu';ul MOlorcitdc Sal Lk. Cty TlhrnlClt C'~ KMOX St 51 Louis lo~s Missouri Msr.our1 CBS cos SVXD-.Vastcal Moioreode Salt Lake City Tabernacle Choir W~N-s.uDday M... ~ Ru... KOA 8511 L Ou W6T K0A Denver Denver. Colorado COlorado NBC WSN-Suriday Mundrig Revut Orcau; tt'sjt WJK-G)'py... (8 p.m. pm.on) VJBGGsTsy Violins Llt. $on: 1\1111/ SC 1\-K \\ 00<1 KSD WKBH Orcau Muuils Let in 5 to My Son: VVHH WTBC KSO 550 S.Lus MiSSDun HBC '(}K \lti S.000 St. Louis Missouri NBC WT\lJ \b.r. Rhlhm KWK '.000 ''''' Sl. SL Louis. u Missouri Mssou.1 MBS WTAU Masters of RhylUut WROK KDT Mas WA \\'AU Ah ull 011 (he h. 11 llcloid KXEL Waterloo-Cedar WUtrloo Cedar Falls. f.ut. [OWl owa BN 11; l/ Lt.. \\11 WAAF 950 9SO ' Chicago ChltOla. llinois l1no Local 11:00 A.M. VVU/ t.cir While Loc. '.S'j J. lit li'l rihv Vinhli* \'1 WAT '.000 Chicago Chigo llinois lnoil Local LOCil Concert Co~urt Orch.: 111{l11 WHOVV \vf:~r WKAfl W \' Kill! 1\J\1 t ( irqnn.. Moods 110<><1 WBBM Chicago Chic'golhnoll llinois CBS Transatlantic Trnutlintic C: Call: People to VVl.S 1\'1.'1101 lluiminl Ptt~ PuiersiKi. fieisit- WBDWH WBOW*t BO webs 145{). Ttrn Terre Haute Hute.lndo ndiana NBC-BN B N P' 'euiile: WCCO 'ClO VVSX 1:'1>0 \\':'BT VVSBT Uti : hlvi'slock k WCBS H Sprlngtioiil Spro9folld.'oi llinois BN WFHM n-u twmt-nmn HT t<~j WCCO Minncapolls-St. M'nllnpoll~ St Paul. Pul. Minn. CBS Thin T1:. iiniarniii >K'.' tvllt.. ll orl~' urtulnat ~ ra4 hn land. VlCfl (.. J::~'H. WCFL Chlc'golhnois (On Chicago llinois NBC-BN ftmu. phi Unit. CnulltMit. en is TACf -Kn 'm tlands }la..'l1 1.n nuh WDZ Woz 05ll 1050 ' Tuscola TUlcola. llinois MarvU T mill dl. iiiih kili lino'1 Local Locil Trout -r~. iinrrntrir. tiiul \\llr~ VVlltml WEAU 790 ' iu Eau Claiic Cliift. Wisconsin WiseOlln NBC-BN NBCBN Ti'hle-. J'!o-tl~ 'lop hp Hlll.v llth Woo SVnh-.niii-' WENS NR Chicago C~UgO llinois nos BN BH t-r or 'liitisu B'.i ruilhi. b.. uiel tpmiu!'~ lie AFTERNOON WfaM. nd'onpolslndon' [1'<1 ~'._._ ) J...~ ~. WFBM ndianapolis ndiana CBS TTnltpd Stnl.s. Muf.-h 11 ami. t-. '1_ th~ to.r WON wen u-tli tutml't 'fjliiinli pi- chu nitr- Chicago's llinois MBS rn.1 n: WHA '.000 Madison MdiOl. Wisconsin Wuonlin Local l oul *Stlnlty Stanley Dbon Dix news: news: \\-nok WROK 12:00 Noon WHAS+ WHASt Louisville Louil.'Ht.l(elll~tky Kentucky CBS Week Wetkly Wai W< Jo~n.1 Jouinal: O\) H'tlHsJ WHBF 1270 ' Rock sland. snd llinois hnas MBS WOC 11(l( CENTRAL WAR W... Thd TME WHO WHD Des On Molnes Mo. owa 10 NBC t Nevr. \. VCT. \\! JL W \U~ Mtlf WtBA WBA BD '.000 M.dr.on. W sconson NSC SN ChutCh at 13) Madison. Wisconsin NBC-BN nutrdl Jh-s«; t nllul VV.MHD l\ lift Church «t the Air; WS C '.000 ndpos. nd'ill' MS *1111\( \~ \..''''l{f H KMOX WlV WBC indijoapohs ndiana MBS KAlDX-Conrrrl Mrknlrr.: Sr*. Motace Hndt's t Musical Pt- ' C Ct**;... WLL S '.000 WNO H30 ''''' '.000 BD... U.bano.llhnoi Urbana llinois Local lk.l thsd.nenv K'O.. '1) StrklK Musiral....V*; ~. KXf.l \\f WiDa B:: WJFL \( l WtNO Gary Cuy.lnd'n ndiana ces C8S K KWK.. tin) Mifuc' _ WOVVO '11'1111 WTnll lbll WRE ndianapolis. 114~lpol. ndiana ld' NBC NC K\l.!. K \ C;'.. r Meitimlisr... bod o.w~_ ChurrS Reviewing R.... ~ Stand: 5'~d: WTltr F WSH n4injo ndianapolis.... ndiana n BN H W'AAF \\-'U MCeil:.' Po farad Y';SN WSH mo '.000 Milwaukee. Pt.ull... Wisconsin WCOM CS CBS \Shl\ WBtlM huurtay ~ndlty' Sunshine... *_ *Ne»>: W / WV. WJBC WJ8C dooming 8100m ngton. ion. llinois ndos Local loc1 Sv 1 1 f. i~ lit-1 h r~ 1'lp.hstrrian on&.t t Church wn h KDni hlln Vm \ ol WJJD ) WJR: OJ 20 Chicago. Ch.utD llinois no'1 Local loul WON \(;\ Mil.irah tr.. Jll K51 hiiiir ii'i h. WJRv Delroit. D.tro'l_ Michigan Mth'' CS CBS WHO \\11(11\ VVnHd Toinni TolllO''' roly * AKWh-News; :11 to. \ Muti- \10 V/K8B WK BB Dubugue. Oubwqw. owa lu.o BN 8H WTlH.iCa.hiells \obl ~ hi!h Mdmly VVAA'-MuskAl \ \\.\U 11.. nut ~' VJKBK WKBH la L Crosic C'Olil. Whtonsin W'leo NBC-BN NBC8N *VV 111\11 NTi Ncp..; \. \.~ MrlniK Ho'Ucitt \lu 'f'' lllui VMJll.M Tax. 1 WLS C~lugo Chicago. llingis l11<no;s BN 8N WJJl) Ul fnijilr's... Clilirch th... VLAl'-Miikii ll. 1111' iur t.. Sii'iiiuy '.. WLW-r WlW CMinnltJ. Oho \~'< Cincinnati Ohio NBC-BN WKltll 1\1i.11l Ul. Cnui-rraaliniial o/ ~ 'O'::(at... 1 (-h Cfmrch TkVVLNfl.hrn.;.Mriuilie*... ~ ' H~ WMAQ ' C~1CltD Chicago. llinois hllo'l HBC \\1.... U.. r.. r NBC WLS Urnilinv lite 1 nntlies VVCHAt T.(ti». WMBO WM ' Peoria. Pean.llinO+l llinois CBS VVMAq M.Ql Tnnihic the tit. ' Paen * VVGN'Sirrlling G' ~ ' Dee 6n 1 News \... WMT )00 '.000 Cedar Ct'd Rapids f.ds and.4 1l. WAT ttiri*dan Cmsatlers td. VVHA-Mikhu» \111\1: Wi.oo low S &r 1\111' ~. ~_ Watctlso owa CBS 8: MBS VTAQ.V'H t ~.. 1\1 1(.1 Naivs; SumUy Semiode; will Old i s.himini Kevivet Hr WOC Davenport Dn'PGtl.lo!owj.. BN News. Will 1111 A Slime ~O feienjiie... WOWO wowo For Fort Wayne. Wly/l. d ndiana NBC-BN HC-8N WtDC-NtHiiiday \\ lilt '...) :10 DiSthuis t WROK WRDK Ro~k10'4. Rogklord llinois lit was 11:15 A.M.... t WLL Xwrnltmc ~ 0... ~ Mehiitlr. WS8T WSBT South 50uth Brrd. f!trd ndiana ndlilll * M.. ees CBS V) ND Xewv; Mush Trnutlnl'c C; PlOpl. 10 WSU1 WSU owa 10 City C.low owa Tramallanlic Call; People to Loco'!.DtJ 11'\ TM' 7 ;d '. '. 111 \l WTAD* 9) Qulncy O~ln~.'~o. lltlnois CBS JUt 1' ~ cas ivuplr; WTAU WSNTu- Mvervtidiles Seyand tht C. al 01.-: \\ WTAMt Bcyonil the Call of Duly; WROK WJH Pelllr Miiiunh Cleveland. Clntllrd.Oho Ohio NBC-BN J U. in H8C N VVJJH-Hill An.iiit... 'nl\ Crftn y. Wton' 11f18(ru r1 (... WTAO Green BayWisconsin vmd.v ivniiu; 1 niiiv Pram.: ATelO' 'OS CBS.~ V'/TMJ WTPltJ 620 S.OOO 5000 Milwaukee. M'Uk. Wisconsin din W KflB-L'uucert Gems Wun n NO< to.811 \lb.n 11. HBC WAA-Mduilirv WKltll Aftmi Dili. \Hl.Win HBC National HBC_N'onol Sroadcatllno 8'Dldcnlllll CDn~ Company \U4 f't''.1 ~1 [. ~. \\'U \ 1(.' \'~.. CSS Columbia CBS-Columb Sroadcasting Broodelil System Waa-AJuslti.1 Mnlnrrailr WM.WJ Prevur ol New K.c.mlr Sy.ltm ~lp'...) lilt! hunl. MBS Mutual M8S-Mulu1 Broadcasting Boldtlll 5ystm Syetem WHHF rhureli Sers-nc VVJUD Suulti Anionr.T. Way \'T \u ' 1'.r_1 BN_Blu' Nftgk \\A f. CQ~..; la. BH Blue Network VVHA First Conpriuialioiial Ch WMT'-Alii'iral 'jtml. \lot Old L(H H. \\~.' U~' ' Local Hot L~'-Nal Affiliated A'd Wllh With AllY Any NUH Hatlonal Hfl Httwgrtc WND Klfil Uejifist Church W'OCUhl t'cdlllliild tevivet ilr... o.k WK \.lu. \ '1.Jll'.. r1 J~li t Night-time +_Nghl hme Prodrams Pms onl only ss'jjd Concert Hall VVJtOJv Alutlnpe Ahhi.liei VVkllT 111 liipicji t ji 11 tlr-ur f Network -t_h~lwo.k and nd Newi Nf Programs Prml Only WTMJ \ lu Vuii \ (.TniT!lu tu.i.y-' --Ntt.. P09' Onl :] inctwork Progtams Only 11:30 A.M. H it (till HOnCE NOTfCE : The intcrmat'sn ormuo rgnlained nn~ n ht the prorm program '~htd tched- Stars Su... Horn lrom the ~e Blue; 8u: \Ul WOT woe WOC ules ulo presented otnltd ' n these COt pages.un is unl* supplied by thl the stations StlllO' trying rvlll Caesar's CW' Slllll Safely Son Songs; 12:15 P.M. 4. broadcasilng brudu' those aw progtams. P... MOVE RADO MOVC-RAOO CUDE GUDE <hould shtmla VV H'h. Ri'iK not no he n: considered t... lftrn responsible nll' fdr lor tfo errors n.nnltnu'~h annountemenls due San Salt hake UH City (.y hllt'd. Tabernacle '''Di. Choir Pi Labor uk fur lor VltUty: VKA'l: MQ WMAtJ to 10 failure fo1 r. «t of stations ~uw.n. 10 to '~'M advise f of monl~1r monvnly ot'' program chna_ changes. ft l flrermt an WCCO C'nl WTAU \\T\[ WTMJ \T\ Thil rour lu'lt o'.llon no 11>1 ~uir1.' 0' olf T'l Mh ln. 11l:0 *\ \\\B' \\(['t f your favorite station it not lilted at gujrter- or hslt- That They Might Lire: WBOW V. VVM DO VH-N VKPH hour pcriodl. ~.i041 tonsolt te4\ltt hl the '... time luiingt 1'~O ''''''''''litl (mmedulcly p pretedrng.... < ' WM.MJ 'Q WTMJ \lou W'FJO \[l' WOtVO W09. O 1VJAU HL WMT 'NT WCoK H\ H \\ KB' \l 1 The chances d/(es are lot that lut netwoik... k m.f program of JO 300' or i!io 60 ' mlnuln' n.. KMOX \\OX Ttansallanlie T JatlDllu Calf; Call; P'OP. focpte Klntf-tiMBjlr 1\1'1111 Tiu- duration.u.lton is ~ en on lilt he air r at t a gubrter-hour... rt. ~... when h... yo you do not no! to < '-f-p'c 'flf KSH Fi jnk Cnflii A t*. VVmds '~d Y' U... 1 'M \ i. 1\!. 1 WROK?ttn<by Morninf Club find your stal-or listed. WAAFokiu* 11 KWKTrra«ui3 Nut P.mdc KND Sens. Milie *5for Stlt. n. program.. t. ffrff dl... i '_tllclt'.' fnd/caffri... ecs hmodcoif «01 WHHM BU\( J.dly r JMS J W(BV!-Kay \\1\8\1 K.7 A-hli.e \ ' '> Moms 1:45 B:45 A.M VVAA ( Hi. ttrcof.l 1 lotlc.i... ol.... H.r'...' lim ' '...' on Pp P~Y EBflhti Melodies; WHOM WTAQ HA Sip.; Witluaul lid 5 Flog ndicates rodto k s woe effort progroms!«ml 'hsihni t Lie WD/ Drep Hiser llns-s WGN Funny Paper Party. Nevrs \... S \ 'M l Ml -41 'rfiu W HtlM-Xcni; Nuiufas' bunshtne... _Slall 111l'ln-.l.[tt..'...t._ WTHf Tiim..rrtn«'«Slais Wl UM ttrrnrd.1 the Week; Ser...~... Melody's... MtlM. th. he Thlnq: T~n: 1\ WBOW bow V'ii/ Xeua; lin.incus Wech in s. ' t t.h-rb.1 vim \TtJ.\ bll U blil k>j rlt('tt'h \\ll\nu. BOWU 110\10 SVMAVJ \\'taq PJ WTMJ KSU KSD Kevirsv WTMJ-Vnu Cjii' Do tihlnrsi.ncu; WSH WAT W r enadil>u.f.*'.i.ili»l rafiers Wm\BiirUmlrcr paiailn 11'((1.1' r.... T\o. \~~~ st '1014<... Willi 0' KM h A-.-'RMiorhocd... hmtl L«U W.NU M.«l )li inri-i Mupjr ssith Mi< n WCFL Cjf tor> Ganlen Talk * \S l-n-neu.: -Shop* VVindoH CU '1 J 1./.)~... 'u<1' ' lj11.j...c... W~ 'al1 h VAAF- WAA~ J) iinblfliij Hi.N Hrvieunis S'aliil tvli/ 're.inirttao Chuieh VVfili Nfhlirr. 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WHsi lu t ulvnry ou)' 'falieriiucle WN isfinp's UiliTr Class Josel Matais' African Trek: _.[ 'fw'l hili '1 1. \... ~K~ * \<'''... i JOit' \\l\o1...' hljll A'ltan D 11.1.'liidllV's SiilMhet *H (>N Xo>v»; Mijpl* WOVVO WKlill W( «S ~ kxm. to. f'~ 1.1 r----:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;''''''';;;;;; tnl\ \.. \\JJ \ d.' (1\ WROK-Nnet WJ J11 MtitniiiK bcoriode WOC J ~.N'... s: to.~11 11'11()\\ U ivi.l Manrn ~f of flhythm t ' SO aim 11u! Music New: KM) WliOVV VVHA Rhl'QO *\V«T.Xrwsi* 11 n ~ Masteis nl A \h. Music 11\11<.1 WTM.f \\ / ~\ :>i'l ~hrint 9:00 ' A.M. SVTAti M Jusri'h's NoC Shrtne A... nyltation to Learning; K.M'X Coirreh ( t~h ol ot the A. Air: KiJO.V 'lox 1-11''' WSV WCCO Whlir WTAU W'HHM wmtm lllulll wfum fb svsivr 1\~Or wrco \\(('f 10:15 A.M ~~::':'~':::~i::~lt:~~~ Nesss. WSN VVMtll N THOMAS wr.«( KD li Mar.'m p. llivtlltn Hear JOHN CHARLES THOfVlAS 111 '''' Oel'o1 '''e Ct.u: \llt Kllii. 'P'' 01 n. Rockies: ' RF \1 -'M \1. u \[ rt... Belratt Bible CH11: WMT KWK Rhapsody of the Rockies; W RC WAAK jr' lllllli. ~\ BF KDTH Nuy 51.. Oult to.\[o_1. lit \ of lbl. ' ~~ WRDK WON WillSF KDTJ Ma»y String Quaftel; KMOX WAlT V'rplfr i.l Dil.U- finnluny '''1 '... ' Ll.U.... Nit'l Hil Bad>0 '~d Pulpit; Pul : W.MA<J taq 1i._1.> KStl Kf'S J'sx-lry hntud) ol l.'dnnnfo WOT. iln-c t.imc. ON THE U-it h.~ omu unilt ~. MfUft*... VVUZ 'lull Cairtiilar.. ' fur TmlJS Famaty h~u.. m Melody;.ltlody \X[L KXFX \1 A \ Music \... ut. ' i-uy. WTfAl 11 1'1 Meh.Hli ' huiirult; Nc * \t WMBD 11111> OC WOC \\1'11.> WND WiJ/M WKJ Crraf t tjkrv.. ( Choir. \1(;\ VVON Mpjii!P«\ iririiailp NP us WtH. ' SVC Wilt) O Slauilhy it lor... Music w S Hi ll1 Westinghouse Program hrioiijii St'''t min.ce: WHO 'hlt tvla] WD/ \11>' lll.i. U... (irot. i Hoy VRC sr tiilliiikirr 11 ' rtftl Taher WA \ 1\1 M' it.ilb' tolt.1 Tune T... VE.M' \ll\t hll Jiurcli.. ul. t tlip... Alt \ nod'.' :~ 'A.»Ail ~ hp t 1 oil oond.iv ' d.. Vhool hoof Wllst U Amiita t< i.rjlnlp 1_..._ Will. VV.L-MiiincCiU \_nto MOl M nrak.k- lts:>-. W'L'lti-HchchiiK News X So.vl Serrfee... VVA.'rAol 1111\\ ~ ill A: & Rrtirat VVJNT 111\1' l Orcn'i Oq; Mrlntlim \... * \ iui/ / Vbli 'i... *1 virh He ~ Hull llull WHH' \1! (Jv v etsiiii llddi; <.~ Class... WltlK U Sniul.iv M... Sunshine M.. hm. WrSAt'-Vcorr W_t \ ~ of nf frojihrry P'''P1w.-7 SVl.Mi 111\1) Hhjrhm iii... toyaliy n}. \\'1'-11 WW he t shim's ~ in ' ituvihiin mthm. SUNDAY at 1:30 ::~T c.w.t. p WlltA lit Xnr... woe fail Pum 'rln! V>11 \\ 'll ijahituinh t<tu. loin VVJjn JJD iiee. R G K. r Louman lo... n Wjrii'-Meitiii.lkt lit \ h 3i'<<ltal 1'41lal SSlhN h\'1 Muilcal.1 Miflitatton* td~... SVJitr-MeituvfiM \\'Jnl 'hll (Tiu'eu t... ~.. WHtiMlrfJmv WillE.p 'JW linli-eitlty r ASS'JK H Sn. SATJi... Old S'liulai... Febo! > n Jill..j' ( 1 AThum tbu.. VVTAiAtts Lr'.jir.... \\ \T (' '1. V~JD)(.u: H_ \\'1 'll' suluivt WMT Clrrh MrlMiln-i Station WMA9 WMAQ VVJJD'Mtiric Room H MA'i fohtiiwl Talk S h nl '.n rmli! thurrh c Servjeet S«lCt. VsSli.r'Dn the CrixiiiJ 10:45 A.M SiHiDA'puv Hotoifie* SV'M M.i.i.! Oinnino Sisteis 1 WMAS} \\\Q 1\0 K8< [.... M.ia' 'Bnlt WTAQ... KMOX llox WND Nl VVT.M) ' no Ut. 11.' 'og_ Z1

20 1 roar 22 POQ 22 3 j /~.. 01 nho Roun' ll~k iiiuuv.iu. iwiiy 1\'1\1.1 VM.uv.UU u!)! KH u 111.u1.A VMK '.. imu 1\nlJ SUNDAYS \\HA VltA r~o.e hom We w. Love. La.._ UJ \\lu lt«km 11\1l11 lilt \~UT 'll \ r_\q \~ 12:30 f.m.. lllllu'.< Mill! llru.d'k. 1 ~ (.bml> ll'sut VVCCO UTAl) HSS _1) \\RB\ \~m\ T'\} \\~T (( 1\\n~li til i) AlltvirMtait on 1/ Knir 'UUM KKV UTAH Wilt We Vtr Bthett: 8.'on: WMAy \\ \Q U'llOW Ho\l (VH 1\ 1 \11 Fntknitli Fnr~ nn ~ Pilfrim Prim Mauri Hour; KMlll hlltli VS \1\\11 UK \\h811 Mil (V \\1111 lit MltOK l\llol\ (VHK Wlltt~ L LulPnin.. ~.nn HOOC Ho~ U (T 1' MS'K lin 12:15 12:45 r.m '.M. * Sent: \'... : ivifii lu ivrn. F ivor 110<: (M'Ai: F\l' KWC K (Vine lime 'Olr U... kliroo Sioopnagk'. SlOGDilrOln..0lncy AQvlncy Howa ne... s: (vt Fl M Col. Stoo^najle'i Stooparwn? htfiour UiMiet * \\\'K-~ l;.. y'.» O.t llunl hum in \11 i o 0 k.mox K!'OX ins 111SN v Kll'K-Stntt til.ii tirjy'i Orel>.. \AA~--'\. lorace H.kln Musul CfeW: '-'b. t'outa KtMl't Mutual C(a«. Am.; \.~: UTAH \\~'q VSK VV AAF-.Mum-'ii LrmlLiiie* ' lit.. til. ~.. ~ WKU Chg«h 111\118 KiTi KT Sirtnc no ltii>u M'.UT Noilli Mint. Oimeh ~... \~... \1 Jill 1110 ijl h... -p... ~. no~ (\JM (VtiO (VS 111'11 Kr-llltwnlniljr \D-H-'~~ (amlcttr V 11/ i.iirf Foil. MU Lo..._ uiita 1\l8A K<.n }\<'\ Kinii 1\1111 G\-Citiv-D'.. r T..... KMT '''\~1. 1 \y (in Can't... ' Un 0o lt:i'ir.*>t WirV-riiterut at T.nnrtiti.o f~ 'hi UO.etn &- 11m 10.. ' h ''110\ Vt' l\ Vr \r. Ktio** hp Venu Yf>l' K«lt ~'u a H. 11 Li Hilli-l WHO lann A M.rUie li~ Emn i. l~ e KAM.. '01'. \1:.1. MtNtMjirsil \...' 'raiii. l'm. lit. Ft H. nk Sfutt H' Vtl.l. tjlllna t. (lownt. *011. 'J\'_Now ~! VAT.^uvrn ' \T!_ur A ' 1.!~ liillii' limit 1» / 1 Mill'.. ~ A nt it lvju'-nmv» n Minn (VlUiSJ \\.1 (;Nh Crthuiil.. Sftrwhrf..... d~ ;!-*» ~ 1/i\lltol 1(11 W Frri-i ('.. 'lffin. l'tvn (Vn WnLn. iul 1.xtMtal raj-vrt f~~n 11\ UN KqiFui tadk. lvailil>i> \\lro 1:15 P.M. 11J'/ ' twir. m. qatiuthitt.t~. V U A llfllti... Viwtvn'lB _10 *111 ' 1'\': Nil i'olillral 1'.-r.~; Talk. Nr»» \. Will- '-\.U n.jnih '>0)1 \i i.«ijn.t~ LLlnitini 1:10\110 1(1 la N* Vkt'it) Virlt\ * 10' hit Hiiniiinl ''''''... 1'( FL ~li 1.h. Vlllt) 1:00.M M vlr 11':>io 1M line t:o0 r.w. lll''l-mli-iin 1 ' iiln't.. VHZMrlm!) '. U \[rl.\\ 11.*»S> 1..v U'll.l^ltnrn1 LL Rllt~1 Mir- Ll~ tevlrrv n~.w r.. Cluplalft Jim Jm. u U. S. S. A.:... : V 1>... \V(tll.'-Meiir> WUL' ~...n Mnif it VY S\ ~\ Vmir 't Ki.r F. tnuiov... ~.-* Pt~ KM \1.1. L VKMM 1h.lltl VVrlts lit B. VLNT :.:OW Wll.l. 11'11.1. MeW-l ~d Hdl V11 flionefi lljll ~U 11 iloilo own 11'lE R~Bj.~r' HH Ot~. A.M. SUNDAY'S BEST LSTENNG News and Discussion A_M. 11:00 Weekly War Joitrnal Journal 11:00 Norttiweflern North... e.tern Reviewing Revle... lng Stand S;ond P P.M.. 12:30 Qulncy Quincy Howe... 1:00 Unlvcrtlly Unlverllty ol of Chleaao Chicago Round Table Dlscuislon lon :SO 1:30 World Ncw» Ne... s Today 2:00 Waihlngton Wdhlngton Reporti Report. on Ration- Ration. ing 2:1S 2:15 and 5:30 Upton UplOn Close Clole 4:00 Where Do We Stand? John W. W Vantfeitook Vlnd.. cook ana and John JaM CoHher Gunlher 4:45 William L. Shlrer Shirer 5:00 Edward ed... lrd R R. Murow... :00 6:00 Drew Ore... Pearson Pellrson fi:15 6:15 Edward edward Tomllngon Tomlinson 7:00 Eart Earl Godwin 7:46 Gabriel Heatter Helltter 8:00 Wniter Walter Wlncbell Winchell 8:30 8:S0 Jlmmle Jimmie Fldlar Fidler 8:15 8:45 Doroihy Dorothy Thompson 9:30 Report Reporl to the th& Nation Notion 9:30 John Slanley V Voriety grief y A.M. 11:00 Transatlantic TranutlanUo Call; Call: People to People Boll T.o.. l. A.. nlld Calnn and olhu1i P.M. 2:30 Army Hour A drjmetic dnmalit proijtim prog'am orilh h pick-up. plck... p_ liainlnt-centert trainlng cenlers of.. f U. S 5. Lorcet loru~ all ovti 0_. ihr ho norid world (o ta the h. development dt lop.nt ol of our au' sitnrd mod lortev larch Curs: GU'S spejkeiv ~ptlh. 4:30 Mllslcal Musical Steelmakers John Jahn Winthcelli Winthull: Replns Af'lin. CoHrrrt; Colbo.l; the h. StccK StH!! Sistcrt: SiSloli; Slnjlnj 5.nging MiMmtn; MlUmtn; Tommy Whit- Willi. ley toy and the ll' Muvirsl Muslul Sleelmaken Sitoimak.s 5:30 The Groat Cltdcrsleevc Gldersleeve :30 Sergeant Gene Autry With Vltdinll Vlrginl. Van. Horaer Haliln (Shorty) (Sh'y) M~rphy nd Lou Bring's Orcheslfa KH JzJ EVERY SUNDAY EVENNG WOC woe WENR WEHR KXOK WOWO WiSH WSH «:30 6:30 P.M. CWT Cnrr. el CXKaas Reuoa Tibl> llt!k-(l«inl ('miirtt S««proQram (tonqi far nor* dolalt oorf edtftfienot rowi pro^ramt 9:30 John Stanley A.M. P.M. B»l) Trout RorjLd Colmm and othe'o Murphy and tou Brlnd't Orthtilra DON'T M/SS MUSCAL Oit fhc tlo N»tworW Coott'te-Cootf Sundoy 4:30-S'.00 P.M. C.W.T 'T'S WHEELNG STEEL puiz 6:00 Jack Benny Show 6:00 Jac k Benny Sho... Mary Mar Livintiione; Lt~int)'one; Ornnn Dtnn Oay; Oly ; Bsihevirr; RotheHer: Oon Don WLnin: Wilson?uevt g.. esl oirhetir. arehlln 6:30 Quiz Quz Kids 6:30 Fitch Bandwagon BandWagon Tohe Tobt Reed Ated m.c; m.c.; pueil guh otchecltat afche~t' 7:00 7XH) Chase and Sanborn Program Edjar Edt Etrgrn B.rgtn and.nd dhailit Chlo. McCailhy; McCarthy Oil. Ollt Evans: Ray Aay Moble's Noble's Qichnira Orthtitra 8:30 Texaco Star Theater Fred Fre4 Allen; Altn : Portland Pl)rlland Holla; Hoff.: Jimmy Jmmy Wai- W~ hllqlon: hnpion; A Goodman's Goodmln-s Drehrvlrs Oal. 9:00 Take t or Leave leave t Rhil ~. Bake*. 8a~ ou>rm»rt«t o~i1mlilt' 9:30 What's My Name Ariene Franm and Budd Huliik 9:30 Whal' My Name Arlone rnels nd B.. dd HUlick A.M. Dramo Drama A.M. 11:30 That ThOll They Might Mght Live Ltve P.M. PM. 1:00 Those Wc We Love Nan Ctcy Goy. Donald Woods Wood~. Hrlrn H.len Wood Alma Kruqer Kru~ and n~ FranrLs F.neli X. )C. Siishman 8Ulllmn 3:30 Lands of the Free F Historical Hi.tori1 d<amalizslion.lltlul.on 5:00 Free World Theater Thuler The Th. mil ir and or puc. act aims lms of 01 well-lnown... -known tropic people mil will Be h dramali/rd... ml1l10d Arch A.(h Oliolef Obot.. will dlrecl dlrf 5:00 6:00 First Nlghlcr Nlghte Drama Di witn... \h rs lts Tiemaync Trtmlyn. and n' BaiBara B~ Luddy hdd) 5:15 rene Rich 1:30 7:30 One On. Man's Family 7:30 Crime Doctor Doclor 7:30 nner Sanctum Mydtcry Mystery Dramatic Dr.oml!ic myvlcry y.le.y thriller h.ltr. with h ftaymood A.ymon' Edward [dwlofd Johnson Johnson. narrator narralor 8:00 Radio Readers Reader's Oigcst Digest 10:30 Unlimited H orizons 10:30 Unlimited Horizons Classical Music A.M. A.M. 11:30 Salt Lake City Tabernncle Tabernacle Organ and Choir Frank r... n~ W Asptr.. organist og~n1 P.M. P 1:30 John Charles Ch.rles Thomas baritone: barltonc; John Neshltt Ncsbltt stories! storle6; Concert Orchestrit Orchestra conducted by Mark Warnow; Lyn Murray Chorus 2:00 New York Phlfharmenlc-Sym Phllharmonlc Sym phony 3:30 Pause That T Refreshes Refruhes on (he the Alp Air Andre Andr~ Kestelanelz' Kosltlanetz' Orchestra: Or!n.strl; chorui; thorus; Ted Cott. CO\\ m.t.; m.!.; guests guest. 1:00 4;00 Symphony Orchestra Leopold Stokowskl Stokowski conductor 1:00 4:00 The Th. Family Hour Deems O Taylor: Taylo.; At A Goodman's Goodmln' Orchestu; Orchnt.. : Gladys Glldys SwxlhouL swarthout. soloist soioon 5:30 Metropolitan Opera Auditions Wilfred Pelletier Pelleller. conductor. conduclor. The Tht last lu broadcast bro~dcaj 4( 0' this his ptogram program is Sunday. SundilY. Mirth 14 8:00 Manhattan Merry*Go-Round Merry Go Conrad Conrld Thibatilt; Th'blult: Boys Bon and Glib Girls ol of Wan Man hattan; hllkn: Victor Ardm's Aden's Orchestra Orchestn 8:30 American Album of Famillur Familiar Music Frank Ftank Munn; Mu~n; Jean J.~n Ditkenvon; Oltktnlon: Vivian Viylln della Chirsa; Chlesi; Buckingham Choir; Chair; Bcrtrand Btrlrlnd Hinch. yiolinist; Gustt Hnnsthtn' Hitjth violinist; Cuitavt HatnscBenT Orchestra Ort~e!lra 9:00 Hour of Charm Phil Spitalny Sp.lliny and.nd his a'l-ttlil ghl orchestra orehtsttil UM -(HUH..i. ~ lilt Kill l.ltl]. Lu 1 th 'lvu ' W (At \.\1 'eiuuly ~ 1. ' W LV'H' llmnt t.. r*. (*>»«vs 1\ '/ t^-t 1.~ (VV!\. loice;.-..r; VVMT lit tnli.aj tl!' Hill- C!l»'>n C..<\. W 'BC KK Friemt t'ricj t.. r Jaruel hru.1 Vt 11' T. f Father F~h.!l.!...~n 1(30 1:)0 P.M.... V'irl Melh 1 XTl-Mplmtl VVAH..\1: Vwtirie \ Otl~ 'enple'r ' ~ple. Cluirrk 'u(k WSH 1'1~ll'uilai~ thiltarlim Clmrel (hurrh lb. l. (rl John JD~n Chartrs Chrln Thomas Tllom.. (Wcstmo- VVHA Kuiirert futre (Westin WJr.l'Mflrv J:C P. ll'iur 1r 1111 'rh~. m hy hollst): housel; John Jlhn Hnhitt: Hts!lilt; Concert V'.Tlli Tlie Mialecn Way Contert (Vlt'lK 1\ no.. nirtttiak (1riou llwli.i Rao. Fllctu.... V J LL L 1'1 'la.. y Uoose» Otth.: Ofth: Knji V \'TAE RK VtB.l \SA W1N \'1111 H f n...~~ Fin re A nol \\\t\~ 1\1\811 nl~ ). ^lay 'il' Vevme V.. 't tlkll W ll-kj ll'kb UTHJ 3:00 P.M. WH:\ -(unct..!'r!e VUU 1\ L\L' H 111(j f) VVJ CUBrrrt Hme.f.. ' ' * H' Vnlllfl: W)() 'Lih \\'~n i{jn~' 1~~s:wo Xrr tinwrmtr*! a NatT Vesoeti: WHW (VLHs V.JH Klr.e'x Amkasxidnr a. fteijjj... * u. f A WTNR \\'fsa WOK W()!' VVKHB WKRB ' VKllll... lb lviflluin; ~_t.. S^nin.ry Smoi~. World W!! Kf»» Now) Today: TD4~y; Aum A~nl Je- Jt. Army Moun HO~f: VKHH J (VMiT.nT Or. Hob 6vb June. J.. mima...'~ 11 H(U CO K.Mt'X \.\lu.\ VUBM Bn Lutheran Lutllnln Hour; Hour: WTtnK 'HRY VSV \\'1<;'1/ W'T.«lTr WT<l.Q T. Time Tint nn \DT '.104. fc V'MT KT 4:45 P.M. 1 *Shaw Sh;.. ol of Yrslerday Vestl.dy i.. Today: Todl}: New How York Vor~ Philha'tnouc f'1i1hilrmonlc Orch.t Drch.' Wllfiam.Wlllim u L. Shirer Sblftr. news: nows: VA '\lt VKXTl 11[..\1{ Wthll WN ll'cls \\'CB~ VTv'Kl W VVTAO wn.d V'BM WRJ KMOX ''''OX (VBM( VBA\ VV0 fro KXlit XEL HOC K 11(11(0 \\U\\O *S~ *Ne>ei-... KSH (VS 1\1<'11 11 WfSfl ls} VVJ HQ AQ Wis.x '''''!i (VMBH \\\180 V'SHT l's8t VAAFOK _HOlt ijjr.r (irftnil U...-rd.*K\VK->'» \\K \' Music Mu;t W A \\1' VK n lu~ MijlHiu..o tu 10 cite the VVolte.. lz VV\T.Sfri[ilillr \T Scrip'''''' Ttulh t. KXFLnelietmr- KXFL-n~li.i... ilnue ilollr l\'l'\) WTNH Wisriiili MO' Mrlolirl * V'l'l. \\'1 r. Xru r «X XnieJ n virj Cus.d ru~'. \'A'-\li~1 VVAV'Mmlenl Mnliirruilr M'umh' W.lil! WJl Th'i -rhi. U Our Cneinv Enm\ Urrli W41 VA r-qiriation r O!riotian Calhnlii C.rholi t'liuren ( huu 5;00 t( 11/Trrf»oi> T~') Mar '1 Farailr l a.lml. 'CFL-.l VV it L-ljlllier... ju Las...\ men's..tue etrue 5:00 P.M. '.104. [d... A. M~frow lolim ~ 8)1 Krw. :0;. lrmrl rrutd of oj iw 'h \\Ul WU Tjlct.l Ta'f Qiirsl Ednard R- Mbrrow news Q... t \T K~(\!\ \H '1 (Vrrk Wl!V G\ S K>rt*Mirn't <;p.rb'~~'. WAT MiltS WFKVi Wm ii nolli.hl VHflM 811\1 WSV 'h~ *(1 1 11'(1 HX-XrWit; Nt. 'lintrrt uri tlrcl O.d. VV \\11 HA VV't-il \'~'l\ Si l.'rs lye is CathoUc Ho~r: Gunt Sp~. VA 1\11\ Srn. Nr'H. - f SillilLts ud~1 Selvnatlc Calholk Hour: Curst Spkrs.. ~t'~~u. 1\'K811 WllOV 'Hl\ HAQ H nil W «:..S irj G til'l '(.ilxinoeli.httlc Wt1.1.-lln;i.l '1.L_lu.1 (o Van- WKU (VltOVV W'HiA VMA) l'n'~ U'UX 1!._ Pub]i. Ptil.lif A tra: ll jir.; Vrtir y Mimry lun' Wt ' tile! JM'uil \'iv iif 'hir.s-fn nic~m tuilnrl Fust Fh~1 Niehtcr: HiM.r: WH-' R WON 11(;\ 11'1 VnV..\ Tirl-finn 1' Sunrf ~..-~ Diinrli 'h/ 1'11... PT ihi AM.- id i f vvkic HJHCAs.- 1\.'!.. Marti '~j'' linn!lulu VV.Jf 11.1lJ.( 'aruile 'wfqd. nt tamla U.nd~.Hfws: News; Free Fu Woild Worl~ Theater: ThUle!' ' (i.tirin \ VVUli U' o)'trn'.1 imni-ftl Hall (VU. 11TH. 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21 Announcing Movie-Radio Guide's ANNUAL STAR OF STARS CONTEST the April ssue *c m~ 0.10'. d.m. L Se. 1\ () Jil \llt W'nli WfR\t HA~ 11' Hl'O \llox 'U\ TAn K-Pian/ lf8' \coi of 1'... >tq 1\n _ Our Ehtn-. lum \1 \.. 7:45 ' ntl Huttu. e!: KYK lilt \c;\ Wlillf 'T F:Hun. in Selonr. \.tt(' P.k ('hg h.11 : \. ' :00 '.104. M... hnl.ln Mtn~ G. A.lOnd; Con... 1 Thin.... b~r.. Girt. 01 ~l;h.lla; \i<-to. Ad~' Od TA\! WltF: WMJ k~o KO.\ HO WB. \\'\Q.~. NGHT. \!.fr \<>~! TL.11. r')~ <~' G~.. \.1 t il \~'. W ~. ni.!'..~ 1 1. \'i~ ' '. \ ~.1_1 \.). 'no R.doo RUdet. Ol9cst: lill' K\10X W-\! weco is'' JJt \\~n WilD\! V'U 6:00 '.104. CENTRA.L WA.1t TMf: Benny Show: \'olu 1\ J'1 W\.\Q WKU ut Corlln Archer: 1(\10.\ h.. '( \\uum \\ \\JJl W~lT. il... PU'lln nl'wc; \\~ WO\O KXEl. WLV UK WKH Vo of Proh«; Klnt's Htr _JOJ \1a~ Quartet: W K\\ UK \\10K K!JT *..... WeBS wen. 11 \ F ~ode; N~ J! '''hlt ~\. ly.l.\/{ Mel... lil.1 ~ liolu.... (;/' D... c.. 0..:11.; 1'1 \\l.-\s not-l hllxu; M... 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Toniiiiy WlND WTl).H Jlrartlif.nha...uhh. n' of Ansrriro ~'..ea VXU 1\ A -\ lu loll / in il X...a-hv 'u ln AFTERNOON \ J 1lC-s...u~ v... hllt Rre ynu lllu!lhin' at? : what lire yrm ntigliiji' sit? WlJr \ 1.:. l)u.- t)... DMAKS U'~' Sen.\~. a 11:00 A.M. Tommy; TOJlllny: Lnnk Look at nt the gas tank tank not -not a ;::cratch scratch * VVABO \UU; \1 ~' Sana :>i.'... Kate K. Smith Smlh SPUkl Spealt Hews; Kcwt: Noon Hoot! on t! it! Wrx'-Sons WOC.s.. ' ~ (' s 1\10 MUX... W llb HUM 1\ltO WHT.' Un! W FLM W... R /1... ~... tv 11 >lit Mrrl \~-.. h. lami hnd W-sN l\i.. ~ WMHO 1m WMl 'T UTAH lfad CENTRAL WAR TME ( AMUrvll M Vr r«mpm l;i<» ACM WSt'l WSl l\r~~ h'rriiiuc ti.1 \'''ory Wioty ABoake '8 0~k. Cailei Citor. comm.; umm. \WK KW'K tile L'. Can Be B~ Beautiful: Bnuul~1; KMOX - DR. HARRY HAGEN W 'laq AQ ' ''' Vamr 9 AS ~r Hate l'ne won 11\ wimi' 1Uf wink 111;111 WHUM WHO '''' WMBD 1\\lil conductor o( of the True or f/rel MH v«ur You Neighbor: 'KHB tvkhb AH.fl_ R. Bavthage Bluk~i~ nessv: ~..: tslliw' BOW Mernlan: DulTy there~ Oh. no. Tatte F~lS! quizees qulzzn 10:00 A.M. Mrrman: s that Dully over there? Oh no Wi (S U~ Witts lt~ nut. ( 1 wrsti \bn Blnkli.! n S.dl.: O-U woo~ M~t; 1\ * :>i.; 1111; WJJU ; moosehead. Brcaklasl at Sardi'i: WOWO Vi'oros & Music; Ks)i AX.sis: UW t tvjju WOC it's n nmosehciid. \V~J (9:00 un Continued) \\'UU \10(' ' wnw i(xel.. Archie: Whnl YlU thil\ll (hnt Willi {9:00 a.m. Contlnufd) WSH WKHt HOC AX-. Mi) WCH. WTSU K \ UL Archie; What made you Hi nk that wns Wilt 111i1 A WnC 11(lt.: WTA'J W''Q 1'1'1 1 Uf.. ~1'i.. Dlffy'! Road ROid of 01 Life: Le: KM) 1i.U WHO!lO WH1E Km Organ Meluiliet Uuiry? 'lhe A. h (\j N i L N.*n.; ~;.tleljn.e.~ ' 11.\ H s) huu 1[0' *11 *lin Rfl«Rou MiFalUnr; Mrullncc W'.OK W A A Sitniduirric Hs«ie WHOK WEAl UTAH tvicrill \\Ul WMAQ \\\11\1 WMJ Merman: ; /luch tupid-hking moo!'e. 'U *» ' sir 'tr sr«>. \. i;..iii..ii(e f! tt UT... 8:'1' imcnuan: ll't such a stupid-l<m>king uuxoc. *>»:...' 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Favur Romance o( Helen tienl: WMT A Newt' Strictly Pcrtflnal: KtVK W'BJM WC'.Ti WFHM WTSS Guiding Light KSD W'MA< Ktyboard Harmonl: \\'SBT tu 1\\1U.\ \!-fllll weco WFBM Wlli.. \1'111(' 'MUO \\'TAD TAQ Kcyboird Harmomei: VVSBT trs KMuX tvllftm WCCO vvfbm tvllll WTliC Am~ndJ 01 HoneymGiln Hn: WTAO Stri.tly 1t''''Mnlll \'UD SN. Nw V W'TAD WTAQ Will) \\11(> LS \\'~1AQ Lopez' Orch.; WS1 *New WHOV EAU \KR ftmanda o( Honeymoon Hill: WfAO Strirtly liisuumeiitti) WMim W5N.Veil. WTM1 WLS WSTAtJ WTAJ) \\'~t'l WBBM W(CO WFB M * :>i'''' G~ W1l1l \lbml DB 11TH. KMOX WSBM WCCO UTBM Sens WON WK W'TAD WStH Vincent Logez' Orch; WSH News: WTOW WEAl WKK W'llnW WKH i VCTT. 10:)0... ~.... L\ 11'0110 \1 LL 1'1S~ nioo WMT (llnl ~.i]l F~ t.. cit *. \'\f WeFl WNO W. & L.Jrn: KMOX 'T W1?\ WMDD WAT 10:30 A.M. K i ' J stnily far in Circle 1 jrn. '.gm. W HA WOWO Wlt.t. Nrwv. VVAAF W'CFJ WND We Love i Lesm; KMOS WM \lt Tia~~ tim. 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WBA-Uncie Sain WTF.-JacU aiker WJJD Music Heel WTsll-Vuriety 'rgiu WJ> \'J.lf'l.iveo.venO'k... k Grain Marken FREQUENCES *Wl ~N \1 HC 'iendl\' Qu DO\\'1< h 1~.. ~n'.; KPTH 1310 WLL 5S0 WlflC.'iiehfilv llouiio W'DZ-Caleiulur WDZ C.iendr 10' fur Today ToJ~y \\L~ VVLS MjiL'U 1V15N Ucissn 13} lloeiiiiin'lt; ~kfl~ 'W! Cuidillq \MOX WU. Mketl; *WLH-Mrrken; Organ OrKan Mood.: Moodi: WEAU-Gtiiduiir WJ:;AU-Guidu~ light 1.l~11 W'MAQ 11'.1A\j-~H. M-oie o( of Y'_!l'nla) Vcslenlsy ~.! New W lit) 11 (iuiilhig Light KDTil-lJfO WLL.) no W. ~... nl Tiln 850 WRE_1430 1'1. New i WCN '!i.. 1 ~1ll~on WO\ U lu. in * WJH( \'-. Swt..; M.lo:tU WT.X-Mu.ieal Miltvs.ncnu WOW Hearts n 1~01l)' Hanuony AW'J News; Njuirls; Markelt W'l L KMOX-nao WND ibo * Timv KOAgSO WRE. 4)«\\n lin Red KSD S50 WSH-ll' WJ.t XJ ~ ;0 *11 1\ 0 ~. WBA.Lind~ F'.t loe WHO>: lhj Cluh \(K B. O'l!:h KWK l110 WSN SO *«\D Xrn» WHA-limla'. 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Wi 11< t < c The Lion's Roar: Major Moople: n \BT VVS(T VVTAQ \T./ VV.MT lit VVJsl i'11 WKBH 1\08 W W V \l F'. Kniirrrt ' in lihsilim ll < WKTHl \ 1111 l.dms tnlle«e. 're. R~yt/l Rhythm Ememble; [n~' KWK kk KliTH KlJru Capum Clptl'. Midnight: 1011' lit: KXU KXtl t'r WUSt Fied F Waring W'nn n i Victory V'tlort T. Tune V ll'or's liidthtrf Av f)/ 11 iffiini on 1... hr land L... WKHTl 611 Socicil Heart / a Sports; S;Orts: Joe Jot RlneC Rn. Orcti.: \0110 WOWO WOT VVQWO 1101\\1 Time 1 VVHK lre VVBOVV \lsc11\ V.TCUH KB! V. nx Xrws; f(ttnlioi. '[ rx# Will'' \\Jl. Jus..'1 ll Wot.. V.'StT \ n lire Cm He ~ Kealltlful S.... liful k-ir H llasiiean. 1CX KM i'l Wl8 V'lCt Rn Sill Stenn. Slef~ sports;... m WfTL \( ~ WOW \~ 1)11\\ \ fu. LW J VV J. ' Mtng Stinji V.JJ1 'R llellelllr.n» WTM 111- nf... llonnr WNVt VVTAM VVLW V1WJ l..r wot; *.Ne»<:. WLL WlllL 1\ ntl VVM \\Q MJ \\!Ol h Y L fl.' VVtllA (aim lou - ) ' '1h'l ~~~ lews. Jr~~: -Be BUkluU. WRE (10 ilu 11ooZH. 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W'A f Vans; lieasnry Clir.l ' '. 'M 11'1 'An 111'.. '10' Story of 01 Mjry Muy Marli~: Martin: VSMAt}.Sr.. WSH WSS WAT WTr fj- Mneirale ~ ) 11K\! \C (.11 ' 10 wiik!ll wiat: WU~ vvtvu w hum win. nu Wl T. Mole bliese Kellon. nantrlaidl riao K'lt '! d ~ 0)«iit Chdll Mstum; Han': k>io.\ 1\.'10' \188 wuov: KVH 'tipuur llernfil Show VM'/ \ Ks*. Kev \~ MONDAY'S BEST LSTENNG KVHX... 1'1. ><Uur «~ lor. tjuj-l.tet '_'~ H'' nco ' WCt (1 W HO\! KB«W l HM ^.svlce Jstnri * h \1 B s... '~ 1\ Srv> wen. Wl FL WNO \\1~D 1lf VV'llllf KW K M J 15 Sliuw; Seen Vvr * U'l.inrn lot ''''' \ Vfrtory <'flit \\U r.y.i(!ub 1111\ ~ (an'. 1.. Wit/ WAA ll.e 950 Chdi WTV-Vm* C a n't l>is llnsiness eo.'... \i! \1 CW \\1\ K Mmlv d~ Vsltry 1.11fT SoVs VM'Jf-Muwe ut (lie Meurn; «i'li tiro t lutes 'H \.... S... 1\ lit(... 1 \... KX 11'1 l.imi 'rvm. Vnt-r' Vevnc'i F'aunly; News WUC Ninslilne Girl. See program listings for more detoll and otfrhtfooof news progromt 1'... 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Bw.tbst Club; XU OC Gold~n Gilt Q ~Jrlet: -~OX WSlT lfaq HiPP1 lick. longs: WOOli' \\lhf WKUH * ~\\ \W VlO WROK 1' u) 'lrictiu t.;... o J' & J~n. * AT 'l'al'narit r 1lnes; l )1 Mu.i.~ l (luck c.t~ h. 1\111 \i'rh~n ]) ~rro Oaoeo WEAl \to Pe kim Page 26 MONDAYS i i LESLEY WOODS t>p >eart on Monday nlflht n Bull- dog Drummond oorles (6:00 p.m. Cenlinmtf) *KJ(KL-Tip Jun't t*.u; fjpw* ^VAAP Off Jhr <*cnfil VAT-tlrm MH'.illii S l»jl» U tin ll i'mid't lli'ititl'}' \VHA Mj-tri-n»rl««*»( Alunic WKVftnnr* H» VD.L lk't»ir«tt tl-».inn *WS>' Voirr- Ml Nltll X*** (SMDC Dianpt '^urr WJili SoprmiilHr Emlif tt'mag bntr! 4 Simi. <h WMUli >(ioi t»; ''unc of To-Jay WOC-WUh c Stmc n \oiir lints VOUYU^mr fyiyn WSV Jinofr Hour MilMt 1 6:t5 P.M. *Nr»is et Kt WciM: WMJ VtE WAM *VK» KSU wkuii nrita wi AH miaq Thf Johnww rymily: KDHf Ctllioi Uniimitfd: W1AS WMT KMflX *V.M «tss WBBM WCCO WJH KWK vvrmk KXEt.-tWfrti'yii * iy inry SVAAF..n'y tynr. WAT-nimirr (lji»y 4 Almrr VO'LMH-jcj»>>K-(i* wr.s'»(! 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Dance Orch.; Newi: WOWO KXEL W'OC Dance Orth.: W'MU WCCO WBBM-J.lSl W> Tltrrr WEXTt-Xvkas; l(li>il.jn al Ran- klk.m SViJN-Daore Orcli Witt! Memsirahle Slt.iir VV.MAQ-lferiile Mintr. pianist 11:00 P.M. nhey.; Three Suns liio: ss'llt'. SS'HOSV WKH WHO News: Dante Orcti; WTAQ W.MH WSUT WMT WSN WTAU Dance Oreh.: KUTH WG\ WnoK Dance Orth.: WKBU WOWO WOC Nr..: WEN t WCCO W UBM AKMOX-Seaa; Music KOA'Nnsa: (*c mtar Vl.'tulii - KSU Near; Mystery; Mll'ic Yuu Want; Vlneeal Leipr:* rtrrh.; Sesss KNtilul'iict- Sam went Dance Orch. WTTS! flrtkes A Sparer WU- Maslersvirhs SM 111' >1.1 nc of Hie Ma.lers Wlnc-Seisa; Ejujrti tii >u Mix Mersluyfv WUE-Neyis; Music Veil Want a SVJ (' \rna; Music a S - Nrns; lunee O/eh SVMAfJ X'ekfcy klvntent Mctvieale AlVTAM-Newa; J'oputar OtcH. 11:15 P.M. Dance Orcb.: WOWO WT.SV «Cal Tlnney nevik; UH KOA Treasury Sfnr 'uiaily hwk B.JJjy Sssalu'a O/eh. U'-l ir. Telxh't llrwr VVCliO-DaiK Orelt WENTi luiu Utsese'a OreH. 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CENTRAL WAR TME llevrt ol the Worlit: KMOX WHOM WMU SVMVT SVTAD SVFUM Air* Drelcr. ne»st KSD WHO WEAU WLS Win. Hdlman nesyjj SVCBS WTBA WHE SV KB WOWO wm. News: KUTH SVMT WTill Musltal SVJ HE WltOK KWK Zrl. A Kens KXEL Bill A Ev.ilit'k SVAAF-irrjkfu'.t xpirtt Vt'C'J-Aif SV'GN Urcor- l-cketllr *WHUr'Ncksi; t.hum) the Town SVTHC-N-kki. tanat. Hands WLL-Coucrrl.Vl.k WND X-kks; uksli Amclean WMAQ 400 llniir; Vena WOC-Ncm; Sp«>ils WTAQ fynm Tim WTMJ Sews; T'np <>' h M«rn- ne 7ns A.M. Do You R-mrmherT; KSU Pages of Melody. UK 111) Musical i.'wkt SSTHA WRE wmbo wirui' Witt wkbu News: KMT. WAT WCCO WltOK VV HUM SV10W Kimi-Ta 'oil KMOX Urnrk Vatlrties KSS'K CniiHell VCfJS-Mualcal Cluilt; Sews VSTiAUT'u. uk News SVFUM lirly jiinls VVCN-Ncns; Jlrcord Hcveillc WHO Time n Munr wmr!.oi. WSH MnrnlriE.Mall WLS. (led Folry A Sadrlle Pah SVMT Hauin WHi'-Soiie ('oi.vov WOWO Neithhot Bi!) WbHT'Miitiiiiic llucl- VVTAQ-ToWm HaU Flayers 7:30 A.M. Tens Jim Robertson: WOC WOWO New i: WHO WJUC SVKBB WTAQ MWk.rut ( tokk: WTtUK WMBD VVAU KHTH (irnrricrrt KXEL 'invlivllle toic KSV K htiltk uf 111* Piniieeri svunsi \v'wi.ih«svrii VVfTrt Vu-irai 'tmnes SVCL Tim- in blmi WTA-llamlkkuc'irk; S'-hi TUESDAYS WKF.niiHaM.iM rtuh. WlilA Kcvvi; Miiikieal Clock; Betty Baion SS Hti'iJudy Pei Llns V Hint NHk WLS Mur A (W. WVT-Miinjliin- Mrfll.itJon*; Tips A Tuner SV'TMJ News 1.'u u* the Morn. inc; XeHt. 7:45 A.M. Eranklyn Slcnart Enleitains; WND Sens; KMOX KSD KWK VST-AP SS 111 SS HA WSH VVDZ SVJJO SS'i.SSO KST-ManiHinrr; Rhyllim at flerrllle SVATT-lea'.h A Home Hour WUUMJnlly Joe WliHr-Maikel Ha.iel Wilt) Duck' Stan SS' BL-Dul) T ailen WH.L'Sludenl ( mrrkes SVSN-Xakku: [oily ftikrrs: Nriis SVJJtC Ho-h Mo. nine 'rym. WKBU Musirtl Flock W LvAmofid-. bnuw. songs tvmr BreaktuM Cl'.li SVO.'-X'..vntltie WSUT.Kma; MutnJhg Buitie SVTAQ Doric Lnuic 8:00 A.M. Everything Cocs: SST-'AO BrraHuii Club: Don MtHcD we.; KMT. WCUS SSTKL VYUOW SSuWO WSH WKB Newt; WTAQ N.-kv WULST SV(i\ VV1BF SVKtH SS'Mlli) KTJ'nt *X-hi; Music: WROK W'OC fkmuxd'aionlr Melodies Ks-lr lkran*pupi'v* Jonrs & Lei KWK M J M... VS'UZ Prairie Kay \s i.m.11.ik Jjo./ euk Muslr VV'HA Mudc Vwi SVanl SS Mr) tmntle fikoiudup *SVl ll.avk»: Anirrira WlLLTikforr of Naval svailare; Btllfeliii Ttoorrf SVNDXr**; M'jiiiii.g Mctralin SVlbN tlke A htiuie SVJ F-Fun. ily Akiiunar WJJ) Morning Serenade SYUS liuhnliusirrs ss.maij Vout SVielih. WMT'Fofinusffl News SVCHt-Alominx Chard WTMJ-Marnriig Uu.iinliip; X'chi 3:15 A.M. Melodic Mttmcnls; SVN WTAQ School ol the Air: WhliT Everyihinq Goes: WKH K5P Ne.'s: WRE WLS Kli't'll lhytbin al Reveille '.MOX Magic Kithen WAT f'hrirlfamly in Action S'BBM Do You sriuir the Ats- ihtrf VVT1Z Ur.h 4 Jim lio.urs SM ih Mrs. Far. SS'liN-finish A imile; (local Morn- ing: Aunt Jrinilliu SVHtl -Musi.u! 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Break fast Club; KXEL V OC Golden Ca:e Quartet: KMO.X HSHT sstaq Haopy Jack ion 51; VBOW WUF- WKH Xe.'S- KSV'K WlVU SVHOK KTH Voi'i.1 Varieties KM' Jii'l.v A Jan SVAT 'al.eri.a.-le Clilniet;.%'»*» VvmiJl Musical Cluck SVCi Lilly ft Jane V\DZ Kiichen Bam (>a«ee WEANMu

25 it!ill \ 1110! turiiilb oil) llinise lu. 10:45 A.M. '1-4. L ; / ) Pg' Page 27 Z7 The OPA Took My A Book Away AWl.L.MJikeK; 11'111 ~el': Mii«ri ~h'l< '.. hew* David OF'O Hanum: Hum: Who \\1\0 WillE WUtE.''\1' UlNi>.Veils.\~... Kill 'U WMAQ \\M-l WTMJ nu lliought thought Wll> was a a~ wise (' guy * AW \\ JN 1111 Sewn; \~~'. M.'uhtl! ~l ktlj Aunt Au't Jenny's J.nnr 1 Slflfl' Stories; KMOX CMOX TUESDAYS And thts this s is confidcnlta!. confidential. tvjjd-sjlcly \\JJll~'dr V Court WUBM \\ 8U)1 WCCO WFBM HUM WMBD «KB fill. tiinie ' Crnnoiiiics f_~. MT Every day X used w;cd my car var WMT WflWC-J \\11\\0 twine '0 forluit.'otulll A Ai S Lee Let Reiser Rtiur. pianists; pl.lniu': WOC OA KOA CnvultaJc t'u.l( c-f oj History lory For driving nen-cr-scntinl. non-(' entia!. tviok 111'tH Houaeuivt's' ~ {-.n Jotkynl J~<j1 ll' WLSH WKBU lib WKBH 111\811 KSDMiiiie so (0 the L:odi Ladles.. Wl T Aq \ l.iuii'ert Nrl (; Clems... Klii'H'Mu.sirnlc utd WAAF 11.1 \r Sidnle.[ulo to td Hie 'h America- 'otflu OPA. ':45... lt '... h. Ao.) ' -11 H.. jarh.. C.~ A fig 'd say for the OFA 9:45 A.M. WAT-V'dve id the Army WAT-flluejaikcis Callm*.. lone Ja..: K~) \\110 \1''dAQ \11.h rular \u t WOl l'auoe Dt 1V01-llip: Balld What care 1 \\hat what tn.nsplres. rnnspircs. Lone Jeumey: K5b WHO WMAQ WCB5 'upulur Music VVD7-Pau*e for Worslilii; Band WTMJ \\'1.11J WRE WCF.-Ti. lfl T'' Top rop bhooo Ralionrd rot'a!. Melb Music: '1U'l~; hincinc ~'; Ncus ~~ Then 'd step on tht' the as gas and zoom away Gene Cent & Glenn: Gltnn. WSH \\~ WltU \\ll\ WHZ \\ ill Huh u.~ 4: ' 1Jiropy liptiy WGN'Leti 11(; Ltn Salvo... al.o. organist otpc:;u On my four new bootleg tires. WK1JU 'l! WKU K;. KXEL... WOC 0( Vi'Hjt WUl UT/mcly...'1 Womn Women A *\\ WHBF-.Veivij libf N...'; 1010.;. Movie T' Ttme 2* WCfL Ol 111[1 WHA Miunents \... Mnsicat \u 00:111 WO WHO-Mnsieal \lu ;c~ Cem* (;'0' he~.lo ~ Chll~lfl: DOM \\ lttb~...1. \1) $1epMnl W1B. Fa' l... n... 1f! But today they nnauy finally caught me. Bachelor's Children; WUBM WHBf.The Uiril'* My Shephenl UTBA-Fnnu 'mni'un WCCO '\ (( WFBM f1..' WTAD \TAO KMOS KMO:\ UlltA 1118\hlilu'. Mr.n's D~.J>' U-nighlrr... WlUC Will{ ili. 11. Sailor A man from the OPA wss Wb WniGHjrpu! Jj rpo A Tony T... *WLLN AWLL-.N'ov*...' Said Your driving day. tiays are over friend triend..'' *Xe«i* \l'''' KWK KK WMT ~T ViTNti 'JU D Diin.c.. 4 iiomance lll/' WN'D W\DU llirk..l Baker h * 11 f.\u; h~ 1101'0< \ \.O!'t~.!>(t.l~k RE Eat.luilll. ~klj\l And he took my A book away. *WAA1'-Sr«s; Off he llerulll WlSiN-Ami LrsRc's Sri'a(-tiooL UTRE.Eatatorialty Spcaking WAT'Heaven \1\llllu'fn A 1 Home...lour flout WJC JUt Mehvly \ & KeciK.Time. Her. Titot. WJHC-Hninc 1\'J1:K. ilurean UutU AU * 11(lh CUt> Movie ~(>\if Kelt*; fl:!)<on Sfitnon-... WJJl.' U Leu l~ Ctoary (Nt). 0 organist.. WKBl WK811 Fltltl Farm Service ~'vite f r tipped upped to this OPA man. ette; ftlt; New* '~ * W 11 LhSi'i* U. \ s WLS VLS Farm... Xviva; X~..; Markets Abrhl yelled One thing f want to know. WlZ 1\11/1 'tie ' n h.ini ~~ t\ \11.11\0 CltVU-Dun l' 4 ' Heti'ii... WMAQ Q.Marcli ~a~h.if.1 Mercy C1 * '\l ~;orlo.lit!thyl'. WOO ltlj.ierl Where can go with no 'A' book? AW'At'-Siiarkfins fuiyllun: Sen's St... 11:00.00 A.M. WOWO-Warliels WSHTlfiirlim W... T brl r.n linenn MARAN JORDAN. s And brother brother_ V'(.V '.f.\ Mioua! 11<.1 imuuil* M...J. *Klllt AKate Smith Speaks; S~nk'; R Hews; WST-Purm WSllf~'R' Flasluia Fbh MeGee Flbber Ho He told me whore where could go! WSH 111\))!i'ai-ir1ifli.s Nr)).1 id An\t.~ Ainrrir.i KMOX 1010.\ WBB.M \ H8~1 WCCO 11((0 WFBM W. tim WTAQ-Fann WTAQ flrm ft ' flume. 110m Hour Molly McGee of ''Fibber MeG... -~'-.... WJlK.t~lt \l'1~'i 'thtr/i rrtr* fev fw/afwj 8_._~. f~ '.. Pr/tf Allra Bh**. WJlltl-hereiioile WSN WMBU Jl!) WMT VTAO WTAO WTMJ-Bk WTlJ llig Sisdcr <i.< McOee and Molly team Hlfntnr'if f'v thf 1 rfil* llfinnuwp. '.J. tv..111 ll'a ' Slion 1;. Tilun ABoake.B o~kf CaiUr comm.: Clrttr eomm.: {WK KWK r--:::=::-:-'c:::-:::-:-'-' AWLS-floc *\l.~ Hopkins; llli... ; Now* N~. WGN SVilliF WOC * 11 mill 'r~~.. ~u; N.... H;'''ylllllllHW!O.. K ~ AFTeRNOON J *WMllll.Messenger: News Meet...ttl Your ou' Neighbor:.iV': W(' WCUi 12:45 P.M. 1-1: n Goldhr~: WUH 1111'1' WSHT Movi \\'~L Hie '~ ftainl U... d JJl ~ Con 'T 1(/1 V \' Kill! AFTERNOON fhe Goldhcrgs: WUBM nlh we.l woe ~ lfey lonllmle nfws: wcn The World Needs One Big Can WTAOEiisy ~' Arc* A<t~ * New.: KD'tT WCFL WOC A Carey Longmlrc news: WCF. lll:o.u 10:00 A.M Vl.Vl 111\11 WHA 1\l1l.> 12:00 Noon WEAU Hoo. Concert Conee<l Orch; O'ch.: wwllltf llm 'Ru.~ WROK 've been working day and night Bieaktast 8 feakt~il ai t Sardi's: Sl r~': Vbll WSH AKS'-Xcps: * 1\ :i~.. Stridly riclly Musical ~hllical CEHT... L W... TM * ~... '\\10:< TtO 1\1111:. pion. \(\U K\ woe. \1.1. \'. \ \ltaq 'Kl' To perfect a mighty plan. WtiWU KXF.. WOC AKXin-Xuiiv; Matinee CSNTRAL WAR TM«Kens: KMOX WCCO WRE RDld lile: KSO \\110 WRE. \ lr\ ; 1'.nr! L! c. B. BUllilul : JU.!1' 'lbhf For to mo. me it's quite apparent Road of Life: CS> WHO WKF. W A r-n'mts; ii'imunce WTAQ WKBH Lift Can Be Beautiful: KMOX.U \11\1111 MA.j 'TMJ \101 ~tjrh1t; Yo \1 wero WM8D K<'U 16Ul hrltu.. Wf'jM* WKMH WMA«WTMJ WDZ'Maikcts; At Your Service KHTHd'ublic Opinion WBBM WCCO WMHD KSD Wal Varietie* That the world needs need!; one big ~n. can. WiKUV UO WlUA lu.\ H\l WEAU-Lighl L~0\ of 01 the d<t World H. B~.. khge. nfw: WOO\\' * \...-.; Mu.;e Mlfy LH llylof: UOX WnU1 1'1 \ 1\'1>'jJ Lilull.t; MullC WC!'> WOOL \'hl! * 1i.\J:. Fam J)' ; Mary Lee Taylor: KMOX W1UM WAAVtniil litcralaie; Music AH. R. Baukhage news; WBOW AKWK-News; Music WOSS WCF. WSH 'i... 1\111\1.\ WMO) WlO Jud.'... d J'''t. \~ WB( WJD K\YK. \('Ul;... kylrd RfpWl. 'hy f we'll we'j all cut down on canned goods. WfUH V1SS WMBP WHO-Jii'ly and Jane AKXvL-fairn Jaiiit-oree; Neiv* ASeivs; W1BC WJJD KWK * \e' HlUr raq \'!W * \1Uf s...; hrk.. '''EL wor &'ds Tool.; '... On tomatoes tomatoe:; com corn and beans. beans Sens: WHJC WTAQ HTN* AWHKNSesu: Markcls AWCiiS Stockyard tcporls; An. KXf.L WOC. Bond* Twiay; Nesvs WJJ1' WSP 1\ 'm W \L.t t. i. lit.. cat Furcien or;.. 'ov NuvelisU.. h.t. M.rl~ \'U \1'/10 Will Alln; Mc. There'll be more '{M1d food to send abroad KTH * KDlll Seivs; \~. Music:... ~ttdtno Modern WUii;-Treasury 1\'1t[ Tn\&!1 Star Sl~r Plr;td E'aradr Market*: WDZ WHO WDZ'.M eloily- Mustangs: Mc- KHTH KJT. Ofvai. Melodies \.lod.. L..oi rult. hll hlo ~ton l.b s(bool WA.\f.Sltupboui~ Hou \\(;:\ lahl. To our soldiers and Marines. Ton Tt~ 11 on WSH-Worihinefon Hich School 'nnald PutiStr)- VfAuVF-Sympboofc Hour KM hll K to. Ulist lughri li'chon Prgm. j.n:... WJUC-Treasure l'ijoc T.u.u. Oies* WCX-Ma.hels Chu' *.\JT S..; s..rt~ht 1\'110.; ~b'tha w.\ F :>'.ftm for L 0 v 1'1 WJJO f..d Ta!k; Lisl... ldiu * WEAUDolllhb0'1 Set... \\W '-.1 DCft Our stomachs must remember WAAF-Serenadv foe Lovely Talk; listen. Udies AWAT.Sen*: Serenade fv'htl ta'iu A M.irlh* AWEAUOoug hboy Serenade B illf farmer's Digol Lndies Lad... WKDH-Louely \1!iU LoM) \u Women News S~.. H\U 1Pll' 1...~ That we've got a 0 war to win. UAT-Vnek 11\tl lito Jloln Julin WLS'Martfca WL. hr.hl &: ft Helen t\nh-tvnipfiiix Tenifms f\r nn looj Wan! U. h... M<\ (l1 W\lAllr ltd O.t... tll\lr;1~ \11 S...; M.... h And if f we conserve con!<l'ne on lanncd canned goods \\(hll. UCBSMira-Te* (if Vision WMAtJ Fainted Drcntns it Jilt ' Voiinc Men'* Club... WUM-CKien Frirlie* lte(ll a.. ~r.. nd l' Finl ;\'>' 'n i.. 8'il:un 1\Q.. ~t4 t... Uncle Sam can save ave hat that tin. U'tCO el's He friends WOWO-l lnrfa's First Love Wl.i '.iiij Xevis: Market* WON Star* ft Siri(ies in Crlllin WMAQ Sweet River WtfUm \hlll Wonirti Only 0..1 'H WSlT i:»s i-l MMih.\.~ WHUFftlncan \\UrO~ Pall. fatter V'MDfi ~O Tulip ry Crier; C'it<; M.'k!1t Maiket* *\VH/* 1\11/' M.irkrtv; Sena N. W. We Wit' ~J im u «t c.1 al 1 lliafs; al.; f~ Farm *B\ AWHlA Xews;... t.nnk_dl p farm KouniMlfi 1\'A....;_ld Yo hn Unl\e Sam 1~ d \\ T fr.utt.~m.attj. \'M \... And with the tin old Uncle Sain Heard luiii-' WM1 Markets; Joe fhuke* w'tf.t. tfar-time ivmllrr Manaye Bin' A nny tlaiul 11.1 calion (' ery 111.\ \1.~... C. _... t\11 \ Tn>dc P......' 10\~O \ltl<>l)' F.... Can call every man WflVMis* Katherine Ac Call to lie AWTAfJN.w*: Tndlne Post '... ft'' 'V_ T\J 14bl * 1\'1\0 \''... 1 N_ \\11 rroo Ou s...-. ' Sro-nn To melt and wold nold and 'hope shape that lin tin WH V llnnirmakrrs' Tpn. WTMJ liumint Ught men WOWO riclory Farmer AWTxD.Vewsj Serenade at Noon tvht'lfrout Our Boys in Srmre frwjhc-sews; * \... Music 1'Uf 11:15 A.M \VHtE'J*e*(oek WRE l...' eli: 11 R... (ports u 1 :00... To make nlake us one nile bljl big tan. can. Wi ll... X- 'vc nl'.~ tear tiers... forum. Big 't Sister; S'lttt: KMOX \lox WUBM 8DM WWT WMT *W15X-Ne: * W'\ s...; Down [1... by Hu Her i!00 P.M. Lg. thl Wwl~: 10 WJffC'Tlieater JOt 11w~.r Time r... WCCO l\ttl> WfDM \fni WMBD limbo nun'r Light of the World: KSD WHO mall' \M\Q UH\.-. Uf'(' bigi!:(>st 0.. N~ WO'~ ' ~sj. W!iB ' AU \'JU'\f We can only use the biggest can. WKfHl Wnmtn n ihe ivewe Words ft Music: WKBH WEAO WJHCMarLets;.til: Farm ran.... Prym. WMAQ *CH F lt nron: \\'1101\. t 111.'0 l.b EtlrJie loki.. i- t~nit annle C.u Cavaniunh... a B. Hlr Rual th. Bble W'KOK WUl'b... h... ~ K We can't UM! use one (lile that's littler: littler; SM Hay Reads the Bible; WUOK WKH-llsyshaken ACedtic foitrr. news: WiiOK WMT-Tidy \j r Td Kinski.'rpi'ra;...n; MtlodiH Melodie* KHTH-Stan KOT Silr. On mi lloritou 11;_ WLS WLS Oinnrr nimier Betl B. Ttme KWK T_ V'Unl Malon.: K'WX When Uncle Sam Salll has hal mnde made it. RVROK * \ROK New* ~~ n h. ihe Ud Ladies... KUA 01 Jllr!)' Jud ft J.lfic WMAQ ht...\.\qf.lilabelh Ellrabetb hn llarl ('relt11 Present* Young Dr. Malonr: KMOX 11811:11 \\C(O '8'01 Wb\ We can cnn tie lie that thal can ('an to Hitler. Miller. ViMlT-artui!'oUT Lr lot.u. lingan. fo~nl pianist Kbli-Thc 11'1 h. ll.imis lh.t. 'lay 'll)' On WMT \\'TTh~ fin' Mel llnrh~ nil 'll;... \n Hurenn t4 nf VHM WCCO WfBM WS.V \.LU \TAD ~. b nil'! 'l'f \V«1l: on Go.. t'f1~1 K K l to 1h. 1'J'''' 1(rm.1ft Altni Bin: W~1f 'KOB fnluhiif ~ ~.. 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Mystery Chel: WBOW W-(>(( w'kbti wtx: HAlik KOru Tip& &: UWHn' (llthu: WK88 T~~H JCOX WB8M weco \llc &: s~. KPT1-1 ia A Tunes Hank Latvsen's Ktiljhts: WKilb W811' nil d. S.. wroo \VlCO WFHH 'HM WSV Wh~!\tBO WMBl) H '()( \ 'F..r~ s..~t WMBO weco WMOD 1\ >\1... 1f) J O'fh WMT wwr \VAAf-Canary Serrnaile wru WOC KMOX WBBM WCCO WFBM V(c & Sade; KMOX WBB.M Kfmi Um'te Sam W.MUD WCCO W.MUf) KUK-Alvinn Roy's (rrh... V111f: K... O WO * way Wf\ Musk; \lu.ic; New. Snow Village; KSD WRE WHO N~.. *S~ News'.... WON WG. WKBH 'KBl WLRtE WRE *$; News; Strictly Slroctly Ptrsonal; P./Wll: \vbf WHBF K\ KXl.i.-As t..-a. t Serins SM.n lo t. M. Me *Roiiert. RDbert St. St John JDhll. news:.: \\10\ Wlti.t \\ ltj 1\ MA~ l1r (... i!<! Ad. KD11.'.. il) farr (ird. VA \F...\l.n lioe ra. 11ft Ross Ron MjtFjfbne:!n: \\110 WROX tmilif-clnsslfieii Aiiihne WTM. Will Ay V'k.. 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WJJD Red aieii] WKBH Window Shopper: Cln'i ~L'o 'l'~tao * 18\ \fl;.. h.!t~porll.... b O fill 'lri'tr... of STrlodlw*... WJfAQ \1\\1.j \STMJ lnu *111\1} WND.\ras WLS.Market* AtVRA Xcmt; Market flepotl* CateiHtar \... W) \.P'''_ \_...1.1\/111 \j... ~.t :>/>Ocllll * C; (;... \Ltts..; N... Hmf-Nrw*: 1m N...; Met \101 s. 5l«.... Sophittlcjton; Sep/'ullut.... VVStST... M t lot ll Wrasien '. _ in the llot Wer \\. WMAQ-Musk of VeilcnSir *Wlm'..Ve»»j Sunvfdne SperU AWLS Cram Jill >. f Ne»v U\\O lu~..... WO \h... til 114~...UU ~. CO.nh... fn vm.mhihc 1'- Elxrrrii'* r lot for filnet* J. Cllet' Chw Up Canq: Clft KTH KT '!'flbf WflBF AtVts.V * l~' Nms*; _. M Music VUWO'Heorts n llamiony WND-Mardi to Msitle Wl W'O Huu-irr Cocnhu*kei»...c: UCOK :... K R f. t.. Cful* C... \\1H..u MUE-Walty '.htliaa Xchrling WUOK-Alain WRf)K \... Aubuni Atoro' Prgm. P~.»V)ND :lid SUrl.1 flir h. lias t>. HliM R h\ 1\11 KtVK. May \ Kennedy ~r McCord Mr(.r WJK 1'1 Jill..Murnini \... Meir-lirs '' W-dTX'nclc HTl 'a Sam... 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June J f Baker H... \\\'K.ft tvdit o llj-r oil... ltcln' Miliurv lib ftioil... 11:45 A.M. WKBH WK8U Sport <;po.1. * Revks* H_ WHO M~~ Ca Wft(l n<>c.0ii«a WOC'A'd. Ssm SU WHA H' nino'-xik 1<)'-10. land; t...d; :.: Ne»»....t et WMS1 1'1 lenrik (... SfhrK. Mo Our OWl Gal Cl.1 Sunday: KMOX WOBM W8aM WMT MTT Turn... Onen's Cesstjoyi Mutual Con Calling: WROK C u n..-..f (11 f'n\o( Wi... WMO ~\)( ' fofj'fl K KK V. ivvl l ran MJCOJO Wl.iO'.'Ui fi -.l l Ti- HonLshelf WCCO WFBM WSN WMBD WHC-Ltsl We Forget KHTH KWK V.-ilf Mivri'mu Pevotion* Win\t.u(hyrau 11\ frtitfiel r... lliiiii fvt 111 ff Ml \ Atiuut \~ Wnnirn \\0_ WMT ti'llok W.11 i.lnul nil ~ laima.... (Cenlinutd on tfeat Pages lit.... On... -

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Drum BrWgepori Brid.t Enifrnble: E'~: WROK WHOK HTHK WHO/( * WJHC 'JDC-~ Nrw.;...; Muilc dutle KMOX-JiaalaW nlox-lo 1 Fit hul at Love U.V A.M. TUESDAY'S BEST LSTENNG Sc* s~~ progrom p r 09 rolll (iiflngt llstlngl For 'or more or. drfall de'oil and Od additional oddifio~ol new* ews progrontt pr09rom News and Discussion A. M. 0:00 9:00 Robert St. St John Jllhn 11:00 Boake Carter P.M.. 12:001 2;00 H H. R. Oaukhaoc Baukhage 12:45 2;45 Carey Lonornlre Longmire 2;00 2:00 Stanley Olxon Dillon 5:30 John J B. Kennedy 6:00 Fulton F Lewis Jr. J r. 6;15 6:15 News of the World 6:45 5 H. V. Knltenborra Kaitenborn 7:00 0 Earl God\':cln win 9:00 0 Raymond R Gram Gr ;tm Swing g 9:00 J ohn B. Hughes 9:00 A.M. John B. Huflbetj Variefy Variety A. M. 8:00 Breakfast Club P.M. P. 2:00 Songs by Morton Downey y Raymond Paige's Pltt'S Orchestra Orchnl 6:00 and a n d 10:00 Fred Waring n Vic- V tory t o Tune Tlnte T ime 7:00 Johnny ny Presents P rcs.nts Clnnjr Ginny Simmt Simms vocahit vocihu and mhlreti m;lrn s ol 01 certmenies; ceremonin: Edgar EdgH Falrchlld's rarchild's Orcbrslra Orchestra and Bsmba' Bomblnjetl Chorus Chru 7:161;0 Lum and Ahncr Abner 7:30 Duffy's D uffy'a Ed Cardnrfi Gnln_ Shirley Shhll~ Booth; BoClh : EddJe Eddil Ctt.n: to.. en: Prier Va~ St dtn Or(htsua : gunl Peter Va S'.'dfnW Orchestra: 7:30 7:30 Al Jolson S how Monty Mooty Woo Wool~y: ley; Ray R~y Block's lotk' Orchestra.. l.. 7:30 Horace Heldt with Frankie Carle and Musical M Knlghlo K nights 6: Burns and Allen Jimmy Cash; t.. n; Paul Plul Whtteman's Wnlemln's Orchestra Orch~'tr~ 8:00 Battle of the t h e Sexes Waller W~ltn O'Kecfe O'Kuft t i master mutlr ol of eerentoniei <uemcnlts 8:30 Fibber McGec McGee and Molly Jim and.. Marian Mlrian Jordan; Jardin: Bill 1'1111 Thompson: Thom~S(ln: sabel Js.b~1 Randolph: R~ndolph: King's Klnf5 Men; Mtn: Billy 8illy Mills* M ills Orchestra 8:30 Victory Parade of o f Spotlight Bands 9:00 Bob Hope Variety Show Frances jngfofd; Langlod: Jcrty Jerry Cokmna; Calan~: Vtra Vu. Vague; V~gu.; SHnnay SkinnioY Ennis' nnll' Orchestra OrchUra 9:30 Red Skelton and Company Campany Huriel Hliud: Ou;e N.lson s Orchestr P.M. Oromo Drama P. M. 7;Q0 7:00 Lights Ughts Out O u t 8:00 Famous Jury J u Trial* T ls B:30 Sus pe nse 8:30 Suspense P.M. Al Jolson Show Harriet Hilliard; Orrle Melton's Orchestra Classical Music P. M. 6:30 American Melody Hour r Virun ViY;n delta d~l!. Chlesa. thles~ Conrad Tfiibjqlt. Thihult Evelyn E~elyn MafCt.gor M<Gngar. Brmo Rtmo Bologninl ao'o~jni W Ml ;.U. M M.f.athv ' 'r & \ld ~ W( C fl. LMu-ir J< A.u.rica '\Ltrira S\l'/M.ll.m 1\1 \liull llifkrv lkkoy * VVTHM \~'\J Rhvlhtsi 10'1'11i' A ' Soaig; 'io~; New. Wt.S '~ To Tn 'f b. arniaittftrral LLn<1 H'HA 1\ Ll W«lr \\'.k~ l'. l'lf Amcrira Amni~. WHC 1't' Mini in Mr r ilaunr H~ T h~$ k i HTN 1~11!.~c Tlai a- lf.u!l> t... * HJBf-S'rus; 1\Jnl \:t ; VlilMt 'tll;< 1\\11111 L. uney WMHD tmi'.- Jtmaiify W'M ~ lt V \~ Perkins P.r~Jns WSHT \\~'T llofairvfism 1roow V.rse Y<tnt *H>ft * N.; \:...: nva... Uttio*. l'll<j tadjo R.odio low... 3:4S 3:45 P.M..1>4 Voung VU V/ldder Wlddtt Breavn: 8own: WMAQ W\UQ H 1\110 f) WHA 1~B~ WRE WillE WTMJ \\TMJ KS 1\'011 * The Th. Sea St. Hound; HDund: Rein: News: WTK; \\or HTC.M' H:o WSH 1\1:-11 WmVfl WOWO WKflfl '''HR W \'~ 1111 KN K\ Mountain Mo~nll.ln Musk: MUlic: H WT-\Q ritj WTSS!'N HT\> nil KMftX KlOX' Fasctite Fo'-;.. MrMiea lelodie. WHHM 81lM U. ~ Paul 1'.1 Trio 11((11(111'1 WrTtl OVVJ Pntm. Prem HflZ / hi* 1111; ll.tlaal 110). AW 1~E~n l \R OR o(r die h. trroral; n...rd; N.w WTH* 11111\' Jliuniy )'Y Dlf-Kens Di<k'n~ WJU W))(' Vil 'lr'' Vitluiifari't-. \' * AWKHK WKU Nras. N~... WTH \: 1111 i ll'aft B lllark H1~rk & Co. WMT Vlr Vic A ( Cj.jc S.d. WSHT 11'~lll Nntar 'Ol'~ Hjaur nom. Siaurtsrosl SlJ'-~'1 4:00 P.M..M. When a ~ Girl Marries; Mlrri~: K5D KSO SVllfl WO U V11!. VVMQ 1\\1\Q WTMJ WDJ AKem; HtWl; Shcciah 5hUill Carter (in.. nenri: news: KUK \T WT nu\ K Captain tjpt~' Marel: MJ.. WSH \\'hll WEAU rau Madeleine M4.ltln~ Canoll (noll Reads: Rudi: Wle.V.S WHM H WT'.Mi \\ rio WTAQ AN. \'~... n*. WAT WAn WND 1'11<0 WMDP w\lno \lll WZ WJJf) ~JJD KMOX K\lOX Coustn COli'''' Etrtmv's E ')'~ Group Gou~ BXri 1\\ 1. l!a»ju'lin> 110lo.p Tun* 1m)! * AW 11 A V.~ A f. New ' 1; MrloOy 11.~ Maauirnls \. WSM-lfitiatettivrr 1\'Dtf\l..._t'<H Proleetl*. P.olrcl... ratue... u writs \\('11 H'O 14~0 rjob nub WCCOSuftt 'ero!i... 1 Rivet Rivlr *11\ AW in.-n fl....- e t...; Make 'lak. H.Uevo o.blu 1}a.lanrl!'Jiare jti H'N 1-:\11 Wouiatt W~. '' T.nlay r... y * Hl'.N.Ww.; 1\(:\ \... Mime '... i~ WJHF \\H1.!F!itfn Men tadie*..jdi~. W'JliA \l'ma t ('.'1 Tun put J.imliorrr J.born * AWTHt l'lil Nrtsn; ~~\\'J; To be \l(' aiipmincfd ~llnon(td Wlf.l.-Hislortr WLL i 1011' ct Art 11 A rullure; ('hur.; New* ltw. YJB(' WJHCWVrlryan! Hour Hou. WKEllt 'K.! loraa loru Cotteee ron~_~ Frem. P'~m. WK W\li Saeiw Sat'l'<l Hear! lurl F'r.rn Preon. MTUr. W'MT-1.(» Can e.n t* Dc lleautllul B.lut(lul WOC Giii'st r.u.~1 of Honor W'nVtl W')Wj) ';tur\' Vii-turv Etprrss 1 :pr... WSHT \1'''nT lhn~ tlnnre Tiuie Tim. WSHt-Speerh VSU!'... <h Click Clli~ 4:15 P.M. '.M. Portia Portl Faces Fues Ufe: lll.: KSD WHO VHO WRE Will':' WMAQ laq WTMJ VTMJ Hop Han Harritln: Han; SVKH WK8H WBOW WSH Wbll WF.AU WlAll Joe Jill Frasetio's Frunto s Orch.: Dub.: KDTH WfiN le..;\' Mothrr Ma!~. i & Old: WSN WTAD \TA.O WTAQ \'T\Q.W AW \A-Xe»>; AAf' \'''''. Treasury Trn.ury Chest 06t wrco WCCO Mualmff \lu_i... le Wll l t. Make \a~r Believe &bl ttaneelenil Danc.llnd WHZ W)7 Kay 1\.\- Key Kry WTTM WfB\t Srrakr S... ice Stan!iun WA WHA l.eaelif LN~' of Women WOQ.n Voters V.. W] \\'BC-Sunlbinl HC-SuiTthilae Girls G;rlo VTNT) W~O Skpurls Sport. rjiiion ErJiion WJJDYol WJJf) Toil RhaT ~all Have 11.- Music :\u; \\Klllltrniv. WKill! k'nie. of Df Dubuajue Dub'llie WMfliJ W'.!i) Meet MHt the tbl Bind; Band; Pel Pot Cor- Cor Per. WMT ~rl' The GuMbetys Glldber. W WO rw' Nr»i N.s of nf the h~ CqtboBc Ca.hnlic Press Prlu \HOK WRDK'Johnson.john.on Family ramily \'ST WSHT Mariner M~ti~~ Melodies Melodic~ WSfl WSlil W'oirirn 1'.'01(11 Tmkiy Tdy 4:10 4:30 P.M. Just Plain Bill: WHO WMAQ WMQ KS) Ksn WRE \\'lt: WTMJ WEAU WEAlJ Ate Alt Vou You a ~ Genius?: WFDM WF8M WSN WpDT WSUT WTAD WTAO WTAQ Singing Sn9inq Slrlngs: Strings: WKBD W!DD WOC WKHt WKBl writs wens Junior Junor Newscaster: N'flscaster: KDTH \DTH WOK WnOK K 1i.OX MDX-Wcuueii's 'nollfn' Hour lour KXE.-Fincltvill* f\xf:.-f;chvil1c Tattler; fiickle- Huckle mrry b<rr) Fry Fr) WAAF-Roulptfanl WAA' Bouleoard Rhylhm.cj Fthylhm'i Rand Band <>f f the he Day Dar * WAT-Vimty \\AJ''Virlory Spotlight: SPOJ~hl: Keivs WBD'-(liu~o WURM (Ttlraeo Hour W(CO WCCO Are You Listrntne Listonin!: WZ WKZ Vktory \'iclon- Front fro WCNR-Tf.JS 'f';n Trn. tangeis lange.. WGN * '!;\: J^-n lu Sih'0 S.\yo orcanisi; o.~aj.: We- w. mm... ~ Make '~h Nesst:...- Nests \'.w~ WHCSrubm \l'a S!UMn TJasir 'bic Prcm. Prmt. WHH*. YDFCouin Con sir. Percy '''''~)' WND wl~n Rare au~ Hesulis )thull. WT '\'. S Sportsnutn's ~'rt''''.n. Ctuh Cll1b * WJBCNt News... SVMD \\'.\UO Walt. Tinir Tine WMT l'\tt Tale Take t Ea«r E.y WOWO OWO lli.1lies ljdle. A & Rhvthm ahlthm WSUTu WSD-Tea Tillie Time Mrltxlirs 1101odie. 4:45 P.M Superman; S~ptfm'n: KDTH HOTH WHBF HUF WROK WltOK From r ont Page pt' Farrfll; Fnrrll: WMAQ HAQ KbD hsd WHO WO WRE WTMJ WTJ WEAU TAU Sf Den Btrnie's aorni. Oishrslia: OcthtUr.: vmtjx OX W >/!. VolhlnC :\~'' ~ UU Bo* k* Truth r ch lu:\( WHHM WfCO W('CO WHM 11'1111 WMT \~'T WHF 1\ Johnaem... n Family Fan.l~ WART \\..BT WTAQ WfAQ WVHD WMUll WTSN W S~. AV)HA '8A Sport)! Sporls; N> S... WTAD VTAD WHJCCaP'oi llut;eajtain Midnight Mlolnl.hl To be bl announced; annaunced: WHOW WlOW WKH WKU WlMMualc! W \11 Musical* MQ..<.. KXEL KX'.1. WCliS wcns Wl.-aH hh Parade Paradt of 01 llaruls [lind ANVtasj ' ''rv': KWK WOC Woe WJirihUJ' 'JC-('hjlJr~. l.rtliday* Jlrlhd'~ 1 'AAf WAAF Fa*hlott*... ion. n in Rhylluu; nhyll OH 1111 WJJO.Oave WJJD-Pare Minor ~inor the 1 Record: Hewrd; nvilatrnu nyibl;o lu to!)ir rh WKBB 'KDD Sl-oni: ~poru; Music \u~lr Walla \alll. 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27 Wallington: FOlk (;(ld weather i~ here. Don't forget to let your cat n ot night or you will wind up like this program-with a frozen puss! And here he is-fred Allen! Allen: Thank you Thank you. And good e'ening ladles and gentlemen_ mu5t say Jimmy from that introduction tonight you are L~ sharp as either end of a boiled potato. Frozen pus.~ arc you kiddill? Wallington: ju. t mentioned the cold spell Fred. 8rr! 'm from Calirornia remember? Allen: You guys with that thin blood know n guy fronl Hollywood whose blood is so thin when he cuts hill1~er he doesn't bleed in drops. His blond come nut in slires. Wallington: Boy! With my goose pimples 'm as lumpy as wo dollars' worth 01 mashed potatoes. Allen: y~ ow you when you cnme in. Jimmy. The ends ot your mustache were fr01.en. You looked as though you had twenty pop~icle.~ under your llck<e 11'!:t_ -'yophon~ S.. 't WJ'. R. ('<0 it\ JOC!;pori.: Ntw'; M k. \'JE-Ct lllea.h.'. Orch \LST... R.~... 11\11(1 \1.;; 1d>'~.r H '1\ 0.. M<jc; ('.- \... '. * ''lil V.. (ou''''un; lah. T... 1\.. l'l J.i ;do)' arde ' :45 ' H_... Killtnborn nfw1; anll \ \ \'\\Q Orch Wi8~'... 1\1.1 Wh.OB 1\ ~} \\ i(j\~ WT WllOK V~ 1\ UT J 11. (;to....' ' ~o.. h.. W 'f' ~ 111.'- \ H... '\o.... ~ ~a 111\10 \.. -. ~ Jill hrt' s..rtno4o-. B ~. 1'... 1 ' '.. ' <.1 lulu :.. Sb.. ~... \ '''Hd.. ou. 1\\'\\'....d 1101' 1'''1''1.. Or(l_ \0\ 11 6tl he l.e' 7:00 '.101. )nhnn PrHlnl>; 'n1 S''''.: 1'1 f }{bikl'. Of~h. H. ~.... VNAQ WTMJ WB!JOy. WLW ''EAU ~ PlL)..>'~h Owl: WJR WA3 fbm n't W('(:O H~ WBDM \0\ tt WTAQ S... 5.: KDn KWK \\G\'!Be 'h1 '.. ~. H'ft: \\~ woe ~ \\0\10 (8 \KK8 KUt. TL \\1tiU'.~!'ln ~_. r... \\Jli( 1_<7 Slar P... \fill R... or dw 1\ H-< 1\ 'nk ill F... _;\ 'f Woi\M7.. v U.. 1M \ tal)' 7:t5... Lv ~n4... r: W WOWO MORNNG 1:00 A.W. eun... L w... r TME.. i'1t h. W.rt. K \10\ '!lull M) \.~n 1\1\1' (1\1. A'u D' 1\1) \t 1\1 '> N... Hl1m. tw 'd Klfrtl C!... k Uo! V. 11\.. ' ( 11\\ 01 W~ 1'1:(1h ;. KXH Bg.U'l '\1 luh.. f... 1\1 ' \. %1_<. Hr.t~.. d 1 '. (.. l... r A... :.~' Atll' b '-' ' t....1 ' \.. n * '' ~ ~ t... 1 * TU. '1 0'... 7: D. v.~ 1''''t br1 k'-oll Oontt Orth. 111(1h. 1\ 11K '111 t (;r;~t h\u ~'~'~\.r. 1;<1! n~ ' l'allopv rll_ 1\ (. ( '.. ' tll'r n w.u<.. 1 ll(' ~1 '''llil~ on Hhrl~ J!J n T... ~<k 11bT M.' \!.. ~. 11' \ h n l~nt 10 Ca'~ Qarltt ~l (- « b 7:10 P.M. O.. 's: 1\0\10 HU'-o \XEL 111\1111 )!: V~ lls Hanet Ht'~. Wlh fr.~kit Cult lol 1<~1 K'Ct.t 'M~ 1\\1111 \\1-'\\ \\'1.\\ nnv. 111\1111 1\1'\' WU~ h al -.' f. 101 Jol10n Show. r.<ow Wool'-1: '. 1 B \\JH ' 'Mil M 'S 0.\ \fu wno 'n in An't.. KWK WlOh trlf DT. '(H. \~ & l1hlichl' 11\ 1\... ' !>jOO'''1:1t!tl t) ~. 'PD-Clpl. Mi.hul f1f.kf'l~. J& :it';!iport Siooh -.!T ; G'~ Qudt! T \Q Co. '!\'vu On~ :ir't' f.-.-f' N... 7 :45 '.101. (t So of lhot f'rell (:0; n. c.. n.d. \'LJ.. '0 n... \\)' c. '... ~t \t.;u\t lt! W... bd ill cae.tlam: \\ )blhim' Otdo 1 :00 P.W. 1~1t. tn $Ut$; KSD WHO \1 nlj ' RE WTAf WMAQ \LlY KOA C... at lido... ) K.~W~nu... lo...- t. U~... ' '.'~. 11_ S. _ f_... _ Stara: lo. ::J. n.r. ~ u. ( t~ lol. h_ n '....'~... t Hu..r; H.W'S WUBF \ \f' l'br p~.t. M~M WKBB M ui (... WA WRE (. L \an WB~' *' \\ l WlCt '-OK nll Tt... hd.\!\ ~ 'an 1\ 1.- r HB\ :irota: ~~.. ' 0.:.... 1\ U' \1... ~~ t... k: N... 1\1 U. 'no :0;... t\\l r rly 1:\ \1\. ;..-on! t..; ln ~i \ 11< '4tn '~ \1>1 811 r k \ ' ~~M. a.. l\rtt... 1~... \\111\0\ hlll r H \t/l. c ; hot ~ c B '~.t 7;]0... M. Tu.. Jim RliOffMn \\fl\ * P \\'11(1 \lb \'-l 1 or \l1l('k 111\1 lojlll. o-f't'o ~fj0411.~b h\ h K\H 10 f WJD( 1flil au. lis &- Alltn: HM Hl WSBT VTAQ \\' b\ no WMUD 1\\11 \\'~: tall KNOX '0 F.llllu Jury Tnoll. ~r.m 1{1{ \1'{lO \hll VESn KXEl \118_\ KUTH \~.. * 1\{rL \t... Conf.ttnu.. nt~; 11'.\1 _1~.oral.l* 1>1'0( * n\d-~... o: Bt ij<o.t od.v M'''''..- fhll NUMln.1 Wu: Wi..U K.\.l nf \{'fl. hd Skrlton Co.; H~rntl /lhard; 0 'rl... n {kel lt \lu\1 TMJ WTA.\ W WB 1(0 W'HQ W\ *~r' \'HM W\08 K K totl. O<.h \o\('b~ 1 he annout>ch lf \ } <. T.. 11.'0\1 Orr' ~ 1_ {' nan nh J81 B... ~11>.o11. Tr... h; ~~ \ llll' de f1[ n~ [....'1 W[:O;} :0;;. Edilioto \\'~ J... «11( ROl\-T..... Sur P.. r. ' ~ch~... 11<0 W.. ';15 '.101. *LH Ch~'t. ntw 1\.11 ( onl Wlt( 11(1 * }(;:O; :00... l\'ml' B.h.h~11 1~pol 1\' '. 'KO ('k.' fu. Vou W\U Tl' ' a.t '''u \\'11 l~.10. ~C 1'.~ lu'''''.. fk 1: Fibbtr MtC..t & Molly: 1V~AQ WillE 'flo WLW KOA KSD T.\\ TJ WillA W 111::\1 SU.pelU: JH W'''N WF1.11\ KMOX W'-olT 11'0' 'T.Q \R MT 'clory P.r~de 01 S.U!hl a~hl L.tti. K.r fa~u: woe webs \XFL WENn 11\R iloilo b'l Mur6tr Clin't. 111l1l1\. )fli 1\11 h WO'L... ho H~'h... 1.(.:0; Jl -~ O<rh 1'11'o0 lu '>..k... * 'Jlil f. ~.'oall (;.11 \Q \. n. \ 1:45... \\fll tl.. \!\ \. Oh _ l:o;tj ) C~h' Scl.arbe. * \ N... 1\\lml ll \. ' ;00 P.M. B o~ Hopt '~rl Silo.. : WKl! 11'18\ ~p 1\110 Ol~ 1\0 l'the.v ~Q WTA\ To k 'Mo~~d \.MC\ WJR lllim Ll!> ru W' \1'((0 HUM W-.8T Wlnl\! \TAQ *Jo ~n 8. HUlh. tw K'\ KDTl lltoh WSC WilD' WG:'l *A mod Cram Swin.. WLU W511 KXEL WKDB WE'R W(){l WeBS 1'i0l * :o;.~ 1\'fl WND * 1\1:0;'0:0;. Cuak w\r T n NtCbt J...a..r.. ' :15 '.101. Duc! Ord>. 1\.1'111 '11:11 WROK Kn11t C e't r'tlh' W\BB ~U woe '>T8 K\El 'l:nr W(MO crlt... 'a' Pata6t \ EAt.1r N... *wes ~... c;..!.o~ \1 ltaf 1l.. }1O Wl:iDM;' htlo_ 'JR --. \1' f.. ' :10... Talks' KU\ '> DO\! WC'lO 1\1\\.. l'ftq 1\ 1'\ \ld.j. Tn.. J t n' a 11od \lbll t 8'k'~ On\) r (' Rblb Hmo nar~ Orrh. ~T ~-'.h.. at P. ' ;45... rnk Snllr. Kllltl: WtB~ \0 WJ~ W~iT D~ntt Orth.: 01'11 WHOh.rru H~\. ntw; KMOX *. WER 11'1:\ T. n~ncnl \~ '1. ' ~ar rulde ~Jl ~~ 1[nd' 11111< 1'' i.. \ h 1111 ~rt ~ k ~. '>hol'pt ' U.i~ lit 1(1 'la1ur~ 10;00... F W~.q n Victory TUlle 1 L. t 111\'\1 1\0\ WO KSfl (~... 6 ' 'J *Ht.. '- Qu''Y Ho~. ~tw1: \~ln wl~.' WTAQ * \ til Wilill \\.111 \1\lT WOO hull OK T\J Willi \110 lltl K\ Ul \11 t8\1 \... ~\ [AL hl * \ 1\ 1111\1 111\11 rnlllj loot.'.... * 1 h Nrwl * Hlh'.; \lrl... ;a..1 t\1. 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Moo.. h. 011 Wl~ \\ \1 li.>l11 ' f ' \1<1\\.~ '* h'l \ '~'''t. U... h\1j h.lllr \1' *\\111111\. \ ~. \{(J H h ' \ 1.\ \111\ \H Su h (1011' \ \lu R.. 11\ \( \!F. 11~\ \....J \ '~ t...!'.h ~ 'l! 1._ St ~.tol._. 11\11\1.. T r 1 'll' '. hll \ 111 1\' 'O.' 1:45 A.M. C~l Sn.' '''1'( WS8'T \ Conu.6.n N.... Wallingtoii: 'oiks cold woatlicr is here. Don't forget to let your cat in ot night or you will wind up like this program with a frozen puss! And here he is Fred Allen! Alien: Thank you. Thank you. And good evening ladles and senucmen. must say Jimmy from that introduction tonight you arc as sharp as either end of a boiled potato. Froz- en puss are you kidding? Wattlngton: just mentioned the cold spelt Fred. Err! 'm from California remember? Alien: You guys with that thin blood. know a guy froni Hollywood whose blood is so thin when he cuts himself he doesn't bleed in drops. His blond conies out in slices. Wallington: Boy! With my goose pimples 'm as lumpy as two dollars' worth of mashed potatoes. Allen: Yes saw you when you came in. flinmy. The ends o{ your mustache were frozen. You looked as though you had twenty pop sides under your nose. U'lirK-Svnudiomf Swittg WJSH-H. t. Crnw *UVf(C-Sp<>tl»; Mutkfl* U'JlPGui Hqensfhen'k Orch W-S TMSS RaiiRct* WMAQ-Music: Myslfrics WROK Puinpr Miimc; Gond NVw* UXT- Wi r Crmn>ti prs : Wall t. Time..Vrw* T-MMtciiiie Victory HaraJe 4:4 S P.M. *H. v KiKrnbnrn nr»i> cnityit: Win V W.V WMAQ Dance Orch: VUK rn iviiil vulll WKltB K?i» ivitcnv WjltT WKOK WSH WAT n (W Clu.muiij Vi( Hi O.Uh'U * Sullion Mm air V.-ll. 1 Vf. Slull U(.S Die l.inn'i twar y nrantmer Man WNi N'piuew* lor. V. lu-l'ri'ilil. Sofaiiuln* A.H llomirit) rienent Wl - 'nlmrnl Tall: W.UttiJ b..r.s Slinp Uu. Si Un Caiiiinu UCMVU Elim'uri) tcijia WTSM fuli'lbr Offli. WTAp tlt'tviecu tile Line* 7:00 P.M. joimny PresenH; Cinnj Slmmi; Mfin-.r lairfhlllvi Oreli.; Pmu tiariln'rc: WMAQ SVTMl W1HA WUOW WLW WEAU (»!» at UjhU Ouli WJit Wit AS SVFJJM K'lf'X WCCO VVS.V WHOM wait ivtaq Sih^ia Sam; KDT KWK WON VBC E»'l Catfwm. new 1VTS SVOC iv 15 wosvo wens sskim K X f!l Te...; WCFL MHir *S!S0 SeiM; Walti lime VJlU_.TrenU>> Sl«r 'araife S Mlllt.neerifil* t>f the SWeW SVHOK-U FtllteJlinn A-Vb W-Ur.Wbitiify At V«.ish.B V M 1.2 M.jfc ii{- ivt Vktofy 7:15 P.M. turn and Abnef: WSH WOWO \VL> Dance Orch.: WUflK KWK KtiTUnliln Oriltln'ii 1\.\ Ll. siu rky A Pinl V US' siml. Valley nlks Wt n. HT (Wn. i ttiun 'tley t'tiiiint. Wimit..r.111 n nil 11 c 'll S\T«('.S i.. i(e un )!l>yllii.i WJ1H hilt TnnRenrt WK Bit-Klh ri'a** SMtltll Helen Wed. vimet VVairr-iM'tilni Hale Quartf! SVbl't C.O er.nt ion. S twj*h 7:30 P.M. Dully»; VHVO VCS KXEL SVKtm WOC WTSH tt'ls Horace Heldt with frankle Carte A illfltal K«l« WT.MJ WMAQ WTAM V.V vvnosv UKU VKAH VHJA (obi.»l i p.m f'wt) *A Jnl'.tjn Show; Moniy Woolley: 'eetl hrncvu. tteivv: SVJU SMSSl SVMon WAT wins KMO.V SWUM SVCCO Pass in Review: KWK SSTtOK wtmp KHT *SV<TT-.\>w^ i lltrliliehu V'-t N' ll.illvmiod StvHlitthl svusr Dntina VNb Capl. Michael nebfibf VViCC.Vewa; Spirt Simla S SilT PtiMrn Gate.Quartet ASTAQ Cfliiitleliie A Silver: One KM XcVpr Furgel; Nplc* - 7:45 P.M. HtllL-Fnliliers nl the Proa 1VGN Paiice OriTi. V.'.LiTji.e to liemember VSHT.Mayor Coatleanao VStTMurieale SSTAM-W«k-Eiul n Oevebnii: S'illy Malhiaa' Orch. 8:00 P.M. Bailie «t the Sexes; KSD WHO WTMT WTJE SVTAM SVSAQ WLV KOA (also at J30 pan.} Cercb Z. S.«e Writer vs. sinsr-n; March 9 liad Walt. rc» anl WaUCr^aee: March B luiiln 'rrrtor*». Uadm 8tar»; Ma.-rh -1 Flarl'fa frotdc ta. luufo^rlariir Marrl. 30 Pa am a tin -a n their PrcrrtacSea. CabHet Meatier; News: SSHBF ksvk svc;s wicr Burns & Allen; SVUAs ST'UM SVBBM WSUT WTAQ KMOX SVSX WtCO WMim SVTAO SVJT SVJl Famous Jury Trials drama: V.TK WOWO WSH SVENt KXH VVBA KUTH Nm>» ASSTFtSews: Cnnfr fence ol idi;!one S'E.Vt 1 'Memorable Muaie ASVlXO'ScsiS; Urn Uecnle; Mel mly Moments SVJUC-Baskeiball. Trinity t» SVashir.stotp H K ill E-l'nclc Sain WROK-Tiensurv Star 'aiatlt SS'SU-SciiOob & Hie War 8:1B P.M. *Leo Chcrne. news: svjtok KSVK KHT SVtBT y i. S Xeivr SSTBp.Basketball. Knap Mpilippe Vs. tlaveppporl WKDB reel mils l.pi Von WKBH Tliv Nnnir Vim Wilt Kc llumubi'r VSbff Vnu CnnT tin Buslipesa cvitlp ill.' 8:30 P.M. Fibber McCee & Molly: WMAQ VliK WHO SV.SV KOA KSD WTAM VVT'.MJ SVtllA SVKU VKAH Suspense: SVJ! SVSN SVKBM WMBi KMOX VST WCKO AT AS WTAQ WBM WM'l Viewy Parade ol Spolflijhl Bamlf.; Lillfc-lO.nwpp Fsn s: SVOC WCHS KXP.1. SVENll VHUB WOSVO SVlstl Murder Clinic: V : OK CPTH KWK SVCF'L-lmbwr 'Taalree SVCX n.uice Orcb VLST Muilr-ily bwaklue *W Jilp Nni.; B.i.Selball Canpe ASS'MAtJ-Xiappnapp llm.; Xervt 8:45 P.M. SA t l.-ahy (nmla Tniileht? SVtiN H.iurr UrrH. AVSTSTi. Ceiiiand Schuclper *\\ Nil Muilc; Kew WMH i rniml Hopppe Front ASVMK Xew 9:00 P.M. Bob Hope Variety Show: SVKBH SVBA KSP SVUC VTMJ KOA SVHE SV.SV WMAQ WTAM To be announced: KMOX SVJ! S Mill) Wll.Sh U'TAO WSN svtro V BM SVSBT SVH1M WTAQ AJohn B. Hudhes news: KSVK Kimi SVROK SVHC WUBF svex Raymonrt Gram Swlnj. newt: WEAU SSSH KXEl SVKflB WEN!! WOSVO WCUS SVCK Nrvvj: SSTTL SVTN) A SSXS D-Xcv a; Cavalcade ol Uandt SVAlT'Tueailay Night Jamboree?;1S P.M. Dance Orch.: KSVK. SVHK SVKOK KHT Grade Fields: SVKUB SSTSH SVOC SVCBS KXEL WEND SVOSVO SS'CFL-Trimjtiry Star Parade STt\l'. '» Hilar Majie rnvgn lid &aii<lerr A Coy Sa-' SSTUf-(Let. Hull 1^1' Sloline re. Daveut<ort SVlN'H-.Myrtle Jarkuni WJt-Amrncan MrWy Hour 9:30 P.M. Talks; KMOV SVBBM VCXO V AS SSTAQ This Nailnn al War; VEAt KXEL SVOC SSCF Bed Shellon 5 Co.; Harriet HHaril; Oatie Nelson'i Oreh.: Wl'E SVHOW SVTMJ SVTAM KOA WHO WLW WRA KSD SV.MAQ SVKBH *.SViv. SVJ«; SVK KVK tiriif SVilliripi'' Oreh. SVCHS-Ti. be annipiiiieed S'MMM pnrr Time WFBM.Ben Wilson SS'G.S'.Hunee Oreh. SSTBC ti' (iir Vpelory SVSH-Xine-Thiny Edition SSTSLhanre Musir SS'SX Mek-) Time SVJtl-Aninlraii Mehuly Hour SVMHO tav Hlock's Oreh. WMT Cmi thyilun SS'OSS O llance Oreh. lvsbt-r«hiert si Tay 9:45 P.M Frank Sinatra sonos: SS'FDM SVCO SV.VH WillsS SVSBT SVMT Dance Orch.: KDT SVlOK *Friticr Hum news: KMOX *X'.nvk KWK WEKR SS'HX Tij he aniioiineeil SVHAi-' riihiri 1 Slor Parade SVSM Siiiirta liipiiikliip SV.lfttM'i.rtie Mm-ieale SVKBH Srmisilr (i.< r Pur SlmtPpet VOSSO KaiJ -i-u'iiinc WTAQ LViirrn Miniature 10:00 P.M. fred Waring in Viclory Tune Time i WMAQ KOA WHO KSD (olio set 5 p.m.) News: O u 'ncy Howe news: WSUT SVSN WTAQ SVH.\> Vt.SV SVHBF SVM) WJT SVMT SVOVt SVKBH SVKOK SVTMJ STKE ivmt ivcfi. sstit.s svjmst KXL. SS'FM Xe.i ^11*11 is'eai; wtrr *ST-«1 SVHK SV AM Kf't'll (Taio e lime (sstil Vnn KWK; Newt SVFHS N»wi; STclorlans SS'EN! Most llipiiul'eil Mniir SVCiM llnru Carmn conns SVTXM Nent; Svniphnnle Mr WM f.inn SVUim t'iprlr Sam 10:15 P.M. Hlcharil Harknest news; SVEAt; Wlimv SVTAM Dance Orch.; SVFBM SVTAQ SVSBT Oantc Oirh: WUOK Dance Orch.; SVKBB \r«. KMOX KSVK SVSA KDT SVKU SVMAQ BUS bliortv A Sue KSLA Tmi to Mehnly KXCUrjirlivlte TonljlM SVBBM Ciiarhint of the Sen S'CCO J.ilpp. Baleitih SVnieOni. Article SST.V Oikafi at Mlthl SVHAS Simitl SSTBF-Van 'elrttk CalL«'Em VBCJaek's 0>eh SVfH-Solute! ihe Jilandt STsS On the Ten-Fifteen V»*e Sl'fBE Muslr As S'ou tika ll SS'Jlt Mmie o! ihe Gltdse SS KB Taynavewl Cf»m Swlnf Belli SVlAVditryOT Ziettirr Backctound WMfil> S'ns pf Allies; Panrfflf! fatly Sv MF-Qpiincy lldue hessa te is.'l/ Page 29 TUESDAYS WOSVO Pulse of the SVar SVTMJ The.March til Mercy 10:30 P.M. Dance Orch.: SVSBT SVMT STs.N SVTAQ KMOX Jpbnny presents; Cinny Slmms: Edsar FalrfWil's Orch.; Bom- banlicis: KOA (auo we 1 P.m.) SinlonieUa; Alfred Wailtnslein. cmul.; KDT SSTBC SSTBF SSTtOK St. Louis Serenade; SV'BCSS' WEAU SVKBH WMAQ Dance Orch.; News: SVKBB Ncos: KSD SVCN SVBBM Brown's Oitp. SS'CBS-Dauce Oreh.; News SSXCO Fricniily Time S''VMiimc Lovert' 'rpn SVEXU-Pawl Schuhcrl. newt SVT'DM.Satiihnan Serenade SVHAS-Uancc Music; Ncwi Willi ttob Biiriinrroine llenorle SSTBA-V SV. '.nimlers Day tshhi-tp.licli Trail SVlSli-fi. Revue V AS'. Burl Fatber' Orch. W.StBn Our ChiWiei SVOC-SVhcii Dm D Hone SS'OSVO-SjkiHs Mirror tt'sbt-kopuhliratp Rally Pr«m. Mii>ir You SVaut SVTVM-Buipiiiipc lioonl 10:45 P.M. Ray Meathcrlon's Orch.; News: SVOC KXEL SVOSSft Sinlonieua; KSVK Dance Orch.: SVJR KMOX.Mpvtiilich) Serenlde Kflt-H S r. valtenfiorti. r.eiv. WUtSi Salute to Victory tvero r.dhr Jnhpiv.111 SVENll-Newei Hlulhin at llsii- ilniti SS'GV Uirli. SVHO'tl.p Jeslcrt SVHC Treasury Star 'pprade SST.W n.l. k Mntithe'r t'lich SS'M V() liilr.ubtiiihlit Stliool of Krlitriuui Eihifpirlun 11:00 P.M. Dance Orch; SVKBH SV ts SVtUSO Oantc Orch.; WRDK SVW KHT SS'CN News: Dance Orch.; SVSBT Wl>\ WTAQ WtAD SVMBH SVMT Keivi: Hoy Shield & Co.: Newt. SVHOW SVKBH SVTMJ SSTBA WTAM WHO Horace Heidi's Treasure Chest: KOA lain xv 7:30 NVm; SVCCO SVF.NH SVBBM SV5J NT-.11; Muaic: KMOX SVJR Kslt Newt: >l»»l«rys Semsailr. Uiofe Orrh. i New* KXLL.l'ncc Sam SVCBf Daaee Oreb. SVFBM Strikes A Spates; NicM walrll SS'ilAS-STrlfemntki of klutic SS'BC-Newsj Tenth nnind SS'ND-News Mtiiie lee E*»re body SSTHE-News; Mtisk You SVanl SVLSS* News; Dance Drcti. SS'M.SQ News: Musical Helance 11:15 P.M. Danee Orch.; SVF.NR V. RED SKELTON and His comedy show can be heard on Tuesday nights Dance Orch! SVROK SVST SVKBF SSTBC KDT KiSt! svn\ SSTBC Bny Shield 8 Co.i News; SV.MAQ KM: tey. Pinicph's Hour SV<:<().l»aiuv Drill. SSTSH Mutir fur livi rjnmlv n lyll Srnlry A fniiic VLSV-Vircliiu flays iimgy SSTA M Samiin Walk/m fitch 11:30 P.M. Oanct Orch.: svixn SVSBT Dance Orch.; News; SS'KBB KXEL SVFM: Roy Shield A Co.: Wens* SVltOSS SSTMJ SVTAM SSTU SVTUE Boyd Baebuli'i Otth.; SS'.MltD SVMT SVTAQ SVHllM BBC Mews; Dance Oich.; KSslt SSTiOK KHTT SSTBF SS UN KTS X.. Milan- SVfTti. D.pncc Urch.' Newt SVf Oil Maitrrwiirks tsi (..Smiiv Album *ss DM Ni-ivi Uiirlpi Sam B H A * B run rnuf»1st d N v. ASSTHO NVm; DM Rrframi SVSN Curl. fia.ip SVLSV-Midnilit'i VUlSO Ski line Tnh 11:45 P.M. Boyd Racburn's Oreh; SS'HN»Ro» Snieie A Co.: Ne»<a. MM SVHiT Dance O'Ch: SSTTiM SSTBF SVMT SS'fMH SSalkatliuii SST SY'Vikpii tlivup 12:00 Mid. Xp-WV. KOA SViTT. SVSBT KMOX Mu*la j Neu t lli. f rl '.(m VBUM Nrm; t'h-jtlir SVrpyhtT Orch. SVCCO N<«hl On t WENT: Sm-D V.u SSjnt WON [lance Otth. SS'O Snpppc SlilH Ma line* SVNH Xriii;.Vile SValch WSH fnlrp. Jairdtoree SV.SV Veiyi; Jiilinny Oi-Twtt't OpiP. SVM SQ llrpirv it.imtufi'i Orrb SVTAM Mu-ir End ol Tuesday Program -. MORNNG 7:00 A.M. CENTRAL WAR TME Hens ol the SWarln: KMOX SSHSS SVM D SVfin SVTAH SS MM Ale* news; KSH SSTO S! ll SS'.S v.'m. 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28 \ \11 \ '-!O WEDNESDAYS ~.. u.1d \ hu!..1 ; ====~~~===:;-:;;7~-7--;;:--::--:\.Ql'u~h ~ 1(1\\O-n~n.. J 1111 n of. lhllt\ ~ l ~JM LONEL. oppt' Mayol' BARRYMORE ' of the Town 18.4~.m. CO~utdl Hlp~y J C~ ignl': W\111 wmr. 8.r.ktut Clu~: hah. OC 1\. KWK \~.'U \HUK Jud.. J.~. 0 \\((' \~.d la... '... WBM \lu;a Ootll 1\.lin 'u~;.lalld; r<l. iii... \\'(.~ '1'1. W.U \\18f llou... ~ /o'.'c Aunt J.... \\181 r... 1 lp C. \\JBC ')Y'OCal. 1t.\1l.'- C_ 4. \.. \\'\8ll Thrift \~ ' '-' 11f1' \TCaW 7123 \\loll K.. t fprh ' : <4.. Rowt St. J.' ton:... RE... RA V.htftt Ui4y: kox W88.\ \\CO WrH\ \\h~ MB) \'''T 11 Rou Murlfl.: \'tok Son Drumt.: K:>l:;l * Sn-: 111.n \~'U11 \\11 1 \['ridnoi'. ~1l1 c1~ am \K.::&.. ' WA T 8obl. y WCRS Five Miwt. Drul StOrti Sog Sh<>10 lth. Wh~.1 01 hrhwe. 11 LUJ '~'; 'N'~ h Nt.. Wt;);-~.lodJ 'ert~.le * W A f'u'~; cw.. V'twl * WBF N.~ ll \ h. Baby.'M * WBC u: \t.1 ~ule 1\ m. t'. lor ~';eu 'VH)-S.r1. [)J~ 1'lb' VJB(.Rhylht... noonaute WKl8 Pro.; Pn;. 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T'm~ J.~ ~~~li~ ~'a ' ( an.. au.h \lod f... ch 110' Ji WT Td) lou.~.~.. ; '.lod 8T \f.rd n 'i - 11'>1 11l~. ~~. 10;15 A.M. Vk.. Sldt: K>J \1110 WRE WAQ J \\ FAU WKBH \'BOW 1\ S.\ Stconcl Hublnd: K~'OX WOOM weco \lfs \~S \\MBD WMT To be nnou~(i!t K/)Tl WAAf-Mu.. cal~ \\.~ r T.uul'j '- P oo:k (S Cocnn M'!!.r. Orch. WCFL-Do.. All.. '. O.~_ W)Z 81u.. Grl luy \lgs ~lor1till: u;~... 1\' l R'-Kitd.. \ttuttiq. WBC-ElhtJ fl. \ll;. * l'll.-mo... 1 Mu iul~; N~ WNO Dane. R<> W\('-Clluc~l.. Tmo WJJJ).!t. Showlim.. \'dsju. ltrrill W \OKTown Cri.. WSU 1'~~f(J1'5 luic~1 f n. ~ WTAQ 'nel Sam 10: Nancy Mlrt;n n.: 110( Hlnk uwwn's Kn;hts: WKBB Smll Whlfll:... '11 Snow Villl9 'H 1\110 \-T1J HAQ yk... H ous~ Pty: W8f lnok B.ight HorilQn' K\O 11'081' (fo \'tr 11\180 \\ ~T KLiTl Ut h.\ (... * \\.\Af S.. -. ll' 'ltilt WAlT :«Mi~ n.~. Kleb... \\('S~ P''''''ar \1.. Fl \.~)' ' \\ 01 C...b. f f' Toef.. n:alj Guiji.'ci>' G\ lu.i<31 't~... tto.. 1H~ Ut~ Fo.. Luu 1\ iii! f' < * \11\[1\. '. liff Tl i l > &. 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K.:.ELCO\ltr)' r.h.w 'AAF htllj(l} Hb)lhm W'-'T-lry.ft * C8S Waot Ad r.yo<e; 7'it'W1 WcrlA.h~r liltlot Jmmy... i:xr B...r.t h~k'1 (.d. WG l.i~b. Fir.. l<tu \\'JD~ -Today. T.; Mu.. c lo.. o>.!1 H l.ool WillA (i.ilial' Hr~... W:O>U-Rod' n~ r.. WRE rultf)!i.b... l 1~i'>1 { 0l 'irhr WJ8C!'arad. of R.\lld. 'JJDB.. C t.o-by * 11 KOtl_~. J'u... * \\.tms~ WOC-}! Fru1 llll. YO\O ti\o' Owlhltr * WTAQ :u r.; \OW WTMJ lttely 11' 11 : En joy Yoursolyn: litre Nt! Fa.m &0 Hom. HOll ' : WOC KXEL WOOW \\ls:' WUU WSH WKBB 110'1.. Roltlllnce 01 H.len Tunl: W)lT KMOX 11:10t \CCO HB\ W fl- X. 11'(;' \Hf WRt: KDTl ~am.olv hn' ( dt * K'>O-\.; >CO of Out Allin 1-.AF S.. 11.; 11'.11 - * \.ur... )hm \\'O... - l ~l1i. l.... WBF \ ~ m WHO-SwKt K'H' 11'10\ lh (.rr.pholl ~'te.. noc lih!. JtlltnlY 1\n lot ~.oh WJOC' ~ f l'.rlj WJJD.i. R.d WL~.\l)lkth WMAQ \f of \ ~'.. d~y 1\011'0... t ~ AY r '. r'\u'.. 11 : Our C Su~uy 'X 'OB\ \\10 nh\!... ' '\lso nlt 0\ \ \! h~l Muw.. he l.-.nn \ t R... no.d.. l! 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WMT 1100 KWK udl \au. 1\ \ E.. fi... i._ ~2 Hou. weil.s... ny Mon... Mall 0' Dftp Ri... Boyt * WlllF:>tws; Any Bond. To. 'Of WO S... 1ot \owta;~ Rl.llndllp BC D~.. l;.-i~. F....r Wi Ll. llrute F{Olt. barilone lite faml Home Hour 1 1ll'oop!e'. an WJilt O.chulra JJO ~mphu.. )' i.. <;.. in WMAQ Tu.. &. Tl 1- \\R.JK-Colllm New. 12:l0 P.M. Vk &0 Sidt. K\OX 'BO\ WCCO 11'\100 *N.Wl: S.ietly PfrlO: WSF K'K *.\1AQ\.O\LS f.rn f'r(tn ' A 1\'UWO WLL KOT Tc;acl~ T;~ K)EL F~ Oulle'''' Oo.rd 'AT82O nub wefl li (toby WD. Hhh.utl hr.n Fonu. 'Ph... f!fm Wl.U '.. n4<1. \\fu\1 JUt af.. ~ tl~y; 1100' tr ~ft \ ''<'~ * \\G' :<t W; luk! T~n'tl. P'... * 11 SA \ew~;.. ~ RS. \ \.. 'ott. ~ 1\0 \.rch ' \Oil: WillE \'~\ '~hrhn1 11'1'-11 l'ar;ly!'rlm..... ~ ).'n 8y; \~ 'JS(.'l. S...-. \... 'JJO' '~ ~~... 'h811'>1 w WMT Tnm 0. robo) UlG t~1 111\111\. 12:45 ' Tl t ;;''''d~tg. B fl- Ca.ty lo~9m. ews ' t ~t Tt. The Professor Never Forgets Kay Kyser hold the fecord r/')r coluccutive appearances by l bandleader at the Hollywood Canta-n. The profeslwr or Collee of Musical Knowledi!e has put in ei(lhtet':n su \e Saturday!! there. n the past year and a hair. Kay has made more than a houl!3nd personal appearances lu;. rvlce. en and n behalf or war-bond sales Famous First Ted H lr ens.oorl rei ter was the fin-t J)(!rson e\e. to broad. a track meel nationally. ThE' year: 1930_ The event: The Mllrose Gam~ 01 Matli~Hn Square Gard('n. HUlin's ;(1vcrage or the 194:1 Mllirmle A A. Game~ at the ill1e plll{( brought the raet to mind. Are YOU. Song.Writer? t you are NBC and the Nalional Federo_ tion of Music Clubs lire looking for a patriotic song. Send your mnu~cripl::; to Miss Rhea Sflberta 200 We. t 57th Street. New York. N. Y. Judges or the conteal will include Leopold Stokowaki. famous!fse lro; Fred \Varina: bandleader; Lawren~ Tbbett. t'peratic baritone. Contest close March New Books Ed\\'8rd TOlllinlloOn. Blue Network' authority on Other Amen(;&s;' f' the lulhor DC wo tmely new book! publi1lhed by Ch&rie-s Scrib_ ner Sons. One ' a tet-book dealin with locial economic and political conditions in each of the twenty republicl The olher a series of three' ellcral buoks on the ten COuntries in South America. Mlflfll Bnd: WOC Concul W HF WROK * X... : K\/OX weco WRE WTAQ WK O }ionl Public Opinion K~D ~oul \'orit.... K K ~e;!... * \f.l..hd laml)o'n. N.w. fl- lnf5~t 'u.n F.. Au 00 Tod.; Nrwr WOZ \]tlody M.lan.!: M~ Don.ld Poull'l' WG.'-Mark.11!H -detlo... WSC-Farmtr Dip' \D-Tomptinc Ttmpoo \Ju(' \lt~ al. W!'s-Sntilon' Ed totcotntu: /lk!! W/l.~QSt tiytr \\'!tod T'D Cn ; M k... WMT.'uhh: Jot DOlku WSl'-lttliotiou. N~w. 1:00 P. M. utllt 0' h. World: KSO WlO WNAQ M.;.. Bind; \\E.\U WlSll WKBO fl- Cteltic Fo ~ter n'ft; WROK KWK YDun9 Or. Mllont; KMOX WBBM W(CO WFBM W ~N WM : O 'TAO WTAQ Nt._ WCfL WND 'AAf KDT\Obilari~1: Mod... n '>lu;' ul~ WAT»'m hony lan Cfft. 1-WCBS-Ne-w.; Am~.;<a \DZFay Wall; 10mt F!k Hour '(;'-Tio. Oueon ''-'-C.lttp Nt' \\ HF hom Fto; Ma.ktls VBA M~lod)' MOn.nll. \lbc-n~ws; PTa;';. Sonbirdl Ll. Hutnfltl.h. Qarter flout WRf. \lu.i<.hdlt)' \\'JJC 10w' Yu. lullb 'JJP \f.rkt!s... -KBl Guidin' lilhl 1\ Tim. 1.\1Tllu Rtd woe Oar~1 of Ovuctt ' t <onti. (-bl!'ltt 'BT F. ih FO$ltr '!u.jul ('hah TlJ Th. ('hll-.. r'f 1 :15 P. M. l onely WOmtn'.0 WltAQ 11'110 JoyCt Jordln: \lox WO!\1 ln \) FR \\'~ WMJ \\ \T Mytory Ct!; 'KOO DOW \ 'BS WS- woc Kldllld~.m h ) \ it.!loel. \ ' to AH rou (.U. '('~1.1r... t)' t lfll_ 111):.keto;!lam folk; Art of L... ' 1_-'1' \Ju ~ Rh'plO.h. F ion \\GS ' ltd D... ml \U ~... Ci.llv. r o. tt :11' \'irloty in 'tollr KHcbn Ll. \arhll WND Yo ('.n't Do Ou..... 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FREQUENCES KDT U10 WLL 510 K MO X~O WND 560 KO A 150 WRE-1430 KSD no WSH JO KWK UO WSN- UG K X~: WfBC-1230 W AAF 950 W.'D 1160 WAT no W lf J60 WflllM 780 W SB UO W80W 1230 WK81i 4O WeBS-HO WLS90 weco-no WLW JOO WCPL-OOO WMA0670 wnz 1050 WMSl14;O WF.AU 710 WM T 600 WF.NR DO wac 1410 W'MU6n WOWO-ltOO WCN no WROK HO W A no WSBT 060 WilliS 140 W~U 910 WHB p lna WTAD 910 W O 104a WTA M 1100 W BA UO WTAQ -f36 0 W BC l a70 WT Poge 30 ih i 1:» WEDNESDAYS r LONEL BARRVMORE appean n radio as the Mayor of the Town (8:43 t.m. Conlinuci)) Happy jack senps: WKW win ft Bfcakfavt Club: KX-l. W(C KWK tvm) wnun Judy & Jau«; KSJ VVCCO M>l'll Vm-jd Varinin WBBM Musirs CkKk WAl Ma Vtkim WMMMuvlrljHil; S.uis Pa f-uii-; Nf: WON iviabnie Well WHtr.MiiG*c el.miiaic WHO Allllt Jetuiy Wllir-R*i l' t. Go U JHC-ilcvaiLnal M MAy-Nonrau!om A.Mmk WMUl) Thrill Mf. Pood n«(r. W.MTCulliliR 7B tvst!l-kc-»t> 'm Kalluc Seivlra llrportt?:00 A.M. Robert St. John newt: WRE WBA Valiant Udy: KMOX WCH.M WX'O WTBM WSV WMBO KMT Alan Ross Uarrarlane; WKOK Songs of a Dreameri C.\i;i. *Now»: V A At VVKH WSH K 'THDevdllimi J<Si> tjnek Saio KWK Casy.tnleiiiiis; WAT lltblr #l»ily VCF'S-Kivn.Minnie Drug Store; Suui; Shop U'Ct't. Wlinsl ol Turlime AVEAU-Nons; Now. of the New WLX-Muluiiy Scfoltatle AWflA MeliKlies; News & news AWJBF NWj. Mil Mairsly the Hahy V HO Old (refrain* *WlBDSt«s; Mel Steel. WLL llciine Kxereiaea lor Filness VViXp.Slorl the lll'v iuehl WJBC-Rhythm A Uumnnte WKUUl'mcr.rii Previews WLS-Prairio Rambler* WMAQ'Mornine AtfuuJ WOC-Unelc Sam vvuvvo llainiy Herb VSST Mot nine Hcvotions WSU Salon Music WTAQ New: Hi n.iby: Music WTMJ.Cnrle. Sum 9:15 A.M. the O'Neills; KS WHO WKUH WRE VMAQ wr.\u ivnow WBA WEAU Roy Porter news; WOWO VL'i'L WCHS Kilty Foyle: KMOX WMUD VMT WDUM VCCO VKHM VSN KDTJ-Tips & Tunes K XFLBriMkliir.l (Tnli WAAF-Canary Srfeuode *WGN-Musie; News VUP'Clnssifietl Ad Time VL-March o( k.itil WlSll l'.iid Batnu's Lh cli. W.BC-Ciassifird Business VVTihuck An fee WOf Sews WHOK-The Gnliliierj.a *11 bmt Eneueenirnt Uook; News WSC-Vour lloinr Goes to War W'i'Atl-Let's Have Music 9:30 A.M. Baby tnslliule: WKill WSH Amanda o' Honeymoon Hill; KMOX WBRJ KCCO WFBS VSN V.MH VMT Keyboard Harmonies; WSUT Helpmate: KS» WHO VHK VMAQ WTMJ Cheer Up Gang: KUT11 WHilF KWK May Ktrmedy MrCord KXEDli N'riphlwr; Markrls WAT-Famity Altar VCFL-S >o1 light Prcm WlZ-Markn.; T*i he annnnnreil WlvAU-lalr Can He kanhlul VGNJtine Bake- V11. n't'l tml <lu ; NV»S of VUseinsiu WHA Mrle Sam llthl -rrienifty llouae LL MarVel* Otcsn Atouits MS 11 News *VJ SC Newt; Markets VyLfi Safety Cniirt WKUH- Hiune LVflnniuirs 'LS Song* *>l j Dieamrr VOC Sons Shop v\ tillo liimir Forum ROK llouwrwivet' Ja.-kpol WSL' New-; 'r-m. f'alenrjar 'laq Mu.irjl Lie lure 9:45 A.M. Lone Journey; KsH WHO VMAQ W'MJ VHtt- Gene t Glenn: WBA WSH WKHl W Kill VCL KXCl. VOC Bachelor's Children; W(TO VHUM WHM KMOX VSN *\civ>- KWH VMT WAAF News; t.ltt the Koeotii V A T- leaven J. llnme tinny AWt.TS-l.el'* Look in Vntir Mir- ror; Sernumrlle! News Wl /- t'tielr Sam TAli Sparking fthylhrii; News li t. V. f e..nrv Star Parade WND tjauer Must* WJUC-Srienml.. WT^iloe (leplins; N*w> Will 111 ' Mi w ei i err; New s WNHT lh> ftawl V'SUl Keejniic Fit for Tclor) UTAU V»ur 945 Dale 10:00 A.M. Food News Tilbi: VSN WUBM VFBM KMOX Breakfast at Sardl's: WSH VOC iv Ml h lunvu k.xel Road of Lire: KSU WHO il'tre VMAQ VMJ WDll' WKB VTMW WHA *N>«*: MHF wtmj W4Jt» WTAQ K 'll News J Mnstf; Moslertt Teni»i» KWK Hush lliighes 'l-grn. VVAAF-A Srrnniilo for Lovely laulier WAT hu'lr Jnlin VCUNFranliir.Masters' Orch. VCClM-ct's He Friernjs VC L- Fur Women Only VHZMdikrts: Newt; V» llenril VON-Mis* K.itherine 1 Callinpe WtA UnnieiiMkers' Prgni. VJBC.Ncws Music WlLl-Trcisiiry Stm Parade VJUC-Tiealer Time VVLS TTie A Fannie ravannneh M'MBO itaneii House Jim WMT-Tldy Knu'keepcrsj Metodics Vh-HT-Mart-fjine to VicLcrv VSC T fere'* an dea 10:15 A.M. Vic & Sade: KSU WHO WRE VMAQ WTMJ WEAU ll'kbh WTOV WBA Second Husband: KMOX VBB.M VCCO VFBM VSN VMBO VMT To be announced: KHTH WAAFMusieale VAT-Treasury Mot Parade WCUS-Clenti Miller's Orel WCFleDon Allen's Oreh. WHZ Hwe Cira** toy WGN-Moniiuc Mu-iealc M'l DF-Kit Hi en Koinmiuiluue WHOElhH t. Willils VLL-Moiiirnr Miisicnle; News WND-riance A* Romance V.HCChnrkie Tune MJ11-t's Showtime WLS-June Merrill WKOK-Town Crier VSUl-Vesloi-i.iy's Musical Favor- ites WTAQ-llncc Sam 10:30 A.M. Hanty Martin songs: VOC Hank Lawsen's Knights; WKBB Smile a While; WSH Snow Village: VUtK WHO WTMJ VMAQ Vankee House Parly: WBF VROK Bright Hnrlion: KMOX VBBM VCCO VVFDM VMBP VMT KDTH-Musicale KX EL 1540 Cluli WAAF-Xeo->; Seine Shift WAT Snltfier in lie Kitchen VCBS-Popnlsr Mu-ie VC-'L-Naury Martin. wnz Coleoil.ti for Today VKAU-Guiiliny.thf T.N Musical Milklvagoo VtltA-Linda's Firsr Love WtHC..'nrfe Sid HTM) Vr««SNAnn Li slie'* nerpp'j.xa WJm- i.! j. Hif. JJHU* Sfirni- T.11 VLS-Hj] r«jl*»r. «iiii«* V Kbli Lip/it ill he WoiM VMAQ Political Talk WOWn-Uanrh toijie lnit USHT Ne«i» Siriu Cciyer: Job ltfotler VSU The BeoS-tbcll WTAQ'All A Unit Voinen 10:45 A.M. David Marum; WHO WTE KSJ VMAQ WTMJ Aunt Jenny's Stories; KMOX V8KM WCCO VFHM VMBtl VMT At A Lee Reiser pianist: WTSli KBt WKliK KFTH WAT Treaiury Star i'arade Wrilb-Kav K>*cr'* Muuic V1TL itnl iiinnl Meal* WDZ-iltih A [h i[.y ViAULnnety Viiiiu-n TA Mf.inenl. WHBF-Tbe -fil s Mv Shepnrrd WBA EJilor'* {nnpmrr Viln K\ei*>in ts was* WND D.iiiee A Kvlnance VVTSN-NcwS; Music VJBC'Melmly A Recipe Time VLS Netv* VMAQ-HeibW Minlil. pianiiil WOlVO-Unn n lleli-n VSHT-A to Z n Novelty 11:00 A.M. Met! Your Neighbor: WKB V CBS Kale Smith Speaks; News; KMOX V HUM VL CO VFBM VSN W MUD VMT VTAU Boake Carter comm.: KWK WON WHilF WliOK News: KDTH WCFL WND W(W WHA KSU-Newy; btneily Mutieal KXLL News: Matinee 11 AtT'Nfsss; itninauee VDZ-Markers; At Your Servlee VCAU-Llght ul the Vuthi WliA Modem Einnt'ean 1H- lor)-; Music: Nei*» WHO Juris and Jane WHC-Nens; MaiLet. lln..-aui.nran 'luli-oi-by WRE Piano Twine WSH Son* ul Dernwerjcv WJ DC-Treasure Cbesl VJ J U-TriJcffll -'oiht Repotlef; l-istvn. Lailies WKB Lonely Voinen WLS-Martba A Hi-kn VMAQ-Psinled Dream* WJWO Linda's First Lnva WSUr <;.-.-l M-lmlirs VS'H ntroihsctjori rn Serlolngy; Farm Flashes VTAQ-.Nelsi; Trailing Post VCMJ-liitlilirm light 11:15 A.M. Big Sister: KMOX VBii.M VMT VCCO WFB.i WMUD Bill Hay Ready the Bible: WHOK KDTH Words A Music: WKill WEAU KOA-Judy & Jane KSU-llie Bands JTay On KWK-Hush lnghr* 'tgnt. KXEL Count; y Editor VA-F-Hjrinijiiy in Hiythni WATd'antry Palter VCnS-Wanl-AJ Srrviee; New* WCF.-Asiirr i- Little Jimmy WEN it iiuddy Franklin's Oreh. WGX-Li'nla'* First lus-e VVHBF-Toilay's Tune: Music V1 ifk (inidsi liiid Duck:root VBA uviliaii Drlensr WND-Rnchin' Chair Tim» WRE-Pouito SchiNii VSii-C-onsfli' 'ieluri-s VJBC-Parade o( Bands WJJD.Bing Crosby WKliU-Ncivs Pii-lnrci VMAQ Nets VVOC-linnn: Frnnl Pfom. WOVO-Kdilur's lljitgliler A WTAQ-Stump Us; Ncsvp VTM. Lonely Wmiiuii 11:30 A.M. Enjoy Yourscluts: V[TE Nat'l Farm 6 Home Hour: WOC KXEL VV80W WCHS WEAU WSH WKB WCFL Romance of Helen Trent; VMT KMOX VBBM VCCO W FUJ WMUD W1SN Nesvst VUN WKB WRE KDTil l amile Faun Circle KSD-Ncsv*: hones of Our Allies VAAF-Xew*; nterlude; Walla Time iv.irr-n>«>; niisthm WDd-Letiie Lane VHBF-Htule Sam WHO Sweet River V AUic 'aieiiln-ll Sisters V1BC Litlfe JTuimy SD-Star Parade WJBC-sle of Paradise WJJD Music Firi- VLF-Saikels VMAQ-Musie of Vesletday ll'owo lirat-ts in llavmotsy UR'H* it. y 11 n.1 SV.'iTfiarle (tnlt Tavi-m WTMJ Light of th. Wnt-id 11:45 A.M. Our Gat Stmajy: KM'tX VBBM VCCO VFH M VNN VVMBD VMT KOA March ul Mcity KSU Music to ihe i.siflrs A AF. temini«riiig in Te'r.tea VAT-liueJackefs railing WDA'sil.r fur Worsinp: farm llilrrau llnef* V11S' Lm natso. igani*! WliDF-Nrs*s; Movir lime WHrs Muireal Gems Will A Farm Hour ll'.lnc* VND Dirk (laker WtltE Ertatirenilty iking HJ- f Home Durrau Vs tll-farm Scrvirc Wl *. Farm Newt: Marhrfa U'MAQ llrveillr ltoi>ini<i > WtlWO-Markets WTAQ-Farm At Home Hour WTMJ-Big Si'it-f WSil llartan lienin AFTERNOON. 12:00 Noon CENTRAL WAR TME Life Can Be Beautiful: KMOX WHOM WCCO WMUD H R Baukhage. newt: VHOW WClh WiFL Wbll Ni»* KUK S UlC WJJD KXEL VOC WBA KDTH Organ Melodlr* WAAF-Ssrnphomc Hour WAT Nr..*; Sere WDiC-Ma/kci*: NVm EAL'-Dtau c hboy Kerenade: Km. VENt-Musir Vtm Want VFHM Ciiili.-rt Forbes WCiN-llimd Vacon VHF Organ 'atler WHO Markels V1L...Srsmtline lleltmlie* VJND Newsj Scretudr at Nnori WRE Lirrstork Rrports VSN-N'es**; Dnun by Her- man's WJBC-Farni Prytn. VKRl-Hjysh.slets W^ Dinner Uel! Time VMAQ ElWiilielh Marl 'reeenla WMT-Sl-ir Show; of la- forruation VOW' M'ltltlnr Atrlfultute WROK Hound Hit Tossu lysbt-luntlieoa Club VSUMthythni t ambles VTMJ Heinle: News 12:15 P.M. Ma Perkins; KMOX WCCO VFBM VBBM Gospel Singer: WOC WCFL Sketches m Melody. USD Netss: KDTH WKB Wkrr VCH'O K.WK-Shady Valley C \ KL-Rnchvtlle Farm Hour WCHS-Funny Money Man WDZ Dceti River Boys *WllUF-Ncsvs; Any Bonds To- day VHO-Sadillc Mountain Rouodup WBC-Farmer's Digrst; tloo«3er Farinrr WLL-Bruee Foote baritone ViitL-Farm S; Home Hour WSH-People's Man WJ BC-Orchrsra WJJD Ssmplmny in Swing WMAQ Tuik. S Tip* VRoK-Cnlunm Life; Nesss 12:30 P.M. Vic «r Side; KMOX VBBM WCCO VMUD News; Strictly Personal; VHBF KWK Neus: VMAQ WSH WHO WLS Fmin Prsm.: W1A WDWO WLL KDTH-riiarntli' Timr KXEL-i'iirm Bullciln Hoard WAT 820 flub WCFDHihr; Croshv VHZ-Matkets uud Funn Fronts: 'Phone a Fanner VtiiH-Serrnadij VFUM Record ot he Hoy: Hoo- del Farm Circle VVfa.N'-New*; llarotil Turner pi- anist VTBA-Nes**; Market Reports e-ll l-'f Vew*. Smishme htsecial VNfJ-Mareh to Mnsir WRE Wall* Xehriing WSH Variety fiyni. VfN-Duwi By Herman's; N rw i VJtf..Vein. iimrts; Market* WJJD Nmmdas 5.-vici WKB Njiofl* Rrviet* VMT Tom 0»en'» Cowboy i WOC Gmt«e Suiitac UOK l.tmels with J-O r n3 12:45 P.M. The uddbcrgs; WliBM Carey Longmlte news: WCFL WEAU The Professor Never Forgets Koy Kyser holds tho record for consecutive nppctirnnpoa by n bnndieader nt the loltywootl Canteeu. The professor of College of Musical Knowledge hns put in eighteen successive Saturdays there. n the past year and a halt. Kay has made more than a thousand personal appearances for servicemen and in behalf of war-bond sales. Famous Firsf Ted tusing COS sports reporter was the llrst person ever (o hroadmnl a track meet nationally. The year: u»30. The event; The Mill rose Games nt Madison Square Garden. Husing's covwnee nt the fkh Mlllrose A. A. Games at the same place brought the facl to mind. Are You a Song-Writer? f you are. NBC and (he Nntiona! Federa- tion of Music Clubs nre looking for n patriotic song. Send your mnnuscrlpts to Miss Rhca Sflbcrta. 200 West 57(h Street. New York. N. Y. Judges of the contest will include Leopold Sto- kowski famous maestro; Fred Waring band- leader; Lawrence Tibbett operatic baritone. Contest closes March New Books Edward Tomlmsen Blue Network's author- ity on Other Amerteas is the author of two timely new books published by Charles Scrib- nor's Sons. One is n text-book dealing with social economic mid poliiical contlitions n each of the twenty reptibucs. The other is a series of three general books on the ten countries in South America. PS Marine Band: WOC Conceit Orch.; VHBF WHOK *Srw«i KMOX WCCO WRE WTAQ WKB KPTH Publk Opinion KhD Vocal Varictim KWK New*; Music KXEL Fattit Jamboree; New* VCl'S-Stockyarrf tcperli; Any Qoralj Twlay; New? VDZoVelody MU* longs; Mc. Don a d Poultry VGN-Markctj VHO Fnnsfcllow TiC-Farmcr'! Digest TND-Tcnipnng Tempos J iif.'-mumcate WLS SmTlin F'i McConneli: Mkt*. WMAQ-Swm River VMBD-Town Cner; Markels V'MT-Matkels; Joe Dnakes VSL'l.Religious News 1:00 P.M. Light of the World: KSO WHO VMAQ Marine Band: WEAU WSH VKUB Ccdrlt Fester news;.wrok KWK Veuno Or. Malone; KMOX VBBM VCCO VFHM VSN WMUD WTAP WTAQ News: WCFL WND WAAF KOTii Obituaries; Motirin Musi- calr. VAT-Symi'lioiiy Hail Guests WCBS-Nesvj; America Marche* VDZ-Kav Wall*; Hotae Folks Hour Vf.iX-Tlie Den con TU-Cninnus News WlfBF Farm Front; Markets VBA-Melotly Moments VBC-N'tws; Pralria Songbirds lltlj.-jtofneniakcrs Quarter Hour Wmiv-Music Medley VJBC-llow'a Yoilr Health VJJD-Martcts WKBH-Caldins Ugiit WLS-School Time WSmVes i Red VOC-Ui ire of Donrii Winlt; (oneordia Chapel ll'sbt-fasier with Foster ll'slt-nluslcal Chat* VTMJ Tiir OoMbera* 1:15 P.M. Lonelv Women; KSi) VMAQ WHO Joyce Jordan: KMOX WUBM VCCO VFBM VSN WMUD VMT Mystery Chef: WKUH ViOV WCHS WSH VOC KUTH Undo Sam KUK AU-itm Ri'v'* Otrh KXKL-A* t S-'-iii* i«me WAAF Ainet'tra Cailint! ViTT Troomify 'sgin. VDZ-Markels; Hoiny Folks; Aft id 1.) vlny WKAil-Mu-lt-ul Rknpiody; Farm- er's Union VGN-Paloteil Dreams WTA WDenndn Lrgislntive Fo- nitn VHliF-Victory in Your Kitchen LUVLirkels ll'fnd-yoit Csu'l Do Business With Hitler WRE.inrfj's First Love VJtu*-Nortiul Schools WJJD Treasury Star Parade VKlii-Windnw Simpiier; Club Cfllrndar WLSdrain MLts.; News M'OWO-Hnosier Cornhuskm Vi!OK-.Main-Auhurn Pnpn VTAQ-Matlnee; New* VTMJ-Life Can Be Beamiful 1:50 P.M. Guiding Light: KSD VMAQ WHO News; VtOV VL'AU VKUB WCHS WCFL We Lo*e A Learn: KMOX VMT WM VfCO WFB. VSN V MUD TAD WTAQ Mutual Goes Calling: VROK KDTH KWK W'HUF K.NC. M.uket*-; Trarliers Culiece VAAF-Sews! Matinee Tlieatrr WMT-Sjmplinny Ltll Guests VTTN Editor's Daughter VH- Jnurnevs n Music Lnnd WUA Perpetual N'oliuns VlflC-Sotrs uf the 'ionoerj VH.L'The Digest.: News WSD-M.-ilinec Melinlles WRE Hearts in Linnnny WSH-Navy Solute WJC-Gud's Half Hour FREQUENCES KDTH-1370 KMOX- tjo KOA-8S0 KSD 5S0 KWK 1380 KXEL-! 540 WAAF-950 WAT 820 WBBM-780 WBOW-1230 WCBS-HS0 WCCO-830 WCFL 1000 W P WKAU-JOO WENR-800 W'itM-!J60 WCN-730 WHA-010 WHAS-840 VHiJF-UJO WHO-1040 WlBA-1310 W1BC-1050 WLL-SO WN D-560 WRE-1430 WSH-1310 VSN-1 SO WJBC-JJO W D 1160 WJH-.tO WKBB H90 WKBH-Ulo W 1^-880 WLW-700 WMAQ bjo WMUD H7D WMT.600 WOC WOWO l too WROK 1440 WSBX-o&O WSU 510 WTAD-930 WTAM-i :00 WTAQ-136D WTMJ-62D

29 * \\JJD.'i... \\ LS-Hon'~makor. PV. VO\\O R..... R..... lllp V!oiT-Sh<>1'1'r'. Gu~. \PU Au1 J.ny 1:45 P.M. Vour Ho!ly'lOd Nt... s Clr: woe v KBB!::.AU \'0 K: W80W WbH Hy'n' 01 All ( KSD 11/10 WMAQ Ptpper VOUnl'j FB'- 1188M Cuur Pttrillo's Orth.: WND WMBO \..b<-.~ KOX weco K)(f.L-lp-~!>U. Tadl.n LolL Wl8~ Rural!>rh.>u1 01 ~u( ('~L httnpl' UU 11)/Cuur tlly; fuman locks... G~-'i Ellilo.-' lalt(hl. ' W!>.' '''. nanc~ Or<h. JJ) Dirk B~~. _p..:. \-.npar~ of 'ury ' lbh.k h Mon OWo-Jusl Tholl(oO \\TAQ-Salutt to lm.i~bo. \'T\_ Buntti aa'~; N~ 2 ;00.M. Songs ~y Morton Oownoy; R.. y ru1 P.. i.' (1.'1> WE:n -oe V/ 110\\ U 1t 5unlty Oun ts- WROK St.. ry.. Mry Mh~: lo\.\q lne f\ll WO Ould.... r'm. h\10x Wl B) weco WHlM. 'f' llt L \\D WBF KJlJl '.n 10<~ u h.vk.. h ' t. KXEL(l m... AU'!>P<;u'''1.. wi. An '....!op<l'llc1 W( ' To bo an... 'M 1 ~~. ~~n ' 'm. WEAl' \eri.. ~ '.d.. 11(' l;~1 u.'''''; f.. n C'- Od 1\ 11\ O~~ ~ n... H..... \~'D V;r('ro ~ ;at.... WBt: 'i... ~. 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Full.. n L..... ~ts: 1BC th- 110 nth * \'~.. \{ 11'1\0 ills * KSl ' Storklon & Ech. KWh (h.. ' K\H Th~..n 1l0J'; S... WAA'-Ofl t All to n 11'('~!'\h ~>t.h WG\' l 1''1< Rradltv WA-~b... c~. el 11'110.. hi '. L.8.. llot n. W' \'0' :on. Nt' WJlt{' ni ).. 1\'JJ)'~f>lW'''''. ~... h \\MAll... ~' pl. h YMDU '1. T... Tldl WT or «h ~'. Woe-Wi b a....n r.. u l'(l1~.. l~~... \1~oT [.tra. n... ' 11..1'1 Di Hour ' ir WTAQc;portl 6: ft H el h. w.. 1\'0 WO \lu Tt \\\Q WRE KB Ull \\BA 1'r'8(lW Haff J'n' Ord. W.lS \ltaq \\1 1\ ;';\10.\ weco VbS V'1BO wc;ot WJR ~T \UlU \ltad l h. JOhM hmly: KDT 1t \'~ WnOK v.-oc *K\\'K ~... ~h K\. [.. H't he (j.. WAF L Oanu WAT /) rr nop \\[ Fl..jul \\alooad. we; <'PO'u llm!>p.'; ~olbi~j Bul t Tlh LURENE TU T TLE pily' a ludlng role n the D r. Chrlstilln starin 11'11.1(- Jim ~~ LL ' d~ ~a 11'10 To ~ ano.. <1 '''Rl! Elh. h'k (} ~ \1 l~!oi)~ ~' * \\ ;)0 ' E.. Y AU' ~n 111ll! 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TAD ' ~ \\O~ \\110 tu \~ \\(11 UM '10F A M. 9:0D 11:00 P M. 12:00 12:45 2:00 6:00 6:15 6:45 <>0 9:00 9:30 H. R. Baukhage Carey Longmire 5tllnley O lxon Fulton Lewis. Jr. News 01 He World H. V. Kaltenborn Elrl Godwin P.M. 7;00 7:30 7:30 8:00 8:00 Mr. and M... North Or Chrlstiiln;tn ilt Midnight John Freedom P.pper Vo~nt'l llly: WO '~) U $(hool.. til. A. \T 1\1-0 \O\/U' \\111] ' \ b'i \o\t-\ th *1\ 1M' ' u.. R.r.rd.. Air.. R \\('11!''' _ til. H T.. ~.. noll..t of 'oro f... WA..~.h~ 1~ 1t\la APno! ' 'ars RoOt.. :.1'. WbU ).v 0... * \\'JH'S... \ ( J.1J... K \ t 1\. U). rl ' 1\.\\0 2:4S.M ' 1 1'~t to H.~p~. ~D 11'110 WUtr tl \lu t.i \1]0; \1 \H~ \\'ST \.. 4;00.M. Wh.n a Grl Mme K'D WO \\'111 \\'\10111 \\ '\J ClpUn \0\ ~. S'«h C.. t... nt~' \llrll WRO Mldt'no C~ RUds' ~ \\HU 'H'! [... \11 \] \\\BO \\JJO \to\'! n y. ; ' h.:\h t T. 'A.\F\' to UM 1[ -. 1'oUY..... W. 11'0 r b *H.... ' M~ l)~ ~laaoj WC(!-... U/}_ hrk S~. 111\]:11 \\ 1101 ' 1\\e. J \\ flo hlllll '... P G don *.\~. 1\ro... 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Your Hollywood Newt Girl; 1VOC WK8B WEAl! WKiH WBOW WSH Hifnns o( All Cliurches: KSD WHO W'MAQ Pepper Younfi't Fpmlly: W'FBM WSBM Caesar Peviillo's Orch.: WND VVMBD *llit iiolilberpt: KMO.N WCCO KXfjjoWa Stale Tejdiert full WCBS Hartl Sehoo) of Mime WCKLKemel'^ Hanariet VVHZ Carlvi l amily; Fashion Frocks WON-.News Will T Rili lor't Da iwlilc AWlSS-Neivt; Dane* C)rcli. U'JJD Oick. liaker viligt WLS-Vansuaij of Vlrlor}- V MT-liatliplorS 'lnklicn WOW'OJutl Thoiwhts WTAQ-Salillc (0 Our.Wishbors AlVTMl Uiitlclin tlward: Ncitt 2:00 P.M. Songs by Morton Downey; Ray- laontl Paipe's Oi.'ii.; WTTN it W'OC WSH WdWO ASunley Oixon newt: WHOK Story of Mary Matlin: WMAQ WRE 1VT.M KM) WHO David Hatum. KMOX WUUM WCCO W'FBM t.wv. WCF. WX WBF t) > TH Stan tiekvon K W'K-Shailv Valley Folks OTE.OW1 S'tem WAAF-Sjirjkiuc oi Lire WAT Mrtory Siiulllghi WCUjTo lie anuonnred wwliit Arvn; banii 'lsm- Wiw\llAmerica Marches Wl.N-Lrt'i Cd Arnu-iuilei]: Cnn- rerf Orch WHAtlver ol Our House W1 iva Vircinia Ciahani * WBC-N e»t: buushuie Special W H.. LrnMrship A 'otiiinimlcj- rons WtSS-Marj Ann Prcsente WJDC Librai)' Foelry Collies! WJJD'Vou L'rn'l On Uusmets Wiih Hitler WKltit Khrhrn ol Ttin'orrow WKBM-Mafince MrToelirs AWMBD-Sens; Mu.ic WMT-Yoniii: Or. Maloo* VSH Victors Riilleiin Board; Music VTAQ-Tihrarr Clret 2:15 P.M. Ma Petkint: KSO WEA WHO WRE W.MACJ W'TMJ WKKU V BOW WBA My True Story: K.VFL WSH WOC Landt Trio R Curlty: WTAO W1SN W1T1M Shady Valley Follis; KW'K KDTll WHOK»KMOX-N««s W'AAr-Sniie nl (he Day: Walti Time; Livestock VliM Meet llic Missus WaSS Tlio.March ol TraUlt llfltraeli Alilrfcll WTF^Farorlie Melwlic» WDZ Treasury Stor t'ande Wllltr Lrcion Aux.liary Wri.l. CiMU'eti lloiit:.s'ewi WN' Sports Fdillnn WJiC-Mustc V.THiits Library W.J) Dutvu ArgfBtine Way Wld> taiwers; Pa'sy Mcnlana: Doe lnpllins WMltD rl'lltur's l>aiighter WMT Hitch' Sain WnlVf l Vsic^uvllnr ['rent. 2:30 P.M. Concert Orth: WjiWT Peppet Voang's Farnily: WHO KM) WH. W.MA<f W'M.1 School of irte Air: WMT Wt.TO VHUM WTAC KMOX W1<N WTAO WFtM *WAAh sv-.; OH ll.r terun! V.An ' ss. A flair. Wt US Hnindiiakcr's nctitute V f LTm lie aiumjuttreit WDZ'Snna ol 'lirlirci* VVAC Snrm V11.ire tvtj.v Oi'eli House WHA Mualc of Hi' Masters Jrul'li Will A Farad i.t Mere ill 'int. Tnnli'it W XO (lace llecills WSH Hay Dreams AW. DC livva; Music Hunu Antrli'lnr Way WKUH Mlfil'.ll He!lie W'MtH-rarlv n!.iiiiiui>> WUVO Me lie! i M.innrra 2:45 P.M. Right to Hsnplnets; K?D WHO WH WiMAtl W.MJ WEA WKH WltOW WBA Between the Bookenda; V.'KBB KXFJ WTL WOC WSH Ncvn; VTLS WOWO WAAF-Vout Wrihiesday Serenade WUZ rbft Quir Wll 111'Pull lie vdinols WJiC-.lust Relax WJJD.Rd lections WMBD-Linda's First Love 3:00 P.M. Backstage Wile; WRE WMAQ Khf) WHO WTMJ * Waller Compton news: WMBF WHOK A Mews: V1SN' WTAO WTAD Club Matinee: WOWO WO' WSH WKBR WBA KXEL *Ke«s; WNT) WsBT WHB.M WCCO W(. KDTll Poimlar Krctinl Show K.MJX vilitur's Duugltlrr *KtVK-M J t Show; ivrwe WAAF-The 950 flnli WBS-Music of the Masters WOZ.or '.la.s Hoy Wi'Atl-t.dllr Aolirnrs it WON Xeivs; Slnp. Lnnk Ai Lie- ni *-\V nil'-news Kill.Tli-y WLeCninmwulty WVltare Or- c.imrations 7 Xcws W JUf.fhiircli of Corl tvj.fl.t'.mccrl Hall WMBF) Waynr West *lvjlt-.n'cn>; Mack' Kit'licn WSU-Allvrriran Ass'll nf 'ltiv. Wiuiien WFBM WEXR WKBH WAT 3:15 P.M. Green Valley. O. 5. A.: WSN WTAD WS8T WTAQ WCCO Club Matinee: WHOW tve\0 To be announced; WUOK Stella Dallas: KSD WHO WBA WRE WMAQ WTM. K MUX 11 i':i its in jiiiiuny WH'M fiii-sm Cinmv WCFL Varlrlle. \V»Z Fay ii Dippy WT'HM-Whcelrr Mi inn W MB'' Listrn. jviici WN'f) Sports Kdillofi VM.Ma Perkins W (O\.Xalplil.<irlinnil tjill 3:30 P.M. p Men of the Land. Sea R AH: WuWO WOC WLM WSH WKBH WKR1 Will A KXFX Joe & Eltifl Turp; WTSN WTAD WS1T WTAD WtCD Lorrnao Jones; KSD WHO WBA WHL WMAQ ATM Bridgeport Cnternble: WHOK KMt'X arnia s Lire' l«*r W AT X'rwv Mi Carfhy Wt'Hh Tu annovir.rcd WTT'L-Mumc. Aoirrira WT)/. Mill on DklrV WFllM ltliylkni A News WT.iN Tu n- ai.liuiltireil V.'HA SpanKh Pi cm. WHU'.llui.-ief lliiinr l'..fks WLSn luf tfiiillt WJlu'.Xrw.; Mu'ir TV MB!) Lonr J.iuril. V WMF Ma Prill in. AWSFFNew.; Fi..hiuau Takes Hie f'lollorm 3:45 P.M. Mountain Music; WTSff WTAQ WTAD The Sea Hound; News: KXFL WtK* WrrtVf) WtS! WEBB Soviet WFBM WTAQ W'CBS News ; Wo- WKB1 WBA Vouno VViddrr Brown: KSD WHO WBA Wllli: WMAQ WTMJ K Favoril' M'ni ii'i WBBM n «ii Slh t'eulury Draw ns; Room WTfOOW! 'rcin. WHZ-S«'..e hues WTvSR-Off 111' R't'onl; News VTl'.C iiiiunv A Judy WJBf-Viclrjra Voluiilrenv WM1) llnl Ciom ('rent. WMT Vie 4 Sad? WyiSTAVll' luii-e Aulhrra 4;00 P.M. When a Girl Marries: KSD WHO WHtF. WMA' WTMJ Captain Marvel; WSH Wp.'AC Shcclah Carter newt; KHTH WKOK Madeleine Carroll Rtadi: WTSN WTAD WTAQ WHM *s... Wll WND WMHH WJJD KMOX t'ounln Lmmy't Rrcmp KXKL Hounilutr Timr VVAAK-Xetvs; Vlijinly Mointuils tvhlm-tloinirtsivra Prolcct )vo.ratine WCPS 1430 Tuh WLTT. Xtvvs; Mllkr Betirve iianrrbnd WCCO-Swi fll> WD/ lljde Park Nc«t tv 'N MV.iiu.ii. (nla. WHA '.dieli Miimi 'icm. W! HA 'attijiu* Jauik.utr 4-W Hit Kens; To he -nniiiir.cri! WLL Mary Amir. un trjirano WJBC- W D. Recital WKBS-Loras CoUcpc Pi cm WKBU-Sacrtnl Hcarl t'nem WMT-Life Can Be Broiilllul WOC (luost of Honor WOWO. Vlclorv E'rress WSRT-Danrc Time WhULMrlody Tune 4:15 P.M. Perlia Fates Life: KSEl WHO W'tHK WMAQ WTMJ Hop Harrigan; WTAD WKBH WSH Mother & Dad; WSS' WTAD Horse Race: KHTH M'AAF NeiiS; Trca.utj Chest WCCDMu.icale WCFL-Muke-Bclievc Oanteland WDZ Kay Key WFBM'Service Stars WF.X Woiiicn for Victory WHATiiissia. Our Ally WTBC Sunshine Girl. Wll.-Milsir Thai Lives WND SlKirll Editiori WJJlVuu Shall Haw.Music WKHB lfniv. of Dillmuile WMHD Meel ihe Haml WMT Tim COWWrs. WOC-Treasury Star Paiadc WHDK-Jnlinron Faiiulv WST Matinee MehHlies vvstlf ufe i Work in Hiissia 4:30 P.M. Are You* a Genius?: WSN. WSBT WTAD Jote Bethancourl's Orth; WRBB WKBH WOC Just Plain Bill: WHO WMAQ KSD WRE WTMl WTAD Junior Newscaster; KDTH WHOK KAOX-Womril's Hnur KXEUlTrirliville Talllet WAA'-Ri.iilrvaiil llhyhins; Rand nl thr Day OVV AlTNers A Toiu Moore WUBM-riilcaiio Html WCt O Are You LKtenine WDZ Veiorj Front WKKH-Teaa. Kausret drwfhm l vythill A S-ins; *W'iS Lrn Salseiu... men Mokr News; NcnT WHA. Fntvcrsllv 'mi cert Band WH BF-Cousin P'tfy *W! U.-'layhmiie; S'eus WND Race Results WlnllSporlsmar.'i Club *VJ HC News WMH) Better BustrnM tlureau die. WMT.llrlodles ri Mjiirreii WOWO Hrlilles A Hliythin WsUl-Tea Time Mr Mies 4:45 P.M. Superman: Wrt>K KDTll WBF Front Page Farrclt; WMAQ HSU Wilt! VV1KE WTMJ WAD Oen Bcrnle's Oichtstra; KMOX WBBM WCCO WFBM WSH WTAQ WMT WST WTAD To b» announced: KXFL WBOW WKBH W'CBS News: WOC KWK WAAF Fishicnu n Rliylhui: Oil {' llrrofl: nvitation to the w»iu AWT NTl Blue Points; fevss W'HC Tutf Bar Time WTMl Merry '.u Hiilli! WJlUNSurel A. Seine WJJD.Vklory Front WKUl-Tlie Sea Hound WMHD Pel Cotner: Melody Min- lalurg 5:00 P.M. Terry and the Pirates: WOWO WEN KXE. WSH WKBB WT'HS WW *Nj«y Band; News: WBA KSD AOulncy Howe news; WTAD O.VeK. KMOX WHO TV ML' WSH WOT. WHBM WBF WHOK KDTH Pivvrr A P. K. Cordon 4KQAVev*>. llrrked KW'K C.iiv Lniiibitil-i's Orch. owaafxcur; Wu'ory F r on i; WAT (Ten. McCarthy WD/ M.rrh «( Healllt tfa' t.-a-uiv Mar Parade *W'f M News; 'mi Time W'tJS Tuileiuiiih; News WHA Aitrentuce Murlrs ovvflll prayer; Xrw*. 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KSD Alttvle Well Done KWU-Sniiemnn WAT-Realm nf Rhythm WCBS Between the Dark A Bay. lif h': Smokei for Soldiers 4 Sailora Pog* 31 WEDNESDAYS WHBF-Jphnscin Family TVTBA-Sports; Nevcy WBC-Turf Bat Time WND-MusTral Mot o read* WSH Rar.iJp of Dsnds WJ BC-tTiildten's Birlhdayi VJ-D-Dave Minor WKBB Sports. Music Wfccro fier* no fljflng for a sfoffon fs prec*djog program fs on ike oir. i:00 P.M. CENTRAL WAR TME The Lion's Roar; What's Your War Job ; WCBS WKUU WSH tvun'r To he announreil; VVHAS WFBM W.lll KMOX WCt.O WBBM Fred Waring fit Victory Tun* Time: WBOW WKBH WBA WTAM WRE WTMJ WEAL fal«o av 10 p.m.) Fulton Lewis jr.. news: WHC WBF WHOK KDTll News; WCF1. WND W.S KSD N'cvva; Shirk on & Kaclien KWK-Rush Hughes KXKUriie Lion's Roar; Hews WAAF-Hff the! WAlTt'lem Mrfnrlliy Sneaka WGN Dr. Prmt.m Hradlcy WHA'Mail reworks ol Mu.c WHD Dinner in HalurtP Wt.l.'BeTvvr.-ri ihe Lines WSN Voirci n Song; News VM f. Dinner Danee VVJJ l) Sil i i llinr Frolic WMAt) bwrel 4 Spanish WMHD-S;vorls: Tone ol Today WMT Wa (Tier Prcm. WOC-Wtlr a Fang in Your Heart WOWO-Lrme Raneer WSBT jriras in Muile WSU-Dinnei Hour Music WTAQ Sports 5:15 P.M. Dewy ol he World: KSO WHO WTMJ WT tm WMAQ WFE WKH WLU WTHA WBOW Harry Jamci' Ortheslrat WHAS WTAQ WFBM KMOX WCCO WSN WMBU WSBT WJR WMT WHRM WTAD The Johnson Family: KUDt News: WROK WOC KWH Ncas; Sport' KXl.t llrlnren the Lines WAA-J.rt'i Dance WAlT-niniier Dance WtTT-Mu.ilcal Maiuicade WCX-Sports WHUF-Sports; Kothine Cut th* Timli LURENC TUTTLE play* a leading rote n the Dr. Christian storie# WH'.C-.lm Shell.m WLL tl...-!..- Sam WLND-T'u he nnnoimccil WKBB Ethel's Mrlwly- Mustanes VLS-Stnile Markrl W.W* New*; 6:30 P.M. Easy Aces: WMT WBBM WJR WFBM WHAS KMOX Lone Ranger: WUlf WHC W'tS WCFl. KXE. California Melodies: WHBF News: WHO WKBH WDWtl WMBD WKAU WHS WTAQ Simrlv: KDTH WBA KOA Un-al Veus; Fj.llUv Kcyi KSD Broailwny C.nilcen WCBS-Music Tune Wi 'CO 'n ferinl Meln.lies WAT Dave Mlm.r WFBM-f'anrrel Mmij1i)t»-«*WS'n N'fin; Snngs 'nr Your Sutnier WHE Synijvhonlr Swing WtS! Gross WSH-New' Hnriruns Wjni'-Neiv.; Simrts; Sljikets WKUH Dinnrr Dancing WLW-OaHads by LrUn WMAQ Music: Stand By. Amctiea WROK Dimin Music: CoO<! News WSBT War Cr.tninenlary; tvalta Time; News WTAM-Pripnlor Orris. WTMJ-The 'lav t.inrhero 6:45 P.M. H. V. Kalftnborn nrs: KSD WLW Will A WHO WKBH WMAQ Mr. Keen Tracer of Lotl Pn- sons: WBBM WFBM W'HAS KMOX WMT WJ! X'cvvj; WRE W'KHS KH Sinvns: WSH WSBT WKOK WOC (Continued en Ned Pa{t) WEDNESDAY'S BEST LSTENNG Se«progrom fitffngi for moro detail and addltfonof n«w» programi News and Discussion Robert St. John Doake Carter 9:00 A.M. 9:00 li:oo P.M. 12:00 H. R. Baukhage 12:45 Carey Longmlrc 2:00 Stanley Olxon 6:00 Follon Lew it. Jr. 6:15 News of the World 6:45 H. V. Kaltersborn 7:00 Earl Godwin 9:00 Raymond Cram Swing 9:30 National Radio Forum Kay Kyser's Program Marry Babbitt Sully Maton Julie Conway and Doiothy Dun Drama Varieiy p.m. 7:00 Mr. and Mr*. North 7:30 Or. Christian 7:30 Manhattan at Midnight 8:00 John Freedom 8:00 Mayor of the Town Suning Lneel Barrymoi* 8:30 Mr. District Attorney Jay Jottyn; Vlekt Vela; Lett Ooyl<; Pttcr Van SletdenT Orcheslrj A.M. 8:00 P.M. 2:00 Breakfast Club Classical Music Songs by Morton Downey Raymond Paige't Otchttln 6:00 Fred Waring n Victory Time 7:00 Sammy Kayc's Orchestra 7:15 Lum and Abner 8:00 Eddie Cantor Show Dinah Short; Bert Gordon; Edgar child's Orchestra 8:15 Carnival Show Mm ton Gould's Orchestra; guests 8:30 Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands P.M. 9:00 Tune Fair- Great Moments n Music Jean Tennyson Jan Pectce Robert Weedc; chorus l l Wrvlll it - vi.t nu' 1 ' 'r vi! i iaw Wo*W Yilth f T* llor* 1 '. tlrclbw WofUMi <o H 0 alithjl ' Kim H 'L'dll-Meil'* JJlJACilc- h* tlihrfiniu. «lihiv t niirt tlulnl. 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30 rag» 32 WEDNESDAYS \ ~ / JAV >AV JOSTYN eoacls ertllilct& the chief chid n Mr. Olstrlct District Alterney Attorney (6:4S (/i:~s n.m. ~.m. Conlinucfl) Cnntlnuta) VAlT-ln W.T-n Uif!-lt Gloiiriln< 'tis r!- Kvi'tiine E\ i~ HrtrMJlf s...~l \\('f'o~thu VCO Molhrr &' tm D.d \\': U'K U'-Tracfier'a \V 'J'~u~er' Go Col.~ n;' 'rcfn. 1 1'11. WGN M.lodlou. \VG\Mfn'llniis Minnt'v ~int. 11'10-1\0'11 l\'1 Sli-Koro Kol.Weli Kblltn 'JUt ivjiur.mttaii* M';r 'y by Tiny WMBD-Soiif 'lbo-soul Sliop Sbop \OWO-Bob BtWOW. i.. Norm... WTAM WTH f.ifcp Lih Jabhlim B.bbJil trooha Bmoks WT.\Q WT.NQ Urlwrrn 8ch.. ~n the lb l.lnra Linu 1VTM.J WTMj Kiiov.otl Kilo... all Moor 10lir 7:007 f.m. PM. Mr.& Mft. M~. Hoith: Horth : WKU \\'KS WUV \\lw KSO WKE WRE WHO 11'110 WTASt WTAM» WT\U J14 W.MAQ W\AQ WflOVV WOOli' WEAU WEAL WA Wllt.'\ Simmy Sammy Kiyt'i Kaye's Ortti.: Orth. : WCttl weco WAS WKAS KMOX OOX WHOM WBB~ W.MT \\'MT WJlt WJR 1VSBT VSBT WTAQ WFBM WFa! WM«0 W\lBD *Elfl *Eji Getfwin Godwin ncnt: nnll: WO '0 WO WLS WOC woe WSH WS WCUS WeD:; KXEL KXKL WKOB WKB) *[1 *C» Tinnty: Ti~nt1: KWK WBC WGN WG7'l lilltl CUTH *WCTL.K.i». ffwcft.-nt l.-Sert.d. U'lllir^rrrDArlo *WND-Newo; *VVJ.N'D-Now»! Walu Wlu nrnt 'Om. **1VS.V \v~n CO(Nt Omwil Hall; 11311; N... WJUC-Sior WJlC.StM l'arade 'orailt WROi-UalMog WROK.Bulldo Urumiuonil 0''''''''0<1 WiU W:oU ll l-u. S. n ill tb«tho: 20ili 20th Coiilnry <:lury 7:tS 7:15 f.m P. M. Lum jm) and ASner: Almer: WLS WOWO WOC woe WSH txok KXOK Kf'Tll KDTU-Bol>by Hubby Cribhtn Gribi>t KWK-Coon 1{\\'(.Coon Creek lioys Boy. KX D':EL l-l Coinc'ly (lmcdy Kl'indfuii Kin~do Wriis-Slmly W(JS-Shally Volley YUcy Folki F(>lko WCF.-Om WCFL OWl Vsm 'rgm. KGN-Coiocly Caport WGN C.P.dy Captrs <f3 (13 l l.i -EJ WM l i u '1!f' '1'' T'rej.ii.y..Stiii t'ot.ol' t'.~ Alee Aloe Te.npietgn Tunplelon Time. Tln'e National P(tla~1 {. W 1. V \ 1 <'~.n iii;...ii A \i~ [yiii *Xe«i V (TO WEN t WSH. 'i..' n'. ; 1. taifm 1:';0 Eimnn: t' Vin:!Of Wilts W{-llS WHH* WHar HavLelltlj. laknb.u. St. ~t Aruliruse Ambro-e wns.m WB8M WSKMicK '~l'l \111< Himr lr WKll* llli KM.L -'ll h >».'n~'hl;m. Vncustana Culleci fl@!\;1 *KMO.V-Xr; KMOX-lit...; Mnyie Mui~ 8:30 P.M. r.m *:'0'' XevMi WJ11C WJB( W'KBB WKBB WMBD 'M8D \\ JlH;..J~d< WBC-Jack Ream's n~;m'. (tich. Oed. *KOA N' PKHA News;... ; Treasury T'~nur)' Slar Sta Pa ' Campbell Compboll Soup Prpm.: Prgm.; WHAS K 111'i'fll.o!!e 'TM )(aii(rr 1.e. 'U'; WUlE.Mulic WTL-Mutic As A$ Von VU Like Llk~ ll rade.d. h\' (; llr Willi~U\~' Orrll H HCO W!>N WSlT WL<;l Song. 'f!.he hld. k1{ SD\'~'; M~i K n'rx.i lull- T 1».- WBHM Vi WSV WSBT MVK-Oillf WTbm.' Oreli. W'LS-Songs ol (he slands PKSD News; Myslery; Alnsif ~l~1'd WFtM \1 Fil MT.M> lln WMf WMT KM KtoO;\ OX WHM \\ BU-l08 OS Tiealer Tlfllu * WJSXATn 1V1S On the lh~ Tim-Filleeis; T~-l'lft...; Kens Ne.'1 Von Y.. Want; Sainrnv Ktyr's Kar~' WU WllK Sjailliebl Slli.h i>ii llbyelir.i!lb)'th. 1'.C-tL OW '<!tlll Jl TQ WJR Tell T.. p Till' Orch.; '~wt MNMV.11 1~lVh Ti lio VJit WTAQ W f'fl OVV Prtm VJ t Ten Top Tube* Orch.: Srttt 111\11 Mt. Oiu Allo'n1 Ua. Ti ''JOC lied r_ dtlm' * '\'K811 namo~ Gnom Sialae Wnl\!SlrlkH 5vun; No.]t 1\..\J::t..-l'd. :'al WJ U( '- Cro*» Mr. Oiitint Attornty driim WES-t llatire Time PlVKtUMtaymnini Cram Sniny. KXETeL'nrt Fan. 'TA\ Willi! f VnJ Bert \\ 11>01' KKUflseuUr '\l\ljtjs~i f! KSD WTAlt W1K VTM WTiVMlm Wilmn on h UUflW BOl TV JO Hti Wl.w Ll KOA W'iN.'fhv \.n. Ni.iibrrnerf WFHM-Strilrs 4 Spares; Meln \llrrllu. hu\ WMHtl-Snni* WM(J.!M>~ ol \>f Allies Antel ssaleh tell r n t Q WillA 'JF-)u 7:30 P.M. WUAf tv MA«3 Wilt A W Time 'nmr W.W WLV-GrO'llo< Gieynr Ziemrr Zien.. Harkyroniiit B.okg.oud WM W! tk \~ vtsslcrsimrks a.lrrwoek. nf of Music Mie Tommy Tammy Dorwy'j Doruy' Orch.; Orell.: WHO 11'110 Carnival Carnul Show; UflN H;N l-rs!jx VNO Xiie-Tliirtt... Thith FjlilJos Edition PWMT.Wm * 11' Wm. L. L Fhiirr Shirtr. new* n~ P 1-1\1l!.C.Npws; W HC-Xeus; Sjmrts SpOrts WHDK l\'ll()\\ V.TMJ n'.j WKHt \B WfliE WWE Victory Vinoy Parade POr.lde ol 01 SpotlfeM SlHllight Wl'--t.ubjin!;.. hrnl noof WOWO WO\\U Pulse Pul Of of (tie the War Wlr.!e 10. E..-cr}body wnv WLW.VMAO Q WTAM Tnl KStl SO Band. Banil.. TiiVKnaK) Lilll..-Kow Fat la: WO 1'Jl Unnrr.iiv... il of Mirhiean Michigan Talk W)\HAlusie far Cverjsmly T;dk WMT-VVhiiuey WSRT-uiP<')- A ' Vauglusp ''''ugh... WTC-Mnsic RE-.ftlu ir Vmi Vou Vjnl lvanl 10\\O-W~' VBA \HmO 1\:\ 1. 11'](1111 \YUh Vour W.. Job WUA wowi i K.\r.!. wkiui writs W OWO 'ATial'v Votrr War Jot. PWTAM'New*; *n nl.. e... ; M[;. e Mu i. *\\'JR-S. pwj t;sv««: Mn*ic M.oc Dr. Or. Chrinljn Chri.ll.n with wllh Jem Jun Her- H. WSH hll V 11c\P. KM! W'OC \\O( VVtlVK Wfl(11\ To iir be annnnnreil allnnul.ud WTMJ n1j -Jimmi. Jlmmle Fiilicr Fidler PWl.1V *WLW Nes.-«. N~w.; Oance O.U OecK Onh.omii; 01lt; c«a Cil Drown UryW. netti: lew5: WJR WCFL-Lalmr WCfl Labor Fh>lic> 9:45 P.M. ' 10:30 P.M. r. *:AQ Nc'.; PW VAQ Xms; Music Musil Wlm' WHHM UTAS 'AS WCCO KMOX WNT) W:\O Muveally 'tk.ll' SpejttVnif <;H'->k'~ Olnte Orch.: \118( WHOK Author' Pt.yhoust: WKB r.m. WSHf W.BT WSX WSN WMHl VMBD 1STBM VFD) WKU WK.BH Mii-lie \'0 Awrefi.nieii Appr..iati<lu l(r. Dante Orth.: WTir W'BOtC AuthnCi Playhouse: WKHH 11:15 P.M. /. 'p~ W.~( V.N! KWK K\vK WUOW WOOl\' WEAU.(.1 Cal Tlnney. Tinney ntyn: news: KDTT KDT WAT \T WTAQ WTAM W 1r11.\ MAQ 1(1 Vomifln \ no 1'.i. :''~' ; N'en-a Ne UH-.lul 1'11110 '(' K.\lOX 'TD * KO\-N.; Trt my St Pa Mmhimo Mln~.!.. n Story: Jim Amccht: Amechf' tsatfll \Dlfll V l'i fllleiv... Sieipfier W tllisuark PnJton. sun*. 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Orch.; Drch.; WUJM WlU WJHH V~D WMU) 10 the SUfi WMNTl-Caiil. *11 NJ_C~' Mitlurl Michael KirMmc Fieldinc * Raymond Rymond Cram Gr... Swing Swint newi:.. s: WMBtJ-Slairway tn llie Stan *E... Jt.Pal 5<-hhul. n~. * 0 Drch: Ntw 1V11J.~ *: WJBC!\e \1'l\lln 1\()(' tllorl ~ '(.bli. * WJhf-Xfir WKU WSH WOC KXEL W'Oi.Mtn.ul n Pulilir PWJC.XXl'aiil Srhnlirft. news PDance Orch.; Nent; WUA WT '\''U\! UM Samiman S~..'h:nl scrroinfe lsfrtnade WLE W W\JU \'ou Can'l Do au~lle!l' \lnls 1\l\\'0 t\']:ji!l lleau r.m. * ll.\s.nanc~ ~!u\ic: Ne. Drt~.; MTiHH Vou Caii'l t'o Butinej- WCHS WOWO WES! WEAU : W];\: 1;lh!lill~r K01 Kyser's Prgm.; Ha.i)' Willi thlltih~:w~ H~> HB Wllh Hitler Kay Kywr's Prgm.: Harry Bab- 10:00 P.M. Pit AS-Hance Music; News PDintc Oieh; Hews: WKM: W HQ Hiitliiieyuie Hefiort WKBH KXEL K\lL W~ Sl>trj. bill.( ~l;(lo'll Hied ' l. S!.e r. \\'UA-('olnlhi~ ~!~.~work. D~nco VS'Swirl* blli A Sully Mjaon vocalitla. Ned Calmer 4 Wm. 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Town: TOWn : WJR WTAD TAU t..ik-m>(i.i r~ ; Jinrvi lln'h to. 10 iraevnuv Kl'tll Bowling Maiehea WTAM 'anl Sims' i 'rrh WHAS'Oreaa Serenade f;~<e'p h \OX~ooell WT\J 11u' 11 *:11'110-1'1_. WHAS WAS WJSN \\'SN WiTtM WFBM KMOX {MOX Cniii. ('> tlerte-rf* HN~ rl. ''Kn-.rlienrl.'' '<...rlo': 1 KMOX-Simrla WTMJ. ft umpiss thmm PWO-Jfntt ' 'T weco 1.. 1:'1' frolll Ltoou. 1(1'1\ fjn.i. 5 M * \V1CNws: 011 nelrain. WAT WCCO VMHU WM81J WKDM ifarcli 17 th.vrifla rnun levre- VBD~ ravatluv ell'!~ - -nkti»n'u '1.~;a'o'l ; lob'~ *:\'(BS S~J; Around he Town W~:V-UQcle A~\hor') P.yhoUH:... 1 S.m WTAQ 'TQ SBT WSBT KWK.Hii.icalf 10:45 P.M. PlVinr.-XVws: Old Refrain l Murrli VCnS XimArounrl llie Totvn t'l ~-. :t.e..i. :'.-~ Oiidi... Dl Kftn*.... to. Author's Pljyhouw; KStl KOA WSX Uncle Sam <> *:1'j:U1.:-;...; SpOrt. Donu Drch.: \\JU \\\1ao weco WOWO 5kyJin. (b AJohn! Fretdam: Fred;; KXEL KXE. WOC Woe n-era**!'''''o.. Han-b... h At. ;11. Msrerpl r...t i WE.AU-Xml; Sport* 1101\0 WCBS WESR f... \-~. 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WKBH L'nrle Sam WlXO-Wokathou KWK Alvinis llev'a flrch. WJ.V.Moon 1'iver.WOC-N...;... port>- WBB~ L.!'aul Tn WEAU WKAU Dance O~nct Orch; D'cb.: WttOK WOC-Xci i; sport* \1'lt()K VBBM-i. Paul Ttin WTAM \TAM Xci; X'. Mwie MUi~ *''f;.n LU; lh)uu t R.. *WriT..NVi*j* 'Ol Now! Cracie G'lcie Fieldj ~ield~. songt: so: WUNR pwexlt Nrsts; Lintlini at Rao* 12:00 Mid. \\'L:>R *New!: WCf'!. WFBM *WSD-N~W5: WM' NVns: Ben Bfinie; Demie; Mel- Mel ca~ UCHS KXC K\'1'1. WTCBB WlmB WOWO eiisrn WOVO do PXews: KOA WCEL WEBM r G\ ).wee *K ~OX Mu~ie; New. oily dy Mi M{jlllel~ nnvntr WOC woe 10:15 P.M. UCiS Hanee Droll. PKMOX-Mimlc; News W.JlC Datkelb311 15l1iU n. \JJTll V()ioc~ 1)1 he 1'0$1 Oan«VTAQ W'BM \\'HO-\leJor~bie bln'\c SD.Let'~ Oanef W. DC-11.1 ikeibiill 1SSU vs. KTH Vnleei itl Hie Past Dance Orch.: Wl'AQ WFBM WHO Meinurnbl? Music KMl-.ct't Umce WlO\( WLW.Johlln Lel\'j5' Orcl!. *WSOM New5; Boyd Rawuo.' Cli.llli-elou Ch;t1~'o *hl\'j\ N~. TvWK Keiva A & Mnaie Dance Orch.: WROK WLW.nhnnv.nisi' Orch PWlinM-Ncw; B»yd Raeburn's Music WK..or... V i St. APlbro~r \\(fl..l'iano *11. i c h a r d Harknes.. newj: W~AQ-.\eb() Ohlltcd. storie. W'KHB lairai v». Si Ambro-e WCFL'tflnn Portraua P(Ofl.~it~ PR ic hard Harkneis. newc: WMAQ-NeUnn Olmslcd stories Orch. V!.O' W!:AU WMT-Ai>e Lyma's Band WCCO.Night Qy'. Collpgo College WEA.i-W'.lu WE.-U-WaJl Time WUOW W : vvt. WMT-Ahe.yniiuiX Hnnd WCCO-Night Owl* Dante; wau \\''1'.1 ;tll y Wnn' WNH llusio You Wut WKHJ WKJl_Unde l'nfle Sam S~m Wti.SMill VGX lill S.unlcra S\Mto A & tiny Guy Snvace Oanee Orch: WKBH WTAM Miis. Vem Waul WKX-Musie Vou Waat 5.. ~gf * Nel\'s: 1(OA 11'110 WGN Oanee Orch W WUtlK n(ll{ TmiHiiry Tr.ury Star Porotie. Parade WH!ir-Trej»ury WHlF-Tre<ury Star Parade PXcw*: KOA WHO KMOX 11:00 P.M. WCS-Danee Orch. Paradt WO Slli~ KDTH *New5; Dante WSN Shift M.lioet WSU1 'SU Concert University Uoiver';t. Sym- Sym' WNO';'lyrllc WND.Mynlo Jackson WMAQ WBA KOTH Hews: Dance Orch.; WSH WHO-Swhig Shin Matinee Jaok... Sportl: \VlAS 'LQ \1 T WStlT *WNO N~wa; WM-BD Nile 11'10:11 (isioliy )Oll\' Ofrh. Orch. WTSH-Fi. WSH F. Harrlsnn larr;j;o Uevue Spun; WHAS WOC WTAQ WAT WS1ST WMBD PWND-Newi; Kile Watch Revue K';.)'J'he Awer Man *New~; Oilnce Drch.: 1V1!'; Julcp.hmboree WTU WJBr-Seats' Or~h. 8:15 6:15 P.M. WMttf-Sears' Orch. KSU The Answer. Mao AHens; Dance Orch.: WTAM WlSF-JuK'p Joinborce ;r1\\\'kmu!i.; PKWK-Musit; News WHO WUA W!HA WKBH W1(Bll *WLW Newl; PW.W- Netn; Johnny Johonr Gilbert's Gilbtrl'. Carnival Corn v.! Show: WMBF WHBF KWK 9:30 P.M. KXEL-Fincliville KXEL Finchvilie Tcmishl To~ight Dance Donee Orch.: O'h.: WHOK \\'ROK K0TH KDT Orch.. Wlll( wn;t Knni KDTU Th. ht weco VllUM.So> h~ 510ry Gon Wf;\ VMAQ-Elile Petti'. Orch. The Man Behind the Gun: WCCO W'nilM-Sn ihe Sinry Kooi WfiX WMAQ Kmllc it's Orth. WCFL-Ti WCFL'''TOaury ill sir Star Parade Pad. WS:\' TlQ \VilAS ](MOX WCCOLeo~ Oce 011. WKBB WTAM-Mn!ie WTSX WTAQ WHAS KMOX WC'CO-Lenov Mills ' Dance Orch.: WKHt WOWO WTAM-Mnsie WJ(BH-Job WKBl-JoU ll i >oiiunilies OppOrtUnities WSBT \\'SBT W\n 101T W'fL-Tati'* \\'('FL-T.t~' Variety Show WCBS \TB~ End E~d ef of Wednesday Programi Progr&rll' ivmt Happy llainea THURSDAYS-. Golden Gate Quartet: KMOX HT-Happy Haines GOlden Gat. Quartet: KMOX VJl.C Rhylhm '!lomah woe SU( COVOY SH 'T\Q WKU8 Pro'lra Prie... MORNNG WOC-Sum: Convoy WSBT WTAQ WTAD WKtH-i'rogram Previcsn WOWO N;ghbor Neighbor BU DiU Breakfast BTOaklat Club; Club: KXEL K~1'1. WOC woe WLS-Hejlric WL5-'rairie Rambler* Ramblul WSBT-Mnmlue H;nT ~loni Bugle BUJ!:!~ Nensr * \e KWK W WSH \1'1.\0 WROK tvmaq-morninff 'MAQMoine.Mood 'load 7:00 A.M.... WTAQ-Town VTAQ Town Han Hall 'laycr Pla~ers PWSBT-Xewa * W!>BT'\~'; j Thai Thl Mr.mine Momillt: Hu- S~ U'Fll.M 1\'flM Mr* Mrs_ Karrel Farrel duds.jd 4 & Jane: Jae: KSD WCCO weco WOCUncle WOC-Uocle Smn S ~~ \\CS Brush Smil~; ~oro KiJTU--ral \'rieli~. \\ O\\'O.Oe~n Maxedoo! CENTRAL WAR TME 7:30 A.M. ele W<l\-llruih & Simte; Good.Morn- Kf)TH-\..ij Vaiirlin WT.HVD-Deuii MaXedo* Teaas Tuu Jim Robertson: WOWO WTAQ llndo Uncle Louie ing; lug; Aunt A Jemima J~m;m. PW.\T-Tnhrrmrlc * W.T-Tabernoolc (Timir*; Chimu; 1'1 News WjHT-Monuim WBT.Morninll' Devotion DnoUo' *News 'N... of 01 the World: KMOX 1(MOX... M \'.'11»1' \';l'al WHB\ ~!;cal Clock 'SUf-Ameritan Noyti.; P'Em. WBHM 11111~r WMtlt 11'\180 WSBT W~BT WTAD WOC 8:00 A.M. VTttr Mu-il'i Clock WBBM Musical Cluck WSU-Arnerican Xoeef; Pftm. WTAO * New WJVe B.uklast (lull: Don McNeil!. WOAusti al h. VDZ ';it<h~o a. Dano~ Caltndar *Alex PAee Oteler. Dr.ier news: KSD WLS Sens; WHO WJBC VJV'C Breakfast Club: Dan McNeill WHO-Auslm at the Organ WDZ-Kilrlteii Ham Dance Calendar VLS W\Bll WKHU WTAQ m_t: 101';1. W(:;S WCFL 1'~BO ljadw.g.. n 'E.\!- \b!'orki; *WTAQNtll.; B_ht:... i. WtlAU leal WHO me.: KX-t. WCBS WOT WMPD-Bandu-ogon WKM' Ms Vitiiis PWTAQ Sews; The Baby; Mnic Mu1 Clock; WROK WlllBO W~H WKUB 'OWO 11'0011' \T~)' Miles.'TB~ 't ie\aud; Parad.; \VT.1JUHle Sam +Wm Wm.. Hillman Hilm~n news; nun: 1VCBS Muiicpl Clock: WHOK WMBD WSH WKB WOWO VBOW WMT Ma'y Mil's P WrBM-Muvicltuid; Song Petnde; WTMJ-tlneli' Sum WCBS W[;AU E.uything GOts: WOC Melody Ti~ Scws WCMB WDm WBA WmA WHtE Vlft WKBH WliAU Everything Goes; WEAU WOCMrlody Time Xrn-s KDTli KOTll (Senai'leer PNcet!: 1rNew\: WTAQ \ltq VBOK WlO\ farmiiny Haul' sle 1s1~ WfiX-WTsliing 'l_\_\'i'h;~ Well 9:15 A.M. W.. O'Nellls: WlHo: til OWa WO ivtfl TFL KWK-~J 01 Pionoe~ *S ~ \\lm.l\ \CN W8. 'SU-Muital Miniatu'.$ WltBF 01 'h'j;e W~AQ VTMJ WUH. * p.smvs- 'e': kdth \DTlWMT w.vrr wish KVK-Sons ol the Fluneer PXcuv WHU.M WON WJBF WSU-Musical Mlninltites 1 WTSF House of Music The O'Neills: KSD WHO WRK WSH KXEL.Fillchvil!. KXL.-Kitiehrifle Frotic Ftoijc WK:UH WKBH WMD 1'1111D Klrni 1(1)T/! WTAQ Wl\Q Aim Alnt Jcniiuni: Jei... : Musical Mu.ical WMn WHO Aun! Aunl Jenny WMAQ WTMJ WKBH VV1U J~y W AU ~lic: Mn-no! i.'loikr Clo<k; WJBC 'JJC WHOK WR01' WBHM-Wishing WUUM Wihing Welt W.1 *N~ ; ~hic. Wll.OK C t'k 1\'llt '{ot l'1> &0 G< *Roy news: WOVO Pis * hln'; Z~h WK-Zi-h A- & Mamlyj M~dy; New Sews; Mnric: WROK WOC Clock VV ll'-oot Up 4 iso WEilU News WCtOMusical K~OX \-'awcite Modie~ Wb\' D~ You tho An 'CFL KXn.-Rill C'\F:'L-llill i ' Kvnllns WU.'O-Musicol Chimes K-MOX l uym ilr Melodies v.lin. ivcel.-tiinc WCfL-Time to 10 Shine 8:30 A.M. WTSX 'm Vou Know tlie An- PRoy Porter news; WOWO Sh~ GnlJp~py ' L ar!kl'~t Cluh: woe.wod; ' Fl'yle: WllBM ivaaf'llmkllm _\A~' l:r.;k!t Kepreae KSD Grundpc i iy Jones A- Let EPTOf *WlA thndwagon; PiVU-BarrlwnBon: Ne*s Breakfast Club; WOC WLS ouurt; Rise 4 Shine WCF. H.w. J B... WJB(' n. oliollul \ lto Ai. Koybolnl H.. mo~ies; Wl'AQ WF.M WlSN \VMBD V. v o-ar Altrtanac KWK-M. J. H Show AhflOl.t WHBF-Hawaiiau Wl10F.Hawaiiall Oreh. Keyboard Harmonies; WTAQ WJlll'Dt-soliimol Kitty Foyle; KMOX WHBM Occh 1V('(OMlsi~al Chim~s W'L-.Q!\r!loss; Muje l'thl '. V. 'N-trcurd C ~!onl tfveillt ivtco-miisii-al Chimes r..~vcijc * WlBA-N... : Muical Clock; WDZ-Praii~ ](ay \\'MB[' Thrift Me.~ag.;. redman Momin9 M~Dd.: W\BlJ KDTl Tip ' l'uue~ *\' pv. iiiu-'ki-sv; H' 1\\' llauiih nd the Town PiVDA-Xewsi Musical Cfock; wrvn W.M.MJ-Xuruian Ross; Music WCCO W'M WSK WMBD WMT WDZ-rrairb: Kay ow Betty Baron Morning Masdi; WKHH WEAU W'MBD-Tlirdl.Measagej Fred WFB\1 \lad. Till'e w<lh Mli( Prglil. * VBCNo\\; Ranch hnch \l'ma KXEL-lreki.1 Ctuh PVtltC-Ninvsj Hunch Hiindf ivj-t.m'mji-k Tinm will Music WBO.uily WBC JLd) Perkin Perkins WBA Prgm. KDTB-Tip* & Tunes KXE.-llrenlifos Club WHA M.ic WHA-Music Vou You Want W~ut W~T_~trllig Mc1 KJ)'ll! Tex>. Jill' Lci WAAr C.<iury S~renad. uil \ J 1.. e t l. 'uas'i'ft Air Ai WLL-lllini WLLlllii New KDTT-Ti-Kjn.lini Lcivti tvmt-mnriiing Mnsirsl N~w~ \\']) W-l1l.M.H ; Sen'k~ {tevo.11 K-OX.U!\cl' 5 WCU::i ~'jl uf Cbri.t... ii ND News; Nc'; Polish-American WHO-Bf-veille liolimluii PoU~h Amet'ica Wl.S-Mac WL~l-1ac A &. lloh Bob *WBC N~w Gel U! &. Gu * 'bn-n~l\'s; Ri'*ll *KSn Ne'...; Oddities n SCiutsi PtMiX-Xmvs; Early Risers PVVBC Xew*: Eel Up & <ii. KMOX'-linrlu Sum W'SU Mciurlpes; Service RctHirts WAAF-Cariary Serenade W'CUS-Filst Church nf Christ iv'.mt-minliiiuie WMTMin;alure Meditations; Meditatio: Tips Tip. Vn.l.-llWurv VLL Hi'OJ'~ of 01 Naval Nanl Warfare; PKS'-X'cu: Oihlilies in the Scivnllst Warh ; AM... s *VCN-Mosic; New. *\i *\U1AQ 4O(l MAQ-OQ Hour mrr; New New. A- & Tune!.. B'l; Jiillctin Hriiirii News 9:00 A.M. PW'ON-Mumc: New liod K-''-!..loll~ FOSler *Rob.r! S. Jann. WJDA WilBF [jific'll Adtie * Piinr-Srsss H( _New'; SiKirl K M l.-jmic l-'cister A Robert St. John news: WBA WBl'Ctosinnl Aillimc 511Ort$ PWTMJ-News: * WTl>1J.New: Top o* o the Mom- M.. rnillg; Neua PWND-Sews; * 'ND.N~ws; Vrierann Y.unl of For. Forei!: Wars * VBUJf~~\; Musiul Clook W(({} WFBM WMBO W;HThe llynln Sinll:~r 1\ 'j ;Q 1}[lln WAlT Nan.1 Radio V.hnt lady: \MOX WBBM WLL S~l. Millie ii 'i.vq ymn Time rhg: WAT-Ssllutial tailio Revival Valiant Lady: KMOX WHOM Wll.l.-Siiliui Mtifle New. eign PiVl'MJ-Neivs;. 11 TlrJ.New.; Top n 0' the ht Mom- Mar. 7:45 A.M. WTSX WSt>;-Rii;e Rise &. Shine PWtHM-Xeves; Musical Clock WCCO WFDM WSH WMBD WSH-Thc Hymn Sluger Shi. weco John flaleigh nlt WJUC [n the World ing Franklyn ~.. nk1n Stewart Steart Entertains: En!eru.ill$~ WJBC-'amily WiliC-Finiily Almanac WCCO llalcigh WMT WJHC-ln iho Woman' Vurlii Ahlac WDl. lohlly... 'inearple *a Ro~. MatFarl~nt: WJJ1}S~ellade of th Sloro 7:15 A.M. WDZ.-Uilinuy Pineoi'ule Plan Ross MacFarlant: WROK WJJ' Scirnide «f the Star* WND VJJD-/-ominr WJJD-Mijrnine Serenade Sc.~ad. WGN \':rtor. Lidlnhr Songs Dreamer: l'luck \cree Oo 00 Vou Von Remember?; Rfmemberl: KSD 1Y'tiX-\'ii lur H jiullahr Song* of a Dreamer; KXEL WLS ' buck Acre* KSO P * News New KMOX KSD KWK WL... WLS-DiniibBMers -Dawnbu!er5 \\'11\ Th~ n Makiug *1\.' WAA; *'/l! \'~' Pages PJ9' ol 01 Melody; Melody: WKBH WHA The World We Are Makmg PSnv*: VV'AAF WKBH PWOi X'eu * WKBB WEAU W;AU WKBM WFBM WHA YHA WSH W.M\Q.Yol WMAQWor Neichbor f'ei.. hbo.!ljlfs.alh KDT-De'uio WltoK The Goldbtrgs Vimeal \i'ea! Tnck: (ud: VH!A WtlA Will* WlRJ: WOWO WOVO WDZ \vdz W'.'f-Toby ivm'f-tid.y 4 ' Susie WHHE-Srulli Myri KDni-Devotfuiis WUOK-Thr tiiildbrrg 1110 (lill o!; lden K!>D (de Sam *1\' ~U'f ::J:.~.mel Book;... WMBH \BD WHBK HBF WCKL WHO ttilf & Helen KSD T.To Sou* PWSBT-Hi.g:ireineni Hook; New WCFt KDTt-Manpowcr; ROTH Manpower: Rhythm Rhrtbll> at WSHTCcnniusset WSBT Corntn.. ~t Xeurs N. tuuc Sath'Jon KWK_Easy Lbte-nilll WTAQ.Annl J... PXpns: 1r\0.; KXEL WCCO WBBM tvhc-huriil agon KWK'Easy t.islenlhj Aun Jenny WHBM llevcillr lev;le WSl'l WSl'i\lomin~ Morning Chopel Chapel W;>;1) ille Melodie. WuT B'blt 9:]0... WROK \\l.0k WUOW WBO\V WAT-He-iVfm WAT.yen A & Home Hour Wl.NH M-.riiihe Melodies W.UT-Biblt Study 9:30 A.M. lout PS'TtfJ-ffMiinthiji; + WTJ Roundp: New t/t'1 'RE Shuppin!: s.:hool y:( B~)~lodi... n$lltulf; WBOW WeFL KOTH K>TH-Te*a«Pel Roo WUlli-Xlioppinl School WTTiS-Melodies Baby fttlituu; 1VBOW WOFL WBHM WBJlMJol1y Jolly Joe Jot *'n SX:>i~...: Jemima \\TFL Wh... l oj Fortunl W\BD vml'xozjfk \\WX-Ol~rk i'arlelie 8:15 A.M. PWTbX-Xew*; Aunt Jernim WCiT.-Whpci of Fortune WSH WKBB Vaotiea WHBl'-.Markel wlml' ~13.kel Time... Scheol School of 01 the!.he Air; Air: WSBT WS8T Jlf WJBCN..; Mutio *'VE.-.t: -:\'e~; N~w... f the mindl 01 Hone1moon KWK ll '; (irarfy Grady CanUc] PVJBC'Nen*; Music PWEAH \'««n; News o! llie New Amanda ol Haneymbon Hill: Canlrel1 VHO WH!)-Uele Uucle Situ Sta Everything E.erything Goes; Goes: WKBH WKD WJJDConurt Han WG:>i' ~ld'ly Lan~ \1.!OX n!1~m wcco \\HM * Pit ('US-Mu.iul i'bs Musical Cluck; Clock: New VJJH-Conrert Hall WCX-Melwly -aiir KMOX WHBM WCCO UTTM Nowl WLL-Ainrrican WL(Aln~Tic~n Hrsfury i.t<try SGph15!icitors; *WMAQ-Nu.mln nos; Newt *WHA-\lel!>dies; News' Vi_ WS~ \\'.\BO w~rr \l'e-~u far WKAU-Farin News Soohislkalors: WND PWMAQ-NntmBn Ross; Ne PW'HA Melodies; Sews & Vleim WSX WMBD WMT PVtS.V. *\'SN.New~; Newt; Early Ea. Riters ft;... Xews: *:'cw.: WRE WKS V.S \\'MJlO )~i< lor lilt Minul *WHF-News; Majesty. tt. fred Ftillel. orgl.nitt: WKM-Early FU Birds WMtHMusic for the Mlssu *WHBF-N««s; His Majesty the Fred Feibel organju; WSBT Biod New* N~.. 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VKBH-Tois WKBU 1.. p Kick WMT Birakf.isl f:\1kfa'l Dull Club jker?... 8:45 fl it A A.M M WND Start the Day Right K.VE.-li Xi-ielibor; Market VlUE-Merry 1'!1:1 'lerry Melodic Melndi... WDl.Openi WHZOrcniuy ~ Market*; M.rkel_; To b<... Wl.> 111.~-~~! llr<l foley r~!ty A ' Reddle S.dd!. Pal P~ Will* Wi'll Xnu.tilnie \i.~ WDZ-Hi.h Wn7 B'lo A & ;m Mm Rainet lai.. PW * \.\ luftnens!~ ~\\'. tinnuutiecd '''OUllc<d.. \.. ~ WJ UfMlliyllim A Romunee

31 * * Wll/ Ma.l'l. \ '~'h ~ Vr. ~ 1\. We * WTAQ 1-A.'-' Num. failing 'm E!}/!> Autographed rot. Aufographed Recipes for Army Page 33 lun' fleard WTMJ flu Uul-timi G~i Liclit Llchl lt:x: VVL'.S!.(Ju5l M... HuimM.t Music \ Names aad and addresses addre:;scs are not the only in. in- GX WON'.Mill;. Kalhfrme Katl... «. A ('nlliviie 11:15 A.M. THURSDAYS Wllo\. '.~... ' ~. 8'9 S51tr: li.l:\ ;\-BD~. 'o'lft fonnation formation jotted down in n cant('('n~. canteens. Ludlle Lucille WtA mu.' in J k r r ]*igni. Eig Sister; KMOX WBBM WMT * WRC lnu N.; S~.. M.>!c ~ WCCO lco WFHM Wfll\l 1\\180 WMOD Manners star tar of Cities Service Concert!'; Concerts has Wi[JA. '/.L A_ A. 1 W. V ft F.imm... Bill Bd' Hay Ha Reads Rudl the he Bihlr: Blk: YROK W.ROK \'~ll Rh) h R. blu WJiii-Tlmaler JlCn t.. Time 1. Word1 Words & Music; Mui: WKBH 1111 WKAU WSVl-llbythm Rambles L~U * T\J 1~if; S. received a note!lotc from an Army cook s.tationed stalinned WTMJ llrinie; News hd WKBH fniue i'cviiuiiuce Co' '1 hdh Su KDTH-Slaes... on llprlron liar.. r(questing.' f:.. 4 n....v.n~h(h 1\1'.\ JU<1) <t Janf somewhere in North Carolina rotiuestlng not Wl.y 'Miiii* A ran hir Caryuau^b KOA Judy f. Jimu 12:15 P.M. WMT \T Tih Till}. nn*! ~rf1l<'~ r.'pera; lad'h Melmlies KU KSJ-Hic Th Hands a.. 1'Jny '1_)' 00 Oil Ma Mi Perkins; Plrklns: 1(110)( KMOX weco WCCO an nn autographed picture but a recipe. recipe all becnuse caine \1 ~J \lu. be- *W1;UK* \UO New S.w To 1<> ihr th' l.iiisiet L.dtl KWK-lluQi h\lli. lu') lluiilir*!.~. 'tin. 'tfim. WBBM D8\! W'DM \\~111 ~ Arm A hn4: cause some of the boys in his outfit came home W hu'c-miimmlr KXK. \.\E. i l ViiiDtrv UD'' KcJi'ur; 1~1!l~'; Siinnr-ers' h^army Air Fotces Band; ~h''''' WSJ 1\ ~'f i'asinn 1'.~i~ Mm ~ Anwiica t';. Guide KSD Gu~ ''od raving about the Apple Brown Betty \liss Miss... WAAf.ll ilh '.. ~ in ly Hurt COlptl Sng' 110(' \\'01. 10:15 A.M. VVAAT-WUli a Shiijj n Mjr Heart Gospel Singer: WO'' WCFL J'~nlrl P... ~r * \. 10Tl UH Manners Manncl's had whipped up at a loen! local canteen. WAT 'antry Tjller N.-.vs- KDT WKBH WMT Vic V;.c & Side: S.d. KSli ~u WHO \1110 WillE WBE * Wl'HS-Wniit W( J~ W.ol Ail \1 Service: ~.. i<t: ~ Sews.. WOWO OlO Having posted po!';tcd the recipe. recipe ~ueille Lucille i~ s auxious anxious WMAQ W\lAQ WTMJ fll1 W'KOH h B WEAU [AU CH. UCFl.-Asher hu &. 1 Little l.iul~ Jmy Jimmy vxtx'fim'hville i.-\!:.:l-h h\oillt 'mm. 101 tu lb.ill wiba \\' 111\ wnmv HOW n.. ~ ~J. fitu OH (h.~ 'k to hear how tl it turned out mullipjied muuiplicd by two WON jnda's rim 1 ovr WAT Ciutlle rruik Second S(con~ Hushind; Husb.nd: KMOX K;\f/JX WBB) WBBM \ljur Tod.'. t. UHtC-Tmta)' Timr; Mutic \l u 'e WCHS-Funiiy WClS-t'uhoy Money \1... Man ln thou:;.and >('rving.' HTO ~D!~ thousand servings. WCCO W'tl.M WSS \\\lsd WMBU WHO liu'drrjitiid ' d Hijclaroo* Mudtaoo. WD/- Ul Deep U... River li'fo Do\.!!oj» WMT \T \BA WBATlir Tht llume /. f Frimt *WHH-'-Nc»s:. HF -... Any A Uondt loud. tl~ ; *-1; Markets.ku. WAAV-MuateatP \\A.\lo \1... 1' '-Uli.. 'al_ ~ ri~!o n on Pu~. To To T. be h announced: ~nno~nu: KfiTH Til V.! 11>1 V Holiaiil... t j illin da Warner's Discovery WND Leu Clrary....Rams: W[D Virlnrv Farmers no Haradr W lln-n MT-Thr l.ile.~ u line WHiev. 1111(10 ' y. V w. 'tem 1' WBC me Fnruler's F.. Digest U... lu VCliS 'H ll~ t'iluili U.h Slmr. ~t~ 11]~111 ~h \lu. U 1t0M... ~o Mas Marcin who authonl authors the Crime Doc Doc- WlSii-Cnusor 'ir'lim WlLL-lieisy tl.hs.njiraikk WOL \(TL tljnna i). (pa.vln {;... de \\JBC P.. al~ d B d U-_ t.rm 11_ 1/. B L YTELL. emcee. ><eries hm notified (lne ot Di Lull.'l tr! tor series has been notilied that one of his WDZ Lulaby l.wmt WJC-i'araili- ul iiautlt WL-Farni A. lnim: flour BERT UYTELL emcceo WHD 8 er.b~ 'lhlll' 1 M.n populilr Stage O WU.V-Muiiilni; 11'10 'i Mn.irali' WJJD Biug Crojvbv WSH People's Man the popular Staae Door :i calt * WM-Uj 1_t'llJ Xt Newa..../j.t w.lm - fills Jj h)o H liyllimii Au A*«Canteen Cilnteen protegees protege<'s. Nina Foeh Foch who apl>ears appears on the WilBK-Mtii'y \llllf~lary l.i'r lr~ Tuylur.)'r \()( l/oll'~ hanl.'n JJn S~'''JO<>ny Sf Will' prograll1~. ha~ Balt.1 t \\'011'0 EJilQr D~l'l...Q programs has been signed by Warner Bros. wmr nadail lluurn WOC-loine From 'iciii. WJJll-Synijihuny n Sis'in a Tu.. ' T wiui'f.iimi 1111 ~:tt.. 1 i:.. wniim WOWO-Editor's Dnnifliler WMAQ Tuni's A- Tins \1 lil W'lT Ju. hlu * 11 auk (uluoo Loll. NfW. She is their first discovery in n a nation-wide * VVJl.t.-Mnmrniy W.L ~()'' Mnsicale; \ulf; N.wl News WSHTJust lcllik V) RUK CtJuitni Loft: News 1:15 P.M. --'TAQ A!.J~ 12;10 Loel Womtn:.. D W'AQ W~& D~re & ion.' \\T~tJ film tnknt. l.u.1} lin 1\11( search they've instituted for (Jim talent. WSE llun.c A- U'lmoiice WTAQAum.leiiiiy'k Stories 12:30 P.M. Lonel/ Women: KhD WMAQ r SoOf \UX 1108.'.1 W llccini'hh' lll ('hu~t rnf l lill.' WTMJ-l.uiirly Wmiu-n Vic S Sane. K.MuX VVTBM WHO ct:o 1_\lllD Joyn J ord.n: K~ 18\1 WJD 'JJD i!'s t Shnnfim* Sh!!.f 11:30 :10 A.M. WCCO WMHD Joyce Jotcfan: KMOX WHHM ('CO *; SUltll PfrSln~l: WBf lifo\! ~~ \\\\1!1 WLSJniM' ~ J~ MeirB News; Strictly Pettonal; WBF WCCO WFBM W5N WMUD ~ Nan Film & HOur: \\OC K lllt K Befty Betty Sarde Garde Signs for Musical WnOK HOh Tnvvn lq ( Crni KatT Fatm S- Home Hour: WOC KWK WMT... KXtL \18011 \B~ WEAU * 'Oe' MSitrJ Chtf: KOi DOli \lu hn \ \f \\L~ WHS't :-11 1 Muwi- lu- ).> 1>! ( usat kxel wnmv rn-i weau Netes; WD WsU WAT WLS Mystery Chef: WKBH WUOW. 1\111 'KB TfL \\] \Q Belly Betty Garde versatile vers<ltile NBC actress ha< has just Just WSH Wo;ll Veeterday'i Y.rd~) Mn-irjl \1... ~ Fn Kavoi- WSH WKBB WCFL WMAQ WSH WOC...- Romnco oj Hflt.. Tttn{: 1~ltT hnu 1'.; WOOWLL li.u 1-t'..W ~ignc'd GUld n -tar!\)lox ll'o \lflim UT! Tn.m... K _~'v<n!ov' Otch been signed by the Theater Guild for a starilf Romance of Helen Ttent: WMT Farm CrgTii.: WHA VOWO WLL KUTH.Th S- Sam WTAQ-Unrle ham KMOX WBBM WCCO WFBM KDl'El-Triangle Time KWK-Alvnni Key's Orsh. limbo \.\t\. \ 'ir~' WMHD 1\\;X:o\ WGN Xohs;. liarol.l ~ Turner T.rnt. pi- KXJ-.L A- t Seem* to 10 \1. Me ring role in its forthcoming musil'al musical produc_ produc- 10:30 A.M. <4. *1: Xeivs: WON 1\(.;1'1 WKBH lhs WRE RE.-.H-. smsi W'AAK.bporlj tion. 'Green thc LilaC!. H.nt L''''st~ s KnlthU: WCFL K...n ho.d.~ or W(O E.a'l~ 'b~f't M~... tion Green Grow Hie Lilacs. She will play Hank Lawwn't Knljhti: WCFl Ki.iH-Earm Bmailra.t * KSD ~D News;...'.; Music ivcbs Early Matinee.Music 11.~~ WKBB * ~~... s.~ n.'1 Allin \l1.-l-tcodury Cfnltr \:\1:.1. h. R~!i ]t~d and und sing ~jn.r: the role or of Aunt Eller. Ellor. WKDB WOC KSD Neu*; Suliav n! Our Allies KXML-t'arm Bulh-iin Board WCFL-Treasury Center Sno.. Vilta9f: h~n me \11\0 * WAAV:O\..; 11< r 8.U.d WLFL Dilt CrLy!)Z Muhu; 11o.-nlh. A Snow Villige: K?n WlilE WHO WAAF-Nm.; Muslr; Ballad in WCFL-Bimj Crosby WDZ Markets; llotnr Folk*. Aft TMJ 11\1.Q luf <of 'UL.11.hl. anj hron F'''''t: L... in wm) WMAQ Blue WDZ-.M.nket. and l-'orm FtonU; Living l\fh- \~ V~nku Ho~.. P.: lbt * T H. iral m'1 <v. yankfe Hou«Pitiy; WBF *)v n (T-Ketvs; Rbyi l:bh'q nn Hmiie 'i'l>e a Fanner WEAH-Miidcal liliaiivinlv; Fann F~r'.. No Wonder! Wonderl WltOh 111)1 Lflti. L. trl L'jon WliOli WDZ.cliir Lane WEA U-Se.-viijili- rr's liufon 810thl Hortlon: OX \ 08\1 1111F lind ~. \lu lt..1 lhl nay: 1100 los 'llnln Eugni Horizon: KMOX WBBM UTtF Uttrlr San) W UM-Hciord of Hie Day; foo )'VCN - 'ainloil Dreams W l lo-~ Bright lun~n ' casl f;ay '11111 HD) \T...' Rur J) \\' 1~lllj... ~ o Members of the Bright Horizon cast say WClll WHM WMUP WMT WUilSweet Hiver sier JU Fbhii f.. Crrrle W'HA'Wisrousln l.eziftaitve Fo lrtd~ U (ill lub WD l.fll~1 ~!. * \G- X~ luold TU'UH. 'D'n it's it no wonder Dick Keith who plays John KUTi (iifi Oub ViTHA-Caiii ibell hlttets WGN-S'etvs; Harold Turnct nnn KXU.. lhf 1540 {:kip; 11~'kn. B Witte Jllln1 1\18F Rnok<l!~h ~!Moal KXELThe 15*0 Hub; Maikfti WBC Utlle Jiii>i>> piauisl W iibf-rovk sland High bchmd 1. is drellicd. Durin hi5 *..U x'... T. ~... h' 1\:o\n ~.' Par' LL ' McCay s always so well dressed. During his WAAK-N'm*. The Smiiic Shin WND.Slat PatBiJr * WLBA-Nrwa; \111\ :0\...; Market \1..~t Repulta VLL Markets tporn A'...ft... 1 h. h ' 1f.. ''- H h. D. d. >(.._; 'nllt!!ne \X\) H... ~... hr'. tour S~ql college collee clays day.' he worked... in a haberdashery. WACr-Snldin: in (he Kilrhrn WSSMffl thr Band W BL-Neus; Sunshine Special WND Hnuirraaler's Hour W<-O~ Xa... 1:...1 Or(h_ JBC ' of Pane.. \JR lmda ;'>1... wass xarier Cu;.l'> Ortll. WJBCile o( Paraifiie WND-Maich \SD-\l~nb to. Music WRE-Linda's Fir*: Love 11~.. c \lui C.!.1 r l'loby WJJO ~u_ RH ~.:lally.'ofhrl. 1'0 JO-T... WDZ for loday WJJD Music Reel WlKc lvslly Nelirltng WJJD-Treasiiiy Star U r. Parade... lat.;g' 1 \\ ~ )! \ hb \\';»4;;;.!-'h~r \\1~H-'lm7 Pnt:... ( WKAUCiunlint; light WLS Marken W --Variety Prgm. W KBH-lVindou ShoviM-r; Club f.~:dar WONMuilf.l \\GS ' M l V. u... eg mi... WMAQ \ \UQ 'alnle.l ;uun Drrams D.. 't WJSX-Dov.n 1tWb.... -Do... By 8y llertnan'a; Hu....; C stendar \ DA... to.. l... u WOWO liraul hrmoftjl * 11 LS.G.. i.. '~h. '10 1 VHA ijnda'e Flrvi WQVO-Jleaels n 1!irmony Kens WTS-Grain Mkli.; N»»>> Ncs Recipe-For W8lT d. > ROtiR. D. nub 'OOl'''-'ln n. \U Recipe For Horse (VlBC-t'nclr Sl.l WROK-. F. D Club * WJBC-Nci.s; W~BC-x:... Sports; S.....; }.\adtt. Markets \V0WO-Hoo*ier Corttbusltera W~BTTndf Wi.d. Ttm Aubun '~m * 'lju-:o\oonu..y Sor~j WND-Sew WSBT-Trade Wind. Tavern WiJJ-Noonday Service WrtOK-Main Auburn 'rgm W~D ~.' rolk~ aroulld '.. or br W.. * WTAQ Tunf Tmf; ' 'okblsporll; Matlcc. 1tTAQ M':'J ~'. ~ewl Since folks around the country WSil-W.i.iu'n n tin- War WTAQ-Tnue Hmej Ne«> WKBH-Spurts; Markets WTAQ Midday Matlnrr;.New. Are 10 S~ An ~'''' M.px.ok WT\lJ Lia!tl.( lit Wo+ld ~')lt-t_'l l... bon T.J Lit (on \«k... llt' Arc starling to endorse WSNAllll.esKp't SrrjpllooSc WTMJ-Llelii o( llie Wuild WMT-Tom Owen's Co.vbnys WTMJ-Lile t an lie Hesublqi WH(: lol~... u~t.. {h.l. WOl'-T~S\lf}'!\illr 1'... tor 11:45. 1<4. <4. The old gray mare for dinner; WJllL'.EoineiiiaVeri' Chain 11:15 A.M. W'OC-Trcasury Star 1'aiado 1:30 P.M. WJJh-tfi \\'JJl t' Show ~ho.. 'liiu; Tt Wl{OKLunch WHOK-Luneh w-itb wilh Lorno.. a Guiding Cyiding Llgnt; L.tM: KSD h~u \\'110 WHO recipc--for hors{'. WKHH Li~hl r tilt Our C S ~nd: Here's my recipe for horse. WKBH Uehl of the World Oar Cal Sunday: K\10X KMOX WBBM WBB\! 12:45 P.M. \'\AQ WLS al bl (nh't. (hu. -. tuiije WCCO WfCO WTUM WfH' WSN... 11\180 WMHD W11AQ Vincent VinCfll t Lopez' Lopt'z' Dnh.: Oreh.: WlSlf WSH * News: Nt_ wnmv \now WEAU \lal' WKBB \\'K811 HO D.. ~ tj 1.u 8and. '.T Thf ColdMrts: 11'88'1 \CBS HTL To prepare prej)llrt' a 8 horse lor for cooking. WOWO-Burr l i.w Milllary Band WMT The Goldbergs; WBBM WCBS WCFL WSUl-The W'll Thr Uwk»htll 8 ohhu KOA-Civalcade KOACn.l... of o! lli<ioty..')' Carey. C... Lonstnlre. lonmiu. news; fw: QL WCFL We Uive Lov. & LU Learn;.. : K~OX KMOX W)11 WMt You'l You'll find lind the taste improved.. WAQA A 11_.. K:-) Tnf 0...) l'l..y 00 WTAQ Alt Al-.iul Wi.nen KSD Die Bands 'lay On WEAU ll AU \\R8\1 WBBM WCCO \\'(CO WFBM n'811 Wl-N ~ - H u.sit; t f before you roast r(.hu.\ your stallion WAAF Musir Bo* Do.. Concert Ccort Ortheslra: Orchnlrl; 11fWROK WHBFWBOK WMBD 11iU VvJA' U! TM WTAQ <4. 1\ Otue... hlt ' * Seon MOX ~llo RE Nllwil The harness is removed. 10:45 A.M. WAT-Bltieiaekets Callme News- KMOX WCCO WRE Mutual Goes CHS Calling: n: KDTU KDT Dayio On.. Harum;!-lium; WHO 110 WRE WDZ 11lpa. Haute... Jor ror Wvrshipj \... bp; 8~m Band WTAQ \\'UQ WKBH K8H llliok W OK KWK h K WTtF fh KSP... WMAQ M\1l lll1j WTMJ Music; 11;<; Singing '~ News S... KDT-Publie KDTltl'ublic Opinioo Opt... K\L.-Market K'U_ '~ on *; Tearber* Tud... C'''''' fullege Then back into llto the oven. Allnt Aunt Jtnny'i Jun7 ' Slants: S\Crots: OOX KMOX WON-Les ll;' u.. 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Crrffc Btys KX'X Sji.itky iv liinl WriJS-Shady Vulli'y l-'ulht WCCO Rirhaul WiW) WCFLCW Prpiu WON Hdllvwowl iiwiucht WBK-To 11' annfliini'nl Wiur-Spotliio on Khjihiu WNU-Walii Time WJBC-Saii i WKUtt-Muvif Preview WJtT Ail SUf Dane. ' 7:30 P.M. The Alirtch Family; WTAM W90W WMACj WHK WTMJ WHO Wt.W KS> WBA WFjM WKBil *D«i!h Valley Days: Cecil Brown news: KM(>X WAS WCCO WFUM WAT W HUM WJR Tin ilrcina for TinirwJny Mnrcli C. l- 'Hit*' -nn ) \ rr- unmfi-r. l)f N iimi - fnr fnrtli- eniiilitr; hr-uih will m an* Kiiini'.'il. America's town Mctling: WOWO WKHH KXM. WSH Wl.S WOC WCJS Dark Desllny; KWK VOC WitBF WlliC KDT A WT'l^Neivi ft VailetU's WOX-Almy AiiH'rlen AWSO-Ntw A WJUC-Neur; Lost 'jiiptre WMBlMJnil f(l Hcmm Krnfil VVSBT-Whilncj & Vouglian WSL'-Spoil AWTAti-Cautdeli^Pt ic Silver: New 7:45 P.M. WCFL--Mission Mrtmli'S SVNO-inie. 10 HeiiiVuiP WJBC-Soclal Science lorum AV MGD-Miniral Kntre New AWSBT-Evrnlidc Helioca i New- WSO Muskalr 8:00 P.M. Major Bowes' Original Amittur Hour- WHOM WAS K.MOX WSN ttut) W SM WMHD WJU WMT America's Town Meeting ol ihe Air: WSH WKAl! W1XH Krail Music Hall; Blng Crosby: WliE WTJl.l KSli Will) KDA WMA(J WTAV WTAM WUA AGabric Healter news; WON WHHP wmc KWK *KDTl.N.-.v AWCi'T. News;.Wi'lrtital Chittrlt AWNHNewv; Ren llerhie; Aid- mil Moiimntj W.THC BUS Artivirie WKHH-Unrle San. WltOK-Srainlinniui. nnr WbBT i'nliftii vvsm Will tin Aitlh.irs WTAQ-War Bond Unlly 8:15 P.M. *Leo Cherne news: WHC KWK WROK KDTH WAAP-Municai Kollic WTlir-llork hla.i.l High Sdiool V Nil liar re Music WJHC'Mrin.tries WKHH.Marvli..(Mercy WSU FConeernliu: Hulrlir Otiinioii 8:30 P.M. Music in the Air; WAS WCCO KMOX WMT WBBM WJ WSN Victory Parade ol Spollight a mil; tittle-known Factf; Wi.lM) WKHH WUNR WOC WC85 WSH W'EA.V KXF.. Bob Butnj. Arkansas Traveler; KtA WU lati-o wr 6d0 p.m.) Rudy Vallee Show; WUV W.MAQ WTAM WTMJ KSR WBA WRE Tfeasiire Hour of Song; KWK W11 tip W(!N KDT WROK WCn.-Lahor noshrs WNn.Mo*ic«ll» Snenklne VVBC S/.tlli Myii Prcscnls W'JUC'New; ('oncert lie 11 res *A WiWC-Ncav; Music nl the Masters WKBH-Action on ll.e Hnnic Front WMRD-Music lor f-is'crane WSBT-Fonr Ton «j lliiythni WSU-Paii-Ariicrlca l alliiit 8:45 P.M. New: W'SBT WSO WCF.Any liomls Tonic hi WiNil Dr. c.erltat'l Sebather WKHMunr for Yon W'MAlJ'Nnrinan Ruse; News 9:00 P.M. Raymond Clapper news: KDT WHiF WliJC WROK WGS KWK Raymond Cram Swing news: WOWO WKS! K.VK. WEAU WTBS WSH WKBH WOC P a The first Line: W.ln WMT KMOX WFHM WAS WCCO WORM W-BT WMHD WTAD WSN WTAl) Abbott & Costello: WHO KOA WJUK KSO WBA WKBH Wl.W WMAQ WTAM WTMJ WUOW Kuvs. WTTT. WXH WJH'! S t'lnplnviircnt Service WSl'l-OlllveMlS Pieit t's Pan 9:15 P.M. Oancr Ortli: KMTH GiJilc Fields songs: WKBU WOWO W ON t KN EL WOC WTiiS WTSl.lK Treasury Sr. Patailr; WSUT WHF KWK New. Miwie WCFUTclory s riti. ft.jslr.ess WEAil-Waltr Tlu.r WON Hill b.nnlrt' A tiny Savage WTKn-Myrdr Jark«ott WJDC l..ele Sam 9:30 P.M. March of Time: WTMJ WHO WLW WMAQ WTAM WRE KOA KSO WND Talks: KMOX* WBHM WCCO WTAQ WJU Rowings to Viclefy: WUOW WOWO WT.Al' KXCL WOC WCBS WOT. WKFH Dance Orch.: WHRF NVvrs: WJBC WKBU KWK-Grilf WTliant- Orrh. WENU-Dariee WFHM-Ben Wilrmr WC.X Da nee llcii. WHAS'lkhue uf Heaven WTRA-Ttm Navy Sl.nw WSll-Oanee Mn ir WSN-Gaslile 11 u'limmr VVMHl-Pero MarpueTlr Oirl;.. WMT-Courl of lliylliu. WlioK-Annj.gin. W'SliT-Fivl.ler at Hay 9:45 P.M. Wings to Victory: VVCfl. WUOW wens Dance Otch: KtlT W'TDF WROK Frank Sinatra songs: KMOX WFHM WCCO WAS WND WMT WBHM W'SBT ivttts: Wl'.NU KWK Treasu.y Slor Paer.'lr; WBA WSN KSH-l'onulur Music WDZ kiviiiun Serenailei WGN-Xiglitrai. Varnv WlUC-Shtp Field Orrh. WlS-Spprts lt.iur.if Up VilJOPiwti' Mom- 17KBB-Sere.iii.te \VM BD W'intlow Sbofgirt WOC-NricliiwifJioiMl Call WOWOPum vl llir War WTAQ Concert Miu'iaiuir 10:00 P.M. Ned Calmer S Ouincy Kowc ocwsi Wbin W TAQ WKN Fred Waring in Vicloiy Tune Trine: WMAQ KOA WHO hs) also see 6 M.rrt 'WT) Nenv. WAS WHF WKBU WMUD WOWO WBHM WCCO WOT. WUF WROK WUA WLW WJ KM.. W'i BM KDT [-Dance 'nine KMOX-Sin) el KWK Mu-ii-nle VVCBS-Keivj Vielntlant WCBS-Victui'lah W'KALNeiv. Simrts WEN t Host 1riin r.l Ml.-ic WON llilgli CUrvm. oing. BC-Ni n; AUer Ten *W NH Ncn; Uyniiihouic Hour W'SU H. H. Crov WKBH Unrle Sam WOC-New: Spoils W'TAM N'i; Miisir WTMJ Toibv'r Event 10:15 P.M. Dance Orch.: WTAQ WJU WFBM WSHT Dance Otch.: WTHK KWK Dance Orch.; WKBH WEAK News; WHO KMOX WBA WMAQ KDT KOA'Popniar Mel.iliei KS) A Toast fo Mclmly K X EDVTnrlivlile Trmighs WillSMOnr Block WCCO John tatemli WCFrDoi! Artiste pianist WHN-Chieagu at Night WHAS-Simrl WHiF Van 'airirh Call Em WTUCJark Ream's Orch. WJH'.-Muste As Von lake li WSH Smms nf the slands WSN On ijirtcii-fifioriii News WKUMaimonil Gram Ssving neiv WT.W-ilretpir* X.ii'iner fl.irhgroi.oil WMBD-Souds of Allies; Dancing Parly WMT-Qniiicv Hmvc new WOWO Pulse..! the War WTAM-Puimlar Orrh. WTMJ-Nriyiilii.i nroit Cai! 10:30 P.M. fjl New World Music: WKBH WTAM WBOW KOA WEAU Dance Orch.: WSUT WTAQ W'JR WTAD WTiiN KMHX Dance Orch.; Hews: WKUO South American Serenade: WTBC WBF WROK Nf.; WBHM KSD KDT'SoijUi American Setena.le KWK Les Hrr.wu's Orch- WTBS- )a.»re Orrli.; Nens WCCO ttlrndly Timr W'O'L-Music Lover Prgm. W'ESK-Piol Srholien new W'FHM <at..lm«iti Serenade W'GN NCH WAS-Danre Musie: New uri (J Rroort WBA Crrlumlila Marternnrk WH'The brarhghl Trail WTSif-Slatr Tnureanient Scores WT.W-Bui X-'ai lire's Orch W MAQ Ark.le^s- Traveler WMili Our fliihlten WMT-lreasiny Star Parade W'(lf.lVr.llBV Dune W'OWO Spurls Mirror WTMJ RrMim 10:45 P.M. Dance Otch : WOC WSH KMlX-Mnuiiliglii eernnade KSL. V Kaiuidioru. news (K 13/1) Page 35 THURSDAYS KWK.Music Wilhiiul Words Dance Orch.: WMHD KXEL-Alelodies el lite Mailers VH HM Salute to Victorw WTCO. Rollie Jofmsou W'ENR-Neiv; Rliythin ac Han- lioin WON Dance Orrh. WHO-Mcmarable Music WLW Chick Maullir's Orrh. WMT-The Navy in owa 11:00 P.M. Dance OfCh.t KDTH WON WTBC WHBF WROK Dance Orch.: WKBH WOWO WTHS News: Three Suns Trio: WKBtt WTBA WTAM News: Dance Orch.: WSN WTAQ W'SBT WMT W'Mllll Neivs; W'Cf'O WENH WHBM News; Music: WJU WHO K.MOX.News; Music KHA-Neivs; Hanec Orch. KSlVNerv; Mystery; Music Vein Want; Joe Marsala* Orcit.: News WFCM-Slrihe i- Spares WTfAS-Masrpnvorks of Music WiiVD-News: Muili- for Every- bmly WHE-News; Music Von Want WSH-New; Service ft Swins; News WTAV-News; Orch. WMAQ-N'ew*; Mti.lral Melange 11:15 P.M. Three Sans Tno: WOC Dance Orch.: KW K Trca«iiry Star Parade: WHO WHC KXLX-Rev. Pirptvl.' Hour wrro (tanre Orch wi 11 m. piyie Tavern WENR latu Brresv's Orrh. W FBM Hnrkey Game: New WAS Dtrrm serenoite WND Nile Waleh WTtE Varicdes; New WSH Srrrire ft Swine W MAQ < he Vr. World 11:30 P.M. Jose Belnancoutl's Orch.: New: WTAM WTBA News: Dance KWK WROK Klin ViF.N WF Dance Orth.: New; KXE W KHH Dance Orth.: W.MiT WAT WTAQ WND WMHH Boyd Racburn'i Orth.; WHBM KOA Neiis; H.inl'mt) A itsliing) Music <- NORMAN TOKAR s radio's bewildered Henry Aldrlcti W'CCO-Masimvork Wtl.-Music Alluini WKNR.Rit Morgan' Orrh.: New WONcw WHC-Nettj; niil Refrain WHT'-Neiv Picture WLW-Mclodic W'OWO Shvline Oub 11:45 P.M. Boyd Raeburn' Orch.; WSN Joce Bethanceart* Oich; Nrsss: WMAQ Nms. WHF WMT KOA-Mrlody of Music WOMufic) Nest WND. Wall a than WT.W. Moon Hivej 12:00 Mid. Dance Orch.: KWK WROK News; Dame Otch.; New; WTAQ Srv.; KOA WTTL WFHM WSN KMOX Mask; Sr* Kb. s lljuiee WTHM Ne»; Oiarli 1!. Wnghi's Otrh. WCtO Night Oivl V.' EN! Muvfr You Waul W'liNDance Unti. WHOSss'liiB Stud Sltuince r WN F Nevis; Nile Waleh U P-ll Julnp iiiri.linrre WLW Nesss; Johnny Gllheti' Hull. WMAQ lit.he Petll' Orch. WTAM Musie End ol Thursday Programs MORNNG CENTRAL WAR TME 7:00 A.M. *Ne* el the WatW: KMOX WUHM wmb wyirr WTAU Ale* Oreler news: KH) WHO WLS WfLU) WTKA Wm. Hillman news: WTHS WKBM WHK WKHH Wc.TL WOWO News! KDT WMT WSH Musical LTork: WJUC WROK KWTs ft Mamly; Nt^s KXE.-Hill A l WAAF-Hlt akfnst l.pvr WtiiiAir Almamn Wf.N ili'i'.inl ll.intlk A WK Xen; Mouml Hie Tosvu WillT Xeisy; lax...rrtniion WTLK'nniii Am WMfXrsi.. '.ilt'h AmeHcan *vv sn-ni u i l ulls 'isei WMAQ-KW limit New «Win \ i. spu.11 WTAQ Hymn Time WTM.-NeH; 'lr. i n' he Mum- ing 7:15 A.M. Du Voo Rcmnnbci 7: KSD Page ol Mctiidy: WKHH Mlirara! hul WiHS WRE w'miiii wimr wit i. Nins: KXL. Witn WROK WBOW Wli.V KDT T exas Re.l KMtlX Oia.V Sar.ct.i KM'K liraty rj.ilirll WTS11M Nrav; ih.;v on Hogs A W CTVlluvieal* i'.m.; XV-TS WT'sd Farwi WfTMFjirl) ll.r.l vv lit) Time i. slime WH-Uifl. trm VLsl Muiiilng MM W Kill -Top Ki.k Vi l.s ll-nl»..t. v X -a'hdi- Pal VVVt! 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Juh WOC ReveiHv lliiiin.h.t. WSHT Nm.. a- Uusle W'TAQ 'nrl.' l.nuie 8:00 A.M. Everything Curs. W Ml ANewv; W A'> FRDAYS Breakfast Club: Den M.KeH me. KSFD WTh W'U'L WHOW WSH WKHH WilW'O NCKS: WTHM W4.S WBF WKBH WMHH Klim K.MOX.Suigi.. Nvinhlmr: Mrks- ilres KS) Oratidiioppv.l.(i.-«ft le KWK-M. J. t hliuw WTZ-Peaine Kay WTB-M-Slelb..ger; Math tune will. Musie WTA-Mnxir 1«ii Won! e WHO-Edilh D.ii.m*.. VV.F.!..t WTUC-Ncvvs A Go WTLL Evirojieiuv llfsintv: Huilelio Hoard WND-Nrn v. Stj.inr llrrniil- in; V.TSN Rl ft Fl.nie 1141)4' FflJ.iily Alin.iMee WJJD.Mnrttitm Seienade WLS Dawnhnslei WMAQ-V.uir NriRl.l... WMT-Ttiivy 4 Sn-U- WROK New; Musie WSHT On utux.sef New. W'SH-MurniriR (mpel U'TM. Rr>.lil.l...; Sen 8:15 A.M. Everything Goes; WKHH Gypsy Caravan! WND School ol the Air; V-HT Nmv- WKfl. V1 S KOUlrl.yiliK ri tlvseille KMOX Magic Kiiel... KSH-Mnrenl Lepra' Urrh ; South vr.. 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34 FRDAYS LES 0 A M 0 N Nick Ch.r'ea on The Aden' turn of the Thin M_n mystery dr_mas ' : Lctnl Juru~: K... l ' 110 W\AQ ''-\l11wl ~t.. c ~.nll: 111\ KXEL b \' 'KB lrl live h<\or' Chil4t... : weco Ulll.n\1 K\llX W'S KK M.Y\F X.; 011 tilt' Rd tu.. kl..... \. M ~ ~' 1.1 \ e A r... ' elms \( 'H T Wu... \(.L \ ') 'V~n' Will lala~ fu To<a 1'tl:Al Cu... Lil'1.. \...! M ll_ \..d Fnl..... Will l tj~ id. llll \1!!... U' N... ~. \\1;0.; ' '1'.\... ~M'. s.:rapbectk \\ J 81 nollar nau JJf) c- KlR '~ r. nil L;~~ 01 h. w... 1d '~ Cl.~.. 0.' \\Oll... _ J *1' '8 r.. ~.. t.~t Th.l.Mh ~4 Al ' '.. 10 :<4 5 A... DU' HUm: 11'/10 ire / \\HQ wntj Aunl Jtnn~'~ Siorin: K\toX R HO l\n~m 'MOD 1\\11 A &- lh RlGlr... ~'su: OC K'. 1\1 \\.. tli lin... >t l N~ ( l' 1' < u ' l\tl TJpl. b!ltd J>~t. '... h1 ' tal' t..~ld1 ' l'~ ' [ fl-ltl' 'Ke... lr~ 1\11 D... n~uc' ~ 11_ U. '... \11~l\ 'ft \'. flh'lh t'lll'!.... \\ 110 ~~ Ri.u \\J\ t. ' ~... 1\ S lilt lilt' )'''' 1\ h~ra (''ll' Su. p Jill _\ '.r.h... 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That'. ~ause he lilb (h~m 10 frequ{'ntiy T Tue clay nlght.s at Ule Stn~e Door Canteen Bou S bus-boy and d h... asher. Family Affair Hen' are iome l)teresthllt fact about WUllam f Renk. Sun Prairie. Wisct>t in. fanner ' h ec-eived the ~e\'enth W _ G_ Skelly Agrl_ Cl turn] Ach!eleml'nl AWlird ($100 war bond) on tht ~kl'lly newl broad<! rennlly: William Hnd hi two sons Op('rntl' (arm: lmnually market 3~O pure-ured Shrop~hire and ta fl hire ;hecp. upward of 8.0no lamb!!. 200 leers and 700 hor. n thty harvested 1-;'0011 bu'<hels of hybrid ~ corn and ush f Viei; d 001 Prize Guest list! The record for guest an on any program goes tn ers' Stall:e Door Canteen. The roeter. for thirteen weeks. indue! ore than a hundred notablt'!'l of tage. opera. radio ecll and audeville. as well as the arti~tie and jll~r;lry world. At... on lhe list we~ Mrs Franklin D Rouse\ elt. ll(l( k Pembert<ln. A!'illlith. Wendell Wlllkle. Jlerbert Hoo \ ~ Llli Herbert Lehman lt... h. d T\U.~~.-. J. v 1:45 P.. You Holly_d Nt..-s ' rrl: W11 1\ E.\(- WKB KB WC~ Ptpp. Voun's hlllily: WfD\1 Hl BtUy Crocker: KSD WO W Q Csn Ptlrill' Orch.: WN 1\\l1J1 TQ Tlt~ l;'1 '.<'l KMOX weco lt t[ K ' Kanann [ ( Fa';!); Fall..... twg... Willi' [ lloh:. *W!~... ; Danro Orela. WJJil.... ~hv WL~ 1. ~uar'! of Vitlary \\MT.h.o 1 Chlld'fl W()( WOllnJl n'''''cllts. \\HJ 8.t; Board; H... 2:00 P.N. Song~ ~y Morton Oc.. n.~; RlY 'lu' 'ai.' Or~h.: 'Cl~ Wbll 'KlB \VOlVO WENR \O( SUnlty Of~on. news: KUTU K\lK \!!!)K Sllry 01 M.ry Martin: WMQ t'-[) \1110 R!': Wl'U Oukl Hu: KMOX W88M \\(0 WFUM.Ntws: 'OL WND WBF h\u 'r~ \' \\F '~.l. Lf~ \AT \'<ro.. P1'llidtl. \lll \ U' ham P.... WEAl a 'brch G'.d A.. mlt<!; ( '~r rm'!m n~.. in Rr i. 11'11\.-1 lie J;~ (;aham -\\K \. ; >';u.hint ~JW<' \ f!... & \'~\ '.'.\ n Jil 11_ A f p... WJJll \.. >Md CaU fill \au M.ori....1\ \lllfl P'~. J~~ Book nn h'~ D. M.lonl ~\ \ r'''r}' flll~ti Bllu; :. & ('t''/)' \fj F Vidory 2:15.M. My Trut Story: CB~ W KH K\H Undl TriO &. Curiey: V' lit 19 ~ nil Mll Puk'nsl K<;n VEJl.U WO 1111:1 1\\t\Q W l. Whll!1 1111\011 \\L Shdy Vlfy FolkS: KWK KDTH JWK.KMQX Sc'u KXfl. l-.l... W V... 0' ht Day; S>n t; \bht. l\llnl \ tilt MOl WC('O-b'-Ch Ald.itb \Tfl.hri!e \1.10<1;. 'OZ 1 reau<) Star 1'3radc WHlr 1\101 n) Band. 11'11.1.-(''.1 10u.; Nt... W\O SPt.h Uiitioll JW \. 1).. \ R.«L WJJD 1)- ~nu. W-y. H '.uy MOltan. D.xo 1'k WMBD lolotr.u;u_btu \\'T'l'ndf ~~' 'O\\'O-Undr!'-. \\ :'BT \bol><.. ~r n:m 2:)0... Soo O. tht l.r: WMT 11((0 \'[B' W KOX WTAl B8\1 W'UQ Pepper VOU~9's Fmlly: WilD KSO 1U.~ W.1AQ lfm.1 My Tue 510'1: 11'(f'L woe l~dll~pl!i~ Symhllny o ~ \\;Rl Shady Vtlty rct'h: WHl~ * \.U \ ; 011 he Rtn).d >til UT & n~cn WeB;. \.1 -COWl.. WDZ-.... ' )~.~.. 1'r:.\{ ~u \itla~. WG_\ 01.. WHi.. ic ~ h Mllffl Wl8A { ' >u B.ith UK-t h T FREQUENCES KDTH Jllt WL KMOX llo WND S6!1 KO.-\-850 WRC lull KSD-S50 WSH-UO KWK-\!~ WSH-UO KXEL-U40 WjHC'lJO WAAFUO WJD-60 WAT alit WJR-760 WBBY /&0 WklB-L.O WHOW HO WK8H!4D WCJlS HD WLS 890 weco no WLW-700 WCFL-LOOO WMA0610 WDZ 1050 WMBD-U70 WF.AU '90 WMT-600 WEHR ''0 WOC 14l0 WFBM-U6 WOWO-19L WGN 120 WROK UO WH-91Ct WSBT-960 WHS 140 WSU_UO WHBF 1270 WTAD.930 WHO WTAM-DO WBAUQ WTAQ-1S60 Wllle-OO WTKJ'Ut foqe 34 FRDAYS % a? T LES DAMON Nick Charles on The Adven- tures of the Thin Man mystery dramas 1:45 A.M. Lone Jauroey: KSli WHO WMAQ WTJU WlllE Ctnc 6 Cicnn: «li!v KXtX W WKBH HKUH WCFL WOC BJihelor's ChiWten: WCCO W111SM Wl ilm KWOX VSX WNrKi: KWi W1H *WAAF-Ncivf; <i(f it.e ilwnl Lr! 1 in YilUr Mu- tf: SetmiirirMe; \c*it w li/ t'nrlr San; *U'LAO-S(ar kilns Jlhyihiit; Newt 1V(;s*Trc»»ijrv Sist l*»r*rfe VVNH Hejifniroln ol Amrrloi WJ lic-scrfniitr W.S-Doc Jlojiklwi MT M«M li. fjm! WiLl Ktcpim lit lu> Virtofy svj Vi.' Vair V;45!>>< 10:00 A.M. Bic/hlast at Saniii: WirtVO KMX WOC WK Hit Bdjil of L<l«: KSH WHO WRK WMAQ WTM. WEAU WKMT ivmnv WA F«od Ntws Talki: KMOX 1M-V rt HUM WDM *Ne; WHUK WNi' WJJW w nok *Kl»TJ-Ne»s: MiiMti Mwlerii KWh tmih Uuehrt 'ttni- WA tf A Sctrnjilc for 1.01 rljf L.nlica WAT-Unch JoUii Wi ( Prpular Mutic Wf'l l''l tr!(iwut. WCTL-Fi.r Woiitwi Only *WOZ Hailifl»i S e w ( ; W «licaid WflX-Mi^s KMliniim & CalCciir \V UA-Uomccnaicria Rrsnt. A-Winc-Xewi; Muiir VvllX-Playliuuw WJHC-Thesltr Tune U.VEihlic fc Farmir Covainiijeli WMD Ranch Him M'.lim WMT-Tidy HinuiUreprri! Mcloiiiva WSftT-flarlnn iloga WS'-Wrck in llir MaEailnes * WTAQ N'nv; Onclc Sain 10:15 A.M. Vic & Side; KSH WHO WRE WMAQ WTM W!All WKBH W1S0VV W A To be announced: KO't'll Second Husband: KMOX WBtSM WCCO WFBM WtSS «MUl> WMT WAAK-Musicale VArrtln- WCtls-'opulaf Music WCFL.hiiuiiiii; Sistrrn WUZ-Lullahs l.eslec WON Moruiii? Mivtlcalc WHBF Kitrlivn Knminiinii U«WmCEthH C. Wlllilti 4 u ll.l.-miuiii'nl Muvirlle; U 1\D Dance & Homance W.OC Cliinkk Time WJ-lll-lt's Shnwiiine Ul.S.luin Men ill WMil< Timn Ciicr WMJT-Uwrimre ViAi.'m Orcb. VstT Veeteidav'i Musical Ts- i hi ces UTACJ l in le Sam 10:30 A.M. Hank Lawsen's Knights; WOT Snow Village; KSH WRE WHO -VTMJ WMA() * Fulton Lewis. Jr news: yam lee Jinusc 'atly: VtHBF WRUK Smite a While; WSH Bright Horijon: KMOX WTBM WCCO WFRM WMR) WMT KHTM-Mil-rale KNT-1543 fhili * W AAF-News; The Suing Shitt WAT Sntlift in (lie Kilcbm WCKSOrrm Tuckers Muiir iv T-Xjory Martin WnZ Calendar lor Today WEAH CunJini: Lichi ii'tis Mi -lea Mifkuiigun WHA Minis'i First later WlHC-Unrle Siil AW L-Hoiitrnta Muticsle: News WNDNell. WSN-Aim Leslie's ScraiAnok WJ5C Dollsr Date WJJD- t> Sliowtimr V.'K htt Slinmvrs' iliiiih WKUil Ucbi M the World VS'l.S Hal Culver snugs WiiWO funrh House Jim HSR News; Stella L'ngrt WSV The Rockshell WTAij A Alnml Wornrn 10:45 A.M. David Harum: WHO WRE Kilt WMAQ WTM. Auhl Jenny's Stories! KMOX WRM WHO WTM WAHD WMT A & Lee Helser pianists: WOC KXK. WSH WKHU KHTH Mliskale WAT Aim Hunter; News WCRSTnpular Mode WC'T-Tip T-'i Ratianed Meal* WD/ Rail A Difgiy WEAU Lnne!)' Women WHAVeiiih 'retn. WlUt Faiifnr's Dsuithlrr W HC FvTtssm Byways WND Dame.L tnniincc WWsN Nen.: Coui 1 of 11 union llrlilnnir tvjk Mehxly i Rfclin Tlnit i [rare orffamst Wl.S-Sews WtnVH 1 Uili i Hrlrn l\ S T \ lo 7 n NTiveltr 11:00 A.M. Meet Vour Neighbor; WKBS tutih Kile Smith Speaks: Hewi: KM'hV WltllM WCCO WFBM tu*n WMH WMT WAD Goalie Carter comm.: KWK WON WF WHOK Nell. KHTi WCFL woe WHA WND K- H Nr».; Anr'T nf Merry KXlT.N.nv Malm re WAT N t': Ri'inalire WDZ-.M iikela; At Vour Sereica WlLtU jiht ol the World WtltMpilrrir Lutmiean History: t ll*lf WHOJudv and Jane ttll l.-ainrriran 'liilnsnnhy WlUC N'cvy: Ranch Hatnls tvhm; Tiain. Twins t\ LM C J Emnkvnn-nl WJHC Treasure Ticsl WJ. t Keileiul Komi Rtpnrlpr; tivlen. J.miles WKHU Lunely Women W!.S Maltha ft Helen WMAQ 'ninled Dreams WOWO'aniLTe First Lova WhRT-tlusinT Mi'lmlie* WhCf-Wallr. Tlino WTAQ-Xens; Trading Post WTMJ-C.uidiug Light 11:15 A.M. Big Sister: KMOX WRUM WAT WCCO WFSM WMUD Bill Hay Reads the Bible: WT50K K'TJ Words & Music; KSD WCAU KOA Judy ft Jane KWK-.nsh Hughes Ptgir.. KX l-cnniuiy Edlior WAAF-With a Song n My Heart WAlT 'miliy Patter WCBS-Waut Ad Service; News Wni. A slier ft Little Jimmy Wf.N'TJmhi's First love WHlJ'-'fwiiy's Tune; ktlers Willi Rorileiland BucLaroos WHlA Ttie Hume front V tin ' j miaid Car SOU WtNDLen Cleary orcaniat VMl 1 Tip hi- announced Wt-ll CmiMile Pictures WJHC Pitrarle ol Baucis WMAQ News WOC-Home 'toii! 'rcm. WOWOEiiitor's Daugliter W-UT Hiin' the Ranee WST EscursMms in Science tvtaq Auiii Jenny's Stones WTMJ Lonely Wnmen 11:30 A.M. NatT Farm & Home Hour; WOC WOW Wf.'BS WKAU WCFL WSH W KBit Romance of Helen Trent: WMT KMOX WBBM WCCO WFBM A Milli WSX Edgewood Arsenal Band: WHBF Ncuv; UfN WKH WltE KHTT Fanillv Farm CirrW Khll-Tu he atiriuuncerl KNCcRmmmiuu Time «M \ M Nens; Musil; tallid to Blue *ts All Neusj Rhjlhm t\ HZ-Lei tie ^h«tt HQ aivevl nicer v 1A itie Tuii)ikell Slalera M Rl' ljllle Jiniiny 11 LUTtrrhrtlra Hall HTNDTr j.uri Star Panda WJBf sin nl Paradise UJJD Mi.dr Reel tvlsmarkuti WM.V<J Mnsn; id Vustanfij W0WD llihini n llarinaua WR'tK t. f Clul. U'MT Cncte Nam tvst'i Fulnnus with Tiyllis 1YTAQ Tune Tune; h'ews WTJJ-Lfght uf the World 11:45 A.M. Our Gal Sunday: KMOX WBBM WCCO WTM WSN WMPD WMT KOA 1.u«t> Field Bind WAAPWhal Makes a Sung? WAT UlurjMkrti Calling WHZ-Munc; Pause f Woisbtp: Singtne Nem t(in Leu Salvo orgonisl W Hill Nrn*; Mnvle Time WHO Musicb '.cmi WHtA Furm founihip WHC. Sailor WLL News of tluunls W!llE Eat»iiiti3D> Syejkln; U J M Tumc Bureau Whllll Far in Service W t.u l al in News WMAQ tcmtllr tnilnllup WUWO Matkcls wsnr lor an. urganht tv>c[ l and Flashes 1VTAQ Farm ft Home Hour WTMJ Unt Sitter AFTERNOON 12:00 Noon CENTRAL WAR TME Life Can Be Beautiful; KMOX Wtil.M WCCO WMHJ H. R. Qaukhage news; WUWV Wt in WTT. WlhJ Nms: KWK WlflC WfJil tvoc KXF- K i't 11 Trvau Mvludiei WA M Symphniiit Hour W MT NT -1 Sctcuade WD/ Markets: News *W.AlMliiiiglilniy Jar kiwi Pro- graui: Serenade; Nt-we WHtltfultiiTt 'm lie* Wc.N.Rimd Wagon Wjlltf rran 'atlci W HQ Markets eu Hit Ncits: Farm tnund Dp WLL(.illvee Spntl* Parade tvsi News; Serenade ul Nnon WiC l.ivevunk Rciwrts: 'anu News \V un'*ncns: Down hy fer- iiiau's WJHC MaiLcts; Fium 'lcm WKHH tlavshakers V LS Dinner Bell Timt WMAQ Wnin.ii)'e Home Council WMT lihylhtils Bureau of n- farniiiiiun WDUO Purdue Asticullute WRflK tinivd the Tunn VVSUT'-l.iuuTn'on LTuh Wsl llhvihin R amides VVTMT TliTiilr: New* 12:15 P.M. Msnne Band: KS> Ma Pfktns; KMOK WCCO WBH.M WFBM Gospel Singer: WCFL WOC Newr; h'dt'h WKBH WMT WHA WOVVO KVVK-Shath Valley KXT. Fiuehvillc Farm Hmir WCDa-Funny Jhtncy Alan WHBF*New*; Any Rimds To- day WHO SoddL Mnuntaln Roundup VVRrFnrinrTv Digest; Hoosier k.nner WLLEilen.N'irholas fiaritune WRE Farm ft Home Hour \V1S1[. People's Alan WJtC-Slanley Ken ton's Oich. WJJDMudc Reel WM.M) limes ft Tips WUOK-Cnlumi) Lefl; h'ciri 12:30 P.M. News: Strictly Personal: WHBF KWK VVBC Vic S Side; KMOX WBBM tvtfo WMSSD News: WHO WLS WSLT WMAQ Farm Prgut.: WHA WOWO WLL KFJT.Triangle Time KS-Newr; Aludc KXKL Farm Bulletin lluifd WAT 820 Club WCFL Bing Crosby WDZ Cotjnirj'Side Rcportei WUAOSereaade WFBMTiecurd of the Day: llfki T-r Farm Circle WHA-News; Markels WND-Murch to Music WlllE Wally Xchrling \V l^j V men 'leiu. *Wl*N Duu i Uj llertitan'a; N» tvjulni'u* Sportt; Afaikris WJ.D Xnunday Service tvkni.s».h. tcvieu VV M'-T'uiu Owen's Cowloy* V im. Treeilum el ike Laud tvrdk-lnuil. nilh laima 12:45 P.M. Carty tongmire newt: WCFL Hl.AC The Coldbcigj! vritbt) Cuncerl Orcn.; VHRF WllftK Vincent Loper' Och.: WSH VVTH New i. Mht.V WCCD WRE WT AQ WKBH KD11 L-Puhhc Ojiittion KhD Voral tulirtie* KlVli Ni-UB Music KNT Farm JandKiicc; Newa tvptis N Lvirtl Rcpnnj; Any Rulid* 1 mil> WT'/ Mi Mustang*; Me- h'uuld Pmillry WON.ALtls Vhi >uuclrlfow i VVRC Farmei'i Digol WT S11 lvin i lug Tcni n» VVJlt 1 iitiehc.rii rulitc WKBH Pel CuritlT; l)u Vuil Want «Job VVT.N Fit Mcr.u.nctl; Alkt*. W M VQ Nuerl Riser W MR!) u«ti trier; Atjikn* WM Maiken; Joe 'o.lkc* WNl T V ic«. A ikvrvirn* 1:00 P.M. Light ot the Wctld: KSD WHO WMAQ Ceduc Foiler. new»: KWK WROK Voung Dt. Malont: KMOX WJHM WHO VVFSM W.sN WMUD WTtD U'TAQ Vincent Lope;' Orth: WBOW WKH Xiw.i WAAF WCfl. WND M'TH lllutiiane*; Music KXF.. lltti-h L'mk Fnlkt; Xrssa W AT midmny Hall; Nets* WTS N.u-. WalU Time VVDZ MniLe)*; fay Wall* WrAHTtuihe brifsenrifori W ON Hii Dejrtm WHA Hi u Hay WURFT si m liuttl. Mai Lett WA M..hi Mninenl* WTHF Ns'is * Prairie Soupluid* WTLi HiiuieniaLern Quarler Hour WH Mii-ti Mrtllry VV.UU' Utiiits Nulrition WJJD l.ive.lutl Reiiorl WKilH'tiuuiug Light WLs srlund l ime W.M 1 V v* A Red Attw )i ism nrdiu t'hajie) VVSB usfet mlh Foaler Giuls WTMJ Tin luldbcrgs 1:15 P.M. Lonely Women: CsD WMAQ WHO Joyce Jordan M. t>.: KMOX WCCO WFRM WSN WMBO Will 'd WMT Mystery Cher: WBOVV WSH WKBH VV.RS WOC KDTH l.tnt... Sam UtVK Alvinu (ley's Oreli. KXt.l-As t Seems lu Me WAAF'-Mall Vum Bailie Slnlhni* WTTJ. Tilulirv Prgrn. WDZ-.MjrLeli; tume Folk*; An ol Living WCAH-Mu-Kal Khaprotly; Farm pf> Liilun V'iiNT'anited i'reanis Wit P Matinee Metndies Wl.LMnrL.ts WND Fill'ward to Victory tvfre Linda's Firal Love WJRi'Pelilu Miiiicale WJJll-Tr.aMiry Slat Parade VVKRH-VVinduiv Sh0p ier: Club Calemhtr Whs Markets WOWOTlonMec Curnhuskcr* VVROK-Main-Auliurn Prgm. WTAQ-Miitlnre; New* WTMJ File i an He lleauliful 1:30 P.M. Guiding Light; KSD WHO WMAQ Hens: WTtmV WEAU WKDB WFHS WCFL We Love ft Uesrn; KMOX WMT WUBM WCCO WFBM WSN WMUD VVTAD WTAQ Mutual Goes Calling; KDTH KWK W 11(11 WRilh KNTT.Tnu i stule Teaehct* Coi (etc i'm ll l WAA Sens; Matinee Tliealvr W AT Si nii'liuny Hail Ciursl* WON F'liliu's Daughter WHA t!! froit* VvTB V 'orirftu.ll Noliirus WliF-Soif ol tile Pioueere WTLL-Thc Digest: News WNK Una nl uf Education Pigui. WT]; FT nns in Hartnouy VVSH-Navv Salute WJBCGuil'a Half Hour *VVJJU.Sci\» WLSTrunctiiaknrj' Prgm. WOWO Ucveille Rorndno Patricia Jane Goes to War UTiHc the Music Maids arc sinsing on NBC and ontcrtnlning Ute eorviccmen in camps one of their namesakes!s doing a Sghltnfi Job in the South Pacific war zone. The Pntrfclo Jane is an Array bomber named after Patricia Jane Hyatt of the Music Maids. Dshpan Hands for Bob Script-writer Bob Shaw of Front Page Farroll can hardly lfl his arms to use his tyjjewrllcr on VTednesdays. That's because be lifts them so freqot'ntly nn Tuesday ntghla at Utc Since Door Cinitccn. Bob s bus-boy and dishwasher. Family Affair MeiT are some interesting facts about Wil- F. Kenk Sun Prairie. Wisconsin farmer who received the seventh W. G. Skeliy Agrl- cultuml Achtcvcmcnt Award (S100 war bond) on the Skeliy news broadcast recently: William and his two sons operate a acre farm; smtunljy market 350 pure-bred Shropshire and Hainpshire sheep upward of lambs. 200 sleera and 700 hogs in D42 they harvested bushels of hybrid seed corn and 9000 bushels of Vfcland oats. Prize Guest List! The record for guest stars on any program goes to CBS' Stage Door Canteen. The ros- ter. lor thirteen weeks includes more than a hundrod notables of stage opera radio screen and vaudeviuo ns well as the artistic and literary worlds. Also on the list were Mrs. Friinklln D. Rposcvell Brock Pember- lon. Al Smith. Wendell WlllkJe. Herbert Hoo- ver and Herbert Lehman. WRST Sliufperi* liiidi U'TVU-Auul Jenny 1:45 P.M. Voui Hgilywooa News Cirl: W?!1 WEAi WKH WKBH WCRS Peppef Young's famiiy; WFHM WH1LM Betty Cisekcr: KSD WHO WMAQ Caesar Petrillo's Orth.: WND WMBD WTAQ Tile Ooirlln-t^s; KMOX WCCO Vv T L-Kenu'l's Konaries VVL'ZTanrr Family; Faildou Fruekt WGS-N'ewi WRE-EiJil«r'» Tlausltler *WSN.\e»s; Dance Orclt. W.LD Sr.DH Sli'ip WLe.Vpiijpianl nf Victory WMT-Bjcivot'* tlilliiren WOC-Tulfc WOWO-Ju*t Tlioliehu VVTMJ BuBeiin Board: Ne«i 2:00 P.M. Songs by Morton Downey: Ray_- moirl Paige'* Orch.: WCUS WSH WKHU WOWO WEN it VVTH Stanley Dixon. news: KDT KWK WROK Story ol Mary Marlin; WMAQ KSD WHO WRE WTMJ David Harum: KMOX WBDM WCCO WFBM News: WCFL WND WHBF KXELOW Bryin- WAAF-Siieakine uf Liie VV'ATT-Vlrtory Spnllight WD7 Nn**: AAA Fram Prgm. WEAF-Aiin'riea MarcLc* WON Let'* flet AegiLainleil: Con- ctit Ortli WHA 'm'it; Novels in 11 L'vii'u V.'KA Vlnjini* Oraliain WTUC N'i ««i Snnjhiiie 5 ireial WTL.-in.iile nf lionki VVTSN Mar)- Ann Preaent* VVJlil T) A li Ptgni. WJJ11.Vi^hliiirhnoH Cafi* WKHH Matinee Melotfie* WMRD-Nrn#; Juke Bunk WMT-Vuims Dr. KUonc WSl'lATvK.ry liillelm Ucatd; Rervnt ft Cniilenipnraty Mii*ic WTAQ Ftn ins fur Victory 2:15 P.M. My True Story; WEBS WSH WKHH KXV.L Landt Trio & Curley: VVSS WTAQ WFHM Ma Perkins; KSD WEAU WHO WRK WMAQ WTMJ WKU W VV Witt A Shady Valley Folks: KWK KDTH WliHK KMOX.New* KXE.-Uricfe Sam WAAF-Sonc of the Day; Swine t; Maikels WHLM-Miei the Missui WCCO'Darragh Alifrich WCFL FavoHtc Mrlmlies VVDZ-Treasury Star Parade WH3F-Miliury liaml WLL-CnniTrt flour; News tynd'spurta FriitioQ WJiC-VliiMr; t). A- t. Prfftn. WTJD Down Attrrnline Way WLSTtauyvr*; Pat*!' Monlaua; Doc lupkin* WMBDEdlinrie Daugliter WMT-Unde Sam tvowq-uncle Sum WSBT-Moii»iner Prgm. 2:30 P.M. School ol the Air; WMT WCCo WFBM WSN KMOX - WTA) WBBM WTAQ Pepper Young's Family: WHO KSD tvtue WMAQ WTMJ My True Slory; WCFL WOC ndianapolis Symphony Orth.: WSBT Shady Valley Folks: WHBF WAAF-Nen; OH the Reror.l WAT-Ncns ft- Races WCUS Vneal Varieiies VVDZ-Sons fit Pinnegjrs WKAU-Snon Village WON Own Hull»r WHA Music nf the Master* WHAAou Can't Do Busine** svitii Hiiler WHtC-l iah Trailers FREOUENCES KDTH-1370 KMOX-nZQ KOA-850 KSD-S50 KWK-UAO KXEH540 \VAAF-950 WAT-82 0 WBUM-JdO WBOW-1230 WCBS AS0 WCCO-BJO WCFL-OOtl wnz-iaso WKAU-790 WENR-890 WFESi-1240 WGN-72Q WHA-SJO WHAS S40 WHHP-t27a WHO-1010 W1BA W BC- D70 WJLL-JDO WfNO-SSU WHE-MJO VV.NH-JO WSN Uio WJ BC-12 JO WJiD-1150 WJR-760 WKBB-S90 WKBH-H10 WLS-89Q WLW-700 WMAQ-67D WMBD-H70 WMT-609 WOC-1S20 WOWO-1190 WROK-lt<0 WSBT-960 WSU-910 WTAD-910 WTAM-1100 WTAQ-1J60 WTMT-620

35 A' A'~ Vou You a Genius?: Ge~? W \\~U >111 No Rubber Like Old Rubber WS.Vl 1\1-.' VVTA 1\1111 WTAQ \(1 Junior J~nH Newscaster: N.w.c~'ter KTJTTt lflll'u WTlllt- Rubber Rubix'r. like likc fine linc wine wlll(' improves improl'c with nge. 1;('_ WHOK 1\ to Jou 8elaau'\'! On:~Hf; Hezzie Hezzic Trictsch. eh washboard wa~hbo(trct virluoso \'irtu()~(' of the Jose Eelhantourfs OrtheMri: WKBU l\huh WKBH 11h811 WOC OC Hoosier Hoosler Hoi Hot Shots Shot~ on the Nslional Nutiunul Barn 'io\. VMl-V-W.iiiii'ii> D Jlimr. KXEL.rineTielllc XU. Fh1 Talllrf; r; lilckte- lu<k~ Dance proved it when he went ent in search ~earch of lirrry l... rl\' Key Fry new rubber bulbs bulb~ in to replace the old. old tired lired W'AAF-Bnulfvanl 'AAF 8o<llrurd tliylliinv; ll Haml 0. f of i.h~ he Hay 01) ones which had served faithfully raithfully on the he auto- auto *WA1T 11 All News: '..-. Tutu T Mnnre '1 (h.._ lou mobile horns on fin his Monday morning zither ~ither WHJt.M rjiteacn Hour VV(TiS-Tli \\U-To be oiiiu.iinreil annun'... 1 for many a year. year The robber rubber situation being TOf~' n.'o Are y«i( T.i-toiiine... ~1 J /'lon ~rol what it is Hczsde H('1.l'ie searched H'arehcd long and diligently. W )/ Victory Front WLSU-Texas \1 F:> 11 Tna. fancrfv U~.~r; But when he h(-' insislicd taillod the new bulbs bulb lie he found WFHM ~~ FriieM F.... Si'Vinolir ~._. 1\'111 1'<'w that they lacked lackt.'d the resiliency and respottsive- WT \ 'layeirelo Mu.ivalo re'pomil'eness nesr of he the old ones. (lne~. So Hezzic Henic tossed los cd the new W \\[8(' BCTo - be ' jiimoineeit.~ WTBATTeeii.oxl W». bh''''''' 'mnt. '. '. *W. 11 LL Ll. Sarreil.' leol Vlndv: '.; News. bulbs bulb:; into the scrap-rubber ~rap-rubber rtrtvc drivc. retrieved retriel'('d WN 11'() h 11 t.r~ are Hosulls :~ult. the old ones one~. patched mldled them with tape tal>e and now WSH SiioiTsti.iii'* 'K n Fhrb b VVJHC bul'k.~er\liee l:'lin. * \' Jl:lC Sews they're back n service again. 'r VVMBH \\11l1' Walt/ alt. Time T;\~ WMT-llichway 11'11'1 Hid Safely.(.~ Tolk;; Music; Mil Star ~ur Sim ~t. Farmer Shirer WOWO \111111) tiililles ljielell.- A- A llliv dim \1.l'l-l;o WSUMea Tjino fi M \1'll.t. eioilipv WilUnin William L. Shiror Shirer s is making ambitious umbillous plans 4:454 P.M..M. to turn gardener gard('ncr in the spring. ~pril1g. The CBS CO~ Sun- Sun Superman: Sup.rm.: KUT 11'111 WHOK 111:/11 day cum commentator mentator now s is mapping out tlut n a cam- cam Ben B~n Bemids hrn't' Oiclicstta: O(t$(': KMtKX 0)( 1111l11 WTJDM W'TTl 111/11 WFHM lull WMT '\( paign to convert CO1\'C' lawn space a;pace at his his Bronxvillc Bronxville WbUT -.UT WTAQ 11'1\\1 WMHU 1\ 'UO WiSS ~ :'S N. Y Y. home into vegetable-producing acres. WTAU Q11 To be b~ anncunecii: nounud: WTOW UOY KSEL X L WKlilt \\H(~ Wrc.s Front F.-....\ Page p~~ Fanell: FJ~: WMAQ 11M) K5» '>0 T'! lillie \\110 t; 111 WMi... 0 ttiideutwh lit U WliM'To 11/.' T be uuuuui. 0.. eil WTM. WTliK WHO WiaO <1 '~~ \(( Hn VSN-Mary.') Arm 'lr-run.. WTA A ^iianhh '''.. hi' Tcm. *.Vow s: WC V Wh WES t F-F 10.. ~ H hn; Of o\.lll-o N. \ invimnm.jnflil 1'1 l 5 WJ(U*-Ho(i.iT 1\ J... N llno.e Folks WAAF-Fnshions in llliytlnn; Oil h... JJU [h.1 c 10.' 1:. nt. ~ WJJU Artrnlii^ UUy ~ *tv.!!(.. JU( NVi\ \.Muse the- ternni; ni iialiuu 0 to '0 ho th. ~ 1'~1.. \ l\ Kill ii 1-Mil 'f. 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Kaltenborn 7;00 7:00 Earl Eor' Godwin 3:00 8;00 Gabriel Cabrlel Hcatter Heatter 9:00 John Gunlhep Gunther 9:45 Elmer Davia Davl. Comments en on the tho W War V Variety grief y A.M. 8:00 Breakfast Br~.kf.. t Ctob Club P.M. PM. 2:00 Sonll' Song* by Morton Downey Oo... n~y Raymend Ran~ P*loc's PQe' Oreheslra Ort..dra 6:00 8:00 and.nd 10:00 Fred Waring n Vic- Vlo tory Tunc Tun' Time 7:00 Kate Smith Smllh Hour Trd Tri Co'tinv; Ce Olyn 01 Landick; la~;(t; Kale Kolte Smith SMith Singen; S nn Jick J(~ Mdler'v 101 ff' Orthctra Ortllaln 7:16 7:t5 in n Person Peraon. Dinah Din.h Shore 7:30 Your Voor All-Tlme All Time Hit Parade Pande Marie t Green?: Gunt: Lyn l Murray... u.ra Chorus; C''1: Mark Mu1 Wamow's W... w Oichesira OH' 7:30 7;30 Meet Mfet Vour Your Navy... y Band ~~ music; ;c; choir: cho; rhythm thlll orchestra; o.tllatn; Lieu- Ueu. 1tft'~1 f mm Commander COM'old~' Eddie 1:441t Peabody. 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37 A Mile of Dimes Station KTUC Tucson aided by city omclals accomplished that in their unique March r Dimes campaign; and in thl'ce and a quarter hours' time. Station manager Lee Little reported that city otncial~ painted a straight line on the sidewalk between two particular points then invited the public to put its dimes on the line; each dime was fastened to t he line with scotch tape. Total number came to Reduced to dotlars that repre:;.cntcd S.580 for the nfantile Paralysis Fund. \o.ll '~(erd'u rile. T\! l;ude (.. n'~r \\TJ O'A 1 ~ 10:] '. Let' Preten~: \\111\1 w... nt H() lnll ltlll\! 1 0\ ensl GUlrd on Parldt: KSO :L \A~ ' t.! KBl \1 110 w m l \\1 Army Bnd: W.: \G:' \11101\ Little Blut Pllyn. woe. lll11 \\hll \U\\O HYL \\'1\88 1\'1 l... tha 1'111..ull \ lub \. 1:1.1110' 1540 Uub \\A~ ~ l'h~ 'hl... hill \1 r \llim~1 i h~ \.... ll (a~ndv fur TOOl) HF ~ \.10' 1f1' ('do' \.11 \(>njl Pickup Wh\ \\ill Y.. ~1 'j! 11~1s.... hl (''~r. 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To lie n~'lnch 1111t1 lila.. 1\1; lint ROlO1 rom LonerOl: \lk'1 '111.\ 1\1... ' Ul 'T 11('11 & ''>Y HH /'1111.} 1\1 t'l \. i \11 l( t n Ml HQ SATURDAYS \1 Ll. oi.m till 1\/)'rtJ [dt' Jill' 1!.1~1 Monic W.. l1 T... ry ilar Pora<k \ TlJ \1'. h.l. uf flub 3:30 r.m [llpn ''n Amuiu: weco \MT WllT \\TA) \1~1l0 WH H KMOX ''' WTAQ Musc 01 tht AM.t. 11'110 \\ K81l l\'iu WtRE Ho... RC.: ntl lllli \\(;o; 1'1l0K t A-.. \Tlir & \narlhy '/)Z Millo l)ickty E'>11 Thi \'~' War \\FB\ l!'a!fouo~ k t.u.e \\'1110 R~ad' f lu Ti LL Gooc )u 1D Ha tt \>.. 1J1('... Mu i~. \\... 1'1 '''~'''' W ~hz Ti~ 11ltJ Pia ~'... P. E 3 :45 r.m. R hy~ [ n~emble: ltloii: \\G h.oti \ Hl~l Th1 M... \b) L. Will ~' 0 r1!\1 ~'.t War \..... U. 'a'y 1\ lilt Jm) Jly Jill' \'i \'U' Th9 H~.kHl~ 4:00 r.m. Doclou Wr: \l'\r \1J \ltlu (u.lana Dch.; 1\110.. T.\Q T) UB 1\\11... U1' ~ Nny Bulletin Burd: OK HF n; Dl lt M U;c~1 [ DClUil; '~ 11J.\ \1(.( hll1l ilolo... 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J n'''''''. lurlh~ ~ \ h.1.. ' \ '..... \\ '( 1\11' '''~ 1'1'. JJh T~... _..j. \\\1\\./... p... \. t... 11(1. n.l J \\'111 h. \~. \\ ' h ~ 5 :30 r.m R.... n lilt Nr.<. \ '~ - H'Wi hll\ Tt '1114 \\11111\ 1\.\\ Mn. '''lln \ 1\\11 \\; ' lt 1\ \\H h'h s.w.. \\ 1(1. -'H Rh t.. \ \1 ' 1\ 1.. \ 1\.t \1 hl 1' \1. '... ~' ~~.. 'i. 111'11'... l.t \Hnll...h 111\1''' t (. ~..... \\'J.l' U1t lilt ~. '''' ~~. A Mile of Dimes Station KTUC Tucson aided by city offl- eiols accomplished that in their unique March of Dimes campaign; and n three and a quar- ter hours' time. Station manager Lee Little reported that city officials painted a straight line on the sidewalk between two particular points then invited the public to put its dimes on the line; each dime wus fastened to the line with scotch tape. Total number came to fleriuood to dollars that represented for the nfantile Paralysis Fund. WSP Vvsiprduy'n Miisiml Fiiv- ociipfc WTAM C111(01. Ci'iUrr l\tm. Oi'A 10:30 A.M. Lrl'i Pretend: WHM WSRT WTMj WnilM A MT KM! X *-ica«t Guard on Parade; KSD Wli;i. VM.A!) WTM.t (VKBH WHO WtBA WEAK Army Band; KWK WON Wtr.tK tittle Blue Pfayhpuse: WOO aiiuw nisi) wowu won. WKBB WOUS WKA 1U1 Uill! ul> KXil.-''lir S Cluli AVVAAF'Nr'Wa; Tliu SllJl WAM' Aurmula n the News Wl>/. Calendar for Twlvy WtK.Starlct TJicalef VV lic-t'iwtt Sill A VP-Morimis i'li kiiji WSN-Will Vnu jkti'ii t Wl UC-Melodies W.S Oulver. -in;? WMBMuvenilo TKejler WsC 'ltie Uuotilirlr 10:4$ A.M. K'T Ma-inte 11W K - An tiiruutive»''pruier AWAT Fnrsli rood Farln; News VVPZ-Hul. S: Uiiifiy VMA-Milidrjl Vnriellen WmC-llavjHj >< Tiny *WU. War tesnurtwj News * WlhS Xnvs; Muiic WtHC'MeJody & T!tripr 'lime *W.S-New> 11:00 A.M. Musit by Black; WKtlt WOW woe wish Htfc'a WasHlnjton: WHO (neater ol Today: WM(«> VV ST W''M WbHT WTA} HirOS VVt'Cd WHOM HHAll * 1 Army A Navy House Parly; KWK WK1K WON *New- W(T. K t'll WtBA KOA MiC'all'v Sphik Si hun] Kyi! Xavi.-r t'utiai'i rvreli. 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Dance Orch.; VVTi.N KSP-TTu- Hands Play (Vn KWK leiiltii Pepi. VVAAF-Here'v floir li Sturtrd VVAJT'Mnn Vnu 1 Bsllir Stiilioos VVKTTCnjil Music) Sinking News WHS T11 he anpouncerl VVHA TaAimyers Allianrc AVVUVF New*. Sin vie Time WKVA Aericulturc Cunservralioa VV'BOHi. Sailor *VVt.l.-Xew> VVTS K 5. Dein. nf Ai:r i'ii tiiir VVKE-Kalaterially Speaklnj VVJH(-'m 1 HV Farm liurenu W'JJtl Mll-ie lei'l WKUH si 111 service VVLS Farm Nrw.; M.ul.cO VVAHM AAV Farmer Firklwunun VVHVO Market* WTAOT arm A- Home Hunt VVTMJ l'ii/mnunliy War Fund AFTERNOON 12:00 Heon CENTRAL WAR TME Country Journal; KMOX WSOT VV'HVM Whateha Know Joe?: W'HOVV Kbit VVMAO Vlrnent kofier Orthesltav WCBS 'll S-l llllln J M. nil.t Vile 'Mcrar. Pnlic^ A a l.m nitr ( n l.runit.-hs Hurl iiitl (m ik-ont.lartlny in. n.) nriemi la mi 1.. tiii. tiroarani Henry Jerome's Ouh.; Wlllll A News: KWK WC.11 VV.JH vvini'. wot: wish KD'J'tl-rirtiin Melndie. KX'. 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To he announced: WHHv KWK KUT tvhbf Spitiv ol '43: VCCO VVM/itv KMOX WlSN VVTAl} VVFBM WflBM VVSBT Frank Black's Musical Matinee; WHO KSi» VVTMJ VVTTL ANcws: WND WJJ!) WA-VFM jduee Theater ivait-syinphu/ly Hall tiiie-is VVDZ-Sriahtiarhiiori Call WtlN-Jane Andprmn pianist VVHA-Mii.iciilc *WTLL-The [tigent; New* WRE-War Time Animal Care WJBC-ljnd** Half Hour VVl-S-Treatuiy Star Parade W.VT-Country.nuniat 1:45 P.M. NatT Conjress of Parents 4 TeatTiei*: WHO KSD VVCT. WJvZ.Cailer Futnlly Aw UN' Neil* WNl-Adveritttrev in!e«evit- i VVJKK-B. 5 Marines Prsm. VVJJD 1x11 1 leary utnatiivt WTMJ.Biiiletin Bnard 2:00 P.M. F Detroit: VVFBM VVMJH ween vvsrvr vvtad Minstrel Melodies: WHO VVTMJ K?l! WHi; VVKBll Concert Orch.: KUT VVTHlK vvr.n VV'SF ANCWM MTF. WSH K.MdX-Mile O'Dimei Attillon AKWK-Mii.leul Pi-yu.; New. VVAAF 'Tuiiili'-i 'nr i'laiiiiliirli- vlecury Siwilieht W13BM VTct'iry Mnlinee AVVP/'Neiv*; yiyinphnnie Slilng VVTlA-Siorl Mi.ri Time A VV H.-Nr. *; Smu-liiii- S n; WLL-lim.k. A Aiiihur-. 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Mih-jiue PiVllniung AWLS Ne«s«VVMf Arneriea Determinrs Her Jkctinv 3:00 P.M. Beport Dam Wevhinpton; WTH VVJSN W.MT VVj-itr VVTUM VVTAJ VVTAD VVMBD News: flmer Davti Comments on tiie War; kfl't VVTBF will K WliX Matinee lit Rhythm: KSD WHO VVTlfc VVKBll ANesss: WND WAT Wt J L KMOX-Mile O fimes KWK M. J. U. Mmw WAAF-Ttir To). VVHR.M TiUsin Jnlii) WO/-Blue Cru-s Cii> A WENT: News; fiance Music AVVTHf News. Hatlei A rto. WLL-Mhnnii 'dilnfiat Beview VVJ H* Vanrlip. W.TH'nneeri Kail VVSDl Fun era News VVTMJ Tii he miiiomi.s-eij 3:15 P.M. To be announced; VVfil WHols VVC.S KDTH Rciiort liom London: VVf't'O VVFBM 1CMOX WliX VVMT VVMBD WSllT VVTAD VVTA'J VV])/ Fav & Dipiiy VVBBM fuiisin Ktnnty VVi Fl.-Make Hellevi- V.liiliTjml VVF'NH F. 13 1) Poge 31 SATURDAYS WLL Xeislihorhood Fall VvlSD-Simrts l-alitlns VV'JH!'.Milady'* Mltsle W'SL i-treasury Star Pamile VVTMJ-Wi-. Vd. f Garden Club* 3:30 P.M. Calling Pan-America; WCCO VVMT WSCT VVTAD VVMBD WHOM K.vrox WlSN VVTAQ P.? Music ol (he Americas: Will) VVKHH K5> VVUtE Horse Race: KDTt WBC VVHN WKOK WHHF AWAT-Xpiv* A- MrLarlliy WD/..Milton Dir.key VVEXlt-Tliis. Your War VVFBM-Leal iiunii'ek Lore VY FA (leading for War Time WH.L-C'iod Millie VVTND-llace Cc.ulls AV.JlU'Neni; Music A VVSLl l-nelfs; VVoltt Time WTJU-'lnv Vm m- py Em 3:45 P.M. Rhythm Ensemtlle: WHOK VVtiN KDTH WHK WBUM.Tliai Mm Slay Use W'Z-Shiik Dines WrUM-Sant a! War VS'HA-Xiiie* nti Vnur Xavy A. Judy W.llJt' VTi-hiij Volmiiecij VVSD The limikhiaii 4:00 P.M. 4 Doctors at War; VVKHH VVTMJ VVTRv Cleveland Orch; VVFCO VVtsN VVTAQ VVTAD WTM W'.MT VVSBT f -Navy Bulletin Board: WHOK VV'ltBK WliN KDTH Musical Cocktail: WSH WTBA WTd VVKUB VVOWO A Sens; VV All WND VVMBD WJJ ft KMDK t.mstn imiij'l Brniip K>D Tea mar r.'reii adc VVAAF Sens.Mclielv.Vlmumls WRltV-VVTii Jnli* Kir VVnmen KHZ-fly.. Park New* VKNH Mn hue Musle VVHA-Miisti (or V mi VV HU nrrnne»s Talk VVJKC Ne-ss; 'fir lie annnui.. l-il VVLL-U. b. Ami) Tgni W'J Uf 'Vi ret A Svvhui VVM.VQ linf raele VVSL Salmi Musle 4:15 P.M. Cleveland Orch.; VV.MBt VVAAF Tfram. 1 ite** VVHHM-Tliai Mm May t.lvr VVTKL V ake- Belle e Djlinlaiut W11/ Kay tsry WTKl.Veis^ VieUe Vlmlll (Ud.r ion WH'ibunnhtn.* T.Tris W l.l -i iiiir. N'civv WND Spurt 1 lalirinn W'JJD-Wu Stall Have VJitrtr Wsl l Vnirr of rhe Ann) 4:30 P.M. Scveriy Mahr. songs: VVBtlVV VV vali WTM.T W'MAQ VVKBll WHO Cleveland Symphony Orch.; WsN KMOX-To n* ailinniiin! KsD-luse DjvTJ'* Drrii. lixil. TcDcli.-r r.ilfege Prgni. VVAAF El.uilrl-ii'l Hfiythms; Band id Hit Da) AWAT Ni-ivs A 'iiiii Vluirre VVBBM ttiii'lll.t Hijtir WDZ-Mmli- in Suiith.Vmorkaii VVuy WMNK-WAM terrmilne V.TTlM To k 4iinminre*t VV HA-frrasiiry Star Parade wiiiif r.iii»in Fecsj WTBA llee Julius. iiamsi VVTC Sunshine Girls AVVlLLM-islr That Lives Ni-is WNDia.;.- tnuua VV H!K-Jli-Paiiw llnivreiilv VVJ el! Sl-'rl-frTlil'* Club AVVJBC-N'rvs; Music VV ST Tea Time M-ndies 4:45 P.M. AAlea Oreier news: VVTKtVV WHO VVTMJ VVKBll WtltK VVKAl VVM.VQ KSD Country Editor: WSH VJtM VVKHH VViAVO WSH WOW C'eyeland Symphony O'c VVTLO VVSBT KW K Bspairh frsnti lieu re c WAVFFjshMius in Uhytho*. Oil the Rrrurit; tlnilathm (11 tm Walls VVlliM-Miiliirst Muhillie* VVDZ S. trisliall Ful. * WON-New: VVt.iinni Mai. Ntiis; lilt Tune* WHA NVA 'tgin. WKfll' 1.'1 Tlnu- Tune* WlBtM'uri Time. WTS.V Little Show AWltf-Neiv* VVTVO * V«f DCK POWELL sings your favorite songs on Campana Serenade 5:00 P.M. Ajoe Gallicchle') Orch.; News: VV'KOVV W'MAQ VVKAL 1 WTBA Russ urown. songs: VVTAQ VV1FX VVTAD PA Ke»i Amenca Singing; WliX KDTH A Dinner Musk Concert: News: VVKUB Wlhll VV BS VVOC VVHXH New' WtT. VVBJ KMOX V. N 0 WTMJ KVV K Cus LnndMrdu's Orch. KN T. Treaiitrv Star Parade VVAAF. Nr.1 *; bis'iiittniliittjiiu: liuuleinrd llltyliim*; Olf the l.xord WAT (Tem M.l'anliy AVVBBM-Sess*; el lets rani Ti Claml W1 'l h WT1/ Nnrway Tehis On VVFBM Nms; Pop Time VW lnre l-.n * TVme * VV Kill-' Ncn. 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Rel.gion 1(1 the Newt; VVV.AQ * Hawaii Calls; KD1 WHF VVliK KWK Mevvagr ol srael; VVtiVsO News ivtuv VVMT V HOW WAT ssil' VVJ lit K'VM Km-iisimii. in Selenee WAAK-HiitliiM llesn. VVBUM Hiyth.. OK the - * i u.r*is. V( O Mil ah- VVf l l T. a lune Vtelmtie* VV t/.-b.tndiv.ieiin W't AD Melridj 'acinle VVT-'N-Minie; N'eis* AW-V St-.Os. New VV H' 1.i*.lBrrJ \.l T.lie VV 111 Hailnliaii Helm.-* VVT M 1 Musi.'at f.illlrt WSH H it. tv l-v Lmlr ^l..m VVJ.11 1 li.d. At.Tin VV v Tll Ml minis.' M-ienude fontiniird on Neei Pagr)

38 6:30 P.M. \\'-T' Vi'fSliT Simrl. lf SV* VaTno* * 11'110 WHO WMT nrr Qanny D~n1 Thomas T ~ Shov;'. S~o.: Wnl~1l WOWO iona fillii.rv MNiJ-Mel. ilv 01.Mi'lghaut ) ~..' '1 S(U.MM 'to WT 1\0\\0 WO WKAS U~~ 10t' WOC 8'- fl \.M_. ' '''' '- ' SATURDAYS Wt W 7:15 P.M.. W 1SN Tmiums r Stui fjvaitv Elltry le. Qurtn: Qwnn WM\iJ Q W1' WTAM A.' Boston* BO'lt Symphoiry Smp~Oll' * Orchcitra: SVMT D'c~'.lTJ; Pjl.nJi ' ' 1 WSBM Navy Emnmiiiilly Slti«i.t Fyaturw G\ VV(J\ LTiiiac'i Al A Klghl S WTitJ S ~U OAS i > S ~ 01 SS WH UllSS \~ SS.. KKH ua VMiTWhltno 'T A.. Yiueimn '-' 0 Will lila!:: Mmlc Mem A» A. You \0<1 Ui. Lifer t '~h lht Vnh h \10 ~ WnL ~ nq \1'11... ] oa'i ';0. Wiltstf w S>vs: KM' WTW inanks m tr>«vanks: KMON Wl ts SSTFl. WSH WTAQ t'. s Kiv J'rsm WTsil Snug u< lite rlan-h WTtO no 1\ \'tl' 'BM VSBT \Jn won Hiiianin} slot.h ia - i.ii. 9;00 9:00 P.M. ''- ' T'U Q *J.. 8 H.. q~t... * W sn Nrr.; Muue Wf.V VYHCl WTtU Sl( WWN W11 \s VTAH WTAtJ ii tw-i^ft S>ihi>HU> On-ht n 1Jf('.1i. 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New T.\Q'- ~... ;.' r~ * ~. <;'ju:... 6:00 People's Platform. 9;oo Biil Stern's Colgate Sports Ncvva- W'MAQ \\'1111/ D ) iriort '0.' at Wat WTAiJ 'oneert.minioinccs - WSH M-rviif A Sivlne; Ji'ewr ' 7:00 Roy Ray Porter reel W<ir ~ Toiiihy '1' li.-.u More n... 8:15 Edward Tomdoson Tomlinson 9:15 Band Bond Wagon Wgon W'tlflK l'lk im'.iii.l' S-i'.vation Army 10:00 P.M. 11:30 P.M. 1r'~.H... ~: t ~ 11 WEU * O'f 0 He.... OU\ B. Sereoadlil 1\... Ohio laol Trulh.. quen'~:: 11'lm_ Tl.\Q 9:00 John Q. Hughes 9:15 Campana Serenade WSl'MLictrtiiall- nn vs. Oliln Hews: S BOW WMAlj WKAU *Oance Orcn: News: KSD WTHA Truth or Consequence:: KOA wnow SST.T WTAM WMAQ J Dl<k P... t!. MU1 ~.:.n.. k'i Dl(htlu (~ p.u_) O~M Olt~ \.T '\ :00 John Gunther Oick Powell; Malty Mjlnecfe'j Orcbmra Stale (alsu see 7;30 Dane Orch.: SVMT Vs.X W'TAd 9:15... Winijll P... O.nte OC~.: ' \\'l/l\l lib 111i 9:16 Soldiers with Wings 8:15 P.M. Dance Qich.; KXEL WHV! SVMRH WTM) t iled (mtr &: M~!or Gt(lrge. lf\'o$; Di~re Orc: f:\ Variety * Ed.~'d Tomlj~lon ~f'5: WOf EdwarO Tomllnson news*. WOC AiTed Calmer & Major George *BEC Hews; Oanct Orch.: SVCS Fi('kh~ '-li r. ''''': W~lT \\1'F hlitl 'ljr WH' A.M. Drama FieliBiii; Eliot new*: SVSBT WHtif KDTH WUC SViflK WUOSS \ ' WOWO ~Ollf) SV.S W 1\)\1111 Kill lrq Jlt hl\ ; lh~ \\ \Xll w{rl. Kl'l Drch.: hjrrh Oaner Orch \Tn W.\~ 8:00 BreHkfast Club A.M. SVTAij WJl WTSN KWK WA KMT. Wt'FL WKHB POyhoue hll 0!<.otto.ta llo'11 t.1.. \ltl \'UT P.M. 10:30 Little Blue Playhouse WSH Dance Orch.: KDTH Daner Oich.: WFBM WAS On Sn iimjii y. M n n-' gq.he WTAD WST TodOly (h CQO Tht.te 01 he ft M! :-;. Yor~ *O.~.. H~wl: him 2:30 Hello H from Hw Hawaii 11:00 Theater of Today CMcaito Theater ol the Air; ainil ti'irmun of tlm New WU *Dance Orch; Newi; WKBB l H l()fll 1.: 1'... S.. 1.kHoU 5:30 Hawa C. \ ('. ~ouc.d 6:30 nk. Y a nk' W.r wru n. k~''' t.~.\ f~ l nr. nrll.. ~. ll.. '''''~a! ;. h~ 6:30 Hawaii Calls 11:30 Stars Over Hollywood KDTH 1\'1 n) p. Lltd * N~ H~ \\'1F \F! c;30 Thanks to the Yank* P.M. SVTiS Si he.mnonncnl rrllj TJ-'T'eJui n. iruiidi-niil -SJmi rmiilt.ii at tinll rhfa en tliiio. in n 1 Tls 11iiime (Trph.; hleivo.. ( H. JJ Ord 'e~. 'K81 iloilo \\OK WMUU Bob Sob Hnivk. H... mt. m.c. 4:00 Doctors at War SVi -T k elleill. llinnlo vs. *Neivs: 1VJAS WHUF WMtln VFf'i'i Dane (li cli '!\' ~ *11110 '0' Commando. \TFL 111.\1 \'~ WOBM Crumit Jull. \J\( '''''''i~ \O... ~ 7:00 Frank Crumlt and Jolla Sander- 5:15 N'nrrh nestrin svkijii w r.ovn wtuik wmbd JfSSt -.T i.iin-i tlrcii.; Xevi Commandos WJ H*. Miiinirit- WCFL WLW WRE WBBM WHO Nnn* ('ll> Or. KarmiC WtTO son 6:00 The Strange Dr. Karnao W'LLO VWT Sill line rtiib )o_\.x 1''''11 1'1~ltor 7:30 Truth or ConeQuence Consequences 6:30 Ellery Queen 8:30 P.M. lvml.lx. >e.n.e' flalfotin 11:45 P.M. (h't.o ntut. 01 lh Ar: K ~) Army '~ 7:00 Able'. r;.h Rost * D~ntt Abie's rish Rose Chicago Theater of the Air: KSr-Anny Prgiii Orch.. HAl' KXF.L WROU \ nol Dance Orch.; News: KXEL KWKrMus'-Qle.. K *OMf Orth. Ht... : 1111 Vlctew V'cle Parade p... of 01 Spolli9ht Spotlight Dance Orch.; News: WHO * \\fls~ 'i.. 1)4f' Or~b \\\P \\~ Classical Music SSCBS Newn; Dener Orch 'h Barnl*; Bd liaimv L. _\ A (; Cinger; WO.: WOC ts'l'rx' q;x NTghicap \hle'' Vkrii* WTXiS-WalLalhun 'uno \'ll' ~ :... P.M. SSlTis il' S.KHR huh svrnvo 1111\10 hxel kxel WLSV Mnnn Hive WHO \\'110 Funwl ~u'''''1 Cornels ~.. Time Tmt A SVMT njl\. Nn*. n~ Black'. M.tlnee U' 1\ ]~ 1:00 H'iR WlB.\ lill ~lh Frank Black's Musical Matinee WLS svi'rtt; WSH tvfn'r VTUA-Bill Stern hony ardour: E.btli. O.. s. tl Vou To~ Thh1 : KO 'lli' * 'Bt ~s. ~11\.i~ NATONAL Symphnny urchevtra: Ella belle Davis Can You Top This?: KOA SV.W 12:00 Mid. *W!BC N'ewsi.Millie DJ n(e Orch wille \1\1\\/ 111\11 1\6011 ~KB soprano SV.MAJ WTAM SVflOSV VVKB... * WND-News; 11'1\0 \_. Sentphmiv ''' phony Himi Dance Orch.; WHSC... * 0\ ~ WlitF wlla WTMJ T~ WSH 1'11' H. B (;t! Gross KUA-Neivi K... ' cl :00 Metropolitan Metropollln Opera Comp. Company AKSD.inl * (~n Lud (.ijikin't Glu...'. O.m Orrh.: T...'n ~' Par. LJU bro~dclst 01 tht MflrojlOhlO Dpef. * 1111\1' Cllulre \\-''he iv D - BARN DANCE SS KlHS'Tteasnrv Stor Paraife KM 1 Let's Dance Last broadcast oi the Metropolitan Opera WT HM-N -ii 3; Charlie W-'nght'e News \f' SS l.s Lo. NatT 1.1 Barn bm Dance O.n s it Saturday S.lurdi1. March brch 13 Jj SV [ l.-cypy _ ;l'~ Slrinei ~lru1u wnr '\ 01 NeA«; '... Sport* O-eli. ~1'~f. svrcn vn tj Night hi Owli O.. L. 4:00 Cleveland Orchestra Orchutra WMOThv 'O'~ Jaitlhnrr* J>~bort~ * +1STAM \\1 Nees; \.. Musir. 1\1..t :15 Boston Symphony Orchestra Orchutr. SVUlC-J WlK J jinlxirrc.e... SSTMJ-TikLiv'-. '\J T.. Eveitls SSMNU Huiute Hvnll's Orch F ts. U... l..-'e nn~ WLS KSD WLW Chlcilgo Thuter o f 1\1111.' J ~ 3ki. 8:00 Chicago Theater of the Air W1M) Jtll-lrjliv 5[r.iklnj W F BM X.-.>ii Dance Time \J{' \~ r WG 1)11 Ordt.! E<~oa Marion Mu;on Ctsiie (lt. soprano: l<oprillo; Htnry Henry WtHr'1 Weber's W J Hi' Sriv.; f oiif rf Echoes 10:15 P.M. \VGN-Dane» Orch. Drtll. 111<.:1111 WrFL \\ '''~... hilt al<ln 1. O«hest O lrnlte~ 5101)' D.u- T * ~'... 'i' l\'a.. 11 WRE WTMJ Orchestra 9:45 P.M. Dance Orch; W'KBU WCFL WHO Sn'ma Shift Ma liner Saturday Satufd.)' Night Hi1ht Surenade: 5' WJR Olmsted Story Oramas: WTAM SVND News; Nile Witeh '.R h[1 U WollQ Vbll tlop nbortf 8:45 Saturday Night Serenade KMOX 1\110\ WFUM Hl! SVMB 11' WBBM KSD WA! W KBH W.MAQ WSH Juh'p Jamhoree WlU \1 JesCi O r~90ntht Mlpnno; 0\\. '\1.11 t; J olull1) ('lhet' Ptfl~ ~ 8:00 P.M. CWT Jessica Oraponcnc soprano; Bill Perry WBA WBOW WTAV'Nen-s; Johnny CUhca-l'i WKAS D.< ~ tenor: Onll. \\'T'-lllfB' Oh. tfoor: The Seienaders; Sue... dul; C>U Custave \JY H.en Haen- K..n vsli Okk Dirk inrgens U'~n Or~h O~tt 111:01\ W]( l\wk 1\ \ \(1 J hltb. Oh sclteo's CM' Oichestra 1 Dance Orch.: SYTAj WFBM Orch. Oich Dance Orch.. SVilOK WiBC K1VK iv.maq Jell Kilby'i Orrh. O ft~tlt'. \1\ WKOteil (11 : River J!;~ Vallv '.L.- Gomb SM llbr BE KriTH..T End d oi 01 Saturday btunl.t Programs Proqrorrt '0ge Peqc 40 ft l.i. U1/1i y'.

39 : V a 4 t /i 4..j KJT- V < i. A. t. > v; '. ' 1 -V M - MUSC... C«r'» 04»*»WH> _ By ROBERT BAGAR By ROBERT BACAR Read How a Noted Singer and a Famous nventor Staged a Test Broadcast L LAUUTJS \URTZ MELCUTOR MELCHOR rcc(>ivm received!1 a note noh.' baekstago backstage at Queen's lall. Hall Loisdon Lonooll one bright evening c\'cllin~ l'<ll'ly early in n 192U. H2(). The note n<)te was rrom frnm tht' the c~'l(' cctehruteit hi \t'ct inventnr inv~nlor of or wireic. wireless s \('t'l telegra iliy llly Guglidrno Guglielmo Marconi. Marcom. t U 't' teililcsle'l qlll.... qed an nn audience ludiel1(-e with lh(' the lolt.'<f noted tonur. 1t1lor. The 1111' answer ot of COLJr!'(' course W'U was n in tlii- t' altlrmative. mnn.\ \'e. Marconi 'tar((>1i visited vi5lted Mr. ~1r Metchior elchlor n in his drosinc-ruom. t11~ml(-rllom_ He told (oid him \ thm.. t he ho odinircd dmn-d him lum. lh<lt that he hnd l\d cnjoyt'd enjnyed his lls singing. ngmg. Then he informed infonned Mi. MeldmJr diior tiia that n J vcry very iniportant important win-e wireless Mcltest t1's1 was w. S in n the thl' nfjlng. offing. A voice VOice a n flnc flue \U~l' vnicc line 'e that hiit had unusual ullu:;ual rt'!il.h1.lct'. rcsunance \\ wn< urgently H 'cnuy needed lt.-eded for lht' Die success SU('('(5a >f Ole the 11'(- txixtimem. t'xj)et-inlent. Would ~lr Mr Md- Melchiur JU be brr.jkjlldastooftcl'hl so kind Oder his services'.' V'ft Atr Mr. Mch'hlor f'khior would. He did. <Q. ton. The rh test '(' was as 5('1 set for July JUly 20 r of tlloot Unit year t t 1\ t<x»k look jdace place n in a little huh room.. m at Chelmsford. ( m~ford. sume me fifty fifly miles milt'!! oul outside dt of r l^ondoii. Lonrlnrl The Ttle tenor and his... acc.-tm accom- Ki'dst po. t were... t there. Also a lumm'r number f of eleetrirnl hot Lcnl experts. t'xljt'rls. There Thert' w was a mlcro_ micropliune L'lt' a 0 makeshift makeshlft one Oll~' whleh which \\11 was weighted \\E'lgt-h-d down with it a polit't'nhm'l pollceinun's mphtsliek. llj(ht~t!('k A speaker ~pc3ker made of ul' 'a card- 'dlnold horn-shaped hllrn-sh;lpcd prcitrudcd prqlrudl'<l out uf of htiitrd. ll' the aiiplli'iillis.!jlpill''tu~. Sonic St)me impromptu mus- rw - ter t'l of cercinoiiies l'('remollies walke«( walked up tn to M' Mr. Mclctdor ~ldchuh and asked [ k... d him to sing in~ into nto t it. Ttie 'nll accompanist ( t'on>pan~ t began 10 to 1'1.1.\'. play tile' the singer ml:t'r launehed uulll'herl into lilt.. his h!n.1 firs! sherllon 'f' 'linn which was.home l t trig from an opera.... hll'h wa~ 1'''111(' & from an opera. Many Muny more lore pic'ell pieces were... ert' sung ~ung hat that day. Pieces Pi('c('3 in all huiaungcib. 1;guuU Til That was one onc of the lie very n't first bl'oadell i Reports HeP<'rl began lx'rm eomtng lnink 10 in from ftom broadcnsls. wireless 'wlll'lcss.stations up tauoll... -U) to then tllt'n dt'voted devoted to tciegrnphy tibout \elqc:nlphy -llxut the thl reception (>cepllon of the h program. prugr From Siberia Sb\-rla. from frum 1\1;1rnmi' V yacht in tn the tle Mediterranean 1\1l'<iitl'rrillieall. from other her si atupll lips on un other ulhtr.-eas from South SOuth Marrun America.\menca. came i1111 tt the (' rcijorts. r P Ottier Other countries c..unlro( vauie C;llne rushing ru4\ing in in. Thiin? Thrr- was 'as word weord (nun from lin. tlie Pou('~('n Pouelson wn wireless 1<-1' slat st.;tlon on at.11 Cnp'lh<l;:ell Copenhagen word from frum the \J1(! United Dmted Slates. Shih s Almost Aln\(> t all ol of the ht'l! Usloning-pusts which lening-post Yo hkh is wtlattht'y what they ice 'rrl it in 111 rea tt'atit}- lily spoke pkf'! hlghl.\ highly about the hl' clarity darlty of uf the tilt lc'tv~lon. ivwption i11:;o also of the e tenor's voice. \Oll'(' Mr. r' Mclchlor ~h e-h o:t m.ide nl. dl!' one alit' l<ndltl(m omdition when h n he De accepted cct'plc'd the h. invitnliun 1l\ allon of Marconi. \1.r(.'01 He suggested \.l'... t<i tiuit hut' WilY way be 1 figured ftgurt'd out oul to \ lx'nll't liencilt charllv charity b)' by t. it. Accordingly \'('OrdlO!l:.' the lil Cdpcnhagcn Cpe.'nhgcn station tallon arranged nl n witli Wth tir h Danish O'U h \l'1('phol1e telephone service ('r\ 1(' to 10 iilpc pipe the hl' program prl:flm to pri private \ t.. homes. hmes. A charge dlai';:(' was w. 11;de made for he.' lie tolcpluni' teit-pho'll' time ti(l{' and lind the sum j;um J'eali1.ed realised... was t~ donated dunllted to Danish Dalli~h charities. ('haritic~. All \11 the till' cguipment l'quipnwnt used u.(d {n on thai that oc <ic- < usimi ~inn was WS inscribed el'ibt.'d with wilh h(' the names n;lmes r of those c who parlieipiucd particil);lh'ci and it was plsiccd plill~<1l1 in the Miircnl MrMll1 Museum Mu.('um n in Lon- Lon_ don..! t sn't every ('\l'r' operatic 0pl'latie 11'U\j tenor whu who _.1>0 h l1'lk :uh( \('. ran bonsi abmit tiis scientific achiovo WtiMU >\xa* GUESTS at New Yor~'s York't Ansonia Hotel BGGEST jov joy in the qreat great tenor tonor'i life lifo where Lauriti laurih Melchior and his beautiful outsid~ outside hi~ his wor~ worli and hh his wife comes wife Greta Jive live. see sec him more in the role throogh through sinqinq singing with. with and to. to afflicted of a devoted husband than in the one membjrs '~ of society espcc espec'ajjy c):tv thoe those who which has h<l~ brought him world-wide world.wide fame c)re are blind b'ind. Above: n Tri~lan Trisian-Uoldc role nients. particularly pioneering ones. nl('t.. prtkul.rl)-' )(otll't'ring H1'. Mr. \11'. MeltJtior Meh;lw... n.k iiiatu^ the h(' Ansonia Ansun!.! lu Uo- t li'l his hi!! New Nl'W Yurlt York licjidtsiiarlcrs. h{ ulquarkl Tht The apartment ap.;lrlml'nl is i a largo llrl(' one On thl the w.. wiilb )nu you find lind pictures pldun f of l{'h celebrities bltll and many m'll} memenlos mt'nwlllol< of tlf hi.s hs carl'e'r career A \ bul;:t' huge moose monsr head ~d hanging hulau!c rifreclly dlrt'l11) <n in h~ the.l'nt('r Lentcr of f the thl' w1t watt opimsite UP~>':.' you. Y'U. as you ~u enter lnll'r the lilt' tivitig-ioom Jivli! l{k> is r.lher rather 'l' aweinspiring. ll. pinna Mr :\lr Mclchlor \l('](-h'f l'd. casually ull~ 1(\1. tells you thai hul n? h(' shut ho the w aniinai ;ulln.. ] hull himself (' un on a Canadian hunt Since $illl( thai lt cvciiuul 1.'1 lnuul iiiinidcasl hru.lrlt-;~ n Jf)20!J:!O Mr l\1r Melcliuir Md{'him' has h~ nut not (C ei>ne iliruugh thrl.t:=h a year.n wllliout wlllmut ;ppt'nrm:! aiipcaring 1111 i-n th(ladio. die rndiu.. luive h\{' never ncvl'l h<ld luul my ll) 'W1\ own program program. he h(' said ald. hut 'bul atwoy.s. nlway~ some- '111(' wherl;' where t have ha\:(' dune dnnl' broadcasts. bllludt~t A :\ \'H>( good number ot nf them tlil'm were wert' l'h;uty charily.11 alfalrs ' ) to which 1 donnted donah'd my services. { Vll'(' Those.. \\ were (r{' condurted <<lnduc d n till' the same 'lilt Wl)' way!! as that original ongm1 one lie O'l' the 11'1('phllC! telephone (~nlpancs charging ehraul~ tlieir lil ' subscribers ub'nht {r for coinpanics the h... lime. lime Then; 'nul' \>'t''' were \{'Y very r. few w radio dll' sets (t> in m those thoo;(' days.'* d Mr. 1\11 Metchfor :'-.ldchir has hll. done dl' nmeh ueh blniut broadcasling ('a tm.. n this till country. ('mtr) lie He h.1 tins ll.dt nuide (he the discovery dislt'h'ry that hal there th('r(' are nrc t\l two kuuls kinds of ( radi r i singing: ina'1 First t hal that whch wtiirh S s done dull without wlthuul cunseious l n$l'ou awareness 'War('n('S lf of microphones nuel1;'phn as ill in niiera oj:kf& brt>a(l~a broadcasu and and. second l-rond.!fuj1 that.vhicii luch!&des goe.- d directly l'<'ly into mto (he t niierojiiitine. nul'rphone He nnet finds pi pleasure un' in n doing dl' n& either. t'lth(' Hl' He also so makes mk a dl distinction 'ttl bc-1'4l'(n between real 'e 1 vcicos vui((5 and what.. 1 he h. cails ctili. m.kl mike voices that \'nit~ thth s. voicw \l' that tha Olnd sound kl' tike voices vulce over (>vel' the nir lur but are Urt really musi- _ cal ('.. 1 whispers. hlj;pers Voices 'VUlt'(' of nl C'CKmer.s crooners he explained. explaned What would WOUlf] these he~{' people plople do with wilhuut out mtcmpufines? mi('')hnnel~ he 11(' asked. a That nf of course N)ur~e was... ~ a rhelorlca! 'hllul'ical que'liejll riuestion. ''ll. Tlie tinswer m-wer scomorl J;(l'nwd to 1\1 be bt so limpl(' simple. Thl' The distln dl~tinttuljlt'd Rid shed artist Misl has 1 nnt ill always...1) been «t strictly nl tly Wa~n( Wngiicrian nan tenor o fu'u'iion fwwl nil which ~ l tie C lias a flllllhti fullillrd \1 with 'h honor at the Metropolitan ever s ce 1m lur the '!l'trtlhllilm t'v('r in'ju!:!o Tliere The t' wns W u.' time i nil... when htn h(' lie u-' ti d lu s ing nlt tenor cnor roles nl('s in Paghacci 'J> &lal. Cavalierin e vlhna Ruslk-ana. Ru-lcma PWphCl' Frupliele 'S-'imson S; and <ud Detitaii )..! h and md h('r&. others. At A the he Metropolitan. \1C1rnplil he tic said. d. law.' e become i.x.'clmle typed. ~pc'd 1 am a W~lt' Wagner i. in n tt(' hero and ilnd that thilt ls is that. th.1. AnY Anyway... it il hill! Uns its t:. good 'KXl points; XJml~ some Hille ot or h{'m them hale have tt' to do dol with Yo t 11 the he fact fel tht that you n't don't 'onln win 1111' lie undying undyinj( enmity e.'lmil) of <f your ynur 'llh'~u colleiigic.'s 10 ills.: thl' tiler lata.. who stag Hie other operas. H LE 1-' S of r the th(' opinion pinion that hat ftldiu radio has hns done dnlll' a great '(l'eolt deal ekal for fo' immie nlu~i(' in till this 'OUllt!'\' country. The Th(' countries cmmln('~ n in ~urt' Eiiroiio. he said id. arc 'C older )dcl' (l;u) than thl' Hie UlN! United Slates. St.H' They Tt.v pusae.-red >O>;C'~ed mnsient muli('.] CUltllll'!l cultures 1'''a long before \.)(fnrl' America t\l'('l'c8 was ws dsco\('t'd discovered. What Wh.11 is now new and Uld ~tran~c strange ttl to this nation's Pllon' people l)('ople is b an 311 old oiltrry story to f:uro_ Europeans. ~. do dn think hink however... e.. er. thai 10\ this country U!'lll Y will wl make!hake rapid strides rides n the h.ippreclnlion pl->l('dulmll of music. TU'C Radiu Hadlo and.. ('\en even \ Uio movies mo\'es nrc al'e helping helpllll'( along luns.: wou1l wnndei'- r fully. fullv. t is S am;'lng amazkig the way rld.o radio shoilens \nl t(lll'! 1.11 instances lances x between twl1.'1l l'()mmuh- en uni- \ ties. Well-known radio r3chll i>('r~()llallll personalities have aq> follo\l Jo wings rn~ in the e most mol<t unexpec''(j unexpected al' ptnres For instance ill': ~rrwe T h have ve lone gone 1 to somc some smaller LUn llr cities ~'1~ here hen' fur for njll lunccrls. t! was Vo thrilletl hrljlf'd U» to find lh. that lhe Ule pt! people.p] knew ll.' me. e They Tiley had heard rot' me in h the Saturday S;turrt..} broadcasts )roo.rk t~ from he tlie \h Metro- 1m. pulrlall ixilitun Opera Opt'r! House luu magine 'ma.u'e. too tuq 110W how many momv 1 listeners there t 11' are to u> ottier othu types tyl'l' t of mu. music t' bro bruart- d ensts. c ts like symphonic ymph lrch! orchestras ~traa. ch diam-. m bi'r.. orchcstros ul'ch('lr<ls.lrmg string quarlet iiuarteta. Am!'r. Arnorku. cii. think ill i.s getting )lettinll: its mu~ie11 nuislcnl l'ul~ culture uri' much more quickly quiekly than hilll has l'v'r ever hoppcl'ied huppened in the th(' world befure before. Yuu YuU enti.h cn.xtii {'n'tlil that lwl 10 to radio.!idin. See the Program Proqram Pages Pqes for Music listinq~ Listings Music Oetail Detail M

40 SHORT WAVES By Charles A. Morrison Commentary on the U-Boal U-Boat Menace; Charro Gil From Salesman to Master of Latin-American Songs w 7\ The U-Boat Menace T THE triumphant riumllhnnt Russian RUJ.!i:Jnn army anlly with WU ponderous and cnishins ('TU!;.hing weight continues to mangk' mangle tmd and grind rind un- un der the once proud and mighty Nazi Nali blitz machine. While no one will deny the thc eshnusung exhall~tlnk and weakening v.cakenina clleet ('neel of these the~e milllary military reverses re\'cr:les on Germany Gt'fillan) we must not delude ourselves nto into thinking the loathsome octopus 'lctopus s is fin- flnh;hed lor for while one tentacle has hall been lopped )ppcd oil flt in n the bloody bloudy Russian RUSSian cam- CBll ished paign the monster still ll gropes and.trikes strikes out with wllh its other tentacles. l('nladell. Those tentacles tentacle!! thai that represent Ger- Ger many's U-boat V-boot power continue to strike at Allied shipping 5hippin& with light- is:ht ning swiftness ~'iftncss and devastating clc\'a~taling eaecl. effect. Lt Lt. Com. Thomas WoodroofTe. W()(drnulTe com- com menting on the U-boat problem from London London. recently stated f;tated that the eleva-... a tion of Germany's U-boat commander to supreme commaiidcr-n-chief cnmmonder-ln-chier of oc the German navy s ls further proof of 01 the Nazis' inlunllon intention to stake all on a great U-boal U-boat ojtensvc olten.'liv< designed to drain druin weaken caked and ultimately defeat the United Unilt.'C Nations. NatJons To further com- com plicate the picture the Nazis Naza are using U-boat depot ships which whjch carrying fuel oil medical supplies and doctors docton they -they are also abo submarines can submarlnes--ean keep secret rendezvous with U-boats U-boata hun- hun dreds of miles from port U-boats arc being built bunt faster than we can destroy them. The U-boal U-boat oltensivc oftc'n~ive will not peter out of at ts own accord. During Durini the last war Germany Gl'rmany built over 0\ three hundred submarines according nccording to o n speaker on Lcmdon's London'. Radio News- NewsreeL She had at the dose d08e of the thc rcol war with another 21C 216 under construc- COllstruC tion. Although exact figures are ure not known it is pretty well wen established that Germany has a great gl'eat many more U-boats than in the last lust war for mod- mod ern production methods method have made it possible to build belter better boats at a much faster rale. rate. Tlsis This is one onc side of the picture but fortunately there is. a belter better and brighter brghter side. sidc The U-boat problem pl'oblem is s real renl and menacing but it is a long way from having us stumped. f;tmnpect. Despite De5pite con- considerable Siderable shipping t;hipping losses es we arc are slip- slip ping an ever ncreasing increasing number nuinber of cargo vessels :sels into the water. wuter. More sub-chasers sub-cha»crs and British corvettes are being being. and will he be built. We are al'e de- deslroying ~tmying o a considerable consicierable number of the Nazi U-boats. U-bnats. The RAF' and Aroerl- Ameri_ cuti con Air Forces Fl ces are arc constantly con~tanuy pound- pound ing U-bnat U-boat bases shipyards and fac- fncturics. Science is continually perfect- per[ect tories. ing new and improved hnprovro weapons and methods mcthods of fighting the submarine at- at tacks. tf t we don't conquer the U-boat oilensive. often~iv('. it could ccluld upset ups('t the whole strategy ol of the United Nations. Host Re~t assured that the thc ingenuity and re- resourcefulnes of the United Nations Nation!. sourcefulncs will eventually catch up with and lop on off the remaining re.: ng vicious 'CQU striking ~trik ini' tcu- tentacle clos of 01 the thl Nazi nclopub. te octopus Meel M~t Charro Gil Gl Fans of Charro Chano Gil. Gl. singer on CBS Latin-American n-american programs are art' often.. Uen puzzled puuled by b)' his bi& knowledge knuwll'cge of or dillerent dlne}('nt types of Latin-American music. He typ 01 Labn-Al... eflun mwlc. He VST KGE. KGEL Three ndone- ndonesian ian princes now in ihc the United States for pilot training after escaping from Jap Jop invaders inl/odors pay poy visit to the short-wave sta- sta tion n in San Francisco which fhey they formerly listenod listened to n in their t native Netherlands Easl east ndies was born otsd Gild grew gre\~ up in n Mexico City and yet ho he plays \llay.~ and sings!'lngs corridos huapnngas huaj}nngas Umodas tonados cuccas cuecas joropos jm'opos torbclllnoa torbellinoa and others other!. as f if he were o a native of ot the nrcoh arcus where when: these theloe dis- di.stinctly UncUy diiferent diffelt.'nt types type. of music origi- originated Strange Stnml:e to say. ny. Chnrro's Charro's ability can be traced tro.u.-d to his days day!! as a shoe salesman. salesmau. About ten years ago as he visited vij;itcd hundreds hundred of nntis*c native viuages villages in Mexico Mexjeo be he became becamc conscious l'(lnscious of ot the lilting liltill& folk-songs folk 50J.&$ sung.ung in the native nati\ e nated. communities and he soon had mas- mas tered the various song t;oug styles. Then he bought a guitar auitar and taught himself himm'h to play 11. t. Ami And when a n contest contc:.t was held to find tlnd Mcxco'r Melt!c..'!; dulstnnding uublancjing folk-sing- folk-sing er Charro was chosen eho. the winner winner. it t was ol at that time he organized his fa- famouj; trio. trio El E Charro Gil y Sus Cap- Cap mous ornlcs. ornles with his brother brnther Alfredo and a friend Jesus Nnvarro. Navarro. While sing- sing ing in a New York night-club the three thrt.'c were heard by Edmund Chester director of Latin-Americnn tin-american Relations for [or CBS. Long a resident of Central Centrol and South America Amerlca Chester Che~tcr knew they th('y were good. The result re:;ult was that Charro Gil y Sus Caporales Caporale soon be- be came regular performers on the CBS Latin-Amcrlcnn Latin-American network. network La Cadena de las Americas. (The trio tria can be heard several times weekly on the Latin programs of the CBS short-wave stations.) Britain's Man-Power Mobilization Lfndley Lindley Frazer speaking over the London short-wave station the other night night. gave some interesting facts about Britain's man-power problem. Out of O employed persons ere are now working in war industries or contributing directly to the war waf eifnrt. eftort. Out of the remainder some are afe doing jobs not essential es~enual to the war ettort. enort. Even E... with this very 'cry large figure more people are to be called tauro up tor fnr war ndustries indmtries. includ- includ nig 1111 more married mnrrled women. The armed armro forces rrees are also alsl) to be enlarged. enlargro. n con- contrast tll t Mr Mr. Frazer Fnller staled stated that Germany Gennany is believed tol have about at present empioyed en'jloyed n its it:l war fac- faclorle Of this hls number numbt'r some tories. arc are reported to be laborers drafted from the occupied on'upied countries while an- an other are lire said to be prisoners of war \oar who \oho have ho\ e been put to work. urk. Ot Of the tht! total number Germany has ha. Ecvcro! e\'cral million miulol' women ot at work but accordm& according to their radio claims claims. they have... e a i huge reservoir of woman- woman power powel' ns a~ yet virtually untapped. untapp<!d t s 11 certain t.t'rtain that both Britain and Germany (the (th United Ullted States also) will make an all-out au-out ellorl ettort this year to mobilize mobiuze every e\ery man and woman possible n in the war ettort. efturt. According Accnrding to an item heard over Boston short-wave $horl-wlive station muon WBOS n Roumanian RUUlllunian general of 01 cavalry when surrendering to the Russians was wu asked U.kcd why he was on foot. roo. The en- en raged general replied thai that the Ger- Ger man division divijoion of or General T T-- had hd eaten all al\ of their th('ir horses. hor~cs. t seems scerna the Germans ~ wouldn't even let the Rou- Roumallluns cat their own horses. manians horses Quotes Q From the Short Waves s (Tokf/o (Tol>vo Radio) Japan Radio)-Japan only wishes to tc. deliver Greater East Asia from the dutches clutche~ of at British and American ex- ex~ ploiters ploiters. She has no intent toward world dominalion domination.... (Meibottrnc (Melbourne Rnriio) The Radio)-The Australian Commerce Department is getting good results from dehydration of oc food for Cor the troops. t has been found that seven bags of vegetables can be reduced to one bag containing the same amount of 01 food and vitamins. ':itamins. An airplane in a.ingle single trip can carry sufllcienl sufficient de- de hydrated vegetables to feed leed a battalion of men for a week. t is stated that the dehydrated vegetables when re- reclaimed cannot be recognized from fresh resh vegetables vegctnbles... (London's (Londole. Radio NCR'S News-rl'rl}-According reel) According to President Roosevelt. Roose\'('it Marrakech Morocco is one of the most amazing and colorful cities in n the world. When Whcn his plane left lert Marrakech en route home from the '~e claimed. Casablanca conference the President left Churchill painting a picture picture of the Moroccan town. The Prime Minister Miniliter spent a whole day on the painting.... Five Wanes Waacs served as telephonists telephonisls during the Unconditional Surrender Conference. British girls in the Brit- Brit ish army's women's women'~ auxiliary unit helped handle the clerical clent'al details detalls of the conference. cunference. According Accordng to one of oc the British girls w:irls describing her expe- experlent-es over the London station the work was hard they hard-they worked as tnuch much riences as fifteen filteen hours hour.; a day but day-but interesting. tmg. Fifteen FlftC(!n Jeeps jeepli drove round and round the villa lo to protect its ts visitors and to iruute insure the secrecy &ec:.n!cy of the Ule conference conterenl'e..... (Tokyo (TolqO Radio) 1 RGdioJ-1 notice most of o! the American soldiers soldiera calling t'ahnl home from Jap prison camps ask aloik for to- to bacco and coffee... (Berlin (Bt'Tlin Radio) RGdio) The famous Burmese Burme~e pagoda Pllloda nt at Han- nanloon goon has been bombed by the British Britlsh much to the disgust dbgust of oc the Burmese. (While (Whle the bombing bombin of ot this (bra pagoda was Willi probably uninienunnal unintentiollal T 1 can re- re call not so long ago when the Nazi Luftwaffe made specific bombing bombin tar- ta.r gels of some of the most mo~t priceless pricclesa his- his torical sites in Britain) Briwin)... (London's (Loftdon'. Radio &dio Nciasrecl) According NWlSTeel)-Accordmg lo La dis- dia patches from!rom the Kuban area of or the lh. Caucasus Caucasus. Nazis and nod Cossacks CoslD.tkl alike are plowing through mud that is in some places as lu much as al three feet teet deep. Although Ahhough this s one of the most fertile ferwe regions in the world wnrld it t s also one olle of 01 the world's world'. greatest greate. t mud bowls. Horses Horaes flounder in n mud to their bellies. At this lime time of the year pedestrian pedc.~trian traffic is only onj::r possible by substantial wooden bridges built from [rom sidewalk to sidewalk in n the towns. The commen- commen tator said he shuddered to think how many corpses were buried n in that sea of mud... Vichy Vichll Radio explained Churchill's Churchill trip lo to Turkey by stating that he started off of! in the direction directjon of Kuibyshev KuibyshCY n in Russia but not Show- ~now ing whether Stalin would care to see him or not he be waited wailed over in Turkey Turkcy and while there he passed the lime by having talks with the Turkish ofiicials. officials. (1 ( can't magine imagine what type of person such propaganda tripe is intended for)....australians. and Americans Americnns are not only military miutary allies aliies but friends and buddies of the first order. order Countless incidents ncidents to prove this arc are related over the flfclbohrne Melbourne station. statioll. One heard the other morning told about Jap raid- raid ers destroying almost the entire water supply of 01 a camp of Aussies Aussics in the New Guinea Gulnen jungles. The meat men had become reconciled to spending a dreary thirsty Christmas Day Some American soldiers from [rom a near-by camp cump happening hnppening by took klok in the al- al most bone-dry emptiness of the Aus- Aussll' canteens. They never said a 11 word but returned some hours later with several se\ eral cans of American beer for each soldier. sie > 13'

41 Notes Concermng the Stations AFRCA -AFH (\:!.12) Alglt~ro. 'ay be' h<!ard artcrnoon~ : 00 p.m. CWT with an au-fr(llch pro :ram. AFH2 (896). Algiers. broadl'a~ls >rn~ram p(k-p til Arncrican nelworks and prcss and pell~onal dispatches to vnriou!! new papers and hj OWl daily from 5;30 to 6:45 or 7.00 pm. CWT. The usual week-day lineup 1$ about a!! follows: 5: 40 ) m. t :'.lbs 5:54 p.m. tn CBS. ij: 17 pm. tu NBC; 6:30 p.m. tn igll-n!1 to OWl CNH (80:15J. Rabat.!\1nro(.'co hruad('a~1 (lally :!.:10-5'45 pm. m f1'eneh bu (lnly he la~t hollr 1' t... n providc!! cljoyabl(' reet'plloll EAJ13 (7275) Tent rtfe ('annry h lands. perall'1j daily from 5:011 \0 tj:oo p.m. CWT Ha(ilo Dakur (15.345) )kar 5en('gal ~ \Try well heard mnrnill~! f'w 7: 15 to 8:0n a.m. CWT P('.l'llling ncw~ telils f'!l'llh ~... dl a:l music and t;nng~. A~A AND AUSTHALA Sehl'tu1cs of the AUl<traliun hurt-wav(.' 1<1- lion havc aglhn been (hangcc.1 about. the tran>llllis: ions to Ncwlh Atllt'rlca UW bcmg broadcast <S lolln... i (CWT). 7:0U-7'-l$ U\'C'' \'LG2 (9..}). VL (9G5) to l'alern N A. 10:00-U:45 a.l\. HH'r VLG (9.5/:1). and to a.lll. over VL ( and V..G3 (11.71) 10 westcrn N. A Gurdon l\1ih;helll lolereslllig weekly rc\'icw Hc''''! and Therc Au~lraha (im bc heard nn Wedn('l;days al approximately 7' 10: 12 lun CWT (:n frequencies given above!le cplion fmm ndia i.. not as good as il was for a whilc but oc(ll~ionally 1)1ograll1~ arc of cnjoyable qutllity. F:ngli~h news bulletms clwrled \C_ y include: VUD4 (9.59) at 7:(JO a.m. VUD6 (9.07) ut 7:30 i.11.; VUD2 (4.96J al 1:4~ 1).111. CWT All ul thc~{' 'lali<)!1 or{' H Delhi hlnlld Bax N of Dclt'c)!t Ml h'j.(an. dam TAO (15195) Ankara. TW'key.. ucllik ward l11\1rllinm~ to 8: 50 am. CWT EUltOPE -The ( r.l\ian F'(l(\Oll Slalill ( ;!:~S) broadca.~~ in & bfl ('n'11 dally. 2:30-2:40 pm. CWT Rudin EH';l (9.595). the' ri~h hort-... Oh tutlon uperates in F:n ~h. h 05--\ 25 p.n'l. <:WT. Rc!>'.!s on rcc.:cplt(lll call bc cnl to Radin E.re8o. Chryler BUildinQ:. New Yllrk (-y itvj (\7.4H). Vatican City broadewo!s l urrl'ntly. 9:(K-10.M a.m. <:WT Hl tihan: Tu!!day'l. OOO-O.2U a.m. CWT. 10 f.:nllh h!...a f ram.t' Fidclc' is 1x'1l1l ht'prd 5: 00 tu 6: 011 l).n. CWT n Panch un 7.2~ and 9.6:! The ecret tatlon nr tilt' Gl.un urmy. Gu la\ Sit'j): rned E.1l- broadllll>llllg rrl>ll) > 111. ljld hourly thereaher hrum:h ( ('WT. un 11 new frl'qul'llty uf 6 19 m~ll> THE AMERCAS ZFH2 (6.122). 1;lnil\(. Ul'l'llludll. li ~ beell c~tlllg ncilr!\:uo 11.1ll. CWT PJC. Wil cm~tcd. (U'-i\'lln. ha!l lllftcd ft'm tn 7.2:1 llt'j.(s... h( -e t ul)(''e8 daily freml 6 ~5 to 9: 18 p.m. CWT Tht ~:Jlf(h h-lonkuo!{1' pr(lgram. l'lnlianl bro'lkll. Rllnn CUM \lmllr(al. 'Jre 1(.'<1 to C13FY ( 7U5). \lontrml. dady. 6:3() to a.m. he Fn lleh-anl(\ul~( prf>jrram!l lamlanl brad('<.1 laljlm (BF MC>l1- treal arc kd to (BFY. l1'uo a.m n W: lc pill CWT The f'lcnl:h-huuage t)n~ram r t'uf' arc alo ted 10 Cllf'W 16.0>' '''r('al. dail)'. 6:30 T til 10'3(1 'm. CWT N::iL (7.9:lfH 1( de JUllt '''. Ura~ll. 1l no ard 6 M_ '.111. CWT.. n SaturtlllV. (lilly YV!\RL (4 11). Coral'a lljc>8lka n. UUltul''<lWob'... n Y\'SRN (ti 'to Cac'l SHORT WAVES Guide to Programs Th. p''''!'.'''' lid. t... Hoose h'_'~.t ' to.... E. ~loos 0 _i<ol.'. 1/1110 saow CWT; uurod 00 ollr for MWT DAilY Pf.g.. m~ mktd *.th.. T re rtbfo.. du~1 10' our roop' lyu-us. Clop lut thew tostns nd s~nd them to ~ 4lder ave< ~.s. Tmn shown pnenlhts.~ nduce rebfll.dt~h 10' Wesl (OS ost!nu. Daily Through Mar~h lwt ( Progr.. m SU.on 6:30.m n~. 1' '' h c :35 a.m. n.~~ q \..l ~ra t \... j \.~. 8:45 ~.. a' ~ \ riu!t.. ; ''. \(;0\ 612) 7;15am. ]1.. \10 t.. oo... 'al1 ' cu ( t '.m. ~h... '~h l T. 't' '. 11 ~ WCH '45 a.m. (U. Sun.--\. \.)-.dnt....~ltn C 1\\ ils.111! H ~l{w 1 hh. 1''''C''''' f \. h \ :llil l30 D.m (n. Sun.l- \ k!f) \... f... 1 ~ llt'~ r :45 pm. -4;u~1.Lo- \1 10;0!' Tf.\ < :15 p.m. r.. k~ \[' <... '.\... ~... ' ~~' '... J/L JU~l 49SCi51 1;15 p.m. \~ \.. ~ T. '.. l~... u. 1\1i1' :30 p.m.- ]~rl - -u~t.o \....1 ;UE (15.3'1. illl; i ;45 p.m. (u. Sun Mon.) \. \.~ 4T; ~.i. ~... 1.~'h J WfU\ ~.m. -\.'w \t~ 4T.... lila t''lm'''''' 1\!.87J 4:30 pm. C8:45 p.m.1 (e.. S~n 'rr.. 1 Roberto Unanue Latin American news chief on CBS' staff broad cast to latin America more thm a thousand times during last year 1_ T> 1t.. 1 i ~... 9 ('L.6 1) 4:45 p... (u Sun 1 \... tr 11 ~ 11. 1\\111 i967. ~ 50 ~m. 1\ t.... \.h \ lull 11n ~. \J \1.13.9Sl lull l\i2 illh 6:15 p.m. L '''~ '.'''' \.~ J._.allll' JH~ 11510:;.! 41111fH.1t1\\ i956~1 1 p.m. \1.hi 1'... \...h t<.. ~ :30 pm. t... ' ;'. i ' \rllo Htl~ i96311lw.u 7:30 m. (u. S.. Sun.) Jaftfll-- r qh \ i 10.22) 8.f1}. l~ C'{)' Your H'C&<' h... d' u.t.. pub. \luiu... '. ~~.\trq (96S 8 p.m Udoe<l- \ 10 \.~. <.01[..... luhy; p... \... HH i :15.10:15 p.m. h..1 ~ n i pro\(.' i.a i :45 p.m. lex. 5.1.) '0(:''''' of \u.{h.\'.ri' ~; ~. 10 1'' \-1<. tw.1.. : H\3 \6.165) 111~ ( 18(5) 9 p.m 4U. Sun.) lio. h i;.hloll v.u!;.am.. E \t ~' 1'1l p.m. 1..'n \... '~'~ (~( (9581 i;.6111 i~ll\ 61\15) 10 p.m.--.n. ~' \.. to ~ n-. 1 '....i S '11\ i6 (UL f 45 p.m.~l' ult : h ' iii t'~n h y. h H... 'l.~.~ p.m. ~..-Lot. X' r i;.c i.l\ i i; ) hll{ ] :30 p.m 11.. 'rin... '.~' \.b... i: 12 ~L [ih \. 21: '4 <l1.~1j 2n06 ns 30) ~.m. T ~) o ''. 195 \'r;'... ' 1; './J (1\.80) SPECAL PROGRAMS SOlliday. CWT (' P.o~nm Slatn 9:OS m. \....'al....!.!.r) \... _ C Btl \ U05i 1130'.m. -.\'''{tut--~ta.... t... lu~ SfY ) 11:~S p.m. \... \vr~ \\< _ Blh :30 p... \w; '... ~ ' h Uti 25 m \... \... { '~ i Ll2. \\ \t '1 'ro \... it!.. -~ h<iw.' \H i\.sv. l\iu\ ; JO p... f9 / '-.-...oc... l' {.. fto~_f.-'''''''''''' _.M. {;-.l {9~. (; ' DnUUl. L~C :30.m.' t..~.. c..t--( onol 1... '~ l>1;h \ xnlq pm. ( ') \nto \'''''n'' i { \ (;-( ) f~ \6111 foil' 41.9(5) 7030 p.m. t.o<1 ' l.i{a''' ~1JlL. \a.1 h-.l ;~ ;m p.m \r \.~. oj ~rl no.. < i9.481 \1lt( S p... \.' i 1\1\1''''.1. S:30.' ii 1\\ TMouioys 10.m d... J!l744j S: 5 pm. d. ~ h'.~ \'. h.. \\1.\\ p.m Tufl.. Thurs) ~ J~j (.' hltx 46195) 1..(11) p ;15.m.1.. ~... ''~' ~' ~ \.. _ H.... r.'.9581 '.1;' c61951 '1.6 7l0 p \ 1_.. ~. ' 1_ i' i~)o S. '. ( \ \ J 1... h' '58'L.6JlhllC.~j51 9 '.m ~... f....ot-... ~ ~ t. ~ lit Jll 19 4' 9.5 \1.. n '~ $ U \\ '.'.~.) 11.1 c.n 1Cr p.m...! r~'. \.U ;~ 19~ p.m. 1'''''.11 '. l a '.01'''' ~S94n 6JOp.m.(()JOp.m.1 1.1_ M i' t i951:<h (( pm ( D.l) ~ ' J '....~' i '0( j~'t (.~91~1 11)0.m... n n.1 \ ')1... ~ \\1 H 'f! 6 1!l13/ t). '> m. (Mort. Wt'1l.1 ti. Tind. \\ ( ' l\ l pw1... h \J.1]4. ls p \_.. \ i.ll\ C :30 p... 1 r u\\41 ( Qft21 11 )0 pm.. 1 ' T... ' \..h 1 ~.: of _...t... 1Ji71 5)0 -ll.. n nnc 0 T e 4.. h{.11.lfj3 \\\ '1 SU... f 01 \\. 6 ~.m. ; '''.'i T) 'lad 11 1\1\ m. (11 :15 p.m.1 L Nl ' li~1 i'.) h~! ( FridG' 1.S.m. \... \... ~ Cl1 i '..... i;\llu... ill.871 2:15.m \~.. \'~ T '..' n. \\ K. (1187) 410.m. R... _ rn- 1' Uti'> d7j1j S clo.... t 'Ula_ 1) \ _ i..... Till... ql ll p. 110:30.m.l 1...Jo ft{.. n.~.l c ) m (ll 15./11.) Olt h 'lO ' i L :30 p'..m.l.. ~_ \.~ U~' W~h.. u ~'~..!.~ 9581 ('''l 16.11) t;m p.m. (.1. h.i H~\ \ 196f 11\\1\ ~2J SotMrdG' 1:15 i.m. ~. h m 1123) 9:)0.'. ( ~. \.1 S.. \1;0\ i61zj lzloon \... \0'. i'11 1 ~. '-' \\ L~t '.111. i.. \\.!.. \11 Ti War News in English Doily CWT 6:00 ~.m. 6:30 ~.m 6:30vn. 6:40.m m. 7:oo. m. 7:00.11'. 8:00 '.m. 8:)lh.m. 9:01}'.m. 9:00 un. 1():Olh.m. 10:00 i.m. 10:00.m. :O(h.m. 1130m 11 :30 '.m. Dolly 12:OOhoon 1:00 p.m. 1 :00 p.m. 2;~5pm. 3:00 ~m. 3:45 p.m. ~;OS p.m. 4:15 p.m. 4 :45 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 500 p.m. 5:00 p.m. S 4() p.m. 5 :~5 p.m. 5:41p.m. MorNt MWT CTY 5:C~h.. loadon 5:)Om. Bt 5:)0... Vochy 5:40a.m. Moscow 54O'.m. Rome 6:00. m. 6:00 '-'n. Tokyo 7:00. m. London 7:30... Buln :00 am Ch'tkin 8:OO. m. Rom 9:00 i.m. london 9:Xh.m. 510ckh'm 9;OOil.m. Melb'rn' 10:OOa.m. London 10:30 i.m. Tol<10 10:301.m. Bnlon STATON ' OJ' OAl '51 05Jl) S S lO 6ll S Doily 6:00 p.m. 7:05.m. 7;)0 p.m. ';30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00p.m. 8:00 p.lll. 8:00 p.m. 8;15 p.m. 820 p.m. ';45 p.m. 900.m. Aft.rnao 11:00.m. Rome 12:00 nod Lodo 12:00 ()oil TokY 1 :~5 ~m. london 2:00 p.m. Rome 2:45 pm. V'chy 3:05 p.m. 1land 3:15.11'. Mocow 3 :45 p.m. London 4:00.m. Cl'fO 4:00.m Tokyo 4:00 p.m. Rom 4:10 p.m. '.tfs 4:~5p.m. LondOn 4 :48 P... MOiCOW f :00 p.m. Bfrlil! 6;OS pm. M.drld 6:)0.. RO de J~t'fO 6:30 p.m. Rome 7:00 p... london 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 1:00 pm. 7:15 p.m. 7:20.m 7:45pm. 800 p.m. B~n SCKkh'm Mu.C'ly Mosco* TollY Madras Befn 9:00p.m. 8:00~m. Ro de 9lO.m. 9:45 p.m 1000 p.m. 10:15 p.m. 11;00 pm. ':)0 '.m. 8:45 pm 9:00 pm. 9:1S.m 10:00 p.m london 'Crlin Mo\to h.!; lljqm. 10Wpm. London Vle2 'Z OR' 0 xeov 06 ' m 'L'.' JLC2 OJO 2R06.' JlGZ '. lro~ lu esc 9.58 sux JLG2 9.5(15 2R06 S 30 AFH2 8.~ GSC ox ' PSH loll 2RO) 9.63 esc 958 GSL 6 OXJ 1.24 SBU XERQ ~o~ (5 )LG~ VUMl 7.26 HER HERS PRL8 2RO) 2R0]1.RN.' ox ox ox esc... VLG) 'll ' mportant Stallons....~~~... ~ 1... 'd.. A PC c. ~ nll. '.11 ' \ 11 CaPT. Ca-. ' '11. n C1tal....._. v.... t n ca~jt.... _~_ 11l1li U.. ' U.. _ '14. elw1. t l 1St lav... U OO'-... Q' li1.11 TA. hru7... Dn. 117T TFl _ NL 11 TOW. G Dll 7M LG Dl:LU. '.11 LOt..14 Dl:P '13 LG DD ' 141 VLGf. \ EAQ..i... VL. 1.1: nl...._ VLQJ. n ro... pl M6 VU...~ P... <. Vrl VL.. ' 1T~1t. l1.t' VLW. ' ru. B.... Fr. VU. J...! hulon.u t1 WBO. B.. e... G.C E~la~~ a GlE. 16.3' WCBX /~w Yo Cl.. ORO u.n.e6 '.41 ORl:. 1&3 WO D f* Torlo CJ~y OlX T OlT. q._ WClle. H... yk C 0' DD WOE d...::u~. Olr 1t 14 i' Y lass OL ~' ' K.Tt l~n.... U '/H'O ~n.. t KCJB &;... 40>. ~ Y ~\ U 114) twn r ~ ~.t ~o HE.'. 1*lt... u '.U 17. t n 1\ 71 KE.~ 11 W.~ H' P... \.'Jt 'O.B i T.1t.C1t-o K.MJ ll' n.l. HP! T~.U... lt ~ XV... C 1\ ~4... CA lh-ri Cli~ lod.c~'.. : _ E'A K_ R_ ' WBUL WJ!UW. nol 1.._ JLG4' U.. U... \ - J' 'U 11'11' V. XE.Q L... CiO'.GD n CaW' J;GOr C~ KWD... r... - B03 eal' T.SS. n 1'.11 U04 KlBH ''''U l0l LL.... '.41 DOC KTO.'l<hllll.011 Ttl. tit M lotl OJ;. r nl...! 11t... ' t '. 'u 711. tt ' 43 SHORT WAVES Notes Concerning the Stations AFRCA AFH (12.12) Algiers may be heard afternoons 2:15-3:00 CWT. with an oil-french pro- gram. AFTi2 (K.'Jlj) Algiers broad- easts r»rogram pick-ups to American networks and press and personal dis- patches to various newspapers and to OW1 daily from 5:30 to 0:45 or 7:00 p.m. CWT. The usual week-day line- up is about as follows: 5:40 p.m. to MBS; 5:54 p.m. to CBS:!!:17 p.m. to NBC; 6:30 p.m. to sign-off to OW1... CNR (9.035) Rabal Morocco broadcasts daily. 2:30-5:45 p.m.. n French but only lie isisl hour or two provides enjoyable iccepi ion.. EAJ13 (7.275). Tonerifc. Canary s- lands uperaies doily from 5:01) to (iiflt) p.m. CWT.. Radio Dakar (15.345). Dakar. Sen ego is very well heard mornings from 7:15 to 8:00 a.m. CWT. presenting news tems'n Fmicli as welt as music and songs. ASA AND AUSTRALA Sched- ules of the Australian short-wave sta- tion hove agam been changed abmil. the transmissions to North America now being broadcast as follows (CWT): 7:00-7:45 a.m. over VLG2 (0.54) VL (0.l>)S) to eastern N A.; 10:00-10:45 over VLG (!).3K) and 12:10 to 12:45 a.m. over VL (10.525) ami V.G3 (11.71) to western N. A. Gordon Mitchell's inlcreslihr svevkty review. Here and There n Australia' can be heard on Wednesdays at ap- proximately 7:12 and 10:12 a.m. CWT on frctiuoneics given above... lie- icptinn from ndia is not as goot! ns i! was for a while but ocwisionatly programs are of enjoyable quality. Fngtish news bulletins reported late- ly include; VUD1 (O.Sfl) m 7: HO a.m.; VUDd (tl.«7j at 7:30 a.m.; VUD2 (400) at 0:45 p.m. CWT. All nl these stations are in Delhi... Mnruld Dnx- ler of Detroit Michigim t-laims TAQ {15.195) Ankara Turkey is beiiir heard murninks to 11:30 a.m. CWT HUROPE The Croat inn Freedom Station (11.333) brondeasls n Serbo- Cnnit daily 2:30-2:40 p.m. CWT.. Radio Khenn (0.505) the rish short-wave station operates in Kn- glish 4:03-4:25 p.m. CWT Reports on rceoiitmn can lie sent to Radio Eircan. Chrysler Building New York City... V. (17.443). Vatican City broadcasts currently. 0:00-10:00 p.m. CWT. in ituthin; Tuesdays 10:00-1(1:20 n.m CWT. in English... La France Fidele is ticing heard 5:00 n 0:00 pan. CWT n French on tt575 and The scerel Mtaliim of the German army Gtistnv Sieg- fried Bins. s brondesisting from 1:55 to 2:00 p.rn.. inul hourly thcreutier ihvuukh 10:53 to 11:00 p.m. CWT. on a new frouuency of 01!) megs. THE AMERCAS ZFT12 (C.22) Mamlhon Sermu<lti. has been tesling near 5:00 p.m. CWT.. 1MC1 Wit- 11: i listed. CTmu'iin bus shlflcd from n 7.23 megs where K operalos daily Croiii t!;45 to!);til p.m. CWT.. The Knglifih-lnriBiiage programs of standard broadcast stnlion CUM. Montreal are fed to CBFV <!l.705) Montreal daily. (1:30 t U:tm ajn.t the French-language programs of standard broadcast station CBF. Mon- treal are <c«l to CBFV ll:ilft n.m. to 1(1:30 p.m. CWT. The French-language orograms of CBF are also ftxl to CBFV.' (6.0S») Montreal daily. 6:30 a jo. to Hi: 30 p.m. CWT.. RS. ( Rio de Janeiro Brazil is now heard 6; 1)0-7:( p.m. CWT on Satur- days only... YVSR (48.1'.). Caracas is liroadinsllug with YV5RN (820). Ciirncns-. Guide to Programs The progroms htre ore hoso bfoodcof* dally oi fhr >ome me. nceptions are Tndicoterf- T/mc shown CWT; sobfrocf one fcour for MWT DALY Proqfams marked with a ft) are rebroaitcast (or our troop» overseas. Clip out these listings and send them to a soldier ovei- seas. Times shown in paremhesli ndicate re broadcasts for West Coast listeners. Doily Through March CWT Cit). Program Station S:30 a.m.--l5tiiiu 'riieiain in N..rlli Aii.orlna: 2l!o6 i 15.3D 5:35 a.m. nmiiekine Cmnim- S'jii.mal in.faraitt lur N.rrlli 1 tuoriiii; a.m. (i*c- - i^-> hull Aiili'ik'iiil lliiul'; 10 iiii. Xesvs; XGfrt 1 6.:2) 7:15 a.m. ''.iuo Mm-acr- fiiim Aiimiiean pvlsttni'i's.. vs. ; 3X1 r 9.535) 7 a.m. Selii-iiwljily itj NV ir.nn llntii..- tvriti) i 15233) 9;45 a.m. (ex. Sun.) itl Anmrlmn Neu- i-r; wi UN tvnu i U 83j 11:40 ajo. Uiinie tltii tail irr>erjiti (or N.irili tnn-tira; ) 12:30 n.m tex. Sun.) N-«V.ili (T) New. from itiinir: WHt'x ) 12:45 p.m. Cllat. Mij --Slaiii!i1ia ir.« KiWA S?) 1:15 p.m. T k j n i> rvm AllHTliaiLS in Jap 1-fi-iN.: J/ ).)Ui2 (9.505) t:)5 p.m. Xtn V..rk )Ti M-ui- fteimrlei: t\ HO.s ) 1:30 p.m. lamilmi tadin NV.vv. l.rl: OltE i 15J9) 1:110.(11.68) -45 p.m. (ex. San.. Mon.l S'i'w Viirk T) Aiinriran Ni'? l.:(l..r: VVCB.N p.m. New Vuri. it) Nei i. (.- mati's KeimTiec: VViOS ) 4:30 p.m. (8:45 p.m.) lex-sun.).iiiii1.ii Fnnil Mm* Fain - ) s is Roberto Unanuo Latin- American news chief on CBS' staff broad- cast to Latin America more than a thousand times during last year K *' lif- nl ill- Kililnvii am ii) in war iiii'* laniiliin: '-'.958) Ubl..6.11) 4:45 p.m. (ex. Sun.) Si Ymi. itl ftack ivnkt (967) 4:50 p.m. (li'ilin iiiiaiis's lir.iar Jin li.r.nnrtli Aihrmj > 'XM D.VJ <7.741 PX.U ro.s?) 'Jlt ) l'xt' :15 p.lrl. 'T u k y o K-miM 1CN-.V1-' fiiim Vuiik- in 4ii(i iriui uiii i>; JDH i ) J/.l r 11.80) JtiAK ) 7 p.m Maiiilil 'mprain i-i N'nllli.)illTiin. nn linliiiu pi'is- in li.idi.b: K.Uj i9.86l 7:30 p.m. Khhh' Amiimh-ih llinn mr li-l.'iii'is n S'nrlh A itiriira: 2ll<i4 (11.81) xlflb >963) ZlitAl s7_23) 7:30 p.m. (ex. Sat.. Sun.) fiio i (> Jenetro tngiish News:. 'bll (10.22) 8 p.m. Mexico City Vonr Ameriran iluiir. nevsx in En- dish. ii 11M) n r Mexiran ami U. S. imisir: XERQ (9-015) 8 p.m.«l.Nil.ll Adxcr* lean tirnernnr (rum fluitcdry; 8:20. 9:25 b.iil News: l!at4 (9125) 8!l5. 10:15 p.m. Kiim-.nmiil-k Knell-t firoeiiini from SHicriii; ) 8:45 p.m. (ex. Sat.) -Horn 'misram for Nor J ll Aineiint; 9 10 i.iii. Newt frrmi lii.irm wnl iibrimii: KK3 (6.105) ill-us < ) 9 p.m. (t*. Sun.) (tin lie Ja neiro Comlwill program iw Kn ididi lor N'irili Atoenra: 'llu :45 p.m London -New- nille- lin i'.m' (WSi C-bL (fi.di CltX (6.155) 10 pan. -Loniluu DfliKu New* n-el. news hy ihe men ami wn- men win. nuke ir; CSC (5.5S) LUX (6.195) lt*-l (SB) 'SC ) (OH5 p.m. llrariavilli; All i.'ii- eli-h pit^raiu rnni UnU'iiir t'reneli leailnonrters: :30 p.m.. l.wnil.m Late Nmr* tr.iir xnnlnn' GSC (9.58) (iks (6195) (!?l. i6.l) (iltc > 11 ;30 P-m. U'iilil' 'Amrriiao timr tor westeni Nmth (nnriij; 12 Milil. Enslieh New-: 2li<) fUl ) 2l!(i6 (1530) ) 1:15 a.m. T o K }» Mcsi-ases fiiini Vmefiran (iri-iiin-rx;.121 ( )ZJ (11.80) SPECAL PROGRAMS for progroms hroodcovl dully te«dolly Progroms ohflvs. Sundays CWT City Program Station 9:05 a.m. Meiitreal XiixliKoily Nrw l iikt (11.705) 11:30».trr- Slumreal«tiiiii iln- Huc.: CBFV ) 12:45 p.m. New Vnrk A- We U. (\lit 15 (11.87) i 130 p.m. Algletr ' n C ) a Ml inrk up (f t S; VK ) 2;5 p.m- Nrvv Vi»r% 'crlmmahf» i M pjn. Nm 'V.-rk it ' >MHtilwni> l)rvhrs*t*t VVrp$X '5.27> \SC]>K ilu3j 4:90 P.m. (9 pjk) lamlnkht ArR9«Yfii»5 ^rmu.\ixirncafi'. atmul br war: r'.m' l9.58l CM. l6.h) 5:J0 p.m. l-oii'aiiy A runa»j<<i»«.. triixlu; CSf <9581 C>L <411) 5:30 p.m. San Franno n Mexico rir> [vkdhh- KGE < ^ liwll* <15291 XERi^ «9 615) 7 pm. <11:30 LuHitGU Xc»rtli Amorifdii Nittln: (SC (9;58j ilhf (0.11 f r\ir 12915) 7:30 p.m h-n* n liriuitt.* 4 Siau^v CM' 19.58) GM. (S.ll) cur 12915) 9:15 p.m- Srw Nork A>in- m;iui JV^fjarmafifd' WCtX \\ < \:r Monday! 2'-15 p-m. - NV«Vftt'V Hi V»>ur tuujdw^v ^Htl M»in*: W *ns7» 5:30 p.m. fjo rr>»«rfwr» t flvjirlir KrlH 4ir.7a> KttlD < 1529j 6:15 p.m. (Mon-. V/rtA R.'iJm J*om (hr'. OJlMtl.TTl U\J f7.24» 8:15 PJ. jhidtfiit Mitibr* G<C f9 5Si Clf.v > <;vr. i6.ll) 10:30 p.m. ivru \ >ilh \M i OAS4/»6.0S2v 11:30 p.m. 't.jntliir m a r hi it hi i»»uw TG W \ (^ 6^5) Tu«ftdayt 10 4.m. Vftiu-iu iv> 'TttclH-h HiM^ruin: HV'J a5 p.m. * 'tu'hjbiu l»vi Cuii-. /a *lu'l Urn Can Aih«.'i-irun Hi vh^ira: WTAVO ( :30 (Tues r Thurs.^ >»ii if'iir i')1t iiiw; <>1 <9.SS) ('UN «6195) CSL i6.ny 1 p.m. (11:15 jwn.l iummii 'Ciirrvtii Kvpiits Cmli'lVk Kuli t-r VFtlwm : CSC.9.58)'iliv (6.195) Csi..611) 7:30 pan. (11 pan.) U.ihi.h Vi.i/r il he Fjirury li>< «9J5) <;>1. ( 6.U 7;4S pan. (10:45 pan.! L.iiln -Meil Juim (imbnirr ; lint: 958i (s. rc.ll) iaa* p.m. fiilki! uulur semier Miljie- frrirrxill 'mini Nalinn* wiuletx hr (..irl. i ni-r. 'JH ) Wudnt xdoy* 9:45 a.m.. iri MuxK in SlnR Wrili; (VT.F t 15.33) 2:15 p.m. New V.irl. i!( Mall Coll; Win S (1187) 5 p.m. idinlnii l.nrmnk Akki : CM: (9.S8 CM ) 6 p.m. Nnl ini-l'rlin'e. Jtani KtullUh ikngriini: (5.947l 6:30 p.m. (10:30 p.m.) laxlni.ik lielilnil Hie l(.mli'fi.iil: CSr: (9.58) CM > Clir (1915) 7:30 p.m. ( p.m.)..nilini T. 11. S 4 11 'rie.iles CM' 9381 CM. <611 MJl:i'i2.915» 11:30 p.m. Cun letnj5i--'l l)r Cn- ll.nir K:\\A 19655) Thorrdoyx 6 a.m. New ).'V 11'( t.'.i* tlmnler. VH (959) ttl'bv ^5 P.m. New Vink itl xienillrif lliem. UnK laxi iiintllc new* dt e;. anil xriern w-rlilt tjllls r 11^71 5:30 p.m. Sxn Ciiinfl itl fehllr (nliit r >)iuw. KCL1 (l 73t KtVD «15.29) 5:35 p m.- -ll ill Mn.w Time V1AV) p.m. -i liieninail it) Mail Mapi WTAVO 11525) 7 p.m. (11:15 p.m.) -Lomlnn iiiidll LetJer M iinliik.ili iijmliig«: use i958i csi. (6.11) cm; ( Fridays 1:13 p.m. - - Xnv s'liik ( ) Crgiiilxtain) S ra ; Will S) 1187) tils p-m. New- Vurk (T) Vin.i.J Alliillit; VBOS ) 4:10 p.m. Muem. -Mfev Ptr- gixm lur NnTli Aiiieriia:.tAS i 17.72) l.ual (9 585) SDO p.m. - JO 'rai.i i-to D Maxwell louse ('filler Tiine: KCKT ((1.73) K(VT> (15.29) 6^0 p.m. 1)0:30 pjn.) lenidwi Cadki xl.ks enlej 1 jin (n (iifj Hi'd-er*: «isc i9j8) «M. (611) 7 PJn- (11:15 p.m.) xnnlerj *<)(( (he iceryr.1 Si iinl'') MaMedrCM (9.58) CM. 161) ) 7JO p.m. ( p.m.) xinilr.u Wiirlif Aiialr-. ft. VTcKhp.ti Sier.i. CSC.9.58) C-t t6.ll) CMC (2.915) 10 p.m. - LtlMleimil.j - snplixl. 11 inn; CVVA i TCWl r652j Soturdoyi 8:15 a.m. ' nn. Mail i'aii KM ill (7.23) 9:30 J.m. i Fiiingkhiic Mail Mar.. xcm noop Nms Vnrk itl-l'- S. Cii.ixt Ciuitl mi 'araite: WtUS 871 5:15 p.m. nml.)/) Let hr 'n.lile Sja-ak Mfili.ti verxinr..! «'r l fir l'r...trh «:<(' (9J8) C-l :30 pjw. Lmuliui ^Ce.iile.i.rn Wirfi tviiik.; CM'.9.58) tilk <2.915) f.hl ) 7 pjtl. la-nil.ti (Veeklv Cil.1 the tikrwpk Carle Tail with jajeuuill mexviyee uin) pirl nps frnp. 1. S. Di. i * it. Urit. ain r Cm i95s) CA' (2.913) ) p.m. CuateMiala Cnjinlai Mjilefa. ile Mi Ttrrra Si;iriiiili. ii. )i.-.ra ir.wa (9.685) War News in English Doiiy CV/T 6830 a.m. 6:30 a.m. 6:30 ajn. 6:40 a.m. 6:40 a.m. 7:00 a.m. 7:00 un. 8^)0aLra. 6:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a jp. 10:00 a.m. 10:00 am 10:00 a.m. 11 ;00 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m.. Doily 12:00 hoop 1:00 p.m. 1 K)0 p.m. 2:45 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 3:45 4:0S p.m. 4:15 p.m. 4:45 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. 53)0 p.m. 5 ;40 p.m. 5:45 p.m. 5:48 p.m. Daily 63)0 p.m. 7 ;05 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7 ;30 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. 8:15 p.m 8:20 p.m. 8:45 p.m. 9:00 B.m. 9:00 p.m. 930 p.m. Morning MWT CTY STATON 5:00 a.m. 5:30 a jn. 5:30 a.m. 5:40 a.m. 5:40 a.m. 6:00 a.m. 6:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. 7'JO a.m a.m. 8:00 a.m. 9:00 a an. 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m 10:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Loodan Bedln Vithy Moscow Rome Melb'rne Tokyo London Berlin Ch'gklng Rome London Stockh'm Melb'rne London Tokyo Beilin alffrrnoon 11:00 a.m. 12:00 noon 12:00 noon 1 ;4S p.m. 2:00 p.m. 2:45 p.m. 3:05 p.m. 3:15 p.m. 3:45 p.m. 4 ;00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m. 4 ;49 p.m. 4:4S pan. 4;48 pan. Rome London Tokyo London Rome Vichy reland Moscow London Cairo Tokyo Rome Algiers London Moscow GSB DJB 986 2R06 VLC2 JZ GRE DJB XC0V 2R06 GSF SBT VUG GRE JLG2 DJD 2R06 GRE JLC2 GRG 2R04 GSC SUX JLC2 2R06 AFH2 CSC DAL J JO ( Evening 5:00 p.m. Berlin 6:05 p.m. 6d0 o.m 6B0 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. 7:D0 p.m 7:00 p.m. 7:15 p.m. 7:20 p.m. 7:45 o.m. 8:00 p.m. Madrid Rio dc Janeiro Rome London Berlin Starkh'm Mex City Moscow Tokyo Madras Bern 8:00p.m. Rio de Janeiro 8:30 o.m. Rome 9:45 p.m. 8)45 London 10:00 p.m 10:15 opw. 11:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. 9:15 p.m. 10:00 p.m. Berlin Moscow Berlin 11:30 p.m 10:30 p.m. London 12:10 a.m. 11:10 p.m. Melb'rne OXJ EAQ PSH 2R03 GSC G5L OXJ SBU XEB0 15. JLC4 VUM2 HER3 HERS PRLS 2R03 2R01 GRN GRC DXJ OXJ DXP CSC CRN GRC VLC S P J mportant Stations ijieyeej-et# AFlid *»«CBrY. Canada ll.toi CXm Moracm < CR7BE KMamMnne P-R4 CSWT. Peiluexl. P.TPS DJB. Cermanx W-S DJD DJL. 1» DXJ. 7 2S DXL15.»-;«DXP DZP lo-saa XAtl Spain».«ERE liel.nd 5.W6 FOA. 8eiixat li.adp Ftanea Vehy) T.T65. U.MP FZt. Br«jr>»U- Tr. EDUalnrUl Allli:«11.87 ar (Ponnmle of kiw.jrce thaivni 1J.1J PJCl. Coracae ;.t9 PBU Dmril PSH..0.2J BV. D.S^.S S.f. 1J.. U.l» M1 SBV. Swodim TAP. T.ikar 8466 TfJ. crl.nil J.rti TOWA- riooteiuala S.S9 VLO. Auatmlia VLOr UiT) Pl» PC M 7.20 DHC Knalorul ORE. a.pi» 153S 1.P8 P.M 7.12P i.aoo 0.0B 1176 S.K ll.ll 9126 OKO. G1K. ORM QUV 11HO. (1SD (SF CSJ. JCAT4 HnimrT HCJ EcltAiinr CS3 BwlisrrlMiil d.106 HERV KF6A Panama HP6C. (1.71 HSP6. Tktllane HVJ VavleanfUx ll.«naiedblaa JEKA Kanl Konr JLO. Japan JttM : J El J ZJ. coo KOE. Ban TianrliM Calif. 1S.S OAS KWD. flan rraociatw. dir KZUt. PhiHppinxa '.64 LLH Sarway».«46 MTCT Ma neb ll da X0. tlnlan.l VLG3 VLGO 'L. VLOJ. vum. VLR. vlwo. VUW2 ndia WB09 lintoii Mao t.flt WCilX New ymk Cltv d AVCDA. Nmv Tm-lt City WCRC. New Vork Oily » 789 WOE A. Sirliennntady?f Y «).«( 700 vnrfl. fl-iirim.-i-dv K. Y VVLU'O Cn'l irtl nli ) 71»» 1108 WKB. Sew Yn.k Cllr ' 'T 0!0<t WRCA. N«. York eh. 17-1! 11 sia u-r trl-vm trw. Bairan. Kail P «.«4 XERQ Kcilcu City 9 0)6 XOOr China U.oo. 8 «S (1.11 2R03. talv S61 2R !HOe OROS loll R03!

42 EDUCATON By JAMES C G. HANLON Free World Theater/' Theater/ Directed by Arch Oboler Obaler Presents Dramas Based on War and Peace Aims of 01 United Nations Leaders Throughout World s«. /J-n 1*5* rr m ft * N Free World Thealer Theater K VOU YOU heard hurd the jirt'iuiere pr mlc~ biond- bload cast t of or Free... 'eo; World W(.rld Tlieatcr Tllol'atl'r on (11 February.~brua.ry H U over (>\er the Blue Network Nttwvrk whot h4t you heard ht'ard was wu the UeslnnuiR bqinnln of the boldest bolde!;t drarnallc dramallc vcnluiv 'entute ever ner at- at tempted ten on the air. Whol What you JtlU heard h~ard was wa~ the first fint of twenty-six twenty 5rl( Sunday afternoon aft~moon radio udlo dramas bared b;.j.jol!d on the \a war and peace aims auna of world leaders aden sympntbcllc ~mplllhetic to the United Unitt.'C Niilions Nuliun:s eanso. causc. n piacing placina the direction du:etllon of 01 this lh.r;a series M'!'('S in n the th~ hands handot of (f playwrirbt playwrraht Arch An:h Obo- Oboler. the Ofltcc oml~ of or Wnr Wal' nformalion nformatrol rec- rcc ler ognircs ognlz the Renitis lnlua of f one onc of radio's rado'. most-talented most-tolljel\t d and daring darin dramatists. d~m8tr PurUiermore Furthermore this thlll is b not nol Obolor'* Oboler a llrst nf1t experience experkn~ with wrlh war-service war ~n.lre programs. prutcratnlll. Jls Hs Play* Play for Americans' Amerit'aru;' (NBC :!) ) was wu~ a series -eries of t.1 provocative provucati\'e dramatizations dramallzations designed to stimulate 5tunulale the American Arner1ciln people to 10 a realization reahulh(rn of or the im j>ir{nnce importance of the tht' war eitort. effort_ More 'lore recently rccently he completed complt'ted To Tt> the Prcaldent PretJdMlt n a scries wrtel> of ( dramatized dl'amalrn-o let- let. ters tera aimed amed at al refuting rcjutma the.. diitin churn that American?. can't ('an't take takl:' it t' and that they wont want to win the war... in the hesdllncs. hodunes t was shortly shoniy after the lasl la!'t To the President' Prestdcnl program proll:ram that the idea dea (or for Free f'rce World Theater was developed in n discussions dacusslons between oct... l't'n Obolor OOOlt.'1' and tuld the OW's 0\\'1'1 BU Bill Lewis Lew!!'. formerly f(lml('rly of radio. radio With the blessings ble!'! and eooperollon c(jopt'rlltlon of t>f the OW1 OWl the' project was placed pland n in Obl'ler'. Oboler's hands. hand.. Realizing llioi that here U're was 'H n B Job l\jb that warranted special ~pt'c1ul at- at tention a n Job job that should Fhnuld not nt be dmnlnnted d'lltlllmtco by one man llul Oboler Obkl then presented Ph' (nkd his problem to the tht Holly- lollywood \~ood Writers Wnlci Mobilization 1 dlwtlon and J' was ~! gun.u.l ran.. ntt!ftt teed the e sup- up jjort purt of nil all Hnllywotid Holly...-o..>d guilds..uilds According Acrord.n to Hie tl' plan wol'ked worked out Olt by thl' the OW OWl tlu- Ull' Holly- H)ly wood Writers \\'rjt('' Mublli- ~1<)bll zatlon wtion and Arch Obo- Oboler. ]er each Free 'Fr('t> Wtirhl World Theater drama drllm will wl]1 TO TD NSURE dramatic eicellence e.. cellenee in Free World Theater prejentations preentation the takrat talent of be based ba5l.'d on 011 iv a state- ttt Hollywood screen stars tars and end topflight writers wtiten has h.s been pooled under the supervision of mont ment by an on oubtllnel sland- Arch Oboler Dboler. Above; Above: Actress Betto Bette Davis and Robert Rossen Ronen head of the Hollywood HoUywood ing hlle world lender leod('! re- reaarding garding any nny issue $SU(' of 01 Screen and Radio Writers Writer Guild Guild. tallc tal~ over forthcoming script with playwright Oboler Dbol.r (r.) (r. the war or peace 1'*01( to come. e-ome. Among Amona those h<mf. wh6 who have hae been contacted conllickd for slntements t.. temenu estunated e tlmalt'd that thai practically practicall. every big- bij- s i.a heavy he8' y drama dram;! light comedy comedy. n speech ~h re arc President Prt-Sldent Roosevelt veil (for (rr the final name gtai- ~tal in liolly-wootl Uyv. ood will 111 appear appe;ar or news ~w. item tem. or Just jw;t a commercial commercial program) prorrilm). Winston Wm lull Churchll!. Chun-hi]1. Josef in these the. dramas. rlral announcement. Oral reading re.dma: can clln be lx' Stalin Stalrn Thomas Mann ~1ann H. H G. 0 Wells Well~. the an art art. just as playing play1fl& a violin can eln be Dean kan of Canterbury Clnterbury. Wendell Willkic. Wilkie an art. General lie de Gaulle. Gaulle Lin Lm Yulnng Yutang Mme. Mme_ nterpretative Reading on art and this book will help the radio radio reader to find that art. Chiang Kai-shek Kal-.tJ~k Douglas lo1\l1]a. MaeArlhur. MacArthur. The techniques h'<-hniquc:l of oral reading 't' hn. so.10 Although njerprclotifc rjltetpre1atvt' Rcnrfino Rt'Gdifl was... ndicative ndcilti\ ~ of the seriousness criousness with With vitally importnnl mportant to tn radio arc are capably written ivrllten primarily priml'rily lor for college and uni- uniwhich this idea dea has hll been bt-cn accepted and interestingly inl('restinlly explored in a new versity VCrtity students studcnlli you don't have to throughout the world is the ease cas(' of or bonk boo'k written by n a team of speech spt.'(.'ch attend a speech s~h class ('lase: to enjoy its ts bene- lkn(' Josef JOS('f Stalin. Stalm. To date:- in n this thla war... r. Josef JC«'t teachers. teache~ Title Titl~ of f the text is ill fntcrprc- hlerpretaflr' Rcadlnfl R'adi (D. Appleton-Cenlury Appleton-Century tions tionl are clearly staled stated and nt at least statements. talem('nll He will Will make a third tor for Co.) and tlie the authors arc ere Sarnh Low- Low half hair of tlie the volume is devoted to prac- prac fits. Explanations Explanall(>f\S ideas de.. and sugges- lu&ie!l Stalin Stalm has ha~ ssued is!ued only nly two wo public public' t«tii;c the exclusive exciusl\'e use in 111 one of 01 the Free F'ree rey of or Hay nuyior lor and knd Gertrude E. John- John tise t~ material. Radio RadiO itself 1llM!1! will prove World Theater Tbelller' dramas. dramas son 'un of the lhe University UnVersity of Wisconsin. WLSCOlUm particularly partic'ulariy helpful to the person who The first program (Sunday Febru- Febru This book is 1:'1 important mportant to radio rado be- becaum! it gives &:h'es helpful and practical the words of the author* authors commands Oboler. Dboler. was wa~ based ba:;cd on nn a statement by advice on (.n the use u..e of a familiar familiur radio the interest nterest and attention of its iui audi- audi wishes wb;hcs to capture the nrt art which in ary 14) written and directed dlr... by cause Vice Vi<.C President PrClldent Wallace. Wallal(' Each Eat'h succeed- Uccecdinl: drama will Wll be the th(' work... of lor a dif- di Every person per.n who earns eam.. a living hnng at hc the your radio dial will lend lelld you to both ferent group groul) of well-known... cll known writers wrilen. mlotipbonc rnrerol)hollc should 'hvuld read this thl>o volume \'olume good and bad examples exbmplct of oral rending ~ading device oral interpretative nterpretative reading. readmg. ence cnfe. At almost any lime time of the day ing picked pif'kcd by Oboler Doole' from {null the ht' rosters rolcrs of from ('om cover co\el' to cover. o\'er. Radio Radiu would be hc techniques technques and working workin demonstra- dcmon~lralions of such things as timing pause )ause the Screen Writers Guild the thl' Radio much better J.xotll:'f for ful' it. tions Writers Guild GUld and :mel other (.her Hollywood A masterful ma..~t('rrul interpretation mterpretatlon ol of the and rhythm. rhythm Here you have a perfect perreet guilds. ~uilds ncluding indudlng the cartoonists. l'nrtoonists. n words word of.f a wriler ~ ntel is just ju~l as much mu('h a combination ('ombination for selx-cducalson self-education This Thl~ this series serie. listeners ore nrc RUartmtoed guaranteed the work of nf art as s is n a mastorlul ma:;terlul inlcr- inter volume \'olume can be your text-book ted-book and best t inwriting in' writrng. in n direction direl tiun and in pretallon pretati()n of the music mu!ic of 01 n a cmnpnser. compo(l(!r your radio brings brll\&s the world as u your acting that Hollywood Hvllyv. cd can offer. offel. t is This ThlS is tru true whether helher the written '' lien work \ork workshop into your parlor. The Radio Front rfont (Conibiiicd ( 11 frani 'ayc )aul:' 4) 1) everything! e~elylhing 'Tnlii'l 'Taln't fair! i.'... ''SX Six Hits lilt nnd nd a Miss' _ t on 11 the Bums Rllrml and Allen show have ha'e had hod two 'tw(l misses mill!'les and one ('rn(' hit. hit' in so 10 far as R~ the lady is COnc('1 concerned. ned Pntilino P.lulme Burns Burn was ~ the original fl' nat 'Aiss M8S hut but when her hus- hushn left 1ett for f r the Army. Polly PolJy left lett too. Sally S.. ly Sweellnnd Sweetland took yvcr ('r with Wth baby tjl i'jgs on 011 her hl'r mind n and her hl'l lime lillie is taken bkm up caring carmg for her tlel- baby. Latest Latl htmri Miss 'M is 1a Trudy Williams Willram and (he the SX Six Hits'' lill ore an keeping kceplr their lingers lng('f crossed. (;rm.~'d. This Thl~ time trme.' they say. ~ay. there may 'llly be ~ o a delenye rer plant calling. ('sl1rng. CHCAGO By JAY ALLSON AlliSON Luther Ossenhrinck. O. enl' -im'k better UeUc known 44 to National!\'ational Barn Dance DanN' fans ans sis as the Arkansas Arkllll$aS Woodchoppcr Woodch!.pPlr. has ~ an envi- envl able ilble reputation n alound round town as a weather forecaster. lort.'c8ste-r. Arkie you know has ha!l been a fixture flxlur(' nround 81um1 WLS \\-'LS studios here for- more titan thun fifteen flftlcn years. Be- Be sides ides his Saturday Bam 'Barn Dance Dam'e ap- ap pearances. he may be x' hoard heard daily over WLS by Midwest Mid\\e~t listeners. listeners Weather forecasting ro('i.'a~hjls is a hobby with him the long-range lung range stuff ns as well as whnt hat. s cookin' eoc'krn' tomorrow or next n('xl week week. n in tact fact. for f(>l years Arkic's Arkrc'. been arguing with With official weather predictions given O\tr over the air that air- s is before war cen- censorship BOr hp banned them. Frequently.'retluently when these the. e reports were rend r('ad on a n program on which he appeared app('l.ired he'd march right up to the mike in n typical typkal infor- mror mol mal WLS stylo t;lyle and Blld contradict the ofllcla! um('ial forecaster roreea. giving J:lvmg his hi.\! own ver- ver_ sion. 5ion. With a twinkle twlllkle n in his hi.\! eye he re- re called the day back in 193( when WLS was broadcasting broadcastin«from the State Fair Grounds n ill Springfield Springfield. llinois. The day was w~ clear ('1.'ar and. and although althoug~ the omc official forecast a. said Mid slight showers showed for evening. C\l'fllnil. W-S WLS engineer? engine-ers went ~ent ahead and.set t;et up the equipment equlpn1(t n in n canvas cam'a. booth for fur the 9:30 p.m. broad- uronel cast. Arkle came carne hround around that hat after- alter noon and warned warrred them that there was gomg going to tu be a big bl&: blow about the time tillle they were w('re due on em the air. Perplexed Pt'rplexed but having havng had h d experience with Arkic's Arkic. predictions before before. they went... ('nt ahead and set ~ up nnoutcr anr'lher studio tudlo in- 10- doors duor~. warning wnrnlll~ Arkie Alkie that f he was... a wrong ~T(>ng t meant tnf.'lmt his scalp. The Tilt' brimdcasl broad~t started at 9:30 3t as ls scheduled kheduled with wllh still trlj no sign n of a storm. t01l11 But by 9:409 the wind Vi rnd was w blowing blowinll so 10 fiercely f\ch'('ly it took eight men to hold down duwn the booth. There Ther(' hasn't ham' been much nrguincnt argument with Arkie the weather prophet's pl ophel. predictions predictioll~ since... Dealh Dentil stepped tcpped between the micro- micro_ phone and end Bud Van Dover on OD Febru- Febru ary 3. just a few minutes before ho he was wa~ to ) go!co on (.n the nfr air from WON WGN studios 5tudlO~ here. hne Bud was 110 known kno\\ to millions of 1~ listeners as Tom of the veteran \'eteran Tom Tom. Dick and Harry comedy conleoy singing leant. team. He was going through the usual u. ual pie- pr( broadcast broadca~t antics nnlres when lie he collapsed in view of the studio studin audience audlcn('('o and was carrin carried off Hie the stage. :;ctage. Before the broad- broad cost cast went on he the air nir he hr' died dl 'd from a heart attack..... A new net. network n('lwo show sluw for lor Midwest U'tener listeners is Sunday evening's l'\enin The Thl:' Sky's the Limit Limit; a CUS-WBUM CRS WUnM va- \1.1- flely riety program from fro the Glcnview Glenvl~ Naval Air Ar Base. Bast Novel NO'oel touch toj('h is 1'1 the big b ' part played pl<lyed by alr-hase air_bas.' sailors 'allor whv who are.. e auditioned audtioned for roles rnles by Sen- S('on11111 mms Brooks Connally formerly rrm('rly of Chicago Chlrflgo radio l.. Umold larold Tomer Turner V.'GN WON staff ~taff pianist Pll~t heard frequently on MDS shows ho was... married February 6 to Barbara Ba.rbara Reed Rl't'd daughter of a Chicago ChicaRo socialite. aoelalite Next Nel(t step may be the Army. Army f Jf his his OCS application is accepted. u i r-

43 FREQUENCY MODULATON V By DCK DORRANCE By DCK DORRANCE Bright Outlook for lor FM After Alter War; War' Fort Wayne's W One-Woman Station; Another FM Outlet for lor Rochester k /C For the Newcomers T T WAS just jul<' otio me year ago that Mo\nr;- ~OVlE Hadio tadlo Gumr CUllll conscious l'on;ciou~ of a grow- {;rowing ng interest intere~t throughout the country in frequency rrequen('y modulation modulation. inauguraled maugurated thi. this regular page of FM Snformalion mformation as }>; a service st!rvice lit to readers who wanted n kiu.iw know more about ubout this thi'l new form of uoiso-rcu. nobe-free full-fldelity full-ldclity bmadcast.- brlldca~tillg. ng. Since then a great ji:rt'<lt many ll1any more non.: con- ('()fl \ verts ('1'1.$ have been bct:n added C1ddood to lite the FM il.lclljllg listening audience audiejlce. a dozen do~('n new nt'w FM F:V stations 10m; have hllvto' gone on the air air. sev- ~cveral ('rai hundred thousand.. ndtlltksuai additional FM VM receivers Cl'('i\'cr~ are arc in American homes hotlll's-- despite de~pit(.. war curtailments and curtailments--- and fre- fre quency mcduiaumi modulation has today en- en trenched itself ibelf ii» ;1>1 a new and desirable flcsirable adjunct tu the broadcssiing industry. ndu 11 H seems >of.'ejls appropriate apllrullnatc al at this thla limit lmt' particularly Lrll~uDrly since lt'c Movic-aiiui 'fov!. HAlLO Guiut. GUlOl with ' Lth She h~ current currl'nl issue ue. streamlines tn'ullnc it- tselt ~H with a better bc:u.'1 more suitable Ulll.blc war- war time 10(' format to formal L' review '\-'VLew for r. r now 1000W read- Jt'iLders ('rs exactly ('aniy what ~hal FM ~ is. l.j and nrl what \ht it t utters olit-n to tl> radio radw tlsicncrs- tl;'lcr:j. The letters ll'tler~ FM.''... as all most mol- of nf you.u know knit\\' are afl' n popular ppujor tibbreviution aubrc\lallwl f(>r fr the more limit' tecimicul t~ hll'l.. 1 phrase phru-f.' 'frwiueiicy 'fre<tlll'!lcy modulation uduititlon' by which ~tllch radio rudlll engineers cnklm('rs describe d 'lbe the tht electronic \ t r-nic chamctcriaties thar8ctl'l lit!! of nl this hi method mc1] >d of r radio radlo transmission. tramunlsswn To the th(' listener tller. however hol\n~\er FM '\1 means rlll'nnll three hl\.'<' ipiiportant 11p.. rlanl udvnntages:.dvanlu;:e tl) () a 0 freedom rrt~toll1 from virtually \ rluolly all nil stidic. law:. whether ]wlher atmospiieric alnll hlnt (suimner (ulul11('r light- hgllt nitigj nlll::1 or ur maii-iimde lau-llllulc (electric {elt'( tru: motors mutl <] 'll burners neon U' n lights hgllb:. etc.); ('1('.1 {2( (2) o a (till ul1 range of f lone h'lc from the thc lowest l.. wt_1 to the thc highest lllkh~ t notes nlltc giving ~ivlnll greater Orcater clarity durity and am lifelike hft'llke quality quulily n in recep- r('l:cptmn tion. and cano (31 (3) freedom frl'ot'dolll from frflm inter- ntcrtdtllln interference mil.:rlt'rclltc parllcuutrly pcarl1rularly in stntiuri areas ale.!' where hl're- distant ]!.lnl stdtiima tatlllli break bn.!k in on local l{(:al reception. r('~ >111 i.-iuising ('au nl; squeals. lll'als. Lldjunel to the bl'''adca~tmll: Signs of Progress At present lhc~l'nl FM )0'\1 has ha. two druwlraeks dla\\ bilcks fin- lur the average OVl'raJ(e listener. lll<tener The Thl' )>iggcst Jru:e~t is that ynu tieed n('('(1 a receiver r('cei\(~1 designed oesijlned lor fur FM 10.1 tuning nil Llthough many muny of 01 the l'w{' newest t tnuriels lluodchl being bcing manufueturerl manuhn turcd up H) to the ttll' time utt ull nidlo-sel rncl!o ~ct conslrucliuii t'jl~ll'uctil1ll was WUf frozen lust n~t spring ptiny by the War Product 'ruduoiuzl ion loarci Son id were Wl' l' built for fl either... FM )om or ordiiuuy ordlllury (AM) fa.\1) receplitni t.'<'l'ption at the till' turn of <>1 a 101 switch. wtch. Secondly Sl'<'fmly. FM..:\1 stations 1a.Ll>n. rnnnol C';!C.t yet ycl be..>c heard ht'ard n all ~cart.'l parts of or the tilt' crttmuy lolllltry uutiough allhnll~h most i1l'--*t of 1>1 the hl' populated ij.pulah d areas ;f'en.!! now 1W receive rt.. ('j\c FM F\ sendee '1\ (;L' from t'1m at al least len one. Ollt' and simietimi's UdUl even l'\ 'n nine nme transmitters transnultt'j. de- depl.'l\dml on l tocntion. 1<~atl<>n. When Whcn FM t 'M de- de pending velotuncnt ejopl1>('lt is able abll' to proceed pr<>l~'l'(] again with \\ the thc return n.. turl1 ul ot pence pca«the number numocr of station- taliun. will spread!ph'ad rapidly 'apidly in n ac- ae_ cordance Ordancl' with \\ ilh plans )an. already alreany made. mane Today T.lflY there hl C' arc ' apjir'^ximutely Ll' <l'cimuh'ly half hnlr > i a nillllon Amcrirnn hiimcs which have <L mllhnll Ameritm) h'(;; \\ hlth h;l... c FM receivers.... ers. A lulal total n) 01 forty-eight [orty cight stations ~l<lti(ln~ ivorn rrolll Atlantic A t hmtic to Pacific Paci/tc op- op erate crate daily some ~HlC ut.1 them for as a>l much milch us all twenty-four twl'llly- hours a 0 day. Their The;r range go of reception receptiol varies \'ali('>! from forty lorly to two wo hundred miles e>l. Twelve out.ut of the thc iltteen lifteen biggest big~l'~1 cities cilie~ n in Amer- Ameri{'a now have ha\c FM }'l\f service. sl rvice. As a mailer matter ica of fact fcal! until the outbreak outbll!ak of o[ war stymied slyllllcd further rurlhl'r prorvess prugress ninety per- per cent of all U. U S. cities cltic!! with «i a populn- pt>l)ulalinn of over 0\ one onc hundred thousand th(>u~and lion had plans )ianll afoot for «> the hc installation in~lallalion of FM FJ\l stations. stalioll~. For the thc benefit of uf new w readers who may wish '!'h to 10 leam (e(lm more of 01 the til(' basic fa!;ts facts about frchjuency-modulation n(luency-lllodulntion bn>adca ling and ho\ it call>e h bl! broadcasting and bow it came to be FORMER RECEPTONST al sf«4ioo station W49FW W~9FW is now man- man ager. ager That's That\ the story of pretty Rosemary Stanger's FM career. career Besides planning W49FW'5 W -49FW' pro- pro grams she announces them also invented see undcrslaml She FM 111\ ~ cd. \10(' mul(' land he F:\1 Broadl...tetS. Broiidcaslcrs nc. lic the he nntionnl natl<>ai trade adc assoelalion a :alwn oj f FM )0''1.1 slntions <>0 has hu'! nvnll- wall iible ahlt' u tstituber number of l<.klel$ bnnkleus describing ulbm; the entire {'ntire systeni 'y-elll n'lcall They Thl'Y may be ubtallied nblatned by nddresslng cadlll e ll the hl' group Kroup at al Nalionnl Nalmlwl Pres rtnilding. lhulnmc Wash- Wa.-hington.!!t. D. n. C. C A Prophetic ProphetC Voice VOice The Thc other day one Qne of uf Amcrlcn's AnL('ri{'U leadinl: loading radio radi(. experts exp(:rl' Rave «a\'c a talk 100k n New N('\\ York before the hc American Amcricun Mar- Mar_ keting ketng Association. A :.Ot:LatJ(ln. Speaking Spt:aking ns W vice vlt'< president pn.'shlent of the General Electric Ekt:lC Com- Cumpany. Dr. Waller Walter 1. t G. C. Daker Buk\:1 lold luld pany his hlt n audience ltd fence that FM 'M will \\ unc Ueatlon- unque Jlabiy ;LlJly establish c~tabli~h itself as u. a major lllajc>1 type of ( broadcasting «l at ihe thc end cnd of the war. war He warned wal'oed that if f he lie conllict ((Jnlliet lasts 18~ls until probably prnbnljly only (ly Rfly lfty percent X'L((' of nf the he country's cuuntry' rndlo rlldill receivers rlui\'cr will \\111 still lilt se be in operating openlllllu comlition. c(lll(ilti(l This ThL. will mean l1ean a great grcnl demand dt'l11!llld fur fill' now ne\\ sets ~<'s when wh(;11 peace pcal'l! comes pnrtlculurly l'olll's--pal'lculnrly the latest late!'t models <1('1.1 equipped L~luipJX'f1 with... llh an lin f'm FM band and uand-and will \ntl keep ku'p workers... nrkcl ein- l'nl_ ployet! lli('yl'c while \\hile cnginccns (-'11~UL'l'nJ convert l'lll\'r\ their hl'lr war-time ar-tlme radio radiu discoveries eli (.~\(. '('S to better bl'!tcr peaeo-lime Jt ;\<... tirl\l products. prnducts Dr. Baker also cnuhoned ~ lutll>l<.:d tigninst aw\jn~t the till' popular \'''pular inipression iml)rc~ lull that within \\ lhin n lew 1\'\\' weeks sifter ilfter the hl.' war ends end. (ht'l' hose new flncr ULl'r receivein ~\'ers will \\111 become bet.'.n.( avail- u\alj_ able ablc or that thoi the th(' pulilic public will \\ H he lie- able Clbh' to purchase plrcha>-(; high-grade hlju1-gradt' television t('ievllfioll or FM F'M sets \>1 for foj ft t will lake takt time tllllt' pni'iculariy pllrticularly in m the ht case ('U~t' of llt tclovisitm 1t'l1'\1 iun to absorb fully the latest discoveriea. -lolllsorb ulh' thl' rs! d'm\uu FM FM. he tll' feels tl!~ will be lx' able to establish e.labl h itself ('U more morc quickly because l'au~c it is 18 less l'!!!! complex. COll1pi(''( Many \ld1y radio radin engineers :n/o:1\'t'... be- be lieve lievc that tha present 1)1~~cnl televislun le1l'vlilnll systems ~yj;tl's will have h3\'c to be entirely cnln(') redesigned rl.'<lt'slj;nn when hl'l the he war \\ar is over (1\('1 if f they are an to keep kl'l> step 'P with th current lu ('nl developments. i~\elpn'l'\. One-Woman Station From FLt> n time l' to lu lime tll 'L' we've y.l '~e lold 1.. ld you Yu about ab<lut the growing gro\\ ill part lliu women... (H cn are C playing 111 n the thc FM f').1 Held hld. taking laklllg over '>\er such slrielty ndty mnstulinc na (lme jobs Jub!! as.s tin- annolll1ull; program plgralll planning 1)lallllll1:;. sound- lk>und ikhiucinc edcrts. eltl't t~ even l'\cn operation \}(!lntll>ll of tllll' the KM F:\llr'unsmllcrs and lind control colllrul panels pllne!. thcinsclvea. thl'l dve~. trnnsinltters Usualty Usually. hnwever. ho\\e\ cl'. they've llt'y'vl' specialized pt:dali1-t.'<1 in 111 sume 1>111l' parlicular pu tlcuiar type typt.' of radio 1<ldlO work ~(.rk anil from Llld----fn'1 all reports 'done feptllt (jne it t well. ycll. But Uut Fort '''t Wayne ndinna ndlllna has hilll a young lady h.!y in L1 her hc early ('urly twenties tcntles who's ~h(l'j taken lakcn upon UX>n her slim shoulders houldcr ihe thc task lhk (>r uf running an entire ('ntirt' FM station.. latl(1n. working \\(>rking her way \\ay up from reception- reception ist t to 11> the job Job of manager ma/la~cr for [or W49F\V W -t9fw the thl' WwiUnghouae W tlnghou.-.e frctpiency frequency niikluln- modula \11>1\ lioii outlet in io that city. clly. Listeners L t(ncr know knu\\ her hcr by the single illigie name of (f *Tl'»se- R> e mary. mary.' She's She' been be(on heard hl!ilrd over l\cr the 111(' regular relo:ulu' s!nt!iis latiuns in ill Fort Wayne (\\'OWO (WOWO and WCl) WCL) fiir for tlic the past pa~t few fcw years yellr:j presentinr pc enung women's \~en's programs pro~jalt\s and tlnrl acting aclll1o: in radio rdlll dramatizations. dramalizatil'. Today Tflclcay Rosemary her H(~1Llnry full name s ij llosenuiry B ~1l1al'y Slanger is Slanl;lCl i~ busy uu~y mastering mnst(-'rink ihe thl' tcchnicai tet'hl1ic~11 intricacies mtri('a('ie~ of electrical e!cdl'il';11 ti'tmscriptlons trun..tipllnns. 'ull-lldclily full-ldcllty micro- micrnph(j1('s and lind studio tudi cngiooerjng. l'nllinl'c ing. She Sh\.' phones plans plilla nil ;Lll the he programs pr!(rbm heard he31'd over..\er W49FW. W4!!F'W. must ul~1 of which hlch are nrc classical cla$ll'ul and anrl scinlcliissical 'ldl/ leal music. Then as i\.< if f that thai weren't \\Nell'! enough l'nuul!h. she does d<)e~ all 1)m; hl' jinnoiiiu'iisg. annulu'll~ W43FW W-t!H'W operates Pl. L A(' diiily (hilly from ' 3 ;1 <> n 9! p.m. ncni hlt'ill time. lillie. FM Goes to School ;';cy N'ew York City already has the lh(' greatest t'ate concent (uncelllrnt1l>n rat inn of FM stations i<ll(>1 in >11 the he country ~'uuntry with y. Lth eight t'lght ol Of ihem operatfug llt''almjl on OL regular n'glilur schedules hedule-s serv- CAibt*jir< ing some FA1 listeners within > 0 ne :WU.H('U F':\1 wilen! wlthin a tlfty-milc UJt~' - nidius. radlu. To Tn this hls group has recently lct'clltl) been bl''1 added.lti{h:(i the... non-commer- 11(n :Omm... r cial. Cia!. cfuicntional cchl('alinnal FM F't on lttlet. (let. WNVE. WNY-:. ((instructed ~trut'tld by the New York City Clly Bl>ard Board of.. r Education. EdW ;ltlon. This ThiS station.may 4nay be lie heard helll'o bnelly briel' y each al h week-day ('L'k-day a at 421 U 1 megiicycles me.l[iky 1 (S! (21 on n some Ome FM dials) airing airinll programs prt!!ram!! intended mtended for fur classrrvnii d's~n)oun use 1 ' by students tudenu n over nvtr te\ seven ell himdrcd lumhed melropolitan metropolitd schools. schoohi When Wh~ n the tht criguial oll.inal FM broadcast broadt'a!<t band blnd was.. n. created {TUtteri by the Federal Fedf!ral Com- Comtntinlcalions UnlcatlOnli Commission emf m _ l'n in n live h'e special lx't'lal channels rhanlll'l (between (bc:t'laeen 42.1 *2.1 and me.) 'nc.) were \\en' set >'Ct aside a~ldl' for the spe- ~)Ccial (;al use u! of schools jo('honls universities UnFvel iti~ and uther thll' educational L<hll'alllal institutions. Ll~1itutinns. These may be..>c tuned tmu.. >d in n by b): any OilY FM listener. Thus far. fl1' similar ular transmitters tnllll mittel's are be- be ing g operated operau'1 by the hl! school 8(11001 systems ~l>tems of Cleveland C'Je\danrl (W'BOE) (WHOE) and San Fran- Fran viscn t t'u (KAtAV) (KAL.W. As A ynu you will note their thelr call ('all tell ct\l'll< its arc nrc not nt like hkl' those.. o..e of ot com- ('01lLrnt'clal t'm lutl<>n mercial FM stations. Here's Another One FM.1 iiiklu-nccit illld'l'llt~ niotmd nl(1 Rochester R... hester. N. Y.. Y will Will.shortly Wllly be lw greeted ;:l'i.'ted by a a. now ~ w sot.. el of call c'ull hdtors Jc\t('1i when wtwn they ttll'y hear oxperimenlnl ( xl)ellmcnlal station tatil1ll wax wnxad AO an- nnl11('l' ilselt t'lf a* n \V'47R. W-4jR 'Cliis Till will mean mtan nosincc tliat thilt WHEC's W-:<.' (roiucney-iuodulatiun Lt'fjlltl1l y_nmflulalll.n mil tiel lei has ha. assi _Lmed lined cummcreinl <ULCl'lai status statu. (ifficially Jl\ciaJly adding l'fhtll~ another anot/wr full-fledged full nedgl'd )0'\1 FM wtat \:lluul c u to Ll the ll' nut mltum' on's total. n1:.l1. Using U~inj.! 31)00 3.0UO waits. WLlis tjh' he now 111\\' WTH Wl7B s is to tn have ll~ its radialric rlldlalll1~ antrnnti t('l1l111 nmimlcd llmll'd atop ltl1jl WHEC's WHET'. 310-foot :llll.r. tower tell (.1' and und will \ i be x: heard hl'arn eighteen l'la:htl'cl miiib htlllr daily from Hlly--frt>1 (i:3(l ti;m a.m. to tu 12:3!) :til the th~' following (<>lh'w1l1~ morn- m.l/'n_ lll~ ing witii With prognum )rol(l1l originating >riltmatilli! at A sliceinl '...'CLul studios '''' on Fraiiklin F'rullklin Street. S\n'ct. W8XAD WHXAJ wii;! \\ (me onc of Clf the 11ll' first tlr~1 stations latll>l in he ht' country ('''Un to tl air mustenl 1U ('al programs prngraml designed 19ncd particularly partll'ularly for fnr the roiaxa- relaxa_ \ tion.. n of 1>( workers Wnlkl'l' in 1'1('91 oral war ~ar plants plant and a.ud heard hearcl over \ tor FM f'\t receivers rc\('\'el's placed plal't.-d n in the thc factories. lul\unt' Rochester RH.-h~tt r listeners h~hners are ilrt' also ;111'11 served 'r\ t'll by U'MR \\'.~H. the hc' Strom- Sln'mb<!rg-(arL FM ~ M irimsudttcr. lrjll 11l~ borg-carlson 43

44 Dl'ad Dead ManV.\lan Sliocs Shoe (e nlln cd fror Jrom Pugt- P r j; h) ho the dj'ivor inl l of 01 thl' hi* car. l'ar By GiHicbi? G\. rie. your inuldy's buddy right. ch M's t like looking fit in n a mirror mlnui Vcah. -Yeah!iay Hay agreed agrt'<'d wtih with his hl xvey wry smile. n ll' They They fay 58) cverybixjy's t'\ t'tybody got ot a. double. d u t' nn bu' never 11'1;(' believed belll'\ ffi U t until n now. Tlte Tht car (; gathered aalhert'd a peed. p. dray Kay caught c:\'. hill himself 'n watching watchmg the tht speedtimoter peedolllt'l with wth fascinated r.l eyes. The Tho. needle n('('dl(' crept (' cpt pa~1 past tifly llty then sixty lut)' then seventy... 1:(ml~ finally settling ael1itn down dov.n to \. an even ehlle\p! seventy-nine y nlne miles m e en an hotir. haul Despite the $p('cd sfwed the ttll' car n.r scorned ccnotr\ to 1 ride ide smoothly smoulhly o\el over the thl' gravel :ra\'cl road 1'011(1 except on the tht curves curveli which whidl the driver elrin'r seemed n tt have ha\'{' a way... lly of or taking too \UO fast. 111.:;\ He Hl' was ll! good good. ihovigh. though and the thl' car cal alwly always came' Ull(' out of the... skid. t was '3 almost aln Oft sundown undqwn and <lld the hills and ilnd sur- ur rounding 111' country {'(lunlry bccamt Jt... ame more and ald more mure nclfsunet. 111ft! 11ld. The sun Nun was a red \('(1 disk on (ll thl' he dusty dusty hfirlzon hrll.oll :and the sky purple overhead. P ellhead. Kay RilY was wa~ uneasy.. y n tht-' the mtceriain lmctam light bght lhr«t that caused caus('(! the ruad road oheud abcnd to \» be til! lost }o:st in vagueness. Do D you y u always drive drh c this tlus fast? filst t he asked. a K('d Fast Fa~t driving (n\.lllg is lone of the chief chid pit pleasures t in n my life the. h(' driver dri\'el said laid carelessly. ea~1 That's Tha\ one oue of or the things hmj:: m) my dad has h against Qg:.mst me my n tnania mliola for 'or Sfieed. peca That t and not wonting 'Unt 'll to t.) buckle bu..:klc do\l; dots ii t to business bw nl' Abruptly T there thert was wat a sharp ihalp explo- explo Sion: sion! A blowout! b 0... out' The Thl! car bucked bulked like a oune!l'd wounded deer <l-''. swerved \\et'v~d from roo one onc side dll of the he.-' road r. t» n the other. (lhl'l The use- ue less leu. front fronl wlwol \\ lad {lug ~ug lulu mtu the tht soft solt earth of the ditch dlll'n and mnde mdl' n it lulerum JulcrU!l againsl a/.!all1.~t which \\ hil'h the welcht.. el'ht of vf the ma- mn chine revolved. r('\ (n'd. The cm: Ull rolled rolll'd lll<e like a il child's ('hild';; toy across!ll'l'o the thl' ditch <1i\l'h and <lnd nto llo o il field. field After Aftl the Bound U\l!ld of ut a racing nl/;'\~ motor t1oto and ann crushing cru~hu1k molul mt'tul there thelll was w' sik'iice lenee Only tile tiw smell of or gasoline g<l htot and md dusl du~t filled lille<1 the till' eounlry (OUl\tl~' air. loll Then Thtll there th(''(' wits W<l a aiovcmetu 11\0\'en Tt and alll! he lhe human hu 1311 sound aound of a mar. man groaning 100l)il1$ Ray. Ray are < yuu you all au right'.' ' flht t was Stubby's voice ' ;.cl' but different dufllt t Boiiiehim- cho\\. than it t bad had been be( before bcjure Ray was \\ a nil.11 right. rltht lls face facr was cut and bleeding. ble-«t 'll Ho H.' romphiined rompl.ulld about his head bead and side. de He lie was <1$.1 almost mt systori- hy e' cal for a nioineni. 0 l'nt The driver \ lor of the thl' car was wa dead and when wh~n fa.v H) hurtivil karned this this fact he seemixj M'C' ed to t.) pull himscir hll together. togeth!1 He lit liecnme bec3mt ex l'xdted oil if im illl ex- t'x~ cltemenl citement that carried ca.rfwd Stubby Sluhby along 111''''5 in its ib intensity mten t~. Stubby! Stubby' Stubby Stubl~ 'm 1'11\ suing J.:Ol!g to change changc places plan's with this thi>! guy. ~uy You Yuu said <lid he looks look!j like me \C and now lnw his hi. face fac(' s is all disllgtiml disligured from frolll the thc wreck \\T('(;k There'll 1'11<:C']] be none to. know ttl(' he dtllcrcncc. diftcrcllee. 'm l'lll going to tn be him hilll and Hlld he's 11t~ going golllg to be mc. 1111'. 'm Jm dead!'' You're You'n' nuts!... Out But Stubby Sllbb~' helped help\'(! Ray Hay exchange t'\ch<ln;.:(' clothes c\()thes with ihe the dead man. mun They Th('y looked at al thl' he cords t'unb n in his hl~ billfold inul.llt! discovered dlscovet'cd Hint that he had hud been bccn Kerry Kilrain who whl. lived lile(] nt 11\ Rklge Hldg!' City. City By sheer will-power will-pl>l'c' Uuy Ru~' forced fl>l'c'ed Stubby to help him. him 1 told yuu you die thl' world was \\;1 goini: goblg to pay for Co those th()m two tw{j years vears behind Jl'hmd the bars bar&.' Ray said s8d hysterically. t.~ lcally This 'Th is s how it's la going COme to 1< do 10 it. ' But. But Ray Ray That's That'a no! not my tiamc name nny any more. 11r(-' t's t'l Kerry K Kiham- Urn in and -and don't dnn'l you for- [1>1. et got it. t. Ray slumped back balk on the ground &r0ulld He le was a out OU cold. 1:0 d Stubhy T was alone on the th~ deserted rtl-d road. AT THE Ridge Ridg(- City Community C(>l1l1l1\llity Hos- Hos. pital pita\. where Kerry Kilmin Klkain was W taken. takell Doctor Do.:O Rueker Rucker was \\/1. won worrl(-'d 1 led huf tha Kerry's parents parent.. and his his fiancee. f1<1ncct' Miss Pot Joyce Trent Trelil. might mlghl ensue caullt' a il dangerous danaerol relapse.. e in ill the thl' paliem patient been be<:ause of their concern. (.nt'ern. He won't WU't roinenibcr 'cmembe( nny lilly «f (Jf you. the thc doctor doctur worhed. warnc'd 1 want wont Miss MSS Trent T'(nl to t(> see!;ee him first fint hecinisc ljo('cliu::>e she's ~ht1 his fiancee. fiancee At tlte the sumo all1t~ time lillie 1 want wanl uo S rt# Joyce? Jy(~-e' Putuk'incut Puv.leillent was the only note wle n the.-' bandaged band.aa:m man's man' voice. o~ Vcs Yes she ibt' said '~lid simply SUnply but!jut there Ultl'e wtts \\a~ a catch n her h-er throat as she ahe odded added You you 'You ynu Jove luyc me. e We're lu tl) be mar- marned next month m(nth. ried Mnrricd? Married? Her 1-1('.- voice \'01«' remained lemalned gentle. l:el\lle Don't look so strange. tranl(1.' Dear. Dc-'al 1111 t'll all au come ('(\flt' back tb t you. > au Do you remember 1etnt'mber this llan. man? He's one Ofle of vt the men who was in m the wreck \\'re.'k with you. Kerry. Kerl) His HS namc name s is Stubby SU!JlJy Bronson Bronson. Slubby 'Slubby Bronson? 8nlllson'''' The Th(' patient's pallent'. face fall. was wa bhink. blhnk He turned lurnm it t away. 1 wish!\;i~h 1 could rould remember. t's t all jus! jus! iu \- Jusl like hkft 8 a dark veil 'ell across acre;ss my m~ mind. lnd. Time that's Timt-- thac what i need. lled. Time... a lot of uf lime.. ill 4* * n the weeks that hat followed he thl' pa- patlt'nl lu'iit improved itllprn\'m. was wa:l. placed plal:t'u in «a whoel- whcelchair Chill and taken Wk('n lo to the Kilrain KHram home. )'- ~l j/ f 'f 't's if any <ny help dear the th. ofher other commentator pushed p'l.uhed the Germans Germ<ll'u bad b<lld somewhat 'ome... farther him hlln to see Stubby Bronson the DmlUOH- -th(- man llan who o survived 'urnved the wreck wre-ck with With him. hlll\ They Thel stood ~totod in a small slilail group out- outside de She the patient's patient';! room. 1'0010. Mr. Mr Kilrain KiJruin a gray-haired gral-haired well-dressed well-tires. cd man said he 11(' understood under~tuod what \\ ht the doctor «actor wanted \\;ls was to jolt the patient's moiitory. memory At the same lime the older ()l~r man tried to 10 comfort comfurt Kerry's mother. The middle- middle aged couple (ouplc stood meekly ll('('kly outside oull;ide the door doo! while Joyce Joytl' and an«stubby entered their son's ron's room. room Joyce and Stubby Stuuby advanced ath'allted quiouy quietly to the patient's bed. The bandaged man lall on 011 the bed looked looke(l at them thell! with curious CU'J(}ll~ eyes. Don't you remember re'l1ellluer inc. me. Kerry? Kerry'.' Tin -'m Joyce. Joyt'('.' The Thc girl's voice \'oie(' was soft 'oft. beautiful. 7 A A S* 7- Everything. el'ythinll was made comfortable eumfult.. bll' for litm. hun Mr!'ttl' and Mrs. :\trs. Kilrain Kilram seemed F«'mcd to 10 lake tak(-' a new joy in welcoming \\e\cominl; back bal'k their theil' son. 'On Joyce J(lyce Trent stayed at the Kilrain Kih'nin home to watch tjic Ul(' man she ~he loved. 10\'«1. Everything was going smoothly. tl\oothly. Stubby Bronson Br(>n~Ol had been hired as a chauireur chauftl'ur for fo' the he Kllrains Kilrains and was takmg taking life lill' pretty )retly easy. ('a'y. Only the j)a- patient's lfont's loss of memory scouted seclllcd lo 10 bother uoth(-'r anybody. Even that was wa~ only V)' a minor irritation. s that wheel-chair com eoml(lrlablc. for! able Kerry? K erly~' Joyce Joycc asked one evening e\ellmg: when the Kllroins Kilraills planned plunned on 011 leaving ('il\'ini: for the theater. theat(-'!' After the hospital ho~pital it's like heaven hea\'cll lie he said said. with twinkling twinklins eyes. eyes t's 11' swell j;\vell of you to take Mother 1\lolh\r and lind Dad Dud So t<1 the thl' thealer theater lonighl tulrhl Joyce.' Joyc('.' t'll do them ltaom good a:ood she h~ said. d They've The7 \'e worn themselves hemh'l\ out 'U worry- w TT ing n about you. Mr. 1\11'. and Mrs. M Kilrain Ktlram tame came into 101 Kerry's room nxlm to h' say good-by. cood-by. But Bul a# a Kt.'rry' Kerry's father fnth{'' reached cadl(-'d forward to shake hakl' hands with wilh the man he h(-' be- lieved le\ ed U> to!«be-' lils hi son. On he h suddenly paused paw-cd grasped 'lllipe-d his h side. The man in the wheel-chair wh«l~ h: was instanily nstallt!) solici- 1011('- t lous. u )ad-\\ Dad what's he tht' matter? matter' ' A HUte little pnm near pam lt'ar the th(' heart. Just 1\1 t ndigestion. ndijt th'n Mn Mrs. Kilrain Kilraln aitne eaml' to te; her husband's side. dt: Sam she ht' said. aid it'i. t' not nol indl- Odl J:e~tln geslioii and you Y<) know kno\\ it.. t's your heart again. again Voti \'ou'(' ve been b{'cn working \\VrklllJ:: too tnu hard. hunt You've You'v(' gol got lo 10 slow 'low down. down Cnn'l Cun't do t it. ho h.' icpliod. relllied. All those thu~c war orders. lrders Besides kdes Kerry K(-'rry will be 11(' hack on the job jub soon 'louo to help imt. lle.' You bet. Dad! D.. d~ The man in 1tl the hl' whoel-chatr wh('('l-chair put real 'cal warmth n in 1i1h~ h' voice. VOlee T F WAS some Kline days later that tht Stubby Bronson Bronson. his his grny-grccn 'ra... -gret'n eyes l'yl's half har hooded huoded by drooping drnl.p;nljl eyelids eyeitd ushered u a visitor vllitor ntu into the sick Sick man's room nt al the Kilrain Kilralll home. hnme 'm ''m Bill Sullivan Sulllv.iln of the Post P~ the v visitor 1101' said Bid introducing mtroducmg himself hlffiaeu 've '~' been wanting wantmg to tn l.tlk talk to you ~'OU ever M(' am«since your accident. What about? about the patient patllmt asked. a klcl '''Your Your case C~l' is unusual unlml81 Complete Compett loss nn of o( memory. memo... t makes a good ODd story. stor~ There Th6!.le was suincthmg Cln ethlna else ebe unusual UlUSual. too. tuo Ray Strickland Stlu'kl<lnd the ex-cunvicl e\-oon\]('t who \\ was kilted kll1t-d in 1l the th~ wreck rr-t:k was w almost &h1l05t your exuel cxa(t double. douolt So they tell me. ' the thl' patient patlt'llt said caiiliously cautiously. Just what whal are ure you...(>u getting j;t'ltlllg at Wire WH' Guy? Stubby nsketl i~ked suspiciously. slspll'iulisly. Sullivan Hshed J\!;hcd a crumpled cigarette cigllt'ettl' package pa(kage from frvm his 111. con! tur pocket pol:ke\. put pul a sllwke smoke n his hi mouth mquth and struck trul'k «hght. light. 'T\(-' 've got ln ( uite (julte an imagination imagmatlol Mr. M. Kilrain Kilralll You'd Yu'd ho th-' surprised surptl~{'d at the thl stories ttll'!! 1 think up u sometimes. 0 etimt' What f if you had been tx't't'l killed kijl'1 n in the wreck wn-ej:. loj.t~ad instead «01 the ex-con cx~nv('1 vie! ^ What il if ht he had notrd 10u'd the resemblance r~semblam-e and decided :ic:< lded to change dlollll:e places C with Wth you? you Tin ''m afraid afn. d! don't lot e ov. low you. yvu The face of the man in the wheel-chair \\ h~ o(halr was y; OS culm {'alm poised. pulsed The reporter smirked. lkt'tl That's Ttlat all (or tor the present. present ho he ssid!ad T 1 just wanted lo to see ce you tills thi.. lime tlml' look (ok yots YOl over. (>\'er Good night Mr. M Kilrain. Kllrain. Stubby ushered ushel'l-'d Sullivan Sulhvan to ihe the door door. listened to his hi>! departing dcpal'lmg i'mstsleps. lootstep:s Then he turned turnul his cherubic face toward the thl' man n in the thl' wheel-chair. wh('('l-chail. The dirty nwdmvn 10\\d(\1 skunk he.aid. said. Slubby Stubby' asked aked ihe the man llan in the chair l'hair with wllh a strange 'tranl.:t! jnltccti'.in infleltion in his hi~ voice \'oice cnuld could il it be possible po!<~lble that he's hc right? right Could anything like he hc said have ha\'e hnppcned? happened? Stubby's Stubby'~ eyes eye~ widened ami and his mouib mouth dropped open.... Forget orgl.'! il it he said.\ouid. f U that guy makes any more cracks well cracks---wdl. there's more than one onc (Coillhnir'd (Colltuu1('d on 0 Ptigv Pag(' 5fj) 56) The Movie ~ (()\ il' Front want you in lough-guy toul.h-5u- parts. Pill't! We don't want you kissing kl~1ng girls &rl. like ngrid Berg- Ber: mau. man You looked 1000kl'(l like you liked it. But BU we didn't. didn \. And t\ we W(' won't w(.n t go toce sec your pictures pieturc:l. until you get tough again Bogie Boiic who values vale;.s the good Good opinion Opinion of alt all American Alnerican boys hastily replied as- (1): suring his h ill youthful admirers admirer; that he is i:oi nothing but tough in m Action in the North All A tlantic.. 46 fconfiiincd /ram 'ayr 2) Grammar-garbler: Grammar'garb Mike Curtiz Curtiz. the Warner Bros Bro~. director garbles gram- grammr and juggles jug~les words word:! almost with the th(' mar same :;lne ease ea~l' as a~ Gregory Gre~ory Rntoff. RatofY For'a < scene!'('('ne in Mission to Moscow Mosco recently Curtiz wanted w<lnted a fast last saddle horse. hon;e. He Hl turned lo 10 an aid and yelled Gel mc m(-' a horse hor~l' that's that'!> quick as a flashlight'...' Bow-wows Bow wows for Carson. rlon. When Jack Carson was cast in Thank Your Lucky Stars he figured he might get a respite from his usual role role of or fall lall guy and have- some soml' lovely lo\'ely moments with some f;ome lovely (>vely ladles. dies. So what happens? happ{'ns wails w(lils Jack. Ja('k Tin!rn cast cam in a number with Alan Hale Hil l\.' and a team tcam ol of husky hu~ky dogs! d(>g-'.. Jottings J ottngs from f Movletown. Kenny Baker gets the th(-' lead ll'ad role in Columbio's ColumBta' Doughboys 'Doughboys in reland..the. indi- indictor points pcinls lo to serious in the Georgia Carrotl-Kny Carroll-Kay Kyser Ky.;er romantics. Could be! But then tht.'n the Old Professor has ha~ fooled Hollywood before belore... Afler After glamour- glamour cator shopping all over the Western \ world. world Orson Welles is now concentrating on Maria Montez Mont('z... Jane J Frazcc F razel' has ha~ discovered di~co\ered why Army camp Junkc-ls junket~ are limited to for fol leen ('('n days. days We col- collap. e on lite the fifteenth. fi(teenth.- laughed Jane... Male members mem1x:rs of 01 the th(' Bataan PalroT' Patrol' cast ea~t plan ft shaving-bee having-bee as soon as the last la~t scene j;l'('le tor for the picture s :ll n in the can. They haven't shaved for over a month in til keeping keepinj; with their roles for this story ~ory. -. Ann Sheridan received recei\'cd a l fan letter ctter from an en- en lapse amored amofl~d male the other day which read; read: Send Scnd ine me five nve hundred hundr(-'d dollars. dollars Til 'll work il it out as your chauffeur until you learn to really eisre ('are for me. m 13/1 n.'l P

45 MARQUETTE UNV RSTY UNVERSTY Wl11 ws rwmernber remember Don McNeill. McNeill emcee of r. dio' die's popular popuj.r... BreaMast kf.5l Club as at the fho boy who registered at the U ovd and then the went.. iob-hunfin9 job-hunting to pay his hrs way. How... be found an en anrtoclncirtgi announcing... vacancy ~ncy on a local Milwallk Wilwauleo.. dolfion station a few hours after he be matriculated matricofatod... at a freshmllll. freshmen Don stiu still eherisltes cherishes.. e yen yon to be bo e cartoonist. H. He writes wrltos hymns hymm as a hobby hobhy. and by stem stern dilcipline disciplina lin has overcome b.tshfuln.u bashfulncss CLASSMATES at Wesferri College Ohio where Broalfast CUib songstress Nancy Martin got hor 8 A. degree recall Nancy as a i y. goodnatured girl friendly as the songs sho sings on the a if lanes today. But believe it or not. Miss Martin set out in life to be a schooimarm. Even taught in West Virginia after post-graduate worl at Dultc University n Nancy came to the Chicago networks where she's still a favorite r THE BREAKFAST 9^h LOUSANA-BORN Jack Baker Breakfast CKsb tonor took a detour as a feaeher of history before he became convinced that singing was his real i(o-work. fhon he concurirated on radio auditioned on the Blue Network and landed on the Breakfast Club. Now Ke't perfectly happy singing away daily on the program. Jack's most embarrassing moment on the air ff e inadvorteotly swallowed a coughdrop on the opening note of a song before the mike CLUB ~ THE Kreai erat majorlty mivtorily of i>( real AmeneanJ love nformality loformalky n in enter entcr- Atnen- ' cans talrunetlt. '.atnmrnl. Which Wbleb is probably ooe one reason why radio's rutlso's Breakf Breutcfasl Club still.ull ennttnues ennunum to tn t. l>c popular pupuljir after n a decade on the alrlanea. airlanes. On October Oc:tobeZ ft it t bepn began Ob on the Blue Network n Chicago Ciilcnito.. a? The Pepper Peppn- Pot. Pot June Zt 23 1_ Don McNeill became emcee cm roe and tbe the title litle was wu chiingefl chanced lo n Breakfad: 'Brssalcfasl Club. Jt t KtnrtL-d started with vrith the t.adc basic dea that auneane somfjne 1D in radio ~ ought to lo <lo do OmlUl1oc something about the tm.. Umeworn Afileilcan Amerk:U bablt habii of cf ~ eatinic breufajt breakfast with wnh a JrOUcb. gixmch. ~ Thnr.ugti the bc years. ~ t hu bus beea. been the ~ priwing- POUDd ground tor for such dbudcu1lbed dmliiiguiihod wn alum- ni as u Fibber Ftbber cgee McCec and an<> 1ob'. Molly the lert)' Merry Macs ac:l od and Gale Pqt. Page. FlfteeDminUte minull* poruou portions of or 'BnHlllt Brenkfajt Club are sponsored ~ by Swift add and er..ft Cream Fifteen- -_ of Wtn-al Wheat. _-- TodQ Toilay rhe tbe liatenhll: listening auclieace audience or of the ~ Breakfast Club 1a (j>... v/raldwtfle. wtde hat Fan*... wjtbua within b'av~ irnvellag-disldce Unce ti stiel crowd the tudlo studio s..- reuutariy d'.-pile the fact that they must... gel up before _... the craek of da_to dawn be... there ifl t:bne ;ime.. for the bn'nrt broadcasl k N i\r' Ni COURAGEOUS is the word for Morion Mono singer on the Brookfost Ctob Ten years ago a motor crash sent her to «hospital with enough broken bones to put the bravest of spirits in the doldrums. Mrs. Jack Macy off the airlarws. Marion returned to radio because it allowed her to havo roai homo life and a career as wab. The day she was married. La Mann bough; a good cook-book and followed it Jealously. Exploring any sort of cavo is her principal hobby 47

46 Hollywood Got What t Deserved Hollywood Cot What t Deserved The Trumpets of War Have Blasted Some Bigwigs Out of Their Complacent Mood. Where They Go Co From Here s Up to Them! Them By DON RAYMOND r k y. 4^ e--- imrwttm «w1t u nmf _ Clark Cable Gable refused to fo conform and end joined the Army Air Forces Forcei...a..... _ Henry Fonda's answer fo to e%emption. exemption enlixfed enlisted Thli Thu la b on an onrtaer GnstDe1' to Hollywood ffohytowxi Get* Gelt lf» ta Teeth Kicked n an article that oppcorcd appeared reeendli recently in a nctiona national maoazine. mggogzim. t e bemoaned the fad fact that actor* acto... and ond technician* technicianr wrre toere going into the armed tinned forces force.j in such *uch numbe1's number* that the /!lm /11m capital WU too* being bciny.rtripped ttripped of pood good men to carry Cd7T]l on G a fttal oitnl industry. Had Hod the author been toritinp writing about the farmers farmrr of the nation My. Mr. Ramond Raymond ufould would have apreed agr ed with the viewpoint. ciewpoint. But when it come* cornu to the pictulc picture induat11l. he *ce».ee. another amther ride of the industry idea. dea. Mr. Raymond Ravrnond bclieoes beirvu that if Mooietown Mooietoum pot 'ot its it* teeth kicked in' in os (U a result.endt of the war the ex'j)etit'nce experience was wcu refreshing refn.hing and that the place toiu wili be better for lor it t when the hooting'. shootiny's overt ove-rj -The The Editors. WWHEN more ridiculous state statements than this are arc made to wit t s is as stupid to throw away a Mickey Kooney Rooney or a Henry Fondo Fonda as t it would be to draft an air airplane designer desilller to make him a greasemonkey... hope bope this writer is not greasemonkey guilty. culty. At first Hollywood and most of the rest ot the country did not rea.liu realize that this war would slowly slowly. then rapidly. rapidly then with speed ol of lightning change the service eervice values of ot ml!d men and women nil au over the country. You dont don't think they'd draft me do you? a diminutive dlm.inutive actor asked me almost a year ago. Why not? nou snapped. Weil Well can help belp out a lot selling bonds visiting camps campa and just appear appearing in pictures pidures the Oldiers soldiers would like to sec. see. At the moment moml!dt there wasn't any an answer. ''''. Six month* months later the same young man said My studio tried to keep me from enlisting. did but couldn't couldnt pass the physfenl phylical. Now 'm afraid even the draft might not take lake me. Something happened to that young youna man in a few tew months. monuu. First he realized that the war was more mare impennt mportant than any man's private career and there therefore serving servina his country came first. Second he beaan began to feel foolish in la cl ci- vilian clothes when other young )ouna men his age were in uniform. unuorm. s that bod? bad? Apparently some folks think so. f they do seriously let me say sny that one of the worst blows to morale would be bo any sort of edict that kept the young actor at home making pictures when his fellow countrymen went out to bleed and die de for their country. U f the President PresJdent once advised Clark Gable by letter that his bis services in making pictures would be more va1u.. valuable hie than behind a UD. gun be he douhuesa doubtless thinkl thinks better of it U now. No finer thina thing has happened to boost morale than the departure of Gable into nto service. You can take my word for t that there has bas been no DO more uncomfortable actor n Hollywood Holl)'wood in n recent weeki weeks than Robert Taylor Ta;rlor. Wisely he has kept his mouth shut but prlvateb' privately he has wondered what his male audiences Capt. Gene Raymond bow now n in AAF ovcneo* cweneas / Tyrone Power said No! Tyrone Power reid No! and end joined the Marines 48

47 h f k. w _... Willl m-c-m wmino^r Robert Taylor T ay/or has conformed $0 so far but is about ready to boltl bolt! Micley Mickey Rooney's Rooney' glad to be dessified classified es at -A in the Army The Army insists Bob Hope stay n in civvies! Read why wiy thought thoulht when he appeared as the hero ot of various pictures pieturel wearin& wearing variations of ot uniforms unitorma that are a badj:e badge of honor to every ev~ man who dolll dons one. Bob roeallza alizes that the majority majorito ot of thoae those who rewondered. why wb.j he be was waa not in unuonn uniform were more concerned eonoerned over the morale of ot the country countq' at allarce large than those who hoped he might mi(ht not be called and hence could continue to make pictures. This s is the people' people's war and tor for this reason it s is the people's privilege privilep that those young )'OWl&' men it bas has made tamow famous should be among amana: the first to take their places n in the ranks ot of figblinc fighting men. f U this were not 10 so these stron strong and talented young youna men do not deserve their fame. tame. Good actors acton are not a dime a doun dozen but there will be enough to provide more than suitable entertainment with almost every young man under thlrtydebt in service. There is no arcument argument that certain technicians should be exempt for tor these men can do much to thirtyeight keep the level ot of entertainment h1ch. high. t is too bad for tor example that a.onc song- writer of ot the (rut great talent ot of Frank Loesser Loeuer should be tailed called tor for at home he might ml&ht contribute even more than he be docs doh in Rrvlce. service. Now what of the men who have gone. What do they Ulinkl think! Capt. Capt Gene Raymond Jeanette Mac Mac- Donald's Donald'. husband hwband is not sorry be he lett left Hollywood. The rotes roles be he wu was handed were an inault insult to his h1a intellilence intelligence and a pain in the neck to movie-coera movie-goers who admired him.. as an lido'. actor. He wo was bit bitterly disappointed diuppolnted when he had to be content with service in air intelli&ence ntelligence but happy happ. that he be could RNa. servo. want to be in the air droppn.- dropping thoee those elp eggs he said. Now he at last has reached that goal. lob. Private Tyrone Power now in the Marine Corps suffered sufjered q:onies agonies be10re before he was finally taken n. 've been around too long now be he answered when it was hinted that he mlebt might tay stay long on.. enough ~ to make a last penonal personal appearance with his latest picture. On the question of whether t it would have been better it if the Government hod had required actors acton to atkk stick to their jobs. jobs Henry Hemy Fonda &aid said volumes when wben he be replied enlisted didn't n 1? There are exceptions exceptiolul aod end Bob Hope is. a notable one. Out ot of a thousand Amy Ann. men men. you might ml&bt find one wbo who would insist wist that Bob mould should be n in the Ann.. Amy. The rest know better. M As one buck private put it When.ou you.tart start drafting draun.. comedians like Bob Hope and really reall. great ereat entertainen entertainers like Ka. Kay Kysor Kyser then you are burun. hurting the Army. These men have one gone the limit to en entertain lonesome guys UY n in campi camps all over the country. TheyVo The.'ve tried to get others to go JO along alon in the same all-out fa&hion. fashion. We dont don't want the hmdm)me handsome kid! kids to entertain us we us--we have han~me handsome men n in the Army. A.rro. Give us ualauaba laughs and aon.p songs and every son-of-a-gun son-ot-a-cun who can Bebt fight and well we'll win this war in n a d hurry. Hollywood has been.ettrn. getting what it deserved and Hollywood is not squawk squawking. n. t has bas not been the acton actors who have haw failed tailed in their thelr duty but a cu- cer- (Continued (Continur.d on Pope P(1g~ 60} ) -* > Ditto! Dittol for Kay Key Kyter KYWf wflo wfio hat has gone all H out for USO s - T *» '».v» *. j J >\\ 49

48 c- V V- '. w 'A V K * S5 % w PEARY PEARY. onco once known as _ Spanish ''Spuaish Serenader of radio -.P' keeps up his singing sinqing practise. proctise. Above: Abcwe: Mrs. Haf Hal acts ects as es accompanist 6CC:ompanist.w >> HAL (above fight) gives away Sildersleeve losses to Lurene Tuttlc. Martha T^ton Doris Simpson Sybil Chtsm (. to r.) RADO RADlO listeners are accus- eecus tomed to Sildersleeve G.1dersleeve being up a tree on airianes. airt-.. Right; Right: He gives actual demonstration... cp..s adm cien-strmon 3 v Sr Vt t STOOGE to v v fk -'v M r* --- r % STARDOM - STARDOM ty Hal (Great Gi'dersleeve) Gildersleeve) Peary of r -rsr the Airlanes s First Radio Stooge the Airlanes s First Radio Stooge to Get Long-Term Movie Contract! 50 >1 sak a % S L -* % n \ s /* / LAST year was a banner one for Hal (The Great GOdersleeve) Gildersleeve) Peary of radio. He became the first drst airlane stooge to step from a supporting rrupporuni; role to that of star on his own program The ''The Great Gildersleeve. Gildel'1lleeve. Lis- Lis teners who tune in on Fibber McGee and Molly will remember his pec- pec cadillos on their show. Now RKO picture studios have signed. Peary to a long-term contract as the star of a movie series based on his radio char- char acter Gildersleeve Gildersleeve. Once known on the air as the Spanish ''Spanish Serenader of radio Peary utilizes his fine singing singin talent to advantage advantace on his bis present air show. Proof that listeners like Hal's warbling comes come. n in the form of letters from fans tans asking for more. As & an American the hardest assignment Hal as Gildersleeve ever did was to go on the air with his bia funnyman show on December Deeember two hours bours after the news broke that Pearl Harbor had bad been bombed. Now n in addition to radio and movie work Peary Pe&J')' is ia active on the home front.. He is an air-raid warden was one of ot the first Endno Encino citizens to plant a victory garden and is the sort of ot man who collects coueda all the neighbors his car will hold bold when he be makes a trip to near-by Holly Holly- wood and they want to go '0 along. n line with the Government's Government'. man-hour conservation program program. Hal and his wife Betty have bave taken over all work around their place. He does the outdoor chores Mrs. MR. Hal the housework and cooking. Hal's Hal'. rise from stooge to stardom hasn't changed. him a bitl bit! GLDERSlEEVE GLDERSLEEVE (left) Qeft) visits the Encino Calif. grammar school near his home presents presenh pupils up to fourth grade qrede with war- war stamp books boob first stamp inserted to stimulate rlimulate school Khool sales

49 (ii i- >/ i v H m \ J. PHOTOGRAPHER CtaudeHe Colberf's assistant Fred (Superman) MacMurray Jets a lamp fall on the head of the most beautiful man in America. Claudetfe attempts consolation while Fred looks on nonchalantly 2. FRED assumes a belligerent pose as Beautiful struggles to his feet threatens to knock Superman's head off. Claudetie interferes afraid that two giants at loggerheads will wreck all her studio equipment 3. UNPERTURBED by her violent outbursts and her taunts that she has a chair with more appeal for her than ho has Fred calmly picks Claudetie op n his arms! LET'S LOOK AT THE RUSHES OF No Time for f o r Love V Starring Claudette Colbert and Fred Mac Starring Claudette Colbert and Fred Mac- / Murray in a Priceless Warless Comedy Murray in a Priceless Warless Comedy ll s >* u T THESE shots ahota from tram the Paramount Pornmount produc produc- Uon tion No ''No Time for Love.tarrin&: starring Clau Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray live give picture. of the daily rushe rushes on the set wbete where the movie is ill being produced. Wbkb Which means pictures that readers of MOvu-RADlO Movie-Radio GUDE Guide eet get a pre preview of ot the.cenes scenes just.. as they are arc run orr off in the projection-room at the end 01 of the da7 day 80 so director and cast cut can Roe see how the wor-k work is aoina. going. No Time for tor Love ill is a frothy COD- com-._0.- o Pk-C.T* edy ed7 woven WOVeD around a famous woman photoc photog (Claudette Colbert) who s so temperamental no DO one dares ~ to criticize her ber work. Fun Pun besins when wben she s is assigned awcned to make pictures begins of ot tunnel workers workers. amooc among tbem them Fred Mac Mac- Murray a aandboi sandbog dubbed supennan superman by his pals. pall Claudette woo't won't admit she'. she's attncted attracted to Fred Fred. even after alter he becomes her aaaiatant. assistant and the plot bubbles furiously to a romantic climax without a ain&le single reference to war.. // z n n K ti t: * T if c- ti Hi ti yj r t- % % J 4. fo'j We besr throwing yourself et me ever since the dey we mef says Fred ffeffj as he kisses Claudette end she ceases fo struggle. n the ccma* {above ^ed storms her boudoir and takes over in the approved caveman manner 5. THANKS PAL saws Fred to one of Claude*te's 'riends above you were a great help.'* And so ends the qoesrion whefhe- n the fine analysis a sandhog is as good as the glamorous career girl 51

50 t'. a BG PCTURE > She's groivn-tip nozu and terrific: \ A /! f ih ' /fi W T' : V V>? M she h. * YOUR VCTORY ENTERTANMENT CARAVAN- CARAVAN BRNGNG YOU SONGS LOVE AND LAUGHTER utarring JANE WTHERS Your' 1\11 AmerlcD Swuhearf -JoHNNY H 0'. M *ltt / KKiy ttlcjkk lu._ / NCKS8H-RUM 'ATC._llllAl #MiuKsi-mijow(rtiy thltelly ' kmriih nwrncm!atkf litei Jib; Jin<r Wlili '-Will Srtin Sil.-.. S..... ''''*-''td Ktrutiil Snick t*i am timr... Cnn Slit. c..-letrt (Ska-KokJrt tsirn tt_ BUY UY WAR WU BONOS lotios AND ANO STAMPS STAWS t's a REPUBLC REPUBUC PCTURE PC'URE $hr she sings.$fk.$!!.$he she iliinces d(jllcu! f ronranccs romnncf!$! Your All- American Sivecthcarl jv '/ i te MEATLESS Tuesday Tuetday finds Bobby Breon BrHn eating asparagus asparag loaf at the tha Hollywood Brown Derby. Ho He has just jus't enlisted enlkted in Air Ajr rorcos Forcei c> MH!le Meailess menu* menu. ccn con be Hntmptred luinljrired and ond unpalatable unpa14!(lble brinpinp bringing tong long faces lace. to the famuy famu~ dinner-table dhnut-tab~ or M thev thc1 au can be appctuliigly Oppe'tl%tnglll deltcioiw deuctou. and bring fmitci..mllr. t 11 alt ou depends drpenda on 0 the ingenuity ing.f1luilll of the cook. n order Mdn to help Mlp homemaker-readers hcnmm4klt-rhdlt. of Mo- VR_RAD10 vik-had Guidk GUlDf pet get heppu heppl Tewll. restilu we toent wrnt to the Hotlpujood HoUJltDood Brotcn Brown Derby ~bll chef chd one of 01 the he finest jlrtel! n tou»n loun and said Hid Give us u. some lome really reollll good recipes Trcipr. ATTENTON! for fm' meatless mhue days. doll... The Tn. managrmenl manapetnent n turn called CGW the 1M stars.ulrt ond and told chern them thai thgt their thdr special jj)c!ciol See How meatless meaue favorites faooritu would be serf.t!tvrd. ed. The stars.ulr. came con&c Hollywood along with wilh a cameraman eamcraf'to ond lind reporter reportn to get grt the 1M best ben recipes rrdjm' for fm our OUT readers. rt!cder. We W. Solves the hope you /OU like ilce them as u much as.. toe lot! do.' do! The -The Editors. Ed! tort. Meatless Problem! MMEATLESS Tuesday Tueaday chollcngea challenu the cook's cook'. ingenuity nlcnulty these days c&ay.. whether whetber house- hcju.e.. wife cook or chef of a fa- mous eating-place. nunc-place. Many of us. us with- with Place in well-buttered pan and add out meat ax.. a foundation for a dish or Vi ~ peeled tomato cut in small.mall pieces. meal meal. become suddenly.uddenly mentally blank Use 1 teaspoon finely ftnely chopped onions and cannot think beyond scrambled V4 ~ cup mushrooms chopped fine and eggs ew or a vegetable plate which f % ~ cup white wine. Cook for lor ten repeated too often can dull any menu. minutes add salt aalt and pepper to taste lute Naturally the head of the kitchen litchen in and.nd serve. Jef'Ve. each home has hal had this thl. problem to To complete the halibut meal Rita cope with with. but so 10 have such.uch places as a. usually orders orden n a vegetable and French- Frenchthe famous Brown Derby in n Holly- Holly fried [roied potatoes with a salad. ulad. wood. The reputation for fine food Another fine fish l.jh dish dllh prepared at of this eating eatinl rendezvous rendezvou. has baa spread to the Brown Derby is ill Edgar Edlar Bergen's Bulen's the four comers comen of the world. Gour- Gourmet. and famous famou. people in all walks walk. goes got'll for Charlie McCarthy McCarthy. too of of life lire as well as the motion-picture molion-plcture course) filet of sandabs sandaba Arnondine. Amondine. favorite on meatless meauesa Tuesday (which mets colony praise the epicurean delights delllht. to be found at Hollywood's Hollywood'. Brown Filet Rlet of Sandabs Arnondine Amondine Derby consequently this reputation Clean the sandabs. Jandabs. ncluding includlnl all au mult must be upheld at all times. Being BeiD bones. Roll filets fileta in milk salt and without meat for an entire day pubs flour. ftour. Fry in butter until brown. Make Robert the chef to task talk but the in- ingeniou. results resulta have been gratifying. a:ratlfylna:. added ond and place over sandabs.. brown butter with sliced.lced almonds genious So we have gathered a:athered together toa:ether some Bergen Berlen likes to combine scrambled of the Brown Derby's rare end and help- help eggs ew with the filet ruet of sandabs Arn- Am ful recipes for you to use in your ondine and he doesn't doesn t miss meat in own home. the least. When Rita Hayworth eats at the Brown Derby on Tuesdays Tuesday. she goes lot'll Paprika Papr\.ka chicken is Grade Gracie Allen's AUen's for baked filet ruet of halibut Derby style..tyle. meatless-day dish at the Brown Derby Here'. Here's how it t is t. mode made into nto a tasty and it t is one of the real specialties dash: dilh: of the house. Baked S.ked Hlef Riot of Halibut H.l;b... Derby Style Paprika Chicken Use two 4-ounce pieces of halibut. Take two one-and-one-half-pound FSH is an encellont excellent sub- wb stitute for few meal. me.t. RHa Rit. Hayworth Haywori+. favors favon filet fi1.t of baked b.k.d halibut h.libut prepared n in Hollywood Derby style ' e & HEW New ORLEANS-BORN ORLEANS.BORN Dorothy Lamour Ltmour enjoys chicken Creole with rice at.t the Derby on meat- me.t. less Tuesday prefers 5t it to meat! spring sprlna: chickens. Clean as.. usual. Dis- Dijoint Joint them removing removlnl all bones from trom the breast except. the wing wine lip Up and the second-joint bone. Season Seaaon with salt and paprika and roll in flour. n a saute saule: pan put one cup of dari- clarifted butter and heat. heal. Place pieces of chicken n the pan and cook until lightly colored on one side. aide. Turn Tum over and end repeat. When done remove chick- (Continued on Oft Page 57) fled S7)

51 ss ve nof der Supermen? Ar-yan pure Supermen? Ya! ve iss der Su-permen Super Doper Supermen! (Arrow indicates Spike Jones.) Ven Herr Ooehring Goehring says: Dey'lt oey'li neffer n.ff.r bomb dts di place ve Heil! Hem Hell! He~1 Right in Herr Ooehnng's Goehring's face fke! c For the First Time Time- Der Fuehrer's Face n in Pictures! LNDLEY t ARMSTRONG JONES Spike to minions mllllonl o( of radio listeners listenen. '-has mounted to fame on Der Fuehrer't Fuehrer' Face.'ace the song On& that has swept the country. country t all came about when an ofllclat official at Walt Wait Disney's studios told Spike and his City Slickers shown in n action on this page that a new Disney production had a number that would be a natural for tor him and his boys. Since recording recordinl this thilllonl song it t has hal passed the half- halc million mark n in sales. And it has catapulted Spike and his hi' helpers to fame. Now the little man with his hia blrdaphones blrdaphoncs and nnnllaphones annllaphones and other fun-making tun-making paraphernalia paraphernaua has been made a part of ot the Bob Burns show signed for tor an NBC _ show of his hil own and offered a con- con tract deal with Warner Bros Bros. after alter he be appeared in their thelr Thank ''Thank Your Lucky Luck7 Stars. For the ditty that ridicules Ocr hu almolrt univerul Axil.._ Der Fuehrer has an almost univensal appeal; that is. outside of Axis territory!... ** JM* MAN v. Ve bring brinq der def vorfd yond new order Hell Hitler's HitM.-' vodd vend New Order! Order' Ev'ry one of foreign race rk8 vill vlluff luff Der Oer Fuehrer's Fuehrer' Face FK8 Ven ve W bring bri9 to der clef' vorld... ord oit dis order Older &ClWpk CtcvrpH from... loeg... Dor D.r Fitokror't F_... faeo ~eopifright F.c..._..rl... JW2 ff.fz by.. S... Ssufksra Mole M.lle: Ftblithing.Wld' C«a>pa«y C...»C. tiod 'ec:_.h by.. pormhtloo... M * r* Has ve v. nufais nutm any friends? frtend Many... friends frtends Ar-yan Ar-y.. friends? friend? Ya V us n nuhis nuh:it vo t baff he«friends friend V V. naff h.ft' many meny Aryan friends. friend Mussolini MlHOini ss tis our friond hi.nd Hiro- Hirohito iss in our friend. h-iend. And Laval lav.j. be he iss iu our friend fri.nd But vo'll..'0 get 9.t dem d.m in in the end! bito eondl ts dor nuhi land so goot? Vould you leave it»f you could? Ya! v.! dis outzi num land iss goot Ve vould leave if if we could! n dw nutri l.nd so goot 1 Vould you Se... it if you could 1 land iu goot V. vould Se... it if w. could 53

52 f Ruptured Try This Out ~ Pret^c+lD*... ProvEdM w.. Grt Camforf e... and -.. Hafdtfiq Security Wit.o' Without Torfurouj Torturous Truss Wearing W. a rincj An All *'cyc'opfnln* rcveutlon '.'1' in.. itmlble end ow CdtnforiJtbU _fornlol. reducible re'dlklb1e rupture nlpl protection.ollctio mey.0. be M yovrt 0. lor lot the u.. nklnf ulli_c. without etnt ~t or 04' obuee- oou. llon. SimpTy...'1. tctwj... name... txl eddrent Md..... to 10 Wil- W_ liam S. Pice. nc.. Dcph 6S-D. Ada me K- and ~~ full ':illt;:~.~~f tfctamt ol the ::.. new ~s.~ and ~~;~~.!:; difterrni Rice Method... ill will be _»ent lu you..~ Free- V/iihout Wllhoool hard h.... flrah-couflnc... _i.. pad*... or 01 lormeotlnf t...--.tlo preaaure.... u fcere'a... a Support '''HO that.u. baa la. joy ;0 and <_fort comfort 10 tkoumnda by iot... - to. rcteaainc... leui. tb«m t... #rom h_ Ttufc*e«T. with aprlnr*.ri *na and atrapa.... thai lu bind h... and OC co. tot. >e*ltned Dc...t to. aecurcly NC... ' Sold how a... ropiore 111'. op... nd in h where..... l belofif* 'kno_ and.o yd TOil jlv* ~ (racdotn.. ~ of body bod. and... femilne U... comfort. coflot. Kor Po full h.l nfor- nlo- tnatjon write... tlo.. wrlto lodflyf loci. H... Sec... mind Power A FREE BOOK... t>«->rl*(p ).. 1_...-..a. ~...! ' p^rwwsal 1_-- rrrnitr pv^rrf -...-~... _. A«jl _ m lh* wuvh»wpe#t)i freer«i»i >*»*.-_ ~-.- e n eemenimk ~ r^m. aimrr # ywm UCc. PtaJ* eeej' H «buwln ''-w... ilh S a rww _ merfy... ym _ a.- ~»«vrbm^rj. 'liar RotMrwoam mom ho^ jhm! mju... 'f> yoti.- jtrply... the...- *»f... all ps»»<r..-' 1 w... t'»f '.. he«hlr aoj icv mirartf -w. %'rsif '... Sm '- free F_... TS» -n... Meai^ry M-.y ef l.ifr..' t 1' WHk... K.» f0* _... mu> rrmir... rha* lr*/k- _ ^J*» _ if*... MuJy... ml... tw. _ t mram the... rfavn.t-... tj 4. M»M _ d>*... f-* lao»** _ r AsfclrrM:... StrA* S.... G.D. J) V. \' ROSCRUCANS f-vn tl>v fa.wrcl CAMORNA ( _ * \N. SAMPLE FABRCS Mft FOR YOU! a j'h JirM»AMM M*M»r WM N«w 1lii«r U«Ak T QiiMrMc* U Kk W.jl s 1 * M artrujj r ll* W ruik. KU- r*^- *.A eftrreimm M>im ny rrkr- flneea*» Y^ U tl 0ly Ui^frl^-hoAlarr-mrtl ptanji * lm»val«f»'*vt»»rw1«l»lr-*. wt *w tr la Me lr» W ' hx>-k Mm# a«:wmj;tvi.* M MrtrtavM* ntrr imzo. C'mlMMit*. OHM MATCHED a AN suirfe WwrwrwltoAwMfwW y.tir uw. rtf^rth. B«id. ot. «W ol ctoul. r- r».»*ttou*t KotTMW^! loc to frj*. [i* AMKHCAH M'LC *il lb. MACM Wt wuk PAHT* obtalmu*. COWRAMV Wrft. to W J AC.tOM OtVO O.Ft. it CM1CA.O ltt_ ASTK MA m i meml OFFER! t you tuflrr from AjUiw*. P»myy«Mv from ctwiah*. tytnt. TKAL Or?Eft heexint of Weaaed wrtu qujct frlkllor tnoutrla dartn* PJcEK -hoijelew <ajii npeetallr xxrlted Write Jrum NACOR M4-5. 5*oto Life Wdq- larllooopollt lad. * * FOR VXCTORY -k-k-k * FOR VcroRY ** * Buy War Bonds Bonas and ana Stamps CARESS ME DROPS. llnecrlnf Be rreajawwy fuehanimmt allurln* of wllh Utlt Tav> lha 1 dnauzur pertom. One Crop lln«en > rmpanc* loylncty for Hie boora u nrvdenlahle... brebooa Ram*. to. huu an* bottv Me prepaid or tljj 0.0_D DiretUoni PRER. ftenl n»e*led plain wrapfwr. On# boilu FREE if two air ordered. Bll u ^ ^ O *-' 1 tt e» yim **. 'V**- ataiiah. tww 'J*. Var» 54 pocket ADDNG MACHNE ORAL o«eaaao^al ri>m avatnnsdmm UM 1 ' f wkr - - w ''' ' itamto.srvwmm FREE rblal«si%-^5w«l41 *1 l» rt-rm_ JWt' r fefii DJtyir Trml rm nt itt-r«v P.OiBMlUa M. \ V >:# J: r> ' «< * AlWAYS-READY ALWAYS-READY gih gin t is Joan Jo.n AJorander Aleund.r Superman Su~ reporter! By EDTH HAMPTON HOW H ow many times have you been in this kind lrind of a pkktement? pickjement? The phone buzzes. A masculine voice says Doing Doin anything anythinc tonight? How about a date? datey What a dither. You didn't put your hair up last night You didn't put your hair up last night and sister si.cter Terry's Terry'. wearing wearinl the blue. What to do? What to wear? weu-? Last-minute Last minute dates have the queer- queerer;;t way of popping POPPin&: up at the wrong wron est time. lime. Never can tell when bed boy friend Oscar will turn up with an unexpected WlO:pected three-day lhree-day pass. pau. You'd be smart to keep one step ahead and plan a ritual. We've worked one for you. Do your beauty chores bit by bit day by day and you'll.oul1 always alwan be on the beam. Pin up our suggestions suueauolls on your wall at borne home and please pleue we beg bq you fol- fol low them through. MONDAY: Decide what you'll wear ~ each day this week. Dunk your undies in a tub of 01 Lux Lwr: fluh Outl and have them all fresh and sweet-smelling. $Weet-m~. Treat duds to an extra erlra pampering pampuinl by adding addina a little fragront ftap'ant bath salt san to your rinse water. Sew buttons button. and collars and make sure there arc are no hems hema hanging. hangin&. TUESDAY: This Thill is dofuzz de~ day. Get your depilatory working workine to remove all those thor unsightly-looking unsgbu.-100kina hairs ba.ira that pop on ()Q legs leas and under arms. arow. Don't think that Just j\at because becaum you have at.oekinp stockings covering coverin& those \boee hairy under- underpinninp that they aren't noticeable noticeable- pinnings they are. Watch other careless Susies they are. Watch other c:arele51 Susie. Feminine Forum Beauty Day by Day saunter down the street atreet and you'll sec see is: thoroughly thorouahly clean pat some.orne skin akin what we mean. There are so.a many freshener or lotion on with cotton or different kinds of depilatories ies that cleansing-tissue cleans.lng-tis.sue and note the tingly you'll have no difficulty dilflculty finding one feeling t gives to weary complexions. complexion&. you'll you'u like. Creams Creams. waxes and handy hand1 When your face is ia all rosy-dean roy-clean treat little abrasive abruive mitts all whisk w hir fuzz t to a refreshing re!reahing mask. maak. While the away in a Jiffy. jitfy. Take your pick. mask mu k seta lie down ond and relax cares carel WEONESDA WEDNESDAY; Y: Naturally Natural\:r you bathe have a way of ef seeming minute at every night but dawdle in a luxurious luxurioul times Urn. like Uke this so this-so it's if well worth werth the tub tonight. toni&ht. Wallow in heaps bea~ of bub- bu~ time spent. bles for lor about fifteen dtteen or twenty twent' min- minulel. Dry yourself youneli briskly with a together toeether all your 10ur finger-prcttifiers flnger-prettifterl SATURDAY: Manicure day. Fetch utes. mammoth towel and treat yourself.ounelf and put dazzle danle in your.our digits. digila. Let your with a refreshing relreshtnc alcohol rub then toes get in on this thta too though tco-thoulb they dust off oft' with lush talc tajc or bath-powder. bath-powder don't show sbow at this time of the year.ear Use your anti-pcrspirant anti-perapirant at least two better get let ready readj for their summer.wnmer or three limes times a week. Your deodorant debut. Try o a new shade of gay... polish. is a dally daily must must. to give live zest to the Job. job. Saturday SatWday is: o a THURSDAY: Spend tonight glam- glamorlzine orizing your tresses. treues. Shampoo Sbampoo with need need. too. Have you 10U hand-lotion band-lotion nail- nan good.:ood day to take stock atoclt of what you your.ou.r favorite Dreoe Drene and tiy try a new n potish pouah dentrifice dentritlce cleansing-cream cieanaing-cream coif coil every so.0 olten. often.. f U it doesn't turn mascara mucara lipstick? Better keep your out right Ji&bt you have time before be1~ the stock stadt always alway up to date (and we don't week-end to do it over. By the way mean board). hoard). Grip-Tuth Hairtainers Hairt.ainen do a fine ioe Job job SUNDAY: You deserve a rest ref. today toca. of holding boldin& down fly-away fty-.way pomps pom~ and so -.a after you take a long looa: walk wa1lt or frilly fringe. similar lmilar exercise you can forget about FRDAY: Help H~p yourself youneu to an extra being beautiful beautilul for a while. whlle. But why wtl)' slice s.lice of beauty by setting letting this thia as lacc- facepampe:rinc day. da-. Give that complexion comple:don sailor Ailor who anxiously awaits your -our little UtUe not write a letter to that soldier Oldier or pompering of yours.oun an all-over au-over scrub aerob (the neck pink envelope. Tdl Tell him bim all the local is a continuation of the face too 100- news. Even Evm though you may not be- be don't skip over t). it). Give extra em- emphasis: to the tbe forehead torebead. nose noee and chin Aunt Bertha broke the parlor chair areas areaa. for tor there are more oil ducts ducta the other night and ni&ht.---aod Uncle Ben re- re lieve it t he'd enjoy hearing bearing how plump there. Scrub along the hairline too 100- ceived his hla questionnaire on his hla fiftieth t!.tuetb make-up has baa b a nasty habit of plunk- plunkin: tself 1tael1 right richl here end here---and here 11 it stays sta) lillle UtUe things thln&s. when you writ don't wrlte-don't birthday. blrtbda;:r. He wants WaDts to know all those tboee ing until you wash t it off. ott. When your face let him down down. will you?

53 Take Your Pick of 750 Little Blue Books at Bargain Price of 5c Each Self-Help Books 1 to Oet. Lbl-nl Ld.. :!> <.b.... lnl 1>11... J~ Oa u... Cl'>.loU<' ' 1ioG 7' HtnL em.. bile 1utln G Com.. hul\.o.n WrHl... 'nd!i 0. kts<lll'l. B'<\- n. to U. 100 Yo. ~~.~. \. H Cia.... n _rot or l<lr ljootlo' ~~ tn~~<~f~)~~!:::ao.y l2~ Ut_ u Wrlll. 5hort BlOne. ~~ t.. 10 Lucj U1.~. 110' '... 0 y. aon.er_.. Uon tol Ou'n~ ' &o;on1u <l~ Du.' of '00 ~ C\u' 4l'J... n 01 ~.dln O.'-'... U.~~ \16 Qw 1<1 Wrlt. 1>'. H). 0 Wrtl'''~ '-l' ~ tun on Ellq.. tu ell HAl4-loOt ul t.ot:. r ~f 4 (l1o Moot imoouaj J1;Nlah Wurd <-f T... ~ ~ <;!~':\'!:'t'':;lkl:''f-~~.b' _ l\t On O'....uon WOTco O'en 'ro- ~- 'JO! l'u'olgoc:r PU T... M 701 Ro... ~ of w~tdo 'Phiolen' llg n!' for s.lnnp.. To ~l:r~l!.. ra P1.. ~ O'_'Y.. U Too ~: 110'0... ~ ~\';.. ~noy:';'\:'::- ~i!.-..\ pld Cueulat... '1$...' QUo>iO.S Po~!at ih~q Q..... _. al 1~.'''''''''''l1'''''Vt>rt.b... m RM1.or< 11<-11 To.1\t f2) <n'ho<>n1.-1t1onm'h.... 1\t ll U... ful Tabla U7 Cord 0... &6 HQ. to LeU.. 8 Ml.11< Soli T... hl Pari 7 A.llh.. 11<'11 Ta.h Part NJ (l~a 1<-1_'a.. ht.8& ll on <'U_... ~'ft_nl ''12.n Pa You. Tolml ad 110. to > 1M 110 to Ad.U... ~... '''''''y lur l~lnnofl = ~~~:'~yf7s!'{ ~n:.~t~ Wur<1o. i'hl'< W Ta... 1U M.. o M<ml'l' JOJ ~. d o..n n.o to Cane 1.1>4 Upl\Dl>l.r ('halt ' -h 01 wood... kr.. l w.lll. for h... r.ot m:!{~: ::: ~~r.:<~~~--r)';;.. JM 01<'... of N'~ To... 1_.. fa Bw... U... ~~ WTt. lor l:lsl.. \<. 11_. a a /:'111_ J65 11_.. o.t Md & 1'at1\ ll' 1.. lttod;j ~!J~ &.1ft _._~ Pfoob- '~ A-.t ~ H_ _ wm. 1»1 '_ TOo... ~. A_... 1:J'1 tl>.. to u. Dior_PJ ~~ ':::f;~ ~n. V~?'. '. H'~ _! Cko_ 'llforb tj 11_ n... ('0>'''_ GJ..... S u...n A... Lt'n~' 1C't r... fo W... tl-... W... u.. r_ W' -- lut... To-ot y '<011tnntw 1_ '- '... W_... \... 1_ 'k ' _ K'... of l:or.... lllan..... t7.... ' _. R... a.~ ~ '0 -.. «!&!f :1 ~:. El1llb n Wrltl. lf' 11_ h'.C<!U.U' if' 'A U.. t'''''l'r. Th... U o.u~. - Prlnl: rrvun 0... for n lu 11 T!nkr:. C lie. '... a. Biography ~oll O.. Hn ~ THE DEAL GFT FOR SERVCE MEM 1/1 ana W_ of AntltilOlQ Llle 01 n.-.. h... L~ 0... ' Men lor..- llm ~~'n: ~ 01 lu ~. A l!.dloor..e ca_ of Om ';U ca.. af Al 0..>... Entertainment Old Enr.. h s... ' h Abou Phr... Mil. to T~ AU Kln6a of Knat.os 1l~.. ' 1'1&1 a- U 01<1 amrt'e 1<..... <>nc:a $6' or... > 10. All tac ' K.. aboul Palmlouy plul lnt.. 10' H~'''' 141 i' W K.. Abo. M'..Jooroo e~ h ' Know Abo Foune_ Tell.. ar..t. 1(1 Know M3 ~h. Hu.dr.d Rlddlu jp'.. 1(1 P'Y h. 1' Chld...lamu 'ala rook M ~m.'.ur Moal~ Trieu 'OU 1/... to TUh Ylf to & fl r~ and S... lu_..... ll)j 1'1001'... ' Self lll~.0.'01. RM.. ll.! 11<' 1(1 rlay OMte.. 11'~... 'f /t.m. ~a lla<'!<al 0<1< Jt p. U ' Grown U.. 1:11>1 1'a\.>Oo Qui... l~~ ft~:;~~~':~!!raa~:'- :ll: b~'~~t;';!~~ 1-~~' ~- ll' 01: Pan fa Brcln. 1m 'd T... a PaTl~..-:H 1J~w la P' S!.ud Polt.. 1_ 1110 eo.k'' 17U (lam... of isolltau< ];4.. ' M... Bad.&Ul'>D Famous Books R yo.' of Omar Khan... Ltod. Wind n Or.. :nlw ThulhU of an n. 'tllo.. n Ur Jotrll on Nr Hy C' r of Ule an... n > n V-lm1>m n Murdo.. n 'ho- Ruo Y... TJ ' !!ott LounlJJ no v~n Trlbut. A a... U r... 1':... Wrltl.n l~ Von and A40nlo 1.0 _no\> Hrmrnln. )C7 11l1Qo 8<.al lll !i> 00<... WU<f no 'd.. BlOody 1'101 ljt P'~ p_ Wbrrt 1)1\)'1 Jg ''''on fo d~.. J~7 Cit of Or~l4fol Nlht nt 1;.11. Life of Dr. _~ Jo~nJOo '. F.. M.n '1'0 &)1 11. f.'u'.'''n ~J' c'.. ~ of 'O'.'''J 1 01 Whm... 1 J n'to 'Anl1o'YofM~..lolV 1801 Ollad of 8\r Wahu con JJJ toke.. n 'h. Cooo>~ tn R.. 'a 11'0 111( M 011 W' Th... H._ tl2 k Q.. ee... anta Fine Arts )87 '1<>17 of r.. LnU to3 fall' of UU>te 46'!\<'O' 01 Sc~tur. '~ of A_.. French Literature in English 1 ft)otoftl U!t1.~ V... ltc t 1.ou. Mu_~1 ~1 _ Day gl CO... NUl ~..... Tu' Voll&l.. U On.'... Vo>/... li_ M en... of Soma a Auk on ho Mill. ZoA An~... ontjj u. Th... VOalnt '0<!<a... of Wa'~'. R_ tl nm. of U.e TUTOr H a... of ~ fllh Mn'7 of J... \... ~ ' n.. Tallow Ball. Mau_t _... Plot_ct. 2:1 On w... Y_e.lnd: 212 Mado_... n. 1' _1 J14 Bbort > nl... ~... nltl :1044 Don J u.&n. iahao 67t Th. FUxon. ' 1M nw.m_o.rtl Ma.._1 a1. f... tl.-r'.. ot... _... eo.. 1 W2 Foil... of Orlmo. ~ R nn UH d.7 of Wom... OU Mad 1l... rt le26 Whtn YOuh Bl/N 16Jt o..lh lu The Ret<<d 01 'tnd!at'. LUo 16M Tho A... WomOn Health Co.. 01 'he B. ::i ~:!':;~;r;:~1.. ~~'\:'!~b owe... '~~' C.'bl of _... Db H T<'CLh and Yh b'''' n~ ' C..... Trut.m.. 0 wur ~_ Can..... n Otlwr M..l& rn<lfn ltl Co.... r.n... Hr 1.'1 001'... M_ Out Ol 1ecrft... 1 R_ to kiort 11 '[laduor ~21... H.. 't. l\'... _l~ 'n.m'\.l '_ T_ Haith. ftntc ~ ~. C._ on au ~.. 1 l>al 1:.- ton P Oot-no'-'l ' b t7' 00 of tlnkrwolc1ll... O_Hdt. ~~t _ to T... t Ur..1 11_ ~ ~_ for N.. _ and 1 U Btn..t'lclal t... ~ Wf _ ft n a!<as..i _ut W.-!l1nkf' t uo...rt. t... ' History J!'hn ' n M. U Orilin ad ' \.Q r~.. O<>mmm 113 M.''' '.. uo.. Aln _.. la _'M of w_.. Wi... H '''0. ul _. ' _. Crtmu... Crlllll... lo.m Luo C>1.u_ lt & at Uln ~~ ~~n:h~~';r.!.':. ' 'l'~... n... ~ H'......OJ lllh.. 01 C.U Wor ~ '!.... O. J. n~_... ' MY of M~tn W'O.~... ' a'~n<o 11'''10111 m t::'~'''~~!''j~a'''~. V ('_'l*!. N<ctrot ~ '1M!ltQ... _ f.... y _ 'no. M_ e r; :::c:...~... L 11_ 8f J --.ot U atoo l' 1ft _.U Oomrwaro a Ho~ 06/>1... 1~_trlO -- P... _ 1t t(... UN '. U... n!lt... ldd..u Ar! rl_ln... H.. '.. :111 '.. l'rtodenl Hardlnt 'ur_ '.. J~:' f'nt Prnep.a of n.:> 11or)' 01 fmm'17 lau llu ha Abo ALooQ. Humor : Lt Lauth..... :t 0.. Oriln ' CtWrll.. 1ief1l&d ~.. 51 ~... ofwlln!wd<~ 10 on. of RorLO 'c! W! Epl WUde 110 Wur<i! :t~f 01 Bern&Jd 6h.. 11'1 WltloU.. P... v... 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RotllClou> Ph_Pben '~ Modern Ptll~1 m ~ o~.= :fp~= m A.<>...l.Oi... C)nl~ _ 1!:J>4nm. of f'owu l)o;~ Whal Uf~ to Me a;o Do W. U.. Yore.~ '<ad Dro.tb -'lnoi;j Cttll 11_ w. c... LTe H'rob ::~ ~'i~~ =-'lcal laz o..:f ~~... 1'l1'-Ph. Religion Russian Literature (jn English) Miscellaneous b. Take Your Pick of 750 little Blue Books at Bargain Price of 5c Each THE DEAL GFT FOR SERVCE MEN Add 1c per book for packtfiq«boodllng ond corttag<r. by number. Order of leosf 20 booki oi many more at you like. Canada ond foreign 7c per book. pre >old. f you order e^cry lioov Jo hh od^ 750 bookt rcmil only S37.25 ond wo will prepey ell carriage charge?. Self-Hclp Books j Wt A3 9C V'J ]U0 Mi m '^31 32(1 jof ) m «3!l 061 sr>2 ns3 «65 M7 m JOB T pi TB 751 Jd fiol B15 Sfi MJ su B B&7 rc> aft Bill 3tl1 m 002 m eoi T fill JOB J131 t'll 1171 taw jjifj L5 tpy 1374 >ni 1157 tam ties 1307 nia tiio (73?JT KJ3 tun Mil U*i 5 im til: B>} li'w JELB ftrt W rj} Nl Ml Si3 7X? 174?s tw 112 hj'i 177 i 401 4V* f»l /.(S How. to Oet n Llbrral tducatlod KhyiALtie DlcUunary On the (tinier of Hooki Hinla mi fublle Siwikiutf Ckimniou fcun* in Wrillnff KutcJinh O/i tccadlntf. Bvmidee How 10 LlVt 100 Vfiaj> tact* Abuiii the ClttMlca Secret of Bclf-tJcvfilouinont A BwoK of ^yiiouytnn Tntroducixon to ^uotoffv itu«u on wrulim Bli&tt Btorieri How lo Ar^-.m U^k'nity How to Jnnirovo Your Donvof an Lion Outimn ot Ecoautnler Dtff«t of irml Pr-it Cl i*lilca Art of Rendltn conkttactively Hov io Write i'mys Hliil* 0 Writ nn Poetry lllrila at) Etitifrettc HAnd-Uook uf i-fffil Foraui.ODO Mo* ij^entuu finihik Wf.CdK Self Tbimht Crammnr Sell Ttxirphl Punctuation Self TnuRbt lllht-i on nterior itecoratlon two Word* Often Mimia* nounced Wvy&k'losy Gclf Tnuithl Roicajicp of Word* i PiulnlMrr' aotnitr for Httinuttf Zcoluey Self Tauahl Uoelul Phiaxea Plane O^otnelrr Self Taugtit How m M<TCflM(ll?Q How Conu'jvr stupl-jut Hint* on WriUna 5o«ik Rerltw*- A Rapid Caleijlaior roiauus Puvula: HhnkefciHmteBn Ounl*. tlona luw lo miiroi e Your Vocnbulary Ahriorlf Self Tauffht Enehch CotniMinir ion Self Touubt Ufieful Tnblc* Card Onmr^ How xn Wrlie Letlun Arltnmeiic t»eir Taii«hi. r*rt i Arliltmeilc Srlf Tnucht 'arl 11 OrTirmn Scir.TAuiriit Hl«t«on Seir-lmuro*omrnt. Munust tif PmliAnietiiarjr i-v>w Vonr TnleiU and HOW to Dc- veloi' U How to Advertlw ApirutiumY fur Heftlmwrt uirrinnmy or rorhvti Words Hnrraony 6rl{ Tnucht Pm-ftinr B<<it Tntuthi How in H«vfl Mnjirv How to Own Tout Owtt Home Jinw t.n Cane and ttobrilntcr Clmlr* F.lrlTuutfj of WoodworkiMit Wrlllnir for tlir MurkK How to Prriiflre Mamuicrluta Loir to Wn'.r nnnlrtej* T.ettrrs mcflonary ol Muiieai Twrrni How to Bwlm fibort story writing for Beptnnrrt How to Pncome - Of* Clllren Ha* ro O^t and SHl ishenii ilov to Stndj 6olvr 5fer.hifiir»l TTcb- Haw to Grl Atlvi Now to»nd Per** WUJi Wb-fi - Yoa t3unijd K**m A Loin Law ll->w lit Ci# tbr Hr'lurtAt? LMiw.i n V(Kmbu*ry OuUdlna fow to C*«Prepc-iltloru Ho* u S Omemnirnl Work* Ho* Porm Cnrpomlnini Ho* OndneaeRxro Avoid U i ffrtlon aw tnr Worktrmao F*»cln*tlrue K'AltUura WMli Wvtda lliiw to t>tt Ytrsr Jnlrllu-rrvrry M*klnc Wwds Wort Tar Yoa ljo*»k el Amene*n Si*tj*tie* Poak uf Ku rope to ftr^'-lettra Flo* l«benimr- 7t«c l» ATllM Ho* lo Become MrPlAXly fl«i- eerier BffnrHri* Hoc hit n Bpercb *nt1 Writlnir Flow iff 0*ra<m)(i Fhlf-Con- MfOlhtlAiM SiathtfciL How to Dse and liitrn>rel Tt*em OHino rntoptjut! A PrptLlcu! Ontde R'jha for Sunenwi n Piutnei* Ho* ro Think Croflrirrly CTtdlmlilni f latl&mrue Ho* Ui Beeonte Biography Mte of Siimurl Juhrnttm Rhellry: tdvwlliitte Urepcijer Tnhloyr i{u*kia»i Kov^lhi Srrnnn; Atntnb^r of eiiamn oi Hnji* Life of Ujidiunff do lurrr l.lfn of Hwpo'ivin dfn of SlraaATCfc Emn AZuin oi Henry VTT r of Jwn r( At* 1.1!* of Ltnroln tjhry of Coiytafmi m ji52 4fe of FrrJrrUt Jhr nrtwt AirtobhNrtpphx fi Citllnl LHe of Maimmet Ut e Of y.cbmuhvetd Ufe of YnlUire Ulr of Lotl1«XV t4f«of 'niwicin l>«lu# Ut-' of ktonklln Uf- rit wothe Life uf LllC of Siitkitpraro Life nr Okrnutn Vl<iie!li>a er.d uie P«*lfb! 'V FniV^Whet-h'a'GralUt Life of ttv>f#ty 11 Lilt of 71* Crffiil Women of Antiquity TW Life at Thdmtt* JcXfcnraa VJtt aieidl Plchten for FrmJwn JJtift saac Newton: SuptrtflBn of gclcnco Mil Real Ttioe A EdJanO HH3 Career of a?n. U. S Grant 1731 Carter oi A1 Capone Enferfainment 34 a 411 MS flftrt osa Chi 7(14 7MF 7D7 H'. Kr> a 03 ition JU1Q UftJ UW J3in 123>» Jl'.Vi 130* 12<7 127/1 >255 > '!-10 loct 17«7 T B « ?U 337 2iC?D l!i [ho ma 631 nih 711 7(13 JOB JNl Slrt =3 aw ( W 4ft3 4fci 533 WJ 'Ji* on 071 en r.m 719 -*C. Onf son aw flfv) 9M 9\ *3 ]D;i U2* XQJ-! XMUt 10H tlm U53 llfl? n«il^a hw iuv 13CJ nm Mia Old EnBllih Sonpa Facia About Phrenolocy Ho* to Tic All-Kind* oi Knotj How U) Pluy Chesa Old FAvortte Nctro Sab*?s To**1 * /or All Oca»la»B Pacts to Know Abdul PalraLslry llulplnf JDnis for Hikcrh F«4!»l lu Koi'W Abom AstroloRT Fon^i to Know About Fortune- TeUsus Una to Know the Bonn Birds Five Himdrcd Riddle a Hoy to PL-y ^hn Piano Clxildmi'* Gumoa 'nok of Amutpur Muglr Tricks How lo Tfnclt Yourself r.o Qioa Book of PuzUes and Braln- temrr* PholuRrflphy Self Tought Arausing HJilcUo*. lldw to Play Chrckcr* tirjlt Kulra MnthcmnLlcii] Oddlitw Parly (lamcit for Grown Upo nformauno Qulrrcs Contrnct BrMgr Made East Hlmlu Mdfflr SrH Tauatit VentrlLxjvdiun Self Tauuht Gomblen 1 Crooked Tricks Expomi Ol! Pa nline (or Brytnner Ho* to UTTTiW k Party Ho* (o Ploy Stud Poker m Cock alii (iftsnn of Solitaire Ho*' to liny Backpanixaon Famous Boohs Kiihair*t of Omnt Khpjyam Lsdy Wtndrrmcrc * Fm Great tuqlah Poems Jdir Thouvhta of an idle rellaw [Jr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde Color of LHe and Love St ad lei in Heutrnlr.m ilrirdcr* n the Kue.MorBue Vhlon nf Plr Unmlttl Vral'r Tribute to a Dos Urn Proao Ever Written Venua and Adtmh i^ur Sonnet A. BrowninH- lljyjiia Pcand/U Ducnj of Lytng OMrar WUde Prlnre'a Bloody Plot Rip ' Puwen Robert BroWiilnt AiMTjopy for dler* Clly of Dfemldil Kl«hl liopwi'ira Life of Dr. EomutJ.Tghnson ^H*n.v on Man. AlesnnUar rape Tiic Noiurewoman Crime of T'owrly Poem a nf WtiltHef nurlonh Anatomy of Melnncholv BulJnde of Sir Walter Bcntt Skefrfwi la the Closet Ruaaiaii Short Stories Girl WUH Three Huhbunibt Don Qtimte. Cervantca Fiction Mrtlrty Talfa Pea Canm-Ai Great (»*» Srortra xd4 )run Tal'-i from l>ttwn»tfm. LPxrai*lo SberioLy Tale} Tirf iie«rr Woman fitrst X.tvrH ftloriea LTAn Who 5Voulrt Be FTtny Cnimlrt ol the JUlml Jillrflotdoiu tevrfne. Bernard St!** Wanton Wife of Ebe- JacV f^initon ThfT' A'.rt'iaMB Man ViThout a Oo'intry Anrictii Matiner T«Va of mi- fpixen Nartfa The Gold Bu* f-ortrin* for iht Ntehl The Hart Who Wa* itarfc of the Bwi 6-hi»f1 a n firs. William Mftttla MldCXoa; Olil in thu Night L«ve fliory nf an Old Sfaiil wn.m ihr «jianrr Mel the CtUJTUM five Wcuka n n TiOnt Bolloon Voyage m the Moon Hdbin Hood African. June in Taiw ber.iinhtitory Man Cptcm WnHair filkk tiovif. Bixcacelo Tclra ol a oil Ufe. HofcacGo Talai of Chlcifo. Ben Hud; 1 hrliken Nrrkf. Hen lechl lalea uf TrtP'r and Womfrr A OkJurhler uf Kie Xlalit HirerL Tales Untold Lie. pie. Wai/rm of Cm Arabian Marriage FMvll (f. Kejjow F'lAek Jiifk. nr. On he Ciir Wall Musk O'kMe* U ntie of th< Q4!K«ja?a Mattefpioc*. of Adren'-ure Tak* of Deter: Plura ClVAk oi Wiihmn Bmrfn of C^rify Tale* of Hie Ulc»ho»i GCt H'iflr the VrteUbB Talea of HaumrU Hocici 3ty_ 'avoitve Murder VBHAiXUldf llauitted Mtiut TJir B<ft Kraal PlUlfetrimifTn 4 * OaiUfh!«r Unlntefe sin r.'aiwion T*lf» of Bhlot and F>W.i Tkarti JvliTlrl Aijiralaref Oarfi'PVi TO?p Hhirlei t>f TrudO t4fe 1*57 Ske'-cbca ofnaughty Ladlaa Ooelhe M58 The PrlnccAS and the Tiarr Oonhe MS* Slorrnr Hrari* ' 520 Fot love of Zo/ka l»5 TheGirlln(heSnappyTloadiicr iw'j How a Quoi^ Vendor Wa* Paid 1510 One Lore? A«un* Uanr >624 The Woman Who nnptted PaLal Pntalon. Annioie Prance C37 A Pi ere ol the FrtnoeM 1642 Alkldcn* and Women ig«under Hu? H(U KttO A WoniiL:i» Heart Jesi Man Who C$>uld Wort Mlradca ]C52 ^'olley of Spider JGG3 TrePMitr of the laarcjl 16C4 A Slip Under the Mlrrwrono JOGS The Joir- Ueuparn h'obt. Btima 1670 DeaUFi Old Cotnislv 16*7 Sweet hrftit ol M. Brlaou* 1376 Thfi Mid Lovcrtt and lljp EinpejoFe Touaa 1(584 To Please Hh Wife Fine Arts SHT'Hbuory of Palntlnq 193 Hktury ol MiUlc 46(; Hlaluty of Sculpuiro 1«B Hlatcry of Arehltoccure French Liieraturc in English j s C > * BM 807 i& } las* > ( *3 tlu ( >3n HH DJA HO h:» L»* r-o H10 iftn 34 «SO M 3< * SUfl finf 803 «7 flu ri 54 V*S err l:j5 f2»i KO 1^ Fourteen Ultle Eway*. VolUlre Love. Sfftiipastant a-a Day* of Condomnid Man JSvlifa TobraUnd. Vollalfc Orotmu on Voltaire. Hoko Crimes ot Borclai. Diunm Attael: on lh«mill. Zo\a Loi c- An Ssu/-MatitalShr Pocket ThCtftogy. Vollklrn Hallle a Waterloo Huso Timp of the Terror One of Cleoyaira'p Nichti Majesty of Juatlce. France The Tolla* Bo L. Muohawam Tfrnorant PhHowphcf Voltaire Oo Womrn Maekrllnck Maclanoi<«lie Pin. Maupaumnl Shnrt atari e» Dftiidct iiamoiih ntriftiie Don Juan. Bolrac The Falcon etc. Dnrraccto ThcThecpofStrtnu. M auram onl The Necklace Dc Sluiipaosan'* Memoir* of Madame Co Sfarl falllu of Lover Crime at he R^ fivti A mutter Study of Woman Story of a Mud Swrethnnrt When Youlh Diirh* Duhce of r>r?ttih Tin? Record nf Prlfdf.e'a LU«The Acruraed Woman Heolfh Cute of cho Pnhy Horar Wuralm; Klmt Aid Kerry day Rule* of Hpnlth Paainur' Chrmi^r «f Human Ula Teeth and Mouih Hyglemj Dlftbrtrv: Caure and Trtatmenl. Dr. Wilder Parl.i Alnul Cancer incauitf and Othri' Menial Dlwrderi Care o/?kln and Hair Ortllnfi ifoit Ort «f Hcrjralkri Ho* U> Felect Your Doeinr FAAtlrva for Hcallh Faeti *b*ub Dis-taibns rarta ANwi Tobarrv«Fowl Trout'** norreeffnl r^^rioaiion^ *J Ort?rt!JAn Da»v ETrrrtorr lor Uus? xmk t\*>t r*ua:arr dirt«:ted tv Licftl* Correnmn of Uhtfefa r[«tix and O'eraotahl H«ra to Tent UHna al Home Escrmie3 ff r Ntrroutnraa Bbd ndibeaiicm k-rrrfletal f-art licrrt*ra llov flutj* pjui }fe«tul and Beautr Marrali of StoUrltl Ho* ia lmp*o*f Yotirarlr Ptiii- JalD Cart of Tc«th History Man n ron Ma«k Orlkln and lllntory of llumun tore Pninrr'n Oamman Brnaa MarrinKD: r«pmt Prewut and Kulure Annte tremtl flm cfdifs of Vr'aodro* WlUon lliaiorj of Stumc HMOflc crimra and CrtioltMlv Uial Civllliatlor.a SisorclU'a of Linrofn HlK-eelio ol Woahlnflton Ciiftntv Ut Llifhi Brl*fidc 6lone Alp i»» Man'* tttatorr UUtory of tlir Ctxil War Or^at rirafee O. J. Plncer A Hlalory of Modem Meilcn Hialflrt of Aincrlcaji nevnlounn Grxwt Pyrum da of tgypt HUiiinr cf ihe Jr*a U 3- Couatitulton. Monroe rvieinne illory ct $taox ndiana Yw* African 74f*Toei?/ai>oleon Er<*me Fji j * m Life in lvr*d«r-t F/-frc ifvci Of U S PTClidCTTlf Fso About Fo-rttixa Life (ft Soelirt Ruaai* Outline of U B Hktonr Afrtrrlcaii TLduatrtal Hhott clam irem Kant *o Kellfirr 110* Pf<rp!r U«d n he Mldillr Ate* 10^2 AlrtcH'iPorelnifodernHlalory 1678 Wm President Hardlnt Mur- dered? 1087 HlNtOtY and Flnjt Principle? ol D&nbru* 1125 SJory of Tammany Halt 1757 PacU Ab«>ut AbiAka Humor 30 Let'* Lauafi. Npcby 26 On Coin* to Cluirch. Bcmard sum* SD EhltTamaof W l undwickedncm 70 Origin of Row Pig Jen WiUT Kiitdfflma. Oscar W'llde 1W Wordly Eiilgrnina of Bei-Rard Shaw 187 WhUtlrf'a Pamnua Humor 23! Humorou* Sketchoa 335 3'U'p Jliwaya. ChCbLerton 291 The jumpln* Pro*. Tain 347 THdrtln Rime* 310 Hew WJt of the Rcolch TSi Humor of Lljmotn fiilu Anauvr lo Corrf^pondonta 070 Jwnti Pillintf* cgjnickl Lexicon TTt Hlithor uf r *Ulll K>«87.0 Pruf Joke* About MwrJod Llfn OHh tdtr Kxcuralon 031 Slolrn While Elcf-hant 032 Curimw trspcripjicc * tfijo Maateriilpcea of Amerlcrtn Wit DT. Hinnoroua Anccdolea oi?i iinmoroua Notes for My HiOBTAphcr 02 Hook of Dent Jrwlnh JoVea 1115 Ddicuioiu fitortcs ju? fiirrinn Animal * Polly 1110 CollrgQ Humor inl Puniw Forts Abont 9U«cland 1191 rroodwar WlTOcrncfca 1199 dkiiahftbte Lyric* ijtxi Nomcnje Stories 1361 Pn.'e Wumlox Tangue Twliter 1397 Bmall Town Humar KlH atrnue Art ct Muklrt? Encmte* 1735 Wot <11 v Wlidom Juvenile ii Aesop'* FabJcf si Rio Von Winkle 166 Andcraen'i FalfT Talei 15 R Alice in Wooderland 168 Adventure* or Munehauscn 3D1 kut Of Hfindcn Chrldft 30P ainoah ihe PAllor 618 ilwil Advenluxes 554 Clulil'a Oarilrn of Verao 550 Rtjhinvon Cruaoe lid Moilier Gorw- mn ftt range Murdori 838 hluelsrard. Clndrrellu 814 Voyage to UHlpui 8BD Jtuntlna or the HnarlC 1628 Merry Talc* ut Childhood Literature 3 PaUad of Rfudimr JnU 23 L'ht Rovgn. 1%e Delia elo. 41 Chrlilimv* Carol Dlekeno r.fl tjlinkeajiartre'b (jonneta 79 Cnoch Ardon D5 CmlVMiloua oi an Opium Eater 131 L0vi;'r Kodempt lun 141 Snuv.bound. Pled Pipef MS fhti'iiath of i.iw stronif. Jack London 163 Son of ill b Wo 11 Jack London M Kfilnram* uf Hrnrik llrtrn J77 Si;hJprtlon c( Women 203 The Vomytro 320 Kl.lJCUlntia Wwnan. Mntlrra 2B4 Perm* of RaNrt Oomi 3^5 Urwymvrftiwnal Amour 3*11 Penra' inary 2M L»n< tait. Bnmiinf *o«[{jiirfnc of Bhroiwhife Ud jo* She io O^nuuer jn Land of flrari'e Dir«513 Trtirh ff Mafto Polo 616 t*af cl 1h* Lake 6*1 Triiihs About Ufe'a Riddle Wl Heum-lc America and the Sex myure ft ThoxctiD rm Mean n* of Life 7r.fl (lallant Caaritn TfiJ.Mondalav arnl Oliver PtJema 791 POetnk and Rallait* TW i>*<t(ed VUUsr. Oltrex OoJiJ- antlth Sh> VohaJre ClBr^nce Dlrrt/W UW3 Humcnraaue 111* ThnUlh* Miiffirnu front Vl«or Huro i S l S-Jlect'd Alarita. Raaihonic 5«B TkHreara-n Lover and Chratj- lejrr or tnva 1173 lmia»av Wife Love and Romance toil 173 m to 4'>l an wa ft3 744 an Din D1«on D ll P19 U?D Ml 923 ft WM»f.4 b7.n?7c Dim vtmu Pcmcbwnmin'a View Of Life Hindu Hou* yf Lovn (Kama Rulnri Ttm Marnuliai Pecrel Pomoq Curuihiy or Mi in Sianrtuh Rpmoiier* of 'arli Lonl Kctonn anil lutdy Hamilton Lo>e l^tlen of» ParinlAfi Aelrttt Rliclley and hewwtncti He Loved Byron add ihr Wouifn He Lot erf Ura* Ulan Love S ion en Moolra; MBHulof ami Lover Her lluridus Becrot Mad. and: Olher Bluries Mifhl in WhlWhajatl Rnrm No tl Man Vlih he DhiO Fyca Tne Clo* a Quref S'lffivl n Portj Mnje Tflfilrf A talabilshrncut Wife'* COufrMlort ll^jinu of Urra af?*padr» \ Calik ana M'her Skin** tin* hi Ur Harvr Tiiouih Warrlrd Oofialra mtui Her Loyei Ca^anoTa' World «Omtrat Lotrr Wagneri Oreol t-'ivr Adair Ocsn^tia w «V/lfrt HALDEMAN-JULUS CO. Oepf. A-92 Girord Kansas. U 5. A Myelrrlou* Eiiks KMT Splendor* r>j a courteran 0 Lore-Life of Ocorae Sand 1113 Lore fnna Many AcklM UM Lort'a Herolan 1195 First Lore and Other Tale* 12n R/jmanee That Boirac Lived 1214 How to Write Lore l^l'.era J210 Amonk the Uomiona 1322 Con!«fioni of a Modern Woman )3W Confessinaa oi a Gold DlfCer 1428 Curioug Love At!a(ra 1445 Wild Wotneo of Rrondway 1149 Love AJJalra Ol Jnhn Wesley isst AznosinK Lcvpi of K-lrit Care of Rumania 1630 Merry Tain. France 1618 The Lnve Of Life 1S56 The Girdle or A ph rod ire Philosophy JOJ J ) GJJ M S3G S (32 A Guide ui Nltdkscho Nler/rche: Who He Ww Foemg Plain fooia of Lilo DlalcRUca of Pluto Thoughtfl on Mun. Fmcul Chincae Plillosophy «l t.lfo Oiilde to Plnlo Ha«LHm Any MOitnlmf Ocrris of TbnttRbl. L'mcrHon Thoughts on Nat tiro. Thareau Survival ol (h» fluwt Si or? of ErneriHm'B i'lulnvopltv Art of liappmcm Powyg Yooa rhlltmoiihy SLtulained a Guide lo Snlmn'ft Durant aiory of K Art Ha Ptillomphy LucrcriuB on Life and Ueaih Ancient Philosnphor. 1 * Rellsloiu PhlluKopheta ilodetfi Phl!oacjjhtr» Moral Ditcoursoa ol Eplctrlu* Storr <x Spencer-a Phllcacoliv AtiatoleFrance r Lauphint Cynlv Zpl^r^mvof t*ow<r What Life Means to Me 1>j VV> Live forever FftCJnr Death Fcorlraoly Ho* We can Lite Jfninrfly Faclnt Life Redllilicollv The Fvll oj Error Oriptn of War and Fhllosoi'Uy af c<mfllct Religion 1 The Age of Rptuvm. 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W'i'Ol1'.-t 56 is ~o T o Margin ~br g i n for Error Bennett (Coiitiioii'tl (Contiu.c('d from iron Pnoe P(l~ 17) you look at Joiin Joan with... th the fondness tisunlly usually accorded to n im un old rriend. rrl('nd. Before B('(ore yovi you think you say. say How urc ur.' you going n to run this big house without lhout servants? sen'ants?' 'm not nol.nan Jcmn says ay!! with... ti nn undue nlarm Blorm or emphasis. emphasi~. 1 stili stilt have hay!' the same staff. staff No chnulteur. ehaulfeur. That*was That'was dispensed di~pensed With... th some som(' time ago. V.lien When see!e'e a iimotisine limousine with... th a driver now nm\' unconsciously unconscit.usly look in m the back ba!;k seat seat. t if don't see ~('(' an old. old lady with... n a cnoe cane think thlllk to rtiyself myself 'lummpf 'Hummpr some.. nerve' nerve'. Yes. Yes but hasn't hosn't h(' he: SUS.Oi)!) $25000 ceiling and everything ulfecled u/tel'lcd you?.joan Joan does doc's not tell te1l you ynu to run away and mind your own business. bu. iness nstead nstead. she ~he replies; repli...: A lot of uf people pcopll- seem So to have the thl' idea that th1lt pcopic prople in movies movies arc embattled cmbatti('d behind behmd their mmicy-bags. money-bags protesting prole.lin.c You 'You can't ~m't do d~ this thl to La me.' me' and getting gtting nway away with it. it My ~y fmancial problems are my own. but b'.lt 1 wii! will say NY his: h'6: 'Everything 'Everythin( that hat affects afyt'('ls me atlects afyect you. ynu f 1 claim chum any an)' lupt'riority superiority above abuve some (' people it t is in the fact that 1 insist inslsl on nn being naive. 1 J believe bellev!.' what my Government tells mo. lle U J[ the rftpics! rl:<tu('~t is not to buy extro extra ttungs. thlllgs don't. t ( the thl' plea is Ji; to save Ave>r and Bt'd f 1 do only rmh' to L find out uul that tha no nn one wantn wants it t feel led thai thul mistakes ml. takes enn can happen hap\l4'1l in n finy ilny emcrgeney emcr.:enl.'y don't complain cumplain nb«)ut abot the Ul(' perfect pertecl ridiculous- r d;ulous- ness!leu of (f it t all. f they th('y tell me n to save f;.8vc fat fat. tinfoil tlofoll or hand in 10 it a pair of blnoc- blouculan> or a tiunilng-knife huntu'l kmfe til 'll do d) it.' t. ulnrs 'm ''m not \ot trying trymg to tn be importiini n'l><ntanl... with itll (hat that opinion. ')llruon. just jutot fee) feeol thai that what 'hat moa.t most people peolh.' regard l'(~tud as Bill trivia in 10 the lht' war wilr effort c!lort n J (lie the mosl l(lsl essential. e 'nllal t's 11'. like the old siury lry about a!)out asking askina: sonio- Olneoiie' OW to tu give gin' you ymj i a penny po'noy and aod to n double doubl~ that th;lt amount mount every to<-ry day for rill' thirty hlny days. day~ t mounts mount u i. Ull On iho th ' other hand 'm 1111 liable hable to \1. fall 1.11 for (or the he templfiiion tt'mptatlon of hcardlrsk hlrdml. canned cmmed milk mlk wlien whl.'n! henr hear that l'lal some 5Ofl1t' people pt'ol.h.' are gruhblng arabbullil it for (or the purpose purpol<t' of r ninkiiig mllklnr rich rch desserts dl'.. t because i)('allb(' 1 want an my ny baby to have ha\e wtull what be he needs nn'd1 and alld not ~t once on.(' go 10 with- wlh out. You don't don have h:.\~ an.. n extra can ctln of 01 Borden's B.rdcn s around do dl you? Y!lU~ Joan sometimes someimll's speoks fl>eak with wilh tongue ttongut' in cheek ('h('('k. but bllt his this is 1a a form frm of humor in which she t;ht' indulges. indulu'. She Sht' s not gullly guluy of having havuli climbed ('lilulwd into intn a fancy tancy uniform to get al'l pulihcily publicity for (01' lit-rs-elf herself as nn an angel pol:el in n the war oflort. eft'lrt Her work has been bc-en sincere mt ('1(' mid lind solid lulld bs as a J;pt'Clah_t specialist in getting 1t-'1tme things thull:s done dune with wth no 00 fuss fu.. or feathers. fealher!. She ~he works work hard io in behalf behajr of fighting l\j(hling men 'eo because benwe she t is elose t'lo..(\ to them. hero She Sht has on an uncle uode who s t a high hlch officer nffker in the Marines Mannes. another cousin COU~U in this thill branch branc'h of ser- &ervice. V'(' net not t 10 speak of flf still another relatl\'e relative in the tht' Navy. She recently ret:ently heard from her former husband. husband Gene Mnrkey!\1llrkey with With whom whnm she hl' rs i. still slill friend- friend ly to the effect e{fecl that after a promo- promo tion he had more nore brnid braid on his arm than the he doorman at the he Beverly Hills Hill Hotel. There is n a sharp harp tongue ton&:tle in the th~ head of vf this this BenueU Bennett. the '.'dge edge of lf which she!lhe reserves reserv~ in n criticism of the few... who use Wit' their lhelr Oovemment GO\'etnml posts to \11'1.' live in n a compiiralive ('<>mparatl\t.' bed ll'd of rostss. r()~es 1 don't usuidly usuul1y write wnte to te n»y my etmgress- rongrcslimo. but T think every M.el'y citizen 'ltizen should Mould man when whln he rtisvtrvni's dlk'over something mething going on like likt' recent n'(tllt instimcea n tam'l's in 10 which wives wive. nt of oillciul.s ntllc!uls let t'! their th(il' curs curl run in front tront of beauty bt'!.luly parlors p8rlon so flo the thl' chauiteurs chllufyeuts could could keep ket! warm. warl1l They Th<y can Cllll wear heavy hc.\ ) socks sock. nnd and long on underwear undl'rwar but shouldn't shouldn'l bum.)ur\ gas l~ others otht'1' are ure denied dl'nied by reason rea~.n of r working workjl\l for tnr the Gov- Go\' ernment. ('rll ent' Likewise Lkewlif.> she its 1lJ;! >5 the he tcndent'y tendency of r ccrinin Cf'rlain Government r.ov('nlrnent blg- bi. situls hut:! toward tow.rd fancy rancy dinner parties Dcitd partl' Dead Man's Man' Shoes Shoe'.. extra special a;peclal train tram reservations reser\';luons and (Ccmtiniied rcol'lhnuf'd jrom froll Pope Pn. JG) 415J the- like ns as an imposition imp'sition on the people T)t'uple. the ihut him' whether ihe people know it or not. way to shut up a heel like him! n rn the course rour1!le of all this thl prying pryinc you and 1 are still aware thai tha Joan Juan Kay Roy Strickland the ox-convict ex-nnvid fully Bennett is ill it n glamorous and fascinating fascinatmll recovered rt!;(l\'('rt'd from h'ts h!; injuries injunt and slipped 1ip\X'd are aware thiggs t'psily into of \{' woman. We tiro uwore too that tfiions easily n the life nf (he man miln ho he are going on quietly Qui('tly around and above al.><'\'e resembled l<scmbll'd so romnrkably. remarkably He H' assumed an: umcd us in this hill splendid liplendid house. house. Mellnda Melinda has duties at al the thl' Kilrain Klrain nnmufacturlns nanu[acturlng out chinnina; ovec J;idewall pl;mt hat ~~ry 'ev~r been put chinning over the sldowali plant that K r.ty never had assumed asliuml!o with the neighbors and chatting chalting with and worked wnrked dutible dnulile time tllne to keep kl'l.'p war Will' the carpenter ca~nter on hand to make re- repair's. Diana has just Just returned from lines. tines. Everyone E\'eryone at the he plant remnrked remalk.. :! production pro<iudioll moving m('\vlng along She hl.' busy bllsy pairs. school. You see J;ee those these children and fln on the sudden change chang(' in the h(' young youog make a vague val;ue comment about aboul how... man and Mr. Kilrain. Kilrain the youngllloo's man's well w'11 behaved bfohavcd they arc. are. Joan slufis l<lul1~ father found himself himl-('lf more morl' than 1l\'Cr thai und ~enel')liti~!. plea!\cd 1(>11 over that and goes to generalities. pleased to have a son who \lthu was grnw- glo She says: $<yll: -' think thmk the experience experiellle ing inll: so popular with Wth the nicu. Olen. Tlu- Tht of ot this war \\ nr is S not 111t going to hurt the thl' poslponed postponed wedding between b(twt'l.n Joyce ''':oce character chal'actcl' of yourir youn children. childrl'n. enn C!ll Trent nnd and the young man t)lltn was only!ll;lo well mngine iltllf(ine that h;11 my children chldren and two weeks wet'ks away awly on the he day dn.y tbni thl'll many others might grow!row up thinking hmking Joyce slopped tupped at the olfice nkt' with Stub- ~uh 'ArcnT 'Aren't we w(' the thc ones' (lilt's: even though by to pick piek Ray Hay up and bring brinll liiir hill the\ they never tlt'ver said sald so. J;O. t's difficult as dilllcujt- il~ home. homl.'.joyce had news. <' d.fficull as in th(' t'ase adulb -o. difficult ns n he rase of adults to 1 had a caller l'allcr tedsy 1<1 y Kerry shr 'h impress imprus on 011 them the thought that l'at they said. 'A reportct r'(»rl.('r from the fust. l'mt «. must lust do d'l unspe-vjciilar UlllilJ(' j-.cular things to t<l help hclp Bill Uill Sullivan. Sulll\'on h' w r el'lort 1 hal the'( \\'hlt thill lint Stullh~ with the war ejlorl think that there What did that guy want? Stulibj will be \)(' f jwer we snobs ~nb5 among amun{ children chlldlen asked!k'(j quickly. qu\cyly. famll es h've lillie t;tf)ry 'JU ('(dlol ll.' M n'l'o whose faniiics hsve been a little more A story of our wedding. He seem en Dnan(lally iniiy successful U:t'llfirul than others. otheri' QUlt' quite interested nt('re~'d in Kerry's en)' i ns* loa i>: OJ: They'll be Lt> stronger ur(>1!:er and more demo- demo inemory. memory. cratic. eratic t would \\'Oliid be rather ratht'r nice to til Ray tny looked thoiirlilfully thll!lgl\tfully nt ilt Stubby Stubu} live!jve n in the t1w Rcneratkin l/ejleralioll that thal will tic bt' and remained quiet (lui1 all alj he way wuy b 011 lb) th. Mmnin( thmlll \l'n illt!f'n ~. alii drll'l' hne h d b{'c!) rtmning (hlngs ten and tii'teen yeiiri drive hmne. t hrd bfi.-n ii busy buy day dol from rol1\ now no\ and nnd Joyce's J)«' inti.nrjatiuii uf : liud!lad been OC'l. n riis- d!.jf. d '1'1 kn<!w... Y')\ hl!lk~ turbillj;. eut~'l We don! know what you are ihink- lurbing A still greater slmek Jho('k nwnttrd aw'ltrd ing n& now noj hat w you ~. u have by proxy p.-.)l;y per- X'tsonally met '~1 nnd and talked ltlked with Joan ler fered od another anothe1' heart he attack nnd and Ui«lb him ni al home. Sir lr Kilrain K nltld had sut- 'J~ snnally Ocnnell. Bennett She fiht' may ma)' not intrigue lilt i[ue you dolct'r doctor insisted nsisted (hat that anoiher antjthc'1' might 'ni&hl kit! kd~ quite qlllte as l!l ri'iich 'ltch ns l.s the more norl spcctnculnr 1<1~'t(Ular him. beauties t..eauliet of the he timnicnt. moment. Yet Vel. if t you yu He lie must \U:. have ha\t' absolute absolule peace l'h.!atc aj ot lived Ved in 111 Hollywood LlY\\~>d and observed ob»el\'(.j her h('l mind milld no matter rr.atter what licppens huppcns' he the on nil freqticn! frequeni occnsionk. OC'QJ;.1tlnS you ~'(;U would doctor doetr said. Mid Joy~'(' ~rec agree liial hult she will Will still.;till be l>e golop loin Joyce put.ut her h'l liand hlu) on Hay's Ray's shoul- fhoul slicing rony: witen when others billers have litsl 1(lit tiieir their der. dl'r ''You've you...(> got Cl'\ r a big job Jb abend 'head of gnp nejpaper headlillc!< thai kt'f'p Kf'rry ('nll~ grip on newspaper headlines that keep you. Kerry. The entire numagomem manalc'tn1ml them alive. all\ of ' f the plant is J' cm on your shoulder: 5houldel'll now. nw. t's t'll not lot Just jut Joan's Jnan'li acute sense H'n~l' of >r know know' Ray Ruy said. absently. blicntly.)od )a(i bu~l('1! wnl!:e'lllcnt ddt milo ~111h('r hve been au iwt'\ business nianngemcnt the dell ni;ifi- nnd Mother have hocn so swell to me.!(t' ner ler in 10 which... \i\:' she h(' runs her home hun the Joyce. Joy«' 1 hope lhat hot can C1!11 pay them.. m plcasur(' w hat lamlly alld bal:k fo' lhey... e de nr ''»8. pleasure she has in her family nnd back for what they've done lor me. Uie nc pleasure pll'):!! l' she 'he gives ejves them thnl thlt Joyce JOYfl: laughed. lauglwd After nil 1111 she W miihcs mal:cs her ht... nn an on tj. s landing tanding person. penn raid said you're yuu're their sun SOil malic Jr. n she leiephunc H.~y Her magic is m the fact that»hc The telepluiiie rang and Ray on- an knows know. what wh:!1 she l'e is doing d 109 and ;il t limes...rna vwcred. ered it. t it was Stubby Swbby und and lie 'le had when hen she' doesn't d nt no one s aware a\\ ace of had b.lod news. the shorlcomiiik- <hort... ninj: f 11 you had been bt'f'n n- ''The gallic UP. Ry Sullivan' 1l~ The game's up Ray. Sullivan's vited to tn stay lay longer 10r1ft-r os al< you might milnl be he got go some ''''111.' iinger-prints nger.prmt!l from trllm the peni- pem!;ometi sometime you mirht mi~ht have discovered'\ ('nod tent tenllary inry. He ll' wants pnts to compare them that she <h(' bos... a vast appetite al)pc'lite for lui' with witli yiiurs. Yuu You know what that Strauss Straull8 wnllzes wliltn's nnd and roast beef oc't'f. which whit'h means. mealls. she ~he can prepare ph'pare beautifully ht.autifuljy. but Hint hat Kay Ray hung hunl up the receiver. lt'«'\'\' He Tt'! sud- ud she he doesn't dol'sn't care pre a hang for Znbagllonc Zaba&Jione denly felt (elt very old and alld weary. eury He lie nor can -an she fhe prepare p~re it. was Wall tired tlted of 01 the tbe strange ll1na:e name Pfile he A lucky thing thrg. too WO. because bet'aum' the hod had been bet'n playing playhla: for ror the past 1)8...~t weeks wl't'k. recipe calls call:l for (or four egg yolks! tired of ' misleading mu;leadmg people penple he'd learned ll'amed y('\lks~ to J hke- lo ike to love. cwc' He wuriled wullted to be himself hlm:<.eu again. But Joyce Joyce. whom he loved m'cd most mrn;t dearly must know the full rull truth.x.' SALt JOe'S ClO~. trulh before Jefore another amlhl'r day dlly was done. drule. SALE n the living-room \i\'ing-room before belllre the (!re- Orepinct' where they had made hemselvcs hemm'lv... Nn rars ciciws WillS joe s tionts P~ES PRU'ES sushi: ~lyl ptace ::; 1--:.. comlorlable Rny Uetl:U1 ttl ' 7 comfortable Ray began to tell Joyce ' l the truth. She must mu~1 have havll half hair guessed aue5!;ed his intent for tor she put lul her hand across aerou -T l~ 0: ills his mouth m1'lulh and dosed ch '0'(\ his hi. Hps. lils. 'WUlt Wait she t;hc said FOld don't 'don't say lay any more more. $AU SALE But 've got to tell yon! yl'! cosr C.~T Jot'S joc s cioras COTl! 1 fill( FSKES SlU'-V ~ You mustn't. Because Bl'causc there's there' noth- nolh Ulg uig to tell. lell. 've '\e known all along alonl. f=. - -.' from the he first tint momenl m<l1lclit yon ~'ml held he: J me (n in your yuur nrrns am). nnd and kissed k' cd me n 1l Then Thl'l why dlclnt dldn t ytni yuu- f Because Be\. uus{' you're everything evelyth1flg that tl'a\ lilt hit. mother nwthel and md father futht'1' and 1 wanicd wanl d (lie 1. other l.ther Kerry Kl'rry Kllntin KilrOlin ( ' tn he ' Vnu're You're SALE iatfcnaim [$'AN SAL SALE everythml thnt H' ('f.ult! hnle ' etuv!lln co$i_ NTRANGE (~l NTRANCE PRKtS PR([S 5Ui~D. everything hat he could have been ' n :. til::: ' rn JUSHfO and wahii'l...»n \. (- i. i 'JoYl:e -dol't knrm t - Joyce 1 don't know what to. lsay. 0'1 th~y r say. Do they know knltw too? 'i) ' f- H.l'ri O o Of course t otlrs(' nol. nt Joyce JYl'e snrtli-d. krl They Tlwy m via only think thullr. you've you'\{' changed dwn&ed since n Q the th@ t;. 0^ (Confilmed ConllrlMt : on 0 Page Pl:llQ S'J) '>9) «/ i

55 Attention! See Sec How Hollvwood ywood Solves the ~ Meatless katie Problem! (CotKl'i'K'd (Contin1led /roru from Pcfjfl Page 52) en ajtd and put in the pan one-half one-halt nip cup of (lour. flour. Cook but do not brown. bmwn. To this add two cups cup~ of chicken broih broth and two cups of cream. Cook for ten len minutes. n the center of n (1 dish dish. put two quarts of noodles potonafsc polonaise which is prepared by cooking noodles souleing lilluteing them in butter bulter with white fresh [rc; h broad bread crumbs nnd and chopped hard-boiled eggs eggs. Dress chicken chicken. which you have had in strained sauce for [01' five nve minutes around nnd and on top of the noodles. Serve with sauce. A special Vegelnblc ~'egetable concoction culled colled asparagus asparagu!. Joaf louf is Bob Breen«Breen'~ delight when he dines at Hit* the Brown Derby on meatless meatle~s Tuesdays. Tuesdays Asparagus Loaf 1 can cnn green gr~n osporngus asparagus tips ) 1 pitmcnto pimiento. cut in strips 5 egg yolks 2 tabtespoons tablespoons Hour 110ur 5 stilt-bealcn stiff-beaten egg whites tablespfion tablespoon bultor bulter l?i ~4 cups cu~ milk 1 teaspoon sail 14 '.i tonstio«n teaspoon pepper pcppcr Line greased iduillow-lnaf jwn with Line gn::a.o;ed t;hallnw-loaf pan with nspartigus asparagus tips; tip!;; garnish garn1!ih with pirniento pimiento.lrjps. strips. Beat egs egg yolks ynlk$ until thick thlc'k and cinon-colovt'il- lemon-clljorcd; add white sauce made marie of Dour flour builer bulter milk nnd Dnd sensonings sea~onings. Fold in egg whiles. whitc~ Pour over O\'C' asparii- a~)j\rngus place pan in hot hoi water and bake n 'n i-todeiciie moderate oven o\cn (350 f.lsd degrees) forty- forty five to Dity ftll.v minutes or nr until ret. sct. Un- Un gus. mold on plalter plutter nnd and pour pe>ur one-fourth cup niciled Olelted butter over o\'er tt>p. top. (Serves eight.) eight.) Dorothy Lnmour LllmOl1r jfi being from New Orleans where WhC'C Crculc Ct('n\c dishes were we'\) originated would whuld just nntur&tly nablrully turn tllrn to chicken Creole Creule with Wth rice rire no {m to ljcntle~s Tucsdliy Tuesl'lny and the Derby prepares prc!arl': t in true New Oilenns Orlean! sty tyle: eatless Jo; Who's Winning the thl' War? fconfimied (CoM.ll/cd jrom frolt~ Page Pape tc) 16) better'n four (flur hundred mo<s mile a hour h(lur and ihur tha' nln't lln t an Axis ship wit more mol'e Ore-power! flre-powerl So came c:une back to Cat California i torn n and 1 con ron tvli teu you for sure f;ure that UHll there's not f10t a man woman or kid in the wimlc whole state of Arkansas that doesn't know what'a what's going ' on. You soo. see we know that our town L(Wfl sn't isn't the world. Every ::\ery Van Huron BUrell boy sits at lit the riepnl dl'put and wnlches wlltehe~ the trains go north. nor!h He ll knows Hint that the Dnilcd United Slides States is (s n a big wonderfwl wnndl.'dul country. 1 will bet my illy bazookn baz.ooku even even. with wllh nnythinjj anything tmy- pnyune (ne wants to put tip. up. that the- sinidl- arnautm\l boy* boy~ nil all over the countty (.'ounlry place pla~ town a much bigger bi~!-:er value valu(' en on our nniion notion than us snphisucatcd sophistieated older folks. rolk.. Each of (f them knows knuws for instance instan(.'c what whnt it means when wh('n the newspapers newspaper!! say $tly n f town t)wn of five!l\'c HjousamJ thlusand fs'ople people has hall been wiped wipen nut in n the war. wal. A Vnn Van Huron Buren wy boy knows Hint that fometlilnr soml'\hing like tjtlw this is ir n a tcitible terrible tiling why lhing~why. that'* that'~ more people pc(pie than there are in hi* his hnmo- hometown. Shut Most folks Jolks who live lh'c n Now New tewn York \'<ork or Chlrago <.:hlc'llgo can get hartloned hardmro to a n headline like that because bl'cau~e they th~y arc are jur urrounded rounded by Jy hundreds hundred~ of thousands thollsllnds of 1 people. peopk. r 1 a 11.1 a Chlclten Chicken Creole with Rico Rica Z'.S* 2% pounds chicken cut in R 8 pieces 2 medlum-fize medium-size green peppers sliced slicw. fine! medimn-size medium-size onion onion. chopprtl ehoppcd fine 1 No. 2 can solid pack toma- tomam toes or six medium-size medium ~ize fresh tomatoes 'h li pound inushroonis mushrooms or a small can <<( of mushronins mushrooms 4 - pieces of celery celery. sliced fine 1 piece of garlic chopped fine 1 bay leaf A little basii basil J 1 quart of chicken stock 1 cup rice Salt and ami pepper to taste Saute chicken iinlli until brown add onions green peppei> peppers celery hay-leaf bay-leaf basil bash and simmer for fo ihree tbl'ee or four inlnntos. minutes. Add one sninll small glass J;:lass of dry white wine. wine Add Ad(l tomatoes tomutoes the slock. stock. Simmer for thirty minutes. min\.ltes. Add rice nnd and cook annthor anc>ther twenty mhuites. minutes. f l! it should get Staj too dry dry. add more slock stock as it s is cooking. Season Seaso[] to lustc. laste. Cinire Claire Trevor always enjoys chick- chick en chop suey and orders that most frequently on her meatless Tuesday luncheons at the Brown Derby. A ili 1- ' o He had $o so many com- com mercials to do ne het isn't done wiih with ihe the fight yet 11 t must be Axis-ascnl Axis-agent talk that the tht' small towns aren't arcn t really r('ally in this war. waf. n 111 n a place plllce like Van Buren BUren the war wllr is more important to 1<> each person pen;ui than in almost any bli; big city limmse becau~c they know evcrj every buy boy who goes to war. wqr. Everybody knows who's shirking Mi on war bonds and who isn't playing fair fnir with rationing rationing. so nobody with n a dol- d~ll lar in his pocket dares to rhlrk. shirk. n a big city the man or )f woman who wh(l wants to cheat on em war wur bonds mid Dnd hoard food can {~lln gel get away uwoy with t it. be- bem cause who's to know? n on an apart- apart_ ment house you're lucky if ir you know knnw six or seven nlhcr other people and what whot they do. 'm not saying that thal the boys in n the (h' big town! towns aren't just as important n in this lhis war a» as!lv>ac thuse from tram the burgn. burgs. think t's it's going RomS to do a lot of good guod for fe>r the city feiiows ft!\lows. to get acquainted acquaintt'd with Wth the country boys. boyli. n the hist last war one of my buddies was fmni rnm Boston. He H.' thouchl thollght Arkansas wns WM down dljwn around Baltimore some* place bill but after the war wm' he went and bought himself a farm near Van Buren and lind you couldn't get ~l't him fixe th'e miles nwny away from the place- plalc. Just Ju:-o! for (or the fun ol o( it.. somelirnr. sometime. nsh ask ten of or your friends who their 1helr senator is. Half Hl! <>i or them thl.'m won't won t know. You can bet bl!t your life lifl.' lia; that in Van Buren and other olhl.'r small towns trwns they not rot really good recipe for eiiop chop suey s is almost almo.qt as hard to find as meal meat on Tuesdays but the 1he Derby's is a fine delicacy: Chicken Chop Suey Use fresh [resh young chicken 0 Fresh water chestnuts Mushrooms SlllshroOms Bean Dean sprouts Fresh peas shell and all A fovcramfnr officist wsi bwon xhown a new ides Fresh cabbage shredded Bamboo Fresh peas shoots shell and all tinuous chanties necessitated hjr war rertutrctntnts. Put chicken n in hut hot skillet and saute A Zcnitti oflilial k* X'<t the answer >4 easy. Radio and Radionics in butter butler or peanut oil on then add the reprcscor a iriescr-nuiclt (ajt oiosioit bosi. vegetables with one ladle of chicken ocas. Coneeroa that couldn't 'chanae Osctniaht' are out. ts diisimfusltr. we're used to broth and mix well. Cover with lid tittneinst wlili newideas <»nlr* nowsve'fe'ftchi. and let simmer for ror five minutes. Mix ine'l* r's and Germans nstead of each other n that statement is evidenced the condition tiiac together broth and one mix tablespoon tnblespocn well. Cover soy with sauce sallee lid 1~~f~r1:~~~~~[~~~~~~~ffi made possible Zenith's attainment of ndustry lead- Rock Hop dry and Chipese Chi\1ese starch ership. User increasink public acceptance of /emth name and product resulted (runt a never Ceatin* iind and add to the lhe contents of the skillet. Strrant of Zenith firsts new features new de- After Aftcl' simmering simmel'lng mix together and vices and new sots wbicb enabtol us to iruiliiulls' say to ho public t Serve serve in bowl with wilh fresh boiled Chi- Chi nese rice plain and perhaps some lichee nuts rice cakes and pot of Chi- Chi nese lea. tea. This makes an excellent OHLY huifet bufet supper or party dish. in the Zenith taborsldrirc. n asxdnc he etmimcntcd upon ihu nuistandin* maootr in which tbc l~i[~~~~;;~~~~~~~r2~~!~~~~~ radio iodoxtn' was i-ilcctlne the rapid and con- The men especially go for the Brown Derby's victory mix E r 'e. which is HAS THS composed Derby's victory of exempted mix grille meats. which n other s ~~i~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Todir yiwj ftrnj commonplites r*»cmia!4 o words meats that are not on the most radio ftitutn firat introduced to Uie public by ZcolUi-^such i> * shorlhgc shortage list. Such masculine mascu]jne gourmets // n H its as Joe E. Brown Paul Whiteman toman FRST FRST George Gt.'Orge Bums. Burns. Herbert Marshall di- rector Lloyd Uoyl'l Bacon and Edward Ar- &- TUNNG SETS.... PUSH BUTTON HOUSE CURRENT rcclor nold were all seen during a luncheon visit nold were by your all s(!cn editor elktor during enjoying 8 luncbeon this De Jnduurr «irx. of ~;.. ~~.i.~ n '! ';:5t~~11:;)~~~~~~~~ jjd«h *Jl lin>e infjrfw vtrc oo- grille: 'P-tCTifoft of tth-iu- rrwicl ft'an atnr^ito b>ttkin <mr kwpin tn tofjta ofwu tnli *M. thittoo wot thn lir^inm by Vldory Victory Ml* Mill Grille Vtir tntrr fr\9i rmn. Ziwtiih Rvlip rart»tpnil»no ta* afr- Vi 1.~l pound sweetbreads which must tr lut frrtfil f.viry l>»r OP rwir -f-urxnt'.. wifittry Smifli Acu^rli* i ti* rn)tw brexi Cftllifj upon J-ic * fr/uml. be cooked a6»low A olo;ow - A Few h w New Now Zenith Ze l! h Fitsls froren' Flnl._Frou 4 small slices slice~ cnlf's calf's liver liver. raw by Zenith Chonueo Changee>V. ver lo la Vfor War Production Prodlldlon 4 slices dices of of tongue longue 'JFRST // n it J'FRST ir 4 slices uf of kidney kltilley with wilh the fat on FRST FRST it if passible pos.~jbh.' LONG DSTANCE SAFETY 4 slices peeled peeln] eggplant PUSH BUTTON AUTO 4... inctlium-sizc medium-size inushroom mushroom buttons PORTABLE... RADO... 4 pieces zuchinl cut lengthwise mr lh<> Zrv- Tii* fuy tiuta hnik* yma nry of 4 rrttfiuiifwa- '*1* ^ TJiriCT Smcnr Smear oil on nil ingredients ingredients. salt 7.fifttlTi pow Tmoi-Crfrnatltfl-. portntrj* cuo TAKNil voru FYiy uvt JfTE it DA T or - and pepper. pepper Put Plit under unrlcr a hot lire fire broil broll W#:luM Uiaoul C liktcmo RJVO ONin JT mo frttffil't '»r vnmtiian'itf*fu PTHr: on bnili unth slder. sides until cooked. Put on a (rmtiou \V J11. L l. -; rn* z.; nm Tjfi :» tr.b4.nli«>rt!««fim-lim uml tv i uot C'Olltrul Auto llftpan. pan season St.'ason with butter and chopped urunj lu Ahe wavobtniinnn ittrud t»tty * TliU tici>i»viuil>(p urw uit«[a kiiu sibuturtl r»i11o waa cm ff.n r««uj> parsley par~lcy or chlv'es. chives. Arrange artietically artistically fetrhulituw'cw* VA!*rr m k Hf r jl v n 11 < t miaj UVJ vu. nnd and serve ;erve with allumettc allumetle potatoes or t«lk» fkh tioiff D- FMifrtON 'fl WClXTtc. hrt* vprratco f4lt* TUAl tvirrflta** Kf ti.wv r*rt Wtil an au grotin gratin potatoes. potatoes Serves four. irry k iiot»o rurrrtit tiai- (rptjlr ijrtuufi»tr»ip tudir rtmlw*-lpvit tlhi S 'tuea Lf.s'c; z-ni!i4 ur-atante t»it*«^rtoif *is- - rtf ' uioiorrowb ra- HAino n fro; T JON. dio tod ty. -AXDTHrSr ARE JUST A T*'OF THC.MANT Zi-MTH ORSrs- only know but they know hoxv how ho he voit'd voted on all the thl.' war bills. bills He s is a MLTARY SECRET big man man. He goes Wl'S to Washington and he comes cume:> back to tell the people what Today *t! mi *11 iai»ifjw a^tlrh A (tftmliiruon ik uajjioirr KTft. liiu ttr'* owu. LHT WJiat everything is about. tell 1loiU»> *ou ytrj t ith. RopUonloffMctualYctr... w arc ijoallt* vlllr.'<***** t wti When Whm the war is over you won't learning rrft^t rvro- rinr cajnldf iww irrf>»k«i#n «-hlrti wb find a 1\ sign outside out:;jde Van Buren roari- read rrtvri. (iack TUtfi tn - fcvulin eiwian fiki* hyflrnvhaoti iirrwlmv* *h'-i ntiw-nrinxi inn titw* ing The town tlial thnt beat \)(>at the he Axis A..-..::is mi 'inry mif Aftny Htiii ffafj' nm itivr» tii»h but without all of nt the small towns idito.-h uctrfrih'tuwnkf-ttvurcnwa fttkmufl *«vl pr«7r^t\«n UiA(t*tit nm! rr* sr^p^f w'tum W tq'il.'lls 1*4 in n America working workillc like they arc are t it w n!*** -voom rtji*** joun f it joti TOtrimiuuM Utcw Mtu-l t'«r cwoihrtv luklmwi couldn't be done. RADONCS t's t'a like a story heart! heard about a the Now Mlrode nduitry Van Vlin Buren Duren boy who was lighting fighting on VouY limlll i(nfu*m sro (iumlulcaniil. Guadulcnnal. A fcl fellow low from frum BrookioJpiiiJ thii cymn- Brook iry Uvtrlt tu TMrttLmlei 1 *917»iM*r lyn lurnetl turned to hint him while they tho:-y were v1<xo>ry k van. WAR lying lyinjt in n the jungle shookng shuoung Japs. liilriaaful JUMllAni^lirv ««* BY Japs l*y«of ti»<l tour llnihfh nurilke Some shootingi shooting! he said Why you HYYiT a nrcity nn ihlp haven't missed once ail nl day how or iralu la k«t^rtwilulf 1943 day-how *» * CltltlA iuglf to tuh come you're such a great shotv ~hol'! erftit iww furmoituiuvw- Vdl am] ma*»uk WAR» Well'' Well replied repli~d the Van Buren BUren lad 131 RADO it's it'i like this. conn; come front tram poor folks. fonu. cradio DoaUr ncor yoaj s gmftg When there wasn't wun't anything to oat eat 0W9 t*rvk# on oil fod>o» rtoanjj#is of mov*. in the tht' kitchen my dad d<ld used lli<erl to give ZENTH RADOCORPORATONoCHCACO me his rifle rine and si* six bullets. We bad had to have ha c six ~ix squimds 1>Quirrels lo to go around around. so brought back six squirrels. squirrels No unc usc xvastuig wastng ammnnition!' ammunition! 1 Ski Bob Burns Bur115 nnd alld Ms is.-tri.ansos ArkanSlUl Troc- Trat' elcr t'1('r rboir /lhow tno]/ a)! be hl' hrcrd hi'ard rbursiiaps Tur8dall~ orer Ol'l't NBC or at.jfi 7:30 l m. Ftt'T EWT OJO 6;30 p.m. p1 CUT. CVT ;:30 p.m. AWT MWT C;30 G:3Q p.m. PWT. PWT pn-h-ulrd pnsl!ted tinder undcr fin* hc sponsorship spcmjlors!dp o/ of Les-pr Lf!t'er Broihcrs Brother! Comjxiiip CnmprH!1 fn ill hckclj benalf of Li.frhiOl/ Lifebtiop Uoap. Soap. m BETTER THAN CASH U S S. War WOt Sov/ngi Slompi & Bonds 57 57

56 'uf. ct. John Joh fl. B. PiiTce....(l Ca>it;> Camp Pliill!)>.< Phillip. Kans. On. -On the Fibber }bber McCce :o.1cgee> and Molly :\ hoy. Bn.i. BLL Thompson TilOMPSO plays ' be pnrls pllrt nf of Horatio K K. Roomer B\OH'r the fjoin (Join radio's radio qair qui: pamcf a(ljllt'! Try Trll pour 10UT 2. n what country eountry did each of ot the Old Timer Mr!\fr Wimple and Kick Nick Dc De skill skit! fti misit'crhip llswering these flinc radio bratn- brain following 101l0wing foods toods originate: orljlnate: (a) Pol Popuhis. PopllLO>. blisters. bll8trrs. For correcl correct inixtners answers set; sre page (b) schnitzel (c) smorgasbord? rn.) 60_1 3. What arc are tho the three highest moun- moun Mrs. Mrl Pittcii Pf>Tcy Bisli Bish West We!1 Laitin. Lawn Pa. P. tain peaks in the continental United 1'1 Tr.ii u Maione. M.o\.O:iE whose reading of prose prolle From Frank ' Frank Crumit Crumlt and Julia San- Sander1lon' 4. Which weighs wellhs more a person's person'. States? and lind poetry p'~lry over o\'er tbc the Blue Network has derson l»tii \.H't'n a favorite with radio listeners i. ten~ri (CBS. Sat.. Sat. 8 p.m. EWT EWT) rnuscl~ muscles or his hij; skeleton? ~kel~ton? for fur the past twelve lwele years yean; was wall born 1. 1 A block-buster blrx-k buster is which of the 5. What is. a truckman's trockman's dolly? May in Colorado Col(.rado Springs. Spnnp. following: following~ A type of heavily he-avlly armored Colorado. Ted made his hi>. radio debut tank tank. a hand grenade renade a bomb dropped From Dr. Dr. Q. a: while... in high school school. where he an- annnunc-eel football games. Entering Enlen col- col smash armed fortresses? rortress('~~ from an nirplanc airplane or a gun used ued to (NBC. (NBC Mon... 9:30 p.m. EWT) ) ii<n>iiccd lcj;e at 1 eye~ adjuted lege nt William S. When our eyes become adjusted 2. Whose was the face Hint that launched lire pupil! con~ Jewell Liberty Liberty. to a dark room are the pupils cona thousand ships? ~hlps7 expllnded? Missouri ho he set his tracted or expanded? hi~ 3. What combat vehicle besides beside!! a Whnt ill the mellning the mind mmd on the career carccr 2. What is (he meaning of tho word submarine has a periscope? lawyer_ Sup. in of n lawyer. Sup- salient as it is frequently used n 4. s 11 it a dromedary dromednry a camel with one pl:vmg fundi {or new.! plying funds for his ar v -3- the war news? s it an advanced or two humps? humps~ mto enl'my poe:itions. raid collugc clle):e education. 5. Which Whleh has the largest population: wedge into enemy positions a rnid- h{' 110ld moppmg up crew~ ho sold Fuller ing-party or a mopping-up crew? Texas. Texas New York State or Canada? Canada~ brusht':l and f li:<ting namc5 brushes nnd was a 3. if you were listing the names of m waiter... alter in n one of the the states in alphabetical order which From Quii 'Quil. Kids Kid. town' re>;\.aurants. Network. town's restaurants. (Blue Network. Sun 7:30 p.m. EWT) state would you put last? Thi~ SWilS This second job Ted Malone 1.. Would you be pleased plen~l'd or dis- 4. f the Swiss army is called to dis the terminated when he poetry reader protect tho country's capital will they pleased if varicella paid you a visit? visit' Geneva. failed fniled to balance a go to Geneva Bern or Zurich? 2. How many legs do each eath of the dn th(' name.~ tray of turkey din- 5. What do the following names following 109 have; have: (a) Laughing Laughm jack- jack cummon: Pal. Quito. Bo. ners ner~ while going Going through n a swinging 5winglllG ass. a5.' (b) spider? have in common: La Paz Quito Bo- d~mr Whle ~lill college. T~ Caraca~' door. While still at college Ted Joined gota and Cariicas? 3. 3 What lllernry literary character faced ltatinn station KM K'1BC EC at Kansas Kong!! City Cty as a what appeared to be a largo large army member of n a ukulele team writing but when he attacked attacked. the soldiers l<uldien; From Battle SilUle of the Sexes Sexea.kll.a skits for programs. pwrams. At twenty he be- be. p<'aceful {NBC Tuea.. EWTj turned out to be peaceful sheep? J;heep~ (NBC. Toes 9 p.m. EWT) came continuity rontilluity editor soon after 4. oriamatoo Bookend. light brown hair. eye!. 4 What literary liternry character who!. Where would you have to go to ui'lginated Between the Bookends. didn't care especially espe<:ially for children find the famous Cedars of Lebanon? Lebanon' Ted has light-brown hair gray eyes laced faced the difliculty dfficulty of Of taking lakin care tan:' of 2. What North American sland i;land is weighs about (1 pounds pounds is 15 an omniv- omnh six? 1>ix the most molt densely populated? populated' orous OroUli reader has hal'; a sparkling spurkling sense aen~e of 5. 5 Following arc are the first names of 3. You may know what a trapeze trape2.e humor nnd and s i. happy to break !'i in three men who were n the news new; dur- dur is. '> but can you dentity identify a trapezium? trape;t1um~ golf. iw\(- ing 109 the last year; year: (a) Fulgcncln. Fulgencio. <b) (b) 4. 4 Fur For nine nme years year~ in 111 the seventeenth sc\'cnleenth Jawaharlal. (c) Chetl'r 01\.'(' ('Om ffillp BUll' (ylynne O'LJC Huntinptort Huntington W. W Fa. Jawaharlal (cl Chester. Give the last century England was ruled by a com- Vo. name and identify each one. moner. moner What wbs W his name? name~ Jay -JAY Jostyn JOSn'N who plays in Mr. M! Dis- Dis 5. You may know thai that Elmer Davis trict triet Attorney Attorney. is married monied and nno has From Are You Vou a i Genius? Genlul? ' is i~ director directur of the Office of 01 Wm* War nfor- nfor two sons. You can write to him at (CBS Mon. Mo. thru tru Fri.. Frl S;30 6:30 p.m. pm. EWT) EWTj mation mation. but do you know what impor- impor NBC NBC. RCA Bldg.. Bid. New York. N. N V. y. From what part of the plant does tant wiir wllr job s ii held by William H. iurs. MT L. M. M Virth. Wirlh. Rriiicclon. Prlllceton. H W. ginger linger spice ~pice conic? come? Davis? Davis! Yes Yet. David DAVD Gothabd GOTHARD s b the narrnl.or narrator on Light of the tht World. W orld_ Jnines Jo( Smiih Sith PorrJoud Port14nd. Ore. Fa- Orf'_ Fa BRTHDAYS mous for tor his rendition T('ndihon of Onr Der Fveltn-r's f''ut'hn r'. Face Facf' is Spike SPKL Jones JO:-iF:s. leader of or the Rlickers. Dec ~rl \\.1... V City Slickers. Spike was born Dec. MARCH Kail W.iwr. STC. Merehantii-e \. Mart. Clilraxo. 14. H lilll 1911 in Long Beach Calif. and Liimrl LioMl Audi ill.. JOlli loll. Ci'iiluil lux h'?lujlo«. ~ Bo ~ ll drum!; u vcty.<} 1/11 falll ' 18 showed an interest in drums at n very rrb Hi K. Cnlil MARCH 1$ n'rle. l.yon. \l~ \r h.o \\~r. (hi E.! t: 1t ila.lo 110. curly eady age. age While still ~til1 in 111 eranmuu- gral111l1llr Charles T.yoii MC Scituiiiw Marl. Chi- Kiiwunl 'A'ri all Morton RKO-Rntiio Stiniiov (;N S. Holh...~><l. ('ahl echool i~hool he formed fonnro a little four-piece filgn. fit. 780 flower Si. Hollyw.ifal. Calil. four pk'{;e MARCH 2 MARCH 19 bond band and played througiiout throughout south- south. Ozeie o... ~ Nelson. \.hon. NK \0(' Smiwl ~'''''' =il... d Vine V'~ Holiy- H~lk Lo l.unn Ha.vwanl ihal. V.'nilrrl wi Artists Arti.h SttnlioS ~<>du. 104! 1~1 ern California California. La- La wooil Calif. t~hl N. ' Fiirinnsa f ~ Aw...h._ lnliywoixl Calif. ter at the Polyteeh tech- Miirjune \h'iori~ Weaver \\.H~'.?0lh 2Oh Crtinrv (ur lex ru~ Mtiiiios. ~U!J MARCH 21 nical High School Beverly Bnul)' Hills hll Cohl (.h Vtileenl \''''''10' vllelier 1'1... NBC. \!lc. Merrhatolise \.h~i.. Marl. \arl. he became drum- drum MARCH i 3 Chicaen. ('hoc. ll plc<:e oalmund... RKo n... ~~u.. Go~r \'rcl'. W.-k. >.t'lrn(;~.. ~ n \b~ n. major of a 00-piece KJmtinrJ Lowe H KO adio Slinfju Gower vjteroi.i U'eiilh'T MelroGoMwyn-May.'. Culver fuh'. band l1.. n~-'<>od. ('.f1 Cil) ('hl band. Shortly after Si.. Hollywood Oil! City. Calif. that Spike formed MARCH 4 MARCH 22 Joki Jh Garfielil Guf~4. Warner \\ arnr Brolhrra lu... Hurbank Ourb.k. rioiiahl 00~1 Puwil. 1>.<1. HUte Blu. Network. \.work. Merchamlise \!h.nrl. Marl 'loll his own orchestra orche~tra Calif. ('alii Chirnyo. (tutu U and they played MARCH 6 YirKinia \i';la Gn-y. (;)' Meiro-Colilwyii M..l;<l.. y Mayer \~'n. Otilver Cull.. over station KFOX. Coy Guy Kibbee. Kib~ H nko KV t U.o n-ju. Sluiliov Slu.lio. 780 Gowei eo..-. Cil). City. Calif. f.lif After grodualing graduating St. '>1 Hollvwnorl Hol~'WOO<l Calif. Colil Johnnie John'. ahnslun Joh''''' NBC.'Of. Sunset ~un'rl and Vine. 'm. Holly 1111< Spike Jo n high (>f. from high school '.lil Spilte Janes MARCH 8 tvnuil Calif. Jone:; or Frank!} \1a<l nr'a<~. \/K. ~Pr.handi~ Parh JOllO''' ~ 485 \lad...-.n An \p apes der Fuehrer Jones and his or- Frankly 11.Mafl'nmiark. SBC MrrchaniJise Parks JohiKon 1 fis 'S? Madison Ave. New '1 1 thiu~. Ell Y'k. \ Y chestra played at Mar? Cbieago. til. York N. Y. Cb. T..-or. 'oluml>. ;w H38 ' fhirn 'lux \18. rrbu~ To~r_ 1'.rav the Ship Cafe in Claire Trevor. Columhia 'irtiirex 1438 N. Ci.iro Marx MlfS Trihnne Tower..'htcago. ll (;ow. >_ Hony1 Clo/ J... ~h... hilolk ul. 2)h r~nlu.. F(Ox ono. Venice Venice. Calif Calif. Then came the stock- stock Cower St.. Hovwmk. Calif. Josc th Srliililkraul 20lVt Century-Fox Slndins MARCH MRCH 12 Beverly Hnr<l}- lilk 1111 Calii. ('.bl market crash and back to school went li-len 11.1<-1 'armh. '''a~h Unl«ei«l \ ni... Stu.iioj ~luj... Universal l i... 1 MARCH 'ARCH 23 Spike. This time he attended Chat- Chaf City (il. Calif. (-.hl Joan Crawford. Metro Gold<syn-Mayrr Culver fee.junior College. When ho he grad- graduutt'd. he joined John Scott Trotter's naniif... >d. Calif. C.1if MARCH foarch 25 orchestra Ol'the:<tra. and it was during this time MARCH 13 U ff (rendet U~lrl. Cotumhia ( Pirlures P'nu.n. 14BS 108 K. \ ('.oner L... rr \110. R.l \H( Rf>\ Bl~_ liar Harlow Wilcox Wik.. SBC \1)(. Snnsel ' ami d Vine \.._ Holty )' City Calit. uated. that the City Slickers were formed. Nellie Rev ell NK'. UCA BHe.. New \'e..- York. SU S. llnltvwood. \111\...1. Calif. ('obi ~' y \.'j htl1l '~nlu..-fox!>ud'os. U'r Thoy They tnnde mafle some recordings and then N Y. Nnnry Kelly 20lli Century-Fox Studios Bev- erh Jil {~d. a n guest gut'st appearance appearan~ oh on the Bob Burns MARCH 15 erly Hills. Caill. (;e.'t~. Hrent. \arne. lr..lh.. Rum.k. t.lif prog pl'ogrnm. ram The hoys were such ~uch a sen- George Brenl VVarm 1 ; 1 Brntliers. Bui-hniik. Cnill MARCH 28 sen Maeilnrinlil a<d~>oa.1 Corel Caro). 'ttiainomiil 1'1r.uu.1 SloJins.!>wdo> ~51 ('.ml P.ul Wliileniaii Whilrmn. CHS (''>. Columbia ('ubia Squire S-qu... 11<>' lolly sation that they were signed signcd immedi- immedi. Maralhun ~hcuh St.. ~!. Hollywonil od Calif ~lif wofid wi. Calif. olf ately nte!y to appear on the program each Everett EHren Mirehelk 'tih~\ MC. \j( Metchantlise \~r<h.nlo... Marl. Mut. MARCH» 29 week. wet>k For fjer Dvr Fvfltrer's Fllehrer's Fiici- FaCe in pic- piehu E.> see ~ee page 53 53_ MARCH Mart. \1.1 Clncagn. n '<). ill. Chicaso. (ha~q 111. Gitisvr G;n~.. and ~d Jean J. Dlnnlto;. 1)0 NBC 'C_ Mctrhandhe \1~h.1.. lures '.. ud... '1<1 \llt H(.\ ' O \«lt. RhO-H.!>tu.r ;.... Mr rslhtfa h '_ «r M jiiiitrrf... liufuiri**._ Horn.-- tfuaft Mcrrede? MrCainbritlxe SHC. RCA BMg. New Dentm O'Kecle. if KO-Radio Studios 780 ftower... mho **4 if-wijure's-ml \ k. York. N \ Y St. Hollywood.....-t. Calif. {.M ~... _ ~ 25 '8'ZaUt-~ sw.- 25 SteUtt-faateiA 39 _.' ~.-' Clifton Fadiman Fadi01an on Tnfi)ituiul' lnforll\l'ttll n Plea!le: Please: f we had another hnlf-lc'nr h(lf ~ ur wc we could Listen listen to Mr. Kicran Kil'ran mints qu' Shakespeare all nfplu. Mrs. fllgllf' -Mr~ Av-y. Diinforth Danforth Stock- Steele. N. N Dak Oak (Decembot (~mljf 4 over Station KFYU.) KFYR.) ^tduand 'Sotuzt Hunt old bcmcri tac «0/ brwddstitno. *»- Ur liar Jtow rxnncej tsptruttts ore L^ai thr he prrfcrime ipiu or o» ftov c>gc«i5n«^omci Sn /oooy. itatemeat 5m With ho» coed Jciilrd wcy narfiamp H'r Tr. Jj otwdcaiitr/ io ome trror t>i< /iipnfpr th - fw '» ' * < smd yovr rntn/ fo Mt.V{ vb*oio Uttiuv 711 S Vovtt C'fit'apo. The tnoit humofaii* mine* 1^- prlnfrd in ffci# column Watch {or V* jowcll Lowell Thomas: Liberia -Llherul is 5.. 't the Africa Afrirn side id/> of f'm thl' Adnnilr.- Jvhn At/ofllie...Jm C. C Bowman Catawba Catawbn. W W Va- (Doc. {Ue~ 3 :1 over Station KDKA.) KDKA) Mol Mel Venter; Venter: Mussolini M\lSOlinl lel't left them to starve under the whip of the Nazi Nad njh. -Lorecn llh.-loreen Seller. Glcndato Glendale Calif. Calif_ (Dec. 8 over Station KHJ.) Alois Havrilla: 'This broadcast s is brought to you evry f't'frl/ Monday Moudoll tnclud- indudina np Stmday. Waller SHldol/.-Walter Michel. Michel Jersey City. City N. N J. (January S) 19 over Station WOR.) Crady Grady Cole: Col(': Thai's That'~ right. Bring BrinK your Yllur scrap!>crap iron to the tht' church ('hurch and Jcffl kill lino WO stones stoues- icith u-'illi one Oll~' bird.'' Mrs hitd_mr$. L. L 11. i Miller Miller. Hazelhurxi Hazelhunl Miss.!\'hllS (Jan- (Jan uary over Station WUT.) WBT.) Dr.. Q.: Q' A A young younk goose goo~(! is i. a (/oosliiifj. Edith oo~h'o.-edlth S. Norris ;-;'ortis Sigourney Sigourney. owa. (January over ovcr Station SlatlOn WHO.) WilO.) Nelson Sel.iOn Eddy; When 'When you YOl enter Nurses NurM's Training School Sl'honl you receive r~'cf'ivp a nursi: nur~~' for war duty. Lauretta duty-lauretta llut- lut kin. Philadelphia. Pn. Pa. (January 20 over Station WCAU.) Papa David on Life Life Can Be Bcnu- Beautiful' Love Love ain't something you ynu can throw out of or your heart ht art like linckei bl!l'ket tifol: from a watat. rene u.. ater.--ll'cnt! Heikkinen Heikkmen Toivola TOvtla. Mich. (Jammry (Jallual'y 20 over CBS.) CBS) Bob Anderson: Anderson'.. along the hun- dred rond rood niijc. Mrs. rnilf'!' ~ln. S. S W. Collister lister Santa Rosa. Rosa Calif Callc' (Jammry (Januury 21 over CBS) CHS.) Announcer:.. black bluck calf ladies' lodie'!' pttrsi'- Mrs. purse. - Mrs M. 1\1. Pcllon Pelton. Klk l':lk Rapids Mich. (January 24 over Station tvls.) WLS.) O Don Wilson on Jack Jnck Benny Show:.. whole brain breakfast cereal.- Raymond E. Ruff. Marsh Marsh. Mont. (Jan- (Jan uary 24 over NBC) NBC.) Red Ryder: Send 'Send Slick to the call cail jell for the rest of his hi~ life. Pauline hfe.--pauline Jenkins Jenkins. Mount Vernon Wash Wash. (Jan- (Jnn uary 23 over Station Stnlion KJR.) ) The Hermit:... and he placed the ring nn on the c/t lefl finger of her hcr hand. hand Mrs. Rose Long Long. Shamokin Shum('lkin. Pa Pa. (Jan- (Jan uary 24 over Station W.TR.) WJR) Eddie Cantor: Tommy 1'ommy Dorscy Dorsey had the jitterbugs doucinp daneing o». on (heir tlidr scuts. ~( at'. Kay Louise Eckstein. vcsdale l\e~dale (January 6 over o\ er Station WR1AQ.) WJ\1AQ) Harry W. Flannery: Flanncry.. seethe empty emptll grocer's she)yes? Mrs. shf'hj(.'~ -Mr~ Mary Hallowell Tulare Calif. (December {Del'('mber over Station StatlOll KNX.) ) Mystery Chef:... '.. allow tiie the escape 1'~l'aJl<' Jo to stcain. Mrs. stt'am.-m:r~. F- F Wallace. Van- Vancouver. Nuver B. C- C.. Canada. Cllnada. (January (Jan'Jllry S 5 over Station KJR.)

57 Dead Man's Man' Shoes wreck. And Uiey're they're so 110 hnppy happy. Korrj't Kerry so proud proud- 8ul_ 'Hut 'What'c Wliat's more mol!'. they must never know. They're old old. Kerry. They need you. And now Mr. Kilraln Kilrain has suf- suf fered this last la~t heart uttack. attack. t would kill him to know the trtilh. truth. But they've got &01 to tv know! Why do you say f>ly that? that Suitsvon that Su!1ivan-- that novvspapcr newspaper reporter reporler tie's H(s suspected f;u:;pcctcd att all along. Now he's managed to get my Unger-prints (lnger-prints from the penitentiary. He's going to meet me m(' at the office in a few minutes. He'll print the whole whoj( story. The only thin~ thing to do is to face him now and got get it over with. with:' Then Theil said ~ajd.loyee.joyce firmly 'm go- J(O ing Ki to face [ace him with you. Th('re wa.~ a triumphant look on Sullivan's face fuee when wht'l} Ray Hay.loyce Joy{'(> and nd Stubby buy mot tlel turn him in Kerry Kilraln's Kilruin'l/ office ofl\('(' at the manufacturing maljufilcturinj: plant. All three thrct' seemed scctlhd to tn know kilo' that Sullivan Sullil.'an knew the full truth nild and merely was making a cat-and-mouse v.»iy 1... y before breaking the thc story. He nsked asked to) sec 15('(' Bay Ray alone. alonc Joyce left Ray's side lild<' and look lok n a step e) toward Sullivan. Sulhvan 'm m Kerry's Kl'Ttys iian- fiancee' ceo she ht' said. ia d Anything An)thll1Jl:)ou you have ha\l! to say to t him. tlm you can '1n say ~Y to me. mt'. Yes '1' Rny RilY said &ald. making makm a gi-sture t> with WlUl his ou hand. Go Co ahead ao. t. and allli get n it 11 over with with. Sullivnn. Sulhvan. The roporlor rl'orter reached (Clit'hed into mill the tol' nside msult pwket P'(:kl't of hw h. cont coat and nnd bmight brouj:ht out a white hlte Hie lle card '11{\lhat had been lw(1l folded h!dl'd once onc(' down rln\\jl the tht middle nlrid]'. t vvns wml a n prison pnson record r{'(ord. with wllh a ~\ plmlegriiph phtoj{ra~h of uf Ray mid and his hili flnger-prinis. llm't'l-prinl Okay Okay' Sullivan!-iulJivnn said. aid. Yini YOl! asked ;~ked for it. 've got llllethin.l: h('' thilt might nterest interest yen Yl Kit Killlin rain the -th(' fln- Jllgt'r-prillt~ (t the ex-convict whn WllS. P O.'l. fcontinucd (Continued front from Paf/e Page Sli) 56) There was fi triumphant lonk on ' for it. 've got snmelliing here thai e(tr-prints of the cx-convict who was t ~.: if M ; it. riix ^ r =1 rr 4i i- 114 Hp^H.>4 V supposed ~uppfl~ed to have hilvc been lh.'t n killed k'lled n the tht wreck. 'But how could those finger-prints finj!cr-print~ possibly concern. Kerry? Kerry?' Joyce asked. a~ked. Sullivan looked lookl'd at Ray. Hay. ''d like lk' to see M'e what your finger-prints finger-priots look like Ktlrain. Kilr(lin. He emphasized lite the sur- sur name. Any objections? obj.c< tions:o 'Jnycc Joyce held up her hand. Mr.!Vr. Sulli- Sullivan \'an will you listen to me a minute? minute! Kerry told me a story a few minutes ago. But he didn't tell me anything didn't already know know- You 'You mean mean- And now 1 want to fell tell you «a story. Will you listen to me? Sulli- Sullivan hesitated and Joyce tier her voice soft said said. t t means mt'ans a lot to lot-to several f;cveral vnn people. Suits Sullivan's mouth was grim i!:rim. hut but he said. ~aid. Okay Okay. what's your story Miss M' Trent? Trent'! Kerry's changed since ~ince that thllt wreck. Before Befole he was wild wild. reckless eckle~s and self- ~e]( ish. ~h. He tie Hc--he hurt people wlliioul without car- car ing. Since then. lien he he's he's been the man his father fllther and mother always wimted w<itlt('d him to be. Kind Kmd and eon- e<m ~i(lf'atc sidernte and You're in love with Kim. hilll. aren't you? Sullivan observed. That ''That doesn't dot'lin't change ('h:mfl' the th... truth tlllth of what... 'm telling you y. u. Joyce J'Jyf said.'ld with...!t1l spirit. 'plfl! Since SlOce Mr. :\lr Kllrain's KJralll' most ().l re- cent ~nt illness Kerry has h taken tolk~n over \er the tht' Vl.;lOt. plant. He's doing doill1; the h work k of (f two twu men.... But. Uul Miss ~i~ Trent A sudden 5udden shock 5hock would auld kill his h~ father. f he ht' found f'jlt out thai nul tlllil Kerry Kt'n'y wasn't ~ ~n't all al1 ho hc' thnuglil thollght he hl' was. wa. What do laws la~ maltcr malter Mr. Sullivan? ~ullivan'.' All hu the law wants warlt~ is s for Kerry 1<('11 y to.. be a good good. decent dt'~'ent citizen. ci\tzen. Oh. Oh isn't n 1 his llij happmcss happlnt';s$ and mine and his lls mof louth bar's and lather's father's to be considered? ron. de]('d?' The.. lelophonc telephone rang flllli: ami and Hay on- an-.swered \\'ered it. Hello lello.. Oh Oli. yes. Y( Mother... know t's it's late late. but got ot Hod ti('d up. How lu! is Dod'.' Dod He he e- w s? ll? Well tell him hlln 'll see (;t'e him... i. as soon J;On]l ns as After 'After each quotation it says 'Dirty capitatistj' capitalist!'.. r V i -i c J can. Good-by. Good by. Rny Ray hung up the receiver 'cceiver and turned to Joyce. Dad hi s asking for me. He's worse. worse Ray pulled himself him~elr together. together. Let's get this over with Sullivan. The Thl' reporter picked up an ink pad from the desk de:k in front of Ray and held it out. 'm 'm a newspaperman. newspaperman.' he h(' said!laid doggedly. When 1 smell ~mell a story 've got to run it down. t's my job. Joyce looked at him with clear brown eyes. ey~. And for a few columns of typo type you'll blast the thing on which four Jives lives are based. Do '1)0 you realize what whal you're doing Miss Mi.8 Trent? Trenl~ The biggest bigge~t story of my tile life. and you're asking me to turn lurn it down.' Sullivan's Sullivan'S face was im- impa~sive hard. ' But. ' Uut. Joyce objected objeeted. you'll you'1\ kill his hi~ father fnther. break hia hi~ mother's heart heart passive. and lind mine. Her voice quavered quavered. Oil. Oh. aren't alen'l some tilings thing~ more important than a job? t don't know Sullivan said slow- slow m ly. 've '... e never nevel' thought about it be- be ' fore. (ore He lie paused. Miss Jli~ Trent if you thought knew kn('w something oomething that that that-that eutlld :uld ruin rliln your happiness happine~ it would hung hang over 0\ ('r you like a sword. He's 11('. right. fli:ht. Joyce Ray said. Let's Ler. hjl\'e have the tilt ink 'nk pad. pad Sullivan. S11livon. Kay RlY took t.lok the tho.' pad. With a tight ~ht smile UHlir he rolled the tips of his rus lingers fingers v across ac'ro~ its l.~ surface. surfale. Sullivan SullLvan smiled.nuled grimly Enml. at Ray's Ray' obvious obvous knowledge knowlcd~e of tlie he teehniquc. tt'c'hnique Everyone in the thl' :!loom room was WU silent. '1ent. First the fingers tlll~er~ of 011<' hand h;lnti then those of or the tho.' other - uther all hi Hl their separate aep3.rate and correct corred squnrcs. squ/irt's. When Wh('11 he had finished nnil;he-d. Ray k handed the prints to Sullivan. Sullivan Okay. Okay:' the reporter said laid. now 'now 'll compare oolllp~'e them with these the... prints print'! t got from fll11 the thl' ponilenliary. penitentiary. He ll' held the two cards ('arcl~ side by side 'idc on the desk and studied tudl('d them. them Abrupt- Abrupt Get the News Fast ly he ho' looked lnok('d up at Ray. Suddenly he u('g;m began to cluickle. chuckle. GROUP RDNG Yuu win Kilrain! These two sets GROUP-RDNG 1'el~ of finger-prints till.l:('-prinb belong to two different difterent wi' with a men 1l1m!' Joyce JYlt! gasped. You mean mean- Yes 'Y('s Miss J.1i:«:; Trent. Sullivan said.!;aid.?oly My hunch hum'h was wrong....'tong. Mot&ioia Hut But Sullivan Sulli~'an cried Ray. don't understand under. tond_ Sullivan put on his hat. Sorry <'SOfTY bothered ljother«1 you Kilrain. Well might as T&adw wet!.. ell tear these prints prinlll up. up guess. guea;s.. The America \mtric. niov* uo. how lo to work orkand fislil 6ftht warden won't need 'em any more. wre. Ray to win bees mauml lire Ameri'cani American_ are the lust lh'lit Strickland Slnkland is i3 dead! dl'1lld'' h.' He tore lorl' up lip both cards the eard~-the one from informed jieople people in the tbe world! orld! Hortio Radio the penitentiary lt'nito.'ntiary and the fresh frej;h card &t'ell eec* lo 10 that. 111~ For. 'or your group P:roul' riding Ray had made. The pieces of oc paper inmnll inlltall n a Moiorola 'otoroln Auto \ulo Ha<lio. n adio Cot C~t lluttered nuttered down into the waste-basket. Spot Spolnewsnml nesand relaxing relll\lngmornl<-build niorate-huild- Sucldoniy Suddellly Ray held out his hand to to tng inl entertainment tain nicnt ot 01 you drive to and aud the tht' reporter. t'purter. Sullivan... grasped gra<;p('d it and frolll ork his his grip gnp was all firm. 'm 1'/11 just ]u51 a Hoy from your work. Boy ' Scout Scoul at t heart.... he said. baid. When tie he was gone Ray turned to rou you CAN GCT (JET A MOTOROA MOTOJtOtA 70 TO Joyce Joyt't< and there thl'i'e was was a catch catch in in his h. FT d MATCH voice VOice. it's t's nil all over with Darling. Darhng. an But But. before b('fvre we Scave leave 'm going to FT and MATCH call cull Mother and M(tther tell her that that that-that YOUR r 0 u t CAR C' Alt. OLD OU OR 01/ NEW! 'm coining coming home. hnm(' A iienrhy nearb).motorola \lotorolo Draler n.. lll'r11 can quickly ( ui~ 'k l~ THE CAST Custom_'it Ciisloin-ril your lullr cur (' lit with i1h America's Ameri('u' The Tlu' CJinraetcr Cllaractl'r T)it» Th' Player Finest..ill('!il Aitto Auto Kmiio.!lndiu. t's '~ :i a mighty mip;hty Rpy RQ~' Strickland Stfl~'kland.. Les Tremnync- ;1\C.. Ll 'JlL 1111'''1' ii ).. Joyce Juyce Trent... Barbara Luddy good mvc*lin< iil these (ays. Kerry Kilrain Kllrar.n and Sam Kilrain... Jff SEC A AlOrOROA MOrOOLA DAM DEUU TODAY! roday! Arthur A thur Kohl Kohl Stubby Bronson Bron~on.. Frank Dane Tls*-Armj-Nfli 10.. ~..). y **1'*' fi^r r\crll*-nc*... Fjlilii E<hth Kilrain Kllraill Jtupe Hope Summers.. lon>d.. <.... r ( lk... F>n»l[»nu'»xl Dr Rut'ker.nd Sullivan _. t;'lull'nlrnl f<»r (... ffur Arrii<*r) '... 1 'nr..r~. Dr. Ruck or and Bill Suliivan Btll Bill Bouchey Mr. Mr First Nighter Nlahter. Bret Morrison MorriliOn Thu This thrillinp thrilling story.orj urns WiU' adapted op b51 f W lieu S S. Maloney Malolle'll front from tlte the original origillal First 'First A'tphfer NiohlM play plall by bll Robert Sturyls. StliTgil. ^PEBCA'S First Flr~1 Wtyhter Nighl('r way be heard Sundays Suncfall' F at'.r ot.'er MRS MBS «t at C 6 p.m. p.m SWT EWT. 5 p.m. pm. CWT FOR «ST CAR - Atfo. HOME HOM!. 4-4 p.m. p.n M MWT j 3 p.m. p.m PWT under undet the sponsorswp ~po$o.lip of the Campnna Campana Sales CAlVM AlVN Mf6.CDRPORATON CHtCftRft Co. n in. behalf rhalf of Cnmjwnn Campana Boiw. Balm 3/ S')

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These mc1 men. unlmown unknown to the public pubuc an' are well known to lo the peo people of Hollywood Hollywood. who despise them thorn for tor what they are. n the meantime others other~ in the town men v/ho who never would WQuid be suspected su~pectcd of pafticul:t particular in in- testinal fortitude have gone inlo into the Marines the Tank Corps Corps. the tlir-glider air-glider service where the going is tough. lough. These are days when performnnce performance and ;md not talk pays off to lo a man's t'v(f everlasting honor. Personalty Personally. should ~hould not like to be around when anyone said to Clark Ga Gable thai that he should not bl' be auolcl'd nllotced to be a soldier. That Thllt the war was too im important for (or playing games. t wouldn't like lo to bo be around ix'cau.o;(' because would rather go through a Marine boot camp than take the crack Gable would deliver to the thc man who made it' it! 'Wlovie l^adco ^uceu. d 'Pc^le HORllONTAl 5'5_.1.yal boo.rot \1. ~ mt riami- *f*f.'a in!hc th ' inif 57. Orv/ii n_ -- protiucrr. ' _1 T... clfh>$it nmney l iruu rjilin.. aclfris.u. «n.lone... n~ writrr...1.r...»fl«r lor To To'~ iilru l>ofk >.<k JuurfK-j J... rno'}' 59. MayKflw. M.y... bancj ra«lcr t.ndl l-sed «r osxnitijc c.n. rani t... 6_ 11 Wiiict flo<.y ;Jk 61. Tlu- ThO' Moluinmrftan M... m...t.. h hilili* 9. fllti'ty lilk l)ri*iulel«8'~m~ screi'li Cl'ftll cornr tori... U>1) 1i'1) a 11 SliJf 11. morcuvcr.f'owu fliatt 'all Myjtia '.. screen... U ilar 15. firiir.... Lirt;r no:t on E ki«u'mi la.lorn Pcnt^yhHiirB P.lln.)-.i. 65. btu»u.11. mdl lump u'np 19. f'f'... screen '... n Star MU.~ Hiuh... nioijnlain.ln 2L 21. E : f jftlimi... rl in b eiky lab ipll p_ in!ihr.> -- Halnp t.u..p \<Tcen 0<... star ~.' 67 (; 'Mpvcnc*.. nh~' 23. Fcc> h. -- M< '... {'nrifiirk... Uriur.. t~ 68_ 68. To Tu. iv 11 *n ~. Vftft \..1. 2*1 24 E^rc»-... Emok tw.\ fur binjin? ud.. S. 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Thontas n ~ ncwn... <ntu 36_ Hodio* 1\<1>... nf of watrc w~l.. mrnr.itnr 1;110' n. f'rutik t r.k - ti'iior 1~l1Dr 16. f.... y n lei parhml... 38_ MAscitlinr '''ruliac name l-sis ' 'syjy nn.^niir pnrtk'nlir... n~ Sllf'jpct..~ )9. CUneioi? 1!! cv«'nn i n.t'~n ' l>n rillflt r' 3 ' 1 * 1. ill;. 47. ~1.1' rnifnrrn Lloyd Uo)'d --. scrrrii at.- utar t... B.. ~ h... k taeaut Loc... ''' unifxtrirm 'f - i.nwiru 48 of LJA ncrl L.ool~ DandY 46 (Or Gritp it> CWna. (- Girl a 49. Duodir D.Ddv- ;.. r- starmj ~rr.. 1 James J... ('fct'!f Ca?ncy JO Jivcr H... in la xypl en r.-a The T nulv Ue prnr;... 0;1 Diivid D.\lllnr winter i.-i 56. Ac'inlplflh \'r h 52 riutv 1 t. two f.. mculs dab by b- fu<ion lu_ 58. Cut ' nu 5.1 WfiitiCylnd j _t of <f a Drt»- p Sweet... potaf<i _.. 11;0 tff.un ' - -i L Rtvcr.... in S«..n.trl:and j ir<cf!and pox..... ~ K > V i S 3 ' 5_ ) Fulg.ncio Baline. president of Cubl. (6) (b) Jawaharial Ja.ahar!al Hehu. Nehru leader lude of Ghand' Ghandi's Congrf'1 Party Pirty. (c) (e) Admiral Admiri) Chntu Chester W_ W. H'rn'll. Nimitz Congress commndtr 'n chid 01 tht U. S. Patilie FtUL ill e. 17 t : rs u rs _ra *J i i ;; «. s s V J4t> 41 14* Jo [4: 41 i t* l i a - tr a a. K bt s rr_k H0R170NTAL 55. limalayaji bear-rat 'Snaitt-fatttenA rfttmtena (He«(Here jrc ~ the tht correct.ns answers... us to th~ the twenty- nty five lu questions quntonl on page p~g. 58. Fourtnn Fourteen... were ~n an. swercd...ed eorretlly. (orr.ctly. How... do you rate?) 'len Frank Cromit Crl.lmlt and Julia Sander.on' Sanderson 1. A block-buster block bulle ' il s a huge wo-on two-ton bomb dropped drop~td from rom an ~n airplane. ii'pline The (ace ht~ of 01 Helen of 01 Troy. 3. A tank -allhough unk--allhouqh the he piscope periscope i$ is inlid~ nside and doesn't donn't stick stck up like ho~ those on wbmarinn. submarines 4. ~. A tame! camel with wlh one hump. ~um. 5. New Ntw York Stale. Sllle Qufz Quz Kids Kid 1. Vou Yau would.. o~ld undoubtedly be di.p'ned. displeased b. be* cause Clun varicella YltlCfU. s a <itnlfi< scientific n~m~ name lor tor chicken 2. 2 <a) () Two T... t's a bird; bird: t~) (b) ~i91h. eight. 3. Don Oon Quixote from rom The Tho Aduntu Adventures... of Oon Don Quixot~:- Quixote by Cervantes. C~fYanln. 4. ~_ Mr. Howard... n in The Tht Pied Pid Piper: Piper. by NUil Nevl! Shute. Shule. 5. (a) Fulgencio Batiste president of Cuba commander in cwet of the U. S. Pacific FteeL 5. Are You a Genius? Are You Oil GenU? 1. Ginger Gino. spice is i. made mid. from h the roots Ooti of lho the ginger ing plant. pllnt. 2. (a) (i) Hawaii HWlii (b) Germany Germany. te) (t) Sw.den Sweden. 3. Mount Whitney. Whilnty Mount Mounl [berl Elbert lind and Mounl Mount Rlnu. Rainier 4. The muscles equal about forty-three per- ~. The mulc'l rqull about forty-hr.. p cent ~enl el of the h b-ody body wtlqhl weight in n h the H.9. average fllon person while..hil. the skeleton ktleton co tq.11 ais only a ltt httle mott more han ltetn pfrttnt. than iittccn percent. 5. A. low platform ub'm on wheels whttls 0' or <ill~ts casters used for moving movln9 heavy objects. ob)tctl Dr. O r.!.. Q. 1. Expanded. 1. hp.ndtd. 2. An advanced ld..nctd wedge wed. imp nto tnemy enemy posilions. positions. 3. 3_ Wyoming. Wyofnng_ 4. ~_ Bern. Be'n. 5. They are art the h. names nimh 01 ol Ullilil capital ctln cities af at 50ut~ AmiUn (Ounl. South American countries. Battle of the Sexes SeCe. 1. Palestine.!'ntlnt 2. ManhiUan. 2. Mlnh~~ A geometrical leqmtltll figure!t~~ of.hith which wo two sid~s sides.'t are parailel pu'1!~1 and the hl olher other twa two.lft are not. not ~ Over Cramwtll. 4. Oliver Cromwell. 5. Chairman Ch.irmln of 01 the Wl War uk. Labor Board BOlrd. la/i ;

59 / 0 Now How Tfiat That Weather Reports Have Been Banned For the Duration-Every Duration - Every Family Needs a WNDMLL WNDMill Forecaster DlPEHDAlLE! OEPEHDA8LE!.t.eCUlAU ACCURATE! BEAUTFUL! UUTlFUL '--.'u - c:;;..-...:.... ~'Mr.!;:'.!! ~.-- -' '---''' r ia/i l/ SB m A ijztomm!20-10 h BO* W W v-- The Windmill Forecotter For.oter Mearu Meaiuret Over 8 n Helghth t Here's The Greatest BLLFOLD BARGAN n All America! Your LODGE Emblem or Army or Navy nsignia and Name Engraved in 23 K. God_Ab$outely Gold_Absolutely Special nfroductory ntroductory Offer $ 98 Genuine Highest Quality Leather % BLACK CALFSKN BLLFOLD tcmf Perman«K Engrov^d fjcotion f\ou Finest De Luxe Quality Your LODGE Emblem NAME YOUR LODGE EMBLEM MlEM HERE HEU ADDRESS and Social Security Number J Engraved in GOLD Absolutely -Absolutely FREE! Men: Here Mcn:-Hcre without... n a doubt. s positively ~tnely the j-reat- great_ est Billfold Jill nnd and Pass Cose Caw Bargnin BarRaln ihnt that you'll you'l be likely to sec S«for n a good ooc1 many years yt>ar~ to 10 come. romf'. For a hlgli hla:h qual- qualjty Calfskin Calf1<kin Billfold Billfold. beautifully ongrjived f'0tr3vt'd in gold. ity will)... ith your LODGE Emblem and Nome NOllie you yuu would expect cxp('ct to pay up to $4.50 $450 and consider con.~ldcr t it o a marvelous buy. f you tnkc take advantage of this sensuuonul en!lillional intro- introductory oltcr. offer. you can get gct this thls superb 1\l~rb genuine.!('nuinc Calfskin Wallet nnd and Pass Case for only Sl.OR SO. nnd and we will send ~lrl ductory you absolutely free a specially spedally designed d(.. llned three thl'('(' rolur color lifetime llfelinio dcnuucnllon dentification Plnic te which carries Clinic!! your yuur Social ~curity Name Dnd Addre~s YOUR NTALS HEREai Security Number your Nome nnd Address or your Army Draft Number. Every E\'cry man n America should ahould have ha\e this this information inrrm1ltion in rn pcrmiment perm811('nt form form. with him at FREEl nil all limes. times. This Thll One fine grain gram calfskin Rtllfold nlllfqld must mu~1 actii- aetually be seen WCn to be fully appreciated. 8Pllreciatt'd. Besides 8(>sldes the spa- ~pa nlly cious ClnU compartment at the bock baek which hich can be used u5l!d for currcnc). currency checks check~. papers papers. etc.. Nc it t has hal four pockets poc:ketj each protected pmlt't 'd by celluloid «lluloid to prevent pre\ ent the th~ soiling of your \ alu.. rnembenhip <Ttdll Wh~n SAW valuable membership and credit cards. When closed closed. this this handsome hand50me Rillfold Billfold has the soft velvety feel r you find tlild only n in qunllly quality Colfskln. Calr. kn. Your LODGE LOOOF: Emblem f:mblem eft and nitials are bcniuifltlly beautifully embossed embclllm'd in 23 karat kothat gold on ()n the face of the th Billfold. D.e.(' to difllculty difficulty in obtain- nblalninc leather 1x'i:1U ronditlru d~ui.< VLllt <«rrics (. riu ytnu ing choice lenther because of war conditions the TW» Thl ikiutlfut b.. ~uf~l ikrt<-color hnt-colot life-tlicc Uf... ut denilficnioq... lull r.. n njtnf _. oddrtfi a<\hcn atti. jocial... dal supply of these the- ' Billfolds Uilifr' s 1 limited. ted. «ccurity... ; or Of dfpfl dr.1t nymbef csacily u.actl. tbc lhe way... you.. want... t. il Bom The dentification Plain nnn Engraven ~ % > ~ w E % > Both The dentification Plate And Engraved Gilt Key Tag Come To Yen You Jbsolutely Absolutely FREE! M'nd promptly. Tin* ~ 8»t»*... Wlrnlmi'l \\1.11 UVrtlluT '~ot' 'urvt'nait-r _.'~. K ern. tlr )4iii... rl.v... (wprralurr j.... '.~.n.. ''''' n f R J» rnlap nil fo U n\» Remember f you send your order promptly we rator... n»»w _.. or Of ulilut^imntlrto 011_ '.dlo nny.. uvwffn-r.o'boo' rltmti.'r... tlm'* uh tm i^aj J' 0' ~' f ' L'l ~ _... odronct!.4 ~! icw/m^ FREE. beautlrul Jdentlfi TM... rh*'m«t(irii-r... 1<. - iti>nruti1<'<w] '01... u.. i.... j.hv.i '~' «ivurote.. nol Vruiu W 1~'1 lo to fl _~ ' omo ~.~:: ::;.: 1';.-:: ::: ::;:~.r:.. ;r~ ~'a7'.! ::='.. 1 will include absolutely FREE a 1 fill riontifiiirj.m- y.vrv. ''lw uniasltik cation Dnd Gilt Chnln match. all hand p'r>rm tf'rm il«r«t\f rtinw killiwli'tf tiniinl lu m1 ron W hnr llnr 'i':::~~w::''':~'~1 ::::..~.. nrath.r l-n calion Key Tag nnd Gill Chain to match nil hnnd tab>8 to f»«fulf tl>e rrjnlul. e^uln n ll>p muoui «f ll'e lul.r^wl.i *1 rul/i 4»p enu :r;!:i~~~ engraved with your Name Name. Address Address. City nnd and Thf f1f»'... 1'i.. lia ' U>p...'.r nf )<» nrni. 'OJ'.. r'o '... w mplr. 0'.. >rt ^irtonll* '\lu.l hn «llliat;....._ Tfil» 'n.. loi«<> ~.. 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60 J r /' A ^ 3^ t-

61 This file including all text and images are from scans of a private personal collection and have been scanned for archiydl archival and research purposes. This file may be freely distributed distributed. but not sold on ebay or on any commercial sites sites. catalogs catalogs. booths or kiosks kiosks. either as reprints or by electronic methods. This file may be downloaded without charge from the Radio Researchers Group website at from the Radio Researchers Group website at drg/ Please help in the preservation of old time radio by supporting legitimate organizations who strive to preserve and restore the programs and related information.

Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on

Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on (1) the on the bus In the school by the dog It was the cat. Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for (17) we If we go we can sit we go out Can we go? (2)

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URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale)

URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale) URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale) (Urashima Taro is pronounced "Oo-rah-shee-ma Ta-roe") Cast: Narrator(s) Urashima Taro His Mother 3 Bullies Mother Tortoise 2 Swordfish Guards Sea King

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FIRST GRADE FIRST GRADE HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 about Preprimer, Primer or 1 st Grade lists 1 st 100 of again 100 HF words for Grade 1 all am an are as away be been before big black blue boy brown but by came cat come

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A Princess of Mars, Part Three

A Princess of Mars, Part Three 10 August 2012 MP3 at A Princess of Mars, Part Three BOB DOUGHTY:Now, the Special English program, American Stories. Last week we broadcast the second of our programs called A Princess

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Bernice Lightman Interview, January J: June B: Bernice 10:35

Bernice Lightman Interview, January J: June B: Bernice 10:35 Bernice Lightman Interview, January 2016 J: June B: Bernice 10:35 J: Hello. X: Hi June. Thanks for waiting. J: Hi. You're welcome, no problem. X: I have Mrs. Lightman here and I'll leave you and her to

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REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech.

REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech. REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech. 1. Hurry up! he told us. 2. Turn on the light! she said to John. 3. Don't be late tomorrow morning, my mother warned me. 4. Be careful!

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An Evening With Grandpa

An Evening With Grandpa An Evening With Grandpa Adventures in Chess Land By Diana Matlin Illustrated by S. Chatterjee DIANA MATLIN Copyright 2013 Diana Matlin All rights reserved. ISBN-10: 0988785013 ISBN-13: 978-0-9887850-1-4

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Prompt List 1. What if...

Prompt List 1. What if... Prompt List 1 What if... What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability? What would happen if there were no television? Why would this be good? Bad? What would

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Przesłuchania do chóru "Muzyka zespołu Queen symfonicznie" TENOR

Przesłuchania do chóru Muzyka zespołu Queen symfonicznie TENOR Sorano Alto Tenor Bass "Somebody to Love" Przesłuchania do chóru "Muzyka zesołu Queen symonicznie" b b TENOR Can a ny bo dy ind me some bo dy to love "Bohemian Rhasody" 6 bb n b r n Is this the real lie

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Poetry Series. emo becky - poems - Publication Date: Publisher: - The World's Poetry Archive

Poetry Series. emo becky - poems - Publication Date: Publisher: - The World's Poetry Archive Poetry Series - poems - Publication Date: 2008 Publisher: - The World's Poetry Archive (1/1/92) i started writting poetry a few years ago as a way of escaping from the world around me most

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PARTICIPATORY ACCUSATION PARTICIPATORY ACCUSATION A. Introduction B. Ask Subject to Describe in Detail How He/She Handles Transactions, i.e., Check, Cash, Credit Card, or Other Incident to Lock in Details OR Slide into Continue

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Examples of Referrals Requests

Examples of Referrals Requests 1) A Dating Coach Examples of Referrals Requests Background: Laura is a personal life coach specializing in helping women date and find a spouse. Laura is like an ultimate big sister" - a senior female

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Swinburne Commons Transcript

Swinburne Commons Transcript Swinburne Commons Transcript Title: You ll know Author(s): Maria-Jose Sanchez, Darren Croton, Kim Tairi, Alastair De Rozario, John Grundy, Josie Arnold Year: 2015 Audio/video available from:

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A Princess of Mars, Part Two

A Princess of Mars, Part Two 3 August 2012 MP3 at A Princess of Mars, Part Two BOB DOUGHTY: Now, the VOA Special English program, American Stories. Last week we brought you the first of four programs called A

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Buying and Holding Houses: Creating Long Term Wealth

Buying and Holding Houses: Creating Long Term Wealth Buying and Holding Houses: Creating Long Term Wealth The topic: buying and holding a house for monthly rental income and how to structure the deal. Here's how you buy a house and you rent it out and you

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Lesson Transcript: Early Meaning Making - Kindergarten. Teacher: Irby DuBose, Pate Elementary School, Darlington, SC

Lesson Transcript: Early Meaning Making - Kindergarten. Teacher: Irby DuBose, Pate Elementary School, Darlington, SC Lesson Transcript: Early Meaning Making - Kindergarten Teacher: Irby DuBose, Pate Elementary School, Darlington, SC T: Teacher, S: Students Mini-Lesson: Part 1 Engage and Model T: OK, boys and girls, today

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Blatchford Solutions Podcast #30 Top Women in Dentistry: Interview with Dr. Davis Only If I Knew Than What I Know Now

Blatchford Solutions Podcast #30 Top Women in Dentistry: Interview with Dr. Davis Only If I Knew Than What I Know Now Blatchford Solutions Podcast #30 Top Women in Dentistry: Interview with Dr. Davis Only If I Knew Than What I Know Now Intro: 00:00 Welcome to the Blatchford Solutions podcast. A podcast dedicated to helping

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The Senior Portrait Telechart

The Senior Portrait Telechart (When The Parent Is Calling) By Charles J. Lewis, M. Photog. Cr. Prospect's Name Sales Person Today's Date Ask a couple of questions from step 1, (placing a check mark in the box to the left of each question

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Directed Writing 1123/01

Directed Writing 1123/01 1123/01 Directed Writing 1123/01 ENGLISH LANGUAGE RIZWAN JAVED Contents: Account writing 2 Formal Letters 6 Informal Letters 11 Newspaper and Magazine Articles 14 Report Writing 16 Speech Writing 19 Page

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From the Korean War to Heading the White House Fellowship Program: The Distinguished Career of Tom Carr

From the Korean War to Heading the White House Fellowship Program: The Distinguished Career of Tom Carr 1 Katherine Player Advanced Composition 9 April 2013 Feature Article From the Korean War to Heading the White House Fellowship Program: The Distinguished Career of Tom Carr Thomas Carr likes to take risks.

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How to Encourage a Child to Read (Even if Your Child Is Older and Hates Reading)

How to Encourage a Child to Read (Even if Your Child Is Older and Hates Reading) Podcast Episode 180 Unedited Transcript Listen here How to Encourage a Child to Read (Even if Your Child Is Older and Hates Reading) David Loy: Hi and welcome to In the Loop with Andy Andrews, I m your

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Portraits. Mona Lisa. Girl With a Pearl Earring

Portraits. Mona Lisa. Girl With a Pearl Earring CHAPTER TWO My Dear Helen, If my calculations are correct, this year you will be fifteen years old... the same age as I was when they gave the necklace to me. Now I d like you to have it. With much love

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Talking to Kids about Jimi & Isaac Books

Talking to Kids about Jimi & Isaac Books Talking to Kids about Jimi & Isaac Books By Phil Rink, PE Originally Published on LinkedIn 8 February, 2016 Revised February 2018 Howdy. My name is Phil Rink and I write Jimi & Isaac books. Please take

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Level 4-10 Ivan the Fool

Level 4-10 Ivan the Fool Level 4-10 Ivan the Fool Workbook Teacher s Guide & Answer Key Teacher s Guide A. Summary 1. Book Summary A farmer had three sons: Simeon, a soldier, Tarras, a merchant, and Ivan, a fool. Simeon and Tarras

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Silence All Who Cry Out

Silence All Who Cry Out JAMES MATHEWS Silence All Who Cry Out I didn t think you d show. I said I would, didn t I? You said you d keep in touch too. That was a year ago. Do you want me to leave? No. Sit. You look good. Like a

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