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1 Asbury Park nips CBA.for county track title, 1B VOL. 107 NO. 268 YOUR HOMETOWN NEWSPAPER...SINCE 1878 SUNDAY, MAY 12, CENTS BUSINESS INSIDE Horse tense' Robert Brennan of Colts Neck is the new kid on the block in the tradition-bound world of thoroughbred racing, but one who is making his mark at rapidly as he did in the financial world. 6C NATION FBI corral* pair Two women wanted in connection with the 1981 Brink's holdup that left three dead were arrested yesterday morning. The arrest followed "massive surveillance" began by the FBI when an informant told agents that one suspect would be in the New York area over the weekend. 2A LOCAL Benefit for Jaaon. Jason Johnson, a 14-month-old Colts Neck boy in urgent need of a liver transplant, has won the hearts and efforts ol a group of shore musicians, their friends, and families. The Friends of Jason, they have organized a benefit to help pay medical expenses (or his transplant operation. LIFESTYLE 3A Setting up insight Tommy Plzzo, veteran bartender at Sal's Restaurant, Red Bank, knows enough about the business to offer insights into the changes in drinking habits through the years, but he also has come candid opinions on life in general. ic ARTS BUSINESS CLASSIFIED COMMENTARY LIFESTYLE MAKE A DATE MOVIES OBITUARIES OPINION SPORTS VVHAT8 GOING ON YOUR TOWN IOC K II M IC» '* 11C.] 1IC» LOTTERY The winning numbers In the New Jersey state lotteries appear on page ZA Great Adventure trial ready to unfold TOMS RIVER (AP) - Friends and family members of some of the eight teen-agers killed In an amusement park fire gathered for memorial services over the weekend to* mark the tint anniversary of the tragedy that sparked a year-long legal fray, set to climax In court this week. The May 11 blaze, which authorities said turned the Haunted Castle attraction at the Six Flags Great Adventure park into a 2,000- degree oven, also spurred the state to overhaul its fire code and caused new concern among the nation's amusement park operators about patron safety. Joseph R. Beyroutey Sr. of Pateraon said MOTHER'S DAY GIFT - Eight-year-old Kristen Koch, a second grader at Sickle's School, Fair Haven, has the Family, friends mourn losses on anniversary of fire relatives and friends of his 17-year-old son, Joseph Jr., gathered for a graveside prayer service and candle lighting ceremony at 6:30 p.m. yesterday at the Willow Grove Cemetery. "It's more or less when the fire occurred. We want to... say prayers at that time," Beyroutey said in a telephone Interview from hit home. Three victims were from New Jersey. The five others were from New York, including four who were on an outing from Franklin K Lane High School in Brooklyn. At the start of second class period, principal Morton Damasek spoke to the 4,200 students over the public address system. He defined the word "eulogy" and then retold the story of the four youths' deaths. Beyroutey said the pain of his son's death lingers, and the anger at the judicial system may never subside. The trial of two corporations charged with THE REGISTER / CARL D FORINO perfect plant for her mother Betsy. Today's the day for mothers everywhere to be honored. Story on Page 11 A. Springsteen decision to 'get hitched' prompts tears, support from his fans If muhf He's crazy to do it, by one count, but Monmouth County's own Bruce Springsteen is tying the knot leaving behind county ladles in mourning, well-wishers, and some who say they heard it coming in his music. He's marrying Julianne Phillips, a 25- year-old model-turned actress from Oregon, according to her parents. "Some kids were crying all night," said JiU Goldsmith, a senior at Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School "Did they really think they had a chance?" A die-hard Springsteen fan who attends a school known as a Springsteen stronghold, JIU said she has always admired "The Boss" for his music - and his integrity. "That's why I think getting married won't change his music," she said. "I have complete faith in him." Jill said her father put a copy of a newpaper article announcing the marriage on her bed. After the marriage was reported in the media, a local realtor said the man who was born to run may be selling his Rumson home, where JiU said she has seen him jogging. According to published reports, Springsteen also owns homes in Los Angeles. Regardless of whether he moves from his home state, did he forsake his Image as a Jersey Boy by not marrying a Jersey Girl? "I don't think so," JiU said. "He can marry whoever he want to, as long as he's happy. At the Stone Pony in Asbury Park yesterday, those close to the world of rock and roll speculated the marriage may effect Springsteen's music. "He's crazy," said Butch WooUey Jr., manager of the club where Bruce first made a name for himself. WooUey, who was married about two months ago, said getting hitched might take Springsteen's mind off his work. "As nice as she Is, the marriage could be really time-consuming," WooUey said. "He's at the night of his career." After a brief hiatus, Springsteen is scheduled to tour Europe from June 1 until October. "It's a tough life, and now he's got to drag a wife around," WooUey said. "Who knows, though maybe it'll even boost his career. Tim Dull, a former Springsteen roadie SM SPRINGSTEEN Page 10A Julianne Phillips She wins 'The Boss' aggravated manslaughter is set to begin tomorrow when final legal motions are to be heard before jury selection begins. "I'll be there almost every day once the trial starts," said Beyroutey. "I can't wait." He said the corporations Great Adventure Inc. and Six Flags Corp. should be held responsible for the death of his son. He added he was angry that two executives of the amusement park were allowed to avoid trial on manslaughter charges by entering a pre-trial intervention program for first-time offenders. "It's still bothering me about letting the Set GREAT ADVENTURE Page 10A GOP hope: Cash, Kean for control DEUSUMcCMY The Associated Press TRENTON (AP) - With all 80 seats in the state Assembly up for election this fall, the Republicans have launched an agressive campaign to wrest control of the lower house from the Democrats for the first time in 14 years. While GOP strategists hope that more than $1 million in campaign spending and Gov Thomas H. Kean's popularity will do the trick, Democrats have plans of their own to retain their Assembly majority. "We've put the Republicans on notice that they don't have a safe district this year," said Assembly Speaker Alan Karcher, D-Middlesex. Frank Holman, chairman of the Republican State Committee, predicted that the GOP will have a 10- seat advantage after the November election. "Basically, we have targeted every single Democratic seat. We're going all out on every race," Holman said. Assembly members are elected every two years in each of New Jersey's 40 legislative districts, with two members representing each district. State senators are elected every four years, with the next election scheduled for 1987 Democratic primary elections for the Assembly will be held on June 4 in 16 districts, while Republican contests are scheduled in seven districts. Two Democrats, Assemblymen Nicholas LaRocca of Hudson County and Thomas Long of Union County, have decided not to seek re-election. Last month, Democratic Assemblyman Angelo J. Fortunato of Essex County was indicted by a state grand jury on charges of soliciting and receiving bribes a fact that Republicans contend will help them win at least one seat in the 30th district. Republican leaders say they have completed the first phase of their election strategy finding highprofile candidates to run in key districts. In the next phase, they hope to raise 1.2 million in campaign funds. Democrats plan to raise only about $200,000, but say they will make up the difference with hard work. "We won the last campaign (1983) by working harder and being smarter and it'll work this time, too," Karcher said. The speaker plans to be one of his party's most visible stumpers and strategists, as he was in 1983 But this time, he campaigning may lack the fire that prompted Kean to call him "arrogant" and "overbearing." Up until this year, Karcher was one of Kean's harshest critics, attacking the governor on everything from his role in the legislative contests in 1963 to his stand on taxes. And political observers predicted a Karcher-Kean showdown this year for the state's highest office. But the speaker has toned down his criticism of the Republican governor and has said Kean is "talking like a Democrat." He has described much of Kean's proposals for the next fiscal year, such as environmental and social programs, "good Democratic ideas." See GOP PageiOA Del Tufo campaigns to oust Kean, organized crime Editor's Note: This is the tecood ID a Soday series of profiles of the candidates seeuig the Democratic gubernatorial nomination la the June 4 primary. If MM MOt Robert J. Del Tufo says he's running to oust both of New Jersey's administrations that of Gov. Thomas H. Kean and that of the mob. As United States attorney and director of the state Division of Criminal Justice before that, Del Tufo said he ruthlessly pursued and prosecuted organized crime. Until he returned to private practice In UM, the Morristown lawyer Investigated and helped convict such notorious underworld figures as Tony Provenzano and Tmo Flumura. Dal Tufo helped crack Monmouth County's leading crime family by bugging the West Long Branch home and Eatontown business of reputed county kingpin Anthony "Little Pussy" Russo, before he was gunned down In his bed at the Harbor Island Spa, Long Branch, in The wiretaps, Del Tufo said, disclosed loansharklng and racketeering activities that made it possible to uproot the entire Boiardo crime network, whose reach extended as far as Las Vegas, Nevada. Now his pursuit of the mob has led the Morristown lawyer to vie with five other Democrats for the chance to challenge Kean. From the day three months ago that he announced his Intention to become the governor in order to "lead one administration In a war against the other," Del Tufo has consistently charged Kean with conceding turf to the nob while overlooking corruption In bis own administration. Day in and day out, Del Tufo has stressed the shadowy yet critical role of the underworld in some of the state's toughest issues, Mich as the illegal "midnight" dumping of toxic wastes and the spread of drug use among school children. "The mob impacts every day on the lives of people In a very dramatic way and it affects so many other issues. You need to deal with these other issues on their own terms but you won't find a permanent solution until you deal with the mob." Del Tufo said. The underworld, for instance, has aggravated the state's garbage disposal wees by dlvying up territory among different haulers, thus reducing the chance for competitive bidding to lower disposal costs or for the development of alternatives to landfills, he said. Bat u director of the Division of Criminal Justice and the state's First Assistant Attorney General, he was Instrumental In indicting 55 OMe Union Hease All verticals 80% off. Mini's 40% Press GowBt-Helene's Brunch today, Dinner 3:30-10 p.m. off Moo-Sat., I-OM0 Shrewsbury, 747-4* hauling companies in northern New Jersey on charges of violating anti-trust laws by dividing up the territory. Such investigations, he said, demonstrate his ability to get to the roots of problems and to coordinate the activities of various departments at the state and federal level - skills that are crucial to running New Jersey. "You need a high level strategy to take out organized crime networks, but nothing's been done in the last four years," Del Tufo said. "The organized crime program in New Jersey is in shambles and needs to be restored." It Is the Kean administration's fatalistic attitude in face of the losing battle that Del Tufo says especially annoys him. State Attorney General Irwin Kimmelman has even acknowledged a lack of major underworld indictments, an Increase of drug trafficking and Sss DEL TUFO PagtiOA Sickles Fann-Hanilag baskets, Roses, perennials. dally 94; Sunday Hidden Hollow Hounds Horse Show Sat. 5/25, E. Freehold Showgrounds. For info call

2 tk The r PEOPLE Eddie Murphy Contract questioned MINEOlA, NY (AP) - Eddie NJtlrphy has challenged a lawsuit by a former agent who claims the superstar comedian violated a contract that Murphy signed when he was 1 an unknown teen-ager five years a«0. Agent King Broder, who owns and operates Entertainment Unlimited of. Levittown, has charged that Murphy, 24, signed an "indefinite contract" with Grandson Productions on April 8, 1990 But in papers filed Friday in state Supreme Court in this Long Island City, Murphy said he and Broder verbally agreed to dissolve their relationship before the end of K former "Saturday Night Live" star said he was working as a shoe salesman, had very limited professional experience and no reputation or following when he signed the agreement. He also charged that Broder misrepresented himself as the agent for singer Tina Turner, comic Andy Kaufman and singer Neil Sedaka. Herbert Sachs, an attorney for Broder. called Murphy's statements "untrue," and said the two men had a "working relationship" two years before the contract was signed. "I did for him what I could and I really can't say any more," Broder. who filed his suit in said Friday. Nuptials for Bruce OMAHA. Neb (AP) - A Roman Catholic priest says the parents of 25-year-old model Julianne Phillips have asked him to marry their daughter this week to "The Boss" rock star Bruce Springsteen, 35 The Rev. Richard Parr said he believes the wedding in Lake Oswego, Ore., is set for Wednesday. However, the 72-year-old priest said he might not be able to go to Oregon because he's been suffering from the flu.: The bride's parents, former Nebraskans Bill and Ann Phillips, are old friends of Parr. The priest said Ms. Phillips' parents are excited about having Springsteen join their family. THE WEATHER JERSEY SHORE Today will be partly sunny with a 60 percent chance of afternoon or evening thunderstorms. Highs will be around 70. Winds will be southerly at 10 to 15 mph. Tonight will be partly cloudy with lows around 60. Tomorrow will be mostly sunny with highs from 70 to 75. Ocean water temperatures are in the upper 50s. MARINE FORECAST Winds will be southerly at 10 to 15 knots through tonight in most areas but from 15 to 20 knots during the afternoon and evening hours near the coast. Weather will be fair through tonight with the possible exception of scattered showers during the afternoon and evening. Visibility generally will be 2 to 4 miles through tonight but locally 1 mile or less in fog during the morning hours and laies in the evening. Waves will average 1 to 3 feet today. Weather will be fair tomorrow. Winds will be southerly at 10 to 15 knots. EXTENDED FORECAST Tuesday will be partly cloudy with a chance of afternoon and nighttime thunderstorms. Highs will be in the lower 80s in most areas but around 70 along the shore. Lows will range from 55 to 60 Wednesday will be fair and cooler, while showers are possible Thursday. Highs Wednesday and Thursday will be in the upper 60s to the lower 70s. Lows will be in the lower to middle 50s on both days. TIDES Saady Hook TODAY: High: 2:48 a.m. and 3:29 p.m\ Low: «:O am and 9:51 p.m TOMORROW: High: 1:47 am and 4:29 p.m. Low: 10:16 a.m. and p.m. For Red Bank and Rumson bridge, add'two noun; Sat Bright, deduct 10 minutes; Long Branch, deduct IS minutes; Hlghln* bridge, add 40 minutes. "They're very impressed with the man," he said. "They're impressed with him being a very humble type of person and very generous." Shuttle complaint PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Scientist Taylor G. Wang says the toilet on the space shuttle Challenger was "borderline uncivilized" and the food was "edible but not that great." So, he skipped some meall to reduce his need to use the erratic toilet. Wang, the first astronaut from Jet Propulsion Laboratory here, recounted the 17th space shuttle's mission's highs and lows at a welcome-back reception Friday. Challenger landed at Edwards Air Force Base on Tuesday. Its mission was deemed successful despite a series of problems that threatened five of IS experiments for two days, including Wang's experiment with the behavior of fluids. "I started having fun when things started to work," Wang said. "When it wasn't working, a lot of things came to my mind and fun was not one of them." John D«Lorean De Lorean to testify DETROIT (AP) - A federal judge ordered former auto executive John Z. De Lorean to testify in the bankruptcy proceedings for his failed car company after a hearing from which the public and reporters were barred Bankruptcy Judge Ray Reynolds Graves on Friday rejected De Lorean's claim that, by testifying, he would violate his constitutional guarantee against self-incrimination Graves did not explain his ruling, which came in open court following the closed-door bearing. Howard Weitzman, De Lorean's attorney, and Robert Weiss, representing creditors of De Lorean Motor Co., would not comment on the decision. De Lorean's company filed for protection under federal bankruptcy laws in October 1982 He was acquitted of federal cocaine trafficking charges in August 1984 SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 FBI announces arrest of two woman wanted as fugitives in Brink's heist Sekou Odinga, who said he was a The (ISSN ) by Tht RM Bonn Aogwi* EtubtwhtKJ <n 1876 Dr John H Cook m*o H*nry day MM Otfcc* O* R«Q4MF Plau*, ShrtwMhjry. N J [201) M Branch Otocm County CouflnouM. FrwhoiO, N J l V* AstoOMK) Pr«H T r» AaWOCuMtK «IC<U»n*ly lo If* um O> *H tftfl kjc* <WWt (HintM) >n IT* namtfmp* HMUNHAP mm Th«forecast/for 8 p.m. EDTSun.. May 12 fi. 7< High Temperatures Showers Ram Flurries Snow WEATHER ELSEWHERE OMMgM low n I p m EOT Albany AKHiquarqu* AmarMO Ancnoraga Aura AMrWcCffy AuMn Cap* CM>Mt»i.SC cuimui.wv OWMI.NC Ctwytnn* OttGigo Ctncmrm CMMM CokimM.SC CofcjmDut.Oh Concord.N H DaNM-FtWDTtfi Ceylon DIM DMUoxaa MrM DuMt ElPao a Fargo OrandRaoot OraaFaM. - - ol Ihf Amaricar. Nawapapar PuDHnar* Aaacciakon. in* Auoii Buraau ol Circulation, ma Naw JTMV POM Association Bacond CM* pomaga paid at Had Bank. N J Puolisnad daily aicapl Sal. Na«Yaari Day Mamoriai Day. July 4tn Labor Day. Thanksgiving Day no Cnnaiinai Man suotoptioni payaoia m advsnc* TOM Mail Ram Dany t Tarm Daily Sunday Sunday i 12 waaka I 70/waak 75/ waak 245/waafc «aau i 55/ <raak 70/ ar > 2 25/ >aak I yaai I 45/ araak 65/ aaak 2 10/ V Ua.1 rawm lor colwo* BluOanis and rmmtry parson r* - 'i ol abova ralaa Homa oatoary oy Carnar Dairy and Sunday Si 35 a waak. Sunday only 35 cams. Daily only 1 00 Sirtgwj copy ai Counlar Daily 25 cams Sunday 40 cam* POSTMASTER Sand aodraa* cnanga* w Tna PO Bo. 520, Had Barn, NJ FRONTS Warm,, Occluded - w- Stationary i National Weather Service NOAA u S Deo' ol Commerce M SO O*» cdy 03 cdy 01 ok dr ody at, 52 dr at, 66 ody dr ody 47 ody ck ah an 40 ody 36 ody dr ot, dr UBaftock LoaAngata. MtamlBaach WdM-Odaaaa UHM'SIPaul mn M NawOrtaana Nawrork Nor(dk.V. Nartinaan OUaMmaOy Omaha Orlando d.or. dor, MLaMCay BanAnonu SanOago San Frandaoo SanJuan.FR SISMMana 1 61 «0 56 U S y NEW YORK (AP) - Two women wanted in connection with the 1981 Brink's holdup that left three dead were arrested yesterday morning as they left a Dobbs Ferry diner, the FBI announced. The two fugitives, Marilyn Jean Buck and Linda Sue Evans, were armed with handguns at the time of their arrest - Ms. Buck with a 38- caliber and Ms. Evans with a 9mm pistol but they surrendered without resistance. The arrest followed "massive surveillance" began by the FBI when an informant told agents that Ms. Buck would be In the New York area over the weekend. Lee Laster, FBI assistant director for New York, said that Ms. Buck was a participant in the Brink's holdup and Ms. Evans allegedly harbored her afterwards. He said that Ms. Buck faces state murder charges and federal conspiracy and racketeering charges. Ms. Evans faces federal charges of conspiracy to harbor. He said agents first spotted the two fugitives Friday in New York City, and followed them while they drove around the city and its suburbs and spent Friday night at a motel in Dobbs Ferry. They apparently were not aware that they were being followed. He said that at one point, they were tracked to an apartment at Giles Place in the Bronx that authorities believe the radicals used as a safe house. Police obtained a warrant and planned to search it Saturday. Agents waited for the right time and place to make an arrest, Laster said. "They have not been particularly loquacious," since their arrests, said Ken Walter, the FBI deputy assistant director for New York On Oct. 10, 1911, an armored Brink's truck was robbed of 91.6 million in a Nanuet shopping mall In Rockland County. Two Nyack policemen and a Brink's guard died in the Shootout. So far, 12 people have been convicted in connection with the botched holdup. Four fugitives remain at Urge, Laster said. Laster said that Ms. Buck apparently shot herself by accident during the Brink's holdup. She had been sought since when she escaped from a West Virginia prison, where she was serving time on weapons charges. Dr. Alan Berkman, who is accused of treating Ms. Buck for gunshot wounds in the robbery, remains a fugitive. Laster identified Ms. Buck as the only white member of the extremist Black Liberation Army, and charged that she served as a communication link between the BLA and other radical organizations. Including the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers and the Republic of New Afrika. He alleged that Ms. Evans was a member of the "May It Movement," a Communist organization that he said provided "above-ground support" for underground radicals. Prosecutors said the Brink's holdup was carried out by a coalition of black militants and white radicals of the 1960s, including members of the Weather Underground, the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panthers. The radicals reportedly planned to use the money to establish a new country, the Republic of New Afrika, in the southern United States. ody m dr ody dr dr 11 dr dr dr ody ody dr ody dr dr 06 dr 01 LOTTERIES TRENTON (AP) - The winning number drawn last night in New Jersey's Pick-It Lottery was 143. A straight bet pays $244, box pays and pairs pay 124. The Pick 4 number was A straight bet pays $3,438 and box pays I THE $25* WEEKENDS ARC BACK! IncludM Ffl t S*. nnm. I * U. YOU CAN BAT tarn tnti mult, ontwuirv man. PLUS) our famous IB-hoi (olf CWM. tmdiu't OMLV ADULT MtSOIIT. Sorry, no cnmran unto IS rmnotag*. Pot ma MO7W* m»t: MM Sprint I"". Mm* Spring, UUm or om (1ST) S6» OS1 kmmlmiri ix pm.for IIinfill Ma to fm panon r*» u> and aamioa diaraa Two trials were held, one for racketeering and conspiracy in federal court in New York City, one for robbery and murder In state court In Westchester County. Five people were convicted for the robbery and murders of Brink's guard Peter Paige and officers Waverly Brown and Sgt. Edward O'Grady. Samuel Brown, David Gilbert, Judith Clark and Kuwasl Balagoon (also known as Donald Weems) each were sentenced to 75 years to life for their murder-robbery convictions. And former Weather Underground member Kathy Boudln was sentenced to 20 years to life after pleading guilty to robbery and murder charges. Until her arrest in the Brink's case, Miss Boudln was last seen fleeing naked from a 1970 explosion in a Greenwich Village townhouse police said was used by radicals as a bomb factory. Miss Boudin married Gilbert, with whom she has a son, in a jailhouse ceremony on the day of his conviction. Four others were convicted in September 19*3 in federal court on related charges. soldier In the Black Liberation Army, and Silvia Baraldinl, an j Italian citizen and a member of "May 19," a Communist organization, were sentenced to 40 years each for racketeering and conspiracy for their part in planning the holdup and for aiding the 1979 New Jersey prison escape of Joanne Cheslmard. Ms. Cheslmard, convicted of killing a state trooper remains a fugitive. Cecil Ferguson, and Edward Joseph were convicted as accessories for hiding Mutulu Shakur, and were sentenced to 12^-year terms. Shakur, an alleged mastermind of the heist, remains in the FBI's most wanted list. The other fugitive is identified as Cheri Dalton. Last November, New Jersey authorities arrested Susan Lisa Rosenberg, 29, a fugitive wanted on conspiracy charges in the Brink's case, and Timothy A. Blunk, 27, both of New York City, on weapons and explosives charges. Ms. Rosenberg was charged with driving one of the getaway cars in the Brink's holdup. She also was charged with plotting and aiding in the prison escape of Ms. Chesimard. Chief justice commends four area attorneys Four attorneys from the Ocean- Monmouth Legal Services, were among 50 to be commended by Chief Justice Robert N. Wilentz, for donating more than 24 hours of pro bono legal services within a year to citizens who were unable to afford legal aid. John Briscoe. Eugene Jume, Geoffrey Martis and Kirk Tilton of the Ocean-Monmouth Legal Services, were a part of the volunteer effort which began in 1163 and was channeled through Legal Services agencies or bar volunteer groups as a result of the cutback in federal funding. Cosmetic Surgery TOR litpi «f WOMEN Breast EalargeaKat Collagen for Wriaktes Breast Reductioa rat SKtloa Nose sari Cbas Tuny Tack eaaaphu Body Sculptlag race Uftlag Derauansloa CyelM Surgery Scan, Tattoos, Hulk Suigkil Ptav» CtmsulUn THE AMERICAN PLASTIC SURQCRY CCrTTER Is headed by Charles Z. Scher, M.D.. our Director and Chief Surgeon. Dr. Scher has over twelve years In practice of plastic surgery and is certified by The AaKikaa Board of riasttc Safftn. The Center offers same-day surgery In most instances, under diner local or general anesthesia in our own new modem operating and recovery facilities. We offer limousine service for our patients and have convenient weekend and evening hours, fees are very reasonable. American Plastic Surgery Center,r> I9O7 Mlghway 33 a Suite *2 a Ocean, new Jersey FACE In Ocean Twp: In Freehold: U 1 ' Red Bank: In new York: SHORT NOTICE U. S. CUSTOMS ENTRY #'S & PUBLIC AUCTION PERSIAN RUGS AND OTHER VALUABLE HAND KNOTTED ORIENTAL CARPETS 3.S. WILLIAM HOOPER 8.8. QAMA KASIA THE TWO SHIPMENTS WERE ORDERED BY TELEX TO OVER- SEAS. UPON ARRIVAL THE CONSIGNEES REFUSED TO AC- CEPT THE GOODS DUE TO THEIR FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES. NOW, THE ENTIRE COLLECTION. PLUS OTHER EQUAL VALUE PIECES WILL BE AUCTIONED IMMEDIATELY IN SINQLE UNIT. HILTON INN 700 Hop* Row) oxtt 10S off Qarrfon Stale Partway Tlnton Fill. FRI., MAY 17 AT 8PM Vl»w at 7PM THE CM1KTKW W i l l HBXS Ml SUES AM SOME FINE VALUMLE SU OUfc ESfAHAK. MM, KASHA*. SAKXJH TABRIZ. OWK MHHTW CHINESE. PAUSTA* W0UN. TURKISH, MB H0K. AUCTIONEER LIQUIDATORS TIRMS: CASH Oil CHECK ALL r»n»rrs TO AUTHORIZED RECWCKTS «K AT HOELITY UMCM SANK KM COM3 WITH A CERTIFICATE Of AUTHEHTICITV AND AmiAISAL SPRING WORKOUTS. SUMMER BODIES. For less than NAUTILUS AEROBICS TAEKWONDO MIDOUrrOWN at M, Parimurt C«ntn tri-un MATAWAN saj-tia I EDISON Oafcwooa-Mau m-im I J SAYREVILLE HI. t, l*rrna* Hau 721 -tlm

3 MAY 12, 1985 NfLM*. Wetjen leads Lions Clubs A TLANTIC CITY - Roy R. Wetjen, of Leonardo, was elected governor of &» Lions Clubs in Monmouth, Ocean, Mercer and Burlington Counties at the 64th annual New Jersey Lions convention which doses here today. Wetjen succeeds Louis V. Ciccone of Marlton as the leader of 2,100 Lions In the four-county District 16-B Some 2,500 Lions representing 304 clubs attended four-days of meetings at Bally's Park Place Hotel. They heard a series of reports on projects sponsored by the Lions, largest service club organization in the state. Wetjen, an electrical contractor, was president of the Middletown Lions Club during He also served as district zone chairman and later as deputy district governor. Honored by his club as "Lion of the Year", Wetjen received the 100% President Award and was named District 16-B information officer. Active in a broad range of communal affairs, he is a member of the Monmouth County Board of Appeals, the Monmouth County Vocational Advisory Board and the Middletown Township Board of Appeals. The new governor will join four other New Jersey governors-elect at the Lions International convention in Dallas, Tex., June Cottage to be unlocked F REEHOLD - As part of an agreement between the state and Marlboro Township, one cottage at Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital will be unlocked beginning May 20. However, a decision on unlocking all patient residences at the facility has been delayed until June 7 In the meantime, attorneys for the state and the township will meet in an effort to settle their differences on security arrangements at the mental hospital. Superior Court Judge Alvin Y. MUberg met with township attorney Arthur Goldzweig and Linda Roseniweig, of the state Public Advocate's Division of Mental Health Advocacy, for IVk hours In his chambers on Friday. The public advocate's office had filed suit to overturn a Dec. 1M3 court order mandating that patient cottages be locked at all times. The advocate's office has charged that the lockedcottage policy has led to a "prison-like" atmosphere at the hospital. The township, concerned about potentially dangerous patients leaving the minimumsecurity hospital, wants the policy to stay in effect until other security measures are implemented. The outcome of the closed-door meeting was a decision that either Cottage 11 or 12 will be unlocked for at least a month. About 60 patients would be affected by the decision. All the patients are classified as Level Four, patients considered safe enough for grounds priveledges Milberg said the negotiations between the township and the state would involve a "give and take." He added that neither side should expect to be entirely pleased withe outcome, because if they were, "there would be no settlement." Township and officials and residents' groups favor construction of a fence around the perimeter of the hospital's grounds. The advocate's office opposes the fence. County plans for plant F REEHOLD - At the behest of the state, county officials have begun a schedule for constructing a solid waste resource recovery plant. Although the schedule does not call for the plant to go on line until 1992, the county hat to come up with a comprehensive solid waste plan and a site where the plant would be located. By July 19S6, the county will have to adopt firm plans for the size and location of the plant, as well as plans for the type of plant it wants to use, said Larry Zaayenga of the county Planning Board. Currently a mass-burning plant is the most preferred type of resource recovery facility, Zaayenga said. The plants convert garbage to usable energy. But Freeholder Harry Larrison said be hopes the state Department of Environmental Protection is able to provide the county with a direction on how to build the facility, since the technology is relatively new. Freeholder John D'Amlco also called for separate studies on the impact each type of plant would have on air quality. "The state of the art is In iu infancy," Larrison. Zaayenga said the county was initiating the schedule to comply with a court order from the DEP to devise a comprehsive resource recovery plan. Bridge repairs seen F REEHOLD Repairs to the Sea Bright bridge, which was recently struck by tugboats twice in one weak, will begin "hopefully in time for the summer boating the county engineer announced last Charles Van Benschoten, county engineer, «ald the shipping firm responsible for the collisions with the bridge's fender would be paying for approximately $20,000 in repairs. Those repairs are in addition to about 170,000 in repairs needed to repair damage incurred from other collisions. Van Benschten said the company would either do the reapir work itself, or make arrangements for the work. LOCAL Liver benefit will feature shore musicians COLTS NECK - Jason Johnson, a 14- month-old local boy in urgent need of a liver transplant, has won the hearts and efforts of a group of shore musicians, their friends, and families. As the Friends of Jason, they have organized a Jason Johnson Day benefit to help pay medical expenses for his transplant operation. The costs are expected to exceed $250,000, and are only partially covered by Insurance. This outdoor event takes place rain or shine, from noon to 7 p.m., June 2, at Deep Hollow Park, a 25- acre private campground and park in Farmlngdale. A wide variety of musical entertainment will be featured. Games for all ages YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Karl Olsen of Cliftwood, obviously a veteran of many years of swinging, instructs have been planned, and refreshments will be sold. Many shore area merchants have donated items for door prizes and raffles. The bands start playing at 12:15 p.m. and continue until dusk. In order of appearance, the performers include LaBamba and the Hubcaps, a rhythm and blues band fronted by a former member of the Asbury Jukes; Glenn Cooke and the Swingers, square dancers; Gary Struncious and Friends, well known local folkslngers; Pineland Country, a bluegrass bank; Jersey Dream, and a capella do-wop group; Cellar Jam, an original jazz-rock band; Trend, a jazz group; and Reckless, a Top 40 band. Activities for the kids Include pony rides, races, and a make-up booth. Jason is the son of Petty Officer 3rd Class David and Mrs. Karen Johnson. He is one of 600 babies born each year in the United States without a bile duct In their liver, a condition known as biliary atresia. The duct carries bile, the fluid secreted by the liver that helps digestion of fatty foods, from the liver to the small intestine. When bile cannot move Into the small intestine, it builds up in the liver and destroys vital tissue. In addition to the liver disease, Jason has also developed osteoporosis, a calcium deficiency causing brittle bones. If a liver transplant is found, everything should clear up. Jason has been waiting for a new liver Colts Neck first graders host moms, dramatize just how special they are H JAN NAME WEMUN COLTS NETK - Nary an eye was dry as the mom's of 20 first grade students filed out of room S-3, at Conover Road School, shortly after 2 p.m., after having attended a heart-warming Mother's Day tribute to themselves given by their children. Each year, Fran Iadevaio's first grade class presents a Mother's Day show, featuring songs and stories about mom, hand-made gifts, and tasty munchies. The presentation incorporates projects from various units of the children's curriculum, Including music, art, and nutrition. The children prepare for the day when they can tell their mom's how special they are by sending them hand-written letters of invitation. Although the letters are sent through the postal system, the children anxiously await the arrival of the letters on toe same day they were mailed, said Iadevaio. Each youngster collects two recipes from mother, which will become part of a conglamorate cookbook. The book, will be presented, along with a flower carefully constructed of tissues and pipe cleaners, to each Mother as she enters the classroom, which has been decorated for Spring, and takes a seat beside her child's desk. "The interaction between mom and child is so touching, said Iadevaio. The children love the fact that they are doing it for mom. They're dressed in their best clothes, they've each written a story as to why mom is special to them, drawn a picture of her, which becomes part of an art exhibit "Marvelous Moms," displayed on the walls of the hallway, and signed their name to the cookbook. The children found many reasons for feeling their mom is "extra special." "She's different from other ones and does nice things for me," said Jacqueline Sachau. Todd Palmer, a student whose grandmother also attended, said, " mom's special because she means a lot to me, she kisses me once an hour." "The love and caring she gives me, and the way she looks. She looks a little like Mrs. Anderson," note* Jessica Gill. Bradley Gallant had this to say about his mom. "She loves me lots and lots. She kisses me every night, and hugs me when I go to school in the morning and when I come back." "She hugs me all the time...two hours a day," said Joseph Burtnick. "She cooks good meals and stuff...she makes my bed...and she loves me, summed up John Mattallano. To bring the 45-minute program to conclusion, the boys sang "I want a Girl, Just Like the Girl Who Married Dear Old Dad." "I have been to to many of these shows, and I always have to carry a box of tissue, ' admitted Shirley Anderson, principal. * THE REGISTER / CARL D. FORINO Amber Mosher of Cliftwood Beach on the proper technique at Cliffwood Beach Park. GRANDMOTHERS ARE MOM8 TOO - Todd Palmer, a first grader at Conover Road School, Colts Neck, gives his grandmother some cookies at a Mother's Day presentation he and his class held for their moms and some of their grandmoms on Thursday. A LOVING EMBRACE - Jessica Gill, a first grade student at Conover Road School, Colts Neck, gives her mom, Arlene Gill, a big hug and kiss at a Mother's Day presentation given by Jessica and her classmates on THursday. almost since be was born. Doctors have hoped to implant a liver before Jason's first birthday, and every day that goes by reduces his chances to live. For about sis months he has been at the top of the list of children In need of a liver transplant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. The donor's size, blood, and tissue type must be compatible with Jacon's Interested individuals, families, and groups can help make Jason Johnson Day a very special day for Jason. Volunteers to work are still needed. Additional contributions and correspondence can be made to the Jason Johnson Liver Transplant Fund, P.O. Box 56, Oakhurst Fort to salute Armed Forces for three days FORT MONMOUTH - Plans are complete for next weekend's celebration of Armed Forces Day 1985 which will be observed here with an open house on Saturday and Sunday, preceded by a celebration on Friday, marking the fourth anniversary of the organization of the Army Communications Electronics Command. While participation in Friday's events is limited to the post's military and civilian personnel, the public, as well as the Fort Monmouth community, is invited to the festivities on Saturday and Sunday. The theme of this year's Armed Forces Day is "Preserving the Peace." The weekend's observances will open with a military ceremony on Saturday at 11 a.m. Reviewing officer will be Maj. Gen. Robert D. Morgan, Fort Monmouth's commander. During the ceremony, which will include a parade, a 13-giin salute will be fired and the 389th Army Bank will play the national anthem. Following the opening ceremonies, the celebration will get under way with a family-style outing featuring a midway with food, music and competitive games. Among the events planned for Saturday will be a magic show, a rappelling demonstration by cadet candidates of the Army Military Academy Preparatory school, a concert by the school's Glee Club, break dancing exhibits, square dancing, and a sky diving demonstration. These events will be repeated on Sunday when the Armed Forces celebration resumes at noon and continues until 6 p.m. On Sunday there will also be a concert by the Fort Monmouth Chapel Choir and a model airplane demonstration. In addition to the fun-filled midway program scheduled for both days, there will also be displays of heavy Army equipment, including a UH1H helicopter, explosive ordnance, preventative medicine, and satellite communications, as well as Soviet small arms. Attendees may participate in boccte games, horseshoe pitching, sack races and tug-of-war, as well as other recreational athletic events. Refreshments will be available. The Armed Forces Day events will be held on the athletic field next to Husky Brook pond in the 800 area of the main post. Manalapan police charge driver, 27 ENGLISHTOWN - Kevin Yf.arwood. 27, of Monroe Boulevard, was charged with drug and motor vehicle violations after his arrest yesterday, police said. Yearwood was arrested by Manalapan Patrolman Tom White, at approximately 10:53 a.m., yesterday when he was stopped by police near Sobeck Road, for an alledged motor vehicle violation, according to police. An Investigation by White revealed that Yearwood allegedly had marijuana and cocaine in his possession, police said. He was charged wi th possession of those drugs, according to police. In addition, police said he was charged with driving an uninsured car. Senate will consi der bill to pay Bayshore damage TRENTON A state Semite committee has released a bill sponsored by Assembly woman Jaqueline Walker, D-Monmouth and Middlesex, that would allocate 1188,000 to the Bayshore to help pay for damages from the March 29, 1M4 storm. The Senate Revenue Finance and Appropriations committee last Monday released the bill for consideration of the full Senate. The Assembly approved the bill in February. The bill would allocate «8,ooo each to Middletown, Aberdeen, Keansburg, Keyport, Union Beach, and Old Bridge. The bill is intended to correct a technical error In an earlier appropriation to the municipalities which has prevented them from receiving the state aid. $108,000 authorized for disbusement in his bill was originally allocated through the approprioatlons process under a resolution sponsered by Walker, the assemblywoman said. But when the appropriation was signed by Gov. Thomas Kean, toe names of municipalities slated la receive the money were left off the document, Wtlkar aid. "The municipalities in the Bayshore suffered sever*. damage in last spring's coastal storm," Walker said. "The money allocated in this bill should help th* six coastal towns in my district to rebuild and rehabilitate publicly owned structures and property."

4 STATE DIGEST Sinatra's degree irks students HOBOKEN (AP) - About a third of 300 seniors at the Stevens Institute of Technology have signed a petition saying they were "ashamed" and "embarrassed" to learn singer Prank Sinatra will receive an honorary engineering degree, a student said yesterday. "It's not that we want to throw stones at Frank Sinatra," said Audrey Ajalat. a graduating biochemistry major who drew up and circulated the petition. "He's an excellent performer and everything. We're disappointed with the institute." She said students were concerned their graduation would be overshadowed by Sinatra's presence. The petition was submitted to college administrators here Thursday, but school spokeswoman Amy Baas said there would be no change in plans for the May 23 ceremony. "We're delighted to be recognizing Mr Sinatra among our four honorary degrees," Ma. Bass said "He's very much looking forward to attending." Ms. Baas said Stevens Presi- < it Kenneth C. Rogers would wnd letters to those who signed Frsjfc ttamn the petition "reassuring them that students will be the focu» of the commencement exercises, as they have been every year." Lee Solters, a spokesman for Sinatra in California, said the singer bad been told of the development. Solters said the singer "deeply appreciated" the selection and planned to attend if the school stood behind its invitation Judge allows anti-draft leaflets NEWARK (AP) - A group opposing draft registration has the right to hand out leaflets outside a Pasaaic County high school, a federal judge has ruled in the settlement of a "free speech" conflict. U.S. District Court Judge Harold A. Ackerman on Friday ordered the Borough of Haledon and the organization known as Citizens Aware Bcsist the Draft (CARD) to sign Tconsent order that will allow the group to hand out leaflets, as long as it is not done on public sidewalks or school grounds. Borough attorney James Avigliano claimed that protesters were initially taken into custody because they were trespassing on school property and said they were released without being charged. Richard Bassler, the attorney for the group, said police violated his clients' First Amendment rights and said he would seek monetary damages from the community. The conflict arose when members of the group attempted to hand out leaflets outside the Manchester Regional High School last month. Group members said local police on two occasions tried to halt the distribution. Police first stopped the group by saying a permit was required The organization later learned that no such permit was needed and made a second attempt to distribute the literature. At this point, police took several of the demonstrators into custody. The consent agreement was ordered after attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union and the protesters filed suit in federal court against the borough and the police department. NEW JERSEY. MAY Divestiture, death penalty top agenda TRENTON (AP) A measure requiring New Jersey's 110 billion pension fund to sell all stock in companies with South African ties and a proposal to make minor changes in the state's death penalty law top the agenda in the Legislature tomorrow. Other bills to be debated by the Senate and the Assembly include a measure requiring state troopers to retire at age 56 and to allow senior citizens groups to hold raffles. Assembly Speaker Alan J. Karcher, D-Middlesex, pledged to post the South African divestiture bill for a vote in the lower house. "No Item on the public agenda is more pressing. No item deserves more careful consideration," Karcher said. The measure, sponsored by Assemblyman Willie Brown, D-Essex, mandates that no new investments be made either directly or indirectly with South Africa. Funds already Invested in that country would gradually be divested as long as alternative investments are substituted. "Racial oppression of the white supremacist South African regime is the target of this legislation." Brown said. "It should be stressed that for the benefit of our MO.0O0 state pensioners that no one's pension will be compromised. The fund will not lose money as a result of divestiture, and we will not be sacrificing security and profitability by Investing in alternative securities," he added The Senate was expected to consider legislation that would make minor revisions in the state's capital punishment law, Including a provision to prevent the execution of Juveniles. The sponsor, Senate Majority Leader John Russo, D-Ocean, said his bill was designed to ensure that only the most vicious murderers receive the death sentence. "The death penalty was never Intended for juveniles and this bill will make sure that youngsters are not executed in this state," said the Ocean County Democrat. He said the provision would apply to a person convicted of murder before he or she was 18 years old. The bill calls for a Juvenile who Is convicted of murder to be sentenced to life In prison and to serve at least 30 years before becoming eligible for parole. Russo's bill also would require the state Supreme Court to review every death penalty case and require the Office of the Public Defender to appeal every capital conviction, even when the defendant refuses to appeal. Also to be debated in the Senate was a measure to force state police troopers to retire at age 96. Sen. Christopher Jackman, D-Hudson, sponsor of the bill, said his legislation was based on a report by doctors to the Division of State Police. A measure sponsored by Senate President Carmen Orechlo, D-Essex, to allow senior citizens organizations to conduct raffles and to use the proceeds for their clubs was expected to be posted for a vote in the upper house. Currently, municipalities may only authorize raffles for religious, charitable, educational, fraternal, civic and service groups. 200 attend first Rainbow Coalition session PISCATAWAY (AP) - A coalition of groups and individuals from New Jersey who supported the Rev. Jesse Jackson's presidential bid met yesterday as part of "the movement to build a national rainbow coalition," a spokesman said. About 100 people who gathered at St. Michael's Chapel here listened to a variety of speakers, including two men who were members of Jackson's national campaign staff, said conference participant Lawrence Ha mm "Many of the political activists decided that although the (Jackson) campaign was over, the work had Just begun," said Hamm, chairman of a group called People's Organization for Progress. He said grassroots efforts such as those in New Jersey were aimed at creating a permanent national coalition that would unite "people across racial, ethnic and religious lines ' Conference participants also discussed their political agenda to serve as a guideline in endorsing candidates, Hamm said. "After today, we will begin to identify key pieces of legislation at state, local and national levels to support," he said. "We will identify those people with progressive records and support them." He said there had been smaller gatherings of chapters of the rainbow coalition in the northern, central and southern parts of the state, but he described yesterday's meeting as "a kind of a marriage between north, south and central Jersey." Hamm said the convention was also aimed at strengthening interest in a national "rainbow coalition." "We feel the national coalition will only be as strong as the coalition at the state and local level," Hamm said. "The convention is the culmination of a process that started in October (1984) after the Democratic national convention when it was clear Jesse' Jackson's campaign was over," be said. Hamm said the coalition Includes "everybody who wants peace, an end to the nuclear arms buildup, who don't want to see other Vietnam*, who oppose racism in this country and other countries, who want equal rights for minorities and women and who want an end to unemployment." Speakers at the convention included the Rev. William Howard, executive director of the Black Council of the Reformed Church of America, and the Rev. Ben Chavis, deputy director of the Commission on Racial Justice of the United Church of Christ. Both men worked for the Jackson campaign. Other people to address the gathering were teievison producer Gil Noble; Neo Mnumzana, representative of the African National Congress of South Africa; and the Rev Henry Atkins of the New Jersey Sanctuary Movement. Newark Boys Chorus ends three-week China trip NEWARK. (AP) - The Newark Boys Chorus is back home from a three-week tour of China where» 26 inner-city youngsters charmed people with impromptu concerts and breakdance routines and learned that duck feet are edible, the group's music director said yesterday The singers, ranging in age from 11 to 14, attracted curious crowds at every stop of their seven-city tour that was arranged by the All-China Youth Federation. "We had a day to kill in Beijing (Peking). We went to the center square and flew kites for the day," said David Butterfield who is also executive director of the chorus. "Every boy.who had a kite in the air had an audience of about 200 people." The singers and their seven chaperones returned Friday after visiting the Chinese cities of Beijing, Xian, Nanjing. Wuxi. Suzhou. Hangzhou and Shanghai. "We gave a lot of spontaneous concerts," said Butterfield. He said whenever a crowd gathered around the boys, he would get out a pitch pipe and start the presentation with Chinese folks songs and lullabies the singers had learned before the trip. "They (the listeners) were clapping, smiling and laughing," said Darnell Simon. 14, who has been with the chorus for three years. At one stop, the chorus, which has mostly classical and spiritual songs in its repertoire, was mistakenly billed as a rock group, Butterfield said. Immediate Medical Care When and Where You Need It Most There's a new dimension of medical care with the full support of Riverview Medical Center and 88 local physicians. It's affordable and conveniently located in Middletown. Medical care you can count on for... Minor Injuries Ailments Physicals X-Rays Lab Work and More. No Appointment Necessary Open Daily Including Holidays from 9am to 9pm "You're Always Welcome At Riverview IMC." Located on Rt. 35 across from Rathmark. Riverview Immediate Medical Care Center 1020 Route 35, Middletown, New Jersey kw _ J Major Credit Cards Accepted

5 SUMMY. MAY Those who built The Hilton faced with a new feat: Change the name.llmmtvue The Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY - The grand, spanking-new 605-room complex here was to be known as the Atlantic City Hilton, and the corporate ownen made sure the Hilton name was found on everything, from matchbook covers to the facade. But the workers who erected the $308 million facility for Hilton Hotels Chairman W Barron Hilton, are now involved in a multi-million dollar program to rid the 26-story casino hotel of the ubiquitous Hilton moniker after New York developer Donald Trump bought the building. Bright red "Hilton" signs stare down at passing motorists from two sides of the hotel tower and from the side of the building where the casino it located while "Atlantic City Hilton" In the same red tone illuminates the front of the building Cases of matchbooks are ready for guests. 100,000 decks of cards are in print, dice already are inscribed, slot machine tokens are embossed, slot cups to hold change are in stock, felt for gaming table tops was delivered, 1,684 slot machines were silkscreened and casino chips are ready All must be replaced at a cost of up to U million because they say "Hilton," "Atlantic City Hilton," or bear the familiar Hilton Hotels chain "H," which is wide at the top and bottom and pinched at the middle The outside signs alone will cost about 1600,000 to 1650,000 to replace Larry Clark, director of casino administration, said the changeover would be completed gradually, and that some equipment bearing the old name would still be used. "I think we're prepared for that," he said, adding that a complete Change could take as long as four months The Trump Organization bought the property after Hilton Hotels Corp. hit a snag in obtaining a New Jersey casino license. The new name, announced Thursday, will be Trump's Castle Casino Hotel Trump paid $310 million for the property, which he hopes to open June 17, pending approval from the Casino Control Commission. The trump Organization already has a casino license to operate here and is partners with Harrah's in a Boardwalk casino across town. ; As part of the deal, Trump agreed to keep for at least six months the staffers Hilton had assembled to open the facility. They formally begin service on a Trump payroll June :. "We've built this thing from blank sheets of paper. So we've got a kind of pride," said F M "Bud" Sealy. Jerseyans split over Reagan's cemetery visit TRENTON (AP)- Forty percent of the New Jersey residents surveyed In a recent poll disapproved of President Reagan's visit to West German military cemetery, rwhile 38 percent approved of his actions! The Star Ledger-Eagleton Poll also said 22 percent of the respondents expressed no opinion. '. The poll, conducted between April 29 and Wednesday, included the responses of 1,000 people surveyed by telephone About half the people were interviewed before the May 5 visit to the Bitburg cemetery while the others were interviewed afterward. The cemetery contained the graves of Nazi soldiers and SS troopers. The poll has an error margin of plus'or minus 3.2 percent. Cliff Zukin. director of the poll, aid those surveyed after the visit showed greater approval of the president's actions. "The actual ceremony was quite brief and kept at a low profile as Reagan tried to focus attention on ether scheduled activities that day," be said. "The greater approval afterwards may be because the actual visit worked out better and Iras less controversial than people kad been led to believe." Trial date set jfor N.J. waste hauling firm : AKRON, Ohio (AP)- An Oct. 7 trial date has been set for five people»nd a New Jersey waste hauling firm on manslaughter and other charges Stemming from the fatal explosions last Dec. 10 at the city's Recycle Energy System Plant. ', The trial date and a further pretrial date of Sept. 27 were set Friday at a conference in Summit County Common Pleas Court, assistant prosecutor Fred Zuch said. Indicted last month were S*W Waste Inc of Kearney. N.J.; SAW Officer William Moscatello; Moscatellos brother Harry, a former officer; and employees Robert Chitren, Freddie Lee Jones and Victor Skirtun vice president and treasurer of the facility Clark said he and other members of the top management team at the project have met often since Trump's purchase, and would ensure the changes are made as quickly and Inexpensively as possible without forcing further delay in opening. John Pasqualoni, director of the slot department, said the slot machines must be overhauled to rid them of the Hilton name, which appears on an illuminated front siom ',i if i ii Cooked Roast Beef panel and the spinning slot reels. He said it would cost at least $125 per machine to remove the Hilton name from the 1,684 one-armed bandits in the gaming hall Workers must remove the H-shaped light atop the machine, silkscreen each of the reels and face plates, he said during a recent tour of the building, where carpeting sits in rolls amid construction materials and cement dust. In addition, there is soap with the Hilton "H" that was purchased for the rooms, towels woven with Atlantic City Hilton and the logo and linen for restaurants Even the mattresses were made exclusively for Hilton Nevertheless, Paul D Buckley, vice president and general manager of the hotel, said workers and management at the dockside gaming hall were glad to have a sense of purpose once again after the licensing troubles by Hilton put most activities on hold "The major change is from one of uncertainty to one with a goal again." said Buckley PAIN? STRIKE BACK! 24 Hfc. EMERGENCY SERVICE DR. MARC JOHNSON OR. 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6 NEWS DIGEST Terrorism in Guadeloupe P OINTE-A-PITRE. Guadeloupe (AP) Separatists in this French Caribbean state, aided by Libya and Latin American leftists, are plotting new terrorism, and spurring racial tension and labor strife, French authorities say. Even if a clear majority rejects the idea of independence, officials acknowledge a small but vigorous minority could stir serious trouble in this sugarcane-fringed island that depends heavily on tourism Tension here, fired by conflict in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia, has spilled over to nearby Martinique and echoes throughout France's globe-girdling string of overseas departments (states) and territories "The independence movement exploits race to the hilt," said Prefect igov ) Maurice Saborin in an interview. "Every conflict ends with a call for whites to go. There is racism against the Antilleans (blacks). The situation here is capable of growing violent very fast." More than 100 bombings over four years have left eight dead. A bomb in March in a downtown snackbar killed three, including an elderly American tourist passing Good looks hurt, help W ASHINGTON (AP) - Good looks, generally considered a plus in most situations, can be harmful to women striving for top jobs in the business world, according to a survey of people's attitudes toward attractiveness. Dr. Madeline Heilman and graduate student Melanie Stopeck, of the psychology department at New York University, say their study indicates being attractive is an asset for men throughout their executive careers. But the study, published Friday in the Journal of Applied Psychology, also indicates that "being attractive can have negative consequences for women managers, even when they clearly have been successful and reached the executive level. "Their success was attributed lets to ability, and they were consistently judged to be less capable than were unattractive women managers." said the researchers Amtrak reprieved W ASHINGTON (AP) - It seemed for a while that President Reagan's budget would derail Amtrak. but it now appears likely to survive as Congress shows a reluctance to leave the nation without a rail passenger system The Senate, rebuffing a Reagan plan to eliminate federal Amtrak subsidies, on Friday voted to reduce outlays to the rail line by just 12 percent enough, according to Amtrak, to avoid a shutdown The focus now turns to the House, where the Energy and Commerce Committee plans to take up the Amtrak legislation next week. Congressional sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said it's unlikely the House panel will approve anything less than the Senate. Meanwhile. Amtrak officials said the Senate vote pulled the rail system back from the edge of the cliff. "We have switched from facing a situation of closing down Amtrak to just discussing how much of a cut that we can take, " one Amtrak AIDS drug approved W by. Earlier, four militants blew themselves up with a bomb. The latest terrorism followed sentencing in November of six extremists captured with weapons. Luc Reinette, leader of a banned independence faction, was given IS years, later extended to 24. Reinette was convicted for, among other things, a 1963 assault on the prefecture in the Guadeloupe capital of Basse Terre. But Saborin makes a point of showing no panic: visitors wander up to his office unchallenged, their bulky bags unchecked. Security is relaxed throughout Guadeloupe. Hand luggage is often not inspected at the airport. Tourist operators report business continues strong, and the beaches are peaceful. But the atmosphere is charged, especially in this city of where nearly a third of the island's population lives. The legal Popular Union for the Liberation of Guadeloupe repudiates terrorism. But its leader. Claude Makouke, said in an interview: "We feel the people are entitled to use every means available to convince the colonialists to leave " The survey showed a reluctance among people to accept the success of attractive women as being based upon competence Many appear to believe that such women achieve executive position for reasons other than talent, such as social graces, the study said The researchers surveyed 113 men and women of various ages and occupations in New York City. The participants, who worked at several different organizations, each received an information packet about a delicious executive-level manager at a midsized corporation The packet included a short work history of the executive, a copy of a photo identification card and a questionnaire The participants were asked to assess factors responsible for the person's success, including hard work, effort and luck. The executives depicted were either extremely attractive or unattractive physically official said, also speaking on the condition of anonymity. Amtrak said Friday the 1986 funding levei of about 1602 million, nevertheless, would mean "major belt tightening, " including deferment of capital improvements, non-safety related maintenance and possibly wage and hiring freezes for the railroad's 25,000 employees But, the officials said, the cuts would allow all of Amtrak s current trains to continue operating, although frequency of service might be reduced on some routes. Under the Senate-approved budget plan, which was passed early Friday at the end of a marathon 18-hour session. Amtrak's current $684 million subsidy would be cut by 12 percent in percent in 1967 and 40 percent in While the Senate figures for 1967 and 1966 call for reductions well beyond what what Amtrak officials say they can handle, congressional sources note those figures likely will be reworked next year or the year after, depending on Amtrak's future needs ASHINGTON (AP) - An not perfected becomes immaterial if your life expectancy is experimental drug has been approved for test use a week or a month." by AIDS patients if their doctors Newport officials said, however, that the FDA's permission approve, but the drug's producer says it is not ready for broad carried restrictions that make it distribution. difficult for the company to The Food and Drug Administration on Friday released an the FDA stipulated. It said it was conduct the experimental trials Internal advisory that it has negotiating with the agency but approved a "compassionate-use" had not agreed to broad distribution of the drug. license for Newport Pharmaceuticals, a California firm, that Isoprinosine is one of about a would allow AIDS patients to get half-dozen drugs about to undergo the drug, Isoprinosine, upon the clinical trials to determine request of their doctor and at whether they can be used to treat cost. AIDS. The drug stimulates the immune system. Since AIDS, or experimental trials of the drug The FDA earlier had approved acquired immune deficiency syndrome, kills its victims by de- AIDS and considered as possible for two conditions associated with stroying the immune system, precursors of the disease. some scientists believe the drug The agency said its most recent may help. approval of the drug was prompted in part by news reports of The FDA said its action was not based upon any proof that the AIDS victims going to Mexico for drug worked but that desperate the drug, where it is sold legally AIDS patients are buying the drug by a Newport licensee. on the black market or traveling "There is no need for anyone abroad for it. interested in obtaining Since there is no evidence that Isoprinosine to leave the country," the FDA said in the guid- the drug will harm people in late stages of the lethal disease, there ance paper. "Any licensed physician who believes that the drug la no reason to keep the drug from them, the agency said. might be helpful for a patient FDA spokesman Bruce Brown may obtain it by contacting compared the drug to an experimental cancer treatment, ex- patient in one of Newport's Newport... and enrolling their plaining: "The fact that they're protocols ' SUMAY. MAY NATION/WORLD Satire, protests greet The Pope in Holland DEN BOSCH, Netherlands (AP) Pope John Paul II. saying he is grieved by divisions in the Dutch church, began a controversial visit to the Netherlands yesterday with a warning to liberal-minded Roman Catholics not to stray from church orthodoxy. He also urged the Dutch to accept the conservative bishops he has appointed, "for the sake of the love of Christ" Crowds were unexpectedly light as the pontiff began his 11-day tour, which also included stops in Belgium and Luxembourg, and there were a few scattered protest signs In the southern city of Den Bosch, seat of the Netherlands' largest Catholic diocese, police said a subdued crowd of to lages Organizers.wh<~> had predicted up to 160,000 would line the medieval city streets, acknowledged they were disappointed Shortly before the pontiff moved off in his bullet-proof "popemobile," a banner reading "Pope go home," suspended between balloons, floated over the throng Another banner, hoisted above the crowd said, "I love Nazareth, not Rome " John Paul. 64. was facing one of the toughest challenges of his 26 overseas visits bringing Dutch Catholics, opposed to his views on socalled "family issues" and his attempts to closely control the Dutch clergy, into the Vatican fold John Paul's visit here has spawned deep controversy, satire, calls for mass demonstrations and several death threats, prompting the Dutch to mount their biggest ever security operation to protect him A throng of 10,000 people, many waving yellow-and-white Vatican flags, greeted the pope's DC-9 as it taxied to a halt at Eindhoven Airport Security was tight as the pope was greeted by Dutch Archbishop OPEN SUNDAY 12 to 5 MASTER CARD VISA AMERICAN EXPRESS ASSOCIATED PRESS DUTCH GREET POPE Pope John Paul 11 walks over the flags of various Dutch communities as he departs his Ilight at Eindhoven Airport. Community representatives, right, kneel by their flags. Only the Queen ot the Netherlands and the Pontiff are allowed to walk on the flags Adrianus Simonis and Foreign Min ister Hans van den Broek More than 1,000 police were deployed around the airport and guards searched bags and seized banners at the gates. On board his Alitalia flight to the Netherlands, the pontiff was asked by reporters whether he had any fear of coming to a country where his visit is to controversial. "Yes," he replied with a grin, "great." But turning serious, he added: "I was invited. It was my duty.' In his arrival remarks delivered The lair's in Dutch, which he studied in preparation for his visit - the pope immediately addressed the tensions between dissident Catholics and the conservative church hierarchy. He told the throng that national churches are important to the uni venal Church, and the aim of his visit is "to preach the message of the Gospels, to promote unity and to stimulate the activities of the lndl vidual churches." But he warned: "The vitality of the local churches increases or Is revived to the extent that they... do not become shut up in themselves, and do not distance themselves from the center of the unity of the church." The pope observed that the attach ment of the Dutch to Rome Is "deeper than might appear from an account of the contemporary history of the Dutch church." The Vatican has tried to rein In the Dutch church, which has become increasingly progressive in the last two decades, by a series of con servative appointments that have proven highly controversial. Simonis, one of the conservatives, told the pontiff, "You are only too well aware that the church here is going through (a) spiritual crisis." But he said the same crisis is affecting "the whole of the Western world." The Netherlands has 5 6 million Roman Catholics 40 percent of the 14 million population. Liberal Dutch Catholics openly question the church's bans on artificial birth control, marriage of priests, and laymen saying Mass, ss well as the position of women in the church and papal infallibility on doctrinal matters. The liberals were encouraged in large part by the modernizing trends of the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s. However, their positions have produced a feud with traditionalists and frequent rifts with the Vatican. Two-Fer. «1 he l airs _~* Sale Dacron & Cotton Cord & Poplin Suits Traditional patch and flap pocket model in the new 65% cotton, 35% dacron fabric. The ultimate in summer suits. Made to sell for 175. TWO-FER Dacron & Wool Tropical Weight Vested Suits The proper blend for comfort and durability the season through. Leave well dressed...arrive well pressed. In solids, plaids and stripes. 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7 HMMV. MAY Edward C. Fearns Edward C. Fearns, 74, a former resident of Rumson, died April 30 at Fort ers Care Center, Fort ers, Fla. Born in Maynard, Mass, he lived in Rumson for IS years, and had homes in Cape Cod and Fort ers. He was the manager of the analytical department at International Flavors and Fragrances, Union Beach, for IS years, until retiring in Before that he worked in perfume research for Lever Bros., Cambridge, Mass., for 17 years. He was a member of the American Chemical Society, the American Institute of Chemists, and the Scientists' Society of Southwest Florida. He served as treasurer of the Monmouth Arts Foundation when he lived in Rumson. He was a former communicant of Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, Rumson, and a communicant of the Church of the Resurrection, Fort ers. Surviving are his wife, the former Marjorie Riley; a daughter, Martha Hemhauser of Red Bank; a sister, Alice Mullin of Maynard, and two granddaughters. Funeral services took place in Fort ers. Irvin R. Merkel Irvin R. Merkel, It, of the River Plaza section of Middletown, died Friday at Bayshore Community Hospital. Holmdel Born in New York City, he moved to the Belford section of Middletown in INS from SUten Island He moved here from Belford in 1976 Ha was a train dispatcher for 45 years for the IRT subway system in New York City before his retirement in IMS. In 1(17, he was a member of the National Guard and patrolled the Mexican border during the Mexican Border Conflict. He was a member of the King of Kings Lutheran Church, Middletown. His wife, the former Clara Revell, died in 1(76. Surviving are three daughters, Bernice Savarese of River Plaza, and Dorothy Anderson and Joyce Leon, both of Morganville; six grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren. The John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, Middletown, fs in charge of arrangements. Fred DiCapua Fred DiCapua, 61, of Hazlet, died Friday at Rlverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Born in Keansburg, DiCapua lived In Irvington before moving to Hazlet 14 years ago. He was a longshoreman for the Plttston Stevedoring Corp., Newark, for 30 years, retiring in 1990 He was a U.S. Army veteran of World War II Surviving are his wife, the former Geneva Lambert; two sons, Ronald F. of Jackson, and Steven C. at home; a daughter, Mrs. Sandra Ann Simpson of Hopkinsville, Ky ; three sisters, Mrs. Lena Tufariello of Bloomfield, Mrs. Millie Nardone of Newark, and Mrs. Lucy SanServino of Edison, and three grandchildren. The Laurel Funeral Home, Hazlet, is in charge of arrangements. 202 Death Notice FlSlar I n t t i H. and Edward A. In Memorlarri. In Md but During memory ol our d w mother ano MMr. (MM N. no IrMrd A. FWV. m COM no i M e/ m yard, m n» trees (Mr brsnohas wave, H tho onee w loved M dmrty. but whom we ooum not Mva. Don't aak ua If we rntes Warn, mare la tuch a vacant pace. On we oar leraat Mir mwlipi and Mir T* Md but tnm. m -on** * *»> * * «o*j tv«not tofgotun. Mem ftdad, nor «v«r ww > t». lor M hong M W. and nwnorim tmt you «W SMITH MUa P.. ega 7*. on May 10. IMS. ol MeMakan. Metier of Constance B. wneon SMar ol WfMa f. Buna, anndmoffer ol Susan A, Nancy U and Seren J. waaon. Funeral SOMOOS on Tuaaday. May 14, el JO e.m.. el the Women Funeral Home. BO I Pronl St.. Had Bank. Inarmam Worjdkmn Cemetery, Bronx. N.y irwiaaon Mendey. 7-e p.m. Thoee wlantnb to may make deneaena to fvat v^rfjwyianan wnyrcn, nso van*. BARRETT Charles J.. of bmmown. N.J.. on Frteay. Mey 10. at Monmourr. Medleal Carter. Funeral Mass Tuesday. May 14. at *4» am. from It Dorothea's R.C. Chgreh, latomown. Friends mey can al *va Kooeo A Broun Horns w Funerals. IM Broad I and M e.m. Monday. MARTINELLI - view* B. <nee BraooM) ol UaMajMn. on May 10, «wile <* the lele (kudo. Matt* 1 Okiy» Keren and Ororta Dudley funeral Max Manday. am. at SI AMMnya Chum. KM Sana. VKKon «M Jann I. Day funeral Ham. H WII areas *ve.. Md Bar*, on Sunday. 1-4 and M p.m PORTER Batata M at WsNende, on May 10. n eta Ma Thomas J MaMr i a and Viola Haw. wan* a at n Jam I. Day frnml name. SB HMnMa a Had Be*, an Svnday. 74 p.m UamorM donal la M Amanoan Canoar Soo ara t Charles J. Barrett Charles J. Barrett, 64, of Eatontown, died Friday at Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch. Born in Beacon, NY., he lived in New York until moving here 20 years ago. He was an engineer for the U.S. government, and was with the Post Engineers at Fort Monmouth for IS years. He retired In 1978 He was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of World War II He as a member of VFW Post 2228, Oakhurst, and a member of the DAV, Fort Monmouth. He was a communicant of St. Dorothea's Roman Catholic Church, Eatonlown Surviving are his wife, the former Rose Kucera; a son, Richard T, at home; a daughter, Mrs. Barbara Lanza of Boston, and a granddaughter. The Robert A. Braun Home for Funerals, Eatontown, is in charge of arrangements. Edward M. Bar of ski Sr. Edward M. Barofskl, 46, of Laurence Harbor, died Friday at home. Born in Nanticoke, Pa., he lived there until moving to Laurence Harbor 11 years ago. Mr. Barofski was a boiler engineer for Cyanamld Warners, Linden, where he worked for 22 years. He was a communicant of St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, Laurence Harbor. He was a U.S. Army veteran. Surviving are his wife, the former Mary Ann Bush; a son, Edward Jr., at home; three daughters, Cassandra L., Mary Ann and Cheryl, all at home; two brothers, Frank of Nanticoke, and Chester, of Hope; five sisters, Mary Bushko. Gertrude Ball and Miss Joselphine Barofski, all of Nanticoke, Anna Sorber of Clinton, Md, and Julie Poteski of Irvington, and two grandchildren The Day Funeral Home, Keyport, is in charge of arrangements. John Demko Sr. John Demko Sr., 74, of Newark, died Thursday at the Silver Lake Nursing Home, Staten Island, N.Y. Born in Newark, he was a lifelong resident there. Mr. Demko was a machinist with Welin Davit Co., Perth Amboy, until his retirement. He was secretary of the Machinist Union in Perth Amboy in the late 1940s. From 1951 to 1962 be owned the Academy Tavern and Hall, Newark. Mr. Demko was a communicant of St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, Old Bridge, and a member of the church Holy Name Society. He was a U.S. Army veteran, serving in Panama from 1027 to His wife, Eleanor, died in 1967 Surviving are a son, John of Old Bridge; a daughter, Mrs. Eleanor M. Gaffney of Colts Neck, and six grandchildren. The Day Funeral Home, Keyport, is in charge of arrangements. John Demko Sr. John Demko Sr., 74, of Newark, died Thursday at the Silver Lake Nursing Home, SUten Island, N.Y. Born In Newark, he was a lifelong resident there. Mr. Demko was a machinist with Welin Davit Co., Perth Amboy, until his retirement. He was secretary of the Machinist Union in Perth Amboy in the late 1940s. From 1951 to 1962 he was the proprietor of Academy Tavern and Hall, Newark. Mr. Demko was a communicant of St. Lawrence Roman Catholic Church, Old Bridge, and a member of the church Holy Name Society. He was a U.S. Army veteran, serving in Panama from 1927 to His wife, Eleanor, died In Surviving are a son, John of Old Bridge; a daughter, Mrs. Eleanor M. Gaffney of Colts Neck, and six grandchildren. The Day Funeral Home, Keyport, Is In charge of arrangements. William Gronin Jr. William Cronin Jr., 60, of Oakhurst, died yesterday at home. Bom in New York City, he lived there until moving here three years ago. Mr. Cronin was a doorman and elevator operator for Building Home Services, Manhattan. He was a member of Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, New York City. Surviving are two sisters, Julia Schenzlnger of Port Monmouth and Catherine McDonald of Middletown; many nieces and nephews; and many grand-nieces and grand-nephews. The John F..Pfleger Funeral Home, New Monmouth, is in charge of arrangments. May B. Dickerson May B. Dickerson, 91, of Hazlet, died Thursday at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in British Guyana, Mrs. Dickerson came to the United States 71 years ago. She lived in New York before moving to Hazlet IS years ago. Her husband, Maxwell P. Dickerson, died in Surviving are a son, Rudolph of Hazlet; four grandchildren and a great-granddaughter. The Day Funeral Home, Keyport, is in charge of arrangements. Florence C. Woolfenden Florence C. Woolfenden, 68, of Freehold, died Friday at Freehold Area Hospital, Freehold Township. Born In Freehold, she was a lifelong resident there. She was an art teacher in the Freehold public school system for 40 years, retiring in She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Freehold, the Woman's Club of Freehold, the Cecllian Club of Freehold, and the Freehold Women's Business and Professional Club Her husband, Everett A. died in 1B61. Surviving Is a sister, Miss Marion Curley, with whom she lived. The Freeman Funeral Home, Freehold, is In charge of arrangements. Victoria B. Martinelli Victoria B. Martinelli, 90, of Middletown, died Friday at Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank. Born in Tuscany, Italy, Mrs. Martinelli lived in California and SUten Island, N.Y, before moving here 18 years ago. She worked as an ostrich feather curler for hat manufacturers in the New York area for 40 years. She retired many years ago. Her husband, Guido, died in 1966 Surviving are a son, Guy A., here; a daughter, Gloria Dudley of Grenada Hills, Calif.; five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. The John E. Day Funeral Home, Red Bank, is in charge of arrangements. Michael J.Bauer Michael J. Bauer, 83, of the New Monmouth section of Middletown, died Friday at Riverview Medial center, Red Bank. Born in Bayonne, he lived there until moving here SI years ago. He was a general contractor for Fort Hancock before retiring in the early 1960's. He was a member of St. Catherine's Roman Catholic Church, East Keansburg, and a member of the St. Catherine's Senior Citizens. Surviving are two sisters, Catherine Cleaver and Marion Pembricks, both of New Monmouth, and many nieces and nephews. The John F. Pfleger Funeral Home, New Monmouth, is in charge of arrangements. Estelle M. Porter Estelle M. Porter, 82, of Highlands, died friday at home. Born in Poland, Mrs. Porter lived in Fort Lauderdale. Fla., before moving to Highlands in She was a member and past president of the Polish-American Club, Fort Lauderdale. Her husband, Thomas, died in Ml. Surviving are two sons, Thomas J. of Highlands, and William J. of Hazlet; a daughter, Mrs. Barbara Popola of Deal; two sisters, Mrs. Virginia Glendenning of California, and Mrs. Vola Tiska of New York; 11 grandchildren, and nine greatgrandchildren. The John E. Day Funral Home, Red Bank, is in charge of arrangements. Mary B. Vincent- Hutcheson Mary B. Vincent Hutcheson, 63, of Aberdeen, died yesterday at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in Orange, she had been a resident of Matawan and Aberdeen for 5] years. She was a homemaker Surviving are her husband, James E. Sr.; a son, James Jr., of Silver Springs, Md.; a daughter, Laverne H. Gray of Aberdeen; a brother, Edward Vincent of Newark; her stepmother, Algie Vincent of Aberdeen; and four grandchildren. The Bedle Funeral Home, Eatontown, is in charge of arrangements. Hilda F. Smith Hilda Friedrich Smith, 79, of Interlaken, died Friday at King James Nursing Home, Middletown. Born in the Bronx, Mrs. Smith lived here since She taught at the Deal Elementary School for IS years, retiring in She was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Red Bank. Her husband, Leonard C. L. Smith Jr., died in Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Constance S. Wilson of Fair Haven; a sister, Mrs. Virginia F. Burke of Wynnewood, Pa., and three granddaughters. The Worden Funeral Home, Red Bank, Is in charge of arrangements. Elizabeth Kay Elizabeth Kay, 87, of Carlsbad, Calif., died Friday at Tri-City Hospital, Oceanside, Calif. Born in Scotland, Mrs. Kay had been a resident of California for 32 years. She was a homemaker Surviving are a daughter, Betty Leasing of Carlsbad. Calif.; a son, John of Rumson; six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Eternal Hills Mortuary, Oceanside, Calif., is in charge of arrangements. The Regitler Chester Could, created Dick Tracy WOODSTOCK, III. (AP)- Chester Gould, 84, who created the Dick Tracy comic strip from ideas spawned In the crime-filled streets of Depression-era Chicago, died yesterday. Gould died at home said his daughter, Jean O'Connell. He had been in ill health for some time and had suffered a heart attack in October Tracy was born in the days of the depression, prohibition and gangsters. In "The Celebrated Cases of Dick Tracy," published in 1980, Gould was quoted as saying: "I decided that if the police couldn't catch the gangsters, I'd create a fellow who would." "He was very fascinated with crime and the idea of the strip came from that," Mrs. O'Connell said In a telephone Interview. Gould created the character while a young struggling artist. He had worked for five Chicago newspapers and had tried to sell a variety of comic strip ideas since Born in Pawnee, Okla, Gould "wanted to come to Chicago to make a success of himself and his goal was the Chicago Tribune," Mrs. O'Connell said. In May 1931, he sent drawings of Dick Tracy to a New York publisher, but the strip wasn't published until March 22, It eventually appeared in more than 500 newspapers. Dick Tracy was the first strip to depart from the "funnies" approach, delighting in graphic details such as bullets passing through heads and pools of blood. Tracy battled no ordinary villains: Charles A. Gallagher Charles A. Gallagher. 38, of Port Monmouth, died Thursday at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in Jersey City where he lived most of his life, he moved to Port Monmouth six years ago. Mr. Gallagher was a boilermaker for Wide World Boiler Works, Hoboken. He was a communicant of St. Catherine's Roman Catholic Church, Bast Keansburg. Surviving are his wife, Helen; his mother, Monica Gallagher of Middletown, and three sisters, Mrs. Barbara Wycoff and Mrs. Catherine Weaver, both of Middletown, and Mrs Bernadette Bleka of Howell. The Laurel Funeral Home, Hazlet, is in charge of arrangements. Anthony Eckel Anthony Eckel, 72, of the Morgan- "The Blank," a faceless man whose name was Frank Redrum (murder spelled backward); Jerome Trohs, (short spelled backward) a midget who was scalded to death in a shower; the Mole, a miser who lived underground; B.B Eyes, a World War II bootlegger; Flattop, a killer for hire; Pruneface; Hah-and-Haf; Angeltop and Torcher. "I wanted my villains to stand out definitely so that there would be no mistake who the villain was," Gould once said. Tracy's friends were no less remarkable. There was Gravel Gertie, who married B.O. Plenty, who begat Sparkle Plenty; Junior Tracy, the adopted street urchin who became a police artist; Diet Smith, inventor of the two-way wrist TV and the space coupe; Moonmaid, the lunar princess who married Junior but was killed by the bad guys; Vitamin Smith, the pill-popping actor, and Sam Ketchum, Tracy's partner. Chester Gould Walker sponsors beach bill TRENTON - Keansburg would receive $1,072,500 for beach restoration under a bill releasd this week by the Assembly Agriculture and Environment Committee. And a bulkhead rehabilitation project in Keyport would receive $285,000 under the bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Jacqueline Walker, D-Monmouth and Middlesex. The bill would provide a total of $10.8 million for needed shore protection projects statewide as identified under the New Jersey Shore Protection Master Plan. 7A "Last spring's storm washed out beaches and weakened or destroyed existing dunes, bulkheads and seawalls," Walker said. "As a result, residents of many coastal communities live in dread that their homes, businesses and even their lives could be wiped out by another major storm." "The appropriations under this bill will allow the most critical work to proceed before another devastating storm hits our coast," Walker said. Flynn presses for crime law FrldayTlne F ^ rhou* Judge to rule on Sea Bright cabanas tal,, Freehold Township. p Bom in Dorothy, N.J., he lived in Morganville 47 years. Since 1948, he and his brother Edmund, owned and operated the Eckel Brothers Excavating Co., Morganville. Surviving are two brothers, Edmund and Ferdinand, both of Marlboro. The Bedle Funeral Home, Matawan, is in charge of arrangements. Ernest J. Collins Ernest J. Collins Sr, 83, of Matawan, died Thursday at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born In China, Mr. Collins lived in New York most of his life. He moved here 10 years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Mercedes Xavier; a son, Ernest Jr., of Palmyra, Pa., and three grandchildren. The Day Funeral Home, Keyport, is in charge of arrangements. 'Dtneetony TRENTON - Assemblyman William E. Flynn, D-Monmouth-Middlesex, has called upon Gov. Thomas H. Kean to sign legislation to prohibit criminals from suing crime victims who injure them in self-defense. The bill, sponsored by Flynn, would protect crime victims who act in self-defense from civil liability suits. "The criminal justice system has built-in protections for those who are accused of commiting crimes, but there is very little to protect the victims," Flynn said. "One homeowner who defended himself against a burglar was brought into court and forced to pay damages for injuries sustained by the offender," said Flynn. "This bill would prevent this kind of injustice in the future." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SEA BRIGHT ^^ "" "' ^^ " - A Superior Court judge will decide following a hearing slated to begin Wednesday whether Driftwood Beach Club Inc. may continue buildingso cabanas east of the sea wall. Superior Court Judge Patick J. McGann Jr. will determine whether the club will have to tear down 26 of the building unless it gets a Coastal Area Facilities Review permit. Work is continuing on the cabanas. Without a permit, the club may build up to 24 cabanas. CAFRA applies to hosing developments of 25 units and more. Because a state Department of The Old Bridge Democrat noted that the rights of crime victims to; protect themselves are the subject of vast public attention now due to the case of Bernhard Goetz, who shot four alleged muggers on the New York City subway. Flynn also warned that this legislation would not become a license for vigilantees. "The bill contains language which would allow a person to recover for injuries resulting from an intentional or reckless! action which demonstrates disregard for human life," Flynn said "Basically, we are defining legal, protection for individuals who legitimately use force in self-defense against criminals." The bill was approved by the State Senate on May 2. Environmental Protection official believes the cabanas are dwelling units, the DEP issued a stop-work order last month. But when John Weingart. director of the Division of Coastal Resources, sought a temporary restraining order to curtail construction, McGann denied the request and scheduled the hearing. The club intends to finish the cabanas by Memorial Day. and has plans for 84 more cabanas west of the sea wall, a club house, improvements to a pool, and the addition of a tennis court. NJ Transit receives national award NEWARK (AP) - NJ Transit has received a national award for its efforts in preserving S3 state rail stations which have been placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. FUNERALS HOSPITALS WEDDINGS BAR MITZVAHS ANNIVERSARIES ANY OCCASION MIDDLETOWN HotuttGanlnCmtet Hwy. 35. Mkidlctown Flowers Speak From the Heart" KOCH Florist & Gifts 1870 Hwy. 35. Middletown. NJ ' "Middletown's Finest" 54 W Front St.. Keyport "Flow»ra say H B»«t" Major Cradll Card! AocapWd By Phon* Your full lervtce Horrm We care Colonial Flowers S E. Front Street, Red Bank All Mi(or Credit Cardi Acrxpud By Phone M l ltea«ii Laurel Atamra. HaiWt Phone order* accepted with credit card World-Wide Wire Service RIVERVIEW FLORIST Fruit Baskets Gifts Balloons W. Front St C. Du But* fltd Bank, N.J Bnwfcmn A Hatists IM* IN (an k MBMB 206 Main St. Kayport AH metor credit cards 12$ Mark him Plan, unl* Silver S3O-6363 FRUIT BAWIT* SALLOONt FLOWCM Credit Card Orders Accepted By Phon* "We are honored to receive this award and will continue to pursue programs and initiatives to promote the preservation of historic transit buildings located throughout New Jersey," said Roger A. Bodman, state transportation commissioner. Mcfloia Flowers by Bob Goodman 749 Hwy 35, Middletown All nukx credit cards jcctpi«j by phone W» Cfllnt v«y Bloomln Thing Say re woods Florist II 114 Mam St.. Matawan (Acroea from Jerry Beyer's Restaurant) Wa Send Flown WortOwuf' Ma/or Credit Cards Accepted Apple Blossom Flower Shop Attention Florisll Order your special ad into this Directory , Ext. 252

8 u YOUR TOWN SUNDAY. MAY COMMUNITY CALENDAR Tomorrow KEYPORT - The Keport PTA will hold its regular monthly meeting at 7:30 p m in the Keyport Central School Cafetorium New officers wili be elected and the PTA will honor individuals and groups ;who are dedicated to youth in the community Refreshment* will be.served and an award will be given to the class with the most parents attending All are welcome RED BANK -The Kiwanis Club will meet at 7 p.m. in the Olde Union 'House. Tuesday - RED BANK Riverview Medical ranter's Parent's Information series will show the film "Strong Kids. Safe Kids" at 8 p.m. in the Blaisdell <C«iter for Health Resources fifth floor auditorium. A panel discussion will follow. Wednesday. MIDDI.ETOWN - The PTA of St Catherine's School. East Keansburg. will meet at 8 p.m. in the parish hall The annual May Crowning will be held by the first communion class and the third grade, and Barbara Kirby will be installed as third vice president HAZLET Singles Again Inc will sponsor a dance at The Lakeside Manor. Route 36. tonight, the 22nd and 29th There will be an orientation at 8 p m and the dance begins at 9 p.m All singles are welcome Thursday HAZLET The Hazlet Township School District will exhibit at the first annual Monmouth County Curriculum Fair, to be held in the gym at Brookdale Community College. Lincroft, from 1 to 5 p.m JoAnn Sabik. music teacher at the Union Avenue Middle School, will present an exhibit on the Kodaly approach to teaching music HIGHLANDS - The Henry Hudson Regional School Booster Club will meet at 8 p.m. in the school art room All parents of students who attend the school are invited to lake part in a discussion on the annual June sports awards dinner Fridav HIGHLANDS - A benefit per formance of "The Solid Gold Cadillac." a comedy by George L Kaufman, will be presented by the Monmouth Players in the Navesink Library, Monmouth and Sears Avenues. Navesink, at 8:15 p.m The Booster Club of Henry Hudson Regional School is the sponsor Tickets may be purchased from any club member or by calling Tom Balland. Highlands, club president Tickets will not be sold at the door Saturday RED BANK - The Scholastic Assistance committee of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank will hold a pancake breakfast from 8 a m until noon in fellowship hall Tickets may be purchased at the door Proceeds will benefit the scholastic assistance program FARM FUN Historic Longstree! Farm. Holmdel. restored to the Victorian period, is the site of "Games and Toys of Victorian America" 1 to 3 p.m. next Sunday This free program enables farm visitors to discover how farm youngsters amused themselves at the turn of the century. The Longstreet Farm staff, dressed in period costumes, is displaying toys and organizing games popular in the Victorian era Hoop rolling is one of the events planned. PAGEANT NEWS Sin Mini "" "»»"" PAGEAI<! SPECIAL SECTION THURSDAY MAY 16th OAM.Y *~* WNMV A Super Toy Store.and a Whole Lot More! Cosmos 3-POSITION RECLINER STROLLER» COLE NATIONAl COM«M«r Evenflo ONE STEP CAR SEAT HAZLET I EATONTOWN Monmouth TM MM MMWpmi County ScKUUMp pgm «ll M MM on IIIIHl k «. >' ) Ml WM Mdl MKMIIHt M d#wi ttw iwnng I pro p a M M fcamb to «t» PigMxt man' Rt. 35 Shopping Center Poole Ave. I South St. & Wyckoff Rd. HOURS: Monday-Saturday 9:30 AM-9 30 PM Sundays 11 AM-6 PM QIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE USE OUR LAYA-WAY PLAN Century WAY TOGO STROLLER Century 400XL CAR SEAT 58" Vote A paid directory of coming events for nonprofit organizations Rales t3 75 for three lines for 1 day ill 00 each additional linei. IS 00 for three lines for two days { 1 50 each additional line). H 50 for three lines for three days each additional line for three lines for four or five days I each additional linn for three lines (or six to eight days each additional line i for three lines for nine to ten days i each additional line i ill SO for three lines (or eleven days Each additional day II 00. each additional line Deadline 11 A M two days before publication Call The Daily Register ask for The Date Secretary MAY It - Sl'NDAY Pancake Breakfast. VFW Auxiliary 4)03. Diverne Ave. West Keansburg 9-1 p m tickets at door MAY 13 - MONDAY Card Parly, Red Bank Chapter *70 OES. Red Bank. NJ Maple Ave MAY 14 - TUESDAY An evening with Dr Janet G Woitilz world reknown authority of children of alcoholics at Middletown High School North. 8 p m V> donation Every Tuesday Singles Dance. Lakeside Manor. Hwy» Hazlet I 30 Ages All singles welcome (3 Parent! Without Partners. Bayshore Chapter 644 General meeting and dance Cheese dip and chip spread Don Quixote's. Hwy 34. Matawan Members 13 prospective members SHARP orientation Chapter phone MAY IS - WEDNESDAY Village Garden Club Flower show i A taste of Italy i Deep Cut Park. Red Hill Rd Middletown 1-7 p m Free to public Singles Again newest chapter hosts a cocktail party and dance at the Lakeside Manor. Rt 36. Hazlet Orientation 8 pm. Dance 9 p.m For further info call MAY II - THURSDAY Oceanport Garden Club presents "A Country Gathering" flower show at Old First Methodist Church. Locust Ave. West Long Branch 1-9 p m Admission free MAY 17 - FRIDAY Monmouth County Historical Association lecture "Elite Art and The Folk Tradition in America" by Wendell Garret! 8 30 p m Rumson Country Day School. Bellevue Ave & Ridge Rd Tickets M at door For further info, call Singles Again hosts one of the Shores largest dances every Friday pm in the Empress Hotel Ball Room, on the ocean by Asbury Ave. Dance 9 p.m Orientation 8 p.m. All singles welcome For further info call MAY II - SATURDAY The Sea Bright Fire Ladies Auxiliary will sponsor a Tailgate Flea Market on the Borough parking lot. 9 am to 4 pm Spaces M For any information or Rain date May 19 St Marks Parish sponsoring a bus trip to the Amish Country which includes dinner at Plane 4 Fancy res Uurant For further information call per person Bus leaves 8 am 1-4 p m Greek pastries. Fashions by Sea Air Shop Music by Garden State Singers 1 I Tsakins at the Rohalllan Estate. Rumson. NJ Benefit Cancer Research L Cooleys Anemia Pre-sale of tickets 111 SO ail or Shore Regional sophomore carvinal and flea market at the West Long Branch Community Center Spaces 110; with table Call after Pine Tree Players present "The Supporting Cast" comedy. Community House Theater. 3rd and Madison Ave. Spring Lake. 8» p.m W. 19 at door Avail in advance Thursday 7-1 p m during run of play, reservations I. Trip to THREE LITTLE BAKERS DINNER THEATER L LONGWOOD GARDENS By the Open Door. M35O Leaves Red Bank 4 Hazlet Chicken dinner p m at Trinity Episcopal Church. 65 W Front St.. Red Bank Sponsored by The Evening Group of the Womens Guild Donation 1350 adults children under 12 Call Parish office for reservations by May IS Flea Market and carnival Red Bank Middle School Steel Band 10 am.-4 pm Middle School grounds Tables 17 SO Reservations call MHM MAY 19 - SUNDAY Portau-Peck Fire Company Annual Flea Market at Monmouth Park Race Track I am -5 p m Rain date May 26 Food, beverages, t rest rooms facilities on premises For info call Monmouth County Park System sponsoring Thompson Park day al Monmouth County Thompson Park. Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft II am. -5 p m Activities include arts & crafts sale, country 4 western music, pony rides, plant sale. food, outdoors expo and more For info call Monmouth County Park System sponsoring Spring Arts & Crafts sale at Monmouth County Thompson Park. Newman Springs Rd. Lincroft 11 a.m.-5 p.m ISO artists and crafters will display and sell their items No admission charge for public For info call Rumson PTA Int'l Fair, 11-5 Forrestdale School Exhibits Int'l lunch, performances, crafts, Chinese silent auctions Dessert cafe Statue of Liberty room Monmouth County Historical Association bus trip to Wheaton Historical Village. Mlllville. NJ 110 children. IIS adult members; 113 children. 118 adult non-members Includes admission and transportation For Info call MAY U - THURSDAY Keyport Auxiliary, Bayshore Community Hospital sponsoring Fashion show fc dinner. 6:30 p.m. Lakeside Manor. Hazlet Raffles 1 prizes 115 person Tickets call or MID-ATLANTIC TRIP - Atlantis Casino Cost 115. rebate Food, show Leave Middletown. Hazlet 4 p.m MAY 24 - FRIDAY Singles Again Open House Dance. Singles Again hosts the largest open house dance at the shore tonight in The Mooring. Rt 70. Point Pleasant Hot complimentary buffet All singles welcome Orientation 8 p m Dance 9 pm For more information MAY U - SATURDAY Spring Dance at the Highlands Flrehouse 9 p.m.- 1 am Cisco's Disco. DJ. hot buffet Beer set-ups BY OB Door prizes 's will be sold 110 per person. 112 at door Sponsored by the Highlands Fire Auxiliary 'The Mikado" performed by the NY Gilbert I Sullivan players with full orchestra 8 p.m. at the Count Basie Theater. Red Bank Sponsored by the Monmouth County Arts Council's Spectrum Series Call the box office for tick-u to this 100th anniversary celebration MAY 27 MONDAY Leonardo Memorial Post 331 American Legion will hold its S9th annual Memorial Day parade The parade will start promptly at 10 a m sharp at the corner of Leonard Ave and Leonardville Rd Leonardo Organizations wishing to participate can contact parade chairman at or MAY 21 - TUESDAY See "Aren't We AH" with Rex Harrison IT Caludetle Colbert 148 Leaves SI Marys6pm Call or MAY 31 * JUNE 1 - FRIDAY ii SATURDAY Shore Regional. H S presents SPOTLIGHT'. A Review based on the works of Stephen Sondeheim. Tennessee Williams. Cole Porter. Neil Simon, and others' 8 p m at the H S Rt 36, West Long Branch All seats Info M-F. M 30 p m Eves 1 weekends JUNE I - SATURDAY 5th Annual Middletown Twp Historical Society Flea Market on the lawn at beautiful Croydon Hall in Leonardo Tables. 18 each. 2 for 115 For reservations call USFL Football. Generals vs. Memphis at Giants Stadium Good seats Ii transportation, 120 Call First Baptist Church. Red Bank JUNE 8 - SATURDAY TRIP TO SOUTH ST SEAPORT. CHINA TOWN. LITTLE ITALY OR GREENWICH VILLAGE Ichoose one I by the Open Door Call JUNE I - SUNDAY Bayview PTA is sponsoring a luncheon to commemorate the retirement of Mrs. Abba Daniels principal of Bayview School The luncheon will be held at Peninsula House. Ocean Ave.. Sea Bright from noon-3 pm For info and to make reservations please call or JUNE FRIDAY-THURSDAY SI Agnes Church. Atlantic Highlands, will sponsor a trip on the Mississipl Queen Memphis to New Orleans Call 291-0)76 or JULY 11-M - THURSDAY-THURSDAY NOVA SCOTIA Ion Scotia Prince I Depart Matawan For Info call AUGUST 3 - SATURDAY Special Elks Sailing aboard the Deluxe Royal Caribbean MS Nordic Prince 1 week cruise NY to Bermuda Open to the public Contact Joanne Pagano for special rates AUGUST 17 - SATURDAY The Middletown Township H S. class of 65 and year class reunion Lakeside Manor. Hazlet For more info or The Middletown Township H.S.. class of '65 and year class reunion Lakeside Manor. Hazlet For Info AUGUST 21 - SUNDAY Bus trip to Hunterton Valley dinner theater Comedy hit "Never To Late." 132 per person includes hot L cold smorgasborg. show L transportation Additional Info I reservations call SEPTEMBER Ml MONDAY-MONDAY St Agnes Church. Atlantic Highlands, will sponsor a trip to Norway. Sweden and Denmark Cost per person, double occupancy Call or OCTOBER 1M9 - SATURDAY-SATURDAY Caribbean Cruise sponsored by Highlands Recreation Group. Outside cabins; limited space Info call Kay. 29M6S3 after 6

9 SUNDAY. MAY Dr.lNMl8.Ktai Kim wins Fulbright lectureship WEST LONG BRANCH - Dr Samuel S. Kim, professor of political science at Monmouth College, has received a Fulbright-Hays Senior Lectureship Award to teach graduate courses in International relations and international law at the Foreign Affairs Institute in Beijing, China, in the academic year Dr. Kim, who has been granted a leave of absence by Monmouth to accept the award, is the first US. professor to teach international relations in the Fulbright Senior Scholar Exhange Program with the People's Replublic of China which was started in 1980, and which initially Introduced specialists in the teaching of English to Chinese scholars. Dr. Kim, who is a Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute, and a former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Center of International Studies at Princeton, and a former Visiting Professor of Public and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University, has been engaged for well ower a decade in research on World Order Studies and Chinese foreign policy and has written more than half a doten books on these and related subjects. Because his work is known to members of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, Dr. Kim in 1M3 was invited to make a twoweek lecture tour of China under auspices of the Chinese Friendship Association with Foreign Countries. During the tour he addressed sleeted scholars and groups at various international relations institutes in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. During his forthcoming tour. Dr. Kim will also devote time to research on his next book which deals with Post-Mao China's theory and practice of international law. 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In Store Bake Shoppe Fresh Baked Small (21 oi total weight) Italian $1 EJC«MnlValu«Houte plants Bread 3 Fresh Baked Rye Bread in ^ I I. 9A Available In Stores With Fresh Oven Bake Department Dr. WIMM MtcMI Mitchell elected consortium chair WEST LONG BRANCH - Dr. William Mitchell of Long Branch, anthropology professor at Monmouth College, has been elected chair of the New Jersey Global Studies Consortium, a coalition of four-year public and independent colleges designed to strengthen teaching and research in the area of global interdependence. The consortium as proposed by participants in the first Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Institute on Global Interdependence and New Jersey Education held last summer at Princeton University. Dr. Mitchell was selected for that institute along With Dr. Donald Moliver, a member of the economics faculty in Monmouth's School of Business Administration. Mitchell, who is chair of the anthropology, sociology, social work/criminal Justice department, went to Monmouth in 1968 and in 1976 he received the college's Distinguished Teaching Award. A specialist in Andean Culture and civilisation, Mitchell has made numerous field trips to the Central Highlands of Peru. His research has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Art*. His findings on migration as a economic process havebeen published In Spanish and In English Prego Sauce COtlOQtChMM tar coni CWnet 6X- Rag. 99«Dessert Plate Multiple ReieoseC GET! Chowobw GET 1 *»d«>0io»w»ow. <119 FoodtownHambufgerof ChickenRo«*JV 9 cad K>(M«hvoilM CKMM Bovorion Swiss HotDogRoffi Super B Complex GET! Complex G! 30mt>n VHamlns ForHalr 79* Chicken In odor to assum a nitldent quanttty oi tale Hems (w at our customen, we reserve me right to DmH io»ei to 3 packoget or any men unteu om a l S S l e V c a s e to^prtoes esstvi Sunday. May 12 thru Saturday. May IB Not rsponhwe tor typographical errors. Member Iwtn County Grocert Some picture. shown are tordesign purpose* and do not neceenrty represent Item* on sale.

10 10A Th.- Relrr IY. MAY Great Adventure Continued from Page 1* other two guys in the PTI program ] oant get over thai said Beyroutey David Paltzik. the present (eneral manager of the theme part and Larry B Cochran the park's former general manager and new an n emtlve vice president with Six Flap Corp >n Chicago have «urte<i their community service work in (Vear Tnuntv Ttie'blaie led Nev..leraey officials. to adopt a tough new fire safety rode that Introduced state oversight of large public areas such as amour m«nt parks The grand jun which handed up indictments in the case also cited laekaon Township officials as having contributed to the deaths by not enforcing local building codes properly And amusement park, contacted shortly after the blaie said they had renewm all of their safet> systems tnuawiag word of the fire "I think when something happens in *our own industry it makes you more aware said Serena Bam oublir relations manager for Kins' The state Supreme Court's ruling that all municipalities must provide a fair share of low and moderate income housing was an inap- GOP- Continues trorr Page 1A karcher s only recent swipe at Kean came last week when the governor proposed a one-time 10 percent reduction in the state's income tax Karcher accused Kean of political gimmickry ' called the pav. unfair to New Jersey residents oacause it didn't offer permanent isx relief and pledged that Demo- Springsteen Continued from Page 1A who now performs in his own band. Tie Dull Bros., feels the marriage won t affect Springsteen's career "Nothing will slow him down." Dull said yesterday outside the Stone Party, where his band plays on \fondays "I would have waited, thfcugh." 'Hey, I'm just waiting for an limitation to the wedding." Woolley added One long-time fan, who said she knew from his music he was looking [or something, received a sympathy card from friends when the marriage was reported "Actually. I feel strangely relieved." said Irene Thiel. a fourthgrade teacher in Belmar and fan for 12 years of the man who finally said "little girl I wanna marry you" for real "TheJantasy'i finally over." She said a friend railed from Texas \» oiler her sympathy. SPRINKLER! Maintenance and Repairs Free Kattmataa Fully CUSTOM LAWN SMumimsnTtm Pomimoti immnm par* in [vwiwi va wi an nwtrvw* me week after Ike Nm irtw imi kn Die <«r am the ftcear were (wrt*( svektag so introduce evidaajce acewtftog to cornpair* wo»lc shorn that the lire was deliberate!) tat If the> had met the ragalatinaa and the safer* tu^ilum It pax it oat the kids would still be wataag kid would have graduated said Deniuuuty "I just hope jmbcc it senwd here " Authorities allege the companies ignored warnings te improve safety conditions at the Haasftad Castle a dimh lighted mast of 17 linked trailers Authorities said the attraction had no apnakjer system or fire warning devices and lacked other safety features We re prepared to try the case on Monday said Shepard Goidfein. one of the attorneys for Great crats won't support it. "We criticize what should be criticized If we don't think a particular program is the best one for the people, we say so. Nothing has changed there at all," Karcher said Assembly Republican Leader Chuck Hardwick of Union County, who plans to be a key campaign "I was so close to meeting him," she said. "I got backstage once, but be waa taking a shower " "We're about the same age," Irene said. "I heard his first interview with Dave Herman (of WNEW- FM. New York City) and we tat there, agonizing with him he just kept saying 'you know, you know' after everything ' 'Now its at if he no longer belongs with us," she said. Irene said she felt movies could be a next step. "And I wouldn't be suprited if his music did change somewhat it seems he was asking for someone to cover him,'" she said, referring to the popular song 'Cover Me.' Jay Carol!, a Long Branch man who tends bar at Hook, Line and Sinker, Rumson, indicated the news of Springsteen's marriage may not have traveled as fast among males. "I never beard about it," be said yesterday. He shrugged and opened a beer. Dan O'Connor Bob Firaetina at the «aa* MM O(HiM HOI» fmrim Prte*,v (9m VaHac* a i SJRM' «e»ttr%t»»< skar*aas»w llmillioa «*«J t.mwi ai tat park Ml feat a* aaaat aaaropnate Saasj w» COJW ka«e daw. aad Use ss*m affect** duag. was to insull tkat fsrr safety program, and oea model hi the theme park for fire safety," be said. is vary good. I guess I'm a little sarprued at that myself. It's really a vote of confidence from our public Actually. I shouldn't say I'm surprised at that. I figure that moat people would forget quicker than most people would give them credit for" He said Great Adventure had no to increase advertising to itcr any bad publicity that might stem from the trial. "We don't really know what to expect so it's hard to say we're going to do anything different," be said. The trial is expected to last from three to four months organizer for his party, said the GOP considers several legislative districts to be vulnerable One is the 30th District, where Republicans perceive Fortunato's political future, and that of hit running mate, freshman Assemblyman Stephen Adubato, to be endangered because of the indictment. Both lawmakers are expected to turn back primary challenges and face Republicans Marion Crecco and former Assemblyman John V Kelly, who lost by a slight margin in Republicans are also planning aggressive campaigns in the 10th District in Ocean County, which is now represented by Democratic Assemblywoman Marlene Lynch Del Tufo ContinuM) from Pag* 1A the Infiltration of the mob into Atlantic City gaming under his tenure, according to Del Tufo. On several issues of particular interest to Monmouth County voters, here are Dal Tufo's views: OB ocean pollution The "outrageous" pollution of the waters off the New Jersey snore is the fault not only of New York City, which ii often blamed, but alto of communities in New Jersey that do not adequately treat their sewage, Del Tufo said. While in government, he filed suits against several municipalities along the Hudson River, Including Hoboken, Jersey City and Weehawken, to make them clean up their acts In addressing pollution from New York, he said be would pressure toe federal Environmental Protection Agency to take on the city but be admitted that New York often wields more political clout with federal authorities than does New Jersey. "I'll keep talking about this issue. dramatizing the issue and fight like hell. It comes down to that," he said. Ford and Majority Leader John Paul Doyle, and in the 13th District In Monmouth County, where the seats are now held by Assemblywoman Jacqueline Walker and Assemblyman William Flynn Both districts are considered by the GOP to be vulnerable because they have a history of electing both Democrats and Republicans and because Ms Walker and Ms Ford served their first terms Republicans have alto taken aim at teats in the 14th District in Middlesex and Mercer counties, occupied by Assemblyman Joseph Patero, who won in 1983 by fewer than 1,000 votes, and Assemblyman Joseph Bocchini Jr., who won two years ago by fewer than 700. *35ADAK On* daily rental rate givm you the choice of a wide variety of lots-model, well maintained. Wmnebago Motorhomes. FYom our compact 20' models to deluxe 30 (sleeps up to 8 people). All our motorhomes are fully equipped and seli-contained - great for fun or for business. You can also lake your Motor home one way to any of our locations all over America. Plush Custom Vans are available at a special saver rale at S25 per day* Call for reservations early First come, nm served LAND CRUISERS II2 WASHINGTON AVt /NUTUV MI MUMS 1 aoo M iwrksvai sill aaa>v *> tawi ant ssj w a»jt'aim pan * ClBat amavm ll/ll/is Save This Ad! Watch tl "I lost It LBS. in 2 weeks" Tom McCartney U8SNITR.6 Herbal Nutritional And Well LossCi 403 Hwy. 36,1 Could you us* extra t? We are seeking distributors lor our wonderful products. Griffin Show Tonight you don't have to be overweight If you really WANT to looae weight and feel groat Call mo NOW and ask mo HOW - 100% monoy back guarantoo On toxic watte We should stop studying the problem and get down to doing tomething," Del Tufo said. "We've spent a fortune to study the dumps but there's been no manor clean up by this administration." He said be would push for increased recycling of toxic wattes; and advocate the use of on-land incineration of any hazardous materials that cannot be recycled. He alto supports studying ocean Incineration of toxic wastes but currently backs a federal bill that would delay any such disposal for up to three years until extensive re-' search is done on the environmental hazards. At US Attorney, Del Tufo said he confronted the major problem of illegal dumping by coordinating a federal and state task force to prosecute offenders. On Mount Laurel II The Democrats' counteroffensive includes plans to oust Republicans in several districts, including the 2nd District In Atlantic County, represented by Assemblyman J. Edward Kline and Assemblywoman Delores Cooper: UWTED TlWtEt How thr fli J u t 7,1985 Complete coverage of entire day. including 14 ax i o COLOR PHOTOS j in Bridal Alburr 24 «xs COLOR PHOTOS $349-1 two (2) Parent Albun 1 1 v 1 A DELUXE COLOR PORTRAIT I I X I * for from! you proprlate Intrusion of the court Into legislative activities and will be Impossible (or the court to enforce, Del Tufo said But the court action, he added, came only because the state government had failed to provide sorely needed housing at an affordable coat. Housing policy should be formed at toe regional level and take Into account differences in the environment, economy and Infrastructure of communities, according to Del Tufo. He said, however. "All these communities need to realize that home rule can no longer be viable. They Just can't sit in their feudal states and not have any concern about their neighbors," be said. On transportation Del Tufo said he is pleated with recent improvements in the state's commuter systems. Still needed, however, is better urban mats transit, which in tum will make the cities more attractive to business, he said. On beach protection LORSTAN THOMAS / STUDtOS r S< Mini-Mall. Lower Level 80 Broad Street, Red Bank Passing bond acts every few years is not the most rational way of financing beach protection projects, he said. Instead, this work requires some sort of stable funding, according to Del Tufo. One possible source of money, he said, would be a dedicated tax on hotels In retort communities a scheme already proposed by Democratic legislators from Monmouth County. Bf Aprxxntmcnt M y BUY ALL YOUI WALLPAPER WHOLESALE! PIUS! We only carry CUMttNT 1eM4 PATTERNS.Our nationally famous names are all FIRST QUALITY! j NO StCONOS fvht! TO oeosa-cau»ou rea MOWI o«van o u t MA6N*Nctm DcsxsNar taowtoom* BT 35 EATONTOWN. NEW JHKEY ON READING INSTITUTE JU BROOKDALE...YOU'RE IN EXCELLENT COMPANY! Or. Robert B. Mellcrt "Responsibilities and oblisatlons to future generations, regarding pot and the use of the earth's resources, are my major Interest." Q. a Dr. Mellcrt is an Associate Professor of Philosophy and Chairperson of the Cultural Development learning Center. He earned his A.B. degree at John Carroll Untvcrsit* In Ohio and his Ph.D. at Fordham. He has authored a book Yffccfrta rtnmas Theology?, and»««*»«*»**trf^ «~ prn^iiiijnai^uljllut Mom. Dr. Mellert received a Fellowship IrifhWosophy and Society Irojn CHy UniversHy in Hew ferk and a sumnier ennt from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Hfc special area Is future studies - the new art/science of forecasting, ai H1WJ artd planning for 8,001 and bcyondl Join us at Brookdale! Dr. Mellert and trie rest of trie faculty and staff look forward to your company. Spring Term: May 15 to June 26 Summer 19-Week Term: May 30 to August 96 Summer Term: Juty 8 to August 16.»egls*au^lsopenrX^fori>rit^Sywwiei,andevenfaH,atthe UncroTi campui (petit In area»3). BROOKDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE For information MS-1900, cxt. 375 Supplementary courses in basic skills for greatest succesl in school and college. 33rd Summer Session July 1 - August 23 Reading Writing, Study Skills Two 3-hour KM ions each w«k This it the basic course of Rumjon Reading Institute and It offered at all Teveli from 71b gride through college Studentp are grouped according to abitlly Trill course helps itudents. to read will) speed and comprehension. to write grammatically and logically. to increaie their knowledge it vocabulary Thii course is very popular with terioui students who arc aniiout to improve their school grades and to obtain maximum preparation for college boanl and prep school t u m i Mathematics Courses at all levels from arithmetic lo Algebra II All courses are planned lo develop logical approach lo problem solving facility in applying mathematical processes logically Elementary Course* Grades 14 Reading and or Arithmetic now offered in 2. 4-week morning sessions Reading Readiness Kindergarten Age Children Now available in 2. 4-week sessions All courses unljier the supervision of.russeil G RANNEY.

11 SUNDAY, MAY Thr Regiilrr 11A It's your day, Mom, and everything's under control (maybe) ) EIUEN MOON Eggs will get the scrambling of their live* today ai the pitter-patter of little feet resounds in kitchens across the land Juice will be poured - and spilled; oddly-shaped pancakes will be slathered in syrup and mother's hearts will melt at the sight of homemade cards and flstfuls of dandelions. Yes, it's Mother's Day. This is what to expect around the county. For mothers of newborns at Monmouth Medical Center, coffee mugs with the Stork Club logo have been provided by the Stork Club Auxiliary, the fundraising arm of the maternity ward. Nurses have filled them with chocolate kisses for delivery to new mothers on the floor. At Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank, all mothers on the maternity ward will receive a rose today Gertrude Jones, head teacher at Monmouth Day Care Center in Red Bank, said children in her class of 5 to 9 year-olds have been working on "A book About Me" in which the children have compiled stories and pictures about their interests, likes and dislikes. "Parents appreciate. this because it gives them a lot of insights into their feelings, they get to know their child better," she said. Her pre-schoolers grew marigolds for their mothers, and in the toddler and Handi-care groups, children made scrolls with handprints that "Mommy can keep she won't have to wash them off." At the TLC day care center in Middletown. children made cards with their photographs, letter holden and painting wrapping paper The children have been talking about "now mothers love us and how we show them we love them," while learning about the jobs mothers do besides homemaking, teacher Cheryl Warner said For retailers, Mother's Day is one of the most lucrative holidays of the year. Like elves before Christmas, the staff at many area florists burned the midnight oil for days in preparation for today's floral extravaganza. At Flowermart in Eatontown, owner Tom Page estimated his staff would make more than WO deliveries before they were through. Although he expected to use 1,500 roses in his arrangements, he said the most popular flowers this year were daisies, carnations and tulips. For Page, today is a double cause for celebration: His daughter J Catherine was born in the middle of last year's Mother's Day rush. His I wife, who Is also his business partner, won't be getting flowers! this Mother's Day. i Second attempt at collecting waste succeeds "One thing you don't bring a florist's wife is flowers. She's tired of looking at them by Mother's Day," he laughed At the Plantation in Shrewsbury, Owner Rich Salvaggio estimated sales at 15 percent higher than In 1W4. "Everybody this year wants spring-type things colorful, delicate tulips and iris " But what does a floris give his mother? " mother's been in the hospital and I brought her flowers every day," Salvaggio said, "so what she's getting is a tractor for her garden a little scootabout tractor to do her planting in her yard with." At Flowers By Van Brunt in Long Branch, owner Gene Van Brunt said he expected to use roses but said he had many orders for "unusual" arrangements of orchids, irises, tulips and daisies. What about his mother? "She's the bookkeeper, poor thing. She gets flowers every day of the week". Van Brunt said plans to treat her to dinner and send flowers home anyway. At Living Windows in Little Silver, co-owner Ann Tarlton said they were doing a booming business in Holland flowers and plants in various kinds of containers "like little English gardens" that could be transplanted. The store probably won't be open today. "We're potted, planted, wrapped and ribboned up," she said. "We've all got kids and families and we draw the line (at working Sunday). We're all mothers. I don't take (the holiday) very seriously," she continued. "Cardsellers and florists have made hypes out of so many different holidays, like Secretaries Week. Mothers should be thanked every day, as should fathers and secretaries everybody." For those who turn up their noses at roses, Caputo's Bakery in Long Branch is selling Mother's Day Cakes. "The real spring starts on Mother's Day", he said, "It's the first big weekend of the new season." Caputo plans to take his mother, Mary Caputo, out to dinner and give her flowers. "I can tell you I'm not giving her cake. I'm the fifth generation in the bakery business," he said. Area restaurants have been gear- Ing up for for what many owners call their biggest day of the year. At Long John's Restaurant in Highlands, Manager George Papayllion anticipates up to 2,000 diners today and expects to serve about 300 lobsters. In Red Bank, Sal's Tavern is offering a Mother's Day menu and carnations, said Domenick Vaiti, the owner. He also owns the Olde Union House, where dinner will be "family style" with free dessert table to follow. Vaiti said himself will bring about 20 people including his wife and mother LOOK MOM, IT'S ME Michael Jones, 5, and Jennifer Crotchfelt, 5, both oi the Red Bank Primary / CARL O FORINO School, put the finishing touches on their silhouettes for Mother's Day. Let's Talk Loans Don't postpone borrowing to satisfy your financing needs any longer! United Counties has slashed consumer loan rates!!! NEW AUTO LOANS I Borrow from $1,500 to $20,000 I Terms up to 36 months I No prepayment penalty; -simple interest loan 12 0 /o "Loan example at 12 /b Annual Percentage Rate:. BRIDGEWATER (API - About T5 people participated in a program yesterday to dispose of hazardous Wastes found in private homes, and the mayor of this Somerset County aid it was successful enough that he'd like to try It on a county-wide Malt. '. "We're becoming more and more»ware of our environment and the need not to pollute it by pouring phemicals into the ground and the ewers, " said Mayor James Dowden ; "What we're doing could be considered the first step to getting people used to what recycling is all about. They understand the volatility of these things. The education has to fee beneficial," he said. The residents, most of whom '.Signed up in advance to participate in the township's first hazardous waste cleanup day, brought everything from pesticides to paint thinner, Dowden said. He noted that the township's first attempt to gather toxic substances from residents had to be canceled last fall when only three residents planned to attend. Township environmental officer Michael McCann said the program would have been considered a success last fall if 35 people had participated. "I think people are beginning to realize this stuff will come back to haunt you if it's disposed of improperly," McCann said. The program was funded through the township environmental commission with about $5,000 in recycling grant money. Advanced Environmental Technologies, a Flanders chemical disposal firm, accepted the waste and planned to transport and dispose of the chemicals, Dowden said. The waste collection was planned to coincide with the township's annual spring cleanup so people would not throw the toxic substances in with other garbage. "Our major concern is that people have these things in garages and cellars. We don't want them pouring them Into sewers or the ground. Our hope was preventive medicine," he said. On May 18, Hunterdon County will hold a county-wide hazardous waste cleanup day. Preregistration is required for the program. Dowden said a member of the board of freeholders in Somerset County attended the collection yesterday. The mayor said he hoped the collection could be done throughout UM county in the future. I II I Name: Address City: State: Please send me a loan application. 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12 IZA Thr Rrgitlrr SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 Priest offers one gift for mother that could be priceless E The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Taking time to listen to mother reminisce about her life is the moat important Mother's Day gift a child can offer, suggests the Rev. Richard DeLillio of the Catholic University of America. "One of the things mothers need to do is to look back over their life and see what they did, why they did it and if it was worth it," DeLillio said For this Mother's Day. children or husbands can give something more worthwhile than commercial items, he said, simply by spending time with their wives and mothers, talking with them about the past and. most importantly, listening to them "Just start it and then let them talk It's not that hard I think it would give them a greater gift than a bunch of mums. They need a little bit more than that, a little love and a little listening, " DeLillio said in a telephone interview "People need an area in which to say. I've been thinking about these things ' This is especially important for mothers seeking to find new meaning in their lives when their children grow up." he said. The time spent sitting around the kitchen table Just talking seems to be missing from many busy modem lives, the priest observed. But renwewing this Volunteers in Public Service seeks drivers for those in need FREEHOLD - Volunteers are needed to drive elderly, blind, disabled and other county residents with special needs to medical appointments and on other essential errands These are people who either have no access to or are unable to use public transportation, and cannot afford taxi service Someone who needs transportation to the doctor, dentist, therapist or hospital can be helped by a volunteer They assist persons who have no family or friends to help with important everyday needs like food shopping, banking, or going to a social service agency. Volunteers may also drive people to visit family members in a nursing home or hospital "With the limited public transportation in Monmouth County medical transportation has been identified as a critical priority." according to Marilyn Karl, supervisor of the Volunteers in Public Service unit at the Monmouth County Board of Social Services. In response to this need, the agency developed the Transportation Program and the Volunteers in Public Service are looking toward expanding it further due to the growing need for the service Volunteers give a few hours once a week or on an occasional basis Persons over age IS are welcome in the program The use of an automobile, a valid New Jersey drivers license, and state required insurance are needed "plus a generous share of ptience and understanding in dealing with the elderly, disabled, and others with special needs," notes Beverly Parsons, coordinator of volunteers for the Transportation Program. The Volunteers In Public Service unit arranges all the details of each trip making certain volunteers have pertinent information and directions Often a volunteer finds that the person they are transporting has other unmet needs and is able to link them with other community services Without the volunteer contact, these needs might never be known, Mrs. Parsons explains. Volunteers tell Mrs Parsons how good it feels to help another human being "Many of the people served by transportation volunteers seem to come alive because they are no longer isolated." she says. One wheelchair bound man, who had not been out of his house for a very long time, now goes food shopping weekly with his volunteer A disabled veteran who has just been matched with a volunteer is looking forward to seeing his mother who has been in a nursing home since November. Until now. the veteran was able to communicate only by mail. There are also occasional requests such as a need for a volunteer to accompany a wheelchair bound mother to her daughter's graduation, and sometimes driving foster children to visit their natural parent or brothers and sisters. If you can be the "special person" who makes life better for a less fortunate neighbor in your community, contact Beverly Parsons, Volunteers in Public Service, Monmouth County Board of Social Services, P.O. Boa Freehold effort doesn't have to be hard work "Telling old stories about the Depression years, immigrant or farm life, the Second World War or the 60s and other experiences can be fun and often ends in laughter," he said. And, his suggestion may move the Mother's Day observance back toward the original Intent of Anna M. Jarvis, the West Virginia native who pioneered the occasion early in this century. Her impetus led to the first national proclamation in 1(14. In later life Miss Jarvis opposed commercialization of the holiday DeLillio, supervisor of pastoral counseling at the university, said he began suggesting talking and listening as a Mother's Day gift after spending much time listening to people talking at retreats. Many older women attended the retreats over time, he explained, and he found that it was important to them to look back at their lives, to discuss things they had never had time to reflect on "People move through life so fast Their kids marry and go off. a spouse may die. Then they may sit around and wonder if their life was wholesome, if it was good," DeLillio reflected But, he went on. too often people haven't had time to think about these things because they are always too bust moving on to the next stage in life or in the lives of their children HIT AFTER HIT AFTER HIT CONCERT TICKET GIVE-A-WAV PRICES EFFECTIVE MASON Friday, MAY 17 "There are so many unresponded-to feelings dormant in a person They need to go back, even though it may hurt to face some feelings. At least they need the chance to say 'that hurt,' " he continued As people get older they like to put their lives in order, explained Father DeLillio, they make wills and tidy up their worldly affairs "They also like somebody to know how they felt" about life, he said. Without that chance to reflect, a sense of depression can set in "I don't want that feeling of meaninglessness to occur at a time when they should be able to look back and say that was a profitable journey. 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13 SCOREBOARD. OPINION 7 8 g^% Sports B Kunkel left a legacy of hope, love ill Kunkel lost his long fight with cancer May 4. It may have been the Bonly fight he ever did lose In a life which was dedicated to his family and countleu others. And, in a tense, Bill didn't lose that fight either He left us a legacy of nope and love which will live as long as anybody who knew him can pass it on to others. Bill had many loves, but his family always came first. Wherever one of his sons, Jeff or Kevin, happened to be playing baseball. Bill, usually accompanied by his wife Maxine, would appear. Family vacations to Alaska or Kansas or California to see one of the tons play were not unusual. They were the rule. Maxine frequently accompanied Bill on his American League umpiring tours, and whenever he was umpiring in the East, New York or even Baltimore or Boston, he would make his Middletown home his base, driving to the games he had to work. When the kids were playing high school or college sports, Bill was a frequent spectator at their games and that Included daughter Lisa, who was sometimes overshadowed by the accomplishments of Jeff and Kevin but never forgotten in the love that Bill had to give. It was his love for that tightly-knit, little family that kept Bill going after he was first stricken with cancer in 1981 One of the first things he said after discovering the terrible truth was, "I want to live to see my son Jeff play major league baseball. I'm going to live to see him play in the majors." God was kind enough to allow Bill to fulfill that desire. He did tee Jeff play for the Texas Rangers last year and in his last months, after Jeff had been tent down to Oklahoma City this spring, Bill knew that Jeff would be back up again. Bill had other loves, too. Baseball was an all-consuming fire in his life. He had worked his way up through the hamburger leagues to a brief pitching career in the majors. He made it there more on his competitive spirit and desire than his natural ability. When that career ended, he worked his way back up again as an umpire, becoming one of the most respected in the game. People around the game had a name for Bill, the umpire. They called him "Mr. Rules." He never had need to consult a rule book; he could quote them chapter and verse. I have many memories of Bill Kunkel. One of the most vivid is tracking him down in a midwestem hotel after the famous George Brett "pine tar incident." Bill quickly gave me an astonishingly clear explanation of the incident and correctly predicted the outcome of it. Bill loved fishing, often using it as a vehicle to talk baseball with his tons, and he loved people. He never lost his tense of humor. Even when he was about to undergo his first cancer operation, he had to tease the doctors. "Where's Alan Alda," he cracked on the table, referring to the meatball surgery of M-A-S-H After it, he Mid, "I feel like an ugly, purple Cadillac." During his recuperative periods In the hospital, Bill would clatter from room to room, cheering up other patients, signing autographs, giving pep talks. He was as good at that as he was calling balls and strikes. He devoted countless hours to the American Cancer Society, making a film called "Safe at Home," and giving talks messages of nope. BUI had always talked about writing a book after he retired. He never got a chance to do it, but the message it would have contained can still be passed on. He wanted to write about now the-family always comes first, how a working man who has to travel a great deal can still be close to that family. He wanted to write about the funny things that had happened to him in baseball, and he wanted to give a message of bow there Is still life after cancer. Bill wanted to call that book "Safe at Home" because home was where his heart always was. It's a shame that be never had a chance to write It because it would have showed how human big leaguers can be. Billy Martin, Earl Weaver, cancer. Nothing ever frightened Bill Kunkel. Those last four years of his life were marked with a courage few of us can ever hope to match. Whenever I think of Bill's sense of humor after all he had ben through, I feel humbly small. Maxine, Jeff, Kevin, Lisa, you have lost something which mere words can never help you replace. BUI will always be with you, however. We at The Register have lost a wonderful friend, and we know he will always be with us, too Bill Kunkel Is, Indeed, safe at home at Asbury Park takes Monmouth crown 1 M HHfTtlMA* LONG BRANCH - Going into yesterday's Monmouth County Track and Field Championships, Asbury Park track coach Tony Giordano knew that be would have to get outstanding performances from all of his athletes along with some outside help to dethrone defending champion Christian Brothers Academy. Giordano got Just what he wanted and the Bishops edged out the Colts, to win the team title. "Yesterday (Friday), we went home feeling that if we came back today and did the things we were capable of doing, we would win. "We got six first places," he said. "Noel Robinson had an injured leg but still won the high jump and long Jump and (Shayne) Cagle and (Mark) Murray got us big points also." CBA's hopes of winning diminished because of a number of factors aside from the outstanding performances turned in by the Bishops. The most serious factor was a back injury to pole vaulter Jim Vlckers who was heavily favored to win this event off his 14-0 performance last Wednesday. Vickers suffered a depressed disk when he fell off the pit In the trials and he will miss the rest of the season Another injury figured prominently, but it wasn't to a CBA athlete. Matawan Regional's Greg Rice, who won the sprints and 400 in the trials Friday and would have been favored to win at least two of the events yesterday, pulled a groin muscle at the start of the 100 meter finals and was unable to compete. That left it open for Asbury Park's Remond Palmer and Henry Vaden to dominate these events. Vaden ran away with the 100 meters in 10 8 while Palmer won the 200 (22.0) and then set a meet record in the 400 with a time of Overall, the Bishops picked up 23 points in those three events. Had Rice competed and won at least one of those events, the Bishops runners would have been pushed back a spot and lost key points. CBA got a break in that the 3,200 was won on Friday for the first time. Coppola's hit wins it "It didn't hurt CBA to run the 3,200 Friday," Giordano said. "That enabled their best runners to come back and run the 1,600 and 800 today." Noel Robinson and Mike Christian also starred for the Bishops. Robinson won the long Jump (22-0) and high Jump (6-6) while Christian took first in the javelin (194-3) and third In the shot The Bishops clinched the meet with a win in the 1,600 meter relay when the quartet of Bob Jordain, Vaden, Brown and Palmer won in 3:22.9 CBA got some great performances also in a losing effort. Bill Kolb won the 3,200 (9:28.7) and 1,600 (4:22.5) with come-from-behind rushes in both races, and he also took second in the 800 with a time of 1:57.3. Giani won the discus with a throw of and was second in the shot (54-2). "I wasn't disappointed with the team performances," CBA coach Bill Bruno said. "We did super in some of the events and got some big points in the pole vault from (Jerry) Holtz and (Bob) Wainwright. They took some of the slack when Vickers was hurt, but Asbury Park is a super club and I wish them luck the rest of the way." Although Asbury Park and CBA dominated the team race, there were some noteworthy performances from other runners. Monmouth Regional's Darwin Hetherington scored a stunning triumph in what was supposed to be a competitive 800 meter race. He took the lead right from the start, built up anywhere from a five to a 10-yard lead and then easily held off a finishing rush by Kolb to win in 1:55.0. "I knew if I got off quick, I could win it," Hetherington said. "I didn't hear anyone behind me. I looked for the tape, that's all." Neptune's Fred Brown won the shot with a throw of 54-9Mi, Monmouth's Leigh Golden upset Lloyd Greene of Asbury Park to win the 110 hurdles in 14.81, sophomore Cory Radcliffe of Monmouth scored an upset in the 400 intermediates with a time of 55 0 and Steve Wood of Middletown South was first in the pole vault (12-6). Asbury Park made it a sweep by winning the freshman championship with 69 points. THE REGISTER /CARL O. FORINO WINNING EFFORT Mike Christian ot Asbury Park high School is about to unleash his javelin during yesterday's Monmouth County Track and Field Championships conducted at Long Branch High School. Christian won his event. Wave beats Manalapan to advance in MCIT 8TEVE MUH»MW WITH LONG BRANCH - Mike Coppola's twoout single in the bottom of the ninth inning gave Long Branch High School and pitcher Steve Muh a 4-3 victory over Manalapan High School in the second round of the Monmouth College Invitational Tournament yesterday. The Green Wave will face Manasquan next Saturday at home. Muh worked the entire nine innings, striking out 18 batters. The big lefthander was plagued early by some fielding miscues and walks, and threw more than 120 pitches, but head coach Paul Weinstein was happy with his performance. "Steve got stronger as the game went along," Weinstein said. "He pitched very well and he was going to go whatever he had to to get the win... he's a big, strong kid Handicap has no effect on Matawan'sWeinstock» Mm FMJt ABERDEEN About six years ago, Adam Weinstock picked up a tennis racquet and began to play. Of course, he had to pick it up with his left hand because that is all be has. Weinstock, No. 2 singles player for the Matawan Regional tennis team and its soccer captain last season, was born without a fully-developed right arm. He's now a 17-year-old senior, and the lack of that arm doesn't bother him a bit. "It's not really much of a handicap. It hasn't prevented me from doing anything that I really wanted to do," Weinstock said. "I can do just about anything that anybody else can do, so I don't even think about it. I don't think I ever felt that I was handicapped in any way." Weinstock does do plenty. He led the soccer team in scoring in both his Junior and senior years from his right wing position, and he had a 14-2 record as a doubles player for the Huskies' tennis team in 19S4. He's also been a pitcher, catcher and first baseman in youth baseball leagues. As a person with a sight or hearing handicap develops his other senses to a high degree, Weinstock has developed his left arm. "I get a lot of power on my serve because my left arm Is so much stronger than most people's. It's all I ever use," he said. "I'd say my serve is one of my strong points In tennis. The forehand is pretty good, but I can't try a two-handed backhand." Welnstock's first tennis competition came when be went out for the Matawan Regional team his sophomore year. He had started to play at the Strathmore Swim Club well before that, but he has never had any official lessons. What he does on the court he had to learn for himself. Having a right arm pit has helped him in both tennis and baseball. "What I had to do when I played baseball is similar to what I do when I serve," Weinstock explained. "I keep the racquet under my right arm pit, toss the ball up with the left hand and then grab the racquet again really fast and serve. In baseball, I had to put the glove under the arm pit and throw. When I serve, I probably do not toss the ball nearly as high as most players do." Weinstock has heard of Pete Gray, the one-armed outfielder from Nanticoke, Pa., who spent a year with the old St. Louis Browns during the talent shortage of World War II. Of course, he never saw Gray play. Weinstock really doesn't need anybody else to provide him with inspiration. "He's just a very hard-nosed athlete, a 100 percent competitor," Barry Rizzo. Matawan Regional tennis coach, said of Weinstock. "Adam is very dedicated and easy to get along with. After his match the other day against CBA (a loss to Danny Trimble at No. 2 singles), he took time to play with some of the younger players on the team. He works with them all the time. "He's also an outstanding basketball player in physical education class," Rino added. "He treats nothing as a handicap." Around school, Weinstock wears a prosthesis, an artificial right arm. He See WEINSTOCK Page 4B and there were seven or eight pro scouts here watching. "He was throwing very hard and obviously his strength is that he is overpowering," Weinstein continued. "But in the latter innings, he started mixing his slider and his breaking pitches in very well, and that helped him." More photos, page 2B Dave Fanner led off the borne half of the ninth with a slow roller to third that the Braves' third baseman couldn't handle. Fanner then stole second, but watched as Jim Callano and Dan Sullivan popped out to center and left, respectively. Cappola then punched a two-strike pitch into rightcenter for the game-winner. "We've been struggling all week," Weinstein explained. "We haven't been hitting and we will continue to struggle as long as we don't hit. "We made some mistakes that put them in the ballgame... but that's part of baseball," Weinstein went on. "I just hope this gets us out of our slump. We're eliminated from the conference race, so we'll have to see how things turn out for us in the rest of the Monmouth College tournament." The fourth-seeded Green Wave took a 2-0 lead in the first inning. Doug Bollinger reached on an error and Muh was intentionally walked Fanner struck out for the second out of the frame, but Callano came through with a single and two RBI. Manalapan came back for all three of its runs in the third. After a strikeout, Muh walked Art Oswald and Joe Dooling reached on an error. Brian Timmes singled for two See LONG BRANCH Page 2B THE REGISTER /CAM. D. FORINO NO PROBLEM Matawan Regional High School's Adam Weinstock returns backhand during a match last last. Weinstock, who is also the captain of the Huskies' soccer team, was bom without a left hand. In his words, "I can do just about anything anybody else can do."

14 The Regiiler MAY 12, 1985 SPORTS BRIEFS Aberdeen's Tell to play in French E ileen Tell or Aberdeen will travel to Paris, France on May JO, to participate in the French Open Tennis Championships. She ia the fourth alternate into the women's main draw which begins on May 27. If the doein't get into the main draw via the alternate route, she will play the qualifying tournament which opera on May 23. Hie 18-year-old is probably the top junior player to date from the shore area. She graduated a year early last June, but deferred college a year to concentrate on tennis. She will attend the University of Texas in the fall. Tell will be accompanied to Paris by Rich Maizel, her coach and head pro at the Matawan Indoor Tennis Club. Maizel, a teaching pro since 1973, is looking forward to the trip and feels that Tell is making stready progress in her game. He is helping her add variety to her game and improving her mobility and court sense Club sets 'Goofy' net qualifier I ATAWAN - Rich Maizel, tennis director and bead pro at the Matawan Indoor Tennis Club, has announced that the USTA/SPORT Goofy Sectional Qualifying Tournament for the Eastern Section of the USTA will be conducted May at the club. The tournament is a singleelimination competition in girls' 14 and under singles matches. Winner and finalist will advance to the National Junior Tennis Championships at Coto de Can in California, Aug The tournament also features a feed-in consolation through the quarterfinals and a doubles competition. All national tourney semifinalists are invited to participate in the International Tennis Federation World Championships for players ages 14 and under, the SPORT GOOFY trophy, conducted Sept , at Lake Buena Vista, Fla. Up The Creek wins in Middletown U p The Creek Tavern of Matawan evened Its record In the Middletown Sunday Softball League with a 104, come-from-behind victory over Leon's Carpet Cleaning of Atlantic Highlands. The game was decided in the bottom of the seventh Inning when Phil Brlnkman singled in the tying run and Bill Newman drove in the winner for pitcher Jack George. Skip's Sports of Long Branch upped its record to 3-1 with a 16-4 victory over the Brother's Bar of Red Bank (1-3). Bob Stetz was the winning pitcher while Ricky Downs led the offense with a three-run homer. Bruce Ties also evened its record at 2-2 by outslugging The Country Spot, Tony Lugee won on the mound, but needed relief from Dick McCallum. Mike Milnes' thre-run shot and Alan Lewis' three-for-four day sparked the win. Sira's Pizza of Middletown 12-2) downed McConnell Fuel of Atlantic Highlands, Joe Batarth hit a grand slam Mike Parlament got the win. Stafford Tire, unbeaten in four games, scored six runs in the fifth inning to shake a stubborn Warrior team of Port Monmouth, Mike Chevalier got the win and went four for five at the plate Tony Card got four hits in four trips. Mechanics scores in 'Slow Pitch' M echanics & Design's Brendan Bergin picked up the season-opening win in an 8-0 verdict over Ishka Bibbers in the Men's Monday Slow Pitch Softball League. Brian DeStefano, Mark Sullivan, Alan Squitieri and Pat Orefice all had three hits for the winners. Globe Hotel outscored Shrewsbury Exxon, 11-8, as Ed Price suited a two-out rally in the top of the seventh inning which was capped by Glen Simlar and John McNeal who collected RBI hits. Frank Woods was the winning pitcher Cheers Food It Drink downed Brannigan's Wharf, 8-5. "Chief" Russomano got the win. Matawan to host Grolsch tennis IATAWAN - Matawan In- Tennis Club will play host to the IMS Grolsch Men's Doubles Tennis Classic on June 1 and 2. Entry fee is per team and includes balls To qualify competitors should be 23 years or older and cannot be listed in the USTA yearbooks of 1983 to 85, or in the national rankings of a foreign country Softball tourney scheduled T he 1985 Eastern "D" Division Softball Tournament will be played from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 at Mercer County Park, West Windsor To qualify for the US Slo- Pitch Softball Association's event, a 32-team, double-elimination tournament will be played at Winding River Park in Toms River the weekend of May 31. during the same time. Competitors may not have won prize money of $250 of more in a single event within the past 12 months and cannot have taught or demonstrated tennis, part of full time since Aprilof 1984 The winning team from this area will be invited to compete at the Westside Tennis Club in Forest Hills the last week of June The first and second place teams will win paid berths into the main tournament over the Labor Day weekend. Entry fee is $ per team. For those not registered, please enclose an additional $15.00 to allow you to compete in any other association-sanctioned event Deadline is May 22. For further information contact Dave McKelvey at Carrington makes triple play I IDDLETOWN - Scott Carrington made a play Friday night that he may never forget. Triple plays are hard enough to come by, but unassisted ones are even more scarce, especially on the Little League level. The Sharks of the Middletown Uttle League were playing the first-place team intheir division, the Seals. There were no outs and the bases were loaded in the bottom of the fifth when Carrington, the Shark third baseman, snared a line drive, stepped on third and tagged the runner tryng to go from second to third to complete the feat. Carrington's heroics were the only bright spot in the game as the Seals remained in first place with a 17-1 win. Monmouth dominates girls county track MANALAPAN - There were certainly no surprises in yesterday's Monmouth County Girli Track and Field Championships as Monmouth nagtn l ran away with the team title tad Neptune's Stephanie Salaam romped in the 200 and 400 meter evenu Monmouth, using its customary strut* 1 * hi * * weight, field events prints, rolled up 76 points tag team honors. Neptune was far back in second with 33, despite Salaam's strong efforts. Aad Corton was the standout for th«kaleoas with a weight tripla At art a M* "CO" 1 In tha shot JMS) and Javelin (lh-i), an* alao STftratS 5a discaa wt*h a th ll Mill OreraU. «* Monmouth's Linda Hayes start also She won the 100 in 12.4, was second to Saleem in the 200 and won the long Jump with a leap of 17-SVii. Monmouth's Kim Goode won the high Jump at 5-4, and was second in the shot, Javelin and 100 hurdles. Marcie Prather was the final Monmouth winner when she place first in the 400 hurdles (65.8). Saleem wasn't challenged In either the 200 or 400. The sophomore sensation set a meet record In the 200 with a 24.7 clocking and won the 400 in 56.7 She also anchored Naptvae's winning 1,600 meter relay Man (4:10.1). Wltfi's Dawn Bowles won the W tata la U.I, Belay O'Connor frtt.1. Cfcrts sat a mast af Rarttan Middletown North wins in MCIT; RBC, Rumson advance to quarters MIDDLETOWN - Senior righthander Scott Nielsen scattered nine hits and third-seeded Middletown North Jumped out to six-run advantage and downed Neptune, 7-4, to advance to the quarterfinal round of the Monmouth College Invitational Tournament yesterday. North will play Wall Township, which defeated Shore Regional yesterday, next Saturday at home. Nielsen, who aided his own cause when he drove in a run with a tingle in the second inning, upped bis record to 6-2 He struck out eight and walked one. The Lions scored a pair of runs in each of the second, third and fourth innings. Joe Faccibene's sacrifice fly drove in the first run before Nielsen added his run-scoring safety. Faccibene added an RBI single in the third and Tom Sheridan also scored when he stole home on a double steal attempt. Darin Ehehalt stroked a run-scoring single In the fourth and the senior third baseman later scored on an error. Glenn Spencer added a solo home run in the seventh Inning for North, which improved to 15-4 on the year. Juan Miti was tagged with the loss for Neptune (7-13) R.B. Catholic 11, Marlboro 2 RED BANK - Red Bank Catholic (13-6-1) bunched all of its runs in the fifth and sixth innings to rout Marlboro and reach the quarterfinals of the tourney. The Caseys face Ocean Township In the next round Saturday at Ocean. Marlboro took a 2-0 lead in the fourth on Warren Spivak's RBI triple and a run-scoring hit by Bob VonRiegel. RBC came back with five runs in the bottom of the fifth. Losing pitcher Eric Nolte walked the bases loaded with none out and then Bob Motzel beat out a squeeze bunt and two runners scored on the play Pete Lynch hit a bad hop single past second to knock in two more runs and Eric Schellenbreger singled home the final run. RBC scored its final six runs in the sixth on RBI singles by Lynch. Glenn Oneidas, Jim Quirk and Lee Jupinka. Winning pitcher Shawn Goode scattered nine hits. Freehold Twp. 8, Monmouth Reg. ( FREEHOLD - Adam Lazarus and Dan Donovan combined on a two-hitter and the Patriots scored four runs in the sixth inning to advance to the quarterfinals Dave Silver led off the Patriot sixth with a walk and Darin Bergstein reached on an error. Donovan reached on a fielder's choice, forcing Silver at third. Mike Boemerman hit a sacrifice fly for a run and Gary Wasko hit a two-run single. Lazarus was hit by a pitch, went to third on an error and scored on a dead ball Lazarus hurled the first five innings to raise his record to 5-1. Township is 13-3 and will play Rumson next Saturday at Freehold. Marcus Skipper (2-3) took the loss for the Falcons (t-11). Wall Twp. 3, Shore Reg. 1 Sixth-seeded Wall got two runs in the second inning and an insurance run in the fourth to back the six-hit pitching of John Spinapont The Devils took a 1-0 lead on Vinnie Becker helps Mater Dei top Raritan, 10-8 HAZLET - Mater Dei scored a pair of unearned runs in the top of the 10th inning and Shonda Becker went 4-for-4 on the day, including two triples, as the Seraphs pulled out a 104 nonconference victory over Raritan in scholastic softball action yesterday. Jean Werner, who scattered seven hits and struck out one, went he distance to pick up her Uth victory against three losses. Grace Aponte, who gave up 11 hits, was tagged with the loss, her ninth in 11 decisions The winners drew three walks in the final frame and took advantage of three Raritan errors to score two runs. Haidee Eberhard scored on a pass ball while Becker came around to score on a throwing error. Eberhard had a a pair of hits for the Serpahs, who improved to 13-4 Fran Presti had four hits for the Rockets, who fell to 3-12, while Debbie Hraboski had two safeties. 81. Rose I, Shore Reg. 3 WEST LONG BRANCH - Martha Judge's tworun single featured a big third inning when St. Rose got all six of its runs to upset Shore Regional and end the Blue Devils' 13-game winning streak. Winning pitcher Maryann Robbins allowed three hit*. Shore, which leads the Shore Conference "C" Division South, saw its record drop to THE REGISTER /CARL ANDREWS DIVES BACK Joe Auletta ol Long Branch dives back to frist base ahead of a pickoff attempt. Manalapan's first baseman Joe Damiani takes the late throw. Long Branch won the Monmouth College Invitational Baseball Tournament game Christopher's RBI single in the first, but Tim Ward countered with a two-run single for the Knights in the bottom of the second. Tom Glfford slashed a run scoring single in the fifth Spinapont struck out five and walked two, scattering six hits, to even his record at 3-3. Turk Acquaro took the loss for the Devils, fanning two and walking four. His record dropped to 4-2. Shore is Manasquan 8, Middletown S. 4 MANASQUAN - Mike Mahady stroked three hits, including a solo home run in the second inning, and winning pitcher Ty Hawkins went the distance to pick up his fourth win of the year in five decisions as Manasquan downed visiting Middletown South in the tournament. The winners (13-3-1) will play Long Branch next Saturday. Hawkins, who scattered 12 hits and struck out six, aided his own cause with a run-scoring single in the fourth inning. Brian Smith also drove in a run in that inning with a double, his second of the day Tom Foxhill was the loser for the Eagles, who fell to 812 Bob Schnoor had three hits for South. Rumson F.H. S, Mater Del 4 MIDDLETOWN - Senior catcher Steve Haas's first-ever varsity home run, a two-run blast over the left field fence, provided the winning margin as the ninth-seeded Bulldogs tripped the eighthseeded Seraphs in a battle of "C" North rivals. Mater Dei took a 4-3 lead, scoring twice in the bottom of the fourth. BOB WAINWRIQHT Tom Curti reached on an error and stole second. Kevin Bender walked and Pat Elliot moved the runners to second and third with a sacrifice bunt. Bill Cusick doubled home both runners. Dave Briggs pitched the first five innings, striking out four and waling two to remain unbeaten in eight starts. Pete Graham pitched the final two innings for Rumson to notch his first save. Dave Krall pitched the complete game for Mater Dei, striking out eight and walking four, as he dropped his first decision of the season after five wins. Rumson is 15-4 overall while the Seraphs dropped to Ocean I, CBA 7 OCEAN - Tedd Feindt came on in relief with two outs and the tying run on third base a struck out John Tirpak as the second-seeded Spartans survived the scare to vault into the quarterfinals against Red Bank Catholic. Rob Goslin hit a sacrifice fly to score Mark Keezer from third in the bottom of the sixth with what turned out to be the winning run. In the seventh for the Colts, John Turk reached on an error and went to second on a ground out. B.J. Olsen walked and Craig Toscano singled for an RBI. Garry Power singled Toscano to third, but Toscano was tagged out trying to score from third on a passed ball, Power moving to third Dennis Rockefeller had a home run and a double for the Spartans (15-4) Mike Kane had a triple for CBA (6-11) Brookdale ousted from Region 19 CAMDEN Brookdale Community College's productive baseball season came to a close here yesterday with a defeat suffered at the hands of Morris County College In the Region It Baseball semifinals. The Blues, who beat Camden, 14-9, in the first game, needed a win here yesterday and another win today over Morris to take the Region IS title. Morris broke an 11-all tie in the eighth inning of the second game with five runs, but Ron Digacupo's solo home run leading off the inning was all the winners needed. Gary Smith (5-1) suffered his first defeat of the season for Brookdale. Brookdale scored seven runs in the first inning of the first game as Doug Johnson knocked in two with a double and Smith accounted for two more with a single. Bob Ivanicki got the win in Game 1, but needed relief help from Mark Schuster with one out in the eighth.. Long Branch Continued from Page 1B runs, and Phil Nadrich smacked a two-out single for the third tally. Long Branch tied it up in the fourth. Cappola ripped a two-out double and Joe Auletta followed with a run-scoring double. Muh bore down over the last six innings, limiting the visitors to three hits while striking out nine. He gave up Just five hits in the nine innings and issued three free passes to remain unbeaten in six starts. Gary Lamberson went the distance for Manalapan (8-9), striking out eight, walking three and giving up four hits. His ledger dropped to 2-3. Gunthorpe 6th in National Gymnastics If JOMFUK COLORADO SPRINGS - Just three weeks after an Injury prevented her from making the U.S. team for the Maccabiah Games, Stacey Gunthorpe of Freehold placed sixth in all-around in the National Gymnastic Tournament held this weekend. Competing against most of the top senior elite gymnasts in the nation, the 14-year-old Gunthorpe was eighth after the compulsories and moved up to sixth after the optlonals. The top gymnast in the meet was Marie Rothlesberger of California, an alternate on last year's Olympic team. Several of the top elites, including Mary Lou Return and Pam Blleck of the Olympic team, bypassed the meet. Retton is Gunthorpe's teammate at the Karolyi School of Gymnastics In Houston. The top 10 gymnasts In the Nationals, including Onrthorpt, will now go to the Championships of tha Uailad States, which will be held In Jacksonville, Fla., suiting June 6. Retton and Blleck will be automatically admitted to that competition to choose the national team and alternates. Gunthorpe, who has been called "The next Mary Lou Retton" by Xarolyi, former coach of the Rumanian National Team who brought Nadla Comanecl to the forefront of the gymnastics world, also scored a personal triumph by finishing ahead of' all New Jersey gymnasts In the competition. A knee Injury on the second day of competition in Rockville, Md, prevented Gunthorpe from not only making the U.S. Team for the Maccabiah Games, the Israeli Olympics, but also from dominating the competition. He entered that second day of competition with a huge lead only to suffer the injury during warmups for the Doctors in Houston found no fracture or ligament damage in the knee, and she was allowed to return to the gym the next week. She was still not back at full strength for the Nationals, but reported that she should be for the Championships of the US. Rapidly becoming one of the nation's foremost performers on the uneven bars, she sparkled in that event in the Nationals. She carried a score into the optlonals, where a consistent performance moved her up Scores In the Nationals were lower than last year, possibly because of the new, more difficult compulsories Instituted after the 1964 Olympic Games. Gunthorpe, daughter of Wayne and Carol Gunthorpe of Freehold, became an elite at age 11, one of the youngest ever. Before moving to Houston to study under Karolyi last year, she was a member of the Bridgettes of South Plainfleld and also trained In WUlingboro. The move to Texas and the stern Karolyi was aimed at bringing out the limit of her natural talent and preparing her for national and International competition. She has alrea'dy competed In Japan and has an Impressive string of triumphs, including the prestigious Capital Cup behind her.

15 IT. MAY LAM-BANQ PLAY New York Mets' Kelvin Chapman tries to dislodge the ball from the glove oi Philadelphia Phillies' catcher Ozzie Virgil by ASSOCIATED PRESS coming in hard at home plate. Chapman was out on the play at Shea Stadium yesterday. Lendl will attempt to break McEnroe's T of C skein today NEW YORK (AP) - John McEnroe and Ivan Lendl both needed three sets yesterday to advance to the final of the 1617,000 Tournament of Champions at the West Side Tennis Club McEnroe, seeking his third straight title on the clay court* at the famed Forest Hills facility, stopped fourthseeded Henrik Sundstrom of Sweden 6-2, 3-6, 6-2 after Lendl, the No. 2 seed, outlasted No. 3 Aaron Krickstein 6-1, 2-6, 6-1. Today's final, which will be televised nationally by ABC, will be a repeat of last year's championship match, won by McEnroe. Lendl captured this champions-only event in 1962 The winner today will pocket $80,000, with $40,000 going to the runner up The reigning Wimbledon and U.S. Open champion. McEnroe began yesterday's match at the top of his game, his powerful serve dictating play and his uncannily accurate volleys punctuating the points But in the second set, he lost his concentration - and his serve as Sundstrom, who had beaten McEnroe In their only other meeting, last December in the Davis Cup final, battled back to level the match at one set each. "I played one loose game - and I got a little frustrated and lost a little conentration." McEnroe later admitted But in the third set, McEnroe raised the level of his game another notch, broke Sundstrom in the fourth game, then closed out the match with another service break "Tomorrow should be a close match." McEnroe said of his encounter against Lendl, the 22nd time the two will have played. "I haven't seen him play all that much (this year), but we're both playing well." Against Sundstrom, McEnroe had three aces and five double-faults, while the 21-year-old Swede had eight aces and only two double-faults "I got up a break early and I got a little more aggressive," Krickstein said of the second set in the opening semifinal after he had been humbled in the first set. "In the third set, I made too many mistakes and he played well when he had to. ' Lendl said the drastic difference in the three sets he played came because of Krickstein's powerful groundstrokes and the Czech's mistake in strategy. "I thought I played well in the first set," Lendl said. "In the first game of the second set, he started to hit harder and I made a mistake in strategy. I tried to hit hard with him. "In the third set. I started lobbing, taking the pace off the ball and making him hit his backhand high." It worked to perfection, that change of strategy, as Lendl ripped off the final five games of the match. He broke Krickstein in the opening game of the match, then again in the fifth and seventh games to easily grab the first set. But Krickstein, who although ranked seventh in the world was facing Lendl for the first time, roared back, dominating the second set as much as his right-handed opponent had dominated the first. The youngster from Grosse Pointe, Mich., duplicated Lendl's feat by breaking serve in the first game. When he broke Lendl's service again in the seventh game, he had a 5-2 lead, then closed out the set by holding in the eighth game at love. But it was all Lendl after that. "From 2-1 in the third set, I could see he was tired, " Lendl said of Krickstein. "His footwork faltered and he missed his shots." Asked if he saw himself at 17 years old when he looked at Krickstein, Lendl shook his head no. "I didn't play anywhere near him when I was 17," Lendl said. "He is a better player at his age than I was." Scott's 27 help power Lakers INGLEWOOD, Calif. (AP) - Hot-shooting Byron Scott scored 13 of his 27 points in the first 6:13 yesterday as the Los Angeles Lakers rolled to a victory over the Denver Nuggets in the first game of the National Basketball Association Western Conference final series. The second game in the best-of-seven series is scheduled Tuesday night at the Forum before the action moves to Denver for the third and fourth games next Friday night and Sunday. Los Angeles scored the first 11 points and IS of the first 17 points of yesterday's nationally televised opener, and led all the way. After Kareem Abdul-Jabbar missed his team's first field goal attempt, the Lakers connected on their next 13 floor shots in going ahead Scott, a 6-foot-4 guard, was successful on his five field goal tries during that span. Two of his field goals were from three-point range. In all, the second-year pro made 12 of 16 field goal attempts, most of them from the outside. The Nuggets battled back, scoring 11 straight points to make it 29-24, but that was as close as they could get. Denver made seven field goals in a row at one stage in getting back into contention. The Lakers led after one quarter and it was late in the second quarter when they sealed the verdict by rattling off 14 straight points. The teams then traded field goals, and Los Angeles led at halftime The 80 points were a Los Angeles first-half club record for a playoff game. The NBA record is 82 points by San Antonio against Denver two years ago. Scott had 19 points In the first half to lead all scorers. He made his first six field goal attempts before missing and was 8-of-9 from the floor in the opening half. The Lakers extended their lead to 34 points at in the third quarter before the Nuggets scored 12 straight points. But Los Angeles outscored Denver 8-4 during the rest of the period to make it entering the fourth quarter. The Nuggets didn't get closer than 20 points until less than two minutes remained. James Worthy added 24 points for the Lakers, who had seven players in double figures. Mike McGee and Abdul-Jabbar had 21 and 16 points, respectively, for Los Angeles. Earvin "Magic" Johnson had only 10 points for the winners but contributed a game-high 16 assists, 11 in the first half. Forwards Alex English and Calvin Natt led the Nuggets with 30 and 28 points, respectively. Reserve Los Angeles forward Larry Spriggs suffered a broken nose in the second quarter. However, a spokesman for the Lakers said Spriggs would be available to play Tuesday night. The victory was the 23rd in a row for the Lakers at the Forum where they are 42-5 in and their eighth win in nine playoff games. Overall, Los Angeles has won 28 of its last 31 games and has a 39-5 record since Feb. 1. The winner of the Lakers-Nuggets series will face the winner of the Eastern Conference final between the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers. That best-ofseven series begins today at Boston. Silent O'Grady keeps his lead in storm-delayed Nelson golf IRVING, Texas (AP) Mac O'Grady, again silent and still the leader, compiled a two-under-par 68 and maintained a three-shot advantage yesterday in the storm-delayed third round of the $500,000 Byron Nelson Golf Classic. O'Grady, chasing his first title in his late-starting, three-year PGA Tour career, completed 54 holes in 201, 12 shots under par on the Las Colinas Sports Club course. O'Grady, who told a PGA Tour official he was embarassed by a magazine article written about him last year, has refused to talk to the media throughout the week, at times even breaking into a trot to avoid questioners. He again declined to be interviewed yesterday. "I can understand his viewpoint," said Payne Stewart, O'Grady's closest pursuer going into today's final round of the chase for the 190,000 first prize "We don't have an obligation to come in here (for a mass Interview). If Mac feels he's been hurt by the press, I guess he doesn't have to come in." Stewart's flve-under-par 66 was the best round of the day and lifted him into second place at 204. Keith Fergus and Bob Eastwood were next with 205s. Fergus closed up with a 67 and Eastwood matched par 71. i I lit- Rrgiilrr Mets' Fernandez awesome, combines for shutout win NEW YORK (AP) - Sid Fernandez came to the New York Mets spring training camp some 20 pounds lighter and unable to pitch. After an 0-4 spring and an 8 38 earned run average, the second-year pitcher was sent to the minor leagues to start the season. Yesterday, he returned to the majors, working six innings and combining with Roger McDowell on the Mets' third straight shutout, a 13-strikeout, one-hit 4-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. The only hit was a fourth-inning leadoff single by Von Hayes Fernandez, who weighed about 240 pounds last year said that during his month at Tidewater, he wasn't thinking about when he would return to the majors. "I was making so much improvement," he said. "But I'm glad to be back up here If I pitched bad (in the minors), I don't they'd have called me up." But in five starts at Tidewater. Fernandez was 4-1 with an ERA of In his six innings yesterday, he struck out nine and walked six while making 116 pitches. McDowell pitched three hitless innings, striking out four more Phillies, for his first save. The Mets' staff now has gone 27 innings allowing just nine hits and no runs. Ed Lynch pitched a shutout against Atlanta Wednesday night, and Dwight Gooden had another with 13 strikeouts against the Phillies Friday night. Mets pitchers now have struck out 26 Phillies In two games. "Obviously, we're not making contact," Phillies Manager John Felske said. "Fernandez had a good fastball. The guys said his ball was jumping. We've got good hitters in the lineup, so you have to give the Mets credit." Fernandez struck out Mike Schmidt, now hitting 193, three times. Felske said he was toying with the idea of moving Schmidt from the cleanup spot to leadoff, while dropping Juan Samuel into Schmidt's spot in the batting order Samuel struck out four times against Gooden. "When you have 13 strikeouts, you're only putting the ball into play 14 times," Felske said. "That's not much. Schmidt's slumped all season long.... I'm concerned, he's concerned. We may have to juggle the lineup." Mookie Wilson helped create the Mets offense with his speed. He had two hits and walked once, scoring three times as the Mets won their fifth straight game. Keith Hernandez drove in two runs, one with a single, the other with a groundout. Yankees 11, Royals 3 KANSAS CITY - Don Baylor belted a grand slam to cap a nine-run fourth inning kept alive by inept Kansas City fielding as the New York Yankees beat the Royals, their tenth straight win over Kansas City. Dennis Ramussen, 2-1, allowed just three Kansas City READY FOR CAMP Holmdel High School junior Joe Miller has received a United State Tennis Association scholarship to attend a tennis hits in seven innings, two of them in the second, when Hal McRae hit his first home run leading off and Lynn Jones and Jim Sundberg knocked in runs to give Kansas City a 3-0 lead. All nine Yankees scored in the fourth as the Royals helped out with two errors, three walks, a hit batter and a wild pitch. Six of the nine runs off Bud Black, 2-3, were unearned. Dave Winfield opened the fourth with a single and scored when third baseman George Brett threw wildly to first on Butch Wynegar's grounder. Billy Sample was hit by a pitch and Willie Randolph walked before Wynegar scored-on Black's wild pitch. After Dale Berra walked, Bobby Meacham doubled off Brett's glove to score Sample and Randolph Rickey Henderson was intentionally walked to load the bases again, then first baseman Steve Balboni threw wildly to second after fielding Don Mattingly's grounder Dave Winfield fouled out for the second out, but Baylor hit his fifth homer over the left field wall, the ninth grand slam of his career. Mike LaCoss relieved Black and struck out Sample to end the deluge. The Yankees added two runs in the eighth on an RBI triple by Winfield and a run scoring by Baylor A's 12, Red Sox 1 BOSTON Dave Kingman and Dave Collins drove in three runs apiece as the Oakland A's exploded for It hits and rolled over the Boston Red Sox Eleven Oakland batters, including two reserves, hit safely and eight scored at least one run as the A's handed the Red Sox their worst 1984 defeat It was Oakland's largest hit total since a 20-hit game against California on July 30, 1983 That made it easy for Bill Krueger, 3-3, who allowed six hits over eight innings. Tom Tellmann pitched the ninth. Expos 3, Braves 0 MONTREAL Tim Raines drove in two runs to back the five-hit pitching of Bill Gullickson as the Montreal Expos beat the Atlanta Braves. Raines broke an 0-for-19 strike with a triple in the sixth inning, then his two-out single in the seventh drove in Tim Wallach and Herm Winningham Gullickson, 4-3, went the distance for the first time this season, striking out two batters and walking one for Montreal's second consecutive shutout of the Braves Bryn Smith beat them 5-0 with a six-hitter Friday night Montreal got the only run it needed off Steve Bedrosian, 0-2, in the first inning when Vance Law doubled to right and Andre on Gullickson's grounder before Raines singled them home. THE REGISTER /GREGG ELLMAN camp at Stanford Univcrt:*-,... p alo Alto, Cal. Miller is currently rankeu seventh in tnt c^'= t ern Tennis Association. Holmdel's Miller is awarded USTA scholarship to camp If JONNI FALK HOLMDEL Joe Miller, the young tennis player who gave up high school competition this year to participate in tournaments, has been awarded a scholarship to the United States Tennis Association's national junior training camp. Miller, No. 1 play at Holmdel High School until this, his junior year, will travel to Palo Alto, Cal., June 30 for a one-week training period under Dick Gould, coach at Stanford for the last 18 years. The camp, now in its second year, was started to provide the nation's top junior players who have not yet entered their senior years in high school with an opportunity to join together in an intensive training period. The camp's aim is to prepare those junior players for top level tournament competition. "I feel honored and also surprised to get this, especially the scholarship," Miller said. "Players who are in the Top 10 nationally get a scholarship Each section is then allowed one scholarship, so I feel lucky to get it." Miller's scholarship comes from the Eastern Tennis Association, for whose tournaments Miller gave up high school tennis. He is currently ranked No. 7 in the ETA., despite a muscle strain in his back which has hampered him. "There are no official national rankings out, but I think I might be in the Top 30," Miller added. "I've been taking muscle relaxers for the back, and I have been running into a streak of bad luck anyway. "I was entered in a Boys' 16 tournament in Long Island, but I couldn't get a ride up there. I had to pass that one. Then I entered a Boys' 18. and 10 of the 16 entrants defaulted, so I didn't get a chance to play there either. I hope to start working back in during a men's tournament this weekend." According to the Eastern Tennis Association. Miller was awarded his scholarship based on his ranking, attitude and tennis potential The emphasis at the California camp will be on the "training of the total athlete, stressing the awareness of other factors essential for optimum mental and physical performance, character development and sportsmanship." The ETA. also noted that Miller was awarded that group's E. Hawley Van Wyck Jr Memorial Sportsmanship Award in 1984, and that he currently serves as the junior representative to the ETA. Junior Tennis Council. Although the camp tries to pick out the nation's top juniors to help them prepare for major tournament play, Miller does not look at it as a stepping stone to a pro career. "First, I want to go to college," he explained. "If I do well, then I will go on to pro tournaments. It's difficult to crack the pro tour with any real hope of success. There are a lot of good players out there. If I can improve to the point where I think I have a chance, then I may give it shot." Miller's decision to give up high school tennis was predicated on the time needed to concentrate on ETA tennis. He said yesterday that he really doesn't miss school tennis because he still gets a chance to play the top players in the area anyway. "You have to maintain the proper mental attitude for tennis," he added, "and it isn't easy to avoid distractions. I'm usually a relaxed player; I don't often choke up. I play a serve and volley game, and that doesn't give you a chance to choke." Miller will be pitted against the top juniors in the country at the USTA camp from June X until July 6. After that, he will return to ETA. tournaments and a chance to improve his ranking again-

16 41 The Re Cliff wood Beach's ineligible Maisano notches ABC award with a 298 score T his past week we saw one of the freak rulings in bowling get another play This occurred when Dominic Maisano, of Cliffwood Beach, an 18- year-old lefthanded bowler, shot a 286 honor score. He went on to follow with a 246 and 200 for a DOMINIC MAISANO Luke Forest powerful 744 series. Maisano was available as a substitute to bowl when the Sunday Adult-Child league went into scheduled play at Airport Plaza Lanes. The league had adopted one of those no-sub rule* which applied to the last two weeks of the schedule. Since last Sunday was the next to the last week of the schedule the "no-sub" rule was in effect. However, when Maisano was asked to bowl, the "no-sub" rule was not given any consideration. The young bowler was under the impression hit games would count. It wasn't until Maisano had the first seven strikes of his first game that he was informed of his status and that his games would not count The league secretary regarded Maisano as a pacer and bad no reason to record his scores. After he had 11 strikes in a row, his final shot was off the mark as he packed eight pins leaving the 3-7 standing for a 286 honor score. It has been mentioned here on several occasions, the fallacy of the "no-sub" rule. It produces more harm than than good. It is supposed to help protect teams against socalled "ringers." In handicap leagues it makes no sense at all. The Adult-Child League Is a sanctioned league and Maisano is a sanctioned bowler. So his scores were not recognized by the league because of the "no-sub" rule, but they will be recognized by the Bowling suffers from loss of Keansburg's Paris KEANSBL'RG - Joyce Paris, of Keansburg who suffered a fatal heart attack last Thursday, carved her way into the history of organized bowling in Monmouth County. Bowling was a big part of her life. Her husband Tom and son John have been two of the most proficient bowlers the county has ever had Joyce saw both enshrined into the Monmouth County Bowling Hall of Fame A long-time participant of the sport, Joyce served with distinction on the administrative side As a qualified instructor she introduced the first of junior bowling in the county and held the first organized Bantam League. Many of her students went on to become outstanding bowlers. When the county association was in need of good leadership, Joyce was called, and for a period of time administered the duties of the office of secretary-treasurer For many years Joyce served as a league secretary and performed these duties in a manner that classed her as one of the best. When the men's association was in need of her administrative expertise, she willingly gave her time and effort to do whatever was asked She supported the game with untiring vigor. Her interests in all phases of bowling came easy because she loved it and enjoyed being with the people who played it. The name Paris is famous in Monmouth County. Joyce did her part to help make it that way. We are all saddened to learn that she will no longer be among us, but will cherish her memory and accomplishments as well as some of the better things that happened as a result of her work. LUKE FORREST Whitworth takes lead in Virginia Bank golf SUFFOLK, Va. (AP) - LPGA Hall of Famer Kathy Whitworth, winner of a 87 professional golf tournaments, took aim on victory No. 88 after shooting a t-unber-par 66 yesterday for a two-stroke lead in the $200,000 Unit*' Virginia Bank Golf Class;.. The 45-year-old Whitworth had after two rounds over the 6,196-yard, par-72 Sleepy Hole Golf Course. In second place was second-year pro Marta Figueras-Dotti of Spain with Three strokes back was Sherri Turner at Last year's rookie of the year, Juli Inkster, was fourth at S. Alice Miller, the first-round leader and the LPGA s leading money winner, slipped to a 74, leaving her at 140. Smith surpries stars in tourney SAN ANTONIO, Texas (AP) - Little-known Ben Smith, a qualifier from Nacogdoches, Texas, surprised some of golf's most famous names with a two-under-par 70 yesterday and took a one-stroke lead after two rounds of the (200,000 Weinstock Continued from Page 1B doesn't use it for any sport, however, except when he bats in baseball "I was a pretty good hitter," he laughed. "The prosthesis has a book which I wrapped around the bat. It's about the same size as the good arm, and it helped me get a good swing." Since he became a singles player with the Huskies' tennis team this year, his record is not as good as it «u at doubles. He has played primarily at No. 2, but he also went in at No. 1 once. Obviously, at No. 1 or No. 1 be has been playing some pretty good people "I'd rather play singles." Weinstock said, "and I enjoy playing Iks gpod players around the area Others at 140 include defending champion Amy Alcott, who shot a 71 yesterday. "This is the first time I've led a tournament this year," said Whitworth. "I haven't been playing very well." Whitworth, who two weeks ago joined Mickey Wright to become the first women golfers to compete in the Legends of Golf in Austin, Texas, closed out the day by chipping within six feet on the par-5 18th and dropping the putt for a birdie "Winning means different things now than when I was younger," said Whitworth, now playing her 20th year on the LPGA tour. Australian Penny Pulz shot the day's low round, a 7-under 65 which left her at 140. She had six birdies and one eagle plus a bogey. Dominion PGA Senior Invitational. Smith, 51, leading a pro tournament for the first time in his three-year pro career, ran in a 45- foot birdie putt on the par two, 17th bole that gave him a one-shot lead with a 138 total backhand usually hurts me though. I can usually win the first set against most players, but then the other coaches tell their guys to go after my backhand. I guess I'm going to have to work on that backhand." Weinstock. the son of Elaine and Gary Weinstock, is a fine student who plans to study business in college, possibly at Rider. He says he has never run into an athlete who has used his missing arm to try to get to him psychologically, and he vows that wouldn't work anyway. While he wants to continue to play tennis, he will try only soccer in college. "After all," he grinned, "you can't use your hands in soccer anyway." American Bowling Congress. He will receive the appropriate awards for his 298 and 744 series When a sanctioned bowler enters any type of sanctioned competition, either as asubstitute or pacer, the scores will be recognized by the bowling congress when they fall into an award-winning category. Just because some leagues adopt rules which fail to recognize scores shot by substitutes or pacers does not mean that award-winning scores should not be recorded and reported. Maisano'slat is his second honor score this season. Last January he shot a 300 game and he has a 764 series to his credit. He holds a 198 and 195 average this season. He switched from junior league competition during the season and finished up by competing in the Adult Commercial League at Airport Plata Lanes. HOWELL CLASSICGALS is a four-player all women's league at Howell Lanes N.J. Equine Clinic shot a league high team series of 2238 last week. Putting the top score together were Irma Morello (565); Irene Mihaly (535); Marie Burns (560) and Jill Bergmann (569) The team holds the next best team game of 792 just one pin behind the league high held by the Holland Orchards team. INELIGIBLE PLAYER WINS ABC AWARD SUNDAY ADULT CHILD LEAGUE 1 2 l 5 b i XT ri XI dominie 90 /^ ^? 298 UcUiano XI yi VI yj yj id vj RQ /7«A XI?\/ yi &7 2^7 XI 29 t>9?v 'I/I 9^ //i &} /9/ 200 AIRPORT PLA; 7«f WHEN YOU BOWL RIGHT YOU SCORE WELL SUNDAY NITE MIXED LEAGUE 3 i 5 7 B XIJ } 10 l\/ 71/ )V 91/16 XI Lynda j /3^ /5rj a & Confuid kl XI M "J 3d 5? 7 \y XI yi? fl - ^l<f VI yn >07l2 97 /C5 / >o yi XI 3/ ^/ /56 2^7 yi XI 81/ 30 i>0 150/7g /9d 2/6236 MIDDLETOWN L SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 THE REGISTER COUNTY CHAMPS The best five-man team to win the 1985 Monmouth County Bowling Championships, which was usl concluded at Harmony Bowl in Middletown, rolled a 2723 series and, with a 759 pin handicap, led the field with a 3482 to take the crown. They are, left to right, front, Pete McCarthy (557) of Leonardo (team captain); James P. Renschler (501), Eatontown. Rear, from left, John Phillips (608) and Kenneth McLeod (587), both ol Eatontown and. 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17 SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1985 conveniences. Just a not-so-fond memory is the outhouse that stood alongside the apple tree before the old Cabin of Dreams. It took real courage to use the "sanitary facilities" in the good old days when the Pennsylvania winters seemed to be much more severe Many a buck carcass was hung by the antlers on that tree, invariably freezing solid One adventure actu- The HrgiMrr Former Highlands boat captain Calleo still tracking deer C apt. apt_ Dominick Calleo of High- '^^^^^mm^^^^^mmtm ahy ally starled started tnere there, one rineman rifleman r~~~~~"~~"^ 1 Grant ol of' Brookdale Community powder rifi rifles. Even in New Jersey lands sold his charter boat firing from the porch, and the other College. where rifles have been illegal in Frances C six years ago and from the outhouse. They both The marine life was captured in a modern times, we now have a retired tends from sold the his fishing charter business, boat n... C«l»«l firing from the porch, and the other.^^^^m ^ ^. College where rift from missed Frances C six years ago and lh but followed the deer into trawl. The winter flounder were special five-day muzzle loader deer but not from deer hunting and last the woods <" outhouse where Dominick They both got ^fl ^ The marine inches life long, was and captured the in less a modern season. ti season retired played from the major fishing role business, the * them missed but followed the deer into numerous trawl. The summer winter flounder were were 14 special Unlike fiv< archery which is a very perfect but not from score deer of seven hunting bucks and for last unpaved affair some seven miles the woods where Dominick got inches inches and thin. long, Their and early the presence in the summer bay was flounder a surprise were 14 of Unlike practice, a the black powder rifles less difficult season. sport requiring a great deal seven season riflemen played the from major his role camp in the in Today there are many camps them Pennsylvania is still popular with numerous Pike perfect County, score Pennsylvania. of seven bucks for unpaved along the affair road, some but the seven hunting miles is New Jersey hunters, but during the inches The and students thin. Their were early Anthony pres- difficult currently spin production are quite seven The riflemen licenses were from filled his ramn in just in still T«iai, good»k as A» the 9seven U mnn>, men nnmnb proved 1930s Pennsylvania it was heavily is still over popular populated with Alu,_ Napolitano. >n.«. ka.> Nicole u,so Matteo, a a,, mpi» James AM easy!! to shoot and they are efficient two days. The other hunters were last year. with deer at a time when the Kochman, Carolyn Kas, Allison In his foreword Bridges writes: Pat Calleo, Peter Arch, and Charles Dominick's present camp is actually a modern house with all back on this side of the Delaware. tman, Paul Theophall, Jennifer to Turner Kirkland and Val Forgett animals were just starting to come Marsh, David Stauffer. Alyson Lit- "Special thanks and recognition go Benanti. all of Lodi, Anthony As for the 1984 season, Dominick Nycz. Judy Cooney, Jong Ho Ha. for the forethought to bring us said: "Wherever I went I saw a Doug Gotfredson, Mike Klus, modern, mass-produced buck. It was unreal and after two Lenore Cayford and Frank Bopp. muzzleloading guns " days we were through and had to In his chapter Muzzleloaders and pack out." Whitetails, the author writes; Tufaro, East Rutherford; Jim Carriero, Lyndhurst, and Fred Kunz. Maplewood Pat Calleo, who got a seven pointer, and Dominick are the last of four Lodi brothers who started their deer hunting careers in the 1930s When Dominick bought his first camp along a woodland road there was just one other camp and a small farm along Kuhn Road, an Children Study Marine Life Fifteen sixth grade students from the Eatontown school system observed both summer and winter flounder in a Sandy Hook Project The two faces of exercise: Prevention and performance I was conducting a runner's clinic the day before The Cinncinnati Heart Association Half Marathon. A man in the front row stood up and said "Three years ago while I was running in a marathon I had a heart attack ' It is such events that cause physicians to have second thoughts about prescribing exercise for their patients Events that also raise doubts about exercise in the general public "When I got to the hospital." the man continued, they discovered that my cholesterol was 325!" There was the crux of it. Despite the mileage he had put in preparing for the marathon, despite his ability to go the distance, his cholesterol was at a level associated with a fourfold increase in risk of coronary disease. "So I became a vegetarian," he said, "Now my cholesterol is 98. and I'm running better than ever The addition of a low fat diet to his running program was giving him the desired protection against clogging of his coronary arteries His story put the whole subject of exercise in perspective There are things exercise will do Things exercise is guaranteed to do There are also things exercise can do... but. as in this instance, only if additional measures are taken Exercise has two faces Performance and prevention Performance focusses on today Performance looks to the future Performance makes your body work better Prevention permits it to do that work safely and for a longer time Exercise that concentrates on performance is a science When Roger Bannister set out to break four minutes in the mile he programmed his exercise to accomplish it The runner who had told us his experience had done the same for the marathon Athletes the world over use training schedules with predictable results Exercise physiology is the science of human performance Insert your individual statistics, settle on your particular goal and there is a formula with a certified outcome In exercise physiology each individual responds in like fashion to the exercise program The response may vary to a degree but not be markably so. Individuals in a three month fitness program will show remarkable similarities in improvement in physical work capacity. In prevention this regularity in response is not always the case Exercise guarantees fitness, it does not guarantee health. Prevention is concerned with the eradication of coronary risk factors smoking, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, any tendency to dia- George Sheehan betes Exercise and particularly running can usually reduce or remove all these risk factors The exercising body does not want to smoke It usually attains the correct weight. With exercise, blood pressure and cholesterol usually decrease Any alteration in glucose metabolism is improved. But such is not always the case When exercise is used for prevention its deficiencies sometimes become apparent. Mileage sufficient for fitness may not rid an individual of one or several risk factors. Persistent overweight, or hypertension are indications for increasing the duration of the exercise The two hours needed to make you fit are not making you healthy Continuing hypertension and obesity are also indications for the need of additional changes in lifestyle mainly diet In most instances runners do not find that necessary They attain the lean hungry look and all the good things that go with it Every once in a while there is an exception, as in the case of this runner in Cinncinnati, where the cholesterol remained elevated Exercise used as a prevention measure should be enough to stop a person from smoking and get him back to the 12 percent body fat he was in his youth. The marathoner in Cinncinnati had done that but he still had not lowered his cholesterol to an acceptable level. Changing his diet did the rest. Exercise will make you an athlete Just as it made this man a marathoner In fact you can not become an. athlete without it. There is no other way to obtain the strength and stamina that exercise will give you. But the same formula that will produce superb performance may not prevent disease or put you in a low risk category. Then exercise must be combined with other lifestyle measures and even drugs to be effective. As you can see. exercise is no myth When you exercise for performance you are assured of the results When you exercise for prevention you may have to do other things as well The marathoner had made all this clear. If you wish to run a marathon, exercise will enable you to do so But if you want to prevent a heart attack in the process, you have to eliminate your coronary risk factors as well Houston's Cruz eyes.360 average ly Tin AtucJiM Prw Some notable quotes last week from the world of sports: "I don't feel too comfortable at the plate yet. Maybe I'll get comfortable when I get to.360." Jose Cruz of the Houston Astros, after getting nine hits in his last 18 at-bats to raise his batting average to.355. "It's not mandatory, but well all be there." Manager Dick Howser of the Kansas City Royals, who scheduled an off-day workout for his team after losing their fourth straight game. "It wouldn't make any difference to me. I had fruitcakes playing for me In the '60s and I had fruitcakes in the '80s." Earl Weaver, the former Baltimore Orioles manager, on whether he would rather manage today or 20 years ago. "Our horse went into the lion's den the other day and he ate the lion, and he didn't leave many scraps. We don't have to prove anything to anybody." Owner Dennis Diaz, on why he will not enter Kentucky Derby winner Spend A Buck in the Preakness Stakes, the second of the Triple Crown races. SPORTS QUOTES "I have no reasons whatsoever to give this job up other than the fact that, after 30 years, I'd like to see what the rest of the world's been doing." Ernie Duplechin, on his resignation as athletic director at McNeese State at age 52. Soccer stadium inferno kills 40 in Britain BRADFORD, England (AP) - A wind-fed fire raced through a wooden grandstand of a soccer stadium in northern England yesterday, killing at least 40 people John Domaille, West Yorkshire assistant police chief, said 149 people were known to have been injured and said that number could reach 200. He said the cause was not immediately known, but added that police had not ruled out arson. CAPT. DOMINICK CALLEO trip in Raritan Bay last week aboard the party boat T Bone out of Highlands The children were in charge of Dr. Helen Bastian, gifted and talented teacher, and Dave New Book Advanced Munleloader'i Guide, by Toby Bridges, 256 8x10 pages, illustrated by photographs and drawings, soft cover, Stoeger Publishing Company, 55 Ruta Court, South Hackeniack, N J $ Distributed to the book and sporting goods trade. The title alone should sell a lot of these books because muzzle loading guns, rifles in particular, have become enormously popular and most states have established special hunting seasons restricted to black 5B "Pennsylvania, a state renowned for its exceptional whitetai! hunting, now draws as many as hunters for its week-long muzzleloading deer season In this state hunters are not offered the opportunity to harvest additional deer; the muzzleloading season simply offers the hunter more time afield." In New Jersey the special permit muzzle loader season last year offered a two deer limit, although the first had to be an antlered buck 1985 Monmouth College Invitational Tennis Tournamen Sponsored by M^Reporter Girls - May 21 - June 8 Boys - May 29 - June 8 Open to any boy or girl who attends high school in Monmouth or Ocean Counties Singles and doubles tournaments for both boys and girls Doubles partners must attend the same high school You must bring a new can of balls to play. The winner keeps the new can and the loser gets the old can. The entry fee Is $12.00 for singles and $15.00 for doubles Make check payable to Monmouth College Tennis Mail check and entry form to: Rich Bruer Monmouth College Athletic Department West Long Branch, N.J Entries must be received by May 14 for girls and May 22 for boys All entrants receive a tee shirt compliments of and Ocean County Reporter All winning trophies compliments of and Ocean County Reporter For any additional information call (201) , ext. 363 ENTRY FORM 1985 Monmouth College Invitational Tennis Tournament Nam* Address Phone Circle: Singlet Ooublts J _ ^ ^ The only domestic car with a sales increase for five consecutive years and we intend to keep it that way! Yes you can BUICK RENAULT JEEP '*ICMa B QuiMad Duyva ol 19B Budt Somarnt Ragan tnm«vo bv M*3l 19*5 n n a SAVE BIG ON ALL BUICKS IN STOCK! HMHWSV 38 st Psrkwiy lidt 117 KEVPOUT M4-400WH4-M00

18 Thr Register. VAY 12, 1985 Beautiful Canada goose sometimes wears out welcome P roblems of Canada goose overpopulation, Monmouth County's ferns and allied plants, and what to do with a dead purple martin are today's topics. If we asked people to name their favorite birds, the big goose known, internationally, as canadeiuii no doubt would appear near the top of many lists, and not just as a table delicacy It's a handsome and noble creature The pairs mate for life and diligently care for and defend their young The migrating flocks, in Vs pointing north in spring and south in autumn, are an impressive sight, a prime feature of the pictures of the changing seasons But the Canada goose has prospered to the point where it has become non grata in some quarters. It may be a nice bird, some feel, but its present numbers prove that you can get too much of a good thing. They're a gregarious lot, and their Bill Sandford wintering flocks in our area now may number, in favored spots, in the thousands. Where they settle into agricultural areas like cornfields, between growing seasons, the birds may perform a service their droppings fertilizing and enriching the land. It's where they choose to share areas also used by humans, like playing fields and golf courses, and they're wearing out their welcome. Just a few years ago, an overabundance of geese would have been a winter-only problem. But there has been a change in some of the birds' migration habits, too. We used to expect all our wintering flocks to move out in spring to preferred nesting areas in the far North. Now an increasing number of pairs are giving up the long trek, electing to breed and rear their broods right here The huge flocks are gone, but a brood or two of geese can be a bit of a nuisance in places where humans also tread. The US Fish and Wildlife service has issued some suggestions on discouraging the honkers for folks who find that their lawns, links and courts are being desecrated. First of all, don't feed the big birds or let visitors feed them. The right landscaping will help keep the unwelcome visitors out, the experts say. Geese like water, of course, and they also like adjacent open areas of land on which they can feed. They also prefer places where they can walk back and forth between the two. So fencing, thick hedgerows and ground cover along shorelines Generals to face Stars in USFL battle today "Our defense has been as bad as EAST RUTHERFORD (AP) - ever the last two weeks," said Baltimore Stars Coach Jim Mora is Mora. "Tampa controlled the ball worried about his team's defense, against us two weeks ago and ran it the same one that has given up the down our throats, and last week fewest points in the United States Arizona rushed for MO yards." Football League this season. And Mora knows he can expect Mora and the Stars, now 5-5-1, will more of the same from the Generals try to get over the 500 mark for the and running back Herschel Walker, first time this season when they play who is leading the league in rushing the New Jersey Generals, 7-4, in one with 1,332 yards on 235 carries. of the USFL's budding rivalries The Heisman Trophy winner has yesterday rushed for more than 100 yards in each of the last eight games, averages 5.7 yards per carry and has scored 11 touchdowns Baltimore has given up just 173 points in 11 games this season, 35 points fewer than the Denver Gold, ranked No 2 in scoring defense. "I'm very concerned about the defense," said Mora. "Last week especially, we were terrible against the running game. If we play that way against New Jersey they are going to kill us." The Generals and Stars have met five times in the regular season and once in the playoffs, and New Jersey has never killed Baltimore In fact, the Stars have won four of the six games, losing two by a total of nine points. The only thing the Generals and Stars are even in is their dislike for each other "They don't like us and we don't like them," said Generals linebacker John Joyce. "It's just one of those things I guess the rivalry developed because they are right down the road." tend to dissuade them from coming up on land where they aren't wanted, say the wildlife people Scare tactics can be useful, too. They include flags, balloons, scarecrows and noisemakers, like acetylene cannons that fire automatically at intervals. (The bigbang method may be in violation of local ordinances in places.) As for more drastic measures, we'd best remember that the birds are protected by state and federal law, and illegal hunting or trapping can net a stiff fine. Besides, as members of the werpopulated species which is far and away the most destructive of all, I don't think we have any right to be that critical NATURALISTS. BOTH PRO and amateur, come under various labels, most of us concentrating on a specialty or two. Ornithologists have become an abundant species. The Stars, the defending USFL champions, defeated the Generals 29-S earlier this year in College Park, Md. in a game that featured a few extra-curricular skirmishes. Generals quarterback Doug Plutie played in his first Stars- Generals game in March and said it was easy to see and feel the rivalry. "They were sky high at a time they were not playing that well," said Flutie. "They laid it on us and we feel we owe them one." The Stars are are coming into the game following a sloppy triumph over the Arizona Outlaws "We've had trouble scoring touchdowns this season," said Mora. "We're moving the ball between the 20s but not scoring." The Generals had their four-game winning streak snapped last weekend in a loss to the Jacksonville Bulls. "I think it's good to have a rivalry, just as long as the quarterbacks don't get clubbed going out of bounds," said Generals Coach Walt Michaels. Mineralogists, mammalogists are not uncommon. Pteridologists are a more specialized and somewhat rare breed. Will Morrisey of Rumson is one. Mr. Morrisey has just published, in Bartonla. the journal of the Philadelphia Botanical Club, a scholarly paper on "Pteridophytes of Monmouth County, N.J." and has kindly forwarded a copy. While the word may conjure images of prehistoric beasts, the pteridophytes are In (act a plant group the ferns, horsetails and club mosses. Mr. Morrisey's paper, in the April IS issue of the journal, covers his personal field work in the county In the years He lists 57 taxa (varieties) that have been recorded in the county. Of those, he has found 38 taxa in his eight years of local study. Another 19 have been collected or reported in the literature by earlier workers, although none of them has been collected here since The Rumson man's study is the first of its kind devoted exclusively to our county. A statewide check-list published in 1947 with a breakdown by counties listed 51 taxa for Monmouth. That state study, Mr. Morrisey reports, is now being updated by a friend, James Montgomery, who also has done field work In the county in recent years. LAST WINTER, SOME 300,000 purple martins were sprayed in Brazil with tiny traces of harmless paint visible ony under ultra-violet light. Now researchers are looking for the "microtagged" birds on their northern breeding grounds and the public is being asked to help. The purpose is to determine where in North America each of Brazil's wintering flocks nest. U.S. Fish and Wildlife teams using ultraviolet "black" lights will check a random sample of martin colonies this spring. They hope to learn a lot more if people who find dead martins will send them their wings. Here's what to do if you find a dead adult (not young-of-the-yeari martin: Clip off the wings at the body and put them in an ordinary envelope with your name, address, phone number, and notes on when and where they were recovered and, if known, the cause of death. Also write the federal permit number PRT-67M58. Put the envelope in a heavy kraft envelope (don't use plastic bugs) and mail it to: Kathy Klimkiewicz, Bird Banding Laboratory, Laurel, MD Attn: Wing Sample. For an information packet on the project and a free copy of the Nature Society News, write to: The Nature Society, Purple Martin Junction, Grlggiviile, IL OPEN 7 A.M. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE GROW SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL IN YOUR BACKYARD THIS SUMMER. Become afr»nd.y STORE MANAGERS THE FRESH AIR FUND~! a city child. The Fresh Air Fund!»g«Friendly Town Host Fraodiv ' to Friendly Towns like yours Town local repteuniativ* «: I for over 108 years. Special Km N«ui«w I towns where a warm smile and RM bvn''"njo'w I2OHM2-3OH J Jhegreen grass of your backyard r i can i how. but id i*«to haip wnh a I will be remembered forever. LJ ta«aeductibt* contribution to Tha i So make friends with a city NAME ADIWESS CITY PHONE I l_ STATE.. ZIP Town Host. It's a beautiful experience for both of you. Open up your heart. Open up your home.' get more with 's DOUBLE STEEL RADIALS 53 Mo n Me needed Arrive Radial ""fir" P165/75R13 P175/75R MM 71. M 79.M Sal* Endi May It P205/75H14 P215/75R15 WHITE LETTER RADIALS *T165 I0DI3 flmho White I etlei m No IM* I'Me ii rvmom Eagle ST Radial UMm LMMlSto P205/70flM P235/70W5 SALEPMCt OtUttt S76.M SU.0S Sal* Ends May IS 'Rib count variaa wiih i*r«kite Deadline: May 18 Tiempo Radial The original all season radial Steel belted strength Year round traction tread AW CHECK a* GOODYEAR BIAS PLY No Hide needed Power Streak II B lacfew all agasjfa]. E F G? H Sal* Ends May It K M Ml Ml <K KM we M «l> isue you 1 "* l»i»e»» a IM Mmniu vice GOODYEAR DOUBLE BELTED man* No Hade neoom Cushion Belt Polyglas L Sal* Ends May It G78-14 H78-14 P185/80R13 P185/75R14 P195/75R14 P205/75R14 P205/75R15 P215/75R15 P225/75R15 P235/75R15 MLEPMCf $47.95 $49.95 $55.95 $56.95 $59.95 $61.95 $64.95 LIGHT TRUCK FAVORITES Outh«While L Load Range C No ir«de rtmd Wrangler Radial RV 9fll5 10R15 3M1S0R R15 Pis' «. B B B I m 100.H I14.M SI21.4S Sal* Enda May It One-Stop Service For U.S. Cors. Imports. And Most Light Trucks FIT S IB J B? SI BO S2B4 Gear up for... Special vacation and driving tone-up Simple repairs yon do yoturaelff Warning that LUBE, OIL CHANGE & FILTER st*t includes i^mj up to live ejsav 7 quarts oil Special diesel oil and filter type may result in extra charges QUICK CREDIT! ITS TUNE-UP TIME! Give your car easy starting, smooth running, less stalling, and improved gas mileage with our precision engine tune-up. Call for an appointment today. 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19 MAY 12, 1985 SCOREBOARD 7B BOWLING HAMMONV DM CIA 1 Spndfiff RNky 2 Adlar Lumbaf 3 Wamar'i Oodga 4 CannixiWO Eicavabn ft Tocancoi Ftva 6 Donald's Aluminum 7 Harmony Bowl 1 KaptM Cortav S Farm Barn 10 PtOvxJtrw* DM 11 Tha Stup-d Taam 13 Pv«Fwt 13 Shoracrah Conatr U SquM'l Ffv* IK ITANMN A»2- A«5 B.O j B.7- C.3. D.7 C»4 - EO D*0 E.4- Q.7- F«2 F»5-3*0 - HAHUONV CLA* ur i Jim Murphy 2 jm trnhh 3 PM OtmuUki 4 Gary Randolph 5 Tom Quartno 0 Bob Svftw 7 Sal C*nnama 6 S I M Houtman 9 Dan Apai 10 Mifc* <andoh HM97 - I90I99M a* MONMOUTH COUNTY CLASMC - DAVIS LMt 1 Frank ZaoMian 2 John Brad* 4 John Part. 5 An Mahnkan 6 BiH T.nho 7 Dan Guiy S Jim Smitti 9 Dom Farro 10 Tom Quanno 11 M<ka Luhotiut 12 John Takacs 13 Bruca Ooltbab 14 Hank von Saapa 15 Tony Savae* » » < » MCAF4IILL0 MIXID MAJOR STIUTHHOM I Jot Riapoh 2 Ed Karlbon 3 Aubrty Kanney 4 Larry Qalk) 5 Mikt Davino Dotty ToOd 7 Danny Rotonoo 9 Dartana Soma 10 Norman Lunda 11 John O*d*ncx»g 12 Jack Rupy 13 Ray RawWy 14 Jimmy Srrvtrt IS HichllH ,U-,8S I y m a r> M S a li < 508 nnal MOH AVIJUM LIAMM 1 Jarry EapoMO 2 UtM Lufcotiul 3 Jot oao 4 Bob BaiyOto 5 Anftony Savaot 9 Bob S«tt 7 Trwmaa Ouarmo 9 Donald Gritlim 9 Gary Randolph 10 Richard Aqu*no PINAL HtOH M 1 Donald G"H#i 2 Tnomat Guaiino 3 Jairy Eipoano MDBANK MU 9TAK 1 Un«n MOM CO 2 Fa* Havan No 3 3 Shraw*bury 4 COM Nacfc 5 Hook 4 LarMar No 9 Fi» HMn No 1 7 Port Monmou* No 9 Holmdal No 2 9 MartDoro No BravarH Pi'« X898 2X040 NIB LBAMM HI LIAOUf t»no NAL Olann Handncka 11 Hicriia BaNand 12 Pala Dagruccio U Hart Fwaar 14 BobOaynoi 15 Dell Spnngalaan 16 Ray HarQarvofftar 17 Many Kadan 18 Bob sum 19 AlCoaon. 20 Don Knapp 21 Kt*i KowiltJ.i 22 Bill Scally 23 Ofvilta Wilmot I6O Mt..M S22 5? M S06 MiDourrowN BUMNIBI < ABS Cona> 2 TMHarl III 3 Shop Una Llouoti 4 Fun CUV 5 Taamanlan 0 J 8 Balloro Saalood 7 Bucky Smrtl 8 Amancan LBR 9 Uaoat Broa 10 Aatna Fwa SponhH 11 Koappal Plumbing 08 «7»7»0 -.7 *4» N* +0»0 12 Cartiona't Qraanhouan +5 IIMM 14 Supar Vac + 7 -»2 10 Hofman Landscaping +0 - MOLTWN BUSINCSSMf N SCOM APR ft i wan Mmm jr 2 Not Napp. 3 BillLaary 4 Ron Carhart 5 Anthony Savaga 8 Mika Chavanar 7 D>ck Koappal Jim Laaaar 9 John Uammano 10 Rooan Mayor 11 Ren Siaub 12 Chartat Quasi 13 Scamp Sonwft 14 Jtm Folchafli is Mika Paona 18 Stava Domanck 17 AI Ford ib Chariaa K«ny 19 Andraw Fotchafii 21 Ron Wayda 22 Rooart Fa* 23 Dan * * MDLTWN lutlneiimni BCOft U 1 Chariaa KaNay 2 Scamp Somara 3 Wai* Boyd 4 William VValkar 5 Rooafl Praimao 0 Chariaa Ouaal 7 Wafer M*WM jr 0 John Ratfay 9 Tarry Miranda 10 Paul Albrachl Jr 11 Slav* Domafwch 12 AI Todd 13 Barn«ward 14 E'K OuMman 15 M*a Matu»/*w»hi t6 Dick Koappal 17 Danma Soyka 18 Wrtkam Laa/y 19 Joa Toccaca* MAI CM*) 21 Jtm Fotcha* 22 Paul Baooakxx 23 Hank Rot>naon 24 M*a Paona 2) Chr»i Johnaon 28 Pal Watnt UVI (Ml - AMFOHT tuoa 1 Pam Koajn 2 uaoahna Fatoonai Ginny Fullanon Maranal ( ) to" n M IM 66? 66.' m S M l 624 6? 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UtmttttaiN 9 - MP BANK LNt I Crval DouoUj ^ Danny KrW Larry Roman Joa dam Jonn Daadario Oon Burrjanar ( ) -- Jack Connors ( AI Samcroca 1212) - AI Jonnior. )l) - d Schindlar 2U) John Notion (205) - Giann Corragano (297) - Roy Corragano 1226) - Lan Procope ( Flora Corciona 1210) -- Ed Connor (227) - Bob Smnn (212) Rich Byan ( B* Boccalalo(2l3l Bin Chadwick (212) Don Gordon 1200) - Jim Con.ay 1222) - AI Dynn Tim Co«( Ern«Allan 1209) - RICH Wabar I20B) HOWILL CLAttKOJU.9 LtAOOt HUM TUM U9M " U99 lima Uorano liana MiUly Mar* Burnt JiK Bargman TOTAL 2239 STMKIMTTIB LO - MD BAUK LNt Suna Br«man Ondy ***** ( ) - Chartana Gaudy ( ) Carol Snafu Wanda Swaanay (509) - Lynna Aronow (504) - Jana Jacorja 1204) Barbara Waugh (511) I1AHM0HT SAT. NITS HIIiD Tony Oaamo (241) Don Elm (206) - Dan Apal (231) - Ak» McLaan (202) - Artaan EM (214 Rcch RoMondaU 1201) - AJt»a Thompaon (213) - Prm MMfarnnpi ( KaNh MarUM (211) - Cindy Abbay (200) - MicHay Scaramuu (209) -- John Mams ( Bnody 2 Hattr<ch But Co 3 Rumaon Wina a Spirit.. 4 Baftand EkBotrW 5 Ataa Van Ltnaa 6 Hotai Baartng 7 Vai't Tavam 6 Lakawood Auto Supply FuH Houaa 10 MKMNown PIUI t» lit 118 Ill MtMON BUtUMBaWNB KOMI MOLTWN LNt 1 Randy JacQuai Bobby BaHand Marly Ward Jarry Howa> Ed Hannany Olao Uaniiva S79 7 Boban Johnmn Don Andraol Jonn Clancy 1S3-IS BOYS TRACK BASEBALL MM I. Aabury Part 59, 2. CBA 57 3 Napuna Uonmoutl Rag Long Branch and Marlboro «a 14, 7. Fraanok) Middtatown Soutti Mmalapaw and RarMn Ha 8, 11. Fraahow Twp. B. 12. Manaaquan Rurmon-Fair Havan Rig Malayan and wan M i. 18 HowaD 1 SVINTB I M - I. Hanry Vadan (AP) Jim McCaakM (LB) Joa Handaraon (F) Shayna Cagla (AP) Mark Similar (LB) I Ramond Palmar (AP) Vadan (AP) McCask* (LB) Tom QiHord (WaH) Andra Randolph (Ml Palmar (AP) malt racord ok) racord 49 0 by Barry Solomon ol Aaabury Park m Randolph (N) SHva Harrlng (Mar) Dava Cuarmar (M8) S. Rich O'Day ICBA) SIS Darwin Hatwnngton (MR) I 55 I. 2 BUI KoB (CBA) 1:87.3, 3 Lou Imarry (LB) John Ataiaman ICBA) , BW Barm (CBA) I X - I KoK (CBA Barran ICBAI 4: M Hlekay ICBA) Mika BaHanovn IRar) Nkck Wamar (MR) 4 28 B I Ko* (CBA) Barran ICBA) Grag Canoun (Rar) Tony Mian. (CBA) JP HandncU ICBA) 9:37 tv 110 HM - 1*L«gh QddanlMR) Lloyd Graana (AP) 14 82, 3 Jim Orranga (Ma» ChmMllnailFT) Mark Murray (AP) 15: IM - 1 Cory IMR) Bob Rocha IMar) Mika Boyd IRFHI Orranga IMar) S. John Moora (Nap) FWay 1 Aabury Park (Bob Jordain. Vadan. Balvyn Brown. Palmar) Naptuna Long Branch CBA MonmouDi Rag rw - I Frad Brown AP 54-9*. 2 Joa OaiM CBA) Mika Chiiatun AP) 53-5»i. 4 AI Conovar (Manal) AI Mill! 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Sonya Orranga (Mar) Ratay - 1 N«piuna Kar.«Waddy, Salaam, Pag CoflM, Annana Gray) * io6 2. RBC , 3 Monmooth Midd. South Martboro Shot - 1 And* Corton (MR) 42-3*1. 2 Good* (MR) 26-3-j 3 Tawma Widaman (Mar) Tony CMda (MR) 35-3L. 5 Bomia Brown LB) 34-1S) Dtacui - i Corton (MR) Child. (MR) 109-7, 3 Finaal Bannari (LB) Catharma Parody (Manal) Cindy Noblrt (MR) Javalm - 1 Corton (MR) Goods (MR) Mitay Dabbt (RBC) i DabbM Tyndall (MD) ft, AWRH Bathara (Manal) HJ 1 Kim Qooda (MR) HoUhauar (Mat) 5-2, 3 Ab>gail Klam (MS) 5-1,4. DarrylSuaMuallaf(MS)50, 5 Low* Bogga (Mar) 4-10 LJ 1 Lmda Hayw (MR) 17-3',, 2 Bowkat (N) 17 W 3 Mulvihill (MS) '6-9'J 4 Bogga (Mar) 16-5V I Gray (Nap) 16-3"> Outatandmg palormen - Audra Corton (Itald). Sahtam (track) HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL CBA (7) McGowan 2b Crotty It 3 0 0, Turk C4 2 i. Kana ct Onan H Toacano 1b Po»ar 3b T.pak rl 4 0 1, PMarno p TOTALS OMM (9) Truan N ) I I. Kaanr n Fiannally 3b QoaUn rl 2 I 0. Kmar ct SoWd p RaWy ib 0 0 0, RockaMtar dn 2 l 2. Labor c Lapora 2b TOTALS CBA t - 7 Oca a - 9 HR - 10) RockaWMr 3B - (CBA) Kana 2B - (01 RockaWlar WP - Oaorga Soimd, S - Tad Fandt LP - Skrva PaWrno Racorda 10) CBA)9-n MammyaJi Rag (9) I m 2b HouMon It KaiHir cl lannuztaw rt I 0 0, WUaon Turk c Tannanbaum Ib Badnan 3b CannaKa dn 3 0 0, TOTALS FTMMW T»». (8) Boamaaman 2b 4 0 0, Waako 3b Latarua p 3 1 0, Qarmann c Darmar Ib 4 I 1, Kunz ct 2 1 1, BHvar rl BargHam u 0 2 0, Schnabal if Donovan p TOTALS t^w^na^^m r^^ppj..* <... ^HBm> 9H V ^" V FmmU T«* Ill IM - 9 3B (R) Kuru 2B - (FT) Waako M) 4 1 1, Goodman 3b Kappw Ib Smith 2b 4 0 1, Briar ct Mark rt Tirrak c 1 0 0, Strom pn I 0 0. Attan pri TOTALS 31 4» MM*. Hank (7) Spancar u 4 I I. Binn cl 2 1 I, Alban cl 100. Kamanc402. EnanM3b4 1 l.banmn Ib 3 I 2. LaM It 3 I 1. Snandan rl 2 2 I. Facabam dn 2 0 i. Kruai 2b NMan p MiaK.l MUM. Ham nini-t HR Spancar 2B Bmn. Kaman. BannM. Shandan. WP - NMan 18-2). LP - Mm 3-2) Racorda - North Naptuna 7-13 MR Knoi H 4 o 2. 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LP Marcul Skooar (3-2) Raoorda: (FT) 13-3; (M) 9-11 PakM 2b 4 0 3, Canajnin cl For* a Archar on 2 0 0, Chratophar to Punon It Maggw rt Am 3b Acquaro p TOTALS 23 I 6 Wan (1) Ward dn 3 < 1. Maraon c Spmapont p I 0 0. QiHord Ib Wundar M Kuiauawaki rl Karabin u 2 I 0. Munch 2b 3 I I. Eknoan cl TOTALS tmara IU, Wan T»». 8* WP- John Spmapom (3-3). LP - Turk AOQuaro (4-2) Racordl (6) 13-5 M pill (1) Timmai 2b 4 I 1. DaMarM Ib NakinchalSO 1, Karmraki rt4 00. Qanbgck c 3 0 I. Lambaraon p Tomkovich dh MIMr 3b Oaarakt II DooHng cl TOTALS Laat Branch (4) Bollingar ct 4 I 0. Qnmm 3b Oomai dh4 00. Uuhp Farmarrt4 I 0, Callano IP 4 0 I. BuMiran c Cappola u AuMa Parn 2b 2 0 t. TOTALS MaillUl *99-1 LMtlnMll M B - ILB) Cappola. Aulalta (M) Tomkovich. Dannanl WP Slava Muh (6-0). LP Gary Lambanon (2*3) Raoorda: ILB) (Ml 8-9 Z GOLF IRVINO. 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20 OPINION SUNDAY. MAY F OURS Mileage decision commendable rankly, we were plenty surprised. We were amazed. You might say we were stunned. In fact, when Monmouth County Freeholder Director Thomas J. Lynch Jr. announced last week that he would reimburse the taxpayers for mileage claims and business lunches totaling more than $500, you could have knocked us over with a feather. Based on past performance, we'd have guessed that Lynch would respond to criticism of his expense claims by filing more expense claims. In a similar situation, Lynch and his fellow freeholders had reacted to criticism of their recent 56 percent pay raise by serving up a large helping of Indifference, seasoned with a heaping spoonful of defiance. Indeed, when concerned taxpayer Kenneth Hampton of Eatowntown showed up at the freeholders' April 25 meeting and questioned Lynch's expense claims Hampton wanted to know why Lynch was charging the county for mileage and lunches while the other freeholders were not Lynch flippantly replied that he was going broke buying gas for his car. We assumed we would hear no more from Lynch on this subject. Instead, to our delight and to the gratification of the county's taxpayers, Lynch did exactly what a conscientious A public official should have done: He thought it over, decided citizen Hampton had a good point, then volunteered to give the taxpayers their money back. Lynch could have continued to get away with charging the taxpayers for his frequent 44-mile round trips between Freehold and his home in Middletown, and he could have gone on letting the county pick up the tab for those high-priced lunches at various restaurants around the county; as far we know, the claims violated no law. But rather than stonewalling, Lynch opted for the path of righteousness. Maybe he made this decision in the interest of political expendiency, or maybe he decided the potential of a continuing hassle wasn't worth $500 We choose to believe Lynch's assertion that his motives were 100 percent pure "I've been in government most of my adult life," Lynch said "I want to conduct a government beyond reproach." Lynch even went so far as to commend Hampton for blowing the whistle. "If we don't have citizens that watch government, government can be extremely dangerous," Lynch said. That's exactly what we've been saying. We're glad Mr Lynch is listening. Public hearing well-handled s long as we're handing out compliments, let's toss another one in the direction of Thomas J. Lynch Jr. and the entire board of freeholders. This one is for the board's controlled and dignified handling of a potentially explosive public hearing Thursday night in Holmdel. The hearing was held to consider a controversial bond ordinance that would authorize the county to allocate $15.2 million for the purchase of 457 acres of land along the Holmdel- Middletown border. The property, which the county wants to set aside as park land, has been targeted by private developers for construction of a country club and housing complex. More than 200 citizens showed up at Holmdel High School to express opinions for or against the county's proposed acquisition of the property. Obviously, since the county wants to acquire the property, there's not much question where the freeholders stand on this issue. One of them, John D'Amico Jr., has said the county will do everything in its power to short-circuit the country club and housing development including, if need be, acquiring the land through condemnation proceedings. So it wouldn't have been surprising if the freeholders had stacked the deck Y against the developers and their supporters. They didn't The freeholders let everyone have their say. Even the developers were permitted to talk for a while, until audience members started heading for the exits in droves, at which time Freeholder Director Lynch squelched the developers and turned the spotlight back on the public Furthermore, the freeholders acted prudently by delaying action on the bond ordinance. Many people were convinced the freeholders would approve the $15.2 million allocation Thursday night, no matter what happened during the public hearing. By putting the proposal on hold until they've had an opportunity to review testimony given at the hearing, Lynch and company have at least demonstrated a willingness to study the issue further It is entirely possible the freeholders will go ahead and allocate the money, then go after the property tooth ana] nail. We hope not; opposes the acquisition. But no matter what happens from here on, Thursday's action suggests that the freeholders are giving careful consideration to this controversial and difficult issue. For that, they deserve a cheer. This one's for you, Mom ou'll never read a disparaging word about motherhood on this opinion page. No sir. We won't even criticize apple pie. But one of our staffers a mother herself and a fine one, by all accounts, was telling everybody who would listen last week that Mother's Day is nothing but a ripoff and one big pain in the foot. She was even threatening to write an anti-mother's Day editorial. There'll be none of that around here, O OTHERS' we said. Undeterred, she persisted in grumbling. But lo and behold, what should happen on Friday 7 Why, a lovely Mother's Day bouquet arrived in the newsroom, appropriately addressed to this very same, ban-humbugging Mom It's amazing how quickly a cynic can turn into a puddle of mush. So, to one former cynic and to every wonderful mother everywhere: Happy Mother's Day! Motor vehicle patronage system ne step ahead of a legislative resolution calling for an examination of the photo drivers' license contract fiasco, the State Commission of Investigation has launched an inquiry into "every questionable aspect, past and present, of the motor vehicle agency patronage system." Good. That's exactly what's needed to set the stage for a thoroughgoing overhaul of the state Divison of Motor Vehicles and to establish the facts about the controversial and now rescinded contract the DMV awarded a prominent businessman and GOP contributor to operate photolicense centers at 21 Sears stores. And the bipartisan SCI - one of those members, former Attorney General James Zazzali, headed a 1981 task force that recommended depoliticizing the DMV - is the right agency to take on the investigation. We look forward to the SCI's report and to the Legislature's response to its recommendation for reform? New Brunswick Home News Established in 1878 Published by The Red Bank Register A Capital Cities Communications Inc Newspaper Bill Thompson M GEORGE J. LISTER President and Publisher Charles C Triblehorn Sunday Ednw Jane Foderaro Gry Editor Iff (KINS WON, Oman dictates contract award WASHINGTON - A strange combination of circumstances has blown up a sandstorm that is clouding relations between the United States and the stratetgic sultanate of Oman at a most inappropriate time The Reagan administration is caught between a desire to hold onto an important friend in the Persian Gulf region and the need to safeguard American military security As we have reported. Oman's absolute ruler, Sultan Qabus bin Said, wants his new friends, the Americans, to award a multimillion-dollar contract for operating military bases to his old friends, the British The Pentagon doesn't like the idea of entrusting its super-secret communications and code machines to the British company the sultan favors But the Pentagon may have no choice Oman is a desert country the size of Kansas at the southeastern shoulder of the Arabian peninsula, across the vital Strait of Hormuz from Iran It is said to have more thai;» million inhabitants but no one can really be sure, since there's never been a census Oman was ruled by Portugal for more than a century until it became independent in the mid The Omams ruled the sea lanes a strategically vital role even before the discovery of oil and exported frankincense In the 18th century, the British began to exert their influence For four decades up to while the rest of the Arab world was plunging headlong into the 20th century under the impetus of its vast oil wealth. Oman was kept firmly in the Middle Ages by its fanatically isolationist ruler. Sultan Said bin Taimur His repressive rule included floggings and imprisonment for the most minor "crimes." Taimur outlawed smoking, singing, dancing, photography. Western music even sunglasses Through peepholes in his palace wall the sultan spent hours scanning the streets with binoculars, looking for transgressors The gates of Muscat, the capital, were locked at sundown, and anyone venturing out after dark had to carry a lantern to prove he was not a thief Taimur s son. Qabus, was a keen disappointment to his father Sent to Sandhurst, the British West Point, the young man picked up Western habits, including a taste for Gilbert and Sullivan When the old man heard his son playing his decadent records. Jack Anderson he put him under virtual house arrest for more than three years By Qabus was fed up With the help of the British, he staged a palace coup and sent his father packing, to spend his last two years in luxurious exile in a London hotel In a brief resistance, Taimur managed to shoot himself in the thigh before he and his African slaves were overcome The overthrow was celebrated with wild enthusiasm by the Omams. who danced in the streets for days Western-educated Omanis returned home British advisers were put in key positions; one of them. Air Vice Marshal Eric Bennett, became chief of the Omani air force The United States was delighted In a still-secret National Security Decision Memorandum of Aug , Henry Kissinger laid out the policy to be followed: "A continuing British role should be encouraged and within that overall context, the US should play an active and imaginative direct role,., As a general rule, the sale of equipment should be arranged in such a way as not to require the presence of United States military personnel... on other than a temporary basis for providing advice or maintenance." Most importantly, Kissinger concluded that "every effort should be made not to undermine the ongoing British advisory role there." Its those words that the Pentagon is now eating, as the British insist that the maintenance contract for three of the four military bases the US. forces will be allowed to use be awarded to a British firm. Though the bases aren't ours, the Pentagon has already spent $300 million to put them in shape for use as rapiddeployment-force staging areas and communications centers Congress, uneasy at the prospect of paying for bases that depended on a single desert ruler, was placated by the assurance that the $300 million would be going to US. companies and workers Imagine the shock on Capitol Hill, then, when word got out that the sultan wis insisting on a British contractor for the (SO million maintenance contract which could ultimately be worth $2 billion Rep. G. William Whitehurst. R-Vi. a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, wrote to Defense Secretarty Caspar Weinberger to complain of the Omanis' request for a "sole source ' contract award to the British "Stopping the competitive US funded procurement and awarding the contract sole source to a British firm selected by the Omani government," Whitehurst wrote, would appear to be contrary to U.S. statutes or regulations, which are designed to protect the interest* of US companies who have made significant good faith investments in bidding for the program." Whitehurst had a point there: One U.S. bidder has spent more than f 1 million on its bid preparation To meet the congressman's legal point, the Omanis' British military chief. Gen. Sir Timothy Creasy, informed the U.S. Embassy in Muscat that there had been an error The British firm's sole-source contract was to be handled by a joint venture with an American company, Vinnell Corp. Ten days ago, after a week of prodding, a Pentagon official finally read an Air Force statement prepared to answer our inquires. Under an "unbiased, objective" process, we were told, "a contractor has been selected." The statement didn't say who won the contract, but a spokesman for the Omani Embassy says it was the British- American joint venture, and surprise, surprise the Omanis have given their approval to the deal The Air Force denies there was any pressure exerted in the decision-making process. Reagan confirms trip's 'anguish' If TEKKCtHUHT The Associated Press WASHINGTON - Political folklore holds that presidents like to go abroad when there are problems at home Ronald Reagan went to Europe against a backdrop of headaches in Washington and ran into a new string of woes, from Bonn to Bitburg, Strasbourg to Madrid. Relaxing at Camp David this weekend after traveling 11,314 miles over 10 days, the president faces even more battles ahead, fighting again for aid to anti-government rebels in Nicaragua, trying to keep intact a Senate budget compromise he was forced to accept and unveiling a tax overhaul package that will be a prime target for all who benefit from the tax code the way it is written now Winding up his odyessy through West Germany, Spain, France and Portugal on Friday, Reagan offered a rosy assessment: "We are leaving today with our Atlantic ties strengthened and we are returning home mission accomplished " Yet even this irrepressible optimist had to acknowledge that his journey had included "many highs, and, yes, some anguishing moments ' The fact is he returned home virtually empty-handed, except for a summit statement endorsing US arms control proposals at Geneva Reagan's anguish stemmed from the worldwide uproar over his eight-minute visit to the German military cemetery at Bitburg, a flower-filled plot housing graves. There were markers for 49 of Adolf Hitler's Waffen SS troops there For more than three weeks, the Bitburg visit overshadowed everything Reagan did, hanging over the summit and producing the biggest controversey of Reagan's presidency. The White House severely miscalculated the deep emotions that Bitburg evoked CMgress urged him not to go So did veteran groups, Jewish leaders and others Despite the protest, he went ahead to Bitburg, a gesture of reconciliation between the United States and West Germany and a favor to his friend. Chancellor Helmut Kohl. ANALYSIS While there is lingering bitterness, the administration is counting on the anger fading. Secretary of State George P. Shultz offered this view on the Reagan's behalf: "His painful walk through the past in Germany and all the conflicting emotions that it brought forward in all of us is accompanied by the president's courageous assertion of reconciliation." Aside from a carefully managed appearance at a castle near Neustadt, West Germany, where he was cheered by thousands of young students, Reagan's best reception came in Lisbon, Portugal. The only off-key note there was when Communists walked out when he addressed the National Assembly. He handled it with aplomb, replying: "I'm sorry to see that some of the chairs on the left seem to be uncomfortable." Elsewhere, the problems were not so easily dismissed. The seven-nation economic summit failed to give Reagan his No. 1 goal: a fixed date for the start of international trade negotiations. French President Francois Mitterrand, worried how any agreement would affect subsidized agricultural products at home, refuted to go along with the other allies. The summit was silent on Reagan % prized "Star Wars" missile shield research program. France, again, voiced opposition. West Germany seemed interested. The allies stood united in opposition to the trade embargo Reagan imposed on Nicaragua The timing of announcing the sanctions seemed strange Why slap an embargo on Nicaragua on the eve of a summit with nations that think economic sanctions won't work? No one had a good answer, except that the president's action served as a reprisal against Nicaragua as its leader, Daniel Ortega, visited Moscow on the heels of a congressional vote killing aid to antigovernment rebels. The sanctions were a particular sore point in Spain, the mother country of Latin America. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators turned out to protest Reagan's trip on the eve of his arrival. With Reagan in Madrid, demonstrators clashed with police in the streets near the American Embassy, marring a visit intended to project good US Spanish relations. Trouble awaited Reagan in Strasbourg, France, when he delivered an address to the European Parliament. Leftist members heckled, laughed and hooted at his speech, diverting the focus from his message combining tough talk about the Soviet Union with an expression of willingness to work with Moscow on easing tensions. Even without the demonstrators, though, the message was garbled. White House national security adviser Robert McFarlane insisted that the speech, containing some of Reagan's hardest anti- Soviet rhetoric, was "a very soft tell." In a backhand way. McFarlane acknowledged the blurry focus of Reagan's address. "His purpose, whether or not It't clear, it to signal to the Soviet Union that we can turn a new page here, enter period of reducing tensions and establishing a more stable relationship," McFarline said. Even Reagan's TclePrompTer worked erractically at Strasborg, causing him to stumble through the early part of hit addrcm. But Reagan insisted his message took hold.»

21 SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 COMMENTARY 9B Defections dictate Democratic Party revise its game plan WASHINGTON - At the Gridiron Clubs dinner here in March. Rep. Geraldine Ferraro took note of former United Nations Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick's impending announcement that she was switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party 'Kirkpatrick becoming a Republican is like East Germany becoming communist." cracked the recent unsuccessful Democratic nominee for the vice presidency President Reagan and other Republicans laughed heartily Democrats in the audience guffawed Ferraro was right On April 3 Kirkpatrick acknowledged that "I have been acting like a Republican, talking like a Republican, working like a Republican, and have therefore doubtless become a Republican." Still, there probably isn't any laughter in Democratic Party headquarters these days, because since Kirkpatrick jumped ship the Democrats have suffered two more highvisibility defections Rep Kent Hance. a west Texas conservative, has switched to Republican ranks, fueling speculation that he will run for governor against troubled Democrat Mark White in 1986 And William Lucas of Detroit, the powerful and heretofore popular Wayne County executive, who is black, has become a Republican amidst speculation that a deal has been cut for him to run for governor in 1986 against incumbent Democrat James J. Blanchard Perhaps, as individuals, Kirkpatrick, Hance and Lucas do not represent nationjarring political consequences. Even Lucas has been so conservative on fiscal and other issues that there is doubt that he can deliver many black Democrats to the GOP Bui in terms of propaganda, these can be devastating, with Lucas becoming to the Republicans what Soviet defector Arkady Shevchenko has become to the CIA. It cannot possibly help the Democrats to have this black former FBI agent and Wayne County sheriff say that he has discovered that the Democratic Party is Carl Rowan "controlled by narrow special interests striving only to achieve their own personal goals." A lot of young voters were listening when Kirkpatrick said. "I was no longer comfortable describing myself as a Democrat." The idea is going to sink in. certainly among the gullible, that a Democrat is a political leper. The Republicans are shelling out half-amillion dollars to try to persuade Democrats in four states to convert to the GOP in the next 100 days, and the party has emphasized its desire to lure in some "respectable" blacks to take the limelight away from the sycophants and buffoons who have so often represented black Re- Buchanan is a great polarizer Patrick Buchanan is a great polarizer He is intensely loyal, and he elicits loyalty He was a pillar of stability for the Nixon family in its wavering last White House days. Loyalty is often possessive It resents the presence of less than totally loyal people within the circle of commitment For instance: On Feb 22 of this year, Mr Buchanan wrote in a column that a Justice Department official should be fired for accusing him I Buchanan I of "ideological bias," since Buchanan's only ideological bias is President Reagan's In other words, identical ideological bias is a necessary qualification for employment by Mr Reagan. Holding another view than the Reagan-Buchanan view should, in Buchanan's own words, "surely disqualify" anyone from "service in the administration of a president who professes a similar ideological bias." Now that Mr Buchanan is himself working for the president, some friends and allies of his are extending his ideological test for employment in the White House, or Garry Wills even for admission to it. Ten members of the House of Representatives, including the omnipresent Newt Gingrich, have written a letter to White House chief of staff Donald Regan demanding that Mr. Reagan "find and fire" anyone who leaked information about Buchanan to Lou Cannon of The Washington Post If no leaker is discovered, then Mr Regan is instructed to "bar him (Cannon) from the White House." The motive of the letter writers is patriotism: "This country's attention should be focused on the danger of communism in Central America, not confusion in the White House." These people are great concentrators of attention There are several ironies to this tale and to its emergence. For one thing, we hear of the lawmakers' outrage over White House leaks from those champion channelers of leaks. Evans and Novak, who leak counterstories about Buchanan in the same column that denounces the leaks to Cannon Second, the occasion of Buchanan's demand that the Justice Department official be dismissed was a public dispute over John Demjanjuk. a guard from the Treblinka death camp, identified by five surviving witnesses from that camp and later extradited to Israel for trial. Buchanan had denounced the Justice Department for depriving Demjanjuk of citizenship, called the investigative unit that uncovered him a "dim-witted instrument, " and asked that no further federal money be used to hunt Nazi war criminals. Yet this is the man who met with Jewish groups to discuss the president's appearance at Bitburg. He seems an odd. not to say bizarre, emissary for that particular exercise in sensitivity But loyalty is not strong on discrimination. It is strong on polarizing. The island city of Berlin BERLIN Earlier this week I set out with a camera crew with the intention of telling my grandson, Justin, how we won the war in Europe In the past five days, as we retraced the path of the Allied fight across the continent from Normandy to Berlin, we stayed in four hotels and traveled from the far end of France to this island city surrounded by a sea of Russians. Yesterday we drove into East Germany to get to the city of Torgau where American and Russian soldiers met on April 26, 1945, the day we cut Germany and the German army in two. It took us two hours to get through the security system at the Berlin Wall. We needed visas and, because we were traveling with a van filled with camera equipment, entry wasn't easily obtained It imde us all a little nervous, too. remembering the recent tragic death of Major Arthur Nicholson, the American officer who was shot by Russian guards There is absolutely nothing that makes you happier to be an American than a little travel through an Iron Curtain country or the Soviet Union itself. You suddenly become a lot less criticial of what we have at home As you pass from West Berlin into East Berlin and then drive out of Berlin into East Germany, everything seems to become grayer The roads deteriorate, the houses are drab and in tumbledown condition The people along the streets seem as spiritless as their surroundings. 1 ' Andy Rooney Along the roads between villages and in the little towns themselves, there were frequent reminders of the Russian presence In every public place there was a pole with a flag hanging from it. Somehow it looked so much like a simple piece of red cloth that it was hard to think of it as a flag. There was no symbol of any kind on it You look at the red flag and you don't like it but you have to concede it's a simple, effective symbol of everything Russian The same red flag hung from the windows of many German homes. We didn't talk to many East Germans except to ask directions but we looked at them and at their houses and we wondered what they thought Do they hate Russian domination or are they getting accustomed to if Americans tend to underestimate the effectiveness of propaganda So many East Germans have grown up being told what the Russians want them to know and think that many of them must inevitably think that way It seems strange to me that more of them aren't throwing rocks at the Russian soldiers or sabotaging their vehicles. In Frankfurt. West Germany, the American military presence is evident everywhere and while most Germans hate American soldiers it isn't much more serious than the disaffection that always exists between a military camp and local citizens in any area The oldtime residents of Fayetteville, N.C. don't get along with the nearby soldiers of Fort Bragg, either. I wondered whether the relationship between the Russian soldiers and the East Germans was only that. It seems as though the Russians would be seen as a conquering force and not as friendly protectors of the country against an American invasion. Why then do East Germans hang red flags out of their windows' 1 It struck me as strange that all the guards at the Berlin Wall were East Germans, not Russians The guard takes your passport and slips it through a kind of bank-window opening in a trailer-like building near the gate Inside the little building are computers into which the passport number is entered. If your number rings a bell, you're in for a hard time What do the Russians themselves think on their side of the curtain" Doesn't it strike them as strange that everyone wants to get out and no one wants to get in' Germany is net my favorite country but. nonetheless, when we got back to West Berlin after eight hours in Russiandominated East Germany, I had just a touch of the feeling I have when I get home from the office at night publicanism Lucas, on paper, would seem to be a bargain if he got the whole $500,000 No one that I know of is accusing Lucas of getting a dime, but the chairman of Michigan's Democratic Party, Richard Weiner, called the black official's switch "the ultimate in opportunism." Democratic Party Chairman Paul G Kirk Jr. said of the defections in general: "It won't work Political opportunists who change their stripes will find themselves caught in a revolving door." I have said and written many times that I wish there were more blacks in the Republican Party, but that blacks ought not stumble over "unwelcome" signs to join a party that offers them nothing but insult and misery. Lucas can argue that he is getting something - a possibility that he can run for governor There are serious doubts that the GOP hierarchy in Michigan will deliver a black newcomer this plum, and even greater doubts that a majority of Michiganders will vote for him. Beyond the issue of whether Lucas "gets something" for himself, there is the question of whether he has been promised anything desirable for the mass of black Americans. Against a record of the Reagan administration driving more blacks into poverty and halting the buildup of a middleclass black America, Lucas is now giving speeches about how the Republicans love the poor, whereas the Democrats have kept blacks poor and "stripped many of us of our dignity." Lucas already is sounding like Clarence Pendleton and the other discredited blacks around Reagan. But that can be only small comfort to the Democrats The defection stories give ordinary people the idea that a towering Republican conservative tide is on the move, sweeping away everything and everyone who won't roll with it. The Democrats had better revise their game plan. Navy shows rise in womanpower CHARLESTON. S C - The U.S.S. Sierra rests comfortably at the naval base here in Charleston, moored most of the time to Pier Papa She is a motherly old girl who has been tending naval ships for more than 40 years The Sierra is 531 feet long and 73 feet at her generous beam not nearly so dashing as the destroyer John Rogers nearby and to the casual visitor she is just one more ship in the fleet But the casual visitor blinks Who are those sailors chipping painf Who are the two crew members with welding torches' 1 Who is the tall blond navigator at the quartermaster's charts 1 Women, that's who Three of Sierra's 35 officers and 100 of her 811 enlisted personnel are women The tall blond is Laura Booher. 27. of Cincinnati, who came into the Navy in 1982 and just signed on for another hitch. Some interesting things are happening to the armed services Once they relegated women to billets as nurses or clerical workers Today women constitute about 10 percent of total personnel 76,000 in the Army in the Air Force in the Navy, 9,000 in the Marines The law still prohibits women from serving in combat, but short of combat they are doing almost everything else The Navy's experience goes back to the formation of the US Navy Nurse Corps in 1908 During World War I. 11,000 "yeomanettes" served at shore stations. World War II saw the Women's Auxiliary Reserve, better known as the WAVES. They numbered at peak strength, but within months after the war ended the women's reserve was virtually disbanded Then interest in women's role revived; the 1970s brought a widespread movement toward women's liberation, and the Navy saw an opportunity to strike a blow for progress Today the Navy counts in its enlisted ranks almost young women like Laura Booher Born in northern Kentucky, she completed high school, served for a time as waitress, took a course in dental technology, and went to work in Cincinnati as a dentist's assistant She doesn't want to knock dentistry, but at 24 she was bored and restless and curious about a world that was wider than right and left molars. She talked to a Navy recruiter He promised her a chance to earn a rating as a meteorologist James Kilpatrick She held up her hand, and went off to Orlando for nine weeks of basic. Those nine weeks were followed by two months of training in Illinois and by a 15- month assignment to a weather station on Guam She loved it Then came assignment to the Sierra in Charleston, where she learned the additional skills of navigation This month she takes on a new assignment in Suitland, Md, where she will be working oceanography She is a petty officer, second class, with a base pay of til,748 a year - plus perks It beats bicuspids The Navy now has women in scores of ratings ashore and at sea Roughly 6,000 enlisted women are in naval aviation Thirty-four ships include women officers Women are serving on repair ships such as the Sierra; they are serving on ordnance disposal teams; they are manning air traffic control positions; they are serving as lawyers, doctors, nurses, cooks and technicians. There are problems Some women join the Navy primarily to get away from home, or to get a husband. Some of them get homesick and some get pregnant. No matter how everyone is exhorted to "think team." a sexual tension is always present Aboard ship few women can handle the heavy weights that go with taking on stores. The Navy has not asked Congress to repeal the law that prohibits the permanent assignment of women to warships. Not all things are equal Yet, the future is bright for women in service The pool of 18to 22-year-old males is dwindling at the same time the Navy is tightening its requirements for intelligence and character The Navy is competing for the same high school and college graduates that the private sector wants, and no one in the private sector has to serve watch or sleep in a three-tiered bunk If the armed services are to be kept at full strength in these competitive times, such incentives as a pay raise must be offered, or strength levels must be reduced A third alternative is to enlarge the role for women It's going to happen 'This is a test People are constantly asking me if the Reagan administration ever comes to me for personal advice. Up until last week the answer was "no." But, lo and behold, the other day I received a letter which was in the form of a poll It said the President wanted to know where I stood on the controversial issues of the day I was urged to answer the list of unbiased questions which were enclosed Some of them weren't easy, such as, "In the 1970s funds were cut off for development of the MX missile, causing our strategic defenses to become dangerously obsolete while the Soviets escalated their weapons buildup. Do you support continued U.S. efforts to modernize our strategic defenses by funding this weapons system' 1 ' I was instructed to check off one of three boxes: "yes." "no" or "undecided ' I had no problem with that one But the next one was a mindbender "Should the U.S. continue research and development of a space-based missile defense system to give the United States protection we do not now have against a Soviet nuclear attack 7 " I took a gamble and said "yes." The question that followed also required tremendous concentration. "Do you agree with the Democrats who say the Soviet- Cuban efforts to topple pro-west governments in Central America pose no direct threat to US. security?" I tried to figure out what answer the President would want to hear, and on a hunch said "no." By this time I was perspiring Ideological tests always get me nervous. "Should the United States continue providing support to people in Central America who are fighting for their independence from Soviet-backed Marxists?" I put a big black X in the "yes" Bkx so the President wouldn't miss it Then came the question which made me think the President might be considering me for the job as his Secretary of the Navy "The Soviets have amassed the largest naval force in the world and have increased the number of submarines patrolling the U.S. coast. Should the U.S. Navy receive more funding to replace our aging sea force and Art Buchwald build more Trident nuclear submarines'" I called up a friend who works at the Pentagon for advice on how to answer the question "Oh," he said. "You got one of those Republican fund-raising letters too." "What do you mean fund-raising? It says the President wants to personally know where I stand on the issues of the day. He probably wants to make me the new U.S. ambassador to Germany." "If you read the letter closely you'll see it was sent out by the Republican Party and you're supposed to enclose your check with the answers." "Are you trying to tell me the President isn't interested in my opinion?" "He probably doesn't even know you were sent the letter. And he may never know unless you send the Republicans a whopping check." "I was hoping he was considering me for his new budget director. " I admitted, "and the questions were just to see if I was a team player Why did they write to me?" "The Republicans probably bought your name for 5 cents from a credit card company." "It's not fair to make someone answer a bunch of tough questions on national defense and then ask for money for the' party." He said. It was either P.T. Barnum or Richard Viguerie who said. There's a sucker born every minute '" "Just in case you're wrong and the President wants me to be National Security Adviser after Pat Buchanan pushes Robert McFarlane out the window, what should I answer to the question on our need to replace aging subs with Trident nuclear submarines?" He said, "The answer is yes' but that's still a secret. So for heaven's sake don't tell anyone you spoke to me."

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23 BUSINESS 6 THE ARTS 9 Lifestyle SUNDAY. MAY c School And Child Taxpayers foot bill for conventions DR JOAN D ABRAMS Dear Dr. Abrams: I found out that our school has a contract that allows teachers to go to conferences at taxpayer expense. Why should we pay for them? When a doctor or a dentist goes to a conference we don't pay. Mr. Tax Watcher Dear Mr Watcher Conferences are held to expand the knowledge and improve the skills of educators. They are a very legitimate means of providing on-the-job growth. I am certain, even without having seen the contract in your district, that there are limits to a teacher's ability to attend conferences, including the amount she may spend and the number of conferences she may go to each year At the top of the list is likely a requirement that such conferences have a direct bearing on the teacher's assignment. You are wrong about our not paying for doctors and dentists. Expenses connected with professional meetings, even if they take place in Hawaii or the Virgin Islands in the winter, are tax deductible. We taxpayers do support them Dear Dr. Abrams: daughter Is in first grade. From the time she was very little she has had taut rams. Now she hat them la school. The other day she lau down on the floor and suited tcreamlng and kicking. When the principal was called she stack her tongue Ml at the principal. I am very embarrassed and hnmlliated. I have tried punishing her and that has not helped. Now I am afraid the second grade teachers are rolling their eyes to heaven when they see her and are all hoping that she will not be In their class. How can we change her behavior? Mrs. Q Dear Mrs. Q.: Very little children have tantrums because they lack the verbal ability to express their feelings. As a result, they act them out. As children get older, most of them find that words are a more effective substitute for tantrums Children continue to have tantrums because they have learned that behavior from another, older member of the family or because they have found that such behavior continues to be effective. Is there someone in the family whom your child has observed who demonstrates erratic and acting out behavior that can be characterized as tantrums, even if the behavior involves verbal fireworks rather than physical? Or has your child found that she gets what she wants by having tantrums, even if what she wants is only attention? Next time she has a tantrum, turn the other way and ignore her. Take away her audience. If it is possible, encourage the school to do the same. When the tantrum is over, give your child attention and encourage her to talk about what was bothering her. By offering attention for verbal attempts at communication and by ignoring her outbursts, she will learn that talking things over is more effective at her age and will change her behavior accordingly. Dear Dr. Abrams: Last week my child came home and claimed that his teacher hit him on the bead with a pencil. I was quite shocked and ready to march off to the school but decided to wait for his father to come borne. When his father questioned him, It turned out that she had tapped him with a pencil. Are teachers allowed to do that? Deeply Concerned Parent Dear Deeply Concerned: Teachers are not allowed to hit children or to Up them with their hands or with an object. Find out more about the incident. Was your child misbehaving at the time? If so, it Is more likely that this was a deliberate act upon the teacher's part. On the other hand, if she was leaning over his desk to help him, it Is possible that it was an accident. Try to get more of the details from your son and from other children who were there. If there appears to be some substance to the charge, talk it over with the teacher and the principal. Children cannot learn under conditions of terror. Physical punishment should not be allowed to go unchecked. Veteran bartender notes changes in drinking habits over the years y CHMS HMO RED BANK - It's a job most hold for only a few months before moving to something somewhere else. So transient is the profession, that some follow the seasons, working in New York during the fall, heading for Florida in the winter, with maybe a stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras before basking in California's perpetual summer. But Tommy Pizzo has been tending the bar of Sal's Tavern on Shrewsbury Avenue since 1959 the year which, by his own reckoning, he was "destroyed." Actually, when Pizzo says he was "destroyed" he means is he was in a terrible car accident, one which laid him up in the hospital for months "That was the year I went from gasoline to alcohol, ' Pizzo explained one Friday afternoon while he poured beer and washed empty glasses. "There's really not that much difference, you know." Pizzo somehow managed to escape going to college, and when he left the "University of River Street," as he likes to call Red Bank High School, he took a job pumping gas at Tom and Frank's Texaco Station in Fair Haven. But the car accident ended his career in the petroleum industry, so a friend of his from his "university" days got him the job at Sal's. It was then that Pizzo says his formal education began, an education which has continued ever since. But Pizzo has little respect for formal education "You learn more things here than people who go to college do, ' Tommy said, in one of the short but enigmatic statements he makes before moving to another section of the bar. "They go to college, get out of there and have a diploma, but they don't know how to talk to anybody ' Talking is a big part of Pizzo's or any other bartender's job. "You have to have a sense of humor, ' Pizzo says of the profession, "a little one It makes it a lot easier if you like the work too." Felicity in dealing with all types of people, is another asset a bartender must have. "I'd say out of 100 people who come in here, not one of them is bad; there not all treat, but there not all bad either." Pizzo Tommy Pizzo on the job at Sal's Tavern, Red Bank said, pouring himself a glass of water. "I try not to remember the bad ones." Pizzo says he can usually tell the bad ones the moment they walk in the door What he tells them if there all "drunked up, smoked up or coked up," as he likes to put it, is to leave. But drug addicts and drunkards are not really a problem at Sal's, as they might be in a "Sea Bright disco," Pizzo said. A really drunk person at Sal's these days is an unusual sight, Pizzo said. Sal's has changed during the 28 years Tommy has worked there and is now known more as a restaurant than a bar Today, fewer real drinkers amble up to his bar than did. say. in the early '60s when a hardcore group of regulars filed in after work to get smashed on shots of rye chased with.3 glass of l>eer. "You could ge t bombed for a dollar back then," Pizzo said But those days are gone. 'It's expensive to get drunk in a bar today," he said. Other bartenders will tell you that tougher drunk driving laws and the omnipresent threat of the roadblock which hangs over anyone who drives to a bar has forced the suburban drinker to retreat into his home. Home - they add is a place often devoid of the many socially redeeming qualities of u tavern such as Sal's. But Pizzo prefers not to talk about these things and says he likes to keep a good working relationship with the police In the bartending profession, a cop can sometimes be your best friend A little subtle persuasion, such as putting a menu in front of a man who appears to have had enough, is how Pizzo says he handles the occasional drunk "Usually, if they've been drinking for a long time, they're ready to eat, " he said. Of today's drinkers. Pizzo said many come by now after they have finished working out in a health club, gym or at the YMC'A. Others come to watch a sporting event such as a football game "So many people are moving into this area that you see different faces every night," he said. They come usually once the sun is down, he added. People like to work in their yard, or perform some other outdoor suburban task as long as there is daylight, he said 'Today, they drink a lot of vodka and beer and the woman drink wine," Tommy said There are still a few of members of the old guard those shot and beer drinkers - who drop by from time to time, he added One, who is 80-plus-years-old. makes absolutely no sense and talks to salt shakers and into his hat until he wants another drink t.hen he makes perfect sense, Pizzo said What is the best part of being a bartender? "That is," Pizzo concluded, casting a gla nee at a young, blonde waitress. Monmouth Museum honors 17 for their support MUSEUM SUPPORTERS - Howard R. Berger West Long Branch, right, president of Monmouth Museum, hosts a black tie dinner and reception for members ol the museum's President's Roundtable. Among the 17 THE REGISTER / CARL ANDREWS guests are Raymond F. Herter of Red Bank and Mrs Robert G. Sampson of Middletown, both museum trustees. Roundtable members contribute $1,000 annually to support the museum. WEST LONG BRANCH - Monmouth Museum officials honored 17 members of the Monmouth Museum President's Roundtable at a black tie dinner and reception at the home of Museum President and Mrs. Howard Berger. citing them for their financial support of the museum, Lincroft The Roundtable, established during the museum's 20th anniversary celebration in is composed of individuals and corporations that donate 11,000 annually to support the museum. Honorees include United Telecontrol Electronics Inc., Asbury Park; Leonard Block, Deal; New Jersey Bell and the Central Jersey Bank and Trust Co., both Freehold; Mr. and Mrs. Sherburn M. Becker III, FMC & Co., and Dr. and Mrs. Charles Moeller Jr.. all Little Silver; Mrs. O. Wrightson Switz, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sampson, and Mrs. Mrs and Mrs. Robert C. Stanley Jr., all Middletown; Midlantic National Bank. Neptune; Frank K. Greenwall. New York; Mr. and Mrs Raymond Herter, Red Bank; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Daly, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gardam and Sir Frederick and Lady Hervey-Bathurst. all Rumson, Mrs James Wyer, Locust, and Mr. and Mrs. Berger. The museum, on the Brookdale Community College campus, is featuring in its lower gallery "Seasonal Sojourns: Migrations in North America, which deals with the migratory movement on land, sea and air of all forms of wildlife. The Junior Gallery is presenting "Build Your Own World," a hands-on exhibition which blends the fun of a giant game board with concerns about how land is used. Museum hours are 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and 1 to S p.m. Sundays. Symphony League will sponsor benefit lunchon-musicale MANALAPAN The Monmouth Symphony League plans its annual luncheon-musicale at noon May 22 at the Battleground Country Club. The beneficiary of this affair is the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra, celebrating its 37th year this fall. Mrs. Ruth Lione of Tinton Falls is general chairman. Her cochairman is Mrs. Helen Marner of Interlaken. Mrs. Sylvia Bossen of Ocean, league president, is honorary chairman, and Mrs. Doris Barrabee of Oakhurst is program chairman. Seating arrangements and reservations are in the hands of Mrs. Irene Sidrer of Oakhurst. Guest artist for the afternoon's program is Barbara DeAngelis, pianist and singer. DeAngelis is a frequesnt club and stage performer with a host of Broadway credits. Although she is classically trained, she sings and plays jazz and popular music as well. She is noted, too, as a composer and arranger. Her program will consist of a medley of contemporary and classical music. A highlight of the program will be when she asks the audience to call out favorite songs which she will string together in a medley The league, the women's auxiliary of the Monmouth Symphony Orchestra, is celebrating its 20th year this fall. It is dedicated to the continued growth of this cultural institution in Monmouth County. IU aims are to widen public interest in the orchestra, to increase the subscription list and to raise funds for the orchestra, a non-profit community venture. The funds, raised enable the orchestra to present soloists of national calibra-at concerts at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank. Members of the orchestra and the conductor, serve voluntarily. Funds raised by the League also enable the orchestra to present free concerts to school children and senior citizens and to present scholarships. Besides being the general chairman, Lione is in charge of table See SOCIETY, Page 2C LEAGUE LUNCHEON PLANNERS - Members of the Monmouth Symphony League finalize plans for the May 22 spring Luncheon-Musicale taking place at Battleground Country Club, Manalapan. THE REGISTER / QREOO ELLMAN Working out details are, left to right, Mrs. Doris Chase of Oakhurst, raffel chairman; Mrs. Ruth Lione of Tinton Falls, general chairman, and Mrs. Kathryn Knittel of Red Bank, hostess.

24 2C Thi R f ji»ht SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 WEDDINGS Gorman-Faust Colonna-Driscoll Crawford-Koscal rlkd RANK Trimly Epiwopa Cnirrh wan the selling April 13 foi tht4narriage of Diane Louise Faust anjl Christopher Dav id Gorman Tht Ra\ "Charles Sakin officiated at the ceremony which was followed by a Culls Wrk Inn ill and Mrs.lark H Faust. If emar Drive Midcllelnwn, Mrs Wallace P Gorman iniii>n are the parents of the iplc.ynne Rittershofer was lh>.' maid of honor Attending as bridesmaids wdye I.mda norman. Dian.? Hull and Diane Cerveny Kalie Gorman was thf flower girl.innathan Gorman sefved as the best man Charles Papers, David Fausl and Paul M*I.ernan were the ushers rho bride was graduated from Mkldletnwn High School South She received an AAS degree in co,-nmuni l\ Inental health, and an AAS degree in: nursing from Rrookdale Comminity College, I.incrnft She is a registered nurse at Brookdale Nursml Center Hazlnl Her husband is T Blume-Scott MIDDI.F.TOWN Barbara Ann Scjitl daughter of Mr and Mrs Arthur C Scott. 5 Walker Terra re. w^s married April 13 to Ronald Lee Blume II. son of Mr and Mrs Riinald Blume Cumberland. Md The wedding took place at St Miry s Roman Catholic Church, \iv, Mnnmouth and was followed by,) reception at Ramm Hollow Country Club ^lary McCauley was her sister s mitron of honor The bridesmaids were Margaret Monn. sister of the hrjde. and Susan Scott. Carol McMahon and Susan Krahnerl Mrhael Golla was Ihe best man The ushers were Larry Rice, Brent wdsim,i(m' Freno and Dave Francis Kfrnherly Scott and Melissa Mfl'aulcy, nieces of the bride, were tht junior brisesmaid and flower girl Michael McCauley, nephew of the bride, was Ihe ring hearer The couple are alumni of West Virginia I'niversilv in Morgantown Ulrich-Warren WINNETKA - Sandra Ann Warre» and Jacob Shields Ulrich Jr. were' married yesterday at the Congregational Church The Rev Pftf -Allen officiated The Skokie Ctfntry Club was the setting for the dihrier reception 4he bride is the daughter of Mr arij Mrs Gilbert M Warren. Tulip TAe Lane. Rumson Parents of the brtoegroom are Mr and Mrs Jacob S H'lnch Baltimore, Md. jlulia L Warren was the maid of hopor for her sister Kevin Kflkavage was the best man The brtbesmaids were Lynn F Flipski, Ekily Thayer, Elizabeth Howell and Gfice Rienhoff Serving as ushers wtfe Gilbert M. Warren Jr., the brides brother. Mark Flipski. Soihley Schachne and Scott E Mkkler Jhe bride, an assistant in production at the Lyric Opera of Cncago. was graduated from Skidmpre College, Saratoga Springs. Society Mr. iri Mrs Christopher D Gorman graduate of Middlelown High School He holds an AAS degree in business administration from Brookdale Community College He is self employed After a wedding trp to Jamaica they settled in Middletown Mr Md Mrs Romldl Blume II where Ihey received degrees in ITtarhantcal engineering They work lor Texas Instruments They settled in Carrollton, Texas, after a wedding trip to Florida SirtnUlnch NY. She spent her junior year at the University of Florence in Italy She is it member of the Junior League of Chicago The bridegroom, director of regeneration development at Mid- Con Corp, Chicago, is a graduate of DePaul University's Law School. Chicago, and received an MBA degree from the University of Chicago After a wedding trip to Europe they will live here Continued from Page 1C and room decor She was professionally schooled in the art of flower arranging and design and in horticulture Her strong sense of color will be evident in the decor she will create for the luncheon. The highlight of the decor will be the silk flower arrangements in unusual containers. The grandest of these will sit atop the baby grand piano of guest artist DeAngelis Pink and maroon will be the color scheme of the table settings. Each guest will receive at her seat at the table a basket of perfume and silk flowers The table centerpieces will feature graceful baskets of real pink geraniums Door prizes and other MARLBORO - Mary Marie Dnscoll and Dominick Colonna were married at St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church by the Rev James Spera Feb 23. The reception was at the East Brunswick Chateau The bride is the daughter of Arlene Driscoll. 34 Ryan Road. Englishtown, and the late Edward Driscoll. Mr and Mrs. Dominic Colonna, 51 Morningside Ave, Keansburg. are the parents of the bridegroom Linda A. Driscoll was the maid of honor Diane Tecchia was the matron of honor The bridesmaids were Carolyn Dademo, Laura Colonna, Michele Cioffi, Jacqueline Portello, Susan Iaellgio and Andrea Zaccheo The flower girls were Kristina M Raiken and Melissa Munoz. Gary Detfelsen served as the best man Edward Driscoll, Joseph Colonna, James Kinsella Steven Scaigone, Raymond Janesko, Mark Harrington and Robert Alegre were the ushers Robert Munoz was the ring bearer The bride was graduated from Neri-Shopp MIDDLETOWN - Westminster Presbyterian Church was the setting March 23 at for the wedding of Christine Ann Shopp and Louis Neri. The Rev. Harlan C. Durfee officiated The reception was at Belford Independence Hall Mr and Mrs Ronald Shopp. 43 Compton St. Belford. are the parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son of Frank Neri, 7 Whitehall Way, Enghshtown and Betty Dean. Jackson. Carol A Shopp was the maid of honor, and Dawn Shopp was the bridesmaid. The best man was William Evans, and Art Kaylor was the usher The bride was graduated from Middletown High School North and Union Technical Institute She is a receptionist for Dr. Bertram Feinswog. Red Bank. The bridegroom is a graduate of Raritan High Patterson-Forrest RED BANK - The marriage of Robin Lee Forrest and Kevin Farrow Patterson took place April 6 at the First Presbyterian Church at Tower Hill The Rev Gerald Mills officiated at the ceremony which was followed by a reception at Shadowbrook. Shrewsbury. Mr and Mrs. Edwin A. Forrest Jr., IS Shephard Drive, Middletown, and Mr. and Mrs. E. R Patterson, Colorado Springs. Colo., are the parents of the couple. Jennifer Forrest was the maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Gail Giachetti. Sally Hushcha, Ellen Sells and Michelle Noyes Serving as best man was David Glascock The ushers were Larry Pelzell, Steve Nelson. Harlan Stork, Michael Sullivan. Charles Forrest and Scott Noyes Mrs. Patterson is a graduate of Middletown High School and Iowa State University in Ames, where she was a member of Chi Omega sorority. She is a flight attendant with Eastern Airlines. Jamaica, Manalapan High School. Her husband is a Keansburg High School graduate. They attended Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. She works for Dr. Kenneth Faistl. Colts Neck. He is employed by Shop- Rite Foodorama. Freehold. Their wedding trip was to Bermuda. They live in Freehold Mr MI Mrs. LMrit (tori School., He works for Robert Yachovitz, carpenter. After a wedding trip to Paradise Island. Bahamas, they settled in Atlantic Highlands Mr! Mn Knit F PittartM N.Y. Her husband is an alumnus of Wentworth Military Academy. Lexington, Mo., and Texas A and M University College in Station, where he was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity. He is employed by Marriott Westshore Hotel. Tampa. Fla Their wedding trip was to Barbados They live in Tampa prizes include pieces of porcelain and Waterford crystal The luncheon committee includes Mrs. Irene Sidrer of Oakhurst, reservations, seating arrangements and calligraphy for programs; Mrs. Doris Barrabee of Oakhurst, program of the luncheon; Mrs Doris Chase of Oakhurst, raffle gifts; Lione, decorations; Mamer, publicity and invitations; Mrs. Elaine McMullen and and Mrs. Mildred Lanzaron. both of Lincroft, raffle chances; Mrs. Ofelia T. Zimmer of Spring Lake, Mrs. Ann Nowick of Rumson, Mrs. Katherine Knittel of Red Bank and Mrs. Nancy Fitzpatrick of Little Silver, hostesses, and Bossen. hostess and president HAZLET - The wedding of Jamie Willa Koscal and Kevin Lee Crawford took place April 13 at Faith Reformed Church. The Rev. Lee Donow officiated. The Molly Pitcher Inn., Red Bank, was the setting for the reception. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Koscal Jr., 2 E. Susan St., and Mr. and Mrs. James Davis, Chandler, Ariz. Carole Gass was the maid of honor. Dottie Bidwell, Diane Bachman, Margaret Koscal, Rita Patrick and Robin Mortman were the bridesmaids. The best man was Robert Dickerson. Jeffrey Koscal, Gary Pagano. Michael Flscina, Robert Fanning and James Murray were the ushers. The couple are alumni of Raritan High School. Mrs. Crawford was graduated from Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, and is Mr MfMri. Ktvhi I. Cnwhvi employed by Harleysvllle Insurance Co., Somerset. Her husband works for Conrail, South Plainfield. After a wedding trip to Maine they settled in Middletown. Ferretti- Lospinoso ELIZABETH - Michele Marie Lospinoso, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Lospinoso, 11 Lyon Road, Middletown. and Stephen Michael Ferretti, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ferretti, Staten Island, N.Y, were married April 12 at Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church. The Rev. James Bouffard celebrated the Nuptial Man. A reception followed at Chanticler, Short Hills Alison Lospinoso was her sister's maid of honor. Jacci Paulsen, Sve Margulas, Tracy Lospinoso and Karen Ottavlano were the bridesmaids John Feretti was his brother's best man. The ushers were Gregory Lospinoso, Sam Lospinoso and Maurice, Lospinoso, brothers of the bride, and Bruce Jaeger. The bride was graduated from Middletown High School South and attended Brookdale Community College, Lincroft. She is a customer service agent with Federal Express Corp, Somerset. The bridegroom, a Tottenville High School graduate. Hays-Cartmell RUMSON - Jennifer Banks Cartmell became the bride of Charles Francis Hays at a candlelight ceremony yesteday at St. George's-by-the-River Episcopal Church. The Rev. George J. Willis officiated The reception was at Rumson Country Club. The bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Peter Cartmell, S Club Way, and Tequesu. Fla. Her father is the retired chairman of the First Fidelity Bancorporation, Newark. Her mother is a member of the Monmouth College, West Long Branch, board of trustees, and the Monmouth County Historical Association. The bridegroom is the son of Rachel L. Hays, Great Bend. Kans, and the late Orville E Hays. Mrs Paul H. Zoubek was her sister's matron or honor. The bridesmaids were Mrs. Robert Cartmell-Martin, the bride's sister, and Mrs. Peter B. Cartmell, the bride's sister-in-law. Lawrence B. Dorman was the best man. George C Carter and Robert McC. Young were the ushers. Mrs. Hays is a graduate of Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School and Smith College, Northampton, Mass., where she was awarded an AB degree She is the NF.EDHAM. Mass - Sarah Williams Hosmer and ThomasXemaire were married April Mat St Joseph's Church The bride, who will retain her maiden name, is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Emory F Hosmer Jr., Fair Haven, N J. She was graduated from the Kent School in Connecticut and Wellesley College She is a software Lemaire-Hosmer Mr. us! Mrs. Sttfkw M. Fsrrttti attends Union County College and is a lithographer with Meehan Tooker. Rutherford. Their wedding trip was a cruise tc Puerto Rico. They live in Highlands assistant treasurer for Marsh and McLennan Companies Inc., New York. Her husband was graduated from the University of Kansas in Lawrence. He received an MBA degree from Stanford University in California. He is the chief financial officer and managing director for Marsh and McLennan Inc., New York. Their wedding trip is to The Greenbnar. W. Va. They will live in New York engineer with Digital Equipment Corporation, Stow Mr Lemaire is the son of Mrs. Henry Lemaire, here, and the late Mr Lemaire He was graduated magna cum laude from Brown University, Providence, R I, and is a computer programmer with Apollo Computers, Chelmsford Their wedding trip was to St John, Virgin Islands They live in Littleton INGAGEMENTS Lang-Boyd BANK - Lois Boyd, 183 ury Ave, announces the lent of her daughter. Mabel. of Van Nuys, Calif., to tld Lang, son of the Rev and Nathan Lang, San Diego, Calif. wedding is planned for Satur-,Miss Boyd. daughter also of the be Fredrick Boyd Sr., is a graduate I Red Bank Regional High School, 'e is employed by Allied Bendix rospace-oceanics, Sylmar, Calif., dittends Van Nuys Valley Col- Her fiance is a graduate of Chicago Community High, in Illinois. He also is em- I by Allied Bendix Aerospeacecs. He attends California JVUDDLETOW^^^"'**''!"^ ifcnf of Patricia Marian Sotolongo. tfipaul Alan Transborg, son of ifcriorie Trasborg, 64 Garden Road, jrewsbury. and the late Parker lasborg, is announced by her a Mr and Mrs. Ger*" 1 M, 22 Marlpit Place RtMM lt* Ml Loil tvi* State University Valley College Trasborg-Sotolongo and Van Nuys The bride elect was graduateed from Indiana State University in Evansville. She is a dental hygenist Her fiance, an accountant with Hess Oil Co, Woodbridge. was graduated from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. Allan-Rosko ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Rosko. 33 Simpson Ave., announce the engagement of their daughter, Sara L. Rosko, to James H. Allan, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Allan, Casselberry, Fla, Miss Rosko, a senior at Henry Hudson Regional School, is an electronic assembler and inspector at Cost Improvement Systems Inc. Her fiance was graduated from Henry Hudson Regional School and is in aviation fire control and an avionics technician with the U.S. Navy. ROCHESTER HILLS. Mich. - The engagement of Debra Ann Bove, formerly of Holmdel. N.J., to Christopher Anthony Petruzzelli, son of Louis Petruzzelli of Lincroft, N.J., and Flora Petruzzelli, Holmdel, is announced by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Bove, here, former residents of Holmdel. r Petruzzelli-Bove M< San I total The wedding is planned for 1887 The couple are alumni of Holmdel High School Miss Bove, also a traduate of American Travel School, here. Is a travel agent at Holidazc Travel. Belmar. N.J. Her fiance is employed by Petruzzelli's Brothers Excavating Co. LITTLE SILVER - Announcement is made by Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Callan, 22 Northvale Ave., of the engagement of their daughter. Anne Elizabeth Callan, to Scott Lance Cunningham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cunningham, Newburgh, N.Y. The wedding is planned for June 15. Miss Callan was graduated from Red Bank Regional High School. She is a cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, Washington, where she studied English and theology and received a BA degree. Cunningham-Callan OCEANPORT - Mr and MrT Clement V. Sommers, 41 Seneca Place, announce the engagement of their daughter, Linda L. Sommers, to Edward J. Opaleski. son fo Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Opaleski. East Detroit Mich. The couple plans to be married July 27. Miss Sommers was graduated from Shore Regional High School and received a BM degree in music Opaleski-Sommers She holds a master's degree in public health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is a research associate in the department of health education at the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina. Mr. Cunningham received a BS degree in biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, and an MD degree from Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, N.C. He is a resident In psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center. education from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She is a music teacher at Alpha School, Lakewood; Gateway School, South River, and Harbor School, Eatontown. Mr. Opaleski Is a graduate of East Detroit High School and holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan He Is a mechanical engineer with Ford Motor Company, Rawsonville. Mich.

25 WNMY. MAY 12, 1985 ADVICE Mother leaves moving poetic message Dear Ana Linden: I had a mirveloni mother who loved, Mcrlflced lor aid helped me la every way she could. All my yean of growing up, through college and eveataally marriage, my mother wai at my ilde. When I needed help with my little oaei the was right there lor me. Today we burled that wonderful woman. Can yea Imagine bow I felt when I retained from the lervlcet and found Ihit poem? THE TIME IS NOW "If you are ever going to love me, Love me now, while I can know, The sweet and tender feelings Which from true affections flow. Love me now while I am living. Do not wait until I'm gone And then have it chiseled In marble, Sweet words on ice-cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me Please tell me now. If you wait until I am sleeping, Never to awaken There will be death between us And I won't hear you then. Ann Landers So if you love me, even a little bit, Let me know It while I am living So I can know and treasure It." Now she Is gone and I am sick with guilt because I never told her what she meant to me. Worse yet, I didn't treat her as she deserved to be treated. I found time for everyone and everything, but I never made lime to visit Mom just to give her pleasure. The time we spent together was when I needed her. Never once was she too basy to come help out. Mom lived nearby. It would have been easy for me to drop In for a cup of tea and a hug, but my friends came first. Would any one of them do for me what she had done? I know the answer. When I called Mom on the pbone our conversations were brief aad hurried. I feel ashamed when I think of the times I cut her short with, "Sorry, I have to run." I remember, loo, the times I could have Included her aad didn't. Our children loved "Grandma" from the time they were babies. They often turned to her rather than to me for counsel and comfort. She understood them. 1 realize now I was too critical, loo abort-tempered, too stingy with praise. goals for them were unrealistic. Grandma gave them unconditional love. The world is filled with daughters like me. I hope many of them will see this column and profit from It. For me it Is too late and I am sick with regrets. I'm signing my letter Guilty And Heartbroken Dear Daughter: Here is your letter on Mother's Day. I was deeply moved by it and am sure others will be, too. Bless you for sharing. la alcoholism ruining your life? Know the danger signals and what to do. Read the booklet, "Alcoholism Hope and Help," by Ann Landers. Enclose SO cents with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box lltk, Chicago, III. 60*11. Surgery and breast cancer discussed BY DR. LESTER L. COLEMAN Dear Dr. Coleman: sister found that she had a growth In the left breast about six months ago. She had all the tests with mammography and it was decided that this was a cancerous tumor. Shortly thereafter she went to see three different docton. All of them agreed thai an operation was necessary. The breast was removed and she Is gelling along very well. Now her husband and other memben of the family are having angry reactions. Some think thai the breast should have been saved and that the growth alone should have been removed. I am a graduate student in a nonmedical field. I find it very painful to see so many people destroying each other with their own opiaioas. Miss L.N.R.. New Jersey Dear Miss R For yean, radical surgery was considered to be the ideal form of treatment for cancer of the breast. The decision to uae postoperative radiotherapy alone or In conjunction with chemotherapy depends on the nature of Your Health the cancerous growth, its location and its extension to the muscles In the armpit. During the past two decades, there has been a growing interest in preserving the breast and performing an operation known as lumpectomy (a badly chosen word for such a serious condition). Antagonists and protagonists of lumpectomy and radical surgery have aligned themselves and have been fighting the battle of the breast. Vast studies, undertaken by excellent surgeons at excellent hospitals, have called forth enthusiasm for the conservative approach. Others believe that the radical attack on a cancer of the breast is still the ideal form of treatment. The options open to doctors (not to patients) Include the total removal of the breast, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The surgery, too, has its own variations. Sometimes the muscles of the Ocean County student takes double honors WEST LONG BRANCH - An Ocean County resident who last week received word she'd been given a Job that puts her on the beginning run to a long-cherished career in science, took double honors the same day (May 2) at Monmouth College's Awards Dinner. The Student Government Association-sponsored annual recognition fete was held this year at Christie's Restaurant, Wanamasaa. Kim Lesser of Pine Beach, a senior biology major, and holder of one of the college's prestigious Trustee Scholarships, received both the academic and service awards of her major department for her scholastic achievement and spirit of helpfulness Lesser, who has been president of the college chapter of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, and vice president of Beta Beta Beta, biology honor society, will begin work June 3 as a research assistant in the immunology laboratory at the Armand Hammer Health Center at Columbia University, where In the fall she will begin doctoral studies in preparation for a career in the field of reproductive genetic engineering, her area of special interest. Fellow biology major Edwin Vegullla of Port Monmouth, who will enter New Jersey Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in the fall, received the outstanding achievement award of the college's Pre- Professional Advisory Committee for the Health Sciences. Another "double" winner was Ocean Township resident Linda Beam, a senior foreign languages major, who received the Kelsey Award which honors combined academic standing and athletic achievement. A member of the tennis team, voted this year's "most improved" player. Miss Beam also earned the Spanish prize for her 4.0 grade average in her major subject. A member of toe college's ROTC program, she'll be commissioned at ceremonies on May If, the day she'll receive her baccalaureate degree, and on May 25 she'll be wed to Keith Anderson, also Ocean Township, who is a member of Monmouth's Class of 'M. She'll spend the summer at Monmouth as a "gold bar" recruiter for the ROTC, then In September will begin a promised four-year stint with the Army. The Elvin R. Simmlll Memorial Award for the outstanding graduating senior going to law school went to political science/history major Perry Vallone of Astoria, N.Y., and Long Branch, another of the college's Trustee Scholan, who also received two political science awards ai well as the academic award of the philosophy department. He has received acceptances from the law schools of Rutgers, Fordham, St. John's, and New York universities, and is on the waiting list for admission to Columbia University School of Law. Other award recipients In the School of Humanities and Social Sciences were Mn. Vickl Levine of Mlddletown and Michael Timpanaro of Wanamassa, who received the academic and service awards, respectively, of (he anthropology department; Chris Lukeman of Rumson and Gregory Nowlan of Long Branch, studio art and art education respectively; Robert Kuehl of Newton, the criminal justice academic and service award for scholastic achievement and for his work with students as president of the Criminal Justice Society. Mn. Nancy Lobo of Rumson, who began hjer college studies after an absence from the classroom for homemaking, won the English Merit award as the department's highest achieving senior, while Greg Brown of Colts, editor of the college literary magazine, was awarded the Creative Writing Prize. chest wall are removed Sometimes the glands in the armpit are removed. In other instances, both are left alone. The extent of surgery depends entirely on the combined judgment of the surgeons who are evaluating the individual problem. Surgeons utilize all of the many remarkable devices now available. Mammograms, thermograms, sonograms and nuclear magnetic imagery are all part of the process involved in diagnostic judgment Statistics abound everywhere. Survival rates and recovery rates are confusing to the layman, who cannot possibly evaluate the surgical problem and the extent of the operation. It is perfectly understandable that patients and their families would always prefer the less disfiguring operation. Yet, the cosmetic and social benefits of a modified removal of a segment of the breast are not nearly as important as the total eradication of disease. Multiple opinions by surgeons can help clarify all the issues for patients who are in a rightful state of high anxiety. They deserve the best opinions. Elizabeth Crum of Bogota won the award of the history honor society, of which she was president, and William Nelligan of Long Branch received the Daughters of the Founders and Patriots of the American Revolution award presented annually to the Monmouth student who has emerged as top student in history. Thursday June 6th 6:30 pm 3mt Route 71 * Eatontown spectacular fashions for the entire bridal party from Belmar Fashion Corner FASHION SHOW AT 8 PM Flowers by Van Brunt Music by Bo Ken jo joe Smith at the Piano EXHIBITORS Airways Travel Brlelle Galleries The Face Place Limousine Service Unlimited. Inc. The Barry Corner VkJeogroms Gerard Photography Person-to-Person Invitations A. H. Fisher Jewelers - Fabulous Prizes) Refreshments will tie served. Admission by Reservation Only. $5. per person ALL PROCEEDS TO MONMOUTH MEDICAL CENTER CANCER WING SPACE IS UNITED RESERVE TICKETS NOWI Mail this coupon and contribution of $5.00 per person to. Make checks payable to: OLD ORCHARD INN BRIDAL CONSULTANT OLD ORCHARD INN ROUTE 71 EATONTOWN NJ S Name Check or Money Order enclosed ; Call Margaret at S43-9K0 for further Information Address City State Zip Tickets will be mailed to address above The Refiner The right way to put wedding gown away Dear Heloiae: Just a couple of points on wedding dress storage... Never store a wedding dress on a hanger in a garment bag. The weight of the average wedding dress causes too much strain on the bodice and shoulders of the gown. The dress will eventually stretch and, over the yean, sag. Most garment bags are plastic and plastic can be very harmful to fine fabrics. Because it does not breathe, It tends to allow moisture to accumulate inside the container which could cause spotting or mildewing. Place the dress in a brown cardboard dress box to keep out the light, then tape it closed to keep out the dust. Store the box in a dry, cool, dark place. daughter was married in my 25-year-ofd dress. It was still lovely! Janet Lynn Good advice! A few simple steps help to Insure having a wedding dren beautiful enough for future generations to wear. One of the ways of course is to be sure the dress Is stain-free before storing. Helolse LETTER OP WARNING Dear Heloise: Many paper plates made these days should not be used in a microwave oven because they are made of recycled paper and may contain particles of metal andor other foreign matter. These plates were made only for serving food and may damage one's microwave. However, there are paper plates in the stores that state on the package that they are safe for use in a microwave. Be sure to check for these instructions before using. - J.C.S. QUICK FACIAL Dear Heloise: For a good, steamy facial, open the door of the dishwasher when the drying cycle begins. After the first initial burst of steam has escaped, drape a towel over your head and shoulders and place your face close to the dishwasher. (Of course, use caution! Do not burn the skin). This is so refreshing and saves Hints from Heloise energy, too, in that the dishes can air-dry. Gail Brlce STOVE VENT CLEANING Dear Heloise: I've tried many things to clean my stove vent hood, which also required a lot of elbow grease. One day, seeing my pre-wash stain removal spray sitting nearby I thought I would try it and see what happened. I sprayed all areas of the hood liberally, left it on for a few seconds, then wiped off with a paper towel. (I washed the filters in soapy water). I was really surprised at the results and how easy it was! I think you will be too. - Mn. E. Williamson BATHTUB RING Dear Heloise: To rid one's bathtub of the proverbial ringaround-the-tub, simply add water softener to the bath water. I buy a slightly scented powder in a 15-ounce box, available in supermarkets. I add about two tablespoonsful under the runnning water it foams a bit and dissolves. If a larger amount Is used, it makes for a great bubble bath. Water softener added to bath water is one of the joys of my life. It may also be to others who are plagued with a ring-aroundthe-tub after baths. Lucy John It makes a long soak enjoyable too. - Heloise HINTS FROM HIM Dear Heloise: Two buttons off shirt, the rest loose. No thread? Use waxed dental floss to sew on the buttons. Works great! - R. Pettit, DO. II you have a great bint, send it to Heloise, P.O. Box 8tM, San Antonio, Texas 7KM. She can't answer your letter personally but she might use your hint la her column, so keep watching! MAY SALE DAYS SAVE UP TO 50% ON RUFFLED VOILE TIEBACKS White and Eggshell, Voile, Priscilla with Large Ruffles, Tie Backs and Attached Valance. SINGLE WIDTH TRIPLE WIDTH REG. SALE REG. SALE 96W 54L W63L *. 96W 63L W?2L W 72L W 81L W81L DOUBLE WIDTH 180W63L W 72L W 81L M *f,. ne Whlte & washable. the Home Furnishing Factory Outlet hings-st DISCOUNTS MOSMf ADS MAMS CUtTAiNS CUtTAINS ^ ^ P Shrewsbury Plua-Rt 35 ft Shrewsbury Avt.. YCXJ WILL FIND CXJR ENTRANCE AND PARKING ABOUND THE BACK OF THE SHOPPING CEN- TER WHERE THE TRUCKS ENTER Mon.-Sat. 10 to 5:30

26 SUMMY. MAY 12, 1986 Greeting card moms Mothers You've met the ones today on the greeting cards surrounded by rotes whose very name rhymes with "no other. "The perfect ones with the saintly smiles and the gentleness of a water softener. But in reality, who is the? She's an enigma who is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a gold American Express card, and able to leap three can at the drive-in to order you home before 11. Is she really life set to poetry'' " mother was Genghis Khan in drag When she lived with us the world stopped while the napped." "Mother drives me crazy. I'm 60 years old and she still pours me half a glass of milk and tells me not to spill it." "You wanu talk guilt? I even apologized for having emergency surgery on her birthday." She's an awesome force who has a hold on you that no one can explain, even if you never saw her She is also a bundle of contradictions. "Answer me right now And don't talk with food in your mouth." "I know you love him, but dump him I want you to be happy ' "You have got to start standing on your own two feet and being responsible for yourself. Yon can live at home while you're doing it" She has a scary quality for knowing what you do when she doesn't see it. what you said when Erma Bombeck she doesn't hear it, and what you mean when you don't say it. You spend a lifetime trying to please her and become what she wants you to be. Just when you think you've palled it off, she pulls in the string, nearly choking you to death. You can't teem to sort out the emotions you feel for her -fear, apprehension, disappointment, anger, frustration, love. A mother hat another mysterious quality that defies explanation. Although your father is often bigger, louder and pays the bills, she is the glue that holds the family together. "Your brother's birthday is next week. Be there!" "See you at Aunt Kate's funeral. You don't have to know what she looks like. I'll point her out to you." "Get rid of this stupid answering machine or you're out of the will." Whether she it a good mother or a difficult mother, know that when the diet, nothing will be the tame again. Without her, the family drifts. No one can take the places! by being there. The greeting card mothers are nice But they don't even begin to capture that complex woman who touches our lives in such a way that when she goes the pain is unbearable. LOSE 30 POUNDS OR MORE BY SUMMER Naturally! natural Lifestyle proudly announces the Grand Opening of clinics throughout the Mew York, Mew Jersey metropolitan area! Your weight loss of 3-7 lbs. per week is assured naturally! You'll receive individual guidance fit support from our Professional UfeStyle Advisors- naturally! Your permanent weight loss is guaranteed with our natural lifetime Program Naturally! Mo Drugs Mo Expensive Prepackaged roods Mo Exercise Mo Crash Diets Mo Hunger You Lose Weight naturally! 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Find out more about Ranney School before another term flies by.callshlrieygray at (201) RANNEY SCHOOL 235 Hope Road TtlKon Frfla. New Jmr » A comparison of popular diets A few years ago I went into Manhattan from my home in New Jersey to have lunch with a publicist for Macmillan. The publishing company was about to launch one of my cookbooks. Once in her office, I found her frantically phoning around trying to locate a restaurant in midtown Manhattan that had fresh mangoes on the menu It wat February and there was snow on the ground "Papayas? No good, that was yesterday," she said, responding to an answer from someone on the liiie. Pregnancy or lunacy, I wondered But the explanation proved to be the "Beverly Hills Diet," consisting mainly of fruit, which Macmillan was getting set to unleash on the world From this I discovered that publishing types can get hocked on their own hype! Did the Beverly Hills diet work? I'll never know. By the following week my publishing friend had given up this diet, her enthusiasm dampened by watery diarrhea as well as the nuisance in February of tracking down exotic fruit called for in the diet Apparently, she quit just in the nick of time. According to a review of the nutritional adequacy of several popular and best-selling diets in last month's Journal of the American Dietetic Association, the Beverly Hills diet is inadequate in both the quantity and quality of protein. "Over a long period of time, a serious protein deficiency could result," claim Rutgers University scientists Michele Fisher and Paul LaChance How does your favorite diet rate? Probably not much better. Not one of the diets studied by the food researchers at Rutgers met the United States Recommended Daily Allowances. DIETS REVIEWED Other diets reviewed included the Atkins "Diet Revolution," Stillman "Quick Weight Loss" and Pritikin "Permanent Weight Loss" programs; the "F-PIan;" and "Carbohydrate-Craver's Diet;" Richard Simmons' "Never-Say-Diet;" the "Scartdale Diet;" "I Love New York," and "I Love America" diets; and the "California Diet and Exercise Program." Two-week menu plans were developed for each diet, based on the food choices or guidelines specified in the diet Then each diet was analyzed by computer, using the University of Massachusetts Nutrient Data Bank program, based on government food composition tables. Here's how the diets fared in important nutrients: PROTEIN In shortchanging protein, the Beverly Hills Diet The Slim Gourmet proved to be an exception. Most of the diets offered too much; way too much in some cases The Dietary Goals of the United States Senate Select Committee on Nutrition recommend that only IS percent of our daily calories come in the form of protein. The Stillman diet gets 45 percent of its calories in the form of protein, about 147 grams a day. nearly triple the RDAs The Atkins diet provides 121 grams. FAT AND SATURATED FAT Most of the protein in the American menu comes from meat and dairy food. When Americans overeat protein, they generally overeat fat at well. The Atkins diet gets 71 percent of its calories from fat; the Stillman diet, 48 percent The Senate Nutrition Committee suggests a limit of 30 percent of calories from fat. Most of the diets manage to get just under that limit. The Pritikin program contains the least fat, 10 to 11 percent, followed by the protein-deficient Beverly Hills diet. Not one of the diets achieved the balance-of-polyunsaturated-to-taturated fat ratio urged by the American Heart Association. This means that the diets were not only high in fat, but called for foods containing the "wrong" kind of fat: hard saturated animal fat instead of liquid oil with a high level of polyunsaturates The Stillman diet had the highest ratio of hard fat. The only diet that even comes close to recommended "PS" ratios is the California Diet. CHOLESTEROL Not unexpectedly, the high-fat high-protein Atkins diet and the Stillman diet also had the highest cholesterol level The Atkins diet contained 1,527 milligrams of cholesterol a day compared with only 58 to 78 milligrams on the Pritikin program. The other diets were moderate to low in cholesterol. CARBOHYDRATE The newer diets that came after Stillman and Atkins tend to be high in complex carbohydrate foods (grains, fruits, vegetables) Those with more than 200 grams of carbohydrate a day include the high-calorie California diet, the F- Plan and the Pritkin program The Beverly Hills diet, which is mainly fruit, is also highcarbohydrate. FIBER Fiber is the current magic word in diets According to the food scientists, fiber in the diet aids elimination and provides fullness that may be helpful to the dieter who is restricting food The paint ON SALE? I MRTand PUT TIE of POPULAR designer & " standard colors. IUY AIY 2 gallons of Dutch Boy MTEMOS ful 08 SIN40SS at ourtowmscohnt PBtt' SET ONE I EELi CHUNG WMTE Cat BB EXPIRES 6/9/85 LIMIT ONE PER CUSTOMER BASEMENT WATERPROOFING PAINT intake The average American diet provides only 4 grams of crude fiber a day, compared with the suggested safe intake level of 6 grams. The diets reviewed by the scientists went the gamut from almost non-existent - less than 5 grams PER WEEK in the Atkins and Richard Simmons diet - to more than IS grams PER DAY in the Pritikin program and the F-Plan diet (the "F" stands for fiber). SODIUM Most of the diets fell within recommended ranges for sodium intake, except for the Atkins diet, which exceeds 4 grams of sodium per day. Ultra-low sodium levels, below 1 gram per day, were found in the Scarsdale and Beverly Hills diets CALCIUM All the diets were deficient in calcium, except the 1,200-calorie Pritikin program, the I Love New York diet and the high-calorie California diet. Middle-aged women are a main market for diets; calcium deficiency can be a serious problem for them, leading to osteoporosis after menopause. IRON Among younger women, iron deficiency can be a problem. Most of the diets were iron deficient, except for the high-calorie California diet, the F- Plan and the 1,200-calorie Pritikin program. VITAMINS Richard Simmons' Never-Say-Diet supplies less than 70 percent of the recommended RDA't for more than half of the vitamins and minerals computed. The Stillman and Beverly Hills diets are similarly vitamin deficient, although the Stillman diet does suggest that participants take a vitamin-mineral supplement daily. Among the diets tested, thiamin. B-6 and B-12 are the vitamins most often in short supply CALORIES According to the experts, it's difficult to provide needed nutrients when reducing diets fall below 1,200 calories per day. The 700-calorie Pritikin program is well below that level, as well as Richard Simmons' Never-Say-Diet, at about 900 calories a day. On the other hand, the Atkins program and the California Diet and Exercise program come close to or exceed 2,000 calories a day. Pesto, Primavera, Cacciatore and more! Who says pasta has to be fattening? Enjoy this brand new Clip'n Cook Book collection of international spaghetti, linguine. macaroni and noodle dishes that taste incredibly rich. Send 11, plus 25 cents for postage, to SLIM GOURMET, in care of The Register, P O Box 81189, Cleveland, Ohio Be sure to ask for Low Calorie Pasta Recipes. S# 'Foryour NP)ft '^Masterpiece! DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS :trm : LATEX HOUSE PAINT \ j»2& WAIBCUAM^r LOOK AT THE PRICE! 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27 tummv. MAY Couponing value well worth the time and postage spent IT MARTIN SLOANE De»r Martin: I enjoy your column, but 1 don't think thai ill (host fl manufacturer mail-in refund offers are worth the time and poilage. - A.J. DaSllva, Clear Lake City, Texai Dear A J If you saw a dollar bill lying on the ground, would you pick it up' Sure you would. And you would probably feel very happy about it I feel the same way when I can turn a few box tops or labels into a cash refund Yes. it requires a little more effort than reaching down to pick up money, but how often do you find money lying around' I find hundreds of refunds to send for each year, and those refunds put me way ahead of the game Dear Martin: When I have completed my tour of the supermarket and reached the bottom of my shopping Hit, I make one more stop before I head for the checkout counter. I walk up to the courtesy detk and ask for rain checks for the sale Items I couldn't find. For example, an Item regularly priced at S!.4( appeared In a supermarket advertisement on sale for $1.71. Bat by the lime I did my shopping, it was out of stock. I received a supermarket rain check, good for 60 days, which said I could purchase the item for $1.79. The following week, I found a II coupon for that Hem, so when it came back in stock, It only cost me 79 cents.. It suprises me that more shopper* don't lake advantage of the rain checks that are theirs for the asking. Linda Clnnamond, Avenel, N.J. Dear Linda Thank you for the good advice It really does pay to spend a few extra minutes requesting rain checks for advertised specials in which the sale item is out of stock Two or three minutes at the customerservice desk can add up to many dollars in savings Once you have received a rain check, read the terms carefully Some rain checks are only good for a few days, or you may be required to purchase the item within a certain period of time after it is again in stock Coupons can generally be used along with rain checks for added savings So while you are holding onto your rain checks, it pays to try to match them up with coupons and refund offers as well Rain check tip Keep your rain checks in an envelope in order of their expiration dates Look them over each week as you make out your shopping list and go through your coupons. CLIP N 1 FILE REFUNDS (Week of May 51 Cosmetics, Grooming Aids (File No. U-CI Clip out this file and keep it with similar cash-off -coupons beverage refund offers with beverage ^coupons, for example Start collecting the needed proofs 3>f purchase while looking for the required forms at the supermarket, in newspapers and magazines, and with friends Offers may not be available in all >reas of the country. Allow 10 weeks to receive each ;refund u The following refund offers are worth $25 45 This Jkreek's refund offers have a total value of $44 45 J This offer does not require a refund form: :'. LEE PHARMACEUTICALS $1 Rebate, P.O. Box -fs36. Dept LCP. South El Monte. CA Send a j Volunteers In Action 5 ' The Voluntary Action Center of Monmouth County recruits volunteers for placement In non-profit auman service, cultural, health, tivlc and educational organisations. The Center matches the volunteer to Ihe volunteer opening. Each Sunday, publishes notices of a lew of Ihe center's many volunteer Openings. For more Information, call (he center at from I a.m. to I p.m. weekdays. Keep ihe office running An environmental action center is looking for volunteers who can staff (his busy office, doing typing, filing, priswering phones and helping with nailing and keeping track of news Clippings. Good office skills are heeded choose your schedule a lew hours any time between 9 am and 4 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays Pial-a-ronlribulion J A national health agency will hold its annual phon-a-thon on May 28, 29 and 30 Volunteers with an amiable telphone manner are needed from 6 to 9 p.m. on any one, or all of these evenings. Orientation provided, as Veil as light dinner and snacks, prizes for those callers who do exceptionally well. Herbarium curator i Do you know botany and can you make plants grow? There's a challenging and varied opportunity for you in the herbarium of a park, where you'll be asked to upgrade and complete the garden. This job will use all your skills as a botanist, from planning exhibits to ordering supplies Handyman Now that you've got your own place fixed up, why not help a Monmouth County exhibit hall with your skills? Someone who can do carpentry, some plumbing repair and all sorts of odd jobs is needed The hours are flexible, as fits your schedule EXHIBITORS WANTED HOME AND LEISURE SHOW COMING IN JUNE TO CONVENTION HALL ASBURY PARK ARMSTRONG ENTERPRIZES Super Market Shopper Universal Product Code symbol from Fancy Fingers or Lee Nail Strengthener Kit, along with the cash-register receipt Expires June 30, 1985 These offers require refund forms: BRECK Styling Mousse $1 Refund Offer Send the required refund form and the Universal Product Code from either Extra Style or Light Style Breck Styling Mousse, along with the cash-register receipt Expires June HAIR NOT THERE $1 Rebate from the Sally Hansen Division of Del Laboratories Send the required refund form and the product-name identification cut from the front of a package of a Sally Hansen Bleach or Hair Remover product Expires June JEAN NATE Sports Sock Offer Receive up to two free pairs of sports socks, one size fits all. banded in springtime pastel Send the required refund form and three proofs of purchase of Jean Nate products for two free pairs of sports socks, or send two proofs of purchase for one free pair of sports socks For cartoned items, cut out the product number and the Charles of the Ritz address that appears on the back of the carton For un cartoned items, print the product name, product number, and net weight on a 3-by-5 index card Include a cash-register receipt with each Jean Nate purchase price circled, and a check or money order in the amount of 60 cents for postage and handling This offer is not valid on trial sizes of Jean Nate Expires June 30, 1985 JHIRMACK Beauty Principal Offer Receive a copy of "The Beauty Principal" by Jhirmack spokeswoman Victoria Principal (retail value $17 95) Send the required refund form and four proofs of purchase icut out the ingredients statement from the side panel of any Jhirmack Shampoo. 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May 15,1088 Time: 1:80 PM-8:00 PM Place: H«nb«r *r Auditorium, Rlv«rvi«w MadloaJ Oantar Reglltratlon immediately following Uajor Credit Cards Accepted DON 7 DELAY ACT TODAY Please send more information aoout Personal Stress Management Leading Because We Care Name I ^- Address City _: -Zip. Phone 38 Union Street. Red Bank. New Jersey DR ISM \ College names DeVoe constituency relations director Th.- HfglMt-r ^ - the American Cancer Soci Munmouth College Library Astoria WEST LONG BRANCH - Joan P n her new pojt...oe'j linn, the college'* oldest suppor won has joined the responsibility irol«* formolahon grou l aid m a, ljs, with.pec.a Monmouth College Development Of fice as director of constituency relations She is former crusade support program In this director of Monmouth County I'nit of she will serve also as lia tinguuhed Business Leaden' Dinner! to the in beheld at Uiecolltge April 23. 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28 BUSINESS iy. Colts Neck financier Brennan makes his mark in horse racing If TMCNUVM The Associated Press COLTS NECK - Robert Brennan it the new kid on the block in the tradition-bound world of thorough bred racing, but one who is making his mark as rapidly as he did in the financial world Witness his $26 million bonus offer that has convinced the owner ol Kentucky Derby winner Spend A Buck to run in the $1 million Jersey Derby instead of the Preakness Stakes, the second jewel, of the Triple Crown "This is a business which must begin to deal with real economics." Mid Brennan "It's geared right now to the third-and fourth-generation fatcats. while the overwhelming number of people are getting up at 5a m and scratching to get by What they need is more money to pay the feed bills Brennan and his Garden State Park last December attempted to provide just that, offering a $2 million bonus to any horse that could win the Cherry Hill Mile. Garden State Stakes. Jersey Derby and Kentucky Derby in the same year It was a major task, with a major prize Spend A Buck now is just a victory away from the biggest single payday in racing history 'The concept of the Jersey challenge was new and exciting." aid Brennan "Dennis Diaz ispend A Buck's owner) made the decision to run in the Jersey Derby and he has the opportunity in one race, in one night, to earn two times as much money as Secretanet earned in his entire career That's exciting." And that is Brennan s theory about horse racing make it exciting and attract new spectators "Horse racing has been the No 1 spectator sports in the United States for the last 31 years but less than 10 percent of the people in the country have been to the races, ' Brennan said "We have to use 20th century managerial techniques to turn our industry into one with dramatic growth potential." For Brennan. that requires change He points to the Breeders Cup, an attention-getting one-day series of races, all worth at least $1 million, held for the first time last year to highlight top horses ON THE FARM Robert Brennan. the 40-year-old multimillionaire businessman, owns Due Process Stable in Colts Neck His racing interests came to a head in 1980 when he parlayed $1 million ol his own money into a company that now has worth of more than $150 million. "It was the protectionists in the racing world who were saying the Breeders Cup was bad and would disrupt the fall schedules at several tracks ' he said Well, it did But it forced changes and brought enormous positive benefits and world wide visability to racing " The view of the thoroughbred world was a lot narrower for the 41- year-old Brennan three decades ago The fifth of nine children in a Newark family. Brennan said he began his love affair with thoroughbred racing when he was 10 or 11 years old "I took half the money I earned from my newspaper route and bet it on the horses, he said People in New York like to think they had the first OTB (Off Track Bettingi but there was one in Newark way before that, the bookies " The maverick financier said he read the Morning Telegraph, the forerunner ol The Daily Racing Form, and then traveled by trainand bus to Aqueduct Racetrack in New York City Brennan continued his interest in the thoroughbreds through his years at St Benedict's Preparatory High School here, and during his stay at Seton Hall University, which he finished in just two years In he used $144,000 from acquaintances to found First Jersey Securities Inc. an investment firm that specializes in small emerging companies traded over the counter It took off and so did Brennan. whose personal fortune is estimated at $250 million and includes a 16- room mansion in Brielle In I had my first opportunity to own a horse. " said Brennan I purchased a 2-year-old in training for $20,000 and we raced it first in September I960 at the Meadowlands It went off at 33-1 and I bet $2,000 to win " Not only did the horse win and give Brennan a $68,000 payday, it won with a jockey named Fabian Robinson, who Brennan said had never won a race in his life Even more ironic was the horse's name New Kid On The Block The horse never won again, Brennan said "That really renewed my interest in it i racing I. " Brennan said. "It was a hobby up until then, then it became an active interest ' The following year Brennan took $1 million of his own money and set up International Thoroughbred Breeders Inc, which he described as the first public company dealing in commercial breeding of thoroughbred horses He is the co-founder, chairman and majority shareholders in the company "The racing industry looked at it with shock and horror." said Brennan "It was the first time a piece of the breeding industry had been given to the $2 bettor Before that, the industry was dominated by the social set that kept it behind closed doors We took it from behind closed doors Today. ITB has shareholders and assets of more than $300 million, including ownership of Garden State Park in Cherry Hill and Keystone Racetrack in suburban Philadelphia. Brennan said Besides his public interests, Brennan also privately owns Due Process Stables, named because he thinks federal agencies have robbed Americans of that right The stable has about 300 horses, mostly breeding stock, and last year finished third in the nation in total purse earnings, he said Brennan said he will keep trying to bring about positive change in the racing industry, but knows there will be opposition "It's like anything else in life, the old guard is entrenched in the same positions they have held, " he said. They build up walls instead of reaching out for new ideas ' Top business officers to lead institute discussions WEST LONG BRANCH - The Monmouth College School of Business Administration has recruited senior officers of large corporations as discussion leaders for its first Advanced Executive Management Institute June Among them are Thomas G. Labrecque. president and chief operating officer of The Chase Manhattan Corporation and its principal subsidiary. The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.; Dr Ian Ross, president of AT&T Bell Laboratories; and Donald S Howard, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Citicorp/Citibank Participating also as discussion leader will be Charles F Barber, past chairman of Asarco, Inc. The institute, a residential program for middle and senior management personnel to be conducted on the Monmouth College campus, will address the subject of Strategic Management in Global Society Sessions, which will run from morning through evening, except for the intervening weekend, will focus on lectures and on in-depth discussions and analyses of issues of current pertinence and concern to the managers in attendance. Labrecque, who in the mid-70s helped New York City resolve its financial crisis, and who was Chase representative on the team that worked out financial arrangements associated with release of the American hostages from Iran, will draw upon his experience at Chase in a discussion entitled "The Current Revolution in the Financial Services Industry Ross, who in 1984 was recipient of Monmouth College's first Distinguished Business Leaders' Award, will discuss "Technology's Future In the Business World." He will speak from his own association of over 30 years with Bell Laborlories and Belcomm. Inc., Bell Systems subsidiary which provided systems engineering support for the Apollo manned space flight program. Ross is on the board of governors of the National Space Name reflects merger WESTFIELD Commonwealth Eastern Mortgage Corp. is the new name of the 41-year-old Jersey Mortgage Company. The name rhfng* was made to reflect a merger with one of the largest mortgage banking organizations in the nation Houston-based Commonwealth Financial Group, and to complement recent expansion into I other states in the North- DOMM Howard CtartMlarkK Hi) Rots Club, ane in 1969 and 1975 received the Public Service Group Achievement Award of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Howard, who in addition to his responsibilities with Citicorp is director of the New York Futures Exchange and a member of the Financial Executives Institute and the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council, will address the question "Is Inflation a Threat to the Future of the Economy' 1 " Barber, who retired in 1962 as chairman of Asarco, continued until 1984 as a director of the firm and chairman of the finance committee of the executive board of the corporation which, formerly known as American Smelting and Refining Co., deals in minerals and metals, including copper Barber, who is director and vice chairman of the American Miint Congress, and a former chairman of the Copper Development Association and former vice chairman of the International Copper Research Association, will discuss "The De-Industrialization of America the Case of the Copper Industry " Among other senior corporate officers from major national firms who will lead discussions during the institute are George F Tyrell, vice president of Johnson & Johnson, and Charles Ross, chairman of Merrill Lynch International Enrollment in the institute, which is limited to 35. is nearly filled, according to James R Greene, dean of the college's School of Business Administration at Monmouth College ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF HIGHLANDS mhighlands EDUCATION ASSOCIATION MAY 12, 1985 GOING UP Long Branch Mayor Philip D. Huhn reviews construction plans with Mark and Marilyn Caputo, developers of Sutton Place Sutton Place rises in Long Branch LONG BRANCH - Small developers and investors have found a niche in Long Branch, as have major developers such as William Maloney and Hilton Mark and Marilyn Caputo are two of the growing number of smalkerl investors who are making it big in the city When Mark and Marilyn came to me," stated Mayor Philip Huhn. "I got absolutely excited about their plans and ideas This is exactly what I want for Long Branch! This is an opportunity to show potential investors and developers how we can work together to benefit everyone, especially Long Branch ' The Caputos had recognized for some time the potential that Long Branch has to offer Mark explained, "When we saw Mayor Huhn take control and begin to mount an aggressive campaign to turn the city around, we began to make our move. The mayor's calculated and cautious development plan is going to create a great many success stories But the greatest success story will be Long Branch itself." Huhn believes. "Sutton Place is another step forward in my plan to make Long Branch the greatest city on the Jersey shore. Marilyn and Mark Caputo are an important part of the renaissance of Long Branch. I am pleased that they were able to stay with their convictions during the days when the going got tougher than usual Sutton Place is going to be another development effort that everyone in Long Branch will be proud of." Located at 388 Ocean Ave, Sutton Place is one of the most recent real estate ventures beginning to take shape in this city by the sea The Caputos have brought a project which is valued at more than {4,000,000 to the Long Branch oceanfront But Mark is quick to point out that projects like Sutton Place don't just happen overnight "We can't thank Mayor Huhn enough for his support and assistance every step of the way. Since the Inception of our project 18 months ago, the mayor has been there for us whenever we needed him." "Long Branch needs more developers like Mark and Marilyn," said Huhn "It is projects like this one that are the future of a healthy and sound city economy. A $4,000,000 venture is not small by the stretch of anyone's imagination. It is going to take a lot of investments of this size, combined with major investments, such as the Hilton to get Long Branch developed to its fullest potential "I have been pleased to help get Sutton Place started. The Caputos' previous development efforts in Long Branch, Highlands, and northern New Jersey showed me that they offer the quality projects that I am working to bring to Long Branch." Huhn says he is committed to the development of Long Branch. "I invite investors and developers with projects of all shapes and sizes to contact my office with their proposals I am willing to meet with them day or night, weekday or weekend, if that's what it takes. I want the best for Long Branch, and I'm out in front working for it." Sutton Place will be a six-story building with 24 luxury condominium units Each unit will have two or three bedrooms, and some will offer a formal family room. All units will feature a panoramic view of the ocean Pre-construction prices for the condominiums range from $150,000 to $250,000 Seven units have alrady been sold. Construction is currently under way, and occupancy is planned for January 1986 The sales trailer is loated on the site. Who. was that kid? RASM i is-ihi si MMIR is the perfect day camp for boys and girls ready tor non-stop fun and excitement. From canoeing in Lake Knee-High to competing in the Ranney-in-the-Summer Olympics, our campers play hard and love every minute of it. Whether your child is four, twelve, or anywhere in between, we have an activity-packed program just waiting. Under full, professional supervision, Ranney-in-the-Summer balances "high energy" times and quieter activities. Besides all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports, we have arts and crafts, theah-e, music, nature study, storytelling, and parties galore. Rain or shine, there's always plenty going on. Ranney-in-the-Summer On the Ramify School Campus 235 Ho;* Road, TitUon Falls, Nj Last year's Ranney-in-the-Summer was a huge success. And this summer, it's going to be even better. Wouldn't your child enjoy Ranney-inthe-Summer? For a free brochure and application, call Karen Bogardus, Camp Coordinator, at or Register now for July (4 week*, $480), August (4 weeks, $480), or the Full Summer program (8 weeks, $%0). Door-fewloor bus transportation available to moat I

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IH 1H + 3H 4M I I - 34M 37Hr MCOW MCOli MichK 24 Mlfatm 10 met 120* Nok» MoCUOg Mumtt OurkH 20 MKp 41 PI Cp 2Sr ri f 1313 ts22 14HI7 US 1} 7 S37 1S11S4»ISM 14J1S U to m IU 3H d IH tm IH IH IH I3H I3H IH IH ]H IH IIM IIM I7H ItM IIU II KM I4H I4H UH IIH IIH IH IH UH IIH I0H Z'.t I IM- M 2IM- M I7H+ H II 2M M. i H i*.. M IIM- H 2H ISM- H fh- UfoodA UFoot* *. f MS IS 34S 1S S4 04 SI Itl II IS4 II S S2S SM 4H V.. Vt fh If ASS W+ 13' ISH SS4Stt 3H d T 71 TO 1 UH IS 1 m+m S4M + IM IM+ M S WmC wl WtMrd WITH, g 20 WttnM 41. WKIVI* 107 IH I] III liv. 11 HI IfH 3 IH 10* 144 *''. tttyngrii by Ih. Atuottad *r*u lit! H )H 14M M * > - "..». I 4M H IM IH ISM I4H+ H IH 3M IM 3M+ U IH IH M 7M 7M Vt 7H 7H IM *M 17H II 1.+ H I t 4* i - M I0H I0M- M «"» 2fM+ M 7V) 2t.+ M IM 4M+ M Wall St. sees capital gains D.C. doings I) CMET CUMHBI The Associated Press NEW YORK - In contrast to their usual grumpiness about doings in the nation's capital, Wall Streeters seem to like a lot of the news they've been hearing from Washington lately. The most conspicuous item was the Senate's passage early Friday of a measure designed to shrink the federal budget deficit by means of 1295 billion in spending cuts. Though the plan still faces a potentially rocky road in the House, it got an enthusiastic response from both the stock and bond markets. But some other developments that commanded less attention also have perked up spirits in the investment world. Word has surfaced that President Reagan's modified tax reform proposal is expected to retain favorable treatment for long-term capital gains a provision of the tax code that is very dear to brokers' hearts. Furthermore, Federal Reserve officials are talking about lowering margin requirements the minimum down payment required when investors buy stock on credit. The minimum margin requirement has stood at 90 percent for more than a decade. A lower level would presumably attract venturesome investors into the stock market in greater numbers. These last two possibilities are of relatively little concern to investing institutions like pension funds, which aren't subject to taxes and don't use margins. Such institutions now account for well over half of all trading in the market. So, as John Mendelson, technical analyst at Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. acknowledged, market-watchers might be inclined to say "Who cares?" to the possibility of a lowering of the minimum margin requirement. "However, we believe there may be more than meets the eye in this message," he said. "Once upon a time the Fed utilized the margin requirement as a key means of expressing its policy." From 1947 through 1974, the central bank lowered the minimum margin level nine times. On each occasion, Mendelson found, the action did not immediately touch off a market rally. In fact, stocks posted subsequent declines ranging from 0.5 percent in 1971 to 33.6 percent in But after that lag, the market rallied each time, scoring gains of 18 2 percent to as much as 90.8 percent. The news from Washington, and an accompanying decline in interest rates, helped the stock market bounce back from some early-may selling in the past week. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials rose to 1, The New York Stock Exchange composite index gained 2.47 to a record high of , and the American Stock Exchange market value index was up 2 57 at Big Board volume averaged million shares a day, up from million the week before. The markets' Washington watch promises to continue in the weeks ahead. Paul Volcker, chairman of the Fed, suggested this past week that the central bank had not taken any steps of late to relax its credit policy. At the same time, he hinted that a change of strategy could come after the policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee meets on May 21. The House will begin work on its plan for the federal budget in the coming week, according to Speaker Thomas P. O'Neill Jr., D-Mass The bull market that began on Wall Street more than 2'/j years ago lately has been showing some signs of age. But analysts say a combination of a more stimulative credit policy and solid signs of progress toward narrowing the deficit might well restore it to youthful vigor. TWA finds an 'undesirable' passenger y JAMES F. PtLTC The Associated Press NEW YORK - There's serious turbulence ahead for Trans World Airlines Inc. TWA already is bracing for a possible confrontation with some of its labor unions later this year following months of fruitless contract negotiations. But now it has another problem that is more immediate. Carl C. Icahn, the New York financier, disclosed he owns 20.5 percent of TWA's stock and might seek control of the air carrier. All of which TWA faces at a time when it is struggling to regain steady profitability, reduce its heavy debt load and lower its operating costs to match those of rival airlines. Whether Icahn actually wants to run TWA or has some other goal for his investment his filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission said several alternatives were being evaluated his presence could have a substantial impact on the future of TWA. C.E. Meyer Jr., TWA's president and chief executive, is only too aware of that and he quickly responded to Icahn's disclosure this past week by calling his newest passenger "uninvited and undesirable." While Icahn did not return telephone calls seeking comment, Wall Street has bandied several courses of action he might possibly pursue. For example, he could merge TWA into his ACF Industries Inc., which currently is largely involved in leasing railroad freight cars. Or he might swap his TWA shares for some of TWA's Jets, then lease those jets back to TWA or other airlines. Of course, Icahn also could simply sell his TWA stock. In addition, Icahn could try to take control of TWA and then divest its domestic system, which has been a perennial money loser, and concentrate on TWA's profitable trans- Atlantic service. In the meantime, Icahn's presence he was rumored to be aggressively buying into TWA weeks before his SEC disclosure has clearly benefited the airline's stockholders. The price of TWA's common stock has climbed to a 52-week high of about $17 a share from (12 several weeks ago, largely because of speculation Icahn was interested in TWA. From here, however, some airline analysts are cautious. Charles Hanneman of Thomson McKinnon Securities said he has dropped his recommendation of TWA's stock now that it has reached $17. "On its own independent operating manner, I think TWA at $16 or plus is overpriced," he said. Hanneman also questions whether Icahn could successfully pursue some of the options Wall Street has suggested, such as the swapping of TWA shares for some of its aircraft. "There are not that many airplanes to swap, certainly not many desirable ones," Hanneman asserted. "Secondly, these airplanes are in one way or another all mortgaged, so doing the swap would require the approval of lenders, and you wonder whether they would grant that." TWA's other problems might temper investor enthusiasm about Icahn's presence. While TWA earned $30 million in 1984 its first annual profit in four years the company remains saddled with high labor costs relative to its competitors, TWA and analysts agree, and as a result its profitability has been erratic. In this year's first quarter, for instance, TWA lost $74.3 million, although the deficit was narrower than its $87.3 million loss a year earlier. Furthermore, TWA and the unions representing its mechanics and flight attendants have been negotiating for several months on a new contract, but no agreement has been reached. If a strike occurs, Meyer has made it clear TWA will continue operating, and last month he disclosed that TWA is training mechanics and flight attendants TWA's $1.25 billion debt load also is a burden, as is the airline's route structure, which tends to produce strong summer results followed by a meager performance in the winter Earlier this month, Meyer said TWA would try to reduce the " seasonality" of its earnings by launching service to the Caribbean on Nov. 15. Many of TWA's jumbo jets, having served the heavy trans- Atlantic service in the summer, are then underutilized in the winter when that traffic tapers off. TWA now hopes to reduce that trend by using those jets on the Caribbean service. Icahn's involvement with TWA could continue to fuel the speculation about TWA's future - including its possible need to seek a friendly merger or management buyout and further lift the stock's price. But for his part, TWA's Meyer believes the airline is on the right track and does not need Icahn's help to rebuild TWA's financial strength. "We are convinced that the business strategy we are presently pursuing is the best means to enhance the company's value and to meet the needs of the constituencies we serve," Meyer said in his statement. "Consequently," he added, "we intend to take all appropriate steps to protect the company from any actions that are inconsistent with our goals." CORPORATE NEWS & AWARDS Three new appointments at The Register have been announced. Elisabeth B. Brady of Brick has been promoted to business manager, and Laura A. Lee of Fair Haven has been named promotion director. Frank R. Klogdoa of Fair Haven has rejoined the retail advertising staff. Brady is the former accounting manager. In her new capacity she is responsible for all accounting, payroll and personnel functions for the newspaper. Lee previously held the position of marketing and promotion coordinator. She is responsible for all newspaper promotion and community affairs development. Kingdon was an account executive Bab** I. for from 1969 to 1981, when he became an account executive for The Asbury Park Press, Inn A.I*. a position he held until rejoining The Register. He it responsible for retail advertising accounts in Shrewsbury, Fnnk R. Kingdoa Little Silver, Long Branch, Wwt Long Branch and Southern Mopmouth County.

30 BC Thr Regiilrr SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 Mothers go after money» MtTCMt MCKMOK "Please help me. I have time, energy and determination but no special skills and I'd like to start a business, out of my home, if possible What can I do'" That is perhaps one of the most frequent inquiries this column receives from women readers Making Extra Money As more women enter the labor force 45 percent of all workers in the United States are now women more are also looking for ways to make money at home Young mothers, retirees, widows, empty-nesters and dedicated homemakers are supplementing their incomes and building new careers Though many may be short on specific skills, they are compensating with ingenuity, imagination and creativity The time was never better and the opportunities were' never more plentiful for home money-makers For instance: When she gave up her teaching job, Bessie Lipinski of Phoenix. Ariz, opened her home as a Bed and Breakfast facility Today, besides her own B and B. she operates one of the two Bed and Breakfast referral services in Arizona and represents more than 172 guest houses "One nice thing about this is you can be as busy as you want to be," she said "It's also a great outlet if you are bored, lonely or are truly hospitable and want companionship." she added Marti Smith, 59. lives in Rockford, Illinois with her husband, two dogs, a parrot and runs an employment agency from her home When her children were grown she got a job as a clerical worker in an employment service office About seven years ago she struck out on her own and set up an office in her home By dogged and agressive use of the telephone she has built a clientele of employers who retain her to fill available jobs " In the past six years my income has ranged from $15,000 to 130,000," she reported. Leone L Ackerly of Atlanta. Ga., couldn't find a maid, so she started Mini Maid Services, Inc., to provide cleaning services. "I went from hiring maids to becoming one," she says. Four women worked as a team and they were able to clean a home in a fraction of the time it normally took Soon they were cleaning six to eight homes a day at an average charge of $40 When the business had grown to the point where four teams were in constant operation, Ackerly's husband quit his job as vice president of a securities company to franchise his wife's business That was 10 years ago and to-date they have sold more than 60 franchises in 20 states Jeanne Tusler, president of Pet Vacations, Inc, of Chicago, started boarding pets about six years ago. When she began to get more animals than she could accomodate, she parceled out the overflow with friends and acquaintenances. This soon led to a more organized pet sitting service comprised of animal lovers who were prepared to house animals. In time she accumulated a large and growing list of these locations and makes referrals for which she receives a percentage of all fees She has also franchised her operation in other parts of the country. "Since I began this business my income has ranged from about $15,000 to $40,000 a year In addition, I also earn anywhere from $5,000 to $7,000 consulting with others who want to go into this business," she reported. "I parlayed a chocolate cake recipe into this business and it took almost no start up capital," says Ina Pinluiey of Chicago. "I found a recipe, and kept changing it until it was exactly what I wanted. When it won in a local bake-off I started to get some orders," she added. When she got home from her job as a hospital administrator, she and her friend, Nancy Odell, an unemployed airport planner, would bake about 10 cakes by 11 oclock. They made only one cake, a rich chocolate mousse rendition that sold for $18. Pinkney, who was becoming depressed "dealing with sick people all day" won quit her job to devote full time to the cake business. The baking was soon moved out of her kitchen Into modern quarters where she and her partner now operate The Dessert Kitchen and produce about SO cake* a day jr«r H»w T«ta Your Owa ffhrrf Al HMDC, tend $1 aad a itaaaed, self-addrei»ed. long eavekpe (wly) for booklet: Home BMSMM, Tie Regiiler. MetroiuHl Proas SyWIcatt, P.O. Box MI imthri Cm. mr Pentagon tests foreign weapon: Competitive bids NEW YORK - Well, we've finally found something that can unite the nation on the subject of the defense budget Nobody, hawk or dove, is too crazy about spending $400 for a screwdriver or $650 for a toilet seat. Don't laugh: It's a start. At least these gaudy little embarrassments are forcing the Pentagon to take an overdue look at its lax management and procurement systems, and there is some evidence that this look is spurring a new emphasis on competitive bidding and other standard business practices normally alien to the ways of the military. As the Pentagon tells it, that new emphasis is nothing short of a fiscal revolution, promising us taxpayers 100 cents of bang for every buck in the defense budget. The view in this corner is considerably more reserved. As long as Congress refuses to move meaningfully to close redundant but politically useful domestic bases, and as long as the services themselves continue their extravagantly wasteful separate empire-building, the wise way to look at the fat in the defense budget will still be askance. But even a naughty child deserves encouragement when he starts to do something right, so let's give the current Defense Department leadership credit for at least beginning to change its major-weapons procurement policies to help the administration put a dent in the projected $227 billion national deficit. The need is glaring. While the screwdrivers and toilet seats understandably grab the headlines-on the same principle that one baby's murder is more arresting than Louis Rukeyser an account of a mass murder-these are just tiny symptoms of a more fundamental problem Most major weapons systems have not been competitive They have been on a "cost-plus" basis (rough translation: the more the merrier) that added untold billions to defense contracts. The Pentagon's incumbent bosses have recognized this. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger says that about 90 percent of defense contracts are now competitive, and the trend is toward more competition. The civilian heads of individual services are falling into line: Air Force Secretary Verne Orr notes that "we need more competition" among defense contractors to keep prices down and quality up, and Navy Secretary John F Lehman, Jr, observes, "We've never had a case where the price did not come down dramatically as soon as the second source started producing." One example of the benefits of this new stress on competition: When the Air Force pitted Pratt & Whitney and General Electric to submit bids for jet fighter engines, on which Pratt & Whitney had previously been the exclusive contractor. Orr reported that the result was better engines with longer life, and at estimated cost savings of between $2 billion and $3 billion over the life of the engines. Another example: The Navy last month made a competitive award to Bath Iron Works, a long-time Maine naval shipbuilder, to design a new class of destroyers and build the first ship The Navy had put a celling of $1.1 billion on the ship. The Bath firm bid only $322 million- -and got the job. The highest bid from the three competing shipyards was $413.5 million, and it doesn't require a high degree of cynicism to believe that, without such competitive bidding, the chosen shipyard would have come in a lot closer to that generous $1.1 billion celling. But competition is still a sometime thing in the world of defense. Take the continued Air Force stalling over Northrop Corporation's formal proposal to build 396 F-20 fighters over four years at a firm price of $15 million a fighter, with support costs also fixed for 20 years. The F-20 is, by all accounts, a fine front-line fighter, built by the company with its own resources, that will operate with notably less maintenance than the Air Force's old, noncompetitive favorite, General Dynamics' F-16 Yet the Air Force has requested funds to buy 792 more F-16's at a cost of $18 million to $20 million each, and has shown no interest in the sort of financial and aeronautic flyoff that might settle the procurement issue on a more rational and businesslike basis. So any notion that the Pentagon has already been transformed Into a super-efficient model of competition remains premature The enemy of wasteful, old-boy traditionalism has been identified, but the war has barely begun. New York gravediggers strike could disrupt more than 100 funerals a day NEW YORK (AP) - Gravediggers struck 11 large non-sectarian New York area cemeteries yesterday, disrupting as many as 100 funerals and threatening to prolong the grief of families who cannot to bury their dead The strike began at 7 30 a m after Local 356 of the Cemetery Workers Union failed to persuade cemetery officials to sign a three-year contract endorsed May 1 by 59 other graveyards The walkout embraces 540 gravediggers, crematory workers, drivers and mechanics, said union president Sam Cimaglia During seven hours of bargaining Friday, the union rejected a management proposal for a two-year contract that included the same $25- a week yearly wage hikes and benefit increases as the three-year version. Disagreement arose over pension and health increases in the third year, said Cimaglia and Edward Burke, an attorney for the cemeteries nobody beats our prices \\ 1> A A I ROOMSIZE REMNANTS SIZE il?«l?p W Ifi IS II *12 10 DESCRIPTION WINE CAMEL OAK BO5EMISI PREC PEARL BROWN TOASTED ALMOND CRIT ACC LEAVES SUPER CM CRANfiRY WPP COME ALONG BAY REFLECTIONS BAY TWNHSE BEIGE BAY SILK I FOG CAM OCEAN PEARL CAM LT GREEN CXP T ALMOND SAY ST FIRE CHAMIS EXEC TWISTEX GRAY CLOUO NORDIC BLUE KIDSKIN SUPER 24 GRAY BLUE GREEN GODDESS TERRA COTTA SALE ( in oo r.n < s 2.10? 2.16 «2. IS 7?.l? ? i? 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31 IV. MAY 12, 1985 The Regiitrr HOUSE OF THE WEEK Casual living in Swiss chalet Casual living is the theme of this latest House of the Week, which has the nigged appeal of a Swiss chalet, yet incorporates the refinements of a simple contemporary design. A modified A-frame interior has been carefully proportioned to avoid overpowering the balance of the roof system through the use of stone, glass and vertical siding in a pleasant relationship with each other. Architects Herman York and Raymond Schenke have created Design P-28 for use either as a primary residency or as a vacation house. An airlock entry, with a double front door, is intended to eliminate drafts from the habitable rooms around A large combined livingdining room has a cathedral ceiling, balcony loft connected by a spiral stair, a stone fireplace and sliding glass doors leading to a front deck. all of which contribute to the casual living concept. In the dining area, a pass-through to the adjacent kitchen insures convenient serving, with a bar and sink incorporated in the long counter This opening can be closed with bi-fold wood louvered doors The kitchen appliances are arranged in the popular, efficient triangle Beyond is a family room with a stone fireplace, plus sliding glass doors to a private deck at the rear This room, open-planned with the kitchen, becomes the family gathering place for informality There are two bedrooms on the first floor, an increasingly popular arrangement in that it insures a minimum of stair climbing should the owners select the larger room as their own bedroom. A "split" bathroom provides multiple use of the main floor facilities, with a pocket door between the owners' bedroom and the lavatory portion of the bedroom On the upper level are two additional bedrooms, which can be left unfurnished and. should the owner desire, unfinished A balcony loft, with its own closet, can be used for the children's overnight guests Addiional storage space for large items is available under the roof adjacent to a third bedroom A large bathroom, with storage space beneath the vanity counter is conveniently located between the two bedrooms. In the service area adjacent to the garage, a washup toilet, mud closet and laundry make up another airlock space between the outside and the balance of the house An exterior door in the area leads to the rear yard. The two-car garage is large enough to accommodate storage for P18 FLOOR PLANS Circulation pattern, with bedrooms on both floors, enables the owers lo choose the location of the main bedroom MORE DETAILED PLANS Full study plan information on this architect designed House of The Week it obtainable in a S2.00 baby blueprint which you can order with this coupon. Also, we have available four helpful booklets at each. "Your Home - How to Build. Buy or Sell it," "Ranch Homes." including 24 of the most popular homes that have appeared in the feature, "Practical Home Repairs," which tells you how to handle 35 common house problems, and A Frames and Other Vacation Homes," a collection of our top 24 vacation styled houses.. "THTHOUSETF THI *?EK~" (NAME OF NEWSPAPER) CITY AND STATE Enclosed is check or money order lor it $2.00 «ch of Oesi n P-» Enclowd it 12 M lot RANCH HOMES booklet Enclosed n S2.00 fw TOUR HOME booklet Enclosed is for PRACTICAL HOME REPAIRS Enclosed is lor VACATION HOMES booklet Name Siren Cily Stile lip Do not send cish or slamps garden tools and auto accessories, outdoor furniture and many other items best stored above grade PM STATISTICS Design P-28 has a combined livingdining room, a kitchen, family room, two bedrooms, a split bath, a lavatory, a laundry room and a foyer, totaling square feet A large wooden deck is off the livingdining room. baby blui prints HOUSE FOR ALL SEASONS - Should the house be used for year-round occupancy, the front deck can be eliminated without detracting from the attractiveness ol the design Farmers' financial pressure begets psychological stress WASHINGTON (API - Social researchers are finding increased signs of stress in rural America as thousands of farmers suffer from the worst financial crunch in agriculture since the Depression of the 1930s In one study of 40 families who left farming in the past five years, researchers at the University of Missouri found behavior changes in farm children, high rates of depression and aggressivness and increases in drinking and suicide. But you don't have to be flat broke or kicked off the land to be suffering from stress Ask any farmer who's a month late planting corn because of excessive rain - or who watches helplessly as dry winds suck away the moisture in July and August At the University of Maryland, an extension specialist in human development says stress is becoming more common, and its not always recognized by farmers or their families Psychologist Billie Frazier says farming is full of tense moments and that "too much of that type of stress can have a negative effect and increase the risk of injury and disease." Ms Frazier said research has shown that as the farm industry expands, stress levels increase Advanced technology and the need for more financial planning have made farming a more mental activity than ever "It's essential to set aside rest and relatation time. " she said "The biggest problem people have with stress is not a lack of knowledge, it is the inability to make a commitment and take time off to deal with It." Consequently. Ms Ffazier said, a day when nothing seems to go right can ruin a farmer financially or physically An Iowa State University survey, she said, shows that such a day - complete with machinery breakdowns, animal deaths and financial disaster ranks just behind death as a major cause of stress among farmers Bii)'iiig or Refinancing Your Home in Ocean, Mercer, Mimmuuth, Middlesex, I'nitm, Somerset or Morris Counties? A case can be made that the stress being put upon farm families is no different from the pressures endured by others, including millions of families who have seen breadwinners lose jobs because of economic hard times Whole industries, such as steel and automotive, have suffered traumatic changes in recent years, leaving tens of thousands of Americans without paychecks or forcing them into other occupations where wages are lower According to government figures for March, about 7.3 million Americans were unemployed Last year, the jobless totaled about 7 5 million, down from 96 million in 1983 and 9 7 million in 1982 Half a century ago. as the Great Depression took its toll million Americans were jobless in 1933 By as industry geared up for World War II million still were without work The low mark was in when unemployment dropped to 1.2 million But the crunch in agriculture is relatively new in the experience of today's farmers And the technology, as Ms Frazier noted, has increased rapidly in the past decade or so Wayne D Rasmussen. the Agriculture Department's historian for more than 40 years, talked about some of the big changes in agriculture and the character of farmers in an interview with The Associated Press earlier this year Farmers have always been subject to events beyond their control, such as weather, war. foreign production and "all kinds of events" that bear upon their livelihoods "It's not a new cliche.' Rasmussen said "This has gone on continually ever since this nation was organized But today we feel it a little more, perhaps even a little more than in the '30s. simply because most farms today are single- or two-crop farms like soybeans and corn or something like that New mortgage plan cuts interest costs in half. Cut your mortgage interest costs almost in half... saving $ 7O,OOO- $ 100,000 and more, and reduce your pay period from 30 years to 18years! You can go places too, by being a Register Carrier. Right now, we have routes available in your own neighborhood. Earn extra money and gain invaluable experience in a small business enterprise. Join the Register Carrier Staff and you can go places too!! HOLMDEL MayMrSL EchoCi. Coventry Square KEANSBURG Can At*. rtle Aw. KanmdyWay Manning Fleet CradlRd. Lincoln Ci. Francto PI. PkMVMW AW. Ctjnpvttw Ave. Tl_ani_rtoniJ AlM Carter Av«. CALL HAZLET Talleti Ave. H«ilei Aw OtkwoodaDr. Copper Lane Falrvtcw Lane Courtland Dr. Brooklyn Dr KEYPORT Mi St 7th St 6th St. Gracntrow St. Fulton St. DAILY *-* SUNDAY n*n v * ' oi tumv MATAWAN Matawan Terr. Balmoral Anne Sherwood Ct. Banington Grdne. Rockford MIDDLETOWNI Knolkvood Cardan Apts. Good pay A«J for Chrt. Amboy Madison is making home ownership much less expensive with a revolutionary mortgage plan. It won't cost \iw nearly as much money as a 30-year conventional mortgage, and is no imnv liitliruli to qualify for. Introducing meflxtd nite 1/2 Pay Mortgage. (Also available in one year ARM'S.) It's simple. The 1/2 Pay Mortgage is based on the.ill-war fixed rate mortgage, llul instead of making one payment cad) month, as you would with a conventional mortgage, you pay 1.3 that amount every two weeks (bi-weekly). For example. If your normal monthly payment on a 30-year mortgage was $800. with our 1/2 Pay Mortgage vou would pay $400 every two weeks. Big savings. Hv [laving every two weeks, you make 2b halt payments instead of 12 full payment! each war. This ivduces your loan principal much (aster. Your equity builds more nipidly.uid your inleivst eosts are cut almost in half As vou nn see in the comparison chart, you will save over Sfitt.000 in ivduced Interest costs on a S mortgage and over S on a S75.0O0 mortgage. llurn your mortgage sooner. A comforting thought for many is that our 1/2 Pay Mortgage also pay* oil Wai's earlier than a conventional one. By making bi-weekly payments you may nun your home Ittr and clear in just 1H \THIS. Not 30 wars, live and clear in 1H wars! Eaay payment procedure. The 1/2 Pay Mortgage payment procedure is delightfully easy, loo. No checks lo write, less bookkeeping. Ail \ini do is ppen aii Amlxiy Madison regular checking account. (Over I'M) conwnient deposit facilities are available through the statewide 'Ilvasuivr network.) We will automatically deduct your mortgage payment every two weeks. Why wait? 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32 IOC ENTERTAINMENT SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 WHAT'S GOING ON Music MADRIGAL CONCERT - The Madrigal Singers, whose candlelight concert at the First I'mtarian Church, Oncroft. is a Christmas tradition, make their first spring appearance at the church at 4 p m lodav The program includes works by Bach. Schutz. Byrd. Weelkes and Bloch Vivien Cook conducts the Madrigal Singers and their guest.u-lists on recorder, gamba and lute BACH ORGAN TRIBl'TE - Four.uea organists are presenting an organ recital of the music of J S Bach at 8 p m tomorrow at Si (it-urge sby-the River Episcopal Church. Waterman and Lincoln Avenues. Rumson Recitalists are Elizabeth (' i'.iruso of the host church. Karin Moncrieff, Oakhurst United Methodist Church. Richard Frazier, Matawan Presbyterian Church, and William K Tod't, United Methodist i Mirth of Red Bank '.Jfbt recital is sponsored by the vloamouth Chapter of the American ijqild of Organists It is free and ijtn to the public ORGAN SOCIETY - The Mon inmith Organ Society presents Ric lannone in a concert of popular and classical music at 8 p m tomorrow 4 Buck Smith's Restaurant Palmer *venue. East Keansburg The concert is open to the public. Tickets may be purchased at the door MUSIC, COFFEE HOUR - The Monmouth Arts Foundation presents its music program and coffee hour at 10 am Wednesday at the Monmouth County Library. Eastern Branch, Shrewsbury Joseph Szostak, music professor at Brookdale Community College. Lincroft is the guest He is discussing and playing opera recordings of the Italian composer Gian-Carlo Menotti This free program is open to the public BAND, ORGAN CONCERT - The Salvation Army Citadel Band and Boston organist Earl Miller are in concert at 7 30 pm Saturday at First United Methodist Church. 906 Grand Ave. Asbury Park The concert is a benefit for the church organ restoration fund Tickets may be purchased in advance from church members or atthe church, or at the door the night of the concert. PHOEBE SNOW - A concert by Phoebe Snow takes place at 9 p.m Saturday at the Club Bene Dinner Theater. Route 35. Morgan Snow is best known for her frecording of "Poetry Man " This is her third appearance at the dinner theater The show is preceded by dinner, optional, at 7 p m Club Bene should Anthony J. Micale, M.D. OPHTHALMOLOGY Fyo Physician and Surgeon Medical & Surgical Eye Care Contact Lenses Prescription Eyeglasses Low Vision Care & Aids Orthoptic Visual Training Maintains His Practice At Both: 43 Gilbert St. No. Tinton Falls, NJ Tel No. Beers St. Holmdel, N.j Tel New Location... MATAWAN Rt. 34, Market Place II, MI9IOM C lit R DOCTORS OF OPTOMETRV J Wiiam.n O D DIRECTOR EYEGLASS SPECIALS 30% ^ 1500/0 «Ufa [THUMB Call Nearest Office lor Details SOFT CONTACT LENSES Dally W..r -0Q.. Sphwtcal t.l.nd.d or Tinl.d ' ftm MCIu*ng ** turn cwittci MM tvtiumon IMng WOMM on care and undlirf am) 30 dan unmavm " - vam for initial PWCVM wy EYE EXAM Including Glaucoma Test $ Soul* Strati Th, go tups' PWCES PROTECTED TMflu fl'2 IS Piir.m,r. C«r>Mr Rt HOD pffvioul of*ri CannM I M und in conjunction mil VISA MASTERCARD ACCEPTED THE S 3.99 SALE WEDNESDAY, MAY 8 through TUESDAY, MAY 14 RED BANK ARMY NAVY 12 MONMOUTH ST. RED BANK % OFF EVERYTHING FEATURING CAMPING EQUIPMENT G.I. SURPLUS 2000 INDIAN DRESSES SKIRTS BLOUSES PLUS * THE FOLLOWING ITEMS W)LL BE S_O_LQ AJ ONLY»3.99 EACH!!! I. LARGE JUNGLE FIRST AID KIT NOW STEEL HANDCUFFS NOW *3M 3 G.I. TYPE TRI-FOLD SHOVEL NOW ' SWEATPANTS FOR ADULTS NOW ' PARTY COOK SET. NOW ' NYLON TEARDROP BACKPACK NOW ' MARINE-TYPE POCKET KNIFE NOW»3.9w 8. M BLADE SWISS ARMY-TYPE KNIFE NOW ' SPORTSEAL WATERPROOFER NOW 3.9» 10. G.I. TYPE CAMP AXE NOW 3.B9 II. U.S. ARMY 3-CELL FLASHLIGHT NOW»3.W 12. G.I. TYPE CANTEEN a PISTOL BELT SET NOW >3.M (OFFER GOOD WHILE SUPPLIES LAST) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK be contacted for reservations. N.J. SYMPHONY - The New Jeriey Symphony Orchestra is in concert the Count Basie Theater of the Monmouth Arts Center. 99 Monmouth St.. Red Bank, at 3 p.m next Sunday Russian pianist Bella Davidovich is the soloist. George Manahan is the conductor The program includes Stravinsky's "Song of the Nightingale, " Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 3, and Beethoven's Symphony No. 3. Tickets are available at the Arts Center box office. CHRISTIAN, GOSPEL CONCERT The Joyful Noise, singers of contemporary Christian and gospel music, present a benefit concert at 8 p.m next Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church. 255 Harding Road. Red Bank Admission is free, but offering proceeds will benefit Asian Youth Ministries which serve disadvantaged youth and families in the Red Bank-Tinton Falls area Also in concert are Crossroads, a youth gospel ensemble which combines music with sign language, and SIDING the Asian Singers The concert is open to the public. JAZZ AT LIBRARY - The Tal Farlow Quartet presents a free concert of jazz music 3 to 5 p m next Sunday at the Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch, Shrewsbury Performing are Farlow. guitar; Warren Chiasson, vibes; Gary Mazzaroppi, bass, and Todd Straight, drums. Farlow s career includes work with the Marjorie Hyams Trio. Buddy DeFranco, the Re Norvo Trio and Artie Shaw's Grammercy Five The concert is open to the public Theater RICH HALL AT BENE - Rich Hall, a new star on television's "Saturday Night Live." entertains at the Club Bene Dinner Theater, Route 35. Morganville at 9 p m Friday His stand up comedy act includes satire, commentary and sight gags that examine the fabric of mainstream America Dinner, at 7 p.m., is optional The dinner theater should be contacted» R t K ALUMINUM «. VINYL CO. INC. TAEKWONDO WORLD'S MOST POPULAR MARTIAL ART Men, Women, Children - All ages NAUTIIAJS* AEROBICS Call or stop by for a free complimentary workout. MIDDLETOWN I MATAWAN I EDISON I SAYREVILLE M 35 nttaurt Cwiit I % 34 McktU rkn Oih»«* flan I H St m» ttin I I Patio I Bright Acre Perfect Collections kj IHNMII ' trvpitww p \{j NOW reg ' Table Chairs * One of the many furniture Collections Now on Sale at the Bright Acre Stores Hours: Daily & Saturday 10-5:30 Sunday 10-4 HWT 14.WM.lTwP NJ (Nil for reservations. "SOLID GOLD CADILLAC" -r Monmouth Players are presenting "Solid Gold Cadillac," at 111* Navesink Library Theater, Monmouth and Sears Avenues, Navesink. This Howard Teichmann George L. Kaufman comedy is about women trying to get ahead in the world. Dorothy Turner is directing the show which has final performances Friday and Saturday Performances are at 8:40 pm Tickets may be obtained at the door. "THE SUPPORTING CAST" - A comedy by George Furth, "The Supporting Cast," is being staged by Pine Tree Players at the Community House Theater, 3rd and Madison Avenues. Spring Lake. Friday and Saturday, and May 24 and 25. Tickets may be purchased in advance at the theater from 7 to 8 pm Thursdays, and at the door beginning at 7:30 p.m. the nights of performances. "WHO GOES BARE?" - The Dam Site Dinner Theater is staging "Who Goes Bare? " at the theater Sycamore Ave, Tinton Falls This show celebrates the 10th anniversary of dinner theater productions at the Dam Site by Kathy Reed. Denis Lynch, a founding coproducer, is directing this anniversary show. Featured in the cast of this British sex comedy are Robert Kras, Lavalette; Glenn Kelman, Holmdel. Bob and Pat Hendrickson. Red Bank; John Dwyer, Elizabeth; Mary Ann Schulz, Shark river Hills; Bob Thompson, Shrewsbury, and Colleen Carroll, Toms River. Guest appearances are slated by Jane Milmore and Billy Van Zandt Performances continue through May 26. Performances are Wednesday, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Dinner arrival time is 6:30, and curtain is at 8:30 p.m. The Dam Site should be contacted for reservations Dance DANCE RECITAL - The fourth annual Family Resource Associates dance recital takes place at 1 p.m. Saturday at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Colts Neck See WHAT'S Page 11C Our campers canoe. Can you? Each canoe in the Ranney fleet takes two explorers to Lake Knee-High. And that's just the beginning at the perfect day camp for boys and girls Ranney-in-the-Summer Call Today or Still SMOKING or EATING too much? You cmn STOP SMOKING or control you- EATING HABITS la «u easy tetstoa with HYPNOSIS OVEREATEM: Brinf that body of youri to Uw iteit km COM prof ram and in Just two and one half noun traatform your MIIM habiu - no diets, gimmicks, fads, or restrictions Sound incredible 1 It It! TV power of Higgettion leu you get a handle on emotional Mtiiuj Eat what you really want and be wrprimd to find it's a lot leu and au» more nutritioiu than you imagined possible SMOKERS: Bnruj your cigarettes to the nut low cost program and in just two and one half noun leave your kabit with me S«untf incredible It is 1 No withdrawal, weight gain, gimmicks, or games You just ilop smoking Over have done it' One out ol JO actually forgets that he/she tmoked in the first place. CAl/C OftVE Iff which IncludM liletito Turn. May 14. Hypnosis Center. R*d Bank, 7:30 P.M Woighi Mgmt Wed May 15. Hypnosis Center, Red Bank. 7:30 P.M Stop Smoking Call Please Take Notice off Hydrant Flushing!

33 SUNDAY. MAY 12, 1985 The Rrgialrr 11C WHAT'S GOING ON Continued from Page IOC The stars are young special needs children dancing jau, ballet and aerobic rhythms Under the direction of Carole Ehlinger, the children have attended dance classes aimed at providing fun, recreation and the benefits of improving coordination, balance and grace in movement. The public is Invited. Donations are accepted at the door. Auditions DEAKIN DANCE CO. - Maureen Deakin is auditioning dancers for places in The Deakin Dance Ensemble at 2 p.m. next Sunday at the Deakin Studio, 8 Broad St. Red Bank. Dancers 12 through 35 are sought. Friday is the registration deadline. Dance programs are scheduled for June 2 and Aug. 7. MOVIE TIMETABLE Information for tha mow!* llmatabla It provided by thaatar operator! Sine* movlaa ara ublact» cftanga. 11 la racommanoad trial readart call tha thaatar to confirm correct llmat HONMOVTH COUNTY AB1RDIIN TOWNSHIP tnuthmom CINIMA I SUCk (R> 1:00. J 20. I 30 nuthmom CINIMA II Moving Violation* (PO-UI , B 20 ASSURV MUM LYRIC I-THCATRI All-Male Adult Fllme (XXX) oontlnuoue from noon through 11:30 p.m. LVMC KrTMATM AllOIrl Adult Fllmi (XXX) continuous from noon Irxouoh 11:30 pm Top Hot New Straight Fllnu XXX) continuous from noon through p m ATLANTIC HIOHLAHD* ATLANTIC CINIMA I Moving VtoMUona (PO ATLANTIC CINIMA II Tha Falcon t The Snowman R> 2:00. 7 IS. 30 IATONTOWN COMMUNITY I Tha Purple Rote ot Cairo IPO) : COMMUNITY II- Qlrta Juel Want to Have Fun IPO) AST KUNiWICK BRUNBWWK au»m CINIMA I- Dungeon Master (PO-13) 2: :56, 7:55. CLEVELAND BALLET - Open call auditions by the Cleveland Ballet are planned for Saturday at American Ballet Theater, 890 Broadway, New York. Dancers should provide biographies and full-length dance photographs. The company performs a classical, eclectic repertory. PARK SUMMER THEATER - Performers are invited to participate in the Monmouth County Park System's open auditions for the summer theater presentation of the musical "Man of LaMancha." Auditions for adults are at 8 p.m. tomorrow and Tuesday in the Tatum Park Heath Center, Red Hill Road, Middletown Participants are asked to have a prepared song for the audition and should wear comfortable clothing. An accompanist will be provided. Paul Chalakani is directing the production which is scheduled for»56 MUNSWICK SQUARE CINEMA II Just One of the Ouys (PO :00, 6: :00 DIIHOLD PNMHOLD CINiMA»- Deeperawy Seeking Susan IPO : FM1HOLD CINIMA a- jsuru Mask (PO-13) 1:00. 7: MtMHOLD CINIMA t- SMS Just Want to Have Fun IPO) t:2s»t. t CINIMA I- Code of Silence (PI) : RT. I CINIMA II. Flappln' (POI 1:00, :25 RT. CINIMA III Ruetters' Rhapsody (PO) RT. 9 CINIMA IV- Police Academy 2 [PO-131 1:00. 7:36. 9:25 HAXLIT Rt. 36 MIVIIN Code of Silence (Rl 640; The Terminator (R) 10:32 HOWILL TOWN. Moving Violations (PO-131 7:30. 9:20 Classic^ July 11 to 13, and July 18 to 20. Additional information is available from Angela Knox at the park system offices. SHAKESPEARE PLAY - The Monmouth County Park System plans open auditions for high school and college students for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare May 28 and 29 at Tatum Park Activity Center, Heath Center, Red Hill Road, Middletown. Karin Coorod directs the production June 28, 29, and July 5 and 6. The production is part of the park system's "Shakespeare on the Lawn" series. Angela Knox may be contacted at Thompson Park, Llncroft, for additional information. Lectures, film SMALL BOOK CLUB - "We the Living," by Ayn Rand, is being COUNTRY Stick (HI 7:20. 9:30 LONO BIUNCH LOHO BRANCH I- Coda of Sllenoa (HI 1 00, 730.» 30 LONG BIUNCH II- Hustlers Rhapsody [POJ 1:00. 7:30. 9:20 MiootarrowN UA UIDOLCTOWN I- RusUers' Rhapsody (PQ) 1:18, 3:16. 5:15. 7: UA MIDOLETOWN II- Coda ol Silence H> 2:00. 4: :00. 10:00 UA HIDOLSTOWN III Olrls Just Want to Have Fun (PO-13) 2: :00. 6:00. 10:00 UA HIDOLSTOWN IV- Just One of the Ours (PO-13,1:30. 3:30. 5: :30 UA HIDOLITOWN V- Happln- PO) 1:30. 3:30, 6:30. 7:30. 9:30 UA MIDDLtTOWN VI- Cara Bears (0) 1:00. Despersrately Seeking Susan IPO-13) : :46 UA MIDOLSTOWN VII Police Academy 2 IPQ-13) 2:15. 4:15. 6: :46 OCEAN TOWNSHIP SSAVIIW SQUARE CINEMA I Dungeon Maater (PO-13] :46. 6:46.7:46. SSAVIIW BOUARE CINIMA II- Code of Silence [HI 2: :00. 6:00. 10:00 MIOOLIBROOK I- Movlng Vlolallona (PO-13) 1:00. 7:30.»:20 MIDOUBROOK It- Trie Last Oregon (PO RID BANK RSD BANK MOVIES I- Mask (PO-13) 1:00. 7:15. 9:40 RID BANK MOVIES II- Ootcha (PO-13) , 9:30 SMRIWSSURY SHMWSSURV PLAZA CINEMA I Rustlers' Rhapsody IPO) :30. 5:30. 7:30. 9:30 SHREWSBURY PLAZA CINEMA II- Loel In America (HI 1: :46. 7:46. 9:46 discussed at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch, Shrewsbury. The free program, open to the public, is part of the Small Book Club series. DECORATIVE ARTS - The Monmouth County Historical Association presents the final program in its American Decorative Arts lecture series at 8:30 p.m. Friday at Rumson Counry Day School, Bellevue Avenue and Ridge Road, Rumson. Wendell Garrett, editor and publisher of the magazine Antiques, is speaking on "Genteel Folk and the Common Man: Elite Art and the Folk Tradition In American Life." He lectures widely on American decorative arts and the social history ofthe United States. Following the lecture there is a reception in the school's library. Tickets are available at the door. SHREWSBURY PtAZA CINIMA III- Jusi One of the Quys (PO-13) 1:46. 3:46. 6:46. 7:46. 9:46 MIDDilSeU COUNTY MOM MENLO PARK CINIMA I- Witness R) I 30. 3:30. 5:30. 7:30, 9:30 MINLO PARK CINIMA II- OoKha (PO-13) 1:46. 3:46. 6:45. 7:45. >:45 WOOOBRIDOI CINEMA I- Rustlars Rhapeody (POI 2:00. 3:46.5:30. 7:30. CINIMA II- Just One ol the Ouys (PO 13) 2: , 6:00. 9:00. 10:00 BEAUTY CONTEST MISS LEISURE TIME TO BE SELECTED AT THE HOME AND LEISURE SHOW JUNE Girls 17 thru 21 call SUMMER FLOWERS - Annuals for summer bloom is the subject to be addressed at 2 pm. next Sunday at Deep Cut Park. Red Hill Road Middletown. This Sunday Seminar is sponsored by the Monmouth County Park System. Pre-registration is required. Program reservations at Thompson Park, Lincroft, should be contacted FRIDAY NIGHT FUCKS - "Gone with the Wind" is being screened at 7:JO p.m. Friday at the Monmouth County Library, Eastern Branch, Shrewsbury. The film stars Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard. It is a Civil War epic based on Margaret Mitchell's best-selling novel st Admission is free. "JOY OF BACH" - The Monmouth Civic Chorus and Trinity Episcopal Church are co-sponsoring ATLANTIC TWIN ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS. ALL SEATS $2.00 THE FALCON & THE SNOWMAN *^ MOVING WVlOlflTIONS STRATHMORETWIN IWr 3J ABERDEEN SH3 4U1 ALL SEATS S2.00 MOVING VIOLATIONS BURT REYNOLDS is SAT -SUN. MATINEE AT 2 a screening of "Joy of Bach" at 7:30 p.m. next Sunday in the church's Fellowship Hall, 65 W. Front St., Red Bank This one-hour film covers the life, times and music of J.S. Bach, and is part of the continuing clelebration of his 300th birthday Admission is free. Children VICTORIAN TOYS - Games and toys of Victorian America are featured at a program 1 to 3 p.m. today at Longstreet Farmm, Longstreet Road, Holmdel The farm staff, dressed in period See WHAT'S Page 12C P0UCEACADEMY8 MOVIES AT MIDDLETOWN HI 9 CINEMA MIDOIETOWN FREEHOLD $250 UA MIDDLETOWN RUSTLER'S RHAPSODY fcob CODE OF SILENCE CHUCK NOrmil GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN RAPPIN' JUST ONE OF THE OUYS THE CARE BEARS POLICE ACADEMY 2 thllhflmiuiicwfllt pol DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN l~ <i BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER RexO'Herlihan. The singing cowboy. To a lawless land he brought truth, justice, fancy riding and some wonderful outfits. am -10 pm Mon. thru Sal. Featuring: P*nna Dutch Slab Bacon sliced frtsh for you e Char Broiled Hamburgers frtthly ground 4 hand pattltd dally a Chill Hot Dogs... quality dogs with our famous homemade chill sauce s homemade soups, unique sandwiches, dally specials and MORE... OF MATAWAWS HVERSARY Join Our Go* Club l the best W» go out ol our way to locals tha freshsat menu Kama and axpartly prapara tham with 'irom scratch" cooking In a Irlandly and claan nvlronmant. Wa'll give you good slzad portions with a good prlcal ED EC VIDEO CLUB IIs L s C MEMBERSHIP' wrlh Purchase of VCR or Camera OR. THE TOWN OF TITIPU ONE SHOW ONLY Saturday, May 25, :00 P.M. COUNT THEATRE Tickets»17.50, '12.50 &»7.50 at box office Mon.-Fri. 12-6, Sat For info, call Monmouth Art* Center 99 Monmouth St., R»d Bank Ticketron, Teletron East River Road Rumsin, N.J. S WN J khooletown BmCM PLAZA TME wbyif S 4HMB *Tl*lDDtET f FmU HOLD 171 tl» ETOWN AOOTE9 4 IArMVH.Lt ClNEUA AMtOv MULTIPLE?IMUI m MM /LOM0MANCH IHHfWSMMV MOVIES SHREWSBURY,»>2* nine»i>2* /I HI SMS NOW PLAYING AT A THEATRE NEAR YOU MKK10WN HtttJtMA ftubmflqv BMCKTOWN ROUTit UA MOVKS AMBOY MULTIPLEX* I PROMISE YOU GOTCHA WILL GET YOU REDSTONE AHSOY MUITI'LEX SAVREVILLE III MOO 0ENEH4L ONEMA xsssr E BRUNSWICK 2U»M CtNIMAM TOTOWA 2M-M24 CINEMA 2M TWIN CHESTER tlum MUSIC MAKERS CIRCLE CINEMAS BRICKTOWN 49M07) COLONIAL POMPTON LAKES I3MTM FRANKLIN NUTLEYHM777 MUSIC MAKERS FBtEMOCO CINEMA SIX FREEHOLD «! WOO LOfWt HARtJONCOVE QUAD SECAUCUSWIOOO TRIANGLE HAWTHORNE HAWTHORNE W lilt GENERAL CINEMA HUDSON PLAZA CINEMA JERSEY CITYOJIIOO HYWAV TWIN FAIRUWN 71*1717 MUSIC MAKERS INTERSTATE TWIN RAMSEV LINCOLN TRIPLEX ARLINGTON HJ M I! LINWOO0 FORT LEE H4-NO0 MIDDLETOWN «71-lOM MOVIE CITY TEANECKI3JI354 NATHAN NEWTON TWIN NEWTON 311!M0 GENERAL CINEMA OCEAN COUNTY MALL TOMS RIVED I«0 SDK RIALTO TRIPLEX WESTFIELD23? I2M AMC ROCKAWAY12 ROCKAWAY TNSHP mom GENERAL CINEMA SHREWSBURY PLAZA GENERAL CINEMA SOKERVILLE CIRCLE RARITANS3HI01 GENERAL CINEMA WOOOBRIDGE WOO0BRIDGEUH4U OFF OUR MGULAR 3 YD. MOD MEMKRSNIP bjmvum JUST ARRIVED: Body Doubll, POf» 0) Gfasnwicli Vlrtaot, Otl flod You Otyll. Nlnjl III, Tlrolnator. Sgcwoirl. Unoar tf» Volcano. Oom With The Wind. UWt Brummr Otrl. Country. Cotton Club. Tatcnn, Mgiit Pttrol. MKM 1 Man*. BratMn' 2. Ounj, Mining In Action, Tlw KaraH KM. Tin Falcon I Tin Snowman C«y Heal. Tha River. Falling In Low, Ohouim. Tha Fkmlngo KM. 1«M trnrni amm *mu*. TO C PANASONIC* CABLEREADY VCR 0% S1O IWELESS REMOTE. J «sav2 program, tmrttmai. M M rsosn). Ml Iran *» amon. 21t AM 1I.I7 par Hank roc STrnMtii SWITCH TO BASF CHROME VIDEO TAPES FINAL COST» IUTH6 m FHANCC CHAME * FAB M M DAY1 Club Membership Honored At All 50 Locations l(nkt to BeqfceT Hantwvi) PMTMNW.."'.".'.'.'.".'.'.& IT. 71 (South of ChartH Brown's) 5S3-M00 WKWaWY 44J fmibjmsxttt[ha. Hut) MO-jjOW f um MMPI...HT. 36 * mmmm > /Paddock's Piial... 3»W»79 VWA MC-OflH 7 PAYS WIAWCHHW AVAILABLE- CeJ («1) SS4-MM APPETIZERS Lobster C-.ktall... $4.50 Shrimp Scampi 4.25 Stuffed Mushrooms 375 Escargot 4.50 Clams on the Vk shell SPECIALS Steak Plzzlola, $9.50 Chicken Kiev 6.95 Prime Rib Veal Cordon Bleu 9.25 Dally Double (2-ona. Ib. lobueri) Veal Marsala % Ib. Stuffed Lobster Veal Plecata 8.95 Chicken Plecata 7.25 Shrimp & Scallop Scampi 9.25 Broiled Seafood Combo (Shrlmp-Scallops-FlouodBf-LobitBf) Fresh Fish of the Day 6.95 Plu$ Children* Mtnu It's the comedy that's gonni gctchr iortnmmnou 10 WUOJ,

34 ]tt The Rrgiller SUNOAY. MAY 12, 1985 WHAT'S GOING ON Continued from Pag* 11C costumes, will have toys dlipuyed and games to play that were popular during the Victorian era Visitors may also tour the historic farmhouse and farm to see other aspects of life on a late 19th century working farm. The program is free Youngsters under 12 must be accompanied by an adult Special events ARBORETUM TOUR - The Montrlair Art Museum plans a public arboretum tour of the museum grounds at 2 p m today The museum lawns abound with some SO varieties of trees and some 20 shrubs One of the rarer species is a Dawn Redwood, considered extinct until it was rediscovered some 40 years ago in an isolated mountain valley in China Bought in 1983 when it was three feet tall, the museum's tree is now 45 feet tall Howard Van Vleck. landscape consultant and honorary museum trustee leads the tour In case of rain the arboretum tour is rescheduled to May 19 ALLAIRE FLEA MARKET - A flea market is planned Saturday at Allaire Village Wall Hours are S am to 4 p m PLANT EXCHANGE - The Monmouth County Park System plans a plant exchange beginning at 10 am Saturday at Deep Cut Park. Red Hill Road. Mktdletown BLACKSMITHING WORKSHOP Registration is taking place for a blacksmithing workshop planned for 9 am to noon Saturday at Longstreet Farm. Longstreet Road. Holmdel The workshop is for persons 14 and older Program reservations at Thompson Park. Lincroft. should be contacted for registration information In addition, the work of a blacksmith is explored at a program noon. to 3 p.m. next Sunday at Longstreet Farm. Longstreet Road. Holmdel Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult The program is free and open to the public MUSEUM OPEN - The Little Silver Post Office Museum. Prospect Avenue. Little Silver, is open for the season Cut glass dishes used in the 1M0* Berden Boarding House are the focus of an exhibit through May 26 Also featured are memorabilia of the borough, an antique bottle collection and Indian artifacts all on permanent display The museum is open 2 to 4 p m Sundays only HISTORICAL HOISES OPEN - Two 18th century historic house museums have opened for the season The homes are the Allen House. Sycamore Avenue and Route 35. Shrewsbury, and Marlpit Hail. 1ST Kings Highway. Middletown Both homes are operated by the Moomouth County Historical Association A new exhibit. Down in Jersey. They Made Glass,'' is featured at the Allen House It provides information about the state's glass industry Hours at both houses are 1 to 4 p.m Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10 am to 4 p.m. Saturdays. Group tours are available by reservation. Information is available from the Association headquarters. Freehold CIRCUS TIME - The 115th edition of Ringling Bros, and Bamum & Bailey Circus is at Madison Square Garden. New York. Featured are animals, acrobats, clowns and the controversial living unicorn Shows continue through June 2. SEASONAL SOJOURNS - The exhibition. "Seasonal Sojourns: Migrations in North America," is featured at Monmouth Museum. Lincroft The exhibition seeks to probe mysteries of migration and to promote awareness of this phenomenon in the earth's ecological system Through maps, graphics and mounted specimens in natural habitats, the exhibition provides a means to explore the migratory habits of North American creatures. Museum hours are 10 am to 430 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and 1 to 5 p.m. Sundays Guided tours are available weekdays on a pre-booked basis. Atlantic City CLARIDGE Country music stars Roy Clark and Tammy Wynette share the stage for two nightly shows Friday and Saturday. PINE TREE'S "SUPPORTING CAST' - Sally Peele. left. Neptune, stars with Sally Bassoff, Ocean Township, in Pine Tree Players' production of "The Supporting Cast" at the Community House Theater, Spring lake Performances continue Friday and Saturday, and May 24 and 25. Curtain is at 8:30 p.m for all performances. Tickets for this George Furth comedy are available at the door SNOW CONCERT Singer and guitarist Phoebe Snow will be in concert at 9 p.m Saturday at the Club Bene Dinner Theater, Morgan She is best known for her recording of "Poetry Man " This is her third appearance at the dinner theater. Dinner is at 7 p.m. and is optional Club Bene should be contacted for reservations HELP WANTED RESTAURANT EXPANSION OFFERS IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES. SEE OUR AD IN THE CLASSIFIED DISPLAY SECTION TODAY UNDER "RES- TAURANT HELP" T«ll frtend... TENSION RESPOND TO CHIROPRACTIC CARE! Mothers' Week Because one day isn't enough For all the things your mother does, don't you think she. deserves more than just one special day? Bahrs Landing does, so we're declaring Mothers' Week. And as a special treat any day of Moms' week, or Sunday May 12, take Mom out for a great dinner at Bahrs Landing. She'll enjoy the food, the beautiful view, not having to clean up, but most of all she'll enjoy knowing how much you care. Mothers' Week: May 6 12 foy* OPENING MAY 20, 1985 The Brass Horn celebrates it's 5th anniversary by returning to Fair Haven in new premises at 604 River Fine Decorative Hardware for Homes of Distinction. CHIROPRACTIC CENTERS, P.A. New patients now being accepted PEN 7 DAYS most in««accepted ^ A S Call Today Hwy. 35 H, Nan** Nor* ecu If you're like most 'people, you find it clifficuit to save money. And there's no security in not saving. We can help you get that secure feeling. First, et your goal. It may be'a new car, house, vacation or retirement. After you've set your goal, It's time to choose the right plan and we offer you the largest variety to choose from. Regular savings accounts, certificates of deposit, tax-deferred IRA's. If* up to you now, soon you'll be on your way to complete flnantlai security. save with confidence \jj Landing ^l^r - Esi i9ir ** Est 2 Bay Avenue, Highlands, N.J. (201) Just off State Highway No. 36 MIDDLETOWN YOUTH ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION DAY AT Treat your family to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and support your local Volunteer Sports Association onald's.mainstay FEDERAL /\> li>^.s)9 \SMKMTIIIS 36 Monmouth St.. Red Bank FSJC

35 SUNOAY. MAY 12, 19S5 Thl- Hvn'l»U-T IP Classified. =INDEX= Public Notices (Legal.) Special Notlcei Lou tnd Found Spacld Nollcet.ACTION LINE Tr«va(-Traniport«lion^ Inalrucllon g 12 is Buslnect Directory Builneat Service 21 Arti a Cralti 22 Employment Help Wanted Male or Female 51 help " 53 Situation Wanted Female 54 Babytlltlna/Chlld Care Domestic He Situation* Wanted Male Situations Wanted Male/Female Child Cart/Nursery Schools Financial Business Opportunity Mortgages Money To Loan Money Wanted Merchandise Merchandise lor Sale Garage/Yard Sale- Machinery For Sale. Rental Service- Farm Equlpmen Auction Sales Ptts and Livestock. Aircraft. 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If It contains an error call classified. All ads are restricted to their proper classification and set In the regular Daily Register style ol type Right Is reserved to edit or reject any copy or ad TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD CALL THE ACTION-LINE MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30-4: Aberdeen AMRDCUN TOWNSHIP I0WNO BOARD Of ADJUSTMENT MONMOUTH COUNTY, N.J. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE thai tha undersigned haa appealed to the Zoning Board of Adjustment of (tie Township of Aberdeen for a variance from tha provisions of Section B042 of lha Zoning Ordinanoa. ao aa to allow tha erection ol a fence approximately 10 ft from Ihe property line adiacent lo Idtebrook Lane and inside ol the prevtouary created protective screening area running along Idleorooh Lena, on premises located at 06 idleetor-e Lane, Aberdeen Townehlp. New Jersey and also known ss Block 81. Lot 11 on the Ta«Map Section 50*2 requires the fence to be eel beck a minimum of 25 ft. front idteorook Lane. Thla appeal» now on the secretary calendar, and a public hearing haa been ordered for Wednesday. May 22. 1MS, at 00 p.m, prevailing time, in tna Council Chambers. One Aber tteen Square. Aberdeen Town ship. New Jersey at which lima you may appear either In person Of by agent or attorney, and present any objection which you may neve to granting of tun «p KALAC. NEWMAN AND QBIFFIN A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Attorneys for the Applicants James A and Pslricis R. Untert-uraer 034 State Highway 35 PC BOM ISO MlddMtown. New Jeresy 0774a DATED Mey 10. IMS May 12 SI 211 Aberdeen NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the undersigned hes eppeaied to the Zoning Board oi Adlustmem of the Township of Aberdeen for vensnee from the provisions of Section 4t IB or the Zoning Ordinance so aa lo permit relocation of eilstlng auto body -epei shop, which Is s non-conformlnc uee in e Light industrial Zone from Building SIS to Building f 10 on premises loceted on 7*1 Lloyd Rd oeecnbeo ss follows Industrial SIM known ss Block 11. Lot f on the Tax Map which is within 100 feet of property owned by you The application, maps end plans ere on file el the Department of Planning. Zoning and Development. One Aberdeen So. Aberdeen. NJ. end are available for inspection wee* days from 630sm.to430pm Thl* appeal is now on the Sec retary s calender, end a public hearing has been ordered for Mey 22. tees evening, et S 00 p.m prevailing time, in the Council Chambers et which lime you may appear either in person or by agent, or attorney and present sny ooisction which you mey neve to grsnting of this appeal. This notice Is served upon you by order of the Aberdeen Township Bosrd of Adlustment Mark Slads Applicant OATEO April 26 IMS May 13»I5 4«223 Fetf Haven " 223 Fair Haven during regular business hours Miriam Abrsmowltl Dated 5 May. teas May Keypoft NOriCE TO BIDDERS Nonce Is hereby given thst sealed proposals will be received by the Borough of Keyport for Portsbls Emergency (Com* pressed Air) Breathing Apparatus lor ths Fire Department, be rscaivsd. opened and reed in public st Borough Hsll. 1S-K Msln Street. Keyport. New Jersey on Tuesday. May It, teas at SIS P M. Prevailing Time. Contract documents and apsciflcallona are on file In ths Offics of the Business Administrator. ie-20 Main Street. Keyport, New Jersey and msy be obtslned by prospective bidden during business hours. Proposals must be made on me Standard Proposal Form* in ths manner dselgnsted In ths Contract Documents, must bs enclosed In seeled envelopes bearing the name and eddree* of ths Bidder and the n*m* of ths work on the outside, eddreeeed to Msyor snd Council. Borough of Keyport and must be accompanied by e statement of Consent of Surety from a surely company suthorlied 10 do business in ths Stale of New Jersey end acceptable to the Borough and either s Bid Bond or Certified Check drawn to ths order ol Trsssursr of ths Borough of Keyport, tor not less thsn ten percent <10H) of ths amount bid eiioopl thst ths ensck need not exceed S The swsrd of the Contrsct for this work will not be made until the necessary funds havs been provided by ths Borough of Keyport in a lawful manner Tit* Borough reserves ths right lo require e complete tlnsnclsl end experience statement from the prospective bidders showing that they have satisfactorily completed wont of ths nature required before furnishing proposal forms or specifications or before awarding the Contract Proposals for this Contract will be scoepted only from bidders who have been properly qualified In accordance with the requirements or the Contrect Documents The right is siso raaerved to reject any or sli bids or to wtsive any Informant)** where such Informellty Is not detrimental to ths best interest ol the Borough Ths right Is slso reserved to Increess Or decrease In* quantises specified In the manner designated in 234 Marlboro PUBLIC NOTICE PURSUANT TO THE RE- QUIREMENTS OF THE MARLBORO TOWNSHIP PLAN- S INO BOARD. NOTICE IS HERE- Y GIVEN THAT ON MAY 1, IH5. THE FOLLOWING ACTION WAS TAKEN: P B MARLBORO OR- CHARDS, approval was given for final major subdivision PB A F A88OC. wse given epprovel for line' major subdivision P B BARRY JOHN- STON, wes given epprovsl for final ma or subdivision P S CHESTER FARMS/HAMPTONS, was given spprovsl for llnsl on a major subdivision P B ENTRIVEST, a resolution denying minor subdivision wss reed snd paal May 12 SSOO 236 Middletown PAIR HAVIN ZONINO BOARD OMDJUSTMSNT NOTICE Re Block 12. Lot Poplar Ave Fair Haven fteaas take Notice that Miriam Abramowiu:. owner of (he above property t\aw applied to the Fair Haven Zoning Board of Adluatment tor a variance for addition of a bathroom The existing nonconforming garage he* e aideyard LSI' where 5 la required i-j.tri The Board haa set Thursday, June 8, 1888 at 7:48 p.m. at the Borough Hall. River Road. Fair Haven ea the time and plec* for the public hearing In this matter All interested person* may apr ir at the public heerlng either person or by attornsy and be heard with regard to thl* application A oopy of thla Application and all pertinent maps, drawinga, and documents have been filed wttht the Borough Clerk and may id al the Borough Hall The successful bidder shall bs required to comply with the provisions of the New Jeresy Prevailing Wag* Act. Chapter 194 of the Laws of 1S88. affeodv* January Bidder* are required to comply with the rsqulrsmenls of PL 1S7B. C. 127 JOHN J KENNEDY Business Administrator May IBS2S 231 Little Silver AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER VIII. LICENSING or ooes. OP THS REviaao OSHSPJU. OPHMNANCBS Of THE BOHOOOM OF LITTLE SILVER This is lo certify that ths for*. going ordinaries wss Introduced for first rsadlna by in* Borough Council of the Borough of Little Silver. County of Monmouth. Stale of Nsw Jsrsey, on April 15 tea* and wea finally adopted on May Anthony T. Bruno Mayor ATTEST Stephen Q Greenwood Borough Clerk May S8 AN OR0INANC* TO AMENO CHAPTtR XI. ITRSETB AND SIDCWALKB, Of THE REVISED OENEKAL ORDINANCES OP THE BOROOOH OP LITTLE SILVER Thla la to certify that th* torsgoing ordinance wss Introduced for first rsadlng by the Borough Council of the Borough of LitUs Silver. County of Monmouth Slat* of Nsw Jsrsey, on April 15 s finally Mey S. IMS 1889 end was Fy adopted on Anthony T Bruno ATTEST: Stephen G Greenwood Borough Clerk May 13 classified everyday U1UC NOTICE Please ba advlmd thai me PUnning Board of Middletown Township will hold public hearmg to amend <M Maeter Plan Thla meeting win take place in lha main moating room of Town Hall. 1 Kings Highway. Middlelown. New Jersey at t 30 p m on May 22. IMS This notice) n being mad«pursuant to Seciion C ol tr>e Municipal Land Uaa Law and tha purpoa* of tha hearing la lo consider an amendment which plaoaa Block 11. lot 401. alto known tha BMkimn- Qullck Tract, in tha OR-5 OMice Reeearch, land uaa catagory and to daalgnata floor araa ratio limit* tor tha B-l B-2, B-3 B-4, M-1. OR-4, and OR-5 land uaa categories Should you heve any specific commanta you may appear at ihia hearing and preeent aama althar orally or in written form A copy of ma propoisjd amendment which la lha Subject of tha hearing l» available for public inspection during regular fftce Monday thru Friday. n lha Mlddlaiown Towmhlp Deartmant of Planning, Johnson- III Anna*, Ona Kings Highway. Middletown New Jersey Dorothy OSheughnesay Planning Board Secretary MM May 12 1M R»d lanfc 239 R»d Bank PUBLIC NOTICK AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED ORDINANCE AMENDING SEC- TION I, ARTICLE 1.3. ENTITLED. RENT LEVELING AND CONflOl BOARD" OF CHAPTER 8. ENTITLED. BUILDINGS. SIGNS AND FENCES" OF THE COM- PILED AND REVISED ORDI- NANCES OF THE BOROUGH OF RED BANK was presented 'or oduotlon and Hrst reading on April 24 IMS and on May 0. IMS was finally adoplad and approved ATTEST Ruth M Eacha>lbach. Borough Clerk. Micnsai J Arnona. Mayor May 12 $7 SB BOND ORDINANCE HOV1O- NO '0* TNI PUBCMAtt Of> A SANITATION TRUCK, IN AND IV TM1 BOMOOOH Of M O IANK, IN THt COUNTY 01 MONMOUTH. KflW JIMMY APPROPRIATING 1110,001 T H I R I F O H ANC AUTHORIZING TMt ISBUANCl OP 1104.fOO BONDS OH HOT 11 OP TMI aoflouqh TO 'INANCI PANT OP TNI COST THCMOP. BE IT ORDAINED BV THE BOROUOH COUNCIL OF THE BOROUGH OF RED BANK. IN THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH, NEW JERSEY (not laaa thsn two thirds Ol all members thereof affirmatively concurring) AS FOL- LOWS: Section 1 Tha improvamanl deacrlbed in Sactlon 3 of thla Bond ordinance la haraby auinoriied to ba undertaken by tha Borough of Rad Band, Naw Jsrsay aa a general improvemant For tha Improvamant or purpoaa daacribad in Saction 3. mere Is hereby appropriated tha turn of S Including tha sum of 1S.5O0 as tha down paymant rsquirad by tha Local Bond Law. The down psymant la now vailabla by vtrtue of provision lor down paymanl or for capital improvamant purpoaa* In ona or iora pravlously adoptad lorm promulgated by tha Local Finance Board showing full detail of tha amandad capital budgat and capital program aa approved by tha Director of tha Division of Local Qovarnmant Sexvicas is on Ma with tha Clark and ia available thara for public inspection Sactlon e Tha following additional matters ars hereby determined, declared, recited and stated ( ) Tha improvamant or purpoaa described in Sactlon 3 ol this bond ordinance is nol a currsnt eipenea. It la an improvement or purpoee mat tha Borough may lawfully undertake aa a general improvement, and no part of the cost thereof has been or ahall be specially assessed on property spec HI ly benefited thereby (b) The period of usefulness of the improvement or purpose within tha limitations of tha Local Bond Law, according lo the reasonable Ufa thereof computed from tha data of the bonds authorized by thla ordinance, is B years (c) The Supplemental Debt Statement required by the Local Bond Law haa been duly prepared and filed in the office of the Clerk, and a complete executed duplicate thereof haa been filed in the office of the Director of tha Division of Local Qovernment Services In the Department of Community Affairs of tha Stale of New Jersey Such statement shows that the grosa debt of the Borough as defined m the Local Bond Law it Increased by tha authorisation of the bonds and note* provided in thla bond ordinance by $104,900 and (he obligations authorized herein will be within alt debt limitations prescribed by that Law (d) An aggregate amount not exceeding for Items of expense Mated m and permitted under N.J 8 A 40A.2-20 la included in the estimated coat indicated herein for the purpoee or improvement Sactlon 7 All grant monies received for tha purpoee described in Section 3 hereof shall be applied either to direct payment of the coat of the improvement or to payment of the obligations issued pursuant to this ordinance. The amount of obligations authorized but not issued hereunder ahall ba reduced to the extent that such runda are so eceived Section S The full faith and credit of the Borough are hereby pledged to the punctual payment of the principal of and the interest on the obligations authorized by thla bond ordinance Tha obligations ahall be direct, unlimited obligations of the Borough, and the Borough shall be obligated to levy ad valorem lames upon all the taxable ree> property within the Borough for the payment of tha obligations and the intareat thereon without limitation of rale or amount. Section 9 Thla bond ordinance ahall take effect 20 days after the Krai publication thereof after final adoption, aa provided by the Local Bond Law NOTtCl OP FINDING ONMNANCI The ordinance published herewith was introduced and paased upon first reading at a meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Red Bank, in the County of Monmouth, New Jersey held on May 8, IMS It will be further considered tor final paaaage. attar public hearing thereon, al a mealing of said Mayor and Council lo ba held in the Council Chambers. 32 Monmouth St Red Bank, in aald Borough on May 22. IMS. at 8 o'clock P.M., and during tha week prior to and up to and including the date of auch meeting, copies of said ordinance will be made available at tha Clerk's Office to the members of the general public who shall request the tame Michael J. Arnona. Mayor Ruth M. Eachetbach Clark May Section 2 in order to finance the cost of the improvement or purpose not covered by application of the down payment, negotiable bonds are hereby authorized to be issued In tha principal amount of $104,500 pursuant to the Local Bond Law. In anticipation of the Issuance of the bonds, negotiable bond ai tielp authorized lo be issued pursuant to and within the limitations eeenbed by tha Local Bond preac Law. Section 3. (a) The improvement hereby authorized and the purpose for the financing of which the bonds are to ba issued is for the purchase of a sanitation truck tor the Borough. (b) The estimated maximum amount of bonds or notes to be issued for the Improvement or purpoee la as stated In Section 2 hereof. Id The estimated coat of the improvement or purpose la squaj to the amount of the appropriation herein made theretor. Section 4 All bond anticipation lotee laeued hereunder shall mature at auch ttmea as may ba determined by tha chief financial jfficer, provided that no note hall mature later than one year Tom its date. The notea shall seer interest at such rate or rates md be In auch form aa may ba Mtermlned by the chief financial jffloer. The chief financial officer iheli determine all matters in connection with notea leaued pureuent to this ordinance, and the chief financial officers signature upon tha notea shall be conducive evidence as to all auch determinations All notes issued hereunder may be renewed from time to time subject lo the provisions of N.J.S.A. 40A; 2-S<e) The chief financial officer la hereby authorized to aell pan or ail of the notes from time to time at public or private sale and to deliver them lo the purchasers thereof upon receipt of payment of the purchase price plus accrued interest from their dales to the data of delivery thereof The chief financial officer is directed to report m wrtang to the governing body at the meeting next sueoaedlng the data when any sale or delivery of tha notea pursuant to t h* ordinance la made Such 6 Lost and Found FREE FOUND ADS As a service to our community, Tha Dally Register is offering a FREE 3-llne FOUND ad for 4 days under our Lost A Found classification S DOG 1/17 TINTON FALLS - small tan female mined Pug Owner please call Associated Humane Society FOUND Lady* bike Vicinity Ideal Beach. 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Organiiatlons. Nursing A Boarding hornet FOFTTAROT CONSULATION English A Spanish Dorye, By Appt only Help Wanted Male or Female ACTORS. MODELS. V 0 PEOPLE All work lan't in NYC Mon. Cty has opportunities Let us show you the way. Send pics A resumes to Special Artists Management, Inc, PO Box 312 Little Silver. NJ Accounts Payable Secretary Good math and typing (kilts required We offer excellent benefits and profit sharing Salary par hour 8 AM to 6 PM. 5 days a week. Overtime over 40 hours Call 760-7S60 U.S. HOME CORP. An Equal Oppty Employer 51 HtlpWanUd AMUSEMENT PARK Need! Porters, ride operators, cashien and ride manager Call ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDANI - For personnel Effective July Requirements, minimum of 10 years experience in education with at laeat 3 yeara in administrative School Admlnle- I'slor certification 12 month calendar Deadline for applications, Friday May 17, 196)5 NO CALLS Please tend resume to Or Frederick W Ball, Aeelatanl Superintendent lor personnel 59 Tindall Rd Middleiown. N J E.O E ATTENTION! Please mention THE REGISTER whan replying to a Register employment ad. AVON No experience neceaasry 3&4fe-5O% commission For Interview call or AUTO MECHANIC With at Meat 5 yrs. axp. Muat be knowledgeable in all ares* of car repair Cell Mo Qaa, Leonardo ask for Emad BARTENDER Exp'd only. Full time Barnacle Bill's Rest apply In person AUTO MECHANIC F/T. Muat have own tools A exp Apply ai Monmouth Auto Exchange. 101 Oakland St. Red Bank AUTO BODY PERSON 10 yra axp. able to uae frame machine Benefits Call John for appt between 9-5. Marlbcro auto body Help Wanted AUTO MECHANICS Immediate openings for experienced people Mutt hava own tool* A be smperlenoed in brakes Iron! end A auto air cond, A have knowledge of alignment machine A angina analyzer Good alerting alary A high commission as ell as paid vacations Contact III Enoch st for inter- BEAUTV CULTURE INSTRUC- TOR Licensed Bi-ilngual Spanish. Call BOOKKEEPING ASSISTANT P/T Seeking individual with currant axp. in all phaees of bookkeeping, related reports. soms job coat. Typing A filing a muat Call SBS *K Monmouth County end me maturity achedute o* the end (he name of the purchaser Section 8. The cephal budget of the Borough of Red Bank la hereby amended to conform wtih the provietoos of thla ordinance to Ihe etrtent of any tnconalatency tmmmw The reaokitton in the NOTICE TO BIOMM Notice la hereby given that seeled bids will ba received by the Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commlsalonere at the Monmouth County Park System ADMINISTRATIVE OF- FICES. Thompson Park, Newman Springs Rd., Linerott. Naw Jersey 07738, until 10:00 a.m., prevailing time on THURSDAY. MAY 23, 1988 and then publicly opened and read aloud for the following 1. PRINTING A CIRCULATION OF TABLOID OF EVENTS (BID # ) 2. APPLICATION OF OUST CONTROL - SOIL STABILIZA- TION SERVICES (BID # ) 3. FURNISHING A DELIVERY OF FENCING (VARIOUS WOOD TYPES) BID # ) Bid Documents. Including Instructions To Bidders, complete Plans and Specifications, and Propoeel Forma may be obtained by qualified bidders et the ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES Of the Monmouth County Park System, Thompson Park. Newman Springe Rd, Lincroft. New Jersey between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 4 30 p.m.. Monday through Friday. If requested by potential bidders, the Monmouth County Park Syetem will mail a bid packet to auch bidders The Monmouth County Park Syetem only aeaumea the reeponeiblllty for placing bid packet in tha mail, and not for the proper and timely delivery of auch pecket. Bids must be submitted on the proposal form provided or an exact duplicate in the manner designated and required by tha specifications Bids submitted muat be encioeed in seeled envelopes bearing the name and addreaa of the bidder, the title of the bid. and the worde Seeled Bid' Bids are lo be addressed to the Monmouth County Board of Recreation Commlaalonera. Newman Springs Rd.. Llncroft. New Jersey Bids muat ba delivered at the place and before the hour mentioned above. All bidders are required to Tactfully execute and carry out all requirements of the Affirmative Acttoneof PL C 127 The Monmouth County Boerd of Recreation Commlsetonert laairrai the right to we've any informalities In, or to refect any or ell bids, and to award contract* in whole or In pert, if deemed In the beet interest of the Boerd to do ao. No bidder may withdraw his bid wtthin thirty (30) day* following V* data of bid opening The Monmouth County Boerd of Recreation Commlaalonera sheh reserve the right to hold bide for sixty (60) days prior lo sward of con tracts All Inquiries are to be directed to Ihe PHjroheeMg Department at (toihii loflat By order ol the Beard of Recreate*) Commlea-onera of the County of Monmouth Roes w Meghan. Chairman Jemee J Trunoer. Director Bob a Cam. Purchasing Agent Mey 11 *M.O4 I AM PLANNING To take a motorcycle trip to Yellowstone National Park this year. Looking for companions lo share exse Call If no Beep trying I HAVE WORKED FOR AN INT L Company for 20 yra Catholic We Own a lovely 3 bdrm, home Unable to have children and wish to adopt a healthy infant. We offer love A an excellent upbringing He p ua to fulfill a dream Med. exp. pd. Call collect Sam A Cathy. I WILL NOT Be responsible for any debts other than thoae incurred by myself, Robert F Grothuaen, PO Box 317. Keyport ^ _ LOSE WEIGHT A EAT TOO' All Natural Herbal Diet. Full refund if not satisfied Call Velari* MRS. SYLVIA PSYCHIC READINGS Advisor on all problems of Ufa Tarol Carda. Astrology A Palm MRS. MILLER Reader & Advisor Also Tarot Card Reading Call for appt Carr Ave Keaneburg. SPECIAL TAROT CARD READING (5.00. ACCOUNTING CLERK HAZLET AREA Needed in controllers area with financial reporting Duties will include fixed asset accounting, accounts payable and payroll ADP or MSA payroll system knowledge desirable Educational requirements include an associate degree in accounting or prior experience in the field Excellent starting salary and benefits Hours era Mon-Frl. 6:30am-5pm Apply In person to Personnel Depi or call John Ertia at ext 250 United Jersey Bank/Midstate Route 9 N A Phillips Dr Old Bridge. N.J M mile N of the Route 516 Intersection Equal Oppty EMptoyer M/F ALL AROUND MECHANIC For general repair A maintenance on road department equipment. Phone or call in person Mr Charles Buck. Colts Neck Road Dept At. 34 A 16, Colts Neck am -4 p m. Appliance Parts Dietributoi seeks person for counter sales Positions located In Southern Monmouth to Northern Ocean County Salary commensurate with experience. Call Andy al for appt ARTIST Paate up/layout for high volume printer Knowledge of typesetting preferred but will tram Some deaign work. Muat be salt-starling Portfolio necessary Call JIM at p m BANK TELLERS Open a career at COMMERCIAL TRUST! t6 One of New Jersey's most rapidly expanding & dynamic financial institutions Is offering promising TELLER careers to applicants with good figure apitlude & customer relations skills. We currently have openings in: MIDDLETOWN Salaries are commensurate with experience We offer an excellent benefits package including a I matching thrift plan, medical A I dental coverage A tuition ralm- 'bureament Please call CINDY ; BOTT at j Ext. 474 Commercial Trust Equsi Opportunity Employer M/F/H/V BOOKKEEPER Monmouth CoUege Proceed gifta, granta. contributions Including benefit accounts Maintain budgets Generate financial reports Data entry work Secretarial duties aa assigned Applicant muat nave excellent typing A interpersonal skills Musi be adaptable to a computerized operation 2 yeara related exp required. Liberal fringe benefits Including tuition remission Application! may be completed in office of personnel service*. Woodrow Wilson Hall no later than May An Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Employer 51 Help Wanted TELLER TRAINEE First Fidelity Bank. NA. NJ hs a permanent part time opening In Atlantic Highlands. Hours are 1:30pm-5:30pm Mon-Frl and occasional Saturday mornlnga. We provide a fully paid teller training program. If you have heavy cash handling experience, excellent communication skills and enjoy dealing with the public, call between ipm and 4pm on MONDAY ONLY (201) First Fidelity Bank, N.A. NJ Equal oppty employer M/F BARTENDER Exp preferred Call between 12-2 p.m. A p.m. W BOROUGH CLERK TREASURER The Borough of Weet Long Branch la seeking applicants lor the position of Borough Clark snd Treasurer Prior experience m governmental/financial areas preferred Application forma can be secured at Borough Hall during business houra. submit application and resume to Mayor Frank Clint Sorrentlno. Borough Hall, 95 Poplar Ave.. Weet Long Branch. NJ CARRIERS WANTED For Tlnton Falls area. Wellington Rd. area. Please call Steve Gardella at CAREER-MINDED PERSON To learn financial aervicea. Salary to 1500 per week white learning Call E O.E. CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED No Experience Necessary Herat an exciting opportunity for a bright beginner in search of a rewarding future Excellent typing and spelling necessary Also you must be fast and flexible to meet the dayto-day challenge! in our busy environment We'll teach you everything you need to know for thla diversified. interesting job Qood salary, incentives, and excellent benefits Call lor an appointment , Ext. 252 An Equal Oppty Employer M/F CARRIER WANTED Keyport. Division St, Broad Si, Main St. area Call Cathy Berkley. Dairy Register or BOYS/QIRLS 7th thru 10th grades WORK AFTER SCHOOL t SAT EASILY EARN M0 TO ISO WEEKLY NO TRANSPOR- TATION NECESSARY. HOW- EVER YOU MUST LIVE IN KEANSBURG. PORT MON- MOUTH. AND MIDDLETOWN AREAS THIS IS NOT A PAPER ROUTE FOR MORE INFOR- MATION CALL MR. TAYLOR AT *0 CARRIER WANTED Pot delivery in the Rumeon-Fair Haven area Approximately 1 '4 to 2 hours per day About 1200 per month Reliable car a muat. For information call: Susie. HIM CLERKS ENTRY LEVEL Charles of the Rltt is seeking individual! to do general clerical duties-good typing, filing, figure work and heavy phone CRT la a plus PLEASE CALL OR APPLY - BETWEEN 9 AM - 4 PM PERSONNEL DEPT Charles of the Ritz Group Ltd. noule 35 HOMuMf. NJ Equal Oppty Employer M/F MAKE IT YOURSELF Follow the antics of irtis lively turtrt on a sat of towels cloin mall or apron Embroider m bright colon sasy stitches Pattarn 864 transfer ol 4 motifs simple dirtciions U.6U lor uch pattern Add 50c each pattern for postage and fitndnng Seed ti LAURA WHEELER Needlecnit Dept. 61 The Daily Register UKrtsnssrnS-fd WMiMl m m n PIISM»wr mm. M e n u 2*. Pstlsrn Nsussr 85 MsMWcrati ClUklg plus assigns S2 + 50c p & h Books J2 50 * 50i uch sin HJ-FHMM Hems OaMlrig 1M-TMIy Crsltr Flswsri Ortll let TMsy IM-tsa-fKnaiTslIMM) Laura Wheeler C R A F T S Ciresr success' Shirt chemise goss sod wltfi Oroppw shoulder gathers Very easy-no waist seam zipper buttons fuss 1 Printed Pattern HOI Misses Sues 8 lo?o I K In sjch pimm AM 50c seen pattern lor postage 'nd handling MARIAN MARTIN Pattern Dept. 420 The Daily Register IMOMttlsnlM,l»***il*V m MHIMa.Mtou. Us. till Psflsts HaM*f NEW Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog Fast fashions for busy women F m pattern coupon Sand t! 00 phis i d postage Books «50C ea pill lij-ratu IMII IN FASHION MARIAN MARTIN P A T T E R N S Mtt

36 lu The RrejU.rr 51 Help Wanted BOOKKHPIP. fjm) hoohlieepar wrm oompulai 51 HtlpWanttd 51 Help Wanted COMPANION FOR CLDEHLV - Parity aanlle woman In Long Me omoa Mual Branch nuralng horn 4-5 rtra hparp Can oe- CLEAK/TYP1ST - for *a«l E» day Call S42-7M0. Mraan a-5 MO-7900 aak lor uta offloa PrcNational phono COOK - Or*. aansmcltea NlgMS Apply In paraon Tha CASHIER TUM» Ttvur*. Opanings lor fuh or pan Cabarat. Rl 35 Ealonloon. N J *-» pm. SM tSO Wma. Salary alay oommonsurst* oommonsst tih wti Apply Sabaattan'a Pub. Mon- xparlanomouth Mall &42-77M. aak tor CLERK - For drafting dwpt FH Requlrad EHcallant banarlta 1 Call COOK A PANTRY PERSONS John Turnar ing & running btua prtnt ma aalry S day wh Apply Baacon china Soffli typing uaafui Poa- Hill Country Club. Atlantic Highlewaa COOKS - For naw raatauranl on Rl» Marlboro ft yra mlnhnum Typing a mual, no nion call* tor paraon to aarv* MI p rmifi 10am to umilluw for ial«pr>ona racap pm Mom-Frl Call Ktlaon Ch#vrotat MM 000 3*nd fnumi to Ctarh Poaltlon aaulaa A brollar Exp with larga itoniw Non-amo«lng ofhca Cl EANINU PIOPLK PWtClactro Impulaa, PO Box 870 voiuma rattaurant Opportunity Hma Eavty im hour* MkMto- Bad Bank NJ EOE lor tdvancamant Call batwaan own VM *Mvi COOK For naw i ahaufml Ri 10 im-t pm CM a. Marlboro 5 yr» minimum awtorchar Bob CLERK TYPIST - Pan Him ANarnoont Mon-Ffl Atlanltc Highland* atraa M.50 an hour to atari Call Cathta bator* 12 pm lor \n\mntmm. 211-S»0 51 HtlpWnttd si HtlpWnttd MANAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES has an opening lor a District Sales Manager in its circulation department This entry level position involves supervising youth earners m the areas of sales, service and collections We provide training and an excellent compensation package We are interested in agressive individuals who have prior sales/or, supervisory experience To Apply Contact Brian Banach Ext rwrr Tint/ FULL TIME KWSMKIt PASTE UP PERSON EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY FOR SELF MOTIVATED PERSON SEND RESUME TO Tk* Mslltir m KSISTtP. PtAZA thkwsiimv NJ TTHI E THUIKO QU»I Opportunity Emptoft 51 Htip Wanted cook/wairneas - Apply m paraon Tha Otda Lock Stock. 121 fir Havtm ftd COOKS Naadad tor arvacfc Mr Appty In paraon Poninsul* Houw, Saa Bf *gf>t COUNTER HELP Body evtta CtMrwrt. Mt-uta COUNTER Pf>»ON Wantad to work in dry ctatnlng Mora Call 747.8M8 COUNSELORS CoWaga itudano MHin axpartanc* *«aporta. nature. crafm and working with chlwfan aoaa 1-14 Call YMCA US ISeS/741 -?SO4 DELIVERY PERSONS tarn up uutaa bromar. axp'd with largo to IT/hr SummarVm* hra avail voiuma raatauranl Opportunity COOKS Fun Urn*, pa/1 urna CaH lor appl 531 #424 batwaan (or dwancomant Call batwaan WIN tram Qraat aummar Job) ii a m -4 pm 10 am-ft pm Apply m paraon Saul T Wilart aak for Chaf Bob Staarn Tavarn. Panmaula Houaa. Saa CRANE OPERATOR Exp'd on Brighl S Ducyrua-ErM US Crawtar w Imliar with manual control* 51 Help Wanted WHEN YOU'RE A REGISTER CARRIER YOU GET AROUND! >i 3*5 Air Conditioning CROWN HEATINO A'C. INC Salaa Sarvtca inauilanona SpacW-Sprlngfllari Up TOra }4nr Sarvwa 43S Auto Cleaning a Wlng DSL CUSTOM CAR CLEANERS a "10OH ELBOW OKEASE Sama day aarvtca FREE Kfcup * dalwanrl LOW. LOW PRICES' CALL LOU *9 OK DAVE SS A CLEAN CAP. IS A MAPPY CAP.I 444 Bathroom Ramodeling A Ceramic Til* ALL TILE AREAS - Expan rapair» Sain ramodailng tinea ia»8 Boo AHua, 2S»iMa7 CERAMIC TILE CONTRACTING Batha. uhommt: ««Ha * floora Prompt aarirlea Fraa aaamataa Can anyoma Mr appl W CERAMIC INSTALLER Wa do II an. bamrooma krtcnana. ate For fraa aatimaia carl SMva il «7>.oa» 445 CeMnet Making CABINETS BY SHELLEY Formica.Kenan cabtnate. countar wot. vanroaa.»ail un.ti A 447 Carpentry CRAFTMAIfB CAHPEMTRY From dacka to akylignu and axarymmg in-aanwan Saaatacnon oauran*md Call bariraan M P m S44-S7SS DECKS - Soolcaaai mtckana. aatn. haaarriann ragalrad or ramadalad Caramtc IHa No jot) to amaa or laroa Call HOME CRAFTSMAN - Carpan- JOB loo OlJ lor you? Too amamtorotnara? Call Man Sooanuod. taa-wri allar» PM RETIRED CARPENTER - Small ana* madlum dacha. Fraa aattmataa Call 741-S7S7 or 774^X Carp* Cleaning A-1 EXPERT Copal Claamng UliliuHlai. aaanina Riaannatla TSmTttofn, Hoffman Carpet Installation CABmtTS SY SWtLLEY - For- Mco knenana. oounmr upa «ali u W 1 turnnura 4aa-SSS8 JWS CARPET INSTALLATION 1 napam asmi?77 r *~ 460 Ceramic Tile A PERfSCT TILE VATION CO. Salaa. inatana- Apommarctal»1-Sia-ST1S 471 Clocli H»patr TM e«as» PENDULUM man» a new men m lownl (S a l repair 1 raa«ra»on at rgtilstelea MeuaacelaHor n. aoeka bought 1 amamng «Main at M>. Ml Mam St ST»4e-«7*i o. 4 Conatructlon CAKPENTRY loo big or loo ama". «a»oilai_ 110 yra- aw Can Oaorga SA1-74SS Fraa aa»l»hih FREE ESTIMATES On a> 01 homa rapalr -or. Canamn. amnglaa A hot a. Our Sl»wti».AS«ajr> Smmianil Tom, ST1-0WS 490 Decorating* l TMOa«<»t»al'H OAYS DtOORATrNO Cumplala W S owoa oualam i a s O T oiiiim i You gal eround lo earning ihel enlra money you war*. Baling a RegMar carrier meene prine ano moentjvee loo. Right now. we're lookingtorcarram. ITt eaey ana n't tun Jon the Regieler eam*r Matt today and get wound Deck* V1 DECKS - lumbar uaad throufihoul U ea/par aa n Fraa auimaiaa Call anyiima Local ralaiantai Prompt aarvtoa TI7-OI Electrical 8erv>cee CUT ELECTRIC Lie No S273 Fas) dapandama aarvwa naaaonaola ralaa Fraa Can STEINEP. ELECTRIC - Lioanaa I7S4I Waaldantlal. commarcial 3 hour amarsancy aarvica Can Entertainment SEASON TICKETS!" apor17 For mora inro. aand nama addraaa u TIX PO Bo. 952 NJ Excavation J KOPF a SONS EXCAVATING - Ooaar 4 bachhoa (or hira 2S4-72S4 Your dtrt la our butinaaa TRACK LOADER - 10 tan. m I ouokal wwi upaialur LOT CLEARING BASEMENTS and DEMOLITION Fireplaces ft Woodstovas FIREPLACES-WOOD STOVES Cmmnaya. brick haarth* A waut us Landscaping t Lawn Service AL 8 LAWN 4 LANDSCAPE SERVICE Oaroana rolovhad Complata lawn and landacapa aarvtca Pta*t available 4M-aiM CAROTENUTO 8 LAWN SER- VICE DapandaWa laam Mr VIC4* anrlng Monmouth County Ovraliad lawna cui 370-aOaa COMPLETE LAWN CARE - Sarvino Littla Silvar Rumion Snrawibury 1 Miodtatown 10 yrt axp ftaaaonabla rama GARDEN PATH LANDSCAPE Daalpn Inaunauon CaH 71 44M I a ttchata to anylandacapa oaaign «planting. R PI tiea palloa. ahruba tfimmao Complata lawn cara m-imf GRAND Landtcapmo A mamtananc* FuHy maurad Fraa aatlmahm Can I71M2I IMPROVE YOUR LAWN TODAY 1 THE LAWN BARON Garden Tilling FLOWER BEDS A OARDEN - noiovnwq rr^ai aj#nman## rut S«rvto* A f«mofmtx«r alm Call Tom. 4M-M Horn* Improvements ADDITIONS Complata ramodailng aanrkga Can A4 or H4-81M AFFORDABLE - Homa raoalra A ramodaimg Lnanaad A m- aurad Fraa aatmaua DUNCAN CONSTRUCTION CO W3-S4A4 D J VEKIOS SON,....i comvactor Homa or bualnaaa ' pair. ramrxm or bulm 11 yaan auad oba. and tnmrtiai Can 4H-1SM KKUSIS CONSTRUCTION CO Total SuHdlno. I fanovation» r 4 old Addntona. Kncnant. DUST BUSTERS - Commarcial. raamanoal Floor waxing, carpat anampootng. ganarai claamng ACT nowi gfi aew HOME IMPROVEMENTS 24 HR Emarsartcy Sarvwa. I0S DISCOUNT For Sanlora N2-«7I2 JOHN ROESINQ Inlartor/aiiarlor homa rapairi CarvneaM of Occupancy owork Fraa aaamaiaa No ob loo amall 4K6-2OOS MARCO CONSTRUCTION - Aodmona. ranovattona A dacka naadtantlal 1 bualnaaa maurad 7S7-0S35 aak lor John SPRING SPECIAL Roofing. A&6 par aq Vinyl aiding. 120 par aq Fraa guitar A laadara wllh a»ary Mdmg lob 171-S713 TOTAL RENOVATION CON- STRUCTION INC Addrnoni. dacha, daatgn aarvtca '^ rss-issa. TOTAL RENOVATION CON- STRUCTION WC -AddlHont, vrtntfowi. dtcfcft. daaabn aafvtca. Fraa aaxnaaa Can As-MM VINYL siomo - Slava. 3M-ISSS 599 Houaa Cleaning A TO Z Home and commarcial aar- Can 628 JBS LAWN CARE Cul Tnfnm E Can T41-7>M LANMCAPINQ - Sprtng a*mnup* and lawn MrvtM Good JKHtt R onarttf ralm Celt 741-M41. k t» B<uc«LAWN MAINTENANCE Full lawn car* ahrub mmnt#n. anc«fajruwng.»dging Call a*rty tor your Spring ctmn-up ~M atimalm LltOa Sllv*r i»ljiroufiding a'eum 3SB-2O02 LIOMT HAULING Yard and baaamant cmanupi Call lor aat>maia I72-IM7 aak lor Jaka QUALITY SERVICES - Com PM lawn cara CaH anyuma tor ROTOTILLINO Oat your I oan raady By Ina hour r TREES - Shrub* Whoiaaaia and rataii Many varla S acraa of nuraary aloch Flowaring and ahada traaa Evar greent Landacapar* diacount HOLMDELFARMS 2M-M13 2a4->«3 638 Light Hauling HOUSES OavaQM. ya/d A gnaxi ciaanad out A h«ulad away Mint dwrvotitiona 747 -HM SAW LIGHT HAULING Mov* anything tocax or long dialanoa Yard*. cahavs. oaraoaa t**n*d O«t Licenced A Inaurad CLEAN YARDS «.atugtao«rac Fraa aaumata* COUNTRY HAULING Wa haul anything Funnura. apta. ate Pay 1 lew hourly rat* Call 4J1-110S 650 Masonry Sarvlca MASONRY Firaplaoaa. brick. wna. tlapa. palioa. concrata asi-asn HONMOUTH CONCMTE INC Sarvmg MonmouX a Ooaan 19 yaara uruquaiy daaianad pool apron*, patio*, drtvawaya. vpan*, daoor* ft rautrwng «. (Owndaaona noon SpactaiUtng tn m- tartoetirtg pavtng ttona, BatgHim blocii. a^ata. brfceh. Uock. conorala Fraa Eaemaaa Moving A 8tor»g> TEACHERS UOVINO INC - Fraa awmalaa Local-Long Dlalanoa-Suraga Lie PCO0087 SKrambury Ava Red ank Florida Speoala Ca» B U M 675 Odd Job* ODD JOS SCKVIC* Sma» ATTIC aaaannnl. earaaa. houaa. gu«ar Maanlng YARDS CLEARED, cm. pawing, ale DO YOU NffD - amall fsba or aaah pamad. Work in fabricating thop handling atructura. tiao) Can 775 7S00daya m i DELIVERY PERSON Oaya avg SS-l/hf Muat hava own car Appty Danny's Ptua A Suba. 24 Ayara Ln, LfMa SHvor 51 HtlpWaintttf PART TIME/ FULL TIME NEWSPAPER CAMERA PERSON To operate Spartan II camera. Excellent opportunity for person seeking advancement taahmmti: Tin rtafuler Oe. Ktalttar Ptui anwtlwy NJ XTTEN: t TRUNZO Caual OppanuMr (mpvrar CLERK TYPIST Exciting Career Opportunity wewaraa.tajwi.aier>..ullulal, IMSM. Wl MM Be* awmamad amaw aawwwwa- <>e«m W«l attwaf^vaaj >!- «e»ay naaa > Una. <ar a* ataaraiaaal vaaraaam loa aaaa latjry ana ili'iaarv tana anal laear ar relax One Reglater Plaza Shrewsbury, NJ Att'n M. Davia 7J OddJobJ HOUSE PAINTING Lane- captng homa ranovauon. ctaanupa Fraa aanmalaa Call e-172S sao Painting A Paperhanglng A-1 QUALITY PAINTING Don* witrt p* ida mi A E*t. atatnirtq EMC*.t*ni local r***faoca* Can RtCr> tor fr«* Mtimat* 2f 1-S921 ALL-AROUND PAINTING 2J1-1H1 av** A a L PAINTING Inworh Fraa V- _ M *u*d M provhiad Call D J S PAINTING InMrKK-aatvrkH R*aaonabt*/Fr** Estimalaa or T3*>-4 6 fctpr Ed DONE RIGHT PAINTING All uttkior Mrork Quality at vary aa*on*t>i* prtc** Ritortncm Can atl-4412 attar t pm EDDIE'S PAINTING Intarvor A ExtarKK Patching. Caulking * Ragiaiirvg Minor rapaira atong wltt. paint fob Naat - Ctaan - Raaaonabt* For Fr*a Eatimata calledd-saier i -*O3 J C BROS PAINTING Ini lanoi ataintng Ft** *aumataa Al raaaonaw* cola In- >u'*d Call M3-221S JAJPAINTING CONTRACTORS Extartor palming Fraa aailmata* Quality 7ST-0S1I PAPERHANQINO paaq work at a 'ait prtc* Th* Faminin* Toocn Fra*Eai 74VMM MS Paving CALL P1NELAND Paving for your n*mo% w* do it all. asphalt df ivawaya r**urtacing. c*m*nt work. patkm itvktacaptng. tr*«aatimam SantOf Cltizan 10S dlacounl Call Poo I Services JAB POOL SERVICE - Sprtng opening Summ*. mui'i WKiiar cloatng* AaaamMing A d'ma rn abov ground SWIMMING POOL - Opaning P*c>*ia Low rataa Wa do afi rapaira majof A minor Vary r*- nabto Low prtoaa 12 yra axp For appt can 477-1M* 714 RoofCotltig SPRAY OR BRUSH ON - G4aa* fibar*d coattng to Mai A r*p*ir Hat root*. SA par flanon Call HAP Chamoo A Roofing Ii Siding HOOFING im marcial Rapaira Inaurad ft gauranlaad Aaannc Contracting "- SUPERIOR SICHNO ROOFING Inaulatad vinyl aiding, aluminum trim covarlnga OuaWy la our flral priority! Fraa ammalaa caii ns-isso 720 Sawing Machine Rapaira SEWING MACHINE - Samoa t rapalr 40 yra aipartanea AN work dona In my Shrawabury homo S 740 Tree Servlcea WOODY S TREE SERVICE ramoval Fully maurad Fraa aa CMU0-IS Tutoring Si Help Wanted DELIGHTFUL NEW YOOURT STOW - in Rad tank, with phaaam working anvlronmant coking. io» par ton M-F» 8 p m Call 74?-SOSS A 747-itOO OCLI COUNTER PCRtON - Appty in paraon al Chrla* Da*. 4J3 Waal Front St Rad Sank DELI/LIQUOR STORE Hiring tor immadiaia and aummar poaittont FuH and p*rt tlma M4-M2S DENTAL ASSISTANT wrtn paopta in a chajlanglng W* ( looking (or an ax-haatth-ortantaportanoad paraon aarioua about dental practice loming a high quality modarn denial olftca aiaf* Eapartarvrad x-ray Hoanaa naadad. LitHa Suva* CaJi S42-7SM DELI HELP Full or part tlma CotontaJ DtMi Marlboro Call b«- rwa*n lam t u m W«7J75 51 Help Wanted 51 HtlpWanttd DELIVERY PERSONS - part tlma day* and awonlwga Muat have own oar Appty In poraon Dannya Ptua * Suba It 411 "Wy aw, -wtqoiavown DENTAL SECRETARY Our growing 4**w pracooa la tooning (or anothor aacratary You muat hava knowtodg* of m- auranea claim forma Compute* E«p wi«ba hatpful. but not eaaanttal Wa ara looking for a team ptayor who lovea lo work At) rephee ww be hatd oonfindanttal Can M1-41H W M p m DISHWASHER - Cmpd prafarrod E M aalery & baoartis Appty in peraon only Mor> -Frl.»-4 P m Atlantic Hfrhlanda Nurains Ho(*ea» S mlddie4own Ave. Si H*lp Wanted EXCITING OPPORTUNITY IN Advertising Sales TRAINEE isl Salary plus sxcallant banatltt RESTAURANT HELP We need front and back of house personnel right now. SOUP CHEFS LINE COOKS PREP COOKS PANTRYPER8ONS DISHWASHERS WAITERS/WAITRESSES HOSTS/HOSTESSES BUS PERSONS CAPTAINS BARTENDERS CASHIERS (Full or part tlma) We have lour excellent restaurants In outstanding locations. Experienced restaurant personnel can earn good pay In pleasant surroundings. Apply now and start Immediately. Apply 10:00 till 4:00 dally incl. Sunday, 1410 Ocean Ave., Sea Bright or call CLERICAL COORDINATORS CLINCIAL COORDINATOR Positions va.lla.bla. In tha (ollowing araas: MEDICAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT ORTHOPEDICS Openings also availabla lor Middle Management Nursing Opportunitlaa (AMI Clinical Coordinators) lor 11-7 {WORK 4 NIGHTS GET PAID FOR S) shifts In: ORTHOPEDICS. CRITICAL CARE & MEDICAL/SURGICAL Positions require 24 hour responsibility Including total direction and evaluation ol tha quality of patient cara. Candidates must have a BSN and management experience, and a minimum of 2 years experience In that particular discipline Wa offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits package For further information Call or apply Stephen Fortmuller Personnel Dept (201) WVERVIEW^JL, MEDICAL CENTER S ^ ^ ISUrMtiSi Had Bar*. NJ COM. OaaoKTUMTV CaPlOvca. mf RN's/GN's OVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER COTtMarl our Nurling Stan to be it! moal yaluabk Uatt Tin paoplt orianmi philompny «Rlvarvlaw maarri that no tttort it tpararj to makt na» ampuyan tah part of tm laam From Samot Mamgumffl on Down an tun tool commltmant to oontkuing to bt a progrttalvt ludai In mt hum cart Daw Opening* In Of following araas: MED/SURG a ORTHOPEDICS ONCOLOGY CRITICAL CABE a FLOAT POOL a ON-CALL (Par Diem) Full & Part Tlma positions available. Mid-Level Nursing Management (Assistant Clinical Coordinator) positions also available m amaahan Ml araimal» carair ana* a»» PARTICIPATIVE MANAGEMENT DECENTRALIZAION PRECEPTORSHIPS CHILD CARE CENTER 100% TUITION REIMBURSEMENT NIGHT SHIFT (11-7) WORK * NIGHTS GET PAID FOP. I. For further information call or apply Mr. Stephen Fortmuller personnel Dept. (201) RNERVIEW^JL MEDICAL CENTER = ^ Uua.MM.IU EQUM. OPPORTuMTTY Bk*V0YfP. MrF Si Hale Wanlad THIS JOB PAYS IN TWO WAYS... 'Earn M00 p*r month or mora in your own homa *FMI good about helping others Do You have spare time and need an extra income? Do you enjoy working with people and want to do something really worthwhile? It so, we may nave the ideal opportunity for you Make a difference in the lives ol othera Sponsor a mentally reiarded individual m your home on a long or short term basis No «pertence necessary. ' training For more Information, call the Ocean County Association for Relarded Cililans. Respite'intervention Program at 1(201) Respite/ Intervention $1 HalpWantad SI Malp Wanlad f EMPLOYEES ASSISTANCE PROGRAM COUNSELOR RiVERViEW MEDICAL CENTER ha* creeled an innovative new EMPLOYEES ASSISTANCE PRO- GRAM(EAP) We are seaking a Counselor, preferably an MSW or equiva*ni lo spearhead our new vtnture The successful applicant should also have? 3 yeam eipa-rience m family, marital, substance abuat or other related counseling Primary responsibilities will be initial assessment counseling, clinical referrals. or«tntation and training for supervisors and employees in addition will maintain records and design manuals for use departmentai'y I This a part time position with 40 hours biweekly flexible scheduling available Become an integral pan of this dynamic new approach by sending you' fesume inclusive ot salary history in strict confidence to Sharon K Barrows ' t ^ Personnel Recruiter RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER 35 Union SI. Red Bar* NJ EQUAL OPfORTUMTY EMPLOYER M/F NURSING/MEDICAL POSITIONS AVAILABLE DAYS EVENINGS NIGHTS FULL TIME PART TIME RN's GN'a LPN's GPN's AIDES PHYSKUNS MEDICAL TECHNICIANS MEDICAL SECHETAMES. Me. Explore the opportunities. Contact the participating recruiters in this DIRECTORY, and please mention. NUKSES'»IM8 RN/LPN 3-11 MOLMDCL CONVALESCENT CENTi* IHHwy M Holmaal. NJ OTT«l»l M PEOPLE CAKE Of SOUTH JERSEY INC 944 Broad Si /PO So> HH ftad Sank NJ <»1IU0-laM Paul v Cr«baua. J'. P.N Prolaaaional Raorurlar 8T ELIZABETH HOSPITAL 225 WMiamaoo Slraal EIIUMH NJ in bin Paraonnal Racrurajrt RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER 35 Un«on Street Red Berth. NJ (201) MO-2200/2222 Work 4 nightt and otxpetdfors on the 11tof emt ChiM Cere Center eveitab** Free P.rung g p «GROV6 HEALTH CARE CENTER 919 Ofetn Grove Hud Meptune NJ (20M B22-34OO Adeia E Reecigno/Aima Penn R Pvrtonne'/Director Ot NurtC* MARLBORO PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL ISMN Feohtyi Rl 520. Miflboro HJ ) X424/303 HOME HEALTH AIDES Mr» Crttedino FAMILY 1 CHILDREN S SERVICE 111 Bam Avenue LO«0 Brane«. NJ 0T74O (20D? Jena CVeen Pro*eaa»onal Recruiter JERSEY SHORE MEDICAL CENTER 1946 Comaa Aw Naotuna NJ SOO Ell 5 H INTROOUCINO Four 10 howr trtrtw par ma* on tha ntgrtt imf) Paiaonnai Dapt ALL HEALTH CARE SERVICES INC It Kino* Hwy M.dd»«mo N J 0774a i20u«7i-a4o0 LPNi 1 HEALTH AIDES Hurting Dapt Da LaSALLE HALL 8'0 Nawrnan Sp'mai Road Lmcioft N J O77M I20M & Paraonnal Dapt MatapWM Mgmt ServtcM ol WCOSS NUP.SINO SERVICES 15' Sodman Plata Rad Sana. NJ BAYSHORE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL tit Norn Beari {aval Holmdel. NJ Join our stall ol CRITICAL CARE NURSES Inquire about our weekend program Jacquaiina Owyaf >».!Ma Information on placing an ad In thle DIRECTORY please call ext. 2S2 POSTAL EXAM WORKSHOP CLERK-CARRIER (Starting Pay: $9.20/hr) Special announcemsnl lor all candldatat planning lo sign up lor tha dork-carrier Exam al live Middlelown. Long Branch, ami Naptuno Arsa Pad Office, as wall as many other Pod Offices In the 077 Zip Code Aria. APPLICATIONS ARE BEING ACCEPTED JUNE 3RD THROUGH JUNE 7TH ONLY. [Lad given In 19B3 - and Unto It won't aa obared again tor at tsad 3 yaart, don't mitt otrtll NOW is MM Urns to prsoan. The prassyro It on lo scors as high n possible lo gel l/ie lob. Ms* a»< M m. legarilaes el sas, an snalme. The tint Mop towtrt a aootatservice csrser Is getting roar lane sals Iks "KagMar a) Ellglblet." wmcti Is sctompllslwd by Msslftl tht* Earn. To os sas of the rfrst hired, yen need to gtt ont ol llw Mthtr scorssl And lo he Mred ot ell dartag lbs soit Ifcroo years, you will nteo lo scors at laasr 95H 4-HOUR WORKSHOP Score % or Your Tuition Is Refunded! II is possible to get a very high score with adequate preparation From years ot experience and discussions with our Advisory Board (consisting of former postmasters, training managers and examiners), we know that it takes exactly lour hours to teach you evtrythlng you need to know to score 95% or better - which is what you'll need to get a 0b Benefits derived from this course extend far beyond the Postal Exam The skills and attitudes will help m every area of future learning and test-taking We have helped thousands ol people successfulry prepare for the Ork-Carner Exam. But don't take our word for it. take our guarantee! Come to the workshop. It you don't teal, at the ana ol the course, that it will help you achieve a score ol 95% or better, don t pay lor the workshop! Furthermore, II your scon Is leas than 95H on the orncjav exam after using our techniques, we will Immediately refund your tuition In full! WANT TO RELOCATE? We are publishers of The Pistol Aatft, the bi-monthly newsletter giving you postal exam dates nationwide Only The Achievement Center provides this service Learn how you can relocate to any area of the country you like * You are invited to bring your tape recorder to record the workshop lor personal exam review You may attend as many extra sessions ol the workshop as you like (on a space available base) without additional tuition charge WORKSHOP TUITION - $40 (Includes guaranteed 4-hour Workshop. Workshop Workbook. Foiow-up consultation privileges, Achievement Award to high-scorers and Practice Kit containing Six Additional Practice Exams with Answers. Memory Test Flash Cards, and Simulated Exam" on cassette tape) Please bring two No 2 pencils with you to the Workshop BRING THIS AD WITH YOU to receive a FREE copy ot our new booklet "12 Important Steps lor Getting Hired into the U.S. Postal Service." Seating is limited, pie registration by phone is advised Otherwise, you may register by arriving thirty minutes early Tuition a payable at the door by cash, check, money order. MasterCard. VISA or American Express CHOOSE 1 OF 6 WORKSHOPS WED., May 15th - 1 pm-5 pm; 6 pm-10 pm THUR., May 16th - 1 pm-5 pm; 6 pm-10 pm MOLLY PITCHER INN - RED BANK 68 Riverside Ave. (Exit 109 oft the Garden Stata Parkway) TUES., May 21 al - 1 pm-5 pm; 8 pm-10 pm EMPRESS MOTEL - ASBURY PARK 101 Asbury Ave. (Exit 102 oft Garden State Parkway. Follow Asbury Park Slgna) For Instant WORKSHOP RESERVATIONS Call Today TOLL FREE , Ext A tun ATTW07 for thi cornpwi workshop on cautttt Mots, workbook, bonui gm and al workshop r n i t» ^ ( ^ r «^ l O o to^t*c5u*ilmlat)»«(r^oooo.lw( ^ l M t l t ) «( ^ O O O I f nd lundang) to Tht Adwwnam Cent* 897 Umon Street, Dapt 1M4-A. Manchnttr. NH Ctuigt Card entan mt M tfuppad MOW 48 hours by phoning toufrat 1JJ0OWJ-2S45 Ext 1SS4-A. (Add SB tor Federal Eiprtn gutrmttd 1-2 day detvtry ) Tt» M«.»i.i (jna We *ir**hn*1*akmanam*maulmat>mjm-*mtna&itwmmn NomaaM a* M U Staw Smi CopyrlgN t 1SS4 AcMavamaN earner

37 Sd-i^- isr*srs SI '. MAY lad JIHtlP Wanted SI H«lp Wanted DISK CLIMK WANTIO For motel. Ul on 1/11 I a/11 Def"sen SHWK «M flours ot noon lo p m Inn. Mwy. is. hsel. ' 1 - " " Wanted manager trainees Domino Piiu. company that oftart, i tupanor product andaarvtoa, w looking lor nthuwmlic managar two***. Oapanomo on axpananoa. tha trainaa couu be a atora manaoar)n6 monthaloa year Avaraga stalling pay m f 196 I wk. baaad on r#ootar and ovartima comptnmtton ' for an avaraga 46 hoof waa*x Oomnt/% "Ua It growing (aat and wa grow from wrthin Thai meant manager traineaa Qwckfy become manager* and itora managari eoon beco teeated t d i go r Mnga Hhe Domm'i Plua franohiaea a and area Appttcants Mthmg to be a part of our p/owtng company tbtlmifl I leaal 16 years I personal cont sues lo do pepemoni. fast food ful we urttl tram, white having the deelre end eumna Huansry lo grow with our company. Domino's Plus. Send resume to. 16fi Neveatrtit wvar Road Had Bank. NJ Or OK bf appommem a.fg to 4 am. Training and Placement Provided by: Training MMdta Agtd 1944 w anal w camoni TvntT FUU "me Boe, meow* offtoe. Belery to: Box.M i l. The Snnwalaiy. HJ Htlo Wanted Wanted delivery persons Part or tu«tune. FlexOle hours and days Must M at urn 18. Must have own car and insurance Mutt be able lo work weekend* 3 50 an hour to atari plus mileage and lips Apply In psfson 11 and 7 0Oprrt 1610 Highway 35 Ocean Township 125 Highway 36 Eatontown CaK»31-*424.38»-23O3 i960 Oormnoa Ptua, Inc. S a - Fun and pan ma. Appry In Demon, Sheraton Iraln. Apply In pereon NeirealnH oamftmiimon Pan Ikna Country Club, to Luffburnm Approx. 4 hra. per day. Some Lane, Mldeietann. M eepertenoe m pipe and tank work profaned. W«Iraki. Can between 14, MMnvo-thern 2* Si H«lPWanttd Wanted phone persons Part or rul time. FlexOle hour* and day. Muat be at leaal 18 Muat be able to work Apply in penon between pm and 7 00 wn 1810 Highway 35 Ocean Townehip 125 Highway 35 Eatontown CM 5J1-O424.3M-23O Oomtnora Pizza. Inc. JOBS SMVICM PROVIDtO i Career Cotnudiac ClaweeenTrtMa* - WorMofWoftClsisea!~J Training and Placement Program Serving the reaidenta of Monmouth County Equal Opportunity Employer Call your local RCA Satellite office for jtpa eligibility requirements Long Branch: Baythora: Asbury Park: "NEW IN 85" Our MW Spring Work Week a minimum of 35 Hours Many jobs Now pay IS JO per hour to sun AN Shifts available- including No experience necessary we offer on the job training Comfortable uniforms provided Whether you're I S or M yasn young all you need is a big smile and a neat appearance K A rvutt OF TM notunint AMD AFfOf NOW KM THI MfT HUCTIONS, JOtS AM aomo FAIT. CO* TO THt FOSONNEl OffO MON-SAI H<h» Wanted txnimo MOM'BUBPEMON - Lunon dinner, any age. waang to DfeVM - Msohenlosl aohlty nelpful. Overtime required EOE Salary open. Apply In peraon, Semoor Equipment 6 Mfg. 16 Madleon SI. Keypon 264-eOSO OKf CLEANER/SPOTTER Cxp-d only to operate sporting board 1 cleaning machine Call 747-1*41. 1ASY ASStMBLY WOHKI - aeoooo per too. Ouerenleed payment No eapertenee'no eetse Detaee eend aelf-edd stamped envetope ELAN VITAL ^iht J4H Interprtea Rd. FT Pierce, FL 3M50 EASY HOMI INCOME - Sell tmoka by men. atari Immediately For details eend e enfaddraaaad, sttampad, attwatopa to: Homework System, P O Box SST. Kaypprt. NJ. 0773O. EXECUTIVE SECRETARY Full ma. tinhunl typing, good or. oenlxetlonal eklae Company paid benenta. medtoal/denlel. Start al (end reeume to: Cam Eden. Med PubrlaNng mo, to Rt 9 North. MorgenvtHe. NJ $1 Htip Wanted IIEBI8TBKD REPS FUU T«e/p/urr TIME Malor Wall St. Invaslmant firm with Monmouth county location hss opened a new offlce In Shrewsbury We have openings for a limited numbsr ol positive. Intelligent 1 highly anargotlc Mil starters. Will bo fully trained to offer: TAX SHELTERS, IRAS, KEOQH8, MUTUAL FUNDS, UNIT TRUST, etc. Last year the earnings of our top 10 regional raps averaged $74,873 Prior experience not Complete training program College background required Management opportunities To arrange for 1 confidential interview, call Monday lo Friday between 10 AM S PM Mr. Larry Mlarat Si Malp Wanted EXPERIENCED - Framers a h craw Can 4SS-141I or FACTORY LABORER - leme Ufllng Involved. Apply In peraon between Sam and 4pm. at Florence Mala. 14S0 Plorenae Ave. Union Seech FAMOUS FOOTWEAR Poemone even aelea a FULL TIME SECRETARY - Keypon Typing eowpm Oood phone peraonawy i reoeptton akwa. Cell Mra White for appl M FULL TIME Janitorial Supervtaere needed lor local aohoota. Week aeel uoenes preferred but not nmimi. Can i-aooosa-e*4a FULL TIME Janllooal Supervteora needed tor local eohoota Week aeel Menae preferred but not neoeeeery Car) l-000-3s2-aa4s GAS* STATION ATTENDANTS WOMEN» MEN You houm apply for a permanent poeruon with our anoehant oompeny Full or pan tlma Good salary & benefits Very nice location In Red Bank EXXON Company U.S.A. A DMaton ol Exxon Corp An Equal Oppfy Employer M/F OAS STATION ATTENDANTS - Fun t pen sme hra. even Appry In pereon between S-B p.m. Sea Bright Quit. 100S Ocean Ave. Sea aright BS0-4SS0 OET READY PERSON For auto rental. Muat be over 21. have valid driven licenae Full tlma employment. 3S hours per week plua ovenlme. Can M2SB00 GIRLS & BOYS 11 yr*. i d M You're Needed To Deliver THE REGISTER In your area Openings Now: 1 So Woodland and Woodland Of, Fair H*v«n. 2. Sycamore Lan*. Komp Avanu*. flumion 3. Otpr«y Lan*, Av*nu* of Two fltv*ki So.. Rumaon. 4. Buana VIM, Sallira Way, flumaon. 5 M»«dowt>rook. M«pi»wood. Rumaon. SI CALL Halp Wanted TMiUai.1 Outfit! Jtk»? Wktt Mttr TkM TkM IN THE SPfllNGI Optnlngs are available In many exciting areas of out " GENERAL SALES (Part Tlma Nights 1 Days) COSMETIC SALES PelTkua Pert Tkas M M a Weekeeda We offer good salaries, benefits and storewlrje discounts Apply Personnel Dept Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm Monmouth Mall equal opportunity employer M/F SECRETARY ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Good math and typing skills required. We offer excellent benefits and profit sharing. Salary $5.25 per hour. 8 AM to 6 PM 5 days a week. Overtime over 40 hours. Call U.S. HOME CORP. An Equal Opponunity Employer IEMODIALYSIS! NURSES We ere currently seeking Hemodlalyels Nurses with critical care background to work within our Intensive Care areas. Proven experience In Hamodlalysla preferred, but Nurses with self Initiative or related experiences who would Ilka to pursue a career In the Hemodlalyels area will be considered. Sslsry commensurats with experience. Outstanding benefit program. For further Information Call or apply, Stephen Fortmuller ^ia> Personnel Dept. & RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER 35 Umon SI, Rad Bank, N J EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER H*F f NURSES RN'S CRITICAL CARE nvarvtewhat il Center li a modem, progressive. equipped 500 bad medical center. locam In central New Jeney snort ana. Ws beetw seen member ol the nursing Had contrloum posewvely»i>iia%r*trsrtiwe.aixitjwprlh*wynukslri6 emohsetassorolisirmitl scaxntamry and fosters Conatdei ttese career opognwiwee: icu/ccu/pccu/sricu/ 7-9, HI. FuN and Pan Time PeaMone nellaok ftlvlousixr^n^ncalncrmfaicaniarebpnherrm, but nursie wnt, MK InNattM. related upartenoa andsevnsmaimunjba(*a^wriowoumilkile purtus a career In DM Crtttcsl Cars arses will be For further Information Stephan 7ortmuller ParsonnaX Recruttar RtVERVKW MEDICAL CENTER -*Oi-^^ M UMaai at, MM SeM. NJ raw OWUIIIUHTY nanonii m 31 H tip Wanted TXHrrTHlroa7 Wona avahame. Cook, prep and oounler peraon. Apply In peraon CMokan Corner. taddmown Weia. W M MMdlelown OARDINER/MOuSEClEANER For family In flumaon, lull Ome, TUE8-SAT 6160 week Rare req. Live-In even. Can eponeor peor UO4110. <S*S STATION - AlWndent Need fun time. Daya and nkjhi. e S3O07J daya Cell S6-00 S3O-e07J BAB - daya Apply In paraon. S6 Twenty PaoaS Union Ave Union Seech atwn 4-7pm. No Sunday* OWLL COOK - Exp preferred Oood pey a benema. Mon.-Fn day. only Call S4e M21 MARBIOTT CORP OKOUNOS PERSON M/F - For aetate Full line. Can after s p.m HAIRDRESSERS WANTED - With following Mlddletown.hop under new management. Full or pert time S71-03M or 5M-08I2 eve. after I. HAIR0RES8EHS Oreel opportunity for talented nelr atyllsls wtln following, for Fslr Haven area. Cell S3O-3234 from e-3 pm; S4a-aw after 7 p.m. HAIRDRESSERS - Up to S4000 oeeh bonu. with your following. Rumaon/Holmdel ereea. Altar 7 p.m. M2 0«43 HAIRDRESSER - Experienced, to work In Shrewabury aree. Cell HAIRDRESSER - Part time Inexperience considered. An. Highland, area. Call alter e p.m e7i4aea HAND PRESSER - To work on HEALTH EDUCATOR from accredited acnool In Health Education Starting Jury 1, ISS5 Salary range thru S21.O00 Send raeume to Mktdlenown Twp Health Oapt Attention Health Officer 1 King. Hwy. MktdkMown. NJ 0774S.E.A.I. HOLMOEL SUV-RITE LIQUORS FuH and part lime help needed. Apply In peraon Hotmdei Buy-rtte Liquor illp 4a a i., i. it, j nwy. <JO, rfoftthiat. HOSTESS-CASHIER - Must t» ovaf 21. vaar round atnploy. mant. Musi apply in paraon batwaan 1130 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. No phona calli. Howard Johnaon'a Raataurant. Rt. 39. M town. M0U8EPER8ON hr. par w^papt. HIUSI IIHBJ it I T >aw nat^rv ai F oood ratarancem Salary naooiiabia plua rataa in 3 mo Call aftar 8 p.m D4A-39O4 IF A REAL ESTATE CAREER - Inlaraat* you. why not join tha bast, tha moat profaaalonal and uooaaifu. aeancy in Monmouth County. Wnathaf you ara axpartatioad or nawty llcanaad call for a confidential intarvlaw. Wa will pfovtda tha tooit and tha training CaH today tor appointment. Aak for Joan Cufhman. GLORIA NIL8ON REALTORS 31 Waal Main Si Hotrrvdal, N.J INSURANCE Paraonal llnaa. ouatomar aarvtoa rapraaantatlva. KnowlaoQa of hom#own#ra A private pesaenger automobile rating a coveregae ara necemary. Call The Dlttmar Agency 8 30 am -430 p.m. Mon.-Frl. 4S INSTALLER FOR AWNINO CO SOME EXP NECESSARY USE ELEC. TOOLS DRIVERS LIENSE REQUIRED CALL BETWEEN e-3 P M INTERVIEWERS Interviewers wanted through summer. Work locally. Perform beach survey from Sandy Hook to Selmer. N.J. Good pey...4- day work week, eome weekend. required. Need reaponaible people, no experience neceaaary but oenaua work or other Interview experience a plua. Muat have car. send raeume to: URS Company, Inc. IMSUUMfT AVENUE MONTVALE. NJ Equal Opportunity Employer INVENTORY HELP S6 hr. Part time permanent. Poeltlon. taking Inventory. Daya. eve.. a weekend, (treat tor college students, noiiaaksspsis. No axp nee ary Can 5H-OM p.m JANITORIAL - Appllcetlon. being accepted for poahlon In geoaral malntenanoa. Experience helpful a dealred. Oood alerting rate Excellenl benefit. Apply In pereon only, 10am lo 3pm at Nlchol. Depanment Store, Rt.34 4 LUyd Rd Aberdeen. KITCHEN Preparation help wanted J. T. Side St. Dell. 12» Merkhem PI. Lime Srver after 2:30 p.m. LABORER rvavoaq ro* iraa varvtoa. 1 If em Call LANDSCAPE Planting 6 constructlon pereonnel. Fun A part time avail. CaU LANDSCAPE LABORERS - I porienoed preferred, but not required Cell S0 LANDSCAKR NEEDED For pert ttmejotrmuat drive LANDSCAPING. POSITION - Good pay muat be IS or older. Call 73S-O0M between 6-3 p.m LAUNDRY PERSON Part time. Apply Beacon HIM Country Club. Atlantic Highland. LAWN SERVICE LABORERS - 16 years old or over. After e can 2ei-3eee LAWN SERVICE - Need. fuh time worker. Experience preferred but will tram. X/hr to atari Call 741-seei after S pm LAWN SERVICE Fun time day. Cell 53O-S073 LEGAL SECRETARY For Red Benk lew office. Oood.ecrelarlal eksta a minimum 2 yra. legal exp. In Real Estate area. Salary commanaurala rtth axp.. banavtta. Ca« LEGAL SECRETARY Expd In metrlmonlel 4 real aetala. Full time. Brian Boyle 631-aSOO. L1RMER CORPORATION An all wan Qal prod nets man u tacturer hea Immediate opening, for aheet metal worker, with a minimum of 2 years experience. The Individual ahould to complete knowledge ol all phases of sheet metal work, wa wai tram the proper applicant In tha Raid of alrorafl QaaVay prod* uota. Salary cornrnanaurala wtth axpartanoa. FuHy paid oompany baoama. Apply In paraon from 0 a.m.-5 p.m. at Larmar Corp., 828 induatrtal Way Waat, eatontown. LERMER CORPORATION An aircraft gehey product* Manufacleta opening for The eppllcent hand end aeeembry look). Automotive mechanic beokground w«be he*pful. Selery oommeneurala wttfi exparienoa. Fully pew oompeny benefits. Appry m person from 6 s-m.-o p.m. at LermerCorp..Sj»hdue*1alWey UFE GUARoa Muat be oartmad. Cea CryeW Motor Lodes SO aax eat tor Joe. UnOUARO Certified June 10-eept 16 Bam) w»rme»on to Ooeen Beeon Oh*. FO Box»S4, BJberan, NJ LIFEOUARO - Certified For Oarden complex Fun uma. Cea IJ1-4t0t, aat tor Mm Ayera ureauaro-for amae garden otpool Pool 64 00/hr S deys/wk Marling June a CM Mi-OTOS 1. FuS sme July 1 -Sept rsx tar pen Ifita t MI ame peeteons. To apply naoaooasmi-isos yeera of arse- Appfy In peraon to Crow ueusnerse. umeusnerservme. SOS Soul Peerl St. ReS Barm, 51 Halp Wanted LIQUOR STORE ClerXa 6 caeniert Part a lull time. Buyrlte llquora. me acknowledged leader In liquor discounting la seeking additional personnel m their last growing oompeny Muet be 16 or older Apply In person. Buy-rite. Rt. 36. Assnllc Highlands LUMBER - vardpereon/drivor. Apply In pereon Lumber. 666 HOP MACHINIST Experienced Cel MAINTENANCEPERSON (1) - For Monmouth Beach Condo Cell MANAGER TRAINEI - Al Meet 2 year, previous retell experience required, preferably In ladle, leahlone. Excellenl opportunity tor advancement If quellfled For Interview call Joan Oram Flemlngton Faehlon Outlet. The Market Place Shrewabury. 3Se-0748 MANAGER - For Amuaement buelneea. Prevlou. experience aa Store manager helplul Call 4SS PART TIME TEACHER - Of Latin I, II, III. IV. Must hold N.J Certmcetlon or qualification to obtain II Ability lo coach or advlae student club ectfvteee do- irstue Salary baaed on seels and experience. Pcemon avail. able Sept 1. teas. Bend resume 10 Dr Alfred J CampeneHe. Supl Shore Regional High School Dietftot. Monmouth Park Hwy. Waat Long Brunch. NJ An Equal Opportunity Emptoyar SHowt rtquori In Eatontown looking for pan tlma otark. Call M2-0220, Previous aelea experience preferred, knowledge of DP PART TIME - Grounds keeper needed lor apl. complex In Red Benk Must be experienced t rellebla. Roterenoee required. Call PART TIME HELP ACME MARKETS Saooar. oaahlar. * dall poattton* avauabia at our Shrawabury ft Fair Havan atoraa Day ftavaning bourt, Apply In paraon Mon.. May 13 batwaan 1-4 p.m. at tha Shrawabury flora PART-TIME - Dey or night. Liquor store 6 dell Must be 16 Cell PART TIME PhyaKal work. Sal. a Sun. CaH p.m. PART TIME FOOD SERVICE WORKER Ideal position lor pereon to work acnool hour, a en oy echool holldaya. Musi be reliable, reeponelble. A enjoy working with children. Apply In peraon only Shore Regional High School, Monmouth Park Hwy.. W. Long Branch. E.O.E. PART-TIME - For Greeting Card Co. To service Red Bank aroe tore. 14/hr. < expeneee. Approx 30 hr. /mo Flexible hrs. Call after 6. PART-TIME EVES. + WEEKENDS $10-$20HOUR Baaed on qualifications People to start work Immediately with tocel company Poeltlon. In odvarhotng, display and solee- Summer work ateo available No door to door or telephone soliciting. Call for Interview, 671-S667 PART TIME - Gal/Guy frlday For interior designer. Typing end.alee Diverse duties Must be organlied Call PART TIME - Office manager lor condomlnlmum aeaoclatlon Must have excellent office skill* Experience In bookkeeping thru general ledger Ability to deal with public Submit reeume P.O. Box 432. Highland.. N.J PART-TIME EVES. & SAT. A.M. Qreal opportunity to earn from toll SO 00 Weekly In our telephone sales program. Conveniently located HI 36. Shrewabury office Thle la Weal for HOMEMAKERS MATURE STUDENTS ANYONE who hea a need for extra income Cell now. theee won't leal long. Can Tina 642-eMO anytime PART-TIME OFFICE WORKER Must neve some bookkeeping knowledge. Car required hra /wk Call ATTENTION! Please mention THE REGISTER when replying to s Register emptoymeniad. PEST CONTROL TECHNICIAN Immediate opening. Company benefits. Muat have neet appeerance.nd good driving record. Exp. helpful. Cell PHONE PERSON Pert time nights. Apply In person, circle PIERCING PAGODA I. open- Ing s new store In Seavlew Squere Mall. Aaeleunt Manager trainee and part time ssles positions available. For aopt. call 542-3MS. PIZZA 4 SUB MAKER - Parttime nlghte. Must have exp. POOL LIFEGUARD - For Monmouth Beech Condo. Cell 222-SOta. PORTER-ORDERLY FuH time poartton. Day aftlff. Ptaaaa oam for appt Hilltop Nursing Expd only. Cell PRINTER Smell shop a mum-i2soexperfence. Cos 171-7M6 Days. Eves IS!-tin PRN e»* RaQsatarad nuraaa onfy. On call beat, or pert Ome ached- No fringe peckage at 610/hr a cell Mr. Gentle PSV-ED TEACHER - Private Jr. High, co-ed deeeao, gr «de Must be able to coach Beeketball. Call PT ADULT - Houee. pot babysitter.. Ideal for active aonlore-retlraea. Need car RADIOLOGY TECHNICIANS X-RAY TECHNICIANS Part ume p vailable on day ahtft. weokende. Muet be NJ Mete Hoeneed. txoeianl salary and benenta Call or eend reeume to: Ntkkl ProfeeMonal Recruiter. JERSEY SHORE MEDICAL CENTER 1*46 Cornea Avenue Neptune. NJ ( Ext. 4M Equal Opportunity Employer REPORTERS - Neededtooover arosfe. Pteeee dont oea. ptaa» Jane Foderaro. C*» idtav, lea O-eoe. The Deny AegMter. BliiseibuiY, N.J. 07T01 We're Equal Opportunity Empfoyenlis/e. REAL ESTATE SALES We ^ M poartlooa avattaama foe ury, T41-I REAL ESTATE m la GOOO.We need haw Your boat opportunity» with the areas beet kherme. Mt Ilaj awaa foratt- Wa ara a a m rnarfitoajra of MLS, ates a mimair of tout-nct, BSTAT1 MCMTARY - stnlna» e«p. m the urtisirtaewofi. EJSC. baoawisv. for >«eiils» SHneasmy s Baa> 6*i-7Tce B«t S67 51 H.lpW.nted Manegemenl Trainees Future Promises Or Promising Futures! Does your path to management eaern unclear? YOU are tha key met open, the door to endleaa ROYROOERa The path start. with an Intenafve oereor framing pniaoaop"/ v* procflosjori iro*" wtitiln hoy «6OEB8 oftara a mic wtlvatoyour advancamajnt. plua axoadani vtarting aalary and comprahanatva banaflu paokaoa. OPENTHOUSE Tuoodey. May 14th. 3PM-BPM at Sheraton Hotel. Haiiai M70 Highway 36 Extl 17 off Garden SI Pkwy II unable to attend, plaa.a call: Or aand your raauma to: ROY ROGERS P.O Box 13S4 Paramua. NJ 07S53-13S4 Equal Oppty Employer M/F MARLBORO BUY-RITE LIQUORS Fun and pert time help needed Apply In peraon Marlboro Buy-rite Liquors. Routes 520 a 7». Marlboro MARKETING ASSISTANT - Growing DP firm located In picturesque Marlboro NJ looking tor bright, energetic aettmotrvated marketing eaalalent helpful. Muaf pey attention to detalls a be sn Independanl worker. Tate-merkeang akin. nooseasry along with knowledge of the corporate environment. Company hea exoehent benefit package Including full Ineurance plan + 3 weeks vacation Poeltlon hea defmata growth potential. MIery 15K-2OK, + bonu. porkenoo Bend reeume snd call Jane Greyer SoflwereEducatton Cannon HIM Farm P.O Boa 166 Marlboro, N.J MECHANIC FOR CONDO A8SOC Knowledge ol.mall engine, required. Experienced only. Apply pereon Shedow Lska village. One Loch Arbour Way. Mlddletown, NJ MEDICAL ASSISTANT Part Hme. Challenging poeltlon. Reply with reeume and references to Boa Z Shrewsbury. N.J MEDICAL SECRETARY RECEP- TIONIST Susy office full tlma 5 daya. Wall organlied 1 experienced Reply to Box B-4S2,. Shrewabury NJ or call MEDICAL SECRETARY - Full time. Interesting epoclellets ofnce Muet enjoy people. Top salary, benefits Reference, required. Ceil MEDICAL TECHNICIAN Pan Ome Experience In phlebotomy. Must be eble to work flexible hour. Bond reeume to Centre! Jersey Blood Ban*. 310 Newman Rd.. Rod Benk. N.J. 0770V MORTGAGE PORCESSOR UNDERWRITER Growing Mortgage Co. seeks 2 Individuals quelrried In FNMA a VA/FHA. Salary baaed on expalsnos. Benefit, and profit ehar- Ing available Aek for Tony at 36«1500 MOTOR ROUTE DRIVER Needed to deliver the Register In the Rumaon, Fair Haven area. CAR A MUST CAU MUSICIAN - Gultarlat for a 3 NATURE OIRfCTOR Teacher to dlraot aummar camp program for ages 3-14 In Science. Outdoor Ed Activities. Can Y M C A 616 <6SS/74I-»6O4 NURSES ATTENTION! mention THE RE n replying to a Re employment ad. NURSES AIDES REQUIRED Day and evening ehin. Beachvlew ICF. 32 Laurel Ave.. Keaneourg NURSES AIDE Full a part time pcemona avail, on 3-11 ehlft. Pleeee call lor appt Hmtop Private Nursing Home. NURSE RN Full time/part time Long term cere faculty In Long Branch. Salary negotiable. Complete benefit peckage under revision Pleeee cell Mrs. Neyhart 22S-43O0. NURSES AIDE Full 6 pen time position svaheofo on the 11-7 shift. Please call for appl Hilltop Nuralng Home RN for YMCA summer camp. Ceil 616 I6BS/741-2S04 NURSES AIDE - 7 to 3 shift. Full time. Muet be experienced lee ceil Medl-Center el S4i-*B00. exl S3. PAINTERS Commercial t owetorn painting Muet have 6 yra. exp. own trans. 4SS-13S0 or hrs p.m PAINTERS commercial a custom pamttng. Muet neve 5 yra. axp.. own Irene. 4SS-13S0 or hrs p.m PAINTERS NEEDED - Realden- Hal exp Traneportenon ary. Can 2S1-S226. PART TIME - Need extra oaeh? Work on home phone program Flexible. Bam up to S10 per hour. Ceil Barbara. 747-eeee. PART TIME 15 par hour. Naw offloaa on Rt. SoaV Navaterinki Rrvaf Rd Wa wm tram in markatlng. Kiroatiant chanoaa for advancamani tofum ttma poawona. Or ff you wtah ramajn pan lima. Houra: 9 a.m. to S p.m. daily Oft: 9 p.m. to p.m. daky Mooday-Frtday. CaH 747-MOO PART TIME WORK Naar your sarrtara In tha aarty morning hra. You eita inaiesa the osrrtera, de- <eenefxire. lyealkeeneburg. PI k UMon Beeefi. Oafl ion free i-aoo-«i-oeso or wrum. 'ANT TIMl Make your own boo*, ki ne Keeneburg aree Oaf nirniiy Can CfMSM. K no annul eti-moe 'ABT-TIME Betas poawon a»esaaia for mature irended m- dmouei M fme * Upoer Le>e>. MonmeiKh Mat. awl tstati BALIS - Career CeHfor mil siui > uwoworr xtaltona 9 eb*as^e*wrl(ito FTfTera^fer WO> 47-mm awe. rst-sssr REAL ESTATE SALES MANAGER ZfSB Aaemr,. w>. SB, Maatet 3D 51 HelpWanUd REAL ESTATE SALES Hoimda./Corla Hack a/aa Poa- (tk>oa avadabta in actfva. milaalabtlariad offtca Ampta floor tlma Lloanaad aalaapanon pratarrad Carl F. ZaMara, Ra- REAL ESTATE SECRETARY Good typing and oroaa.«a»onal kika raqutrad Call t71-17s0. REAL ESTATE SALES - Nawly Uoanaad or attparmnoad aalai paoota who want a onan^a. Wa atart wtth SO/60 commlaalon puts, prograaarva oommiaatoni bonua proqrama. a congenial of floa atmoapf»*wa, and a tanlaaitc n&m omea faourly In tna rvaart of Hartal. Ptanty of floor tlma and a vary good rafarral location. Call Robart Kino, All Inqulrlaa itrtotly Caotury 21, K * H Raalty Qrottf) 739-4J30 Indapaodantry ownad and Oparatad REAL ESTATE You'va thought about It LaTa taav about rt now Our offlca la ona fl lha top 4 In tha Rad Sank iraa Wa ara buiy Wa na»*d you. E«training, moiivation ft guidanoa avaiiabl* Wa currarttly hava 7 MHlton-Doltar aaaociatat Naad^ mora. Expartanoad of baglnnar* CrtRooaV CENTURY 21 COZENS, RaalloM indapejndantly Owrtad" (M3RIW Rd M.var 741-7SSS» RECEPTIONIST Dapandabb aon Muat typa. ftm, A anawtir prtonaa Call RECEPTIONIST - Mon Frl. «_ -9 p.m. Apply In paraon Brookdala Nuralng Cantar 3325 Hwy. 36. HuMt RECEPTIONIST - Waakand and nottdaya. 12 p.m.-* pm Appry In paraon Brook da* Nuralng Carrtar, 3325 Hwy. 30. Hum. RECEPTIONIST - Rapidly expending Red Bank CPA Ft seek! recepeonw Hew oflkya Pleasant professional environment. Salary open Respond lo Chartes A Lewson a Co. 290 Hall Mile Rd.. Red Bank. Ml RECEPTION DESK CLERKS- tot naw motat opanlng In Calit Nack Exp halpful S4«-4703.' REGISTERED NURSE - {-3 h.ft Appry In paraon, Mon-Frl fl-4 p.m Atlantic Highland* N^aing Hom«. 6 Mlddkriown Aya. AtT- Hlghlanda. RESIDENTIAL WIREMAN * Wantad. CaH Mlddkttown Eiactrk:, RESTAURANT HELP - Bui m<aona, daflhwaahvra. pt*p worhara, hoamaaaa/noatt. pln«makar Inqulra within Brlodva. 132 E Rtvar Rd. Rumaon, RESTAURANT P/T - QonaVal food prap Parfact for atudanta Will train Stan at onca 3^bk»- ttan't Pub. Monmouth Mali SS Mr. Turna*. RESTAURANT - Marlboro Cook*, pantry paraont, dkalv waahara k portart (lunch g dinrm). CaH batwan 10 a.m.-5 p-m RETAIL SALES - Apply Sat al Mlchaal-a Placa T-ahlrt Shop, 60 Broad St.. Rad Bank 741-7SS2. RN/LPhra - Full a pan ame shifts Immsd. open Long term care faculty, ixc XI * benefits Cell tin Mahoney M4-6S0O lor appl RN Full tlma, Eai. banaflta. apply In paraon Mon.-Frl p.m. Tha Arnold Watiar NurUng Homa, 622 So Laur*l Ava.. Haitat RN/LPN M/F Full Uma pot Won avail. 3:30-11:30 p.m. ahlft. Ptaan can for appolntmant Hilltop Nuralng Homa. RNS-LPN6 Full A part ttma poatbona avallabla on 3-11 pm ahrii Pfcaaaa call for appt Himop Nurting Homa ROOFER - Shlngtaa A not tar Exparlanoad. Own trana. Hourly wragaa Call avaa. > RUMSON - Enlarprtatftg youngatan wantad. You will ba running yovr own bualnam whha aarntng prlzaa. trip* and caah. Tha only raqulramantt ara that you ara al taaat 11 ya«rs old and ara raady to work To atgn up. eah Ext. SALES ATTENTION! Ptaaaa mantton THE REGISTER whan raprytng to a Ragtatar SALES PCR8ON - Wantad for Womana waar. Soma axparlanca prafarrad. Part or full Uma Apply Waatratch'B, 46 Front St. Kayport SALES WE WILL TRAIN You for e career In Real Eatata We provide complete and com prefienslve training Leern all the detent al our Career Night. Thura. May 16 al 730 p m Re serve your aeet: H«->760. CENTURY 21 ElntHnder ft 6 Offloee serving Monmouth County SALES PERSONNEL Fun tlma or pan tlma. Enjoy your work In chaartul atmoaphara in kvga Ira woman* clothing atorej Smalt tora makaa it paraonal Oood paraonallty a kay for aucoaaa. flood pay. flaxibla houra, 1 gurmrou* amployaa clothtng dlaeount. CaH Tarry at Business Opportunity Amertca't otdesl licensor of ke cream shops necdi qualhvd f«milin to operate their own Ice Cream Factory Carvel representatives will foe m MIDDLETOWN. NJ..ii the C*rv»l lea Craam Stora. Vlllaga Mall 1060 Hwy. Routa3SS May 18th ft 19th To make an appointment CALL TOLL FREE HERITAGE HOI si: MIDDLETOWN Fanatastic opportunity to own your own video store. High traffic area. Great potential. $100,

38 40 Thr R<-(ji»li-r 101 API, tor Rent ' 101 Apt, for Rent I 101 Apt. for Rent m Suburban Living with City Conveniences at Monmouth Middlebrook OCEAN TOWNSHIP Saaoaut I and 3 badroom *rda" apli Comaoantly WKalad «a*r aa houati o* worthy ihoapng cartta* *rtd moma rnatlart Hn condition ad tavnmma. poon tarw,* courtt rraa heat a. not oatir NO H TS U m U T H)N!> i GW ( ' 106 la ttlontom C«cla Hi» South to Dt» Ro (la Oaai no aui l «ai i ' 1 BedroM ^ Q f l 2 kedr»m»4/5 FREE HEAL I *«Mn-fri. 1M p*. WiektKs p* HttpWanfd SALES PfNSON WANTED - Small import commodity corn p*ny. tocamd tn Pled tank vw king M*M Mrion Sand ' - urn* and cow tottw to Boa F-43S. Th«try. NJ SECRETARIAL SKILLS - d o Reel Eatala office to ** pnnotpkaa. deal EilaM iwenaa end car requved Can I7i-Moo uh tor vetarie or Ann SECRETARY - For weekends nd 2 day* during week tor active Shrewsbury Real Eitata of flee MUII have good typing Mill pfofmmonai appearanoe and pteaaani wtepnone> voice Salary commtntu'lm with emparmnce SECRETARY F.'T Oood pay Oood hour* Qood opportunity for running tranchtae Call Joe Longo or»67 51 HtlpWanttd SALES PERSONS ATTENTION Come Grow With Us Commniioni petd Mme day of doling Call u«for detail* SPINDRIFT REALTORS RUMSON SEASONAL (MOUND MAIN- TENANCE - Eiptvwnc* preferred Driver* l*cene> helpful Apply in peraon Shadow L*>«Viiisg* i t-och Arbour Way, MliliWiuwii, NJ SECRETARY - Typing, t>u«naaa akparianca prafajrrad Minimum ««ga 1.1 7S7.UM SECRET ARV/DICTAPHONE TYFiST - ftua general office duttea/word prooaaeor Non- SECRETARY WT - Pot KM mohlrtg offtce Send reeume to pacad cawa TV company Dtclaphone PoaitWn Electro lmpulaa Lab. PO ton *70 Red uphon* E«c paming A gram- Typing K WPU minimum die. k»n*. NJ O77Q1 mar Manual FuH banann Cap. rait f aquirad Sand lanaf of application to Stow Cab* PO Boa *M EalonKMm. NJ Ann Mopa Lowaratdga lot SECRETARV/WOHO PRO. CE9SOR - Naad matura-mlndad. r aanmma. dadicatad individual to work tor local progrataiwa company Minimum 2 yt* word pencilling «p raquirad ixaroi Mo prwarrarji AMa 10 work ovamma 6«c alary banama I grown potarv tiai Submit raauma l aaiary r» quiramanli to P O ftoi 308 Fort Monmouth. HJ 07703, SECURITY POSITION 12 midrttoht-a i m ahlfl avah For irrtar - *a» can Mon-f rl 211 not SBCRETARY/SOOKKEEPEFt To School Board Sacratary Ocaanpon School Dniocl Tha Oeaanpen Soam ol Education n ocapang applications lor ma poalwon ol twarva-montn aac- BUM up to Plaata call Mr! Koarnar lor tpplicttion Secretaries W/STENO raury/bookliaapar DutMa in. cluda payroll bookhaaping at ran aa aacraurial raaponaibilltlaa Salary naao- Long term temporary»gr>menti in the Moimdei area Large Blue Chip teiecommunlcaiionf. oorp Muat be proficient tn mno A typing High hourly pay rate No fee Vacation pay Bonueee Incentivea MANN TEMPORARIES 43 (Moan St N ShrawtOury Help Wanted SECRETARY - Shrewsbury Nice comfortable 3 person tale* office in reeidenual area Compuiet *kiii* valuable a*ean Oood phone votoe also desired CaH 747-S04S SECURITY GAURDS We are now in the process o< forming an elite security gaurd yatem w«need FULL A PART TIME guards who *r«hones) reliable and willing to work You mutt have a clean police record. own phone and car We offer Blue Cross/Blue Shtek) Life insurance 2 Weeks paw vacation Patd training period Uniform* f uniform maintenance For interview GLOBE SECURITY SYSTEMS Call Aak for Mrs Sttck COtM/F 51 Help Wanted SECRETARY - Major csntrsi NJ Law Firm seek*, bright independent, hard-work ing secretary with amoertenc* for busy mainmonlal atty Musi hava axcellanl typing, siano 1 telephone skills Call Mrs R».M-i?0»-fl36-»000 SECRETARY Fee Paid To» Major company seeks secretary with minimum 1 yri s«perience nd good stano skills Prime Red Bank location Eaceilsnt benefit package Pieaaa oall, VI EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 320 Broad St Red Bank 7*1-am SEWING MACHINE OPEB- ATORB Wanted Single needta, doubia needle and overiock operator* Full time work vear round Hourly rates + Bonus, incentivea Clean work arees <n frtendty atmosphere English. French Oreek. Italian. Spanish. Qujsrti and Hindi language* spoken Easily accessible lo Hwys M and Rts and 516 and Oar dan Stale Parkway Approximately '* mlla from Matawan Train Station Call Mrs Hermlda at Mon thru Fri. 9 to 11 and 2 to 4 p m to aet up appointment E T Pui* tnc Church Street. HJMMV. MAY 12, 1985 SI Help Wanted STENOGRAPHER RIVERVIEW MEDICAL CENTER i* looking for an individual to provide excellent, secretarial capabilities for our Nursing Division This unique individual should be proficient in both typing and sieno and poaae** superior written and oral communication skills Our opportunity offers a Mon-Frl poaltton with hours of»-5 We provide competrtrv* starting salary wtth outstanding benefits which include Child Care Center IMS tuition reimbursement Liberal paid days off Major Medical coverage Oentel coverage 6 paid holidays Life insurance Call or apply Stephen Fortmuller Personnel Oept 53O-2M0 RIVERIVEW MEDICAL CENTER 36 Union St. Red Bank. NJ Equal Opportunity amptoyer Parade of Homes HIGHLAND HILLS PARK LIKE SETTING Meticulously maintained three bedroom home nestled near Twinhghts Easy commute to NYC near beacnes & shopping S MVfKm HI V HOMOUTH COUNTY - watbvmrr i muio TOO MUM* NATIONAL *M> INTEB rutkmal rcftmm. Sf KVICfS BAHRS REALTORS 1 toy Ave H Off. BAMM RESTAURANT METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED 4 Bedroom. 2? bath Colonial Walerviews and walking distance lo Atlantic Highlands Marina, also Newark & NV Express Bus Central A/C covemw ALL or HOMDUTH COUNTY - KATEWMNT, MUND TOO MEHKR NATIONAL AN0 INTER NATIONAL fteferral SERVICES H BAHRS REALTORS 1 toy Ave. nijniinui Off BAHM MeTAMUNT Hofnos Lite You've Never Seen Before. Prices Like You'll Never See Again..IMPRESSIVE TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED Ranch in mint condition Valley view Irom massive 57' deck ofi living room Centra) A/O Great Room with wet bar plus numerous extras Musi See! COVERING AU 01 MOMUUTH COUNT r - WATErVKMT ( IM.AN0 TOO 111(11 NATIONAL AM) INTER NATIONAL DCFfMVu SERVICES i BAHRS REALTORS 1toytee. Highland. O»» IAHM MITAiJtUNT NAVESINK CUSTOM BUILT Well built expandable cape >n beautiful Navesmk Two bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, cast iron recessed radiators gas heat, feeldstone fireplace, steel beam construction, del garage plus two extra rooms lor workshop and excellent electric service OVEMtS ALL OF M0NM0UTX COUNTY - WATERFKONT 1 MLANO TOO UtMUR NATIONAL AM) INTER NATIONAL REFERdAL SERVICES i BAHRS REALTORS 1toyAve. Highlands A special monthly showcase of Monmouth County's most prestigious and spectacular home buyer values) For more details concerning these beautiful homes, contact the appropriate real estate broker. A NEW LISTING Graceful colonial, conveniently located in Red Bank, close to stores and transportation wraparound porch, formal dining room, 3 bedrooms. 1 block to river. $129,900 SEA BRIGHT WATERFRONT Sunrise, Sunset! Sprawling ranch-style home. Deep water docking. $297,500 FOR THOSE DEMANDING... the ultimate in gracious living. Impressive custom design home surrounded by lovely grounds. $435,000 OAKHURST Charming Cape Cod features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, remodelled kitchen, large wooded lot. $112,500 COZENS REALTORS* 813 River Road Fair Haven. New Jersey Bob Warncke Associates MALTOMS AFFHAtSLKS Bob Warncke Associates KEAlTOHS AffHAtSEAS Bob Warncke Associates m mot* AY j i. UUUTOVN, NIW rojav o THE BEST MIDDLETOWN AREA 5 Bedroom. 3 full baths expanded Ranch with all that anyone could aak for fireplace, central air, eat-in kitchen, under-ground sprinklers. All this plus an Inground pool for total summer enjoyment and entertaining. Call today ASKING ONLV $184,900 ncrdemv DGEIUV REALTORS 2966 Highway 36 / HUM. New Jarsay (201) 73S-2222 k JEFF MORSE REALTY, INC. k Cornrr Roulr ito 4 SKvtn Air. Tinlon Kails 1 rn I ^1*' ^ i "* <iirofttlul» I'aitwav KKII Mi \mm J LICENSED BHOKEH HOLMDEL EXCLUSIVE!!! AND BEST BUY!" Great familysize home at an affordable price Features 3 bedrooms, 2% baths, familyroom w/tireplace off eat-in kitchen, formal dlnlngroom, basement, 2 car garage. HWBB gas heat, Central/air 6 1 acre of privacy in excellent location. Offered at only $168,900 Call HAZLET This 3 bedroom Colonial offers a living room, dining room, kitchen and family room with sliding gloss doors to the treed backyard. Conveniently located to transportation and shopping. Owners anxious to relocate. Just reduced to $118,500. K&H REALTY GROUP 224 MIDDLE RD. HAZLET. N.J. fndepenfan* Owned and Otxrofcd EXCLUSIVE COLTS NECK This Property Won't Last 12 Acre FARMETTE Excellent soil & location. Beautiful running stream Wooded area to the rear. $225, Acre FARMETTE Beautiful corner property. Area of $600,000+ homes. Excellent soil. Great view. $250, Rom 34. Com Met*. MJ Tetephon. (201) WATERFRONT - BULKHEADED Prestigious area of Little Silver. Magnificent oversized cape on 1000' of spectacular waterfront. 100' dock plus floating dock and 2 davits. 3056' of great living space. Greenhouse, porch, deck and much more. Offered at $598,000 HICKEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY Realtors FAIR HAVEN $275,000 Completely renovated Victorian PLUS office spacel Skyllghts.huge (am. rm., 5 BRs, frpl. in DR, super kit., garage, C/A A so much morel REALTOR MIDDLETOWN $89,900 Spacious four bedroom colonial featuring fireplace In dream kitchen, den, 24 ft. dining rm., office A HWBB gas heat. REALTOR. Squire Shopping Cente' 1298 Hwy 35 Middlelown Squire Shopping Center 1298 Hwy.15. Middletown HAZLET $128,900 Newly listed, tastefully decorated three bedroom ranch with dining room, family room, fireplace In living rm. & 20 ft. hobby room. REALTOR Squire Shopping Center 1298 Hwy 35. Middlelown

39 SUNDAY. MAY SI Htjp Wanted HURT OnOtK COOK FuH end pan Mme. afternoon and evanlng ehrlta avellebla Appi, in pafeon 1 lo S daily No phona cam plaeta Howard johneon'e HeeUJuranl. Hwy JB. Mlddlatown SPORTS CHRICTOB - ff taacrtar lo dlracl umnw camp porta program Aoae 3-14 Call YMCA»4a-48eS/r4Tl»04 STOCK WORK - and delivery Pan lima can won, Into lull lima Call SUMMER ISCOMMING SOON! Earn extra vacation cuh making t«4«phon«calls from our ofho* in Shrawabury Must have) a good lataohon* vote* and ba avatlabl* vwmn0ttromsvf.3op.m Mon thru Frl and Sat. t-1 p m FOR INTERVIEW CALL (MANE AFTER 0 p m SUMMER EMPLOYMENT - Maintenance), now thru Sept Musi tw II of over Crystal Motor Lodga. Hwy 35 Eatontown. Mk for Jo* SUMMER JOBS - 17 M Marling fata. Local corp sponsoring t\u. d«nt work program ExoaW«ni axp«r«nca Worh available in Monmouth County lnt*rvlaw In Woodbrldg* Will train sfle. exams Apply now B tam-lpm SUPERINTENDENT Matura mlndtjd coupta raqulrao for 60 unit* In W M I Long Branch REqukM knowtodo* Ol III phimi on malntonanca Salary MOO p«< Wfc. + frlnp Call SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS Op«nlnga 3-11 ft 11 p.m-7 a.m. shirt FuH or pan tlma. Oood opportunity Long tarm Call TAILOR/FITTER - Full lim. On«of Monmouth County's floatm top of the tirm clothing store* 40 hour we** Include* 1 night Flexible ech*dul* la availabt* Call ash for Mr Eaatwick TEACHERS Social Studte*/ English Art/Caramtca Computar Bctano*. ( 1 Vr Poa- Mion. Sabattcal taava 'epiecemani) Phyeical ScMnc* (Phyaicsjoeaaaa an N J laach*r certification Start tv1/65 Plaaaa aand raftumetodr johnj Ward. Superintendent, fiumson Fair Hav*n Regional High School, Ridge Rd. flumson N J EOE TEACHERS - For summer day camp Qymnasttcs Tennis, Arts ft Crafts Call Marlboro Rec reetion TEACHERS - English. Math. RMdlng All levels Summer mornings *Must be dedicated, xp Wrlia fulry to Box N-477. Shrewsbury. NJ TEACHERS - Must be properly certified Spanish teacher Sept- Dec 1966 Malhmatlca teacher tor 1MS-M school year, grade* 9-U Dietnbutive education coordinator Physical educationhealth teacher Contact Walter L Col man for appt Keanaburg School District, 140 Port Monmouth Rd Keanaburg, NJ TIRE PERSON - To chang* flrva Red Bank Tire Co Houses for Sale Need A Boat Space? We Have Itt with this waterfront contemporary Smashing design, 3 BR. 3'i baths, tireplace, great family room, private beach and minutes to country club and marina. $210,000 BAHRS AGENCY Highland!, N J PREVIEW SPECIAL LUXURY TOWNHOUSES ELKRIDGE AT RED BANK Exceptional 2 and 3 bedroom homes from $163,000. Unique private community. Enter from Spring Street. Weichert Sales Office open Sat. & Sun or Help Wanted AILORS - PINKS Full Of pan >» M>ly» tain* TMori in BO kkm,, n«..lor. In Shrewsbury Plaia Of call M41S»5lo. aodllnlo IRAlNfct - naai aetala reeaercri No ikanaa naaded Mil """ Call Dlmllr I SJO-OBOO TRAVEL AdENT/MA'NAQER PA TA S. " CompuWfliMl Call 5* TRUCK DRIVER NEEDED >bac and fork llfl axp atofrad Apply In paraon. Rod ink Lumbar Co. 9 Wall Si, Had WAITER/WAITRESS K IH, TVPIST/CLERK - Had lank B'Okaraaa firm naadi a lull lima typlfel/cjarh. CRT aap halplul CaH Judy UP TO H00 PER WEEK Poaallba whlla laermng llncanclal planning with Malropolllan EOE VALET For Mlgri rlaa condo. Mon.-Frl.. 10 a.m.-«p.m Tarnporary from praaanl III Ocl Call W1-S0ST lot appt 131 Houses for Sal* 51 HtlpW«ntX TRANSPORTATION COORDI- NATOR Aoancy aervlng phyalcally dlaabbd In Monmouth County Strong manaosmant akllla and oompum. a.p pralafiad Call WAITRESS/WAITER - Pan lima waakanda Mual ba a«paflancad Apply In paraon to Ran Dinar 117 Waal Front SI Had Bank WAITRESS/WAITER - Wantad tor pan and lull tlma avanlng work. No akoarlanoa naoaaaary Mual ba IB. Call 2* E*p nlghu Hoautaa. caahlar daya or nlghta. Apply In paraon. Had Oak Baalauram. Hwy 35. Hanoi WAITERS/WAITRESSES - Cook., banandari. dlin paopla. all poaltlona vameia Call attar 1 p.m AM tor managa*. WAITERS/WAITNEMU Part tlma banqurt. Qraai lummir lot) B4MCh club prlvlladoaa S Fttn Mon.-Frl p.m. Panln- ula Houaa Raatauranl, Oc4Mn Ava, &4M Bright Joan Penta 131 Houses for Sale Our Leading Sales Representative for fp^i April, 1985 FOUR UN Highway. Ml»7 iaat Mvaf Road. Rwmaon, N j M EaMt Main Straw HoJmd* N.J MMTOMILJ (201) (201) (201) RUMSON PARK T0WNH0MES Rlvirflori. HMMM Hbfcl op* Swiays 1: P.M or by ipfolitmmt rv»-of*rt» pricw from $190,000 AN EXPANDABLE CAPE COD In Old* Shrewsbury it a parfacl first noma Th«r«'i 17' living room with firapiace. 2 Cwdroomi, full bammeni and attic Hardwood floors, n«w aluminum combination ttormt and acrmna, now gutters Walk to shops and but. callant schools M9.900 LITTLE SILVER CAPE This nawly fanovatad 4 bedroom homa is locatad on on* of Lima Sltvar's fm*st str**ts Living room with fireplace. dining room with corner cupboard and a screened porch freshly painted inside and out, naw carpeting, new stove and new leaders and gutters Private rear yard with a play house (or the children Asking $1.0,000 A BETTER WAY OF LIFE Can be yours in thla stalely 4 bedroom. 2'4 bath colonial in on* of Hoimdei's finest areas Custom features include crown and dentil mouldings in living room, dining room and foyer, a raised brick fireplace in family room, central air and full basement Excellent schools, conve- $22«OOO CUSTOM CONTEMPORARY On two wooded acres In Marlboro, this exceptional 4 bedroom, 3'* bath home has a 3 tiered hexagonal wing with wraparound windows and redwood deck A perfect home for family and entertaining, the feeling is open bright and spacious Oak hardwood floors Anderson windows, 3 tone heat and custom lighting DISTINGUISHED AND ELEGANT This custom 4 bedroom, 2't bath colonial In desirable Oik Hill area of Middletown is just 2 years young. Tastefully decorated, stained woodwork. 6 panel doori, dentil mouldings nad upgraded carpeting. 2V family room hat brick fireplace, beamed ceiling and glass Midlng doors leading to a large screened perch. On professionally landscaped property backing up to the woods $279,000 RUMSON ON THE NAVESINK Breathtaking views of the river are yourt from this delightful 4 bedroom, 3> bath Medltteranean. The spacious living room haa beamed ceiling, fireplace and French doors leading lo a fabulous 40x24' river room with wet bar and glass doors to deck. 125' of bulkhead- Ing, a riparian right and dock. A dream come true! $429,000 Can 0' *"le to> c FOUR AREALTORS I 12 nil H*> MlddMowi. N.J. 97 EaaT Rlvar Road. Rumaon. N.J Eaat Main St. Moimoal, NJ D7I-52OO I20t)530-9«00 [2O1)»«-370O 51_HtlpWanttd_ WANTED - Mature couple to act a companion for disabled man Room I board, plus small salary OH single parson tor same Keyport. NJ area. Celt i-7tt.m4.0m7 after 8 p.m weefcdaya or 4M-2O73 52 Babysitting Child Cart MATURf WOMAN - With rarerenoee wanted lo care for 2 children A 11 yre. ok) in our Keyport home. Moors dally Opportunity tor flexible hours A summer months Oood salary Call 92 Babysitt.ngand pleasant oondrttone tier a 73B-S227 ChlldCart KID KARE AGENCY -, hiring reliable people for housecleaning, beby, pet A vaoatton sitting r?\ A live-in work CaH 131 Houses for Sale 131 Houses for Sale CHARM OF BYGONE DAYS MATURE RESPONSIBLE PER- SON To care lor 1- mo -old tnfant. In my home River Plata aree. 2-3 mornings a week Please csll M2-277S between 9-12 noon. Magnificent 100 yr. old Monmouth Beach Colonial, beautifully appointed and decorated. Formal LR, spacious DR. 4 BR. 2'i B. playroom, den Modern kitchen features riandpalnted tiles, pickled wood floors. $214,900. YOUR OWN PARK Enter through a stone gate, down a lovely drive to this 3 BR Fair Haven century home. Take a walk to the little cottage In the rear of the property, perfect for studio or playhouse. You'll love the wide plank pine floors in this bright and cherry unique home $235,000 DRAMATIC ft STUNNING Custom built contemporary set on magnificent landscaped lot White tiled Allmilmo kitchen opens to brick patio and heated pool 4 BR, 3''i B Spacious floor plan throughout. $615,000 RUMSON CONTEMPORARY Glass walls to stunning center hall fireplace Kitchen with skylights and deck Water views in all directions. 3 BR, Z'I B, maintenance-free property $174,900. Why go anywhere else? MV ' irumson Really 52 Babysitting Child C«r» BABYSITTER - Matura woman to cara lor InlanI lull lima In my homa Own Iranaportallon Call BBL9114 altar e p.m waakdaya a all day waahanda CHILD CAM - Llnerrtt Sam-Bam waakdayi To put chlldran on achool but Own tranaponauon 4 rafaranoaa. Call 747-eaet or Houses for Sale 52 Babysitting Child Cart netponsible - Loving, matura woman wantad lor cara ol» yr old boy In our MlddMown homa. 1 waafcday morning 1 waa*day avanlng. and alrhar Sal or Sun. aflarnoon aach waak Own iranaponahon and raoani rataranoaa raouirad call e71-sm<. 131 Houses for Sale i(qke/., REALTORS FIRST PRESENTATION - RED BANK There's a welcome here for you! You'll smile when you see this charming, maintenance free 4 bedroom, 2 bath Colonial offering eat-in kitchen, formal dining. family room with skylight & Ruuo woodburning stove leading to entertainment deck. 9' ceilings, hardwood floors, full basement plus a rocking chair front porch Hurry this won't last at 1134,500 TWO FAMILY ASSUMPTION Definitely worth your immediate inspection, this two family featuring 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen <i bath in each unit, full basement, front porch plus a (40,000 assumable VA mortgage with mo payments which include principle, interest, taxes t insurance Become a landlord for only $62,000 Located in Red Bank PLEASURE ORIENTED No work, just pure pleasure in this Red Bank 2 bedroom, 2'i bath, sought after end unit with a open, contemporary flair thru-out and featuring living room with fireplace, formal dining, eat-in fully equipped kitchen, attached garage, swimming pool, tennis courts, plus beautifully maintained grounds Located In Tower Hill and offered at $102,500 ARTIST, WRITERS A LOVERSI Thoreau and Muir would have loved the atmosphere of this Shrewsbury English Cottage nestled on a < acre, yet close to town Home features updated white kitchen with track lighting & breakfast room, living room with fireplace oj built-in bookcases, sunroom with 3 walls of windows, full basement, walk-up attic, rear deck ideal for herb garden, and priced well at Babysitting Child Cart BABYSITTER - Naadad In my homa lor 4 yaar old Mual nava rafarancaa Call 7B7-7U2 ba- 131 Houses for Sale West River Road, Kumson, New Jersey MS Broad Stra.t, Shrewsbury, N.J REALTOR MLS Weichert MORTGAGES AVAILABLE TO QUALIFIED BUYERS "YOUR FULL SERVICE METROPOLITAN REALTOR" LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION You don't nttd too much Imagination to restore thi elmant charm of this 5 firm colonial with high beamed ceilings, fireplace and wraparound porch overlooking Deal Lake Walk to trains shopping and beaches '112,000 ttrwwfcwj (Mm COLONIAL W POSSIBILITIES A 4 bedroom. 9 room Colonial with circular driveway in a superb location tor tlw doctor, dentist, attorney or ottw protmlonal Includl a 500*1 office with separate entrance containing 2 examination rooms, watting room, receptionist s area, private office 4 1? bath Off street parking lor 4-5 cvs. Also suitable lor a mother-daughter arrangement. $249,900. CUSTOM RANCH Sprawling Custom 100 loot Ranch Is situated on professionally Landscaped Acre. 3 Bedrooms. FR with Fireplace. Eat-In Kitchen. $239,900 M-9014 HsMsl Offtca THE CHOICE IS YOUBS^ Live In one - rent other Perfect income property for first time buyer needing help with mortgage payments. Or. you may want to convert back to lovely single- family home $52, Slmwrtirj Offles NESTLED IN THE TREES Classically built, mis sprawling 4 year om brick ranch features 4 bedrooms, 2'i baths and Is nested on 3+ acres surrounded by trees. 2 car garage and central air make mis home Ideal lor the ran development buyer who wants a special home In a beautiful area. Call now. this won't last! Asking $174,900 MM-1517 COUNTRY LMM/crTY CONVENIENCE Five bedroom, 2 bath large home sits on an acre > ol trees. Privacy and convenience ol schools,, shopping and transportation. Eat-In kitchen, with sunroom.. patio. p Inground pool and all I equipment. i Asking Aki $ $98,000 MM-1457 MM40D UNtulPAttEOEUQANiX... LOCATIONI This < B«French Provincial backs up to 14 acres ol Green Belt and has been professionally decorated and landscaped. 30' Great Room featuring Paladlum windows and French doors Solid mahogany wet bar. cathedral celling Truiya spectacular home and area. $299,900 HeteeM Office HOME L0V1N6 PEOPLE This suburban Colonial reflects the tender loving eve the owners have lavished on It! Featuring a lush lawn and maintenance free vinyl suing on the outside and a spacious lover, large rooms and tasteful decor on the inside J MI-9S12 I OfflW COMMERCIAL ARCADE The Hi'KJ»lrr Babysitting Child Cart NEED SITTER In Middlatown araa. lor my 3-mo -old. Mon - Frl.. In your homa alarttno Juna 17 Call iaa-akx aim» p.m 131 Housts for Salt EXECUTIVE RANCH In top Colts Neck locationl This 3 bedroom ranch, boasts over one acre ol prime wooded residential property. Full finished walk out basement, handsome den with fireplace plus formal living room with fireplace Quiet cul-de-sac setting. Call lor details. Asking $229, ESTATE DUTCH COLONIAL set on over 2'i acres ol superb grounds amongst other estate homes 5 bedroooms. 3 lull baths. A unique residence In every respect Many outbuildings Including 40' garage with much storage, chlldrens' play house, storage shed and extra carriage house. So many extras, please call lor details and brochure. Asking $400, SMASHING custom built executive ranch boasting stone exterior Attractive salting with circular drive and generous landscaping 4 bedrooms, 3 lull baths, 2 fireplaces and huge full basement. Private rear grounds with 47' Inground pool, located In fashionable Wayside section ol Ocean Twp Call lor details. Asking $332, WATERFRONT PENINSULA with absolute privacy; over 750' of bulkheaded property with panoramic vistas from all rooms This all brick ranch features 4 bedrooms. 4 lull. 1 hslf baths Modern amenities throughout with 2 fireplaces, 2 screened porches snd 114' dock. Call for details Asking $825, Gloria Nilson REALTORS as Great opportuntty for the serious Investor at the Jersey Shore. Large main building with 3 rental units, plus private office. Bungalow also Included with large parking area. Short walk to all beaches. Year round rentals and have your own arcade too! $110,000. RU-1043 RWMM Offlcs «Hn Hesse art ssnjsa i 35 SHREWSBURY N J Ask About Our Equity Advance Program HISTORIC FARM HOUSE Distinguished larm house situated on carefully attended properly measuring just under 4 acres. This historic house with 5 bedrooms still has the original pine flooring Room lor horses to roam In the 5 turn out paddocks and plenty of space for you to entertain your guest $365,000 BMAB PRIVACY ABOUNDS - NEW LISTING Enclosed by a designer stone wall with redwood entry gates this 5 Brm. 3'> bath custom contemporary ranch offers an idyllic setting. Features a lake bottom pool, spacious rooms, specimen plantings, country kitchen, dining room plus solar greenhouse, sunroom, ri room and many other custom amenities the most particular buyer $550,000 "" fcewaj Offlcs 7478m THE ADDRESS YOU CAN GIVE WITH PRIDE When spacious living matters you will get It and more with this lovely 5 BR Colonial some special features are a lull basement, underground sprinklers, lush professional landscaping, large wolmamzed wood deck, all hardwood floors, custom window treatments Walk to house of worship Great house and location Asking $184,000 MM-1584 NMAUPM/MMLIOM rkstss.3jk-p A DOLL HOUSE Completely remodeled. Eat-in kitchen, 2 Bedrooms, new bath. Pertect starter or retirement home. $74,900. 3S-M72 HtMsJ Offlcs S THAN NEW TUDOR COLONIAL This 4 bedroom, 2'4 bath home on landscaped corner lot features basement, gas heat central air, underground sprinklers, burgle: alarm system Relax by family room lull wall brick raised hearth fireplace wfflrebox Many upgradesand extras How-transferable warranty. Bring your checkbook tor this beauty Asking $204,000 MM-1585 HUiftLtfMI/MMUJORO NOT FOR CLOSET CONSERVATIVES This ultra contemporary 3 bedroom home is for those desiring the latest In design and decor Featuring a huge Great Room with balcony and kitchen with European formica kitchen cabinets. Jennaire. $ MI-9439 MMMwi OfflM PRESTISE AREA Superior Neighborhood ol Quality homes, this 4 BR. 34 bath raised ranch offers generously proportioned rooms To make this a perfect home tor entertaining and family living $224,000 MI-9540 HaaiaMa^eMayaa fllfljij. R71 I IWOTIPfWl UnPEV Of I-I TWO RIVERS REALTY 114 Avme of Two Riven. NJ. ( (201) FUN LOVERS A most unusual custom Contemporary Homo lor the entertainer. Features Indoor, Inground pool, 5 bedrooms, and room to hold great parties. Indoors and out H you love something out ol the Ho-Hum colonial look, this Is It Shown by appt. cah now. $295, tOM ttriwiwy OfflM WATERFRONT WONDER! On 2 prim Fair Haven acres, this moat charm- Ing 4 BR. 3 bath Colonial Cape has a quarry tiled dining room an elegant living room at/tptc. a huge solarium and a cypress panelled recreation room with a wet bar. ell with greet river views An Idyllic location $425,000 RU-1021 IN 747-tttt. TURN Of THE CENTURY Elegant 15 room restored Colonial. Chestnut t Pine paneling, 3 FP'e. Gourmet Kitchen, i l l acres. $860,500 3MK6 RUMSON 30 Ride. Rd MANALAPANRoute »--,», E«,.cim SHBEW88U8Y uso Broad a fm Offices /ocaled throughout fhe metropolitan arms. A MANY SPLENOOHED TfiINC Babbling brook, wishing well, wooded acres surrounds this country farmhouse. Bring horses- do some farming Fireplace. 4 large bedrooms. 2 baths, country kitchen embraces the family that lives there That family could be YOUt Asking $220,000 2S-1116 Weichert Realtors

40 6D Tht UfUSt<r SUNDAY. MAY j 52 Babysitting Child Car^ HOMEMAKER Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 5 References Can SITTER NEEDED - For 7 y*.< old after school in my horn* m Eatoniown Call till T 30 or after 53 Domestic Help CLEANING PEOPLE - Needed tor new Motet optnmg in Colte Neck Call CLEANING/IRONING - 2 days per wnk Atlantic Highlande-Sea Bright ar*a Own transportation No eapenence ntcnury Call DUST BUSTERS -Commercial, residential, floor waning, carpal Shampooing general cleaning act now FEMALE To Clean 3 dayi per week With car and 2 references Call after 2pm M OUSE K E EPER /COOK~~ 5 days General cleaning, cooking and ironing Mutt t>e able to cook and plan maala ioim-6 pm R«f»r«nc««A own transportation required Call HOU86PER8ON hr par week Mutt Ilk* animals Hsva good reference* Salary negotiable plus raisa in 3 mo Call atiar «p m MATURE PERSON - To be In horn* with 2 te*n agere for vacationing parent* Mult have transportation & references Soma cooking Call after 6pm weekdays or all day weekends WOMAN - To care for mbuliiory stroke patient Perl time weekends Coonnsled Call Situations Wanted Female ABOVE THE REST IN CHILD CAREI Your child should be content, happy and well-cared for white you work I am a Fair Haven other who can do eh of the abovel 2'4 y#an experience m child care wtih TERRIFIC refer enceal Call AT.HOME SITTING SERVICE H0MEBUDD1F9 Exclusive child pet ft houaaoars agency by bonded proteeeionels See ad in Yellow Pages Sitting lf<t HOMF?-O Situations Wanted Female i Loving care tor iy Ocean Township BABYSITTING LOVII your child home Reliable, flexible ww tutor Call Houses for Sale 131 Houses for Sale ATTENTION Sea Bright-Long Branch condo dwellers Effective Jury 10, 1965 I will have limited time available tor new clients General cleaning Call now for scheduling Tuesday 6 Thursday after 5 BABYSITTING - In my Kaansburg home Full lima Mon -Frl. any age References available Call anytime CLEANING AT ITS FINEST - Trustworthy personal. affordable Call MINT MAIDS EXPERIENCED CHEF 14 yrs e*p Looking for permanent position institutional cooking back ground Call after <V EXPERIENCED MOTHER In Navesink will babysit in my home weekdays 7 30 a m -6 p m. ages 12 mo A up Call EX PERIENC ED MATURE MOTHER Will babysit In own home Intents, loddiera any age after 0 am Of anytime EXPERIENCED MOTHER - In Middletown whi baoysit in own home Fenced-in yard Will provide lunch** By the week only Call Situations Wanted j EXPERIENCED Ironing Shirts and family laundry Pick up and delivery Call SO WPM Mature" typlal with excellent spelling ft proofreading skills with** pan time office work Currant experience Call HOUSECLEANING - Will clean your home Dependable honeai. A reliable Hulei area Call IS HOUSECLEANINQ E. pertenced Reference*, depentiable. hooeel 4 reliable Can between 6 i 0 p m KID KARE AOENCY - Baby, pet 4 vacation alttlng. housecleaning, errand running A party serving Day or evening N J bonded l licensed MATURE WOMAN WHt thoroughly clean your home or apartment Pleeee call anytime ORGANIST To play at you' wedding (Reception not included) Nuptial Mass. S50 Ceremony only. S40 Manann* Dennil RESPONSIBLE Young prof woman seeks room in exchange for light housework/yard, cook ing. errande Prefer older home m Holmdel. Colts Neck, Mldd. Llncroft area R*fe avail Reply Box J-460, Shrewbury. NJ Merchandise for Sale 71 Merchandise for Sale 24 ALUMINIUM LADDER Heavy duty Rockwell rector teating saw, tab** saw other loo** Cell ROCKER-RECLINER Li-1- boy Very comfortable 7 years old Excellent condition $175 Call S3O WHEEL MORSE GARDEN TRACTORS (1) 1060 S Spd with no motor Other HP Hydrodrfve. needs work Plow * sweeper incl $550 firm take* all after 7pm (4) WINDOW AIR CON- DITIONERS Excellent condition. 975 each or $250 for at) 4 Call HOMES WANTED 5 homee needed to Dismay new solid vinyl siding by Bethlehem Steel Olv* your home a new look Qualified homeowners win receive dealer incentive rebsiee amounting to huge savings from retail price * installation Required, no monsy down 100H financing available No payment* till late aummar Call MONMOUTH OCEAN COUNTY CERTIFIED APPRAISERS Alan Chokov Company Residential Commercial Properly Settlements Demographic Analysis Feasibility Studies Resale Inheritance Divorce Land Mortgages Relocation Market Analysis Business Analysis WEEKDAYS EVES, ft WEEKENDS 794 Hwy. #35. Shrewsbury, N.J EXCELLENT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY _ DrV«DulMirf ID M csnakucm Miajri eakina diitanct Monmoutr. MsftCW HWert* forty thousand MuSrt Hit *v»l ftd'i invtttw opportunity to purttiam turn-kty operation or *p pfovtfl package inclusive of srcmseturau permits isnd tic ("vtftment 'Mu«tfl Si M2 000 or Inane* twittd Return Asntu Condormruum MKKI U««30% Upon Mtlout 116% afwi tun 27% B OrUct huming to bs constftclsd on Highway 35 Ocaan Town inip Twenty hvt thouund squwi fen avhulm invtnor op portumty tfi purchwe turn-ksy oprition «approved packags incluwvs Of! ipprovilt invtitmam -«*,! «S or financing usiitsd n H»% 29% t rr% \AL AN CHCK V Elberon INVESTOR'S DREAM Two completely remodeled carriage houses with central air. fireplace. 2 bedrooms.-and one with an attached greenhouse Live in One; Rent the Other Great Opportunity Call today $219,500 Selby Real Estate, Inc. Realt Member Nationwide Heiocanon Service $ Holmdal Road 260 Norwood Av«. Holmdel Deal tors Rumson GOOD NEWS Charming Country Victorian home has been pampered, polished, & renovated. NEW roof, gutters, & insulation; NEW baths, floors, exterior fencing, & landscaping. Convenience of a Ig laundry rm off the kitchen. Plus 3 bedrms; 2 full baths. Excellent location near train & parkway for commuters; close to beaches & marinas for fun & sun lovers. Only $148,000 Call Joseph G McCUE 124 f Rucr R(J SUMMER TUTORING Available Specializing in remedial work for all grade levels Call TYPING DONE hom«same day service Reasonable prices Csll Diane ,5 TYPING - Done in my home up to 90 wpm Also dictaphone that you supply Call WILL BABYSIT - In my Kaypori horn* Mon-Fn Lunch provided Children over 2 yrs old only Call WOMAN TO DO HOUSEWORK a day Dependable and thourough own trsnsportstton Call YOUNG ARTIST with college degree seeking creative comphotograi Olher aril ing fuii time employment Danielle before 7 pm 55 Situations Wanted Male COMPLETE LAWN CUTTING Reasonable 8 Reliable Or I AAA HAULAWAY Clean-ups 1 No ob loo big or smalt Hauling. firewood Call Tom AJ PAINTING CONTRACTORS 1 Speciaiiimg in new 4 old home* 1 Free estlmetes. fully insured or MAMIE -"vanity sinks 2V»26. various colors. 135 eecn Wheel chair. 2 months old 91W Cati PIECE KITCHEN SET 175, GE electric alove S«12 yellowiug. I3J Call AC OUS T icf OUITAB - Good condition 150 with case Call Oeoraettte at I boons i0t i COUCH And matching chair Tapeetry materiel with Pecan wood Circa 193O Good cond. $3M Call anytime COUCH* CHAIR - EM cond $75 and Ch*rry mahogany bu' row 525 Call DINETTE SET 4 Chairs, wilh leaf 940 Couch, coffee table 1 end table. Spanish Med 975 Maple double bed 965 Dart, pine dresaer 935 Walnut ch«i ul drawer* with matching twin bed 165 Black a Decker Electric lawn mower with cord 940 Hoover upnghi vacumn DININQ ROOM Braanfroni and hutch»2o0 Call ) DINING ROOM - F urmtu'i Maghonany china closei and table, pitcher and bowl, glass encloeed boohcaes eamplers Misc turnilura Eves DINETTE SET Coionisi labl* with 2 benches Like new 9200 C 4S9-0TSJ DINING ROOM SET - Dark pma dining room table and 6 chairs, 2 leaves Good condition 9300 Call after AIR CONDITIONER - 220V BTU, 9450 Call after 5 30 pm AIR CONDITIONER - 3 Ion singer central air unit Used 2 season* Condenser snd A-coii $300 Call AIR CONDITIONER fsn tables. baaaboard healer chests convection oven aewing machine. Apt weener lamps Call ANDERSEN WINDOWS - snd doors. 4 Atrium doors 50*» discount Delivery DINNETTE SET - 46" round giaaa lopped table. 4 chairs X 30' oval pool with pump ladder 2 decks 5250 Must be taken down 1940s Hootter cabinet 9200 Antique loveeeel blue oriental print $200 Upholstered lovaeat $ rpm racords 29* ea Paperback boons 10c ea hard covet boohs " 7206 DINING TABLE - Fior«-deeign tainteei steel snd giaea contem- R2R3 71 Merchandise for Salt KITCHEN CABINETS - N*w walnut grain Plas Lam Compisie U-shape layout 7 over heed 5 fl Value ia over Will sell tor 9SO0 Also n*w stainless sink t tmiurailoo Call 542-9S91 MODEL AIRPLANE^ MRC Iramar Hawk 4 Futaba radio control Like new Call after 6 pm MOTOBECANE MIRAGE - Bike Fairly new Own«r getting old Cash end cerry 5125 Can after 6pm 94«-4S«MOVING-MUST BELLI Otrta 9-piece bedroom aet pma open bookcase chrome A glass mirror. Colonial coffee A end tables. recliner. towel 6 rug set Call MOVING MUST SELL Sofa, stereo, chairs, lamps table, etc Frl 6 Bat March 9 * 9, Spring SI Red Bank MOVING SALE - Tu* lawn spreader, 950 Mangal Ironer Organ. Wurliuer. f 125 Call or MOVING MUST SELL - Many items for wan decor a home interior All Medlterrarteen Some oyer A halfway furniture Beat ofiera eves MOVING 1 MUST SELL - Sylvanla 28' color TV $175 draco lalax airlass spray palnlar. used once credent*, t-cari Call after 7 DINING ROOM Drexel Italian Provincial, table. 8 chairs, lighted china cabinet. m»a new Sacrifice After MOVING Must sell conianta of finished baaemenl Bar. dlningroom, den. seta Lots more best offer MOVllNG So<a~bed. patio furniture, kitchen chairs, desk. dreaaer ate Caiieves MOVING OUT OF STATE Sailing dining room furniture living, family. bedrooms. TV'S. Teekwood A Mahogany bar 9 stools Century safe with table, 71 Merchandise for Salt TELEPHONE EQUIPMENT - 8 elation ATAT Comhey 418 phona system New in late 83 in excellent condition Feature* call-conferencing. 2 channel intercom speakers or best offer Call for detail^ HP BRITISH -< Seagull Less than 5 hours aervtce Forwerd/raverse 9450 Call after 8 pm TRACTOR Simplicity 12 H P Powerful vacuum with covered trailer 46' mower 42* enow blow*' 42' grader, hydroltc from center. A reer hitch Call TRUMPET Conn. Olrectlor New condition Used a few times. $135 CSM TELEVISION RCA color consort $25 CeW TWIN STROLLER 2 baby swings. A keroslne heater All new Call after 12 noon TYPEWRITER - Remington Trabel writer Good condition 535 Call VENDING MACHINE Soups, coffee, tea. chocolate Like new Was sell for 5650 Call VICTORIAN - Settee (repro) 9200 Old mirror 945 Marble top table 950 Call WASHER. DRYER Frost free refrigerator, boys dresser 1 bed. end tables. Colonial kitchen eat WHEELS 4 standard white 15*. w/full whi s covers for Chrly Corp 925 Snow tires. 2 mounted 14' wheels for AMC sutoa 930 Call days evea WICKER LOVESEAT - 2 Chairs i 4 2 table*, dining rooms DINING ROOM SET - Heaviy " ** magaiines and more *15O Call between 8-9 carved, mexican. table. 6 chairs, Call I p m ' ONE KINO-SIZE TEAKWOOD ^ BEDROOM SET - Exc cond.! W Elecirolu* carpel sham- wtndsurf BOARDS pooer. SKC cond Leather Top quality, only 8399 couch 4 chair, axe cond call Large 4 small plants, from Call Pets and Livestock 9 WEEK FEMALE PUPPY - Mixed breed Free to a good home Good disposition Nice markings Pan Hueky/ Will be small early am or after 9 FREE KITTENS Given to adults only Call FREE - 6 yr old spayed lemal* Irish Setter Family being transferred Good with children Needs room to run LABRADOR/SETTER Puppy 9 month old black male Housebroken Good watch dog Sweet disposition Free to good home Cell evea LAI PUPS AKC, male/female Good hunting/family dogs Call LOVERS OF LARGE CATS - Large gorgeous male Morris nautered cat needs a home without grown cat* Good with people dog* or kittens to grow up with Have 3 grown females he doesn t like Please someone give him a home, don t want lo take io pound We love Sandy MALE 10 wei Shots Call ROTTV HIS Old and w< VEILER AKC. >rmed Apt. for Rent HIGHLANDS ON THE HILL Just renovated 1 bedroom Ac cess to deck All utilities m eluded NO pets 5460/mo Cai KEAN8HUHU Furnished Studio $110 4 rooms Reedy now 9300 s 2 bedroom only 5400 HOME RENTALS Bkr KEYPORT 1 bedrooms from 93O0 s 4 room* Carpeted 9400 s 6 rooms Yard family Pals Utilities paid 9500 s New Listings Daily! JUST RENTALS. Bkr KEYPORT - Nk» 2 bedroom large "vino room and kitchen carpet 9550/mo 8/ KIVPORT Lovety 4 rooms Only $300 a 2 bedroom Kids Pets 9600 s HOME RENTALS. Bkr LONG BRANCH i bedroom A studios from $225 Pets 0 K Heat paid rooms Kids HI pd 9450 Duplex 9 rooms Kids 5500 s Homes 6 Duplex available JUST RENTALS. Bkr LONG BRANCH Ocean view 3 rooms 9300 s 2 family. Heat paid 9300s 2 bedroom Victorian $500 HOME RENTALS. Bkr MOVING - Must find homa li mediately for loving 9 yr old spayed female Lab/Springer Spaniel mix This is the sweeiesi II ever meet Plea** call dog you'll ev ev< APARTMENT SIZE - Refngeretor $139 Rebuilt wlih full war EATONTOWN TV A APPLIANCE APPLIANCES - Refrigeratora i A dryers Reconditioned 1 pc. eolld oak Both in good.cond S1200 tor both DIRT-STONE-TOPSOIL Driveway* clearing ' DRESS Gunny Sax, whit*. pre-leen me 6. very pretty, perfect tor Graduation Worn once 135 Call guaranteed HOC 4 up Can, deliver Youve seen th* rest DRUMS - SKngariand. 4 4 Zildiuin symbol*. r no.!>m,lh. WMHB ] %;%*?" """ COV "' APPLIANCES - Almond GE eiecinc dryer used 1 yr veni 4 hoes included Moving must sell $W5 Days eve* ORGAN - BALDWIN OVER i TURE. micro-computer. Sell tor I Call after 7 pm j ORGAN - Hammond 125 XL. 1 nits fof wtll sell for $1,800! or beat offer mini cond many 1 outstanding feature* Call ' *ft*r 6 PA EQUIPMENT - Reduced for. quick sale Call for information WINDOWS Jalousie windows with screen* 3 double unit*, 61»82 1 triple unit 61'N122" Call WINE PRES8 4'<t' high. Imported from Italy, grape grinder 4 strainer tunnel Call Priced $300 WOODEN SHUTTERS Good cond. 4 pr 12x55". 9 pr 12x30'. 950 Cell CARS CLEANED 4 WAXED - 3, First Si. Morgan neat club Ben* I COLLEOT STUDENT -Seeking j summer work Yards, painting. Cleaning, etc Avail immediately ; Can after DAVID QOOOMAN CONSTRUC TION Decks, garages, ad ditiona renovations Call ' DRUMMER Looking to join a Souther n Rock Band or top 40s, band 12 years *xp Have own I quip and more Monmouth j County area Call Mike Ktaa after 4 I FRIENDLY CLEAN UP We haul anything Call GARDENS TILLED - With heavy duty troy tiller Reasonable Cerl or till 9pm GARDENS TILLED - With 8 hp troy tmer Reasonable Carl Or till 9pm g! GUTTERS CLEANED» RE-! 1 PAIRED (Screening available) j Window weaning Free eetlmata* Call Jeff J4G WINDOW WASHERS - Residential 4 commercial Call : or MALE - Homenearlrt elde Livei m Salary negotiable Call ^ MAN 4 TRUCK FOR HIRE Pick up 4 deliver light hauling I Sman moving jobs Yards, antes 4 callers cleaned, gutters etc. free estimates Jos D~D JOBS-ALL TYPES Basement*. imci gsrages cleaned out Lawns cut. bushes trimmed. rubbtah removed Reasonable ratea PANELING Doors Windows Remodeling Repairs Roofing Minor plumbing 4 eiecinc Painting Reasonable reiee Fr** eatimate* or SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES - Mac Attack Cleaning Services Floors, carpet* 4 windows No )ob loo big. no ot> too small General cleaning arranged Can Situations Wanted Mele/FemBle APT SIZE KITCHEN SET - Formica lop table I drop waves* 2 chairs. 940 Maple rocking chair 950 * odds 6 enda ART DECO - Bedroom set Birds Eye Map!* In-co4or. 6 pieces Asking 5875 Sears exercise bike 985 Chandelier Pewter 6 Cersm.c $100 Cell DRYER Gaa Speedqueen avocado excellenl condition $150 Brown t>*rca lounger 975 Cheat. m«pte $ ELECTRIC DOUBLE WALL OVEN - With black glass doon $450 or best reasonable offer ELECTRIC STOVE 30 Cnb with mattress Padded playpen EXCELLENT CONDITION ~3 C PATIO DOOR'SHUTTERS - Other shutlari table lop washer lawn mower other miac Call noon-9 p PEREQO BABY CARRIAGE Like new $100 Baby changing, Call ; PINBALL Playboy 4 piaytx ' 9350 Donkey Kong $350 Electronic shuffieboard 9250 inwaders revenge PLANTS - Ground cover Pachasandra myrtle, hosta. peremeib Cheep Cell 29i 2490 j $50 Call X-PRES Complete Prints on metal or T-shirts Heatpreas processor toner Kroy-90 type- - I setter. 10 Fonts Call PUG PUPPIES 2 male*. AKC registered 9250 aach Cell PVOMV QOAT Female, black 4 silver agoutti 3 yra old Qraat stall mate or backyard pet Call for further info SIAMESE. SEAL POINT KITTENS Call THROUQHBREDS 9 well com. formed New Jersey bred yearlings, by Duke Tom 4 Provanl* ea 3 brood mares in foal to bold a* blade ft Call Deilbrook Farm ^^_ YORKIE8 2 males, AKC registered blu* 4 gold, non-shed shots 4 health certificate 1300 each Call Bicycles Mini Blk 10 SPEED SCHWINN VARISITY 20". new tlrea, good cond, 160 Call NEW ROSS 26' - Boys 10 speed bike 9150 or beet offer Can 49 ZENITH - 19' Color portable TV 1 $169 Rebuilt with full warranty i EATONTOWN TV 4 APPLIANCE ' H after 6pm SCHWINN TANDEM in good cond Call Garage Yard Sales Equipment POOL - 24 round. 2 years old j Liner brand new. mar A ec Call -^717! Weetlnghoua* rafrigerator 875 ' after 5 p m Call _ POOL TABLE 950 FISH TANKS galon [. Sod* machine $50 p HAZLET 7 Annette Ct Were moving, so we r* cleaning houae Kids clothes cerriage/stroller crib. toys, furniture, bnc-a-brac To much to list May 11 A No early bird* BEL FORD ~ ~ ^ B~EDROOM SET~- Ethan Alien pm*. 4-poster bed triple dresser irmom cheat, night tab** mirror E.c cond after 7pm BEDROOM SET - Deetgn Resesren Chndr*ns io lean* 4 piece whit* birch modern wood Nc natls 1400 Cal> Mark Sun Thu. 7 pm-iipm BEDROOM - Girls white provencial Dresser night tabte end canopy bed $200 Cell 739O6* lol BLUE PLAID - Colonial sofa. pins deacon s bench, pine stereo console 950 each Can BLUE VINYL - inflatable mattress Brand new never used DovMHii 925 Call BODY BUILDING EQUIPMENT - Over 300 lbs Of weights Preacher Curl. Pec Deck, multigym bfkh, _ BOOKS Encyclopedias lovely complete set. 29 volumes $76 cash. Nice fishing rod It 5. Amplifier deluxe walnut case 550. Electric iron $5. Toaster $6. Chairs (3) $20 ea 11> $50. Lovely table tamp $25. Candle holders (21 starling eirver. 950 ea. Dial phone, wall model (ATT) $20. Lady's shoe roller skaiee. $8'v $20 Bed headboard single, nice maple 815. Magazines Playboy etc 5O«es Can BOXES - CORRUGATED For Moving A Storage, and tor Industry * complete line of packaging supplies or 747OM J alon and stand $100 firm FITNESS EQUIPMENT - Marcy Macr> I tllnes* center 6 position 500 ib weight* $1300 Call arts' 7 SLIDING GLASS Patiu door Etceuem condition 985 Simco weeiarn show saddle Small adult roughout eeat. silver trim Mint condition 9275 firm FLOWERING DOGWOOD TREES iail ' tall-sis WH Delivery and planting available R A J Landscaps Nureery Call FLUTE Gemeinherd. open I hole. 9 fool Silver like new 5260 Call RADIAL TI«E"S~"-~A wneejs" PI 96x15 Almost new 9100 comp+ete Call FREE CLEAN FILL YOU cart Call Can67i POOL filters liner under i uaraniea. ladder. $150 Call after 5pm I POOL - 24'X 4 uaad three seasons Steel deck and ladder 5825 Csll PORTABLE TV - ~$20 Factory I sewing machine door reirigeraior $50 Stereo $75 I Kitchen table A 4 chair* $35 Call I or PROM GOWN White dotted awtaa Sue 9-10 Worn once. $45 Can or RAILROAD TIES - New creoeoted 6x6x9. $8 40 Press uia-treated 6x6x8. $7 90 7x7x6. >9 9O Deliver i RARE MAGHONANY Hand carved German tabie/deek Early 1900 a Solid wood carved dlslinctlvs library pm Eves sfter 9 FRENCH PROVINCIAL - Desk $125 Wood hi-fi cabin*! pe>rf*cl for bar conversion. $45 Efficiency apt site electric range. Si 10 Refrigerator $175 2-tiffany atyle [, hanging lamp*. $20 ea Twin i bade 3 aets 940 a set 4 bar I stooie $10 as Antique drop leaf! 1 table with 2 chain Si 50 Brass REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER - 1 coat rack. 160 Mlac luggage GE aide-by-sida. evacedo 7 yrs Mon -Fn ' Old. $150 Call I REALISTIC - Scanning/r*ciever $229 new asking $150 firm Call befor*! P_m REDWOOD OUTDOOR FURNITURE - 11 pieces No cushions. $100 Call Baby Hams, grill, brie i-bm I more Sal 4/ p m EAS^"KEANSBURG"YARD5ALE 1 day only May p m! Furniture, household items, toys, j much more 191 Harmony Av*! GARAGE SALE - Over 20 famil- : i*s May 19. 9am to 3pm No I early birds Enter estates of Middletown in Lincrofi off Everti \ Rd Or West front Si onto Yale 1 Balloons on mallbon indicates I participants Baby needs furniture, collectibles, clothing 1 GARAGE SALE Middletown I Moving out of state Lots of 1 bargains Must see Start* 5/IB 1 at 9 am 4 continue* each day till sold out Off Oak Hill at 40 Commonwealth I HA2XET Ran tan Valley multl j family garage sate Sat May 18,, 10am to 4pm. Enn Place i KEYPOPTT MULT I FAMILY May pm Van Dorn Si across Irom Chowder Pot Crafts too ; STATIONARY BICYCLE 3 rowi ing machines. 3 sit-up benches I Beel offer Cell or I Merchandise Wanfd I ALL LIONEL TRAINS Or Flyer Top cash appraisal Price no object 946-?B9.1 I ALL ELECTRIC TRAINS Lionel. Flyer, etc Highest $ paid Nobody beets my price ANTIQUES 7 WANTED Furniture, giaaa. china, jewelry Mary jane Roosevelt. 109 E River Rd Rumson NJ BASEBALL CARDS WANTED Ca» BEFORE YOU HAVE YOUR LUXURY OARDEN ARTS - Efficiency. 1 - and 2-bedroom Beautiful landscaping Pool ' ml from QSP Call M^ MATAWAN 1 bedroom 4 studios from rooms Kids Heel peid 9400 Duplei Near Parkway $M0 New Listings Dally JUST RENTALS. Bkr MATAWAN - 1 bedroom apt available tor June Call MIDDLE TOWN KNOLLWOOD GARDENS Exclusive 1 k 2 bedroom apts individual gas heat 4 central air Eac location Just off Rt 35 on King* Hwy Eaat (Walking distance to FocdlOwn Shopping Center) From 9655 Daily 1-4. Sat 11 3 No pets MiDDLE~TOWN - ^Cambridge Manor, new 2 bedroom, v, bath, formal dining room, garage, air private location mo plus utll's after 8 p m MIDDLETOWN Save Bills paid 9300s HOME RENTALS Bkr MODERN APARTMENT - Near transportation Call before noon NEPTUNE bedrooms svaiiabie Garden apt available $400 5 rooms Kids Carpeted 8500 I 1 Selection in area' JUST RENTALS. Bar, OAKHURST 1 bedroom Air Heal paid $400 JUST RENTALS. Bkr PORT MONMOUTH Newly re modeled efficiency i bedroom i bath ideal tor 1 person»366/mo Leaae. sec, rets o» RED BANK - Luxury high nee 1 bedroom Call between 12 noon i p m p m REO BANK i bedroom urns paid 9300 s Duple* 6 rooms Ktda $600 i bedrooms available JUST RENTALS Bhr RED BANK 1 bedroom Furnished (200 S 2 bdrm Kids OK 9600 a HOME RENTALS. Bkr RUMSON U bins paid 9500 HOME RENTALS. Bkr SALE - CaH Second Hand Lil j SHADOW LAKE CONDO After Highest prices paid for ail Items, antique*. *tc For bargain* stop " 3 * to * a 9l K r t TYPING In my home Pro- *on*t Reasonable ratea Pick-up A Delivery available Call Business Opportunity DEALERSHIP Wrth National Maintenance Corp Assured Accounts Guaranteed 9600 weekly minimum income $ full price Financing EXHIBITORS WANTED - For HOME 6 LEISURE SHOW, Aabury Park Convention Hall For detain. ARMSTRONG ENTERPRISES HA2LET 1 acre, tor leasing Ideal tor nureery or planting RESTAURANT Modern strut lure Seata For sale or leaee Liberal terma Call HELMSLEY- SPEARINC LITTLE SILVER Non-development? King size 4 bedroom, 2 bath Cape with den, huge country kitchen, formal dining, fireplace, basement, pool, and v4 acre ol private wooded property near Sickles Farm. II you're tired of developments, try this on (or size. $184,500 NAVESINK RIVERFRONT Authentic architect desgln tudor offering 4 bedrooms. 2'4 baths. 3 fireplaces, den, winding stairs, and the most beautiful sweeping lawns overlooking the fabulous Navesink River. Rumson, $450,000 RUMSON Elegance and comfort are expressed In every room of our 3 bedroom Vt bath customized Ranch with sunken living room, huge dining room with fireplace. 2 great rooms, and more. An absolute must seel $329,000 E.A. ARMSTRONG AGENCY Realtors S55 Proesoct Am., Little Sliver SOMETHING SPECIAL National Organization requires Agent to overaee and operate Interstate's Mellroom Service Canters Featuring UPS. MCI Electronic Mail and many other National Service*, lo be located in prime mell and shopping center locations in the Shrewsbury and Middletown areas Excellent return on your investment of Call now. Sunday through Friday at EJM Mortgay GET VISA/MC Reoardieea of credit history or Income! No-nek guarantee 4 year old corporation Hated with local business bureau Insured and secured with 8 a L bank Deadline soon lor apppltcants For brochure and application and 93 for poatage end handling (refundable) to FAC. inc.. PO Box Smyrna, QA CAS"H REGISTER NCRMechantcal $100 Can CHAIRS - 12 folding Excellent condition $5 each Call 87! 0675 o< CHECK THIS OUT... Gel more reader* to check out your ad with a CHECK at the top and/or bottom of your copy Call Th* Daily Register Classtried Department today for detaits CHROME KITCHEN SET Wicker chair with table, BTU air conditioner 980 Electric window Ian, 95 Round chroma table with glass top. 940 Coffee table. 930 Carpt» Call & COAT MINK - Black Parlec' cond. site 10 $100 S.ik gown site between 2-8 p.m. COLONIAL DININQ ROOM SET Mutch, buffet table with 4 chaira. server t lea wagon $200 Call LOW RATES let Mlg refinancing, 72 hr approvals 2nd Mlg* 8 Corp 63 Moiry to Loan A BETTER LOAN RATE FOR HOMEOWNERS We stm offer t1 '* H government-becked money Business loans ale avamawe at km rate* wrth extended paybeche We 9O*v your financial problems COLONIAL FINANCIAL ACCEPTANCE. INC TOLL-FREE Ext R88 71 MUrchandlM for Salt 129 CHAIN LINK FENCE <Wvended. 4' nigh, nttktae end potes Wotmanued garden 3 PIECE - Mediterranean I room, Good condition ,, COLOR TV - Zenith 17* ' 965. Sanyo Beta 7 day programmar, like new, 92O0. Radio 1 phonograph in beautiful piano finish cabinet. H25 Sofa piece, both $100. Recliner nauganide. 945 Call67t-73ao COLONIAL SOFA Arm chair, rocker, coffee table. 4 2 end HUM 1229 or beat offer Call after 5 p m or all day weekends COMPUTER - Atari 600 XL Complete with disk drive, also some software Almost new Call aafc tor John COMMERCIAL VACUUM MA- CHINE a Commercial rug shampooer Retiring from rug Shampooing, wish to sell very cheap For appt phone between 2 p m -5 p m Sunday FRENCH PROVINCIAL - Dining room sat. 6 chairs, table, china doeel $700 Call FURNITURE Hickory 6 Thomaivllle Sofa, table breakfront, bar, 4 Tiffany Shade Eac cond Call furniture captain* bed. quean six* sofa bad. desk and dresaer sat 3 speed adult bike CaH GARLAND RANGE - «burn*, with 36 X30' grill Piua oven JX4 lik* new Call atiar 6pm G E Electxc Double oven, pull out burner* and vent hit E* cond Benntnglom dark pin* tre*e*i table dosed 40" 72'. open 40' X matching captain's chairs 9750 Bali 8 Dan digital pin-ball machine Perfect working order 9525 BMX bike. CW frame racing rima. *«c conponenta, top cond Aeking 9425 Call after 5 p m _ OERANIUMS 4 for $1 66~~ Flower 6 Vegetable plants Mike's Qhsea. 201 Shore Blvd. Keansburg Call G E WASHER Rebuilt with full warranty EATONTOWN TV 4 APPLIANCE GUITAR Arta Pro. with hardshell case Mack with blue sunburst, all gold hardware E«c cond $375 Call REFRIGERATION EQUIPMENT - Butcher block Call until to 6 p m REFRIGERATOR FREEZERS (3) and 9t50 Twin bed. $50 Large bedroom eat. $275 Walnut desk 940 Maple double b*d, 965 Walnut twin bed. cheei of drawers, RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT 2 formica counters with stools eectk>ns*4 booths Also 15' ftoreecent sign An in good cond Priced to ten Exc for luncheonette or diner Call P.ESTAUR"ANT "E OUIPMENT - For aal* from A-2 Hood. ioe machine, tables, butcher block. lice machine much more HARDWOOD KITCHEN CABI- NETS i wall oven and i top range Best offer Call HAVE An unwanted mm or j days after 7 two you d like lo sell? An ad thia size for 10 days. uet $8 60 Call Clsesified RESTAURANT BOOTHS, - (3 Formica wood gram, seata Chicken Corner. SNopnle Plaza. Rt 35. Mlddtetown DIAMOND 2 cafota mperfect stone Sacrifice Call Middletown, SAW - McCultoch. 14" gaa chain saw Used 3 hours. 875 Call after 6 p.m. WARS Siachable dryer and stand 9150 CeM SEARS Beet electric pmbaii machine Sturdy. Ilk* new 960 Call BEARS 10 h.p. riding lawn tractor, 40 " cut, purchased new Sept 1962 Used only 2 seasons ' aluminum eitantlon ladder like new $75 OE eiec dryer (30 Cell week- LEONARDO Mouse sale Furniture, appliance* etc Sal 4 Sun, May 11 * p m 37 Burlington Ava LIFE COLLfeCTlONMUST Q~o7 Book* 4 Equipment Business. Boating. Scientific. Electronics Photography. Pai. Furniture Hospital bed. Tools. Setec trie -typewriter Freaier Retng Dryer Printing paper, Phototypositor-Fonts. much more Sat ft/11 4 Sun 4 until sold 20 Harklns Dr Middletown I MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (ALL) ANY AGE ANY CONDITION i TOP DOLLAR PAID PIANO WANTED Any condition SWITCH BLADE POCKET KNIFE WANTED CaH a m Mon-Frl (Not Sundays) Call Mike WANTED 6' Chain link fence Also new 4 used concrete btocka. any quantty REAL ESTATE RENTALS 101 Apartmanta ABERDEEN TO RED BANK Cottage* from 9300 s HOME RENTALS. Bt " MAY 11 4 furniture. Ode before 9am Long Branch 12 I* Clothing, enda No one mden Ave. W MIDDLETOWN Odd leaf COCktall table*, blender, mlac furniture Assorted power lawn tools, lamps, metel fire engine, rocking norse roller 4 ice skate* and many olher item* 151 Htmlltonlen Or. 9-4 p m Sat 4 Sun NAVESINK 3 Oaborn Ave May 10 A p m Rain or Shine Greet assortment of merchandise PORCH SALE Sat 4 Sun. 8-4 Lota of tin. some advertising, antique carpenter* cheat, eom* old tools, finished needlepoint pieces, other good items 27 Cariton Dr. Tlnton Falls (off Sycamore Ave 4 Reeds Rd ) SUNDAY ONLY good variety of Items, too nnumerous to mention Corner of Orchard 4 Oceenview (off Eaat Rd Bellord). TAQ SALE May All contents of house. Cash and carry. 711 Clark Ava. Union CONTENTS HOME - Sst Caeh only OF DESIGNER May 11, or COUCHES - 2 BRAND NEW EMoailent Condition S6O0 or beat otter for both 2 NEW TABLES fixe cond,9125 for both REFRIQERATOR OE NO FROST 15 8 cu H. gold CaH after 11 am CREOSOTED TIES Eroeton Specialists CRIB Be High chair T^eple 960 pen CaH DARK PINE Colonial beacon* bench 4 rocking chair 9250 for both Can after DESKS, FILES Table*, chairs. storage cebtn**s. computer table*, office equip, etc at bargain prices New or uead A AC DESK OUTLET Rt 35. Oakhuret DINNETTE SET Table with wood laminated top, i extra leal, 8 chairs wrth vinyl padding on beck 4 seel Like new $150 or beet offer Call DINING- ROOM TABLE 4 Help CLEAN YOUR SEPTIC TANK the EASY WAY with FX bacteria M 96 Tree Roots removed Drslna opened Ask tor FREE BOOKLET Red Bank Lumber Co Cor Pearl & Wsll St. Red Bank, NJ HOBART MEAT 8LICER 899 WW I M-65 rlfrt IBM TYPEWRITERS ENTAL $ per mo Rent-option lo buy KINQ SIZE Mattfee*. boa aprlna 4 tram* with Walnut headboard Excellent condition 875 CaH KITCHEN CABINETS Brand new- 36' WM eea separately Call LAWN MOWER - 70' locke ExoaWant condition 1700 CaH &42-I133 1 LAWN MOWER - Toro riding, 3 horaepower. rear beggar. 25" Excellent condition 9475 CaH LIVING ROOM FURNITURE Early American Couch, chair. 2 end tables, coffee table, lamp 3 yr* old Breaking up apt Must see to appreciate i small couch, opens up to bed, Bleeps i Call after 8 2* bra** frame, new condition, sec rlfto* 9879 Carpel, whrt* 10*12 w»h pad. 3 mo* old Can MAHOOANY END TABLES Day bad. white can* seat rocker 4 chair, nutone range eahauet hood. eotm oak deek, metal office dee* CaH MEMORIAL DAY Windsurfing Mon-Frl between 10-8 Ash for Steve Lapidut SHUTTERS - Outdoor window 14x39. 16x52, Call SIMPLICITY REGENT 4211 _ ER MOWER - Like new , Snap on tool boa. new. 1160: 4 draw file cabinet, new. 946; Drive on car ramps Dataun truck style wheel*. Ilk* new. 16; Carry-All Old boxed 12 guage ammo, 9366 pt box Call SMALL JOHN OEERE - Ride on mtmti vi ft. Sailboat, 9228 Tamdem bicycle Pioneer epeskers, 960 Wrought iron giaaa top table 929- Call SOFA Love seat 4 chair colonial print with wood arme CM\ SOFA - 2 swfvet rockers, gold 4 green Sot* 4 love seat, orange 4 plada Chair, orange. Wrought Iron furniture, sofa, love eeat. 3 chairs, cocktail table, end table* and rectangular dining table with 4 chair* Reasonable offer*. Call after 8. SOFA 9 piece sectional. 9 mo old. pull out bad. Excellent con dlttort 9650 or beet offer Call STEAM TRAIN ART 2 pencil drawings, engine 4 tenda*, matted 4 framed Excel" ' Alao. tram books QA8 SPACE HEATER 925 Call SWIM POOLS - Warehouse forced to dispose of n*w onground 31' long pools complete with huge sundecks. fencing, hirate fillers, pump, ladders, war ranty etc Aaking 9998 COM- PLETE Financing avail Carl Stan tomfrea SWIMMING POOL - 24' round, netar liner an aluminum, first $300 lakes It CaH or ^_ 3 PERSON DOME TENT pair 6x6 speakers 629 AM/FM car radio 925 Fuzz-butter 940 Call srter 630 pm Auction S»l PUBLIC AUCTION Set. May 18 7 p m Holmdel Flrehouse. Rt 520 Holmdel, NJ See Thurs paper for dating Col Bob Randolph, Auctioneer Pets and Livestock ASBURY PARK 1 bedroom Yard $300 s 1 bedroom Klda Utll Pd tarn 4 rooms Yard 9400 s 5 rooms Klda. Only bedroom Klda Pool 9400 JUST RENTALS. Bkr ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Bay ave Mint 3 room apartment Available June * electric Paul P Bove inc Realtor AVAILABLE JULV 1 Long Branch 80 Dun bar Av* 3 rooms 1 bedroom, eet-m kitchen mcludee heal 4 water Nice area 2 blocks from ocean Paul P Bova Inc Realtor, BR, 2 B. garage, new carpet, with we*h/dry 8790 mo 766-Q7QQ SPACIOUS APT - 3 BR. 1 bain living rm. dining rm. kitchen Keypon Sac 4 rel raq 9600 * util s after 6 3 APTS -"Available June IS 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen with dining are*, attic 4 base m*nt Close IO everything 8900 per month * utilities r-«mo security Available June 1 'i duplei 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living/ dining room, large attic, basement Cloee to everything 8O0/mo * utilities!* mo se Curlty Available June 9, '4 duplex aeme as above CaH during bu*in**s hours TWINBROOK VILLAGE GARDEN APTS bedrooms from 9490 Mod spacious apta Heat hot 4 cold water Cooking gaa in- :luded On-premiaee tennis ;ourts. pool, recreation area Near Eatontown shopping Exc schools Ocean Twp Highway 35. Oakhurst BRADLEY BEACH 1 block to beach $300 3 rooms Parking S380 5 rooma Only 9500 JUST RENTALS, Bkr, CLIFFWOOD BEACH 4 rooms Reedy now 9300 s HOME RENTALS, Bfcf EATONTOWN 3 rooma. Air 9300s 4 rooms. Air Carpeted 9370 Homes 4 Duplexes available JUST RENTALS. Bkr EATONTOWN Unique bedroom Private exc storage. Mild to pky, walk to mall Carpeted All utlls Incl SSOO/mo Sec CaH EATONTOWN 3 rooms. Kids O K 1300 s HOME RENTALS. Bkr Advanced And Beginners DOG TRAINING Bayshore Dog Club AMINAL CARE Experienced animal lover win care for your horae. dog, cat. while you're away For more Info. Diana at or BA8SETT HOUND Lovely isle available. 11 months. Show quality Oood horn* necessity 9325 Call BEAGLE AKC 1 year old. Mala. Housebrohen Allergies. must sell 9125 or beat offer btwn 3-6 BORDER TERRIER - Male. 9 months (grttzle 4 Ian) 9200 with papers CaH BUNNIES - Dwarfs. Dutches. Lop*, 4 regular* Many to Chooea from 1 weeks and older Call COLLIE SHEPHERD Female I 9 months old Good with kids. Very tovcabi* Call after DOBERMAN AKC. Female 12 weeks old. Black 4 tan 9100 Call or YEAR-OLD Female Shetland Pony Well-trained Call FREE SIBERIAN HUSKIES AKC. to good home with high fenced in area or enclosed dog ISM fenced in area o run Call 7B7><5< FREE KITTENS - Gentle 4 loving Aireedy trained Motherhas great personality Call , FREE KITTENS To loving home Litter trained 8 weeks CaH after 4. all day FREE TO QOOO HOME Male Beaot* after 6 p.m FREEHOLD DUPLEX 2 bedrooms, yard 9475 JUST RENTALS. Bkr, FREEHOLD Modern condo. Kid* 9400* 2 bdrm duplex 9400* HOME RENTALS. Bkr HAZLET 1 bedroom apt In private 2 family 9450 Include* itlls. Convenient to shopping t NY trans 1 mo. sec No pets HIGHLANDS Bay Ava. 4 rooma with carpel. ust painted 9376 utilities. Ref* NO PETS HIGHLANDS 214 Bay Ave 4 rooma with carpel. ust painted utmtlee Rets. NO PETS HIGHLANDS 1 bedroom Ready now 9400 s 2 bdrms Klda OK 9500* HOME RENTALS. Bkr HIGHLANDS -' Wyndmoor. 1 bedroom Condo. wall to wall carpeting, dlehwaaher. patio. central air. cable available Must HIGHLANDS Twin Lights 2 bedroom. 1* bath with vi 9950/mo. utilities 1 ] leaae. VAN HORN AOENCY HIGHLANDS HILL Specious S room apt with elr conditioning Suitable for 1-2 adults utilities Lease 4 security Eve* or HIGHLANDS Shore Dr apt. 3 rooms mo will's No pets Sec 4 ref Immed Occupancy after 6 p m. KEANSBURO By owner Maticuious 2 bedroom. 90* 100 lot. central air. gaa heat Walk to NY bus stop, stores, 6 beech Call cottact KEANSBURO 3 room garden apl Private entrance, no pets Call affr KEANSBURO 3 rooma KM* 9900a 2 bedrooms Yard room* Klda 9400 s 8 rooms Yard 9450 JUST RENTALS. Bkr Houses for Rent A-1 ABERDEEN TO MATAWAN 3 bdrms Oarage. Acre lot Call HOME RENTALS. Bhr ALL LANDLORDS! FREE, FAST. EASY1I $100 Of Pr*-*creen Tenants' YOU CHOOSE. NO FEE1 HOME RENTALS. Bkr AS8URY PARK 1 bedroom Yard 9300s bedroom Kids Utll Pd. $300 2 (am. 4 rooms Yard 9400s 5 room* Kid* Only 9400 S 2 bedroom. Kid* Pool 9400 JUST RENTALS. Bkr BELFORD - 3 bedroom. 1 beth, all appliances * utilities Call BELFORD 7 rooms Kids Pets Call HOME RENTALS. Bkr BRAND NEW - Duplex 3 bedrooms 1 "i baths, living oom. dining room, eat-m kitchen Aberdeen $850/mo littles References 1'4 month security Paul P Bova Inc Realtor, BRADLEY BEACH 1 block lo beach 9300* 3 rooms Parking room* Only 9500 JUST RENTALS. Bkr, EATONTOWN 3 rooms Air. 9300a 4 rooma Air Carpeted 9370 Homes 4 Duplex** available JUST RENTALS. Bkr, FAIR HAVEN - 4 rm houaa quiet St. 2 BR. 1", bath*. LR 4 Ig newly decorated eat-in kit enclosed porch No pet*. iv»rno. sec, r*t* mo Avlal June FAIR HAVEN Beautiful cape 7 room*, fiooo per month utilities SPINDRIFT REALTORS 105 East River Rd.. Rumson ROOMS - Newly decorated Adults preferred. References required. Call FREEHOLD DUPLEX 2 bedrooms, yard JUST RENTALS. Bhr FREEHOLD 2 bdrm Kid* Pet* 9400* HOME RENTALS, Bkr Recreation Vehicles $17'!5bo $23^000 TOP CONDITION LOWMLEAOE HUQf MU-CT1ON '0 Y A8 ALL MUST BC SOU) I.

41 BJNMY, MAY 12, 1985 IMHeutMjor rent currwood BEACH 3 Bdrma Option to Buy Moo HOMt WlHf AlB.»kr M» I2M MOLMOIL - 3 Bedroom 2 Bern*, new kitchen, large family room, central «lr. well to wall cargetlng. an appliance* 102S/mo. + utlllttea KEANSIURQ 3 roeme KUI uoo s 2 Bedroom* Yard 1365 S room* Kids 1400 a B roome. Vard 1490 JUIT RENT All. Bkr, MS- 155S KEANSBUIVj - Seechvlew Garden*. 1 bedroom Heat, hoi watar 1 cooking gat me $460 Baa. Jim at apt Boaotwrey KiANiauna 2 bdrmi *M*dy now bdrm Kids Pats»500 s HOME RENTALS. Silt 3M-1234 KCYPORT 1 Bedrooma from»300 a 4 rooma Carpeted S40O S rooms Yard family P*ta Ultlltle* paid Btvi New Ll.linn, Dallyl JUST RENTALS. Skr. JSO-155S KEYPORT AREA 2 badroom apt for ram Available Juna 1 S600/mo+ utllltlaa Prlvata drtvaway, back 4 front Vardt No MM. Adulta orelerredcell 26474H KEYPORT 2 bdrm Kids Pala»5O0 a HOME RENTALS. Bkr 36B-I234 LEONARDO Hoaford Ava Nawty daeor. 3 BR ranch. LR with flraplaca. aal-lrt kitchen, dining room, family room, baaamanl. attic, 2 car garaea. Larga lot. M'S u'lla r i m K rao 72-09*0 LEONARDO 7 rooma Q*r*g* Flreplece HOME RENTALS. Bkr J4 LITTLE SILVER 6 rm. cap* In cho+c* location. Eat-In kit., baa* mant. Oeep prlvaia yard. Avail 6/1S Yr. WH. M90/mot utllltlaa Calf M. LITTLE SILVER - 4 bedrooma. 2 bathe. Oreal neighborhood 11100/mo LONQ BRANCH 1 badroom t atudloe from 9225 Pata OK Heal peld rooma Klda Hi pd 6490 Duple. 9 rooma Kid*. 6600'e Homaa t DupWx'a available JUST RENTALS. Bkr LONO BRANCH 2 family HI Pd 9300 a 2 bdrm Victorian 6600 HOME RENTALS. Bkr MATAWAN t Bedroom 1 atudlo* from «7 5 4 room*. Kid*. Heat paid. S400 Duplea. Neer Parkway MOO a NewUatmo* D*lly JUST RENTALS. Bkr NEPTUNE bodroome available Oarden apt available rooma KMa. Carpeted SSOO 1 Selection In area! JUST RENTALS. S»r. 36S-1669 OAKHUR8T 1 badroom Air Heat peld 6400 JUST RENTALS. Bkr REO BANK 1 bedroom. Utlla peld 6300a Duplex 6 rooma Klda 9600 a bedrooma available JUST RENTALS. Bkr RED SANK - SpecWu* colonial 3-4 bedroom*. 2 bathe. 2 oar gerag* Lawn cere 91100/mo REO BANK 1 family Pen OK bdrm. AH apphanoe*. M I HOME RENTALS Bkr rental, private houee.,. t. mo./weak/or week aa available Can X FALLS- 3 odrma M.ETOWN - 4 bdrma. 912O0 ERA LINCBOFT REALTORS 3 Swimming River Rd Evee ' Bdrm. 2 Bash ranch type at Tin- Ion Wood* Central air. gea heel. flreplece. beaemant. gereg*. 6 pew A* new appliance* Ad eoent to A uee of Mnnl* courts, ewfmmtne pool s dub hou** with nerdee room pool table a ina. t yr leeee *M0 pmo utr* Ce>S4t-4602 mo. r»u* VERMONT SKI HOUSE Located batwaan Bromley 6 Uranon Mia. Slaapi 10 Avail by tie weak. S626. CM SM-MW 103 Rental* to Sh«r«FEMALE-NON-SMOKER ONLY MUMUIoail Opeonel a«c ol partial rant tor mother, helper Cell oner 6 4* S Summer RentoU OCEANPOFIT - 3 bedroom. 2 B**h apartmenl tor the 1M CommtrcUl Rtnlili EATONTOWN OFFICE SPACE MERIDIAN CENTER * 3 aiory deluxe otflca building " 2.OO0-2O.0O0 aq ft par floor Looawd on Rta 36. naar E»n 106 t RH It Snaraton Holal and Day-Car* Cantor naal door * Cloa* proximity to raauurant* and anopplng HELMSLEY-SPEAR. INC 942-6M3 EXECUTIVE OFFICE SUITES Short I long-larm laaaa Furnlahad/unturnlahad P*r*on*Mi*d anawarlng aarvlca Racapuon/Confaranca room Complata **cr*tanal aarvlc* Shrawa Call today REO BANK WATERFRONT Beautiful 1200 aquar* loot office Sulla RED BANK AREA - NEW Pro taaaional bulldlng-now raady tor your floor plan* ELEVATOR opana Into a prlvata lobby Call 'HELMSLEY- SPEAR INC STONE Vary activa Cantar. Several tananla doing 9V0OO.OOO Join Quick Chek Food, Buy Rll* Liquori 6 our oih*r auocaaatul tananta. Rivera Edge Mall rvea 3 town* i Wanted to Rent VETERINARIAN - Looking lor a qui*i 1 badroom apt. In Shrawabury area Call pm or WORKINO COUPLE 1 nice elted badroom apt. for couple with 1 amall friendly dog Willing to pay mid 6300a Look- Ing in Hlghlande, Atl Hlghlanda. Leonardo. Port Monmouth. Rod Bank areae Can aupply axe. reference* Pleaae call between p.m altar 9 p.m RfAL fcstate FOR SAL ( 131 Houiei for Sal* ABERDEEN - Strathmore»ec- OWer 2 ttory being r*» modeled Buyer has option NOW for 4/& bedroom mother/daughter Lsrga»at-.n kitchen, 23' living room, 2 Kill baths, tor mill dining room tn.000. Call SM-2KV ABERDEEN - Strath more Ranch, 3 bedrooms, 2 bairn on Cut da Sac. 2 car garage, brick fireplace, brick patio, storage bed Enclosed ntr«nc«many eitraa. E«c cond I122.KK) 5W-4&47 BRAND NEW 4600 aq ft contemporary Manaiapan Township $375,000 MIDDLETOWN REALTORS BRIELLE By owner beautiful contemporary In Country Club aecuon 6 ys od ld M Call weekdays DESIRABLE LEWIS LANE) Pair Haven. Handeome Colonial with 5 bedrooms. 3 batha in r condition Many high quality appointments 20x24 country Kitchen with flreplece Large formal dining room with ohalr rah You muat aee tnia new listing of ours before making any final decision In Fair Haven or ftumeon Priced right at $255,000 VAN HORN AGENCY VERMONT YawEATONTOWN EXCLUSIVE - 4 bedroom colonial- Cat-m Kitchen, formal dining room, living room. 22' family room with "replace full baeement. central VAH HORN AOEWCY POCOM0* CHALET Bleeps t2.f*rept*oa. diehweeher. lake. Weekly 1176 July « RUMSON Rrveretde. 3 bedroom. furnished Near beach, tennis, marina, rwmtauranta Mid May - Labor Day $6, , 747-S144. RUMSON - Carriage houee with 40x20 pool on a lovely acre near me sea 4 bedrooma. 3 bathe in houee, + fuh bam and ateep-sofa In cabana FuHy turniehed Available July 1. labor day. $5000/mo Call RUMSON REALTY *04 RUMSON - 2 bedroome, 2 baths on rfver mwh dock and bulkhead. $6600 tor eeaaon. VAN HORN AQEWCY RUMSON 2 bedrooma. 2 bathe On rtver with dock and bulkhead. $6600 for aaaaon. VAN MORN AGENCY air. double garages beauttfulty andecaper oversized corner lot. walking distance to school A musl aee Aaklng $145,000 Call FAIR HAVEN JUST LISTED Custom Ranch, Cul-de-sac location Full baaement. living room wkh fireplace, central air Wont imtl 1134,000 HERITAGE HOUSE REALTY (MEAT LOCATION - Reetored Ce/riege Houae-Monmouth Beech. 1 Mock from beach club 4O0 frontage. 4 bdrm. 3 tun ceramic tile batha. living rm. din- Ing rm, cuatomiied tiled kitchen den. pantry, 2-car garage, outdoor brick smokehouse, oven barbeque patio hot water basatiosrd heal, hardwood floors Call owner 'or appt Prlnclplea only or QREAT NEW LISTING) Middletown. Mint condition. 3 bedroom, r* bath home on great street in top area. Ceramic Bla entry, piush wall to wall carpeting Handaomety decorated. Lovely flowers, fabulous landscaping Green Aerea m rear First time offered at $132,900 VAN HORN AGENCY HOLMDEL EDWARD W COLLINS AGENCY ABILITY - DEPENDABILITY HOLMDEL - By owner Cuatom built 7 room ranch. \'\ acre wooded tot on cul-de-tak. 3 bedroom, 2<* baths, large eat-m lichen, family room with (Ireplace. fuh baaement, gaa heal, oantrei air, quiet atmosphere, nicely landscaped wtth patio Call HOUSE WANTED Middleown, Liner on 4 bedroom Sid* hat) Colonial preferred. Near Oarden Stale Parkway. Call WtALLFLEET. CAPC COO 16* Houaekeeptng otttage 2 KCANUURO Oreal Incom* bedroom*. Avail. June-Sept property bedroom. 2 Weekly, monther, or lory Renl 66*0 2 bedroom W 106 Furnlahad Room* ABERDEEN TO RED SANK Room* 6 Mudlo* from 640 a ak. HOME RENTALS. Bkr M SSO/wk. Plue 1 mo. aee. electrie. For 1 peraon. For 2 tioo/wv M2-B613. FURNMHED ROOM Share knehen 6 bam. Convenient location. Cell 741-O7J6. KEANSBURO Room tor rent Pleaae KEANMURO - PrtvatJ home 6200/mo Elderly woman pre<. Car) *Ner t «EO BANK Convenient Broad St. location. Mature or REO BANK/FAIR HAVEN Vicinity Meek ptulinlnnal threeeome IMda Heeplng The wssv Shrewebury. NJ. 108 Commercial Rantala HA2LET Far,ne0cne«leolll0eHna2*lory feel 1760 per month plu«" "- roe*. Ce> MrKlng7J*-4»» _ HOLMDEL * pc4rnad Medtcei omoe m adalecent H Bavehor*..jnmunrly Comm Mcept-bW da«y I AvejleMe now to lo aub-w > 4 u plua 2 law) evee Cell pcaiiglou* WS*"" 1 MIDOLETOWN OHIO* - 1 room. 720 aq fl. R1 66. e> uaa. inoluded. 2nd Boor 6400rmo. CM IpareleWa k lor Maria BRAND NEW 360/mo. <M» par *a. «(RED BANK. Breed e* Appro.. eooeq ft. plua u«ra. can day*: eve*. 6 MIDOLETOWN _ Rl. M. neni B Imaialaln Pi 1400 eover. ft. modem office epece PI**** oh Larry Kali « SPACE FOR RENT - bungalow Rent 6340 No aaperala aale. Klrwin Co KEANSBURO - Shell W«68 Muit be reflnhhed Ideal tor a large family Bualneea mueemenl ion*. Call after KEANSBURO - Large lot wltn houoe. Need* repair* CaH KEANSBUm - 2 bedroom hou**. full belh. not water Daeeboerd h**t By o»mer. CaH 4*6307* KEANSBURO - 2 family new condition. 6M.400 MlbDLE- TOWN REALTORS , LAROE HOME IN POCON08 Preatlgloue Saw Creek. Suahklll. Seeutlful mountain vtevr. 3 bedroomi with private bath In each. Larga kitchen. 36' living room. deck*. I120Y alak 6 Of UTTLE SILVER 3 bedroom. 1 vt bath ranch, fireplace, central air. all apphanoea. 2 car attached geiaoettaoro. eel LITTLE SILVEI' LOCATION-LOCATION Superbly maintained 3 bedroom. 1 vt bam ranch with a center hail. Living room with flrepleoe, dining room haa china doeet den h*i alai* floor, beamed oewng, and tongue 6 groove pine paneling New We bath. Full b***m*nl. desk Beautifully lanoecaped properly HAZELTON REALTY LOCATION The on* and only O*k HI*. i bedroom., r/t bem Ranch Lars* Irving room with ralmd hearth flreplece. tormel dmlng room. eat-in kitchen, central air. LOC OAROENERS COTTAOE HaeMd on an *bunden«y landeoapad eor* In to* heert ol Lower* **»»» OUmond pane window* add» the unique img. The w*>rlor» very open and he* a good Bow. 2 bedrooma. 2 be**, e S2H.000 HAZELTON REALTY 84J-3200 T 131 Houtts for Sale MANICURIST Immed open- Ing for axp manicurist Full or part time eth Qreal Expectations Salon Paid vacation* a holidays + oihar bontjttta Call lor Inter - '. Mattel Salon 2M-S333 vtew Sq Maii Salon ta-frm MARLBORO BRAND NEW Townhouees lor your inspection Bright, spectoue home with 1-2 bedrooma. low heating costa and a huge canopied dec* Come ae*ittw»00 CENTURY 21 Elnbmder Realtor! Open il. flpm I n d i p i n d i n l l y ownad/operated MATAWAN Hiatortc 17M Decorated by world reknown photographer 3-4 bedrooma. pomibie mother-daughter Modern equip! country kitchen, library, conservatory, beamed dining rm. living rm A parlour 2 fireplace*. 2 baths, sprinkler iyatem, park-tike landacaplng. all Iran port a tlon. shopping, achoota. A muat tee Aaklng 1275,000 Call Mft-1634 MIDDLETOWN RAISING A FAMILY? Then do It In true 3 bedroom Ranch Located m a Park-like aettlng. Thla home boaata a fenced rear yard, perfect for children. Family room has a wood burning etove with sliding glati doorr Coma aee itl S1M.M0 CENTURY 21 EINBINDER REALTORS Open till 0 pm independently owned/operatored MIDDLETOWN - 4 bedroom colonial. 2'4 y<* new. '4+ acre, dining room with den. Irving room with fireplace Minutea to PKY or transportation By owner SIM Weekenda W9 MIDDLETOWN RANCH - Extra large rooms $74,900 MIDDLE- TOWN REALTORS MIDDLETOWN - Oak Hill By owner Center had colonial 4 bdrm. 2'* bathe. 2 flreplacee,full bamt. 2 car garage, deck, brook, prlvata bach yard Move in condition. Principals only pleaae. $205,000 Call MIDDLETOWN MOTHERS DAY WISH An acre and '4 with selected ahruba. treea, and evergreens, room for pool and tennis 4 bedroom colonial I aa lures beautiful moldings and chair rails, heated garage, family room wfth flreplece. screened patio Winding Llncroft Lane, close to O8P and Bell Labs $210,000 TWO RIVERS REALTY Rumaon. Realtors, MIDDLETOWN Looking to buy or sell your home? Let us help youl CENTURY 21 Elnbmder Reaitora MONMOUTH COUNTY O for our complimentary brochure of exclusive listings FOUR SEASONS REALTORS RUMSON MIDDLETOWN W HOLMDEL NEW LISTING'! Middletown by ownerbedroom ranch onv/t plua acre (near QSP exit 109) Features oversiied 12x20 Kitchen, 11x1" modern bath, living room, dlnlnc room, fireplace, family room witn * bath. 2 zone gas hot water beaeboard neat I137.SOO Cal NEW LISTING Llncrofl. atone A stucco, bedrooma. 2% bath ranch feetui ing a 3V foyer with cathedria ceilings sky lights and cerai ' tile. 10' ceilings In living room dining room, family room. 25 kitchen with tnpte lennair and ceramic tile Ultra chic powder room with ekyhqhl Amenittee elude 2 tone gaa heating, 2 iona air conditioning and under ground sprinkler system Man more fine faaturea-caji for da tails Offered at $905,000 MacKenzie-Morris Realtors Middletown At Holmdel OAK RIDQE REALTY Adult Communities OCEAN TWP Century Building Co New cuatom built home from Has.000 Wayside woods & Long View Village WEST LONO BRANCH Pro feeetonai uaa. 9 room Colonial arge lot, prime location, ideal lo offices * reeldenoe RED BANK 3 bedrm, oatne, new kitchen. 2 car garage fuh bamt. 1V*H asaumabla $100,900 CaH RED BANK THE "COURTYARD" A UNIQUE EUROPEAN VILLAGE 12 new luxury town home* aui rounding a central courtyard Among the featurea are: Sky Ighta. attached greenhouse*, ca ttvedral ceilings, balconlea, Hreplaca*. underground parking and much, much morel Non binding reeervamona now beln accepted. Prices range from O $188,900 NEW MARKETS REALTY REALTORS RED BANK LEROY PLACE Ideal lor Investors starters, o retireeal 16 1-bedroom units I an elegant tudor 4 1S 1 -bedroom units with contemporary at moepherel Super convenient lo cation. Non-binding reeervatjon now being accepted P range from 660,000 to NEW MARKETS REALTY REALTORS RUMSON A SLEEPING BEAUTY Oreat opportunity for buyer interested In value and poten Hal. Solidly built, well mail tained home set on 2"* acre* o prime Rumaon property. Oi low traffic etreet, great tor chi dren. 5 bed rooms, 2'-* batha large family room, cellar wit wtne storage Need* only buyer wrth decorating skill* t make It worth tar more than th aaklng price of RUMSON REALTY Reaftora M2-1 RUMSON ONE Of A KIND Situated on 24 profeeeiona) landscaped ecree wtth hundred of bulbs In many varieties of fru and ptne treea. Now totally r«furbished Gourmet kitchen, 2 new batha. Tiled foyer plus hard wood floors. Screened pore Decorated to perfection. Centr air and alarm system Exclusive* ours, HAZELTON REALTY C RUMSON THINK BRAND NEW EVERY THINQI Gracious souther charm with oversized Irving room and an unusual amount ol form and informal entertaining spe> Master suite with dressing ar< Den and (amity room, bedrooma. 2% baths Ctoee beech, churches and iranapor tstton CENTURY 21 COZENS. Independently Owned' 813 Rivet Rd Fair Haven RUMSON FAMILY FARE In area of esecuttve homee. btocka from rtvar. eee our bedroom co*ontai faaturln circular drive, ooeraued room meonrftoient fenced in rear yar wtth wonderful paflo. Oceanbeaoh. rfver eehing, tennis, gorf an otoaa at hand- Can now to more information. IA TWO RIVERS REALTY Rumaon. Raanora. UMU0 131 Houses for Sale RUMSON Charming 3 bedroom home Living room, formal dining room, fireplace, basement. 2 car garage Just redecorated Near schools Call owner at M2-S4e3 or 215-3M-3410 eve* * week ends THIS TRULY GRAND Family home of s Bedrooms. 3 baths, is th* beat r** or*d and r*novat*d Victorian In *r*a Shop and com iteal at S1S7.S00 Aqencv at J Dorla 741-Sto. TINTON FALLS 4 Bedroom. 3 bath home on lovety V. acre tot luat reduced by retiring owner Loaded with many axtraa Mother/daughter eection. Ti car garage Fabuloua condition Inalda and out Priced to aell at $ VAN HORN AGENCY UPSTATE NY - On '-. eerewiih new cedar siding, completely r«- modeied msida, 3 bedrooms, large kitchen, large living room, satellle dish negotiable, I lovely country aettlng Only $39,000 Anytime WATEflVlEW - River Plaza Move into this bright and cheery omlortable home. Natural woodwork and hardwood noon oughout Bathroom completeramodeled with ceramic tile. acuul and skylight Assume origage, owners looking for aat sale at , John C onover Agency. Realtors EST END Lets make a deel n mn reaiored Carriage houae rlvate ground* Amenities ga- Owner anxloua $150*. POPOK REALTY CO EALTOR Autos for salt 131 Houses for Sale WEST LONG BRANCH Spectacular 4 badroom Colonial $169,900 MIDDLETOWN RE- ALTOR* Condosft Townhouse* 111 A BADOE OF DISTINCTION Shadow Lake Village Resale* WALKER t WALKER. Realtor* Eve* John V Wilson LUXURY TOWNHOMES Near IMPERIAL HOUSE/OCEAN COVE m Long Branch %'t blocks to beach. 2 br 2'» batha. sun room/dan. 2 large privets decks, high ceilings tiled floor*, private garden, central a/c. energy efficient gas heat, landacaplng. year round home* at lovely pricing Close to shopping Excaileni transportation. Limited availability Builder Broken protected MIDOLETOWN - CAMBRIDGE MANOR. 2 bedroom, r-, batha. formal dining room, fireplace, garage. A/C. all appliances tb35» utllltiss MIDDLETOWN - Beautiful lownhouae for sale by owner bedroom. V4 bath, aunken living room, formal dining room, larga eat-in-kitchen, private yard Neutral decorating M9.900 Princlpala only P71-a~43?. MIDDLETOWN - CAMBRIDGE MANOR. 2 badroom. 1% baths formal dining room, fireplace garage, A/C. all appliances S935 * utllltlaa MONMOUTH BEACH Con temporary townhouee Cathedra ceilings, sky light, oak floor. ~ fireplace In living room, bedroom, 1% batha, gaa heat Mint. Pool, tennia courts a dock tm.ftoo. Call oi em Autos lor salt 132 Condos/ Townhouiu MATAWAN 1 bedroom gardan apt available May i and after Please call RED BANK RIVERFRONT 1-2 or 3 bedroom condo Seasonal or yearly with option to buy Adults preferred No pals From SHADOWTAKE VILLAGE Light apacious condo Large hvmg room with sliding door to screened porch Seperata dining room or den Lota of storsge Ready to move in $78,000 KROWELL AGENCY Shadow Lake Village ADULT NOT RETIREMENT Resalee 4 Rentals CROWELL AGENCY Reaidem Salespeople Evenings a Weekenda Heloa Stewart Jean Mitchell West End Imperial Houae OCEANFRONT CONDO i bedroom apt with beach cabinette. pool I rastauant Annual No pels Farm Property PUT YOUR FAMILY AND HORSES on thi* grand tarmette. Orsst place to raise children ctoee to nature 10 fertile acres 3 stall barn, lost and rail fencing, few acres of woods, garden, several fruit trees Tesiefuylly landscaped with mature treea and ihrub*. 2 car garage, shop, building lor office or hobby. Well maintained 4 bedroom home with large formal dining room, large living room, sun (room. Call to aaa this speciel offering Harold Undemann Broker Eatontown S42-11Q3 300 Autos for salt SSSBM Niw 1915 OMNI 4 Dr. Hatchback 4 cyl. FREE aulo. trans., PrS. PJB, A/C, T Q consols, AM/FM itsreo. dull mirrors, rally wheels, r delioater Stock tc»i9 Llsl price S6019. YOU Niw 1915 ARIES " SE" WAGON ter ang. 4 cyl.. E.F.I., auto trans., P/S. P'B Popular pkg. A/C. C light ih group, f. defroster, luggage M/FM stereo Slock tcmm List price 110.3*1. New 1915 CHARGER 2 Dr 4 cyl, auto tram, P/S. P'B. A/C, il.reo. clock, conaol*. dual mirrors spoiler, rally *h*els Slock C5378 Llsl prtc* U7U. New I 1985 ARIES 2 DR.. aulo trans. PrS. P/B. A/C, T 0. Slock fcu49 List price 1930S YOU $ PAY N»w 19B5 CARAVAN 4 cyl., auto, trans.. P/S, P/B, T.G, H D suspension. 20 gal. tank. Slock»5267 List price $10,298 Niw DR. 2 2 Illar *ng. EFI.. 4 cyl.. aulo. trans.. PrS. PIB. AC T O llgm group, r. dafroster. AMfFM sleteo. clock, crulsa control, tilt wheel. Slock Llll prfc* Niw CONVERTIBLE 4 cyl, aulo Irans. P/S. P/B. P/Top, Pit windo bucketi, AM/FM slereo 1*H DOCXW CAUVAN '11, M, «u». P/S. A/C. T Q. Mr*0 p a t roof rest. Sod MM* I.HI miles 1M4 OODOE CUSTOM VAN "8,995 cyl 4 sod manual trans. M/ft. P/B ft >» tail DOOOt MMCHAROI ' x4 V*. 4 spd. manual. P/S. P/S. roof v*m. AM radto. Map bumper. Slock aaesi mtts* ttu DODOI too '8,995 4 Or.. 4 oyt.. *ulo trans.. P/S. P/B. A/C TO. stares, r ajtroattr Suck amh 34 M7 m.m 135 Commercial Property ALLENHURST 4000 *q fl of ultra-modern space Now a deli Convertible to RETAIL Can HELMSLEY- SPEAR INC RED BANK"" Approximately 650 square leei Ample parking $775 per month includes utilities 1 NEW MARKETS REALTY REALTORS SHREWSBURY"- sooitsa «bldg. + historic residence 219't frontaga Commercial rone owner 137 Lots end Acreage RUMSON - Counlry Club i'4 acres SH5.000 Can Mobile Homes HIGHLANDS - Single mobile Excellent opportunity $1650 home Furnished Air conditioned Oood condition Asking or p m. (201) phone 7-10 a m 111,000 Call after Cemetery Lots 2 PLOTS Perpetual care included 1700 Shorelend Memorial Gardens call Real Estate Wanted ALL CASH investor win purchase 1 to 2 family houses 30 day closing ERA Maimed Realtors HAND~YMAN~^PiciALS WANT ED We're looking for homes from Si5.000-t Call a m -9 p m We are not Realtors itt RlCKBORN~ Sarhoppar Fiberglass, center conaola. INVESTOR WIN buy 1. 2,4, family homes AH cash 30 day witn all controls 25 h p John* closings M>ddt«iown area son. trailer Aaklng S _2e_ Autos for sale ES-TURBO 140 Rtal EsUtt HOUSE WANTED HulM, M'ddietown 3-4 bdrm Colonial or iptlt To Lets eave realtor fees Csll Tom at PRIVATE INVESTOR Want to buy income property ft single family homes in any condition Call B71-Q64V I P Rl V ATtTiNV ES T OR~^-~Lookl ng tor 2-4 family Will consider all proposal* if terms are workable attar 6pm RESIDENTIAL PORPERTY WANTED MINIMUM 4 APTS I *M NOT A BROKER ! 152 Boats and EJ Accessories 14' HOBIE CATAMARAN - Trailer 3rd wheel, life jackets wet jacket A hood Hardly used 14- PIBfftQLAM - windth,eio 3 seels Front steering wn«*jl With 25 rip Evinruds and trader Beet offer GLASTRON SIGMA - With mam aail and jib, trailer and outboard motor EMC cond Very clean and ready to sail $1500 Call x6' SEA HAWK ODen fiberglass Skiff HP mariner and trailer Many <!>» S3100 Call after 0 15 FIBEROLAiS STARCRAFT 40 HP Evenrude motor t trailer Console recently done over Very good cond 747-5S Autos for salt 4 cyl., EFI Turbo, auto. Irans., P/S. P/B, A;C. stereo, console, r. defroster, speed control, till wheel, r. wiper, spotl suspension, elec. dash Stock KC5367 List price S I he 1S2 Boats A Accessories 7D 18 LARSON Fibefgiaee. greet hi boal All accessorial Included Beat offer Call after 7 pm ^ ^ ^ ^ 16 FIBER0LAS8 BOAT - Wtth cabin and tilt trailer 05 HP outboard Fully equipped Call ir SfUf Good for fishing. Asking S500 Can before 5 p.m 495-O4B EVINRUDE 25 HP runs excellent $260 Boat (reiler 1100 Call li' MAQUIETBOWRlDER csnvas *90 HP/I O low hrs easy losd trailer exc cond or B O After 0 30 p rr> ALLMOND - Fiberglass I'O FWC Chevy engine OMC-OD Cuddy cabin 2 radios As S20O0 Call arta' 0 26 BUZZZARD BAY - Fishing akiff, fully equipped Cm DI INI at Comer of Edwards * Atlantic Long Branch by apt»t ATUMIN*UM~BOAT - 14 Saar«new 7'v HP motor, trail*' AH accessories Aaklng 11SOO after 6 pm "BEETLE CATBOAT MOO ROWBOAT StOO Oil BOATS - Mlec gear 9 aluminum sail dingy, 9- fbg Dor' hull. 8 tt>g Pram, 12'fbg Skiff «trailer 11 panguln. 25 hp John eon '77 >'-! HP evlnrude 83 Assorted hardware. Surfboard diva gear 32 W Main St Hoimdei Sat 4 Sun May 11 A UCKENEER SAIL BOA' with 10 hp Chrysler O/B and easy load trailer Autos for sale Sat Nsw 198S RAMCHARGER 2 Wheel d"ve. VB, auto trans, P?i Pit A/C sunscreen glasr, conv pkg Hu»4 SE. P/Wmdows. P/LochS, cruisa colfi trailer low phg 'jad wheels auto i Oil cooler, two tone p«n List pries JU.119 $ 12,995 N»w 19B5 New 1985 VALUE WAGON D-100 PICK-UP VB. aulo irans, PrS. P'B, A/C, T G pass seating pkg. AM/FM slereo. digital fl., aulo Irans. P'S. P/B. step & tow Clock. WSW radists. two-tone paint. per, WSW fadialb. 6x9 dual mirrors, cloth/vinyl hi back cammand chairs, GVW nmphg Slock ITS076 List price pkg Stock IT5366 Uat price b Or Hatchback liter 4 cyl. 4 spa. P'B. MS vinyl buckets Stuck fc53sb Llsl price New 1985 VISTA WAGON 2 0 liter png. 4 cyt. auto trans., P,B. M-S A/C, TG. lugoage 'ack Stock «C5362 List prtcs $10,035. ^Y U$ 9,375 Y P2Y U$ New 1985 COLT PREMIER 5 liter aulo trans P'S. P'B Arc 1»t2 MCRCURV ZBPHYft»4,B95 4 Dr. S cyl. auto tram, P/S P'B A'C T Q AM/FM Stock MM M2 DODGE ARtf WAGON»5,395 4 cyl.. auto tram P/S P'B A/C. T Q AMF roof rack Slock 15* ? miiaa illi OODOC OMNI MttEN "2,495 4 cyl, 4 Pd man trans. MS P/B AM rid S»Ck ffttn 74.4H milm 1661 DOME COLT»2,294 4 cyl. 2 Or., 4 spo. M/8. P/B AM radio Stock SBM 63 W5 mhm 41 Highway 36 Belford WERNER Prlc.t Include d»«ltr pr«p & freight Tax a MV teas excluded (Middletown Twp )

42 Tlit Rcgincr (UNMY. MAY 12, 1985 IM lotto* 2M Metorcvclai 2B1 Mopod* ACCMMrlM 1S1 oats* ACCMMTIM U4l>.p. i. aac. oond Si 110 lataa aa CATAUM* It - TM MrIM W Heal In good wrtwi. M nahkmg ivt ftp wllmmich CHN* CMAFT - ir -iinmli IOO**lSic U U W ir iwi «rau CRAFT - *o» "* U0 mare. m H I/O MM S t 14'naoMLAM - MOKM era* a M k 1*71 fvamalass np. iidmon. HTt. CM 1S2 Soati* AccMierltt FOOT - Run-a-aaal -ooo OUTBOARD MOTOR IM HP. Maaa M> IM. um aha. Low hour*, wan main- Boo. Cal BBTSH IMF 77, a n M«. SM m, UM.-rn.iii-IM-UH WM. MOO. CM 170 Mil Flbarglaaa omon Oare 4 awiwplaaerwi davm me. 1300* term, bum in Han boa In aiam. hydroac Irim (aba. 2 burnar prtn- _ at duard or baal '. OM 741-M4V 151 Boat, I Accaiwrla, B1AHAWK SKIFF Camping Iqulptwnt BTARCIUFT CAMPfA I M - W TIRRY TRAVEL TRAILER - SeH-^SOntaVned. fuh tmin, tt##p4 «. doubm aim. bomlanl con- 11 «e Baa. aaart Long Man. 13' BO4TON WHA11R - WHh laaajna tar a aaa«anajna? caa 40 np Jamen 4 raaar. twaa dwon UKO 734-HI3 or 444-MTO, 4-itfTin aampa s. Stow. awin. lea MM. MOtuOM. UNO Cal M1-0M0. M4-1I14. Naaoa eanvaa. (ISO Can 13' OURANCnC WWl Hp DUE TO ILLNE44 WE MUST RE- TALL SHIPS Ulrtograpfta 40" OUCE INViNTORV SAVINOS LAST CHANCI - Balara tam X34- By Lundgran Muaeum UP TO OH NEW VIKING quanfy framing "Oartrnarfc" and TENT CAMPERS MANY AT OP) asa*. is*4 40Hf> M' lavumfll - Waaamaar CMaian Radicti 1171 aa. CM 4ILOW C01T PRICE START Km N llllli and War ammnnan. M chanxal Cl. VMF AT 1SM. MAV ONLY HOWELL RECREATIONAL VErttCLII HWY t. HOWELL. M oator. MMW Camaa Ru uaad M i awar any Unoar, j T M Majo 154 Racraatlonal NJ _iana»a hqumaa any. pumea I Vahlclaa 1»7J OPCN ROAD - 30' molor homo 4KV oanarator Roof air 311 Dodaa angina. Na» ratngarator. 40,000 IM. *4.M US. IM Ittcroatlon Vahlcla. 14' COR4AIR4 - Tf*KI tuar aalt-oonialnarj. i M m a Alao 73 Chryaiar Haaparttowcar. Both maliilaliiail and now Itraa POP-UP CAMPER - Nomad hardtop Sliapi 6 Naada tema ork 4440 CW 241-2W7 altar Autoitorult AVIS Young Used Cars For Sale J 47 Shrawabury A«. Nad Bank, 747-OMt OM can M Uch 154 R*cr«atlon Vtnicl»» ' SHAFT A -»or* hooaa i 1 14' SKYLARK Traval Iraaar. Fuay aah^onwnad. Slaapi 4. STARCRAFT POP-UP 1S77 Slaaaa 4. twnawmi oondimn Ca> VENTURE POP UP Sraapa 4. aurga brakaa, AC'OC oonvarmr. toa boa. vamiy 4 wardroaa. 117*0 or baal oltar Ca« allar 4:30 p.m YELLOWSTONE - 1. aah con- Wnad. abjapa 4. anacrtad awnmo wmi aoraan. Hrtori, braha oo«lrol Mlrrora. laoka firm Mint cond Can S atlar» p.m. 220 Wantad Automotive JUNK AND RUNNINQ CARS paid- 34 hr llatmd and towmg aarvtoa»1 M I 1 WE BUY USED CARS Top dowr paid Schwaru ChryaMr- Plymouth. 141 W. Front St.. Rad Barn Auto Inauranca ROUTE 34 INSURANCE AOEN- CY - Can tor rraa quotta N«H Mt 270 Auto Sarvlcaa/ Parta JUNK CARS PICKED UP 24 noura. Flal bad avail Cal Autot lorsal* 270 Auto Sarvlca/Parti MUNCIE 3 SPUD* 474 aaon Pana Mr NumaM 4 asaad. HaaySBOSSO!73-440f anar S p m CAP - ilao* Laar Btnajaaa win Mtomg amaa wrtndowa wttn aoroana. FHa 4' bad. S moa old LM 41140, maka oflar. IBS 4113 or CHIVY - SIT ou. M. V-4. FlabuM > yaara ago Turbo tranr. armt Ml, BBS. Can i l l. MOTOR - Out 01 t»73 Pka-Up, 307 ml Comaa wltti trana. J apd., Mandard, d rad alanar. dual aihaual firm Can anar 4 p.m 444-2t71. TIRES AND RIMS - 4 aluminum Waalam Butal nma. S-luo FIUor 4WD. FI BronoO Or 5-7pm. S ' S ^ S HONDA *74. Good ahapa Naada luna-up 4240 Can anar 4, Auto* for sal* HT i aao MA Runa4k>okaBOOd.l400 Can ) For mora lnajiinabeii M. MOPtO - PucB Haaauil H. 2 HONDA - 1M1 400 oc Naw yaari om. Laal TIIIIII Runa common 300 oriutonal maaa was Cal 47H044 Many ariraa. liooo Call MOTOBICANI 1M1 WindaNaM and Hill baaa. mm HONDA 200 IBM - 1 ownar. 1 oondmon Can halrnam. naw banary ml Cal HONDA NEW JCRBEY'S 1 VOLUME HONDA DEALER s* 1 KAWASAKI 1M1 LTD 440 WWihaWiai Baal ofrar Can KAWASAK11000 C M 1M ml.garagakapt or baal oflar can IM an 1171 HARLEY DAVISON van 4 IP. Ooodrloh radlala. 30aS.I0>1S MOO or baal ofrar ownar, runa 5B4-SM3 or 5* SPORSTER AH atock con dition lac LOW mlma Call TOW TRUCK PARTS - Sung CHEVROLET BLAZERS 12) 1475 winch wm eaua 4 hook 2 J- hoo«t. kmllpop Hghta. truck back SUZUKI 1M1 OB 740 L - Uaad *o«chayanna. 4-1 aaaaon. Mual tall firm. whaal drtva, 1 auto, 1 4-acd Call or 244-4*42 both 300 V-4, lor both or ail aaearalaly Can SUZUKI 1374 OS ,000 Motorcyclaa ml., runa nt. wlndamald. alaay bar. Looka graat or baat CHEVY PICK-UP oyl *4 HONDA ATC 200X - 3 montha ok) Eacanont condition oflar Can anar 1 p.m pd on floor. PS, awdmg raar or baa) oflar EMraa Can aak lor Joa window, naw ttraa. brakaa. Iwotona paint. Aakmg Can daya Ma SUZUKI 1M0 440 OSL. claan 471-4M7. and marry axtraa ml. 1M< SUZUKI TB Dual CALL 211-4M1. purpoaa anal Mka, bougni naw CHEVY * ahon-bad laal aummar aatodovor. only YAMAHA NO 1PECIAL IBM - Brand naw M Vary good oon Laaa than 4000 ml Comaa with dnon Only maaa Call 700 aaray warn, stmdtorma brand now natmata Exc. cond. Baat oflar ovar Call 2* YAMAHA oc. Shaft drlva. Fairing. Krauaar baga, cuatom aaat Naw banary Autos lor Ml* 'ao*i m naaiohajtm Ow^paf, n*>*i fa«v «ra. SIM. Caf M1-»I27 TWO IM Truck*) * TfllT* CHIVY C10 PICK-U* - 1*7*. * cyl awto Naw irfi, Draiiaa), frofh ahocka. air ahooka on raar. rn/tm niiini, amiglmcap. 1 DATSUN PICK-UP 1*77 Naw Uraa 4 ainauat. runa 4 too*. good /baat oltar Mel 1471 Dataur, pick up {runa} lor apara pam. Cal Autos for Ml* Mercedes-Benz 300 Class Fine German engineering is the criterion at Mercedes-Benz, which makes the 300 class a treat without guilt. Indulge yourself in the pleasure of driving any one of the S00 class, with its superb performance, agile handling, and all-out luxury. Balance that with the emminently sensible virtues inherent in a Mercedes- Benz motorcar: uncompromising quality, value as an investment, longevity, commitment to safety. Choose from one of the many modelsof the Mercedes-Benz 300 class currently available at Davison Motor Car Company. It's a treat you deserve. Our ' Huge Inventory Gives Us The Best Price Leverage < So You'd Better Shop Freehold M ERCEDES-B ENZ II J EDISON [201) " "» US HIGHWAY NOS ME MU NDTN OFFHftmXOOKUI FREEHOLD FACTORY INVENT ORIZED CLEARANCE 1985 PLYMOUTH Reliant 2 Door Auto. Trans., 2.2 Ht*r 4 cyl. angina, P/S, P/B, tint glass, raar dat., dual mlrrora, A/C. AM-FM tarao, D*uxi Wrwal covarl, WSW radiali rustproof, undercoat, paint a fabric nalsnt 6,007 mlkw, stock #1042, list 110,046 SAWBJ Mats * NISSAN SENTRAXEH B YOU'D v^^ BETTER SHOP FREEHOLD FOR THE BRAND NEW 1985 NISSAN SENTRA $7899, 1985 PLYMOUTH 4 door Auto. Trtn* lltar 4 cyl angina. P/S, P/B. Unisd glas, r*v om.. dual mlrro*. A/C, AM-FM atarao, omux* whaal eovara. WSW radlala, rustproof, undarcoat, paint a fabric saaamt 5693 mrrss. stock #1026, list $10073 ^741 SAVI Ittt 1985 CHRYSLER N«w Yorkwr 4 Door 2.8 lltar. 4 cyl.. P/0, P/B. Auk), Kathar InMrior. raar dat., front 1 raar mala, mum. vanity rpjrror. P-nrlnd. P-took. dual P-aaats, crulaa. ML wathar wrap wtwat. Mum. antry, atacfrootc navigator. A/C. ovarhaad conaol*. AM-FM smrao «mi casssfii. oonv. spar*, body sma moulding. ruatproof, undarooat a Matant 33*7 maaa. akwk f Nat $18782 M4156 Zumbac CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH K!*4 "aaili»ml rain.»x«#11 iojlai CHRYSLER N*w York«r 4 Door 2.6 lltar. 4 cyl., Auto., P/S, P/B, laatnar Intarlor. r**r daf., front A raar mst*. Ilium. V4nlty mirror, P-wlnd, P-lock4, dual P-a*ats. body Hda moulding. AM-FM smrao, cruls*. Hit, l**th*r wsp whaal, Mum. *ntry, atactronic navigator, A/C, ovarttaad oonnta, WSW radial*, rustproof, undarcoat, paint a fabric sasjant 35B» mil**, stock #1043, IM S16426 SAVI '13830 t 33 In Sayravllla CALL TOR DIRECTIONS Tuaa Thurs. 0 A.M. -U P M Wad * Frl» A M.-«t M Sat 10 AM 1PM m mm. m M m'. *«*> -tw M*M fctairopt NKmOr MH HMI rwuprf. yiirtlw, AC LW SS&ll.«. pvw. en*m am. Mk, m NM. OMWg'lUH Of PtOCE'11J71 Volume Priced PICKUPS! ** nii4l» s-jb t.tic MamiM v mm new 11 j ITjCX *> MS, MM. 4 cr. 4 * ' MAHA4U n auwjnomrrhi ON nvco ONK «W4^iyfti^R a. an Ha. t «-» mm. *. "» B I h m «JMI OOB PWCE-47W ow owfa»«.7»t rstakzagl!*7.944 VOLUME LEASING MORE CARSI MOM TERMfl MOM OfTIONSI JSfW _!!»»» M*M *MMl t*m4 MV MM. MAKE US NO. 1 IN THE 8TATEI HT. 9 NORTH, FREEHOLD MWO (1000 FEET NORTH OF FREEHOLD RACEWAY) CONVENIENT HOURS: M M opan twr t m» un

43 Th«- 290 Truck! A TrajUra datbun TRUCK Oood cond Call DOPQE VAN - 1M3 Ealendad cnaawa Sale or assume im M UocWf mi Calt FOKD ENC~Tsb - 8 cyl 3 pd standard shut am/rm radio H200 Call weekdays aftar 5 p.m. 391-B193 _ FOF1DF2M 1M2 4i4 6 cyl 4 pd, needs wiring S800 Saan 58 Burlington Ava. Laomrdo FORD VAN $350 Maads windahtsm and rabuni front wheel cylinder and umt mlnof work Call *0 FORD VAN - 8 paaaang*. VI, 3 spd. 4 overdrive, p/a. p/b, s/c. am/tm slarao. low milage me cond M2-M75 HONDA 550 FOUR E«c cond original muat Asking MOO, Call daytima JEEP CHEROKEE. 78. V 0 condi. many axtraa. (4500. call t 1977 FORD F-100 PICKUP R«d Auto Sunroof (800 Call batwean 4-8 p m 1972 JEEP'COMMANDO 4 wheel drtva *750 Call 2«i 1748 alif epm PLYMOUTH TRAIL DUSTER 1974 Auto, 4 WD original milm 2 sals of lira* $2500 Call aftar Autos for Sale 300 Autos for Sale 1966 CLASSIC T-BIRD A/C wniia. black interior Encallanl condition Call Mark UvkT47.M11 " " l»78 BUICK CENTUHV WAQON original mllea Loaded t2»»5 CHI »77 DOME ASPEN WAQON 3E Vafy good condition In a. out 8 cyl. auto p/b. p/b. e/c "50 Clil l»78 MOB - E.C.Ilenl condition BrlllBh r»cing l'«" mil., AUinu 3500 CHI 741-M MEHCtDeS Dark blue. 4 ipd standard. encellent condition J75OO Call in Fair Mavan at S42-754B 1978 BUICK REOAl W.m -, Mil lor parts Oood angina 330 Co in 1972 VW Vary good running cond Baat ortar ovar BUICK CENTURY Dapandabla (400 Call CAMARO - V p/s p/b. auto. air. cruisa. window dafog. anvfm caasatlar mi Autos (or Sale 300 Autos for Sale AMC HORNET door auto. p/s. p/b Flrat 1500 takaa it Call avas AMC ORJEMLIN «cyl 4 naw tlras Auto Qood condition 450 or Deal otter Call A STAR IS BORN... Attract more reedererilp by placing a STAR at lha top and/or bottom of your ad For datalls. call In. Dally Regular Classillad Dapartmanl BMW I ml 6/0, aun roof, am/lm caaatte slvar & blue 5 Bpead Excellent cond Vary wall malntamad Baat Oflar dayt. oor av»a BMW 320 I Aulo Irene mllaa. A/C. blau punkt with banal box naw tlraa. Immaculata body Calldays av.s ask lor Mark 300 Autos for Sale SHORE MOTORS VOLVO Exclusive Northeast Dealer & Distributor For THE ALL NEW m m n my 1985 VOLVO GLE ROADSTER i:i J m0kmm Autos for Sale 1979 CHEVROLET MonM Carlo Landau Auto, p/t, p/b.vs. a/c. power windows ft door loc hi Exc cond $3750 Call BMW IMS 326E - fl cyl Llka BUHL6R 1 BITTER INC Plymouth-Chryil»r MO-Jiguir 3290 Hwy BUICK SKYHAWK 1M4 2 door Auto, p/i. p/b. a/o, am/lm caaiatta. tun roof May b* % n on wnlilfldi $ B uic><1fkylaflk 1877 M.000 milai Small VB Oood condition $1400 final Call ~ BUICK SPECIAL - 1M6 2 door Hum good $250 Call B2 BUICK RIVIERA - )U B«ig«body whh brown roadlt«r convanibla look rool Only 6000 milm undaf warranty Loadad Ovar $20,000 oriolonal illchar prlcu $17,000 firm RldM par fact Mull M4I M «v«* BTIMTM. BUICK RIVIERA CLA88IC~1M7 BMW 318i 1984 Charcoal Exc Int 430 angina Runs Ilka naw or baat oflar graal Many n«w parti with r«- Call caipt Body in good cond. but naadl paint ob Asking $2000 Call batwaan 7«m & 4p m aik for Ed KaXly BUICK SKYLARK^ cy\. auto, p/a, p/b, am/lm atereo. rum a.c»ll»ni $700 Call BUICK SKYLARK cyl AM/FM. A/C. PS/PB mi Bell offer Call after BUICK CENTURY LTD 1M3 - Front whaei drive, perfect, loaded 1 owner $ BUICK CENTURY WAGON 1979 Very clean, turn wall, almoil new brakei. ihoclii, llrea Can , BUICK CENTURY V8. air. lull power, 1 owner 55.0OO mi lea Great Iramporlatlon $1450 Call CAMARO 1976 V8, 305 engine, p/, p/b. a/c, am/lm. key- lonei 1900 Call Autos for salt BUICK ELECTRA 1974 Maroon I while All power m.laa 1500 firm Call 741-flTH CAMAHO cyl, auto. fi»** milm Loadad with all a/c, p/a. p/b, t-roofi, am/lm. opllom Muil M(I $ Call rear window detrpei. Bernmette interior, dark blue Eacellenl condition S6600 Call or CAMARO LT Vary good condition Mult aea Aiklng $2400 or bell offer Call CAMARO RALLY SPORT cyl aulo. a/c. p/a, p/b. am/lm itareo, rally wrveela. c??i n > a 7 W Of b/o < 71 CARS UNDER %2 000 KINGSLEY AUTO SALES 78T-7M7 CAVALIER PS/PB aulo tram, lunroof. AM/FM caautie lereo Mini cond Low mileage Aaking $5700 Call after 5 pm CAVALIER WAGON 1H2 Fully loaded Aihing $4600 Call between 8-5 CHEVY IMPALA 1971 Only mi. PS/PB. A/C. new inh»uil. radiator battery, 4 allernetor Qood cond Radial lirai $600 Call fl ^ CHEVY B"E! AIR l»oa BUICK CENTURY 1979WAQON 110,000 ml $1500 Call art«r 7 p m A/C. PS, 8 cyl $200 or bait Offer Call after 5pm BUICK LESABRE TlMITEO"- CHEVELLE LAQUNA 1Q74 VB. A/C, PS/PB, milai Hunt ahitt 400 lurbo trana $4100 Call day*, attar M53 Thurih eihiuat, am/tm caaitte aterao, rum g r ««< Needa body wort. Call BUICK RIVIERA PS/PB, A/C. am/fm Plona«r componanl yilam EKC cond $8700 Call CHEVY MALIBU 1970 Beat otter. Aa H After CMEVY CITATION I960 4~cyI.. 2 dr, PS. am/lm. itandard mi Aekina $2700 Call >Her 7pm. CHEVY SUBURBAN 1962 Silverado. 6 2L dieiei a/c. am/tm. low mi. equipped tor trailermg Call CHEVY MONTE CARLO A/c, PS/PB. am/fm. needa batttfry $500 Call before 4pm CHEVETTE drtltlcv, mi, good cheap tranaporlation $2250 Call CHEVY IMPALA dr. good condition Aiking 575 Call 4W.3730 CHEVY WAGON Green 1250 or ben offer Call anytime Autos for silt HEVY BEAUVILLE VAN paaeanger, hitch, a/c p/a. p/b, rebutle tram ft engine 1962 Aekmg or beat ofler CHEVY NOVA door PS/PB. air. 1 owner $1500 or b«et offer Call CHEVY.978 CMEVETTif Tcfr ml, 4apd radio, rear detroiler new Urea $14B5/beal offer CHEVY MALIBU WAGON Auto, PS/PB No A/C Exc Irani, good cond Muet ieli $1850 or beat otter Call CHEVY CAVALIER 19t3 PS/PB. 4 speed, am/lm radio ml, 2 dr L $5700 or beet offer Call CHEVY CAMARO 1076 am/fm caaiette. A/C. $2000 firm Call CHEVY IMPALA 1874 Rune good $5O0 or beat oiler Call CHEVY CAVALIER 1983 I9000mi A/C, loaded Mint cond $5,600 or beet otter Muat tell Call Karen CHEVY MALIBU WAGON Automatic, p/a. p/b, A/C, rear defroit. am/fm atereo, roof rack owner $ CHEVY STATION WAQON 1872 Puwtf windows, powar brakss. powar locka. A/C or bast ottar Call ~~~CWCLE CHEVROLET Shrawibury Awa Shrawabury CORVETTE 1977 T-top. auto. PS/PB/PW. A/C, tilt whaax! loaded tbzoo Baat offar Mual sail COUGAR CWvaland angina Naada work $«00 Call COUGAR 1969 CONSOLE - Exc. running cond New tlrea am/lm stereo $700 Call , aik for Keith. COUGAR Rebuilt 269. good lor reatorailon Meny ga> tree parta $1300 Call before* 1 p.m. DATSUN 710 WAOON ,000 mi., new tlrea. A/C. Aulo. 1 owner $1000 Call , after 6 p.m. DATSUN 280ZX T-top. mint condition. 30,000 milee $12,000 Call DODGE OMNI 1962 HaKhbeck - 4 dr. 4 cyl,. auto tram, PS/PB. A/C. good cond $4200 Call Autos for salt CORVETTE 1971 Convertible* hardtop 4-apeed, am/fm HP Many new parta mil Exc cond Asking l6500_call^ DODGE DIPLOMAT ' SALON 1961 Factory am/fm. CB A/C stereo, rear detroewr, PS/PB 61,925 ml. exc cond In 6 Out $4275 Call DODGE WINDOW VAN - Sportsman 1977 Rum good Clean Extra aeal Trailer nltcn Root vent 2995 Call DODGE MONACO - Station Wagon 1977 Runs good $400 Call DODOE"DART Run* good Need! new windehiaid $700 Call DODGE CORONET Work recently done Best otter Call after 5pm DODGE ARIES Station wagon Aulo, fully equipt me cond $5325 Call DODGE~ dr. St Regie Jull painted Well maintained very good! cond 84,000 hwy mi Runt and handle! great Aiking $2600 or bait offer DO DOE CORINET TA- TION WAQON Rebuilt 316 enr me Needa work Ben otter Call DODOE CORONET 1975 ~ EKC cond. Aiking $1200 Call Don't Settle For W-H-O-L-E-S-A-L-E Sell your car. truck or van the professional way Call Lou Eckert BUHLER A BITTER CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH NATIONWIDE AUTO BROKER FIAT BRAVA apd standard, PS/PB. tilt, air. sun roof, rear D. am/tm aiereo. i 56,000 ml. 1 owner Aiking $ inyilme attar 6 FIAT SPIDER Convertible. 5-ape*d am/fm caasatte Good condition Must sell $1150 Call FIREBIRD 1977 ESPRIT - White, PS/PB. A/C. am/tm tereo. new battery, starter ft water pump Aaking $2200 Call after FORD - F250 Econohne Van IV. ton van $300 Needs atarttr Call after Autos for sal DODOE ASPEN dr, 6 cyl. luto. A/C, PS/PB. ej»c cond. 60,000 ml $3000 or beat Offer Call B71-8O3Q DODGlfl)ART 1974~Oood engine Creckedcheeiii Ben otter After 8 p m Autos lor salt SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1985 DODOE CHALLENGER auto p/i, p/b, p/w. p/i, crulm Much more $1995 Call DODGE DART cyt automatic new tlrae Excellent condition $500 Call Autos for SJU VOLVO NOBODY DOES IT BETTER! SERVICE PARTS VOLVO DEALER of EXCELLENCE 1983 *mtnm- AUOWAKB 10WKY " SAUSPCOftf TALK THAT'S US. * SELLING VOLVOS SINCE 1956 RED BANK VOLVO 119 E NEWMAN SPHINQS SHREW, 741-5M6 AVAILABLK K)R 740 & 7''" CLE'a WITH or WITHOUT SUNROOF SEF. & DRIVE THIS LUXURIOUS SLEEK NEW VOLVO ROAUSTKH AVAILABLE ONLY AT SHORE MOTORS SHORE MOTORS VOLVO HIGHWAY 35 MANASQUAN M/CARD AMEX M.J.'s Largest Honda Dealer SPRING SALE! ADDITIONAL REBATES 85 and 84 MODELS Circle Chevrolet MONMOUTH COUNTY'S ALER LARGEST 85 CAVALIER-NEW! Std equipment, 2 liter. V-4 cyl. 4 apd. man M/S. P/B. styled whls Mot in stock Allow 6-8 wmks delivery LIST PRICE $7242. Many others in stock w/varylng equip '85 CAMARO-NEW! SPORT COUPE. Std. equip 2 5 liter EFI 4 cyl., P/S. P/B, bucket seats, center console. s/b radlals. Opts: auto Not in stock. Allow 6-8 weeks delivery. LIST PRICE: $6944. Many others In stock w/s)mllar options to choose VBiaetre 1100 CC 1984 V65 Sabre '3498 '85 SPECTRUM Std. equip 4 cyl., 5 ipd man., P/B, stee bolted radlafs. Not In stock. Allow 6-8 weeks delivery LtST PRICE $6585 Many others m stock w/varying equip to choose from 85 MONTE CARLO NEWI Std. Equip litre, v-fi. P/S. P/B. radials computer command control, Oeico Fr Plus II Battery, wheel opening moldings, flow thru vent system. Not In stock. Allow 14 daya to 6 weeks for delivery LIST PRICE: $10, Honda ATC 5 Spart $1298 ItulMV f FREEHOLD HONDA RT. 9. South Freehold Shopping Center. Freehold. N.J. Sales Open Mon-Fn 9 til 6 P M A Sit 4QQ4 S.ilurd«y 9 III 5 P M Closed Sunday toac'loo 1 '85 ASTROVAN-NEW! 85 C-10 PICK UP Std Equip.. 4 cyl.. M/S. M/B, 4 apd man., radial black wall ties. Not In stock. Allow 6-8 weeks (or delivery L 1ST Std Equip 8 cyl.. 4 spd. man.. M/S. M/B. Not In stock Allow S-8 weeks delivery. LIST PRICE: $7922 NEW! '85 CELEBRITY Std. Equip EFI 4 cyl.. P/B. M/S. S/B radial W/w tires Opts. auto. Not in stock Allow 6-8 weeks delivery. Many others in stock w/slmllar options to select from. LIST PRICE $8678 ST" $ 7298 KAY MOTORS IS YOUR... UEARU HEADQUARTERS i WEIL CUT YOU A GREAT DEAU DURING OUR WHEEL'N & DEALU DAYS!! 85 CITATION H/B Stock *576I Sid aqu'p. i 5 lilr» 4 cyl. radialt. «vwr li'ai. Opt* aulo p/b. A/C. glaii dal wipart. rr Stock 15 CAPRICE CLASSIC 4 dtw «5i27 SM tkluip. P/S. P/B. Op- Koni powtk locki I windown. l l ] i ti**i btuma '»amt* Hddi«cloth 50'SO Milt, body MO* moid tripwa 1 '" MOCh LIST PRICE SM 27 LEAH FOR'2S1"fmo." 85 CHEVY G-20 CUSTOM VAN Slock 5M7 Std aquip, p/t. p/b. n id* dr, Opt* A/C. 5 Hire, V-S, auto, lilt rally wril*. fliuft^t t/glam. P'l, p/w. compl«t«conv pka 1 in Hock LIST PRICE $20,000 SAVE $34» LEASE FOH:'371.«4,MO " IN STOCK SPECIALS 85 SPECTRUM 2 OR. HATCHBACK Slock D*mo Equippad wttt> «cyl S apd man. P/S. M/B pulm wipari msrw. raav titf A/C, Maoi bttmd i AM/FM atarao. tacriomamr LIST PRICE I92M LEASE FOB tm»fmo, > SST" «7808 pd mm. p'b. t/b radibim Opl» t«o<lii«r p/i. AM radio. Q«uD«t. LIST PRICE $10,120 SAVE $1430 LIAU FOR MM.trrnto." SUBARU XT COUPE GL This new Subaru otters the luxury and sport features you ve been looking lot Add Ihe turbo option and youve got one tun coupe' 1985 SUBARU Dl WAGON 4 cyt S las nan/km.mi m l pinion». p/ana >a>i.«actru.mam«.i> art ramu.«mw axt. Wa mtkulwai. rr M/Mp«ami nd «* Baa. Mr caiam. owa* Mr u. Mi ah g<wnc lynn ramar. MH-WMf nmca Win me* «IM < -1aaiu MM land 'T.IU OUR PRICE: '7, SUBARU 61 4 DR. SEDAN Stock Ml75 4 cyl. 5 *M mm Irmi. man Htwinr fbrttm. m m ndum. AUfW Nwto quam *fl clock OUR PRICE; '7,899 5 YEAR UNLIMITED MILEAGE WARRANTY AVAILABLE. ASK FOR DETAILS Wt um fpnuln* Subaru parts & accessories All our technicians are factory trained M/Pfllff CARS DMALER O N THE SPOT FINANCING AND DELIVERY AY MOTORS " CTW>I 67ROUT»36,CATOMTOWW mm^ru 201/ SSwnt tiei Sawtor Men-frt 4» Man.Frl. II tat. fclmttv 1I7ST0V0TACILIO S*or> ItiSIA 4 cyl S lod man ual m «C. M. PIS. AMM) MHW UOOOmMM 3»95 1SS1 CHIVY CITATION Stack lt3-0m 6 cyl iuto him A/C. P/S P/S 4S.240 mlm N2 DATBUH SMCk IS748 4 Cyl < IPO rrunusl Iran* Art P/B. rranutl MMring. AH ram 43.«n imn rn. '4298 1M0OLD* CUTLASS HinK **«MS-MI qn.bub. A/C PS. P/1 Aa>m» a. Se.OOO 3695 IK) CHEVY CAPHICE WAGON 51* 18* 029 I cyl luio nini A/c P/S Pit 'oor rid. MOM milm Me. '8895 IB7TCMf»»»L«I«4i 1 SKU ISSajA I cyl UM Art P/S. P'B ST 000 milts STS M E K U f l r 2IPHVR SNGfe ISM1A. B cvt. BUM. A/C P/S. P/I M M M3 CHEW MALIBU Stock IU. 0» > cyl. auto nans. A/C. P/C P/8. AM radio?fl 000 PRICE ess WEEKLY SPECIALS 1980 CHIVY SUBURBAN Stock «5525A, a cyl auto trans. A/C. P/S. P/B. 67 BOO miles COUOAH Stock BS4 30IA. 9 cyl auto. I LV. A/C. PrS. Pro. cruiss. AM/FM slsroo mllaa PRICE '5795 IS*! MErWLMV LVNX I7SCA0 CK MVILLE Slk IS95&A B cyl auh timi Art. P/. AAtfM II p/! Iki ITM ml sunrl mi 1M1 iuick LalAIRE St* IS003A, S cyl. auto A/C r/dal. PSIt. AM radio PRICE»4895 1S4W FORD FAmMONT WAOOH Stock osassa. fl cyl auto trans Art. P/S P/B. AaVPM ikjfao -" "".4298 IMIOIVV UMAM Slock cyl. auto nans, A/C P/S P/B. m i rw. pwr win ddws. raiiye wftteli miles 6795 IBB1 CMEVY CELEIIIITT Stk BBS cyl aulo, Art P/S. P/B. J1.000 "». PRICf»6895 1SS4 CHEVY CHEVETTE Stock IBS MS, 4 cyl Aye 4 LV. P/S. P/B 9.W0 irakm PRICE 61«5 VJptuut CUTUM S>* OJMK I cyl auto Iram rr flat P/S. P/B PMno P"ks AMrW Star. B0.241 mk» ittljupcji K* MBU. I cyt. 3 >H *nan ual mt. M. wmu**m. VpMM Mla> 1406 WE WILL BEAT ANY BONAFIDE PRICE 641 SHREWSBURY AVENUE SHREWSBURY. N.J. r IBM CHIVY CITATION Sto. AX. P/S, P/B IBM CHEVY CELEMITV Slock cyi auto Met OSVOSO 4 cyl auto nans. trans A/C 4 Or P/S. P/B mm Arc. P/S. P/B. till *** a S.0S7 IBM Attm PRICE 'S B7S PO41O FUTUBU Mek IIZ3BA. S cyl. avis trans A/C nor eat. P/S. P/B. 3*170 MM 3498 IS7J BMW MSI S» BU4SA. 4 cyl 4 BM man Irani. manual mar 4 teafcas. 110 DOOr taj CHIVY CfUMUTY tmt IBS-040 S cyl. aulo Irana. Art. US P/B. AM sarao. S.lOtmllsa 8998 SM» K»0A I. oaiirar. P/S P/t twonr 4 Dr Stock O593M 4 cyl. 4 ipo manual trans. A/C. P/S. P/B mikn 3795 WEEKLY SPECIAL 1984 CORVETTE Stock»5745A. a cyl.. auto trans.. A/c. P/S, P/B, AM/FM stereo, leather int. performance package, miles '19,

44 10D Tfc SUNDAY. MAY Autos for Sal* F O f l D M U S f A N Q 1 M I - W h i t * 4 - c y i s t i c k. A ' C P S ' P B S t a n d t r a n» $ C a l l F O «D T M U N D E R e i R D A ' C P S P B a u t o a m f m a i a > a o C A M n» t w!!' m i l M u l l M i l A i k i n g $ o r M «l O f f f C i l M 3 F O R D L T D V I a u l o a / c 2 d o o r A l l p o w a» r o p t i o n * m i l a t V i n y l l o p y W I O * $ 2 4 9» C a l l 3 3 O S 7 F O R D L T D W A G O N A u t o P S P ' B a " txmtmo t r a i l e r f > i l c n. g o o d c o n d i t i o n $ 4 * 0 o r D M I O H. ' S A O 6 0 6? F O R D F U T U H A m i P S P ' B. a u t o M i n i c o n - d i t i o n ir> t o u t $ C H I M1F-0I41 F O R D G R A N A D A I H i 4 d r w r t u a w i t h r t d n l * n o r F a c t o r y w a r r a n t y P S P B A / C m i $ P h o n * a t t a r p m F O P - D T. B I H D «3 W h i t a h a r d t o p A l l p o w e r A C 2 d o o r $ o r b «a i o H «r C a l l * F O R D E L I T E i o w n r * a c c o n d C a l l F O R D T H u N O E R B l R D B M u t t t a a E» c»»» n i c o n d i t i o n * m i D o v a g r a y w i t h r «d p i o a t n p a S i a r a o p'<*. p / b. p / a. V 8 a u t o w i r * * n * * c o v a r t C a l l » 5 3 F O R D M U S T A N G 1 M 1 - A M F M c i l M l t l I t a r a o A / C t u n r o o f 3 3, m > E» c c o n d A a f c t n p. W a f l a t F O R O P I N T O ' m, 4 i p ««d C «M 5 M O «M t ' 6 p m F O R D E L I T E - V - S i > r m i a m f m P S P B * «> g o o d c o n d $ > 8 O 0 C a n a r i a ' 8 p m F O R D F A I R M O N T S T A T I O N W A G O N c y i f u l l y a q u i p p a d r o o t n a *. 5 p a n a d a C l a a n A s k i n g 1 7» 5 C a n 2 9 ' F O R D ' P I N T O W A Q 0 N - V - e a i r. a m / l m c m v i e c o n d $ 1 * 0 0 C a n a f t a / 6 p m F O R D S U P E R V A N m o t o r A C P r i v a c y g l a u E «c r o o m f o r a v i d c i m p t r i S I M P * ' 5 0 o r F O R D V A N ~ C A M P E R - V 8 a u t o m a t i c A / C r «f f i g «r a i o r t o v a l i n k n «w t i r a i R u n t c a ' t a n t S i o r b * i t o n # r a x o a p l a d C a l l F O R D P I N T O N a w b ' a h a a ^ * m i i r a a 4 i p «* d $ C a n F O R D L T D 7? w a g o n f u l l y m O L D S C U S T O M C R U I S E R fl p a t a b l a c k # ' grair> ««c c o n d P S P / B P W l M t h «r A C g a u g a a. t i t t, n» w t < r S S m m a m f m a l a r a o. ' u i t p r o o t a d p w r d o o r l o c k a c u > a a m g g a g a ' a o pmt M a t r d a ' V B $ 3 O L D S D E L T A H - 1» 7 2 c o n - v a r t i b i a v a r y g o o d c o n d i t i o n i o w n w C a n O L D S V I S T A C R U I S E R W A G O N R u n a g o o d m l l a a A e k. n o C a l l O L D S C U T L A S S i V 6 4 d o o r. A C. P S P B a n r l m 1 o w n a r N a w c a r b u r a i o r m i t a a A a f c. n g L T o T o n a d o i C t o a a i B l a c k /? d o o r M a r o o n l * * t h * r n l A M F M I t a r a o C B T i l t W i r «w h * «a m i 5 y f m i w a r r a n t y E x c l u d i n g a n C a l l a t t a r 6 O L D S C U T L A S S S U P R E M E A C P S P S. r a a r d a i o g g a r c r u i a a N a w D r a k a a. t l r a a A a k m g o r b a a l o f f a r C a l l a t t a r p m a a k f o r E d w a r d Autos for Sale 300 ftuto» lor Salt O L D S M O B i L E D E L T A ? c o n v a r i i b i a V a r y g o o d c o n d i t i o n I D w n t i C a l l O L D S M O B I L E O M E G A c y l a u t o C i a a n i n a o u t G o o d d a p a n d a b l a c a r R a m b i a r A m «r i c a n n a t i o n w a g o n r a o u i l i a n g i n a i t r a n a 3 - a p d s t a n d a r d 6 - c y l Q r u i c a r l m u l t ft*n B a a l o f t «' P A R K C H E V R O L E T S a i a a - L a a a m g - S a r v t c a - P a r t a R t 6 8 N a p l u n a 7 7 R. i? i 2 P E U Q E O T - S A A B O F W A L L H w y 3 5 M a n a a q u a n ( P L Y M O U T H T C S - ' L o w m i i M g a G o o d c o n d i t i o n B a " o H a r C a l l P L V M U U t Y A R R O W G T A u t o a ' c p / b, n a w» - h a u M a m f m n «r a o c a a a a t t a i o * m. i M g a a r t a r 1 2 n o o n P L Y M O U T H F U f l t II V 6 a u t o P S ' P B A ' C e i O O O m i l a a O r i g i n a l o w n a r t i O O O C a l l P L Y M O U T H F U P. V V I - H u m g o o d B o d y - n g o o d a h a p a I1M C a l l a H a r 5 p rr 300 Autos for Sale 300/kutosJor U\ » P L Y M O U T H V O L A R E - S W w h l t a w o o d g r a i n a m / f m l a p *. C B a i r P V P B t r a i l * ' n t i c h S o r b a a t o f f a r a v a a W M P L Y M O U T H O U S T E R E «c C O A d r * b u i l t a n g i n a t o r b a a t o f f a > C a l l a f t a r 7 p m P L Y M O U T H V O L A R t ' i ' B S t a i i o n W a g o n A / C. r a d i o ft p o w a r a W a r i n g H C a l l P O N T i A C F I R E B I R D E S P R I T M * V 6 r a d i a l l u n a d a u a p n a t o n» J I O t r a n a A M / F M t a r a o r a a r d a t r o a t a r C a n a t t a r n [. m P O N T I A C j } 0 O 0 ^ - ~ i N r 1 5, m i Btn/tm B T C T O» 3 7 O O C a n 53O-J03S ^_ P O N T I A C L E M A N S W A Q O N M u a t a a t t G o o d c o n d i t i o n C a l l P O N T I A C G R A N D P R I X t o n a b r o w n A l l p o w a r W a l l h a p t C a l l P O N T I A C B O N N E V i t i o n w a g o n L o a d a d E a c a i» n t c o n d i t i o n O 0 m i M C a n J Autos for Salt 300 Autos for Sale P O N T I A C L E M A N S G o o d c o n d i t i o n F t u n a a i c a t t a n t P / B. P / S. A / C G o o d t i r a a a b r a h a a o r b / o f t * r 5 P O M T A C O T O M u r a l n y d r o m a t t c f l o o r t h i f i E n g m a n «a > o i o v a ' h a u l B a a t o h i ^ P O N T I A C V E N T U R A c y i r u n a g o o d o r b a a t o f f a r C a n P O N T I A C G r a n L a M i n i W a g o n 6 c y i A / C, A M / F M t a r a o g o o d t r a n a C a n a f t a * S P O N T I A C V E N T U R A c y i P S / P B A / C G o o d r u n n i n g ( P n d t t i O " C a l l P O N T I A C F I R E B I R D N * a b o d y w o r k S a i l i n g A a l a WOO R E D B A N K M O T O R S I N C N a w m a D S p n n g a R a d B a n k D o d g a A M C - J a a p - R a n a u i i O O 4 0 R E N A U L T A L L I A N C E L a p a a d A / C. P S. a r r v i m a t a t a o c a a a a f t a C a l l a f t a * Autos for Salt f U T T f N H O U S I L I N C O L N - M E R C U R Y I N C F O c a a n T w p U W S T A T I O N W A G O N P l y m o u t h N a w t i m i n g c n a i n t i r a a b a t l a r y w i t o r p u m p a / c A a k i n g C a l l S U B A R U H A T C H B A C K a p a «d v * r y g o o d c o n d C a M a f i a r 6 p m T - 6 l «D 1 * 7 3 M a n y n «w p a r t a B a a l o f i a > C a l l a r t a f 6 T O M I F O «D ~ ~ M w y 3 6 K a y o o r t T O Y O T A C O R O N A - L u x u r y l i f t b a c h * M C l u n r o o f t t a r a o c a a a. a l u m i n u m w h a «l a m a n y a i t r a a. a» c c o n d S a a t o > - > p r «c n» T O Y O T A T E R C E L i E. c a i ) a n l c o n d i t i o n O n g n a l o w n o r S t a r a o a u n r o o f 6 m a n y s i t r a a $ o r t m l o f f * r C a n a t t a r p m T O Y O T A C E L I C A G T C o u p * - B a i g a. 5 - a p d A / C a m / t m t t * r * o P S / P B. r a a r d a t r o a i a r m i t E «c c o n d B a a t o f f * ' M u a t a a a C a n a f t * 0 S A N B O N E O L D S - C A D I L L A C 7 7 F O H 0 Q R A N A O A - 4 d o o r a t M l a r t P / S P / B. A / C. r a t t t ( r a n t 7 & 0 0 O r r n G o o d c o n d $ C a l l a v a w d a y T O Y O T A T E R C E L C O R O L L A 1 9 f? R a a r d a f o g o a r. a m / f m C a l l T O Y O T A C R E S S I D A L o a d a d a» c c o n d Call T R A N S A M C u i n A u t o t r a n a m i a A / C i m / i m o a a a a t t a R u n a g o o d m u l l a W I C a l l T P U U M P H S p l M i r a m i i a a M a n y n a w p a r t a C a l l T R I U M P H S P I T F t W E C O N - V E R T I B L E I n t a n d a d t o r a a t o r a M u a t M l ' n o * T R I U M P H S P I T F I R E I C o n v a r i i b i a 2 6, o r g m a l m i t a a S 4 7 Q Q C a l l M 0 Z N a w a n g i n a ft t r a n a m i N «a d a f r a m a w o r k 1 6 O 0 o r B / O C a l l Auto* 'Q f T a J3o Autos for salt 300 Autos lor Salt T O Y O T A C O R O L L A d o o r. a u t o. a / c. a m / f m m. t o a $ f i r m C a l l C a n b a a a «n a t t S A r c a n a A v a O o a a n p o f i V O L V O P A R T S S A L E - N I K - u a a d. l o r o t f l i a a r a a t o r a r a C h «a p f R E D B A N K V O L V O, V O L K S W A G E N B U Q. 9 7? R u n t g o o d $ Call T 5399 Evaa V O L A R I d r. 6 c y l a p d m l g o o d $ C a l l d a y a 7 l f l V O L K S W A G E N B U G - E n g i n a i n g o o d c o n d. f r o n i a n d < i a m a B a $ o r b a a l o f f a * C a l l a f t w fl p m V O L V O M o d a l R * O u i i i a n g i n *. n «w t i r a a. r u n a w a i t $ ( o f t i c a ) < h o m «) V O L K S W A 0 E N D A S H E R W A G O N D I E S E L m l 4 2 m p g. A / C. a m / f m. $ o r b a a t o f r C a l l V W B E E T L E a p a a d E «c c o n d O a r a g a k a p t. a i l v a r a u n r o o f, a m / f m. l o w m l M t a g a $ C a l l a f l o r $ p m Autos for»als 300 Autot for Salt V O L V O B t o w n a n g t n a N «w b r a k v a, d i a i r i D u t o r u r a a I n - t a r t o f i i h a n a w T r a n a m l a a i o n i n a. c c o n d o r b / o a w r 6 V W D A S H E R m i 4 - a p d. t u n r o o t, g o o d c o n d o r B / O C a l l a f f r 4 p m V O L K S W A G E N S U P E R B E E T L E o r b a a t o f f ^ CaW 648*0606 VW BUG 1973 txoahant condition Runa graat Ca» VW BUS Fu* injacrad 7 paaaangar. good cond A/C 1T6O0 ovbaai^fhk VW RABBIT DELUXE 1676 AM/FM 4-apaad manual Ranabta Call irar 6pm VW RABBIT- 19*6 Good condttton 11 ion CaM V W S U P E R B E E T L I D? 3 - G o o d c o n d. n a w p a r t a A a k m g C 1 I V W V A N w i i ' b «t i M r i n t a r m r o r t H - t n f t w C a l l M 3 - M Autos for Salt g p 4 n «w t i ' M g $ C a n F O R O M U S T A N G H a t c h b a c k G o o d c o n d C a n o' ' H O N D A A C C O R D I d o o r 5 i p d P S P B A / C a m / t m c i i H i K c r u i a a m i E» - o a l i a n t c o n d i t i o n A a m n g J o r D «r o f f «r C a l l H O N D A A C C O R D H a t c h o a c h m n # a i o w n #. c a a a a n a t i a r a E» c c o n d C a n a f t * fl p m H O N D A C V C C tq O d l «n «r d i m Iffl n M l i m M O O C a n a f t * ' 6 A a n d a y d HONDA-MATIC- CVCC '977 J *» < b i t l r y 1 1 $ C a n 1 a f i a > o r d a y i ? o t J E C P W A G O N E E R L T D C n o c i a t a b r o w n w o o d g r a m a i d a a S b a c k L o w m i i a a g a l o a d a d L o w r a n g «g ««r f a c t o r y < C B - a r ^ '"- a t a r a o r a d i o, r u a l I p r o o l a a i O f l i K i T S O N C H E V R O L E T C O L A B R l O L A M O T O R S ' S p r m g a R d R «d B a n k ' S t ' a u b L m c o m - M a r c u r y 3 5 K a y p o n L I N C O L N M A C H i v Q O O O C C - r t d $ C a i : o r L I N C O L N C O N T I N E N T A L I M * - " ' V - F u l l y l o a d a d *!* a u n r o o f C i a a i y 6 i p o r t y E «c r u n n i n g e o n d A a * i n g S n 9 5 C a n o r L I N C O L N C O N T I N E N T A L M A C H I V a m / f m S - t r a c k a t a r a o : 9 O «r a < a u n r o o t n # w l i r o a M u a t { t a c c a P i r a t $ t a n a t 't ZV\ 7 g - ' L l T T L B S I L V E R E X E C S C R E A M P U F F R a a t o ' a d M u i t a n g C o o v a r t i D i * C a l l a r i a x I pm L O C A L L Y - D R I V E N U S E D C A R S, P R I C E D R I G H T R A S S A S P O N T I A C B R O A D S T R E D B A N K * E «c a l l a n t c o n d i t i o n C a n M A X I M A m» M t L o a d a d p m a a i a c t r i c a u n r o o f ' i «a n a w G a r a g a d M u a l \ C ; a n a r i a ' 7 D m 5 6 C M A 2 D A G L C d o O ' 5 a p d 4 c y i a m / f m i t a > a o a x e I c o n d M u a i a a l i M a h a o ««r C a n I M A Z D A D E L U X E a p a a d 2 - d o c t a d a n O o o d c o r d i t t o s $ C a l l M E R C U R Y C O U G A R K R m i i a e E a c a l l a m c o n -! d i l i o r $ C a l l M E R C E D E S B E N Z F L ) 9 M C O N V E R T I B L E - 2 t o p a w h i t «. W «r > ' # d r M s r i o r 4 t p a «d a a c c o n o $ l ; o < b a i l o f f a r C a l l ««2 M E R C E D f c S D E t c c o n d L o a d a d A a k. n g $ M E R C U R Y M A R Q U E , m i a «c c o n d a l l p o w * f a i r. g r a y * i r y i f o p $ C a l l *.» 9 < R > C O U G A R I d r. v m y 1 t o p n a a d a i o m i w o r h I A m $ C a n u k f o r. M E R C E D E S - < S * 0 a a A / C, a u t o m. «a A a k i n g $ C a n M O N T E C A R L O N o w s h o c k a b r a K a a m u f t i a r i n l a r i o r r u g I n a i d a a o u i v a r y c i a a n A a h - i n g $ C a l l d a y * ' E v a s ^ ; M U S T A N G O T 1 0 B m i l a a ' o a d o d M i n t c o n d i t i o n P r t c a n a g o t i a b i a. $ C a d a f i a r 6 M U S T A N Q C O U P S I G o o d c o n d i t i o n A M / F M m a f l w t W $ C a l l 5 * M U S T A N G C O N V E R T I B L E 1 M 4 ' * p «l i i i» O H 7 «7. 2» 7 6 MUSTANG <ia «cri M»cna n l c a l l y r e b u i l t f r o n t t o D K H N «* d * b o d y w o r k S o r D t o M r C M T t r - M l t i H «r a M U S T A N G c y l, 4 - D M d H a t c h b a c k L o o k a a n d r u n t c a n a n t N «w p a i n t O b C a l l e a h i i j S T A N O 1 * c y t 4 a p d L «e i i a t r u n a a x c a J l a n t I 1 2 O O C a l l a f i a r 5 p m o r a n r t i m «M a k a n d i M U S T A N G B a a l o f f a r C a l l e f t a r 5 p m M U S T A N G 1» 6 «B l u a 2 6 B a n - g m «8 c y i A M / F M a t a r a o N a * d s m m o r b o d y w o r k C a l l» ' 7 p m C H E V Y M O N Z A - 4 c y i 4 p d p i * m a n u a l b r a k a a m i A a k i n g $ C a l l V O L V O O L E t u r b o d l a a a i m i O k a r * m 1 o w n a r G a r a g a d M a t a i i t c t t f v a x. 5 a p d a n c f c 4 2 / m p g L o a d a d A p «r f a c l $ 1 5, C a l l M r F a r b w at or « _ O L O T C U T L A S S L ) d o o r p ' i p / b. c r u i a a c o n t r o l V 6 a m / t m a t * r a o 1 o w n a v M i n t c o A d t C a l l a f i a r 6 p_m _. O L D S C U T L A S S d r. 6 c y i i u 1 o A / C. n a w p a i n t j o b ft v i n y l r o o f L o o f t t a n d r u n a a x c a i - w n i $ O L O t C U T L A S S L S - i d o» r p / t. p / b. c r u t a a o o n t r o f. V 6 ttifll-l c a r, l a f g * t r u n k 1 own«r EM cond $4960 Call mm 7 p.m. 4 INTRODUCING 1985 MERCURY LYNX 1MSVi M.rcury Lynx OS 3 Door ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE FINANCING 1985 MERCURY LYNX HAS STANDARD FEATURES THAT INCLUDE: Front Wheel Drive 1.9 Litre overhead cam 4 cyi. engine 5 speed manual transmission Independent front suspension Power brakes Dual visor vanity mirrors Remote lift gate release Locking fuel filler door Rack & pinion steering AM/FM stereo radio Sport folding rear seat Fully independent rear suspension SEE YOUR PARTICIPATING LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER. IMERCURY LINCOLN RITTENHOUSE LINCOLN-MERCURY 900 State Hlghwiy #35 Asbury Park. NJ (201) WEISLEDER LINCOLN-MERCURY S75 Burnt Tivern Road Bricktown. NJ (201) IRWIN LINCOLN-MERCURY Routes *9 and 133 Freehold Circle Freehold. NJ (201) STRAUB LINCOLN-MERCURY 400 State Highway #35 Keyport. NJ (201) CAUSEWAY LINCOLN-MERCURY Route #72 Manahawkln. NJ (609) GEORGE WALL LINCOLN-MERCURY Shrewsbury Avenue «t Sycamore Shrewsbury, NJ (201) TOWNE A COUNTRY LINCOLN-MERCURY Route #37 Eau Tom'i Rivar, NJ (201) ^


In Case You Missed It: EDITORIAL CARTOON THE GRIZZLE BEAR FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: JOHN PHINIZY 575-627-2087 JUNE 24, 2013 In Case You Missed It: EDITORIAL CARTOON THE GRIZZLE BEAR ROSWELL, NM In light of recent attempts by New Mexico Military Institute's

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Directed Writing 1123/01

Directed Writing 1123/01 1123/01 Directed Writing 1123/01 ENGLISH LANGUAGE RIZWAN JAVED Contents: Account writing 2 Formal Letters 6 Informal Letters 11 Newspaper and Magazine Articles 14 Report Writing 16 Speech Writing 19 Page

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Table of Contents. Unit 7 Fiction: Birthday Surprise Unit 8 Fiction: A Place in History Unit 9 Fiction: Rush to Save...

Table of Contents. Unit 7 Fiction: Birthday Surprise Unit 8 Fiction: A Place in History Unit 9 Fiction: Rush to Save... Table of Contents Introduction... 4 How to Use This Book... 6 Understanding and Using the UNC Method... 8 Unit 1 Fiction: Hide and Seek... 10 Nonfiction: Amazing Maze... 11 Questions.... 12 Time to Write!...

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( July 8, October 19, 1957 )

( July 8, October 19, 1957 ) HORACE WILLS ROBERTS ( July 8, 1877 - October 19, 1957 ) At the age of twenty-one, Horace Wills Roberts enlisted in the army to serve in the Spanish American War. He reached Manila Harbor on July 31, 1898,

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Judge Patricia L. West

Judge Patricia L. West Judge Patricia L. West Career History Chief Deputy Attorney General Office of the Attorney General, Richmond, Virginia 2012 -Present Oversee the legal and administrative operations of the Commonwealth's

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Al Gore's mother, Pauline, dies at 92

Al Gore's mother, Pauline, dies at 92 Al Gore's mother, Pauline, dies at 92 Wednesday, December 15, 2004 Posted: 1:53 PM EST (1853 GMT) CNN.COM NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) Pauline Gore, whose son Al became vice president and nearly captured

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The F.B.I. Files of Richard T. Gosser By Timothy Messer-Kruse, October 1, 2002

The F.B.I. Files of Richard T. Gosser By Timothy Messer-Kruse, October 1, 2002 The F.B.I. Files of Richard T. Gosser By Timothy Messer-Kruse, October 1, 2002 In the history of labor in Toledo, no figure stands taller than Richard T. Gosser. Gosser's life both spanned and reflected

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PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT. The Advocacy Institute Is Pleased to Present NOTICE REGARDING COURSE MATERIALS PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT The Advocacy Institute Is Pleased to Present 2018 BASIC PROSECUTOR S COURSE: PHASE I, DAY 2 September 18, 2018 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex Fourth Floor

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Newsroom: RWU Law Celebrates Commencement 2011!

Newsroom: RWU Law Celebrates Commencement 2011! Roger Williams University DOCS@RWU Life of the Law School (1993- ) Archives & Law School History 5-3-2011 Newsroom: RWU Law Celebrates Commencement 2011! Roger Williams University School of Law Follow

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HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, :30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on

HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, :30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, 2009 6:30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on March 24, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County

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Judge tells Garofalo: You ll be away for some time

Judge tells Garofalo: You ll be away for some time Judge tells Garofalo: You ll be away for some time Local News, More 780 Headlines 6/30/2010 3:40 PM HOMEWOOD (STMW) A federal judge on Wednesday told a south suburban man convicted of a mortgage fraud

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What To Do If A Death Has Occurred

What To Do If A Death Has Occurred What To Do If A Death Has Occurred Since most deaths occur in health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, the attending staff may provide you with some preliminary information. If the

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John F. Kennedy and the New Frontier

John F. Kennedy and the New Frontier John F. Kennedy and the New Frontier The New Generation Experience through: -Great Depression -WWII -Cold War Now possess: -Nuclear capabilities Current state: -More prosperous, lived healthier and longer

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Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message. Pat Miles for Congress

Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message. Pat Miles for Congress Rita LaMoreaux Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message Pat Miles for Congress To: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 9:14 AM Pat Miles

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In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce.

In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce. STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF WINONA DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce. * * * * The January, 1963 Term of the District Court of Winona

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January 10, Dear Mr. Tse:

January 10, Dear Mr. Tse: January 10, 2018 The Honorable Alex G. Tse Acting U.S. Attorney, Northern District of California Federal Courthouse, 11th Floor 450 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102 Dear Mr. Tse: I am writing

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Dealing with Loser Case When Client Won t Settle

Dealing with Loser Case When Client Won t Settle Dealing with Loser Case When Client Won t Settle Client refuses to settle a case that client will lose. Client actually referred to case (long after retaining counsel) as a "blood vendetta". Client's claim

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Level E - Form 1 - Reading: Recall Information

Level E - Form 1 - Reading: Recall Information Level E - Form 1 - Reading: Recall Information Sample Question Look at the picture and choose the best answer to the question. What does this picture show? A Jordan plays ball. B Jordan plays the flute.

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Thomas F. Shebell, Jr.

Thomas F. Shebell, Jr. Thomas F. Shebell, Jr. Born in Asbury Park, N.J., Judge Shebell received his B.A., an LL.B. and J.D. from Rutgers University, where he was President of the Student Bar Association and President of Phi

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council 1 Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council The Camp Card Sale Program The Camp Card Sale helps units fund their way to Summer Camp programs by selling discount coupon cards that allow them to earn their way

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For The Center on Wrongful Convictions Steve Drizin For Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

For The Center on Wrongful Convictions Steve Drizin For Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: For The Center on Wrongful Convictions For Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Pat Tremmel 847-491-4892 Steve Drizin 312-503-6608 224-612-1700 Jason Milch 312-846-9647 Stuart Chanen

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Charleston Newspapers Corporate site

Charleston Newspapers Corporate site Page 1 of 3 Searching the News Library is free. Download articles you want for only $2.25 each. Discount Packages Get a library Access your existing library Users Agreement and Privacy Policy Home Search

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MINUTES LENOIR COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS. March 17, 2014 MINUTES LENOIR COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS March 17, 2014 The Lenoir County Board of Commissioners met in open session at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 17, 2014, in the Board of Commissioners Main Meeting

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Travel Writing: Getting Paid to See the World. Justin Bergman. Stanford Continuing Studies. Creative Writing Program. Winter 2015

Travel Writing: Getting Paid to See the World. Justin Bergman. Stanford Continuing Studies. Creative Writing Program. Winter 2015 Required Reading: Travel Writing: Getting Paid to See the World Justin Bergman Stanford Continuing Studies Creative Writing Program Winter 2015 Title: Best American Travel Writing 2013 Editor: Elizabeth

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DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan (231) ; (fax)

DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan (231) ; (fax) DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan 49440 (231) 747-8022; 747-8032 (fax) March 13, 2015 Ms. Anne Smith Via Facsimile: 517-372-2410 Representative Assembly Awards

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Frank Abagnale By CommonLit Staff 2015

Frank Abagnale By CommonLit Staff 2015 Name: Class: Frank Abagnale By CommonLit Staff 2015 Frank Abagnale (born 1948) lived a life of deception, conning people for years in order to gain money and power. When he was eventually caught and arrested,

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Date. Probability. Chapter

Date. Probability. Chapter Date Probability Contests, lotteries, and games offer the chance to win just about anything. You can win a cup of coffee. Even better, you can win cars, houses, vacations, or millions of dollars. Games

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30s THE GREAT DEPRESSION 30s THE GREAT DEPRESSION During his 1933 inaugural address, Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed, The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. He later pledged a New Deal to aid the economy, introducing

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John Wilkes Booth 5/8/18

John Wilkes Booth 5/8/18 John Wilkes Booth Born on May 10, 1838 in Maryland; the 9th of 10 children. He was the lead in some of William Shakespeare's most famous works. He was a racist and Southern sympathizer during the Civil

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What To Do If A Death Has Occurred

What To Do If A Death Has Occurred What To Do If A Death Has Occurred Since most deaths occur in health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, the attending staff may provide you with some preliminary information. If the

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West Virginia Association of School Business Officials Fall Conference

West Virginia Association of School Business Officials Fall Conference West Virginia Department of Education Presentation before the West Virginia Association of School Business Officials Fall Conference October 19, 2011 Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center Vienna/Parkersburg,

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THE NEW YORK BAR FOUNDATION 2016 The Honorable Judith S. Kaye Commercial and Federal Litigation Scholarship

THE NEW YORK BAR FOUNDATION 2016 The Honorable Judith S. Kaye Commercial and Federal Litigation Scholarship THE NEW YORK BAR FOUNDATION 2016 The Honorable Judith S. Kaye Commercial and Federal Litigation Scholarship The New York Bar Foundation is pleased to announce the 2016 Honorable Judith S. Kaye Commercial

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Family members of Ellen Mariani have disclosed that the. outspoken "9/11 widow" and truth activist died in late 2015, says

Family members of Ellen Mariani have disclosed that the. outspoken 9/11 widow and truth activist died in late 2015, says ELLEN MARIANI, 9/11 TRUTH ACTIVIST, HAS DIED Family members of Ellen Mariani have disclosed that the outspoken "9/11 widow" and truth activist died in late 2015, says her former attorney Bruce Leichty.

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SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY AND SSI BENEFITS HEARINGS SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY AND SSI BENEFITS HEARINGS 1. WHEN AND WHERE WILL THE HEARING BE? Usually (but not always) it takes Social Security several months to set a hearing date. Social Security will

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PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT The Advocacy Institute Is Pleased to Present PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT 2018 NEW JERSEY BRIDGE THE GAP SYMPOSIUM October 24, 2018 8:45 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. 1 Richard J. Hughes Justice Complex Fourth Floor Conference

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JUNE 30, The invocation was given by Reverend James Anderson from Elzee AME Church.

JUNE 30, The invocation was given by Reverend James Anderson from Elzee AME Church. JUNE 30, 2015 The regular Council meeting was held at the M.S. Bailey Center Building at 4:00 PM with Mayor Bob McLean presiding with Councilmembers Cook, Byrd, Jenkins, Kuykendall, Scarborough, and Young.

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This one-day event is open to all licensed. law-enforcement professionals, specialty investigators and criminal justice students.

This one-day event is open to all licensed. law-enforcement professionals, specialty investigators and criminal justice students. 2015 IAPI Professional Investigators Conference Informative and relevant topics for professional investigators The Professional Investigators (IAPI) cordially invites you to our annual training and education

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February 12, Regular Session Bonifay, Florida

February 12, Regular Session Bonifay, Florida Page 1 of 5 February 12, 2008 Regular Session Bonifay, Florida The Holmes County Board of Commissioner met in a Regular Session on the above date with the following members present: Commissioner Kenneth

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Support Planning

A Step-by-Step Guide to Support Planning A Step-by-Step Guide to Support Planning There are 10 questions that can help you to develop your Support Plan. In this guide we will take you through the questions and suggest some ideas and tools to

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PHELAN PIÑON HILLS COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT REGULAR BOARD MEETING May 1, 2013 Phelan Community Center 4128 Warbler Road, Phelan, CA MINUTES Phelan Piñon Hills Community Services District 4176 Warbler Road P. O. Box 294049 Phelan, CA 92329-4049 (760) 868-1212 Fax (760) 868-2323 PHELAN PIÑON HILLS COMMUNITY SERVICES DISTRICT REGULAR BOARD MEETING

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The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016 The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016 I. Call meeting to order A meeting of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman

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Bernice Lightman Interview, January J: June B: Bernice 10:35

Bernice Lightman Interview, January J: June B: Bernice 10:35 Bernice Lightman Interview, January 2016 J: June B: Bernice 10:35 J: Hello. X: Hi June. Thanks for waiting. J: Hi. You're welcome, no problem. X: I have Mrs. Lightman here and I'll leave you and her to

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Gambling a horrible addiction

Gambling a horrible addiction Gambling a horrible addiction By Olivier Uyttebrouck / Journal Staff Writer Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2015 at 11:25pm Updated: Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at 12:02am Many private business embezzlement

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For an acquaintance: Someone at Church, Bank Teller, PTA President

For an acquaintance: Someone at Church, Bank Teller, PTA President PERSONAL GREETING What do you say? Face to Face, Calling, Messaging Hi! I hope you re doing well I loved seeing your family pictures on Facebook! I m sorry to see on Facebook that your kids are sick. it

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2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 6 월모의평가듣기대본

2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 6 월모의평가듣기대본 2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 6 월모의평가듣기대본 M: The samples of our club logo are finally here. Take a look. W: Hey, they look pretty good! Which one do you like? M: I like the triangular one. W: I like it, too. But why

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BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS. Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource. Thomas Jay Kemp

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS. Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource. Thomas Jay Kemp BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource Thomas Jay Kemp BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS Published in Newspapers A Valuable Genealogy Resource Thomas Jay Kemp Copyright 2018, GenealogyBank

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Kansas Disciples Women Blessing Box Calendar

Kansas Disciples Women Blessing Box Calendar 1.05 if those April showers brought May flowers 2.05 for each newspaper you read 3.05 if you have attended a church other than your own this year 4.10 for each relative graduating this spring 5.10 if you

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+MENU. Group forms to oppose power plant transfer & ' ( ) Overcast 42.0 F. Welcome GUEST HOME NEWS BUSINESS OPINION SPORTS LIFE A&E OUTDOORS

+MENU. Group forms to oppose power plant transfer & ' ( ) Overcast 42.0 F. Welcome GUEST HOME NEWS BUSINESS OPINION SPORTS LIFE A&E OUTDOORS Charleston Gazette-Mail Group forms to oppose power plant transfer Welcome GUEST +MENU JOBS CLASSIFIEDS REAL ESTATE CARS TV WEEKLY CONTESTS

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***NEW*** We will give you 2 pencils, an eraser and sharpener. You are not allowed to bring your own stationery into the testing room with you.

***NEW*** We will give you 2 pencils, an eraser and sharpener. You are not allowed to bring your own stationery into the testing room with you. Global Village Calgary Official International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Centre 200-515 1 st Street S.E. Office Hours: Calgary, AB Monday to Friday Canada T2G 2G6 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Telephone:

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F: I m worried I might lose my job. M: How come? F: My boss is furious because I make all these personal calls from work. Number three. Number three.

F: I m worried I might lose my job. M: How come? F: My boss is furious because I make all these personal calls from work. Number three. Number three. City & Guilds Qualifications International ESOL Expert level Practice Paper 4 NB Read out the text which is not in italics. Read at normal speed making it sound as much like spoken English (rather than

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MEETING MINUTES BOARD OF SELECTMEN MARCH 26, 2009 MEETING MINUTES BOARD OF SELECTMEN MARCH 26, 2009 At 6:32 p.m., Chair Carol Lisbon called the meeting to order with member Joseph Melican present. Also present were David W. Ramsay, Town Administrator,

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Clay County Commissioners Minutes

Clay County Commissioners Minutes Clay County Commissioners Minutes Thursday, September 6, 2018 Chairman Penland called the Clay County Board of Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00PM. Those present where: Robert Cline Penland, Chairman,

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The board of trustees is expected to approve an extension of the current lease with Burle Industries on New Holland Avenue at its April 1 meeting.

The board of trustees is expected to approve an extension of the current lease with Burle Industries on New Holland Avenue at its April 1 meeting. Paper: Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA) Title: STATE DENIES FINDS FOR HACC Date: March 27, 1997 The state Department of Education has turned down a funding application by Harrisburg Area Community

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Birthdays. Rotary Archive. Upcoming Events. District Assembly April 8th Sponsored by Newark Rotary Club. District Conference May Erie.

Birthdays. Rotary Archive. Upcoming Events. District Assembly April 8th Sponsored by Newark Rotary Club. District Conference May Erie. January January 2013 2014 January 2017 Monthly Newsletter The Rotary Club of Geneseo, N.Y. Club 4780 of District 7120 January 2017 Birthdays Rotary Anniversaries Sharyn Duffy PP Dean

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Notice of Privacy Practices


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Rocco E. Testani, Partner

Rocco E. Testani, Partner , Partner 999 Peachtree Street, NE Suite 2300 Atlanta, GA 30309-3996 Office: 404.853.8390 Rocco Testani represents clients in litigation ranging from complex business disputes

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Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century

Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century Theodore Roosevelt Leads America Into the 20th Century Written by Frank Beardsley 11 January 2006 THE MAKING OF A NATION -- a program in Special English by the Voice of America. In September, nineteen-oh-one,

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Famous First Ladies. Visit for thousands of books and materials.

Famous First Ladies.   Visit   for thousands of books and materials. Famous First Ladies A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Reader Word Count: 837 LEVELED READER Q Written by Linda Johns Visit for thousands of books and materials. Famous

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Lakewood, Ohio September 6, 2016

Lakewood, Ohio September 6, 2016 Lakewood, Ohio September 6, 2016 Before the Board of Education meeting began, Superintendent Patterson welcomed all to the annual Board of Education/PTA Council Ice Cream Social. He recognized Board of

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Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors

Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors Meeting Minutes of October 1, 2009 Board of Supervisors Chairman Obernier called the Board of Supervisors meeting of October 1, 2009 to order at 7:30 p.m. and then led those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Senator Tarryl L. Clark

Senator Tarryl L. Clark E-News Volume 2007 Issue 12 Senator Tarryl L. Clark Senate Assistant Majority Leader July 31, 2007 Events Serving St. Cloud, St. Augusta, Waite Park, Rockville and Haven Township Thursday, August 2, 10-11:30

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Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on

Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on (1) the on the bus In the school by the dog It was the cat. Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for (17) we If we go we can sit we go out Can we go? (2)

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SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter.

SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter. Veterans Park Project Photos 22 Oct 2015 SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter. Below are photos

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COME TOGETHER CLARION COME TOGETHER CLARION April 23, 2016 Clarion Borough: 6 th Avenue Schedule of Events 9:30 am 5k Registration 10 am 5K Race 11 am Opening Ceremony 11:30 am Inflatables Open Come Together Clarion (CTC) highlights

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National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Gateway National Recreation Area Fort Hancock 21 st Century Advisory Committee Recap

National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Gateway National Recreation Area Fort Hancock 21 st Century Advisory Committee Recap National Park Service U.S. Department of the Interior Gateway National Recreation Area Fort Hancock 21 st Century Advisory Committee Recap Forming the Committee Chartered by then Secretary of the Interior

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CITATION: Gilbert Family Collection, Collection 5, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library.

CITATION: Gilbert Family Collection, Collection 5, Box number, Folder number, Irving Archives, Irving Public Library. Guide to the GILBERT FAMILY COLLECTION.2 linear ft. Accession Numbers: 9697-07, 9798-59, 9798-62 Collection Number: 5 Prepared by Kevin Kendro October 1997 CITATION: Gilbert Family Collection, Collection

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FACULTY OF LAW THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LAW STUDENTS ARE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS NOT TO ANSWER QUESTION #4. FINAL EXAMINATION December 2017 Write Your Exam Code Here: Return this exam question paper to your invigilator at the end of the exam before you leave the classroom. FACULTY OF LAW THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA FINAL EXAMINATION

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1 Read the text quickly. Then underline the correct word(s) to complete the sentence. / 0.2 point

1 Read the text quickly. Then underline the correct word(s) to complete the sentence. / 0.2 point Reading 1 Read the text quickly. Then underline the correct word(s) to complete the sentence. / 0.2 point The text presents facts / people s opinions about Barack Obama. Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama

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Famous First Ladies A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Book Word Count: 837

Famous First Ladies A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Book Word Count: 837 Famous First Ladies A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Book Word Count: 837 LEVELED BOOK Q Famous First Ladies Written by Linda Johns Visit for thousands of books and materials.

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Rwabushenyi Memorial Open Chess Championships th November to 3 rd December 2017 Kampala, Uganda

Rwabushenyi Memorial Open Chess Championships th November to 3 rd December 2017 Kampala, Uganda Rwabushenyi Memorial Open Chess Championships 2017 30 th November to 3 rd December 2017 Kampala, Uganda 1. Invitation 1.1 This is the official invitation to the 2017 Uganda Open Chess Championship which

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STUDENT APPLICATION. Requirements for submitting this application

STUDENT APPLICATION. Requirements for submitting this application Dedicated To Improving Lives Through Cooking A non-profit and multi-cultural school - Cape Town, South Africa Today s date: STUDENT APPLICATION FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Phoned for 1 st Interview Y / N by Phoned

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MINUTES OF MEETING April 6, 2010 Town of Eastover - Town Council Meeting Tuesday, April 6, 2010, 7:00 p.m. Eastover Community Center Mayor Charles G. McLaurin, Presiding Council Members: Lawrence Buffaloe, Willie Geddie, Cheryl Hudson,

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POLL July 14-19, 2015 Total N= 1,205 Total White N= 751 Total Black N= 312

POLL July 14-19, 2015 Total N= 1,205 Total White N= 751 Total Black N= 312 POLL July 14-19, 2015 Total N= 1,205 Total White N= 751 Total Black N= 312 All trends are from New York Times/CBS News polls unless otherwise noted. Asterisk indicates registered respondents only. 1. Do

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1. Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple

1. Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple 1. Put the verbs in brackets into the future simple 1. I (know) the result in a week 2. You (be) in Rome tonight 3. (You /have) time to help me tomorrow? 4. (It /matter) if I don t come home till morning?

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Anthem College -- Irving, Texas. Campus News. Upcoming Events at Anthem College. What s new at Anthem College? Check out some of these upcoming events

Anthem College -- Irving, Texas. Campus News. Upcoming Events at Anthem College. What s new at Anthem College? Check out some of these upcoming events Volume 1, Issue 9 October 31, 2011 Anthem College -- Irving, Texas Campus News Upcoming Events at Anthem College New Times for GED Tutoring! Tuesdays: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturdays: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Inside

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FAITH. a Christian Drama in One Act. Simone Mimbs. Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays

FAITH. a Christian Drama in One Act. Simone Mimbs. Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays FAITH a Christian Drama in One Act by Simone Mimbs Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays FAITH a Christian drama in one act. Characters: Women in her late teens to early twenties. She is in an abusive

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Firm Overview. Our clients rely on our aggressive and professional representation in cases that include:

Firm Overview. Our clients rely on our aggressive and professional representation in cases that include: Firm Overview Founded in 1976, Grimm, Vranjes & Greer LLP is an AV rated law firm located in San Diego, California. Since our founding we have built and maintained strong ties throughout Southern California.

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3 SPEAKER: Maybe just your thoughts on finally. 5 TOMMY ARMOUR III: It's both, you look forward. 6 to it and don't look forward to it.

3 SPEAKER: Maybe just your thoughts on finally. 5 TOMMY ARMOUR III: It's both, you look forward. 6 to it and don't look forward to it. 1 1 FEBRUARY 10, 2010 2 INTERVIEW WITH TOMMY ARMOUR, III. 3 SPEAKER: Maybe just your thoughts on finally 4 playing on the Champions Tour. 5 TOMMY ARMOUR III: It's both, you look forward 6 to it and don't

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Minutes of Meeting. Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. Board of Directors. Nat U. Hill III Meeting Room, Monroe County Courthouse

Minutes of Meeting. Monroe County Solid Waste Management District. Board of Directors. Nat U. Hill III Meeting Room, Monroe County Courthouse Minutes of Meeting Monroe County Solid Waste Management District Board of Directors Nat U. Hill III Meeting Room, Monroe County Courthouse Bloomington, Indiana Thursday, September 3, 2009 11:30 am Members

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Recipients Letters

Recipients Letters 2012-13 Recipients Letters The one hundred dollars a month is a great help to me and my family. I can pay for some class fees and help out my parent by buying my new shoes and new clothes and I am grateful

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What to Do if a Death Has Occurred

What to Do if a Death Has Occurred What to Do if a Death Has Occurred Since most deaths occur in health care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, the attending staff may provide you with some preliminary information. If the

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Notice to The Individual Signing The Power of Attorney for Health Care

Notice to The Individual Signing The Power of Attorney for Health Care Notice to The Individual Signing The Power of Attorney for Health Care No one can predict when a serious illness or accident might occur. When it does, you may need someone else to speak or make health

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MINUTES OF MEETING August 6, 2013 Town of Eastover - Tuesday, August 06, 2013, 7:00 p.m. Eastover Community Center x Mayor Charles G. McLaurin, Presiding Council Members: x Lawrence Buffaloe, x Willie Geddie, x Cheryl Hudson, x Donald

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The Witness Charter - Looking after Witnesses

The Witness Charter - Looking after Witnesses The Witness Charter - Looking after Witnesses The support you can get and how you should be treated when telling the police about a crime right up to when it is heard in court and afterwards. An EasyRead

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Item No. 16 Town of Atherton


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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 198 Starting a Band

English as a Second Language Podcast   ESL Podcast 198 Starting a Band GLOSSARY band a group of people who play musical instruments * The band played all night and got a lot of people onto the dance floor. musician someone who plays a musical instrument and makes music *

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CHAPTER II BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR AND SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY CHAPTER II BIOGRAPHY OF THE AUTHOR AND SYNOPSIS OF THE STORY A. Biography of Author Arthur Miller was born in New York City on October17, 1915. His father, Isadore Miller, was prosperous as a shop owner

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Club Island. membership info: The Clinton River Boat Club. Members Only. Cliff Cohen Commodore

Club Island. membership info: The Clinton River Boat Club. Members Only.   Cliff Cohen Commodore membership info: The Clinton River Boat Club on est. 1940 Club Island Members Only Latitude 42 33.69 N Longitude 82 40.75 W January 2019 Cliff Cohen Commodore Happy New

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thought on our personalised Christmas stars which we hope will be an inspiration and others who visit our centre during this festive

thought on our personalised Christmas stars which we hope will be an inspiration and others who visit our centre during this festive New Horizon Our HUB tree of HOPE E V E / H S E As part of HUB New Horizon s Feel Good Day 2014 all participants and staff designed a custom-made Christmas decoration. They are all proudly displayed on

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Pledge of Allegiance All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pledge of Allegiance All present recited the Pledge of Allegiance. MINUTES South Carolina Board of Barber Examiners Board Meeting 9:00 AM, October 13, 2008 Synergy Business Park, Kingstree Building 110 Centerview Drive, Conference Room 108 Columbia, South Carolina Meeting

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VENDOR RESERVATION FORM VENDOR RESERVATION FORM Mother s Day Weekend Saturday, May 11th & Sunday, May 12th, 2019 1 ARTS AND CRAFTS SHOW May 11th and 12th 2019 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Dear friends, It is with great excitement that

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