Digital Portable Metal. Rubber. Hardness Tester. External Groove Caliper. Steel Body Micrometer

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1 Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester A-1 Infrared Printer worth Rs FREE akama Seiki MHT-130 Hardness Tester is a small, light and portable tester. It is most suitable for testing of heavy, big or outdoor me tal parts. Confirms to the Standard ASTM A A-2 Rubber Hardness Tester A-3 External Groove Caliper Type : Shore A to check hardness of rubber elastomers, felt, leather, soft plastic. A-5 A-6 A-4 Steel Body Micrometer Engraved Marking PROFESSIONAL TOOL KIT SUPER COMBINATION WITH METAL BOX! INCREDIBLE LOW PRICE! HELP AROUND HOME, GARAGE, BASEMENT! A

2 B

3 Digital Portable Metal Hardness Tester Infrared Printer worth R s FREE MHT-130 Hardness Tester is a small, light and portable tester. It is most suitable for testing of heavy, big or outdoor metal parts. Confirms to the Standard ASTM A Technical Parameters Accuracy Scales Display Testing direction Printer Operating voltage Operating environment Storage environment Dimensions Weight Accessories ± 6 HL HRC, HRB, HB, HV, HSD, MPa Bright and clear LCD display with backlight All direction Mini thermal printer with IrDA (Cable no need) 4.5V (3 AAA batteries) Temperature 0+40? Humidity: 20%85% Temperature ? Humidity:5%95% 150mm*80mm*30mm Approx.200g Display Unit, Impact Device D, Test Block, Mini-printer, Charger, Little Support Ring, Cleaning Brush, Printer Cable C

4 001 Vernier Calipers RANGE 0-150mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/0.001 Stainless hardened construction 4 ways measurement, inside, outside, depth & step With fine adjustment screw Vernier scale with screws Standard quality 002 Vernier Calipers RANGE 0-150mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/0.001 Monoblock type Stainless hardened construction 4 ways measurement, inside, outside, depth & step With fine adjustment screw 003 Vernier Calipers Packing : Wooden/Aluminium Box Monoblock type /Non-monoblock type Stainless hardened construction Inside, outside & step measurement With fine adjustment screw Long jaw also available RANGE 0-450mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/ mm/

5 004 Digimatic Vernier Caliper DMV01 Most stable microprocessor Least count : Extra smooth slides 4 way measurement, inside, outside, depth & step With thumb wheel & locking screw Sizes : 0-150, 0-200, 0-300mm 005 Packing : Aluminium/Plastic Box 006 Jumbo Screen Digimatic Vernier Caliper Stable microprocessor Least count : 0.01 mm Stainless steel, extra smooth slides 4 way measurement inside, outside, depth & step Locking screw with thumbwheel Sizes : 0-150, 0-200, 0-300mm DMV02 Digimatic Vernier Caliper GOLD Extra large Screen for easier view Smooth slides 4 way measurement inside, outside, depth & step Sizes : 0-150, 0-200, 0-300mm DMV Digimatic Vernier Caliper PLUS Standard microprocessor Least count Smooth slides with thumb wheel 4 way measurement inside, outside, depth, step & locking screw 02 DMV04 SIZE 0-150mm 0-200mm 0-300mm

6 PRE C I S E 008 Dial Vernier Calipers Golden Dial with black marking for easier reading 4 Ways measurement, Inside, Outside Depth & Step Stainless steel, with thumblock Adjustable bezel with Lock DVC01 RANGE 0-150mm 0-200mm 0-150mm 0.02mm 0-200mm 0.02mm 0-300mm 0.02mm Packing : Plastic / Aluminium Box 009 Dial Vernier Calipers DVC02 4 Ways Measurement, Inside, Outside, Depth & Step Yellow Dial with dark black marking for glare free reading With adjustable bezel, bezel lock and thumb roller With locking clamp Stainless steel construction RANGE 0-150mm 0-200mm 0-150mm 0-200mm 0-300mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 010 Depth Vernier Calipers Packing : Plastic/Wooden Case RANGE 0-150mm 0-200mm 0-300mm 0-500mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm Stainless steel construction Extra smooth slides To check depth of holes, slots etc. Dark marking for easier reading Locking screw, with fine adjustment Digimatic version also available 03

7 011 Single Beam Digimatic Electronic Height gauge Double Beam Robust construction Stainless steel beam Horseshoe base gives stability With driving wheel for easier movement. Carbide tipped scriber, lock & clamp Buttons : Inch/mm, zero, On/Off, ABS SIZE 0-300mm 0-600mm mm Packing : 300mm :Thermocol Packing : 600mm :Wooden Box 012 Digital Dial Height gauge Stainless hardened piece Least count Double beam for stability With digital counter With rotating wheel With scriber & clamp SIZE 0-300mm 0-600mm mm Packing : 300mm :Thermocol Packing : 600mm :Wooden Box 013 VHG01 VHG02 Vernier Height gauge To measure height/depth With fine adjustment With magnifier Carbide tipped scriber Least count 0.02mm With driving wheel (Optional) SIZE 0-300mm 0-600mm mm 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm Packing : Hard Thermocol/Wooden Box 04

8 014 upto 150 mm/6" Packing : Wooden Box above 150mm/6" Outside Micrometer Carbide tipped measuring faces Blue/Green metallic finish frame With locking clamp and ratchet stop Also available in 0.001mm (Micron reading) Also available With "ENGRAVED" Marking SIZE 0-25mm/0-1" /.001" 25-50mm/1-2" /.001" 50-75mm/2-3" /.001" mm/3-4" /.001" mm/4-5" /.001" mm/5-6" /.001" mm/6-7" /.001" mm/7-8" /.001" 0-25mm 0.001mm 25-50mm 0.001mm 50-75mm 0.001mm mm 0.001mm 015 Adjustable Outside Micrometer Interchangable anvils Plate frame Carbide tipped measuring face Blue/Green metallic finish frame With lock & ratchet stop SIZE 0-100mm 0-150mm mm mm Packing : Wooden Box 016 Adjustable Outside Micrometer in Pipe Frame Carbide tipped measuring face Blue/Green metallic finish frame With lock & ratchet stop Least count Packing SIZE mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm : Wooden Box 05

9 017 Digimatic/Electronic Micrometer DMM01 DMM02 Friction Thimble Coolant Proof (IP54) DMM03 Friction Thimble & Coolant Proof (IP65) Packing : Aluminium/Plastic Box Carbide tipped measuring face Buttons : On/Off, Zero, Abs With locking clamp IP54/IP65 (Coolant proof model) With / Without data output port Battery : 1x1.5 LR44 Size Least Count 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 018 Digit (Counter) Micrometer 019 Surface Profile gauge Sezie Least Count DCM Carbide tipped contact measuring face With digit counter to withstand at work Stainless steel construction Least Count : also available The instrument helps to check crest & trough of blast cleaned surface. Min.Reading : mm Digimatic & dial type versions available Packing : Plastic/Wooden Box 06 Packing : Hard Thermocol Box

10 Flange/Geartooth/Disc Micrometer Used to measure thickness of the geartooth Blue/Green painted frames With lock & ratchet Digimatic version also available Ball Point Micrometer Used to measure round work piece or wall thickness of pipes SIZE 0-25mm 25-50mm 50-75mm mm mm mm 022 Double ball type with ratchet & lock Least count Green/Blue measuring faces Digimatic version also available Depth Micrometer Interchangable bars Glare free graduations Ratchet stop and lock Digimatic version also available SIZE 0-25mm 0-100mm 0-150mm 0-300mm 023 Pointed Micrometer Used to measure grooves, key ways etc. Blue/Green painted frames Carbide tipped measuring faces With lock & ratchet Digimatic version also available 07 SIZE 0-25mm 25-50mm

11 024 Packing : Plastic/Thermocol box 025 APPLICATIONS Dial Indicator Wide range of applications for checking run out, height, depth, bore measurements. Bright clear marking With tolerance markers With lock & back lug Dial Test Indicator Robust construction Wide dial, Anti-magnetic Least count 0.01/0.002mm Ruby contact point (Optional) With holding stem Bezel dia 37mm Standard contact point also available RANGE 0-5mm 0-10mm 0-25mm 0-50mm 0-80mm 0-100mm 0-1mm 0-5mm " RANGE mm mm 0.001mm 0.002mm 0.001" 0.002mm 026 Ruby Stylus Digimatic Indicator Stable microprocessor On/Off, mm, zero button SR 44/LR 44 battery With data output port Back lug (Optional) Auto power off RANGE mm mm 0-25mm 0-25mm 0-50mm 0-50mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 0.001mm 08 Packing : Plastic/Thermocol Box

12 027 Pipe Caliper Long Arm Used to check thickness of curved surface or round pieces Range : 0-10 x 0.05 mm Long arm type also available 028 Digimatic Pipe Caliper P R EC ISE ME A SURE Used to Check thickness of pipe walls or any curved surface Digimatic display gives maximum accuracy Least count : 0.01 mm Measuring Range : 0-30mm x With On/Off, Zero & Inch/mm buttons 029 Thickness gauge These instruments are used where only gravitational force is to be applied Used to measure thickness of work pieces as sheets, leather, plastic, rubber etc. Dial Type Digimatic Pistol Caliper Deep Throat Packing : Plastic/Canvas Box 09 Standard throat depth : 40mm Long Range throat depth : 150 & 300 mm With/ ceramic contact points Measuring Range : 0-25mm for flat surface Measuring Range : 0-50mm for round surface Least Count : 0.1mm,, 0.001mm

13 030 Packing : Hard Foam/ Thermocol Box 031 Combination Set Used to check angles of the work pieces Bevel Protractor Consists of protractor head, centre head, square head and scale, Protractor head has spirit level for accurate reading. Can measure 180 on either side Separate 600 mm scale can be provided o Used to check angles on work pieces Packing : Card/Plastic Box Digimatic Bevel Protractor Accurately machined surface and stainless hardened for precise reading With magnifying glass & acute angle attachment Two blades 150mm & 300mm Least count : 5 sec. 032 gauge Block Set / Slip gauge Set Used for inhouse calibration of instruments such as micrometer, verniers etc. Raw material : High grade steel/carbide/ceramic Easy wringing Comes with individual serial number Covered with antirust paper 10 SIZE 38 Pcs 83 Pcs 87 Pcs 112 Pcs Grade 1, 2 0, 1, 2 0, 1, 2 0, 1, 2 Packing : Wooden/Aluminium Box Calibration : Supplied by Manufacture

14 033 Ceramic Contact Anvils Packing : Blow Mould / Wooden Box Bore Gauge : To check internal bore accurately Inserting interchangable anvils Ceramic Contact point anvils which are wear resistant are also available. With dial gauge protection cover Bore gauge with 1 micron dial also available Size 6-10 mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Excluding Dial Indicator Least Count 034 Jaw Type Tubular Type Packing : Plastic / Wooden Box Inside Micrometer Used to measure inside dia of work pieces accurately Provided along with setting standards Combining of extension rods provides wide measuring range Dia of extension rods : 11 mm Least count : Digimatic type also available Size (Jaw Type) 5-30mm 25-50mm 50-75mm mm Size Tublar mm mm mm mm mm 035 Packing : Blow Mould Box Pin gauge Box Checking hole size and depth Go & no go gauging Setting micrometer Checking distance between holes Made of hardened steel Eccentricity : 0.002mm 11 Available in step of to 0.02 mm Sizes available from : 0.30mm to mm POPULAR SIZES Size Step mm 0.01 mm mm 0.01 mm mm 0.02 mm mm 0.02 mm mm 0.02 mm mm 0.02 mm mm 0.02 mm mm 0.01 mm mm 0.01 mm mm 0.01 mm mm 0.01 mm

15 036 Packing : Plastic / Aluminium Box 037 G R O O V E M E A S U R E External Groove Caliper akama Seiki Outside grooves & other hard to reach outside dimensions Special application : Can be used to measure pipe thickness. Long arm helps to check thickness far away from the edge Internal Groove Caliper akama Seiki Range : 0-24 mm Throat Depth : 60mm Least count : 0.02mm Tip radius : 0.5mm Used to measure Internal Grooves, hard to reach inside dimensions SIZE Packing : Plastic / Aluminium Box Range : mm Least count : 0.02/ Arm Length : 80mm Tip Radius : 0.30mm t0 0.50mm 5-25mm 10-30mm 20-40mm 30-50mm 40-60mm 038 Internal Groove Caliper Used to check internal groove of the work piece Standard microprocessor Least count : Stainless steel slides With data output port Size : 0-150, 0-200, Mechanical Version also available 12

16 039 Granite Surface Plate SIZE 400x400x60 630x400x80 630x630x80 630x1000x150 These Plates are manufactured from closed 1000x1000x150 grains granite, free from flows & fissures 1000x1600x200 Tool room, gauging & inspection 1000x2000x x2000x200 Advantages : Rust free, corrosion free, non glaring 1600x2000x200 surface, high precision, smooth action Packing : Wooden Box, Transport Worthy Grade : 0, with NABL calibration certificate Calibration : NABL Provided by the Manufacturer 040 Precision Bench Centre Graded cast iron Stress relieved working face Unique easy removal & mounting mechansim Hardened centres Precision ground Aesthetic finish Rugged construction Distance Between Centre Centre Hight in mm Weight in Kgs Packing : Wooden Box Transport Worthy Calibration : Provided by the Manufacturer 041 Magnetic Stand o Precision switchable 90 Magnets with holding upto 60 Kgs. Ideal for temporary clamping, holding parts for machining or measurement. 60 kg pulling force Strong Elnico magnets Heavy duty Fine adjustment model also available Flexible Arm Conventional Arm 13 Packing : Carton Box

17 Coating Thickness gauge (DFT Meter) CTG 111 CTG 222 UTG 112 Ultrasonic Thickness Tester (D Meter) UTG 111 Ferrous (Magnetic) type work piece (F) Non ferrous (Non magnetic) type of work piece as copper / brass / aluminium / zinc / tin (NF) Ferrous & non ferrous combined (F/NF) Range microns Accuracy ± 1-3% Auto power Off Can provide upto microns Used to check non magnetic coating such as chrome, galvanizing, electroplating etc. on ferrous or non ferrous work pieces Used to measure thickness of pressure vessels, chemical equipment boilers, oil storage tanks, ship building etc. Specification Thickness Range Types of Material Speed Least Count Accuracy UTG mm 11 Types : Steel Cast Iron, Aluminium, Red Copper, Brass, Zinc, Quarts, PVC, Gray Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron.1mm ± 5% UTG mm All types of Metals, Glass & Plastics m/s.01mm ± 5% 044 Hot Belt Tension Gauge Used to measure belt tension. It can also be used to measure the tension of objects like tapes, wires, cables etc. 14 Measure Range : N/ lb / 0-77 kg Belt State Indication : Low, Ok, High Belt Width 36mm Overload Alarm : 750 N Max Load : 850 N

18 Digital Anemometer Model AM : 01 Used for data collection of air speed of boiler, refrigeration industry environment, navigation, weather forecast etc. Sound Level Meter Used to measure sound level of environment, vehicle, ships sanitation, teaching etc. Heavy duty vane High accuracy via low friction ball bearing Robust construction Large LCD, Auto Power Off Range : m/s Accuracy : ± 3% Range : 30dB to 130 db Resolution : 0.1 db Fast / Slow Speed Accuracy : ±1 db Weight : 230 gm 047 Laser Distance Meter With laser pointer to point the target Packing : Cover Sleeve/ Card Box Easy convenient to use 15 Units : Feet / Meters Calculates Area/Volume LCD Screen, Auto Off Range 0.30m to 15m, 50m, 80m Accuracy : ±1.5%

19 Non Contact Infrared Thermometer Non contact infrared thermometer is designed to measure surface temperature of the target object where conventional thermometer is not appropriate such as moving object, live voltage wire etc. Pushpull Gauge / Force Gauge Easy operation, hand held design Test stands & clamps (Optional) Needle indicator Double needle, helps in checking peak load Accuracy : ± 1% Weight : 600 gms. Digital version also available Digital Welding Gauge Standard microprocessor Smooth stainless steel slides Least count Handy model 16 Used to check welding at edges and flat welding Size : 0-20mm With Laser Pointer Emissivity : 0.95 Display : Digital with back light Accuracy : ±2% Field view : 12:1 Also Available w/o digimatic screen Vibration Meter : Used to measure periodic : motion to check imbalance and : deflection of moving machinery : High performance acceleration : meter checks the repetitiveness : and accurate measurement Filter Band Acceleration Velocity Displacement Accuracy RPM (Revolution) Operating Condition Temperature Ranges -20 to 380 o -20 to 537 o -20 to 1050 o -20 to 1200 o -20 to 1600 o -20 to 2000 o Packing : Pouch / Card Box Range 0-1 Kg 1-2 Kg 0-5 Kg 0-10 Kg 0-20 Kg 0-50 Kg 10 grams 20 grams 50 grams 100 grams 200 grams 500 grams D 10HZ-1KHz m/ms 10HZ- KHz inch/s 10HZ- KHz mm 5% rpm o 0-45 C /ms P mm/s mm

20 052 Dual Needle Model 053 Non Contact Rubber Hardness Tester Economy Model Contact & Non Contact Combined Digital Tachometer Wide measuring range & high resolution Yellow/green back light ensures easier view under any light With memory Instrument is durable & rugged All components are strong & durable Accuracy ± 1.5% Standard Model Power : 4x1.5 V AA batteries : To measure the hardness of rubber : elastomers, felt, leather, soft plastic. Robust construction, shockproof Scale shore A Accuracy ± 1 Dual needle also available Digital version also available Packing : Plastic / Wooden Box Specification Speed in rpm Accuracy ± Contact Points Laser Distance Digital Display Non Contact % mm Yes Contact 1.5% Yes Yes Packing : Card/Plastic Box 054 Thermo Hygrometer Model : TH 01 Extra large screen display Records min/max, humidity & temperature value automatically Temperature m C/ F With time and calendar o o o o o Temperature range : -50 C to 70 C ( LC = 0.1 LC) Humidity : 10% to 99% RH (LC = 1% RH) 17 Packing : Carton Box

21 055 Wood Moisture Meter : Used to check the percentage of moisture : in wood, tobacco, paper binding & fibre material LED Model 056 Multipurpose Model Standard Model Packing : Card / Canvas Box Protimeter Mini Standard Model Surface Model Grain Moisture Meter Can check moisture contents in more than 150 species of wood Can check in concrete as well (upto 50%) only surface type Accuracy ± 1.5% Surface type or pin also available : Used for fast and accurate : measurement of grains & food stuff Digital electronic display Standard Range (GMM 01) : Wheat, Rice, Paddy & Corn Packing : Box Multipurpose (GMM 02) : Can check 36 types of grains like wheat, paddy, rice, corn, soyabeans, oats, barley, sunflower, coffee, cocoa linseed, lentils oilseed, mustard, sugarbeet, peas, ground nut, beans etc. Specification Accuracy ± Calibration Moisture Content Grains GMM01 GMM02 1% 0.5% Automatic 8-20% 36 Automatic 6-30% Lux Meter : Lux meter is a device to check light intensity Portable Size with digital electronic display Seperate sensor for easy testing Photo detector : Silicon diode with filter Range : 0-50,000 Lux Range, On/Off switch Low battery indicator Battery : 1x9 V Range Lux Lux ,000 Lux Least Count 1 Lux 10 Lux 100 Lux 18 Packing : Card / Canvas Box

22 058 Packing : Pouch/Plastic Box 059 Digital Portable Gas Detector Single Gas Monitor Calibration free on gas sensor Quick response Flexible gooseneck tube 30 level LED Digital display Sensor fault self test Advanced MCU control and low power Consumption Low & High alarm level Adjustable calibration Self test for combustible gas sensor Visual & Audible alarm with vibration Portable Gas Detector Specifications : Specifications : Gas Detected : Combustible gas (CH4, C3H8, H2) Gas Oxygen Other Gases : Ammonia, NO, PH3, NH3, Other Gases : Detecting Gas : LPG, Natural Gas Sensitivity : Better than 50 ppm Detecting Range : Green : ppm Yellow : ppm Red : ppm NO2, OHCN, SO2 Packing : Corrugated Box 060 Pen Type Gas Detector Specification Gas : Combustible gas like LPG, natural gas Detecting Range : 0-100% LEL Sampling : Natural Diffusion Alarming Level : Low Alarm 10% LEL Alarming Level : High Alarm 30% HEL Alarm Type : Audible & Visual Alarm Sound > 40dB Response Time : <10s Resume Time : <30s Low consumption & high sensitivity. Indication of power, voltage, fault & alarm. Advance electronic technology. Packing : Card Box Alcohol Tester/ Breath Analyser preset limit Specification Working Voltage : 3XAAA Batteries (4.5 Volts) Detection Range : 0.00~1.00 Mg/L Detection Range : 0.00~0.20% BAC Detection Range : 0.00~2.20 g/l Alarming Level : 0.25 Mg/L Accuracy : ±10% Response Time : <5s Resume Time : 20s Advance flat surface alcohol sensor Quick response Direct testing with LCD Audio warning beyond Packing : Corrugated Box

23 062 Packing 063 Packing 064 Packing 065 Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects : Plastic Box : Plastic Box : Plastic Box ER Series CNC Milling Collets Made of special elastic steel material Power clamping ability, precise accuracy Used in most boring, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding operations Milling Collets 20 Milling Collets (R8 or M1TR) For M1TR, HMT machines Also called R8 Collets with draw bolt Thread Size : 12x1.5mm Made of special grade steel, Mn65 Hardness : Clamping parts -HRC Hardness : Elastic Parts-HRC Size : 2mm-20mm, 1/8"-3/4" Morse taper collets also available, range MT1 to MT4 Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects As per DIN6499B Made of high grade steel, Mn 65 Non elastic material & doesn't have any spring action Also called schublin collets Type E40 for conventional milling machines Size : 1mm to 25 mm 1/16" to 1" Series ER 8 ER 11 ER 16 ER 20 ER 25 ER 32 ER 40 CNC Milling Clamping Kit EACH SET CONTAINS : 6 T-slot nuts 6 flange nuts 4 coupling nuts 6 step blocks 6 step clamps 24 studs, 4 each of 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8" Thread Size 10 mm 12 mm 12 mm 14 mm Packing Range mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects Slot Size 12 mm 16 mm 18 mm 18 mm : Plastic Tray

24 066 Boring Heads Robust construction to withstand stress Least count : 0.02 mm/0.01 mm With extra boring tools The direct reading screw is ground after hardening Ranges available : mm, mm Shank : R8 (M1TR), ISO30, ISO40, BT40 Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects Packing : Wooden/Plastic Box 067 Radius Dressing Attachment Universal Wheel Dresser It is adaptable on surface grinder and universal tool grinder for dressing grinding wheel Height of centre : 165 mm Maximum swing distance cutter : 20mm Max size of arc may be dressed : ±40mm Reading accuracy of swivel slide : 5 sec. Max translation of feed : 20 mm Least count : 0.02 mm Packing : Wooden Box 068 Radius & Angle Dressing Attachment Accuracy : Extremely close tolerances are held in the Accuracy : manufacturing of this tool assured by hardening & Accuracy : precision grinding of all critical parts Economy : Set up and dressing time reduced to bare minimum This dresser can be used to grind ID & OD surface of the grinding wheel 21 Max Dia of the grinding wheel : 300mm Inserting hole dresser : 3/8" (9.525) Base : 134x105 mm Height from Centre : 86.36mm Weight Packing : 13 Kgs. : Wooden Box

25 069 Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects Surface Grinding Vice Made of high quality alloy steel Hardness of working surface : 58-62HRC Parallelism : 0.005mm/100mm Squareness : 0.005mm Quick to clamp & easy to operate Used for precision measurement on precision grinding, EDM, wire cut. Packing : Wooden Box Calibration : Provided by the manufacturer Jaw Width Jaw Height Opening Length Weight 80mm 40mm 100mm 200mm mm 45mm 125mm 245mm 10.0 Single Angle 2 Way Milling 070 Universal Model Guaranteed against Manufacturing Defects Milling Vices Manufactured from close grained high tensile cast iron High tensile fastners. Totally enclosed screw for safety from dust & dirt Overall accuracy : ± 0.020m The work held dead square, packing or trapping down. The Jaws-Alloy steel hardened 50 to 55 HRC. Low height, superior rigidity, high accuracy & durability All vices are swivel based with 360 o indexing Packing : Carton / Wooden Box 071 Packing : Hard Thermocol Box Self Tight / Keyless Drill Chuck Made of high quality steel Hardened jaws to withstand stress Strong gripping power High precision, easy to use Knurled surface for better gripping With/ arbor Sizes : 0-3 mm, 0-6 mm, 1-13 mm Superior rigidity, high accuracy & durability 22

26 072 Thread Plug gauges Packing : Card / Plastic Box Calibration : Provided by the manufacturer Millimeter : Coarse/Fine Pitch Inch : UNF/UNC/UNEF/BSW/BSF/ BSB/BSP/BSPT/NPT/NPS/BA Size Range : 1mm-100mm Size Range : 0-10BA Inch : 1/16-8" BSP/BSPT/NPT Inch : 1/8-1" BSW Inch : 1/4-4" UNF/UNC 073 Diamond Wheels Abrasive Technology specializes in the development of Diamond & CBN grinding wheels for hard materials (tungsten carbide, ceramics and the polycrystalline hard materials PCD and PCB) hardened steel and glass. Packing : Card Box 23 Resin bond, wheels CBN : Hard steel, HSS, die steel, Diamond : Carbide, ferrite, graphite etc.

27 074 Packing : Shrink Film Aluminium Level Superior aluminium structure (1.2mm thick) for durability Top centre vial for easy readability Shock absorbing end caps to maintain accuracy High power magnet at the base for better grip on the vial Size 300 mm 450 mm 600 mm 1000 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm Least Count 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter 1 mm/meter Block/Bar Level Square Level Machine Levels Precision engineers level for high accuracy leveling Used to check level of flat or round work piece Cast iron base with ground flat V Surface Sensitivity : 0.02 mm/meter Optimum vial quality and bubble size gives fast setting time Stable over wide temperature range and high resistant to shock Magnifying Glasses Size Least Count 100 mm 0.02mm/m 150 mm 0.02mm/m 200 mm 0.02mm/m 300 mm 0.02mm/m 100mmx100mm 0.02mm/m 150mmx150mm 0.02mm/m 200mmx200mm 0.02mm/m 300mmx300mm 0.02mm/m Packing : Wooden Box Dia 125 with 22 w Fluorescent Lamp with Metal Frame Magnification 4x / 6x Dia 75mm with Fluorescent Lamp With Plastic Frame Magnification 4x / 6x 50mm dia, 6x Magnifier 8x Magnifier with light & scale 8x Magnifier with scale For Printing Industry 20x Jewellery Magnifier 24 Packing : Card Box

28 Miscellaneous Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Cutter Digital Tape Measure Micrometer Stand Magnetic Vee Block Digital Road Measure Stroke / Revolution Type Counter Meter Digital Compass / Altimeter / Barometer Pneumatic Impact Wrench with Sockets Pneumatic Die Grinders Pneumatic Screw Driver Self Reversing Tapping Attachment 25 Bevel Edge Precision Square