For knowing how to The oldest and best. i. IN THE HALLS OF JUSTICE. Justice Stanley Decides Against R. W. Annexation. Wilcox in Ejectment Case.

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1 W jnmv Evenng Bulletn For knowng how to The oldest and best.. dvertse to proft Relable and newy. Consult the patrons of Unformly leads. The The Evenng Bulletn Evenng Bulletn does Vol. V. No. Ol. HONOLULU, H.., FRDY, JUNE 7, 808. Pkoe 5 Cents. ;v.r. lf Poor Blood Nervous Prostraton Tested and tred for 35 years n all parts of the world. Such l m tllnnny of rs. E. Tl. Cloppcl l, ot Ut.ucll,Vctula, ustrala. 80 sujs: l) Jry "t s wth great pleasure that record my cxperlonco ns a mne fnr thrtyfv e years wth the wonderful curatve, edects ot VERS Sarsaparlla nnd )r. vcrs rlls, llntl of those havo used n dfferent!! parts ot the world, ncludng ustrala, (or myself and my p.tlents, n cas of nervous prostraton, loor skll dseases nnd nl complants from ood, weakness pecular to women. most lenrllly these preparatons to all sulttjrs from lny of tlo nbovo named dstressng complants." For rontlpatlon tnvo Pr. jers rll. They promptly rellcto nml surety cure. Take ltem wth l)r. ycra SauaparllUt one ads the other. Hollster Drug Co., Ltd., Solo gents for tlo Hopublo of lawnll. H. L. GER, 0.D.QER, l Sansorae St., 8. fr. 30 Kng St., GER & GER LWYERS. afrancacoaud foolulu Havng ofllcert n St Franolfco and Honolulu w are prepared to attorn) promptly to all matters eutrutol to us u ft ter of tfuld plaues. tlultn ercantle gency 20 Kng street. Offlcult Collectons a Speclaltj D. GER, LWYER. Corner of Kng ntvl Kethel Htruotf, Second Floor. CHRLES F. PETERSON,.ttor.ney at Law and Notavy Publc. Kaahumanu Street. Wllam. Henshall, attorney at Law 3 Kaatwmanu. Btreot. Tele. 00,t. W. S. EDNGS, Oounsollor at Law Corner Bethel and Kng Smula, Honolulu, H. r. C. WLL, D. D. S., O.E.WLL, D.D.S., DENTSTS. a Vow jovea Buldng, Fort Street. CELEPnnNK 434 GLBERT F. LTTLE, TTORNEY ST LW LO, HW SONS THE REVOLUTON Found n the Flourshng Condton at nnnal eetng Ths Day Noon. Lst of New Offcersem oral of Dead Hem bers Commttee to Entertan Boys n Blue. Tho anuunl mootng of tbo Sons of tlo mercan Bovolutton took pneo at 2 oolock ths noon, at tho rooms of tho Hawaan Safo Depost buldng. Reports of the Secretary, Tens uror and Regstrar were receved. Secretary W. 0. twator ro ported 07 members enrolled, and had ded or gono out of tho country, leavng at present a total momberehp of CG n good standng. Tbo doatbs havo been Ghales Webster Day, J.. artn, W. 0. Hammond and 0. H. "Wot more. Treasurer W. J. Forbes report j ed a balance on band of S8.G8. Regstrar W. D. lexander stated that hhftd nearly com pleted a regster contanng a full j nformaton regardng tbo revolu tonary pedgree of ouch member of tbo Bocoty. Ho suggested that another year book be prnted ns soon as possble after tbo annexaton of.ths Republc to tho Unted Slates. commttee was apponted by tbo presdent to draft a memoral of tho dead for tho past yer, tbo commttee beng Prof. loxuder and S.. Bollou. n amotdmont to ct 5 of tho Consttuton was proposod. commtteo was apponted to provde for the entertanment of solders to arrve Otlcers for tbo ensung year " worn otectedns folo wb:" Preslnut,. F. Judd. Vce Presdent, W. F. llen. Regstrar, W. D. lexandor. Secretary, V. O. twator. Treasurer, W. J. Forbes. Board of anagers P. 0. Jones, W. R. Oastlo, F. J. Lowre y. Thero wore 8 members present, r. u. Jones, retrng prosaont, m tbo char. Oalu tallroad Electon, Tho regular annunl mootng of of tbo Stockholders of tho Onbu Ralway and Land Co. was bold tns mornng. The annual reports of tho Presdent, Treasurer and General ouogor wero read and ordered prnted. The electon of offcers for the onbtngyear resulted as follows; Presdent S. 0. llen st Veo Presdent. J. t. thorton 2nd Vce Pro3dont...W.F. len Secretary,... W. G. shley Treasurer..."... P. Robnson udtor W.. Graham The assocate drectors are, H.. von Holt, J. G. Sponcer J. B. Castle. Wllam Henry wll not take the plac of James. Low, resgned on account of prvate busness, as jalor of Onhu prson untl tho lht or July. Bcycle Repars Sprng Soat Posts wth KollorlJeargN, ttnjorou uonos, u( uups, axos and Hproukots, 7 to 2l; C.h, (Jour Cusoh, Crunk; Npoelul lccon nnd Korgngs n Htock or ndo to ordor lt the old rollnb o The Honolulu 23 Kng Street. Cyclery whoo pmnpt attenton wll bo gven to nl ro. x. Ol jour blko frequently wth "llalloy H Host Hloyulo Ol" and mvo half your heavy pushng. lnblslod C on tlw basn of "GOOD l WOHK." TLK FRO THE PRESDENT Thnks Congress Wll Decde nnexaton Before Our Legslature Expres. nswers Queres on Supposed Cases The Queston or Protecton ganst Dsease from the Orent. Occason havng arsen for a Bulletn representatve to seo Presdent Dole about a matter not horo reported, opporlunly of the audeneo kndly granted was taken to queston tho Executve on other thngs. " do not thnk thero wll bo necessty for an extra sesson of tbo Legslature to deal further wth annexaton," tho Presdent sad. "t looks as f the matter wero to bo decded ono way or an other n Washngton before tho extended tme of ths Legslature elapses." Replyng to a romark as to tho possblty of tho opposton n Congress beng nveterate enough to put up n tmo kllng tght to defeat tlo scheme, Presdent Dole admtted tho exstence of such a possblty. Wth regard to the suppostous con tngency of an orgument bng used aganst annexaton, regardng the necrsstes of the mercan nvason and occupaton of the Phlppnes uamrly, that the Hawaan slands mght be used as a base of op ratons, wthout annexng thn, so long a the Unted States undertook to pro tect from any consequouces, and as the Unted States s now n fct usng them, tbo Presdent shook hs bead emphatcally, replyng: "That argument would not be tenable atrull: Soola condton" of affars would uover do. You see our relatons wth other gov ernments must bo tnkou nto cou sderaton. Yes," bo to a remark that there mght be other wars. Speakng of tho arrval of tho Peru aud tlo cause of that stonmer s deteutou, PresdoutDjloaad n stbtauce: "t mght yet bo doemed neces sary for ns to suspend all ram gratou from Chna and Japn owng to tho plague. s yet t d 03 not seem to bo a necessty. "Ths country has proteoon n the tmo of voyogo from Kobo to Yokohama, and from Yokohama to Honolulu. Tbo plague develops quckly, and a csbb brought aboard at Kobe would mamtest tself bofore arrval at Yokohama. n tho earae way, tho eght to ten days from Yoko hama to ths portwould brng out any latent case of tho dsease bofore roaobug here. Besdes, our ndvces ore tnt tbo malady s doeroasng at both Kobe and Yokohama.. "Ob, yes, the groat thng for us here s to mantau good santary condtons. Ths cannot bo done effectvely untl wo got sewerage. Work on the proposed ys n wll begn rb coon as w get tho appropraton. There s enough money beng approprated to provde sewerage for the most dangerous sectons of the cty, and that wll be done wthout any avodable delay." m lnltrr Klnua (June. Rumors havebeon persstent for some days bat nster J.. Kng wll resgn the nteror portfolo on account of hs health and prvato busnocs. member of the Legslators has declared t as fact. n nqury n the proper quartor elcts the reply that the matter has not reached n dot! nto stago Co. B boys fnd thoy wll be unable to extend courteses to tho formor compettors of tho Cal forua Natouol Guard. Co. has been ordered to lcatraz sland and wll not como on tho transports. N THE HLLS JUSTCE Justce Stanley Decdes ganst R. W. Wlcox n Ejectment Case. Kewalo Tract Controversy Submsson ol Dspute to Supreme Court The Holts Want J. S. Walker as Guardan. 0. S. Desky by hs attorneys, W. R. Castle aud P. L. Weaver, lns flol an answer to tho compla ut of rs. Vctora Ward aganst hmself and others. t avors at length that tbo plantff does not possess vested rghts n and upon land at Kowalo whch ths plantff has transgressed. John D. and Jas. R. Holt havo fled ther cousout to tho resgnaton of Chas. Huetaco Jr. sb guardan of ther estates, nlong wth a petton for the appont ment of John S. Walkor.n hs Btead. Judge Stanley has docdod n favor of John Hapa n a sut aganst R W. Wlcox for eject ment ot defendant from laud at Uoanalua, contanng more than an acre and a half. nstead of tho $200 damages clamed, the Court, allocs but $25, wth,the resttuton of tho land. Johnson and Kahookauo for plautff ; Rosa for dof end ant. Btbmsdn wthout acton has beou tled n the Supreme Court, enttled, Jonah Kalamanaol o and Davd Kawououakoa vs. Walter. Gffard, treasurer Wu monalo Sugar Co. Tho facts agreed upon are brefly these. Prnces Jonah aud Davd clam to be owners of ffteen shares of Wa manalo Btock, by vrtue of a deed from Queen Dowager Kapolau. Thoy"adlcftlnGffnr d ns secretary to cancel the BUarcs and ssuonew ones n ther own names therefor. r. Glford refuses to do eo, on the ground that tho certfcato of not en too snares n queston s dorsed by Kapolau. What tbo Court s Hsk d to decde s whether the secretary could be cumpellod n a proper acton todo that whl the plantff request of hm. ugust hrens, guardan of the mnor chldren of. K. Hapa has fled nn account, vouched for as correct by ub. Harah Hapa, showng rocopts from ucust, 893, to Nov. 7, 894, of 94.57, and a balance pf $ on hand tho frst of 898. From General Hehoflell. Goneral J.. Sohofeld, an old frond and cvl war comrade of Dr. J. 8. cgrew has wrtten the ooctor thankng hm for hs patro tc offer of servces for the present war. rue ueuerol says: "The sprt of tbe tmes s to allow the veterans to romau on tho rotred lnt and gve tho bovs a ohauco. hopo tho dav s not far dstant when you wll bo under the stars aud strpes and that too wthout orossmg tho ocean," Fles of tbo Sau Francsco dales wll bo hero on tlo bark ohcan whch Baled from San Francsco on tho 5th nst. Royal makes tbe food pure, wholesome and dcllcleo. S POWDER boutclpuro BOVt kno POWOf H BO., WfW VQW. TO CHEER THE SCK ONES Progress of Work by Red Cross Socety. Hosptal Fast Beng Flled Up Ho oney Yet Expended Now $000 on Hand. Tbo lados of the Red Cross So coly havo boon vory busy n;gejtn g ready for ho work that tuoy wll do n behalf of the sck and alng among tho troops who pass through hero to and from aula. n all tbor efforts they havo beon moat genorously asssted by tho busnoas ousob of the town donatng goods, and many prvato ndvduals who have responded most lberally to tho call. Tho hosptal at tho. Chld Garden s alranat complete. Fourtoen bedshovobeou equpped exceptng tbo mopquto nettngs, lght more are necessary. The ktchen needs cookng utensls. stove has been prefonte lkewse a refrgerator. (Jrockery otts aud ends aro dosroddshe s, tumblers and bowls. tont for battlng purpooos wll bo orected n the rear of tho buldng. Tbo lados bo far hove not spent a dme for anythng and aro proud of tho fact. They havo about $000 on bond of the.. Sprockets block on tho second floor havo beou mss ng small sums of money from the offcs. Detectve Kapa WS put ou the case and day beforo yesterday capured a boy StJphou Kahele wth skoloton key u hs possesson n ono of tho offces. Ho hud taken some natked con whoh was found n hs pohsenson. For some tmo he hud been assstng tbo jantor n swoepng out. Judge Wlcox Bent hm to tbo reform school for four years as he pload gulty to tbo charges. He s thrteen years old. Odd Frllona Hopltable. The Odd Follows of ths jursdcton wll have open house when the next coutngott of boys u blue Brrvo. Ther headquarters for dspensng wolcomug smles and rolshng pabulum wll be Excelsor lodge hull n Fort street. From tho roputatou the threo lnkod fraternty havo ganed here for puttng up good thngs, t may safely bo put down that both the Junthan, and tho Rebokabs wll acqut thorabolves nstance. proudly u ths Hecretnry Taylor Tourltf. Wroy Taj lor, ftcretary of the Board of mmgraton, doparted n tho auua Loa for au aud Hawa. Frbt ho goes to Waluk u to nvestgate troublob reported thero wth ouohurau plantaton laborers. f that matter be eatnfaetotly daposod of u tme, r. Taylor wll take tho Kuau on Tuesday nght at alaoabay, landng from that vetsel at Pau lmu for a tour of nspecton among so mo of tho Humakua plantatons. Japavse Dnner. r.. nroka, tho Presdent of tho oroka Japanese ramgra ton Co., gavo a farowell dnner to hs froudd last nght at the Ha waau hotel. mong those prose nt wore oroka, 8 Kraura, S Ozak, 8 Hra, Ch Nkuu, S Sakou, K uone, T asudu, T abuda, J shzuka, Dr J Uchda, ON CHNESE GRTON Senate Dsposes of Two Blls Coverng Ths Subject. Presdent Dole Sgns nother Bll SenaU Concurs n House mendments to Bll Regardng Prvate Streets. n tho Senate ths mornng a communcaton from thooster of tbo ntoror aunounced that Presdent Dole had bgued ct 42, amondng a ntuuber of Seoloof the Land ct. Senator Schmdt presoutod tbo report of tbo Fnance Commtteo on tho offce of the Soorotury of tbo Board of Educaton, whch was read aud fled. The Passed Blls Commtteo reported that Senator Scbmdt8 bll relatng to tbe manufacture of wuo from Hawaan grapes hud; been prosontfd to tho Presdent Tlo Senate concurred u tho Houte amendments to the bll regulatng tho openng of b roots through prvato laudb n Honolulu. he Houhu amends tho bll by extendng ts provsons to the towu of Hlo. Senator Baldwn submtted tho report of the Cunmtlea on Foregn Relatons on Senate Blls 32 and 40, whch was adopted. Senate Bll 32 s lad ou tho table, ts provsons beng ncorporated and wth tno proceods of tho projected wll have a n Senate Bll 40. Tbo latter provdes fn the ntroducton of CbntB O very good sum to wotk wth. m m labor u two ways, cther by YOUTllfUL THEF C OUT. permts from the Board ot mm graton wth tlo approval of tho Una Uern Stealng From Otllcoa n the Executvo Councl? n tho prooen t SpmckeU lllock. law, or.on threo years portnb ssued by tbo For Botno three months the tennan ts nster of Foregn ffars on the tlng, of a bovt n the sum of $0. thf.t tho mmgrant wlt eugnco n nx"r labor.thnn 05 (Uur nu c. plauntous or mlls or (lnotc ervce. Undor he pnsont Byste tbo Chnese mmgrant ban to depost $ 50 por m on tu u tho Postal Savngs Bank to secure h return patshgmoney. Ths ms resulted n over 7000 Rccouutfl, amountng to about $05,000, ou wlcha.tho government s compolled to pay nterest and for wht ht bus no use. To obvate tbs tbe now law provdes that the plauter who ntroduces Chneso laborers shall gve a bond of $50 for each to tecure hb rotu rn n place of tho monthly deposts n tho bank.,. Ths bll passed second reodug as. amended by the commttee. Thrd readng sot fur onday. djourned at a. m. Captan Cnnblla Trp. t, Captan Campbell of tho ntorsla nd Steam Navgaton Company leaves on tho Peru tonght for a trp to the Coast, whore hs wfe now s. The genal csptam expects to bo gone about sx weoks, and s tgurug on a couple of w. eka stay at Lake Taboo nnd vcnty. Cnptuu Campbell exppcled to pet away on the Coptc but fun ut bs mornng that her berths were all tnkou. m ctvty n Oalu sto sales havo brought up "g n. warded Hghest Honors Worlds Far. dold edal, dwnter Far. CRE BKNG Pnre Orape Cream of Tartar Powder. 40 YEPS THE STNDRD. m,

2 ?m$nt fwopflr THE EVENNG BULLETN. HONOLULU, H.., JUNE 7, 898. "y TR h: f h wp Our Shoes Talk They wll uppeul to you now as thoy novor lavo before. Xo matter what the prce you pay, our SHOES aro ecpal to t. Ve do not advocate buyng cheap footwear, but nsde the prces quoted wo can guarantee complete satsfacton n tt, wear and appearance.. E. URPHY & CO. 205 Hotel St., rlngton Block. Just Receved Ex XEW "auna la." Hay, Bran, Barley, Surprse Oats, Wheat, ddlngs and Cracked Corn. We have also receved a fresh supply of Port Gosta and Starr Flours. Calforna Feed Company Telephone 2. LTE Queen Street. RRVLS Kx S.S. "Belsrfc" anla Cgars Jecevng Regularly by Every Steamer Port & House for Kent. leal Kutttto gents. Brokers n Japanese Goods. Employment gents, Collectons ade. Legal nhl oler documents translute d nto tny language. gents tor Japan Havana, mercan JNKSE LBORERS: lso Shaman & Co., utcluran or umnesc nnorers. Room No., Spreekels Block. Tele tf phone THE OE and anla Cgars, Smokng and Chewng Tobaccos, Ppes and Smokers rtcles. HOLLSTER Corner Boardman & asuda Busness gency. Emgraton Notce. Company, STOCK erchant & Streets. LTEST STYLES JEWELRY By last steamer from the CoaBt. REGULR t my store, where the CO., THNG BEST CUSTO. WORK The followng Drafts ssued by tho Portuguese utual Uenellt Socety of The undersgned s prepared to do Hawa wth dates as hereunder havng been lout, payment of such drafts and supply ONUKNTS CHKTKRY WORK OP LL KNDS, ED8TON2 has been stopped. The are and 3 publc hereby not to negotate the of whch ho has a groat varety of tho latest and ost rtlstlo hanu, a most ntmate natve frend, warned beng a carrage wth Davd Ka tame: Draft No. (53, dated Dec. 3,807, Doslgns, and wll also supply Stono Cop once a busness partner of r $l.ffavor of anuel Xuh, 0. ng separately for Draft No. (04, dated Dec. surroundng ceme Dowsett. Chef Justce Judd and., 897, favor of Jose Lulss, tery $4.25. lots. wfo wero frst n tho offcal secton, followed by nster Damon Draft No. (6!), dated Dee. 3, 897, B Kst mutes gven n arhlo, Gra favor of J K. Spt olu. 82.W. nto, Hawaan Stone, etc. and Smth togther. Wngouettes UOUrTO C PESTN, U00 tf FRK). Ṡecretary B. ). HRRSON. wth the legslatve delegatons Portuguese.. Socety of Hawa. camo next, and then a long lno of O Evenng Bulletn 75c per carrages wth prvato ctzens. s done reparng and new work oou. fns, rngs, bracelet", watchmakng, etc. H. G. BRT, 404 Fort St. onuments and Headstones, FUNERL J,. DOWSETT t tho entrance of Nuuanu comotory the processon was met and escortod nsde tho gates by u platoon of polco and the government band. "Earth to oartu" was s ttended by Great Concourse of Foregners and Natves. soon accomplshed, and tho honored ctzen was left to hs last sleop. Has Features of State Funeral From House to Nuuanu Cemetery The Relgous Servces. The funeral of tho lato Hon. J. Dowsett took plnco at 3 oclock REL ESTTE and NSURNCE GENTS yesterday afternoon. Relgous rtes of tho nglcan church wore delcacy nought after by connosseurs n all parts of tho world; t hold at the house and the grave by the llov. lex. ackntosh, s rch and delcate, and s used at asssted by tho organst and momber s banquets and for lunches at evenng part os. STOCK ND BOND of tho Second congregatons chor, There was a great concourse of To sorvo Pato do Folo Grts s to bo peoplo assembled at tho famly ultra fashonable. homo at Palama. mong the Xo houso n Honolulu carres anythng lko tlo varety n thn lno BROKERS! number were representatves n almost overy caso tho hond of &3KKESBB333L that wo do. Ourassortnotls vory all the old commercal houses n Honolulu. any oldorly people largo and compo. of natve and foregn races wore n tho assemblage. Tho delegatons from tho Legslature stood P8L S n tho lana betwoen the man CTY PROPERTY. CFEE PLNTTONS parlor n tho old house, wheren the body lay, and the dnng room n the now addton bult a fow aro olves ulled wth plmlontos, FOR SLE: years ogo. Thoy woro hus consttuted: Kvon tlo brlno tastes good. OL LNDS. a swoot Spansh Popper. FOR RENT: Senators Sobmdt, Lyman, Wlcox, Brown and Kepoka; Thoy aro a rch morsel, delghtng KK Houso of 0 rooms). Kloctrlc lno Coroo Ranch of 8 lghts comploto. acres leasehold. 20 ncros Lot 25x200. Hot Koprepontatves cleaned Loebensten, tho palato and assstng dgeston. houso, stablo, cnrrlngo houso, nor and under cultvaton planted Kauaulolo, seuborg, L. L. o vants wth year old qunors and chcken house eofloo trees. CondlosB and Speaker Kaulukou. n olve fork froo wth each bottlo. Frut nnd ornamental trees. Excellent bargan n n Cofloo Plantaton Befoo tho servces began an of 00 ncros, Feo smple 70 acres opportunty was gven to vew tbo planted n coflfeo NUUNU VLLUY trees Houso from 2 of 7 rooms. to3 fnco of tho dead. t was remarked Lews & Co. years old. Flno Good stable dwellng nnd sorvantsquartors. houso and outbuldngs. as beng natural, lookng lke ncros of land, wll lenso for a sleep. Next to tho cold clay of the torm nt n low rental. 00 ncro Collco Ranch n fco smplo, facng on tho Volcano Road. 6 mourned ono n strkng nterest ncros n wthn tho room wero hs portrat, LBOR SVED coffee J) months advanced. THREE NEW COTTGES 30 on ncro CofToo panted when n the zenth of hs Kng Farm, leasehold property. J ree, near wakk acres road. nro plantod wth prme, and that of hs prevously your old collco trees and 8 acres wth 2 departed wfo. Thoy aro works year old trees. Tho owner wll clear and plant 2 ncres addtonal freo of charge for tho pur of hgh art and spoakng lkenesses. O SVED. chaser. Sn co tho lyng n state of the 280 acres of unmproved eofleo FOR land SLE: Just back of last kng tho thero hassuroly uotheon Volcano Road. 30 foot road loadng to tho such a dsplay of land. floral trbutes Coflco Plantaton of 64 ncres than n ths house of only 0 mournng. KK touso of 0 Urgo rooms. Hath, mles from lo. 20 ncres planted Pled hgh on tho coffn and or kltehon nnd pantry; largo hall, n eofloo. houso and lnprovonon ts ranged n every avalable apace Have your Rubber veranda on 2 sldos. Eloctrlc lghts on proportv. about the room were massve complote. 200 aeros foo smplo. 50 aeros uudor wreaths, crosses, anchors, pllows, stamps m ado by cultvaton. loarlng trees. Good rosldoneo, stablo etc., tho materal beng of endless KK and laborers Buldng lot 75x03. quarters. speces and nfnte varegaton. tlo Hawaan 255 ucros feo smple. 30 oeres cult t tho lust moment was carred n a sloop wth all sal News Co., Ltd., PROSPECT vated. STREET llulldng lot 75x60. set, done n separate colore and obtan tho KON LNDS. U frescong every part. Ths hud 75x200 Valmblo boon lot n receved tho evoung before fashlonnblo 42 acres n lolualoa. 2 acres n coroo lowest prces n rosldoneo porton of tho cty. Palms, o J years old. Lnboors houso, and carefully preserved for the frut nnd ornamental troes. wator tank, otc., on sumo. last sad offces. t was the gft of town. Satsfacton guaranteed. years lot fornnyono doslrnbl contemplaton o 8 acres on now Government Bonj. F. Dllngham and the composton of rs. my L. Kng. buldng. road. ll pamol n eolloo fom.lto old. Laborers houso. Stuated n, North Koun. Whon tho mnster came, the Call and examne HERETN STREETmpro vod proort 50 acres a porton cultvated. 2 members of the famly on toted the Lot story 200x290 through to parlor and the sorvces proceeded. our Klna now lno u U..U UlYUllJlg, of street. Two flno resdences, 3000 btablos acres feo r. nnd smplo. 000 ackntosh pronounced the sorvnnts quarters. aeros tho Grounds woll doh or collco words of the rtual n slow nnd " covorod lands. DO wth aeros shndo under UNVERSL trees, plants cultvaton. 5 nnd Honors. laborers houses and storo houso nt tender cadences. "Just as am" landng. nnd "Hock of ges" wore the Stamp Holders." hymns sung, r. Taylor playng tho accompanment on the pano. Ho also at tbo close, whtlo preparatons wero beng made to remove the coffn, n tollng style Trees n Fnest Cotfee Plantaton on the slands. 240 cres n Fee Smple. 30,000 played touchng old refrans, endng wth "Home Sweot Home." Plant andlaborers Quarters. Never Falng Sprng J Bearng, present crop estmated at 20 tons. Pulpng Tho actve pall bearers were: jorclant Street. essrs G P "Wlder, 0 W acfarlan "bf o, Water. One le from Landng. T H Wodehoufe. Hurry Whtney, S K KanP. Sam 0 DwgJt, 0 K and John De r Clcta Tuncs ) res. The honorary ballboarerd wore: DE N HONOLULU Hon S Oleghorn and Rev and Hun J Kuhane, legslatve colleagues of the dead n old tmes; essrs Thns Cumnne, Horace Q Crabbe, Johu Rohh, J Hussnge r, Vm uld nud Bruce Cartwrght. The order of proceshnn was ar ranged by Hon. Geo. W. acfarla ue and r. Goo. llon, and wth tho utmost mnmum of confuson. large lot opposte the house was used to contan tho carrages, and they came out ono by ono as requred. n the front of the cortege drovo tho horn rary pall bearers, next comugthe offcatng clergyman precedng the hearse. mmedately next the hearse was a cnrago contanng four natve men who had grown old as workers on lauds of the depart od. t took eght carrhgo to convey tho chef mourners, aftor them Pate De Foe Gras BY FRSTCLS S EXCN RTST T The Elte cj Gream Parlors. 08 HOTEL 8TRKET. 027t f Just arrved per Zcalaudla Whole Wheat Flour Graham, n 0 and 50 lb sacks Rolled Wheat Rolled Oats, n 7 lb sks nd ul sorts of meal Htull. Washngton Conate a later Co., Ld Esplanade, Corner llen & Fort Stt., Honolulu HOLLSTER gents. & CO., GER, LNSNG CO. ORGNZED TELEPHONE 256. Greenwch Fre nsurance Company TE"W rosc 834 fflddpa LFE NSURNCE CO. NEW YORK EHETT HY, Superntendent urgences. 20 KNG ST., HONOLULU. P. O. BOX 0 feyfcfej totor :dtftkrmt& :&?

3 THE 4frx mho EVENNG BULLETN : HONOLULU, H.., JUNE 7, 898. w ( Glaus Wm. 0. bwh. BNKERS. ONO,UU H.. &n fvanc gent Tarn NkvdBankof Sam Fbahobco. draw xonnab on fyut Funosco Tho Nevada Bank ol San Francsco. London The Unon Bank of London, Ltd. New Tors mercan Exchange Natonal Bank. CntOOO erchant Natonal Bank. Pars Comtolr Natonal descompt de Pars. Bbrln Drcadner Bank HONQKONO ND T0K0U Hongkong Shangha Bankng Corporaton. Nw Zealand and ustrala Bank ol New Zealand. Vctora and Vancouver Bank o! Brtsh North merca. Trassact a neneral Bantng anl Excbange Busness Depolsts Receved. Loans made on p roved Securty. Commercal and Travelers 8 rcdlts ssued. Blls of Exchango bought and sold. Collectons Promptlt ccounted For. Kstabllshed 868 :bzs33:o2p oo. csc BNKERS. HED FCE, YOKOH. URNOHES ND GENCES. Kobe, London, Lyons, New York, San. Francsco, Shangha, Bombay, Hong Kong, TranWta a General Bankng and Exchange Busness. genoy Yokohama Spete Bank St, Honolulu. Hew lc Bullng. ll Kng Poneer Buldng and Loan ssocaton. ssets July, 897, $8, oney Loaned on pprovod Securty. Savnoa Bauk for onthly Deposts. Houses Bult on the onthly nstallment Flan. 4Tltteonth Seres ol Stook now open. For further partculars apply to. V. GER, Secretary. Chamber ol Commeroo Booms. Offloe hours :S P.. 373t f J. S. WLKER, GBNERL OBNT TOR tlwh SLNDS. Boyal nsuranoo Company..n natrdoa ComDanv. llanoe arne and General ssuranoe Sun lfe ssuranoe Company of Canada., Wlhelmaof adgeburg nsuranoo Com Scottsh Unon and Natonal nsurance Company. Boom 3 Bpreckels Block, nonolnln, H.L " BRUCE CRTWRGHT, General anager ot The Equtable Lfe ssurance Socety Of the Unted States for the Hawaan slands. Omo erohant street, Honolulu V Ua ND NDTJNU 8TBKT8, Tbe celebrated Enterprse Beer on Draught and n Bottles.. H. Y CO., Wholesale and Retal Groceres. 65 & 67 Fort St., Honolulu Telephoner 22 P.O. Box 470 GONSLVES & CO., Ltd WHOLESLE GROCERS N WNE, ERCHNTS, 225 Queen street, Honolnla, H,, HOP WO COPNY. Kng Stroot, Tulaco Square. Bflferohant Talor. r,... T..r nnd Lnon Suts mado to erdor. Fne ussortmont of now and latest fluarantoo d. Just arrved. Perfect Ft Lowost Trcon. rt sk Your Doctor what effect alum has upon the stomach. Then make up your mnd whether you wll put any mo c lowpr ce bakng powder nto your husbands or chldrens food. Schllngs Best s pure cream of tartar and soda. Nothng else. Portrats Chesney W. Ewnjr, a leadng portrat panter of San Francsco, s now n Honolulu and connected wth our studo. Hs work here la already Exhbton On Transact a General Bankng,)4nd Exchange Busness. and admred by all who see t. Commercal and Travelers Water color and Crayon portrature from llfeslzo to mnatures. specalty s made of pantng on vory Letters of Credt ssued, avalable n all the prncpal ctes and porcelan. Got your of the world. ntorost allowed after July Sweethearts Pcture, 898, on fxed, deposts 3 months 3 per cont., G months on your watch dal, or that of any 2 per cent., 2 months 4 loved one. Photographng by thelates t scence, wth specal regard to pov cont. posng and groupng, stll makes ours the Tjje Yokohama gpece Bank; Best Place. LUTKDa Subscrbed Captal Yen 2,000,000 Pad Op Captal Yen 7,600,000 Beservo Fund Yen 5,40,5OO fcfct. Wttmvmtt t the old stand n Fort street. J. J. WLLS. The... Hawaan Electrc Company, Cor. lakea & Halekauwla Sts. Hub a large assortment of Ohandellers and Electrcal Goods Constantly on hand. d Estmates gven for houbo wrn g and Electrcal plants. arne Wrng a Bpeoolty. THEO. HFNN, anager. Yee Sng Te Large Woket Chars of the Latest Styles..m.. Furnture Of all knds. Fort Street, opp. Club Stables vory Ware Lacquer Ware Slver Ware Crockery Ware Wng WoTa & Go. 24 Nuuanu Street. To y Patrons and the Publc. Havng recovered from my recent lluess, am agan prepared to do all knds of Tnsmth and Plumbng work as heretofore. Thankng you for pabt favors, respectfully Bolct a contnuance of tho same. JS. NOTT, Jr. WS Tel ROBERT GREVE. Book and Job Prnter Yferohant Street, Honolulu, H.. Over Hawaan News Gompanya Book Btoe. my B, Hers Steamshp TE TBLE. Gos 0. h. WGHT, Pres. S. B. HOSE, Beo. Copt. J.. KNG, otsupt. Stmr. KNU, CLRKE, Commander, Wll leave Honolulu at 0 a. m., touchng at Lahana, aalaea Bay and akena the same day; ahnkona. Kawahae and Lau pahoehoe the followng day, arrvng at Hlo the same evonng. lavxs Honouu. abbvs nohouu. Tuesday.. June 2 Frday. Juno 7 Frday July TuevJay.Ju e 28 Tuesday... July 2 Frday July 8 Frday July 22 Tuetxlny...July 0 Betumng, wll leave Hlo at oolook r. m., touchng at Lanpahoehoe, ahnkona and Kawahae saute day; akena, aalaea Bay and Lahana the followng day; arrvng at Honolulu the afternoon! of Tuesday and Frdays. Wll call at Pohok, Pnna VNb Freght wll bo rooevod afte a. m. on day of salng. Stmr. CLUDNE, CERON, Commander, Wll leave Honolulu Tuesday at 6 p.m., touchng at Kahnln, Hana, Hamoaand Klpahuln, au. Returnng arrves at Honolulu Sunday mornngs. Wll call at Nun, Kanpo, on seoond tre ot eaoh WNo Freght 4 m. on day of Balng. wll be receved afte Ths Company wll reserves the rght U. make changes n the tme of departure and arrval of ts steamers wthout notce an" t wll not be responsble for any consequences arsng therefrom. Consgnees must be at the Landngs to receve ther Freght; ths Company wll not hold tself responsble for freght afle t has been landed. Lve Stock only at owners rsk. Ths Company wll not be responsbl for onoy or Valuables ot passenger unless placed n thn care of Parsers. Packagos contanng porsonnl oflocta, wlotlor shpped as bangngo or freght, f tho eontonts thoroof oxcood $00.00 n valuo, must lavo tho value thoroof planly statod and markod, and tho Company wll not hold tsolf llablo for any loss or danago n oxcesn of ths sum o.xcopt tho goods be shppod undor aspoclal contract. ll omployoos of tho Company aro forbddou to rocolvo freght wthout a shppng recolpt therefor n tho form proscrbed by the Company and whch may bo soon by shppers upon nppurnuo to tno pursors or tno Companys Steamers. Shppers are notflod that f freght s shppod wthout such recolpt, t wll bo solely at tho rsk; of tho shjppor. Paosengors are requested to purchase tcket! before embarkng. Those falng to do so wll le snbjeot to an addtonal oharge of twentylv e per cent. TTrV TTTT" 0?3 t;.? c: enmm :?t 5 g o O S3 k. (fn. t? 5S "S. ls t "ls 5. n ls?s g B 3 ff a a o J w so s!f l& S" cp t """ ff Evenng Bulletn 76e per month FLES FOR HW Southern Calforna Farmers Hope to Settle wat nnexaton Here. Farmng Who Some ot Them re. nterested n Small Letters recovod yesterday ndcate tho events to follow quckly upon nnexaton. lready a party of famles of Southern Calforna have mado arrangements to como here and settle. Hawa s lookod upon as tho land of promso and hundreds of UTlrs s tlo famles aro makng ready to abovo a Gold odal. establsh thomsolves hero as soon as tho country s taken nto tho fold. These pooplo aro nearly all nterested n hortculture, and tbo dovelopment of tho sol of tho o l anclh apart from sugar and coffeo and wll begn at an early dato. roonc thoso expected soon are. "W. Eamos ofj Calforna a wellknown frut grower. Edtor Thomas, formerly of tho Calforna Cultvator, B. U. Lnngloy at ono tme n Walla Walla nowlargelnterested n tho frut ndustry n Calforna and t. Q. Tho Fne Passongor Kellogg brothernla w of Byron O. Clark. Drntla n Honolulu. June 5 to dato. Kaugch.Kotayama, Japaneso m, J y, accdent. h Lau, Ohneso f, 5 y, dph thorn. ka Suzuk, Japanoso f, 29 y, malaralfever. Loo Ohaw, Chnese m, 62 y, cancer. E.. Kahooknno, Hawaan f, 3 y, Brghte dsease. Jus. JUono olva, Hawaan f, lb y, tuberculoss. Upunu, Hawaan m, 7 y, old ago. lam eo, (Jhneso f, 3 y, fover. Omaha, Hawaan m, 03 y, sonlo deblty. lnmonul, Hawaan m, G y, consumpton. James Knl, Hawaan m, 20 y, cau not stated. akuhonu, Hawaan f, 80 y, old age. Toraa Fuj, Japanese f, m, menngts. Lum Wa Shn, Chnese m, 4 y, rover. Y. Nshmura, Japanoso m, 4y, pnoumona. Emt B. Borgor, German, Hawaan born, n, 20y 8 m, acodon t. nfant of h an, Ohneso m, Buuoorn. aohe, Hawaan f, 49 y, consumpton. ufantof Eawamaka, Hawaan t, u, luamton. Carlos Das, Portuguoso m, 3 m, convulsons. Wknen and Nrrrountts. " havo been takng HoodVSarsaparll a for weakness of tho spne and norvousnees,.and n a short tme t had done mo a great deal of good. caunot rocommoud Hoods Sarsaparlla too hghly. have novor boon troubled as much wth weakness nuce takng uoous." ary H. Lowh,!. Unversty vo, Guthre, Okla. Hoods Plls aro the only plls to take wth Hoods Sarsuparlla. Easy and yet elloeut. V. H. H. tlnock. Comlnr. Frank B. cstocker has receve! a letter from hs brothernla w Commander Whtng of the U. S. S. onadnock, dated "t Sea" Juno 2d and contnues "m on tho way to 8an Frnnohco for slght repars before leavng for the Phlppnes." Tho onadnock s a montor and a com. paratvoly fast voshc and may bo hero nsde a fortnght. t s not oxpected that rs. Whtng nee fong wll accompany hm as sbo wll nrobably reman n San Francsco. Panos. Chckerng, Kmball and Krooger panos for sale, for cash or on tho nstalment plan. Old nstruments exchanged for new ones. Panos rented, tuned and ropared. Tolophone 82. Bergstrom uso Co., Ltd., Progress Block, Fort stroot. The Remngton Typewrter HS BEEN Dploma WRDED T BRUSSELS EXPOSTON 897. Hghest PossuB ward, rankng H. HCKFED & CO., LTD Oceanc Steamshp Company. TE TBLE. Leave Ths Pbrt as Horoundor. From San Francsco: ZELND Juno 8 ON... Juno 22 Steamers of Ths Lno Wll rrve at anl n connecton wth the salng of the above steamers, tho cenu aro proparod to ssue, to ntendng passengers, coupon through tokots by any ralroad from San Francsco, to all ponts n the Unted States, and from New York by any Btoamshp lno to all Europoan ports. For further partculars apply to Wm. Gr. rwn & Co., Lmted, General gents Oconnc S. S. Co. WE RE SOLE Tam4 of Honor Dealers. For San Franosco: ZELND Juno 4 LED Juno SB GENTS v Wf t! NTURL EDCL SPRNG WTER for ndgeston, Lvor Complant, Dseases of tho Kdney and Bladdor, Skn Eruptons, Etc, Etc Benson, Smth & Co., Corner Fort and Hotel Streets. Snce We ust Eat to Lve, Lets Have the Best. Jnst ODened TJp an nvoce of.. Japan Flavor, Englsh Breakfast and Ceylon. lso, SCHLLNGS BEST BKNG POWDER. Gve them a tral. oney baok f yon dont lke them. lso, Jtut reoelred Choce Block Butter, Kts Creamery Butter, Fdelty Brand Bacon, ans, Crackers and Cakes, ld CheeBe, Smoked Beef, Choce Humboldt Potatoes, Etc., Etc., KL.KPONB Sole CON8STNO Chas. OV FOR Hustace, 22 Kng street, next to tho rlngton. Etc H. E. cntyre & BRO., P0BTER8 ND DELERS N Groceres, Provsons and Feed. e. O. HOX S New Goods BeoeWed by Every Faoket from the Eastern BUtes and Europe ylebh CLFORN PEODUOE BY EVERY 8TEEB ll Order! UlthfoUy attended to and Goods Delvered to any Fart ot the Oty FBEE General gonts for tho Santarum Brand or Hoalth Foods (ojutd Owdmm BouonxD,. Btmoto Qutummt EST 0OOHEU VOBT ND ENO STBEETfl. t 4 te 5 ;! to,rj.h

4 r ) l K. l V t ku Evenng Bulletn, uhuhfj Lery Day, cxcerl Sunjjy, at no Kng lrctt, Honolulu,, by the. BUUXTN PUBLSHNG CO.WPNY. W. K. EJtor DNEL LOGN... ClyUllor DR. C.. DThKON Busness ankr sul( rlplkm lltnt Per month,,nlere n Ha ll.n llanjt $ 75 l,ercar, " " 8 oo Vrjear.pojtralJ.tumerlc CamJ orwxlc 0 oo Per) ear, ponpalj ulcr furelgn ccmnltles j oo PPa)able nvarhbly n ajvancc TrlrploKK Busness Offoe J.".t. Edtoral Rooms, tll. Putuflce Box 404 FKDY, JUNE 7, 898. The followng from Sponker Heeds ogu, the Portland (nno) Prtus, may gve some dea of r. Reeds vews: "t no louger beng possble to work what may bo called the Euglaud nearo fnd the Jnpnn scae on behalf of the aunexaton of Uawa a now ecaro has boon resorted to. t has just been dscovered Unt Germany s lkely to nsst that Hawa declare neutral ty whch would greatly ombnr rasa our operatons n tho Pacfc. Uufortuuatly for the annexaton sts they luvo shouted wolf too much n tho past. Everybody "has got on to them" now and refuses to bo scared." fter all what (he Press says nbout "scares" s abcut rght. s t etuda today tho queston s, Whether t s tt proppr busness proposton for tho U"n States to annex Hawa. Tlo problem wll bo fronted from a coo), calm, commercal aud dplomatc stand pont. Tlo chances are n Hawas favor at presont. PULC WOtKH KKPOKT. Tho evenng Wha"gdoodlo and the mornng Poodle exchango courteses over the report of tho commttee on tho Publo works department. s usual tbo Poodle wallows n ts own bdo, wth the rodult that r. Howell may well ask that n be delvered from hs frends. t s tho old story of narrow muded, that has always characterzed tbo Poodle. t s all rjht to talk wse ad theorze on what should be done for tho glory and fame of ths naton ec. etc., but when some h most man or men stop on the toes of a beloved member of a eeloct rng, thou an attempt s n ado to make the fur ly. The refusal of tho Poodle ths mornng to dfcuss any evdence gvn n tho commttees report lots the lght of day nto the whole busness. Wbou the Poodlo s pleas od t was ts edtoal tal aud says sweot thms. When the fur around ts collar U rubbed tho wrong way, t snaps, yaps, barks, screeches and gns through the most dotc antcs magnable t goto one dea, uses bg typo so that tho publo wll bo sure to know thpro s an dea somewhere n tbo mes, aud all ths pasces for "mouldng publo opnon along tho lnes of hgh moral prncple." G d preserve tho publc from hgh mural prncple f ths s an otnmple We have yet to know tho legslatve fommtteo that does not havo tho rght to ranke such a re port as t thnks best. Wo have yot d know of tho ponton connect ed wth a govornmeut department who has not had the opportunty of clearng up tbo charges made njjaubt hm. f r. ltowcll hs a lot of up hs sleovc n tho form of explanatooh by whoh ho can "see" tho commtteo and go them one hotter nether ho or hs frends need worry over the Loobonat "horrors" oeatod by essrs. on, Pars, ot als. Tho pub o s wllng to awat an cxplana ton from r. Rowoll, but there s unversal dcgust over tho snarl ng of tlo Poodlp. Our complments brethren. f tlo report of tlocorantteo was the result of nu attempt to "do up" r. Howell, tlo Bttttudo of tho Poodle s uh uo favortsm. Tlo publc wants facts, not ncoubntods. OPU,, T VNT:, Tho Evenng Bulletn may bo put down as unalterably opposed to tho enactment of the opum bll now before the Houso of Repro sentatves. n the frst place, t s mghty bad poltcal polcy for tho people who made such a pow wow over the opum measuro of tho lato monarchy to turn around and advocate a measure by whch tho government ontors drectly utn tho opum busness. We nre told that tbo opum measure dd not brng about tbo revoluton of 93. n the same way wo oro told that the destructon of auo dd not brng on tho war wth Span. For some unaccountable reason however tho publc soes tho queston n a dfferent lght. t s woll known that men now st n tbo Legsla ture who bavo always favored nn opum lcouse. Ther opnons Hro to bo respected, but the fact stll remans that forco of crcum stances, f not word of mouth, placed tho present regruo as rrevocably opposed to the opum traffc n any form. Sup porters of ths government may haggle as hoy please, but they cannot got away from tho fact that a flop on tho opum queston s nothng raoro or less than rank poltcal heresy. Corrupton has beon tho cry rased.""ctanst all prohbtory measures bu t yot rerauns to bo prtvod that lceno of evls lessens conupton. The b.u now before the Legslature seeks to restrc the tale and use of tbo drug. Ths s supposed to mean that not all those who dr.sre opum ml bo furnshed wth t, u other words, tho proposed law wll ether bvm practse, free opum or the restclons wll bo so strct that smugglng wll bo proftable. Snce annexaton s consdered to be so closo at hand, the opum measuro mght just as well be lad away, nnd tbo Republc of Hawa bo saved tbo msfortuuo of nconsstent acton. vht:l,vv kds sentments. Otvvr of Nv York Trbune Ulves Opnon on nnexutlon. Dr. J. S. cgrew receved by tho last steamor an uterebtng letter from rs. cgrew n whch an account s gven of her entenanment at the magngcent country homo of Hon. Whtelaw Red at Whle Plan, N. Y. n answer to the qphtou whethor he was an an uexatost r. Red replol: "ost certanly am. Hawa has receved very bad treatment at the bauds of tho Unted States The opooston to annexaton comes from the Sugar Trust and tlmso people who beleve tho Unted States should not eook terrtory beyond ts presout bounds. They fgure t would bf too expobve to hold Hawa." t wll bo remembered tbut r. Red was candduto for vce pres dont when Harro was defeated u by Cleveland. He owns the New Yok Trbune whch snce the last campagn has stood steadfastly for annexaton. Fortyfou r shares of Ewa plan taton Co. were s ld at 333 today. Card of Thanks. The famly of James. Dnwsett de sre to expres ther apprecaton and grattude for tho many kndness anl expressons of sympathy extended to nn ny ncur menus, n mer 04 lt Elegant Resdence To Let. Tlo Property ow nod by Kmuul.rkstuated on Kng utcot, unjonng losldonco of J. 8. Walker, Buldngs nro boug put n good. ordor Tlo and rojulr. For full partculars, apply ut tbo ofllco of CKCL ROWN, orclant street. June 7, lw THE EVENNG BULLETN: HONOLULU, H.., JUNE 7, 898. Jlmely Jope Last week we drew your attenton to the good qualtes of the ermotor Steel Wndmll but dd not menton the fact that although the ermotor wll pump more water than any other mll, even wth a poor pump, stll even t wll not do ts best work unless attached to a good pump. we Keep n stock to go wth our 6ft. geared mlls the Gould Trple ctng Pump, Whch wll furnsh from 8000 to 0,000 gals, per hour. For our smaller mlls we have a pump whch s manufactured by the ermotor Co. tself and s just the thng for those who want a pump that s cheap and, at the same tme, the best of ts knd. THE Hawaan Hardware Co, LTED, tto. 307 FORT STREET, Opposte Spreckele Bank. BY UTKOET. Sealed. Tenders. Wll be receved at tho Offce of the nster of tho nteror untl TUES DY, June 28, 698, at 2 oclock noon for the purchase of surplus tmber n tho forest on tho rldgo below Tantalus Heghts. Bds wll bo receved at so much per cord on the stump. Trees to be cut as desgnated by tho Forester and tho brush dsposed of under hs supervson. Partculars may bo learned upon applcaton to tho Offce of tho Com. mssloer and Secretary of the Board of Commssoners of grculture and Forestry, Judcary Buldng. Tlo nster of the nteror does not bnd hmself to accept the lowest or any bd. Tenders must be endorsed. for Cuttng Tmber." HENRY E. COOPER, "ta nster of tlo nteror. nteror Offce, Juno 0, U03. 0l0 3t Notce to Corporaton. n conformty wth Secton 44 of tho CHCodo, nl Corporatons nro loroby notlllod to nnko a full and acouruto exhbton of tholr nfflrs to tlo nteror Dopartmont on orboforo tho 3st day of July next, tho sano boug for tho year ullngjuly,808. llhnkh for ths purpose wll bo upon applcaton to tlo nteror Ollko. Upon fll n ro of any Corporaton to presout tho exhbt, wthn tlo tmo tlo nster of tho nteror wll, oltlor hmself or by ouo or moro Commssoners apponted by hm, call for to podntton of tho books and pspors 0(oof tlo Corpontlon nnd ox.tuuo rs ts touchng ts ulluls under oath. h:nuy :. cooper, nster of tho nteror, ml nterm. nteror Olllco, Juno 5, 898. OK.t ucton UCTON Sales by Jas. F. organ. SLE HORSES? On STURDY, Juno 8, T 2 OCLOCK NOON, t tho StnbleH of Jun,. Dousott, Quoon street, wll Roll at Publo ucton, bout 25 Head of Horses, ares and Colts. JS. f. morgan, 00 2t uctoneer. TWELFTH NNUL EETNG of T r t SprccUls Rk, ON Kahulu, ONDY, JULY 4, 898. Offcal, Program. Rces to commence at to oclock a. m, sharp. rrt U CYCLE PCE One le Dash lne for all aul Cyclsts tlrst rle. $j (jolj cjal, SeconJ rle, $0 Lntrance lee $5. Second PUNNNR PCT. lal!m ll Dash tm lor all Pones 4 hans or under. Purse, Sjo. ThlrJ RUNNNG RCL. One le Dash Free lor all Purse, $00 Tourlh TROTTNG ND PCNG TO HRNESS One le Heats, best a n j Wee lor all Purse, $00. Hllh R UNNNG RCE One Hall le and Repeat Tree lor all aul bred horses Purse, J75. Sxth RUNNNG RCE (Handcap). ol t le Dash ree lor all Hawaan bred horses 4H hands or under. Horses 4 hands or under to carry toolhs., horses 4 hands to carry notvs, 4 a hands to carry laotbs. Purse, J60 Seventh TROTTNG ND PCNG TO HR NESS One le Heats, best n J 30 class Purse, 5 Eghth R UNNNG RCE. CORNTHN RCE. One le Dash lor all horses that have never won a race. ember ol the ssocaton to rde Purse, 40 Gold edal presented by the Secretary Nnth R UNNNG RCE. ULE RCE One Hall le Dsh. Catch wetchts. Free lor all Purse, $40 and $0 addej by L. C, Parsh. Total $50. Tenth RUNNNG RCE. DEN RCE. Threelourl h ol a le Dash ree lor all adens. Purse, $75. Eleventh R UNNNG RCr h le Dash ree lor all. Purse, $5. TeKeth POST ENTRES RUNNNG RCE. One le Dash Free lor all, Portuguese, Japanese or Chnese to rde. Entres close tj mnutes before race. Entrance, f 2 fo. Purse, Sas donated by G. loote, Presdent. R.. ll entres are to be made llh the Secretary before ta oclock noon on Frday, June 34th, 808. Entrance lees to be 0 per cent ol the Purse, unless otherwse speclled. ll Races to be run or trolled under the rules ol the aul Racng ssocaton. ll Horses are expected to start unless wthdrawn by toclock noon on July and, r898. General dmsson : : : 50 cents. Grand Stand (extra).. 50 cents and St. Quarter Stretch Uadges : : : 5 Per order ol Executve Commttee GLO HONS. Secretary aul Racne ssocaton. JflPR Hgh School Congest, Tonght, June 7, 898. Beneft Red Cross Socety. PROGRE: PRT. Overture Enchantment Hermann r. Ernest Kaal llustrated Poem Tho Lotus Eaters Tennyson sses tlce, Grvu and Stewart. Chorus Overture Chorus Song of tho Vlklngs...Fanlng Hgl School. PRT. l Prnce Charmng t Eenbcrg Orchestra. Tho Heavens are Tellng... Haydn Hgh School. Voln Solo Souvenr De Posen Wlenlawsk Dr. Ormond E. Wall. Readng lco at Play Nlel Forest ss Lnuljsoanlna. andoln Duet Hello of Cleveland Valse Tpaldl essrs. Kaal and arques. llustrated Poem Konuuco of tlo Ganges rs. lrownlng Seven Young Ladles. Chorus Good Nght, Farewell.. Lesllo Hgh School. 8"Tckot, $.00, 75o. and 50c., may be had at Wall, Nchols Co.s store. rp Wo have Just receved and havo for sale a FRESH SUPPLY of tho above. ftttlv n uttll rtnntttv nfun an lnnvh your orders early and often. Henry ay & Co., 00 fort STnrr. lw On Eaclatoton.. n t, K. Kob & Co. h wndow wll bo. found npleh of h NEEELE WQEK as dono by m. rlulgh, nto of llla (lolpllu, (.lrvon aro Dong lormou at. V. ;llors & Co.h, wuoro applcatons for scholars w ll bo ro ol vod. ln LS. L, ULKffll. Wanted. Orchestra. Tableau Salute of tho Lels Forty Young Ladles. Pano Solo Tho Last toso of Summer Sydney Smth ss. Gert7. Chorus The Dawn of Day....S. Reay Hgh School. andoln Solo Lu Palona Yradcr stuaton by a Young an who has had much experence n olllco work; also n Kcueral clerkng. Outdoor work preferred. Best of Coast and local referenced. ddress "O. 44" 00 Jt UUU.KTJN Ollce. OLD GLORY s j sght flnt glnddons tho heart. t s tho omblen of lberty lberty of thought, lborfcy of speech; snuvll wonder wo honor ts teachngs. Well talk dusters today. "The lash," 9 Hotel Street : : WaYeHey BlOCl gents for Dr. Demola Lnene al Underwear. Scud for Catalogue. We ake Shrts to Order. FOR ONE ONTH ONLY For Cash WE WLL KE OUR $7,00 Pants for $ Suts for $8.00. " Tlls s no humbug. Come and hke your pck. EDEROS & DECKER No. Hotel Street. Lchee Nut Trees FOR BX E! Just receved, the fnest lotjever mported. choce varety. Over Two Years Old B.Wll bear n from 8 to 24 months. nqure at Kwong Hp Lung Co., Hotel Street. ln DR. P. E. CLRK, DKNTlaT. 3 4 lrogross ock, cornor Soretaula and Port Stroots, Honolulu.. R. ROWT, Veternary Surgeon. TELEPHONE Fort Street Orders left at Club or Pantheon Stanlea wll be recelvetl and promptly attended. Dlseaseaof dogsa speealty. Ths s Only the Cms JOrSNTED, Buy Well. Do not conclude on tho rst thng you see. jcoony s.. :...(:......: uny,u cously your tmo or money.""", Your Tme n woll spout f yon need anythng for your house, or for a presont, and you nvestgate tho The Peoples Store. We arc offerng a specal dscount of ten per cent, off regular Plan l?guro Prces of certan lnes, ths month, and you can certanly Save oney t the Peoples Store. W, W. Dmond & Co,, LTED. Kng Street. We Have t! l&phfs mtmy TURED ND BOTTLED N BOND Pge and strength. uarttee4w.governeb &To. HONOLULU. DSTRBUTORS. f J The Old Government Whskey. Bottled Under Supervson TE U.S. Government FOR SLE BY W. C. PECOCK & CO. Lmted Solo gents.,. el. erchant Street. wtw." Successful Rubber Tre Held n Place ly Two Electrcally Weaefl Wres 45000: Sets Used n Tn UNTED : STTES Wo nvtonspecton Goods on Exhbton T THE Hawaan Carage anufacturng Co.s Faotory Wlson & Whtehouse Solo Lcensees for Hawaan slands. 40 h F a? a

5 !WJfW"WW? LOCL ND GENERL, Tho Peru snls nt 5 p. m. Cecl Bown oltcrfl the mognfcen t Purker resdence for rent. Pclurcs rnnke oxcollont wold Dg prohonts. Eug Bros., 0 ;J Hotel street. n 2 Tbo cnso of tbo Perus delay x was nno dnys.detentou at Kobo r n quarantuo. f The Hawaan Hardwnro Com pnny has an nterestng talk on pumps n ths ssue. Wthn two or three weeks "290" hack stand wll bavo rubber troa on all ther carrages. Ncely furnshed roomh at the Popular House, 54 Fort street, from S.00 per weok up. Co. D wll hold an olecton for captan ths uaht wcpk, tbo com msson of Olaf Hergstrom ng. Charles Wlcox s not yet well enough, although reported mprovng, to return to h eoutaal dutes at tbo Health offco. Captan Goo. "V. Coffn, U. 8. N., (retred) fntraerly of tho U. S S. Olmlostou, s a passenger ou the Poru en routo to San Fran ceco. Pearson & Hobron aro agents for the Soaroh Lght Bcycle Lamp whch s generally conceded to bo tho best bcycle lamp n exstence. r. Smthes hwout a new boys n blue budge, and says t s sellng lke hot cakes. portrat of Dewey s ovorthe legend, "Wola ka Hao." quet lttle sngle wcket prao tso match wll be held Saturday afternoon on Brtsh Comraeson er Kennys prvate ptch at the Legaton. Dante wll gvo a specal mat toa nmnrrnn afternoon for nde?. and cbldron, commencng at 2 oclock. uluuronw uoaummea for 25 cents. n acoteylono gas burnorof 08 caudlo power ha been placed n tho lchthoase. t s there for "" s v trnl and bo far has gven great satsfacton. rs. Geo. llen and her unt who left here on the Damond ) Head hate arrved Bafely n tho East. rs. llens health s great ly mproved. The engagement s announced of Wn. ackay chef master at arms of the Pennngton to fb Sarah Lycett daughter of r. and s. Jhb. Lycett of ths cty. dollar saved s a dollar earn ed. You can save a good many dollars by buyng your grocores of J. Hutohnys, 027 Fort street. P.O. box 402. Telephone 358. number of ntendng pas snngors by tho Copto, due on the 8th, secured passage on the Poru, as the latter vessel brought word that tbo Coptcs accommodatons wero all tukou. The Offcers Club have been sendng out extremely neat nvtatons and "guest" badges n the last few days" enttlng the holder to the freedom of the Club to July 2d. John Ena loaves on tho Peru tonght to meet hs daughters sros abol and ary n San Franosco, who have beon attendng school at Easton, Pa., for the "" past year. Next weok Ewa plantaton wll bavo oe from ts own factory. from New York, and all tbo latest mllnery noveltes. Tho dross mkng department has also roce a lot of now trmmngs and fndngs. f rofrroratog room has also beon Oahu, at 7 statons, had an constructed and porshablo goods averago of 2 05 nches. Tho hgh belongng to tho plantaton store est whs Luakaha, 850 feet elevaton, 9a30; the lowest, Kapolan wll be placed there., Park, 0, and Ewa plantaton, GO Tho tables not undor tho shade feet elevaton, tryng each other at of trees, for tho banquet of tbo 0.22 nches. comng troops, aro beng sheltered Fve statons on Kaua gve an undor palm leaf pavlons. Care averago of 8.39 nches. Klauea, taker R J. Greene s supervsng 325 feet, was hghest at 4.4G nches, and Hanamaulu, 200 foot, the trmmng of palms n the Executve buldng yard for tho purpose. lowest at.73 nches. ll of tho old Legslature hall Ctlnee rrved. s not to be ocouped oy the Commssoner of grculture and tho Not so many Chnese pabsengors permanent agrcultural oxbbton. arrved n tho Poru as had been half partton has been erected dvdng off a mooty of tbo floor for headquarters of tho Sharp shooters. The Damond brought a great many now thngs for ss Kl leans rror of Fashbn, whch aro now ready for nspoctjon, among them are Salor Hats rght Dnnto wll gvo an ontroohargo of bll tomorrow nght. Tho Hawa Horald ntmates that tho racer J. t. may bo sold n Honolulu. The rumor to tho effect that the oana had beon burned s doncd by W. G. rwn & Co. Htchcook and Smth s tho latest legal frm of Hlo. r. Smth s a Chcago law graduate. There was no quorum for tho annual meetng of the Brtsh Bonevolont Socoty last nght. Tho Coptou passonger accom modatons havo beon ovorflouod by bookngs at U. Hackfold & Co.s. For a nco clean shavo or an arstcharcutdrod n tothoelto B rbor Shop, Kng street, noar dkea. " Tho Copto was to sal from Kobo about 40 hours J after tho Poru, and wll bo duo hero tomorrow. nster Damon made a full answer ths mornng to Souator Browns quees about the tax department. rs. O. B. Cooper and ss C. Clymor wll as n tho chorus sngng of tho Hgh School concert tonght. bout a hundred Hgh school boys and grls occuped the Opera Houbo ths mornng for rehearsal of tonghts concort. O.. Cooko and hs two sons, Rchard and George, loft on tho auna Loa ths mornng for a busness trp to Pabala. Reserved scats for tbo concert tonght can bo obtaned by ox changng tokots for reserved checks at Wall, Nchols Co. r. Wm. F. J. Dalo and ss Besse Orhell wore marred at St. ndrews Cathedral yesterday by tho Rev. lexander ackntosh. George J. Robs s very low today. Drs. nor and Sloggett are attondng hm, but a complcaton of troubles thus far baffles rolef. Photographer Wllams has mado some excellent photographs n connect wh tho flag presentaton on the Chaleston. Oup s of the flag flyng from the stern of Charleston; tho other s of tho flag draped back of tho koa bowl and memoral. Tho accommodatons for the feedng of the boys n bluo on the grounds of tho Executve buldng l.vk.l4 KOH Y. verage! for ll the lnnds that Pur. lshetl Reports to Weather Dureau. ccordng to the roeord of O. J. Lyons, chef of Weathor Bureau, the ranfall for ay avoragod 5.54 nches on tbo whole sland of Hawa, reports beng receved from 3 statons. The hghest was 5 58 at Kallmann, 250 feet levatou; the lowest 0 50 at Hloa, 30 feet. Honuapo, 5 feet elevaton, bad no ran. au has eght statons report ng, wth an averago of 2.82 n chos. The hghest wbb Puuoma le, 400 foot elevaton, and Olowalu report cpher dry, and Haleakala ranch tbo smallest fall,.55, at 2000 feet elevaton. apulebu, oloka, 70 foet, had 2.23 nches. oxpected. Thero wero nnotythr oo all told, classfed as follows: To sojourn on sx month permts, 53; nors. 9; Upon return permts, 3; Women, 4; Nataralzod Hawaan, ; Hawaan born, 3. For Sale. 70 Head of Fne Large ules To nrrlvo n u fow days from Calforna. 0.4 lw. l. ccuu.ouar. THE EVENKQ BULLETN: HONOLULU, H. J., JUNE 7, 898. War : Everybody Should Sttbscrbo For Ether tho News Oa.ll, Olronole or Examner, n order to got ll the Umws ONLY $.00 ONTH t the local agency WLL, NCHOLS CO. Drcct from ng We have receved Brush, Double and Sngle Frame and Skeleton DOOR TS.. Razors, Prunng and BuddngKnves, Pocket Knves, Farrers Knves. Open and Twsted Lnk Trace Chans. Wnsor & Newtons Colors, Color Boxes, rtsts Canvas, cademy Board, Palettes, Vougas Studes. Pacfc Hardware Co,, are nearng completon. Tho um, tables wll allow 3000 mon to be Fort Stroot. served comfortably at one tme. Over the tables a awnng of palm Dante leaves s beng made as a protecton aganst sun or ran. Bv to morrow nght everythng wll bo ready tor the receptou of troops, WLL GVE Bargan atnee TOORROW! dults Ohldken Saturday...50 Cents 25 Cents Nght Entre Change of Bll Get Seats at Wall, Nchols Co. L L hj 3000 Pes Wanted ron THE Boys n Blue DONTO NS Toward tlo above nro earnestly solcted by SRS.. KULLKt, W. a. SHLKV, CourTssary Commttee PE,. PE, The Evenng Bulletn, 75 els. per Kvory smmer many of our jcoplo vst nt tlo vrlous nprlt;s throughout tho Unted Htnto n search of lost health. 0lng to tho heavy oxpenw ncurred by tno eonumctl n mnklnr tlcsolour noys, nnny nro compelled to rcumln nt Homo n cohcqonco. Bartlett "ter careful tudy and thorough nl others. any promnent reslclonts of Hawa lmo vsted tho sprngs nnd nl tllko ngreo that t las no equal n curatve qualtes. Sprngs Tho lendng physcans of Calforna prescrbe t, many consder t o. For stomach and kdney troubles t n especally nnd recovo n crcular contanng testmonals favorably known. Water of people who nro well am Wo nro carryng n stock ths valuabl o wutor n quanttes to sut nt tho followng prces: For Caso of B0 Quarts J 9.50 For Caso of 50 Flnts O.hO For Doz Quarts 2.50 For Dor, Pnt.00 Hollster Drug Co. s For the Hawaan slands. :. t.s. SCHS DRY GOODS GO, Ltd. s V ro tho largest purchasers f HghGla ss rtcles of Dress for Lades and Chldrens Wear, long n ths envable poston, we offer the very ncat goods ut the vory lowest possblo margn of proft. Whle tho collecton of Fashonable NOVELTES s unrvaled, wo aro dsplayng, THS WEEK, a choce lot of SLK and COTTON DKESS GOODS, bongkt drect from tho uko s, gvng our customers tho very w yalues over oflored. Wo only ask you to look, feelng convnced that tho qualtes and colorngs, together yrft the low prce, wll do the rest.. S. Sachs Dry Goods Co., Ltd Tklmon: 755. Openng an to tho most effectve wators for the nllmonts most common to our jcoplo, wo llnd that llllttt.sluxas WTKUsbyfar superor to PalamaCooperatYe 520 Port Street, Honolulu. P. O. Box 4. nnouncement. LTED. Grocery Co. The Company Store s Now Open for the Transacton of Busness. nd wo shall bo pleased to wnlt upon our old customers who so generously patronzed tho former Pnlana Grocery. New patrons wll also bo oflucd ovcry nducement to place ther Orders wth us. Orders by telephone or through tho mals wll recovo prompt attenton. Dont forget our motto was and always wll be ttat " nmble sx pence s better than n h.y half crown. H. CNNON, umgor lnlama Oro eery, Ltd., Opposte Ralway Kng street. Honolulu, ay 0, S0S. 05t f NOTRY N, FERNNDEZ. Dopo t, PUBLC and TYPEWRTEB Offce: 208 erchant street. Campbell ock, rear of J. O. Carters offce. P. O. Box 04. BLCK SLKS N n all Wdths Strpes, Plads, Plan, Col ors, Grossgran, n. FOE. Horses atched Teams, Famly, Hack and, Saddle Horses! tst Ordors takon for nl tkc s f dorses. btables: j.a. E. W. JORDN No. O Fort Street. JUST LNDED Kng St., oppo. Sngers Bakery P. O. Box 4SS 85 tf Let. Tho Cottage ou tho eomer of Beretun a and Klulmrds streets, opposte the Centr Unon Church, at prewnt occuped by tho Hotel. Pomemlon gven on tho st of June. pply to 006t f Dlt. JNO. 8. cgtlw. Beautful Lne of Slks For Shrt Wasts nnd Costumes. Now Shades Prettest Plads and Fancy Patterns. Trumph, Surah and Brocade Black and Colored Satn. EBB0NS EBBONS Satn, Slk, Taffeta and ore Taffeta Horn an Strpes and Plads n ( Sash Rbbons Specalty. Calforna? Como early and got frst choco, at E. W. JORDNS, No. O JEPort Street. To SJLE cdonald., 4? a 4 va., SB t,. 4fr,t v s m f f t.t& " " " ""$ " "" ; sm :k.j&4mvk tt JLLd

6 SON LNCE CO. OP : CND. Summary o the nnual Report for 897. Now ltfo pplcatons receved llrlllk 8)7.. $n,2u2, njr)k.ruv(fr 8lfl n,ls2,40u 7. Gfllncm for j ear sl Dec, HH7... 2,2J8,8U 7 J nom.s.) otor ROf :t52,0fl 74 nel at 3t Deeomltor, H7 7,22,7 4 ncrvfh oor 8W t,22( 78 Rowrvo for Securty of ollryholdorn f,s,0,7."2 OS (conlu t Tm. cr pjr cvnl.thlo ) fcr l(l.. ur l2l,r,r2 50 Surjs fr h Llal llth, "HOpt Captal.,220. (nlk to llm. or pr emt. Taltlo.) tfurplu over nl Labltes and Capll l ock 6S.27 OS OuwrdK to Ca.lln Govt mdnnl, llm. H Ttr Surplus cunt.) over nl Labltes, oxop l Captal.. 08, (Otllf; tt Canadan Govt.Standard, 4 ur Cut.) Cm Pad lurk 7 nn, 7 7 Bshop & Co, Bankers, gents. HONOLULU, LL J. m. PORTEOTJS, 020 nspector. 03 CNG STEET. llu HOL.ESLE anaqbu. ND RETL BUTCHERS T"t7 CoatractorSt Kengerated Poultry VD CONSTNTLY Fresh Salmon ON HND. etropoltan Vfeaf Cfo. Telephone 45. Fne Talorng! have t new cutter of great skll an t peronce, and can guarantee kmm h at very low prces. The Ltest sutng" are kept n stock, a beautful lluu sorgo for smmer wear. Uevr Goods! Fluent and freshest Dry Goods n stock. J lave just receved flue (rass (oth, Pongee Slk, cmbr. l lercl Klllc lltndkeruhtefx, etc. best of Whte and Colored attng. Fancy Thngs! The latest S. S. duello brought Btutloo Chars and Lounges, Camphor Trunks wth alarm bell locks, elo., alo New Crop Tea. y prces n all lnes meet the dercet com petton. GOO K, rtero..ut Talor and General Dealer, Nuuanu, near Hotel street. Beaver ROOS. H. J. NOTE, Propretor Lunch Vlest Lunch n Town Tea and Coffee t LL louns. TUE FNEST BltNDB Cgars and Tobacco LWYS ON HND. THE "RLNGTON"... FLY HOTEL... EZroujoo, 3Prop Per Day The Boat of ttendance, the Beat Stuston and the Fnest eals n ths Ctj TS. F. ORGN,.lUOTtlNRKK ND STOCK UOKEK No. 9 Queen Street P. n pprasement j&tfto andfurnture. Trophy Bakng Powder Scentfc Combnaton of Cream Tartar and Knrlfl NO OTHER NGREDENTS. The Club Stables Lmted. O. Jhllna, anager. FORT STREET, Telephone 477 Lvery, Boardng & Sale Stables Prompt Servce. Stylsh Turnouts. Safe Drvers. Wo nro especally onulpped to enter to your tnulo. Far dealng and good Horace s what wo depend upon to got t. Wo lavo for salo Famly Carrage nml Drhlutr Homos, hro or doublo teams. Tloy nro n good condton md wll bo sold on faomblo tonus. Dr. tem at s always n attoudanco nt tlo Stables. Cul Stables Hackstand Cor. Unon Hotel Sts. (Old lloll Towor). CltOULL ND WHLL NFORED DltlVKLS. FRST CLSS CRRGES. HCKS T LL HOURS. Orders forsurroys, Waconottos, Shmlo or Doublo Teams nt a tuononts notlco. Hack Nos. 2.r, 83, 00, 70, 77. C. r.lln, gr. N DRWsF&t? k Dalruflwll not euro tself. To of tyou must troat jour har and scalp wth sonorouody Our Dandruff Kller propnrort and sold only by us s Warranted to Cure! Paoheco & Pernandes, rlngton Block, Hotol Street. ssocaton BSEBLL t, Grounds! STURDY FTERNOON, 3:30 OCLOCK. Honolulu vs. st. Regt. 90(5,m ules For Sale. choce lot of ssour am Calforna ules Jas t rrved Now for sale ut low terms. En qulro of, O. SOHUN, CluhJJahles. O. G. TRPHGEN, EOHTEOT 223 Brchant St Honolulu, Between Fort and lakea, 005t f : : : 784 " TKNNS COUTH. Kclllwr Uuar lrltf Plnyrd ly.ocnl Tulrt. s tlo teuus tournamout goes on, nterest s hodg awakoned amonu the volarcs of the game. Yostoulay ho courts woro crowded wth spec ntors most of them Dong ndes. Tho pny was Tho most brllaut match of the nfterunon was b twecn Hnrry Wutorhouso nud E.. dams whch wns won ly hn 0 latter by a scoro of, G 2. Wlder Wudt and Wllo played a remarkably fast game. They nn both junors and t s doubtful f many of tho senors could keopup wth them. toth won 5 7, (5 2, ( 4. S. G. Wldor defeated Ghnrl y thrloafter n hard fought game. t was remnrknblo n that tho playcs were so ovonly match ed. Tho day prevous hoy wore stopped by darkness the scoro beng 0 0. Yoslerdny tloy ployed nbout oven but Wlder won two games straght when the score was 0 0 and t gavo hm tbo match. Score, 6 8. Tho other gameb wero as fol owh: Clarence Cook, PTC Souor, vs Harold Dllngham, P n n t.,..:...,., nn,n.:!. a seoro of 0, G 2; G V Dckey, P T O, vs J Cooke, P T O, won by Cooko wth a scoro of 7 G, 4 0, c : The games on the Boretana courts wore ns follows: Eott Smth, B T O, vh rthur ackn tosh, Valley Club, won by oltsm th wth a scorn of 0; Chns Bergor, P T C Junor, vs Donald Ross, B T 0, won by 6 Ross wth a scoro of 6 3, ; ) H Htchcock defaulted to S G Wlder. TodnyB games wll bo played as follows: Pacfc court at 4 Dm D ShtkH, B T 0, vs E R dams, P T C; J P Cooke vs S G Wlder. lsoretonft courts at 4:30 p n E ottrm h, B T 0, vs O H Cooke, P T C; 5 p m Donald Ross, UPC, vs Wllo Roth, PTC Junor. New Departure. Wo are very anxoub to show tho publc what a co oporatve storo can no n tho way of suddv Dg tho table wth fresh mported groceres. So ploase dont forpet that tho Palama Co oporatve urocoy Uo.s store s now op n for busnoss. Frst shpment of goods arrved por arposa from the coast. mong tho mady good thngs she brought are fresh fro zon oysters, dolcous smoked halbut, plate corn beef, 6 lb ku salt mackerel, smoked beef hams, lb blocks creamery butter, and many olher choce artcles. Ths storo has always enoved tho repututon for low prces, but now under tho co operatve plan wo aro better able than ever to compete wth even our celestal com pettors. No harm n gvng us a tral. Telophono 755 tll new s sue ot book. Ooods dolverod to all ptrts of cty and suburbs. PL CO OPEUTVE GllOOEllY Co., Ltd.! Old Btsnd, opposte Ralway Depot, Kng street. KullhLwtena Hcltool Concert. The concert last nght n ad of tho Lbrary Fund was a grand success artstcally and fnancally. Tuore woto over two hundrpd present n ho audenco. Prncpal Edwards and hs assstants should feel very proud of tn credtublo performance gven by tuo oumrou. Tho cboruse3 werp remarkably well suug. The bell rngug by tbo Fort street school boys wbb very plowng and was encored loudly. Tho Cantata "The Wreath of Love" wub very well gvon. ss norva Fernan dez took the part of Eva. There wero nbout sxty voces n the chorus. Your photos wll soon be spoled f exposed wthout glass over thorn. Kng Bros, have struck a very neat and nexpensve way of dong up photos whch s gvng groat satsfacton. 0 Hotel street. Sngers lend tho world. Over 8,000,000made nnd sold. Hghes t awards at tho Worlds Colum ban Exposton for oxcellonoo of constructon, regularty of moton, oase of moton, great speed, ad nstablty, durablty, ease of learnng and convomonco of arrangement. B. Borgorson, ngent, 0 Jjetuo stroot. m autuohtl Tenders for Supples. Omc: op tk lotn opk.vlt, Honolulu, Juno 3, 803. Toudors wll bo recoucd at ths omco untl 2 oclock noon, WEDNESDY, Juno 22, 808, for furnshng tlo luroau of Health wth supples specfed n tho followng schodulos, for tlo porod of sx months endng December 3, 893. llds for toms of each schedulo must bo mado sopnratoly, ond each tondor should bo endorsed: "Tonders for.supples Hoard of Health." Tho Hoard does not bnd tself to accept tlo lowest or any bd. WLL O. STH, Presdent of tlo Hoard of Health. SCKDULLV." aterals and Suppllos for uso of tho Bureau of Health nud tlo Lojor Settlo nont, olokal, to lx dolvored n quan ttes ordered by gonts )f tlo Board of Health f. o. b. sland stcamors or any other plno n Honolulu. l T:lLS. Lnlwr, N. W., Bough, xr. Lunhur, T. G., N. W., x0, por. Lumber, Surfaced, t. W., por..shlnglos. B. W., er. Hlton, Jx.l, t. W., K)r. Kcko osts, t. W., oach. Doors, UxOxll, n., each. Wndow Sash, 0x2, and 0x4, por par. Nals, ron Cut, lod bass, por keg. Nals, (Jalv., 3d and 8d, por keg. Hollod Ol, Hubbucks, po,r gal. Wllo Lead, Hubbucks, Oonulno, per lb. Turpontlno, por gal. Llno, or bbl. Gnlv. ron Boong, (, 7, 8 and 0 ft. lengths, por lb. OVSONS ND SUTL.S. Bread, S. V. Calf, or m., up to 60 casos, por lb. Broad edum, samplos to bo furnshed, up to 800 cases. Hkng Powder, Boyal or Schllngs Best, tns, up to 30 gross. Bacon, por lb,, up to 30 sldos of 8 lbs. each (glo brand). Bran, ltho, por ton, up to 30 tons. Bran, Who.t, per ton, up to 0 tons. Crackors, Soda, up to 30 casos, por lb. Colleo, groon Kona, up to 2 sacks, por lb. Charcoal, guaa, up to 300 bags, por bag. Coal, Doprturo Hay, short ton (n sacks), up to 20 tons. Flour, (. G., U sacks, up to 400 bbls. atches, long card, up to 300 gross. lk, condonsod,.. brand, up to 0 casos. Onons, por lb., up to 2 cratos. Ol, Korosono, up to 300 casos. Potatoes, sland, up to 0 sacks. Pruuos, drlod, up to 5 0l boxes. Bco, No., up to GOO bags. Sugar, Baw No., up to 200 Dags. Salmon, host rod, up to 20 bbls. Soap, brown (00 lb, boxes), 2 lb, bars, up to 200 boxes. Salt, coarso, por ton, up to 500 bags. Starch, Lly Gloss, lb. pkgs,, up to 20 rasos. Tobeco, Golden Cupd, up to 50 boxes. Tobacco, blondcd stock, up to 50 boxes., Wheat, up to 20 sacks SCHEDULE " B.".Hay nnd Gran to bo dolvored at tlo Garbago Stablos, noar cornor of South and Queen streots. Tho tondor must bo for wolght dolvored nt tho Stables. Hay, boat or Oat, up to 50 bales. llr.m, wheat, up to 50 bags. Oats, up to 50 bags. SCHEDULE " C." Suppllos for tho nsano sylum to bo dollered n quanttes roqulrod and subjoct to nspecton and approval of tho odlcal Suporlutondont. lleof, ouo r, rumps nnd rounds, por lb,, about 50 lbs, por day. Bcof Stoak (lon), nbout 4 lbs. por day. Bread, fresh, lb. loaf, about 30 loavos por day. Bread, medum, por lb,, about casos por mouth. Beans, bayo, por lb., about 00 lbs. por mouth. Bakng Powder, loyal or Schllngs Best, 8 oz. tn, doz. per Hroous, Steamboat oṛ ll, doz. por mouth. Colbo, groon Kona, obout 00 lbs. por Hour, G. C. or Crown, bbl. por Onons, crato por Potatoes, sland, 0 bags per Port, oxtra cloar, bbl. por Bco, Hawaan No., 7 bags prr Salmon, lost red, 2 bbls, por mouth. Sugar, No. Haw, 4 bags por mouth. Tea, Chna Pouchong, chest por Tomatoes, canned, por doz. 3 cases por Wood, algaroba (not less than 0 n. thck), 3 cords er Coal, Doparturo Day, ton er month, Tenders for the Purchase of Hdes and Tallow. Ofck o" thk ku ok, Honolulu, Juno., 893 Tcndors for jurchnso of Hdes nld Tallow from tho Bureau of Health for tho perod of sx months, endng Decem ber 3, 893,lll bo recoled nt ths ohlco untl 2 oclock noon, WEDNESDY, Juno 22, 808. Tho tonders must k for tho prce por pound for Hdes and fortallow dolvored on tho wharf, Honolulu, on weghts ap proved bv nn jront of tlo Board of Health, raynonts aro to bo mado n U. S. Gold Con, mmedately after delvery of goods. The Board does not bnd tself to ac cept tho hghest or nny bd. WLL O. STH, Presdent of tho Board of Health. fl.) t SH Havng tko stock and reduced all prces now offer the latest styles of FNCY t 5 PRNTS! cents a yard ND OTHER GOODS N PRO PORTON lso ox "Zoalanda" a fmo assortment of FSH NET CURTN! B.W mm Tl Kng Street, Von lolt Block. NEW l. BOOKS The Golden Rule Bazaar Just receved ox S. S. Zcalanda NEW STTONERY FCE SUPPLES SCHOOL GOODS HWS STORY (By Lllluokalaul) SLND VEWS ND CUROS! J.. WEBB 36, Fort Street. J.R. Shaw.D.V.S. tfmjpl l2l B Offce and nfrmary, 863 Kng St. TELEPHONE 700. odorn and Humano Treatment. Carrage HONOLULU anufactory 63 to 62 Fort Street. Carrage Bulder ND BBFnSB. Blaolcsmbng n ll Us Branches. W. W. WUUllT, Propretor. (Suoooasor to O. West) Gold Pant: Whch s a substtute forrold leaf, and wll LST. Enamel: Bathtu b For mpartng a hard and glassy surface to any materal. Enamel: For porcelnln.fnsh on tubs lower note. etc. Not aflected by cold or hot water. Varnsh Stans: For furnture, STFull drectons for uso. boskets, etc. Try them. Lewers & Cooke. John Nott, mporters and Dealers n Steel and ron Ranges, STOVES, GTEWRE. DOND BLOCK. 2 & 23 Kng Street.. m UHSl & STOCK, BOND j. r NDt oney Brokers Stocks and Bonds Boughtand Sold on Commsson. Loans Negotated Real Estate ND nsurance gents Rents collected. Complete charge of Property for absentees. Fnancal gents u any capacty, as Trustees, ssgnee,, dmnstrators or Executors. Greenwch genoy of 20 KNG STREET, HONOLULU, H.. U The Hawaan". Weekly 3STews;pa.;pe r Devoted to tlo grcultural and Hortcultural Development of tho Hawaan slands. ssued SUBSOUrTON Saturdays. RTES: One Year. 2 0 One Yoar(Forolgnpostago pad) Sx onths (Domestc) ""."." 0 Slnglo Copes, ok dvertsng Rates on applcaton to Busness Offce. "The Hawaan," 20 Kng Street, Honolulu, H.. :m vs d!

7 . U W. G. rwn & Go. gents for Lmted. Western Sugar Kofnery Co. of Ban Francsco. Baldwn Looomotlve Works of Phladelpha, Fenn.. U. 8.. Nowoll Unversal ll Co. (Natonal Dane Shredder), New York, U.8.. N.Ohlandt & Gos Chemcal Fertlzers. lex Cross & Sons, hgh grado fertlzers for Cane and Coffee. Eoeds Stenm lpo Coverng lso Offer for Sale Parofflne Palat Gos T & Pants and Papers) Lucol and Lnseed ols, raw and boled. ndurno. (a cold water pant) n whte and colors. Flter Pross Cloths, Cement, Llmo and Urloks. L " LlPK and JFRE GENTS FOR.. New England mutual lfe nsurance Co. of Boston. ETN Fre nsurance Company HRTFORD. Wm. G. rwn & Co. (lmted). Wm. G. rwn, Frosdent and anager Olaus Bpreokels, VcePresd W.. Gffard, Secretary and Treasurer Theo. 0. Portor, udtor Sugaa? Factors ND Commsson gents..qent8 TUB OOBNO STESHP COPNY SN FUN0B0O. OL. 0. BREWER & COPNY, LTED, Queen street, Honolulu, GENTS H.l. FOR Hswsllsn Ktlculturml Company, Onom Soeu Company, Honomu Sugar Company, Walluko 8 Company, Walh Sugar Company. ake..,u."" ".. r, T. T&,.n, Knrn.w r men uut www rt. d a. r fn nf Rtnn rmckca,.o. wcws wv. ""T " Packets. gents Boston ooaru duduu.. gents Phladelpha Board of Underwrters. usr or omoenst P 0 Jones, Presdent! George H Bobertson, anager; E F Bshop, Treasurer and Col. W F llen, udtor; 0 Cooke, H Watcrhouse, W Carter, Drectors. Buldng Lots! t WKK on oar lne and on P L ROD near.fertlzng Plant. These Lota are Very Cheap and Sold on Easy Terms. Desrable cre Tracts near the cty and other Propertes for sale. BRUCE, WKNG & CO., Dealers n Lota and Lands, 32 Fort Street, near Kng Tg,HQNK607. P. O. Box B2. W. C. CH & CO., Brokers & Dealers RELJSTTE y We wll Buy or Sell Beal Estate n all parte of the group. EjT We wll Bell Propertes on Beason. sblecommlssons; FCE. 0 West Kng Street H. HCKFELD & CO., Ltd BENE COSSON GEHTS Oor. Fort and Qnoen Streets, Honolulu.. PHLLPS & CO., Wholesale mporters and Jobbers of Hnropean and mercan Dry Goods LLEN Fort and Queen Streets. ROBNSON. Doalora n Lumber and Coal and Buldng aterals of all knds. Qnoen Street, Honolulu, THE Just Lke Gold Con. For morn nn ffrw na has PERRY DVS PN KLLER stood tho test aganst all romedos prepared w eradcate pan, and today stands at the head of r.ho laf. among tho medcnes that aro so essental to keep at hand n the homo. t s not a now fanglo remedy nor do the propretors lay clam to any wonderful revelaton of tho ngredents that en r nto the manufacture of ths over popular remedy. t s n rfectlv hnrmlcaa vnn need have no fear of becomng habtually nclned to ts use. For Colc, Cramps, Dysentery, Colds, and all panful affectons, a few doses wll certanly gve relef. You cannot afford to bo wthout a bottle n the house. Your forefathers rp f and found t benefcal. Why experment wth some remedy that s new and ts effect on the system unknown? t has manv rvala but. n equal. s f Tho now 35c. sze contans over double the quantty of tho 25c. sze. Hollster : Company, Bole gents for the slands. Drug GOOD THNG 4 u a c Oha, lgeroba and Pne Frewooo Out and Splt (ready for the Stove). lso, STOVE, STE & BLCKSTH COL WHTE ND BLCK SND t Lowest Prces, delvered to any part ot the Cty. TELEPHONE HUSTCE & CO., 3 Queen Street. t ato&&n COPNY s proparod to furnsh Nltrato of Soda, Bono eal, raw or dssolved Florda and Lady Ellot sland Guano, Sulphate of mmona, urato and Sulphate of Potash and Kalnlto, Co ral Llmo Stono and anures. n quanttes to sut.. F. COOKE, anager, Davd Dayton, Real Estate Broker. 209 erchant Street. FOB SLE. 2 Chnese Grante Htchng Posts; $6 each. Surrey n fne order; prloa House and Lot, 76x65 ft., on No. 7) Koung dnngroo street; parlor, 3 bedrooms, ktchen eto. F. H. REDWRD, Contractor and Bulder. Offces and Stores ftted up and Estmates gven on LL KNDS WORK. rgr Offce and Bbop: No. 09 Fort street, adjonng W. W. Wrghts Carrage Shop. Real Estate Transactons. Subscrbers are furnshed wth from fve to sx lsts ner week, gvng an accurate record of all deeds, mortgages, leases, releases, powers et attorney, etc, etc, whch are placed on record. Subscrpton Prce, per onth,. V. GER, 20 Kng St, Honolulu. The Elto ce Cream Parlors 08 HOTEt STREETS, Cakes and Candes, Fne ce Cream. Our Establshment s the Fnest Besort n the Cty. Oall and see ns. Open tll oclock r. u.??"$. k "wrat " EVENNG BULLETN: HONOLULU, H.. JUNE 7, RT N PRNTNG! s any old thng "good enough for you Or do you want your Statonery ND OTJ KK Prntng atters fz UpToDat e? Tho questons aro unnecessary. You can get tho best at tho Hl JOB BULLETN Prntng House 20 Kng St., Honolulu, H.. Bargans n Fne BULDNG Sea Vew, Real Estate LOTS t Punahou, Prospect Street, Kalh..3STJD Kng St, near ffalhla Boaa TWO CRES of mportant proporty cty lmts. n central part of Desrable resdence proporty, nco cottages and woll mproved grounds, Kng street, Young streot, Punahou and South Slope of Punchbowl. Gear, Lansng & Co. SO Kng, Street., L Near Honolulu. Short Dstanco from tho Ralroad Statons. agnfcent Facltes for Obtanng Labor. Long Term Leaseholds from 35 to 40 years can bo obtaned n tracts of any number of nores desred, on the most favorable condtons. Tho specal attenton s called of those wth small captal wshng to go nto ths very prolltablo ndustry. For partculars, apply to Gar, Lansng & Co., 20 KNG OTBEKT. DNTS TR Y8TFEO. The Wonderful Younr ntcnn jjh Kntlrals lelollers. Thoro wero otl or pebbles on tbo ontortanment beach last nght, and Danto tno prestdgtateur dd not buve noro tban half a houso. t was noteworthy, however, that many wbobo har he. lke Gator felto of our grandfathers days, mado to stand on end the frst nght wero thoro agan seokng, f ltl van, fnr tho annrnfa t bewlderment. Wthout a materally altered the nrocram. the wznrrl kpnt tlm people n keen attenton through out, anu nor, n sngle net or part of act faled to mako a ht. The unversal verdct s Hnt m nntn n qute new bb and tuckor on the out magc, ana mat ho s tho most lghtnng sleght of hand artst tver seen n ths town. r. nta wll nnnnnr nnnn Saturday evenng, besdes a maueo me snmo alternoon,, gvng Ttvo Cnrnra for Honolulu. Tho W H Dmond s dschargng hr much needed cargo of merchandse at llon street. t ncludes the followng: 2825 bbla flour, 27 pkga machnery, 29 bales dry goods, 202 cs soap, 959 lbs onons, 24,455 lbs potatoes, 970 lbs beans, 9,900 lb Lard, 7920 lbs rolled barloy. 40 eks bran, 50 sks shorts, 250 lbs buttor, 3 cs and 73 bbls salmon, 435 cs canned goods, 854 lbs ham and bacon, 220 lbs cheese, 00 bbls lme, 5 cs boots aud shoes, 2 cs hardware, 0 cs groceres and provsons, G84 bales hay, 3 bales comnc, u cs nuts ana enps, tsujo lbs codfsh, CGG8 lbs meal, 4,57 lbs broad, GOO lbs hops, 59 cts corn, 94 lbs drod frut, 50 (! mddlngs, G3 mules, 7 ctlswlext, 54 ctls barley, 25 bbls fsh, 25 pkps doors and wndows, 000 Hs sugar, 45 cs pants and oln, 3 horses, 2200 gals wne, 73 bales paper, 308 gals whskey, 93 ctls oats, 7 bales leather. Tho bark S. O. llens cargo from San Francsco consst of tho followng: 88 bbl flour, 5 cs electrcal goods, 48 cols ropo, 02 cs hardware, 29 ctls barloy, 50 lbs dred frut, 78 pkgs fresh frutn, rolls loather, 2G9 lbs cheese, 5000 lbs meal, 988 lbs hams and bacon, 27.4G ft lumber, 330 lbs beans, 9,948 lbs rolled barley, 55 ctls corn, 53 lbs cheese, 23 cs and 93 bbls Balmon, 330 lbs codfsh, G92 cs canned goods, 55 pkgs groceres and provsons, 5 ctls oats, 72G4 lbs and 33 cs broad, 30,423 lbs potatoes, lbs lard, 7,90 lbs sodb, 80 lbs buttor, GOO sks bran, 00 bbls lme, 20 reels barb wre, 69 bales dry goods, G8 ctls wheat, 40 lbs and 8 cs manufactured tobacco, 29 cs hats and caps, 9G cs drugs, 72 cs pants and ols, 2 cs soap, 5G cs boots and shoes, 72 gals gn. "There re Other Peblles." But do not for a moment Huk that tho johor Saloon s just lke thorn. Lqud refreshmonte, to bo refreshng, requre a cortan dash of skll aud experence n the mxng. Carlylo and ndrews mako a great success n ths department and staud ready to satsfy patrons n tho mattor of Seattle beer on draught, ns well as all the best brands of whsky, vz: John Dewars Scotch, O. P. S., etc, and from a, full lno of othor lquors and wnes cannot fal to fll even the most exactng aud vared demand. Stamped s m. Knke. Tho Now York Heralds correspondent a Hongkong denounces ns a fako the story about the German Consul at anla threatenng to employ two German warshps to force tho blockado for the admsson of a Gorman vessel refused entrance by dmral Dewey. "Whte" tller. "Whte" rdor on a "Whte" bcycle, wth a "Whte" rojord. Such s tho standng of Tom Cooper, ono of tho fastest and beet known Natonal Crcut chasers. Watch what ho does on the Whte ths year. Paofo Cycle and anufacturng Co., agdntn. ltuldly HUapwarlnr. Tho Bupply of tho justly celebrated Seattle Bock Beer s rapdly dsappearng n town. Lovers of ths nutrtous sprng bev erage can obtan t for a lmted lme at tbo Crteron baloon. " 898. y STEE,L ps,r sptf, lnn pffknfvffjk PLOWS. shsssl. r,. TO followng lnos worn gottun up ospcclally for tho sland trulo, unt a S otan foattro on whch wo have toxtlmonlals s ther Good Scourng (tmlltlcn., and lght draught. THE CTJESESOXr, : Sos 0,8 and 0 nches.. THE J0SrjTELCTZ3Cf Szes 2 and nches. Wo tarry also t comploto lno of extras for tho above. Wo am furnsh you alo wth BO) SCltPKns, UUT!Ul.S, KKK) SCHlKHS. nd n tho Household Dopartmcnt a now lot, Just receved, of OOOONUT DOOK. TS, nd another ear load of Garland Stoves and Ranges. JUST The Cty RECEVED x.x Furnture Store nother lot of those rtstc Reed Chars, Rockers, Tables, Etc., Just receved n tlntrnrthehollly Love Buldng, 634 aud 636 Fort Htrot tw at the ortyfurnturbrttj RE. Call aud nspect them before t s too late. H. U. WLLS, anager. Offoe86 : TELEPHONES.: : Resdknom R4. Honolulu Undertakng Co. ED.. WLLS,, : : : DELVERED PRTS LL mgy The Only Fully Equpped, Complete and EXCLUSVELY UNDERTKNG Establshment on the slands Evory thng Now and of the Latest and ost mproved Styles. TmlnlTnnrT Speoalty! No Bunglng! No Falures! NOTE: r. Ed. Wllams s a Graduate of Clarks Sohool Perfect Embalmng by whch proooss the body retans ts uutrbl nppoarunoe for years. HSr Offce and Parlors: 54 and 56 Fort St., neur Hotel Telephone 79. Resdence and Nght Telophnno 8lrt Honolulu essenger Servce CORNER KNG ND LKE. ST8., HONOLULU,.. essages am Packages Offce Open Untl 2 Oclock P... PROPT SERVCE ND RESONBLE CHRGES D. G. CRNOS, TO THE CTY TELUONB 378 anager. Bulletn, 75c. Per onth, Vj $2 4. 7ft

8 Hr t Brd Cages! Wo uro stll n the Brd Ougo busness, nd by tho "arposa" receved a now lot of Onges. We can furnsh you wth anythng you want; a bg Parrot Cage, Breedng Cage, and any style of ether cheap panted or brass cages. Wo can tt your brd out wth a homo for anywhere from $.60 to $0. E. O. HLL & Corner Forf, and Kn Dont Waste Good oney Kkr up your old worn out carrage. You fan make money f you mv unowof from u. Wo can sell knd of n vehcle Just as ft p us they ean possbly le sold fo here. Streets. WE GUltVNTEK TO GVE YOU YOUR ONEYS WORTH. full lno of Fne Double or Sngle Harness, Saddles, Whps, Lamps and Lap Robes. JLWYS 03ST HST Do You Know The SON, Lmted G. & Harness House "Fort Street, Ono Door ubovo Club Stables. Telephone 205. Tho bust plaoo to buy s at tho store whore tho largest busness s dono 7 Tho bg busness nsures not only economes of buyng and sellng but also fresh goods, tho latest and host. llnory s not carred hero as a sde lne. Styles re Dfferent from last year, and also dfforont from what you wll fnd n tho ordnary mllnery store. The varety s larger than tho combned stocks of the entr o ctv could muster. The Dressmakng Department s m keepng wth tho llnery Department. ss. B.Kllean, HOTEL STREET. asrs s Show Decorate for the S.W. LttlHtR Carrage Entrely Your nd Boys to.rrrv Just lauded at the SCHUNS That. : X. : L. New Stock of Freworks. Stars and Strpes Decoraton Huntng. mercan Shelds. PKKSDHNT cknlkyr PGTUUKrf. ted, Whte and Huo Kestoong. mcrlcu Huntng, usln and Slk Kngs, nl sles. Huttonholf uttons, etc., ctf. SZ. Colors e Cor.Nuwanu and Kng Sts. THE EVENNG BULLETN! HONOLULU. H.., JUNE 7, 898 Hoods Plls Favorte Cathartc t s easy to purge, but that s not what la wanted. mld but sure and undlsturbln g catbartlo wll set Nature to gong, and relevo tho head, tho stomach, tho lver and all tho organs of tho body CURE from tho many and dangerous evls of a clogged corporeal dranage. Hoods Plls CURE Lver headach e, lls, sck blousness, constpaton, wthout purgng, wthout pan, wthout volence. Lverlls Hoods Plls arc tho only plls to take wth Hoods Sarsaparllla. Sold by all druggsts. 26c. Sent by mall on recept of prce, by C.. Hood Co., Lowell, ass. SHPPNG NTELLGENCE. Damond Head Sgnal Staton, June 7, pn Weather clear, wnd frel N K. TDKS. Day & SH rf T ad onday p.m a.m. a.m. ;! Tuesday a. n, 4.2 (. 5.3!) 8.48 "Wednesday.... S Thursday !) Frday Saturday Sunday S :t.4" ) 4.5, The Standard tme whstlokounlsat 2h. llu. OS. (mdnght), Greenwch tme, whch s. 30m. p. n. of Hawaan Standard tme OVEKNTH 8TEEKS. Steamer due md to al tomorrow and for the next sx days are as follows: UUVE. Steamkks. Fom. Dun. Upolu Kohala June 7 okoll olokal June 8 Coptc Yokohama June 0 Claullne Kuhulul Juno 0 VQ Halt Knuul une 0 oana San Francsco une 22 lameda Sydney June 22 nm l.oa Kona June 2 Klnau Hllo June 28 DEPRT. Stcajeus. Fot Sals. Coptc San Francsco June 0 okoll olokal June 20 auna Lou Kona June 2 Klnau Hllo June 2 Upolu Kohala June 2 WO Hull Kaua une 2 Claullne Knhulu June 2 oana Sydney luno "2 lameda San Frunclsso Juno 22 ltuved "T HONOLULU. Stmr Walalcttle, Parkor,3 hrs from Hauauaulu. Stmr okoll, Bennett, 3 hrs from olokal. Stmr Peru, Frlele, 0 days from Yokohama, pass and mdse to Hackfeld &, Co. Stmr Klnau, Clarke, 30 hrs from Hllo. m lk S C llen, Johnson. 0 (lavs from Sun Francsco, mdse to T Pa ves & uo. HLED FO HONOLULU. Stmr Peru, Frlole, for San Francsco. Stmr auna Loa, Smersou,for Kona and Kau. Stmr James ukee, Tullett, for Kapau. Stmr Wulnleule, Parker, for Kn luku. on. CH SO HOON n the wfe of Wn. Chumr Hoon. u daughter. The Old Comnvrcll. Ths wellknow n plnco has beon placed uudor the management of L. F. Ryan than whom no ono s better luowu us n dspome r of qud rrffoshment. Tho Cora mercal n tho oldert drukug place u the fty. t ha been ontrorenovated and s the coolfst and most enmfortnhlf Hloon n town. The celebrated John Wuln d boor ou draught as nol us all brands of the nest wnes and lquors. Comer of Uorotana and Nuuant sheets. Telephone 323. eohauuh Home. on Hotel aud Nuuauu aroets, lodgng by day, woek or Terms: 26 and 60 cents per nght. $, and $.26 nor week. "j TES FRO HRBOR FRONT From Hawa and au per Btrar Knau: Volcano: O E ller, aster ller, E N Uutt. Way ports: rs W W Goodalo, ss Delayed Peru at Last rrves fter a Cathorno Goodalo, ss E F Spoer,rs Wnllnnd chld, s Japan Quarantne. H Rouhardt, R J Lyman, W Drasch, Chatg Sug, J Collns, O K Hydo, oore, wfe, 2 auna Loa for Kona and Kau Hllo Lner chldren and servant, rs Klnau la Port Steamer okoll Deuanux, Senator F Northrup, Senator H L Holstcu, D Forbes, wth Lanal Sheep. The bark S O llen s at rmgar d wharf. Tho Peru sals for Son Fran csco at 6 oclock. Tho steamer Kaua sals for Lalmn a nt oclock tomorrow aftornoo n. Thero s 3,000 bags of sugar at lealh and H5UU bus ot suuar nt Kekalm awatng ahpnfn. Tho vaoht Holeuo wth V Q rwu aud a parly of fonds lolt ths aftoruoot for a cruse oulsdo. Tho tower ou tho now plots offco s jumpng skyward and by tho ond of next Week tho plots wll move. The steamer Keauhou afbr beng lad up over three weeks for repars came out of tho bono yard today aud wll resume her trps next week. Thero s 2500 baas of sugar awatng shpment at Lrhuu. The woather s fuo and at low tde there s shallow water alongsde the wharf. Tho Coptc duo tomorrow from Yokohama for San Francsco s toported all ready ftll of passengers and thero wll he scant room tor any to leave hero n hor. Tho U. S. S. Bonunpton steam ed out of tho channel for San Francsco at 8:30 oclock Thursday mornng. Sho departed n n dead quet and no band played on. The bark lden Besso took a berth at Oooanc wharf where she wll complete hor cargo of Bugnr for Ban Francsco aud the shp Georne Curts whch occuped that dock ms anchored n the stream. The pchooner o Wnlno sal ed for Paaulo wth a small cat go wedueeclay nueruoon and wll n turn about the ond of next woek. Tho Ka o s duo next onday from mnnkua aud wll bo lad up n tlo stronm to awat next beacons sugar. Captan Harry Evans schoonor Waalua s regularly engaged n the Kaua rco trade and s pros perous. Evaus has hs eye on the Labrador whch was a crack yacht on tho coast aud can tun a ny from most of tho steamers n these ports. Captan Haake of the Labrador pad a complment to the Waalua, whch as tho Lena L he know formerly on the coast, by sayng thnt she was a worthy rval of tho Labrador n swft sal ng. lvrna Delay. The Paclk lal lner Porn B at tho companys wharf wth 200 tons of frrrht n d 3 cabn aud 03 Chno o a.d 0 Japauose n tho stcerago for ths port. Tho Pern was delayed by beng quarantned at Kobe 9 days on account of a enso of plague u ono of tho Ch uese steerago passougers who was taken nshoc at Kobe and fnally ded of the dsease there and was cremated. Clean blls of hoalth weo had from both Hongkong and N;Hln and the case develop! d between the latter port and Kobe. Guulen tle Shlplnj;. The steamer "Waalealo whch at rved from Km last nght re ports frequent showers and lght trade wnds on that const The Hlmor W G Ldl was loadng uvoolrngsof bgar at Nawlwl and the kuhala was on tho way from Kolou lo kawol whoro sho would load 5500 bngs and arrve n Honolulu Saturday mornng. Tho followng suunr s awatng Koknlshpment on Kaua: m 3200, V Kuudsen 500, nku wol 5,000 (before kabala loads), Gay t Robuson 000 and Keala,435, total 3,35 bags. Che Waaloulo brought 2 horses to W H Bco from hs ranch at Lhuo. PSSENGERS URVED. lrom Hanamrtaju, per stmr Waaleale Geo Cooke, Rchard Cooke." From Yokohama, per stmr Peru For Honolulu: r and rs Brerly, r. W Pears. For "nn Francsco: E dot, r and rs J B Noal, Capt Goo W Cofl u, U S N, r lton E Hatfeld. r F T R Feat, wfe and famly, r Tasuko Takasu and sorvaut. wfo and chld, ub Lln Nabua, O F Day, E T Sedarholm, ss G Garnet, ss Olappeton, Y Ku lna, J Ozors, rs L Parsh nud 2 chldren, L Vontempsk y, noco, W Cornwell, W Carter, 0 W Sublfffflr, J S ccaudless and 82 deck pas songers. PSSENOEtS DEPT. For Hnwa, per slmr auna Loa G B Schnder and wfe, T Forbc, Co,kburu. N koua, Geo Rodck, Rev O V Kaeo and wfe, Geo cdougall Sr, W Grenwoll, ss Wrght, r E V Dunn, Rev G W Wamu. N Lono, V F J Dale, rs Decato, R v V 0 Cooke, Goo Cooko, Rch Cooke, L P Lucoln. Rv P.l, ss J Kammer, F B Lyons, Wrny Taylor, S F Ohllugworth, W Hardy, s Sylva, H Poters. Rev W Kalawaa, ss Hornor, Dr toherly, W Kalawaa. KE0EPT8 SLND PODUOE. Per Knau: 372 sks sucar.72 pks potatoes, G7 sks coffee, 8 Bks hone", 42 sks corn, UU bdls hub s, 25 head cattle, 0 head hogs and 220 pkgs suudres.. EOtND. Stmr Peru: From Hongkong ay 9, Shangha ay 23, Saga. k ay 25, Kobe Juno 4, Yokohan Juno 7. K. COOPCK ahw:hs. Cuestlons Put by 3r. cll roprlttlos n the lloufv. n tho House ths mornng nster H. E. Cooper answered tho questons of Representatve ch as follows: "Tho balance duo on J. K Naha lo road contract, amountng to S23(),was pad by dnft dated Doc. 3, 897, upon voolnr approved by r. Rowell, Superntendent of Publc Works. r. Rowell nforms us thnt ho s holdng the money, for the reason that the contract hts not boen fulfll, d. "t s customary for tho Superntendent of Publc Works to draw nnd pay tho amounts payable on a contract, u accordance wth the terms, and upon the com pleton of the work to draw aud nay whatever balance may bo due." The nster further answered tho questons of Ropresontatvo ch that the goverumont ntends to carry out the ntent of ct N 23 of h Sesson Lws of 89G provdng for extendng nud wdenng certan Bteetsas soon as fun b are avalable. nster H E. Cooper reported that the Presdent had sgned ct 42 amendng tho L md ct of 895. Senate Bll 39, atng to lcon sng the manufacture of wne from grapes of Hawaan growth, passed thrd readng. Senate Bll 37, dofnng elgblty of persons to hold publc othco, passed frbt readng nnd was referred to the Judcary Com mttee. Consderaton of Current c count ppropraton Bll was resumed. tems under the Tax Hureau, Department of Publc nstructon, Department of nto ror, Bureau of Survey, Burou of Conveyances, Bureau of mmgra Hon, Bureau of Water Work, Bureau of Publc Works, Roads and Brdges, Hawa, Roads aud Brdges, au, R ads,and Brdges, Oahu,Roads nud Brdges, KHua, Electrc Lghtng, pssed as n tho bll wth followng amendments: Ropar, furnture and nddtons to Government buldngs wns rased from $4,000 to $5,000, on moton of Rop. Gear to allow for changes n udt Olco. On moton of Rep. Robertson tho tem for reparbg Pauoa road $900 was strokon out. On moton of Speaker Knulu kou, who called Rep. Pars to tho char for that purposo, a new ton wftb nserted reparng Dosha lauo, $500. On moton of Rop coandles a now tom was usortod extendng Kuku street trom Nuunnu to Kng btreet S2(00. Rep. ccandless moved to u creaso the Road ppr prton of Ewa nnd Waauas from $000 to $2000. oton wbb lost. VRTUE! REWRD! "Vlrtuo lns ts own ronardl" Hear dulrnl Dowoy lns dono llmso lf proud n tlo Plllllpplnos and earno d for hmself tlo dcsorvlna tltlo of "Koar.dnlral." Ths storo s also anxous to onrn a tltlo from tlo publc; a ttlo of morlt, that carrlos wth t tlo namo of havng morltorlos goods at xpular prces. n ordorto do tlls t s necessary to bo moro tlnn careful n tlm nln.tu,na nt goods l)o callous knowng what tho publc tastes aro wo lavo used tho mport only Urstcla qualtlo s n doslgns and nnuorlls hup as aro salable n tho host markets of tlo world. Nodcad stock s wanted or bought by us, no nattor what tlo nducements. Stll goods wll sometmes accunulto faster than antcpated tloy must bo dsposed of ovon at a sacrlneo thats what wo aro dong now sacrlllclng a fow dollars you dorh tlo bonollt. Dont fall to vst ths storo durng tlo ronovtlon mlo you wll agroo wth us that t pay you to do so. Just arrved, latost stylos u Whte and Colored Organdes, Dmtes, Flno lno of WHTE ND COLORED SWSSES, FRENCH USLNS. Latest patterns n Chffons, usln du Sua, Valencennes Laces, Rbbons, Hosery, n Plads and Strpes. J. J. EGN, Fort Streor. O. R. & L. "Co. STTONS. (Outward). WWKT. (90 THNS. Zl"l (n. Lrc.v,. Honolulu 9! J Pearl Clly 8 :o7 9K8 Fwalll.. 8: t 0:08 Walanae.. 9! 3? lo Waalua., STTONS. STS claw 2?5 (nward). n s Ex. P.. Waalua... Walanae... o : W) Cwa :55 ll., T! 0: 5g 4 : U45 Pearl Clly. 6 : s 807 ; jt Honolulu. 6 so 8:04!. 5 4!SJ 5 : V. C. Smth, Ocnl Pass. Tcket gent. O. P. ):xht)v,.spcrltodent. Notce. Notlco s hereby gven that the partnershp heretofore exstng between C. F. Bchurmerhorn,.. orrs and. T..arshall, dong busness u Honolulu, H.., as the "Peoples Kxprcss Co.," as ths day been dssolved.. K. tsclcrmcrhorn and. L. orrs beng no longer connected therewth, and that the busness of sad partnershp u future wll be carred ou by tho sad. T. arshall alone, who wll nay and dscharge all outstandng debts and labltes of sad late llrn, and who alone s enttled to receve and recept for all moneys payable to sad late Unt, and nl persons havng any clams aganst tho sad.pcoplou Express Co. wll ploa.e present the same wthout delay to ttorney Wllam. Hcnshall, at hs law olllces, UK Kauhumanu stcet, Honolulu.. T. RSHLL. Dated Juno 6,. D. 6)3. (9 3t The Boys n Blue conploto collecton of Photographs to bo soon at PVYS STlDO. lso, tho only pctures Lken of tho presentaton of the Stars and Strpos to the U. H. H. "Cl.rloston." Portrats of tlm hlghovt qualty, and the most conploto artstc collecton of sland Vews upon rdum, Platnum orsllvor Papers. Dayey Photographc Co,, Ltd., Cornor Port and Hotel Stroots. Sale of Work and Far.v (onn:po wrn Tn: Sewng Socety of St. ndrews Cathedral Saturday, June 8th, N THE SUNDY SCHOOL ROO, Doors upon to B:a0, md from 7 to l)::lo. lowers, Faney, Toy, Sowng, Tandy, Lemonade, lee Croll, tolleo Hbles and lrab lto. Ky. The Pmoald (Jlututto Club n tho lvenng, nl) td The Evenny Bulletjfl 75 cs. per " r. l r.. U.. W J,.Je