CE4025. Craft. Projects Under $1.00 GP1664. Group Project Ideas for Programs on a Budget 2006 GP1011. Hands-On Learning

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1 Craft CE4025 Projects Under $1.00 Group Project Ideas for Programs on a Budget 2006 GP1664 GP1011 Hands-On Learning

2 Includes all the supplies needed for groups of 12, 24 or MORE to make really cool crafts! Detailed instructions with each kit for super results every time! A HUGE selection of kits priced under $1.00. Guaranteed satisfaction and FUN! Group Craft Kits The smart choice for bringing kids and crafts together for hands-on learning fun! See pages for our EduCraft Kits with FREE guides written by Hands-On Learning early childhood experts. Features FREE activity ideas and reproducibles written by educators just like you! Includes instructions and all the creative supplies kids need to make incredible crafts! Colorlite Kaleidoscopes. RMG-GP1660 page 31. Dino Eggs. RMG-GP1634 page African Mask Plaques. RMG-GP896 page Tambourines. RMG-GP1608 page 74. Brings the teachings of Jesus to life through fun, creative crafts! Scripture-based activities include instructions and all materials needed for large groups! The ideal choice for VBS, Christian youth groups and Sunday schools! 99 Fast-and-fun kits include enough colorful supplies for a group of 12 to make awesome crafts! Each kit includes instructions and projects are individually packaged for each child! Many Craft Express Kits are priced under 50! Quality and convenience without the cost! 42 Fancy Flower Frames. RMG-CE4070 page Cross Starlights. RMG-RE445 page Testament Tablet Necklaces. RMG-RE434 page 91. Moose Bell Hanger. RMG-CE4094 page 97.

3 New and Old Favorites from S&S RMG-CE4019 Snack Sack $ RMG-GP1507 All About Me Dolls $ RMG-GP148 Zing Wing Gliders $ NEW RMG-GP1702 Watercolor Butterfly $ NEW RMG-GP1721 Pinball Machine $ NEW RMG-CE4076 Luau Frame $ NEW RMG-GP1713 Papier Mâché Flip Flop Box $ NEW RMG-GP1712 Painted Flip Sandals $ NEW RMG-GP1715 Super Foam Flip-Sandals $ NEW RMG-GP1722 Life Cycle Poster Kit - Butterflies $ NEW RMG-GP1723 Life Cycle Poster Kit - Turtles $ NEW RMG-GP1724 Life Cycle Poster Kit - Ocean Animals $ NEW RMG-GP1698 Window Décor Kit $ NEW RMG-GP1729 Wooden Snakes $ NEW RMG-GP1730 Paper Lanterns - Large Round $ NEW RMG-GP1731 Paper Lanterns - Small Round $ NEW RMG-GP1732 Paper Lanterns - Square $ RMG-GP718 Personalized Pop-It! Pins $ RMG-GP1679 Herb Garden $ RMG-GP1680 Alpha Necklace $ RMG-GP1681 Frog Thermometer $ RMG-GP1682 Bug Houses $ RMG-GP1683 Flower Fairy Magnets $ RMG-GP1684 Flower Frames $ RMG-GP1514 Fancy Flowers $ NEW RMG-RE492 Christian Sun Catchers $ RMG-GP1685 Crown $ RMG-GP1687 Wacky Wand $ RMG-GP1692 Treasure Chest $ RMG-GP1691 Loot Bag $ RMG-GP1068 Race Cars $ RMG-GP1156 Crazy Bumper Cars $ RMG-GP1411 Toot Toot Kazoo $ RMG-GP538 Mini Flying Saucers $ RMG-GP1616 Australian Bullroarer $ RMG-GP1176 Color 'n Throw Boomerang $ RMG-GP1624 Stunt Copters $ RMG-GP148 Zing Wing Gliders $ RMG-GP595 Catch-It Cones $ RMG-GP131 Rainbow Top $ RMG-GP1177 Humming Toy $ RMG-GP1171 Pocket Teasers $ RMG-GP1451 Super Foam Parrot $ RMG-GP1052 Sports Pop-It! Pins $ RMG-GP991 Hot Shot Basketball $ RMG-GP1302 Hot Shot Soccer $ RMG-GP995 Neon Propeller Planes $ RMG-GP1069 Team Pride Pennants $ RMG-GP1064 Baseball Card Box $ RMG-GP1061 Stuffed Football $ RMG-GP1239 Fantastic Super Foam Frames $ RMG-GP1298 Super Foam Eyeglass Keeper $ RMG-GP1242 Foam and Felt Frames $ RMG-GP1280 Super Foam Space Oddities $ RMG-GP1452 Super Foam Wing Master $ RMG-GP1387 Super Foam Alien Robots $ RMG-GP1299 Super Foam Mobile $ RMG-GP1423 Super Foam Dazzling Doorknob Hangers $ RMG-GP1658 Wooden Racers $ RMG-GP1266 Super Foam Picture Pal $ Magnetic Photo Frames RMG-GP1617 Fantastic Floating Fun $ RMG-GP1657 Buggy Buggies $ RMG-GP1664 Sporty Magnetic Clipboard $ RMG-GP1661 Picture/Card Holders $ RMG-GP1281 Super Foam Fishing Frenzy $ RMG-GP1334 Super Foam Slithering Sam $ RMG-GP1378 Super Foam Whirlwind Cool Cap $ RMG-GP1241 Super Foam Fantasy Jewelry $ RMG-GP1667 Super Foam Kooky Creatures $ RMG-GP1174 Resist-Art Pictures $ RMG-GP1600 Glue Bugs $ RMG-GP1517 Marbleizing Box $ RMG-GP1610 Tie-Dye Journals $ RMG-GP1614 Tie-Dye Clothesline $ RMG-GP1604 Color Splash! Brite Frames $ RMG-GP1512 Batik Art $ RMG-GP D Fishbowls $ RMG-GP1659 3D-O Galaxy $ RMG-GP1605 Glow-in-the-Dark Switch Plate Covers $ RMG-GP921 Fun Sign Art $ RMG-GP1447 Puzzle Messages $ RMG-GP1602 X-treme Bumper Stickers $ RMG-GP1448 Smart Messages Pop-It! Pins $ RMG-GP967 Playful Puppet People $ RMG-GP1466 My House Puzzle $ RMG-GP1660 Colorlite Kaleidoscopes $ RMG-GP1396 Colorlite Bookmark $ RMG-GP1519 Tissue Strips Tissue Box $ RMG-GP1516 Glitter Goodies $ RMG-GP1513 M+C157agic Crayon Bookmark $ RMG-GP1539 Super Foam Black Memo Board $ RMG-GP1182 Collage Containers $ RMG-GP1379 Faux-Raku Bird Feeder $ RMG-GP1200 Tissue Paper Collage $ RMG-GP D Tissue Pictures $ RMG-GP1361 Animal Shapes Tissue Art $ RMG-GP675 Dinosaur Puzzles $ RMG-GP913 Dinosaur Kingdom $ RMG-BE993 Beaded Dinosaurs $ RMG-GP1634 Dino Eggs $ RMG-GP1630 Fossil Shell Magnets $ RMG-GP1459 Upbeat Message Fans $ RMG-GP1363 Catch The Fish Tail $ RMG-GP858 Nature Hand Fans $ RMG-GP1048 Windsock $ RMG-GP707 Musical Rainbows $ RMG-GP851 Neon Paper Lanterns $ RMG-GP1370 Busy Bee Shelf Sitter $ RMG-GP1307 Beaded Turtle $ RMG-GP1029 Neptune's Kingdom $ RMG-GP420 Twirly Pinwheels $ RMG-GP1262 Nature Walkers $ RMG-GP1594 Garden Rain Gauge $ RMG-GP1621 Bug-A-Loons $ RMG-GP1440 The Navigator Necklace $ RMG-GP1615 Satellite Builders $ RMG-GP1405 Fantasy Bugs $ RMG-GP1628 Floral Doorknob Hangers $ RMG-GP1586 Grassy Gertie $ RMG-GP1626 Beady Butterflies $ RMG-GP1633 Grow Ornaments $ RMG-GP56 Tissue Flower Jumbo Group Pack $ RMG-GP1508 Fabulous Firework Fans $ RMG-GP1425 Flexible Fun Flowers $ RMG-GP1137 Watercolor Flowers $ RMG-GP1428 Quick Stick Foam Mosaic Bugs $ RMG-GP1427 Quick Stick Quilt Paper Mosaic $ RMG-GP1505 Super Foam Mosaic Doorknob Hanger $ RMG-GP1499 Super Foam Mosaic Nameplate $ RMG-GP1506 Super Foam Mosaic Frame $ RMG-GP1196 Superheroes Place Mats $ RMG-GP1001 Jr. Coloring Fun Puzzles $ RMG-GP1003 Sr. Coloring Fun Puzzles $ RMG-GP1030 Classroom Critters $ RMG-GP1025 Coloring Fun Postcards - Wildlife $ RMG-GP1026 Coloring Fun Postcards - Plant Life $ RMG-PA15 Wild Animal Safari $ RMG-GP457 Super Visors $ RMG-GP465 Express-It Bumper Stickers $ RMG-GP356 Light Switch Plate Covers $ RMG-GP1102 Bright Brim Visors $ RMG-GP508 Coloring Fun Stickers $ RMG-GP1379 Coloring Fun Quilt Place Mats $ RMG-GP920 Wildlife Note Cards $ RMG-GP687 Fantastic Fans $ RMG-GP799 Nature Posters $ RMG-LR155 Dial-A-Story $ RMG-GP990 Coloring Fun Visors $ RMG-GP1020 Magnetic Frames $ RMG-GP1000 Coloring Fun Calendars $ RMG-GP205 Puzzle Power $ RMG-GP D Cube Frame $ RMG-DC16 Panimals $ RMG-PS7724 Watercolor Paint-By-Numbers $ RMG-GP1195 Brite Lite Panels $ RMG-GP41 Designer Wall Panels $ RMG-GP314 Variety Stain-A-Frame Pack $ RMG-GP1465 Pretty Birds Window Clings $ RMG-GP1701 Watercolor Jellyfish $ * Pages listed are from the 2006 S&S Recreation catalog. Catalog prices are. 3

4 4 New and Old Favorites from S&S RMG-GP78 Stained Glass Pictures Pack $ RMG-GS99 Face It Bookmarks $ RMG-GP43 Abstract Art Pack $ RMG-GP1189 Furtastics $ RMG-GP1666 Yarn Weaving Coasters $ RMG-WE612X Raffia Basket Group Pack $ RMG-GP1183 Quick Quilt Pictures $ RMG-GP754 Yarn Painting $ RMG-GP88 Mini String Art $ RMG-GP3 Honeycomb Place Mat Pack $ RMG-GP548 Pompon Note Holders $ RMG-CS407 Craftstick Toys+C212 $ RMG-GP885 Cheery Clipboards $ RMG-GP576 Heart-to-Heart Note Holders $ RMG-GP1207 Helping Hands Wooden Memo Pads $ RMG-GP266 Wooden Playmates $ RMG-GP1 Spoonflowers $ RMG-GP982 Carved Wooden Fish $ RMG-GP1656 Metal Foil Gems $ RMG-GP884 Embossed Foil Frames $ RMG-GP577 Country Tart Pans $ RMG-GP7 Golden and Solver Foil Tooling Pack $ RMG-GP158 Heads and Tails Coasters $ RMG-GP1409 Mystical Garden Stakes $ RMG-GP54 Hot Line Group Pack $ RMG-GP1635 My Pony Portrait $ RMG-BE1088 Twistie Bracelets $ RMG-GP889 Tiny Tile Coasters $ RMG-GS936 Colorlite Tissue Paper Trefoil $ RMG-GS937 Girl Scout Sand Art $ RMG-GP1507 All About Me Dolls $ RMG-GS940 Super Foam CD Keepers $ RMG-GP1243 "Express-It" Mood Cube $ RMG-GP1120 Ukrainian Eggs $ RMG-GP184 Ancient Culture Design Posters $ RMG-GP1160 Multicultural Puzzles $ RMG-GP1152 Multicultural Picture Frames $ RMG-GP120 Philippine Wind Chimes $ RMG-GP1570 Razzle Dazzle Magnet Frames $ RMG-GP1504 Chalkboard Doodle Frame $ RMG-GP1663 Water Pot Photo Holder $ RMG-GP891 Wooden Bear Magnet Frames $ RMG-GP1662 Wooden Fence Frames $ RMG-GP1408 Super Foam Picture Twist $ RMG-GP1636 Metal Foil Cards $ RMG-GP899 Photo Pennants $ RMG-GP114 Seashell Creatures $ RMG-GP445 Handprint Poem $ RMG-GP1058 Coloring Fun Sports Frames $ RMG-GP1369 Sand Castle Lighthouse $ RMG-GP1114 Sand Picture Frames $ RMG-GP113 Sand Terrarium P+C252ack $ RMG-GP993 Shell Treasure Boxes $ RMG-GP180 Greek Masks $ RMG-GP1612 Feathered Friends $ RMG-GP533 Rainbow Room Register $ RMG-GP1442 Rainbow Springsters $ RMG-GP1317 Big Mouth Bullfrogs $ RMG-GP1109 Super Foam Bad Hair Day Pins $ RMG-GP535 Balloon Buddies $ RMG-GP1476 All Season Goodie Bags $ RMG-GP1270 Make Believe Masks $ RMG-GS46 Mask Marvels $ RMG-GP1170 Let's Pretend Masks $ RMG-GP938 Loony Birds $ RMG-GP262 Rock Star Glasses $ RMG-GP1180 Nutty Note Holders $ RMG-GP1500 Dial-A-Drama $ RMG-GP1023 Dinosaur Masks $ RMG-BE1023 Beaded Sports Figures $ RMG-GP1252 Gecko Key Ring $ RMG-BE1024 Beaded Aliens $ RMG-GP1320 Flower Power Key Chain $ RMG-GP1319 Beaded Bugs Key Chain $ RMG-GP670 Rainbow Key Rings $ RMG-GP48 Decoupage Key Chains $ RMG-GP1631 Monkey's Fist Necklace $ RMG-GP1332 Soccer Ball Bracelet $ RMG-GP1337 Baseball Bracelet $ RMG-GP1338 Basketball Bracelet $ RMG-GP1326 Beaded Football $ RMG-GP1401 Butterfly Clothespin Clipper $ RMG-GP617 Hearts To You Bracelets $ RMG-GP764 Neon Buddy Bracelets $ RMG-GP454 Friendship Pins $ RMG-GP1044 Twist Rings $ RMG-GP1083 Millefiori Rings $ RMG-GP1416 Bead n' Braid Tattoo Bracelet Kit $ RMG-GP486 Fuse Bead Key Rings $ RMG-GP1441 Ancient Lore Necklaces $ RMG-GC620 Jungle Jute Wrap Bracelets $ RMG-GP1310 Beady Braids Bracelet/Necklace $ RMG-GP1510 Sand Bottle Necklaces $ RMG-GP1464 Crawly Creature Pencil Bugs $ RMG-GP431 Frustration Pencils $ RMG-GP14 Fun Sticks $ RMG-GP1541 Crazy Kooky Mirror Magnets $ RMG-GP811 Neon "Boingers" $ RMG-GP382 Heart Tile Magnets $ RMG-GP1384 Ice Cream Soda Magnets $ RMG-GP691 Clown Face Magnets $ RMG-GP1019 Heartfelt Magnets $ RMG-GP1625 Super Foam CD Keepers $ RMG-GP1469 Compact Disc Keeper $ RMG-GP1613 Harmonica $ RMG-GP1535 Flower Power Whistle Necklace $ RMG-GP1323 Kaleidoscope Kirigami $ RMG-GP1247 Shake, Rattle and Rain $ RMG-GP1178 Native Necklace $ RMG-GP1415 Authentic Tepees $ RMG-GP1433 Jeweled Woven Pots $ RMG-GP1165 Native Dancers $ RMG-GP808 Southwest Ceremonial Masks $ RMG-GP197 Southwestern Indian Sand Painting $ RMG-GP969 Native American Medicine Wheels $ RMG-GP611 Spirit Dolls $ RMG-GP D Temari Balls $ RMG-GP1637 Pet Piñatas $ RMG-GP1412 Ancient Culture Jute Basket $ RMG-GP1611 Vejigante Mask Pendants $ RMG-GP1295 Fiesta Hat Magnet $ RMG-GP1609 Worry Dolls $ RMG-GP125 Spanish Castanets $ RMG-GP1424 Mexican Welcome Ristra $ RMG-GP1175 Ojo De Dios Medallions $ RMG-GP618 Mexican Bark Painting $ RMG-GP24X Ojo De Dios Wall Hanging $ RMG-GP1530 Book Kits $ RMG-GP1544 Relationship Circle $ RMG-GP1520 Swimming Fun Fish Hat $ RMG-GP1608 Tambourines $ RMG-GP1047 Paper Mosaics $ RMG-GP1507 All About Me Dolls $ RMG-GP1402 Watercolor Butterflies $ RMG-GP1522 Positively Me! Colorful Expressions $ RMG-GP1018 Pine Tree Planters $ RMG-GP892 Banner Art $ RMG-GP1380 Colorlite Stained Glass Windows $ RMG-GP1136 Flags of All Nations $ RMG-GP838 Proud Puzzles $ RMG-GP50 Kaleidoscopes $ RMG-GP128 Authentic Flower Gardens $ RMG-GP1011 Grass Hair Planters $ RMG-GP231 Squish Art $ RMG-GP1229 Super Foam Bugs $ RMG-GP900 Dinosaur Cups with Lids $ RMG-GP816 Paint-A-Pasta Magnets $ RMG-GP1375 Picture Perfect Posies $ RMG-GP1365 Sand Dollar Necklace $ RMG-GP1246 African Rhythm Makers $ RMG-GP1211 Big Bag Giant Tropical Fish $ RMG-GP1263 Colorlite Butterfly $ RMG-GP860 Butterfly Softies $ RMG-GP1028 Puzzle Piece Frames $ RMG-GP1134 Rolled Paper Frames $ RMG-GP1248 Roots of Life $ RMG-GP931 Shell Frames $ RMG-GP971 All About Me $ RMG-GP1244 Easy-Weave Bookbinding Kit $ RMG-GP1300 Super Foam Memory Book $ RMG-GP494 Crazy Critter Frames $ RMG-GP619 Cloud Climbers $ * Pages listed are from the 2006 S&S Recreation catalog. Catalog prices are.

5 New and Old Favorites from S&S RMG-GP567 Bugs on Wheels $ RMG-GP1385 Squeakn' Squawkn' Chicken $ RMG-GP1088 Monster Moon Walker Marionettes $ RMG-GP599 Friendship Bracelets $ RMG-GP1049 Spoon Creatures $ RMG-GP970 Mini Make-A-Puppet $ RMG-GP984 Zany Box Puppets $ RMG-GP152 Make-A-Puppet $ RMG-GP980 Animal Masks $ RMG-GP896 African Mask Plaques $ RMG-GP924 Kids of All Nations $ RMG-GP1366 Rhythm Drum $ RMG-GP1276 Dream Catchers $ RMG-GP1237 Ethnic Twist Cubes $ RMG-GP1737 Paint-A-Box $ RMG-RE446 Judaic Starlight $ RMG-CE4159 Star of David $ RMG-GP1136 Flags of Israel $ RMG-GP1018 Tu B'Shevat Pine Planter $ RMG-GP1591 Paint-A-Dreidel $ RMG-RE436 Dreidel Garland $ RMG-RE464 Free-Standing Cross $ RMG-RE462 Mini Biblical Puppets $ RMG-RE459 Guardian Angels $ RMG-RE417 Glass Lights Cross $ RMG-RE304 Light My Way Luminary $ RMG-RE434 Testament Tablet Necklaces $ RMG-RE410 Footprints in the Sand $ RMG-RE445 Cross Starlights $ RMG-RE291 Nail Cross Necklace $ RMG-RE150 "Light The Way" Beaded Necklace $ RMG-RE426 Tissue Art Cross $ RMG-RE337 Sand Cross Necklace $ RMG-RE279 Shell Cross Boxes $ RMG-RE423 Puffy Putty Cross Pendant $ RMG-RE412 Sparkling Tile Cross $ RMG-RE201 Shell Cross Necklace $ RMG-RE399 Natural Cord Cross Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4034 Aquarium Life $ NEW RMG-CE4028 Colorful Mosaic Butterfly $ NEW RMG-CE4047 Fun Sun Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4029 Seahorse Paddle Game $ NEW RMG-CE4040 Smiley Turtle Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE D Flower Garden $ NEW RMG-CE4030 Colorful Mosaic Fish $ NEW RMG-CE4027 "Jesus Loves All" Banner $ NEW RMG-CE4025 Pink Tulips Tote Bag $ NEW RMG-CE4054 Sun Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4038 Team Sports Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4044 Team Sports Magnets $ NEW RMG-CE4090 Kitty Kat Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4064 Welcome Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4069 Goofy Glasses $ NEW RMG-CE4130 Giraffe Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4074 Summer Sandal Pins $ NEW RMG-CE4132 By The Sea Door Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4124 Pucker-Face Tropical Fish Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4078 Sunflower Door Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4049 Patriotic Foam Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4072 Seaside Napkin Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4091 Puppy Dog Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4066 Dragonfly 'N Bee Wreath $ NEW RMG-CE4094 Moose Bell Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4088 "I Love Jesus" Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4071 Butterfly Keyrings $ NEW RMG-CE4065 Bookmark - Reading is Fun $ NEW RMG-CE4036 Tropical Fish Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4128 Flamingo Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4051 Best Friends Foam Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4063 Decorative Cross $ NEW RMG-CE4035 Helping Hands Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4089 Jesus Loves You Door Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4087 Have Faith Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4127 "Picture of Flowers" Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4083 Cross Needlepoint $ NEW RMG-CE4133 Helping Hands Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4041 Occupational Masks $ NEW RMG-CE4170 Foam Peace Bear $ NEW RMG-CE4103 Tri Bead Cross Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4116 Praying Hands Plaque $ NEW RMG-CE4106 God's Love Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4099 Foam Cross Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4102 Angel Double Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4108 God Will Supply Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4101 Let Your Light Shine $ NEW RMG-CE4042 Tropical Fish Mosaic $ NEW RMG-CE4058 Make-A-Doll $ NEW RMG-CE4067 Sea Life Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4060 Happy Sun Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4061 Happy Moon Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4114 Beaded Dragonfly $ NEW RMG-CE4105 Traveling Toothbrushes $ NEW RMG-CE4092 Don't Bug Me Banner $ NEW RMG-CE4079 Butterfly Twist Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4093 Step On In Door Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4076 Luau Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4050 Pink Flamingos $ NEW RMG-CE4129 Blue Fish Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4081 Flower Pot Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4037 Color-Me Zoo Door Hangers $ NEW RMG-CE4077 Choo Choo Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4070 Fancy Flower Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4075 Sea Life Coloring Bags $ NEW RMG-CE4160 Pizza Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE D Foam Bird $ NEW RMG-CE4194 Two Sided Lacing Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4110 Farm Animal Bookmarks $ NEW RMG-CE4043 Tropical Fish Wood Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4126 Circus Seal Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4123 Grasshopper Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4107 Noah's Ark Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4039 Monarch Needlepoint $ NEW RMG-CE4045 Cool Shades $ NEW RMG-CE4104 Bendy Farm Animals $ NEW RMG-CE4125 Elephant Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4202 Ladybug Banner $ NEW RMG-CE4115 Wooden Elephant Ornament $ NEW RMG-CE4211 Wood Construction Animals $ NEW RMG-CE4118 Bumblebee Mobile $ NEW RMG-CE4111 Sea Life Bookmarks $ NEW RMG-CE4185 Super Foam Kangaroo Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4158 Bejeweled Crown $ NEW RMG-CE4218 Angel Wings $ NEW RMG-CE4159 Star of David $ NEW RMG-CE4053 Papier Mâché Fish Box $ NEW RMG-CE4161 Foam Bracelet Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4117 Cat 'n Dog Sand Art $ NEW RMG-CE4121 Sun 'N Moon Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4052 Turtle and Frog Pinwheels $ NEW RMG-CE4154 Bear Basket $ NEW RMG-CE4131 Toucan Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4122 Panda Bear Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4198 Caribiner Key Ring $ NEW RMG-CE4098 Snail Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4100 Angel Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4180 Locker Photo Frame Pocket $ NEW RMG-CE4178 Locker Pocket Pen Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4176 Locker Message Board $ NEW RMG-CE4157 Cell Phone Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4179 Locker Pocket Sunglass Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4181 Locker Pocket Mirror $ NEW RMG-CE4177 Locker Pennant Pocket $ NEW RMG-CE D Foam Dinosaur $ NEW RMG-CE4033 Smiling Sunshine $ NEW RMG-CE4031 Join Hands Wreath $ NEW RMG-CE4032 Sunflower Wreath $ NEW RMG-CE4026 Bugs Door Knob Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4200 String-A-Long Pom Caterpillar $ NEW RMG-CE4151 Seahorse Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4155 Mini Purple Purse $ NEW RMG-CE4201 Pom Bead Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4142 Gumball Machine $ NEW RMG-CE4059 Smilin' Stars Photo Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4186 Super Foam Bear Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4120 Dragonfly Foam Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4097 Jungle Frames $ NEW RMG-CE4055 Honey Bear Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4139 Clown Puppet $ NEW RMG-CE4048 Barnyard Photo Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4057 Fishy Frame $ * Pages listed are from the 2006 S&S Recreation catalog. Catalog prices are. 5

6 New and Old Favorites from S&S NEW RMG-CE4046 Pouch Fish Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4146 Tissue Flower Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4149 Lion Puppet $ NEW RMG-CE4148 Happy Neon Headbands $ NEW RMG-CE4119 Foam Shape Necklace $ NEW RMG-CE4140 Patriotic Shakers $ NEW RMG-CE4143 Neon Shakers $ NEW RMG-CE4141 Tissue Horn $ NEW RMG-CE4145 Colorlite Party Hat $ NEW RMG-CE4203 Meadow Creatures Plaster Memo Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4215 Garden Plaster Mold Set $ NEW RMG-CE4080 Spool Frogs $ NEW RMG-CE4174 Caribiner Cross Keychain $ NEW RMG-CE4163 Foam Lion $ NEW RMG-CE4196 Loop Stitch Ring $ NEW RMG-CE4199 Hemp Cord Choker $ NEW RMG-CE4164 Foam Dog $ NEW RMG-CE4165 Foam Chicken $ NEW RMG-CE4208 Foam Animal Mask $ NEW RMG-CE4214 Meadow Plaster Mold Set $ NEW RMG-CE4166 Foam Cat $ NEW RMG-CE4204 Sponge Animal Stamp Set $ NEW RMG-CE4205 Wooden Animal Craft Kit $ NEW RMG-CE4213 Celestial Plaster Mold Set $ NEW RMG-CE4206 Wood Memo Holder $ NEW RMG-CE4207 Party Crown Hats $ RMG-CE4009 Butterfly, Flower and Ladybug Pinwheels $ NEW RMG-CE4233 Rope Doll Kit $ RMG-CE4010 Flower Frame $ RMG-CE4011 Felt People Finger Puppets $ RMG-CE4022 Star Photo Holder $ RMG-CE4012 Butterfly Sun Catcher Key Chains $ NEW RMG-CE4217 Fuzzy Flower Pictures $ RMG-CE4013 Flower Thermometer $ RMG-CE4015 Fish Sun Catcher Key Chains $ RMG-CE4016 Fabric/Button Flowers $ RMG-CE4019 Snack Sack $ RMG-CE4017 Dragonfly Thermometer $ RMG-CE4020 Caterpillar Marionette $ RMG-CE4014 Fish Mobile $ NEW RMG-CE4210 Sea Creatures Plaster Memo Holder $ RMG-CE4018 Foam Flower Pocket $ RMG-CE4023 Felt Lacing Pocket $ NEW RMG-CE4086 Stars 'N Stripes Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4062 Patriotic Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4056 God Bless America Banner $ NEW RMG-CE4153 George Washington Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4073 Star-Spangled Door Hanger $ NEW RMG-CE4197 Americana Bookmark $ NEW RMG-CE4152 Abe Lincoln Magnet $ NEW RMG-CE4209 Flocked American Flag $ NEW RMG-CE4084 Flag Ornament $ RMG-CE4000 Zoo Sun Catcher Key Chains $ RMG-CE4024 Sports Wreath $ RMG-CE4004 Beaded Sunglasses Strap $ RMG-CE4002 Foam Mousepad $ RMG-CE4005 Farm Wreath $ RMG-CE4006 Animal Finger Puppets $ RMG-CE4008 Bear & Elephant Wooden Pinwheels $ RMG-CE4007 Beady Bookworm Bookmark $ RMG-GP1173 Aloha Leis $ RMG-GP1511 Hawaiian Frames $ RMG-GP1362 Heart Keepsake Boxes $ RMG-SH191 Flower Pot Bunny $ NEW RMG-CE4156 Bunny Basket $ RMG-RE254 Dazzling Easter Eggs $ NEW RMG-CE4138 May Day Basket $ NEW RMG-CE4216 Foam Heart Frame $ NEW RMG-CE4168 Happy Bunny $ RMG-GP1136 Flags of All Nations $ RMG-GP1138 All American Shades $ RMG-GP1627 Patriotic Doorknob Hangers $ RMG-CE4085 Patriotic Necklace $ RMG-BE1101 American Flag Pins $ RMG-GP1135 Uncle Sam $ RMG-GP1079 Fan Flair Celebration $ RMG-GP1623 Patriotic Starlights $ RMG-GP1632 Patriotic Metal Rubbing Frames $ RMG-GP838 Proud Puzzles $ RMG-SH187 Patriotic Wooden Pins $ RMG-GP4106 Hilarious Holidays Party Pack $ RMG-SH164 Halloween Masks $ RMG-GP1476 All Season Goodie Bags $ RMG-WD7179 Halloween Doorknob Hangers $ RMG-GP1483 Halloween Howls Frame $ RMG-GP1481 Falling Lwaves Frame $ RMG-GP1484 Witchy Pins $ RMG-SH135 Halloween Designer Panel $ RMG-GP1410 Leggy Larry $ RMG-GP1479 Tom and Tina Turkey $ RMG-XM504 Christmas Sleds $ RMG-WD3258 Christmas Doorknob Hangers $ RMG-GP1141 Snowflake Box $ RMG-SP3922 Christmas Fun Sand Ornaments $ RMG-SH20 Holiday Cards $ RMG-SH156 Christmas Tree Box $ NEW RMG-CE4134 Foam Candy Cane $ NEW RMG-CE4135 Holiday Gift Tags $ NEW RMG-CE4167 Holiday Duck $ NEW RMG-CE4169 Greetings Penguin $ RMG-GP1492 Pretty Package Frame $ RMG-GP1116 Sand Christmas Ornaments $ RMG-SH159 Pinecone Angels $ NEW RMG-CE4136 Foam Holiday Bookmarks $ RMG-SH71 Christmas Stockings $ RMG-RE243 Felt Christmas Ornaments $ RMG-RE236 Tin Punch Decorations $ RMG-XM510 Punched Tart Pan Ornaments $ RMG-SH73 Holiday Happy Ornaments $ RMG-SH188 Beaded Tree $ RMG-SH190 Flowerpot Bell Ornaments $ RMG-GP357 Christmas Stain-A-Frames $ RMG-GP919 Christmas Cuties Stain-A-Frame $ RMG-GP1485 Winter's Here Door Hanging $ RMG-GP1487 Winter Wonderland Frame $ RMG-GP1489 Snowman Pal $ RMG-GP1488 "Let It Snow" Meter $ RMG-GP1486 Snowman Pins $ * Pages listed are from the 2006 S&S Recreation catalog. Catalog prices are.

7 Activity Packs Are... Convenience For Your Program! When faced with so many choices, it is sometimes difficult to make decisions. What size pompons? How many chenille stems? How much paint, and in what colors? We ve made it easy for you with our Activity Packs. Through careful research, we developed these supply packs based on the most common needs of our customers. The perfect beginning to a successful arts and crafts program! Eight Weeks of Summer Activity Pack II. Now we re offering you even MORE savings, convenience and ordering ease for all of your summer program needs! Includes 24 each of Tribal Rainsticks, Race Cars, Sand Monsters, Flying Discs, Twirly Pinwheels, Coloring Fun Animal Masks, High-Flyer Kites and Mosaic Tile Frames. Complete with all instructions! RMG-AP131 Value: $ per pack. Your Price: $ per pack. Makes over 190 projects! Enough for 24 kids! Camper s Delight Activity Pack. This extensive activity pack contains all the proven project favorites from day and overnight camps throughout the years. You get everything you need! Includes enough to make 24 of each: Gecko Key Rings, Coin Purses, Makes over 190 projects! Enough for 24 kids! Glow Key Chains, Soccer Bracelets, Fuse Bead Insects, Raffia Baskets, Woodsie Sportsters and Wood Coasters. RMG-AP139 Value: $ per pack. Your Price: $ per pack. Dinosaur Discovery Activity Pack. It s Jurassic Mania! Color and assemble 12 Dinosaur Puzzles. Create a prehistoric preserve with 24 Prehistoric Pets or Dinosaur Shapes. Forty Beaded Dinosaurs offer hours of crafting fun. Who can resist imprinting Nature Print Paper (pack of 30) with dinosaur figures? At least 12 of each project. RMG-AP116 Value: $79.99 per pack. Your Price: $ per pack. Makes over 190 projects! Enough for 24 kids! 7

8 The Please send me the following catalogs: array of catalogs help people reach their greatest potential. S&S Primelife Primelife features a complete line of products for Therapists and Rehabilitation Professionals. In addition to our popular craft projects and supplies, you ll find a variety of games, equipment and accessories for occupational, physical, sensory and recreation therapy. S&S Recreation Our 468-page full-line S&S Recreation catalog contains arts, crafts, activities and all the related supplies needed to enhance your program. S&S Active Learning Our 2006 S&S Active Learning catalog is filled with high-quality products, activities and educational resources for hands-on learning. Specifically geared toward Pre-K through Grade 3. S&S Christian Activities Discover our wide range of crafts, activities, resources and sports equipment for Youth Groups, Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday Schools. S&S Arts & Crafts Your discount source for creativity and fun! Discover hundreds of Arts and Craft supplies and kits at the lowest prices in the nation! For additional copies of this reprint, or copies of our catalogs: Call Toll Free: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST Saturday, 8 a.m. to 12 noon EST. Fax 24 Hours A Day: To Order By Mail: S&S Worldwide P.O. Box 513 Colchester, CT Request Item S-40 (2/06) Internet Home Page: Address: Customer Service: For questions or product information Call toll-free: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST. Copyright 2006 S&S Worldwide, Inc. All rights reserved. Color Splash! is licensed from Grandway USA.