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1 Worksheet of the Week (WOW #4) Points Board Activity Social Studies 25 points possible Select from this week s social studies worksheet options to be completed for points. There may be multiple offerings each week, the number you may complete will change each week. WOW (Worksheets of the Week) This week the following are options for the WOW. You may complete EACH of these options: 1) Women in the American Revolution Worksheet (In Miss Scofield s room) 25 Points 2) African Americans in the American Revolution Worksheet (In Miss Scofield s room) 25 Points 3) Battle of Lexington Complete Graphic Organizer (see Miss Scofield for a copy), using page of your Blue Book. Answer final question in paragraph form on the back. 25 Points

2 Character scrapbook Points board Activity English 100 points Create a scrapbook for the main character of your novel. Pretend you are that character and create the items he or she would save in a scrapbook. Your scrapbook should look like a real one and include the following items: 10 or more PHOTOS of important scenes from the novel 5 or more photos/portraits of important people and items in the novel 10 or more actual items memorabilia, mementos, souvenirs At least THREE diary entries At least TWO letters actual ones from the novel, or ones you create that could have been part of the story EACH ITEM NEEDS A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHY IT IS IN YOUR SCRAPBOOK. Use color. Be neat. Use any scrapping supplies available to you. Be accurate! Label your scrapbook. Be creative. Final copy must be done in ink

3 Cereal Box Project 100 Points Assignment: Read a historical novel set during the Revolutionary War and create a brand new type of cereal that goes along with your book. Also, for up to 50 points EXTRA you may create a one-minute commercial persuading your class to read your book and eat your cereal! Steps to follow: 1. Read your book! 2. Take an empty cereal box and cover it with construction paper or a solid color wrapping paper. 3. Each side of the box (six sides) will have information from your novel on it. a. Front Create a brand name for your cereal. Needs to represent your novel. For example, a cereal for Harry Potter might be called Wizard Wands. Make your box look colorful and appetizing! Use pictures! Include an important quote from the novel that expresses the novel s theme. b. Back Create a game based on your novel. It can be a puzzle, word search, maze, or other fun activity that might be found on the back of a cereal box. Use information from your novel. Give directions to the game. c. Right Side - Ingredients: List the main characters of the novel and give a brief description (2-3 sentences) of each one. Also list the setting (time and place) of your novel. You may need to describe several settings. d. Left Side Nutrition: Top half summary of the story without giving away the ending. Pretend you are writing the back of a book that gets people to want to read your book. Bottom half Describe two or three of the main problems found in the story. Identify the type of conflict they are. e. Top Write the title and author of the book. f. Bottom Write your name, the date and your rating of the book. ( 1 star is not good 5 stars is the best) Give a quote about your feelings on the book. g. Prize Cereal boxes often include a prize. Your prize must be something the protagonist used in the novel or that reminds you of the protagonist. Include a picture or description of the prize on the outside of the box. You may include the prize if you want.

4 4. The purpose of your cereal box is to entice your audience to want to read the book. Consider the appearance, neatness, color, organization of our box as important to getting a good grade. 5. Go ahead and add more pictures, facts, or other interesting tidbits about your novel on your cereal box. Remember you are trying to get people to read your book! Helpful hints: 1. Look at a real cereal box for inspiration. 2. Be neat! 3. You may do the work by hand or by computer. Hand done work is encouraged over taking ready-made clip art. 4. Use the templates provided to make sure you have all the needed info on your cereal box! 5. Write or type written parts, then cut and glue to box for a neat product. 6. Use crayons, colored pencils, or markers. 7. Be creative! 8. Plan your time wisely in order to complete your project on time.

5 Important Battles Project Points Board Activity Social Studies 100 points Using the links shared in Google Classroom, complete the note pages about significant battles of the American Revolution. (Available in Miss Scofield s room) Once the packet is completed, make a poster that informs other students about a minimum of 4 of the battles in the packet. The packet and the poster must both be turned in as part of the 100 points. You should determine a theme that you carry out throughout the poster. Be sure to include a title, pictures, maps, and statistics for each battles/events.