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1 Summary of Giving & Volunteer Participation July June 2012

2 Summary of Giving Table of Contents Message from the President page 4 Société d Honneur page 8 Message from the Annual Fund Chair page 5 Marquis Society page 10 Spirit of Giving page 6 Fleck Society page 43 Sources of Support page 7 Gift Performance by Class page 44 Gift Society Recognition Levels page 7 Class Annual Fund Gifts page 46 and Participation Class Donors page 47 Class Page # Class Page # Class Page #

3 Gifts from Parents page 114 and Grandparents Gifts from Friends, page 125 Faculty, and Staff Gift from Other Sources page 133 Foundation Donors page 133 Corporate Donors page 134 Other Organizations page 136 Matching Gift Companies page 136 Special Gifts page 138 Gifts to Endowed Funds page 138 Memorial Gifts page 142 Gifts in Honor page 144 Estate Planned Giving page 146 Porter Society page 146 Bequests page 150 Life Income Agreements page 151 Volunteer Participation page 152 Message from the Alumni Council President page 152 Governance page 153 Alumni Association page 155 AA Board Committeess page 155 Class Officers page 156 Reunion Volunteers page 158 Chapter Volunteers page 158 Special Activity / Event Volunteers page 159 Annual Fund page 161 Admissions page 163 Career Servies page 171 Parents page 174 Athletics page 177 Interst Groups page 179 3

4 A Message from President Weiss The loyalty, generosity, and hard work of thousands of alumni, parents, and friends helped make another exceptionally good year for Lafayette. In publishing this record of service and financial support, we record our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers and donors whose names appear in this report many of them listed in more than one category. Highlights of the year in Alumni Affairs included the launching of a new tradition: Wine 3/9, a celebration of the signing of the College s charter on March 9, Toasts to Lafayette s past and future were offered by 22 alumni chapters around the globe, with messages and photos shared on Facebook. A dozen alumni from the Washington, DC, area participated in Lafayette s first Alumni Admissions Interview Day, meeting with 37 prospective students and talking with 47 families. This year the program will be offered in 14 cities, three of them abroad. The assistance of alumni and parents was instrumental in enabling the Career Services Office to record a 34% increase in job postings a significant boost in a highly competitive job market. Volunteers also stepped forward to offer a record 462 externships last January. The impact of those opportunities is reflected in the fact that 98% of the student externs placed a high value on the experience in helping them clarify their career goals. Thanks to the ongoing generosity of alumni and support from the Senior Class Gift 30 students received stipends that enabled them to hold summer internships that would otherwise have been beyond their reach. The $26.2 million in gifts received by the College represented the second-highest total in the past decade, and the percentage of alumni donors rose impressively, from 34% to 37%. Contributions from foundations fell just short of the all-time record, and gifts from Maroon Club members topped $1 million for the first time. During the year the Lafayette community proudly announced major commitments to fund the Williams Arts Campus and the Oechsle Center for Global Education. Significant support was also received for the renovation of the Quad, the first phase of which began in August. To every donor and volunteer who helped to advance Lafayette s educational mission during the past year, I extend my sincere appreciation. Daniel H. Weiss 4

5 A Message From The Annual Fund Chair We live in a world in which currencies and countries are constantly at risk, and global leaders rise and fall in ways that many of us have never witnessed before. With the pace of change increasing, it often causes me to stop and take stock of my destination and the trajectory of the important aspects of my life. I suspect I m not alone. For the last several decades, one of the constants that helps me get grounded during these moments is Lafayette. Her, too, I am clearly not alone. As I begin my second year as Chair of the Annual Fund, it is this feeling and connection Pard Pride that is prominent in my mind. It sets us apart from our peers at other schools, not because we say it does, but because our actions convey an unusual devotion and allegiance to each other and our school. Bonds are forged on campus but transcend Easton and encompass the globe. This loyalty emanates from shared experiences in classrooms, fraternities, and sororities, in dorm rooms and labs, on playing fields and during internships, and in too many other ways and places to name. There is passion and familiarity in these connections, friendships and loyalty. We remember the great experiences that we had in Easton and we are proud of the incredible opportunities that our students today have before them. Pride. Pard Pride. It is why nearly 10% of our alumni volunteered on behalf of the College last year. It is also why our level of alumni participation in Lafayette s fundraising program increased from 34% to 37%. It is why we continue to attract donors and create new programs and experiences that support our mission and purpose. And it is pride that will return us to 40% alumni participation in Last May, 526 members of the Class of 2011 received their Lafayette degrees and moved forward as truly enlightened citizens in a rapidly changing world. Your support as donors and volunteers helped them on their path to becoming the next generation of global leaders. It takes the efforts of all of us who are alumni and the passion of parents and the commitment of faculty and staff to create the Lafayette experience. And it takes pride. Pard Pride. James L. Benjamin '84 Chair Lafayette Annual Fund 5

6 Written by M. Dustin Davis '02 and Dana Newcomb '02 Spirit of Giving Leslie Smith, Class of 2002 In December 2008, Leslie Smith 02 passed away after an almost two-year battle with leukemia. While Leslie s struggle was not unlike that of many other brave cancer patients, it was apparent that her extensive support system was unique. We have always known we were lucky to have such a strong group of friends, especially when compared to people we know who went to other schools and aren t nearly as close to as many people as we are to our Lafayette friends. But the strength of this group had never been tested and it was incredible to see everyone rise to the challenge from the first minute Leslie was diagnosed. While she received chemo treatment, it was her Lafayette friends who visited every night after work and when she was in the ICU. They filled the waiting room around the clock. We probably could have filled ten waiting rooms because there were so many other people who wanted to be there. Friends who lived in other cities made frequent trips to New York and never left her side at the NYU Medical Center while they were in town. This was a true testament to the amazing person that Leslie was and the unbreakable bond she formed with so many of her Lafayette friends. After she passed away, there was no doubt in our minds that the best way to honor her memory was by establishing a scholarship fund at Lafayette. It s where she grew up, traveled the world, made her most precious memories, got a world class education, met her closest friends, and met the love of her life. We discussed all of the options for creating a named scholarship fund, and since our group has never done anything small, we chose an endowed scholarship with an ambitious $50,000 minimum that could be sustained over time with future donations. Having raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society over the past few years, we knew this would not be an easy task and could possibly take a few years to complete. We launched the Leslie Smith 02 Scholarship Fund in May with just over $5,000, and we are happy to report that our friends have once again rallied around Leslie and risen to the challenge. As of early December, we are only a few thousand dollars shy of $50,000 and are confident we will exceed that goal in the next few months. It is our hope that the money we raised will help provide future students with the same incredible Lafayette experience that Leslie had. Every year, we will think of Leslie as we contribute to her fund, and while our time with her was cut short, we will be thankful for our decision to attend Lafayette, where we met such an incredible person and created memories that will last the rest of our lives.. 6

7 Summary of Giving and Volunteer Participation ! More than 10,000 donors during July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012 made it possible for Lafayette College to raise over $26 million during this time period. Each year, it is important to recognize these donors and the impact their generosity and resources make on this institution. THANK YOU! Sources of Support Alumni $8,530,246 Parents and Grandparents $758,881 Friends $655,973 Bequests (alumni, parents, and friends) $4,953,896 Corporations (including matching gifts) $1,060,622 Foundations $7,020,395 Church $50 Government $0 Other Organizations $926,474 TOTAL GIFTS $26,952,409 Gift Societies Gift Society Recognition Levels The College recognizes with pleasure the generous support of alumni, parents, and friends who contribute at the following leadership levels. Matching gifts may be used to qualify for gift society levels. For alumni within 10 years of graduation, Marquis Society membership may be attained with a gift of $100 multiplied by the number of years since graduation. Marquis Laureates $50,000 & Above Marquis Council $25,000 - $49,999 Marquis Circle $10,000 - $24,999 Marquis Court $5,000 - $9,999 Marquis Founders $1,826 - $4,999 Marquis Society $1,000 - $1,825 Pardee Club $500 - $999 7

8 Cattell Club $250 - $499 Loyal Leopards Up to $249 8

9 Société d'honneur The Société d'honneur was established by the Board of Trustees to recognize exceptional lifetime generosity on the part of alumni, parents, and friends. Since the 29 inaugural members were inducted on April 4, 1986, the Société has grown to include 112 alumni, parents, and friends, including the nine new members who were honored on October 21, The support of these individuals has strengthened every facet of campus life. In addition to being listed in the Summary of Giving, members' names are inscribed on the Société d'honneur Plaza, located near the southwest corner of Pardee Hall. When inducted each Société member receives an exactscale bronze copy of a statue of the Marquis de Lafayette (1881) by Aimé-Jules Dalou ( ). The original from which the recastings were made was presented to the College in 1950 by Allan P. Kirby '15, a charter member of the Société. Sarkis Acopian '51 and Bobbye J. Acopian Robert Wunsch Adenbaum '49 Lorenz K. Ayers '13 Richard Hutton Ayre '23 Ervin G. Bailey Charles O. Baird The Family of Harvey S. Batdorf '28 and Lawrence B. Batdorf '32 S. Robert Beane, Jr. '58 and Silas R. Beane III '88 Philip I. Berman and Muriel Mallin Berman John T. Bourger '71 and Selena Vanderwerf Fred P. Braun, Jr. '55 Ralph A. Brenninger '33 Edward B. Brunswick '58 Joseph D. Ceader and Valeria S. Ceader Citizens of Easton Eugene H. Clapp II '36 and Maud Millicent Clapp Anthony L. Conrad '43 and Nancy M. Conrad Arthur W. Conway '68 William J. Conway, Jr. '70 Charles A. Dana and Eleanor N. Dana Peter C.S. d'aubermont '73 Ewart G. Davies and Myra W. Davies Edward M. Dohrman '31 and Marion S. Dohrman Paul Frederick Drake '20 and Ruth Nice Drake W. Bruce Drinkhouse '50 Bradbury Dyer III '64 The Engel Family William B. Farinon '39 and P T Farinon Jeffrey P. Feather '65 and Grace Kathryn Feather Helen Rowland Fecke Joseph J. Feder '26 and Miss Mary Feder James R. Fisher '77 and Tracey Fisher Edwin L. Frankenstein '22 Francis J. Gafford '31 and Dorothy A. M. Gafford Lois Gagnon and Neil Gagnon Bennett J. Goodman '79 and Margaret Goodman Joseph A. Grazier '25 and Marian Messner Grazier Alan R. Griffith '64 and Elizabeth F. "Penny" Griffith 9

10 Richard A. Grossman '64 and Rissa W. Grossman Harold A. Hageman '39 and Roberta Oberer Hageman The Family of Haubert J. Hansen '33 and Roger B. Hansen '65 Heidi Ludwick Hanson '91 and Daniel Hanson Walter E. Hanson '49 Frederick W. Harsen '31 H. Louise Harstine (Mrs. David L. Harstine W1908) Clifford S. Heinz 1909 and Vira I. Heinz Charles E. Hugel '51 and Cornelia F. Hugel Elmer E. Huhn '24 and Emily Kocher Huhn Elmer B. Humma '29 and Sara Saylor Humma George R. Jaqua '38 Edward A. Jesser '39 and Ruth A. Jesser Harold N. Kamine '78 and Kathleen Coogan Kamine '78 Harry V. Keefe, Jr. Walter L. "Jack" Kellow, Jr. '52 and Eugenia Litwinski Kellow Joseph G. Kessler '29 and Ethel T. Kessler The Fred Morgan Kirby Family Robert L. Klotz, Jr. '31 and Emma Lou Pantier Klotz Paul O. Koether '58 Gideon R. Kreider, Jr John W. Landis '39 and Muriel S. Landis William W. Lanigan '52 George Cooley Laub '33 Frank H. Lerch, Jr Barbara Levy '77 and Joseph Hollander Richard M. Lieberman '52 Charles C. Limburg '29 John Henry MacCracken and Louise MacCracken Olmsted Charles D. Mac Makin '39 and Margaret H. Mac Makin James T. Marcus '50 John Markle 1880 Joseph A. Marlo '29 and Bernice E. Marlo The McCutchen Foundation (Charles W. McCutchen, Ann Terry, and Benson J. Chapman P'03) John W. Mengel 1902 and Alverta B. Ellis Mengel Marshall R. Metzgar '18 Robert B. Meyner '30 and Helen S. Meyner Lester V. Milligan '34 and Gladys Rice Milligan E. Wayne Nordberg '60 Walter Oechsle '57 and Christa Oechsle Herbert F. Ohmeis '28 and Virginia C. Ohmeis Ario Pardee Robert A. Pfenning Robert E. Pfenning '32 and Hazel E. Pfenning Lawrence J. Ramer '50 and Ina Lee Brown Ramer William C. Rappolt '67 and Pamela H. Rappolt David M. Roth '70 and Linda Roth Stuart J. Rothkopf '55 and Joan Mack George F. Rubin '64 and Lorraine B. Rubin Ronald Nelson Rudderow '57 10

11 John W. Ruef 1901 John H. Rumbaugh '11 and Florence Holliday Rumbaugh Darl M. Rush '52 Arthur B. Ryer '30 Walter A. Scott '59 and Mary Catherine Reed Scott Robert E. Sell '84 and Susan J. Sell Albert N. Seip 1862 George J. Shipman '26 J. Peter Simon '75 and Janet Mauriello Simon '75 William E. Simon '52 and Carol G. Simon Frank Lee Smith '28 and Edna M. Smith Frederick H. Spotts '14 Gwyneth Laros Staats Robert Tinsman 1901 and Mary Kennedy Tinsman Morris Gilbert E. Tomlinson '19 Ervin R. VanArtsdalen '35 and Mary Louise VanArtsdalen John J. Veronis '48 and Lauren S. Veronis Thomas J. Watson and Jeannette Kittredge Watson Michael F. Weinstein '70 and Jill Weinstein Gladstone T. Whitman '49 and Sally G. Whitman George L. Williams '35 Morris R. Williams '22 and Josephine C. Williams J. Tylee Wilson '53 and Patricia F. Wilson Philip D. Wolfe '57 and Joanne L. Wolfe Robert L. Yohe '58 and Judith C. Yohe Denotes members inducted in the 2011 fiscal year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Marquis Society 25+ Year Donors The following have been members of the society for 25 or more years: Mrs. Sarkis Acopian W 51 P GP Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ahart 69 P Mr. and Mrs. Otto Alden 42 GP 95 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alexander 50 Mr. and Mrs. Elbern H. Alkire 58 Sheikh Abdulaziz A. AlSulaiman 55 Mr. W. Robin Amesbury 71 and Ms. Karen A. Kapner Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Ashton P 85 Mrs. Henry M. Bangser W 52 P 76 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barbero 51 P 82 Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Beane Jr. 58 P 88 Mrs. Elmer J. Bennett W 30 P GP Mrs. Lucy Wilson Benson Hon.D. 99 Mrs. Edmund R. Bernhard W 56 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Bernon 84 Attorney and Mrs. Bernard M. Billick 63 P 93 11

12 Mrs. Andrew W. Bisset P Mr. and Mrs. Kent B. Blazy 70 Mr. David P. Bloys 61 and Ms. Senie Baroli P 89 Sanfurd G. Bluestein, M.D. 42 Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman 60 P 81 GP Mr. Maurice T. Bolmer Jr. 43 * Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Bottcher 68 Mr. John T. Bourger 71 and Ms. Selena Vanderwerf Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown Sr. 64 P Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Braun Jr. 55 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Britton 44 GP 02 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Broz 69 P 04 Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brunswick 58 Mrs. Alexander K. Buck 53 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck 50 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burcin 57 P 80 GP 16 Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Carey 57 Dr. Vincent G. Carifi 67 P Mr. and Mrs. Norman Carlson 49 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cassebaum 53 P 82 Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Cherry 58 Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Chubb 50 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ciemniecki 75 Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Clachko 67 P Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clement Jr. 69 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cohen 65 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Conti P 68 GP 07 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Conway 68 Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cornstein 60 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corwin 67 P 04 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Crosby 65 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Darr 66 Dr. and Mrs. Lance A. Davis 61 P 90 Mr. David E. DeLeeuw 67 and Ms. Treva Holloway Mr. and Mrs. John W. Devlin 56 P GP 12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dilworth 59 Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dimmick 71 P 08 Mrs. Paul S. Doherty 39 P 82 GP Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass III 63 P Mr. W. Bruce Drinkhouse 50 Mr. Bradbury Dyer III 64 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher 65 Dr. and Mrs. Alvin N. Ehrlich 56 P 88 Mr. and Mrs. E. Guy Elzey, Jr. 49 P Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Engel 74 Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Evans 57 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Feather 65 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Fishbein 53 P GP Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Flanzbaum 58 Mrs. Constance Flaum W 40 12

13 Mr. and Mrs. David I. Fox 53 P 85 Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Fox Jr. 53 P 84 * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. French 59 P Mr. and Mrs. William H. Friesell IV 66 Mr. Scott H. Gamber 75 and Mrs. Jane H. Gamber Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gehret 55 P 01 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Geesey 61 P 87 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gichner 52 Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Gicking 52 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Gluck 65 Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Goetz 44 P 75 Mrs. Daniel L. Golden 34 Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Gordon 55 P 83 Mr. Jonathan D. Green 68 P 95 Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Griffith 64 Hon.D. 01 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Grossman 64 P 97 Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Grube 57 Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Hansen Jr. 75 Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Hansen 65 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Hanson 61 Mrs. Walter E. Hanson 49 Hon.D. 77 P 78 Mrs. Herbert P. Harkins 34 P 64 Mr. Joseph W. Harpster 73 and Ms. Carol Pescatore Harpster 75 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Hiltabidle 51 Mr. and Mrs. John J. A. Hossenlopp 61 P 92 Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan 75 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hugel 51 Hon.D. 86 P 83 GP 06 Mrs. Frank H. Hughes W 51 P 85 * Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hyman 62 Mr. * and Mrs. C. Blair Ives Jr. 57 P 85 Reverend Robert A. Jacob 74 and Ms. Deirdre B. Jacob 74 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. B. Johnston 42 Lt. Colonel Harry Jones 66 and Mrs. Gloria Hodges Jones Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Jones Jr. 52 P 78 Dr. Joseph H. Kahn 74 and Dr. Nancy Hochberg Kahn 75 P 07 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Kauffman 61 P 82 GP 09 Mr. Allan P. Kirby Jr. 53 P 76 GP 05 Mrs. F. M. Kirby W 42 Hon.D. 84 P Parents-in-Law 87 GP 13 Mr. and Mrs. Lauritz K. Knudsen 60 P 86 Mr. Paul O. Koether 58 and Dr. Helen Koether Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Koplin 64 P 91 Mr. Donald G. Kress 58 and Ms. Daphne L. Woods Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kusch 48 P 85 Mr. Edwin C. Landis Jr. 56 GP 13 Mr. Glenn K. Landis 44 * Dr. John W. Landis 39 Hon.D. 60 Mrs. William W. Lanigan 52 Hon.D. 90 P 80 Mrs. George C. Laub W 33 13

14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lewis 71 Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lundy 62 P 88 Mr. Paul A. Luscombe 60 * = deceased Mr. John Wilbur Mack 39 Mr. James F. Mallay 59 and Ms. Nancy J. Zacha Mrs. Bernice E. Marlo W 29 Mrs. G. Herbert McCracken Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGrail 55 P 89 Mr. and Mrs. G. Nelson Mergott Jr. 53 Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Mitcham Jr. 58 P 98 Mr. Kenneth E. Moor 63 Mr. Theodore S. Morgan 53 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moss 57 Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Moskow 59 P 96 Mr. William J. Murgas 53 Mr. Francis L. Mustaro 72 and Mrs. Kathryn Radcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Neff 59 P 01 Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Nordberg 60 Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Oaks 51 P GP Mr. and Mrs. James S. Pasman Jr. 52 Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton W 52 P 86 GP 04 Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Pesky 56 P Dr. (Col. Ret.) and Mrs. Ronald E. Philipp 54 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Plume 38 Mr. Lawrence Plummer 55 and Ms. Prudence Churchill Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter 54 P 86 GP 04 Mr. Roy R. Raizen 52 P 87 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ramer 50 Hon.D. 92 P 83 Dr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Raphaelson 61 P Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Riddle 51 P 80 Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Ross Jr. 47 David M. Roth Esq. 70 and Mrs. Linda H. Roth Mr. Arthur J. Rothkopf 55 Hon.D. 05 and Mrs. Barbara S. Rothkopf Hon.D. 05 Mr. Stuart Jay Rothkopf 55 and Ms. Joan Mack Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rubin 64 P Dr. John Philip Rudolph 35 Mr. Darl M. Rush 52 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rutledge 63 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ruthizer 62 P 00 Mrs. Harold B. Sachs 45 Mr. Howard M. Schoor 61 and Ms. Frances A. Loscoe Mrs. Ruth L. Schwarzmann P 84 Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Scott 59 Mr. Norman Seidel 38 Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund S. Semon 59 P 88 Mr. * and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sheeleigh 51 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. Matthias Sheeleigh 50 P 84 Mr. James F. Siegel 84 P

15 Mr. and Mrs. M. Alden Siegel 60 P GP Mr. J. Peter Simon 75 and Ms. Janet Mauriello Simon 75 P Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Slawson 69 Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Standbridge 55 P * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Morris N. Stein 44 P Mr. Dana D. Streep 75 Mr. Robert H. Stuhler 42 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Swain 51 Dr. Robert R. Tanz 72 and Ms. Jill Johnson Tanz 72 P 09 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Tator 63 Mr. and Mrs. Gunard C. Travaglini 72 P Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Trumpbour 49 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Turnauer 59 Mrs. John Updegrove Mr. and Mrs. Boyer L. Veitch 53 P 80 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Veronis 48 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ward 73 P 13 Mrs. Ralph E. Ward Jr. 50 Hon.D. 80 P 73 GP 13 Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Weisburger 55 P 82 Mrs. Norbert A. Weldon 39 Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone T. Whitman 49 P 86 Ms. Robin L. Wiessmann 75 and Mr. Kenneth M. Jarin P 15 Mr. and Mrs. E. Crosby Willet 50 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Wilson 60 Mr. and Mrs. J. Tylee Wilson 53 Mr. and Mrs. W. David Wister 60 Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Wolfe 57 P 86 Mrs. Ahlert D. Wolff Dr. Herbert M. Wolff 32 P 70 Mr. and Mrs. L. Robert Wood 52 Mrs. Judith C. Yohe W 58 Mr. and Mrs. John Kirby Ziegler 59 P Mr. Martin Zippel 49 GP 14 New Sustaining Members Sustaining members are members of the Marquis Society for 10 or more consecutive years. The following became sustaining members in : Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. William S. Andrews 71 P Ms. Mary Stengel Austen 86 and Mr. Peter A. Austen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Brown 64 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brown 77 Mr. Peter J. Carril 52 P 76 Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Claussen Jr. 62 Mr. Alvin W. Dietz 73 and Ms. Linda Cubberly Dietz 74 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Dietz 73 P 06 Dr. and Mrs. John B. Donaldson 70 15

16 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Engelland 68 P 97 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Enman 84 Dr. Mary Kolarek Frank 79 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gano III 57 Mr. William C. Godfrey 77 P 14 * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Bradford M. Hait 56 Mr. and Mrs. John Bixler Hench 65 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Houldin Jr. 58 P 91 Mr. Alan B. Levine 76 Mr. Daniel M. Maggin 02 and Ms. Wendy Maggin Mr. Glen G. McConky 70 and Ms. Christine E. Haile Mr. Christopher J. McGrail 90 Dr. Hyman B. Muss 64 and Ms. Loretta A. Lassam James C. Olson, Esq. 76 and Mrs. Sharon Olson Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pastor 69 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Pennington 55 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Price 60 Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Rednor 71 P 08 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reif 68 Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Stager 74 Dr. Paul E. Thurston 60 Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Unruh 69 MARQUIS LAUREATES Gifts of $50,000 & Above Anonymous (5) Mr. and Mrs. S. Robert Beane 58 P 88 Sanfurd G. Bluestein, M.D. 42 Ms. Blythe E. Bourger M Mr. John T. Bourger 71 and Ms. Selena Vanderwerf Ms. Nancy E. Brennan 74 Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Britton 44 GP 02 Ms. Linda Assante Carrasco 90 Mr. Samuel R. Chapin 79 and Ms. Beth L. Chapin 80 Mr. and Mrs. Benson J. Chapman P 03 Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Claussen Jr. 62 Mr. and Mrs. Duane Connell 91 Mr. and Mrs. Shane Connell 90 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Conway 68 Dr. Peter Suhge d Aubermont 73 Mr. Robert C. Delaney 12 Mr. Robert V. Delaney and Ms. Pamela J. Craig P 12 Mr. Daniel R. Revers 84 and Mrs. Lise N. Revers Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Evans 57 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Fisher 77 P Ms. Mary Kolarek Frank 79 Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Goodman 79 16

17 Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Griffith 64 Hon.D. 01 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Grossman 64 P 97 Ms. Heidi Ann Ludwick Hanson 91 and Mr. Daniel Hanson Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hatfield 67 Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Hyman 62 Harold Kamine P.E. 78 and Kathleen Kamine P.E. 78 P * = deceased = sustaining member Mrs. F. M. Kirby 42 Hon.D. 84 P Parents-in-Law 87 GP 13 Mr. and Mrs. W. Thomas Kirchhoff Jr. 93 Mr. Rudolph K. Kluiber Ms. Nancy J. Kuenstner 75 P 09 and Mr. Hugo Verdegaal Dr. John W. Landis 39 Hon.D. 60 Ms. Barbara Levy 77 and Mr. Joseph Hollander P Dr. Judson Linville 79 and Mrs. Cynthia Oaks Linville 80 P 13 Mr. and Mrs. D. Herbert Lipson 52 Ms. Stefanie Westphal Lucas 85 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Maggin 65 P 02 Mrs. Joseph A. Marlo W 29 Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. McCurdy 82 Ms. Brenda Bourger McGinley Mr. Angel L. Mendez 82 and Mrs. Linda K. Mendez Mr. and Mrs. Forbes M. Meston 50 Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Morel Jr. 79 Mr. and Mrs. * Walter Oechsle 57 Mr. Robert A. Pfenning Mr. Douglas W. Prusoff 12 Mr. Daniel R. Revers 84 and Mrs. Lise N. Revers Mr. S. Kent Rockwell 66 Dr. and Mrs. George E. Rossmann 62 David M. Roth, Esq. 70 and Mrs. Linda H. Roth Mr. and Mrs. George F. Rubin 64 P Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Scott 59 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sell 84 Mr. Leon M. Wagner 75 Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Weinstein 70 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Werner 62 Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whelen P 10 Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone T. Whitman 49 P 86 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald I. Wilson 60 MARQUIS COUNCIL Gifts of $25,000 $49,999 Anonymous (1) Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ahart 69 P Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Anderson, Jr. 67 P 01 Margaret Golieb Axelrod, Esq. 74 and Mr. Jay G. Axelrod Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Barrett 63 Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Broderick P 14 17

18 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Coradino P 13 Laneta J. Dorflinger, Ph.D. 75 and Dr. Mark Graham II Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Gagnon P 96 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Glascott 79 P Mr. William C. Godfrey 77 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Heaney 86 P 14 Mr. Leo A. Helmers 87 and Ms Stacey Guckes Helmers 87 * = deceased = sustaining member Mrs. Frank H. Hughes 51 P 85 * Mr. and Mrs. George M. Jenkins 74 Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jesser III 68 P 07 Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Keeler P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Keith P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Kilmurray 75 Mr. Jefferson W. Kirby 84 and Mrs. Karen McCabe Kirby 87 Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Lee 51 Dr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Nechasek 62 Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Pastor 69 Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Reilly 83 Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Richwine 73 Mr. Darl M. Rush 52 Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Scherr 78 Mr. J. Peter Simon 75 and Ms. Janet Mauriello Simon 75 P Mrs. Amy Smith P 08 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sweet Jr. 54 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tanenbaum P Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thorpe P 89 Mrs. Judith C. Yohe W 58 MARQUIS CIRCLE Gifts of $10,000 $24,999 Anonymous (4) Dr. Rashid A. Abdu 56 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Anderson 87 Mr. and Mrs. Greer M. Arthur, Jr. 56 Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Averbuch P 07 Dr. Susan A. Basow Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blecher 60 Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Jr. 60 P 81 GP Ms. Jill Crocker Bornstein 90 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown 64 P Mrs. Bernadette Ulissi Branosky 93 Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Braun Jr. 55 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Broderick 78 Mr. Raymond M. Burke III 75 and Ms. Ellen Kravet Burke 76 Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ciemniecki 75 Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Conti P 68 GP 07 Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Davis 80 18

19 Shelby and Gale Davis Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Delsener P 14 Dr. Deborah A. DeRose and Mr. Alvin Prusoff P 12 Mr. Alvin W. Dietz 73 and Ms. Linda Cubberly Dietz 74 Mr. David Dietz 61 and Ms. Jane A. Kendall Mr. W. Bruce Drinkhouse 50 Ms. Amanda Higgs Drobac 86 and Mr. Michael H. Drobac Mr. and Mrs. D. Darby Duryea 72 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Elbert 55 P 87 Mr. and Mrs. George Elling Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Engel 74 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Feather 65 Mr. and Mrs. Brian I. FitzPatrick P 12 Mr. Ronald A. Garfunkel 63 Mr. and Mrs. James D. Glascott 83 Ms. Kirsti Wells Goodwin 96 and Mr. Matthew T. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Gross P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Gummeson 80 Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Heumann 75 P 09 Mrs. Mary Jane Hiller W 61 Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hope III 71 P Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Huffines P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson P 14 Reverend Robert A. Jacob 74 and Ms. Deirdre B. Jacob 74 Mr. and Mrs.* Raymond B. Jacoby 57 Cheryl L. Johnson, Esq. 83 and Mr. James W. Donaghy P 04 Mr. Robert K. Johnson 60 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ju P 14 Mr. Frederick J. Kaiser Jr. 55 P 89 Mr. James H. Kammert, CFA 85 and Ms. Stacy Landis Kammert Mr. Harry V. Keefe III 83 and Mrs. Carol Ashton Keefe 82 P 12 Ms. Lynn Dudgeon King 75 and Mr. Loren Edward King Jr. Ms. Diane Steyer Lembke 80 and Mr. Anthony C. Lembke Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. MacDonald 61 P 90 Ms. Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald 81 and Mr. John MacDonald Mr. Joseph J. Maddon 76 and Mrs. Jaye Maddon Mr. and Mrs. Wade R. Martin P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Marvin 69 P 04 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGrail 55 P 89 Francis D. McIntyre Family Mr. Collin F. McNeil 73 Mr. Stephen J. Meringoff P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Marc M. Merlin 86 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Metelenis P 15 Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Moskow 59 P 96 Mr. John Murray 84 and Ms. Heather Korostoff Murray Mr. Francis L. Mustaro 72 and Mrs. Kathryn Radcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Nash P 12 19

20 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Neff 59 P 01 Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Nordberg 60 Mrs. Thomas W. Norton W 59 Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Noto 72 Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. O Kane 67 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Oplinger 79 P 13 Mr. Stephen Parahus 84 Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Pierce Jr. P Mr. and Mrs. Marc L. Preminger 71 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. James N. Proctor 96 and Mrs. Kara H. Proctor Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ramer 50 Hon.D. 92 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rappolt 67 Mrs. Joan Williams Rhame Mr. Arthur J. Rothkopf 55 Hon.D. 05 and Mrs. Barbara Rothkopf Hon.D. 05 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rutledge 63 Mr. Frederick Schillinger III 86 and Mrs. Allyson W. Schillinger 87 Mr. * and Mrs. Kenneth W. Sheeleigh 51 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Silverman P 14 Mr. Willis B. Skillman 59 Robert H. Strouse, Esq. 70 and Mrs. Norma Strouse Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tague P 00 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Tator 63 Mr. Brian Thurman 79 and Mrs. Karen Thurman Mr. and Mrs. Gunard C. Travaglini 72 P Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Turnauer 59 Mr. Jonathan T. Van Cleef 88 and Ms. Katherine Longo Van Cleef 89 Dr. and Mrs. Marion M. Vujevich 60 P Mr. George S. Weaver 72 and Ms. Sylvia Daniels Weaver 75 Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Weisburger 55 P 82 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wells 56 Dr. Charles K. Williams II Mr. and Mrs. J. Tylee Wilson 53 Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Wolfe 57 P 86 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yanez P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Taras W. Zawarski P 12 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Zembron 74 P 04 MARQUIS COURT Gifts of $5,000 $9,999 Anonymous (2) Mr. James W. Akerhielm 86 and Ms. Karen Blinder Akerhielm 86 Mr. Richard P. Allen 65 and Ms. Mary L. Sieminski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Aloi P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard D. Andrew 63 Dr. and Mrs. Silas R. Beane III 88 Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Berger P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell W. Berger 77 P 09 20

21 Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Bernhard P 12 Mr. and Mrs. David K. Bilheimer 61 Attorney and Mrs. Bernard M. Billick 63 P 93 Mr. Christopher J. Bliss 09 Mr. Abram I. Bluestein 69 and Ms. Ilene S. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Harry N. Bockus Jr. 50 Ms. Elizabeth Busciglio-Boyer 86 and Mr. Blair A. Boyer Ms. Susan Sullivan Bragdon 80 and Mr. Ronald Bragdon Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W. Brick 62 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Brodie P 15 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. Michael D. Browne 83 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck 50 Ms. Elizabeth Busciglio-Boyer 86 and Mr. Blair A. Boyer Ms. Susan B. Carras 76 and George A. Carras Mr. Peter J. Carril 52 P 76 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Castor 51 P 83 Mr. John M. Stern 63 and Ms. L. Reed Catlett Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Chazen P 15 Mr. and Mrs. C. Douglas Cherry 58 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Christian P 09 Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clement Jr. 69 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corbo 81 P 11 Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Cole P 13 Dr. Joseph T. Cox 68 P 03 and Ms. Kathy Stevenson Mr. Sebastian J. Crapanzano 97 and Mrs. Elisa Bussemer Crapanzano 97 Mr. Brian Demay 94 and Mrs. Lynna Demay Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Depew 79 Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dimmick 71 P 08 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dodds Jr. 74 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass III 63 P Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Eatroff 85 Mrs. Elmer J. Elias W 56 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Engel 74 P 10 Mr. and Mrs. James R. Engelland 68 P 97 Mr. and Mrs. * Donald Engesser G. 51 P 81 Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Enman 84 Mr. Antonio F. Fernandez 81 and Ms. Susan DePhilipps Fernandez 83 Mrs. Constance S. Flaum W 40 Mr. Gary M. Flaum Mr. Stephen S. Flaum Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Flickinger 62 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fry 82 Mr. F. Mark Fucci 73 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galgano P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Geesey 61 P 87 Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gehret 55 P 01 Mr. Edward Gibbons Jr. 88 and Ms. Kimberly Checkur Gibbons 88 Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Green 92 21

22 Ms. Janine Hackett 95 and Ms. Robin Bergen Mr. Paul C. Hackett III 86 and Ms. Catherine S. Hackett 87 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haney Jr. P 12 Ms. Martha Heinze 86 and Mr. Paul W. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Hamill 70 Mr. Joseph W. Harpster 73 and Ms. Carol Pescatore Harpster 75 Ms. Martha A. Heinze 86 and Mr. Paul W. Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Hendrickson 51 Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Hughes P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ill 65 P 02 * = deceased = sustaining member Mrs. W. Robert Jacobs W 50 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. B. Johnston 42 Mr. Christopher J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Kail 91 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Keller 80 Mr. Daniel J. King 94 and Ms. Lindsay C. Minkus Mr. Allan P. Kirby Jr. 53 P 76 GP 05 Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Kirby III 80 Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillard Kirby 81 P 13 Ms. Lynne M. Kizis 84 Ms. Amanda Alpert Knight 99 and Mr. Robert Greenwell Knight Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Koplin 64 P 91 Thomas O. Kuhns, Esq. 77 and Dr. Amy Beth Zuege Kuhns P 13 Mr. David W. Kulsar 88 and Ms. Karin Pizzo Kulsar 88 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kusch 48 P 85 Mr. and Mrs. E. Donald Lass 60 Mr. Bradley Lewis 87 and Ms. Kristen Gay Lewis 86 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lewis P 87 Ms. Virginia A. Logan 81 P 14 Ms. Margaret Liebers Lovelette 82 Stephen J. Macri, Esq. 82 and Mrs. Theresa A. Macri Mrs. Suzanne Gould Maggin 78 and Mr. Wayne L. Maggin P 13 Dr. and Mrs. Nelson G. Markley 62 Mrs. Bernice E. Marlo W 29 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maxon P 13 Mr. Mark E. McCourt 81 and Ms. Marion Philpot McCourt 81 Mr. Brian T. McGrath 72 and Dr. Carmen Paradis Mr. and Mrs. William C. Metropolis Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Millard 53 Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. Milliman P 15 Mr. Joseph Moglia Mr. Kenneth E. Moor 63 Mr. Milton D. Moore Jr. 43 Ms. Joan M. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Theodore S. Morgan 53 P 83 Mr. Thomas M. Moriarty 85 and Ms. Diane Reese Mr. James W. Muntz 73 22

23 Mr. William J. Murgas 53 Dr. and Mrs. Emilio S. Musso P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Neborak 79 Dr. and Mrs. Roger S. Newton 72 Mr. Brian O Reilly 90 and Mrs. Christine O Reilly Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton W 52 P 86 GP 04 Dr. (Col. Ret.) and Mrs. Ronald E. Philipp 54 Mr. John H. Pierce 81 and Ms. Carolyn Slingland Pierce 81 Dr. and Mrs. Edward V. Platia 72 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Plume 38 Ms. Karen A. Pompanella 88 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Raver 35 P 68 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. James F. Reeve 62 Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reif 68 Mr. * and Mrs. William C. Richtmyre 42 Mr. J. Scott Rickard 75 and Ms. Lisa Moore Rickard 77 Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Riddle 51 P 80 Mr. Howard A. Rubin 77 and Ms. Mary J. Henry Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Saidel 58 Drs. Paul and June Schlueter Mr. Gregory W. Schneider 00 and Ms. Margaret Day Flores Mr. and Mrs. Matthias Sheeleigh 50 P 84 Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Slawson 69 Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Smith 59 Dr. * and Mrs. George A. Sofer 48 Mr. Harolld J. Stahle Jr. 51 Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Standbridge 55 P Mr. John Stern 63 and Ms. L. Reed Catlett Mr. J. Michael Sutka 83 and Ms. Tracy Hagert Sutka 82 Ms. Maria LaReddola Takacs 89 Mr. Thomas P. Takacs P 15 Dr. and Mrs. David R. Taschler 75 Dr. Dean Gates Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Vakiener 62 Mr. Christopher T. Vecchio 11 Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Vecchio P 11 Dr. and Mrs. James Vorosmarti Jr. 57 P 88 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waldele 79 P 09 Ms. Chesla C. Wechsler 85 Mr. Michael A. Weisburger 82 and Jenny M. Weisburger 82 Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Wiltshire 86 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Winton 87 Mr. Michael R. Young and Ms. Leslie A. Carroll P 14 Mr. Martin Zippel 49 GP 14 MARQUIS FOUNDERS Gifts of $1,826 $4,999 23

24 Anonymous (4) Captain and Mrs. Carl M. Albero USN(Ret.) 57 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Alden 42 GP 95 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Alexander 50 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Alexander 81 P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Elbern H. Alkire 58 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Amman 64 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Anderson 86 Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Andrusko P 14 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Atherton 77 Mr. Steven R. Atkinson 90 Ms. Mary Stengel Austen 86 and Mr. Peter A. Austen Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Auvil P 15 Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Bauer P 11 * = deceased = sustaining member Dr. Susan M. Bauman 74 and Dr. Ralph L. Slaght P 92 Mr. and Mrs. Tony J. Beasley P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Beghou P 15 Ms. Ann Shellenberger Bell 76 and Mr. Jonathan Alden Bell Mr. and Mrs. James L. Benjamin 84 Ms. Margery C. Bennett 78 Ms. Shana Hennigan Bennett 01 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Bernon 84 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bezer P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Kent B. Blazy 70 Mr. Abram I. Bluestein 69 and Ms. Ilene S. Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Bolton P 13 Dr. and Mrs. J. Richard Booth 60 P 85 Mr. Kristian J.F. Bornemann 91 and Ms. Amy Hespenheide Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Bottcher 68 Mr. Joseph R. Bozik 58 Mr. Kenneth Bradley 86 and Mrs. Lynne Anderson Bradley Mr. Irving Brand 64 P 92 Ms. Sara McCall Broderick 85 Gerald J. Brown, D.O. 57 and Mrs. Mardalee Tink Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brunswick 58 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Budrow Dr. Rose Marie L. Bukics Mr. Douglas M. Burcin 80 and Mrs. Kim D. Burcin P 16 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burcin 57 P 80 GP 16 Mr. and Mrs. John J. Busillo P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Caesar III 58 Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Cahuas Jr. 86 Ms. Elizabeth A. Callies 04 Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Campanaro P 15 Mr. Kevin J. Canavan 76 and Ms. Beatrice O Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Norman S. Carlson 49 Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cassebaum 53 P 82 Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Cassel 61 24

25 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cathcart 67 Ms. Debra Waldele Champagne 76 Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chanda 89 Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Chehi P 12 Harry S. Cherken Jr., Esq. 71 Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Childs P Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Chubb 50 Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Clachko 67 P Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clements Jr. 68 Mr. Mark R. Coles 82 and Ms. Louise Seto Coles 81 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Colgrove 73 Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Coningsby 57 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cornell Jr. 62 P 91 Mr. Charles A. Corson 64 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Corwin 67 P 04 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Peter Costa P 09 Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cottrell Jr. 77 Mr. * and Mrs. Martyn Lewis Cutler 51 Mr. Walter E. Daller Jr. 61 P 93 Mrs. John Thomas Dally W 49 P 78 GP Mr. and Mrs. John E. Daniel 57 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Darr 66 Mr. and Mrs. Brent F. Davila P 12 Mr. and Mrs. D. Frederick Day 63 P Mr. Gerard B. de Camp 74 Mr. Michael S. DeLisi 03 Mr. and Mrs. Evan C. Deoul 84 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Devlin 56 P GP 12 Mr. James W. Dicker 85 and Mrs. Mandy Shane Dicker 84 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Dietz 73 P 06 Mr. Thomas A. DiGiovanni 96 and Ms. Amy P. Ahart 97 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dilworth 59 Mr. Joseph P. Drucker 77 and Ms. Kathleen Stoddart-Drucker P 12 Mr. Philip M. Duvall 81 and Ms. Susan Bollman Duvall 81 P 12 Mr. Bradbury Dyer III 64 Mr. and Mrs. E. Guy Elzey Jr. 49 P Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Eshleman 59 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Evans Jr. 68 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Evans 78 Ms. Eileen Hamill Fiore 76 and Mr. Michael T. Fiore Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Fitzgerald P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Flanigan P 14 Mr. Thomas E. Flanagan 80 and Ms. Adrienne B. Flanagan 83 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Flanzbaum 58 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Flis 68 Mr. and Mrs. Leon H. Fox Jr. 53 P 84 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Frazier P 14 Dr. Frederick Friedman Jr. and Dr. Lynn S. Friedman P 14 25

26 Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Frueh 70 P 04 Ms. Laura N. Fucci P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Galione P Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Garnett 56 Mr. Joseph C. Gaziano 86 and Mrs. Carolyn Baffa Gaziano 84 P 15 Mr. Stephen B. Genzer 73 Mr. William S. George 74 and Mrs. Louise T. George Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Gichner 52 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gicking 60 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilpin 65 P 95 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Gluck 65 Ms. Lisa Goetz-Markley 75 Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Golden Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goldstein 80 Ms. Diane Gaglia Gottschalk 84 Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Graham 58 * = deceased = sustaining member Gen. Alfred M. Gray Jr. USMC (Ret.) 50 and Mrs. Jan Gray Mr. Thomas A. Gray 70 Mr. Jonathan D. Green 68 P 95 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Greenwald 63 Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gula P 14 Mr. Asela J. Gunawardana 95 and Ms. Lauren Elizabeth Maxey Mr. Robert M. Gunzenhauser 89 and Mrs. Jennifer Pinola Gunzenhauser 91 Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Haddad 78 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Haering 59 Mr. and Mrs. Bradford M. Hait 56 Dr. Catherine A. Hanlon 79 Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Hawkins P 08 Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Heller 65 Mr. Frederick Rosse Hemeon 52 Ms. Karen Higgins-Carter 92 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Hiltabidle 51 Mr. David B. Himmelreich 76 Mr. H. Joel Matthew Hindelang 12 Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hodge P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Hofmann P 84 Mr. Peter T. Holran 87 and Ms. Pamela Gaary Holran 88 Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hossenlopp 65 P 92 Mr. and Mrs. William M. Houldin Jr. 58 P 91 Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Houston P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence O. Houstoun Jr. 52 Ms. Leslie Ann Howard 76 Mr. Rawle G. Howard 96 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Huffenus 86 Mr. Michael Ippolito Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Jacoby 57 Mr. Richard S. Jaffe 78 and Ms. Geraldine C. Jaffe 78 Mr. Mark A. Jauquet 88 26

27 Mr. and Mrs. Allan W. Johnson Jr. 59 Ms. J. Patricia Johnson 78 Ms. Melissa Kennedy Jurick 93 Mrs. Carol Kavjian Kaiserian 75 and Mr. Edward P. Kaiserian Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kasper 72 Col. Thomas M. Kastner, Ph.D and Ms. Pamela G. Kastner P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Kauffman 62 Mr. Gordon S. Kiesling 84 and Ms. Lael Conlon Kiesling 86 The Rev. and Mrs. John D. Kinard 52 P The Honorable and Mrs. John F. Kingfield 59 P 91 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kintzer 69 P 03 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kirby 59 Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Knecht 84 Mr. Paul O. Koether 58 and Dr. Helen Koether Dr. and Mrs. Gary F. Kolarik 69 Mr. and Mrs. George K. Kollitides II 91 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Komrower 81 * = deceased = sustaining member Dr. Karen F. Kowalenko 85 and Dr. Jeffrey M. Warshauer P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kruvant 64 Mr. Sam Lambroza and Ms. Marybeth Burke P 14 Mr. Edwin C. Landis Jr. 56 GP 13 Mr. Glenn K. Landis 44 * Dr. Donald W. Landry 75 and Dr. Maureen Landry Mr. Joseph M. Lane 73 and Ms. Linda N. Arra 74 Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Lawton P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lazio P 15 Ms. Faith Steinman Lefkort 84 Ms. Jennifer M. Legnini 06 Dr. and Mrs. David A. Leiby 81 Mr. James H. Lerner and Ms. Patricia Rocha P 15 Mr. Michael W. Lestingi 04 Dr. and Mrs. Bartram H. Levenson 54 Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lewis 71 Michael H. LeWitt, M.D. 70 and Lynne Rubin LeWitt, Esq. P 13 Dr. Barbara J. Lombardo 83 Dr. and Mrs. David B. Lomet 61 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Loughlin 83 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Loyacona P 15 Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lusch 57 P 80 Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Lynch Jr. 63 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lyttle 62 Dean and Mrs. Gregory V. MacDonald Ms. Jane Lee MacDonald 91 Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Machalick P 13 Mr. Benjamin J. Mack 02 Mr. Robert W. MacPherson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Macri 78 P Mr. and Mrs. John J. MacVeigh III 50 27

28 Mr. Leo K. Magrath 80 and Ms. Laura Massey Magrath 81 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Margolies 74 Mr. Seth M. Marlatt 98 and Ms. Megan O Neill 96 Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Matusky P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McClintock 71 Mr. and Mrs. G. Bruce McDermott 69 P 03 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McDonough P 14 Daniel E. McIntyre, Esq. 78 and Mrs. Cynthia A. McIntyre Mr. Joseph P. McNulty Jr. 81 and Ms. Despina Karabots McNulty 81 P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Philip R. Merriss Jr. 70 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mignon 89 Mr. Gregory Charles Miller 13 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Miller 60 Ms. Judith Heller Miller P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Leon A. Miller 54 Mr. and Mrs. Francis John Minotto 71 Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward S. Mitchell 65 Mr. Thomas E. Mohler 84 and Mrs. Barbara North Mohler 84 * = deceased = sustaining member Ms. Jacquelynn A. Molzon 08 Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery Jr. 62 Mrs. Rebecca Murr Moody 78 and Mr. Andrew W. Moody P 10 Ms. Kimberly Miller Morse 88 Leslie F. Muhlfelder, Esq. 81 and Richard Z. Freemann Jr. Esq. Mr. Mark Mulholland 81 and Mrs. Ann Mulholland P 10 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murdock III 62 Mr. Dermot M. Murphy 79 P 12 Dr. Hyman B. Muss 64 and Ms. Loretta A. Lassam Dr. Ladimer Stadner Nagurney 72 and Dr. Anna Bobiak Nagurney Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Neeld 54 Ms. Elizabeth A. Nelson 96 Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Nikles 60 Mr. Sean P. O Brien 93 and Ms. Janet Acculto O Brien 94 Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Oaks 51 P GP Mr. and Mrs. David O. Oberkircher 79 Mr. Girard F. Oberrender III 75 and Ms. Patricia Clough Oberrender 75 P Mrs. Donald C. Ohnegian 60 P James C. Olson, Esq. 76 and Mrs. Sharon Olson Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Osborne 50 Mr. and Mrs. George T. O Shaughnessy Jr. 77 P Mr. Robert B. Parsons, Jr. 85 and Ms. Susan Lane Parsons 85 P 15 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Patton 62 Ms. Sharon Suominen Pepe 82 Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Pesky 56 P Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Peterson 76 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Phifer Jr. 72 Dr. and Mrs. David A. Piacente 69 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Pierce 82 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Polansky P 15 28

29 Mr. James H. Pooley 70 and Ms. Laura-Jean Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David A. Prill 70 Mr. and Mrs. L. Budd Prus 76 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Graham Publow 58 Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Puckette IV 59 P Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Rader 61 Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Rajguru 84 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rappaport 81 P 13 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Raver 68 Ms. Jane Williams Redmond 81 and Mr. Richard R. Redmond II Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Rednor 71 P 08 Mr. Christopher L. Rhinesmith 93 and Ms. Sarah Swan Rhinesmith Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Riley 56 Mr. Kenneth M. Roberts 74 * Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Brown Robinson 68 Dr. and Mrs. J. David Rockafellow 45 Mr. Jose Rodriguez 84 and Margaret Watters Rodriguez 84 Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Rogusky 81 Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rose Jr. 88 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rossi 72 Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Rothkopf P 13 Mr. Stuart Jay Rothkopf 55 and Ms. Joan Mack Ms. Carol A. Rowlands 81 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Ruehl 82 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Ruesch 61 The Honorable and Mrs. William H. Rufe III 55 P Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Ryon P 12 Mr. David C. Saalfrank Sr. 60 Ms. Laurie B. Samet 79 Mr. and Mrs. Dean R. Sanders 51 Dr. Nancy L. Sanders P 15 Mrs. George L. Schaefer W 41 Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Schapero P 14 Mr. Jeffrey D. Schor 79 and Ms. Patricia Winkler Schor 82 P Mr. Benjamin D. Schwartz 69 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Schwartz 62 P 88 Ms. Wendy J. Schwartzberg 87 Mr. Kyle M. Sell 92 and Mrs. Jocelyn Sell Mr. and Mrs. Barry C. Shabbick 71 Ms. Elizabeth A. Weiler 78 and Mr. James P. Shanahan Mr. Mark R. Sheeleigh 84 and Ms. Tara Glock Sheeleigh 90 Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sheets P 15 Dr. Nancy Keller Shumeyko 80 and Dr. Mark V. Shumeyko P 10 Mr. James F. Siegel 84 P Mr. and Mrs. M. Alden Siegel 60 P GP Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Sikora 67 Dr. Brenda C. Sison and Mr. Carlos F. Garcia Sison 69 P 10 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Royall Smith 67 29

30 Ms. Rebecca Haag Sommi 81 Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Sosler 93 Mr. Walter S. Spokowski 78 and Ms. Janice M. Grassia Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Sposato P 14 Professor John L. Squarcia 69 and Mrs. Mary Squarcia Ms. Adrienne L. Stark 04 Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer Mr. Andrew W. Stern 87 and Ms. Bonnie Wein Stern 88 Mr. Dana D. Streep 75 Ms. Mary Simon Streep Mr. Robert H. Stuhler 42 Mr. Mark Suffredini 93 Mr. Kenneth G. Surowitz 81 Dr. Neal R. Swerdlow and Dr. Nancy S. Swerdlow P 13 Dr. Ronald Swinfard and Dr. Sara S. Viessman P 14 Dr. Richard B. Tancer 79 and Dr. Margaret Tancer P 11 Dr. Robert R. Tanz 72 and Ms. Jill Johnson Tanz 72 P 09 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Tatum P 14 Mr. Liam P. Tavani 03 Mr. Gerald P. Terry Jr. 00 * = deceased = sustaining member Dr. Paul E. Thurston 60 Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tiger Sr. 57 P 81 Ms. Barbara A. Toop 79 Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Tope 65 Mr. Barry E. Trumbauer 71 Mr. and Mrs. William D. Tweardy 68 Mr. and Mrs. Neil I. Van Cleef 61 P Mr. Robert F. Vandenberg 43 Mr. David J. Vilcek 78 and Ms. HelenBeth G. Vilcek 79 Dr. Meredith F. Walburg 03 and Mr. Raymond W. Weigel 03 Mr. Andrew M. Wallach 95 and Ms. Dina Opici-Wallach 95 Mr. and Mrs. John R. Walters Jr. 56 Mr. Christopher W. Watts 81 and Mrs. Kimberly Townshend Watts 82 Mr. Kristian N. Weeder 88 and Ms. Katharine Tweedy-Weeder 91 Ms. Elizabeth A. Weiler 78 and Mr. James P. Shanahan P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Weinberger 58 Dr. Daniel H. Weiss and Ms. Sandra Jarva Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Weiss 72 Mr. Willard Whitbred Jr. 76 and Ms. Catherine A. Hilton 74 P 11 Mr. Matthew P. White P 14 Mr. Michael P. Whitman 82 and Ms. Linda Tedori Whitman 83 P Ms. Robin L. Wiessmann 75 and Mr. Kenneth M. Jarin P 15 Ms. Kathleen J. Williams and Ms. Martha M. Stringer P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Williams 49 Mr. Mitchell A. Winter 79 and Ms. Lisa J. Kassel 79 P 13 Mr. and Mrs. W. David Wister 60 Mr. I. Peter Wolff 67 Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Wolff 30

31 Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Wolosky 64 Ms. Kathleen Rowland Wong 75 and Mr. Richard K. Wong Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Woodworth P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E. Wright 56 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Wright P 15 Dr. and Mrs. Shuin-Lin Yang P 14 Marvin M. Yarotsky Esq. 44 and Mrs. Nellie Joe Yarotsky Mr. and Mrs. Boyer L. Veitch 53 P 80 Dr. and Mrs. John F. Yerger 56 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Young 74 Mr. Robert F. Young 87 and Ms. Suzanne Andrews Young 88 Mrs. Betsy Rabiner Zalaznick 78 and Mr. Bruce Zalaznick Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Zausmer P 15 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Ziegler 59 P Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Zwart 75 MARQUIS SOCIETY Gifts of $1,000 $1,825 Anonymous (1) Ms. Carrie A. Abildgaard 04 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Acopian 75 Mr. Samuel T. Adenbaum 73 Mr. Erik R. Adolfsson 11 Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Affleck 68 Dr. Diane Cole Ahl Mr. Mark S. Aitken 76 and Mrs. Patrice G. Aitken Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Alexander IV 56 P 95 Mrs. Anne Marie Santos Alperin 84 and Mr. Jonathan Alperin Sheikh Abdulaziz A. AlSulaiman 55 Mr. Alan M. Alvarez 63 Dr. Carol McArthur Amedeo 87 and Mr. Jerome P. Amedeo P 07 Ms. Kelsey F. Andersen 11 Mr. C. Gerhard Anderson III 01 and Mrs. Leanne S. Anderson 02 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Andrews 71 P The Honorable Russell W. Annich Jr. 63 and Dr. Wendy Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Appel 60 Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Ashton P 85 Mr. A. Bradley Askin 65 Mr. Edward C. Auble 61 Dr. and Mrs. R. Marshall Austin 71 Ms. Jaclyn A. Avidon 12 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Avidon P 12 Dr. and Mrs. V. Richard Back 59 Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bailey Jr. 76 Mr. Gregory T. Baldwin 12 Dr. and Mrs. Ian M. Ballard 58 Mr. Max Balsam Kalman 11 31

32 Mrs. Henry M. Bangser 52 P 76 Ms. Susan E. Barba 12 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barbero 51 P 82 Dr. and Mrs. Roswell P. Barnes Jr. 50 Ms. Kelly E. Barrows 06 Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Barry P 15 Ms. Mary-Alice Barrett 92 Mr. Stefan G. Bauer 11 Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Baumgardner 61 Mr. Jeffrey J. Baymor 79 and Ms. Elizabeth Cullen Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Bean 82 Mr. Robert G. Becker 51 Mr. and Mrs. Norman H. Beim 40 Mr. Marc A. Beljan 86 and Mrs. Sheila McGrath Beljan 87 Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bennett 58 Ms. Veronica DeBerardine Bennett 82 Ms. Roberta Bennett-Gottlieb 82 and Mr. Peter M. Gottlieb Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Benson III 59 Mrs. Lucy Wilson Benson Hon.D. 99 Mr. Charles V. Bergh 79 Mr. Steven D. Berkowitz 04 and Ms. Angela M. Coxe 03 Mr. Geoffrey Bermingham 81 and Eileen C. Bermingham 82 * = deceased = sustaining member Dr. and Mrs. Brent C. Beyer 80 P 07 Mr. Howard N. Bierman 86 and Ms. Jill Coleman Mr. James R. Birle Jr. 83 and Mrs. Judith L. Birle P 16 Ms. Elizabeth Lauren Blake 12 Mr. and Mrs. Ross Blakeslee P 08 Ms. Jennifer K. Blasko 95 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blass P 15 Mr. Robert J. Bliwise 76 Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Bloom 54 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Bodey 56 Mr. Maurice T. Bolmer Jr. 43 * Ms. Erica Stacey Bonime 80 Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin T. Boscolo 83 Mr. and Mrs. Van T. Boughton Jr. 47 P 76 Mr. James F. Boyd 91 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Branch 58 Ms. Susan B. Bravman 82 Mr. and Mrs. George T. Brecht Jr. 53 Mr. Joseph C. Brewer 59 Ms. Beth Abramson Brier 83 Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brodie Jr. 60 Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Brown P 13 Ms. Clarissa M. Brown 12 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Brown 57 P 82 Ms. Janet M. Brown 80 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Brown 64 32

33 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brown 77 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Broz 69 P 04 Mr. Jordan L. Brugg 03 and Mrs. Maria Fekete Brugg 02 Prof. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bruggink Mr. and Mrs. Alfred A. Bruhn Jr. 57 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Burggraaff 59 Ms. Pamela Trauger Byers 87 and Mr. Robert L. Byers Mr. Robert G. Byington and Mrs. Jennifer Toce Byington P 15 Ms. Susan Githens Cable 91 Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Callaway 62 Mr. Frank Campbell Jr. 74 Ms. Angela M. CampoBasso 12 Mr. Robert E. Cannon 80 and Ms. Marilou Wittek Cannon 81 Dr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Cantner 97 Mr. Peter H. H. Carlson 02 Dr. and Mrs. Stanton F. Carroll 67 P 96 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carter P 09 Mr. Stephen T. Caruso 06 Mr. William F. Casey III 85 Mr. Anthony J. Castro 12 Mr. Steven P. Chapman 03 Mr. Donald H. Chew 73 and Ms. Susan Emerson Dr. William L. Chollak and Dr. Lynda D. Dolson Chollak P 14 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. Benjamin Chrin 78 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clark Jr. 50 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Clark 79 Ms. Eleanor S. Clowe 12 Mr. Paulo Coelho 03 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cohen 65 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley T. Colton III 74 Ms. Sallie Saunders Colucci 85 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Condit 68 P 14 Mr. Raymond F. Conger 07 Mr. Kerry B. Conners 79 and Mrs. Susan Whitten Conners 80 Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Contarino 62 Mr. Glenn D. Cordingley 75 Mr. and Mrs. David B. Cornstein 60 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L Cotton 56 Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Coxe P 03 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Crawford 67 Mr. Joseph R. Crobak 06 and Ms. Julie E. Phelan 05 Mr. and Mrs. John G. Crosby 65 Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Cucinotta P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cullen Jr. 64 Mr. and Mrs. J. Kent Culley 62 P Ms. Laura Bailey Culp 82 Mr. Jeffrey E. Cumming 10 Ms. Michele Dempsey Cunningham 94 33

34 Mr. Gary C. Dahms 80 The Honorable and Mrs. Craig A. Dally 78 P 13 Ms. Sarah E. Dally 11 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniel 80 Mr. and Mrs. H. Blair Daugherty 60 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Davies 66 Dr. and Mrs. Lance A. Davis 61 P 90 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Day Mr. and Mrs. Peter De Paolis 71 P 01 Mr. Anthony R. De Paolo 92 and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett De Paolo 93 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore L. Dehne 64 Mr. Robert C. Delaney 12 Mr. David E. DeLeeuw 67 and Ms. Treva Holloway Mr. Carmine DeSantis 85 Ms. Amy Blumenthal Desmond 77 and Mr. Peter F. Desmond P Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Deutsch II P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Dever P 13 Mr. John G. Devlin 81 and Ms. Margarette Hickey Devlin 82 P Dr. Victor Diaz-Gonzalez 86 and Dr. Aixa M. Rodriguez-Mariani Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. DiBiase 83 Dr. and Mrs. James F. Dickson Jr. 60 Ms. Susan Y. DiCroce P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Dinella 84 Dr. Annette Diorio * = deceased = sustaining member Ms. Judy Dittmann P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph O. Doederlein 55 Dr. and Mrs. John B. Donaldson 70 Ms. Stephanie N. Dorsey-Boatman 04 Mrs. Roberta L. Doty W 57 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass IV 87 Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Douglass P Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Downing 51 Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Drehwing P Dr. Peter Duffy 76 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Duncan 80 Mr. Gary C. Dunn 88 and Ms. Jennifer Gardner Dunn 88 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher 65 Dr. and Mrs. Jerome A. Ehrlich 43 P GP Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Elander P 15 Dr. and Mrs. Norig Ellison 57 Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Elmer P 11 Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Enea Jr. P Mr. Edward Epple III 12 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Epstein 65 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Esherick 53 Mr. and Mrs. Gordon R. Evans 64 Dr. Gabriella Engelhart Farnham 05 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Farrell P 15 34

35 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Fast 51 P Ms. Kari A. Fazio Mr. Thomas J. Feehan Jr. 79 and Ms. Cecilia J. Brickerd Mr. Andrew S. Feld 79 and Ms. Carolyn Griffith Ms. Marianne Fenigstein-Sigg Ms. Jessica A. Ferrara 08 Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Fetter 55 P Ms. Katherine Finlay 11 Mr. Douglas Firth 84 and Mrs. Trisha J. Firth Mr. Harry S. Fishbein 12 Mr. Matthew E. Fishbein and Ms. Gail F. Stone P 12 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Fishbein 53 P GP Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fisher 60 Ms. Margaret G. Fisher 11 Dr. David B. FitzGerald 76 and Ms. Coleen J. O Brien Mr. Alan FitzGibbon 53 Mr. Scott D. Fitzpatrick 79 and Ms. Kristen MacCartney Fitzpatrick 81 Mr. Roger W. Flartey 60 Dr. Karl W. Flessa 68 and Ms. Mari Jensen Ms. Caitlin M. Flood 12 Ms. Janice Tucker Florence 76 Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Floyd P Ms. Lauren E. Flynn 11 Mr. Robin Foldesy 72 Mr. Michael L. Follett 11 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. John E. Forsyth and Ms. Linnet R. Tse P 13 Mr. and Mrs. David I. Fox 53 P 85 Dr. Robert S. Franco 75 Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Frankel 58 Dr. and Mrs. John N. Franzese P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Frascarelli P 15 Mr. David W. Fraser 69 Dr. Nancy Freeborne-Brinton 83 and Reverend Henry G. Brinton P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. French 59 P Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Fricchione 52 P 95 Mr. and Mrs. William H. Friesell IV 66 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Fryman 85 Mr. and Mrs. James Gallagher 49 Mr. Scott H. Gamber 75 and Mrs. Jane H. Gamber Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gambro P 07 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gano III 57 Mr. Thomas J. Ganter 08 Dr. Victor Garber 57 and Ms. Joan B. Renner Mr. Teevrat Garg 10 Mr. Jason C. Garman 10 Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Garnett 51 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Garson P 15 Ms. Kimberly Pierce Gavenman 89 35

36 Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Geneczko 74 Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Gicking 52 Mr. and Mrs. Philip Giles Jr. 64 Mr. David M. Gilhooley 80 and Mrs. Erica G. Gilhooley Mr. Richard W. Gill 78 Mr. and Mrs. T. Brendan Gilligan 90 Ms. Sharon L. Gish Dr. Brent D. Glass 69 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Godfrey P 13 Mr. Douglas E. Godshall 86 and Mrs. Cristy F. Godshall Mr. and Mrs. David G. Goehring 53 Mr. and Mrs. J. Walter Goetz 44 P 75 Dr. and Mrs. David A. Goldstein 68 Dr. Jeffrey E. Goldstein Mr. George Goldstone Mr. Scott W. Gordon 12 Mr. and Mrs. Roger B. Gordon 55 P 83 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Graham 56 Mr. and Mrs. H. Kermit Green 56 P GP 14 Mr. and Mrs. I. Michael Greenberger 67 Mr. Max J. Greene 12 Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Greenholz 55 Mr. and Mrs. Manfred Geiger 6 The Hon. and Mrs. Richard D. Grifo 40 Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Grube 57 Mr. Robert S. Gursky 62 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Halteman Jr. 59 Mr. Ryan M. Hanna 09 Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Hansen Jr. 75 Dr. Arthur S. Hansen 62 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Hanson 61 Mrs. Lenore Harris GP Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Harris 95 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hartl 49 Ms. Barbara Hauser Mr. Scott L. Hawkins 08 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hayes 71 P Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Headington 64 P 90 Mr. Peter C. Hedley 01 Ms. Jane T. Hegarty P 15 Mr. Scott A. Heiser 00 Mr. Thomas H. Heist III and Ms. Karen S. Gartland-Heist 61 P Mr. and Mrs. John Bixler Hench 65 Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Heyman 54 Mr. James B. Higgins 08 Mr. and Mrs. R. Evans Hineman 56 Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Hocker 59 Mr. Frederick D. Hoff 86 36

37 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holland Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John J. A. Hossenlopp 61 P 92 Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan 75 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hourihan 58 Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Howard 61 Mr. and Mrs. Lembhard Howell 58 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Huber 68 P 03 Ms. Christina L. Hunt 11 Ms. Monika Jaensson Hussell 90 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart N. Hutchison III 65 P Mr. Alexander B. Imel 12 Mr. George R. Ince Jr. 65 Ms. Rachel S. Ingber 11 Mr. James C. Ingram 71 and Contance M. Pechura, Ph.D. Mr. * and Mrs. C. Blair Ives Jr. 57 P 85 Mr. Robert P. Ives 61 Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Jacoby 81 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Jacques 74 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Jaggard Dr. and Mrs. William E. D. Jantzen Jr. 75 Mr. Jonathan R. Jaye 10 Reverend and Mrs. Ronald W. Johnson 59 Ms. J. Lindsay Johnston 74 Lt. Colonel Harry Jones 66 and Mrs. Gloria Hodges Jones Mr. and Mrs. Hugh H. Jones Jr. 52 P 78 Dr. and Mrs. Maulik S. Joshi 90 Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Julia Jr. 72 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. G. Matthew Julin 01 and Ms. Amy Dorfman Julin 01 Mr. Michael L. Junk 95 Ms. Lisa Kadin 84 and Mr. William Spiegel Mr. Bryan N. Kahn 07 Dr. Joseph H. Kahn 74 and Dr. Nancy Hochberg Kahn 75 P 07 Mr. and Mrs. Craig R. Kaisand 91 Mr. Max Balsam Kalman 11 Mr. Justin B. Kamine 11 Mr. Matthew E. Kamine 07 Mr. Neil J. McElroy and Ms. Marilyn B. Kann Ms. Barbara Lan Kaplan 80 and Mr. Daniel S. Kaplin P 10 Mr. Kenneth J. Kaplan 68 Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kaplowitz P 14 Mr. Alex L. Karapetian 04 and Ms. Leslie Maral Karapetian Mr. William S. Karr 11 Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kastenbaum 77 Ms. Sandy Kazinski 85 Mr. D. Michael Keelan 92 Ms. Elizabeth Plotkin Keil 01 Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kelleher, Jr. 73 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Keyser 56 37

38 Mr. Daniel R. Kiessling 02 and Ms. Kelly Kiessling Mr. Ryan J. King 12 Mr. Thomas E. Kircher 84 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kleiber P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Lauritz K. Knudsen 60 P 86 Ms. Ashley C. Koble 11 Mr. Frank R. Koons Jr. 57 and Mrs. Ellen Maffey-Koons Dr. and Mrs. Mark I. Koshar 70 Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Kramer 88 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Kramer 70 Dr. James F. Krivoski and Mrs. Donna L. Krivoski Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Kron 93 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kronenberg 63 Dr. David Kronenthal and Dr. Patti Garbeil P 07 Dr. Robert Krywicki 80 and Dr. Ruth Duffy P 07 Dr. and Mrs. John M. Kulicki 65 Mr. Matthew R. Kulp 02 and Mrs. Christina Kulp Dr. Ronald S. Kushner 77 and Dr. Elaine F. Kushner P 12 Dr. and Mrs. John N. Labows Jr. 63 The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas J. LaConte 70 P Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Lambrecht 65 Mr. and Mrs. Seth R. Landau 87 Mr. Richard B. Landis 43 Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Landolfe P 14 Mr. David B. Lauritano 11 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Lebow 76 P 16 Ms. Linda Wilkins Lee 77 Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Lee 69 P 89 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lefever 82 Mr. Robert J. Lennon 11 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Leonard 82 Mr. and Mrs. John Leone P 10 Mr. Alan B. Levine 76 Mr. Arthur E. Lewis 84 Mr. Corey J. Lewis 09 Mr. and Mrs. David P. Liedl 78 P 02 Mrs. Dawne Martin Litterst 82 Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Logan Jr. 50 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Loughlin 53 P 83 Mr. Barry W. Lowe 67 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Lowinger P 12 Ms. Alexandra G. Lucy 12 Ms. Liza P. Lucy 74 and Mr. William A. Lucy P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Lundy 62 P 88 Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Lutz Jr. 62 Mr. Robert M. Lynch 09 Ms. Cara E. Lyons 11 Dr. and Mrs. * Sherburne M. MacFarlan 52 38

39 Mr. Christopher P. Mack 04 Mrs. Helen S. Magee P 68 GP 10 Mr. Daniel M. Maggin 02 and Ms. Wendy Maggin Mr. Michael C. Maguire 95 and Dr. Courtney Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maguire P 13 Mr. James F. Mallay 59 and Ms. Nancy J. Zacha Mr. Lawrence J. Malone 76 and Mrs. Janis Whitten Malone 76 Dr. Barton J. Mann and Dr. Laura M. Mann P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Mansfield 91 Mr. and Mrs. Spencer A. Manthorpe 58 Mr. Edward March 90 and Mrs. Veronica Gilmartin March Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A. Marks 89 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Marshman 62 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Martin Mr. and Mrs. George Keith Martin 68 Ms. Maria Martins Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Martin 67 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin S. Mattison 56 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Matturri P 14 Ms. Linda Checchio McCarron 86 Mr. and Mrs. William E. McClure Jr. 63 Mr. Glen G. McConky 70 and Ms. Christine E. Haile Mr. Bruce L. McDermott 86 and Ms. Sally Schwartz McDermott 86 Mr. Gordon S. McDonald 95 and Ms. Alison Sipe McDonald 95 Mr. Neil J. McElroy and Ms. Marilyn Kann Gerard M. McGeehan Ph.D. 80 and Ms. Judy P. Ways Mr. Christopher J. McGrail 90 Ms. Amy Blase McGrath 89 Ms. Amy Koons McHugh 82 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. Kevin D. McKernan 98 Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McLean 64 Dr. and Mrs. * Harold L. McPheeters 44 Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Mead P 15 Mr. and Mrs. James G. Menges 77 P 08 Dr. Karen Mersky and Mr. Michael J. Mersky P 10 Mr. and Mrs. Morris D. Metz 50 P 79 Ms. Michele L. Michelet 78 Mr. Charles W. Miersch 68 and Ms. Jill Auston Pranger Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller 65 Mr. Daniel T. Miller 11 Ms. Jane Holman Miller 83 Mr. and Mrs. Berton Model 64 P 90 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mohr Jr. 82 P 11 Mr. and Mrs. R. Mihran Mooradian 56 Mr. and Mrs. H. David Moore Jr. 53 P 75 Mr. Robert Moore 55 P Ms. Malinda Morain 02 Mrs. Thomas E. Morgan W 58 39

40 Hugh M. Morrison, Esq. 60 and Mrs. Mary Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Morse P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moss 57 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mottola 72 P 09 Ms. Elizabeth A. Mowins 89 Mr. Richard E. Mueller 69 Mr. Harold E. Mundy 62 Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence Murphy 58 P 92 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Murphy Jr. P 14 Mr. Ian C. Murray 97 and Dr. Jamie R. Murray Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Murray 57 Mr. John J. Natisin 58 Mr. Kenneth J. Nicastro and Ms. Robin D. Adelstein P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Alfred K. Nicholas Jr. 50 Mr. Michael L. Nilson 05 Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Noel P 13 Mr. Christopher W. Nolan 86 and Ms. Catherine Hayes Nolan 86 Mr. and Mrs. James P. Nolan 74 Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolf 64 Mr. Stephen K. Norman 76 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Noxon 94 Mr. Andrew G. Nygren 89 Mr. Evan D. O Brien 07 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Odjakjian 76 Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. O Donnell P 14 Mr. R. James Oehlert 61 Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ohlmacher P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Ohnegian 94 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O Loughlin P 14 Ms. Janet M. Osborn P 15 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. Timothy F. Osborn 82 and Ms. Sallie W. Howell 80 Mr. and Mrs. Keith B. Oxenreider 93 Mr. Dengzhao Pan 09 Mr. Marselis C. Parsons III 66 Mr. William H. Parsons 52 Ms. Pamela S. Passman 83 Mr. Theodore V. Partlow 60 and Michelle Partlow Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Patterson 67 Mr. Richard D. Paynton Jr. 86 and Mrs. Eileen T. Paynton Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Pennington 55 Mr. John Pellecchia 80 P Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Peragine 49 P 84 Mr. Ethan J. Perro 12 Mr. Gregory S. Pesky 90 Mr. Russell Petranto 63 Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Pettingill P 14 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Peyman 77 P 05 Mr. Jared R. Piette 12 40

41 The Honorable and Mrs. Joel A. Pisano 71 Mr. Lawrence Plummer 55 and Ms. Prudence Churchill Dr. Joanne Campbell Pohl 86 Mrs. Miriam R. Pope P 74 Mrs. Patricia Piatt Porter 83 and James H. Porter, M.D. Mr. Matthew J. Potter 07 Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter 54 P 86 GP 04 Mr. and Mrs. John K. Powell Jr. 72 Mr. Richard D. Power 74 and Mrs. Sharon Power Mr. and Mrs. William E. Price 60 Mr. James H. Proferes 88 Dr. Jules D. Prown 51 Mr. Stephen D. Pryor 71 and Ms. Katherine Wheeler Pryor 74 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald R. Purdon 56 P 83 Mr. Zachary A. Pustejovsky 12 Mr. and Mrs. Martins R. Putenis P 16 Mr. D. Scott Pyle 76 Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rabin P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Raffetto 77 Mrs. Ann D. Rahn 51 Mr. Alan M. Raisman 10 Mr. Roy R. Raizen 52 P 87 Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Ramsey 82 Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Rathemacher 54 Dr. Harold Seth Raucher 74 and Dr. Beth G. Raucher 76 P 10 Mr. Howard S. Rednor 68 Ms. Kaitlyn A. Reilley 11 Ms. Marianna Macri Reilly 06 Mr. Zachary X. Reiter 07 Mr. Frank R. Reitter 50 Ms. Wendy Paschal Repchick 86 and Mr. George S. Repchick * = deceased = sustaining member Ms. Kelley G. Reslewic 12 Mr. Blake S. Rhood 11 Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Richards 57 Mr. David B. Ripsom 71 Mr. Chad F. Ritchie 02 Dr. Laura R. Roberts 79 and Mr. Dennis P. Flanagan P 14 Mr. Ralph C. Roberts 73 and Mrs. Wendy Mayer Roberts 75 Mr. Daniel B. Rockafellow 81 P 14 Mr. Davis R. Rodriguez 11 Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo A. Rodriguez P 11 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Ross 84 Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Ross Jr. 47 Ms. Rhoda C. Rothkopf Mr. and Mrs. Heinz J. Roye 70 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rudder 63 Dr. John Philip Rudolph 35 Mr. Carter T. Rufe 12 41

42 The Hon. John J. Rufe 62 Mr. Michael J. Rupolo 12 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ruthizer 62 P 00 Mr. Joshua W. Ruthizer 00 Mr. Richard E. Ryan 86 and Mrs. Robin Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Ryder 67 Michael A. Saffer, Esq. 77 and Dr. Marion D. Saffer 77 Mr. and Mrs. James F. Sandford 57 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sassaman Jr. 62 Dr. Eugene A. Scanlan 64 and JoAnne Belenchia Scanlan Ph.D. Dr. and Mrs. Gary Schaer 75 Ms. Jennifer R. Schechner 12 Ms. Catherine Ellison Scheeren 80 Mr. Adriaan Schieferdecker 76 Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert E. Schill Jr. 68 Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Schneider Jr. 54 Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schwager 84 Ms. Susan Waters Schwarz 98 Mrs. Ruth L. Schwarzmann P 84 Ms. Cary Bangser Scottoline 76 and Mr. Gary A. Scottoline Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Selzer 63 Mr. and Mrs. Sigmund S. Semon 59 P 88 Ms. Ariana M. Senerchia 12 Mr. Norman A. Sensinger 59 Ms. Jill Raizen Serling 87 Ms. Grace Sette 83 Ms. Christine Metros Seymour 90 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Shannon 70 P Mr. Nathaniel A. Shatz 11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shatz P 11 Dr. John S. Shaw III and Ms. Carolyn Y. Fang Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Siegel 77 * = deceased = sustaining member Ms. Carli A. Siger 07 Mr. and Mrs. Joao Silva P 14 Mr. Ryan S. Silver 09 Dr. James A. Simmons 65 and Dr. Andrea Megala Simmons P 10 Ms. Emily C. Simon 11 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Singer 65 Dr. Ida Sinkevic and Mr. Ivan Trifunovic Mr. Charles P. Sitkin 56 Ms. Shelby A. Fleck Slayton Dr. Barry Sleckman 83 and Dr. Bethany Graham Sleckman Mr. Laurence J. Jacobs 79 and Ms. Kim Anne Smith 79 Ms. Alexandra I. Smith 11 Mr. and Mrs. Henley L. Smith 51 Mr. Howard Smith Jr. 80 Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Regan J.R. Smith P 15 42

43 Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Smith 80 Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Smith 57 P Mr. Charles M. Snyder 78 Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sommers, Jr. 71 Dr. Wenru Song and Dr. Lei Li P 15 Mr. Brent R. Souders 11 Ms. Kimberly A. Spang and Mr. Patrick Spang Mr. and Mrs. David W. Spartin 79 Dr. and Mrs. Jarrod T. Spencer 96 Mr. Elliott L. Spiegel 71 Ms. Lisa E. Kadin 84 and Mr. William Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sprecher 71 Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Stager 74 Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Steckley 59 Ms. Paulette M. Steffa Mr. William R. Stern 12 Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Stewart P 10 Mr. and Mrs. George S. Stone P 12 Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stratton 81 Ms. Hope Sullivan 88 Mr. Peter M. Sullivan 82 and Ms. Andrea Josephson Sullivan 84 Mr. and Mrs. Payson F. Swaffield P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Swain 51 Mr. Theodore C. Swimmer 90 and Mrs. Dana Paul Swimmer 90 Mr. Mariano Tan Jr. 83 and Mrs. Cynthia C. Tan Ms. Julia R. Tanenbaum 12 Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Tarr 70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Taylor Jr. 80 Mr. David A. Telesco 79 and Mrs. Christene Flood Telesco Dr. Melissa Joy Thoene Thiel 75 and Dr. James M. Theil Mr. Christopher J. Thomas 81 and Mrs. Denise Thomas Mrs. Rebecca Bown Thomas 74 and Mr. Tedd Thomas P Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D.Thomases 62 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. and Mrs. Randolph I. Thornton Jr. 67 Mr. and Mrs. William Thygeson Jr. 93 Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tinker 57 Mr. Louis J. Tischler 43 Ms. Susan B. Tischler 76 Mr. Joe Topper Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Towslee P 15 Mr. Charles G. Treloar 59 P 86 Dr. and Mrs. William Tronolone Jr. 82 Mr. Brandon M. Troup 95 Mr. and Mrs. Dean T. Umemoto 64 Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Unruh 69 Ms. Angela M. Urbano 11 Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Uzelac 80 Mr. Andrew H. Uzenoff 12 43

44 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Vaccaro 66 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Valeo P 13 Mr. Hendrik G. Van Oss 76 Mr. Warren L. Vandeveer Jr. 78 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Vaughan II 70 Prof. George Veronis 50 and Mrs. Anna Margareta Olsson Veronis Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Veronis 82 Mr. Vince F. Villani 62 Dr. Susan Volpicella-Levy 83 Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Von Arx 59 Dr. and Mrs. William Vonroth Jr. 67 Ms. Victoria Colin Wagenbach 92 Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wagner 69 Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Walker 40 Mr. Andrew M. Wallach 95 and Ms. Dina Opici-Wallach 95 Mr. Scott S. Wallner P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Wallin 57 Mr. Andrew P. Walsh 12 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ward 73 P 13 Dr. and Mrs. Michael J.A. Ward 71 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wardell 50 Mr. and Mrs. Kurt O. Wassen 51 Dr. and Mrs. George H. Watson Jr. 77 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Wavrek 60 Mr. J. Fredrick Weber Jr. 55 Mr. Mitchell L. Wein and Mrs. Sondra Miller-Wein Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weiss 62 Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Weiss 71 Ms. Sheryl Ann Welsh 85 Mr. Donald E. West 50 Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Wetzel 74 Ms. Leslie A. Wheeler 79 Mr. Dennis J. Whelen 10 Ms. Amanda H. Whitbred 11 * = deceased = sustaining member Mr. Edward I. White and Ms. Barbara A. Sprague P 15 Mr. and Mrs. Emmet T. White Jr. 68 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. White Jr. 88 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. White P 13 Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. G. White Jr. 64 P 98 Mr. and Mrs. Wesley C. Whiteman 85 Ms. Krystine C. Whitmore 89 Mr. and Mrs. E. Crosby Willet 50 Mr. and Mrs. M. Jeffrey Willey P 14 Mr. Shaw S. Williams 03 and Mrs. Alison Ahart Williams 03 Mr. Michael S. Winograd 92 & Ms. Siobhan Crann Winograd 95 Dr. Nancy Wisnewski 85 Dr. Robert J. Wolff 70 and Ms. Elizabeth Kirschner Mr. and Mrs. L. Robert Wood 52 44

45 Ms. Taylor E. Worthington 11 Mr. Paul H. Wrapp 06 Mr. C. Richard Wright 59 Mr. Cornell Wright 74 and Mrs. Joanne Wright Mr. Matthew B. Zamore 09 Mr. Zachary A. Zamore 09 Ms. Elizabeth Hobart Zang 87 Mr. Michael W. Zazzarino 81 and Mrs. Annamarie Zazzarino Mr. John R. Zazzu 05 Mr. and Mrs. John S. Zazzu Mrs. Christine Mazuryk Zeikel 84 and Mr. Jeffrey Scott Zeikel P 15 Mr. and Mrs. James K. Zeiner 49 Ms. Emily M. Zettler 11 Mr. Jianfeng Zhu Mr. Michael W. Zirinsky 95 and Mrs. Kellie Felicia Zirinsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zirinsky 68 P Dr. and Mrs. David A. Zohn 51 * = deceased = sustaining member Fleck Society ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since Lafayette has provided special recognition to alumni who demonstrate consistency in providing financial support to the College. All alumni who make gifts for five or more consecutive years qualify for membership in the Fleck Consistent Giving Society, named in honor of Cyrus S. Fleck, Sr. ( ), a devoted long-time Lafayette supporter, volunteer, and trustee. The over 4,200 alumni who qualified as members of the Fleck Society in are acknowledged in this publication. Those members who have provided at least ten years of consistent support are also recognized with named bricks along the campus walkways surrounding Skillman Library. The more than 3,000 bricks currently in place have already made a very favorable impression on students, faculty, alumni, and campus visitors. The current chairs of the Fleck Consistent Giving Society are Michael Whitman '82 and Linda Tedori Whitman '83. For a current list of all Fleck Consistent Giving Society members please go to 45

46 Class Donors Gift Performance by Class Class Donors Total Participation Gifts to Annual Fund Total Gifts % $72,011 $3,207, % $3,600 $12, % $5,304 $8, % $33,725 $135, % $23,081 $24, % $14,357 $316, % $4,480 $4, % $725 $ % $3,025 $3, % $16,535 $17, % $21,843 $74, % $412,516 $4,223, % $63,921 $1,787, % $83,543 $160, % $37,195 $54, % $31,400 $69, % $70,300 $105, % $62,780 $279, % $160,394 $229, % $181,626 $246, % $88,716 $541, % $91,472 $420, % $73,789 $90, % $102,855 $314, % $95,353 $118, % $106,125 $374, % $98,654 $106, % $144,856 $144, % $98,861 $204, % $145,097 $415, % $67,191 $128, % $93,395 $1,366, % $329,588 $2,581, % $85,435 $111, % $61,531 $191, % $161,003 $551, % $106,440 $405, % $56,559 $66,631 46

47 % $151,990 $313, % $125,529 $534, % $154,305 $535, % $140,568 $269, % $77,147 $96, % $71,521 $216, % $132,631 $236, % $155,802 $175, % $47,118 $60, % $76,150 $105, % $67,754 $103, % $44,384 $63, % $32,458 $37, % $107,262 $255, % $230,162 $735, % $18,460 $25, % $55,531 $133, % $28,466 $28, % $24,830 $27, % $22,545 $45, % $12,858 $13, % $8,849 $9, % $13,304 $13, % $15,573 $16, % $9,543 $10, % $11,660 $16, % $18,931 $20, % $18,000 $19, % $10,782 $11, % $12,501 $13, % $13,111 $13, % $9,111 $9, % $10,048 $10, % $6,357 $6, % $12,305 $12, % $12,411 $112,411 8,505 38% $5,269,234 $23,405,754 47

48 Class Annual Fund Gifts Rank Class Gift $412, $329, $230, $181, $161, $160, $155, $154, $151, $145,097 Class Participation* Rank Class Participation % % % % % % 7 tie % 7 tie % 9 tie % 9 tie % *Minimum 130 members 48

49 1929 Participation 100% Class of Participation 40% 1941 Participation 53% Marquis Laureates Mrs. Bernice E. Marlo Marquis Court William F. Plume Marquis Founders Mrs. George L. Schaefer 1932 Participation 100% Loyal Leopard Howard C. Lindemann 1933 Participation 100% Cattell Club George D. Hegeman 1934 Participation 100% Loyal Leopard Mrs. Eugenia A. Norman Golden 1935 Participation 50% Marquis Court Roland Raver Marquis Society John P. Rudolph 1936 Participation 60% Loyal Leopards Mrs. Victor Dell'Alba Norman Seidel 1939 Participation 71% Marquis Laureates John W. Landis Cattell Club J. Frank Claussen John Wilbur Mack Loyal Leopards Mrs. Thomas C. Bagg * Joseph McDonough James B. Owen 1940 Participation 54% Marquis Court Mrs. Constance S. Flaum Marquis Society Norman H. Beim Mrs. Lee Grifo Alexander S. Walker Pardee Club Anthony F. Noto Mrs. Isabelle C. Schuessler Cattell Club James T. Farrell John J. Murphy Loyal Leopards Mayo W. Lanning Harold F. Reichard David M. Silverstone % Participation Marquis Laureates Sanfurd G. Bluestein Mrs. Walker Dillard Kirby Marquis Founders Otto Alden Robert H. Stuhler Marquis Court Robert W. B. Johnston William C. Richtmyre * Cattell Club Edward C. Vreeland Loyal Leopards Kurt W. Franzinger Maurice Levenbron Donald McCluskey * 1937 Participation 80% Loyal Leopards S. Donald Bean James T. Holcombe * John R. Probert Pardee Club Edward S. Arnold Harvey Cohen Cattell Club John H. Flathmann Loyal Leopards Floyd LaBarre Mrs. Eva R. Stem Loyal Leopards David S. Arnold Arthur T. Beach Wilbur L. Brya Robert E. Jones Mrs. Mary Jane Stein Douglass White * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 49

50 % Participation Marquis Founders Robert F. Vandenberg Marquis Court Milton D. Moore Marquis Society Maurice T. Bolmer * Jerome A. Ehrlich Richard B. Landis Louis J. Tischler Pardee Club John W. Palmer Loyal Leopards John E. Bolton John A. Huke James R. Jackson E. Robert Mason Carl J. Muller % Participation Marquis Laureates Robert H. Britton Marquis Founders Glenn K. Landis * Marvin M. Yarotsky Marquis Society J. Walter Goetz Harold L. McPheeters Pardee Club Robert D. Williams Cattell Club H. Barry Keen Mrs. Alice P. Weidener Loyal Leopards Harold E. Boddorff Morton R. Brenner Hugh M. Mahaffy Class of S. Thomas Mineo Richard Lewis Recce Robert G. Sandercock Albert M. Slaght % Participation Marquis Founders J. David Rockafellow Pardee Club Robert E. Paterson Loyal Leopards Joseph Gibson Cooper Mrs. Sheldon H. Fast Gerard A. Haefeli Kenneth R. Klemmer Jack J. Kraushaar Mrs. John E. Rush Gordon L. Youngs % Participation Pardee Club Martin Berkowitz Loyal Leopards Frederick A. Magley Frank J. McDonald William C. Paynton Charles E. Staples Stanley B. Thomson % Participation Class Fund Manager W. Robert Magee Sr. Marquis Society Van T. Boughton Norman G. Ross * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years Pardee Club W. Robert Magee Loyal Leopards Neville M. Allison Jack C. Horn Homer D. Laube George J. Mechalakos % Participation Marquis Court Robert E. Kusch George A. Sofer * Loyal Leopards Richard E. Bergenback W. Neale Connor Kenneth S. Dolph Roland M. Dumont Robert G. Ernst Harry J. Fisler Edward W. France John T. Groel Warren O. Groves Harvey H. Hunerberg Robert B. Katz William Lockett Lawrence B. Millner Paul Eugene Myers Mrs. William Pellet Richard F. Perrotty Herman Spitz Edward James West William P. Wiesing John L. Wolff % Participation Marquis Laureates Gladstone T. Whitman Marquis Court Martin Zippel Marquis Founders Norman Carlson John Thomas Dally E. Guy Elzey Robert L. Williams 50

51 Marquis Society James S. Gallagher Walter Hartl Frank J. Peragine James K. Zeiner Pardee Club Joseph A. Alfieri Clyde M. McBride John J. Morris Cattell Club Howard B. Bernstein Class of Donald B. Chubb Marquis Laureates Forbes M. Meston Loyal Leopards Frank E. Dietrick Hervey W. Ackerman Marquis Founders Roland Doan Robert E. Bird Jack Alexander George J. Dubell Donald M. Coffin Donald B. Chubb Richard C. Durstein David Pearsall Cortright Alfred M. Gray Charles Ellman James S. Dauerty John J. MacVeigh Robert K. Fidler Thomas J. Einbecker Robert C. Osborne Richard S. Finer Joseph P. Green * Edward A. Flood Richard J. Heller Marquis Society Robert S. Fow Dana T. Hughes Roswell P. Barnes John R. Fox Floyd C. Johnson Robert N. Clark Terry F. Godlove Allan S. Kalish Richard W. Logan Anson R. Grover Gordon W. Laird Morris D. Metz Robert C. Hamlyn Cyril S. Lang Alfred K. Nicholas Martin L. Haubenstock Ralph K. Magee Frank R. Reitter John D. Heisler H. Lee Messner George Veronis Charles R. Hoffman * Robert J. Mitchell John M. Wardell Robert U. Hubbard Charles E. Myers Donald E. West Richard W. Karcher Umberto J. Pitoni E. Crosby Willet William G. Killinger John C. Richards Eli D. Lambert John M. Rigsby Pardee Club Frederic G. Layman Karl R. Schroeder Frank L. Chipman Frank B. Marcon Donald M. Seib Ferdinand Alfred Lesch Samuel W. Martin Alfred S. Sevi Robert G. Meeker Jack B. Middleton William J. Smolow Edwin G. Miller William W. Striker Cattell Club Charles J. Montague Mrs. Walter Melvin Teets John L. Fitzgerald James W. Muir William M. Weibel Donald O. Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth Corke Myers William R. Wilson Diane Nittrouer Arthur T. Olsson Harrison W. Wright Oliver H. Peters Abram C. Parker John H. Young William E. Rinehart William T. Payne Peter Skerchock Gordon A. Pott 1950 Oliver L. Smith Charles S. Reeves 63% Participation Ronald James Stott Paul A. Remaly Class Fund Manager Arno E. Richter Joseph A. Rigg * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 51 Marquis Circle W. Bruce Drinkhouse Lawrence J. Ramer Marquis Court Harry N. Bockus William C. Buck Mrs. W. Robert Jacobs Matthias Sheeleigh Loyal Leopards Anonymous James C. Abbott William D. Baseley John D. Bennett Benjamin A. Bolton A. Robert Buchert W. Edmund Carver Robert P. Christman George H. Conover Wilmer R. Cornman Edwin A. Crane William F. Daly Kenneth W. Dearden

52 Class of George J. Riley Robert G. Becker George S. Butz Carl H. Roberts Frank M. Downing John H. Carpenter Atlee W. Robinson Kenneth H. Fast William C. Conger Salvatore L. Russo Albert C. Garnett John B. Cornish David Schechner Jules D. Prown Thomas E. Cox Donald E. Seip Mrs. Ann D. Rahn George H. Dickert Richard L. Shappell Henley L. Smith Arthur James Dojan Kay M. Shupe Robert D. Swain John B. Dolph Sherman H. Smickley Kurt O. Wassen Carlton F. Dougherty Arthur W. Smith David A. Zohn Michael T. Dougherty Carl W. Smollinger Thomas S. Eccles Charles E. Thomas Pardee Club Harvey H. Eisenhard Robert J. Twitchell Joseph I. Diamond Henry H. Elliott Ralph W. Viguers William K. Figley Simon M. Feder James J. Waygood Harrison McAlpine Robert A. Fiedler Mrs. Lois V. Wiehl Donald E. Regan David M. Figley James R. Woglom Lawrence D. Rockwell Harold W. Frantz H. Palmer Woodcock David W. H. Roth Robert A. Goodfellow Robert S. Woodcock Edmund P. Whitby John H. Gross William A. Wyatt Thomas R. Williams Robert P. Hamlen John S. Wynn George G. Hoolahan 1951 Cattell Club Alfred G. Adler Stuart E. Hotchkiss Charles E. Hugel 67% Participation Class Fund Manager George E. Davidson Fred E. Erhardt Alan M. Kessler Richard H. Knox Henry Kohlenberger Jr. Donald V. Estler Robert J. Korbobo Richard C. Hinterleiter Durwood R. Kressler Marquis Council Raymond R. Huber Frederick W. Lanan Mrs. Frank H. Hughes * Henry Kohlenberger Barry Love Louis A. North Bruce G. MacKenzie Marquis Circle David A. Schuster Wilson H. Matthias Kenneth W. Sheeleigh * Harry A. Sutton Andrew J. McClay Herbert R. Welsh Dudley P. McCurdy Marquis Court Richard A. Miller Bruce L. Castor Loyal Leopards Richard W. Murgas Donald G. Engesser Charles D. Apter Mrs. Alain J. Neves Arthur H. Hendrickson Karl F. Arbogast Charles R. Nony Henry A. Lee Allen H. Arkett Randall R. Painter H. Marvin Riddle Frank Rose Bailey Robert H. Pityo Harolld J. Stahle Harry Balukjian Robert A. Reich John H. Bauer Daniel D. Ressetar Marquis Founders Joseph Baylog Harvey W. Russ Martyn L. Cutler * William R. Berkley James Sahadi Stephen B. Hiltabidle Henry R. Bilhuber Thomas H. Sandercock Wilbur Wilson Oaks Robert L. Blackwell Donald Philip Seibert Dean R. Sanders Constantine F. Boas H. Kirk Steen Donald K. Bobb Curtis J. Steigerwalt Marquis Society Stephen John Bodnar John H. Vanderbilt Robert J. Barbero Salvatore J. Boscia Richard L. Walthour Walter M. Weber * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 52

53 Donald P. Whiteley Charles E. Wilde Robert J. Williams Harrison F. Wood Allan Scott Woods Robert H. Wunderley % Participation Class Fund Manager Hugh H. Jones, Jr. Marquis Laureates D. Herbert Lipson Marquis Council Darl M. Rush Marquis Court Peter J. Carril Mrs. Doreen H. Paynton Marquis Founders Daniel W. Gichner Frederick Rosse Hemeon Lawrence O. Houstoun John D. Kinard Marquis Society Rita B. Bangser Patrick A. Fricchione Robert K. Gicking Hugh H. Jones Sherburne Merrill MacFarlan William H. Parsons Roy R. Raizen L. Robert Wood Pardee Club David E. Brougher Thomas A. Coughlin William C. Neppel J. Thomas Pickel Cattell Club Robert S. Bohrer Mrs. Jane S. Fleck William B. Heberton David G. Hodgens Class of Ivan J. Hughes John F. McCleary Loyal Leopards William G. Baddeley Richard A. Bodey John D. Bonisese George W. Cochrane Henry G. Conkey Philip H. Cooper William V. Curran David F. Drinkhouse William H. Fritz Ralph J. Furness Albert H. Grollman Robert C. Herman Bryson B. Hoff Walter I. Jacoby Raymond F. Koehn Dennis H. Kux Richard M. Law Melvyn G. Levy Paul Lewis Robert O. Lindstrom Thomas S. Melchers Donald R. Mills Charles F. Mueller John R. Neff Arthur W. Nelson Richard H. Rose Robert L. Scheuermann Joel Schneider Walter M. Shaw Gilbert N. Shor Craig F. Smith Kenneth M. Spencer Kenneth R. Stein Cornelius Van Horn William F. Von Bargen John W. Wilson Donald A. Ziegler % Participation Class Fund Manager George E. Patton Jr. Marquis Circle J. Tylee Wilson Marquis Court Allan P. Kirby Frank W. Millard Theodore S. Morgan William J. Murgas Marquis Founders William C. Cassebaum Leon H. Fox Boyer L. Veitch Marquis Society George T. Brecht Peter Esherick Ronald H. Fishbein Alan FitzGibbon David I. Fox David G. Goehring Robert W. Loughlin H. David Moore Pardee Club William A. Barati Bruce O. Becker George F. Groves Robert Heinold Charles E. Moore George E. Patton Richard A. West Cattell Club George H. Drake Douglas M. Harris Norman S. Heyman Richard L. Kunkle Loyal Leopards Joel Abrams John C. Bomberger David Lee Brown George R. Cashau Roland Catterall John B. Cline Mrs. Jane P. Conrad Robert J. Cooper Edward R. Cotton Malcolm J. Davis Bruce E. Dawson Warren Y. Dickert * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 53

54 Robert G. Diener Frank P. Dowling Joseph A. Gentilucci William L. Gill Edward Dale Greaves Jules F. Halm Howard W. Hanson William J. Harvey Howard D. Hendrickson Lewis N. Hill David C. Hubinger George F. Hutchinson Donald N. Matthews Neil H. McKinnon Donald R. Mildrum Roger Murray Barthlemus J. Polizzotti William J. Santo Lawrence Scharff John J. Scott William L. Shenk James D. Shotwell Delbert B. Smith James H. Smith R. Laird Sommerville Charles J. Spies William R. Thomas Robert B. Thompson Donald M. Weber William B. Wigginton Ezra R. Wolcott E. Howard Youmans % Participation Class Fund Manager Robert A. Aiello Marquis Council Kenneth S. Sweet Marquis Court Ronald E. Philipp Marquis Founders Bartram H. Levenson Leon A. Miller Richard K. Neeld Class of Marquis Society Jay B. Bloom Robert A. Heyman Robert J. Potter Richard A. Rathemacher Philip C. Schneider Pardee Club Robert A. Aiello Frank Scangarella Franklin R. Shupp Joseph L. Stonaker Charles B. Teske Cattell Club Paul H. Hirsch Donald J. Keuch Donald P. Knowles William H. Lauder Charles W. Quigg Daniel A. Sanftleben Richard D. Seiler G. Alan Stull Joseph R. Tunner Robert C. Williams Loyal Leopards Cary W. Ahl Gabriel A. Avram Charles S. Azzalina Richard Emerson Berry Roger Harrison Brodkin Richard K. Brown M. Clark Conlon Nicholas Costalas Maxwell E. Davison Charles A. Divine Frank K. Dubar John A. Ferrante Frank L. Gebhardt Edward T. Gillespie A. Deane Gough James N. Grace Donald Robert Green E. Hart Green H. Eugene Harrison M. Kenneth Heckman Raymond L. Howe * William M. Hunt Marvin Kaulkin Joseph F. Koegler Thomas H. MacGregor Daniel R. Marantz Samuel H. Osipow Richard D. Revie Donald D. Schaffer Roger D. Sidener Peter F. Sorter Charles V. Spahr Robert R. Stimeare George F. Wagenbach J. Arthur Wagner Earl R. Wallaesa % Participation Class Fund Managers Thomas F. McGrail Mark B. Weisburger Marquis Circle Fred P. Braun Jr. Edward J. Elbert Frederick J. Kaiser Thomas F. McGrail Arthur J. Rothkopf Mark B. Weisburger Marquis Court Charles H. Gehret Peter T. Standbridge Marquis Founders Stuart Jay Rothkopf William H. Rufe Marquis Society Abdulaziz A. AlSulaiman Ralph O. Doederlein J. Richard Fetter Roger B. Gordon Daniel J. Greenholz Robert Moore Leonard A. Pennington Lawrence L. Plummer J. Fredrick Weber John R. Woolford * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 54

55 Pardee Club Ronald D. Hochman Alan P. Safir John E. Zaremba Cattell Club Stanley A. Applebaum Alex P. Baglyos A. Ralph Bartolacci Richard Warren Berry E. Arnold Forrest John W. Gilbert Donald W. Lees Robert S. Lundquist John C. McCann Edward W. Mentzer Andrew Mercurio Saul N. Zilberfarb Loyal Leopards Anonymous Walter M. Bielanowski Jack F. Bowers John O. Bramick Theodore M. Bunten Donald M. Burd John M. Corwin Maynard R. Dill Allen W. Donahower Joseph W. Drosdick John P. Elberti Seymour G. Epstein Peter E. Fallon George L. Fouke William T. Fryer J. John Gasparre Frederick P. Gehle George W. Geiger Harry W. Gsell Robert P. Hess Robert L. Hettich F. Paul Inscho James W. Karcher Henry J. Kazmar Joseph F. Kiley R. Lee Klaer John M. Lauder Charles C. Leader Harry K. Leader Class of William W. LeConey Marvin Samuel Lieberman David W. Little Edward Bowman McLean Edward S. Meadowcroft Jay A. Miers David O. Miller William Davis Miller Frank M. Perrine Forrest L. Schaffer Richard S. Schneider Russell A. Schwarzmann Martin L. Scott George L. Sigalos F. Neil Smiley Willard R. Snyder Mrs. Lucy A. Sokol Arthur R. Spielvogel Donald F. Steele John F. A. Stevens Warren L. Stone William A. Turner Roy A. Ulin Ralph W. Wagner Clyde H. Wallingford % Participation Marquis Circle Rashid A. Abdu Greer M. Arthur Robert E. Wells Marquis Court Mrs. Elmer J. Elias Marquis Founders John W. Devlin Richard H. Garnett Bradford M. Hait Edwin C. Landis Alan D. Pesky Norman W. Riley John R. Walters Gordon E. Wright John F. Yerger Marquis Society Cornelius Alexander Gerald P. Bodey Floyd L. Cotton Richard W. Graham H. Kermit Green R. Evans Hineman Ronald E. Keyser Franklin S. Mattison R. Mihran Mooradian Gerald R. Purdon Charles P. Sitkin Pardee Club James T. Ryan Cattell Club Anonymous John Allan Bagger William J. Florence F. Dallas Fogg H. Hunter Garbee Marshall C. Jost Lee E. Kane Armin U. Kuder Robert L. Kuljian Richard L. Nemec Loyal Leopards Ronald D. Adams Dale R. Albright Eugene H. Alderman John R. Batley Richard B. Batts Russell E. Bone Allen Brands Richard A. Breslow Anthony A. Brodfuhrer John G. Burcin Nicholas Ceto Sherwood Francis Clause G. Gordon Connally Saul Cooperman William H. Culviner Donald C. Dates * Suzanne R. Dates John A. Dempwolf John DiMemmo Norman R. Dion * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 55

56 Class of Robert C. Donnelly Frederick H. Shunk Lynne G. Ives George H. Douglas Harvey D. Silver Frank R. Koons Alvin N. Ehrlich Donald P. Thaler Robert E. Moss William T. Eldridge Bruce Edward Tjaden Stuart A. Murray Paul C. Forman Robert J. Tunnessen Gerald T. Richards Howard F. Fredericks Robert H. Waldie James F. Sandford William P. Freese Henry J. Wallach Russell M. Smith John G. Freney George R. Watts George F. Tinker Robert J. Fyvie Robert G. Werner Bruce E. Wallin Philip A. Gehman Richard V. Wilson William Edward Glenney Paul P. Wisler Pardee Club Harvey R. Gold George G. Young Edward D. Doherty Charles T. Hage Albert J. Zarbatany Russell N. Grimes Emery W. Hampton Kenneth W. Knapp William J. Hardy Richard W. Harrison Arthur L. Herrmann % Participation Class Fund Manager Cattell Club Fred Alan Agre Paul E. Hewitt Robert E. Moss Gerald C. Escala Douglas F. Horst Glenn B. Fatzinger Paul L. Howard Marquis Laureates Don H. Wirtz Frederick F. Hunt Gary A. Evans Ralph M. Hutchison Walter Oechsle Loyal Leopards Edward T. Johnson Carl L. Allspaw Richard D. Jones Marquis Circle Larry C. Amos Bruce E. Kahn Raymond B. Jacoby Joseph J. Azzalina Raymond E. Kehrer Philip D. Wolfe Cyrus L. Blackfan John H. Keller Charles B. Brill Donald E. King Marquis Court David E. Cary Jack B. Kolbrener James Vorosmarti Louis O. Caudill Morgan F. Larson Louis P. Cipriani Richard Dale Lemen Marquis Founders Richard F. Cortazzo Warren C. Mann Carl M. Albero William M. Cronan Anthony P. Martocci Gerald J. Brown Henry R. D Alberto Richard G. Masters Robert J. Burcin Harry M. Darlington Donald L. Mitchell A. Robert Coningsby Phillip W. De Vore Saul Moskowitz John E. Daniel Ronald F. Dinger James D. Murphy Roger B. Jacoby James W. Dye * Charles L. Myers Charles J. Lusch Edward G. Ecker Gayle Parker George L. Tiger John M. Ernst Irwin M. Pasternak Mason Lee Fisher Ernest L. Peters Marquis Society Richard E. Fitzgerald Edwin J. Phelps Gordon R. Brown Leslie D. Franklin Benjamin F. Phillips Alfred A. Bruhn Clarence L. Fritz Michael J. Pugliese Mrs. Roberta L. Doty Gordon R. Galtere Stephen D. Rader Norig Ellison Richard M. Hartman Robert F. Rockafellow William P. Gano Daniel K. Hays Harry Rosenberg Victor Garber F. Glenn Heins Akbar M. Samii Glenn Erb Grube Socrates A. Hiotakis W. Bryan Satterlee C. Blair Ives * Mrs. Rose J. Jamieson Ernest W. Seiter * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 56

57 David C. Jones Kurt W. Klunder William L. Lermond Allen R. Lewis Robert C. Magor Michael J. McCooey Paul J. McCormick William R. Metzgar Kenneth E. Milhous Raymond L. Milhous Kent T. Mitchell E. Alan Moorhouse Howard C. Morgan Richard Hobson Morgan Alvin R. Morris Herbert A. Morris Mrs. Dorothy E. Mueller Noel W. Nilson Robert J. Nobmann Robert T. Osborne F. David Patch Quentin L. Patterson Carl A. Philipp Philip L. Platt Anthony F. Presto Robert L. Ragot M. Paul Reiter Frederick W. Richards Delbert A. Ross Ronald N. Rudderow J. F. Sallada K. Clark Schlosser Ashton T. Scott Lawrence R. Seggel Daniel L. Shomon John Henry Smith John M. Stanley Dale A. Swann Nelson Thompson Henry J. Van Dyke Harlow E. Waite Joseph G. Wilkes L. Michael Winship Marvin S. Wool Philip S. Wullschleger Class of S. Robert Beane Jr. Marquis Laureates S. Robert Beane Marquis Council Mrs. Judith C. Yohe Marquis Court C. Douglas Cherry Samuel A. Saidel Marquis Founders Elbern H. Alkire Joseph R. Bozik Edward B. Brunswick Albert H. Caesar Gerald A. Flanzbaum Robert H. Graham William M. Houldin Paul O. Koether Donald G. Kress Andrew G. Publow Daniel D. Weinberger 1958 Ernest C. Levister 71% Participation Cattell Club Robert C. Lotz Class Fund Manager Mathew Cohen Lawrence I. Marcus Ronald C. May * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 57 Marquis Society Ian M. Ballard Charles R. Bennett David S. Branch Michael B. Frankel James A. Hourihan Lembhard G. Howell Spencer A. Manthorpe Mrs. Kay B. Morgan C. Lawrence Murphy John J. Natisin Pardee Club William M. Aukamp Warren R. Bechtel Arthur F. Fost George C. Lissenden William F. McAndrew John F. Piper Pasco L. Schiavo W. Mackey Skinner H. David Culley Robert Felsenheld Steven A. Fried Donald L. Havey George H. Jarden William M. Kurtz Robert C. Merrell Thomas J. Parks Charles C. Seastrom George C. Watson Loyal Leopards Richard Barrett Robert C. Beavins Bruce H. Bechtold Donald F. Bickhart Albert B. Bieber Douglas B. Bracy James P. Braisted F. Warren Breig Thomas R. Brett Frederic P. Brousse Richard H. Cole Eugene M. Cook David Irvine Crowell James F. Davis John A. Downes James A. Eldridge Richard A. Faust Donald H. Freimark Robert C. Harris Raymond T. Hersh Paul F. Highberger Arnold I. Hollander * David E. Hutchison William D. Johnston Robert M. Jones Alfred J. Karetsky Edmond M. Kirby Donald Kitson James T. Kontje Robert Kraham Raymond P. Kress Mrs. Joanne L. LaBarre Robert Y. Langner John F. Lattanzi

58 Robert M. McCarron Charles C. Oshinski Philip M. Paris Raymond T. Pearson Hank Perrine Gary W. Rauch Myron A. Savacool William E. Schaffroth Robert A. Schmitz Cornelius C. Scott Robert M. Scovner Kenneth A. Sibal Paul Sirota Charles W. Stevens Manfred H. Stimmel Clayton M. Theophilus Fred A. Weber Robert S. Westley James F. Wild David F. Zeyher % Participation Class Fund Manager James F. Mallay Marquis Laureates Walter A. Scott Class of Marquis Society V. Richard Back Frederick S. Benson Joseph C. Brewer Wayne S. Burggraaff Walter G. French Edward W. Halteman Frank L. Hocker Ronald W. Johnson James F. Mallay Sigmund S. Semon Norman A. Sensinger Kurt D. Steckley Charles G. Treloar Brooks Von Arx C. Richard Wright Pardee Club Louis J. Chomo Gerald P. Crean William S. Foster Frank V. Hermann Patrick Ho Charles A. Schenck Robert I. Steckel John W. Thanassi Cattell Club Sebastian P. Arnold Marquis Circle Bernard I. Blumenthal Michael H. Moskow Gilbert D. Brinckerhoff Robert A. Murphy Thomas J. Neff Bruce L. Forbes James I. Painter Mrs. Thomas W. Norton Donald G. Kein Samuel W. Payne Willis B. Skillman Karl A. Stackhouse Theodore D. Pennington Jerry C. Turnauer George L. Werner Charles V. Pfautz Walter R. Pickwell Marquis Court Loyal Leopards Richards D. Poey Norbert F. Smith Donald L. Allen * Cleveland F. Pratt Linda D. Allen Herbert W. Purdy Marquis Founders Donald Edward Benjamin R. Edwin Reed Robert A. Dilworth Robert M. Brotman Allan Rosenbluth Ronald L. Eshleman William E. Campbell Richard T. Schlough James J. Haering Mark W. Chapin E. Cam Shaffer Allan W. Johnson Jonathan Alan Clayton Wilbur J. Smiles John F. Kingfield Edwin M. Curley George E. Snyder William A. Kirby Jr. Michael D. Curtin Jadwin F. Sortore Charles M. Puckette Robert W. Dahlin H. Richard Souders John Kirby Ziegler William Davies C. Joseph Stefanowicz Jerome Dominus David G. Stephens John T. Sterling * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 58 George F. Edelman Jordan Engelman Edwin H. Feather Arthur L. Forrest George M. Frasca Gordon S. Gibson Robert W. Giedlin David A. Gray William P. Greaves Frederick C. Guest Hubert W. Hagadorn J. W. Richard Harding Robert H. Hartmann Robert W. Hinton Warren R. Hogan Thomas W. Hosking H. Roger Houck Lennart G. Johansson William F. Just Thomas E. Kessler Charles L. Kline J. Wallace Knobel Frederick LeDonne James D. Levi Dean W. Masland Albert E. Meihofer John B. J. Messina L. Mark Michel Suzanne Bernstein Morgan Frederick Von S. Muench

59 Donald S. Straub Sidney F. Strauss Robert K. Suess Rowland M. Wargo Russell F. Wells Patricia A. Wren Charles K. Wynn % Participation Class Fund Managers Lauritz K. Knudsen M. Alden Siegel Class of William E. Price Wayne P. Wavrek Marquis Laureates George A. Merlo Gerald I. Wilson Robert H. Quig Joseph K. Lees J. Thomas Rennert Robert E. Lewis Marquis Circle Robert D. Zimet Paul A. Luscombe Stephen Blecher Robert C. Mack Philip D. Bollman Loyal Leopards Tadashi Campbell Matsumoto Robert K. Johnson Richard A. Altimari Martin N. McGeary E. Wayne Nordberg J. Wayne Anderson Carl W. Meier Marion M. Vujevich Merle D. Bainbridge Braulio A. Morales Joseph M. Barletta R. Allen Moulton Marquis Court Richard P. Baskwill Thomas F. Moyer E. Donald Lass Richard H. Beck Myo Myint Sanford B. Bing Edward H. Neighbour Marquis Founders Roger C. Bird Duncan Witherbee O Dwyer J. Richard Booth Alan L. Black Joel A. Peck David S. Gicking Fred W. Bowser David B. Peters John A. Miller Bruce L. Boyd Lewis N. Powell Donald J. Nikles Joseph F. Boylan Barry L. Pullen Mrs. Donald C. Ohnegian William F. Brenner Charles V. Raffay David C. Saalfrank William E. Cameron Alan S. Readinger M. Alden Siegel W. William A. Cox Alan W. Reutlinger Paul Eugene Thurston Neal E. Dyer David D. Roper W. David Wister Richard S. Easton James L. Rovnyak Robert H. Edwards Edward C. Rutherford Marquis Society John A. Falcone Ervin R. Sandell Lawrence H. Appel Lewis David Fishberg Richard B. Schlesinger Robert S. Brodie Richard C. Fritz William J. Schumacher David B. Cornstein John E. Gailer Richard C. Shollenberger H. Blair Daugherty W. Raymond Gatgens Richard C. Sinatra James F. Dickson George P. Gick Stephen R. Slutsker Roger W. Flartey Oliver B. Gordon Charles W. Smith Charles H. Fisher Robert H. Gottheiner Richard F. Smith Lauritz K. Knudsen C. Robert Gronquist Donald M. Spano Hugh M. Morrison Bernhard D. Guenther Donald J. Sutherland Theodore V. Partlow Joel K. Gustafson Thomas M. Walsh Donald J. Westmaas * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 59 Pardee Club C. Thomas Dupuis Jesse E. Fosselman John M. Parsons Peter E. Veruki Cattell Club John B. Biemiller James A. Eberly Robert L. Haigh Robert T. Jager Hans William Hagen William F. Hamm Richard H. Hammond John M. Hickman Mrs. Dolores R. Holler John F. Hyfantis John L. Ivarone Ralph E. Jemison Donald B. Keat Robert E. Kessler Richard P. Kleinknecht Thomas E. Kline Paul Komar Nicholas G. Koopman Konrad J. A. Kundig

60 W. Laurence Whitbeck Robert F. White David H. Williams % Participation Class Fund Manager Ronald E. Geesey Marquis Circle David W. Dietz Mrs. Mary Jane Hiller Donald F. MacDonald Marquis Court David K. Bilheimer Ronald E. Geesey Marquis Founders Larry L. Cassel Walter E. Daller David B. Lomet Roger E. Rader Alfred R. Ruesch Neil I. Van Cleef Class of Cattell Club William D. Bartron George J. Benson Donald P. Boardman Robert E. Detweiler W. Thomas Grimm Douglas A. Hobby Victor S. Lamberto Paul E. Nelson Pierre H. Pelanne Richard M. Shusterman Mrs. Nancy Layton Tunnessen James W. Whipple Loyal Leopards Paul W. Ackerman Kenneth G. Biehn David P. Bloys Harry M. Boyko Alan G. Bradford Peter W. Bretsky John V. R. Bull John M. Butler Ralph B. Raphaelson William F. Remaly William W. Reynolds John Abbott Robinson Stephen A. Saft John P. Santoro James D. Scanlon Howard M. Schoor Daniel W. Schutter John Sedovy Philip B. Shevlin Melville R. Smart Charles Q. Smith Ronald L. Smith David C. Thomsen Richard F. Toro Edmund Vitale John B. Walton David M. Weigle James R. Westkott Barton Samuel Widom % Participation Class Fund Manager John R. Weis Timothy J. Crotty Roman Fedorak Frederick B. Franks Marquis Society Robert W. Frutchey Edward C. Auble Ronald O. Graf Marquis Laureates R. Edward Baumgardner William S. E. Greenwald H. Peter Claussen Lance A. Davis Dennis Lloyd Hiebert Steven J. Hyman Peter P. Hanson Kort A. Jensen George E. Rossmann Thomas H. Heist Richard L. Kauffman Charles P. Werner John J. A. Hossenlopp C. William Keck Robert P. Howard Howard M. Kleet Marquis Council Robert P. Ives Barry F. Kleinle Joseph E. Nechasek R. James Oehlert W. Roy Kolb William L. Larrabee Marquis Court Pardee Club Richard A. Leinberry Edgar W. Brick Otto J. Behrens Anthony R. Lelli Richard F. Flickinger Stephen P. Haveson Anthony Loupos Nelson G. Markley Peter G. Hewitt James J. Malloy James F. Reeve William A. Mangels Lee E. Manifold Bruce A. Vakiener Joseph C. Nyce Dalton S. Marks H. Scott Payne Jack B. May Marquis Founders William J. Sibal Fred W. McDowell Joseph S. Cornell John L. Sutter Malcolm T. Mellott Robert R. Kauffman Richard P. Thayer Gerald L. Paist James A. Lyttle Richard J. Webster Richard B. Phillips James M. Montgomery Donald F. Wiltshire William D. Pickering William J. Murdock Robert E. Pollock * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 60

61 William L. Patton Lawrence S. Schwartz Marquis Society Anonymous Paul R. Callaway John Richard Contarino J. Kent Culley Robert S. Gursky Arthur S. Hansen Harry L. Lundy Walter S. Lutz Bruce H. Marshman Harold E. Mundy John J. Rufe Jeffrey Ruthizer Robert W. Sassaman Matthew D. Thomases Vince F. Villani Jay M. Weiss Class of Robert H. Steinberger B. Fred Toback Loyal Leopards Lawrence L. Anderson Barry P. Aronowsky Edwin B. Ayres William R. Ballek Carl L. Barton John R. Beckum Joseph A. Bojues Charles S. Brick Robert J. Brochu Barry W. Burlaga Albert A. Chaffee Frederick C. Churchill Howard Evans Clark James S. Collins Paul A. Danco John Shields Decker Bruce D. Dent Walter Doleschal Pardee Club Lawrence Jay Wanderman Bruce Applestein James R. Edwards John R. Weis James V. Brown M. David Egan S. Donald Williams Thomas E. Burns Theodore Ernest Elsasser John F. Crist Thomas M. Emory 1963 George E. Ealer Ira M. Feldman 66% Participation Paul A. Gary Martin B. Frederick Class Fund Manager Jack M. Goldman R. Jay Geiger Robert T. Burns Michael A. Kovner Richard S. Gilbert Robert A. Lefelar Neil V. Goldstein Marquis Council Charles A. Martin James E. Hartsel Paul Stryker Barrett Kenneth A. Poppe John N. Holme Freeman A. Shore Albert T. Holtz Marquis Circle Morris Stern Michael D. Honker Ronald A. Garfunkel Thomas John Hordendorf William P. Rutledge Cattell Club Alexander S. Hughes Kenneth B. Tator Joel S. Cooperman E. Lee Huston Martin M. Cottrell Harry F. Irwin Marquis Court William H. Ditenhafer Edward E. Jensen Leonard D. Andrew Larry E. Freed Nicholas C. Kazanas Bernard M. Billick Donald L. Fuller William R. Kegley Alfred E. Douglass Robert Fine Goulstone Peter K. Knudsen Kenneth E. Moor David A. Kelly John G. Lampert John M. Stern George A. Laros David E. Landis Robert S. Marcus David R. Landis Marquis Founders John A. Parker Richard A. Lee D. Frederick Day Gale R. Schwilk Peter A. Lehr Martin Greenwald Jerrold C. Lehrman Leonard T. Lynch L. Carl Leinbach * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 61 James R. Livingood Raymond C. Lobach Graham F. Lord Theodore E. Lundberg Victor M. Muschell Richard J. Pilch Joseph P. Pruszynski John M. Ragsdale Max B. Rothman Richard E. Rubenstein Frank M. Sarubbi Joel David Schram Richard A. Schwan M. Gregory Shannon Charles R. Solomon Robert M. Somers Paul S. Spiecker Douglas P. Stiegler Charles D. Turk Emil Von Arx Mark H. Wainwright

62 Class of Marquis Society Alan M. Alvarez Dennis E. Barry Richard J. Bass Robert D. Miller Edward M. Morgan Russell W. Annich Richard J. Becker Roy L. Nelson Manfred Geiger Joseph G. Bekhor Robert C. Nichols Richard Kronenberg Joseph E. Bell Elwood R. Noxon John N. Labows Richard N. Bernard Donald B. Owen William E. McClure Hartley D. Bingham Michael D. Paris Russell A. Petranto Richard T. Bonelli Theodore R. Poritz Richard D. Rudder Wayne G. Boulton Jay R. Price Samuel R. Selzer David J. Butler Robert A. Reese John S. Carson Samuel Lenard Rieger Pardee Club Gary H. Coelho George D. Royster William I. Bachman Charles H. Colby Bruce C. Ruhnke Lynden C. Camin Allan H. Colman Robert N. Sellar Robert B. Domush C. Andrew Cook James A. Shanbrom Edward H. Eisele John H. Cooper E. Martin Shane Robert A. Grossman Robert A. Corash Harvey Michael Shapiro Lowell H. Johnson Irwin S. Davison Craig M. Shields Robert S. Kempton David Denenberg Robert H. Shiff Richard B. Lambeck David S. Donofrio Robert L. Simon Michael A. McGrew Grant H. Dorwart Roger H. Sirlin Robert W. Reed John R. Dozsa William H. Slonaker Edward F. Steiner Michael Dulac Thorold G. Smith Michael Alan Stillman Benjamin S. Feinswog Anthony E. Spezio Philip J. Fox Jeffrey M. Stark Cattell Club William Frank George C. Strack Richard C. Alkire Edward A. Fusakio James D. Stuart Carl R. Boesch Michael W. Garlock William J. Teeter Charles H. Booraem James C. Giudice Henry Van Dyke Robert T. Burns Leonard I. Goldstein Richard E. Walter Michael D. Chun Samuel Goldstein Guy S. Waltman Allan B. Cohen Carl Gotzmer John L. Wardell James H. Craiglow Richard Gurzynski Robert Weaver Stephen M. Druckman Richard M. Halford Stanley S. Wetschler Joseph P. Hafer Arthur Howard Charles L. Wheeler Ernest R. Jackson Richard L. Inhoffer Henry Yablonski James E. Kerge Philip M. Iorio John J. Young David J. McAdoo Robert E. Jones Bruce Allan Miller Gerald B. Katz 1964 Ray A. Moyer Ira E. Kreizman 58% Participation John B. O Brien Richard I. Kropp Class Fund Manager W. Thomas Oliver Robert W. Larmour Jeffrey P. Brown Raymond H. Rice Howard M. Learned Arthur Alan Topilow Frank R. Lehmann Marquis Laureates Mark H. Machina Alan R. Griffith Loyal Leopards Howard Arnold Mandelbaum Richard A. Grossman William I. Agnew Harry P. McCurdy George F. Rubin James M. Anderson Richard H. Meer Warren H. Baker Charles A. Meyer Richard A. Miller * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 62

63 Marquis Circle John A. Bown Marquis Court Richard S. Koplin Marquis Founders Richard W. Amman Irving Brand Charles A. Corson Bradbury Dyer Robert A. Kruvant Hyman B. Muss Joel M. Wolosky Marquis Society Jeffrey P. Brown Nicholas T. Cullen Theodore L. Dehne Gordon R. Evans Philip M. Giles W. Daniel Headington Michael C. McLean Berton A. Model David M. Nolf Eugene A. Scanlan Dean T. Umemoto Robert L. G. White Pardee Club Norman W. Boyd Victor Ferraris Jerome P. Foley Carl W. Gardiner James G. Kitchen Harold W. Leas Timothy J. McDonald Frederick H. Morhart Thomas Palmer Class of Edward J. Benda Robert H. Berens John R. Brown Richard C. Burnett Frank M. Calizzi Robert C. Capperella John C. Church John M. Colton Earl Stephen Cunerd Thomas R. Davis William N. Dorfman Robert L. Durgan Kenneth A. Dynan Frederick P. Ebner John M. Emptage James M. England Charles Robert Fegley Steven J. Friedman Robert A. Garwood George C. Gibson Paul F. Glover John F. Goemaat Thomas L. Greenbaum Mark F. Grubb Joseph A. Guffanti Richard G. Hauser Robert A. Heubner Lyal V. S. Hood George C. Hudock Bruce T. Hyland Jeffrey A. Jackson Alan S. Kafka Donald H. Ketcham Daniel J. Krommenhoek Edward R. Lawrence John Lazarchick Frank J. Leber Gordon E. Letizia Philip Burr Linker Thomas L. Lloyd Howard N. Heller Cattell Club Walter A. Lott George J. Hossenlopp Mrs. Donna K. Ferrara Douglas A. Mabon C. Edward S. Mitchell Ronald E. Lesher James McGovern Alan L. Tope Thomas D. Rarich William M. McLure Richard B. Sellars Bruce Arnold Miller Marquis Society Frederick H. Moore A. Bradley Askin Loyal Leopards William J. Nielsen Daniel E. Cohen David R. Ahouse Jack R. Palmer John G. Crosby Jerry M. Aufox William N. Pedersen Stephen H. Eccher Franklin J. Platt * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 63 Steven J. Prince Ronald W. Reynolds Robert R. R. Rodite Rodney E. Rohrbaugh Robert F. Rose Durward M. Rushforth C. William Schildnecht Robert E. Sleep F. Harry Spiess George H. Stauffer Richard B. Stump Eldan D. Testa Donald E. Thompson Robert L. Tomkiewicz Edward A. Ulmer Robert H. Wasmund Ronald Weiner John W. Wright Richard L. Zanewicz % Participation Class Fund Manager Howard N. Heller Marquis Laureates Bruce Maggin Marquis Circle Jeffrey P. Feather Marquis Court Richard P. Allen Richard C. Ill Marquis Founders Richard D. Gilpin Marshall Jay Gluck

64 Class of Joseph S. Epstein G. David Foster James L. Terhune John B. Hench Charles E. Freeman Albert J. Terrile Stuart N. Hutchison Harold J. Ganz Barry H. Todd George R. Ince Andrew B. Golbert Paul J. Tuohig John M. Kulicki Daniel L. Gottsegen John B. Whiteway Richard C. Lambrecht Ray T. Goulstone Kenneth B. Winarick Charles E. Miller Richard W. Haber Lawrence C. Zucker James A. Simmons Ronald Lewis Hazelton Robert J. Singer James W. Heatherington 1966 James M. Heffernan 51% Participation Pardee Club Thomas G. Hetherington Class Fund Manager Charles E. Colson Robert M. Johnson James R. Quin Marc A. Flitter Donald R. Johnston William E. Sedwick John W. Kille Marquis Laureates Samuel W. Wakeman John M. Ladden S. Kent Rockwell Gary R. Layton Cattell Club William B. Aarons Lindsay Courtland Lee Joseph V. Leoni Marquis Founders John K. Darr Richard A. Alexander David L. Levinson Arthur L. Fiest Ronald S. Levitt Marquis Society Robert S. Gombos David A. Lyttle Thomas E. Davies William F. Goslau James F. Maiella William H. Friesell Dennis I. Greene Robert Henry Mannal Harry M. Jones Daniel E. Johnson Wilburn G. Manuel Marselis C. Parsons Harvey L. Lasky Alvan Markle John A. Vaccaro Bruce P. Miller James D. McCaughey Christopher T. Smith Edward A. McNally Pardee Club Lewis W. Wetzel John P. Meeks Charles E. Epifanio Richard D. Wilson James M. Morrisson Carl B. Gebhard Paul S. Mory Bradford C. Pierce Loyal Leopards Theodore W. Neubert * Charles P. Schropp James A. Addison Robert H. Oetjen Stanley Schwartz David S. Allen Walter J. Pedowitz Jon Davis Smith John David Baildon Robert S. Pellen H. Davidson Barr B. Michael Pisani Cattell Club Peter F. Benedict Henry L. Ramm William B. Bingham Charles M. Berger Richard A. Redeker Donald L. Bott Richard W. Berls Allen T. Reishtein M. James Carpenter Terrence L. Bowman R. Michael Roberts David J. Edwards Garrett E. Brown William K. Ryan Rodman R. Heckman John W. Bruce Lewis E. Sauerwein Leonard A. Herman Frank B. Cermak George H. Scott Walter M. Manuel James N. Coates David S. Seal Robert S. Park Preston A. Denby Sanford Mark Shapiro Stephen S. Schneider William S. Denham Gary C. Shrader Bert E. Stromberg Thomas R. Dougherty R. Russell Shunk John M. Wetzel Philip Ehrhardt Jefferson O. Smith Robert A. Fellows Walter A. Smith Loyal Leopards Andrew F. Ferenschak Robert A. Spruck Richard F. Adam Stuart J. Struck * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 64

65 Class of Barry J. Arch Stephen A. Olean Samuel A. Martin Richard Otis Banyard G. Earl Peace Douglas F. Patterson James W. Barnes Gary M. Peckerman Henry D. Ryder E. Dennison Bement Thomas C. Pfrommer Randolph I. Thornton Frederick M. Bowes Louis W. Potts William Vonroth Robert P. Callaghan Stanley R. Purcell Carmel J. Corona James R. Quin Pardee Club Peter T. Cressman Robert A. Rothman Anonymous Charles B. Daly Robert G. Sanford Charles E. Bartberger Frederick Emerson Davis Ronald O. Sickles Jack E. English John E. Davison Richard Leonard Spitalnick Robert V. Noreika Louis C. Day Richard Joel Steinmann Jack Terrance Roach David J. De Vries Richard C. Ulsh Joseph Z. Sherk William H. Durham Gerald R. Urffer Curtis Smith David A. Engle Ronald E. Walter William H. Staeger Paul C. Fiedler Harry W. Ward Paul L. Weiner Bruce F. Fletcher David W. Wasmund John M. Flocks Charles F. Wilkinson Cattell Club Calvin K. Flury Joseph A. Zebrowski Jay P. Farrell Donald C. Frederickson Morton F. Jones Robert A. Freedberg John W. Galson % Participation Dennis G. Katz Charles Judson Lawson John L. Geddes Class Fund Manager Jeffrey J. Penneys Jerome Edward Giles * Christopher Cathcart William H. Scott David R. Griffenhagen Richard C. Shupp Robert P. Grim Marquis Laureates David B. Spencer Gregory G. Harrison John L. Hatfield Christopher G. Westcott James M. Herzig L. Timothy Hobaugh Marquis Council Loyal Leopards Harold E. Huber Carl G. Anderson Thomas J. Aitken Robert C. Hummer Nicholas J. Azzolina Frank G. Hutchinson Marquis Circle G. Alan Balla Edward E. Kaminski Michael T. O Kane Jeffrey Alan Barnes Robert A. Kaye William Carl Rappolt Andrew E. Bisset William E. Kellow D. Kirk Bond Charles Herbert Knight Marquis Founders Alvin T. Boyd Jeffrey T. Kovner Christopher Cathcart Henry B. Brooks Robert J. Landy Marc A. Clachko James E. Burns Jack M. Levine Richard A. Corwin Allan K. Chrisman Richard C. Linthicum Robert J. Sikora Laurence G. Cole William M. Loftus Thomas Royall Smith Robert Kirkwood Colton George R. Loveland I. Peter Wolff David K. Crosby Thomas A. Madru David W. Cross James W. Manns Marquis Society Vijay A. Dalal Walter S. Mitchell Stanton F. Carroll Robert S. Darbee Robert W. Moore William P. Crawford Chester W. Dawson Thomas G. Mudge David E. De Leeuw Robert devente John H. Mullin I. Michael Greenberger Philip B. Eppard Donn E. Neurman Barry W. Lowe George B. Fillmore David C. Ogden * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 65

66 Class of G. Haven Frank David S. White Pardee Club Edward G. Geist John L. Wieting Joseph B. Cady Vincent J. Gentilcore David G. Wiley Allan B. Campbell Michael J. Glick Christopher J. Golden Donald A. Young John A. Young Harold G. Cohen Charles E. Golden Peter K. Greenslade Donald L. Harjes James F. Hare 1968 Clemens B. Hergenhan James R. Hartman 52% Participation Frederick G. Michaud William R. Hedden Class Fund Manager Joseph R. Reichard Peter Buermann Hughes Steven P. Bottcher Ronald F. Romich Kirt E. W. Johnson H. Scott Johnston Marquis Laureates Gerald W. Wilkins Marvin R. Kalt Arthur W. Conway Cattell Club Heyn V. K. F. Kjerulf David Archibald David M. Klega Richard L. Kraybill Marquis Council Edward A. Jesser Joel I. Cossrow Richard T. Craw Joel N. Kreizman Robert E. Drury William L. Kuhn Marquis Circle Robert A. Fisher William A. Lange Anonymous Leslie M. Forman Craig H. Leake Alan Friedman Thomas C. Leister Marquis Court Richard H. Gilden Edwin L. Lewis Joseph T. Cox Robert L. Hinnes Craig A. Lippincott James R. Engelland Leslie R. Jaffe Alan D. Marsh David A. Reif James D. Quay Gary A. Marshall Marc B. Richling Brian J. McLean Marquis Founders Robert W. Trecartin Neil A. Meade Steven P. Bottcher Edward S. Williams Gerald M. Miller Robert L. Clements Robert Moser Joseph M. Evans Loyal Leopards Peter E. Nebolsine William T. Flis Ernst F. W. Alexanderson David L. Oakley Jonathan D. Green Andrew M. Alpert Karl W. Pusch William J. Raver Richard F. Bailey Douglas J. Robinson Stuart B. Robinson David W. Baker Robert G. Rufe William D. Tweardy Brian D. Barford Frank E. Rumpeltin Jonathan A. Barnes Robert E. Safford Marquis Society Alan R. Beckenstein George O. Savino John Allen Affleck Jonathan C. Benedict Anthony C. Savitsky Frederick B. Condit William James Blatherwick Michael L. Scher Karl W. Flessa Gary B. Bonnett Edward M. Scherling David A. Goldstein Wesley E. Chalker James N. Schwarz Joseph F. Huber David T. Clark Ronald G. Sidovar Kenneth J. Kaplan C. Deming Cowles Neil H. Siegel George K. Martin Hal R. Crane Mark A. Staples Charles W. Miersch Philip J. Crudden Albert N. Stender Howard S. Rednor Vincent A. De Gennaro Stephen J. Swarin Gilbert E. Schill Harold Dewaltoff Allen B. Tacker Emmet T. White Frank L. Dunst Arthur E. Tooze Robert L. Zirinsky William Russell Dutcher James Q. Turner J. Jeffrey Eakin Robert A. Volkmann * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 66

67 Class of Michael A. Ellicott Marquis Council Charles W. Cronenweth Walter C. Emery Edward W. Ahart Robert T. Doble Robert T. Faulds Robert A. Pastor F. Clark Lydic John C. Gearhart Thomas A. Manahan Mark A. Gerhard Marquis Circle Warren A. McGuire Robert M. Goldsmith Douglas R. Marvin Eugene R. Posnock Theodore S. Goodwin Jeffrey C. Tinsman Gilbert Jay Groendyke Marquis Court Drew M. Vargo Jeffrey I. Gundersen Abram I. Bluestein Charles J. Hacker Donald L. Clement Loyal Leopards Martin L. Haines Steven E. Slawson Maynard S. Beal David A. Jacobs John C. Becica Robert E. Jacobs Morteza Kashef Marquis Founders Donald J. Kintzer Peter Y. Bennett John F. Berky Kenneth H. Katz Gary Frederick Kolarik Dennis E. Bissig Alan L. Kegg G. Bruce McDermott James J. Black Richard M. Kuna David A. Piacente Kenneth M. Bogden Richard C. Laskey Benjamin D. Schwartz Daniel J. Caravetta John A. Laudenberger Carlos F. Garcia Sison Edwin T. Chase P. Allen Link John L. Squarcia Robert J. Cole Richard E. Mattison William L. Messick Marquis Society Mrs. Suzanne J. S. Davidson Bradford R. Day Gary R. Miller Robert F. Broz Paul R. De Curtis Roy W. Miller David W. Fraser Bradford J. De Vries Andrew B. Moisey Brent D. Glass Joseph A. Delorie Percival B. Moser Terry J. Lee Peter J. Dembergh Richard J. Noll Richard Ernst Mueller Alexander B. Douglass Alfred S. Pierce Ross A. Unruh Louis J. Duesing Bernard E. Pollak David S. Wagner Morton M. Dukehart James R. Roberts Kenneth J. Faust Anthony M. Rossi Pardee Club Theodore J. Fetter William L. Schecter Edward F. Barrese David C. Fetzer Richard E. Schofield Edward M. Basile James A. Flowers Nicholas O. Scull M. Douglas Bisset Wayne R. Foster William E. Shook Paul A. Bogden Malcolm G. Franklin William R. Siebert John A. Delfausse Louis M. Freeman James S. Strauss Edward B. Dufton Ronne Friedman James R. Swartwout James L. Fidler Zelman Mark Gershwin Mark R. Thompson Henry F. Galpin Fred D. Gordon Donald Allen Upson Robert W. Handler J. Phillip Goshow Robert A. Valenti David R. Hughes Robert C. Grasso Theodore J. Veresink Carter E. Siegfried Donald C. Hagy Gene W. Weidemoyer Charles M. Stephenson Robert W. Hamilton David W. Whitson Daniel J. Zelinski John R. Harrington Christopher J. Yaniger Gary J. Hilkert Barry A. Zehnacker Cattell Club William B. Holmberg Barry N. Birnbaum Eugene M. Horrigan 1969 Glenn L. Bishop Peter L. Hurwitch 52% Participation Geoffrey W. Bramhall Allan B. Keith Charles W. Korbonits * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 67

68 Class of Bruce R. Kressel Barry A. Willner James E. McGuire Leroy C. Kroll Bruce S. Yare Jorge G. Punchin Martin J. Kurtyka Stephen K. Sharp Elliott Gene Leisawitz 1970 Donald A. Suberroc Richard N. Lettieri 48% Participation Christy J. Sutton Kenneth J. Liples John G. Thomas George S. Lippstone John P. Litz Marquis Laureates David M. Roth Loyal Leopards Kenneth M. Lomax Michael F. Weinstein Gregory Acopian Bruce M. Machado Gary F. Martini Marquis Circle Richard H. Agins W. David Baker Michael B. Maskin Robert H. Strouse James L. Bellis Gary William Masline James M. Bennett Dennis R. McCracken Marquis Court Richard Walter Brill John A. McSherry Craig R. Mesler Robert T. Hamill Richard C. Burns Austin T. Church Brian Muldoon Marquis Founders Francis Allan Clarke Thomas P. Neats Kent B. Blazy Michael H. Cohen David P. Nehf Donald C. Frueh Gerald B. Coleman Paul D. Nelsen Thomas A. Gray Stephen C. Corley Allan J. Nies David A. Prill Mark L. Cozin Alden Tremaine Oyer Michael H. LeWitt Nils L. Dailey Robert A. Petitti Philip R. Merriss Marc B. Davis Richard C. Petura James H. Pooley Robert B. Davis Harry W. Pryde Brewster M. Ellis Jeffrey D. Queen Marquis Society William Fennell Kirk L. Ramsauer John B. Donaldson Jeffrey W. Ferguson David L. Rehrig Mark I. Koshar Peter Nelson Gilbreth Edward D. Reibman Theodore A. Kramer George J. Glueck Orville Reed Reich Thomas J. LaConte Philip D. Goldstein Robert C. Roy Glen G. McConky Richard E. Gordon Joel F. Russell Heinz J. Roye Arthur G. Green Lewis S. Satulsky John F. Shannon Steven T. Greene Donald B. Scace Christopher S. Tarr Robert J. Harold James R. Schrader Frederick H. Vaughan Robert S. Heppe Charles F. Shaw Robert J. Wolff Richard M. Hildreth William C. Shein P. Frank Hoffmann Edward S. Shinbach Pardee Club James L. Hontz Arthur Simkins D. Lee Janvrin J. Bradford Hunter Paul H. Snyder Karl H. Kline Stephen J. Hutnik Emil O. Sommer David C. Klink Robert H. Isham Wayne A. Sousa * John H. Thomas Steven Allen Jaasund Maureen J. Sousa Robert J. Zimmers Michael King Jackson Leslie S. Spector Bahram Keramati Frederick D. Strickland Cattell Club Roy H. Kirch Ronald F. Tate Stephen A. Brenner Donald E. Lane David A. Wagstaff John W. Fischer Howard E. LeWine William H. Wetmore William H. Harrington James W. Lewis Tim N. Whiting George R. Imel David Bernard Littman M. Jack Wilkenfeld Stephen M. Machen * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 68

69 Class of Carl C. Maiwald Carlo D. Mandrone Marquis Laureates Anonymous Peter R. Clute Mark D. Cocker Christopher M. Marshall John T. Bourger Donald J. Davis Bruce W. Mellen Arthur H. Goldsmith Michael Miller Marquis Circle R. William Hard William J. Mindick Anonymous Paul R. Mocko James N. Morrison Francis X. Hope Stanley Richard Ott Patrick L. Naugle Marc L. Preminger Louis J. Rosen Joseph D. Naylor Thomas A. Smith Theodore B. Nichols Marquis Court Keith Thomas Morris L. Noretsky Paul H. Dimmick Thomas L. Toth Lawrence J. O Keefe R. Thomas Okonak Marquis Founders Bruce E. Woodske John T. Ort Harry S. Cherken Loyal Leopards Stephen P. Otway Robert R. Lewis Charles T. Bachus Miles H. Overholt Michael T. McClintock Drew E. Baker J. Gary Parker Francis J. Minotto Maxwell D. Bardeen Roger A. Peck Neil M. Rednor Robert G. Bauer Gary R. Platt Barry C. Shabbick Robert M. Berman Sidney S. Pomper Barry E. Trumbauer William T. Bradfield Michael S. Richmond Michael S. Roth Marquis Society Theodore M. Bross Francis Hap-Kwong Chen Kenneth J. Sabol William S. Andrews Douglas A. Church Jeffrey R. Sawyer R. Marshall Austin Kenneth D. Cole George H. Seltzer Peter C. DePaolis Warren D. Cole Howard S. Shapiro William P. Hayes Robert J. Coraor Richard W. Shriner James C. Ingram Neal Curry Kenneth E. Skillman Joel A. Pisano Carl W. Desch L. Peter Soraruf David B. Ripsom James R. DeVita Clayton D. Spangenberg John W. Sommers Ronald C. Diment Richard H. Strouse Elliott L. Spiegel Donald De Wolfe Ehre Robert J. Sydor William A. Sprecher Timothy Ely William D. Tucker Michael J.A. Ward W. Stephen Fensch Raymond A. Valukonis Richard G. Weiss William K. Figley Timothy M. Van Hise Stuart I. Gansell Paul S. Warner Pardee Club Rodney W. Gaumer Christopher M. Was Fritz C. Gebhard Arthur L. Germain Robert B. Wilcox Gary Alan Greenfield Daniel W. Griggs Robert M. Williams-Neal Robert C. Hanle Michael S. Hammond Thomas R. Wolf J. Alexander Hemphill James W. Hennessey Harold W. Wolfer Kent Henry Herman Bruce D. Hochman Donald E. Woodhouse Neal E. Little John C. Howard Gregory E. Woods Thomas I. Marschik Michael W. Hromyak Steven M. Zamore William Hurwitch 1971 Craig Stuart Jencks 50% Participation Cattell Club Ronnie J. Johnson Class Fund Manager William P. Bates David M. Jones Paul H. Dimmick John C. Becker Dennis M. Kashurba James S. Brandl Bruce E. Kleinert Lawrence L. Lennon * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 69

70 Class of Arnold L. Lichten Gunard C. Travaglini Nicholas Theodorou Timothy H. Lillie George S. Weaver Edward C. Yakobitis Lawrence C. Magnant Keith E. Malcolm Jules N. Manger Edward D. McCormick Marquis Court Brian T. McGrath Roger Schofield Newton Loyal Leopards Solon George Alchas James F. Anderson Larry H. Mitchell Edward V. Platia Robert E. Angevine Timothy M. Mojonnier H. James Antonisse James M. Moyer Marquis Founders Richard S. Bartlett Ronald E. Moyer Michael A. Kasper Candace Kovner Bel Air David D. Mullins Ladimer S. Nagurney David A. Bennett William K. Osgood Franklin C. Phifer Thomas P. Bispham Michael L. Ozalas John T. Rossi Frederick S. Blackall Salvatore Petruzzellis Jill Johnson Tanz Shirley Merk Blackall William M. Prettyman Robert R. Tanz Joseph R. Boldt Ruselle W. Robinson Julius A. Weiss Robert W. Bouton Wayne D. Russell Ronald A. Boyko Philip R. Sanderson Donald G. Scheck Marquis Society Robin G. Foldesy Glenn Karl Brackmann Jeffrey L. Burger Carson R. Sell Francis T. Julia Dennis M. Byrne Robert W. Siegner Jay Mottola Guy A. Cardineau Edward G. Skuchas John K. Powell Harold L. Colvocoresses John M. Slampyak A. Lee Conrad Craig H. Smith Pardee Club John L. Coyle Arthur E. Spellissy Peter M. Blumenthal Kenneth E. Dallmeyer Ross V. Stemmler Kris J. Cooper James L. Dearden Nathan P. Stone Bradford A. Gardner Thomas J. Denitzio Teruo Sugihara Harold J. Gerr Gerard M. Devlin Robert M. Tarr Wayne D. Gray Edward S. DiSalvo Daniel C. Thomas Paul J. Grube C. Michael Donnelly Steven J. Thomas David E. Hardt Henry A. Dubroff James F. Tischler Steven H. Mazer Gilles O. Einstein Gregory D. Vasilik Andrew J. Mirabito Phillip A. Elbertson Michael R. Volpe Bruce K. Murchison Robert D. Engiles Robert T. Walker Kenneth C. Newman Douglas C. Forsman Bruce E. Wands David A. Reifsnyder J. Lawrence Friedman Gary A. Weissberg Paul A. Tallman Raymond F. Green Thomas A. Yoder Stephen H. Grenhart Cattell Club Stanley A. Guogas 1972 James G. Arbogast Kenneth R. Hartmann 49% Participation Richard A. Danks Stanley F. Hawrylo Class Fund Manager Carl E. Goelz Guy T. Hembling Ladimer S. Nagurney Charles M. Hogate Christine Hanson Kaufman William Joseph Krywicki Dale D. Keenan Marquis Circle Richard K. Mika David G. Kenepp D. Darby Duryea George F. Nagy Richard E. Langsam Francis L. Mustaro Daniel A. Nobile Jesse C. Larrimer Philip F. Noto Frederick A. Robinson Lawrence A. Ross Michael J. Lawler James S. Lipscomb Michael A. Lipsitt * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 70

71 Daniel Lowell Bruce R. Lozito Guy E. McCombs Alan W. McFarland Peter P. Mitchell George O. Morgan Thomas J. O Reilly Roman W. Osadca Robert L. Packett Thomas N. Panepinto Samuel D. Piazza Robert G. Plangemann Richard Y. Richards Class of Joseph W. Harpster James W. Muntz Marquis Founders Thomas A. Colgrove Andrew E. Dietz Stephen B. Genzer Joseph M. Lane Marquis Society Samuel T. Adenbaum Donald H. Chew William T. Kelleher Kenneth J. Ross Ralph C. Roberts Robert K. Hersh James L. Schaadt John B. Ward Edward G. Hinte Richard G. Schmermund Judith C. Hochman Thomas E. Secules Pardee Club John G. Hughes James S. Sedlak Frank Jameson Arrison William W. Hughsted Jeffrey L. Shreiner Craig H. Boddorff Valerie P. Jackson William W. Spalding Paul M. Griswold Stanley L. Johnson Mitchell A. Stagg Bruce E. Haines Dennis J. Kain Susan J. Swett Lee Hoeting Joann Sagarin Kansier David A. Van Der Beek Eric C. Jaxheimer George M. Kaplan Keith David Van Derbeek Robert F. Weingaertner Walter J. Kocubinski J. Kenneth Van Dover George A. Kuttruff Keith E. Welks Cattell Club Dennis K. Lambert Dwight D. Weller John H. Barber Diane Jerome Lambert Donald P. Will David B. Doolittle H. Ross Lambert Fried R. Wilson James Scott Duncan Lois A. Larkins Wittek Michael E. Zerbe Bruce Scott Graham Michael J. Lyness Robert J. Lyons Edward B. Maleh 1973 Paula Gaber McNulty Richard Mayer 41% Participation James Lee Myers John W. McGowan Class Fund Manager John W. Sullivan William C. Menges John W. Sullivan II Judith E. Thomson Thomas E. Miceli Joshua L. Miner Marquis Laureates Loyal Leopards Doak Walter Montag Peter Suhge d Aubermont Shahzad Akbar Eric O. Moody Margaret Jordan Antonisse Richard W. Neumann Marquis Council Richard S. Beltram Peter H. Newman Donald K. Richwine Robert J. Benkovich Richard D. Newman Norman K. Browning Dale G. Odenwelder Marquis Circle Brian M. Cardew Kenneth W. Ordene Alvin W. Dietz Ronald N. Cerny P. Neal Pedersen Collin F. McNeil Steven M. Craig Mark W. Pelley John C. de Ruyter Kent W. Penhallurick Marquis Court Robert S. Diamond David W. Peters F. Mark Fucci Peter E. Doyne Alan S. Pralgever David A. Dubow Patrick M. Quinn James J. Raywood * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 71 J. Douglas Elgin Lawrence Roger Fast Michael W. Fedoryshyn Gregory F. Fiore John C. Fowler Edward John Gresens William R. Griffin Lawrence J. Haertel Robert J. Hanson Norman R. Harpster Lacy Hayes Richard Secrest Hays Frank D. Henderson

72 David M. Reed Jeffrey D. Reynolds Paul L. Rhebergen Edward F. Rodenbach Karl E. Rookstool Murray B. Rosen Robert S. Santoro Philip C. Sengle David B. Shepherd Mitchell A. Smolow Dean W. Spring Jeffrey P. Taylor Theodore S. Thomas Andrew J. Thomson Christopher H. Wain Ellsworth P. Whiteman Lester E. Wurfel Howard G. Zaharoff Allen W. Zebrowski Class of Catherine A. Hilton William Z. Scott Jeffrey M. Margolies Isabel Hodges Smith Kenneth M. Roberts * Thomas C. Tremblay John W. Young Loyal Leopards Marquis Society Paul E. Albright Frank Campbell Rhonda L. Anderson Dudley T. Colton Robert M. Geneczko William E. Jacques J. Lindsay Johnston Joseph H. Kahn Liza P. Lucy James P. Nolan Richard D. Power Harold Seth Raucher Rhoda C. Rothkopf Russell C. Stager Rebecca Bown Thomas Thomas C. Bagg Darlyne Bailey Harry W. Baist Marilyn A. Balamaci Ann Huntington Barnett Charles E. Bell Ellen J. Braverman Andrew L. Bregman Robert W. Brewster Nicholas C. Burkholder Philip C. Casciotti Robert W. Chapman Edward D. Wetzel Timothy W. Christy 1974 Cornell N. Wright James J. Daley 51% Participation Mark Joseph Damiano Class Fund Manager Pardee Club Thomas R. Davies Robert A. Jacob William G. Bloor Allen I. Dodd William M. Buczak Elise F. Drake Marquis Laureates Peter K. Classen Mark R. Edwards Anonymous Edward K. DeHope Neil A. Eisler Nancy E. Brennan Russell R. Dickhart Ann B. Erickson Horst G. Greczmiel Gerritt L. Ewing Marquis Council F. Corbin Moister Katherine Hahn Falk Margaret G. Axelrod Alma R. Scott-Buczak Erika Funke George M. Jenkins David W. Smith David M. Fytelson James B. Sumpter Thomas A. Garrabrant Marquis Circle Donald C. Glaser Linda Cubberly Dietz Cattell Club Esta M. Glazer-Semmel Richard F. Engel Jan Loeffler Bergen Judith M. Gonshor Deirdre B. Jacob Clifford E. Boehm Marilyn Pope Griffin Robert A. Jacob Peter G. Demakos Donald R. Grossmann John T. Zembron William H. Ernst Nathan C. Harbur Mark H. Grim Donald E. Harris Marquis Court Joseph P. Grimes John H. Hasnas William R. Dodds Michele Boardman Grimes Mark S. Haubenstock Robert J. Engel Joel B. Grossman Jonathan B. Hauptman Annemarie Maier Hague Bruce E. Haurie Marquis Founders John H. Hague Suzanne Boutillier Helwig Linda N. Arra Daniel J. Hogan Michael T. Henzl Susan M. Bauman Charles J. Honara James L. Hockenberry Gerard B. de Camp Theodore R. Janeczek Kenneth W. Howland William S. George Harry D. Norton Dennis A. Johnson Mark A. Keating * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 72

73 Raymond O. Kelchner William Frank Knowles Pamela A. Kopen Frederick V. Krumm James W. Lance Harriet Barriga Marritz Robert C. McClure Robert W. McCluskey Raymond P. Monico Bruce R. Morrow Robin W. Munn Donald T. Murray Steven M. Myers Thomas F. Names Chad A. Neff Jean Christoff Neitzke Karen S. Nettler Mark B. Pape John Stephens Penna Mark E. Piech Donald B. Potter Anthony T. Psomas Kenneth Halsey Ross Paul J. Russoniello Christine Capone Sandy Maxine Caster Schindler James R. Schlough Paul M. Schwartz Michael R. Sheff Douglas T. Stark Nancy McKittrick Stark Mark W. Stephenson Robert T. Swint Theodore N. Truitt Clarke M. Walker Sheila Brady Wallace Stephen L. Wallis David L. Wilson G. Stewart Wise Daniel W. Yankovich % Participation Class Fund Managers Laneta J. Dorflinger David R. Taschler Class of Marquis Laureates Nancy J. Kuenstner Leon M. Wagner Marquis Council Laneta J. Dorflinger Daniel J. Kilmurray J. Peter Simon Janet Mauriello Simon Marquis Circle Raymond M. Burke Stanley Ciemniecki Roger J. Heumann Lynn Dudgeon King Sylvia Daniels Weaver Marquis Court Carol Pescatore Harpster J. Scott Rickard David R. Taschler Marquis Founders Lisa K. Goetz-Markley Carol Kavjian Kaiserian Donald W. Landry Girard F. Oberrender Patricia Clough Oberrender Dana D. Streep Robin L. Wiessmann Kathleen Rowland Wong Peter A. Zwart Marquis Society Jeffrey Acopian Glenn D. Cordingley Robert S. Franco Scott H. Gamber Allen N. Hansen David P. Hourigan William E. D. Jantzen Nancy Hochberg Kahn Wendy Mayer Roberts Gary L. Schaer Melissa Thoene Thiel Pardee Club Elizabeth Garlen Arrison Marcia Bloom Bernicat Jerry J. Fall Gary N. Gildersleeve Patricia McBride Haines John G. Layng Janice Hotra Luddy Joseph H. McCann Gerard J. McGowan Ilene Leopold Persoff John H. Starkweather Frederick L. Walters Cattell Club John W. Black Patricia Mettler Cook Eric W. Eisen David B. Farer Nancy Harrison Freundlich Richard Freundlich Mary Sleight Friend Paul J. Fucci Thomas G. Gallo Steven M. Goldberg Jane Leader Janeczek Jeffrey M. Ketchum Jeffrey S. Levin Peter A. Marinaro George A. Mitchell Deborah C. Mohr Teresa Persing Norton William A. Sachs John A. Tolleris Loyal Leopards Bruce N. Bench James E. Bingham Craig J. Bishop Frank A. Bracaglia Michael K. Brady Richard P. Broders J. Gary Caputi Gary H. Cassel George Cauffman James M. Coffey Martin A. Cohen William H. Constad Morrow C. Corvasce Michael F. D Amico Elsie Rogers Davis Neil R. Davis * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 73

74 Class of Louis W. Desi Francis L. Urbaniak Thomas R. Odjakjian Frank D. DiLeo Beth Lieb Vegosen D. Scott Pyle James E. Dillon Robert W. Von Rhee Beth Goldstein Raucher Cynthia Stephens Donley Pamela LeVeille Walsh Adriaan Schieferdecker Joan Eberhard Gary Alan Ward Cary Bangser Scottoline Robert H. Elwell John R. Weaver Susan B. Tischler John A. Fey Stephen E. Weiss Hendrik G. Van Oss Margaret Widmayer Fisher Linda Bellings Whipple Donna Sands Fryd Sharon Willey Pardee Club David W. Geddis James G. Wright Neil L. Avison Deborah Maurer Gildersleeve Barbara Fox Bregman Robert A. Griffiths 1976 Jeffrey A. Burger David B. Groman Bruce D. Groves 42% Participation Class Fund Managers Cynthia Scangarella Butler David C. Chapin Robert W. Grubb Ellen Kravet Burke Keith C. Deen Gary A. Hayden Susan Barnes Carras Mrs. Marlene Ely Mark E. Herrera Lori Glauberman Rubin Steven L. Feldman Peter N. Horne John G. Krah Marquis Circle Nancy Egan Fuschetti Mitchell S. Herman Charles P. Kurowsky Ellen Kravet Burke John A. Koropchak John B. Lamb Joseph J. Maddon James H. McLaughlin David M. Lauer Leocadie Robertson Robert I. Leighton Marquis Court Douglas J. Tuttle Donald G. Magill Susan Barnes Carras Anthony H. Maglione John B. Manges Marquis Founders Cattell Club Arthur J. Appel Richard E. Markovich Ann Shellenberger Bell Michael J. Barnes Steven D. Mehas Kevin J. Canavan Bruce W. Boyles Daniel E. Moore Debra Waldele Champagne Keith O. Evans Frederick F. Muntz Eileen Hamill Fiore Donald R. Gordon Ira Allen Negin David B. Himmelreich Susan Engelhardt Irwin Douglas J. Oliver Leslie Ann Howard R. Joseph Landy Alfonzo B. Owens James C. Olson Jay M. Malamut Bruce B. Pastorini Carl E. Peterson Lee J. McGeady Gail Pittenger L. Budd Prus Robert W. Postma Stephen J. Pouy Willard R. Whitbred Michael J. Propst Barbara Bennett Prescott Bradley J. Quin Patricia A. Price Marquis Society Elizabeth Farley Quin Marianne Okkema Rhebergen Mark S. Aitken Richard R. Scheuerman Anne Pardee Robson Robert S. Bailey Elaine Wildgen Solloway John E. Rueckert Robert J. Bliwise William J. Starr Stephen K. Ryan Peter L. Duffy Marian Lafferty Whetstone Charles D. Sallada David B. FitzGerald Nancy Trayes Schneiderman Janice Tucker Florence Loyal Leopards Richard J. Slattery Andrew S. Lebow Thomas C. Andress Edwin B. Smith Alan B. Levine Douglas A. Antisell Louis Joseph Sobotka Janis Whitten Malone Joyce Lakin Antisell Paul Steckel Lawrence J. Malone E. Robert Bazarian Patricia Lessig Taylor Stephen K. Norman Lisa Pallante Beslity James E. Turano * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 74

75 Class of Virginia H. Bishop Roseann Giordano Padula Lisa Moore Rickard Michael J. Blaine David A. Perkins Howard A. Rubin Charles H. Bloom Carolyn Stotz Brehm Anne E. Perrige Michael W. Pessina Marquis Founders John J. Churla James D. Pudleiner John J. Atherton Henry Corigliano Ellen Raber James H. Cottrell James J. Costello Walter M. Rand Joseph P. Drucker Melanie Goldstein Coughlan Maureen Graham Raquet George T. O Shaughnessy David P. Coughlin William J. Ring Nancy Davies-Hathen Laurence Rubin Marquis Society Richard L. de Campo Lori Glauberman Rubin Kenneth L. Brown Thomas E. Dinger Susan Schulte Russoniello Amy Blumenthal Desmond Terri Ann Diorio Brenda Rochelle Sasso Donald M. Kastenbaum Amelia A. Erickson Margaret K. Sfraga Ronald S. Kushner Elizabeth Huston Fadem Dennis J. Skrajewski Linda Wilkins Lee Donald A. Fast Juliana Skrapits James G. Menges Barry H. Field Charles R. Spigelman James W. Peyman Benjamin Fierro Marc E. Finkelstein Mindy H. Stern Tim L. Strawbridge Theodore F. Raffetto Marion D. Saffer Lawrence L. Flynn June Pearson Sweetser Michael A. Saffer Virginia Fusaro-Kaufer Steven L. Vecchione Robert D. Siegel Richard C. Galbally Marian Simonson Walrath George H. Watson Andrea L. George George Weidlein Irving J. Goldstein Jean Boddorff Haas Robert R. Werkmeister Gail Dobriner Wertheim Pardee Club Bradford J. Beal Roger E. Halle Glenn T. Wertheim Barry I. Bregman Susan J. Harris Gary E. Wetzel Doreen Lee Buchman Thomas R. Heilman Lawrence Wexler Mark S. Butler Stephen Hill Gary A. Young Jeremy P. Cooley Edward S. Hollshwandner Marjorie Lazarus Young Stephen Fuschetti Roxann Romano Huddle Steven B. Zabin Richard Joseph Nawalinski Michael J. Kadjeski Laurie B. Zuckerman Constance Killian Neves Brad A. Kemmerer Nancy Muldberg Roth Michael S. Keszler 1977 Steven Shankman Ralph S. Klinepeter 44% Participation Richard P. Smith Arthur G. Knapp Jay A. Kohler Class Fund Manager Michael A. Saffer James Gibson Watson Nancy Edgar Winkler Steven Kurz Robert J. Young E. Gary Lamsback Marquis Laureates Patricia Leach-Carta James R. Fisher Cattell Club Viviana Marcatili-Keir Barbara Levy Cathy Altschul-Appel Andre J. McDaniel James S. McDonald Marquis Circle Walter H. Babbitt Richard T. Brekus Jim N. Merriam William C. Godfrey Paul C. Brown Daniel L. Miller Stephen B. Brunnquell David J. Morrissey Marquis Court Kevin J. Callahan Michael J. Mulligan Mitchell W. Berger John P. Davis Douglas E. Nagel Thomas O. Kuhns Guy George Gabrielson Gary L. Neifeld Paul E. Haviland Nancy DeVries Nicholas * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 75

76 Oscar A. Huettner Kathleen Garvey Kennedy Paula Leib Levy Roger P. Levy William Lintner Hillary Spiro McGuire Raymond J. Rumsey Richard P. Teets Class of C. Mackey Hughes Sterling H. Ivison Linda Trownsell Jackson Gail Dietrich Jagels Christopher E. Jones Mark T. Jones Louise Weikel Kadjeski Janis E. Krieger Emerson F. Lane Kevin J. Leprohon Felicia Bruder Lieberman William J. Love Loyal Leopards William J. Welz Stuart A. Abramovitz Peter J. Whipple Peter P. Appert Jay G. Wilpon Georgeanne D Agrosa Aquino James E. Lundy Orlando Wright Michael L. Arvanitis Thomas F. Lyon Mark A. Ziegler Sheila L. Baisden David M. Marieni Jane A. Bealer David B. Massey 1978 Carol P. Beck Gale F. Matthews 37% Participation Steven N. Block Leslie J. McGeorge Class Fund Manager James M. Bogden John C. McPartland John A. Broderick Neal Bossert Douglas T. Miller Richard E. Brok Brian J. Monaghan Marquis Laureates Chauncey Hoyt Browning John A. Nard Harold N. Kamine Debra Mushlitz Bryant Rosemary Olivo Kathleen Coogan Kamine Jeanne Danahy Burden James F. O Sullivan Timothy E. Buscheck Jan Klocke O Sullivan Marquis Council Henry A. Cauley Kim Wilson Owens Walter J. Scherr Thomas N. Crouse Raymond R. Palanca Charles E. Cuttic Jill A. Penza Marquis Circle Robert V. D Angelo Stephen T. Potako John A. Broderick Lee A. Davis Cynthia W. Potts-Jones Lisa K. Dennison Louise Miller Prince Marquis Court Daniel L. Diehl Robert J. Priolo Anonymous Robin Sleigh Dillon John W. Reynolds Suzanne Gould Maggin William J. Evans Suzanne E. Reynolds-Brady Karin E. Foley Ian Robinson Marquis Founders Richard W. Foley John M. Sayles Margery C. Bennett Glenn E. Forrest David M. Schwartz Robert J. Evans Richard Friesenhahn Steven A. Shaffer Allen S. Haddad Brian P. Gallagher Mark Sherry Geraldine Carmelich Jaffe M. Linda Geldmacher Patricia A. Simonetta Richard S. Jaffe Peter C. Glaws Francis H. Slauson J. Patricia Johnson Donald M. Goldberg Alan E. Smith Robert J. Macri Paul J. Gorzsas Judith Potts Smith Daniel E. McIntyre Joan A. Gossett Robert G. Souaid Rebecca Murr Moody Wayne H. Hagman David Eli Statman Walter Spokowski Maureen E. Hailey Robert A. Suher David J. Vilcek James J. Harmon George Tall Elizabeth A. Weiler Tracy A. Hart Gale Toale Taylor Betsy Rabiner Zalaznick William R. Hoffman Susan Ashton Thistle Timothy B. Horne Bridget Ferry Tomlinson * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 76 Elisabeth Travers Rebecca Spotts Tuszynski Deborah Gorman Ullman Susan Ungerleider Richard Ven Vertloh Van Walling Richard I. Wallsh Catherine Patterson Weaver Steven M. Weiser

77 Marquis Society Robert G. Byington Benjamin Chrin Craig A. Dally Richard W. Gill David P. Liedl Michele L. Michelet Charles M. Snyder Warren L. Vandeveer Pardee Club Nancy Pokotilow Citti John W. Davies John S. Duvall Kenneth H. Einhorn Jan Grayson Grayzel Robert K. Kurz Nancy Ellis Limbeck Kevin G. Lokay Paul R. Monsees Robert E. Stewart John W. Sweet Cindy M. Zahn Cattell Club Harvey A. Falk Andrea Cohen Malamut Donald E. Marusiak Elizabeth Nicholas Stephen Prevoznak Class of Kent R. Buzard Bradley S. Newman Christopher G. Caine Richard H. Nunn John V. Campo John F. O Neill Joseph B. Chalal David A. Osleger Richard Colbourne David P. Pletcher Ann Collins Wasson Scott P. Ploshay John J. Donleavy Diane L. Ramus David W. Douie David M. Restione Michael B. Fahrney Dennis A. Ruff Charles H. Fash Mark A. Ruggerio Charles J. Filardi Brian J. Sacco Joel S. Fishbein Jeffrey A. Schoch Stacy Gorneau Fox Melissa White Slauson Jeffrey G. Furey David S. Slick Brian K. Glennon Barry S. Starkman Daniel Glickenhaus Lynn Doerrmann Starkman Michael W. Godown Thomas A. Steigerwalt Steven E. Greenbaum Robert M. Strang Robert P. Gregory Douglas A. Strouse Robert J. Gurniak Michael Trauberman George M. Hahn James P. Valenti Janet L. Helms Deborah Walker Andrew B. Hester J. Scott Watson Abby Stamelman Hocky David L. Woglom Daniel J. Hope Lucky H. Yaple Nancy Kohlmeyer Huchla Clifford L. Yezefski James M. Hutnik William J. Zehner Jon Mark Jenkins Robert J. Kelley 1979 David A. Kennedy 30% Participation Barbara Brooks Kimmel Class Fund Manager Laurie B. Samet Loyal Leopards Christopher King Armen A. Abrahamian Nancy Dilg King David M. Albala Rosemary Carp Knapp Marquis Laureates Eugene J. Amici Ruta Aponavicius Koslov Samuel R. Chapin Mary Thomson Amici Cynthia Fox Kuhn Mary Kolarek Frank Kevin P. Archbald Susan Oaks Little Bennett J. Goodman Andrew A. Baltz Dennis Loria Judson C. Linville Anne Goetz Baltz Susan J. Mahler Donald E. Morel Nicole McPhillamy Bauer Stephanie Dinan Maliniak James P. Bause Jeffrey K. Martin Marquis Council Alan M. Beckoff Laura M. May Jeffrey R. Glascott Richard C. Benner Douglas S. McCorkle R. William Bennett Marla Kay McMillan Marquis Circle Stephen Berte Carlton J. Mentzer Stephen L. Oplinger Cynthia Rapp Birch Thomas O. Miller Brian Thurman Paul B. Bratter Jody Stern Minde J. Lawrence Brown Janice Gall Moldashel Marquis Court Scott L. Brown Frederick D. Moore Barry A. Depew Patricia L. Naylor * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 77

78 Michael K. Neborak Robert J. Waldele Marquis Founders Anonymous Catherine A. Hanlon Lisa J. Kassel Dermot M. Murphy David O. Oberkircher Laurie B. Samet Jeffrey D. Schor Richard B. Tancer Barbara A. Toop HelenBeth Garofalo Vilcek Mitchell A. Winter Marquis Society Jeffrey J. Baymor Charles V. Bergh Stephen R. Clark Kerry B. Conners Thomas J. Feehan Andrew S. Feld Scott D. Fitzpatrick Laurence J. Jacobs Laura R. Roberts Kim Anne Smith David W. Spartin David A. Telesco Leslie A. Wheeler Pardee Club Donald J. Bowe Alan B. Brackup Theresa Madonia Breslin William C. Brightly Susan L. Cooley Kathryn Toub Harris Ronald H. Harris Paul S. Imperia Carol Way Kurz James A. Lassen David M. Rosenheck Gregory R. Slonaker Gary S. Wegman Class of Michael C. McDonough Valerie Roessle Roebuck Leigh Anne Smith Lewis M. Stival Loyal Leopards J. Todd Abrams Curtis M. Allen Edward C. Amaducci Carol Maltz Amidon David M. Amidon Michael M. Arnold L. Karen Aronowitz-Hammer John J. Bakey Jean Pavuk Beck Ronald J. Beebe Ann Smetana Beideman Thomas W. Blair William H. Bohrod Daniel Boldt David A. Burke Arthur Caldarola Thomas E. Cannon Jeffrey L. Carver Matthew G. Clark George G. Conyngham Mark W. Dewalt Paul B. Egan Margaret E. Emerson Thomas M. Fast Kathy Jill Finneran Rand H. Fishbein Jay Edward Fredlund Michael A. Fritz James A. Fusco Elizabeth Dennis Gallant Ernest G. Gallant Martin J. Glassman John G. Green Faye Jones Heisler Jay E. Hellreich Donald E. Henry J. Stevens Hurlbut Laurie Seigel Kaplan Steven L. Kaplan David E. Kellstein Jeanne Guinee Levier Andrew L. Lewis Barbara Felter Liptak Alan H. Litwin Brian P. McMullan Laurie Garfinkel Michaels Lisa Schilke Moore Alexander W. Mulligan Steven J. Mullins George C. Myers John M. Nardozzi Susan Marie O Brien Benedette Fleres Papandrea Barbara Quintal Perkins Sharon Baillie Rolser Diane Appel Rotmil Richard A. Salman Scott W. Sautter Margaret L. Savage Robert D. Schmitt Andrew B. Schulz Christopher D. Sevi Barbara L. Siegel Heidi Eckman Silverstein Carol Needham Taylor Richard V. Taylor John R. Tersigni Martha Pickel Tersigni June A. Vail Kenneth T. Vail John F. Vakiener Linda R. Wilcox Oliver J. Wolfe Stephen S. Young Janice Waygood Zehner % Participation Marquis Laureates Beth Lanigan Chapin Cynthia Oaks Linville Marquis Circle Michael H. Davis Peter C. Gummeson Cattell Club Eugene B. Kelsey Diane Steyer Lembke Barry M. Felzenberg Mitchell Klingher Charles W. Lindsay Philip J. Kochman Joanne Maier Krumel * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 78

79 Marquis Court Susan Sullivan Bragdon Andrew R. Keller Fred M. Kirby Marquis Founders Douglas M. Burcin Thomas E. Flanagan Robert B. Goldstein Leo K. Magrath Nancy Keller Shumeyko Marquis Society Brent C. Beyer Erica S. Bonime Janet M. Brown Robert E. Cannon Susan Whitten Conners Gary C. Dahms Charles T. Daniel David S. Duncan David M. Gilhooley Sallie W. Howell Barbara Lan Kaplan Robert F. Krywicki Gerard M. McGeehan John M. Pellecchia Catherine Ellison Scheeren Howard Smith Richard R. Smith Robert E. Taylor Gary J. Uzelac Pardee Club Whitney S. Boucher Ruthanne Boylan Eileen M. Brackup Debra A. Cipriani Fred A. Daniele Ralph F. Holmes David M. Klugman Class of Ellen Senkowski Gray Bonnie L. Heyer Christopher J. Hugues Linda Cooper Hugues Elizabeth Moore Ingraham Susan E. Irwin Bruce J. Legan Bartley E. McDermott Elizabeth B. Mochel Janet E. Murray Edward W. Roebuck Richard M. Weinroth Jane Beers Zboray Loyal Leopards Ursula A. Adourian Donald W. Alabaster David L. Angst John Bacho Claire Adamson Barrus Susan A. Bathke Scott A. Beisler Jon H. Best Keith E. Blair Joan Whelan Bowen Debra Cosgrove Bradley Joseph P. Brugger Bruce C. Buckle Francey Kanengiser Burke Anne Burkhardt Burnett Robert M. Chernow Cynthia Garbee Coats Howard D. Cohen John W. Colston Nancy Matchett Crouse Charles H. Daluisio Mark E. Dannemiller Allan B. Davies Peter A. DeMaria Mark L. Diefenderfer Bryan F. Dufner William E. Dupree Cattell Club John D. Edgcomb Marjorie Wolensky Seely Kathy J. Bertolino Mouna Elias-Milan Jacqueline Flynn Shapiro E. Guy Elzey Francis P. Fallon Kristin Winkler Snow Daniel T. Everett Verna E. Farr Nancy E. St. Lifer Allison Gary Gabrielson David F. Fenske Richard Sternberg Timothy E. Gerhart Paul L. Ferraiolo Lee A. Sullivan Glen C. Gray Katherine Dodds Fitton J. James Suydam Margaret Downs Frost Karen M. Sztencel * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 79 Beth Ganss Gary L. Garbus Ralph B. Garrison John D. Gignac Robert S. Gurmankin Michael A. Heberling Richard B. Hirsh Sallie W. Howell Robert A. C. Jacoby Rebecca Price Janney Bruce D. Kastner Lewis B. Knecht Ann Hughes Korzun Ronald W. Korzun Gary E. Koslov Leonard Koury Peter V. Lawlor Susan Sheehan Lee Jan Kintner Lesser Gerri Thau Lewis Mary Anne Link Marjorie Lusch-Duvall Pamela S. MacColl William Joseph Makoski Marybeth C. McDevitt Dennis J. Mizack Bradford K. Moger Dana M. Murphy David F. Musi Karen J. Myers Kathleen A. O Leary Ross C. Oliver Laurie E. Palumbo Marisa Y. Paradiso Richard J. Pistolas Thomas A. Przelomiec Cynthia Sproul Ralph Ginger Raspiller Karen Bartlett Ressler Martin S. Schnier Lezlie Hunt Schoch Diane L. Schroeder

80 Class of Kenneth E. Troxell Marquis Society Steven G. Ruoff Lana M. Umali Geoffrey B. Bermingham John B. Sganga Susan Feehan Valenti Jennifer Toce Byington Elizabeth Canfield Sganga Susan E. Verona Marilou Wittek Cannon Michael L. Shor Mark Y. Wagner John G. Devlin Roy D. Wolgin Andrea Frank Wagner Kristen MacCartney Fitzpatrick George A. Woods Joy Maier Whipple Robert W. Holland Mark E. Zelina James W. Williams Peter G. Jacoby Sandy MacNeil Wilpon Daniel B. Rockafellow Loyal Leopards Darrick A. Wilson Carl W. Stratton Susan L. Alden Christopher J. Thomas Leonard J. Artigliere 1981 Michael W. Zazzarino Stephen W. Atwater 36% Participation Andrew D. Behler Class Fund Manager Pardee Club Anne Billman Bergamesca Sharon Tchon Gruet Anonymous Ronald J. Bergamesca Ellen Fenlon Beal Robert I. Berlin Marquis Circle Scott H. Beyer Elizabeth Kwasnik Blair Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald Laurie Loken Brightly Douglas E. Blaser Linda Grebe DeLaurentis Glenn E. Bonney Marquis Court Frank E. Hyson Janet Edelstein Bortnick Michael A. Corbo Lawrence R. Kulig Michelle Math Bross Antonio F. Fernandez Lawrence L. Livornese Steven H. Brownlee S. Dillard Kirby Alexander W. Masetti Steven J. Bulger Virginia A. Logan Rebecca Flehinger Rosenheck David R. Burnett Mark E. McCourt James F. Rufe Albert F. Carilli Marion Philpot McCourt Carolyn Slingland Pierce Dean W. Rybeck Keith A. Standbridge Elizabeth Antrim Cherney Joseph J. Connolly John H. Pierce John H. Tall Paula M. Consolini Joanne Dergosits Tatem Daniel R. Crocket Marquis Founders Philip S. Tatem Lisa Harfst D Augelli James A. Alexander William R. Tucker Giffin F. Daughtridge Louise Seto Coles William W. Walbert Kathryn Moyer Davis Philip M. Duvall David B. Wilson Margaret Bakes Davis Susan Bollman Duvall Roelof H. devries Stuart Komrower Cattell Club Monica Sullivan Doyle David A. Leiby Jerry E. Berland Thomas Estes Laura Massey Magrath Christine Agocs Bucca Eileen Nelson Farley Despina Karabots McNulty Steven E. Bush Anne Dunbar Fetters Joseph P. McNulty Christopher J. Esse Lisa Anderson Flanagan Leslie F. Muhlfelder Jeffrey G. Feehan Kimberly Dinnocenti Font Mark Mulholland Bernadette Maher Flanigan Richard C. Fowler David R. Rappaport James D. Flanigan Michael F. Gagliardi Jane Williams Redmond Ann Gallagher Kenneth L. Gibb Edwin J. Rogusky Edward W. Greason Mark L. Goldstone Carol A. Rowlands Michael J. Harrington Sharon Tchon Gruet Rebecca Haag Sommi Juan A. Jarrett Margaret Anderson Gutierrez Kenneth G. Surowitz Timothy B. McAndrew Deborah Bing Halberg Christopher W. Watts Ana Duarte McCarthy Julia Fleener Hamrick Susan Doan Prevoznak Leslie Gaberman Harkavy Wendy Miller Hart * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 80

81 Class of Robert W. Hay David C. Turner Amy Koons McHugh Peter P. Hiscano Deborah Vari Richard J. Mohr Harold W. Hocking Cameron D. Warner Timothy F. Osborn Jason M. Honeyman Deborah Bernstein Wetreich Peter M. Ramsey Robert A. Hough William S. Whipple Peter M. Sullivan Craig R. Johnson Stephen M. Yevak William Tronolone Jeanine L. Johnson Edward K. Yost Nicholas A. Veronis Susan Gottmann Johnson William R. Johnston Ourania Katsapis % Participation Pardee Club William R. Coats S. Beth Smith Knight Class Fund Manager Charles M. Costenbader Gerald S. Lane Tracy Hagert Sutka Marie Whelan Dolan Amy Levine-Samuels James J. Eckert Lisa Lewandowski-Straface Marquis Laureates Kim M. Fleischmann Matthew R. Libera Paul F. McCurdy Robert L. Limbeck Steven Literati Angel L. Mendez Catherine Thomas Masetti Stephen R. MacCorkle Kathryn Gasorek McAdams Christopher P. Markley Marquis Circle Donald W. Muirhead Mancy Riley Maxwell Anonymous Lynne Brazill Murphy Robert L. McKeown Carol Ashton Keefe Suzanne Palmer Kathy Hume McMullan Christiane Cottrell McNamara Marquis Court Lisa Melone Rhea W. Anthony Ruegger Theodore C. Merlo John A. Fry Elizabeth Bright Rufe Richard H. Mond Margaret Liebers Lovelette Amy Bloom Mulford Stephen J. Macri Cattell Club Gregory J. Mulford Tracy Hagert Sutka Bradley T. Addison John D. Onnembo Jenny Marshall Weisburger Loren Pierce Alexis Dorothy J. Ownes Michael A. Weisburger Jeffrey R. Barbero Kathryn Gemmell Preston Renae Schneck Biale Susan Miller Ranzino Marquis Founders Philip J. Cinelli Elizabeth Evans Rauch Mark R. Coles Carolyn Fast Coffin Debra Winpigler Richmond Sharon Suominen Pepe Annmarie Pallone Enos Mark S. Richmond Glenn R. Pierce Ashley Aymonier Feehan Elizabeth Mange Rogacki Bruce D. Ruehl Wendy Burd Harrington Jeffrey C. Samuels Patricia Winkler Schor Herbert J. Ingraham Robert J. Scheer Kimberly Townshend Watts John R. Krissinger Richard F. Schreiber Michael P. Whitman John B. Lynch James R. Shackleton Judith G. Mastronardy Andrew H. Shaer Marquis Society Robert J. Meindl Holly Miller Skarda Jeffrey J. Bean Eric P. Reichenbach Carl F. Skinner Veronica DeBerardine Bennett Jane J. Schindewolf Kent D. Sluyter Roberta Bennett-Gottlieb Ricardo L. Skerrett Thomas A. Sparta Eileen Corcoran Bermingham Pauline Buckingham Sohn Amy Shufro Stang Susan B. Bravman Bruce E. Wandelmaier Paul W. Steltz Laura Bailey Culp William J. Wetzel Helen Canavan Stimson Margarette Hickey Devlin Sally Strong Wolgin William Stimson Richard W. Lefever Charles J. Straface Jeffrey A. Leonard Loyal Leopards Donna Farinella Szczupak Dawne Martin Litterst Roland T. Addis David Bruce Tibbott * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 81

82 Class of Thomas J. Barlow Catherine DeLacey Hellreich Carol R. Schunkewitz William F. Barner Joan Dowgin Hilovsky Elizabeth Kelley Shadbolt Katherine Hart Beard David E. Hollod Lindsay Shadbolt Doris Fjeldal Berard Sandra Metzger Honeyman Sylvia C. Shore-Katz Janet Sweet Bernhard Shahla N. Hooshmand Daniel J. Silver Marie Puglia Best John J. Hopkins Patricia L. Sly Nicholas Biase Lori Thielens Horning Stacey Gladstone Sobel Patricia Patterson Blake David B. Jensen Richard Soriano Alexander H. Blanchet Elizabeth Tengdin Jones Barbara Giaimo Spina Mary Garibaldi Brasch Charles E. Keller Marjorie Jacoby Steiner Denise Mayer Brownlee Gregory H. Kinard Tracy A. Stengel Toni Mignogna Brugger Steven D. Buck Albert J. Kind Robert P. Kleinert Mark E. Stoeckel David S. Strong Stephen R. Buckingham Chris A. Bucolo Karen D. Koch Laurence M. Kolanko John R. Trinchere Nancy Hollendonner Turner Richard E. Burke Terry L. Carbaugh Lewis J. Korngut Brett C. Larson James D. Turner Wendy Smith Twardy Paul L. Carey Nancy Smolenski Laughlin Michael C. Van Aken Janice Fuchella Carroll Thomas H. Lawson John L. Ventura Emil C. Casciano Traci E. Lennon Catherine Sigda Voorhees Elisabeth A. Chapman William J. Leonard Randall E. Wambold Darryl W. Clark Lisa Lisanti Jeffrey P. Ward Douglas J. Clark Jill Browne Little Catherine Cochran Warner Alan W. Cognigni Suzan Distenfeld Crabb Jay R. Lucas Ilene Rabin Macedo Michael J. Weaver Caryn Steyer Wilbraham Kirkland Graham DeLaney Linda Toro Mahoney Timothy V. Wry Margaret Dineen Eugene Malmquist Dennis Ivan Zetterberg Gay Thornton Doherty Robert H. Doherty Elaine Callahan Marinaccio David J. Marione 1983 Laura Bostrom Downes Alisa Bonasoni Martel 43% Participation Leslie H. Edwards-Wood William M. McCartan Class Fund Managers Mindy Nadel Fast Dana G. Mead Cheryl L. Johnson Laurie Graham Finley Susan Dickerson Mezger Ellen Poriles Weiler Scott G. Finley M. Parker Finney Susan Potter Mond Cheryl Wait Moore Marquis Laureates Thomas F. Flood Michael E. Font Julia L. Mulvihill Thomas E. O Connor Anonymous David W. Fore Cynthia Gayler Frank Timothy F. Osborn Scott P. Parkhurst Marquis Circle James D. Glascott Angela DiChiara Garofalo Mark B. Peterson Cheryl L. Johnson Ellen Cassebaum Geldbaugh Michael A. Pomerantz Harry V. Keefe Gregory J. Goepfert John D. Priola J. B. Reilly Robert D. Graney Daniel J. Ramus Phoebe J. Griffith Kay P. Reynolds Marquis Court Marianne Sciabica Gutknecht Kevin H. Rhodes Michael D. Browne Keith W. Haag Jeanne V. Rodgers Susan DePhillips Fernandez Nancy Gifford Hallowell Paul S. Rosen J. Michael Sutka Beverly F. Heimberg David L. Rue Kristina Hannabach Heine Lorraine L. Savicki Harry E. Heleotis Michael A. Schlosser * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 82

83 Marquis Founders Adrienne Byrnes Flanagan Barbara J. Lombardo Thomas G. Loughlin Linda Tedori Whitman Marquis Society Benjamin T. Boscolo Beth Abramson Brier Ronald J. DiBiase Nancy Freeborne-Brinton Jane Holman Miller Pamela S. Passman Patricia Piatt Porter Grace T. Sette Barry Sleckman Mariano J. Tan Susan L. Volpicella-Levy Pardee Club Mark P. Gibbons Elizete Perez Groenendaal Timothy S. Lucas Joseph D. Miranda Erik L. Olsen Susan M. Ramer Danner Schmunk Riebe Jere J. Schneck Marybeth G. Standbridge Carolyn M. Zelop Class of Loyal Leopards Andrea Grason Allen David A. Anders Katherine Morrison Andreas Nancy Elzey Binder Elizabeth May Boak Margaret Roll Bose Ellen Schlanger Bregg Cole E. Brundage Darby A. Charvat Frances J. Crocco Craig A. Cunningham Kathleen Ronca Dahling Marc P. Dahling Beatrice Albertson DeAngelis Paul J. DeLuca Leslie McMackin devries Joseph F. DiPaolo Susan Montgomery DiPaolo Mary O Dowd Donnellan James J. Donnelly Jill Gary Downard John M. Drabic Sharon Dragan Joseph B. Evans Manuel Fernandez Alison Major Ferrell John C. Forrey Leslie Koska Fundakowski Mark A. Fundakowski Gregory J. Gallo Cattell Club Sarah H. Golaszewski Robert P. Scotte David E. Berliner Michele Stratton Gooding Lynne Wright Shackleton John A. Bown Scott E. Gordon Robert H. Shamble Kenneth D. Chavin Caron P. Graff Eric S. Sheidlower Catherine A. Fedako Lilian Czechel Gruver Richard J. Skokowski Theresa Heaney Galla Robert B. Heffernan Clement W. Skorupka Sarah Lengel Hackman Peter A. Henderson Peter D. Stein Carol Reed Hutnek Eve Eberz Houseknecht Caryn Barber Swanson Karen Tramm Hyde Christian C. Hugel Marc K. Swanson Paul A. Lagnese Richard M. Hughes Deborah Guastella Trempel Mark D. Lotz Patricia Boyle Hulbert Laurie Tropiano Barbara Dawson Martinson Douglas S. Jackson Giovanna Urbani Vita Elizabeth Sullivan Meindl Sarah Sheeleigh Jeffers Kathleen Henderson Wade Philippe A. Monrougie David B. Johnson Dennis M. Walsh Joseph W. Rogers Jane Zaleski Jones Ellen Poriles Weiler Gilbert S. Ryan David B. Kaplan Kathleen Gregor Wenger John P. Veschi Daphna Kilion George H. Winter Amy Rea Webb Maureen Forrester Kulinski Elizabeth Toth Wullert David S. Kutz * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 83 Eli D. Lambert Diane Watson Langan James R. Laurita Laurie Haag Lavalla Karen Wiedersum Ley Marcia Nagrant Literati Robert S. Mahr Victoria Minturn Mahr Carol E. Mann Dina Uliana Manoway Donna Antonicelli Marzo George A. Massih Kathleen Berejka McCartan Marie Saunders Mercready Susan M. Middleswarth Robert L. Miller Michael A. Moroney Emanuel K. Morton Pamela Simpson Moss Patricia Devlin Murphy Arlene P. Muschlitz Clare Kaiser Neumann Cynthia Y. Paige Robert C. Phifer Maura McNamara Powers Sharon L. Price Jeffrey R. Purdon James E. Richie Barbara A. Riley Mary J. S. Roth Heidi A. Rowe

84 Class of Pardee Club Marian Peifer Clark 44% Participation Eric H. Berndt Maribeth Clissa Class Fund Manager Robert A. Bown Thomas D. Coats David E. Schwager Robert J. Clifford John F. Colavita Richard J. Cotter Robert R. Craig Marquis Laureates Bonnie Zalkin Goldberg Sandra Grant Davis Daniel R. Revers Douglas R. Jones Michael J. DeAngelis Robert E. Sell David A. Katko Sally Lou Oaks Loveman Elizabeth Smiles DeBlis Barbara Haws Demi Marquis Council Robert J. Micera Sharon DiFelice Jefferson W. Kirby Ruth Douglas Miller Mark A. DiMaio Marquis Circle Carolyn Muller John G. Pharo Richard T. Doverspike Michael T. Downey John Murray Margaret Schiller Olivia Costa Downey Stephen Parahus Barbara Strasburg Tucker Margaret Rose Dyer Marquis Court Mark A. Enman Cattell Club Laila Krauss Berland Margit Elo Paul J. Ferreira Richard E. Friedenheim Lynne M. Kizis Mark D. Beyer Nancy Bennett Gallagher A. Kevin Cimei Daphne Ann Galvin Marquis Founders Jeanette Glock Cinelli Thomas L. Gaylord James L. Benjamin Gerald P. Crean Michael M. Getz Jonathan R. Bernon Abby Burkholder Epstein Tracy Haines Gibley Evan C. Deoul Chrisotpher H. Hanley Patricia Green Gibney Martha Shane Dicker Peter J. Henrici Deborah M. Giordano Carolyn Baffa Gaziano Steven K. Johnson Allen J. Goetz Diane Gaglia Gottschalk Donna M. Neiley Michael Gold-Biss Gordon S. Kiesling Kwadwo Osei-akoto Jeffrey B. Gordon Dale M. Knecht Kristina Huber Rudisill Carol A. Gowan Faith Steinman Lefkort John T. Rusnock Jocelyn Connell Graney Barbara North Mohler Carla Panzitta Santoro Paul S. Greene Thomas E. Mohler Scott A. Satell Edward F. Gumbart Vijay Rajguru David C. Tesher Jeanette Gombosi Hogan Jose A. Rodriguez Kevin M. Hogan Margaret Watters Rodriguez Loyal Leopards Beth M. Illingworth Mark R. Sheeleigh Bela R. Ballo Joan Bishop Jennings James F. Siegel Alice K. Balsone Beverly Lavin Johnson Craig A. Baumunk Douglas J. Jones Marquis Society David J. Berg Kenneth N. Josovitz Anne Marie Santos Alperin Maureen Davis Bibeau Karen Ziegler Kelly Roger W. Dinella Julie Takacs Blake Barbara Wohlers Kleinert Douglas R. Firth Jennifer Knight Bodnar Ilyse S. Kramer Lisa E. Kadin Sean M. Bonner Paula J. Kumpf Thomas E. Kircher Jeffrey A. Bridgman Laura Cauz Laurita Arthur E. Lewis Anne Meduri Cannuli Cherie Cooke Martinez Douglas C. Ross Marie Baltz Cappiello Coleen Brennan McCaffery David E. Schwager Kristine Melchinger Carbonneau Douglass P. McLaughlin Andrea Josephson Sullivan Debra A. Carpenter Maureen Kelly McLaughlin Christine Mazuryk Zeikel Paul J. Casalaspi Lauren Wasserman McLeod Brian J. Miles * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 84

85 Ronald S. Miller Karen Kuhn Mitchell Mark G. Moffatt Jake R. Morris Nancy Horton Morris Maryjean Spatt Mucciarone Jill Holmes Nagle Janet Norcross Suzanne Dawson Obuchowski Ivy Rufe O Neill A. George Ossman John J. Pallotta Margaret Lafean Prados Michael A. Raynor Rebecca L. Rosenbauer Thomas J. Rosenbauer Caroline Darlington Roy Jill Farber Rubin Joseph F. Senackerib Suzanne Wingard Senackerib Dana B. Shinbaum Michael G. Simon Jacqlyn Kennedy Sisson Scott A. Sisson Melissa Barnes Skorupka Nancy Kristan Slayton Elizabeth Ann Smith Leidy B. Smith Stephen J. Smith Kenneth M. Soda Jay W. Strater Laura Young Sullivan Carol Worley Swaim Kenneth T. Swider Margaret A. Tarvin Mark T. Teare Victoria Crouse Thompson Jeffrey S. Todd Sarah Johnson Trombetta Jonathan V. Uy Monica M. Van Aken Joel M. Van Dyk Daniel J. Van Ostenbridge Elizabeth G. Van Ostenbridge Monica Rominger Weeks Lisa Dusenbury Weinert Kristen Knepshield Williams Thomas S. Wong John R. Wullert Class of % Participation Class Fund Manager Anne Harwood Matlack Marquis Laureates Stephanie Westphal Lucas Marquis Circle James H. Kammert Marquis Court Bruce A. Eatroff Thomas M. Moriarty Chesla C. Wechsler Marquis Founders Sara McCall Broderick James W. Dicker Michael V. Ippolito Karen F. Kowalenko Robert B. Parsons Susan Lane Parsons Marquis Society William F. Casey Sallie Saunders Colucci Carmine DeSantis David S. Fryman Sandy Kazinski Sheryl Ann Welsh Wesley C. Whiteman Nancy Wisnewski Pardee Club Karen Piercy Black Kathleen L. Ciufo Virginia Conrad Ehemann Charles J. Gatt Stacey A. Gianos-Miranda David M. Green Karen Siegel Gruenberg Peter S. Gruenberg Anne H. Matlack Mary T. McCarthy Jane Rehm Olsen Jeffrey D. Parker Andrew J. Riebe Eric S. Sellinger Charles F. Smith C. Scott Van Cleef Cattell Club Jeffrey T. Bandy Andrew G. Courtney Charles M. Delehey Joseph W. Dryer Jon A. Epstein Tracey Gibbons Hanley Amy Moskowitz Isacoff Adam S. Kaufman Kara T. Kletkewicz Neill C. Kling Kathleen Sands Lagnese Stephen Marinko Ellen Hughes Mushlitz Elisabeth Hughes Phillips Marianne Johnston Poisel Gerardette Landy Rago Peter H. Reinke Robert M. Schell Suzanne Shearer Whitehorn Arthur Williams Robert H. Worth Loyal Leopards Dale R. Albright Michael S. Allen Sandra Baker Anderson Douglas J. Azzalina Anthony G. Balestrieri Teresa Laincz Barrett George F. Baumeister Carl J. Bergsten Nancy Flagg Bergsten Jean Hazlett Bitner Mark R. Bowen Elizabeth Becker Brandhorst Peter P. Brodnitz Laurence M. Cafritz Michele E. Calderoni Thomas W. Clegg Richard S. Collins Robert L. Constable Wallace R. Cooney Carol Dunn Curtis Michael E. Dalton David W. D Angelo * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 85

86 Class of Peter E. Demers Glenn F. Rall Kristen Gay Lewis Christine M. Detjen Karen M. Reis Todd E. Wiltshire Dorothy Ives Dewey Ferdinand A. Robustelli P. Kirk Effinger Michael C. Ruthy Marquis Founders Kevin M. Flood Linda Kirk Sakowitz Jeffrey W. Anderson John J. Francis Margaret A. Sakasitz Mary Stengel Austen Vicki Epstein Friedman Laurence E. Scheiner Kenneth O. Bradley David S. Furth Steven L. Schleien Alfredo E. Cahuas Daiga M. Galins Leigh Devlin Smith Joseph C. Gaziano Betsy Frank Goodman Wallace F. Smith Daniel S. Huffenus Andrew M. Goyer Harry D. Snydman Lael Conlon Kiesling Leo J. Greco Christine Leung Standbridge Amy Vore Hardis Gary S. Stoudt Marquis Society William J. Hardy Doreen Ventresca Sullivan Marc A. Beljan Wade E. Harwick Thomas E. Swaim Howard N. Bierman Jane E. Herman Jennifer Golub Tosi Victor M. Diaz-Gonzalez Richard L. Hertzberg Lynn Pettersson Hirt Andrew G. Tretter Kimberly Whitman Trujillo Douglas E. Godshall Frederick D. Hoff Maryann Lukowski Hogenboom Carl Huppert Janine Burton Turner Cynthia Moore Urbani Linda Checchio McCarron Bruce L. McDermott Scott S. Ives Emmie Vazquez Sally Schwartz McDermott Laura Fyfe Jaskot Joanne Ruziska Wachenfeld Catherine Hayes Nolan William D. Jemison John R. Ward Christopher W. Nolan Faith Schroeder Johnson Joy H. Warrington Richard D. Paynton Harold Kahn J. Mason Weaver Joanne Campbell Pohl Eric T. Kambour Amy Macom West Wendy Paschal Repchick Michael R. Kaufman Carmen C. Weth Richard E. Ryan Carmella P. Keener Susan Seedor Kelly Jean Corrie Wortman Nanci L. Ziegler Pardee Club Karl E. Klinger Elizabeth Ziehl Gregg R. Belardo Kristin Dahl Knight Dore DiBerardino Blanchet Lee B. Kunkle 1986 Peter D. Blanchet Joanne S. Levengood 35% Participation James F. Cosgrove Phillip M. Levy Class Fund Manager Thomas A. DiPaolo Stanley M. Lord Todd E. Wiltshire Gayle Spill Ephraim Stefanie Westphal Lucas Douglas C. Fincher John R. Majka Jeanne Walsh Manning Marquis Circle Michael C. Heaney Christine Borrazzo McCoy Michele Sutton O Halloran Noreen Hallisey McCaffrey Marc M. Merlin Donna Lucas Riley Anne E. McCarron-Applin Frederick A. Schillinger Russell G. Sarver Sally Scheuermann McCraven Randall S. McHugh Marquis Court Carlton J. St. Bernard Wendy V. Miller James W. Akerhielm Cattell Club Nancy R. Montague Karen Blinder Akerhielm Bhavana Sontakay Boggs Michael J. Murphy Elizabeth Busciglio-Boyer Richard M. Drobner David L. Nagle Amanda Higgs Drobac Tracey Gibbons Hanley Mark A. Neumann Paul C. Hackett James E. Harari Barbara Schnepf Ossman Martha Heinze Gary W. Herschman Jack A. Parry K. Craig McChesney Catherine Quinlan * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 86

87 Peter Papazoglou Sharon Lukenda Parker John P. Sigda Regina M. Spratt Leigh Reynolds Williams Douglas A. Young Loyal Leopards Lisa T. Acquaire Ronald T. Ascher Kathleen Kenna Ashton Thomas M. Ashton Paul Brodeur William L. Bunting Karen Franck Bush Cheryl Moyer Butler Jennifer Lashen Caplin Karen Crowell Casey William Chelak Mark E. Combi Catherine Flanagan Cooney Seth A. Cornish Robert D. Correll Margaret J. Cushing John D. Danko Marco DeLuise Anna Bevilacqua Dime Daniel J. Donnelly Ellen M. Eckert Thomas L. Edsall Michael A. Elgarten Irene Vigilante Erckert Class of Bette Scott Hughes 1987 James Hummerstone 38% Participation Timothy R. Irvin Class Fund Manager Matthias J. Jahl Arthur R. Bell III Joseph J. Jaskot Linda Barth Kallmyer Marquis Council Ryan P. Kemble Leo A. Helmers Thomas J. Kleinert Stacey Guckes Helmers Susan C. Kowalenko Karen McCabe Kirby David E. Lane Michele G. Lehman Marquis Circle David A. Lewis John F. Anderson Matthew L. Marinelli Allyson Williams Schillinger David B. Martens MaryEllen Devey McLaughlin Marquis Court Robert O. Mehrez Catherine S. Hackett Robert L. Morris Bradley R. Lewis Daria Link Morrissey Andrew G. Winton Claudia Bierschwale Muller Gail Ferguson Nemsick Marquis Founders Elizabeth Barthold O Brien Peter T. Holran Timothy R. Ott Wendy J. Schwartzberg Craig T. Parker Andrew W. Stern John E. Patterson Robert F. Young Lisa Lacroce Patterson David Pesce Marquis Society Marlin J. Peterson Carol McArthur Amedeo Roger W. Ray Sheila McGrath Beljan Gregory S. Royer Pamela Trauger Byers Craig M. Rustici Alfred E. Douglass Scott E. Schaible Seth R. Landau Michael G. Silver Jill Raizen Serling Scott D. Soltis Laipeng Spagnoletti Joseph T. Erckert Elizabeth Hobart Zang Kelley Reilly Evens Nancy L. Fischer Steven T. Standbridge Pardee Club Glen J. Forrest Gary G. Stephenson Edward I. Ackerman Robert C. Forrey Lisa West Tarr Charles E. Chesebrough Robert T. Fyfe Robert K. Thurber Julia Hull Chesebrough Linda Holland Garrett Edward A. Vanyo Karl D. Ehemann Susan Palena Godwin James R. Vasselli Susan Hordyke Kosonocky Steven H. Golden Kathryn Verna Scott G. Kyreakakis James N. Grace Patricia E. Wall Mary Ziegler Marcotullio Bruce A. Graham Michael L. Weinstein Paul R. Marcotullio Catherine Barthelmes Granzow Wynne A. Whitman John J. McGowan Richard J. Gregor John F. Wiedmayer Thomas P. Roloff Michael J. Groman Martina Hubbert Wiedmayer B. Douglas Smith Louisa Bahto Grossman Jeffrey M. Wills Karen A. Urban Brian D. Hendrix Rebecca Roebuck Winter Jane E. Wiest Deborah L. Heyl-Clegg Caroline Rebovich Zimmerman Margaret Langley Woods Anne London Holtz * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 87

88 Cattell Club Mark K. Altemose Gregory A. Bahtiarian Thomas M. Gibbons Kathleen Silbaugh Guzzetti John B. Kelly Valerie K. Massard Robert T. Quackenboss Christopher J. Ryan Stephen A. Senesi Randy M. Yodis Loyal Leopards Lisa Anderson Abdill Bonnie Weinberg Adelkopf Steven P. Anderson Nancy Burgess Ascher Susan Detwiler Bacallao Karen Burns Ball Robert C. Ball Arthur R. Bell Julie Belock Lori Garb Blutfield Jacqueline Larrabee Bohan Bryan L. Bonuomo John F. Boozang Gary A. Bossert Brett A. Budis Martha Smith Byrd Michi C. Calcagno Peter A. Cardelia Ross A. Catlin Mary Agnes S. Correll Christine Prete Cunningham Stephen F. Delahunty Stacey Weiss DeMichele Thomas A. Dempsey Karen J. Detling Bruce A. Dixon Thomas A. Dooner Scot A. Duvall Gregory C. Eng Bruce S. Ferretti Monica Alana Flynn Class of Joseph F. Genduso Elise Nappi Michael S. Gero Lisa M. Quartarolo Lisa M. Grant Frederick C. Raffetto John G. Groskoph Wendy Hilkene Rees Lawrence B. Grossman John E. Richardson Mark C. Gupta Anthony J. Rotondo Walter B. Gurzynski John C. Santos Bradford G. Hafer Heather Campbell Schreiber David G. Hagan Lisa M. Schrott Wendy Massard Hakken Donald R. Schumaker Carol Payne Hazlett Anne J. Schwartz Henry N. Higgs Joanne Berkow Schwartz Mark D. Hogenboom David A. Scott Elizabeth Geesey Holmes Todd E. Shegog Alison Paul Hurlock Rebecca L. Shermer Thomas J. Irwin Scott A. Sibio Elizabeth Cheney Janssen Leif R. Sigmond Elizabeth Meyers Johnson Madeline Green Smith Eric B. Kantor Randall W. Snyder Sean M. Kelly Gregory J. Sullivan Peter F. Kohlsaat Anthony B. Swale Andrew J. Kovalchick Patricia DeAngelis Szipszky Robert D. Kuttner Jeffrey R. Tabak Edward C. Landry Christopher J. Tedeschi Morgan F. Larson Evan Jacquart Thomas Patricia Huckins Leathrum Tara M. Tobon Annette Schweidt Ledder Christina Roche Toto James A. Ledder Hans E. Tuneblom James A. Levey Carla Douglass Vastine Carol Miller Lewis Eric A. Voit Jamie Hirsch Linton Lisa Jones Volkman Charles T. Lloyd Elizabeth Steele Walsh Jayne O Brien Lloyd Anne Vujevich Ward Julie J. Martin Katherine Devilbiss Weglein Mary Seaman Matthiessen Susan Schild Williams Daniel D. Maynard David Wolff Michael A. McCormack Christopher G. Woodhouse Lawrence McTiernan Terry W. Worrich Adamantia S. McWalters Joseph J. Yanek Leslie Karmin Mehrez Kathryn Patterson Yohn Maria Jimenez Melendez Christopher F. Zappala Shirley Salemy Meyer Alison M. Ziegler Edward T. Mikulicz Ronald H. Miller % Participation Class Fund Manager Rachel Nelson Moeller Fred W. Fogg John R. Monteleone Robert J. Foresti Joseph T. Morrissey Jane Husk French John R. Mulcahy Cynthia Rubin Friedman Mary M. Munkelt Sara Anderson Gable Joy A. Murphy Arthur S. Garrett Daniel P. Nadel * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 88

89 Marquis Circle J. Todd Van Cleef Marquis Court Silas R. Beane Edward M. Gibbons Kimberly Checkur Gibbons David W. Kulsar Karin Pizzo Kulsar Karen A. Pompanella Marquis Founders Pamela Gaary Holran Mark A. Jauquet Kimberly Miller Morse David R. Rose Bonnie Wein Stern Kristian N. Weeder Suzanne Andrews Young Marquis Society Gary C. Dunn Jennifer Gardner Dunn Eric D. Kramer James H. Proferes Hope V. Sullivan Joseph A. White Pardee Club Jonathan A. Conner Ann Pisetzner Fatsi Tracy Krauser Fincher Salvatore B. Fiordelisi Stephen M. Friedrich Deborah Borthwick Hinson Andrew S. Lapkin Ruth L. Larsen Christopher T. McCoy Rachel Nelson Moeller Timothy A. Moeller Katherine H. Pannell Stephanie Hanus Victor Eileen Daly Williams Hayes L. Williams Class of Karen Griffin Ernst Susan L. Fox Christine Alfieri Joseph Michael Joseph John W. Molloy Kimberly S. Peairs Carla Goode Ryan Cooper A. Wessells Stephen R. Whitehorn Loyal Leopards Richard C. Albert Melissa Eisen Azarian Kathryn J. Blake Jeffrey L. Bodine Barbara A. Buletti-Shegog Jeffrey M. Callan Michael P. Carson Susan Zimmermann Cass Towana D. Cooper Bruce E. Covahey Michael J. Cuffe Michael F. D Angelo Debra Newman Dionis John P. Dionis Catherine V. Earley Amy Fletcher Eichhorst Kristin Morris Fox Jennifer Reeves Gidaro Julie Hodges Gouveia Ida Queler Greenberg Donna DePetris Groskoph Cheryl Foy Harris David B. Herman Brian R. Hill Lewis S. Hirt Jamie Dublirer Hoff James R. Johnson Charissa Gallagher Keavey Patrick L. Kelly Stuart K. Kim Jeffrey A. Konrad Jody Guokas Kuntz David M. Lassman Susan F. Law Cattell Club Andrew G. Leary Donna Gascoyne Wilson Christopher R. Anderson Adam E. Levin Thomas A. Winant Ethan N. Arnold Jonathan A. Levinson Valerie Pungerchar Young Karin Battaglin Dusenbury Anne Lacroce Linden Kelly Price Zullo Andrew C. Long * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 89 Robert J. Longo Laurie Lundy Bean Jonathan L. Mach Jill Taylor Mackey John S. Marshall Marisa Rosania McCoy Kevin M. McGrath Richard C. McNamara Frederick C. Mortati Mara Brodsky Mortman Christine Profito Murphy Peter A. Najarian Robert M. Nash Christopher B. Neuffer Phillip S. Ng Ellen T. Nita John W. North John F. O Hern Kiku Teramoto O Shea William J. O Shea Karen Dey Parry Elizabeth Morgan Pendleton Howard A. Raphaelson Toby Frielinghaus Reilley Eric P. Reumann Dawn Arturi Reynolds John Reynolds Daniel P. Ries Diane Fitzsimons Roberts Jacqueline Crawshaw Santos Eileen Fisher Schneidman Martin D. Screen Michael S. Sherrill Julie M. Sielicki Sandra Leon Snead Andrea Miller Solberg Peter C. Toto Frank E. Tournour Christopher H. Trecker Dara Sussman Tupler Pamela Woodward Villano Noreen Chamberlain Wagner Thomas E. Wetzler Nancy A. Whalen Anne Fields Wills

90 % Participation Class Fund Manager John T. Donovan Marquis Circle Katherine Longo Van Cleef Marquis Court Maria LaReddola Takacs Marquis Founders Edward J. Chanda Robert M. Gunzenhauser Paul J. Mignon Marquis Society Kimberly Pierce Gavenman Kevin A. Marks Amy Blase McGrath Elizabeth A. Mowins Andrew G. Nygren Krystine C. Whitmore Class of Andrew W. Kennedy Robert D. Kivort Lisa Sandone Pirollo Jill Rothenberg Shapiro Scott T. Taylor Mark A. Torstenson Loyal Leopards Kira Lieschke Almeida Robert F. Almeida Cecile P. Anderes Andrew W. Armour Linda Falcone Armour Susan R. Athari Steven A. Attanasio John C. Bambach Steven F. Bell Philip A. Benanti Scott T. Bluni Gary K. Borak Frederick D. Brown Joseph P. Bruder Cheryl A. Burnett Beth Sutton Burnette Daniele Wolfson Cardelia Pardee Club Frank P. Castrina Edwin H. Raynor Edson S. Jones Susan Clayton Scott M. Robbins Lisa A. Kiziuk Christopher J. Coen Christopher S. Runk Christopher J. LaPietra Jill Spiess Cutler Ellen Reinhardt Sicinski D. Christian McCumber Leigh Ann Alexander Evans Kevin J. St. Pierre Kristin Yohannan Moore Carlena Cochi Ficano Gail E. Staron Jeffrey A. Nelson John A. Fischer Benjamin P. Stauffer Lisa Cardali O Brien Melissa Valk Fitzgerald Scott B. Stern Virginia Reilly Shew Matthew C. Forys Kathryn Gordon Taylor Elaine McCluskey Stomber Suzanne Hocker French David S. Tichansky William R. Wagner Kristina L. Friberg Nancy Nickla Varela Marita Failla Wolff Thomas S. Gillan Elizabeth Verna Christopher M. Gillen Tracy Roberts Walker Cattell Club William W. Goddard Elizabeth Gilliam Walter Mark D. Allen Ariane Goodman-Belkadi Douglas W. Warden Natalie Norteman Bartner John S. Greenberg William R. Wenninger Erin Bass-Goldberg Christine Borowitz Harrington Eric A. Westdorp Christopher K. Bozman Laura Di Geronimo Holden Marguerite Valinoti White Sheila E. Carnicelli Robert G. Hughes Douglas L. Wicks Michael R. Contarino Kristen Allen Johnson Scott R. Wild John T. Donovan Catherine E. Jordan John C. Wilkins Fernando L. Ferre Charles W. Katz Bonnie Snyder Winant Gregory A. Garbacz Patrick J. Kearney James J. Winebrake C. Thomas Goslau Lisa Goldberg Keithley Dianne Powers Wischmeier James P. Kelly Susan Becker Yarrington * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 90 Camille Frondorf Kille Karen A. Kovalski Anthony M. Laino Stephen J. Latanision Daniel T. Leav Nancy Kellman Leighton Geoffrey C. Lowell Paige F. Macdonald-Matthes Jamie Mayer Mach Laurie Typermass Maggio Melissa M. Malhame Tania Nemeth Martin Cathy Murasko Matko Ariane D. May Jeffrey K. McCafferty Jean Toce McCauley Kristen Leander Morrison Andrew T. Mott Celeste Campbell Nelson Douglas B. Ng Jodie Wojcik Obernesser Leonard J. Ostroff Vincent J. Petitto Stephen J. Pinto Kristin Turchi Price

91 Donald C. Young John T. Yurconic % Participation Class Fund Manager T. Brendan Gilligan Marquis Laureates Linda Assante Carrasco Shane Connell Marquis Circle Jill Crocker Bornstein Marquis Court Brian J. O Reilly Marquis Founders Anonymous Steven R. Atkinson Tara Glock Sheeleigh Marquis Society T. Brendan Gilligan Monika Jaensson Hussell Maulik S. Joshi Edward K. March Christopher J. McGrail Gregory S. Pesky Christine Metros Seymour Dana Paul Swimmer Theodore C. Swimmer Class of Lauren Krause Garbacz Michael A. Gilbert Kimberly Hart Hein Susan A. Koester Kevin N. Kozlowski Glenn E. Lesko Cynthia Strahler Rhodes Daniel A. Schwartz Craig J. Worton Loyal Leopards David E. Anshen Kirsten E. Bauer Karyn Goudie Belanger Debra Ohnegian Bennett L. Kimberly Law Bennett Heather Kent Bernardin Joseph E. Bernardo Allison L. Berrier Melissa A. Billota Ellen Patz Borak Aideen Cooney Briggs Michelle S. Bright Devin B. Brown Eric B. Bruce Jane Leveroni Burns Patricia Campbell Beth Neighbour Casey Cynthia Sems Combi Charlene Hoppe Conklin Amy Sedlacek Cooper Enrico Crispo John J. Cunningham Sheila Glynn Dunphy Pardee Club Loring Chichester Edwards Arthur J. Rehn Joseph M. Barnet Gregory G. Ellis Kim Gursky Rhodes Andrew A. Bazarian Amy Friedland Fisher Alan J. Roden Gregory T. Caldwell Kelly Hawk Forest Michael C. Rose Francis C. Cooke Douglas A. Gallacher Francine Eatroff Rosenberg Karen Siegel Larson Margaret P. Gray P. Kurt Rossetti Ronald E. Lesher Timothy R. Groff Susan Ruggles Claudine D. Lilien Stephen M. Harrington Mark J. Schade Anne K. Russell Shannon McGurk Hays Stephen M. Sell Maria J. Sigmond Eileen MacDonald Hazard Audra Schwartz Sikorski John E. Hazard Donald C. Sirey Cattell Club David W. Hill Bridgette Bates Skaff Jeffrey A. Baker Susan Schwalenberg Hodges Julie Marcus Skinner Barbara Bower James G. Hubertus Steven J. Skrzypczak Ariadne Alatzas Capsis Michelle Rosenthal Hubertus James H. Somers Lynn Rossetti Imperato Robert N. Spagnolo * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 91 C. Walton Johnston Nancy Rohrbach Johnston Christine E. Kafka Lia J. Kudless-Campbell William J. Kushner Kevin S. LaBar Clare Fagg Leary David M. Lehman Melissa K. Lennon Thomas H. Lerner George J. Libricz James E. Lohr Kathleen Walsh Lops Haiwen Ma Paige W. Macfarlan John P. Mahoney Stephanie Cook Mahoney Laurie King Marinelli Jadine Marks-Finch Dorothy Growney Masterson Michael D. McLaen Carrie Luyster Meyer Kevin J. Miller Karen Leo Mintzer LeAnne E. Moore James O. Morrison Richard D. Nice Kristi Sorrell Noone Thomas A. Orecchio Michelle Papka Charles A. Parker Susan Brady Pinto Gioia M. Pisano Richard S. Poplaski

92 Kimberly Ramstad Streamer Richard H. Streamer Roberlyn Barnes Swilling Leslie Pursel Temple Sharon M. Vivaldi Wayne E. Werner Andrew E. Wescoe Deborah Kirwan Wild Kirsten Bass Wilkins Jill Schwartz Wilkinson Mara I. Yaverbaum Michael A. Yusella Liesl K. Zwicklbauer % Participation Marquis Laureates Duane Connell Heidi Ludwick Hanson Marquis Court Andrew P. Kail Marquis Founders Kristian J.F. Bornemann Jennifer Pinola Gunzenhauser George K. Kollitides Jane Lee MacDonald Katharine Tweedy-Weeder Marquis Society James F. Boyd Susan Githens Cable Craig R. Kaisand Brian D. Mansfield Pardee Club Jonathan C. Couch John P. Coykendall Class of Jason M. Lichtenstein Sarah Infante Muir Merri Lee Newby Joseph E. Samaritano Mary Clark Vines Joseph P. Wroblewski W. Andrew Greene Spencer M. Houldin Paul A. Leibowitz Tracy Horowitz Gamble Catriona Logan Sangster Scott B. McCausland S. Scott Gates Stephen J. Schofield Jody Harrison Giedraitis David B. Schram Cattell Club Mickey S. Goldberg Jessica Pukash Schwartz Peter J. Hess Ravi M. Gooneratne Robin Karcher Sell Jonathan E. Keith S. Olivia Gooneratne Karen Heineman Shapiro Sarah Heyniger Kozlowski Steven E. Gotlieb Jason A. Sigalos Carolyn Wylde Greenberg Cheryl Kessler Singley * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 92 Loyal Leopards Dean M. Aita Peter G. Barlow Steven J. Batta Gonzalo H. Berthin James T. Betzenberger Jennifer Anderson Birch-Israeloff Deneen K. Blow John J. Brennan Payson S. Briggs Jonathan S. Brodsky Catherine Szulc Brooks Douglas S. Brown J. Adam Cermak Leigh Grygotis Cherry Peter A. Cocheo Joel S. Cohn Joseph S. Cornell Jennifer Kinard Cornish Robert Cranley Curtis C. Daehler Katherine Rigas Daigle Monica Thatcher Day MaryBeth Townsend Dearie Jamie L. Dollinger Christopher M. Domush Thomas S. Dougherty Merrilee H. Durrwachter Spencer T. Farrar Betsy Floman Fishbone F. Lybrand Fowler Lisa Pfeiffer Freeman Monica Pelosi Gallacher Susan Pappas Gallagher Paul J. Galvin Terry L. Gross Lisa Bernstein Gurevich Brian D. Hartstein Kirsten Ricketts Hazard Thomas P. Heard Jennifer Lilore Huesman Kimberly Wecht Iovino Cynthia L. Ironson Harold P. Ironson Deborah Stanek Johnston Damian W. Karjane Kevin S. Koplin Thomas W. Kresge Michael S. Kresloff David M. Kruse Lorraine Riggers Lassman Catherine E. Laurent Earl R. Lewis Catherine Moran Lippman Peter J. Lops Lawrence J. Maier Frank R. Manning J. Bradford Martens Tamara Day Masiado Courtney A. Matthews Cheryl Marcus Mauney Patrick J. Mazur Carolyn Van de Wetering McLain Stephanie Pollock McSwain Shafquat Meraj Jeannine L. Miller Keith W. Myers Donald K. Neely Michael R. Nester Lorrie Jezierski Ng Timothy V. Parsons Alexander M. Peck Todd F. Raphaelson Randy R. Rhodes Piera Cote Robson Rasha M. Sabkar Amy Storms Sable

93 Joseph L. Sluck Alissa Freimark Somers John M. Stetz Nicholas J. Sumas Holly Lenz Tomkovicz Jeffrey D. Tyson Rachel Rankin Van Der Stuyf Michael S. Walski Michael B. Yoder % Participation Class Fund Manager Thomas J. Costello Marquis Court Joshua A. Green Marquis Founders Karen Higgins-Carter Kyle M. Sell Marquis Society Mary-Alice Barrett Anthony R. De Paolo D. Michael Keelan Victoria Colin Wagenbach Michael S. Winograd Pardee Club Susan J. Curtin Melissa A. DiMemmo Susan Farrell Greene Tina Polhemus Hartnett Stacey Miller Leibowitz Thomas A. Ruddy Jason E. Salgado Glenn E. Smith Pamela Martinsen Smith Class of Jacqueline M. Olich Jed A. Plafker Rumneet Kang Saini Christopher B. Shields Gary S. Sluck Christine Masterson Vergura Elizabeth Burbage Wroblewski Cattell Club John Dweck Charles J. Abrams J. Whitney Eakin Joseph F. Perno Matthew J. Ashby Jennifer L. Emery Adam E. Phillips Lucas A. Bathurst Maria I. Falconi Christine O Hea Pitluk Thomas J. Costello Jonathan N. Fast Daniel J. Pitluk Lori Pisano Gilbert Robyn Donnenberg Ferrante Carrie Kremers Powell Diane F. McCammon Dia Bennett Flanagan Michael E. Rauscher Lara Diamond Minahan Stephen A. Fletcher Megan Cornish Reamer Douglas C. Mosteller Paul D. Friedman Laura A. Reilly Justine M. Gaeta Jenneke Wilcox Reynolds * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years Loyal Leopards A. Matson Allen Simone M. Almeida Elizabeth Selfridge Ausmus Franklin B. Austin Dawn Fiala Babler Brian A. Berkey Antonella Maviglia Berthin Tricia W. Bhattacharya Michael D. Brooks Tara Lynn Brown Sarah M. Burke Terrence D. Burke Sean D. Callihan Michele George Callum Terri Dadio Campbell Allison Kaye Carneal Christy H. Chandler Constantine J. Chigounis Erica Braz Chigounis Jeffrey S. Cole Christopher J. Conley Scott K. Craig Ronald A. Creed James K. Culley Michael Curi Kevin A. DeFeo James E. Deiter Jennifer White Deiter Michael W. Dietzsch Sarah Washburn DiGiacomo Gregory R. Dill Richard A. Gallos Jennifer B. Gelbstein Myles S. Getlan Timothy J. Groninger David Hammer Rebecca Bown Harobin Jean-Evangeline M. Harris Naoki Hiramatsu Robert J. Hneleski James P. Hooper John J. A. Hossenlopp Heather L. Hromoho Erica J. Kesselman Amy Lennon Killeen Kerri Goddard Kinch Donald R. Koch Jonathan M. Kopcsik Tanya Ruiz La Force Lisa M. Lau Peter B. Lugar Marsha Bard Maldonado Michelle Beloff Marcovici Jack W. Marks Meredith Renk Marks Michael R. Marshall Lisa LeMoult Mason Kristin Meyer Mayhew William S. Mazor Alyson Vassel McCormack Sharmin Islam Meraj Aimee H. Meyer Christian C. Michel Robert B. Miller Jere C. Morrel Susan Soskis Moss Daniel P. Murphy Kara A.T. Murphy Megan C. O Connor Karen Sullivan O Hara Holly Epstein Ojalvo Jason H. Ojalvo 93

94 Christopher J. Roberts Henry P. Rogers Alison Pressman Schickfus Kort J. Schickfus William A. Shaw Tracey Gutierrez Sigalos Aimee Bousquet Singer Donna Z. Sirounian Rachel Gordon Skrzypcz David J. Smith Maureen Anderson Snelling Jennifer Woodworth Sulc Catherine Hammond Sumas Stacey Fox Supran David M. Talley Susan Rohrbach Thompson Sherry Misiak Treney Jana O Brien Trevino W. Christopher Urban Wendy Ziegler Urban Keith R. Van Auken Jacqueline Gilmore Van Wagner Molly Myszkiewicz Vendura Vanessa A. Vestergaard Michael S. Waldron Amy Anderson Wilder Jennifer Van Cleef Wilke Kelly Hall Wilke James J. Wilson Hongyi Yin Class of Neil R. Sosler Mark Suffredini Marquis Society Elizabeth Bassett De Paolo Sean D. Kron Keith B. Oxenreider Ryan E. Schedler William E. Thygeson Pardee Club Stan G. Horowitz Stephen J. Wagenbach Cynthia F. Yap Cattell Club Nancy White Bathurst Alexis J. Belladonna Andrew M. Burdick Emily Ritz Cutler Marc J. Gallagher Michael S. Hubner Kimberly Coulson Macaione Rebecca J. Nelson Raymond E. Terek Brian C. Wachelka Melissa LaBov Dweck Munira Fareed Gabriel T. Gagliano Darrah Grubb Gingrich Andrew W. Harobin William B. Hazard Gordon W. Hill Lisa Carlson Hill Edward P. Hobbie Noriko Iikuni Peter M. Izmirly Christopher R. Johnson Thomas W. Johnson Kevin C. Joseph Jason E. Knight Christine Yang Ko Robert A. Kole Kent G. Krejci Karen S. Lambert Keith D. Larson Monica Morgan Levy Michael S. Lindauer Richard E. Loccke Darrell J. LuffBorough Jeffrey B. Lyttle E. Mimi MacLean Kimberly Iden Marino Loyal Leopards Robert A. Martin Jeannine Fallon Anckaitis Graham E. Michener Jeffrey B. Antolick Laura Knights Mirenda Julie C. Zadow Wayne J. Beach Laura Flatt Mobley Debra Naftoly Belena Nanci J. Murphy 1993 Ryan D. Bell Jonathan M. Novaco 23% Participation Christopher Bellucci Heather Lees O Donovan Class Fund Managers Philip J. Berkeley Keith M. O Loughlin Monica Morgan Levy David A. Block Lisa Petrecca O Loughlin Ryan E. Schedler Elizabeth White Bostwick Cara Deluca O Neill Stacy McIlraith Campbell William E. Paul Marquis Laureates Dino Capuano Douglas H. Pennington W. Thomas Kirchhoff David M. Colgan Tinabeth Pina Patrick R. Consolla Dorothy G. Razawich Marquis Circle Jennifer Komsa Contrucci Scott E. Reamer Bernadette Ulissi Branosky Scott C. Cooper Mark W. Rowland Annette M. Costigan Sandra Ehret Rowland Marquis Founders Jonathon E. Cross Laura Levin Shapiro Melissa Kennedy Jurick Jonathan Davis Julianne Ritter Shawaryn Sean P. O Brien Eric D. Day Katie Sisson Smith Christopher L. Rhinesmith Kimberley Massih Dolan Perry J. Spero Patrick E. Dolan Jennifer Morelli Style Michael J. Tennaro * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 94

95 Andrea R. Tweedie Juan F. Valdivieso Bobby E. Vaughn Melissa J. Vitale Gail Havekotte Vlacich Molly O Hern Wallace Cheryl A. Whitney Suzanne J. Williams Charles H. Willmarth Leigh A. Woods Francisco J. Zalles % Participation Class Fund Manager Stephanie A. Hayes Marquis Court Anonymous Brian C. Demay Daniel J. King Marquis Founders Janet Acculto O Brien Marquis Society Michele Dempsey Cunningham Stephen J. Noxon Peter T. Ohnegian Class of Margaret Cunningham Lyon Andrew E. Mullen Charles A. Miller Edward M. Nosenzo Todd C. Smith Joseph S.I. Pak Jonathan W. Weiss Holly Helgerson Paul Justin B. Wineburgh Shawna Hooper Paul Leslie L. Yuen Matthew K. Perez Matthew Podwoski Loyal Leopards Deborah Coonley Rand Timothy V. Ackerly Jane Rhee Gabrielle Laux Aitchison Edward P. Sasso John L. Andreassi Stuart G. Schept Tracey Long Berton Anthony M. Shea Janine Care Block Lauren Kozloff Sinrod Zoe Allison Bonnette Marybeth A. Browne Jeffrey M. Clancey Christine M. Colasurdo Heidi Caruso Commins John E. Cubala Scott M. Dailey Michael P. Dombo Alexander B. Douglass Thomas M. Dunlap Elizabeth Harrington Etzbach Dana L. Evano Madelaine M. Fast Mara Weinstein Friedman John B. Gaffney Carl M. Gambello Marc C. Greenberg Margaret VanCott Groninger Pardee Club Gregory J. Bazarian Nicole B. Hagg Laura MacAvoy Bazarian Heather Hackman Hamilton Dana V. Ferraris Douglas T. Hines Marquis Court Andrew J. Gasper Daniel J. Hodge Janine Hackett Erik V. Moody Christopher T. Hummel Scott W. Newton David J. Kelly Marquis Founders Kurt R. Reuman Kevin A. Knight Asela J. Gunawardana Colleen Dayton Tracey Stacey Trezza Koopman Dina Opici-Wallach Michael R. Tracey Koren Miller Kratchman Andrew M. Wallach Stefanie Kunka Cattell Club Libby Lee Marquis Society James P. Finn Peter S. Leffler Jennifer K. Blasko Robert T. T. Gettens Whelan J. Mahoney Scott M. Harris Kimberly Chalker Hanna Lisa DiGiovanni McClellan Michael L. Junk Stephen A. Hanna Peter R. McClellan Michael C. Maguire Stephanie A. Hayes Jannine M. McColgan Alison Sipe McDonald Thomas C. Holden Anthony M. Miceli Gordon S. McDonald Jennifer Baliotti LaForce Joseph M. Mihalik Brandon M. Troup Holly Godonis Moxhay * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 95 Jason A. Snyder Lisa Natishyn Stitt Jacqueline D Angelo Stowe Kristi Dutt Thatcher Jennifer L. Tobin Jennifer A. Torres John D. Troxell Merritt J. Van Pelt Brian W. Waerig Alton A. Wanning Lucien G. Webb Jason A. Weiner Emily K. Weiss Hilary Wohl Zalon % Participation Class Fund Manager Meegan E. McVay

96 Siobhan Crann Winograd Michael W. Zirinsky Pardee Club Robert F. Coombs Charles F. Dodge Richard D. Gilpin Meegan E. McVay G. Robert Witmer Cattell Club Kimberly Horai Gettens Ian J. Gutterman Emily Sommerfield Kunschner Loyal Leopards R. Todd Anckaitis Margaret McGrath Arnold Harrison Bailey Julie Gloss Barclay Allyson M. Beach Eric J. Berenson Shona Paston Blonsky Regina Sutliff Braun Jodi Heimlich Buyyounouski Mark K. Buyyounouski Jodi M. Chomicky Christine Terrigno Clancey Cheryl A. Connolly Jeannine Sluck Connolly Ki Perry Cooney Melissa Smith Cormican Erica L. D Agostino Jason G. Dorwart Patricia C. Ela Harris L. Goldman Joseph W. Griffith Fredrick A. Hammel Emily Boyd Hanlon Joseph L. Herndon Jo-Ellen Paradise Holbrook Cecilie Heidenreich Jedlicka Jennifer Box Knight Lisa Chaffee Kole Adam S. Levy Joheem H. Loh Marie Spencer Lyttle Kristin McGinn Mahoney Amith K. Majumdar Class of Kirk J. Maurer Joseph C. McCrossen Brian G. Mota Nicole d Auteuil Mutnick John C. Nalevanko Laura Roth Nicholas Kristen King Norman Andrew L. Nowack Jennifer Emmitt Nowack Scott G. Perrucci Angel R. Pineda Aized A. Rabbani Karen P. Reed Aran P. Roche Dina DeFalco Romani David M. Rosner Blase K. Sacus Victoria L. Salemi Christopher M. Samaritano David M. Skvoretz J. Bayard Smith Curtis B. Snyder Angela Spell-Sexton Steven R. Spencer Margaret Skarbek Stefandl Amy Saalwachter Strobl Keith R. Style Elizabeth Carter Tamarkin David A. Targan Autumn Mowrey Taylor Diana M. Tunnell Kimberly S. Vennard Ernest L. Vorpahl Erin McCann Wallace Jeffrey R. Wylde Evan S. Zuckerman Michelle Weinberg Zuckerman % Participation Class Fund Managers Elizabeth A. Nelson Marquis Circle Kirsti Wells Goodwin James N. Proctor Marquis Founders Thomas A. DiGiovanni Rawle G. Howard Elizabeth A. Nelson Megan O Neill Marquis Society Jarrod T. Spencer Pardee Club Lisa Martinez Gilpin Gina L. McCarthy John J. Natisin Christine Jepsen Readlinger Robert H. Readlinger Haofeng Xu Cattell Club Lawrence D. Ellenberg Daniel R. Murdock Peter W. Murray Amy Manuel Partridge Claire E. Swindell Luke J. Vaccaro Loyal Leopards Leslie S. Abrams Jeanine K. Andreassi Richard W. Andreski Jennifer E. Biderman Alexandra Ebner Blumencranz Joy Biscornet Borek Karen Burger Cairone Lynne A. Cavanaugh Christopher E. Ceresini Lorrie Devlin Chieffo Deborah E. Colbourn Melissa Roe Cubala Michael A. Curcio Joseph C. Cyrulik Justin D. Davis Nancy Carroll Davis Danielle M. DeHoratius Julie DeMotte John D. Dickenson Stanley T. Dworak Erica Bowser Eynon William F. Forbes Michael A. Frabizzio James N. Gerlacki Jennifer Reif Gifford * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 96

97 Nicola J. Gillies Adam J. Golden Jonathan S. Gralnick Jean M. Graziano Jennifer L. Harding Susan Garille Higgins Karyn Barnes Hines Glenn T. Hunzinger Paul C. Joseph Angela Eifert Key Shahreyar H. Khan Stephen H. Konya John S. Konzelmann Douglas C. Korn Coleen Connelly Kryst Jason N. Kuruzovich Rebecca G. Kurzweil Jennifer Pendergrass Larner Michael E. Larner Joshua E. Levy Christina M. Loccke William C. Lovett Ann Reed Lowell Megan Goff Machuzak Jennifer Kaas MacMurray Maureen T. McCabe John N. McCartney Seth W. Meskin Jane Curry Michener Gavin M. Morrissey Antonia DiOttavio Mullen Joshua B. Nelson John L. O Keefe Rebecca L. Orloski Robert A. Peterson Charles H. Phippen Craig J. Pohlmann Class of Megan E. Souders-Zobian Alexandra Matthews Spitler Kristl Alt Stanaland Amy Higgins Steenbock Natasha D. Strother Marcello T. Tallarigo Victoria Yung Thiersch Brooke Livingston Visentini David B. Waldman Christopher J. Watkin Jessica Benashski Watkin Matthew P. Windrum Benjamin C. Wozniak Kristine A. Zeigler % Participation Class Fund Manager Timothy E. Herburger Marquis Court Elisa Bussemer Crapanzano Sebastian J. Crapanzano Marquis Founders Amy P. Ahart Marquis Society Matthew S. Cantner Pardee Club Nancy Rothberg Barnes Allison Ditty Blechschmidt Christopher S. Blechschmidt John E. Pulsifer Christine Hayes Quigley Michele Kaplan McMillan Brian M. Rodowicz Christina Mangione Miller Mary Ellen Farmer Rudoi Cattell Club Quincy L. Miller Jacqueline Efron Sacus Bradford R. Bonner Cara Strunk Mohlmann Tobin C. Schilke Ian C. Murray Marna B. Schmidt Loyal Leopards Josh T. O Harra Geoffrey G. Schoeneck Shannon Gregg Agin Christopher J. Papazoglou Michael L. Sheehan Geddes O. Alexander Gladys Moniba Payne Alison Shipitofsky Christopher J. Allora Eva Carr Petrecca Kristin Johnson Shute Carrie Linker Almskog Katherine Kelsey Pisano Brad S. Silfies Margaret Hayes Aspinwall Lisa Hurwitch Raftery Helena Tregubov Smart Alissa T. Raphaelson * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 97 Beth Ann Donofrio Coombs Sharon Grossman Herzog Sarah Wynton Mecouch William J. Mecouch K. Matthew Rutt Brent D. Auble Stephanie C. Barnett Matthew L. Bartlett Lloyd J. Bennett Heather C. Beraducci John R. Bezerra Carolyn Rosiecki Bingaman Amy Corea Burmeister Henry A. Burmeister Andrew K. Christian Joseph L. Clair Karin B. Classon Nathan H. Conner Rebecca Winner Conner Terence F. Cooke Eve P. Cowen Sara Stollar Deren Jennifer M. Doyle Kevin J. Doyle Deepa Patel Frabizzio Joshua M. Greenwald Timothy E. Herburger Zdenek D. Hezky Bridget Solimeno Ivers Carrie Dickison Jurus Kevin M. Kasarjian Jodi Morgen Katz Andrew W. Kennedy John P. Koch James L. Kohl Keith P. Lapointe Joan B. Lichtenwalner Megan Bruther Macmillan Alyson Young Magliozzi Jennifer J. Mandelson Sarah K. Marsh Lisa Bryson May Carl T. McGloughlin

98 Eric J. Rosenbloom Lisa R. Rubin Erin Campbell Sarkar Edward M. Sikorsky Brian M. Sklar Eric D. Spear Shari Reinherz Spiegel Rachael Steiner-Swiat Geraldine George Tama Anthony M. Tessitore Marci E. Thomas Douglas J. Walsh Kristin Nahm Walsh James Werner Andrew B. Wetmore Melinda Weber Young Tara M. Yurko Jill K. Zaborske % Participation Marquis Founders Seth M. Marlatt Marquis Society Jonathan S. Ellis Melissa Carnahan Ellis Kevin D. McKernan Susan Waters Schwarz Pardee Club David J. Barnes Megan Cooper Rutt Cattell Club Tarin Decembrino Cataldo Ryan C. Cimo Jonathan D. Levy David R. Morse Susan Foster Morse Jonathan R. Schaaf David C. Schwartz Genine Darrough Schwartz John M. Waldie Class of David M. Biko Wendy A. Birkhead Michael C. Brittain Katherine Zazzaro Butler Geoffrey K. Cartier Blasco G. Chacon Jason A. Charles Rhonda G. Cohen Alexis Millken Conlon Brett Underwood Cortell Elizabeth Richey Cristini Gavin M. Cuneo Lauren Howe Cuneo Ousmane Diagne Keith E. Ferguson Karin Savitsky FitzGerald Alison May Forbes Brian L. Habas James A. Hiscock Adam Khachaturian Marisa D. Khachaturian Jennifer L. Klein Michael B. Leary Meredith S. Lee Kirsten Blakeman MacFarland Scott R. Malyk Alfred R. McAllister Hope A. McCorkle Richard R.P. McCurdy Matthew V. McGowan I. Scott McWilliams Emma-Anne Millard Erin O Connell Miller Kerry Collins Morin Michael F. Morin Nicole Magnant Morrissey Margaret Harjes Mulry Christopher T. Patterson Jennifer Cascardi Pierce Justin T. Pivec Dallas L. Pulliam James M. Rini Scott J. Ritch Frederick J. Ritter Jessica Rassas Rosenbloom Jennifer Maloney Schott David Cristini Loyal Leopards Christine Ziccardi Schwartz Jeffrey M. Di Stasi Keith G. Angell Stephen W. Sinatra Larissa Dodson-Bush Jennifer Rossmann Baptiste Frank E. Somers Mary Edwards Engel Frederic W. Starr * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years Kevin A. Toukoumidis Benjamin L. Viglianti Elizabeth Fialcowitz White Melissa L. Whitson % Participation Class Fund Manager Amanda Alpert Knight Marquis Court Amanda Alpert Knight Pardee Club Eva C. Borden Kristin R. Chisesi Stacey Donofrio D Arcy James M. Hancik Cattell Club Christina L. Griffin Christopher A. Johnston Lynn N. Moran Alicia Paulsen Nelson Megan Sweeney Waite William T. Yinger Loyal Leopards Stuart Kittinger Alford Kelly Ann Barrett Nicole Piccione Bigg Sarah Proffitt Bogardus Shelly Lutz Bradley Chisato Murata Brittain Jennifer Mackey Burke Isabel Cabarcas-Quick Jody Walsh Callahan Sean P. Callahan Jeffrey S. Cantafio Sharon Bogan Carpenito Rachel E. Carr Cristal J. Chinn Edward A. Cole Shannon Iorio Collins Brian C. Cort 98

99 Gavin M. Fleischman Michael C. Fox Nicole D. Glaser-George Christopher J. Gonnella John W. Gregorek Thomas J. Greshock Michael T. Gribble Joseph C. Heilshorn Corey F. Higgins Seth L. Huttner Anna Cole Huttner Brendan J. Kenning Michelle LaBuz Kenning Yoek-Nam Khor Marina Kiriyeva David T. Klaus Alex D. Konop Brian E. Kortz Colleen M. Kozak Jennifer Womer Kreatsoulas Joshua M. Leen Page Pepper McConnel Rachel Spahn McCurdy Jason C. Mickno Jennifer L. Nasta Lindsay Suthard Nero Laura E. O Connell Danielle M. Ondic Kate Faia Prout Jeffrey R. Rios Jennifer Heim Roux Matthew J. Roux George T. Schlieben Stacey Johnson Schutzer Emily C. Selinger Mary Barker Steblein Brian D. Stratton Carrie Lyn Strong Renaldo A. Trancoso Donna DiGregorio Weller Matthew R. Whitley Shama G. Whitley Megan Blackburn Why Karen Berrier Woodmansee Chenming Wu Class of Marquis Court Gregory W. Schneider Marquis Founders Gerald P. Terry Marquis Society Scott A. Heiser Joshua W. Ruthizer Pardee Club Matthew M. Curcio Stephen E. Dorsch Thomas M. Hoffman Matt D. Milks Amy L. Mussen Cattell Club Amanda Friel Marriner Shawn J.V. Sponaugle Daniel M. Suffin Christian M. Waite Chad A. Williamson Loyal Leopards Huldah Adams George Beres Christine Tessier Bernardino Kathleen Boyer Braunstein Nancy Johann Cotton William N. Ferguson Beth Voglesong Forman Amy Strunk Gildea Thomas G. Gildea Colleen Gleeson Greshock Ryan Gildea Guthrie Brian P. Guzas Paul A. Harmon Gregory T. Hayes Matthew A. Hornfeck Daniel J. Hughes Melissa Smith Hughes Jeremy S. Kacuba Kenneth E. Kligge Leidy E. Klotz Gregory S. Koskinas 2000 Gianna M. Locascio Peter C. Hedley 16% Participation Adrienne Turell Longo Amy Dorfman Julin Class Fund Manager Jason N. Longo Daniel C. Turrentine * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years James P. Mark Lisa Shanahan Mark Carey Lee Mazzoni Kathleen Miller McCoy Barbara Berkowitz McDonough Jessica M. McRorie Jennifer M. Metzger John D. Mohline Jennifer Smith Morelli Justin V. Morris Jodi Bruder Morrison Jean N. Moyer David E. Narbeth Allen R. Orsi Joshua A. Oshinsky Lauren B. Pogany John J. Reap Jennifer Monteverd Rhodes Marisa Gaudreau Riley Ian A. Rippke Kristie Readinger Rippke Michael B. Salerno Kellee Salber Scherff Brian G. Schmidt Vanessa Vanderberg Sherrer Allison Marko Skidd Adrien Smith Michael Charles Sodikoff Denise Dreitlein Steiner Shoshana Cohen Stopek Lesley Hickman Stratton Paul Frederick Suprenard D. Tyler Vernon Brian L. Want Lori W. Wolfersberger % Participation Class Fund Manager Rebecca F. Waxman Marquis Founders Shana Hennigan Bennett Marquis Society C. Gerhard Anderson 99

100 G. Matthew Julin Elizabeth Plotkin Keil Pardee Club Feiyu Wang Mandy L. Weil Cattell Club Lauren E. Albano Timothy R. Bieg Brooke A. DiMarco Kelly A. Gabos Michelle Calvo Marshank Hensley Sejour Class of Michael F. Morelli Brian J. Mossop Laura Seymour Paro Youlian A. Petkov Kerri Holick Pierz Stephen C. Porosoff Maria Golub Rios Susan Antonioni Royster Michelle M. Ruggiero Jacob W. Ruggles Matthew S. Rutherford Michael T. Sanda Matthew D. Schwartz Peter C. Shaplin Emily Josephson Shteinhauz Loyal Leopards Jessica L. Snyder Robert D. Albergotti Ursula Vanderberg Staszowski Jodi A. Antonelli Benjamin A. April Sarah Bellows Upbin Darnell Azeez Andrew L. Batchelor Rebecca F. Waxman Patricia Brown Azeez Jenelle Zelinski Bombard Maria Romas Weicker Tamara M. Bacsik Jennifer Guogas Butchko Erin Beckley Weinman Jessica E. Badger Maureen A. Charleroy Jeffrey J. Weinman Jason R. Barbely Stephen J. Chiger Tracey Jasinski Wetmore Michelle Angelo Barbely Matthew D. Coble Cara E. Belardi Molly Phelan Dennis 2002 Gregg S. Berman Christopher K. Diehl 28% Participation Matthew T. Bishop Sara Viehman Diehl Class Fund Manager Theodore W. Blackburn Sandra J. Doyle Cara E. Belardi Andrew J. Blair Lisa Kendall Dunn Sherry Sanderson Blair Catherine Carson Eldridge Marquis Founders Lawrence M. Bond Alison L. Fisher Benjamin J. Mack Andrew T. Bostian Melissa G. Gartland Kristy B. Bourdon Kathy A. Gelato Marquis Society Matthew A. Bourdon Matthew H. Grandis Leanne Speitel Anderson Rebecca Novia Brindley Nicholas M. Groch Maria Fekete Brugg James A. Brown C. Michael Gualtieri Peter H. H. Carlson Brian C. Burke Samantha Bell Harmon Daniel R. Kiessling Thomas R. Burns Matthew B. Harriss Matthew R. Kulp Cristen Place Charnley Alexander F. Herr Daniel M. Maggin James A. Charnley Kimberly K. Huddleston Malinda Morain Ambyr Craw Chatzopoulos Kevin M. Krueger Chad F. Ritchie Maureen M. Corcoran Todd C. Landis Mary E. Crane Arthur E. Lathers Pardee Club Lauren Moses Cypert Elizabeth Westgate Lathers Philip J. Burger Daniel P. D Alessandro Jonah M. Margulis Lara Hershock Faust Christine M. Damiano Kenda Roberts McAllister William C. Faust Julia Damiano-Vicidomini Joseph A. McGowan Keith D. Rosmarin Ami J. Davey Brian S. Meyers Brian J. Schranz M. Dustin Davis Jill Benveniste Morelli Crystalann H. Deardorff Brian J. DeFranco * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years Cattell Club Kathryn Madden Bieg David M. Crean Collin P. Crotty Zara M.K. Davis Lance J. Lacoff Jared A. Potteiger Joy Krueger Roberson Elizabeth Lamm Shields Scott M. Shields Loyal Leopards Keri G. Allan Kenya T. Allen Melissa Fiorelli Allis Ned W. Allis 100

101 Dayna N. DeSimone Barret C. Diefenderfer James Eric Dietz Andrew J. DiFazio Steven A. DiMauro Diane-Denise Dougherty John A. Dykes Noelle S. Fankhauser Jody T. Feldman Katie R. Ferrone Carter E. Figueroa Sarah Silver Figueroa Grant B. Fromer Kimberly C. Gardner G. Taylor Gartland Carly R. Glover Abigail Santoro Goff Matthew A. Goff Tye J. Gonser Brian R. Greene Matthew J. Haggerty Eric T. Hauck Katherine Fruscione Hedden James J. Hertan Darren H. James Michael B. Kimball Jonathan F. Kline Laureen M. Krawse Michael A. Kuberka Michael S. Levey Elizabeth A. Loretz Neil R. Lovrich Class of Sadie Wetherbee Osborn Katherine A. Pelletier Linden Mills Pocceschi Michael G. Pocceschi Kenneth S. Poli Kaye L. Powell Lauren Uhler Rios Steven D. Rosen Megan B. Rothenberger Daniel A. Rubin Emelie George Rubin Sarah A. Ryan Michael E. Saioni Danielle Cortese Salsi Jaime S. Schwartz Aperna M. Sherman Christine D. Socha Kenneth L. Sondo Eric A. Stauffer Donald A. Stewart Karen A. Sullivan Kevin J. Swords Sara H. Tavrow Kylle Daley Tollefsen Idara E. Umoren Wendy J. Van Raalte Heather J. Vaughan Sandra K. Veresink Emily Hoffman Vincent Jeffrey P. Werrell Sharon Steele Will Spencer R. Williams Sarah A. Lowery Robert T. Worthington Virginia R. Carreno Jessica A. Lupo Cortney Comunale Wyatt Joseph M. Carson Tracy Kirsch Malz Scott J. Wynne Eric E. Case Jon-Paul H. Marnien Alyssa A. Zagrobski Kaajia Bruck Cassin Alison Streim Mathias Jeffrey H. Zaiger Megan A. Caufield Becky Dreibelbis Mazzei Jason S. Zomick Carrie R. Chaitt Elizabeth Matthews McCarthy Amy Emerick Clerkin Christopher H. Meredith 2003 Jennifer Gentile Collins Clifford C. Michaels 28% Participation Ryan P. Collins Stacie Truesdell Michaels Class Fund Manager Stanley C. Cook Megan J. Miller Melissa Mitchell Pizarro Seanna Dyer Crasnick Jason P. Monico Catherine A. Curcio Jennifer M. Murno Marquis Founders Robert J. Czarnecki Robert G. Murray Michael S. De Lisi Adam C. Decker Carrie Baker Neigel Liam P. Tavani Robyn F. DeRespinis Courtney R. Nemec Meredith F. Walburg Anne Neumeister DiMauro Dana T. Newcomb Raymond W. Weigel Katherine Powell Dithmer Catherine L. O Connor * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 101 Marquis Society Jordan L. Brugg Steven P. Chapman Paulo Coelho Angela M. Coxe Alison Ahart Williams Shaw S. Williams Pardee Club Jonathan C. Apostoles Joseph A. Saporetti Daniel A. Williams Cattell Club Bradley A. Bertkau Darrell A. Daman Ashley Wesmiller Flick Ryan A. Rubino Loyal Leopards Bethany A. Abele Ezra J. Acopian Anne Strunk Alfred Kati Bastelli Aumack Michael J. Avicolli Heather A. Badamo Michael A. Barrett Jennifer L. Bayer Mark S. Brault Robert A. Brown Erin Allison Bruestle Kristen Murphy Burke

102 Class of Kelly Martin Dubois Morgan Albus Mooney W. Alexander Walker Nancy L. Dwyer Lucile Smith Moreland Margaret Mary Walters Frank P. Enea Lily Fardshisheh Emily P. Murphy Tyler L. Myers Jamie G. Willett Laney B. Wyatt Vivienne R. Felix Dustin M. Nace Elizabeth R. Youngkin Meghan H. Fell Katherine L. Netinho Robin A. Yudkovitz Elizabeth J. Fineman Lazar L. Nikolic Jeffrey J. Zambrano Kenya S. Flash Stephanie McCarter Flynn Dylan S. Noyes Emily Francis O Brion 2004 Adam Foltz Cherish A. O Donnell 26% Participation Diana Foltz Lauren K. Frese Melissa C. Papa Matthew C. Parrott Class Fund Managers Christine L. Bender Sandra V. Furnbach Emily S. Ginsberg Monica A. Patterson Melissa Mitchell Pizarro Megan Longo Villanella Paul J. Griswold Kimberly N. Pollard Marquis Founders Joseph T. Hamill Kimberly Posocco Elizabeth A. Callies Susan K. Heinsohn Jarrod J. Poveromo Michael W. Lestingi Amanda Ohs Herr Jessica M. Raba Adrienne L. Stark Brian A. Heyesey Deborah N. Rhebergen Alison L. Hindenlang Jamie Jacobs Richman Marquis Society Margot H. Huber John D. Ricketts Carrie A. Abildgaard Megan M. Kahanowitz Marisa Rosenblatt Steven D. Berkowitz Erin Reynolds Kelsh Sarah L. Rosenzweig Stephanie N. Dorsey-Boatman Herbert Kennedy Nicholas J. Rotondo Alex L. Karapetian G. Lucas Kimmel Jodi Spector Kimmel Kimberly A. Rubenfeld Daniel A. Ruddy Christopher P. Mack Sarah L. Kline Thomas H. Ryan Pardee Club Adrianne Pasquarelli Knott Catherine Schmidt Saioni Natalie C. Bosserman Mark P. Kolba Liza Lesser Schwager Andrew W. Cottrell Andrea J. Kotrosits Janille A. Smith-Colin Thomas Gauntner Gregory J. LaConte Meghan Vacca Spurr Colleen Fitzpatrick Lyons Kathryn S. Lambert Roger D. St. Ours George P. Lyons Patrick J. Lennon Gregory J. Staszowski Stewart R. Reed Michael D. Louderback Corinne Loveland Mary E. Stehle Christina A. Stenman Kristen Quigley Saporetti Justas Staisiunas Michael C. Lutz Daniel T. Swarr James T. Mangarillo Jessica Papada Swarr John A. Veltri Julie Munoz Mangarillo Crystal C. Taylor Cattell Club Deborah Katchen Marnien Kristin Pontoski Taylor Jill C. Marvin Kristin McGroarty Marsh Gretel Raibeck Thomas J. Devin Murphy Matthew G. Marsh H cone K. Thompson Steven R. Mast Ryan M. Tobin Loyal Leopards Meghan B. Masto Christiane Conn Tomik Wendy A. Abrantes Barbara Gubner May Matthew H. Tomik Cory J. Adams Nkechi E. Mbadugha Jennifer L. Tonkin Michael A. Altmeier Elizabeth A. McKeon Christopher G. Toomey Ing Chea Ang Jenna A. Menard Johanna L. Turley Kelley M. Anthes Daniel N. Miller Katherine E. Vassos Christopher A. Bashur Kristopher H. Miszler Silvia K. Veltcheva Sarah J. Bassin Jessica R. Molek Stacey D. Wagner * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 102

103 Class of Cassie M. Baum James LaBuz Meghan S. Towers Stephen R. Bayer Daniel C. LaTerra Daniel M. Tye Christine L. Bender Nathaniel J. Lonergan Rachel I. Viglianti Rachael K. Blackman Lisa A. Loray Megan Longo Villanella Teva Miller Blair Lauren E. Bogar R. James Madigan Amy Magos-Alexander Marie Finan Wall Andrew G. Weisman Jason D. Boyd Jessica L. Martin Jennifer L. White Elisabeth B. Bratlien Michael W. McFadden Curtis M. Wilson Jessica A. Brody Shannon Sullivan McFadden Heather A. Wood David M. Bruestle Victoria J. Bruno Robert H. McLean Jessica V. Merkel-Keller 2005 Timothy J. Bruss John D. Millinghausen 28% Participation Kristen F. Cahill Ryan J. Campanelli Erica M. Canzler Devan Theiler Mourtos Nickolas C. Mourtos Victor L. Mrosso Class Fund Manager Lee M. Goldfarb Daniel P. Carreno Marissa A. Mullins Marquis Society Jeffrey D. Childs John P. Nawrocki Gabriella Engelhart Farnham Kristen Chiusano-Sullivan Lauren Freese Nawrocki Michael L. Nilson Brian J. Clark Reginald N. Clay David R. Norton Geoffrey A. Oxholm Julie E. Phelan Michael C. Troxell Katherine E. Curtin Manon Skrzypecki Patel John R. Zazzu Maura P. Dailey Jerri L. Pelletier Christopher L. David Jeremy R. Deaner David K. Philips Alyssa M. Picchini Pardee Club Michael T. Bohr Justin D. DeBerry Derek A. Pizarro Emily Gould Burton Kerrie Kiley DeBerry Prashant Poddar Ellen Tarves Veltri Stefano A. Derasmo Elizabeth L. Ponder Jillian M. Dodge Alison K. Poole Cattell Club Patrick O. Doherty Kimberly A. Enoch Zachary H. Pratt Pamela S. Predmore Isaac N. Esseku Robert A. McEwen Adam K. Faroni Ralph A. Rapuano John-Frank Stubits Daniel W. Finnegan Alyson Gross Ricketts Erin Malone Finnegan Brandon L. Ripley Loyal Leopards Suzanne R. Firner Jeffrey P. Rodgers Farhan Ahmed Erin M. Gallagher Andrea M. Sabia Veronica LaMura Allora Joseph E. Galyean Leslie A. Saint Jairo M. Amarillo Amy A. Giacobone Ryan J. Sakmar Susan B. Anamier Adam H. Glickman Benjamin T. Saxton Daniel A. Apoldite Joseph E. Goodwill Gary Schiessler Kristen L. Balsamo Miriam H. Habeeb Jacob W. Sechrist Stephanie C. Benash Thomas A. Hall Lisa Oliveri Serafino Stacey M. Cromer Berman Elizabeth W. Hallowell Kimberly C. Sica Daniel J. Berteletti Elizabeth A. Harris Eric M. Smoczynski Lori Astheimer Best Brett M. Harvey Michael J. Sparrow William H. Bishop Timothy H. Jones Andrew I. Starfield Stephen T. Bono Michelle H. Kamine Ilana B. Strauss Louise A. Boudart Sarah Stanlick Kimball Jessica Rogers Stroud Laura Roberts Bowen Emmanuel S. Kirunda John F. Sullivan Oliver E. Bowen Denel E. Kopf Nicholas A. Taro Susan E. Bowers Kathryn Ehling Kreis Andrew D. Thomas * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 103

104 Timothy J. Byrnes Anthony S. Cacace Maria Elefterakis Cacace Maria R. Caggiano Allison McGann Campbell Samara Newman Caplan Laura J. Capotosto Michael J. Caulfield Katherine E. Cinnamond Stephen G. Connlain Elizabeth Cassidy Cook Jeremy D. Cook David S. Copeland Byron C. Crump Alexandra P. DeLabar Kyle A. DeLabar Andrea S. Dietz Cantrell E. Donley LeAnn M. Dourte Benjamin H. Ellwood Thomas D. Emanski Ryan T. Evans Mitchell R. Feld Holly A. Feret Hart N. Feuer Robert J. Fioretti Susan E. Floberg Emily L. Fogelberg Kelly A. Foran-Tuller Douglas R. Fox John S. Furlong Andres Garcia Motta Kathryn E. Gifford Damian M. Gill Stephanie M. Giordano Lee M. Goldfarb Sandra D. Goldman Peter C. Gray Matthew R. Grossman Matthew J. Guadagno Sarah M. Hazel Kimberly Moore Herget Carrie Frazier Hertan Catherine A. Hobby Class of Richard L. Jackson Bradford M. Ship Natalie G. Kamphaus Blerta Shtylla Joanna Karasoulas Charlotte J. Smith Stephen J. Kelley Erica Flynn Smith Usman S. Khan John C. Stephenson Terel L. Klein James A. Strada Kristian S. Kleinbach Yashpal Subedi Michael B. Koch Matthew T. Taverna Victor M. Krasij Logan M. Terteling Rebecca J. Kulik Michael D. Tuller Taryn Landers Joseph M. Ungrady Sondra M. Lavin Douglas V. Wall Martin J. Lawlor Kathryn Sayles Watson Wynne Campbell Lennon Suzanne Ryder Webster James V. Lepre Brianne K. Welte Ashley M. MacLelland Katelyn E. Wilkins Abby Weichert Madigan Stephanie Shelton Yu Timothy J. Maglione Rebecca A. Zagatta Katherine Schule Malagiere Katherine D. Mannion 2006 Jason J. Mansilla 24% Participation Meghan Mara Ryan Class Fund Managers Ashley P. McDowell Kelly E. Barrows Caitlin McGee Melissa J. Spitz Erin C. McKan Jenny D. Moerschbacher Marquis Founders John P. Murillo Jennifer M. Legnini Adrienne M. Nagy Lindsay W. Napier Marquis Society Chrystie L. Neidhardt Kelly E. Barrows David C. O Neill Stephen T. Caruso Todd A. Palo Joseph R. Crobak Michael H. Pancione Marianna Macri Reilly Nicole C. Paquet Paul H. Wrapp Nicholas D. Paulish Daysi C. Pereira-Sorto Cattell Club Christopher J. Peyman Kevin B. Doyle Lindsay Shulman Pugh Hugh L. King Suzanne Dommerich Ranta Amanda Driscoll McEwen John J. Raymond Merhawi Redda Loyal Leopards Shawn M. Regits Jodie L. Ahart Kate A. Robbins Lori B. Anderson Jennifer L. Rute Craig M. Atkins Nickolas B. Baldwin Emily H. Becher Brandon M. Benjamin Matthew B. Hokanson Erica Saccente Marilyn M. Holguin Lindsay DiBiase Saccullo Matthew R. Hontz Eduardo E. Sanchez Dyan Argento Hooper Samantha K. Schackman Nicholas S. Birosik Sarah Segal Hudak Steven R. Schrum Nicole M. Black James C. Hughes Dhiraj Sharma * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 104

105 Class of Joseph C. Borland Collin J. LaCasse Tacie J. Steidel Melissa B. Boskey Gregory K. Lapp Leo F. Stinson Maureen Coleman Bower Megan Conway Lapp Dana R. Swartz Adam L. Bozick Michael V. LeFante Alison C. Sweeney Jenna Cellini Bresler Shari R. Leventhal Gregory D. Swiatocha Laura E. Brewer Elizabeth J. Lilley Daria L. Szkwarko Colleen Walsh Cardella Christopher J. Magee Gina F. Talarico Marc J. Cardella Stephen F. Malloy Diana Crai Taro Anneliza W. Carmalt Kathleen E. Marbach Elizabeth A. Taylor Sean E. Comerford Tommaso R. Marsella Brett J. Warren Meghan L. Davis Helen Duffy Martin Laurel A. Waterhouse Patrick J. Davis Joseph P. Martin Lori Weaver Will Christopher M. DeAppolonio Nicholas A. Masluk Richard S. Williams Lynne P. Desmond Ryan N. McCaughey Michael J. Xanthopoulos Emily Allen Driscoll Molly N. McDonald Tiffany-Lee C. Dyer Joseph T. McRuiz 2007 Edious Kwaipa Elliott Jennifer Z. Eppensteiner Janine R. Fechter Emily Langsam Mitchell Matthew J. Mitchell Christina E. Morley 47% Participation Class Fund Managers Matthew J. Potter Archibald R. Fisher Eric M. Fizur Kaleigh C. Mountain Joseph K. Narkevic Carli A. Siger Lisa A. Fung-Kee-Fung Sarah R. Nathani Marquis Society Lauren A. Giordani Daniel P. O Donnell Raymond F. Conger Andrea Weiss Glasser Joseph F. Ort Bryan N. Kahn David G. Glasser Jamie M. Papageorgiou Matthew E. Kamine Jessica C. Goldblat Nicole A. Parillo Evan D. O Brien Meghan B. Goodwin Nkrumah K. Pierre Matthew J. Potter David L. Greenberg Kristin E. Radziwanowski Zachary X. Reiter Jeffrey W. Gross Mark A. Ranta Carli A. Siger Michael E. Hamburger Christina Enea Helms Megan R. Rhadigan-Brack Kristin B. Rhebergen Cattell Club James A. Helms Danielle Martin Richman Lauren M. Fisher Beth Alyson Hendler Gregory C. Roscoe Aaron J. Hilber Jessica Fennell Heranic Daniel M. Rosenblum Cadance E. Hinkle Judith A. Hirx Alexandra Kenney Holtsclaw Jonathan P. Rowe Kristen Tull Rowe Tyler A. Jones Jill E. Masterton Austin T. Holtsclaw Jennifer L. Ryan Eilis R. Hood Kelly Cusick Sakmar Loyal Leopards Lauren E. Hugel Cassandra L. Samuel Jonathan Alerhand Mathew D. Ingraham Andrew R. Schanck Leigh A. Alexander Maureen E. Jackson Robert G. Schiller Edward P. Allinson Ekaterina A. Jager Randall S. Schlegel Lauren M. Appio Jamie A. Jarusiewicz Michael J. Scolaro Andrew T. Arkema Andrew D. Katz Danielle C. Seger Jaclyn Vazquez Armstrong Adam J. Kaufer Farrell A. Sharkey Joseph J. Avagliano Susan O Connell Kay Robert M. Shaughnessy Megan E. Averbuch Tia T. Kenan Thomas M. Shearer Eric S. Backlund Jonathan I. Kipnes Ndeshifewa E. Shejavali Scott P. Backus Kaitlin M. Kokolus Matthew S. Skellan Anthony N. Badillo John A. Kolba Melissa J. Spitz * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 105

106 Class of Danielle R. Bailey Roger M. Ellis Michelle E. Hunter Meghan L. Baker Kirby W. Baldwin Michael J. Elzinga Thomas Ercolano Jonathan C. Hurt Andrew A. Impagliazzo Danielle L. Bero Justin F. Esposito David C. James Jessica L. Bigness Jonathan D. Farrar Jessica S. Jenkins Jeffrey W. Bittenbender Craig W. Bloom Brooke F. Filewich Julia B. Finch Brittany H. Jesser Torian N. Johnson Keith R. Bloom Amanda J. Finkelstein Benjamin M. Jones Amanda F. Bodkin Kara L. Boodakian Claire P. Bourquin Jason E. Brenner Gina E. Brewer Katherine M. Buettner Rachel T. Fischer Carolyn C. Fisher Shannon M. Fisher Kelly R Fitzgerald Allison E. Fleischer Marisa C. Floriani Bryan J. Kazimierowski Thomas W. Keeley Kerry B. Kenny Thomas W. Kite Deborah A. Kloeblen Sarah J. Kolb Christine M. Burke Alison M. Flowers Karolyn C. Kopcza Trista M. Burke Michael J. Foley Sara E. Kreisel Lindsay G. Butera Jamison A. Caldwell Neal A. Follman Stephen T. Gabriel Vijay Krishnan Brian G. Kronenthal David B. Canter Jillian M. Gaeta Daniel A. Kucz Michael E. Canterino Veronica M. Canto-Ponce Christina F. Cavagnaro Dana E. Gambro Kevin J. Ganascioli Margaret E. Garcia Brandon R. Kurtzman Eugene J. LaBuz Whitney G. Laird Cameron Hodgkins Choniski Emily Goldman Garibaldi Jillian H. Lambert Lee H. Chrisman Shelly L. Christman Michael S. Cinefra Kali R. George Theresa D. Giamanco Frank R. Giannelli Ross H. Lang Tobie L. Langsam Joseph E. Lanzot Catherine S. Clifford Emily E. Gillespie Brian E. Laverty Jeremy W. Cline David J. Glotfelty Mauricio Leyva Chance W. Cobb Amanda N. Goldberg Daniel D. Liseno Jeriah D. Cohen James W. Conrad Danielle S. Goldberg Jacqueline M. Golden Jennifer M. Lota Lisa D. Lovallo Lori J. Cooper Benjamin D. Goldstein John M. Lucas Gregory R. Corcoran Jennifer R. Gorchow Kristen A. Lyon Tabitha Sprau Coulter Kristen C. Graf Kyle R. Manjuck Jessica G. Cygler Joshua B. Grossman Meghan A. Mannion Stephanie M. Danchak Kristin B. Hamman Daniel F. Martini Sara E. Davis Meghan J. Hargrave Sarah E. Masland-Fatherree Walter L. Dea Margaret A. Defilippo Kirsten M. Dehnert Amanda E. DeLoureiro Jessica Haase Dimmick Meghan Morel Dinardi Russell P. Dinardi M. Tahsin Hashem Benjamin C. Hauptfuhrer Brendan M. Heck Elizabeth A. Helwig Amaya G. Henry Kaytlin M. Henry Mircea F. Hepes Miranda Dolan Mast Nathaniel C. Mast Luke B. Matthews Melissa F. Mazer Richard J. McCarthy Amy C. McMahon Elizabeth Brady Meehan Michael A. Dominguez Christopher W. Doney Kristen E. Dorsey David L. Drechsel Jamaal T. Hilliard Kyle B. Hoover Bonnie K. Hoy Lai-Juan Huang James P. Meehan James J. Melachrinos Catherine A. Miervaldis Kelly C. Milnes Ian C. Driscoll Lauren A. Duffy Cara M. Hueston Chad M. Hunter Alexandra M. Minieri Stephanie J. Mishik * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 106

107 Amanda Lincer Modes Casian J. Monaco Stephanie Morain Victor A. Morales Rufaro G. Mukogo Allison E. Murray David B. Myers Daniel S. Nardo Thao M. Nguyen Kimberly M. Nieskens Christopher J. Noll Margaret A. Oberrender Cara M. O Donnell Katherine B. Okon Patrick E. O Neill Thomas W. Ormandy Allison S. Owen Ashley G. Parsons Andrea C. Patterson Andrew J. Pava Kelsey A. Pegden Matthew E. Pennisi Lauren E. Phelps Gregory G. Pierce David E. Platt Ashley L. Posey David W. Rahal Michael G. Raible Chelsea J. Rhadigan James N. Richardson Kelli McMahon Sanchez Rachael Magner Sandler Haley W. Schaefer Danielle B. Schreier Gregory W. Schwager Jeremy C. Scott Emily A. Seidmon Barton E. Seifert Deirdre K. Seifried Daniel R. Sharp David D. Shellhamer Class of Tegan M. Smith Marvin D. Snipes Craig S. Snively Hunter R. Sparks Samara B. Spielberg Efrem E. Stanley Sean A. Stanton Kara A. Stetler Justin L. Stovall Mark L. Svevar Christopher J. Sweitzer Sarah M. Thompson Katharine J. Tintrup Pablo Torres Letitia E. Travaglini John W. Tully Whitney M. Van Horne Lee S. Vanzler Stephanie E. Volk David S. Wahl Danielle L. Weaver Alison L. Weinstein Valerie Simone Weisman Matthew A. Weiss Michael T. Werner Bradley M. Wertheim Devon E. Worthington Megan B. Zaroda Patrick J. Zboray % Participation Class Fund Managers Steven T. Roe Andrew L. Stella Marquis Founders Jacquelynn A. Molzon Marquis Society Jessica A. Ferrara Jeffrey R. Silvan Thomas J. Ganter William R. Simmermacher Scott L. Hawkins Kristin E. Hayes Richard D. Simon James B. Higgins Arda M. Hotz Laura J. Sims Bryan R. Hurtado Danielle D. Sliva Loyal Leopards Mevan M. Jayasinghe Sarah C. Smedley Ashley E. Arnold Ashley A. Jermusyk Joshua E. Smith Daryl M. Baboulis-Gyscek Xue Ji Sarah L. Smith James C. Baclawski Taha M. Jiwaji Sara Smith-Katz Margarita Karasoulas * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 107 Caroline A. Bailey Richard H. Beatty Dustin T. Bednarz Christopher J. Benonis Sara M. Bergstrom Solange M. Bethart Jacqueline N. Bonder Madalyn R. Booth Karen N. Bouldin Elysia Brennan Clark D. Britan Alfred N. Bronakowski Brienne B. Brown Meredith L. Burrell Mary Rollyson Caldwell Alison Boyd Callahan James P. Callahan Amy E. Callan Jillian E. Carinci Lauren A. Chepauskas Caroline L. Conway Joellen M. Cope Kathryn I. Copeland-Walck Alison E. Crowley Jordan W. Cullinane Edward M. Detmer Peter H. Dimmick Kyle J. Doran Kate A. Ellis Mary Kate Erdman Kevin P. Farrell Lauren E. Finder Jenna L. Firshein Jaryd T. Freedman Lindsay Grimes Freedman Kristin M. Galati Diana Galperin Viktorija Gecyte Evan S. Gilbertson Elliot O. Goodzeit Kathryn L. Hamerslag Katherine M. Hardin

108 Class of Ellis E. Kelleher John J. Seniszyn Loyal Leopards Michelle A. Kinzie Anthony R. Sepe Nicholas J. Albano Chris J. Koch Allison B. Shapp Emily A. Archibald Danielle R. Koupf Daniel P. Sheehan Christie E. Atkinson Josephine A.M. Kurtz Sebastian H. Shrager Christy M. Aponte Leah I. Leinbach Preeza Shrestha Bernadette C. Balane Jeffrey B. Letoski Alexandra M. Sippin Nicole D. Barbero Adel Lomibao Brian R. Sliwinski TarynAnn H. Barry Alberto D. Luna Jennifer K. Spiciarich Ainhoa Barturen Devin J. MaGrann Evan M. St. Jean Alyssa M. Batula Jessica C. Martin Madeline R. Stavis Mariana L. Bazan Brian K. Mason Lauren A. Steinitz Jane M. Beckwith Daniel R. Massa Luke E. Sullivan Brandon C. Beidel Marshall N. Massey Jordan O. Tirrell Sarah J. Belliotti Katherine L. McDonough Yanina D. Torres Serdar Benderli Kristen Ruckno McGinnis Caitlin Uff Amanda P. Berger Sukritin Mehta Allison J. Vail Alexis R. Beveridge Katherine T. Melhado Selven C. Veeraragoo Nicole L. Bibeau Lauren E. Menges Brittany M. Waldron Daniel T. Bierce Andrew R. Mitofsky Danielle A. Ward Cailey A. Binkley Kyle V. Modes Jennifer P. Weisbrich Robert N. Blum Christine D. Moore Megan E. Werner Lisbeth A. Boule Meghan C. Muldowney Brian P. Wolz Thomas L. Boutin Karen E. Murray Xin Wu Carolyn E. Burns Alexander M. Naito Minza Zahid Brandon T. Butler Amanda E. Nardo Erin E. Zimmermann Jeffrey R. Butler Huong T. Nguyen Timothy K. Zirkel Jill S. Carey Rebecca A. Nickerson Corey A. Cattano Amanda L. Niederauer 2009 Meaghan L. Cherico Daniel M. Olivi 30% Participation Clarence H. Clark Nathan H. Parker Class Fund Manager Jesse P. Clemmens Carolyn A. Pasternak Sarah E. Maxwell Margaret D. Condon Yi Peng James R. Connolly Melissa I. Persaud Marquis Court John T. Crerand Michael J. Pizarro Christopher J. Bliss Brian W. Cronise Joanna Norelli Platt Shiliang Cui Michael J. Platt Marquis Society Laura J. Cullen Courtney T. Ramsdell Ryan M. Hanna Meaghan E. Darling Kathleen M. Reddington Corey J. Lewis Timothy J. Daubert Kevin T. Reese Robert M. Lynch Annmarie Dennehy Jason S. Richman Dengzhao Pan Nicholas A. Diaz Sara N. Riddle Ryan S. Silver David A. Dominguez Steven T. Roe Matthew B. Zamore Shelley K. Dreibelbis Sarah A. Rogers Zachary A. Zamore Daniela G. Duca Carolyn R. Romney J. Reed Edwards Karen D. Ruggles Cattell Club Jacqueline E. Egan Ever S. Ruiz Michael P. Lemken Adekemi O. Egunsola Julie M. Sauer Lauren M. Mottola Hannah V. Fink Theodore J. Schick Robert A. Follett Marjorie E. Schmidt Rachel M. Friedman * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 108

109 Class of Megan J. Fulmer David S. Miller Steven M. West Michael W. Gadomski Maria M. Mitova Geoffrey E. Weyl Ashley M. Gareau Kira M. Moore Eric G. Wilson Christian S. Garelli Matthew R. Mozer Qiong Wu David L. Geraghty Alison L. Nemeth Sean P. Gerrity Kerry A. Nichols 2010 Peter G. Gildner Tabor D. Pearson 31% Participation Kristin A. Gilman Joseph A. Peralta Class Fund Manager Sean P. Gough Torin Perez Teevrat Garg Ashley E. Gray Adam J. Pie Ian A.N. Stone Steven E. Griffiths Kate B. Pierce Myles D. Guevremont Nora W. Posner Marquis Society Christopher K. Haight Daniel J. Pucci Jeffrey E. Cumming Sean T. Halloran Ying Quan Teevrat Garg Danielle J. Harris Robert J. Restaino Jason C. Garman Joseph M. Haymaker Daniel P. Rhodes Jonathan R. Jaye Brittany L. Hitz Kathryn D. Ring Alan M. Raisman Greg A. Hoeschele Scott W. Robison Dennis J. Whelen Thomas E. Hughes Brian J. Rotmil Margaret R. Jacoby Jessica E. Schor Loyal Leopards Andrew S. Jameson Megan A. Scotti Michael J. Adelman Adam M. Jones Anoop G. Shah Tarush Agarwal Lauren E. Jones Patricia C. Sharkey Victoria M. Baker Victoria A. Kammer Joshua L. Shek Jeromie M. Ballreich Nicholas W. Keller Debra L. Shlossman Andrew J. Barnousky Patrick M. Kelley Kimberly A. Sialiano Keith R. Barry Matthew J. Kelly Amy L. Solomito Millicent D. Barry Meghan E. Kelly Paul E. Sommers Julia A. Bateman Keith J. Kesten Julia Y. Sorkin Thomas S. Bellone Victoria J. King Jose L. Soto Fuentes Christian C. Benante Emma M. Kline Samantha E. Speer Ryan K. Benjamin Kyle B. Kotch Jessica E. Spicer Emily D. Bernzott Christopher S. Kuehn Gary R. Steinberg Emily L. Bjork Mary R. LaBuz Sarah L. Stoudemire Samuel R. Bloom Melissa A. Larsen Kenneth M. Suarez Michael A. Bolton Carissa P. Latona Michelle P. Swick Julianne K. Boyce Andrew R. Levy Caroline R. Szczepanski Lauren M. Buisson Katherine L. Liptak Rachel J. Tanz Jesse R. Calkins Christopher G. Luick Katharine J. Thompson Christine M. Caputo Suzanne W. Manning Marco Tjioe Hilary A. Carroll Jacquelyn I. Marchese Sergey G. Toshinskiy Wystan Carswell Elizabeth M. Margolis William B. Towne Sean P. Casey Michael D. Marin Kavinda G. Udugama Chak Man Chan Alaina D. Masler Casey A. Vasta Sabrina X. Chen Sarah E. Maxwell Maria M. Vega Martin T. Chojnacki Sean J. McAuley Robert C. Waldele Anna L. Christo Kelly A. McCauley Sara E. Walter Zachary M. Cleary Ryan S. McGinnis Ellen G. Waxler Marquis D. Clements Jessica M. McWalters Brittany A. Weddell Lynn M. Cocchiola Victoria D. Melroy Lucy G. Weise * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 109

110 Class of Daniella L. Colon Elizabeth A. Knapp Leslie S. Raucher Britt C. Crouss Sarah E. Kolba Katherine M. Reeves Matthew D. DeBlander Andrew F. Kotsopey Stephanie A. Richard Shannon A. DeHont Emma W. Laird Caroline J. Richardson Anna V. DePetris Chelsea C. Lajterman Alexandra M. Rigos Karl C. Desmond Aaron M. Lampley Claudia I. Rinciog Michael T. DiGirolamo Alisa Lando Gabriel M. Rivera Chris A. Dionisio Christopher R. LaTempa Jessalyn M. Rolwood Alexander H. Diss Nicholas D. Leigh Christina N. Romano Chinh H. Do Amanda M. Leone Jennifer M. Romano Alexandra F. Edelstein Emily K. Lloyd Zachary M. Romano Raluca Eftimoiu Allison LoBello Anthony M. Romanoski Hristiana E. Eneva Mosi F. London Avi P. Ruderman Carolyn A. Fast Anny R. Lopez Kevin J. Rush Alyson W. Fitzpatrick Elizabeth A. Lutes Emanuel J. Santa-Donato Jonathan J. Foley D. Scott Lyttle Jorge F. Sawyer Stephanie M. Fosbenner Emily O. Magee Andrew M. Schnall Kyle J. Fritz Antoaneta H. Malhasyan Katelyn M. Scoular Michael J. Fuller Iris H. Man Kelly M. Sendelsky Madeleine E. Gantz Adriane E. Marcellus Christopher M. Shafer Marie A. Garofalo Eric C. Marshall Rashidah T. Shelton Brandon S. Gold Stephanie C. Mason Jeffrey A. Shoemaker Lori L. Gonzalez Tara C. Mayo Christopher M. Shumeyko Meghan G. Gray Keara F. McCarthy Ryan A. Simmons Elizabeth A. Graybill Daniel E. McDonald Mark P. Sliwinski Kristen I. Greaney Matthew F. McGranaghan Amanda J. Smith Jacqueline I. Greenlee Chelsea L. Michael Colin M. Smith Elizabeth R. Hall Breanne Michalek Daniel R. Smith Matthew F. Hall Monica A. Milanovich Kathleen P. Sokolowsky Richard D. Hansen Kevin F. Miller Natalie R. Soldwisch Diana Hasegan Cara A. Mulholland Michaela K. St. Onge Amanda E. Hauze Marcel P. Naguiat Ashley N. Starodub Meghan D. Hayward Christopher W. Nial Marie R. Stavrovsky Owen D. Henn Brooke E. Niquette Daniel E. Stefan Kelly M. Hilovsky Kristin N. Ocampo Elina Stelman Long L. Ho Kaitlin M. O Shaughnessy William J. Stevenson Jonathan D. Hoke Kevin G. Oswalt Ian A. N. Stone Zachary B. Howes Doychin S. Panayotov Jesse T. Straus Brian C. Hu Jason C. Pang Elizabeth J. Sullivan William D. Hudacek Mark J. Panny Kerry A. Taylor Ibtihal Hyder Jacqueline D. Parodi Allison M. Tether Jennifer C. Isherwood Allison A. Pennella Brian P. Thomas Treyvon W. Jackson Barbara W. Pennington Jennifer L. Tillman Jordan B. Kaplan Sara E. Peterson Ezra G. Tischler Elizabeth R. Katz Sydney L. Peyser Trinh T. Tran Austin A. Kennedy Mathew D. Pezon Alissa I. Turpin Rose T. Kennedy Alexandra R. Pierce Kristen C. Tyler Mark S. Kim Adrian J. Pisarri Rytis Umbrasas William J. Kingston Amanda Pisetzner James D. Vasta Tiye A. Kinlow Jennifer J. Pralgever Jeffrey A. Vatter * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 110

111 Gregory M. Wells Bradley E. Williams Carolyn L. Zawislak Jeffrey D. Zimmer % Participation Class Fund Managers Christina L. Hunt Amanda H. Whitbred Marquis Court Christopher T. Vecchio Marquis Society Erik R. Adolfsson Kelsey F. Andersen Stefan G. Bauer Sarah E. Dally Katherine Finlay Margaret G. Fisher Lauren E. Flynn Michael L. Follett Christina L. Hunt Rachel S. Ingber Max Balsam Kalman Justin B. Kamine William S. Karr Ashley C. Koble David B. Lauritano Robert J. Lennon Cara E. Lyons Daniel T. Miller Kaitlyn A. Reilley Blake S. Rhood Davis R. Rodriguez Nathaniel A. Shatz Emily C. Simon Alexandra I. Smith Brent R. Souders Angela M. Urbano Amanda H. Whitbred Taylor E. Worthington Emily M. Zettler Class of Jessica C. Aston Kristyn A. Baccaglini John C. Bachner Melanie A. Battista Jeffrey A. Beatty Brittany N. Beaver Alexander W. Beeman Alec Bernstein Amanda E. Bisson Scott H. Blond Jennifer L. Brady Conor G. Brennan Gregory W. Buchan David G. Bucholtz Tung T. Bui Michael E. Butler Nicole C. Ceil Darlene J. Cerullo Ting Y. Chiu Stephanie L. Codos Tomas Concepcion Catherine K. Crowther Matthew A. Crystal Raphael E. Cuomo Zhukan Ding Arlana F. Egan Julie E. Ehrlich Lawrence C. Ennis Andrew M. Feldman Ramona V. Fittipaldi Kathryn E. Friedman Andrew L. Fullen Stephen P. Gadomski Kristin M. Garganio Lindsey K. Getches David F. Gold Farai C. Gombedza Amanda E. Goss Patrick B. Grinaway Susan C. Grunewald Ryan J. Hansen Danielle K. Hartl Allison D. Hawkey Bradley F. Hennessy Eric H. Henney Lauren A. Holck Rachel L. Hollander Rachel M. Hook Lauren M. Huyett Ashley L. Juavinett Carissa H. Jung Timothy J. Kangos Melissa R. Kastner Tracey A. Kelly Jennifer N. Kihm Andrew T. King Christopher A. Kisch Hannah J. Klein Stacey B. Kushner Lauren M. Lacoff Brendan M. Lawson Peiyuan Mao Jonathan J. Marcek Ioana A. Marin Jon J. Martin Bryan D. McAtee Adam M. McMahon Kelly A. McNulty Christina M. Mingora Taaha M. Mohamedali Rebecca A. Mohler Robert D. Montecallo Daniel J. Moran Sarah J. Mucci Tafadzwa Munezvenyu Cesar A. Munoz Cara M. Murphy Lillian J. Newman Tyler J. Ostrovsky Ian P. Owens William J. Parker Samantha J. Patterson Stephen M. Petrock Zara S. Piracha Alexander F. Policastro Christine L. Reynolds Alisha C. Roller Devon S. Rudolph Sarah M. Savattieri Michael A. Schmidlein Melanie C. Schor Christopher J. Senackerib Sheena L Seopaul Marina P. Shirley Conrad S. Shrager Belinda Sibanda Christopher A. Skrabak Kelsey L. Slater Loyal Leopards Afua A. Akuffo Ines Amenabar Samantha R. Angeline Amanda K. Jones Alyssa M. Smith * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 111

112 Jessica R. Stern Franklin S. Stinner Jessica E. Swanson Steven C. Swavely Ross G. Tilchin Raymond G. Van Cleve Ingrid M. Warner Jessica E. Wason Katherine J. Whitman Tara J. Winter Conner J. Woods Katie L. Wyttenbach M. Haruki Yamaguchi Adam S. Young Matthew R. Zwingraf % Participation Class Fund Managers Thomas J. Bolt Kurumi Fukushima Ryan C. Shroff Marquis Laureates Robert C. Delaney Douglas W. Prusoff Marquis Founders H. Joel M. Hindelang Class of Jared R. Piette Zachary A. Pustejovsky Kelley G. Reslewic Carter T. Rufe Michael J. Rupolo Jennifer R. Schechner Ariana M. Senerchia William R. Stern Julia R. Tanenbaum Andrew H. Uzenoff Andrew P. Walsh Loyal Leopards Anonymous Khadija M. Abdel Hafiz-Sokaria Christina L. Abruzzo Prajesh Adhikari Adedayo C. Adu Ariel M. Aguiar Gregory D. Allis Matthew R. Alpert Melissa B. Appelstein Avantika Ardey Brian Asingia Evan A. Baily Peter B. Bain Amanda E. Balaban Tyler R. Bamford Justin T. Barry Katherine M. Bartels Alicia J. Bartley Frawley A. Barton Tyler M. Basting Lina A. Batarags Blagovest D. Baychev Thomas J. Benjamin Mitchell A. Bennett Lauren P. Berglin Ekrem O Bermek Matthew R. Bernhard Gregory V. Bernstein Hemendra V. Bhola Alexa R. Biale Jeffrey S. Biel Jane E. Bigelow Gavin N. Biggs Asuman Bilgin William R. Binder Aaron M. Birt Allyson L. Blackwell LA A. Block Thomas J. Bolt Mark J. Bottini Emil M. Boulos DeMark R. Bowman Christopher R. Boyce Alexandria L. Brannick Gregory R. Brody Krista N. Brooks Breyon D. Brown Mark I. Brown Christopher J. Bruce Anthony Buffolino Gregory G. Busillo Leroy A. Butler Carolyn D. Cabrey Imogen K. Cain Javauhn E. Caines Cole L. Caivano Luke D. Calvano Jeffrey D. Cameron Shannon D. Cannizzaro Matthew P. Carpinello Megan K. Cassidy Kirtika Challa Shane J. Chalupa Ankit Chandra Ericka S. Chehi Daisy Chen Adrian N. Chernyk Caroline C. Chester Maytee Chinavanichkit Andrew B. Chun Elenie L. Chung Emily D. Clark Molly G. Clarke Alissa A. Coffey Jonathan S. Cohn Amber C. Coleman Christopher J. Costantino Jacob A. Crooks Christine M. Culgin Thomas C. Culp Alexander D. Cummings Roland Cuneo Mary B. Cunning Lauren T. Curley Melanie N. Cybriwsky Marquis Society Jaclyn A. Avidon Gregory T. Baldwin Susan E. Barba Elizabeth L. Blake Clarissa M. Brown Angela M. CampoBasso Anthony J. Castro Eleanor S. Clowe Robert C. Delaney Edward Epple Harry S. Fishbein Caitlin M. Flood Scott W. Gordon Max J. Greene Alexander B. Imel Ryan J. King Alexandra G. Lucy Ethan J. Perro Michael J. Black Bidur K. Dahal * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 112

113 Class of Frank J. Dalicandro Lauren E. Firth Charlotte E. Herzan Caitlin M. Damiano Lorre-Ann R. Fisher Rebecca H. Heslin Brian M. Davila Robert C. FitzPatrick Graham R. Heydt Mark M. Davis Russell W. Fitzpatrick Amy L. Hinkel Vanessa Davis Emma K. Flaherty Christopher J. Hipple Beatriz De Jesus Jamie L. Flaherty Gavin D. Hobbs Jacob D. Dein Alexander F. Floeck Andrew E. Holmes Margaret M. Deiseroth Alexis M. Flowers Spencer M. Honeyman Ruth R. Dennehy Nicholas C. Foerst Nicole L. Hope Nicholas A. DeRosa Melissa M. Foley Christina N. Hoste Megan D. Devlin Matthew S. Foy Joseph J. Houldin Christopher R. Dilts Shane D. Foye Haley A. Huffines Michael D. DiPietro Hannah M. Frank Bryant Hughes Nathan J. Dixon Jessica E. Frey Felix G. Hutchison Amanda S. Dolber Kurumi Fukushima Andrew D. Hwa Cara M. Donleavy Rosanna C. Fulchiero Berkin Ilbeyi Stacey E. Dorn John C. Gentile Carolyn E. Isaac Melissa A. Downey Samantha K. George Caitlyn E. Ische Benjamin C. Drabinski Tyler Germanoski Daniel A. Jaffe Melissa B. Drennan Robert C. Glascott William A. Jauregui Stirling R. dubell Heather E. Godshall Shiyang Jiang Jeffrey T. Duck Thomas F. Golaszewski Jake N. Johnson Timothy P. Duncan Evan M. Goldberg Kimberly E. Kanzler Andrea S. Duvall Laura A. Goldberg Sarajane Kaplan Benjamin G. Eaton Stacey J. Goldberg Jared C. Katz Rethna Eddy Eric L. Goldwein Heather V. Keefe Andrew R. Ehrlich Caitlin A. Gordon Matthew R. Keehn Karim D. El Hajoui Jessica B. Grabowski Nathaniel M. Kelley Brandon L. Ellis Matthew K. Grandon Lauren K. Kelly Nicole M. Elstein Sarah M. Gray Aaditya Khanal Jephord A. English Bridget O. Greeley Vichhay Khiev Elizabeth H. Engoren Matthew H. Green Emily S. Kimmelman Carly H. Ennis Benjamin I. Greenwald Michael P. Klemens Lauren M. Ennis Michael J. Grimaldi Carl C. Knowles-Buchanan Mary L. Episcopo Elias G. Hajjar Andrew R. Koch Alexandra S. Erwin Laura N. Hammer Maryann M. Kokus Samuel Farber-Kaiser Paul C. Hammer Scott F. Kominkiewicz Robert M. Fargnoli Kimberly M. Harkins Gregory Z. Krieger John A. Fasano Hugh S. Harris Cody H. Kugler Daniel A. Faulkenberry Christopher A. Hassler Benjamin A. Kushner Courtney L. Feairheller Donovan J. Hayes Danielle M. Kutcher Jamie A. Federbush Kyle W. Hayes Gabriela S. Lachapel Megan E. Feeney Stephanie A. Hazlett Carmen M. Lambarri Carly S. Feiro William C. Heffernan Margaux E. LeBuffe Geoffrey I. Ferguson Kyvory A. Henderson David E. Lehman Marisa B. Fernandez Nicholas T. Henderson Katherine M. Leonard Peter J. Ferrara Alexander J. Hendin Alyssa M. Leone Caroline S. Finden Augustus H. Henninger Amanda M. Levine Alison M. Finn Bridget K. Hentz Michael D. Lewis Carl J. Fiorini Benjamin H. Herchenroether Andreas Lezis * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 113

114 Class of Jiaqi Li Danielle M. Miranda Lauren N. Phillips Nan Li Elliott J. Mitchell-Colgan Dyana L. Picache Kevin Ling Sarah G. Mitchell Janelle M. Pierson Joshua L. Lipschultz Nicholas J. Moneta Morgan J. Pinter Xuan Liu Angela M. Mongelluzzo Emily L. Pizzino Juliet T.S. Lodi Andrew A. Moore Candice T. Prager Jordana M. Loft Ross A. Moretti Christopher M. Pregler Thomas M. Lombardo Samantha M. Morgan Shane M. Pruitt Stephen M. Lowinger Dante M. Morgnanesi Simone N. Pruitt Cristina E. Macioch Andrew B. Morris Juan C. Puerta Carolyn M. Madaras Eric D. Mortensen Kaitlin R. Purdy Sophia E. Malone James D. Mower Emily R. Pyle James M. Maloney Rebecca C. Mulford Hilary A. Raciti Wayne Maminski Christopher B. Murphy Pamela S. Rafeld Chelsea L. Mandell Katherine E. Murphy Holden T. Ranz Marisa J. Mansueto Erin R. Murray Shalini E. Rego Michelle S. Mariconda Robert C. Napor Morgan S. Reibman Catherine S. Martin Sarah E. Naramore Katherine L. Reinhardt Walter H. Martin Nicholas A. Nardone Colin R. Rementer Rebecca L. Martini Zachary B. Nash John R. Rems Lauren M. Marzocca John A. Naso Hannah C. Reynolds Toby A. Maynard Ahsan I. Nawroj Stephen J. Reynolds Meredith A. McCann Joelle A. Neilson Richard G. Rice Kate E. McCarrick Paige J. Nelson Daniel M. Ricken Kevin D. McCarville Shannon Neschke Ryan P. Riddle Steven D. McClain Sayedatun Nessa Derek G. Ridinger Stephen J. McCormick Catherine C. Neumann Niccole A. Rivero John Michael H. McCulloch Phuong Anh H. Nguyen Zachary W. Roberts Alicia M. McElhone Kellyann Niotis Robert L. Robertson Tyler R. McFarlane Emily J. Odle Stephanie Rodriguez Sarah J. McGorry Lisa M. O Donnell Sarah C. Rogal Evan M. McGovern Ayodeji S. Odusami Ivan R. Rosario Colleen C. McGowan Megan L. Ohlmacher Miriam B. Rosenhaus Sean P. McGrath Katharine M. O Neall Suzanne C. Rossi Erin L. McIntyre Katherine E. O Neil James G. Rotchford Christopher K. McKenna Ryan P. O Neil Zachery B. Roth Christopher Q. McNeill Oleksiy V. Onishchenko Jerome E. Rudolph Ryan J. McNeill Ciara M. O Sullivan Lindsey K. Ryan Christopher N. McNulty Jennifer S. Ovental Michael J. Sainsbury Ryan J. McQuillen Kaitlin L. Ownes Alexa C. Salcito Christine M. Mebust Justin K. Pagano David A. Salter Erin E. Mee Kathryn E. Panto Samantha E. Sangenito Luke R. Meleney Nripesh Parajuli Christopher Sanginiti Scott H. Mellon Dana M. Pardini Steven N. Saunders Emily R. Melvin Benjamin R. Paro Collin J. Sayde Katherine E. Metcalf Milan J. Patel Matthew S. Scheps Thomas C. Miglietta Ryan M. Payne Rocco F. Schiaffino Meghan O. Miklavic Brian C. Peacock Gregory D. Schorr David R. Miller John D. Pelham Larisa M. Schuckle Gina F. Milone Peter N. Petkovich Anna R. Schulman * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 114

115 Samuel A. Schulsinger Michael G. Schultes Megan N. Schultz Elyse D. Schunkewitz Cory W. Schutz Richard J. Schwalje Samantha A. Schwarz Lauren E. Scott Brian P. Selvarajah Robert C. Serling Bijal B. Shah Nickolay S. Shopov Sarah Shuster Drew A. Singer Briana L. Skalski Samantha K. Smith Jeffrey S. Snell Danielle V. Sobol Carolyn H. Spalding Jacob F. Spiro Adam N. Spitulnik Aaron J. Springut Erika Stasakova Erin A. Steel Joshua D. Stokes Natalie S. Stone Ashley M. Storey Greg J. Stripe Samuel F. Strong Class of Kruti N. Suchde Kelly A. Sullivan Lindsay M. Sullivan Sarah A. Sullivan Dylan P. Taft Michele S. Tallarita Ashutosh Tamrakar Emily S. Tanenbaum Noah M. Tannen Alana L. Taylor Allyson G. Taylor Megan C. Tejada Michael Y. Thompson Sherry- Ann S. Tim Kee Michela Torchio Tania A. Torres Michael Trejo Kyle T. Triplett Laura A. Triscoli Alexandra H. Trowbridge Joshua K. Tufts Gwendolyn S. Turner Shira R. Underberger Jacob A. Vance Bianca M. Vassare Martine C. Ventello Ngan K. Vu Victoria L. Walkoff Miao Wang Lauren N. Weber Austin D. Weidner Noah C. Weiner Jordana M. Weisman Julia T. Welby Sarah J. Welsh-Huggins Daniel A. Wilkinson Ryan D. Willen Katherine A. Wilson Joyce L. Wong Hon Chan Krista P. Woodward Eliza A. Woolford Kayo L. Yamada Andrew H. Yarnall Alexander W. Yee Yue Yuan Daniel J. Zapata Elizabeth O. Zator Nicholas A. Zawarski Brittany A. Zawistowski Hallie J. Zeller John W. Zenker Shuang Zhao Christina C. Zipf Karen V. Zuccardi * = deceased Fleck Society Members: = 5-9 years = years = 15+ years 115

116 Gifts from Parents and Grandparents MARQUIS LAUREATES Gifts of $50,000 & Above Mr. and Mrs. Benson J. Chapman Mr. Robert V. Delaney and Ms. Pamela J. Craig Mr. and Mrs. George W. Whelen MARQUIS COUNCIL Gifts of $25,000 $49,999 Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Broderick Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Coradino Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Gagnon Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Glascott Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Heaney Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Keeler Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Keith Mr. J. Peter Simon and Ms. Janet Mauriello Simon Mrs. Amy Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tanenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thorpe MARQUIS CIRCLE Gifts of $10,000 $24,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Martin P. Averbuch Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Conti Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Delsener Dr. Deborah A. DeRose and Mr. Alvin S. Prusoff Mr. and Mrs. Brian I. FitzPatrick Mr. and Mrs. Jack N. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Hope III Mr. and Mrs. Phillip W. Huffines Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson Mr. and Mrs. William D. Ju Mr. Harry V. Keefe III and Mrs. Carol Ashton Keefe Mr. and Mrs. Wade R. Martin Mr. Stephen J. Meringoff Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Metelenis Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Nash Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Pierce, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Silverman Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yanez Mr. and Mrs. Taras W. Zawarski MARQUIS COURT Gifts of $5,000 $9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Aloi Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Berger * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Bernhard Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Brodie Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Chazen Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Christian Mr. and Mrs. Martin I. Cole Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Corbo Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Galgano Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. S. Dillard Kirby Thomas Kuhns, Esq. and Dr. Amy Beth Zuege Kuhns Mr. and Mrs. John D. Lewis Ms. Virginia A. Logan Mrs. Suzanne Gould Maggin and Mr. Wayne L. Maggin Mr. and Mrs. Steven Maxon Mr. and Mrs. Glen S. Milliman Dr. and Mrs. Emilio S. Musso Mrs. Maria LaReddola Takacs and Mr. Thomas P. Takacs Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Vecchio Mr. Michael R. Young and Ms. Leslie A. Carroll MARQUIS FOUNDERS Gifts of $1,826 $4,999 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. James A. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Andrusko Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Auvil Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Tony J. Beasley Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Beghou Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Bezer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce N. Bolton Mr. and Mrs. John J. Busillo Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Campanaro Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Chehi Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Childs Mr. and Mrs. Peter Costa Mr. and Mrs. Brent F. Davila Mr. Joseph P. Drucker and Ms. Kathleen Stoddart-Drucker Mr. Philip Duvall and Ms. Susan Bollman Duvall Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Chris Flanigan Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Frazier Dr. Frederick Friedman, Jr. and Dr. Lynn S. Friedman Ms. Laura N. Fucci Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Galione Mr. Joseph C. Gaziano and Mrs. Carolyn Baffa Gaziano Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gula 116

117 Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. David H. Hodge Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Hofmann Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Houston Col. Thomas M. Kastner, Ph.D and Mrs. Pamela G. Kastner Dr. Karen F. Kowalenko and Dr. Jeffrey M. Warshauer Mr. Sam Lambroza and Ms. Marybeth Burke Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Rick Lazio Mr. James H. Lerner and Ms. Patricia Rocha Michael H. LeWitt, M.D. and Lynne Rubin LeWitt, Esq. Dr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Loyacona Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Machalick Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Matusky Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. McNulty Ms. Judith Heller Miller Mrs. Rebecca Murr Moody and Mr. Andrew W. Moody Mr. Dermot M. Murphy Mr. Girard F. Oberrender III and Mrs. Patricia Clough Oberrender Mr. and Mrs. George T. O Shaughnessy, Jr. Mr. Robert B. Parsons, Jr. and Mrs. Susan Lane Parsons Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Polansky Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rappaport Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Rothkopf Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Ryon Dr. Nancy L. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Schapero Dr. and Mrs. Brian Sheets Dr. Nancy Keller Shumeyko and Dr. Mark V. Shumeyko Mr. James F. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Patrick G. Sposato Dr. Neal R. Swerdlow and Dr. Nancy S. Swerdlow Dr. Ronald Swinfard and Dr. Sara S. Viessman Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Tatum Ms. Elizabeth A. Weiler and Mr. James P. Shanahan Mr. Matthew P. White Mr. Michael P. Whitman and Ms. Linda Tedori Whitman Ms. Kathleen J. Williams and Ms. Martha M. Stringer Mr. Mitchell A. Winter and Ms. Lisa J. Kassel Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Woodworth Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Wright Dr. and Mrs. Shuin-Lin Yang Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Zausmer MARQUIS SOCIETY Gifts of $1,000 $1,825 Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Ashton Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Avidon Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Barry * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Ross Blakeslee Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Blass Dr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Brown Mr. Robert G. Byington and Mrs. Jennifer Toce Byington Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carter Dr. William L. Chollak and Dr. Lynda D. Dolson Chollak Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Condit Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Cucinotta Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Coxe The Honorable Craig A. Dally and Mrs. Ann C. Dally Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Deutsch II Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Dever Mr. John G. Devlin and Mrs. Margarette Hickey Devlin Ms. Susan Y. DiCroce Ms. Judy Dittmann Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Drehwing Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Elander Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Elmer Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Enea, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Farrell Mr. Matthew E. Fishbein and Ms. Gail F. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Floyd,Jr. Mr. John E. Forsyth and Ms. Linnet R. Tse Dr. and Mrs. John N. Franzese Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Frascarelli Dr. Nancy Freeborne-Brinton 83 and Reverend Henry G. Brinton P 14 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Gambro Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Garson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Godfrey Mrs. Lenore Harris GP Ms. Jane T. Hegarty Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kaplowitz Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Kleiber Dr. David Kronenthal and Dr. Patti Garbeil Dr. Ronald S. Kushner and Dr. Elaine F. Kushner Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Landolfe Mr. and Mrs. John E. Leone Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Lowinger Mrs. Liza P. Lucy and Mr. William A. Lucy Mrs. Helen S. Magee Dr. Barton J. Mann and Dr. Laura M. Mann Mr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Matturri, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eric N. Mead Dr. Karen Mersky and Mr. Michael J. Mersky Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Morse Mr. and Mrs. John E. Murphy,Jr. Mr. Kenneth J. Nicastro and Ms. Robin D. Adelstein Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Noel 117

118 Mr. and Mrs. Sean W. O Donnell Mr. and Mrs. William L. Ohlmacher Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. O Loughlin Ms. Janet M. Osborn Mr. John M. Pellecchia Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Pettingill Mrs. Miriam R. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Martins R. Putenis Mr. and Mrs. David E. Rabin Dr. Laura R. Roberts and Mr. Dennis P. Flanagan Mr. Daniel B. Rockafellow Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo A. Rodriguez Mrs. Ruth L. Schwarzmann Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shatz Mr. and Mrs. Joao Silva Mr. and Mrs. John C. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Regan J.R. Smith Dr. Wenru Song and Dr. Lei Li Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. George S. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Payson F. Swaffield Mrs. Rebecca Bown Thomas and Mr. Tedd Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Towslee Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Valeo Mr. Scott S. Wallner Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ward Mr. Edward I. White and Ms. Barbara A. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. White Mr. and Mrs. M. Jeffrey Willey Mr. and Mrs. John S. Zazzu Mrs. Christine Mazuryk Zeikel and Mr. Jeffrey S. Ziekel PARDEE CLUB Gifts of $500 $999 Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Abadie Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ahern Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Altorfer Mr. Alfredo Basurto and Ms. Catherine Munera Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Beyer Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bohnenberger Reverend Henry G. Brinton and Dr. Nancy Freeborne-Brinton Mrs. Penny Lacey Cohn Mr. and Mrs. James R. Confort Ms. Molly D. Connell Mr. and Mrs. John J. Curley Mr. and Mrs. Roger P. Dinella Mr. and Mrs. William H. dubell Mr. George Eckelmann and Ms. Jane F. Engel Mr. Jon A. Epstein and Mrs. Abby Burkholder Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Burt C. Faure * = deceased Mr. Paul R. Fonteyne and Ms. Nathalie F. Gavrilovic Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gover Mr. David M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey F. Gross Mr. James M. Haddad and Ms. Shereen Beydoun Mr. Ronald H. Harris and Ms. Kathryn Toub Harris Dr. Donald R. Jaffe and Dr. Diana Galer Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Julian Mr. Paul F. Keenan and Ms. Lisa A. Riley Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Kessel Mr. and Mrs. John A. LaRosa Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Linde Dr. Lawrence L. Livornese, Jr. and Dr. Marilyn V. Howarth Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Gustav W. Maikish Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. McCutcheon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel F. McLaughlin Dr. Joseph D. Miranda and Ms. Stacey Gianos-Miranda Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Nourse Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Olesky Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Olivares Mr. and Mrs. John P. Papuga Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M. Paquet Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Petersen Dr. and Mrs. Richard Pfau Mr. and Mrs. Miller S. Puckette Mrs. Gerardette Landy Rago and Mr. Anthony M. Rago Dr. Albert W. Ritter and Mrs. Janis I. Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Scott W. Rooney Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Round Mr. James F. Rufe and Mrs. Elizabeth Bright Rufe Mr. and Mrs. Herbert R. Sargent Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Schwartz Mr. Michael F. Senft and Ms. Juno Mayer Ms. Susan G. Seybert Dr. and Mrs. Mark Silver Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Slobodien Dr. and Mrs. David M. Spellberg Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey B. Stearns Mr. and Mrs. Charles Valutas Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Young Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. White CATTELL CLUB Gifts of $250 $499 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Adams Dr. and Mrs. Francis P. Badamo Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Bedson 118

119 Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bergelson Ms. Renae Schneck Biale Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Brune Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Brunnquell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Cabrey Mr. Stuart A. Cohen and Ms. Anne M. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Costa Ms. Jane A. Coyle Mr. and Mrs. James C. Daly Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. DeJoseph Mr. and Mrs. John V. Del Col Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Eavenson,Jr. Dr. Annmarie Pallone Enos and Mr. Mark Enos Mr. and Mrs. Keith O. Evans Dr. and Mrs. Gino A. Farina Mr. and Mrs. Frank V. Floriani Mrs. Theresa Galla and Dr. Jan D. Galla Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Garbacz Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Glen C. Gray Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Grim Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hartnett Mr. and Mrs. James S. Harvey Mr. Scott C. Houldin Mr. David C. Klein and Ms. Susan J. Oldenburg Dr. Walter J. Lamb and Dr. Margarete B. Lamb-Faffelberger Mr. and Mrs. Brian Langton Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan N. Law Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Leff Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Lynch, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maguire Mr. and Mrs. Perry F. Mazza Mr. and Mrs. Timothy B. McAndrew Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McGorry Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. McGowan Dr. Gail M. McNutt Dr. and Mrs. James R. Mebust Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Peabody Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Perro Mrs. Susan S. Pié Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Propst Dr. Margot Putukian and Mr. Joseph J. Hindelang Dr. and Mrs. Farhad Rafizadeh Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Reibman Mr. Kenneth S. Rose and Ms. Linda M. Rich-Rose Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Rosengarden Mr. Anthony F. Russo and Ms. Arlene M. Regan Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert S. Ryan * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Sadlock Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Scott Mr. and Mrs. John E. Segal Mr. Robert G. Seidenstein and Ms. Marilyn S. Riley Dr. and Mrs. R. Jeffrey Snell Mr. Jeffrey D. Stokes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tilson Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. Trachtman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Wetherbee Dr. and Mrs. David A. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. David L. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Young Mr. and Mrs. James S. Young Mr. and Mrs. Belisario A. Zapata Mr. Joseph A. Zeoli and Ms. Laurie G. Denigris Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Zoller LOYAL LEOPARDS Gifts up to $249 Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Agrios Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Albanese Dr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Alexander Dr. Steven R. Allee and Dr. Lori Allee Ms. Betty J.W. Allen Ms. Linda Alpert Mr. and Mrs. Wayne C. Anastasia Mr. and Mrs. Mark P. Anderson Mr. Douglas M. Angoff and Ms. Robin Greenberg Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. April Mr. and Mrs. Liborio J. Argento Ms. Maria Baez Mr. Robert A. Bahr and Ms. Lisa M. Eldred Mr. and Mrs. James L. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Yolando Balane Mrs. Paula S. Ballard Mr. and Mrs. David H. Bamford Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barkley Mr. and Mrs. H. Davidson Barr Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Barry Dr. Thomas M. Barton Mrs. Cynthia A. Bassett Ms. Marlene Bassett Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Batarags Mr. and Mrs. Keith Baum Ms. Debra Baver Dr. Laurie H. Bayer and Mr. Aaron Bayer Mr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Beach Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Beckwith 119

120 Dr. Francis E. Beideman and Mrs. Ann Smetana Beideman Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Belcher Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Bennett Dr. and Mrs. Jay A. Bergman Mr. Solomon S. Berhe and Ms. Lemlem Samuel Mr. and Mrs. H. William Best Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bevilacqua Mr. and Mrs. Richard Biale Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Biel Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bierce Mr. and Mrs. Dennis N. Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Bulent Bilgin Mrs. Betty K. Bishop Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Black Mr. and Mrs. Richard Blackman Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Blackton, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Blake Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Bloom Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bloore Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe Blotzer Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Boehmer Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Bohr Mr. and Mrs. David M. Bolash Dr. Dianne Bono and Mr. Thomas S. Bono Mr. and Mrs. William Borland Mr. and Mrs. Christian F. Bormann Ms. Janet Edelstein Bortnick Mr. Michael J. Boyd and Ms. Sally Boyd Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Boyes Mr. and Mrs. James J. Brady, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Bratz Mr. and Mrs. James Brennan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brink Mr. Russell S. Broad Dr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Brody Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Brogan Mr. and Mrs. Joshua D. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Brown Dr. M. Eliane Brown and Mr. Douglas W. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bucher Mr. and Mrs. William F. Buckley Dr. Keith W. Buffinton and Dr. Christine M. Buffinton Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Buffolino Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Burger Ms. Debra Burroughs-Washington Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Butler Mr. Carl J. Caivano and Ms. Nancy B. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cameron Mrs. Judith A. Campbell * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. CampoBasso Mr. Thomas Campolettano Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Canter Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Cantor Mr. and Mrs. Victor Carboni Mr. and Mrs. John Carey Dr. and Mrs. Abba L. Cargan Dr. and Mrs. Paul Carpinello Reverand and Mrs. Eric H. Carswell Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Case Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Casey Mr. and Mrs. John J. Cassidy Mr. Alberto J. Cassola Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Castagnetta Mr. and Mrs. John R. Castro Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Cesanek Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Chalupa Mrs. Margot Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Chapman Ms. Elizabeth Antrim Cherney Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Chiumento Mr. and Mrs. David M. Choroser Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Christianson Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Chung Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Citrin Col. Patricia Clay Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clowe Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Clyde Ms. Carol G. Colao Mr. and Mrs. John W. Coletta Mr. and Mrs. James H. Colgan Mr. and Mrs. David P. Colley Mr. Patrick A. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Glenn C. Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Cordova Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Cosgrove Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop B. Craig Mr. and Mrs. Chris Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Crossette Mr. and Mrs. William R. Crouss Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Cuccioli Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Culgin Mr. and Mrs. William Cullinane Dr. Margaret M. Culotta-Norton and Mr. Robert E. Norton Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. Cumming Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Cunning Ms. Suzanne C. Cutino Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Cutrone Mr. Moshe Cysner and Ms. Mary Fallon-Cysner Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Dalio 120

121 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. D Amelio Mr. and Mrs. Robert Damiano Mr. and Mrs. William G. Darling Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. David Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Davis Mr. and Mrs. George K. Dawson Mr. and Mrs. Albert decant Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeFuccio Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Dein Mr. and Mrs. David A. Deitch Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. DeMartino, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. DeMeo Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Derosa Mr. and Mrs. Keith V. DeSena Mr. Carmine DeStefano and Ms. Laurie H. Adler Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. DeVito Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Erkin A. Djindjiev Mr. Robert M. Dolber and Ms. Francine Mintzer-Dolber Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donleavy Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. James E. Downey Dr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Doyle Mr. and Mrs. David L. Drechsel Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Dresner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Dunleavy Mr. and Mrs. J. Sprigg Duvall, IV Ms. Pearl Dweck Ms. Margaret Rose Dyer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Eagleson Ms. Sandra Eaton Mr. and Mrs. John J. Echan Mr. George Eckelmann and Ms. Jane F. Engel Mr. and Mrs. Jay B. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. John F. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. James K. Egan Mr. William Elbery and Ms. Madeline Green Smith Mr. and Mrs. Desmond O. Ellis Mrs. Sabrina Ashby Ellis Dr. Irwin D. Elstein and Dr. Daphna Kilion Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Engel Dr. and Mrs. David Ennis Mr. Edward Epple Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ercolano, Jr. Mr. David B. Ertz and Mrs. Carol Ryan-Ertz Mr. Paul C. Erwin and Ms. Patricia S. Prentis-Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo E. Escalona Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Falvey Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Faust * = deceased Ms. Robyn F. Fay-Tringali Mr. and Mrs. Alan Federbush Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Feinberg Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Feiro Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Fendrick Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Ferretti Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Fink Mr. Peter Finlay Mr. and Mrs. Robert Finn Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Fiorini Dr. and Mrs. Rand H. Fishbein Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Fisher Mr. David N. Fixler and Ms. Phyllis L. Halpern Mr. and Mrs. Greg Flasinski Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Fletcher Dr. and Mrs. Kevin M. Flood Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Folk Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Fortna Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Fowler Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fox Ms. Beth Frank Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frank Dr. and Mrs. John S. Freiheiter Ms. Desiree French Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Friese Ms. Lynn M. Frohnapfel Mr. Steven A. Frohnapfel Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Froio, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Gallant, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Gallo Mr. C. Douglas Galloway Mrs. Claudia M. Galvin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ganter Sr. Mr. and Mrs. John Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Garm Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Garner Mr. William J. Gatti Dr. and Mrs. John C. Gentile Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul George Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Gerowski Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Giangiobbe Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Giannini, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Gill Mrs. Joan Glascott Ms. Susan R. Glick Ms. Enid Glover Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Godshall Mrs. Sarah H. Golaszewski and 121

122 Mr. Raymond F. Golaszewski Dr. Arthur J. Gold and Dr. Marion M. Gold Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Goldberg Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Steven Goldstein Dr. Joel Goldwein and Dr. Marlene R. Goldwein Mr. and Mrs. James J. Golini Mr. David S. Golman and Ms. E. Denise Brown Mr. Melchor Gomez and Ms. Rebeca Pedraza Mr. Robert E. Gondolf and Ms. Susan M. Franklin Dr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Gooberman Dr. and Mrs. Neil Goodzeit Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Gough Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Gramigna, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Grandon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Graybill Mr. Roy W. Grayson-Wallace Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Greeley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gary B. Green Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Greene Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Greene Mr. * and Mrs. Raymond T. Gregorek Mr. and Mrs. David A. Griesbach Dr. Patricia M. Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Griffith Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Gross Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Groves Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Grygotis Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Guilfoyle Mr. and Mrs. David H. Gussaroff Mr. Craig B. Haber Dr. Ghada Haddad and Dr. Alexander Hageboutros Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Haff Mr. and Mrs. Gun J. Han Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Hansen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Haracz Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Harris Mr. Jeffrey M. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Hartwig Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hasbrouck Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hassler Ms. Tracy S. Hatch Mr. William H. Hatch Dr. Paul A. Hattis and Dr. Elizabeth J Hattis Mr. and Mrs. David G. Hauke Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Havekotte Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Lacy Hayes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haymaker Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hazlett * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Heaney Mr. and Mrs. Emile J. Henault Mr. and Mrs. Austin W. Henderson Dr. Thomas C. Henderson and Ms. Theresa Trubiano Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Hentz Ms. Kerry N. Hepp Dr. Walter R. Hepp Ms. Ana C. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Heslin Mrs. Leon B. Hester Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Heydt Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Heyesey Mr. and Mrs. Ross J. Hilbert Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Himmelwright Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Hirx Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Hodgens Mr. Thomas C. Hoke and Mrs. S. Joanne Murray Mr. and Mrs. Heraclio M. Holguin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jason M. Honeyman Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Hontz Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hope Mrs. Lori Thielens Horning and Mr. Paul R. Horning Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Hoste Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Richard Huggins Richard M. Hughes III, Esq. and Mrs. Ruth Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hughes, Jr. Ms. Tammy Lynn Hunsberger Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hwa Ms. Heike K. Hyson Mr. and Mrs. Ugur Ilbeyi Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Imel Mr. and Mrs. Andrew C. Impagliazzo Dr. Cheryl Indeck and Mr. Andrew L. Indeck Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Hanan H. Itescu Mr. and Mrs. David O. Jackson Ms. Cheryll Y. James Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Janiec Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jasinski Ms. Sarah Sheeleigh Jeffers and Mr. Mark J. Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Johnson Mrs. Nancy A. Johnston Mr. Douglas J. Jones and Ms. Jane Zaleski Jones Mr. and Mrs. Howard T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Keith T. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Frank Y. Jung Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Kafafian 122

123 Mr. and Mrs. Mazin A. Kalian Dr. Paul Kalman and Ms. Betty Balsam-Kalman Mr. Mitchell S. Kaplan and Ms. Rhona L. Malton Mr. Bruce A. Kapner and Ms. Miriam A. Kranton Dr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Karp Ms. Sherry Katz Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Kelleher Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kelly Ms. Jeanne Wertz Kerridge Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kesten Mr. and Mrs. Manuel S. Khatchadourian Dr. Cheryl Kienzle and Mr. Julio A. Piazza Mr. and Mrs. Reuben B. King Mrs. Lucy Kiziuk Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Klein Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Koch Mr. and Mrs. Jeff A. Kohler Mr. Dwayne D. Kohr and Ms. Kathy L. Leo Dr. and Mrs. Dean P. Kolba Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kolyer Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Komar Mr. and Mrs. Brian Kornfield Mr. William Kowalski and Ms. Agnes M. Cahill Mr. and Mrs. Marcelo Kreisel Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Kristof Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kuipers Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Kuntz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Kuperavage Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kuttner Mr. and Mrs. Pablo J. Lake Dr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lammers Dr. and Mrs. E. Gary Lamsback Mr. and Mrs. Conrad C. Lang Mr. and Mrs. William E. Langford Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lanzaro Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Lappen Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Lavine Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lazor Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lazzara Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. LeBuffe Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Leggio, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Leister Mr. Joseph J. Leo Mr. and Mrs. William J. Leonard Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Leschuk Dr. Marc L. Levine and Ms. Fran Melton-Levine Ms. Heather D. Levy Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Lewis Ms. Suzanne L. Lezis * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. George J. Liebman Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Linsenberg Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Lipschultz Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Liriano Mrs. Susan Oaks Little and Mr. Stewart Q. Little Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Lloyd Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Logan Dr. and Mrs. Eduardo Lomibao Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Long Mr. and Mrs. Santiago Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Lopez Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Lopreato Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Lorence Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Lowery Mr. and Mrs. Kory C. Luginbuhl Mr. and Mrs. Roy K. Machen Mr. Hugh B. MacPhail and Ms. Kimberly A. Siebert Mrs. Denise D. Maglione Mr. and Mrs. Chad V. Mahale Mr. and Mrs. Vinod Malhotra Mr. Mitchell S. Kaplan and Ms. Rhona L. Malton Mr. and Mrs. Ariel Manacher Mr. and Mrs. Inder Manglani Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel A. Marchena Mr. and Mrs. Fredric L. Marcus Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Marshall Ms. Anne Pomeroy Martin Mr. and Mrs. John G. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Carlton H. Maryott Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Marzocca Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Mason Mr. and Mrs. Dwight B. Massey Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Masterton Mr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Kyle A. Maurer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. McCarrick Mr. and Mrs. James K. McCartan Mr. and Mrs. William M. McCartan Mrs. Anne N. McCarthy Ms. Debra Blackburn McCauley Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. McClain Mrs. Kathleen R. McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCulloch, III Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. McFadden Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. McGonigle Mr. and Mrs. John J. McGrath, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. McGuinn, Jr. Mr. Michael McGuinness and Ms. Carol Labue Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McHugh Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. McHugh 123

124 Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. McIver Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. McKenna Mr. and Mrs. John A. McLean Dr. Richard K. McNutt Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McQuillen Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. McVeigh Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan D. Meer Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Melvin Dr. Claudia E. Merkel-Keller and Mr. Walter J. Keller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Meyer Ms. Susan Dickerson Mezger and Mr. Mark Mezger Mr. and Mrs. Chester P. Michael, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John J. Miglietta Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Miles Mr. and Mrs. Jay Miller Mr. and Mrs. Charles Milone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Mingora Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Mircovich Mr. and Mrs. Alan Dale Mirkin Mr. and Mrs. James P. Monahan Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Moneta Mr. and Mrs. Folger J. Moore Dr. and Mrs. James D. Moore Ms. Mary Lou Moretti Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Moroney Mr. Carroll L. Morris Mr. and Mrs. David H. Morris Mr. and Mrs. John R. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Morrow, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Mortati Mr. and Mrs. James E. Mortensen Mrs. Pamela S. Mougeotte Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moult Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Mozer Dr. Gregory J. Mulford and Mrs. Amy Bloom Mulford Mr. and Mrs. Keith R. Munkel Mr. and Mrs. Brian Murphy Mr. Brian P. Murphy and Ms. Susan A. Glover Ms. Marilyn L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Muschlitz Mr. and Mrs. John J. Myron Mr. and Mrs. Michael Napoliello Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Napor Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Naramore Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Nardone, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Nase Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Nelson * = deceased Mr. Mark A. Neumann and Mrs. Clare Kaiser Neumann Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Newbold Mr. and Mrs. Luan X. Nguyen Mr. Minh Anh Nguyen and Ms. Thuy-Nga T. Le Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Niemi Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nieskens Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Nixon Mr. and Mrs. Timothy D. O Connell Mr. and Mrs. Francis B. O Hanlon Ms. Kathy S. Oliver Dr. Gary Olson and Dr. Wilma Olson Mr. and Mrs. John F. O Neil Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. O Neill Mr. and Mrs. James M. Oriola Ms. Gloria M. Ortiz Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ovental Dr. Cynthia Y. Paige Mr. and Mrs. John D. Palframan Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Palo Ms. Martha L. Paniagua-Rodriguez Mrs. Maryann V. Panny Mr. and Mrs. Peter Papagianis Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Parillo Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parisi Mr. and Mrs. Zong K. Park Lt. Col. and Mrs. William J. Parker III Mr. and Mrs. Gibb D. Parks, Sr. Mr. Matthew R. Pauls and Ms. Mary G. Fraser Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pedersen Dr. and Mrs. David S. Pelland Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Perry Dr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Persak Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Pescatore Mr. and Mrs. John K. Petroulias Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Pierson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pisetzner Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pocceschi Dr. Areta D. Podhorodecki and Mr. Zenon Chernyk Dr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Pollack Dr. and Mrs. Harold Porosoff Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Posillico Mr. and Mrs. Avrom Posner Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Potter Mr. and Mrs. Bart M. Prager Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Pregler Mr. and Mrs. Randolph S. Price Mr. Adelbert F. Protin and Mrs. Susan Shefchik-Protin Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ptasinski Mr. Thomas Pucci Mr. James D. Pustejovsky and Ms. Cathie A. Marqusee Ms. Barbara J. Pyle 124

125 Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Quigley Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Raesly Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Ranz Ms. Elizabeth H. Rauch Mr. and Mrs. William T. Reese Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Reich Ms. Carey B. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. James M. Reilly Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rementer Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Reslewic Mr. and Mrs. Clement Restaino Mr. and Mrs. John W. Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Rhodes Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Ricca Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Ricken Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Ridinger Mr. and Mrs. James Roberts Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rodkey Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Rodrigues Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rodriguez Dr. and Mrs. Gary J. Rogal Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Roller Mr. and Mrs. Craig J. Rolwood Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romans Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Root Mr. Daniel E. Rosen and Ms. Ellen Dille Mr. and Mrs. Murray Rosen Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Ross Dr. Mark A. Ruggerio and Dr. Vanessa A. Morenzi Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Ruocco Ms. Deborah A. Rupolo Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert A. Ryan Mrs. Beatriz Ryffel Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Saint Germain Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Salcito Ms. Ann F. Salvatore Mr. and Mrs. John S. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Sandler Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Sanginiti, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Antonio J. Sanjuan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Santomauro Ms. Kristen T. Sausville Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saybolt Mr. Peter Scarpato and Mrs. Paula Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Alan C. Scharfe Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Schell Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Scheps Mr. and Mrs. Antonio F. Schiaffino Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schlussel * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. John P. Schmidlein Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Schmitt Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Schulman Ms. Carol R. Schunkewitz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Scriveri Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Seery Mr. and Mrs. David C. Seger Mr. and Mrs. Graham C. Seidel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Selvarajah Mr. and Mrs. Jay V. Senerchia Mr. and Mrs. James F. Senters Mr. and Mrs. Rohan Seopaul Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Serowoky Mr. Antonio Serrano Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Sfraga Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Shafer Dr. Bharat C. Shah and Dr. Avani B. Shah Reverend and Mrs. Donald E. Shamble Mr. Barton Shapiro and Ms. Laurie Chestnut Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shea Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Shiang Dr. and Mrs. Philip Shlossman Mr. and Mrs. William M. Shore Mr. Ivan Shulman Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sideris Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Simmermacher Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Singer Dr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Sipe Mr. and Mrs. John A. Sivright Mr. and Mrs. George A. Skalski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slotkin Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Roland F. Smith Ms. Sarah Blair Smith Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Sobol Mr. and Mrs. James J. Solomito Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Somach Mr. and Mrs. H. Richard Souders Mrs. Ann M. Spadaccini Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Spahn Mr. and Mrs. William W. Spalding Mrs. Joyce Burns Sparta Ms. W. Terry Spear Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Spelman Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Spera Dr. Edward A. Spiro and Dr. Debra J. Spiro Mr. David B. Spitulnik and Ms. Diana M. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Per M. Stahlkrantz Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Stasakova 125

126 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steckel Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Steel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Steinberg, Sr. Mr. Arthur D. Steinmetz Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stellar Mr. and Mrs. Vadim Stelman Mr. and Mrs. Kurt E. Stieritz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Streisel Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Stripe Dr. Linda G. Stubits and Mr. John L. Stubits Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Suher Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. George Brian Summers Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Swartz Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Swavely Mr. and Mrs. James A. Sweetland Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo C. Taddei Mr. and Mrs. Roman J. Tajzler Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Tanenbaum Dr. Victor F. Tapson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Taverna Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Teshima Mrs. Barbara Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Grant Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Thompson Mr. Michael J. Tilchin and Ms. Linda Greer Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Timko Ms. Cheryl A. Tintle Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Tomik Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Torchio Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tortora Mr. and Mrs. Charles Town Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Townley Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Trezza Mr. and Mrs. John F. Triscoli Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Triscuit Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Trovato Mr. and Mrs. Calvin D. Trowbridge Dr. Pamela D. Trunk and Mr. Carl Trunk Mr. and Mrs. David K. Tufts Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Turner Mr. Geoffrey B. Tuson and Ms. Jane A. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. Shepard L. Tye Ms. Phyllis E. Tyler Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Ufier Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Underberger Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Urbaniak Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Vail, Jr. * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Van Aken Mr. James D. Vasta Mrs. Pauline M. Vasta Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Ventello Mr. Albert Villanueva and Ms. Marjorie T. Ratcliffe Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Votta Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Walkenstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Walker, Sr. Ms. Andrea H. Wallach Mrs. Mary-Louise Wallendorf Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Walsh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh Dr. and Mrs. C. Robert Waters Mrs. Leslie A. Weber Ms. Teresa Weber Mr. and Mrs. Troy D. Weidner Mr. and Mrs. William Weinberger Mr. Jonathan D. Weiner and Ms. Jennifer Beatty Mr. David W. Weisman and Ms. Dara E. Tyson-Weisman Dr. Jonathan D. Weiss and Dr. Diane W. Weiss Mr. and Ms. Thomas H. Welby Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Welch, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wetzelberger Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wexler Mr. Christopher B. Wheeler and Ms. Susan M. McCourt Mrs. Debra L. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wheeler Mr. Byron V. White and Ms. Angela Mitchell-White Ms. Maria A. White Ms. Robin L. Wiessmann and Mr. Kenneth M. Jarin Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Wilkinson Dr. Cathy L. Willen and Mr. Reid B. Willen Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Williams Mr. Thomas J. Williams and Ms. Lynn Corrigan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. James Wilson Ms. Sharon D. Winton Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Wojcik, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Milton F. Woodruff Mr. and Mrs. David E. Woods Mrs. Susan J. Woodward Mr. Julius A. Wool and Ms. Andrea R. Newmark Mr. and Mrs. Yukito Yamada Mr. and Mrs. William T. Yarnell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Yee Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Yengle Mrs. Ruth D. Young Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Zakzewski 126

127 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Zelinski Dr. Julian Zhao and Ms. Jianxiu Wei Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Zito Mr. and Mrs. Ron Zoldy Gifts from Friends, Faculty, and Staff Marquis Laureates Gifts of $50,000 and above Anonymous Ms. Blythe E. Bourger Mr. Matthew F. Delaney Mr. Rudolph K. Kluiber Mrs. Joseph A. Marlo Ms. Brenda Bourger McGinley Mr. Robert A. Pfenning Marquis Council Gifts of $25,000 $49,999 Annonymous Mrs. Judith C. Yohe Marquis Circle Gifts of $10,000 $24,999 Dr. Susan A. Basow Shelby and Gale Davis Mr. and Mrs. George Elling Mrs. Mary Jane Hiller Mr. Francis D. McIntyre Mrs. Mary Ellen Norton Mrs. Joan W. Rhame Dr. Charles K. Williams II Marquis Court Gifts of $5,000 $9,999 Mrs. Elmer J. Elias Jr. Mr. Gary M. Flaum Mr. Stephen S. Flaum Mrs. W. Robert Jacobs Mr. Christopher J. Jones Mr. William C. Metropolis Mr. Joseph Moglia Ms. Joan M. Moran Drs. Paul and June Schlueter Dr. and Mrs. Dean Gates Taylor Marquis Founders Gifts of $1,826 $4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Budrow Dr. Rose Marie L. Bukics Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Golden Mr. Joseph B. Hoffmeier Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory V. MacDonald Mr. Robert W. MacPherson Jr. Mrs. George L. Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer Dr. Daniel H. Weiss and Ms. Sandra Jarva Weiss Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Wolff Marquis Society Gifts of $1,000 $1,825 Dr. Diane Cole Ahl Mrs. Lucy Wilson Benson Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Bruggink Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Day Dr. Annette Diorio Ms. Kari A. Fazio Ms. Marianne Fenigstein-Sigg Dr. Jeffrey E. Goldstein Mr. George Goldstone Mrs. Lee Grifo Ms. Barbara Hauser Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Jaggard Dr. and Mrs. James F. Krivoski Ms. Maria Martins Mr. Neil J. McElroy and Ms. Marilyn B. Kann Mrs. Thomas E. Morgan Mrs. Ann D. Rahn Dr. John S. Shaw Dr. Ida Sinkevic Ms. Shelby Fleck Slayton Ms. Kimberly A. Spang and Mr. Patrick Spang Ms. Paulette M. Steffa Mr. Joe Topper Mr. Ivan Trifunovic and Dr. Ida Sinkevic Mr. Mitchell L. Wein Jianfeng Zhu Pardee Club Gifts of $500 $999 Mr. and Mrs. John Bernard Mr. and Mrs. George Bradlau Mrs. Katharine Day Bremer Mr. Paul Brown and Ms. Margaret Watson Mr. Alfred Burka * = deceased 127

128 Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Connor Ms. Laurel P. Daly Mr. and Mrs. Peter Del Col Mrs. Edward A. Ely Mr. Robert W. Foltz Dr. Karen J. Forbes and Mr. Larry A. Gage Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Frisch Mr. Eric Himler Ms. Mara C. Kish Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Matteoni Mr. Michael Morgan Ms. Florence M. Reif Ms. Hariett B. Sandt Mrs. Isabelle C. Schuessler Dr. Elizabeth and Mr. James Tutelman Mr. Bruce A. Waldman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Waldman Cattell Club Gifts of $250 $499 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bartlett Mr. Marshall E. Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Bernstein Ms. Elizabeth K. Blatt Ms. Judith B. Chapman Mr. Douglas M. Cohen Ms. Judi Cohen-Roberts Mr. Robert F. Conti Mr. Allen R. Cressman Mr. Bruce W. Crooks Mr. Richard J. Dunn Dr. and Mrs. David W. Ellis Mr. Stephen Ellman Ms. Suzanne B. Feeney Mrs. Robert J. Ferrara Mr. Henry FitzPatrick Mrs. Cyrus S. Fleck Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Grace Ms. Patricia Grennon Mr. Thomas C. Hampsey Dr. Jerome F. Heavey Ms. Karen L. Herr Ms. Marjorie F. Krumholz Mr. and Mrs. James H. Long Mr. Barry Metzger Dr. William H. Miles and Ms. Patricia M. Smiley Mr. Frank E. Murphy Mr. Thomas A. Nemeth Dr. and Mrs. Marvin B. Rosenthal Mr. David K. Smith Ms. Diane A. Stanczak * = deceased Mr. Karl L. Stefan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stoner Dr. and Mrs. Javad Tavakoli Mrs. Nancy Layton Tunnessen Dr. Carolynn Van Dyke Mrs. Alice P. Weidener Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Yaffe Dr. Eric J. Ziolkowski and Dr. Lee Upton Loyal Leopards Gifts up to $249 Ms. Kendall Aberg Mrs. Naida C. Abraham Mr. James Aitken Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Albanese Mr. Tony Amato Ms. Eliza M. Anderson Ms. Eleanor Angoff Dr. Bradley C. Antanaitis Ms. Catherine Armandroff Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Arner Jr. Mr. Richard H. Arnold Ms. Carolyn Arnold Ms. Astrid Pia Artho Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ashton Ms. Deb Askland Ms. Meaghan A. Asselta Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Astorino Mrs. Thomas C. Bagg Jr.* Ms. Rosemary J. Baker Ms. Marie Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Banta Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Barbara Mr. Peter Barna Ms. Martha O. Barnett Mr. Sammy M. Barsa Mrs. Phoebe Y. Barta Ms. Marie Bartosh Mrs. Ruth Maguire Bates Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Battisti Ms. Claudine Battisti Ms. Barbara Bailey Bauer Mr. Richard H. Baumann Mr. Kevin Baxter Ms. Lydia W. Beaumont Ms. Marguerite L. Belyea Ms. Susan L. Belyea Mrs. Denise Benton Mr. and Mrs. John P. Berardi Mr. Mikhail S. Bergelson Mr. Robert Bergren 128

129 Dr. and Mrs. Ethan J. Berkove Ms. Elizabeth A. Bernhard Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Bigelow Ms. Kathleen Biggs Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Bischer Mr. Edward A. Black Mr. Jordan R. Blake Ms. Leslie A. Bock Mr. David Bogusky Mr. Dennis L. Bohn Brother Frederick C. Bond III Mrs. Susan A. Bonick Mr. and Mrs. John R. Borgeson Mr. and Mrs. Stuart W. Bowen Ms. Linda A. Bowers Mr. Stanley Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Brearey Mrs. Pamela A. Bregenzer Ms. Christine Brill Ms. Linda M. Brobst Ms. Florence S. Brodley Ms. Janice R. Brody Ms. Margaret A. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Browne Mrs. Doris Bry-Nildsen Mr. Russell C. Bubba Mr. and Mrs. George A. Bucsko Mr. William F. Burke Mr. John M. Burnor Mr. Martin Burns Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bush Ms. B. Jean Butcher Mr. Randall L. Bynum Ms. Marie L. Calandra Ms. June Campanaro Mr. C. Mark Campbell Ms. Margaret A. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Canavan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Carley Ms. Maxine I. Carley Mr. and Mrs. Garry I. Carrico Dr. Ann R. Carter Dr. Laurie F. Caslake Mr. Michael P. Castello Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Castello Ms. Goldie Catino Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Cauffman Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Cavalluzzo Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Centeno Mr. William Cerra Ms. Jeanette F. Cesanek * = deceased Mr. and Mrs. James R. Chambers Mr. Richard F. Chammings Ms. Kimberly A. Chandlee Ms. Lisa Chase Xuhong Cheng Mr. S. Budd Chiavetta Ms. Alice Cisek Ms. Maureen A. Cisek Mr. and Mrs. David B. Clayman Ms. Cordelia E. Clement Martin D. Cohen Esq. Mr. James Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cohen Ms. Tina M. Cole Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Coletta Mr. and Mrs. James J. Coletta Jr. Ms. Claire Coletta Mr. Aiden J. Colie Mr. Christopher W. Collins Mr. Jon I. Colpitts Mr. Richard J. Conners Mrs. Patricia Connor Ms. Shirley Catino Connors Mrs. Jane P. Conrad Mrs. Nancy M. Conrad* Mr. and Mrs. Michael Constantine Ms Martha Z. Cook Ms. Louise M. Cortezi Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Costa Ms. Marjorie D. Coxe Mr. Brandon Cressman Mr. Donald I. Crews Ms. Emily H. Crouch Mr. and Mrs. Oley L. Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cunningham Mr. Thomas L. Curless Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Curtin Mr. Brian J. Daly Mr. Christopher J. Daly Ms. Ellen E. Daly Ms. Suzanne J. S. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Dawson Ms. Beverly A. DeHaas Mrs. Joan Stephenson Deitch Mr. Andrew J. Del Col Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Del Col Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Del Col Mrs. Victor Dell Alba Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. DeRaffele Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore DeVito Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Dille 129

130 Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doherty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dominick Mr. Bill Donahue Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Dougherty Ms. Lisa L. Douglas Mr. and Mrs. John Doulaveris Mr. Philip F. Drach Prof. Olga A. Duhl and Mr. Joseph Duhl Mr. Kenneth R. Dunlap Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dunn Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dunphy Mr. Ronald B. Earle Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Egolf Mr. and Mrs. Larry Eighmy Mr. and Mrs. William H. Eisel III Howard J. Eisen M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Jim W. Eisenhour Jr. Mrs. Marie G. Elias* Armen S. Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Enea Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Erwin Ms. Susi Erwin Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Fairfield Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Fairfield Mr. Greg Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Peter Farrell Mrs. Sheldon H. Fast Ms. Judy A. Fegley Mrs. Theresa R. Feighan Mr. and Mrs. Brian Ferenz Mr. and Mrs. John M. Fernbacher Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fetterman Mr. Van J. Filipos Dr. and Mrs. H. Ellis Finger III Mr. Kevin Finn Mr. Terence R. Finnegan Mr. and Mrs. James F. Finnen Corey B. Fischer Mr. Harvey A. Fischer Mr. Harrison Fisher Mr. Kurt Fisher Ms. Elaine Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew G. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Fletcher Ms. Molly M. Flloyd Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Follett Mr. Paul M. Ford Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Foster Dr. and Mrs. Neil C. Franzese Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Frey * = deceased Ms. Jodie A. Frey Ms. Lorraine T. Frohnapfel Mr. Lowell T. Frye Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Fucci Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fucci Mr. Thomas M. Gaffey Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Galli Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Gamblin Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Gannon Mr. and Mrs. Charles N. Gannon Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gannon Ms. Maria Reye Garcia-Pel Dr. and Mrs. Edward D. Gardner Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gardner Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Gardner Mrs. Cheryl Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gargano Mr. Howard J. Gartland Mr. William J. Gatti Mr. Douglas Gause Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Geiger Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Geoly Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. George Sr. Mr. Barry Germanoski Mr. Brian Germanoski Mrs. Mary Ann Giffuni Mr. Douglas M. Gilg Ms. Tammy Gilliland Mrs. Marie L. Gingrich Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glanville Mr. and Mrs. Lamont H. Glover Ms. Leslie Godfrey Ms. Sheila Goldberg Mrs. Eugenia A. Norman Golden Catherine D. Goldfarb Mr. Michael Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Goldstein Mr. and Mrs. Todd Goldstein Mr. Milt Gordon Ms. Silvana T. Gover Ms. Beate Graham Mr. and Mrs. Gerald P. Grasso Mrs. Angela Grasso-Conklin Prof. and Mrs. John F. Greco Mr. Andrew E. Greenberg Mr. Saul Greenberg Mr. Vincent A. Grillo Mr. and Mrs. James L. Grim Ms. Myrna H. Gruenberg Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guberek Mr. Robert Guerrero 130

131 Frank Gugliuzza Mr. Lothar D. Gumberich Mrs. Lisa M. Gundersen Mr. Robin Neil Haberle Ms. Beryl Haeseker Mr. and Mrs. David S. Hammond Mrs. Shelley W. Harris Ms. Sarah B. Havens Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Heintzelman Prof. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Helm Dr. Marie E. Helmold Mrs. Virginia S. Henderson* Mr. Robert T. Herdegen Ms. Christine Lee Hermann Mr. Frank A. Herting Ms. Ellen Hezlep Ms. Jessie B. Hill Fen I. Ho Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hodge Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Hoelter Mrs. Toni S. Hoffman Ms. Nancy J. Hogan Dr. and Mrs. David Hogenboom Prof. and Mrs. David L. Hogenboom Mr. and Mrs. Artie M. Holdren Jr. Mrs. Dolores R. Holler Prof. Curlee Holton Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Homick Ms. Barbara M. Hornberger Mr. and Mrs. Terence Houck Mr. Victor J. Houtz Mr. Mark Howansky Ms. Bernice Huber Ms. Charlene E. Hummell Mr. Todd L. Hunsberger Mr. Michael J. Hurley Mrs. Ruth J. Hutnik Ms. Linda M. Hutnik Mr. and Mrs. Machmud Ibrahim Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Inama Mr. and Mrs. Mark Iverson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Jacobson Ms. Arlene K. Jaffe Mr. and Mrs. George A. Jamieson Ms. Therese Janssen Karley Wiessmann Jarin Ms. Kitty Jedra Mrs. Helen Bitsy Jeffers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jennings Ms. Iris B. Jimenez-Roman Mr. Lillian T. Johansen * = deceased Mrs. Karen N. Johnson Ms. Elizabeth P. Johnson Ms. Susan P. Johnson Ms. Lauren P. Jones Ms. Nancy A. Jones Mr. Robert E. Kahle Ms. Janet Kane Mr. Philip James Kann Ms. Lisa A. Karam Mr. and Mrs. Ernest W. Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Kavanagh Ms. Rosemary Keating Ms. Nancy M. Keber Ms. Emily Keith Ms. Patricia Maxwell Keller Mr. William W. Kemps Ms. Jayne B. Kendall Ms. Elizabeth Kent Mr. and Mrs. Paul Khoury Ms. Melanie A. Killen Ms. Gail Kingsley Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kirby Mr. Matthew Kirchner Mr. William D. Kish Ms. Patricia E. Kish Ms. Lori Kochanski Mr. and Mrs. Gus P. Kolias Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kolonich Jr. Ms. Olga Konstantinovskaya Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Kopach Jr. Ms. Barbara Koren Ms. Barbara Kosa Ms. Mildred E. Kovar Mr. and Mrs. Allen J. Krasner Ms. Bethann Kratzer Ms. Susan S. Krawczyk Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Krug Ms. Joan M. Kucewicz Ms. Lynn Marie Kutch Mrs. Joanne L. LaBarre Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Laitem Ms. Tammi Elizabeth Lake Prof. and Mrs. Stephen E. Lammers Drs. Paul and Janice Larson Mrs. Elaine F. Lawton Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lazos Dr. Caroline W. Lee Ms. Bonnie Legro Ms. Stephanie Lehman Mr. and Mrs. Steven N. Lerner Ms. Donna M. Lesch 131

132 Ms. Julie Kennedy Lesch Ms. Patricia Lesch Mr. George A. Lesiuk Ms. Annette G. Lester Ms. Elinor Levy Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Limeberry Mrs. Julie N. Lloyd Ms. Sarah Locascio Mrs. Kimberly S. Logsdon Mr. and Mrs. Nigel P. Longshaw Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wesselmann-Lopresti Mr. John P. Losee Mr. and Mrs. Robert Loughney Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Loven Mr. Gerald Lowman Ms. Julia Luongo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynch Mrs. Cynthia P. Lynch Ms. Kimberly Stokes Lyons Mr. Michael A. Machen Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Machen Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Madafferi Mr. John A. Magill Mr. Surendra Malhotra Mr. James W. Manley Mr. and Mrs. James F. Mannion Ms. Lillian B. Marlow Mr. and Mrs. James J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Marzuoli Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Matusky Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. McAneney Ms. Amanda McCarthy Ms. Jean Muchmore McCleary Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. McCormick Mr. William McCrossan Dr. Sharon M. McGavick Mr. Howard A. McGinn Mr. Norbert E. McGuire Ms. Evelyn P. McLagan Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McMichael Ms. Barbara McNally Ms. Linda Mehlbach Ms. Carol Meier Mr. Lazarus J. Melan Ms. Hekene J. Mery Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Mesirow Ms. Diane L. Metz Mr. and Mrs. George C. Meyer Ms. Mary Titus Michener Mr. Robert T. Mickschutz Mr. and Mrs. David E. Middlecamp Sr. * = deceased Dr. Joshua I. Miller Ms. Antoinette M. Miller Ms. Lynn C. Miller Ms. MaryAnn L. Miller Rev. and Mrs. Gary R. Miller Mr. Peter L. Minotti Mr. and Mrs. Maurizio Mondello Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Morabito Mr. Mark A. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Eston Morgan Mr. and Mrs. John M. Morganelli Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Terence Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Theodore K. Morse Mr. and Mrs. Edwin D. Moses Jr. Mrs. Laurie Loewenstein Moyer Mrs. Dorothy E. Mueller Mr. Robert Mulligan Ms. Ann C. Mummert Mr. Raymond P. Murphy Ms. Caitlin Murphy Mrs. Elizabeth Corke Myers Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nace Dr. Tavit O. Najarian Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Nash Mrs. Alain J. Neves Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Newkumet Ms. Mary K. Nilsen Mrs. William Nitchkey Mrs. Vivian B. Noblett Mr. Ryan O Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Ray O Donnell Ms. Laura J. O Donnell Ms. Bonnie F. Offit Ms. Anne Olesky Ms. Mary L. O Reilly Ms. Monique Oriol Mr. Richard T. Owens Ms. Maureen A. Palazzo Mr. and Mrs. Victor Palm Mildred R. Palomares Mr. and Mrs. Vasilios Papagianis Ms. Heidi M. Parenti Mr. Gary Parisi Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parisi Mr. Mitch Parker Ms. Rachel G. Parsons Mr. John Robert Pascal Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Patterson Mr. and Mrs. William D. Pattie Ms. Alexandra Peabody Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Pearn Jr. 132

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134 Ms. Mary V. Sheridan Mr. Alan R. Shimer Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Shively Ms. Ria Shroff Mr. Arnold E. Sigler Mr. Frank A. Sisti Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Skala Mr. and Mrs. Marc Slayton Dr. Alfred J. Smetana Mr. Alfred C. Smetana Mr. Kevin Smith Mr. Patten M. Smith Mr. Robert J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. Eugene Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Smith Jr. Ms. Mary Smith Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Sobyak Mrs. Lucy A. Sokol Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Solem Mr. Michael J. Solenzio Ms. Donna Somma Ms. Verna M. Spoar Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stachowski Mr. Tom Stainton Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Ethan Stein Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell K. Stein Mrs. Robert S. Stein Ms. Jenna L. Stein Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Steinmetz Mr. Nicholas J. Steltzer Mrs. Eva R. Stem Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stergiou Mr. and Mrks. Eric J. Stieritz Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Stieritz Mr. Frederick A. Stine Ms. Cathy Stoops-McFarlane Ms. Loretta Stubits Mr. Robert M. Summerlin Ms. Mary Jane Sweetland Mr. and Mrs. Raymond W. Swoboda Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Tagaris Mrs. Walter Melvin Teets Ms. Marian Tesser Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Tevis Jr. Mr. Frederick J. Tewell Mr. and Mrs. Constantine Theokas Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Thompson * = deceased Mr. Christian Thorpe Mr. Ryo Tokita Mr. Christopher Toler Mr. Mario V. Tomei Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Trapp Ms. Deborah Treicis Ms. C. Jayne Trent Mr. Robert S. Trotner Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus W. Tucker Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Valente Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Van Orden Mrs. Leanne Vergona-Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Viechnicki Dr. and Mrs. B. Vincent Viscomi Mr. Tagor Vojnovic Mr. Harry P. Waddell Ms. Lauren M. Wallitsch Mr. Robert G. Walsh Ms. Carolyn M. Walters Ms. Xinyu Wang Mr. Frank Wasko Mr. Raymond A. Waterhouse Mr. Joseph P. Watters Mr. and Mrs. James L. Weber Ms. Kathleen M. Weber Ms. Carol E. Wehner Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Weiner Mrs. Barbara Weisberger Mr. Teddy Weiss Xiaomei Weng Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. White Mrs. Frederick R. Wiehl Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wightman Dr. and Mrs. Fritz G. Will Mr. and Mrs. Christian R. Will Ms. Linda Jane Willauer Ms. Joy S. Willey Ms. Jolyn Williams Dr. Carol Shiner Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Wilson Ms. Maribeth Wilson Mr. and Mrs. William K. Witmer Ms. Deborah Woelfel Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wolf Ms. Nancy B. Wolf Ms. Patricia A. Woodward Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Woodworth Dr. and Mrs. James Woolley Ms. Maryanne Betley Woytowicz Ms. Virginia L. Wyckoff Mr. and Mrs. Brett Jambor 134

135 Ms. Mary E. Young Ms. J. Jessica Ytkin Mr. Patrick J. Zatorski Rev. Earl W. Zellers Ms. Susan L. Zimskind Ms. Emily J. Zirkel Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Zoller Ms. Ruth N. Zoltick Ms. Brigitte Zueger Gifts from Other Sources Foundation Donors Anonymous 2004 Carita Foundation Inc. A.P. Kirby, Jr. Foundation, Inc. AKS Foundation Inc. Albert B. Kahn Foundation Alexander Family Foundation, Inc. Amaranth Foundation Andrew W. Mellon Foundation B and B Stern Foundation Inc. Benedict-Miller Foundation Benjamin Goldberg Trust Bessemer Trust Bluestein Family Foundation Inc. Brenda Blythe Trust C.K. Williams Family Foundation Charles S. Raizen Foundation, Inc. Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation Commonwealth Foundation I Commonwealth Foundation II Commonwealth Foundation III Commonwealth Foundation IV Commonwealth Foundation V David M C Ju Foundation Davis Family Foundation, Inc. Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation Edward A. Jesser Foundation Inc. Edwin M. Lavino Trust Erna & Isaac Stern Foundation Inc. Eugenia M. Vecchio Family Trust F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. Fischer Bauer Knirps Foundation Frederick H. and Margaret S. Bedford Charitable Foundation Frederick Rosse Hemeon & Shirley Ann Hemeon Trust Fuchsberg Family Foundation Gary J. Hilkert Revocable Trust George I. Alden Trust Gray Family Foundation of DuBois Harvey Cohen Trust Hidden Pond Foundation * = deceased Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life Hycliff Foundation Jaqua Foundation Jephson Educational Trusts John C Ludlum & Mildred W Ludlum Charitable Foundation John T. Gallaher Trust Keefe Family Foundation Kiwanis Foundation of Easton Inc. Knapp Family Trust Lambert Family Trust Lawrence D. Rockwell Trust Lundy Family Foundation Lunevica Foundation Martyn L Cutler Trust Max Kade Foundation Inc. Meringoff Family Foundation Inc Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation Mobile Giving Foundation Moglia Family Foundation Oechsle Family Foundation Owenoke Foundation Oxford Fund, Inc. Pesky Family Foundation Phoebe R. & John D. Lewis Foundation Pinola Family Foundation Trust Quaker City Foundation Rappolt Charitable Foundation Richard W. Karcher Trust Robert & Margaret McNamara Foundation 2 Robert E and Ann Dana Kusch Foundation Robert J. Potter Foundation Robert K Johnson Foundation Robert and Pamela Delaney Foundation Roy & Pearl Rogers Foundation Rubin-Henry Family Foundation Saidel Family Foundation Suzanne T. Millard & Frank W. Millard Foundation T E W Foundation The Arnold Baggins Foundation The Bradbury Dyer Foundation The Charles H. Fisher Living Trust 135

136 The Charles M. Gorsuch Trust The Conger Family Foundation The David & Sheila Cornstein Foundation The Demakos Foundation The Edgemer Foundation Inc. The G&A Foundation Inc The Gerald & Carol Galgano Foundation The Griffith Foundation The Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial The Henrietta S. Treen Trust The Katzenberger Foundation Inc The Lois E. & Neil J. Gagnon Foundation The Martin D. Cohen Family Foundation The Mc Cutchen Foundation The Munch Bilheimer Foundation Inc. The Safir Foundation, Inc. The Schaefer Family Trust of 1989 The Wagner Family Foundation Thomas F Staley Foundation William H Prusoff Foundation William L. and Geraldine M. Murray Foundation William P. Hayes Family Foundation William T. Morris Foundation Corporate Donors A.A. Lapp and Associates Inc. A.M. Rossi, D.M.D. Aetna Foundation, Inc. Air Products Foundation Alan B. Levine CPA Albert F. Carilli, Attorney at Law American Institute of Steel Construction Inc Anthony P. Abdalla, D.M.D., P.C. Aronimink Dental Health Asbury Graphite Mills Athletic Concepts B nai B rith Charities Foundation of Allentown BP Fabric of America Fund Back to Health Chiropractic Center Backstage Library Works Inc Bank of America Bank of New York Mellon Behou Consulting Berkeley Park Investment Group LLC Biltmore Capital Advisros Blue Chip Financial Bob Kahle Piano Service Bonelli s Market Boxlee Inc. * = deceased Bradford Investment Counsel Bridgewater Associates LP Bruce E. Woodske Attorney At Law C.R. Waters, Jr., D.M.D. CCST Builders Inc. CIT Group Inc. Celtic-4 Industries Challenger Overseas LLC Charitable Flex Fund Chatham Parking Systems Inc. Cherry Weber & Associates P.C. Clark Construction Group LLC Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co. Inc. Colonial Reality Company Constance M. Killian, D.M.D. Cornerstone Structural Engineering Consultants Council for Advancement & Support of Education Coventry Eye Associates, P.C. Curtis Mallet-Prevost Colt & Mosle LLP Cysner Financial Services DGH Enterprises LLC Decathlon Construction Inc Donald C. Thiel Jr. D.M.D. P.A. Donald J. Baker, M.D., L.L.C. Dr. Ronald Weiner Duggan & Marcon, Inc. Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Co. Easton Cardiovascular Associates, P.C. Egan Acoustics Ernest C. Levister, Jr. M.D. FACP Farhad Rafizadeh, M.D., P.C. Feather s Nest Fishbone & Scheer Florida Doughnut Company Forrest Glenn LLC Fredric L. Marcus, Attorney at Law Freedom Bank Gary F. Kolarik D.O. Gary H. Cassel, M.D., P.A. Inc. George J. Benson Attorney At Law Gerry s Pizzeria Good Energy Inc. Gordon Bennett Painting, Inc. Green Earth Companies LLC Gregory Caldwell DMD MD PC Harley Rendezvous Classic Inc. Harold J. Gerr Counselor at Law Hidden Pine Farms Honeywell International Charity Matching IBM Corporation 136

137 icon Dynamics LLC Idle Day Associates Lp J. Lawrence Brown, Jr. Esq. J.P.G. Associates J.W. Kille Associates Jack Delashmet & Associates LLC. Jack M. Levine, DDS DIP FAGD Jarrod Spencer PSY.D. LLC Joel H Ziev Law Offices John G Kyles Inc John T. Rusnock D.M.D John Yurconic Agency Johnson, Kendall & Johnson, Inc. Joseph M Troupe Jr MST/CPA PC Jostens Joy Cone Company JustGive KDC Solar LLC Kenneth I Gross & Associates Kevin P Kelleher DBA Kelleher & Company Kuttner Law Offices Landman Corsi Ballaine & Ford PC Law Office of Frank Campbell Law Office of Peter V. Lawlor P.C. Law Office of Stan G. Horowitz Lawrence Appel Associates Inc. Leav & Steinberg LLP Lehigh Gas Leslie D. Franklin, P.A. Lewis & Clarke Antiques Lewis W. Wetzel Attorney Life Extension Clinics Inc. Long Island Property Management L.P. MVG Medical Consulting Group LLC Mark E. Combi, Attorney at Law Martin L Haines II Matthew 25 Management Corp. Mearhoff Insurance Agency Inc Mercer Properties LLC Meshkov & Breslin LLC Attorneys at Law Metrocorp Michael L. Ozalas Attorney at Law Michael R. Contarino Microbiological Environments Milo s Place Inc. Mitchell Engineering & Consulting LTD Morgan Development And Supply Morgan Stanley Morrissey, Morrissey & Mooney, LLC Mt. Parnell Fisheries Inc. * = deceased Nicholas J. Azzolina CPA Nick Koopman DBA Collectors Exchange Northern Trust Company Norton, Arpert, Sheehy & Higgins, P.C. Nutritional Technologies Oceansky Films LLC Patricia A. Ludwig, D.M.D. Patricia Ann Carta D.M.D. Paul Ferraioli, DMD, PA Paul Lorence Plumbing & Heating Peak Performance Soccer, LLC Peter C.S. d Aubermont M.D. Pfeiffer & Bruno PC Pittsford Federal Credit Union RESTYLE LLC RMK Properties LLC RPA, Inc. Raymond P. Monico D.M.D. P.A. Razoo Foundation Reliable Mail Service, Inc. Renee Schneider DBA Invitations by Renee Schneider Richard B. Tancer, D.O. Robert P. Grim, Esquire Robert R. Lewis Attorney at Law Roberts Educational Consulting Service S. E. E. Camp Inc Saint Mark s Rehabilitative Med PLLC Seidel Cohen Hof & Reid LLC Semmel Excavating Inc. Soundview Construction Advisors Stanley A. Applebaum Attorney At Law Stephen J Noxon DMD MSD PC Susan B. Walsh, C.P.A. Susan Harris & Associates Inc Synergy Environmental Inc. The Connell Company The Espoma Company The Ex One Company, LLC Thomas Conrad and Conrad Thomas J. Aitken, Jr. Attorney at Law Thomas J. Romans Esq. Tilson Financial Group, Inc. United States Golf Association United Way of Central NE Connecticut Upstate Development Properties Inc. Van Cleef Engineering Associates Vanessa A Morenzi DMD LLC Virginia Fusaro D.M.D., F.A.G.D. Waddell Law Offices Water Mill Asset Management Corp. 137

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139 ConocoPhillips Company Corning Incorporated Foundation Covidien Deloitte Foundation Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Duke Energy Foundation Dun & Bradstreet Corp. Eaton Corporation Edison International Eli Lilly & Company Emerson Electric Co. Endo Pharmaceuticals Ericsson Inc. ExxonMobil Foundation First Data Foundation Fox News Network L.L.C. GE Foundation General Re Corporation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Goldman Sachs & Co. Guardian Life Insurance Company Hallmark Global Services Inc. Hanover Insurance Group Foundation Inc. Harley Davidson Foundation Inc. Harsco Corporation Health Strategies Group Inc. Hess Corporation HSBC Philanthropic Programs IBM Corporation Industrial Development International IR Charitable Foundation Johnson & Johnson Jones Lang LaSalle JP Morgan Chase Foundation Key Bank Foundation Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc. KPMG Foundation Kraft Foods LexisNexis Cares Lockheed Martin Scholarship Foundation Loews Foundation Lord Abbett & Co. LLC Lubrizol Foundation Marathon Oil Company Foundation McGraw-Hill Companies McMaster-Carr Supply Co. MeadWestvaco Foundation Medco Health Solutions Charitable Match Fund Merck Company Foundation Meredith Corporation * = deceased Metropolitan Life Foundation Michael Baker Corporation Foundation Microsoft Corporation Milliken & Company Minerals Technologies Inc. Monsanto Fund Moody s Foundation Munich Re America Nationwide Foundation New Market Foundation New York Community Trust New York Life Foundation Nokia Siemens Networks Northeast Utilities Foundation Inc. Northrop Grumman Foundation Northwestern Mutual Foundation Novartis US Foundation Occidental Petroleum Charitable Foundation Omnova Solutions Foundation Open Society Institute Oppenheimer Funds Inc. Pennsylvania Power & Light Company Pepsico Foundation Pew Charitable Trusts Pew Charitable Trusts Matching Gift Program Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program Pimco Foundation PNC Bank Foundation Procter & Gamble Fund Prudential Foundation PSEG Foundation Quaker Hill Foundation Raytheon Company Rembrandt IP Managment LLC Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Roche SAIC Science Applications International Corporation Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation Samuel H. Kress Foundation Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Sanofi Pasteur Inc. Scripps Howard Foundation Sempra Energy Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation Sherwin-Williams Foundation Siemens Energy Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC Sony Corporation of America Soros Fund Charitable Foundation Sprint Foundation 139

140 St. Jude Medical State Farm Companies Foundation Susquehanna International Group LLP Synopsys Philanthropic Matching Programs Telcordia Technologies Matching Gifts Program Texas Instruments Foundation Towers Watson Transatlantic Reinsurance Company Turner Construction Company Tyco Tyco Electronics UBS Unilever United States Foundation Inc. United States Fire Insurance Company United Technologies Unum US Bancorp Foundation Vanguard Group Foundation Verizon Foundation Victaulic Company of America Vulcan Materials Company Walt Disney Company Foundation Washington Post Company Matching Gifts Program Wells Fargo Foundation William Penn Foundation Xerox Corp. U.S.A. Special Gifts Gifts to Endowed Funds During , the following named funds were added to the College's permanent endowment: Professor Susan A. Basow Prize Fund The Class of 1961 International Speaker Series Endowed Fund Donald E. 37 and Constance S. Davey Scholarship Fund Mary 79 and Howard Frank Internship Endowment for Art History Mary 79 and Howard Frank Study Abroad Endowment Everett Lawrence Glenn 15 Fencing Award Global Learning and Community Engagement Fund James T. and Gladys Edgar Marcus Chemical Engineering Endowment Ted and Georgia Metropolis Prize in Geology Dr. Wilbur Oaks 51 Leadership Development Fund Robert 69 and Margaret Pastor Lecture Fund Douglas Prusoff 12 Student Athlete Study Abroad Fund Sigma Alpha Epsilon Endowed Scholarship Fund The Solid Class of 2012 Endowment Fund Hanne Tischler Memorial Endowment Fund Eleanor Winkey Prize Fund Lafayette Women s Lacrosse Founders Endowment Fund In addition, contributions were made to the following existing funds: Rashid A. Abdu 56 Endowed Scholarship Fund Acopian Engineering Center Operations/Maintenance Endowment Fund Ahart Family Scholarship Fund Allen Family Scholarship Fund Alumni Association Endowment Fund American Friends of Lafayette Fund Athletics Enhancement True Endowment Fund Richard D. Paynton 52 Scholarship Fund S. Robert 58 and Silas R. 88 Beane Scholarship Fund Frederick S. Benson 26 Scholarship Fund * = deceased 140

141 K. L. & K. Roald Bergethon Fund for Financial Aid Howard A. Bernstein 59 Memorial Scholarship Fund Paul Bernon Memorial Scholarship Fund Arthur A. Blaicher Memorial Scholarship Fund Joseph M. Blanes 92 Memorial Scholarship Fund Sanfurd G. Bluestein 42 Award Fund Catherine A. Bown, Trustee, Endowed Scholarship Fund Lester C. 32 and Marie M. Butz Scholarship Fund Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial Scholarship Fund Robert S. Chase Guest Speaker Fund for the Biology Department Stanley Ciemniecki 75 Scholarship Fund Class of 1941 Scholarship Fund Class of 1950 Scholarship Fund Class of 1951 Library Fund Class of 1953 Scholarship Fund Class of 1956 Scholarship Fund Class of 1957 Intership Endowment Class of 1959 Marquis Scholar Endowment Fund Class of 1960 Marquis Scholar Endowment Fund Class of 1962 Mechanical Engineering Endownment Fund in Memory of R. F. Flickinger 62 Class of 1962 Scholarship Fund Class of 1974 Internship Endowment Class of for 50 Term Endowment Burton H. Cohen Memorial Fund and Prize Andy and Nancy Conrad Endowment Fund Dr. James P. Crawford Fund Professor James P. Crawford Prize in Mathematics Fund The Professor Marcantonio Crespi Scholarship Fund Friends of Lafayette Crew Endowment Fund The Peter C.S. d Aubermont, M.D. Professor of Health & Life Science Harry T. Davimos 10 Scholarship Fund Nicholas M. Day 74 Memorial Scholarship Fund William 74 and Ann Dodds Study Abroad Endowment Fund John F. and Dorothy M. Dorflinger Summer Research Endowment Fund D. Darby 72 and Laura Duryea Scholarship Fund David W. Ellis Scholarship Fund Mark A. Enman 84 Study Abroad Fund William B. Farinon 39 Scholarship Fund Mitchel 40 & Constance Flaum Scholarship Fund Cyrus S. Fleck, Sr. 20 Scholarship Fund Professor Johannes A. Gaertner Fund Hugh P. Gallagher 57 Scholarship Fund Garfunkel Scholarship Fund Leslie F. Gates Class of 1897 & Helen Gates Taylor Scholarship Fund Jacob H. 24 and Jane M. Gichner Scholarship Fund Gerald R. Gill Memorial Fund Marshall Gluck 65 Scholarship Fund in Memory of Abraham and Molly Trichter and Benjamin I. Gluck Elizabeth Dall Godfrey Endowed Scholarship Fund * = deceased 141

142 Daniel L. 34 & Evelyn Golden Scholarship Fund Golieb Family Scholarship Fund Bennett J. 79 and Margaret Goodman Scholarshp Fund Kirsti Wells Goodwin 96 and Matthew Goodwin Scholarship Fund Richard 41 & Nancy Grant Scholarship Fund in Memory of Eric H. Grant 72 Green Family Scholarship Fund The Bank of New York/Alan R. Griffith 64 Scholarship Fund Judge Richard D. Grifo 40 Scholarship Fund U. Peter C. Gummeson 80 Scholarship Fund Heidi 91 and Daniel Hanson Endowed Fund Diversity Programs John L. Hatfield 67 Lecture Fund Jeffrey B. Havens 78 Memorial Fund Norman Hemler Endowment Fund Fred Heumann P 75 Scholarship Fund Cynthia A. Hofmann 84 Memorial Scholarship Fund Matthew J. Hogan 83 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Leslie Ann Howard 76 Endowed Career Internship Fund Hughes Family Scholarship Fund Dean Frank R. Hunt Emergency Scholarship Fund W. Robert Jacobs, M.D. 50 Memorial Scholarship Fund Jacoby Family Scholarship Fund in Honor of Walter I. Jacoby William A. Jeffers Jr. Director of the Engineering Division Edward A. Jesser, Jr. 39 Club Sports Fund Jewish Life Endowment Fund C.L. Johnson Russian Language Fund Robert K. Johnson 60 Endowed Scholaship Fund Gordon R. Jones, M.D. 59 Memorial Scholarship Fund Sally Elbert Kalin 87 Memorial Fund for Study Abroad KAM Scholarship Fund Kirby Athletics Enhancement Endowment Fund William A. Kirby 59 Internship Endowment Herman C. Kissiah Endowment for the Enrichment of Student Life Paul O. Koether 58 Scholarship Fund Louis W. Kroner Scholarship Fund Lafayette Newspaper Endowment Fund Lehigh Valley Alumni Chapter Edward A. Ely 76 Scholarship Fund Richard M. Lieberman 52 Scholarship Fund Neil D. Levin 76 Public Service Endowment Fund John C. 34 and Mildred Ludlum Scholarship Fund James P. 55 and Marcia S. Lusardi Scholarship Fund MacPherson Scholarship Fund The Macri Family Scholarship Fund McCurdy Family Scholarship Merlin Family Scholarship Fund Charles and Catherine Merrick Endowment Fund Thomas E. Morgan 58 Memorial Scholarship Fund Napoleon 50 and Joan Morneau Scholarship Fund Ludwig and Beatrice B. Muhlfelder Scholarship Fund * = deceased 142

143 The William J. Murgas 53 Scholarship Fund David Michael Nalven 88 Fund Thomas W. Norton 59 Scholarship Fund Daniel P. O Neil 06 Memorial Fund John Papuga II Memorial Fund Mark S. Pavlovich 91 Memorial Scholarship Fund Frank Thomas Pescatore, Jr. 78 Memorial Scholarship Fund Marina C. Petersen 10 Study Abroad Fund Karl H., Ronald E. 54 and B. M. Philipp Mechanical Engineering Endowment Fund The Pidcock Family Legacy Scholarship Fund The Alfred E. Pierce Memorial Fund for Economics & Business Robert J. Pinto 58 Memorial Scholarship Fund The Plume-Wrensch Scholarship Fund Pomeroy Family Scholarship Fund James N. Proctor 96 & Kara H. Proctor Endowed for Community Based Learning General Quasi Endowment Fund Roy R. 52 & Nancy B. Raizen, Jill R. Serling 87 Scholarship Fund John D. Raymond Scholarship Fund Harry Hess Reichard 01 Memorial German Book Fund Charlotte Rose Scholarship Fund The David M. 70 and Linda Roth Professorship Fund Rhoda C. Rothkopf 74 Jewish Life Education Programming Fund Darl M. Rush 52 Scholarship Fund Louise Morse Safford Scholarship Fund The Frederick A. Schillinger, Jr. 61 Scholarship Fund June Schlueter Study Abroad Endowment Fund Drs. Paul and June Schlueter Special Collection Endowment Fund Frank E. Schwartz 69 Scholarship Fund Georgiabelle and Thomas Harrison Scott, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund K. W. Sheeleigh Family Scholarship Fund Matthias Sheeleigh 50 & Mark R. Sheeleigh 84 Scholarship Fund Joseph A. Sherma Chemistry Research Endowed Fund Sigma Nu Alumni Association Scholarship Fund* David B. Skillman Library Fund Robert E. Slobodien 84 Memorial Scholarship Fund Leslie A. Smith 02 Scholarship Fund Jacob S. Sofer 51 Scholarship Fund Carolyn Atlas Sosler Memorial Scholarship Fund Harold J. Stahle, Jr. 51 and Betty J. Stahle Fund Paul Winston and Helen Elizabeth Staples Memorial Scholarship Fund The Strouse Family Scholarship Fund Patricia Cumming Stuhler Scholarship Fund Eric R. Thorpe 89 Memorial Fund for Community Outreach The Pete Tomaino Endowment for Varsity Tennis The Dr. Mehmet Uz Memorial Fund Professor Carolynn Van Dyke Prize Endowment The Victaulic Engineering Support Fund B. Vincent Viscomi Engineering Prize Endowment Fund * = deceased 143

144 William W. Watt Memorial Scholarship Fund Michael F. Weinstein 70 Scholarship Fund Weisburger Family Scholarship Fund Robin Wiessmann 75 Scholarship Fund Richard E. Welch, Jr. Memorial Fund Robert E. 56 and Mary T. Wells Scholarship Fund Charles P. Werner 62 Scholarship Fund Judith C. White Foundation Endowment Fund Diversity Enhancement Gladstone T. Whitman 49 Endowment Fund Jane Wilkinson Baseball Fund Donald F. Wohlers 51 Scholarship Fund Herbert M. 32 and Lylan J. Wolff Scholarship Fund George T. Woodring 19 Endowment Fund for Alumni Support Robert L. 58 and Judith C. Yohe Scholarship Fund The Florence HM Yuen Chinese Student Scholarship Fund *A total of $65,070 was added to the Sigma Nu Alumni Association Scholarship Fund in 2012 from the Gamma Epsilon Association. Memorial Gifts The following individuals were remembered by family and friends through gifts made during Gifts made during the fiscal year to named endowed funds that were established as memorials to specific individuals are recognized under the tab Gifts to Endowed Funds. Dr. Bernard Albert Alpha Chi Rho Brothers Dr. Harry E. Altman 63 Dr. Joseph R. Arboleda Sheppard Arluck 61 George J. Avril 68 Harold Bellis 40 Dr. K. Roald and Mrs. Katherine L. Bergethon H. Hudson Brack 41 Dr. W. Edward Brown Joseph S. Bukics Bernard F. Canavan, Jr. 49 Joseph J. Caputi Dr. Burton H. Cohen Gerald E. Colver 65 John R. Corke 51 Dr. James P. Crawford Stanley I. Cundey 30 Hans E. Dahl Donald C. Dates 56 The Reverend Dr. George Douglas Davies 34 Thomas C. Davies 37 James W. Dicker, Sr. Halsey Edwin Dickson 22 Dr. William M. Dobriner Paul S. Doherty, Sr. 39 Charles R. Doty 57 Edward A. Ely 76 Charles D. Farber 65 Karen Riker Fash 78 Sheldon H. Fast 45 Charles and Ruth Fetzer William Kemm Fischer 50 James J. Flannery 69 Mitchel Flaum 40 Cyrus S. Fleck, Jr. 52 Cyrus S. Fleck, Sr. 20 Hugh P. Gallagher 57 Dr. Albert W. Gendebien 34 Anthony Giglio 74 Dr. Gerald R. Gill 70 Everett L. Glenn 15 Daniel L. Golden 34 Evelyn Golden Mindy A. Lieberman Goldstone 81 James Goodrich 73 * = deceased 144

145 Raymond D. Goulstone 96 Arthur David Gray 63 Jason S. Gray 23 Wiliam Elgar Greenip 44 Lewis E. Halley Thomas J. Hanlon Ronald A. Hargreaves 61 Bernard Harris Jeffrey B. Havens 78 Bryan C. Hendrickson 10 Dr. John J. Hiller, Jr. 61 James H. Hoffman 33 Dr. Arnold I. Hollander 58 Dr. Richard F. Holler 60 Barry L. Hughes 72 Harold S. Hutchinson 30 Dr. Marvin Lee Illingsworth 72 Sally Elbert Kalin 87 Anne M. King F.M. Kirby 42 Jennifer Ballard Koch 82 Dr. Robert A. Kramer 59 Adam D. Lambert 08 Glenn K. Landis 44 Paul E. Landis 42 Mary Lou Landon J. Alfred LeConey 23 Frank Lerch 1905 John T. Magee 68 Professor Howard J. Marblestone Dr. John J. Marchalonis 62 Dr. Joseph A. Marlo 29 Erna Mayer Dr. Donald McCluskey 36 Dr. John T. McCartney John G. E. McCabe, Jr. 75 Dr. Leon J. McGeady Robert B. Meyner 30 Henry G. Muchmore 42 Jerome T. Muldowney David M. Nalven 88 Joyce Neppel Lyman F. Nicholas 48 Daniel P. O Neil 06 Dr. Samuel Jose Pascal 27 Richard D. Paynton, Sr. Frank Thomas Pescatore 78 Marina C. Petersen 10 Robert J. Pinto 58 Dr. Earl A. Pope David A. Portlock Hilton Dutch N. Rahn, Jr. 51 Dr. John D. Raymond Herbert Rednor 40 Abbey Bluestein Reisman Joseph R. 34 and Anita C. Reichard Gene F. Roscioli 56 Dr. Robert A. Rossi 92 Victoria A. Russo 93 Joseph H. Santarlasci III 97 Grant Van Saun 26 David L. Sawyer 68 Jeremy Saxe 09 Frank E. Schwartz 69 Frederick G. Schwarzmann Francis A. Sciabica 50 Jack H. Scott 40 Kenneth W. Sheeleigh 51 John O. J. Shellenberger, III 66 Chef Otto Sieder Robert E. Slobodien 84 Leslie A. Smith 02 Sheridan Rome Smith 43 Lee J. Sokol 55 Joseph M. Stella, Jr. 94 Janet G. Strahler Eric R. Thorpe 89 Hanne A. Tischler 04 Dr. Walter W. Tunnessen, Jr. 61 Stanley C. Vass 53 Sally Wallner Dr. William W. Watt Arthur Joseph Wilson Tonye E. Wilcox 09 Ray R. Willauer 31 Eleanor Winkey Lewis A. Winkler 44 James L. Wong 92 Martha Walling Woolery 75 * = deceased 145

146 Gifts in Honor The following individuals were recognized by gifts made during the , often to mark special occasions: Edward 69 and Catherine Ahart Dr. Rexford Ahene Eugene E. Anderson Arthur April Shifun Hailu Bahre Robert M. Barsky 79 John Becker Wilma Beers James Bernhardt 66 Elizabeth Blake 12 Reuben Bonnett Albert Bordow George H. Brown 53 Dave Bruggeman Gerald Butler Mary Cunning 12 Albert and Karen Carson Coach Kevin Castner Dr. Robert S. Chase Chi Phi Class of th Year Reunion Class of rd Anniversary Challenge Class of th Year Reunion Class of th Year Reunion Dr. Burton H. Cohen* Brian E. Comerford George Crouch 38 Jessica Fallon Cysner 12 Roland Doan, Jr. 50 Cantrell Donley 05 Edith S. Duncan Neil A. Eisler 74 Joseph Evans Olga Farrell Dr. James K. Ferri William K. Fischer 50 Eitan Fishbein 13 Caitlin Flood 12 Lauren Flynn 11 Alee French Dr. Bernard Fried H. Hunter Garbee, Jr. 56 Ravinder Garg Larry and Marjorie Goldfarb Melchor Gomez Kit Green 56 Lewis E. Halley Dr. Morrison Handsaker Richard G. Hauser 64 Scott Hawkins 08 Professor Curlee Holton Mary Ellen Hood Justin Hoot 16 William Huddleston 09 James Huz Dr. Norman Isaacson Kappa Sigma Jean Kaercher Kappa Delta Rho Alex 04 and Leslie Maral Karapetian Herman C. Kissiah, Jr. Becca LaRosa 15 Coach William L. Lawson Dr. James E. Lennertz Amanda Levine 12 Cynthia Oaks Linville 80 Dr. James P. Lusardi 55* Dr. Bernard C. Marklein Barry W. McCarty Dr. Bruce E. McCutcheon Barbara M. Morrisson James Murphy 10 Roger Newton 72 Dr. Michael O Neill Craig Parker 86 Harry Peck Jada Pescatore Jarred Pescatore Jordan Pescatore Josh Pescatore David and Shelley Pinto Candice Prager 12 Dr. Rado Pribic William Raver 68 Deborah Rhebergen 03 Garrett Rice 12 Paul Romon Donna Rosen * = deceased 146

147 Howars Rottman Lauren E. Sheldon 04 Alexander Shulman 10 Fannie Snowman Peixin Song E. Michael Stetler The Honorable John Stoffa Dean Toombs Jeanette K.C. Traum Professor David Veshosky Eric Waas Jean Waygood Dr. Robert I. Weiner Michael 82 and Jenny Marshall Weisburger 82 Nicole Paquet Whitehead 05 Arthur J. Wilson Katherine A. Wilson 12 Michelle Woodworth Meghan Young 13 Peggy Young Marty Zippel 49 * = deceased 147

148 Estate Planned Giving Porter Society Established in , the James Madison Porter Society recognized individuals who have included Lafayette College in their estate plans through a bequest (including will provision, retirement fund remainder, insurance beneficiary, or outside trust remainder) and various life-income agreements established with the College. CLASS OF 1917 Mrs. Sherry J. Houck CLASS OF 1927 Mrs. Thomas R. Carlson CLASS OF 1928 Mrs. Donald Terwilliger CLASS OF 1929 Mrs. Joseph A. Marlo CLASS OF 1930 Mrs. Mary Ann Bennett CLASS OF 1932 John J. Evans* Mrs. Herbert Toff CLASS OF 1933 Frank R. Barnako* Mrs. George C. Laub CLASS OF 1934 Mrs. Albert W. Gendebien Mrs. Daniel L. Golden Mrs. Herbert P. Harkins Mrs. Charles Ressler Mrs. Mae Rossetti CLASS OF 1935 Mrs. Richard M. Child Mrs. Richard E. Johnson Mrs. E. Leroy Vonder Tann CLASS OF 1936 Donald McCluskey* CLASS OF 1937 Mrs. Robert C. Wolf * = deceased CLASS OF 1938 George W. Crouch Jesse F. Farr* William F. & Dorothy S. Plume Norman Seidel David* & Helene Styer CLASS OF 1939 J. Frank Claussen Paul S.* & Pett Doherty William Janos* Mrs. Sherman E. Keller Dr. John W. Landis CLASS OF 1940 Mrs. Mary Means CLASS OF 1941 Richard * & Nancy Grant Mayo W. Lanning Mrs. George L. Schaefer Mrs. Peter J. Schenk CLASS OF 1942 Anonymous Wilbur Bryan Otto Alden Mrs. Philip H. Dalrymple William J. & Mary Goade, Jr. Robert W. B. Johnston Robert E. Jones Mrs. Joseph E. Laird CLASS OF 1943 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice T. Bolmer, Jr.* John E. & Mary M. Bolton, Jr. John C. Hance* Milton D. Moore, Jr. Robert F. Vandenberg William Yannaccone CLASS OF 1944 Robert H. Britton George R. Hemmeter* Glenn K. & Betty Landis* Harold L. McPheeters Mrs. William H. Nickel George W. Schell * Rosalyn Roth Steiner CLASS OF 1945 Mrs. Ralph W. Hackett Dr. J. David Rockafellow Mr.* & Mrs. Harold B. Sachs CLASS OF 1947 Van T. Boughton, Jr. CLASS OF 1948 Dr. John T. Groel Dr. Harvey H. Hunerberg Lawrence B. Millner Dr. George A. Sofer CLASS OF 1949 Townsend E. Ace Robert W. Adenbaum Norman S. Carlson Clement S. Crystal, Jr. Charles V. R. Dauerty Charles T. Gallaher, II Walter * and Elizabeth Hanson P 78 Floyd C. Johnson Cyril S. Lang H. Lee Messner, Jr. John R. Nemes* Frank L. Peragine Richard E. Sigler Gladstone Whitman Marty Zippel 148

149 CLASS OF 1950 Anonymous (3) John D. Bennett, Jr. Benjamin A. Bolton William C. Buck Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Chubb W. Bruce Drinkhouse Thomas S. Hargest, III Donald O. Kennedy James & Susann Madara Mrs. Robert H. Maitland Forbes M. Meston Morris D. & Dorothy Metz Jere G. Oren Lawrence J. Ramer Matthias Sheeleigh Calvin E. A. Solla James J. Stouppe Mrs. Frederick R. Wiehl CLASS OF 1951 Anonymous Harry Balukjian Robert J. Barbero Mrs. John S. Dillon Frank M. Downing Henry H. Elliott, Jr. Donald G. Engesser Arthur H. Hendrickson Stephen B. & Mary B. Hiltabidle Charles E. & Cornelia Hugel P 83 Harrison McAlpine, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Wilbur Wilson Oaks Rev. Daniel D. Ressetar Lawrence D. Rockwell Harolld J. Stahle, Jr. Kurt O. Wassen Edmund P. Whitby CLASS OF 1952 William G. Baddeley Thomas Boate Thomas Coughlin Mrs. John R. Denton Mrs. Barbara K. Hench Hugh H. Jones, Jr. P 78 Mrs. William Lanigan D. Herbert Lipson Sherburne M. MacFarlan William G. Mulligan * = deceased Mrs. Richard D. Paynton Mrs. John F. Pensyl Darl M. Rush Harv Whitten Richard J. Wolfenden CLASS OF 1953 Anonymous William A. Barati Bruce O. Becker Richard B. Burns George H. Drake David G. Goehring Donald L. Gold* Douglas M. Harris Robert Loughlin H. David Moore, Jr. Theodore S. Morgan William J. Murgas Boyer L. Veitch J. Tylee Wilson CLASS OF 1954 Dr. Carl R. Beidleman Mrs. James O. Brown Richard K. Brown John Ferrante Paul H. Hirsch Raymond L. Howe Dr. Bart & Joan Levenson Eugene C. McCreary Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Philipp Dr. Robert J. Potter Richard A. Rathemacher Mrs. Thomas Robison Philip C. Schneider Kenneth S. Sweet CLASS OF 1955 Gerda Alexander Alex P. Baglyos Fred P. Braun P 83 Ralph & Elizabeth Doederlein Mr. Charles H. Gehret, Jr. Frederick J. Kaiser, Jr. William M. & Shirley Kilpatrick Mrs. Robert Moore Arthur J. Rothkopf Stuart Rothkopf & Joan Mack William A. Turner Donald Verchick Mark B. Weisburger CLASS OF 1956 Anonymous (2) Rashid Abdu Cornelius Alexander, IV John R. Batley G. Gordon Connally Donald C. Dates* Mrs. Elmer Elias William P. Freese, II H. Kermit Green, Jr. Marshall C. Jost Dr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Keyser Armin U. Kuder Ed Landis Warren W. Mann Charles L. Myers Gayle & Carol Parker Irwin M. Pasternak Mrs. Richard Leiter Rhodes Mrs. Susan Thomson CLASS OF 1957 Anonymous (2) Robert J. Burcin Gary A. & B. J. Evans Mason Fisher Victor Garber Raymond B. Jacoby Allen R. Lewis Robert E. & Norma Moss John S. Nevin Noel W. Nilson Walter & Christa Oechsle Philip L. Platt Gerald T. Richards Ronald N. Rudderow CLASS OF 1958 Anonymous Elbern H. & Gratia Alkire, Jr. S. Robert Beane, Jr. Edward B. Brunswick Gerald A. Flanzbaum Paul O. Koether Louis J. & Beverly K. Lyons Bill Meek C. Lawrence Murphy 149

150 William E. Schaffroth George C. & Donna G. Watson Mrs. Judith C. Yohe CLASS OF 1959 Anonymous Jonathan Alan Clayton Ronald L. Eshleman Gerald M. Fleischner Walter G. French Hubert W. Hagadorn Dr. & Mrs. George M. Irwin Allan W. Johnson Thomas J. Neff Charles A. Schenck Norman A. Sensinger, Jr. David G. Stephens John T. Sterling Donald S. Straub Jerry Turnauer CLASS OF 1960 Anonymous Alan L. Black Stephen Blecher J. Richard Booth Jesse E. Fosselman Robert K. Johnson Theodore V. Partlow Charles Romesburg David C. Saalfrank, Jr. John & Joyce Saeger M. Alden & Doll Siegel Paul E. Thurston Gerald I. Wilson William David Wister CLASS OF 1961 Anonymous Mrs. John Dorman Ronald E. Geesey John J.A. Hossenlopp Dr. Gerald L. Paist H. Scott Payne Alfred R. Ruesch Charles Q. Smith David C. Thomsen CLASS OF 1962 Anonymous * = deceased Thomas E. Burns, III Richard F. Flickinger Richard S. Gilbert Robert Fine Goulstone Roberts S. Gursky Arthur S. Hansen Mrs. Dorthea Nolan Hattrick Steven J. and Miriam O. Hyman William R. Kegley William J. Murdock Joseph E. Nechasek James F. Reeve Dr. George E. Rossmann Jeffrey Ruthizer Lawrence S. Schwartz Charles Werner CLASS OF 1963 Robert T. Burns Benjamin S. Feinswog Jeffrey E. Fiddler Edward A. Fusakio Ronald A. Garfunkel Joseph P. Hafer Robert S. Kempton Stewart F. Kresge James W. Marlatt Kenneth E. Moor Russell A. Petranto David F. Post Kenneth B. Tator Alan Weil CLASS OF 1964 Anonymous John R. Brown, III John C. and Susan Church John F. DeLong Tom & Rosalie Greenbaum W. Daniel & Emma Headington Richard Hauser Mrs. Leslie Lavino Frederick H. Morhart William J. Nielsen Drs. Eugene A. & Joanne B. Scanlan Dean T. Umemoto Robert L. G. White, Jr. E. James Wisner Richard L. Zanewicz CLASS OF 1965 Anonymous Jeffrey P. & Kathy Feather Richard C. Ill Dr. John W. Kille, Jr. Alvan Markle CLASS OF 1966 James W. Barnes E. Dennison Bement John K. Darr William H. Friesell, IV Jerome E. Giles Dr. James P. Gutai Harry M. Jones Jeffrey T. Kovner Marselis Parsons, III Richard C. Ulsh John M. Wetzel CLASS OF 1967 Anonymous Carl G. Anderson R. Kirkwood Colton Richard & Bonnie Corwin John L. & Jean Hatfield Robert D. McCabe Dennis C. Nowack Michael T. O Kane Henry D. & Judith B. Ryder Richard B. Shupp, Jr. Robert J. Sikora I. Peter Wolff CLASS OF 1968 Anonymous (3) Harold G. Cohen C. Deming Cowles, IV Joseph T. Cox Hal R. Crane Gregory R. Crawford Joseph M. Evans, Jr. Robert A. Fisher Richard D. Groff Charles W. Miersch Gary R. Miller Frank B. Zook CLASS OF 1969 Anonymous (2) 150

151 Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Ahart Edward F. Barrese John C. Becica Robert D. & Betty Becker Donald L. Clement, Jr. Dr. Martin L. Freifeld David R. Hughes Terry J. Lee Gary William Masline Benjamin D. Schwartz Richard E. Wiggins Louis F. Wildstein CLASS OF 1970 Dr. John B. Donaldson Thomas J. LaConte Dr. Michael H. LeWitt Glen K. McConky Heinze J. Roye Mark R. Whitley CLASS OF 1971 Anonymous John T. Bourger Harry S. Cherken, Jr. Paul H. Dimmick Bradford L. Meigs Stephen S. Rodde Wayne D. Russell Barry C. Shabbick Richard M. Skudera* Riley K. Temple CLASS OF 1972 Anonymous(2) Candace K. Bel Air Harold L. Colvocoresses CLASS OF 1973 Caron B. Anderson Edward H. Bedrossian, Jr. John F. Callahan, Jr. Steven M. Craig David A. Dubow Chip Harpster, Jr. Michael R. Hinkle Lee Hoeting James Raywood Murray B. Rosen * = deceased John S. Santasprit Judith E. Thomson CLASS OF 1974 Anonymous Gregg E. Cregan Ann B. Erickson Donald R. Grossmann James Lytton Hockenberry George M. Jenkins Kenneth M. Roberts* Rhoda C. Rothkopf Edward D. Wetzel CLASS OF 1975 Stan & Laurie Ciemniecki Michael F. D Amico Charles Dauerty, Jr. Joan Eberhard Robert S. Franco Gary N. Gildersleeve Allen N. Hansen, Jr. David P. Hourigan Daniel E. Moore Jan A. Petro David R. Taschler John A. Tolleris CLASS OF 1976 Kevin J. Canavan Susan Barnes Carras David B. FitzGerald Benjamin A. Kreider, Jr. Alan B. Levine Douglas E. Nagel Daniel F. Peck Deborah Schaaf Robert D. Stern George Weidlein Robert & Bonnie Werkmeister CLASS OF 1977 James H. Cottrell James R. Fisher Thomas O. Kuhns Hillary Spiro McGuire CLASS OF 1978 Victor Angeline Margery C. Bennett John J. Donleavy J. Robert Evans, M. D CLASS OF 1979 Anonymous Barry A. Depew Howard & Mary Engel Frank Paul S. Imperia Andrew L. Lewis Carl M. Mischinski Donald E. Morel, Jr. Andrew B. Schulz Richard B. Tancer CLASS OF 1980 Deirdre J. Clark Dr. Rebecca Price Janney Mrs. Cynthia Linville 80 & Dr. Judson Linville 79 CLASS OF 1981 Anonymous Anne A. Hyde D. Richard Kauffman Elisabeth Hughes MacDonald Carolyn Slingland Pierce John H. Pierce Carl W. Stratton CLASS OF 1982 Terry L. Carbaugh Laura Bailey Culp Kay Reynolds Ellen Cassebaum Geldbaugh Alisa Bonasoni Martel Michael A. Schlosser Marjorie Jacoby Steiner Mark E. Stoeckel CLASS OF 1983 Cheryl L. Johnson Leslie Morgan Michael J. Youndt CLASS OF 1984 Anonymous (3) Diane Gaglia Gottschalk Stephen Parahus Kenneth M. Soda 151

152 CLASS OF 1985 James W. & Mandy S. 84 Dicker Joseph M. Heaney, III Sandy Kazinski Elisabeth Hughes Phillips CLASS OF1986 Anonymous Martha Heinze & Paul Hansen Donald A. Keller CLASS OF 1987 Anonymous Atsuko Kazahaya CLASS OF 1988 Jennifer Gardner Dunn CLASS OF 1989 Camille Frondorf Kille Kristen Yohannan Moore CLASS OF 1990 Paige W. Macfarlan CLASS OF 1991 Anonymous Heidi A. Ludwick Hanson CLASS OF 1992 Jonathan M. Kopcsik Dr. Jacqueline M. Olich CLASS OF 1993 Mark Suffredini CLASS OF 1994 Cassandra Toroian CLASS OF 1995 Melissa J. Smith Cormican Clarence W. Hoover, III CLASS OF 1996 Stephen H. Konya Jennifer Pendergrass Larner Michael E. Larner Kristine Zeigler CLASS OF 1998 Wendy A. Birkhead CLASS OF 1999 Chenming Wu CLASS OF 2002 Alyssa A. Zagrobski CLASS OF 2003 Deborah N. Rhebergen CLASS OF 2006 Lauren A. Giordani CLASS OF 2011 Christopher T. Vecchio FRIENDS Anonymous (3) Lucy Wilson Benson Drs. Robert & Mary Ann Bradford L. Jack Bradt Martin D. Cohen, Esq. Mrs. Edna R. Currie* Olga A. & Joseph Duhl Edward P. Hoffer Nicholas B. Hofmann P 84 Herman Kissiah Robert C. Leslie Robert & Anne Nourse Mr. & Mrs. Edward Petraiuolo, Jr. P 80 & 82 Robert A. Pfenning Willis B. Skillman Dr. Dean G. Taylor Eugenia M. and Richard S. Vecchio P 11 Bequests Thanks to the generosity of alumni, parents, and friends, Lafayette received $4,885,715 in bequests during fiscal year from the estates of the following individuals: James T. Marcus 50 to be used to further and improve the Chemical Engineering curriculum Dr. John Hiller 61 to be added to the Chemistry Division Gift Fund Richard H. Grant 41 to be added to the Eric H. Grant 72 Scholarship Fund in the College Endowment Joseph Conroy 51 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees William B. Farinon 39 to be added to the William B. Farinon Scholarship Fund in the College Endowment and to be added to the Athletic Enhancement True Endowment Fund Duncan Andrews 57 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Donald McCluskey 36 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees * = deceased 152

153 Nancy Conrad to be added to the Andy 43 and Nancy Conrad Fund in support of the Physics Program in the College Endowment Craig Kennedy 41 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Mary Graupner Elias to be added to the Annual Fund Richard M. Lieberman 52 to be added to the Richard M. Lieberman 52 Scholarship in the College Endowment Wilson Powell 32 to be used as follows: 50% to support the history and political science departments and 50% for a use to be determined by the Board of Trustees Paul Doherty 39 to establish The Paul S. Doherty 39 Scholarship Fund Thomas Robison 54 to be added to the Annual Fund Virginia Henderson-Stout W 37 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Alvin J. Carr 48 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees John Ludlum 35 to be added to the John C. 35 and Mildred Ludlum Fund in the College Endowment (Unrestricted) Frederick Spotts 14 to be added to the Quasi Endowment Madeline (Thomas F.) McDonald W 14 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Helen (George R.) Hemmeter W 44 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Napoleon A. Morneau, Jr. 50 to establish the Napoleon A. Morneau, Jr. 50 Scholarship Fund in the College Endowment Richard W. Kruger 56 for a purpose to be determined by the Board of Trustees Life Income Agreements Alumni, widows of alumni, and other Lafayette friends continue to establish a variety of life-income agreements that pay them, or someone they designate, income for life. Whether it s a Charitable Gift Annuity, a Charitable Remainder Trust, or a Pooled Income Fund, each donor makes a meaningful lifetime gift to the College and receives income for life as well as significant tax benefits. The following members of the James Madison Porter Society funded one or more agreements or added to existing agreements during fiscal year , for a total of $3,045,873. Robert H. Britton 44 W. Bruce Drinkhouse 50 Gary A. 57 and B.J. Evans Charles E. 51 G 06 and Cornelia Hugel G 06 Steven J. 62 and Miriam O. Hyman Raymond B. Jacoby 57 Mrs. Joseph A. Marlo W 29 Forbes M. Meston 50 Theodore S. Morgan 53 Robert A. Pfenning Gerald I. Wilson

154 Volunteer Participation A Message From The Alumni Council President Thank you alumni for your contributions to Lafayette College. Approximately, one out of every thirteen alumni provides volunteer support to the College. Through a variety of ways, alumni are: Assisting in the recruitment of new students; Supporting current students in their career and life explorations; Connecting alumni to each other and the Lafayette community; and Enhancing Lafayette s reputation in their communities The talents and experiences of our alumni coupled with their commitment to the mission of the College are valuable resources to the Lafayette community. To those who served last year, again thank you, and we look forward to working together in the year ahead. To learn more about the alumni volunteer opportunities and network, please contact the Alumni Office or me. Pamela Gaary Holran 88 Alumni Association Council President 154