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1 indus:rial Cty :;;; ;:;; f:: : 7 :c!;rtr1;x;::: /: : All Tha News Of All The )ointes Every Thursday orning VOLUAE17NO 26 j rosse Complete NewCot!erage of All the :Paintes Entered as Second Cla MaUer at the Post 0111ceat Detroit Mich _ ( J GROSSE PONTE MCHANi JUNE U 1956 ews 5c Per Copy!iO Per y 28 PAt;ES r Fully Palid Circulation HEADLNES of the WEEK As Compiled by th6 wtjtse Point News Thursday June 21 RESCUERS are still searching for the bodies of 74 persons killed in a fiery Venezuelan airliner crash yesterday The crash the worst in commercial aviatio:l history occurred as the plane was returning to New York with one engine dead The big plane exploded while dumping its gasoline after the engine trouble From the instant the plane hit the water within sight of the lights of New York it was known that everyone aboard had perished upon flaming impact with the sea A Coast Guard spokesman said the plane hit so hard it disintegrated Nineteen of the victims were Americans * took AHv Slq The y May Stay Alive Council in Woods Studies Financing : OfDrain Project Plan For Apportioning of G;rosseGratiot Development s Approved; To Accept Bids About August Rotarians 1nstallOfficers At 9eremO!1Y in Center Farms Halts Assessment On Business SpecialDistrict Created To CoHect Funds For Site Rescinded by Councilmen The Special Assessment DiStrict 7 case of the City of Grosse Pointe Farms has The Wood council held an adjourned meeting on been rescinded Thursday June 21<to debate the proposed proportionment At a regularly scheduled of cost of the GrosseGratiot Drain The meeting was meeting of the Farms Coun carried over from the regular session held on Monday; cil on June 18 Councilman June 18 William Butler moved that City Administrator William S d C t assessment on the Kercheval Lange said that t council pee os S Hill parking lot be cancelled approved the plan for the ap d t T h t porioning of the cost of the Dr1;ver $47 lnme 1a ejy e mo ln dram between the Woods was unanimously adopted Harpel Woods and St Clair 1T F The special assessment dis Shores However the actual n wo nes trict was created by the Farms FRANCES FOREGN Minis )st proportionment of the en to have the businessmen pay a ter Christian Pineau said that tire project cannot be deter proportionate share of the park Russia has started to raise its mined as yet he said witil bids Police Chase Him at 90 ing lot cost and improvement ron Curtain and that the West ar a d t t t t h which was completed early in!l n cons rue lons ar s Mles per our on Lake should encourage this by cu He said that the WaYl Sh S d 1954 turaleconomic contacts with the <; County Drain Cqm;sslonn:ad ore n econ Total Cost $39994 > Red countries He said the Off United States should lead the proposed each of the involved ense The overall cost to the city West in this move He said Rus communities be assessed ac including improvements pursian leaders are ready to make Schools out aldso are the kids A frightening f Fred Runnells Photo cordingly that is each be A motorist who appeared chase of property from the a certain number of unavoid path 0 thecclt She is just helping the NEWS photqg charged its fak share for the before Farms Judge Grant E SCQoolBoard to expand the lot able sacrifices yet too familiar sight to motorists ilsthe child darting rapher remind you to particularly careful now that whole amount and then the etc was approximately $33994 Pineau made this statement into the street to chase down a stray ball YOt:!lg suniiner:is pete and our children are :out of doors cities in turn assess their citi Armstrong twice within a The assessment against local bluntly at a National Press Club LNDA ORl?ON knows btter than to run out into the Give the kids a brake Youll both be glad you did ze}1s: year on a charge of speeding business was $21441 luncheon in Washington after Mr Lange said that each and reckless driving re The jority of the busi;tslending a threeday intensive K e Cl b p C Th B p citys cost will be determined by ceived a heavy fine on Wed men sald hey would be g diplomatic talk with Secretary lwaus U olrtte OlpmUnlty eater zo av ;n g: the slze of sewe pipes and nesday June 20 to pay thel share of the assess :s S hn F D 11 Th pumpsneeded in that particular ment prov1ded the Farms promof tate Jo oster u es e P A W d t Rohert ssommervllle 29 of ised not to meter tl;le parking a;::y t:n:;o s:i;; ans nnua ill S Up BusjetSeason J obstlirted coin COissn wili r:otm::flei;; e proniise was not ob sharp differences on how to July :;J Sfh;: ouj: WJeth Show sl:: :aw ikend [ ::rii: ;;(ST c b;ds pnthe project on bata:nd Ea:l;Field:!heJ? they: Wnenthe citsought W col :l:s Russits ne softer ;E :11Uo ;;V n (jous:: : :ecntly EasDetroit ex vtltnessedhis car travelmg at leet the assessment the Bill pressed a desireto come in on an exesslve speed on Lake businessmen obtained an ije SOURCES CLOSE to officials H F k 0 1 T Dil M fr Murder Wil be Presented FridY and the drain program and Mr Shore road tion restraining the Farms from in Washington said that the uge rewor 5 isp 6y 0 d h Cook Road :and Portions of Lange sa}d the counl did not Was Going 90 collecting However before the Unitf:QStates may abandon the Be Held Agin on Prcens Stur ay Nig ts at Cannon Community Center ChesterandAHhrBein9 object tothis provided that as The officers said they chased injunction was served several :financing of the Aswan Dam in School Grounds at N!ght ::: on uilforcl : : Surfaced at Costa result there will be no delay the motorist at speeds up to 90 businessmen paid all or part Egypt A spokesman for Egypt f $ in starting the jobhe said the miles an hour and fmally of their assessment ian Premier Gamal Abdel Nas The Grosse Pointe: Community :lheater winds up f 0: 449OO Woods will not tolerate any stopped him at Lake Shore and n Com SiDce 1954 ser saidhat Russia has offered The G:oPote wanls sason t;bis Fridy and st;!ay}lightswith prfermances: i : delay ecause the vitally need P;ovencaL The case l1ad been in eoun to loan Egypt $ to Club wil:l sposol1ts 14b of Dial M for Murder The hit thriller will be stagedat The Woods bgn:lts P8:v ed dramage system must go When brought before Judge since September and ward construction of the dam annual huge Freworks DS the Cannon Community Center Auditorium an Guilfprd mg of Cook road Rart f; ts aliead: Armstrong on Wednesday Som since then hearings had been and without any interest play on WeJinesday July 4 Street near the CadieuxWarren comer street andalley repa1rmg Offer One Solution merville eritered a plea of not postponed several times The loan would be paid back at Pcellschoo! Mack at A quick look at the cast of0 and improvemntr>r?gram He said that if East Detroitgu!ly to speeding and recless On February 19 of this year over a priod of 60 years The Vermer WhCh Wll start as thls P:0dlllctionproves the adage season of summer stock_on onmondayjune 2p acc<?rd7 is not ready to participate in chlvmgan was found gmty the Farms installed meters in sum would almost meet the soon a darkness falls: that oncebitten by the theater Cape Cod organization and ing to City dministrator thpprogram one way of getting He was orae:r;ed to pay fme the first three rows of the lot total cost of the construction The club plans to make this bug a plrsonstays bitten direction of a US: Air Force Wil1iamLange around it is for St Clair Shores of $350 or serve 60d!lYS n he 132 spaces and to date has real American officials indicate that display bigger and better than Has Professional Background Little Theater on Okilawa; and The pavingwch will cover to dev:16p its portion of the :::npeaiounty Jall Tre fme ed abo u11ut $150 a wuleedk WththiCh the position now is that the those of previous years Bill Shearer who plays n h t a little less:than a mile will Mllk Rver and lel added part S ill d m one year WO ne US is ready to bow out rather a rat er recen apearance t $44900 f hi h $:)7600of the river which would b ommerv was arralgne city approtely $8000 than meet the Russian offer Helps Many Movep1ents spector Hubbad was btten one of the male leads<?f the cos C) yv c db e before Judge Armstrong dbring The first row is metered for * All funds raised through the early He was a profeslonal bex ClribsmoUnting of u TheYil1 bepajd tj;1roughspecial nee ed y Eat Detrot whch the latter part of 1955 on a onehour parking the second Frida y June 012 sale of to kets for ths e ent actor m Hollywood and m De Tender Trap : agsessment:an:d$7300 paid by: CfPUld!t ater?uhrbcas this sectlon similar charge That offense for two and the third upto e v tt i d i t r t th ty t larg rom 1 s nelg or Cty THE PRESENT LEADERS of are used to stage an annual Oltprocu c h 71mtillusnilhimoon Three Others JiamUiar; e C a e Cbude Stevens attorney for cost hm $ hours led by Secre d h 1 h :f pcures w e s m s one Three othersih the Dial M : To Take 60 Days tl c t The 83 spaces in the last two RUSSlawere assa W provle sc 0 ars ps or dogt ye le ounty Dram Commission tary of State John Foster Dulles graduates from schools in the l ; 11 b th f th cast are familiar to GPCT>aud Mr ange;li thtthis pav said that if everything goe Too W ide Tztrn rows have been left unmetred as close collaborators of the Poink; furnish Halloween and la w e e our iences Dean Erskine has play mg projct Wl1Jmclude the according to schedule the bonds for free par:on g late Josef Stalin n a slashing Christmas parties for the c major ploductlon m which:mre lads in three shos; ajl pvd portions of Chester and for theproaect ca be sold Proves Costly To Meter Last Rows attack made in San Francisco dren; help boys and girls in Sererth hah afper:t Snce drected three othersljohnwil; Attut: roads and tat his during the latter part of Sep At Mondays meeting Coun before members of the Kiwanis work of all types including Jommg e ea er as seaso (mhas p}aye chaoracterparspartlcujar pr oject wlll take teriber or early October de c1lman Edward C Roney Jr h d t dto f h di Before that h was a frequent m flve productlons and Phyllis b t 60 d tt Making too wide a turn from nternational 01 mg a con scou mg an care o an leading man with the Wyan : i a 9 U ys ocomp e e pending on the bond market one street to another can cause moved that parking meters be venti on in that city the Secre cap p e d and underpn;vileged dott cmm t th t d Reeve undoubtedly holdsothe The first payment of the Resolutions on the bond sales t bt ft h A M installed in these two rows in d th t th se hld h Ob e c um y ea er an record forgp characterlza; ; al ; t b d qul e a 0 ntary of Sta rou e nne :te sal a eel ren w erever possl e ha also be b Cl b sec asses;omen ecomes ue ale expected to be adopted Bieniewski of 1952 M n he t the same manner a3 the third leaders are the beneficiaries of Everyone is urged to pur prosductlc)nsen seen n ex u bans Wltnhe roles n majorat once and is payable within about September1 after the f d Th d Ja c? 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N C eb t d Theater heads its production no armed forces of her OW to OW Oniltfl U e department andplaysleadroles cope with any enemy to re: that is when hes not direct Early DeadinSet ;:s e ic :;; T(J Annual Cente;rDrtve _ tssits advertisd major F:t:HolidayWeek : production;; the theater stages At its last official luncheon of the dub when it was chargoewas said that 52 members Donations continue to trickle lin November: She already has workshop plays every moth Due to e Jtll holidy the meeting of the fiscal year; tered 19 years agdtook over for will be elected to the AltUg in for the annual Family Parti given $ to this years drive These serv as a trainingoundi ;WS will goo to press on Mon:held on:monday:june 25 at the swearing in ceremonies on Sunday but Foreign Mini ci:patll:mcampgn for the oper Donations are still most ac 1orless experience(iembers : All news dads to gointo the War Memoril Center the: Sworn in were Dave McCar ter Kristinn Gudmundsson alion and mamtenance of te cptable and those who have not of the organizatin the Thursday JUly 5 issue mristgross pointei Rotaryqu:b m ron president; Robert Orr first d f the P gress1 veparty Grosse Pomte War Memoral gven! urged to The theater plussomeda;y to b b ttd : salled its new officers:_ vicepresident; Rem Purdy sec s::o 0rank:n;o party in ce: Center The goal for the drive JJatest donors wose ames build its own playhouse in e U ml e by noon Monay The meet1ngwastakn over onavicepresident; Cliff Ashton land said withdrawal of the was lp33ooo and this amount have not peen prevlously pub Grosse Pointe and give the com July 2 by :BastPresident William HU}secretary; Jim A1xis treasurer; troops would not be deterred w:as just toppedby the official lishedin:clue: munity analmostcontinuous The NEWS officewill be ley He intioueeddave andbruce Bocanz Wlliam b the election or effect the close on Memoral Da * fare of legitimate theater close closedv!ues4ay afternoon and nett Whopr8lsthe amls; a d Wlliam Qumlall y As of Tuesday f his week June t to home and easy on the Wedn d Jul : : tratlon of retlrg :t:esldtdirets Alngs std* m the matter John Lake supervsmg director Mr: al1id Mrs MarvmAsmus budget es ar y3a Glenn Pratt anq cj;edited hm Retmng PreS1dnt Pratt of the Ceter reported tht a Henry 0 Chase Mr and Mrs : with revivilgthe spirit of the turned over the gavel to the Saturday June 23 total of $ has been cun Peter Clemente Mr and Mrs :t;lan Bil Ne Season ( POLCE BAT VPES club and intigat4lg tj1e highly new president and received a RU:SSA S EXPECTED to trlbuted hy 2436 donors: F E Dilnian Mr and Mrs R Thissummer the group will City poce ;leceived;acall sucessfu1antique ShOwwhich standirig ovatioj:lfor the fine unvel fr?m wo to seven new These figures compare with H Dowe:llMrs John M DUrnbe laymg plans for a ao!1 from park:manager: erriweof was held rceiitly manner in which he conducted types of Jet rt when Ge $ which had bcn given ser Mr and Mrs L Enix Mr hp wll teature t;om fve to: June 20 stating three small Follori this Mike Roberts the affairs of the organization Nathan Jwmmg Au by 2376 as of the same date and Mrs E B Eriokson Nfr;e1gt major productons of var boys had launcheda raft off the and Ernie Graham were pre for the past year Frce Ch1ef of taff VSltsthe last year B December 31 these and MrsStephn F Follin and led chl!:rcter oot:ofj :<elnd d wer sentd io;y;ear perfe:ct attend : As retiring president Pratt au force show m Moscow to totals had rsen to $ re Mr and Mrs WllliamClay Foret!nqwrles regading mehlbe1: headmg towards the channel ancepins; and Dave Bonney; one automatically becomes a memmorrow Western obsealrversthrecived frm 2401donors Mr and Mrs Albert Fied::ship 8?ould: be ient to t Officrs interrupted the voy!1gefo:h2ving;:pedectattendance her ofthe board of directors ported glimpsmg sever of e Mrs Henry B Joy has pledged man Mr and Mrs Theodor H theater s newtpent! :nail ;before)theyoung lailorl:got too tor the past 15years All offcers of the club also (Continued on Pal J) an additionalf1;ooo to b picl (Ltinuec1 on Pale ): ini ad :32ehr ; j froxnh: _ : intan Henk first president larv4 on th board Tragedy Strikes Sunday Barbecue A Sunday barbecue at the A G Kirchner Jr residence at 264 McMillan; June 24 WU J marred by a gasoline explosio which seriously b!rled two youngsters Mrs Kirchner was preparing the fire when she threw lome gas emthe 1)lazehoping make it burn faster The fuel explod ed and badly burned nineyearold Arthur J Kirchner He was rushed to St John Hospital by a neighbor William W Boeschenstein ot 262 Me Millan The boy received second degree burns over 7S percent of his body Susan Van Horn age seven was taken to Bon Secours Ho pital by firer len Samuel Candella and George Green She suffered second degr buma on her leg i: f _ d 4 N _oj/la l Jt Jl JJJ d ooici1 t iil ;iaia;zcjildbl: jjmq i:i JllJL:il: Laai iit a<a;;i ita 4 ;i:4iii AiL iji ji;t41i;l1h:oja;m J; iiiiii44 4::tJ:j;1iil:j! d::jl >6 lj# _ :1

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N EW Scherer Mr and Mrs F W Pointe Edward C Roney ;r Three Mile drwe ded on Wed :nesday June 13 : Sharp Mr and Mrs Jesse W Mr and Mrs David A Wallace He ed b lw wife Shiel Dr and Mrs Richmond and Mr and Mrs Frederick Vol Aim U w;vlvaauyh Mrs W S1tUth Jr Mr and Mrs Ross Yates A_1:; anu } ::5 J : Taylor and Mr and Mrs Ar na;! r :uu vus o:uu th!ll E Wible June 8 1 Martin Jr June 6 Miss Ann A Brown :Mr and BEftlE BENaLACK Mr and Mrs Ned A Bania Mrs James H Dingeman 11r H 1 :Mr and Mrs P L Barker Wil and Mrs James Greer Mr and ettle Bena lack 4 orm:rly son B Bryce Mr and Mrs C :Mrs Rsell M Harkness Rob of 55Moran road ded n Uttca Garrett Bunting N F Cham ert F Koebel Dr and Mrs G Michlan on June 14 after a berlin James H Dodge Mi and Thomas McK Mrs Reginald 10n B g 11 Mrs Victor Kenyon Mrs Wil T Murphy Mrs John J 0 orn nc:ttie Anthony Eort a K Martin Mr and MrS Brien Mrs H Rolth Mr and Ene <?nt Mrs Benallac as Donald McLaughlin Mr and Mrs Samuel PreWtt Semmes the Wfe of the late Wllham Mrs J S Richardson Mr and! Mr and Mrs Frnk S Smith Thornley Be?aUack Mrs B A Watson Jr Mr and Mr and Mrs Louis J Smith She S sw:y:lved by a caughter Mrs William Winkler and Mr ang Dr and Mrs Richard l ; Mrs Albert H1lt<m of Bel Air ; Wunscb Calif a son ;William T Benal: * lack Jr of 65 Moran road; and June 9 twograndsons AndrewDwight Mr and :MlS Alvin BarR Hotc1llW;s Jr of Los Angeles M8JBJUO&ftON GA tdoaet 1banhow the ti tjjboil Gf To Francois Clean Plate Olubbers A Happy Birthday Nancy Gillespie 057 Washington Norman Orkiss 1160 Paget Ct Anne GiLeary 36 Harbor Frank Pringham 976 Nottingham Patricia Currier 58 Stanton Mary DeBoe 3927 Berkshire Luann Ferris 493 Ashland Barbara Schuble Mancester James Brown 4003 Berkshire Richard Perez 3526 Wayburn Dan Piggins 3805 Kensington JULY 3 19S6 Charles Hastings 827 Lakepointe van David 680 N OXford Timothy Auch 539 Lakeland Chervl Norton 1874 Norwood George Waltensperger 1320 _ Harvard Joanne ottar 1437 Lakepoinfe Lany Grose 849 Nottingham Warren 1afton 631 Westchester Bill Ferry 5945 Harvard Janice Dancy 3125 Lakewood Howard Madsen 5100 Buckingham Richard Merritt 3914 Bishop Patricia Armstrong 5086 YorkR shire BU1y LaRosa Moro JULY i 1956 Thomas Landless 1900Lennon Suzanne Malcolm 1774 Huntington Christopher Selz Cranford Brandle OCOnnor 322 Hillcrest Stanley Renouf 321 Cloverly Joan Couzens 1239 Audubon Mary Damman 441 Lakeland Laura Tocco 121 Lothrop Terr GouJd 1993} W Williams Ct Peter Pace 25 Harbor Hill George Eling 1448Vernier Ann Merritt 3914 Bishop Susie Squri!ace Avalon Ari;hur Mazzeo Cubber ness JULY Linda Sober 243 McKinley John Egan 401 Barclay Cathie Smith 1135 Fairholme Kenneth Godin 1193 Lochmoor Pamela Davis 437 Moran Kenneth Hallidge 1051 Auuubon Dan Johnson 1799 E:ollywood Sue Dumberworth 419 Moran Carole Andrew 1894 ro!ldstode Judy Role 614 University Garrett Kerstens 411 Marlborough Johanna GustafsOD 5927 Cadieux Tommy Jovan BalfClur Paula Thomas 6141 Lodewyc1c: Nancy Hubbard: 4t=4 Harvard nd F d Th 1 Hot hki f WiD appear 1rheD eomp1eted m usa an ft]elicb1rm8tate UDlftl1ftJmpu t wm ehardt Mr and Mrs Walker 8 e p korlnlf!y c S! 0 tbe Bed Ceder ft1 rshaw and Jtrm alet An unlllull 1M ein:luj: Cisler Mr and Mrs William C anoga ar 1 c1anxm!fawn inleft foncround> 1or :6J krp add 1wt M Day Miss BettyCatherine Funeral services were held on a1o wm include faculties for doedeljtcu1t te1eron Grebe Dr Robert C Leacodt Je lafter the arrival of Mrs john R Potter Mr and Mrs Hilton flom C8l!farnia in Mrs H Ripley Schemm the Milliken Funeral home in U of M Socie t;nq Choo De POnteTD Utica burial was in Oakview 0 10 Clold ft JULY FOURTH S il from / POLCll: Wen Be for Two Weeks to allow vacations for our entire stoff! House CAB BU1tNS 11 Cemetery The Citya two fire trm:ks June AllN ARB01ten honor UmveSlty Qua; Jeanne rushed to th d of bu Mr and Mrs Ernest T Adam ary societies at the University Newell 1265 ;yorksbire Motar e &1 arnmg SNCE 1938 son Mr and Mrs Edward Be11 LENA RCKSON of 1Micb:igan have elepted new d; J Tureotte 545: police squad ear Saturday Tune League of Women Voters of Hendrkson 95 a De members durin6 the spring i Larelan Ga1ens; Daniel D 23 A short in the e1echica1 Grosse Poinie Park and Robert troltarea resldent 1 years ster Wbb 601 Lincoln :Mim M Orr died on Wednesday June 20 in SociEinclude Bmnst es: system started the blaze 1n car _ber hume 259 Lake Shore! a Law School honociry; Drui Appearances are sometitnes t Bepain were made :Mon June Z roali followmg a 10 llln dwasing 15emozmen in the Li deeeivmga man can look nm day morn:ing and the car was lvrand Mrs Joseph Reininlt She was born m Bergen eray College Gale;1S junior down and still be wellheeled back in siernce er Robert J Walker and Mr Norwa:y o March She and senior mejical honorary and Mrs Casper A Nines was e wife of the late Thor: Hectori tapping leaders fu iavr! Hendrickson : the :fraten;llty system; Miehi une 13 She was a life member of kamua senior mens honofaiy;; Chnstian SCence MOnitor J11:1 Eastern Star Mimes h{norlngmenwho have ior Forum Glen Fri2dt Robert Mrs Hendrickson S sulvlved participated in the UniOn Opera; F McC1;1oughW C Rands J;r b three daughters Mrs AlCe and Mot:nboardJ&el1wrwomens and Philp Worcester JL Loud Mrs Edna H Erlen honorarj June 14 bch and Mrs Anetta H Stan Other groups are Quadrants! Russell E Dexter Jr Mr and dish of Evanston 1; 11 son a Desidence halls < honorary i Mrs Lester L Getschman Dr E d gar T Hendnckson of Quarterdeck bonorary ior stu; and Mrs F E Greifenstein Mr Alpena! MCh; rour grand: dents in naval architecture and Paul Meilink and Mr and Mrs ch:ldren and f ve greatgrand marine engineering Scroll se Willard WorceSter children lecting senior tea women Funral servces wee held Senior SocietY for independent June 15 Frday Je 22 Burlal was senior women; Sphinx junior Mr and Mrs Richard E m Oscoda Mich mens honorary Triangles Rinks Mr and Mrs Hennen S choosing juniors in fue Co11eg Pack and /llfred H Rzeppa OPH BNDSHEDLER of Engineeringt Vulcans for MSS Bmdshedler a former seniors in the College of Engi June is tu9r an governess n the neering; and WyvariJ junior General R A and Cot F M: P01nte dted Wednesday womens honorary! Alger Auxiliary No 995 VFlr{ June 20 at her home 40 Ham From Grosse Pointe the fol Benson Ford Mr Alvan Mac tn on the eve of her 78thlowmg were named: William auley Jr Mrs Sidney T Milll!r birthday: Adams 306 University Sphinx; Mr and Mrs OliverB MSrtol1 A native of Nau: Labrador David B Cobb 751 Lincoln James E Myers Mrs Kathrrn she came to Dt:Olt i) years Mimes; RobertA Leacock 440 Schwartz Charles Wright ago Before retirmg 111X years and Mrs Herman Zerweck ago she had taught French and of Notre Dame80uth Bend mus1c June 19 She is survived by a brother nd Mr and Mrs WilHam Gillett Theod()re A Requiem Mass was &aid on Fu b d Satrrday June 23 in Our Lady Joseph R Mason Paul:R nera servlces were eon Schoenhals and Mrs T refzel1 Saturday June 23 Burial was Queen of Peach :Church ; in Evergreen cemetery Boumemouth Harper Woods June 20 Burial was in Mt Elliott ceme Mr and Mrs Alfred W CY GERTRUDE WEEKS tery * * tacki Mr and Mrs John C Miss Weeks a sister of Ed Gould Gros::;e Pointe Moti()n ward J Weeks head of the GRACE BROWN BAGLEY Picture ang lelevision Council Weeks Lumber company died Grace W Brow Bagley aed Mr and Mrs Frank W Hauts in ba hme 1725 ewcai;tle 4 of 253Tourame r09: d died mann Mr and Mrs: Robert Key on Wednesday June 20 at the m Bon Seoours Hosptal on del and Mr and Mrs John OWn age of 59 June 25 fter a long illness m Miss Weeks was a graduate p Sh]eFwaBas th ewife of the late :; 1 June 22 of St MarJs Academy Mon au g ey and Vrasborn Mr and Mrs N C Downl1 roe and attended the Copvent Grace Wesley in ndianapolis Mr and Mrs Thomas L Mu:n nd on February l son Mrs Charles R Murphy She was the mother of Mrs Mr and Mrs C G Smith aud Lieut Harold Golla Jr John S Sweeney; arid the late J Frazer itehead Has New Marine Post Cullen Wesley Brown Besides June25 her daughter she is survived by Mr and Mrs H CarpeniElr First LieutHaroldG Golla three grandchildren and four Mr Pul C Crad Clar ence_: Jr USMC gon of Mr and Mrs:great grandchildren E Day Edwm r Harms HellS larold G Golla of Anita ave Funeral services were held mer School Faculty Mr and nue has been transfered from Wednesday from the home in Mrs Howard Shaw and Wllard 111: lit P i B tt l Touraine road with the Rev b lull ary 0 ce a a On E Ma d E Solen erger Marirt4Corps Base camp Le Vl e ynar reading servjeune NC to Headquarters!lS ntrment W::iS in Elmwood Battalion emetery; Lt Golla is counsel for the physia evaluation board and a member of Major General J C Burgers special staff He is a regular officer in the Marile Corps and prior to his present assignment was a member of the :frmed econd Marine Division Married to the former Maryclare McGlynn of Hollywood road Lt Golla was graduated :from Virguna MilitarY tifute CLOSED ***: Meanwhile pleass visit The P)atation which will open within week on Mack Avenue at Oxford Road: PUNCH & JUDY BLOCK Kercheval at Rsher Rd GROSSE PONTE CELEBRAMGWO DAYS When shopping remember we serve te :nd :snack ;: :aad givf9untein servie di1y from 2:30 to 5:00 HOUSEHOLD NT To keep :a kettls roaster or Cassef}1e of food hot for a short time!iuch as from home 1;0 the picnic wrap it in ra1 hicknesses of paper with over1ap Sport Coats from 2995 Summer lbeits from 250 Palm Beach Ties; from 150 Sport Slacks from 995 TH S S T ping edges Tie it in a towet poke fashion for ease in carrying f the picnic is delayed unwrap tbe food and keep it very hot by 1he!ire or uncover and cool it Bermuda Shorts from 4O : Sport Shim front 395 [ OJ1811frid Evening Till 9 MENS WEAR NC Ke1chevtd at Notre D4me TUxedo GROSSE PONTE Our 10th Birthday Week S6toalJour :patrons l thecake r _ : : : : CHARD &HMANS is on us! SUNDlY and MONDAY Were: sweet bout birthdays even to celebrating our own which is a tra: ditionher at Village Manor So we shall serve birthday cake to all patrons ot 011 hours :+hroughout Sunday and tv1onday July and CLAliR AVENUE30O;Feet West of KerchevalG ROSSEPON1E 1* Thursd Gracb Three hi from the were amor graduates tificate_of T nual honor the Enginer troit recent: The studt lected bec standing rei in science a They are 821 Moran of 1464 Vel the Grosse] and John ( tinghamro; High Schoo Digt that afte lon 1 Can and BRe te aure blae ta grail At of ( shirl sum corr and Cal are rtdl or tu sme or ( Styl choi Set! Sho) cor An jk :

3 at :: Ji 1956 a towel e carry_ 3 de1ayd d keep it or uncover Ne Zme NTE W//(W////////// ek AY is trapatrons Thursday June Grads Honored Three high school students from the Grosse Pointe area were amopg the honor June graduates who received a certificataof merit at the 9th anrual honor awards banquet of the Engineering troit :recently Society of De The students have been selected because of their out tand!ng records and interest n SCence and engineering They are Stan Armstrong of 821 Moran road; Hal Farquhar of 1464 Vernier road b)th of the Grosse Pointe High School and John Carrigo of 1019 Not tingham road of St Allbrose High School vy League Tartan Plaid CABANA SETS Farms Fire Report Submitted During the month ()f May the Farms Fire Department made a total of 24 calls There were only four residellc fires of these Total damage was estimated at $1;600 There was one automobile fire which rsulted in a tctal loss to the car involved The Farms ambulance: made 10 emergency runs and assis ted an outside community on one Clse The easiest way to settle an argument is to shut up and / / /4A1;AM fv Magnificent SPORT SHRTS all summe long Distinctive new original prints in rich elegant designs hat have please mort and more of our custom::rs year after year Unmstakably gmart Supsrb styling both long and short leeves wo Styled for maximum comfortchoice of distinctive colors Sets 1590; Shirls 895; Shorts 695 The PADDOCK Carefully selected leathers and characteristtc FRANK BROS craft:>msnshi? has been combined in this lei sure lime shoe Available in black and tan calftan elk tan and black scotch grain From 1595 Washington Blvd Detroit Lightweight BATSTE PAJAMAS Cool comfortable slip over Wilh half sleeves and shqrt legs Polka dots and plain 500 Wash and Wear Regulars 750 oh boysl cool shirts and boxer shorts At Jacobsons of cotton shorts and a collection shirts as funloving as summertime as comfortoble os a 10!f dayand washable of cou!s California shortsleeve shirrs are hmdsomely styled in stripes plaids (;hecks prints or solids Sizes 6 to lb 300 Sturdy boxer shorts wrtn smart tab front and zipper fly aome in solids plaids or patterns; sizes b to 14 An outstanding value at 300 JaCObl)BS Kercheval at St Clair TUxedo Kercheval GroNe Pointe Teeners Confess To Petty Thefts (; R: 0 S S! :P 0 NT! lew FishermartsDrea m Co mes True The C E LUBER FAMLY i of 628 Hawthorne road struck it rich while:anglirig on a recent trip:to Florida Fishingoff Pompano Beach they snagged 13 bonita two tuna three dolphin and a sail fish Nineyearold Kerry landed the sailfish Use Your CliargaPlate / Mrs L4ber also boated asaibut released it so another fisherman might havea chance to experience the same thrill Left to right ax:e: MATE JOEDENNEYt Mrs LUBER JEAN KERRY arid:mr: LUBER Justice Edwards Bartlett Address Democ)4atic Club Six teenage boy!; were ar 1 rested b;r Woods polic;e on Sun The Grosse POintE!Democratic warned Justice Edwards day June 24 and Monday June Club at a meeting June 20 held The Missouri Plan aerted at the Grosse Pointe War Me 25 on charges of petty theft morial Center adopted resolu Justice Edwards instead of One Y)uth said Det Everett tions conqemning two proposed taking the selctior; of judges Plumb is also charged with al amendments to the Michigan out of politics ould only emtering his car license plate 9oAstitution: }low r e c e i vi n g phasize the politics involved in wide cir{:ulation namely the Four of the youths in:luding use of the Missouri Plan as a their appointment and make the dnvler of the car Wth the basis for selectioi of Michigan them subject to a small and altered plate were apprehended judges and themi<:higan Educa highly org aruze 4 committee of Report to Fort Bragg For Summer Training Patrick Burke son of Mr and Mrs P J Burke of 1255 Lakepointe and Ernest Nigg son of Mr and Mrs E W Nigg of 850 Balfour have been ordered to Fort Bragg North Carolina; for a six weeks training at summer camp beginning June 23 Pat is in company H and Ernie in company E Pat is a cadet in the Reserve Officers T r ai n i!l g Corp at Michigan State University and a senio in Engineering E:lnie is a senior in Engineering at the University of Michi; gan The summer camp program is a prerequisite for an RO:TC commission: Pat and Ernie were Jsnuary 1953 gradulites of Grosse Pointe High Schoo t istrue that truth will outand it seems to be everlastingly out of sme people; Shirts Beautifully Lauftf;leed andflnlshd 5 for 140 Picked up &: Delivered Ou 46th rear r4ajn2531 at AlblD t Gratiot LOCAL BRANCH JHnon Ch We) 2655 Pointer8:Win lj1$u Awards o Grosse Pointe high school grduates are among the winners of47 HonoJ!AwarQs granted by Michigan State University in recognition of scholastic achievement leadership and :Y:? productive citizenship during tl 5tS high school attendance W:;:: <Lrr These nonmonetary awards :i whih require a B+ 35)ca ii : dermc average for consderation : ; ::::offer the student public recogni ; _:::: ;0 _ :::?t>t tlon m add;tlon to a 1eather > :{ bound certificate and permanent ;< record of this achievement on the university transcript: The winners are: Judith A Miller 543 Hollywood and Marilyn J Ayres; 981 Hawthorne Both are recent graduates of the high school Virginia Mow Honored by CAP Grosse Pointe Squadron 633:1 Civil Air Patrol announces that one of its members C/2ncLLt Virginia Mow of 17197Waven71 yasselected by the Mich1gan Wing Screening Board as one of two girl cadts : from this state to attend the all girl encampment held yearly at Lackland: Air Force Base San Antonio Texas n a congratulatory letter to Vi:ginia announcing her appomtment the Commander of the Michigan Wing; Colonel Waller C Gernt CAP wrote in part: Your past performance your knowledge of andinterest in CAP served you well in tlie fl selection to participate in thls outstanding activity: The opportunity to be part of this national encampment comes to few and is a signal honor both to you and the MichiganWing Civil Air Patrol offerg many ard varied opportunities to teenagers interested hl all phaselof ayiation and Grosse Pointe Squadron 6331 welcomes all inquiries or personal visits to their meetings held each Wednesday at 7:15 prn at Cannon Mem2rial Recreation East War; ren at Cadieux road seven answerable to no one at 3 am Sunday when R citi:: tiolassoi;iation :propqsal to en 1 th St t B d f Ed Dr Lynn Bartlett in discusszen called police and reported are e a : oar 0 u ing the proposal to enlarge the cabon and appomt the Superm; they were syphonmg gasolme tendentof Public nstruction: Stae Board of Education and frm tanks of cars parked at Justice George Edvards fea appoint the Supedntendent of Alme and Goethe turedspeaker at the meeting in Public nstruction pointed out On Monday the boys were discussing the Missouri Plan to the Democrat CU!bthat under Philip K Russell Reeives questioned and taken on a tour pointed ou that it had been the MEA plan State Board of of homes which recently ex adopte by only two Missouri Education members whilenomiperienced breakings and enter counties the plan having origi nated as nonpartisan would in Degree Before OCS ings to determine if the boys mited que to coruption iind actuality be suoject to organ: Among those receivig Bachwere inirolved machine control in the judici ized pressure group politics in elor of Arts degrees today at P b d 1 artr there a situation hich asmucn as an individual to be Bowdoin Colleges 151st Comum sal t lat the boys ad J w nominated must obtain at least mitted several petty thefts Jutl Edwards taed does t gooo signaturesonapetition in mencement exercises held in which rarged fro m taking exst m the Mic:tugan JUdCany oue cowlty:and at least 100 the B First Parish Church in liquor from a boat to stealing a ; signatures in at least 20 coun r u is w i c k was Philip K ba:ttery from a truck They tic;h:dj:ju:s:d ties of the state No one person; Russll :: mphcae!d two other b<;>ys :who be taken out of the electoral pro Dr Bartlett emphasized could The son of Mr and Mrs were pcked up by pohee cess and a Judde would insteacleven think:pf g without Donald M: Russell 1304 Bihop J ch :» d ltea1 road he prepared for Bowdom :rhe cleectlv:e ald args b; selected by a corrimittee _of orgamze group po 1 pr!3s Wlll be filed agamst the SlX seven comprised of three lay ure under such requirements 0 Goss p:!inte High Schobt At Bowdoui hewasactlve m you ths men atpointed by the Gov n addition the currentpro J> 1 l interfraternity sports malored ernt;)rthree members of the bar posa ll!llts the nulber of E 1lrN C DENT;r f th St te B d tn conomics and is a member m OR A C and a justice of the S!ipreme memuers 0 e a oar 0 Court The Governor thenwould two (2) mmbers from: any: one of Alpha Delta Phi fr!ternity :Mack avenue and Lothrop select from a panel of three county hence such heavily pp; He plans to nter the Naval was the! scene of a minor ac: names submitted by the Com ulated wun t les lke W aynen Qfflcers Candldate S ho 1 COn cident Sunday night June 17 mittee of seyen would l0t be properly repre ewport Rhorle sland June when a car driven by Charles This appointed judge then sented 18h H a r r is of 1215 Nottingham must face the electorate in the Dr Bartlett pomted out that skidded on the wet pavement following election year Justice studens of go;ernment eel 1 and crashed into an Edison pole Edwards stated that nothing the that uch a plan lsllnot 01y lm Mr Harris swerved to allow a proponents have advanced in praclcal ut also ::ofkable car to pass when his car went dicated that a change in the he solutlon: to this probe 1 into the skid which ended at method of electing jlldges would les Dr Barlett stated notm the power pole be more successful than the the MEA proposal but rathr a present democratic method em eonsdrtin of eform in the SOmE! people find it easier to ployed in1j1is state t is a too admldlstra!lve stup of the sate believe a lie than to take the important and hard wonriglit t<;>be conslderd at a Constitutime to prove it isnt true to vote away unthinkingly bonal conventlon Use Your ChargaPlate f A nineyearold Detroit boy suffered only a skim d right knee when he ran irito a car pulling out of a Mack avenue restaurant driveway on Friday J}ne 22 A Park J:olice accdent report revealed that Dorothy! Marl 34 of 1337 Berkshire was on the driveway of the Francois / Fireplace Restaurant Mack when Je:fbeyDonahue of 3675 Berkshire ran into the side of her car while ridfug 13 bike The boy fell to the sidewalk and suffered only the skinned knee No ticket was issued to woman TAKES YOU PLACES N STYLE VRASL BY Takes you in high stym 9 because the lwcury look of silk is fashions finest note this summer Takes you in fine style because Hart SchaffneJ & Marx trim fund models are always your assurance of a correct appearallce The Virasil is tailored of a silkspiced DaClonwool cloth _ f that keeps yotl cool distingllished all summer $ VRAS_ us Pttt Off l)upot trademark folhapot_ sunlmer comfort Jacobsons walk shorts and polo shirts Youll look suay Short feel cool and wearing sman relaxed e polo shirtand walk shorts Others 295 to 595 styles in linen rayon Qr otton 500 to 1395 Kerchevlat St Clair TUxedo from our outstanding selection wear Cotton of handsome leisure polo ;shirt395 JacobSons me n s s h 6 p Pge Three YOUngsterRides nto Side of Car 1 ot> 69 A 50 u w1lit J444A &1 1W tfrt:#ef 46 dh iii61td6rl fd did d ddd+tf rid fg sf f d 6dtf:lf f 6 t rt c Me 2S

4 r! _/ Page Four BCYCLE TRE SLASHED Wally Stratton of Norwood Harper Woods told Woods polir ) Friday June 22 that he H<:L left his bicycle on the Mason School grounds while he was at play WhE!n he returned he aid he found both tires slashed FRST CHURCH OF CHRST Set ENTST Grolse Pointe Fltm1 Mich Sunday 8erv1ci!s 10:30 am Sunday Schoolanu Room 1 10:30 am Wednesday Testimony Meeting 8:00 pm KERBY SCHOOL 285 Kerby Road at Beaupre ALL ARE WELCOME (Presber1an) 16 Lake Shore Rd MNSTERS Rev Frank FlU BB R!v PLUJ F KetchulT Rev Ben L Tallman WORSHP SERVCE 10:00 am CHURCH SCHOOL ljjlll;alljlillllllllllllllllllllllllll LAKESDE i =y Devotional Services Sunday 11 :00 am Midweek Services a T:Jesdoy 8:00 pm nstruction Class =_ You are cordily invited to attend Awards Presented aef Lutheran Ministers To Ordain Lewis Glick Lewis Glick will be ordairied into the ministry of the America::l Lutheran Church at sp_eial services at 10:45 Sunday morning July 1 t St Paul Ev Lutheran Church Chalfonte and Lothrop Mr Glick was graduated recently from thetheological Seminary of Capital University Columbus Ohio He has received a call to serve Faith Lutheran Church Metamra Ohio where hs will be installed on ly 15 The ordination selvice will be conducted by the local pastors Charles W Sandrock and Robert: C Wittler by Rev John Braun pastor of St John Lutheran Church Port Clinton Ohio where Mr Glick had his internship and by Rev Norman Minick pastor of First Luther: an Church Fairport Harbor Ohio who is a cousin A din n!r for the relatives will be held at the church Sunday noon brother Harry Furton city m a n;a g e r of Grosse Pointe Farms Top honors for all of District were give nto Superintendent of Public Safety Tm Trombly of Grosse Pointeity and to Lt Stanley Enders of Grosse Pointe Park Rene Linden of Fisher rod District Finance Chairman and cochairman with John Mazer of District Sustainirlg Membership Enrollmentwere both presentecf awards Additional awards were made to the following: RemingtonJ Purdy Paul Erickson Captain Andrew Teetaert Carl Beltz Enpot Scout [)rive (;b 55lf PO N:T N EW S Lee R J Scott Stephen W Smith Leo A Cote andralph N Lundstedt Donald Lescohier and Ted Fedoruk Also introduced were L Roben Kilmer; Director of DistrictOperations Tom Walker Asst Dist nlexecutive Pplice Chief Walter Hoyt of Grollse Poin1e Farms and Captain Harold Rivard of the Grosse Pointe City lire Dept 1 Rose CtfWinn_ers LiSted w::5; NVESTORS Post Office Bal on Lease 16Years2 Parcels$ Year! Net Retul 2 Modern Office Bdg 118% Net Return 3 AAA TenantNew : Bldg & 10 Yr Lease 81h% Net Return H MSELDON co TU Fred Walker WO Stereop/oni / hifidelity Plan an H9ur With Us Any Evening t Will Be nteresting and nformative Pecor Electronics TUxedo Morang at Cadieux Thursday June lccounliag Senice PAUL P GARVEY Mack Avenue TUxedo AMPEX m<jnufacturers of the finest Stereo and all the lead ing makes of HiFideHty Components :f:d= grains 80 ;here wer wmnrs m he WlUiams 85; Mrs John Mots A tea will be held in the Clas! Al divson of Rose chall 4; Mrs Richd Webber War Memorial Center tomer Garden contest recently pon 83; Harold Marsh 83; and F row June 29 at 3 pm at sored y the Gosse omt SSleder 82 which time the winners will be Memo1al Garden otee Honorble mention went to awarded their prizes Each accoding to Mrs ederlc H Mrs fred Campbell who re winner will bc required to Curtis ofyrksrer0ad whoceh>ecr 81 GeraldQueen 81 bring one rose from his garden headed tpe Judgmg eornlmttee She said there were 31 entries and no winner scored below 80 point: n the 2A classification Mrs Reglnald MacArthur received 87 POirlts and received a first prize of three rose bushe and a blue ribbon rs Robert HerdegOn a Class B! entrant was awarded three rose_ bushes and ablue ridbon forthe 91 p6ts; she received in her classification: Other:Class B1 winners the _ number of poiti t s and the prizes won are: Grosse P9mte War Memorial Center 86 red ribbon; and Clarence McGraw 85Bu;bewere owin STEREOPHONC SOUND S THE FNESt F9RM OF H FDELnets in ClassAl Mrs TroyV TY MUSC REPRrDJlCTONTWO SOUNDS ARE PLAYED Grady whoentereci her roses F V u in the Class B2 division vas 0 awarded threie rose bushes :an : SMULTANfOUSL Y FOR THE UTMOST REALSM STERE 0 a blue ribbon: She received 91: c / plus points S SMLARN PRNCPLE TO PCTURES Yellow ribbon winnersiri the Class B2 divisidn were: Elmer Frank 86 PQin;: rs::w{)od Some of those who ledin the campaign _RENE LNDEN District Finance Chair to raise funds for the Boy Scouts i the man; SUPT THOMAS V TROMBLY; annual Sustaining Member Enrollment City of Grosse Pointe; LEUT JAlES Grosse Pinte Area Wfrehonored at a gathe:cing on June 19 FURTON; Farms Police Department; Pictured left to right are:lt STANLEY COMMSSONER JOHN MAZER City of C ENDERS of the Park Police Depart Grosse Pointe ment EUGENE COE District :Bxecutive; At a meeting held to com memorate the :iuccess of this years en r 0 11m e n t; various Pointe officials District three offieials and executives of he Detroit Area oy Scouts Council met at the John Mazer residence at 867 Loraine on June 19 for a builet dinner Eugene CoeDistrict Executivepresented plaques and special awards to those who made an outstanding contributioi to this years enrollment Lt James Furton of th Grosse Pointe Farms Police Department received a uspecial award presented in honor of the great ;::!ltribution made by s late Grosse Pointe Congregatinnal and ME:thodist Church Combined MkNe ;===== Near 8 Mile G P WooW: Thursday 1:30 pm E Affiliated with Unity School = g Ce!lter open Daily 10 to j pm E We will pray with you and 3!E give you counsel ou request Eve Anne Edeen Minister = = TUxedo 45230! of Christianity ====;a Lees Summit Mo tnullllljllllllllllllllllllll!ll1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1l1fm Sixth Church of Christ Scientist Detroit KrchevaJ bet ManistiquG and Ashland Wednesday 1tveJl1ng Te;timon1aJ Meet!ng8:00 pm Sunday Serv1ces10:;l0 am and 5:00 pm nants Room Open for 10:3G Serv::le READNG ROOM EAST WARREN Wednesday 10am to 7 pm Sunday 2 to 4:30 pm Mon Tues Thurs Fri and Sat 10 am to 9 pm Sunday Services SUNDAYS AT 10 OCLOCK at the Grosse Pointe Methodist Church 211 Moross Road REV MARCUS W JOHNSON MNSTER Church School and Child Care provided at Service Our fa:cilitie aresecondto none in Michigan Now National Bank of Detroit Offers YOll Complete Trust Services / l are on display at Pecars Hours: Daily 9 to 9 Thursda} Scnoo By Me 1: George HaY fee of 50 cer: Mrs Light : The vaca school of t Methodist C road will i from Augus frl>m 9 to 11 The theme will t will be Ot:: be ship of Mrs Others on intendents Kann kine John Clark ers Mrs T! Mrs Don William Hoo There wi! cltildren age years are Wf For advan Suspect n Thef There <lpp age done to City polic( car report 1 of 333 Rivarr morning JUl Alcott stat his 1955 Ch( his home : llen he awe was missing Saturday 1 up the car ir rison residenc Evidently SOl taken the Ch and then dit DOLL Hi Cl>mplete t stockings ai Repiring COMPl NEW i DOLL: KA BABY C 8705 GRATO at Fischer T The nicest way tc!ray is to send flowers J 4 and to congratulate the proud parents Kings Flowers Frederick V Vogt Henry P Kohl FT :tor A QUEEN 145%1 E Jeff;e rson Member FlMisl Telegrajh Deliverf Dliverial VAlley 2091 Q BOTH TRES PUNCTURED Sandy Ulmer of da lane complained to Woods po lice on Friday June 22 that someone had punctureq botli tires of his bicycle while he was on the Monteith School grounds Jefferson Avenllll Baptist Church i Jefferson at Lakeview Homer J Armstrong Minister MORNNG WORSHP lunday 9:00 and 11:00 am CHURCH SCBOvL lunday 1:45 Chrillsttn Science Reading Room 93 Krchvol Sllt 1 on the Hill First Church of Christ Scientist Groll Pointe Farml Open from 10 am to 5 pm dally except Sundays and Holidays Friday evenings from 7 to 9 oclock ALL AE WELCOME ad at arpd tor L Arthr McAsh 10:00 am o Wrab1p 11:20 am Sunday Scl1oo! 8:30 pm Open Air service f rain 5f:rvice in church i: r / Closeto Home To bring NtionBanks broad ange of Trust ser ices closer to its many friends andcustomers in this area 2 National Ba of Dt!troitTrust Department presentm ative is available at thegrosse Pointe Office17449 East JeffersonAvenue every Friday from 10 am until 6 pm Weare peasedto pr«vide thissrviceto our growing list of Trust ctistomer8inthis vicinity These people many of Thoroarepbahly fries and neighbor of yours are tg advtage of the helpful a4vice and guidance on1irianeialmatters tht National Bank makes GROSSE PONTE OFFCE East Jefferson Avenue at Rivard NATONAL OF MoreJriends Membr federal Deposit nsurance Corpota!ion available tol1gh its experienced rrust representatives f you havent looked into the benefits and converi iencesthis service offers it might pay you to do so Som f?f the principal services include: complete estate analysis investmenmanagement administration of estates and trusts of all typs Comein any Friday here at the Grosse Pointe Office located on East Jefferson Avenue at Rivard Or you may call the Trust Department at WOodward at any time for detailed information DETROT because We help more people BANK w Well ing t1l usual winn their We hi riety the sla the slack _ b bob tb b be he be e _ b b h hrkh be he he

5 1956 EY Due s4 1_ L D 0 d i Thursday June School Planned ByMethodist The vacation church Bible school of the Grosse Pointe Methodist ChUJ;ch 211 Moross :road will be held this year from August 6 to August 17 from 9 to 11 pm The theme of the bible school will be Our Bible Heritage t Wll be undt>! the directorship of Mrs Allen E Light Others on the staff as superintendents are Mrs Walter Kann kin d erg art en; Mrs Georg? Hayward primary; Mrs John Clark junior; and teachers Mrs Theodore Steadman Mrs Don McGraw and Mrs: William Hoover There will be a registration fee of 50 cents per student All children ages four thrr:lgh 1 years are welcome For advance registration call Mrs Light TU Sus)ectYouths n lheft of Car City police received a stolen car report from W G Alcott of 33 Rivard boulevard Friday mormng June 22 Alcott stated that he parked hs 1955 Chevrolet in front of hs home Thursday evening Vlhen J:leawoke Friday the car was mlssmg Saturday Farms police picked up the car in front of the Mor ris?n residence at 66 Hall place EVdently some youngsters had taken the Chevy for a joy ride and then ditched it There appeared to be no damage done to the car DOLL REPAR SHOP he bit of the season washable walking shorts / SROSS! PO:NTE NEWS Cancer >ociety Ent;ertains Japanese Docor While a group of 50 visitors from 25 different countries were in Detroit recently for the American Cancer Society1s regional and national board meeting and the Tili:rd National Ca!lcer Conference C they spent a day at the Cancer Societys omlete une of wigs shoes Detroit headquarters in the Detolt Can _ stockings and dresses l Repiring Dolls Since 1895 cel Center A full days program was put on by ACS volunteers to show the for COMPLETE LNE OF eigners how the American Cancer So NEW DOLLS AND cietys program functions with its largely DOLL CARRAGES volunteer personnel The group waf; brought to the United States by a com CAMMERER mittee of American Cancer Society Di BABY CARRAGE CO rtors to study various aspects of the! 8705 GRATOT WA at Fjscher agency and learn how to further simiiar programs in their own countries Among the visitors was Dr Komei Nakayama; (thrd irom left) prominent physicianin Japan Chatting with him are three Amer icqn Cancer Society volunteers (left to right) MRS WALDORF T KRKehair man of volunteer activities of the Southeastern Michigan Division of the ACS; MRS RQBERT D MacKENZE J246 Dev<?lli!hire road and ARTHUR NEEF Dean of Wayne University Law School and chairman of the hodra of the ACS here Dean Neef lives at?50 Lincoln Dowell Attends Exchnnge Clubs TQ Hold Cruise School Parley ihe Exchanle Clubs of Metro On: Tuesday June 2:6 the politan Detloilt hav arraz:ged Grosse Pointe Ex::hanglClub Grosse Pointe High School for a gala MOOnlght Rver was host to the Exchanre Club t d b Jth E Crwse on Wednesday July 11 was represen e Yell ur All are invited to J oin the Ex CounCl of MetrdpCilltan Detrolt Dowell acting head of the social studies department at an changites of Grosse Pointe and at L1e Grosse Pointe War Me allday working conference of other communities on this moon morial CenterVicePlesident the North Central Association light exc?1i(ld to BobLo The Morris R DeFour presided in steamer Wll leave from the of Colleges and S e con d a r y foct of Woodward avenue at 9 the absence of vacatlomnls Presl Schools Forei Relations Study pm and all a:boa:rd will be as dent Dr AlfredM Large PrToJhect in Cicago June 18 sued of a w(mderitll evening Over 159 Exchangites from e conlerence was con on the lake th D t t ; 1 eerned with discussing the pro h e e ro area :!njy an m gram recently initiated in 31 Scott 0:r S halrman o i e spiring talk on Amencamsm by different high schools across the urose Pomte 1lcke: commttees D Den Uyl president of F 11 th t passage S $150 each and pro Bohn Alunlinum and Brass country 1ncla y e s 11 fits rtalized by the club will go Co oration dents partlcr)atmg have been to further the Youth Adivities rp confronted v:lth a study of he program of the GrossePomte 0r:e of the high1igts: of the goals of Umted States foelgn Exchange Club evemng was l;1epassng of the policy and the bastc prmcples Sea Scouts sailmg ship the Resosupporting these objectives in TCts :a y l)etmed fm lute which passed in review in foreign relations After having an d y xc angeh t U dmle er the waters in front of the War 1 an rom merc an s SP aymg M C t been schoole!d n the prmclp es h E h Cl b M li ht emofla en er and problems of American t oterxc ange U oon g Sponsoring of the Sea Scout foreign policy the materials p Ship number 690 and financial :lurnised by the North C3ntral assistance in preparil1g this Association make it possible for 9 P oint!rs ship for sailing is one of the a thorough study of a con major projects of the Grosse temporary :f 0 rei g n relations Get Degrees Pointe Exchange Club and all problem Last semester the first J J xchgites are proud of the class at the High School to take _ fme Job that has been done by th d th e; Nme Grosse Pomters were the Sea Scouts and their wpe course C scusse e r UU 0 h fication of Germany aong te 75 semors V 0 re per Mr Donald Martin celved degrees an crtlficates Because of the holiday nb When money does talk it at the Western Mchgan Gol meeting will be held on J11y YachtLeaves GreatLakes announce& Bruce1 Tappan TAPPAN the dissolution of the partership f EFFECTVE ON JUNE 30; 1956 * A general Real Estate BroKerage business will be continuea 1 Mr Seward MtSLoraine Mrs Mildred Ernst Mrs Thelma Mrs Kathryn Our new phone: TUxedo Page Fiv / frequently says good night than leges 53rd annal cmnr lout all members are urged to fl28 Kercheval Avenus Grosse Pointe Farm5 * Chardavoyne Mrs RtaE Dodge Mr William LDonan Mrs Anna Mae Quibell REALTOR * under my name at the same location with the following associates selected from the present staff: Mr R G Elliott REAL ESTATE Simians Ready To Cast Show ra Prent Fulmore of the around the tip of Florida and The GroSse Pointe Simians come to this meeting and join Trans:Pacific Yacht Club pur thl:ough :thepanama Canal and one of the Pointes 01des1:sum them during this anniversary chased Henry Bodmans yacht mer theater groups will pre celebration said President Citeriori}rec ently then up to Los Angeles t J hn V D t (B R h d S d and CHAMPON Champine C Lindzay Mt:Donald BRUCE N TAPPAN sen 0 an ru en s e lc ar aun ers at a meeting DanHUntiDgiobetterknown The crew on)he trip to New Book and dlenas the first earlier this year to his close friends as bash York included Mr and Mrs offering cif their tenth amllver Our secnd oering for the Forth Hunting Dog; left Sun William J A Nagel Mr and sary year summer will be Come Back day; June 17 from the Bay Mrs John icol and Ed Des A meeting will be held at Little Sheba and we are look View acht Club with the yacht mond the Central Library Kercheval ing for talented people to cast for a 7OOOmiletrip which will Fulmqre; owner of the yacht and Fisher road on tiriday in the difficult leading roles include going through:the Wej Staghound a previous Hono June 29: at 8 pm to discussthe he added land Barge Canal to the Hudson lulu race winner; purchased the cast and the production cletails Simian productions are staged Jtiver and New York where Criterion for the 1957 Honolu The Simians urge all stu outdoors on the lawn of the they! will go down: the coast lu classic dents intereed in dramatics to War Memorial Center good morning men exercses eld 111 a 0 attend the induction of new of = Stadtum recently ficers on Tuesday July 10 They are Carol Sattelmeier of =============_= _ Ridgemont road who received a secretarial cer1tificate; Edward Anderson of Anita avenue BBA; Phyllis B(lccia of Lincoln road retailing certificate; Jean Schweitzer of Wayburn avenue; secretarial certificate; Martin Roberts of Fisher road BS; Daneen Brill of Neff roadsec retarial certificate; Donald Button of Hollywood load BBA; Nancy Butt6n ()f NRenaud BS and elementary; certificate and Ronalie KeJ1y of Whittierroad homemaking certificate Welldressed men are find ing them cool and easy for usual Whalings J wear and are winrin compliments for their good looks besides We have them in wide variety expertly tailored by the people who lmake our slacks and they FT like slacks 550 to Woodward Open 9 am to pm Dally mm)jwealt 6329 W7 tan RO ear L1vernol11 Open Thursday and rlelay VnJR WELC!OME WAGON f your business s down phone Welol Wagop for a pick UF) (Actinns speak louder ihan w()rd which means performj ance counts with Welcome Wgonll 0!Jtaet the hostess in your territory TU TU! 4E17 : ( The enduring satisfaction of owning custom tailored draperies is no longer an exclusive privilge of the financially sele few At Jacobsos the cost of exquisitely <i:ustommade draperies_arid slipcovers is within the reach of anyone of dscriminafing taste who desires flawless beauty for his home And the small investmnt:in finest fabics onfhespot _ ; ij JacJlhsons i HOm Decorative Shop Kercheval r measurement and skillful hand wojkmarfship:willpcjyrich dividends of ogwear and lasting loieliness t f L d rl

6 _fl Page Sir Turns in False Alarm at School AU available euipment of the Park Fire Department rushed to Pierce Junior High School on Saturday June 23 when an alarm came in }JW :tf$;# POl;la4s flseb;nds=: / ii*7 l;1t youngster who somehow got into the school said Fire Chief George DeCaussin The incident i8 being investigated GROSSE RiriligCity Jireen Receive Check POfNTE EWS PRE Thursday June :th OF JULY Thursday Hea (Continued planes Mosco verberating fo jets screaming sound barrier However it the planes ere barrier only ij in straight flig; dication that Ollig Electic LAMP REPAR E Warren Near Cadieux How TO PROfiT THROUGH TAX EXEMPTON With today high tax leve1a in vestors in medium and high tax brackets arc turning to taxfree Municipal Bonds for income that they can keep f you have a taxable income of $10000 or more you may be well repaid by investigating the advantages of taxexempt STate and Municipal Bonds For instance if you file a single return on a taxable income W $14000 you Wouldhave to receive a divi dend return of 745% on a taxa ble security in order to equal the yield from a 350% taxfree Hond 1&s!omdhing to think about! Our New Booklet How To Profit Through TaxExemption explai!1a in plain language your need for tarxemption tells how much thtse highgrade investments can be Worth [0 OU There no obligation S d for copy today or phono first OF MJ(iHGAN (;ORPORATON Suhl Bldg_ Detroit 26 WO Grand Rapids Flint Boy City Lansing Port Huron Bottle Creek Hey!! Were Not Gone Just moved to our new location for your convenience PUBLC SAFETY CdMMSSONER JOHN MAZER left; presents $100 checks to retiring City of GrossPointeFlremen LEUT ELMER O w LER second The Grosse Pointe City P{)lice and Fire Association said fare hired t fill the vacancies in the ; well to two of its stalwarts t Fire])ept a retirement party held recently ThE!y are John Onstwedder by the Association Patrolman Jr and Robert Marshall Both Robert Van TiemPresident of the Association stated that a mn ]live in Grosse Pointe City regular practice of the organi i: t:a;te:nn from lft and FREMAN THORNTON REAUME SUPERNTENDENT THOM ASTROMBLY7 second rom right attend ed the ceremony and have honorabie discharges from the Navy Supt Trombly stated that these were two of the best prospects that he had eter had in hisdepartment GUSt Call1didate For Congress in addition to giving them a Rock:weliTGustJx; Detroit latters primary campaign in dinner at the expene if the attomey a:gd longtime residen 1954 ane} campaign manager Association of Michigans Fourteenth Con for Joseph A Moyhihan Jr in The formal ceremonies were gressional District filed for the the Congressional race that held at the home of S On!t Republican nomination for Con year wedder at 329 St Clair Supt gress in that Distrkt on J l!l1e He is a director of the Four Tom Trombly was the Master 19 teenth District Republican Club of Ceremonies and presented Mr Gust=:known s Rocky and a member of the Four the guest s pea k e r Commis s a World War n veteran and teenth Distt:ict Young Republi sioner of Public Safety John S commander of the Fred can Club Mazer who commended bath erick M Aler Prist of tle Mr Gust is a member of the :men for their loyalty an dvo At er1 san Leglc?H hs been Grosse Painte Memorial Prestion to the fire departmet actlyen th7 &!fars of ths large byterain Church and formerly throughout the years of ther LglO:n post: smce hortly aftr taught a Sunday school class service hs raduatlon from the UDl there He described Lt Fowler as versity of Mchga;l Law School a quiet unassuming conscf in 1949 Among the many entious public servant who patriotic and civic activities of never complained about his the Post is spcllsorship of 10 work and a person who was boys 12achyear at the Wolverine willig to gladl assist and aid Boys tate his fellowemployees in any Dunng WOld War Mr way that he could; and Pipe Gst served aboard a PT boat man rhornton Reaume as a Wth the U S Nayy man who sacrificed an oppor Prior to entering the :N:avy tunity too become an officer be Mr Gust attended Wlliams cause he wanted to remain one College where he played left of the bays; and a staunch fire end on the footb team and tighter who enjoyed himself was an outfielder on the basemost while fighting a fire and ball team saving praperty and lives He returned to Willialls after Both men told of some hu hs dscharge and entered the morous and some tragic experi Uivlrsi of Michigan Law nces that thzy had while in School unmedatey after his the service graduaton ;from Wlliams Supt T rom b 1y introduced Mr Gust who lives at 65 several guests who had already Radnor circle Grosse Pointe joined the retired list These Fars as been ctive in the included Former Fire Chief Republican party ill the Four Ledge! Chauvin and Former Lt t7enth District for the last Art Van Becelaere Commis severial years He was campaign sioner Mazer announced that manager :for State Legislator two new replacements had been Robelrt E Waldron during the Four GP Grads At Northwestein Northwestern University awarded 2749 degrees and diplomas at its 98th annual commencement exercises held at 11 am Monday June 18 in McGaw Memorial Hall on the Evanston campus Harlan H Hatcher president of the University of Michigan de15vered the commencement address Dr J Rascoe Miller Northwestern president conferred the degrees and delivered the cha::ge to the graduating class ncluded in the graduating class of 1956 were John C Eberly of 1353 Bishop road Janet G Hoffman of Windmill Pointe Gail Sisson of 309 Grosse Pointe boulevard and Robert E Thompson of 409 Cloverly ];Oad _ r A irem/nute $Oplt TURNER BUCK will 4 _ corvinceyo:t/l(jt you tll!juy 1Jrllnt!new BOCKlof lessmoney!jlln iii mollelso tile low priced tllree! Personal iail Particular M: ed and dol skilled fbtin eiing FREE Rear 0 1 J A E Jeft VA C sto SW 1!::z 11: NO ANNUAL ALL CONeRE MANY SHAP! FLTERS c:nd STEEL REHF NSTALLED i FNANCNG CAL male the 10$f f out Jrlv;;gs save before savings received on or hefon the 10th earn froll1 July 1st EARN EXTRA NCOME ON YOUR SAVNGS simply conveniently Save before July 10th and get a full 6 months earnings on Dlilber31st Look at the important advantages Standard Federal offers you SAVNGS EARN 2%% current rate Highest earnings paid on every dollar in your savings account regardless of size SAYNGS ACCOUNTS ARE NSURED up to and further protected by sound management poli and reserves of more than $6()()()OOO July 10th 1956 SAT 7 : We need USEDCARS and are lilting to pay for them! f * * * you have never driven a New BUCK drop in and treat yourself toarealdriving thrill o FRENDLY HELPFUL SERVCE is another big advantage We consider it a privilege to give you the personal service YOlll account deeervee Accounts may also be held by trusts partner ships corporations and nonprofit charitable educational or 90cial organizations YOUR SAVNGS ARE RElJLY AVAABLL Additions and withdrawals can be made in any amount at any iime in person or by mail Whether you save in person or by mail you enjoy the same modern dependabl service Our objective is to make saving easy Plootable and convenient for you ONLY7MOR DAYS before July 10th Deckle new to NY at 5taadard Fed YOMH 51 you did SAVNGS prn 2 1 /2% aa1 SAfETY 0 SAVNGS NSURED to $10000 t l STANDARD FEDERAL SAVGS MAN OfFCEGRSWOLD AND JEFFRSONWO CA T ON COHVf NffNlf *AHCH OfFCES f754( GRAND VER eol Southfblcl last WARREN at Oule Drw JOy ROAD 1 block ofmytrsi 1600!(LLY ROAD and Whitt POR SECURE riulure YE AT STANDARD FEDERAL / i urner!ncorporateo in the Be&t: e HC J j ;15103 Kercheyal at Maryland / VAlley 15400;; c : t! /

7 1956 e Thursday June Headlines of the We:ek (Continued from Page 1) planes Moscow has been reverberating for weeks with its jets screaming t h r 0 ugh the sound barrier However it was noted that the planes crashed the sound barrier only in dives and not in straight flight a possible indication that the jts lack 1 ParsonCiTailoring Servic9 for Particular Men Fine imported and domestic suitings skilled fittings and remodeling FREE PARKNG Rear of Building J A Frazier 3145 E Jefferson at Dreel VA Upstain Custom Tailor SWMMNG NO ANNUAL PANTNG ALL CONCRETE or VNYL LNER MANY SHAPES AND SZES FLTERS and 3FT WALKS NCLUDED STEEL RENFORCED CONSTRUCTON NSTALLED N A FEW WEEKS financng AVALABLE CALL Regularly U995 Our 9995 Easy Price Terms No Down Payment CC)MPLETE NSTALLATONS FROM all concrte 1Ox20 induding filter wclk underwater light days Commando laidattackon: d C d broke party lines duringthean tin (R Mass) then speaker of paign The informant said that 1 Ho:1 reek Cyprots WhCh would parties that the United States FEDERAL AD for schools gve them a greater measure of selfgovernment The British are expected to ask the United States to help sen the plan to the Turks The indication of the move 1s that Britain is arriving at a showdlown with the Greek Cypriots who want union with Greece and have been at odds with the British to bring about such a union; The Cypriots have been in rebellion for the past 14 months The proposal for mo;re sel:fgovernment was brought back by Sir JohD Harding Bitish governor of Cyprus who attended a threevieek consultation in London There are Turks on the island * WLHELM HAAS West German Ambassador to Moscow charged that Soviet policein: vaded his embassy and arrested two per:sons :ae personally delivered a note of protest to De uty Foreign Minister Vladimir S Semyenov claiming a viola w tion of diplomatic immunity The two persons arrested came to the Embassy claiming to be German c1;izensand ask ed to be sent back to West Germmy The :E:mbassygets 20 to 40 such requests each day Soviet authorities claimed the two were Soviet citizens and had no right to enter embss soil Their names were not learned Monday June 25 AT LEAST 26 PERSONS were killed when th(;iplane crashed in Lagos Nigeria The plane a British Overseas A ways Argonaut went o:own ld flames soon after takmg off from Kano Three of t4e 18 survivors were injured critical ly and one was leported missing Sources disclosed that 22 of the dead were so badly burn ::!d they have not yet been identified The airliner was carrying a full load 38 passengers includ; ing a number of children and seven members of the crew Two crew members were among the dead but the captain sur vived The plane was bound for London by way of Tripoli Libya when it crashed tl?re ; miles from the Kano airport and caught fire _ :3 GUATEMALA DECLARED a state of alarm after a Com: munist subversive plot was discovered The G0 v ern m e Dt charged that the Communists plarlued to spreadpanic anddisj order through(mt the country; Earlier police fired ona crowd assembled in a railroad station to celebrate the12th anniversary of the downfall of the latej dictor Gen Jorge Ubico wh died in New Orleans 10 years ago Authorities!aid no one was hit by the firing but police arrested several members of the a;j: Drivers auhlone nuagovernorsconventioihe1d the House: She said thebribe it would also be difficult to European civlians in wli C j1/ in Atlantic City Whileone fac:came on the floor of the break in a new cabinet offour were killeci and 13 others tio ttirnedc thumbs down on House n answer to a quelstionficial while the Chief Executive necessary powr for level flight hurt )handouts fromwashingto;l be she said that the rules (Jfthe is convelescing faster than the speed of cound cause it invites GoyerninentHouse stating who has: the THE STATES largest steel The U S Embassy reieased a CHARLES EWLSQN Sec : control another begged help privileges ofthefloor is a clue producer Great LakeSStlelcor 10day itinerary jortwining from any source to utilize towho made the offer; Shtsaid poration is girding itself for a which includes villits to top retary of Dense;was criti Americas human resources to shetookto be a bribe offer a possible nationwide steel strike secret spots in the Soviet cized by both Snate Democrats the uunost/ Gov Williamsuned suggestion that $1;000will be Officials of the corporation an li a nod RepublicaDswhen he up with thelatter group Hes contributed to her election cam nounced that it would start THE FRENCH HAVE round charged that the efforts to in 6f the opinionthat Federal aid :paign banking one if its four huge ed up 28 rebel leaders wreck crease Air Force funds were can help :ailevfateshoita(e in furnaces The strike is exected ing a:n important rebel network Uphony They a1$o charged such vita1professions as enghle Wednesday!une 21 to come off Saturday A walk sources said The roundup was that some of his statements ring He said hptis coilptiy PRF8DENTf ESENHOWER outwill idle about 20000workmade by troops and police at about Americiui air strength S short of engmeers we have :has sttpd thathe will defillitely ers in the State including Bougie in Eastern Algeria were contrary to sworn testi to import th fom Europe tun folre:e1ectionand:jfelected atthe downriver mill; and 650 About 8000persons were seized many of Air Force leaders uggstdt?t il0me tclxi hemi;itask for the resignation OOQ workers in basic steel mills temrorarily and SOO held for Senator SymingtOri (D Mo): credlt be glven parents of col of Seetetary ofdefense Charles throughout the nation The anfurther questioninlt The 28 former Secretary of he Air lege students E Wilson This; information nouncement by the Great Lakes leaders were among the 800 Force and present head of a ; _ : * ame:froni a highly placed Ad was made representatives held authorities said subcommittee investigating air REP THOMPSOlf:(R MichSrirliistration source rrhe slurce from the Umted Steel Workers At least 33 others were charg power said that Wilsons HUSe hiitedthat abriqe:lhe wasof reported:t1)atthe President is Uriion d the steel industrys ed with hiding arm!;and other fulness as a Cabinet office has fered in conectiowih thejoca highly incensedat Wi1s0 for Big Three US Steel Bethlewise taking part:in the 19 come to an ens The Demo ting of an :AiForcebase in histwo latest publicblw:lders hem and Rep:ublc resumed month rebellion Meanwhile crats are seeking a increase of Northern Michigan: came from and wouldhave asked for an im negotiations nd1cations are that in Algiers police said they have 16 billion for their Force; the anqther Congressman But she mecliate resignation except for both sides might make certain learned the identities of the Republicans favor a 500 million: decliried to say so 4iretly; or to the :approaching political earn concessionsto break a stalemate rebels who took part in Wedles rise name the man Shesaidslie was ;: ======== * RON C:JOSEHBE:LANG:ER:_jg;fg:;rp:te dyisedtodotsep Mar Basemen1:Wet? 1 DEHUMDFERS Sunday Jlme24 ParkMunidpalCrrtanaJ st:rcongdvocatefc?r th(prln:: _ : WOENVE) for the first ciples of safeo/:as assocated to the:operation of m(jtor: A Large Selectlan of tmem Enpts :lon g hsto!vehicles pa:utiqns vacatoners witdirectephi:: : LampShades Men and woen tu:nedout m the weekend or holday dnvers who attempt to rovld!jl large numbers dejsp1tethe heat f t dl th t t t 1 of the day; to cast their ball!> ar o? my ra ml es W ou proper res :or spperlo d{s to decide whethelr Egypt Wll on lohg trps become a repupiic Observers Juqge Belanger is in ompete accord th the poster said tli results Ere f)l:egonefor Safety!s Sake top for Coffee Be; n: additioji concluson VotnJ5was Smple he says Extend the type of road courtesy that you expect Each voter entered the booth andmaybe a lifethat will be saved:will be your very own Jack Ferrell alone and was handed two bal APPLANCES lots; a yellow one with the e Mack ru public status proposal *ith a crod: A state of a1m 1S a w1thdraw t 50Oman force yes or no; and a w ite modif1ed form of martlallaw from celand s soil Thmemo: one which bore a picture :0 * * bers of the erlcan _forcs TU40383 ts Fun te SAVE for a Current 2% Rate lcercheyal near St aair l POOLS PURPOSE Your individual goal may be a home a college education a start in business or something else Save for apurpose and youll get a real kick out of regular saving Why not drop in and nnd out all about First Federal insured savings accounts Any amount opens your account here FRST FEDERAL SAVNGS Of DETROT Premier Nasser asking Do A NEW PARLAMENT was ar located: at the Kf!avik Air you favor the election ofnasser elected by a record number of Bae an radar hstenmg posts s president 01 the Republic of celanders who braved rain and whjch lmk the NATO defense Egypt? The plediscite1:p de 5Q degree chill The new network of Europe and North cide the republic lltatus was de Parliament might possibly de Amenca cided bl Nasser ajld his revolu cide the fate of a critical sec: A top officialid:the elandic tionary junta At the last count tior: of the North Atlantic Government ht agamst the :yes votes on both ballots out: Defenses The celanders turn withdrawal calling it a dema numbered the nos ed out to elect 52 members of gogue ap?eal to celanqps na * * both houses of farliament tonal prde B R T A N S PREPARN:G ntense interest was created generous : new p:?posals to by demands of four smaller Tuesday June 26 r 4 Mr William WLlAM BEGNNNG JULY 1 THE TEiEPHONF NUMBER WLL BETU45700 Unusual Frames Recovered at Modest Prices Complete Lamp Service OPAL LAMP AND FURNTURE COMPANY E Warren at Audubon and HarpQr takes great pleasure annocing where genr1real estate in ross(j RQSSE whose officeswilloeat 100 Kercheval Avenue on the hill lft the Chet SampsoBuilding PONTft FARM$ for the formerly of the realty firm of Tappan:Champion which will he dissolved on June 3D his new firm J Champion ousiness specializing Pointe prope?rty will baoriducted Jr A staff consisting of sixleenexperteneecj rel estate sales people the all or whm were asodatd::with TappanChapion willassst in serving the needs of :Grosse Pointe property owners tlnd RfosRectjY8 pur hoer : Open Frday EVltnings Till 9:00 Page n the Village TU Seven let us help you get betfer picfures of the familyl _!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!_=:===_ J CHAMPON & COMPAlfY Co Kercheval! r { (} or

8 Page Eight tarpetsand RUGS BOUND 45 C :::d FAST SERVCE cooy SONS OARPET COMPANY OPEN TJliURS AND Ft! YNTL 8:30 PM E WARREN Corner LQkewood a blend of Natures Miracle fibers WOOL America mo t ou!standin llbhtweight uit Hal greater c:rase resistance 4lnd hape retct10d provides better protect!od against spotting and stain An excellent election available nowl TWO MOHARA and MOHAR TROUSER $65 SUTS VERN EY Another Degree Given Rieveschl MACK TU = CBAEGE CCOUNTS 1NVlTED OPEN THURSDAY FRDAY ATlJRDAY EVENlNG _leav_ POTTED ROSES 150 and Up C LANDSCAPE CO AND NURSERY HARPEit AVE PR Betweel! 8 a!ld 9 Mil Rd Limit 10 to ej Customer PR Police in City Have Busy May Chief Thomas V Trombly of the City poli!epartment has submitted his monthly report for May 1956 During the 31 day peric;>d there were 27 accidents twa involving pedestrians The City anlbulance 10ok1l injured persons to Bon Seco11rSHospital! The department answered six burglar alarms nd assisted local merchants on 12 other cases Residents were assisted: on 16 occaslons Three bicycles Were reported missing and police recovered nine bikes fqr the City and out side communities n: 33 cases the department was callea in to open doors or windowl for private homeowners There were three missing per SOlS clls and policemen re covered aixpeople Violations were issued to four :for reckless riying There were 19 speeding Violations issued in May: Of these ozllythree were to juveniles There were 773 expired meter violations of which Recipient of an honorary de 554 wre paid b! violators who gree by Wayne University dur came n and pad 25c Anoter ing commencement exercises 200 perso neglted o ;eport Thursday June 14 was chemi to the police tbon Wtl;in ne George Rieveschl Jr of Lo h!)r of :eceg a VolatOn throp roaa notlce Tliey pad fmes of one h tiff and two dollars Dr Revesc SClen cas sistant to the president of Parke Elgt dog owners w:cre :f1nd Davis and Company He is the $3 apece for allowmg theu developer of the chemica1phasel; dogs to run at large There w of Benadryl and was honored a two doar fm t one pe:s for his leadership in chemical for excessrve nose rn the Cty research and improvement o:f During May a total of 956 human health viuious violations added $1168 Rieveschl was named Detroits to the Citys coffers Man of the Year by the Junio Drivers licees were ised Board of Commerc in 1951 to 152 persons n May and nme and received the Outstanding chauffeurs licenses were also Chemist Award of Alpha Chi issued Sigma in 1954 He receivedan Leo Carrier and Walter Stoe VA honorary doctor Of science de kel checked and repaired 292 gree parking meters Three trffic signal lights also were repalled Children Enjoy Library MoYies ApproxiJ;;:ailte1:y900 boys and Fe: Ducklings/ are taken direct girls crowded the Grosse Pointe ly :from the book using theillua libraries last week to viewmy trations to tell the story end Flicka the first ofe There is goodnews for Park w film programs which Bttnch users This branch now : ll be mown at the Central has air conditioning and the Lbrary the oods and the boys and girls may view the Park Brancll thls sumxner next movie inc!)ol comfort r n as far as possible the pro Anangements are being made grato has been planned to tie at Central also sothal the meet in with books and includes such ing room need riot be over well known titles a SwiSs c:rowded The longr movies will Family Robinson Treasure be shown twice at 2 pm and sland and Robin Hood 3:30 pm f there il a large at These full length moves run tendance for the shorter pro ning an hour and a half or gram on the alternate Fridays thereab)u will be shown it also will be run through i every other week second time Alternate wee a program The program :tor the ummer of not longer than 30 minutes is posted at eachlibnuy The has been a r ran g e d for the time is 10:30 Thursdays at the younger children who may find Park Branch 10:30 Fridays at the ful1length J?ovie too long the Woods; 2 pm and 3:30 pm The length of the movie rather Fridays at Central than the :film itself is geared to This week the films to be the younger children most shown are Ti Jean Goes Lum : cases For eample Ti Jean Goes Lumbermg an excellent bering and Stone Soup tihn with a Paul Bunyan flavor and the 30 minute film Beaver Valley will be enjoyed by both 7l)ung and old ; Stone Soup and Make Way 1 r Sergeant o N Ea v S by the signal department MOHARA Jules Deraedt assisted at two Traffic School sessions He also made arrangementsor all Safety Pat}>1b<?ys to attend a Tiger baseball game on May 24 Deraedt and officer Robert VanTiem held bicyde inspection May 22 at Maire School and previous to the inspection VanTiem gave a bicy:desafety talk at the school on May 18 The Citys three SCfKlt cars traveied almost 8000 miles in May using 800 gallons f gasoline and 40 quarts of oil Food Poisoning ncreases Now Beware of Church Bake Sales and Bazaars during the hot summer months urges Dr Howard Cadwell Director of the Wayne County Health Department; particularly if youre planning to sell products Wth cream fillings or trimmings! Outbrea of food poionin are traced e a c h Slner to! :andcu$:h>:: rtlled pastries W _ 1 ; U:; r:: 3 The staphylococci g e rm s which cause food poisoni01glove these tasty foods just as much as people do continued Dr Cadwell 4These germs y reach the foodvia the air; from open sores or lesions or the soiled hands of persons preparing or handling em; d from unnclean towels dishes or utn sils Flies mice and roaches relish these delicacies and help spread lp germs to them nwarm weather the germs multiply very rapidly and produce deadly poisons Food poi san in g isealled sometimes ptomaine oisoning usually causes nausea and diarrhea within oneto six hours after contaminated food is eat en A doctor should be con: tacted immediately upon occurrence of these sympioms far although all people are not affeeted after eating foo cntaining the germs; food poisoning can be fatal Creamed foods must be kept at a temperature beiow 50 F from the time they are prepared until they are eaten At au : ;S 1******************************************** seasons it is very important to keepfingers and flies away from these foods; and to b certain * that persons who are slck at all : i* U Ml e l or have boils infected ijogers rashes or sore never handle :t them * f your group is planning a :i bake ale or any affair in which * foodis to be served to the pub: :t lie you are required to contact * the Wayne County Health De :t partruent LOgan Divis * ion of Sanitation They will be :t happy to lffer any advise and * :t /J01ED ljflmum protect pointers your necessry food andkeeryour to help you * function safe * ;1 3 lor 971: * * * * * i HuNel Stock 1 ii 4mual 0/ Alt J(;ntl *!Harper :* : Valley Gardens :t Nursery nd 1:lorist S$s i25901 Harper Nr 10 Mile sr0 SSE P:0 NT E N EW S CYOCity Champio:rJship 8aseballTeam THEST PAULS GRLS Bh:sl!:BALL TEAM took top honors inthis years : Catholic Yguth Organizations league competition r This was the first time St Paul has won the Metropolitan City Championship: Members of theteam are lelft to right bottom row:joan HNZ JOAN KRAUSE MARY LOU LOUWERS and ELNE LA HOOD Second row: The sun is oeaming breezes are whiserng wayes re splashing _ a«about: our Rose! Marj Reid sjm suits shapedesigned to nip your waist whittle your hips and mould te loveliest bustline :or;a1ybeach Left: Black brown or marine blue elasticizd bengalie safbwith on+rasting:whiteunderbra Size:s fg to:lb 1795 Right: C;old blue or greige paisley everglaze otton suit with n inner;ersey pllnty Sies 10 to LOS LETSCHER GNNY BLESSNG HELEN VANDERMARLERE GNNY DASSOR and KATHY FARNAM Top row: COACH HELEN MCHALAK SUE McEACHN S SCHREBER and MARTHA DUCEY Absent were:joyce Barton Maggie Suther1and Claude Rol aldjudymoxley Christine Geist Julie Zemper and Merrie Gay Touchton cost of home improvement as Horne mprovement well as to see the new products F 11 available Thus the industry Shour Comng n a leaders have oinedto present a show of this nature so that hopte owners may see the ma This commg November wlll caught hold Wlth our local con tericl1s under one roof and talk bring to Detroit its third Home struction industry and the inter to experts: mprovement Show sponsored industry will tell you as exhibi Pla:ns or the exhibit call f9r by the local trades manufac tors many acts of local service repl sentation by product deturlrs and retailers The huge There :will be present such al velopers for the ome well d f xhbts th H lied groups as architects home as many other alliedbusmesses SP ayo e m e orne builders household product dis For the benefit of the avid mprovement Show: will climax tributors financial institutions dcityourself fansan added for 19!}6 in southeastern Mich including savings and loan as: feature of the show will be a igall the national operation of sociations realtors modernizll continuous informational and Home mprovement tion contractors e1ectricalcon instructional Do t Yaurself Th th f th t tractors and national manufac dinic to be condu<:ted on the e eme or e exposl On t 0 ;es urers lj re Wll be built around the home Daniel E Ford executive di: The show committee is comown:r:s needs for impoyemen rector of the Dtroit Lumber prisec; of L A Braun presirepalmg 0:: modermzmg hls me1s Association estifnated dent of General Wood Products; horne t Wlll howconsum7rs that across the nation 15 billion Philip Dawson; assistant to the through materlals and servce dollars will be spnt for home president of Sibley Co; Paul how theu pr:esent dess can improvement this year Hodges president of Royal Oak become housebeautiful He pointed out that last year Whalesale; Roy J Leitch; Jr: of t George W?od managmg dllector states t Wll be held 40 per cent of our home owners spent nothing on home improve the GrceHarbo Le Co; Fred:rleB Lowrle presldent of at the State Far Grounds No ment and that 30 million Amer_Lowne Lumber Co; Harry vember 2through 11 ican homes }]ave not been Smith and Daniel E Ford ]hedetroit Lumbermans As painted i: 10 years General show oces are at sociation headed y George H Ninety per cent of the post 8:30 W Vernor Detroit Kenney Sr presdent of the war crop of new homes built Ke7Y _umber Co and the to mimmum standards are too DetrOt noohoo Club; ra fra small for the normal increase MORE HUBCAPS STOLEN ternal association of h;mer in family size said Ford Two hub caps were stolen deal:rs headed by Harry 9mth These faetors he stressed are from a 56 Chrysle?= owned oy presdnt of oha:vk Lumber important and th industry as William Keith ofl171 Bedford Co Wll be toe major sponsors a whole feels that they should Keith had parkedhis car on of the t)w provide the consumer the op Cloverly road near Ridge on The Fix Up attitude has portunity to study and compare ThUrsay evening June 21 Use Your ChargaPlate as mil esfor rose marie reid Thursday June 28 :19 Bay Scene (f Annual Festival There is no better place for Queen Ball at the Civic Club water skiing in Michigan than will prove a bi«attnction Two on the beautiful cool waters of parades are of!ved on the Anchor Bay just beyond Mount Fourth: one on the water t 10 Clemens curving around to the am and the big atret parade pot where the St ClairRiver at 1in the afternoon Fireworks flow into Lake St; Clair and the treet dime wjl be on And to make the most of this tap in the evening wonderful opportuniti people Thousands enjoyed the aetivity last year and Ted Brous :trom all over the metropolitan area will be flocking to join seau general chainnan is looking throngs there this summerand for many more this year in particular from June Bribg your skis your boat 30 through July 4 This is wherl the your swimming trunks your faroily and frlepds said the annual Bayrama takes place Starting Saturday afternoon chairman and visit the Bayin New Baltim:oie as an added rama and the bay ihich we hope will some day become the attraction to the water faciles waterskiing center Of Michigan will be rides and concessions located right on th cooling bay waters beside the City Park Fourth of J ujy holiday fun seekers will find many activities LOOK YOUNGER to keep them occupied n There will be cancing base ban fireworks and all the trimmings that go to create a carnival atmusphere t On Tueday July 3 the NE Face PeQling Face Liffla Without Surgery carolyn nilso Stockholm Graduate TR DONT HAVE A CARPETNG Fine Carpering Quality nstallations Low Pricel Van Kercheval at St Clair TUxedo Like An Old Keepsake J:QLeren carpeting co OUS BRfAKDOWN LOOKNG FOR E WARREN near Buc:king5lam TUxedo Leagu Travel The Gras league wil Vacation p sound color travel thro Statesat War Memo Thursday J to This pro the pub covers vaca both United Sta of travel in water and Planned tion sendof prove intel p19nning a cotry 8D{ camera is For further War MemOl Young {: n JlllY R P Bu called Farn ported that ridden his i of his car ( 20 Mr BUe!: on Moran John How driveway tm Buelows 51 John or th / F :::: FC m< fr( 1 M 1 11 t _ ( t : :: )tra b : l:4b i>ecll k _ eta t>b6sb _ it ale b bt tawl _t $ > nsjr$o t;); dh se S 7 b h itn be & eit S t R+ 4 lrrtt t

9 E#P###PFM? : l : : _ : : GER :e Lifting ery 5011 tival Civic Club dton Two on the ater at 10 eet parada Fireworks will be on ;i the ac Ted Brovs an is lookis year your boat mks your said the t; the Bay ch we become the Of Michi uate o Thursday June _; iflteleaguers Meet dol League Offers Travel Movies The Grosse Pointe Cinema League will present a 1Film Vacation pgrama series of sound color films dealing with travel throughout the United Stat the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center tonight Thursday June 28 at 8 oclock This program which is open to the public without charge covers vacation highlights in both Eastern and Western United States by various modes of travel including railroading water and motor Planned as a summer vacation sendoff these films should prove interesting to anyone planning a vacation in this country and especially so if a camera is to be taken along For further information call the War Memorial Center Young Cyclist Escapes njury in Hitting Car R P Buelow of 315 Moran called Farms police and reported that a small boy had ridden his bicycle into the side of his car on Wednesday June 20 Mr Buelow was driving south on Moran when sixyear:old John Howard came out of a driveway and struck the side of Buelows 55 Plymouth Neither Johu or the car were damaged! BARRY BRNK on the lft and BUZZ BARTHOLOMEW on the right are two Grosse Pointe Little Leaguers They got the thrill of their life when E Warren 7 CLEARANCE thursday friday saturday June TU FOR JUST THREE DAYS special monthend vlues in selected items from our regular stock of SPORTSWEAR ACCESSORES HOSERY SHOES Youth impoant Center savings in Dresses and Accessories nfmts through Preteen Sizes L 1lGohspns : : Kercheval at St Clair TUxedo Use Your ChargaPlate Will You M()VE TbisSummer? WB CE FOR THE THNGS YOU CARE FOR PromPt Local and Long Mtc:ion+ Distance Moving Agtme Allied Vaa LS NlhOflWiM MOfi1g all for H mate One 01 Mteh1gans Largest Fine VA 2 45 JO Fireproof Comtrneted Warehous i WOLVERNE SORAGE COMPANY they met their idol HARVEY KUENN :Harvey was sidelined at the time because of aninjured leg but reassured the boys he would be back in action in a couple of days Raballlts Bill Passes Senate By unanimous consent th U s Senate passed the Rabaut Ply For Peace Bill to authorize the use in firstand secondclass Post Offices of a special canceling stamp or postmarkingdie bearing the wads Pray For P!!ace Cogressman Louis C Rabuat (D Mich) author of the bill said he agreed who1ehemedly with the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee when it stated 41 that the thing of most importance to the unsette a world of today is peace and any action taken toward achieving it is worthwhile t was felt tht the use of cancellation stamps bearing the words pray for peace would encourage the great body of our people to do so and to work actively toward its accomplishment t gives me great pleasure to see my efforts rewarded by the passage ()f this bill: said Rauaut M:r bill will now go to the President for signatule:and upon Presidential approval will become & Public Law! Blames Accident On Other Driver now reduced Kids Enjoying Cl:ubDay Camp t: summemme! Summer William Baker 22 of 628 Dick time: means Nr;aborhOOd day _ erson Detroit blamed the driv7 c<&l er of another car for the acci cain» time Two hundred childent he Was in day June drenl began to enjoy the facili 24 ties offered by the Grosse Baker told Park police that Poinrte Neighborhood Club on he was traveling west on Jeffer son when another car came too Monday June 25 close to him between Devon Their fun and excitement shire and Buckingham and he willcoitinue through JulY 27 swerved to avoid a collision As DUr:i:fig the first week orientaa result he sai he O1control of his vehicletiod: sety and good citizen The car leaped thecb 200 shipis gstressed feet east of Buckingham went The theme fer this ummers 100 fet and crashed into a sess:ion issportcarama tis tree then went another l50 obvilous therefore that safety feet before coming to a stop must be an important part of All this occurred between the any transportatio topic Sport curb and the sidewalk He said cars are fast and numerous and in trying to avoid the other children are sometimes heedcar he did not apply his brakes less and impaent H was ed a ticked for npt A: movie The Talking Car{ havmg car m;der control has been loaned to the ccunp and causmg an accdent thrclugh the courtesy of the AAP1 t shows in a graphic n March 1(}54 two enlisted manner howqwcklyand need Waves were selected fcir officer lesly accidents can and do training beginning a program happen The club cilso hopes to to integrate outstanding enlist hav1e OffiCer Story and his dog ed Waves ino the officer grades Saflaty Girl: Just in time for the 4th whether : you are pfanning 0 dressup or casual time youh find the dress you want And at such marked saving youll probably select several for that long awaited vacation TUxedo MACK opp Howard rosse pointe roods _ Johnsons _ Sergeant Yaklin Wins Promotion n tllejune 14 ue of e NEws a portion of a story concerning the proincition of a City police ocer and:three firemen was omtted at the print shop Use Your ChargaPlate 1 Jacobsons MDSUMMER cashmere ap Nr 1 City Fire J)epartmem x ember 183L Be is married The ilarldeleted pertained to fer Alice &T TM Albert Yaklin g1669 Rivard couple hate two ehi1dr boulevard who was promoted Roberl; 17 a atudent at Audia from pipeman to fire sergeant High School; and Kic:hae1 ia Sgt Yaklin has been with the who is attending st Paul Sc:hott t 12 0 Orig Kercheval at St Clair TUxedo < f e ultimatejn xury niger1s the very fin cashmere roomed J8cobson now prnts a complte 4olleetiOft of liniger esnmre coats superbly tailored in slassi and high fashion silhouettes flawless n sve detail Sketched; La Vignas reedslim caftan coat capeeollam and tidpleated t is f:llly lined with anywut:t Milium Mitinmoif:iproofed Tor lstin9 beauty Black Congo brown or nud; 1ft DRESSES $avlngs! Right now just when you wnt to weer tliese cotton silk linen and knit dresses vivacious nd regular or petite iz Kerchevart St Ca TUxdo «c1orfresh style priced at a fraction of thelr regular Vl5tu Hundreds of dresses by well: known maers i this grana collection of midsummer fashions Choose from a wide variety of styles patterns and colors This is the value opportunity of the summer season so shop ar!y hile assortments re C!omplete You Wimt several tn vrled piints and (to1ors at tht low low pricefor your :vacation ad summer planl OunTor Sizes 7 fo Miss6s Siles 10 to 10 )/ 1/ } / J

10 LimE 1 FRENDLY KSSA bird in the hand is worth a buss or two from San Francisco mechanic Ken Doyle Hes giving an effectionate peck to a baby spa1rowfound in the newspaper garage where he works The fledgling duqj)ed Pete apparently isnt afraid of the garage men but he wont eat Having refused bread milk and a cherry hes probably wait ing to be offered worm At the hali season the G tiona! LeaguE of the Ameri :full COmlnan< with identica Gian wins last wel Phillies and sque< cinnati ReD later The Re( Dle Gooc SMOKNG SMANCleo family pet ot John P Bureis of Boston flnds that a gillsbest friend is a soothing pipeful of tobacco The smoking simian apes the human members of the family in all of their pastimes but smok con tinues to be her favorite 500rt since she hightailed into civ11ation OLD AND NEWBeauty queens past and present get together in New York to help celebrate June as Dairy Month Lovely model Lillian Shelby who was crowned Miss Dairy Queen 16 years ago has just bestowed this years title on 16montl old Susan Leslie Frank of Valley stream N Y Little Susan selected from 3000 entries across the U S seems more interested in that giant icecream cone than n her reign MER HAl Law HU THE EYESHAVETEyes staring at her dont bother this talian lady Her job s to inspect glass eyes fo: perfection at an establishment n Rome one of the few places where false peepers are made in the country The flrm carefully makes the glass eyes to match the calc; of the weares good eyes SHARP KDSFathers Day has come early to Brooklyns Gil Hodges whose children Gillie and rene have given him a combination razor and record kit which includes Knute Rocknes famous HGO Go Go pep talk in the hope that Pop the Dodgers slugging flrst qaseman will go on powdering the ball in his accustomed fashion MSS AMERCA COURT GOWNThe regal ball gown to be worn by Miss Americas Cort of Honor next Sepember is modeled by Dorothy Mae Jo11nsonMiss Oregon of 1955 and runnerup in last years Atlntic City pageant The exquisite gown i() a :fitted sheath of Everglaze cotton satin with a full overskirt of brocaded cotton in a painted :flower pattern The petal sleeves and threedimension :flower appliques on the overskirt are trimmed in glittering sequins VE ( FRENCH ATTRACTON Martine Carol international film stat and Frances No 1 boxoffice attraction; stops ever New York en route home from Japan Frances answer to Americas Marilyn Monroe Martine will help launch Nana her latest film based on Zolas novel n NOBODY faultless They i dropi They COLLAREDCANNE n an attempt at canine elegance tenmonthold boxer pup Thor tries on a sti1! collar and tie in London Judging from Thors unhappy look however the collar must be a size or two too small c!rap cloth Also *et1 GUAKA No Shri CTY A PHe TO DO ONEMANTV SPECTACULARVictor Borge the eelebrated comedianpianist takestime out from rehearsl!ls to give a piano lesson to hispretty daughter Sanna at bis Scuthbury COnn home The Danishborn entertainer w1l1star n televisions first oneman spectacular June 14 when he brings bis Broadway hit 4Comedy in Music to CBSTV {trl ; : :: ; i::;::: N KEY ANSWERTired at the inevitable question Where do you wind it? caufornian Cecil York installed a big key on the back of his toysized Gelman Volkswagen Above as his wife Helen looks on York winds up the car during a trip pause at Fort Scott Kansas The Yorks from San Fernando Calif were en route to Bolivar Mo HALTOSSFREE HPPOopening a mouth that wold probably terrorize any dentist Peggy a 23yearold pygmy hippo at the LondonZOi> gets her teeth cleaned via a kinsized brush in the hands of Bill Gribble an assi5tant head keeper at the zoo The dental cosmet:cs are applied to Peggys two threeinch tusks and 32 other teeth once a month NO qualifie made v Park Jefferso County; 1956 al secular ings un NO of the AM tl purpose: <i WHATZT? WHATZlT? W11enrcpleenttive& ftom 50 foreign countries descended on tiny Fort adlson: owa {VEGOT A SECRETMaking sure that his monkey talk i5 (pop15000) to attend Shaeffer PenCompanrs wee:klong clearly understood Christophc:r Robin a diminutive 12export onvelltlon the Evening Democrat greeted them week old Rhesus monkey clambers up on the shoulder ot with th15 headline welcome in nitre languages Unllklamost: 14lyearold Margaret Hayward to whisper some 01 his ani mal aphorisms into her delighted ear Matgaret a v1sitol visiting conventioneers the oreigner3 got a c1osu!l>view Big Cltycanyons:m tile Whipsnade ZOOseems unable to see her s1miml1 of smalltown Americanainsteadof the WuJsslpPl River town Newsboy s Mike Reed J ltor but headnf_ obmusjr no probi 1 fp SEA MYSTERY A queer fish caught by dredgerman Goncalo Pereira s displayed by him at Murtosa Portugal Fish and game experts were at a loss to classuy the crea ture but local ftshermen fdentifted it as a rare pig 1lsbt!ren teet long the fish wts black with white :Oeshand had T i two dorsa lljls making it reseinble some sharks T nouth 20 Ulches Wide had a network of memb e sted of t:eth The freak fish was Photogra:es burled untill such time as it caj1 be scientul ll f1an d iltljd ) Molen r Pul

11 broke Thursay:June _ T _ 1 heros despite being the losers 18 t YiliS the first time thi Holme of Los Angeles and ville 16 with G Landless the: pith:ed a real tight game by The Pirate and Reds tangled season the ndians had bepi Jack Tamblyn of H9llywood all :winnin pitcher: trikipg o:ut 10:nen and allow in a close gatl?eon Monday beaten and brke tlieir win have done a :fin job with these St Pa and Tldo co!; mg only th;ree hits The Dodgers June 18 with the Pirates win ning strellk at elght:games youngsters who have developed lected eght hits m thell :Yeed_th cor m th fc?urth ning 65 mainly on the spark Beside vindihg up on the to a point that they will un Wedned_y!! 20 gaet bu: mnmg when mn smshed ling defensive play o:fsecond long end of the scbre;the Red doubtedly;;be seen m Lttle: St PaU1:oo:t:qelong end of!hreej:ahggr:prougt Smart basemanmcconachie and first Sox also garnered hitting and Leae msjor Uniforms next i the fimit:score; 1410 : m for t e tying run baseman Brisco who teme up fielding :honor by outplayg season; :e Dodgercontinuedtowin :ti1: :::no::;:j: for the double pla<that ended the ndians m those depn Charleston hacked out 12 whn they beatje ard 84 started of;fwitha double and the game :nent also The reheo qf hits fpr 16 rtinsto defeatlouis: hid the hit Pltg?f Morehuse knockeahim in with iarms National Division Standings the game was wlnnng:pltcher ville164 on Friday June 15: wmnmg )lther J Whiey m anotheidcluble: That ended the W L Ronny J(laswhostr!tou13: l(anny Rove was the winning he first game on Thurs game and the: Dodgers finally At the halfway point of the Giants 8 1 batter whle WUlg only pltchr who gave up only six rune 21 p rt:he:gieat winning streak: season the Giants of the: Na Pirates _! 6 3 four hits hits Montreal thumped Toronto ofrthe Braves: tiona! Leagu and the ndians Red; 2 Laterthatweek:Eriday Je The Dodgers edged:past the 10:6 with :winning ]?itcherell::thecdsaridthe Cubs tigof the American league are in Phillies _ 2 22 therled Sox one game wm Cardinals 87 on Safurday man ot:only st rmgon:the ure that if the Dodgerscan do full cotlmand of their leagues Although the leagueleading ning dteiak came to an brupt June 16 to mve into a two: mod_but at 1:he plate as well it so can they Morrison was: with identical 81 records ndians clinched the top spot in lalt wheli they met the scond way tie for first place 4lthe first in te second game :the Wig pitcher and th 1he Giants picked up two the Americ League they suf place Yankees A hoine run by half season standings Both z1 the r art1ethe: Tigers Dodgers won by a {score of 2 to Wns last week They beat the fered L humiliating:blow dealt Steve Han<;Uos climaxed the teamg collected 10 hits The limited the dians a stingy one : Phillies 102 on Tuesday Je by the usually mild mnnered contet and gave the Yanks a o/inning pitcher was Thorp t and: to rui?st in (2 1 an?queezed past thecm Red S?x Te Sox Jumped n 53 W n the second game ndiana The only ht forthe! dians:was me gstotg::ru;w cmnati Reds 21 two days the Trbe Wthboth feet to wm Earler the Yankees hadde polis dumped Toledo 143 with a lone home run by Rger second place this week LaRue later The Reds were the hitting a 31 decision on Monday June feated the Tigers 146 The the Bic;ligarie broth:rs strrirt Judkins with a an on base was the winning pitcher for Good Fences!f EyeJry style or Fence erected WA for you lnc1ud2ll1 Chailll Link AllSteel and Rustic Styles Our 23rd Year HUDSON SALES AND SERVCE Servlll!J All C)f GrOle Pointe We Specialize n Hudson Used ears 1420 E Warren at Newport YAlley VE COMPARED NOBODY but nobody can match:; faultlessworlcmanship and prices: hy take down and hang draperies and cornices They speciolize i cleaning draperies curtainsl banquet cloths lamp shades ond blankts Also fine workmanship 01) f 0 r 4 5 Ye a r S MEHLENBACHER FENCE CO HARPER RESDliNTAL NDUSTRAL LavigneAuto Sals Yanks be!lted ot 14 hits five for the winners Eric Bidigarie C1TY MAJORS the CardS t was the hitting of WhCh weeor extra base allowed seven hits as hi A Ghesquiere president of power ofthe Cards that gave The igers suffered ther catcher b:other Edward handled the itys Little League praised them this! game Starting with second loss; of the week when himseif llaw1essly behind the very highly the pitching skill a four run lead in the first and they bumped mto the dlans plate o:f Skip Stephenson of l;he S: horne run by Schmatz the who fas}uoned a 94 Vctory H b t d R h t 9 2 Braves when he set 8 new Cards hit Smart and BurnS of d GEl ht h ft t avana e e oc es er 1n lans eorge ar S rs S t d J 6 B d strikeout record for the Little the Dodgers :for 10 runs and 1Q Little League home run and on a ur ay une 1! as ra L <n hits ley and Johnscombmed ther eao e wa he the poud one :rhe efforts on the mound to striek Skip struck out 16 Cubs_ The Dodgers pused over ndans aso chopped off Tger t 16 uldb bitt d led hi team to ther seent (Continued on Page 24) threats Wth two dol1;lleplays ou w 0 e r: straght VctOry when they de Anller:can DiVsion The Tgers moundce Earl feated the Cubs 12to 4 : : W L Meyer chalked up his :fourth The Braves had an easy game TeYslon ndians 8 1 win of the season as he set the mid scored in every innhig Yankees ; 6 3 Red Sox downonm9nday; J:une and wound up with 13 hits :This Tigers 3 6 1; with one hit to give the gives Skip credit for :four Sales an Sence Red Sox : l 8 Tigers a 30 Win Meyers: has games this season: W()ODSSHORES allowed only bwo :hits in ::four The next game for the Braves t : f The Pacific Coast League games to date looked like 2 E;asyone gairist L LDA CKEN : which WillS started this season The same day Richmmd the Dodgers who v:err!n last J and organized especially for the tumbled Buffalo 96 bhind pace But Morrlsontli star Electronlc Labo rafo rl! ptcher of the Dodgers7had: f 8 and 9yt:!arolds has made re the fop:tpchingf Sahnnon other plans Manager Stphen : : markable progress Maagers and Bmge son of the Braves startedlfiller _ MACK AY f Lloyd Nyn of Sattle; B ;rhe game scheduld between for his :first game this yeal; TU l 791 J nard Beufalt of PortTand; Bn Ml apdcolumbus: was ced This/game turned outto be a Oi) mr off because of wet grund: real pitchers :ue1 d a hart S The Ddgers and Glants breaker for Miller; ervce Ytll!lr A(7 Store tangled in a walkathon U on After Morrison gave upone: All Makes Tuesday June 19; which the run to the Braves in the:first f SPECAL SUN)A Y HOURS :10:00 TO Open Tbus Fri and Sill Evenings Tm 9:00 ROSLYN MARKEY MACK at Roslyn Rd TU Greenlawn Mowr Sharpening Shop W Aide MMBER BuJldera As oelatlon of Metropolitan )troli OCEANSDE game o:f the day The Braves Silvr Blonding Hi; Tinting : Cooked Lo1;ster could only manage two hits while the Cards collectd :0 off FACALS PECURES MANCURES rbs: ; i3a: 7 Cooked Peeled & their loss to 1tavana earlier in j Open Thun and Fri Eva DeVelnedShrimp PCK UP AND DELVER Sharpening OVerhaul Repair Hand and Power L:awn Mowes Garden Tools Knives Scissors Saw Filing EAST NNE MLE RD Phone PRe D dgers won 137 A total o! inning he settled do and 27 bases on balls were issued ; i493 KERCHEVAL Near Alt9r Watche DiamondB VA Alterations Kercheval T_Uxedo 5:9236! Page Beven ;: : fturiijfj1pd fj Sho 1 ; MEMBER / t WatloD&l : AlSodatioa of Build : Residentmaf :::::s; > ; tor 1nfanfs and Childr ; pied P1pers1Ue desl8ned fo Uttle feet and are expertly fitted unp the; direction of Mr am McCourt ExclusivelY at Peter PaninGrosaaPofnte in perfection A Job wen Don& Means Another One: Commercial GOODNESS OW O:PEN 1 The second game saw Jimmy 1/ H fy he Meininger limit Minneapolis to Rohelles Be auty Sa on J /2 our rom our fc:to givecharleston a 65 J Yes and An YearRound! The Braves roared from be Mac1 at Seven Mile TUxedo hind in the:sixth inning to beat Latest Hair S+lling and Shping J Live Lobsers the Cardinals; 65 in the third Y f 1 MR John and Mr Evan are now on our taft J Wlnll ng ptcher Blake Afr conditioned for your comfort Rochester bounced back from All types of permanents by our expert operator the week to give Montreal an j 85 defeat in the fourth gllme The Braves scored eight runs in the second inning to defeat U L le J 1 the Giants 102 behind the fine OeueriR eweiry hitting of winning pitcher Rey : t nolds and Terry aven Both American & Swiss collected three for four in the first game on Wednesday June Wotch end Clock epoirin9 20 ndianapolis tripped Louis f French Fried Shrimp S1irimp Cockt(lils / Cocktail SaUC8 : Micbigani Only MCHGAN FOOD Lobster SALES Pou r 6635 Harper TU Betwe yorkshi e ancpkensin9ton > Equippep to Supply ali the Afiddle Vesl t would d pygmy a kin nt head plied to once a GUARANTEED: No Shrinkage or Loss of Color CTY AND SUBURBAN DELVERY PHONE WE City of Wayne County Michi9n FOR FREE ESTMAtE rosse1toinfj?ark FO the Best CCCk andwatch Repairing TS 1;233 Kercheval corner Beaconsfield Work Done By Factory Trcained Penonnei Time checked by electricol timing machines FrH pickup and delivery V Ailey GROSSE PONTE 0;0 OK MFG an<repar 00 Our 35th Veor TY OF OStloint1! fm11ls J You 9: j PRMARY for ELECTON Wayne Countya Michigan lotice of Registration : to be held on Tuesday August 7 :1956 NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that regtsttation of qualified electors who have net already registered can be made with the City Clerk of the City pf Grosse J;>ointe Park at his office in the Municipal Building E Jeffeson Avenue City of Grosse Pointe Park Wayne County Michigan any day prior to and including July d that the City Clerk will be in his Office ve1y secular day from 8:30 am to 5 pm anq Wednsay eyep ings until 8 P:M for the purpos of accepting regstratlons : NOTCE S FURTHER GVEN that for the convenience of the electors the Clerk will bein his ofpce from 8:30 AM to 8 PM EST on Mondays July for the purpose of receiving registrations E Jeffe?n Avenue VAlley CHARLES HESE City Clerk Published ill tbe Grosse Pointe Nev June 11 (28) TUEsdayAugusl for PiatYand; Special City Elections To Be Held On NOTCE S HEREBY GliVENthat registration of quallfid eectorswho have not already registered can be made with the Oity Clerk ot the: efiy of Grse::::;>ointe Farms at his office in the Municipa1):Uilding 90 Kerby od tity of :Gr>se(PQirij:e FarmsWayne County Michi:an any day prior to and; including July and that the City Clerk will be in his office Monay through Fridy::fom :8:aOAMto4:30PM: and Wedies day eveningsuntil6:00 PM:f()rtb:eppose of accepting registrations NOTCE SFURTPER GVENthai for theconvewence of the electors :the Clerk will be in hisoffice from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM EST on Thursday July and Monday July for the purpose: of receiving registrations: DAWSON NACY Acting City Clerk to Kerb:v R!>ad TUxedo 15l56OO Published in Grosse Pointe News June 21 ll : et o:tofth ordinary thl ummr Get mto an ARCONDTONED OLDMOaLE C! n fr d ae and a dmonatratlonl ; ndm1o nd mo ollhft w / ; : dlsco lnll tht the RockCpoWedee s 11 :hl each especially ght no Smail nde e d more y<?ung Blt of all thjaoldsmohi!e i ftm A_ to OWVOtr #lie tgrn_ Jnoderns are gog for OdsmQhile to own Alid with its f111dou YOUR invtnt HO:D C:»8tf turllyprfr a re RocktEn a thri!1 o drive : 5 YOU 00 OWERTO OLD tie car espelaljyweu: 1t8 81Jch Above Oloile 18a ng 8 value Justlook c W1 the nding comfort 1 _ a pre that fitsyour hndget 8pe?Or 8ty and safety i lietter than many modls of the of blgcar de&l; We htne the fads _ 8er l0v!rpoweredcan 1 Cm n for a behinthehee1 figures to make it cl 11 esal hi h it di tral of a DeW! Oldsmohile See for ii e viliue:oid g t d a :rr$elfhow milc1: your pruent Car that Old8Dlobile hm o y top e ue at tra e i3 worth e if you act iaow l lop muo 1odc1 whea a reputation for lively per You too get:olde idea8 and you it _e top formanee that8:known arid edried thpri:ceof makes it easy / 1 nlue DlO at :everywhere! for th to come trues!eu8;)1ow l ale;letll1bowyo r <:> LOSV! 0 BLE: AQY PRODCT rioabt JOltJ AN OLDSMOBLE QUAUTY DEUER WHYTE OLDSMOB LE CO / L JeffErSOn VA TODTio 1EA WHJ OW loop UME W BaY OUWOU_ : _ :: :: r j J J to< * 1 1; 4 4 Ad d i d dd f ««J d td t dd dttat t Cd rtt

12 CALVARY LUTHERAN Gateshead (Kerby Road) at Mack Avenue Rev Paul H Wilson Pastor Sunday School and Adult Bible <;::lassat 9:30 am Church Worship at 11 am Holy Com GROSSE on Church News PONTE Shoe Repair 379 Pishr Rd Opp High Flowers Petunias MarigoJds Etc Mack Ave ot Three Mile Drive TUxedo munion will be e:elebrated on Sunday July 1 at 11 an NORBERT :P NEFF City Clerk i The Vacation Bible School will continl Monday July and 6 On Friday eoening at 7:30 there will be graduation exercises 10 the children and a social evening for the parents and friends All ar invited Vacation on July 4 ST MCHAELS EPSCOPAL Sunningdale Park Rev E H Yeoman; Reetor William Gard Choir Direct& J D Hurst AAGO Organist unday July 1::8 am Holy Eucharist 9:30 am Choral Eucharist and Se!lllort PONTE CONGREGAlONAL 240 Chalfonte Road Manus William Johnson Minister Grosse Pointe Congretional and Metodist C h u r c h combined summer servicas will be held on Sundays at 10 oclock at the Memorial C h u r c h 211 Moross Rev Marcus son minister W John Church school and child care provided at services Nolice of Ordinance Adoption At a regular meeting of the City Council held Monday June the matter of the City Ordinance regulating signs and banners being under consideration the :following amendment to such 0 r din an c e (NO 6) was moved seconded and unanimously adopted: City of Grosse Pointe Ordinance No 89 AMENQMET Adopted June Published: Jvne Posted: June Effective: Jtlly TO SGN ORDNANCE An Ordinance amending Ordinance NO6 entitled Regulation of Signs and Banners and the Postin:g of Cards and Advertising adopted May by addmg thereto four new Sections aa 8b 8c and 8d to permit upon prior specific authorit of the City Cunci1 in eh istancethe erection of buildmg and/or busmess dentiflcaton 81gns of a larger size than heretofore permitted THE CTY OR GROSSE PONTE ORDANS: Section 1 Ordinance No6 entitled Regulation of Signs and Banners and the Posting of Cards and Adveuisins as adopted May is hereby amended to add thereto four new Sections 8a 8b 8c and ad as follows: Section 8a Anything in this Ordinance to the eontrary notwithstanding whenever application is made for a permit tor a sign for the purpose of identifying a building and/or business and the application conforms to sll the provisions of this Ordinance except that the proposed sign is larger than permitted under Section 8 hereof the Building Commissioner shall refer such application to the City Council and ngi y the applicant that he has done so Section 8b Upon receipt by the City Council of an application for a permit referred to it pursuant to Section 8a hereof the City Council may at any regular meeting or any special meeting duly called for that purpose consider whether the proposed sign if erected will serve as identification of the building and/or business and not as atjadvertisement to attract public :lttention and in reaching its determination shall consider without limitation at least all of the fo!lowing: 1 Whether the proposed sign is to be ereced upon the building to b identified or upon the building in which the business to be identii:ied is operated; Whether the proposed sign is to be erected on top of and extend upwards from such building in such a way as to attract attention of persons using nearby public thoroughfares or side walks; a Whether the proposed sign is to protrude laterally from such building in such a way as to attract attention of persons using any public thoroughfare or sidewalk or public parking area adjacent to such building; C Whether the proposed sign is to be electrified or lighted in such manner as t:> be likely cause any interference with pedestrian to or motor vehicle traffic or distraction of public attention from devices :for regulating such traffic fl Whether the proposed sign gi!nerally conform to the character of signs in the neighborhood Section 8c f the City Council determines that the proposed sign will serve principally as an identification of the building andior the business 10cated within the building the Councii may notwithstanding the fact that the proposed sign is largerthan otherwise permitted by this Ordinance direct the Building Commissioner to grant the application for a permit providing the same otherw pomplies with the provisions of this Ordinance and providing that the City Council determines that the proposed Slgn will not otherwise be likely to constitute a hazard to public health safety or welfare Section 8d n each case where a permit for a sign is granted pursuant to Sections 8a 8b and Be of this Ordinance the applicant shall be conclusively deerned by acceptance of such permit and erection of the proposed sign to have agreed with the City tht at any time the City Council of the City of Grosse Pointe determines that the sign in fact does interefer with automobile or pedestrian traffic or the effective regulation of the same or other wise constitutes a hazard to the public health safety or welfare the same shan upon five (5) days written notice be modified at the applicants expense to the extent required by the City Council to eliml1ate such hazard and upon lailure to :nodify within such period that the City may proceed as contemplated under Section 11 of this Ordinance to cause the sign to be removed and recover the expense thereof Section 2 n all other respects the prvisions of said Ordinance No6 are approved and affirmed andremain in full force and effect Section 3 This Ordinance shill b effective tn f10) days after publication and posting food8 PRE8BnOAN 1995:0Mack Ave at Torrey Rd Aiodrew F Rlolith Minister B B Stansbery; ASt Mill RuthBJlrkholder Or;anistDireetor Flriday June 29:8 pm _ Eder / ready to serve ()VEN BAKED Boned HickorySmoked and OvenBaked in our own establahment 19th Year HAMS TRY OUR OWN rrmttut!jlt HomeMade SAUSAGE w Cut Prim and Choic f JOHN EDERS rhittiermkt: New Addres t1300 HARPER AV (JPP Blr National Market an4 Just Beyond County Lin PB Joint Board meeting lj:lders and Trustees) (Deacons CTY Of Boat Banter been a drifter cllke last year go to work on Monday and the fleet didnt finish un Detroit yachts make up the til Simday noon or later ts greate;t portion of the fleet and quite a scramble to get home especially up river to Detroit without them the rac would be intime to get enough rest toa bust Painting ando Over 60 Years Combbied Experience c t Clair Shores Larrest Paint :& WallpaPer Dealer Harper btw 10&11 Mil v P 8946 A G MARX O ASPHALT _SLATE ROOF REPARS Vinyl Linoleum or Formica for your kitchen w prepclre kitchnfloors And snk fops _ then replace present surfaces with 9Uarllnteed materials HARDWOOD FLOORS Sarlded and Refinished We Glllrrantee Our Workman hlp! A C Pierson Co (i866 Gratiot Avenue Between T and 8 Mile Reads LA LA Dont Get Beat See pete Pete Peterson 1956 at at Don McCullagh ttwards Largest Chevrolet Dealership HARPER TUxedo 7600 TUxedo SCREENS SCREEN POCHES JALOUSE PORCHES COMBNATON DOORS COMBNATON WNDOWS Custom Built of ALCOA Aluminum To Your ndividual Needs and Specifications free Estimates & Planning Servce CODlpay would attract more yachts Grifflns Frozen Food Lockers would be an earlier start This! Morang nr Kelley VE 90111! reporter heard many a sallor :r Screen Specialists Since J932 soc: tvahi:ctt >+: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :+ BasementWet? DEHUMDFERS ; Regularly Our 9995 Easy Price Terms No Down Payment Jack Ferrell APPLANCES Mack ; TU lostjointt1fimls Summary of fvinutes REGULAR MEETNG June By Fred Runnells Owners of the Gold Cup boats S 11n da y JUly 1:10 am that competed in the Windsor WOrlShip Service Receptic;>n of Yacht Clubs annual Maple Leaf new members and the observ regatta last Saturday June 23 ance of Holy Communion Ser have suggested to the Yachts: mon theme: Sacred Appoint mens Association of America meni: to throw out the regattawhen 10 am: C h u r c h SchOOl; they consider picking the Amer; Nursery (;for (3 yrs of age); icanharmswortll ciefender Kindergarten and Primary De They say it wasnt a fair test partrnents (Only one Worship because the regatta was short Service duringthe summer) erie!f by rinstorms after two Meeting was called to order at 8:0() PM Present on roll call: MaYOr Will:iam F Connolly Jr COuncilmen William G Butler Willam! G Kirby George SiLang Richard L Maxon Neil S McEachinandEdward C Roney Jr Absent: Non Mayor William F Connolly; Jr presided Minutes of the following meetings were approvedt Regular Meeting June Special Meeting June Resolution was adopted for the safekeping of securities at the Federal Reerve Bank of ChicagoDetroit Blanch A request for two traffic signs o:u Dean Lane was rf!ceived A DeadEnd sign was ordered erected and a flwatch :for Childre sign wadenied Approval was given to the employment of Nancy Neder and Mildred T Reading in the Administrative Office Patrolmen Marvin Xreb and J:ugene Thoinas in tl Police Department were classified as regular employees A sewer failure on Grosse Pointe Blvd between Veridome and Kercheval was ordered repaired The Council ordered letters o appreciation sent to :the various cnmmunitiesassisting at the funeral of the late Harry A Furtan Effective JUly ; Murray M Smitli will be reinstated in the employ ot the City of Grosse 1J()inte Farin at t:e samesalary and status he heldwhem granted fiave of absence on April Building and Fire reportl were 7ftlceived and 4tdered jj]ed Assessments in Special ASsessment District No were ordered cancelled and all paid assessments together with i:nterest at 6% from date i)f payment were ordered re funded Parkingmers were ordered instilledin the last tw reinairiing rows of e parking lot in the local business district; rates to be the same a the thkd existing row The Acting CitY MaalerwaS iristruted purchase M parking meters )AWSOK P NACY WLLAM CONNOLLY JR cth City Clerk Mayor c The mtin adjourned at 0:45 PM Jhtblilh in Gros Pointe New Jun 38 lijfi!! NEl{ERJEFORE Thomas J Doyles TLE REROOFNG SHEET METAt WORK TNOR COPPERSKYLGHTS GUTTERCONDUCTORS Estab _ Mack Avenue Abso/tely DODGE FOR A 1 $NCf Harper TU reenstamps LMTED TME ()Nt Y purchased after June 27 THOMAS TERMS TAilORED SO MUCH for SO LTTLE! with each New 1956 Dodge or Plymouth DOORS for beauty for comfort for servicefor individuai stylin9 Wallpapering FREE ESTMATES Large or Small Job ALBERTS WALLPAPER AND PANT preliminw:y heats hadbeen run: : :PONTE MEMORAL The judges arbitrarily decided 16 Lake Shor:e Road Horace Dodges Dora My Jllr Frank Fitt Ministe Sweetie was the winner Paul F Ketchum JoeSchoanith ordered his drivers his son Bill Cantrell Ben L Tallman and Roy Duby to hold their AssoCiate MhrlstelJ speeds dowrt because of the SWlday July 1: 10 am roughness of the course Bud Morning Worship: Sermon by Saile wouldnt even take the Dr Fitt; 10 am Church School wraps off his new Miss Nursexy through Junior ;De Wayne fqt he _same reason prtmentl!l Those boats that did run re ceived considerable damage of ili Monday July 2: 9:30 am Va some sort or another;the most : Alnul cation School erious was inflicted on Chuck Thompsons Short Circuit PONTE METHODST which smashed a sponson and 211 Moross Road probably Will not be ready for Hugh C White Pastor the regatta at Picton Ontario next Saturday June 30 LOUVERED Sunday July 1: 10 am C 0111 bined services with Grosse n al1the:yaa selected eight Pointe Congregational Church unlimited races from which to at Grosse Pointe Methodist choose the American Harms Chur(:h; 10 am; Church School worth defender The Maple for Nursery Tiny Tots KinderLeaf was the first garten Primary Jmllor nter Windsor Y C officials :iri mediate and Senior Depart dicated after lhe event was ;/iiiii W lf::s / ment: calleo f that there may never be another Maple Leaf regatta: CHRST CHURCH EPSCOPAL Mills Race officials made a 61 Orosse Pointe Boulevard marked improvement in: their > CHARLEVOX at Eastlawn YAlley ; Rev :ErvUle B Maynard reetor race this year when they sent Sunday: 8 am holy communion; 9:30 am holy com the fleet around the Colchester Buoy instead of the dangerous munion and sermon; 11 am Colchester Light Every skipper ;:: _ RLiTALO holy ommunion and sermon ill the fleet breathed easier T; TUtsday July 3: 10 am holy knowing his yacht had plenty communion and prayers for the sick ;;;; :: lrlj;1l T+: of water in which to l!ail around Freeze Your Fruit and Vegetables + the bouy And:shoal draft boats: didnt gain an advantage as: 1Jr (? n //1 : they have in the past when the :+ g6t Jide rtme 01 Lholce :+ fleet was required to round the t+ // JJ C7 n :+ Colchester Light + Call JOl rrice6 + Another improvement :which dock until :(pm before start; ing the long haul out to the starting line near the Toledo Harbor Light at 5 pm An earlier start would give the yachut more time to get back to their home ports on Sunday This year most of them had ample time to get home BUT wha if the; race had J DOYLES LAKE SHORE MOTOR TO FT YOUR BUDGET ts not the size of the 5howroom with big taxes and overheacj youre buying at Doyles tsthe AUTOMOBilE the QUALTY of SERVCE the COURTESY of the PERSONNEL the NTEG RTY of the DEALERTHOMAS J DOYLE dependable sinc years a Dodge dealer! JHL1TTLE: SHOWROOM WTH THE B DEALS! Cc;>me lit tody or phone for a demonstrtton Lake Shore Motor Sales &Jefferson 2 Blocks East of Chalmers Vley SALES The WorldJs First Do(Jge Dealer with he Finest Service in America Since Mile rdntee PS & H GreenStfll!lps! The price we quote is the FULL DELVERED PRCE a including Safes Ta1 License and Title NO NCREASE AT THE TME Of DELVERY! PLYMOUTH Thunday League The At weeks e leparated eae: teams from tc tors 4 to 3 W n the Na Larry in allto n Texa$ 1 mont beat S STJ WOOD n the hol League elacb teams split : week in th Wooch; Sho: n the Na1 WOD three 1Jl mom capture The Tigen American we White Sox good pitcllinf The Tigers 1 1) to 2 Th second however 1os1 6 to 2 Bn homered for The Yanke allowing on striking out J The ndian 13 to 4 Pam doubles for t times at bat duwn the Re beat the Dod and 14 to 5 Cardinals/6 allowed the hitsand struc Engl a double ane times at bat Braves The Braves 5 to ning tally aj in the sixth when McElt( bases loade( beat Hout (Week ej ADler! Tigers White Sox Senators indians Yankees Rea Sox JpcUans 1 ndians 9 White Sm Tigers 9 ) Yankees 4 Senators NatM Giants Cardinals _ Dodgers Bnves Giants 17 Giants 1«Giants 6 j Cardinals Dodgers 5 Te Beaumont SaD Antoni Dallas BoJSton Beaumont Beaumont San Antol Houston 1 One Navy arctic can p loaded on 51 Tue NonC:E Electors the Cit the Mu Pointe includid hi ofii( PM 8J purpose offices NOTlCl the elee to 8:00 July }

13 1956 gh csl PER : GROSepONTE *6 _ i6 #A4 w 6 P 4M( idj ;AuP 1M #4rl *1J tofa! _f ; a4 l QNM fat 41u( ii#/fft *U 1;lfU i *6 1N6_ r n 11Y Wif H r rritl 1/11#_ 1 i wwmiw UJ1 ifu J; Jf A Ji6C 14 i3 161U () NEWS _ BABE RU J:AGU w() ASJOBES PARK CTY FARMS n th bced American American Leque League each of fhe th:ree top June l8:lndians 6 Wh teadls split a pair of games last Sox 3 week in the Grosse Pointe June 19:H err i c k Bengal Woods S h 0 res Babe Ruth pitcher fanned 18 in a seven League The ndians won a pair inning game permitting only At weeks end only one game 3 fielding plays The scor: separated each of the American Tigers 7 Red Sox 5 Kolojeske teams from top to bottom pitched for the Sox; n the National the Giants June 2O;e1eve1and 6 Yanks 5 Ted Stanley relieved Pat won three n the Texas Beau Meathe for the ndians in the mont captured a pair seventh Dave Ayrault Yank The Tigem 1e a din g the pitcher slammed a triple American were whipped by the Jl1e 21:Tbe Wliite Sox White Sox 7 to 3 backed by were clobbered by the Tigers good pitching of Jim Barnes 5 to 19 A neat double 1>lay The Tigers beat the Red Sox was executed by Bengals Jim 9 to 2 Etter Bill HUgendorf and Her he secondplace White Sox rick Butler clouted 2 triples however lost to the Senators and Bill Walker hurle:d for the 6 to 2 Bruce Boa r d man Tigers Jeff Gentile was the homered for the Sox White Sox pitcher; The Yankees beat the sena Je 23:The most eitinl tors 4 to 3 with Dennis Fieme: game of the week was the com 1 d pletion (f a tie game strted allowing only three luts an M 28 betw th T d t W ut 10 ay een e 1gers an s r ng 0 the nd ums US ually a one The ndiana beat the Yanks inning shot the game want 4 13 to 4 Paul Sandrs g?t four innings before the deadlock was doubles for the ndians m four broken spelling victory for the tim at bat The ndi2ns also Bengals 9 ndians 8 down the Red Sox 9 to 2 Anxious parents sweated rin n the National the Giants the stands as their offspring beat the Dodgers twice 17 to 7 performed like Big Leaguers and 14 to 5 They blanked the Ken Stanley pitched the entire Cardinals / 6 to O Bob Libby 11 innings Jor the Bengals Jim allowed the Cards only three Etter and Butler each blasted hitsand struck out 15 triples for the Tigers A fast Larry Engelhar got a triple double play by Tigers Etter a double and a single in tlaree and Hilgendorf accounted for times at bat to pace the Cards 2 outs in quick succession in a ;11to3 win over the ndian contributors to the hot Braves The Dodgers beat the test contest of the season were Braves 5 to 4 getting the win Pingel who pounded a twoning tally after two were out bagger and George Oliver and in the sixth Ron Allaire who combined for n Texas League play Beau a double play Pat eathe!emont beat San Antonio 9 to 8 11;ved Ted Sley: ndian when McElroy tripled with the pltcaer n the 11th ndlng bases loaded Beaumont also National J11e beat Houston 14 to 3 June 18:Cardmal ptcher Don Hughes was routed by STANDlNuS Braves pitcher Tom Hughes 6 (Week ending June 23) to 5 in spite of a 3 bagger by Amerlean ue Don: W L Pet June 19:The Dodgers We1e Tigers slaughtered by the Giants 14 White SO% a 6 to 8 when they fell apart in Senators the last inning allowing 8 runs ndians 4: Miller pitched for the Giants Yankees J while Molloy was the Dodger Red Sox hurler ndians 13 Yankees 4 June 20:Phillies 8St Louis ndians 9 Bed So: 2 2 Tom Finch pitched ior White Sox 7 Tigers 3 Philadelpbia and Ricaard John Tigers 9 Red Sox 2 son for the Cards Phillie Bill Yanke 4 SenaW1s Nolte slammed his usual 2 bag Senators 6 White Sox 2 ger National League June 21:The Giants looked W L Pet like pygmies when the Braves Giants defeated them 9 to 3 Braves Cardblals S stars included pitcher Dick Dodgers Werpsck Len Careaghi with 2 Braves 1 S ll1 homers and Alan A::drews with a 3;base hit Giant pitcher Ron Giants 17 Dodgers 7 Giants 14 Dodgers 5 Giants 6 CardiDaJs O Cardinals 11 Braves 3 Dodgers 5 Braves 4 Texas League W L Pet Beaumont San Anwmo Dallas Houston _ Bf:aumont 9 San Antonio 8 Beaumont 14 Houston 3 San Antonio 10 Dallas 8 Houston 15 Dallas 2 One Navy tractor in the Antarctic can pull 40 tons of freight loaded on a1 sleds City of Grosse Pointe Way County Michigan Notice of Registration for Primary and Special City Elections To Be Held On Maumee TUxed(l!MOO Linclau accounted fo1 a 2 bagfler June 22:The tables were turned when the Giants met the Braves Zeven errors by Braves against 1 by Giants gave New York a 7 to 4 victory Grow Giant fanned 3 and walked 2 Tom Hughes Braves pitcher struck out 8 and walked 4 John Hoye whammed a 3 bagger for the Braves Giants Phil Stackpole and Bill Hootch each ac counted :or2 baggers June 23:Phillies 7 Braves 5 Tworun margin may well have been becpuse Carnaghi (Braves) walked Trowbridge 3 times in two of which he romped home with runs Hoye and Malcolm Tuesday August NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that registration of qualffi:ed Electors who nave not already registered can be made wlh the City Clerk of the City of Grosse Pointe at his offce 1D the Municipal Building Maumee City of Grosse Pointe Wayne County Michigan any day prior to d including July and that the City Clerk Wll be n his office Monday through Friday fom 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and Wednesday evenings until 6:00 PM for the purpose of accepting registrations Wednesday July 4 offices will be closed NOTCE S FURTHElt GVEN that for the convenience or the electors the Clerk will be in his office from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM EST on Thursday July and Monday July 1956 for the purpose of receiving registrations NORBERT P NEFF City Clerk :h:tednit:a:=edfo City of Grosse Pointe FlDsNotice 01 Proposed ZoningOrdinaac:eAmendmeal To 1l1e Residents Of The City Of Grosse Pointe Farms: MONDAY JULy Noticeis herebygiven that apublc HEARNG will be held in the City: Hall 90 Kerby Road Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan on at 8:00 PM for the purpose of hearing any taxpayers residents or citizens of the City of Grosse Pointe Farms on the following proposed ndment to the Zoning OrQ;nan AN ORDNANCE TO Nl) SECTONS (c) and 403 OF ORDNANcE NO 80 ENTTLED: AN ORDNANCE TO REGUtA:tE AND RESTRJCT THE LOCATON OF TRADES AND NDUSTRES AND THE LOCATON OF BULDNGS DESGNED FOR SPEOFED USES TO REGULATE AND LMT THE GHT AND BULK OF BULDNGS HE:RE4FrER :ERECTED TO REGU LATE AND DETERBlNE THE AREA OF YARDS COURTS AND OTHER OPEN SPACEs TO LMT AND RESTRCT THE MAXMUM NUMBER OF FAMES WHCH MAY BE HOUSED N DWELUNGS HEREAFTER ERECTED OR ALTERED AND FOR SAD PURPOSE DVDE THE VL LAGE NTO DSTRCTS TO PROVDE A METHOD OF ADMNSTRATON AND TO PR:ESCRl:BE THE PEN ALTES FOR THE VOLATON OF TS PROVSONS AS AMENDED The City of Grosse Pointe Farms Ordains: Section 1 Sections 115 2O (c)and 403 of Ordinan No 80 as amended; entided: An ordinance t regu late and resttiet the location of trades and tndustries and the location of buildings designed for specified uses to gulate and limit the height and ulk of buildings hereafter erected to regulate and determine the area of yards courts and other open spaces to limit and restrict the maximum numbe:r of familid which may be housed in dwellings hereafter erected or altered an9 for said purposes divided the Village into districts to provide a method of administtation and to prescribe the penalties for the violation of its provisions as amendeo9 are hereby amended to read as follows: 115 EARKNG SPACE A hard surfaced mea enclosed or unenclosed not less than eight (8) feet wide by twenty (20) feet long together wit ha hard surfaced driveway connecting such area with a street or ajey and permitting ingress and egress of a motor vehicle A hard surfaced area is a waterimpervious and dust; free area such as one surfaced with concrete asppalt r sealed crushed stone 202 BOUNDARES OF DSTRCTSThe boundaries of said districts shown upon the map attachedhereto and made a part of this Ordinance are hereby established said map being designated at the 1948 Zoning Map:1956 Revision and said map and all notations references and other information shown thereon shall be as 1l}ucha part of this brdinance as if the mat ter and information set forth by said map were all fully d cribed herein 305 OutSide stairways fireescapes firetowers porches platforms balconies boiler flues and other projections shall be cotlfidered as part of the building and not as a part of tle yards or courts Qr unoccupied spaces This provision shll not apply (a) to attached garages otherwise conforming to the requirements of Section 407 hereof or (b) to unenclosed outside porche9not exceeding one (1) story inheight which do not exten<i into the requiredfront or rear yardfarther thiln ten (10) feet nor to one such unenclosed porch which dtles not extend into die side yard nearer than four (4) feet to the sidt; lot lin or to cornices or belt courses not exceedhtg eightee in width (18) inches 111#1! A Page Thirteen 1 PaTk T(118oBeach Proi/rlJ1ll: Lutherans Pp rennis Tourn y Held at Club hoine run and Peck w811ojed B f: i a 3 bagg for the Phillies; July 4 dd! : August 18 Prizes for :an COD:: O GllOr lgers The USLTA Center TeonisdoublesfrGm Mike Rahley and: Tam StandUlp works Jllc1tlnMkmg ilwhjmung Tournament Wa5 concluded on Chuck LaFond AmerieaDLeagae Tenni5 Satarday Bait Casting Ch1b meets each )(ofalliutheran the courts of the Neighborho Agnes Peters won the UOWJ1 Team Wcm Lost July 1 : Tuesday and eve Churcl1esm tbi area Me taking Club last Wednesday Bill Tirers 8 3Swhnrilmg mee Sunday uings; ehijrlren :and adn part in eran Hotchkiss wopthe bos 18 and in the giris 18 and Uder when Jndians : :8 J August 5 ;Final contest: September 3 Night tobe hed at Brigg3 lulderevent by defeating RlcltY she won over Sue Dhooge 86 Red Sox Ts: tournament :for pil ParkD (PreSg Stadium hoe of the Detroit Champion in the finals Perers also won the doubles Yankees 5 dren under 13 years<qf age Meet Dance) at tennis eomta Tigea 1m Friday August with Sue Mann beating Dhoog Whlte Sox 2 :9 S1arts on Monday AuPst 1a 8 pm SatU1day A 4 Aim 1) the effort is to give n the doubles of the same and Diane Putnam National Leagae American Bed Cion Life FOOrfh Ammai Cat Boat p+xtsminded Lutherans in the event Hotchkiss an Joe Done> Tam Won Lost: Saving Classes daily SerieS:JUlyn mte of :Mi an oppor Vall teani:ed up to win over the 15 and under girls June Philadelphia _ 8 3 Private swimmitjg and div J;ife uard Swimming :Meet :to demonstrate eir ap:: Riclo/ Champion and Ed Pon Donovan won over ADD Homer Brooklyn 7 3 ing lessons daily by life guard (all j)intes) date to l>e an PreClation to the oit Tiger gracz and then teamed to take Giants _ 4 7 appqintment nounoed baseball team for the man:r n the boys 15 and under the donbles ti by defet1t: Braves _;_ 3 8 Generid swimming lessons _Detroit Newa Novice Tennis h of fine entertainment they :Ronnie Lindau advanced easily ing Monty Newcomb and Sally: St Louis 2 8 Tuesday Wednesaay ThUrSday odnament date to be an povidetmough the summ mto the finals where he bested Boesen :: Winner of the irst half of sea Friday Time: l{) 8m: (no nounced n pregame ceremonies ipe::balph MeElvenny Then On Friday w Neigh son cannot be determined until charge) Craft PrDgram; a1 :agu cial honors yd be paid to the; taming with McElvenny Lin Club Dudes went to : Brooklyn oompletes a rained Vl()liey ba1l instmction and daily oonl :following Llitherans on the :clau swept the doubles knock to play in the Hatramck out game with st LouiS play Nicki ctor :from Tiger teiuri: H a r v e y Knew; mg oat Tom McDonald and Optimist Tournament Ricky: Shuffie boar contests Michigan State University is 13ill)Hoeft fduke NaasRed7 Tony FiSher to win that Challpion reached the quarter One hundred sixty Navy FishiDg contests heaviest retmning :to teach the cra# Wils Al Abe;Jaek Phi1lips event; finals before being downed by: men wintering <>ver in the fish ClasSification: eruisers classes : Jrm :Brideweser and Mel Ott With 13 entries in the boys G&ald Dubie n the Antaretic were supplied With small craft pier Prizes: Adul ra4io br 13 and under event Ronnie 15 and Jlder Ronnie Lindau 96 pounds of food; Halfof and :children NavY sleds being Uedin the Ten thousand seats have been Burns ploweq his way to the also reached the qum1ers where: ls reserve supp1y in cse ;Fis Todeo Duration of: Antarctic Welle made in Canada obtained:fo[ the game betwetm j)nals where he defeatd Ted he was felled by the South ships cnt Teach the ases in contest May 30 to August lit: while snow flags are mouid the Tigers d the Chicago }3onneau Burns and American star Francisco Pon 1956S7 rand Rodeo Dayu Saturday on bamboo :from Panama White SoL Bonneau also teamed to mnthe cho Costilio CEGE D fl4;r RESDENC DSTRCT a R SOEtlCE DlSTRtCT 1:8 LOCAL BUSNESS DST 08 COMMER;JAL D1STRtCT P PARKiNG D1STfUCT i CTY BOUNDARY t DlSJRC1: 80_! exceeds two {2) stories in heikht Where thesidewall ofa b11ildorlesln elg t o: eet or twentyt ve persons ing exceeds fty (50) feet in depth tlie:idthof side yardio r major fraonfthereof 1Oexcof entyf1v(25) fo;r the posite the portion in excess shall not be less than ten: (10) fe actommodat1n ox w:hc?mthe bui1g 15des1gnedau:ged 1 DAWSON F NACY: modeled or nrmally used provlaed however that 1f the exlion or beforesepmber Dllljority in num trior wall alng such side yar4 is of fiiepro<>fconsetiti arid Acting City Cllrk ber of lots in any subdivision in aresidencedistrietshall have entirelywithoutmovahl wiildoworodier opening Uch in been improved witll homei in tueh fashion as 110leave only a in Width of side yard 1h81hiot required and provided PubUlhecl ill GrON Pointe :Rcn Jone l 0 ; 0 1;) o? ZONNG 1956 REVSON GROSS POlT farms 308(c) Offstreet parking facilities required for onefamily dwellings shall be on the same lot or pcel of land as the building they are intended to serve All other uses described in Sub wavt COUNT MlClGAN sections (d) (2) through (d) (9L both inclusive of Seetion308 shall provide off street parking facilities which may be on the same lot ()r parcel of land all the building they are intended to serve or which may be within three hundred (300) feet of the building or buildjngs which they are intended to serv said three hundred (300) feet to be measured between the nearest point of such offstreet par!cing facilities and the nearest point thr di d b f th th de d f dth th (n) L : tb b ld oded h th th ff 10 ee foot s1de yard the remauung ununporve ots n 581 SU ur er at a 51 yar 0 greater W1 an orty Rfi 01 e U1 109 provl owever at e 0 street par ng di d th h 1 f hi This hall be d facilities provided by the isting Parking District Jor use) in Ydlonshma:all y x:unpasedove w (4) mesns sch Ul1 tar ash on s not requlre n h ċh any event : h th b f M de A a W1Ul be mae our reet or ea s ory y W 1 a connect10tl W1t e usmess ots rontmgon a venue an b d d th ceedstw (2) t n h ht The Width of a s1ge yard abutung upon a Side treet lying betw i<erby Road d Roross Rd shall be regard as Wh U ngtherde 111 e ot ldin ceed fsif tyr1es(50 1 g f el) b t shall not be less than the minimum front yard depth required on : l th th f tho 0 d al h here e 51 e WlU 0 a w gex s ee 10 d f ch d b the shall compy1 ng W 1M ke r equ1remefrnt 0 S mllne:b 1dog depth the width of ide yd opposite dieportion in excess shill an a J01nmdthQro f eb A f D:oD g UPdOD SU 51 streeceedint t 15 ot d some 0 SU ac venue ontage may conta1n Ull togs be ] h (to) feet requle a W e yaj: at any POlOt ex g twentyfive : located at a greater distance so measured than three hundred not e5s t an ten (25 %) percent of the w1dth of the lot (300) feet from said Parking District On a lot occupied bya buildiilg other than a dwewng SeCti 2 Th dinan sluill uk d : 4 03 cde YARDS R d D th hall be in which PerS01lJmngregate or whichis designed arranged re on 15 or b ect nyenty aya aftwr : clt d fin d est nc:eh ls ee sdth f modeled or nondany used for :the congregation of persons in 1ts eentor pn t pu lcatlon : eer 15 later: : onhchhsll ebe every(4)oft 1t sthydthtehallm1benwnwid f 0 numbers ifi excess of twentyfive (25) thewidtll of a side yard cil: d not1 S gtvn pur sdtt uon of the City COun W 1 S a f our eet 1SW S 1ncrease our hall be d add boo eel extra an ld accordance Wit h Sa! ordinance and the statu in :1 (4) f f b hch b ld d h l S Ulcreasen 1t10n to me 1Ocreases requ1f or eet 0 reaul story Y W 1 a U1 lojt electe on t e ot 7 h h f (4) f f each r (25) such case made and prov1ded l o 1 i i:

14 J : < ::::1:>;!;!?ni;:pF7 {?ff!yr:;;ff 1 ;:J1(p{ ti!to; : ::::O;: := ;1 t it ; J z ; Page Fourteen Sundays combinei DNNERS with a Cuisine QALlTY and SERVCEr :: of which we arc prud DNE Sammy Carlisi DANCE Orchestra Featuring Dee Merrick PiWt;es Large Of Small E Warren at Barham TU23983 The finest of toods served in the reloxing ctmosphere of tropicol islond shores TWlO Weeks Only Dont Miss This RAY LOWELL at the Piano Bar Piano and Accordion Durllllg Cocktail Hour to 7 and Evening 9 to 2 Hrs DOeuvre and Canapu l5erved at the Cocktail Hour Ell Warren G AuduboJl G RO5S E PO N TE NEWS ever had such a build at the age of 1491 They are now selling jewl1ed aut9 seat covers in case you find your old mink seat covers too warm to sit on George Jessel wandered into E Morocco and reminisced remembe;r cog here with my wife whose nameesca}ie:!l me Tommy Dorseys favoite :snack is piz2;a pie Just got a news release from MGM sayin: that Dana Wynter is signed tostar opposlterock Hudson in Something of Value; Questio pliz? Jsn!t his the girl who just wed Greg Butzer and who wasgoingto giveup her career or him? We we Dorsey lounging around Sardis when someone started talldng about Europe Why do you know he lectured :that New York you pay $175 for a aircut but that in Jjondon its 70 ents? Comed Jack ELeonard said Sure everyone knows that but look at the fre! best band t n own Vere Wirwille and hi troubadcrs good food good fun: Special Attention to T Parties and Banquets Eddy Shepherds 7909 E Jfferion at Van Dyke July 1ndtil July 14 w cater to small coctall parties 4:3:0 pm to 7:30 pm TUxedo Chm:pionOpens OWnRealty;Firm WDlD CASTER BTS BOY Eleven year old MarVin Bennett Kean was taken to Cottage Hospital:Tuesday; June 19 with lacerations on the lell side of his head YoUng Keanwas watchfug the fisliermen at the Farms MUnlCipa1Pir when he was struck onthe head by it sinker the result of a wild cast CARRYOUT High Button Shoes At Melody Circus Tomorrow and Saturday Only! 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When Herman Levin producer of:mry Fair House!he Colgate Comedy Lady attended the opening of Frank Loefisers Most Happy;Fela Loesser collared him in the lo1?by and asjteqwell Herman whatd *******************************; you think?levin stroked his chin shook his hea and sighedl LAST 1n DAYS ; tried tried hard Frank:but liked it U :; Jf BEAU BROADWA!: PaUl Muni wont say so but lntidiatesare sure :; Matinees SaturdaYsf hellnot return to nherit The Wind after his frvacatiod :; Up to a few days agt? 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Car Thrsday June Detroits FRST Kusical Theitrein;th toud J 4 new JorJ 51w Spirited LAST 3 DAYS Choice Seats Availabl at 2 BOX OFfiCES Melody Circus GReenleaf l6t GrlMelJs 8clx omee WOodward Yeanon Broadway! Bill ri9h ree:lodious ) 4 BUTTa {7 $ll Got Jo%u ; DWith SB a S _ &loft you!! P Mall Orders Accepied PRCES & TMES: Mon thru Thurs i (Enclose selfaddressed stamped 8:30 pm and Sat Twilight at 6 pm $375 envelope) $295 $175 Fr at 8:30 pm and Sat it ;0 SUNDAY PERFORMANcEs 9 :30 pm $400 $300 $200 (Tax ncluded) SUPERVSED PAKNG FOR 1500 CARS 4melican Wt 5e Agililg 91A gazelle 21OC ars Must Go Own TU me nopen Your Eyes Own A Really Fine CarWith A Solid Deal That Wont Explode ; _ ALFRED FSTENER COMPANY 169Qr MAC(AVE;:AT GRAYTON OVER26 YEARS AT SAME LOCAT6N : City:(gC::of!otd S(Qftd Svic ru : : :: : : :: : f

15 1 J Thursday Juriti By Kitfy Maniott WOMEN ( nll1l1tnw ((]fq) From Anothel Pointe of Vilew Betofhed :>JanRippe : WedinPariS Jane :aippe traveledto<paris> France for her wedding WednesdAY;Jurie 20 to Lt bert th;h::t 1 Eleanore Stalker Presented at Tea JohDEckhardt; Jr Deb Bows _at Tea Given by Her Mother Mrs Hug :o;:; Stalker in RadnCir Circle Home: Dr and Mrs Sfa1ker The;:bridi: parts; :Mr:>and Entertain at Dinn9r for Her Friday Evening Mrs Walker Cisler of Devon shheroad havelect to:france : lhe last debutante of the June season bowed to :for thewedg arid :hostedthe; societymonday afternoon when Mrs Hugh Stalker prereception whicnfollowed<t11e; ented her daughter Eleanore; at a tea in her Radnor 6oclocll:ceremohyat the:hote Circle home Crillon> For her fo!ruii debut she a scooped neck beige and pink AnJ1urxoofNewYork; chose a pink Chantilly lace striped cotton was theb:dde$ onlyattendant over pale pink silk chiffon Pr end Mrs: Stalker te Albert John Eckhadtwas;:his short frock Her flowers tamed fo thel! dauter Fri qns>etniari arid the iishes day evenmg Wlth a <lllderfor :V!re oser:gctmningaani/ of ; were pmk swetheart roses 60 of the young set at the Boat New<BritaiilCorinalldJolril and stephanotls Club before Judy Nelsons dance NiX pi:pdughsiex Mrs Stalker received with at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club The< newyweds:/willmake her daughter by the piano just For the dance Eleanore wore their:homein qtzingen Gel; inside the entrance to their a ball dress of white chiffo:i1 marty whre Lt Eckhadt is sta home She wore gray lace over with an underskirt of yellow ti9ried;ter a wediiig trip to pink si and a cprsa:ge of pink tulle embroidered with butter Formentor Mallorca carnations flies She carried stephanotis Mr and :Mrs ckhardt of Assisting Mrs Stalker at the and ivy Lar <; hm on t N_gaye Y adin nero tea table covered with a white ;in the Ei:ffelTower afte:!:the;re lace cloth centered with blue Offzcers pzc ked hearsal T u e sday evening and yellow daisies were her sis Amongthe guests:vveremrand tels Mrs Her1::t Book and By Garden Club Mrs Mar:vin :AndersoiiofDev Mrs Evererd Chisholm < onshire road andmrs; Fred Others were the: Countess Summertim means Camp Savery for the sixteenth Chartier a former POinter;with Pierre d Rostang Mrs Angus Mrs Wood Williams of Stan straight year to so 60 t th f t t 1 Mr Chartier Goetz Mrs Reginald MacAr ton lane was elected president me youngs ers m e our 0 we ve / thur Mrs Herbeft Mcnerney of the Garden Club of Micmage group in the Pointe The :former French :consul in Mrs BenJamin Micou and Miss gan at the :&lmualmeeting held C d f P U Detroit Mr Jean Beliard and asses c ose or the summer at Grosse ointe ni Madae Beliardentertained for At :3 :pm;ceonnozi:rune 17 in GrossPointe Katherine Kay in the Grosse Pointe Club on versity School on June 8 and 10 days later Camp Savery th bridal couple l Monday eve Memorial ChUrcl:1cMargaret AlicWilliams daughter of The debts assistants wearing June 20 opened on the GPUS premises The camp under the able njng with a dinner at ther Dr ad: M:rs/L :Willi ofishop road _became the small corsages of pink sweet Other officers fot the direction of Miss Jane Savery will continue through lime brideof Carl;O;:raaim/sonof MratidMrs:Otto FMann heartrosesandstephanotiswele season named includes Mrs Am h R b cotton frock Eleanor Hawkins president; Mrs Edward Evans ong t e camp activities in which lucky lads and 0 znson The brides gownofantiqtie in white pique with a blue and d ljr_ August 10 of Rivrhouseapartmehtson EastJeffersonavenue Elizabeth Pearce in a yellow Lewis S Robinson 1st vice 1 Jr 2nd vlcepresl ent; YLJlh asses partlcipate ar daily swimming horseback ridlg silk taffeta in J)ale ivry>box: and seating the guests were gren paisley design and Eliza John H French Jr 3rd vicearts and crafts tennis fencing archery calisthenics bowl Roach Rites rowedth:gracullin()fan Richard:Willlams;br:other:ofthe oethledyardmwhitesihrwith president; Mrs Hal H Smith ing baseball and track n addition girls reay take sewing 18th century FrenchcourtdrE!ssbride and Maurice Westerdale turquoise polka dots J Mr ElL Al 1 ft d th 1 treasurer; s ar boys shop work and boxing New this season is a golf At a candlelight ceremon: econ ace ros W em At the reception held in:the Others were the buds cousin Heenan Jr assistant treasurer; program for little ones wuh matched cluqs to suit their Saturday in the Grosse Pointe brodery of per formed church parlors Mrs Williams fom Litchfield Conn Joan Mrs Allan Shelden n corsize Woods Presbyterian Church deep yoke utlidln:ga callol? wore a c9ampagnel;ice sheath:deron yellowcotton her responding secretary; Mrs Her Capp Savery station wagons pick up the campers Mr and M:S Rchard K JtidyRoach became the bride detail at the declletage: with large matchi?ghat an4lster1?lw>mrs Peter Stalkr bert Lord assistant cor Monda v throug h Friday at 9:30 a m and return thell to Ballntme of Hllcrest rod a: ofdquglas_robfuson: Th extreely f1 l: skirtflar M;s Mann :wore a: rose ny!on m whit pque fr?sted wh responding s e c r eta l y; Mrs J nounc e the betrothal of ther Sh th f Mr d ed :fromthelow pr;mcessbasquesheer Ther corsages were white lace and JOane LeGro m orge B Duffield recording their doorsteps at 3 p m There are sp&cial excursions daughter JANET CAROL to Mrs ed m::c e Of N ttm li?eulside gathrllltpforma white sweetheart roses secretary; Mrs Dexter Ferry each Saturday to current places of interest This yeers ichad Merritt Corbridge son ha road ans Rbs; ynd clruar er Slk The:newlyeds aremtoring Cheryl Fisher Honored assistant secretary and Miss Saturday Jaunts include treks to Jefferson Beach Detroit of Mr and Mrs W JCorbrldge t th Fr drb illuslon veil wa heldm place on two weeks honeymoon Sarah Hendrle librarlan paren s are e e 0 msonh b lt f d O H 12th 8rihd Zoological Park and Belle sle of Casper Wyommg of Renaud road y a: r :0 emsan tllrough t Sokey Mountams n er ay The winners for the en8 AsSstngMSSSaverywlth thl cp are GPU teachjanet attended Carleton Col Th b;d; p ethze d orang:blosoms and WashiDgton 1 d d t d f e r1 esg0fll Wasof white White sweetheartrosesandcal They will live in Detroit Twelve y u g friends were year in rose competition sponers Carole Fenley and Clare Lock;lart Purdue j:;tudents ege a as gra ua e rom Chantilly lace and a peali nations formed the bridal bou _ 0 n sored by the club were Mrs Ann Menge and Sue Baker Mitzi Thurber home from te UnersltJ of :vrchiganuhrcrown held her fingertiplngth quet HOUSEHOLDHNT on hand Saturday afternoon to Longyear Palmer who also won M h 11 C 11 f h S d H M B fumce 18 ttending the n vell She carried a cascade (Jf ; help Cheryl Fisher mark her adnjattjan ewho ege 0 t e acre th Mea;t arsca urnds versity of Colorado He served whiiecarnntio!ls MafoLfho?or JOYCTofmhhnAutomatic electric blankets 12th birthday the sweepgtak; Mrs Dexter an 0 ams en camp S over; e lsses avery an in the US Air Force and was : so 0 ansg; cosm 0 e like regular blankets should be Partygoers in th Kenwood Ferry Mrs Alan P Beebe and _Fenley in repair to the Greene nley acres near Roh grauated from Denver Uni sise::s :::ai?ft hpded brl!md})atrlcla fresh idc1ean :whenthey re road home of the brrthday girls Mrs Jerome Remick Jr ester Mich for a pastoral vacation before classes start verslty last December H g t tllff t lislster o_fthe: brldgrom put away for tbeseason _They parerits Mr and Mrs Thomas Hostesses for cocktails fol Se t b er?wn ur9uqe e a and Barbara Clayton carred should be washed never dry K Fisher included Patty Petz 1 g the annual meeting were agan m p em ere No weddng date has been overlad Wth crjffon wasof sprays01 p::;crnationscen;: 1 d Df l dftd OWlD Just a few of the campers a e Polly Wotherspoon et b 11 1 th: dsh c eane yc eane U1 S may old Louise Meier Charlene M P al Dodg Mr F d r s a e!ma: eng an e we teed th y;ruqruj:d nd injure the wiring system Dont Wetzel Sarah Fisher Mary 18 erclv ej s re Lmd Wlson Jo An?erson Jon and Peter Cuks a turqolse crownof flowers;ll:lcellia olae y wore letthem get too soiled bycon Am1Drummy Barhara Maroun erick C Ford Mrs John W MarCa and Chuckle Whtney Bethme Whtney; Mlml and Ellen Hartwick he?arp arnabons w1tl1 largehit!!_:plcte ha and stantuse Wash them at least Martha R/)ssman Elaine Grave Gillette Jr Mrs Sidney T Cleve Thurber Sarah Ann and ary Virgini Drummy BoW s at Dance el: tlishivy made up sheer berin lngth nylon oiice during :t!le wintr too Elaine G:ravelleNikki DeBaeke Miller Jr Mrs: Hiram Walk Wedy and Terry Vaughan Qwnton Hllett Grechen Brideaids <Maril Bunker gowps Jy:ceX:Plllk and the ash genlyn warm water MartliaRoflsman ChristyCook and Mrs WoodWilliams Grener Wendy Payson Sandy Marks Bll Stroh Mary and Joan Austin bridels two atte?dantsm:iaqua andwlth d detergent to Brooke Janis mid Dempsey A subscriptionluncheon tea Margart Stephens Debbie Renaud Stephanie and Angela At a tea dcl!c Saturday cousils a1sowore turquoisi!!bestma?/v1fs DM6roeY pott agcu;nstshrinkagf Fitzge!=d lowed Peoples afternoon in the main lounge of faneta aidchiffon :Thejunia:r the Country Club Mrs Robert bridesmaid BeverlyAnnRobin July Fourth CelebiatiGn G Hadwick of ToUraine road son _sister of the bridegroon:i presented her daughter Ellen worea miniatureofthe1)rides Grosse Pointe Yaeht Clubs FOllrth of July eelebr&tion to soc:iety maids dress will be the leadr of three big outdoor events The clubs de ore a :Lloyd Boehm: was the best 27th annual Sailing Regatta is slate(l for Sturday thelth The darkhared b w rian iuid seatmg:thegilests:were and the gigantic glamorous Commodores Review and yellow taffeta and white lce Tom Buyzeand:Jim Eddy; Show Boat Party is scheduled for July 21 gown for her debut and carned For the reception which f91: 1 f 1 the gift bouquet f her uncle lowed at the Vhjttier Mill ndependence Day at GPYC will be a typic a ann y Fdward N HartWCk Austin wore hampagne Alen: ;; i i : ; ; / r l: 1 l L! il ( d : i i day with carnival trimmings in the afternoon and the Mrs Hartwick chose a forest con lace with matchirig accesw giant fireworks display in the evening green fruck for the occasion soria and her :flowers werle Eugene A Casaroli entertainment chairman and his Ellens grandmother Mrs Wil baby yellow: roses committee are in charge His aides are Russell D Van liam R KaleS was also present s: Robisnchose pwde:r Douten Howard Shaw Harly F Riley Charles J Glas to help receive the guests ble ry:stalrt:nylon Wth lil gow John F DeHayes Herbert W Hart and Bryan A Home from Japan in time ac)ling equmhat fo her Chaplow :f t! t th d b son s wedding:he: ;6owers were borth:le WPailrli( warsb rt e He t S pinkrosebtids o lr m 0 e at When the pair left for a waw The program with emphasis on fun for the children Wck Also actmg as shers f?r dingtrip to New York the new will include pony rides from 1 to 1 oclock two clown: the tea dance were DCkWhlt Mis Robirisonwaswearing a (thy are Arnold Barney an(l Ray LaBarre) complete ney Lee Johnson and )on black linen sheath with a white with gay harlequin suits and greasepaint ad an orgau Kaakl linn collar and white acces grinder and monkey FollOWngthe par_ the deb orles 0 A cheus show at Z p m will present Carrol Fox lefi f(lr Cheboygan Mich The : newlyeds wlll live 011 known as the Kig of Corn wtth all sorts oi mystifying _ LakeVew avenue when they remagic an a trned dog and pony act Party for COUSin Gven turn home( Lancheon in the l and main dining room l be By Mary Jane Edwards Kathryn Tate Bride served from noon to mldafternoo:c and a buffet dinne:: Of U L d d J from 4 to 8:30 oclock Home from Barat College l;enry e Yljr r Around 9 p D or as soon as dark falin the wonderful Lake Forest m Mary Jane fireworks exhibition will get underway Therell be some Edwa:tdsentertained at a bridal MrandMrs Henry Ledyard showelr honoring her cousin; of Moran road were m Denver; 200 bursts of shells with their showers of multicolored Betty Jean Sabourin in the COlD last weekend for the Frilights Windup will be the beautiful set pieces depicting Kensington road home of her day wedding ofxataryntate the clubs burgee and the American nag parents Mr and Mrs E G of BoulderandtheirB>nHenry * Edwards LedYilrdJr< Sailing Regatta Set Mal:y Jne will be a brides The Ledyards entertained on Thursday at the rehersal din GPYCs second July event the spectacular Bailing maid en June 30 when Miss neroat the ParkLaneHotel in regatta on the following Saturday will have craft of Sabourin daughter otmr and Denver some 20 classes participating Theyll include all sizes Mrs Raymond J SaboUrin of Allan Ledyard was best man from the bi cruising As and Bs down to the Thistles Bay City becomes thebrideof ior;his brothe1; and Elizabeth and Snipes While these plans are still being worked out Dennis Schmidt at rites in BaY Ledyard1ilso went west ith its expected the warning gun will be around noontime City her parnt:fore vleddingl Completing arrangements are George C Cossaboom the clubs yachting chairman and his committee including Paul W Smiley William A Ternes Norman E Archer Dan L Beck Albert B Blixt; Curtis C Carmichael Frank Couzens Jr Aaron L Evans T B Farnsworth Tore (Continued OD Page 18) j;> coats with the right attitude to any latitude super soft KASHMOOR* by COUNTRY TWEEDS ) )ravelers whether worldideor local are always dressed in Country Tweed coats of beautiful Kashmoor* Luxury loomed by Einiger exclusively for Country Tweeds Kashmoor is a soft longwearing blend of 80% alpaca d mohair 20% nylon The graceful style shown has bobby collar full sleeves to push up or down Bamboo sable brown yarn dye grey and sleek black izes 10 to 16 Grosse Potnte Shop Op riday T 8:30 ; / (t ;

16 : ;:> ::7 :;: : )::;Y::::/;):r:[;t7L :!!:;::r l:::c; :q :5c;;j?rr7{:_:!:;i?::i::C;:: Page Sixteen &ROSS_f)LTN:EWS SocietyNews Gathere:d fif()m _ : if Thursday une 28J 956 All of the Pointes Thu Cynthia LaFond Wed To Lawrence Kelly awaiting younow ODDU fashion Short and to; the PointeSidney Anne Boales MR; and MRS Gw:mCK* l :U;iftrf Mrs::arn:e: ::;y :telrte:feetll Becomes Bride of John J Whelan r Jr in Ceremony n :8 ;11BaCkinTourameroadrinCe Married Saturday Pair to Continue College Studies in Fall; Will iv in on June 13 Mrs Heckendorn; ; < MR and MRS JOHNT: ALL Ch Ch h R t H f P t F is the lomer JOAN HOCK; MAND and their son TO MY rlst urc: ecep on an ome 0 aren S 0 ows Long sland this Summer Following Weding th whose parentsare efrancs * $ Sidney Ane Boales daughter of Mr and Mrs William Trip Through Pocono MCuntclins JAMES HOCKS of McKinley : t was a second daughter for G:Boales of Edgemere road and JOM J Whelan Jr son Honeymooning in the Pocono Mountains after their f:e Eg: : N:nds:i RBE; of Mr and Mrs John JWhelan) of portsland)da0re;jepeated Saturday morning rites in St paurs on the lakeshore are DON of Roslyn road; : avenue who announced the their vows at a small amily wedding atur y temoon: Mr and Mrs Lawrence B Kelly birth of JULA WHTTNG h Rev Erville Marard Frank Whelan of Portland and Mrs Kelly is the :former MRS GLBEllT WHELnEN : HAM on JUle 7 :M;ra Sriiitl} is offcated t the?:30 0 clock Tom John Cynthia LaFond daughter of Mrs Kelly wore a shirtwaist of Park lane will spend: the i the former ANN WHTTNG ceremony m Chtlst Church After a fortnight in Northern the Charles D La Fonds of blue organza frock with white summer at the 4 McLeoa GliF:;: HAM Gro;:s Pornte A reception M hig the newlyweds WlU U!liversity place The bride accents des her summer hoe and:;:: $ :for the outoftown guests rern Burns avenue grooms parents ate Mr and The couple will live in Sea cherry :farm in Leland ich: The June 12 arrival of a followed at the Boales home Out of town guests here for Mrs Frank Kelly of Seaford ford when they return om the igan: Visitirig in the summer: daughter JEAN KRK is an A street length dress of white the wedding included the bride L New York wedding trip before continuing will be her sonin:law and nounced by MR and MRS The bride wore imported their classes in the fall at daughter the GEORGE BUSH;; HOWARD H ROBNSON JR organdie with tucked bjdfge grooms parents Mr and Mrs Swiss organdy floor length Michigan State NELLS JR d hermoner of Notr:) Dame avenue Mrs pearl buttons down the :front John J Whelan and teir MRS NORMAN McJ feod; 1USO; Robrnson is the former ANN and full skirt was worn by the daughter Betsy; Mrs William with tiny embroidered me:dal MRS FRED HUGHES f N tr brid A lily of the valley head F; Morris of Ormond Beach lions Her cap of matching Winners Listed Damavenu o o YOUNG * _ band c1asued her s h 0 u 1de r :Fla; Mrs DudleyS Conley of medallions held the fingertip ll 1 d h C lb 1!l M d M B d il b A son GEOFFREY OWEN length i USlOn vel an s e 0 urn la Uo; r an!s length veil She carried white y B TZ ge V U ALCE :M ROBERTSON < of w born on May 28 to MR and carried white daisies and stc:p Austin B Sayre 0 Essex Fens orchids and stephanotis F h d ill b ban ti N J Mr J M Newell Jr S er r9a W e camp coun MRS HALSTEAD W WE;EEL 0 s ; s ames Andrea Bachh as maia of The Memorial CentElr Dupli selor attheuuiversity of Mi ER (MARY REDEL) of Lin Sally Boales served as maid of Chestnut Hill Mass; the honor wore a white linen ate B rid g e C u b has an igans hesh Air Camp for boys n ad The Whee ers will of honor for her sister Mrs Joeph A Whelans and M:isi sheath embridered in pink and nounced the fallowing winners: on Patterson Lake near Pinck: > :ove r1) Connecticut L late in William G Boales Jr was Barry Whel of!thanh Pda; white and a white crownless June North and Southney Michigan for tlle summer J ft l the honor matron Mr and Mrs Charles F 0 en b d d k U Y a er our years m dr V Mr d horsehair hat an e ln pm Alice Young and Bea Curnoe; * p t Sallys frock was pale blue Jr of Alexan 18 a an velvet Mrs R H Waton and Dorothy MR and MRS EDWAW H om e lawn the bodice adorned with Mrs George J Whelan of The bridemaids Marcla Byr Crawford JEWETn ot Lapeer feted ROBERT HENRY WtBBLE rows of lace Mrs Boales wore Longport N J; earthur van ncs Mary Fitzsimons and junior East and We$t: Margurlte their son Edward ; Friday MAN son of MR and MBS a mate bing fullskirted dress in del Grachts of Little Falls maid Su Gerstenberger were Corrrad and Gladys Fitzsimons; evening at adance inthe Lake ALFONS WBBLEMAN of Hall pale yellow The two attendan!s N Y; Mr and Mrs C W Fargowned like the honer mad Frances Taylor and Mabel shore road home olmrs: Jew place was married to PATR had headbands to match ther rar of Buffalo N Y and Mr! Robert McGowan of New Brown etts mother MRS STANDSH CA ANN WESHAAR daughl frocks and carried arrange Richard H Garlock of West York was best man and the Jun l3north and Soth BACKUS ter of MR and lts GERALD Dlents of yellow daisies and Orange; N J ushers included Robert Windish Earl Gurnack Sr and Dr O WESCHAAR of Waybum av blue delphinium of New York; Thomas Rickel Strong; Dorothy Skillin ana Leaving the Pointe for their enue Dettoit The marriage William G Boales Jr p&r Bey ers Hosts ::nan Charles La Fond Jr Freda Merritt summer home in Elk Eapids took place m June 9 in St formed the dutie of best man Robert Beebee of Saginaw and East and West: Frank Marsh this week willbemr and MRS John Berlhamans Church Fol Other esquire attendants were On Annzversary William Fields of Buffalo NY and W A Jones; L T Jond THOMAS C CASHN of Uni lowing a Northern Mic1lign the bridesgrooms b rot her For the reception following and Mabel Brown versity place This lall they honeymoon the couple will Mr and Mrs J F Beyer of the ceremony in their home June SNorth and South: will move permanently to CYNTHA LaFOND daghter of the Charles D La make their home ingrayton Hollywood road invited a group Mrs La Fond chose a pale pink Peg England and Hilda Kelly; Florida Fonds of UVersity place: became the bride of Mr Kelly road Exchange Students Off of friends to join them for a shantun{t sheath with a Chan Freda Gillett and Ms Gwen Saturday moniing at St Pauls on the lakeshore The For Europe on June 30 7 oclock dinner at the Hartilly le yoke and bolero Peltz MARY JO OLP daughter of briqegrooms parents are Mr and Mt;8 Frank Kelly of HoUse guts of ALDEN ED: monie Club on Saturday jacket Her wide brimmed pink East and W:et: Jesse Cook the ROBERT M OLPS 0 Har Seaford Long sland! NY GAR of Wshington road for The W R Cavanaughs of The Beyers thought they had milan straw hat was banded in and Flora Dems; Emma Harvey vard road celbrated her six the weekend are BARBAfL Provencal road are seeing their kelt secret that the party was M;:; : pink velvet and Ruth Arbury teenth birthday over the week Tourng jn:europe until mid > MidJuly will find MR and GARLAND of Wellesley Hills daughter Pat off for Europe in celebration of their 35th end with a trip to Toronto August are MR and MRS MRS MAXWELL R BATES of Mass and MARJ HEALY of The ship sails from Montteal wedding anniversary But the E T ROBERT E MCKEAN who l th Boston Alden drove ba<:k to on June 30 mijhecavanaughs guests somehow heard and the Do oth Sklllm and Evelyn Pat DniverSlty pace Wltheit th h ts opean our s t UT r y MR and MRS BY R 0 N Boston W er gues on a will ta ke n New York Clty and Beyers were the rec1inien4of t were of Bishop road but more daughter MELNDA son MAX a Sh to f r Attracts Trz o en E t d W t K t C NCHOLS of Lakeland avenue recently have made their head: ur ay e was m wn Of a the New England States en many congratulation as well WCT T :JR and Mrs Bates k t b b d d:t as an es: emu ar have just returned from a trip cauj wee 0 ea n esmaj a: routti as a handsome tea wagon for lisle and Alan Moseley; Hilda to New York where they took quarters at the CoUntry Club; p:lot1:erres CHARLESMOR CYNTHA WHEELOCKS wed: Pat Mary Celeste Lynch their summer porch Kelly and Dr C A Brown in all the new plays The MeKeans plajrl areumonin GANA embarking for El:liope ding to RCHARD WLLS in Janet Crig Kathryn K;chner An arrangement of white Off to Europe are Mrs C B Frankfurt Gany with their on the Christoforo Colombo Chrt Ch on June 15 S f f N ff d C tho N 18 ure f Dolores Houlihan all ()f Grosse peonies stock and giant pink W toe roa yn la e James P Peabody Home from a fishing trp m son pvt GEORGE MCKEAN They1l tour the contirient: be ed th t ting of Lincoln road and Mrs They Wi11 stay alt the Country fore coining home on the Queen Pointe and Charle Vachon of daisies form e cen erplece E C Bowen of Haror WoodS COlllllllssione d Enslgn northern Maine onthe Canadian Another guest b;oril the East St Clair will spend the sum on a large square table seating They left the Poite on June b 0 r d e rare MR and MRS Club upon their return untp Mary is GLENNA MADURO of Dar mer in Germany as part of an the 24 guests They dint; by 25 for New York City They NAGARA UNVERSTYlOWEN C FROST of Washmg the can find the home of thelr * iel1 Conn She is visiting rau exchange student program candlelight Piece de resistance joined a tour from the Univer NY June lojames P Pea ton road i:h01ce hereabquts: MRS SDNEY T MLLER REN EDGAR of Washington sponsored by the National was the nuge anniversary cake ity of Michi2an which sailed body of 659 Lakepointe avenue J!t Jr af rvine la n e has her road Catholic Welfare Conference the work of Harmonies artist MR d MRS LE S F oft ELEANOR HAWKNS daugh abroad the Qeen Fredrika on was commissioned lm Ensign in an W Sn ter of MR and }9[RSEUqENE grandch l1dren;karen 2 ad SPECALST 3/C DENNS The girls will live in German pastry chef June 25 the United States Naval Reserve ER BEOWN are back from P HAW KNS of Renaud S NJ v ML LER V1Slt CT7DTON::ofMapleton oad hotiles for six weeks learning Pointers who attended the On the contlnerlt the tour at Nagara Unlversltys 99th thoeir Fort Lauderdale Fla J: road; w the laguage ancustoms of the arty were Mr and Mrs Wi! 11 leave early next mg hercwhile thelparents the leaves for Fort Huachuca Ariz which will include most of the Commencement Sunday He also residence With them are their month to act as counselor at SDNEY T MLLERS n of on to return to duty on July 2; people and: will spend another liam J Goodson; Mr and Mrs free countries will be by bus received a Bachelor of Arts de daughter SANDRA and young Moss Lake Camp near Old N:ew:Haven; Conn are 111 Eu D has been stationed there month touring Austria Switz Sidney M Harvey Mr and Accompaning Mrs Swift as far gree at the exercises Confer son LEWS LOVELL BROWN F NY _J erland taly and France They Mrs Elmer S Holmgren Mr as New York was Mrs Charles ring the commission was Lt The Brown farirlly will remain orge rope for the past year and completes will return :Qome the last part and Mrs Harold J Wilber and B f Md ue Daniel F Creedon USNR o in Lothrop road f01the aum J! his service in ths army on of September D and tr_ L:rle C T ;g urgess 0 ary m aven The FRA1lCS N MORANS TOMMY and CHERYL FSH September 1956 Also stationed 4 LYLLO) 07 u<u who went to Bermuda Ft Niagara NY mer mod;thsat least are eaving University place ER whose parents are the at Fort Huaciluca is JAMES tl$ weekend for :their cottage THOMAS K FSHERS of Ken KET:[ER of Chafonte road at Pointe oqk<)ut on Lake wod road are going to the Huron With thein will go sons brother: s is t e r camp Camp Recent house guest of SUSAN JOHNNE and MARK Mr Bryn Avon andcamp Deer MULFORD aughter of MR Morans parents MR and :MRS horn in Rhiielander Vis for and MRS JOHN W MULFORD FRANCS C MOHAN of Grosse a 1;pree weeks:atay They will of cprovencal road was JOHN PoiEte boulevard have the co Spend themonth of AugUst with CARPENTER of ndianapolis tage next door rhey too Will their parents and younger sis nd leave in July to spend t4e sum ter JULE at the tariillys sumtmer there mer place mludiliiton (Continued oil Pqe 18) Bride Saturd the B Jok Cla4 At 1 Greenn John F ginia L She and Ml Morenc grooms Mrs Fl road For i Virgi Vlhite ( a walt short fingertil crown Blossorr stephan tions JaniCl honor n organza length She cal ment ()f SUSal ()rganza maid Rona] The usb brother MeFan groom Mrs navy b taffeta ding T wore Their fi tions After Michigc their h1 Thef ing sch in the Madiso water Bloomt clearadee SUMMER SELECTON dressesclay GOd eening in groups at $15 $15 and $35 suits and knits % oft COTTONS sportswea]rrobes blouses and $weaters to off t SHORTS SWM SUTS ACCESSOES lovely mulinery } sizes 8 to 44 jncluded t WALlO nperce 47 EAST ADAMS ::)CWNTCWN e F? K ERe H E V A L G R 0 SSE PO N T E

17 a ; i (:7< i;::1j;! J tes Ceremoi1Y in rents Follows d Mrs William elan Jr son Ore repeated day afternoon of Portland and iht in Northern nwlyweds will S avenue guests here for eluded the brides Mr and Mrs elan and their?; Mrs William Ormond Beach 1eyS Conley of Mr and Mrs eof Essex Fells les M Newell Jr Hill Mass; the elans and Miss of!than Pa; ::harles F Holden ria Va; Mr and J Whelan of ; the Arthur van of Little Falls lrs C W Far N Y and Mr Rrlock of West Hosts lversary J F Beyer of bvited a group join them for a er at the Har Saturday hought they had t the party wall of their 35th 7ersary But the heard and the he recipients of ulation as well tea wagon for porch ment of white and giant pink the centerpiece are table seating They dined by ce de resurt8nce lrniversary cake armonies artist 0 att211ded the and Mrs Wiln Mr and Mrs Vey Mr and HOl1ngreD Mr d J Wilber and yle C Ling Thursday June Womans Page <SROSS E FO NTL NEWS Page Seventeen forpointe Women by ofalld :_:: : :_; Shirley Kilbride jrjlans for Show leard at Tea Six GirlsSt D v a Weds John Secrest Claims Bride Mr Dolan Honor Pointer At Girls State ANN ARBOR Rival slates of high schoolers held an intensive threeday campaign for ;election to state office here Blossoms Her flowers were Seating the guests were rohold on June 14 following nominating convention of the National stephanotis and white carna Terence Kilbride Dennis Van J tions Den Branden and Gerald iit Greenbrier SHRLEY JOAN KLBRDE daughter of the Berilard Lwrence Kilbrides; of Handy place was married Wolverine Girls State ist and Federalist parties at Janice Raabe was her sisters Dolan honor maid and her pink nylon For the wedding trip through Two Pointe members of Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae will at The pridegrnorp: isthson 6f Mrs GeraldDohin of Lake Legion Auxiliary Girls State is to MrDolan orisaturday ill St> Pauls on the lakesllore: Sponsored by the American organza gown was also waltz Northerll Michigan the new length with a matching hat Mrs Dolan chose a grey sheer te!ndthe 47th nternational Convlntion at the sorority at the ofmichigan campus to 8aucate view avenue d the late MrDolan held annually on the University She carried a basket arrange 001 dress and ffiathing jacket ment of carnations Her hat was a white strlilw Greenbrier W hit e Sulphur outstanding high sqhoolers in Susan Beyer also in pink trimmed with yellow ribbon Springs W Va from Monday Tau Beta H oidsannual Election Civic affairs: organza was the junior brides he couple will make their July 2 through July 7 Party candidates were chosen maid home in Beaconsfield avenue They are Mrs Allen Rea Wilson of Vernier road and Mrs ejected Tau Beta president f()r treasu!er 20 with elections held on June Mrs Henry Kohring was Charles Wright ;ssistant at mock political rallies on June Ronald Getoor was best man The ushers were Richard Raabe R J Nixon Honored J:ack Mills of Radnor circle the coming yer at the annual Association officers include: 23 The Nationalistsand Fed meeting held last week in the Mrs Edwin A Hibbard presieralists are named for the first brother of the bride and Tom By Cost Accountants They le!lve on Monday June major parties in US McFauon cousi of the bridegroom 3[) with Mrs; Charles Andrew W ll 1 h dent; Mr Richard A Speer 1 o:: ane ome of Mrs John first vice president; Mrs G Virginia Dassori of Notre R J Nixon of 80 Merriweather road has been re the convention Mrs Wilson is i _ of Detroit wo is chairman of Caulkms William Duffield second vice Dame avenue was electeli treasurer in the Nationalist party Mrs Raabe chose a gown of Other officers named were president; Mrs George EBush navy blue lace over pale blue elected a director of the Detroit vicechairman and Mrs MillS S taffeta for her ddughters wedding The bridegrooms mother ation of Cost Accountants :for seaman recruits USN nnj are Chapter of the National Associ music chahman Mrs Edgar B; Gall0Vay vice nell Jr third vice pesient; president; Mrs Charles Stewart s H Hudson Mead recortlr Waves are first enlisted as Wore pale blue silk organza the term secretary; ulie :pearce sist mg secretary; Mrs Charles B Birmingham Girl To sent tothe U S Naval Training Their flowers were white carnations Tau Beta Juniors; Mrs Alfred seretafy; Mrs )Vlllam C Mc: ani secretary and president qf J 0 hllpso 11 : Jr prespondmg Nixon is president of Motor VVed Frederick Auch Center Bainbridg Md fof Products Corporation Prior to nine weeks of ecruit training After a motor trip through L Marks treasurer and Mrs Millan tr e a sur r and MJi this; he was associated with Michigan the couple will make Richard H Turner assistant Enrst & Ernst treasurer visit our silv(r galleria second floor The Junior Leagut!of Detroit is again having its annual Fash: ion Show and Tea; to be eld B d W at the J L Hudson Co a:u:: ri e ears Full length White Satin/Gown for Saturday tc)rium September 18and 19; :: Rites in St Pauls; Pair to Ne4ithernMichigan Proceeds from the sh()wwill on Honeymoon go to the Senior Center on the Boulevard An afternoon reception af the Whittier followed the To launch the 1956 Fashion Saturday marriage of Shirley Joanne Kilbride daughter of Show Mrs GuyC Smith who the Bernard Lawrence Kilbrides of Handy place to is cochairman with Mrs Rich: Michael James Dqlan ard B Gusheej will give a tea: for the ticket captains >n Wed; For her wedding in St Pauls nesday June 27a t 3 p at on the lakeshore the brid(: wore her home 35 McKinley place a fujl length white satin gown trimmed with Alencon lace The Tliose present will be Mrs ftill circular skirt ended in a tvjni i:gw;rdie At MarthaMary Chapel in th d 1 t Her 11 of J <:a e ra ram v 1m T Ewald Jr assistant chair Greenfield Vi age Saturday t d lk lluson w held por e S 1 CiS man Mrs John E Park patron John R Secrest elaimed Vir by a juliet cap of sain em ess chairman;mrs John M ginia Le Rabe as his bride broi?ered with see? pearls hc Lesesne booth chairman nd She S the daughter of Dr earned stephanots and VY Mrs Jack Stephellson poster and Mrs Elmer C Raabe of centered with a white orchid chairman: Madeline Coe and Morenci Mich and the bride Mrs Arthur Victor Diedrich Mrs Donna de Somoley and grooms parents are Mr and Jr was her sisters matron of the below list of ticket captains: Mrs Floyd Secrest of Bedford honor The bridesmaids were Mrs Austin Marguis Mrs Roy road Barbara Vance of Marion 0 Fairlamb Mrs H: Gordon Wood For her afternoon wedding Kren Cnlan and athleen :Mrs F James Robinson Mrs: Vir gin i a chose embroidered Dlsserfi nplces of the brde :Russel Nuttet Mrs Chajes T white organdy fashioned with David Dolan was his broth Fisher Mrs John Pingel a waltz length bouffant skirt ers best man They are the Mrs Richard P Joy Mrs short shirred sleeves and a sons of Mrs Gerald Dolan of :Rockwell T Gust Jr Mrs fingertip veil held by a tiny LakevieW avenue and the late James Wo Grace crown ot white nylon orange Mr Dolan their home in Detroit He is a graduate of the University of llinois and holds a The first three technical train degree in Economics He is also ing schools for enlisted women a member of the American nin the Navy were: Radioman stitute of Accountants Michigan Madison Wis; Yeoman Still Association of Certified Public water Okla and Storekeeper Accountants and the Comp Bloomington nd trollers nstitute The wedding of Shirley Jean Cotter and Frederick John Allch Jr will take place July 14 at the Kirk in the Hills Bloomfield The brideelect is the daughter of Mrs Reba Cotter of Bilrmingham and her finances parents are the Frederick John Auchs of Buckingham Road; Raymond 9 Eddy Sworn_ n USAF Reserve Many Pointe Boys At Camp Chalevoix The usual large number of Mrs rurner Mrs Mead rs Bushnell and Mrs Phillips B Van Dusen are new trustees Grosse Pcinte boys are enrolled 8thirthday Celebrted at CampCharlevoix for tlris summer The :camp is 10eatedBy Mary Quarnstrom at Charlevoix:Michigan and is owned and directed:by Mr: and Classmates and friends joind Mrs Kenneth W Smith of Beau Mary Quarnstrom at Grosse faitroad Pointe Park to help here cele A staff of 60 men represent brate her eighth birthday They ing 22 colleges or universities all enjoyed s:wimmig Bn9 com: Raymond O Eddy df 712 are at the camp petitive games then a picnic lemberton road was one of the lunch The boys enrolled this year rdne Wayne UniversitY cadets are: Stephen Bachle Skipper Guests were: Judy Beck Sl1 sworn in as 2nd Lieutenantsin Beltz Hanny Carpenter John zanne Bowerman Candy Brewthe Unit :d States Air Force Chapin Jimy and Tom Coyle ner Kathy Connelly J4nmy Heserve on June 14th in the Stewart Crampton JohnDrum Day Janice _Dearborn Janet Wayne University Armory my Larry DruinmyTom DrUm Eastrman SusanJohnston Jo Major Thomas H Higgins my Peter Erickson Jim Finerty seph KUnath; Karren ushrier ading Professor of Air Science MkeFiney Tim Finerty Mjke and LindaMiaL: c(luducted the commissioning Frederik John Geymanp Pete Others were Ac1J;enneMor CE!remony Girardiri Chick Gorey Alan ter Do Mortler Jeffery Par Lt Eddy was the Cadet Hartwick; Leonard Hooper Jon cells Barbara Peat Susan G:roup Commander of the Cadet athan Howard; John Jcobs Qa:rnstrom Glen Sho;t David CC)rpsduring this past semester Kris Kerbawy Chris Kimball Zemann Katy DeFeliece Branc was recipient of the Wayne Robert Kimball Robin Koe bara Bommarto; Rose Da bei eal Matthes Bill Neiman sich Christine Bohn: Sandra niversity President: Award Richard Nelson ohn Petzolci Smih and Connie ushner n May Bill Rands Ricky Rutan MissLouise Lyons Mrs Harry Lt Eddy was also a member John Thrasher Robert Turner Kushner Mrs Maurice Mortier of the Arnol Air Society David WeilerSteve Welker Mrs Frkk Bommarito: With which is affiiedwith the Air Broce Welker: and Jack Whit MrsWilliam Qarnstroin were Force ASSOCatOn ney hostesses: For Trip Abrd ed Whitney Wed Six POinteg4lswill board n Denver Ceremony the SS Seven Seas in Montreal on JUne 30 for several months in Europe; J Elizabeth Harris is Bridei Couple to Make Thei Uder a student exc:1ang ean program Ponsored by the Na Home in Elkins Park Pa Following tional Catholic Welfare Comer Their Honymoon ence they will live in German _ homes for six weeks to learn Th/; Church of the Ascension in Denver Colo was thq the language and; customs of setting Saturday afternoon for the wedding of Jean Eliza the people beth Harris daughter of Mr and Mrs George Robert Afterward; they will spend a Harris of Denver to David Whitney son of Mrs Leverett month touring Austria Switz B Davis/of Newcastle Me and Mr David Marshall Vhit erland France and taly The travelers are St Paul ney Jr; of Muskoka road High School seniors Dolores The ev Harry Watts Houlihan of Hillcrest road Canon of St Johns Cathed Kathryn Kirchner of Shoreh rar performed the ceremony road; Mary peleste Lynch of and a reception followed at N Oxford road; Janet Cag the Denver Country Club of South Deeplands; Ptrcla mported Alencon lace en Cavanau&:h of Provencl roa? crcled the deep scoop neckline and Chere Vachn of :st Clar of the brides white taffeta gown avenue w has Jst graduated and formed the tiny cap sleeves from Donumcan Hgh: School The snug f it tin g bodice extended into a bouffant skirt which finished with a chapel train A demicap of matching lace held her veil and she carr ed a cascade of lilies of the vplley and soft shell pink carnaions centered with white orchids Five attendants wearing eyelet embroidered otton over white taffeta preceded the bride up the aisle Carole Awad of Brooklyn N Y was honor maid Bridesmaids included the hridegrooms sister Den is e Whitney; Shela Ryan Of New York City Joan Hamilton and Laurene Belger of Denver George Nobbe Jr of New York City attended as best man for lvi Whitney Ushers were John Howland of War ELZABETH ARDENS Judy Nelson Makes Bow Folds of blush pink tulle formed the strapless bodice and bouffant skirt of the flool length gown in which JudY Nelson c h 0 s e to make he formal bow_ to society Friday night Mr and Mrs Dwight M Nelson of Windmill Pointe introduced their daughter at a dance at the G:cosse Pointe Yacht Club Pink and white colors predominated at the club with great urns of pink and white summer blossoms providing a lovely background The deb herself carried a fan of pink rosebuds Mrs Nelson g r e e_te d hejr guests wearing a floor length gown of French blue chiffo Two classmates from Bennett Junior College Connie Williams: of Maplewood NJ and Susan Lanphier of Springfield ren R; Gilbert A Mueller of ill were Judys house guests Denver and three brotners of Jack Rosevears orchestra furnishedmusic for continual dane the bride Michael James and Aithony arris ing Breakfast was served in Pointers who traveled to Denver for the_ rites included Mrs Hayes Rockwell escorted the the early hours of the morning f Margaret Morrison Whitney deb of the evening Ushers included her brother Dwight r and Mrs Charles R Whitney Mr and Mrs C Wallace Nelson Jr Howard Nash Bill Toles and Mrs Robert Valade Curtis Bill Stevens Terry The pair win make their home Snowday Mark Stevens Howie in Lynnewood Gardens Elkins Buhl James Joy and Steve Park Pa Gushee! 1 A ON EY OF A VALU E Bee hive shaped glass honey Jar with sterling sliver ladle and cover Gold plated honey bee on cover odes touch of Jea!ism and the pric:e including Federal tax 15 only cream unwanted hair oflf face_ arms 1egs in secondsl BG OZSZE 7_2? e FAST!moothon; seconds later rinse off Sleek With arm water and see hair disappear leaving;your skin 8moth and deligtfullyfragrant : EASY apply Sleek with your fingers like a pure cream No awkward appli tors no elaborate preparations no mess to clean up afterwards EFFECTVE on delicate areas around m)uthas well as arms d legs; removes smoothly every 1race of unsightly hair Youll stay Bmooth1pnger too fcr Sleek discourages hair growth SAFE Sleekhas been proved dependable and antiseptically safe on the most delicate skins Pure mild as the finest face cream it keats even tender face skin gently JESTED salon tested timetested; Elizabeth Ardens Sleek is a gentle effective quickacting depilatorya balanced beaut] preparation Try it soon you; like thousands 01 women wont want to be without itl! «0 e T0WN ; PONTE> CHARLESW WAR REN COMPANY JWL AN LYRMTRS 1520 WASHNGTON BOULeVARD Dtroit26MkhlgcntTelephone we 25161$to Hours 0J0hMl1OO all you needforyour: little one :Summer Hor:9:30 t 5;00 closed Sturdays; yall :LE!i 7 io KERCHEVAL TU 17227: ::1: Kercheval Avenue TUxedo 58900

18 bib k n inn t z h bib ztn): Are ble ft a l&r b Jt ilil il 0lL t;;llllll:1il::i ll ::lit ;; ;a ::: : ;00 :0 :c k; _ L t _ ; ) Page Eighteen Society _ News Elisabeth An n Reitz WEds Ray Eberhardt G R OS SE P:O N T Gatheredfroltl r Garden Luncheon Siven By rs J Gordon Hill Border Hospital which has been ing used MR and MRS ROBERT operated by the Seagr;!lve Lessons are open to individu Mrs J Gordon Hill gave a BROOK JR formerly of Ann family for six generations als couplesor groups The class garden luncheon on Thursday Arbor now residing with their * limit willbe32 The fee is $10 t her Clovellyroad hometo parents MR and MRS ROB M R and MRS WD E A N per individual however hus honor Joanre Gro deb ot!ljst :: ERT HALBROOKof Lakepointe ROBNSON Jr the CHARtES bands and wives may take in December and Pam Henry a avenue are leaving June 26 T FSHERS and MR nnd l!truction t<?getherfor $15 June bud ASK YOUR AGENTs Will you give me personal assistance if disaser strikes or will have to deal with soma tranger over a telephone? ARTHUR J ROHDE AoND OOMPAMY NSURANCE 2711 East Jefferson Detroit f Mich >OTrr C!ellfllDte Up to Brow1i;Bqtvden: Hetrathal Told n Greenwic Conn Sunda) after:noon Mr and Mrs William Marshall Bow d0 n announced the_engagemntof their daugh Couple Will Live in East Lansing After a WeddinJ Trop terjanet Marshall; to ;Paul T N rth M h Gray Brown son_ of Mrs o 0 ern C gan Charles C :Merkel of E Jef Five attendants in white organdy frocks preceded Ells ferson avenue and the late a1:th Ann Reitz up the aisle of Christ Church Grose Waldow E Brown Pointe Saturday afternoon June 23 fo! her marrilig to Miss Bowdon who visited the Ray Don Ebe:nardt Pointe recently attended Abbot The Rev Erville Maynard carried a basket of white Academy d at Andover Mass an S a Junior at Smith College read the 4:30 oclock service daisies Her :fil:lnceattended StPauls after r1hich a receptl on was BridestnaidsSally Beardslee S h l ff cool Concord MaSsand also held at the Grosse Pointe Jean Elliott Mrs Be r na l d Yale where he was a DKE Yacht Club Doran and Mrs onald Seamon The couple pln a fall wed Wore yello dasy headbands Candlelight tanan slk Qeand carried yellow dailiesin ding signed on prin;;esslines fashion teir bridal baskets ed the brides gow? which had Gary Eberhardt was hfts bro ROBNSON w ere Saturday a full length trm She had thers best an They are the afternoon hosts at an informal urcased er vel of Brussels sons of Mr CilldMrs :a:ay A partt from 4 until 10 oclock at acem Europe and she earned Eberhardt of Flint Mich San l h e Country C 1u b Skating an arrangement of white roses ford Keston Mrtin Hurd House Guests of honor were a Mr and Mrs Edgar M Reitz George Clifford and Thomas couple who have set a July 28 of Beacon Hill are the parents Rudy escorted guests to their wpddingdate TON dimarco of the bride places in the church of BloomfieldHips and WAL LO78100 J M Alumni Hold Picnic at Center The annual picnic of the Uni :versity of Michigan Club of Grosse Pointe was held at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial oil East Jefferson Avenue from 4) to 7 oclock on the afternoon of Sunday June 24 The afternoon was featured by a trampoline act staged by Bill Winkler; a movie em Uni versity activities and a sociar hour at which Qlight lunch will be served Childrens Summler Shoes Wide Choice of Styles Cnd Sizes 50% Olf P Canvas Shoes Excepted Violet Club to Elect Heads At East Detroit TeEmCenter The East Suburban African Violet Club will meet QnJUne 27 at 8 pm in the Teen Center 16600Stephens street East Detroit : There will be an election of officers at the meeting;as weli as a discussion on u8ummer Care of Violets _ The publicis invited to attend the meeting For ;further information call Mrs James DeBaker TU Daniel D We&b Receives Navy Commission at M ANN ARBOR (FHTNC) Daniel DWebb son of Mr and Mrs Alexander D Webb of 601 Pt Lincoln road was commissined a Na<lYensgn upon gradriatirig from the University of Michigan < June 16 : He received his commission =through the Navy ROTC pro _ gram and has been: ordereato N duty on the taff of: Command: Z ing Officer; Recruit Training Cente Nav Trairiing Center t!! San Dlego;CaUf 1 : e = to lp Silver &:Gold plat!ng repairing All Work Guaranteed ladies why worry about your ilv; tarnishing? well tarnishproof it aaid guarantee it 1 Can VA 1;O Acme Slverpla+fni Co Open Evenings byappointrmnt Charyofx _ NEWS Thursday June 28i _ All of the Pointes ;_:;<::::= MrsRayDon brardt Mr and Mrs Paul D Williams of Country Club drive were in San Francisco Calif for the June 16 weddirig of Susan Gillis Lynn Johnston and Mimi Kenower ntrocluced their daughter Nancy Clare To Society at County Club on Jne 20 Nancy who has been living in _ San Francisco became the bride Three debutantes in floortouching white formal gowns of John Vincent Cook at a introduced together at a June 20 dinner dance at the ceremony in the home of her Country Club were Susan Gillis Lynn Johnson andmimi Uncle and aunt Dr and Mrs Kenower _ Reginald Bell embroidery was also the choice She wore a ballet length dress Susan daughter of Mr and of antique silk trimmed with Mrs David C Gillis of Mea of Lynn Johnston whose parents are the George o John Alenconlace Sl?da short veil dow lane was in a white or stons of Lothrop road Yellow attached to a matcg lace cap gandy frck the bodice and and white carnations formed her Her sole attendant was lvirs skirt finished in horizontal bouquet H::bard BaHour formerly of tucking Her bouquet of yel Mimi daughter of Mr and Bummgham low carnations matched her Mrs; John L Kenower of Vil A Annan Cook Jr of Los_yellow sash le donned a gown o Angeles was his brothers best age an man Tht:!yare tbesons of Col Wht orgndy trmmed Wth white net and turquoise taffeta and Mrs A Annan COOk;of turquose rbbon and eyelet and carried white sweetheart South Laguna Calif roses bound with turquoise ribbon!xtension Table $136OO Mobile art $12100 Arm Chair $3850 / Side Chair 3200 a GROSSE PONTkl8850 Mack Ave _J SROCCO by Do:you know SROGCO hs DCV? DCV means Design Colc;r and Valu Desgined fortodys versatile dining areas finish Clor for practical livincjj habits and Value ree!elsented in its downioearth prices Notice the louvred doorstoro(je in the buffet and the greful cllairs The mobile cartwill be a big aidio srving offe or iced:tea elsewhere SROCCO mlty solve your probler;ns Payment Arrangements to Ft Yur :Eluaget Nancy Williams Three Debutantes Wed on Cot MakeBow Lester M Elliott Named By Cost Accountants Alice Ann Reitz her sisters The couple who will reside in TER BRGGS ROBNSON r< Miss Mary Conlisk received T;e DetrOt :hpter of the the AllAround Athlete Prize maid of honor wore a band of East Lansing are on a wedding * * Natonal Assocaton of Cost at the commencement held rewhite daisies in her hair and trip to Northern Michigun The SA M U E L H BELLS Acountants has electd Lester!cently at Centenary Junior Colwith son SAM and daughters M Elhott Tourame road lege Hackettstown N J The i=11j11ujlljlljlullllllllllllllllllllllllllijljllllllli;illui j11111!!i11ll1l1l1l11l1l1jjlllllllllllllll SALLE aci VRGAre: as treasurer for the prize is awarded to the memturned to their ChandlerAriz term ber of the senior class who by Sh d h _ 0rt an to t e Pontran c h after tlieir visit here Mr Elliott is a graduate of vote of the class is the best all =: e with Mrs Bellparents: MR Northwestern University and around athlete fjijllllllllujlllllllllll/lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllmiilllllllllllllllllll11111l1l1ll1l1l1l1l1l1l1ll1l1l1l1/l1lllljlllllltll1l1l1ll and M R S: F EDERCK C A Northrn Michigan honeymoon followed the June holds an llinois CPA certifi She is the daughter of Mr FORD of Bshop road Daugn 23 dd J! El b h A Rt h t cate He 1S <Continued from Page 16) make their home in Rome taly tel WENDY whowas honored we mg also a meber of and Mrs Joseph Conlisk who 01 lza et el z w ose paren s are th Am t t t f A at t:wo parties here will Jom Mr and Mrs Edgar M Reitz of Beacon Hill and Mr e 4 erlcan: ns 1 u e 0 c reside at 461 University place MR and MRS ROSSBANKS where Mr Halbrook will be f Fl cow:ants and the l Controllers Grosse Pointe MACDONALD (HOPE HOL connected with the Emba;ssy her family after she mplees EbethClrdtsonof ther Aberhardt 0 int;mich nstltute LSTER) who were married * a round of Eastern vlslts Wth Chnst Church Grosse Pomte was the scene of theaiter Mr Elliott is vice presidnt d kf Saturday at East Hampton L DR and M R S J () H N Dobbs Ferry classmates noon rites and controller of the McCord Haro Brin er ami y r arrived at the Country Club KRAUSE ot Moross road re * >! Corporation having been with On Trie fo Colorado on Monday They plan to at turned from a 6week trip t9 MRS STEPHEN T STACK h f the company since 1945 Prior teidprenuptial dos for FAY Europe last week They visited POLE of South Deeplands road From Anot er Pointe0 View to that time he was associated Nancy Brinkerwas graduated FT Z S M 0 N S and LARRY France Switzerland tome and her son STEVE leave on with U S: Steel Corporation from the University of Michi BURL who will wed on June Vienha and England where Dr the Queen Mary; about mid: afte] spending ten years in gan and then he and her H (Continued from Page 15) bli t 30 in arbor Springs and then Krause attended surgical clinics July for a sumer visit in Eng; pu c accoun mg parents Mr and Mrs Harold V go ll) to Northport Poinie with They made the trip to and from lanq :scotland and reland; The Fanzel1 Edwin S Karrer Jr Dr Clifford B Loranger Brinker of Muskoka road left GOnnON FORD of East Jeffer Europe o the Queen lmza trek willil}clude a few days in Gordon McCabe GilhertPingree Carter Sales Jr Fred Four Students Leaye for a trip to Colorado son avenue After that they betht Paris Steye will record the enj Somes Jr and H C VanWormerJ For European Trip lhey will be b next week will tly to Spain and taly re tire vacation on :filmthey plan * * urallnm g O h us bmdex ill le l MnS VERNONJOHNSONof to return to thepointeon Labor Awar:ds will be presented at 8 p m Then therell Ten weeks of European travel t tat T th so that Mrs Brinker can make J were the rl egroom W Pemberton road was hostess for D d d t t U th d t 11 :final arrangements for the tea work for hi s mast er s dg e ree at a pinic in her home on June ay be an out oor ance 0 op ou e evemngmel en a Y is underwafor J four localstu she strlvmg e 4 at the Detroit Boat Mary Conlisk Winne Alice Watson of New Haven Of Athletic Prite Conn a Smith College classmate of Mimis was the debs house guest Susans guest was Wally Lambert a Bradford Junior College classmate from Charestollt W Va Yellow cloths covered the tables which were adorned with pastel tapprs set in hurricane lamps smilax running the Guide to Good Living $2900 Deck $10800 Buffet $15200 $14700 OPEN MONDAY THUSDAY AND FR!DAY!VENNGS UNTL 9 $13250 at Ban length of each: table and arrangements of pastel flowers in a low container centering each Escorting the trio of debutantes were George O Johnston Jr Henry Hudson Hubbard Reade Ryan Jr John Dryen and Jack Hoey The debs mothers wore waltz length dresses Mrs Gillis in champagne organdy with a yellow rose on the bodice and the skirt; Mrs Johnston choosing a blue print chiffon sashed in aqua taffeta and Mrs Kenower in fullskirted beige lace Nancy Thomas Speaks Vows the University of Texas 22 Guests were members o:fthe u shore clothes are the required dress for dancing dents who boarded the Dutch Club on July 6 or her prospec P r i n c e s s Betrice: Chapter Center Lessons GPYC Commodore Mervyn G Gaskin Will be hair student boat the Waterman on tive d a ugh t e rinaw Julia MRS BENJAMN S WAR DBE Cohostess were :MRS man of the hoj;loraryjudges;the others to be the com Saturday :r/arthacope Mr and Mrs Lloyd W REN has returned to her Lake DOWNNG and MRS L G 8t110 modore of DRYA and 4l!:hecommodores of all the other U Thomas of Akron Ohio form Shore road residence after visit DSPELDER pe boat and yacht clubs 0 the district Kim Henry senior at T01ATO CROP NCREASES arly of Grosse Pointe announce ing her soninlaw and daugh Mrs Gskin will head the committeeto entertain of M; Rosemary Chesbrough a The sale of last years tomato the marriage of their daughter ter :MR and MRS W RAN EUENT HALBROOK d On Tuesday eveningsbegin the distaff side while the regatta is going on Assisting Detroit Commercial(oHegestu crop to canners brought Michi Nancy Elizabeth to Charles DALL COMPTON in Sewick :i an ning June 26 the Center will will be Mrs Cossaboom and the wlves of GPYCs Vlce dent her sister Betsy Ches gan farmers 10 per cent more Philip Beronius son of Mr anci ley Pa Se Joined the Comp ROBERT HALBROOK sons of h ld bd b th f b 1954 Mi hi f M H B B tonsm marking ther 25th wed MR and MRS ROBERT E:AL 0 rl ge essons 0 or e commodore andrear commodore; Mrs Stark Hickeyand brough who was graduated in money n c gan arm rs arry eromus 01 B OK ginners and those anxious to M h L J b t J f u f M and DB ers receved $ from can Berkshire road ding anniversary as well as RO ot Lakepointe avenue improve their game The ses r Carles ace son respec ve y une ro 0 ners for their tomato crops in The marriage vows were ex Mrs Comptons graduation from were graduated from the Uni: sions will be held in the Cen student Kltle Smlt; ae m the 1955compared with the $1156 changed in the Faith Lutheran the University of Pennsylvania versity of Michigan last week ters cool main floor lib;ary Show Boat Party grou;p of 50 whowill visit the 000they received the previous Church Detroit ;onjune: 16 where she recently returned to Eugene receiveda degre6! in fr?m 8 t? 10 p The course The Commodores Review and ShowBoat Party of major cities of Europe year ncreased yields per acre Nancy was graduated rom elasses to eainher diploma Business Administration and 11 t f ht (8) t d t fi G P t H h hd * Robert was graduated :from W cons 0 eg wo July 21 is receiving the close attention of Entertainment They will return home aboard ledto a mg pro uc ion e rosse om e g sc 00 an V Sltingin the East are MRlaw school hour leslonseng ust 22_Chairman Eugene Casaroll even at this ear1y:date; another Dutch ship thezuider on a r;ationalleve resultmg n attended Michigan State Uni The t t 11 be Mrs h d h b d Amercas tomato growers re versity l rue or W More tan 150 reservatons a rea y ave en ma e krs ceiving more than $80 million Th 111 k h and MRS ANDREW GATES STERLNG SEAGMVE arre Kley wh? has for many for this dramatic festivity which annually presel;lts a homeemcocuoplume WbUSl OmhjaOewtheerlre CREAMER f M 1 tor ad years taught brdge at the n from processors last year almost 0 ap e ro lhose father GORDEN S ternationalnstitute the Don=: simulated show boat and musicln the ood of old;time Any person who buys popu $15 million more than they re Charles is completing his pre Wth youngstere DREWMARK SEAGRAVE wrote 4l Burma town YMCA Hen Ford Hos Mssissipi River entertnment And analmstfull1noon larity usually pays a lot more ceived in 1954 Mr Warmbold seminary schooling for the and CHARLESThey left Fri Surgeon and Bunna Surgeon pita! and Denby High SChoot Wll glorify the scene if the weater S falr than the market value said ministry day by station wagon for a fort Returns is visiting HAROLD _ nights visit with Mr Csmoth BEATE JR ot Barrington The Charles Goren point syser MRS FRANCS B CREAM road The elder Seagrave is tern will be taught t is current ER in Willimantic Conn now working in the Burmese ly the most popular system be for a trip to EuropeThey will MRS FREDERCK J AM:!:S Those iliterested are request Mr and Mrs Valentine Gilen 55555s5555e5S;555a5 ed to call the War Memorial ther of Lakeland avene and i TU 16030or Mrs Kiley TU their sons Frank and Jim have before 1 pm also scheduled a July _14gar; den party for Miss Le Gro $3450 Thur High 41 Saturd Robert 23 nupt receivel Parell are Mr Galla road l: Schaf Mich A gow tulle OV choice and cap a panel c sweepin chapel t Her fi wae fast ing Char lily of 1 and ivy orchid fl Sheila ters mai broiderec over ice skirted E band of eade bo tions al pleted he Bridesl Dittrich sisters o Sallyan 1 tically t( The 1:: brcther be his be Alfred V Carpet home fu have a he there wi] resentatic blends s There w weaves tradition New pi textw;es ing will interiors provincia formal For tb new carl pradicall kind of dance )f handcraf1 weaves designs will fit Frencht Modern n th( Wel hous oi tl: Cou larg ches sets mirr mod gran largl PAl anti< / rei CH port glasl ivjr: Aco} carp 409

19 _ M t ll oll :olll j : r4 1l A *4; ; tf cd dc :4 =4 tla June tes tes Ball nower ntroduced r1 June 20 hite formal gowns 1er dance at the ahnson and Mimi was also the choice hnston whose par e George 0 John throp road YelJow trnations fonned her ghter 01 Mr and l Kenower of Vil Donned a gown of ld turquoise taffeta white sweetheart d with turquoise son of New Haven mith College classmis was the debs Susans guest was 1bert a Bradford ege classmate :from Y Va loths covered the were adorned with s set in hurricane ihn: running the ach table and arof pastel flowers container centering the trio of debu George O John enry Hudson Hub ade Ryan Jr John Jack Hoey mothers wore waltz sas Mrs Gillis in organdy with a 011 the bodice and frs Johnston choosprint chiffon sashed reta and Mrs Kenlskirted beige lace ThonlUS :8 VOWS Mrs Lloyd W Akron Ohio form rasepointe al1nounce of their daughter abe:th to Charles iusson of Mr and B Beronius of oad age vows were exi the Faith Lutheran troit on June 16 las graduated from lte High school and tichigan State Unile will m;oke their bbus Ohjo where 60mpleting hie; pre ;chooling for the Thursday June ) &R 0 55! PO NTEN EW! Paqe Ninet pai( byof and for Pointe Women Womans Public Sale Thursday Friday and Saturday June also Monday and Tuesday July 23 Daily :30 am o6:pm We are selling a large collection C7:f Early American and fine household furniture china apd glassware :from the estate of the late MRS MARY WENDELL JEWETT {and others} removed from Merriweather Grosse Pointe Farms to our galleries ALL TEMS PLANLY MARKED Collection consists of one pair antique Sheraton tables large dining room banquet table m a hog any secretary chests of drawers Victorian Gents chairs Lincoln rocker sets ofdining room chairs in maple and mahogany Antique mirrors antique clocks beds and e he s t s nigh stands modern living room sofas and chairs French cofumodes grand pianos dining reom and bedroom!uites A very large collection CHNA AND GLASSWARE Royal Doulton Limoges Coalport comp;es service plates tea sets figurines antique glassware Askrellamps Saxe vases; Wedgirood curios ;md ivories PANTNGS AND PRNTS Several fine paintings and antique prints RotlJTia1isPlan ToFete Ladies SchaerGallag her Nuptial Vows Said The (:;rosse Pointe Rotary Club will hold a Ladies Night party on Saturday June 30 at High Mass Celebrated in St Joan of Arc Church With :soecf::aro:yh;;:; Couple Receiy;ng Papal Blessingj avenue_ H E Cocktails will be from 5 to oneymoon n ast 7 pm with dinner starting im 4 breakfast and reception at the Whittier followed the llediatel:yafter Saturday marriage of Maura Elizabeth Gallaghr and After dinner there will be Robert Joseph Schafer The couple were married at a June dancing with anorchestra pro vided by the Rotary Club 23 nptial high mass in St Joan of Arc Church where they The 8Jffair is being given to receved the Papal blessing ) honor all the Rotaryanns who Parents of the newlyweds aided in the recent Antique are Mr and Mrs Charles S Schafer and James Van Atta Show John Baker chairman of G a a g her of Hawthorne Mrs Gallagher chose an em the show and his committee; road and the Joseph A pire style ress of ice blue and retired Pointe RotaryPresi: S c h a fer s of Farmjngton silk shantung with trim of white dent GlEmn Pratt Mich embroidered organdy for her daughters wedding With it she A gown of Chantilly lace and wore a white straw lace hat tulle over satin was the brides white accessories and white Picniic Paking choice Lace formed the bodice orchid corsage and cap sleeves extending in a panel donnthe skiri front and Mrs Shafer wore a sheath in Hints Offered sweeping to a point in the beig lac over satin matching chapel train sequlnmmed lace hat and Fourth of July often means cymbldlum orchid corsilge family }:licnks The success of Her fingertip veil of illusion 1 a picnic meal depends as much was fastened to a cap of match When the ouple left :for therr on the packij1g as on the food ing Chantilly lace White roses weddml? tnp to the Pocono itself Nina Lou Baird Wayne lily of the valley stephanotis MOuntarns te new Mrs Schaand ivy surrounding a white fer was wearmg a blue and Agent; suggests trying these County Home Demonstration orchid formed her bouquet hte prnt ctton frock anti methods of pac;ldng picnic foods: Sh 1 A G 1 h Jacket Wth whte accessores el a nn a lag er her SlS Baked potatoes are wonderful ters maid of honor wore em They Wll r7sde rn Clveland for a closeathome pic)ic Plan broidered white silk organza wher the ndegroom 15 to be so they come out of the oven over ice blue taffeta in full asocatedwth the NatOnal Adskirted empire style A head VSOy Commttee for Aero the house Wrapthe potatoes in just as ou are ready to leave band of cornflowers and cas nautlcs a big towel and tuck in a shopping ba: Dont forget to pack eade bouquet of white carna tions and cornflowers completed her ensemble Salad greens are most appeti cold thh1gs iri the picnic bas: HOUSEHOLD HNT plenty of butter in with th Bridesmaids Mrs Alfred W zing when they are crisp To keto You will need salt and:pep: Dittrich and Rita Shafer both prevent wilting and sogginess per too At the _picnic site cut sisters of the bridegroom and dry the greens used in salads a gash in each potato squeeze Sallyan Hull were attired identically to the honor attendant dding to the salad and use drain canned: foods well before it lightly and drop fu a generous chunk of butter The bridegroom asked his just enough salad dressing to Deviled eggs are always wel brother William L Schafer to moisten For raw vegetable salads add the dressing at the pa<:king put the deviled halves come picnic fare For1l:ll easiest be his best man Ushering were Alfred W D i t t r i c h Donald last minute back together Wrap them in waxed paper and pack in a cardboard egg carton Modern and Trad ltonal Deco r A simple way to manage is to make pa i n bread andbutter sandwiches at home Put them S Net F h back into the waxed bread een n ew arpe as ons wrapper the loaf came in Take along sliced meats and cheese Carpet fsons shown at te American as its theme the new and jars of sapdwich illing Let home furnshings markets Wll colonial flora! and nook patterns each person make hs own to have a heavy accent in wool but will undoubtedly be most ap his hearts content: Done this there will also be a strong rep pealing way the sandwiehes are really resentation in wool and nylon The _Far Eastern influence is!resh at eating timeand mean blends and Vscose and rayon G carpetirig which ess work for Mother There will be news in velvet enamm;: latticed bainboo!3e sweto ake the sndw:ich weaves and velvet colors for a t trmmngs Trunmmgs lke plck: traditional or modern dscor effec les relish mustard chili auce New patterns and styling new rho color pallette has expand and lettuce wrapped separatel:y textures and weaves in carpet ed and shifted to comply Wth are th:l usual favorites ing will be seen for all types of presentday decor ned Col :wten ma}dng; prepared sand Choose Well tco Live Well Mrs Rober1J i Schafer >i: Picture by O;Conner Stud10 A nuptial high mass on June 23 inst Joan of Arc Church united in marriage MAURA ELZABTH GAL:: LAGHER daughter of Mr and Mrs:Gharls SGallagher of Hawthorne Toad and Robert Schafer son of Mr and Mrs Joseph A Schafer of Farmington who are in the habit of overeating; Your children have an excellent chance of picking up the habit and keeping it the rest of their lives t is very uoubtful thai; all those extra POUllds are inherited Children are expertat cdpyingtheit elders And that often holds true for eating The youthful habit of over eating is often carried into old age And thats when it does the real pamage Older persons dont adjust as well to excesses of food as they did when young: er Poor heali:h is often the result of those eathlg habits pickd up as a child: Proper eating habits may pay you double both :for yourself and your children With these suggestions have a happy time at your Fourth of July picnic or any picnic this summer interiors _ the contemporary ors clre not longer limted to wches for a hke butter both VlLAGE MANOlt MARKNG provincial or colonial and the strong tones They have a new pieces of bread This will keep TS TENTH BRTHDAY :formal ftness an lvability: and they the fining :from soa1?ngintothe The Richard Lehmans of Vi For the contemporary home are dramatc f you hke ome bread Make the h:kers lunch Jage Manor restaurant on St new carpet collections include f the ne carpe colors will be aequat Sweet fillmg and pro Clai avenue in the village will practically all qualities in every m versatile mticolor shares tern fllrngs should be used for mark the tenth anniversary of kind of weave and an abun Carpet lends tse to th ecr sandwches ihe founding of their est8ibdance of patterns There will be of your home ut m addton t Remembr thre are hot sand lishment this coming Sunday handcrafted and h 0 m e s pun offers new qulet new rest f U:l Wches besde the hot dog nd and Monday July 1 and 2 weaves abstract and geometric ness and warmth and a step m hamburger says Mrs Bard designs: Any of these textures the direction of easir mainte Any thick cooked main dish can Each year th: couple serves will fit well with Colonial nance They will also be in be heated in a bun She also patros the tradtional brthday French Provincial Ranch or prices to satisfy the modest mentions that toasted cheese <:ake m celebratlon of the suc Modern furnishings budget as well as the luxurious peanu butter or salad filled n the home with Early one sandwches are good For a iiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii heavier type sandwih many people find that broiled steak ham and lamb are also good on bread Frosted cakes are a bit hard to handle in transit One good way it to bake a loaf cake in a large shallov{ pan; :frost it and carry it in the pahanother idea is to do an insideout frosting job; Cut (lupcakes or squares of loaf cakfilintolayers Spread 1he frosting in bfitwee:1 and wrap these individualservings in u waxed paper Pack in a box or pan for1safe earrying At picnics we Qften ear com ments abont how good the food is and how mltchwe are eating because everythg tastes so good when eaten outdoors Wellt heres a tip to {?eople Everywhere throughout GrOsse Pointe youll findhome bearing sparkling evidence of the decorating techniques obtainable at Wanamakers All work is done in our own shops exclusive workmanship but inexpensive Hom: making includes decor and Spring is (J: wonderfttl time for change! Vis# our fahulous studio deught in the truly beautiful fur1jishings f then thrill to a hdsl of :1eW idetls tm: gracious living s BoaDWa7 ALSO GROSSE POtNn AND RMNGHAM cess they have enjoyed here t is their first birthday in the newand bigger Village Manor blding FOR THE FNET FuJ; f1ytabpj WOS2fOO Auxiliary Holds Annual Fiesta Missionaries of SS Peter and Paul Auxiliary sponsored their third annual Fiesta of Nations Sunday at the UniversitY of Detroit Memorial Building Funds from the program benefited the ME missionary priests wilo are directed here by the Rev Fr NiCholas Maestrini Mrs Arthur D Kerwin who formed the auxiliary was :honorary chairman Mrs Robert E Thibodeau assisteli with artistic arrangements ;for the fiesta Mrs James Markle served as gener chairman Assisting werg Mrs Chilton )rysdale Mrs Philip Sloan p Mrs Hamilton Kotcher Mrs Claude A :Greiiier and Mrs George Cassdy u of M_ Courses At Rackham Legion Auxiliary Yenro Travel? See SttDept South America Africa ope Asia the World thats what the Personnel Offi News cers of the Department of State From Unit ZOJ are tajkilg about in Detroit By H MARm DASSOR They are interviewing steno graphers typists and clerks for positions in Washington DC and in this countrys 265 Em Junior members of the Grosse bassies in 77 countries through Pointe Unit of the American out thq world Legion Auxiliary will demon strate their ctivities at the hey are mterested m talking unit meeting 1;0be he!d at the to young men and women be Ameriean Legion Home on tween the a of 21 and 35 Mack avenue The Juniors girls Amercan C t 1 Z n s n good under 18years of age will show health smgle Wthout depenhow they are learning patrioticdn high schol graduates and service by carrying out parts yvilling to be assgned anywhere of the Auxiliary program adapt m the world able to their pges Typists must be able to pel The Auxiliarys Junior group form t the rate of :;0 words now consists of 28 members per mmute sttnograj?hers also daughters and sisters of Amer at 50 words per mmute and ican Legion mebers or de: te shorthand at 80 words per ceased veterans Theii activities mmute General erks 1l1?St are under the guidance of Mrs type at least 35 ord;s per nud Elizabeth Le Blanc Senior ad ute and commum<:atlons clerks visor with Mi Virginia Das at 45 words per mmute soriserving as the!junior Chair All must have atleast three ix University of Michigan man years of general office experi courses in education open in At the meeting the Juniors ence Applicants can substitute Detroit at the Rackham Edu will demonstrate to the Senior business school or college train cationarmemorial (Farnsworth members how Jtmior meetings ing for no more than two years t Woodward) the week of June are conducted how the Junior of work experience Starting 25 the Universitys Extension group initiates new members salary for these positions ia Servica announces how they help the seniors in $3390 plus allowances and hous rough the cooperation of endeavors for disabled veterans ing or a housing allowancq local business and industrial and needy children of veter For those who are interested concerns three ofthe course_ and ow they tudy go?d ltl in Forei Service but are not Cooperative Field Experienc() zesl:p in therr Americamsm qualified at present or who pre in Business Educaton Co: actvtes fer to work in the Home Ofoperative Field Experience in There will be displays of dolls fice in Washington the Per ndustrial Ed u cat ion and dressed by Juniors in the cos sonnel officers are seeking ty k C Analysis of Office Occupa tumes of Haiti the country pists and stenographers AppliaT ottons tionsprovide work experi which the Auxiliary isstudying cants must be at least 18 year D ence for those enrolled this year in its PanAmerican of age Contlnue To ps tudy program of scranbooks This arrangement en a b S made to send to hospitals and Typsts must type 40 woxda } chers and couselcrs to gam shutins of toys made for needy per mmute and stenographers 4() Hveyou notie? The dark firsta:nd knoledge of actual children and of tray favors words per mmute and t8:k& cotton: tred 0!1tm!es to be v:rorg cnditlos Classes made for use on holidays in vet shorthand at 80 wors per mmpopular Nma Lqu Baud Wayne SlOns provdeopportullty to erans hospitals Proper methods ute Saries for typsts stsrt t C9uno/ Home Demonstz:ationdiscuss this e:lq;leienceand to of displaying and showing re $3t45 per year All employees gent suests a feyv slmple relte: t to teaching and coun spect/for the American flag will ecelve yearly: increases for satadsto help yu keep them full seling progams be demonstrated ana _patriotic lsfctory servce cqlored and pretty Th remaining three courses songs sung nterviews will be conducted irst of all youll want to ar UMethods of Research in We are very proud of our from June 25 through July 14 wash them alone or wiih other Education Appraising Stu JuniorS/ said Mrs Le Blanc at the Michigan State Employdark garments to avoi!i picking dent Progress and Special and believe that they are re ment Service Office 710Woodup the lint hat comes from Problems in Vocational Educa ceving valuable training for ward Avent1e DetrOt from 9 llghtcoloredmaterials tion their flturs as citizens of our are to 5 pm each weekday U you have soft watr for Quallfied students may elect gra free country i the 8;; an until 7 pm: Mondays and laundering thn use a soap any of these courses for grad tlvltes they are carrymg out Frdays Come m?r call: tr A synthetic detergent usually uate residence credit Enroll z4900 for further information is best for use with hard water mmt is also opento those wish MRS AYRES MORSON of Otherwise sc:forniajtions ing undergraduate ext ens ion Three Mile drive Will fly to Recent house guest 0 of may cling to the dark fabric credit Europe on July 6 with her two HENRY EARLE Uin the t you starcli dark cottons Registration Ope1;lS at 9:00 children who have just been Washington road home of his Mrs Baird spggests addingblu am: 011 Monday June 25in the in Baltimore vis iti n g their parents the HENRY EARLES ing tothe srch water busmessoffice of the U of M grandmother MRS E B MOR was a Trinity College classmate Final renrlnders are these: Extension Service 60 ar SON MR MORSON will join WARD JUST; of Lake Forest ron or press on the wrong side wor Aveue Thse wshj1ghis family in August for a tour m Henry will return totrmto avoid that shiney look And additional mformation are m of taly France and Switzer ity in the :fall after a summer for touchup ironing on the vited tocall TE:n;:>ple land session at Selfridge Field right side of your dark cottons youll want to use a press cloth Acol1ection of antique rugs Room size and sroall Also large carpets and modern small rugs For nformation Call Du Mouchelle ART GALLERES COMPANY!Jnf(Jio ::be6ign 450 J 409 Jefferson Avenue Detroit Mich a;j 5urnihin J OP1FriJ4ystill 9 1 M MUl all day On SaturUy Telephone TU?(edo! 100 :::: WOo ) MACK AVENU _ Htmg01 SROSS PONTE ij J l

20 ! E Pag Twenty / Grossc Pointe News PUBLSHED EVERY HURSDA BY ANTEEBO 1UBLSHERS Grosse NC ALSO PUBLSHERS OF THE DETROTWESTWAFD A Great Leader Passes many happy families profide the know for creating lovely Jdtchens en to equipping them Youll like ON little fuss littlemus ervice Showing Complete We Wi} Design Rebuild and M6derize Your Kitchn Line of Fampul General Electric Appliance Through our expeiencee hve been able to deign and:bild som;f themosir charming and efficient kitchens to be fo und anywhre We can rebuild youlr kitchen quickiy and economically Pree stlmates TUxedo13206 _ he b b ha b bb b S bbh+hb bh b i n i! 1 Wkg nol conjijera complele! new tilcen? SR 05 S! p OJNT! OFFCESUNDEBTHEELMAT99KERCHEVAL Eafl11ArtlMl JUNE tijrlis mower j ECTRCA APPLlACES _ HAlPER Aerollf1om Yogw Them STOR HOURSO till 9:00 MO! Thun ani ri Jlc till 6:00 ru Wd Glici Sat a ; ; ; t:l: W; w ; :! 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The child reped that Thursday Jun 28 include some of yesterdays best with Steamboat othic Joy NATONAL ADVERTSNG REPR!:8ENTATVE: hey justgot TRED! * Grbsse Pointe em ema League:Mo ne ft t!! sellers Street and Dmner at An Weekly Newspaper Representatives nc ro p n iii< toines and FraJlk Yerby with 404 FHth Avenue New York 18 New York BRyant The punishment (and it WORKS in case ou car) P d C tl A w: an CHCAGO OFFCE h d } bank d 1l * What makes a best seller and rl e s as e om 383 North Michigan Avenue Phone Fnancial wa tat t emape the chil empty ll plggy an how long does a book remain Called Fancy and The Saren Entered as secondclass matter at the post office Detroit pay hs half ot the damage to thetljlne of ten do:rs Friday June 29 one? Once an author enters 13ade John Marquan(4 James Michigan under the Act of March Since the barikcontained only eleven dllars arid twelve MemorialGardens Committee Rose Award Tearea this charmed circle he is apt :Michener Frank Slaughte= FULLY PAD CRCULATON cents the future riveter is feeling the pinch: real 3 30 to remain there at least for a Daphme pumaurierand W bad He isnrt even speaking to his partner in the crime p m time whether or not his sub ston ChurchiJl ll1e listed Wlth Brelng Vourse f k B Ale whom he insists talked him :intoit! Christi Science Monitor Jr ForumMeeting7::30 oj sequent books are notable What two books apecepmteof o will ac always remain a mystery Return) Slncerely Willis ve lit * p n * * is what makes for that first Wade Return to Paradise Gof a co egejudlor 1n th e f amy Wht o never wn es Monday Tul y Z success Savonara Song of Ruth/ DY the time the next issu comes off the press the horn unless he or she wants 50mething? We have the Sheila KaySmith in Allthe The Heaier My Cousin 4 Fourth of July holiday will be upon us Which means Rot!:2Club of Grosse PointeLuncheon and Meet Books of My Life says The Rachel Huntels Horn Kiss answer to that one too Parents who; sent their only J best seller that is an authors Me Again Stranger The Doll that another orgy of death on the highway will be ip son off tc his first year t ollege were) naturally dis ing 12:15 p n first success can be written only maker Grand Alliance and full swing Summer weekends and particularly holiday turbed when they didnt hear froomhiin for wkl!l and *Memorial Bridge: GlubDuplicate BridgeMabel by accidt t is like the The Birthof Britain periods reap their toll of lives tragically taken by reck weeks No even a post card Brown Directorl p;jn : weather and no more suscept There is a common assump Tearfully mothe complained to her husband that ible to planning than a thunder tion promoted by some critics less driving speeding and overestimatng ones physical th h d DO him Th * storm have known an that the worth of a book varies _capabilities ey a to something tt) make wnte S Tuesday July 3 author to deliberately attempt inversely with its popularity t being the neatest trick of the week father got his to write t best seller; carefully is true that we cannot heartily n the interest of attempting to eliminate a minor brains together and finauy c&meup with an idea that Grosse Poiiite Optiniist CluDer and Meeting weighng and choosing ingredi endrse au these best sellers portion of these inevitable accidents Police Chief Arthur he proniised his wife would work He said she would 6:15 p m ents and cooking them acord but som:of them are very good L h not only their :beloved sons handwriting on an / ing to his considered opinion of indeed Howevergoodbad or ouwers of Grosse Pointe Park as asked us to rep!int envelpe but he dared sa:y the letter would arrive :; Echan:ge Club of Gro:ss PointeDinner and Meet public taste but have never indifferent they have captured an article which appeared recently in a police journal airmail special in56:3q p Jm known such an attemptto suc the pu1;>licfancy and it is inyr o_ are glad to comply What nop didwas t!s He wrote the boy long ee ed» t testing tontete rise and fall J;1 Kiwams:Clubof Grosse Pointe ric:dfuner and th lit t LOST WEEKENDS LOST FOREVER newsy letter sked about his mai:kscatschool etc Meeting6;30 p m : we hae:scned: the June ee; ; n;e ears etc etc; then ended Vith:Am eluilosing a check for *bestsellerlists of the past eight And now Ye are off lor a n 1955 more than fifteen thousand individuals fifty dollars as a Uttle extra bonus You can use it Closed Wednesday July 4 years and findsome titles that vacation During July pnd didnt return home after_ the pleasures of the weekend : or anything :you like/ BU he didnt put the chect Groe Pomte rlarden Cnter RnnJ;n and L brary J:pene still bedg wiey read and :August this column will be in n the letter Sure enough three days later back U? a few that have dropped into the capable ajldg of various According to figures recently published by the Safety : everyfrrdayfrom2:t04 pli (calltuxedol4594) limbow members of the:librarysta fa S f th Tr 1 C f H t came a letter hom Junor short but at least ervlce 0 e a ers nsurance ompames 0 ar a letter in whichhe remended his dildthat he had for : ; Two years ago at ths tlm pleaant summer to all ou: UNotas astranger? by Norton readers U rea es 1: an ::::rhomjsoheadedt?elistch _ Of last years traffic fatalities more than efifth fy eer have to moeosa Ne Yok ferint:ce; T0 Assist Needy Students ::J; ford Conn Americs were killed jn weekend gotten to endose the: check!: : L C Z b C t Dl C traffc accdents * * _ : : mclued Bless ThlS Houe Qy BUSneSS Executives : ons :tsr:ns:hteo::! Going Back o School occurred on Saturday anddeal vvlth one of :thoe UT!posmglookmg Qas1ike t: ; : : rl?st:qs The High and The reasons for tills record!umber of: weekend you see rnovies wed awed silly after :tving :rihe Grosse oiilte LoisClub:ave ablityntt:porhi:::::d:th7 ghur :Th adseg6: Wm 1t Ramsy 3 Radnor hgh aft Tes r : th moto ing habt f the Grosse Pomte where the mqney :palacesare so folksy hs created a Memoral Schol wh:arem needoffinanc1blaldwilham March and Harrt:A; Clrcle Grosse Pomte ls among 1m w y a E e /b he in r th / S t Thoter day we stoqd in line with our wee checkto arshipand inahcil:aidplan Each scholarship :is in>the nowdollmaker: one of tne 37 businesecutiv:s from the ercan pu C very 19;;yay e na On Sl S deposit and after we became number two; inline (there: for: graduiitll stude?tsof the: amqtinto{$looo;aiidispaylew nov;elso find a; place Saturdy share o that)ortoll of A:m P?1Eld d were about eight people behind us)we could hear thepomte pubhc P:1Y8:teand at the :tate of $50la;!ear : ajn0t: the Fifty bestboos of UlltdStates d Canada h detened to ar:ve at ts weeked destmton n tune Teller relating a long story about his weekend fishing paochlal choolswlthschola; All graduates of the eurte:lt:1954 Will attend t: flrst 1956SeSSlOl1l ir dinnr even if the trps last Sxty nules must be trip to the ent:ahead of:us Hewellt onandond oiaua::ilable for thlsearsschoolyaiothju :bev s:yt/i;:cfthe;stite!or Manage G vered m an hour flat about e fsh hy caught and how they caught The scoiarship qnsists of re ll:lfpr)slol No ymcent PePowr en t cexcutlve development Too frequently the strain and fatigue of distance while weshifted from one foot to the other swearng financialgrants t further the P: : _ ;;?f PlOstlveThmg t 18 pgr of the Northwestern dri d t t f lt the while that wed never again listen to a fish story education of those graduates of Setlon of a tdent will?e mterestlog that this book head UJ?:lversltygradae commerce vmg are gnore n CLl! lclpa on 0 amp e re axa On tt WHO t d h h h th P tvhobased:on (1)Need for fmancla1 ed1helist June and d cli R at the journeys end: t no ma er 0 t: 19 sc 00 m e om e assistnce; (2a) Scholastic :tec June is fod in sond lvslonn lcgo amsay l Finlly he got to the pat they ca the_ crux ill ord of 20 (2b) Honor po!pt place dn Je and k ass1stant director of overseali The! too the highways contmue to be flled Wth show busmess and he sald (dramatlcally) Do GM Employes Taking averge of 20 or better n still on the best seller list of operatons for Parke Davls and those drivers whose idea of relaxation is an extra drink you 1Qlow what l:pened to 1;pps fish We glanced Advantage of Offer special cases honor pot June/ lthough it has Compy or two for the road around and noted that the whole lineup had lte:: com average of btween 15 and 0 dropped to fifteenth place The busmessmen will go to Millions of dollars have been spent by federal bined ears ready Jc the answer which was When Nearly 90percent of the ;; r ::e 3e A an Called Peter by shoo! for four weeks beginstate and municipal authorities in an effort to provide we got :UP in the mrning we saw a racoon sneaking eligible General Motors salaried (4) Sound charader and leader Catherme Marshall also appears g unda June 24! f an away Wth the last :fsh: Thate danged anmal ate every employes in thefunited States ship (5) Promise of college suc anlong the bet sellers of June mtenslve pr grm desgn to better and safer roads Additional millions are spent by one of them and left us a pile of bones are participating in the salings cessand future civic usefulness 1952p 195 klp 1954 and ap develope executives for respo: insurance companies and other private organizations for stock urchase program intro pea1s agam m ffth place 1955 slbletop anagement 1eaderslp programs of safety education We all heaved a Sgh pf rehef gave the raccoon d d la tot b :H 1 H Oneof the res set o!th by Herman Wouks famous tale through rmproved manageral a mentalpat on the!>ack and soon yours ruly was C:ice resfdnrof w said the club 18hafa flplent 0: The Caine utiny appears in skills ndchangdattitudes and Nevertheless the weekends of 1955 saw more persons at the wmdow We exchanged a few plasantrles about today B: scholb:shlp1sun e toco; second place m June 1951first behavlor m fulfillmg managerkilled and injured on our highways than ever before the weather with the Teller then as he started to Approximately of the tmue his f oer uc: a onf y place a year later and twelfth ial responsibilities Kn h t dd 1 t k d? d 00(0 1 bl h reason o SlC ess or_m ue lon t t th f u1t f th d t t t say ow w a 1 as :ee en : we announce more than OO g av:e into the Armed; Forces orfor wasn e a? e ro sy ems 1 wasn that yes we had heard the fish story and allwe wanted elected t l!vest part of thelx&byother jtistifiabl reason the the fault of safet uatlon C81gns _t was te fault to do was depoit a small check He looked a little hurt sa towr the progr scholarshipaward may be sus ()f pleasurebent mdivlduals strlvmg to go too far too b t t 1 h which was desgned to encout ended for a reasonable peiod fast for a weekends enjoyment : u no ne y as urt as were our feet frm stanng age emplo)a:jtp save regula:ly b and with theconsent of th n n so long HOWEVER we would t exchange and to provide an opportunlty cb this little crackerbox scene for all the bg banks of for more to become sharehold _ America Vivea Grosse Pointe! ers in then conipatly]lle!pro gram provides that eligible em lit ;fr ployes may save amaximum of The nation paid tribute on Tuesday to one of the Loye this true story about the G from Brooklyn 10 per cent of their salaries t 1 h h 1 t l ru y great eroes on t T N h During the first nine months t e ong S n tu coun ry s mll Yw 0 was sent to a cadip in Arizona Be bad ofthe programapproximat1y tary history Admiral Ernest King Naval Chief of Staff never ben outside of Brooklyn before so on his $32OOOOOO has been saved by during Word War was laid to his final rest first leave away from the post he decided to t&k:e the i:mployes and $ i 111Fred KOPJ R Ph No man was ever more devoted to duty He was the a 1001[ at the flesert So he hitched a ride with an An EcomnptlobyUetsedarebYsvthm e g canompavanery po; digestion brings pain st t t f d i b t h dr rlc es h 1 nausea belching; and often 0 lscp narlans u e ove lmse even zonian who kindly drove him out to the edge of town age of abollt eight percent of causes loss of appetite Here harder than his subordinates Tile magnificent record of and waited in the car while our hero had a looksee their salaries: are some of the sources that the Na was largely due to his leadership produce digestive troubles: After about twenty minutes or so the soler ESTMATED FRE LOSSES eating too fast; not drinking Admiral Kings name has appeared but infrequently cameack to the c ]iggling a few small objects Estimated: fire losses in the enough wter eating too in the news of late yers He suffered a strokenot long h ha d lik t Th t k United States during May much or noteating the right after the war undoubtedly caused by the terrific toll ld S n e one osses COlDS e oca guy 00 foods one look at the objects and nearly passed out They amounted to $ tqena Sefmediation often irxihe had exacted on himself in carrying out responsibilitie:; tional Board of Fire Undel tat th dt u which he accepted far and beyond the call of duty H happened to be rattlers from a rattle snake He asked writers has jeported: Accord: if e :rj: efhlh appeared in public but a few times after his illness the lad: Do you know what those things are that youre ing to ewis A VincentNBFUs functio:r{of the organs that general; manager this $87;681 aid digestion The s a f e G t But every student of military history must rank him flipping around? Where dili: you GET them? Soldier 000 loss represents an increase surest quickest way to get high on the alltime list of great leaders The couhtry ltoy looked from the rattlers back to the driver and of 221per cent ;over:10s515 of relief to have your doctor will be eternally indebted for the service he rendered announced blandly: :1 got them offen a worm! $ reported for May diagnose the condition at 1955 and continues the trend Once JJJr 11 Y; rrjyrlni that has been noticeable since rex pert cn:ponding of the first of the year Losses for your prescrlptln wlll assure f t f t ttal the best treatment Select a the lfs lve mo us n()w 0 pharmacist with care $ an lxlcreaseof 11 Thi i th f th f fi 8 S e 602nd 0 a series of :to per cen oyer e Jrst ve Editorial acvert!l;ements appeqring months of 1955 when they in this papereachweek amounted to $398929OOO Wrrisome head noises can be brought on by lots of things By the ping in your cars engine that ays theres an overhaul ahead; bycollege bells that ring for your youngster and remind you its tuition time; by the seashell roar of vacation coming with no money to get you there Quiet those sounds by stopping often at the savings window in any of 53friendly ational Bank cffices A sman amount starts your accountand regular deposits build it big! For your surplus funds get National Bank of Detroit Savings Certifites which will pay you2 % interest NATONAL BANK rhmbr dral Dposltinullnc CorporatiOR thhhbbhhhh&&hhh_hklaal : 1! J : i j j [ } i i i j 1 Thu 1

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for complaton for m:lur storm l?sses and some 200 rnajor par phone seeking out the com the insurance they did cari:y losses ut tls estimate of tiallosses general wmd dage panys insureds clearing rec they added this vigorous young losses pad or the process of affeded a 12square:mile area ords with its home office and shopping center fora broad A paymen by fre and casualty Television antennas ilon rep paying losses on the spot These suburban residential area would nge Fra AnJ1elico Painting Fealuretr1 at nstitute New in the eollection of the Detroit nstitute of Arts is a picture by one of the greatest names in the histo:ry of paint in Fra Angelico 15th century Florentine artist whose work is epresented in only three other museums of the United States The tiny jewej:like ting Madonna and Child with Angels: only six and onequarter inches high by three and seve1!eights inches wide is one of th rarest works of art in the country t iu on view in the Recent Accessions Gal lery The fpow other Fra Angelico paintirgs in America are in the Metropolitan Museum in New York the Houston Museum in Texas th Johnson Collection in: e Philadelpbi Museum of Art and a handful of private collections Rani the world over most of Fra Angelicos work is in Florence!tOlly museum devoted entirely to them The Detroit painting is a hitherto unreported one :from one (if the Rothschild family collections Edgar P Richardson; nstitute Director explained that because the Rothschilds seldom lend or show their art treasures this picture remained unkliown until recently He said it was an early work probably executed between 1425 and 1430 Small but beautiful it has the pecular radiance of color and the angelic feeling which gave Fl1l Angelico his name the di rector said The picture was ):lurchased L1lrough the Ralph H Booth Fund Saving is good for the whole family c_ YOUR SAYNOS SAN DEGO Calif (FHTNC) Navy Ens Stuart E Fri2sma son of Mr and Mrs Jerome E Friesma of 438 Colonial court Grosse Pointe Mich graduated June 22 from a three:week course in the control of Anti Aircraft Gun Batteries of com Qatant type ships and the latest methods of shore bombardment at the Fleet Gunnery School San Diego Calif OUTDOOR / AN FREPLACE d copanes represen the com!esented a more an $150t?OOad jus t e r s also ordered new not be rebuilding nsurance _ poslte Jdgment 0:1th msur msured loss m this urea Wth mobile homes for seral in provided both the immediate anee ajusters as obtained by approxlmately 3000 of them sureds and in one storm area finance and in part the credit_ : F 0 MChig nsurance lnforma destroyed or damaged had new units delivered to basis for resumption of busi il0n Servce survey Many hundreds of lses re seven familys the day 8fte: ness The r e cor d b rea kin g suted from wind and hail the storm There were some instances of enslaught of tornad(>es produced storms in both southwestern owners who carried only fire the spectacular losses but non and southeastern Lower Michi Owners of damaged ro>er insurance wit h 0 u t extended tornadie winds and hail caused gan during March Which did ties learned from the adjusters coverage and therefore had no a far greater number of losses not attract general attention that ey had more msure windstorm protection And some and a large propojction of the The disaster progrum of iri ptection than they ew Ad carried insurance only to the donarvole of damage surance companies arld adjust ditional coveragt?s fp gataes Hailstones as large as base ing services moved nearly 200 playhouse oghouse an Slln limit of a mortgage or hind balls which strucl Muskegon stormtrained adjusters and sec 11aroutbuildings and for extra contract without protection for ) and several other ::ommuntnes retaxeg into the stolrm areas livmg expense durm g rep1ace their n equitr in t the property on May 12 were particularly de n coordination with hundred ment of damage had been many ms ances msurance structive to automobiles Tops of insurance agents the ad added without charge to all ccoverae had not en kept hood trunks and fenders were justing staf!s worked 14hour policies and made retroactive or additons t? builmg were so severely dented that in many days and 7day weeks through last fall These of course did ot abrb;stof ncream values instanc s the metal was stretcn out March April nd May; arid not appear on older policies but or taddtons to buldmgs or ed and could not be repaired by into June the additional benefits were cqn ents _ bumping Windshields window Total losses gener111y were paid when the losses were ad nd altf!?ugh some tornado glass and h e a d 1i g h t s were paid within a matte1 of two justed lveled usmsses may reqe to three days as companiesth storms revealed also ve tosx months for rebd Vand s Throws Beer Can e:{pedited proof:oflo:ss proc the extent to which many prop tg veryt fev: earned pusmess dures ald agents and adjust erty 0 w 11e is had chosen to n errup!on nsurance Through Cr Windshield ers cooperated to place bi catty their own risk of loss ; ness at the top of the 1St: Standale Grand Rapids sub Acconnt Executives Vandals threw a full beer Public cooperation hi recog lrb whosebusiness district suf S d em through the windshield of nizing the prior need of those fered 33 losses 22ofthem total eleele by Ad Frm a 1950 Plymouth owned by who suifered the most was _ Brian Bessert of 420 Chalfonte praised by both agent:s and ad Center Offers CH C A G O)llTwOWelll The action occurred Thursday usters known automotive advertising night June 14 while the car ngenuity by adjusten helped B men of Detroithave been J;UUned was pnrked in front of Besserts speed many loss paynients rzdge Lessotts account executives in Foote home n s eve r a 1 instances au+o Cone & Beldings Detrit office The can W9<; thrown with mobiles and mobile homes were On Tuesdayevenings the which is to be opened this sum: Jch force th&iit penetrated the torn apart and scat1:ered be War Memorial Center will hold mer glass and made a deep dent in yond identification and titles bridge lessons both for begin They are Alber F Remington the cars dashboarct were blown away With com: d th t until recently advertising man ners an ose ClnXlOUS 0 lln ager of the PackardClipper Di; Harvey E Radke Gets Commission in NaV1 NEWPORT R (FHTNC) Harvey E Radke son of Mr and Mrs Ernest Radke (f 978 Westchester Grosse Pointe Mich waseommissioned Ensign; USR June 1 during graduation ceremonies at the Officers Candidate School Newport R: Rear Admiral John C Daniel USN Commander of the Atlantic Fleet Destroyer Force presented the honor graduates witl their commissions and was the principal speaker A class of 330 successfully completed an Bweek course in Naval science subjects to qualify them as junior officers ot the Navy Of the 330 gjaduates 135 are ordered to duty aboard ships of the fleet 33 will undergo :flight training 44 will go to aviation ground billets and 44 have received ataff corps dnd engineering positions Special programs such as guided missiles salvage and derwater demolition team training claim theremaining 74 new officers prove their game; Thesessi9ns vision of the StudbakerPackwill be held in the Centers cool ard Corporation and a former main floor library from 8 to 10 Fa!d Motor Company advertis: prn The course will consist of ing executive and ce E eight (8) twohour lessons end Miller director of advertising ing AUlnlst 22 and merchandising for the Ply Tht: nstructor will be Mrs mouth Division of the Chrysler Carrie Kiley who has :for many Corpot:ation yefrs taught bridge at the n Foote Cone & Beldng is t&national nstitute the Down 0l1ening a Detroit office for the tod YMCA Henry Ford first time to handle Special i_ H s pit a 1 and Denby High Products Division account of the Scit{)oL Ford Motor Com?any The ad f The Charles Goren point sys vertismg agency was appointed tern will be taught t 1$ cur to handle this account last JanurenUy the most popular syst ary Fords Special Products being used Division is designing and engi:: * Lessons are open to individu neering a new automobile als couples or groups The class Remington was advertising limit will be thirtytwo (32) manager for Packard for nearly The fee is $1000 per individual two years until his recent resighowever husbands and wives nation Before that he was comay ia instruction together ordinator of passenger car adfor $1500 vertising for the Ford Division Those interested are reuested of the Ford Motor Company for to call the War Mem>r1al TU fivf) yeals His background also or Mrs Kiley TU includes four years as an adverbefore 1 pm iising representative in Detroit and Chicago for the American Weekly; Remington lives at 6383 Cmdr Wm Brayrook Wing Lake Road Birmingham Receives Master Degree Miier has been director of advertising and merchandising Cmdr William McKenzie for Plymouth fox:two years Be: Braybrook son of Mr William fore that he was manager of Braybroo of OO Lae Shore local area advertising for tle road was one of 935 students Hudson Motor Company for :1;10 were awarded degrees dur fdur years and in the advertis ng the 135th annual Com ing department of the Packard mencment of The G e 0 r g e Motor Car Company f6r anothf!r yrashmton UntVerslty Yash four years Miller alsqwas with mgton DC hd June 6 n the the LibbyOwensFord Glass Univerity Yard Company in To!edo Ohio as Cmdr Braybrook receve the editor of the companys empoye degreof aster of usess magazine and in the sale::; de Admnstraton; s major field partment from 1936 until 1941 was Comptrollership He re He lives at 751 Fisher road ceived a Bachelor of Science Grosse Pointe Mich degree in 1940 frem the US Naval Academy; 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24 c l; 1; b b b tl; L& lei;ij;t ; /: : : h > /0 t k k Ai:b t t h 1re t *h +n aa&;; al : Page Twentyfour Querida Defeats Record Mills Trophy Sail Fleet Denied overall honors by a matter of minutes last year Skip Grows and arter Sales Voyager yawl Querida: came back last Saturday June 23 to winthe Toledo Yacht Clubs annual Mills Trophy race overall honors by a matter of minutes Querida one of Grosse Pointes windwag()ns which is fast gaining a reputatin on the Great Lakes charged across the finish line at the Toledo Harbor Light the fifth boat to finish to win the coveted tropby on cor rected time by 3 minutes and 5 seconds over Pat Collins New York 32 sloop Vitesse the Cruising A winner Outstrips Competition The GrowSales yacht far outstripped her Cruising B coro petition The closest yacht to her was lskip Hinkels Ti buron! from Sandusky She was 22 minutes behind but cor rections left her only 7 minutes off the winners time John Detwilers Vashti took third place: almost an hour be hind Querida in corrected time Another Grosse Pointe boat Gil Pingrees big yawl Hed Head had the distinction of being the first boat to finish but her handica] allowance dropped her to sxth place in Cruising A class Grosse Pointes Toot Gmeiner and his Apache outscrapped defendug c ham p ion Nubby Sarns Revelr for second place behind Vtesse Hank Burkard Wins n Cruising C Hank Burkards new cutter Meteor far 0 tdistanced her class to get the winning gun in that class Henry Dunlaps Pilot sloop ialbacore was just a little bt tel than 18 minutes off the winners time and Chet Reynauds Pilot sloop Maybe was 13 minutes behind in third place Carlyle Doc Wilson did a fabulous job with his beautiful 30 Square meter Mitimar which has been renamed recently but for the life of us we cant remember it The good doctor s 1i the red his yacht aro!nd the course at such a clip that she fldishea eighth in the rccod 46 boat fleet to win racing class honors with a time of 10 hours 29 minules and 52 seconds Her corrected time was almost an hour and 9 minutes better than overall winner uquerida but being a racing boiit she was not eligible for the Merrill B Mills Trophy BayView Does Well With Querida winning the Mills Trophy Toledo Blade Cup and the Edward Ford cup; Meteor taking the Com modore Russell Cup; Mitimar the Toledo Times Cup and Dave udeacon Slosss Kathmar winning the Commodore Af fleck Bowl Bayview Yacht Club yachts won 6 of 8 possible trophies The other two the Dwight Kelsey Memorial Bowl (best elapsed ime) went to Gil Pingrees Red Head and the Governor Harmon Cup went to Pat Collins Vitesse for winning Cruising A class Red Cii CALL TR 8788 POR Swimming Pool Water Fibers Pool Cleaners Accessories PCK UP VOURPHO Consult Us Purchase your swimming pool equipment close at hand wher you 8nt guaranteed quick attention and lervice 57 Yea n Detroit Designers and Manvfactl/ HYGEA FLTER CO 3422 D1foftAynu Dtrolt 11 Michigan rime Home Cooking? Head sails uder the Grosse Pointe Y C burgee and Vi tesse under the Detro:t Y C colors So all in all Detroit yachts made it a CE!answeep again Race Perfect ijne Sailed in moderatl to light airs the race was a p(rfect one No BUGS on the :first leg to the first markgreen sland; no BUGS on the second leg to the second markcolchester Buoy; and no BUGS on the beat to weather to the finish :line at the LoledoHarbor Light t was the :first time in memory that the fleet wasnt plagued by wiriged pests which have caused innumerable skip pers to avoid the evemt t was all moonbeams and good wind and not weather con ductive tj focing yachts to drop out of the race although eight boats failed to report back to the finish line The local fleet will tangle for honors in the Detroit Boat Clubs annual interclub regatta next Saturc!ay June 30 at which time Cruising B Cruising C classes will be shc10ting for double honors Ther are the classes which iai1!3d to finish the Bayview Yacht Club regatta within the alh f ed time limit on Saturday June 16 Race Results Order o:f finish based on cor rected time: Querida Skip GrowCarter Sales VitessePat Collins TiburonSkip Hinkel ApacheToot Gmeiner RevelryNubby Sarns FalconClare Jacobs TigressFrank White Red HeadGil Pingree Meteo: Hank Burkard Kathmar Dave Sloss AlbacoreHank Dunlap M:ybe nchet Reynaud TelemarkFred Runnells Grace NoteKurt Keydel Old RaritySusie Fisher Dauntless Tommy Hanson Star DustMac Petrie BikiniLlwyd Eccleston Jr SaracenJ ohn Heisnelr CalypsoSkip Grant AmoritaFrank Whitl! Rambler XAndy Langhammer SailbedEd Finneran Green SeasCarl Kuhlman Fancy FreeDon Woll Blue JeanJohn Barrows TamaraJohn WarnkE! SkylarkFrank Johnson Did not :finish: Resolute Bore alis Vagabund lt1ariann Vik ing Margaret M and Bluebird Racing Class MitimarDoc Wilson MadcapJ ohn Kershaw Kake DoodleDick Kraus SpriteMat Sendan FriskinBill Boice SchmallBill Rabe RomanyTom Clark Green EyedWarner King Pixie BelleHerschberg Did not finish: tancia OPEN SUNDAYS Maryland Maryland at Krchoval YOUU Get t in Our $ Busy Men s lunheors! is Mack at Balfour TU28180 Fast Service Bdget Specials eolonu /?rill 11:00 Clu:J; 8:00 l! ::JJ Open Sllnday 1:00 8:00 Grill Open 7 Days Q Week 6:00 am o 8:00 pm Serving Breakfast Luncl1eon and Dinner Roost Prime Rib of Beef VA We Cater to Bridge Parties DEPENDA:BLE SNCE 1914 TH 0 MA:5 1 ::1OYLE:5 LAKE SHORE M[TOR SALE5 14fi!S east JeFFERSON : USLTA lournament GROSSE PONTR NEWS fl;;: From a large entry in the United States Lawn Tennis Association tournament held at the Neighborhood Club Monday June 18 emerged these winners and runnersup who qualified for the Jaycee state tourney July 9 to 1 Shown left to right: RALPH McELVENNY runnerup W innrsget Trophies feating the Athletics 54 Cal playing Duke 46 runs had been Gauss was the winning pitcher scored The final read 43 as in the triumph which saw the Baylor was issued 38 walks all Senators score early and hold Jold ts biggest inning was the o:ff a lastminute Athletic third when 19 runs crossed the attack plate The White Sox were sent :ceel Evartsville and Alabama held ing by a 143 onslaught set up down their first place position by the Athletics on June 18 in the standings with a win Bob Shewood Athletic left apiece fielder homered and doubled Alabama triumphed on June in the contest 20 by whipping Carolina 5 to 2 NATONAL LEAGUE Paul Keiswetter notched the STANDNGS win for Alabama As of June 23 Evansville had the easier time W L GB of the two on June 21 as the Giants 7 1 _ score clearly indicated t was Braves over Great Lakes Eddy Pirates : Harrison lacked a double in his Dodgers : try for the cycle as he blasted The Giants took two more out a home run triple and a victories last week but had to single LTTLE LEAGUE (Continued from Page 11 real star on the mound when H d shore the spotlight in one of arvar stayec only one three runs in the first inning he played for DetrOt gave a b k f th 1 d t f th G them w ith Doger outflelder game ac 0 but could not connect after of the pitchers a e rosse ea ers as l k F h J that Final scor: Cardinals 10 Pointe CitY L t L Chuck Douville DOuvlle one too ord am 2012 on une t e eague a 17 G P d T Dodgers 3 real thrill when he dropped of the bigger players in the rant ggot an om The Cards continued their over an d gave th em some pamt league clouted two home runs Keiswetter sparkea the team winning streak by smashing ers on how to throw the ball He in the losing cause one of which with their bating Both hit ovel 11 runs in their game with showed them how to throw a went about 200 feet to add to home runs w hlle Plggot also the Cubs Four Cub pitchers fast ball and a curve and also his spectilular performance added two smgles and two tried to stop the power of the showed the pitchers how to Chuck on his other trip to the do:ubles Cardsthey were Dhooge Kyle stand in the pox plate came wihin five feet of Parke and Mullin but the President Ghesquiere warmly clearing the fenc again Vandals Toss Cards had their eye on the thanked Tommy for his visit The Giants didnt have the ball all the time and got 13 hits and also has plans for other home run ball to contend with Glass in Pool while the Cubs knocked Cards Tiger stars to come over and in their qfuer victory of the pitchers Moore Nel:;on and show the other players their week June 19 as they easily Schmatz for :four runs and eight tricks on the field and at bat bested the Piratas t 154 Ray hits: The Cubs are ow tied with AMERCAN LEAGUE Rapalee the free swinging first Jhe Dodgers for thrd place STANDNGS baseman for the Giants rapped STANDNGS W L GB out four singles and a double W L in the victory Craig Thomas B 7 1 Orioles 7 1 tht h raves Wht S r 3 2 was e wmnmg P c er n 5 3 e ox i 11 1 t hi Cards Athl t a owmg on y wo ts Cus b 2 6 S e t les 1 6 Oth er ac t on saw th e B raves D d 2 6 ena ors lt t b t o gers ;j: The Orioles stepped right into sp a pall 0 remam areas h of the Giants n the first one Senators manager Bohn al first place all alone for t e fst June 18 the Dodgers nipped most had his hair turn gray tif!le this season after racking the Braves 1311 as they put when he saw his star pitcher up two decisive victories together two big innings of Hopp pitch a nohitter against Don Vroom the pitching sen five anl;i eight runs But on June tbe Grosse Pointers but yet be sation in the American eaet 20 it was a much different story behind by one run Although again turned m one of his mast as the Braves upended the the Olnters hadnt gotten a erful performances on June 20 Pirates by the SC1re of 228 hit they were able to score a For the second time to date Denis Daniels and Kevin Su: run on an error and led up to Vroom baffle te White ox livan collected fur hits apiece the sixth inning: as he! threw nohitter NO2 at 1 Pitcher Fox of the Pointers them in winning 70 Only a n the s ugfest was able to stop the /Senators walk given up in the bottom of COLLEGATE LEAGUE until the sixth inning when they the sixth with two away ruined STbNDNGS were able to score a run and a perfect game As of June 23 tie up the game The game went Thl second Oriole win of te W L GB into extra innings and the week saw the leaders tromp the Evansville 3 0 Pointers almost scored Drew Senators 191 Three honle runs Alabama 3 0 J{ennedy from third but a sen were driven out by the Orioles Harvard :: 2 1 satiot?al catch by Carveth put against the Senators starter Fordham 1 2 Kennedy out Jeff GarbeJ;Son John Stanley Carolina 1 2 The Senators put one rup Marc Lonesk and Don Vroom Duke 1 2 over in their half of the seventh were each responsible for the Great Lakes 1 2 and won by a score of 2 to 1 blowl that dropped the Nats to Baylor 1 2 * their seventh straight defeat f ever a team showed it Fhillies star pitcher Neil But just two days later the didnt deserve last place rating Hakken showed that he had Senators finally broke out of it was Baylor on June 18 When real control when he pitthed theirdoldrums and gained their the Baylor players dragged himself out of two tight spots in a game with the Giants Two urst tri:umph o the season de themselves off the j ield after _ times the Giants had the bases loaded and Hakken tightened up and did not let a run score Thomas of the Giants lost control and as a result the Phillies were able to pick up seven runs and win a shutout against the Giants The Pointers Giants and Phillies are all tied for second place STANDNGS< W L Senators 3 0 Grosse Pointers 1 2 Giants 1 2 Phillies 1 2 Special Sport tem: Tommy Bridges extiger pitcher and a DDD15 AND PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS We Rent Sanders and Wallpaper Steamers THE PANT BOOTH Jefferson at Marlborolilgh WE DELVER VA Mrs James Standart of 252 Kerby road reported to Farms police that some boys had thrown broken glass into a large portable swimming pool in her back yard Thursdar June 21 Police investigated but could not find the culprits gby WE Sporting Norm Archers OPEN SUNDAY TO 9 PM Call U Collect Within 50 Miles ORDERNG NOW MMEDATE Thursday June *HUNDREDS O COLOR COMBNATONS * NO DOWN PAYMENT M}ODERNHORZONTAl tnes * AS LimE AS $125 WEKLY DR10010 D f RENT neweloca#on MACK at FARHOLM MACK TU Anniversary Sale Offer! BENDX FOR DiLriERY DEAL DRECT MADE N DDROT Y WORLDS LARGEST AND NSTAUR OF ALUMNUM AWNNGS Bendix Aluminum Prod uets Corp 1388 E Eight Mile near Gratiot DR ) M of the a: 10 bring Eve1J reaaol For t ftrstj other Then emplo gm8l about Sh web thef(j Lll 1: e S h a eoaqu L j

25 Series uly 31 World Series ul that all of s have decided g the national ich end:; with series in Wi! s Club tgpus!nte University es the formaiversiiy School hich will have f the schools ex allweather oeated on the of the Grossl! icy School in ar Chalfonte oods of the Gross ties are cordial oin the tennl; ip for the sea the first memily and 5500 nal member of vill be open Jay Spptembr 10 8 pll every day The court! e fully suppr :mrt managers s of the school eam who won onal and state n class CD Jill be availhour and the will arrange bers and ocments Tennis drinks will be sted in joining School Tennis to the courts s stated or call ulther informaorp ing in butter in the skillet on the le8b BUTTERED FBEN<JB 0 d Fami y EnJoys ut oor Supper grill before cooking the kabobs BREAD TJle potatoes will take about 56 servings n Backyard on Summer Evenngs 2030 minutes to co:>!! 9Ver a 110ng loaf or 2 small loave of moderate heat French bread To round out the menu munch cup softened butter How cool and refreshing thl:! backyard or paj;k is after on relishes of green onions 1 teaspoon lemon juice a stifling hot day :Nhy not enjoy supper outdoors more ceery cat sticks andradishes teaspoon prepared mustard LServe herb butter French bread t e 8 S:p 00 n Worcestershi:ra often! with butter while cooking: This to go with the kabobs sliuc! Kabobs are the perfect food &ives extra good :flavor to each Pour fat mugs of milk when * teaspoon sweet basn for the outdoor meal Heres how bite youre ready t9 eat Leave the % teaspoon garlic salt to make the kabobs in the photo f you want the meat to be milk in the refrigerator tmtil the CombinEisea30ningwitnsoftened Form balls of seasoned ground rars slip the morsels rather close last possible moment so it will butter and mix well Make diagbeef centering them with small together on the skewer For well Q served icy cold onal cuts :lh to % inch apart al chunks of sharp Cheddar hees done meat separate the pieces tdesliert is simplea cheese most thr()ughthefrench pread Wrap each ball with a halfslice slightly!fay accompanied by fresh :fruit Spread herb butter on top and of bacon Alternate these on Make the meat bal1a abot one On the tray pictured here are between 1he slices of bread Place skewers with mu;rroom caps and a half ilchesin diameter f four different cheeses; The small loaf on aluminum foll and wrap small onions or olionwedges and they are too large they wont be triangles are Cheddar the larger loosely Place on gnu for 10 mitomato wedges cooked through by the time thp Camembert The squares are utes turrrlng often Or wrap m Grill the kabobs from 10 to 15 othel food on the skewer isdone Bluecheese while Swiss is cut fou and hc!atin a 400 degree oven minutes Baste the vegetables Start thinly sliced potatoes fry into finger shapes for 10 minutes Mat No J662 DAlE *:AUTHOR OJ:HOW TO STbPWORRYNGAND START LVNG * M SS ELLA ORTON Amarillo Texas had for a boss a mlul who i would Bit with his feet propped up on ha desk the better part of the day Any time he wanted anything even it it were only a foot or ao from him l EmeJl1stlon meads (a) u;teuslon; 4b) 4OrrectioDJ 40) 8olC4 of forgiving AD African antelope s the (a) kroda; fb) bd1ll W!:raJt tie kazoo is (a) a musieal DtromeDt; tb) pzel1ej (e) Hindu garment ANSWEB UZ1Ulsnq tu;lj8np( npnx1: OlPauo:> t LEABNNG FLAMENCO lialtaa acnes Sophia Loren roe hroqh idtrloat4t mo&1o of fjameaoo JMadrl4 iulue Pace Be i he would yell at the top of his voice to Miss Orton to bring it to him which she hastened to do for she was terri1led of him Every Sunday evening she began to feel :n and would begin making up reasodilwhy she could not go to work the next day For ten long months this went 9D This was her first job and she WJl >1rad she couldnt get another one Finally she d!d apply and got another Then ahe was afrad to ts back and ten her grouchy employer that she was leaving Of course she finally got around to te1l:lng him and he was very nasty about it She says if!he should ever again be placed in wch an unhappy position she would applf one 01 the following methods: 1 DJe38tlsfled she would at once have looked CARNEGE Dr another position Knowing that if she could get one job be eould get another She would hare it qu1t calm talk With the boss and point out to him that he made her 60 nervous she couldnt stand it!be has known both these methods to work for others And she h:ls loaquered Fear boae who are after an uai people J WORKS NEWSandFEAURE : < ASY DOES T f HOB lal TS easy to l1ave a picnic it Y0!ol keep things in an almost ready tate while the eason fa Olll You can have a hamper ad pllcked for example with paper or plastic plates napkins cups plastic cultery salt and pepper bakers and a plamo tablecloth 1 your picnics come on weekellds then make up spreads for sall:dwiches a day or two before r THS WEEKS RECPE TattlFndUl P1moh ;/ (Serves 16 punch eup :2 pints lemon sherbet % cup lemon uice % cup pineapple uice :l fk>unce can froj:en orange juice :1 tablespoons maracludo cherry juice :1 eups chilled ginger ale Pack sherbet ioto one quart ring mold and freeze Combine lemon pineapple and orange juice which has been diluted with :water according to can direc:tioj1b Add maraschino cherry juice and mix well; chill To serve pour juicei: into punch bowl add ginger ale and unmold sherbet ring into bowl by pressing hot cloths on it Garnish if desu:4 witlifresh berries and mint sprigs and keep them refrigfrated id eovered jars Bowls of vegetable relishes ean be made in advance of the picnic day What about chilling some carrot strips and celery? Keep tomatoes and cucumbers cleaned: and chilling in the hydrator:then! you need only pack these in pa tilo bass before going :f YOU ;liave freezmg facilities make ;hambutger pattie or keep weiners an! b:un frozen so theyre ready togoon the picnic thutl nving 7OU last minute shopping forpeauts! lrtte MOST CONfCALWAY 1 DO A G JO Of SlUiNG S tfrough 10 1 a DSPLAY OR CLASSlflb TO NpiAER ADVElm$f 1CAl01 COM 0 1 A Favorite Each Season T 1 mcus ACT Clo FteUx Adler raises 1mbreDa oyer Blart Lancaster as he enters Ne Yorkire for premier tlcture 7:rapeu r J DE8EBT DANCE Page dazsles Las Veras audlaces wjih her $2200 gold lame bathing suit add fantastic beach hat m her show Fifty r n Fembline Modesty t THe SrnRS r& / t ; * SyLYN CONNEY D 11 PONT Cavalcade Theater with its nw contemporaij format tb:mly established has been renewed for the sea on on the ABC television network in i: present period During th 1951)56 season the Du Pont_ theater has been featuring modern_ dramas and presentati(08 01 in 8p1rational stories frcm current American tte ncluded among these programs which met with enthusiastic publlc acceptance were the story of Ralph BUlche The Jackie Je!lSeD Story and One Day at TlD1e which told of the founding 01 A1coi<ilics Anl1 JJ!lOUS Ray Rant prope;:ty for Adventure of RJnTinTin baa learned it s possible to be too realistic with phony 1Um prop _ Hunt once construet2d tanc7 ced cake for an outdoor scel t looked so good the actora we asking for slices bt he knew he really had something when a swann ol bees started buzzing around bis ersatz paat17 am stopped production PLATTER CHATER VAPTOL:Deau Martin u breezy job OD a breezy air Stand ng 9D the Vomer from Frau Loesser latest Broadway seore PUp side CWatehiDc Ole World Go By t Les Ba:del followe da highly l16nessfal Poor People of Paris with Tango of Ole Drams which has an ejl:otio beat that S excitirlg and beautiful Sbmer MaD backs it Try DOD Robertson Happy Whstler tf/ yea want to get la a good mood 1bfs Dtmg ditty should go bll ; 8eTene baa Youre Free to Go Still on Capitol rex BlUer com bines two haunting western song in The Searchers and The Wayward Wind T always does a nice job f its laughs youre seeking be sure _to loo up Staa Freberg hilarious The Quest tor Bridey Hammersch1augen based on youlmowwhat The reat Pretender baw it REMEMBER Y THE ot» NErtS Prom William Sommervlle Par was a boy 1 used to go to the COUJflooi D!;lV Va::l remember when : try store wlth my mother and buy Arbuckles Coffee for loc perl n oorr taflored pound arid granulated Ugar tor wiwjt dress the perennial 3cand thebest of slab bacon for favorite This one is in lie per:pound: These kitchen necel offers everal YariatioDJl iie we usually exchanged for Pattem No 1465 PattORama chickens eggs and butter and klcludedll in mes 12Yzl4* 18 very littlemoney was used 18 i; sihl : Th wages at the time were 8ids ot:35incll lklc per day of ten hours or more Send 850 fdcojds tof tba pat The winter were longer and te to ms LAn De»t veraevere With deep snows and cnwns 18/ West Ada st: large drilis: which took up into Chicao mlnoiw the SPringmontbB to melt away Sometimes j early May : r als<> remember the old up and! down sawmm located; on a small creek!earmy ;fathers farm which was run:y water power tho even at that time it was obsolete ana not ill se The gristm1ll was also very common atthat t1nle They were run by waterpower suppliea by a dam built!ifthe main creek used to:caqy :many a grist of corn to the minon myback when the horse had other Work to do in the!lelds The most used 1lrearms at that time was the inuzzle loading rifle a few muzzleloadirig hotgunswer n :use The principal way of pre erving many Jdndof f:ruibl was by Cirylng on a roof in the sun or stringing on twine stringgand hangg them behind drythey tile toves to dry: Wh&n were usually placed in empty flour bag and huna UP Ol aan for winter use ( ru te wa luaa tl fte OJd!rimer Cllm1UlJt7 : no Bex St :Fr ra K7) y THE THE HOT GEi:AWAY By William L Roper DDiY HANSEN aittmg fd eountry road A cold chdl raced_ J tba front seat )1 his Uncle ()s up and down hb spine car tuieab llrteninl to the About two mues out of eem radio ea18 from tba cab eom ville em the Freewa7 th4 gumnan pant eontrol eeater wheb spoke again 1_ hooting Dtarled Slow down aod right at _ Timmys ftrst impum wu to e next crossroads i eport the ahoottq to the num at Jimm7 followed orden Even headquarters the way Uncle ()s fd the c:llarlmess he recognized car did But he quickly rejected the road t was the one on which the idea as he remembered that the <llead eab driver had been Uncle Oscar should be in the cab :found two nwntba j mstead of at the au night hamb His fingers reached out for the gel stand Ol the comer getting twowlli1 radio switell But before a :up of coffee Besides Jimmy he could touch it he felt the gun l Wd t supposed to be in the cab barrel pressing against his cheat 1 lbe tact that Uncle Oscar was Dont try any tricks punk teaching himto drive S taxi was the 3UDJ1RD growled d hate their own secret an arrangement to have to blast ;you whil the atrlctly Without company approval cars speedjng Suddenly 3hnmy S8W & thin Dont you want to tmow Jf the ema:clated mtm dash out of a dim State cops are on 1OUl tail? lim lighted Uquor store across the my asked street a smoking gun in ht8 right Okay H the pnmam ael hand A mort pudd man pur!urn it 0l aued ftring rid17 Jimmy manipulated 1be awitcb The fleeing man twuted around but the radio spea;1ter 118ft fdrta Bis aun spurted fire The short only a hum mad screamed pitched headlong Guess its burned GUt Jm on the pavement under a street my said But we ought to be id lamp ncreasing his speed the South Hillsboro fd another tblrl7 eunman raeedl toward the taxi minutes aod 70U can grab ancab where Jinmy sat if froz other car there The coppera will be eo unable to goy looking for this cab linee Get going Shouted tbe gun Uncle i sure to report stolen H ; man The man black deepset Thell were approaching Hill eye gleamed Ct1lZil7 from his boro from the south when the red thfd white :face lights of the road block ftamed A the cab raced along the on ahead of them and two motormeat Jimnly listened tensely for cycles roared out into the road be the W!U 01 a pollee men Surely hind the cab Omeone besides himself had TinlllY shoved down the brake v heard the shots t would take a pedal and clawed desperate!) for few minutes thou!oj: the chase the gun with his rlght hand!he get under way Jimmy shivqred cab skidded Ltammed into at the thoughts 01 what such a pollee car :t was alx over ill : ch8se might meanpolice bunets moment wbistling around his head posd As the o1bcers 1&pped badl bl;y bulletbla21ted tire and the cufrs on the skinny gunmaa cme J car swerving off the road out of of them slapped J <ll tbe control But if the polfee did not shoulder stop them what then? Good work lad he sajd Be recalled a recent newspaper t hadnt been for that nversa/ phot«>graph lihowing a taxi driv tion over the cabs twowa7 rartitj ai body slumped over the steer we wouldnt have known where me wheel of his cab 011 a 10neq to Ht up the road b10ck BAFFlEs why PONT LOOK OLD &JaH 1b HAVE GCH This an That 1tae Pnc P6ri7Nlen t JeJd ihree JlDem tackles A canpeda anal 814 YOUDgemaD add Glald Eldre4 Kraemer to the New York OiamL Terms &he lc1el betwee tile NaU* Jl ba11 Leap team were DOt m i De Waa1dDtoD Red 1du llan spe4 a 1111 team AU America ;ebo_ at 8M! for Me1Di from BetWehem Pa com!and7 noe ear7 ij 8tne J1Jenmger 8Dcer JraDk SlDatra JlOW owa eae1av en 11: 00e A:ndra4e a ooatedav tjae Ptweight bgsq twe BalPla QambD ADa drade Jaolda the other ftfty per Gelt 308 VancJaD for ejaht nars awe at lfjmesofa 18MOW h ba$ketbau si Yale University The AmraUaD Olympic Committee baa a:nnomaced mpjetloa ef the houses be b athletes the Ol;rJDpe p1dcw n Nowmber Uc1 Docem JJ total of U1 JHt ll BJops the 01YJli)lle anu in By Mahoney prrr POWEB Dale Pltisburp Plratw t1nq int v < baseman Jll hodle JU ;; oouecmtn 1Jnakc : old record 01 LeDc haubac 31 Withl 11: _ &Hr

26 Page Twenty $ix ; GROSS PONT NEWS Thu YOUR AD CAN B CHARGED CLASSFED RATES Cash Ads: 5 Words for 90c Charge AdsS Words Tor $1 E:; Each Additional Word CALL iruxedo J Trunk Lines LNER STATONS CUNNNGHAM DRUGS Kercheval at Notre Dame TU HARKNESS PHARMACY 20313Mack Ave at Lochmo TU <NSELS Kercheval at St C1aJr TU lapersonals VLJJAGE BATHS mineral or steam cab in e t s; scientific Swedish massage men and women TU E Warren nearcadieux BOARD YOUR DOG at Preston Manns K9 shoo1 Clean comfortable heated kennel in the beautiful Metamora counttvside Your dog will like it here A few dogs accepted for training by Mr Mann Pick up and delivery Call Dryden 5Ull :NEED a Baby Sitter? Reliable nursemaids available by hour day or week The Sitters Club PRescott ELDERLY LADY convalescent home private room compian able g r 0 u lj exellent care nutrious food Wmdsor Ontario CLearwater ART CLASSES Mr Edgar Yaeger recenly returned from an extenslve study in art research in the art centers of Europe to give YOU the latest methods vf painting 6week course Fridays 79 pm starting June i5th at Pallette Shop E J effeson Call VAlley :for :further nformation lolas BEAUTY and :lnderizing studio Guarteed to lose inches No dlsrobmg Evening hours for gentlemen Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm Appt necessary Mack Ave TU lamusc EDUCATON CTVE concert pianist has studied with best teachers in the world including sdore Philpt has opening for pupils Call VA for appointment CERTFED pblic school music teacher formerly with WJR and Detroit Conservatory Ghing lessons in popular voice and piano starting this summer Also will work wh vocal quartets trios etc PRo BTTORNG COMMUNTY TUTORNG SERVCE MRS LOUS MARCK DRECTOR Tutoring by degree teachers avail able n all subjects for grades hgh Chool college and adult education OPENNGS FOR TEACHERS 39 Merriweather Grs Pte Farms TUxedo PRVATE TUTORNG N YOUR OWN HOME An subjects; all grades Adults and children Certified teachers Call: DETROT AND SUBURBAN TUTORNG SERVCE WOo TE TiT TOR N G by experienced teacher specialized subjects all grades 1 9 also adults Reasonable TU 21262!=LOST AND FOUND LOST Young girls glasses light blue frames in ease Might have been found on school bus that leaves Pierce school R e war d TUxedO LOST2 suit cases Sat June 16 Grosse Pointe high school parking lot Reward TU tost Welsh Terrier dog black & tan answers to name Silley $20 reward 379 Lakeland Grosse Pointe phone W23995 i=help WANTED (Male and Femal) LDy to act as mothers helper nice summe1 resort July 15 to Aug 1 3 cltildren $25 Week TU NSURE SAVNGS 2% Current Rate 4HELP WANTED WANTED social studies techer :for Junior High classes in private school Small classes pleasant atmosphere <combin ation with home duties pos sible Write Box 50 Grosse Pointe News A New Gatevay to Opportunity f youre looking for an interesting job good pay regular raises and a chance to make new friends you may find what youve been looking for at our new neighborhood employent office at Mack and CadiEiux Youll be pleasantly Ufprised to learn about the wide variety of different kinds of telephone jobs now available to alert young rr 7045 Mack Ave CADLLAC GAGE CO Thre Trunk 1;1 to Serve YO quld:ly CALL TUxedo ThreTrunk Line to Serv YO 9uicly 5STUATONSWANTED 6FOR RENT (UnfurnishedJ 7WAN:D TO RENT aartcles FOR ALE EXPERT boat refinisher wishes 6812 Windmill Pointe 2 bed FLAT UNFURNrSHED preter WUT ding oom suite 9 weekend work VAlley 4;8538 room 2 bath upper Beautiful ably lower; but will: considr: plees $10q; livdtygl!oo? 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for further information call Frank Bromley Days TR 55180; evenings TU Vernier Road GRAND OPENNG SALE We PLYMOUTH 53 club coupe exhave moved to a new and cellent condition low mileage larger store and we offer new tadio heater sol e x glass console and spinet pianos at white sid ew a 11 tires two tremendous savings National toned Owner TUxedo ly known makes Top quality 1385 Aline G P Woods pianclsengel Pian:o Company WO TO1Dblue Whittier T lll!l Packarcl 9ARTCLES WANTED C 1i p per ultramafic drive radio and heater miles TUxedo # BOOKS purchased for cash En tire libraries or fine single items Midwest Book Service 4301 Kensington TU BOOKS bought in any qualitity Eritirelibraries bookcases; art oojects Mrs B C Claes 1670 Leverette: WOodward OLD WANTl:D CLOTHNG BEST PRCES PAD FOR MENS 12AUTOSWANTED WE NEED and 1953 Automobile Have Customers Wating For 30 Years We Have BeGD Paying Up to $100 More E H COOK Harper BerkshireBalfolW TUxedo Res 437 Chalfonte RdTU Open 9:00 GUDE TO GOOD SERVCE Guaranteed Repoir Work Television Radio Sound Equipment RADO AD TV for CUSTOM TALORS Mens and Ladles> Suits Tailored to Order Alterations relin1ng Double breasted suits restyled to single breasted Full line of floor lamp partl Also handmade lamp and kejosen Filigree Vases TU 1977 VA EAST JEFFERSON al Oity Limils Fred M Schuman Established 1925 Open Eves till 6:30 SUTS TOPCOATS AND SHOES Park Cab Co VA Sale & Service 2940 Krclleval near EalttoWil VA METROPOLTAN Hudson sports car convertible tur quoise white sidewalls black nylon top Private owner 306 Ridge Roa Grosse Pointe Farms 1949 four door For $75 VA1 ley BEGE JAG Roadster; 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27 L f 5: Thursday June G R P SSE PO NT! tfew S u : _J _ of _ Page Twntfev :D:3 M TUESDAY OR SALE Catalina conm red leather :g hydramatic tires radio rlileage original ew 1268 Hampfrosse Poi n t e 810after 5 pm ighbor select a med Cadillac for adillac Factory urther inform a : Bromley Days evenings TU rnier Road club coupe ex lon low mileage sol e x glass a 11 tires two TUxedo f P Woods blle Packard ltramatic drive ter miles :3 Ford ANTED NEED 1953 Automobile mers W1ng We Have Been to $100 More COOK erkshirebalfou1 o mte RdTU till 9:00 ;AND MOTORS : One passenger 0 a r d 10 hp Will sacrific& o e Cat TUxedo 18 ft cruiser ind trailer $160e iiy Limits Eves till 6:30 epalr ds bl $75 VA1 G Roadster; rust lstery mechani t body in good 100miles $1700 )LTAN Hudson onvertible tursidewalls black ivate owner 306 Grosse Pointe SLOOPSac Excellent condi &6 i1 P motor ew $105 Service the Wood with TU w living room kitchen 3 bedths TU font 3 bedroom rm dining r l Sun 25 Tu OW 5 rooms nook Large re with lavatory ellent condiion e Retiring to e TU VCE 13R::AL ESTATE FOR SALE DEAL WTH A SPECALST Over 4% million dollars eclusievly in GROSSE PONTE REAL ESTATE Purchased Last Year Through MAXON BROTHERS Satisfied Customers Since BEDFORD new 1i v n g room dining rooll kitchen 3 bedrooms 1h bat h s TU BERKSHRE 3 bedrooms 2lh baths living roo dining room kitchen breakfast nook Florida room 2car attached garage Open daily 25 YORKSHRE First advertising Well proportioned and attractively decorated Colonial in excellent condition 4 bedrooms 2 baths Paneled library Recreation room Lot 62x156 Good sized screened porch overlonking well lald scaped garden MAXON BROTHERS a D NC antje parker offers in Grosse Pointe Park: south of charlevoix a homey compact 9 room english 60 ft gas 2 car bath and 2 als carpeted and draped top condition $25500 and a 57 bedroom pretty colonial 80 ft 3lh baths games some carpeting needs your paint but only $8000 down easy quick and in farms 474 touraine a 7 room young colonial gas plastered deep basement easy :freshening reduced price and a roomy oldy 4 bedrooms big lot $15000 and an imposi1g ranch at 790 anita open sat and sun for under $30000 and one irom Detroit a dreamy homo swn mer cabin 6 bedrooms 150 lake :front boat boat house dock even furnished to move into with $8000 down Tu GROSSE PTE SHORES An unusual opportunitt to purchase a fine ranch house just 3 yrs old d(osignedby architect?nd built for pres2l1t owner Contains 2 bedrms and library (or 3rd bedrm)7 2 baths and large activities room 1st fl laundry Carpets and draperies 130 lot close to the Lake Excellent condition Convenient to new public and Caholic schools T RAYMOND JEFFS 81 GERCHEVAL TU HOUSES FOR SALE ALGONACST CLAR RVER DSTRCT You Boat Loverl nvestigate These Attractive Buys Village home on St Clair River 3 bedjooms ooat bouse elec hoist :fine eummunity walking distance 10 all s e h0 0 1 and churches $26500 terms quick possession ST CLAR RVER ESTATE The one and only place of its kind 1 hour Detroit Beautiful English Tudor home 3 bedrooms 2 bath first :floor guest rooms ups t air 8 Completely furnished French needle pointe carpeting Fine apt over garage boathouse greenhouse 300 ft glorious beach stately :trees beautifully lands c ap ed A $ property at the attractive price Of $85000 cash Shown Only by appointment T M TUCKER REALTOR ALGONAC 4087 M29 Hwy SWift NEW RANCH BUNGALOW GROSSE PONTE CTY 751 Notre Dame OpeD DailY GAS AC heat a bedom or 2 bedroom and panelled den face brick e 0 lor d bath :fixtures builtin vanity and cbina binet 60 ft lts near ahopping and transportation Ranch style 8 Y/3ars old 3bedroum gas AC heat 2 fireplaces recreation room with bar tile bath t kitchen washroom cedar chest and screen porch Numerous extras Excellent landscape Early Possession RUSSELL HASKN TUxedo S070 WANTED REAL ESTATtt SALESMAN 13RELESTATE FOR SALE By APPONTMENT GROSSE PONTE FARMS TOURAiNE COURT 320 white colonial 3 brs 2 baths lib master br with!p aressing room terrace;& excellnt games rm gas heat MORAN ROAD 190 nr Ridge attractive French Provincial brs 2 baths bt in car at1 garag alum storms & screens lot 175 ft deep GROSSE PONTE WOODS/ P ARCOURT story near Mack avenue 3 brs 2 baths terrace tiled & pan gamesrm carpetmg excellent condition WLLAM COURT corner of Fairfod ranch 3 brs 1 bath & lav carpeting & draperies gas heat DOYLE PLACE W 19S62 new contemporary design with 4 brs 2 baths and gas heat L OCHMOOR 1580 Early American 3 brs 2 baths den or br with lava on 1st ft sprinkler ystem carpeting & draperis SWEENEY & MOORE ::P NC GROSSE Mack at Renaud T ST CLAR RVER HOME St one rand: home lot 87x325 unning from main road to river 7 rooms 2 baths ceramic tile 3 1arge bedrooms with dressing ro om many cupboards large iving room 27x21 dining room kit chen entirely ceramic tile all overlook river Den with screened p 6 r c h overlooking riv er 13 Thennopane pictux:e Tlldows screens and storm wmdows Heating gas fired Large 1a un dry roo fruit ro om recreation or tool reom toi let in basement Double gage connected with h 0 us e ra Be autifully landscaped with 16 tr2 es some fruit Breakwater ac ross property 3 miles north of S t Ca!! nn ow taxes T arms Gee A Gregg Owner 1317 North River Road St Clair Michigan PhoneSt Clair 1150W LO CHMOOR 2016 Large 3 bedroom colonial large kitchen H baths r e c :r eat ion r oom 2 fireplaces carpeting drapes gas heat garbage disposal 2Ox20 garage Open daily Owner TO G ROSSE PONTE WOODS Open Sun 26 HOLLYWOOD 1996 Ex cellent 3 bedroom face brick; nnch built 53 lf2 garage Bcreened terrace aluminum storms disposal carpetijg tiled basement Very reasonable half blk oft Mack Swimming beach prlviliges SCHNEDER TU GROSSE PQNTE BY APPT ROSLYN ROAD W alk less than block to Ferry Gr ade School Bright roomy: Colonial with 3 bedrooms 2ba m odern kitchen has dishwpsher disposal good breakfast area Complete storms screens Lot 60 x150 All fixed carpets and drapes included at price belqw $30000 KENWOOD COtmT 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28 ;; D t t ger Ar 0 ( / Page Twentyeight * r * Rlltfuet tu 2262 g:e Favorite Recipes of People n The Know SEAFOOD LUNCHEQN Contributed by Mrs Willard A:: Giddens Sperry TopSiders! Rr Sport Sop 106 Kercheval TU f5262 something New Thursday June 2$ 1956 * * * _:_:; ;c: : :; who whej4 and whaaulo GQod Taste wboou Have you liecurd aso:utthe Case of the Cur:ious Cat t or What Happened to Poor rving? rving ard Bingp are two feline residents in the Rivard boulevard home of E L ROHRBACH ll rving acordijrig to son nck ROHRBACH had ljt:>!l sniffing suspiciously for some time around a small catsize door on the second floor of t}1e Hohrbach horne and never could undertand whythe door was 1 c tomato soup so tihtly closed 3 3oz :pkgcream cheese Recently someone left the door ajar old nosy 2 envelopes ox gelatin g took a step inside to look the situation over and 2 Smal onions catapulted down two stories of laundry chute t? find him 1 cinayorinaise self sitting ignominiousl in the basement! 1 ccelery:cut fine * * * Tis reported that sin(e one popular gentlem8l11named Sal red pepper parsley SOlTPY SALES moved with his family into terrace gren pepperaccording to on Rivard boulevard the front stoop has been swarming taste fjnte Counter P01Tlts For iunior and daughter Special for children under age 11 OTHER ATTRACTVE PlANS e Ask For Figuret foo lithe NSURANCE BULDER* The nsurance Builder provideslife nsurance coverage which increases to five times the original amount atage 21 but THE PREMUM REMANS THE SAME FOR ALL AGES Frederick H Kross WO Notional Bank Building Connecticut Mutual Lif!nsura eo of H b Roberta sley n blazes t flickers t is pfobably the most compu ment lighting you could turn on anywhere This shining accessory is an imported Torellebag handmade in France Each rhinestone is set in sterling silver prongs The tiniest bad treatment we have ever seen is around the frame Well guarantee that this is vivid lighting wll spark any dress you own Twinkles in ALL directions Tag reads one hundred dollars D J Healeys in the village with youngsters autograph books clutched in their hot f YOlt twe superfeminine now is the time to indulge little palms anxious to get a glimpse of their h4ro Boll soup Soak gelatin in 1 c n the windows of lrvings on the hill this week we Jis * * water When dissolved add to covered that designers have done their best in help Grosse Pointe folk in Paris pplauded madly when soup and let cool Cut onion YOU ftlive the Life You Love These windows fj1ove thrr: CHET SAMPSON was plucked from the Follies Bergere celery and pepper very fin a#er all f<;$hionis l capricious thing * so tch variety audience and put in the act: Chet d to cpe te n Add salt red pepper to soup t is teally possible to show up at the resort 01 club hool r eetg white beting contest surroundea by ParSan beaules mixture Add cut onio celery in one of many ways Don a NetJie Rosenstein rmbroiderecl wh o were etiving him au kin d s 0+ F renc h ms t rue t Ons MRS TOHNrrt J SHORT OF LAKE SHORE ROAD and green pepper Add may cotton bathing suit with its frosty white background 6 Weell of which he o couldnt understand a word By Klf;hMarriott Fred RunnellsPhoto onnaise and pink trim for color the model h is wearjng _ psh011 * * * 1 coat to match Top it} by all means wit an t(llm?j Sun lt1rtr * * * p h b h 11f h h a woman :from Ecuador almost Rinse ri1gmold in cold w:ter sol wear sun specs laden with jewels or etched ;11 PL:FERNGS arents w 0 egan er co ec on : e s e ws on y a figuiinecarved from a single t in 1 gold f you #wejer}choosea bathing suit with matching skit four years old are undoubtedly responsble for Mrs John pieceofwood Pour in mixture; se coo t A woman pricing a hat gasped whentold it ws $75 T Shorts collection of more than 300 unusual dolls from scandinavian Dolls place to mold Serve with boiled boldly checked fer:scinatingcolor treatme111here t WhY there isnt anything on that hat! U ce pink$ black orchid and yellow Lying casually over f htsnd all parts of the globe A gay oodfaced Nrwe shrimp se a 1JlayonnalSesau 141 You are paying for the restraint the saleswoman gan dancmg par are brghtly with n1 eniy ot paprika some piece of luggage we eyed a white terry robe go replied quietly Tnefrst dolls Short ever gmal 18th century puppet from costumed Mrs Shorts Danish i trirjzmedmr Bergen informed us that it also comes 1m Americlm acqwrefd no; abot o Si<:ily chimney sweep wears tram Heated hard rol butter and Beauty or aquapour e voyage dont miss Mr Christian Diorr Which brings up the tale of the elder1y woman who years 0 a een esse ; Mrs Shorts olorfu11y cos tional black outfit ligh silk a!beverage plus mmtscomplete heaven scent well} gals Bon Voyage! k t h her gancn:0tberfor asser turned YugoslaVan doll has a hat and carries ladder and rope this luncheon was also shoppino for a hat but the sa esgr ep S owmg who Jvd Denmark When beautiful face of soft chamos Her parents had written t * * her flew types of hendpear which rlidnt su;t at tll that Sster ded the doll was which feels lik human skin D k ki g f h a doll S t H ld Blight Fashion Flash: Pauline Trigeres hand loomed Bert d d ers t t Mr Sh 0 Finally she said Listen wear a corse an raw sen 0 s os SS e7 Shehs a svyeetfacedgerman and enmar it wasmad as n up or sue when none COU S 0 mnda shorts sun dresses and skirts make thir debut inthcs and want a hat to match who bore het glvnnap1e t s doll Wthbralded hbuand trad could b fo d H C t Pointe this week The designs are worls of art AND dig * * * a lovely oldfhione?:doll with itional quiltedptticoatan ex Also P:dd of Denmark onor our the price tags eleven ninetyfive n fourteendinetyfivet!f d H di The first Mrs Richar ar ng D d hands and fet of tld otic Spanisp girls sits on albench is the doll from: the Faro s Exclusively at Marga:et Rices in the Pointe avls was rl mg one lvlrs: Shorts Damsh ancestry strunm;g a mandolin and lands which this Pointerre Boy Scout Troop 703 spon day in a Long sland train when an importantlooking hasdglven d h er ccess to may wearing a fullskirted green ceived when she wasoruy five sored by the Mens Club of the * * * Noman took a seat across the aisle from her Mrs Davis h goo S]lcan t mavantlsoturh<:eshlndress years old;the doli wears the Grosse PointeCengregational Sprightly colors new ideas and materials have made remembered that somewhere she had met the newcomer e co ec mg so!ia seas From All Lands headdress pwiar to the is Church held a court of honor THE difference in modern bathrooms How the charming but she could not recall her name To make the situation qwte a fe examples from More extremes of her coll lands plusa longsleeved brown in the church on J:ulle19 accessories add sparkle and informality Here is fun Think 1 d dd d 1 t d those countres tlon mclude a cheerful Chinese dr t tt ts 0 acutely embarrassing the a y no e p easany an Of Ever Material ess ovrlu p e pe coa n i m pr e s s 1v e ceremomes on this One hundred and sixtyone colors are available said Wont you come sit with me Mrs ;Javis? Her friends Yhave been very er::{ea:tr apr:;e: He<:eeikdMrsi Shot troop advancement inc?luded in: bathroom rugs at the Top 0 The Hill They match Mrs Davis changed her seat and then bean a mentjl good too about picking up un k t th 0 tt d S says S JUS e _e pcures m Life and Eagle Scout awar any brand towel too Any size is available because each struggle to recall the elusive nae Presen tly w hat she usual dlls for her in thei rlan eepau gypsyewoman ram; a nooe colpr f;yu1 reindeer National pants Geograp1 rem:deerlined 1 i; in his given to Lauren Bowler tall rug S Ondividually fwoven to order Monograms can b hoped was a o clue disclosed tself The lady mentloned a travels Now she has dolls elf dress and awakambawarrior b t d b d ape orn Star awardswent 0 en woven in Choose plain or combinations of colors Lid every imaginable size and ma carvd from a single piece of 00 S danth:heaaldc W Rice Brian MW:PhyLawrence l b d d All tw brother t bb h l aroun es 0 ers Luk d Bill B gan covers any Sze or co or can e or ere ow Just 0 Oh yes Your brother Mrs Davis grasped at the straw ena wool sponge corn ru husks er s and e tion woodthejattrin has split ears and tribaltradia head worlds Without smallest doubt jointed one dollsis of the Advanced e an fer weeks for delivery 104 Kercheval on the hill :0 st Class Scouts straw What is he doing now? wood among others tightly boundto lengthen it th Sh t di la t less were Gary OSUSJames D * * Oh hes still President of the United States said After Wo:ld War Mrll A Chinese aildmotlier and ana1friiclif6h::it;ar:ins Giovanni Joe Lam: Jams What will you look for when you go shopping f01 th Mrs Doulas Robinson sister of Theodore Roosevelt Shot explams marry of he a C:hinesepro!essor wear inter and legs thatmovec augner Kenneth tley Wll bride? What will she be looking for in her long range bome o * foregn dolls were mae Wth esttlg expresslonsandare:w:lred C ti M dejs ham Ramsay Br1 Murphy planning? Stainless steel tableware is one thing she ;s SU! i d n 11 t yarn faces or of whatever scraps to xespond with nervousmove A ty r:a 0 d Roger Bowler and Allen Rice to considet Without pampering or houshing new worlj The following eorrect on appeare a sml own the peoplecoullay hands upon ments whenever:the arms are P;c enc a Second class advancements t paper:our paper carried the notic last wee that A small ndan do!! COUplE! tou<:hed Right:afte! sraelde cute Syrln l>eddleato alg were won by Stanley Dolega of carefree living and casual entertai:zment awaits the bride Mr John Jones is a defective in the pobce force ThS was whose faes are of dred apple dared its independence Mrs donkey anoda BUlgarum o Charles Kramer Paul Boulan Here at the Le!gue Shop} 72 Kercheval} the solid Swedish a typographlca error Mrones J S rea 11 y a Uec 3 4 t ve in appear as black as ebony Short pc k edupm N ew y or k whoseoutfitlscompletetopetit G s#:nless:s but:jully f:shed y hal G#ty rold 0 Steven Christian ary_ Php T m Q _T#f: the police farce Another colored mans face was areplica of an sraeli girl hawk J)omt apron a: e }ust afew mor Osi and Roger Bowler fluted oncave and other patterns make it c01nplete limo made from a nut A large;r ill MrSShort s exienslvecollec C try A d CYranolike figure is an ori mg newspapers D ls tion God and Koun th tanlwar s * Among the pupils in a high school chemistry class Famous 0 At the: time of the late wej;egven to enne;: ey W d rf 1 i k h th are was a lad who had a tendency to monopo ize d SCUSSlons S Mrs Short has wonderful George Vs coronatonm Eng James Taugner William Ram all one u dpctrail meups Pha even thmore hill sois wf en turiney Ellz The teacher dec ided that such a troublesome ha b it S h ou d Eag e couts dolls of Churchill Franklin D land m 19<;7 U Mrs: Sliort ae; sey and Ben McClure spec b th Ard y prce flm tal rmacy d mist en e ; Thea lag f _ Roosevelt al?dnap 01 eon by quired a scaled king and queen Merit Badges were awarded a e en SlY cum an y co ogne e regu rive be called to his parents attention On his report card Receive Awards famed French dollmkerravc& doll Theyre a handsome pair to Allen Rice Brian Murphy dollar size s three dollars and fifty cents and the regular she wrote: Allan is a good student but he talks too much Another Co:sic:an pair and:a and Mrs Paul Preuth of Bed Fred Rueger Gary Osus;Ken three dollar size is two dollars 121 KerchevaL Several days later the report was retrned Under French provncalcouple lwe ford road dressed themin full neth Stanley William Bergen * * neath the teachers comment the lads father had added: During Court of Honor cere ing wooden shoesalso Ravcacoronation regalia rmpplete to Lawrence Ll1ke and Lauren This is directed to you the man in walking shorts You should meet his mother ::e3 dpac:;;s:=s have marvelqus exprods ac velvet trains beaded trim BoWler or the slack and sport shirt outfit yes you the * Scout Troop 61 received its an hieved ofel faces covered crowns and sceptors Participating in ceremonies guy who js destined to travel ow would you like the Before go t married had sixtheories about lging b f Wth silktockin The Short doll collectonwere W Edgar Gore nstitu WHEREVER f bin nual charter and a mem er 0 Mr: Sh0rtcontrbuted another makesa fasinating displayfor tiona! Representative Paul L sheer luxury of shaving you are S g up c:hildren Now have six childrenand no ltheories the troop was awardedan Eagle outstanding d?ll when he r allages to VewUn ortmately Kolvoord; Grosse Pointe Com hunting riding flying or relaxing? ts possible with the Lord Rochester badge Mned il;0m southern p_ the dollsare seldom displayed munit Commtssioner arid new Volk Shaver This easytohold item is a noneleetric A Negro P Recipient 6f the badge was yrthahitharedmark rw and spend good ealof the Jerorr7e E: Friesma Comrds nonbattery shaver ts activated by a gyroscopic motor reacher began his sennon by saying: Breth Fred Koteherwho was present m whte smt time packed away m trunks 0 C 1 d p f the 0 d whirrs the cutters (fo blades) ed the award by Bell Kushner Just as Mrs Shorts parents Mr d Mr Sh rt h to Sloner DetrOlt ea ounc] an one u 0 cr ren and sisters here you is co to pray for rain; d The new Eagle Scout is also hoped the doll collection has remedyanthis meaybe/ an Troop Conimittee membrs up to rpm clever eh? Complete with a foam like to ask you just one ueston:here is youmbrellas? junior scoutmaster of the troop stimulated he inteistm;dif appropriate means ofdisp1ay mcludess LYle!udsonwChftlrrubbr shock proof zippered case its tagged at around Young Kokher was awarded feren cotrles ;of the for eaehtune they unpack the man John Ramsey a e twenty five dollars at Kilgore and Hurd 92 Kercheval Although he had just won a new C8! n a lraffle a the honor of opening the cere costumes:are sym:bc)lic like her dolls:and tell their stories again; Kann Leo Luke Frank Taug on the hill Scotsman seemed decidedly glum monies which began the event tauwhitegowned:koreman they realize that the colltion ner Robert Murphy and Web Whats the matter Jock? asked a friend: Color bearers were Scouts Mrs Short explamd tht the has appeai :for awide audience ster Bowler Mon he answered tis this other ticket Why J 0 h n HuebnerChristopher Koreai1S (m; former days at ( b h l Brett Tony Fuger and Dennis ieast) wore whitefor:mourriiig ever oug t t canna magme McCarron with Edmund B a members of the family; and G d Vernier chairman of the Troop famij}esin the:?ld country were A rayad _09 Committee makizig the announ so mtermarred that they cements wound up wearing white most et e Scoutmaster John Dunn pre of the time a lorl tj1tj sented the following awards to Some Are Picturesque member of his troop: Art An Azores pair are unique S k /}J seiderb Star RchoutBadge; in that they are theoilly coutp!e tle tlo Of n llll Hue ner C ard West: Mrs short os :v;hichhas (e rckjorn Housema1 Tony Fu man an entire heali allerth; your shlp J)J) ger and Christopher Brett First his female companionmostare t ame6 evllie Class Badge D Shea Frank ual in height Tneomans Theyrethe ONLY f m J P Kotcher and Wl1ham Campbell heavy;nunlikeback cpekeeps with a pci; 0 Second Class Badge; and John out the heat during the dayand J8chting hoewi:th the MY FAVORTE: VanHorn Tenderfoot Badge: :is colpfortable or the cool famousalit:lolethat B k The Cardinal Eagle Scout KotcheraJsowas night The mas t cap and A OOth Mt Thompson presented three merit badges;:hevy hoespun: st also L Wipeeach footstep u or ; Huebner was gven one; and :tstill1onyto tpechill evel)lgs: dry d Character n a Book Melame SchneiCierreceived one there ; Play Tea House of the August Moon The charter presentation was _South_AXlericandolls:in the _ en whendecu ani Musical Can Can made by Paul Kol:voord;District Short collection ;i:hdud:apic: : oajddg Gentiin H 1 u C 0 Actress : e en Jayes ommlsslonerof lstrct J 3 turesque G uatea an 1 V endb gd Act or Davd Wayne Spiritulil:diiector:otthe 01 Troop carrying:his:comp lete:wares d ;on : 01 ers8r8 M Gone wth the Wind StheRev FrRoqert Roh1man hs back;aloyely China ();: : atwav labeiel ; Moe AK th1 H b assistant pastor OfSt PaUl on also from Guatemala; wearing f OVle ctress a erme ep urn the Lake d ilr netgown and M OVle Actor Spencer Tracy a green:ans ye : TG;SDEl TV Show Tomgt : CANVAS OXfODS :: ) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::S:v;:CH ET SAM PSO N ::: Singer Nat King Cole :kb:ui:;: Magazine Time KenBldWomen Ed d R M atzuin White 01 Commentator war urrow is still accepting app licfltjons for his NavY AlBoJUDlor : Columnist nez Rob b um Na7 t S Th GOgdn Nas We ste rn T01ur J amter r 0Dma am h S Moroug _ Cartoon ennis t e enace :Cartoonist ()iman ROckwell >F0 R G R LS Music Al types Song Have Many Many Favorites y:28 TOTALPRCEz Animal : FQX Terrier thru Seet:1 $38500 person (excluding :family) Clare Booth Luce City < New York This fiveeek 8OOOmlle tour tilizes a fleet of 12: w Vacation Spot Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs W Va Mercury:Station Wagons_and coversthe following :points Jew e 1! Damond of intercest:9 National Parks (Y 0 s emit e Yellowsti>he F lower ; D alsy Mountain Tetons Zion and Bryce;G:and: Wfud lve);hollywoodsan Canyon Mesa Verije Francisco Rocky Perfume Shalimar Salt Lake Citx Las Vegas Colorado SpringsLake Mead Color Light Blu Hoover Dam Petrified Forest Laguna BeachDisneyland Dance _ Latin Anerican Blac&Hills;MtRushrilore; and many others : Hobby New York StockMarket Food : Al Kinds Chet Sampson Tray1 Seice Aversion in ; u 40 nsin ceri ty Diversion ; The State 100 Kercheval lion the hill PhoneTUxedo Ambition To Get to Heaven : $89$: * Have you beard about the CountryCity cousins They are the gay coltonprovincials charmingly done by Alex Colman of California All are in red and white print with fresh lem; nine white rickack accents The dress has ( high square neck line the 111:tnper skirt with the bib top has white COttOli blouse matching full skirts and scooped neckline blousn are in this CountryCity Cousins collection ill MtwglWetRice 76 Kercheval} on the hill Reasonably twued too * * * Summer s long lazy days and nights summer s swim ming and maybe it involves a sentimental journey Summer will be memories and what wonderful ODes if you take pictures Remember you can buy all the color films for your vacation on this comingbangup weekend AND return what you do not use Fair enough? Camera Center n t village * A A good starting point fqro the :luggage Y9U will tote / on your journey begins lit Trail Pharmacy on thehill t could be a cosmetic case fitted with comb brush mirror plastic bottles and plastic lined pockets Find variety in textured and clear vinyl plastics fancytouches big little or medium sizes Theres sure one to fit YOUR needs Travel soaps and flakes are evident on this elegant display of kits Goed for laundering your cottons your undies 121 Kercheval on the hill ; :

The Green Family. By Linda Fluharty, with Leif Green.

The Green Family. By Linda Fluharty, with Leif Green. The Green Family By Linda Fluharty, with Leif Green. Milton A. Green, 23, born in Akron, Ohio, was a resident of Wheeling, West Virginia when he married Jo Ann "Jody" Torbett on October 18, 1952. Jody,

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Poet s Management Team

Poet s Management Team Poet s Management Team Jon McCraw Executive Director Barbara Tudda Director Of Resident Services Ignacio Garcia Director of Plant Operations Toni Jones Programming Manager Angie Esplana Personal Care Manager

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2016 Camp Card Sale Guide

2016 Camp Card Sale Guide 2016 Camp Card Sale Guide A Scout is Thrifty Scouts can earn their own way to all of their summertime Scouting adventures! The Camp Card is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp, a high

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INTERNATIONAL SHIPMASTERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL SHIPMASTERS ASSOCIATION DETROIT LODGE NO. 7 www.detroitlodge7.org TO: Members of Detroit Lodge No. 7 October 22, 2014 This is the first lodge mailing since March, 2014. In the meantime, I

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In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce.

In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce. STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF WINONA DISTRICT COURT THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT In the Matter of the Memorial Services for Mr. Herbert M. Bierce. * * * * The January, 1963 Term of the District Court of Winona

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Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on

Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for. (10) on on it on my way On the day I was on (1) the on the bus In the school by the dog It was the cat. Phrases for 2 nd -3 rd Grade Sight Words (9) for for him for my mom it is for it was for (17) we If we go we can sit we go out Can we go? (2)

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Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes July 11, 2018

Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes July 11, 2018 Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes July 11, 2018 Call to order: By Mary Smith at 9:35 AM. Mary opened the meeting by reviewing the past months activities and thanking Carlajean for teaching the

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SueGB 3-Day Advanced Hands-on Baby Lock Triumph, Ovation and Evolution Serge-A-Thon Retreat! Taught by Sue Green-Baker. A Message from Perry

SueGB 3-Day Advanced Hands-on Baby Lock Triumph, Ovation and Evolution Serge-A-Thon Retreat! Taught by Sue Green-Baker. A Message from Perry Family Owned and Operated since 1956 A Message from Perry The Lord God has blessed my family and I with 62 very satisfying and successful years. I am very thankful for all of you, our customers. I am grateful

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Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes August 1, 2018

Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes August 1, 2018 Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes August 1, 2018 Call to order: By Mary Smith at 9:35 AM. Mary opened the meeting by reviewing the past months activities. Jo Groves taught a wonderful class on

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Greg Rogers: a Banker and City Leader

Greg Rogers: a Banker and City Leader Greg Rogers Greg Rogers: a Banker and City Leader A native of the Midwest, Greg Rogers brought his family to Southern California in the early 1900s. Settling in the small community of Chula Vista before

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Randolph Electric Membership Corporation District Directors

Randolph Electric Membership Corporation District Directors Randolph Electric Membership Corporation District Directors Mr. James Andrews District 1 James Andrews joined Randolph EMC s Board of Directors in 2000. He is a Credentialed Cooperative Director and has

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Club Island. membership info: clubisland.org The Clinton River Boat Club. Members Only. Cliff Cohen Commodore

Club Island. membership info: clubisland.org The Clinton River Boat Club. Members Only.   Cliff Cohen Commodore membership info: clubisland.org The Clinton River Boat Club on est. 1940 Club Island Members Only Latitude 42 33.69 N Longitude 82 40.75 W January 2019 www.clubisland.org Cliff Cohen Commodore Happy New

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SGQG Business Meeting August 11, 2015

SGQG Business Meeting August 11, 2015 SGQG Business Meeting August 11, 2015 The meeting was called to order at 10:07am by Joan Costello, with board members Lannie Staniford, Sandy Wagner, Cookie B. and Debby Sweeten present. Welcome Pledge

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The Board of County Commissioners, Walton County, Florida met in. regular session on Tuesday, February 23, 1993 at 9:00 A.M., in the Commission

The Board of County Commissioners, Walton County, Florida met in. regular session on Tuesday, February 23, 1993 at 9:00 A.M., in the Commission REGULAR MEETING FEBRUARY 23, 1993 The Board of County Commissioners, Walton County, Florida met in regular session on Tuesday, February 23, 1993 at 9:00 A.M., in the Commission Boardroom of the Walton

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REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech.

REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech. REPORTED OR INDIRECT SPEECH Change these orders into indirect speech. 1. Hurry up! he told us. 2. Turn on the light! she said to John. 3. Don't be late tomorrow morning, my mother warned me. 4. Be careful!

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President Stricker called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Clerk Grisco called the roll and the following Trustees answered present:

President Stricker called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Clerk Grisco called the roll and the following Trustees answered present: 03/03/2008 MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE PRESIDENT AND BOARD OF TRUSTEES HELD IN THE COUNCIL ROOM OF THE MATTESON VILLAGE HALL 4900 VILLAGE COMMONS ON THIS 3 rd DAY OF MARCH 2008 President Stricker

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Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes January 3, 2018

Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes January 3, 2018 Quilters Crossing Business Meeting Minutes January 3, 2018 Call to order: By President Pat Anderson at 9:30 am. Please turn cell phones off or to silent mode. Thought for the day Josie McFarlane gave us

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November 6, The Board of Public Works and Safety met in regular session in the Council Chambers on Tuesday November 6, 2018 at 9:00am.

November 6, The Board of Public Works and Safety met in regular session in the Council Chambers on Tuesday November 6, 2018 at 9:00am. November 6, 2018 The Board of Public Works and Safety met in regular session in the Council Chambers on Tuesday November 6, 2018 at 9:00am. Present: Mayor Krentz, Clay Turner and Mitch Feikes Absent: None

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HOLIDAY LUNCHEON (Cont d) THE MILL WHEEL Rotary Club of Mill Valley Founded June 7, 1926 Service Above Self December 18, 2018 Volume 92, Issue #25 http://millvalleyrotary.org District Web Site: www.rotary5150.org HOLIDAY LUNCHEON

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thursday, November 2, 2017 1. Meeting Called to Order MINUTES South Carolina State Board of Funeral Service Board Meeting 10:00 a.m., November 2, 2017 Synergy Business Park 110 Centerview Drive, Kingstree Building Room 108 Columbia,

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Past Chief s of the Westbury F.D.

Past Chief s of the Westbury F.D. Past Chief s of the Westbury F.D. H.A. Berger Chief 1913-1916 Organized the Westbury Hook & Ladder Company No. 1. Was present at the first meeting on March 22, 1897, and was elected Foreman at that meeting.

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President Schupek led the Village Board and attending public in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


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Jasper Georgia Rotary Web:

Jasper Georgia Rotary Web: Jasper Georgia Rotary Web:www.jaspergarotary.org Emai:jaspergarotary@gmail.org February 20, 2017 Events Mardi Gras Party By Steve D. Lawrence 2017-02-20 MARDI GRAS PARTY If you are a Jasper Rotarian and

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HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, :30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on

HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, :30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on HEARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS MEETING MARCH 24, 2009 6:30 P.M. The Heard County Board of Commissioners held a Commissioners Meeting on March 24, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. in the courtroom of the Heard County

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The Search of Klock Ryder

The Search of Klock Ryder Klock W. Ryder, Retired Actor Dies at Residence The Search of Klock Ryder The Times Record Troy, New York Thursday, October 11, 1958 Klock W. Ryder of 534 2nd Ave., a retired actor of radio and stage and

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Cleveland County loses beloved community member

Cleveland County loses beloved community member Cleveland County loses beloved community member Comments 2 Recommend 0 Saturday, Feb 20 2010, 9:29 pm Rebecca Clark Web Feature: Ezra Bridges - Her Visionary Life and Impact (1905-2010) SHELBY When Ezra

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DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan (231) ; (fax)

DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan (231) ; (fax) DAVID B. KORTERING LAW OFFICE 8 West Walton Ave., Suite C Muskegon, Michigan 49440 (231) 747-8022; 747-8032 (fax) March 13, 2015 Ms. Anne Smith Via Facsimile: 517-372-2410 Representative Assembly Awards

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FIRST GRADE FIRST GRADE HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 about Preprimer, Primer or 1 st Grade lists 1 st 100 of again 100 HF words for Grade 1 all am an are as away be been before big black blue boy brown but by came cat come

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COLUMBIA COLLEGE FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING. July 18, 2017 Noon 1:30 pm COLUMBIA COLLEGE FOUNDATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING July 18, 2017 Noon 1:30 pm Location: Columbia College, Manzanita Conference Room Sonora, California Board Members Present: Margie Bulkin, John Freer;

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C IN CHATTER P.O. Box 1837 Broomfield, CO May 2015

C IN CHATTER P.O. Box 1837 Broomfield, CO May 2015 NORTHSIDE COIN CLUB C IN CHATTER P.O. Box 1837 Broomfield, CO 80038-1837 May 2015 Founded in 2001, Member: ANA, CWNA Upcoming Meeting Announcement The monthly Northside Coin Club meeting will be held on

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MEETING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 at 7:00 PM Volume 7, Issue 11 www.mothertownquilters.com September 2014 MEETING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 at 7:00 PM DUES Mary P. Reminder to all guild members who have not paid their dues. Dues are due at the September

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Buford A. Johnson Chapter Newsletter

Buford A. Johnson Chapter Newsletter Buford A. Johnson Chapter Newsletter Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. September Meeting Our September meeting will take place on Saturday, September 12 th at the Visterra Credit Union at 10:00 AM sharp. Please note

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**Holiday Party** and Potluck Bring your favorite dish to share and enjoy with friends

**Holiday Party** and Potluck Bring your favorite dish to share and enjoy with friends nvws.org December 2013 December s Meeting Wednesday, December 11th @ 7:00 pm Mesquite Club 702 E. St. Louis Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 Board Meeting Wed, December 11th @ 5:30pm December s Program **Holiday

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All JANOME Machines 40% & 50% Notions, Books & Patterns 50% off. In-stock, No Financing, No Trade-Ins

All JANOME Machines 40% & 50% Notions, Books & Patterns 50% off. In-stock, No Financing, No Trade-Ins 444 Columbus Road Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 740.397.9450 www.ppqs.net Hours: Monday Friday 10-5pm Saturday 10 3pm Closed Sundays and most holidays Easter- Closed Good Friday Easter Day March & April 2017

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Needle News. A Quilting Retreat. Mary's Quilt Cabin on Lake Cavanaugh. April - June 2011

Needle News. A Quilting Retreat. Mary's Quilt Cabin on Lake Cavanaugh. April - June 2011 The Needle & I Presents Needle News April - June 2011 A Quilting Retreat Mary's Quilt Cabin on Lake Cavanaugh Thursday, May 19 th through Sunday, May 22 nd Cost is $225 plus tax. There s limited space

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Maps and Huntley House Display Case

Maps and Huntley House Display Case Maps and Huntley House Display Case Groveton Celebration - Huntley Page 1 of 12 June 16, 2008 The Map and Huntley Display Case contained maps of the Groveton area from 1760 1965; maps of the Potomac and

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Guide to the Letters from Chan Coulter to his wife and child, World War II

Guide to the Letters from Chan Coulter to his wife and child, World War II Guide to the Letters from Chan Coulter to his wife and child, World War II Gettysburg College, Musselman Library Special Collections & College Archives Processed by Jaclyn Campbell August 2001 MS-031:

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THE RUSHVILLE VILLAGE BOARD MEETING April 9, 2018 DATE: 4/9/18 TIME: 7:00 pm PLACE: The Rushville Village Hall PRESENT: Deputy Mayor Holly Krossber, Trustees: Kimberly Payne, Dave Masters, Mark Fargo, Clerk: Joanne Burley, Deputy Clerk, Leslie Jones,

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Rose Slatten. NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT: Rose Slatten. SOCIAL: Daenette More: Dresden Plates. YOU'VE MADE IT HALF WAY!!!

Rose Slatten. NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT: Rose Slatten. SOCIAL: Daenette More: Dresden Plates. YOU'VE MADE IT HALF WAY!!! Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Patchwork Update JULY 2017 Dedicated to encouraging and broadening quilter creativity, sharing quilting knowledge, exhibiting quilting accomplishments and contributing to the

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SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter.

SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter. Veterans Park Project Photos 22 Oct 2015 SK Garvey is one of the two Brothers who will be honored with a moment of silence at Thursdays meeting (May 19, 2016) of the Jersey Shore Chapter. Below are photos

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Hotline GFWC X-JWC. We Support Our Members

Hotline GFWC X-JWC. We Support Our Members GFWC X-JWC Hotline Editor Carolyn Turbiville Labor Day-September 5 Bunco-September 13 Airport Lunch 11:30 Bunco 12:30 Literary-September 20 7 p.m. in reading right corner at the back of Barnes and Noble

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YOUR TICKET TO EVERYWHERE! Nov 27 Dec St. Philip the Apostle presents the 2017 Book Fair READING YOUR TICKET TO EVERYWHERE Nov 27 Dec 3 2017 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday Opening Night / 6pm 8pm Donuts with Dad / 7:30am 4pm

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IMPRESSIONS JANUARY DEMO ARTIST NEWSLETTER OF THE ARKANSAS LEAGUE OF ARTISTS IMPRESSIONS NEWSLETTER OF THE ARKANSAS LEAGUE OF ARTISTS JANUARY DEMO ARTIST Clarence Cash was the demonstration artist for our January Meeting. We were all excited to meet many of his friends and family

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The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016 The Minutes of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission Tuesday, September 13, 2016 I. Call meeting to order A meeting of the City of Ocean Springs Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman

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M E M O R A N D U M. Tampa Connection Class and Board Members. Brian Holliday, Erin McKenny, Rick Garrett, and Amanda Edwards

M E M O R A N D U M. Tampa Connection Class and Board Members. Brian Holliday, Erin McKenny, Rick Garrett, and Amanda Edwards M E M O R A N D U M TO: FROM: Tampa Connection Class and Board Members Brian Holliday, Erin McKenny, Rick Garrett, and Amanda Edwards DATE: February 17, 2016 SUBJECT: Government Breakfast Program On Tuesday,

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MINUTES LENOIR COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS. March 17, 2014 MINUTES LENOIR COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS March 17, 2014 The Lenoir County Board of Commissioners met in open session at 4 p.m. on Monday, March 17, 2014, in the Board of Commissioners Main Meeting

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RICHMOND COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS. January 10, 2013 MINUTES RICHMOND COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS January 10, 2013 MINUTES At a regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors for Richmond County, Virginia, held on the 10th day of January 2013 thereof in the Public

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PATRICIA SNYDER ADAMETZ 2015 PATRICIA SNYDER ADAMETZ 2015 I am Patricia Snyder Adametz. Please call me Pat. My great grandparents were Richard P. and Molly (Mary) Cleary Corbett. Molly was the daughter of Michael & Sarah Murphy Cleary.

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Howard: I m going to ask you, just about what s happening in your life just now. What are you working at?

Howard: I m going to ask you, just about what s happening in your life just now. What are you working at? Mental Health: Lennox Castle Life after Lennox I m going to ask you, just about what s happening in your life just now. What are you working at? I m working in Royston. What s Royston? A computer class

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Charles Clark. From Rags to Riches

Charles Clark. From Rags to Riches Charles Clark From Rags to Riches Biography written by: Becky Marburger Education Specialist Wisconsin Public Television Education A special thank you to the following for assisting with this project:

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Edward Patterson Ted Riley ( )

Edward Patterson Ted Riley ( ) South Carolina Political Collections University of South Carolina Edward Patterson Ted Riley (1900-1994) Papers, 1923-1979 Volume: Processed: Provenance: Citation Form: Copyright: 2.5 linear feet 1993,

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Perch Point conservation club

Perch Point conservation club Perch Point conservation club JULY 2018 Hello Members! Not much on my end this month. Just a few reminders. We have some raffles that could use some support. Our septic field has been approved through

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August 9-13, 2017 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2017 Plein Air event!

August 9-13, 2017 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2017 Plein Air event! August 9-13, 2017 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2017 Plein Air event! Come and be a part of our plein air event - pull out your paint, pastels or pencils and set up an easel in the beautiful

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THE HORSESHOE DANCE HALL IN SUDBURY THE HORSESHOE DANCE HALL IN SUDBURY THE PAVILION DANCE HALL ON LAKE HORTONIA Gene Preseau and others in the Preseau family were involved at the Pavilion Dance Hall on Lake Hortonia on Walkers Grove Road

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Rose Slatten. REMINDERS Next Board Meeting at Rose Slatten s home June 26 at 6:30 p.m. Please call Rose for directions.

Rose Slatten. REMINDERS Next Board Meeting at Rose Slatten s home June 26 at 6:30 p.m. Please call Rose for directions. Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Patchwork Update JUNE 2017 Dedicated to encouraging and broadening quilter creativity, sharing quilting knowledge, exhibiting quilting accomplishments and contributing to the

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Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery

Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery Shelbyville s Big Red House On The Hill History and Mystery By Ron Povinelli According to a daughter of the Stine family, who grew up in our home in the 1950s, the big red brick home on the hill across

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Famous First Ladies. Visit for thousands of books and materials.

Famous First Ladies.   Visit   for thousands of books and materials. Famous First Ladies A Reading A Z Level Q Leveled Reader Word Count: 837 LEVELED READER Q Written by Linda Johns Visit www.readinga-z.com for thousands of books and materials. www.readinga-z.com Famous

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Featuring Author Bryan Miller

Featuring Author Bryan Miller Wednesday, Sept. 14th 9:00am Kick Off Session Featuring Author Bryan Miller 10:15am 11:30am 2:00pm To be determined Lunch and Keynote Address Featuring Political Strategist Michael Murphy Special Remarks:

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August 8-12, 2018 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2018 Plein Air event!

August 8-12, 2018 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2018 Plein Air event! August 8-12, 2018 Welcome to the Art League of Ocean City s 2018 Plein Air event! Come and be a part of our plein air event - pull out your paint, pastels or pencils and set up an easel in the beautiful

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The South Ponte Vedra News

The South Ponte Vedra News The South Ponte Vedra News July 2018 News Editor: Diane Henn dbpastore@bellsouth.net MONTHLY HAPPENINGS Monthly Social 2 nd Friday, 6:00-8:30 PM Bridge Thursdays, 6:30 PM (rmhinton@bellsouth.net) Exercise

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COUNTRY NOTES AGENDA NOTES FROM THE PRESIDENT. Country Patchwork Quilt Guild P. O. Box Marshall, MO quilters.

COUNTRY NOTES AGENDA NOTES FROM THE PRESIDENT. Country Patchwork Quilt Guild P. O. Box Marshall, MO quilters. COUNTRY NOTES Country Patchwork Quilt Guild P. O. Box 365-----Marshall, MO 65340 www.countrypatchwork quilters.com January 2016 Volume 27 Issue 1 AGENDA For Tuesday, January 12, 2016 8:30 The building

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October Newsletter 2014

October Newsletter 2014 October Newsletter 2014 Page 2 A Note from the General Manager: Find your Member # hidden somewhere in this Newsletter and win a prize!! What a great summer it s been with lots of activities and tremendous

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Michael D. Sapraicone President Brian W. Fagan Vice President John DelGiudice - Trustee Linda Hurley Trustee. Richard G.

Michael D. Sapraicone President Brian W. Fagan Vice President John DelGiudice - Trustee Linda Hurley Trustee. Richard G. AUGUST 20, 2009 PAGE 1 A Special Meeting of the Board of Education, Seaford Union Free School District, was held on Thursday, August 20, 2009, in the Board of Education Conference Room located in the Seaford

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Commander s Message. Cordially, Mike Petro, P Commander

Commander s Message. Cordially, Mike Petro, P Commander Volume 35 No.3 March 2009 Commander s Message Here it is, almost Spring, and I m sure that you are looking forward to Summer and getting back on the water as much as we are. It s been an unusual winter

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Go For Goal. Easy Play Rehearsal Score (Grade 2/3 Standard) by Gawen Robinson 1/131113

Go For Goal. Easy Play Rehearsal Score (Grade 2/3 Standard) by Gawen Robinson 1/131113 o or oal Easy Play Rehearsal Score (rade 2/3 Standard) by awen Robinson 1/131113 Published by Musicline Publications P.O. Box 15632 Tamworth Staffordshire B77 5BY 01827 281 431 www.musiclinedirect.com

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Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message. Pat Miles for Congress

Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message. Pat Miles for Congress Rita LaMoreaux Patrick Miles Jr. Announces Congressional Run in MI-3 1 message Pat Miles for Congress To: info@mirsnews.com Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 9:14 AM Pat Miles

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MINUTES BEER BOARD MEETING MAY 20, 2016 MINUTES BEER BOARD MEETING MAY 20, 2016 The City of Jackson (TN) Beer Board met at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, May 20, 2016, in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. Board member Charles Pepper Bray was present.

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Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Patchwork Update AUGUST 2018

Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Patchwork Update AUGUST 2018 Cheyenne Heritage Quilters Patchwork Update AUGUST 2018 Dedicated to encouraging and broadening quilter creativity, sharing quilting knowledge, exhibiting quilting accomplishments and contributing to the

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OPENING COMMENTS BY GUILD PRESIDENT: MVQ April 2017 M VQ New sletter Minutes Submitted by Effie Carr & Peni Christianson Missouri Valley Quilters Guild Meeting Minutes Thursday, March 16, 2017 DelRae Martin, Guild President, opened the meeting.

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2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 9 월모의평가듣기대본

2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 9 월모의평가듣기대본 2008 학년도대학수학능력시험 9 월모의평가듣기대본 W: OK. Now we re ready to design the front page of our class newsletter. M: Right. Where do you want to put the title? W: Well, it needs to be clear to draw readers attention.

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BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING JANUARY 16, 2019 BOARD OF EDUCATION REGULAR MEETING JANUARY 16, 2019 ROLL CALL The Board of Education of North Greene Unit District No. 3, Greene and AND RECOGNITION Scott Counties, Illinois, met in regular session on

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The University of Toledo Archives Manuscript Collection

The University of Toledo Archives Manuscript Collection The University of Toledo Archives Manuscript Collection Finding Aid Papers, 1927 to 1972 UM 48 Size: 3 linear feet Provenance:, 1969 Access: Open Related Collections: Click here to enter text. Processing

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James Luxon Ellis ( )

James Luxon Ellis ( ) James Luxon Ellis (1842 1899) James Luxon Ellis was born August 24 th 1842 to James Ellis 1 and Mary Ann Luxon 2 in Stenalees St. Austell parish, Cornwall England. James was baptized March 5 th 1843, while

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Maryland Judicial Council 2015

Maryland Judicial Council 2015 Maryland Judicial Council 2015 Honorable Mary Ellen Barbera, Chair Chief Judge, Court of Appeals Judicial Center 50 Maryland Avenue Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: (240) 777-9320 mary.ellen.barbera@mdcourts.gov

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Chairperson Jean Humpherys welcomed everyone. A special welcome was extended to Abby Payne from the Tremonton City Youth Council.

Chairperson Jean Humpherys welcomed everyone. A special welcome was extended to Abby Payne from the Tremonton City Youth Council. TREMONTON CITY LIBRARY BOARD MEETING January 18, 2012 Members Present: Kim Griffiths, Library Director Diana Doutre, City Council Rep. Jean Humpherys, Chairperson Daniel Francom, Vice Chair Brandy Greer,

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RECENT PHOTOS: May 25, 2017

RECENT PHOTOS: May 25, 2017 RECENT PHOTOS: May 25, 2017 The Sea Isle City Police Department s Class II Police Officers recently took the oath of office each is a recent graduate of the Cape May County Police Academy Special Law Enforcement

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VILLAS AT JEFFERSON POINTE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION VILLAS AT JEFFERSON POINTE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION Board Meeting Minutes August 29, 2016 Cull to_ Order The meeting was called to order by Vice President, Pat Wardlaw at 7:00 P.M. Attendance Board Members

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MARCH 7, The invocation was given by Reverend Leland Nelson from Calvary Baptist Church.

MARCH 7, The invocation was given by Reverend Leland Nelson from Calvary Baptist Church. MARCH 7, 2016 The regular Council meeting was held at the M.S. Bailey Municipal Center at 6:00 PM with Mayor Bob McLean presiding with Councilmembers Byrd, Cook, Jenkins, Kuykendall, Scarborough, and Young.

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Newsletter: May Meeting Update:

Newsletter: May Meeting Update: Meeting Update: Newsletter: May 2017 For our May 2 meeting, we took a field trip to the Innovation Hub in North Little Rock s Argenta neighborhood. We were treated to a presentation and tour of the facility

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Each submission should be 3 x 7 (see template to the right) and marked with the student s name and grade

Each submission should be 3 x 7 (see template to the right) and marked with the student s name and grade St. Philip the Apostle 2017 Book Fair Bookmark CONTEST TRAVEL TO BOOK LAND Design a bookmark for any real or imaginary land from your favorite book Three winners will be chosen: one each from K 2nd, 3rd

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Przesłuchania do chóru "Muzyka zespołu Queen symfonicznie" TENOR

Przesłuchania do chóru Muzyka zespołu Queen symfonicznie TENOR Sorano Alto Tenor Bass "Somebody to Love" Przesłuchania do chóru "Muzyka zesołu Queen symonicznie" b b TENOR Can a ny bo dy ind me some bo dy to love "Bohemian Rhasody" 6 bb n b r n Is this the real lie

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Fairfield Coin Club MONEYGRAM NEWSLETTER February 2017

Fairfield Coin Club MONEYGRAM NEWSLETTER February 2017 Fairfield Coin Club MONEYGRAM NEWSLETTER February 2017 A.N.A. / C.S.N.A. / N.C.N.A. P.O. Box 944 Fairfield CA 94533 Editor email: movieman8@comcast.net www.solanocoinclubs.com Monthly Meeting Dates Social

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DISTRICT 504 VOLUME LIV, No. 17 April 17, 2018, Page 58

DISTRICT 504 VOLUME LIV, No. 17 April 17, 2018, Page 58 April 17, 2018, Page 58 CALL TO ORDER/ROLL CALL Vice Chairwoman Donna Peluso called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees to order in the Boardroom at 6:54 p.m. Following the Pledge of Allegiance,

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Judge Patricia L. West

Judge Patricia L. West Judge Patricia L. West Career History Chief Deputy Attorney General Office of the Attorney General, Richmond, Virginia 2012 -Present Oversee the legal and administrative operations of the Commonwealth's

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Healthy Pets Healthy Families Calendar

Healthy Pets Healthy Families Calendar Healthy Pets Healthy Families Calendar Welcome to the Healthy Pets, Healthy Families 2017 Calendar! This calendar was made to help you stay healthy and have fun doing it. Each month, there are fun activities

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