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2 2016 Fringe Contents Theatre 156 Comedy 189 Physical Theatre 217 Dance 223 Family Fare 233 Illusion 239 Poetry 240 Performance/Public Art 242 Cabaret /Music Theatre 243 The Festival organisers have made every effort to ensure that everything printed in this publication is accurate. However, mistakes and changes do occur, and we do not accept any responsibility for them or for any inaccuracies or misinformation within advertisements. Artists provide images, logos, text and advertisements and we accept no responsibility for the quality of reproduction in this publication. Pick up the FESTIVAL POCKET PLANNER for up-to-date info on all Festival events cancellations, new shows, additional performances, changes and amendments. Classical/Recital 249 Contemporary Music 251 Film 258 Spiritfest 259 Visual Art 261 Key to Fringe Listings Title of production Presenting company Production image AFRICAN RHYTHMS Thabisong Youth Club African Rhythms is a vibrant music and dance show where you explore the beauty and origin of the African beat and African movements through dance and music. Director: Mbali Shezi Choreography: Dumisani Thusi ~ Age recommendation ALL = All ages PG = Parental guidance 16/13+ etc. = Ages 16/13 & above and reason for recommendation: S = Sex; V = Violence; L = Language; P = Prejudice; M = Mature themes Ad = Adults only NFC = Not for very young children Show # Duration! Predominant Hall # 1h10! SA lang $ Tickets 50% 17: :30 16:00 14: Description of production Credits Performance schedule Discounted or Free Fringe Indicates that the performers have signed up for the Discounted Fringe Festival which means that their first performance on the Fringe is discounted by the amount shown or is completely FREE! Indicates productions that are offering a Buy-One-Get-One Free discount on certain performances. $ Ticket prices R60 (Full) / R54 (Concession) / R51 (Block Booking) Concession price includes Learners, Students, and Pensioners 50% Fringe All Fringe performances on 10 July are half the full ticket price!

3 156 (THE) LAST SUPPER Leftfoot Productions ~ 18+ MLNP Starring Teri Scott and Ignatius van Heerden, (the) Last Supper takes a powerfully graphic, sometimes even horrific, and candid inside look at the journey of Queeny, a victim of sexual abuse, and the ramifications of an abuser s actions on the town folk and society at large. Based on the book by Pinto Ferreira. Director: Lihan Pretorius Writer: Weslee Swain Lauder Choreography: Ignatius van Heerden Music soundtrack by: Magdalene Festival Centre # 50m! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 14:30 14:00 18: % #AFTERMARIKANA Anele Penny and Xabiso Zweni ProDaxion ~ 10+ NFC When all is lost after the Marikana massacre, all eyes are glued on to the Farlam Commission report and its findings. Marvelous was one of the surviving miners about to testify against the Government Police. He dies a mysterious death in his shack at Enkanini. His family now searches for answers, what truth did this man know, who Killed Marvelous? Writer / Director: Xabiso Zweni Choreography: Mandilakhe Gwashu Featuring: Olwethu Mdala, Anele Penny, Khanyisa Sigwanda and Mandilakhe Front # 1h! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 18:00 25% 22: :00 10 DAYS IN A SHEBEEN Umsindo Theatre projects ~ 14+ MLV NFC Set in a shebeen somewhere in Umlazi township, a shebeen queen narrates the story, which revolves around a young boy who plans to rob his father together with his friends. A father who left him, a father who never did anything for their family, a rich father. They succeed in breaking into his safe but kill him in the process. In the shebeen they are scared, fear rules them, they drown themselves in alcohol, spending the blood money; conflict and greed make them kill. The story is told through powerful monologue and images play a pivotal role. Wrtten & directed by: Musawenkosi and Bongumusa Shabalala Featuring: Kwenza Ngcobo, Buhle Nkomo, Xolani Simelane, Nomusa # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 18:30 20:00 12:00 12:30 22: % 1976 MUSICAL Wushwini Arts Culture and Heritage Centre ~ PG V A powerful celebration of South African youth, tracing from 1976 to date, a journey told through song, dance, hip hop, poetry and multimedia, a reflection of the past, an interrogation of the present, and hope for the future. This is the story of the young boy who has to go to the mountain in order to be a man, he begins to question the issues and the responsibilities of being a young person in this country. Writer / Director: Jerry Pooe Choreography: Musa Hlatshwayo Music performed by: Sandile s Band Featuring: Musawenkosi Shabalala, Xolani Henema, Bongumusa Shabalala, and Silverfox # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 12:00 18:30 22:00 20:

4 157

5 158 ACTRESSES: AN ADAPTATION OF CHEKOV S THE SEAGULL Black Hole Collective ~ 14+ MVS NFC Using the classic text of The Seagull, Black Hole Collective explores performance and performing gender. Three actresses pick apart Chekhov s creative constraints and reimagine his boundaries in an unpredictably intimate, ruthless search of soul and self worth. Lift our curtain, find your light and witness the songs of our soaring starlet. Director: Rachel Shull Writer: Anton Chekov Music composed & performed by: Mathew Bazulka Featuring: Gabriel Meltz, Rachel Shull and Mathew Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 15:00 13:00 17:00 12: AFTER ALL Newcastle Arts Development Organisation The past always has a way to uncover itself, no matter how deep it s been buried. Mostly it waits till you are most comfortable, then it strikes! This tragedy drama takes you down thoroughfares of secrets, hatred, scheming and conspiracy. With powerful acting and heart-stopping twists that will leave you breath-taken. You won t even sigh when you realise how evil sweet revenge can be. Writer / Director: Phelelani Mzimela Featuring: Velaphi Mthimkhulu, Lindelani Buthelezi, Samkelisiwe Khumalo and Sindisiwe Kerk Hall # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 18:30 14:00 22:30 18: AGONY Thistle Productions ~ ADULTS M A daring and disturbing play on loneliness. A man who lives on the edge of society, whose solace is with cats and opera. A victim of a male gang rape and about to be evicted from his only place of refuge, he relives his past life whilst facing an uncertain future. Director: Douglas Thistlewhite Writers: Douglas Thistlewhite & Greg Melvill-Smith Featuring: Greg Melvill-Smith Puppetry: Jenni-lee # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 22:00 21:00 18: % ASAZI Mnqobi LM Arts Company The play takes place in the desert where we see the old man and his grandchild taking a journey to nowhere. The old man got tired of living in a place where every being is corrupted. Because of his deeds, one might say that he is a typical old man however, when looking closer at the circumstances of our universe political, human consciousness, African and humanity one can understand why an old man has that typical mind. Writer / Director: Mnqobi L Msimanga Music: Hans Zimmer Featuring: Anele Nene & Mnqobi Back # 45m! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 16: :00 14:00 18:00 20:

6 159 BE A BETTER DOG African Tree Productions The play is set in the timeless world of heavenly life. In this world every man, animal or species is given an opportunity to speak about their worlds, their lives and what they experienced. In this case we tell the story of a dog. A story that runs the course of the dog s life, from the very beginning, through the ups and downs, and how it adapted to the transitions that made up its roller coaster ride. Directed & performed by: Seiphemo Alex Motswiri Written by: Ikaneng Kerk Hall # 1h! Eng, Tsw, Zul $ Tickets 20:30 12:30 14:30 20: THE BEST OF GAUTENG: SHATTERED DREAM Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation Shattered Dream is about a young girl (Morwesi) who had a dream of becoming someone in life. But she made friends with bad company, and was introduced to drugs and a life of dating old rich men. Morwesi found herself charged with murder for the killing of her boyfriend. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison her dream was shattered. Director: Dipuo Rooi Writer: Morwesi Theledi Choreography: Ashley Mabitsela Featuring: Karabo Nyauza, Dikeledi Motaung, Thoko Back # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 16:00 20:00 16:00 12: BLACK DOG-WHITE CAT The Troupe ~ 18+ MLVP NFC This is a journey in two parts; the first follows the lives of two actors as they grapple with the underlying themes of a dramatic play. The second act is a comedic exploration of the teaching profession. This production company has, to date, received a total of 14 Namibian Film and Theatre nominations, winning three. Writer / Director: Blessing Mbonambi Featuring: Junelle Stroh & Blessing Front # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 20:00 18: BOY NTULIKAZI Kwethu Productions ~ 12+ M V NFC This play argues the notion of Ubuntu, which is pivotal in justification of socio-behaviours. Boy Ntulikazi delves into challenges that determine the way individuals reflect on the world around them. It also probes issues of crime, which is the biggest challenge worldwide. The play alerts society to the ramifications of indiscretions in life. Just imagine an ideal world with no hunger for power, no crime or any issues, concerns or care for generations to come that is what this play is about. Director: Kagiso Tsimakwane Writer: Thobani Nzuza & Kagiso Tsimakwane Music: Thobani Nzuza Performed by: Xolani Khowa Lighting Designer: Nkosingiphile Dlamini Stage Manager: Soyiso # 45m! Eng, SA languages $ Tickets 20:30 16:00 12:00 14:30 18: BREAKING THE WALL Nicolas Hughes, Francis Mennigke, Musa Shozi ~ 16+ L This hilarious comedy tells the story of two cellmates as they dare to escape their fate in prison. A plan, 10 years in the making, is set in motion as they attempt to take back their freedom in this wild and wacky postmodern physical comedy. Elements of slapstick and stand-up are woven into a piece inspired by comedy teams such as Laurel and Hardy, the Three Stooges, Monty Python, the Goons and the Bucklands... And probably what goes on in Trevor Noah s head. Director: Nicolas Hughes Featuring: Francis Mennigke and Musa Kerk Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 12:30 16:30 20:30 16:00 14: BRENT A MOBILE THRILLER VNA Productions ~ 18+ PLNV (NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS) From multi award-winning director and designer, Quintin Wils, comes his latest production in the extremely popular Mobile Thriller series. In brent A Mobile Thriller audiences will literally be taken on a journey through the streets of Grahamstown where they will be confronted with characters who believe in conversion therapy for gay people. Get ready to be part of the sold-out award-winning phenomenon which has been described as...the most thrilling immersive theatre production ever experienced in South Africa! Directed, designed and conceptualised by: Quintin Wils Writer: Herman Vorster Produced by: Vianney Henry Farmer for VNA Productions Featuring: Vianney Henry Farmer and Herman Outside Rhodes Theatre # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:30 18:30 20:

7 160

8 161 Director: Soraya Adams CALABASH CHILDREN Bethvale Drama Group A Tanzanian folktale with great, comical inserts. Mulima, a childless widow, prays to the Mountain Spirit for children. One magical morning, she finds her hut spotlessly clean. That night Mulima decides to feign sleep to discover the truth. Magically the 6 empty calabashes at her hearth turn into 6 beautiful children. Cook, Clean, Sweep... they chant as they do all the chores. Mulima calls them her Calabash Children but she starts beating them Hall # 1h! Eng, Tanz, Afr $ Tickets 16:00 19:00 12: CALLUSSES Sakhisizwe Edutainment Productions ~ 12+ NFC The amount of hatred in our country is the reason behind our lack of development. We still have lots of racism, tribalism and xenophobia, which we keep on denying and it s killing prosperity. We need to admit that we have a problem. Writer / Director: Sizwe Mcaka Featuring: Samkelo Nkabi, Melta Mthethwa and Lebeko Festival Centre # 45m! Eng, Zul, Xho $ Tickets 14:00 16:00 17:30 12:00 19:30 11:30 19: Featuring: Tony Miyambo CENOTAPH OF DAN WA MORIRI Wits Theatre Cenotaph of Dan wa Moriri is a poignant intimate story about a young man attempting to locate and preserve the memory of his father who has died. As he reconstructs his memories of his beloved father, a hairdresser, the audience too travels this road of remembrance that is funny, witty, clever and quintessentially human. Director: Gerard Bester Writer: Tony Miyambo and Gerard Bester in collaboration with William Andrew s Hall # 1h! Eng, Sotho $ Tickets 12:00 20:30 12:00 22:30 16: % CHAPTER 2 SECTION 9 Sibikwa Arts Centre ~ 14+ LSP Sixty years since the women s march to Pretoria against pass laws and discrimination and, despite our progressive constitution, women are still not guaranteed protection from bias on the basis of sexual orientation. 5 actors and a musician share real stories unravelling the hidden realities of lesbian women in South Africa. Writer / Director: Phyllis # 1h20! Eng, SA languages $ Tickets 20:30 11:30 18:00 11: CHEERS TO SARAJEVO Cheers to Sarajevo ~ 16+ MLVS On a visit to Johannesburg, British film-maker Pascale Lamche, involved in making a documentary about the siege of Sarajevo, publicly expressed her pleasant surprise at the realism of the individual portrayals and originality of this production in its entirety. This show has just returned from its international premiere in Austria! Director: Lidija Marelic Writers: Aimee Goldsmith & Lidija Marelic Featuring: Charlie Bouguenon, Miles Petzer, Julian Kruger & Aimee s # 1h30! Eng, Bosnian $ Tickets 18:00 20:00 14:00 22:

9 162

10 163 CLUES ON THE SAND Galeshewe Theatre Organisation Clues on the Sand is the story of an old San man (Bushman) of about 74yrs, Oom Andries, who has gone through many tragedies in his life, central of which was the loss of a son, a loss which he blames himself for. As a result, this has caused him to lose faith in himself and the ancient ways of his people. Writer / Director: Moagi Modise Choreography: Monwabisi Bangiwe Music composed & performed by: Joe Ntsako Makhanza Featuring: Sello Motloung, Madge Kola, Katlego Khunou and Fatima Andrew s Hall # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 18:00 12: :30 COAT OF MANY COLOURS Dinaledi Dramatic Arts Coat of Many Colours is a heart-rending and inspirational story told by four compelling performers. Set against the backdrop of squalor, heartache and Dolly Parton s hit songs, it tells the story of a teenage girl raised by a single mother amid pain and tribulation. Told with tongue-incheek the play tries to reconnect an absent father with a rebellious but inquisitive daughter. It s deftly written and directed with precision and promises to be one of the evergreen stories to emerge locally. Director: Martin Koboekae Writers: Martin Koboekae & Daniel Mooi Featuring: Daniel Mooi, Khanyisile Vilakazi, Nontobeko Mavundla & Palesa Festival Centre # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 19:30 19:30 18:30 20:30 16:00 13: % COCK Matt Newman ~ 16+ ML Unhappy in his relationship, John wants out. Or maybe just some time out? A break from his boyfriend for a few weeks. Or maybe months? Actually, the whole problem is John doesn t know what he wants. But the last thing he expects, is to fall in love with a woman. A theatrical gem Cape Argus. Engaging, eloquent and unique WhatsoninCapeTown. Director: Paul Griffiths Writer: Mike Bartlett Featuring: Francis Chouler, Matt Newman, Melissa Haiden & James s # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 14:00 16:00 22:30 18:00 12: CONFESSION Lesedi African Theatre Production Confession is the story of a police detective who is known to be fast and brutal in making hard-core criminals confess. He is married to his second wife who takes care of him. He bent the rules in the past, now it is his time to confess. Director: Shadrack Kgosiagae Writer: Ernest Front # 1h! Eng, Tsw $ Tickets 18: :00

11 164 CONFESSIONS OF A STUDENT Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M When reality threatens to ruin your dreams, only determination and focus can save the day. A student from a poor family is faced with difficult choices when NSFAS didn t pay her final year of studies. She vows to complete her qualification by all means necessary, but at what cost?. Writer / Director: Mashupe Arena # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 20:30 16: Director: Nelsen Mokoena CONVERSATION WITH MYSELF Youth In Trust ~ PG This play is about a struggling writer (Parker, 45 years old) trying to get noticed as an author. He has insomnia and takes medication for it, but it turns out that the aftereffects of the pills cause him to develop a second personality Ezekiel (50). Ezekiel is an intelligent, hard-core writer who wants to get his writings established through Parker. But Parker is against that, because he knows that Ezekiel s writings are Andrew s Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 22: CREATING MINDS (A JOURNEY TO DISCOVER) Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M A group of mentally upset people are contesting for a position in human minds, they go through the main problem in human life which is Female + Male = confusion because when states are in confusion there will be faithful servants, relatives fall out with one another, there will be liable duty and love, and when cleverness and knowledge arise, great lies will flourish. Director: Nelson Room # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 15:00 17:00 15:00 17: CREATURE Man in the Moon Productions ~ PG NFC Creature is set on a street corner in inner city Johannesburg. Three precocious larval characters emerge from the dirt to face the noise and movement of the city. They must quickly acquaint themselves with the inner workings of the streets or suffer being swallowed by the beastly City of Gold. Director: Feeya Asmal Featuring: Kirsten Stewart & Neo Front # 45m! Non-Verbal $ Tickets 14:00 22:00 14: % DANGLED ExploSIV Productions ~ 12+ M L Rob van Vuuren teams up with a team of multi awardwinning collaborators to bring a brand new one man theatrical tour-de-force to the festival. A howling descent into madness. Written by & featuring: Rob van Vuuren DEATH POSTPONED Isomer Creative Arts Space NPC A freedom fighter returns to South Africa in 1992 with both arms missing, blind and hard of hearing. Rejected by his family, he finds a new family. He gets compensation from the government and the old family members return. Is it for the money? The new family, are they holding on to him for money? He wonders why he did not die in Angola in 1982, one and for all. Can he find out why his death got postponed? Written & directed by: Sonwabile Arena # 1h05! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 22:30 12:00 16: % DEATH S REJECT Rising Phoenix ~ 10+ L Hazel isn t very good at living, so she tries something different. Instead of finding the peace she so desperately seeks she is caught in a place between this world and the next, where smart-talking and quick-witted Death, is anything but ordinary. Hazel realises she s not that good at dying either. Director: Oriela van der Walt Writer: Josie Pelzer Featuring: Josie Pelzer, Graham Shirley and Oriela van der # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 50% 12:00 13:30 20:30 18: DENUDED THOUGHTS Nkosingiphile Dlamini ~ 14+ M Denuded Thoughts is a two hander that explores the theme of hypocrisy and how society puts their faith in people who are bound to betray us. People who show the face that they feel is right to have their egos boosted or pockets fed. It follows the story of a man who takes the place of his twin brother who was a therapist. He had killed him for impregnating the love of his life. He counsels a family, which consists of a dirty, cheating pastor; a selfish gay brother; a gangster who is offered a deal to expose the criminal actions of the therapist, and a mother who is naive and scared to live her own life. Director: Nkosingiphile Dlamini Writer: Wanda Zuma & Samantha Tobela Featuring: Wanda Zuma & Sandile # 55m! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 12:00 16:00 14:00 14: % DIE GLAS ENNIE DRAAD Artscape ~ 14+ L Based on a true story from one of South Africa s most notorious ganglands, Marlin is an active gang leader of over 3000 men and has recently survived an assassination. We journey into the mind of violence and abuse as Marlin reveals his life-story to die kopdoktor, Rob. From the offset it is evident to Rob that Marlin is suffering from mental and emotional instability. As the situation becomes increasingly more volatile our grasp of the monster and the man becomes blurred. Will Rob be able to leave unchanged or will he pay with his life? Director: Sandra Temmingh Writer: Daniel Mpilo Richards and Gantane Kusch Music composition: Phillip Glass Featuring: Daniel Mpilo # 1h10! Afr, Eng $ Tickets 18:00 20:30 09:00 20:30 20: Andrew s Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 20:30 12:00 20:30 22:30 12:00 12:

12 Directed, Designed & Conceptualized by Quintin Wils Written by Herman Vorster With Herman Vorster & Vianney Henry Farmer 165

13 166

14 167 DIRTY, BLOOD MONEY Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M A young girl fights to keep her brother alive after losing both parents and ends up making sacrifices that come back and haunt her. Director: Green Mondlane EMKHATHINI Alexandra Youth In Action Ensemble Powerful spirit beings are in control, but his family is in denial... And with both ancestors there s even more trouble. Director: Bongani Dlamini Writer: Nhanhla Mazibuko Choreographer: Sipho Mqotsha Music: Sanele Arena # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 22: DRACULA Andrew Simpson Productions ~ PG LP The show to see in 2016! Simpson (Ghost Story) and Maher (The Rocky Horror Show) lead an all-star cast in this brand new gothic fairy tale. Two worlds divided. A devil s pact. A mysterious killer. And a hunt for the King of the Underworld - Dracula. Haunting, captivating and riveting! Writer: Andrew Simpson Featuring: Andrew Simpson, Dominique Maher & Alastair Museum of Theatre # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 17:00 18:30 20:00 14:30 12:00 14:30 18:00 14:30 16: DRAGGING 30 Page to Stage Productions ~ PG NFC Critics called it fun with a capital F and audiences flocked! This hilariously camp coming-of-age musical comedy will thrill you, no matter which side of 30 you re on. From catchy tunes, like Dear Future Husband and Born This Way, to glittering costumes, both witty and sexy, you ll be screaming for more. Director: Luke Ellenbogen Written & choreographed by: Genna Galloway & Natasha van der Merwe Featuring: Genna Galloway, Natasha van der Merwe and Shenay O s # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 22:30 14:00 20:00 18:00 14: DREAMS Andrew Simpson Productions The sold-out smash of last year s Festival returns for the last time. Maestros Antrobus and Terblanche play two destined soul mates trying to find each other in this breathtaking feel good adventure told through a mix of dance, shadow puppetry, physical theatre and visual effects. Don t miss this one! Write / Director: Andrew Simpson Choreography: Deon Bisschoff Featuring: Richard Antrobus & Estelle Museum of Theatre # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 16:30 18:00 19: EMHLAB OBOMVU Embo Arts collective ~ 14+ P Jim has been away in Cape Town as part of the migrant labour force that lives in Khayelitsha. In his absence from the Eastern Cape emaxhoseni his wife has passed away, and he must now return home to mourn her. This is the story about how Jim must reconcile the urban and the rural, how he must come face to face with what has really been lost in the rural Transkei, how he must mourn the passing of a culture, a people, a way of life that is rapidly giving way to urban city culture, mass development and appropriation. Director: Qondiswa James Workshopped by: Zukisani Nongogo, Qondiswa James & Mandla Mpanjukelwa Featuring: Qondiswa James, Mandla Mpanjukelwa and Zukisani # 50m! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 14:00 12:00 22:00 16: Hall # 1h15! Eng, Tsw, Zul $ Tickets 16: : :30 14: EVERY BEAUTIFUL THING Briony Horwitz ~ 14+ M From the team behind A Girl Called Owl, this story of two sisters in the aftermath of a car crash returns to NAF in 2016 with a fresh twist. A play about silence and noise. About old habits, miracles and spare parts. About the strange, powerful moments that carve into memory like water through sand. Director: Khutjo Green Writer: Jon Keevy Featuring: Briony Horwitz & Cara Kerk Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:30 16:00 22: winning production. FEDA WINNING PLAY FEDA Festival ~ PG The Festival of Excellence in Dramatic Arts (FEDA) is the most prestigious high school one-act play festival in Gauteng, celebrating excellence in dramatic arts from the best drama departments. FEDA is made up of two festivals: the original plays festival and the scripted play festival. Thereafter, the finalists compete for the best FEDA production overall. At the time of going to print, the winner had not been decided watch Cue for details on # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 20: FLORENCE Fitzgerald Goeieman Production ~ PG LP Florence is a play about a young girl who grew up on a farm with her family as farm workers. When the farm owner chases them away and sells the farm to new owners, Florence decides to go to Johannesburg to look for a job, get the money and buy back a piece of the farm so that her family can live on the farm again. Director: Itumeleng Motsikoe Writer: Fitzgerald Goeieman Featuring: Aobakwe Phetlhu, Tsholofelo Potsane & Keitumetse Kerk Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 12:00 18:30 22: % FREE SOULS Walter Sisulu University - Ibika Campus Drama A theatre piece where music, drama, poetry, dance and religion are fused. We ll see the devil and the god argue and agree. The piece takes you to another world of inhabited by the souls of people who knew each other on our world. This is the complete journey of the soul mind, spirit, love, family, hatred and forgiveness. Director: Luvo Hall # 1h! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 14: : :

15 168

16 169 GHOST HOUSE Abahlobo Theatre Productions ~ 10+ NFC Sharon s haven of utopia has turned her into a pill-popping zombie to numb the pain her divorce from Deon has left her in. The garden boy, worried about what his employer has turned into, suggests strong Muthi to the madam to chase the Ghost away! Writer / Director: Simphiwe Vikilahle Featuring: Lonwabo Xatasi, Olwethu Mdala and Khanyile Back # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 22:00 20:00 12:00 18: GHOST STORY Andrew Simpson Productions ~ 16+ MLP SA s Number One thriller on stage is back for the final time at the fest. Jack and Michelle Bouvier appear to be the perfect couple, but soon the ghosts from their past begin to reveal themselves in terrifying ways that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Don t miss this one! Writer: Andrew Simpson Featuring: Andrew Simpson & Estelle Museum of Theatre # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 18:00 16:30 18:00 20:00 18: GHOST TOWN Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M On the main road leading to the glittering city of Kilnertonehoek there is an old abandoned graveyard known as Ghost-Town. The place is filthy, notorious, despised and feared by the local people. The gloomy abode of these humiliated and out-cast people brings a poignant story of courage, love and unity through music, dance and poetry. Director: Blessing Aca Joe Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:30 14: :30 19:30 A GIFT FROM THE MINES Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M Refiloe and Matlakala were talking over the fence about their husbands who went to the mines of Rustenburg and never came back. The two husbands, Paul and Rex, were busy having fun at the mines, but when the reality of life caught up with them, it was a bitter pill to Room # 1h! Eng $ Tickets THE GRAVEYARD Rust Co-Operative 13:00 21:00 14: ~ 16+ ML A rolling pin. An iron. A lamp, a picture frame, a vase (one of many). Bottles, both empty and yet to be emptied. A graveyard of forgotten objects. A man returns to the basement of his childhood home to dig up his past. From three-time Standard Bank Ovation Award-winners, Rust Co-Operative. Writer / Director: Philip Rademeyer Featuring: Gideon Lombard, Bo Petersen & Sarah Potter HAVE YOU SEEN ZANDILE? Waterford Kamhlaba Have You Seen Zandile? has become a classic of South African theatre. In this production the moving story of a young girl s relationships with the important women in her life, the trials of her coming of age, is told by a group of talented young women theatre students from Swaziland s United World College Waterford Kamhlaba. The play treats powerful themes with a sensitive touch and is infused throughout with heart-warming vocal music. Come and enjoy this colourful, moving and uplifting family show. Director: Benedict Clark Writer: Gcina Mhlophe, Maralyn Reenan and Thembi s # 1h30! Eng, Zul, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 18:00 20:00 18: HENRIETTA WITH LOVE Artscape ~ 12+ L Wife to Charlie, mother to Mercia, sister to Rosie, friend to Freda, neighbour to big Mrs Castens, Henrietta speaks of her life with love. She shares her traditions, her swear by s and her culture. Henrietta explores the meaning of things, troubles of the mind, ginger squares, Protea Village they now call Bishops Court, nerve pills, the war in North Africa, her favourite cerise pill box hat with matching petals and a veil that Mrs Castens said made her look like a pond lily, upright and beautiful... And one day, everything changed... Director: Sandra Temmingh Writer: Peter Voges Featuring: Lee-Ann van # 1h15! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16: I AM AND WE ARE Ignited Ink M In these times when our looks and status have become the epitome of our existence; while we are clothed in religion, yet immorally sailing in the sea of death; who are you and where do you stand? Director: Kakaretso # 50m! Eng, Sotho, Zulu $ Tickets 20:00 12:30 14: % IMPIXANO / CONFLICT Thembelani Drama Group Lundi, a hunchback from a disadvantaged family, is in love with Yonela who is from the Royal family. Royal families believe that their children should only marry into another Royal family. Lundi is very distressed as Yonela s family rejects his attempt to marry his beloved. His family has also been threatened that if he continues pursuing Yonela, his family may be chased away from his place of birth. However, Yonela loves Lundi and does all she can to convince her parents to allow her marry her beloved. Writer / Director: Thembelani Martin Ntukwana Music: Sakiwo Mpoza Featuring: Luvo Xegwana, Sihle Masiza, Baxolile Nondonga & Yolanda Festival Centre # 1h05! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 12:00 15: Alice Hall # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:30 14:

17 170 Dark Laugh Theatre Company presents: Whistle Stop An excellent piece of theatre: beautifully polished and spellbinding... (Critter, Sarah Roberson 2014) "Fabulous script, outstanding performance! - (Cue, Lisl Griffioen 2014)

18 171 IN HER SHOES! Kwethu Kreationz This is a one-woman show that explores the life of a street beggar, a woman that begs from strangers in order to provide for her family. She finds herself in rather interesting predicaments, which brings comedic relief whist exploring the cruel realities of her circumstance. Director: Ntombi Nkuna Written & performed by: Sindiwe Mntonintshi, mentored by Ntombi # 1h! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 22:00 18:30 14: INCOGNITO University of Venda A powerful reflection of daily challenges. Director: Nyalungu Promise ~ PG Arena # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 14:00 12:30 16:30 16: IS IT TOO LATE Mmabana Arts, Culture and Sports Foundation ~ 16+ M This play examines the absurd situation of two men from opposite backgrounds, one a former successful lawyer, the other a carefree ex-criminal, brought together by their tragic past. They immerse themselves in far-fetched ideas that they believe will make them rich again, but reality soon catches up with them. Written & directed by: Sekiswa Andrew s Hall # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 20:30 22:30 16:30 18:30 14: % JOHNNY BOSKAK IS FEELING FUNNY Craig Morris / Untouchable Productions ~ 14+ MLS Where does Johnny Boskak fit in the new South Africa? Is he a white trash dinosaur? Or is he the last cowboy hero in boots and blue jeans? What we know is that he s on the road, looking for love, redemption, an AK47 and the quickest way out of Secunda... Director: Roslyn Wood-Morris & Craig Morris Writer: Greig Coetzee Music: Syd Kitchen Featuring: Craig Theatre # 1h10! Eng, Afr, Zul $ Tickets :00 20: :00 14:00 16: KAFKA S APE Wits Theatre Kafka s Ape is a one-hander that rides on physicality to express the character and its world. The deliberate physicality is meant to reference the physical self as a point of external identity conflicting with the internal identity. Relaying his story, Red Peter speaks from the heart and wants everyone to share the depth of his ape to human transformation story. The play attempts to communicate how humankind has far to go to create societies that break rather than fuse chains that limit identity in terms of personal freedom and development. Director: Phala O. Phala Adaptation by: Phala O. Phala Featuring: Tony Miyambo KONTINUUM Dryfsand An intercontinental love story that starts in Johannesburg and ends in a street café in Paris. This creative multi-media production uses live sand animation, shadow theatre, guitar and voice to quietly reflect on themes of love and belonging. Expect a visual feast and beautiful music, a show that will leave you space to dream. Director: Naomi van Niekerk Music: Arnaud van Vliet Featuring: Naomi van Niekerk, Arnaud van Club # 40m! Visual theatre $ Tickets 12:00 16:00 21:30 18:30 12:00 14: THE LAST DROP Samnqoba Productions Climate change and global warming mayhem; kill or be killed. Answers might be in the Zulus, the sky, the mountain, the sangoma or the mayor. Perhaps the dance of the men from the Northern part of KwaZulu Natal will give us clues. Be part of solving the puzzle of The Last Drop. Director: Thabani Mahlobo Writer: Hugh Mhlengi # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 14:00 50% 22:30 20: LE MORCEAU Rayna ~ 12+ M Anti-mimesis - life imitates art. It is the longing of every living being to find expression. This production is the story of a person exploring various ways of finding expression in everything they do. The artist who gives life it s meaning. Director: Tate Andrew s Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 22: LITTLE CADRE Euripides Pro Pty (Ltd) ~ 14+ M An explosive and emotionally taxing production which focuses on the role that each individual plays in either improving this country, or retaining its corrupt state. We follow the story of young Zuko, who pays dearly for his parent s negligence and inability to protect him from his own corrupt uncle. Writer / Director: Godfrey Manenye Featuring: Berlie Swart, Magnus McPhail, Rondo Mpiti & Troy Arena # 1h15! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 12:00 20:30 16:00 12: Andrew s Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 16:30 18:30 12:30 16: :30

19 172 Gabisile Motuba, Juliana Madiba, Litha Mazizi, Kamogelo Nche and Tshepo Mokoane An enchanting music sensation depicting an eloquent woman who is in search of her dreams learns the hard lessons through the challenges that she faces as a young artist. She embarks on a new journey as she escapes from her past to find somebody or anyone who will not milk her voice. Will the eloquent woman awaken the still-stained city with her milked voice by instilling hope into the remainder of the truthful artists that are left in this city? We meet a saxophone lady, a bass player, and a producer, all yearning to re-live their dreams too... When all worlds cross, do the missing puzzles of each characters dreams become fulfilled, or not? Slindile Mthembu s offering is bound to take you on a reflective journey as she uses the teachings of theatre to reflect the times artists are living in. The stage is set in post-apartheid South Africa with a live four piece band. Venue: City Hall 05/07 12:00, 06/07 22:30, 08/07 19:00, 09/07 12:30, 10/07 12:00, powerd by mabu art-foundation

20 LOVE RUNS OUT PATO Productions 173 ~ 16+ M L N Can love truly run out? From Cooper Williams, a hitman in search of love guided by his mentor, who believes that loves only originates from below the belt, to Michael and Vera s desperate, fragmented display of love... Hit & Match and Unveiling explore this idea from two very different perspectives. Director: Johan Van Rooyen Featuring: Lee William Speechly, Lisa Nightshade, Darren Meltz, Miskar # 1h20! Eng $ Tickets 22:30 18:30 20: % MALALAPIPE PJS Entertainment and Projects This is a story of homeless young people who live on the streets with no contact with their parents and who depend entirely on the street for shelter. Due to their circumstances they had been branded as street kids. In reality, they ran away from neglect, poverty, the breakdown or the chaos of life with drug-addicted families, verbal, physical and sexual abuse... Writer / Director: Lesley Letebele Featuring: Kabelo Mpete, Mpho Mzima, Marcia Moloto & Thabang Hall # 1h! Eng, Tsw $ Tickets 20:30 16:00 25% :00 MALUJU ZULU! Isikhwili Creative Productions Maluju Zulu! is an Afrocentric tale of love, war and reconciliation. It is a musical based on faction war (Impi yombango). The word Maluju is usually said when an opponent wants a cease fire indicating that he is no longer interested in fighting. The story is told through music, acting, poetry and powerful Zulu dances and is a celebration of the Zulu culture. Writer / Director: Bonginkosi Shangase Featuring: Bongani Mbatha, Sbongile Mthethwa, Musa Mntambo, Sphamandla # 1h30! Zul, Eng $ Tickets 22:30 16:00 11:30 18: A MAN AND A DOG Here Manje & KB Theatre Productions The Fleur du Cap nominated and 2015 Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning A Man and a Dog returns to the National Arts Festival. The play makes use of oral tradition, song, instrumentation and physical theatre to weave together a retelling of our collective family as South Africans. A rediscovery of ourselves. A remembering of what it means to be of this country. - Penelope Youngleson. Written & directed by: Penelope Alice Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 11:30 50% 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30 11:

21 174

22 175 MASECHABA THE POETESS Jika Theatre Movement Pty/Ltd ~ PG LVP In her poetry accompanied by percussionists and traditional music, Masechaba, the poetess, uses HIV/Aids as a metaphor for corruption, instigating the communities to fight against the corrupt police force and poor services by the government. Madubula accepts that HIV/Aids is not just a disease but also a system that is bigger than a few people dying. He implicates heads of states as part of the bigger system of things. Poor Jabula is forced to choose between his loyalty to Madubula and the ills of the system. Eventually Masechaba pushes Madubula too far. Writer / Director: Goitsemang Pholo Featuring: Lebo Leisa, Lehlohonolo Styx Mokejane, Napo Festival Centre # 1h30! Eng, Sotho $ Tickets 21:30 16:00 14:00 20: MILKED VOICE Slindile Mthembu ~ PG L An unknown still-stained city of pasts is established as the humming tunes of an eloquent woman, who truly yearns for people to not milk her dream, but to gently carry it like how a mother would delicately carry her baby on her back, instil hope into a saxophone lady, a bass player, and a producer. Writer / Director: Slindile Mthembu Choreography: Matsemela Mogotlane Composition: Michael Themba Music performed by: Thamie Mahlangu (sax), Tshiamo Nkoane (drums, bass, piano) Featuring: Gabisile Motuba, Litha Mzizi, Juliana Madiba, Kamogelo Nche, Tshepo Mokoena & Thamie Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 22:30 19:00 12:30 12: MONEY SPEAKS Nyaluza Drama Group Witness the erosion of the values of Ubuntu because of money. Money-lenders weave a cobweb of exploitation and abuse and the elderly are the victims. Life is jungle, where money hawks hunt for invalids and pensioners and also for human parts. The main character, Take-it-Easy, embodies these atrocities. Writer / Director: Steader Nkwinti Choreography: Nyaniso Swartbooi Featuring: Akhona Mafani, Sithembile Mshubi, Azola Jela & Asive Back # 40m! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 12:00 18:00 16:00 14:00 12: MORWA THE RISING SON Artscape ~ 14+ L This one-man play is a combination of storytelling, presentational theatre and ritual. The play follows the story of Morwa, a young Motswana man and his journey of discovering what it means to be a man. The play is based on personal narrative and looks to evoke dialogue and a better understanding of the challenges faced by young men in Africa and African youth on the whole. Through an individual s personal story the play, intimately explores issues of masculine identity. Director: Warren Nebe Writer: Tefo Paya Featuring: Tefo Paya, Volley # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14: MPINGA MORNINGS Theatre for Africa Mpinga Mornings is a powerful play that features the lives of three women, a mother, a daughter and a maid, whose lives are bound together by a farm and a common history. Set in the turbulent recent Zimbabwean troubles, the story spans the Rhodesian Civil War through to the land invasions and economic collapse. Director: Coleen van Staden Writer & Music composition: Roger Hawkins Featuring: Debi Thomas Hall # 50m! Eng, Shona $ Tickets 12:30 20:30 14:30 17:00 12:00 16:00 22:00 18:00 18: MY CHOICE Motswako in partnership with Linothile Productions ~ PG MLV They say, what you sow is what you reap. A beautiful young girl, Zanele, find herself caught between a rock and hard place. Tangled, not knowing who to listen to - her mother, her father or her boyfriend. We say God gave us His instructional orders as the base for our decision making. You re whatever you choose. Your choice has the potential to set you forth or back. Writer / Director: Abbey Maeane Featuring: Bongani Tshabalala, Selinah Mokejane & Boiki Arena # 1h! Eng, Sotho, Zulu $ Tickets 16:30 22:30 12:00 14: NARRATIVE DREAMS Seeds of Water ~ 10+ Two boys from different worlds, Morena and David, puzzle their way through the tumultuous, playful years of childhood life in search of friendship, acceptance and wholeness. As they grow into adolescence, they try to make sense of the world into which they are moving and whether they can ever realise their dreams. Director: Omphile Molusi Writer: Lereko Mfono Featuring: Titus Mekgwe, Aubrey Hall # 50m! Eng, Sotho $ Tickets 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 14: %! NECROPHILIA Modise Sekgothe ~ ADULTS L Necrophilia, a story of two troubled men who go into the darkest of places in search of love and belonging. Two morticians, addicted to fornicating with corpses, find themselves confronted with what it means to love and the extent to which we go to avoid being alone. Director: Karabo Tshikube Writer: Modise Sekgothe Featuring: Masibulele Madasa, Swankie Mafoko, & Modise # 1h! Eng, Tsw, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 18:30 20:30 15: % NEXT DOOR TO HAPPINESS LIVES SORROW (THABO LE MAHLOMOLA) Central University of Technology, Free State ~ PG As the title of this show says, after every happy moment one can expect sorrow. We must not believe that there will always be happy times. Written & directed by: Joe Radebe & Lesitsi s # 45m! Eng, Soth, Zul $ Tickets 18:

23 176

24 177

25 178 NINE TO FIVER S ANTHEM Black Canvas Productions ~ PG L Cause that s what we re working hard for, ranking in credit,and I m worth a lot even after deductions... this highly stylised tragic comedy looks into the life of a man working a nine to five job, conflicted by many challenges, the worst of which is his son s suicide attempt. Director: Thabiso Rammala Writer: Lotanang # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 12:30 20:30 22:30 14: % OKAPI The Northern Cape Theatre Conservatoire ~ 14+ MLV This suspense thriller follows a notorious gangster who confesses to a multitude of knife crimes because he believes he s dying, a decade into his life sentence his daughter is raped and disemboweld. He vows to avenge her before her burial, and his daughter s murderers start dying one by one. The police are puzzled some believe he bought a free pass from prison, others believe he uses muthi. At every murder scene the message is clear Okapi was here. Writer / Director: Thabo Motlhabi Music composition: Kholofelo Hall # 1h30! Eng, Afr, Tsotsi $ Tickets 14:00 16: : : ONE ZERO ONE 777 Hijinks Theatre ~ 10+ NFC The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen. (Loius Brandeis). One Zero One 777 tells the collected stories of some of the bravest civil servants working in Johannesburg. This piece is an offering and a social x-ray of the stories that form part of a broader understanding of our shared and collective experience as South Africans living in cities. Director: Kirsten Harris Featuring: Ryan Dittmann & Tebogo Kerk Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 16:30 12:00 12:00 16:30 18: OPEN Free Fire Productions ~ PG M Only when the doors and windows of a house are open and the blinds are raised can you see inside and, even then, there are secrets hidden inside drawers, under mattresses and tucked inside of Andrew s Hall # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 14:00 14: PALEHO Lebo Leisa ~ PG MR NFC Paleho is a story inspired by the history and heritage of the Basotho nation. A musical show that is based on the life of a young girl who is on a quest for self-identity and is forced by circumstances to know and understand her roots. This is witnessed when this young girl finds herself in an initiation school where she is carried by the music, dances and the humanity of the people she is surrounded by. Writer / Director: Lebo Leisa Composition: Lebo Leisa and Ntsiki Ndzume Music performed by: Volley Nchabeleng Featuring: Ntsiki Ndzume, Nthabiseng Mojaki, Mannini Nkata & Nonkosi Sokoyi PEOPLE BENEATH OUR FEET Hungry Minds Productions ~ 14+ L Do not despair at the sounds outside. They can be overcome. If you can stay brave. Beneath the marching boots of a destructive force, four people hide. Once-strong relationships and firmly held notions are crumbling. What aspects of humanity do you preserve when you re made to live like you re not human? Director: Blythe Stuart Linger Writer: Kiroshan Naidoo & Katya Mendelson Featuring: Kiroshan Naidoo, Roberto Kyle Meyer, Ameera Conrad, Kathleen Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 19:00 14:30 17:30 21: % POET.O.TYPE Kiri Pink Nob This play probes the thrilling landscape that is the Poetry In Performance realm that exists in the underbelly of South Africa s art-house circles. Observed is the relationship between two poets, The Guru and The Grasshopper. Scrutinized is how they respectively relate to the holistic scene, and how they both negotiate this illusive and mysterious under-world, with the more urgent and conventional real-world. Poet.O.Type follows the journeys of an eager student and his dynamic teacher. Writer / Director: J.Bobs Tshabalala Music: Bernett Mulungo Featuring: Billy Langa & Mbali Arena # 1h30! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 18:00 18:30 22: A PRESENTATION ABOUT THE HERERO OF NAMIBIA UMass Amherst Department of Theater ~ 16+ V University of Massachusetts-Amherst presentation by Jackie Sibblies Drury. Both humorous and harrowing, an acting ensemble attempts to dramatise the Herero genocide. While wrestling with racial representation, they encounter their biases and realise the story hits close to home. Director: Jennifer Onopa Writer: Jackie Sibblies # 1h30! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 11: :30 16: PUSH-AH! Push-ah Dream Project Push-ah! the journey of a loving father. With greasy hands of compassion Tatu Skorokoro, a car mechanic, mends his broken daughter s 20-year-old car. It reminds her father of his first love, becoming a doctor. Together they steer each other back on track, both dealing with the disappearance of Tatu s wife. Push-ah! is a witty, innovative and award-winning storytelling craft. Writer / Director: Zintle Ntshoko Choreography: Mbongeni Nomkhonwana & Lwanda Sindaphi Featuring: Nomasonto Tshabalala &, Mbongeni # 1h! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 14:30 18:30 22:30 12: Andrew s Hall # 1h30! Sotho $ Tickets 20:00 12:00 14: %

26 179

27 180 RACE TROUBLE ScruffySession Productions ~ 10+ M P Were they black? So often, this is the question asked when one is robbed, assaulted or killed. Crime, violent crime, is rampant in South Africa, racial tensions fester and our post-apartheid society is sadly no rainbow nation. In Race Trouble, Divya (Durban Theatre Award nominee, Kamini Govender), a victim of a violent crime, and Menzi (Durban Theatre Award-winner, Sboniso Msimango), a trauma counsellor, must confront their own prejudices. What Divya and Menzi realise is that they may be just as bad as the people whose ideas they ve always hated. Director: Ndabenhle Christopher Tobo Writer: Devaksha Moodley Featuring: Sboniso Msimango & Kamini Front # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20: : :00 14:00 20: RED EYE SOLDIERS Tshwane University of Technology ~ PG M A group of different guys form a gang called Red Eye Soldiers. They have something in common, living in poverty and hustling to make it through the day. They all have a different story to tell because of their different backgrounds (unemployment, sick grandparents, drug abuse). This group wants to be forgiven. Director: Bonginkosi Room # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 17:00 16:00 12: VENUE: VICKY S 30 June-18:30 1 July-22:30 2 July- 4 July-14:00 6 July-20:00 8 July-18:00 9 July-14:00 NATASHA VAN DER MERWE / SHENAY O BRIEN / GENNA GALLOWAY

28 181 RUN Siyakha Performing Artists ~ 14+ L This is the story of two brothers from Kwanonguqa in KwaZulu Natal. They come from one of the most prominent families in the village but all of that changed after the death of their grandfather. As the story unfolds it reveals the impact that love, trust, honesty and hope can have on our families and on society. Director: Sbusiso Ntsalaze Writer: Dumisani s # 45m! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 14:30 20:30 16: SALT Wynne Bredenkamp ~ PG This Standard Bank Ovation Award and PANSA New Writer Award-winning drama follows a schizophrenic who encounters a new doctor intent on dragging her out of her drug-induced amnesia. Selling out performances at NAF and Cape Town, Salt is back one last time! Considered... nothing short of brilliant. (Cue, 2014) Writer / Director: Wynne Bredenkamp Featuring: Emma Kotze, David Viviers & Shaun Gabriel Alice Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:00 19: % THE SCREAMS OF TATIANA DT Entertainment ~ PG M This story is about a woman who finds herself at the crossroads of life, where she has to deal with skeletons from her past, and where she questions a number of things about life. Tatiana, played by Portia Mothibi, wants to understand whether rules are meant to keep us safe or to confine us. Director: Thato Morokane Writer: Douglas Tsimane Featuring: Danny Jason, Tsholofelo Masibi, Portia Arena # 1h! Eng, Tsw $ Tickets 12:00 14:30 18:30 22:30 16: Wagner THE SEARCH FOR INTELLIGENT SIGNS OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE Search For Productions ~ 14+ M Hilarious, thoughtful, poignant; Steven Feinstein directs Michelle Douglas in this carnival of characters; from Homeless Trudy to dying-of-boredom Kate to Seminar Addicted Lyn, as they bring home the human condition in a way that will have you giggling in recognition as you see glimpses of yourself onstage! Trail mix included. Director: Steven Feinstein Writer: Jane Featuring: Michelle Hall # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 14:00 22:00 14: THE SILENCE (BREAK THE SILENCE) Rising Sun Theatre Production ~ 12+ NFC Come and witness the scourge of domestic violence and how it affects both the victims and perpetrator. The play showcases Mr Mogale who abuses his wife financially, physically, emotionally and psychologically. The abuse occurs because he lost his job and feels like less of a man and therefore cheats with the mother of his son Manare. Mr Mogale is oblivious to the effect his actions have on his daughter, Dikeledi and wife, Dorcus. Writer / Director: Kwena Joel Tlhako Music: Oupa Kerk Hall # 1h15! Eng, Ped $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 16:30 12:00 22:30 12:

29 182

30 183

31 184 SILLAGE Rust Co-Operative ~ 16+ ML By Penelope Youngleson (co-writer of two Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning shows; Fleur du Cap nominee 2016, winner 2014), Sillage is the story of a mother and daughter forced to pack up their family home and fit themselves into the very boxes they ve fought against their entire lives. Writer / Director: Penelope Youngleson Featuring: Rebecca Makin-Taylor & Michele Alice Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets SLEEPLESS MISERY Khensani Tribe Super 16 A satirical play about a teenage girl who heads her household, taking care of four physically challenged uncles. She, however, decides that it is time for her to embark on a journey to seek a normal home. Writer / Director: Tshepiso Phahlane Featuring: Alice Maqenukana, Enos Tshabalala, Sipho Nyathi & Bonga Arena # 1h! Eng, Sot, Zul $ Tickets 14:00 22:30 16:30 20:30 12: % SOME MOTHER S SON Flipping the Scripts ~ 14+ L The face of reconciliation has both complexions whether being white or black. The anecdotes of Braam Visser and Vusi Mataboge allows the audience to realise that although we are all victims of violence; we are all capable of perpetrated violence because of our historical background. Director: Karabelo Lekalake Writer: Mike van Kerk Hall # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 22:30 12:00 14: STAFFROOM Mhlobo-Hlangana Cultural Group This is a play about teachers who take advantage of young girls, promising them better life and success. It also reflects on the lives of learners today in our schools who are involved in drugs and alcohol. Writer / Director: Jafta Mpye Music: Tebogo Hall # 50m! Eng, Tsw $ Tickets 12:00 16:00 14:00 22:30 18: % SUGAR SUGAR BlackBird Productions ~ 12+ NFC Sugar Sugar is based on the true story of Thozamile Taki, the infamous Sugarcane Killer. Sentenced to thirteen life sentences, Taki was defined as a jackal in a sheep s skin. This drama, woven with song and dynamic imagery, opens our minds to the truth that no action is unmotivated. Writer / Director: Londiwe Ngema Featuring: Nompilo Jili, Nkanyiso Mazibuko, Nozipho Mbanjwa & Sibonelo Back # 1h05! Eng, Zul, Xho $ Tickets 16:00 18:00 12: : SWEET PHOEBE Page to Stage Productions ~ 16+ L On the surface it was the perfect marriage, then came Phoebe. Internationally acclaimed actors Matt Newman and Genna Galloway will have you riveted in this dark comedy. Under the flawless direction of the awardwinning Paul Griffiths, this exceptional duo bring you the Australian smash hit that made Cate Blanchett famous. Director: Paul Griffiths Writer: Michael Gow Featuring: Matt Newman and Genna Hall # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 20:30 12:00 22:00 16: TEASE! Bloom & Stone ~ ADULTS ONLY S Because the birds & the bees do it, Masters & Johnson did it, Kinsey did it and now, Tumi Morake and Vanessa Frost do it in a hysterical comedy, set in a hair salon, about sex, life, love and surprising truths whispered in sanctity amidst weaves and upstyles. A new blow wave of sexual awakening is upon us hold onto your hairdos, you re in for a wild ride! Director: Jose Domingos Writer: Vanessa Frost, Tumi Morake & Jose Domingos Featuring: Tumi Morake & Vanessa Back # 1h05! Eng, Sotho $ Tickets 20:00 14:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 18:00 14: TERMITE! TALL TALES FOR BIG PEOPLE Hexagon Theatre ~ 10+ NFC The delicious and astute Termite! combines physical theatre, satire and a dash of lunacy as it blends traditional folk tales with modern South African life. This fast-paced trilogy of stories tells tales of various animals as they take on minicab taxis, Colonel Sanders and try to explain why dogs sniff each other s behinds! This is satire of the most hilarious and cutting variety. An award-winner at the Musho! Festival. Director: Peter Mitchell Writer: Greig Coetzee Featuring: TQ Zondi, Mpilo Back # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 22: THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE Andrew Simpson Productions The good old days come back to life in this charming and funny coming-of-age story told through the music, movies, TV shows, events and pop culture of the 70 s and 80 s. It s a multi-media trip down memory lane that will steal your heart The Star Tonight. This feel good show is perfect for all ages! Writer / Director: Dianne Simpson Featuring: Baden Dowie & Andrew Museum of Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 16:30 11:30 17:00 13:00 13:00 16: SLINDELO & HIS BONES Herbert Mokoena In a very hot country a man lived with his wife and son Slindelo in a little hut, which was surrounded by grass and flowers. They were perfectly happy until Slindelo stopped helping around the hut and started playing dirty tricks on everyone. Director: Herbert Mokoena Writer: Nomveliso Tshabalala Featuring: Bongani Nkosi, Palesa Mofokeng, Joel Mnguni & Nqobile Arena # 1h! Eng, Nde $ Tickets 18:00 22:30 20:30 14:

32 THIS IS FOR KEEPS Nondumiso Lwazi Msimanga ~ 14+ M This is for Keeps is a concentrated slice of South African life, during the end days of apartheid. The intimate story of a young white couple struggling to make sense of their expected roles in a fourth-wall drama of forceful pace that sheds light into some of the turmoil of living in apartheid in privileged skin. Director: Nondumiso Lwazi Msimanga Writers: Janice Honeyman, Vanessa Cooke, Danny Keogh Featuring: Kirsten Mary Harris, Roger Gordon & Paul Lambert Sifiso Zondo 185 TOWNSHIP GIRLS Phambili Ghetto Artists ~ 16+ MLV This could be the story of any girl who is doing her best to earn, to make ends meet, and to survive in a township that is overwhelmed by crime, abuse, prostitution, and poverty. Director: Psalm Skhwenene Dlamini & Tsietsi Mahese Writer: Psalm Skhwenene Dlamini Choreography: Nzimeni Herembi Music composed by: Skhwenene Dlamini & Tsietsi Mahese Music performed by: Teboho Khomane & Featuring: Papi Lethoba,Flab April,Lerato Letsoka & Pretty Andrew s Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:30 22:00 14:30 20: THUNZI UpAHill Theatre Productions Thunzi follows the journey of Lizwi and her mother as they travel to their new home in the city. An encounter with an unusual girl changes everything. Deemed as fresh evocative storytelling by a cast of powerful young performers (Gerard Bester), this award-winning production captures the conflict of choice. Director: Nicola Niehaus and Uvile Kerk Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 16:30 12:00 12: # 50m! Eng, Sot, Zul $ Tickets 22:00 14:00 18:30 18: UBUZE BAM Theatre ARts Admin Collective and Young in Prison ~ PG NFC Ubuze Bam (Inside Out) is a raw, articulate exploration of what it means to be on the other side of the glass looking in. Or out. Under the skilled direction of award-winning Thando Doni, 15 young men who have been within the prison system tentatively journey to the other side. Director: Thando Alice Hall # 50m! Xho, Eng, Afr $ Tickets 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:

33 186 WE DIDN T COME TO HELL FOR THE CROISSANTS UNDESIGNATED University of Venda POPArt Productions An African tale about an orphan on the eve of her wedding day, and the quarrel about which customs and beliefs should they follow. Three cultures, two families, one orphan Undesignated. Director: Nyalungu Promise Featuring: Thobakgale Alfred, Mokwele Sello, Nong Matjie & Mkhonto Hall # 55m ! Eng, SA languages 06 F C B 14:00 12: :00 18:30 $ Tickets Director: Lindiwe Matshikiza Writers: Tertius Kapp, Justin Oswald, Nicholas Spagnoletti, Louis Viljoen, Rosa Lyster & Lebogang Mogashoa Featuring: Jemma Kahn and Roberto Alice Hall POPArt Productions Director: Orly Shapiro Writer: Gwydion Beynon Featuring: Hayleigh Evans & Rachael Neary 01 # 1h ! Eng ! Eng $ Tickets F C B ~ 16+ ML A satirical and sometimes scathing look at the world of women s magazines with all of its insistencies, fallacies and general nonsense. Fill up on the fad diets, catch the latest celebrity goss and walk away with all you need to know about this season s sexiest new workout routine. 30 # 1h :00 22:00 22:00 22:00 22:00 UNFAIR s ~ 16+ MNS 7 Deadly Sins. 7 writers. 7 new stories. Jemma Kahn and her irreverent side-kick return in the follow up to the international cult hit The Epicene Butcher with stories that seduce the sinless and astonish the immoral. It s unmissable and definitely not for children. Unless you are an awful parent. $ Tickets :00 16:00 18:00 14:00 12:00 F C B UNONTOMBI MUSICAL PLAY Izodela Community Development Centre A beautiful young Zulu girl has two men fighting over her. Mbuzini, the one she loves, and Mkhonto, the one she does not have feelings for. Mkhonto tries to make use of traditional powers to bewitch umbuzini for the love of unontombi but it doesn t work because his late father had already chosen a wife for him at kwa-xhosa. WHISTLE STOP Dark Laugh Theatre Company in association with ~ 12+ NFC Hijinks Theatre Winner of a Standard Bank Silver Ovation Award and a PANSA New Writer s Award, this is a love story like no other. Whistle Stop is an excellent piece of theatre: beautifully polished and spellbinding... performed by two highly skilled performers who captivate from start to finish. (Arts Blog, Sarah Roberson 2014). A man, a woman, a bench and all the hidden thoughts that we think and never allow ourselves to say... If you have ever fallen in or out or around love, this absurd two-hander that travels beyond the present moment, is for you. Director: Frances Slabolepszy Writer: Ameera Patel Featuring: Jaques De Silva & Ameera Hall # 55m 02 18:00 14:30 16: ! Eng 06 20:30 18:00 07 $ Tickets :00 F C B Director: Fana Masilela Writer: Dan Ndlovu Choreography: Sibusiso Skosana Music: Siphosethu Mnisi Featuring: Thandeka Magagula, Sibusiso Skosana, Zinhle Masango and Siphosethu Hall # 1h :00 12:00 14:00 25% 04 05! Zul, Eng, Xho $ Tickets 10 22:30 20:00 F C B presents VAT EN SIT Maruping Agency ~ 14+ V With a dead body, an insane woman and a doll, what transpired in that squatter camp shack in Galeshewe, Kimberley, is unknown. Who is responsible for this mess? Can this rape victim, an abused child burdened with life s craziness, be saved before she s killed? Director: Thabo Motlhabi Writer: Kim Maruping Featuring: Kim Maruping & Calvin Festival Centre # 1h 04 05! Eng, Afr, Tsw $ Tickets 10 17:30 22:00 17:30 14:00 F C B Sakura Productions ~ 14+ NFC 1940; the world is at war. Two lovers; an English medic on the front lines and a French prostitute living under Nazi occupation, are left with only their letters to draw each other closer, in spite of being thousands of miles apart. Playing at the National Arts Festival before a season at the Theatre on the Square. Director: Lidija Marelic Writer: Lidija Marelic and Julian Kruger # 1h ! Eng LAST SUPPER Venue: GLENNIE FESTIVAL CENTRE WAITING FOR Room (the) 04/07 14:30 05/07 14:00 07/07 18:30 Starring: TERI SCOTT & IGNATIUS VAN HEERDEN Directd by: LIHAN PRETORIUS Script by: WESLEE SWAIN LAUDER $ Tickets :00 19:00 15:00 15:00 21:00 10 F C B MLNP

34 187 LITTLE CADRE OUT OF BOUNDS PEOPLE BENEATH OUR FEET FABULOUS NOTHING The bitter, sweet and spicy Beneath bloodstained boots, they hide A play about something GLENNIE HALL : : : :00 GLENNIE HALL : : : :30 GYMNASIUM : : : : : 0 Hungry Minds Productions hungrymindstheatre

35 188 WOMEN THOU ART LOOSED Centre Stage Arts The story of four women and their journey of a grievous past. It tells of the thought-provoking, heartfelt struggles women go through. A story of hope and finding oneself, it says you are not alone in your situation and you can break away from it! Writer / Director: Abongile Manka Featuring: Athenkosi Woli, Zizipho Yako, Analo Sigwabe, Mazini Mtoba and Unakho # 35m! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 12:00 21:00 16:00 18: % WOMEN S LIBERATION Alexandra Youth In Action Ensemble Experience musical emotions travelling through the hearts of women in their struggle for freedom. A true South African masterpiece, Women s Liberation will take you through untold stories of Imbokodo. Director: Bongani Dlamini Writer: Nhlanhla Mazibuko Music: Sanele Mzimela Choreographer: Tshepo s # 1h15! Eng, SA languages $ Tickets : :00 22:30 14: THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF FOK S PARK Jake Nathane ~ 14+ ML A story of the sudden, and often, traumatizing leap from childhood into adulthood. The Wonderful World of Fok s Park consumes the unspoken pain, experiences and youth of two teenagers as they struggle to come to terms with growing up. Director: Jake Nathane Featuring: Winnie Moni, Stuart Young, Kirsten Segeren & Tshekiso Front # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 22:00 16:00 22: YOU SUCK: AND OTHER INESCAPABLE TRUTHS Klara van Wyk ~ 12+ L NFC New-wave clown and comedienne Klara van Wyk plays Prettina in You Suck: And Other Inescapable Truths. Part dear diary, part sarcastic teen commentary, You Suck engages with growing up in all its complexity. This curious concoction of day-dreaming, conspiracy theorising and confessional monologues will catapult you straight into that grimy high-school gym class and offer some excellent tips on how to: hashtag like a celeb, defeat mean girls and twerk your way through teenage angst. A laugh-out-loud pop-com for the Youtube generation. Director: Francesco Nassimbeni Written & featuring: Klara van Alice Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:

36 189 APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE BESPOKE Pickledginger ~ 16+ M L Apologies in Advance is a new, off-the-wall, mostly improvised, late night comedy show, starring three of SA s top comics and any other performers they can bum a favour from. If they weren t so damn humble, they would tell you how amazing the show is. Don t miss this Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning comedy show from one of SA s most prolific comedy talents. Stuart is famed for such shows as Techni-Coloured and Learner Husband. This latest offering will take you on a Taylor-Made journey into our uniquely South African landscape. It s a guaranteed good time. Director: Chris Forrest Featuring: Chris Forrest, Mojak Lehoko & Deep Fried Club 01 # 1h! Eng 07 C B 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 21: Featuring: Stuart Club $ Tickets F :00 02 # 55m 03 Written & directed by: Clinton Marius Featuring: Shona Hall 30 18:00 01 # 1h :00 14:00 12: ! Eng 06 18:00 20: :00 10 F C B ! Eng $ Tickets F C B :00 14:00 20:30 16: ExploSIV Productions ~ 16+ M L Festival favourite Rob van Vuuren brings a retrospective of his best stand-up comedy over the last 10 years. Join the legendary funnyman in a no holds barred celebration of his unique brand of stand-up insanity. The perfect Fest feel good laugh-a-thon. Featuring: Rob van Hall 30 $ Tickets 05 THE BEST OF ROB VAN VUUREN ~ 14+ M L This 2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award and multiple Mercury Durban Theatre award-winning comedy is a raucous satire about warring neighbours? with unexpected results! One-woman comedy riot (Estelle Sinkins, The Witness). Has you laughing from start to finish (Latoya Newman, The Daily News). A crowdpleasing winner, well worth seeing! (Billy Suter, The Mercury). A Triumph! (Caroline Smart, ArtSmart). A quirky, sassy and hilarious one-woman show (Pumla Kalipa, Cue) 04 16:00 12:00 50% B!*CH STOLE MY DOEK Copy Dog ~ PG L TaylorMade Productions 01 # 1h ! Eng :00 18:30 16:30 07 $ Tickets :00 16:30 C B F 85 BIG BOYS THE THIRD Follow Spot Productions ~ 10+ NFC The hottest new chapter of the Big Boys saga is here. It s wild, it s unbelievable and it s hysterical. Fresh innovative dance routines and larger-than-life action performed by the irresistible multi-award winning dudes. Ash and Brad are so flipping fantastic you ll want to see it twice! Prebooking is absolutely essential. Director: Vanessa Harris Featuring: Ash & Brad Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets :00 12:00 18:00 12:00 18:00 18:00 18: F C B THE BLOEM-BOYKIE DIARIES Carl Webber ~ 14+ M One man s account of his hilarious journey as a farm boy to the big city. Trying to adapt to city life with small town quirks resulting in comedic consequences. This story is definitely one for the funny in you. Trying to find his proverbial pot of pap, this bloem boykie finds himself in the most awkward situations. Featuring: Carl Hall 30 14:00 01 # 1h ! Eng :00 22:30 20:30 16:00 12:00 $ Tickets :30 20:30 F C B BON SOIR 1.5 Follow Spot Productions ~ 12+ L NFC Nominated for the Circus Award (Perth 2016). A distinctive brand of Cirque. Strength, beauty, contortion, illusion and comedy provide a surreal and seductive feast for your senses. After their sell-out success in SA and Australia, the multi-talented artists return with an enriched edition. All the acts you loved combined with some fresh, slick and sexy additions. Director: Vanessa Harris Featuring: Ash and Brad Searle Lucy Tops and Nadine Theatre # 1h 04 18:00 20:00 12:00 18:00 12:00 05! Eng $ Tickets :00 20:00 12:00 20:00 18:00 18:00 10 F C B

37 190

38 191 A5 DEAR BREEDER Advert 2016.pdf 1 05/04/ :40 C M Y CM MY CY Mom #1 Mom #2 DEAR BREEDER Directed by Ewok Robinson AN AWARD-WINNING MUSICAL COMEDY ABOUT RAISING OURSELVES. CLEVER, QUIRKY, HILARIOUSLY FUNNY. artsmart...nothing SHORT OF GENIUS Estelle Sinkens, The Witness CMY K 05/07 16:00 06/07 14:00 07/07 14:00 07/07 20:00 08/07 16:00 09/07 14:00 Where: KINGSWOOD THEATRE Cost: R70

39 192 BOET N SWAER Brian Mullins & Alan Weyer ~ PG 12+ Boet n Swaer, the hilariously funny, politically incorrect, sexist comedy returns to the Festival after last year s sold out shows delightfully wicked and awfully dry... this East Cape humour brings tears to a sour veld tortoise s eye... Festino s will cry... Director: Alan Weyer Written & performed by: Brian Mullins & Alan Hall # 1h! Eng, Afr, Xho $ Tickets F C B 20:30 18:30 Drill Hall THE BROTHERS STREEP: SAME STREEP DIFFERENT DAY The Brothers Streep Dylan and Simon are back with their latest show featuring songs about life, love and loadshedding. This is the duo s 5th year at the Festival and they ll be celebrating it in style with this fun hour of musical comedy. Good for a laugh Cue Director: Dylan Hichens & Simon van Cabaret Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 18:00 16:00 20:00 22:00 16: THE BROTHERS STREEP: STAND-UP MUSICIANS PLUGGED The Brothers Streep The Brothers are bringing their full band to the Festival for the first time in this re-imagining of their original sell-out Grahamstown Festival show. Experience their musical comedy classics in a fun new way in this suitable for the whole family hit. Laughing all the way Cue Director: Dylan Hichens & Simon van Wyk BUCKET LIST ZikkaZimba Productions Down-and-out Nora is stuck in a rut. An unthinkable revelation 13 days to live! catapults her into a crazy adventure. Avril Cummins plays an array of characters in this zany comedy, featuring mime and clowning. Audience suggestions are improvised into Nora s unfolding story: bring yours! What s on your bucket list? Director: Ryan Dittman Written by & featuring: Avril Back # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 20:00 18: BUTLERS AND BROADWAY Slick n Sleeve ~ 14+ M Audience participation! YOU get to kill off characters throughout the show in this dark, murder-mystery comedy! A group of aspiring performers are vying for the limelight on Broadway until they begin dying, one by one. When it comes to fame, some people will do anything to get to the top... Written by Justin Wilkinson. Director: Justin Wilkinson Featuring: Luella Holland, Michael Kirch, Alistair Mouton Black & Allana s # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 21:00 25% 12:00 18:00 12:00 20:30 22:00 16:00 18: Cabaret Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 20:00 18:00 12:00 22:00 18:00 20:00 16:

40 193 CAMP CARRAWAK Lipsmac Productions NB: This blurb should be read in a Country Western accent ;) Howdy folks! Come and join this comedic couple for comedy round the campfire. Yawl will have a whipcrackin hee-hawin knee slappin toe-tappin time that will leave you in stitches. Butch and Cassidy Carrawak will take you on a ride filled with hilarious characters and all your favourite country music guaranteed to leave you smilin, whistlin and with a spring in your step! Featuring Lucy Tops (Absolucy, Big Girls, Bar None) and Alex Tops (Bon Soir, Bar None, Cooked). Director: Alex Tops Written by & featuring: Lucy Tops & Alex Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 50% 12:00 14:00 16:00 14:00 20:00 16:00 16: bone. Director: Patrick Kenny 12:00 20:00 12: COMEDY MASTERCLASS Macbob Productions ~ PG NFC This the latest hilarious offering from the king of extreme sport comedy, Aaron McIlroy the artist that brought you Abbamaniacs, The Loser and, most recently, The Ranga and Seven Deadly Sins. Join Professor Jurgen Gaff as he delves into the science that underpins the worlds oldest coping mechanism a sense of humour. Comedy Masterclass, directed by Patrick Kenny is a surreal comedic roller coaster ride that explores the anatomy of the funny Written by & featuring: Aaron Theatre # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 16:00 14:00 16:00 12: THE DARK AGES ExploSIV Productions ~ PG Tyson Ngubeni s complexion lies somewhere between Wesley Snipes and eternal darkness. But in South Africa, this often leads to tense encounters when people make assumptions about where he comes from. The Dark Ages is a comedy spectacular throwing punches at xenophobia while asking probing questions of our unpredictable country. Ngubeni teams up with award-winning comedians Donovan Goliath (director) and Siv Ngesi (producer) to bring sharp observations and a thrilling mix of characters. Director: Donavan Goliath Featuring: Tyson Front # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 18:00 12:00 22:00 12:00 20:00 18:00 14: DEAR BREEDER Amehlo Productions ~ 12+ L Nothing short of genius The Witness. Clever, quirky, hilariously funny. ArtSmart. Last chance to catch this multiple award-winning musical comedy that is as absurd as the art of parenting itself. Four uniquely insane, instantly recognisable South African mothers encounter Darth Vader, the underwear fairy and a staple-gun wielding baby Jesus. Guaranteed to entertain anyone who s witnessed the joyful and not-so-joyful moments of raising a small child. Standard Bank Ovation Award, Best New SA Script, Best Comedic Performance, Durban Theatre Awards. Director: Iain Ewok Robinson Music performed by: Kasia Vosloo Written by & featuring: Karen Logan and Kasia Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 14:00 20:00 16:00 14:

41 194

42 195 DEATH OF A DONUT Andrew Simpson Productions ~ PG The brand new murder mystery comedy from the creator of the sold-out smash To Kill a Koeksister where the audience becomes a part of the show! A policeman has been murdered. Whodunit? Was it the Fugitive? Was it you? Was it me? Solve the clues and catch the killer! A must-see! Written by & featuring: Andrew NELM Museum of Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 17:00 12:00 18:00 14:00 11:30 16:30 11:30 15: DEEP FRIED MAN - IN GOOD TASTE Whacked Management ~ 16+ M L Award-winning musical comedian Deep Fried Man has played all the best rooms and been seen regularly on Comedy Central as well as Emmy-nominated shows LNN and ZANews. Now he s back with his latest confection a delectable one-man musical comedy extravaganza that will satisfy even the biggest craving for crazy satire. WARNING: Not to be served to children under 16. Director: Daniel Friedman Featuring: Deep Fried Club # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 19:00 16:00 20:00 18: :30 14: DEFENDING THE PLANET Macbob Productions ~ PG NFC Have you ever felt that you don t belong... That there s more to life than this? Are your dreams so weird that you re afraid to go to sleep? You may not realise it but you have had an alien abduction experience! The time has come to step out of the dark and DEFEND OUR PLANET. Stand by for super-charged comedy duo Aaron McIlroy and Lisa Bobbert, the team that brought you Abbamaniacs and Seven Deadly Sins with their smash hit that s out of this world. May the probe be with you! Director: Darren King Written by: Susan Monteregge Featuring: Lisa Bobbert and Aaron Theatre # 1h20! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 16:00 18:00 20:00 20:00 14: DIE HUWELIKSAANSOEK CHS Dramatic Arts n Fantasitiese teaterervaring, sê Pedro Kruger van dié mallemeule verwerking van Chekov se klug, regie Melina Smit. Beroemde teatermaker Hennie van Greunen meen dat Wian Taljaard en Kalinka Venter se spel imposant is en dat Dirkie Cronje se teenwoordigheid op die verhoog indrukwekkend is. Moet dit nie misloop nie! Direkteur: Melina Smit Aangepas deur: Melina Smit Met: Wian Taljaard, Kalinka Venter en Dirkie s # 55m! Afr $ Tickets 20:30 12:00 14: DON T BURN YOUR SAUSAGE! Pickledginger ~ 16+ M The Top Gear of Cooking Shows 2015 NAF. People say food is like sex, some use food to get sex, others even use sex to get food. This whisk-que show stars a celebrity chef and a comedian who combine their talents to bring you something deliciously, scrumptiously naughty. Director: Bevan Cullinan Featuring: Chris Forrest & Pete Grove Red # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18:30 18: HHHHH Devastatingly funny, I didn t want it to end Ed Fringe Review THE OXFORD IMPS UK improv c o m e d y f r e s h f r o m t h e E d i n b u r g h F r i n g e WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? STYLE IMPROV COMEDY SUITABLE FOR TEENS AND ADULTS HHHHH the best improvised comedy I ve ever had the pleasure to witness ThreeWeeks 30 June 10th July Bowling Club

43 196 DR STEF S SIDESPLITTING HYPNOSIS Stef AGES except 1,7 & 9 July (adults only) Extreme, fast-paced and suitable for all ages! Informative, wacky, yet bizarre. An amazing journey into the world of the subconscious. Crazy reactions from volunteers who Dr Stef helps on stage. Regularly sold out. The funniest show you will ever see! Rated One of the worlds best. Come see why! Director: Stef Andrew s Hall # 1h15! Eng, Moon $ Tickets 22:30 18:00 16:30 18:30 14:00 20:00 14:00 20: FABULOUS NOTHING Hungry Minds Productions ~ 14+ L A writer wants to write a play. But what is the point? It will never be Shakespeare. Fabulous Nothing is a ridiculous bittersweet romp through the vast empty brain of a writer struggling to write, as she grapples with the fickle thoughts inside her own head. Director: Blythe Stuart Linger Written by: Callum Tilbury Featuring: Kiroshan Naidoo, Aneshree Paul, Tankiso Mamabolo, Roberto Kyle Meyer & Kathleen # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 12:30 22:30 16:00 18: % THE FULL MORTY Ginger Cube Productions ~ 16+ M L Back after a hugely successful run at last year s Festival! Join critically acclaimed theatre and TV actor, madly talented vocalist and professional k*k talker Mortimer Williams as comedy meets cabaret in this hilarious show. It s the one subject which fascinates us all... the mind of the South African male! Written by: Kristy Suttner & Mortimer Williams Director: Kristy Suttner Featuring: Mortimer Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 16:00 12:00 16:00 20:30 20:00 12: GLUTEN FREE NAthi comedy ~ 12+ L P NFC Nkosinathi Maki is a CapeTown stand-up comedian and TV actor known for his signature writing, quirky delivery, informative jokes and use of edgy euphemisms. Nkosinathi has been described as, `The hardest working man in the Cape Town comedy scene. Gluten Free is Nkosinathi Maki s first solo stand-up show and is reckoned to be?one of the most anticipated comedy shows by a Cape Town comedian?. Written, directed & performed by: Nkosinathi Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 50% 22: :30 14:00 20:30 14: Written by: Tim Plewman GYM AND TONIC: MEMORY OF AN OLD MUSCLE Tim Plewman ~ 14+ L Inspired by his best-selling book, Fitness For Old Farts, Tim Plewman brings you his hysterical new comedy. Gym and Tonic takes you through the escapades of three friends battling their middle-age spread as well as their preconceived ideas, fears and each other. The intrepid trio bench press, crunch and squat their way through gym, life and love to hilarious ends. Featuring: Tim Plewman, Mike Huff, Russel Theatre # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 15:00 18:00 12:30 12:

44 197 HAIRY POTTER AND THE STONED PHILOSOPHER Andrew Simpson Productions ~ PG L P The hilarious new spoof from the creator of the smash-hit Lord of the Flings, which was described as a work of pure genius. THE FARCE AWAKENS! Why? Because WINTER IS COMING! A boy wizard must find the last bit of magic left in the world while attending the Polokwane School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Don t miss it! Written by & featuring: Andrew Museum of Theatre # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 15:00 15:00 11:30 15:00 13:00 17:30 12: HARLEQUEENS Masketeer Productions ~ 14+ M Harlequeens tells the story of Megan and Petruska, two clueless drag queens in search of fame and fortune. They come across an audition notice for the hit television show, Getroud met Rugby, and immediately jump at the chance. On the day of the audition, both Megan and Petruska are shocked to find that the casting will be taking place on an actual rugby field, with actual coaches and actual players. It s a pity that no one told them that they inadvertently walked into a try-out for the Harlequins Rugby Club. Director: Lymari Alberts Featuring: Jan Brink & Marco Cabaret Club # 40m! Afr, Eng $ Tickets 14:00 22:00 20:00 18:00 20: HASHTAG LOTTERING Marc Lottering ~ 18+ L One of South Africa s top comedians comes to the National Arts Festival with his brand new stand-up show HASH TAG LOTTERING! The show features Lottering s newest material, and has been keeping audiences in stitches at theatres around the country. Written by & featuring: Marc Pringle # 60m! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 21:30 21:30 21:30 21:30 85 HOW DID I GET HERE? Pickledginger ~ 16+ L International Emmy nominated comedian Mojak Lehoko brings his hilarious stand-up comedy show How Did I Get Here? to the 2016 National Arts Festival. An irreverent coming of age show about growing up in South Africa. Also, I found writing this in the 3rd person really awkward. Director: Chris Forrest Featuring: Mojak Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 12:00 12:00 14:30 18:00 22:30 12:

45 198

46 199 I CAME, I TAUGHT, I LEFT Dalin Oliver ~ PG Following two successful seasons at the Baxter Theatre and the National Arts Festival, teacher turned comedian, Dalin Oliver, is back for the final run of his smash hit stand-up comedy show, I Came, I Taught, I Left. Come find out why he ditched the chalkboard and assemblies, for a microphone and the stage. Director: Stuart Taylor Featuring: Dalin Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 14:30 12:00 18:00 18:00 14:00 18:30 18: IRIT NOBLE SHOW Irit Noble ~ PG M An hour with award-winning comedienne Irit Noble, in a show combining incisive, risqu? stand-up comedy and hilarious song parodies. Irit is renowned for Madame Zingara, SABC3 s Comedy Showcase, Cape Talk Radio and Smirnoff Comedy Festival. What this woman has to say is simply spot-on and very, very funny Cape Times. Director: Performed by: Irit Noble Featuring: Irit Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 18:00 16:00 22: % LAMBS TO THE LAUGHTER Lambs to the Laughter ~ 16+ M L NFC Five young stand-up comedians share their unique and hilarious perspectives on the world. Watch these freshfaced jokesters, unsullied by the years, as they navigate the turmoil of youth in contemporary society. These lambs will lead you to the laughter, and you won t regret it! Director: Tyson Ngubeni Featuring: Brad Lang, Ester van der Walt, Kate Pinchuck, Mpumelelo Front # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 22:00 16:00 20: THE LAST LAUGH TaylorMade Productions ~ PG L End every evening on a comedy high with the very best comedians at the Festival. It s the last show of the day and it s a no holds barred comedy experience. Featuring an array of comedians to appeal to all comedy tastes, line-ups change daily, so don t miss out! Featuring: All the hottest stand-up comics at the Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 23:00 50% 23:00 23:00 23:00 23: :00 23:00 23:00 23:00 23: LIFE ExploSIV Productions ~ 14+ M L Rob van Vuuren is?life?? the brand new show by the multi Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning comedian. Catch the firebrand comic madman at his most cynical, acerbic and anarchic as he tears apart life as we know it. Book now! And remember... Life is like the toilet at Home Affairs. Director: Tara Notcutt Featuring: Rob van Andrew s Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 16:30 16:00 12:30 14:30 18:30 18:

47 200

48 201

49 202

50 203 Kristy Suttner LIVE JUKEBOX Ginger Cube Productions ~ 16+ M L Come to the one show this Festival where YOU are in charge of the playlist and get a chance to call the shots... be it tequila or vodka! Hosts Mortimer Williams and Kristy Suttner combine their comedy and vocal talents to produce the hottest, craziest game show experience this Festival! Director: Matt Suttner Performed by: Mortimer Williams and Kristy Suttner Featuring: Mortimer Williams Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:30 14:00 21:30 20:00 14:00 12:00 16: THE MATING GAME (A.K.A BODY LANGUAGE 2) Gaetan Schmid ~ 14+ M NFC Everything. Everything we think. Everything we do, we do it with one sole purpose in mind: Mating. Getting laid. SEX. Socially correct it might not be, but procreation is our ultimate goal. Says who? We do. Our body. Everybody s body language sneakily reveals our very naughty mind. Best comedy lecture EVER! Director: Lara Bye Written by & featuring: Gaetan Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 50% 18:30 14:00 12:30 22:30 18:00 16:00 12: DIRECTED BY KRISTY SUTTNER M o r t i m e r W i l l i a m s i n... MAYBE, BABY, IT S YOU Helicon House From first date, to first kiss, to the not-so-golden years of marriage, this show takes a riotous ride alongside couples that would-be, could-be and shouldn t-be, as they search for that most elusive of beings? the soul mate. Written by : Charlie Shanian & Shari Simpson Director: Genevieve s # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 20:00 22: MR RIGHT SWIPE Slick n Sleeve ~ 16+ M L Swipe right for this show! If you don t know what that sentence means... where have you been? Jump on board this hilarious ride - exploring the game-changer dating app? Tinder! You ll be snorting with laughter as you identify with the modern day dating drama that is hooking up online! Director: Michael Kirch Written by: Luella Holland & Alistair Moulton Black Featuring: Luella Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 20:30 22:30 16:30 21:30 16:30 12:00 20: % RELAX OKES. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON! THE MOST REVEALING INSIGHT INTO THE MIND OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN MALE. NATURALLY CAFFEINATED Naturally Caffeinated ~ PG NFC In the vein of Who s Line Is It Anyway?, Grahamstown s beloved improvised comedy troupe is back to entertain you for the third year running. Making it up as we go along, watch as we turn your most ridiculous suggestions into comedy gold (Activate). We re Naturally Caffeinated : SHARE THE BUZZ! Featuring: Amy Annear, Douglas Smith, Mpumelelo Lolo Malumo, Anton Krueger VENUE: THE BOWLING Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets F C B 14:00 14:00 21:30 18: %

51 204

52 205 NOMAKHISIMSI THE PONDO COMEDIAN Ntombifuti Ncwayiba In this captivatingly funny show, a Pondo comedian and storyteller shows how Pondo people react in different situations and also provides some lessons about how to behave in marriages. Directed by & featuring: Ntombifuti Media Centre # 45m! Pondo, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 16:30 14: OOM SCHALK, FROM THE HEART David Muller Four years on, each year different, patrons are still saying, Lovely break from reality, a trip to a time where time was appreciated, Much better than Patrick Mynhardt, Muller truly inhabited this character, we were transported into the reality he created, Great to share Oom Schalk with my kids. Specially for you, Ssshhhh! Director: Celia Musikanth Featuring: David # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 18:30 15:30 13:30 12:30 12:00 15:30 20: % OUT OF BOUNDS Hungry Minds Productions ~ 14+ L 27 characters come to life through two actors in this flavourful story of an Indian family transitioning from apartheid into democracy. Lall, the main character takes us on a journey of laughter, joy and sadness as he dares to travel on the spice route of self-discovery. Director: Crizelle Anthony Written by: Rajesh Gopie Featuring: Tazme Pillay & Tailyn Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 19:00 13:00 17:00 16: % THE OXFORD IMPS The Oxford Imps ~ 10+ NFC Fresh from their sell-out run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Oxford Imps wielding only your suggestions, attack the stage for a high-energy, Whose Line Is It Anyway? style show. From rapping to musicals, Shakespeare to Bond films, anything can happen in this devastatingly funny showcase of UK improvised comedy. Director: Adam Club # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 21:00 21:30 12:00 14:00 20:00 18:00 12:30 20: PAY BACK THE CURRY! ExploSIV Productions ~ 16+ M In the tradition of the popular, award-winning Bafana Republic franchise, the highly talented creative team aims their mighty satirical pens at everything under the rainbow, from sparrows and statues to zombies and Zuptas! Sharp, biting, funny social commentary to empower your currently disadvantaged laughter muscles. #Selfcensorshipmustfall. Director: Rob van Vuuren Written by: Mike van Graan Featuring: Daniel Mpilo Front # 1h05! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 18:00 16:00 16:00 22:00 16:


54 207

55 208 PHILLIP KULNECK DIKOTLA Flip n Flap ~ 14+ ML NFC This is what happens when Phillip, a budding young comedian decides to live his dream for a day, where he is a household name, with the funniest and biggest late night show on TV... it s not stand-up, it s not seat-down, it s PUNCHline to PUNCHline rib-cracking live comedy at it s best... So, pretend he has made it! Director: MoMo Matsunyane Featuring: Phillip s # 50m! Eng, SA languages $ Tickets 22:00 12:00 20: PLEBS Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues ~ 16+ L NFC After 30 million YouTube views and a sold-out run at NAF 2015, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues return to the stage with their brand of awkward musical comedy. Will they find fame, fortune and enough petrol money to get back home or learn a valuable lesson about friendship instead? Written & directed by: Nic Smal & Gareth Allison Muisc performed by: Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues Featuring: Nic Smal & Gareth Cabaret Club # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 22:00 16:00 18: :00 14: THE PLOTHOLE Cairns / Cockrell ~ 10+ M L Cape Town based comedy duo Stuart Cairns and Westley Cockrell bring to life the trials and tribulations they have faced while pursuing careers in stand-up comedy. From keeping a day job to chasing the impossible dream of impressing their parents, these two oddballs will have you laughing at their expense. Director: Rob van Vuuren Written by & featuring: Westley Cockrell & Stuart Cabaret Club # 1h! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 20:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 12:00 16:00 20:00 14: POLITRIX KURUP Johnnie Campher ~ 10+ NFC A very different kettle of fish is Johnnie Campher, Johnnie articulates a laughter that some comedians can only guess at. He has a great stage personality, plays with gesture and pauses with great flair. The comedy gives a satirical view of our society. He convincingly plays the part of all his characters, sometimes up to thirty. Director: Thurston Amsterdam Written by & featuring: Johnnie Back # 1h! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 14:00 14:00 18:00 12:

56 209

57 210

58 RAIDERS SPACED OUT: THE MOON ROCK MUSICAL Theatre for Africa 211 Raiders returns to make Grahamstown sing. Yes, Nicholas Ellenbogen and the Boy Band will bring you the true history of the American moon landing. It s rock and laughter, its jive to survive! Miss Raiders and you miss the Festival. The multi award- winning Standing Ovation team is back in town. Director: Nicholas Ellenbogen Featuring: Nicholas Ellenbogen, Cameron Robertson, David Viviers, Nathan Pringle # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets RATIONAL ASSASSIN Ed Pepperell ~ 16+ M L N S R Ever taken a star sign reading seriously? Or imbibed a homeopathic remedy? Or believed in an improvable all powerful being with no evidence whatsoever? (Looking at you Santa Claus...) Well... Sh*t. I m sure there s other stuff on. Featuring: Ed Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20:00 18:30 22: SIX INCHES Musings and Musicals Productions ~ 18+ M L Back by popular demand, three unlikely friends share sizzling stories of love, lust and everything between the sheets. The wedding doesn t happen, but the bridesmaids still have a long night ahead. It s everything you want to know but never want to talk about. What would we do without Six Inches? Director: Kristy Suttner Written by: Kristy Suttner & Diaan Lawrenson Featuring: Bongile Lecoge-Zulu, Caitlin Clerk, Dikelo s # 1h10! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 16:00 18:00 14:00 22: SWEETIE DARLING Copy Dog NFC The award-winning romantic comedy about a young man going all out to prove himself. While he sets up a picnic in the park for his sweetheart, he recounts the ups and downs of his journey to happiness. As he finds himself and love, he finds his path to spiritual growth. Written & directed by: Clinton Marius Featuring: Bongani Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 16:00 22:30 20:00 14:00 14:00 18:00 16: THE SKANKS OF THE PROFESSIONALS Thomas Ramabu This satirical play highlights the misplacement of workers. People are employed for professions they never studied. Some got their jobs through political pathways and corruption. In the play the audience are involved, each character has a moment to shine, witty dialogue, slapstick, dances and puppetry will hook any audience. Written & directed by: Thomas Ramabu Featuring: Thomas Ramabu, Johannes Moagi, Oupa Arena # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 20:00 18:

59 212

60 213

61 214 THENX PRESENTS AZA-NYA IS FIVE-TO ExploSIV Productions ~ 12+ A sketch comedy piece that explores the state of the nation through satire and parody. THERE IS A FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN! No, not Table Mountain but the one we are choosing to ignore. Something is brewing... some are on privileged fences, others hang from trees. BE WOKE OR YOU MIGHT CHOKE! Featuring: Kitty Moepang, Tumy Motsoatsoe, MoMo Matsunyane and Zethu Front # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 20:00 12:00 18:00 14:00 12:00 20: VIOLET ONLINE Three Cats Productions ~ 18+ M L Violet Online is back! This hilarious, sexy comedy about love, life and the ups and downs of online dating received rave reviews at the Festival in Recently divorced forty-something Violet explores the titillating world of cyber dating, Scrabble sex and Tinder, Brazilian waxing, Botox, Banting and bad spelling! Director: Megan Furniss Featuring: Lynita Crofford Adapted from: The blog Violet s # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 16:30 16:00 22:30 20:30 12:00 12:00 16:00 20:30 16: % Nic Smal & Simon van Wyk WATTS UP WITH STREEP: A PANEL SHOW Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues & The Brothers Streep ~ PG NFC Join musical comedians Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues and The Brothers Streep in a hilarious panel show where they battle it out for the title of funniest comedy duo at the National Arts Festival. Don t miss this fresh and unpredictable fight to take home the ultimate made-up award. Directed & performed by: Gareth Allison, Dylan Cabaret Club # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 12:00 22:00 12: WHO S YOUR DADDY? Pickledginger ~ 14+ M L A hilarious one-man comedy show all about comedian Chris Forrest s journey to becoming a dad. This laugh-aminute show covers everything from trying, to dealing with pregnancy, to having a baby. A must see for all parents, expectant parents or just fans of great comedy. Director: Bevan Cullinan Featuring: Chris Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 16:30 12:00 16:00 16:00 14:30 12:

62 215 Stuart Taylor BOWLING CLUB 01/07-20:00 02/07-16:00 03/07-12:00 05/07-16:00 06/07-07/07-14:00 08/07-20:30 09/07-16:00 Taylor made Comedy 'A top-notch comedian An Excellent, funny stand-up comedy show of professional quality.' 'Spend your evening in entertaining company - you certainly won t be sorry you did!' - The Cue Art Direction & Design by

63 216 R80 or R75 for pensioners & students THEY RE BACK THREE SHOWS ONLY! SCOUT HALL SATURDAY 2 JULY - 20:30 SUNDAY 3 JULY - 18:30 DRILL HALL MONDAY 4 JULY 19:00

64 217 BLACK GODS OF THE ASPHALT Phillips Academy ~ 12+ M On the street every ballplayer has a story. Fusing the beats of city life with rhythms of basketball and pulsating hip-hop dance, our production weaves from urban courts to memories of prison, slave communities, and Africa. Our stories transform the city asphalt into a sacred altar of perseverance and love. Director: Allen Grimm Writer: Onaje Woodbine Choreography: Erin Hall # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets : BLUE Alt Eye Productions ~ 14+ M L V In life, everyone is a victim, everyone is a predator. Nothing is black and white, only Blue. Thirty years after apartheid ended Mthunzi grapples with the terrible grief of being born free on a rubbish dump Rainbow Nation Dream. The work is interspersed with explorations of the faceless drivers of the Blue Light Brigade. Director: Simona Mazza Devised by: Simona Mazza and Cast Featuring: Tyson Ngubeni & Luthando Room # 55m! Eng, Zul, Afr, Xho $ Tickets 15:00 21:00 15:00 19:30 13:00 12: CONNECTION TO HOME Marcus Mabusela Connection to Home is a marriage of contemporary Afro dance and spoken word. This work explores the immigration crisis currently happening in Europe and the historical elements that derail humanity from attaining unity and peace. It sows together lives of Africans who crossed borders in search of better living conditions in the west. Choreography: Mandla Sunnyboy Arena # 50m! $ Tickets 12:00 16:00 20:30 18: DEATH OF A CLOWN Masidlale in collaboration with Oddbody Theatre ~ 12+ M Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those to feel. Death of a Clown presents a Pierrot s repeated attempts to overcome his failures and finally make an audience laugh. In doing so, uncovering the cruelty inherent in theatre and art. Director: Richard Antrobus & Tristan Jacobs Featuring: Ryan Back # 45m! $ Tickets -25% 22:00 14:00 18:00 12: Choreography: Hilda Cronje EBOLA Theatre for africa ~ 14+ M International award-winning actress Hilda Cronje takes time out of her world touring to bring her hugely powerful performance in Ebola to Grahamstown. Directed by Nicholas Ellenbogen, she ventures into the terrifying world of Ebola. Last seen at Grahamstown in Mies Julie this extraordinary actress is back! Director: Nicholas Ellenbogen Writer: Nicholas Ellenbogen & Hilda Cronje Featuring: Hilda Alice Hall # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 17:30 17:30 17:30 17:30 17: FALLING OFF THE HORN Uyabona Ke ~ PG M 2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award-winners for Waterline, Uyabona Ke ( See What I Mean ), and Rhodes Masters directing student Sam Pennington, present Falling off the Horn: A new work that showcases the company s captivating style of visual storytelling to shed light on experiences of xenophobia in modern-day South Africa. Director: Sam Pennington Featuring: Khaya Kondile, Nombasa Ngoqo,Mziwanele Jodwana,Ayanda Hall # 45m! Non-Verbal $ Tickets 18:00 21:00 12:00 17:00 13:00 21: % FATHER, FATHER, FATHER! Robaby ~ 16+ V Three sisters locked in a basement awaiting their father s return....shades of Chekhov s (twisted) The Three Sisters meets Salvador Dali (in drag)...this ridiculously quirky fantasy, with a menacing twist, underpins a performance piece by three gifted young artists who are creating a zany style and rigorously theatrical language.? Adrienne Sichel. Director: Toni Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 16:30 12:00 22:30 12:00 20:00 16: % FINDING UPRIGHT ~ 16+ M Rhodes University Drama/ Maipelo Gabang Looking in from the outside, curating spaces of alternative perspective, fashioning sense and self-importance through threads of self-recognition and retrospection. Delicate but resilient, intricate yet illusive. Slow, nonetheless steady, we s # 35m! $ Tickets 20:00 12:00 16:00 18: % GA(Y)ME(N)PLAY ~ 16+ M Rhodes University Drama / Kamogelo Molobye In a time where manhood and masculinity lacks a language to fully realise and define itself, Ga(y)me(n)Play is a physical theatre performance that seeks to explore the nuanced images of a man through vulnerability and intimacy that challenges stereotypes of masculinities. Choreography: Kamogelo s # 45m! Eng, Zul, Xho, Tsw $ Tickets 14:00 50% 17:30 21:30 19: GIFTIG Matchbox Theatre Collective ~ 10+ L She waits on the beach for her lover to return from the ocean. He waits knowing he will never return. Their parents are lonely together. This 2-hander risks the ideals of love, loss and apathy that surrenders to comedy and touches the heart of the meaning of life. Two minutes can feel like an eternity. Choreography: Bailey Snyman Directed by & featuring: MIcia de Wet and Bailey Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 14:00 18:00 21:00 12: %

65 218

66 219

67 220 HOME Intlangano Project Home is something peculiar in South Africa. There is a yearning for it; something mystical, restful, hopeful. Inspired by Toni Morrison s novel titled Home. The production will use unprocessed physicality to explore the insidious presence of the desire for a home in our contemporary lives. Choreography: Nomcebisi Hall # 45m! $ Tickets 16:00 22:30 18:00 16:30 17:30 13: I AM... DEDANIZIZWE ~ 16+ M Rhodes University Drama & Lenin Shabalala I am... Dedanizizwe explores the journey of multifaceted, multifarious being, immersed in life s exhilarating highs and depressing lows, an autobiographical choreographic portrait of self-discovery and expression through diverse movement, iconography, music and poetry. A contemporary hip-hop physical theatre performance for the Rhodes Drama Department Masters Programme Direction & choreography: Lenin Shabalala Performed by: Siki Qwazi & Zukizani Lamani Featuring: Jay Molopo, Sizwe Zulu, Smangaliso Ngwenya and Wezile Hall # 45m! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 12:00 21:00 22:30 18: % PULP Underground Dance Theatre Pulp begins in a hazy dream, a silent movie where bodies hide secrets. Mysterious beauty, dark comedy, and seatshifting tension co-exist in a world that follows the peculiar logic of dreams. Film Noir meets Dance Theatre in the most intimate work yet from Cape Town s award-winning leaders in innovative dance. Director: Steven van Wyk, Thalia Laric & Kristina Johnstone Featuring: Cilna Katzke Steven van Wyk Thalia Laric & Kristina s # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 21:30 15:30 14:00 12:00 20: REAL? Riandi Malan and Kay Dewes ~ 14+ M From media to make-up, parents to religion, every event, suggestion, action and word plays a role in how a woman learns to see herself. Real? attempts to dissect these influences as the female characters grapple with finding their true identity. Director: Peraldo Senekal Written by & featuring: Riandi Malan, Kay Arena # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 20:30 12: INGRID Alt Eye Productions ~ 12+ M A tribute production, celebrating the life and work of acclaimed poet Ingrid Jonker. The piece serves as a visual and physical response to her oeuvre: a reaction to her as provocation. A devised imagistic theatre production drawn from texts such as Ontvlugting, L Art Poetique, and Ek Herhaal Jou. Director: Ester Van Der Walt Featuring: Lea Vivier, Maude Sandham, Megan Van Front # 55m! Non-verbal $ Tickets 14:00 22:00 20:00 14: LOXION STORY:UMAVUSANA Via Kasi Movers This is a moving story about three close friends who are doing their best to live a positive lifestyle. But the loxion culture that immediately surrounds them, is at odds with their good intentions. Do they find a way out? Join them in this humorous battle of life-changing decisions. Director: Ayanda Nondlwana Featuring: Ayanda Nondlwana, Siyabonga Bawuti, Elethu Heshu and Xolela KERK HALL # 55m! Eng, Tsotsi $ Tickets 21:00 18:30 14:00 22:00 Mtiti & Mthokozisi Mabuza & Phumlani Mtiti PIECES OF EVERY ME ~ PG NFC Ntsika Tyatya, Phumlani Mtiti, Khaya Ndlovu A rethinking of life, the study of shadows and a cultural timeline. The song, poem, dance seeks to find an answer to the question: who are we? Where do we come from? An exploration of our identity within the places/spaces/ faces that we inhabit: mind, culture, heart, land. A vision translated. Writer: Ntsika Tyatya Choreography: Khaya Ndlovu Music: Phumlani Mtiti Performed by: Phumlani Featuring: Mthokozisi Mabuza, Ntsika Tyatya, Khaya Hall # 45m! Eng, Xho, Zul $ Tickets 19:00 16: %

68 RICE Atlegang Creatives 221 Rice reflects the story of Karabo and Mothusimang who tragically lose their parents in a fatal car accident. Their entrusted Aunt turns against them, Karabo loses his job due to nepotism and gets involved in shady dealings, he gets arrested while Thusi fights till his final year at varsity... Written & directed by: Christopher Mathe and Matthews # 1h! Eng, Tsw, Afr $ Tickets 20:30 16: :00 SACRE FOR ONE Alan Parker ~ 16+ M NFC Le Sacre du Printemps or The Rite of Spring was first performed in France in Since then hundreds of choreographers, all over the world, have taken turns to re-imagine this infamous ballet and Stravinsky s evocative score. In Sacre for one, Alan Parker attempts to remember and piece together fragments of these historical dances (and some contemporary ones too) to create a leftover Sacre? one comprised of multiple voices and multiple histories, emerging through the body of the solo performer. Choreography: Alan Parker Performed by: Featuring: Alan s # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 17:30 12:00 16:00 22: % SONDER JOU Freed & Rona As starlings flock together making a magnificent murmuration, so too can humanity be a beautiful body, formed from unique and individually wonderful parts. Through dance and physical theatre Sonder Jou highlights how we each have a story to tell and can only be united if we see life through each other s eyes. Director: Abi Wiese Writer: Abi and Cobus Wiese Choreography: Cobus Wiese Music: Anjulie Hall # 50m! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 16:00 16:00 22:30 12: TO 4RM Prince Lamla ~ PG Workshopped by 2013 Standard Bank Young Artist Award-winner, Prince Lamla, and four AFDA graduates, this reflective piece sees the four actors deliver harrowing personal stories that have shaped their lives. The piece is thematically structured around love, loss and forgiveness, with each actor reflectively relaying stories of loss and grief; and them stumbling around in their respective narratives trying to gain perspective and closure on the injustices that were dealt to their former selves. Director: Prince Lamla Featuring: Mpolokeng Chabane, Thapelo Madondo, Sabelo Ndumo & Sandile # 1h! Eng, Zul $ Tickets -50% 18:30 12:

69 222 VLOWER Francesca Matthys and Andrea van der Kuil ~ 14+ M Is it awkward? Does it hurt? Do you bleed? Fornication, consummation, copulation. This quirky, playful physical theatre piece explores all the secrets about female virginity. Watch as the three main characters navigate their way through the preparation that leads up to the ultimate watering. Come on ladies, its flower time. Director: Francesca Matthys Written & Choreograpphed by: Francesca Matthys Featuring: Sharmyan Kassen, Andrea van der Kuil & Tamara Front # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 12:00 20:00 12: WATERLINE Uyabona Ke Waterline whets your appetite, feeds your soul, and washes it all down with a generous gulping of humility, humanity and humour. Critter Uyabona Ke is a sensational group of masked performers whose physical adeptness and versatility makes Waterline, a 2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award-winner, a visually richly captivating production. Director: Rob Murray Rehearsal Coach: Mike da Silva Featuring: Khaya Kondile, Ayanda Nondlwana,Nombasa Ngoqo & Mziwanele Kerk Hall # 1h! Non-verbal $ Tickets 12:00 14:30 21:30 14:30 18:30 14: Gaymenplay half vertical

70 223 ABANGABONWA (THE UNSEEN) Sibonelo Dance Project Abangabonwa means the unseen in isizulu. This piece draws on the unheard stories of people living in the townships in poverty (mother daughter love, struggle with drugs, living in two worlds work and home). It was choreographed by drawing on the experiences of the dancers experiences where they felt unheard and unseen. Director: Mzokuthula Gasa Choreography: Mzokuthula Gasa & Hall # 50m! $ Tickets 12:00 21:30 18:00 14: % AFRICAN RHYTHMS Thabisong Youth Club African Rhythms is a vibrant music and dance show where you explore the beauty and origin of the African beat and African movements through dance and music. Director: Mbali Shezi Choreography: Dumisani Hall # 1h10! SA lang $ Tickets 50% 17: :30 16:00 14: THE BEST OF GAUTENG II: PANTSULA DANCE GAUTENG DSRAC A very vibrant and energetic combination of dance pieces, mainly PANTSULA. Presented by the Gauteng Deoartment of Sport, Arts, Culture & Recreation. Director: Sharon April Choreography: Louis Baloyi Featuring: Molefe Magazi, Sipho Dlamini, Sydney Hall # 45m! $ Tickets 18:30 20:30 16:30 12:30 14: BURN Liquid Fusion Humanity is the Earth s most intimate friend. Burn explores the tense relationship between Earth and Man, and how the two hold each other ransom. A full-length duet, strong, powerful and explosive, Burn is a fierce dance work that tests the limits of the human body. Director: Bailey Snyman Music: Daniel Geddes Featuring: Daniel Geddes, Mark s # 45m! $ Tickets 14:00 20:30 16:00 22:30 14:00 18: CHASING SHADOWS Cape Academy of Performing Arts ~ PG NFC Standing in their shadows they wondered why it was always dark. Disturbed by this sight and displeased with their footsteps, they decided to seek the light. But with every step their mercurial shadows kept up with them. They attempted the impossible and tried to catch their own elusive shadow, and all the while it followed, always darker, emptier and simpler. Intense choreography matched with soft moments will pierce the hearts of the audiences... Tinika Nuen, Cue Adapted from: Director: Debbie Turner & Nathalie Hall # 1h15! $ Tickets 20:00 14:30 12:00 14:00 20:

71 224 DANCE SPECTRUM National School of the Arts An exquisite programme of ballet, Spanish and contemporary dance presented by the talented learners of the National School of the Arts (NSA). The 2016 Dance Spectrum features excerpts from Pharaoh s Daughter, which premiered at the Jo burg Theatre Festival of Fame. Director: Manuel Norambuena Featuring: Learners from the National School of the Mullins # 1h! Eng $ Tickets :00 21: DOWNFALL S hlangene Dancers Downfall is a dance about the distraction that money brings into our daily lives: the way people resort to crime, prostitution, domestic violence and how people get into relationships just because of money. Writer / Director: Nzimeni Phiwe Herembi Choreography: Nzimeni Herembi, assisted by Flab April & Mangaliso Mtimkulu Featuring: Timothy Mtimkulu, Itumeleng Mothibedi, Lethola Maduna & Sibusiso Hall # 50m! Eng, Xho, Zul $ Tickets 12:30 20:30 16: EMAXESIBENI AFRICAN DANCE Alfred Nzo Cultural Ensamble A showcase of traditional dance and music that puts the spotlight on our diverse cultures and the incredible heritage abundant in South Africa. Director: Dumisani Stage # 30m! $ Tickets 11:30 13:30 13:30 11:30 FABRIC OF THE UNIVERSE Lexi Meier Had I the heavens embroidered cloths enwrought with gold and silver light, the blue, the dim; the dark cloths of night and light and half light? What are the blue; the dim cloths? When is life enwrought with gold and silver light? Fabric of The Universe (conceived by the 2015 Aha Awardwinning choreographer, Lexi Meier) is an immersive, tactile, choreographic installation for all ages to enjoy. It explores the scale of the human working hand and the joy felt in the physical act of making. Come! We have spread our dreams beneath your feet... Choreography: Lexi Meier Featuring: Lexi Meier & Hannah Media Centre # 35m! Eng $ Tickets 19:00 25% 19:00 19:00 19:00 19:

72 225

73 226 FAMILY PORTRAIT Koketso Dance Project This dance piece tells of a single mother raising her sons in dysfunctional circumstances. It alludes to the miscommunication in our society that has led to separatism and gaps in our social classes. This family proposes a solution in which, as individuals, they should try to mitigate the differences among the brothers. This is acknowledged by their mother and ultimately brings calmness to this destructed family. Director: David Matamela Writer: Boitumelo Mokolopeng Choreography: Douglas Great Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 15:30 17: %...FEATHERS... Moving Into Dance Mophatong Celebrating 38 years in the SA Dance Industry, MIDM proudly presents a programme of exhilarating new dance works by, and with, its male dancers. MIDM s men... shift gear instantaneously... from aggression into malleability Tammy Ballantyne...truly a privilege to witness... a magnetic tour de force Robyn Sassen Director: Mark Hawkins Choreography: Sunnyboy Motau & Rachel Erdos/ Oscar Buthelezi/ Eugene Mashiane Featuring: Sunnyboy Motau, Oscar Buthelezi, Muzi Shili,Eugene Mashiane,Teboho Hall # 55m! $ Tickets 12:00 15:30 14:00 22: GAUTENG MOTJEKO DANCE Gauteng Provincial Government Modern dance mixed with street dance. This is explosive dance entertainment that will wow the whole Hall #! $ Tickets 19:30 14:00 20:00 12: GENESIS (THE BEGINING OF AN END) Youth In Trust ~ 14+ M R NFC Genesis tells the story of Adam and Eve but focuses in on their relationship both in and out of Eden. We explore the journey they went on and draw comparisons to relationships today. We often forget that love didn t start with Romeo and Juliet but with Adam and Eve who are the Father and Mother of us all. The piece questions what happened between them on a mental, physical, psychological and spiritual level, and reflects on what relationships were intended to be and what they have become. Direction & choreography: Corne Hall # 1h! Eng, SA lang $ Tickets 14:00 19:00 12:00 16:00 16: I AM Kmad Dance Company ~ PG M I AM... a contemporary dance work, inspired by the haunting photographs of Christian Samson, capturing mental disorders, such as insomnia, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression, giving these illnesses physical form. On paper, photographs, have an image, but when those images are translated into movements those very same images, explode into a world that is unique, surprising, original and above all, accessible to Everyman. Because it can t be seen, doesn t mean damage can t be done. Director: Kelsey Middleton Choreography: Thami Tshabalala & Khaya Ndlovu Featuring: Thami Tshabalala, Khaya Nlovu, Nelmari Bornman, Laura-Jean de Hall # 1h! $ Tickets 15:30 25% 14:00 21:30 16: IF THE WORLD WAS LISTENING Phakama Dance Theatre ~ PG M...if the world was listening This breath taking contemporary work is a journey delving deep into the mind of self discovery. In a world of layers; complexities; haste and noise, One would wonder; if the world would pause & turn a willing ear to ones mouth, what is it truly, that you would say? Director: Leagan Peffer Choreography: Sandile Mkhize Featuring: Sandile Mkhize, Leagan Peffer, Lorin Great Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 17:30 21:30 15:00 19:

74 227 IF THESE BODIES COULD SPEAK Matchbox Theatre Collective ~ PG M A digital-dance love story that examines the instinctive experience of the body as viewed from the inside out, revealing the lived experience that vocalizes emotion, allowing the body to speak. Choreography: Bailey Snyman and Nicola Haskins Featuring: Nicola Haskins and Bailey s # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 21:30 14:00 18: % INTWASO Isingqi Sakwa-Ntu Cultural Group Intwaso is the process one goes through to become a traditional healer. This is known as the calling by the ancestors. When one has gone through?the calling?, intwaso intlombe is performed to celebrate the success of the calling. This is chiefly celebrated through indigenous dance and music, after which the person are able to heal other people using herbs and is called a traditional healer. Director: T. Maqoko Writer: N. Ngombane Music: N. Stage # 30m! Xho $ Tickets 11:30 16:00 11:30 16:00 KUKURA Orange Farm Dance Theatre The dance piece is about the path we take as individuals from the past to the present. It demonstrates how our journey is different from others, the growth within the individual, and how our culture plays an important role in the up bringing of soul. It signpost the roles of elderly people, men and women in the village. The stages, challenges and changes they go through. Director: Nthabiseng Segoe Music: Nkosana Bembe Choreography: Nthabiseng Segoe & Mpumelelo Great Hall # 45m! Sot, Eng $ Tickets 12:00 50% :00 17:00 MORETHETHO RHYTHM Bothakga Productions Gumboot dance impeccably performed using modern, energetic dance styles. This production is electrifying prepare to be shocked! Director: Professor Matlaopane Choreography: Onkgopotse Hall # 50m! Tsw, Eng, Fan $ Tickets 12:00 50% 21:00 16:30 18:

75 228

76 229 MY BODY, MY LIFE, MY DECISIONS. Rainbow Theatre Company ~ 16+ V NFC South Africa has a high prevalence of hate crimes, including assault and corrective rape within communities. This work captures reported incidents of hate crimes within Southern Africa using contemporary dance and live music to share and explore the stories of both victims and survivors. It tells the stories of the silenced voices within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Intersex (LGBTI) community, using original images of well-known cases. Direction / Choreography: Thobeka Bhengu Music performed by: Mfundo Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 14:30 21:00 14:30 22: NEFELIBATA Oakfields College Faculty of Dance and Musical Theatre He is mute. She is blind. Together they embark on a whimsical journey of discovery, connection and selfexpression as they learn how the world of movement transcends the restriction of language and personal inhibition. Nefelibata explores the various aspects of movement through a dreamlike, cross-disciplinary collaboration of traditional mime and contemporary dance. Director: Ignatius van Heerden Choreography: Ignatius van Heerden & Jaques Van Jaarsveld Featuring: Students from the Oakfields College Faculty of Dance and Musical Hall # 50m! $ Tickets 17:00 14: NGWAO YA RONA Kopano Ke Matla Youth Group Ngwao ya Rona uses various traditional and indigenous Tswana music and dances to promote and recognise the culture of the Batswana. It is energetically performed by 22 members of the Kopano Ke Matla Youth Group, established in 2016, and based in Jouberton township in the North West Province. Director: Tshepiso Modisadife Choreography: Eric Hall # 45m! Tsw, Eng $ Tickets 18:00 16:30 14: %

77 230 For 7 Deadly Sins

78 231 NKWEKHWEZANA CULTURAL GROUP Nkwekhwezana Cultural Group We have our own history, our own language, our own culture. But our destiny is also tied up with the destinies of other people history has made us all South Africans. Director: Lulama Khethani Choreography: Viwe Stage # 30m! Xho $ Tickets 11:30 11:30 14:00 11:30 OPPORTUNITY Dance Direction International / Youngstar Production / Simiso SlashFire Sokhela A contemporary and poetic journey delving into the complexities of untold stories in our lives, revealing the opportunities that life has for us. Direction & Choreography: Des van der Spuy, Gabriel Masango & Simiso Sokhela Featuring: Gabriel Masango, Simiso Slash, Fire Sokhela, Kirsty Fisher, Siwela Sonke Hall # 30m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 12:00 18: % OWN THE SPOTLIGHT Starlight Studios Cape Town s Starlight Studios returns after a triumphant 2013 run to present a varied and exciting programme of dance. Nineteen talented dancers will perform awardwinning dance pieces in various styles ranging from lyrical to contemporary and jazz. This is a must for dance lovers. Direction & Choreography: Colleen Kitching Featuring: Mikayla Isaacs & Caitlin s # 1h! $ Tickets 16:00 19:30 12:00 16:00 14: % PREDICAMENT / AYEYE Eastern Cape Dance Company ~ 12+ M First Piece: Predicament: In memory of a dearly loved mother. For everything there is a season, a time to be born and a time to die. You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can do what she wants smile, open your eyes, love and go on. Second Piece: Ayeye, My God: A fusion of isixhosa content with a dash of Danster in motion, together they produce a cocktail of human emotion and spiritual awakening. Director: Phumzile Zakaza Choreography: Thembikosi Puwane & Reginald Danster Music: Ndumiso Mtsali Featuring: Siphokazi Gwazela, Nasiphi Ntabeni, Ntombokanyo Stofile, Asanda Hall # 55m! Xho, Eng $ Tickets 16:30 12: % PULSE Sarah Cookney Academy of Dance Students of the Sarah Cookney Academy of Dance present a dynamic forty-five minute fusion of jazz, contemporary, African and hip hop dance. This effervescent showcase of original dance works is filled with captivating music and attractive costuming. It s both entertaining and stimulating and appeals to dance lovers of every age. Director: Sarah Cookney & Meagan Miller Choreography: Brigette Reeve Taylor, Sarah Cookney, Ciara Baldwin, Nathan Bartman, Elvis Sibeko & Meagan Miller PURPLE RAIN MDG Performing Arts Academy Transformed from the drought and the intimate relationship between rain and earth to give life, Purple Rain unravels a love story between a beautiful girl and a handsome deaf boy. The only way of communication is through dance. Just like rain needs clouds to form for a fruitful rainfall. Lots of challenges come their way as people are against them being together. Choreography & direction by: Warren Randell Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:30 18:00 19: RHYTHMS OF THE NORTH - THE MUSICAL Heritage South Africa This is 100% eclectic fusion, a constellation of some original, sacred yet exhilarating, vibrantly colourful indigenous cultural heritage... pure songs and dances of Limpopo choreographed to entertain and epitomise the rich and cultural diversity of the six aboriginal natives in their extraordinary forms. Direction & Choreography: George s # 55m! Eng, SA lang $ Tickets 12:00 16:30 16:30 12:00 18: SINS Kmad Dance Company ~ PG NFC Awe-inspiring dancers unfold the intricacies of this challenging choreographic work by two of South Africa s most inspiring young choreographers. Following on from their 2013 Standard Bank Ovation Award-winning work, 7 Deadly Sins, this work ventures down dark, illusive paths. Through acrobatics, endurance and athleticism, the dancers sting the venomous intentions of these two choreographers into their audiences, like poison filtering a child s mind... Director: Kelsey Middleton Choreography: Thami Tshabalala & Phume Sikhakhane Featuring: Thami Tshabalala, Laura-Jean de Vries, Thato Nkwe, Khaya Hall # 1h! $ Tickets 19:30 17:30 21:30 12: % TEN Northern Dance Project ~ PG Ten reflects on the recounting of a story, looking back through the decade on issues of the past and the relevance of today. Highlighting a new work called Divergence by Louise Coetzer, looking at the point where two things split off from each other, separating, parting, divided: could we recognise harmony within polar opposites or celebrate that which seems to be poles apart. Director: Deborah Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 50% 12: :30 18: :30 s # 45m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 13:30 19:30 21:

79 232 Carla Navarra WITH/HOLD Magdalena de Beer ~ 16+ M NFC In this innovative new dance work, the performers interrogate emotional and physical attachments. They move independently, dependently, and co-dependently with each other and the audience, engaging with bodily experiences of support, connection and isolation. Confronting the audience with their vulnerability, performers expose their humanness with a raw honesty. Choreography: Magdalena de Beer Performed by: Featuring: Ameera Mills, Kate Great Hall # 45m! $ Tickets 12:00 21:00 12:00 13: % XX Triple C ~ 13+ L XX, kiss kiss... A sassy, non-stop hour of hip hop, contemporary, Michael Jackson and Prince, XX is a full on dance show which proves that dynamite does come in small... and intimate... packages. Join us in the dark for a little glitz, and a lot of... well, we d say more, but as you know it s impolite to kiss and tell? Director: Tara Notcutt Choreography: Cleo Notcutt Solo by: Marcus MakesUMove Featuring: Kelly Atkins, Rori Bingham, Marcus MakesUMove, Cleo Alice Hall # 1h! $ Tickets 13:00 13:00 13:00 13:00 13: July 4 July 17:00 7 July 22:30 9 July 16:00 10 July 14:00

80 EVEN MORE FUN! Cherryco Join festival regular Adi Paxton as Petric, the Admirable Nelson, a crazy penguin (and others) in a new interactive seaside puppet adventure: and as a dotty, Cherry the Clown to enjoy even more magical fun. Kept the children thrilled and begging for more Cue Directed by & featuring: Adi Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 14:00 14: % Writer: Richard Antrobus THE CLOUD-CATCHER OddBody Theatre : 6-12 YEARS Now, Buhle Lifu was no ordinary child. She was shy and timid but adventurous and wild. She was strange looking, unpopular but also quite smart, despite failing science, maths, history and art. But Buhle was a thinker, a tinker with a brain, who would soon save the day and bring back the rain. Best suited for audiences aged 6 to 12 (and their parents!). Director: Richard Antrobus Featuring: Asiphe Hall # 40m! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 12:00 19:00 19:00 14:00 14: Director: Soraya Adams CALABASH CHILDREN Bethvale Drama Group A Tanzanian folktale with great, comical inserts. Mulima, a childless widow, prays to the Mountain Spirit for children. One magical morning, she finds her hut spotlessly clean. That night Mulima decides to feign sleep to discover the truth. Magically the six empty calabashes at her hearth turn into six beautiful children. Cook, Clean, Sweep... they chant as they do all the chores. Mulima calls them her Calabash Children but she starts beating them and... FLORENCE AND WATSON AND THE SUGARBUSH MOUSE ExploSIV Productions Join husband and wife team Rob van Vuuren and Danielle Bischoff as Florence and Watson, the funniest, all-singing, all-dancing, all-storytelling Honey Badgers you ve ever met as they bring to life, the remarkable tale of a brave and resourceful little mouse who discovers a unique talent that allows her to save the Proteas on the beautiful mountain that she calls home. Written, directed & performed by: Rob van Vuuren and Danielle Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets HOW STORIES BEGAN Jungle Theatre Company This African folktale is set in ancient times on the Wild coast. The first people go on an adventure in search of stories. They discover comical characters leading them to magical creatures under the ocean. The stories come to life in English and isixhosa with original songs and innovative masks. Director: Seiso Qhola Writer: Ntombifuthi Mkhasibe and Vincent Meyburgh Featuring: Vincent Meyburgh and Ntombifuthi Hall # 40m! Eng, Xho $ Tickets :00 16: Hall # 1h! Eng, Tanz, Afr $ Tickets 16:00 19:00 12: FANTASTICAL FLEA CIRCUS Copy Dog Hailed as Wonder-flea entertaining (Latoya Newman, Daily News) and BIG fun from tiny stars (Billy Suter, Mercury), this multi-award-winning mix of song, dance, rhyming verse and clever tricks stars comedic performers Shona Johnson as renowned opera singer, Duchess De Nunu, and Verne Rowin Munsamy as a bumbling professor of Fleaology. Writer / Director: Clinton Marius Featuring: Shona Johnson & Rowin Hall # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 50% 12:00 19:00 14:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 12:00 16: FINGO FESTIVAL The 6th annual Fingo Festival returns this year on the 40th anniversary of the 1976 June 16 youth protests by bringing art to the heart of Black community. Started by youth, for youth, Fingo Festival opens up a platform to bring the spirit of the National Arts Festival to Fingo township; breaking down divides of class and geography. Our programme offers children s theatre, civil society dialogues and an open air stage. The open air stage hosts gives community groups and professional artists an equal opportunity to Multi-purpose Centre (Dr Jacob Zuma Dr) # 9am - 4pm! SA languages $ Tickets 09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00 09:00

81 234

82 235 THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY KB Theatre Productions Exceptional... storytelling, masterfully performed. Once upon a time, a boy named Tommy, who lived an unadventurous life, was presented by a challenge from the new kid at school join us on an adventure of imagination and magic. Can Tommy become a hero? Director: Stefan Erasmus Featuring: Stefan Erasmus, Emma Kotze & Callum Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 14:00 14:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 14:00 14:00 14:00 14: ISARO ~ 12+ NFC Outreach Foundation (Hillbrow Theatre) Isaro is a Rwandan name meaning beads knitted together, symbolising unity. The play emerged as a response to the 20-year anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Tracing the journey of The Forgotten One who flees Rwanda and lands up in South Africa. The narrative is used to probe the reasons behind South Africa s repeated xenophobic violence. Questioning if the attacks on those who are Other in South Africa are as a result of fear of cultural invasion, language dilution, competition over resources or fear of losing what we fought for in apartheid. Writer / Director: Gcebile Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 18: %

83 236 LANGA YANTA- MONSTER HUNTER UBOM! You sacred of Monsters? Don t call your mamas, call the guy in the cool pyjamas! Ubom! lights up the stage in this thrilling tale of creepy monsters and cuddly toys. Monster Hunter is the story of one brave youngster s quest to defeat the nameless fears that many children suffer. Director: Kyla Davis Featuring: Anele Heshu, Elethu Heshu, Sisonke Yafele & Nox Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 16:00 16:00 12:00 12:00 16:00 12: THE LIGHT HOUSE Alt Eye Productions Gordon lives in a light house. He watches the sea every day for ships... and for his friend Sailor. Antie Lachmi and Uncle Thabo say Sailor is never coming back, but Gordon won t give up hope. Surely Sailor will come back for his birthday? A story of love and adventure! Director: Maude Sandham Featuring: Jaques De Silva & Joe Hall # 50m! Eng, Afr, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 14:00 08:30 16: % PUSHMI PULYU Ukao Theatre ~ PG This piece explores the concept of push me pull you, which is something that has more parts than usual it can be human, plants or animals. The piece shows two people that are stuck together and trying to cope with life. When they discover that they are stuck together, they both pull in different directions, that doesn t work, so they try other means like running away from each other until they figure out its better to push while the other is pulling. Pushmi Pulyu, is a beautiful show that is full of smiles and new discovery for small people. Writer / Director: Bulelani Mabutyana Featuring: Thulisa Mayalo Sisipho Mbopa TSHIMBILA RANTSULA Outreach Foundation (Hillbrow Theatre) Tshimbila means walk in Venda. This play deals with the way Africans have lost their sense of identity through the dilution of their culture by the pervasive wash of western teaching. This production tells of the struggles that are experienced in different parts of Africa and allegorically deals with issues of gender and women s issues through its tale of how Africa was thrown out of the village because she was a woman. Awarded 2nd Best Production at the Inner-city Drama School Festival. Writer / Director: Gcebile Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 19:30 19: % WARRIOR GREEN Wynne Bredenkamp Award-winning writer-director, Wynne Bredenkamp, brings a new thrilling story where secrets, betrayal and hope collide in the futuristic adventure of two friends who dream of finding the mythical Green. One will follow the Settlement s rules, the other will break the greatest one: No One Will Hide The Green! Adult friendly. Writer / Director: Wynne Bredenkamp Featuring: Emma Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 50% 16:00 12:00 16:00 16:00 14:00 14:00 12:00 16:00 12: FLORENCE & WATSON BOOK TALK By authors Danielle Bischoff & Rob van Vuuren WHEN: Tuesday 5 July at 11:00 WHERE: Seminar Room 1 at Eden Grove TICKETS: R40 for adults; R25 for the kids NOT TO BE MISSED! Bring the whole family Hall # 35m! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 11:00 11:00 11: RAT RACE Well Worn Theatre Company Rat Race is a pop-up storybook play for 4 to 6 year olds about an unlikely friendship between stressed-out city rat, Miles, and kind, easy-going farm mouse, Melissa. It s a humorous story with music, clowning, puppetry, illustrations and physical theatre that tells a colourful tail about Big Changes in Little Lives. Director: Kyla Davis Featuring: Ameera Patel and Roberto Hall # 40m! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 12:00 12:00 09:00 09:00 09: % THE SAVER POPSTERS Andrew Simpson Productions A Prince, a vampire, a ghost and a witch who live in Procraster Nation decide to do something with their lives and start a superhero agency called the Saver Popsters. These super heroes must save the world from an evil villain. Perfect for kids, teens, schools and adults too! A feel good fantasy adventure! Writer / Director: Andrew Simpson Featuring: Alastair Kingon, Dominique Maher, Natasha Williams & Ryan de # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 13:30 13:30 13:00 15:30 13:00 11:30 14:30 13:

84 237

85 238

86 239 ASTONISH Mawonga Gayiya ~ 12+ M NFC Astonish wowed audiences at the 2015 National Arts Festival, Cape Town Fringe and later won bronze at the South African Magic Championships. The award-winning Mawonga Gayiya from Khayelitsha in Cape Town, has performed his hilarious magic widely from China to Las Vegas and appears regularly at the prestigious Cape Town Magic Club the only one of its kind in Africa. Experience an impossible hour of non-stop laughs and gasps as Mawonga shares his life and magic. 100% guaranteed to Astonish. Director: Stuart Lightbody Written by & featuring: Mawonga Hall?? # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 22:30 18:30 18:30 14:00 20:00 14:00 22: % Director: Tara Notcutt STUART LIGHTBODY S SLEEPLESS DREAMS Stuart Lightbody ~ 12+ NFC From the Standard Bank Ovation Award winning creators of Illusive and Devilish comes a true story of obsession; a story that starts with an out-of-print book hidden in a secret library... Join Stuart as with charm and phenomenal dexterity, he explores our dreams and destroys our nightmares (Australian Stage 2016). Nominated for ArtRage Theatre Award (Fringe World, Perth). Written by & featuring: Stuart Alice Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16:00 16: MIND OVER MAGIC Brendon Peel ~ 10+ NFC Is it true that we have the potential to perform incredible feats of mind reading, telepathy, and intense memorisation Brendon Peel s latest mind blowing psychological illusion show puts this to the test. YOU are put in the driver s seat to discover the possibility of unlocking your true mental potential. Are we able to make use of this intuitive ability or is it all just an illusion? Written, directed & performed by: Brendon Back # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 16:00 12:00 20:00 12:00 22:00 20:00 20:00 12:

87 240

88 Youth In Trust ~ 12+ M L V This show uses music, poetry and dance to reflect on the events leading to the 1976 Soweto Uprising. We follow the life of the then 19-year-old leader, Tsietsi Mashinini who, together with his fellow comrades plotted and spearheaded the march that shocked the world and remains in people s hearts today. The young students bravely took to the streets of Soweto to face their nemesis and conquer almost 70 years of oppression. Little did they know that this march would leave many without homes and parents. Writer / Director: Nelsen Hall # 1h! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 16:30 21:00 22:30 14:00 12: FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IS ENUF UJ Arts & Culture (a Division of FADA) ~ PG M NFC An extended choreopoem that tells the stories of seven women identified only by the colours assigned to them. With subjects ranging from rape and abandonment to abortion and domestic violence, the play weaves their interconnected stories of love, empowerment, struggle and loss into a complex representation of sisterhood. Director: Khutjo Bakunzi-Green Choreographer: Kieron Jina Writer: Ntozake Shange Featuring: University of Johannesburg (UJ) students NTSIKI SPEAKS Ntsiki Mazwai ~ 16+ M L NFC Magnetic, energetic and powerful the untameable Ntsiki Mazwai brings her widely popular poetry to life in a onewoman poetry play. This is the story of a young girl coming of age... as a legend. With themes ranging from spirituality, politics and social consciousness...this one is a MUST SEE. Director: Sinethemba Mpepo/Ntsiki Mazwai Writer: Ntsiki Festival Centre # 35m! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 18:00 20:00 14:00 16:00 18:30 16:00 20:30 22:30 22:30 17: % NOMAKHISIMSI THE PONDO COMEDIAN Ntombifuti Ncwayiba In this captivatingly funny show, a Pondo comedian and storyteller shows how Pondo people react in different situations and also provides some lessons about how to behave in marriages. Director: Ntombifuti Ncwayiba Writer: Ntombifuti Ncwayiba Featuring: Ntombifuti Fest Centre # 45m! Pondo, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 16:30 14: Hall # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 11: :30 15:30 21: : JUST ANTIGONE The Movement RSA In Thebes tensions are high as Antigone has disobeyed Creon s law, risking her life JUST to honour her brother. This piece is an exciting ensemble work that creatively chronicles the odyssey of the stubborn Antigone. Simple, interactive and imaginative it s a great way of introducing theatre classics to young people. Director: Mahlatsi Mokgonyana Choreographer: Billie Back # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 12:00 22:00 16:00 22: METROPOLAR Modise Sekgothe ~ 16+ L Metropolar is a multi-media show about the city of Johannesburg and the different realities that dance along and against each other in the space. A live performance offering that includes animation, music and poetry to create an audio-visual live portrayal of the city as seen by Modise Sekgothe and Jotam Schoeman. Writer: Modise Sekgothe Music: Jotam Schoeman Featuring: Modise Sekgothe & Jotam Festival Centre # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 19:30 18:00 12:00 14:00 16:30 12: %

89 242 BIRD / FISH Kristin Hua NG-Yang Bird / Fish is an installation and performance piece that deploys metaphors that allude to the ephemera of air and water, of love being subject to fate. The visual work and music is meditative on life s journey into inevitable oblivion. The audience may interact with the tactile installed elements after a live performance. Visual art by: Kristin Hua NG-Yang Dance performance by: Bonwa Mbontsi & Tegan to be advised # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 15:00 15:00 15:00 CHANGES P.E Opera House and Landesbuhne. Nord Wilhelmshaven ~ PG NFC This is a production that shows the political and social changes in both South Africa and Germany between 1989 and 1994 by using as many creative tools as possible, including poetry, monologues, drama etc. This journey will come alive under the direction of Frank Fuhrmann, who brings two South African and two German actors to the stage. Director: Frank Fuhrmann Featuring: Nobesuthu Rayi, Xabiso Zweni, Jeffrey Von Laun and Vasilios Back # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 22:00 16: GL(O)RY Wesley Deintjies ~ 18+ MNVSP glory hole (noun): a hole in a wall/partition through which people anonymously watch, or engage in questionable/ sexual activities. Weave y(o)ur way thr(o)ugh an immersive labyrinth which pr(o)mises to expl(o)re all facets of human desire. At the thresh(o)ld of fetish, paraphilia and kink,(o) ne question remains: Will y(o)u merely watch, or be brave en(o)ugh to Andrew s Cornish Dining Hall (meet at the traffic lights on Somerset Street) # 45m! Eng $ Tickets invented. Director: 20:00 21:00 20:00 21:00 Featuring: Mike Bruton 20:00 21:00 20:00 21:00 20:00 21: IBN AL-HAYTHAM: THE FATHER OF OPTICS Mike Bruton Over 1000 years ago the famous Islamic scientist, Ibn al-haytham, discovered the principles of optics and many of the properties of light. He also invented the camera obscura and demonstrated how the human eye works, centuries before Western scientists. Join Ibn al-haytham in this re-enactment of some of his famous experiments, and for a personalised tour of the camera obscura that he INSIDE THE SOUND Joanna Wicherek Inside the Sound is a multi-disciplinary, cutting edge performance featuring a Swedish painter, Johan Bloom, who will improvise to experimental piano music played by a Polish pianist, Joanna Wicherek. The uniqueness of the project lies in the combination of minimal music and abstract action painting, which complete and enrich each other. Our performance brings the two disciplines to another level of perception and understanding. Featuring: Joanna Wicherek & Johan Andrew s Hall # 1h! $ Tickets 16:00 18:30 12: FLEURS DE SILENCE (FLOWERS OF SILENCE) Theatre Thump! ~ PG M And crawling on the planet s face Some insects called the human race Lost in time, lost in space... (Rocky horror picture show) Death. Love and sacrifice. A couple search for the place where their lives toppled over... Mamma Roma comes to tell us a story about M d a and Simion, two characters from another world returning to give hommage to their beloved one. Come reconstruct this puzzle of intrigue via these three strange characters. FLEURS DE SILENCE A visual and musical public art show with expressive masks. Writer: Theatre Thump! Music: Juliette Fabre Performed by: Juliette Fabre Featuring: Performers: Carole Deborde, Oliver Borowski Cello: Juliette Fabre Coaching: Tom Roos (Wurrewurre, School Quad # 30m! Visual $ Tickets 13:00 11:00 13:00 11:30 15:30 11: :00 LENYALO (THE WEDDING) Theatre Thump! and Sisonke Arts ~ PG M Wedding invitation for onlookers in the street you are hereby cordially invited to our wedding dress code: as you are time + date: check the programme place: grahamstown s national arts festival we look forward on sharing our special day just with you! Writer: Theatre Thump! Featuring: Carole Deborde, Oliver Borowski, Seipati Magagula and Herbert Lawns # 20m! Visual $ Tickets Festival Square 17:00 15:00 11: Museum # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 14:

90 243 A GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK ROLSKA Productions Hits from the Golden-Age of Musical Theatre, performed at the piano by the debonair Roland Perold. Porter, Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein and many other composers works come to life in a light-hearted cabaret with humorous anecdotes and well-loved standards. Director: David Fick Featuring: Roland Cabaret Club # 50m! Eng $ Tickets :00 16:00 12: :00 14:00 12: BEAUTIFUL WRECKAGE BW Productions ~ 14+ L Beautiful Wreckage is a new pop/rock musical, that follows the story of Chase and Damon. These two young men of the moment hit first year varsity hard. Wild and wonderful nights on the town are the name of their game. Crazy youthful memories, created by the moment; some unforgettable, others highly regrettable and a few fateful moments which change their lives. Written & performed by: Grant Jacobs & Liam Cabaret Club # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 14:00 22:00 14:00 20:00 18:00 22:00 14: % THE CALLING UBIZO Tsembeyi Music Productions This play explores cultural differences in South Africa. A child, adopted in a different culture, gets an ancestral calling and it s difficult for the mother to understand because the child has been with her from infancy. It encourages openness and acceptance of each other without prejudice. Written & directed by: Nkoi Matshoba & Priscilla Moses Music: Thandisizwe Hall # 1h! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 14:30 12: CANNIBALISING OF AN IRISH NUN Gompo Art Centre This is a true story of a nun (Sister Aidain Quinlan) who was brutally killed in Duncan Village on 10 November Written & directed by: Buyile Geza Choreographed by: Masibulele Hall # 1h! Eng, Xho $ Tickets 12:00 18:00 20:00 22: CHEERS TO BROADWAY Mixing Bowl Productions After a critically acclaimed run at NAF 2015, Cheers To Broadway! returns with their cheesy yet loveable tribute to Broadway. With hair-raising 4-part harmony, dynamic duos and show stopping solos, Cheers To Broadway! will leave you giddily tapping your foot and singing along with a smile. Director: Keenan Tyler Oliphant Choreography: Tammy de Klerk Music performed by: Kurt Haupt Featuring: Keenan Tyler Oliphant, Tammy de Klerk, Amy Campbell & Richard Room # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 12:00 12:00 12:

91 244 DANI & THE LION Daneel van der Walt ~ 14+ L, NFC Dani and Leo have been performing together for longer than their memories serve. They love to hate each other, but love the music more. They also both believe that they steal the show. A show that is 65 minutes of original songs, a medley, a story about a whale and a cockatoo jug. Daneel s original songs are so beautiful and strange. A bit like Tom Waits lyrics crossed with Joe Jackson melodies and Eartha Kitt vocals... Daneel s stories would be heartbreaking if they weren t so touchingly funny. Megan s Head Director: Nicholas Spagnoletti Writer: Daneel van der Walt Featuring: Daneel van der Walt & David Cabaret Club # 1h05! Eng, Afr $ Tickets 16:00 12:00 22: ENSLAVED BY THE ABSENCE OF A FATHER Good Hope Centre of Concern ~ 10+ M This musical production looks at the issue of growing up without a father. Using songs and poetry, this production, with its inspiring message, will resonate with students and teenagers. Written & directed by: Percy Tsima Choreography: Percy Tsima, Poppy Tsima & Veronica Festival Centre # 50m! Eng, Zul, Ped $ Tickets 12:00 14:00 15:30 21:30 20: GUG OTHANDAYO MUSICAL PLAY Gug othandayo Gug othandayo was established in 2011, where senior citizens are given an opportunity to partake in the creation and performance of musical theatre productions. They take a journey through music and storytelling. These reflect their day to day life experiences as senior citizens in the community and their challenges. KADITSHWENE Are Takeng New productions This is a showcase of the life and times of the Bahurutse nation that forms part of the cluster communities of Tswana, descendants of Kaditshwene (renowned for its iron ore and now declared a national heritage site). The story is told through traditional songs, dances and poetry, taking us through the bloodthirsty war with the Ndebele warrior, Mzilikazi. Director: Aobakwe Phetlhu Writer: Lebeisa Molapo Choreography & composition: Boitumelo Malepe Featuring: Tshireletso Moreo, Tsagae Serasengwe & Letlhogonolo Hall # 1h! Eng, Tsw, Zul $ Tickets 16:00 14:00 22: : MOHLAKENG THE MUSICAL Isago Theatre Productions Mohlakeng the Musical celebrates the lives of people who mapped Mohlakeng to be recognised as one of the progressive townships in entertainment, business and academy. The show portrays some of the Mohlakeng legends, including Terror Mathebula, the first black boxer to bring the world title in Mzansi, the maestro Patrick Ace Ntsoelengoe, the only player in South Africa to be included in the Wall of Fame, and the Kaffirnated Stan Motjuadi. The show is told through dance, music and narration - a heart throbbing piece. Writer / Director: Pitso Molebeledi Choreography: Bafana Moshoe Music performed by: The Isago Band Featuring: Tumi Mosiane, Lucia Modise & Goitseone Hall # 1h! Eng, SA languages $ Tickets 19:00 19:00 14:30 16:00 21: Hall # 1h! Zul $ Tickets 18:30 14:00 18:00 20: ITYALA LAMAWELE Artscape ~ PG Set in the time of the historical King Hintsa kakhawuta, a dispute takes place between the fictional twins Wele and Babini over their deceased father s estate as to who should take their father s place. This is resolved via a traditional Xhosa legal trial and various people give testimony, with Xhosa traditions being practiced. Direction: Thando Doni & Mandla Mbothwe Written by: Samuel Edward Krune Mqvhayi, adapted by Thando Doni Music composition: Bongile Mantsai Featuring: Faniswa Yisa, Bongile Mantsai, Chuma Sopotela, Lamla Hall # 1h30! Xho $ Tickets 14:00 18:30 18:30 16:30 20:

92 245

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94 247 MUSIC IN THE AIR - THE MUSICAL United Artists in association with Maduma Productions This musical extravaganza tells the story of South Africa during the 80 s and 90 s. Celebrate Brenda, Yvonne, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Mango Groove and other legends of that period, and the role their music played in society. Re-live the vibrant townships, the hectic pace of the city of the 80 s and 90 s. Director: Mncedisi Shabangu Writer: Joel Zuma Choreography: Thabo Hall # 1h30! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 16:30 12:00 21: % MY HOME TOWN Kedio s1 fs My Home Town tells the story talks about the lives of the Zamdela People, relating how the community was formed and some of the challenges faced by community members. Director: Patrick Mdlalose Writer: Kedibone Motlhasedi Music performed by: Zizi Hall # 1h! Eng, Sotho $ Tickets 12:00 19:00 22: PRIVATE PARTS Mixing Bowl Productions ~ 16+ M, L You know you want to see our Private Parts! From the sexy and scary to the strange and psychotic, this contemporary musical theatre revue invites you into the depths of the mind where untold stories live. Join us for a night of ll be a private affair. Director: Keenan Tyler Oliphant Featuring: Amy Campbell, Tammy de Klerk, Richard White & Keenan Tyler Oliphant SON OF THE SOIL MUSICAL ENSEMBLE 2745 Community Performing Arts A wonderful musical theatre production that tells stories of the lives of our people in the townships. Through song, rhythmic dance and eloquent narration with powerful lyrics crafted in the African poetic voices. The musical brilliantly combines and fuses a variety of exceptional dances, which are brilliantly choreographed and features musical genres like gospel, folklore songs, jazz, traditional music and township dance. Written and directed by: Lehlohonolo s # 1h! Eng, Tsw $ Tickets 12:00 20:00 12:30 20: SPIRIT OF UHURU Ubuhle Be Ikhono Artists ~ 14+ M Uhuru is a born-free, ambitious and free-spirited young man who desires to be truly free. In his journey he has felt too controlled and contrived by rules and traditions. His determination to break free, like many other youngsters, is categorized by countless errors in judgement and by constantly hitting dead-ends everywhere he goes as, he discovers, there are always rules of engagement in every area of our lives. Director: Mkhomazi Mashinini Writer: Mkhomazi Mashinini Choreography: Moeketsi Sebiloane Music: Vusi Lushaba & Thabang Mokoena Featuring: Ndumiso Zindela, Mphakiseng Gwebu, Nomvula Gaba & Gift Hall # 1h! Eng, Tsw, Zul $ Tickets 21:00 12:30 16:30 15:00 20: Alice Hall # 1h! Eng $ Tickets 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20:30 20: SCRATCH Heather Livesey This is the story about a boy and his toaster and a girl and her bicycle. A sweet, indie style musical that plays with what has been forgotten and what has been lost. Like the revolution of a music box, each note brings old memories to light. Direction & Music: Heather Livesey Featuring: Wayne Smith & Nell van der Club # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 18:00 21:30 20: SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD The University of Oklahoma in collaboration with Oakfields College A new world calls for me to follow, holds me to a promise. A new world crashes down like thunder! A new world charging through the air and louder every moment... Come to me! These words speak to all people but perhaps even strongest to our youth. How will they respond when presented with that one moment, that moment before it all becomes clear? Come and see our young people discover that new world through acting, song and dance! Director: Dr Harold Mortimer Choreography: Weslee Lauder Music: Jason Robert Brown Featuring: Students of the University of Oklahoma and Oakfields Room # 1h30! Eng $ Tickets 13:00 17:00 21:30 15:00 21:

95 248 STIMELA THE MUSICAL Mthakathi Entertainment Stimela the Musical is a unique South African musical story which tells a tale of rural African men who come by train from all over Africa in search of a better life and greener pastures in the city of gold, Johannesburg. This is a vibrant musical piece told through narration, music and gumboot dance. Enormously enjoyable and delivered with rare mixture of ferocity and vivacity, passion and charm. This is another master piece by Thapelo Mthakathi Motloung. Writer / Director: Thapelo Motloung Music composition: Thapelo Motloung, Nkosinathi Malinga & Siyabonga Hlatshwayo Music performed by: The Alternative Featuring: Mzwandile Nikane, Siyabonga Hlatshwayo, Thulani Meyiwa & Thanduxolo Hall # 1h15! Eng, Zul $ Tickets 20:00 17:30 14:30 21:00 18: STORIES BEHIND BARS Department of Correctional Services NFC This is a music and dance performance show by the Department of Correctional Services offenders. It provides the opportunity for Artists Behind Bars to express their views about art, to redefine them as part of the broader society as well as to create a platform for these artists to harness the skills developed whilst they are still in Hall # 1h30! Eng, Zul $ Tickets TAPPING HEARTS Abangani Theatre ~ PG The play is performed by six powerful women who incorporate drama, tap dance and music. Tapping Hearts gives South African women the freedom to express themselves, women who believe that one day South Africa will be run by women. These women present an uncomfortable threat to men who do not want to accept their responsibilities, men who do not have problems in spending lots of money entertaining other women. These women say: we can do things on our own! Writer / Director: Jullian Seleke Mokoto Choreography: Samson Kerk Hall # 1h15! Eng $ Tickets 18:30 21:00 19:00 16:30 20:30 18:30 20: UNFORGETTABLE Starlite Media Starlite Media brings you an Unforgettable production featuring the vocal talents of singer/pianist Derek Cuénod. Performing standards from the golden age of crooners like My Way, What a Wonderful World and Unforgettable, Cuénod shows off his lyrical, smooth but powerful voice that perfectly compliments the material. Written, directed & performed by: Derek Cabaret Club # 55m! Eng $ Tickets 14:00 16:00 20:00 14:00 18:00 12: Book your tickets through our on-line booking system at and choose whether to pay by credit card, instant EFT, or Snapscan! Phone our friendly call centre for expert assistance in making your bookings

96 249 BAOBAB TRIO IN CONCERT Babette Viljoen, Olga Leonard and Andrea Fisher-Jeffes The Baobab Trio is an exciting collaboration between Andrea Fisher-Jeffes (euphonium), Babette Viljoen (accordion) and Olga Leonard (piano). These instruments combined create an exciting extravaganza of popular classical pieces, Latin dances and gypsy jazz. The programme combines familiar works by well known composers such as Mozart, Monti and Ginastera, as well as new and up-coming composers like Leonard and Fisher-Jeffes. Performed by: Babette Viljoen, Olga Leonard & Andrea Room # 1H! Eng $ Tickets 21:30 12:00 17:00 21:00 19: CHISIPITE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA AND AFROJAZZ ENSEMBLE Chisipite Senior School Entertaining is the buzzword for this year s Zimbabweflavoured programme of orchestras, ensembles and vocal presentations. Over the years the music groups have toured in France and South Africa. Don t miss out on the musical surprise that Zimbabwean youth has to offer. Conducted by: Mrs. D. Wright and Mrs. N. Pringle Hall # 50m! Eng $ Tickets 15:00 18:00 13:00 15: LET THERE BE MUSIC - A CHORAL CELEBRATION Hoërskool Randburg Choir & Horizons Project Choir This hundred voice choral experience is a true celebration of the most beautiful and exciting choral music from all genres. The music, performed by two award winning South African Choirs - Hoërskool Randburg Choir and the Horizons Project Choir, will truly inspire and touch your heart. You will be swept away...! Director: Norman Burger Featuring: Hoërskool Randburg Choir (Conductor: Franco Prinsloo) & Horizons Project Choir (Conductor: Pieter Chapel # 55M! Eng $ Tickets 17:00 14:00 17:00 14:00 14: MORE GOOSEBUMP A CAPELLA The Boulevard Harmonists ~ PG NFC An established Grahamstown favourite: the Boulevard Harmonists -a mixed 6-voice A Capella ensemble, celebrating good music and excellent singing. Classical music, as well as folk and popular music - stylish, sophisticated, with flair. A highlight for your Festival, an event of pure musical delight! Director: Kobus Room # 1H! Eng $ Tickets 21: :00 17:00 12: :

97 250 NEO MOTSATSE - THE CONCERT Neo Motsatse The sixteen year old violinist, Neo Motsatse, has already captured the hearts of South Africans through her recent Neo Motsatse the Concert (NMtC) National Tour which was featured in Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth. This 2015 National Eisteddfod Academy (NEA) Gold Medal Award and Overall winner is set make her debut at the National Arts Festival with an outstanding symphonic repertoire of both well-known classical pieces as well as new arrangements of South African and popular music. Be Inspired! Music performed by: Neo Motsatse with the Resonance String Room # 1H! Eng $ Tickets 12:00 12:00 19:00 17: SESHEGO GOSPEL CHOIR Seshego Gospel Choir The legacy award winning group which originates from the mother-earth province of Limpopo, comes to the Festival once again this year(two years in a row!) Seshego Gospel Choir will be again bring you traditional Gospel music called Clap and tap spiced with rhythm, a bit of drama and art. This choir brings along with it massive talent and lots of entertainment.they are well known for their mature voices and powerful leading vocalists Featuring: Rosinah Mokgaphane, Rose Khozi, Ponagatso Chabalala, Maria Bongwe, Faith Mokgaphane, Grace Mokgaphane, Suzan Phalane, Constance Mohlaka, Doreen Sebola, Winnie Ramalatswa, Happy Mohlapamaswi, Mosima Ribane, Florinah Phasha, Evah Moloto, Esther Moloto, Tumelo Morata, Mahlodi Teffo, Magauta Manamela, Nthabiseng Mabotja, Keabetswe Leboho, Semakaleng Makgato, Maphuti Malematse. Doreen Maputla, Lefentse Maruma, Chuene Sebone, Katlego Maluleka, Naftaly Makgoba, Quoe Tloubatla, Phuti Matlala, Gabriel Molomo, Nakedi Leputu, Job Ramabu, Malesela Kgomo, Lesiba Kola, Kgaogelo Duba, John Manaka, Jack Manaka, Jack Seakamela, Jonas Talakgale, Kgaogelo Mohale, Paledi Selepe, Kabelo Kganyago, Tsepo Tauatswala, Stanley Maetisa, Oupa Keetse, Mahlatse Mathe & Matete Butler Theatre # 50M! $ Tickets 13:00 11:00 12: : ST. PAUL S GOSPEL CHOIR - THE RED SEA MUSIC St. Paul s Gospel Choir St. Paul s Choir, Cape Town s premiere choir, has long been regarded as on one of South Africa s finest choral ensembles. The choir s mandate is to make a diversity of choral music, performed to the highest standard, accessible to a growing audience. The choir consists of about 40 trained voices, performing music that spans the times from the apostolic origins to the present. Each year the choir commissions new projects. It presents concert series each year in different cities within South Africa. Featuring: Gcobisa Ntlatli, Zandile Ntlatli, Andisiwe Ntibane, Nosibulele, Andiswa Mgciza, Cindy Tini, Vuyokazi Jayoya, Pamela, Thembi Nqavashe, Nolufefe Nxozana, Babalwa, Asanda Mrobo, Phumeza Khabiqeya, Nkululeko Watermeyer, Luthando Nofemele, Goodhope Mawuwa, Sivuyile Thanda, Theo Davids, Siyabonga Mfiki, Siyabulela Jongile, Sinethemba Manene, LuyandaNntozonke, Mandisile Temele, Masixole Ntshoko, Benny Jonkers, Bonani Tshanda and Ndumiso Diamond Butler Theatre # 50m! $ Tickets 11:00 15: Book your tickets through our on-line booking system at and choose to pay by credit card, instant EFT or Snapscan! OR phone our friendly call centre for expert assistance in making your bookings

98 251 ACATEARS MUSIC VUT BOTC Golden voiced musicians Sipho Hlanguza and Rebaballetswe Selematsela, established the acoustic band Acatears (tears of a capella) in With influences of Afro pop, alternative and jazz, Acatears fuses Sotho songs and a capella, to create a uniquely memorable sound. They have performed at the Puyisano Jazz Festival, Deep Routed Art Expo in Sharpeville, Sharpeville Human Rights Day and recently, to acclaim on the Fringe at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown. Featuring: Sipho Hlanguza & Rebaballetswe Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 11:00 15:00 16:00 at door BLAQSEED VUT BOTC Jammination Blaqseed a three piece band that has a guitarist, vocalist and a rapper, the music they make is self proclaimed as acoustic soul for its simple melodies, singalong choruses and thought provoking lyrics. Simplicity is key, but they re choosing to add to this simplicity other elements such as a bassist and percussionist to create a sound that will resonate with people even after they have left the show. Their soulful sound is owed to the fact that they believe that music needs to reach and move people. Featuring: Karabo K Mokoena, Gabriel Chauke & Lesego Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 17:00 75% Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 11:00 12:00 16:00 at door ACOUSTIQ ASSASSINS Acoustiq Assassins is an acoustic, African pop and underground soul band born and bread in Pietermaritzburg but looking to play to the ears of the world. Our music caters for a cosmopolitan audience with songs in IsiZulu and English. As a quartet, we perform very minimalistic music using two acoustic guitars as our accompaniment, creating room for a capella. The band s sound, style and performance is inspired by the likes of Boyz II Men, The Script, The Soil and The Muffinz, allowing for a multifaceted and versatile performance. Featuring: Siphesihle Tonick Bhengu, Noma Noxolo Khumalo, Gugu GU Mdladla and Siphiwe Jnr Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 19: CHRIS CHAMELEON FIRMAMENT Chris Chameleon s new solo album release is celebrated with this eponymous production. 12 brand new songs and the stories behind them, seasoned with his subtle humour, honest renditions and physical comedy to seduce audiences into dreaming, wonder and laughter. Featuring: Chris Chameleon & Daniella Pringle Hall # 50m $ Tickets 18:00 22:30 20: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 12:00 15:00 13:00 at door AZLAN, ZEEZEE AND KAY KAY Audio and Visual Makenik The trio is a collective of street hard hitting raps, inspired with a conscious movement of the truth music. Representing Grahamstown hip hop, Azlan is a radio presenter, a street rapper with an international collaboration with a band from Finland. Zeezee is trapsoul music motivated with inspirational bars of wisdom. Kay Kay grew up with tribal hip-hop and found his own way of rap with hyped up punch lines. This year, for the crew, is the introduction of a new name, SMANGA, it is derived from the unexpected kind of music to come out of the city. Featuring: Mzwamadoda Makalima, Zolani Tshobo & Siyanda Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 17:00 21:00-25% Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 14:00 11:00 18:00 at door BIANCA WOOD Singer/songwriter, Bianca Wood, carves away songs of life s experiences. Influenced by synth pop, old school blues and more, Bianca Wood has devised an exclusive programme for NAF Performing original music and classics, this is one artist not to miss. Talented musicians, a powerful singer with a remarkably expressive vocal quality, and an entertaining performance: audiences are falling in love with this new act nation-wide. After releasing her debut album, Time, Bianca Wood dedicates 2016 to welcoming audiences onto her musical journey. Featuring: Bianca Wood, James Lombard, Luke Otto, Conrad Rudolph & FH Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 50% 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 16:00 14:00 19:00 at door

99 252 CREATIVE EXPRESSION: THE WHIRLWIND VUT BOTC Creative Expression is a conscious poetically influenced musical band that consists of eight powerful artists who believe in changing the world through their art. It consists of three vocalists, two poets, two guitarists and a percussionist. They create various forms of music, ranging from Afro soul to urban hip-hop using poetic flare. They are musical geniuses in their own realm; inspired by local and international artists, they seek to speak truth and life unto people s lives by making their music relatable. Featuring: Sihle Matandela,Thabo Makhoana,Linston Maaboi, Blessing Mahloko, Mahase Majoro, Phindile Malindi, Lerato Mokhere, Lindiwe Pearl Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 75% 19: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 16:00 11:00 at door EXODUS Untitled Management An artist born and raised in Maputo, Mozambique who gets his inspirations from artists like Frank Ocean, Bob Marley, John Legend, Jason Mraz and modern hip hop. He has a melodic sound and a voice that will give you goose bumps. His sound can be described as the new sound/ generation of R&B and with hip 11:00hop elements and meaningful lyrics, his music is interesting and gripping. His passion for music is his desire for people to find themselves through his Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 19:00 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 17:00 11:00 14:00 at door Featuring: Guy Buttery GUY BUTTERY As an internationally recognised musician, Guy Buttery enjoys invitations to play sell-out performances all over the globe. Guy s distinct unification of South African guitar music is the musical advocate for everything positive and beautiful about the place he calls home. His international role has surpassed merely performing concerts to foreign audiences. It has evolved into one as an ambassador of South African music. Expect high dynamics, deep grooves, delicate African inflections and mind-bending guitar playing of an entirely new Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 13:00 19:00 15: HATCHETMAN Three men, armed with acoustic guitars, bass and cajon wrap their remarkable blend of three-part harmony around an intoxicating brew of original songs. Musically, they meet at the delta of folk, blues and rock - muscular yet beautiful, powerful, poignant and at times, quite otherworldly. They have been compared favourably with seventies supergroup, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and are the recipients of a Silver Standard Bank Ovation Award for their show at the 2015 edition of the National Arts Festival. Featuring: Jonathan Tait, Nick Catto & Matt Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 17:00 15: Pringle Hall # 50m F C B 21:30 18:00 12: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 13:00 18:00 at door FELT FIRE Felt Fire is an indie pop band hailing from Johannesburg. Musically the band is inspired by luscious pop rock sensibilities and indie authenticity. Morally and politically we advocate for early child development and infant mental health. Aesthetically we fall somewhere in the shadowland between the Foo Fighters and Regina Spektor. Psychologically we are more or less functionally neurotic. We love red wine. Featuring: Clint Van Der Walt, Joe Randall, Terri Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 19: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 18:00 13:00 17:00 at door FILTHY ENT. Turn Up & Get Dirty with Filthy ENT. Shikisha to the vibes of talented DJ, producer and vocalist; Rooted Soul, Electro Jazz sensation; RubyGold, Buya Hitmaker & Metro FM Award-winner; Toshi, the Most Talented MC to come out Cape Town; DaZZ FleXXX & Hip Hop Kings; Young B with a massage for the world as well as charisma of a king, Ayanda with breath taking flows backed with Punch lines, Mr B A cross over artist with the most versatile melodic styles. Featuring: Young B, Ayanda, DazzfleXXX, Yanga, Mike, RubyGold, Mr Bee, Toshi, RootedSoul, Thubi, Lwandile, Club # 50m $ Tickets 19:00 21: Stream Bar Steve Biko Building Cover charge 14:00 16:00 11:00 at door Situated on the First Floor in the Monument we offer a comfortable and friendly environment with soft, classical music in the background while you enjoy a selection of our freshly prepared, healthy and scrumptious meals. Our menu includes the following and more: BREAKFASTS SOUP OF THE DAY LIGHT MEALS TRAMEZZINIS GOURMET SALADS JUICY FLAME GRILLED STEAKS OUR FAMOUS VENISON AND CHICKEN BURGERS JUMBO STEAK ROLLS HOT AND COLD BEVERAGES DESSERTS DAILY HOME-COOKED MEALS SUCH AS ROASTS SERVED WITH RICE AND VEGGIES DON T FORGET OUR FULLY LICENSED BAR TRADING HOURS: 9AM TILL LATE (children welcome) For more information, Take Away Orders and Reservations please contact Deon on

100 253

101 254 JOANNE COOPER Joanne writes and performs folk music in an instantly recognisable style that is reminiscent of Joan Baez with a touch of Emmy Lou Harris. She writes, records, produces and releases her music from her tiny home studio in Johannesburg and has independently released 6 albums in the last two years. Joanne will perform new arrangements of some favourites alongside original songs. Featuring: Joanne Cooper The Stone Crescent Hotel We speak your language! Contact George or Olwethu / / Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 17:00 13: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 12:00 17:00 11:00 at door JULANIE J NueLight 17-year-old Cape Town singer, songwriter Julanie J is a white girl with soul!! Hearing her sing R&B and jazz is quite an experience. The combination of an experienced band and an extraordinary voice, will send shivers down your spine and you will definitely join in with the song. Featuring: Rixi Roman, JP Crouch, Duane Brown (sound engineer), Winston Siljeur Nestled in a valley and surrounded by nature, 10kms from Grahamstown, accommodation is offered in bungalows, dormitories and luxurious rooms. BBQ area, children s playground, wifi, tv and safe, secure parking is all Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 19:00 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 15:00 12:00 18:00 at door LEGATO Azande Social Relations Legato is an A Capella group formed by childhood friends back in 2005 hailing from the friendly city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. Their sound is influenced by jazz, blues and other kinds of music. In 2015 they entered the SABC 1 SA Sing-Off Competition coming in as runners up, an opportunity that exposed them to audiences nationwide. Featuring: Milani Sixakwe, Lisa Yengeni, Lwando Lukhukho, Phiwokuhle Tyatya And Luyolo Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 25% 19: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 19:00 13:00 20:00 at door LEOMILE Reigning from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho, Leomile is a singer-songwriter whose music ensnares all who encounter it with its blend of curious mysticism, modern sound and storytelling. Accompanied by a 7-piece live band, it is a refreshing musical experience that encapsulates Africa s challenging past and its exciting future. Featuring: Leomile Motsetsela, Thabang Malete, Siphiwe Khubheka, Zelizwe Mthembu, Mpolokeng Chabane, Nkululeko Sithole, Mpho Molikeng, Khutso Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 19:00 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 16:00 12:00 13:00 at door

102 255 LOVECHILD With last year s experience as a first timer, Love Child is bringing you her heart in rhythmic blues and soulful jazz covered in her unique dress sense. Be sure not to miss this one! Featuring: Vuyiseka Maguga, Khayalethu Njikelana, Edgar Muzah, Masixole, Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 25% 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 13:00 17:00 at door LU DLAMINI She waits at a place of intuition and when she starts to sing it feels like the most natural thing. Her voice is intimate, her spirit has a freedom that is uniquely original and her talent soars. Each note is like rain on the dry earth, it nourishes and refreshes. Gisele Turner. - Jazzeye. Featuring: Barney Bophela - Keyboards, Mazwakhe Gumede - Bass, Mzamo Zungu - Drums, Marius Botha - Sound Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21:00 19:00 13: MASIDUMISENI NOSISANDA Thandile Petshwa In 2011 Sisa decided to start performing solo, but she never left her former youth gospel group peers that she recruited. After local success, and great responses and performance reviews from her fans and supporters, she recorded her debut album titled Uzosinda Njani? released in January 2016.Her songs have, in a short space of time, triggered a lot of interest from a number of Eastern Cape community radio stations and national radio stations and she has collaborated on stage with some of the best Gospels stars in South Africa. Featuring: Thandile Petshwa, Sisanda Mjekula, Edgar Muzah, Mvuzo Mnyaka & Khayalethu Njikelana MSAKI AND THE GOLDEN CIRCLE TRIBE One Shushu Day Artistry Msaki is a rare breed of artist. She disrupts your senses with her alto voice and subtle tales of love, loss, home, revolution and hope. Msaki & The Golden Circle Tribe is soulful, folky, symphonic and African. They will be performing the music of Zaneliza: How the water moves, Msaki s debut album, co-produced with Standard Bank Young Artist of the Year for 2015, Nduduzo Makhathini. Zaneliza boasts an eclectic mix of talented musicians (The Golden Circle Tribe) who came together to serve the vision of an artist coming into her own sound. Selah! Featuring: Ella Roselt, Tim Hutchinson, Joel Karabo Elliott, Nduduzo Makhathini & Asher Pringle Hall # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 19:30 14:15 21: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 16:00 19:00 at door Featuring: Nombasa Maqoko NOMBASA Nombasa is an Afro soul singer / songwriter with unique sounds that consist of an ancient Xhosa sound fused in modern Afro soul. Originally from, and currently residing in, Grahamstown, she brings a fresh sound of the Eastern Cape that leaves one revived. Her music addresses personal and societal issues, yet brings fresh hope and a great vibe that resonates with an audience from different backgrounds and regions. In 2015, she was chosen to be one of the acts at the opening of the National Arts Festival. She also featured in Msaki s NAF show in Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 19:00 50% Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 11:00 13:00 18:00 at Fringe Club Steve Biko Building $ Tickets Cover charge 19:30 19:30 19:30 at door MATTHEW VAN DER WANT Songwriter Matthew van der Want comes to Grahamstown in 2016 to showcase his new album, terror and love. One of the finest songwriters to emerge from South Africa. - Chris Roper, M & G Featuring: Matthew van der Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 21: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 20:00 20:00 19:00 at door

103 256 POETICSOUL Poeticsoul is a combination of spoken word and live music that is largely influenced by jazz and traditional African sounds. PoeticSoul describes the sound as a collaborative relationship between music and poetry, which takes you on a spiritual journey of self-introspection, rediscovery and love. To PoeticSoul poetry is life s eye. Featuring: Lelethu Mahambehlala, Bongani Tulwana, Sinethemba Ncetani, Sakhumzi Nompozolo, Sakhile Mambukhwe,Kamva Goba,Wandile Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 17:00 21:00 19: Fringe Club 18:00 Steve Biko Building Cover charge at door SAMTHING SOWETO Samthing Soweto is a presentation made especially for this year s Festival audiences. It comprises original compositions that Samkelo has performed over the years he has been a musician in Soweto. The production is a fifty-minute love letter dedicated to someone hidden. Throughout the performance, Samkela tries to explain who this person is. The performance is presented softly and with the utmost care for your Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 21:00 13: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 12:00 16:00 20:00 at door QADASI & MAQHINGA Hailing from the heart of Zululand, Qadasi and Maqhinga are an acoustic duo reviving the powerful sounds of traditional Maskandi music. Both SAMA and SATMA Award nominees in their own right, they have taken their fusion of Maskandi and western folk music to audiences in the USA, Europe and Asia. Featuring: David Jenkins, Maqhinga Radebe SHEF AND THE KITCHEN MUSIC BOTC Shef and the Kitchen are a live performing band from Johannesburg. Cooking Afro jazz funk music promises to give music lovers food for the soul enjoy a fully cooked soul meal from the band?s hot chilled performance! Featuring: Siphiwe, Freddy,khanyisile, Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 21:00 19: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 18:00 17:00 at door THE RETURN OF THE CYPHER Aroundhiphop in association with Fingo Festival AroundHiphop and the family presents to you The Return Of Cypher, a three day hip-hop festival that seeks to revive the true essence of the hip-hop culture through its 5 elements. This will be exhibited in music dialogues (topic discussions and music business),workshops ( info sharing and networks), live performances and b-boy battles. This program seeks to represents hip hop in its entirely without comprising the culture. Featuring: Quallay, Yahkeem, Ndlulamthi, Slum Intellect, Luna Kill, Tsviehloheem ThePrince, Son Of law, Cush Solomon & Adon Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 21: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 18:00 19:00 20:00 at Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 50% 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 14:00 13:00 12:00 at door SOUL RENOVATORS If yoga does not calm your soul, then let music be you re remedy. The Soul Renovators music is soothing to the soul, sweet on the ear, and does not harm. Featuring: Tebogo,Thabang, Mmotseng & Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 17:00 25% 21: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 17:00 12:00 15:00 at door

104 257 TARYNNE SWARTS Tarynne Swarts, is an international composer, producer, pianist and vocalist. Her debut album Pachamama, was recorded in Granada, Spain and was released in The album features, an international collaboration of musicians from Cuba, Spain, and the USA, which gives the album its unique World sound but at the same time maintaining its African voice. The debut single Pachamama is an eclectic fusion of Latin rhythms combined with Afro-fusion influences and is composed in Spanish, Zulu and English. Pachamama is available on itunes and Spotify. THE EASTERN CAPE DEPARTMENT OF SPORTS, RECREATION, ARTS & CULTURE PRESENTS Featuring: Tarynne Swarts, Edgar Kaye Muzah, Thoba Goba, Kamva Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 13:00 21: THEE LEGACY Sony Music Thee Legacy bring a new interpretation and relevance to contemporary isicathamiya without taking away from the tradition. And judging by the audience response from the first season of The Sing Off, South Africa has witnessed the birth of a new generation sound that can bring it back full circle to popular culture. The Durban based group were the Inaugural Winners of The Sing Off South Africa 2015, which aired on SABC 1. Following their success, the group released their first studio recording under Sony Music, their new home. Featuring: Jabulani Mthembu, Khanyisani Mazibuko, Philani Duma, Emile Ngcobo and Simphiwe Hotel # 50m $ Tickets 15:00 17: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 20:00 17:00 14:00 at door WordFest is a series of literary events featuring book launches by budding and professional writers, workshops on creative writing conducted by academics and people well versed in the field of writing and books in general. The series also includes poetry reciting sessions and an analytic review of works by writers. A strong focus is on local content with a primary focus on the four official languages of the province: isixhosa, Afrikaans, English and Sesotho. Well known publishers in the province will showcase their publications. WordFest strives for participation by a broad spectrum of language stakeholders. Wordfest 2016 will be officially opened by the Honourable MEC for Sport, recreation, Arts and Culture, Ms Pemmy Majodina. TSHEPO FELA The master of liquid African jazz, Tshepo combines American jazz progressions and African vernacular influences from different cultures dipped in soulful melodies. A true reflection of the beautiful marriage between talent and skill is experienced through his exceptional stylistic ways of delivering a performance. Music has NO gender, colour, race or any politically selected language. It is a universal language spoken by the heart translated by use of melodies, rhythm and progressions. Featuring: Tshepo Fela, Ncamisa Ncana, Lesego mokgatle, Thato Leputu, Ryan Peters, Sakhile Twala, Mzwakhe Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 19:00 13: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 15:00 14:00 18:00 at door DATES VENUE Sunday 3 to Wednesday 6 July Red Lecture Hall, Eden Grove ZLS_HIPHOPPRO TSG Zamokhule Michael Ndimande Longfield Stevens, best known as Zama, who goes by the alias ZLS_HipHopPro (Zman Longfield Stevens) The Hip Hop Prodigy is a South African based musician. ZLS isn t just another pass me by musician, this young talent has been around the entertainment business since the tender age of five, a familiar face on the family show Kideo and YoTV which is the flagship of children s entertainment on SABC s three main television channels. His first musical performances were at his school choir and Rhema church choir. Featuring: ZLSHipHopPro, Dipps, Dj Shuura, Roxy Stream Bar # 50m $ Tickets 13: Fringe Club Steve Biko Building Cover charge 12:00 15:00 16:00 at door

105 258 FULL LENGTH FILMS GENRE: COMEDY / DRAMA (SA 2015) MPEPHE THE PROPHET 2 Kasi Style Power House The movie is about two old men who are playing heroes in a very small village to impress the ladies of that village. They accept a challenge to face a monster that has been killing the village girls and now that monster has taken the king s daughter.. Director: Letlhogonolo Makgaka Featuring: Ali Mpephe Room 1, Eden Grove # 1h10! $ Tickets 13:00 13:00 17:00 17: DEATH AND LIFE OF MAKHAZA MSHIYENI DREAMS Isanga Media (Pty) Ltd and Isomi Creative Arts Space Npc In 1973 in the rural village in Mthatha a man was killed in front of many witnesses, four weeks after his funeral he returned home. This was associated with witchcraft. This film, with the help of an anthropologist, investigates the incident. Director: Sonwabile Mfecane GENRE: DOCUMENTARY (SA Room 1, Eden Grove # 52m! $ Tickets 17:00 13:00 13: SHORT FILMS I GENRE: EXPERIMENTAL / MOVEMENT (SA 2014) LILITH - GENESIS ONE CO2 Pictures (Pty) Ltd ~ 16+ N Lilith - Genesis One is a re-envisioning of the story littleknown biblical character Lilith, as a Creator existing in a universe of cement. She spends her infinite time alone sculpting figures, searching for a partner within the cement. This film aims to challenge traditional precepts of Creator and Creation. Director: Andre Coetzee Featuring: Nicola Haskins & Gopala Davies TO IKE Arts Sake Productions ~ 16+ LV To Ike is a short film made by young independent filmmakers. About a young girl Slindy who deals with her life trauma in the most unexpected way. Come witness the thrills and drama of this ordinary girl who made extraordinary life choices as we delve into her psyche. This is the first short film produced by the Arts Sake Productions team and first film for the young director Vuyani Bilal out side of film school. Director: Vuyani Bilal Featuring: Itumeleng Mofokeng, Sello Ramolahloane, Isanalemvula Maseko & Tshepiso Lesufi GENRE: DRAMA THRILLER (SA Room 1, Eden Grove # 26m! $ Tickets 17:00 13:00 13:00 17: THE FAMILY SECRET Konopi Media ~ 16+ LVSR Some families have got deep and dark secrets that they would like to hide from the public to avoid persecution, but secrets have a way of coming out. The story follows the life of Setlhako, a recently appointed detective, who falls in love with a young Nurse. A couple of kisses, lead to pregnancy and an engagement. Unknowingly, his new engagement turns sour and sends him spiraling down the yellow brick road of mayhem and chaos into a world riddled witchcraft and murders. He finds himself investigating a case that has its roots in muti murders, where he finds his beliefs and love connection straddling on a tight tight rope of misconceptions and fear. Director: Tshepiso Konopil Featuring: Lebogang Letlhake, Obakeng Moribe & Thapelo Molaolwa GENRE: SUPERNATURAL (SA Room 1, Eden Grove SHORT FILMS II GENRE: DRAMA (SA 2015) # 50m! $ Tickets 13:00 17:00 13:00 17: INTO US AND OURS Jessie Zinn / University of Cape Town A Sunday afternoon in a deserted area in South Africa. Two girls are driving home when a stone hits their car. The different ways they perceive the event ignites a series of misunderstandings between them as they begin to question the elements of their connection. Director: Jessie Zinn Featuring: Qondiswa James, Emilie Badernhorst, Faniswa Yisa & Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi ALWAYS & FOREVER LMTL Entertainment ~ PG L This is a short film that formed part of the 48 Hour Film Festival, produced and completed in 48 Hours. The story centers around a young man s secret love for his roommate.. Directed by & featuring: Luretha Cronje GENRE: ROMANTIC DRAMA (SA 2015) ITRONGO PT Investments ~ 13+ LVS itrongo is a story that is narrated by a teenage inmate, reflecting on the events that led him to be behind bars. The boy s story creates a mind picture of how prison was not his home, but home was prison because of domestic violence. The story is set in a township shack where violence and sexual abuse is a daily occurrence. On this occasion, the boy s father comes home drunk, kicks the door down and starts abusing the mother,. The boy gets out of bed to help his mother., but before he can do anything, his father hits him with an empty beer bottle and he falls down unconscious, bleeding from deep head cuts. The father repeatedly rapes his own daughter while his mother pleades for him to stop. Director: Masthembe Vena & Thandaka Vabaza Featuring: Siyabulela Ngewu, Nondumiso Zweni, Milani Satsha & Xhanti Maxambela GENRE: DRAMA (SA Room 1, Eden Grove # 27m! $ Tickets 17:00 17:00 13:00 17:

106 CELEBRATING THE ARTS IN THE CONTEXT OF CHRISTIAN FAITH 259 WORSHIP Choral Evensong An inspiring Choral Evensong for festival goers, visual artists, musicians, writers and arts administrators. The service will feature a programme of South African choral music and hymns sung by the Cathedral Choir and directed by Dr Andrew-John Bethke. During the service, Dr Sizwe Mabizela, Vice-Chancellor of Rhodes University, will receive the Dean s Award from the Very Revd Andrew Hunter, Dean of Grahamstown. 1 July 17:30 (60 mins) The Cathedral Sunday Mass Presider: Fr Anthony Egan SJ from the Jesuit Institute in Johannesburg. Preacher: Fr Anthony Egan SJ. 3 July 08:00 St Patrick s Church, Hill Street MUSIC Gospel Africa Music Concerts Gospel music remains the most popular grass-roots music form in South Africa. This is your chance to experience the passion of new and established singers and bands. 1 July & 2 July 19:00 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Hill Street R30 at the door Organ Recitals Dr Andrew-John Bethke, Director of Music at Grahamstown Cathedral. Don t miss this opportunity to hear an outstanding young musician and a world-class cathedral organ. The programme will include works by S S Wesley, J S Bach, Mendelssohn and Wely. 1 July 15:00 (50 mins) The Cathedral Daily Mass 4-8 July 12:00 St Patrick s Church, Hill Street Festival Eucharist Come and participate in a magnificent Choral Eucharist with rousing hymns led by the Cathedral Director of Music and Organist Dr Andrew-John Bethke. The Mass setting A Chamber Eucharist was written by Dr Bethke for a talented group of local singers and instrumentalists. Using a variety of musical styles from around Africa and beyond, he wrote this work as a response to recent outbreaks of xenophobic violence. Preacher: The Very Revd Andrew Hunter, Dean of Grahamstown 3 July 09:30 (90 mins) The Cathedral Lucernarium A lucernarium is a simple service of lighting the lamps before the darkness of evening sets in. It is an ancient liturgy which formed the basis of evening prayer from the 4th 9th centuries. Vestiges of it are still discernible in modern liturgies. The service will begin in darkness and will centre on lighting a central Christ candle and then lighting numerous candles around the church. A small choir will lead plainsong sections of the service. It is a must for those who enjoy contemplative liturgical worship. 6 July 17:30 (40 mins) The Cathedral Festival Service Preacher: Andile Mbete, Bishop of the Grahamstown District. Bishop Mbete is a wellknown Church leader, writer and radio commentator, and recipient of the Metropolitan Eastern Cape Award in the Religion category. 10 July 09:00 Commemoration Methodist Church DR ANDREW-JOHN BETHKE Professor Albert Troskie, renowned Eastern Cape organist, composer and author, plays the recently restored 1875 Bevington Pipe organ of Commemoration Methodist Church. He has selected mostly Romantic music for which the organ is ideally suited, including works by Lang, Sullivan, Mailly, Nieland, Verdi, Bach, Handel, contemporary American composers, and by Professor Troskie himself. 5 July 15:00 (50 mins) Commemoration Methodist Church Concert A concert performance of the Chamber Eucharist by Andrew-John Bethke (see above) together with the world premier of the same composer s String Quartet. All the music in this programme was inspired by the traditional music of Africa. 2 July 15:00 (60 mins) The Cathedral Arthur Wellington Methodist Choir This choir from the Grahamstown District won the 2015 Connexional Music Competition, and has toured overseas. Come and hear them sing spiritual favourites from South Africa and beyond. 3 July 15:00 (60 mins) Commemoration Methodist Church, Church Square St Michael s Marimbas This year the group is going to play music exclusively from Africa. Come and enjoy the vibe presented by musicians with rhythm in their souls. 5 July, 8 July 13:15 (45 mins) The Cathedral BISHOP ANDILE MBETE Festival Eucharist Come and be inspired by a music-filled, devotional Eucharist, with the choir of the Diocesan School for Girls. Preacher: The Revd Gary Griffiths-Smith, Chaplain, St Andrew s College, Grahamstown. 10 July 09:30 (90 mins) The Cathedral Bell-ringing in the Cathedral Tower Climb the narrow spiral steps to view the oldest bell tower in South Africa and learn how the enormous bells are rung. 15 people maximum per tour. Free but donations encouraged. Tickets at the base of the tower. 1, 2 & 9 July 13:00 & 13:30 (30 mins) Ringing Chamber, Cathedral Tower

107 260 VISUAL ART 40 Stones in the Wall Curated by Jonathan Griffiths An exhibition which explores the dialogue between art and faith in building relationships with God and within community. Viewers can join the discussion by engaging with the artworks and talking with the artists-in-residence, who are creating artwork during the week. Various media. The Cory Room, Behind 108 High Street, next to the Long Table Open daily 30 June 9 July: 09:30 to 12:30 and 14:30 to 20:00 10 July: to 12:00 Walkabouts: 5 July 16:00, 9 July (no charge) SPIRITFEST LECTURES AND BOOK LAUNCHES St Patrick s Church, 47 Hill Street 10:30 (60 mins) 4 July: The Church and Same-Gender Relationships : Owen Franklin, Minister in the Gay Community, Johannesburg. 5 July: Benedict Daswa, modern African martyr. Francis Williamson, Philosophy lecturer at Rhodes University and leading Catholic layman, tells the story of a Limpopo Christian who died in 1990 rather than participate in a witch-hunt. His beatification in 2015 was the first step towards being declared a Saint. 6 July: Book launch: Philippe Menache and Darryl Earl David launch Church Tourism in South Africa, the third book in their popular series. Introductory talk illustrated by stunning photographs of little-known and well-known heritage architecture. 7 July: Anxiety and Grace. Chris Mann explores the inner life with humour and delicacy in a series of original poems and songs, illustrated by large-scale digital images by Grahamstown artist Julia Skeen. 8 July: Book launch: Celebrating the Seasons by Dr Andrew-John Bethke. This new book is aimed at those who lead worship either as clergy, lay-ministers or musicians. It focuses on the rich Christian symbols which are embedded within the festivals of the year. GUIDED PRAYER An adventure in prayer in the midst of your daily life. deepen your relationship with God meet God in your everyday life experience different ways of praying What happens? 30 minutes, Mon Fri, with a confidential prayer guide for listening, sharing and focused prayer. St Patrick s Church, 47 Hill Street 4-8 July 30-minute slots available between 14:00 and 16:00. No charge. To book, or book at the venue. DRAMA Romero Enter into the inspiring and moving story of Archbishop Oscar Romero. Romero, who became Archbishop of San Salvador in 1977, spoke fearlessly on behalf of the poor and victims of oppression, and called upon the US to stop giving military support to the government of El Salvador. In 1980 he was assassinated shot dead while celebrating Mass. Devised by and featuring Fr Anthony Egan SJ, historian, ethicist and writer, on the staff of the Jesuit Institute. He has written for a number of newspapers, and is a regular commentator on radio and television. 4, 6 & 8 July 15:00 (60 mins) Wesley Methodist Church Hall (Corner Market and York Streets) OPEN MIC Share a poem, a story, a sacred text, a song or testimony yours or somebody else s with a sympathetic audience in the beauty of a sacred site. With emcee Harry Owen, well-known South African poet and Grahamstown resident. 6 July 15:00 (60 mins) Chapter House inside the Cathedral For more about Spiritfest see Facebook:

108 STONES IN THE WALL An exhibition that explores the dialogue between art and faith in building relationships with God and within community. Viewers can join the discussion by engaging with the artworks and talking to the artists-in-residence, who will be creating artwork throughout the week. Artists: Jonathan Griffiths, Cobus Kruger, Marie Mohlomi, Susan van der Berg and others Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:30 to 12:30 & 14:30 to 20:00 daily Walkabouts: 5 July at 16:00 & 9 July at. Exhibition closes on 10 July at Cory Room, Off High Street, behind the Long Table ABABHEMU Esimobeni Art Gallery These KZN-based artists use paper as a secondary tool on which to project their art. They have more than 15 years experience in the arts and are all involved in teaching and sharing knowledge with up and coming artists. Artists: Nonto, Thami Jali, Mthobisi Maphumulo Photography, Lino Prints, Graphics, Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street ALONG THE WAY Monique Wiffen Rorke An exhibition featuring the photograph as medium and subject. The viewer is taken on a journey to share in impressions and experiences. Moments of beauty found in forgotten and overlooked places. An instant evoked using texture and light. A memory triggered by a fleeting glimpse. Photographs ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street ART & WINE The Artists Collection The Artists Collection: Bubbly Classic Vintage Collectable. A unique festival destination featuring wellknown South African artists in conjunction with our stylish Wine Bar. Come and arouse your senses: See Taste Smell Feel Hear. A SENSE-ATION! Artists: Mary Fowlds, Shirley Pittaway, Belinda Arde, Bruce Little, Karen Flood, Justin Hervey, Dale Morris, Rick Becker, Michaela Rinaldi, Tess Lovemore, Cheryl Castle, Gayle Lovemore and Dominique Thoenes Photographs, Sculpture, Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 10:30 to 21:00 Highlander, Worcester Street ART IN ACTION Sonnett Olls This exhibition portrays a selection of paintings in watercolour, acrylic and oil techniques: landscapes, trees, floral, figures and abstracts. The artist will be performing at the exhibition, demonstrating three paintings every day in different techniques. The artist will assist and teach those interested in different techniques. Portraits will be done on commission. The style captures the joy and magical play of colour in a moment of time. Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Museum, Somerset Street


110 BIRD / FISH Kristin Hua NG-Yang 263 Bird / Fish is an installation and performance piece that deploys metaphors that allude to the ephemera of air and water, of love being subject to fate. The visual work and music is meditative on life s journey into inevitable oblivion. The audience may interact with the tactile installed elements after a live performance. Performances at & 15:00 daily from 30 June to 2 July (20mins) Artists: Artist Kristin Hua NG-Yang with dance performance by Bonwa Mbontsi and Tegan Peacock Drawings, Installation, Performance Art (dance) ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Church Hall BRUCE LITTLE ORIGINALS Internationally renowned sculptor Bruce Little sculpts to capture the spirit of the African wildlife. Self-taught and instinctual his technique captures the essential movement and attitudes of his subjects. Visit our gallery and working pewter studio, enjoy a cappuccino and take a walk through our unique factory. All artworks are for sale. Photographs, Sculpture, Hand Crafts, Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Little Originals Gallery, Rautenbach Road, Industrial Area CARINUS ART CENTRE GROUP EXHIBITION Carinus Art Centre Group Exhibition As always this well-known venue features quality art produced by established artists. A range of styles and media reflecting strong individual interpretations and honed techniques are on show. The beautiful gardens and heritage buildings of the venue enhance the viewing experience. Artists: Peter Midlane, Roxandra Dardagan, Tori Stowe, Sally Scott, Anthony Stidolph, Nicky Rosselli, Charmaine Haines, Martin Haines, Richard Pullen, Lucas Bambo, Monique Rorke, Sandy Diogo Ceramics, Lino Prints, Graphics, Drawings, Paintings, Mixed Media ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street CHARMAINE HAINES CONTEMPORARY CERAMICS Charmaine Haines The ceramic pieces embrace the artists continued fascination for Ancient Cultures, African Artefacts and Medieval Iconic Art through filtering the style of a previous age through a 21st Century sensibility. Abstract and stylised symbols used to embellish sculptural forms have become autobiographical design elements repeated throughout the work adding both a narrative and mythical presence to the sculptural pieces. Ceramics ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street COMMON ROOTS, DIFFERENT ROUTES Sally Scott, Nicky Rosselli, Anthony Stidolph The notion of travel is often employed as a metaphor for living. In this unique family exhibition, siblings Sally Scott, Nicky Rosselli and Anthony Stidolph use this idea to re-examine their shared heritage and retrace the slightly different journeys each has undertaken to reach the point where they are now. Artists: Sally Scott, Nicky Rosselli, Anthony Stidolph Fabric Art, Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street

111 264 CROSSING OVER Mathias Chirombo Since the death of my father in 2014, I have been creatively occupied by exploring the theme of crossing over. Crossing over from living to dead, from human to spirit form. The abstract nature of the work creates space for the viewer to personalise their interpretation through the contemplation of their personal experiences of loss. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 History Museum, Somerset Hall, Hill Street DEEP TIME: A FINAL COUNT-DOWN Anthony Harris Harris, in his paintings, explores this concept of Deep Time : a geological time that places the age of the earth at approximately 4.6 billion years. These landscapes hold within them aspects other than pure nature the panorama is composed of elements that bear witness to change and evolution. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 daily DIOGO ART Sandy Diogo A solo exhibition of mixed media artworks portraying inner peace, movement and line. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street ECHOES OF A MORE GRACIOUS PAST Laura-Kate Barnes With a love for old, decaying buildings, their architecture, patterns, textures and a reminder that everything is impermanent, Laura-Kate explores the journey of unwinding; the stories quietly spoken to us through derelict scenes so long forgotten. Included in the exhibition will be two sculptures by Louis van Eeden. Photographs, Sculpture, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street EGAZINI EXPRESSIONS Egazini Outreach Project This exhibition by local artists and crafters is a showcase of local talent that explores everyday, community life in Grahamstown. The exhibition includes hand printed textiles created by Violet Booi, Daniwe Gongqa and Vukile Teyise. Lino Prints, Graphics, Fabric Art, Hand Crafts ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Annex, Donkin Street FORT ENGLAND & TOWER HOSPITAL ART GROUP EXHIBITION Take a studio, add healthcare users with paper, pen and paint and what do you get? A collaboration between two of the Eastern Cape s oldest hospitals Fort England and Tower Hospital presenting the creative artworks of a marginal population, given a platform to express their imagination through art. Please come and support and celebrate the mental healthcare users creativity and the healing milieu of art. Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Annex, Donkin Street

112 Anthony Harris FRAGMENTS OF LAND Bretten - Anne Moolman 265 This exhibition of aerial landscape paintings that wellknown artist B.A. Moolman recently exhibited at the William Humphries National Gallery is guaranteed to take you on a journey. Imagine flying lightly on a slipstream of heat, fragmented by clouds, and cast shadows on the hot lands of Africa. Arresting colours in an aerial defying perception of space. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Hall, Hill Street FRAMEWORK Anton Brink An exhibition of new paintings by Anton Brink, exploring themes of alienation and the sense of being overwhelmed by the system. The hidden framework behind the facade of perceived reality is exposed, guiding, ordering and, above all, limiting our lives. It is about the stress of not conforming. Paintings ~ PG # 09:00 to 17:00 History Museum, Somerset Street DEEP TIME: A Final Count-down Image: Deep Time: Farm on a Precipice Oil on Board Trinity Hall Hill Street Daily: 9 am - 5 pm Cell: In the new series of work titled "Deep Time" Harris conceptually explores land issues: the concept of geological time, social geography, political, culture and cultural identity. Modern science has established the age of the Earth at around 4.54 billion years this geological time is known as Deep Time. FREE STATE ARTS TALK Free State Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation Free State Arts Talk Exhibition is a provincial collection of artworks ranging from paintings and drawings to sculpture and photography collected from the various towns of the five districts in the Free State. These works touch on and look at various themes around people s circumstances and situations, and their appreciation of the landscape and nature of the Free State. Artists: Free State Visual Artists drawn from all 5 districts of the Province Photographs, Sculpture, Drawings, Paintings, Mosaics ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street FRIENDS OF TALENT ARTIST COLLABORATION Curated by Juliette Welham The Friends of Talent Artist Collaboration brings together several talented emerging contemporary artists, each committed to producing collectible fine art that is both honest and inspired. Because of their commitment, hard work, sheer talent, and dedication, these artists are expected to become greatly sought after in their own lifetimes. Artists: Buhle Wonder Mbambo, David Tsoka, Eric Sher, Keith Zenda, Kelebogile Masilo, Lebohang Sithole, Mandla Mandlenkosi Mavengere, Mlamuli Mkhwanazi, Muzi Ndlela, Nkosana Nhlapo, Olatunji (TJ) Sanusi, Sean McMahon, Sizwe Khoza, Thabo Sejesho, Wilson Ngoni Drawings, Paintings, Pastels, Prints, Photography ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Annex, Donkin Street GLASS IN FLUX Lorinda Pretorius Glass In Flux is an exhibition of sculptural forms in glass that seek to explore the tactile and visual qualities of material. Glass is the sculptural tool of the age: recyclable, environmentally aware, transparent and bold. Glass Art ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Hall, Hill Street

113 266 GOD S PERFECT PALETTE Brian Hammond Brian was helped into the wonderful world of painting in oils by an artist friend who inspired his passion for landscapes. Brian s work portrays references from wide country vistas, to big skies of fire, peaceful country scenes and water features. All this is inspired on by the beauty and magnificence of God s creation. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street IT S ALL ABOUT LIGHT 5 R D Mckenzie Light continues to be the core element in my work. Some new topics have been approached with sometimes exciting new directions. The journey continues to be great fun. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street IZIMPANDE THE ROOTS Sthenjwa Luthuli Izimpande The Roots is the collected effort of three talented artists who, though very different from one another, work together in a shared studio. Their exhibition deals with social issues, re-looking at the many different ways of living and surviving in a contemporary society. A society that continually challenges us to adapt and survive, influencing our dreams of transformation. Artists: Sthenjwa Luthuli, Wonder Mbambo, Mthobisi Maphumulo Lino Prints, Drawings, Paintings ~ PG # 09:00 to 17:00 Annex, Donkin Street JENNEFER ANN S GALLERY Jennefer Ann, Gordon Grant Jennefer Ann is a wildlife, landscape and portrait fine art artist. Her works focus on realism. Her paintings are inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of South Africa and evoke her wish to share, from her perspective, a part of the Heart Beat of Africa using with God s beautiful palette of colours. She uses her own photos for most of her artworks, which are an expression of God s beautiful talent given to her in its entire amazing splendour for your pleasure. All commissions welcome. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street LOCAL ARTISTS EXHIBITION Local artists from the Eastern Cape The Local Artists Exhibition offers a diverse showcase for artists from Grahamstown and the surrounding areas. This year, an incredibly talented group of artists are showcasing a diversity of styles that will make for an interesting and eye catching exhibition. Mediums include acrylics, oils, watercolours and sketches. In addition to the original artwork, prints and postcards will be on offer. Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street OPEN SPACES Gordon Legg Paintings of landscapes and seascapes in watercolour and acrylic Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 History Museum, Somerset Street

114 PAINTINGS AND GLASS Susan Alexander 267 An exhibition consisting of paintings in oil depicting landscapes, people and portraits, as well as fused glass bowls, plates, tiles in a variety of colours and styles. Paintings, Glass Art ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street PALETTES IN NATURE Alison van Zijl & Mandy McKay Landscapes, wildlife, portraits in oils, watercolours and charcoals are the subject matter to Mandy and Alison s 5th Exhibition. Their travels and hikes throughout our scenic land, bring new inspiration to their canvasses at this 2016 Festival Exhibition. Artists: Alison van Zijl, Mandy McKay, Susan Lucas Ceramics, Fabric Art, Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 History Museum, Somerset Street PATHLESS WOODS Roxandra Dardagan Britz Pathless Woods is an exhibition by printmaker Roxandra Dardagan Britz. The exhibition includes etchings and mixed media works. The work is inspired by the natural world and explores existential themes. Graphics, Mixed media ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street PHALL S Phall s Erotic Art Gallery ~ NS A titillating variety of erotic art inspired by fun, desire, lust and pleasure awaits your discovery and marvel in our famous Phallery and Priapic Garden. Art and craft for sale. Phall s Erotic Art Gallery at Bon Tempo is in the tranquil Manley Flats farm area, please see map. Artists: Bernard Barry, Will Alves, Ian Anderson, Pieter Wannenburg, Volkher and Claudia von Lengeling, Wendy Manser and others Ceramics, Photographs, Graphics, Sculpture, Fabric Art, Hand Crafts, Drawings, Paintings, Mosaics, Installation ~ Strictly adults only # to 17:00 Tempo, Farm 5, Manley Flats, On the road to Port Alfred Road PORTALS Roddy Fox Follow your imagination into Portals. Stunning imagery from South African and Swedish landscapes that reveal the fantastical, whimsical, meditative and mythical in the world around us. Photographs ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Annex, Donkin Street REFLECTION Tori Stowe An exhibition of recent work in charcoal, ink and collage by Tori Stowe. Drawings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Carinus Art Centre, Beaufort Street

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117 270 RETRO: A RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION OF ABSTRACT REALISM Tony Swift Mysterious and enlightening, this compelling retrospective exhibition is curated with powerful landscapes. Tony Swift shares his energy in unique and original explorations of Abstract Realism. These truly beautiful and uplifting paintings evoke the magic in your life a real fine art investment. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Patrick s Hall, Hill Street SA COMIC BOOKS Sail with Cape Town pirates. See mankind fighting dragons. Fly with a Gauteng superhero. Take a trip to Mars. Adventure with the adolescent big five. These are only a few of the experiences to enjoy in SA comic books. Visit our market of comics and art, and meet some creators. Graphics, Drawings, Prints, Comic Books ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Star Education Centre, 4 Anglo African Street SOMETHING LEFT TO SAVE Cedric Vanderlinden In our lives, we encounter moments of absolute isolation and deep silence. In those moments, if we are equipped with a modicum of introspection, we are confronted with the Cosmos and, more importantly, our utter insignificance in the face of it. Questions of why are we here? and what does it all mean? become nonsense: the terrifying magnitude and endless power of the Cosmos simply overwhelm and devour. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Hall, Hill Street THE PRINTING GIRLS After graduating in 2009, the printing girls left Rhodes University heading in six different directions. Now, seven years later, they are meeting up for their first joint exhibition. This exhibition promises six very different artistic expressions, joined by friendship. From screenprinting to etching, painting to ceramics, they ve been busy! Artists: Amy van den Bergh, Carmen Ford, Cassey Delissen, Lucy Stuart-Clarke, Emma Honiball & Claire Zinn Ceramics, Lino Prints, Graphics, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Price Alfred Street TOKARA S CELEBRATION Group Exhibition at the GFI Gallery Sponsored by Rand Merchant Bank and Meridian Wine, the GFI is proud to be hosting the 10th anniversary Collection of Tokara s Wine Made Art. Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 16:00 Mon - Fri daily Sat Art Gallery, 30 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth UNEARTHED Art on Target This exhibition, curated by Art on Target, Port Elizabeth, showcases a selection of ceramics from well-known Port Elizabeth artists. It comprises works in porcelain; thrown and pit fired ware; earthenware plates as well as sculptural work. From low to high fired, this exhibition comprises an interesting collection of ceramics. Artists: Billie McNaughton, Lydia Holmes, Donve Branch, Margie Higgs, Amos Senzela Ceramics ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Hall, Hill Street UNLOCKING HORNS Donvé Branch, Sue Hoppe, Stephanie Liebetrau UNLocking Horns is an exhibition by three diverse artists, rooted in Africa yet known for their unique viewpoints and styles. Donvé Branch blends classical ceramic forms with traditional African firing. Sue Hoppe has a bold approach to painting with a social message. Stephanie Liebetrau s evocative oils fuse women with natural South African elements. Ceramics, Paintings, Sculpture, Photographs ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street VAGUE NARRATIVE Theo Kleynhans Lustre fired ceramic plates, small sculptures and small paintings make up this exciting exhibition. Ceramics, Sculpture, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 Biko Building, Prince Alfred Street WE THREE Anna Mari Burger, Jenny Maltby and Les Bird This is a wonderful exhibition of new works by three well known local artists. Vibrant colour, exciting subjects and very different styles make this exhibition well worth a visit. NB: This exhibition is in Port Elizabeth. Drawings, Paintings ~ All ages # 09:00 to 17:00 George s Prep, 8 Park Drive, Port Elizabeth THE ARENA ART EXHIBITION AT THE FESTIVAL GALLERY Fringe visual art is given centre stage in the Arena Exhibition of Exhibitions, which features a selection of artworks from the more than 40 Fringe exhibitions. Designed to give Festival goers a sense of what is on offer in the many rooms, halls and makeshift galleries all over Grahamstown, the Arena Exhibition is a visual art appetiser a space where visitors can see samples of work and design their own personal visual art meander. Installed in the Festival Gallery, with a coffee shop (selling Gawie s infamous handmade coffees and the best fairy cakes this side of the equator) and next door to Tori Stowe s Corner Shop, the Arena Exhibition will feature a range of work in different mediums. 38 SOMERSET STREET

118 271 The curatorial themes for the 2017 National Arts Festival, which will run from Thursday 29 June to Sunday 9 July, will focus on the relationship between Art and Disruption: art as a disruptor of mainstream ways of thinking, and art in response to disruptions to the status quo. We invite works in all genres that: are inspired by a reaction to borders of any and all kinds; engage with the #mustfall and #mustrise movements; wrestle with the past to understand the present We are particularly interested in proposals for work that are likely to challenge and spark lively discussion and reflection. In short, we are looking for compelling, innovative and high-quality performances, exhibitions and cross-disciplinary works that serve as catalysts for debate and transformation. Preference will be given to proposals that: - incorporate cross-disciplinary collaborations and / or explore new forms of making art and / or boldly and innovatively blur the lines between genres - critically reflect on and / or re-imagine the past so as to envision the future by challenging / disrupting / collapsing language and cultural boundaries that have divided people historically; and that advance intercultural collaborations - explore the African continent in terms of collaborations / themes / texts; and advance inter-continental collaboration through cross-border engagement and / or a broad engagement with foreign national creatives resident and working in South Africa - respond to human migration by creating compelling performances / exhibitions about the personal and / or political challenges of migration by engaging with these issues through the narratives / lived lives / experiences of people affected by e.g. xenophobia, questions of home, crises of identity, displacement, struggle for restitution, etc. We, of course, also welcome proposals that are not bound to these themes. Our intention is to present a diverse artistic programme that continues to position the National Arts Festival as a prominent platform for innovation, experimentation, reflection, entertainment, and celebration. CALL FOR PROPOSALS THE FESTIVAL CELEBRATES ITS COMMITMENT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AS ENSHRINED IN THE SOUTH AFRICAN CONSTITUTION... The Festival presents a limited number of revivals or works that have been previously staged in South Africa. Strong motivation for why such work should be revived or presented at the Festival needs to be submitted in proposals. In the case of classics, preference is given to fresh takes of these works. Artists are encouraged to think beyond the conventions of formal theatre spaces and to explore site-specific interventions that will engage with and / or challenge the historical, social, and / or cultural boundaries of Grahamstown. The Festival s audiences are as diverse as its artists. The Festival embraces the spirit that a successful national cultural event has a responsibility to serve its audiences and artists in equal measure and to ensure that each event contributes to growing a more progressive, tolerant, and cohesive society. Proposals for any production that has been presented at the National Arts Festival (including the Fringe) during the past five years will not be considered. Artists / companies and presenting managements can download guidelines for submitting proposal from the Festival s website: Proposals must reach the Festival Office no later than Friday 12 August All proposals must be submitted as per the proposal brief that will be available on the website. Enquiries should be ed to The Festival celebrates its commitment to freedom of expression as enshrined in the South African constitution; and thus recognises that the arts can be engaged as an advocate for both social cohesion and social provocation. The Festival s Main Programme is a solid platform for exciting new work presented by established, mid-career and emerging South African artists; as well as a forum for successful international productions to premiere on the continent or in South Africa. Winners of the Standard Bank Ovation Awards will receive written invitations to submit proposals for the 2017 Arena programme. Fringe applications will be available in November 2016 and registration will close on Friday 14 January Forms and information booklets will be available on-line at Enquiries should be addressed to the Fringe Manager, Zikhona Monaheng, on or by


120 TRANSNET VILLAGE GREEN FAIR The Transnet Village Green Fair is the Grahamstown home of some of South Africa s best crafters and artisans a treasure chest of delights awaits, whether you re looking for clothing, furniture, food, everyday household items, something special and unique, or a work of art you ll treasure forever. And if you re not looking to buy, but just wanting to browse, the spacious layout and colourful vibe will make this a morning (or a day!) to remember. It is where you can lose yourself for hours, hang out with friends or make some new ones. And then, as the day winds down, join us in our beer tent and relax in a great, chilled environment. The Transnet Village Green Fair plays another role too. As a hub of casual commerce, it helps up-and-coming traders and artisans find a market for their work, and helps them turn their talent into a livelihood. And the proceeds of the project go to a good cause through a range of Grahamstown service organisations the proceeds are invested in projects spanning the whole city, throughout the year. So shop knowing that you re paying it forward and helping support a wide range of good causes. 273 We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing marketplace. FIDDLERS GREEN & CHURCH SQUARE In the heart of Grahamstown there s a hive of activity that is definitely deserving of your attention. The Fiddlers Green precinct in Cawood Street, and the nearby Church Square, offer plenty of shopping and eating opportunities, plus fun and adventure for the whole family.

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122 275 TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION INFORMATION AIR TRAVEL Flights operating into Port Elizabeth (130km from Grahamstown) or East London (150km from Grahamstown) include: SAA, British Airways, Mango, SAFAIR and Kulula. It is advisable to book early to take advantage of the best discounts and seats. Bookings should be made through any ASATA travel agent or through the respective airline website. Note: the Festival discounted shuttle service is only available between Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth. For information on East London to Grahamstown shuttles contact Blunden Tours or Van Rensburg Shuttle Services. Contact details below. BLUNDEN TOURS SHUTTLE TRANSPORT The Festival has partnered with Blunden Tours to operate a bus service between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown. Please check-in at the Blunden desk in the arrivals hall of Port Elizabeth airport. Tickets for the shuttle service can be purchased through the Festival website or by calling Prior booking is essential. Single Festival fare: R300 Return Festival fare: R600 Inter-city Timetable: (See schedule below applies daily from 29 June July 2016) VAN RENSBURG SHUTTLE SERVICES This transport company operates between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown. For details contact / / or AVIS BUDGET CAR HIRE The Festival s preferred car rental company for Their sponsorship of vehicles for Festival usage is gratefully acknowledged. Contact Marco Louw at Go Travel Grahamstown tel or for a competitive Avis Budget car rental rate. AVIS VANS & 4X4 RENTAL To qualify for special Festival rates on van and 4X4 rentals call Central Reservations on and quote ZX. HOPPER SERVICE For those who do not have transport in town the Festival Hopper Service is easy and accessible with suitably placed hop on/off stops around Grahamstown, thereby taking away the stress of parking and congestion in a small city. Virtually every Festival venue is within a 5-minute walk from a Hopper stop; Hoppers run frequently throughout the day; with a convenient night bus until 1am. For enquiries phone The Festival Hopper is free but a R5 tip for the drivers would be greatly appreciated! See the fold-out map at the back of this programme for the Hopper routes and timetables. The Festival Hopper is free but a R5 tip for the driver would be greatly appreciated! See the foldout map in the Festival Programme for the Hopper route and timetable. TAXI SERVICE Blunden runs a 24-hour taxi service across Grahamstown for 1-2 passengers at R70 a trip within a 5km radius, and R100 within a 10km radius. To book the taxi, us the 24 hour number BUS/COACH TRANSPORT Grahamstown is accessible by scheduled coach services. Consult a travel agent for details. ACCOMMODATION & HOSPITALITY SERVICES A variety of accommodation and hospitality services are available in Grahamstown please support our advertisers! Full details on hospitality providers registered with the Festival are available on our website, All accommodation establishments run independently of the Festival. The Grahamstown Accommodation Guild grades and vouches for members of the GHG they run a booking service at and can be contacted at For a comprehensive listing of accommodation, things to do, places of interest in Grahamstown and surrounds please visit the Makana Tourism website, or call them on Children s activities, sport facilities, game lodges and restaurants are also listed online at so that you can plan your trip right down to the nitty gritty! Bus 1 Bus 2 Bus 3 Bus 4 Bus 5 Bus 6 Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Arr Dep Blunden High St Grahamstown Grahamstown Monument 06:00 08:00 12:00 14:30 17:00 06:05 06:15 08:05 08:15 10:05 10:15 12:05 12:15 14:35 14:45 17:05 17:15 PE Airport 08:15 08:45 10:15 10:30 12:15 13:00 14:15 15:30 16:45 17:00 19:15 20:00 Grahamstown Monument Blunden High St Grahamstown 10:45 11:00 13:30 13:45 15:00 15:15 18:30 18:45 19:00 19:15 22:00 22:15 11:15 14:00 15:30 19:00 19:30 22:30

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126 279 BOOKING PROCEDURES Booking opens nationwide on 9 May 2016 ARTBUCKS MEMBERS ArtBucks members have a preferential booking window from 4 May 2016, during which time they may their ticket requirements to or fax them to No telephone or online bookings will be accepted until Monday 9 May. BOOKING TICKETS Booking for the National Arts Festival is a simple process: 1. Go through the Programme, or the online schedule at and choose the productions you would like to see. 2. Once you know what you d like to see, you have several booking options: ONLINE: If you haven t booked online for National Arts Festival tickets, you will need to register on our system Once you are registered, follow the easy steps to make your booking. You may pay by VISA or MASTERCARD credit card, Instant EFT or SnapScan. Please note that website bookings attract an online booking fee of R2 per transaction. NB: Before starting to book, please make sure you know what you want to see and when once you start filling your basket you will not have time to still be deciding on your shows! Get your Fest schedule planned then go online to book. If you can t decide on all that you want to see book the must-haves and come back later for other tickets. CALL CENTRE: Phone the Festival Call Centre and book your tickets with one of our friendly box office operators you may use your credit card to make payment or make an EFT or direct deposit payment. OR FAX: Complete the enclosed Booking Form, following the instructions it contains for returning it to. Once your booking has been made, your reservation will be ed to you and you will have 48 hours in which to provide us with proof of payment. GROUP BOOKINGS: Large groups are encouraged to book through the Grahamstown Box Office contact the Box Office Manager on / 1163 or your bookings to GETTING YOUR TICKETS ARTBUCKS MEMBERS: If you have your Artbucks card, you can collect your tickets at any of the self-service kiosks in Grahamstown by simply swiping your card at the kiosk no need to wait in long queues! PRINT AT HOME TICKETS WEBSITE BOOKINGS ONLY: If you booked online, you can click on the link Print at Home to print out your tickets. These tickets will be scanned at venues. Instead of having to collect your tickets prior to your shows, you will be able to take your print at home tickets directly to the venue where a cashier will scan the bar code and permit your entry to the show. Note that each ticket will only admit one person once if a bar code has already been scanned at the door and someone else arrives with a photocopied or duplicate ticket bearing the same bar code, they will not be granted access. You are not OBLIGED to print your tickets at home you can also collect your tickets from any of our Box Office cashiers or at the self-service terminals (see below). If you are booking a large number of tickets, we recommend that you have your tickets pre-printed by the Box Office and collect them from the Monument on your arrival in Grahamstown. Please to arrange this. COLLECTIONS: Pre-booked tickets (i.e. those booked via , fax or Call Centre) must be collected from the COLLECTIONS desk in the Monument Box Office. To collect your tickets for an on-line credit card booking, bring the credit card you used to make the booking to any of the Box Offices in Grahamstown (Monument, Village Green or Rhodes Theatre) and swipe your card at the self-service kiosks to have your tickets printed. Online EFT customers should bring their ed confirmation and give it to a cashier at any of the Box Offices to have their tickets printed out. COURIER SERVICE: School and touring groups can request that their tickets are couriered to them prior to the Festival. Courier charges will be R150 per delivery. Please enquire when making your booking about this option. TICKET ENQUIRIES Call Centre Box Office Manager Festival Manager General Festival Enquiries Fax GRAHAMSTOWN BOX OFFICES MONUMENT BOX OFFICE (1820 Settlers National Monument) From 9 May: Mon to Fri 08:30 18:00 daily Sat 09:00 13:00 daily From 29 June: 08:30 19:15 daily VILLAGE GREEN BOX OFFICE (located in the Steve Biko Building) From 29 June: 09:00 18:00 daily RHODES THEATRE BOX OFFICE (servicing the Rhodes Theatre and Box Theatre only) From 30 June: 09:00 20:30 daily Tickets, if still available, may be purchased half an hour prior to performance starting times at all venues. CASH or SNAPSCAN purchases only. No discounts are available at the door.

127 280 VISITORS WITH A DISABILITY Wheelchairs, guide-dogs, crutches etc. can be accommodated in most venues but we would need to be notified if special assistance is required at any of our venues. Please contact the Box Office Manager on telephone who will discuss your requirements and arrange assistance for you where necessary. REFUNDS Refunds for Main and Fringe events will be made only in the event of programme alterations or cancellations. The National Arts Festival cannot make other refunds or undertake to resell or exchange tickets. The Festival organisers cannot be held responsible if a production runs longer than the advertised duration. This information is supplied by the performers and is published as a guide. Allow at least 50 minutes between performances. We regret that we cannot refund tickets for late arrivals at performances. Late admission is not permissable at most Festival venues - please make sure you arrive in good time to get into your shows. DISCOUNTS The following discounts are made available to selected Main and Fringe events where available, discounts are indicated in the Festival Programme alongside the ticket price for each production. Students, learners and pensioners (registered full-time only) ONE discounted ticket per performance Group Bookings groups of TEN OR MORE seats per performance may be booked at the discounted rate (please mark appropriate price column). Buy One, Get One Free these discounts have been offered by some Fringe producers to qualify you must book at least two tickets to the performance and you will only be charged for one. Any multiple of two will qualify i.e. if you book 7 tickets you will be charged for 6 tickets at half price and 1 ticket at full price. So why not bring a friend! 50% Fringe and Free / Preview Fringe performances these are date specific discounts offered by Fringe producers. Where productions are free, you should still book a ticket to ensure that you will be able to get into the performance. For performances on the Free Fringe, donations will be encouraged in lieu of a ticket price please donate generously! HALF PRICE HUT In 2015, we introduced the Half Price Hut where artists offer a limited number of tickets at a 50% discount for the next performance of their show. Half Price Hut tickets are announced the day before they go on sale and you can only purchase Half Price Hut tickets for performances on the day of purchase. These tickets are ONLY available at the Half Price Hut on the Steve Biko lawns. Cue Newspaper, the Festival s Facebook page and the Twitter account announce the list of performances that are offering Half Price tickets on a daily basis. Like us on or follow to keep tabs on these and other special offers. ARTBUCKS Members of the Festival s ArtBucks loyalty programme should confirm with their cashier that their Artbucks membership is recorded when they make their booking. Alternatively, they should give the cashier their Artbucks card when booking. At the end of the Festival the amount of credit due to the member, as per the rules of the programme, will be calculated. Credit that has been accumulated by Artbucks members for purchases at the 2015 Festival, can be deducted from the amount due for their 2016 Festival purchases. Artbucks members may use their credit vouchers online or in person at the Box Offices. Please remember to inform the cashier that you would like to use your credit. You will receive an indicating the credit that has been allocated to you shortly before preferential ticket bookings open. For online Artbucks purchases, you need to use the voucher code indicated in this . Join Artbucks online and qualify for credit vouchers equal to 10% of your spend on full price tickets to 2016 Festival events for use at the 2017 National Arts Festival. NB: Artbucks credit is only allocated on full price tickets tickets purchased at concession prices, special offers etc. do not qualify for the Artbucks credit FESTIVAL PROGRAMME UPDATE We will be publishing an update to our Programme, which will be available in Grahamstown throughout the Festival, at all of our Ticket Offices and Information Kiosks. This will contain all information regarding both Main and Fringe performances and events: performance changes, a daily diary, a colour-coded map, and other necessary info. This is a must for all festivalgoers pick up a free copy on your arrival in Grahamstown.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics (September December 2017) Latest Update

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics (September December 2017) Latest Update IELTS Speaking Part 2 Topics (September December 2017) Latest Update IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 1.Describe a person you know a lot Who is the person is What kind of person he/she is What the person did And

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Weight Challenges and Food Addiction

Weight Challenges and Food Addiction Weight Challenges and Food Addiction Healing Food Addiction By Dr. Margaret Paul Food addiction is a difficult addiction to deal with because you can't just stop eating. Discover a major underlying cause

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Level 4-3 The Prince and the Pauper

Level 4-3 The Prince and the Pauper Level 4-3 The Prince and the Pauper Workbook Teacher s Guide and Answer Key 1 Teacher s Guide A. Summary 1. Book Summary Five hundred years ago, two baby boys were born in London on the same day. One was

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FIRST GRADE FIRST GRADE HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS FIRST 100 about Preprimer, Primer or 1 st Grade lists 1 st 100 of again 100 HF words for Grade 1 all am an are as away be been before big black blue boy brown but by came cat come

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The Hero s Journey. Joseph Campbell

The Hero s Journey. Joseph Campbell Writing Warm Up Write a one paragraph response to the following: In your opinion, what defines a hero? Literature and movies are full of heroes, but can these figures exist outside of a fictional setting

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URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale)

URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale) URASHIMA TARO, the Fisherman (A Japanese folktale) (Urashima Taro is pronounced "Oo-rah-shee-ma Ta-roe") Cast: Narrator(s) Urashima Taro His Mother 3 Bullies Mother Tortoise 2 Swordfish Guards Sea King

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Breaking "Small Group Ice"

Breaking Small Group Ice Breaking "Small Group Ice" The first minutes of small-group meetings are vital. Good icebreakers can cut away social barriers and promote open sharing throughout the rest of the meeting. Rules of thumb

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India #17. To get married, go to #2. To stay in school (if possible) and not get married, go to #10.

India #17. To get married, go to #2. To stay in school (if possible) and not get married, go to #10. India #17 It has been two years since you signed up for school. Your family was very angry with you but you can be very stubborn and, in the end, you won. The first year you went to a bridge school that

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MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EXPERIENCE BIG IDEAS. The Meaning of Progress Authentic Balance between nature and technology Original

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EXPERIENCE BIG IDEAS. The Meaning of Progress Authentic Balance between nature and technology Original MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EXPERIENCE BIG IDEAS The Meaning of Progress Authentic Balance between nature and technology Original BEFORE THE PLAY BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE STORY SYNOPSIS OF ORIGINAL FAIRY TALE

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1. All the People Said Amen - Matt Maher

1. All the People Said Amen - Matt Maher 1. All the People Said Amen - Matt Maher You are not alone if you are lonely When you feel afraid, you're not the only We are all the same in need of mercy To be forgiven and be free It's all you got to

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How to Become Your Own Money Magnet

How to Become Your Own Money Magnet How to Become Your Own Money Magnet by Professional & Personal Development Coach Copyright 2008, Copyright, 2008, All Rights Reserved 1 All rights reserved.

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12 Things. You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself. Parnell Intermediary Services, Inc. Guide to Productive Living. Volume 4 NO V4

12 Things. You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself. Parnell Intermediary Services, Inc. Guide to Productive Living. Volume 4 NO V4 12 Things You Should Be Able to Say About Yourself Parnell Intermediary Services, Inc. Guide to Productive Living Volume 4 NO2012916V4 2012 All Rights Reserved You know you re on the right track when you

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Star Wars Viewing Guide

Star Wars Viewing Guide Star Wars Viewing Guide Record examples of each archetype listed as we view the first Star Wars Episode IV in class. You can find these archetypes in your notes packet. Situational Archetypes The Quest

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ACTIVITY MATERIALS NEEDED: ACTIVITY Balance in life is important. We need to keep in touch with all four dimensions of ourselves: Body, Brain, Heart and Soul. It is easy to get caught up in life and find ourselves out of balance. It is also

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Here s celebrating your ongoing Success and Spirit!

Here s celebrating your ongoing Success and Spirit! PEARLS OF WISDOM To be a good business man or business woman, you must practice certain things daily. Developing firm skills based on learning & intuition and making them habitual, is the ultimate gift

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GreatHouse Story Workbook

GreatHouse Story Workbook GreatHouse Story Workbook John Fraim John Fraim GreatHouse Stories GreatHouse Marketing Strategy 1702 Via San Martino Palm Desert, CA 92260 760-844-2595 1 -

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Ezra Jack Keats A Life Creating Books for Children

Ezra Jack Keats A Life Creating Books for Children Ezra Jack Keats A Life Creating Books for Children Ezra at his easel; and his most famous picture book Ezra Jack Keats was an award-winning author and illustrator of books for children. He is best known

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How to Attract A Mature & Responsible Man

How to Attract A Mature & Responsible Man 1 Day 4 Video 2 How to Attract A Mature & Responsible Man Hi there. David here. Welcome to Day 4 Video number 2, how to attract a mature and responsible man. Now, my first question is, do you really want

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Antigone Background Notes

Antigone Background Notes Antigone Background Notes I. Origin of Tragedy A. Religious festivals in the spring to honor Dionysus Dionysus (Bacchus), god of wine B. Thespis, Father of Drama (thespians) introduced the first actor

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THE MAKEUP ARTIST CAPSULE MEETING GOTTFRIED THE MAKEUP ARTIST CAPSULE She turned her back on her own beauty while still young, finding it had brought her more pain than joy. Now she devotes herself to shaping perfection on the faces of others: seeing

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Lida Varvarousi. Foreign Rights Frankfurt 2017

Lida Varvarousi. Foreign Rights Frankfurt 2017 Lida Varvarousi Foreign Rights Frankfurt 2017 Marc Verheyen About us BOOK-A-TALE: Newcomer at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 Lida VARVAROUSI and Agnes VERBOVEN, the Book-a-Tale team, are very happy to welcome

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Sarah has done something mean to you at school. Should you spread bad rumors about Sarah to hurt her back? What should you do?

Sarah has done something mean to you at school. Should you spread bad rumors about Sarah to hurt her back? What should you do? Sarah has done something mean to you at school. Should you spread bad rumors about Sarah to hurt her back? You accidently sent your uncle an email that was supposed to go to your mother saying that you

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Archetypes & The Hero s Journey. What Do Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Simba, King Arthur, Moses, and Frodo all have in common?

Archetypes & The Hero s Journey. What Do Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Simba, King Arthur, Moses, and Frodo all have in common? Archetypes & The Hero s Journey What Do Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Simba, King Arthur, Moses, and Frodo all have in common? Jung and Campbell Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell developed the idea of the

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Multidimensional Trauma Recovery and Resiliency Interview MTRRI 1

Multidimensional Trauma Recovery and Resiliency Interview MTRRI 1 Multidimensional Trauma Recovery and MTRRI 1 Harvey, M.R., Westen, D., Lebowitz, L., Saunders, E., Avi-Yonah, O. and Harney, P. (1994) 1 2000 Version Victims of Violence Program Department of Psychiatry

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LESSON PLAN: FEELING SAFE AND UNSAFE GRADE 1-2 LESSON PLAN: FEELING SAFE AND UNSAFE OBJECTIVES: To give the children the opportunity to relate and discuss positive personal experiences To enable the children to identify times when they feel

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9 Financially Devastating Mistakes Most Option Traders Make

9 Financially Devastating Mistakes Most Option Traders Make 9 Financially Devastating Mistakes Most Option Traders Make Fortunes have been made and lost in the world of option trading. And those fortunes that were lost may very well have been lost due to making

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Date Night Questions

Date Night Questions Looking Back Too often we get so caught up in the hectic pace of day-to-day life that we don t take time to think back to where our relationship first began. The questions in this section will help you

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4) Focus on having, not on lack Do not give any thought, power or energy to the thought of not having what you want.

4) Focus on having, not on lack Do not give any thought, power or energy to the thought of not having what you want. A Guide to Successful Manifesting 1) Set Goals and have Clear Intentions Start with goals that are relatively easy to reach, ones that do not challenge your belief systems too much, thereby causing little

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CINDERELLA The Little Glass Slipper

CINDERELLA The Little Glass Slipper CINDERELLA The Little Glass Slipper Member s Names of Group: FEBRIANTI SWANDARI (09 231 050); MUH. RIMSYAH GUNARYNO (09 231 057); TAFRIATUL KHOIRIAH (09 231 060); WA ODE SALMAWATI (09 231 063); NINING

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All songs written by Carmen Underwater except Self Control written by Giancarlo Bigazzi, Raffaele Riefoli & Steve Piccolo

All songs written by Carmen Underwater except Self Control written by Giancarlo Bigazzi, Raffaele Riefoli & Steve Piccolo All songs written by Carmen Underwater except Self Control written by Giancarlo Bigazzi, Raffaele Riefoli & Steve Piccolo A dream left me behind To climb up a mountain As you went through my mind You ve

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Louis Riel. Stop and think: Imagine you are Riel. Are you happy with this jury? Why or why not?

Louis Riel. Stop and think: Imagine you are Riel. Are you happy with this jury? Why or why not? Louis Riel l Reading Comprehension l 1 Stop and Think Good readers are active readers. Read the paragraphs. Stop and think as you read. Good readers stop and think about what they are reading. Active reading

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We thought to tell a story with such momentum; a truck careering down a hillside, thunder in a rocky riverbed, a skeleton tumbling to the ground.

We thought to tell a story with such momentum; a truck careering down a hillside, thunder in a rocky riverbed, a skeleton tumbling to the ground. Blurb One may as well begin, Once upon a time... We thought to tell a story with such momentum; a truck careering down a hillside, thunder in a rocky riverbed, a skeleton tumbling to the ground. There

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Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie

Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie Below are the complete reviews, written by Lovereading4kids members. Sam Harper, age 11 Fantastical, magical and spectacularly

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Discussion guide developed by Heartland Truly Moving Pictures to accompany BOLT, a Truly Moving Picture Award-winning film. A Truly Moving Picture Award winner is a film that unlocks the vast potential

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August 16-17, Know God s Word. Colossians 3:23. Work hard with excellence, as working for the Lord.

August 16-17, Know God s Word. Colossians 3:23. Work hard with excellence, as working for the Lord. rd 3 5 th August 16-17, 2014 Know God s Word Colossians 3:23 Work hard with excellence, as working for the Lord. Adventure Bible (pp. 1311-1312) Connect Time (15 minutes): Five minutes after the service

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JULIUS CAESAR. JULIUS CAESAR Introduction 1. Rome was very happy about the victorious return of Julius Caesar. 2. But Brutus, Casca and others feared that Julius Caesar may become Cruel by all victories. 3. They planned

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Prayer Of Commitment. Prayer LESSON 9. I Peter 5:7, Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. (NLT) TAKE HOME POINT:

Prayer Of Commitment. Prayer LESSON 9. I Peter 5:7, Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. (NLT) TAKE HOME POINT: Prayer Of Commitment MEMORY VERSE: TAKE HOME POINT: I Peter 5:7, Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you. (NLT) The prayer of commitment is trusting God to help you with your problems.

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Lighting the Advent Wreath 2017

Lighting the Advent Wreath 2017 Lighting the Advent Wreath 2017 Advent comes from the Latin word 'adventus' meaning 'Coming.' Advent begins the church year starting four Sundays before Christmas. The season of Advent has been set aside

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Y O U R B R A N D I S N O T T H E H E R O Y O U R B R A N D I S N O T T H E H E R O H O W S T O R Y W I L L R E V O L U T I O N I Z E Y O U R M A R K E T I N G D O N A L D M I L L E R This PDF is designed to accompany the Introduction to StoryBrand

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The Traveler s Soliloquy By Dan Le

The Traveler s Soliloquy By Dan Le The Traveler s Soliloquy By Dan Le In you... I see me was the final line of my poem, The Traveler s Soliloquy. As I wrote the poem, an I Have a Dream poster on the wall served as my primary inspiration.

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Kategória 1B Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku obvodné kolo 2010/2011 G R A M M A R

Kategória 1B Olympiáda v anglickom jazyku obvodné kolo 2010/2011 G R A M M A R G R A M M A R I. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in capitals at the end of each one. Ex. Who is the youngest sister? I can t tell the _difference. DIFFERENT 1. Her to pain meant

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Before Reading: (5-7 min.)

Before Reading: (5-7 min.) Day One (Ch. 1) pgs. 3-13 Book Introduction: This book is called Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great by Judy Blume. Sheila and her family leave the city to spend the summer in the country in a town called

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Spirited Away and Ju-On: The Grudge

Spirited Away and Ju-On: The Grudge Spirited Away and Ju-On: The Grudge Age: 25-39 year olds are fans of Spirited Away but I believe that the age ranges from 14 and over because this has been done by Studio Ghibli, where their films have

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Maus A Survivor s Tale Art Spiegelman Reading Comprehension * Analyzing Textual Evidence * Embracing Critical Literacy

Maus A Survivor s Tale Art Spiegelman Reading Comprehension * Analyzing Textual Evidence * Embracing Critical Literacy Maus A Survivor s Tale Art Spiegelman Reading Comprehension * Analyzing Textual Evidence * Embracing Critical Literacy Name: Date: Period 6 Who is Art Spiegelman? (List 5 facts about the Author) KWL Based

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DO NOT TYPE THEM ON THE COMPUTER. Archetypes The Archetypal Journey of the Hero Review the following information. See how many examples of each archetypal element you can think of from films you have seen or from your reading. It is important

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CHARACTERS. OTHELLO, a noble Moor. BRABANTIO, Desdemona s father. CASSIO, Othello s lieutenant. IAGO, a villain. RODERIGO, a Venetian gentleman

CHARACTERS. OTHELLO, a noble Moor. BRABANTIO, Desdemona s father. CASSIO, Othello s lieutenant. IAGO, a villain. RODERIGO, a Venetian gentleman 45 CHARACTERS, a noble Moor BRABANTIO, Desdemona s father, Othello s lieutenant, a villain RODERIGO, a Venetian gentleman OF VENICE MONTANO, Governor of Cyprus LODOVICO, a Venetian nobleman GRATIANO, a

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Habits of Unhappy People

Habits of Unhappy People Habits of Unhappy People by HENRIK EDBERG Image by Mitya Kuznetsov (license). Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. Marcus Aurelius Let us be grateful

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if feeling routinized

if feeling routinized 2009 if feeling routinized All following content by meapi [me Armin Pichler] contact: leave, left, leaving, kept. heart, bones, love and a multiple threat. willingness,

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The Fear Eliminator. Special Report prepared by

The Fear Eliminator. Special Report prepared by The Fear Eliminator Special Report prepared by Copyright under the US Copyright Act of 1976 and all other applicable international, federal, state and local laws,

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6 WEEK REALITY CHECK Dr. Robert Anthony s 6 WEEK REALITY CHECK Your Journey of Personal Transformation Please Note: These Lessons Are Free of Charge My Gift To You! Feel Free to Pass them On. The Demons On Your Ship Imagine

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Songs for Sharing. (1) A Special Friendship

Songs for Sharing. (1) A Special Friendship Songs for Sharing (1) A Special Friendship A friend is a really special person, someone who's loyal and is true. And when there is no other, he's closer than a brother Theres really nothing that he wouldn

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Finding The Recipe For Success How failure helped me find the recipe for success in small business.

Finding The Recipe For Success How failure helped me find the recipe for success in small business. Finding The Recipe For Success How failure helped me find the recipe for success in small business. By: Daphne Wells, founder of Growth Business Consulting I absolutely love seeing women thrive and flourish

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This is Jack, Leave a Message, Alright?

This is Jack, Leave a Message, Alright? This is Jack, Leave a Message, Alright? A Radio Drama By Jimmy Osborne This is Jack, Leave a Message, Alright? ALL SCENES TAKE PLACE IN JACK S MOBILE PHONE. SCENE 1 RECORDED JACK This is Jack, leave a

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Teacher s Notes. Level 3. Did you know? Pearson English Kids Readers. Teacher s Notes. Summary of the story. Background information

Teacher s Notes. Level 3. Did you know? Pearson English Kids Readers. Teacher s Notes. Summary of the story. Background information Pearson English Kids Readers Level 3 Suitable for: young learners who have completed up to 150 hours of study in English Type of English: American Headwords: 600 Key words: Key grammar: 15 (see pages 2

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Introduction. Prepare for Advent. Do it together

Introduction. Prepare for Advent. Do it together Introduction When I was a small child, my family received a copy of an at home advent activity from our Unity Church. This family service has been performed by our family every advent season since. This

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HOW TO SURPRISE YOUR READERS HOW TO SURPRISE YOUR READERS A CBI Special Report by Laura Backes Children's Book Insider, LLC May not be redistributed without permission. How to Surprise Your Readers by Laura Backes It's essential that

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Monologues for Easter

Monologues for Easter Monologues for Easter C. Scott Ananian April 1, 1996 (slightly revised April 6, 2006) [There are 2 male actors ( MAN, SOMMERS), and 1 female ( EVERHART). LOVELACE and the

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HOW TO: Act like a movie star

HOW TO: Act like a movie star An actor s job is to tell the story they re in as effectively as they can. We asked the best in the biz at the Cooper Screen Academy to give us some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your performance.

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You answer this question with every conversation you have and everything you say or write about your coaching business.

You answer this question with every conversation you have and everything you say or write about your coaching business. On behalf of the entire CV Team, welcome to the Step Up and Stand Out TM Program. The BIG IDEA Who have you earned the right to coach? Probably no one has asked you this question directly. BUT, most people

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LESSON 10 SKIT. BIG GROUP TIME minutes LESSON 10 SKIT Principle: God fulfills impossible promises. God always provides the sacrifice. Bible Character(s): Abraham, Isaac Scripture Reference: Genesis 17, 21-22 PERSONAL PREPARATION: Before this

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I am sure you are wondering, why am I contemplating doing something this crazy?! How on earth can I jump 15,000 feet?!

I am sure you are wondering, why am I contemplating doing something this crazy?! How on earth can I jump 15,000 feet?! Dear Skydiver, Welcome to one of the most exhilarating and worthwhile ventures you will ever take on. Having taken part in 2015 and watched many others take the leap of faith over the last 2 years, I can

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ANNA RAZUMOVSKAYA. Original Paintings

ANNA RAZUMOVSKAYA. Original Paintings ANNA RAZUMOVSKAYA Original Paintings IN THIS COLLECTION I EXPLORE THE FLOWING NATURE OF LOVE - the blossoming expression of care and affection for yourself and others. Love is an evolving journey in our

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Psychoanalysis of. Spider- Man Cory Raposa

Psychoanalysis of. Spider- Man Cory Raposa Psychoanalysis of Spider- Man Cory Raposa Introducing Spider- Man The story of Spider- Man begins with a teenage boy named Peter Parker who lived a semi- normal life with his aunt and uncle in New York

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Advent 1. Background. Material. Movements. Words. Focus: the prophets. The basket for Advent is on one of the center shelves.

Advent 1. Background. Material. Movements. Words. Focus: the prophets. The basket for Advent is on one of the center shelves. Advent 1 Background Focus: the prophets Material The basket for Advent is on one of the center shelves. It contains: a blue felt underlay 4 blue votive candles 5 advent cards You ll also need the model

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STEVE JOBS: TOP 10 RULES OF SUCCESS STEVE JOBS: TOP 10 RULES OF SUCCESS 1. DON T LIVE A LIMITED LIFE. When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not

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Advent I. The Presentation LITURGICAL ACTION

Advent I. The Presentation LITURGICAL ACTION LITURGICAL ACTION Advent I Today s lesson, together with the next three, helps children anticipate the Mystery of Christmas. Together we journey toward Bethlehem, guided by the prophets (in today s lesson),

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Motivational Quotes. Reflection Booklet VOLUME II

Motivational Quotes. Reflection Booklet VOLUME II Motivational Quotes Reflection Booklet VOLUME II Getting Started When life gets you down, it s easy to give up, scrap an idea or fail to see a greater opportunity when it presents itself. It s in those

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2016 The Greedy Man. Reading Booklet key stage 1 English reading booklet

2016 The Greedy Man. Reading Booklet key stage 1 English reading booklet Meet Tony Ross The Greedy Man Reading Booklet 2016 key stage 1 English reading booklet 2 Contents Meet Tony Ross pages 4 5 The Greedy Man pages 6 11 3 Meet Tony Ross Tony Ross is one of the most famous

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Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Sky Thieves by Dan Walker

Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Sky Thieves by Dan Walker Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of Sky Thieves by Dan Walker Below are the complete reviews, written by the Lovereading4kids members. Bella, age 9 So exiting and fun, I love, love, love this book. Sky

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Genres and Subgenres. Classifying literature

Genres and Subgenres. Classifying literature Genres and Subgenres Classifying literature Genres and Subgenres Texts can be separated into groups called genres and subgenres. Text Genre Subgenre Banana it is a Food it is a Fruit Harry Potter Book

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Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom by Vicki Lockwood

Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom by Vicki Lockwood Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom by Vicki Lockwood Below are the complete reviews, written by Lovereading4kids members. Sidney Greenslade, age

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Guided Reading Lesson Plan (Levels M-Z) Title: Freedom Crossing Level: Q ISBN: Publisher: Scholastic Day 1 (Ch. 1) Pgs.

Guided Reading Lesson Plan (Levels M-Z) Title: Freedom Crossing Level: Q ISBN: Publisher: Scholastic Day 1 (Ch. 1) Pgs. Day 1 (Ch. 1) Pgs. 1-10 Today we will start reading Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark. In this book, Laura is just back from living for the past four years with her aunt and uncle in the south. She

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Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman

Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman Lovereading4kids Reader reviews of The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman Below are the complete reviews, written by Lovereading members. Humaira Kauser, age 17 The Dark Days Club is beautifully written,

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FAITH. a Christian Drama in One Act. Simone Mimbs. Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays

FAITH. a Christian Drama in One Act. Simone Mimbs. Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays FAITH a Christian Drama in One Act by Simone Mimbs Copyright May 2012 Off The Wall Plays FAITH a Christian drama in one act. Characters: Women in her late teens to early twenties. She is in an abusive

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Guidelines for Girl Scout Cadettes

Guidelines for Girl Scout Cadettes Guidelines for Girl Scout Cadettes Have you ever looked around your neighborhood or school and wondered how you could make a change for the better? Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award the highest award

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3 STEPS TO REWRITING YOUR MONEY STORY 3 STEPS TO REWRITING YOUR MONEY STORY BY: CAROL EMERSON 1 Money Stories Money stories are the beliefs we developed early in our lives about money and prosperity. We learn these mostly from our families.

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CELEBRATING 24 YEARS! FILM SCHEDULE Keely Shaye Brosnan & Pierce Brosnan

CELEBRATING 24 YEARS! FILM SCHEDULE Keely Shaye Brosnan & Pierce Brosnan CELEBRATING 24 YEARS! FILM SCHEDULE 2018 Jane Alexander Keely Shaye Brosnan & Pierce Brosnan Richard Dreyfuss SATURDAY, FEB. 24 Django The Last Animals Being With Animals The Drawer Boy Rufus Award-Winning

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Icon Education Presents

Icon Education Presents Icon Education Presents The Active Learning Series. Understanding Conflict in Literature Icon Education, Inc. Westmont, NJ 08108 Objectives of Conflict Lesson By the conclusion of this lesson students

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21 Days to Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman

21 Days to Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman 21 Days to Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman Release the Best that is Worth Bringing Out! Natolie Gray Warren Transformational Coach & Speaker 1 21 Days to Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman Release the Best that

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OWN YOUR DIVINE FEMININE POWER AT WORK OWN YOUR DIVINE FEMININE POWER AT WORK { How to be heard without sounding like a bitch. } W W W. K I K I F E D. C O M WE NEED YOUR VOICE K i k i F e d e r i c o Hello and welcome! My name is Kiki Federico.

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the beginning of THE WOMAN WHO WANTED HER HUSBAND (from FEMALE PERSUASION) a comedy by Rich Orloff

the beginning of THE WOMAN WHO WANTED HER HUSBAND (from FEMALE PERSUASION) a comedy by Rich Orloff the beginning of THE WOMAN WHO WANTED HER HUSBAND (from FEMALE PERSUASION) a comedy by Rich Orloff adapted from the short play A Matter of Husbands by Ferenc Molnár Time: Evening Place: An actress dressing

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Johnny Tremain Comprehension Questions Name: Homeroom:

Johnny Tremain Comprehension Questions Name: Homeroom: Johnny Tremain Comprehension Questions Name: Homeroom: Chapter 1 - Up and About 1. What city does Johnny Tremain live in? 2. Why doesn t Dove like Johnny? 3. Why did Mr. Lapham choose Johnny to read out

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Celine Dion Sings Divinely. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion has Titanic faith 1998 by David J. Landegent

Celine Dion Sings Divinely. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion has Titanic faith 1998 by David J. Landegent Celine Dion Sings Divinely My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion has Titanic faith In Your revelation, I see You, I feel You That is how I know You are God Far across the distance and spaces between us You have

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Rhetorical Analysis on Tears in Heaven. Rebecca Yu

Rhetorical Analysis on Tears in Heaven. Rebecca Yu Rhetorical Analysis on Tears in Heaven Rebecca Yu English Composition Aiden Yeh 3 June 2015 Yu1 Rhetorical Analysis on Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton, one of the most influential guitarists and songwriters,

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Ebooks Read Online Back To The Beach (Hunt Family Book 4)

Ebooks Read Online Back To The Beach (Hunt Family Book 4) Ebooks Read Online Back To The Beach (Hunt Family Book 4) Having a crush on someone who barely seems to notice you is never easy. It only leads to heartbreak and disappointment. Mia Hunt occasionally found

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Cambridge Discovery Readers. Ask Alice. Margaret Johnson. American English CEF. Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Discovery Readers. Ask Alice. Margaret Johnson. American English CEF. Cambridge University Press Cambridge Discovery Readers Ask Alice Margaret Johnson American English CEF A2 People in the story Alice: a 14-year-old girl; she writes for the student Web site at her school Lauren: the main writer on

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ACTION ADVENTURE COMEDY CRIME & GANGSTER DRAMA EPICS & HISTORICAL HORROR MUSICAL SCIENCE FICTION WAR WESTERNS Genres and generic conventions Below is a list of some of the main genres in film. For each genre there are broad descriptions of typical plots and characters, some aspects of miseen-scene and theme. Genre

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WEEK 3 BREAK THE CHAINS OF SELF SABOTAGE WEEK 3 BREAK THE CHAINS OF SELF SABOTAGE Your Inner-Tug-Of-War You ve got all the motivation in the world to lose weight. You re doing everything right: you eat well, avoid carbs and mini malls with tempting

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What tragedy occurs just as the young Frankenstein is to go to college? Global Incorrect Feedback The correct answer is: His mother dies.

What tragedy occurs just as the young Frankenstein is to go to college? Global Incorrect Feedback The correct answer is: His mother dies. Quiz: Comprehending the Reading Question 1a of 10 ( 1 Frankenstein, Part I 291726 ) World War I begins. His fiancée dies. Multiple What tragedy occurs just as the young Frankenstein is to go to college?

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Signs of Great Gratitude

Signs of Great Gratitude Signs of Great Gratitude Thank you to the family, friends, colleagues and leaders who have been my mentors, my teachers and my motivation along this journey. I m forever grateful for your love and support.

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Your Lungs. Oxygen from the air you breathe passes through your lungs into your blood.

Your Lungs. Oxygen from the air you breathe passes through your lungs into your blood. Your Lungs Your lungs work hard breathing every minute of every day. Lungs are some of the largest organs in your body. Your lungs fill up almost your whole chest. Everyone has two lungs. The lung on the

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C O L L E G E G U I D E THE MUST HAVE C O L L E G E G U I D E To Surviving College with a Mental Illness Alex By: Kiel Thanks and Love I would like to take the time to thank all of those who believed in me, not matter how inadequate

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Reading Counts Quiz. Time Period: N/A. Teacher: Amy Kendall. Student: Book: Bud, Not Buddy

Reading Counts Quiz. Time Period: N/A. Teacher: Amy Kendall. Student: Book: Bud, Not Buddy Reading Counts Quiz Teacher: Amy Kendall Student: Book: Bud, Not Buddy 1. Bud wanted to escape from the man in the car when Bud saw A. a box of blood on the front seat. B. door handles missing on the inside.

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To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 8-11 Review. Part One Review

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 8-11 Review. Part One Review To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 8-11 Review Part One Review I wish my knew... I wish my teacher knew 1. Write down something you wish I knew about you. This can be class related or life related. 2. You

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Middle School - Let s Talk Volume 2

Middle School - Let s Talk Volume 2 A person of character... Is a good person, someone to look up to and admire. Knows the difference between right and wrong and always tries to do what is right. Sets a good example for everyone. Makes the

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Genres and Subgenres. Classifying literature

Genres and Subgenres. Classifying literature Genres and Subgenres Classifying literature Genres: Type Fiction: creative or imaginative writing; stories. Nonfiction: writing that is factual and uses examples. Folklore: stories once passed down orally.

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Structuring your ideas imaginative writing

Structuring your ideas imaginative writing Get started Organise information and ideas (AO5) 3 Structuring your ideas imaginative writing This unit will help you learn how to structure your ideas for an imaginative writing task. The skills you will

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[THE EULOGY EXERCISE] The Eulogy Exercise. This exercise accompanies the post on

[THE EULOGY EXERCISE] The Eulogy Exercise. This exercise accompanies the post on The Eulogy Exercise This exercise accompanies the post on If you have found this document without having visited the website, please read the article

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Liberty Pines Academy Russell Sampson Rd. Saint Johns, Fl 32259

Liberty Pines Academy Russell Sampson Rd. Saint Johns, Fl 32259 Liberty Pines Academy 10901 Russell Sampson Rd. Saint Johns, Fl 32259 Meet the Artist Famous Painters O Keeffe Monet Chagall Klee Renoir Van Gogh Seurat A painter is an artist who creates pictures by

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3 Visualizations That Will materialize Real Wealth

3 Visualizations That Will materialize Real Wealth 3 Visualizations That Will materialize Real Wealth By Darren Regan 3 VISUALIZATIONS THAT WILL MATERIALIZE REAL WEALTH Contents Visualizing to Materialize Real Wealth...3 Why Visualize?... 5 Get Comfy,

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