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1 Monday, March 25, Sebastopol High School Band Robin Gray 1A Tall Cedars - Eric Osterling III II I Simple Gifts - Andrew Balent Eclipsys - Sean O'Loughlin 2 Loyd Star High School Band Jeremy Donald 2A Darklands March - Randall Standridge II II I Lullaby for Band - Robert W. Smith Fire Dance - David Shaffer 3 Magee High School Band Amanda Sumrall 3A Medieval Enchantmant - David Weirich III II I Visigoths - Sean O'Loughlin Hadrian's Wall - Robert W. Smith 4 Callaway High School Band Curtis Luckett 5A Bonds of Unity - Karl King / Arr. Swearingen III III II Suncoast Carnival - David Shaffer Hymn for a Child - James Swearingen 5 Forest High School Band Mark Davis 3A Top of the Line March - Robert Giesler I I I Aeolian Winds - John Edmunds Counterbalance - Todd Stalter 6 Winona High School Band James Bailey 3A Monterey March - Karl King III II II A Childhood Hymn - David Holsinger Acclamations - Ed Huckeby 7 Enterprise High School Band Tirzah Rowland 2A Summit March - Harold Bennett / Arr. Clark II I I Incantaion and Ritual - Brian Balmages Uprising - Robert Thurston 8 Union High School Band Adam Devinney 2A Abbington Ridge - Ed Huckeby II I I Tides of Change - Bruce Tippette Genius - Larry Clark 9 Wesson High School Concert Band (II) Mark Dickerson 3AII Above and Beyond - James Swearingen II II I Too Beautiful For Words - Rob Grice Imperium - Michael Sweeney

2 Monday, March 25, J.Z. George High School Band Shelby Stapleton 3A Destiny Fanfare - Mekel Rogers III II III Legend of Knife River - Stephen Bulla Afterburn - Randall Standridge 11 Pearl High School Varsity Band (III) Jason Harrell 6AIII Grand Galop - Johnnie Vinson I I I A Distant Light - James Swearingen Little Suite for Band - Clare Grundman 12 Louisville High School Band Clay Fuller 4A When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Arr. Bill Simon I II II Chorale and March - Clifton Williams / Arr. Wagner In Simple Faith - Randall Standridge 13 Quitman High School Band Andy Pierce 4A Courage - Larry Clark II II II Reverberations - Brian Balmages On Golden Wings - Michael Oare 14 Pearl High School Concert Band (II) Matt Pickering 6AII Procession of the Nobles - Rimsky-Korsakov / Arr. Bocook I I I A Shaker Gift Song - Frank Ticheli A Childhood Remembered - Rossano Galante 15 NE Lauderdale High School Band Wesley Lollis 4A Not Available DNA DNA II 16 Pearl High School Symphonic Band Matt Rowan 6A The Washington Post - Sousa I I I Song for Lyndsay - Andrew Boysen Jr. El Camino Real - Alfred Reed

3 TUESDAY, MARCH 26, St. Andrews High School Band Dr. Dennis Cranford 3A March of the Belgian Partroopers - Leemans / Arr. Swearingen I I N/A With Each Sunset - Richard Saucedo Of Galeforce Winds - Richard Saucedo 2 Crystal Springs High School Band Bryant Johnson 3A Elation - Sean O'Loughlin III II III Echoes of Eternity - Barry Milner Free Spirit Overture - Jerry Williams 3 Ridgeland High School Symphonic Band Jill Wallace 5A British Eighth March - Zo Elliot / Arr. Luckhardt I I I On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - David Holsinger West Highlands Sojourn - Robert Sheldon 4 Germantown High School Concert Band (II) Allison Taylor 5AII Children of the Shrine - James Swearingen I I I A Shaker Gift Song - Frank Ticheli Overture for Winds - Charles Carter 5 Madison Central High School Concert Band (II) Jennifer Sills 6AII Deerpath Dances - David Holsinger I I I A Walk in the Morning Sun - Pierre LaPlante Shores of New England - Ayatey Shabazz 6 West Lauderdale High School Band David McKinney 4A His Honor - Fillmore / Arr. Fennell III II II On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss - David Holsinger Allegro Barbaro - Bela Bartok / Arr. Tom Wallace 7 Richland High School Band Steven Kershaw 4A Con Brio (March) - Ralph Ford II I II A Child's Lullaby - Robert Sheldon The Eternal Journey - David Shaffer 8 Ridgeland High School Concert Band (II) Tony Martin 5AII Winchester March - John Edmondson I I I Heartstrings - Matt Conaway Moscow, Brian Balmages 9 Newton County High School Band Stacy Sanders 4A Aces of the Air - Arr. Swearingen II I I Ammerland - Jacob de Haan The Last to Defend - David Shaffer 10 Lawrence Co. High School Band Mark Guion 4A March (Mvt. 2 from Campbell River Sketches) - Mark Williams II II I Anthem for Peace - Ed Huckeby Exaltation - James Swearingen 11 Greene County High School Band Terry Slayter 4A Darklands March - Terry Slayter III II III Ascentium - Ed Huckeby Campbell River Sketches - Mark Williams

4 TUESDAY, MARCH 26, North Pike High School Band Clint Boleware 5A Temecula Valley Fanfare - Saucedo III II I In These Last Days of Autumn - Standridge Laurel Mountain Overture - Court 13 Choctaw Central High School Band Dorian Trahan/Elter Wilson 3A Not Available DNA DNA DNA 14 Greenville High School Band Antionette M. Cox 6A Not Available DNA DNA DNA 15 Madison Central High School Symphonic Band Chuck Reynolds 6A Mangulina - Paul Bassler I I I Riften Wed - Julie Giroux First Suite in Eb for Military Band - Gustav Holst

5 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, McLaurin High School Band Jennifer Griffin COMMENTS Hampshire March - Holst / Arr. Wagner COMMENTS COMMENTS COMMENTS Blue Lake Reflections - Ed Huckeby Joy - Frank Ticheli 2 Mendenhall High School Band Mark Hudson 4A Fire! - Gary P. Gilroy II I I The Willows of Winter - BJ Brooks Fall River Overture - Robert Sheldon 3 Murrah High School Symphonic Band Bryan Jefferson, Sr. 6A Allied Honor - Karl King III II I In His Grace - Ayatey Shabazz Alvamar Overture - James Barnes 4 Brandon High School Symphonic Band Mark Edwards 6A The Black Horse Troop - Sousa / Ed. Fennell II II I A Song for Lyndsay - Andrew Boysen Jr. Chorale and Shaker Dance - John Zdechlik 5 Terry High School Symphonic Band Mark Sweat 6A Block M - Jerry Bilik II II II Rhosymedre - Ralph Vaughn Williams / Arr. Beeler Open Space - Brian Balmages 6 Meridian High School Band Antonio Altman 6A Fanfare for Justice - Richard Saucedo II II I In Simple Faith - Randall Standridge Tempered Steel - Charles Young 7 Wesson High School Band Suzi Phillips 3A Lexington March - John Edmondson I I I Deep River - James Swearingen Passages - Michael Sweeney 8 Kosciusko High School Symphonic Band Steven Culpepper 4A The American Way - Karl King / Arr. Swearingen II I I Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Randall Standridge River Trail Expedition - Robert Sheldon 9 Germantown Middle School Advanced Band Jim Peacock MS Men of Ohio - Fillmore / Arr. Foster I I n/a A Longford Legend - Robert Sheldon Foundry - John Mackey 10 Broookhaven H.S. Band Andrew Bonner 5A Triumphant Fanfare - Richard Saucedo III I II As Summer Was Just Beginning - Larry Daehn Third Suite - Robert Jager 11 Lewisburg High School Band Kim Hallmark 5A Americans We - Fillmore / Ed. Fennell I I I Let Us Break Bread Together - Arr. Root Arabasque - Samuel R. Hazo 12 Cleveland Central High School Band Kelli Wallace 4A Cyrus the Great - Karl King / Arr. Glover III I II Ammerland - Jacob De Haan Oceanscapes - Rob Romeyn

6 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27, Franklin Co. High School Band Blake Phillips 3A Spania - David Shaffer III II II Counterbalance - Todd Stalter But for the Love of Ireland - James Swearingen 14 Neshoba Central High School Band Daniel Wade 5A Manhattan Beach March - Sousa I I I Deir' in De - Warren Barker On an American Spiritual - David Holsinger 15 Warren Central High School Wind Ensemble Jace McMullan 6A Fanfare and Call to the Post - Richard Saucedo II I I Dreams - Robert W. Smith Legend of Bafe - John Fannin

7 THURSDAY, MARCH 28, Germantown Symphonic Band Justin Harvison 5A "The Feast of San Rocco" from Three Dances of Enchantment - Luigi Zaninelli I I I Pavane pour une Infante defunte - Ravel / trans. Johan de Meij The Pines of Rome - Ottorino Respighi / Trans. Guy M. Duker 2 Clinton High School Wind Ensemble Kevin Welborn 6A Procession of the Nobles - Rimsky-Korsakov / Arr. Leidzen I I I Respite - David Reeves Symphonic Dance No. 3 "Fiesta" - Clifton Williams 3 Jim Hill High School Band Christopher Little 6A The Free Lance - Sousa I II II Sheltering Sky - John Mackey Canzona - Peter Menin 4 Florence High School Band Beau Robinson 4A The Home Town Boy - King / Arr. Swearingen II I I Romanesque - Swearingen Allegro Barbaro - Bartok / arr. Wallace 5 Clinton High School Symphonic Band (II) Dustin Hazlett/Gavin McAdams 6AII Henderson Field March - Karl King I I I Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Randall Standridge Elements (Petite Symphony) - Brian Balmages 6 McComb High School Band Kendra Washington 4A Fanfare and Flourishes - James Curnow III I II Abide With Me - William H. Monk / arr. Jonathan Nelson Regenesis - Ayatey Shabazz 7 Puckett High School Band Laurel Arnold COMMENTS Acclamations - Ed Huckeby COMMENTS COMMENTS DNA A Song of Hope - James Swearingen Where the Sun Breaks Through the Mist - Michael Sweeney 8 Morton High School Band Kathryn Baugher 3A Crown of Castile - Johnnie Vinson III I II A Joyful Journey - Robert Sheldon Red - Robert W. Smith 9 Raymond High School Band Lonzo Miller 4A Gallant Marines March - James Swearingen II I I Too Beautiful for Words - Rob Grice Spring River Fantasy - William Owens 10 Vicksburg High School Band Jon Nelson 5A Kinetic Energy - Larry Clark II I I Too Beautiful for Words - Rob Grice Heroes - Ayatey Shabazz 11 NW Rankin High School Band Matt McDonald 6A Pas Redouble - Saint-Saens / trans. Frackenpohl I I I Be Thou My Vision - David Gillingham First Suite in Eb - Gustav Holst