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2 Groups and Buddies 3 Kit Checklist 5 Schedule 6 Important Phone Numbers 7 General Advice 8 In the eventuality of... 9 They think it s all over

3 Bus A Stephen Ashton Claudie Combelas James Cooper Rosie Deeks Brian Hewetson Amie Houlston Benjamin Key Sam Matthews Richard Metcalf Sion Owen Martin Porcas Alex Root Sattawat Sonsin Bus B Matthew Bates (WiA) Jenny Bird Robert Clark Matthew Colonna Seyra Dagadu Lucia Gobbi Adam Hardy Sarah Hawkins Judith Lawrence James Mathews Jonny Sherwood Bus C Charles Aldous Francesca Bull Rebecca Chamberlain Jae Joon Chang Christopher Hartland Heather Jones Robert Perry Emma Towlson Lisa Towlson William Vigor Harry Watts Bus D Matt Dunn Stuart Elliott Anna Dimitra Ford Rachael Holt Graham Milsom Jack Patten Alex Spencer Alice Taherzadeh Oliver Taherzadeh Riddhi Vyas Sana Wahid Have current first aid training 3

4 You and your buddy should never separate; the idea is that EVERYONE has someone looking out for them personally. Swap numbers with them. Bus A Stephen Ashton and Alex Root Claudie Combelas and Brian Hewetson James Cooper, Benjamin Key and Sattawat Sonsin Rosie Deeks and Martin Porcas Amie Houlston and Sion Owen Sam Matthews and Richard Metcalf Bus B Matthew Bates (WiA), Adam Hardy and Johnny Sherwood Jenny Bird and Judith Lawrence Robert Clark and Matthew Colonna Seyra Dagadu and Sarah Hawkins Lucia Gobbi and James Matthews Bus C Charles Aldous, Robert Perry and William Vigor Francesca Bull and Christopher Hartland Rebecca Chamberlain and Heather Jones Jae Joon Chang and Harry Watts Emma Towlson and Lisa Towlson Bus D Matt Dunn, Jack Patten and Sana Wahid Stuart Elliott and Anna Ford Rachael Holt and Alex Spencer Graham Milsom and Riddhi Vyas Alice Taherzadeh and Oliver Taherzadeh 4

5 Be master of your petty annoyances and conserve your energies for the big, worthwhile things. It isn't the mountain ahead that wears you out - it's the grain of sand in your shoe. - Robert Service The Essentials: Walking boots NO TRAINERS! Fast drying, comfy clothes NO JEANS! Layers and spare layers Waterproofs Backpack And waterproof lining Torch and batteries Preferably a headtorch Walking socks Hat Gloves Survival bag Money Personal medication Phone Always one with charge with your buddy The Survival Guide in a plastic wallet Heavily Food advised: and drink Mains and Advised: snacks Blister plasters Support for any old injuries Whistle Wet wipes Deodorant Painkillers Poles Camera Gloves (2); hat (2); socks (3) Cigarette lighter phone charger Toilet roll etc 5

6 It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop. - Confucius Bear in mind that all times are approximate! Saturday 9 th July 6:00 am Meet at University House; final kit-checks, registers, quick briefing and bus loading 6:30-6:45 am Buses leave for Ben Nevis 12:30 pm Toilet break 4:45 pm Final briefing at Glen Nevis Tourist Information Car Park 5:00 pm Begin the climb of Ben Nevis; 17km 10:00 pm Finish descent, register and leave for Scafell Pike Sunday 10 th July 4:00 am Arrive at Wasdale Head and begin the climb of Scafell Pike; 10km 9:00 am Finish descent, register and leave for Snowdon 1:00 pm Arrive at Pen y Pass and begin the climb of Snowdon; 6km 5:00 pm VICTORY. Tears of pain and joy. Cwellyn Arms. 6:00 pm Register, leave for campus 10:00 pm Arrive back at University House 6

7 Emma Towlson Mountain Rescue (England and Wales) Call 999 or 112 and ask for the police then Mountain Rescue Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland As above Warwick Security Hotline Your buddy Fill this in yourself Drivers Nathalie Pattison (Bus A) Kieran Mesut Nellist (Bus B) Dave Wood (Bus C) Sam Camrass (Bus D) Michael Tayler-Grint (Bus D) Group Leaders Ric Allman (Bus A) Raymond Lim (Bus A) Matthew Metcalfe (Bus B) Amy Scudder (Bus B) Matthew Bates (Bus C) John Wallbank (Bus C) Callum Sutherland (Bus D)

8 Get as much rest/sleep on the buses as you can... don t burn yourself out on the way up to Ben Nevis! Stretch before and after climbing each mountain Each bus is only as fast as its slowest member Do your best to stay with your group. Bus mixing will NOT happen unless anyone is keeping a very different pace and it is possible to move them Cotton wool between toes or in blister prone areas may help Avoid chafing... good clothes (no cotton) and vaseline Toilets use them at every given opportunity and be aware that there aren t any at Scafell Pike Kendall mint cake get some! Morale is essential... learn some songs, get a team name, appoint a Morale Officer... We all have a great shot at the 24 hrs but under no circumstances let this ambition compromise safety or affect your judgement Keep one phone between you and your buddy on at any one time to save battery Those with hayfever... I hear the pollen count is quite high in Scotland at the moment! Travel sickness bring tablets if you need them The leaders will have maps and there ll be an extra 2 per bus, but If you want your own, the routes we plan to use are in the schedule and you can visit to print them HAVE AN AMAZING TIME AND SHOW THOSE MOUNTAINS WHAT S WHAT!! Take lots of pictures of you doing this. 8

9 You get separated from the group Don t let this happen! Phone one of your leaders and your buddy to figure out where you need to be / how to get there (I am told the mountains have reasonable network coverage). If unsuccessful use your whistle (the SOS signal is 3 short blasts, 3 long blasts, 3 short blasts). DO NOT leave the route you are on. You feel unwell Tell one of your leaders and your buddy STRAIGHT AWAY. Circumstances will determine whether you need Kendall mint cake / a rest etc! Something happens to your buddy Look after them! If they need to go back to the bus you should tell the driver you re coming and take them. Discuss everything with one of your leaders first. Something happens to you Your lovely buddy is sorting it! If they re not or can t, call one of your leaders or use the SOS signal as above. Listen to and heed the advice you re given. Your group leaders decide it s unsafe / unwise to continue Game over; sorry. Don t argue with them. The 24 hours isn t looking good You ll have to decide this on each bus; doing it in, say, 26 hours is still GREAT (especially if it s due to traffic) but doing it in 32 is perhaps not the best idea... You make it! You are officially a hero. 9

10 Thanks to all of you for all your input and keep working hard at the sponsorship; at the end of the day we re trying to raise as much as we can for Warwick in Africa. We want to see a massive grand total ; a huge amount of work and effort is going into this from all of us. When the trip is over, everyone s photographs will be collated take as many as you can! Be safe; have fun; good luck! " The Beauty of the Mountain is hidden for all those who try to discover it from the top, supposing that, one way or another, one can reach this place directly. The Beauty of the Mountain reveals only to those who climbed it..." - Antoine de Saint- Exupery 10