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2 Islandport Press was founded in 1999 and published its first book in The Maine-based company celebrated its fifteenth Anniversary in 2014 and passed the 100 books published mark in the process. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to this mission: Islandport is a dynamic, award-winning publisher dedicated to stories rooted in the essence and sensibilities of New England. We strive to capture and explore the grit, heart, beauty, and infectious spirit of the region by telling tales, real and imagined, that can be appreciated in many forms by readers, dreamers, and adventurers everywhere FOR ALL FOREIGN RIGHTS QUERIES, PLEASE CONTACT: Amy Tompkins Transatlantic Agency 2 Bloor Street East Suite 3500 Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8, Canada Telephone (416) Fax (416) World Rights Available (ex-english in North America) for all titles in this catalog, except where specifially noted Above and cover photo by Dean Lunt. Back cover illustration by Scott Kelley (see page 4).

3 Magic is in the wind. What the Wind Can Tell You by Sarah Marie A. Jette NEW Isabelle is fascinated by wind. And this year, she s determined to win the middle school science fair with her wind machine. She s just as determined to have her brother, Julian, who has a severe form of epilepsy and uses a wheelchair, serve as her assistant. But after Julian has a grand seizure, everything changes. Isabelle is suddenly granted entry into Las Brisas, a magical world where Julian s physical limitations disappear, and one, she discovers, that he visits every night. The more Isabelle explores Las Brisas, the more possibilities she sees for Julian, and for herself and the more she finds herself at odds with her parents. Debut author Sarah Marie A. Jette has told, with remarkable insight and humor, a powerful story of a family struggling to love without fear. U.S. $14.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, ages 8-12, 208 p. Publication: May 2018 Sarah Marie A. Jette Sarah Marie grew up in Lewiston, Maine, in a house filled with books. A graduate of Mount Holyoke College, she served in the Peace Corps in Mongolia, studied rehabilitation counseling, and now has the best job in the world: teaching fourth-graders. When she s not writing, she s crafting with her three children, sewing her own clothes, and snuggling with her cats. Sarah Marie lives in Belmont, Massachusetts. This is her first novel. Photo by Bridget Hogan 1

4 I Am Birch By Scott Kelley NEW A birch tree is an unlikely champion and protector of the forest in this story inspired by Gluskap, the heroic and kind-hearted figure of Wabanaki legends. As rumors of coming cold and darkness spread through the woods, chaos and fear grow. In a panic to collect and store food, the animals do damage to their very homes. The birch, now only a stump, remains firmly rooted and, with the wisdom and dry humor that only a stump can possess, helps the animals put their fears to rest. Acclaimed fine art painter Scott Kelley used his portraits of Wabanaki tribal elders as a springboard for the extraordinary paintings that make this a children s book like no other. U.S. $17.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 8 x 10, ages 4-8, 32 p. Publication: April 2018 SCOTT KELLEY S paintings have appeared in numerous galleries and museums since His attention to detail, brush strokes that manage to be both abstract and precise, and blend of image and design, have drawn high praise from art critics and collectors. He received a BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. He also attended the Slade School of Fine Art in London and The Glassel School of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. The Legends of Gluskap was exhibited at Sigrid Freundorfer Fine Art, New York, in 2015, and a subsequent collection, Birch, was on display at the Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland, Maine, in Kelley lives on an island off the coast of Maine with his wife, Gail, son, Abbott, and an imaginary pig named Lunchbox. 4 Islandport Press

5 board books Wildlife on the Move A Monarch Butterfly Story Written by Melissa Kim Illustrated by Jada Fitch A young boy learns about threats to Monarch Butterflies and inspires his class and community to learn about the butterfly s life cycle and to plant a butterfly friendly garden, offering the iconic insects safe places to lay eggs and native plants full of nectar to fuel their long migration. Through a simple narrative with beautiful illustrations, young readers will learn about the Monarch Butterfly, its cycle from egg to caterpillar to butterfly, threats to its survival, and respectful human interaction to help conserve this increasingly threatened species. This is the fourth title in the Wildlife on the Move series, published in partnership with Maine Audubon. U.S. $10.95 / CAN $12.95 ISBN: Children s board book, 7 x 7, ages 0-6, 24 p. A Blanding s Turtle Story Written by Melissa Kim Illustrated by Jada Fitch A Blanding s Turtle ventures across streams, over roads, and through wetlands to find food and a safe place to make a nest, in the third book of the Wildlife on the Move series. A Blanding s Turtle Story follows one turtle through her seasonal cycle of hibernating, foraging, and nesting, with some unexpected challenges and help along the way. Through a simple narrative with beautiful illustrations, young readers will learn about the Blanding s Turtle, its behaviors and habitat, threats to its survival, and how respectful human interaction can help protect this rare endangered species. U.S. $10.95 / CAN $12.95 ISBN: Children s board book, 7 x 7, ages 0-6, 24 p. A Little Brown Bat Story Written by Melissa Kim Illustrated by Jada Fitch Inspired by true stories, A Little Brown Bat Story follows one bat through his daily ritual of eating and sleeping, and his annual migration to a safe spot to hibernate in winter. Through a simple narrative with beautiful illustrations, young readers will learn about Little Brown Bat behavior and habitat, threats to the bats survival, and how respectful human interaction can help conserve this important and threatened species. U.S. $10.95 / CAN $12.95 ISBN: Children s board book, 7 x 7, ages 0-6, 24 p. A Snowy Owl Story Written by Melissa Kim Illustrated by Jada Fitch 2016 Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award, Children s Notable Book 12 Best Bird Books of 2015, National Audubon Based on a true story, A Snowy Owl Story describes, through the adventures of one particular owl, the recent irruption of Snowy Owls all across the United States. Through simple narrative and beautiful illustrations, youngsters will learn about migration, adaptation, and respectful human interaction with nature. U.S. $10.95 / CAN $12.95 ISBN: Children s board book, 7 x 7, ages 0-6, 24 p. A Snowy Owl Story isn t just another cute kids book; it s full of science and purpose... Beautifully illustrated with easy-to-read text, the book teaches children about the bird s habitat and diet, and also shows them how to help an avian in need. National Audubon 3

6 picture books Halfway Wild Written by Laura Freudig Illustrated by Kevin Barry On some days, there s just not a good word for the way you are feeling. If your socks are sagging and your pants are wrinkled, what do you call it? Maybe you re feeling like a turtle. Maybe you re feeling halfway wild. In this fresh and lyrical picture book, a family s feelings and moods are imagined through animal traits and behaviors as they make their way through the course of one lazy summer day. U.S. $17.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 8 x 10, ages 4-8, 32 p. Hold This! Written by Carolyn Cory Scoppettone Illustrated by Priscilla Alpaugh A girl and her father go for a walk, experiencing all the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of the woods. With every step and stumble, Mika finds both the wonders and treasures of nature, and the ability to pick herself up after a fall. But the real discovery for both daughter and parent comes at the end, when they both realize that the truest treasure is a hand to hold. U.S. $17.95 / CAN $19.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 8 x 10, ages 3-7, 32 p. Albert s Almost Amazing Adventure by Marty Kelley Albert s vacation was amazing in his mind. But to his friends, his time in Maine was boring. They ve got a much more creative idea of what Albert could have done on his trip. Marty Kelley tells this wonderful read-aloud story by contrasting panels of black-and-white charcoal drawings with colorful spreads of what Albert s friends imagine for his summer adventures. But Albert s trip might not have been as dull as they thought! U.S. $17.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 8 x 10, ages 4-8, Good both for classroom explorations of metaphors and for inspiring imaginative play. Kirkus Reviews This fun read-aloud about a loving family encourages children to mimic the animal behaviors depicted. School Library Journal A toddler and her dad take a walk in the woods, where there is much to behold and to hold. A sweet celebration of sharing in the outdoors. Kirkus Reviews As unique as it is entertaining, Albert s Almost Amazing Adventure is very highly recommended for children ages 5 to 8 and would prove to be an enduringly popular addition to elementary school and community library picture book collections. Midwest Book Review 4 Islandport Press

7 picture books The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever! Written by Rebecca Rule Illustrated by Jennifer Thermes On a cold winter day when the world was ice and we were skaters without skates, friends set out on an adventure that soars to epic proportions when Grampa Bud lets them use his old runner sled to tackle the iciest, diciest, scariest hill ever! U.S. $17.95 / CAN $19.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9 x 11, ages 4 8, 36 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Korean [Neungyule] ) The watercolors give a wonderful array of viewpoints, showing the path of the sled run as well as close-ups of the children: fresh-faced and having the time of their lives. Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review Written by Lynn Plourde illustrated by Russ Cox Merry Moosey Christmas Written by Lynn Plourde Illustrated by Russ Cox This Christmas Eve, Rudolph just wants to enjoy the holiday without having to work. So he convinces Santa to accept a substitute. They find an eager and resourceful moose for the job, but on Christmas Eve, Rudolph worries: Was the moose s training good enough? U.S. $17.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9 x 11, ages 4-8, 32 p. Readers will enjoy being in on the silly problemsolving, and Cox s art, often focused on Rudolph and the Moose s big expressive eyes, gleefully plays into the story s comical premise. Publishers Weekly The Little Fisherman Written by Margaret Wise Brown Illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar Once there was a great big fisherman and a little fisherman... They sailed boats. So begins the classic story by Margaret Wise Brown. The book follows the two fisherman through a day in their life at sea, the big fisherman with his big boat, big fish, and big sailors, and the little fisherman with his little boat, little fish, little sailors and a big story. The first children s book illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar, The Little Fisherman helped establish her distinctive style and ignited a four-decade creative run that saw her write and illustrate more than thirty children s books. / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9.25 x 11.25, ages 4 9, 38 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Japanese [BL Shuppan]; and Simplified Chinese [Beijing Mediatime Books Co., Ltd.] ) The faces of the characters alight with anticipation and the crisp, snow-covered landscapes perfectly capture the joy and freedom of a carefree childhood. School Library Journal 5

8 picture books no moose Calmenson Thermes There are no moose on this island! written by Stephanie Calmenson illustrated by Jennifer Thermes Nic and Nellie by Astrid Sheckels Nic and Nellie is a gorgeously illustrated, heartwarming story of a girl and her beloved dog, Nellie, who slowly learn that new places really aren t so scary, and that often friends can be found around every corner, even in old rowboats, tidal ponds, and stinky mudflats. U.S. $17.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9.25 x 11.25, ages 4 9, 36 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Simplified Chinese [Oriental Babies & Kids Ltd]) Crustacean Vacation Written by Brian Benoit Illustrated by Marty Kelley Where do you go when you re feeling crabby and just need a vacation? To the seaside, of course! Join a frolicsome family of curious crabs as they scuttle on land to picnic at the beach, try their luck in an arcade, and slide and glide in a water park. U.S. $17.95 / CAN $19.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9.5 x 8.5, ages 4 8, 36 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Korean [Awesome World]) My Cat, Coon Cat Written by Sandy F. Fuller Illustrated by Jeannie Brett A young girl moves into a new home and slowly wins the affection of a shy cat. Beautiful illustrations enhance rhyming verses to create a delightful book for children, cat lovers, and anyone who has felt the warmth of making a new friend. U.S. $17.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover, (DJ), 9.25 x 11.25, ages 2 8, 36 p. The Fish House Door Written by Robert Baldwin Illustrated by Astrid Sheckels A beautifully illustrated book set in a Maine island fishing village. A summer visitor gives a young islander a new perspective and a fresh look at the people and traditions that have shaped his past and will chart his future. / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover, (DJ) 9.25 x 11.25, ages 4-9, 36 p. 6 Islandport Press There are No Moose on this Island Written by Stephanie Calmenson Illustrated by Jennifer Thermes Jake s excited to visit an island, and he wants to see a moose. But his dad insists: there are no moose there. With graceful illustrations, Jake starts to see the moose, but Dad can t. In the end, Jake shows Dad how to truly experience the outdoors. U.S. $17.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 9 x 11, ages 4-8, 32 p. Old Mainer and the Sea Written by Jean Flahive Illustrated by Mari Dieumegard Eben goes out fishing one day, rowing six miles from his island home towards the harbor on the mainland, hauling in cod as he goes. But a porpoise tangles his lines, fog rolls in, and an accident leads to a broken oar. Lonely, tired, and adrift, Eben is almost ready to give in to the embrace of the sea, when rescue comes in an unexpected form. U.S. $17.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover (DJ), 8 x 10, ages 4-8, 32 p.

9 NEW elizabeth atkinson The Sugar Mountain Snow Ball by Elizabeth Atkinson Cheerful Ruby LaRue and her shy friend Eleanor Bandaranaike couldn t be more different. Ruby has lived her whole life in the small ski town of Paris, New Hampshire. Eleanor s family comes from Sri Lanka. But these unlikely best friends share one thing: they both have BIG plans. So when a mysterious fortuneteller urges them to go outside their world to unlock their dreams, they plunge down a whirlwind path to try to reach their goals. middle grade fiction / CAN $19.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 224 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Book Club in Sweden, Norway, Finland [Stabenfeldt] ) A feel-good story that has it all... This delightful tale with a hint of mystery will engross readers from the first page. School Library Journal 123 GULLS Written and illustrated by Beth Rand 123 Gulls offers a fresh take on a counting book, as intrepid seagulls skate, ski, and collect items, counting down from ten mittens to one snowy surprise. The gulls also experience 50 and 100, until one moon puts them to sleep in the end. Little ones can start by learning numbers while early counters will have fun finding all the items. U.S. $14.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover, 8 x 8, ages 2-6, 32 p. Publication: October 2018 ABC GULLS Written and illustrated by Beth Rand ABC Gulls offers a playful look at the alphabet with a coastal twist. A cast of seagulls chronicles scenes from everyday island life. Little ones can start by learning letters and move up to sounding out individual words and full sentences. U.S. $14.95 ISBN: Children s picture book, hardcover, 8 x 8, ages 2-6, 32 p. Azalea, Unschooled by Liza Kleinman Illustrated by Brook Gideon Azalea s sick of moving. But now, someone is threatening her father s business. Can Azalea use her freedom as an unschooler to save the day? In Kleinman s fresh, funny debut, she deftly explores the unschooling movement and the challenges of moving, making friends, and finding room for differences within a family. / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 140 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Korean [Arte Publishing Co]) With everyday challenges come valuable lessons, and both parents and kids can be educated by this fascinating perspective. Foreword Reviews 7

10 middle grade fiction THE FIVE STONES TRILOGY Move over, Narnia. The journey to Ayda has begun. BOOK 1 The Fog of Forgetting by G.A. Morgan One summer, five children find themselves engulfed in a curtain of dense, powerful fog that transports them from the rocky Maine coast to the mysterious island of Ayda. They soon find themselves at the center of a centuries-old battle between Dankar, the ruler of Exor, and three siblings that rule the other realms of Ayda. At stake are the four stones of power and the elusive Fifth Stone that binds them all. U.S. $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, ages 10-14, 316 p. BOOK 2 Chantarelle by G.A. Morgan Determined to fulfill his promise to find the unifying Fifth Stone, Captain Nate returns to the island of Ayda, where one realm is burning and two others are under siege from Dankar s dark forces of Exor. Meanwhile, Knox and Evelyn must trust a mysterious guide to help them find a way back, though each has their own personal struggle to overcome. The children must decide if they can put their own needs and fears aside to save their friends and family. Morgan raises the stakes with a deeper examination of the evil power at work in Dankar, the conflict between love and loyalty, and the pain of sacrifice. U.S. $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, ages 10-14, 316 p. Morgan excels at world-building... Filled with the type of danger and magic that will please fans of Brandon Mull s Beyonders series and C. S. Lewis s The Chronicles of Narnia. School Library Journal BOOK 3 The Kinfolk by G.A. Morgan In the dramatic conclusion of The Five Stones Trilogy, Chase, Evelyn, and Knox must gather together disparate forces to save not just Ayda but their own world. The three young people have returned through the fog to fulfill their promise to the Keepers on the island of Ayda, whose four realms are in turmoil. But in Exor, Dankar s evil forces continue to grow as he corrupts and coerces all in his domain, with the final intent of gaining total control of Ayda so he may take his battle to the world beyond the fog our world. Chase, Evelyn, and Knox each one struggling in a different realm are on a desperate quest to learn more about their own powers and halt what seems to be the inevitable destruction of Ayda. The dramatic reappearance of Chantarelle and two mysterious guests bring answers long sought, but not before everyone on Ayda has been tested to the utmost of their abilities. U.S. $18.95 / CAN $20.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6x9, ages 10-14, 300 p. Teeming with adventure and philosophical richness Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review 8 Islandport Press

11 COOPER & PACKRAT Mysteries BOOK 3 Mystery of the Missing Fox Written by Tamra Wight Illustrated by Carl DiRocco The stakes have never been higher for Cooper Wilder. When an accident puts Cooper s dad in the hospital, Cooper must shoulder some new responsibilities. But he s distracted. First, he and his friends find a fox caught in an illegal trap on the campground s land. Then, kits start to go missing from the fox den. Who would want to catch foxes? And why? Cooper, Packrat, and Roy must protect the den, find the kits, and rule out Summer, the new girl who lives across the lake, as a suspect. Juggling new campground duties, feeling guilty over his father s accident, and desperate to help the fox kits, Cooper must make some tough decisions about who and what should come first. / CAN $19.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 208 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Simplified Chinese [Beijing Publishing House]) middle grade fiction BOOK 4 Mystery of the Bear Cub Written by Tamra Wight Illustrated by Carl DiRocco The boys are down in the dumps literally! Someone is dumping trash on the Wilder Family Campground s property. It s bad for the campground, and bad for the wildlife there, too. When Cooper, Packrat, and Roy find a fox in the woods with its head stuck in a jar, they know it s time to investigate. But when the boys start digging, they stumble headlong into the path of a garbage truck and a black bear looking for its cub. BOOK 2 Mystery of the Eagle s Nest Written by Tamra Wight Illustrated by Carl DiRocco When Cooper and Packrat find their geocache box full of illegal eagle parts, they know their lazy summer is over. Someone wants those valuable parts back. And if they can t get the parts back, they ll settle for holding one of the rare Pine Lake eaglets hostage instead. Cooper, Packrat, and Roy must elude two goons, tolerate an annoying teenager, keep tabs on a shady new camper, and stake out the eagle s nest all without getting grounded. / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover, 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 175 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Simplified Chinese [Beijing Publishing House]) / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover, 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 216 p. Wight has penned a winning cast of characters, dialogue that sparkles and a plot that flies. DiRocco s detailed and humorous black-and-white illustrations elevate the book s charm even higher. Kirkus Reviews ALL FOUR BOOKS ARE JUNIOR LIBRARY GUILD SELECTIONS BOOK 1 Mystery on Pine Lake Written by Tamra Wight Illustrated by Carl DiRocco Finalist, Maine State Book Award Finalist, Massachusetts State Book Award Cooper thought living at a campground would be cool. But ever since his parents bought the lakeside campground, he s had way more chores and way less time for his favorite hobby: naturewatching. And then, trouble comes to Pine Lake, where a family of loons is trying to build a nest. Someone is out to harm the loons. Is it the local bully? The irritable camper? Or the publicityseeking reporter? It s up to Cooper and Packrat to figure out who the culprit is and how to stop them before it s too late. / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Middle grade fiction, hardcover, 6 x 9, ages 8-12, 152 p. WORLD RIGHTS AVAILABLE (ex-english in North America; Simplified Chinese [Beijing Publishing House]) 9

12 young adult fiction uncertain Glory Lea Wait The Door to January by Gillian French Ever since sixteen-year-old Natalie Payson moved away from her hometown, she s had nightmares. And not just the usual ones. These are inside her, pulling her, calling her to a door, a house, a time full of fear. So this summer, Natalie s going back home to face up to a few things: the reason she left in the first place; the boy she s trying hard not to trust; and the door in her dreams. French (Grit, The Lies They Tell) skillfully weaves together themes of small town bullies, unsolved murders, time travel, and the force of the spirit in this gripping paranormal thriller.. ISBN: Young adult fiction, hardcover, 6 x 9, ages 13+, 200 p. Mercy by Sarah L. Thomson Haley is a teenager struggling to cope with a new stepmom, a baby brother, and a family illness. When she digs into her family history, she uncovers a ghostly past, forcing her to overcome doubts and confront a vampire in order to save herself and her family. U.S. $15.95 / CAN $18.95 ISBN: Young adult fiction, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, ages 11-15, 172 p. Uncertain Glory by Lea Wait When the Civil War breaks out, budding newspaperman Joe Wood must put his dreams on hold to help those around him find balance between patriotism and loyalty, truth and showmanship, family and country, in this historical fiction title from noted children s author Lea Wait. ISBN: Young adult fiction, hardcover, 6 x 9, ages 10-14, 210 p. French expertly builds tension and dread in masterful fashion in this truly frightening paranormal thriller, weaving the storylines to a climax that will leave readers gasping. IndiePicks Magazine Unlike the romanticized vampires in much popular fiction, Thompson explores the more chilling side of vampires from old New England folklore and superstition in this spooky middlegrade novel with surprising depth... Thomson creates a spectacularly creepy and suspenseful mood for the book. ForeWord This first novel is a glorious tour de force. Never have I read a more compelling and sympathetic portrayal from within the mind of the mentally challenged... I did not come up for breath as the story rolled along, every beat strong and right. Historical Novels Review 10 Islandport Press

13 NEW What complex inner tides take a man out to sea for a year? Sea Change: A Man, A Boat, A Journey Home By Maxwell Taylor Kennedy adult literature In this fast-paced book, author Maxwell Taylor Kennedy takes readers on a wild ride as he relates the harrowing voyage to deliver his boat, Valkyrien, a 90-foot dilapidated wooden schooner, from San Francisco to Washington, DC. From day one, Kennedy and his skeleton crew face almost insurmountable odds and personal danger in their quest to make the crossing. Rich in nautical detail and humor, Kennedy recounts his adventure its pleasures and perils as he encounters never-ending technical problems and a hilarious cast of characters. As everything goes wrong and trouble and losses mount, Kennedy must rely on instinct and a lifetime of sailing experience to endure. He is steered by the love of his family, his respect for the sea, and his admiration for those who dare to venture far from shore. MAXWELL TAYLOR KENNEDY is a sailor, attorney, historian, and teacher. He is the author of Danger s Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her, and the best-selling compilation, Make Gentle the Life of this World: the Vision of Robert F. Kennedy and the Words that Inspired Him. He lives with his family in California and Cape Cod. ISBN: Nonfiction/autobiography, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 280 p. PUBLICATION: JUNE 2018 Author photo by Vicki Kennedy/Max Lode 11

14 NEW adult fiction Closer All the Time by Jim Nichols The inhabitants of Baxter, Maine, are going nowhere fast but not for lack of trying. The residents include folks like Johnny Lunden, a war vet with a drinking problem and a heart made for breaking; or Early Blake, a clam digger watching the past ebb and flow with the tides; or Susan Lambert, whose dreams are fading into domestic torpor. These and other engaging, authentic characters, brought to life by veteran fiction writer Jim Nichols, are linked by their coastal town and the river that flows through it like the flow of life itself constant, yet ever changing U.S. $22.95 ISBN: Adult fiction, hardcover (DJ), 6 x 9, 176 p. This Time Might Be Different by Elaine Ford This Time Might Be Different by award-winning writer Elaine Ford is a collection of fifteen stories in which deftly drawn characters contemplate difficult choices: a young girl might have coffee with a stranger; a guy might decide to rob the local laundromat; or a widow might get in a car and just keep driving. Underneath the commonplace running into an old lover, a long-standing feud, an unspoken divorce readers will find a trace of dark humor, a sinister underpinning, or a profound irony. / CAN $24.95 ISBN: Adult fiction/short stories, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 320 p. I think I will go so far as to say that in Jim Nichols we have one more of a rare breed. Norman Mailer Ford s original, compelling stories are wrought with a keen understanding of both place and human nature. Kate Christensen, PEN-Faulkner award-winning author of The Great Man... sentences so beautiful I want to keep them like wild honey in a jar. Bill Roorbach, author of Life Among Giants 12 Islandport Press

15 adult mysteries The Jack McMorrow Mysteries Gerry Boyle first introduced readers to crime reporter Jack McMorrow in Deadline (1993). Jack is still going strong in Straw Man (2016), the eleventh title in the Jack McMorrow mysteries which the New York Times Book Review calls a rugged series set in the wilds of Maine. Straw Man Deftly drawn characters and a strong sense of place add texture and depth to this gritty tale of rural crime and vigilante justice. Publishers Weekly Gerry Boyle takes his readers into territory alltoo familiar from the daily headlines: illegal gun sales, culture clashes between old and new, cyberbullying, and the random acts of violence that pose a real threat to even the closest of communities. U.S. $24.95 ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 6 x 9, Hardcover, 336 p. Once Burned A truly riveting read from first page to last, Once Burned continues to document novelist Gerry Boyle as a master of the mystery/ suspense genre. Midwest Book Review Jack must untangle the uglier side of love and loyalty when arson targets a nearby town. U.S. $24.95 ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 6 x 9, Hardcover, 413 p. Deadline When murder visits the seemingly sleepy town of Androscoggin, Maine, it lands in the lap of veteran crime reporter Jack McMorrow, a recent transplant from New York City. ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 360 p. Bloodline A girl is murdered and McMorrow s investigation places him squarely in the killer s sights. ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 360 p. Lifeline Jack McMorrow falls into a domestic-abuse case and a personal crisis that will test what kind of man he really is. ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 392 p. Potshot A growing local drug trade forces Jack to tangle with rural hippies, brutal drug dealers, and county fair cronies, ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 396 p. Borderline Jack McMorrow tracks a missing tourist across state lines into a world of mistaken identities, traitorous dealings, and a dangerous hunt for a man no one seems to know much about. SBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 412 p. Cover Story Jack McMorrow returns to the Big Apple and immediately finds himself covering the story of a lifetime: Who killed the mayor of New York? ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 335 p. Pretty Dead Jack McMorrow investigates the murder of a woman with ties to a wealthy and prominent Boston family a family who just might have buried their dirty secrets with the victim. ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 325 p. Home Body Jack McMorrow follows a runaway teenager into a world where truth is only the best lie told, and only the guilty can be counted on to survive. ISBN: Fiction/Crime, 5.5 x 8.5, Softcover, 350 p. 13

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