Kay Firth-Butterfield, Executive Director Barrister-at-Law, LL.M, M.A., F.R.S.A

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1 Kay Firth-Butterfield, Executive Director Barrister-at-Law, LL.M, M.A., F.R.S.A Copyright All Rights Reserved. Do not circulate or use without express permission

2 Marc Benioff Davos 2017 AI technology needs to develop at a steady pace to cope with job loss and re-skilling. "What you hope is that the technology doesn't outpace the system so that it starts to strip the jobs away, and that's the fear of artificial intelligence. But fear won't stop AI's inevitable foray into what's considered normal for businesses and consumers alike.

3 Mission Encouraging practical and responsible design, development and use of Artificial Intelligence to expand opportunities and minimize harms from the technology in local and global communities

4 Importance Artificial intelligence is going to be a technology that will be as pervasive if not more pervasive than the internet was, and even more than electricity was, it has a lot of power to do good, but also a lot of power to do harm. Manoj Saxena labor market and political landscapes : Unemployment and Fake New hackers and cyberwar cusp of lawsuits involving AI Cultural differences can be seen as governments diverge on AI regulation

5 Augmenting the best of humans machines not replacing humans - rather machines to augment and scale human intelligence Berlin today is known for design in the IT world. Silicon Valley is known for tech innovation. Austin s AI can be known for enabling humanity. That s a wide open space, and frankly that s where 90 percent of the AI opportunity lies. Manoj Saxena

6 Why Austin? - COLLABORATION Austin can approach AI s challenges from this different angle because it comes from a different mindset one that emerges from its blend of a diverse creative community, a collaborative spirit and a mature hightech industry infrastructure. Manoj Saxena

7 Bringing people together: Unique grouping of University, business, non-profit and City Can be a model for other efforts around the world Attracting AI start-ups and companies which amplifies opportunities for them to thrive and our community to grow Amplifies the responsible and ethical design of AI by bringing the AI community together Creates innovation in the academic space by drawing researchers to the community

8 Social Justice practical and ethical AI applications to help a. bridge divides b. promote equity c. combat climate change d. help workers prepare for a future in which machines replace humans in more and more jobs

9 Four Pillars - By bringing AI innovation to Austin we amplify Healthcare benefits include elusive cures for diseases which beset the world and increased understanding of our brains (mental illness) Law and Ethics benefits include responsible and ethical frameworks for the production of AI part of our collaboration with University of Texas Robert S. Strauss Center, where our ED is a senior fellow. Social Justice benefits include community healthcare and global outreach. Smart city initiatives using AI will help Austin to care for the well-being of its community Education AI automation brings with it a responsible to re-skill workers whose jobs will change. Creating Austin as a hub will enable us to bring together knowledge and innovate towards the jobs of the future (new collar jobs)

10 Working Globally IEEE Human Standard Workshop AI-Austin will partner with IEEE to deliver. Global Initiative on Ethical Design of AI and AS Foundation for Responsible Robotics Inner Temple, London AI-Austin partnering to train lawyers from around the world on AI Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, UK European Parliament C suite

11 Bias, Transparency and Accountability We want AI to be transparent, fair, honest and with just outcomes. Those words have values behind them, and we have to realize there are going to be bad actors. So we have to make sure the leaders of companies and a strong community are behind ethical use of AI. Tom Meredith

12 How to Choose Your AI? Take trustworthy advice Benioff Think through your actual needs don t be driven by we must have AI! Many different types of AI, deep learning, neural nets etc Legacy Systems Your AI may still be in a start up or University R&D A specialist seminar/workshop Social Impact Study