Electronic timer CT-SDS.22 Star-delta change-over with 2 n/o contacts Data sheet

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1 CDC 0 F0t07 Features Rated control supply voltage -8 V DC, -0 V AC Single-function timer with star-delta change-over One device includes 7 time ranges (0.0 s - 0 min) n/o contacts LEDs for status indication Width of. mm Sealable transparent cover (optional accessory) for protection against unauthorized changes of time values Integrated marker label Rotary switch for the preselection of the time range Potentiometer with direct reading scale for the fine adjustment of the time delay U/T: green LED - V control supply voltage applied W timing Approvals A UL 08, CAN/CSA C. No. C GL D GOST K CB scheme E CCC pending Marks a CE b C-Tick pending Order data Type Rated control supply voltage Time range Output Order code R: yellow LED - V output relay energized CT-SDS. -8 V DC, -0 V AC 0.0 s - 0 min n/o contacts R: yellow LED - V output relay energized Marker label Order data - Accessories Adapter for screw mounting on panel Type Width in mm Order code ADP.0. SVR 0 09 R000 Sealable transparent cover Type Width in mm Order code COV.0. SVR 0 00 R000 Marker label Type Width in mm Order code MAR.0. SVR 07 R000

2 Application The CT-S range timers are designed for use in industrial applications. They operate over an universal range of supply voltages and a large time delay range, within compact dimensions. The easy-to-set front-face potentiometers, with direct reading scales, provide accurate time delay adjustment. Operating mode The CT-SDS. has n/o contacts and includes separated timing circuits: an adjustable motor starting delay, the time the star contactor is energized, and an 0 ms fixed open transition delay before the delta contactor is energized. A rotary switch, on the front of the unit, allows selection of one of 7 time ranges from 0.0 s - 0 min. The fine adjustment of the time delay is made via an internal potentiometer, with a direct reading scale, on the front of the unit. Timing is displayed by a flashing green LED labelled U/T. Function diagram Remarks Legend: G Control supply voltage not applied / Output contact open B Control supply voltage applied / Output contact closed Terminal designations on the device and in the diagrams: The st n/o contact is designated 7-8. The nd n/o contact is designated 7-8. Control supply voltage is applied to terminals -A. Function of the yellow LEDs: The two yellow LEDs are designated R and R. LED R shows the status of the st n/o contact (7-8) and LED R shows the status of the nd n/o contact (7-8). LED R or R glows as soon as the corresponding output relay energizes and turns off when the corresponding output relay de-energizes. F Star-delta change-over This function requires continuous control supply voltage for timing. Applying control supply voltage to terminals -A, energizes the star contactor connected to terminals 7-8 and begins the set starting time t. The green LED flashes during timing. When the starting time is complete, the first output contact de-energizes the star contactor. Now, the fixed transition time t of 0 ms starts. When the transition time is complete, the second output contact energizes the delta contactor connected to terminals 7-8. The delta contactor remains energized as long as control supply voltage is applied to the unit. -A green LED t t t = adjusted starting time t = transition time (0 ms) CDC 00 F00

3 Examples of application Star-delta change-over Control circuit diagram L F F S CDC 8 F0b0 S I K KT K K K K N KT K A K A K A A Y N Star-delta change-over Power circuit diagram L L L -F CDC 0 F0b07 -K -K -K -F M W V U M ~ W V U Connection diagram 7 A A CDC 0 F0b n/o contact 7-8. n/o contact -A Rated control supply voltage U S -8 V DC or -0 V AC

4 Technical data Data at T a = C and rated values, if noting else indicated Input circuits - Supply circuit Rated control supply voltage U S -A -8 V DC -A -0 V AC Rated control supply voltage tolerance -8 V DC % -0 V AC % Typical current / power consumption V DC 0 V AC V AC ma / -8 V DC - / - - / - on request -0 V AC - / - 0 ma / on request ma / on request Rated frequency Frequency range AC Power failure buffering time DC; 0/0 Hz 7- Hz min. 0 ms Timing circuit Kind of timer Single-function timer Star-delta change-over Time ranges 0.0 s - 0 min 0.0- s, 0.- s, 0.-0 s,.-0 s, -00 s, -00 s, 0.-0 min Recovery time < 80 ms Accuracy within the rated control supply voltage tolerance Δt < 0.00 %/V Accuracy within the temperature range Δt < 0.0 %/ C Star-delta transition time fixed, 0 ms Star-delta transition time tolerance ± ms Indication of operational states Control supply voltage / timing U/T: green LED V: control supply voltage applied Control supply voltage / timing U/T: green LED W: timing Relay status R: yellow LED V: output relay energized Relay status R: yellow LED V: output relay energized Output circuits Kind of output 7-8 Relay,. n/o contact 7-8 Relay,. n/o contact Contact material Cd-free Rated operational voltage U e 0 V Minimum switching voltage / Minimum switching current V / 0 ma Maximum switching voltage / Minimum switching current see load limit curves / see load limit curves Rated operational current I e (IEC/EN 097--) AC (resistive) at 0 V A AC (inductive) at 0 V A Mechanical lifetime Electrical lifetime Short-circuit resistance, maximum fuse rating (IEC/EN 097--) DC (resistive) at V DC (inductive) at V n/c contact n/o contact A A 0 x 0 switching cycles 0. x 0 switching cycles (AC, 0 V, A) A fast-acting 0 A fast-acting

5 General data Duty time 00 % Repeat accuracy (constant parameters) Δt <± 0. % Dimensions (W x H x D). x 78 x 00 mm (0.89 x.07 x.9 inches) Weight 0.0 kg (0. lb) Mounting position any Minimum distance to other units normal operation mode horizontal none vertical none Mounting DIN rail (EN 07), snap-on mounting without any tool Degree of protection enclosure / terminals IP0 / IP0 Electrical connection all circuits Wire size Stripping length Tightening torque fine-strand with wire end ferrule fine-strand without wire end ferrule Screw connection x mm ( x 8- AWG) x mm ( x 8- AWG) rigid x 0.- mm ( x 0- AWG) 7 mm (0.8 inches) Nm Environmental data Ambient temperature range operation C storage C Damp heat, cyclic (IEC/EN ) Vibration, sinusoidal (IEC/EN 008--) Shock, half-sine (IEC/EN ) x h cycle, C, 9 % RH 0 m/s, 0 cycles, 0...8/0...0 Hz 00 m/s, ms, shocks, all directions Standards / Directives Product standard IEC 8-, EN 8- +, DIN VDE 0 part 0 EMC Directive 00/08/EC Low Voltage Directive 00/9/EC RoHS Directive 00/9/EEC

6 Electromagnetic compatibility Interference immunity IEC/EN IEC/EN electrostatic discharge (ESD) IEC/EN Level ( kv / 8 kv) electromagnetic field IEC/EN Level (0 V/m) (HF radiation resistance) fast transients (Burst) IEC/EN Level ( kv / khz) powerful impulses (Surge) IEC/EN Level ( kv -A) HF line emission IEC/EN Level (0 V) Interference emission IEC/EN IEC/EN electromagnetic field IEC/CISPR, EN 0 Class B (HF radiation resistance) HF line emission IEC/CISPR, EN 0 Class B Isolation data Rated insulation voltage U i Output circuit / Output circuit 00 V Input circuit / Output circuit 00 V Rated impulse withstand voltage U imp between all isolated circuits kv;./0 µs (type test) (IEC 0-, VDE 00) Power-frequency withstand voltage test between all isolated circuits.0 kv; 0 Hz, s (Test voltage, routine test) Basic insulation (IEC/EN 0) Input circuit / Output circuit 00 V Protective separation (IEC/EN 0; Input circuit / Output circuit 0 V VDE 00 part 0 and part 0/) Pollution degree (IEC/EN 0, VDE 00, UL 08) Overvoltage category (IEC/EN 0, VDE 00, UL 08) III

7 Technical diagrams Load limit curve AC voltage [V] resistive load CDC 9 F00 DC voltage [V] resistive load CDC 0 F00 AC current [A] DC current [A] AC load (resistive) DC load (resistive) Derating factor F Derating factor F CDC F cos ϕ Contact lifetime Switching cycles 0 V resistive load CDC 8 F00 Switching current [A] 7

8 Dimensions in mm 09,., CDC 88 F0b CT-SDS. Dimensions accessories in mm,.77,.,. 0.9,.88 CDC 87 F ADP.0 - Adapter for screw mounting on panel.70, ,.8 8, CDC 8 F000 front-to-back size 07 COV.0 - Sealable transparent cover CDC 8 F000 MAR.0 - Marker label 8

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