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1 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99) S-Mass Meter S50-D Density Specifications ulletin SS0M020 The S-Mass Density derives its name from the S-shaped tubes of the flow sensor. This patented geometry produces a high signal-to-noise ratio for maximum response to the generated Coriolis forces. The S-Mass is a highly accurate vibrating tube densitometer for measuring process fluid density, net solids, brix, or calculating gross fluid volume. Features Stable, linear, and accurate density output signal even by changes in product temperature, pressure, density, flow rate, or viscosity Serial data link to flow controller Three pulse outputs Intrinsically safe with galvanic barrier module Patented S-shape tubes for maximum flow sensitivity ll stainless steel Factory pre-calibrated User PC programmable for setup, tune, and calibration pprovals Inline installation kit available Flow through indication S-Mass S50-D Principle of Operation The frequency of vibration of the S-Mass meter tubes varies with fluid density. The Micro-Pak transmitter measures this frequency, and provides a density output (Figure 3). S-Mass meters precisely determine mass flow by measuring the effects of Coriolis forces on a pair of S-tubes, which are electromagnetically vibrated. The measurement principle is based on a variation of Newton s Second Law of Motion: Force = Mass x cceleration s fluid (V) proceeds through the S-tubes, it experiences an acceleration transverse to the direction of flow, and Coriolis Forces (F c ) result. The Coriolis force causes the displacement of the vibrating tubes to become slightly distorted or out of phase (Figure 1). Motion sensors, placed symmetrically about the midpoints, generate electrical signals with a relative phase shift that is proportional to mass flow (Figure 2). These electrical signals are processed in the Micro-Pak transmitter module to provide various outputs. Figure 1 Tube Deflections Due to Coriolis Forces mplitude Output φ Phase Shift (Proportional to Mass Flow Rate) Output Figure 2 Motion Outputs with Flow mplitude Time Time Period 2 Period 1 Figure 3 Frequency Shift (Density Output) The Most Trusted Name In Measurement

2 Performance Specifications 1 Maximum Flow Rate Kilograms/Minute Litres/Minute 2 S50-D Specifications Type: Patented S-shaped flow path, vibrating element Function: Convert density to an equivalent frequency (linear); provide communication density value; indicate flow circulation ccuracy: < g/cc at calibration condition, < g/cc limited condition range (approval certified) Repeatability: < g/cc Density Range: g/cc Density Output Resolution: g/cc Factory Pre-Calibrated Range: 0.5 to 1.1 g/cc Temperature Effect: < g/cc/ C Pressure Effect: pprox g/cc/bar (Uncorrected) from calibration point (deviation from normal application pressure) Circulation Flow-Through: Max. 100 Kg/min (pulse output) Flow Indication ccuracy: Max. ±0.12% Max. Operating Pressure: 124 ar (12,411 kpa) Max. Viscosity: 0.1 to 1000 mpas Temperature Range: -75 C to +200 C ll Material: Stainless steel HS 316L Flange Size: Variable Weight: 6.4 Kg Kg (flange depending) Temperature: 100Ω - 4-wire RTD Power Supply: Vdc, 35m typical, max. 75m, max. 1W Signal Output: RS-232 Communication (ddressed) Three selectable digital outputs for: Mass flow Volume flow Quadrature of flow Density Temperature Pulse width modulation Status pprovals Factory Mutual (FM) pproved CENELEC EEx ia IIc T6, intrinsically safe when used with KMM PT CMI GUM Others Pending Physical Specifications End Connections and Maximum Working Pressures NPT and Tri-Clamp Flanges NPT Max. W.P. 3 Tri-Clamp Max. W.P. 3 Size psi (kpa) Size psi (kpa) S50 1/2", 3/4" 1,800 (12,411) 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" 1,586 NSI Flanges DIN Flanges JIS Flanges Sizes S50-D 1/2", 3/4", 1" Sizes (mm) S50-D 15 Sizes (mm) S50-D 15, 20, 25 Inline Installation Kit S50-D 4", 6", 8" - PN 40 or PN 100 Others Consult Factory. Maximum W.P. (3) - psi (kpa) Class Class Class Class ,200 1,800 (1,586) (4,137) (8,274) (12,411) Maximum W.P. (4) - psi (kpa) PN40 PN ,465 (4,040) (10,100) Maximum W.P. (5) - psi (kpa) 10K 20K 30K 40K 63K N/ 3,334 N/ 967 1,521 (6,669) (10,493) 1 ased on 8.3 lb/gal, 1 /ltr - water at standard conditions. 2 Maximum working pressure to 100 F (38 C). 3 Maximum working pressure to 68 F (20 C). 4 Maximum working pressure to 248 F (120 C). 5 Maximum viscosity for stated accuracy. Page 2 SS0M020 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99)

3 Ordering Information To ensure that the S-Mass density sensor meets all of the requirements, please specify the following information when ordering: Operating Conditions End Connections pprovals Required Fluid Name, Chemical Formula, Flow Rate, Fluid Temperature, Viscosity, Pressure, Sp. Gr., Fluid Type. Size and type. CS, CENELEC, FM, rea Classification. Related Publications Micro-Pak Specifications... SS0M012 Galvanic arrier Module Specifications... SS0M014 GP-UF/ nalog Converter... SS09024 Insulation Jacket Specifications... SS0M010 S50 Mass Flow and Density Specifications... SS0M020 S50 Mass Flow and Density / Installation/Operation/Calibration Manual. MN0M010 Inline Installation Kit.... See MN0M010 CFM Combinated Function Module Specification... SS0M022 Materials 316L Stainless Steel Distance between sensor and transmitter. Pressure Drop Flow Rate, /min ,000 2,000 4,000 Pressure Drop, psi Data based on water - 1 cp and 1.0 sp. gr. S Pressure Drop, bar , Flow Rate, lb/min of Water Data based on water - 1 cp and 1.0 specific gravity (1.0 g/cm 3 ). For pressure drop on higher viscosity products, refer to ulletin 0M bar = 100 kpa. Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99) SS0M020 Page 3

4 Catalog Code K M S E S 1 G Positions 1-4: Mass Flow Size KMSE - S50 Mass Meter Position 5: Material of Construction S - ll 316L Stainless Steel Positions 6 and 7: End Connections Type and Pressure Class NSI 1 - NSI Class 150 RF Flange 3 - NSI Class 300 RF Flange 6 - NSI Class 600 RF Flange 9 - NSI Class 900 RF Flange DIN D - DIN PN 40 RF Flange D - DIN PN 100 RF Flange Threaded F9 - Female Threaded NPT, 1,800 psi Working Pressure (S50 ) JIS JC - JIS 10K RF Flange JD - JIS 20K RF Flange JE - JIS 30K RF Flange JF - JIS 40K RF Flange JG - JIS 63K RF Flange Tri-Clamp T1 - Tri-Clamp Flange IDF I1 - IDF Flange Position 8: Nominal Flange Size E - 0.5" (15 mm) F " (20 mm) G - 1" (25 mm) Position 9: Elastomers Position 10: -Mounted Transmitter Enclosure 1 - EEx-d with Micro Pak and arrier 2 - EEX-d with MicroPak, arrier and nalog Converter Position 11: ttached Cable - 10' Teflon - 20' Teflon C - 50' Teflon D - 100' Teflon Position 12: pprovals 2 - CENELEC 3 - FM & CS Position 13: Specials 4 - Densitometer Position 14: Installation Kit Size 4-4 inch 6-6 inch 8-8 inch Position 15: Installation Kit Flange Rating 0 - Din PN Din PN Din PN NSI NSI NSI vailable only with pproval Option. Class I Division 2 approvals pending. 2 Inline Installation kit available with two pressure ratings PN 40 for less than 40 ar systems and nsi 600 for systems greater than 40 ar Flange Connections available as above). Page 4 SS0M020 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99)

5 Flow Dimensions ody with NPT or Tri-Clamp Dimensions - mm E C D E F D S C DIN Flanges NPT Tri-Clamp F Flange Size DIN Nominal Rating Dimensions - mm PN S50-D DIN 15 PN NSI Flanges 7 Flange Size NSI Class Dimensions - mm JIS Flanges Flange Size DIN Nominal Rating Dimensions - mm K /2" K K S50-D 3/4" S50-D 20 20K K K " K K K Note: Dimensions Inches to the nearest tenth (millimetres to the nearest whole mm), each independently dimensioned from respective engineering drawings. 7 Per NSI Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99) SS0M020 Page 5

6 Installation Kit (S50-D) 4" Flange M S L R H T Max. Operating Pressure PN 16 DIN bar PN 25/40 DIN bar PN 100 DIN bar S NSI bar S NSI bar S NSI bar Revisions included in SS0M020 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99): Page 3: Revised Catalog Codes. The specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice and any user of said specifications should verify from the manufacturer that the specifications are currently in effect. Otherwise, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the use of specifications which may have been changed and are no longer in effect. Headquarters: 1803 Gears Road, Houston, TX US, Phone: 281/ , Fax: 281/ Gas Measurement Products: Houston, TX US Phone 281/ Thetford, England Phone (44) Kongsberg, Norway Phone (47) 32/ uenos ires, rgentina Phone 54 (11) Integrated Measurement Systems: Corpus Christi, TX US Phone 361/ Kongsberg, Norway Phone (47) 32/ San Juan, Puerto Rico Phone 787/ United rab Emirates, Dubai Phone / Visit our website at Liquid Measurement Products: Erie, P US Phone 814/ Los ngeles, C US Phone 661/ Slough, England Phone (44) Ellerbek, Germany Phone (49) arcelona, Spain Phone (34) 93/ Moscow, Russia Phone (7) 495/ Melbourne, ustralia Phone (61) 3/ Printed in U.S.. 3/99 FMC Technologies Measurement Solutions, Inc. ll rights reserved. SS0M020 Issue/Rev. 0.1 (4/99) eijing, China Phone (86) 10/ Singapore Phone (65) Chennai, India Phone (91) 44/