the island eye Gourmets afloat In the first of a seres of events featuring the great

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1 island REPORTER SANIBGL & CAPTIVA, PLOKIDA Volume 12* 1 NUIIIIIGI l)n(c to X The skimmers are back, 1B They are the worst and proud of it, 10B island SANIBLLANDC*J>TIVA florida July a SECTIONS 44 PAGES VOLUME 12 NUMBtR 3-1 Project soar A MuUioilored say appta'cd iihen children from Sambiln summer recreation progran ht off helium balloons ui!a their mimes and addresses w } * ',,'

2 J 2A Jul> Islai d Riportft the island eye * I (V Lee County cares about you If joit want to know how to get married, to gel a building permit, to find out about county laws or to register a complaint, there s a new program to help >ou Called Lee CAREb, the program has been set up by Lee County to pro vide answers to pro blcms or even just minor irritations ex penenced by county residents The telephone number for the new one phone call service is simply 33 CAHES Dial this and you can ask a question and receive an answer, report a problem and find a solution, register a complaint and expect action And if they don t have in answer, they II tell you who does Lcc CARES is a centralized response center to provide residents with a direct link to their county government When the caller dials 33 CARES they get an operator who takes details of the inquiry along with the name, address and telephone number A cum putcri7cd sjstcm routes this request to the proper depart ment for investiga lion which h-tndles it by phone or mail Suggest id by new County Ad mmistrjtor,ltrrv Maxwell, il's de signed to make the county mort rcspon sive to its taxpavers ' AH too often in government, people get lost in the shuf He,' said Maxwell, who ts pictured with Lee CARES director Anita Flaitz, left, and staff rnembpr Susan Schiller, answering a question " Lee Coun ty just doesn t think that's right at all After all, people is what government is all about ' The CARE system began July 1 and the office will be open from 810 am to^5 00 pm weekdajsc Cabbage Key Summerfest Cabbage Key's Summer fesl to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Associa tion wit) be held FOCUS ON: July R Entertainment will be provided from noon to 6 p m Area resort» have donated vacations to be auctioned off for MDA and the Cab bage Key restaurant wit! present a year's worth of' fallout' from its dollar bill decorated waits Although Cabbage Key is accessible on ly by water, "taxi" service from Bocilla Island Club and Pinelard Manna, both on Pine Island, will ferry passengers round trip for a five dollar donation to MDA for adults and $2 50 for children D Gourmets afloat In the first of a seres of events featuring the great U chefs ol Southwest Florida, Marquis Hotels ami Resorts will sponsor a sunset cruise on July 7 departing from Pier 50 at Punta Ra3sa at 6 45 p m «. - - A variety of wines from Ingelnook Winery will be ser\ ed along with hors - d oeuvres from Chad wick's, Thistle Lodge, Nutmeg House, Chefs Garden, Jimmy's and the Shallows The sunset cruise aboard the Silver Lady will benefit Hope Hospice, a local non profit agency The cost is $20 per person For informa tion and reservations phone Cns at D great dates July s I- Day, or Flag Day, is the an mvtrsary of July 4, i960 when tht fif licth star was officially adder! tn the American flag as a svmbol of Hawaii s statehood The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, the birthday of the United Stah s It celebrates the signing of the Dtclara tion oflndepcndence on July 4r 1776 a holiday in each of thr- fifty states the District of Columbia, the Canal Zonr Guam Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Inlands It is also observed in friendship by Denmark N«*way. Sweden, and England Entebbe Day, the anniversary of the July 4,1976, Israeli commando raid on the Entebbe airport in Uganda to free 103 hostages held prisoner* lw Pal^U man guerrillas in a hijacker! French airliner Tom Sawyer Fence painting Da>, a con test based on the famous episode in Tom Saurytr by Mark Twain observed in Hannibal, Missouri, on the Fourth of July Birthday of Phineas Taylor Barnuni I (July 5,1810 April ) American showman, pioneer advertiser, manager of Jenny Lind's concert tour, and author Anniversary of the founding of the Salvation Army in London by William Booth on July 5,1865 Anniversary of the death of Thomas Hooker on July 7,1647 American col omal clergyman whose interpretation of the theory that the people have the right to choose their public officials gave him the name' the father of American democracy" The Fiesta de San Fcrmin. celebrated at Pamplona, Spain, during the wt ck ths' includes July 7 It is the fest'val at which the bulls arp allowed to run in the streets before the bullfights 1 Karen Seibert I t is hardly a mom and pop opera lion al 51 Bon on Periwinkle Way sinco the new owners Karen and Greg Selbe't, took over It could be more apliy calied mere el pere al les enlants at the I or me r gourmet catering place that has iac rificed none ol its French flavor while offering even more regional delicacies That s because blonde and buoyant Karen, mother and executive chel', believes that the family that works together stays together Certainly, that seems easy the way she has done il with the enormous help of an under standing husband believing in the same precept The children have always been in it with us she ex claims hesitating 3 little over the word children', since their maturity Is im pressive Even Ashley, four has gotten into the act, obviously stand ing on a chair on at least one occasion to (ill in the number oi hours she worked one week That s besides Ashley s role as a morale builder with her 1 love Mom' note on a refrigerator door in a kitchen that surely cannot always i>e air conditioned Too many stoves and ovens are at work 1 know I sound like Pollyanna said Ka'en try ng hard not to be proud of offspring who ask Wha''s the price of filet this wpek? ' or How are the parties coming?' or That paella sa'ad doesn t look right But after all customers are now asking especially for son 19 year old Curt s recipe for gaz pacho and 17 year old David s way with ftlet Not to be over locked s ^A yea r old Tammy <wno on the day her mother was interviewed was deftly boning the Lhicken Our kids don t just come in and mop the floors says Karen (But they and their parents do that too and dailv) Si Bon under Seibert ownership has jusi completed this season and is still in operation for the summer, unlike previous summers when it closed down The Seiberts have owned the catering firm since last December when 'hey pur chased it from Ginger Carter So what s new? j Chicken Agra for ine thing That s breast ol chicken wrapped around a mixture ol diced green apples and chutne> baked then napped with a light curry sauce Or how about Flounder Nor mande and Shrimp a L'Estragon? 'This summer oeople are looking (or gazpacho and ' paella salad which we do with snow cab and shrimp with saffron rice said Karen These are but two ol hundreds of recipes the new ex "ecuiive chel has to offer A menu that is the accumulation of a lifetime o' living alt over the United States and a devo tion to the prepara tion of good food!h's former English major acquired from two grandmothers ' I ve always come back lo food she says ' whatever else I ve done Sr-e was looking forward to catering a July Fourth parly which required delivery by boat No problem with all those helpers

3 KIN M Mill) Ji^m U Johnson 2ft in i mpi i)rt su)ing at South Scis I'lunttttinn Cup tivi \MS chargid Siturdi} about IG-)6pm ith U a\ ing tht s«m of an iccidcnt ind follow ing too closely whrn he reportedtj nratned (hi rear tnd of the two door \i>lkswit,tn driven!>> Al Dobbs a Sanibil Folice (iispiicncr Dobbs was turning into his dmtway at 2221 Pin winkle Way and snid he was hit from hi hind b> a cir whith continm d on Police found the cir with damage to a front finder Johnson was ( Utstioncd and said hi It ft tht set ne hiciusc ht w is afraid II \T( HI T JOB Varlj J2 001) tti cash und tluublps ftcrc 1 ihiti from a Tinnps'.u mnn s 1982 Ford van parktd Sundi> around 6 ->0 p m at Gulfsidt Ci(\ Pirk Police found the window broken in on thi right side of the vin ind i small hiti-l t which they «jsptct wm the means of < ntrv wnpped in a yellow towel < n police watch tht floor M vsmf wiener VGO i nsh i xamin i infkh«\m ir 1 H $1 >" w ilets t purse witch and urnus en dit nrch y ( VI dill T \ I u irin it Si tnh M i> I I ir tali in on Cipti>a held in nut of»nrk «niur Thursdiy for polici to conn, and irrcst him n outstinding wjrnn's for us > f forg d chir^e cards in I ci Countv in 1«81 ind Machin Tour U in 1*585 \rre=tcd wis \I\roti \ Jones n of 17i85Ta\IorDrivt fort Mvers lit wi^ontio hit on fr >m C ilifornta w h< rt he is <n d lo h \ c *i r^cd 270 riavs for liurghri NOTCKFOlTWOHTin \ ( oral (.ahlts wrman pitid fur purchases trtaling $1112 nt hi ind Ch< ron on Pt n» inki* \S ay Saturdav with T credit cirri tt it litt proud to be m v ill I Polici f in i the w m n throbgs the description of her i r She si d she d dn f know tht cird was invilid ir 1 wi nt with the police to»l i i r marrcs 1)1 I \KRtST kichardlt Blackburn nf > 11 San bel ( aptiia Hoad»as nrrifttrd Sunda> for d^!vln^ tin ler the influciie One person «rfs charm d d jrmi, hr pist wetk for improptr pass ni, in J two for spudirg SI O\\ C M> \ Scagrapt I ane woman \n da) said a Mnn \alutd at S7t «hich read Thank ^oii for S'owing D wn (Cats ^1 OW Cross n«l was rni^mnf! from a sltil post in front of her housi She sud she hard sonultiinf, ^bout 110 im I)Jl d dn t go to hok Pnhci ^heck^d thi iei->hi>orht >d but didn t find the s gn STU h I P \ Sanihrt mm nas sluck in an do tt ir at a huttnn^nod I inr c< ndominium our np i power outaij«polic- sa\ Power was restond ird the vic'im»is pone when the ^a uhei Ftft- Depirtrrent irrivet 1 FREE Pack of Batteries) 1 You Buy 2 Packs Get Third FREE! Both Offers Valid thru 7/21/85 wllh adl MtSMSOBPT thominq (IHTII HIXT TO KMART e YOU HAV* DFfCUHV UNDECSIAf DNC SO E VO&DS PERHAPS VtECAr HIP CAU NOW FQfi A FBFF HEAR NGEVAUAI ON NOUS OFF E n R YOUB HO^ E CONTRACTOR S EXAMS TQ E GONTRACI QCHOO,, Inslutotl- Aci< SAVE THIS AD FOR A ^HOOODISCOUNT - MM 800 H24 3/94»t b»n Tcjcfi "9 Tanl acts 1 S nee 1971 fig flonfli s H ghuit Piss ng Hi t the address matters. ED1BVES FO~ "''nose >A/ho Know T he Difference l-resh Baked Croissants Delicious Croissant Sandwiches Incredible Giant Cookies Key Lime Pies & Much More Pslm Ridge Road Across from Eckerd Drugs CARRY OUT ONLY The Candy Man nr KDHOOM IS ill SCREENED POUCH 101 ill man (COM Dons hjs made 3 ne* flavors 01 5a t Walcr Taf y Bui I vo <h - Sp vm t Ptppt rr fll CHOCOLATE* CHOtOLATtS CHOCOIA1ES HOMEMADE SALT ttatfr TAFFV IlinrTIC HrtRO CANDILS HOMfMADt FUDGE III will not mplti 37HavonO, TENME Bt\NJE*> Hotnp of the ChucoUli' Alligator & SMb tlonida COCONUT ^ CITRUS PAmrs II IEDROOM The Turnberry IIDSOOM ) 10 ill ER i ^ 2244 flohencl WAV SAMIIII ^ to H ^ 5111,900 M a aci ajj 115 n L& M Deielopmcl Corponlioii M 1 MODUS OPtll OAIIT ID BT ION 1EE IMTtBIORS

4 4A Jc.lj I ; 1 hnd Rip no I V 5: Plan Your Week At Presenting Our Early Evening DINNER SPECIALTIES Nightly except Friday 5:00 to 7:00 $8.95 per person includes: Your choice of: Chicken Ternyaki Coconut Fried Shrimp Steak Kabobs Seafood Fettucini Includes Salad, Bread & Butter Baked Potato or Wild Rice Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner SEAFOOD BUFFET WEDNESDAY Tween Waters Inn originated the Seafood Buffet many many years ago It u now widely topied on these islards but, most people tkink net er surpassed. What a feast' Start unth freth crab clnut or oyster cocktntl and then you can $ tuff yourself tmtk all you care to eat of freth Gulf sknmp, charbroiled Shark steak, fnid Grouper fingert haked Flounder steamed Mussels Iinguim and Clams and even Roast Beef an jus Conch Chou-der of course plus fresh local vegetables potatoes a rojnout salad bar and, \f you tuu have room, a selection of desserts Inclusive of beverage Coffee Tea, Soda or M%lk' S16 95 plus & gratuity Children s prices available Remember Tueen Waters Inn w situated nght on the trof er on Captwa Island. A good deal ofovr fxsh, thrtmpand sto"i crab clans w brought mfrexh daily to our own docks You can I get if any better Breakfast Lunch Dmn " 8 1M Sunday Bmnch RfSbRVATIONS Piano itytinqs by Robert Peres Till- [SI \M»S NO 1 NU.IUNl'OTriUNhVTS "Ross-Levine" thru July 7 The John Salomon Traveling Piano Band July 9-14 Don't rniss S W. Florida'^ Original "Crab Races" Monday night 7pm. & 10 p m Ti!t5<hv thru Sunthv 9 1 Serving I itc Fare Noon til Midnight HAPPY HOURS FROM 4 TO 6 DAH V 1 Late Night Dancing & Entertainment Now Appearing "Doug Simons Band" NOTICE OF ZONING CHANGE MORATORIUM THE FABULOUS FRIDAY SEAFOOD BUFFET $15.95 per person 6:00 9:00 p.m. SUNDAY CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH $12.95 per person 11:30 to 2:30 ON SPECIFIC AMENDMENT APPLICATIONS The Growth Management Act of 1985, adopted by the State Legislature, revised the Local Government Com prehensive Planning Act to restrict the number of revisions to local com prehensive land use plans to no more than twice per calendar year Therefore, the Sanibel Comprehensive Land Use Plan must be revised to discontinue the use of the Specific Amendment process Minimum scheduling times do not permit Specific Amendments to be approved prior to the October 1,1985 deadline, if received after July 16,1985 Spa and Racquet Club, Inc MiGrefcor Boulevard 'lort Myei s Located just before Sanibel Causeway The Sanibel City Council is consider ing an ordinance imposing a moratorium on applications for and approvals of Specific Amendments to be heard at City Hall in the Council Chambers (MacKenzie Hall), 800 Dunlop Road as follows July 2, :01 P.M. - First Readin July 16,19855:01 r P.M.-Second Reading o

5 for the record $43,000 concrete bridge for Bay Drive A concrete bridge will be built over Bay Drive Sambel City Council passed a motion to go ahead with the controversial single span con He bridge o\e.r some 56 fctt of creek replacing tne wood bridge voters prevented from being vacated by tht cit> in i referendum last Mircli The. new bridge w lit hive wood facia on railings and sides hul will be of prestressed roncreti con slrutlion without pilings a cntcrn the state recommends Need for a mw bridge has been hc-tu con tested Only three piople attended Tuesdaj s meeting to spent out two about saving the old bridge Hi pair of the bridj; could bt more costlv rvrr * a long run than building i new one Cit> anager Gary Price contended A new wooden bndgt could be more expnsive than huildmg a eorcrtte ont he said since new plans would be needed and time could add costs Phns for the coniri-ti. bridge are ready Council members favored the decision v-ilh the exception of I 01 se Johnson who hoped to hold Ob or a re «uui bridge at a lower cost il tht < -it<- would allow one stt of pilings as Price said n mi^ht he possible ^ouncilmin Mike Klein represented the at litude of most members whtn h* said Spend the btg money now and huild the proper bridge It will last for 50 uars Cost of the bridge appiovcd is -nore than $ Upe/iding the bndgi is re(»ired b> Ihe state to bring it up to current loid bearing stan dards MnK\T0KUMU\ WIFMJMt-NTS The thnc-month murutorium on spicific amendments to banihcl s Com (trite nsive I 3nd Use Phn will 1 ahead July 16 i ( seermri at Tuesdays sptcnl 51)1 p m metling of the city council to discuss Ihe proposal Despite suggestion;, from members of the public eoncerned that i tnorilortum wou'd mt in del ivs as long as six months in p-ocessing a specific aim ndment council saw no other alter nitivc but to go aht ad w ith it The hilt is necessity bcouhe rec< nt state legishtion prohibits loial gonernimits making specific rmedmems to their rnmtihenmve d use phn-; n on!h in twice >cirlv Re< usi Sanibels jihn eont nnwoning reguli ti IT. unliki ('her phns in FIO-HJI the nil is m\\ faced with thi ur> t nt t isk»' nkinjj out th it pirt of the (unij n ht NSIV*! in i im pi in anil w ritini in )t hi r I ind d* \ t It pnu nt c iny apart from Cl UP But Jrnh \Wkmtn from thi law firm of Humphn * Jones and M\i rs ihoiifht that the moratorium mii,ht he unni cess ti \ It s mv unikrst imlim; from rca tint, the stite document thit it is onlv aftt ou hiu> ilten a new plan thil iht irmndmtnts ire r nitcd to twice jearlj and jou have until 1988 to do that she suggested Ra> Pa\i!ka of Manni r Lo-poration felt thit the rewriting of the plan would tike much longer than the four months planned by the ntv hut Major Fred \ altin pointed out that land use attorney Richard Dowries had been working on Ihi* plan sinc< Ftbru irv and thit he hid nearlj finished the document now BMRH BID localdcarlrpcrjiihnwn k emsl is willing to turn taluahle commcrciall} 7oncd ttoosttr Lane property over to residen titl use and offer four below market ratp hous ing units providing the city grants him an in crease in density he. told city council members Tuesday One of the reasons I bough* this property WHS thit I understood the city planned some in centive be given to those giving up commercial space Van Heemsl said frankly He added that he did not expect to got per m ssirjn for 14 units or the 3 4 acre parcel v. less he offered BMRH units It s the most promising of any BMRH pro posal we ve had commented Councilman Bill Hagerup supporttd by UMR housing foundation director Dorothy Newman who said he pro posal was an exullent opportunity for BMRH in an area where it won t create disturbance Councilwom 11 ouise Johnson ard nearbv resident Betty Puff were concerned about the increased density presented by ft proposal Planning staff recommended that tne number oi *h/elling units be limited to six and earlier the planning commission was willing to go to ten The proposal will be discussed again on August 6 at 5-01 p m the islands State enlists high-speed boats to curb drug runners By Wendy McMullcn T went> three milhoi drlhr* i>. to hi spent in Florida to tigh' drug trafficking in the arci US Sen Tawton M Chiles announced Tue* Jav at IT rt M>ers Beach when hi 1 ird Sti'i Sen Fnnk Minn were assembled to inspect the n«-w ojwer squad TH federal funds are to be ust d to provide local i rug enforcement officers with high =pecd pow boats so&hislicated lomtnu meat ions t( U i iient ml radar equipped atn' blimps to tne elow n s< aborne drug dt alcrs 1h< new nn'int t j pmert is mccssirj to combat inert i id druu running h> sea is officers cracv down more md m irr on drug drops b\ air Ihtre s been in PU pi r cent dap in air trif fi(kmg in the l ast \oir said US Customs Of ficer L\erelt Sultm on the de^rtdl ca\s and sm ill iibnds hut Lhen Ihei transfer lo btu'v to eorm into th s rountrv There has also heen an increase in dr f fickers usirg Florida s wet coast ralher th "lat coist where increisid sur\i llanct nas mi h t-affie more difncjlt Thert s hem some displaciment to this coast but Miami s still the drug renter in Flondi becntst 'hiost of it comis from t itm countries ind tnt dew ers find thi food ind culture easier there Sutton v\i4 CEPD CONSIDERS NEW BEACH ASSESSMENTS By Wendy Me Mullen Dtspite a pro\t pit a from Crmmssiontr Di \S itt Jones to schedule another rof«ren dum on the brich nourishment issue afti r an informal poll showed C7 per cent of propertv owners favored the project Captiva Erosion Prevention District is not going ahead At'tast lot immedntel) The suggestion fro-n the abs< nt Jones that tht board set tht wheels in motion for another referendum in Nove nbtr got the thumbs down from the board attorney who advise-i *he CEPD not to proceed until the rules of procedure v-ere revised Three seats up for reelection Three members of tht board of Captiva Fru sion Pre\ention Dis'ncl ceme up for reelection in November Thev are Commissioners I \a\d \V right John Burr and Chuvk Brumng This will he the first election for both Hurr and Brumng who were appointed bj the dovernor Bob Graham follow ing the resignations of Dw ighi Wilson and Dick BuUe in June 1983 Him) Wright was tleited to *h* board in November 1981 The referendum on the project scheduled for June. 11 was halted by judicial order because of violations of the state sunshine liws In addit on some commissioners felt that fur ther work was needed on the economic apportion irent plan w Inch assesses the taxes each property owner mjst pay for the project I m very much for nourishment but I den t thirk we should go ahead again until we ve please see BEACH I7A f Or hit)h Plus the smaller islands in the Bahamas an still a natura 1 staging area for air drops comnij from Columbia and the\ rt closer to the e"a*t ^oast be continued adding that since the ex posure of high l?vd drug eorruption last >e?r Bahamian officials had shown unprecedented tooperation in dealing with US customs of ficcrs The $^3 million to be spent equipping the customs to catch drug dealers is onlv part of a ns tionwtde craendown on drugs A recert 17 dw operation called Blue lighln ng raked up two and a half times the amomt of illegal d"ugs en! leettd dur ng the whole of IJS' jtar As a result of Operation Blue t ightning street avaihhi ttv of cocaine has gone down and tht price inrreased from $2o000 a kilo to $ a kilo Suttoi said Were cranking up again for a loiter ope^a tion like that he uddid explaining that a toll free telephone number»oul*j «OCP be advertised for anon>rnous dru^ information wiih rtw^rds The new boats to be lupplied to customs en forretient officers are equipped with radar which can pinpoint boats bp to 64 miles awaj and com puttrs which record the route in order to back up drug enforcement officers in eourt please see DR0C HA Father, daughter safe after sea ordeal By Earl Hartman Thi search for Michai! Oowi 14 an I his 13\earolii daughter Tammv ajnft in a six foot plastic inflatiblt raft for more than 16 hours ended hatpilj last F-iiaj when theu *^ Coabt Gua-d found the two at Big Carlos Pass four miles south of Saribel \ igil was kf pt b> Sanibel Police as ihe sparch widened through the night From where thp pur had last been seen at ahout 130 p m last Thurs day to all points off Sambei and Laptiva then beyond the area was eombed Tammy and her parents ha e vacationed her* sinci 1978 Thev are from Columbus Ohio Just before 9 (i m Thursda> Mrs Barbara Crowe told police her husbard and daughter were missing Thev had no oars and no life vests Police notified the Coast Guard Lee County Sheriffs Office the rountj Emergency Medical Service and Florida Marine Patrol by 10b pm Security at South Seas Plantation was alerted and Sanibe! Firt Department notified by 11 to pm A Lee County Sheriffs Dept helicopter search ed the causeway A Coast Guard helicopter was in the air TheSjndowners axolunteer pilot search and rescue group wer*> on stsndby This was all by 1 a m Friday Crowe and his daughter had been enjoying ther raft about Thursda) afternoon when a thunderstorm whipped up the gulf and prevented them from reaching shore They drifted untd about dam coming Ashore in a mangrove thicket Unable to walk to help they used th*- boat for shelter and waited Meanwhile the Coast Guard kept Sanibcl Police abreast of the situation A 41 foot boat was forced back by four to seven foot waves about 5 30 a m Helicopters continued the search about 6 10 am At 6 10 a m Friday the Coast Guard said the lost pair were found alne and well The Crowe s were to continue their vacation on Sanibel D o

6 J ml R p Coast Guard chief vacations on Sanibel before assuming new By Fran Muelle I t has been a logical career for a young nan who went to sea at 11 - he who had worked with fishermen from Block Island off Montauk Point on Long Island all the way to Florida and back on yachts and fishing boats Now that Captain John Weldon Lockwood 45 of the U S Coast Guard (pictured left) will shorl'v take up his new assignment as Chief of the Enlisted Personnel Division at heedquarters in Washington DC he sums up If at the end of mj career I can help (the Coast Guard) manage more efficients I will have done whit I set out to do But meanwhile he is spending a hnif lea e on Captiva with his wife Cyndee and two of their three SOPS dgtd nine and 11 in tjpicil fashion for an old silt - he s nking the violinist on radio with the symphony for Voice of Firestone He too lovtd fishing is a pastime md took voung John ilong It s onl> a brut respite though until the cap tun btgjns the new tour of duty with 100 on his post staff managing an enlisted personnel of He will he ashore having just come from two years of duty as commander of the U Q Coast Guard r kase which had participated in the Grenada invasion in minima! search and rescue and later in drug law enforccrmnt Because the Coast Guard is under the com niand of the Department of Transposition whose head is Fiizabelh Dole he his had ix pp'itnce working for a woman and also having women work for htm Elizabeth Dole n the first womin ever to head an irmtd force in the United St-itrs hp no'ed She i* quite a quick study He nut htr when she as senior official attended tht?3th anniversatv of the St I awrence Si iway in which h( participated His approval of womf n in the armed fom «extends also to th' ten w ho serven ibo ird the Chasr p( rforminff tasks in hoth tht irgint room IIMI on deck In my MTMI-C ihej work- d < ut vtr> *- l \ - just as gmnl ind a* bid (in anv given sitlattoit as xa^n" he said Such irtt re<t in tr-r- r rfirformanri had bei n eirln r puju d p \l in i^,< mi nil <>rp COML IOFAMAS\ ISLAM) PROI'KIin S U KS Tllh E\Phia S H HO Of FFlt PtJtSO\ \UZED ShltX U F SIH l\[ ()V Tllr \ m k - Sundi-tl ( -III It I M ^ IT n 'miuroti I 1.'» th^n wslininer.nl3!hm rv Own I 1 frjll 1) KltJI INMtl- It II 6291) f rm fl mr two hr Ir mm lunhalh n (tl\ (u n \hf I SI f r JM) murh much mure 220 Two HrdroomTwo Bath with l)cn $^9iO«J unfurnished 207 -wo HtdrmmTwiltalh w th Drn D«oralor tumped for J ITi 00" I'OlNTt, S WTO d* SAMBV 1 IMACINf 1 en H My 1 andstaptd fore-, oi thf m M popuur rfnl^l resort propt ly on ^dnihfl 1 ointf S^nlo f^iturc^ un ^Jv ^h slvlr ^f chiticlun Irnn % ^huf kboart) pool jarii^/i ir d a r?cn«il )n pr< K rart1 ^or r^ Idrrn and \ I the I nest ground 0 mr Gull Frinl Itxation far lhi< JI00 s i foot Inn e ht dr.- m Wn haih * th Ha r n m Krn she i (nr Termi ava la hie It 22 T«n Irt-droi m Two I bib dicnnted in vrllnwi and nrrrni w If p!n,p <hr m«l d terminal TiKlaiiFs FK«1Irni rfrtal h-tory C^i4 < KH) rurmhtd II If ynurth rmm 1 (nin u^f 1 *ilh priv31^ rooflop ^unnirk l^i ii^nr^kmt*i I'sih 1 r ruin I27->C00nrtrad^I<>r * if.r-m \\ G III): u" t 1 >(! 1^ ST ill \ \ COMI I i \ T*o Ifpdrm m T*o III h Furn hed Inr t * i*m nvh I i mn.jnl WLCS tjulsian lin«r nt il h I r ( H ) Jt < Klhuri h i t { r rrf V r I r rn r ( I I r HHI\ i \\ *l Kill T Th I I H rt n H 1 tr f ( k Th r «i HI \l t H hill MMIIt 1 \l Mi H I-M ( ' *v \ --in 11 ^Illllll \\ II V tl! I H M\IHI i t \ i i ii i n i- i- ^ -l\ i \ I! i i i i I Mil n\ It \( ll If i f SANIBEL SURF & RENTAL SHOP Jerry s Shopping Center 30' & 39" Rollaway Cubs Porta Cribs Play Pen Large Bassinet Small Strollers Larqe Slro'lers Car Seals High Chair Card Table & 4 Chairs Beach Umb ella Beach Chair Beach Lounge 3 Side Mndb'eaker 60 Rubber Rail Booster Seats *nummmal On* WMfc eoo FlftlWMk BEACH STUFF OF CAPTIVA Mt i \ i \^! f h»mj r H l{ 1 "\! I [ We carry one of the largest selections of Catalina Swimwear. Sizes from X-tra small to X tra large - IN Till: U U W IM) \>L \7.\ - I'O Iti^ >HI -MM.: IMIm Itulu K»id I IHIMIMIM-I ^inilnllsliml II 1.7 I H l I 172 Dill ill ^llli I-II(I J!7 il I Beach Stuff of Captiva Captiva Village Square J O

7 I lir>d Report i whi n the first of the womt n graduatec) w hen was at tht Coast Guard Acarlcmv in New [ on dun seme years ago He hii also worked closely with Jtan Kirkpatnck former U N Ambassador who he sud did a lot for U S prestige at tht II N Ai lh(. time hr was a member of lh«u S ik! working on an intt rnalional law of the ita It was Ihi largest multilateral negotiat on ith 160 representatives tint ever look phie under the auspicts of Ihi UN he commenli d lit said Lh-it when tht proposil for thi law completed In the convt ntion in 1983 th" j,in idminislritmn took itil position ihit thtrc wen too many problems with the prop >si d trtit for rat ficalion He i xpiainul thit tradition his alwi>s erntd our use of tb< seas in tht past tn pissinr tmferinl types of 7ones tht high seas n Ihimsclvt s and the right of wirships to transit through waters of another country Any inlirmtnnil hw would impt%< on thise sumtd r «hts he indicati ci H it the Ktif,an ihmniitnlioo s objection hinged prirnnlj on the mining of the deep si a beds particularly of manganese nodules which also contim mrkel copper and cobalt ( iven the technology to raise tons and tons of minimise nmlules and cxtrid the minerals it - i big thing " he said W ilh If 7 nitions in the U N now the control u largely in the hand of t*-e third world a situation that the ratifiers would have to tike irto account he inferred This would inclu Ic presumably his M-rvire tn \ ictnam *hen he spent a jtar commanding patrol boats navigating rivers in the Mekong Delta Called Operation Market Time the mis sion was to mterdi I enrmy troops arms and supplies he said Recalling those davs he has strong feelings he said What stays with me i«the disappoint mcnl I felt when I read the newspapers back home and the Stars an t Stnpei about the anti war f^monslrations A*t romtinn Icr i th* fhtis* 1 Yi* ITI >s ti. n nt issi^nmi nl his rrt w v. is instrumenla 1 in sci m^, HO t ins of m injinm during a p< ru 1 f tw v.ars \sfrdrij. i«. nfor em. nt h( *i 1 I dt fimlnv Mi ( r \,n ss 11 mu> w< I nutjht so minj oth r n,rnn ^ mtr tht I ittle it t*nt ( nl I f a i 4 rm> \a\> \ir rorcc Whili \ u plight sit <*( dr>vi ih priti. JJ it was siill suci ssful h< is I I'm Iht A rk of the I res d nt s w f< Ninev in e luratk n i". even bitter AKowehiu tof,oifttrth< markct[ '">* * When h( a^umc s his new inb Cipl I^ockwood said he ficis *>omt ongjing issues - These ire a cont rmnj, re> i» of pos lions in the ( oast Cuird with regard to whether fbo} should he filkd bv mihtarv or n\ ilian D< r sonnel iverall slrength >f the strvire in th s time of btidgti red ict on and ^o\crnmenl dercf,uhhon j Ins»omm in ihp servic Meanwhile he and the 1 o\s ha\e gone fishing FS^B OVSTER icov Early Dinner Menu 5-6:30 P.M. or 1st 100 People Semng Btcr Bailor Shnmp Oysters I iesh Fish orallops Pasli Beef Cln'-lu.i $5.36 to $7.86 ALWAYS SERVING MUNCHKIN MENU Under I ssh Sin lwich Mot 1^09 H nnburq r incd Chicken incluci* s I rtnch 1 neb h VLI itjt plus 1 biirpr se $1.99 Chefs Creations Served Nightly Ship to Shore Grouner Moison Shi imp 8t Seillops Dijon I founder Imperial Hobv Cat Sind plus -JS otlili ilenia from our reyuiai menu including 1 ooster Si dk Chicnen You're Running Out of Time Buy Now! Sanibd Island Property WMNevgCfrflj-essi COME JOIN US AT OUR OPEN HOUSE!! Friday & Saturday, July 5th & 6th From A M Until 4 00 P M ON THE BEACH WITHOUT BEACH PRICES!! f-nces slartinq 1 S Coi dom n u to choose frpn All " f I tni he. UNITS OPEN AHE A 106, B 110, - C 103,C 203, P F 208 t E 204 ' (III f / t X O Serving the Finest in "Fresh" Seafood since 1977 DIRECTIONS IK OPEN HOUSE m 1 I wmmklr s,11 I I >i I (813) o

8 ,- _- J Juj, I l )l > J r I RLJ permits & deeds sitfeii 1 ranee $c a lo S? 195 Paul Co re us 'o a s nq e larn vre dence < by Dtawa e Co p lo S l! 001 F ed No ihla! e damage rep] rs nii?50 L Semelo H 000 ei Hayes lo me " at b6?4 Sin u[ Head f/ ncorpanylo y a sea *ale 1 A fatcc M) a to S B65 Matr "ejeisen lor a 5C eenencosu eal^oysle Cou'Cy or duslr»slo S2 450 Henry Su a>* 'or a poo 3 d dec* at 77 B <it We* P* Cy G Pools fo ill 000 M Ian lorg lor a pool enctosu e al J3"iO La*-e Road / esl Dj Jc res to S2 2OO Howard JacVs lor J50O tollhouse Resort 4 CluB 'or tepar* Si 2W L Resiwal on 4 Kate proof ng Iw flu Ood ; lo ' 1 'K'O tfety Ha-""4 tnc «n s ge Dy Jell i,ocd 0 S"v eeytl i?e o I" ' o SW3 COO el Lee 'o a Dy E»ce enc Hoiies 'u S 30 OCC rteidan G A ens fo a < rn e tan i La"eDytr.o«rerlo D»a( '3 " ^^ ^p?> Dnifi etc ded(or ro IhaniaO 000 o If-e*e»k cnd"5 ure 8 c -ea Sante JesnW C pecpf S!5 000 ehen'yc u "err, S 5000 Tfio"us V B ga e a NA y ( la y r»?\s> n n '*hs\ WC 000 Csndon n am wes o' ro-e ^a^ I6T ^O f 1 ' *e Mi mind t/inucb«ni Puma Cassa ana V c t ty j^f bei 4a boo' "eve opiwrt Cc»i (o E J 'in 0 Ad Sir Ml Ha bour Towe It T? 000 ptrton dec des lo appeal any dec sun of me Cody mtti re peel to any malie considered a such meet ng oi hear ng he m! need to ensure tt<ai a verbal m record cl the proceed ngs is mafle wich r«o rj nciuoes Ihal lestimnry ]nd ev dente upon wh ch the appeal is ID be based ATTEST Gary A Prce ClyCe f. PUBLIC HEAftlNGS CITV QF SANiHEL FLORIDA ine San be! Plarn ng Comm ss on t, ii condu t Pub c Hear ngs on Tuesday July ai San be C ty Hall n ti* Counc I Chanbeis jmackenie Hal] 800 Dunlov Road San Del Flctda toconsder [he toliott ng aoplicat ons 9 IS A M Coni niiaticn ol < e quest tor a Speci! c ArtiEnament tc tfie Conp ehrn r,e tand Use Piar> bet oi Hei-Cent ti Ya (J fiequ eirenls lo pe rut tf«con tiruci on o! a *XHlf>oys* a! a parcel oliand studied on ihe souih sde c( tee cui de sac al We *a'te ly end ol PM I es Oirve In Seciwi 12 Townsh p *5 South Range 21 East as sunmrred tjy Caliy Tfemotay tor lyda I Fren 85 EOO S A 9 30 A H Cant nua! on of * re guest for a Devetopmenl Fetim lo constiuci in Jpnrw ma!ei> st add ton lo lie ei si ng ana to ccisl net an add t 4 8M i tf On an island... In the $6G,ooos. deveoc a c/n;i ef*r$ <e itiiti CJ e lac \f oca en a' Us* ^ me Mien gan Ho««' 01 c* BJ d ng 950 Pe *nk'e A^i n Stt lion 20 lowrsn D 46 Souh Raige 23 Easi as sud-nieo" tr, Josepf St Cy o San Med Ifc A M Consider] «r of a request lor i Spec'* Amendnwi!o ifie CoTpreftfis-ve lard Use Best Priced Wate-iront Pool Home with navigable waterv/ay to Bay and Gulf Thiee bedrooms three bi hs de'inne'y Florida style design w th a! 'oons facing receniy fe'urbi^ht] pod Located on Ligi'house en j o ( Islind wi'h easy arcrss to CdUor d, S165OOD djn'urrishect Imagine an unhurried unspoiled Florida seaside village nestled amid the natural beauty of a Gull Coast island untouched by explosive growth Waves lop against the bow of vour boat mooitd at a pta'e i v h in vonr own liacl^yard ready to take you out to those dit tampon off FkKa Grande to explore OIL sardv beaches of a nearby out island or jusi lazily cmisc the baebwater:) of Ihne Island Sound and Charlotte Harbor Oreriookinii tht water vour I bedroom 2 bath townhoust has plenty of room to relax in after a day VACATION RENTALS AVAILABLE - CALL NOW j on the water with a floorpld'i made for easy Irving There «a private clubhoust just steps away from your door and a pool spa tennis courts ~ with golfing restaurants and shopping just minutes aw,iv ~ or you can just take it easy on your back poreh and watch iht water Jnft by Sounds good'it is Sounds txptnsrvc Ii s not i ondomtnium prices stan >n the S6O ooos Wncr? con you Snd all this' Blue Crab hey a chance at the island lik you «ihou]dn t miss Call write or com*, visit us soon for watertronl imng at A liveable pnee h. 1' 1^" M 'i'«j eiue ~* CPA8! 813/ / f ^ l- ' Classy Glass Sale Combine the sparkle of <. July 4th and THE ELEGANCE OF GLASS 20% OFF Any Glass or Crystal Item in the store. July 4, 5. 6 Includes arrangements in glass containers

9 \ o 2 bedroom lbuh-mht foraufccd mitrfront with dock. $ » Witer&onl bofldln tflti from $ Kon property ancr dob a no* mqtble fa*!* Ttm Hluimnmtu Broker The Uaeppa Property Company lac PO Boz2300 PintUad FtoHda (813)283 lofil IlEITN TI'C^V\S RLU.TY HOMES iia O S HOMESKFS I l( i --1 II I ) \l I si \ I i OKI I \i INTRODUCING I Hi \>\ \M»- Id >Hi\il!M I'ltK I 0 IK IMI sill s PAS vtl O v n C AND B ND $ ' 010 CONDOMINIUMS V I 1 Oi il Jf*P Sf V t is] \\n in M i s i I i i in i \ I:K \i >\? BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES P Vfi CIS A CON [813]4^2 6GS9 M \\I) l'kol'l Itllls^Ol I) ll\ M \\ ) Kl NIDI Nrs\Mi() \M Till KN()\M 11)1,1 \\l> INTK.Rin TO SlliM 'loui 101 \! HI \i IsTVTI M I I)-*

10 SCHOOL from 1A from whit Hur^h ink U rmi d!ii tnrfi * rn! modt t of itluntion in which nimjilnnu «.tiii'jir riizition imi It \ tiling tri in omrtl il (> irl Instnrt H wint* to j>n>\ U in opunn tl form of tlitntntirv u'uritinn whirh *i-iututp< tin chi'tl to think mil finil out imi to Jim < mfirftnu in himsttf Whit I want lo sit m communifv of U irntrs *ithyhir<d-!cconvli*hnunls»hoh-m tho ahili ly to consider choicis from a ioln! (otinihtion of intelkctuil curiosity, mnril coungt nnii physinl stimina said Hurghanlt I bilip\t it children hi\t thtsc tru\ irt ihh lo deil with inj cimimstinci in i njurilv chmg ing world without losing the st nsi of \LU or pur post, he continued The curriculum wnl be mori II(P orn nted hut that docs not men* moving IWTY From Insics ht cxptaimd Community projicts will bt a rra) ar iivity v. hicb bolstt r confidence ind mohvat* the (If trnphi*ii7pd thit it v-is import inl thitrw stulcnls and tn-htrs tike m»h projects Mr in l> in order for them to hivi deep morning and L* auifutu 11-Mj -rt iiituiviru IIJ n^-m m u g iium~i t^ The new school will be sit up as a one roon s<hoot wi'h cross grading ind oldtr students parents ind ptople m the tommunitj wckinf to^tthtr v,itnth» ihitit'inlobum i s «n f. m imti m! *-hir((i icrom[il shmnnl I hi Imr wp nn lap a ^reit r^n^i '1 i * n, Ii for Rind inn on ^anibpl ht siid InHillv Hurghurit «ijsh( wou'dnud t!i i t <!"> chndri n nrotii d to mikt the non pr ifit >-< r i >1 a wahlc tonctrn livt hi tn\isiors it growmt, '<> jtnsmblv l r iqor200studtnuf\prtiiilu but is m t sun whtherthii woiddbcposmhlpif th( Mhool wrrr lora'ed on SamN.1 U«. d retd at Ira^t a foiir acre sue for that an I that «difficult to find here he commented At present Hdrghardt and a group of pirrnt* ^ ire look ing for possible build ngs on 5amhe or on "~ SunimfTlin the firder road to the ishnd He already ha** se\eral very t">l<n ( «d teachers tnterc5tpd in the project including hi^ wife Dt'i He also his several people in mind fothp school s boird The new school is planned to open St piinbtr 1986 but an informational meeting his bet n «et up for July 13 at the Burgtiardt home Intf re^trd parents may call for furth< r information "* A SHOP FOR THE DISCRIMINATING ISLANDER AND THE PARTICULAR VISITOR 2330PalmRdgePlace SanibelIslaid Floiidu "3)4'/9t66 / 2 or 3 btdroom fa t\ fu si ej coruionvnufns in'h ai tr* t\tru^ aifi obk at i«r\ t( n prt I it *ifi b INCOMPARABLE Luxury Match'eGS in pv^rv (i letail a remarkable oppor _ F tunity awaits you at Sand Castles "astle 1 ) of Sanibel a new iew standard of excel'encu for luxury beauty :nd uniqueness \ OF SANIBEL ISLAND Individuality In a most singular fashion the developers of Sand Castles of Sanibel have aesignod a con dominium with VOJ the individual in mind With over 2600 square feet of a r cond tioned space a con dominium which offers more private living area than anv other on the Islands And for the first time you can ta^e control of yojr own lifestyle requirements Workinq with d basic f'exible space you will have the absolute freedom of credtmq your own interior livirg ared WhethOi you dnsire one bedroom or tour a den or dining room or both a media room or fitness ccntc r the choice is entirely yours Gennrous allowances ha^e been made fo r every pe r sonai expression the oni/ optional elements mcrssary ore a sketch pad and your imagination Locdfion "SituatPd onthree and ^ half acres of exquibit«gu'i irjnt property Sand Cas'lcs of Sanibel w II consist of eighteen luxury apartments n three architcctu'dlly designed buildings Amemt es -.vill include?00 feel of prime beach frontage full size tennis court 24x48 heated pool hot tub spa and = lavish lamlsraping iucompahable Quality To Lomplete this outslnndtng otfofing in unconipromisin'j ar My of >uip( rl it <JP feat jrt.s conies slanddr I it Sand Ca^tlts o ( S^n bel A Djrtnt i si includes thuxe i dbmetiv thrur full bo'h^ Jacuz/i tub J< in A ' nncjf nc 1 i n rtich I in l s I 5 E f Value With me ' tyi i, it > 1?5 000 for Gjlf front : ly r! v ii I '0Cd' un und quality For details of this superb once in a lifetime opportunity ^ write or call P'istilla Murpfy Realty Inc Realtor PO Box 57 Sdnibe! Island Florida !51 1

11 DRUG from 5A A imnnt tntonement officer on th< h tm ihoird the hoit taking Chitt s ind Minn mil i prt *! p irtv nut Tin sdiv said thit docurm pfirv support o J «.hc chiim wis important in court It s frjstnling when thev >,el off t somptinu*. don t like the results of tht trial but tin* hut tht ir r Rhts just like mi and \ou hi siid The officer v-ho did not want to be identifud hid been in mir ni drujj en fore* mint 15 >eirs and sud ht hid ntvir bun in i shootout of thi type depicted weekly on TV s Miimi Vic* When we apprehend pioplt lhe\ ctn SPI our bidgis they know who we irr ind thev know they don Lhive any choice hut to let us st irch hf> said At present the Coast Gmrd it rort Mvers Beach his only ont 82 foot and thrte II foot en ft Thi new customs struct vssels - T sjorts fishing boat ind two highspeed Snrnli rhss boits - JVIII be used entirely for nr«(» «nforre IR wins Better Weekly Newspaper contest awards I hi Mi i Ht.] >rt< r< tilkitt U t it,h( mi d< in Hcnliln^ Xs^KntonsI tlurunkh ^c^^s I i ir(nntlst It* iutk Aprt^LntiiiomnVitmi hvt fmii\ thi ft lio^jnf, imird mn rrndt n iht * 000 9^()urci,aliunt.'iUKor> r >rm«r st (Tf r Tom Io*e *as awarded first pi in in thi sports stor* citegorv fur in irticle almut Janit*- ^nnlh & \OUHR hlond bo'ft r who t,ivi i[> i suicissful cirtir in Hie nnij»' l~> Ulhtr iw inls «.n\ir«nmcn(al or conseriation third placi f >r J HMCS of irticlts on the proposed ^poinbill Ci>'f (nurse i phn whith was tjrnc-il drm n by ^ lmbi I ( ity ( ouncil individual j-taphic Ihird lace sliffi r Ann Tipson in depth news rcpttrlinji third plict Tom lowr ikriftiltural wnlmr third plari snfftr Windy McMullin overall irraphii..lesion, third pfa'-e newsptpcr promotion third plaie frtml p i(;c mikeup honor iti't mi nlion deaths Oskar A. Bruckner Oskar A Bruckner 61 of SamM dud Junr } ( Moving from Chicago he r* sided here 'or tht past seven vars He was a rctirtd (dttnr for Dunn and flradstreet Surviving art Ins wife Mrs Dons Brj'knt r of Sanibel and hi^ mother Mrs I<oum Finstenr Bruckner of Munich Gctnanv Ser Jicei were ntld Saturday frcm the ch Ipt 1 it Phil Kisor Funeral Home with Rtv Douglis I \ indine pastor of Cjpress 1 avc L nitcd McthcdKt Church officiating _ MOAMfr'S I PluihnCkruM. n 1 Mnm\C\ I ii'll n 1 "uifll ". o'pnl I 'forfwivalii lorroi 0% (% IK CIMhAnOM COVtr RESIDENTIAL HOMES, VILLAS AND CONDOMINIUMS Conpiele Exterior Mamlenance ' otrdv (ill f Hn ( i 0 7% hi 1, Ff. ' n,n\ i I r>! )l I I Carry Oul Specials At Pliable Film Ridge Rd J,an bcl Km I \Atra\3 from Eckcrds\ ';- -ENDOE SEASON & CLE/I RANCEPRiGESNQWi BOSTON WHALEH new.puft«0e 22. wilh 15QH.r^Evlntud»:lnclud«5.,..; --'-factory eiiftas.and dealer enlias.f ' UVEBAlr BOAT RENTALS CHARTER BOATS - II YEARS ON FORT MYERS IEACH ; iouim No OF ' : ";- ' ' f.">':~ ; - ' v i ; ; K FORT MYERS i *CH: ; -* ;"'- Vv;. : ;-' V ; ti -:.WMiM«lli<adH*mUI'^>.v^-.':JR*!.Ail* The Club at Cinnamon Cove Heated Pool Stocked Lake Shuffleboard Billiards " Whirlpool Spa, Sauna Lighted Tennis Courts Full Time Program Director Single Family Homes Two and three bedroom homes with two car attached garage and screened lanai Ocala Twin Homes Two bedroom, two bath, twe car garage and screened lanai Terrace Condominiums One bedroom IV2 bath and two bedroom 2 bath, wth covered parking and elevator Garden Villa HI-tGrandOpemnq) 2 Bedroom 2 bath ground level with covered parking and beautiful courtyard! ~ TTT^rfi Enter on Summerlin or San Carlos Blvd $ 91,105 $ OPEN DAILY 9am -6pm America calls us home. us-home o

12 J 12A Julj! I7r> Island Reporter SanibeFs Real Estate L Professionals ^W The finest are almost gone... E x p e r i e n c e i K n o w l e d g e Pr o f e s s i o n a l i s m SI2')000 tali r.linii f itnin Kt ilmr AsvKlili Iilivs472 U21 tvis I K)\i)»s BY THE SEA - POLYNESIA - is mil.. IU.i >.1 BLIYD PASS isii I SECLUDED t.xdtl ;i nur -b fst mu BEST BEACH. At Il'lml (' iss nli* Turi'MilriHini- iltn ir.ninil ihi I it«. 1»->1 t»)i" t* in inn t.p 1 lli tiriimhiiniil Kitt. L.'UIIIKIS n mils Mint Is Mimi', Hi i.> In I l l t sttnri kunvuiii! \iw Inv,FULL TIME ON-. SITE MANAGEMENT. Ab-t\ti*>m-.Mwms onh 51)9 000 MirutiiiU ( ill nintfilni!'< ilr.if AWKIIII (rfc\472 U2I VANISHING SPECIES 1 In ti,mni ivts 472')tl7t 2 txitnxiin 2 hitli i t.itin«ins 11:) SIMIIKII JV IILIIIK l<>ritssilniisllx)o00s<uikt.iux>k TASTEFUL. LUXURY, FLEGANCE.11 lilts (Miptimill rind.11 S'jstulls Tluv. -Aonls tmlv (!( M nix tli s GULF \nu nifi s iiu ludi HKI1 U nnls ni nli\ In «h FRONT 1 < iiclonuimini 2 VJO l< 11 n( m.n.mri,i<nss on sj<i nlitiikir nr<1 mil il pmur im miihilim Two In «trtiis wilh tlt 11 I >r 1 Mr 1 A 'HNI \.iliu 11 S'li <KX) ( ill Dull < "Im s n tlnii \ntnti_ rc-mi 11 i d IIITII;,iti.l uiil Ri.iitiif \w,» Ml( lit us lit-. < m< run ill vmn musts, nmfuri ilil\ 172 <) 1J7) I).. or i(.,r UTIIISIH (1 I ntiui 1 \i- (. (. MnliM- 1.1 K< ilim A'-VH 11. [ili\s Ml t Jt LOOKING FOR A HOOD LEASEBACK? 1 vis (72 'iloj) linn ilhjiil 3 GREAT I. is, hnk Ihls I ihrimmim I tmih Rr>l Hixir Tcnnts \ ill t n MAHWER POIN1B. Thw i-»nr mi 1 1 SOUTn SEAS PLANTATION is ifiiarmur lnclr<sm I titilt ipirimt H on,1h i.m'm.1 Usv Jinlklomi IK^I h or imti ri'h m >>o Uti tln-ir ill 11 i-.t».rih. (x«.t.nclih. I, tmii! f.i«r S< is r<sl uiniils \ tihl lurlwrnr ^nif r nurs.- V it Htxik mi in 1 mi) u*w\ \h v. <>! 1I1. (,nh m jiq\jts "] i SirnQ-io (uimnv I mi Trim lit Ilu1tr.r THE ONLY DUPLEX VILLA IN THE HOW'S TU1S? < iti il mil Ink : r <l< DUNES unit yrh lit Ii.»"il Tltr.i ti Ml. r. )L.. 1,««.!-* itn I >rl.< lln,,«,i!i J, un l«.ln>.ims i'/, I) ii Ins t w-indirf il \in unll imt»h!<u It r. u. TI IHIII L W ilh o, I niy i inl in M l.i sin!, liniih sltiv nimi!. «ti ^1.n. l<.ttin s t INUKKII S 2 Ir.ili^ S l, i«f ( lit J.iin im,, ^ 1 1 >1KI i.11 V m Ion Ii >i l,i Hi ill. i Bajview Village Spacious, luxury living with all of the charm of Old Sambel. Bayview Village will only be shared by a few lucky owners, on historic Ferry Road, only stepsaway from Bay Beach, Island shopping, grocery stores and the Sanibel Causeway. Each residence features 2,200 sq ft ofliving area with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, a walk in utility room and an abundance of closet and storage space Sunward Only a few remain..sunward -. residential Gulf front living at i*s finest Eight quality units make up this new and exclush t beach front community. Each share a beautifully designed heated pool and sundeck tennis court, pnvate boardwalk tothe beach, deeded covered parking lodtedstoragefacllluesand much more Enjoy up u> 1750 square feet of luxury livingoverttiohlng the sparkling Gulf waters Visit the exceptionally furnished model today Opendaily 10ESW GulfDnvc Modtlsojx-n daily 10am 4pm 17J Jt.l'lj FRIDAY. JULY 5T1I from 1 4:OO P.M 916 BEACH ROAD. Ibis in m unl ' Tantara.. an exceptionally beautiful eight unitcondomlnjum.offeringasmucha square feet of beachfront, luxury island liv ing Imported floor tiles, rich woods, metal roofs, expansive sun Itt rooms European inspired craftsmanship and screened bal conies overlooking the waters of the Gulf of Mexico Tantara. -, domed ceilings, Jacuzzi tubs, cultured marble vanities deluxe kitch en appliances, quality woven carpetry and heated Gulf frontswimmmg 304. Ufst Gulf Drive ^ VANISHING BREED! t). 1 VM,,U T ^.1 1 Intli ROOSEVELT CHANNEL BEAUTIFULLY WOODED HOMESITE - I III il iul\ 1 Mi'il K -sll 'KM < ill I 0 I I M,!( irn.i Sil.,mm liv- 17/ iui - v. - I t* Jl.t'n Southwest Florida's finest properties are represented by Toll Free In FL (HOO) Out cf FL (800] 237 6OO4 sea x Delightfully located apart from commercial areas of Sambel Island,Sea Spray is destined to be the island's most exclusive, private residential community, offering a limited number ol beachfront and beach access homesitcs These few remaining developer properties are Sanibel's flnett. C*U for a personal preview. o

13 T\\ WOltKSHOP Thi Iniirntlll4\mu( S mo * ill ronilurt a ^m ill HIMIH sv T!\ \\.irk thcptnl-ort Mvirsun Juh 10 19* > Thi Smill Ruontss r ix \Wkshn i ^ in < x n lt«nt M n\ fur ttn n< w sm ill luismi ss pi r-i>n tnhtiorm fimiinr with Ihr vinnus ispniwi! buvntistajtis said Mtrlin \\ II* vt 11^ di«tmt dm (.tor for Hiindi Thi fn i worlc-nop consists of inform ition on bumtit «t ix n turns rnordkpi ping n i Uin moms md t mp!o\ nit n! Th( i^tndi contains j»r utinl < *< n!* < s on ' mplovi ill t The workshop is sch( dul( cl to hi gin u ( * J i it thi l,u Co»nt> Library 2010 l.n btrt' t business lion i ill I! I win IJ t r nt.l 1 p m Tor furlhir ir'nr' tii ir,, 11\,'whru m nl t IS M'l'IIIMMfM milh l( re Im I>1. -mill. 1,1 >,,n ii.mhillhi, I,ii -iill, I It irl [i- fi, - I,.. II, M! 'h n i., -l,l, corrections It «,s in mr».,lh --IMMI n,n irult i i*l *., I th.1 Kilnfj M nit \ is!he irdi it.t IV i'r 1' I (')lhi,,!^ (ompr, hi HMW rulr.l ttrttr I.i I -1 tins I m'l ns irchi'nl ( r> 1. I'roj.1 Hi GEORGE PARKER, INC. Slate Certified General Contractor CGC oorsw Quality custom residential commer cial and remodeling work completed on time and within your budget PO Box 81b Capliva Fl (813) BICYCLE RENTALS RENT THE BEST FOR USS ffime "i spd ispa iospd, 1 nr S150 S200 $300 0 hr $350 $450 $700 2anr $500 $7 00 $ day S1400 " Week S2000 S2i00 S % OFF 3 or more Bikes. Also tandem BMX CMld Blkei hrce Delivery & Pick up afinnimores 9CYCLE SHOP Tt 3UIA ig I ^_jgr_ ~ L»P»I 11 IG S DING i233periwlnkfe (Next to Cltn Restaurant) - t IM REDUCED TO S82500T00 NEW CARPETING AND PAINT Abbum<, $ morlgago at 1275 C " i/ei ntf» 2 b' 2 Bath vtuh 18 x 13 (uni!, KO-TI Suior tinted hcfccfi Florivj GOT v, Ihhunlc fjn ijnfj it i a Appliances mrludp F f i J 0 i N ff_ ff r,i itch o soosa (ti'-h \ 'IOI ti if r > dihuj ov(_n /.ith c 'it i ', i", Seller motivated RediiCPd from SS CAPETOWN DEVELOPMENT, INC. BUILDER OF COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES and LUXURY HOMES 1011 IVrmmKlc Wa> /Suite 102 Sambcl, Florida I8I.I) SOME LIGHT CONVERSATION FROM, UNITED TEL V BBS United HHH Telephone BBB Systefn Build or remodel with an expert! Mark McQuade GENERAL CONTRACTOR Specializing In commercial, residential and custom construction. Over 24 years on the islands P O BOX 2, CAPTIVA. FLORIDA o

14 14A July I 19S5 IshndRipoilcr LIMITED TIME ONLY MANICURE/PEDICURE PKG. $14.50 HAIRCUT $6.50 PERMANENT $24.95 Zranlaiij \\ BEAUTY SALON American Heart Association WE l!f FIGHIiNG F&fJ YOUR I ft CAPTIVA EROSION PREVENTION DISTRICT WILL HOLD A SPECIAL MEETING TO DISCUSS 'HE BUOGCT AND THE RULES OF PROCEDURE AT 9 A M ON JULV 9 THE PEGUL4R MONTHLY MEETING ON JUOr 15 HAS BEEN CANCELLED THE NEXT RFGIAAR SEMl MONTHLY MEETING WILL BE HELD AUGUaT 5 AT 9 A U ALL MEET NGS HELD AT TAPTI/A COMMUNITY CENTER Cruise aboard the DANAE in '85 and get a FREE cruise aboard the new COSTA RIVIERA in '86!!! OCT. 3, diy MulikridiKin uuise from Vpn tt tci l,rltc» fcgypt Israel futkiy YujjjJavia plus 7 diy Car I tan I' u <i FROM $ PP DO INCLUDES *"Roundlrip air from Port Myers " "Overn ghl 1 ondon (pre & post cruibt) 1 '$ discount per cabin r >t7'l^'il7ti Port Tax Departure Fax lransftr& - ' 'All Outside cabins e V TRAVEL SERVICE 16IM\iunkk Ujy Sinbdlshi I ' br h ^ 1\ wilh seal ng by DireUionaf This stunmrg group ng has er d ess arrangement possibil t es to suit your exact ng needs Le ojr designers Me'p \ou c eate the loo* you d a s e in hurd eds cf tabric choices frorr s k to lea'her Corre by our showroom a c* see this and other conterrporary sea'ing gro-jpng3 tor trost who won I abide the o-d nary Q Conierr*po a y lu n ture T! Mye i Sa as M13McGpgorSI-a Fl Myeii d8v 1612 Jusl south ol h d ngs n Ihe Des gn C J SOFTBALL SPECIALS! WEDNESDAY NIGHT (Ladies Night) H.50 Margaritas - 50' Tacos 7:30 p.m. til TUESDAY & THURSDAY NIGHTS 75' Drafts - 75' Hot Dogs 7:30 p m. til SEE YOU AFTER THE GAME! Lounge & Raw Bar T i H I i p Id! \ M I Till Im I s»72»28 BENADRYL* ^( 4 Now available without a prescription i o

15 TAXES Business anil Personal Tax Return Preparation Forms Available lor All Slates THOMAS R. LOUWERS, M.S.T. KUPu. ikk Way ^uit , T ~- (fim*'< *&? 1 See the Lady SALE: Come m and pch up out B-juge ute dtunar tor nun savmgi dining oui See the U*j Sale && 3 ^ An Ocean Rautiqui I t» l i \ Independence Week SALE Reductions 50% And More Shells - Coral Jewelry Gifts - Novelties T-Shirts Tahiti in Garden 1381 PcnuinkK Wnv 472 IISl 10 5 be* in Da>s 11 'i7 I'cnwinKIt Vi 172 M SeMn I)a\ Father's Day Open House Sea Hawk* Sunday, June 16 n 4 P.M r 99'fr-v 1.00't '"-Vi/S"^' 2.88"'""' ivov-:' U il J This "Old Honda" home features 2.99S.B-. M 2.99 """ '*,2.99^.?;,, I, ;;» Kfi?.4 ECKERD PHOTOPROCESSING. YOUR 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION DESEBUES THE VEBY BEST «I,».,SFA>» DRLG ' [RUST YOUR MtMORIES TOI ECKERD We (, be 0 0 *ifhihtrrninmiff TnUrSu3\/ i<ill/ J c K e T 1 CJ a g u t y c L i e a gs «:pa CUJ wa / n n *~ alt cepu ere osea L> ea roorr * nhc no ag s o age a ea re i rg d^d ep act, For additional information call Peop wno f ^

16 16A hi I To the IRS. By Fran Nuelte an t we keep lose out of the post office? This is at least C the second go round for a stamp with a sentiment thit doesn t belong there Oh it s quite all right to use lo\e up in the right hand concr on the envelope if the letter is winging to mother friends favored aunts and uncles the children ind especially the gnndchildren But a l<m st tmp as passage to the IRS > Fresh out of undigited D stamps (that seem to be copied from and cm be confused with green stamps) ind petite squares with 3 shell one can barely sec I was forced to send love with tht. cstinnted tax payment 1 wouldn t want the Internal Revenue Service to get the wrong idet Nor do 1 cin to use a love stamp, is I ve had to accompanj ing my check ntf to National Flood Insurance program As for the morthly bills I shall have to tootle up to the post office for their basic non committal stamp befoie MasterCard Visa and American Fxpress ire ulttm itely due Hiving once been cmplojed b\ the president of a society of engineers lo petition the U 3 Post Office for the selection of suitable subjects for stamps lo consider our candidate I feel I ha\e i right to speak r. lrlter I had been com missioned lo do i lengthy piece on" a remarkable self taught engineer named James Buchanan Fids and A reply to COTI's BMRH concerns A copy oj this Irtter uas whmitud for public iti m Dear nembt n, of ihe ( OT1 hmrd As a longstanding membir of COFI I regret th it you are opposi d to the Beieh Road BMKII project As a board member of Communilj Hous ing and Resources (CHR) and with the concerns of COTI in mind I have followed the efforts of the Housing Foundation to adhere to every facet of the CI.UP and tre mandates of the BMRH legislation in the process of achieving a viable ittraclive and commumtv enhancing project of which we can be proud Let me spiak to each of your concerns The density standards in CLUP permit relaxation under a vanetv of situations For example a nearby project on Beach Rcsd unanimous!) approved by the planning com mis sion and the council this past jeir commentary Ins bridge over the \IISMJ= ppi in M Louis It was n 1974 ind mv emploser wanted to honor h m on the eentmnnl of his bridge still then in remarkable condition The hridge was to <junte the with love? worlds fir-.l allot stie] tht first im[ nrtai* constructi >n of an> sirl in st< el the big^t of anv t* pe c\tr bull 1 to that time Iht first to uj.*. tubular chord numbers end the first to depend in thi building public forum was perm tied six units on I I acres or 54 units per acre compart d w ith 19 units pir im requisuii in the prt^ent case The ]r»unh5in\»lnd will hi s led ' in hur fo irpli xi * i s n,, th rlust. r inij coiirtpt ind unl ki tht prpm nt fojrplt \ ind lii, h x nrndv on Beach Road th(\ wi'l hr *. irreh visible from ihc roul ttciusi >f a phnnid he aw biif't r \A ntiv( venation CHR v bulmtn* al efforts toward enduring eco ogir-il hi] mce an1 idhcrance to envh )nnunta1 principles are refitcted in the site plan that CHR commissioned from Johison Fngineenng and the veg elation amljsis that CHR comnns sionel from land Use Ethics The former reveal 1 ; that no structural feature building dnvewav park ing arpa - is within J00 feet of the Sanibel River not mst tht leg-slat-d 200 feet that alt the area set aside for construction is on the higher elevations that range from 40 to 4 9 MSL that an area of mangroves and a slough on the site would be protected and preserved as natural habitat that only two cuts into Bi?ch Road an planned I ird I se hthics whose principals an \nn \\ inl< rh itham *\nd (ti nrke (»mt of the superstructure tntircl) upon the ISL of cantikvcr withn> faise works employed But, read on It was the first mi [iprtant use of rorppressed ai* in Eads sank (for the East abutnti nl foundation! rerrains 100 years later the deepest at w htch com pressed tir workers haw ncr worked,_ The <.t)ec(kin commiif<r tiirrrd ihurds do<* I on Lads pirht-fbt cause the ctnte.miai f or tr-i B-ookljn Bridge was forth rmng in the next f«w jears and Hi chtin,, WJS better known But isn t that a reason for ilomttirig these Wser krowns t» stamp status'to ketp then all*-* for my granddaughter 7 As for the lovi sunp on J li t ter to Phoebe I susp* ct e\ < n at -s x vhe is shrewd inoui,h t< under stand the senlinunt i» only mini bj virtue of its conveyance In (he post office - and at <i pn«loo Mj inn 1 lenlim* nls ate inside ->he would know I wouldn t want htr to Ihmk the po*l office is an iltcmosynar> institution thi» his no regard for monev We all know that s not trut the price of stamps has continued tn rocket up ward lo II ci nls rum It maj bi that tht V 0 Mlutu n board w is hard tip and had lo st t itt-nn loic If so inrv r.n «irrh ihrough thtir filt t ind n*umct po4ir old lames Kurhamn i ads Or j,ive ui more ird bigger owm s king s crow i<- jun mias and li m s paws \s lo the magnitude of real inj qualified applifarls the HOUMJU, Foundation<t survey last summtr fnund that whilf onh a tonl of 170 HMHM units ar planned until "l"»l rrore than that numbt.»ouh apph beli toretiosl i nvironmt nlalisls ru- tnt'v f or BMRH units f thiv rnrnrd out tht ipiitnn IPJ! MS «.rt avai'amt with i trie bv tne anii plani \\ \s vou know tht prest it BVHH plant surve) that -e^tilttd in idi nt ordinanrr is n procts* of ' ivi^i n fjinf 17 spun* of -ntm phhtson Th" rtsf nt virsion of a re LINJ or thr st'e lo hi iistd in hnri>ra ing d mrcc deals w th thi- issu. if and ii hu'fi r on both 'ht nst md devdoptrs ri^ht*' in rehtion to tt west borders t»f Iht property Not all nint selerlion I hope < OTI in L other Sanihql proietts Have nsi n to others will riad the draft rarefully so high a sundird and raake rtcomrnendationi Vou 1^stress on financial viabibtj is very irrportant Undtr the BMKII program not onlv is no shortfall per CHR would \er> mueh like lo build scattered unit? AS wa-. oir original concept We cannot do this milted but the Housing foundation economically at present If is pledged to repaj anv subsidies Fixed costs of construction and proj ect operations preclude the viability of a r "w scattered units The Hous ing Foundation would he direlict in its duty to the nty if tt agreed to go ahead with proje-ts lhat had un economic prospects ho*ever someone interested in fir thertng this am would donate sorre buildable land or the money with which the foundation could purchase land we eould do it Donations are tax deductible Eleannr S Uidhmom Memoer of the Board CHR agenda OU en - 013/472 ts87 89 Managing Editor Anns M tcha I Edlloriil Slalf Karen Forester Earl Hartrran Wendy McMullen Fran Nuelle Ann Tipson Conlilbulon Sue StepTiens Fritz and Norma Stojipelbeln George VVeymouin Advartlilng Enecutlvia Je I Hughes Kan MeeKc Cynthia Areniliai Clatillltd Advorlbing Gloria Kasten Clrtulttlon Minigsr bfilrlene Grasgreen 9 DO A M Aop ova' ot the M n- n tt Ih* fleguar M«n5 0!Jjne! ftepo^s '"CTi Pirn ng 0 eclo* jnfl Piaift nj Com 9 IS A M CwiUera on ol i fequest lor a De veapmem ft m I io p m Ct Itr construe! ot of a 318* sq ft addtwntotnesa"be1cj0l JConse - vjian Fjundal on ini bu M ng lo jcconmodat! i g (I snop jnd '\orjge i tt e«p*nsw> subiod pjchol Fand s s Iu3 ti (w ittt soul s d< of San bat Cap va dud nsfcton!? To*nsh fh6 SmilK Riige'? e ist (3133 SiiiW Capiiyj Raafl) «sobmnsd br Allin H Uofi Cryrirun Siibcl fjplrvi Con setvalw Founoilion \ec ih 3354 DP 9 IS AH Con;tderjtmiigtarecuett'm4r<*"^00 Ot^nq ol appoifniey 1203*»a is ol Mtid/jhe iryie a! trom (hf CJ-U 'o p ovt-je J ttss to the rjiip a i adpceti it prope^y s tuj ed J 6J' L qmlixse ftj» i/" Lots 2 tnc 3 W Sa- 1 1>» EsU es Subd'VSiOt' ijniss * Un Kldea I S«Mf JO ro*nsn p *6 Souli RjiTe?3Eail isutrredby M^on and Danh e irgjnij 85 J356 DP 930AM A-kica ion ot tf*t rgjnlspj ua ' fo tly oi Sai tei Raw G win 0 0" nai«pub * comrnen s and nqirin«adjournment AIL IN THE CITY OF SA"< BEL I t* Cn j (TV flop DA HEAR % TO BI COVDUCTfD *T UN REL CITYHALt IH IHE LOuNCLChAMBERS WAC'EN ZSHAlt) BOO DUNLOP ROAD SAN BEL FLOM DA t! a pe sor> dec*s 'a ap^es i i y «c w <^*>* txrti wi h 'tspect lo any mat-er consxls M at i u"* ir>«t ng or hfa «g he w i ivwj i record ot {tie p KMd 3s tnh lot such pu oous he may nttfl to tt>iut I I J a /»bawn record 9l lit proceed ftp «trtdt ** c 1! ecoid inciuaes tne teitfmonr <nd mderwt uc-on which the appea rt to be basm o

17 J T BEACH from 5A redone the fininnal piclnge stitiri Commis Moner John Burr He was supported by Commissioner Chjrk Brunmg who said that he would not go ahead without a change in what he called gross in equities in assessments One of the major complaints about the phn is that property owners across the road from thr beach are assessed as beaenfront property in the same wa> as properties abutting the beach In one case this has mtant assessments as high as $ on a structure valued at $ with a spare lot Another complaint is thit commercial property is paying proportionally less than in previous plans Chairman Peg Hofschneider pointed out that in the last economic plan Tween Waters Resort was assessed twice as much as in this latest one A rmnt origin ind destination *tud> whirh polud visit irs on when thiy wen going on tht ishnd Mould lend support to higher issc'^nients of comrnercnl property commissioners said It see*ns to rre thit the majoi bemficiaries should be the major payers said Captiva resi dent Michail Janes from the audience Captivan I ouise Tuttle added her suggestion that it would be peachy keen if South Seas aid Tween Waters s^a-ed the cost But Comrrissioner Lloyd Wright president of the company which owns Twecn Waters was all for going forward without too many further changes We can do some tinkering with the plan but not too much We owe it to the ptople of this island about 80 per cert of whom are pro nourishment tc go ahead with the referendum he said o Commissioners also expressed concern about the breakdown of the results of the opinion poll which showed that if property owners in South Island Hepor ei lui-j [V n I7A Seas Resort were excluded the majority o( owners oppose the prefect I feel like the tails wagging thr dog a bit commented Hofschneidfr but added that she rep'esented t*iose peop'e along with everjone else and she would vote to go ahead with the pro ject despite the breakdown Louise Tuttle said nearly 65 per cent of owners on the lower two-thirds of the island voted against the project and they represent three quarters of the cost A decision on whether to hold another referen dum will be made *t the board a tree ting of August 5 Meanwhile the experimental -andbag project halted»arlier in the jear be-ause the sandbags wouk have to be removed if the bearh was renourished is again being considered an alternative Special meetings arc to be h»ld to discuss the budget and the rules of procedure on July 8 and (f at 9 a m and the regular meeting scheduled for July 15 has be<>n r ancellrd O CONSIGNMENT BOUTIQUE & ART GALLERY HOURS Tue* Sal IDS Sunriiy 10 3 BEAUTIFUL GIFTS. CLOTHING, JEWELRY AND ART AT FANTASTIC BARGAIN PRICES Consignments by appointment 2nd floor above Cafe Orleans 1473 Periwinkle Way, Sanlbel, FL Til Jt 1., Meet New Friends V S>rk and ea o if* s 9 e to _,ce,e' * R pe CO S cce 5 i bu / pe son >y * Ihnkngsc ot>s ed 0 h ps a e ha d hpg n j (* t IQ to bu d ^ * She lo U'E a s and and s y y V * J * H * j5" > V i IHIIIIIIM * 1 JuL a e oo^ ng 0 a s c u Sand SIS 00 For Thnt JSIUM To, y Aunties PO Box 1965 Cap* Coral FL V VCt» best/adj. superlative ot good [ME, fr.^oe betst, akin to OE bot remedy more at BETTER] (bef. 12c) 1: excelling all other [the student] 2: most productive of good or of advantage, utility, or satisfaction [what is the thing to do] - Locally, it's The Timbers. Again and again and again. *BEST Restaurant for Seafood 1983 and 1984 and 1985 *BEST Restaurant for Steak 1983 and 1984 and 1985 Fish Market Open % PH RtiUuranl aad l»anjt< Opts 5 VW Fill lisjior It»it4> All mj«r Cnilt Cirrfi * 875 Rabbit R M 4 PiJBLCHEARNGS CITY OF sam BEL [he San bef C ty Coune w >urtj putfdc hea ngj on Tuesday u^ IE I^li&nbt CryHj ntr«councit enj-ncers (Mocxe i* ) AOQ Dunlop Road Sanrbe* Ftorida to consije Ihe to"«rrig anee on second udngtote d AN OBD NftSCf VACAliSG A P0«I ON Of A PUflllC Y OtD GATED UttAl fidjacent TO tor CO S U 10R Sb90 VSON f AT 800K?3 PAGE 79 N stci CN RA^GF n EAST I M r SG IHf CONS DERAT ON Ot SA D VACATFDPAR El N TH[ Of UP M NAI On, Of PERM S B t DEVEIOPME1! f,rtnsty ffn ANY AQJ01 JG IA\D PBJ VlDlflO FOR CONFLCT»SB S1VEBASCE ANOPSIVD", it EFfECt Jl DAIf»nd may t>* rspec Pd Dy * puts, in 1W t. ty C e n s 0 <( Sanbt' Cty Ha 800 Ouioo Ro»d S^nM f 0 da A«n Teres MI M «may aopea j «lo 'he 0 ODO ed 0 d axe t pe um dec d*s lo rioppa a, ce CIYCF ^AN PEL FLOfi i Th«S3 te PU n ng Co'v s <n > U twnluci Put) H: "P-3 g on Tue^iy July?3 I9fl!i a Si»e r fy Hi n me Count C^j* % IVrtHtnim Ha BDO Oi. Ws Fund Sal Se Fn Os IOCC <«we l d iw ng app o w 9 IS k U Coni Mjoiaai qutsl for» SptC (C Amtnimt o lh» Co^cfefwr's «e Lard Use F*j Sttl«n 3 ^ J HeiiSeniia Yj a fleijurtem»iiis to ce mn tf* cc it u lion ct. boainouse a a pa «sj Una s ua ed on me stu*ri s-of o< trie tu tie we a "«ea t ty *r>3 ol Pine 1 «0 ve n Stttw l! Tff«flsh p 16 Sou ti Rs g«2i E«' as abrntieo Cy C«y 1 e»nc a/ fo Lyd» L ( e 8h600S A S189, Just 50 steps and you're walking on our famous shell ing beach from this 2 BR/2B condo with spiral staircase leading to optional loft/den area Located in low densitv 20 unit complex w/pool & ten nis, gas BBQ grills & picnic table at your front door overlooking beach Owner motivated to sell fast Wyman Atkins, Realty?400 Palm R dqe Rd P O Box 533 San bel FL / Lie Real Estate Broker Rtts Xeal x^uf Vfijlhancas StmK Oweibtfb Jhump isd 6/yvsf or t hickf/i fb v\um JVUHt

18 Erosion on Captiva's beaches meets projections South Seas Plantation has lost average of 21 feet in two years By Wendy McMullen v>is rtstored in 1981 it a cost o* $J million S Thi. hetch loses most in tht first lev vears ome South Spas Plantation beiches hive then tht losses are less explnned CFPD com eroded more than 15 feet a \cir tht results missioner I lojd Wright a proponent of beach of a beach monitoring studv rcvolcd it tht nourishment for the remainder of Ciptiva Taptiva Erosion Prevention District meeting On the rest of Captiva erosion has not hem «n Monday driinatic The lower twothirds of Ciptiva his The loss confirms the Unnersil> of Floruh lost on astride 11 feet of land to tht. sea snet promotions on erosion on Captiva comnuntpd 197-i NevertKltss thp rate is rapid enough for project designer Tom Cimpbell of Cnastit Plin alirm rung and Cngincirms of Hoca Hi ton Eighteen more felt and wtdon Itmp iroad In the list two \ears the biach tt South Vas commented Wright president of the compiny Plantation lit sort his reruu d 21 fctt or i\, nqc which owns Twtcn Waters Inn -u ro,s th*> with tht northern stction i roiling most with tn threilened cotintv road i\erjge of Tl feit over the two ynr» The!H irh Sanibel too his rot escaped l hi re'ent'tss v.a\et The northern 1200 fool sigmer-t m i* Hhrri Pa«s experienced a 46 foot, recession sinct 1974 South Seas heac 1! is acting as a feeder to the southern two miles of Capti\as shoreline the herch monitoring stud> claims This 13 one of tht prnhab'e reasons the re*t of Capt vi s beaches ire not retreating M rapidly HI the South Seas beach The South Sea* rroj«t IS 'lislnbutm^ sand to Ihc rrmiinrjir of the island explained CimpbHI Over cubic yards has been report 11 '! to hivp tihived ifiith sin^c project construction It d GREG WEGMRZ PRIVATE CHARTER BOAT FISHING 7 licensed Charter Caplains offering various size boats & trips Details S Reservations cal'audrey at 703 San Carlos Drive Ft Myers Beach *ida's c-most coward 'Winning l<estaiirant TOLf'3 TOP 100 RESTAURANTS Florida TfendMagaLne One of my favorite restouran's m the Un ted States Robert Toll, Sepl J O (i. Winner of 1984 "TASTE of the ISLANDS AWARDS" includ ng Bes! Pestouranl fo Celebration and Best Res'au'ant for D^ssetts Aiso fealu ed Ch cago Tr bune PM Maga? ne W Magazine Mmneapo s ^far Fort Lajdefda e hews and Sun bentinel Eastern A rimes Magazine M ami Herald 0 scovef Fiondo Hou c e and Garden Travef and Le sure Serving 7 days p m Full Bar Service All major credit cords Captiva Island Escape to the Sanibel Island Hilton Inn for An "After independence Day" Poolside Barbeque. Saturday, July 6th come and enjoy the tastes of fantastic, old fashioned, all American picnic with all of the trimmings Giant Mouth Watering Hamburgers Juicy Jumbo Hot Dogs Tender and Savory Barbeque Chicken Succulent Baby Back Ribs Also potato salad baked beans corn on the cob and creamy ccie stiw Great food Super Prices Poolside fun spend the afternoon on our island Saturday, July 6th Noon 6 PM SANIBEL ISLAND HILTON INN O

19 i lard Krporter JuK I / 'AT I robabk thit most of the lost sind remains on Ciptiva Islard Campbell txplamcd 'hat bicaust the WIVLS hit Ca[ tiva il an angle instei i of stra ght on sand on tht. 1 eichcs is cirntd soutrmird Fnis lutoril drift has carnrd much of South Seas i xpensiveu resto ed bcichts southward titm as rj, th«rite of erosion n 1 he rest if P^nt But Captivans waiting for tht South Seas bearh to unrtvet on to tht. southern bnrhi«in 1 s ive them the $4 6 million propose d for the I each ncumhment project for the rest of thi. island maj t)l rimppomteri This is not hipptninj, biciusc of the rent ment5 which prcvlnt the sand sl-iying on short CEPD pro cct manager Dick Stevens explained Not ait of the sind in the liuonl drift goes southwirl On the northern Tp f South V i«htach t fillows i northern dnlt cut to K df sh Pass But the rate of ( ros on Jii the restored bf a his b< ter than a\era^t In the four jears s n<"t the Deach was renounshtu it has I )s* 16*5 000j-abr jards or 25 \ er cent of its sand Thit meins the project *ns i life of 16 jnr* which is reillv quite good commtntid t El D con m ssioncr John Burr National s*itistics put thp a\erage I fe of rou ishmtnt projects at between 10 and 15 Yean Over the last 10 years neirly two million cub c >aids of sand have iroded from Captivas beachii This accord ng to Stevens is t*)c equivalent of dump trucvs full of sind d sapptinng from tht island ca-h vear Of this about I 1 * million cubic vards hiv«clr fled south to Blind Pass Because of the strong littoral drift on the imind Campbell re ommended tint the CFPF) rons;dir a feeder beach nourishment opt on w ith a greater portion of sand pjt on a par icular spot which the littoral drift would rarr> to nther beaches on the island This said Campbtll mav bf? a more cost effective alternative The study also recommended that the CEPD strvev the shoal a>-ea to check on the amount of sand available in the Red fish Pass area should the beach nourishment project go through as pro posed before the referendum was cancelled Sweet Carolines Snnp/e beauty in nofure s inimitable style cast m solid 14K gold 9 (me jewelry 2330 Pa m R dge Road San bel Florida S330 Enjoy The Flavor Of Island Living For As Little As $89,900. H he\ n ntto KC *V P *J to ) [» llnm untlc kf I h n f p t n o p M H \i, Ladies Resortwear Come celebrate our move to our new larger shop still in the Olde Sanibel shopping center! SUMMER SALE Up to 75% off! JULY 8-20 HAS IT BEEN A WHILE SINCE YOU WERE TWELVE OR UNDER? Jatk Duncan serves Doubly Delicious Dinner Deltijhts luo uays one the right ±\ie and ihc oilier just the ngbt si;e f i U ds and other (r>v lumm ed p pie A Variety of Dinners Sandwiches and Ice Cream Children's Menu Beer & Wine Available L RESTAURANT AND ICC CREAf" BARIOR 2075 lvtluinur Way Sanlbrl Klanil Tlotlda Op 11 t m 9 {10 m Srnin,, 11 h I) n rr t a Closed Sunday

20 QH'Jiwcsi Honda Sim:c 1955 KOM in \ i ))! 1». 1 \ N 1) 1 \ ( 1 h II IV II I I rl b ^ I li Ir I n tt ti 1 t t 1 I I fr n i, I s m I it r I!r In n I- rir M \KIiI WII IIOMF IP 1 i n \ 11"! I ill T I I I In ( ill I I 111 OWAl I WO \CK1 S n I IMI 1KI L t l M I H \ ( In i 0 I \ I 111 I tr II \ h n \ r II I, 1 h rl Ir ( r r I f CONDOMINIUMS»CONDOMINIUMS«CONDOMINIUMS IsOMI H S I'M \l)isl \ I'l \ M I'I\( III 1) ( \I'II\ \ ( 01 ' \( I ill i 11 I \omi\(, i I\I K! I r ik fxperience YOU CAN TRUST PRISCILLA MURPHY REALTY, INC I' O BOX 57 SAN1BEL ISLAND FL H ^ i i l l'c i u Off «li Pain R djc IS13) 172 IQ3I*C<< r l O I r (S131

21 X i 4 36 How many alligators are there on Sanibel' 6B Meet an artist who painted in Italy and the Orient 10B They're the islands' worst golfers and proud of it 10B In search of a shark, a 12-ysar-old lands a lunker 14B 17B What's new at Sanibel Library By Karsn Forester New York Tines Crossword Most of the fishing action this week has been In the grass flats of the back bay, according to Capt Dave Case at Sanibel Marina "There's a good var'ety with quantities of trout, ladyflsh, nice schools of jack, small blacktlp shark and an occa sional cobla or tarpon " Small varieties took live shrimp under a popping cork or shiners while the larger fish were lured with pinfish Cap! Bob Sabatlno of Jensen's on Captlva has noticed good size redfish around the mangroves at high tide (which should be good all week) and the Cap tiva Flats In the bay are see ing a return of tarpon and shark Sabatlno suggests live shrimp with a cork float for redfish and cut bait mostly mullet for tarpon Five to eight pound red fish have been caugnt recently according to Graham Mellor manager of Tarpon Bay Marina Anglers are also doing well with live pinfish in hooking tarpon and small blacktip shark in the back bays O A warm welcome for skimmer refugees!h I- art llartman Black skimmers hnve htgun to, stakeout tht SanibH Causeway after construction, disrupt* d their original nesting sit*> OT the rcardy m, -'a-j v «* there [ art. plans for a little island to be made over for them to call their own in the future The birds ire fleeing here fron River sfd^i a huge off island J dt velopment ntar Miner s Corner ' w We 166 hid b en counte I Their. m sting arei has ht tn disrupted by construction of n wastf trt-ument 1 plant wildhfi authorities sav i Ron Htght manaff(.r of the Ding Darling Wildhft Tvei ig v-hirh ovt rs< ts the annual pilgrimagt of the black birds with orang' flashed bius said Monday I ikely we are &oing to prosecute those people (Ramar Group Com panics developers of River s Fdgel for nest destruction They re putting thi ir sewage treatment plant right in the middle of the colon} Hight said Evidence of broken shells have been found and fede al authorities are investigating Steve Lattmann senior vice president of Ramar said Monday he had no knowledge of pending prosecution but had tiken measures to assure the b rds from riisr jption A chain link ff nee»i put u hi slid and tht construction is il out 200 f^itawiv Rimir hf sai i T«p skimmers cobmze Q son! jnria i far tht lay and ah t c skimmer ifronii shading its speckled cqq }rnm the hoi &ui has a reputation for maintaining the environment He had been in touch with Refuge and other wildlife interests he said to make sure *e were taking the proper precautions Damage done to birds is a viola ticn cf the Migratory Birds Treaty Act vhich protects birds and eggs Hightsaid Skimmers shotred up last week on the «outh side of one causeway i» and but *m makirg tentative foray* to list vt ar s noting =*pot across the "Tea 1 he «aid Skimmers get neighborly with little terr.s By George Weymouth T hose aernl acrobits tften setn as a black and white Rash to bambel Causeway travellers are black skimmers IHvi^hops mqra) miking s wi'come rtturn 'othe nhrdi vvhtrethey will spt nd the e ummtr nesting Abo jt 40 pairs )f black skim irers rtfugces from a disturbed nesting s te on the nearby mainland have now come back to the island site they used last >tar borae of these spectacular fivers with their distinctive red flashed beiks the lower mandible longer than the upper for scooping op In sects and fish have nosed in on the already nesting colony of alout 60 pairs of little terns whose site has been roped off by wildlife refuge staff to protect it The terns young are mostly hatched "hile the skimmers have just started to make their nests With both specas the nests are 'oily shallow pits wher*. the parents have kicked away sand The top of the little terns pit is ahout three inches ac-o--s and about ' i an inch deep while the sk rrmcr pits are around five inches fro-n nm to run and about one inch in depth Both species hy2 3 eggs loca'ly (though skimmers have been te corded laving (ive) Skimmers eggs ars slightly more pointed than a chicken igg and about Vk inches long by 1'/* inches across Little terns eggs are roughl) 1U inrhes long b^7/8 irehea uide Each species lajs crc-'jny colored eggs with a dull luster and they are spotted with dark brown flecks or blotches of pigment As a rule the surface of the skim mer egg has a much higher pcreen (age covered with blotches Each hits s high variation in this pattern, and fne eggs are extremely cryptic or hard to «pot Above all never walk into their nesting area The chance of stepping on the eggs and >oung Es very high! Incubation by the little terns is about 19 daya with the skimmers ts around 23 As with most birds when the sexes are alike in ap Might said the birds may not produce A single young this yeir because of the disruption Skimmers historically n«sled on Sanibel beaches but with human intrusion picked less hectic sitet Last year they chose the causeway They have npstei at Thf Dunes golf course and olhir phris in past years Full extent o' dima^e 'o the %kmmpr colony it River s f d^t ma> not hi_ fu 1\ known vci i n fuiji sp A* sn in sa d Tt 11\ pearance the terns share n in cubatlrg But with the skimmer* tht female Appears to do all the in eubation wnlch h rather unique The male black skimmer i* naticecbly l*fger and with roth seies the b*lls get brighter red during breeding nnrf the m?lc hat a much Digger beak with the lower mandible protruding stgmfcantlv farther past the upper This longer iowef bill makes the skimmer unique among bird* they are also the only known birds to have a vertical pupil like a rattle snake, or small at When they feed their nest o- young are^n danger skimmers will fly at the intruder and bark as they swoosh by The little tern also scolds as it dives &l you but really insults you by dropping a cvllmg card" onto you at the same time! Please, while you are OJ* there enjoying the beauty of these fascinating creatures do not crowd in too clo*e to their meeting areas give them reaped C

22 OPEN HOUSES IIOiMES.] SI- WWM) 1 - II \,il M ill S-.isH.ulf lime hmri M h tit tilt il In iih Hits, cl> \\ 1 il, Ion mlhfi hii. I <k. Jl ihtunklli r inhnml I rid it lull > I 1 [ M hi md klilr-t* sttipd p t! I-o\iri ntrv nnri split J liulroonis 2 i hubs 1 uxnrt Toivnhinst (tin flmr in uld li (hi d s.nbili v ol "-is mil iloninium on dupn.lir i mil mlh Hit I tss in iinlunt <j f o m To! ilh ninivti r>pert>,i Kir i^i with umpk workstorim in i lotilil >n thi iikt ml i>f smilil I'ririd ton nvi kitihi n shuttirid porch brand m\t k l $ 7 fl ( I 'l»" 1 S" 7 m ' -I firiiil PUS!7i brnt dock ti nms ind stum «i «J l M S m l l h v ' Ur ininv JJl-iOOO KlUIIMK.IihSIIOLIU Mi!) l-riila*. Juli ) 1 I I'M illhl IIMlbOKimMt Thi Ilcst (on \V ho c o( Irss' Hilusiu cinil subdivision ol dm onus -ihulrooms ilnth* with a splitfloor phn r njoj motorhoitinjj from ymir H concrile pmo dock Biiblik sh ipi d u nti d swimmin pool jusl. nfflhi spumus pilio inri smimtl mm l..iri,i WIKI S177-,IMI, SI- MOH Mil U.h \ il '111* I8IIII Miiidli l.ulf llmi I rid i< lull 'i 1 I I' M. splindiilliui KSriOOO ulisfil r-iirt uilh ri phci viiiltt d tulmfs inltrcom ] o< I Urnis i ich icuss indi'hi\an J bi droi ms > huh [(Si loft ir. i Just (he lickit to an Ishnd \MllhI, MOOKINdS 2 bid-ooms 2 tnth' NEW carp< t ind vmjl in both biths and custom kitchen Ounir will considir finncing iimiificd bnj(r Pools Unnis courts sand> bcichcs ill Ihi* (or $179'lOO furnished Call John \ickens [If iltor A^socntt Atti - hours S\MHH SII-sr\ I'ncL Keductd lowist price in Sanilicl SlG^ta Nict vie* andj>nl\ one huilciin^ from (m'f front 2 bcciroomi 2 baths fiirnished Pool tennis nd >our own girigc SID'iOO Cill IViu I'utre! Brok<r Silesnnn Aftir hour-, SS C \PTI\ \ (adtivilmt, ind.ttrt<- K di.curilid tond tmirium < verlooking Pint Mind biiund 2. bidrooms 2 biths in soft Ishnd colors Ducks trnnis j,winimnn pool beach $ furmshtd Call Mcrjl lrikv;on Ri iltor A fttr hoars b I- 1ST IHHhMlKIU I 'rec ilidroom >>r»h Sdis-ii.n 1,2 111 h 111 IMM'ViS ( A rkar cool sutinn will invite \ou to this JlrdrooT 21nth Island risldtnri Shitkd by minj n 1 \e trtis (lower ing shrubs mil ntrus Ireis On a canal with Uav imss i 24 wo KII n (I vk with room to sjn \Hn> extras <1"0 000 Call him Sukens lirallor \ss irnli Utir hojrs 472 iibo III- \rilbh I \\r PriiiVcdluiii' I irke m ir I li h b dr mis ) hllllf is mnnl (or \)ir ir).c fimih J bulls situ it..1 on 11 iri,i s( I udrd N t jiisl i 2 miriuf wp-ik ftom lh" hnrh 2/ontd iir rmlitii niri, sk\li»,lils (ins ccnlri 1 MI ind in in\ mi n uni p i ti ititrt s I'cnl w ir sbdi ( ill t i \ > si this on od kind >>onii Onlt S ( ill IMM I'ul/il V(t«r hmr«472 9I.HM CONDOMINIUMS^ liroursilismin LIC.HTIUH S* POINTI- I ar^e spacious Aalkout api~tmtni best of (he Gulf and Baj 2 ltdrooms 2 baths plus rftn Idcalhlanif location $ Oil! Dn\( Put7tl Urnt-T SiUsmin After liours 472 %88 [ O(.Ct [{HI- VO ( M [_n.i unit lo^ek and on the quiet side 2 ^droons 2 b-iths with ungraded tirpelink dnpts v, ndo* trlalnunt and i'l PI* 1 jor apj)lianc(5 Sli7 J()0 unlurn'shed l'n()( tll'im) \M» t \^\ TO ^t (ill toda> b ON Till- W \Th IU 'tont I ocalior is e\vnlhinp - ind watei front is the best This unit has 11011! Fxpansnt Eta\ Sound md dusewav panrramir uc» iom«s with this unfdrnishrd 2btdroom 2 bith fifth floor -ipartmcnt Rtaus t!cill> priced at $ Call John **mtth HroVcr Salesman SUKtSIDI* 12 Spicious 3bedroom condominium homt in srrnll i2 unit comp tx Sliding class doors optn onto»np around porches overlook ng the Gulf tenns court ind htatf d pool! njo\ a relared secure Island wav of life Priced to sill at $2oOOOO C ill Rostmarj Robin^cr lualt-or Assocnte Afttr hour? 4fi9 l r **l I Ilh HOLhS - \ ate llrnc I ocalcil on cul di sn closist to the dudcd GuKbuach acctss I'lr tnllj ilnrtd but with bnutilul mtim (gcta tion rftainiri A Speinl homijite m I lovek rfsidtntnl community Owntr-will (immi ijualidnt bl\ir with excellent tirms md condi nuns Pnii just ridurpd to$ r is aoo Siller sinous but not inxious 172 lldlj ISI \MI INN KOMI A 'u lutilul prnati lot with 17j fronl^f,! l"int\ of ro )ni r or th< homt of tiiurchmu VNDipool Sillir will carr. h ilf Ilii btlinii for thru to fi\i uari it in ixulu nt nti of intinst $ 10 1)00 ( ill John Nukms Hi ill ir \ssocntl \fter hours VI /WO SOI III ^ «IIISM\N lltl\ I- Tick oni or loth Two i in ill i son, l.r.ih nsidmuildrm Hi I vilui ml (int. In owmrfinimmi. In LOTS Ml JOO thi itln SI'I 0 ( II Mini rum It I \M)0N 1-STVTtS Head! lo do' level clcind lot within walking distance lo thi- hank and major shopping ci-nttr Si clu'ied laki fron t ij,i Exit Hint tirms Ml 0i fill li hn Nickens Rultor Assocutc^Adtr hours SWIHH WOODI \N1)S Kobinuood linlc Tw01. is i i u il ont loti h b iildnib siti in a siclud id siiliil visi in diricth uross th» slreil from tnt (,u f if Mixico llrokirsjksinin Hi ill \lttr h irs I _ 111 I) viouoo (ill Man Worlnl \fitr hours 472 lifo (.111- Uirt.f loivtood DriM. 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Off IJ HEW LISTING SUNDIAL I *. -l-l? t 3 «^ j (in ill ( I5E Sift > -*' P NEW LISTING SUPID1AL ft ir^ 3b f t*j bt*d >rrr pus m '* WHITE SARDS ' V. f h KFHG S CROWN '209 T- W* Tl S, IV a,),, nl..,, h KIRG S CROWN U ' 1 " s * v e ni «<.r td ucs a*a \sb\t looay * tfi ai d K } pice of S235OOO O\ei 151X> <.j II nt g jemus I v f$» Ih a gifal v * r>l ihe H J I 3 d pool fr-drn th «fotnvi nude' t p ( tondom n urr V u de^t'v* Ihf bem jn 1 i) sihe btsl -otue POlKTESAItTO S nk >6Uf feet it tl ii If sand ip'j'ilrnhs d(r your * ndon Tf- l*n b-d DOKI (*o baih GOLF FRCm u t cr.harcp5lbebeai.lyoisan bel T^ s jn hi jiisl been rcfu b shed and a p ted 1 ill J $280 "00 POINTE SANTO PeThoi«- Fit ih who a e wi o Jil\ lookmf} > p IQ Ihe 1c i t«nc p d K n? PfcrfTt'OUSt U I v u nee! nol lo^k any f^rlher POINT! C -\^O Q II and lagoon ha a cental t- s o \ cut I th **o (d S? fu!l> lurn ihc i BLIND PASS BEST BUY tn a ti bedicorr i n t n thr ^omplen FL*T* ^e 1 eaith»on*s ihal filern* n b/aut (J ly «h il f surfouod ficj^ Th s sps QU^ un t» h i P* crljer jf-ntd history car- b* >Outs fo iti i k ng p ice of S>53 90G BLIND PASS F 203 Exte ded th c< bedroom door plan makes ihn be jut 11! fu o r 5»eJ umi e«t a ta ge Closi- lo beacf- n s dp v». Ln(s of squa e feel fo> I tl e lol J s S fully lutn ^ed COQUINA BEACH Gulf it* O e n< San be! s best vacat on ret Ml cempl»»e<. Tb s i»o bedfooin two ba'h un i ove looks the pool and t% Ids rfuliv decor.ilej Slb9 00C COQUinA BEACH ^^ rut5!ard -i] t* ^fij oeni t.*o bain ^ ound iloo un t * h *t *rrat rnla!tt^*i> a v c* otthepjol tmr-5 (at 1 t ti tocaicd nlhsdu ah t i j f F o devtl pm- t i«\u sav and ntv v t\ pel f t ud r q the stillef coconut I UNDER MOO O0O aidhdesi. b J your I oni d n TERMSPLACE t i I *^n bed o m jn t^ ci?tt"plp ply f i r ^ I uni't S AFTER HOURS ASSOCIATES BI Ho*drd dabowct Mat) Mallei 472 J195 Steven Caw -.72 ^ISO Mo yjohns(,n 47?00'6 Loi. sf yer Jr.eVlb o 466 "900 LlolSuje ma Robe ichubacv 4 2 "> "i6 ES EXECUTIVE IT3 SERVICES INC """ I."> Ii ri \iiikli «n S m l i l h 1 L l tl 1 7( ,2i 1 mi mm tt ns i i' I! II > ' ( i I I Iri si i,\ll V<H) M <lh ^ 1 i ' i SlHl+TflKI 1 I In 'i! WKI2S1 1, o

23 State alligator populations 'biologically secure' Allig-ttor populat ons m Horidi irt tons <krtd niolog cailv ^i cure in 1 the Department of the In ttnors US Fish and Wildlift Service his chingtd the status of thi illigator from thrcit ened to threittned b\ simihntj of ippear in<.e a kss rrstnctiw status under tht Ln dangered Sptcies \ct Jamts W Pullnm Jr South-ist Rt&oral Dirtctor for the US Fish ind Wildlife Strvict maiii the announcement th it was pul lisht 1 in Ihcjuni i Fidenl Registi- Thischtngc illois th< Sfite of Honda to co-itiniu i rij," httd hirvtsl program for nu since miniils and (xptnmentai h ir tstt \ddi ionail> tht slili maj now proceed with phns fo r cxpindr 1 ex (tnmt ntil har t e t whirt i[ propruu u Tht thrcittni 1 h\ sim hntj of ap iranct cittt,or> itlo *s the I S Fish an I Wtl Ihft S(r vice to impose conditions on take ami ommene in i lij,itors to prtvent tht illegal commtrcnl (pirilions which occurred in the 19^0s nrd nrl\ 1960s John f hr stun issiit int Regional Dirtctor for Lndin^ rtd Sp^ies aid this -idion rejftsents the btst pt ssibli o itcomt for in tndingired spiuts full n co\erv o) hte "ptrks m Flindi in i continu ng prottction of illuj^tors through..t iij(!"( ssi\e Stitt nnmt,ement progrim The Flondt Came ind Fresh Wittr Fish Commission is i kadi r in rcsnrch mil mamg mirt of this spenes. their programs ividincp -\ cdmpprphcn si\c commitment wmth insures tint \iib'e environment ttgral part of F'or da s natural rcsourc s This rile dots not affect alligx'ors in other Stairs «hi rt thi \ riman eiiriangrrpd or threittned Volunteers count island 'gators W hen vou want to find onf \oucanl whcn>ou d>i t it s thp r e That s the w a\ a hgators can 1 e Hut a group of 11 dedicated oluntetrs not j st found them but counted them at mght daring tht dirk of the moon this June and found 104 UetiRt 1 workers spotted 30 th n re the sarre night Phns are to count the red reptilian eve* in the da k by shinning beams th-oughout ftvt Rcognphic sample areas and the -ehine ont ni^ht each month through Scpten'bfr to compl tp tht survev A rem nder it is igainst the h» to * K 1 ll Refuge staffer will help with Keys wildlife One o' two r«creational planners at J \ D ng Darling ttild'ife Rpfug» Knstic J Seamen v II go to Kc> Dtcr K< fuge at Big Fine Ktv brl >w Marathon for a week ir ' e July or early \ %w 'o help write a plan to nicrpret the wild) fe i hah tat there and provide facilities R m Hight manager of the rt fuge here saht trip for iseantn was p«rt of a "program whtrih Ding Darling Refuge loans its planners to uthi refuges which don t have one on their staff Chr sli-t V Olsen the local refuges othei planntr ha>» made such trips on at leas* two sions H ght said 4th of July Bucket of Baby Back Ribs Special $14.95 Free Delivery 9AM 10 PM - 7 Days 1528 Periwinkle Pizza, Subs, Ribs, Beer Now playinglave in the taver i J L- 3T e s 5 0* q A "** 4 Island ibiance 0 <5 A V s C Enjoy the Ambiance of Sanibel Captivating Gifts & Accessories for the home. Browsers Welcome Buyers Adored O i l-njo> our delicious Mime 1 ohstei "no frills st\lc in our from 1 until closinc -or M t the full lobsti r dinnir troitnitnt in our din ngroom S9..;J M IMIL I o!»ti.r Sptu Us Sund» Thursday Onlv (Whii ^upphc 1 asll McTs Shrimp House &Tavern

24 I Jill I i'js J C Kli! Ripi r Be NICE to each other it lifts the spirits A ni» niovi mint is afoot and it s N I P E Complimtnls will lift i persons spirits at cording to Dr Willnm Morrow executive din c lor of thi Counseling and Growth Ctnlrr of Irrt Mvers For thit rt ison tht rtnti is hunching tht Nihoml Inuntiw Toward Com plimints for Evtrjbmlv (MCE) cmnp irn Fvtrvhoih' Yis i\tr\lioi!\ H \nu vi <vtr sun thi t ( f*11 (rilinsm his on tht ptrinn riteivim; it \ou 11 known tin u inl ind ojtpositi (fkrlthil toinpliint nts h < laordin^, to th< dortor Cr tiiisni msh id of mil* njj ptopu shir pi n up their a t fnquinth plivs into tfu il r i i<h ftmle in n«t, iliu thit jkopir hi\< of thimsihis umtinuis Dr Morrow Hi iv«n iivs th it criticism m i\ hi mass iry hut nnlv whtn it is a-ikul for vulh thi doctor imphist/ inj, thi word As for Urn itftrs rompiinunls ictualh hciji thim grown icord nj, to tht C mil d Cinttr ittributini? its lolurtiw wisdom to Dr Morrow The cuiur will hunch i nmpaipn to promote tht. wirit rust n\ complimtnls ird usi ftr>ls symbol, thr hot nr bsiloon hinuse of ill tho B i spirits bt ing!i r t(d If >ou would like to lie i chartrr mtmiti r rontict the Counselcit, ind Growth Ci rtt r J32? 11 Fort M>ers venue for Agency on Aging The Ana Atji ncy on Aginf, of South ti Inl \ lond i w ill t oniltirt tw o forums to solicit p iblir oriimt nt on the- rreds of older Afnt ririns Jl thf Krt MvirsCUv Hill 2200 Sicond Mr* tt il 1 10 p m inil HO p m Fnrfa> July 19 Thosi mtr i sttd an mv U d to itli n I A \ A is a privatt non profi corpontion si r\ f»k a 1 * phnning ind admmistntion ig'nc> for spi rial si nior it rv in s for Chir otti (. ollu r I)( Soio OliiUs II( ndrv I to ind San^oti enm t cs in Southwest Ftonn i Gmted Way's local team Chirlrsand Ann fin.iii.ik '>( Ciptiv^ md I>ins Frey of Sin Nl w II srm is rommun t\ (hatrmrn and rhairwomrn lor tbi two <.hnd n sptctivi 1> for United Vti\ ** VJS > nmp ii},n Announct m< nl was made for this wt t k bv Jtm Nith m gi ni ra 1 rhairmah for thi rim/ i 1,1 \ fllitntrr. rs w i i ntlt i\ or to nisc $91000 in 1 1 (onntv (Mohir! inn rirlv f>f crmt«t ror mort inform ilion ronlirt Burnt tt It olwc'tti i xmihw director 1J)!I>HT Voter registration Rit,tstnlion fof new vottrs wtllle hdi d iv Jul> 5 in Sambtl City Hill roi nnl thiml trs on Dunlop Itoid from 10 i m to 1 Si Bon The only gourmet take out on Sambel Chilled Salads & Soups Sandwiches Paella Salad 9 Dove Bars * Italian Ices Godiva Ice Cream Appttizers Hors D ocuvres Desserts Box lunches jor boat, beach or any occasion 22 U Pt winkle Wiy Mon Sit C-inbclSqmrcl Sun Neon GROCERIES PRODUCE BEER SWINE Photo Processing Available FEATURING OUR FAMOUS DELI' We gladly accept Deli call rn orders Phons CAPTIVA ROAD & ANDY ROSSEIANE, CAPTIVA ISLAND CRIHSIN' THROUGH I 1 SUMMER i s Men's Casual Wear f for : Relaxed > Island Living $ OPEN , MC VISA AMEX PERIWINKLE PUCE SHOPPING CENTER 9 How can one restaurant do so much so well 7 Where there's a Wil there's a way! Fun Entertainment For Two Weeks Only' Li ytl t Mti Lot Til I \\ ir iwy i mlwt L put r i f (H. t ) L t md rn, i I V in [ n M i il i i I t -\ i v l n k An 8 Hour Happy Hour Casual Dinirg O v. I vi 1 n ri I, I *Y >l x I, I In i ^ i ' r I. I II I V,1,-V.,.4* «I U» K ^ I vl I, i (f t. \ I \ I) 1^ \ I II M On Periwinkle across from Ihe CulfSlalion Bangkok house THAI CUISINE Over a DOZEN entrees start at $5.95 rg* Selection OBIV llftfclly hhthcr DINNER en Days a Week TAhE OUTS DURING DINNER HOURS TAKE-OUT EXPRESS Permmkle Way O

25 .111 glimpse puzzler A time for quiet n t n i 1/ i a i i i Ir I 11, I f, I I ih < I tl i ' I JIMMY.IHIFFETT'ST-Shirts NOW LEASING PHASE II liqoo square feet units available in Sanibers most popula; garden shopping center. This prime office and reta'l space rinnt oil sanioel's 'iioin moroushfare Penv.mkie Way : MANAGED BY MAROUIS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Siinihel's I-irsE and lino;,! ;? Seafood Harbor House Restaurant Dine In Authentic Otde Island Atmosphere. J EARLY BIRD SPECIALS Piece Shrimp Dinner - $7.95 Stuffed or Fried Grouper - * 7.95 Stuffed Flounder - *6.95 Clam Dinner - S5.95 *.'? Large Ha. Luh-sfer f'rfaay Night Fish Fry All You Cm Lxt (frdrr. 5 to fi p.m,}.... Pomp.ino al "LETIZIAS" CONTINENTAL CUISINE»A TRULY AFFORDABLE JOINING EXPERIENCE Featuring ftesh veal,.'chicken a-.; seafood. ' Also, delicious - pastas con'ibination dinners tot!,-/o. ore iasie tempting desserts. ".- EARLY DINING SPECIALS $6.95 ino P i All dinneis include anllposto or Coesar salad spaghettini, and Iresh bread. >,, Speciaii available lolirs! 100 people seued. or i-rti! 6 30 p m. Ahichevor cones iitst. LETIZIA'S, THE AfFORDABlE DINING EXPERIENCE IV RESTAURANT CGMTI.'IETNTA;. CUI5INE U l. ~

26 u Have easel, will travel Sanibel-Captiva Ait League member has painted in Italy and the Orient By Fran MueMe I t w t* hi- husmnd A ho joire i tlu N i\ li 1 i»is Ins Ln^nii] 4) ^ \* tht we rlii Uilh i pin irsiu \mrlist it i] i lukrih. flou and smell of oils'i, (;rr=*»i' Nirli Inlt mrnid,d tr. mother of three children when shi... r I'. I I il VI Irsso s I! I sl-i km > il I mtd ti \ th it»m ki» il t dc wtri hi it ci * o n«ional still "ifi Now 'Tt-tin-d" sioni,' with hi - hws!)and, Grrs=ntsn lives i\e For p rk rt t irit^ n I n n*ro his nr.;rh in drmnnd, hf his hnd t his b is -n jrt tf-rrf ^ ' i ta! ish TI rt stj I ti ) i ni hcntr 1 sir i»< if hir 1 1 nrttr shi a rr i I th it ^fttr thru V r* *ith 'flm art f rrer aid liti h,d rftwrmd with hi r hist ind II rolo to tnn.poh Md shi fojndhiriilf floundfr ni; I I- I kirnf d more th in I thmmt-t I had shi n. 1 of the sf dn s ^ht was fortutirflt tnoic; 1! II discover at Si John ( >U k. i Umwi!i< a Profe-sor I nib -it«u out of school who was in trt tp rhtr who dttlt HI h h s p i[ indimduallv Ik ivruldt kfniiiln I If ich trr lhni,s -ibo I 11 if i irrur fnminp th^l iddi I I n I is SHI I fir. 1, rth -s n. v.? 11 dj th sip l Ii I'l.'n lit'l ii, i nl.»ihi-t» il t r 'sn in»,lh thn-rl- Mr i n if tf r,i I i I ^f HRECRACKER, Fantastic Sale 25%-50% OFF Swimwear, sportswear, dresses and much more. Terrific Bargain Rack Vector Radial 3995 island Gifts THE BEST LITTLE GIFT SHOP ON SAN1BEL SHELLS - T-SHIRTS - GIFTS 16O9.rERiWiNKLE WAV COMPLETE CAR-CARE SERVICE FOREIGN & DOMESTIC GARAGE _ 24 HOUR SERVICE CERTIFIED MECHANICS. "» Periwinkle Way. Sambel Isiarid, Fionda Sanibel's Only Homemade Italian Ice Cream and Ices

27 arts r i\h!>i(id Sht s onsort i) cur xhi'i lions ind sonu-tinus w mid hint, stun ot hir own stuff 1 on rrm.rk«n ^ts she mm (,imi punttr in i ih JISO Hut is for CInniiL piintmt; v.hirh was just becoming popul ir amnni, American* 1 abr ut th it mm Lois did not hav«(he opportunilv "The classes wire too pnpuhr for nit to hi iblc 10 i nroll ind bi suit s it wi= not my mtdnim But tht habit of f.omg outdoors withihlktu eastl ind materials had to bi nirtiiltd in Taiwan too If jou stt up you were im mcdi iltly "Urroundid bj curious Chintse sht sjid indicating thit was something of a hifsle to In uoided On the last tour of dutv in Honolulu Gressman did manage to (to some jaintnr Retirement came 14 years T^O and it wis logic tl to come to South Honda btennse her pucnts hnil moved here 22 jmrs ago Grcssmin said She has hirdly retired Soon sri was studjing with Lmil Gruppt in Vaplus Ma ThLn httr shx went to his (..louceslcx Mass bast and it tended workshops held by his pupil Charles Miivdli who had studied under her Gruppe now dt ceased Gruppe punted wonderful landsrapts and sea^cafts she said For a worn in bom in Thornborg Iowi who grew up in Momence III far from rtsorls nnd tht "i-i (trtssinn his hid i uniqui oppor tunitv sht his bein ibl< to p tint and piinl wtii htr nwn piciurt postcirds P Evening of one act plays Tht t pstn,t I' ml] prtsrrt an n,tnini**- ofont act plus it 1 ikts P rv Ghcfitlus Dr n Wtwunl'S 41 md Sumrn^Hm Hoad Saturdav ind faun laj Ji!v 1) and 14 Sundiy JuK 21 MpntJaj JuU 2- md SiturHi^ ind Sundiv JJIV 27 and 28 TK phv= ire When \t.u Go n HoDis J-v 1 * b\ tivn Bndfnrd lonto h> I)a\id Mto and ^ \hn Arkm und Thi /»o Stor> b\ tdwird Albn DirtLtiroftht pltv s Dmd \lto ror Tonio' ht hi^tikor in in provisati n In Man \rkm ^nlcnaltd in adaptat info thu sttfi with hi p(.rm ssion f Arkm Tirkt's in SI. i h i( tht I ikqs I -irk office or orns-.inn i-d it Slnki «pi *n Hftthnen *(i)m u n l l t n k M n RoviJI ilm s, i r? Cilomtlini -.umir '1 n 1U ids >r «> nine dur An ijilitifirilfl w II 11 rhar^ ' for pk EMIL FRAY San Cap Art League Homecoming artist ' ', i, L I I 1 tr j! 1 Mi i M \ i r I 1>! V 1 / // t h \,h,tf h >/ Ma tb> Samb ICaptna \rtl*>ai,ut mil continue \i irnt throiikhojt the summer Outdoor worksh )jv arc from 9im ( o no>n folhwid hv a suk lunrh and critiqui e\ery Thursf 1!'. Memhctship is fpin to -ill ana artists Phor P hnrformation and 472 lo<m or <* lor bratioos for mcitings Cher Bells Quilts Tht Julv okhibit at the Cape ( oral Arts Stu 1 o 1 v53cnr»nadn Parkway *ill be TN Quilt Cfl L tun of Cher liell uprntng Monda\ Ju'/1 dunnc; regu'ai tpen hours (Monday ir rough Thursdav from <* a n to o p m and r r da\ f-n-n Dam if 7pm»ThL d spiaj will rt mam up through Ju v 2lf ''"hii exhibit is frte and (ppr othtpubn <_hf r fti II sro p don of rjuills in hfjrk nmv diiiif, hti-k spvcnl gcntn'ions *it vt II!.i\t. ifed!!r> lour nutdnt Juiv 1" it 2 r m Anitltniar ( ii*nati>n if Si ld IMPORTAN <:** ^ PRESENTS SCRUMPTIOUS SUMMER SERVINGS MONDAY J^ N I SHRIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS c )oki d inv w ly urn hki $7.95 (Mllllkssllllll II) TUESDAY CRAB LEG CHORUS Al isk in Kim) I1 ill -. (sollslvllciili ils.^ WEDNESDAY,> FLORIDA SEAFOOD BUFFET Sinil«lsONl\ SI if ll \ 1 If 1 "~ Hi dm si ii THURSDAY MAINE LOBSTER S r LIVE -.,'Hln l,iimimns $ ihil ssihjl ir) FRIDAY STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL.I..I in, St'lVlfltllftlll S A IILKHV CJOOO VALUr SATURDAY PRIME RIB NIGHT ^ni. u ivv tt rut it i in ii.,i,l HIM iliu it $9.95 lim Ituli t All ' SUNDAY ^. ' BUBBLES BRUNCH $9.95 incumis CHAMPAGNE 1 $5.00 DISCOUNT UITIUMISAI) MORGAN'S MARKET at Sundial Beach & Tennis Resort Midi'lc GutrDnu S.imhil Isldiul (.ill f.r muti d< Mi's

28 8ft tf Jn I 19fi f U and Re[(o In 'Smart cards' are credit cards of the future By Gerald Lewis \ou may thin); that >ou can do i lot witli credit cards buy clothes purchase airlinp tickets defer piyment for a night on tne tow n Well you haven t seen anything >ct The credit card of the future could contun volumes of information The card mav stori jour entire credit bickgroimd Or it nn> hold jour medicil history In fact such cards may le pro gritnmed to store data on jn*t about anjthing Such credit cards ire c-illid smart cards or chip in cards Fsch rani his i built in micro processor chip and can re programmed like i minicomputer Initially developnl in rrancp the fir<l titt if iirirt cards among a lomumer group in t- lortdi is srhedu cd to btgin this fa.jj in PIIIP Ream MasterCird phrs to distribute the cards to consumtrs initially during tht om >ear test The cird will be tested for three featurts security the chips ability to memon?e trins actions an<i its ability lo kctp an accurate balance The Diggest hope for the smart card is tha' it -ill eliminate credit card eouctfrfeitipjj and forgery Crtdit card f nud is estimated at $1 billion i Vear in tbp Umttd Sta'es and Floridi is a f-tvored target Tht m* system replaci * signature s w hich cai be foigedon receipt* with personal identification numbers The card usppunches his numner into a keyboard af terminal loratrd at the 'ash register The card is instrttd into tht terminal to «nfj iiithintiuty the ttrtnmal will nad the iden tification nunrbcr from eight contact pi ntson trie rard which replace \131bk ramd numbers Tht terminals will he programmtd to rtcogm^e deception The system will be designed so that ideally only tht, cardholder will know the idf-n tifiration number The Palm Brach project will test smart cards Ihit art programmed to store trai sactions of thi ardhoidirs arcoiint future applications nf ti * new technology however hrld endless possibilities The chip in cards miy contain as much info ma non as a 64K compi ter Tomorrow s smart mrd ma) hold a books length of information on vo ir mediral historj mrlufl ng diagram* of >uur x ra\s cardiogram' and \our health iiirtnre policy Th n card m<iy help jou get i ctss to emerg^ncy ntd eal car" when VOL nrr iriveinir for exsmpl*- Customers may <omedav be able to get up t& the minute information on investments chirgt aicounts and other financial semen through a smart card One card may give *ou aenss to ipveral of vour charge icrnuntsond it moi v man agemert account The nnovation could re^ olutiom*p our conccf t of th* 1 credit card Vo onger ju«t a f orm of plas ic monev we may someday think of the credit ^ard as a pocket 5 ze computer memory bankt GIVE ME YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, YOUR HUDDLED MASSES YEARNING TO EAT FISH! Sanibel's Only Bar-B-Q Buttonwood Bar-B-Q Baby Back Ribs Special " $9.95 R*qj»t«Il 9S OiL*IOh!l ^ HI f 111 v Cj ^ st hmv I NSf h hr ^\ JmtBcfoic Blind Paa< ~rshe)k andiihope beoatifut things : - /rom nmturtand_m«rvtv;- : - "" Exotic 'and enchtntingj: ;; ' ; naturally-...artistically'..:'"'..> > ; - and scientifically. :.:: 'Also hundreds of beautiful gifts from. around the world. *, ;;, 2330 Palm Ridge Place-y -" -" ' Sanibel bland. Florida 3395T.V (8T3i : AND I'LL GIVE YOU THE *BEST SELECTION OF THE *BEST SEAFOOD ON THE ISLANDS!- Red Snapper Grouper Pompano Sword Fish Scallops Shrimp Oysters Clams Mussels 'Taste or the Islands Dining Au.ird 1981, l<)84,l<)8 CLOSED JULY FOURTH' Pizza "We Deliver" Delivery & pick up Featuring THE BEST PIZZA ITALIAN BEEF SANDWICHFS ITALIAN SAUSAGE SANDWICHES ITALIAN SALAD Once you try you II ask 'Mil rook lo I jhl» I-fsh tlnrkt I Upon Z 1'H RpNiaarnnl and landr? Upen 1 Pfl lull linanr llrfmr 111 ai or f rttil r»nli»75 HitHl Riid 24401M n K >v K id VI nn Cla

29 = Istind Reporter. «, Juiy 4. J9S5., 9B. Slxnt of holding a seance, we can't actually get endorsements from people like Ernest Hemingway, King Henry VIII, or Napoleon Bonaparte. Hut we're certain Chadwick's would please, them in spirit. After a long day of battling nmriin orlkiuiingalypewriter, l*i >a Hemingway would have loved to avoid battlinga necktie.,, So he woum have loved CliadwickV, : TIIKI our fresh sealtxxi.clioice meats, '' decadent desserts, and divine drinks. Because, while UtcatmosphcreV rather more sophisticated linn an African safari, the dress is almost as casual. King 1 lenry VIII went through six wives trying to find one wlm'dgive him good fraxl in king-sized portions. With tlie consequences of displeasing someone like him in mind, we created Chadwick's all-yoih"an-eat buffets. : I 'olynesian Paradise on Tuesday. Seafood[Delight on Friday. Champagne. Brunch on Sunday. And bountiful lunclies everyday., j leniy probably would have proposed to the cook. Gently persuading reluctant principalities tojoin the empire doesn't leave a general much I inie to catch a quick bite. Which is why Napoleon is traditionally portrayed with a hand inside his coat, massaging his growling stomach. ^ If only he were around for Chadwick's dinner socials. 1'rinxf.Kib and King Crr.b Duo on Monday. Stuffed Florida Grouper on Wednesday. Cliicken on Thursday. And New York Strip. Steak on Saturday 'lus a special menu for oilier liardto-please little >cople. Your kids. a All at prices so reasonable you can afford lei feed an army.-. We heartily endorse,i visit to.^ Chndwick's in the near future. - As would a couple.of history's biggest eaters. -,. Andoneofhisloiyssniallestdnes. Two Big Endorsements For Chadwickk And One Little One. M'l'l M 1\(, \I Lll\l)WKK^ MK1I \l i()l V.I I \l \<\ \l(.lll M I II KARLSMA, JUNE 5 -JULY 14 I-Avrv 'liil-schv ni.ylit, Soutliwcst l'"lotid;i Stcol I Jiiim Hand. O

30 sports digest T\lll'O\ FOtHNM ** imbel M ind 11 hint. (tub h is rtschidulcd its tarpon (our uimt nl (ir Julv 20 btginnmg at 7 a m dtpartmj, from s imbi 1 M i r ina \ng trs 111 ph i Hit ir cntm* it t hi Ma- m or call ,3 fur d( tails D HOVHM, IIOTI INr Thi imud Stilt* CoiHi dmird h i K st irtcd tnilinnnich toll frit floating Sjfetv Hotline which wid br opiraud Mon through Fri from 8 i m to 1 p in cistern time To rtport possible safety defects or re ijiiisi information phono sports and outdoors CO \ 1) TOl ItN \\\\ \T I ff Uunt> Humane Societj Kit) htncflt fnim a coed soft ball (nurna ment at Hutenborg Park on Aug 3 Entry fee per Uam is 580 and must be rtceived no lattr than Juh 29 For information contact I arr> McKenzie during the day at SWAT SWIM MEFT S«nibels Water \ttack Ttam travelltd lo Naples for the \BC meet last «eek with tht following top finishers among At) and C levtl competitors ten and under Paige Horak 2 50 hack 2 50 free 2 50 flv An dy Muench I 50 free 2 50 flv back 13 and 14 Christina Rogt rs 3 W frte bick Jey Thomas I 100 flv fret free Vikne Copt md Danny Rogers also competed for SWAT H HF\niWhtt COU lieachvie* MeniUlf Vssnrialton named Werner I'npke us goiter of the week with a score of pius six tournament results were June 25 1 Wirntr Papke Jim Esson Warren Ihck Fd Rted Dave Spoehi George Brauch Claj Marsh Gtne McDtrmott Ld Konrid Jeff Dean Rudy Mikuhc Rij Holland tied plus four June 29 1 Stan Con dit Gene McDirmott Ted Htrlshornc Werntr Pipke plus five Ml- Nb SOFTb \I I Tracv s ( nr tt nsh lopptd tht Ham from Nnumann b> (wo runs 8 6 in the first gamt of men s softhall action last Thursday Other results were Dunes 8 versus Ishndcr 6 West Wind 9 versus Mucky Duck 2 dimes scheduled for July 11 arc West Wind vs Islander 630pm Dunes vs Naumann 7 45 Tracy s Car W ash vs South Seas 8 45 \\ OMr \ S SOFTil \l I frish Phillips and Knth) Duncan scored back to baik home runs last Wtdntsdij as Twigs deftaled Chance Chiropractic 16 4 Cablevision Plajers remained undefeated in tht leigut winning o\tr Island Condo Maintanenct 21-3 Julv tt nth games are Chinee \s Ishnd Condo 6 30pm Cabltvision vs Twigs 7 45 IKIDW SCIt\MI)II-S Matt \«n Jim Miller and Paul Cornelius ttnmed up at flu Dunes list Fr dd\ to win tht cramhlis tot rna mtn' with a store of 29 ov<r Dick Mui nch hin 7eigltr SUve Corwin ami BarbToomtv with \2 in i scorecard plavoff Third phct finishi rs wtrc Ciordv horshirg Jen Knchtnspirger Mikt Nowakowiki mdtnrv Grten PlNtSJlMOKS Ihirttfnphversfrom Thi DuntH junior tinnis camp trmclkd lo The landings Fort M)cr< hst Tutsehy conptting lor tht first tune on chv cojrts Tht Dunes won Mtwomitrhis 18^16 with Phiidn I'fahler John Ftt nt \ *nd Jav Jambeck undt ft iled whik IK hchnd ml JtnniJimb.ckwonthreLof four mntchts ( ach Kann Munch Brian Uhlmtr JOIIISCIJI Chris Tinner Pat Ha Itj S0 >hu Mtlrhill Kill) Hull} andchnstv St^hnkt I)M> rtimpltid for fhi Dines (Oil) M'MH M I \\u I tt ( nunl) Hum mi Si cul\ will turn fit from irmd soft bill tnurnt mnt il Kutint ri, P rk r t.rt M\ir n \ui, 1 i ntr\ ftrsfnrt l it d ib! i nunition I jrn ir*. SH) [ r t m L rt t I irr\ McK n i it H>1 OS f r Itti I" UIM)MIU1M ( HXMI'IONMIHS Thi SinEbtlriuMKH will It Ihi Hit if tin I S \ irht KH i L, I ni n j in >rl ir N i fmi, i h im pionsbi) -l ( n Ju!\ t tnri 7 fhi n t, iih is op n to juniors i), 1 I ih t.h 1 n I tij, on W ndsurftr Oni i)tm,n t ir T ht i j thru finishers" w ill ach im i lo nit n tl i hanif lon^hip^ in Sin I 1 ego For i( l iu ph n U ndsi rf nj, of Sanihtl at 172 0*^1 GOLF MISFITS CALL IT A DAY By Karen Forester The> are thi wor*t And the> don t mmd ad mitting it As golfers the Summertmit Ilacktrs tak»> the prize for slued shots double bogeys and mis hits Fvtrj wtekend were not pla\ ng soflbal! we re phying golf which ii about once a viar said Rog-r Tabor of Nive Plumbing Tabor a ballplaver for the Class A Fort Mvers Bandits teamed up with fellow Bandit Curtis Nave at The Dures golf course Saturdaj to w in a bottlt of champagne and the dubious distinction of bong thi worst in a field of over 7(1 golft rs The Summertime Hackers Inv titional Tour nament drtw manv tough comp"titors for T abor and Nave who chim thev hit the ball high HHI and often Now in its third vear tht event was organiz ed by Bandit fit Id mamgtr Tom Pad who advis ed I'opup Tifcorand Curtii ^avethev snould lav off golf i couplt of weeks then quit Both Tabor and Nave insist they would havi dont bttter if paired with somiore other than Tom Higher than a kite Hite and Veil No par Bergman For once it s not just me and Curtis siid labor Its the others we v en, ["laving with Curtis agreid It took us up 4 o th- 16th hole to realize what t wrong with th«n They wtre standing too close to the ball after hitting it Tht setup could have been better admitted Pacl siying Bergman has ptaved thrtt vears 1 h 1 I III 1 I I / it I! f ir 11 1 ll It r 1 Ihr 1 I 1 r 1'1' f 'i ft If ft renrbj eicrw* rnstnt sh ts hi,* farm Thonptan wa» vr irchc<> the ucf(h f r hit hit ball /iff Leaf in i<ns tht «in nutf hork't / / ' 1 h il 11 Tip. a familiar sight (fenny thi tpurnt v ' h icker hits hts shot frt m i An nrl 0 ir i \fss battles the stoqra^x nmr tht 11th qrrtn Ab.n RtqtrMor Wt an I < art \n\t urrc ni thnr ho*it Dmnaftnr C{.nttr ruq f / ni qutrn />r thf dnu without ever parrmg and Hite landed almost every s)iot in the water or out of bounds All excuses aside the tournarrunl was for on ly the best hacvers most of whom reside in tnr Myers and vacation a' interval owrtrships ( n ban be) Pacl begins orgarmng it earlv in April es'abhoh ng handicaps for both A and It divis on gotftrs preparing a program with plajer pr< filt s and selecting a quetn to reign for tht d iv T his ytars queen Dootaflinn wiftofdims head pro Pat Flmn w as presented a m igir i! plurger as her wand and was often sren rtjt nt, from her busv day upon the commode throre among the tret s of the 10th tee W ith plars for rext jear s tournev hetng big ger and bettt r the hackers completed their d iv on the course with a two-man scramble and a puker game and presented another dtibiojs award to Drew Keenan for recording thi! i«.t divorce before the tournanent date The final winners A division 1 Jeff! easurc plus 17 2 I arry Rose Bob Woodard tie plus eight 4 Ron Elam Mike Hurst tie phis six fl Division 1 Mark hherry plus six 2 Divt lags Lageschutle plus four JrDave Cabiness plus three 4 Jack Baker plus two - Ken Zeigler plu? one «A successful search for a shark One day remaned of his Sambe! \ ICI'H n ind 12 jpir old Jon Houlihan was delermun d to sptnd it in starch of a shark He had no idea that bv TiidafUrncnn list *n daj he would be face to face w th an nt,ht f >< i 225 pound nurse shark which Houlihan 1 iltli 1 for thre«hour«before landing He did a real fine job of fn;htini, t > i! island fishing guide Dav( Ca«whr n In u I the vo ingitir whili he sin^lt hmdt th S 1 i tp hi«citrh AfUrtntiiK the hd\li-h Hail 11. h irk j I up ( inti a fiijh for the five foot t ii,h n h Impound voung«t<r from (>U ndilt V\ ^ Thi bittlecamt down to thi wire nd \ nc irlv i >st afti r a brnki ti gaflinc h K pnvttittd Houlihan frmr faubrg his r it h aboirrf Slut t*i dt\ ind tht fjtch wtri MVIH f < r Houlihan wht n anoth' r ishnd fisl int. K di I it Lovctnt stopped in pa«.«inir to offf r Jit«v t, iff ni, hook nd Houlihan won tht battle He plans to mourt the shark " "aid ( i ( * hn ad len Ht s going to need a prcuv t n, w ill t > hang it on o

31 Hot weather algae can mean death for freshwater fish cby Fritz and N6rma Stoppcibcln MIL, 1 ] U itirumtt(rituns tfm u itt r )t\t I- m \ i i,n blit uns com) int in Miinmi r to link lift iliffu ult for In^wiUr fish Mist ft 1 -* f\ h kills riportf (1 in iniiih H>n Ii in tht rimili insuffiunt ox,si i It \i m I hi «iff r Hi»huit4rtiiii Hriturf.tiiikt hi fn sh witi r s\sit m mon [ rod utivr fur m»r >j i p l inti This rt suits in in I!K u bltmm dr nn itir mtn dsl in thi mimhtr of UUM small plinu Normilh osvgtn prniiuctr" througt tht prwiss of photos)mht«is Iht> htconi (mijeii usirs uhc n sunlight is urm ill ibli riurinj' cloud) ri.n<«or tmrnght Hi nu-u ihealiju u-, th<. owgin at thosi tim«s fish bigm ti> suf fo itt beciust thin is loss oxjgi n to go iround Wmr tempiraturcs rise fister which in itself can stress a fish and tht aigic I looms ire mon set en. and occur rrorc frequently Fish subjected to thtse conditions ire strtssf (I making them susceplibk to internal iihclion which cin ilso kill the fi^h Tnnstnis sion of infictious organisms 1o othtr fish are also more likely undtr crowded conditions which occur during [iinuds of low w tkr Itvrls Although fish kills due to lick of oxj gen arc i nitiinl phtnomenon th^ir frequency his (iramiticilly increased with Florida s iirliarma tion Pollution from resnientnl cumimrcial ind agricultural ireas deliver nutrients into urban lakes and ponds Nutrients acting as fertil'zcr tause iltfap blooms leading to i jjn itcr posiibilit) fur i fish kill Fish kills occur >tir round throughout the ind for \ arm is reasons but 95 per cent of thost occurring in the south region in. the result of insuffi lent oxjgtn levtls in thi «iur I I cgishlion m iking considerabk mort strmgtnt 'hi pmiftit s for \ nil it ions of m trim. fishines liw*- has bem Mgnul into liw bv Governor dnhim Ihr nc w )iv. whim wint into nfrit mi nudiiuli rqiiircs thil tourts iss ss idditirnit pi mltu*- in some \ millions tt\<\ it furthi r i n> hihts tre courts from withholding idjudu imnn ol f,mlt on thoi( pirsons con icted of nnj >r v ohlions KIMPIHC f-om inmdated additiom! fines derimd from major vtolitions are to be deposited into tht existing Minni Research Biological Trust Fund This is separate from th nominal court o-^p^td Tint s the ruvenue*- of which go to tht counties Historically smill fines ha\i been considered a cost of doing busirn ss t3 those- indi\ (duals in tent on viohting our marine resource laws For instince a person h< reiofort convicted of 5**nmpiiie in stat< witers of Tortugas Shrimp Nurserv area fictd i ipax'mum $500 fine if caught ind conuctul ftn the federal zone the fine is $i2 500 ' Bv fishing in an area to or closed to nit fishing a fisherman easih can make $500 or more i night If he gets might and is convicted his fine nerages bt twven $io ind S100 The new law nun latei an addition*! pi mlt> of $10 for i ith pound if illegil shrimp caught urdi r such instanus For i \ Million involving mort thin 100 till "al cr wfishorstoi* cribs in idd t onal ptnaltv ol S10 must b< <vii(i for c->ch iftigtl rr^wfish stout crib or r irts of them \ nun t» n for tht possission or hirveslinis of t nd in^trtd or thrtittntd sp ut s or S,nm s of ^ptuil Cnmt rn utn is snookl v-il! >-t siilt n thr iddii onil ; miltv fit$10d 'or (J,h u^lt Th- liw lis.i I if rented *m(m i n fir Hinic ind n (i at offimii rs I'n visions ir< mi 1 f»r CH m M p r o\ i^i tps liso a'lnw Iht <;iispi HM r (' il j i run! in i i rrn (." i MM H hv tr^ It f) rt m nl i, Nitur i! ]\t SOUTH fur s[ irido n pf I fi j pdet, f >n (he rum'icr o! V flllt HIS \ [it, i ti i jnihs sh wsit-n it, H r l Mi n I'-itnl -idi If 7"» im sis m r m. I > \ Of th si it Mt») pir rtnl n mtt il in im \id on' Thf mijnrttv of pdj'tic. i(ui t h\ Ih court how*vir r ngt d fn m nrnt liminiui (on s tij ii ntlv t j' > niitf tr of rtprit offi n*i» r has mm tsiti In Florida Mir 'it IVitroi D^ln t 1 Stidquarttrid J! CarabciJe in north»«"si Florida then r-i TI ported ^2 pf rsois with imilipk irrest r cords foi marine rr*,ource mlal is fishing report MWI.KOU (r.ra\) SSUTrR - Season \ar round location Deep wait r - under bridges and pievs inshore offshore reefs Feeding habits Bottom fetder prefernrg frustartans Bait ind method [> vtj yhnmp minnows or small jigs with minir-um ef terminal tackle- inshore Offshore livt or rut fish (IROIPIR Season Vcar round ir.ore plentiful in summer and fall location Rotky areas which provide crevices for prot«clion and hailfish reed ing hi bits Bottom feeder Bail and method 11»"" pinfish or other small fish squid or tut fish on weighted line to hold bait near the bottnm troll Weighted plugs State law Minimum li ngtii 12 inchts from lip of nose to rear center till SI'OTTH) SF \TROI T Season ^rar round I ocition Over griss flats al high tide* ilecj T hoits it low tides and periods of extrtmp Urn H ntures Migrati off«ho"i to =pawn spnr^ through fi'l ftcding hibils Hottom to nd witer prtfernngcru^taenns and smil! fish Rtit ind mithod Pirf'sb pilchird" shrimp fivi nr dei il with rr without a popping rork irtifiuls MH)I as shrimp ifiiitilions *mall jigs -or [ h ^s hw Mimnmm kngth 12inch(s'rnm tipof n M. 11 tides / charters / guides f RSHIIMG BO AT CRUISES 1 sli 1-1 U > i J s i i ; i > t i p CAP r. RALPH BARTHOLOMEW SHELLING and SIGHTSEEING CHARTERS Caotam Jari arreed Natjvt Ponda Guvte 90% of tha fmh are caught by 10% 1U of tha fibharmen. \A Ba part ol that 10%. ft SHELL NG FISHING SIGHTSEEING B *a«-fa I \ uncr t ps Is Cat-bar* K«w POWER BOAT RENTALS Cant R BJ i^o f es «77 Sn<era s "sani Types * I* 5277 vs y nc outbo^ LS Tfif IN THE B a Hi sf a S3" t" SACK TOUNTRY F y f 1 ra i Sales # Service Bait & Tackle * Gas & Ice mercrui/er N, (.J H ISLAND QUEEN II 50 Parly Bo*t Lunrh Cruise to Cabbage Key 10 a m 3pm 615 Adults Sunset Cruise J 30 p in 5 30 p m SlOAdilts CalheniiL Theresa ' Split Shelling Trip* ui-rlb diput Tnt-iri Wil r^ * Captive \S\AX\A FOR RESERVATIOr*S talt. 2Ui8 ( r hells Agent RENT A BOAT CHARTER SAILING "JJOili House; AT SANIBCL MARINA Bailey's Hardware Store I slmul ( quionk nt R il- KM Is 1. He i iv e Shrimp Briu OPCN 7 DAYS 8 a m - a m o

32 12B ; I W> I. I ft I THE BLUE BILL COLLECTION f<^ff^=k I ^ \ f-> COMBINING MEXICAN FOOD WITH THE ISLAND'S BEST PIZZA! ISLAND STUt PIZZA MEXICAN SPECIALTIES $ Dollar For Dollar $ ' $175,000 One of the best buus in many n (1»y Gulf view, 2 bedroom 2 bath unit In excellent condition Tennis court suimmtng pool, shtiffleboard and white sandy beach Today's the Day! WMM 851 Gulf Drive QUIET ELEGANCE I ELEVEN ne-ghbor* n th I qual ty condvn n t pun nny you come face to face w :h s maqp liccni the Guf tf ^o through A wall of si d ng gla«door^ The i r tiplflfly wpaiate from itie It ng lialttc. A jut. an S d< r add to tfic Lh^ m We ^ e e^pec ^!> pt - \ pla n*d h *c^ n for CHK fnctj &rd tfasi Ml U-rtuty! uond cahne i ip Is ihe Hi 9 jlxklfunshtd ofsaijibcl xc t ngly different condom mum on the Gu!j Una spic o»s 0 ee hedroom three bath res a^"ce p] s den ard aundiy area Spt-Ctaculcr pa loramii. veu, frori the rrasiir sute /t nil rao r n and one gutst Led oom of/ of ihch cpen onto the screened tar a Cabana and ga'age open onto the severed Sana on Ihe ynurd _f/oor Tennis pool hot tub beach shelf ng or d just p'a n 'oaf ng R <jht nou onl\, *3 J9 000 Don Irnssa it on th s List Blue Bill Properties We will give it our Personal Attention OPEN 7 DAYS DINE IN, TAKE OUT, OR CALL FOR DELIVERY GRINGO'S for family fun or just casual dining with the best of foods" Centrally located at Blind Pass just off San Cap Rd. (6400 Pine Ave.) between Sanibel and Captiva! Celebrate THE SPIRIT OF 76 WITH R B Liquors Gordon's Gin Old Thompson Skol Vodka 1 Taylor Califo.-nia Cellars Wines.ALL TYPES LTR LTR»}>0. / D $9.76 Budweiser or AJ- Bud Light 12 PACK CANS JJ)O. [Mlil% I lymruelinc Licensed Real Estate Broker Main Office 2422 Periwinkle Way P O Box 796 Sanibel Island Fl (8UH Plus many other Specials Expires 7/7/ Daily 11-7 Sunday nwnkleway Sanibel NextloHu>,erb o

33 J THANK GOODNESS WE'RE LIVING IN THE : GOOD OLD U.S.A.! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY FROM THE MEMBERS OF SANIBEL'S FINEST TO ISLANDERS OF THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE! V i t i I ' 11 I ID GLENN CARRETTA REALTOR ASSOCIATE Hometown Bflarchil Mancr NY Sot. h Sens F onto! n ondo-'i un of t S S Si. easebacn $ CapKo bayt ci 3 bed ccrr bea > rg v^w SMe SM9 000 Pe loci hon o 3t d 2ba coded a cf ng t epa spa oi.s $ ?bd<2ba <kin bei Moor tig f>ce ert en a I" slor $ Sgna inn mn revert!c*nnoj e lesg^e ( n snogs $ ii auhul homes e bjd yu e eat crronq >~ pne-, $ EVES CONNIE DING2RSON BROKER SALESMAN Hometown Peotia IL cw. 2ttf?la a ursf»~11 <^c NA J'- G SIM 000 esarti, a«sent<=s ^ bd b^iffwj cc r e.i.<-iu^ HAKtOFFIBl 1 hcov 2 b3 2txiurde $t1b(l0q ir ea EVES i ig ai ROSE GIBNEY BROKER SALESMAN Hometown Lon^ Island NY $ fu s'-ed as c ve* J ^ba g ' J CU -G o J Beoci a d g g P1 ne^tx Tie t^cmbeocr $ % HNANCINO & fed a,-" f fp rg5o C a i EVES DEBBIE HAOAN REALTOR ASSOCIA T E Horretown Derlscn 1X HEIDI PARILLA REALTOR ASSOCIATE Hometown Columbiano OH c $ BECKY WILLIAMS BROKER SALESMAN Hometown Mentor Ofi. t r " a* L1 tllf 5 ae ~i s s q V j t e $ j n C n " r r MANY e 1 O"fJI 1 f EVES EVES $134 MO $ ge c<- T toe K " c ef^js b g lat, «G -1 lr 3 ^» c- tea r $ *-. r red r c c I ^ a f, bc>! Lvai d ^ «q f s fngf,e $1M $ EVES OR ^ FOR THESE PICK-NIC SPECIALS, CONTACT US AT:, NEUMANN ' associates, inc., realtor Days TOLL FREE (In FL) lout ol FL) O

34 sanibel library From Spain, to California, a saga unfolds By Pat Robertson In mm toe \tirbn f/(ar>n It <, - \ fnd Co )Pl I This timlli ^cntritnn il M^I liiiutiful blnndi imtrc<imli ( isiilnn who whin 'tht imrr i s Mu h M irhurf, f>unds i m * (IMi I'sU It is \drnn i who bnij s tht fjnuu from thtir impovmsht il hnd in Spun lo C ilifornii thi I ind )f ni v. opportunity.-. Wt follow Admna and the Mirburgi through thru tfinintions in hir chnging roltsofwife motlirr and widow In The Enemy Cwp Robert i Duncan In a world where the only rur rtnc> is oil Ambassador Charles Clements accepts the challenge of identifying Ravtn Number Om the kingpin of the six men who pro pose to plunder the wealth of Indo nimi \ vidldjm In nr pi lit nl intrigue* lilrml in i T* I^ im ( lion N»n futii n 1hi S ik f i/ / In.1 r Ihl i ' dtit /-f i \\\ K>s it Im in i \rth r f -'h A tn\i If )k In it t <. i-i t S» r ' on d litij n ss ons < f nr iw iv j 1 ui s l>v \4ttrn wn'trs UHi'. iv brings in untourm^ i»iss.j»n for tht part of thi wi rid tv mo rr knov s firsth nd Sivnurthi essc nco of I ondon Pins Ront or Ath ns with thf J»L imii;initiw guides Deuicmnce at Los Han }* An thonj Arthur The true sto"-\ of survnil mil triumph in a Japinese internment camp for civilian prisoners in thi Philippines gathered from diaries memoirs and first bind interviews The inmate 11 were a cross section of aocictv who had been routed &REDKEN Sanibel Beauty Salon 33 yea's i Ptofessional Hair Care fron th< ir h an * it tin h-^innini, iiu s of oil jn*rh counlrv in t < I >f tht J ipin si M i,pition nd ailtrs Wtlln^ jnhidiri \ trarsportti tu thi<> i i r np whn ifidhgh to bt inn f JinU n n't tht siru^ghd to MI MM nlil tht *ht I'niw n>thinsdl IUI! k rud th-it fm<mh"rn in 11l r > dr p ind gjs < r Oi'l h mi I nt i p d th i 11! \l <vtu I Nfrstjr HJ;" hi n but senaib'i ^IJMCO thit nu'd fro\idi ju«t thi s rt of n infont mint i ithir in hw mi^hl hi looking for Tht book will help ill nrlusix p'on "hpir nhtionship to set whil is re 11} hippenmg hptwrm them Thores good idvict for thi mm in the mhdlr tor Singer writes with with and st>lr in narratng the mtttonc rise and fall of Ptun Square Hank that small OKlahoma Citv lender whose 1%2 collapir helped sink both Seattk First and Continental II Itnois Sidelight are related true I 1 n 1 VcDoniMis.likf il i x joiirmli'.t who yhost wntts n [ ri for pru. Ho invt stigj or J i V Mm bainwhi'pbc struggle-- to mikt i ( is i mvstt rv uri'rr W h«n ftirn btum drop*) doid in!'iul s In inif room Mrdona'd finds him^i'f ir thi m'ddli of fci* life mavhem "Wit for llurqlar - Sur Gnfton The f-aturcd private drtectivo in this new seres is spunkv joung i \ rop KiRS"y Millhore The^tirch for missing Ellin? Boldt swings from southcrr California to F'onda as a colorful cast of characters seal ter clues and lay false trails Danger and su«pf nsf aplenty r re all here ready to serve you Janls Gale Mary Anne Conn e Alice 732 WINDLESS WAY h a ess o Ray lo F ^Jd3 v T on f f j - -f " Bailey's Shopping Center // \ Thistle Lodge WINEVENT Monday, July p in Seven Course Wine Makers Dinner Hosted by INGLENOOK WINERY St5 00 per person fur Roienmioin Call (1(1 DAYS SO EVtS 813 4?2-«02ScotT Neumann 8* Jonn N creuon toll FREE (In *U (Out of FU The Game's Not Over Until You ' Visit Mulligan's Restaurant and Lounge at the Dunes! * The Dunes' newesradditjon is now open and ready for yourenjoyment Mulligan's very special features include The most mouth watering burgers on Sanibel Delicious daily specials Savory home made soups from Mulligan s kitchen Cnsp garden salads Daily dnnk spt cials Friday night is Mexican Mulhgan s mght uith Frre Tacos and special Margaritas Enng this ad to Mulligan 5 for d 10 discount op >our meal beuras^enot indudtd Clubhouse and Restaurant Public Welcome' I U!L\ Hoid off I'triwinklt Wav O

35 I' I Julj 1 I 1 community events ABWA scholarships for island women Two Sinihtl ri-:»lt nls rmiwd* h)lir 1 its fiom lh< SimbiU i(ili\ i Chipti r i>f thi \nnritinbiismss\\nmink \s HU it t n n(t nth Lirohii ( irn K ulin wh< nn i rk f>r ht r > in nls il 1'»L,UI K">M r 1 * Phi t» r in hirt, in h lirr r ntt r v-i 11 ll v. >rkl>> ink \!U, \IIi\, > -r, ^r i it 1 imi r sin n[ N.rchCin 1 ii (l ji Hill SI, rm mil i Sio hul ir 1 l» K> tilu n i mti\ i uismm till 1 In S imlif 1 in 118! \ mi mln r of the So nhmt-^l t lorul I n inn Thi nri.hi ikih din t«ind ti i h<«m irv Io (j ui t n rt i\ 11( T ^IOT j,nni from \I1\\A Shi will umiirliki I itin \mtruin sturfus it tbt I nm r«i'% of t ililornt i it Sint-> Cru7 Sht is nnrr id tn 1 tti- ViHin who will stml rutnpittir tnitimtrinf il! C s t G«uli is thi moth) r of i <>0 > pir old son w ho is ltttndtni^ colk^t m \trmont ^ht sttujj d for n jtir Jt Flondj ^UU Uimirsitv ind \i\l mutiny of thi ABW \ will hi thi ilir tton and jwanh night Julv 1' il Si l^ini I «c t,r idunti'd with uiaadigrii fromtdison Chinhatepm For IXM r^ition-; nil Minlvn riimmiinit> Cnlkgt Dt Ki- B HOI \n\ Cl t» Jenn» TcnIIroek mil Mike dordiin sludtnts I\)ID attended the w tki»i i; **< mnir f ir ruiurt I eiders ird ti re *\ r»i (ill <p>1 < r hi«list mi ct ni. n rodurui t i pa ni(d th> mrrs it thf *«trur \fur l Jk,!( timid ovir the ^ t DanMirtn nt w Ho'arv prtsidml Alliance annual meeting \"ILC JOJT views rtgard ng arts in I ce toun t> it ihr annual mating of the Lee Count> Alliance of the Arts 5111 McGregor Blvd Fort Mvers at 7 30 pm Monday Juiv IT election of new board members will take f lace and ind viduals and organizational representatives are invi'ed to attend "~* [^ PEN C «^»* [^ RESORT FASHIONS^^*. o SUMMER LONG <? SALE SAVE A A P 20% TO 50% I OFF ALL INVEVTOR\ INVENTOR 1 AA ID ant 5p,mM.nS., J IL S.nlbrl :idhoi s,pl.,, Id. ' fvl ri _ J. I AIM \ '.. ' (813) McT's presents the biggest "early bird 77 on the island! 72 great seafood dishes under one roof! tk jspu.k\ IISMUIIK \ou n. ^ inj. i f ndc\dci> whui \iiulilcon the euninij) tnd't s \kt smenu The isl mils Ia"c«.st(.i!'i<. lion nf scdfmxis (j\lr24 km dm. IPPLII/LP, pnnk fib nh-. (.hn.k ndi 1m an-] tin. a^w^\s t ihi I ms Mu 11 H ill with lo\iiit laic irtmtt s award wmnii ^. KstLhtn Ch xj^ \kt s tomtit and ya jl! tho thoitts ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP OR ALASKAN CRAB The house that shrimp built! I'HIMt Kill srmmidsiikimi' I'l Mil II IIIIIMHI.I Hills IKIbl) II \Ms HHIIIt HIKms.dlKktN l'\um s\s S( MIDI'S M\RS\I1 \ ior ) oyo I or Ihi I irst Kill st.iiul [rum i-li I'M h Ir n m n I H H \v II IMn S U McT's LShnmp House &]a\ci'i I! r * nkl \ I 1 I! I I M M rl t J I M \ pi i* Shnmp House &Tavern O

36 16B July 4 l)t-> l> ird Ri on. i Breaklast Club Florida Grade A While Large Eggs per dozen 29 Olde Smilhiield Sliced Bacon tib pkq 99 Fublix salutes our great AMERICAN HERITAGE. Vacuum Packed Folgers Flaked Coffee 13 oz bag Frozen Lender s Onion Plain Pumpernickel ciegg Bagels 12 oz pkg Fresh Homogenized Publix Milk gallon size Orange Grape or Fruit Punch Hi-C Drinks 64 oz bottle n... THIS AD EFFECTIVE THURS JULY 4 PUOlIX THRU WED JULY In Water or Oil Bumble Dee Solid White Tuna ' ' T For Snacks or ; ;:-.- Salads, Crunphy Red Seedless Grapies (Regularly S2 59 Each) Chef Saluto Frozen Pepperoni or Deluxe 16-oz pkg, 10 inch WfOM... FREE! Assorted Paper Gala Towels large ro'l California Ripe Juicy Flavorful (90 Size) Nectarines 10 M Serve Chilled Wilh Pubh* Ice Oejm Jumbo Cantaloupe * 79*'tlntp«ct»d BontlMt ibbltdm??;":v,publlxb««i;v:k;y. ';: Gov'vanipMUd ra Grbuiitf M Dilrl-Fr«th Small or L»rg«Curd, Uow(»t or Schml«rki3» 'A:.>i--:>..'piirjb;: : -.-r.'?:i\v GULF POINTS SQUARE Cheese : -16rO2.Cui> v>, A»tort»d Htlru nil :.:." ', ;' -"' S^ilniMI. : ''.; : Baby. Food Publix

37 I 1,1 ill-, * 1711 THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE CROSSWORD PUZZLE Spaces and Places BY LOWS SABW/Puzztes Edfted by Eugene T Maleska ACROSS MCbsMca hopeful (working well) 35tougirs 57 Bind fthfhgs 38 Pilate s savelveiylabnc 13Twain stom Luck" SI Hawks Canty 39Jullander 62 Twelfth 19Madscra 10 Express M>Rht clu*n o!e 2PHimeuf contempt S3 Mars Cimb (Mweus 41 tkiamsis ()rm angi 64 Sponge 65Hallasa%bu<.k WHiwdotCnnis 222 ChfC Ulltltonll ad Isl intl sights 24 TUncs irslinp place 26Artlame 27 SKod letters 28 Oreo in Pundit. 2$ Ouler limits M With by his side Shak 43 Ear y nvaders ol b'lrope MCorvivial 45 Garden ul the Gods sue 47 Wyo srdtkick 48 At no 92 51Okla city 52 Mathematical quantity 54 Memorabilia 55 Hshbo*} occurwni 67 (ognomens 68 Ukrainian my 72 Retaliate 71 River of Hesse 75 Prescript iors 7S Leanage 77 Teens e g 78 Role tor Roz 79 KWR macker"! K0 Lnnd mer s billycock 85 NPV C t> MSporecluslers 87 An a mi of fd\i at ion 89 Hebrides sobnquel 90Canttrbur> 5 cowtj 91 TV s Anderson»Ltupjx or chopptr 93 Sum ic ot Peru 9«* hat Lie once ld 99 Base tipires 101 Eye pan 102 Scrubs IDS Trespass 'M Roe* word 1«Eacrllenceor val I f 82 Woodpile word 1«Sennacherib cmpir 1 Waste c impen alion 2 Mark s pretlpccssnr 3 R<«mtimsht_r 4 Uamkau foi 12 Drat Drt-ulf styk 13 Majorca s ciplil I t i v n IS (tile Ar^ntu!7J-ablishe-s 36 Parlnercfa 37LiheaclarL 44 Rahbil 46 lonquen-d i t-iyuse MOysierafeekr 59 rug (0 Tweed could be bought h*re f 1 Pretense 62 Cannes disphy 64 Lead the pack 65 Mak waminr N 6Chemist i a mb form 7Nttnma]pitk 18Utc 21 mo 25 ^ ivi s stml 32Outsidf tomb Usm pi ini<i Mlrr1inf> 35 b A nxkn 49 Dyne nr erg 50Tillnunph Mutt TIPS 53Tdkirn Hhrmer B Sea duchy 69 Sheltered on h Comb firm 1 Lmsdflime 3 A R fcketell nitknimc l artist B0 Retiring 81 K>te 82 Direct a helmsman «Old World 34 Detects M One of the Maxwells 87 Relaxed nnmnlcmhtf MLasVegsspa^ 1 Billy 1963 film S3 i Wanna Be Man MB'SS *i y T V ES sc tsoi the Java t7 Actor Holt M Glee note 100 Have a bawl Sundial Real Estate Sales by A Gulf front resort 5 swimming pools 13 tennis courts oi ental management bike boat windsurfer rental 2 restaurant? * lounge GULF FRONT - I w, b drootn uo bull dpirlntliil c in lilurchblt priu Wi'k from \oiir srnuiul pan b onto tht buich All llns lor «ilow)o lir HMud I ill Kill Slnnn K< iliur As"-oinlt (di\i -172 ll r il t \l 1800 <\ts l(i(>0u08 SEARCH NO LONGER! Ibis 17)7 ->i ft luii b* <li >nii two b ub ni'h ' on (Ird b< (Iromn) lpirtmini \ u iii(iii«ul-.lort\t \ iimshtrf wjili (I n<l Gull d 000 L ill [)i mi {rl i\s VI i/2(uoii THE RESORT LIFESTYLE - is of Rn_d ttith t!ii-> 2 bctlroim 2 'nth con (lonimium \it\\-> nvcrlooking totir t\ard and Gulf t \ccucnt nrgatnwith j'rot rent J! (ntonic polrnml $ Conlut Connie Dingcrscn Brok(rSal(stntn{(H\s t\t ^80O t\cs ) DELIGHTFUL - otu bdirootn ipi nn nl <iltf rs \ JJX ' (nil!\n\\ wit It im pii it tc soil nut nilu» U>r und ^ UO OOO t ill H tin U»r iitwinti h irl Si ink Ht lit* r \s n I iti U\ Will h \! ij*'h (\(> IM.OOOh 1 MAGNIFICENT GULF FRONT VIEW loot ing tlinctl} onto tin Inch Two bedroom iwo b.itb plus dm aparlm(.nl tomfornblj furnlshtct mltglit io!ors S26O000<otnplrtc Cdll GG Robtdr IU Kcatior Associate tdi^s t\is ) GREAT BUY - on ibis one btdroom OIK bith Ex( t utht Suite Ncwh rtdticraud ind offtr^c^c^^tnt rental income 910H500 Cal' Kail Shink Keillor A'.VH.iiU (dajs e\t 3HOO -\r s 460 0Q0H 1 Tennis Pro Shop [f you miss our off cc hours please feel free to call Scott %Bumann Da\r Parilla Karl Shank G J 42f> 1246 Middle Gulf Drive Sanibel Island Florida Local Ext 38OS Toll Fret In FL Out of FL o

38 LIQUORS BEER : WlKife ^MjXES:; «w w IM»WT tor-titin i IIIHIIII»»>«! FLORIDA WINE COOLERS 4 Pack SPECIALIZING IN FRESH SEAFOOD A^D IOWA BEkF HOUSF SPECIALTY BARBECUED BABY BACK RIBS Best Selection of Wine in Area WINE CHILLER AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE! :CPEti EVERY DAY r Ucy'a 3ko»rbia C«at«r UBMNi*rHoi«mHtKtFPtiiniiiim.iw»T Buttonwood i V Bar B-Q V Ribs the Island Way \ Smoked with Buttonwood Eat-in or Take-out Just Before Blind Pass s^- ALL YOU CAN EAT SPECIALS NIGHTLY EARLA BIRD SPEC IAL^ NIGHTLY FEATURING STEAMED SHRIMP & GIB'S FAMOUS RIBS HAPPY HOUR 4 7 Mon Fri FHtC HORS OOtUVRES «^LL Ph 1-tfS VT itttuch) PKI f - ENTFRTAINMENT IN THE LOONGE TUES THRU SAT RICK KEELER IS BACK Tues Wed Thurb Sat DOOLEY'S DIXIE FIVE every Triday, 2. t», I TIRE ROTATION FREE i I 12 POlNTSArETt CHtCKWilhCoupon I SANIBEL CHEVRON III Mi < I V* U ^ I R \ < : Dayton 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE Hertz Renlal ^ lol'ipprminmcvway g* ^ rrat E H 6 A Oil Q P W A " ' t classified advertising WRITE P 0 DRAWtP R SANIBEL ISLANO FLORID/ ANNOUNCEMENTS POS r o t ^ V A L f E * I 1 TfN STORAGE SPACE AVAIL A6LE on and 1 10 x n Sevc al sma e spaces ava ahe Ca AT2 JI t o 4/26214 e ea 74 YOGA CLASS Wednesdays loj ifpe -vnkt Wiy MaggeMullns MA ( V/ii T N 80 PLYMOUTH HOR ZON j fid cond l o Mo nq mus it $*) <7^53F4 5 D AC FU LOADED 69 BUCK 4 DOOH ne^ es & bal e y ms QOO~ $ S 0C a 472*632 e o y ~~~ peop e Ab e to *o K &orre weekonns & wo Y we KTCHEN HEL WA TE«WA TRE5SES WANTFD tu S pa 11 n-e 8 dgeto pad equ ed Ca 1 47^6565 Janet K ac fo appt ee -neas wnat Chet NEEDED WA! EP be Aeen "5 11 Mon Sat WA TRtSS HoMess D sh SELL f G NOIV DUALS,,. - -* -rv t H> F ^a o tuy you Sa be '" 8 on Qua le Oech 16^5 Pe i s d tils ness r> V LS LAND NG no*- ac * nk p VJay es ed' S fl p e r na-y cept r>g app at ons to THE BJAI HO SF * nto ma on o T P co *a e 4 *a t pses Ca '0 bql ^^ n^ ne**d pa sand Repo e PO Bo«R appo ment CON T EMPOR6RY hep Mus *c r. /.» * an be FL Pc * nti o San tie FASH ON StO^E ook q P 4 * 0! 1 e 3n " ha p a * w 7* fo d>n^rn sclno tatwl t-"o* edg-> ol loa C i P ce SO-i Mui ha E en * nee Peas*ca Sh ey EMPLOYMEN 47? 4544 StXM CONDOMINIUM uckonut GROi/E e ' 74 p e o s 1enta o i o DOS Ho tie FL 339 C 7 a T SS f EL ED r 0 e e e ne essa y HOUSEMOiD S'LF t>0 sp ngg S n K ng * 0 een i s ha S A m F u) 5 f Ju/ 6 ' FM Ere h C sulx) v

39 - Wand Reporei July m m v classified advertising WR1TC P 0 DRAWER R SANIBEL ISLAND FLORIDA 33957^ B7 WE BRING OUR TRUCK ure applan'^s antiques oo s Iijti 19 gear small lens elc or romplplees 1981 MONTAUK 17 BOSTON Vvhaler wj 8< Evinrude 90 HP (low fours) Shorehre Galv trailer cover 30+ gal alum tank SI 9 9 Evinrude kicker loo Must see! SB 950 Cat David or a tt LANCER SLOOP 3 It draft Loaded wt'h pouifimenl $ Call 48V1124 TARPON-BCCA GH*NDE HaUSfuli day chatters one six people Gaspanlla Sails Inc GLASTRON CARLSON 16 looter 115 Mercury eng ne low hours new galvanized Iralet$3 9o0 Musi see 472 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 714 SOFA SLEEPERS AND Swivet Armctiairs sirs and $75 Call Casa Ybe' R soil 3^ ext CHEVY DIESEL 1m caa $ i HP Soars Ga-nefisher S225 Hide a bed $95 17 Color TV $125 BftV TV $25 King t.i?e wooden h"t,dboa d S25 plus other misc Hems tiriil SSSS alter PAINTING WALLPAPERS PRESSURfc Cpin 4 Roo! Piling IdbtdcoenOicie so vn.e lire esl mites CaSl 5*3 65B.I jnytne TUTORING SERVICES remed a! advanced slud es & computer instruct on lor ages 6 12 Su-nmeis great foi ca'chmg up ot getl ng ahead Noianne Brenrer BA MED HOMt COMPUTEP SER VICES liom setup to O'o Qfammiro, m BASIC Cuf rent compulpr instfuctor o* lets ii" etpei ence w th "'(.motary lo adu i oi a tulonrg orccnsultirg basis CdH after 5 PM TREE TRIMMING TIME Exptrlancad t Rtuonibl* Acreago Mowing RUSSELL COMMERCIAL & INVESTMENT PROPERTIES, INC WANTED Coirmercial bu Id no, or lot neat Hcari ct the Is anas AND Have buyer (or well establ shed ousiress on Saiibcl Island f-or mote In'o mation contact EILEEN J CEHNEY Bn 5*24317 CASH FOR CANS - San ibel Capliva Conaervatron Foundat on recycled at tne PELICAN 'orated m Jerrys of Sanbel rarkmrj lot 5 cans or No i ne«, no wailmg Fast WANTED TO RENT - week 31 Plantation Beach Club Captiva Call 3H/9ft> 3Z5C VAU B Ift SHAflE ^ ^ ^ y THE MOST BEAUTIFL-L Gutt Iron] view on San bel wfl be yours m this la thest south unit onsaiibh island located on edge o! L-jhthouse - Idhle p e s-rvo SMELL ISLAND BEACH CLUB,Un t I4Clup ppf soulhacst corner) ftoeks 15 ini 16 (Easier m-'t >euij) Eiclus ve pr nts and barbecu* la titles S3OOO0 J.rm JJ o CASA VBEL UPPER LEVEL comer uni #208 V-eks SS & 52 Xmas 5 tic* Year s $ per week or be cl c< kr "770 'ORTUGA BEACH CLUB - TPN CASA /BEL Acek *5Q tor sa'e Martti price I7 2OO WkeoHcr B13J4/2 245S SAVf S2 000 TOBTUGA BEACH CUB Front bu id Ing on gull Largesl 2br2b 25 S7 0CO pet *eck Ca*h teims Owrar or b 7/20 PLANTATION BEACH CLUB SQutT Seas Pan tation Prime weeks tr'2b sleep* SU Reduced S^OOO per wee* Call 305/ C*SA YBELPnneWeeK 10 $ 'O3'B3fi2222 LIGHTHOUSE H'SOHT wce^ «6 (md February) 3 bedroom centtr unit la ng Bay Spac ous Leajt fgt y (uir ihed Pool sia lennls jl "yen igs f r da,* SANIBEL BEACH CLUB - *ef ks J7 38 (Sepl) Seaul tul Gult t onl 2bd 2b Fullyequ pp B d sleeps 6 All amenmes $4 200" pet *ee» Phore onda 3390* On jul Lin! 1 9 \icry<.z> 10*. l! Pi.die Pool A ten ni Steps < S8Q00 pa *«* 51343T1133 UGHTHOU'E R C SC«T A*> 3C1 lrn>p f-> ' 3SII1 C/erlon«n4 Bay S. i. > f 1t)( 2U *>f> o5 lj'u(- 'I' 6 AiK no J12CXKI u f $2.'' 000 p. O'«P I _317'*3?U Co r t WEL-KS5' ft 52 ' iqhrouse Rtso t anj Glut) La qe biy lront3tejrocn jnt Pr ru wsli t ficw marnel J! catn 47?2bU CASA YBcL weeks 28?9 $7 500ea 10 sdown cw-e TFM IbeFore school open ng >"u jdes Iree co ) and lenn s $7 200 Ms Kirney 2l a 61 days ngfits CA5A f BEL WEEK 51 Unit 149F (Model Unit) $ O5W us! rdoccil 10 ji2 c 0 LIGHTHOUSE RESOHT *eek «6 (rr d l-ebruafyi 3 bt^droom center un t *ac nrj B3y Spa IOUS teau i f jlly (urn shed Pool ssa tenn s even ngs or days TOHTUGA BEACH CUJEi Wtetts S 9 S 10 other ava lable at substai Iial dscount Call evts 1 99! 4264 SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION Plantation Club Chribtmas present that lasts foreve r 2 br fur rished luxury apt directly on Gulf ot Mexico Terrace facing on Gull Swimming goll tennis manna res Tear; 51 A SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION Bf n^n", ;t)t(2b Gull Ironi v lla S eepi si a'a I ab'e ai $400 *k JohT Barnak 70 Slono Run Rd ledm nmer N.' O J ^ afte 6 PM»9 ANNUAL LEASES neat Omkins Bayou 2 ne* houses - 3bri2b br/ 2b $b00 Ce Img Jans large ciusets s'otage roc^s stactous grou"0s i privacy Aailable July 15th 8 Ajg 15th SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BFACH COTTAGE - on Beac i 2br/zti *. lott O't season S590 *V Season 11400/At- Jar J900/*k 6t KING S CROWN Unify Gulf front eendo Ava lable only by -cnance 'o r 86 ' 3 nths Oi : 'ale Regular wp"k'y rates son $825 - o'l =e?!.-n $425 pc we»k 2 week,, mnnium By owner cn!y SG 407 Fo* Trai Lane Oak Br<>o«iilmois GASPAPIL.JV ISLANU - S«-a Oa'a ot 8ot,a Grairte Gul' Jiont luxury cendo en secluded bealti Season $C0O ~ oi' season $ ATRIUM EXCLUSIVE GULF fron' condores dence Sea son «25 per *^ek off reason S'25 per weev Sy owner FN GATLINGBURG SUMMIT UJ-UTIOUJ residencs high. atop Ski Mountain Two led balcony magnificent v e*j to Hit your sprits 8 B auti'iil ciiib house sauna IAO swimrrmg pools 'wo wnirt fjools exp'cise and mere Contact R J Coulier ownei t. 15 Lake Store Lane Crat lancoga TN 374f> 615-B /4 SMALL APARTMENT ON SAMSEL Fu'-'shed an nuai l«a e Great m d island local rn PM ^ 7/11 BERKaHIRES f-or PE*T summer or *m!er 3 b n t] room rtouse m Be ksh fe Mass ^a'-res Rol iigt- I s 7JA LIGHTHOUSE RESORT jul/ 4th week in Bayv ew un t Reduced 'o $3 750 cash ->r $4 DM wth owner financing 4/21218 or aller6pm CASA YBEL - weeks «4 43 (Ocl) wuti depd *le«ps bgl"! or best otter days 613( BEAUTIFUL VACATION HOUSE - 3br2b -ight on gcll course magr.tem view over laves private eaiiipperl HBO weekly' 305 S CAPTlM AM,UAL RL^TAL s-nai stodo oJ vtcftt ON EXCHANGE '.cm bewjltj Wsna Shats lear go I R ch n S' p"ic Bea ty v (1 H storic Hor ts & cisrie* ;(nge 'o 1? a* n BR21.B UNFURNISHED Duple» in Dunes 47? 1702 unt I af!er$ 7M1 AVAILABLE-JM MEDIATELY Spanisri Cay 2 Bri2b (ur or yearly Call Mary A«n or And) at Shel 1 Island Realty J or * eve " ' * HOUSE FOR RENT 2brf2b CBS Home Convenient location $590i'Tio annoa 1 lease unfurnished Avail ablo August 1st Phor>e312i I2S F'LMCDtLtO vj»l I O 7 H ' <fv t (J Ln U '1 lu' i S*-tM S [ 2Sno P-nLS b 7I2S CASA Y9E 1 aeacnana Ha*- Ouet Club weeh 16 Bldg H 183 May 4 to MDy " First t'oof 2E2b a^cofmortdies 6 $9 500 Thomas E 5m< h Route 6 Bo» 1 6C Wurphy N Cat 2eS *5818 BLIND PASS by ownef at atlrac! vely furmsntd 2 bed'oom 2 batf- condo sleeps C ciuthortp pool tenn s f bafbecuf (4<- )i' es short walk to GuK teach SessonieSO-Ak o)lseiso- $J»-*K NEAR BEACH 200 leet dfwn Tjeea^d eaj^fnenl lo Gut' 2fcr2b ( i nshpdhome on very pnvate (cad ajail able fc Sep!eTiberorO'"to ber or bo'h c W50 month p'usui 'it es Can ^ 7/18 UPPcR CAPTIVA Safely Harbor Clue 3 bedroom sleeps 6 POJI tennis dock a^e beat ava 'able at e<ira ee 3 nrte n n -S2bO $MH3 v,k Summer $650/wh V. nte Contact R chaid BroTbeig 813/39' '214 e/«s B ! SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BEACH Cottage 2Lr 2b on Ihe Gut $650 *k otl season H 200'*k season $800 Ak Jan 3<3B6S78'? NEAR BEACH Annual lease 3 bedroom 2 ba'ri plus studio ah cedar oak floors large screened porch plus Open deck $800'montti plus utilities Can /1 & REMODELED UNFUR NISHEO 1 bl apt $375'mo 1st security No pels Call eves * GULF P NES HOME Defuie 'ecluded ne* 3br2b den qarage furnished shur! paih ici ^Gul' beach fe^i poo iertms COJ is no nets 8I34S12«1 eves SAN BEL - Lovely tut fished oie bedroom apari n-ent $450 annual Cat! or< GULF FRONT CONDO San bet Su'1-0e 2bi 2b cool near goll cou se $35G*>k discount lor aad I ona! wet*s 5I OO da/s ioo0 eves POlNTE SANTO DC SAN m Beautiru' ne* y redecora'ed 2bi 2ti condo on Gu t bpa-ji Tenn s pool washer dryer m t.n I J455wk Off season 1 612/ eves TIMBERS COURT 0OOSF or 1600 SF Space Ample parking tasy ngress & ent ^ HOUSE WITH SCRFENED POOL on wooded canal o'f Din^jns B-^you (near Bi nd Pass}. Dc-k * th skiff fc canoe Ouiel priva'e rat prime shelhnfl tyy mm n$ twaches resiaurant qro- e' iea marma Ground level anai oft poet w t*t bath la'ge bedrooms b^t^ =a-h plus sleopmg 10H w tn bal cony 4 grand D a"c La'tjc screened porrtios ovpr cok ing wj'er frclosed qarag" w m laundry c-nlrai ai" heal ceiling tans ard caihcdfalce'ngs A>a lib 1 " Jure 1 to Nav 1 $7C0. TIO * electric & ffionp 3 mo n^n Parrh^f Georgpto*n Md or ca I 301/ 2^ idaytime ) SUNDIAL BEACH itinmis RESORTjCHOOSE FRTM 3 DELUXE coidos on San M tstand 5 r-tost beaudlui sjrlmg GumiT'et openngs * re»t season re s erva &ns Owner 61ZJ426 34V C)2/ IFN MARINER POlNTE bayfrcnt Sv/2b Annuai $750 $650) Mo sfter6mo$ Boat loch ace wait Call J or SUNDIAL OF SANIBEL OulsUnd ng loratm s 2 Gul'lront i bedroom c ub suile condos Bei t fm vr=*3 e'erjant accrif-n Q-\ t ons AH amenit es A;al able weei"'y mon'h y s^i son rates (612) a a'let 6pm 2 BR 2BACONDC «rr I P., trcm Sanibei a.a ' Apr 5 I/smS.S^*^ Or-JuMicv» pwil tenr i la iaa' on I OT MrCnrT c* c n fr P s n s 1201 O f-a J v^r i^huago Hg j L null tftogpv * NOR T H CA LAND - 3 Gcfger-tisy ictjt t irn shed btacit'cfi G ve* homes'o' fift Tei cour's pool a r s t P d age tea la*. a«a iib Pr ces Ion $5 r -0 * II 500 mo Jo5 r ip S75O *sek J2 000 (115 nte 3 n le m de5cnbab!y pr sale beautiful Call i iad Gulden 305/4* LONG TERM * RENTAL 100 Yds to Beach F jlly Furnished 2 bedrooms que l & private area OFFICE SPACES AVAILABLE WITH WATER VIEW PELICAN PLACE 2440 Palm Rldgt Road Sniib«i EVENINGS TREE TOPS CENTRE 740»tj fi ne* carpet ng vertical blmos Pent witn opt on to buy Ask rg $000 per month SANIBEL ISLAND PROPERTIES ewenings o

40 201J full I 19S) classified advertising WPITEPQ DRAWFR R SANIBEL ISLAND FLORIDA RENT FROM OWNER and ANNUAu OR Bf SEASON^ One fatily home 'urmshfi Sanibel H.ghands 2br/1b Firsi last art) security $5* Looking for rentals? 2 bdfli condos On Gulf a 1 Poiilf* Sanlo K n^ 3 Growr* Ocean s Reach afd Island Brach Club Ail a-nen t es Including poo< and lenms Weekly mon'hl^ d scuu-t J ' ThN LOGGERHEAD CAY FUR NISHED 2 BW2B Condo Located near poo> w lh limilprj gulf view $775 Wo + util tics Ava labie luty rental SANIBEL ISLAND Properties CAPT1VA 2BRJ2B ON WA TER Boat dock ncluded Easement to Gulf Secluded and quiet ground floor t boat a' JUST 63 STfPS FROM LUX UPIOUS 2BR 28 Gult Fro^i Condo lo «*ate< s edge Ground floor all amcnilies including poo! 4 tennis Kent from owner Savp,fl12) CHANGF OF PACE - LIA u y Inmily i virg Three bedroom". l*o bains your own private lenms couf* aod s*immme pool ICO yards io Gulf of Moico Can (216) j1 or 3J8 52B1 GULF FRONT COMBO lor fenl SHELL ISLAND BEACH CLUB Unit ID Week «23 (Junp 6 15} sleeps A privaf pool len 3KI SUMMER RENTALS Mariner Point 2 bedroom 2 bath townhouse Lighthouse Point -. 2 bedroom 2 bath -* den We need homes in our rental program Call us for details Call Betty Thompson - -.";'?.--: //HOMESrg Call days a iveek SPEND SOME TIME WITH US ON BEAUTIFUL SANIBEL ISLAND ATR'UM COMPASS POINT WHITE PELICAN VILLASOF SANIBEL SUMMER RATES $495 lo $525 weekly MONTHLY MINIMUM $1500toS2C00MONTH.Y CALL NOW! RELAX ON SANIBEL Call (813) LOGGERHEAD CAY - Prime location - 2br/2b with screened porch over looking the Gulf Availably weekly monthly at season ally S395wk olf season $695 wk season Call 6'2f a i SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BAYSIDE VILLA One bed room 2 bath sleeps 5 en closed lerrace with wa er view Free lenirs golf dally maid service Included Dec 15 May 1 J800(*k davs 201/ eves THE DUNES 3 BEDROOM/ 2'A BATH DUPLEX On the Golf course Endless playground, tennis, pool A/C, car petintf, fully equipped luxurious S775/mo Annual lease Available now Call collect, 914/ BOAT DOCK For Lease Direct Access Ouel Otpca«at w i lave boat up ic B5'> SANIBEL SUNSET SOUTH CONDOMINIUM Spans 2br/ 2b pool gu f front b»auti fu! vews of partis beach Gull Don Fas»,616) 6G b9G Corlland Rock Ford Ml EASTER WEEK - Casa Ybel 4/2042? $1000 LUK uy 2 bedroom Gulf front 312J SANIBEL ISLAND FLORIDA Tahiti Apts Lovery deluxe apis all 2 large bedrooms 2 fl 1 baths iivjng room & Florida room Completely 'edecoraled with all new fu mtur* Kitchen full/fur nist-ed All linens rable vis on TV central heat & AlC Private Gu! beach Very pnvac no 1 afhc Beautiful residenlia area Near Sanibel 9 finest restaurants 5 shopping Free swimming poo! 4 ten MIS courts nearisy Cn I dren & small pets allowed In the f-eart of Dirg Oar tng rolugo M!es ot b k» patr-3 Fxcelleni shp 1 ni Winter rales D»r 15 Apr 30 J550/wMy O scount for Vay a De'c O 'i5 12*50 wk + Fla sacs lax Cal P13J day b eve 1 ) & wtek ends VVrne Tdhl Apis PO Bo»2146 Fort Myers FL TPf- For thai very special vacation (813) OLDE MIDDLE GULF DR SANIBEL FLA SUPER GOF1OEOUS GULFFRONT CONDOMINIUMS 2 Bed(oom 2 Bath art) a Meep d n Beaut,fu ly -ecnrat»d 2 30xM h=al ed s/.irimi'ig pooh 6 ' ghted swirrming pools One rerun i S4 00G I Gut' Coast Vacal 1-E or cction n ur -* gn f («nr * fisting 1300 v,k ^ o Cinnamon Cove Condominiums 3 m les from Sambol and 3 m es fiom Fort Myers Beach Annual & Seasonal Rentals Available 2 Bedroom 2 Bath And 1 Bedroom 1'2 Bath Furnistied & Unfurnished VACATION RENTALS LOCATION Bandy B«ach Compass Point Ooslnia Ferry Laniling*" GulfsldoPlnce"* King s Crown" Lighthouse Poinl" Loggerhead Ctf Points Sanlo de Sanibel Sanddollar Sandpebble Shore wood Sundial Tarpon fcesch Nutmeg Viriafl* b 1400 ; ;35OC5O o7^9q( 700 ' W 750 Potn!» Ssnto de Sanibel C Le PO 3c«2tO- Pa-nRdge*H S" bo islaid Fla 3-595? t t/njs _ ites MMEft ESCAPE TO SANIBEL THIS SUMMER For those- people who Is'aid 35 we do escape this summer and enjoy \te cool Giiif oreeres VV" are opening up ouf beautiful Saito jp San bet for ret il It s r ght on the Gu! Phone now lor reser 6)2/ or 612/ <-? " SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION Beach Villa 2 bed room per night 2 bam S100 Bay Side Villa 1 bedroom 2 bath $70 per night 3 night Summer rates minimum 216/ ROOM TO RENT Soutn Fort Wyers IS) per weoh ') ut titles Furnisheo mpr on y Perfeci '*ir college student Call eves ^ Priscilla Murphy Realty, Inc. RENTAL DIVISION ANNUAL RENTALS G'JMBO LIMBO Vriry n ce 3 bed oon 2b^h me In SANDPEBBLE t rst SSOO -no NEAR BEACH DUNES Tfifp' TENNI5PLACE SANIBEL WAY -2 DAVIS LAKE - 2' r-d i Sue Ritchie at 813/ Mon -Fn SOUTH FORT MYERS RENTALS For information call Lana Vail <10 PRIME RETAIL SPACE CAPTIVA Exce lent h gh iral local on d reclly a rr ' "n Soulh S^as Piai on entrance 810 sq l e R IC 1 Leased by PnsciHa Murphy Really Inc REALTOn SUNDIAL BEACH 4 TENNIS RESORT 2BR2B Gull-side Con di FuH/ equipped Decorator lurms>ie<* 5C'e«nF_d balcony Sleeps 6 Tennis ccums pools, golf available Summer & monthly rafps avail Reserve With owner 219/ ,'31 '< Call oi write (or brochure C G Leach MO 749? - githsl CI N Write fleai Lake MN <612 4! VACATION RENTALS ANNUAL RENTALS Largest selection to choose from on Sanibel Island and 11 other Tropical Islands Call or stop by and discover the ESI Difference Rental office open 24 hours every day of the year. ESI EXECUTIVE I \4 SERVICES. INC LiJ H^ IV rlw ilik't \\j\ Sdinhtl Ul mil '. nixinkli U IN S.m'nll I mil II HT) ( ill ii.ll In. SiiMnukk. I 800-2r«io: 1 K(X) 2S2 "IT O

41 :t«september SPECIAL RATES SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BEACH COTTAGE 2br/2b -i- loll $395/wk 612/ ma I lie Ml' mention Till ill collet lion classified advertising WRITE P 0 DRAWER R SANIBEL ISLAND FLORIDA /10 ACRE PERMIT IN hdnd lo build t)eaut> u; 20O0 Sq ft old Florida home Located m Sea Spray on the Gu'f Ameniliea prrva'c beach acu3s3 poot tennis utilities Aopia.sea S11G0Q0 lor sale t>> owier W /472 U&S FOB SALE BY OWNER Fort Myers Florida Lelsi_re Vii'age at 7 LaHcs Close to shopping medical church es beaches Activities in elude goit ieifits pool BBQ shuhleboaril classes fishing clubs library wood working rarfls bili'ams and many more 24 hour security Traisporlahon two bedroom two bath unit wfporch OP the ground 'loor overlooking (he golf course With carport Asking $ CaM fl13'466732* 8 5 Men F.i BEDROOM CON DO newly finished 2nd flour 2 Story garjbr apail men' type tu idings S* m ftvnq poof tenr s 15 mn \o Saniot?! Call dajs 20U7J Eves 20)i/at95i2 FOR SALE BY QLMLDEH New 2b 2b cusiom Iinne - Qu - - i b access 11 custom ets 5 Hui ctilmg fans energy e"i ripit heat puttp large screened po"-h v,a'\ n tiled shower landscaped 'ot S' Landl Capertry inc 813/47? 6821 DEEP V\ATER CAKAL fiont "iome 4br'3t) recrealion room tott Vaul'pd ceiii"ss Lighthouse end ot Isiand OUIPI culrfes-ic 629 Light house Way or J $ ATTENTION PPOFCS5ION ALS There are 2 ttjodo a<atab'e n the ne* Sn bel SUNDIAL. FOR SALE BY OWNER Gult ttonl condo" fu 'y furnished 2br/2b + den Apl 3rd floor unt beautiful view covered parhng J279O0O Call l6m) ^. George Di it> GULF RIDGE Ore acre se cilc^d -vooiled homes!e 50 to deeded GuU access Gale house 3ecurty poo' l (j"ii* Ownpr o'le'i ti teiient term? for tjuaii'ied u>er $ A Havana jiti 5* S16 541O%7 CANAL LOT 112 waler Iront 250 deep Hendcson fld let 5 E«ce'lent boat dockage 004/397 5U2 J OONAX VILLAGE i bed iqzim? balh w th loft Pool tenms close lo beach Minv e<!raa H \4 19*5 21B v THOMAS BROWN REALTY, INC. D3 REALTOR West Gulf Drive home with pool Oiointt atjundarttl/!andst.aped with ralive vegplal Oi and enolic plants to provl** Islaii arrb enre and privacy Thu we'l-constructed home at 0found levei includes a large living'dining area 3 bedrooms 2 Me baths all electric Hfchen and direlto cuslombuil' pool and screened la^ai jtility area and 2 car garage If* addition *o cctfa' A/C and Heat ali rooms and acrwned lan«* are eau'pped * th 5! 1 Hunter ce ling fans Pr ce «n cild S carpet ng drapes and all major applianrpn Only 650 lo tre beach by deeded bcbcti BCCCII Call lor appoirtrreit to see this beautiful aid whi equippefi home *hat is Sicker-Owned SAILBOAT LOT Shell Harbor HI Ltil I LOT IN PALMETTO PALMS "PET SECTION" Phase V Available Jan 29 Feb 14 $200 Available April 2 May 5 (five weeks) $ ORIGINAL" PRIVATE BEACH HOME IN South Seas Plantation Season & oil season Tenl als directly on 100 Gull front beach Decorator de sgned & furnished 1br7 2b screened porch decus Call owner 203/ RENT THE ISLANDS! $425 per month Beautiful W decoialed 1*0 bed n<s Unfurnished At Dav.s Lake Available May COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR LEASE WITH EXPOSURt Located jus! East o! Bifikof ihe islands 560 Sq Ft S385 PIT month CiliFor Appointment SANI8EL REALTY INC CAPTIVA GULF FRONT LOT Developers lam 'ot Estate *oned tc main hous fluest huuse S ser vanl quarteis Over 1 acre with 140 of sandy beach frontage Priced belo* $ Call Bob fiio dan 513/ BEST BUY ON SANIBEL ISLAND 4BR piling home In privale woodsy area $ Realty Trust Group Inc broke'»r Kathy Hatnes Associate BY OWNER Ltghlhousa End of Island Comfortable Santbel home on large, peaceful, secluded property Private access to Bay & Gulf $159,000. Call BEAUTIFUL BAYVIEW CONDO 2BRI2B Screened porch amenities condition S many immaculate ""' SANIBEL ARMS WEST By Owner Gull View your of'ice Pleas". and let u* *eei'wee* solve your igcd lor sionafotf re space C Good Bufdi" In, 4763 roof «nci«i bin Sifi^fyO Serous only B y> Jl3' COO t tm Vv<-Bt i<av Nght5 5 *bev ends 472ifi3 7 DUPLEX ~ CBS - By Owner 2D-/1W each side * lots trom Gu't Near fistiing pier Nicely furnished grpat rental hislory 113S000 No terms 6 AM-5 fm a'ler OWNEH ANXIOUS must 3eli 2b'2D 3'dtcor co'ner locatior ft Vyers 6"ach (IOT n um r>ce eii fen*at n oire <l'5nog Price JUST REDUCED 14 «n P clu'e vou' SaiiLel drearr hcnie r.bstled ISLANDER PROPtfil es II 70V Piacda M 6i]**i Fl WWS TJO0O Sa>Oal& Sanlhflt ISO LaUfionl - Bsjch Accm h cash 12*A mte est RIEDER REALTY (305) HI 2SC1»«n'ng (H5J 2H 3359 DELUXE CONDO AT THE ATRIUM Deibie spacious 2br + den Eicanenl Guit view Quality furrtishinos induct ed PreitiQioui 24 unit Gull front comple* w heat ed pool lennls court & garaae 'irm Please call collect 705/ BEAUTIFUL WATERFRONT LOT Sambe! island Sanibei Capiiva Road For details c=ji. 472 Sb33 Dmat Vilage CCJO t 2-) wlh lot! t",ly f. Cat's Paw,..e besi bg* lot the most eipefsive Gull 'ront &ne acre homesite <* tn abundanco of etation located on West Gult Drive in Cal s Paw S.D 8 Serm Deaulitul lunsels J36S0OO Gulf Ridge T*o acre tieavily wooded homesile In Gull fl dge S'D a seclijddd planned commun<ty «<tti t large swimming pools and 3 tennis courts Sea Side One acre Gulf front homevte wl'h native vegeu tion located on prestigious West Gulf Or ve 10 tyrm O9S000 Near-Gulf Homesites " Gulf Ridge Heavily wooded one acre homeslte with deeded beach access for Gut! Ridge residents on*y Pool and tennis court *ithin 200 of property lor Ihe ex elusive use of this and 11 other lot owners Sea Oats Several hornet les available m Sea Oafs S'D from $ to S7S 000 tor a lot at the corner cr West Quit and Sea Cats D'ifss deeded beach access The Rocks ' Half acre heav ly wooded take Ironi homes te <ocat«d on Coqulna Diive *)thn a snort walk to beach access App'OVHJ (jngmeermg and r'sns ava lable 'ot a home or this lot that would give Ihe o*rer an eiceflem v e# do#n tn» ad,o rung injara Sanibei Bayous ng *as!edispcsal Only J Canal-front Homesite Caloosa Shores hones te located near irt" en! ot tr>e W id> Ic GULF FRONT LUXURY PENTHOUbE E Git I 0'ive 3d 2b Sun pr vitepcol kin < lirrip Choice Corner apl 1st floor Beautifully )LT rushed 2 screen porch es tenms pool canal 813/ this J a re A^oded let Heated on pa*etl ^'re*! if r- e o* t HPrt'h ^rj^"^ Bf^u cesi Sa-*Ca fosfiiv All youf-ff" ju-jl J37 9OO SOUTH SEAS PLANTATION BAY SIDE VILLA 1BR2B 1st ( ocr con May J j i 314/ SANIBELS FINEST VACATION HOME Bi:s r i HL^ - LAKI: MI! KI:X v ] I OUfJ VII I \K1 M l W t ^ l l rill-kn ( \1'OM K! IIK.U I I H MION N. hi i- I it. Vi'.x w ' r j. r ( r is 813M THOMAS BROWN REALTY, INC. REALTOR 3M/ Spsc/a' off sflsson ratf. ti --ir \ I 1 UK HI i, I'r,h o

42 ;Wy-?. i'avv Ul,!:'.i K.-T'- classified advertising 'WRITE P.O. DRAWER R, SANIBEL ISLAND.'FLORIDA AAIM REALTY GROUP, INC. SANIBEL MARKETING CENTER 184B Periwinkle Way ACROSS FROM THE BANK Sanibel Florida HOURS condominiums OCEAN'S REACH We have 1 bedroom, 1 bath and 2 bedroom, 2 bath units which are direct Gulf Iron! units. Priced from $130,000 lo $195,000. BLIND PASS Best buy in Blind Pass. 2! bedroom, 2 bath. Near pool. $139,000 POINTE SANTO Super view of Gulf, pool,.and lagoon. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, nicely furnished. Great rental history. Great buy at $240, SANIBEL ARMS WEST - Gulf-Iron! unit. Very clean with?. bedrooms, 2 baths. Owner will carry financing with. 25% at 11W/S. $189,000. THE ATRIUM -'Where only 24 spacious units share 4.8 acres, 350' Gulf frontage, a large sunny pool and tennis court, GULF FRONT UNIT - Second floor, decorator-furnished, two bedrooms, two baths and den, Just reduced to $340,000. GULF VIEW UNIT - Fjrst floor, furnished, two bedrooms, two baths and den $285,000. J SANIBEL ARMS WEST - 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, fully furnished. Excellent rental history.5149,500. homes DEL SEGA 2 bedroom, 2 bath CBS home located on a canal leading to Guir. Boa! house w/hoist. $172,500. GUMBO LIMBO 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located on a take, with pool. Excellent condi. lion. $169,000.' DEL SEGA 3 bedroom, 2 bath CBS home located on a canal leading to Gulf, Boat house w/hoist. $172,500. lots CASTAWAYS ESTATES - 200' x 160' double lot on a boat canal that leads out to Pine Island Sound. Native vegetation. A good buy at $55,000. JUST REDUCED!! Belle Meade. Two ad joinlng.jots 179' x 130'. Buildabli ' home. Only 533,900. ROCKS Excellent view on waterway, no foliage problems, short walk to beach easement. Ready to build. $55,000. SANIBEL ESTATES Large corner lot. Ready to build. $45,000. Owner will carry financing. $10,000 down, balance 15 years. CLOSE TO SANIBEL New 2 bedroorii, 2Vi balh townhouses located on a lake, with pool and tennis courts. Guaranteed rental income. Priced Irom $52,900. " SANIBEL MOORINGS One bedroom, one bath unit with fantastic rental history. Only $133,000. DEL SEGA large lot located on canal with dock and a water meter installed. S THE VILLAGE OF SANIBEL A uniqub.villageof condominiums, shops and offices on Periwinkle Way. Limited space still available. Occupancy Dec " L UNIQUE BOOK STORE Sculptures. Cards, Paintings pluo inventory SAN0CASTLE Beachrtear and Gilts plus inventory 8 OWNER,3ULf FRONT CONDO. SUNDIAL RESORT 2f.:'2l> Bidg. A. Apl Corner; ruth S278.0GQ wilh ownei (if an- Cipg saving lho"j5dnds in fees. New carpet & appliances in your choice of color Hifih rental Income LOGGERHEAD CAV: VaoHctl loot i on. ~(iis TLNNIS courts - fcoai ( 597,00000 MUST SELL AT THE'ATRIUM Condo on Ihe Gulf ed. Prestigious 24 unil Gulf f'oni cor7!ple«w/tieali'd pool, lenflis court. J garage. $260,000. fi;m. BLIND PASS: Best puced unit in como?e«' Two celv furnished. S)38-0OC. SPANISH CAV: Corner two bedroom un:l. ItO9.9W SHELL HARBOB: Large 3 liadroom. 2.Oa!'-. Michigan* bu>'l pool t"oi"e-- E»Ua 'arqe lot a-\ rsavigame ca"al. Jasl JS^i.OOO 00 8EACHVIEW: On ibe golf t. oeacti' S63.OO0. CARDINAL flidge-. Be&l larg^ lot tiiy or- Over.or.e acrt. 1 lot with deeded tescti e 5*5.900 «nh tc?m3 available SHELL HARBOR: Super ioi. Res! vaius Ha'hor. near b n.i:»» -jcccsi. e'.t^he^t l boy.-.r.q. SJ3000 JS^s (013) ; TOPS CENTRE SUITE 106 WEST BUY - TUAUEVINDS HKAC1I FRONT 1 COMMUNITY CLEAKKD HiCH & DRY- PIUVATK»KACH OWNKRSHI1 1 ;ii Stil.0'10. (bvt-oh M ( $^ SHKLL ISLAND REALTY. ' Pcriintf n M C. A i a t c 172 l«sn Huh Varietal, HrnVr-r BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Residential and Homesites Frank D Joyce Agency, Inc Licensed Heal EslatR P O OOK 735. Sarabef. Florida Tel.^C 5t service directory SANIBEL TAXI CAB 1444 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, Florida 339S PERIWINKLE WAV - (613) / 4160 M169 Island Service: 24 Hours SANIBEl CAPTIVA Free Pickup Servkt o

43 classified! advertising WRITE P 0 DRAWER R SANIBEL ISLAND FLORIDA is I \\\ X service directory WRITE D 0 DRAWER F SANPBEL 5LAND FLORIDA ELECTRONICS Nexxus & Redken (Jioducts CROWN PLUMBING TV APPLIANCE AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRIC SANIBEL E ECrRCCONTPACrOH I!Pa/ 's HAIR CARE REMODEiiNG Remo(R p>gabaccia NEW CONSTRUCTION 4"»2 ^^ U GENERfilSER\flCE& DEVElOMtK AifO PRINTING tl.ii II /cinibel fl 4%* THE ISLAND CAMERA Ijl SHOP FOR FILMS # * FINtACCtSSORIES MAC«Nt 1571 Pe wnklcwoy IIBMIlHl S Commeiaai Ca pel Vinyl V A or ISLAND LOCKSMITH Walter S Thompaon Licensed Bonded c;ocfc> HARRV KAIR DCPA P del ce of Ch ropract r 1640 Penw nkle VVdy L tiet ee Cente San be! SHELL HARBOR LOT For Sale By Owner or Trade for Condo Whelk Drive Canal boat dock $ / PAT KAIR l}\0 I Sty! it) MARIHA tarmann (Ha i Sty i e (313) H(ME \MPRJO V0AEUT «; Nm CONSTRUCTION: SAME-DAY DRAPERY FLAMINGO UPHOLSTERY CLEANING T JD aid Oe er^ Phone (813) PO Box 1382 Grant North Sambel Florida Jer-ySchlegel if you r<. 'ookmo fo r a pjml job and kd uouh luve II' DJU iwrj i ou arc wrom' call Color Ci3lkvpt5 for your frit- climali liiiiisoj i insurd 8 ^ w Pu r~.» Sambel CreativeTile Co residential commercial Licensed Bonded insu eri j Professional dry tvsriing done right tn your home 1 No tak ng dowt Nuwamg w \t\ uo e w ndows No shr nk ng or sttetch rig Fabr cs pre les ed E«pett cean ng cf lurn lure iugs and ca pets too Call for a FREE quotation HAULING i Duractean. by Habllal MOWING TREE TRIMMING ODD JOBS Call COOPER S FLOOR COVERINGS P"«dc it al & Conmerc al Carpel V ny V A T I or 4C H ALSO DEEP CLEANING OF CARPETS AND UPHOLSTERY HOME REPAIR SERVICE WndOfts Doors Screen Pepa r 1 Replace Rotted Wood i 'CaHBob Lie Le^Co i \ S.Z LANDSCAPING complete repair & remodeling service r oai(a( '~8au/en [feithcfb, Sine DECORATING UXi Annqoots 1711 Periwinkle Way " Professional c TAX SERVICE AACCOUNTING SERVICE COMPUTER SERVICE ISLAND FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. Pelican Place 47? Palm Ridge Road ro A, c, 'i ov m HAfRStYUNG TARPON BAY ELECTRIC 2416 B Palm Ridge Rd Sambel INTRODUCING Telephone Installation and Repairs Business & Residential Air Conditioning Contr #1091 Lie Electrical Contr #1883 Licensed Bonded Insured CALL All types of I PLUMBING! plumbing repairs Remodels New Construction Expert Landscape Design & Creation Professional Grounds Maintenance Trimming & Hauling Oavld R Cos PO Bo»121 SanlbAl FL FLAMINGOS WIDSCAPl MAIN1ENANCE SfMCE ṟc O..' 1 Phone <72-O!85 I be ^^c a ' «KINGSTON RARBER N STVLiNG Kl JGS'ON bqua E i 166 OH; WANTED ALIVE OUR WILDLIFE' Sl=vcn Caei'U 1 Ma tf-r PIJI bet HOME MAINTENANCE NAVE PtUMa'NC- Carolyn s Custom Catering Reel Eel EARTH CARE INC

44 2 111 I #1 INDEPENDENT r^t^ REALTOR IN 1 ^ I SOUTHWEST FLORIDA "SAYS IT ALL IN REAL ESTATE." OPEN 7 DAYS* WEEK REALTOR 1101 LINDGREN BLVD Buy this palio dock for/our boat for only $ ana i*ie owners vs.»m include ttieir mmaculate 2 bedroom 2 bath home ior you This exepp tional value is located in Shell Harbor Subdivision which ha^ the best vt-oz^ access on Sanibel Don t miss seeing foryourselt Ready to tent or move into Call Bob or Be'iy SJca'k RFALTOR Associates at our Dunes Sates office DISCOVER LITTLE LAKE MUREX Prime lois bordering a 17 acre 'ake and nature preserve A private com munity located off West Gulf Drive 'oatunna Tennis (Jourts Beach Access Nearby Underground Utilities Paved Roads Well Elevated Lots Little Lake Murex is EXEMPT FROM ROGO build when you want to Pricesl'ange from $47,000 to $61,900 Call now about our SUMMER DIS- COUNTS. Ask for Vivienne Bould REALTOR Associate for details MODEL OPEN 3403 LAKE ROAD EAST WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS 1-4 P.M BIRDWATCH WAY GULF PINES LIFE STYLE Live in harmony with nature walk the greenways to the bearh birdwatch fis*i tennis swimmlig it s all here in one of Sanibel s most prestigious subdivisions YOJ csn t at ford not lo see this beautiful contemporary home no* offered for $ including a $ landscapp allowance Easy to show call Vivienne Boutd REALTOR Associate ISLAND LOTS LOT #10, BLK D, THE DUNES $49,900 includes survey, and ROGO permits expected this July Close to tennis courts Three bedroom, two bath home package available ( o r $169,900 pre construction Call Vi vienne Bould, REALTOR Associate for details CASTAWAY ESTATES -FISHERMEN Purchase a double lot in Castaway Estates, build a home, and dock youboat Direct access to fishing waters Owner has a water meter, a veqeta tion surveyand perc test ready for you He II also help in the financir\i $60,000 excellent value Call Po i> Seely or Bill Stonebe'g, Br ' Salesmen LAND HO! And what a house to come home to! l'» h en yo i con c in I n fie h jh ^'a* th - = <> hcrne jot t'ti df*>d T g ^^u' c o r t-o-iro JTIE, it-r*-p b" 1 h ^ 1 "iatn i i i ^ ^ea ;a i"(j a ret! access t-nj j'-e,'ct ( i v- r jj-nntj ' Lm, t at h J^3" sttreo plus ^v^ y Dlhtr cotif^ I _> j omn pne t*iat.ou nnpifl'ir'r'3&00&q '1 of isiaia t vtm S*(tl h yoc v a i 3^ an j "r }oy> F- your VlP tour en Pjll> Se k or BH Stontberq B *OT S^ieT-pf SANIBEL ISLES No Bridgeb direct access seawalled Plus aock city wvater to property copy of surve/ in file city amows 30H coverage on this desirable iot with southern ex posure on Jewel Box in Sanibel Isles S120.00G Call Mane Renn, Broker Salesman for more details REAL ESTATE SALES THE DUNES SALES CENTER 15O9P«rlwlnkl»*3( 81W VACATION RENTALS 9060 wause vay Road 913 I VIP REALTYGROUP, INC.