TETRA IN CHILE. Santiago - Chile Sep 08 th Ricardo Bovo 李嘉德 President Hytera Brazil 海能达巴西总裁

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1 Santiago - Chile Sep 08 th 2015 TETRA IN CHILE Ricardo Bovo 李嘉德 President Hytera Brazil 海能达巴西总裁 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

2 CORPORATE PROFILE Sep 08 th, 2015 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

3 WORLD S NO.2 PMR SOLUTIONS PROVIDER 4,000 Employees 1,500 RND Engineers Global Sales Network 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

4 22 YEARS HISTORY OF HYTERA No. 1 in DMR Trunking Explore Oversea Market Join Tetra MOU Start up LTE Broadband trunk IPO ( SZ) Launch DMR Digital Radio Founded in ShenZhen China Founded US Branch Office Acquiried R&S PMR No. 2 in global market 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

5 MAIN STREAM STANDARDS TECHNOLOGY OWNER Russia Middle East DMR P25 Tetra since 2005 Europe Tetra since 1997 PDT since 2011 North America P25 since Africa Tetra DMR Australia P25 since 2006, DMR will take more market 85% analogue. Tetra and DMR will take more market 4 DIGITAL MAIN STREAM STANDARDS---TETRA DMR PDT APCO25 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

6 MAIN STREAM STANDARDS TECHNOLOGY OWNER Core member of DMR and TETRA Association of ETSI Actively promotes mainstream international PMR standards Leads the development of China s next generation of PMR technology 1 ST TEDS network deployment worldwide. 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

7 THE FASTEST GROWING PMR COMPANY Global Terminal Shipment 43% CAGR (E) 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

8 THE FASTEST GROWING PMR COMPANY 10,00,000 units 100% 500,000 units No.1 Others Hytera 65% (E) 100% Growth in Global Digital Terminals Shipment No.1 Market Share of DMR Tier III Trunking by 2014 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

9 THE FASTEST GROWING PMR COMPANY 150% 100% TETRA Increase Netherlands Chile USA Peru Thailand Nigeria Kazakhstan % Growth in Europe 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

10 PMR INDUSTRY - EXISTING USER BASE 42 Million Users Status Still dominated by analogue technologies <50% Public Safety & Security Industrial and transportation segments are in growing trend Approximately split evenly between EMEA, Asia and Americas 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

11 HYTERA GLOBAL PRESENCE 6 Million End users 4,000 Global partners 2,000 PMR networks 36+ Subsidiaries & offices 120 Countries 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用 Russia Yakuts k UK Vancouver New York Chicago San Francisco Belarus Germany Ukraine France Turkey US Leningrad Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Jordan Algeria Mexico Dubai Saudi Nigeria Sudan Shenzhen Tokyo Myanmar India Hong Kong Thailand Taiwan Panama Malaysia Peru Brazil Chile Argentina Indonesia Angola South Africa Australia

12 RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 15% 5 Over 15% Revenue Invested into R&D R&D CENTRES Shenzhen Harbin Nanjing Hanover & Flensburg, Germany 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

13 TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION Applying 534 Core Patents Obtained 245 Patents Red Dot Design Award BEST DESIGN Award for Digital Migration Radio 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

14 HYTERA MANUFACTURING 11,000sqm Manufacturing Shenzhen 5 Million Capacity up to 5 million units per year 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

15 HYTERA ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS Terminals Applications Systems 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用

16 HYTERA ONE-STOP SOLUTIONS MCC (Mobile command & control) CCV (Command & Control Vehicle) 海能达公司介绍 仅供内部使用 ICC (Integrated Command & Control)

17 Hytera TETRA Introduction

18 Hytera Total TETRA solution provider TETRA Systerm TETRA Application Hytera TETRA TETRA Terminal 17

19 1 Hytera Tetra history 2 Hytera Tetra solution infrastructure part 3 Hytera Tetra solution Terminal part

20 30+ Years Experience in Mobile Radio 1980 Founded as an engineering office for radio equipment by Heinz Bick 1987 Subsidiary company of the Rohde & Schwarz Group, supplier of analogue trunked radio (MPT-1327 technology) 1995 System supplier for digital trunked radio (TETRA) 2011 Acquired by Hytera 19

21 15 Years Experience in TETRA Protocol 2000 Founded at March One of the best Vendor in Tetra protocol stacks development and test Instrument. cooperate with variety of Tetra product vendors included R, E, D, American DCS, RDE etc Acquired by Hytera MobilFunk GmbH Location: Kanzleistraße 91-93, Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein German 20

22 TCCA Core Manufacturer

23 Actively take part in TETRA event 2012 TWC in Dubai 2013 CCW in Paris 2013 CCME in Dubai 2014 CCW in Singapore 22

24 Hytera Worldwide TETRA References USA Mexico Dominica Panama Colombia Peru French Guiana Brazil Argentina * as per 07/2014 Latvia Norway Sweden Poland Germany Ireland Belgium Switzerland France Portugal Spain Italy Morocco Algeria Libya Kuwait Sudan Russia Belarus Czech Rep. Ukraine Austria Turkey Macedonia India Malaysia UAE Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Rep. of South Africa 145 projects worldwide 1991 base stations with 4500TETRA carrier 260 switching units Kazakhstan China South Korea Taiwan HongKong Thailand Indonesia Australia 23

25 Nationwide Reference: Project Malaysia Largest installed ACCESSNET -T network Multi-Agency network for Public Safety / Homeland Security, used by Police Army Rescue Customs Planned for users Technical scope More than 500 BS 1000 carriers More than 50 switching units on 12 locations More than 100 dispatcher consoles

26 2nd Gen Tetra Reference: Project Peru National Police Tetra Network with Release 2 TEDS capability Total Tetra solution provided by Hytera including infrastructure and terminal Technical scope Phase I: More than 17 BS with TEDS capability 2 switching units Applications: Emergency system CCTV system AVL Dispatcher Voice recorder Analog Gateway

27 Latest Middle Asia Reference: Project Kazakhstan Serve 150 km length Kandyagash Nikaltau railway line in the north Aktobe Smoothly replace KTZ existing analogue radio system Satisfy both voice communications and data applications requirement Voice Train signaling Telemetry data Technical scope 50 base stations 5 centralized IP Node NMS and Application interface 2000 radios

28 Critical Event Reference: Project Qatar Successfully guarantte 2006 Doha Asian Game, no any fault report during the whole period of heavy traffic Cover over Qatar 90% urban area and suburban area After Asian Game, Serve more than 100 commercial organization and enterprise Technical scope More than 60 Base station geographical redundancy design Serve users

29 Strictest Engineering Reference: Project Hong Kong CLP Hong Kong CLP Group has more than 100 years history and provide half of Hong Kong electricity power Famous in strictest requirement for engineering and product Technical scope More than 28 base stations, cover all HongKong territory Full redundancy design including geographical carrier and controller redundancy

30 Large scale terminal use References MOJ, UK 22,000pcs Terminals Portable & Mobile radios Government, Dominica 3100pcs Portable, 1100pcs Mobile radios MOI, Kazakhstan 4000pcs Portable radios AEROTHAI 4000pcs Terminals including IS radios Korea Electricity 3000pcs Data Modem

31 1 Hytera Tetra history 2 Hytera Tetra solution infrastructure part 3 Hytera Tetra solution Terminal part

32 TETRA Network and Service Overview Data Service Individual Communication Group Communication Mobile terminal Handheld (vehicle-mounted) Terminal Radio-connected Dispatcher Direct Mode Operation (DMO) Direct Mode Packet Data Short Data Service Individual half/full duplex call Group Call service Line Dispatcher Application server BS In-building coverage BS BS Customer Network (IP) BS BS BS BS Management system Customer databases Cellular Radio Network Central Network Node / Switching Node Telephony Network (PABX/ PSTN)

33 Flexible Networking Topology Distributed IP call processing No separate or proprietary switching HW in the TETRA network (switching function (SW) hosted on all base stations) Small to mid-size networks Distributed telephony and application gateways (Session Initiation Protocol, SIP) Centralized IP call processing COTS platform for switching SW Mid-size to large networks Central high capacity telephony and application gateways (Session Initiation Protocol, SIP)

34 Sample Architecture: Central Switching Network design Central call control & mobility management for all base station sites Benefits Highest availability for central network node (IPN) Private IP Network (with QoS) on one central site on geographically separated sites (Geo-Redundancy) NMS Telephony Gateway, e.g. SIP/VoIP SCF TGW TVF AGW Application, e.g. Dispatcher Cost-effective use of server hardware Multiple functions are combined on high-performing servers Servers provide high capacity gateways Optimized bandwidth on the radio sites

35 Sample Architecture: Distributed Switching SCF SCF NMS TETRA Switching Controller Function (SCF) SCF SCF SCF AGW TVF Private IP Network (with QoS) Application, e.g. Dispatcher TGW Telephony Gateway, e.g. SIP/VoIP Network design Distributed call control & mobility management on each and every base station Self-organizing networks Benefits Highest robustness against failure of the transmission network Flexible deployment of system gateways / interfaces, even within base stations Re-arrangement of base stations and splitoffs of network sections possible (subnetworks) Useable for mobile deployment scenarios (military, Public Safety and humanitarian missions)

36 Enhancing network Redundancy Options Redundancy options for system controller nodes IPN 1+1 Redundant servers / components Site redundancy ( Geo Redundancy ) enables base stations to connect to two alternative switches and automatically use the best route Redundancy options for base stations 1+1 Base Station controller redundancy safeguard radio site operation even if primary site controller fails 1+n Spare frequencies (traffic carrier) to take over MCCH on main carrier fault n+1 / n+2 backup traffic carriers with automatic frequency tuning Redundancy options for applications and management components Redundant servers & links of/to Dispatcher, Voice Recorder and other applications Network Database and management clients

37 ACCESSNET -T IP Software-Layer Fault Management Gateway Integration of external components/ devices & alarms into the ACCESSNET -T IP NMS SNMP Base Station Function Transceiver control and TETRA protocol stack TETRA Air Interface BSF FGW Network Management System / Network Management Clients Fault Management Performance Management NDB Subscriber Management Security Management Switching Controller Function Switches calls between network nodes, base stations and gateways SCF Configuration Management Umbrella Management Gateway Integration into upper-level network management system ( Umbrella ) UGW SNMP, SMTP ACCESSNET -T Bridge Function Connection to circuit-switched legacy networks (DMX-based, E1) ABF To circuitswitched networks Application Gateway Gateway for applications / Access on TETRA services AGW A-CAPI protocol RTP voice TETRA Vocoder Function Converts TETRA to PCM / G.711 TVF G.711-coded voice Telephony Gateway Gateway to SIP-based telephony systems TGW SIP signaling Packet Data Gateway Gateway for IP applications / Access on Packet Data services PGW IP

38 ACCESSNET -T IP Hardware Layer Radio Access / Air Interface Central & Gateway Equipment User domain TETRA Base Stations 19 Cabinets Client PCs Standard PC hardware Carrier-grade Servers NEBS-3 / ETSI compliant Media Gateways ISDN, QSIG, analog Application Servers Routing equipment

39 TETRA System Controller - Node IPN Provides full IP-based soft-switching functions, applications and gateways Application Interface (A-CAPI) PSTN/PBX (SIP, S0, S2m) Packet Data interface (IP) BS interface (IP) Network Database (Subscriber register) IPN TETRA System Controller Node Based on carrier-grade servers as common HW platform Voltage VAC, others on request Compact Design Dimensions (HxWxD): 900x600x800 mm Weight: approx. 100 kg

40 TETRA Base Station - DIB-R5 Advanced Frequency bands Tx Output Power Sensitivity Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight MHz MHz 25W -119 dbm (static) -113 dbm (dynamic) 600mm 1200mm 600mm 140 kg Operation Temperature range Storage Temperature range - 30 C to + 60 C - 40 C to + 85 C Voltage supply 110/230 VAC (maximum voltage range: 90 to 250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz) DIB-R5 TETRA Base Station Power consumption Reception 48 VDC (maximum voltage range: 44 to 55 VDC) 1500 W with max. 4 carriers Triple diversity

41 TETRA Base Station - DIB-R5 Compact Frequency bands Tx Output Power Sensitivity Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight MHz MHz 25W -119 dbm (static) -113 dbm (dynamic) 450mm 640mm 540mm 60 kg DIB-R5c TETRA Base Station Operation Temperature range Storage Temperature range - 30 C to + 60 C - 40 C to + 85 C Voltage supply 110/230 VAC (maximum voltage range: 90 to 250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz) 48 VDC (maximum voltage range: 44 to 55 VDC) Power consumption Reception 850 W with max. 2 carriers Triple diversity

42 DIB-R5 Module introduction RX Filter Duplexer CHU BSCU Hybrid Combiner FAN PSU ATC

43 Product Highlights of DIB-R5 Future Oriented Product TEDS capability RF output(toc):25w TETRA / 10W TEDS TEDS channel bandwidth 25kHz, 50kHz 100kHz, 150kHZ Variety of Satellite support GPS, GLONASS and Beidou Even operation without Satellite IEEE1588 & Master-Slave SYN mode Fully Redundancy design No single point of failure Controller, Channel, Power supply Redundancy Hot Swap & Remote upgrade capability Operation Temperature range -30 C~+60 C 3-Way diversity reception

44 Complete FCAPS Management Software System Monitoring & Fault Diagnostics Tool-Based Remote Configuration & Updating Subscriber Administration & Accounting Interface Network Performance Monitoring & Optimization Network Security Management

45 Wide Range of Applications interface Train Control Voice Recording Telemetry, SCADA ACCESSNET -T IP Switching & Management Infrastructure DB, , Internet Indoor Positioning C&C, Dispatching Track n Trace (GIS)

46 What can DWS do for you? DWS for Hytera TETRA Trunking integrated most of the common features that are needed by most of transportation, commercial, utilities and public safety market into one single solution. Touch Screen &Audio Accessories Voice Dispatching Voice Recording Alarm DWS Monitor Logs AVL Text Message

47 DWS Features-Touch Screen Android Tech.

48 What can DVRS do for you? DVRS for Hytera TETRA Trunking integrated most of the common features that are needed by most of transportation, commercial, utilities and public safety market into one single solution. Voice Recording SDS Recording Search & Playback Status & Alarm DVRS Statistics Logs Text Message User Manager

49 DVRS Features - Recording

50 1 Hytera Tetra history 2 Hytera Tetra solution infrastructure part 3 Hytera Tetra solution Terminal part

51 All weather use terminal Hytera Tetra terminals have gone through 76 items of environmental test and ALT( accelerated life test) to ensure the reliability. Certificate and third party test Military standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G IP67 level CE FCC/IC China Type Approve certification CTA /GB

52 Fully compatible with different system Official IOP Certificate Private IOP test Hytera Mobilfunk GmbH

53 PT580H --- High Power Portable Radio 3W RF Output IP67 Protection

54 MT Tough Mobile Radio Fixed station Internal 4W audio speaker 3/6/15m connecting cable Separated Mounting

55 Z1p More than an Ultra thin Portable 4S Beyond your expectation Z1p 23mm 120mm Smaller 23mm thin Less than 270g Stronger Metal Frame IP67 Protection MIL-STD-810G Smarter Build-in Bluetooth TYPE1A DMO Repeater Safer Temper proof capability AIE&E2EE Encryption Man down & Lone Worker

56 PT580H UL IS Portable Radio Basic Info 1.8 Large TFT display, 160*128 pixel, colors Lifeguard, man-down, lone worker alarm Special Lithium battery for UL certificated Lithium battery capacity: 2400mAh Battery life>20 hours GPS application Water and dust resist : IP67 UL913, CE, FCC Drop, Shock & Vibration: MIL-STD-810G Class I,II,III Division 1, Group C,D,E,F,G, -30 Ta +55, T4 Class I, Division 2, Group A,B,C,D,

57 UL913 IS Standard Introduction Atmosphere: Class I: Gas, vapors; Class II: Dust; Class III: Fibers, flyings Gas types by group: A: Acetylene B: Hydrogen C: Ethyl Ether, Ethylene or Cyclopropane D: Gasoline, hexane,naphtha,benzene, butane, propane Dust types by group: E: Metal dust F: Carbon Black or Coal Dust G: Flour, starch, grain dusts Operating temperature Class I II III Division I Group C-G -30 to 55 T4 Area classification: (flammable material present time) NEC 500 Division 1: Gasses or vapors exist under normal conditions Division 2: Gasses or vapors are present but are normally contained and can escape only through accident or abnormal operation Temperature class(maximum device surface temperature): T1: 450 T2: 300 T2A: 280 T2B: 260 T2C: 230 T2D: 215 T3: 200 T3A: 180 T3B: 165 T3C: 160 T4: 135 T4A: 120 T5: 100 T6: 85

58 ATEX Series PT790Ex Basic Info 1W RF output 1.8 Large TFT display, 160*128 pixel, colors Dimension: 141*55* mAh GPS application Innovative intrinsically safe design Water and dust resist : IP67 Drop, Shock & Vibration: MIL-STD-810G ATEX/FM/IECEX Coming soon!!! Sep

59 TEDS Mobile Series MT980 TEDS feature support up to 150KHz Multi control head TYPE1A Repeater/Gateway function Build-in Bluetooth & WIFI Dual SD card support GPS/GLONASS/Beidou 3.2 inch VGA Screen Coming next year Q

60 TETRA Terminal Family 1 st Gen TETRA ATEX TETRA PT790Ex PT580H UL913&CQST TETRA New family 1.5 th Gen TETRA Z1p 1.5 th Gen TETRA new PT580H MT680 2 nd Gen TETRA MT980

61 Santiago - Chile Sep 08 th 2015 Ricardo Bovo 李嘉德 President Hytera Brazil 海能达巴西总裁 GRACIAS! Hytera Communications Co., Ltd. 6 0