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1 Year in Review Over the past year, the H um an Tr affick ing Center (H TC) hosted som e incr edible speak er s, finished out the 2016 year?s coding of the U.S. Tr affick ing in Per sons r epor t for the H um an Tr affick ing Index, published well-r esear ched blogs and fact sheets on the website, as well as star ted new pr ojects, leaving next year?s m em ber s with a solid base to continue their r esear ch. Event s The H TC facilitated sever al events thr oughout the year in which exper ts on hum an tr affick ing discussed pr evalent issues on the state, national, and inter national level. Agnes I goye's Journey to End H um an Trafficking in Uganda For the second year in a r ow and in collabor ation with the Global Livingston Institute, Agnes Igoye ser ved as a guest speak er and spok e on her childhood exper iences, how she wor k s to com bat hum an tr affick ing, global tr ends in hum an tr affick ing, as well as oppor tunities available to help put an end to the issue. Film Screening of 13th The H TC collabor ated with the Black Gr aduate Student Association (BGSA) and the Center on H um an Rights Education (COH RE) to host the docum entar y 13th, which explor es the histor y of r acial inequality and m ass incar cer ation in the United States. A thoughtful, student-led discussion was held after war ds.

2 Visiting Scholar Austin Choi-Fitzpatr ick Univer sity of Denver Alum and author Austin Choi-Fitzpatr ick ser ved as a visiting scholar for thr ee days dur ing which the H TC collabor ated with the Josef Kor bel Alum ni Relations and Tatter ed Cover to host Choi-Fitzpatr ick?s talk about his newest book, W hat Slaveholders Think: H ow Contem porary Perpetrators Rationalize W hat They Do. Choi-Fitzpatr ick also held a r esear ch wor k shop and gave a talk at Kor bel titled "Dude, W her e?s M y Pr ivilege? W hat M oder n Slaveholder s Tell us about Today?s Politics." Crim inal Justice Panel The H TC br ought together a panel of law enfor cem ent per sonnel and cr im inal justice advocates to discuss initiatives being tak en to pr event hum an tr affick ing, pr osecute per petr ator s, and pr otect sur vivor s of both sex and labor tr affick ing in Color ado. The panelists included: Special Agent Stephanie Benitez, FBI ; Trooper Brain Abbrecht, Colorado State Patrol; Carol M orris, Victim s Assistant Specialist, Departm ent of H om eland Security; Allyson Baber, Chief of the Child Victim Unit, State of Colorado; Pat M edige, Colorado Legal Services Becky?s Journey: A Docum entary & Discussion on Destigm atizing Sex W ork In collabor ation with COH RE, the H TC helped to host a panel discussion following the scr eening of Becky?s Journey, a docum entar y of a Niger ian wom an wanting to go to Eur ope to sell sex. Panelists spok e about sex wor k as a for m of infor m al labor and the de-stigm atization of sex wor k itself. The them es included m igr ation, sex wor k, and hum an tr affick ing. The panelists included: Am anda Finger, Executive Director and Co-Founder, Laboratory to Com bat H um an Trafficking ;Pasha Ripley, Executive Director, Red Light Resources I nternational

3 Resear ch This year?s r esear ch pr ojects had a lot of m om entum as we tack led two new pr ojects and continued to build on the existing H um an Tr affick ing Taxonom y pr oject. The team r esear ched the issues of labor exploitation and hum an tr affick ing in global supply chains, and com piled an infor m ative page, full of fact sheets, blogs, and r esour ces for the website. In addition, we began r esear ch to follow in the footsteps of the nationally-r ecognized Polar is Pr oject, to gain an up-to-date under standing of what individual U.S. states ar e doing to com bat hum an tr affick ing within their bor der s. Finally, staff and clinic m em ber s com piled a list of the new ter m s we intend to add to our Taxonom y Pr oject, based on the ever changing and gr owing field of hum an tr affick ing. That list will soon be available on our webpage. The H um an Tr afficking I ndex The H um an Tr affick ing Index (H TI) is the H TC?s m ost extensive r esear ch pr oject to date. The pur pose of the H TI dataset is to establish a system atic account of hum an tr affick ing at the countr y level wor ldwide. The pr oject captur es var iation in r epor ts of hum an tr affick ing r elated to sever ity, policy r esponses, and cr oss-national flows of hum an tr affick ing. The year has been an exciting one for the H TI. The index now includes data on all of the Tr affick ing in Per sons Repor t nar r atives for the fir st tim e in the index?s histor y. Though the index has not yet gone public, the team hopes for the index to be open to the public by the end of Thr oughout the year, the H TI has been suppor ted by the wor k of 10 differ ent gr aduate students who have wor k ed diligently to code and clean the index. Social M edia and Com m unications The H TC Facebook page has r eached a total of 5,716 lik es, which is an incr ease of 33% over the past year, and its Twitter page has r eached 3,123 follower s which is a 13% incr ease. H TC?s Facebook posts have expanded the r each of the or ganization significantly, with a total of 45 high per for m ing posts r eaching over 1,000 people. Ther e was an aver age of 5 high per for m ing posts per m onth, and 9 posts which r eached over 2,000 people. Additionally, the H TC has cr eated a new Link edin com pany page, and is cur r ently wor k ing on expanding its follower s. The H TC blog had another successful year, with a total of 26 blogs posted. Ther e wer e a num ber of guest contr ibutor s to the blog, fr om both academ ic institutions and nonpr ofit or ganizations, including a successful collabor ation with the Univer sity of Pittsbur gh Gr aduate School of Public and Inter national Affair s. The blog with the highest Facebook r each (at 2,298 people r eached) titled?h er Body is Not for Sale, But H er Neck lace Is? and was wr itten by Resear ch Assistant Annalise Yahne. The m ost r ead new blog on our website (at alm ost 300 page views) was on?decoding Am biguity: The futur e of anti-tr affick ing policy under the Tr um p adm inistr ation?, wr itten by H TI Pr oject M anager Leanne M ccallum.

4 I ntr oducing N ext Year 's Staff W e would lik e to welcom e Cam er r on Resener as the new Dir ector of Educational Pr ogr am s. She has been a valued m em ber and has shown gr eat com m itm ent to the H TC over the past year. Cam er r on is a cur r ent M.A. candidate in Inter national H um an Rights with concentr ations in H um an Tr affick ing and Pr oject M anagem ent. She ear ned a B.A. in Psychology fr om the Univer sity of Vir ginia. H er specific r esear ch inter ests include inter national hum an r ights policy and the inter section of m igr ant wor k and hum an tr affick ing. In 2013, Cam er r on co-founded an NGO in Char lottesville, Vir ginia that focused on gener al awar eness of local tr affick ing and tr ainings to gover nm ent agencies within the ar ea. Pr ior to her studies at DU, she wor k ed with the Inter national Justice M ission on their Col or ado l egisl ative advocacy team. Cam er r on Resn er Br ook e W ar d Br ook e W ar d, our inter im Dir ector of Social M edia, has been with the H TC for the past two year s. She has been an integr al par t of the team, and has shown gr eat com m itm ent to the values of the or ganization. Br ook e is a cur r ent M.A. Candidate in Inter national H um an Rights with concentr ations in H um an Tr affick ing and Gender Studies. She ear ned a B.S. in Psychology fr om Gr and Valley State Univer sity. H er specific r esear ch inter ests include gender -based violence and the continuation of violence in post-conflict ar eas. In 2013, Br ook e studied the global sex tr ade in Denm ar k and the Nether lands. Pr ior to her studies at DU, she wor k ed as an advocate at a dom estic violence shelter in M ichigan. This sum m er Br ook e will be com pleting an inter nship with the Post-Conflict Resear ch Center in Sar ajevo, Bosnia, wher e she will be r esear ching how Rom a wom en ar e affected by hum an tr affick ing in the Balk ans.

5 The staff is thr illed to announce that the H TI Pr oject M anager for will be Sam antha Tu, a Resear ch Assistant whose pr istine coding sk ills and com m itm ent to the index will m ak e her an excellent m anager. Sam antha Tu is an M.A. candidate in Inter national Developm ent with a concentr ation in Inter national Law & H um an Rights. W ith a par ticular focus on Southeast Asia, her r esear ch inter ests include hum an tr affick ing, for ced labor, unexploded or dnance (UXO), genocide, and education developm ent. Sam antha obtained her B.A. in Sociology, Law and Society with a m inor in Business Adm inistr ation at the Univer sity of Califor nia River side. Cur r ently, she is a hotline advocate for the Color ado Networ k to End H um an Tr affick ing (CoNEH T). She is also a Resear ch Assistant for the Kor bel Asylum Pr oject that assists attor neys on political asylum cases. At the H TC, Sam antha wor k s on the H um an Tr affick ing Index and on var ious r esear ch pr ojects. She will be studying abr oad at the Diplom atic Academ y in Vienna this fall. Sam an tha Tu Thank You, Fr om the H TC Staff! Pictur ed fr om left to r ight: Oliver Kaplan, Asssociate Dir ector ; Rachel Dyussengaliyev, Events Coor dinator ; Catie Fowler, Pr oject M anager ; Lise Anne Ehlinger, H istor ian & Photogr apher ; Am ber M offett, Gr aduate Associate Dir ector ; Kr isty Kum ar, Dir ector of Educational Pr ogr am s; Leanne M ccallum, H TI Pr oject M anager ; Katja Lundin, Financial Officer ; Jocelyn Iver son, Dir ector of Com m unications and Social M edia; Claude d'estr ee, H TC Dir ector Photo Credit: Lise Ehlinger