C4D05120E Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode Z-Rec Rectifier

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1 C4D12E Silicon Carbide Schottky Diode Z-Rec Rectifier Features 1.2kV Schottky Rectifier Zero Reverse Recovery Current High-Frequency Operation Temperature-Independent Switching Behavior Extremely Fast Switching Positive Temperature Coefficient on V F Benefits Replace Bipolar with Unipolar Rectifiers Essentially No Switching Losses Higher Efficiency Reduction of Heat Sink Requirements Parallel Devices Without Thermal Runaway Package TO-22-2 PIN 1 PIN 2 RM = 12 V ( =13 C) = 9. Q c = 27 nc CSE pplications Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) Boost diodes in PFC or DC/DC stages Free Wheeling Diodes in Inverter stages LED Lighting Power Supplies C/DC converters Part Number Package Marking C4D12E TO-22-2 C4D12 Maximum Ratings (=2 C unless otherwise specified) Symbol Parameter Value Unit Test Conditions Note RM Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 12 V SM Surge Peak Reverse Voltage 13 V V DC DC Blocking Voltage 12 V Continuous Forward Current =2 C =13 C =161 C Fig. 3 RM Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current =2 C, t P =1 ms, Half Sine pulse =11 C, t P =1 ms, Half Sine pulse SM Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Surge Current =2 C, t P =1 ms, Half Sine pulse =11 C, t P =1 ms, Half Sine pulse Fig. 8,Max Non-Repetitive Peak Forward Current 4 32 =2 C, t P =1 ms, Pulse =11 C, t P =1 ms, Pulse Fig. 8 P tot Power Dissipation 43 W =2 C =11 C Fig. 4 dv/dt Diode dv/dt ruggedness 2 V/ns =-96V i 2 dt i 2 t value s =2 C, t P =1 ms =11 C, t P =1 ms, T stg Operating Junction and Storage Temperature - to +17 C 1 C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217

2 Electrical Characteristics Symbol Parameter Typ. Max. Unit Test Conditions Note V F I R Forward Voltage Reverse Current Q C Total Capacitive Charge 27 nc C Total Capacitance V μ pf = =2 C = =17 C = 12 V =2 C = 12 V =17 C = 8 V, = di/dt = 2 /μs = 2 C = V, = 2 C, f = 1 MHz = 4 V, = 2 C, f = 1 MHz = 8 V, = 2 C, f = 1 MHz Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. Fig. 6 E C Capacitance Stored Energy 8. μj = 8 V Fig. 7 Note: This is a majority carrier diode, so there is no reverse recovery charge. Thermal Characteristics Symbol Parameter Typ. Unit Note R θjc Thermal Resistance from Junction to Case 1. C/W Fig. 9 Typical Performance =- C = 2 C = 7 C =12 C =17 C () Current I (µ) R (μ) =- C = 2 C = 7 C =12 C =17 C V F 1 2 Voltage Figure 1. Forward Characteristics Figure 2. Reverse Characteristics 2 C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217

3 Typical Performance (peak) () % Duty 2% Duty 3% Duty % Duty 7% Duty DC P Tot (W) C C Figure 3. Current Derating Figure 4. Power Derating Q c (nc) 2 1 C (pf) Figure. Recovery Charge vs. Reverse Voltage Figure 6. Capacitance vs. Reverse Voltage 3 C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217

4 Typical Performance E C (mj) E C Capacitive Energy (uj) SM IFSM() _intitial = 2 C _initial = 11 C Reverse V Voltage R Figure 7. Typical Capacitance Stored Energy 1E- 1.E- 1E-4 1.E-4 1E-3 1.E-3 1E-2 1.E-2 tp(s) t p (s) Figure 8. Non-repetitive peak forward surge current versus pulse duration (sinusoidal waveform) 1. Thermal Resistance ( C/W) E SinglePulse 1E-3 1E-6 1E-6 E-6 1E-3 1E-3 E-3 1 T (Sec) Figure 9. Transient Thermal Impedance 4 C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217

5 Package Dimensions Package TO-22-2 SYMBOL MILLIMETERS MIN MX b b b3.4.6 c c D D E E e 4.8 BSC H L L2.1 BSC L L θ 8 Recommended Solder Pad Layout Part Number Package Marking C4D12E TO-22-2 C4D12 TO-22-2 Note: Recommended soldering profiles can be found in the applications note here: C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217

6 Diode Model Vf = V + If * R T T V T =.96 + (T j * -1.22*1-3 ) R T =.8 + (T j * 8.*1-4 ) T Note: T j is diode junction temperature in degrees Celsius Note: = Diode Junction Temperature in Degrees Celsius, valid from 2 C to 17 C Notes RoHS Compliance The levels of RoHS restricted materials in this product are below the maximum concentration values (also referred to as the threshold limits) permitted for such substances, or are used in an exempted application, in accordance with EU Directive 211/6/EC (RoHS2), as implemented January 2, 213. RoHS Declarations for this product can be obtained from your Wolfspeed representative or from the Product Ecology section of our website at RECh Compliance RECh substances of high concern (SVHCs) information is available for this product. Since the European Chemical gency (ECH) has published notice of their intent to frequently revise the SVHC listing for the foreseeable future,please contact a Cree representative to insure you get the most up-to-date RECh SVHC Declaration. RECh banned substance information (RECh rticle 67) is also available upon request. This product has not been designed or tested for use in, and is not intended for use in, applications implanted into the human body nor in applications in which failure of the product could lead to death, personal injury or property damage, including but not limited to equipment used in the operation of nuclear facilities, life-support machines, cardiac defibrillators or similar emergency medical equipment, aircraft navigation or communication or control systems, or air traffic control systems. Related Links Cree SiC Schottky diode portfolio: Schottky diode Spice models: SiC MOSFET and diode reference designs: Copyright 217 Cree, Inc. ll rights reserved. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Cree, the Cree logo, and Zero Recovery are registered trademarks of Cree, Inc. Cree, Inc. 46 Silicon Drive Durham, NC 2773 US Tel: Fax: C4D12E Rev. F, 1-217