~.A COMPANY u~ Vol. 66. No. 232 THE DAILY NEWS, ST. JOHN'S, NFLD., FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, I,., NICHOLAS RERBERr "" "' "'' ""' ~""'

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1 A COMPANY u -; - :::v!c e ;!L tactv rrra \:tjtr :res tor E;h0 ts tc t: : >! Off USED CARS & TRUCKS OVN FULL SWNG rena Nova otors Ltd a Chares Htton & Sons \ Vo 66 No 232 THE DALY NEWS, ST JOHNS, NFLD, FRDAY, OCTOBER 30, 959 P,rce, 7 Cenb) < umm ee ars n ecem e r ---: Agn Western Pocy To "" LONDON <Reuters! - Leaders The Pars meetng s desgned: ""!rn summt-meetng, """" " But one w of t t "" persona "" co:ttacts" ;, """" "" of the Brtsh, Unted States, to agn Western pocy for an the advantages of the December The mmedate program n ad French; and West German gov East-West summt meetng next taks n Pars, he sad, s that t \ance of the Pars meetngs ernments have agreed on Pars year woud permt an exchange of shapes up as foows:, as the pace for ther md Dec- K VST N 960 vews there wth other NATC NATO Secretary Genera ember tatks, t was announced n French Foregn Mnster Maur gover:ments Pau-Henr Spaak vsts London Lo:tdon and Pars Tursday ee Couve de Murve, besdes Te foregn, defence and Thursday for one day taks wth,, NCHOLAS RERBERr "" " " "" "" No specfc date was gven but dsc?sng the pans for the Pars nance mnsters of the 5 NATO government eaders the conference s expected to!a meeh:tg, announced that Pre cou_ntnes are scheued to hod 2 Adenauer comes to Brtan between Dec 5 and 20 mer Ktrushchevs vst to de thetr annua meetmg 0 Pans from Nov 7 to 9 and vsts Gaue w come durng the frst Dec 4-6 Pars Dec and 2 Presdent Esenhower sad n three months of 960 Agan, no WARNS OF DELAY - Washngton Wednesday the pace specfc date was gven Loyd reaffrmed Brtans de 3 The an premer and for f hs meeg wth Prm Mn- Later, Foregn Secretary Se sre for an eary East-West sum ; eg:t mnster, Antono Segn and tster Macmtan, Presdent de wyn Loyd tod the House of mt meetng He sad t woud Guseppe Pea come to London Gaue and Chanceor Ade:tauer Commons that Brtan woud be a mtake to wat too ong shorty after Adenauer,!!,:,,! :,,,!, ;,a :t:!e :-th c ru w S:m a: U,J(»! =(" C( -c: c,\ Lett S-Ca,xnten w be abe to work on home for a budng contractor here durng the wnter C!pnn ununrry tcm}craturcs, thanks to the G T Schjcdnb Company, of Northfed, Mnn As shown "r d hr htrrcd hy ah nr-supporcd "Sctjedome" coverng the constructon ste from the d>t """ w:un unt t s mmpctrd-up Photo Of Many Trade Barrers ca rha Q(!t:o, w:hr : C: Dun RANUM UP :ducto:t of WordW : :nt the :a : to thr C:nm;on!!, ectronc ntre Hgh Death -To n Mexcan Storms j ;,,!! f!,!! t : f:,,",, :r Coudy wth few Snow furres Hgh 40 TEMPERATURES

2 ; 2 DUBLN!Reuters) - Tbe Re- PARS <Reuters-Gen C!rs John XX: Soft Coar Po PfO\"td a program for extensh e chna fortress of Den Ben Phu tqoraton for petroeum n re- by Communst troops fve years td by commerca nterests A ago, s rrng fron the French BY FRED St\RKS, evenng EXPLORE RJSR OL FRENCH HERO RETRES pubc of reed government an ta d Castres, hero, or the 57!UM Wednesday t has ap- day sege of the French ndo bm s bene ntroduced to para ary, t was annou,ced Wednes VATCAN CTY - tnea)- \ Aet a te utf!mt to provde a comprehensve day Hs request to,be paced Durng the Hrst year of hs rode o aw factatng te ex THE pra) bje on the retred st was approved n just a short tme from now, ; be a out m bes ast re" tj J h xxm h b chape He Jcu ;u"" p,aton add workng of any de- by the French counc of mn the Brgade w be ceebratng year and the vartous Ladtes As o \r 0 n th "S fs C nt 7:45, aun 0 pata dscovered atera yet another Annveraary n ts socatons w be,dong the om 0 dns e To o tdeas hat w be ;_ ong and coourfu hstory, and caterng The entertanment of ar pe an the " rav! toy-proof tho wtts t Nther uppen r-fteabe for cofort Vutad woterproot, p 0 made by dohn e MPORTANT e Th$ guarantee ony pppy to the Soes and does not appy where the footwear s dam aged by the acton of OL, MANURE or EXTERNAL ACDS YOUTHS Szes - $525 BOYS Szes 2-5 $540 YOUNG MENS Szes 6-7 $695 durng tbe ceebratons there ths af,far w consst of tems Poe A rexe, DU!Da pohces, wegbn& h w be a knds of actvty to contrbuted by the Companes actve fgure he s key to ttar poston at mark auch an event themseves, and w hghght up ":th mnmum fanfare t a gous ate n a BATALON PARADE the Trampone act done by the hospta, an orphanage, or at age The Battaon Parade for Moqnt Cashe Orphanage boys, the opera where recenty, to Before dnner, at November w take pace on thrdugh the courtesy of the Romes deght, he saw T S says s ro:sary At Thursday November 5th, when Rev Brother Superor, Rev Bro Eots "Murder n the Cathed to escape hs ponde t b expected that ALL ranu Murray raj" ems us, n he OJ w be D ther paces and ready The hghght of the evenng Hs easygong pubc man; Cathoc Pontfs for the nspecton of Coone w be when one of the very ners, hs off-the cuf remarks- ga Strng Ths shoud be a youj Junor Tranng Corps often resembng those of a US otary sence!eat MUST wth a ranks and w ads cut the arge Annver canddate pn the stump-sharp Ja not Pope Johns tend to get thngs started on sary Cake y contrast wth those of hs and month ater hs the rght foot, OFFCERS MESS DNNER predecessor Pus X was a be satd: " tred to k ANNVERSARY CHURCH The Offcers Mess w be man remote worred amost don, but t ddnta PARADE hodng ther Annua nner on etheea See ony on state oc ays After a, there s The Parade ths year w take> November 2th, as thetr part o casons, he sedom ventured m scnptures that sars pace on Sunday November 5th, the ceebratons, when the from the Vatcan states OB eat aone" when t s hoped that a record speca Speaker for the occas crowded acres a sef mposed, He usuay nte turnout w be the resut Jt on w be the Rght Reverend "prsoner" to hs board groanr woud aso be nce to see a Robert L Seaborn, DD, As Pope John bas sad he wants on or puenta wt arge turnout of the Od Bys sstant Bshop of Newfoundand, to go abroad and asked :or deved chcken for ths occason as they are and a offcrs are asked to Vatcan empoye f the Pontff \sam He; to, 5 very wecome at any of our par make a specta effort to be h ades or functons, and Presdent present for ths occason w?ud acacept an Hnvtaon tdo t e prcsours of the Ere Pomeroy or the Od Com BAND LADES AUXLARY v s menca e rep e s n excc,nt ejth rades woud ke to see a arge The Annversary Dance w! prompty: "The Hoy Father st ops 20 and u number of them n the ne of be hed n the Od Coony Cub!woud ove to o!" :by aans a march and w be sponsored by the (Supree Kmght Luke Heart The other da "offcers :ESS CARD Lades Auxary The date s: of he Knhts of Coumbus, John spea at the PARTY! Frday: Noember 6th, and you Amercan fraterna order, tod versary uf the The Offcers Mess of the are asked to pease make up! NEA tht the K of C had form JOHN XXD want to ve a ong tme ege of :\orth Brgade w be hodng ther your party and take n ths ; ay mted Pope Jot to attend : nues out"r St Annversary card Party n the event The Dances hed by the dedjcahon of the Srm of the a much h4!her pace and pr "\\e, here am at the end for a arge man, h! Cathedra Parsh Ha on :Uon Band, rank wth the best of any mmacuate Concepton m Wash hap you mtgh be merested m: of the road-and the top of the, pop out of hs batk day November th when a hed annuay at the Od Coony mgt on Nov 0, but that the an mdugence?" heap!" startng tne t[f frends and suppo;ters of the \Cub nvtaton was d>!cned) Such evty occasonay troub- Do not nterpret Pope Johns comng commtee n Brgade are nvted to come ARnY CADET CORPS Pope Johns most surprsng es tradtonasts At the prson bgh sprts as ack of dedca roared and chemd He aong and f a tabe of cards Capt Rogers, Chef nstructor vst "outsde the was" was to Pope John remembered "!hat on to one of the Words most broady th warm s sprtua, dpo! Father Chmmas, as as hepng out the cause woud ke to see a arge nuru Coe (Queen of Heaven) Prson ng wthout a cense and was mac, admnstrat e The sun sank to ther knm h LADES AUXLARY ber of ads from to 6 years When one nmate asked the sent to ja for a month" The never sets on hs church; a bendng beore a ee The Lades Auxary w be oherng themseves for recruts Pope to wn hm amnesty, John forma "LOsservatore Romano" ways, every mnute, somewhere! Hs 6QJword art!j hodng a Card Party n te n the Corps There s a fne XX reped: reported t thus: a mass s beng sa t! j frst pubc erture Gymnasum on Monday Novem opportunty for tranng for the " dont know what nfuence "Hs Honess recaed the bad The Pope s n bed at 0, up and as he s:umb!ed : ber 2nd, and nformaton con ads n the Corps and eads to d have (wth the Government) mpresson he rece ed as a boy at four to shave, metae and :words-ke many cernng ths a ar can be ob Summer Camp on the Manand but have some nfuence n when someone cose to hm un pray prvatey unt sncn when :has trouhes w:h m s taned from any of the mem fr those_ who qufy Tuesday ---- ntentonay transgressed the\ he says mass After breakfast! -he spoke hs hed u bers concerned mghts are the dr mghs for j SW!G CLASSES aw" he answers etters, skms seven "Wow, ths s tough: ANNVERSARY PARTY FOR the Corps and Capt Rogers The Swtmmmg Casses are :newspapers and reads docu fnshed he pped an enjoy a fne evenng, as we of the CLB Army Cadet Corps, bess convcts at Romes Regna one of my reatves went hunt \ tryng pos, THE LADS shoud be contacted on these: now progressng weeky, on A dtpomat cmmened: Pope ments and sghed: A commttee, under the, nghts A ar(e number can be onday nghts, and a nterest, John oves hs JOb, to hm t s A g th th d r "So am d b t Charmanshp of Capt J V rccommodatcd so come aong cu are urged to get n the a great adventure" Tngng mon em re e e ess r u Rabhtts and Secretaryshp of and jon up "swm" ant earn how to hande wth hs customary enthusasm,; mg reports whch come n as 8 "!, a chd Capt G S Thomas, and con Capt Rogers aso reports!ha thcmscvrs n the water as we Pope John sad recenty:"! want: reguajy as eart beats - of step sstnj: of the Company Offcers :a sma brown suede jacket was as earnng a tte about Lfe to ve a ong tme- Jove to C?thohc ames under c?mmu The chape ued m hne been meejy,: wth marker e n Camp ths car a net the San)! Thr casses are on eacb e!" One day, momenarv msm-a pnest hured tno a ter reguarty weeky for the past owner can ha, e same by appy oay nght n the Knsmens goomy, he remnded Canada month, and rh now pan are n to hm, The jacket s a new Swmmng Poo Premer John G Defenbaker we ad for ths mportant one and shoud be of vaue to flor::at SE!PER CB that he woud soon (next event The Armoury foor w hc owner JVR month) be 78 and added: f Oft turday th at a unch honour by Ar Force at Torbay!rave Goose November MONCTON 33 Goes "to town on a gaon : :: : :, : " /-: : - :_: :,, ; -:> ;: :;: ==:: :: : - r - - ::-, :,,, : : : t; : : -! : *!- : 3S :: ew Ford Facon can do wth a gaon of gas t zps over h hums down hghways and doesnt ask for a new gaon unt ts caned you over 30 mes Heres how Strong; snge-unt constructon keeps weght under 2,400 bs Ths s ght wrk for the Facons new 90-hp Sx, even wth the whoe famy and a ther uggage aboard Lght wok, ght appette-you get performance wth rea economy The beautfu Facon makes sense n many other ways Penty of room for sx, bg 23-cu ft trunk Easy parkng, pus the rde and "fee" of a much arger, heaver car See the Facon at your Ford Deaers and take t out for a drve You be deghted \ THE CAR THAT MAKES BEAUTFUL SENSE : tcor0a footrotuvoted to oodd Oo edtt,,tooo of tort ta t!j GEORGE G R PARSONS, LMTED ::- :CORNEfELZABETH VE & PORTUGAL COVE tf -st: JOHNS DAL THE DFFERENCE n persouates bet\\ ren the e4 Pope John ud hs austen prececpssor s suj photograph wheu the then Cardna of Venre vst rce paddy by Red hoodums D ndeed, Popt North Vetnam further e- me of Wnston portatou of Latvan nuns n cy as Prme n!ter, box cars, a country church fdent pwer and:: n Yugosava ameared wth bn ee h > r 0 fth an q"!"" Unt unch he,!rans aud So<rn t:n>r encrs to stors 5 nternatona: rpb::ro h" a the UN, peakn! to them n! to hr,,:,r :, Latn, taan, French, Spansh, m;r :hr " \ rn r Bus:aran, Turkch, Greek or {arrtw: n Rusan Snce he cussecdec prr ar:tnd _:- Pus, hes studed Engsh sc motor;ro,,,;;;re::r era hours weeky A sutent a to rafo < for a 77! prr,su On every eve Pope John has Hs chccrtu sdashed protoco The Vatcan a hs menta newspaper was nstructed to fec!y we;tern stop such refreshers as " The Exhausted wth Hghest Pontff,or "umnat : prosperty be ed Hoy Father or As \ve termned t :gathered from the august ps" ng w ujk< t "Betr," sa Ppe Joh "r oh \\Jr s nj n )OU Smpy prm The Pope dd s near ths or the Pope sad that",:a;j! To speed thngs up hes tod : now unnr:j, ades not to knee before hm! XX > a\ ft every tme they enter Twce the mo! Ppu day suffces; mornng and, ern tmes

3 Sf, JOtfNS, NEWFOUNDLAND The Day News FRDAY, OCTOER 30, 959 amy Aowance Vp Over September 4 d;andm st hod When averaged out each chd recevng famy auo-ances on of ha\ ng the n ths provnce receved $669 for chdren under the age of :;:r; r((eng Fam Durng the month of Octo 6 prr ramy n ber 90 new fames made ther Seven hundred and nnety For thr month of homes n Newfoundand whe eght chdren were taken off ht ayerage aow 22 fames moved to other the aowance st havng :) was and, parts of Canada reached the age mt [or the m:nth of october t n Newfoundand ast month payment of aowances There : there were 7 fames wth were 28 chdren taken from amunt of aow 3 or more chdren recevng the aowance st because of ; t rwfoundand famy aowances The arg death rr October was est was one famy wth 5, There was an ncrease of pn t ram three wth 4 and 3 wth 3 $3,3882 n the aowance pay r::; g P66J chdren Ths does not mean of course ments over the month of Sep t atr 6 years that these are the argest fam tember n September pay ek n the provnce, rather, ments totaed $,297,523 and they are the argest famy n October $,30,405 Brefs n The "News Severe Damage hc ct!andc trawer Vottur was damaged serousy when she grounded on Pancake Tuesday evenng, accordng to dry dock offcas The stern frame, rud der, and forward secton of the kee and hu pates were bady caved n and the vesse w berepared at the dock next week Transportaton Presden Arthur John son of the Atantc Prov nces Economc Counc has urged busness men and other ndmduas to express Weapons Meet ther vews to the roya - s s a E t Johnson sad n a state commson on transports ton When t vsts the Atantc area next month Mr Pays Havoc, Wth Shps BELL SLAND (Star>- Wednesdays gae wnds de, ayed the arrva of the S,S! Arth!r Cross from Sydney, :\tova Scota The whch was due to arrve freghter at 200 ptp arrved two hoj,rs a te Heavy seas, drven by strong south west wnd the shp from dockng prevented at the, Scota Per upon rrva and t was necsesary to proceed! to a shetered pace n Con cepton Bay, unt the storm j Abated! The German ore freghter Johaunes Russ aso arr e n port Wednesday afterncon tnd, proceeded to the south Sde of the bay to rde out tht storm Dodds At Gander snawood and g OC ven ment yesterday at Hafax GANDER-The Bor Scouts r! the ):vernment that "transportaton s one of Gndcr were honored by a tn a courtesy vst of our regons ttree >peca \st on Tuesda from Rf-\ S!0kn a Goe Was Hawa an Luau troubesome Ts" He refer : r Jackson Dodds the Deputy thr ",e en r red to transportaton, tar DEDCATON CEREMO\Y-Rght Rev J -\ :\eaden, Lord Bshot o Chef Scout of Canada!em and part w be ffs, and taxes N f d d d Go<W Ba n an O ew oun an, edeates the Bshops Coege new Angcan Hgh Schoo bers of St Josephs and St Dk from Ottawa pen For nspecton at the Coege ast mght Standng, eft to rght, are:-h R V Eare, char fartns Scout troops attended Rt mess By ERC A SEYMOUR conssted of songs, dances and The Department of Transport f h a speca uncheon hed n the r3 pt! nj:ht at the The bggest soc event nstrumenta numbers, the cebreaker Sr Humphrey G man t e Angca Schoo Board; Bshop Meaden, F R Emerson, Bshop nternatona Termna Tues et f:da) h \ durng the Word Wde Weap swayng gas dong some n bert, now berthed at the south Seaward, Mr Chares Grant, prncpa; K G Krbv superntendent of the day n honour of tr Dodds :rc-, ere r ons \feet at Tynda AFB, trcate dances A ) s h A tt d R J o, b the guest Forda, ast week was the Decoretons sde of Jetty 4, Nava Dockyard, ng tcan c oo,; Rev Chares Abrahm, Rev Daves so m a en ance were ev w be open for nspecton by :of oss, Rev P J ccarhy, Hawaan Luau ted Thurs The decoratons were n :\ G d M :::ra: thry : b e day nght at the offcers cub keepng wth the Luau and the genera pubc on Saturday B h p } j em or ajor ou mg, ayor : :urchton g\ ; n on the base "Luau" appar custers of pam eaves were a!ternoon from 2 pm to 430 s ops Coege ou try Jack Robertson Arport :\tan,:,;;: ::: the Lmted antv means dnner and an p m Chdren gong aboard must aer Rex Tey,Con Suher t t used wth great effect to gve E d and, o!fcer n charge of Gan t: Foret T 3 h 0 s a tertanment Poynesan stye the cub a South Pacfc at be acompamed by parent or pt emtc rer weather o!fce anr :\r! Ttrb e party prt from brngng n food s h r S f j d guardan Off a 0 d -- o s " n G" "- "n un from Hawa and preparng t th mo P dnner e e ome n o us en oye be Ht B C :\nrth Krh,\, coutmatter of St :m for St n the nutomary Povnesan e th d 0 unge y ar C y pene, Of)O" R ) \f cause e rna n n ng room artn troop Fve year od Lyda eu cr ore, trt tt premer J manner, a troupe or rea Haw was fed to overfowng We Grouchy of 73 Monkstown than roury hrdn many r Dorr who,za, Rn n Keough aan gr dancers, grass skrts st on cushons at tabes about Road was ht and knocked of whc were hcn fatcncd for sprng addms on th, Boy estfroam "tchrcc SX or seven nche hgh and down by a car near her, A strc eent n the edca- when thpy are ery young an! Chr,stmas hac been saughtered scout mo emntt wa ntroduced ; rtsh;f Capt: nan 0 "nat 0 ant nodr c h, R a " one of our eompamons was ome at pm yesterday ona S)stem of the Angcan: e pace to start s n the dunn the at sx weeks because to the gatherng b )fr Krby r:o r 0 " Y n South Pacfc Nearo offcer, a Yae gradu Sh d b Schoo Board took pace ast home and the schoo of an epdemc of ncurabe fow : GJ! Ed; a e: As each guest entered thr ate, wth whom we had a ery e was conveye to t e nght wth the offca openng pest n the mdands, the agrcu- Lar n the a, Jr Dodds te thh after dnng room he was greeted enjoyabe conversaton He Genera Hotpta and de and dedcaton of ther new: :>tayor Mews referrng to n ure mstry sad Wednesday stc! the town ofce wtere he u ;oc wth a kss by one of the was nterested fn Newfound taned for X ray, Hgh Schoo The schoo named artce he had read n a man The most serous outbreak s n gncd the town book Mr Hawaan beautes who aso and and potca affars here To Ra5e Desoa Bshops Coege opened ts /and magazne stated that n; Gouccstcrshre where TTnstry George Beers Edtor of the nptrtnct of ast thtm tht Commt tht Fa Frstva for arge attend and tomorrow,n bt ampe teat eomforubt accommo a muons of the B: Schoo and there :ht attractons whch 0 popuar up to now a addtona ones bus stnee went Jut nqht for the!!d t wu apprecat E ery nght Ft!tn coju, bus Pmdt $tret e\ for the Regona!Co! Ths w stop at t!p at 030 the «O nto opera Hgh Schoo!goa Str!ft and tha w t:u mdnht buuet connect, hru Prade St h r usng thtr < ;-nt nf park mr the Rt"gona paced a e around hs neck but dd not resh the dea of Many of us can reca when doors to students at the end of 969 there woud be 25 prcent ohcas have ordered BO,tOO brds Bo) Scout!agazne accompan The es, made of paper, were vng here f he gets the nod the Desoa wth a many Chn September, but t was not of more schoo chdren than today destroyed cd the Deputy Chef Scout of varous brght coours to serve duty at Pepperre, ese crew board, caught fre or fcay pened t ast nght ot ony that but our un!vers Exctng Menu or Ernest Harmon AFB We rather was burned through The Rtght Rev J A Meaden, ttes woud have to dea wth 25 M } H N d The menu was exetntr and aso met severa Austraan wth acd as she ay near the Lord Bshop of Newfoundand percent more students that of y es amt ton arne conssted of Haa Ka Hk, Ar Force offcers who were dry dock durng the atter part and other members of th the present sx or seven percent Hawaan rum drnk served n at the meet as observers, and of Word War Now tenders cergy as we as Government n 959 a arge pneappe a but a were surprsed to hear them say r ff A A stant Secretary sma porton of the frut hav that they dd not eat whae have been caed for by the Fed unc pa 0 eta s 50 n at "Here et true regon sound SS ntr been removed The con meat "down under" The ques era Pubc Works Department tendance was Sr Leonard and earnng, and brother!; o e tents equaed about eght ton of food came up when we to remove what eft "f the Lady Outerbrdge as we as ever abound May ths pace, The appontment of B Gordon and Company Whe fud ounces; Moa Me Ka Nu were dscussng the varety sunken shp, u the wreck 5 n Hon Campbe and Lady Mac- now dedcated by our offce and \oyes Hamton, CA, as as wth the atter organzaton, (chcken, cooked n coconut of fsh we had been eatng n the way of the harbor project pheson a mnstry, and wth the nvoca s!stant to the secretary-treas he served on ther speca tax mk served tn a eoconut she) Forda and 0me of whch Bshop t>jtaden, Premer on of the most hoy Name, be urer of Genera Bakeres Lm staff \r Hamton w be o was decous as was Puaa we had not tred Bg sgns Ht And Run Smaod nt Mafyor Mews prospered contnuay and mav ted, was announced today by cated at the executve offces Hawaans (pork Hawaan on the outskrts of Panama A btandrun acedent wee e spea ers or te oc the work done ncre have good \r S R Saxby, presdent of of the company 980 Sher stye); Egg ro - Poynesan Cty spoke of cat fsh steaks, occurred on Gower Street casjon Mr a! Eare, Charman and abdng success; to the ths Canadan owned and brooke Street West, Montrea and Lake (fed rce); Uwaa snapper, oysters, shrmp, etc yesterday at UO pm when of the Anghca Schoo Board gory of God and the beneft/ operacd coast to coast bakery Momona (baed weet po We had ahrmp, snapper and a parked csr was bt by D aso gve a bnef adress of our church and naton" The orgamzauon :\ammys Lnuted o St tato); Maa Ono Loa (baked oyster but dd not sampe other car, the drver of n hts speech Premter Sma above passage s quoted from r!amton s a graduate: ohns, Ne":fndand s an banada; Pp Kaua Poynes- the cat fab One of tbe Aus whch dd not stop to wood sad that amce Confedera - f of :>cgt Um, erstty, and was /mportant dvson of the Gen an (beef cooked Hawaan traans eso sad he beeved certan what damage he had on the Newfoundand Govern the dedtcaton ceremontes!!!! J formery wth Sharp, Jne era Bakeres Lmted organ st)e); Luau Vegetabes and he had een a shark whe csused, The parked nr was ment bas gh en to Schoo nght and Company and Carkson, zatton Mea Ono (Hawaan cake wth takng an eary mornng swm damaed to the ejtent of Boards 90 mons of doars M A d 5th an rg an tte n 0 A 0 n e 0 hosptta provnce n Canada that the presentaton by ndustry were fne as sugar There s no here yesterday efter surgery Provnca Government does not D e ruft and cream fng) There were porposes around about $80 n 949 tbe amount spent on The dnner Wa qute are and he may have been ms educaton was 3 mon and for amount but very tasty and the taken Judgng by the crowds Satsfactory Condton the foowng 9 years t went n a : rum was not strong, n fact on the beaches at nrous Mr A B f N th B scae of and 5/ U we coud not fnd Demerera tmes there dd not seem to nn a e R 0 T c c f 0 or, Y ths year r e n c e rum at the base bar be any ahark aarm Ont, was reporte n ahs Newfoundand s the ony After te dnner the awards The tend s snow whte and factory condton made to the ar crews need to wear shoes when gong Hospta offcas deemd to operate the schoos, rather : to the beach rom the motes, comment on the w:oan, grants of money are made ava Tn at 0 pm the PoY even one haa to rross the nes bu Army?ffcaa m Ot abe to the varous church nesan how Aarted and eon paved hghway No stones, tawa sad the wfe of Lance schoo boards who own and OJ Dean \T o :"!organ of \tr, fence on a matters pertan and one for the other eght t)ued unt shorty after md broken bottea or tter n Corp! Thomas w Bae had de ;erate the schoos The onty:!"ora Unversty, SL,Johns,: n: to the Roya tary Co : provnces: and four member, nght The Hawaan revew evdence veoped comphcaon m eary schoo that the Pronda Gov- s n Ottawa attendn( the ege of Canada, Roya Roads rcprcsentmg the ex cadet as stages of pregnancy :Mrs Bae ernment owns and operates s! ffth meetng of the canadan! Vctora, BC, and Coege socaton or th cotegs The and her 0montbs od son " u t Scnoccs Coege Ad, sory! :>!tare Roya de Sant-Jean board aso ncudes a numbpr T t k fr ommy were a en om th e, emona The Pr m mvers d y th t the r [f b h Board w! be hed at the, Samt Jcan Que Pnor to the, o ex o co mcm crs w o are 53 ner Empress of France after: e e:, a r: Roya )tary Coege of Scond \\ord \\ar a <mar departmenta offcas M d a M she became The passenger are approxtma e > m;n 8! canada Kngston, Ont, on: board was n exstence for The sessons or the ot r ner made an emergency stop / omtn sh th boa 5 h 0 : Oct 30 3 The cosed sessons RC and the present board ncude a thorough bne m( n"!;ooet:: o h d VP c;, e d:n! StngUS e S Jo n drrctng the F! PtOpt to where they t uncamed or e C eetng :596 :!565, 29794, "Orh 000 each and tfe Waet for whch )esterda) were ght fork Progrsng off at St John and trans ew oun an e urc es w be attended by the Hon f?r the three canadan Scr ; on _the academc and mtary ferred the par to a pot boat dtd not operate thetr own George R Pearkes, VC,, \ees Coeges S modeed on tranung programme at the, n rough seas and heavy og schoos the Go\ernment woud :Mnster of :c\atona Defence t! Canadan Servces Coeges Lance Corpt Bae was expected not e abe to have such hard The purpose of the board, The board s cotnposed of 2, and frst hand obsen atons of!, to arrve here today from orkmg and capabe pepe :"ho formed n 954, s to advse: membcrs rcpresentng the the cadets at work n addt ::: Soest Germany where he was gve so much of ther hme &td make recommendahons to provtnces wth two members on the commandants report ; servg wth th 2nd Battaon freey the :M:nster of Natona De for each Ontaro and Quebec on the work of ther coeges ) Canadan Guards Mrs Bne and The Hon Campbe Mcphe:!j her son boarded the Empress at son, stated that educahon s! A two day medca conven A Gordon, MD, PRCP(C), ton, under the jont sponsor or Toronto, Secretary of the hp of the Nfd Chapter of Canadan Anaesthetc Assoc the Coege of Genera Prac- aton Utoners and the St Johns Dr Forsey and hs father, Cnca Socety, w be hed who wu born at Grand Bank, Quebec Cty far more tha book earmna, at the Newfoundand Hote w frst make a bref vst referrng to stmpe good man on Monday and Tuesday, No to that town Cosons ners he sad that some of our vember 2nd and 3rd A prac Soca events ncude a dn younger peope o! today are not Two cosons were re so we mannered as ther ed TO-DAYS SPECALS ported to cty poee yea ; ers Good manners houd be j taught and the tme to start s ttoners thoughout the prov ner on Monday nght, at whch nce, ncudng medca staff Professor Wafne w address from the bases at Pepperre, the doctors and ther wves on Argenta and Stephenve, the subject of "The Changng ha e ben nvtd to ttcnd Fate of \fedrne terday The frst occurred at 2 pm when two cars re ceved mnor damages n a coson on Cornwa Ave ne At 0 pm a two cer coaon en Freshwater Rod aso resuted n mnor damages to both vehces, :"a;nr "nrk on the Ostm:ushed \stora, who: The genera pubc are ask! \anna Ra : w rtad scentfc paper Rt ed to keep to an absoute!n The petton of G nff:tr s progress the conventon ncude Pro mum ther caa for medca Renouf, seekng to have the t Th whoe pro-! essor E J wayne, MD servccs durng ths,mportant August 20th eecton n St ut on tenders PRCP, Regus Professor of con\ enton Johns South decared nvad, b) the C:\R edcne at Gasgow Unver Poce BoHer was dsmssed wth costs yes t sty and Sm Commonweath T A Kennedy Cty poee had rather -PT terday by two justces of the C>s n!fce was Traveng Lecturer, Dr R "Y tre o cr year R F MD P R C P (C) a busy nght ast nght wth Supreme Court, Sr Bran Dun on the was of 0 orsey,, thrteen arrest beng made fed and Mr Justce H A have been taken Chef of the Department of VSS Nfd Among them were two men Wnter th most of the Dermatoogy at the Montrea a charged wth arceny and one Losng the eecton by a sma q:j[s JOUrPd GenPraJ Hospta, and Dr R charged wth dsordery eon margn to UN Party canddate Mr Thomaa A Kennedy, duet The remander conssted john ODea, Mr Renouf con natona presdent of the So of ordnary drunk Report tended n hs petton that cety of ndtra anr Cost Chares De\ne, canddate of the Accountants of Cdnada, s Nfd Democratc Party, had due to arrve n St Johns to not been a resdent n New day, Frday, to meet wth foundanr for the prescrbed members of the oca Aocety 2 months before the eecton :r Kennedy 8 vce presdent and was not ebe to stand for of the Pacfc Coast Ppe Com pany, Lmted, Vancouver, BC the dstrct Devne had been He s aso a drector of the out of Newfoundand for a con Corner Brook () ta!9) Roberts area \\ (!!) St Johns St Johns Crnrr Brook (5) 6 t John& (J, Aseptc Menngts: St Ph p,q, St Johns North m nfante Heptt: Corner Brook (), Bay Roberta area (3) Strtp Sore Threet: Corner Brook (2), Bay Roberts area {5) Poo: Thornea, TB, (]), Hampden, WB, (); (deayed rerort); Corner Brook (2), (de ayed reports); Stephenve (), (deayed report); St An thony () Pumonary T: St Johns (),!ay Bus, Joenynnd D!st UJ, West Coast San, Corner Book (7) VD: (2),, x, VD: (2) r Brtsh Coumba Dvson of the Canadan Manufacturers Assoca ton and a member of the Natona Pubc Reatons commttee Co rthat assocauot Mr Kennedy w be ad dressna chapter meetn of the oca socety to be hep at the Newfoundand Hote ths eveng at 830 pm He w, be accompaned on hs vst to Newfoundand by Mr Aan Barey, admnstrator of member servces tor the natona aocety Former Footba Star Des t Renouf Petton sderabe tme, n Ottawa and Europe and at US bases n the north BELL SLAND, (Staff)- n hs remarks Sr Bran Augustus Conners, a former sad," fee ta a canddate or oca footba star durng the eector s surey permtted to eary daya n Be sands eave tbe provnce on a hoday hory, passed away on Mon or to do busness wthout day mornng,n hs 62nd breakng resdence am of the year, eavng to mourn hs opnon that Mr Devne was! one son and fum daught propery quafed to be a an ddate n the eecton under The ate Mr Connors har bren n Anp; heath for the past severa months consderaton, and there s no ground for vodng such en eecton" WOMENS FLANNELETTE BOYS FEECE-LNEO PYJAMAS COMBNATONS BABY DOLL STYLE SZE 2 ONLY eg $245 g7c Reg $45 g7c COTTON SQUARE BOYS ALL WOOL BANDANNAS TWEED PANTS SZE 25 x 25 FT 7-6 Reg 9c 2c Reg $245 :$94 ON SALE FOR 2 DAYS ONLY THURSDAY, 29 OCTOBER - FRDAY, 30 OCTOBER!, :,! : t,, j

4 , -; " J >! :,! THEDALYNS,JOH 7/E DALY NtWS Newfoudfands Ony Mornng Paptr YEARLY SUBSCRPTON RATES Canada S200 per BJJnum Unted Kngdom and a foren countres $400 per annum Authorzed a second cass ma Post Offce Department, Ottawa FRDAY OCTOBER 30, 959 The Shppng ndustry The nusmg b the Newfoundand deegaton to the annua \ : con\enton of the Canadan Cham ber of Commerce of the queston of re\\ng the Canadan mercan te marne sr\es to draw atten ton to the decne of the shppng ndustrv n Newfoundand or t The ;,atona merchant shppng sen ce!uffers se\ ere handcaps arsng out of the hgh cost of budng shps n Canadn and the Yer:-; hgh cost of ope atn them b the standards appcabe to,, :, J,: ) h J, j :, : :;,; J, t, ; } J, :,,; t :, e, :, : h! : " : k -4 Brtsh and other tonnae Thet e seems to be no cure short of sub sdzaton at a hgh e\ e n the case of Newfound?nd th nterest has been awa s n sma!hps and the ndustr grew out of the nntu e of our fore"n trade There were both out\vard and nward cargoes for our foregngong sang feet whch took fsh to market and broue:ht back sat and a varet of food products The DALY NEWS s a mon t>aper estabshed n 894, and yuh sheu at the News Budng Duckworth Street, St John, New foundand, by Robnson & Company, Lmte MEMBER OF THE CANADAN PRESS The Canadan Press s excujvey entted to the use for repubucaton of a news despatches n ths paper -redted to t or to the Assocated Press or Reuters and aso the oca news pubshed theren A Press servce and feature artces n ths paper are copyrghted and ther reproducton fs prohbted Member Audt Bureau of Crcuaton That trade has dsappeared Yet we st have penty of good seamen and t may be wondered why a sma naton ke Norway can afford to have one of the words argest merchant shppng feets whe NewfoWdand has never been abe to bud a sma feet on the same mode Sma motor vesses mght very we operate n nternatona tradng wth Newfoundand crews, partcuary between Canadan pnd We:;t ndan ports The great probem woud seem to be the capta cost of provdng the tonnage But f there were to be a revva of Canadas merchant marne on a new scae, wth the utzaton of sma unts that are easy to hande and cheap to mantan Newfoundand woud represent the dea centre from whch they coud operate and the best pace from whch to draw the men to sa them! Openng Of Bshops Coege \: ; : : t The offca openng of the new Angcan hgh schoo n St Johns s another step forward n the rapdy deveopng trend towards centrazaton of schoo factes and separaton of eementary and secondary educaton Ths began wth the openng of the frst regona hgh schoo at Long Pond to serve the Angcan popuaton of the south sde of Concepton Bay t was qucky foowed n the St Johns area b the openng by the Roman Cathoc educaton authortes of two!>pendd hgh schoos for grs A Unted Church regona hgh schoo s aso to be but n St Johns Other such schoos n vohng the use of the most ap proved pans for modern hgh schoos ha, e been provded n centra and western Newfoundand Ths new Angcan schoo has Castro And Cuba Cuba, by revouton, has ex changed codbooded, tyrannca and corrupt rue of Battsta for the voent and rresponsbe eader shp of Fde Castro Revoutons, partcuary when they upset a ruthess and oppres sve regme, are often foowed by drumhead court martas and whoesae executons Ths happened after Castros success The justce was rough even f many of ts vctms were guty of sadstk cres and t brought some hard ooks at the new regme But snce that tme, apart from the fear that Castros government had been nftrated by communsts, there has been a genera deteroraton n the admnstraton and the economy of Cuba On the one sde t woud appear that Castro and hs assocates are been named Bshops Coege n recognton of the part payed by a successon of Angcan preates from the tme of Bshop Spencer fn the promoton of educaton The budng tsef s a symbo of the hgh cost of provdng frst cass hgh schoo factes at the present tme and s Wderstood to have requred an expendture of more than a mon doars ts accommodaton ncudes ampe space for scence aboratores, the study of home economcs, and commerca casses, and ts academc scope w ncude the restoraton of senor matrcuaton casses, known today as Grade X and formery as the Senor Assocate grade t may be expected to make a very mportant contrbuton to the advancement of hgher educaton n Newfoundand not competent to govern wsey nd we and on the other that t has been found necessary to create dversons to tum the mnds of the peope from ther domestc probems The major dverson has been an effort to bame the Unted States for poces nmca to Cuba and n the process of creatng t, Castro has been takng oppressve acton aganst Amercan ndstry n Cuba and s thereby kng the goose that has been ayng the goden eggs What the future hods for Cuba under ts present government s unpromsng U)ess Castro can surround hmsef wth wser assstants and gve them an opportunty to restore order and rebud the damaged economy n The News NEWFOUNDLAN TODAY (2) By WAYFARER FROM TODAY TO TOMORROW For the past onth ths space has been devoted to an examnaton of the present condton of Newfoundand t has not been a panned or organzed survey\ The artces have been wrtten from day to day and the opnons ar! admttedy emprca t s possbe that a professona economst or soca hstoran woud see thngs n a dfferent ght But out of the experence of neary forty years of observaton of the oca scene, we have set down our own thoughts for two reasons One s the hope that curosty W be aroused aout the present and futurtt of out provnce Te other s that what has been wrtten here mav be usefu to those who may wsh at some ater dat! to make a profcssona examnaton of the anatomy of Newfoundand f these purposes are served to the smaest extent, we sha thnk ths effort worth whe Money s not everythng but t s a great dea An n-suffcent man n a ush envronment coud concevaby ve wthout t But nobody ese can, government no more than ndvdua even f government may have a onger run for ts money because t has resources that are not avaabe to the ordnary ctzen Money aone w not sove a Newfoundands probems athough an ampe suppy can work temporary wonders But aways comes the day of reckonng whch may be speed out n a owerng of the vng standard by the demands of taxaton or the deteroraton of pubc servces for want of the means to sstan them n a natona economy the spend ng of government has to be geared to the countrys producton of gouds and servces But n a federa system such as Canadas, the poston >f provnce s not so easr estabshed n the fna anayss, federa pocy s the key to provnda progress That pont has been reached n NcwfouQdand Under the confederaton fnanca arrangements, the spendng of any provnce s restrcted to what t can ptocure n tax revenues from mted sources and to what addtona amount may he obtaned from the federa treasury Provnca tax sources are restrcted The chef are gasone, reta saes, quor profts, hghway cences and royates or other returns from natura resources Under the urgent pressures of dre necessty, New foundand has sought tte from ndustry except ts wngness to estabsh arge enterprses n ths sand to provde empoyment t has never heen abe n the past to exact aso arge tax or royaty payments Thus, whatever the future may hod, the pubc dumane s not at the moment a major source of re\ enue tu government And when we have exhausted a present means, \\e are compcrd to ook to our arrangements wth Ottawa or monry n excess of about $25 mon a yrar The ony other oca source s borrowng on the credt of the prm (:e but the present monetary stuaton n North Amerca precudes the further use for a tme of that means of fnancng our capta needs The Revson Commsson whch prepared the case of the provnca government for submsson to the cnar Commsson found that at the end of the fsca year the gap between what the provnce coud be fary expected to rase and what was requred to keep up ts pre\ang standard of pubc servces coud be measured n money at the rate of $5 mon That was for that year and that year ony t proposed that subsequenty thert shoud be further revew wthn the compass of Term 29 to measure the annua need Ths coud be more or ess, dependng on the cost of contnung the pubc servces and the changes n provnca revenues t seems to have been assumed bv some for ther own reasom that aceptance of the proposas submtted to the Roya Commsson woud,be restrcth e t has been sad that revew on a broader scae woud brng better resuts But Term 29 mprey provded for a foor under the 957 standards of servces wthout n any way precudng the rght of Xewfoundand to seek an upward revson of these standards The 957 eves and standards mpy represented a pateau Term 29 guaranteed that Newfoundand woud never fa beow that pateru for want of means to keep her foothod -,- What Others BULB BUYERS Cornwa Standard-Freehoder Canadans ast year spent amost a mon and a haf doars on fower bub from The Netherands The re cord order made Canadan the hghest per capta mporters of Dutch bubs n tbe word Thus, Canada shared n one of the odest and most ucratve branchea of Dutch agrcuture whch now em poya about 9,000 farmen on 20,000 acre of and The move aso hep to cement the warm reatons wth the Dutch peope aunched when Canadan soders marched n to free Hoand dur ng the aat war ASAN REVOLtJTON London Free Press f Word War has changed the West ook what t hu done for Japan Emperor Hrohtoa youngest daughter, Prncess Suga, s to wed a $50 a week bank cerk anc her mpera father w attend the weddng Shades of the Samura, and the ndustra ords who panned the bu of Pear Harbor! f tbe utra conaervauve aona and daugh tera o Nppon can do ths, anythng can hapen n a Asa, whch now n revoutonary turmo AT BEST AT 7 The Letter-Revew Noton that peope ose ther effc ency and shoud be arbtrary retred upon reachng certan fxed age bas been neaty expoded by recent decson of Appeate Court of ndana whch has Are Sayng rs Dave Ha, Stratford, Ontaro Ed: ;\trs Hats etter s one of many compants we have receved regard ng our rather haphazard pubshng cannot deny that \ve are crooks but t was reay not our ntenton to de fraud our subscrbers The staff of the magazne has undergone one of ts frequent changes and the resutng confuson has put us behnd n our schedue We offer our apooges and promse that we w try not to et t happen agan) MONTY SEROUS V ancover Sn One can scarcey credt t of "MQnty" Was tbe master of 20th cen tury war reay serous when he at tacked the pan for an Engsh Chan ne tunne on the ground t woud mock Brtsh seapower? t sounds ke the argument whc the Duke of Wengton mght have made a century ago wth justfcaton Then nothng coud touch Engand so ong as her feets were ntact The esson of Trafagar was st vad A channe tunne coud have proved a muns of nvason by the contnents massve and armes Jt waa st a possbe argument n 940, though ar power made t ess vad The V and V-2 mjssea that were fred upon Engand n the ate stages of the 3!J45 war were a foretaste of what the nucear age wtb ts tong Approaċ h To o sarmaent rued tbat "profeona men and WO range msses woud brng men are known to be at ther best At ong ast east and west have unted n the Unted Natons to agree on a resouton askng for measures to be taken to brng about compete dsarmament under effectve nternatona contro n : the shortest possbe tme The ;resouton s drected to the ten power commttee on dsarmament ts mportance es not ony n : tbe unusua unanmty but aso n pport of the Communst boe for tve nternatona contro" upon reachng the aae of 70" The court These make even the AUantc and t s over ths queston of contros rghty note that tbe Common Law hu Pacfc oceans rreevant n defence b 70 And the nucear-powered, mss that a prevous attempts to reach never hed that a penon ecom ng "auddeny ost atatua n beng a man frng submarne seems to add a fna -greement on atomc weapons and and became dsabed she of not of derson to the reance on the o th er aspec ts o f d S armam en t h a v e h former aeu", od dea of tbe "sver sea" servng broken down -----:-: the offce of moat There s no assurance yet that / ment s that a frst step and an Fed Marsha Montgomery woud th d t tt seem to beeve no naton can be con e tsarmamen tommt ee W mportant one has been taken quered unt t occuped by and be abe to arrve at a system of aong the road that w ead to forces Even n a nucear war ths fooproof nspecton that w be peace t was a step that seemed coud be true But t s stt dffcut acceptabe to the Russans But out of the queston as an mmed- to beeve that a channe tunne coud th t thn f th fut 6 th pose any serous threat to the Unted a g or e ure ate prospect a,ew mon s ago ts Kndom Not wben one we-paced to dscose achevement creates a new mea nucear bast coud cose t to an n The mportant thjq at the mo- tut of cautous optmsm vader Strength For Todaj NXON!D 968 By earl ; DOUGLASS T NEVER FELL There s a bam n Gead To hea the sn-sck sou So the chor sang at the mornng ser vce, and when we came out of church the te boy n the party nqured: "What knd of a bomb was t n Gead? Was t an atomc bomb?" No tte boy n any other century or generaton woud have asked such a queston He mght not have known what the "bam of Gead" was, but he woud have brushed that asde as an adut knowedge o no nterest to kds But ths youngster coud hardy wat unt we eft the church He had been hearng not ony a great dea about atomc and hydrogen bombs but aso about "fa-out" and communst subver son We wonder sometmes wbethr we are gong to get through ths perod of word dsturbance on an even kee and wth a sane mnd The sword of Damo ces suspended by a har s nothng com pared wth atomc possbes contro ed by godess men Yet we have hs for our comfort Peope n the past have ved n morta jeopardy regard ng ndans, barbarans, bandts, and sundry nvaders And the race has survved Furthermore, the race has m proved Bam or bomb we w get through somehow t s we to rcmem ber that the sword or Damoces nc\ er fe WASHNGTON COLUMN LOS ASGELES AYOR TAUGHT MR K LEFT HANDED LESSON By RAY CRO:-LEY NEA Washngton Correspondent WASHNGTON-(NEAJ - Now t can fnay be tod Ths s the story of how an Amercan "booper"-whch ;!most caused an n ternatona "ncdent"-may end up be ng one of the most mportant evens n preventng the cod war from turnng hot The event: the now-famous speech by the mayor of Los Angees wbch made Nkta Khrushchev so angry he threat ened to pack up and go home The mayors tak-though not strong -made senstve Mr Khrushchev thnk he was beng betted and bated by orders from Presdent Esenhower Mr K bamed the Presdent For ddnt the Presdent of the Unted States contro the mayor of Los Angee5? Ddnt Dwght Esenhower, n fact, ap pont the mayor? Ddnt he contro the poee of Los Angees who, he fet, ddnt want hm to go to Dsneyand? For ths s the way thngs are run n Russa Khrushchev apparenty actuay thought a Amercans were stooges of an Amer can rung cass He had assumed the Unted State& was a poce state, wth everyone kept n check wth pstos and cub That s what hs propaganda bad taught hm But n the hasse over the Los An gees "nsut," Mr K earned that a oca mayor can do and say what he wants, whether t J w::at Presdent Esenhower wants or not Khrushchev coudnt beeve ths at frst But t was sharpy dred n agan when unon eaders tore nto hm n ther San Francsco sesson n quck uccesson, be found out that strkers, oca busnessmen, even farm ers coud te offcaa where to head n And he found that oca offcas-wher ever be went-coud te the US gov ernment where to bead n and get away wth t The pont fnay sank n Once t dd Nkta Khrushchev kept takng about t wtb amazement He kept pont ng out new exampes of ths atrange thng t was hs frst esson n demo cracy Khrushchev brought up ths ndepend enca of oca Amerca! agan n hs By BRUCE BOSSAT As e 960 Repubcan prospect, Vce-Presdent :xon s rdng hgher today than anr most sarry-eyed suppnrters -oud magned Hs chef rva, Gov :-etson er of New York not ony has fght; he has barey moved off bottom or the h Party professonas a aroun country who ong ha, e!avort4 as "ther type of canddate" ca warm comfort n current pos hm ahead of eadng Demomts "Nxon cant wn" argument sm:s osng rather than gann force Now comes a report from that Presdent Esenhower and hae drfted apart on the queston ng wth the Sovet non, Kth takng he tougher, more skeptru The suggeston s made that ths ference, f t perssts, coud aff!!! vce-presdents chances for the a on Ths mght ndeed be so f the dents sorter ne, pursued wnter summt meetng and a vst to Moscow produced coner! suts n the way of agreement! vet Premer KhrushchH The mght then waot a urmsor t Esenhower coser to hs mod Nwns t qute unkey ho:reru Presdent hmsef 0ud brng about ths outromp He tme and agan that he ud W! to dctate or markedy n!u!rt partys cohce n 960 There are other a<pects :>o be sure that the otng pubc GOP conventon deegates uu : 960 regard the reported Nxon dfferences a; gwtr t shoud not be forgotten tht genera popuart; ;ojred to u n the aftermath of hs vst to Rassa, durn whch b a predomnanty touh ne - ary n the ceebrated pubc_ wth Khrushche and n u speeches Furthermore, durng the vst to Amerca, :\on5s rv feer, pontedy dtached ht the whoe proceeuncs and a tough ne Admttedy \Otert n go) keeny nterested n havng a dent who can "hande eve nf :Or Esenhr er sc! major successes wth hs proacb, that woud not nevum they woud reject thp tougher espoused by Nxon PRSON PUBLSHNG Letter n Cons BaY ;\agazne j Dear Sr- hare not t«cb Damond sncr the ftrs May Woud you kndy reguar taks at Camp Da\ d He to) bower that he now rea Presdent coudnt ju;t dec hs own He had to const n of groups wthn the Ths dscovery-earned -apparenty made Khrusbc that despte dffercncs of bascay unfed AmencatU tr _e remarkd on te f the two potca parues bt rerent groups of peopeera and "captasts" ) Th knowedge - tb, States actj wth the backj pe-tbat the peope are theyre not saves-a These three peces of prevent Khrushchev fr_ 0 _ war n tbe beef-us beef - tbat Amertat aganst ther "masters::, f Mr K earned ths tbe peace the SE OF c,

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6 YE PERSONAL CHTcHAT cdl GUDE UOADCAST : openj Gr Gude broadcut w be beard at 730 pm t4doftow nbt (Saturday) over CBC wbe Mrs Ere Cook, Provda commasoner, w tak about tbe Commssoners Coference hed recenty n StepbeDVe Crossng - WEDDNG ANNVES\\\ Consntuatons and b e t wsbe are extended to Mr and J&rs, Wm Power 87 Bond St wbo are ceebratng the f!ty axt ann\ersary of ther wed dn on November 2 Best Wsbea from a the famy THE DALY NEWS, ST JOHNS, NLD, frday, OCTOBER 30, 959 """ MANLY FOR WOMEN The Doctor Says YOUR DOCTOR DESERVES MORE PATENCE FROM THE PATENTS Red-Her Weddng Save Hgh Hees For Sttng BY ALCA JART!EA Beauty Edtor For Frday, October O ent--for You and Yours You can accomp much f you dont et your emotons domnate you Dem ontratc to others that you are abe to carry out rcspo!btcs entrusted to you Morey sp:n to graty a ong-tme ddre may be we-nvested now For be!t resuts, rey on ) our own concus!ons r:t! :r than on ad vce (rom of On October 30, 3g; Or:on Wes< caused a natona panc by producng a dram tzaton o( H G Wes "The War of the Words" Many ter rfed ctzens thousht the s;muatcd nvason by men frc;m Mars was for rea" Future On: of te dscc; c;!s n t, - my be a FC:m for art!da b:cj re:u!g r a\"mg o co:!c<s k ts aster "-!cas, c:c The Day Urder Your Sgn ARES [Sorn Marth to Ap! 9) \\er at a tt:uz p:cr r:jtu th;n r:ce rour mc:or TAURUS (Apr 20 to M :o A ntw rnsbt my r;rcae rk to:nc but rou n jcu U\e to fne t GEMN [May 2 to Juno 2) Dcn _Jet tt:rtcd n e roorc r4rce t(ft Stck o conte"ah e pr«cdurn CANCR (Juno 22 o Jo: 2 Ath:ah the wogk rrprv rractea dt abound PJfc tkt rs:s LEO [Juy 22o Aug!) Vouftt btuer but dt-nt rush aroof4 Gtt f!oqc: rcuouoo wt )OU c:n VRGO [Aug 22 to SoD! 22) Take the ntatt 9or mu:mum rttu be orjro nd tubtt LRAJt:! c,! (<,w::" :t (, - _: : t"t <n t t r- w;! t\: SCORP:O O:t 2 \Gu (,), w::e :c:t:h SAGTARUS (r;,,, j! \ ou r:\n H:r! fr:-n Oont,-!d 0 "ktu w t :, : : n ); : J J :,, ; : J : f tod cr AJOSLT-m d!! The eoat dress hs become an mportant member of the fa fashd: wardrobe, and ths sea sons varaton of ths use!u dress s better than ever Most styes are b uttoned a the way down the front wth tr quarter sees Popuar materas are corded woos, tweeds and worsteds Paseyp r n t e d shrts and staned gass pr:!t s!jrs arc m : portant for fa Theyre done, both as cassc shrts and as over-shrts wth sde sts You can have cream thttt whp rrcam tha keep, when you keep A \"OS ET on baud AVOS ET e mace from rea eream and terzrr to keep t sweet ror monhs "How Bunchy bouses shoud neer be worn under a we ftted sut jacret ey apo the ne Even rancoats ead a doube fe n fe fasho:ts They reverse from popns sutabe for ranwear to dressy veeens Many rancoats are warmy n ed and fur coared, The woo JtrM:V weskt s a fa ore w t h coeae grs Com n rd back or bege end has a three tr monogram For an autumn een :g, t!teres a satn cutch bag wth outsde eyegass compartme:tt ts a cever dea, s gas who wear specs w ret ognze Comes n coors of back, roya bue and mnk Fashons newest darng the thn, shapey unbreakabe hte - LFE- TME STEEL HEELS Now you can wear the thn hees that are the heght of fubon and never worry about ther breakng You fnd these unbreakabe LFE TME HEELS (stee and pastc conatructron) on our frtest, most fatterna dress pumps You can pck from Suede, Caf and Patent n uson and pke styes Cbme n to day and try them on Tbeyre the most wonderfu fashon advance n years Szes 4 to 9 St Andrews Angcan Hea atreet ength gowns of Church Fogo, wm the 5cene bue nyon crepe, wth hte of a vey pretty weddn( Au access()res They carred gust 20th, when Vera Jean, bouquets of pnk and bue youngest daughter o! :\r and roses Mrs John c Baker, Fogo, The groom was attended by was unted n marrage to Roy Vardy and George Bown Kevn Eugene, youngest son After the ceremony the reof Mr and Mrs Davd Barnes, cepton was hed at the SUF Champneys West, Trnty Ha, for one hundred and Bay The Rev J M Red ffty (50) guests The brdes offcated at the doube rng mother receved wearng a ceremony The weddn>t musc street ength dress of dusty was payed hy the organt rose!nee over sk, wth whte ss Grace eby The Hymns accesorcs Her corsage wa "The Lords \Ty Sheppard" or pnk and whte roses The and "0 perfect LOe" were grooms parents were un sung by the congregaton avodaby absent The brde who wns gven n The honeymoon was pent marrageby her father, wore a tourng the Avaon Pennsua foor ength gown of whte sk Mr and Mrs Barnes are now organza over taffeta, wth sa resdng at Topsa Road brna neckne :Her fnger,tp v\! o! nyon was caught by a p box of seeded pears She carred a bouquet of red Manners Make and whte roses wth )y Of the-vaey and maden har Frends fern The brde was attended by! her two ssters,!\rs :\arjore t s best to type a busness Vardy as matron of honour etter f you must wrte t by ; J and Mrs Geradne Bown as hand be u re to use a pen, nev j -: brdesmad Boh wore!den er e penc Svers Jeweery 34WATER STREET, ST JOHNS PO BOX 309 PHONE 5872 ""!" L \

7 frday, OCTOER 30, 99 WNTER WEATHER You Can Cut Ths Pan to Ft Your Budget By DAVD L J!OWEN wont bother you four WAY FLEXJ!LTY the theme of ths house, desgn ed 0 that the owner may bud n atagea accordng to the tond to of h budget ::- nt The ong ow ranch a eng neered so that one end may be, - :-- : But frst and used as a aeu contaned one-bedroom r:r\tt! hu:e :: COOSE A SECtON: Ths ranch has a fexbe aternate unt at one end, whch may be bu ether before or after the man w enabe them to bud the porton of the house (Dotted nes ndcate aternate unt t n be a sef contaned apartment for a budget conscous coupe arger part of the house The savng to bud the remander of the home Later, t can re man as an apartment or be converted nto a garage apartment converted then, nto f a desred, garage can be f Verte Advantage aas wa eparates am y room more uxunous by a cathedra rooms despte the deep roof f the aternate unt s used and outsde terrace ceng-has a wak n coset oerham An Orenta gre n prmary at a garage, t means Effcent Work Center and a fu bath front of the aternate unt n But frst was a garage and the home has a we proporton The ktchen s ad out n the }fteen cosets and cabnets creases prvacy An mportant converted ater for use as ed mudroom, aundry and a "U" shape whch has been provde a tota of 0 square feature s that the gara:,!! door n aw apartment, prvate ren!jany etra bah proven most effcent for mea feet of storage, not countng on the aternate unt can be partment, or professona sut preparaton The nearby aun the 23 nea feet of kjchen suhstutcd for wndow and door Headquarters for the famy dry and mudroom ocaze drt, base cabnets The basement -or ce ersa-wth :tte or 3 Added ater ether as gar a ung famy room-ktchen hepng keep the baance of the covers approxmatey 700 no framng change age or aa apartment combnaton across the rear of house cean quare feet any part of whch the house and neary equng may be used for storage The man secton of the hnue 4 But aong wth remandtr n space the forma entertan The seepng area s especa offers,570 square fct tf hab of house u a fnshed area, n mcnt rooms n the front The y we nsuated fro nos y Porb Admt J,ght t abe space The aternte unt whch case the tota room count wa arrangement prohbts a banks of cosets basement tar k h for the home reaches nne t four vew o[ the famv area from wa haa and bath The three On the outsu c, 5 ports as 555 square feet rxc uchn bedrooms, three baths) the front foyer or Jvng room, hed;ooms are roomy, and the the front roo[ aow sun!ht to porch Overa wdth s H fee; pro dng compete prvacy A bg master bedroom- made reach the vng and dnng and depth s 39 5 Archtect Rudoph Matern s the creator of ths compert mentazed masterpece desr nated X-5> n the House of, the Week seres f --,,,f-2 0 -:-:-:/ :::-:---: ) atrnatt unt BEDROOM 3 :2"0,!, F YOU WNTERZE YOUR HOME OW WTH MATERALS FROM HARVEYS y, fob, these frosty nghts te us that Wnter s nat far off, and K ) R! - " BEDROOM Z OxO BEDROOM "JO" X f z "9 Or<NG ROOM to 6" n = - r=\ n,-, :_,;: :: \ -- -! :::! TWO CAR GARAGE - ore n for troube uness your home s ready to tacke hgh wnds, :o frost and snow You can save xpensve repar bs ater f :, o,::w Gve your house a thorough nspecton ths week end - : : " t know what to ook for we can suppy you wth a booket xt,tj)fj: -!- J JJJ,L-J:---t j "" a APARn!F::oT PLA:\: Heres dh ded how aternate unt for use as \ ng quarters --;"" f" X SS FOOR PLAS: B( famy room and kh h rmnbnaon s m shrrr from Ue forma eron u front of the house Ths dagra hows the aternate unt n use as a garage, " : o Vn!!rze Your Home" (Popuar Scence Seres-Prce 25c), "ow you w fnd some suggestons that can save you money CO! "u cmd your famy reay comfortabe ths wnter Dont T NOW- THS WEEK TORM DOORS CUT FUEL BRAnS AND BLLS t STOCK - Wooden Combnaton Storm Screen - Top quaty, compete wth a fttng To ARRVE - Fne quaty Aumnum Storm Screen compete wth a fttngs Ready to nto STALL OrtLY $3995 SE HARVEYS FORe Foam-Fex nsuaton strps Send ths coupon for your STUDY PLAN YOU CAN GfT a tuy pu YO CD take thh stud phd Cor T Hou5( of The Week by «)our bank or otber mnrtga, [Una n your nama and ad ender and to )our buuder and dress on the eoupod oo ths get njh esjjates on " eott page and cendnj t w of enstretoa tba area, a ceotr to tt oewspaper wu u an de of the east reaton to "* budget Ths rd) pn BMfs each Wth t b nformaon ou foor of Ute bouse oether wth w know "hetber you wuj eaeb of tour eevatons want to proceed wth construe t, bo!t rear and sdes or the ton b) ordertag workng bu t a aeaed at "!Jeb prnu dree from tbe archtect per foot t ncudes a gnde on and for da for th How to Get Your House But" wor (Foam pastc mounted en wocrd strps) e Foam-Fex threshhod strps e Strp-Sea-Gaskettype weather strp e ubber atrppng Sf! 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8 " t -, _, _ s t!!h!!:,e,:::d;:a:::, Y!!:N::,:EW::::S:::_,,:S:;T,:_JO:::,HNS::!:,!N::FLD,!FRDAY, OCTOBER 30, u Toronto Jroa B!toO DO 2 -t KroJ toofto CAG atoe: JJt bp UOO 2 2S 2S -$ L Ptt 7fteCta 4j ad Oburk \o 0\o 0\f - \; odpoo,_ o" Eachap-Oc oue\ too JhJtnna feeoftoac a coa aootu marktd KenvUt OO 5 S s Marro4,,oM o d - Ea,T4nd, :u-ex Kerr Add 63 S20 9% M4 - V Ma7far --ann KUembe too W Meda Jt Kem C wo 00 M Mdeon te o B!P Low Ctoo Qp Krk Mto t > 40 + U C WES (rc Towa 000 t t t - Nat Ptt A-- t7tt7 24 2S 2-5 Labrador SS 2\ 2 - N Con\ Aqd ru :000 n 0 + L Oau\ Northu Aa<O 3 3 sa L Shore 20! 435 us Nc Oo AU!tde Latn Am :3 ( Nor Aom :so v LL Lac Okato Ama&aN SU Loradn \too \5 S S Pac Pet Mo Bv * S\, t U!t + Lorado W! 000 a Pac Poe w A _ 000 2> tovo Permo P Aucoa uoo c L)Ddt too 2Lt U\ 2 - \; eruv Oo! Anad!500 O 4!n "" LY UOO 2> 4 ero " -! Au Mauaaa 240 U5 29S US Pa eo Arcad wu \; Ma<don tooo 3 3t 3 + Pr&rt 0,,,, r 4! t :,,,, ; j,: } j -; s: J ; J : :, ;,J,! J ::, : ;! 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9 too, 4; : - " -,, -,; - " f " u rv, au4,_,,,_,, : "" : ;_,- c - -: - J\" frf{ :: ::- ":; e t;mtr:::v:nd :" f" rnu :"tt : a("("r-jt\" (> p"\)oo:u:-< nn, :- 0 UE ond St JW# No poth- NFLD FRDAY 959 ONCEPTON B AY NEWS STEAMSHP Nov4theavngNov4th r us eavng Charotte, : MOVEMENTS,;: t 7 :unu: Temperance far Dance Property Sympathy u c Womans THE s:ates w:er-et4vg a;:ott Th h d Ch H d Extended Ass Hods onsn:wr :to :!: Johns Nov Cone u es anges an s 4th, Montrea Nov 7th; for Bot saer eavng Charote HR GRACE-One of the BAY ROBERTS- Sympathy E t Fa SaJ wood and st Johns towr Nov 2st arrvng St A recent nohce m a ocap -,er Father Matthew tot dfuod ven odest but mot Ubtanta J extended Mn Frank Fynn e MV Perth oadg at Mon Johns Nov 24th: eavng same paper regardng a servce to Martn apeat at the Par_s 7 th, eavng oug ts,t h, dwena houst on Water St; and Mn Thomaa OKeef!, bot!!, trea Nov 34h, for Botwood day commemorate the anmversary scho? wth hs adherants Tnat G!t\C -:\ dane e" Hr Grace, hu recenuy been of tha town on the death o - a d J hts F efrgeraton of Father Theobad Matthew re evemng befoe about axty: ex stadtum on :\onday purchased from \frs Prsc ther mother Mn Thomas CARBONEAR, Oct 28th, - n St 0 d FURNESS RED CROSS LNE mnded us af o comment by Rev cted persons, Father Matthew t ()ttobfr :6th, brought a Kna by Mr and Mn Bradt of Spanards Bay, on The fnt of the fa nes y, as M:V DUJ ee oadng at!or ss Gurnsey eavng New Father John Ford, the emnent accepted the eadershp of the domg the Con George Detrch who w con Oct 2st hed th evenng under the onto Nov 4 th, Hamton Nov York Oct 24th, Jant John, Cathoc theoogan and ecturer, crusade "After much refec rar The attendance tnue to operate ther har The ate Mn Braz W for- auapce of the Unted Church Sth, Monea Nov, Btb, for NB, oct 27th, Hafax, NS whom we were prveged!o ton," he sad, " have come to!j" but the re c dressna buaneaa at thb merey E!abeth Deaney "f Woman Assocaton U was Boo an h s: Jn d Oct 30th, arrvng St Johns meet ast summer Father Ford be convcton that no persn c:adum pre en e e stand Bay Robert and waa n her opened at UO pm by the anc es er arne 08 ng Nov 2nd eavn Nov 4h f r sad, "There s a fase ea cur- n heath bas any need of m btng utmated at Mr and Mrs Detrch who 78 th year mnter, Re BB Snow, BA at Hamton Nov 8th, Toronto Coer Book H:fax and Ne rent among many n ths coun toxcaunj drnkj, and advn 0 h came to ths country from H huaband predeceased her BD who wecomed the many Nov 9th, Montrea Nov nd, York try that tota abstnence s a you to foow my exampe" He ouan s rc es ra Germany four years 0 had x ean 0 patrons n attendance and ex for St John s s purtanca or Protestant dea, approached a tabe and nscrbtnt mur The door been c:onducuna ther bus xtt to!tum besde Mrs pressed the hope they woud M V Perth oadng Montrea Guernsey eavng New and that there s somethng ed hs name, "The Rev Tbeo- ty oars,rf:;-e!ness on the premses of ther Fynn and Mn OK,eefe ar have an enjoyabe tme The Nov 7/Bth, for Botwood and ok :ov 7 t:, J rather un Cathoc about t bad Matthew, CC No " anc )!td b r er son n aw, Rchard Frchte four 00 Bert at Be sand varous aa were repete wth St Johns ov 0 a! ax,," Actuay the truth s that uttered the batte cry, "Here rm ra\ Recenty they were joned by Jack at Gambo Gordon at Gan: ovey handwork, home-cook!ry, MV Zebrua oadng n Lakes ov 2 ;t\ avm St2BJ; 5 Cathoc tota abstnence move goes n the name of God" "o a J wth the ther daughter, an experenc der and Wa at St Johna home-made candy, novehes, etc Nov 2/3th, for Bay Bus C ov B e= gf ov t or nents nave had the hghest ap one of tte greatest soca re r f :::::re Doye ed har dresser and who wth and one other daughter: Mrs E: and the reater par of W$ MV Zebrua oadng at Mn y:r roo a ax and New prova or the Church and hr voutons n hstory was soo, B v r her mother, Mra Detrch, P Fahe Genwood; sod at remunerahv! pces trea Nov 28th, for St Johns theoogans Pope Leo X, under way n three months he nt( e Y w wecome ther growng To t:oe aao 0 our s) m The turkey teas were favouraby NLD CANADA STEAMSHPS BLUE PETET:EAMSHP wrtng to the Unted States en prest had enroed 25,000 fo P number of customers at ther atby commented upon and a who MS Fauvette en route LM couraged both cergy and atv!owers n cork Two month& new stand, where hr\ D::t P partook of them enjoyed them frnm Hafay, due St Johns G"tV Bue Coud oadng at to partcpate n ths work; w ater the numbr rose to 30, H rch w operate s ar r to the fu The weather-man Oct 30th oueester, Mass, Oct 30 esteem worthy of a commen 000 n December Father Matt JSOfY shop Personas was not n a good mood auc no MS Bedford en route G)V utete oa;t at daton the nobe resove of your j hew ett for Lmerck Wthn doubt be kept some fok away from Hafax, due St Johns FuES THv & O assocatons to abstan totay four days the pedge was ad JJaks Personas BAY ROBERS - Mr and but nevertheess the uur ws Oct 30th TED from a ntoxcatng drnks Nor mnstered to 5o,ooo Every a \ Mrs Jon Hawe Coey Pon cood success and to assocat MS Bee se sang from N f \Md H )" can t be at a doubted that where he went he was Oer,:, t,r: :nct 85 - are rejocng n the brth of on s to be congratuated pun Monrea?ct 29th, due St fax :"3 d Ste:hs ::-;-!ths deernaton s a propr whemed by the succeu of a c r \t:tamn term! HR GR\CE-r and rs bab? sr! The bessed eyent o- the aame More n6tceabe han JAsR:ov;TrM :rd 5 Sang agan same day for and effcactous remedy for ths campagn ::r:r ou \orth, o Banfed, Bay LArsen t"e curred Oct 28th: at tne Cat e\er was the amount of teas E SHP co Lh er oo very great ev; tat so much! ( :;; r rrr at Hr tuest ths week of Mr and Mu bonear CommnY Hoapta! sent out, ths s to be regretted ovaport arme St,John 5 Sycmore due St Johns more strongy w a be n The stram of constant preab- \0 :brr Znd wth Arch Banfed cnr resdenet, Conaratuatona because of the ack o: feow-! 0: : ea\ng SOc ; Xov 6 Leavng for Hafax duced to put ths brde upon mg and he eatmg weakene4 ;,, u-:rr Rbn _ - shp that ensues when :eood: 3 K er t 0 n 5 NO: nd so ton Nov 7, rue Hafax appette by how much the great "ather Mattew and be auer -:-<dn; \ ranc of :\trs Forence Das who had AC2 Howard Russe, RCAF feows get togethe: t _s to rr eavmg N 5 tbay Rob Xov 9 and Boston!o 2er are the dgnt and nfnence,er a troke Ba But W!un!, :, n attnr, been tng her ster, Mrs statoned at Cnton, Ontano, S be hoped that next year Wt er >:, Lea ng Boston :\ov 3 and! o those who gve the eampe!" a yea! determmed that Ameru:a 0!c: nn2 the j)rc John Butt eft for her home at present!! enjoyng two we,ks a fahns off ef ths pracbce and 0 aport evnt tontre Hafax Nov 7, due St Johns n the sprng of 838 father too, must hear about hs tern :ont torm of Brdjetown, NS ths wee!( eae Wth hs parents Mr and that the congregaton - and Nov 4 th, arrung St John,s ;oov 9 sang for L\ er Matthew took a stp that woud perance crusade, he eft for the :r Thr c;rnd Jur J _ Mrs Davd Russe Fo!Ong peope of other congregatons- ov 9th, eavng St John poo No\ 20 j shake tbe word ofontemperance Umted States Everywhere n :orr ": rn or whh Mrs John But!, eft ths we!k ths Howard w be ranscerred w be persuaded to eave th e :th Newfoundand ea\ng Lv to ts foundaton and cataput the! U_ned States the fac of J;q wa!:c to resde at St Johna for he o the RCAF staton at Parent, comfort of ther hmcs n the N urr ea ng 5 fof e crpoo Nov 20, due St Johns hm nto word promnence At adu ato preceeded and foow F:! Lcrdh b!cfy wntr months Quebec cause ef keepng at some- JV arr v ng 0 n s Nov 27 Leavng for Hafax the tme he was the "hepng ed te treess prt n a age :r"" r:-:; rk n n r RobPr Coady, tbrf reay worth,rservrg, <Jth eavng Nov Oth and BostJn Nov 28, due Ha ange" of Cork then n the?f dffcut travchng _condtons agsfofte fax Nov 30 and Boston Der,throcs of a rhoera ptemc A Jte coercd 370! nuc\ 25 :"" : : " n,n_ st ohn td Hr Gnre B" t"hd namey, goor feow;tp t as, " \rr e,, : hr a d r \\ A Oke on WedC r ays gratfyng to see ton {rorr: 0, "3 arr _ t J 0 h ns 3 Lcarng Boston Dec 4 anr: frend or hs Wt;tm artn, a staes prrsuadj! DOP than =," Hnry t r:nr c BAY AS far away u Bay Rnrs We; m, ; c<nm o n s Hafax Dcr 8: ete St Johns Qukcr rt>gubr; prodrcd the Amrrcn!" ake the,; ; - hnuht ROBERTS - Ha d k, th th f :\0 5th for Ba Hobcrts Dec 0 sahnn agam sanw r edgc of toa ah<tnr u, atc -- brthdav "ret n an to \r wou e 0 ana em or J :\o< aport ran" :\ontrca " pncst to <C roe 0 rjr r, r r ft 0 " th " da\ for Verpoo f,, : ; wa rt N F } Rcharr Crane who ceerated er presence :\o 25th, arrre St John ;,;o, a coa cng h er cr 0 an a >stmrnce movement The_ nfuencp of athr tatt r; ;! ::,r, Nnter ew re ta her brthday Oct 29th Spta : :\ 30th, eang Dec 2nd poo Dec 4, due St Johns;!t SC\Ca 0! - Ds _or hew h"s on ThP-_ Poneer T_ota ;;"",,,,t,,n of Jreetn come, from he cnd LARBONEAR- Th? _ahy Guport evn nntrca>cc Lcn\"ng for Hahfaxcrpoo Dee 23, due St,Johns Absnence Assocaaons hae a, cr,,_,, roan he HR GRACE-Thr Recton [ ren and rand-cdren Jand of t P North Sr mtn Dc: 2nr due St Johns Dr c 7, ant Boston Dr c 2, due! j Det 29 Learn!( for Hafax: memhersht or The ;: ;: " Span thf new Fre Ha whch bt - hurch W be ho;hna 5 an ; sahng Der 9th, fax Dec 4 and Bostnn D and Bostnn Dr 30 ctuc Ha French anartan socees of ) w :mended thr nt ertced n Bannermn Mr Max :Mercer crehrtps nuarnertnmentn Sturcdy Refgeraon, 7 Lcvng Bosnn Dec 8: fax Jan anr Bnst(m Jan 4 Lcordare anu,cerdp Jeanne o! seen addtona Street arrved from st Johna hs brtht!&y Oct 30th reetmg Oct 3st m the Chreh Ha! GULF A NORTfRN anc!ahrax Dec 2 cue t! tea"ng Boston Jan 5 anr d Arc m 939 numbered 3000 " n the streets er on Wednesday; and the work of eome tromha mother, wfe and!au members are asked o at ; SHPPNG CO, LTD Johns Dec 24 Sang aam Hafax Jan _9: due s Johns $n Q53 thrre were OPr 25, G ut and reported that fttng them together to cm three ebdren, tend and to brng ther mo:her5: Fergus eavng Charotte same day for Ltrerpno, Jan Sang agatn same 000 mcmjers, not ony bound nsmd the 0 mence mmedatey - wth them A O&d te s as town Nov 2, due St Johns :\cwoundanr eavng Lv day "or L erpno Contnucd on a:;r 2 ucanandheathy Severanewhydrantahavero Bob Russe ceebrated hs aured a who attend , ::td:tdf 0 the keeper paced the od ant n aectona brthday on Oct 27th Grcetngs d f d f r of the town and are a conader eome from hs famy and schoo of un s o : od!tn or the Roman abe mprovement pa s fahtrr n be hed The Town Counc whch Economc Ha: th Tota A hods ts meetgs fortngty and Jentft Sodety: dd not meet ths week owr CUPDS Probem \ortaher :h t w to other buneu preventn CUPDS-A famy reunon, a!tr r\ tra days : number of the eouncora from took pace October 2th wben BY D-VE OANCA rand ronrert under attendn the ehdren of Mr Robert A Canadan Pres Staff Wrer tr«uon of tr D A Smth few home from \arous BRUSSELS CP - Com"", Ch h Se"",: ec! ponts on the manand to honor weah natons ookn abroad r \braham Smth of nrc ac ther fathers eghteth brthdy paces to 9 ther agrcutu: a, (o\t bought tome t From Truro eame Dr Doye products may be raced wth a t poatoe to Hr sunday, evem, Smth and hs aater Mona, and new hurde as the European Com thn over 2 ST JAUL S ANGLCAN mon Market acheves maturty "" CHUCH " from Ottowa came Dr and Mrs The t!reat arses not ony from too am Hoy Eucharat Ato Smth and ther tte on rd ed f r tm synod of the Pres Rector, Rev L A J LudDW "Sandy" t was a very joyous a trend owa mcreas e Churrr e er hed!ard -as consated 230 )m Sudy Schee end oecaaon and the honored guest producton h\ the CommD: but from an epected grgwth n Jon s nn Bbe Cass who hu earred on reta the coenes and other overseas! onmbrr :n \h Rt, -\exander 630 pm Evensons busness for many yean an! terrtores assocated wth the sx ST PETERS, HR GRAC been, auocated n an offca European natons!mt: SOUTH eapcty wth the Orange Lodge Germany France, tay and 830 am Hoy Communen n Newfoundand for a very the!eneu countres now are n 300 pm Evenaong ong tme, enjoyed every mn the process Df mergn& ther eco: brary UNTED CHURCH ue H frend and neghbours omes nto a arcer and stronger Re, A x Homes wsh hm many more busy, entty Our L G!t\C"r _ X ow tat, 00 am Dvne Worshp happy yean co!\uon TARFF - topened t 230 pm Suday Schoo When ths unon s ache ed n attenton 700 pm Dvne Worshp BRJGUS custom dutes on trade among :h :,: 3 n has to HARBOUR GRAC OUTH the sx w!!ae been aboshed you;:,en ::o;ot 300 pm Dvne WOrshp whe goods comng nto the Com r 20 d whoeom! BRGUS-:Mr and Mrs Car mon area w be subject to a :rattm for reaxa- Comng Soc a} enee Pomeroy are rejocng n common externa tarff ht ;h: e, are stock J the brth of an eght pound Under the agreeme:t settng up book >hch contan Mby ar the communty, the sx ha"e : ran hp pups to Events The annua Ray Day Ser agreed to abosh graduay a wht they are vce of the UC Sunday Schoo tarff and quota restrctons on n rhoo, HR GRACE-On Monday, was hed n the churh, Sunday mports from overseas terrtors m :: take tme ovember 2nd the Hgh October 25 wth a fne atttnd and countr!es These n turn v: a,,: < the Lb- Schoo Cub w boa ance of chdren and parents extend to the whoe Commumty!;,: f thf rtu nut they annua soca at St Paua The theme ths year was "A en$!bt8erenta terms now kno\ hw much of Ha Afternoon teas w be the Chdren Jon and Sng granted to any or ts members b found v thn served and there w be a and stressed the unty of Canadas Europea: market for :,c! a hrary and how home cookery, and novety Junor foup who throurh wheat coud be serousy cr: ad<j- ther pups stal Chdren a novetes, 00g and teachng n a cou taed f the Common Market e :u ; m&ht read candy w aso be for sae tre have earned happness and tres confne t!er purchases as tt Ud be ades of the Unted ehratan fath far as possbe to member coun-!thc h reopened Church are hodng ther an Ths the occason t?o tres and assocated terrtores JV"tnts are comng to nua Fa sae of Work on when perfect or neary perfct Other Commonweath f courtr es!!h, and many who Wednesday and :rhursdy even attendance n the year just fear the deveopment 0 t :e e: ra:rt to return books Jngs, November 4th ana 5th put gven tangbe recogn- beongng to the sx cou /tuona :4 n borrowed at Coughan Ha The usua on About thrty fve chdren serous threat to ther tra tha: they cannot meat tea w be served and reved awards One s tempt trad paterns A few ate t k< now that there w be a fne assort td to wonder how many aduts cash:tg about for new m w h thw esson to: ment of fancy &d pan aoods woud caaafy for awards on repace oshth :ndarket ont rn hope s that as we as candy and home reguar church attendance f a be ost w en e o t,, d There were any from Br gus; to the Commonweath tsef when tna, rnu he used: cookery stas ro were kept acheves grmeatekr ut nfc!as "ont, d, ted to es Common ar e o r ttr pa" n ths: Scence n n ta on the sdenes Harbour Commonweat! natons express ou d h t" Grace Saturday bu not many fears about the effect of pr!feren hhn; :):er: By RUSSELL ELMAN ad exbt n the Stadum ta treatment for terrtores as not mo e th fft B OMBAY (CPt-A ew brttd Tb s our Far, too, but few socated wth the sx aduts k an of young men a quety esud aent &ythn to rt, so far as "Wtre not as sefsh as the facese r:x:ept n an nfuenta roe n drect we know ony one person frob\ Commonweath," aays Hugo de s ocraso to use ng the future pattern af ndan Brau receved an award Mey Grood, head of t Common Mar -tn and ten one ocety be thoe who eonntrated on kets North Amercan dvso:t t d that tht the These men are the acentta, the Far n St John fet they t that th h, e ade enneers and research techftt coud not repeat the effo LBERAL GROUP Lbf\ t a warm : ans now begnnng to aser ther One oca exhbt ttae! thr "Our system w not be as pre n qurt ptare! mportance as the country awak teen or fourteen pme rbbons ferenta as that of the Common an hour n reacn ens to the task or puttn: das for frut an4 vegetabes Let us; weath but bascay we dont se!" ann mao:an that room theory nto practca de hope next year w sec every arty dfference between the group- <:, r up o the topment one backna the oca effort ngs" 0 onger doe the awyer P0 The annua coecton for the \mn h h can or rts graduate rue t!e bnd ha netted the fne um, Lke thar ofcas a t!e Brus na t;n t ;to: roost : ndas acadef!e word of $64 The coecton wer es headquarter o the SX, de!: oh:p r! 0 A the major un!veres now Mn Fred Robert, Mrs Fred Grood stressed hat he Common nt th b pace g rea t e r emphass n Bartett, Mrs Gordon Rabbtts, j Maket s a bera tradm organ - nh Lt!: cence Mrs Frank Waker, Mrs Gra aton, but he mmted that the Hrfr ont c ore Adcnced ns t u e A hve ham Hscock, Mss Eeanor j Europea group has eery raght ::, aun!on mer! heen etabs\ed and schoarshpj Bartett Mrs Raph RDberts to make t easer for thetr coon, P r t P L awarded for research h a wde and Mrs John Ante Many es to se ther goods art tach ran:e o subec!hfrof d\ n:: thanka to the onea who dd the "Thoae overseas terrtores are Uh w he askd cear,phyca e B:ngaore a actua work are tendered by the recevng arge amou:!3 of dent Lbrarv and to ute o Sctenc :n ona repu Charman veopment ad from the Commu:-athtr )oug frends ready has an erna t :- ty a t unthhtkabe then tht we tjujary and make taton!jbe tbof nedmwa foren uper, avn tcbnea sboud want to mantan cose re to borrow at eut Tata nattute ba w ave tanee Wder aucb acbemu atons wth them, to make t a ortnht Research n Bomd ced tde u the mba,pan are ktb er for them to ther aoodn new mpetus to a V to be needed and nd w th communty? of books n nucear scence end mahemat have to be traned overeaa s :S week aqd rc Another probem ben faced "You have ths n your own! n on Tuea JCREASNG DEMASP the d prefere:tce Cor eau Commonweath You h&e your n Sttrdy AJ nda acceeratta ndustra whte cor jobs a ncerng preferenta tarffs and t!e Cous e ennp zaton pan; Lae : demd for teaacy of coona rue Even o- ombo p:t o hep the deveopor our me:-a to bud power stato\, dy many ndan engneen woud ment of member natons: s t 0 durna the brdges, atomc rectors n rather drect work from a desk wron for a to do the same mases For many yura to eome than drty ther banda o the job thng?" 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10 Bsho - THE DALY NEWS, ST JOHNS, NFLD, FRDAY, OCTOBER 30, t Word Events n Pctures J ;- t ; ;f ), ;!, ; : t :t, 4 "! J :,, w ;,! : : : \ r, t : r ; :,, J : t t;,, :t JO!COW-Ths dagram reeased by Offca Sovet News Agency Tass shows the poston of Russas tuk m tete Ht photographed the hdden sde of the moon The hstory-makng photographs, re Jaywd to earth by the eamera-carryngsatete, were reeased by the Sovet Unon Before reeasng the phok, Russa announced that t had aready gr names to many areas n that porton of the unar an4cape dseovered and photographed by the Red satete n the above dagram, the arrows at upper rp* adcate tht drecton of the suns rays-(up Hadoteephoto) ) r, BRUSSELS, BELGUM 7 Prnce Abert, of Begum, predent of the Began Red Corss sets an here as he donates some of hs roya bood to the nsttut Natna du Sang" (Natona Bood sttute) The Prnce vounteered as a bood donor durng a vst to the nsttute-(up Photo) boo s very sc cheeru green paste occce as tas a From announce 0 any of the use The P by pomn can summon any part o trcuate non are ava corumerca of 2 tead prncpa C 8 Paed for Fed Coeg Vce Prnc rormc Schoo tmmp" (rc HAVANA-Thousands of workers caed out n a mass rav bv Cuban Prcmet Fde Castro Wa\C ; - tundreds of pacards n a huge ant-amercan dem0 -:traton h!re\t the ra cuba:; abor chef Da, tc! avador vowed the naton workers woud fght f necessary to sop foregn aggresson-( UP Photo) OLATHE KANS:S--Ffteen-year-od Dane Roberts s ed weepng back to her ja ce after a :e cou; hearng here The young defenden man taned a ttght-pped co:nposure whe the >Ot: her ;:e:jcd po::on ayng of her parents was recoun ted at the hearng Pore sad that utane a:;t Ott :th th"t $he posoned her parents wth roach powder because of fam probems A: enwusof of the bearng judge Joseph Davs form cy rued her to be denquent under the JU\ en!c Code pendng he: :Ommm!!nt to an nsttuton not yet desgnated "There nn puntre :-:nt n, oh ed n tw :ase" he sad "We can ony try to rehabtate her Jdcr Kan o >he e re(\; hen :;he readw the age of 2- UP Photo) ,-,: v, _) };}J : :,:-: : -;,! - -(,;:::,- --, :- _:- ;,,,, --,_ \ - --" - REGULAR PRCE $369 Mode 2V3K Here "The Montmartre"- 9S chc n styng o ts Frnch nome Hos 2" screen, wast-hgh tunng, pus the atest Westnghouse engneerng advancements Choose your set now from our teevson showroom & : v GALE SALE PRCE $269 STEERS LTD 8002 FURNTURE APPLANCE STORE WATER ST ST JOHNS Go West for WEST NGHOUSE! AND Steer for STEERS r (

11 EWS ST, JOHNS, NFLD, FRDAY, OCTOBER 30, 959 Bshops Coege 0rmay Opened ot: Angcan Regona Hgh "Schoo was :"tnrd oeccated and bessed ast nght :;ht fr, Bshop Meade, seventh Bshop The schoo whch cost about $ =,ar r<n <tccommodae 55 students The ;otncnt 4;4 students of both sexes, Hr,pacou r_r r: ru! hways wth ght greens cream5 and :rr,t, L The n ; bues The pa)tng work :,; c onr goes: -was done by Dugn Pantng t )>U>k ad of :\ontrea bends ncey fr,m th rcn wth the pae bue te foor :mn m,nt can ng ad by Ayres!; o! t!tr Z5 rooms A compcated pumbng -t TM!\ stem: system nstaed by A, on,ntm a Hube> Ltd suppes water to,"; nm:on ny per the three aboratores, one for ; p3:t o! the huge Boogy, Chemstry and PhY scs as we as the other fac (,,;tr:, named for tcs, whe dayght ghtng c! \rwf"undand b Ashey Co Ltd, ensures :r E maxmum vson u head, :::,\ngcan ::: \r round R :,d Drectors "r :!" : "we,:;::,>h Trcaur --;J::t - U!,! arr tught -=: n addtton a R:::r, \dnuns,, rr Thr schoo c-:t<! tt tudcnts r matrkua :r araabc u (( :;::r:; :a fscs :, a hrr> hc;d f::;:: r Grant! ;;r f,rmrr of rc: \ :r:c and as :;-t!r:ndpas rs torm, ry from ht,o and :r from the J a cora Schoo, rrom a o\ cr 5 rect and the choo s Joha Afred Meaden, seventh 3 zttutth r coours Bshop of NewCoundanr \ Bshops Coege, named for the Angcan Lord Bshops of Newfound and was erected at the cost of $,OOO,OOO The Regona Hgh Schoo can accommodate 575 students but at present the enroment s 474 A number of students were decned admttance because they coud not meet the entrance examnatons The schoo has twen ty-fve rooms n day use, ncudng two musc rooms, three Home &onomcs room three Commerca cassrooms, a brary, an audo- vua room, and three aboratores, one each fo Physcs, Chemstry and Boogy As we there-are 3 "home-rooms," that,s each cass has a room of ts own The grades taught, X-X, are subdvded nto m!ny groups, \, t ; : :;,, :! :, / j!:!!,!,, t j,,, t : : : : : J ;,\,, : r:, : : :: -! : r :,! t :, ;,, " 4! :,: " -- "PRCOLM" AS GENE RAL CONTRACTORS, FOR THE CONSTRUCTON of BSHOPS COLLEGE ; We wsh to thank our Staff, the Trade Contractors, Matera Suppers, the Shppng Companes and Constructon Tradesmen of St Johns for ther CO operaton n competng ths fne bud- ng!! ; ;,, t " ;; - As genera cotractors for the constructon of Bshops the Angcan Board of Educaton and the Angcan Coege, we are happy to heve partcpated n the Communty of St Johs, the Teachng Staff and constructon of ths mdern Regona Hgh Schoo and Pups, Our Congratuatons and Best Wshes on the wsh to, extend to the Lord Bshop of J:ewfoundand,, dedcaton and offca openng of the Schoo E BULDNG & ENGNEERNG CtJNSTRUCTON MONTREAL _ TORON 0 ST Jf)HNS, NFLD ,- t j r

12 Bshops Cege Named For Angcan Lod Bshops THE MOST REV JAMES BUTLER KNLL KELLY, DD DCL, frst Coadjutor Bshop of Newfoundand and the thrd Lord Bshop Born at Standsh, Lancashre, Engand, 832, ordaned n 855, n 867 apponted by Queen Vctora to be Coadjutor Bshop of Newfoundand wth rght of successon of the See He succeeded to the Bshoprc of Newfoundand 876, foowng the deth of Lord Bshop Fed, resgned 87, and ater became Prmus of Scotand and ded n 907 RT REV LTEWELLYN JONES, \, DD, Bshop or Newfoundand ) Ror at MO and ordaned deacon at Worcester n t86 Que Vdor: to the Set of Sewfoumand n St Joms at "Bshops Court" n 98 and \Us Chureb of Engand Cemetery n St Jubn! \ : t ;,, : r a r : j :: ; : J,, ) :,! ;! (, r r: t : ; t 6! -:J } ", < : \,, : t The nt Lord Bshop of Newfoundand wu the T REV AUBEY GEORGE SPENCER, DD, DCL Born n &5 at Mayfar, London, be was apponted by Her Gndoua Majesty Queta Vctora to the newy formed See of Newfoundand, by Letten Patent Juy 27,!839 He hed that poston unt 843 when be became the frst Lord Bshop of Jamaca Bshop Spenrer ded n Torquay, Engand, n 872 at the age of 73 Be s bured n the churchyard of the Church of St M the Vrgn at CoUaton, near Pagnton, Devonabre, Engand Dscpne Through Enforced Prefects THE tt REV EDWj\RD FELD, DD, was the aecond Lord Bhop of Newfoundand and Bermuda Born n & a Worchester, Engand, he was ordaned a 826 and appojnted to the See of Newfoundand and Bermuda by Queen Vctora n Apr, 844 He resded durng aternate wnten n St John and Bermuda Resgned the See of Newfoundand owng to fa ns heath n 86 and ded horty after at Hammon, Bermuda, where he wu bured An Ordnary Schoo Day The choo day begns at 9 ment of the frst perod of am and ends at 4 pm and s study Prayers are sad at the dvded nto seven peods of cose of the ast sesson each Bsb > Lct h,, otudents, are apponted Schoo mnutes each The s an day from a over Newfoundand A Prefects nten a for unch whch nsts The Home Room (Cassroom) J:reent the Regona H!h has There s a head Prefect for 7 bours as we as 3 recess Each student are assgned to student! from as far awny as grs and a bead Prefect for perod at am of 5 mnutes a partcuar home room at the Kan Grade X has been n boys The prefects are respon The frst be w be rung at begnnng of each academc ttoduced nto the Angcnn sbo for the enforcement of ds 850 am and 205 pm year Schoo s stcm for the frst mp cpne and reguatons n the No student s permtted to re RT REY WLLAJ\ CHARLES WHTE, DD, DCL ffth PLP SELWYN ABMHA)t sxth R,hop o n a handbook for students ocker rooms, the corrdon, and man n the schoo af\r 430 T Q " T ord Bshop of Newfoundand, was born t Trnty, 865 Or and!coadtutor BshoJ or Newrom:da;:: mnd the CoJnc " sets forth ts nh the canteens Otht!r dutes pn wthout speata perms, ou op ua ty ea daned n 888 Sered at Borutv s a, Fogo, H ears Content au d 937 Succeeded to the See of Newfoundand, Junf b, jth cs Rcjuatons bu\e c\!n \a) be assgned by the Prn or uness engaged n a schoo By RtSSEL ELMAN St Johns Eected to the See of Newfoundand n 97 Served foundand Docese became part of the Canadan Cburn d down or dres and dsrp cpa acvty under supervson of a :\!AGPUR nda tcp-at the un 92 Ded 943 nesday, Septembertb,949 Ded Dere3rdSS5 nesenrn&utsmsoreqdmr nda through a prefect system be punctua, and report reasons Day Prayers ctys bus raway staton, a mo ; Each )ear a number J fr absences Parents re ent Each schoo day commences be canteen ses cut prce cups reports or ther chd wth prayers Cor each cass m of topquaty Darjeeng tea to students who have demon;trted sged throu!;h acnon to studaes and ; ren s work at the end of eah medatey before commence t!rsy ndan traveers! readanc>s to accept repn Hhoo term n cases of unsatts Roadsde tea stas are com : tb;ta that they commanrt the: actory cassroom work a report: parent or uardan of the of mo n nda, hut ths one on reptrt or sta anr fow S sent by the Prncpa tn the: fender \\hees s 8 no\ ety t has a spe- cc ohectve-o make ndans tea conscous Hardy necessary n fue words eadng tea producng country \ CONGRATULATONS TO TH LORD BSHOP OF NEWFOUNDLAND THE ANGLCAN BOARD OF EDUCATON AND TH ANGLCAN COMMUNTY OF ST JOHNS ON THE FNSH AND OPENNG OF THE ANGLCAN REGONAL HGH SCHOOL Foor Coverngs, Vny Asbestos Tes Od and nstaed by Ayres Contract Dvson The ndan tea board thnks otherwse Throughout the -country thp tea board s sponsorng a pubcty campagn to encourage tea drbk n g Comfort abe ar conduoned tea centres have been opened n Bombay mobe fed unt can teens sent on tour, advertse ments paced n newspapers, o:t move screens and hoardngs STATUTORY BODY The board, 8 fujfedged!atu tory body, aso gves fnanca grants to tea researc!t statons, coects and nterprets statstcs, sponsors wefare schemes for tea garden workers and ssues export cences n s e v e r a overseas coutres, ncudng Canada, the board has aet up tea councs to promote tea The tea ndustry, es the pubcy conscous board boasts, has a vad cam or beng "the weah or nda" More than 500, ooo,oo pounds or tea are exported annuay, provdng nda wth ts hghest foregn exchange earnngs and meetng more tha!taf he, words demand outsde Russa, Chna ad Japan At home,200,000 workers are empoyed n 8,800 tea gardens coverng 800,000 acres n seven states Beadea ontrbuton to the natona revenue,t ea bas fostered aed nduatres,!:eudng manufacture or mons of pywood tea chests LARGELY NDAN OWNED The ndustry frst de\eoped more than 20 years ego by Brt sh panters, today s argey n dan owned However, athough tea a aod everywhere, nterna eonswnpton amounts to ony a haf-pound per capta a yearprobaby far ese than n E:J and Bet teu are trown n!be!!maayan fooths near Darjee Dg, Auam, and the N!grs n South nda n these areas qua ty tea a sod at the smpest ata, but esewhere fue cup of tea often s an nspd hot, sweet, mky souton, wth the a\erage prce varyng from o:e to two ct CU) ---- TCA APPONTMENT N OTTAWA <CP - Ar Vce Marsha Cfford M McEwen, 63, o ToronLD, an ar force veteran o both word wars, Wcdsday was apponted a drectdr o Trant Canada Ar Lnes for a three-year term T!e retred f feer, known durng the war years as Back Mke McEwansucceed CP Edwards, former eputy mnster of transport, whose term of offce expred Oct ASHLEY 476 WATER STREET EXTENDS Wshes Sncere Best TO o+ Newfo tuzdand The Lord BtswP J o+ EducatZO The Angcatt Board J AND The A ng cat Of St Johns ON THE FNSH AND (;o JtJttrt OPENNG OF TE NEW Regona Hgh Schoo Angcan

13 NFLD, FRDAY, OCTOBER 959 Angcan Desgned Regona Hgh Schoo To Pease The Eye Home Economcs Jt Angcan Regona Hgh Schoo, Co}Jege recenty opened to students s aytmphass on Home Economcs" t has a f\\omcs room competey equpped wth ktchens Mrs Gordon MacDonad, of Acada Unversty and a natve of,,,:a tcrrhos the grs of Bshops Coege to and to arrange househod furnture N ;Nrous rooms beonng to the Home "t:on g\ e ampe space to the grs to, ;;rd Te ktchen room has ght green -atc; hue foors A comfortabe combn ;::tr- The snk tops are done n a ght ;:;;r!e-hkc matera,, :rdrnad!ad that the grs do not have : r (\\"! cookng f thev do not want to rta:atons seen by the Day News dur- -: < the schoo the young ades are not, " hadh :t\!!: r<om furnshed wth severa Snger Enabe,: the grs to experment on ther! ardonad aso drects the sewng and the <ewng cass s busy makng apron ;:j)(( :four A buetn board showng the ja;c> entces the gs on n ther sewng \ ha: ::r docs not want to wear a fars Mr C J Grant, BA B Paed, formery of Bshop Fed Coege s the Prncpa of the $,OOO,OOO new \ngcan regona hgh schoo ; d:!!;,, ;,, ( :,! - t=:": N: \ ;t crera young ades were ha\ ::: the room set asde for teachng th 0 furnture :\ red sofa partay sur br red green and brown chars gves the ; cheerfu ook A tte to one sde a tbe wth matchng chars stands ready " ho wants to bra\ e her own cookng the Home Economcs secton s a rather tjace n whch to work and earn ve Youngstown ktchens fuy equpped enabes Ltese Grade X (E\ grs to experment to ther hearts content \Jrs MacDonad, the nstructor n Home Economcs teachng the grs to make French toast n ths pcture The ktchen s a shm rnerng whte wth brown marbe-ke Lopped snks, M ce E Warehm s Vce Vct Prncpa Mr s Kng b Prmcpa, comes o Bs0ps Co formery from Jacob Brnton ege from St Mcae,s Schoo temora Schoo n the Ctty!, room Home Economcs Secton Bshops Coege The room s used to teach grs to arrange rd sen e coffee Mrs Gordon MacDonad," Home Economst at the schoo, teaches two Grade ;:: the prope way to pour coffee Busness Admnstraton s aso taught at Bshops Coege Three rooms have been set asde for th;::; course: one room s competey equpped wth 36 typewrters, another wth pffce machnes and a thrd s used as a reguar ecture and readng room,at Your Lbrary : : \\ n AfVLAfONS congj\f 0, C A HUBLEY Ltd PLUMBNG ANDr HEATNG CONTRACTORS OFFCE 36 KNGS ROAD 396 HfA TNG DVSON j uwers of contemporary te :wdy excusve, expensve knd atre w have heard of Fred that ou ove to dream about rch Duerrenmat, the Swss but coudnt-or ahoudnt-af : \\Tter whose pay The Vst was ford? ; brought to the Amercan stage Coor Gude to Home Decora f ast year by the wc known on s just the thng Comped : actng team Afred Lunt and by 20 of Amerca& foremost Lynn Fontannc nteror decorators, t contans :, Ths pay made a deep m : fu coor pctures-more than :presson on New York crtcs! 200 or tfem-n dfferent st) es :; and Henry Hewes whorevews and perods or room decoraton, ; Ja s for Saun!ap Rc ew, de ndudng eary Amerca, french scrbed t as "one of the most Provnda, and }odern And :extraordnary hcar a works [ rou cant eproduce them : of our me" ompce n your own house, you The story s a story of cor ; an aways ft an dea of w rupun, hum:m corrupton-not or thnt mante or wndow 0 as somethng remote or m ha that you suaze t re mense but as somethng touch medced form f youre gong! ng us a as t touches the to bud, ths, f anythng, w townspeope of Guen the tte hct ) our ambtons j European town where the acton of the pay takes pce t s a traedy, but a trager> wthout DO"fOR D:Tt:CT\ES! tears! :aurce Vaencys J::wsh Berton Roueche Ee en :adaptaton s now avaahe at ue \cn rcsent a number o the Gosng taes o mystery and uspense But the crmnas are, for tbt OTHFR PLA \S mot part, mcrobes, not me! The attenton of nca\ Ltte and women; and the detcctvea Theatre groups s aso darwn to are doctun;, not poce offcers anthooges of short pays-and Ead of the eventa descrbe of course to u-ength ones as actuay occurred, -most o we-obtanabe at the Lbrary them n the past ten );ears, : There s, for nstance, the we- or near New York Cty Th : ; known seres edted by Margaret tte story concerns the suddem, Mayorga n an ntroducton to coapse of eeven men whc " the coecton Margaret went bue a over, and te : :fayorga recognzes our dffer how subsequent nvestgato,; ; cnt types of short pay presen ed to the dscovery of svej ; : on: "the reastc stage form, ntrate the oatmea served a :, the teevson pcture, the ex a cafetera permenta communcaton wth the audence as part of the STURDY STUFF show, and the poetc presena on" Her seecton ncudes For those who ke sturdy, works by such tvrse pa) me<!ss suhjec matter n te wtghs as pot Archbd Mac rudm!:, th J,brar) 8 CQ Lush,V wrt>r Regnah ohs, tmuu) attmg new vtwonsu stuge dramatst Teuuessee W stuutun works or \V, ams of wde:y atceptd wrters stude name three: The buc Wrtng HO!\tE, swa ky Home of C: G; Ju!g; Verane, Pru, j Do you get a kck out of ook of Pets; Te Metamorphoses c n at home nterors - the Ovd!, : t) j, r,: :! j, J

14 sotr cros Junor J edged the tbe crusad St J J, ( r -, : t e ; ; t \4 : ; f, ::: > :, ; SAC And Batte To For the second tme n as many day SavatOOD umy Coege and Hoy Cross batted to a te n Semor Hfgh Schoo Footba Yesterday afternoon the two teams fought down to the wre for the deadocked encounter that eft the standngs unchanged The game bad no bearng on the honours as ther 5t deadocked encounter had St Pata Crusaders Second Te Nfd Lgbt Power-2 N McLeod St J Eare B Whtte from Dck Forrata and Jm F Power Ftzpatrck The openng JOa of the ame Harvey 6: Co- came at 89 Crusader fu M Krby back Bob Wheaa fed a ong J Norman forward pa to outsde rght B Fgan Jofut Enns The ba was m J Wash Bons Fnsh Second StOp Prnce Of Waes 2- - SFCTON Monday: Roya Bank E! LNY Roya S:t -85- Dom achnerv n Day : cws v -93- Enns of Hoy Cross bobbn the ba but the aoae bobbed through for a 0 Hoy H Murphy / n the eague standngs Bshop Coege have aready won Brant, goatendng bgh : came up wth evera other Cro ead c Gosse h Ch h Th ds d ghted the e ncounter as both great grabs Crusadera netmnd The frst haf aaw Dawson e amptons tp e B uego score a goa m each netmnders turned n starr) per- er John Dawson a!jo turned n tested fve tmes whe Oakey Bowrng Brothers-! haf whe hodng Prnce of Waes to a second stanza score formances The Hoy Cross a sparkng dspay wth evera bad sx shots c :>oyst St Bons hed the edge n outstandng stops n each frame From the start of the fna H St Crox ! the frst haf of pay and ap Despte the fact tat the frame SAC went a out to e\en G Nee ; ped the pressure n the eary game meant tte both quad the acort They mssed a great G Fuer stages or the fna frame payed a out for a wn and chance when Mevn Drover Prnce of Waes came back there were penty of aood pa- booted the ba of{ the bar and strong n the atter part of ng pays turned n by both for Canon Cuett pcked up the Terra Nova Moto_s the encounter to get cose to ward nea The fuback and rebound Cuett shot aso ht B Oaker the Bueg()Jds but were unabe havea were topa on defence to te poat R Manntng to score the deadockng mark make t fast, cean eonteat SAC were awarded an drect G Brmngham er from start to fn!jb free kck at 4G when Crusader C Nugent gae: ;:v;r, K!:r::tso Savaton Army CoeJe mov fuback Ed Brophy was nabbed UNF was ceany beaten on the one ed the ba deep nto the Ho7 for banda The shot came from PWC goa and had severa Cross rone from the tnt just outade the 8 yard ne f ftreo;dj good stops n each stanza n whste Lea Sweetappe took wth Cuett aendng a bsterng the openng haf Harvey a pa from Canon Cuett and drve that wa just wde of the J Short bocked shots from Don warr appeared to b on the W&J for neta R Carke and Bob Rce and he ooked a aoa but hs mot ht the pott Det orrata came cose for good on drves from Tom Bar Dave Omond fred a hard bot the Crusaden when he beaded a Nfd Brewer)-Z hour and Car Knght n the for SAC but Dawton mad the corner by John Enns over the G Tobn : second haf sav& just mnutu ater bar after beng eft unchecked G MarUn Prnce of Waes netmnder Pat Denamore came bact for A corner kck tarted the Sa w F h Randy Whte had most of hs Hoy Cro but ha abot W vaton Army Coee acorn ee an work n the frst haf He nchu off the coer and 0Ue pay, The ba went to center R Short moved sow on the frst St Oakey ooked aood on drna bau Carson <;:Juett but h ahot Bons marker after t had -;:;:;;:;;:;:::=::::;;;;:::;;::;::;::;::;:: aa!n ht the poat and rebound E F Barnea- taken a bad hop but had no ed nto pay Lea Sweetappe : ::m pay on the seoond goa Whte : PUJ YOUR MONEY yo WORK e moved qucky to pck up the D Brophy stopped "DeDe" Vetch, Stan WHERE T WLL GET YOU THE BEST RETURN EASTERN TRUST OFERS YOU 3 PROFTABLE WAYS TO SAVE =- /2 /0/ tn pnvees, v,:th nterest epos counts wth chequ 70 pad qn mmmum quartery baance Wrte, Phone or Ca today for your auppy of Depost-by-Ma-enveopes THE EASTERN TRUST COMPANY ba d ht th !96 677/ Cook and Ray Haey n the an t\ comer on a A Hooway frst haf and came up wth an fne Uort wth ony a mnute extra fne grab on John the second haf Ray Haey started the pay as he carred the ba deep nto the PWC one and fed a ong pass across the goamouth Furong turn ed on the ba and tpped t nto the open rght corner on a ow drve for the second Buegod tay Prnce of Waes were pay ng every man up n an effort to break te ce and at 220 Don Warr spoed Peter Har \ \\ / / J r)ajn pay Tha bad t Maher n the second atana SECTON B There was a sght wnd St Bons: Ga!, peter tar / E[r:; HOJ CrOM came eou to OKeefes Grocery-3 bowng across the fed for vey; fus, Tom Sooey, Dens Korn apn as tht aeconds J Durde , the game but despte ths the MfGetgan; haves, Stan pasad A corner kck an Loretta Goase ba was not bard to contro Cook, Frank OKeefe, Bran from Enn wtnt to Jm FJtz Nee OKeefe The work of the hafnes on Tobn; forwards, "DeDe" patrck but he headed the ba J OKeefe both teams provded the most Vetch, Ray Haey, Jm Nor j by Red 6range Wrtten for NEA Servct QUESTON: What happens when a ega forward pass s: caught smutaneousy by an/ e!egbe recever and a de fendng payer n bounds?-! Jack James Answer: The ba becomes! dead and beongs to the pass ng team where t was caught ts smpy a competed pass veys shutout bd Bob Rce Q Whatever became of Tuss sent a forward pass across the McLaughry, who coached St Bons nets t bounced and Brown and Dartmouth?-Dave n the scrambe Warr got hs Schser c R Be vs SOd t B Hmey vs Hubt red deep nto the SAC one by wnnng the crown Enna where he aced a hard St Bons fnshed the Junor ntercoegate Footba Lea Sweetappe scored n the drve at netmnder Oakey The Pepp Commssary-2 h d h 2 f fna mnutes o the game to marker came on pay that W goae got hs hand on the ba B Jackman sc e u e Wt a Vctory over Prmce 0 Waes at the f\tn a fnt ha tay by John :SAC aoae Wbur Oakey and hed t for a second but t J Curran ! Fedan Grounds yesterday afternoon to take second pace Wednesday: -OO Perns s \\nttrl Arm Works rs -85- c R Be! C E Uttes S R A -93- McMurdo S Standut A Staney & Son n Thursday: -OO Dom Mach vs LSY Roya Bank,, D!J -US De phs Cote Roya Stores! NO -93- G E O n Wn(L Hubeys vs R!ekmu boot on the ba to ht pay A Tuss McLaughry s head Gn d drt Jn the eft corner and or the Dartmouth Depart ad er move PWC wthn one goa nt of Physca Educaton GANDER, (Speca) of St Bons S son, John, coaches Brown annua meetng of the The ast mnutes of the fx - Hockey Assocaton ure saw Prnce of Waes Address footba questons caed for \ednesda hemmng St Bons n ther to Red Grange, NEA Servce, 28 has been po r own one but netmnder Har- 46, Eghth Ave, New York, Tuesday, No"tmen vey bocked every shot that, N Y Questons of genera be hed th RC" came hs way fen: a 2 st or unusua nterest W be t n nr Bons \ccrry answered n ths coumn cen er Referee: Doug Woogar Other questons cannot be asknowedged ndvduay LNEUPS Patrcans Bowng League SUNDAYS GAMES Mtn Stcton "B" over te 0 as the whste thrng acton of the game berg, John Maher, Dens Fur OUndd to fnb the aame n T MeMurdo- wth much acton n the cen ong deadock M Lewa ter ptch area Wph,tnce of Waes: Goa, Randy 3 fzmyankees vs ndans Referee: Ed Sapter J Fagan The one goa of the frst e; fu s, Mac LeFessur er " "ATON "" " L d \ s h J 0 h 3-4 Dodgers vs Prates, AJWU& co, J Rng haf came at 235 wth Stan H oyd Eoore ;K adves, n 5-6 Gants vs Phes J:GE: Goa, Wbur Oade; M Dawe Cook puttng St Bons nto a 00 rc en e B fus, Jam Dyke, LeJ Ryan; M 77 63G 206 H ead The ba was ceared Tucker; forwards, Bob Rce, 7 8 Bra!!t?,ators havea, Le Sweetappe, Carson from a scrambe near the Don Warr, Cuney Bandford, Cuet, Ron Dawe, forwardj, Jtoya oc " vera-- - P W C goa ne, nd went to om Barbour, Ca Knght 4 2 pm Buck vs Pontac Bob Osmond, Mevn Drover, R Penne Cook unmarked on the 8 FNAL STANDNGS 8 4 Pymouth vs Desota Dave Oamond, Loyd Stockey, H Noseworthy yard ne Stan took one step 5 6 Ford vs Odsmobe Ron Rodger J Ryan and banged a tow shot that P W L T Pta 7 8 Dodge vs Hudson HOLY CROSS: Goa, John w Jvey took one crazy hop and went Bshops Co Mhced Dawtoa fus, Bob Whean, Ed to the rght of goae Whte St Bons Secton "A" Brophy; have, Gerry Dawson, A Staney 4 Son- nto the scorng area Ths Prnce o 0 n 0 "Aaye:s4 GO 3E 8 pm Frank Forraa, Mke Hearn; L Hudson was the ony marker of the AM 2 Rose vs Orange forwarda, Jobn Enn!J, Jm Ftz c Evans frst ha atd had St Bons Wth ony two games re 3-4 Red vs Mauve patrck, Dck Forrsta, Pat J Graham eadng 0 at the haf tme manng n the senor nter- -B Bue vs Brown Denmore, B Hurey P McLeod whste coegate eague Bshops Co 7 8 Wne vs Purpe Eary Wynn Dens Furong moved St ege and St Bons w cash Secton "B" Bons out front 2 0 at 86 of ths afternoon Ther game s 9 pm set for 430 pm at the A)re 2 Lacs vs Dahas Deph!J Cote-Z Brown!ngJarvey-2 Athetc Grounds n the frst E Thomas P Suvan round Bshops coege won 0 Jm Coeman accams defense eports eommen tor ruu! a and used many now hes eon\ nred got the b!! Sayt s gettng the be wnter proteeton "Preetone" Anc-Free!!o DO worree ahout (0 coggng or (oarong Ant Freeze has them 3 4 Emerads vs Dases 5-6 D Thomas Key and the two squads batted Prmrose vs Geranums 7 8 Sweetpeas vs Panses "Prto- Wns Award G Hartery T Noteworthy to 8 scoreess draw Jn the NOTE: Uness scores are en, ehc f n: thatdj BOSTON <AP-Eary W of W Cooney V Sparkes second round ter!d correcty and totaed,!8de of every part Chco Whtt Sox Thursd u A wn or a te By Bshops mg system-fortf! ponts and wmnng scores ef(ne named the wnner of t: c T & M Wnter- Nfd Arm Works-- Coege ths afternoon w coud be gnored The reman 0 = :t corroeoa YO Memora Award 5 th E Barron J Cook gve them the champonshp outatand!ng pte!er n the major A Jackman C Pyne To dat: they have nne ponts ng entrance fees w be co Take 8 tp from Jm eced ths week th _, e grea "" naues dudn the 959 baseba T Owens T Wash on four wns and a te and eason T Power A Cook are yet to be scored upon Ths W)n, who receved 3 of the s ther ast game st Bons Sandm gs 6 votes east by members of the wth a par of vctores pus a aseba Wrters AssocaUon of Hckman Motors--Z F Pern-Z te are second on fve,ponts By THE CANADAN PRESS Amerca for the trophy presented L Bshop A Cau Besdes ths afternoons con Natona League :t Youngs memory by baseba A Butt R!/o!sey test they must pay Prnce of w L T F A Pta commssoner Ford Frck, had C Scurry ! Martn Waes f St Bons wn bth Montrea A record for the year Hs 22 Cy Morr A Thompson games they w be ted Wth Detrot s vctores were the most for any Bshops Coege for the hon Toronto 4 2 % ptcher ths year n the majors Eectrc Uttes-- G E 0- ours Boston Sam Jones of San Francsco W Danes A Whaen New Yorj Gants was runnerup wth two M Fed J Cowan The western whp snakes, Chcago vou, and young Bob Shaw of t!te A Chafe G Vughan fastest n the Unted States, Whte Sox r c e v e d the other G Dawe H Cowan craws at a tte more than vote three mes per hour LOWEST PRCES EVER ce s ghter than water and thats the reason t foats feuse ever ns& "Prestone" Brand were th n the fxt resuted n awarded n each and mssed Hoy Cross n for a! stanza a defected Hearn p and sent but re rued nc dspec by not be Crusaders Bas On oss to Me Up Wth a Mae-Curts oss to Me: Up W!acCrts at t WE SELL THE BEST -WMM/, Avaabe n Cadan And Foregn Car Szes - \ ),,

15 e NfWS, ST JOHNS, NFLO, ftoay, OCTOB:ER 30, 9-9! Ted For Frst Hoc;k_ey - ECT(\X : & t,, r " Rt!!S- rh:fr:, :\rq, -8 t, Snd T!" t, Hahefa -00-,, ttr& Mb \"! Hetmu $ :!, ( o:r:ts r5 J A -t<\- Edge St Pats CJt!S no\:d nto a frst pace deaock wth St U:;h Schoo Footba yesterday afternoon as tht rh 0 at St Pats Fed Roger Maunder (,USdrr hro wth hs frst haf goa makng the St tats mssed two penay shots durng the Cy-Commer Bowng League Date Set Fr eague Opemng A meeung of \he St Johns was aso passed that when a Hockey League ast nt:ht set team regster payera for the openng date for the Jun the comng season t must J or and Senor Leagues The form the eague of what parua LAST NGHTS GAMES meetng was hed at the League w be tryout for the etya en Room at the Stadum and w try nto the Provnca payoffa shouder hgh pass scro the Account& BLC-2 key be te fna one before Pr!ctces for the eague tea\ goamouth and n the resut W Dcks the eague opens November 3 w start on Saturday at the ng scrambe the ba roed C Carter s the date for the start of jun Stadum On 4$0 pm Saturday free Roger Maunder spped G Curran or hockey th January 9 the Guards w use tbe ee wth rnt 0 Cross n qucky to pck up the ro G Sorensen openng date for senor acton Fedans workout out at 630 Junor champs ng eather and banged t nto BO 2603 Much dscusson was gven to pm On Sunday St Pats w Trcsas n the corner as t npped the Beverage Saes- the refereeng system to be take to the ee at 930 am ::J of :t ye3r post en the nsde for a 0 B Morgan used ths season A proposa by wth St Bons workout at 30 u:::: p rr!ood Cruadcr ead C Locke the executve that one referee am At 200 pm on Sunday ftt"ja am art on p H d h!t a;t ;, a tast for pen:v s:tafu enute: t H Pretty and two nesmen be used was Hoy Cross w dr whe St f:r c Stoyes )assed wth Sb Quck or Guards Pats w ractce at 4 pm, :,t Tr nuern of and Hov eros had Pat proposng t and Gery Squres St Bons W practce at 630 :t a:! :nrs reed Hrarns penaty hot rebound - of St Pata as the seconder t pm r--: " :th the ba ta) rued out few mnutes VTE-t was aso passed that n case Executve "!embers present ):r tr the foajater u the frst stanza fn T Hoyea & of a wakout by the referees as for ast n&bta meetng were -:: :r rt \ <, s 05!shed o for the Cruders H Moores socaton a weeks notce of a Presdent Jm Vneombe, aecre :,r r 3 b e Pay w eveny dvded n V Wthera fve game notce must be gven j tary Hugh Fardy and Treasurer - rrr kj;: usy the sccond\af Acton moved H Smpson 29 8D f the refs assocaton fas to Jack Harvey The deecate -::: ra,rd r C j qurkv from 0 ne end to the uphod tba rue they w be were Sb Quck and Howe 3;: ;\ tut!:, othpr wth the fubacks and Bane Johnston- fned $00 Meeker of GuardJ, Dck Par r tn->< He 20 e ookng extra sharp E Cemens The nsurance for the payrs aons and Doua French ot Fed nr, from st Pats drew an ndrect free R Noseorty n both the junor and semor!ans, Gerry Squares and Gerry p-: r :;;Squres kck near the 6 mnute mark R Bussey eague w be the same as ast Maone of St Pat: Jack V!n ; <t:na and for ther fna good scorng P Water year wth the frm of Angus combe of St Bon and Mke -:::,: dr, rs from efort The shot was bocked :uos Red recevng the pocy t Wooda of Hoy Cron :, ad Pau by Stan OBren however and -:r:j framt the encounter fnshed H for Counc No 2-2 Water Aston Hvew Darts k:::t; 3 :, 0 payed the Crusaders to te the ea M: Mer DON LAWLOR, eft, was named as the Most Vauabe Payer n the Senor Softba League and he receved the DALY NEWS trophy from Mrs Dee Murphy at the Leagues presentaton ast nght-roya Photo Servce Softba League Hods Annua Dance And Presentaton r pots for gue eadershp P Yetman !6 T k Se tb f<t --" OUng net Referee: Herb Gadney J OLeary s c ur ey nes Over 200 members of the Brewery Award was banded had heped make HUon D Vosey gns on tract St Johns Senor Softba over by Robn Short success t:: or on a LNEUPS League and ther guests gath John Bambrck of the Ro :: :r ra>t when Hoy Croas: Goa, Bran ORepn Aenc- LOS ANGELES CAP> - Man Chare ReeUs ht doube one ered at the Crysta Paace ast vers was the payer wth the Ch h Se, eg new o:e year contract to pot te to have Nova Scota edge Bed ance and presentaton of receve the Bennett Brewery P 3 : hr (rom Heaey fus Moe Tobn Bob M ager Water Aston has sgned a and B Carke got doube ten nkht for the Leagues annua top battng average and he w nrc mce f,,: hr>t pay, HAafty: ha\ e Ce Kane B o ORo oy d!r hd no rhance; :\teee Car Husk: forwards, A Mooan Word champon Los Angees ford 2 n the Hvew Darts trophes Musc for the dance Trophy at a ater date Bowng League,;, 3 rtstered Roger Maunder Pat Hearn, Y Dodgers and he gej a rase n Turkey Seres ast nght Jm was provded by the \od - an, rm up wth j tan " OBren, Jm Fne", J Mooy pay Rng Sr wth doube eght won erna r es 0 rc h es t ra w th D ee The Day New Tropb was :,:: :r! Rogr Ronne Bard Genera Manager E J (uz the Bedford eg Jm Learnng Murphy as :\eee for the event presented to the Most Vau MONDAY, November t!" : f Brrcn 0 St Pats: Goa Tom Squres Marsha Motors-% ze Bavas announced the sgn cocked doube two and Caude Joe Dowden payng coach abe Payer n the eague ;;: " :;: Fmcy fus Ke\ Rumsey, Pat Rce: A Ws ng Tbursdy after a tak wth Rng bt doube 4 for New of the champ{)nshp Adron Secretary Art Murphy open -75 Jm- t 5::: " the sec, ha\ es Bren Rumsey, Bren Aston at hts home n Darrtow:, foundand whe Fort Hamton dacks squad receved the ed the etter from the com 2--St Thomas A n Krk :\taoncy, Chare Morrssey; W, Burry Ob :Howe Meeker Trophy on be mttee that seected the MVP A prnaty forwards Derm Connov Erc J Power , 66 A: usua, the Dodgers dd not got doube 6 from Dck Car ha( or the champs wth the wnner and announced tat 3-4-Cocbrane St B TJ ::t L\tur and a; Gregory Pau -"Hogan, Unne G Wscombe dvuge monfy but t s beeved ro for a 2 wn by New donor presentng t The n Don Lawor was the cb0ce vauon Army B :tr :ej ;n no goas Sques Mke Knt that Astons aary now ap foundand dvdua awards tor the team!trs Dee Murphy presented ee-gower St A va Weser u::rd Pu Hogan TODAYS GAM! Parker & Monroe- proaches $ year North Poneer took two egs members were banded over the Day Newa Trophy to AOTS (A) :: u:h hh for the Senor hb schoo footba H Browne "Aston ha accepted erms for from Bee se The Poneer by Mrs Howe Meeker Re Lawor -830 pm- 2-Cocbrane St: A V Church of the Ascenson A a:: ::::«d on both w be payed ths afternoon T McCarthy a one year contract-and he was games were won by Ed Byrne cevng ndvdua cups were Cr" nt Pat st pats who have aready E Beer awarded nce rase," Bavas wth doube four and Pau team members Mke Squres Dee Murphy, sports Edtor 8 ::!!rrr drre n copped the crown, face Hoy A Bonne sd Rebe wth doube eght whe Joe Dowden Pat Murphy of the DALY NEWS made a ca: and h shot Cross n a game!et for the "MANAGER OF THE YEAR" Way Dyke ht doube 8 for Gordon Gy;n, Bert Hanna: speca presentaton!o Art!!(!td goa!e St Pats Fed at 430 pm - Aston was voted "manager or Bee se The bgh three darts ford, Don Lawor, Roger Hans turphy on behaf of bs paper!nn r< rd up hts n ther frst two meetngs the Mammys-3 the year" for eadng te Dodg scores or the nght were by ford, John Hayward, Ron Lush,/ for the job Art dd n coverng d ern: the ba nto rsh came up wth 20 and H Nxon ers to the NaUo:a League pen Chare Ree wth 25, Mke Ed Dener and Loyd Key the eague the past summer for J3 : rrtme Herb 30 shutout vctores over Ute R Kennedy nant n 8 payoff wth Mwaukee Lawor wth 25, Dck Carke The CJO trophy for the the NEWS Howe Meeker of :-;:!d no oat Ths Crusaders R Jeana and then wnnng the word ser wth, Jm Learnng wth most Home Runs was won by fered hs congratuatons for : Hot Cross L Gosse es n sx games wth Chcago and Way Dyke wth 06 Don Lawor of the wnnng both the eague for ts aucess : r f 0 owed up p C Whte Sox The Dodgers fnshed Adrondacks and was present fu season and to the Adron Cradm ha\ e ther racbce Orner Munn Motor&-e a dsma seventh n 958 Cons for the ndependent Re ed by Mrs Ron Whttaker dacks for wnnng the crown b th : Th G rd j h k W Saney Soft speakng, damond smart pubc of Vermon were mnted, Peter Deutsch regstered the League Presdent, Don Lawor, -=ctd c erhn 8 a tt sd un or toc eyt W Casey Asto: s second ony to Casey by Rueben Harmon from 785 best ptchng record for the wecomed those present to the t:: at 30 o e: theamp 0r " praac ce c Warford Stenge n managert ongevty to 789 season and the ewfoundand af!ar and thanked a those who!!n: (ro; mo\ed e rmce o n a es rena to w Key n the major eagues Stenge c 0:0 the rsh j nght The workout w get un went to New York Yankees n ra!u:n ;ent a bard derway at 630 pm 949 and Aston took over the Couad No -S then Brookyn Dodgers n 954 ate F Cah He s te ry Dodger manager F OTooe to wn three pennants, n 955 \ F Cooney M S9, Basketba Games On Tap Ton Jt Sheehan Aaton the ony T8 to man, age the cub to vetory n the Bennett Brewery-0 word serfs He won from the D Meaney !43 Yenkees n 955 pror to ths Tayor ):ears trumph ght R yrne F wmh sa Hoy Cross } Bowng League - SCHDUL FOR SUNDAY, OCTOBER 3ST, MENS LEAGU Aeys end 2: 200-Cubs vs Whte Sox 3-Phes vj Tgers 430-nd!ana vs Cardnas Aey S and 4: 200-Red Sox vs Prates 3-Athetes vs Yankees 4SD--Senators vs Braves Aey 5 end 6: 200-GanJ vs Oroes 35-Dodgers vs Redegs 430-Aeys open LMTED ANNOUNCES That they have acqured the servces of Mr P J Haggerty and are equpped ta hande a types of sharpenng servces u:-st Thomas B " S Davds B U--Cathedra B V Frst Baptst B -US pm- 2-St Marys A 9 Sava ton Army A 3-4-Krk B vs Gower St B -6-St Marys B va Wesey AOTS (B),,: j, J : j h -t ; - : / :!!,; t : ; ;,! > ;,! ::Y regstered ther sxth straght champon shp n Senor footba when Hoy Cross and Sa Coege batted to a - deadock on Wednesday emoon Members of the champonshp eft to rght), front row: Graham Key, Aex Engsh, Jm Barrett Back row: John Phean, J Sears, Kev Phean, Gerry ORey, B Pcco, Larry Warren, Or\re Hong, Ed Goobe, Tom! Bennett and team coach Rev Br: J J Wash Mssng from the photo s Ray Evoy (Day News Photo) (MR P J HAGGERTY AT WORK) Precson sharpenng of a hand saws, crcuar saws, powers saws and toos c Skate Sharpenng a Specaty Lawn mowers stored and servced at reasonabe prces New modern machnery has been nstaed for ths purpose Outport Orders Gven Prompt Attenton MAKE "JARDNES" YOUR HARDWARE HEADQUTERS 65 WATER STRET ST JOHNS JARDNE BROS LTD DAL: 5567, 764 or 9009,,,,,,, : L : ;:!,! :, :,

16 6_ EMLYNJOHNFLD,FRDm, THE STORY OF MARTA WAYNE Luxurous_, 3 Pece Jacoby Qn Brdge JJST 0 FEa tjs;fu AGAnt W: COOKES FO: A OGSTEt, MEtP:U< H CLOT"ES) THEREs tothw<s td RTER fo} Chesterfed Sutes BRDGE CRMES NET BAD SCORE B:Y OSWALD JACOBY Wrtten for NEA Servce f some prvate eye were to, ook for todays crmna he woud nd two of them Easts! heart rase wns a serous msdemeanor because t asked for troube Wests doube of three no-trump was practcay a cap ta offense Naturay West expected some (ace cards n hs partners hand but West hed a mnmum openng and knew that hs kng o damonds was mspaced! South mght hve punshed # ; J ;, 3 PECE CHESTERFELD SET ; $ PECE (FOAM CUSHONS) r $ PECE DAVENPORT SET $ PECE DAVENPORT SET $24 5 SPACE SAVERS $ COLOURFUL COMFORTABLE EASY TO CLEAN A the advantagf of a modern ktchen can be yours- round them out wth the convenence of a sturdy, stysh chrome set TABLE and 4 CHARS : $54 50 TABLE and 6 CHARS $82-00 Beautfuy Styed Bedroom Sutes AMPLE DRAWER SPACE, LARGE, BRGHT MRRORS 3 PECE WTH SNGLE DRESSER $ 9 ;50 3 PECE WTH DOUBL DRESSER : $83 00 The Great Eastern O Company, Lmted J: 72 + AJOH NORTH 6 AQ93 WEST D) EAST 4K A \, K aa SOUTH A"Q 8 QJ9 +Q73 "KJ06 No one vunerabe Wes North East Fouth Pass 2, Pass Pass 3 + Pass 3 NT Doube Pass Pass Pass Openng tead- 4 the cuprts severey by re- doubng but South was not a re douber and merey contended hmsef wth three overtrcks He won the openng heart : Jeadand (nessed the queen of damonds t hed the trck and, the damond was fnessed a second tme Back to hs hand wth a cub and a thrd damond fnesse ceared up te sut : Now South ran of the cubs : and damonds and dscarded ; down to the queen o( hearts and ace-queen o( spades West had to throw a hgh, heart to keep hs spade kng guarded and so South threw hm n wn hat ast hgh heart and made hm ead away from hs kng of spades CARD Sense Q-The bddng has been: Eat south West North " Doube Pass Pass tass, You, South, hod: A Q 7 6 A K Q 2,85 What do you ead? A-The egnt of eubs When! your partner eaves your take- out doube n you shoud open trumps amost automatcay foda\:) QJESTtoN East opens wt one cub ; You, South, hod: : A Q 7 6 A K Q 0 3 +Q 2 "a What "do you do? AaLwcr Tomonow Bucket Shops By HAtOLD :\ORtuS Cadan Press Staff Wrrr WASHNGTON \CP-The man who poces the Unted States stock market says there st are, a ot or crooks and swnders o p e r a t n g out of Canadan "bucket shops,: : "But theyre not a b Canada by any means," hasty added! Edward G Gadsby, charman of t:te US Securtes and Exchange Commsson, n an ntervew "Weve got a ot of them rght here n the Unted States; more than n Canada; but we are abe to get at them a Jot easer "Thats the troube wth my job, he added -wth an ater ; thought, "theres aways a new suppy of crooks" WDE MESSAGE T!e whte-thatched Gadsby s curre:ty n the mdst of a new campagn to warn US nvestors aganst the possbty of fraud Wth crcuars, pamphets and an ; mated teevson cartoons, he : hopes to carry the "nvestgate before you nvest" message nto mons of US, homes : The man dea, sad Gadsby, s : to get a suspcous customer to ca the commsson Commsson : members coud soon te whether : the stock promoter s a respect : abe fa m regstered wth te : commsson or 0: the commssos "backst : Crook and s w n d e r s are quckv proecuted The comms son a power under US egs aon U subpoena wtneses and examne hooks But ths power doesnt extend beyond the US borders SEEK STRONGER LAWS,, "Thats the troube wth our st uaton n Canada," Gadsby sad "t s true that Ca:ada has Jot of wonderfu stocks Mny of them are duy!ste d wth us for ega sae n the US "But we st get compants of swnders operatng out of Can ada and we cant do very mue! about t By and arge, the prov nces co-operate wth us, but t a not aganst the aw n Canada to se stocks egay n the US "Weve Pd to ext8de the crook to fae charges here but we havent had mnrh sucress A few year$ ago oe of the Quebec cou ts took n narrow vew of the Canada-Unted Sates extradton treaty We havent made much ] use of u:e" POOTS AND HER fsudd!s r! OO t-\\ --- ooa e\<:te - t c:: \ t\:j!,e \tt>\ \, \o-\ OCCS \::\\\-\tr-, {0\); o \0\:,, ws n\e>-t e{\ *\ t-t: BUGS BUNNY (C\-o \-t 0 /t \W,t ca :t\:?ac\ 00 tn \\S\ A / j

17 do Programs rhoee p;r rrrnde r :rm : -, :(mhrr fa> ad Weather 5S-Newa 600-Bobs BandWO 530-Superman S5Fshermana Forteut 5Ncwa 800-Buetn Board 85-Sportscut and Trneawoo 63Supper Frenade 645-Newa 700-Sheuh Showtme 5-Sbeaah Showtme 800-Cream of Ue Crop 945-Newa to DO-VOCM A Tme Bt Parade 030--Eventde MtdUaUona 0 45-S!OT&ct \U <-P 055-NtWS : r,n Star 00-Torbay Weather \,, Rrodcas 05-Cub 590, ; ;: ": Rrodcast tdo-cose Down - \fb:-:j,, fa! 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And so when quz showa ftrt credts mcude Bad Day at ance was a strange darksh, aby he capt am A htte ds named Brgtte Bardo!, star of!ces that had ong been n: became bg busmess, t waa na Back Rock" and "Gunfght t! coor, amost purpe, and from ance away ay a revover the new Kngsey nternatona vogue tura that ey, too, eercse he OK Corra" "Last Tram hs mouth protruded an m ; As Maory watched, the fg reease, "And God Created "We sort o( drfted nto ds-: some contro over thetr enter From Gun H" stars Krk mensey swoen tongue : ure jerked convusvey a coupe Woman," whch opens tomorro_w honesty," sa) s a man assocated prse At frst, ts was n the Dougas and Anthony Qunn "The r was rght," Aguar of mes Then even that sght: at the Capto Theatre tn wth one of the bg ones "We same nnocent vem-they pant :and co-stars Caroyn Jones and :muttered "Pague Dont go an) ; movement ceased n the gow Cnema Scope and Eastmancoor ; started wth gudng the rght! ed professona actors n tbe Ear Homa ; coser" o( the bnnace, Maory coud Brgtte ht the French move contestant to the rht spot, and studo audence an, he the n the tradt\on of Gunf&h! anr had a sudden, amost ; see the mans face, contorted, word wth the force of a newy t worked, so we dd more and contestant was sweatmg over at the OK Corra," whcb tar : o\ erpowcrng, mpuse to run purped, eyes and tongue bug aunched satete at the custom more" hs answer, the wee shts of red two great mae personates to get away from the Kasar ng He ddnt go any coser ary nnocent age of ffteen and Actuay as many peope n ths "actor" bmg b naa n -Dougas and Burt Lancaster- Rum before t was too ate No Aguar was peerng anxous- a haf TV are quck to pont out, ths agonzng sympathy: Producer Wass new prodc wonder the freghter was so om! y n at hm ::daory pued hs! But there was nothng nno s a strange scanda On the stage, at ftrst, they ex on a another great story Wth nousy quet; t was a foatng! mask asde ong enough to tecent about her sex aden por No money was stoen, nobody jercsed no contro Graduay,;, two equay mportant he man tomb, and they were trespassers\ hm, "Hes dead Pague" The trayas whch soon had the mae has asked for any money back, they fet bey w:oud have to; roes that ea for t_op taent to n a ream of death nstnctve- whee was ashed down, whch! opuaton a over France and no crme was commted (ex Quz programs, tke a tbert,; de_neate Ths me Dougas and, y,they moved nearer to each accounted for the Kasar -ums rhe rest of Europe ookng rest cep, perhaps, for perjury) and depend on rangs or thetr ve Qumn are Pte_d agamst eacb other for mutua protecton :steady course The doors, tn ad e s over the shouder& o( ony a mora wrong was done hood And t qutcky beca!"e other aa erstwhe frends who Then, reazng ther motvesj don to beng ocked, were aso ts Y ousy xctng Wves t was done to the pubc, whch apparent that r:atngs were ted become ocked n a feand they exchanged weak grns barrcaded wth chars, appar e:rf re nd!stresses thought t was watchng a cean to the personabtes of tbe con death strugge when he former aory sad "An) body says: enty from the captans quar g r ntn a h B :tes show testants-f the pubc ked a comes afer Qunns son o boo and m tkey to go over jters The og book ay open near, Pears, u t s gt on n anayzng what happened certan contestat, her woud :a cnge the rape and murder of the sde" the bnnace The ast entry car muc repea e dv:c:mr: Jn on the quz mows, t seema cer watch, f they dtdn t!k hm, hts beaufu ndan wfe, Aguar nodded " agree red yesterdays dae but the crnmg her d d tan that the man quoted above theyd tum to aomethmg ese Qunn s the strong man of Nevertheess, we cant atop: rest of the nformaton, atough dtrecor Roge Va tm- 0 was rght n sayng ths was Contro began t was eaq the town o Gun H and be s now thnk wed better put on; wrtten wth the characters of not hke mamage Aways ;:e a "drft nto dshonesty" On shows where the_ contestant determned that Dougas aha! these" He pued the resprator! the western aphabet, was n a man want to be!ree e coud be asked qestons on a); not tak hs 0n out of t tu :up to cover hs nose and mouth anguage Maory ddnt recog an types of men -certamy Teevson and, before t, ra- category, they Stmpy Ped a: stand trta n the town of Paw : aory took the ead as they nze dtdn t dampen the enthusasm do ong have controed the category he knew we (f they e where the crme was con: cmbed the adder to the: Most of the crew d ded n of he fans programs that you see and hear ante to keep htm on) or ont, med Ear hma, who S brdge Outsde the wreess the forecaste n ther bunks! Pam-born Brgtte, or BB as at home The fx was n frst, to m whcb he was ek (f they wnnng ncreasmgy tmportant shack, they found ther thrd Unke the dead saors on the she s famthary referred to by brng ts down to ts funda wanted to ump hm) Where roes, s cast as the son Atrac dead man, and nsde t, ther brdge, they had pershed from her fans started her career as\ menta terms, when some brght he was confmed to on eate09\ ve Caroyn Jones: who scored, fourth Both had been shot The dsease rather than buets, a mode at the age of twee At announcer hed a sgn readng they dd the same thd WthD n "Bacheor Part and was re : rado had been smashed beyond though one man had cut hs (f teen, her undsguaabe "APPLAUSE" over hs head and tat cae(ory : centy ween, n "Kng Creoe,"! repar by a fre ax that ay on wrsts and bed to deth Auar charms enrptured ex husand, exhorted the studo audence to f : pays Qunn s woman, \\to backs :the foor Wth drawn guns they and Maory had no tdea or the Roger Vadm, then assstant cap ong and oud They became too aure 0 Dougas n the ahowdown crced the wheehouse on the ; shps compement but t seem drector to arc A egret, tt! hat coud be termed a fx be,themseves, and searched for D N weather brdge, but saw no! ed key that some of the sa drector Vadm aunched a cause, sttng at home stenng easer ways to fx the abo: osco e\s, more bodes Hbwever, the ors had chosen to jump over campagn whch fred BrJtte, to the od superheterodyne, t They gve _cotestants tes thus, easty fmdtng areas w:: : OOO- fhghts and wheehouse doors port and star board rather than awat ther nto mmedate stardom and,; sounded ke the audence was 0 0 A or afr Dr ouee :board, were both ocked and re rate here jthree years ater, wedock :vountary gong wd You they were wea: ad str ae - ase ssted ther efforl to open, Brgtte "The Sex Ktten" and ddnt know about te announc- they woud?0 ques tons 03f-atona News them Maory pet red n he And the t ats had ben at :not wthout cause For there s er and hs sgn and so, n a cordtngy For mstacf, the ; 0 po wndows work They were bod, seemng! nothng artfca about the :sense, you were beng fooed the_ cas or ha gtr :, ::us :h d They both heard, a chokng to know that they had nherted charged ntoxcatng performan Other programs heard about whz, wno had sho; on pen Mrs an gurge that momentary froze! the shp, and backed away re ces whch Brgtte devers n! the man and hs sgn _and cop, that she wa ;e; n n derva n tor a them n ther tracks t had jucany at -aory a n d cture after pcture Ths Mag- ed the technque, a!d m proved v:ords that a oreg for g ousc n dt N r!! come from wthn the whee Aguars approach Those that um of sensua frewater haa on t Studo audencs were uons She go no su ds had 3 ews an orta house a terrfyng stranged seemed dsposed to Unger, tbe become 50 much n demand that warmed-up ahead of t me, the severa wee s, un 235-)tuse nhe Nght sound nhuman Wth the butt men shot Maory seected the d $ a "APPLAUSE" sgn became a captured the pme oo-n W e n a Mnut she now comman s T ths controng te of hs psto, Maory smashed best specmen to take back to e and there s a ne neon maserpece that bnke;j o a b- 0-The Queen and agn off the heavy wndow "He t" he Cors and seaed as far as pcur : h b d and bubbed good cappers and pubbc probaby woud not 0 t stretchmg down e ou evar h j yeed "s there anybody n was abe, n a meta canms er At east t waa not tht th f aughers were panted m t e ec f Or vous tbere? Say somethng!" from the gaey 0 pay e ee audence to ead te cheerng batant gm : /n: of FRDAY, October Stb They wrested the hatch off a That technque evoved gradu- the a mos -as a OD-8unda 0,30;-News 0-News 30-Newa OD-Breakfaat Cub BSD-Gayen Drake 800-t Happened nbt 000-Coffee Tme 00-Turn Back the Coek JUO-Pr0ram Tweve 2SO-March of Event! 245-Sportt Page OD-Arthur Godfrey 25-News 30-Marvn Mer 45-Quote Unquot 200-Vewpont 2!5-Coupt Neft Door Z30-New Aso TO-DAY 25-Panorama cargo we and peered down n the gocm They were both too ay nto the present scanda questons N 330-News to the darkness at the shapes of awestruck by what tey bad sen Aong the way, there were They turned to thaetu: 345-Junor Mss huge boxes, presumaby contan to speak Then, wtth fevemh many ramfcatons body reay knowa y, { 400-Spotght on a Star ng machnery, but they ddnt haste, they strpped off the pro There are the pane shows, had been abe to coo! th! 430-Poka Part descend Sde by sde, tbey tecuve cothng and trew t a where the pane gets everythng contestants amost pe ee _ 500-Word Pay prowed on n sence unt they over the sde, retammg ony f t hnts to bndfods other way tt 530-News ocated the ron adder to the ther guns The rubber boots,, r gg n them There are "t was stupd to f e 545-Checkn n 600-Capto Coakroom 630--Checkn n 800-Peope are Funny 830-ExpJorng Tomorrow 00-Coud ths be You? 930-Hgh Schoo Program 945-Navy Ewngs 000-Fna Edton 05-Spors Fna 030-Tack Paar 00-Muse T Mdnght 200-Sn Off UP-TO-THE-MNUTE NEWS TMES OF SHOWS EVENNG SHOWS: PM - 9 PM MATNEE: 2 PM -LAST TMES TODAY-, AND GOD CREATED WOMAN" B the en the resprators, the coveras W s s, answers," says a dsgus e man! j \ ; : : ; ], h : \ : ( : t :! [ ; :, : : : : j ; : r, _ ;! ; { : ( ;! : : r f,j,!! : : t, : ;, ; r ;, : ), : : : ;! - :! h,:! : :, : ; :r:ee wmmt =nng wth foated away behnd te pane,! tpoo:!s a!cega;rt j! now ut or a Jt hobabedceafuusntofq: : t b th gh snkng sow y ; assocta on W :tou;:e nap:cty M a fnfa ntary d;asurr /!reasgf:hseapfao: studpdd an un na::ss: ; \ s n e they knew nothng of they went or a swm \ng h d cou o e c h h rt the th hu nto the cod water, cd conestan w 0 are 0 pckng our questons carefuy,the mec an sm, Y e e h what to say so Groucho can toss d b d woud ha\ ever ; contros aone The Kasar+Rum cmbng back up agam o a n hs acd "ad bs,-an o o Y : /coudnt trave far manned by er thoroughy wth the dtsm(ec! known! d de d men! tan oap Cors had pro\ ded! There s canned aughter on ra::n th! cam bnck on and then a fna punge to rnse, TV comedy programs - aga Some shows defend ter now J yn arh dark he away the suap desgned to foo the home aud exposed pocy of gtvmg eon ; d? ck h : e d h ar (To Be Contnued ence nto hce\ng theres some- : tstans sts or questons-frm P ot, a rne?, -- whch the on the ar queston pane s anng hghs, gt\ mg, woud come-by comparng t an even wetrder apect to the C]ON CJOX TV to smar thngs outsde grtsy &eene They hngered ony, [ "The CPA exam" 58 ys a quz > a few moments onger, to search :show ure, "gves st of, J tbe aft cabns where George FRDAY, OCTOBER 30, 959 nestons to men who are gong, Eratos had reported the my 00-Romper Room : take the exam The questons stenous cargo to be stored But / the test w come from that!! the cabns were empty, athough 200-Quaty Theatre St no more thn 25 per n one they ound some traces 230-Funtme j ::n t of the appcants pass the,! or straw packmg There was no 245-Nursery Sdoo Tme t o K -so whats the dffer sn at a of the three passen cs,,; gers men tone d n D r H o w a rd s 300-The Star and the Story ence The dfference, of coune, s etter, the two taans and the 330-Lfe Wth Ezabeth tat tbe pubc snt nvoved Amercan 400-0pen House r the CPA exam, and t w,n p M p ty a wtness to the quz shows The Ther ast act aboard was to,- ar r d!je trn on as many of the shps 500-Sportstme pubc watched, be tevc, : came emotonay nvoved n, ghts as they coud ocate The 530Tdewater Tramp the successes and faures of the ;: engnes woud keep the power 600-Anne Oakey contestants t came to know n pant functonng through the d th th d "" th 630-News Cavacade tmatey An now, wt nght anyway, an!"ts on e mask strpped from the!sop derect woud reduce her men 700--Sherff of Cochse on booth, t fees duped ace to other shppng Aguar 730-The Honeymooners t was duped, of course But debarked frst, gong back aonf P t was duped the same way, exthe ne n the same hand-over 8"00--Vanety rogramme ccpt for a bg dcfcrence n de hand fasbbn he had come Ma 85-Natona News gree, tbat t aways has been ory tossed ther przes to hm Theatre Roya duped by rado and TV, by the -te og book, the wreess rec d d TV h d 900-Saber of London devces ra 0 ords, the cannster contammg an ave use 0 make every show seem bg the dead rat-and then foow 930-Country Hoedown ger than s ed They dd not recam he F J M :ne or grappng hook, cuttng 000- our ust en t nstead and teng the fregh- 030-Fyug Doctor Vana s made from a ttroup tcr cam orr The shp and 00-JueUe :or cmbn orchds the arpane partc company, Jt"20--The Photogr&Jher drftng sowy away from each :O-Caacade of Sports Ga\ estou cxs was the :other frst cty n the ftcd Sates For a moment Aguar and 25-:-Jm Coeman Show to adopt the commsson form: İMaory stood senty on the 230-News Headnes or government, dong so n ; hu, watchnt! the ghts of the 2 3 JtternatJona Payhouse 900! Kasar Rum grow ndstnct n - ::,, t_: : " : :!! -,, : "\

18 8 THE DALY NEWS, ST JOHNS, NFLD, FRDAY, OCTOBER 30 Waterfront Drectory ON DRY OOc The MV Maxwe John On, the MV Newtak and a fsbdg trawer -;;;;;;;;;;;;: PAJ!:TJSG, DECORATNG ;;;, For a exteror, nteror pdntng, ceanng, paper hangng Reasonabe prces Phone 7397-H, }r L!owe SER! : " wonder how h," them a <"Oottd starts tu ran: And f YO Mrd ruum for a growng t uanr an and show y uu ho to Probahv >ur t an hp t ;\O)EJED a nutwr ruom Or the A r ur the "an be H E\OOF 0 today J f j ANNOUNCNG: BUS SERVCE TO THE FAMOUS "OLD MLL ( BEGNNNG MONDAY, NOV 2ND NGHTLY (EXCEPT SATURDAY and SUNDAY) LEAnSG: NEWFOUNDLAND HOTEL 6,SO and 7:30 PM PARAOUNT THEATRE 6:35 and 7:35 PM ST CLARE AVENUE 6,40 and 7:40 PM CAMPBELL A VENUE, 6:45 nd 7:45 P\f, AJRJ\AL AT THE "OLD MLL" CLUB 7:00 and 800 PM Fare per penon 50e Rfturn to Ct b Tax an) tme durng \enn: r prr!eron EBER OF THE "AERCAN EXPRESS" CREDT!LAN Ore RPguaton: Sut, jacket and Le requred The "Od MU feature h hg:es eecton of decous food east of tontrea- un-ed nghy fron 5:30-:30 pm A meas prepared to ormr and cooked bv expert Cbds SPtctALLt FOR YOU OUR \ENU NCLUDES FRENCH, GERAN AND AMERCAN SPECALTES NEWFOUNDLAND BROLED SAL-ON STEAK t7 PART t WENER SCHNTZEL S22 STEAK A LA DUTCH 5250 OF "7 SOUTHERN FRED CHCKEN N BASKET $75 GRLLED MNUTE STEAK $75 TO DA YS -: ROAST SPRNG CHCKEN $200 BLUE GRADE T BONE STEAK ON SZZLNG PLATTER S350 MENU 2 TENDER FLET MGNON TO ORDER! $275 NEW YORK SRLON STEAK SPECAL CHCKEN CURRE W RCE "BENGAL $200 AND MANY MORE NGHTLY THE BEST N ENTERTANMENT You aways enoy a VST AT NEWFOUNDLANDS UNQUE AND NTMATE "OLD MLL" FOR RESERVATON PLEASE CALL CRYSTA PALACE Gouds Road TO-NGHT Da TuttO on Baev Varety Vd; M Sture, " Connors Thomas R St; Ed Store, N Theat E 3pc Chesterfeds Bedroom Sutes RECLNERS fr099 UP from $ UP GROCERS (Reta) HUTCHENS GROCERY MEAT MABKET 53 Wam Street Da 40 and 6062 re AV W ATE B- H4 W J CLOUSTON e 82 WATER STRE T e COURT HOUSE CORNER LTD e PHONE 2497 e PHONE 674 Remova Notce Dept of N,atona Revenue TAXATON DVSON NOW LOCATED N THE Sr Humphrey Gber_t Budng DUCKWORTH STREET TELPHSNE 8-09 (5 Lnes) JOB BROTHERS & CO LTD Water Street Da MEEHAN & CO, WELCOME WAGON HOSTESS W Knock at Your Door wth Gjfts and Greetngs from Frendy BsneH Neghbours and Your Cvc and Soca On the occason ofs New Comer to the Cty The Brth of a Baby, PHONE 94865, 6957 or T A Bdg, Duckworth Bt Da Z046-7MZ REG T MORGAN NSURANCE LMTED Tempe Bdg, PO Bo 6, 34 Duckworth St Da or ZJ56, DRUG STORES M CONNORS LTD 334 W AfFR ST Da!206 AYLWARDS PH:\RMACY Cor, Moucby & Empre Ave Da ;80070 KENNEDYS 204 Dueworth St DRUG STORE Da 238 PARKDALE PHARMACY Ezabeth Ave Da 920 n the matter of the Compan e& Ad and n the matt>r of M J, OBren & Cn Ltd, n vountary qudaton MURPHYS A persons camng to be DRUG STORE credtors or who have any 9 Mtary Road cams upon or affectng t J Da 6446 OBren & Co Ltd are request ed to send partcuars of same THOMPSONS duy attested to J Dougas PHARMACY Fraser, the qudator of M J U Qud Vd Road OBren & Co Ltd, n care of Da 599 Messrs Lee & Martn W2ter Street, St Johns on or before FLEMNGS the 6 day of November, AD, 265 Pennywe Road Y59 after whch tjte tbe qu Da 92!37 dator of!\ J OBren & Co Ltd w proceed to dstrbute GROCERS (RETAL) the 3ssets ot the sad compny hvng re9,ard ony o the cams NORMAN DOWNEY ; whrh he shh then ba e had 45 New Gower SL!, notce Dated at St Johns ths 3th ;D;;a;;;57;2_7 day of October, 959 MOBLE GROCETERA J DOUGLAS FRASFR, Store At Yur Door Lqudator, Da 9390 oc6,23,30!-_;---- Where To Basam ARH 5 Suared o tbf ty Qurt CtJftr"""" pma O For Rr&erat onnat

19 ST JOHNS, NFtD, FRDAY, OCTOB!R 30, 59 \, 9 STAL -ACE NGHT " or f t+e Socety UNDAY, tton KNSMEN Boys Cb BNGO SERES 8 HAS BEEN CLAMED J" of wnner s Edward Byrne, 7 Braz St SERES No 9 N G r:=? np for new seres at the foowng :::r \ewsst;md, Duckworth St; Man r : Qud \d; Thompsons Pharmacy, \:: \!r, Hnrr, Kngs Brdge; Cashs To : :t \\",trr St: T curdo Co, Water St; -= d \\atrr St; Peter O!ara, Water :" Rrkrtts Water St; Howe Pharmacy, : rrw;rm Dntg Store, Water St; Hogans : f :-,w Gower St; Stowes Pharmacy, -pat r,-,:r, rharmacy, St Care Ave; Ezabeth f- rt7hrth & Portuga Cove Rd; Reds f\ hmdu Park; Bndons Pharmacy, \ : \;us Grocen, Perce Avenue; ": ::! Stnrt, Campbe A \e, Cornwa H:m:: \\ r: Parsons Drug StoP, Le, J; d \\h Dmt Store, Longs H; R!;ns Crnss: urpbys Drug "r \L FtmntJ Dru Stort, Pennv T r humacy LonJZ H; Aywards r,,,,r, hr: am-s Powrr, Havward "",\ Dm StOJC Duckworth St; Ma p,;,h orth St: Theatre Pharmac\, Duck, ( ;:hon StorP Duckworth St; zabeth tt,,rd" Park: Crocker5 Dru: Store Fresh c nv, Supermarket, Topsa Rd:; Law r; rr Rd sand Kn - Hep Kddes Watch Repars Srt\( WTa A MLE AT AVALON CREDT JEWRLERS ht H :\DEUDt: PRONE ngua French-Engsh Hgh Schoo Grad uates Aqured fer Mantenance of &ttronc Equpment n Carenve empoyment, reabe frm, ceg condtons, penson pan anc group pan Wrte, statng age, marta quafcatons, to SOX J03, e/o Day Newt TERESTED N U AR TO ST PERRE MQUELON? For nformaton PHONE L or 6 A and ask for Mrs OBren- The Board :Of Drectors For Angcan Schoos n St Johns The Prncpa and Staff of Bshops Coege corcay nvte anyone who may be nterested, to attend OPEN HOUSE at Bshops Coege on FRDAY, 30th of October 959, from :30 to 0 pm /J < :\ " Unted Church oard of Educaton, PO OX 30 - ST JQHNS, NFLD,J Knghts Of Coumbus TERRA NOVA COUNCL, NO 452 There w be a Speca Meetng of Terra Nova Counc, Knghts of Coumbus n the Cub Rooms, St Care Avenue, on SUNDAY, NOV st,-at 830 pm Busness: Exempfcaton of the Frat Degr of the Order Canddates w pease present themseves at 730 pm By order GK (Sgd) A CURTS, Recorder WANTED- A MANAGER for The Wabana Country Cub at Be Mand -, Appy n wrtng to PO BOX E502, ST JOHNS STADUM SATURDAY NGHT OCTOBER 3st, 8:30 pm GENERAL SKATNG Admfaton, SOc Spectators 25c SUNDAY NOV st 30 pm GENERA SKATNG STADUM W NOT E OPEN THS SATURDAY MORNNG OR AFTERNOON TEACHERS WANTED FOR SPTMR, 960 Te nstruct n the foowng feds n the schoo system of the Unted Church hard ef Educatcrn n St Johns, Newfourrdanc HOME ECONOMCS ART NDUSTRAL ARTS COMM!RCAL :L EDUCATON MUSC nd SNNG (Phycs, Chemstry) french and LATN c SALARES UP TO $ Contngent on quofcatons arrd experence Pease appy to W T KEEPNG, SCretary, Staffng Commtttt Advertse n The News Urrder the dstngushed patronge of Hs Hcmour the Leuterrarrt Governor Armstce Ba Newfoundand Hote Baroom Tuesday, November Oth 959 Forma Prrrces Orchestra Tckets $500 Doube (egon Dress Acceptabe) Tckets avaabe from: J M Fagan, E Moaker, Tom Murphy, J Reynods, Joe Carney, John Fnn, Dan ane, Ed Wheeer, B Vcars, Andy "Joy, Chare, Nurse, Jock Gngham, Frank Wa or at the egorr Cub, Henry Sreet t For tabe reservatons pease ca Abert Newfoundarrd Hote FOR LNOLEUMS TLES, CARPETS, DRAPERES, WNDOW SHADES! CONSULT AYRfS FRST Joy, Over 30 saesmen and sked craftsmen to assst you Estmates arrd advce gven wthout obge ton FLOOR COVERNG CONTRACTS DVSON WANTED MANAGERESS To take charge of SNACK BAR and CONFECTONERY STORE xperen preferred, but not essenta ntemted pgrtes pease PHONE 764!BE CENTRAL BARBER OOP We are DOW operat ng eght chars You can be assured of tbe beat p0abe ervce pus the east posb waung, 2 New Gower St, opp Adeade Moton St John Muncpa ConneU Pubc Notce Th St Johns Muncpa Coun : e n eesson convened on ths; 2ht day of October, 959, here ; by passes and enacts he foow Sae your Energy Use ELECTRCTY n UGCPOW Coav,Ntt C }ap Reahe Eectrcty rr arrd Arourrd St Johrrs n!( amendment to te Zonng !y-lawa pased and enacted by\ the Counc on tbe 3rd day of Centra J\fortgae & Roudn& March 955 Corporaton Amendment EALED ffnders The amendment to the Zon Pany marked as to content ng J\yLaw enacted by the_, and addressed tn the under Counc on the 3rd day ot Sept, sgnd w be recevpr :p to 958, s REPEALED 2 Noon, NST, \\ertnesta>, N WTNESS WHEREOF the November 4th 959, or tht Sea of the Cty of t Johns SJPPY of Furnace FuP o to has been hereto affxe and 30 apartments ocated n the!h :By Law has been sgnd Anderson A \enue area St by the Mayor and the Cty: Johns, Nfd Cerk on behaf of the Com d tha 2t day of October, 58 (Sgned) H G R MFWS, Mayor E B FORAN! Cty Cerk A VVAN, Manager, Centra Mortgage & BousnJ, Corporaton, Centre Bdg, Chrch H, St Johns, Nfd oct28,0 Speca Bus Servce Bus eaves Parade St every ffteen mnuts for Regona Hgh Schoo from 730 to 830 Bus eaves Regona Hgh Schoo every ffteen mutes frpm 030 to md nght, connectng wth reguar buses at Parade St Door Przes Uncamed Chdren not admtted uness accompgnec by parents or guardans COME EARL Y COME OF(EN DOCTOR REQURES TWO OR THREE BEDROOM Furnshed Apartment:: Appy BOX 407 c a DALY NEWS ST JOHNS MUNCPAL COUNCL TENDERS Terrders ore socted for the suppy of Ont Ar Compressor Specfcatons for th machne are avaabe at the offce of the Cty Engrreer Bds n seaed enveopes marked "Terrder for Ar Compresso" must be devered ct the offce of the urrdersgned not ater than 900 aj WEDNESDAY, November 8, 959 The owest or any terrder w not necessary be accepted E B FORAN, Cty Cerk N STOCK FRAY BENTOS CORNED BEEF 487 o:z Tns 24/2 oz Tns OVO CUBES 242s OXO CUBS 48 6s NSTANT OXO 5 oz and 6 oz: AGENTS -- PO BOX 785 DA , 2? oct29,30 :,, ; J ;! : ; :!, : ; : ; : : ;, ; \, ;: : : : : : : : - j ;!, : : :,, : ; "!, :, :, ; t =! ;,

20 0, : ; t : : : \ : 0 \, ; t: k: j : " :t, t ; ;,s: : : : : ( ),a : P : : Jh ;,, J J,:,;,: : : t; ) ;,,, (! ; ft MLLEYS Corduroy Fanne MADE TO STAND LONG HARD WEAR BELTED WTH ZPPER GREYS- BELTED WTH ZPPER CLOSURE CLOSURE SZES 24 TO 34 SZES TO 34 s498 Par LTTLE BOYS SELF BELT - ELASTC BACK s2sa Par New Twst By J, C GRAHAM Canadan Press Correspondent ACKLAND tcp-new Zea anders are fockng to buy a ne of Japanese chdrens book$ whch gve a new twst to hackneyed far stores end revea some startng so caed facts about t!e anma kpgdom Oe booket has coored pc 0 THB OK tres or anmas wth expana ATLANTC ANTHOLOGY ons underneath such as these: Monkees are the nearest at a Seectons by J R man and are bound wth wt" Sma/wood, A B "A eopard S the most ferce beast wth sk! u cmbng Perm, E J PraH, etc $600 trees" A whte bear ves on the cod, sea or the north zone Hs body s THE DESPERATE PEOPLE a whte and v_ery e to wm: Far-ey M 0 w a t! A ong-ecked grafe ves m Afrcan pan of grass wth feet Author of Gray A came has humps on her, Seas Under 500 hnck and s necessary for trave J! ng on the desrt" HMS ELECTRA And above a pcture of a Fres ; T J C R N 00 an bu: arn, "" j : "A cow has two hom on hs : j head and s very usefu for a ONE HOUR j human! Lan Smth 57 5) Even more popuar among co ectors s the saga of the t!ree ALL OUR TOMORROWS / tte pgs As retod by the Jap Josephne- Lawrence 450 a:ese storyteers runs ths w?t :h m d bud CORMOR/\NTS BROOD ; ree P"s a e o : ther prey own h house The ed! ng S F etc er 450 est brother sad To make a! / pretty house s not dffcut He: THE LOTUS EATERS sept an easy seep The other brother sad, Tn STATON W - f We have just receved another shpment of ths popuar COLEMANS VTACUP - Vz b tns "The Decous Cooate Favorec Food The Famy Food Beverage"- GET OUR QUOTATONS PHONE j(g j Gerad Gre!n 495 : L::================:::;;:::::::::::::: make a house s easy too And AGON == L N f e d!e sang a song wth accordon, N SPAN : "The Y otmg brother worked Frances Parknson / :frst brother was de ndeed So Keyes 450; s the house whch he hut was a r a R straw one The mdde brother j POOR NO MORE : hard to make a house aone The ess ew oun an ers GREY FLANNELS h e c cns of SZES 3 TO 6x $98 PAR But the young brohe: was P p Roth 450, MNTREAL, Oct 28-S!ore com:>ce than ever t ; mm e arc <rd S MLLEY LTD :was?e too So the OUSe whch Robert Ruark 600 : n OC egster red boods ; he btu t was made of the fake!}\! of hoards GOODBYE COLUMBUS d racn So he honc whch he Johns wu have sx and a haf mdudcs the names and ad to projnt but was n brck prett house! MARK OF SHAME pages Jn the forthcomng dresses of members chdren The frst ar second hrohers W Henrch 4 95 edton of the Soca Regster as we s menton of ater Rf: GRW\ TRtP hnue was drsn ed rown by an of Canada as aganst ther natve resdcnt e Ths ac :\:\G rru!cr< ; wof at oc T!c, of _Percd j o, c s & Co Ltd! eht and a haf n the frst counts for the hook heug a:;rcuturc h )Car \j :the chmney and satd, \\ oo t : K, edhon owever, the number ar:er umphd orcr re o;, ccms to he gnorant of comng of oca! czens rccognzed by j \ embers of the Soca! Jcg : aamte n J<t )Nr,, Tan here The Bookseers SOCety s bue book S fewer Ser of Canada AssocJaon, hn, Commun> hna< by fve hundred and forty those who were nomnated; ure expert tda But the youn brothers house S n 4425 or 2008 or 39, seven ast year and who were abe tod a conference of P h coud not destroye by thew 0 p ; The dsparty was reported to acqure the oume, prompt nesday Despt drouht CVC av ousc 0 r L"m"t Temperance down Stood by t e s O\e an :today by the Soca Regster ed the move admt the pub : gaes, and J(,ts Ta ve fred coa rge\ and ar,!!r At MEN STR KE or Cmada Assocaton whch Ushers "Camants of dub- years gran hanc;: a:d COYE:\TRY t=:ngand fcp - CASPER w 0 (AP _ Th J ast the wof 5 a caght re So ROME fpj WVEs BAKE says that bographca tnfor ous ttes, members or un j ton crop arr kch 0 be he Begrade T!eatre frst cc: Game wardens y a;-rcted Ray oug ts, h? burred away saymg to hep baker worker - t:hanb d maon n the voume due to rstngushed cubs, persons 0 per cc arcr that ayhouse but n Brta: snce E Moss as he stood b; a k of m from hre Wednesday for 5 we!n : rj e be pubshcd ths month s potcay ndscreet, n short years, :he Second Word War reports (Contnued from Page 9)! b k d a ne or con- th a t y t f work-, four ek? he hnut S one together by 8 pedge to ve a Queshons ave ec as e tract covermg wages, hours and 5 :, :;r Jca on rs \oss teshfed that ts what fe of sobrety, but anmated Pa"!ent bout appahn othet!ates akery owners ne report sa, s the theatre has happend: He sho one ek wth the desre to ead a more and ooran chdrcns hmo s caed m ther WVes, daughters As he approached the anma from Japan but Customs m and sons to keep ovens!ot and etn successfu n aractm he was pnned to the ground whoesome he, a hfe more us ser Boord says he has no PO:"er most!ta&: ctea had bread as oung peope and has eancd na by crossfre from other hunt u t her fames, thcr to nterfere wth such mporta usua ona attcnton by a pohcy o[ Th k r countms and the whoe of!jon He ays the remedy es b d, ers ree more e e " " tam : on new Pays an ne Game wardens moved n The humanaty Many of us who do wth parents who can refuse to ramasts Says the report: th h t dd t t not take a determned stand for buy them "Th be ere can ew th ca t o cr un ers no come o ) re th M tota abshnence cannot hep ut DEATHS t\cn ncudng the more specast a $ \ me:d h 058 wr; be mpressed wh the force oft So fur however, they are en : Ves whc! enjoy such a oung ne u sa e wou such socetes and sometmes TV joyng a brsk sae as a nove!)! t!d \a audence a fact noted appea d wh th t - WNSLOW - Terrance Han, \stors from other parts of wo er e er a emera e :! sard ded suddeny on October he countr) and ebrond ; BRDAL PATH naton can come about w\hout j29th, n hs 59th year, at the "The ew budng tse s ob A recent,survey predcts such a crusade and Wthout REPARS Great War Memora Hospta, :ousy :ne reaso:t why ths s so there w be more than 25 fatcat fervour ; Perth, Ont Beoved husband of t s aso due the emphas mton new brdes n A mer,a T_hs coumn s prepard by ;! Mary Syme, )d Jon of the ate d n tea durng the next 0 yean the Newfoundand Temperance Mr and Mrs E p nr on new an expe r me a d Bt RATES " nsov ",rk Ths support from the Fgures are based on brth Fe eraton, to whom enqumes REASONA Servce at St James Church,! rounger sectons of the commun statstcs from 940 to the may be addressed), GUARANTEED WORK : Perth, Saturday, Oct 3st, at ty s a chaenge m tsef present tme, 200 pm ; SNOW CLOGS ALPS p H 0 N E The theatre presented sx new GE:-E\ A tap - The fr TUCKER - Pased peacefu tays 0 te others, t" o were cherey n 0 Ne, ; heavy snowfa or the cson y away at her resdence, Thor etd n Brtan or the frst tme, One of ts successes was Roots,: cosed nne of Swmands ma- Eectronc burn Road, on Wednesday, Oct hree were, rtuay unknow:, by Arnod Weskern accepted by : jnr mountan passes n t trarc 28th Paune, wfe of Stephen our wre fresh from Londons the Begrade ater t had been Wednesday The Smp! on pass, Tucker, n her 54th year She test end four were estabsbed! turned down n Londo:t The pa man hghay from western Sw( Centre Ltd ea, es to mourn besdes her epertory successes and se\en ater went to London and re zera:d to northern tay, was husbartd, one sster and one bro qre dasscs rangng from Wy ceved crtca accam s open / 90 CAMPBEtt AVf ther, oe grandson, and oe granddaughter Funera W After hours PHONE 640 A j take pace from her ate res dence, St Phps, at 230 pm o day, Frday TRY T FREE the 60 second POLAROD Land CAMERA wft NM N HW f- magne the fun and exctement of eeenc Anhed pctures just 60 see ond ter you anap te hutter And what beautfu pctures the rand new J4chromotc Porod Land FHmave you! Pcture wth detaa amufnry ta)and cear-: Epctur that a juat ke onr ne nt) You now ahoot n eas rht too No queaton about t, m tb tr& for you! FROM s9s5 BSHOP - Passed peace!uy away after a bref ness at 45 pm on October 29th, James Bsbop, aged 55 years, husband of the ate Ace Bshop Leav ng to mourn ther sad oss ne daughter, Margaret (Mrs James Byrne), and fve sons, Chares, Dougas Wam, Kevn and John; two ssteu and two bro thers; aso 3 grandchdren Funera on Saturday at 230 pm from hs ate resdence, 7 Cabot Street (Nova Scota papers pease copy) MacCORMACS GAP T Da One Pound Bundes Woo 79c Pound GLASS e PLAE GLASS e SLDNG GLASS DOORS e MRRORS, A Szes e BEST QUALTY CALL FOR FREE ESTMATE A G BARNES Ltd BLACKMARSH ROAD DAL 936:0 N STOCK B C McNTOSH RED APPLES FANCY GRADE BOXES 50s GEORGE NEAL LMTED ST JOHNS PHONES: Aumnum Sto rm Doors Why not save on your fue b by nstang an Aumnu Storm Door and mprovng your property? Aumnum Sef-Storng Doors Aumnum Sef-Storng Doors Wood Sash and Screen Doors Vjood Sash and Screen Doors 28 X 68 $ X 66 $ X 68 $SSO 26 X 66 $500 Gur Budng Suppes Department can aso suppy Cement, Form Tes, Wedges, Waboards, Roofngs; Hnges, Cabmt Harfware, any anythng you may requre for your home A H MURRAY & Co, Ltd ST JOHNS mn Quebec haued tran from frst offca COPeted a G«CJon pres} sauoa Ra ne wt:t th \