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1 Planning Application #: CITY OF ALBANY Date Received: ~"-:JI~:.t--'---'-- Fee Paid: --:-:;,.--lli--'-=1-::::---;- Receipt #: --L."::"":O;~...=:..;::::...\r--_ MAY COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT PLANNING APPLICATION FORM NON RESIDENTIAL Please complete the following application to initiate City review of your application. Please be aware that staff may have additional application requirements. For projects requiring Planning and Zoning Commission review, please schedule an appointment with Planning Division staff. The Community Development Department office is open to accept applications Monday, 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM, Tuesday through Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Friday 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM (closed Noon 1PM, Mon. - Thu.) at 1000 San Pablo Avenue, Albany, CA (510) Fee Schedule (FY ) 0 Design Review* $2,027/ Admin. $1,077 Parking Exceptions/Reductions - see separate handout* $Actual Cost/Min $2,027 Conditional Use Permit (maior)* $Actual Cost/Min $2,027 Conditional Use Permit (minor)* $1, Sian Permit $1.447/$451 Admin. Temporary/Seasonal Conditional Use Permit* $451 Lot Une Adiustment* $Actual Cost/Min $1,077 Secondary Residential Unit* $1.077 Parcel/Subdivision Map; Planned Unit Development; Condo Conversion* $ Variance* $2,027 )( Other(s): Zonin1! Clearance $ Q7nn ~ When obtaining more than one planning approva~ the full amount for the highest fee will apply and Yz fee will be charged for any other ones. General Plan Update Fee $45 included in the fees above. This fee only needs to be paid once for each separately submitted application. '"'If applying for a Condfflonal Use Permit. please complete the Supplemental Questionnaire Job Site Address: 1035 San Pablo Avenue! CCL04554! Resolution: Zoning District: Property Owner(s) Name: Phone: Dallas Allen Jr. 6- Al Satake Fax: Mailing Address: City: ate/z~: 619 San Pablo Avenue Albany CA, Applicant(s) Name (contact person): Phone: Charlotte Perrault Fax: Mailing Address: City: Statenip: 4975 FraR'a Road Castro Valley CA PROJECT DESCRIPTION (Please attach plans) Replace (3) Existing antenna with (3) NewAntenna oflike size and characteristics. Add (3) Remote Radio Units. Commission approved v;a Resolution 2013=6 the antenna count anti Remote R4dio Unit COunt. 1'be Remote Radio Units were not all installed in the original build last year and now need to be installed. The antenna replca,!!ent will have no visual impact to the surrounding area. Allproposed modifications heretofall within the original planning approval. J:\FORMS\PLANNING\RESADS\2014 DR Guide

2 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF APPUCATION I, the undersigned owner (or authorized agent) of the property herein described, hereby make application for approval of the plans submitted and made part of this application in accordance with the provisions of the City's ordinances, and I hereby certify that the information given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that the requested approval is for my benefit (or that of my principal). Therefore, if the City grants the approval with or without conditions, and that action is challenged by a third party, I will be responsible for defending against this challenge. I therefore agree to accept this responsibidty for defense at the request of the City and also agree to defend, indemnify and hold the City harmless from any costs, claims, penalties, fines, judgments, or liabilities arising from the approval, including without limitation, any award or attomey's fees that might result from the third party challenge. For this purposes of this indemnity, the term "City" shall include the City of Albany, its officers, officials, employees, agents and representatives. For purposes of this indemnity, the term "challenge" means any legal or administrative action to dispute, contest, attack, set aside, limit, or modify the approval, project conditions, or any act upon which the approval is based, including any action alleging a failure to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act or other Jaws. The signature of the property owner is required tor all projects. By executing this form you are affirming that you are the property owner. See Attached Standing LOAforATd-T Signature of Pro ~. Ow Date ~, 2?~ Signature 0 Appli ant (if different) Date Page I 2

3 , <".,' '.:-:.'.' " Mar.31..., :22PM GALVIN APPLIANCE p.1 March 20~ RESENDING FOR CORRECTION Mr.. Al Satake San Pablo.Avenue Albany. CA 947.;0 RE: AT&T \\:ireless Site CCL04554_ _NOTICE_LTE2C Addre.fiIS.fSite: 1035 San Pablo Ayen~. Albany~ CA This letter is to IIldvise you that it wiu be Jlecessary witbjn the near future for AT.tT Wireless to make certaln 'physical :nociifications to equipment wilbin Tenant's prem.ises at the Sjte. Pursnant to the agreement he:ween AT&T Wire]~s. "Tenant" and Dallu V. Allen, Jr., Trustee ofthe D~nas V. Allen Revocabl~ Trust., as to an tmdivided!h interest and Alvin 1'. Salakc anel Mu.lnc R. Satakc, Truslee Qfthe Satake RevocabJe:Trllst, as to sn undivided ~ interest. "Landlord", AT&T Wireless het'eby l't'ovides notice ofintention to p~rform. minor site modif108liods. to their existing communications cquiplllel\t. At the time ofthc original AT&T installation certain components ofthe Cell Site were oot commercially available ancl as SUell were not installed. Pursuant to Section 2 of the agreement between the afore mentioned patties, AT&T n.ow desires tooo.odify the installation insofar as to add the plior cqntemp1ated ec:pjpment (3 R.R.H) and :replace (3) of the ex.isting anterm88 w;th newer model antennas that are substantially similar.. These proposed m.odifications will not require any additionll.11eased space from. tbe "Landl~rd~' and as such the existing agreement ll.eed not be modifiecl accordingly. This Jetter serves as a fjourtesy notice of the ponding work and in addition your.fignafure prnvides the autlwrtry for AT&T Wtrelet,t to update and secure any and oil permi'!;,.equired from the City (1f ~~.".. tq co""!'lete the.fill mnd~ficatim's. Plea.'! ldndly sign this document and return in the enclosed ~l stamped envel~. or if you prefer via scanning the signed document and to; One signature of any party recognized as..j...ruldlord" soall be sufficient for our wmittirg needs. Thank YOll in ac1vance for your prompt attention to this matter. Regards, Charlotte Perrault Phone: J ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED TO: cft/~ J-.5'/ Dm:.2014 Primed Name: ~~,~~...,._c_... ~.."""-'"-.;

4 'Sep :16PM i, ~ f i ~ I p.l Thenew~~&t New! i I CiDgular lre1ess PeS.,. LLC Is ~ i i Letter of Authorization ~ I! I! I do hereby authorize A*Tand its authorized agent. Trillium. Consultin permits or entitlements the relevant jurisdiction associated with the i wireless communications ility on the property described below: I AT&T Project Nate: CN4554 Address: 1035 Sarf Pablo Ave, Albany. CA APN: J9~Ol I Owner/Owner's Represe~ve: ---.,1-A~===::"'--+4r:;y.--.4:..&:,.,t!{,,~--J- I Print Nam. &. Title: ~"I:-~l--=--.JI{;J.'SJ.?L-~~E::" --lf Date:'_-..!!!.Jlf/c...::Z-..:::J.t,+-l4iL-1L=--_ I I I i ~ I!

5 Antenna of like Unit. All proposed Sectors. screen with (1) New (1).Remote screened from vievv

6 Replace (1) Existing Antenna with (1) New Antenna of like characteristics, Add (1) Remote Radio Unit. Size differential between proposed and existing is approx. 1"

7 From: Sent: To: Subject: Anne Hersch Thursday, April 10, 20144:44 PM RE: Resolution CCL04554 City of Albany Hi Charlotte, A hearing will be required but they were very clear about placing the application on the consent calendar. We require one hard copy of the plans (24 x 36) and one electronic version, pdf, with all pages in one document. With respect to the property owner signature, you will want to submit something (perhaps form the lease) that affirms there is consent for the replacement. Given that this site is new and is permitted under the current Zoning Code, a third party review will not be necessary. The Commission meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. We're actually caught up on workload so right now, its 4-6 week turnaround, though trying to err closer to 4 weeks. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Anne L. Hersch, AICP City Planner ICity of Albany, CA (510) direct (510) fax banyca.orgl From: Sent: Thursday, April 10, 20144:31 PM To: Anne Hersch Subject: RE: Resolution CCL04554 City of Albany Thanks Anne. I actually had on my running To Do list an action item to phone you today! So a hearing will be required but on the Consent calendar right? Please confirm the following is required: Is the Property Owner signature required if we have a lease agreement that clearly states they have given the necessary authority for permitting? Application Check for $97. 1

8 How many set of plans? Please confirm no other documents, third party reports etc... would be required. From the time we submit how long until we get a place on the consent calendar? How often are they meeting? Thanks Anne for your help!!! Charlotte C. Perrault Mobile: From: Anne Hersch Sent: Thursday, April 10, 20144:24 PM To: Subject: RE: Resolution CCL04554 City of Albany Hi Charlotte, We spoke last week about the antenna replacement for the AT&T facility at 1035 San Pablo Ave. I indicated that our Planning & Zoning Commission would discuss the review of antenna replacement. In their discussion last night, they indicated that would still like to review the Zoning Clearance applications for antenna replacement, though have it on the consent calendar at their hearings. To complete the replacement of the three antennas as detailed in your previous , you will need to file for a Zoning Clearance. The fee is $97 and you will need to submit the project plans with a description of the project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Anne L. Hersch, AICP City Planner ICity of Albany, CA (510) direct (510) fax From: Sent: Friday, March 28, 20142:27 PM To: Anne Hersch Subject: RE: Resolution CCL04554 City of Albany Ms.Hersch, I wanted to follow up with you on the below and see if you have had an opportunity to review? Thank you and Happy Friday! Charlotte C. Perrault Mobile:

9 From: Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 20142:29 PM To: Subject: Resolution CCL04554 City of Albany Ms. Hersch: Good afternoon. I am writing in regard to a Use Permit that was approved February of last year to allow AT&T Wireless to install antennas and Remote Radio Units on the roof of the building located at 1035 San Pablo Avenue. AT&T completed the installation in August last year and received Building Sign off accordingly. At the time ofthe installation, (3) ofthe approved and planned Remote Radio heads were not installed as they were not commercially available. You might recall these are auxiliary radio components placed next to the screened antennas. The needed models are now available and AT&T wishes to install them at this time. In addition, AT&T is needing to replace (3) of the antennas installed with different model antennas. They are substantially the same in dimensions and again are screened from view. Existing antenna dimension: Replacement antenna: 55.2xll.8x6 55xll.9x7.1 With all that said, we believe that this antenna change and the adding of the equipment already approved would be considered maintenance by City of Albany. We want to however confirm this with you prior to submitting for a building permit. Would you kindly review the attached and if in agreement sign and return to me? Thank you for taking the time to review this situation and I look forward to receiving direction from you. Regards, Charlotte C. Perrault Streamline Engineering 8445 Sie"a Col/ege Blvd Suite E Granite Bay, CA Mobile:

10 City of:jt{6any 1000 San Pablo Avenue Albany, California (510) RESOLUTION NO PASSED AND APPROVED BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALBANY. The 19th day of February, 2013, by the following votes: AYES: Council Members Barnes. Maass, Vice Mayor Wi1e & Mayor Thomsen NOES: Council Member Atkinson ABSENT: none ABSTAINED: none RECUSED: none WITNESS MY HAND AND THE SEAL OF THE CITY OF ALBANY, this 20th Day of February, Eileen Harrington DEPUTY CITY CLERK The CIty ofalbanyis dedicated to maintaining its smel town ambiance, msponding to the needs ofa dnerse community, andproviding, healthy and sustainable community.

11 EXHIBIT A CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL PLANNING APPLICATION CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT & DESIGN REVIEW FOR AT&T WIRELESS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL Special Conditions I. The applicant shall eliminate the screen box on the south elevation and paint the antennas to match the existing building. 2. All roof access doors shall remain locked at all times except during active maintenance by AT&T or authorized building personnel; and 3. AT&T shall place and maintain pen11ancnt RF Notice signs in English and Spanish on the roof access doors. The signage must be a minimum of 8"' wide by I r high, compliant with FCC OET Bulletin 65 or ANSI C95.2 tor color, symbol. and content conventions. All such sigllage shall at all times provide a working local or toll-free telephone number to its network operations center, and such telephone number shall be able to reach a live person who can exert transmitter power-down control over this site as required by the FCC. The location of the sign must be visible to persons immediately prior to entering the roof area; and 4. AT&T shall place and maintain a pcnnanent RF Notice sign in English and Spanish on the BTS platform. The signage must bc a minimum ofs" wide by I r high, compliant with FCC OET Bulletin 65 or ANS] C95.2 for oolor, symbol, and content conventions. All such signage shall at all times provide a working local or toll-free telephone number to its network operations center, and such telephone number shall be able to reach a live person who can exert transmitter power-down control over this site as required by the FCC. The location of the sign must be visible to persons no less than 3 feet from the BTS platfonn; and 5. AT&T shah place and maintain a pennanent RF Caution sign in English and Spanish at the access point to the interior of each pop-up enclosure. The signage must be a minimum of 8" wide by 12" high, compliant with FCC OET Bunetin 65 or ANS] C95.2 for color, symbol, and content conventions. AI] such signage shall at all times provide a working local or tollfree telephone number to its network operations center, and sueh telephone nwnber shall be able to reach a live person who can exert transmitter power-down control over this site as required by the FCC. The location of the sign must be visible immediately prior to entering the pop-up; and 6. All access to the proposed pop-up and FRP screen walls shall be secured by AT&T at all times, except during active maintenance by AT &T; and

12 7. AT &T shall install and at all times maintain in good condition alternating bright color UV stabilized floor stripes in front of Sec-tor A extending from the pop-up in front ofsector A to the end ofthe controlled zone, at least 42' towards the eastern wall ofthe building; and 8. Consistent with AT&T's proposed RF safety zone for Sector B. AT&T shall install and at all times maintain in good condition alternating bright color UV stabilized tloor stripes in front ofsec-tor B extending from the FRP screen walls to the parapet wall. 9. If members of the General Population are required to be in the controlled zone in front of Scctors A or B, denoted by the roof stripping other than to transit the controlled zone area (i.e., to pertonn maintenance or repairs on the air conditioning units or roof area, etc. within the controlled zone). AT&T shall coordinate sih1f1al transmissions from the that Sector during the entire work period to ensure compliance with the FCC rules. 10. If at any time in the future a mixed-use or residential building is constructed within the RF controlled area, in front ofthe panel antennas, AT&T will make an adjustments nccessary to remain in compliance with applicable FCC rules, subject to any applicable Planning Dnd Zoning Commission review and approval. 11. No portion of thc project. including without limitation the equipment cabinets~ the mounting plattbnns, rails llnd nicks; the OPS antenna; cables; work lights; and all other elements ofthe project shall protrude above the height of the parapet wall. 12. Installation of an em<.."rgency generator will be subject to City of Albany review and permits, including if applicable, Planning and Zoning Code review and California, Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Codes." 13. The applicant shall be required to conduct RF testing consistent with (0) of thc Albany Municipal Code. (Per City Council review 2/19/13) GENERAL PROJECT CONDITIONS Oen-l Project Approval. This Design Review and Conditional Use Permit approval is for AT&T Wireless. as substantially shown and described on the project plans, except as may be modified by conditions herein. Plans include plans prepared by AT&T, date received October S, 20] 2 (project plans include site plan, elevations, RF report, alternatives analysis, details), all as presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission on January 17, 2013 and the City Council on February For any condition herein that requires preparation ofa Final Plan where the project developer has submitted a conceptual plan, the project developer shall submit final plan(s) in substantial confonnance with the conceptual plan. but incorporate the modifications required by the conditions herein for approval by the City. GEN-2 Project Approval Expiration. This Design Review and ConditionaJ Use Permit approval will expire on February 19, 2014 (one year from the date on which this approval becomes

13 effective), or at an alternate time specified as a condition of approval, unless a building pennit has been issued and construction diligently pursued; a certificate of occupancy has been issued; the use is established; the use pennit, variance or design review approval is renewed. The approval may be renewed by the Community Development Director for a peliod up to an additional two (2) years, provided that, at least ten ( 10) days before expiration of one (1) year from the date when the approval becomes effective. an application for renewal of the approval is filed with the Community Development Department. The Community Development Director may grant a renewal of an approval where there is no change in the original application, or there is no request to change any condition ofapproval. Gen -2a TIle project is subject to a Standard Agreement pursuant to Section (F) (6) ofthe Albany Municipal Code. Standard Agreement. b. No use permit shall become e.fkclil'e until such agreement has been executed. Said agreement shall bind the operator. the proper~).. m, ner. and all successor parties to the/ollo'h'ing: I) Maintain the exterior appeamnc(! ofthe.f(lci/it.\': 2) Ultimate(v to remol'e the /acili(l1 in compliance H'ith tllis Chapter and any conditions ~tapproval; 3) Pay all costs.lor mollitoring/or compliance ~rith t!lis agreement cmcl all conditions and environmental mitigation measures; 4) Reimburse the Ci~~'/or all costs incurred/or work the applicant had failed to perform; 5) Where applicable in the case ofa freestanding toih.'r. the agreemelll shall stipulate that the permitee will rent or lease available space on the tower. under the terms ola/air-market lease. to other ""'ireless sen'ice communication providers without discrimination. c. The Community Development Director shall develop a standard/orm for stich agreement which shall include the provisions ofthis paragraph and other provisions which shall include. but not be limited to authorization.lor Ci~v agents to enter the property. and establishment of/iabi/il)/ ~l the applicant for any polllltion resulting from the facility. Geo 2b- The project also is subject to "Duration, Revocation and Discontinuance" regulations contained in Planning and Zoning Code Section :

14 a. An approved lise permit for (I wireless communication./acility mllst be actimted within olle (I)"om the date offinal approval. {(not activated within one (I) ye(lr./rom the date q{./in,,1 approval, the permit shall be deemed expired. as provided in subsection I O.K.I. h. Once activated, all permit approl'als./or wireless comnlllnicalion./acilities shall be valid for an initial maximum period q{ufj to ten (10) years, or as specified by the approl'ing body. c. Permit approm/s may be administraliw!~l' extended withollt a public hearing./or subsequent./il e (5)-year terms(s) b.r the Comnllmi(v Del'elopment Director llpon l'<'r(/ication q( continued compliance with the findings and conditions q( approml under which the applicatioll was origilla/~r approl'ed, as n"(?/i as any other prol'isions prol'ided./or in the MUllicip(tI Code, and Federal and State regulations which are il1 elfect at the lime q( permit renej.m/. d. In the el'ell/that the Commllni(~' Development Directorlinds that the applicallt has not maintained the /ilcili(v ill compliance 'with all applicable code requirements. conditions q{ approml and prol'isions of the mailftenance agreement. the Director may initiate (I re\'ocatioll proc,'dllre as pro\'ie/ed by subsection ] O,M. e. Costs ClssociCl/ed li'itk the process q(l'erificalion q(compliance and extension or rel'ocation q(approml shall be borne b,v the permit holder. 2. Discontinuance q( Use. All e>quipment and improvements associated with a wireless communication ladlity shall be remol'ed within thirty (30) days q( the discontinllation q{ the lise lmd the> site shall be restored to its original, pre-construction condition, or as approl'(xl by the Comnllmi(v Developmel1t Director. Forfadlities located on Ci~v proper(v, this remol'ol requirement shall be included within the terms qlthe lease. For facilities located 011 private sites, the terms ofprivate leases shall also require equipment removal as a provision ql' the lease. Written \'erffication q( the removal ql wireless communication.facilities on private property shall be provided to the Community Development Director ",.:Uhin thirty (30) days q{the discontinuation ofthe lise. a. {{ the operator.fails to remove [he wireless communication lacilities from the site, the property owner shall be responsible for removal, and may use any bond or other assurances provided by the operator pursuant to the requirements ofthis Chapter to do so. If such facilities are not removed, the site shall be deemed to be a nuisance and the City may call the bondfor remol'al or take such other action as it deems appropriate. b. Failure to inform the Community Development Director q( cessation of operations ofany existingjacility shall constitute a violation q(the Zoning Ordinance and be grounds/or: 1) Prosecution; 2) Revocation or modification ofthe permit;

15 3) Calling q/,any bond or other assurance secured by lite operator pursuant /0 the requirements q/,ihis Chapter; and/or 4) Remol'alofthefacilities. Gen-3 Fees. The applicant shall pay all City and other related fees applicable to the property, as may be modified by conditions herein. Fees shall he based on the current tcc structure in effect at the time the relevant permits are secured, and shall be paid before issuance of said pennit or before any City Council tinal action approval. Notice shall be taken specifically of Plan Check, Engineering. Fire and Inspection Fees. The project developer shall also reimburse the City tor direct costs of planning; building and e"hrineering plan check and inspection. as mutually agreed between the City and developer. GEN-4 GEN-5 GEN-6 GEN-7 Appeals. The Albany Municipal Code provides that any action of the Planning statf may be appealed to the Planning and Zoning Commission, and any action of the Planning and Zoning Commission may be appealed to the City Council as per the procedures described in Section The City Clerk will then schedule the mutter tor the next available City Council meeting. Requirement for Building Permit. Approval granted by the Planning and Zoning Commission does not constitute a building pennit or authorization to begin any construction or demolish an existing structure. An appropriate pennit issued by the Community Development Department must be obtained betore constructing. enlarging, moving, converting, or demolishing any building or structure within the City. Fire Department Approval. As part of a building pennit application, the applicant shall submit written documentation that all requirements of the Albany Fire Department have, or will be, met to the satisfaction ofthe AFD. Engineering Approval. As part of a building pennit application, the applicant shall submit written documentation that all requirements of the Public Works Department have, or will be, met to the satisfaction ofthe City Engineer. GEN-8 GEl\-9 Construction Hours. Construction activity shah be restricted to the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sundays and legal holidays, unless otherwise approved in writing by the City Engineer for general construction activity. Failure to comply with construction hours may result in stop work orders or other administrative actions. Modifications to Approved Plans. The project shall be constructed as approved. Planning staff may approve minor modifications in the project design, but not the permitted land use (per MC 20.12). A change in an item requiring discretionary

16 approval and any other changes deemed appropriate by the Planning staff shall require further P1anning and Zoning Commission approval through the Design Review process. GEN-IO GEN-l J GEN-12 GEN-13 Hold Harmless Agreement. Pursuant to Government Code Section , the applicant (including any agent thereot) shan defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, the City of Albany and its agents, officers and cmployees. from any claim, action, or proceeding against the City or its agents, officers or employees to attack, set aside, void, or annul the City's approval concerning this application, which action is brought within the time period provide for in Section The City will promptly notify the applicant of any such claim action or proceeding and cooperate fully in the defense. Public Improvements Standards. Public improvements, as requin..>d by the City Engineer during building pennit review, shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the City's Standard Specifications and Standard Details, unless specifically waived in writing by the City Engineer. Title 24 Standards. All construction shall be designed and built ill accordance with California Title 24 handicap accessibi1ity standards. Appropriate dctails and specifications shall be incorporated into the plans and submitted at time of huilding permit appl icatiol1. Energy Conservation Standards. All buildings shall bt: desib"ned in accordance with the State of California energy conservation standards for non-residential buildings. The necessary p1ans and documentation shall be suhmitted at time of building permit application. ARCHITECTURE CONDITION ARCH-I Material Samples. Samples offinal exterior materials and the proposed color palette shan be submitted for review and approval by the Community Development Department as part of building pennit application. Final Architectural Drawings. The applicant shall submit tinal architecturul elevations, details and revisions for the review and approval of the Community Development Department as part of building permit application.

17 Geil Engineering Engineering'" Suxveying * Planning 1226 High Street Auburn. California Phone: (530) '" Fax: (530) AT.&T. PCS Equipment A.S.A.C. Survey Fonn Project No.lNarne: CN4554/ Marin Avenue Project Site Location: 1035 San Pablo Avenue Albany, CA Alameda County Assessor's Parcel Number: Date ofobservation: EquipmentIProcedure Used to Obtain Coordinates: Trimble Geo-XT post processed Pathfinder Office software. with Type of Antenna Mount: Proposed Rooftop ANTENNA LEASE AREA #1: Latitude: N 3.,., 53' 07.11"(NAD83) Latitude: N ' 07.38"(NAD27) Longitude: W '49.20"(NAD83) Longitude: W I7'45.31"(NAD27) ANTENNA LEASE AREA #2: Latitude: N ' 07.29"(NAD83) Latitude: N ' 07.56"(NAD27) Longitude: W ' 49.70"(NAD83) Longitude: W ' "(NAD27) ELEV A TION ofground Northeast Corner of Structure (NA VD88): STRUCTURE HEIGHT: (Top of Penthouse) OVERALL HEIGHT: (Top oftv Ant. - to be removed) 46.3' AMSL 47.3' AGL 55' AGL CERTIFICATION: I. the undersigned, do hereby certify elevation listed above is based on a field suxvey done under my supervision and that the accuracy of those elevations meet or exceed I-A Standards as defined in the FAA ASAC Infonnation Sheet 2. and they are true and accurate to the best ofmy knowledge and belief. v.; ~StOI,t-t Kenneth D. Geil California R.C

18 o ~ o 'T1» G;» z -<

19 z ) o

20 z )

21 The proposed modification at 1035 San Pablo Ave Albany, CA 94706, is necessary in order to improve the performance and capacity of the existing 4G LTE network. Currently the site is configured as 2l one LTE carrier (channel) base station. This means that over half of the potential perforrnance of the 4G L.TE network was currently not realized. This is especially impactful for those who rely on the ATT network for broadband data services and who increasingly use their mobile phones as their primary communication device (Iandlines to residences have decreased significantly) and rely on their mobile phones to do more (E911, PS, web access, text, etc.). The proposed ITiodification will provide substantial improvement in ce to residents in the area that will allow them to fully experience the advantage of ATT's high speed 4G 4G LTE is capable of delivering speeds up to 10 times faster than industry-average 3G speeds. LTE technology also offers lower latency, or the processing time it takes to move data through a network, such as how long it takes to start downloading a webpage or file once you've sent the request. Lower latency helps to improve the quality of personal wireless services. What's more, LTE uses spectrum more efficiently than other technologies, creating more space to carry data traffic and services and to deliver a better overall network experience. AT&T designs and builds and expands its wireless network as necessary to satisfy its customer service standards, which ensure customers receive rellable high speed data, -1

22 l TR AGNETIC ENERGY (EME) EXPOSURE REPORT....,.,.-...:... :.1 Marin Avenue CCL ,. i ~~.~ IIJA~...,.. ",~ ':; ;: Rooftop 1035 San Pablo Avenue Albany, CA April 22, 2014 Casey Chan CITY OF ALBANY MAY 1 2 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Prepared for: AT&T Mobility c/o Ericsson, Inc Stoneridge Mall Rd. Ste.350 Pleasanton, CA 94588

23 Site Overview and Description The proposed antennas are mounted on a rooftop The site consists of three (3) sectors with a total of nine (9) antennas There are buildings within forty (40) feet of the transmitting antennas The site is co-located with Sprint antennas I /3.9/ /41.4/ /3.9 UMTS/LTE UMTSI LTE Commscope SBNHH-1 065A Commscope SBNHH-1065A Andrew SBNH A Andrew SBNH A Compliant with Compliant with Compliant with Sector Compliance recommendations recommendations recommendations Site Compliance Status (FCC & AT&T Guidelines) Compliant with recommendations OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 2/19

24 Compliance Notes Occupational Safety & Compliance Engineering (OSC Engineering) has been contracted by Ericsson to conduct an RF (radio frequency) computer simulated analysis. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has set limits on RF energy exposed to humans on a wireless cell site in order to ensure safety. The FCC has also mandated that all RF wireless sites must be in compliance with the FCC limits and a compliance check must be performed annually to ensure site compliance. This report is an in depth analysis summarizing the results of the RF modeling provided to us by AT&T and in relation to relevant FCC RF compliance standards. A reanalysis is recommended upon the site going on air. OSC Engineering uses the FCC OET-65 as well as AT&T ND to make recommendations based on results and information gathered from drawings and Radio Frequency Data Sheets. For this report, OSC Engineering utilized RoofvieW software for the theoretical analysis of the AT&T Cellular Facility. A site-specific compliance plan is recommended for each transmitting site. This report serves as a single piece of the overall compliance plan. Information utilized for this report: RFDS: SAN-FRANCISCO-SACRAMENTO_SAN-FRANClSCO_CNU4554_2014-LTE Next-C a rrier_lte... Drawings: AA-CNU4554 IFC-REVO-TRANS OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 3/19

25 Compliance Recommendations & Results of the Proposed Site (theoretical simulation) RF access point(s): Information 1 all roof access point(s} (to be posted) RF Sign(s) and/or antenna sector A: To be instal/ed: a 16' X 12' wide physical barrier with Caution and Information 1 Sign on physical barrier. Barriers must be built a minimum of 6 feet away from roof edge to satisfy OSHA safety standards RF Slgn(s) and/or antenna sector 8: To be installed: a 3' X 4' wide physical barrier with Caution and Information 1 Sign on physical barrier to block off the entrance to the front of the antennas. Barriers must be built a minimum of 6 feet away from roof edge to satisfy OSHA safety standards RF Slgn(s) and/or antenna sector G: To be instal/ed: a Caution and Information 2 Sign in front of sector (optional) Max RF Exposure Level from (AT&T roof): % FCC General Population MPE Sector A % FCC General Population MPE Sector B % FCC General Population MPE Sector G out into the air Max RF Exposure Level simulated (cumulative roof / antenna level): % FCC General Population MPE Limit Max RF Exposure Level simulated (AT&T ground): 10.3 % FCC General Population MPE Limit Max RF Exposure Lf:'!yel simulated (cumulative ground): 10.3 % FCC General Population MPE OSC Engineering Inc. I I Page 4/19

26 FCC Regulations and Guidelines from OEl 65 When considering the contributions to field strength or power density from other RF sources, care should be taken to ensure that such variables as reflection and re-radiation are considered. In cases involving very complex sites predictions of RF fields may not be possible, and a measurement survey may be necessary The process for determining compliance for other situations can be similarly accomplished using the techniques described in this section and in Supplement A to this bulletin that deals with radio and television broadcast operations. However, as mentioned above, at very complex sites measurements may be necessary. In the simple example shown in the below diagram, it is desired to determine the power density at a given location X meters from the base of a tower on which are mounted two antennas. One antenna is a CMRS antenna with several channels, and the other is an FM broadcast antenna. The system parameters that must be known are the total ERP for each antenna and the operating frequencies (to determine which MPE limits apply). The heights above ground level for each antenna, Hl and H2, must be known in order to calculate the distances, Rl and R2, from the antennas to the point of interest. Hi x T2m 1 OET Bulletin 65, Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields, Page OSC Engineering Inc. i Page S/l9

27 Computer Simulation Analysis The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) governs the telecommunications services, facilities, and devices used by the public, industrial and state organizations in the United States. "RoofView is a software analysis tool for evaluating radiofrequency (RF) field levels at roof-top telecommunications sites produced by vertical collinear antennas of the type commonly used in the cellular, paging, PCS, ESMR and conventional two-way radio communications services."2 "RF near-field levels are computed from selected antennas by applying a cylindrical model that takes into account the antenna's aperture height, mounting height above the rool azimuthal beam width for directional antennas and the location of the antennas on the roof Resulting, spatially averaged power densities are expressed as a percentage of a user selectable exposure limit depending on frequency. The entire roof is composed of one-square-foot pixels and RF fields are computed for each of these pixels for each selected antenna."3 Computer simulations produced for clients are simulated with "Uptime = 100%". This means that all transmitters associated an antenna are considered to be "on". 4 RoofView uses a near-field method of computing the field based on assuming that the total input power delivered to the antenna, at its input terminal, is distributed over an imaginary cylindrical surface surrounding the antenna. The height of the cylinder is equal to the aperture height of the antenna while the radius is simply the distance from the antenna at which the field power density is to be computed. Within the aperture of the antenna, this approximation is quite accurate but as the antenna is elevated above the region of interest, the model output must be corrected for mounting height. 5 T h R p S = 21tRh 1 2 Roofview User Guide 4.15, Page 7, Richard A Tell Associates 3 Roofview User Guide 4.15, Page 7, Richard A Tell Associates 4 Roofview User Guide 4.15, Page 10, Richard A Tell Associates 5 Roofview User Guide 4.15, Page 45, Richard A Tell Associates OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 6/19

28 Antenna Inventory All technical data and specifications shown below are collected from drawings and/or documents provided by the client, as well as from online databases and/or a visit to this facility. Unknown wireless transmitting antennas are simulated usina conservative values when information is not available. A1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH~lD65A A1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH~lD65A A2 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH~lD6565A A3 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH~lD6565A A3 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH-1D6565A B1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH-1D65A B1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH-1D65A B2 AT&TUMTS Panel Andrew SBNH 1D6565A AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew S8NH-1D6565A B3 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH 1D6565A G1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH-1D65A G1 AT&T LTE Panel Commscope SBNHH-1D65A G2 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH-1D6565A G3 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBN H-1D6565A G3 AT&T UMTS Panel Andrew SBNH-1D6565A osc Engineering Inc. I I Page 7/19

29 Xl Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown X2 Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown X3 Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown V1 Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown Y2 Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown V3 Sprint Panel Unknown Unknown OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 8/19

30 Theoretical Simulation Result Diagram - Cumulative Ground Level (Max Emission = 10.3% GP) For the purpose of theoretical simulation, OSC Engineering ~tgfnq models antennas as if they are.. Af&T U 1\ 10\ 0:'" i'i operating at full power (100% Cleofwlr~ I capacity). This assumption yields Crlckj.f more conservative (higher) MellO pes results. On-site measurements S""tint : l-mob,he may yield different results, as Ve, Il:O n antennas do not always operate Omni at full capacity. To the right is a <loilh: result diagram of the site in question. The diagram is a color Allt.I""~' W,1.. coded map per ND levels, which coincide with FCC MPE Limits. Any exposure resulting in a level higher than 100% exceeds the Limits and requires further action, such as barriers. A level exceeding 100% does not make a site out of compliance. All Q<If~ '<I$>\I!~11I.'Itt results are given in General MVI Ljltl~t Population percentages even ~.. ~ i,,': ',\,~;>!', when a site may be considered -. -;t;" Occupational. tp-:lorf< ~~.1 ti $« : CCl.04!.!)4 1m. Nt,lmQ; Ma,'m Avo:\,,,uQ. " ~t,:clo' G " \, 1: \ ' S(!/~ t(>r A ",.' 70 OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 9/19

31 Theoretical Simulation Result Diagram - Cumulative Roof Level (Max Emission =1773.0% GP) Site td; CCW45S04 Site NQl"rlf:~: Morin Avenve ut~., AT&T t, Unkhowt1 Cleorwl're Crick,t., Metro pcs i Sprl~t ';',,;;:;;:' "'1""" Y; 1" M 0 b.',< \ \ \ '.!. II e Seeler B... Verizon 311 S' Qmni a(j () ish A~Henhcn N.LS 0FeIJP~tlOl"lidl MPE limit F,.PQf~lto Lchol :!! 1000 IlII -General P'OPij!cllol'l M,Pf Limit Secfor G $cclor A osc Engineering Inc. I Page 10119

32 Theoretical Simulation Result Diagram - AT&T Mobility only Ground Level (Max Emission = 10.3% GP) ~tiq,.. AT&t li'~~~~i U n kn 0 Vi n I" ;:+:,\1 C I e 6 r wire Crlckef.. MeHo pes...! spnrlt ',j,},", T M b' I ;;;lr,~'r' -,0 I e Verizon Omni ~ [) I I h Soclar B 34r)' Site!D~ CClO4SS. SHe Nama: MQtin Avem,!o,.\ ~ ~, ' Antennas N.T.S,, Pt:<:;l~pOl;lttntjl Mf'lfJ Umlt... ~.....~ I 5: fxpthiji'j :-1 ~. ~). f '." It t ': '.. Gotf'lt8tdl PQ~,u.datl(l<1"t MPE limit, "... Secfor A... "" ",' ')!f:lcp(l~llr<l :1.,.; "'1(1".' lri.' " Sector G osc Engineering Inc. I Pagell/19

33 Theoretical Simulation Result Diagram - AT&T Mobility only Roof Level (Max Emission = % GP) ~,., ~T&r, I Vn k,n () \ill fl Cle<llrwlre t ric k e t.. Metto P(';S f< $prird 1>f"'~I i I " :",~,:,". M "Q b I I e ij"'.'.. yet'lzqn Omn! <} Ilish Sector 8 345'" SUe 10; CCL04.sS-4 Site Nome: MOl'in Avo'1ue \ \ l. " '. AnhHHHlI5 N. T.S OC<':Upotlonol Mf'~ Umlt..,. -, :4 fxp ') r,l!t.,,to f.' ; I ',', Jr t ~, Gl!IInetr.1I PQr;.tVldfIOIl MPE 1.#1'1/1 5 So fxpo\th<.l :"1 ~; ~:.~r J1p'-: "" "....., 'I. Sector G " Seel0r A 20" osc Engineering Inc. I Page 12/19

34 Certification The undersigned is a Professional Engineer, holding a California Registration No Reviewed and approved by:... ~ John B. Bachoua, PE Date: April 22, 2014 The engineering and design of all related structures as well as the impact of the antennas on the structural integrity of the design are specifically excluded from this report's scope of work. This report's scope of work is limited to an evaluation of the Electromagnetic Energy (EME) RF emissions field generated by the antennas listed in this report. When client and others have supplied data, it is assumed to be correct. OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 13/19

35 FCC MPE Limits (from OETR 65) OSC Engineering uses the FCC's and clients' guidelines to model the computer simulation. Explained in detail in Office of Engineering & Technology, Bulletin No. 65 ("0ET-65") "Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation". Occupational/controlled 6 exposure limits apply to situations in which persons are exposed as a consequence of their employment and in which those persons who are exposed have been made fully aware of the potential for exposure and can exercise control over their exposure. Occupational/controlled exposure limits also apply where exposure is of a transient nature as a result of incidental passage through a location where exposure levels may be above general population/uncontrolled limits (see below), as long as the exposed person has been made fully aware of the potential for exposure and can exercise control over his or her exposure by leaving the area or by some other appropriate means. As discussed later, the occupational/controlled exposure limits also apply to amateur radio operators and members of their immediate household. General population/uncontrolled" exposure limits apply to situations in which the general public may be exposed or in which persons who are exposed as a consequence of their employment may not be made fully aware of the potential for exposure or cannot exercise control over their exposure. Therefore, members of the general public would always be considered under this category when exposure is not employment-related, for example, in the case of a telecommunications tower that exposes persons in a nearby residential area. Ii OET-65 "Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields pg OET-65 "Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields pg. 9. OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 14/19

36 limits for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)8 "The FCC Exposure limits are based on data showing that the human body absorbs RF energy at some frequencies more efficiently than at others. The most restrictive limits occur in the frequency range of MHz where whole-body absorption of RF energy by human beings is most efficient. At other frequencies whole-body absorption is less efficient, and, consequently, the MPE limits are less restrictive."9 (A) limits for Occupational/Controlled Exposure E~crj: Fe,:: //(::J'-Ie'jc Fee A'''ero~jn:~ Titre. :;-te'klt'-, :E; IEI:, HI: ::,r S 11'I'I'rn F',\ " -,~,~ '., 614 1,6: ;, 6 1'0,4'2'/.1,8'iif I (, :51.4 ~) !,,-, '1 6 (8) Limits for General Population IUncontrolied Exposure E8C. Fe::: 1'.. 'o'~' le ic f/300 6.s {,. DenslJ,A,VE;'fogr::J ::,tre"19tr' (H) p<\ lei:, HI~:x;; :"r~"i~;h " l,..31. ~, ( JO l,~4<~o :2Y?/f (W:;;H' :30 ~\ '/ 27.S ~).:i73 '..-. fl15co 1 (', I.\.I f= FreCiuer,c'i i"i 'Flone-vvo'/t3 equivolwi" poi/vcr de" B OET-65 "FCC Guidelines Table 1 pg, OET-65 "FCC Guidelines for Evaluating Exposure to RF Emissions", pg. 8 OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 15/19

37 Limits for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) continued 10 Figure 1. FCC Limits for fl,laximw'l1 Permissible ExposLire (MPE) Plane-walle qwvolent Power Density I OCiDr.----,----,----,;-----r-----,--,-., OcctJpcltJon.1I!COn(rollec1 Exposure Gener,11 POP(/I.lI10/lIUncontrOlled Exposure io 5 02 \ ,/ ".- - l' " (11 I.1 L.1 I ~<oo ,000: Frequency (MHz) "MPE Limits are defined in terms of power density (units of milliwatts per centimeter squared: mw/cm2), electric field strength (units of volts per meter: V 1m) and magnetic field strength (units of amperes per meter: Aim). In the far-field of a transmitting antenna, where the electric field vector (E), the magnetic field vector (H), and the direction of propagation can be considered to be all mutually orthogonal ("[plane-wave" conditions], these quantities are related by the following equation:.s _ E2 ~'j'... o J f II :( 7 7 'l..r::~.. to J._ where: S =power density (lll\v':cm~) E =electnc field strength (Y:'m) H =maguettc fie Id strength (Aim) 10 OET-65 "FCC Guidelines Table 1 pg, 72. ose Engineering Inc. I Page 16/19

38 Limitations OSC Engineering completed this evaluation analysis based on information and data provided by the client. The data provided by the client is assumed to be accurate. Estimates of the unknown. standard, and additional transmitting sites are noted and based on FCC regulation and client requirements. These are estimated to the best of our professional knowledge. This report is completed by OSC Engineering to determine whether the wireless communications facility complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Guidelines. The Office of Engineering and Technology (OET-65) Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation has been prepared to provide assistance in determining whether proposed or existing transmitting facilities, operations or devices comply with limits for human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) fields adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) II, As each site is getting upgraded and changed, this report will become obsolete as this report is based on current information per the client per the date of the report. Use of this document will not hold OSC Engineering Inc. nor it's employees liable legally or otherwise. This report shall not be used as a determination as to what is safe or unsafe on a given site. All workers or other people accessing any transmitting site should have proper EME awareness training, This includes, but is not limited to, obeying posted signage. keeping a minimum distance from antennas, watching EME awareness videos and formal classroom training. 11 OET-65 "FCC Guidelines for Evaluating Exposure to RF Emissions" I pg. 1 OSC Engineering Inc. I Page 17/19