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1 Preliminary Programme Day 1 9:30 11:00 IEEE (DEIS) Meeting (Room: Alto) 12:00 12:45 Lunch (Room: Emporio) 13:00 13:30 Opening (Room: Conferenza) 13:30 14:00 Opening Lecture Prof. Michael Muhr, Austria, Topic: The Importance of Technical Diagnostics and Future 14:00 14:30 Keynote Lecture Prof. Jian Li, China, Topic: Novel Approaches of DGA to Transformers Filled with Natural Ester Based Insulating Oils 14: 30 15:00 Technical Note Prof. Pavel Trnka, Czech Republic 15:00 16:00 Coffee Break (Room: Foyer Lobby) 16:00 17:50 Poster Session I (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Miroslav Gutten, Václav Mentlík, Magdaléna Trnková Krzysztof Chwastek, ID: 172, A Modified Method for Evaluation of Stress In Drawn Wires From Magnetic Measurements In The Rayleigh Region Kittan Stefan, ID:178, Review and Implementation of Transformer Health Index Methods In Line With the Development of a Condition Assessment Tool Alessandro Cimino, ID:180, Analysis of Fault Detection in The Electrical Insulation System of Rotating Machines Lukáš Kupka, ID:206, Types of Control Diagrams and Their use in Quality Management Peng He, ID:225, Parameter Identification of Electromagnetic Unit in Capacitive Voltage Transformer Miroslav Gutten, ID:231, Application of Frequency Method for Analysis of Power Autotransformers Disheng Wang, ID:232, Wide-Band Voltage Measement System Based on Multi-Capacitive Current Sensors Ondrej Sefl, ID:236, Life-Time of Oil Filled Insulation Paper Under Nonstandard Voltage Stresses Nageshwar Rao Burjupati, ID:239, Stator Winding Insulation Diagnosis by Very Low Frequency Techniques Ondřej Michal, ID:250, Influence of Thermal Degradation on the Dielectric Properties of Polymer Composites Page 1 of 5

2 Yu Huizong Yu, ID:256, Equivalent Circuit Model for The Error Analysis of Field Dielectric Loss Angle Measurement Lukas Korcak, ID:266, Thermal Accelerated Aging Methods for Magnet Wire: A Review Kazimierz Wilkosz, ID:261, Diagnostics of Reactive Power Flow in A Power Network Zoltán Ádám Tamus, ID:275, A Review of Methods and Associated Models used in Return Voltage Measurement Tobias Maier, ID:199, A High-Frequency Simulation Model of a MV cable joint 18:00 19:00 Dinner (Room: Emporio) Day 2 8:40 10:00 Oral Session I Partial Discharges (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Rainer Haller, Michael Muhr, Magdaléna Trnková 8:40 9:00 Detlev Gross, ID:258, Void and Surface Partial Discharge Pattern Properties 9:00 9:20 Detlev Gross, ID:257, Partial Discharge Signal Transmission of distributed Power Engineering Equipment 9:20 9:40 Andre Leistner, ID:182, PD Inception and Electrical Treeing of Silicone Rubber at DC Voltage using Electrical and Optical Measurement Equipment 9:40 10:00 Feipeng Wang, ID:274, Corona Resistance Of Direct Fluorinated Epoxy/Al2O3 Nanocomposites 10:00 10:30 Coffee Break (Room: Foyer Lobby) 10:30 12:00 Oral Session II Materials (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Jian Li, Pavel Mach, Pavel Prosr Keynote: 10:30 11:00 Pavel Mach, ID:136, Influence of Surface Finish and Additional Curing on Resistance of Adhesive Conductive joints 11:00 11:20 Bystrík Dolník, ID:203, The Experimental Measurements of Surface Leakage Current on the Insulator Model 11:20 11:40 Bo Zhang, ID:251, Study on the Trap Properties of Nano-ZnO Modified Polyimide Based on Surface Potential Decay Method 11:40 12:00 Miroslav Gutten ID:270, Dielectric Spectroscopy of Nanocomposites 12:00 12:50 Lunch (Room: Emporio) Page 2 of 5

3 12:00 13:30 Committee Meeting (Special Invitation) (Room: Club) 13:00 14:30 Poster Session II (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Pavel Prosr, Václav Mentlík, Miroslav Gutten Pavel Mach, ID: 137, Changes of Loss Factor of Polypropylene Film Capacitors During Long Time Thermal Ageing Erik Fischer, ID: 194, Spatially-resolved Diagnosis of Power Cables in Field Environment: Challenges and Opportunities Martin Hirman, ID:204, Influence of Increased Voltage on the Characteristics of Printed Circuit Board Protective Coatings Lukáš Kupka, ID:207, Design of Experiments Approach and its Application in the Evaluation of Experiments Jiri Svarny, ID:211, Laboratory Fixture for Measurement of Dielectric Absorption of Capacitors Jan Fulneček, ID:218, Stator Current and Axial Magnetic Flux Analysis of Induction Motor Friedmann Eppelein, ID:223, Aspects Interpreting PILC cables Diagnostic Parameters Measured at Different Test Voltage Frequencies Alena Pietriková, ID:235, Pressureless Silver Sintering in Power Application Susik Bang, ID:241, Local Corrosion Monitoring of Prestressed Concrete Strand via Time- Frequency Domain Reflectometry Tobias Blenk, ID:248, Market-driven Flexibility of Grid Usage and Network-oriented Load Balancing Simon Podkoritnik, ID:264, Experience in using Different Diagnostics Methods for Field Testing of Medium-voltage Cables with Extruded Insulation in Nuclear Power Plants Miroslav Gutten, ID:269, Analysis of Transformer Moisture by Proposed Electronic System using Time Method RVM Miroslav Gutten, ID:272, Thermovision Measurements on Electric Machines Andrea Benešová, ID:205, Current Trends in the Management of Diagnostic Processes in Testing Laboratories Zoltán Ádám Tamus, ID:276, Mechanical Stresses on Polymer Insulating Materials 15:00 21:00 Social Program and Gala Dinner 15:00 Bus Departure (Parkhotel) Day 3 8:30 09:55 Oral Session III Diagnostic Methods (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Stefan Kornhuber, Josef Pihera, Feipeng Wang Page 3 of 5

4 8:30 8:50 Nicola Gariboldi, ID:170, Benefits of Permanent Travel Measurement in High Voltage Circuit Breaker Online Monitoring 8:50 9:10 Disheng Wang, ID:233, A Self-powered Wireless Inrush Current Measurement System 9:10 9:30 S.M. Hassan Hosseini, ID:265, Influence of Titanium Isopropoxide Catalyzed Siloxane Liquid on Revival of Aged XLPE Insulations 9:30 9:50 Adam Jakubas, ID:216, Diagnostics of the Fe-based Soft Magnetics Composites using Active Thermography 10:00 10:30 Coffee Break (Room: Foyer Lobby) 10:30 11:50 Oral Session IV Diagnostic Methods (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Christian Weindl, Josef Pihera, Feipeng Wang 10:30 10:50 Muhammad Ali Mehmood, ID:271, Analyzing the Health Condition and Chemical Degradation in Field Aged Transformer Insulation Oil using Spectroscopic Techniques 10:50 11:10 Eduard M. Мuchametdinov, ID:243, Improvement of the Vehicle's Onboard Diagnostic System by using the Vibro-Diagnostics Method 11:10 11:30 Anna Vladova Stoynova, ID:246, Infrared Thermography Inspection for Safer Rail Transport Automation 11:30 11:50 Nageshwar Rao Burjupati, ID:240, Case Studies of Rotating Machine Insulation Condition Assessment 12:00 12:50 Lunch (Room: Emporio) 13:00 14:55 Oral Session V Young Researchers (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Christian Weindl, Simon Podkoritnik, František Steiner 13:05 13:20 Theresa Loss, ID:171, Tracking Long-Term Drift in Wireless Sensor Networks using Long-Term Memory and Data Fusion 13:20 13:35 Jaroslav Hornak, ID:135, Interaction of Three-Phase Insulating Composites with DC field 13:35 13:50 Martin Zapf, ID:230, Market Mechanisms and a Regulatory Framework as an Incentive System to Increase the Flexibility of Power Consumption 13:50 14:05 Zuzana Konečná, ID:226, Changes of Electrical Properties of Coaxial Cables Exposed to Gamma-irradiation 14:05 14:20 Jawad Ahmad, ID:268, Influence of Temperature on Electrical Properties of POSS/Mineral Oil based Nanofluids 14:20 14:35 Ann-Catrin Müller, ID:229, Requirements of a System for the Artificial ageing of Paper Insulated Lead Covered Medium Voltage Cables Page 4 of 5

5 14:35 14:50 Gergely Márk Csányi, ID:252, Investigation of Central Frequency and Central Loss Factor Values on Dioctyl-phthalate (DOP) Plasticized PVC films 15:00 15:30 Coffee Break (Room: Foyer Lobby) 15:30 17:40 Oral Session V Other Methods (Room: Conferenza) Session Chairs: Zoltán Ádám Tamus, Pavel Trnka, Bystrík Dolník 15:30 15:50 Takeshi Ishiguro, ID:179, Analytical Study on Characteristics of Lithium-ion Battery after Applying High Voltage Impulse 15:50 16:10 Ralf Erich Boehm, ID:141, A hybrid Compensation System for Provision of Ancillary Services in Medium Voltage Grids 16:10 16:30 Jian Hao, ID:155, Thermal Ageing Condition Assessment for Natural Ester-Paper Insulation Based on Polarization and Depolarization Current 16:30 16:50 Nattele Maistry, ID:140, The Quantification of Corona Discharges on High Voltage Electrical Equipment in the UV Spectrum using a Corona Camera 16:50 17:10 Jan Karel, ID:197, Noise Measurement Diagnostics for Large Electric Machines 17:10 17:30 Closing Day 4 9:30 12:00 Technical Tour 9:30 Bus Departure 9:00 12:00 Meetings (Individual) Page 5 of 5