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1 photo-eye Spring Catalogue

2 photo-eye booklist 2000 Spring Catalogue Volume 22, Number 2, March 2000 Welcome to the photo-eye 2000 Spring catalogue. This season witnesses an outpouring of excellent titles. Of particular note is Without Sanctuary by Twin Palms and two fantastic editions on Walker Evans, listed below. Several superb photojournalism titles make their debut: the long-awaited Nachtwey title, Inferno, as well as Migrations, by Sebastião Salgado. To order, call our toll-free hotline: , or visit our online store The cover image is Shop Front, New Orleans, 1935, by Walker Evans, Walker Evans Archive, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and is kindly reprinted with their permission. All sale prices are good through June 30th, Walker Evans Text by Jeff Rosenheim and Maria Morris Hambourg. This gorgeous retrospective catalogue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art the first such show in three decades showcases the full range of Evans s iconic photographs, from his early work in the 1920 s to the color SX-70 photographs made near the end of his life. Thoughtful and scholarly essays accompany a wealth of new material. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, pp., 250 duotones and numerous color illustrations, 10 11½. Cat# ZB516H Hardbound $65.00 Sale $58.50 Irving Penn: Photographs Unavailable for several years, this is the magnificent catalogue of the photographs Penn donated to Stockholm s Moderna Museet in memory of his wife, model Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn. The photographs range from the world of fashion to the nomads of Morocco, from urban elegance to discarded cigarette butts. At the artist s request, the book was published in one printing only, securing its place as one of the most collectible Penn monographs. Moderna Museet, pp., 90 tritone and 10 color illus., 9¾ 9¾. In English and Swedish. Cat# GI034H Hardbound $99.50 Josef Sudek: Sad Landscape Unclassified A Walker Evans Anthology Edited with text by Jeff Rosenheim. This incredible book published at the same time as the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum (though not to be confused with that catalogue) delves deeply into the Walker Evans archives to bring forth a vast array of his writings, newspaper clippings, journal entries, and, of course, his lyrical photographs, the majority of which have never before been published. Scalo, Zurich, pp., 200 black-and-white illustrations, Cat# PK554H Hb $39.95 Sale $35.95 During the years , Sudek travelled north of Prague to the region of Bohemia, an area rich in minerals that was being devastated by Communist exploitation. The ruin of this land was so aptly depicted by Koudelka years later in The Black Triangle (ZB308L). Presented in book form for the first time are those gorgeous, lost panoramas by Sudek. Prague, pp., 89 duotones, 13¾ 8¾. Czech \English. Cat# ZB530H Hardbound $85.00 Without Sanctuary Enjoying critical acclaim and a flurry of media attention, this volume comes highly recommended. In the years before federal antilynching laws were passed, an enthusiastic reign of racial terror swept through America. These shocking photographs, often made into postcards and souvenirs at the time, painfully reveal one of our nations darkest chapters. Superb editing, illuminating essays, and the highest quality production. Twin Palms, Santa Fe, pp., 98 four-color illus., Already in its 2nd printing, these 1st editions won t last long. Order early. Cat# TT084H Hardbound $60.00 A Greek Portfolio Photographs by Constantine Manos. First published in 1972 and much sought after when it went out-ofprint, A Greek Portfolio is Magnum photographer Constantine Manos s classic b&w account of the Greek people and countryside. An exceptional reprint. Norton, New York, pp., numerous duotone illustrations, Cat# NT086H Hb $50.00 Sale $45.00 Jock Sturges: Standing On Water Now out-of-print, we have a few signed copies available. This gorgeous catalogue of Sturges images served as the announcement for a limited edition portfolio. Included is one image not published in his book The Last Day of Summer. However, the reproduction quality is superior to the book, making this catalogue truly collectible pp., 10 varnished duotones, 8½ 11. Cat# ZA534S Softbound $75.00 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

3 M ONOGRAPHS 3 Sebastiaõ Salgado: Migrations Humanity in Transition Salgado has now turned his eye to the epic displacement of people occurring throughout the world. True to his conscience, he isolates the despair and hardship in his subjects, yet masterfully conveys their fundamental humanity through his images. Salgado has grappled with an issue of utmost importance, and this monumental monograph conveys the depth of his vision. Aperture, New York, pp., 330 duotone illustrations, 9¾ 13. Cat# AP427H Hardbound $ Sale $85.00 Approaching the Shadow Photographs by Jerry Uelsmann. A major figure in contemporary photography, Approaching... presents 57 images, spanning a 40 year career. With many of them previously unpublished, the photographs stand for those dark and evocative images that emerge from just beyond the threshold of conscious understanding, (the author). Printed in duotone on Japanese matte paper. Nazraeli, Tucson, pp., 57 duotones, 8¼ 10. Cat# TR054H Hardbound $40.00 Inferno Photographs and text by James Nachtwey. Published to coincide with Nachtwey s first major retrospective at the ICP, Inferno revisits a career of harrowing photojournalism. From Rwanda and Somalia to Chechnya and Bosnia, Nachtwey s images close in on the human suffering that lies at the center of any conflict. Phaidon, London, pp., 364 duotones, Cat# ZB408H Hardbound $ Sale $ Kowloon Walled City Photographs by Ruyji Miyamoto. Not unlike Annan, Marville, and Atget in the previous century, Miyamoto documented the alleyways of the decayed, overpopulated city of Kowloon. The photographs are dark both literally and figuratively depicting hidden streets and at times peering into the lives of Kowloon s multitudes. Heibonsha, Tokyo, pp., numerous duotones, 7½ 10. In Japanese and English. Cat# ID384H Hardbound $69.50 Keith Carter: Holding Venus The publisher declares that Myth and metaphor form the foundation of Carter s imagery and anyone familiar with his work will heartily agree. A stunning new body of work much of which was shot in Europe in a gorgeous Arena Editions book, accompanied by a thoughtful essay by author John Wood. Arena Editions, Santa Fe, pp., 70 four color illustrations, 10½ 11½. Limited editions sell out quickly! Cat# AE023H Hardbound $65.00 Cat# AE023L Limited Edition $ Tom Baril: Botanica His now out-of-print, self-titled debut from 1997 was wildly successful, and Botanica, Baril s second offering will be equally as sought after. Filled with gorgeous specimens from the world of plants, the richness of this book s printing mirrors the beauty of Baril s originals, which combine the use of Polaroid film with print solarizing and toning techniques. Arena Editions, Santa Fe, pp., 65 four color illus., Cat# AE021H Hardbound $75.00 Cat# AE021L Limited Edition $ Man Ray Continuing the series that photo-eye awarded Best Series of 1999, this volume brings together the finest images of Man Ray s entire creative life, culled from collections and archives around the world. Intelligently sequenced and designed, this is a worthy addition to any library. Taschen, Köln, pp., 180 b&w illus., 10x13. Cat# TD057H Hardbound $39.95 Walter Chappell: Vintage Photographs Essay by Peter Bunnell. A student and collaborator of Minor White s, and well-known for his Metaflora and nude studies, Chappell lost virtually all of his earliest prints and negatives in a disastrous fire in Now, from Roth Horowitz Gallery, comes a glimpse at this rare vintage work containing both familiar and lesser-known images. Perfectly printed in tritone by Stinehour Press, the 10 images reproduced here span those crucial, formative years of Chappell s life. Roth Horowitz, New York, pp., Limited, signed copies are available. Cat# ZB545S Softbound $50.00 American Rockies Photographs by Gus Foster. For 20 years, Foster has led expeditions across the length and breadth of the Rocky Mountains. Equipped with a 360 panoramic camera and pack-laden burros, he has produced this amazing collection of color panoramas. Reproduced in this oblong catalogue are over 50 of Foster s breathtaking vistas. Albuquerque Museum, pp., 56 color illus., Cat# AJ002S Softbound $18.95 Running Fence Photographs by Geoffrey James. A revealing documentation of fourteen miles of the dismal fence that separates the United States and Mexico along its westernmost border. Depicting the grandeur of the mesas and the impoverished social landscape of overcrowded Tijuana at the same time, James with his 8x10 camera follows the fence as it slowly descends toward the Pacific Ocean. Presentation House, Vancouver, pp., 46 black-and-white illustrations, 9½ 12. Cat# ZB515S Softbound $ Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: photo-eye Books & Prints

4 photo-eye Books Presents the Annual Since 1994 we have made nominations for the Best Books of the Year from among all the books listed in the previous year s catalogues. Those titles represent the most significant, in terms of the work contained, beautiful, in the overall quality of production, and welldesigned books of that year. After a full day of discussion, heated debate, pizza, and general excitement, we cast our ballots. The past year proved to be filled with the release of many exemplary photography titles. Two categories proved particularly difficult because of the overall excellence of the nominations Best Contemporary Monograph and Best Foreign Title. For this reason we have illustrated the top contenders below. Enjoy the results! BEST CONTEMPORARY MONOGRAPH William Eggleston 2 ¼ Everything about this book works wonderfully: the playfulness of the rich orange cloth of its binding and the bright yellow of its endpages, to the joy of seeing some of Eggleston s earliest medium format images. Not only an important body of work, but one that is presented masterfully. Twin Palms Publishers, TT086H $60 runner-up Robert Adams: Eden An absolutely exquisite monograph, with a limited print run, that brings to light an early, pivotal body of Adams work. It is hardbound, superbly printed, and elegantly designed. Roth Horowitz Gallery, PK504H $75 runner-up Masao Yamamoto Box of Ku A fine example of the book as object petit, yet substantial, lush paper, and gorgeous printing, all housed in it s own slipcase. An intimate collection of unique photographs, folded, stained, marked and then superbly sequenced by the artist. Nazraeli Press, TR040H $50 HONORABLE MENTION: MONOGRAPHS Luis Gonzalez Palma: Poems of Sorrow Arena Editions AE010H $65 Don Hong-Oai: Photographic Memories Custom & Limited Editions ZB426H $55 Nicholas Nixon: Brown Sisters Harry Abrams AB197H $29.95 BEST FOREIGN TITLE Joan Fontcuberta Sputnik This is Fontcuberta at his best! A rich and detailed history of the only cosmonaut ever lost on a space mission complete with glow-in-the-dark galactic endpages. Those familiar with Fontcuberta s work will know better than to believe everything they read! Telefonica, ID309H $40 runner-up Werner Hannappel Cape Distance Hannappel has spent years on Western European beaches with a large format camera. This book presents some of his most serene images in an elegant hardcover. Arp Editions, ID329H $50 runner-up Walter Neidermayr Momentary Resorts The more one looks at these images the more they reveal a quiet and mature control of the medium. There is a sparseness and simple beauty to these photographs that hide the careful vision behind them. Repeated viewings are richly rewarded. Cantz, PK533H $50 BEST HISTORICAL MONOGRAPH Edward Steichen Focusing exclusively on his work while part of Stieglitz s intimate circle, this sumptuous presentation of some of Steichen s best images is lavishly printed in four color to retain the beauty of the original tones. Princeton, PR011H $60 runner-up Carleton Watkins: Art of Perception An austere and impressive catalogue of one of America s greatest Western photographers. Contains several gatefolds of his spectacular panoramas and exquisitely reproduced in tritone. Harry N. Abrams, AB194H $65

5 u Best Photography Books of the Year Awards BEST HISTORY Fotografía Pública An exemplary examination, of an international scope, of photography books published between the years Arranged alphabetically by photographer with original pagelayouts and book covers of many rare first editions by 20th century photographers. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, ZB448H $55 BEST HISTORICAL ANTHOLOGY Anthology of African and Indian Ocean Photography A thorough look at historical and contemporary photographers working in the two above mentioned regions. A cohesive compendium that meets the standards to which it aspires. Editions Revue Noire, PK523H $85 runner-up: Duchenne Du Boulogne, out-of-print BEST VISUAL ANTHOLOGY Michael Light: Full Moon The dynamic sequencing and keen editing of photographs makes this journey to the moon awe-inspiring. Culled from NASA s archives, the images take one on a ride from blast-off to touch-down on the moon s surface. Random House Publishing, RH059H $50 BEST NUDES Paolo Roversi: Nudi This book of quiet and sweetly seductive nude studies by Italian photographer Roversi is carefully and classically designed, not to mention superbly printed. Steidl Press, PK429H $49.95 runner-up Breitenbach, ZB349H $30 A charming initial foray into the work of Breitenbach s naturist and figurative nude studies. A true collectible. BEST SERIES TASCHEN: PHOTOGRAPHERS Premiering last year, with volumes on E. Weston, Karl Blossfeldt, August Sander, and E. S. Curtis, the year culminated with the beautifully designed and printed Paul Outerbridge edition. With new volumes featured in this catalogue, the series is highly recommended and affordable at $39.95 each. See page 20. runner-up In Focus: Box Set GM026H $45 Presented by the Getty Museum, and continuing a series begun in Three titles make up the box set. BEST RETROSPECTIVE Raghubir Singh River of Colour An enchanting and vibrant look at Singh s native India. Having passed away last year, this wonderful book is a fitting tribute to one endowed with such talent, vision, and compassion. Phaidon Press, ZB316H $49.95 runner-up Bill Brandt, AB195H, $75 BEST DOCUMENTARY End Time City Weaving his way through the holy city of Benares, India, Ackerman captures the otherworldy reverence and zeal of the pilgrims and residents in moving, powerful, and at times, frightening images. Scalo, PK521H $49.95 BEST EXHIBITION CATALOGUE Gregory Crewdson This catalogue does a highly commendable job of presenting Crewdson s staged, theatrical, and visually complex photographs. Salamanca, ID453S $35 BEST REPRINT Joan Fontcuberta: Fauna Having long been out-of-print and difficult to track down, this re-issue of Fontcuberta s classic Fauna is printed better than the first edition! PhotoVision, PV024H $35 runner-up George Rodger, Village of the Nuba, ZB361H $19.95 BEST ESOTERICA Waterfall Rapture Page after endless, enchanting page of postcards depicting waterfalls from around the world. Obsessive in his behavior, Yokoo gathered these treasures according to the simple rule that a waterfall had to be present in the image. Shinchosha, ID365H $ runner-up Philip Blenkinsop, The Cars That Ate Bangkok ZB318H $65 BEST RESOURCE Publishing Photography A complete reference guide for those wishing to learn how to publish their photography in book form. Dewi Lewis, ZB433S $24.95

6 M ONOGRAPHS Susan Derges: Liquid Form Known most recently for her large-scale photograms of water and branches, Derges has spent two decades inquiring into the cycles and patterns of nature. Her subject matter has ranged from ice and mercury to water and tadpoles. This fine presentation of her work from includes technical notes and a biography. Michael Hue-Williams Fine Art, New York, pp., 41 black-and-white and 101 color illustrations, 12 10½. Due April. Cat# PK555H Hardbound $60.00 Sale $54.00 Barbara Kruger: Thinking of You Published to accompany an exhibition, this is the most comprehensive publication on the work of American artist Barbara Kruger. Through the appropriation of text and images, Kruger confronts several important topics, such as gender identity, sex, and the media s potrayal of women. This volume thoroughly displays the depth and strength of her work. MIT, Cambridge, pp., 250 b&w and 125 color illustrations, Cat# MI106H Hardbound $40.00 Rigmarole of Photography Photographs by Steven Pippin. A truly modern experimentalist, Pippin has converted bathtubs, commercial washing machines, and antique wardrobes into pinhole cameras, producing eerily inviting views of the world around us. This small exhibition catalogue produced prior to his successful SFMoMA exhibition, Laundromat- Locomotion introduces the audience to the full range of his projects, with images of the various cameras themselves. ICA, London, pp., 19 black-and-white and 9 color illustrations, 5¾ 8¼. Cat# ZB522S Softbound $19.95 Germaine Krull: Photographer of Modernity Text by Kim Sichel. This first-ever major monograph on Krull seeks to mend years of scholarly neglect by exploring the career of a tremendously successful and influential early-twentieth century female photographer. Includes her montages, studies of female nudes, press propaganda, and very successful commercial work. M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, pp., 144 duotone illustrations, 9½ 12¼. Cat# MI104H Hardbound $65.00 Sale $58.50 James Crump The Best Books of Josef Sudek (Gina Kehayoff Verlag) out-of-print 2. Robert Capa Slightly Out of Focus RH062H $ August Sander Landschaften SM144H $ Germaine Krull Photographer of Modernity MI104H $ Gary Schneider Genetic Self Portrait LW014H $ Ed Ruscha: Editions PK553H $ David Seidner Artists at Work RZ151H $ st, Volume II Edited by John Wood ZB358H $ Une passion française: the Roger Therond Collection ZB548H $ Paolo Roversi: Nudi PK429H $49.95 James Crump is the founder and president of Arena Editions Eclipse Photographs by James Turrell and Thomas Joshua Cooper. For the eclipse of the sun in August of 1999, artist James Turrell known for his work at Rodin crater in Arizona built two temporary structures that would serve as receptacles for the reflections of the sun s activity during the brief 2 minute period of the eclipse. This book is an important record of the installations, photographed by Thomas Joshua Cooper and Turrell himself, with an audio CD included. Cantz, Zurich, pp., 70 color illus., 8¼ 11. Cat# PK558H Hardbound $45.00 Total Solar Eclipse Photographs and Drawings by Wolfgang Tillmans. The mystery and magic of a total solar eclipse is captured and presented to the audience by one of Germany s best. Based on drawings, charts, and photographs made during the years , this fine little exhibition catalogue offers a glimpse of the awe surrounding these magnificent celestial events. Galerie Daniel Buchholz, Köln, pp., 18 b&w and 14 color illus., In German. Cat# ZB526S Softbound $ Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: Sensual Africa Essay by Peter Beard. Photographs by Joe Wuerfel. Studying early on with Brett Weston and serving as an assistant to Franz Lazi, Wuerfel has spent years travelling the globe and perfecting his style of photography. This richly printed, oversized monograph showcases one of his favorite destinations, Africa. Edition Stemmle, Zurich, pp., 96 tritone illustrations, Cat# AV078H Hb $75.00 Sale $67.50 photo-eye Books & Prints

7 8 M ONOGRAPHS Case History Photographs by Boris Mikhailov. A powerful book about the desperate lives of the homeless and marginalized in post-cold War Ukraine. Mikhailov has emerged as a driven, compassionate photographer in his native land. Exhibited in Europe and recently at MoMA New York, this moving visual account ranks among the best documentary work of the decade. Scalo, pp., 400 color illus., 7 9½. Cat# PK557H Hardbound $49.95 Sale $44.95 Acta Est Photographs by Lise Sarfati. Engaging, disturbing, and vibrant work by one of Magnum s newest photographers, Lise Sarfati. Over several extended trips to Russia during the past decade, Sarfati has created a book of images that go far beyond photojournalism. A theatrical world of marginalized Russia is richly presented in her sensitive style. Phaidon, NYC, pp., 46 color illustrations, 7¾ 11½. Due April. Cat# ZB539H Hardbound $39.95 Wales, Land of My Father Magnum photographer David Hurn has been documenting the vast, sweeping cultural and social changes of his native Wales for the past 20 years. This book presents his insightful and engaging body of work. Thames and Hudson, New York, pp., 90 duotone illustrations, 10 9¼. Cat# NT092H Hardbound $34.95 South Southeast Text and photographs by Steve McCurry. A portfolio of Magnum photojournalist Steve McCurry s 70 best images from South and Southeast Asia. Taken in Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Myanmar, the vibrant colors and magical compositions he is famous for are spread before one here like a banquet for the eyes. Phaidon Press, New York, pp., 70 color illustrations, 15¼ 11. Due April. Cat# ZB547H Hardbound $59.95 What Was True The Photographs and Notebooks of William Gedney Text by Maria Friedlander. Though virtually unknown at the time of his death in 1989, William Gedney made photographs that were praised by John Szarkowski, Lee Friedlander, and Diane Arbus. Gedney s solitary life contributes a sense of poignancy to these Helen Levitt-like street scenes and domestic situations. W. W. Norton, New York, pp., 145 duotone illustrations, 9 9½. Cat# NT087H Hardbound $35.00 Riding 1st Class on the Titanic Photographs by Nathan Lyons. Picking up where Notations in Passing left off, Riding 1st Class encompasses Lyons work from 1974 to the present. Like the earlier book, this volume consists primarily of a series of paired images, edited by the photographer, with minimal text. Lyons is the founder of the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester. MIT Press, Cambridge, pp., 200 black-and-white illustrations, 9½ 8. Cat# MI107S Softbound $20.00 The Youngest Parents Photographs by Jocelyn Lee and John Moses. Now in paperback. Pulitzer Prize-winning author and co-chair of Duke University s Center for Documentary Studies, Robert Cole presents a compelling narrative of America s youthful parents. Norton, NYC, pp., 80 duotones, 7½ 9¼. Cat# NT065S Softbound $19.95 Manhole Covers Photographs by Robert Melnick. Now available in paperback! A collection of photographs of manhole and various utility covers. The photographs tell a fascinating story of the foundry products of long ago a testament to the aesthetics of American industrial artisans. Travelling across the US, Robert and Mimi Melnick compiled an intriguing and edifying documentation of functional art. MIT, Cambridge, pp., numerous b&w illustrations, 10¼ 10¼. Cat# MI078S Softbound $24.00 Philip- Lorca dicorcia Text by Peter Galassi. Now available as an affordable hardcover! Philip-Lorca dicorcia combines documentary realism and cinematic pop culture in his evocative tableaux. Originally published as a thin paperback, the book helped bring attention to this intriguing young artist an excellent compliment to his later book, Street Work. MoMA, New York, pp., 55 full color illus., 10½ 9½. Cat# AB155H Hardbound $24.95 Illustratives Photographs by Pablo Cabado. Beautifully produced, Illustratives is the first offering by Argentine photographer Pablo Cabado. His images are a graphic, engaging look at the Cuban land and people. This book won the International Center of Photography s Infinity Award for a young photographer and the Mother Jones Documentary Photography Award. La Marca, Buenos Aires, Unpaged, 43 duotone illus., 8 10½. Cat# ZB377H Hardbound $35.00 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

8 10 M ONOGRAPHS Classic Monographs at Huge Discounts! Eliot Porter Now out-of-print! This volume was produced for a major retrospective that opened at the Amon Carter Museum in 1987 and includes everything from his impressionistic autumn forest images to his chaotic rocks. The reproductions, as well as the overall production and selection, make this title very collectible. New York Graphic Society, Boston, pp., 134 color, 25 duotones, 9¾ 12½. Cat# NY107H2 Hardbound $75.00 Sale $39.95 Pistils Photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. Throughout his acclaimed and controversial career, no matter what else Robert Mapplethorpe was photographing, he always made images of flowers. These works are luminous, imaginative, and incomparably erotic. Pistils is huge, beautifully printed, and full of unpublished images. Random House, New York, pp., 97 duotone and 32 color illustrations, 11½ 12¼. Cat# RH049H2 Hardbound $100 Sale $39.95 Children at Work Photographs by Lewis W. Hine. Lewis Hine s photographs of children at work had a social impact as great as that of any images ever produced. This finely produced collection contains the key works from that moving body of work and an informative historical essay by Vicki Goldberg. Prestel, New York, pp., 80 duotone illustrations, 9½ 11½. Cat# PX023H Hardbound $39.95 Sale $31.95 Helen Levitt Featuring images made as recently as 1992, many essential early pieces, and excellent examples of her color photography, this finely wrought retrospective is an exemplary collection of Levitt s street work. Don t be scared off by the German language edition; there are no plans to release it in English, and no previous collection has presented such a thorough overview of the photographer s work. Prestel Art Books, New York, pp., 62 duotone and 12 color illustrations, In German. Cat# PX018H Hardbound $65.00 Sale $52.00 Keepers of the Spirit Photographs by Chris Rainier. Now out-of-print, we have a limited number of signed copies available. As Rainier documents the cultures of India, Papua New Guinea, Tibet, Easter Island, Thailand, and others, he records both the dignity and spiritual basis of the people. Included are short essays on each culture and an introduction by Marianne Fulton. Beyond Words Publishing, Portland, OR, pp., 70 black-and-white illustrations, 11½ 10. Cat# ZA632H Hardbound $49.95 The New American Village Photographs by Bob Thall. Revealing the architecture of our cities and suburbs in large format b&w photographs, these common places are at once anonymous and completely familiar. Calling to mind the Italian photographer Basilico, but with a decidedly American feel, Thall has compiled a telling body of work that tells a great deal about the modern landscape. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, pp., 84 black-and-white illustrations, 10½ 8½. Cat# JH014S Softbound $24.95 Doug Aitken: Metallic Sleep Aitken combines an interest in the mundane with the simple joy of photographing. His overexposed images of night-lit billboards reminding one of Sugimoto s Motion Picture are refreshingly straightforward. A smartly designed, collectible monograph on an up-and-coming young artist. Low / Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, pp., 50 color illustrations, 10¾ 8½. Cat# ZB517H Hardbound $65.00 Imagining Antarctica Photographs by Sandy Sorlien. While mapping the floor of the Ross Sea in Antarctica, geologist Chris Sorlien began ing his sister Sandy about the stark beauty of the landscape. Sandy, a photographer from the North East decided to make images of what she imagined Antarctica to look like all with a plastic Holga camera. The resulting images are presented here in a beautifully-produced catalogue. List Gallery, Swarthmore, pp., 16 duotones, Cat# ZB520S Softbound $15.00 Wet Land Voices Photographs by Frank Dienst. This first monograph by Florida photographer Dienst is both bold and thoughtful. The lushness of the reproductions mirrors the Everglades landscape he has so carefully seen and photographed. Dienst was recently featured in an issue of Lenswork Quarterly, and we look forward to what lies ahead for this photographer. Titusville, pp., 50 tritone illustrations, 12¼ 12¼. Cat# ZB537H Hardbound $65.00 The Reposed Photographs by William Greiner. Greiner s photographic exploration of cemeteries in southern Louisiana captures cultural responses to mourning and death. Reminiscent of photographs by Eggleston and Christenberry, Greiner s work gives us glimpses into the lives and values of those left behind. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, pp., 62 color illustrations, 11½ 10¼. Cat# LS009H Hardbound $39.95 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

9 M ONOGRAPHS 11 Fashion Photographs Photographs by William Wegman. Modeling the clothes of some of today s biggest names in fashion design like Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, and Todd Oldham Wegman s youthful Weimaraners strut their stuff like no dogs can. Copping the perfect star-model attitude, Battina, Chundo, and Chooky look like they truly don t care! Abrams, New York, pp., 84 color illus., Cat# AB200S Softbound $19.95 States Photographs by Christopher Griffith. Presenting a fresh interpretation of American imagery industrial machinery, technological gadgetry, and freeway visions fashion photographer Griffith scoured the backroads of our nation in search of forgotten commercialized icons. Shot in a style reminiscent of Avedon, yet completely X-generational, this book is both iconoclastic and glorifying. powerhouse, New York, pp., 100 duotone illustrations, Cat# PY015H Hardbound $75.00 Sale $67.50 I, Will McBride Text and photographs by Will McBride. An exhaustive view of the life and work of Will McBride, designed and edited by the artist himself. This major monograph is poignant and personal in the use of diary entries, clippings, and complete reproductions of interviews and magazine layouts. McBride has continually dealt with issues of sexuality and relationships to the point of being held as visionary and controversial. Könemann, Köln, pp., Close to 500 b&w and color illustrations, 10 11¾. Cat# ZB524H Hardbound $39.95 Philippines Boxer Photographs by Hideki Sato. Following last year s Mex Box a book that floated black-and-white portraits of aspiring Mexican boxers amidst myriad vibrant city scenes shot in color Philippines Boxer follows the same format. Virtually every page of this 300 page book is filled with striking and revealing images of the life surrounding boxing in the Philippines. Little More, Tokyo, pp., Over 300 b&w and color illus., 7¾ 9¾. In Japanese. Cat# ID488S Softbound $79.50 Double Game Photographs by Sophie Calle. A truly remarkable collaboration between author Paul Auster and photographer Sophie Calle, in which Calle acts out a character in one of Auster s novels that was created to be a reflection of Calle. Calle fully immerses herself in the process, documenting the adventure along the way. This volume is lavishly illustrated and crafted with all the ingenuity one has come to expect from Calle. Violette Limited, London, pp., numerous b&w and color illus., 8¼ 11½. Cat# PK560H Hardbound $65.00 Sale $58.50 Andy Goldsworthy: Wall Starting with the foundations of an old, dilapidated wall on the grounds of the Storm King Art Center a sculpture park on the Hudson River in Mountainville, NY Goldsworthy restores and greatly lengthens the wall to create a stunning, arabesque-filled work that winds its way through the trees and into a river, only emerge on the other side. The images convey the beauty of the wall and its surroundings. Abrams, NYC, pp., 60 color illus., 9½ 10½. Due April. Cat# AB199S Softbound $35.00 Entre Los Ojos Photographs by Miguel Rio Branco. Building on his lauded, self-titled Aperture monograph of 1998, the contemporary Brazilian s reputation continues to grow with this 1999 publication by Spain s premiere art publisher, Fundación la Caixa. Marvellously printed and edited, the breadth and depth of Branco s vision is laid bare in this retrospective catalogue. Fundación la Caixa, Barcelona, pp., over 100 black-and-white and color illustrations, 9½ 11½. In Spanish and English. Cat# ID489S Softbound $29.95 Life s Evening Hour Photographs by John Dugdale. Having lost 80% of his sight in 1993, Dugdale continues to use the cyanotype process to explore indefinable areas of life the region between day and night, between spiritual and physical. Fine printing and excellent craftsmanship mirror Dugdale s thoughtful and contemplative work. August Press, New York, pp., 50 color illustrations, Due April. Cat# PK562H Hardbound $45.00 Muhammad Ali Photographs by Howard L. Bingham. One of the world s greatest showmen, heroic figures, and iconic sportsmen, Muhammad Ali s graced and tragic life is presented through the photographs of long-time chronicler, Howard Bingham. Little More, Tokyo, Unpaged, numerous duotones, 6 8¼. In Japanese. Cat# ID385S Softbound $24.50 Laudanum Photographs by Tracey Moffatt. Treading the line between reality and the surreal, Moffatt employs theatrical settings to produce emotionally charged photographic series. She has become one of the most-watched international artists and for good reason. This book reproduces key images from her several bodies of work, as well as the unpublished series Laudanum. Hatje Cantz, New York, pp., 65 color illus., 7½ 10. Cat# PK561H Hardbound $ Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: photo-eye Books & Prints

10 photo-eye booklist 2000 Spring Order Form 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Fax: Sold To: Check here if this is a change of address. The Twentieth Anniversary Catalogue: The Essential Book Collection name customer number on label address city/state/zip/country Ship To: name If different from above. street address for UPS delivery city/state/zip/country Day Phone #: (Very Important) Please send a gift certificate to the ship-to addressee. I have filled in the amount below. Qty Title (check box for library jacket - hardcover books only!) Cat# $ Amount OVER ONE THOUSAND OF THE BEST IN-PRINT MONOGRAPHS, ANTHOLOGIES, ESSAYS, AND VIDEOS. THE TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY CATALOGUE COSTS $5 PLUS $2.50 FOR DOMESTIC SHIPPING. YOU CAN REDUCE THE COST OF SHIPPING TO $1.50 BY INCLUDING THE CATA- LOGUE WITH YOUR ORDER. FOR ORDERS SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE USA, PLEASE USE REGULAR SHIPPING CHARGES. 20th Anniversary Catalogue (add $ $2.50 s&h) Please be sure to indicate who the gift certificate should be sent to in the ship-to address above. Add $3.50 here for each Archival Library Jacket. Please check boxes above for each book to be jacketed. Hardcover books only. UPS Ground Service (48 States): $6.50 for 1st item + $1.50 each additional Check here for uninsured shipment by reliable U.S. Mail at your risk. Include $3.50 for the first book + $1.50 each additional book. Otherwise we use UPS. Gift Certificate Amount 6.475% for NM Residents Only Foreign Orders (except to Canada) are sent uninsured via surface mail at your risk. Please include $5.50 for the first book + $3.50 for each additional. If you prefer insurance or air-shipment, please inquire about the exact charges or pay by credit card. Keep in mind that these alternate charges are expensive, as much as 30% or more of your total order. Many Canadian orders cannot be sent bookrate and will be upgraded, and charged, as necessary. Please indicate if you want an estimate prior to shipping. Library Jackets Subtotal Sales Tax U.S. Shipping Foreign Shipping Please send more order forms! Check (In U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank payable to photo-eye) Money Order (In U.S. Dollars, payable to photo-eye) Visa MC Discover American Express Card # Expiration Date Phone # Signature Phone/Fax Orders: Toll-Free: Open Daily, 9am 6pm Mtn. Time. Fax: Information: Visa, MC, AMX, and Disc. are accepted on all orders. Mail Orders: Send to: photo-eye, 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM USA Internet Orders: Orders: Express Shipping: For next-day and second-day service we use UPS and Federal Express. Please call or write regarding rates. Total Prices & Availability are subject to change. BACKORDER POLICY: To keep your shipping costs low, all domestic backorders under $50 in value are sent via U.S. Mail, at our risk. Other books may be sent via fast Priority Mail, at our risk, when it is more cost effective than UPS. The bulk of any UPS requested order will always be shipped via UPS. If you have questions or special requirements, call ARCHIVAL LIBRARY JACKETS For $3.50 per book you can protect your treasured collection from shelfwear and damage associated with reading (hard cover books with dust jackets only.) See order form for details. Returns Policy All books may be returned, for any reason, within 10 days of receipt. All returns must be received in the condition they left photo-eye. Store credit will be issued for returns, excluding shipping charges. Refunds must be requested. Please insure your shipment and package it carefully. We will not assume responsibility for returns damaged in transit. Videos, CDs, and any other electronic materials are non-returnable. Contact us if you have any questions regarding returns

11 Superb Periodicals We would like to bring to your attention several photography periodicals that consistently produce high quality publications, in terms of design and content. Please inquire about other issues. Aperture #158: Time More so than any other medium of artistic expression, the crucial component of photography is time. As the first Aperture of the new millennium, this issue takes an expansive and indepth look at the entire history of the medium, with articles on the work of Eadweard Muybridge and Harold Edgerton in particular. The work of many prominent photographers is included, such as Eugene Atget, Abelardo Morrell, Adam Fuss, Josef Koudelka, Susan Derges, and Duane Michals. Aperture, New York, pp., 50 duotone and 12 color illustrations, 9½ 11¼. Cat# AP428S Softbound $18.50 Lenswork Quarterly #28 Edited by Brooks Jensen. In this issue: Robert Hecht on Persevering as a Photographer; portfolios by Catherine Steinman (New York City), and Ken Royster (Saved, Sanctified, and Filled with the Holy Spirit). Lenswork Quarterly consistently achieves their goal of producing a high-quality fine-art photography journal that doesn t pander to the celebrity-worship of the art world, and that places ideas and imagination above mere imitation. Lenswork Publishing, Portland, pp., 46 b&w illus., 7 8½. Cat# LQ004S Softbound $8.95 Luna Cornea #9 With portfolios by Wendy Ewald, Graciela Iturbide, Sally Mann; collected images by Chris Killip, Helen Levitt, and Joel- Peter Witkin; and essays entitled The Child Nude in Porfirian Mexico, Memories of Innocence, and Teenage Hookers, Luna Cornea No. 9 is a masterful and varied exploration of the darker issues confronting children and childhood today. Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y Las Artes, Mexico City, pp., numerous b&w illus., 6½ 9. In Spanish and English. Cat# ZB075S Softbound $15.00 photo-eye booklist 2000 Spring Order Form 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Fax: Sold To: Check here if this is a change of address. name address city/state/zip/country Ship To: name If different from above. street address for UPS delivery city/state/zip/country Day Phone #: (Very Important) Qty Title (check box for library jacket - hardcover books only!) Cat# $ Amount 20th Anniversary Catalogue (add $ $2.50 s&h) Please be sure to indicate who the gift certificate should be sent to in the ship-to address above. Add $3.50 here for each Archival Library Jacket. Please check boxes above for each book to be jacketed. Hardcover books only. UPS Ground Service (48 States): $6.50 for 1st item + $1.50 each additional Check here for uninsured shipment by reliable U.S. Mail at your risk. Include $3.50 for the first book + $1.50 each additional book. Otherwise we use UPS. Gift Certificate Amount 6.475% for NM Residents Only Foreign Orders (except to Canada) are sent uninsured via surface mail at your risk. Please include $5.50 for the first book + $3.50 for each additional. If you prefer insurance or air-shipment, please inquire about the exact charges or pay by credit card. Keep in mind that these alternate charges are expensive, as much as 30% or more of your total order. Many Canadian orders cannot be sent bookrate and will be upgraded, and charged, as necessary. Please indicate if you want an estimate prior to shipping. Library Jackets Subtotal Sales Tax U.S. Shipping Foreign Shipping Please send more order forms! Check (In U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank payable to photo-eye) Money Order (In U.S. Dollars, payable to photo-eye) Visa MC Discover American Express Card # Expiration Date Phone # Signature Phone/Fax Orders: Toll-Free: Open Daily, 9am 6pm Mtn. Time. Fax: Information: Visa, MC, AMX, and Disc. are accepted on all orders. Mail Orders: Send to: photo-eye, 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, NM USA Internet Orders: Orders: Express Shipping: For next-day and second-day service we use UPS and Federal Express. Please call or write regarding rates. Total customer number on label Please send a gift certificate to the ship-to addressee. I have filled in the amount below. Prices & Availability are subject to change. BACKORDER POLICY: To keep your shipping costs low, all domestic backorders under $50 in value are sent via U.S. Mail, at our risk. Other books may be sent via fast Priority Mail, at our risk, when it is more cost effective than UPS. The bulk of any UPS requested order will always be shipped via UPS. If you have questions or special requirements, call

12 14 M ONOGRAPHS Manuel Alvarez Bravo At 97 years of age, Manuel Alvarez Bravo may well be considered the father of Latin-American photography. Praised by Edward Weston and Andre Breton, Bravo has spent his life photographing in his native Mexico, striving to convey the rich cultural complexity and beauty of a land undergoing vast changes. This volume pays tribute to a man whose images continue to grow with power and meaning. Hazan, Paris, pp., 80 duotones, 8¼ 9. Text in French and English. Cat# ID476H Hardbound $45.00 Willy Ronis Photographs Text by Peter Hamilton. This book provides the first comprehensive study in English of the work of French photographer Willy Ronis, a contemporary of Cartier-Bresson, and a leading figure in French humanist photography. This handsomely designed book provides a needed overview of this artist s work. Museum of Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, pp., 119 b&w illustrations, 8 9½. Cat# ZB531S Softbound $19.95 André Kertész: His Life and Work Text by Pierre Borhan. Now available in paperback! This important book presents the most comprehensive retrospective ever undertaken of Kertész s works. The first book ever to follow all three of his major creative periods Hungary ( ), France ( ), and the United States ( ) it also includes chapters devoted to his nudes, entitled Distortions, and his work in color. Bulfinch, Boston, pp., 350 black-and-white and color illus., 9½ 12¼. Cat# BF084S Softbound $29.95 An American Exodus: A Record of Human Erosion Photographs by Dorothea Lange. During the Great Depression years, Lange turned her eye and camera to the plight of the tenant farmer, producing a seminal work of photojournalism. Originally published in 1939 by Reynal & Hitchcock, and long since unavailable, this faithful facsimile reproduces the entire book from cover to cover and is placed between two new essays, in French and English. Jean Michel, Paris, pp., 160 b&w illus., 7½ 10. Cat# ZB534S Softbound $39.95 Lartigue s Riviera Back in print! Lartigue began visiting the Riviera with his family as a boy and frequently returned later in life to document the leisure class culture that flourished there. These photographs capture more personal glimpses of his friends and lovers. Included are some rare early color images and an informative biographical essay. Flammarion, New York, pp., numerous duotones, 9¼ 11¼. Cat# AV070H Hardbound $35.00 Sale $31.50 Louis Stettner: Wisdom Cries Out in the Streets Pupil and lifelong friend of Brassai, Stettner was a master at framing his subject matter, revealing an elegance in daily life. This volume brings together his early Paris and New York images from the 1950 s with many little-known photographs taken throughout the span of his career. Beautifully printed and destined to become the primary resource on this important photographer. Flammarion, Paris, pp., 288 b&w illus., 8½ 10¾. Cat# AV077H Hardbound $50.00 Sale $45.00 Weegee s World Text by Miles Barth. Now available in paperback! This fine ICP retrospective captures the audacious hard-boiled photography of the world s finest tabloid photographer, Weegee. The reproductions are excellent, the selection provocative, the essays informative and interesting. Includes over 80 never-before-published images. Bulfinch, Boston, pp., 265 duotones, Cat# BF120S Softbound $29.95 Sergio Larrain Text by Rene Burri. Interest has been rekindled in this quiet master of the streetscene, who served as one of Magnum s early, young Latin American photographers. With a vibrant and familiar style due to the influence of greats like Robert Capa this man s work deserves closer attention. The comprehensiveness of this beautifully printed catalogue is to be commended. IVAM Centre, Valencia, pp., numerous duotones, 8¾ 11½. Spanish and English. Cat# ID487S Softbound $35.00 Ruth Orkin: Above and Beyond A wonderfully dignified presentation of Orkin s street portraits of the 40 s and 50 s. Having grown up in Hollywood during the glamourous 30 s, Orkin developed an appetite for sightseeing, and eventually made her way to the World s Fair in NYC, camera in hand. Her knack for producing lyrically captivating images of the people and places she visited is reflected in this fine catalogue. Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, pp., 40 duotones, 8½ 11. Cat# ZB544S Softbound $18.00 Chávez Ravine: 1949 A Los Angeles Story While scouting locations of scenic views of Los Angeles for his commercial work, Don Normark instead discovered Chávez Ravine, a thriving rural community seated just beyond the city s hills. These images record a lost community, still fondly recalled by residents forty years after the town was demolished to build Dodger Stadium. Chronicle, San Francisco, pp., 85 duotones, 8 9. Cat# CI133H Hardbound $29.95 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

13 M ONOGRAPHS Of Battle and Beauty: Felice Beato s Photographs of China Accompanying the British Army during its excursion into China in 1860, Beato was the first photographer to document military action in progress. In addition to the wartime images are many striking photographs of 19th century China with all of its beauty and mystery. Extensive catalogue notes by curator David Harris contextualize the photographs and provide valuable information. Santa Barbara Museum of Art, pp., 131 four color illustrations, 10½ 11. Cat# CA035S Softbound $29.95 Cat# CA035H Hardbound $60.00 Sale $54.00 The Berlin Collection Photographs by Karl Blossfeldt. Selected from 600 vintage prints recently discovered at the Berlin Hochschule der Kunste the school where Blossfeldt taught this book presents over 100 of those unpublished images. Classically designed with faithful reproductions and German-only text. Schirmer/Mosel, Munich, pp., 103 duotone illustrations, Cat# SM151H Hardbound $75.00 Sights Once Seen Text and photographs by Robert Shlaer. In 1853, John Fremont set off in search of a central railway route, accompanied by his photographer, Solomon Carvalho. The expedition produced over 300 daguerreotypes which were subsequently destroyed in a terrible fire. Shlaer, modern master of the daguerreotype process, has recreated the images through the help of historical engravings and other reproductions. An exemplary book of a rephotographic survey project that brings to light one of America s lost treasures. Museum of NM, Santa Fe, pp., 33 b&w and 126 color illus., 11¼ 9¼. Signed copies available! Cat# MX028H Hardbound $45.00 A.D.Coleman Best Books of 1999 Anthology of African & Indian Ocean Photography PK523H $85.00 A Kind of Rapture, Robert Bergman RH057H $45.00 Intro. to Archival Organization and Description, Getty GM024S $14.95 Unfinished Dissertation, Boris Mikhailov PK484H $60.00 Stray Dog, Daido Moriyama PK550H $40.00 Interfaces: Andreas Müller-Pohle PK563H $40.00 Photography s Multiple Roles, D.A.P. PK486S $40.00 Andy Warhol: Photography ES045H $75.00 Louis Robert: L Alchimie Des Images A truly wonderful exhibition catalogue of the work of Louis Robert, a French portraitist and photographic experimentalist whose work dates from the late 1840 s to early 1860 s. This show establishes Robert as one of the great, early chemists of photography, and features a side-by-side comparison of both his paper negatives and positive prints. Highly technical in its texts and altogether beautiful in its reproductions. Baudoin Lebon, Paris, pp., 100 four color illus., 9 11½. Text in French in English. Cat# ZB494S Softbound $50.00 Viennese Types Essay by Edward Rosser. Photographs by Dr. Emil Mayer. This recently-discovered portfolio of original prints presents, for the first time, turn-of-the-century Viennese street photographer Dr. Emil Mayer. Lyrical and contemplative, these images become a window to a lost world. Exquisitely printed by Stamperia Valdonega in Verona, this is a book of rare finesse. Blind River Editions, New York, pp., 51 duotones, Cat# PK559H Hardbound $35.00 Image and Enterprise The Photography of Adolphe Braun Originally trained as a textile designer, Braun used the nascent photographic technology to document the rich landscape and architecture of his native 19th century France. This volume is handsomely designed and lavishly illustrated, reproducing the wide range of activities that Braun turned to with his cameras. Thames & Hudson, NYC, pp., 125 color illus., Cat# NT091H Hardbound $50.00 Sale $45.00 The Bone House, Joel-Peter Witkin TT074H $ st, Volume II, edited by John Wood ZB358H $ Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: FROM VISUAL LITERACY AS SEEN MONTHLY IN PHOTO IN NEW YORK Sun Pictures: Catalogue Nine Photographs by William Henry Fox Talbot. Catalogue Nine of this exemplary series which systematically brings to light the work of one of photography s founding fathers, William Henry Fox Talbot. Four-color reproductions retain the extreme subtlety of Fox s original paper negatives and positives. Hans P. Kraus, New York, pp., 34 four color illustrations, 8½ 11. Cat# ZB541S Softbound $30.00 photo-eye Books & Prints

14 16 V ISUAL A NTHOLOGIES Magnum (degree) For 40 years, the Cold War served as a back-drop for world events. This stunning collection leaves the past behind, exploring the famous photographic agency s images since the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Phaidon, London, pp., 345 duotone and 175 color illustrations, 12½ 12½. Cat# ZB409H Hb $69.95 Sale $59.95 The Misfits Text by Serge Toubiana. This book documents the making of the legendary film, The Misfits, directed by John Huston, written by Arthur Miller, and starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. Nine Magnum photographers, including Henri Cartier- Bresson and Elliott Erwitt, were given exclusive access to the production. An interview with Miller about the filming is included. Phaidon, NYC, pp., 200 duotones, 7¼ 10¼. Due April. Cat# ZB540H Hardbound $29.95 Car Crashes & Other Sad Stories What these images chronicle is the post-war explosion of car culture and the fatal consequences of speed, technology, and reckless abandon as seen through the photojournalistic lens of Mell Kilpatrick, whose vast archives from the 1940 s and 50 s was only recently discovered. A fascinating combination of the ordinary and the horrific. Taschen, Köln, pp., 195 black-and-white illus., 10x9. Cat# TD055H Hardbound $29.95 Magnum Cinema Now in paper! This book is filled with photographs of legends like Clint Eastwood, James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe. More than fifty Magnum photographers are included, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, and Philippe Halsman. Phaidon, San Francisco, pp., 450 duotone and 22 color illus., Cat# CI081S Sb $39.95 Sale $35.95 Une Passion Française The Roger Therond Collection Drawn from the amazing historical collection of Europe s premiere photography collector, this volume illustrates Therond s passion for all things photographically French from the earliest days of the French adventurers in the Near East, to Man Ray, to lesserknown geniuses like Cuvelier. Exquisitely printed and containing a full catalogue with descriptions of each image. Editions Filipacchi, Paris, pp., hundreds of color and b illus, 9¾ 12¼. In French and English. Cat# ZB548H Hardbound $99.50 Reflections in Black: A History of Black Photographers Text by Deborah Willis. Deborah Willis, curator of photography at the Smithsonian Institution, has assembled this ground-breaking collection on the history of black photographers from the 1840 s to the present. Broad in its scope and moving in its portrayals; one witnesses the final days of slavery, rare antebellum images, and present-day life within the black community. Includes images by James VanDerZee, Carrie Mae Weems, and Gordon Parks among hundreds of others. Norton, New York City, pp., 571 duotone and 32 color illus., 9x12. Cat# NT094H Hardbound $50.00 Sale $45.00 Wisconsin Death Trip Edited with text by Michael Lesy. Available again! First published in 1973, Michael Lesy s remarkable book about life in a small, turn-of-the-century, Wisconsin town has become a cult classic. Having been out of print for years, it is again available in a faithful paperback edition. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, pp., 148 b&w illus. 11 8½. Cat# NM158S Softbound $29.95 Humble Work and Mad Wanderings: Street Life in the Machine Age In addition to being a leading authority on the photographers Southworth & Hawes, Ken Appollo has been collecting images of 19th and early 20th-century street life for years. These images, drawn from his collection, are a serious attempt to flesh out the lives of vagabonds, and merchants from an earlier era. Carl Mautz, Nevada City, Np, 58 b&w illus., 7¼ 9¾. Cat# ZB199H Hardbound $19.95 Never Again: A History of the Holocaust Text by Martin Gilbert. Written by one of the world s pre-eminent historians of the Holocaust, this elaborately illustrated edition paints a personal and social portrait of one of history s greatest tragedies. Enormously informative, respectfully presented, and cogently arranged. Rizzoli, New York, pp., Over 200 illustrations, Due April. Cat# RZ149H Hardbound $29.95 American Tintype Text by Floyd and Marion Rinhart and Robert Wagner. This richly illustrated volume on the uses and historical importance of the tintype comes from the premier collectors of 19th century photographic memorabilia, Floyd and Marion Rinhart. A thoughtfully researched and comprehensive volume, though not to be confused with a technical manual. Ohio State, Columbus, pp., 14 color and num. b&w illus., 7¼ 10¼. Cat# ZB529H Hardbound $75.00 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

15 H ISTORIES photo-eye Gallery Voyage En Orient: Photographies, The West s fascination with the Orient was fed by early photographers who employed the new technology to record the lives and landscapes of the Near and Middle East. This edition presents a broad spectrum of photographs chosen from the collection of the National Library of France. An absolute must for those desiring an exquisite presentation of a land undergoing many changes. Hazan Editions, Paris, pp., 160 four color illustrations, 10¼ 9½. Text in French and English. Cat# ID475H Hardbound $59.95 Sevruguin and the Persian Image: A volume of images by the most celebrated Iranian photographer of the 19th century. Antonin Sevruguin s images remain a testament to the grandeur of the Persian Empire and to the innovative photographer himself. University of Washington Press, Seattle, pp., 78 duotones,, 7¾ 11¾. Cat# WA057S Softbound $24.95 Walter Chappell, Mount Bonsai, Plaza Blanca, 1984 Representing Fine Twentieth Century Photography PATRICK ALT TED KUYKENDALL KENT BOWSER ANNE ARDEN MCDONALD DEBBIE FLEMING CAFFERY WALTER W. NELSON KEITH CARTER KEVIN O CONNELL WALTER CHAPPELL CHARLES PALMER MARK CITRET RONDAL PARTRIDGE LINDA CONNOR JAMES PITTS BOBBIE CROSBY EDWARD RANNEY IMOGEN CUNNIGNHAM PENTTI SAMMALLAHTI DAVID GIBSON VOLKER SEDING ADAM JAHIEL JOCK STURGES MARY ALICE JOHNSTON TERRI WEIFENBACH MARK KLETT ZOË ZIMMERMAN L Art Du Nu Available once again, in limited quantities. A unusual collection which brings together an eclectic assortment of nineteenth-century nudes, all originally commissioned by painters and sculptors. The works are exotic, groundbreaking, and subtlely erotic. Though the text is in French-only, exceptional editing and printing more than compensate. Bibliothéque Nationale de France, Paris, pp., numerous duotones, 9½ 11. Cat# ZB286S Softbound $35.00 Orders: PLEASE VISIT OUR ON-LINE GALLERY, CURRENTLY SHOWING PORTFOLIOS BY: Keith Carter Linda Connor Imogen Cunningham Jock Sturges Pentti Sammallahti 370 GARCIA STREET, SANTA FE, NM TUESDAY - SATURDAY, 11 TO 5 AND BY APPOINTMENT

16 18 V IDEOS AND H ISTORIES Lumière & Company Short films by David Lynch, Sarah Moon, Wim Wenders, Spike Lee, and Zhang Yimou. Forty directors were invited to produce a one minute film using the restored original Lumière camera. Included are the visions of Wim Wenders, Sarah Moon, Spike Lee, David Lynch, Zhang Yimou and many others. Forty directors forty films! A fascinating loving tribute to the hauntingly primitive days of cinema. the publisher. Cineteve, New York, B&w and color, 88 min. Cat# ZB546V VHS $25.00 The Lumière Brothers First Films Films by Louis and Auguste Lumière. Directly mastered from the original films under the supervision of the Institut Lumière, this fascinating collection contains 85 complete short works, culled from over 1500 that the famous brothers made. These are some of the earliest motion pictures made. Kino Video, New York, Black-and-white, 61 minutes. Cat# KI005V VHS $49.95 The Wonderful Horrible Life of Leni Reifenstahl Directed by Ray Muller. This critically acclaimed motion picture traces the life of photographer and filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, probing for answers to the difficult questions surrounding her work, her knowledge of Nazi atrocities, and her post-war life. From her early days as a dancer and mountaineering starlet, through her scubadiving projects at the age of 90, The Wonderful Horrible Life is true to its title both inspirational and tragic. Kino Video, New York, Color and b&w, 81 minutes. Cat# KI004V VHS $39.95 A Life in the Day of Man Ray: Montparnasse Revisited Written and presented by Edward Mullins. Edited and directed by Mathew Reinders. This extensive filmed interview from 1961 directly relates Man Ray s experience in the cafes and studios of Paris. Numerous friends of the artist also share their views and memories of Man Ray, including Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, and Meret Oppenheim. RM Arts, Black-and-white and color, 55 min. Cat# ZB241V VHS $29.95 Harry Callahan Documenting one of the great masters of twentieth century photography, this video portrays the quiet elegance that made him so influential. Highlighted is an extended portrait of his family from 1940 s to the 1960 s. The photographer, his wife Eleanor, and daughter Barbara are all interviewed here and relate their experiences with an open and intimate honesty. Checkerboard Foundation, New York, B&w and color, 19 minutes. Cat # CH005V VHS $35.00 John Szarkowski: A Life in Photography Produced by Richard B. Woodward. Directed by Sandra McLeod. Featuring extensive interviews with John Szarkowski, Joel Meyerowitz, Thomas Roma, Peter Galassi, and Maria Morris Hambourg, this film boasts an in-depth discussion of the influential curator s life and work covering several of his most essential publications and exhibitions. The first curator to champion the purely photographic properties of the medium, Szarkowski moved well beyond the age old debate over photography as art, securing instead a rigorous catalogue of twentieth century masters. Rewards repeat viewing. Checkerboard Films, New York, Black-and-white and color. 41 minutes. Cat# CH004V VHS $45.00 The Photography Book: Mini Edition Hailed as the most important reference book ever on the history of photography, this new, portable edition is a replica of the original, but smaller in dimensions only. Arranged alphabetically by photographer, featuring a full page image and a brief biography on the artist. Glossaries of terms and movements, along with a museum and gallery directory in the back of the book, make this a comprehensive and self-contained volume. Phaidon, New York, pp., 384 duotone and 116 color illustrations, 5 6½. Due April. Cat# ZB542S Softbound $9.95 Revisions: An Alternative History of Photography Prepared by Ian Jeffrey for the inaugural re-opening exhibition of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford, England, this book presents an alternative history of photography. Jeffrey develops the thesis that the development of the medium s technology, confronting its practitioners with amazing possibilities for experimentation, is the true driving force behind the art of photography. Cogently argued and full of exquisite examples of rarely seen images from the Museum s collection; a must for those interested in the dialogue surrounding the history of our era s most powerful invention. National Museum of Photography, Bradford, pp., 120 b&w and color illus., 8 9½. Cat# AT004S Softbound $36.00 Seizing the Light: A History of Photography Text by Robert Hirsch. An excellent selection of images complements this thorough history of photography. Hirsch, author on the definitive manual of color photography, steers the reader through a maze of traditions, techniques, personalities, movements, and ideas frequently pausing for brief biographies and artists statements. McGraw-Hill, New York, pp., numerous black-andwhite and color illustrations, 8½ 10¾. Cat# MH011S Softbound $45.00 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

17 New Media in Late 20th Century Art Tracing the history of new media in art starting with the radical movements of Cubism and Dada scholar Michael Rush has created a concise text book filled with information on video, digitally manipulated photography, installation, and performance art by such artists as Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, and Gerhard Richter. Thames & Hudson, London, pp., 100 b&w and 75 color illustrations, 6 8¼. Cat# NT093S Softbound $14.95 Photography & Politics in America, From the New Deal into the Cold War With a highly original contribution to the history of photography in the twentieth century specifically the era of the New Deal and America s transition into the Cold War professor Lili Bezner insightfully examines the relationship between politics and the power of photography. A cogently argued text with thoughts on the Photo League, Sid Grossman, Steichen s Family of Man, and the impact of Robert Frank s work. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, pp., 40 b&w illus., 6½ 9½. Cat# JH015H Hardbound $39.95 Ben Shahn s New York: The Photography of Modern Times Renowned as a painter and muralist, Ben Shahn actively used photography during the early 1930 s as source material for many of his works. This book is the first to concentrate on his compelling photographic work in New York City, much of which was used to promote and support his political activism. Yale, New Haven, pp., 200 duotones, 9x10. Cat# YU039H Hardbound $45.00 Laughing Eyes: A Book of Letters Between Edward and Cole Weston Initially compiled by Paulette Weston Cole s wife and presented to him on his 79th birthday, this touching collection of letters between Cole and his famous father reveals a deep love between the two and an intimate fatherly concern by Edward for all of his sons. This volume is thoroughly researched, scholarly in its presentation and beautiful in its design. Carmel Publishing, pp., 71 black-and-white illustrations, 8 9¾. Cat# ZB518H Hardbound $32.95 America 1900: The Turning Point Text by Judy Crichton. This sweeping narrative set in the year 1900 follows an eclectic group over the course of the year. Jack London, Harry Truman, the Wright brothers, William McKinley, and Scott Joplin are all characters whose influence was either waxing or waning in that pivotal year. Based on the historical events of the year and richly told in photographs, this book proves a compelling read. Henry Holt, NYC, pp., Over 100 b&w illus., 7¾ 9½. Cat# HH015H Hardbound $29.95 Letters from Sea Based on the letters, logbooks, and photographs of Joanna and Lincoln Concord fifth generation seafarers this handsome book brings to light an important cache of maritime history. Lincoln, in his memoirs, states, I knew no other home than a ship s deck, except the distant home in Maine that we visited for a few weeks every year or two. Tilbury House, pp., numerous b&w illus., 8¾ 10½. Cat# ZB519H Hardbound $35.00 E SSAYS & CRITICISM Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: Ansel Adams: An Autobiography Now in paperback! First published in 1984 just prior to his death, this is a wonderful account of the life in his own words of one of America s most well-known and beloved photographers. Anecdotes about his relationship with Stieglitz, Weston, the Newhalls, and Georgia O Keeffe all add to the charm and beauty of a life heartily lived and intimately chronicled. Little Brown, Boston, pp., 16 b&w illus., 6 9. Cat# LB075S Softbound $14.95 Letters to My Parents Now in paperback! A delightful book containing Brassaï s correspondence with his parents. These letters date from the period of his renowned images of Paris at night and provide a deeply personal insight into his thoughts and feelings at the time. Univ. of Chicago Press, pp., 33 black-and-white illustrations, 6¼ 7¾. Cat# UC041S Softbound $16.00 H Biographies on Sale Doing Documentary Work This book of thoughtful essays fleshes out Robert Coles understanding of documentary work as a collaboration between the observer and the reality observed. Oxford, NYC, pp., a few black-and-white illustrations, 6 9. Cat# OF107H2 Hb $25.00 $9.95 Through Another Lens For years Charis Wilson was Edward Weston s model, collaborator and wife. The quality of both recollection and writing that Wilson brings is a gift to the photographic community. North Point Press, New York, pp., 90 b&w illustrations, 7 9¼. With the Pb in print at $19.95 this is a great price for a 1st edition Hc. Cat# FS015H2 Hb $40.00 $14.95 photo-eye Books & Prints

18 KOLN LONDON MADRID NEW YORK PARIS TOKYO SUMO Helmut Newton 480 pp., 65 lbs. 19¾x27½ Cat# TD049H $1500 (+ $45 s+h) Featuring its own bookstand, specially designed by Philippe Starck, SUMO is the largest Helmut Newton collection ever published both in terms of its dimensions and in its scope. It features a wide selection of pictures covering every aspect of Newton s career in photography: from his stunning fashion photographs to his most recent celebrity portraits. Limited distribution in America guarantees its status as one of the most collectible books of the decade. Winner of the photo-eye Best Series of 1999 Award Superbly edited, affordably priced at $39.95 per volume, and featuring some of the greatest photographers of the 20th Century: PAUL OUTERBRIDGE TD047H GEORGE PLATT LYNES TD056H EDWARD WESTON TD037H KARL BLOSSFELDT TD040H ARNOLD NEWMAN TD058H MAN RAY TD057H AUGUST SANDER TD038H EDWARD S. CURTIS TD046H

19 N UDES 21 Larry Clark Postcard Set With strictly limited availability, this essential set excerpts Clark s most controversial and renowned works, Tulsa and Teenage Lust. The images are finely printed on perforated postcards in an accordion-fold format. Groninger Museum, Amsterdam, oversized duotone postcards, 5x7. Cat# MW069S Softbound $35.00 Fine Edition Stemmle Books on sale for a limited time! Japanese Photography: Desire and Void This book gathers together some of the best contemporary photography from Japan, on the basis of two fundamental, recurring themes: the worldliness of desire and the ascetic nature of the void. Zurich, pp., 80 duotone and 80 color illus., 9½ 10½. Cat# PK413H2 Hb $55.00 $29.95 Male Nudes by Women This extraordinary book collects the work of twenty-one female photographers on one common subject: the male nude. Nan Goldin and Lynn Davis are just two of the artists whose work is featured here. These women give free reign to their erotic imaginations, ultimately reinventing the male nude. Zurich, pp., 15 color illus., and 90 duotone illustrations, 9½ 11. Cat# PK280H2 Hb $49.95 $21.95 Nudes Photographs by Irina Ionesco. Ionesco s nudes inhabit a world of suffering, passion, longing, and desire. Her models are seductively exoticized in fairy-tale clothing and leather, and unmistakably in control. Zurich, pp., 112 duotone illustrations, 9¼ 12½. Cat# PK381H2 Hb $49.95 $24.95 Sentimental Photography This exhibition catalogue from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, presents a concise overview of the career of the prolific Japanese photographer, Araki. Though concise, this catalogue having the feel of an oversized magazine excerpts many of Araki s most substantial book projects, reproducing over 100 images along with a time line of his publishing activities. Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, pp., numerous blackand-white illustrations, 9 11¾. In Japanese and English. Cat# ID479S Softbound $42.00 George Platt Lynes Text by David Leddick. Expanding the exemplary series by Taschen on major photographers of the twentieth century, this volume on George Platt Lynes examines the three distinct sections of his oeuvre portraits, his work with ballet and fashion, and the extensive collection of his male nude figure studies. Taschen, Köln, pp., 173 black-and-white illustrations, 10x13. Due April. Cat# TD056H Hardbound $39.95 Naked Men, Too Liberating the Male Nude, Text by David Leddick. A wonderful sequel to the award-winning Naked Men: Pioneering Male Nudes, author David Leddick focus on photographers like George Platt Lynes, Bruce Weber, and Robert Mapplethorpe while chronicling the social and sexual revolution from the 1950 s to the present. A provocative history of male nudity designed for all audiences. Rizzoli, New York, pp., 125 black-andwhite and color illustrations, 8½ 11. Due April. Cat# RZ150H Hardbound $35.00 Up & Down Photographs by Marc Rivière. Completely fanciful in its conception and playful in its execution this books presents the results of photographer Rivière, as he captures the sensuality of Paris by asking anonymous women to expose their breasts to his camera. For those who have always wondered as women walk by... Ipso Facto, Paris, pp., 80 duotone illustrations, 6¾ 8½. Cat# RZ137H Hardbound $19.95 Marilyn Monroe: Cover to Cover Text by Clark Kidder. Inspired by the legendary actress, and designed for the obsessive collector, this is a playful anthology of literally every magazine cover known to have been graced by Marilyn Monroe s face. Additionally, the book alone is a course on mid-twentieth century magazine cover design. Krause Publications, Iola, pp., Over 200 color illustrations, 8¼ 10¾. Cat# ZB532S Softbound $24.95 Picturing the Modern Amazon Edited by Joanna Frueh. Tracing the history of women s bodybuilding from the late nineteenth century to the present, this volume brings to light vintage photographs, underground comics, and the lives of many of the worlds most well-known female bodybuilders. Contains work by such prominent artists as Cindy Sherman and Andres Serrano. Rizzoli, New York, pp., 120 b&w and color illus., 7¾ 11½. Due April. Cat# RZ147H Hardbound $ Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax: photo-eye Books & Prints

20 22 N UDES Digital Diaries Originally from San Francisco, Natacha Merritt was quick to take advantage of the fun and versatility of digital photography. She began photographing all aspects of her quite active sexual life in the shower, in bed with various boy and girlfriends, even masturbating in front of the mirror and almost always with the camera at arm s length. Completely narcissistic and with the aesthetic of the best of the internet generation, this book is a fine first effort by a young voyeuristic photographer at heart. Taschen, Köln, pp., 256 color illustrations, 7x9. Cat# TD053H Hardbound $29.95 Roy Stuart: Volume 3 Expanding on his first two wildly successful volumes, Stuart continues to probe our ideas of proper sex. Far from the instant orgasm imagery of modern pornography, this third volume dishes out more of the staged voyeurism Stuart is famous for. Taschen, Köln, pp., 250 color illus., 9x11. Due Apr. Cat# TD054H Hardbound $39.95 Jonvelle(s) Containing almost entirely unpublished work, this monu m e n t a l Jonvelle monograph is essential for fans of the photographers seductive nudes. Ipso Facto, Paris, pp., 170 duotone illustrations, 10¾ 12½. Cat# RZ139H Hardbound $44.95 Breitenbach This charmingly designed, petit monograph excerpts three significant bodies of Breitenbach s work environmental nude portraits, naturist nudes prefiguring Jock Sturges, and abstract nudes as fine as any produced. Bodo Neimann, Berlin, pp., 20 color and b&w illus., 6 7½. In English and German. Cat# ZB349H Hardbound $30.00 Bedroom Photographs by Lyu Hanabusa. With the intensity of Helmut Newton and the intimacy of Bettina Rheims, Lyu Hanabusa s Bedroom is a collection of female nude studies made in the classic bedrooms of Europe s grand architecture. Shinchosha, Tokyo, Unpaged, over 100 duotone and color illus., Text in Japanese. Cat# ID416H Hardbound $37.50 L Amour: French Glamour Girls Retro Nudes of the 1950 s and 60 s This first of two volumes of pin-ups showcases 150 pin-up girls from the 1950 s and 60 s. Sought after by collectors and today s young fashion photographers, these photographs have a surprisingly sophisticated eroticism. Features work by Peter Gowland, Bunny Yeager, and others, richly printed in duotone. Graphic-Sha Publishing Co., Tokyo, pp., 150 duotones, 7¼ 9¾. Due Apr. Cat# PK556S Softbound $24.95 Nightswimming Photographs by Stephen Barker. Photographing in the underworld of NYC sex clubs, Stephen Barker has shied away from the documentary style to make images that are evocative, erotic, yet sweetly mysterious and unresolved. The essence of voyeurism, of both a hetero and homosexual nature. Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, pp., 62 gravure illustrations., Cat# TT089H Hardbound $60.00 Cat# TT089L Limited Ed. $ Fetish: Masterpieces of Erotic Fantasy Photography Compiled by Tony Mitchell. A whirlwind tour of contemporary fetish photographers with 48 contributors from around the world. The selection includes such well-known artists as Araki, Berquet, Kloster, Kroll, and Morey with brief biographies of each photographer. An excellent catalogue of the world s fetish photographers, including a list of books each has published. Thunder s Mouth, NYC, pp., Over 200 color illus., Cat# ZB523S Softbound $27.50 Woman Photographs by China Hamilton. A highly erotic collection of intimate portraits of women, with many in fetish array. Hamilton combines his deliciously dark imagery with beautiful and non-conventional printing techniques, oftentimes involving gelatin reticulation and a variety of toning methods. Rich, four-color printing retains the subtlety of the originals. St. Martins Press, New York, pp., 80 b&w illus., 8 10½. Due April. Cat# ST041H Hardbound $40.00 Voyeur Text by Luc Sante. Numerous contributing photographers. A tour of the erotic world of looking with photographs by such well-known artists as Atget, Cartier-Bresson, Degas, and Evans, plus contemporary photographers like Larry Clark, Merry Alpern, Malerie Marder, and Duane Michals. Richly printed in tritone on matte black paper, this collection aptly searches the range of voyeuristic works to present a well-designed, concise, and sexy history of the medium. Melcher Media/HarperCollins, New York, Unpaged, 119 tritones, 9 9. Cat# HR040H Hardbound $35.00 photo-eye 376 Garcia Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico Orders: Info: Books & Prints Mon-Sat 9am 6pm MT Fax:

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