In Between: Media Artwork that Uses Stroboscopic Effects

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1 I Betwee: Meda Artwork that Uses Strooscopc Effects 1 Yougeu Km 2 Jaejoog Lee 3 Saghu Nam 4 Jwa Park* 1 Frst Author Chug-Ag Uversty GSAIM 2 Chug-Ag Uversty GSAIM 3 Chug-Ag Uversty GSAIM *4Correspodg Author Chug-Ag Uversty GSAIM Astract Ths study reterprets the expermetal ad formatve expresso of futursm usg stereoscopc mages wth strooscopc effects. I geeral a varety of techologes are used for Meda art the producto stage ad the exhto stage. Through stereoscopc techology three-dmesoal mages are take y two cameras ad the vdeo s dsplayed usg a 3D projector. The strooscopc effect s geerated y calculatg the mea of RGB values for the frot ad ack mages usg mage processg techology. Our artwork expresses the meag of tme y vsualzg the lfetme of flowers o vdeo ad explores the amguty etwee realty ad lluso through a patg of real flowers. 1. Itroducto Keywords: Meda Art Futursm Stereoscopc Techology Strooscopc Effect. Futursm whch pursued a scetfc worldvew attempted the vsual expresso of commo pheomea wth a dustral-socal cotext. Patgs or sculptures pror to futursm descred scees the momet ut works possessg temporalty ega to appear through the fluece of futursm whch cosdered the expresso of moto a mportat formatve elemet. Ths relatoshp etwee moto tme ad space s explored Bergso s cocept of durato whch outles sharp detal the amguty caused y gaps that emerge the huma experece of the real ad the llusory [1][2]. Etee Jules Marey created the strumet for recordg multple photographc exposures o a sgle mage as show Fgure 1(a). He traced the relatoshp etwee tme ad space capturg the fact that ths s the essece of moto [3]. As show Fgure 1() Eadweard Muyrdge created a seres of moto photographs to dsplay a horse moto usg multple cameras for oservatos of hgh-speed actvty [4]. Futurst paters who were terested the vsual expresso of moto aturally took terest these photographc techques. Tme-lapse photographs capture the movemet of ojects a photograph y takg stll photographs for a specfc legth of tme at fxed tervals or through multple exposures. Ths approach s a attempt to uderstad ad express the movemet of ojects. (a) () Fgure 1. (a) Etee Jules Marey 's Gehe 1883 () Eadweard Muyrdge's The horse moto Iteratoal Joural of Dgtal Cotet Techology ad ts Applcatos(JDCTA) Volume 7 Numer 12 August

2 Futurst paters oserved the movemets of ojects ad expressed ther moto ad speed o cavas. I hs patg <Grl Rug o a Balcoy> Gacoma Balla expressed the drectoal movemet of a grl walkg o a alcoy usg strooscopc-lke effect [5]. Balla's mage s composed as f t were produced y a statoary camera. Marcel Ducham s <Nude Descedg a Starcase No.2> comed photography ad art respose to the dyamc works of futurst artsts wth scees mmckg hgh-speed photography. The superposto of cust fgures evokes the percepto of descet. Lug Russolo produced a supermposto of sx or seve lue mages of a woma walkg ad turg '<Plastc sythess of Movemets of a Woma> [6]. (a) () (c) Fgure 2. (a) Gacoma Balla's 'Grl Rug o a Balcoy' () Marcel Ducham's 'Nude Descedg a Starcase No. 2' (c) Lug Russolo's 'Plastc Sythess of Movemets of a Woma' 2. Stereoscopc photography The asc prcple of stereoscopc mages s that vewers experece a lluso of perspectve ecause of how the mage uses ocular dsparty. Vsual systems fer depth from postoal dffereces etwee the two retal projectos of a gve pot space [7]. Ths postoal dfferece results from the fact that two eyes are laterally separated as show Fgure 3(a). I order to photograph stereoscopc mages cameras are fxed at postos correspodg respectvely to the left ad rght eyes. As show Fgure 3() two dgtal cameras mouted wth leses of same focal legth were fxed o a parallel rg. A 3D projector of the DLP-Lk type ad shutter glasses are used. The left ad rght mages were played usg a stereoscopc player. (a) () Fgure 3. (a) The geometry of ocular projecto ad defto of ocular dsparty () Stereoscopc photography wth two cameras. 235

3 The method for photographg log exposure mages s to adjust the camera s specally desged aperture ad exposure tmes. However t s dffcult to uld specal equpmet ad predct exposures to accurately capture the wtherg process of flowers. We performed tme-lapsed photography at fxed tme tervals ad re-created the mages usg strooscopc effects wth exstg mages. Two cameras were coected to a PC to take stereoscopc mages ad the exposure settgs ad tme-lapsed photography were cotrolled usg a Nko Camera Cotrol Pro. Ths process occurred over may days. Cotuous lghtg was used for uform exposure ad the left ad rght photographc mages were saved to the PC. (a) () (c) Fgure 4. (a) patg of wall () real flowers (c) pated flowers These are real flowers a vase a tale ad the wall a style that mmcs rushwork a tradtoal patg (Fgure 4). The pated scee appears to e a flat patg through the leses of the cameras ad seral mages are otaed through approxmately oe week's tme lapse at a rate of oe frame per 3 mutes usg two cameras as show Fgure Tme Vsualzato Fgure 5. Seral mages take over aout oe week The mages otaed were compressed to a photograph showg the effects of log exposure through post-processg usg the Vsual C++ program. The program otas the values of RGB colors extracted from each of the serally photographed mages calculates the meas of the values usg equato (1) ad the produces sgle mages wth the strooscopc effect as show Fgure 6. Varous log exposure mages were geerated y chagg the posto ad umer of serally photographed source mages [8][9]. 236

4 Fgure 6. Log exposure effect R ( x y ) Rew ( x y ) 1 G ew ( x y ) 1 B ( x y ) G ( x y ) Bew ( x y ) 1 ( : mage umer ) (1) To create a vdeo wth strooscopc effects the method descred aove was used. If a vdeo has frames we calculated ew mages for each frame usg the equato detaled here (2). A rage of strooscopc effects ca e adjusted y settg the value of c ad d. The color mage s slowly chagg to gray represetg death. R ( x y ) G ( x y ) Rew ( )( x y ) a Gew ( )( x y ) a B ( x y ) Bew ( )( x y ) a ( : mage umer ) (2) t 1 : a t c a f t 1 : a 1 c 1 t : d f t : t d Fgure 7. Betwee 4. Coclusos Betwee was created to reveal the flow of tme y compressg multple flower mages to a sgle mage ad producg vdeo y sequetally coectg post-processed mages. The softess of strooscopc mages ca e uderstood as a represetato of the flow of tme. Ths artwork s a aalogy for the spa of huma lfetmes that cota oth eautful ad trouled tmes ad whch ultmately ed death. Physcal tme s always the same ut tme perceved y actual people s felt dfferetly accordg to dfferg stuatos. For example a eautful ad joyful tme seems to pass quckly whle a dffcult tme ca seem to flow very slowly. Although tme flows at the same speed 237

5 coscousess expereces tme as waves of dfferg destes. We attempted to express these waves wth strooscopc mages usg dfferet testes y chagg the rages of compressed mages. Audeces eleve the flowers ad the aftermage of ther wtherg are realstc. However they also eleve the mage s a patg ecause we have also pated lvg flowers. The process of flowers wtherg appears experetally as a sgle patg the process of movg. It s oe mage ut a mage whch chages over tme. It s ot a vdeo however; t s a stale mage whch chages over tme represetg the uquely huma experece of mortal lfe whch s the same tme oth oe ad stale ad yet always a state of moto ad chage. Stereoscopc techology offers vewers the chace to reterpret the world aroud them ad opes the door to ew expressos of self-cocepto emotos ad deftos of tme ad space. Realty ad lluso always have deeply-felt amgutes ultmately depedet upo what vewers thk see ad feel. Ths work shows how tme relates to huma experece ad as characterzed y Bergso how ths experece relates to memores ad our may states of coscousess ad ultmately how ths all helps to defe our experece of the huma codto. Fgure 8. Exhto at the Ados Meda Art 2012' exhto at Geumarae art hall. 5. Refereces [1] Her Bergso Tme ad free wll: A essay o the mmedate data coscousess Courer Dover Pulcatos [2] Sadre Gl Sylve Drot-Volet Emotoal tme dstortos: the fudametal role of arousal Cogto & emoto vol. 26 o. 5 pp [3] Marta Brau Pcturg tme: the work of Etee-Jules Marey Uversty of Chcago Press [4] Joatha Woodrg Ha-We She Chroovolumes: a drect rederg techque for vsualzg tme-varyg data I proceedgs of the 2003 Eurographcs/IEEE TVCG Workshop o Volume graphcs ACM pp [5] Güter Berghaus Futursm ad the techologcal magato Rodop Bv Edtos [6] James E. Cuttg Represetg moto a statc mage: costrats ad parallels art scece ad popular culture PERCEPTION-LONDON- vol. 31 o. 10 pp [7] Ng Qa Bocular dsparty revew ad the percepto of depth Neuro vol. 18 o. 3 pp [8] Youg-Eu Km Sag-Hu Nam J-Wa Park Tracg Tme through Iteractve Artworks Future Iformato techology Applcato ad Servce Sprger pp [9] Fracsco J. Estrada Tme-lapse mage fuso Computer Vso-ECCV Workshops ad Demostratos pp