Users Guide BRESSER MikroCamLab (1.3 / 3.0 / 5.0 / 9.0 / 10.0 MP)

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1 Users Guide BRESSER MikroCamLab (1.3 / 3.0 / 5.0 / 9.0 / 10.0 MP) This manual is intended for use with the BRESSER MikroCam cameras only. Some points may differ depending on the MikroCam model. Other cameras will not work together with the MikroCamLab software. Image processing Die BRESSER MikroCamLab offers you several possebilities to process your images and allows measurements. NOTE: All functions of the software are activated when the camera is plugged in. The live view can be closed. For measurement you need an optional calibration slide. BRESSER offers two versions: one with 0.1 mm resolution (Art.-No ) and one with 0.01 mm resolution (Art.-No ). All images you have made will be shown on the main page: An image can be opened by clicking.

2 Here you can use all functions from the MikroCamLab: File Open:. Close: Save As: Capture: Print: Print Print Setup: 1: Exit: Edit Undo: Redo: Move: Select: Tracker: Crop: Copy: Paste:

3 View You can show different menus in the MikroCamLab: Standard, Measure, Image, Status Bar Histogramm: shows a Histogramm, split into single colors. Menu Style: Shows the MikroCamLab in Normal- or Windows XP Design. Full Screen: Shows MikroCamLab as a full screen. Zoom In: Larger view Zoom Out: Smaller view Normal Viewing (1:1): Shows the original image size. Image Mirror: Flip: Negativ: Rotate: Resample: Skew: Set Transparency: Remove Transparency: Alpha Channel: Gray Scale: Dither: Dither: Reduces the gradient (only gray scale)

4 Filters Threshold Colorize Light/Contrast/Gamma Linear Non Linear Circle Transform Pseude Colors Split Combine FFT Repair Mix Linear Blur Soften Gaussian 3x3 Gaussian 5x5 Sharpen Edge Emboss Non Linear Add Noise Median Erode Dilate Contour Egde Jitter Circle Transform Pinch Punch Twirl Cylinder Bathroom Split Split to RGB Split to HSL Split to YUV Split to YIQ Split to XYZ Split to CMYK

5 Measure Calibrate Calibrate Table: Select: Line: Rectangle: Circle: Polygon: Angle: Count: Remark: Calibrate If you click Calibrate a new window opens where you can calibrate. NOTE: For measurement you need an optional calibration slide. BRESSER offers two versions: one with 0.1 mm resolution (Art.-No ) and one with 0.01 mm resolution (Art.-No ).

6 Click on Load Image Now you can open an image from a calibration slide which you made before. Alternative you can use an image from another defined scale. Did you open an image click on Distance Scaling. A first click will start the scale line. A second click will stop the stop the line. Now the software shows you the numbers of pixels, how long your scale line is. Choose a name for your calibration. It is advisable to put the used objective into the Name and maybe the camera if you use different MikroCams. Put in the field Length how long the scale is. For this example it s 50 µm. So write into the field Length 50 and choose at MeaUnit µm. Click OK. Is the calibration ok click on Finish. Is the calibration not ok please click on Redo. If you click several times on Redo you can cancel all steps you made..

7 Overview of the measurement functions of the status bar: With a click on Calibrate Table you open a list with all calibrations you have made. Mark a calibration value then click Apply to Image. After this click Close to close the table. add allows you to create new calibration values, if you know the pixel size and the gap between them. edit allows you to change the calibration values. With del you can delete calibration values. With a click on the tool bar you can use different measurement methods. Here you find all measurement methods you can choose:

8 Wit a doubleclick on a text field following window opens (Properties): Name: Changes the Name from a measurement. Shape: Changes the color and thickness from the line. Text: Changes the color and font from the text field. Confirm with OK. Default uses the default setting. EEC Conformity Explanation: For information about the EEC Conformity Explanation, please contact us directly! Bresser GmbH D Rhede Gutenbergstr. 2 Germany Tel (02872) Fax ++49 (02872)