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1 You Are Invited 21st Annual Placitas Studio Tour Mother s Day Weekend May 12-13, 10 am - 5 pm Welcome! The Placitas Studio Tour is celebrating its twenty-first year showcasing artists who live in Placitas or have their studios located in Placitas. Inspiring and enriching our growing cultural community, the tour offers a unique opportunity to meet and talk directly with the artists, learn about their studios and perhaps take home a treasure. This year the tour has many new artists who have broadened the already wide array of art that is offered during the two-day event. Creations in basketry, fiber, ceramics, steel art, glass art, sculpture, mosaics, mixed media, weaving, folk art, collage, stained glass, wood sculptures jewelry, painting, pottery, photography and paper quilling await you at the 48 studios that are located throughout the scenic foothills of Placitas. Please visit our website to preview all 56 artists. Many artists will be sharing studio locations and some will be offering demonstrations of their creative process. Visit our website for more information or to download a larger map than the one seen on pages 10 and 11 of this guide. Plan your route through Placitas, enjoying the beautiful vistas at every turn and fascinating studios around every corner. Our Doors Are Open For more information:

2 1 Joan Fenicle & Photography 889 State Highway Katherine Irish 16 Sombra del Monte Road 5 For more than 40 years, Joan has traveled the backroads of New Mexico and Colorado gathering images which become material for books, paintings and fine art photography. Not all who wander are lost. Katherine finds inspiration in the abstract patterns and beautiful layers of color in NM skyscapes. She is an award-winning artist who exhibits nationally and a signature member of the Pastel Society of America and Pastel Society of NM. 2 Dana Patterson Roth Photography 14 Perdiz Canyon Road Miriam Nelson 51 Camino del Oso Whether photographing grasses, trees or dream-like landscapes, Dana continues to seek the sublime in the world around us. Her images are printed on paper, wood, canvas and dye-infused aluminum. Miriam s work covers a broad range of subject matter, both representational and abstract. She uses acrylic and oils and her format ranges from small to large. 3 Lisa Chernoff Glass Art 33 Perdiz Canyon Road Karen Melody Shatar Glass Art & 95 Camino de la Rosa Castilla Unique sculptured fused glass is the featured work of Lisa Chernoff. In addition to wall and tabletop sculpture, she also creates functional tableware and jewelry. Karen s work includes fused glass functional ware and artistic representation jewelry and windchimes. 4 Nancy & Jon Couch Stained Glass Art 3 Canon del Apache Geri Verble 286 Camino de las Huertas 8 Together, Nancy and Jon make stained glass art. Inspired by the light of NM, they create water prisms that produce full spectrum rainbows. They also create glass mandalas, pyramid lamps, jewelry boxes, ornaments and sun catchers. Tribal Bear Designs specializes in contemporary tribal and ethnic jewelry, as well as designs that reflect the spirit of the earth. Pg 2 Pg 3

3 9 Carol Ordogne 2 Pony Court My works are colorful, contemporary oil and pastel paintings of the wildlife and enchanted landscapes of New Mexico. Walter Corky Baron Sculpture, I use recycled metals and wood for my work, and vintage silverplate for my jewelry and spoons, as well as vintage wood posts for my sculptures Lyle Toledo Yazzie 4 Orno Creek Court My work reflects how we are all related, including natural elements, holy, celestial and earthly beings, but also chaos and materialism around us. It is a blend of traditional and contemporary, including abstract pieces and political statements. Bonnie J. Hayes Furniture and Accessories 17 Camino de la Vina Vieja / Bonnie creates furniture and accessories for the home made from cardboard; picture frames with hidden compartments and display panels for artists and hexagonal kalideocycle tables Linda Nisenbaum Glass,, Mixed Media 53 Cedar Creek Road Gayle Elaine Scott Glass, Mosaic,, 25 Camino a Las Estrellas 14 Linda creates fused glass plates, bud vases, wind chimes and decorative home decor, as well as mixed media and jewelry. The inclusion of glass, wire, hand painted paper and found objects define her mixed media work. My art consists of mosaics (indoor and outdoor), fused glass, jewelry, mixed media, and sand painting fused glass. 12 Denise Elvrum Glass Art, 15 Las Brisas Loop Stephen Feher Sculpture 25 Camino a las Estrellas 14 Denise incorporates her knowledge I create sculptures, human forms of geology and love for the colors and and other forms from bicycle chains landscapes of New Mexico into gorgeous that are formed and welded. I also fused glass pieces. Her pieces include create sculpture with molten bronze glass and silver jewelry, as well as and aluminum. Pg 4 functional pieces for the home. Pg 5

4 15 Judith Roderick Fiber 72 Overlook Drive I create hand-painted silk scarves with bird and flower imagery. My Art quilts range from large, elaborate, highly embellished silk quilts to my tiny printed quilts. Karl and Mary Hofmann Pottery and Prints 502 Highway Hand thrown and hand built functional and decorative pottery and linocut prints Alfons Schuster Wood Sculpture & 55 Tunnel Springs Road / I uncover nature s beauty in decaying wood to create my sculpture. When painting with acrylic I use simple plywood or particle board as the canvas and am guided by the natural lines and shapes. Peaches Malmaud Fiber Peaches prints directly onto cloth using real fish, flowers, shells and leaves, to which she has applied fabric paint. She further enhances the designs with brush work. Her work includes shirts, teeshirts, blouses and dresses Connie Falk I paint in oil, both in the studio and on location. My work is primarily landscapes, but I enjoy painting geometric designs created on the computer. I also paint portraits of people and animals and use expressive and bright colors. Lynne Fusco Stained Glass Lynne creates custom designed, handmade leaded stained glass panels in zinc frames, or inserted into repurposed wooden window frames. Panels can hang in front of windows, on a wall or as a room divider Rick Hatfield Folk Art and Sculpture I carve folk-art figurines (like greenmen and Santas) and I make rustic, live-edged furniture (benches, tables, etc). Pam Springall 3 Juniper Road I ve been collecting beautiful stones and pearls since I make them into classic, comfortable jewelry featuring my own findings. 19 Pg 6 Pg 7

5 20 Joe Cajero, Jr. Sculpture 26 Juniper Road Lois Wagner 10 Las Huertas Road 23 Joe s sculptures are hand-formed from clay and then cast into limited edition bronzes using the lost wax casting process. He uses patina colors to complete the story of each piece. Custom one-of-a-kind wearable art jewelry, as well as Symbology, a line of jewelry that celebrates the unique in all of us. 20 Althea Cajero 26 Juniper Road Marcia Rackstraw s and Drawings 131 Juniper Road / 24 Althea is a jeweler who casts and handfabricates using sterling silver and 18K gold. She casts using cuttlefish bone and tufa stone and sets with natural stones, pearls and shells. Using the zebra as subject matter, I am exploring how the intricate stripes of each animal, their fingerprint, translate into an abstract image while still depicting the spirit of the animal. The works are oil paintings and charcoal drawings. 21 Sheila & Charlotte McVeigh 64 Yucca Lane / Withdrawn from Tour 25 The McVeighs create abstract art in acrylic and oils and dimensional canvas art in resin and pigments. 22 Fehrunissa Willett Glass Art 2 Cabezon Road Pam Neas 86 Camino Redondo interpretively, peoplescapes, Fehrunissa is known for her meditative landscapes and abstracts, I am inspired layered glass wall art and lamps. Her by the water protectors at Standing work is sold internationally and Rock, the people in the Chaco Coalition throughout the United States. and the Native Americans of Counselor Pg 8 Chapter, NM. Pg 9

6 Alphabetical Artist List with studio numbers Baron, Walter "Corky" - 13 Heath, L Palmer, Stephen - 36 Bowen, Dorothy Bunny - 31 Hofmann, Karl and Mary - 18 Rackstraw, Marcia - 24 Burzillo, Barbara - 35 Holley, Jim - 30 Reinhart, Gayle - 26 Cajero, Althea - 20 Irish, Katherine - 5 Rinchik, Gene - 28 Cajero Jr., Joe - 20 Johnson, Sandy - 41 Roderick, Judith - 15 Callahan, Andi - 40 Leonard, Meg - 34 Roth, Dana Patterson - 2 Cavanagh, Wanda - 32 Lopez, Bobby J Schuster, Alfons - 16 Chernoff, Lisa - 3 Malmaud, Peaches - 18 Scott, Gayle Elaine - 14 Cohen, Rebecca S McVeigh, Sheila and Charlotte - 21 Shatar, Karen Melody - 7 Couch, Nancy and Jon - 4 Nagy, Bev - 39 Shomaker, Dianna - 38 Elvrum, Denise - 12 Neal, Harriet - 46 Skelton, Mary Lou - 29 Falk, Connie - 17 Neas, Pam - 26 Springall, Pam - 19 Feher, Stephen - 14 Nelson, Miriam - 6 Stoy, Mike - 45 Fenicle, Joan - 1 Newman, Erin - 43 Verble, Geri - 8 Fish, Jim - 34 Nisenbaum, Linda - 11 Wagner, Lois - 23 Fusco, Lynne - 19 Nolda, Rebecca - 37 Wendel-Oglesby, Erica - 48 Gadson, Myra - 33 Orchard, Diane - 27 Willett, Fehrunissa - 22 Hatfield, Rick - 17 Ordogne, Carol - 9 Yazzie, Lyle Toledo - 10 Hayes, Bonnie - 13 La Puerta Real Estate: Annette Ackerman, Jennise Phillips, Porter Dees Homestead Shopping Center: Placitas Cafe, The Merc Placitas Dental P.C. Special thanks to our community partners - the Fire Brigade, community center, and library for their support of PST. Thanks also to Erica Wendel-Oglesby for another great cover image.

7 26 Gayle Reinhart Glass and Encaustic Art 86 Camino Redondo / Jim Holley Steel Art 103 N. Forest Lane Facebook/Designs in 3/4 Time 30 Glass and wax art, all created with the fluid nature of heat are part of Gayle s creative journey inspired by the Land of Enchantment s energy. Jim s whimsical and functional sculptured steel art creations accent your home or garden. One-of-a-kind Spirits that rise up from various types of native woods, Zuni Bears, Steel Torches, Spirit Poles, Ladies in the Wind & more. 27 Diane Orchard and Sculpture 14 Vista de Las Sandias My work includes colorful, abstract mixed-media prints, oil and encaustic paintings as well as water colors. I also have metal sculptures for indoor or outdoor placement. Dorothy Bunny Bowen Fiber 8 Ridge Road I work in wax resist on silk, known as batik (Indonesia) or Rozome (Japan). Most is conservation framed, though I will also have scarves, wall hangings, handfinished juniper hangers and paintings in watermedia and cold wax with oil Gene Rinchik s 19 Apache Mesa Road Gene s landscapes in oil are influenced by the Hudson-River-School style. Mary Louise Skelton Red Sky Gourds 3 Homesteads Road, Suite F Beautiful and creative gourd art - many of southwestern design. Carved, woodburned, inlay with stones and metals. Large and small gourds. May be embellished with leather, semi-precious stones and beads. Wanda Cavanagh, Ceramics, designs by Wanda are hand crafted and one-of-a-kind. Materials used are semi-finished or raw natural gemstones, Swarovski Crystal, Sterling Silver and Copper (hand textured and oxidized). Her work also includes ceramics and oil painting. Myra Gadson 18 Tierra Madre Court Tierra y Luz Studio features contemporary jewelry designs with a southwest influence. Myra uses the finest gemstones from around the world, accented with Sterling and Bali Silver Pg 12 Pg 13

8 34 Jim Fish ( ) Sculpture We dedicate our 2018 tour to fellow artist, friend, and supporter, Jim Fish. Jim and friends founded Anasazi Fields Winery which became a community gathering place for music, poetry and art. His wood sculptures will be at the studio of Meg Leonard, #34. Rebecca Nolda is my way of creating visual artifacts. I like the hint of history and the suggestion of information just out of reach, and I get to express ideas about fault lines, hidden symbols, industrial residue, and more in images Meg Leonard, Drawing, Sculpture 5 Trace Court Meg s landscape paintings capture the unique quality of light, weather, color and atmosphere of New Mexico. Her work evokes mystery of transitions from day to night. She is an Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Poster artist and Glacier National Park Resident Artist Dianna Shomaker and Mixed Media 161 Camino Barranca Diana s work includes oil paintings, encaustic paintings and monotypes Barbara Burzillo Sculpture, and Drawing I work primarily in abstract, figurative bronze sculpture and painting. I revel in dramatic gestures and bright palettes. My work frequently includes elongated, faceless, fantastical figures. It s often noted that my sculptures and paintings convey a dynamic sense of movement. Bev Nagy Basketry 27 Calle Corvo Rooted in traditional forms, Bev adds new twists, alternative materials, color and texture to produce the unexpected. She explores sculptural forms, weaving in bits and pieces to expand the role of basketry beyond the obvious craft to fine art Stephen Palmer 4 Calle Ponderosa I create abstract paintings by pouring and manipulating acrylic inks, paint, and media on acrylic substrates. Andi Callahan Fine 4 Calle Rosa I create one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated fine jewelry utilizing Sterling Silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones. Uncommon for uncommon people! 40 Pg 14 Pg 15

9 41 Sandy Johnson 3 Katherine Court Traditional silversmithing techniques featuring semi-precious gemstones, beads, found objects, leather and antiquities bring character and edge to my contemprary jewelry designs. Mike Stoy Pottery and Photography 32 Anasazi Trails Loop My pottery includes a wide range of large hand thrown decorative and functional pieces. My photography covers a range of subjects, with a primary focus on wilderness scenics from the western USA Bobby J. Lopez 2 Buffalo Court / Harriet Neal Photography / 46 Bobby is an acrylic abstract painter using techniques that include palette knife, air pressure and flow. I am fascinated with the beauty and complexities of nature and primarily express my vision in black and white and infrared photography. Through nature I believe we begin to understand our place in the universe. 43 Erin Newman Paper Quilling 48 Santa Ana Loop Facebook/ Paper Quilling by Erin L. Heath Oil and Fusionism 47 Erin works in the ancient art form of paper quilling. Her whimsical creations are designed by hand rolling an array of paper strips into beautiful pieces of mosaic art. The intricate rolling and shaping is like with Paper. Whether painting plein air, emulating the Old Masters in a still life or contemplating the future through connecting with deep space, I find spiritual inspiration through my art. 44 Rebecca S. Cohen Collage 40 Anasazi Trails Loop Erica Wendel-Oglesby and Mosaic 46 Vista Montana Loop 48 I make collages using newsprint, which I sometimes paint before arranging it to form birds and flowers. One image merges into another offering the viewer myriad ways to comprehend each piece. Erica s work includes mosaics in clay and stained glass; one-of-a-kind jewelry including necklaces and earrings; bobcat and other photo cards. Pg 16 Pg 17