Giorgio Kienerk Telemaco Signorini Macchiaioli.

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1 painters

2 roject

3 Giorgio Kienerk was born in Florence in 1869 and since his childhood he had a distinct one vocation for drawing;exactly for this reason his father decided to entrust him to the teacher Telemaco Signorini: well-known painter of the time and assertor of the artistic movement of Macchiaioli.

4 At the end of the century and then in the twentieth century Kienerk's interest was not only towards painting and sculpture, but also to graphic art and so he also worked for well- known magazines of the time.

5 In 1919 Giorgio Kienerk married Margherita and in 1920 his daughter Vittoria was born.from this moment on the family, who lived in Florence, began to spend their holidays in the villa of Fauglia from June to November and this allowed the artist to rediscover the pleasure of the countryside and of painting in the open air, enjoying the simplicity of family life.

6 Vittoria Margherita

7 In Fauglia, immersed in the light and pleasant Tuscan landscapes, the artist returned to the origins of his pictorial style and the traditions of Macchiaioli painting.

8 In Fauglia,Giorgio Kienerk frequented and painted corners of the countryside with Francesco and Luigi Gioli: dear family friends and painters like him.

9 Who were Francesco and Luigi Gioli Francesco Gioli was born in San Frediano a Settimo on 29th June 1846, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and he belonged to the artistic current of the Macchiaioli painting scenes of everyday life and the countryside, as well in the works of art that have Fauglia as their subject. Luigi Gioli approached painting following the example of his elder brother Francesco, after the degree in law. He too had rural subjects drawn mainly from the Tuscan countryside and was constantly linked to the painting of scrubland (la macchia ).

10 Francesco Gioli

11 Francesco Gioli

12 Francesco Gioli

13 Francesco Gioli

14 Luigi Gioli

15 Luigi Gioli

16 Luigi Gioli

17 Where and when the M A C C H I A I O L I A group of young Tuscan painters between 1850 and 1860 began an innovative artistic movement. These young people met in Florence, at the Cafe Michelangelo which became for them a meeting place, where they exchanged political ideas and art opinions.

18 How the M A C C H I A I O L I painted Their painting took place from life: in the open air and was characterized by a "stain" color that gave its name to the artistic movement. In this small picture stretched horizontally, a woman is sitting on a lawn. The oil color is spread with evident brushstrokes. Light colors contrast with dark ones and contrasting spots give special emphasis to areas affected by light.

19 The most important M A C C H I A I O L I painters The most important personalities of the group were: Giovanni Fattori, Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini, Raffaele Sernesi, Vincenzo Cabianca, Odoardo Borrani, Cristiano Banti e Giuseppe Abbati.

20 The places of M A C C H I A I O L I Fauglia Firenze Livorno Castiglioncello The Macchiaioli movement was born in Florence and spread to several Tuscan towns: on the Florentine hills and on those in Pisa, and on the Tyrrhenian coast from Livorno to Castiglioncello as far as the Lazio coast.

21 Florence Modern Art Gallery The M A C C H I A I O L I museums The Modern Art Gallery of Florence, is located on the highest floor of Palazzo Pitti, and it is the museum that hosts the most important collection of Macchiaioli paintings in the world with works by Silvestro Lega, Cristiano Banti, Giovanni Fattori, Giuseppe Abbati and Telemaco Signorini.

22 The M A C C H I A I O L I museums Livorno Giovanni Fattori Civic Museums The building was built in 1865, its project was by Giuseppe Micheli and currently is the seat of Giovanni Fattori Civic Museum. In its rooms are gathered the works of art by this artist from Livorno and of other painters belonging to the current of the Macchiaioli: Silvestro Lega, Telemaco Signorini,Vincenzo Cabianca, Giovanni Boldini and others.

23 Some works of art of MACCHIAIOLI

24 GIOVANNI FATTORI Silvestro Lega che dipinge a Castiglioncello

25 GIOVANNI FATTORI La torre rossa

26 GIOVANNI FATTORI La libecciata

27 GIOVANNI FATTORI Le macchiaiole

28 GIOVANNI FATTORI La Rotonda dei Bagni Palmieri

29 SILVESTRO LEGA Paesaggio del Gabbro con contadini

30 SILVESTRO LEGA Presso il Gabbro

31 SILVESTRO LEGA Casa Batelli a Piagentina


33 ODOARDO BORRANI Dintorni di Firenze

34 ODOARDO BORRANI Raccolta del grano a Castiglioncello

35 ODOARDO BORRANI Pagliai a Castiglioncello


37 TELEMACO SIGNORINI Santa Maria de' Bardi Vicolo

38 TELEMACO SIGNORINI Sulle colline di Settignano

39 TELEMACO SIGNORINI Scorcio di strada

40 VINCENZO CABIANCA La partenza della paranza

41 VINCENZO CABIANCA Paesaggio con figure

42 AND NOW IS YOUR TURN TURN. Choose one of the works you have seen in this presentation and try to reproduce it inspired by the technique used by the Macchiaioli or by using an absolutely different technique, as you can see in some reworkings of your Italian friends.



45 E N J O Y!!!