Interproximal Reduction and Separation

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1 Interproximal Reduction and Separation Our Strength is our Service Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. Facsimile: Website:

2 AIR ROTOR STRIPPING - Adult Orthodontics Create up to 8mm of space in a single arch without extraction or expansion. A level of safety has been added to the Air-Rotor Stripping Technique. Safe-Tipped Air-Rotor Stripping (STARS TM ) Burs The STARS series of burs has been developed to assure the precision reduction of interproximal enamel while drastically reducing the possibility of excessive bur-induced grooves. The STARS burs are specifically designed for air-rotor stripping. For quality, precision and durability, the STARS series are the finest on the market. There is no comparable product. Dr Jack Sheridan, originator of the Air-rotor Stripping Technique, has tested and endorsed the STARS series of burs. He states, The development of a series of safe-tipped air-rotor stripping burs is an additional assurance that physiologically acceptable proximal walls can be obtained during the air-rotor stripping procedure without the danger of inadvertently damaging enamel surfaces. I strongly recommend their use. Conventional tipped bur may notch proximal enamel wall Safe-tipped ARS(STARS) bur can not notch proximal enamel walls STARS Bur Kit BK Kit includes: A sterilisable 10 piece bur block Four safe-tipped cross-cut carbide fissure burs ( ST) Two medium-particle size (100 microns) Safe-tipped finishing diamond burs ( MDST) Two fine-particle size (30 microns) Safe-tipped finishing diamond burs ( FDST) Two anterior fine needle diamond burs Non safe tipped. For anterior interproximal stripping. Open field not necessary. Head size 1.6mm, length 5mm ( ) STARS burs available individually Individual Burs Safe-tipped Burs Cross-cut carbide fissure bur ST Medium finishing diamond bur MDST Fine finishing diamond bur FDST Non safe tipped Anterior fine needle diamond bur ST FDST MDST Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. 5 Oxford Place. Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD3 0EF. UK Telephone:

3 Incremental Thickness Gauge Six stainless steel gauges for measuring interproximal spaces. A set consists of the following thicknesses: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm. Incremental Thickness Gauge 6 per set The Sheridan Interdental Space Measuring Gauge The Sheridan Space Measuring Gauge is a multipurpose instrument constructed from laser-etched stainless steel that is impervious to alteration from conventional sterilising mediums. The gauge consists of a series of cylinders, of progressively increasing diameters, which can measure natural or created interdental space from.75 to 3.0mm in increments of.25mm. The diameter of each cylindrical section of the gauge is correlated with the indication on the handle. The Sheridan Gauge enables the clinician to: (1) Measure naturally occurring generalized spacing. (2) Measure and chart the amount of enamel that may be removed during stripping procedures. (3) Aid in the establishment of parallel proximal walls during enamel reduction. (4) Tuck ligatures with the knurled tip of the large end. (5) Obtain indications of the severity of periodontal pocket depth. Sheridan Gauge G The STARS Manual A compilation of STARS literature, including articles and notes of Dr Jack Sheridan, the clinician who developed the technique. This illustrated how to and why to manual includes technique details, research data, periodontal and various rationale. STARS Manual Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. Facsimile: Website:

4 Flex-View TM Interproximal Strips For creating space. These perforated stainless steel strips allow optimal visibility and minimise clogging. They also feature a gateway area for easy access for interproximal stripping and finishing. All strips are single-sided and autoclavable in our aluminium tube (see below). Available in narrow and wide widths and three grits - medium, fine and extra-fine. Assortment sets also available. Flex-View Interproximal Strips Narrow Strips 2.5mm Width Grit Thickness Length Qty/pack Medium 0.13mm 147mm VNM1 Fine 0.10mm 147mm VNF1 Extra-fine 0.08mm 147mm VNX1 Five of each grit 147mm VN15 Wide Strips 3.75mm Width Grit Thickness Length Qty/pack Medium 0.13mm 147mm VWM1 Fine 0.10mm 147mm VWF1 Extra-fine 0.08mm 147mm VWX1 Five of each grit 147mm VW15 Interproximal Serrated Strips Use these interproximal serrated strips for ease in opening up bonded proximal contacts prior to reduction with diamond strips. Serrated strips are ultra thin, stainless steel and autoclavable in our aluminium tube (see below). Interproximal Serrated Strips Thickness Width Length Qty/pack 0.05mm 6mm 150mm Interproximal Strip Sterilising/Storage Tube Capable of sterilising 15 interproximal strips at a time, this aluminium tube fits easily into your autoclave. Sterilising/Storage Tube Diamond Interproximal Strips - Autoclavable Reduce interproximal enamel. These very thin strips (0.08mm / ) are made of electrolytically bonded diamonds on a vibro cushion base. Made of surgical grade stainless steel, they resist stretching or breaking and are autoclavable and reusable. Their centre section has a small area with no abrasive particles, allowing easy access to the contact points. The most durable and effective strips on the market! 10 per pack. Autoclavable Diamond Interproximal Strips Size/Width Grit Micron Sided Narrow 2.5mm Medium 45 Single Narrow 2.5mm Medium 45 Double Narrow 2.5mm Fine 30 Single Wide 3.75mm Medium 45 Single Wide 3.75mm Medium 45 Double Wide 3.75mm Fine 30 Single Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. 5 Oxford Place. Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD3 0EF. UK Telephone:

5 Tooth Stripper Kit The hand-held Tooth Stripper provides a more precisely controlled method of reducing enamel at interproximals, unlike powered instruments which often remove more enamel than desired. The system consists of a sturdy stainless steel hand-held instrument and ten different blades of different thicknesses and either single or double sided with a variety of abrasive surfaces, interchangeable in the hand instrument. Saw blades are included. Anterior Kit Kit Contains: one hand instrument and 10 each of blades. Individual components Anterior Instrument mm Single Side Fine 10 blades mm Single Side Fine 10 blades Tin Strips 4mm 10 blades mm Saw Fine 10 blades mm Single Side X-Fine 10 blades mm Single Side Fine 10 blades mm Single Side Medium 10 blades mm Single Side Coarse 10 blades mm Double Side Fine 10 blades mm Double Side Medium 10 blades Posterior Kit Kit Contains: angled instrument to facilitate stripping in harder to reach posterior areas, 10 each of four single sided blades and 10 each of two double sided blades. Individual components Posterior Instrument mm Single Side X-Fine 10 Blades mm Single Side Fine 10 Blades mm Single Side Medium 10 Blades mm Single Side Coarse 10 Blades mm Double Side Fine 10 Blades mm Double Side Medium 10 Blades Remin+ TM Gel For enamel remineralisation after tooth whitening, interproximal stripping, occlusal equilibration and decalcification. Remin+ TM Gel is the multiple-ion formulation used for decalcification, post interproximal stripping, post occlusal equilibration and post-tooth whitening. Shown to be effective in enamel remineralisation process of decalcified teeth. This mint flavoured gel is a patient take-home product that has the viscosity of a light toothpaste, and comes in a 120ml (4oz) squeeze bottle. Sometimes enamel needs a helping hand! Remin+ Gel 120ml Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. Facsimile: Website:

6 Diamond Discs Use Diamond discs for both separating and contouring. Available single and double-sided. Designed for use with a straight handpiece only. Diamond Discs Size Coverage Sided 14mm 2mm Double H mm 3mm Double H mm 3mm Single HH-180 (safe side out) 18mm 3mm Single HV-180 (safe side in) Flexible Serrated Diamond Discs Used for anterior interproximal stripping. Available in two sizes and are double sided. For use with a straight handpiece only, and can be used with disc guards. Flexible Serrated Diamond Discs Size Coverage Sided 18mm 3mm Double mm 3mm Double Disc Guard, Adapter and E-Type Handpiece For use with a straight handpiece, Disc Guards have visual access windows for safety, and are available in two sizes. The Adapter allows discs to attach to a straight handpiece. Disc Guard and Adaptor Size Large Disc Guard 22mm Medium Disc Guard 18mm Small Disc Guard 14mm Adapter for straight handpiece Four piece set (one of each above) E-Type straight handpiece Flex-View TM Snap-On Finishing Discs For interproximal stripping Also used for contouring and shaping of embrasure areas. Please note: when using a friction grip mandrel, a slow speed handpiece (not to exceed 30,000rpms) must be used. Thickness of disc 0.10mm. Flex-View Snap-On Finishing Discs Disc Kit (one each size + RA mandrel) Individual Discs Size Coverage Sided 10mm 1mm Double S 14mm 2mm Double M 18mm 3mm Double L Mandrel - RA latch Mandrel - FG Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. 5 Oxford Place. Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD3 0EF. UK Telephone:

7 Flex-View TM Curved Disc Used in anterior interproximal stripping Straight handpiece only Thickness of disc 0.10mm. Flex-View Curved Disc Size Coverage Sided 22mm 7.5mm Double Flexible Solid Honeycomb Designed for intermediate contouring and interproximal stripping Flexible Solid Honeycomb Size Coverage Sided 18mm 5.5mm Double 9001-HC mm 7.5mm Double 9001-HC Flex-View TM Mesh Discs For interproximal stripping and ultra-fine contouring/shaping Straight handpiece only Flex-View Mesh Discs Size Coverage 10mm 1mm mm 2mm mm 3mm mm 3mm Incisal Contouring For shaping and contouring Incisal Contouring Size Coverage Shank 10mm 2mm Straight 9001-EC mm 2mm Right Angle 9001-EC8926RA Plaster Disc Great for sectioning teeth from plaster model for diagnostic wax ups. Replaces the use of a coping saw. Not recommended for intra-oral use. Plaster Disc Size Coverage 30mm 2.5mm Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. Facsimile: Website:

8 Elastic Separating Plier For use with Elastic Separators. Makes placement easier. Elastic Separating Plier Blue Separating Modules These highly elastic separators provide a gentle continuous force to create interproximal space prior to banding. Blue Separating Modules Bulk Pack 960 per pack Starter Pack 160 per pack I Anterior Separating Modules Clear separators for use prior to air rotor stripping. Anterior Separating Modules 144 per pack TP Self-Locking Separating Springs Ideal for separating teeth prior to banding in 3-4 days. They may also be used for separating teeth to allow full eruption. 10 per pack TP Self-Locking Separating Springs Wire Short Medium Long Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd. 5 Oxford Place. Bradford. West Yorkshire. BD3 0EF. UK Telephone: